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Star Trek Sequel Update: Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman Talk Khan, Klingons & more September 11, 2010

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We all want to know what is up with the Star Trek sequel, which is currently being written. The new special 200th issue of the UK’s SFX Magazine has an extensive section all about Star Trek that includes interviews with JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman. They talk sequel possibilities, Khan, Klingons, humor and more. See excerpts below.


JJ Abrams on the sequel possibilities

The extensive feature on the Star Trek sequel in the October SFX Magazine includes a brief interview with producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams, who didn’t really want to got into any details noting he wanted to (as is his custom) "keep some of the mystery going", but he did comment on the possibilities available to the team, saying:

Abrams: The universe that Roddenberry created was so vast. And so it’s hard to say there’s one particular thing that stands out as what the sequel must be. Which is on the one hand, a great opportunity. On the other hand it’s the greatest challenge – where do you go? What do you focus on? But I’m incredibly excited about the prospects.

Kurtzman and Orci on Khan and Klingons

Also in the issue is an interview with Star Trek sequel co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman who discuss various elements of their first and second Star Trek feature. Some of the most interesting parts regard who will be the ‘big bad’ for the next movie. Alex Kurtzman noted that regardless of how it turns out, the choice will be organic, saying:

Kurtzman: Starting at a premise of what you want to see and then working a story around it is not how we do it. You have to start with what is the right story. And that if you can say "That’s a story that Khan fits into", that’s how you get to that. Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together.

Roberto Orci agreed noting that the decision on villains is made based on what the "characters need". Orci also pointed out that any villain will "reflect" the "new universe" they set up in the first movie. Orci also specifically discussed the Klingons, saying:

Orci: Introducing a new villain in the sequel is tempting because we now have this incredible new sandbox to play in. On the other hand, some fans really want to see Klingons and it’s hard not to listen to that. The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability.

Kurtzman & Orci on tone  & humor of the sequel

There has been some concern that comments comparing their 2nd Star Trek film to The Dark Knight, the 2nd new Batman film, meant Trek would be going dark. However Star Trek sequel co-writer Alex Kurtzman made it clear the tone would be similar to the first film noting:

Kurtzman: The first one had dark elements, but was ultimately very warm. We’d hope to strike a similar balance [in the sequel]

Kurtzman’s co-writing partner Roberto Orci also confirmed that Simon Pegg (who was introduced late into Star Trek 2009) would have a larger role in the sequel. Orci also commented on the importance of humor in Trek, stating:

Orci: Humor is part of the franchise and I think it’s critical, certainly to the Bones-Spock relationship. It’s definitely a big part of the Bones-Kirk relationship. So, I don’t see any world where humor doesn’t play a part.

There is much more on Star Trek and from Orci, Abrams and Kurtzman in the October SFX Magazine on newsstands in the UK (and on some stands in the US too).


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1. Chicken wing - September 11, 2010

Khan would be tacky to put in the SECOND film as a villain.

2. Steve-o - September 11, 2010

i say klingons, the gorn, or a new species.
kahn was a singular entity. even if “space seed” hasnt happened in the new timeline there is only so much you can do with a small crew on the botany bay. and lets admit it people kahn wasn’t all the great to begin with. it was the actor who potrayed him that made the character interesting.

3. Steve-o - September 11, 2010

i say klingons, the gorn, or a new species.
kahn was a singular entity. even if “space seed” hasnt happened in the new timeline there is only so much you can do with a small crew on the botany bay. and lets admit it people kahn wasn’t all the great to begin with. it was the actor who potrayed him that made the character interesting.

4. Steve-o - September 11, 2010

^ sorry it posted twice i hit the send button only once

5. trekmaster - September 11, 2010

No, not Khan! I don’t want recycled characters!

6. Nemesis4909 - September 11, 2010

No Khan! No Khan! No Khan.

Have I stressed this enough?

Have some imagination people and do something interesting. Don’t make me hate my favourite franchise. Voyager almost managed that.


That is all.

7. noirgwio - September 11, 2010

I think Khan is great, but I’d consider doing his interaction with Kirk and crew a bit differently… I’m kind of indecisive about what I’d want to see in a villain, new or old or whatever. If it’s not me writing the story and doing it to MY vision – then I prefer not to think too much on what THEY will do when they haven’t even decided yet. Don’t want to get my hopes up for something that might not go.

8. Michael Hall - September 11, 2010

“Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together. “

Good Lord. If there was ever a description that fits the Trek 2009 scenario to a tee, that would be it.

9. Alternatim - September 11, 2010

Why does there always need to be a bad guy? Some of the best Star Trek episodes didn’t have a specific baddie but, instead, were against “the computer,” “the unknown,” or themselves.

I’d like to see a ship-focused plot where the warp drive malfunctions and sends them jumping between times/universes until they get it worked out, sort of a Quantum Leap meets Voyager meets Star Gate…

10. Aaron - September 11, 2010

You need to keep it original. If you bring in Klingons again you run the possibility of loosing the mainstream audience. Do you want to kill what you love?

11. MSN1701 - September 11, 2010

With the Kobayashi Maru sequence, they set up the Klingons as the next villains perfectly. Why fight it? Many of the “new” fans have no idea who the Klingons are, so… yeah. Just don’t cast someone recognizable as the Klingon commander and we’re good. :)

12. Will - September 11, 2010

I would like a sequel where the script is consistently good, little or no plot holes and that doesn’t rip-off Star Wars so much.

13. anonymous - September 11, 2010

I hope this means that there won’t be a villain at all, per-se; something more complex and morally ambiguous. Yes, the reboot was supposed to have made Trek more commercially viable and overtly populist, but I’d like to think that commercial viability does not good sci fi make. Besides, the “darker” atmosphere was explored well enough in DS9 and in the TNG movies, and the whole idea of being “darker” has been used way too many times as a rhetorical substitute for the presence of depth.

Perhaps something more utopian, (i.e. doing away with the explosions, Nokia product placements and polluted-looking earth cities), optimistically transhumanist (some sort of flip side to the ‘we are the borg’ zombie scariness–something that goes far beyond Geordi’s VISOR, possibly even into, or beyond Blade Runner territory) and as daring with the franchise material as something like Star Trek IV was (albeit not exactly the same in tone or in plot). Something that introduces new, interesting ideas instead of simply beining a space opera. Something that’s dyed-in-the-wool Hard Science Fiction.
I think it can be done, faster cuts and lens flares regardless.

14. FlyingWok - September 11, 2010

Do we even need a villain? Maybe a misunderstood antagonist even? Maybe break the trend of recent Star Trek movies that have our guys as the good guy and a bunch of irredeemable bad guys and have our good guys go up against someone who’s maybe a good guy, just doing bad things!

The closest example I can think of is The Voyage Home — the antagonist there was the probe, but it didn’t mean harm, our heroes didn’t have to go out and kill it. But there was still a mission there that they had to accomplish with some big stakes on the line.

I guess I kinda miss the Star Trek that was more exploration and less cops and robbers. Especially since we don’t have a TV series anymore. In any case, even if there is a Big Bad in the movie, I hope the new film captures some of the more “exploring the human condition” elements of the original show.

I agree with #12, try to close up some of the plot holes, get the story edited and broken pretty hard before filming! We’re nerds and geeks, we get a little huffy about plot holes because of our attention to details :)

15. anonymous - September 11, 2010


16. OneBuckFilms - September 11, 2010

I’d say the Klingons would be good, and there is room for a lot of creativity with a specific character we haven’t seen.

Star Trek VI proved this with General Chang, Azedbur and Gorkon.

All very well realized and unique characters,

Perhaps the Klingons and something new both in the film, with the Klingons being important players, and initially percieved as the antagonist, then in the end, becoming an ally against a REAL threat.

Combine this somehow with something strange and new that we’ve never seen, and it could be a great epic adventure in the Star Trek tradition.

17. Alientraveller - September 11, 2010

I think Klingons should definitely be a part of it, because they are a major part of the universe and I liked the idea of the role they were meant to play in the first film, perhaps it could be revisited (or revealed to those who didn’t watch the deleted scenes) to set up the story? I scarcely believe the Klingons didn’t get some technology from the Narada (although the comics tried to pave over that by making the ship sentient).

Anyway, whatever story they pick, I’m sure it’ll be as great as the first movie, I want to see the crew’s relationships deepen. Spock doesn’t hate Kirk anymore, that’s great, do they still clash occasionally, what about Bones and Uhura, how does it feel to be part of an endangered species after getting revenge on Nero? Oh, and where’s Kirk’s mum?

18. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 11, 2010

I think that a new Villian would be great or a different take. klingons are always a good bet. But I think that having Khan would not be the best bet for now. Maybe a teaser of the S.S Botney Bay at the end of the Movie would be a great set up for the next Trek Movie.

19. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 11, 2010

I would be open to seeing old Tos in a new light. Like the Domms day Machine with Tom Hanks as Commodore Deker.

20. Steve-o - September 11, 2010

# 14

I agree with your example of the voyage home mission. i think these days we have just been fed so much of the “cops and robbers” scenarios, and hollywood sees that it is a formula for “success” in many different movie genres that we forget to think out side the box. I am completely open to an antagonist whom may be represented by a ship computer malfunction, or a natural threat, ect.

doing this would also provide the audience with more inner personal time among the crew, and dare i say perhaps limit all the jumping around from scene to scene until you need to pay another $11 movie ticket price to just re-watch it to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

21. Red Dead Ryan - September 11, 2010


“No, not Khan! I don’t want recycled characters!”

So, were you also against the reboot and recasting of the original characters as well?

Khan, Klingons, Gorn, Tholians. It doesn’t matter who they go with as long as the villains are TOS-related. (I’m a huge fan of the spinoffs, but the sequel needs to have a TOS flavor). It shouldn’t really matter who the villain is as long as it fits the story and that the story is unique but true to the spirit of TOS.(Alright, NO Harry Mudd though).

And I hope “The Supreme Court” don’t become hostages to the wishes and internet “consultations” of fans. Because most fans don’t have a clue about writiing a script and are prone to coming up with “fanboyish” ideas that are just silly and totally contrived.

The writers are the ones who have to pilot the ship. They decide where the ship goes. Fans are the passengers. They pay for good service (interesting, exciting, and thoughtful script) and a good journey (if the film is worth the price of admission). If the fans tell the writers what to do and the writers listen to everything they say, then the ship goes way off course and becomes lost. Then everybody loses.

22. toasteroven - September 11, 2010

I really didn’t like all the emphasis on Uhura, and it’s not because she’s a woman or any BS like that. It’s because it took away from the focus on McCoy. It’s because I care more about the triumvirate of Kirk, Bones and Spock, and how each is weaker without the others. They are part of a whole. And that’s what I want to see, regardless of the villain or the rest of the story.

The next poster should have Kirk, Bones, and Spock, because they are essential to each other. That’s one of the core pieces of classic Trek that continually gets overlooked.

23. Phil - September 11, 2010

There was a grittiness to the last Trek movie that really had not been seen before. If this franchise is going to survive, it is going to need to break new ground on every outing. If the producers get reduced to taking existing characters off the shelf and dusting them off, this will spiral down the same drain as all those crappy straight to video sequels that Disney churns out with regularity ….

24. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 11, 2010

I think we all want to see a little more emphses on the big 3 of Kirk and Spock and MCcoy and would love to see a little bit at least of Capt Pike and yes. I would love to see Tom Hanks play Commodore Decker and would love to see someone play Commodore Mendez and even Commodore Stocker. Maybe have all 3 of them give Kirk his new orders or someting like that.

25. Dr. Cheis - September 11, 2010

I think I’m the only person in the world who wants to see Future Guy from Enterprise show up…

26. Red Dead Ryan - September 11, 2010


Yes you are!

27. Cheve - September 11, 2010

I voted New.

I do want to see Klingons

(I don’t want to see Khan in any form unless it is only in a “James bond” like progue or something like that. I definitly don’t want Knan as a player in the movie.

But I voted New because, while I do want to see Klingons, we don’t have new Star Trek weekly, and wont have for a long time. I prefer to have my ration of NEW, which I’m not having because thee isn’t an ongoing series.

28. TheProblematique - September 11, 2010

Hmmm… to be honest I kind of wish we didn’t have to go with he “villain” story again, but I’m reserving judgement because I trust you guys and if the script is good, then I know I’ll love the movie.
However, the “revenge” plot has kind been done (and very well done, at that), so I’m hoping there are new elements at play, after all this universe is so vast and full of possibilities!!! ;)

29. Chelsea - September 11, 2010

No Khan (we have a Khan movie already!), and no Klingons as the main baddies. I get so tired of them.

30. Thorny - September 11, 2010

21… I for one wouldn’t have minded a Romulan War movie with an all-new cast, crew and ship instead of Star Trek 2009. It was Mr. Berman’s idea and I still think it is a good one. Just don’t let Mr. Berman have anything else to do with it. At least we wouldn’t have gotten Vulcan and Romulus blown up.

Regardless, since the Abramsverse is now with us, I vote for either Klingons or another TOS-era villain in the next movie (if it has to be Klingons, make it around Kor) and have the Enterprise find the Botany Bay at the very end, setting up Star Trek 2014 (where Kirk & Co. find the Botany Bay already empty…)

31. Buzz Cagney - September 11, 2010

I’ve whinged enough on here about not wanting Klingons, so i’ll leave it alone now.
I have faith in the team to deliver something new even if the elements are familiar. And that will do for me. I can’t wait!!

32. Sloan47 - September 11, 2010

I think the best bet is to have a new bad guy that somehow introduces Khan at the very end. Khan is such an iconic character they need to set him up somehow for the third movie. Throwing him into the second movie without a proper build up would seem too rushed.

33. trekprincess - September 11, 2010

Am I the only one that loved the last movie?

34. Buzz Cagney - September 11, 2010

#33 No! Why would you think that?

35. Bulka - September 11, 2010

after what they did to the Romulans I don’t want to see how the Klingons might look, I would really like to see Ferengi or the Kardassians

36. jas_montreal - September 11, 2010

Regardless of the choices made by the team…. It should be a more Trek-related story. I think they realized that after reading most of our comments here on trekmovie.

I do have 1 wish about the sequel. More bones and spock arguments !

37. I am not Herbert - September 11, 2010

“…deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together.”

…seems EXACTLY how ST09 was written. So why not, for ST2012?

38. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 11, 2010

One thing for sure. Lets get a real Engeneering room and not the Brewery.

39. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2010

The poll on this thread is incomplete. The category of “No villian” should be a consideration.

40. Elliot - September 11, 2010

No Khan!

Also, #38 I agree.

41. Dunsel Report - September 11, 2010

The best Star Trek is about the human condition. The worst Star Trek is about people with lobsters for foreheads. Human bad guy pls thx!

42. Thorny - September 11, 2010

33… I liked it, but, the more I think about it, the less I like it. Destroying Vulcan is a big negative, in my opinion. Basically, I guess I’m like Data and the beverage he tried in “Generations”.

Data: “Ack! Ugh!”
Guinan: “Sounds like you hate it.”
Data: “Yes, that’s it! I hate this!”
Guinan: “More?”
Data: “Yes, please.”

43. JimJ - September 11, 2010

I’ve got it….the “villian” is the brewery engineering. Star Trek: The Search For Engineering!

44. Viking - September 11, 2010

I’d have to agree that the villain should be arrived at organically this time. Look antagonist(s) it the first eleven movies:

I: Alien space probe threatens Earth
II: Khan/secret weapon
III: Klingons/secret weapon
IV: Another alien space probe threatens Earth (time travel ensues v1.0)
V: Crazy Vulcan/Klingons (again)
VI: Federation/Romulan/Klingon (again) conspiracy
VII: Crazy scientist/Klingon (again) conspiracy
VIII: Borg (time travel ensues v2.0)
IX: Federation/alien conspiracy
X: Romulan/Reman conspiracy
XI: Crazy Romulan (time travel ensues v3.0)

It’s time to really think outside of the box – only two of the motion pictures took a stab at something completely fresh; the rest had recycled elements of some ‘bad guy of the week’ from the television series. With the exception of Khan and the Borg, the best series baddies were one-off creations. Time to do the same with the movies. I wouldn’t discount having a Khan, or a Harry Mudd, pop up in a scene, but only if the character fits hand-in-glove with the material, and doesn’t seem shoe-horned in just to satisfy a pro-whomever faction of fans.

45. Basement Blogger - September 11, 2010

Roberto Orci for Chief Justice of the Star Trek Supreme Court. Okay, I know the real Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t have executive authority. But in the Star Trek Supreme Court, let’s give him, um, Captain Kirk like powers. : ) But Bob gets it. The humor of Star Trek arose from the situations not making fun of the conventions of the franchise.

First, I welcome the deeper Trek that we’ve been told is coming. (Lindelof comments, this website.) Second, more Dr. McCoy. As Harve Bennett put it on the documentary of the making of Khan (Disk Two, Director’s cut) the main characters in Trek were the three; Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Spock was logical. McCoy was the passionate side of humanity. Kirk was the balance. McCoy may have lost arguments but his heart was in the right place. Spock and McCoy have fought but McCoy and Spock liked each other. See “The Empath” where he sacrifices himself instead of Spock for alien experiments. Spock invites McCoy to his wedding cermony in “Amok Time.”

McCoy in the series had some of the best and funniest lines. See the ends of “Amok Time” and “Journey to Babel.” In the films, his aversion to transporter in ST: TMP; Wrath of Khan and the eye rolling sigh during Kikr’s makeout session of ST: VI were hillarious.

46. Steve - September 11, 2010

Could be interesting to see an entirely new villian… or a villian that’s already been established, but we know virtually nothing about, like the Husnock or the Tzenkethi.

47. Trekprincess - September 11, 2010

It was the last film that made me a trek fan is that why I can accept more than others?

48. John Trumbull - September 11, 2010

You have to start with what is the right story. And that if you can say “That’s a story that Khan fits into”, that’s how you get to that. Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together.

It’s kind of funny that they say that because Nick Meyer’s script for TWOK was basically written off of just such a checklist. He & the producers made a list of all the elements they liked from the previous 5-6 scripts that were generated (Saavik, Spock’s death, Khan, Kirk’s son, the Kobayashi Maru test, the Genesis device) and he wrote a new script to match in about 2 weeks.

49. Celeste - September 11, 2010

I wouldnt mind seeing Klingons, I guess. But I’d rather see someone new to them. I’d like these guys to have their own villians/situations, not rewrites of what already happened (the fan fic people have taken care of that, to some extent).

50. dmduncan - September 11, 2010

I thought the destruction of Vulcan was bold. What I thought that part lacked was a good montage of scenes from the planet surface not only showing the collapse of Vulcan cities, but more importantly, how the Vulcans resolved to face their unstoppable end, perhaps families of Vulcans trying to maintain their composure in the last seconds of their lives while the world collapsed around them.

Seeing the planet just implode from a great distance away was too far removed from the real tragedy of what was happening on the surface, so it didn’t have the power, for instance, of George Kirk’s sacrifice.

51. Trek Nerd Central - September 11, 2010

#32 – good idea.

I love Khan and wouldn’t mind seeing him in another movie, but it’d be cool to revisit some other interesting possibilities in the original series, too. (Q/Trelane, maybe?). I have no problem with “recycled” baddies so long as they’re fleshed out in an new and interesting way.

All I ask of the sequel is three elements:

1) Emphasis on the K-S-Mc triumvirate. C’mon. We need it.

2) An antagonist, be it a character or an abstraction, that ISN’T some cardboard plot device but something real and comprehensible as a threat. And if it’s a character — if it’s a villain of some kind — may it be an interesting and complex villain, a likable villain, a villain that we’re drawn to and feel sympathy for. A villain that truly challenges the K-S-Mc triumvirate mentioned above.

And finally:

3) A damn good story with emotion, drama, touches of humor and real honest-to-goodness substance.

This is all I ask!

52. Barry Muntington - September 11, 2010

I have to be honest, I’d be much more excited if there was a new TV series. Rather than waiting eons for the next 2hr movie.

53. Holger - September 11, 2010

44: Thanks for listing it up. And yes, some fresh ideas are highly desirable, as a glance over the list quickly tells.

54. Thorny - September 11, 2010

50. dmduncan… ” I thought the destruction of Vulcan was bold.”

Wiping out the second most important planet in the Trek mythology in order to justify putting a cadet in command of the Enterprise? “Bold” isn’t the word I’d use.

Destroying Romulus was at least still in the future of the most recent Trek shows, but destroying Vulcan means that TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY can’t happen in the Abramsverse the way they were meant to, and with all due respect to Mr. Abrams & Co., but those shows did some damned good work just to throw it out the window so that they don’t have to work as hard to fit in the Trek canon.

55. Mattybuk - September 11, 2010

I would like to see the Tholians. With technology that was used for Avatar they could look good. If the klingons were to be used i would like them to be real warriors and tear people to shreads. Anyhow i will be there in june 2012 and pay my £7.50. Good luck to Bob and Alex and co to keep the fan boys happy

56. Basement Blogger - September 11, 2010

Is there a law that Star Trek needs a villain? See the following for shows without villains: “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, which did very well at the box office, the TV episode “The Devil in the Dark”, TNG “The Inner Light”, oops there’s that “talky-gooey” stuff that some new Trekkers hate, DS9: The Visitor, oy, more “talky-gooey” stuff :), ST: Voyager: “The Cloud”, ST: Voyager, “Heroes and Demons”, speaking of humor check out the Doctor’s comments in both Voyager episodes, etc.

57. Matt Hauger - September 11, 2010

I’d love to see them reboot the Klingons’ story.

Easier to sell than Khan, too; the general public knows what a Klingon is, but I’m not sure they’re as familiar with Noonien Singh & Co.

58. Hugh Hoyland - September 11, 2010

I do think the sequel will at least seem more “darker” than the last movie, simply because the villian will be more visible than Nero was and it will be a different kind of story (Not a origins story). And I still dont see the big problem with having Khan as the protagonist, as he said, its set in a new universe, so it wouldnt be a remake.
Klingons would certainly work as well, if done in a fresh way. These guys know what their doing so lets see what they come up with. (2012! to long a stretch between movies) :]

59. Hugh Hoyland - September 11, 2010

And thats a a cool title to “Star Trek The Next Frontier” :]

60. Jack2211 - September 11, 2010

I say do what works best — don’t cater to the fans.

61. McLovin - September 11, 2010

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Enterprise’s main computer have a bigger role this time around, maybe even as part of the conflict in the story…’computer problems,’ or interfacing with an alien AI or something.

62. Denny - September 11, 2010


63. Denny - September 11, 2010

post dosnt seem to be appearing…

64. SuperMooson - September 11, 2010

Not that I don’t love Khan, I do. I just don’t want to see him in another movie. I think “the powers” have a real opportunity here to do something new while being respectful of the fans and the franchise. I want a new story. I am starving for a new “trek.” Ultimately for me, using Khan constitutes a comparison with the original and I don’t want to see the movie bogged down by that baggage.

65. Vultan - September 11, 2010

As long as they keep from pandering to the tween crowd and give us an angst-ridden, Twilight-ish, sweet sixteen, M-113 Salt Vampire… I’ll be cool.

But here’s an idea totally out of left field—come up with something original! I know it’s pretty much forbidden in Hollywood (unless you’re Christopher Nolan), but “young minds, fresh ideas,” is more than just a funny quip by Kirk.

Hmmm… quip by Kirk… quip by Kirk… sounds like some sort of laughing-gas cologne. ;)

66. Trekprincess - September 11, 2010

How about focusing on the crew, main like TOS did

67. Lt. Dakin - September 11, 2010

How ’bout some badass Talosians?

68. Jonboc - September 11, 2010

..please no Klingons, they’re so tired. Something dangerous and full of peril and a threat to our heroes…be it human or alien…but not Klingons…again.

69. - September 11, 2010

again i have to say …. NO KHAN a n d no other villain! what I want to see is … “Strange new Worlds an new Civilisations”. Maybe you could THINK in the first moment it is a villain. But it should not. I love Trek, but the big villain – thing is now too old and boring.

also i would love to get in conatct with mr. orci for my small mailinglist…. okay, i am a dreamer. why not?

70. Are we there yet? - September 11, 2010

This article just fuels my need for more Trek… too far away to think about!

2012….It’s painful and cruel.

I have a life, really I do– ;)

71. jas_montreal - September 11, 2010

@ 70.

Re-watch some old Trek.

I just recently started to rewatch DS9. I also bought Star Trek Online, which is pretty fun. I think theirs some new trek comics too to check out and a ton of novels. Theirs a lot of Trek material out there !

72. DD - September 11, 2010

I’d love to see a fast moving film explaining Kirk’s attitude to the Klingons, one that’s based on an emotive topical issue. This could be something that either directly happens to Kirk or indirectly causing him to take actions and building up his views that way. For example a story involving the death of his brother or girlfriend, or an attack where people are killed or suffer, where he believes (incorrectly) the bad guy are the Klingons. The film could deal with the ethics of his decision making and use the Spock / McCoy friendship to put things into perspective.

73. Weerd1 - September 11, 2010

@39 Agreed: an internal challenge while Boldly Going…

74. Denny Crane - September 11, 2010

@59 “Star Trek The Next Frontier”

thats a great title – a play on ‘The Next Generation’ and The Final Frontier…like the ‘final frontier’ of Star Trek ‘Prime’ has run its course and this is the next one…

plus its got that wild west connotation that i believe bob orci was talking about a while back (maybe due to Cowboys and Aliens)

75. Troubled Tribble - September 11, 2010

I’m definitely sick of hearing about Kahn! Like others, I think he was a great character, Ricardo Mantalban did a great job. But we have a whole new universe with endless possibilities. JJ and Crew, if you are listening, please do something original!!

On another note. On any naval ship there are specialists in each field. The Helmsman and Navigator would not control the weapons array. ST-TNG and ST Enterprise both addressed this with weapons officers. JJ and Crew do your homework, visit a real naval ship to see how things are done. Gene Roddenberry was military he understood how things worked.

76. DC - September 11, 2010

I selected new villain if there is to be one, The klingons have been used way to much, as with most other bad boys of trek, this is a new timeline and I think it is time for a fresh beginning new villains , new adventures.

I have been a fan since 1986, seen a lot of the same stuff done over and over whether it be in the same series or just re-hashed in a different series which to be honest i am tired of seeing and that was what killed trek off ending it all in 2005 with ENT cancellation, so if the franchise is to go on use new stories with new villains, if they use the old i.e Klingon’s, Romulan’s KHAN please NO. do it smart or the whole franchise will just start to crap out again.

77. AJCrane - September 11, 2010

I would suggest someone like Q because they did have someone like Q in the original show. Q could be villainous or he could be a good guy, you just didn’t know what he was going to do. He was a complex character that could be interesting in his own way.

78. thebiggfrogg - September 11, 2010

Agree with 9. How about something imaginative for a change instead of the villain-of-the-week. I should keep my expectations low as this is Hollywood big budget flick we are ultimately discussing, but some of the best Trek, as stated by #9 had no villain or, had villains, who weren’t really that villainous as the story evolved the salt creature (just trying to survive as the last of its species) or the Horta (protecting its young). Let’s boldly go for a change, instead of lamely blow things up.

79. Trekprincess - September 11, 2010

DD that is a good idea

80. Denny - September 11, 2010

so you cant cut and paste anything here…i just wrote out a biggish post on a word doc and cant post it now….what a waste of time

81. Trekprincess - September 11, 2010

I want the next film to have a TOS flavour to it as well

82. Drij - September 11, 2010

I want to see a movie arch, like star trek 2-4 where. A new villain or a set of villains that reappear but never die.

83. trek tan - September 11, 2010

new vilian in the next movie and how about a new tv series

84. Jack2211 - September 11, 2010

no god-like being, please — that was used in a zillion Trek episodes, starting from the second pilot. and also, please, no main computer driven plots — the way the TOS computer worked, and even the way the TNG computer worked (it could do pretty much anything/ figure out anything needed to save the day, but only as long as you [okay, Geordi] asked it the right question), doesn’t make any sense now. I’m in for Klingons, if they’re interesting, mysterious and nothing like the one-note TNG meathead Klingons. Let’s get some political intrigue going. Although there’s plenty of room for Klingons in movies down the road.

85. Sheldon Cooper - September 11, 2010

What about the Tholians, or getting Tiberius Kirk to cross from the Mirror Universe as a way to get Shatner into the film?

86. Ben - September 11, 2010

more Pegg (Scotty) more Urban (McCoy), more Greenwood (Pike) and a cameo of Bakula (Archer with the beagle or whatever)

87. Vultan - September 11, 2010

“On the other hand, some fans really want to see Klingons and it’s hard not to listen to that.”

So this is what it’s come to? I don’t recall Nick Meyer taking a poll from fans before he wrote a script. Bob, just go with what fits the story. If you try to please every fan, it’s going to—well, have you ever seen “Nemesis”?

Yeah, focus groups are for determining whether or not to go ahead with a new flavor of Mr. Pibb; it’s not for movies.

Think. Create. Get rid of the tracing paper.

88. MC1 Doug - September 11, 2010

Gary Mitchell
the planet killer

These would be my votes for intruiging protagonists (notice I did not say villains).

I’d like to see an honest to goodness adventure that has no time travel; no save the universe; no mad villains. Just an adventure requiring wit, bravery, intelligence and courage.

89. Carl LaFong - September 11, 2010

Cast my vote in the column in favor of no Big Baddie. The most interesting of dramas oftentimes do not contain a mustache-twirling villain, but the concept of misunderstanding or situational crises brought about by the natural world. I was all behind AVATAR, for example, until Stephen Lang’s character turned into a power-suited berzerker bent on genocidal revenge; the culture-conflict in the first two acts was more than enough to sustain the narrative without resorting to hackneyed cliches. Chaplin once questioned, “Must everything end in a chase?” The modern equivalent would be, “Must everything end in an explosive battle (with the hero walking slowly from an absurdly huge fireball in slow motion)?”

I still find Sybok amongst the most interesting Trek movie antagonists in that he’s really not all that bad a guy. Misguided, without a doubt, but his goals and methodology are astonishingly benign; a snake oil salesman’s charm tempered by a genuine desire to ease his cohorts’ pain and achieve existential bliss. The film is poorly written and executed, saddled with inadequate production resources, but may be the most original story of the eleven pictures produced to date. No studio would ever green-light such a concept 21 years later…

I’d hope that Team Abrams might take a cue from INCEPTION and craft a story that has NO overt villains and throws our valiant Enterprise crew into an intrigue based on setting, location, and concepts rather than a generic villain-based conflict/resolution paradigm. Trek is so much smarter than that. My fear is that Paramount will play it safe as it is a studio on the brink of financial peril and will only support an overt crowd-pleasing ‘splosion fest with a thin veneer of character-based interactions to provided the appearance of substance.

Eventually, I’d like one of the future Trek movies down the line to address the matter that the timeline had already clearly changed by the point of the Kelvin/Narada incident. I have no problems with the alternate timeline changes and incongruities with the Prime Universe, but CLEARLY the technology and aesthetics shown with the Kelvin indicate that the universe was already significantly different when the Narada showed up. Heck, a case could be made that the universe already looks fairly advanced by the time of the ENTERPRISE series. So #25, Dr. Cheis, I’m with you; I think the influence of Future Guy has ramifications in the Abramsverse.

Bring back the Agents Dulmer and Lucsly from the Department of Temporal Investigations! Those guys were AWESOME!

90. Scooter - September 11, 2010

It’s a new timeline, new universe. Do NOT rehash old characters!!!

91. Starbase Britain - September 11, 2010

If this JJ alternate universe has been created, then whats the point if all your going to do is revisit old ground?

New Villain(s) for me please.


92. Chadwick wants epic space battles in star trek 2012 - September 11, 2010

Ill put in my 2 cents about the villain in another post but this movie can’t just be called star trek 2. This is not the second star trek movie and has no right to be called star trek 2. The new bond reboot was not 007 #1, it was Casino Royal. I think the new star trek movie should stay number free.

93. moauvian waoul - September 11, 2010

Let’s have new Trek in our Nutrek.
Yes old might work, Q or maybe Mudd if done right, but no Khan. As for Klingons, if there are truly terrifying. Still I rather see no villians or something totally different. We don’t want this to go down the same road that brought us here.

94. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 11, 2010

I also think Star Trek should not be numbered. Fix the Engeneering section. Give us an Epic Star Fleet Space Battle with Either the Klingons or the Dooms day machine. Or just give us a story that is realy fresh and new with some plot twist and turns. Some Klingons are good. if so then use Kor,Kang and Kolof as the 3 main Klingons. Use Gary Mitchell and Janice Rand and Nurse Chapel as well. So much that can be done and a lot of very Rich Material for Bob Orci and the court to use.

95. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 11, 2010

They can always use Trelane but in a new and updated version.

96. Danpaine - September 11, 2010

Have no fear, folks. These gentlemen have it squared away. We’ll love it (except those few who won’t, and on this site, there’s no shortage of those).

97. Chadwick wants epic space battles in star trek 2012 - September 11, 2010

The next movie might not need a villain so much as an opponent which could be the Klingon empire or Klingon imperial fleet.

I say NO to Khan but yes to Klingons because they were cut from the first film and over Romulans and Vulcans, Klingons will ALWAYS need to be in star trek. I wanted to see new age Klingons, those more hardcore looking Klingon ships, and we didn’t get it.

The movie might just need a big situation between the Klingons and the Federation in which you can focus on the crew as a whole dealing with this situation rather than a Spock or Kirk vs. villain film.

98. David - September 11, 2010

Too soon for Khan. I don’t think Q should be the main villian, but it would be interesting to have him show up after such a huge twist in the timeline. You know the Q noticed!! We can also bet that the Romulans and Klingons noticed that Vulcan is gone. Does that make the Federation vulnerable? Is now the time to attack while the Federation deals with the loss of one of their main home worlds? How long can this movie be???? :)

99. Captain Z - September 11, 2010


Even better, entirely NEW civilizations.

100. Danpaine - September 11, 2010

Re: #98 – six hours would do me just fine.

101. BringBackTrek - September 11, 2010

How about a band of renegade Vulcan scientists (justifying their actions with their own sense of logic) teaming up with Klingons in an attempt to conquer the Romulan empire which would prevent the destruction of their planet by Nero. Only too late do the Vulcans realize that the Klingons intend to use the Vulcan tech first on the Federation in a bid for Klingon domination of the galaxy. I wouldn’t mind seeing the surrender of the Federation in Star Trek ’12 setting up a glorious victory in Star Trek ’14/15 with the Federation being assisted by other spacefaring races now chafing under the Klingon yoke – Romulans, Gorns, Tholians, and perhaps others from ENT, TNG, etc.

102. Danpaine - September 11, 2010

TOS villains, my vote. Most of today’s moviegoing public (who are the target here, remember = $$$) has no idea who they are. New and exciting for them, and excellent for us Old Heads to revisit, like 12 times in the theatre (again = $$$) Makes perfect sense. Yes, please.

103. NCC-73515 - September 11, 2010


104. maoman - September 11, 2010

The best Trek is the Trek that explores the characters, personalities, growth and their interaction as a “family.”

As they have said, the writers need to find out what they want to say about the characters – not what is the most popular enemy for the sequel. Only after they know how they want the characters to grow can they possibly create an original villain/situation for them to deal with.

105. Vultan - September 11, 2010

Yeah, nothing like boldly going to where we’ve already been before…
What is Star Trek now? A Möbius loop?

106. captain_neill - September 11, 2010

I wonder if the mainstream is aware that the next movie is going to be the 12th movie?

To me Star Trek II is The Wrath of Khan.

107. tman - September 11, 2010

I don’t think Klingon’s have to be THE villiains, but I think you have to have them in it. If the idea is not to hold back what you can use, they present a wonderful part of Star Trek mythology. If for no other reason than to give a context to the peace keeping armada and the stress of the job. I still think there needs to be something more than just people fighting each other to truly capture what trek was. I’m not advocating a remake of TMP, but I would hope there is something more of science fiction in the next one.

108. captain_neill - September 11, 2010


You got to understand that although the new movie was good fun and made Star Trek popular again, it is very different from the way a lot of us like our Trek.

I am glad its getting new people like yourself into loving the show we loved. However, Star Trek is about how we can overcome the wars and bigotries of today and get rid of famine and we all respect each other.

IDIC is a great philosophy of the Vulcans, Infinite diversities in Infinite combinations.

Star Trek also dealt with issues that and many fans believe that the ideals were sacrificed for an action movie.

Now I would be lying if I said that this was the best ever Star Trek film,, it has many problems in the plot and logic departments but it gets character moments right.

109. jotin - September 11, 2010

I really want a new well written bad guy who really affects the whole movie. And I wouldn’t mind him being a little bit more evil or what ever then star trek has seen before. I would like the character to bring out the best in the characters and really put them to the test, and then lead up to khan : )

110. Trekjumper - September 11, 2010

As long as we are crossing the road to get to the same side, my Mobius two cents would be some bad boy Tholians with a good dose of political intrigue. No more Khan, it was good, let it rest.

111. Ceti Alpha 5 - September 11, 2010

Exploration really doesn’t work well outside the realm of television and books. Same with the “no-villain” angle.

I for one want still want the Gorn as the main villians, and something to set-up Khan for the third movie.

112. jas_montreal - September 11, 2010

@ 110.

I think it’ll be hard for us veteran trek fans to let go of Khan. It’ll take some effort on both sides (fans and jjabrams/boborci/alex/etc…). But once we see the trek sequel…. we’ll get over it. I think its been hard on a lot of Trek fans to get used to the new universe. Its been hard for me to get used to the new jjabrams-verse. But i’m starting to get use to it. I just need more Trek movies and Trek books from the alternate universe !

113. Dee - September 11, 2010

They certainly already have a villain now… so……don’t care what I think!!!!….and yes I like Star Trek, too!!!…. and whatever I’m waiting for a GREAT VILLAIN!!!

114. Sebastian - September 11, 2010

Surprise me, guys! ; )

115. Vultan - September 11, 2010


The “no villain” angle can work—see “The Voyage Home” for a perfect example. Drama doesn’t always need the baddie with the top hat and the pointed mustache (or the pointed ear) to be interesting; it just takes an opposing force to challenge the protagonists long enough (and interestingly enough) to a satisfying conclusion. See “Inception” for another example.

As for the exploration angle—“2001: A Space Odyssey.”
Nuff said.

But… despite my wanting an original villain… if they absolutely have to go with a past Trek villain, I’m with you on the Gorn bandwagon!

116. dmduncan - September 11, 2010

108: “Now I would be lying if I said that this was the best ever Star Trek film,, it has many problems in the plot and logic departments but it gets character moments right.”

You want “problems in the plot and logic departments,” just click on any of RLMs reviews of the TNG movies and you’ll get more than you want to know about.

117. robowarrior - September 11, 2010

Klingons for sure.

Oh and I want Cardassians in the near future. They obviously know about them in this timeline hence Uhura ordering a “Cardassian Sunrise” I freaking love Cardassians.

118. Khan was Framed! - September 11, 2010

Save Khan for part 3, so we can have a climactic bad guy for the third film.

For part 2, I think a combination of Klingons & Harry Mudd would be really effective.
I can see Mudd’s scheming as a catalyst for a conflict with the Klingons that could lead to war, showing humanity’s own greed as the true enemy.
There’s your modern day analogy to the Iraq war.

Then for part 3, a retelling/reworking of “Space Seed” introducing Khan in the same manner as TOS, but from there going differently. Maybe he manages to steal the ship & Kirk has to chase after him.

119. Dac - September 11, 2010

“The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability.”

I think that line is confirmation that Khan won’t be in the next film. If Khan is, then I’ll be sure to remind Orci of this line :P

120. Marc Henson - September 11, 2010

I voted Khan, but upon thinking about it, I think he should be in the third or later film. The Klingons? I think I could see that, but I think I’d only like it if they used a character from the original series or films. Perhaps:

Kang and Mara

Any of those would work I suppose. I think Kor, Kang, Mara and Koloth would all be good in one film together.

121. SirBroiler - September 11, 2010

I’d really like to see more of a heist approach to the next Trek – not that they have to be stealing anything…or then again…?

Anyway, let’s see complex series of tasks that requires input and contributions from all of the major crew members – like Ocean’s 11 or Inception. A mystery where the real answers only come in the last moments of the film and lead into the next one.

I don’t care if it’s Khan, Borg, Klingons, Gorn, Tribbles, whatever! Just make it a great, thought provoking story with strong character moments.

122. MJ - September 11, 2010

Bring back and update the Doomsday Machine in a new way.

123. Madcat - September 11, 2010

Kingons, but not as an archetype villain. We have so much background and history with the Klingons that they can be used well, not as just a one note bad guy.

124. MJ - September 11, 2010

@122 — And wouldn’t Anthony Hopkins be absolutely perfect for a troubled and obsessed Commodore Matt Decker. And Hopkins is not afraid of doing sf.

125. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 11, 2010

I wanted to vote “No villain”, but that choice wasn’t available… V’ger wasn’t a “villain” in the true sense of the word.

126. Areli - September 11, 2010

No Khan, please. But I do like the idea of Klingons. Ad seriously, Khan in the Second movie? Isn’t that like remaking the TOS ST films? ST XI being STTMP and STXII being WoK

And while I like the humor, I also hope they give Pegg some serious lines that show Scotty is capable at taking control when Kirk and Spock are gone.

127. Hugh Hoyland - September 11, 2010

IMO if they do use the Klingons I would hope to see a return to the TOS style of the species, and not so much the later versions found in TNG. I like the ruthless and cunning cold war Klingons found in TOS, although I liked the TNG style ones as well its just for some reason they came accross as being a bit cave manish to me (although they were not of course, plus they were alies, not enemies by then).

For those voting for no villian and pointing out Star Trek 4 as a winning example you have to admit that the story was very A- Typical Star Trek, in writting I believe its called “Story Plot B-42 – Fish Out of Water Story”, and it worked great for that particular stage of the charcters career, but this is a young crew, ready to take on new adventures (and kicking some butt) and no were near retirement.

While an interesting idea, having this young group of characters in a “no villian” story just wouldnt work well right now, but I could be wrong.

128. Jeff O'Connor - September 11, 2010


I agree with you. I really don’t think now is a good time for a ‘no immediate antagonist’ story. Especially not with audience expectations regarding action-heavy movies being as they are.

129. Trekprincess - September 11, 2010

Well the last movie was the basic introduction story and would there been room to have a great story

130. kesseljunkie - September 11, 2010

Have the Klingons find Botany Bay. Kirk & Co. “negotiate” the release of the survivors. Khan, as a thank you, tries to take over the ship. Kirk and Khan fight.

Khan gets banished. Make statement about no death penalty in future because of sanctity of life (appeals to weak-kneed pseudo-Buddhist hippies AND religious people, and how often does that happen, really?). In terms of practicality, a chance for a Khan sequel as well.

Nestor Carbonell is the only choice to play Khan, because he’s awesome, he’s worked for Abrams before on LOST *and* he appeared in Smokin’ Aces with Chris Pine, which provides all sorts of fun publicity.

If I see this pop up in the movie, I want a story credit. It’s pure gold, I tell you. Pure gold.

131. Mel - September 11, 2010

No Khan!
No Klingons! They were done to death.
No villain, which was shown in TNG, DS9, VOY and/or ENT, but NOT in TOS! So for example no Borg and no Cardassians.

I would like to see the Gorn or a new villain in the sequel. In the case of a new villain, it shouldn’t be a single person, but a whole race.

132. VOODOO - September 11, 2010

They don’t say anything here that is worth discussing.

The only way we will get any news is if a site like AICN breaks it like they did with the first film.

I don’t blame the creative team for not giving any infomation up at this point, but they have to have an idea where they are going with the story/villians by now.

I’m sure they will do a great job just like they did with the first film, but don’t expect any of them to say anything significant for a while.

133. Basement Blogger - September 11, 2010

On the villain or no villain discussion, I listed a bunch of TOS, Voyager, TNG, DS9 and ST: IV productions (@ 56) that had no villain. But really the question of having a villain or no villain in Trek ’12 should be anwswered by another question, “What is Star Trek?” Well, it’s Gene Roddenberry’s vision. This is an appropriate discussion in light of Trek’s birthday. If you recall NBC thought “The Cage” was too cerebral. And if you look at the great science fiction writers hired, Ellison, Spinrad, Sturgeon etc. the show was intelligent. I won’t go over show by show unless Trekker David writes that the show being intelligent was a fan creation. : )

One of the themes in Star Trek was tolerance. Multi-racial crew. Heck, multi-species crew. The Horta in “The Devil in the Dark” were not evil. The Federation may have been wrong and the Gorn may have been right in “Arena.” V’Ger in ST: TMP s not a monster but a probe that gained sentience. The Klingons were metaphors for our Cold War nemesis, the Russians. Yet, by having Chekov on the crew, Roddenberry was telling us that we will set aside our differences with the Russians. And as demonstrated in ST VI: The Undiscoverd Country and later TNG episodes, we became allies with the Klingons, thus setting aside our differences.

I’ll keep repeating this until my fingers fall off. Leonard Nimoy says the best of Star Trek works on multiple levels. I’ve reduced that to adventure, heart and intelligence. He also said this. I’ll paraphrase this from the Khan DVD, disk 2. If you’re a six year old, you might like Trek for the adventure. Six years later and you’re older , you’ll discover the intelligence of the episode. “Arena” is the perfect example of this. The show had a lot of action. But at the end, Kirk demonstrates he could be merciful and civilized, realizing that maybe the Federation trespassed on Gorn space.

There should be no law that Star Trek must have a villain. Much of the best Star Trek had none. If there is a villain in Trek ’12, let’s hope he or she is a well written one, i.e. no mustache twirling bad guy. There was only one Khan and he had plenty of motivation. And were all the Klingons in ST: VI bad guys? No. But whether or not Star Trek ’12 does have a villain, it still must be Star Trek.

134. garen - September 11, 2010

uh…is this thing on?

just wanted to add to the conversation….

no Khan.


135. Balok - September 11, 2010

Anthony, one other choice should be none of the above. That’s my vote…

136. Vultan - September 11, 2010


Well put.

137. Thorny - September 11, 2010

124… Mr. Hopkins is a brilliant actor, but too old now for Decker. Commodore Decker should be older than Kirk, but not old enough to be Kirk’s grandfather.

I’d love a Doomsday Machine update, but I just don’t see the story being stretched out to a two-hour movie and doing a two-part story would just seem like a kludge.

If they do Klingons, they need to tread carefully. Klingons can be cool, but there is a very fine line between cool (Kor, Kang) and cartoony (Koloth, Kruge).

138. Jake Cannon - September 11, 2010

If they go with Klingons, I say go with Kor. He was an interesting and powerful villain who was also respectable. As I recall, he was originally supposed to be a recurring antagonist, but every time they wrote something for him, John Colicos was busy – hence Koloth in “The Trouble With Tribbles” and Kang in “Day of the Dove”…

139. Chain of Command - September 11, 2010

Why does the sequel need a villain? Star Trek used to be about more than just the crew of the Enterprise slugging it out with some English speaking bad guy with a super weapon (or forehead) of the week.

140. Adam C - September 11, 2010

im sure what ever they do will be a massive cash in and a piss take to every old school trekkie

i mean seriously they were already battling with spoof during the first movie they had to throw in a terrible spock actor, silly child spoof, stupid engineering of beer – and they’re laughing straight to the bank

rip star trek please name the new movie space ship adventure

141. CmdrR - September 11, 2010

139 amen. But, movies today are 90% action, gore, sex, and bad cultural references.

You can have villains. The question is will they be multi-dimensional and memorable? Will the action be organic, or just flung at the masses as an empty distraction? The more calculating in these films, it seems the less we actually get.

142. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 11, 2010

it would be nice to have a GORN KLINGON aliance with the FEDERATION AND ROMULAN aliance all going againts KAHN

143. i'm getting old... too many cuts and lens flares - September 11, 2010

Can we have one scene where the camera stops moving for a few seconds? I don’t mean a dramatic moment where someone’s planet is blown up. I mean a scene where some people are talking, perhaps debating a moral issue or the next course of action in their plan. Maybe that would be a good time to put the camera on a tripod and just let it rest for just maybe a minute so that we can watch the actors.

Also… some K/S moments!!!!

144. T. Ramirez - September 11, 2010

Here’s a Villain for you-Half Vulcan/Half Romulan Saavik’s life takes a turn towards evil after the destruction of Vulcan.

145. Admiral_Bumblebee - September 11, 2010

Lens Flares for the villain!
Think about it… maybe they are an evil alien race, trying to blind all life in the universe!!!! ;)

146. jorDe' - September 11, 2010

For those that say to use Klingons as a Villain is just recycling, I say don’t use a specific Klingon character. The Klingon race is a varied as the Human race. There are many different kinds of Klingon, both Villain and Heroic.

The Villain can use the Klingon way to be a Great Villain. Just as there can also be a hero Klingon in the same movie. Kirk can be both good and bad as Klingons can be both. It depends on the way it is written.
But with the Klingon, there is a basis to start and many ways go go in the future.

147. Some social relevance... - September 11, 2010

Star Trek was often used as a lens for social issues that they couldn’t really talk about openly on TV. It’s 2010 now and we’re not so afraid of talking about issues.. but still, it would be great to see a Space Adventure Film in the Future of Space that had relevance to today’s world. Some options – we’ve got a portion of the planet violently opposing the expansion of one ideology, we’ve got a portion of a country loudly opposing a minority religion, we’ve got lives that are increasingly interwoven with technology, we’ve got medicated children, we’ve got people who choose not to believe scientific facts, we’ve got people who decide it’s a good idea to blow themselves up as a method of combat, we’ve got to take off our shoes and belts at the airport because of fear, we’ve got half of a country telling a minority population that it can’t get married. These things sound like social issues that Star Trek 2 could touch on while still being a Space Adventure in the Future of Space.

148. Captain Conrad - September 12, 2010

IT’S STAR TREK XII NOT II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE’S ALREADY A II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

149. Trekprincess - September 12, 2010

You need to understand that they will keep it quiet what will really happen in the sequel. I want to be surprised

150. Maj - September 12, 2010

So long as the whole story doesn’t revolve around the villain(s) then there isn’t a problem. Villains should only be in a Trek story to strengthen the main characters, and provide some good action on the big screen. Whoever the villains are they should only be a minor element of the bigger picture, which is about exploration and peace and the ideals Roddenberry promoted in TOS and TNG.

I liked the idea of klingons with masks but the concept still needs refined a bit and Im glad they didn’t add the klingons to the origin story yet. Now they can think of a proper backstory for them. It’s obvious the alternate universe will have differences even in the origins of the different races and how they evolved in this timeline. But it all needs to add up to the fans and come off ‘believable’.

And look IT IS hard to promote ‘values’ in such a way that doesn’t come off clique, but that’s the biggest challenge here, in my opinion.

151. Matthias Wieprecht - September 12, 2010

I would love to see a being that is like the one from ALIENS, but not only one being – the whole world of it! Their so-it-seems-hostile behaviour is after all NOT a hostile behaviour…

The story should show a mirror to the not-so-good things in our “time-period”: for instance it could give a small feedback to the oil-desaster or it could show what is life REALLY about. i mean, it could be a really philosophical little piece of work like “The Pursuit of Happyness”, “The dead poets society” or “The Truman Show”.

Star Trek has is like an instrument that is able to be used in a great way or in only a entertaining way. Too much people since Roddenberry tried to make a only entertaining thing out of it.

If we would have to do with Star Wars I would say to the J. J. – Team: Use the force ;)

And yes, a new series – maybe continuning of ENT – and the appeareance of Admiral Archer in the new movie would be the cream on the cake ;)


152. Denny - September 12, 2010

theres an interesting bit in the mag where it talks of what SFX would like to see in the sequel – along with Rand, No Khan, masses of Starships, Klingons etc theres ‘Spookiness’ where its states:

“Its often forgotten that the original series had an eerie, uncanny vibe not a million light years from ‘The Twilight Zone’ charting a shadow haunted universe that hid some deeply odd things. Return a little of that supernatural awe and dread to the big screen adventures”

i remember reading an interview in 08 or thereabouts with abrams where he said he wanted to return Trek to the scary feel the early episodes of TOS had – and also mentioned the classic Twilight Zone as an example. season 1 (and some of Season 2/3 but mainly S1) had that quiet, eerie, uncanny Twilight Zone vibe e.g. stuff like What Are Little Girls Made of, Corbomite, Charlie X, Man Trap, City of the Edge, The Archons, Arena, Balence of Terror, Alternative Factor, Operation Annihilate, Where No Man has Gone Before, Cage, Space Seed, Devil in Dark, Galileo 7,Enemy Within, Naked Time…(also S3s Spectre of the Gun had the TZ feel spot on)

ST09 had a little (the opening with the Kelvin and the Narada, delta vega, the mind meld and in the deleted scenes the Nero interogation felt a little bit like an Outer Limits specifically ‘Soldier’ – the one Terminator was sort of based on…) but im hoping for more in the sequel

153. Denny - September 12, 2010

ah its worked…i think i know why – instead of ‘masses of Starships’ i used what the mag had said – ‘starship p o r n’…i guess this site dosnt allow for that word and quite right too!

154. raffie - September 12, 2010

Weird that there is no ‘No villain of the week again please’ option? I’ve grown quite tired of that prospect. If I can add one more comment, recycling old stories has been done by the last two television series, wich failed miserably. So if I may add one suggestion; don’t rehash old stories/characters.

155. - September 12, 2010

What they should do with Khan is a mini series based upon his rise to power on earth. Nothing too trekie about it other than the fans know it ties into the star trek universe.

That should be part of a yearly mini series that is intended to build and expand the universe in which star trek operates.

One year the story could be simply about a couple of klingons on their own planet, no space story. Another year about some romulans.

Help develop a history of these people and make us care about specific characters and hate others.

Over many years this could be a significant contribution to the universe of Star Trek.

156. Flake - September 12, 2010

They talk a lot of sense so lets hope the story they write makes more sense this time :)

157. Hugh Hoyland - September 12, 2010

A return to the outer limit style would rock, thats what I’m trying to bring to the fan boy script Im working on. Those early episodes were influenced by shows such as the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, and of course FP. That sort of creepy vibe was mostly missing in the TOS movies. I remember when I was a kid watching several episodes of Star Trek and actually getting scared, it was fun! :]

158. Antipodean - September 12, 2010

The no-villain idea is interesting, but it’s too soon for that. A lot of people pushing for there being no villain seem to be thinking of Star Trek ’12 as the twelfth movie in a series, when they should be thinking of it as the *second* movie in a series. And given that the first movie (Star Trek ’09) was an origin story first and foremost, it just seems right that for the second movie they bring out the main Big Bads of the original series — that is, the Klingons. Wait ’til the third movie (or later) before shaking up the formula by having no villain or some such thing.

159. djeewhy - September 12, 2010

If they involve Khan in the new movie, that means that Star Trek is an neverending cycle, and what would be the interest for the viewers?

We already had Khan, it was well made, no need to come back on this part of the trek Universe…

They have just to go where no one…..(you just know how it ends). If they refer to the TOS era, let just put TOS era vilains….

But does actually needs a Star Trek movie a vilain?
Is manicheism the whole message of Star Trek?

160. djeewhy - September 12, 2010

I just wanted to add something… I agree with the disclaimers of the appellation of Star Trek 2! It’s very presomptuous, meanning that there was no Star Trek before the last one. (Sorry if my english is not fair, I’m french and I’ve been speaking only my own lahguage for several years!!) Let them find a name, but no more Star Trek 2, it already exists.

161. Moses Ashford - September 12, 2010

J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman need to surpass the last film and rectify the mistakes that they made because as much as it was a tremendous film, I was still privately disappointed because it could have easily have been so much better. They need a larger all-star cast as well as many cameos including by William Shatner, larger space battles with more starships, many more planets, James Kirk having better fighting skills and several (human love interests) played by Hollywood’s most beautiful young actresses, no cut scenes and the Jerry Goldsmith theme music from the Star Trek Insurrection end credits used at the end as well as if possible, Russell Watson’s ‘Where My Heart Will Take Me’ (the excellent album version).

162. Lorraine - September 12, 2010

The Orion Syndicate should be the villains in the sequel as they are essentially the Mafia of the Star Trek universe, involved in piracy, smuggling, and extortion.

I hope that Lady Gaga has a cameo in Star Trek 12 as a singer and her character could have dark connections to the Syndicate. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in. Midway through Star Trek 12, I’d like to see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a concert of hers on a distant planet like with Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element (1997). When she sings Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Poker Face or Just Dance, her show could be raided by Syndicate henchmen who have a thunderous phaser fight with Kirk, Spock and McCoy.

163. Buzz Cagney - September 12, 2010

#158 yes, but you cannot just pretend we haven’t already seen Klingons aplenty over the years. This is a new ‘show’ so why must we revisit that which we know so well.

164. wowseruk - September 12, 2010

I just hope they don’t let us know what they finally decide to do until they start promoting it, otherwise there’s not much point!

.. oh, and also that they offer me a chance to be part of it all! :)

165. BringBackTrek - September 12, 2010

@162 Trust me, I’ll gag if Gaga appears in the next film. (XP

166. Pensive's Wetness - September 12, 2010

The thing that the royality writers should remember is that the Federation suddenlt has a huge tactical advantage. They now know (presuming that elder spock would tell them) about dozens, hundreds of major stellar, interstellar & geo-political events -that could happen-, ranging from The location of the Botany Bay, the DDM, The Gorn, all sorts of Klingon & Romulan activies, the possibly of now being able to save dozens of star ships from fowl fates, not to mention the technological advances that spock at least knows about.

I think the next movie should be about what Star Fleet is doing with these nuggets of fore-sight,,, and the timeline being like it (is it predetermined, no matter what you do?), will events occurs in some fashion as they did in TOS? food for thought because that’s the killer for any movie trying to create nu-cannon. does what happen continue? CAN they actually stop somethings that would be bad if they happened?

o.O only the Watcher knows (duh duh duhhhhhh!)

167. Karla - September 12, 2010

I’d like to see Christine Chapel (at least on screen!). She might not have been an extremely crucial character in TOS, but she’s an important part of the plot points of several episodes. I feel that she deserves more than one off screen line, which is presumably hers in ST 2009. Yes, I’m aware that working her in with the Uhura/Spock relationship going on would be a little hard, but I’m sure there is a niche for her to fill. It seems wrong to just leave her out completely. As for the villians, I’d have too say that I both desire Klingons and a new villian. It’s hard to say which one would work best for the new film, I think it depends where they go with the story line and character relationships (wkhhatever fits best). I f that we’re still lacking the bonds that are needed for the drama and backstory that Khan’s appareance would involve, so I don’t think it’s his time yet. That’s my commentary, I’m really looking forward to the movie!

168. Damian - September 12, 2010

I remember on another thread a poster said they should have a teaser sequence featuring a scene from one of the episodes of the original series (i.e. Doomsday Machine). I thought that was a great idea, maybe a 5 minute scene, a la James Bond. However, after that, I would prefer an entirely new storyline. It’s too easy to go Klingon (or Khan). The whole reason for this alternate universe is to take Star Trek in a new direction. The Klingons made a good adversary, and later ally (as Ayelborne predicted in Errand of Mercy). However, they have been a tad overused in the earlier films. They were featured to a great extent in at least 5 movies.

Villains make for great movies, and I think it is apparent they are going with a villain idea for the next movie. However, I think this should be worked into an exploration plot, which is something that was not explored heavily in the prior films.

169. RA - September 12, 2010

Agreed with #149… This is NOT Star Trek 2!

As for a villain, why try to recreate a “developed” character when there is so much else from TOS that could be expanded on. I’d love to see an update of “Balance of Terror”, with 21st century sfx and more developed writing… even if it’s in JJ-vision.

170. I, Mugsy - September 12, 2010

“The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability. ”

PLEASE can you get t-shirts with that printed onto them and wear them at each story session please?

WHY bother rebooting the franchise if you’re going to rehash old villains like the Klingons or Khan etc etc etc?! Makes no sense. Why does the new film need a ‘villain of the week’ anyways? That’s EXTREMELY lazy writing. Star Trek is not Star Wars. Make it something similar to Trek IV where the ‘antagonist’ or threat is not evil at all, but something misunderstood – similar to The Devil in the Dark.

Again, this is Trek! Consider a film that is based heavily on exploring STRANGE NEW WORLDS – something which STILL hasn’t been done in ANY film yet to any large degree. With today’s effects one could really take audiences where no one has gone before. Imagine following a landing party as they beam onto this strange planet – the adventure/action can come from the environment and alien creatures there without having to have another Khan-like villain.

I BEG the writers of this new film to read some classic Sci-fi literature to get some ideas for where this franchise could boldly go.

To have a threat of the week type story would be such a letdown and turn it into yet another action movie. Lets have some hard-core imagination put into this please. not just an action movie crowd-pleaser for people with short attention spans…

171. I, Mugsy - September 12, 2010

P.S. PLEASE don’t forget the situation you have created in the previous film by the destruction of Vulcan…..

172. T'Cal - September 12, 2010

No villian would be fine with me. Having the crew deal with a crisis that’s natural is interesting. Using a familiar character but not necessarily a big one from Trek’s history could be fun too – kind of an else-worlds type of story in which a known character is placed in a different setting.

I do want to see the Klingons in one of the films but Khan is unnecessary and dangerous since it’s been done so well…unless the take on him is completely different and unexpected. Perhaps with the change in the timeline, he is benevolent because his origin is different and more positive.

173. WhatDoesITMean - September 12, 2010

They won’t forget to develop Kirk and Spock’s relationship right? That’s way too important for it to be overlooked or not mentioned… RIGHT? I love McCoy, and I want more of him, don’t get me wrong… but come on guys, let’s not forget the BAMF duo!

Please, please re-watch some TOS and remind yourselves what it’s about! The new movie was great but I have high hopes for an even better sequel!

174. CarlG - September 12, 2010

I vote for Klingons, but not a Klingon enemy that wants revenge on one of the main characters personally. More of a “following orders” kind of guy, like the Romulan Commander in Balance of Terror.
Lots of potential for inner/outer conflict, thoughtful moment, as well as kickass space battles. Besides, the “It’s Personal” motivation has been done to death.

Also, I’d like to see something about the aftermath of Vulcan’s destruction — another goldmine of potential story ideas there.

“The Next Frontier”? Did anyone suggest that title already? Cause it’s pretty good, actually…

175. Lt. Dakin - September 12, 2010

I just want Orci and Kurtzman to watch this before they write the sequel . . .

In 1966, the future was funky.

176. Buzz Cagney - September 12, 2010

#175 it definitely put the fun in funky. ;-)

177. Buzz Cagney - September 12, 2010

#174 Also, I’d like to see something about the aftermath of Vulcan’s destruction — another goldmine of potential story ideas there.

Yes, yes, same from me. I’ve hoped for this for a good while. Something along the lines of New Vulcan being claimed, unkown to the Federation, by the Gorn who get a little upset to find it being taken over.
But it will have to have something supernatural, something mystical, which neither the Vulcans or Gorn are aware of. From that a story can be spun off. Maybe?! lol
Oh hell, why don’t i just come out and say it- I wana see Kirk fight a Gorn again. Shallow, I know, but I really, really do.

178. Brett Campbell - September 12, 2010

Yes, 175, thanks indeed.

And I agree with Mr. Cagney; that was one of the most fun TOS promos I’ve seen in a long time!


179. mr. NUspock - September 12, 2010

Yeah…. Klingons, but not as enemy, but as allies, let some other species be the enemy……shall we say tholians????….and hopefully to involve ´new vulcan´ and romulus ……. and more of kirk, spock and bones and let uhura, chehov, and sulu plus scotty be supporting ´´crew´´ and pike, and sarek would be great too, and maybe another vulcan????….Im thinking…..T`pol!!!…and why???? ….because she could fill ind the bridge between acher´s era and the new era……….

No khan…….no borg……no no, just plain Kirk and co., in the 23rd.century with klingons, romulans, vulcans, tholians and all the other good parts of trek from that era…………….

That´s what I hope for………

180. Brian Hudson - September 12, 2010

Andorrians. Something has to happen to them between Enterprise and the original Star Trek. I don’t remember hearing about them but they were a major species in the beginning of the timeline.

181. Janice - September 12, 2010

A new Villian–and a big YES to the return of Captain/ Admiral Christopher Pike!!

182. tom - September 12, 2010

I say no khan or klingons. How much more can you do with klingons that hasn’t been done in tng and ds9. With this new timeline anything is possible. To me going back to klingons and khan would be a big mistake.Seems to me when the earth is about to be taken over or destroyed stories work better. [STARTREK4, ENTERPRISE WITH THE XINDI]. Or something new all together. I mean the writters of all trek series came up with these new villins. Come up with something new, forget the past. What made startrek so interesting in the past was new fresh ideas. I just don’t want to see KLINGONS OR KHAN, OR EVEN THE BORG.These recurring villions work in a tv series ,but not in a 2 hour movie.

183. CarlG - September 12, 2010

@175: That was industrial-strength awesome. Thaknyou kind sir / madam! :)

@180: I think what happened is just that it took them a while to figure out how to do the antennae makeup without it being cheap and / or goofy looking. But yeah, Andorians in Trek2012!

184. Capt. of the USS Anduril - September 12, 2010

I think Shatner should be the new villain. Just because. =P

185. Pierre - September 12, 2010

Necromongers. This would be great to see Karl Urban in two roles.

186. Stan Winstone - September 12, 2010

Pike would be a good villain- he kidnaps Spock and attempts to restore the original timeline. He’s got a long history with New Kirk, making him a worthy adversary. He has a huge beef with the alternate timeline as it’s crippled him. (And he has no way of knowing he fares no better in the original timeline- which makes his cause all the more tragic). Last time we saw Pike in “Star Trek (2009),” he wasn’t aware that he was in an alternate timeline, we can assume he’s figured it out since then.

Spock could be somewhat conflicted about helping Pike restore the timeline as it would mean resurrecting Vulcan and perhaps a reunion with old Kirk. Not too mention it’s a wry commentary on fandom and revisionism. That sorta scenario makes me a lot more interested than a Khan or Klingon rehash. But then again I’m not writing this movie- just come up with something compelling and I’ll watch….

187. Dan - September 12, 2010


188. boxker - September 12, 2010

How is using Khan considered rehashing, but using klingon’s isn’t.

Guess, when a new Superman comes around I guess I should expect people to say no more Lex Luthor.

189. dmduncan - September 12, 2010

186: “Pike would be a good villain- he kidnaps Spock and attempts to restore the original timeline.”

Since it hasn’t been erased, the original timeline doesn’t need restoring.

We are in a branched off universe where events may unfold similarly but with enough differences to make any old character reintroductions NOT a “rehashing” of the old stories.

If you can spend 150 million telling a story about one set of characters that have been around since the 60’s (Kirk and Co.) without calling that a “rehash,” then you can tell a story about another set of characters from the same franchise (one of whom may be Khan) without calling that a “rehash.”

190. dmduncan - September 12, 2010

Oh, and if there’s a Carol Marcus in the sequel:

CLAIRE DANES. She’s the right age, she kind of resembles Bibi Besch, and she exudes intelligence.

191. Billy - September 12, 2010

Ok Come on let’s get it over with! Put Khan in the sequel already!

192. Hat Rick - September 12, 2010

Why on Earth or elsewherein the Galaxy would Pike want to “restore” the original timeline? He has no special connection with it. He has no firsthand knowledge of it. If anyone would want to “restore” the original timeline, it would be Old Spock, if only because that’s where he’s from. But he’s not about to do that.

193. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010

If the writers are going to pander to the fans, then the writers will end up apologizing to the fans. I guarantee it.

Some of the ideas being floated on this thread are just silly.

Useful fan advice, when it comes to rectifying certain issues from the first film, can be a good thing though. The writers should listen to fans when we say we want a little bit more of the Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic. As well the fact that the majority of us feel that engineering needs to look like engineering as opposed to a brewery.

But when it comes to who should be the villain, or what the plot of the sequel should be, the fans should be ignored. The writers need to use THEIR OWN imaginations and talents to come up with something great. Writers who are writers first and fans second are far more likely to succeed. Fans who are fans first and writers second are doomed to write bad fiction.

194. StarFuryG7 - September 12, 2010

How can the poll be closed already? I didn’t even get to cast a vote for God sake.

People probably want to see the Klingons because the prison scene got cut in the last movie.

195. Bill Peters - September 12, 2010

I am for Klingon’s, Gorn, any TOS species or some new Species. But Klingon’s even as a Camo would be fun!

196. Christopher Doohan - September 12, 2010

I’m happy to hear the Simon is getting more screen time. We definitely didn’t get enough of him in XI

197. James - September 12, 2010

Get Tom Hanks in there somehow as Commodore Decker – sets it up lovely for the doomsday machine!!

198. patrick - September 12, 2010

i hope to have not repeated anyone, but here goes…

Save Khan for TREK3 (to be released, no doubt, in 2018 – hahaha). Honestly, there’s apparent interest in the Klingons now. And their presence has already sustained past TREKflix.

If for some reason TREK2 isn’t as popular as TREK2009 (or about the same), the Producers have the asset of a Khan-flick to restore excitement to the franchise.

199. Disinvited - September 12, 2010


Law? Perhaps too strong a word but from the founding series forward there’s always been from the first season onward what was referred to in THE MAKING OF STAR TREK as the STAR TREK GUIDE (aka STAR TREK WRITER’S GUIDE or STAR TREK BIBLE) to provide a template to which scripts were hewn. The most documented being the scripts of Messrs. Gerrold and Ellison and I can only note that both first drafts did feature villains. However, I’m sure you are more than aware that CotEoF ended up villainless – unless you’d care to make an argument that some goose-stepping Nazis on a tricorder screen counts? If you so choose I suppose I could be swayed to consider Nazis as off-screen villains forcing the hero’s hand, but I’ll leave that for you to argue.

For now, I’ll merely observe there doesn’t appear to be a template requiring a villain to be in direct conflict with the hero.

200. Hugh Hoyland - September 12, 2010

#196 I like that idea as well, but McCoy’s character should also see increased screen time IMO.

201. John - September 12, 2010

I agree with 193. Some of the preachy heavy handed BS that often made some TOS episodes unwatchable is NOT welcome back. (see 147 for a perfect example of what I’m talking about) Subtly is always welcome.

202. captain_neill - September 12, 2010


Commenting on social and issues was part of the reason Gene created Star Trek.

Must the ideals be sacrificed for a quicker pace for the modern non trekkie?

203. Gul 3000 - September 12, 2010

Hey Orci and Kurtzman KLINGONS BABY!! I think Kahn would be a mistake and a lame attempt to please the fanboys. I think it would be wrong to do Khan right away. They are in a new universe. Neros incursion changed everything technology and more than likely the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant in that reality. People need to stop brining up old episodes. New reality means new possibilities. CGI Gorn would be cool but again this movie is going to make or break this franchise. They can’t come back with some lame ass rehash of the original series. Hey you trekmovie guys forward my post to Orci and Kurtzman. Tell them to go EPIC on the next one. Empire Strikes back epic. Hey a ground war between the Gorn and the Klingons would be awesome. They have to come back hard. They paid homage to the original and passed the damn torch now everybody needs to shut up and let the boys work. NO MORE TIME TRAVEL. No hell no. They need to establish a universe for these characters. Kirk Prime is dead. He died on Veridian III. Lame ending for a classic hero. Thank Rick Berman for that. I forgive Ron Moore because of what he did for Battlestar but blame Berman for that. I think putting Shatner in would be a mistake. You fanboys need to stop. They need to do something different. No more whales. No More cabin songs and beans. No More old chicks in mini skirts. No More . They need to do shock and awe and thats it. Another thing you IDIOTS there is no original timeline to restore. The new universe exists in a parallel universe along with the “Prime” or original one. When Nero came through he created a divergent reality. Old Spock is stuck in another universe. There is no timeline to FIX. You call yourself Trekkies. Trekmovie DUDES tell Orci and Kurtzman to go epic and No whales no Khan no Gillian the whale chick. No Sybok. (Uggh!!!) none of that. New reality. Hey read Legion of Three Worlds. The DC comic storyline. Three Legions from three seperate realities. Its the same thing with this Trek.

204. vulcantears - September 12, 2010

170. I, Mugsy

One of the best post on this discussion!

205. J.G - September 12, 2010

I wouldnt mind seeing the Borg actually. Kirk never got to fight the Borg. But in the end i think an all New Villian is the way to go……….or Klingons.

but NO KHAN!!!!!

206. John - September 12, 2010


as much as I admire Gene for creating such a vast universe, the episodes of TOS he wrote were overly preachy and mostly terrible. Gene L. Coon is the man I would look toward for the success of TOS.

not all of us want to be beaten over the head with a message for 2 hours (looking at you James Cameron). Doesn’t mean you can’t have one.

207. Basement Blogger - September 12, 2010

Hey Trekkers, and Bad Robot, let’s have some fun and think more about what Star Trek is. (See @ 133) Trekker David hates the “talky-gooeey” stuff of Trek. What does Harry Plinkett of Red Letter Media think of Star Trek being only an action movie? In the link below, part 3 of his Nemesis review, he hillariously replies to Jonathan Frakes comment that the audience wants Star Trek to be an action movie. Then he uses TNG’s “Power Play” and the tense walking down the hallway as better action than Nemesis’ movie! And he does a great job arguing his point. Harry, “Every action has a purpose which propels the story.” At 1:25.

Warning for the video: 1 Language. 2) Stupid mass murder jokes. 3) And for Trekkers who want Trek to be GI Joe, Harry’s a fan of theTNG shows which could be very talky-gooey. The video is still a riot.

208. Denny - September 12, 2010

@157 “That sort of creepy vibe was mostly missing in the TOS movies. I remember when I was a kid watching several episodes of Star Trek and actually getting scared, it was fun! :]”

TWOK had abit but not so much the rest…out of all of them id say Generations had maybe the most

209. Kinneas - September 12, 2010

Return to: Assignment Earth

It being Star Trek 2012, this person hopes they tie it into current exopolitics & deal with the supposed 56(+) alien races out there right now waging war on each other with the Earth caught up in it all. Many of those races have appeared in Star Trek already (coincidence?)

In my opinion, the Star Trek time-line needs to reconcile itself with the ‘real’ current events being discussed by NASA Astronauts (Buzz Alrdren, etc), the ex-ministers of Defense from Canada (Paul Hellyer), the U.K.(Nick Pope) and elsewhere in the world. They are all coming out demanding ‘disclosure’ (Steven Greer & the Disclosure

The very first preview for Star Trek 2009 with John F.Kennedy’s voice over excited me as I thought “O.k. Finally the folks in charge are going to try and make Star Trek ‘more real’, tie it to reality & actually do what Enterprise failed to do…show how humans/Earth deals with first contact, the ending of the Prime Durective on Earth & how we form Star Fleet. Instead they just jumped the Shark taking us to the time where humans are already rubbing shoulders with our nearest alien neighbors.

On enemies:
-The government officials who won’t disclose.
– The aliens who have broken the (Prime Directive) laws and who have tampered with our planet and governments (Orions etc).
– Those who have suppressed the advancement of technology.
– The Star Trek franchise holders who no longer understand what ‘Icons’ are & how to use Star Trek icons to mobilize national & International identities.

Star Trek has no meaning anymore beyond entertainment There are those that would argue Star Trek has never had a purpose beyond entertainment & I would disagree while pointing them to the Brookings Institution (America’s oldest Think Tank) papers on ‘First Contact’ & the governments agencies associated with Trek from the start.

Many believe Star Trek is ‘real’ and one of the greatest X-File, Fringe, ‘conspiracy tale’ of all.

Those who had been in charge of Trek after Gene & those currently involved with Star Trek may for awhile enjoy a bit of fame & luxury for producing Star Trek popcorn series & movies…but they did nothing for humanity with Star Trek when they had the chance.

Star Trek & Sci-Fi (in general) has no meaning at all now when the current stories in UFOlogy & Exopolitics and even on YouTube are FAR more exciting, fantastic & amazing than anything these producers & writers can come up with.

I wish them luck with Star Trek:2012. I just do not believe there is any hope when they have already put us on a popcorn path & have not demonstrated any understanding of ‘the bigger picture’.

“Reboot the reboot”…because you have already pulled an “Epic Fail”.

210. Damian - September 12, 2010

When writing the new film, I only ask the writers to be good stewards of Star Trek. They are the ones in charge now. Try to make an intelligent sequel that can make everyone happy. There are certain constants in all the Star Trek shows and movies, and that is human beings who have worked hard to better humanity. One thing Star Trek has always been about is a positive look at the future. Don’t change that just to make a “cool” action flick with lots of explosions and destruction.

Also, while we have a new universe to work with not “constrained” by what has come before, I only ask Bob Orci, et al. to not use that as an excuse to ignore canon. There should be certain constants in any Star Trek universe (for example, if Klingons are included, don’t ignore the episodes of Enterprise that explain why they have smooth foreheads in the original series, whether your Klingons are smooth headed or not). You don’t have to be limited, but don’t use this as an excuse to change everything that has happened either.

211. Simon - September 12, 2010

AGAIN with the Klingons.

Out of 11 TREK films they have appeared in SEVEN of them and been the main villians in three.


If they have to appear, make it like in THE VOYAGE HOME.

212. TheTrekkie - September 12, 2010

Without Space Seed or Ricardo Montalbán, Khan is too unexplainable to be used.

Just putting it out there: maybe putting in major roles for some Klingons (like in Voyager – B’Elanna Torres (though she was only half Klingon) or in TNG – Worf) would be interesting. I am not saying they should be on the Federation’s side, but they should play important roles.

213. the Quickening - September 12, 2010

I continue to say the best approach for an antagonist in the next film would be a renegade Federation or Star Fleet member from earth. We have NEVER seen this in a TREK film. The added bonus would be having a major star play the role whose face is not hidden in a bunch of heavy makeup and therefore unrecognizable. You always want a star to be recognizable, otherwise, why use him or her?

214. Will_H - September 12, 2010

Klingons would be my first choice, hopefully either a new Klingon or one we know, but at this point as long as its not either Mudd or Khan I’d be ok with it.

215. Travis - September 12, 2010

You know ive said this time and TIME again. Star Trek Fans WAKE UP lol… Ok heres whats happened… Voyager 6 from Nasa gets lost in a black hole and disappears… Second Kahn leaves Earth on the year 1996. Now what do these 2 topics have in common with the new Universe is that they were NOT affected by the change so in effect V’Ger will be coming for earth again and Kahn will be found… So i do expect Kahn to be in the Sequel if not the third movie… The question is will this kahn be the same badass kahn in the prime timeline?… Or will be worse or mellow???… we just dont know. Also id like to point this out that the BORG will be in this movie series as well… why do i say that???. Heres why. Picard screwed up at First Contact and by doing that the Borg resurfaced in the 22nd Century ( which was NEVER suppose to happen). And also too Nero’s ship was made out of Borg componets and who’s to say that those componets were maybe picked up by the Borg in the 23rd century???… I also do believe that the borg in the 22nd century did indeed contact there borg counter parts in the 22nd century so in effect THEY ARE COMING!!!!. This is what Time Travel does people. It only changes the FUTURE not the PAST like Kahn, V’Ger and the Borg. :-)

216. Travis - September 12, 2010

Oh and also i do believe JJ Abrams, Alex Krutzman and Robert Orci do know about my post ^ ^ ^ ^ ^… So in the Sequel it will be the Klingons and maybe Kahn… all depends if they want to redo Space Seed or find Kahn a different approach…

217. Travis - September 12, 2010

(205) JG…. Kirk did indeed fight the Borg. Play Star Trek: Legacy and youll see that V’Ger was sent back to earth by the BORG sir :-)

218. dmduncan - September 12, 2010

Was just watching TMP where I discovered that yes indeedy, watching Vulcan destroyed from a nearby planet (Delta Vega) IS canon.

During Spock’s Kohlinar, we see from one angle an enormous planet and a smaller one against the larger. Then from an opposite angle in a different quarter of the sky, we see TWO more planets moving as fast as clouds across the sky, for a grand total of FOUR planetary front row seats to the destruction of Vulcan.

219. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010


Just how did Picard ‘screw up’ “First Contact”?

220. SI - September 12, 2010

I say the fans don’t know what makes a good Star Trek movie, so all of them crying ‘no Khan this’ and ‘no Khan that’ has no idea what they are talking about.

Star Trek 2009 was the first GOOD Star Trek MOVIE in a LOOONG time. Creatively and financially.

Honestly, how many of these so called ‘fans’ had the idea of the latest movie in their head as what Star Trek needed? Probably no one. Myself included. The fans are what truly ruins Star Trek, especially in recent years. Their idea of the next Star Trek movie after Nemesis is probably a convoluted mess of plot lines no one cares about, with no heart, no character development, and full of nonsense.. —oh wait, i’m describing Star Trek Online. Take one look at the creative universe of Star Trek Online. Instead of trying to create a GREAT game… something that made you feel like you were living in the Star Trek Universe, it’s just a lackluster attempt to plug random stupid episode references into a very generic unapproachable game.

The creators of Star Trek Online are what happens when fans go amok with the material.

This is why I think the JJ Abrams team is successful. Now although Bob Orci is a huge fan (one with plenty of sense), JJ Abrams is distanced from the source material and has pretty good judgment on what makes a movie good or not.. Therefore he cuts the nonsense and highlighted the aspects of Star Trek that were important…. with great result.

I mean, if it wasn’t for these guys at some point SOMEONE was going to reboot Star Trek…. and more than likely would have completely ignored everything that came before it and start fresh, like Batman Begins. But unlike Batman and most other franchises, in Star Trek you can make the REBOOT part of the story. So, why not? Someone was going to do it someday and this is by far the best way I ever imagined it could be handled. It just works. I doubted the producers claims before the movie’s release how the movie will be a different story depending on what type of fan you are, but it simply is just that: a sequel, a reboot, and a prequel… all in one. What more could you have asked for in the next Star Trek movie? An intergalactic nonsense story set in the 25th century that no one in their right mind would pay money to watch? Star Trek LIVES now thanks to these guys, so bow down and worship them. ;)

This brings me to Khan. The only reason a percentage of the fans are against it is purely because they think we are going to see the complete wrath of khan retold again because their heads are stuck in that non progressive box of theirs. Khan is a character. From one forty minute television episode and one feature length movie Last seen over 20 years ago!!!!

It’s odd that fans of something that values progressive ideas so much can have such a non progressive mentality. We’re watching a new take on old characters… why can’t Khan be one of them? Can’t your reasoning not wanting to see Khan be applied to seeing ANY of the characters in these new Star Trek movies? I mean, we’re at a point where the actor who portrayed this ‘sacred’ character sadly and unfortunately passed away of natural causes. It’s time to move on.

Going with Khan is a great bet. This creative team did the best rejuvenating the old characters anyway then creating new ones (like Nero) so everyone should be excited to see what the endless story possibilities are with Khan.

221. Sarah - September 12, 2010

I want to see Bill Murray in the next movie. No joke.

On a different note: Khan is a bad idea. Been there, done that. Originality, please. These talented writers are paid to be talented. They can come up with their own ideas.

222. John - September 12, 2010

for all the complaints about Nero, he was a completely original character. I think that should tell us that the writers would prefer to go out on their own.

223. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010


I agree with everything you said!

Except for the “Star Trek Online” bit, since I still haven’t played it, and not sure that I will. :- )

224. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010


Uh, you mean like the “guy who lost his family and homeworld then went berserk seeking revenge” original?

Sorry, that aint original. See “The Wrath Of Khan” for similar character arc.

But if you’re referring to the originality of the character in terms of make-up (bald and has tatoo on forehead), then yeah, he’s original. :-)

225. John - September 12, 2010

I’m simply talking about canon. He wasn’t an established character until ST 2009. That’s all.

226. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010


227. CarlG - September 12, 2010

@209: I have read this 5 times and still have no clue what this fellow is getting at.

228. number6 - September 12, 2010


Could tie in the destruction of Vulcan and Spock’s role in it.

Since this would take place a good amount of years before the evens of TFF, this could give us a fascinating look into Sybok’s rebellion against Vulcan philosophy. Could be pretty dark!!

229. John - September 12, 2010


I don’t either.

230. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010


Sigmund Freud wouldn’t be able to figure that guy out, either!

On the other hand, seeing as he mentioned “The X-Files” and “Fringe”, I’m guessing those shows helped feed his views on governments, aliens and technology!

231. Troubled Tribble - September 12, 2010

“To boldly go where no one has gone before”

I’ve heard these words ring out for most of my 47 years on this planet.

To me they mean “seeing and doing something that hasn’t been done before”.

Let’s not rehash the old.

JJ and Crew, please give us something very, very new.

And if there is a battle scene don’t make it two dimensional. The Enterprise has a vast crew of specialists trained to do their job, let them.
And use the aft torpedo launcher in the next movie. Is there an aft firing phaser array? And surely in three dimensional space phasers can fire in all directions not just straight ahead.

Three dimensional space, three dimensional battles. There’s a challenge for the special effects people. After all Industrial Light and Magic did it for Star Wars, isn’t Star Trek worthy of such epic greatness?

232. John - September 12, 2010

there is no after phaser array to my knowledge.

for most of ST space is two dimensional. as much as I would like a 3D battle, I seriously doubt we’re going to see one.

233. Red Dead Ryan - September 12, 2010


“Deep Space Nine” had some great battles as well. In fact, the show did a great job of depicting battle damage like burning hulls, broken nacelles, escape pods jettisoning from ships, and Federation and Klingon ships being rammed and destroyed by Jem’ Hadar attack ships. A lot of fleet on fleet battles happened on the show.

234. John - September 12, 2010

RDR mentioned the only exception I can think of when Trek battles truly seemed 3D

235. Scruffy, the vampire janitor - September 12, 2010

God has to be the villain.

Roddenberry’s Trek set out to find God on more than one occassion.

Hawking recently decided that God does not exist, because gravity does.

However, Einstein said that to understand gravity is to understand God.

So JJ Trek should set out to destroy God & replace it with gravity

Gravity by the way is still only a theory, and I’d love to meet an anti-gravity-ist.

236. South African Dude - September 12, 2010

Did anyone notice the little Star Trek reference in the A Team movie?
During the scene where the team break Murdock out of the mental institution in Germany, the patients are watching a fake 3d movie “The Great Escape” After the movie title, the first cast credit that comes up is “Reginald Barclay”, a little tribute to David Schultz.

237. John - September 12, 2010

indeed, it was rather amusing.

238. Vultan - September 12, 2010


Cool. It looks like you found the original draft of Star Trek V!
Way to go.

239. Basement Blogger - September 13, 2010

@ 236

When I saw “The A Team” in June, I thought I was the only Trekker who woud be screaming about that Barclay reference. But TrekMovie was on it. Sorry South African Dude, they caught it in June. Link below. I love the dig at 3D movies. By the way A Team was my guilty pleasure. It was a lot of fun. Since you’re, from South Africa, Sharlto Copley as Murdock (“District 9″) was great. See I do love a mindless action movie on occasion.

i’m still trying to confirm whether or not Tom Cruise in “Knight and Day” used a Vulcan neck pince on Cameron Diaz to knock her out. I say yes. Anyone disagree? I’m not confident, so I’ll look for anyone who’s seen the movie that disagrees with me.

240. Kinneas - September 13, 2010

The fans told them to reboot.

Some folks act as if these guys brought it back from the dead themselves, that reboot was their idea, or that they already understood the science, psychology & academia of why a reboot would be good thing.

They did actually move on it, so that is good.
Thanks, guys :thumbs up:

Keep sitting down, Mr. Moonves. Thanks. Have another pillow. Would you care for some more tea?

What don’t you get on my above post?

Star Trek has always been good about shedding light on current events.

Hard to believe Trekkers and Trekkies are not up to speed on current events regarding disclosure & exoploitics. Maybe it is a result of going through the Ron Moore years.

On Star Trek Online: “We work ‘hand in hand’ with CBS on everything that goes into Star Trek:Online. Everything has to be approved by CBS” –Cryptic Studios.

So. Why lay the blame on the fans (who since before 2005) have been saying what ‘they’ wanted in Star Trek:Online on & since 2008, what they have wanted in STO on the Cryptic forums.

The blame (though there really is none!) goes right back up the chain of command and to those in charge of Star Trek.

Those people invested for life in ST:O know it won’t get good until CBS moves on the new Star Trek television series and when TV Show/MMO Tie-in starts happening. That could be as far out as 2015.

So, even slamming ST:O in the first year is bad taste as none of the technology is in place to deliver what the fans turly want out of it yet.

On the fans. Never blame the fans for what the studios do.

241. Kevin - September 13, 2010

They should use Tribbles!!!!!!!!!!

242. Nomad - September 13, 2010

It worries me a bit that Orci seems to think we necessarily need a villain. It’s not just about good guys fighting bad guys in spaceships.

243. Maj - September 13, 2010

@ 239

While we’re at it…

I was just watching Stargate Universe (season 1.5) and in one of the episodes there was a reference to the wrath of kahn and the genesis device.

Another reference to the twok – and I’m sure a lot of people here saw it already cause its the same writers – was in Fringe.

244. Boborci - September 13, 2010

242. Read the article.

245. Kirk to Picard... - September 13, 2010

Id like to see the sequel to be much darker than any other Trek movie, i.e. earth defeated/conquered by klingons following loss of vulcan. Enterprise to be the only surviving starship, gathering/consolidating support from remaining federation allies , this could be the gorn blueskins,greenskins (following earth’s defeat, some federation planets pledged support for the klingon empire). Enterprise and allies to liberate earth in a massive d-day-like assault on earth….this story is crap!

Im happy to follow whatever story line the writers decide…good or bad movie – nothing beats star trek for me!

i miss Picard!

246. Chris Pike - September 13, 2010

inspire us
mystify us
surprise us!

247. Chris Pike - September 13, 2010

…and do some redesigns….please!

248. somethoughts - September 13, 2010

I love the title Star Trek: The Next Frontier


249. Denny - September 13, 2010


yeah it is good – ‘The New Frontier’ also (although wasnt that a novel?)

or they could just call it Star Trek 2.0 (like Die Hard 4.0)

250. Travis - September 13, 2010

( 219 )

Picard screwed up when he destroyed the Borg sphere firing on earth… Not realizing the Borg that survived the attack were alive in the northpole on earth… ( remember Picard can listen or hear them ) and also it was documented in Star Trek: Legacy that he DID know the Borg were alive in the northpole of the 21st century and did say that things might change with what he did!!.

251. P Technobabble - September 13, 2010

I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to try to second guess writers. Nor do I think it’s a good idea to try to make specific requests of the writers. It’s a safe bet that the Supreme Court knows what people are saying in these threads, but, in the end, they have to go with their gut instincts and tell the story they want to tell. Whether it has a villain, or something familiar, will, I believe, be based on the story, not based on the insatiable desires of innumerable fans. If there are fans out there who are praying with every fiber of their being for Khan to be in the next film, or huge battles with Klingons, or the Doomsday Machine,etc., and these items do not appear, then those fans are going to be disappointed and will rant about it for years. But if the writers were to “cave in” to such wishes, those fans who don’t want to see any of these items would then be disappointed and probably rant for years. It’s their Kobayashi Maru.
Consider, for a moment, the things that the sequel must have:
1) an enemy, or obstacle, that (for all intents and purposes) is impossible to overcome.
2) the central characters who behave like the Kirk/Spock/McCoy, etc. that we all know and love.
3) some form of commentary on the human condition, which the writers have already stated is part of their intention.
That may seem like a fairly simple checklist, but in the Star Trek universe it’s not so simple. On the one hand, I envy these guys for being able to contribute to the Star Trek Universe. On the other hand, I don’t envy them at all.
May the wind be at their backs…

252. Academy Advisor - September 13, 2010

Hmm… what about Khan and Klingons, since Enterprise we know, that the Klingons still might have another interest in the Augment DNA, may be to fix there forhead issue before the natural regeneration.

Maybe the klingons need another sample of that DNA to fix themselves because all old samples have been lost or destroyed.
I mean what if we have a klingon that even more hates to see the face of his enemy when he looks into his mirror. He hates humanity for what those gens have done to them. The kind of how weak they look now. Maybe he also wants to kill admiral Archer who is abort the Enterprise when they find the bottany bay…

Ok, it’s just a scenario and no story yet. But it could give an idea about possible character motivations.

253. AJ - September 13, 2010

Not having read the 250 above posts, it seems to me that introducing Khan, as they may, long before the accidental discovery of him and his crew on Ceti Alpha V in TWOK, the writers have many possibilities to ponder:

1. Should Khan be evil. Since 1996 has come and gone with no Eugenics Wars, Khan can be retold. he is a determined leader who will do anything to fulfill promises to his flock to find a new world. That was the point anyway.

2. Should Khan be culturally irrelevant in the Present. The writers chose Khan to be a Sikh from 30 years in the future from the date “Space Seed” was written. Why not make him a Taliban commander, or the President of Pakistan? Maybe Osama himself, or a veiled equivalent..We still haven’t found him, have we?

3. Should be “our” ally against an even ‘bigger bad.': This idea flies around the threads a lot. Lots to speculate on. Maybe the “Botany Bay” was discovered by Klingons or Romulans.

Khan is, for sure, a massive headache, no matter how you slice it. I say, go for the Metrons. Easy-Peasy.

254. rachel weisz or sasha grey - September 13, 2010

I want a Vulcan villain(ess). Surely, the Vulcan’s current situation will be cause for conflict.

255. gingerly - September 13, 2010


Whatever you do, go for quality over Hollywood’s all too typical “brand skewing”.

The brand is in place now.

Better to take a risk to make a quality product and expect the audience to catch-on (see: Inception) a be the leader of a curve, than it is to make something easy only to have it look every bit the calculated marketing move that it is and more dated with each passing year, in hindsight (see: the Shrek sequels).

…In other words continue to make note of the nerdy reminders of certain technical particulars to as nice little easter eggs/continuity nods and disregard individual opinions on what “they’d like to see” based on taste.

If you’re ever tempted to just put in Khan or Klingon for the sake of nerds, just remind yourself what nerds typically wear.

256. LanDebLew - September 13, 2010

I’m an “old” fan (literally) who watched the original Star Trek episodes first run, and every rerun until they just quit showing them… I could probably quote entire dialogues if pressed… and my husband and I enjoyed all the full length movies over and over again (we own the set). I can honestly say that we LOVED this latest Star Trek movie and so did our grown sons and all six of our grandkids. AND my 80 year old parents even appreciated it, so I think if you can span four generations like that, you must have done something right!! Great job!!

257. N - September 13, 2010

The Klingons need to be established in this AR universe.

258. jobryant100 - September 13, 2010

Do many of you realize that by saying NO KHAN or NO KLINGONS that if the writers listen to you, you are actually handcuffing them? Think about it. Check out the point Alex Kurtzman made. Then imagine they came up with a story where as a new Captain, Kirk needed to be tested in a certain way. In the scenario they up with, the best person to place Kirk in this situation would be a Khan like character. If this were the best option, would you use Khan or would you rather them make a new character who is like Khan, but not him, just to satisfy your need not to see him used?

I really like the sounds of the approach that the writers seem to be taking. Decide what your characters need to go through and write a good story that puts them through it. And if Khan or Klingons work organically with that story, then go ahead add them to the film. I’ll be happy either way.

259. NuFan - September 13, 2010

No easter eggs/continuity nods, please. Keep it fresh and free of the chains of the old universe.

260. Thorny - September 13, 2010

258… It’s a shame they didn’t ask us about blowing up Vulcan and Romulus. A pair of handcuffs would have come in handy then.

261. John from Cincinnati - September 13, 2010

The ultimate hypocrite says:

“No to Khan! But yes to Klingons!”

“No recycled villains”

Do you realize how you just contradicted yourself? Leave your agendas at home.

262. Adam Bomb 1701 - September 13, 2010

No Khan; been there, done that. And, no Claire Danes for Carol Marcus, if indeed they must re-introduce the character. Did you see Ms. Danes awful performance in “Terminator 3″? I say Samantha Mathis, as she’s Bibi Besch’s daughter.

263. Do You Wanna Dance - September 13, 2010

I agree with #241. All the tribbles should mutate into slimy, flesh-eating monsters that burrow their larvae into the brains of its victims.

264. ensign joe - September 13, 2010

It’s much more likely to meet Klingons than Khan Noonien Singh..

265. barrydancer - September 13, 2010

How about a film where Kirk has to get some actual experience aboard a starship before being put in command of one?

266. Buzz Cagney - September 13, 2010

#248 yes, I also like The Next Frontier as a title- so long as they really can come up with a suitable next Frontier worthy of naming the movie after!
Picking the title before the story may be taking the writer guys organic approach just a bit too far! :-D

267. Thorny - September 13, 2010

Samantha Mathis is ten years older than Chris Pine.

268. SciFiJunky - September 13, 2010

I didn’t have time to read all 266 comments, so I apologize if someone else mentioned this, but… My vote is for the Klingons. What I don’t want to see, however, are the clones of LotR Orcs I saw in the deleted scenes of last year’s Star Trek.

How could Nero going back in time change the Klingons that much????

269. Danpaine - September 13, 2010

259. NuFan – September 13, 2010

AWFUL suggestion. Star Trek has always been about respecting what came before, and the writers nailed that home in 09′. I’m confident they’ll do the same again.

But then again, your name pretty much says it all.

270. James - September 13, 2010

Tom Hanks as Commodore Matt Decker.

271. starshipconstellation - September 13, 2010

My vote wasn’t listed in the categories. No villains. There are other ways to create conflict in a story and many of them have already been described above. Tighten up the script, ditch the plot holes and leave rehashed plots in the past where they belong. If Pike dares Kirk to join Starfleet, then I dare the writers to come up with something new. I wanted very much to like Star Trek 2009 but was treated instead to a rehash mash up of Star Wars and The Wrath of Khan. (Khan is spelled Khan, not Kahn by the way)

I dare you, JJ Abrams, Bob Orci and your team to live up to your previous promise of this “not being your father’s Star Trek”. Tell an actual original story with our beloved characters. This time tell a Star Trek story.

272. Jai - September 13, 2010

“3) some form of commentary on the human condition, which the writers have already stated is part of their intention.”

A few other people have also made this excellent point earlier in the thread. It is, of course, one of the main things that Star Trek is supposed to be all about. The same also applies to the remarks about ST (esp. TOS) being “ahead of its time”, the obvious historical example being the inclusion of a Russian as part of the bridge crew. Quite a brave act when you consider that it was the height of the Cold War at the time.

But the principle is still relevant today. So, a couple of suggestions for the next movie. These may or may not be viewed as risky and controversial in some quarters, and will ultimately depend on how much Bob Orci and his team want to balance Trek’s traditional social commentary against the potential financial risk due to objections from people who may sympathise with the “Obama is a secret Muslim”/”No mosque anywhere near Ground Zero” types:

1. Have a Muslim as a major (or at least substantial) character, depicted as a sympathetic figure and an ally of Kirk & co. Sufi Muslims in particular have traditionally been amongst the most progressive and liberal Muslims of all (Imam Rauf of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” is a Sufi himself), so someone like that would be a suitable choice. I’m obviously not referring to the AQ/Taliban type. The character doesn’t necessarily have to be overtly religious, but there can be some reference to him/her being a practising Muslim (eg. he/she can briefly be shown doing one of the 5 daily prayers that many observant Muslims usually do).

2. Show a noticeable escalation in hostility and prejudice amongst numerous Federation citizens towards “present day” Romulans due to the actions of Nero and his “future Romulans”, especially the destruction of Vulcan (and the huge number of deaths involved) due to what was effectively a terrorist attack by “Romulan militants”, even though the “present day” Romulan population had nothing to do with it.

3. Following on from 2, if you really want to push the boat out in terms of ongoing topical events, show some of the surviving Vulcans also being the targets of bigotry, since they share the same ancestry as Romulans and obviously look very similar. Not necessarily implausible in terms of some of the more irrational sections of Federation society, when you consider the impact that the actions of our current Islamist extremists have had on attitudes towards ordinary Muslims, and even people who are assumed to “look Muslim”. On top of that, something else to remember is that real-life jihadists like AQ and the Taliban actually have a murderous level of hatred towards Sufis in particular, because the fanatics regard them as heretics who are far too liberal and far too benevolent towards non-Muslims. AQ and the Taliban’s historical ideological predecessors have actually been persecuting and killing Sufis for centuries (which obviously lends a horrible irony towards the Tea Party/Fox News/Newt Gingrich-driven American conservative Right’s hostility towards the Sufi Imam Rauf and his Cordoba Initiative).

So, if you have the “future Romulans” as AQ, “present day Romulans” as ordinary Muslims who had nothing to do with them, and the surviving Vulcans as Sufis who not only bore the brunt of the “future Romulans’” 9/11-style attack but, to make matters worse, subsequently also have to deal with illogical bigotry towards them from other Federation citizens due to the latter’s displaced aggression & emotion-driven cognitive dissonance, you have your pointed social commentary and modern-day allegories right there.

Incidentally, I’m not making these suggestions to be sensationalistic or deliberately controversial, and any implementation of them in the next movie would need to be very carefully handled by Mr Orci etc. However, we all know that Star Trek is supposed to be a progressive force for good, and given the tradition of the franchise often being a commentary on real-life human current affairs, there is obviously a lot of material for some pointed observations on some of the nastier behaviour patterns which are presently becoming worryingly widespread.

My 5 cents.

273. David Pease - September 13, 2010

I wouldn’t want to be in these guys shoes. Pretty much they have an open field of whatever they want to do. I’d like to make a prediction though…either this is going to be one of the best trek movies ever made or it’s going to flop hard. The reason I say that is because the first was a decent set up, and now they have the opportunity to do a great film, but also if they botch it, it will take a swan dive into the toilet!
The “stringing things together” makes sense and is what Nick Meyers did on both my favorite trek movies (wrath and undiscovered). Both turned out well.
Klingons should be in the movie somewhere I feel, even if they aren’t the main bad guys. Just makes sense unless the story just doesn’t have room.
Khan isn’t someone to throw in to a mix, he’s sort of a main theme for a movie so if they went that direction it’s not going to be easy to add alot more stuff.
I’d throw klingons into a new baddie or situation.

274. Daoud - September 13, 2010

Fleet still at Laurentian System!
Set to hold off a Klingon Incursion due to the Narada Incidents.
Fleet Captain Garth gone rogue (as in the prime universe, too.) trying to launch a secret first strike.
Admiral Archer (longer lived because of the Sarek katra, you know.)
Relieves Garth of duty, assigns Pike to take over.
Now Fleet Captain Pike needs Kirk & Spock & Enterprise to get him there a.s.a.p.
Garth actually not Garth, but Antosian shapeshifter. Real Garth imprisoned on Antos. Kirk, Spock & McCoy (really need a doctor for all this Garth condition) come to the rescue.
See lots of Klingons.
See lots of ships.
See a strange new world: Antos.
Adventure story: “Find Garth, but find humanity, too.”

275. Spock Out - September 13, 2010

I would like to see Gary Seven in a future sequal, not this one but eventually :P

276. Damian - September 13, 2010

I think the issue some people have with redoing Khan is he was done so excellently already. Does anyone really believe that Ricardo Montalban or TWOK can be outdone. Any attempt to redo Khan would be scrutinized by not only hardcore fans, but by the large number of people who were fans of TWOK and not overall Star Trek fans. People would be saying “That guy is nothing like Ricardo Montalban”, “Khan wouldn’t do that”, etc. If you liked Khan, go back and watch Space Seed or TWOK. You can’t get any better than that. TWOK is easily a 4 out of 4 star movie. While TMP will always be my favorite, TWOK is one of my top Star Trek films. You can’t do better than perfection, and TWOK is perfection.

#220–If there were no Star Trek fans, there would be no Star Trek.

As far as things being thrown out regarding Star Trek online, Legacy, or the novels, none of that is canon. Only on screen is canon. Now I generally follow the novels by Pocketbooks for my extended Star Trek universe–in that the Borg were created out of a species known as the Caeliar (nothing to do with V’Ger). Don’t forget, Captain Archer mentioned in Regeneration that it would take about 200 years for the Borg signal to reach the Delta Quadrant (24th Century), so I think the 23rd century is safe from the Borg. I think you can bet money the Borg will not be a villain in the next movie.

277. Travis - September 13, 2010


I would love to agree with you but i think its time that you do accept the games as cannon why???… because so far we only have one movie in this time and if you want the series of next generation, deep space nine or voyager then games is the way to be in the future!!!. now about the borg you are forgetting that these borg came from the 24th century which means no matter what ( and you saw this in the episode of Regeneration ) that they had efficent technology over Archer and Enterprise… They made a 22nd century shuttle go to warp 5 ( Fast as Enterprise )… They probably or they did have weapons better than Enterprise on that shuttle. And dont forget about the shattered pieces of that borg sphere on the northpole, I do believe there was a 24th century borg communication platform that was still in working condition that the borg used… Either way the Events of what Archer faced can add it up. The Borg now know where Earth is and i do believe Kirk will get his taste of them in this Universe!!!. :-)

278. Boborci - September 13, 2010

And no Tom Hanks! Not until he drops his HBO project adapting Vincent Bugliosi’s now discredited book;)

279. John - September 13, 2010


Dear god no. NO beating people over the head with your progressive agenda. We had enough of that in TOS.

nothing wrong with exploring the future of the human condition and all that great stuff, but what you mentioned would be so painfully obvious that it would be like an Avatar remake.

280. John - September 13, 2010

being an active STO player, I’d say it’s about as canon as you’re going to get for the primary timeline, and proof that these new movies did not “erase” the prime timeline.

281. CaptainDonovin - September 13, 2010

Oh please not Khan, it’s tempting but I would love to see a Klingon problem. Not neccessarily a new Klingon because Kor, Kang, or Koloth would be fun to dive into in this nuUniverse.

282. Maximum_Warp - September 13, 2010

Sybok – a passionate Vulcan who was off planet looking for Sha Ka Ree returning to take revenge on the Romulans.

283. BringBackTrek - September 13, 2010

@272 I thought it was obvious that Capt. Robau was of French/Muslim extraction and while we’re at it – the Suliban were based on the Taliban.

@278 Bob, thanks for no Hanks! ;)

284. Red Dead Ryan - September 13, 2010

After reading all the posts after my last one, I really hope Bob Orci has come up with an idea. An idea that he and Alex are 100% sure about. An idea that didn’t come from any fan on this site.

Afterall, it was Paramount that decided to kill off Captain Kirk in “Generations” after a bunch of fans demanded it. And we all remember how that turned out!

The thing is, if fans get their way, the writers will come up with something that will inevitably disappoint them because a) they spent too much time worrying about how the film will be recieved, and b) the fans will realize that what the writers wrote does not live up to their expectations despite the fact that whatever the writers wrote was based on the fans’ ideas in the first place.

I have faith in Bob. I trust him to write a great script and fix some of the mistakes from the first film. That is all I can ask as a fan.

285. Red Dead Ryan - September 13, 2010


I thought the writers meant for Captain Robau to be of Cuban descent?

286. BringBackTrek - September 13, 2010

Faran Tahir, the gentleman who portrayed Capt. Robau, is a Pakistani-American actor.

287. kzin - September 13, 2010

Cut way back on the lens flares!!!

I loved Khan. But he’s been done. No Khan. And if the Botany Bay is never found (or not found during Kirk’s lifetime), then he’s out of the picture for now.

Klingons are in the ST universe. That doesn’t mean they have to be a main part of the story. But they could be. Not my first choice, though.

No Berserker machine.

What about the Guardian of Forever? (The City on the Edge of Forever.) Kirk/Spock/McCoy could try and stop the changed timeline. Oh wait, that would put them back to the original ST universe… ;-) Unless they fail. But then what would the fans think?!? ;-)

Seriously – something new would be nice. But the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship needs to be front and center.

Whatever they do, I agree with Scotty: “I like this ship. It’s exciting!”

288. ensign joe - September 13, 2010

#284 Red Dead Ryan

“Afterall, it was Paramount that decided to kill off Captain Kirk in “Generations” after a bunch of fans demanded it.”

I find that hard to believe.. can you back it up?

289. Dan - September 13, 2010

I’m all for Klingons, but they have to have ridges on their foreheads!!!

290. Commodore Decker - September 13, 2010

Talosians, definitely.

How about the Salt Vampire(s)?
Did I hear a Jack Black as Harry Mudd rumour? Hmm.
Gary Seven?

I’ve got it: Space Hippies. Even better: Space Hipsters.

291. John - September 13, 2010

Guardian of Forever would be tough thanks to a certain butthurt author who wrote the original script.

292. BringBackTrek - September 13, 2010

#287 Since the changes to the timeline have not impacted our universe, anything remotely involving the Guardian of Forever would result in either a protracted court battle and/or shelling out a @#!&*-load in royalties to someone with the initials HE.

293. Red Dead Ryan - September 13, 2010


Doesn’t mean that Captain Robau was Pakistani-American. I remember reading somewhere that J.J Abrams and/or Bob Orci wanted the character to be of Cuban descent.


I’ve heard it only from people who have gone to conventions and I have read about it. in magazines. I think it was a small group of TNG fanatics that spearheaded the “movement”.

Though right now I don’t have anything specific to prove it with.

294. Boborci - September 13, 2010

293. Robaus born in Cuba but grew up in middle east.

295. John - September 13, 2010


According to Orci, he had imagined Robau being born in Cuba and raised in the Middle East.

296. Red Dead Ryan - September 13, 2010


But were his parents Cuban or Middle Eastern? Or both?

297. Boborci - September 13, 2010

296. I figured one of each, but it’s not canon unless it’s on film.

298. dmduncan - September 13, 2010

278: “And no Tom Hanks! Not until he drops his HBO project adapting Vincent Bugliosi’s now discredited book;)”

Haha! Bob, you modeled Leo Spitz after yourself, didn’t you?

299. dmduncan - September 13, 2010

I think a story about Khan, where we get so see, through flashback, how he might rise to power with the help of a shadowy oligarchy, would be very topical.

I’d think that Khan himself might just be a pawn in a game controlled by such people, people who could’ve also disposed of him if he didn’t govern the way they wanted.

300. Disinvited - September 13, 2010


LOL If you start banning people from the set for their association with discredited tomes, your next Trek is liable to be a long walk off a short pier.


301. Red Dead Ryan - September 13, 2010


True. But you can get IDW to publish a “Captain Robau” miniseries. Afterall, there’d be a great opportunity to flesh out not just his character but George Kirk as well. You guys did such an awesome job with the Kelvin scenes at the beginning of the film that we want more!


I think Khan would be way to smart, quick-witted and strong for anyone to control for long. He’d play dead (or dumb) for awhile until the opportunity arises for him to overthrow his oppressors.

302. Ken Thomson - September 13, 2010

Two words:


Rarely done, huge opportunity and fresh villainy!

I’m doing it with “Starship Saladin” so either way, it’s coming.

Ken :)

303. dmduncan - September 13, 2010

301: “I think Khan would be way to smart, quick-witted and strong for anyone to control for long.”

Don’t underestimate the oligarchy. He wouldn’t be oppressed at all. He would merely be a tool who played a role to the mutual benefit of both sides.

But if Khan had flashes of conscience, perhaps if it was a story centering around his beloved lost or ransomed wife, then you introduce love.

Love makes him human, a sympathetic character; it also makes him a wild card, an unpredictable quantity — and there may be his salvation, and the oligarchy’s doom.

Control freaks HATE unpredictability. Everything they do is to constrain wildness and to increase an order beneficial to themselves.

To save or protect someone that he loved, Khan might be at his most formidable. Now if you made the basis of conflict between Kirk and Khan a misunderstanding of what Khan was trying to accomplish in the story based on what they knew about Khan’s past, while in fact Khan was doing something to redeem himself, then you turn Khan from a simple bad guy into a one time bad guy seeking salvation. What you end up with is a “bad guy” who’s really not a bad guy anymore, and you preserve conflict for the story through a misunderstanding that is resolved by the end.

Not a rehashing of Space Seed, but something entirely different and that respects the complexity of the character played by Montalban.

304. Jack2211 - September 13, 2010


Not bad, sir.

305. Buzz Cagney - September 13, 2010

#268 Nero had a bunch of skin care products for men in his locker. The Klingons just though ‘hey, we’re worth it’. Unfortunately they had an allergic reaction and the rest, as they say, is history.

306. Admiral_Bumblebee - September 13, 2010

What about making the crew of the Enterprise the villain? Maybe they meet with some new civilization and due to cultural differences and misunderstandings, everything Kirk an Co. do causes some catastrophe. They are not aware of it and think they encountered a new hostile race.
But then they realize that they themselves are the hostile race unknowingly invading and destroying the new world.
This way we would see the whole “villain”-thing from another perspective and see that misunderstandings can lead to war.

307. Vultan - September 13, 2010


Hey, that’s actually not a bad idea. Maybe the Prime Directive could somehow be incorporated into the story. Hmmm…. curiouser and curiouser….

308. John - September 13, 2010


most intriguing and original idea ITT i like it

309. Jai - September 14, 2010

Bob Orci,

“293. Robaus born in Cuba but grew up in middle east.

296. I figured one of each, but it’s not canon unless it’s on film.”

I must complement you on your choice of actor — he was absolutely brilliant, despite his relatively short time on screen. Like Bruce Greenwood’s Pike, he exuded strength and charismatic “leadership presence” right from the start, and was an instantly-believable senior Starfleet officer. Your team is very, very good at selecting “the right person for the right role”.

A polite observation (no “agenda” here): Given the economic/political shift in the balance of power towards “the East” which is predicted to happen during the next few decades, along with the massive population in that part of the world, theoretically there should be a larger number of Indian and Chinese characters in the Star Trek universe. In practical terms, I know that this obviously has to be balanced against the fact that (at the moment) the United States is Trek’s primary audience, but portraying more characters from those backgrounds at senior levels in Starfleet/the Federation could make things more realistic. I’m assuming that “ruler of a quarter of the planet” Khan didn’t end up getting most of them killed ;)

Speaking of which, something else has just occurred to me: During the summer, some commenters here suggested Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan as a possible choice to play Khan. Now, Mr Bachchan is actually too old to play that particular role, but he’d make a fantastic Admiral. In fact, it’s about time there was an “Admiral Singh” ;) Either way, ticket sales in the massive market of India (already home to the world’s biggest movie industry) would completely go through the roof if Mr Bachchan was in the film, especially if his character had such a high rank.

(Before anyone jumps in, yes I know that DS9’s Dr Julian Bashir was supposed to be a British person of Indian or Pakistani descent. Incidentally, Voyager’s Janeway also had an Indian grandmother, something she repeatedly mentioned, although that part of her ancestry was obviously less noticeable than it was with Bashir. As for the good doctor, his surname demonstrates that his ancestors’ religious background was actually Muslim, although Bashir’s own religious beliefs are obviously not mentioned at all – hence my earlier suggestion about the next Trek movie showing a “practising Muslim”).

310. Jai - September 14, 2010


Superb suggestions re: Khan. And eloquently described, as always.

311. Jai - September 14, 2010

“NO beating people over the head with your progressive agenda. We had enough of that in TOS.”

Which was actually one of the best aspects of TOS. And a progressive viewpoint has always been an integral part of Star Trek, including the later spinoffs. Even DS9 — not just involving Sisko’s own obvious background, but also episodes such as “Far Beyond the Stars” which explicitly focused on bigotry and the impact on Sisko himself.

“nothing wrong with exploring the future of the human condition and all that great stuff, but what you mentioned would be so painfully obvious that it would be like an Avatar remake.”

Hence my previous remarks about how it would need to be handled very carefully. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the main part of the storyline, but it could be depicted as one of the nasty social consequences of the destruction of Vulcan.

Such things are not unrealistic, as the events of the past decade demonstrate, and as continuing to be demonstrated by the increasingly disturbing events during the past year alone. Unfortunately, as we all know, people don’t always behave rationally in real life, especially if a lot of prejudice and ignorance is involved. And given the Vulcans’ unshakeable ideological/philosophical belief in “logic”, we can imagine their own reaction to such incredibly illogical behaviour, especially if they are also on the receiving end of it themselves as per my earlier suggestion.

312. Basement Blogger - September 14, 2010

@ 279, 311

By knowing what Star Trek is, one can make a great Star Trek film or TV show. Let’s face it. Star Trek is Gene Roddenberry’s vision. And by the way, happy birthday Star Trek.

Roddenberry’s views are mixed in Star Trek. The original series had plenty of progressive ideas. Roddenberry wanted to make a statement about race. So he put together a multi-racial, multi-species crew. Chekov was put on the ship because at the time, the Russians were our nemesis. In Roddenberrry’s future, there’s world peace. There were episodes on tolerance. (“Devil in the Dark”, Star Trek VI) Anti-war. (“A Taste of Armageddon”) Arms control. (“The Doomsday Machine” also a great piece of science fiction) Bigotry. (“Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”) Anti-Viet-Nam War (“A Private Little War’) Anti-greed, maybe, gasp, socialism. (Money was not used in the 23rd century, ST: IV)

What about The Next Generation. See “The Chase”, an episode that was a metaphor for world harmony, i.e. multiple races but one species. How about tolerance? “I, Borg.” More anti-greed. (Troi’s speech to Mark Twain in “Time’s Arrow”, part two.)

Let’s look at someone who knew Roddenberry. Brannon Braga in a speech said Roddenberry was a secular humanist and wanted religion kept out of the show. By the way I’m not an atheist but here’s the link to the speech. See paragraph 5.

Do any of the actors of Star Trek think that franchise stood for progressive ideas. Yes. Zachary Quinto (Spock) said, “This is a franchise that offers hope for unity and- so does Barack Obama. When this movie comes out, and Obama is president, hopefully there will be parallels.” Entertainment Weekly, 10-24-08, pg. 32.

Yes, I agree that “Avatar” was heavy handed in the message area. The Na’vi in that movie lived in trees making them literally tree huggers. But that shouldn’t keep writers from looking to the themes in Star Trek. The themes are a tradition steeped in liberal or progressive ideas. And they make up Roddenberry’s optimistic view of the future.

313. Hugh Hoyland - September 14, 2010

I wouldnt say that all of the Themes touched upon by the were “liberal” or progressive at all. Thats the beauty of Trek, it alows you to come to your own conclusion about the subject matter, and do so by not being obviously heavy handed.

I mean look at “The Omega Glory” (Very patriotic themed while at the same time hinting at the dangers of warring political ideoligies ect.) And the Borg, could they have made a villian that was more of a metaphore for communism/nazism or any other dictatorship? Of course Trek used some progressive themes, as it used “conservative” ones as well. Both sides have good ideas, and also very bad ones as well. Trek used the best of both IMO.

314. Hugh Hoyland - September 14, 2010

What I’m basically saying is that TOS went beyond political ideology.

315. G - September 14, 2010

How about if the Klingons find the Botany Bay?

316. Academy Advisor - September 14, 2010

@315. G

” 252. Academy Advisor – September 13, 2010

Hmm… what about Khan and Klingons, since Enterprise we know, that the Klingons still might have another interest in the Augment DNA, may be to fix there forhead issue before the natural regeneration.

Maybe the klingons need another sample of that DNA to fix themselves because all old samples have been lost or destroyed.
I mean what if we have a klingon that even more hates to see the face of his enemy when he looks into his mirror. He hates humanity for what those gens have done to them. The kind of how weak they look now. Maybe he also wants to kill admiral Archer who is abort the Enterprise when they find the bottany bay…

Ok, it’s just a scenario and no story yet. But it could give an idea about possible character motivations.

like my privious thought.

317. Buzz Cagney - September 14, 2010

#315 Yes, I wondered that one. I can picture in my mind panning along the hull of a mysterious vessell, kind of familiar, but old fashioned looking. The name Botany Bay comes in to view on the hull. The shot continues to pull out to reveal a Klingon BattleCruiser above, dwarfing the BB……….

318. miguelito1701 - September 14, 2010


Kahn is charakter and not a race.
Most people don’t want Kahn because they fear a remake.

319. TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder) - September 14, 2010

Klingons will NEVER take orders from a human. Enhanced or not.

Let’s move away from Khan for now. So many other tales that could be told.

320. Daoud - September 14, 2010

Of course, it would be fun to be teased by the appearance of a young red-headed Ensign Marla McGivers reporting for duty, assigned by Starfleet to record “historical details” on the Enterprise, and then not seen again for the rest of the movie.

Wouldn’t need then to have the Botany Bay floating past during the end credits, could have McGivers sketching Khan: because clearly McGivers knew all along exactly who Khan was.

Which always made me wonder… maybe she’s a Soong relative, and her whole intent was to get the Enterprise to encounter Khan. Ahhhhhh.

321. Desstruxion - September 14, 2010

Assimilated Klingons from the future please! ………….Joking.

322. James - September 14, 2010

Haha! Ok Bob no Tom Hanks until he drops the HBO stuff ;-D… But what about Commodore Decker and the doomsday machine!! Even if its not the focus of the movie it would be a good way of setting it up for a future sequal plot after Trek 2!
On a serious note though do you have any idea on if you want a Hollywood ‘A-lister’ in the next movie to help consolidate the re-boots position as what i suppose could be considered a Blockbuster film franchise?

323. Michael - September 14, 2010

For the LOVE of all that is holy…NO MORE KLINGONS, KHAN, or any other ALREADY onscreen seen alien or villian! Let’s try something original, like…oh…YOUR IMAGINATION and creating a NEW foe, or scenario for the crew to be plunged into peril or jeopardy!

324. Forrest - September 14, 2010

Just remember the unstated Star Trek premise: some time between now and then, humans smarten up.

“I wrote [my first novel] in the days when I thought fantasy was all battles and kings. Now I’m more inclined to think that the real concerns of fantasy ought to be about not having battles and doing without kings. ” — Terry Pratchett

325. JL - September 14, 2010

To boldly go where no man’s gone before.

Let’s not forget this.

Mr. Orci, I realize a rough draft/storyline must be at least *somewhat* sketched out at this point, right? Regardless of the overall plot, would you please promise us – and there are many of us who want this – that you will incorporate some sort of exploration sequence in the sequel… a sense of mystery… an intense look at exploring the face of the unknown…

I think you guys owe us a look at it… ; )

326. JL - September 14, 2010

btw, I would also like to see something original done. Rather than a Khan rehash or a Klingon rehash, rather than more time travel per se, something I think might be reall-llly fascinating is a parallel dimension. Maybe there are scary-ass beings who live among us but we can’t detect them. Then at one point, their dimension starts to merge into ours with catastrophic results, so the Federation gets involved.

There are a million possibilities, that’s just a concept I have.

327. Buzz Cagney - September 14, 2010

#324 a nice quote there, Forrest. He’s a smart guy.

328. moauvian waoul - September 14, 2010

286. BringBackTrek
“Faran Tahir, the gentleman who portrayed Capt. Robau, is a Pakistani-American actor.”

by that logic Khan is Mexican.

329. Mr. Delicious - September 14, 2010

Do we really need another villain? What about “exploring strange new world” and “seeking out new life and new civilizations”?

Roddenberry once said something to the nature of, “the basis of the show is the galaxy, and there are quite a few stories out there to tell.”

330. Desstruxion - September 14, 2010

Bring in the Cybermen. They could come in pissed off that the borg ripped off their ideas.

331. G - September 14, 2010

@ 325. JL – September 14, 2010

To boldly go where no man’s gone before.

Let’s not forget this.

Mr. Orci, I realize a rough draft/storyline must be at least *somewhat* sketched out at this point, right? Regardless of the overall plot, would you please promise us – and there are many of us who want this – that you will incorporate some sort of exploration sequence in the sequel… a sense of mystery… an intense look at exploring the face of the unknown…

I think you guys owe us a look at it… ; )
Agreed. We’re still used to seeing “old” Kirk & crew, in movies I-VI. We have to remember, this is about the 5-year-mission (1966). These movies should have some kind of focus on that. We can’t ignore and skip over that.. stopping at a few new planets, exploring. Finding ‘new life’.

332. Damian - September 14, 2010

#277–I noted on another thread that you really have several different realities of the extended Star Trek universe. One is the games (esp. Star Trek online). I’m afraid I am not much of a gameplayer so I don’t follow this particular reality. Another is comic books–I did follow the Countdown comics prior to the movie to get some background for the story, but in general, again not much of a comic book reader. Then you have the novels–I am an avid reader and this is generally the reality I follow. Really, the differences between the different plots are glaring, they are irreconcilable. This is why there are times I wished Star Trek had some sort of fiction chief who made sure they did not contradict one another (similar to what Lucas does for Star Wars).

As it is, in the novels, the Borg are gone after the Destiny series. However in Star Trek Online, those events never happened. Unfortunately, even the novels contradict each other (with the exception of the relaunches, which for a change have done a very good job of complementing and building off one another).

Basically, for me, the other series have continued on in the relaunches, and as long as they are not contradicted on screen, for me that is the reality I will follow. And it is highly unlikely The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager or Enterprise will ever be seen on screen again.

333. Damian - September 14, 2010

As for the name of the next movie, I doubt Star Trek: The Next Frontier would make the cut because it sounds too similar to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I also would doubt Sybok would be featured, since his very existence was controversial to many fans. They will probably let sleeping dogs lie here.

Star Trek was very progressive (not in a San Francisco liberal way), but in a way that did not force it’s way down your throat. I consider myself a right of center moderate-conservative. However, I dream of a world much like Star Trek depicts, where race does not matter, where there is no poverty or starvation. Where material wealth is no longer an issue and where there is no longer issues with pollution or wars. Watching Star Trek, I never felt any of the writers were trying to push a particular agenda.

Basically, the moral is that if we simply lifted a hand to help one another, if we simply see that were are more alike than unalike, the world can be a much better place.

334. Dr. What - September 14, 2010

You know, Spock prime melded with Kirk. It is totally possible that he has deposited information about big events that will happen in the new universe, such as: V’GER, Khan, Whale probe and Genesis/Loss of son.

You could easily weave any of several plots that has Kirk & Crew tracking down clues from memories at the edge of his conscious mind and doing taking preventative action.

335. trekprincess - September 14, 2010

well it could be exciting if they did bring back Khan but save him for the third.

336. Paul - September 14, 2010

To all Khan opponents: Khan doesn’t have to be a villain. He can be AN ALLY. This is an alternate universe, don’t forget that. :-)

Either way, I have full faith in you guys. The first movie was next to excellent and I’m sure you can repeat the success. I only want two specific things changed:
1) give us more classic Trek music in new arranges. Your take on the Courage theme was awesome and I want more.
2) lose the brewery engine room. Please.

337. Shannon Nutt - September 14, 2010

I think there’s a good chance we’re going to get Klingons…no reason you can’t have a brand-new villian – just make him a Klingon.

I’m also betting that the Klingons we see will be far more “animalistic” thank the Klingons we’re use to seeing. A less evolved race, for lack of a better phrase.

338. BringBackTrek - September 14, 2010

#328-Perhaps his parents were genetically Mexican but he was conceived in a lab and raised in Central Asia? ;-)

As to the next movie, given a younger cast and a whole new generation of fans from Star Trek ’09, there’s no way the next film can avoid being framed as another fast-paced action/adventure blockbuster. It would be nice to break away from the conventional antagonist formula though, so why not a mad romp through the mirror universe with a deranged mirror Kirk who is alternately humorous/evil? Perhaps Shatner can have one last chance to chew the scenery or, sans Shatner, it can focus exclusively on the new crew and their counterparts. Either way, I think it would be fun for the actors and general audience alike.

339. sterj - September 14, 2010

Once more, I say–USE THE SS BOTANY BAY (Khan’s sleeper ship) FOR TARGET PRACTICE!

And V’GER too, while you’re at it.

340. Basement Blogger - September 14, 2010

@ 313 Hugh

You argue that TOS “The Omega Glory” stood for patriotism which you imply is a conservative idea. Patriotism does not belong to conservatives. Liberals love America too. “The Omega Glory” is actually a metaphor for the Cold War. The were two warring tribes, the Yangs (Yankees, no not the baseball team) and the Kohms (Communists, if this were the Red Sox, then it would be about baseball). Their cold war turned hot. Ah, a warning from Gene Roddenberry who wrote the script. Wow, Gene also takes a shot at religion. Renegade Captain Tracey accuses Spock of being the Devil to the superstitious, cave man like Yangs. See they don’t believe in science. In the end, Kirk tells the Yangs that the words of the Constitution must apply to all and that includes the Kohms.

Okay, “The Omega Glory” is little heavy handed. Forgive me Great Bird of the Galaxy. : ) Check out Spock using telepathy on a Yang woman. Get your mind out of the gutter guys. He orders her to use the communicator. And the “Amok Time” fight music is heard. Don’t ask for this music in the next movie, it’ll turn into parody.

Hugh, you then argue that the Borg stand for communists or dictators who oppose individual rights. The implication that standing for individual freedom is a conservative idea. Again, the love of individual freedom does not belong to conservatives. Liberals love indvidual freedoms also. The liberal ACLU and People for the American Way both stand for individual freedom. To them freedom includes more than taxes and guns. (As a treat, below I’ve linked a poster that Olivia Wilde “Tron: Legacy” did for the ACLU.)

I do agree with you that Star Trek can be more than political ideology. And it may have had conservative ideas. But Star Trek is Gene Roddenberry’s vision. If it’s not in the ballpark of that vision then it’s not Star Trek. And Gene’s progressive views are in the DNA of Star Trek. See @ 312.

As promised, below is the link of Olivia Wilde’s (“Coyboys and Aliens”) poster for the ACLU. Hey what about casting her for the next Star Trek film? How about a young Lt. Saavik ?

341. Gavilan69 - September 14, 2010

What if there’s no villain.
I miss “the exploration” element so much.
I’d like to see more ethical dilemas.
Maybe it could be some bad guy, but I think the film could be focused mainly into the “where no man has gone before”
What do you think?

342. THX-1138 - September 14, 2010

Q. The villian should be Q. And don’t make him a villian per se, but rather an adversary or foil for the crew. He doesn’t have to be played by de Lancie either. Have Q pop in and say something about how things aren’t going to be quite so easy in this divergent timeline as they were in the timeline that humanity left. The crew could be confused by what he is talking about. He could decide that humanity needs to go on trial again. And Q could take them on a tour of all the strange and dangerous unknown things they have yet to discover in the galaxy.

At least that’s something I would like to see. Might be a kind of fun movie.

343. More Chris Doohan, please! - September 14, 2010


Sorry to shout, but I would love to see him continue on the Engineering Deck. :)

344. More Chris Doohan, please! - September 14, 2010

#336 – the Red Herring scenario – YES!

And YES to Nestor Carbonell for Khan. Or seeing the Botany Bay at the end of the next Trek movie, even as a teaser which is never revisited.

345. QuantumPhysique - September 14, 2010

How’s this idea…
We have the Vulcan race almost obliterated. They are trying to figure out how to survive and rebuild their race. Earth offers them help, but we find that there is a definate tension between an emotionally uninhibited people and an emotionally restrained alien people that is very threatening to the Vulcans, and they decide they need their own “space” (pun intended). Another alien species volunteers to help them with colony establishment and help, but turns out to have a long-standing hatred of the Vulcans, perhaps from some long forgotten (by the Vulcans) sleight, and they are really trying to wipe out the rest of the race. The Enterprise figures out the true scenario and rescues the Vulcans (again). The movie could end with meeting a new species, perhaps a First Contact, that would set up the third movie. Or Humans and Vulcans could look into terraforming Mars for the Vulcans (and find a large black monolith buried in the sand that sends out a signal across space…oh, sorry, wrong story.)

346. Scott - September 14, 2010

Did everyone forget that Scotty was a bad-ass and not comedy relief? That’s we have Gilligan, er I mean Chekov for.

347. Keachick - September 14, 2010

261. Khan is an individual (with a small ship). I don’t want to see him again.
However, Klingons, Gorn, Tholians, Andorians, Horta… are races, cultures, empires, occupying a planet or planets. They make up part of the TOS universe in the same way Vulcans and humans do. The question is whether we want to see some (or all) in the sequels and if so, how should they appear (friend or foe) and to what extent. I’d rather not see any real villain in the next movie, but if there has to be one, I’d prefer a new one. I also think that a show of the Klingons or Andorians or other could be good.
I read a Trek novel once where it had a small Horta sitting next to Spock at the science station and Kirk affectionately calling it his “deep pan pizza” gentlebeing and friend. Just loved it.

277 The word is CANON, not cannon.

306. That is a really good idea for a story.

Bob Orci: Please, talking about what is considered canon and not canon, are any deleted scenes from the movies deemed to be canon as well? I would have thought not, but what do I know?

348. Jai - September 15, 2010

Superb points by Basement Blogger throughout this thread.

“Khan is an individual (with a small ship).”

That may be the predicament Khan finds himself in when he’s defrosted, but it’s worth remembering that it’s not who Khan “actually” is – he’s originally an emperor who ruled a quarter of the world. And although he ended up going overboard Caesar-style, by Kirk’s time he’s still regarded as one of humanity’s pivotal, iconic historical figures. Kirk even admits to having a sneaking admiration for him. In the canonical Trek universe, Khan is supposed to have been the most benevolent autocrat compared to the other powerful men who also rose to power during his era. So, there’s a lot more to him.

As for Khan going nuts after he reawakens in the 23rd century and finds himself “an individual with a small ship” and a small group of survivors, all at the mercy of the Enterprise crew, Starfleet and the Federation, I think many people in the same situation as Khan would react badly, considering the scale of power and opulence he’d previously enjoyed.

“And YES to Nestor Carbonell for Khan.”

I’ve mentioned the following previously, but just in case there are some newbies here who missed it, a superstar from the Indian film industry called Hrithik Roshan would also be a superb choice as Khan, especially if Mr Orci and his colleagues want to cast an Indian actor for the role. Not only is Hrithik an Indian Punjabi himself just like Khan, but he’s already played the lead role of a real-life historical Indian emperor (one of the greatest figures in Indian history) in the epic Bollywood film “Jodhaa-Akbar”, and he won awards for his fantastic performance.

For readers who are unfamiliar with him, here’s a clip from an Indian awards ceremony during the summer where Hrithik gave a stage performance. The first 3 minutes should be of particular interest in terms of giving an indication of why he’d be perfect as Khan, specifically the segment where he stalks onto the stage in “Indian emperor mode” (as the character from the aforementioned film) and then proceeds to do a choreographed sword-dancing routine.

However, if the team behind the next Star Trek film want to cast an actor who is already known to the Western (especially American) audience, I think that Nestor Carbonell or Javier Bardem would be suitable alternatives.

349. Jai - September 15, 2010

^^” I think many people in the same situation as Khan would react badly, considering the scale of power and opulence he’d previously enjoyed.”

This doesn’t excuse Khan’s subsequent actions, of course ;)

350. Hugh Hoyland - September 15, 2010

#340 Basement Blogger

I’m quite sorry about the way I wrote that. It may have read like I was saying Patriotism is something that is only “Conservative” , or something that only conservative political ideology maintains, of course thats not the case, Patriotism is a part of Liberal ideology as well and most who call themselves Liberal are patriotic.
And I also agree that that most Liberal’s also want individual rights and liberties for all (as does any sensible person).
I really should have made the point stronger that Star Trek is actually A-political in nature, its much more Philisophical IMO.

351. Desstruxion - September 15, 2010

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Porthos

352. Daoud - September 15, 2010

@351 I think it would be “In Search Of… Porthos”. That might get Leonard Nimoy back one more time, at least for narration. ;)

353. Desstruxion - September 15, 2010

@352 – I can see that too.

354. Chris Doohan - September 15, 2010


355. Keachick - September 15, 2010

I like the idea of searching for Admiral Archer’s beagle, but the writers did not say that the dog was actually Porthos. His prized beagle might have been a girl, this time. I just hope, for Scotty’s sake, that she was not pregnant when he decided to “experiment”…:)

As a plot, it sure beats monster space battles, Khan, revenge-crazed lunatics wandering the cosmos with big “boys toys” blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, if Bob and company do not bring back that beagle, I assure them the Humane Society will be hearing from me.

I say, “Go for it, Bob!”

PS – what is the situation with deleted scenes? Are they canon or not?

356. Keachick - September 15, 2010

Perhaps the real villain is the Scotty’s transporter – the one that lost the beagle. I have also been reminded that Kirk from TOS was good at talking a machine to death. LOL. This is where Kirk’s specialised linguistic skills when it comes to dealing with a machine could be employed, in order to make the transporter release its “hostage”.

I have already mentioned that this rescued beagle will freak at the very sound of Scotty’s name and Kirk would be there, soothing the dog. However, if Chris Pine does not feel comfortable working with a dog (I’m sure he’ll be fine), both Zach and Karl own dogs, so it’s all good.

This could make for a dog of a movie, or is it a bitch of a movie? …;)

357. Mr_Coffee - September 15, 2010

Reboot the Klingons, make Kirk the antagonist.

I mean really, in a universe now where the Vulcans are almost extinct as a species, a little human failing like power, greed, and recklessness seems to be the perfect setup to meet a reworked Klingon Empire in which maybe they are a little xenophobic, and ripe for provocation from brash young Starfleet officers on a shiny new ship?

Cast Khan as a savior to the Klingons who brings them a sense of their eventual martial honor in battle. Get your hands dirty with it. Go.

358. TK - September 15, 2010

they should absolutely stay away from Khan forever.

the most organic and therefore best idea would be to deal with a threat that comes as a direct result of the chaos left after the last movie. To me, a Federation where the Vulcans have been severely compromised leaves a hole for a threat that would want to get in there. Romulans are a good choice, though that was done in the last movie. The Klingons then really do seem like the most obvious choice. Wouldn’t the Klingons see this as a golden oppportunity to strike?

As was said though, it’s very hard to find a way to work the Klingons in that doesn’t feel redundant. What more can be done with them? And I’d frankly like to see them try to not have a “one big bad” that is, one megalomaniacal villain. Khan excepted, the better films avoided that. The threat in Voyage Home was more circumstantial than anything else; if there’s a villain, it’s a faceless probe. TUC had Chang, but was more a conspiracy of various parts. First Contact was the Borg, though they really teetered on the edge with the Borg Queen. Compare that to Sybok or Soran or Shinzon or whoever the guy was in Insurrection. There doesn’t always need to be a PERSON to fight.

I wonder if there’s some race or group that would benefit from a lesser Vulcan presence besides Romulans. And maybe it could be an Enterprise-specific threat, rather than an Earth-centric threat which is also tiresome (Khan’s beef was with Kirk, not Earth). It’s not my movie, but these are things I hope they are kicking around.

And if they do Klingons I SERIOUSLY hope they change the design from what was in the deleted stuff from the first one; did not like that design at all.

359. Cervantes - September 16, 2010

No rehashed ‘alternative timeline’ KHAN or KLINGONS please.

Khan’s already been done perfectly, and we’ve had Klinglons done too many times already. Not much point in rebooting the whole ‘Trek’ universe if we’re not going ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before’…

Give us something NEW and UNKNOWN!

360. N - September 16, 2010

272, We don’t need a preachy episode for a movie. I’ll pass on your ideas! Racism has been done to death everywhere.Lets explore strange NEW Worlds!

361. N - September 16, 2010

I would rather something done on a world thats overpopulated like the Earth is becomimg.

362. Teish - September 16, 2010

I liked Kahn in TOS and the movie, but I don’t think any other actor could really play the part as well. :-)

I’d love to see the reappearance of some minor alien race from TOS. There’s a lot of potential for some really interesting aliens who were never really developed much in the series.

Regardless of what they wind up doing, I’m anxious to see it!

363. Liteyear - September 16, 2010

The best Star Trek was never about the defeat of “super baddies” or good vs. evil, it was about humanity facing its fears , frailties, and prejudices and learning to overcome them through tolerance, understanding and growth. Every time the Enterprise crew was forced to admit that humans are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, or that we caused more problems than we solved, we were treated to a superior episode.

364. Keachick - September 17, 2010

I agree with 363.

Why do people want to see big battles, fights and other gruesome scenes? Hollywood has always done war movies, and other violent type movies, however, because of better special effects, CGI, good stunt teams etc. there seem to be so many more and the level of violence – shootings, punching, kicking, wrestling…is faster and uglier. Star Trek had some (not as many as other films). The fight in the bar scene was pure thuggery – nasty and realistic. This brings up two aspects for me

1. Making films is costly. I suspect that the more violent, as in big battle scenes, fist fighting etc costs more money to bring to the screen. Hollywood spends MILLIONS of dollars on these movies. If you add the actual cost of running the real US Military forces, then it runs into the TRILLIONS of dollars. That is a LOT of money for any nation to spend on ways of maiming and killing other human beings, real or imagined. Doesn’t that bother anyone?

2. The kinds of fighting shown in movies and recovery times of the characters involved, especially the heroes. There are no doubt pretty tough people out there in real life, but it is hard to believe that most of these characters would be able to cope with the kind of physical hammering they are subjected and simply get up, walk away to go away and kick and be kicked all over again. Nobody (or* very rarely) is seen being massaged or have manipulation by an osteopath or chiropractor for wrenched or torn ligaments or coping with various breaks or fractures. Nobody loses his hearing or suffers blindness or loses an eye. The only thing we do see is the protagonist drinking alcohol – “vodka martini – shaken not stirred”. Of course, that will fix whatever might be wrong…

I’m tired of the gratuitous violence!

365. John - September 18, 2010

You want a Sequel? Didn’t the universe just figure out the Romulan sun is going supernova in about 100 years? Ya think maybe THAT could stir up some plot? First… the Romulans are so Xenophobic to begin with… and they’re going to need help to evacuate or relocate an entire system (at least Romulus and Remus…) but they will only take the help reluctantly, or maybe even treacherously? And you know that all the while at least ONE Romulan has to be conspiring with the Klingons… and you know the Vulcans are going to need some Romulan blood to revive their civilization because only about 10,000 Vulcans remain, and a viable gene pool requires at least 50,000 individuals.

366. Tinker Bell - September 18, 2010

Why not make a movie of Reeves-Stevens’ “Star Trek: Federation”? Colonel Adrik Thorsen would make an excellent villain, imho. You would have the original cast, the next gen cast, and the post-apocalyptic, pre-warp Earth with Zefram Cochrane, and maybe even Colonel Green, too. The problem of Roddenberry never having canonized the Star Trek novels has now been effectively eliminated, hasn’t it? And what about the Mirror Universe?

367. Davidw - September 19, 2010

I think they need to find a long black rectangular box that holds the mystery of the universe. Then they use that power to thwart a great fleet of Egyptian god like space beings, one of which turns out to be Kirk’s real father, who turns out to be an android, which means Kirk is actually a robot too, and they decide to go back into time in a bet to see if things get worse or better.

368. David S. - September 19, 2010

Rick Berman is the greatest villain in all of Star Trek history. Let’s cast him.

369. Harry Ballz - September 19, 2010

278. Boborci “Vincent Bugliosi’s now discredited book”

Bravo, Bob! Thank you for pointing this out! Over the past 40 years I have spent more than 15,000 hours investigating the JFK assassination (yes, I know, an obsession). It is painfully obvious that people within the US government were involved in killing him.

As a matter of fact, I’ve written a screenplay about it, if you ever want to take a look…

370. Zai Delage - September 19, 2010

I’m sorry… Maybe I’ve missed something written here… But isn’t there quite few things that need “straightening out”? I mean… Doesn’t someone need to do some pretty fancy “Time Warping” to get the Universe back to where it is supposed to be? Or are we all just supposed to accept what we’ve been shown in “STAR TREK” and forget about all the groundwork laid by that which has come before…? I mean, Hell, I thought that this plot of “STAR TREK” set itself up pretty nicely for it’s sequel…. Which is to fix that – that Nero broke.

371. I knew sulu was gay! - September 19, 2010

The villian will be Paramount – asking for a script that is not too cerebral – History repeats! Or it will be Janeway in a really pissy mood

372. Damo - September 20, 2010

I think shape-shifters would make good villains for the new movie, they’ve been in Star Trek before but never as baddies as far as i’ve seen, which is a pity coz they’d definatly be an enemy to fear!

373. Red Dead Ryan - September 20, 2010


You didn’t watch “Deep Space Nine”?

374. Miguel Arroyo - September 20, 2010

I would like to see klingons as antagonistg first, then in alliance with the Enterprise against some UFP rebel member, let’s say the Andorians, justified by the elimination of their ancient enemies the Vulcans.
New political map in the Startek universe……..

375. Damo - September 21, 2010

Iv seen sum ds9 but not many tbh, which is a pity coz i wanna c evry star trek ever made, tng is the only 1 in which iv seen evry episode and movie

376. TK - September 21, 2010

375. Damo

If you wanna see shape-shifters as baddies, you definitely need to get all the way through DS9.
And wasn’t Marta a baddie in TUC?

377. Either Klingon or Khan will be boring - September 22, 2010

How about “Q”(from TNG)? combining with time travel and TNG crews :)

378. Damo - September 22, 2010

Defo gonna watch all the star treks 1st chance i get. Here’s a controversial idea which wud cause uproar in fans of both shows, but wud defo b intrestin 2 c how they’d pull it off, a parallel universe crossover which lands the trek crew in the star wars universe, i wanna c how spock and yoda wud react 2 each otha that’d b well funny lol

379. Rob - September 23, 2010

Not for the next movie, but I would love to see the novel Final Frontier by Diane Carey made into a movie. George Kirk is flippin great and this is a flippin great book. Check it out.

380. Omair - September 23, 2010

The loss of a founding world of the Federation is HUGE. Vulcan’s (imo) offered a stable backbone to the Federation (especially in its early days). Recovering from this Economic, Cultural, and Scientific loss should set the Federation back generations (as compared to what we knew with respect to the TV Series).

Unless Future Spock gave up every secret he knows to the Federation (and right away!) (Transwarp Beaming for example would give Federation ships a tactical advantage in every fight against any other species in the quadrant) I would imagine the wolves would be gathering around the Federation to take it out before it recovers.

I can easily see the Federation in a desperate fight for survival against.. well everyone, protecting Future Spock and dishing out new ships (or revamping existing ones) with future tech in them (so a scenario of quality vs quantity).

Any species/organization (Orion Syndicate for example) would pay a fortune for a prisoner like Future Spock if he knows even a fraction of the technological breakthroughs to come in the next two centuries. Simply knowing that technology X can be done/discovered is huge in it’s own right.

Especially the Klingons and Romulans are aware of the power of future tech. A “mining” ship from the future took out Klingon Fleets with ease. The loss of so many Klingon ships against a Romulan ship could easily start a war between Klingons and Romulans as well.

381. PSP - September 25, 2010

They should use Garth of Izar as the villian. He is relatively unknown to most viewers but would be familiar to the TOS fans.
It could follow the same premise with Garth being reconstructured by Antos folks. He would have the shape shifting ability after his reconstruction. He would pick up a ragtag group of warriors in his quest to take over the Federation. He would be curably insane,giving a medical option for redemption instead of the usual shoot em up with the villians.
You could also have a lot of strife and disagreement amongst the Federation as a whole on how to deal with him , with most of the active officers having some hero worship for him.
There’s also potential for some surprise plot twists with the shape shifting. It would be a tribute also the Star Trek VI the final voyage for our original crew in our original universe.

382. Dave - September 25, 2010

Has any one read William Shatners Ashes of Eden? Dear lord what is needed is to go back and put the planet Vulcan back where it belongs and then put to film the Ashes of Eden, The Return, and the Avenger books

383. BDOC - September 28, 2010

As far as the Villans go I think Enterprize and capt Archer screwed teh beagle on that one. The andorians and time traveling plastic surgery freaks? Yes Andorians made an appearance in the original series but c’mon lame.

Klingons during this time period were the nemesis race. So they are logical. Timetraveling Romulan mining ship capitains? eh I loved the new movie but the premis was weird and required Vulcan and nearly the whole race of Vulcans to be destroyed.

Why does there have to be a BAD guy remember the avoid catastrophy plots? like the Whale probe over San Francisco pissed off cause we let hump back whales die out.

I would love to see an appearance by ‘Q’ Maybe a catastrophe rescue mission riddled with ‘Q’ interference coupled with the reconstitution of Vulcan.

Or a ferengi profit scheme to start a war between the federation and the Klingon Empire. Think FINAL DESTINATION even though the timeline is changed.. the major events still “find a way” to unfold. Like the FED vs Klingon war.


384. tinkerbell - September 30, 2010

Please no more time travel or villains seeking revenge while in possession of a superweapon!!!!! Khan (genesis device), Soran (trilithium), Ruafo (baryonic particles), Shinzon (thalaron), Nero (red matter). THIS IS SOOOOOOO OLD!!!!! Something new, please! You people make me want puke up fecal matter FOR EVEN SUGGESTING SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!! Originality is dead.

385. Josh S - October 1, 2010

Use the alternate universe to do something new. The next movie should utilize some of the main alien species in an original way. The screenwriters shouldn’t be afraid to approach Star Trek from a different angle that somehow “blows up” the formula. The sequel could also start a larger story arc that will take 2 films to conclude. Maybe you could incorporate elements from the political thriller/ conspiracy genres as a guide post. Some hidden threat (attempted coup or subversion) that place the Federation at risk from the inside with help from the Klingons or one of the other species. Maybe something that resembles Spock’s World, but that doesn’t deal with the Vulcans with more dramatic elements. The screenwriters could also create a story in which the Federation experiences a technological/economic/political crisis with some horror elements. You could start the film with some dramatic or disorientating scene with Kirk and crew trapped in Starfleet HQ or somewhere in the Federation Council under siege. They need to forge some despair way back to the Enterprise and escape to another Federation world, such as Andoria, to get help. Or they need to escape San Francisco on foot to escape or travel to another part of United Earth to save Star Fleet and the Federation.

386. Samm R. - October 3, 2010

I have an idea about the next Star Trek. It is about when the crew sleeps, they are having dreams but in actuality, the dreams are them going to the body of themselves in parrallel universes because of coming upon a universe that is a bridge to all others. This could really be something that could have them being anything from different species in this universe to not even being in the service of the Federation. The alternate universes could be very different but somewhat familar and of course scary, humorous, heartfelt interactions with each other.

387. Disinvited - October 3, 2010


Originality isn’t dead, but apparently neither is hypocrisy. If you genuinely were looking for non-puke inducing originality, why would you look for it with a return to the same old ship with the same old characters with the flimsiest of excuses for sprucing them all up, and NOT in something completely different?

Let me guess: the light’s better over here?

388. Damo - October 3, 2010

They could revive guinan’s character and have another storyline involving the nexus, this could be the first time the nexus is ever discovered where the storyline begins with an affair between guinan and sarek and as the storyline progresses they realize what they’re doing is wrong and she steals a shuttle to run away from her troubles and gets sucked into the nexus, everyone belives she’s dead so they don’t look for her! Obviously there’d be much more going on through the film than just this but it would make a hell of an additional storyline lol

389. KLINKLINKS - October 4, 2010

I think the Klinkgons should make a move to wipe out whats left of the Vulcans in an attempt to destroy the intelctual center of the Federation. An invasion of thir new homeworld or attack on their migrant fleet as they are in search of their new home. Kirk’s character transitions from cowboy to captain, feeling the weight of the lives in his hands. Spock wrestles with jeleousy while Kirk and Uhura are battling\evading Klingon invasion forces. Don’t make the Klingons dumb warriors either. They should be gung ho, ready to die but not meat heads.

390. markus K. - October 10, 2010

So far, no one (that I can see) is mentioning these two possible villains-

Q and the BORG.

Here’s how one and/or both can work-

As you may (or may not) know, the new STAR TREK J.J. Abrams storyline IS part of the old Gene Roddenberry/Rick Berman storyline now changed, not from the movie, but what happened prior in STAR TREK- ENTERPRISE (remember in the movie they mention Admiral Archer’s award winning beagle?), and there was the incident with the BORG which raises the question- what if the BORG was successful in contacting the BORG of the 22nd century? As for Q, what if he notices there is something out of order in the universe even if a little bit, and out of his unique curiosity, and becomes the nuisance he normally is with Picard and Janeway.

391. Just a regular Star Trek Guy - October 11, 2010

I’ve been reading these posts and noticed alot of different viewpoints. The one I personally agreed with the most was just going out and living the human adventure of exploration. For a movie to be great of course, something will have to be at stake and the movie will need some kind of urgency mixed with humor. Something similiar to ST 4 would probably bring in the largest audience and be a nice change of pace. Plus a possible misguided villain (again similiar to ST4) would be a great alternative and no one has to be killed in the end. For once, everything ends well for everyone.
We also definitely need the trio of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. That is one of the things that made the original series so great to me. Also, I hear that Scotty will have a much larger role in the next movie, that sounds like a good idea as well. Overall, I have to admit that the concept of “lets just make this movie darker” should be shelved for this next go around. However, with all that being said, I love the idea of somehow splicing in a shot of the Botany Bay at the end of this movie as a set-up for the next movie. I think the character of Khan could really be reinvented if done correctly.
Just my two cents on all this. For what its worth, I am glad that this franchise is appearing to be successful so we can all talk about it.

392. Damo - October 13, 2010

Another thought from me, star trek should make a new spin off series thats different from all previous star treks, while all star treks have brought new and different elements to the federation, the primary focus has always been on a federation starship and its crew (enterprise, voyager, ds9, defiant, etc), im thinking maybe they could make something with the primary focus on something else such as the formation of the klingon empire, or the cardassian war, possibly something pre-federation that focuses on something else to expand the star trek universe whilst at the same time explains some of the mysteries that has surrounded star trek since day 1, alternatively it could even be the beginning of the formation of the federation showing what happened after the vulcans were greeted by cochrane

393. Arianna - October 17, 2010

You can’t use Khan!!! Khan made the original second movie awesome. If something ain’t broke don’t try to fix it!! I want to see some klingons. Or maybe even Henry Mudd, but he isn’t a take over the universal kind of villian.

394. hercamer - October 23, 2010

you people are hard to please the one thing I keep seeing is rehash of old Ideas, Sorry Saw most of them (not all) and I dont want to sully the memory, how about a new threat I saw one comment #14 that kinda made sense to me a misunderstood antagonist, maybe a theological problem not to mimic todays issues too much, but maybe even somthing stolen from 2009 like some one or a group affected that by the events that dont want to create a new existance in this parallel universe. Just a thought. Alhough it could run the risk of overdoing the premis, kinda like the Q stories in next gen. I figure by now the writers are writing and we will find out soon enough.

395. hercamer - October 23, 2010

oh liked 380s ideas too almost has the taste of a ww2 spy thriller. me likes.

396. Colin - Australia - October 24, 2010

Here’s another idea lol!

Like to see a storyline based around the Romulans giving the Klingons a cloaking device in exchange for the D7’s. We have heard that Nero attacked klingon fleets while in hiding.

Introduce a TOS character like Harry Mudd who is caught with something he shouldn’t have – then the new Enterprise Crew have a new mission to find out what is being planned and possibly prevent all out conflict in the alpha quadrant.

Possibly even throw in some Klingon history from the “Klingon Academy” PC game with General Chang!

397. Omar - March 24, 2011

Hello , Star Trek 2? Let the 2nd be themselves verse a twin ship which this one at first seem to be same and as time goes on they become total opposites but the same person can’t stand its twin but all of them like each other and work together to find out why they are twins find out they was in atomic partical storm or something and they figure out they where split in half and they work against differences and learn alot from each other like a family this would make all future trek movies understand why they work so good together!!!

398. Omar - March 24, 2011

And maybe 2nd action story line saving some seductive hot amazon women from there male slave owners they dont see women as sex objects but cleaners ,cooks ,farmers and all the 1st & 2nd crew even 1 of the uhura’s attracted to the ladies (this would give a 60’s nostalgia)

399. Brad Lonborg - October 1, 2011

Heres a thought. In the original (2nd) pilot where the Enterprise went through the Galaxy barrier and Gary Mitchell, Kirks long time friend was effected and/or died, it was suggested in some story that I read that what effected Gary was the essence of Q, who’s power had been somehow bled into the barrier as punishment or something. I forgot the story line but it was really an interesting story line. Re-introducing Gary Mitchell, perhaps even after he was marrooned and left for dead on the planetoid, with a piece of Q’s power with maybe Q coming back into the picture to reclaim his power, may be a very interesting line

400. James Breese - October 6, 2011

I say a creature or god like human like Q from Next generations. All powerful with everything he wants at a fingers click away, but really all he wants is to be human after putting kirk and crew through many trials, he Respects James T Kirk and realizes the importance of the human race.

401. Chris - December 25, 2011

Saber rattling between The Romulan, and Klingon Empire caused by a destabilized Federation due to the destruction of Vulcan. All out war hinges on Kirk et al foiling some “bad guys” plot. No time travel, done to death, maybe a “big dumb thing” in the form of a mysterious, shadow government/force behind the antagonist. Admiral Pike secretly conspires to incite war between the Romulans, and Klingons in order to weaken both and strengthen The Federation? Dunno’? Just spit ballin’

402. Three-phazers-Django - April 17, 2012

Just give me some more humpback whales and an unknown alien probe. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.