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New DVD Set Collects Star Trek Star Westerns + Clips Of Shatner, Nimoy & Doohan as Indians September 27, 2010

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Celebrity,DVD/Blu-ray,Nimoy,Shatner , trackback

A now a new DVD collection called "Trek Stars Go West" contains classic TV and film Western appearances of Star Trek stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and James Doohan. Details and clips below, including Shatner, Doohan and Nimoy as Indians.


New DVD: Trek Stars Go West

Star Trek was born in the era of the TV Western, and famously the show itself was pitched as "Wagon Train in space". So it is no surprise that most of the original Star Trek cast also appeared in TV westerns in the 50s and 60s, especially Golden Boot winner DeForest Kelley.

The new DVD 2-disk set "Trek Stars Go West" from Video Service Corp showcases Star Trek stars’ appearances on classic (and some completely forgotten) Western programs from the 50s and 60s. The set contains just the films and series, but apparently no special features. The contents are:

Disc 1

Disc 2

Box art for "Trek Stars Go West"

The "Trek Stars Go West" 2-disc DVD set comes out November 9th and and retails for $19.99. You can pre-order it from WalMart – discounted to $14.96.

Video clips – Shatner, Doohan and Nimoy as Indians

VSC have not provided a preview, but clips from some of these appearances have been uploaded previously onto YouTube (although the quality of many is not ideal). The DVD video should be better, but these can give you an idea.

William Shatner in White Comanche

Leonard Nimoy in Tate

James Doohan in Last of the Mohicans

DeForest Kelley in The Lone Ranger



1. Gallifrey - September 27, 2010

My God, is this the first new article in three days?!

An very interesting one, however!

2. rm10019 - September 27, 2010

Wagon Train to the Stars indeed!

3. Spocko - September 27, 2010

Fascinating…I wonder who thought of it. Not a common idea to take different shows and throw them together on a box set because of a cast from another tv show. May be interesting to take a look at.

4. Bill - September 27, 2010

I am beyond thrilled by this. Most of it looks fun. I might check them for curiosity’s sake, but “Outlaws” is something I’ve been looking for on DVD for a long time. I can’t wait to add this to my Shatner DVD collection.

5. AJ - September 27, 2010

Any annotations, John? Or is this a bare-bones release?

Would love to see Kelley in some of his Western Outlaw roles.

6. John from Cincinnati - September 27, 2010

James Doohan as an Indian is a riot!!!!!!

7. Lt. Bailey - September 27, 2010

Leonard Nimoy also starred as an Indian for an episode of Rawhide in the 3rd season. I just watched last month from Netflix.

De Kelly made a lot of westerns so he takes the prize as the biggest western star from Star Trek.

8. NX01 - September 27, 2010

You… g….ot the wrong m….a…n.
It’s aaaaaaaa mis…..take.

You… g….ot the wrong m….a…n.
It’s aaaaaaaa mis…..take.
“William Shatner” “White Camanche” in “Shatner Speak”

I saw White Camanche this summer, it is a gem for classic Shatner Fans.
Shatner fans be on the look out for William Shatner’s authentic Denim Jean material suit that I am sure was worn by authentic cowboys of the period.

The costumes in the movie remind me of bad cowboy costume Doc gave Marty in “Back to the Future 3″, just before Marty went back in time the wild west and real cowboys made fun of him.

9. Phil McCupp - September 27, 2010

“How shall I kill you? I shall dwell on it.” Great English for a “savage”.

10. Steve-o - September 27, 2010

hey idk if there has been a post about it but at costco you can buy Star Trek: Scene it with 6 model ships. it includes tos: enterprise, nx-01, bird of prey, reliant, narada, and the enterprise from i believe undiscovered country.
they looked pretty nifty, however it carried a price tag of around 79.95 if i recall correctly.
if i didnt own ST: scene it i might invest in it, but who needs two of the same game.

11. Steve-o - September 27, 2010

btw did the photo shop Doohan onto and indian for the cover. something looks off.

12. bill hiro - September 27, 2010

@ 11 – Shatner and Doohan were both photoshopped for the cover. Doohan’s is hilarious.

13. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 27, 2010

Wow. This I wll havt to have. De kelly is the best in the Westerens. But James and Nimoy and the Shat. This I havt to see.

14. Captain Conrad - September 27, 2010

Doohan as an Indian… what the f***!!!

15. Captain Conrad - September 27, 2010

Doohan as an Indian… what the f***!!!

16. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - September 27, 2010

De Kelly looks so Natural in the Westeren. Some great stuff here.

17. Hammertime - September 27, 2010

I know Shatner was on at least one episode of “The Virginian”. How come that wasn’t included?

18. Andy Patterson - September 27, 2010

I remember seeing that Shatner White Comanche and being very aware at the the time that it was done first season Star Trek era. Kirk at his fittest and he had a certain groove to his acting then.

Wow….Spock and Sandoval in the same episode. And Sandoval was a racist prior to his exposure to the spores. Who knew?

And Scotty and Lon Chaney Jr. Fun. Loved Doohan…highly underrated. I’ve always heard Chaney showed up on set drinking. Sad.

19. robowarrior - September 27, 2010

They should have “Black Spurs” from 1965 on there. An extremely obscure western in which De Kelley played a crooked sheriff. Because of him and James Best (aka Rosco from The Dukes of Hazzard) it’s totally awesome.

20. Dave - September 27, 2010

#9 Well, they were a tribe from WisKAAAAAAAHNson.

21. Chain of Command - September 27, 2010


JJ Abrams must be on vacation LOL

22. MacTEK - September 27, 2010

TNT did a series of Movies call Star Trek The First Frontier and showed many of these. I remember falling asleep during the DeForest Kelley one that was Daneil Boone era…

23. Shadowcat - September 27, 2010

I have always loved Westerns. DeForest Kelley palyed in a lot of Westerns. I remember seeing him in films like “Warlock” and “Gunfight at the OK Corral”. James Doohan appeared in episodes of “Bonanza” and “Gunsmoke”. Some of these clips I haven’t seen before.

24. skl6960 - September 27, 2010

Leonard sure made one handsome Comanche! rowr!

25. Sebastian - September 27, 2010

My god, those are some of the worst white-men-impersonating-Native-Americans I have ever had the shame to behold.
That was physically painful to watch.

“I shall dwell on it” indeed… ; p

26. Kurt - September 27, 2010

@11 … They most certainly did. And it looks terrible. It’s a Scotty headshot pasted onto this shot…

27. Vultan - September 27, 2010

Gotta love cowboy De Kelley and an Indian Doohan! God bless ’em.

28. SPOCKBOY - September 27, 2010

They missed a good 3-fer,
In the Bonanza episode Day of Reckoning, we have Khan, Khan’s girl Lt.McGivers, and Bela Oxmyx all as Native Americans.

At 3:57 they are all together

Too funny XD

29. gir6 - September 27, 2010

Must have.

Leonard Nimoy was an extremely beautiful young man.

/still handsome at 79

30. thebiggfrogg - September 27, 2010

De Kelley is the only one who seems to fit the part. The other guys just don’t fit the Western aesthetic. Doohan and Nimoy as Native Americans are hilarious.

31. Chasco - September 27, 2010

OK, the clip you’ve loaded from ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ isn’t actually from ‘The Scapegoat’ (Jimmy played a settler in that one).
The clip you’ve got here is from a different episode, called ‘The Waystation’ (and for some reason he was billed as ‘Jim Doohan’ in this one, not James)

So not only does the photoshopping look totally stupid, it’s also completely incorrect for the episode listed.

It’s a shame they didn’t include the ‘Bonanza’ episode ‘Gift of Water’, as both Jimmy Doohan AND Majel Barrett are in that.

32. Robert Bernardo - September 27, 2010

Hey, what happened to the Bonanza episode with Ricardo Montalban and Madlyn Rhue (Ricardo playing an Indian)? :-)

I must buy this DVD!

33. Zebonka - September 28, 2010

Will this have that clip that Nimoy always used to talk about – of Kelley shooting the dog to stop it from barking?

Maybe he was just making an example, but I swear I’ve heard that one mentioned before.

34. trekboi - September 28, 2010

yeah Steve-o im sure thats an altered doohan…

35. CmdrR - September 28, 2010

Who’s the chief in Jimmy’s movie? Looks/sounds a little like John Hoyt.

Ricardo played an Indian more than once. I saw him in a Gunsmoke with a wig that looked suspiciously like his Khan doo.

There’s also a Bonanza with both Jimmy and Majel:
(I don’t think they share a scene, but still…)

36. Disinvited - September 28, 2010


Founded in 1993 by former rock critic Jonathan Gross, Video Services Corp. is a leading independent DVD distributor with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

37. Bill - September 28, 2010

#17 The Virginian still gets play on cable networks. “The Claim” shows up now and again (although I still haven’t caught “Black Jade”). Likely the rights are held by someone who’s making a modest profit from their airings.

38. Trek Nerd Central - September 28, 2010

Folks, I’m guessing other stuff — “The Virginian,” for instance — was left off the disk for permission ($$$) reasons. “White Comanche” is no doubt a cheap date for DVD packagers.

39. Kev -1 - September 28, 2010

Interesting idea, I guess this stuff was public domain. I wish someone would put Shatner’s “For the People” show on DVD, too. Just saw Leonard Nimoy on “Gunsmoke” last night.

40. Magic_Al - September 28, 2010

That’s some bad Indian casting! What are some good examples of authentic American Indian portrayals from Hollywood before Dances With Wolves?As far as Star Trek’s portrayals go, Robert Beltran at least is of Mexican-Indio descent.

41. Disinvited - September 28, 2010


LITTLE BIG MAN comes to mind but in some aspects it overcompensated for the wrongs before it. Perhaps the most accurate was a comedy based on a comic novel written by a Native American. Unfortunately the title and author escapes me.

42. Charley W - September 28, 2010

The pizza place that I used to frequent had cable Tv and one of the regular daytime shows that the workers watched was Bonanza. One time I came in just as the show was ending and caught “James Doohan” on the cast list (no attribution, of course). I’ve wondered what episode that was since.

Ansara and Montalban practically made their early careers playing Indians or Mexicans on early Westerns. Of course Paul Fix (Dr. Piper) was a regular on ‘The Rifleman’.

Another theme that may be fun is ‘Trek Stars in Perry Mason’. Nimoy, Kelly and Takai all had major roles in episodes (I’ve heard that Shatner did, also, but I’ve never sighted him). William Campbell was in at least two episodes as was Michael Ansara, and Hoyt was in several.

43. Commodore Kor'Tar - September 28, 2010

This is ineresting, no dout, but I’d like to see Trek Stars do the Twlight Zone/Outer Limits!

“Theres…a THING…on the …..WING!!”

44. CmdrR - September 28, 2010

Just to throw it out there… The Coen Bros. are remaking True Grit, the original of which has three TOS actors in it. (Name ‘am all?) Oh, it also has John Wayne, Robert Duvall, and Glenn Campbell.

45. rogue_alice - September 28, 2010

Is the use of “Indian” acceptable nowadays?

46. Enterprisingguy - September 28, 2010

43. Commodore Kor’Tar – September 28, 2010

“This is interesting, no doubt, but I’d like to see Trek Stars do the Twilight Zone/Outer Limits!”

There is a wealth of TREK actors and actresses who’ve appeared on TZ. There are even examples of TZ episodes with multiple appearances from the same episode of TREK

47. Charley W - September 28, 2010

#45- Do you remember Uhura’s reply to Lincoln in “The Savage Curtain” when he made a similar comment ?

48. Vultan - September 28, 2010

Don’t fear words.

49. CmdrR - September 28, 2010

An Indian once told me “Indian” is preferable to “Native American.” And since proud Americans are all named after an Italian map maker… ya know what? It’s a great big beautiful world!

50. Vultan - September 28, 2010


Yeah, Native American is pretty awkward when compared to Indian. I’ve also known many African Americans who prefer to be called “black.” Personally, I prefer “white” over Irish-English-Welsh-German-Cherokee American!

A beautiful world indeed! And many beautiful colors in the rainbow.

51. Charley W - September 28, 2010

Historically, the shorter the term, the more certain it is to last- anything more than 3 syllables is clumsy to use with any consistancy. “Indian” got shortened to “Injun”; “Afro-American” lasted a year or so, and gave way to just “black”. This tendancy works for personal names and locations, also. One exception seems to be “African-American” (7 syllables), which has lasted for 20 or so years- although people still tend to slur “American” to 3 or even 2 syllables in common speech.

52. CarlG - September 28, 2010

James Doohan as an Indian? Sure, why not! Scottish/Irish-Canadian is almost the same as Native American, right?

… Right?

53. Charley W - September 28, 2010

Who says that type has to play the same type? It’s called ‘acting’, and the good ones can play different sorts.

Look at Clark Gable, who no matter what his character’s name, played basicaly the same person in most of his roles. Rhett Butler is basically the same person as Blacky in San Francisco. But Dustin Hoffman can be ‘Rain-Man’, Tootsie, Carl Bernstein, Willey Loman, or even Captain Hook and make you believe in them.

54. Charley W - September 29, 2010

#35- Chief Nakona in “Way Station” was played by Rex Devlin. I can’t find any other roles for him.

Nimoy was also in “Them!” and “Zombies of the Stratosphere”.

55. Charley W - September 29, 2010

#44- Re True Grit: Ok, Kim Darby and Jeff Corey, but who’s the third? BTW, Duvall was in “Countdown” a contemporary film about the Moon Race.

56. BiggestTOSfanever - September 29, 2010

Aside from Star Trek, The Lone Ranger is my favorite show!!
There are a couple other Lone Rangers with DeForest Kelley in it too. I’m not sure but I think there is a Bonanza where DeForest Kelley says, “I’m a bricklayer not a Doctor!”
In The Legion of old Timers he is a rancher named Bob.

57. Thorny - September 29, 2010

45… Yes, it is. After several years of “Native American Heritage Month” last year November was officially “American Indian Heritage Month.” Native Americans also run the website

58. Disinvited - September 29, 2010

#44. & 55.

Ron Soble

59. Jimtibkirk - September 29, 2010

43 – Outer Limits ran right before Trek and is probably why so many actors did both. I’m sure a drinking game has been worked around that by now!

60. dmduncan - October 1, 2010

45: “Is the use of ‘Indian’ acceptable nowadays?”

I don’t know any Indians who object to that word, including the members of AIM. And I know a lot of Indians.

61. Charlie - October 5, 2010

OMG… Chief Injun Scott!

62. nike air jordan jumpman pro - October 7, 2010

The movie’s been written so they’re not going to shoe horn in the Excelsiore and Sulu. But I agree – a TV movie with Cap’n Sulu could be pretty cool. Too bad paramount sold off all the movi

63. fish - August 22, 2011


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