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Patrick Stewart On The ‘Fifth’ Star Trek TNG Movie + Video & Images From ‘A Life In The Theatre’ October 6, 2010

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The crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation were seen on the big screen in four feature films, but in a new interview Sir Patrick Stewart talks about the fifth and final (and never produced) TNG movie – see excerpts below. We also have links to Patrick’s appearce on The View from today, plus video and images from his new Broadway play A Life In Theatre, opening next week.



Patrick Stewart on the fifth ‘farewell’ TNG movie

The official Star Trek site has an interview with Patrick Stewart, and one of the more interesting questions was about any future after Star Trek: Nemesis:

As it stands now, Nemesis is Picard’s swan song. How accepting are you of that? Or is there a part of you that wants one last crack at Picard to perhaps send him off a little more appropriately?

Stewart: While we were filming Nemesis an idea was being developed by John Logan, the screenwriter of Nemesis, and Brent Spiner for a fifth and final movie. It was a very exciting idea for a screenplay. It would have been a real farewell to Next Generation, but it would have involved other historic aspects of Star Trek as well. I can’t go into details because the project wasn’t mine. When that didn’t happen, the studio announced in its own inimitable way that we were suffering from franchise fatigue and that there was to be no more, and I am absolutely content with that. I remain very proud of the work that we did, very proud of the series and the movies, but I do not wish to return to it.

For more from Sir Patrick on Star Trek, Macbeth and more, see the interview: Part 1 & Part 2.

Patrick Stewart on The View

Sir Patrick Stewart joined the ladies (including his old TNG co-star Whoopi Goldberg) on The View this morning. He talked a bit about working with Goldberg on TNG, becoming a knight, his new play A Life in the Theatre and more. Watch it at

A Life In Theater opens next week on Broadway – videos & photos

Patrick Stewart and TR Knight star in the David Mamet play A Life in the Theater at Shoenfeld Theater in New York. The show opens on Thursday October 7th and runs until January 2nd with shows every day except Monday. More information and ticketing can be done at the official site,

Here is a promotional video and a behind the scenes interview with Stewart and others:

The play includes a large number of costume changes and the official Facebook page has a gallery of images, here are a couple of fun ones:


Remember – PS in Macbeth tonight on PBS

Macbeth starring Sir Patrick Stewart airs on PBS tonight, October 6, 2010 at 9 p.m.

Here is a video preview




1. rm10019 - October 6, 2010

Would love to see the TNG cast get a realsend off. Even an animated series would do to soften the blow of Nemesis

2. Cmdr. Jacobs - October 6, 2010

Hey, we had co-existing series off and on, for a few years, why not co-existing movies? Might prove to people that the Prime Timeline is still valid…

3. tj - October 6, 2010

Sir Patrick was great this year at the Official Star Trek Convention held in Las Vegas. He talked in his own time on stage, and made appearances when other were on stage. This made their time on stage so much better. You were able to see him as a regular guy having fun. Not the Snob that so many newspaper articles have portrayed him to be.

4. MJ - October 6, 2010

“I am absolutely content with that. I remain very proud of the work that we did, very proud of the series and the movies, but I do not wish to return to it.”


5. MJ - October 6, 2010

“EXIT” :-)

6. Captain Dan - October 6, 2010

I always thought Nemesis was never designed to be the final TNG movie. The very catchline ‘A generation’s final adventure/journey (whatever it was) BEGINS’ sold me on that point. To know a project was in place to follow up Nemesis makes me excited and sad at the same time. I’d love to know what would’ve, could’ve and should’ve happened and on the same note, we’ll know it probably never will happen :(

Ah well… at least Trek endures!

7. Captain_Z - October 6, 2010

Make the 5th movie already!!!!

8. Pensive's Wetness - October 6, 2010

well when you put a movie with Buggy chases, jumping into shuttles into it… it kinda goes stupid…

Me: So what it lik to have your last TNG-Movie to be critically slammed as bad as Shat’s STV:TFF?

Sir Baldy: ….

I’m almost certain what Sir Sterwart says publically about ST:Nem & what he & the fellow cast members say in private are far different things…. but he is FAR more reasonable than you or me. With the work that he has done since then and now, TNG is behind him… dare you type cast HIM now?

9. Captain Warnock - October 6, 2010

Personally I think that they should have done something with the Countdown Comic book. I think that that would be a true send off to Next Generation, and a passing of the torch to the new Star Trek Series. C’mon lets get a poll goin, who wants to see that/something to that effect?

10. Thorny - October 6, 2010

I’m not so sure it was “Franchise Fatigue” we were suffering so much as “Berman Fatigue”. There was plenty of room for another TNG movie, as long as someone else produced it and they kept the bright, optimistic tone of most of TNG. All four TNG movies were much darker in tone than the TNG series as a whole, and that was a mistake.

11. Rick - October 6, 2010

With the exception of First Contact, TNG movies were pretty bad. I miss the tv series, not the movies. Patrick Stewart doesn’t want to reprise the role anymore so, I think that it’s time to move on.
I’m looking forward to a new Star Trek series and I hope that it will be set in the future. 25th century or so.

12. Ed - October 6, 2010

Has there even been a synopsis of the proposed final movie leak out?

Or maybe just have it adapted into a good hearty novel.

13. weyoun_9 - October 6, 2010

I assume the 5th film would have included the transition of B-4 to Data reincarnate. However, the context of that, plus further Titan exploits and how that would all have unfolded would have been fascinating. Sure would like to know the secret.

It’s too bad…when the f@#$ed up Kirk and Co.’s send off they went back and did it again and we got Star Trek VI. Oh well…onward and upward.

14. bill hiro - October 6, 2010



15. Will_H - October 6, 2010

I’m surprised that the poll is pretty much split right now but that makes me happy. I think TNG revitalized the franchise in 87 far more than the latest movie. Granted I think it should of been sent off with a good movie that tied everything up for it and then the reigns should of been handed over. But the sad truth is the chance of a 5th TNG movie ever happening, even going right to DVD, are slim to none.

16. Simon - October 6, 2010

#14 – CAPSLOCK!!!!

Shatner has *not* shown very good grace in the fact that his character died with his blessing and the inordinate amount of time it took for him to finally see the new film. He hasn’t let go of the fact that the franchise does not need him anymore and any cameo by him in the next one would seem at this point in time ridiculous.

17. MJ - October 6, 2010

16 — Simon, thanks for your post. I was kind of taken aback by the personal attack from 14 which I will not dignify with a response.

18. Denny - October 6, 2010

“It was a very exciting idea for a screenplay. It would have been a real farewell to Next Generation, but it would have involved other historic aspects of Star Trek as well. ”

im thinking timetravel?

im thinking TOS characters appearing as well as ones from Enterprise?

i vaguley recall something being mentioned about it all in 2003/04…maybe i should check memoryalpha or the like

19. MC1 Doug - October 6, 2010

“The crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation were seen on the big screen in four feature films, but in a new interview Sir Patrick Stewart talks about the fifth and final (and never produced) TNG movie – see excerpts below. We also have links to Patrick’s appearce on The View from today, plus video and images from his new Broadway play A Life In Theatre, opening next week.”


20. VOODOO - October 6, 2010

Denny #18

The idea starts off as a TNG mission with the entire crew present for the opening scenes. Somehow or another Picard is brought together with the other Captains from the tv shows (Kirk, Sisko, Janeway, Archer) into some type of ultimate showdown vs the enemy.

If memory serves the way they were brought together was similar to the TOS episode “The Savage Curtain”

The details are out there somewhere, but I can’t remember them to save my life at the moment…. As a matter of fact I am a little fuzzy about the entire concept, but the film would have at least had bookend scenes with the TNG crew and been centered around the five captains.

21. Pensive's Wetness - October 6, 2010

im watching ‘Macbeth Comrade’ now & im impressed (even though im admitily ignorant of the meat & potatoes of Shakespear’s works…)

is this version of Macbeth supposed to be a specific time frame of Russia in 1900’s?

22. SciFiMetalGirl - October 6, 2010

I think Marina Sirtis said it best at a convention: “if enough people go to see the film (Nemesis), there will be another one” and then the following year: “you didn’t listen! The TNG cast has been officially retired!” So I guess we reap what we sow, and after a brief drought, we now have the current incarnation.
I never did buy the “franchise fatigue” theory, but I would definitely buy the “Berman fatigue” theory, and I would also agree that we were denied a chance the chance to give TNG A proper send off!

23. denny cranium - October 6, 2010

I remember all the cast (including Wil Wheaton) GUSHING about how good Nemesis was going to be……

24. Hat Rick - October 6, 2010

So if they paid Sir Patrick the same amount that George Clooney makes in a mainstream movie, do you think he’d change his mind? Or gave him net points?

He may be classy, but he’s not crazy! I say go for the money!

25. MJ - October 6, 2010

Hey John Logan, want some cash? Take your concept and write a novel based on it…if you don’t have the time, enlist one of the many Trek authors as a co-author. I would like to at least read your story.

26. JP Saylor - October 6, 2010

Oh my good God, I had to skip through that whole damn episode of the view just to get to the part with Sir Stewart. I feel like I need a shower.

27. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

Near as damn it 200 hours of TNG should be enough for anybody. Patrick is right to say enough.

#26 its Sir Patrick. First name goes with a knighthood.

28. Phaser Guy - October 6, 2010

I don’t think it was the studio that shut down TNG, it was Insurrection.

29. Buzz Cagney - October 6, 2010

#15 i’m sorry but TNG came out on the back of a rather big movie called The Voyage Home. The franchise was in pretty good shape.
TNG sucked so much fun out of Trek for me. I was and remain bitterly disappointed at the lost opportunity it became.

30. JohnnieF - October 6, 2010

The Trek captains are great, but I think the interplay among all the chacaters is what makes Trek so good. Centering on just the captains would be a mistake. I would have liked to have seen the new Enterprise explored a bit more and it would have been cool to have seen Data as captain.

31. T'Cal - October 6, 2010

I wish TNG had never gone to the big screen. it worked so much better as a TV series, which allowed for real character development and relationships between them. While FC was great, it would’ve been a great two- or three- part episode, too. GEN had glaring plot holes, although I liked the part in the 23rd century. INS would’ve made another fine episode. NEM isn’t as bad a movie as I remember but the characters are the most “out of character” that they’ve ever been;, however, Data’s death was handles extremely well. The existance of B4 was not, though.

I would love to see TNG’s era return to TV on SyFy as a miniseries. If Stewart is uninterested, so be it. I’d be completely satisfied with a story that concerns the Rikers on the Titan, Beverly and Julian at Starfleet Medical, Janeway at SF Command, and Worf as Captain of his own Federation ship. The story could concern something that affects nearly the entire Federation and we get to see how it involves these characters, although they don’t all interact with each other.

Or…I’d like an animated series that takes place on the Titan.

32. AnotherQ - October 6, 2010

Trek #2 The Wrath of Khan, #6 The Undiscovered Country,
#8 First Contact, and #11 The Future Begins were the only
ones worthy of being motion pictures. The others appeared
to be TV shows on a big screen. And only ONE of those had
TNG crew.

How badly I wanted Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, etc… to make
at least one more great motion picture. They deserved it.

Very sad.

33. Red Dead Ryan - October 6, 2010

I’d love to see a “Stargazer” series. A young Captain Picard along with Jack Crusher, exploring the quadrant and getting into skirmishes with the Cardassians. We’d get to see how Picard becomes the man he was on TNG. Was he more action-oriented when he was younger? Did he have any more encounters with the Nausicaans? What about his time with Professor Galen? Who would be the right actor to play a younger Captain Picard?

34. "Check the Circuit!" - October 6, 2010

FINALLY! A Star Trek cast member that DOESN’T salivate at the mention of possibly being in the next movie.

(I hear the dog that played Porthos is hoping his character will finally re-materialize just in time for a cameo in the next sequel.)

35. CarlG - October 6, 2010

I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for Sir Patrick in army gear with his pants down, looking like he’s about to break out into showtunes at any moment….

Actually, I think I’d rather hear the UNreasonable explanations. They’re probably more fun… :D

36. CarlG - October 6, 2010

@34: Are you saying that the next Trek movie couldn’t be improved by adding beagles?

Cute puppies were pretty much the only reason I could sit through “A Night in Sickbay”….

37. James Heaney - Wowbagger - October 6, 2010

#36: You can sit through “A Night In Sickbay”? You’re a better man than I.

Breezy ( is sitting by the phone, waiting for the call from Team Abrams. And I fully support putting her in the next movie. :)

38. DonDonP1 - October 6, 2010

Since the soon-to-be-released ‘Star Trek XII’ picks up where ‘Star Trek XI’ left off, then with all respect to J.J. Abrams and Co., ‘Star Trek XIII’ should pick up where ‘Nemesis’ left off, it should be a ‘Next Gen Farewell’ movie in a tradition of the ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ comeback telefilm ‘Trial by Fire’. Someone should start a petition for ‘Star Trek XIII’ to be a follow-up to ‘Nemesis’ and with J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as executive producers, ‘Walker’ co-creator Leslie Grief as producer, Manny Coto as prodcuer and director, Dennis McCarthy and/or Brian Tyler composing a score with the incorporation of Alexander Courage’s original series fanfare and Jerry Goldsmith’s original themes from ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ and the TNG casts combining with newer casts, even ones who joined the Enterprise-E.

39. DonDonP1 - October 6, 2010

Either that or a CBS telefilm as a follow-up to ‘Nemesis’, but produced by Bad Robot Productions, Kurtzman-Orci Productions and Manny Coto Productions in association with CBS Television Studios.

40. Balok - October 6, 2010


41. jon1701 - October 6, 2010

TNG had a finale.

It was called All Good Things.

We don’t need another.

42. Hat Rick - October 7, 2010

Whatever happens, IT’S ALL GOOD. (And all good things….)

In this universe, we do not have Q to credit … or blame.

Star Trek is truly an amazing franchise, if you think about it. TOS and TNG are probably the “senior series” of the franchise, and yet an argument can be made that DS9 is every bit as good as TNG, if not better.

Lightning struck not just twice, but thrice.

VOY and ENT each have their unique charms, as well.

As if that were not enough, we have TAS to explore.

And of course, the cinematic works of Star Trek, from the magnificence and grandeur of TMP through the action and promise of ST2009 … all of this places Star Trek on a plane of existence unheard of in Hollywood, or for that matter, popular literature.

If America should be known by three things — Democracy, Freedom, and Star Trek — it should count itself lucky.

43. Peeps - October 7, 2010

Thank the Lord we never got another TNG movie- TNG sucks balls!!!

44. captain_neill - October 7, 2010

I wanted the TNG to have a proper send off in the movies, so I wish Star Trek XI was one for them before they decided to reboot the whole thing.

You know I don’t hate the new movie, what I really hate is that everyone talks about as though its the only good Star Trek ever made. I HATE THIS MENTALITY.

45. scottlukaswilliams - October 7, 2010

I think animation would be a great way to continue the adventures of the Prime Universe. It would be inexpensive enough that the production could afford voice actors from all of the series for crossovers. It could continue post-Nemesis and maybe begin with an adaptation of Countdown. I think it would definitely find an audience.

46. Dom - October 7, 2010

IIRC, the TNG film was to have been ‘Justice League of Star Trek,’ with Picard travelling through time, collecting Data just before he got blown up, rescuing Kirk from the Nexus (after all, in a place where time doesn’t exist, Kirk and Guinan will always be there!) and recruiting Spock from Romulus to fight a rogue’s gallery of villains. It would’ve been painful!

The TNG films were a massive letdown because, in part, none of the writers could figure out a way to handle an ensemble for a two-hour film. I still believe they should simply have kept the TNG TV show running, but written out the actors who wanted to move on (most probably Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner) and brought in new ones. There would have been no need for Voyager or Enterprise that way. Riker would have been an obvious character to promote to Captain, or a brave decision would have been to bring back Jellico!

They could always have made a Picard/Data-orientated movie that way, with regular TV series characters appearing in a more minor capacity. Of course, a new creative team behind the scenes would have helped, as Berman and co were all washed up by the end of TNG season 7!

I don’t blame Patrick Stewart for wanting to move on- he’s a talented guy and deserves better recognition for his stage work than for what is, to be fair, a pretty lowbrow scifi franchise like the Star Trek one!

47. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - October 7, 2010

I would have loved to have seen another Tng Movie. But they did miss the boat on the last 2 movies. With the Dominion war going on they should have done a little something with Ds9 and had the Big E go on a very inportant Mission against the Dominion and the Founders. But instead we got something that would have been a nice Epp of Tng instead of a great Movie. Maybe there could be a fan made movie like was done with Star Trek of Gods and Men except in the 24th Century.

48. Damian - October 7, 2010

Finally, one of the actors who said they would not want to be in the next movie. It seems they all get asked and all say yes. I think Stewart is the first to say he’s moved on. I always felt he was satisfied with his role in the Star Trek universe, but is one of the few to express the idea that Star Trek has moved on. He is happy with his place in Star Trek lore and does not need to rain on the new crew’s parade.

I liked the 4 Next Generation movies. They were fun to watch, and that is generally how I judge Star Trek.

Also, I always like to throw a plug in for the novels. If you can’t get enough of the Next Generation (or the other series), the relaunches have done a great job with carrying on the stories in the prime universe. Check them out. I am looking forward to the new Typhon Pact novels.

49. BiggestTOSfanever - October 7, 2010

I saw ‘Macbeth’ last night. It was very surreal, especially the part where Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost walk across the party table. The lighting was really weird in that scene. I liked it.
Patrick Stewart makes a chilling and powerful Macbeth.

50. Me - October 7, 2010

Did anyone comment on the image from “The View”? While 1987 was the year the show premiered, that promotional pic is from sometime in the 90s.

51. Denny - October 7, 2010

#20, 46

this lost ‘JLA’ Trek movie sounds like Bring Back!

thatd have been awesome!

52. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 7, 2010

I could only sit back and wish for another TNG movie with a proper send off. I think alot of people think the same way, problem would be convincing paramount to do another TNG movie. Its wishfull thinking.

53. - October 7, 2010

In my opinion the TNG movies began with a mistake: there was no distance, no “break” between the series and the movies! What I mean is: in the TOS movies the characters lived years away after the old (TV) adventures. That was interesting. People had changed, the design has changed. The first TNG movie should have been a dozen of years after “All good thing..”. That is my opinion. The movies were too much like TV Shows and although they were good, they never filled the silver screen.

Nemesis was in my opinion despite all that, what i have written above, a very good movie. I was shocked to get aware I was more or less the only one who thought likte that. And I hope one day John or Brent will tell us about their ideas or even publish it in a novel.

54. trekkie - October 7, 2010

Unfortunatelly TNG never got any movie that really braught the strengths of TNG into the cinemas.

Only “First Contact” was a real motion picture, but merely an action-horror-movie.

TNG would have deserved a real profound and complex character-driven drama. But never gotten one :(

All Good Things still is better than all TNG movies together :(
Unfortunatelly there wasn’t any autor good enough to tap the full potential of TNG in the cinemas.

55. FlyingWok - October 7, 2010

@ #1

Animated… TNG… movie?

That may actually be a great idea!

Suppose we get some really good cel animation, or perhaps some really good CG animation… and this is all hinging on a good art style and really good cartoon renderings of the TNG cast, but it could work!

I think it’d be tricky, since it has to somehow capture the feel of the sets and the crew in cel drawings or CG renderings, without getting too lifelike and thus inviting unwanted comparisons to the live action incarnation.

But assuming a good script and good art design, animated TNG movies would probably be the best way to get more TNG, AND to also reunite the cast and place stories anywhere along the timeline. You see, we don’t have to worry that our heroes have aged over the last decade since Nemesis!

My assumption also is that the time commitment for voice acting would be far less than a full movie shoot (whether it’s a big feature or a direct-to-DVD thing), so Sir Patrick could squeeze it in between his theatre, Frakes can squeeze it in between his directing gigs… and so forth!

We could also even resurrect Data.

I would totally run out and buy a direct-to-DVD animated TNG feature.

CBS! C’mon, MAKE IT SO!!

(Who’s with me?)

56. ChristopherPike - October 7, 2010

My memory is a bit sketchy at the best of times, but as I recall the proposed movie was going to be a ‘Justice League’ or ‘Avengers’ style Trek film. A collection of 24th Century characters coming together on the Enterprise, facing an enemy from the Mirror Universe, with some flashback involving the NX-01.

That may account for the Picard, Shatner, Bakula line-up rumours about a year or two after Nemesis went down. Three Enterprise Captains, one of who basically would be the villain – namely Emperor Tiberius.

57. Christopher Pike - October 7, 2010

*Sorry Sir Patrick*

56. should read Stewart, Shatner, Bakula line-up.

58. Kev -1 - October 7, 2010

I saw a few minutes of his “Macbeth” on PBS last night, and I understand why actors prefer that to TV. He was certainly impressive. But I’m glad he did “Star Trek” as well. Good acting comes through even if someone is just ogling a blue (or green) screen, too.

59. Red Dead Ryan - October 7, 2010

A “Justice League” Trek movie would have just been dumb. Once it got to the point where an idea like that was being seriously considered, it was clearly time to end the TNG era. Paramount was correct to reboot the franchise by going back to the original characters, reminding the mainstream how the saga all began. I love the TNG series, series, actors and characters, but its time to let it go. We got a great send-off in the form of “Countdown”. There will be no filmed TNG dvd, miniseries or feature film. At least not with the original actors. Its over. Its done. We’ll all be better off once everyone realizes this fact.

60. Horatio - October 7, 2010

RE #10:

I wonder if Berman was contractually tied to another TNG movie and TPTB at Paramount decided that (A) they didn’t want to have him run another film and (B) the cost of buying him out of his contract would’ve made a final film cost prohibitive.

Just random thoughts. Nothing to back it up.

61. THX-1138 - October 7, 2010

With all due respect to Sir Patrick, he was not all of TNG. I see no reason that In some way or another the TNG universe could be revisited. I have been watching al my TNG VHS’ (?!) and enjoying them quite a lot, thank you. I would watch Riker’s adventures on the Titan in a New York minute.

62. Bobby - October 7, 2010

I would have loved a proper send off to TNG but that idea sounds really dumb to me too, y’all.

Nemesis felt like it wanted to be a good sendoff to TNG. The crew split up and moved on, Troi and Riker finally married, Riker got his own command, Data died. It just wasn’t a particularly *good* sendoff.

I agree with the poster above that All Good Things was a much better goodbye. (And it wasn’t necessarily all that great either.)

I much prefer the TOS movie era anyhow. I grew up on those.

63. Red Dead Ryan - October 7, 2010


I think think there was a “regime change” at Paramount and the new studio president (at the time) decided to let Berman go after his contract expired.

64. Red Dead Ryan - October 7, 2010


Wait, you’re still watching TNG episodes on VHS?! :-)

65. Damian - October 7, 2010

#63–Before Abrams came on board, Eric Jendersen was working on a script for a new film called Star Trek: The Beginning which would have taken place during the Romulan War and would have featured Kirks grandfather, Tiberius. Rick Berman was listed as a producer, though Jendersen noted that Berman was not involved with the story itself. However, as you noted a new regime took over and as happens in those situations, switched gears. This thread was the first I heard of a fifth TNG movie.

It was soon after Jendersen’s script went into so-called development hell that Margaret Clark announced the Romulan War novels. I guess Pocketbooks realized this was one area in Star Trek lore that would never be covered on screen and finally decided to tackle it on their own. However their books are completely different from Jendersen’s script (his outline is listed under Memory Alpha–look for Star Trek: The Beginning).

66. Denny - October 7, 2010

the last few minutes of Nemesis were a nice send off for TNG imo and indeed the movie series in general….(the TMP music that played over the spacedock shot…going back to the first movie)

lest we forget TOS movie series is directly linked to TNGs via Trek VI and Generations…

i always thought of Nemesis as a kind of ‘greatest hits’ of the whole 10 movies…not great obviously, but ok as a kind of wrap up

a great final send off for TNG couldve occured at the start of ST09 – with Nero destroying Picard and crew before being thrown back in time….itd have established just how powerful Neros ship was in the face of 24th century Federation technology and really wouldve hammered home just how badass Kirk, Spock etc are in eventually stopping Nero

67. John from Cincinnati - October 7, 2010

My guess is the fifth Next Gen movie was going to have something to do with either the Guardian of Forever, where by the end of the movie, Picard goes back and rescues Kirk.

68. Matthew - October 7, 2010

For the record, I would have watched a fifth TNG movie at the cinemas without question.

It aint gonna happen now – but at least Sir. Stewart and Co. will be fondly remembered by all true fans of the star trek franchise.

69. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 7, 2010

I’ll toast to another great TNG film.

70. ChristopherPike - October 7, 2010

59. I see what you’re saying and history does show that movies written based on a shopping list of ideas, often fail or could’ve been better. I think Generations is a fair example of that.

However I think the timing might have been neat, if a movie celebrating all the series at the same time, had been made for the 40th Anniversary.

71. Trek Or Treat - October 7, 2010

I loved TNG. It’s my favorite Trek series, and I own all of the episodes and Movies on DVD.
That being said, I think the downfall of TNG started BEFORE the movies in the show’s 7th season.
Cases in Point:

Descent: Part II – It was supposed to wrap up the big Borg return right out of the gate. Didn’t cut the mustard for me, and for a lot of my friends/fans.

Liaisons: Weak episode to follow up the somewhat lackluster 2 parter.

Other Weak 7th Season eps: Interface, Dark Page, Force Of Nature, Homeward, Masks, Firstborn, Bloodlines, and Emergence.

There are a few strong 7th season eps: Gambit, Parallels, The Pegasus and All Good Things come to mind, but overall the ratio of weak episodes to strong episodes seems greatest in the final season. In the later seasons, I remember noticing an increasing reliance on “techy” solutions, technobabble, and the deus ex machina of the week. I think that had really manifested itself fully by the time Star Trek: Voyager went on the air. A good number of the episodes on that show seemed bland, and I think that is a big reason why.

I did watch Voyager and did enjoy it, but it was never quite the appointment TV for me that TNG was.

Had there been an 8th season of TNG would I have watched it? Of course! But by season 7 the show had lost some of its luster.

72. Denny - October 7, 2010

67 – if theyd wanted a crazed Harlan Ellison screaming and cussing Joe Pesci style (Goodfellas/Casino Pesci…not LW/Home Alone Pesci) and threatening legal action then yeah theyd have done a movie with the GOF…

73. Ralph F - October 7, 2010

The comic book prequel to JJ’s TREK would have been a decent TNG send-off. I appreciated not only seeing certain members of the old crew (no spoiler on that, eh) but I would have liked them to mention La Forge in JJ’s TREK as one of the designers/builders of the USS SPOCK’S TIME SHIP.

74. Denny - October 7, 2010

i was re reading CD the other night and it really is one of the best star trek stories ive ever read…itd make an awesome film starring Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner (with a little CGing), Michael Dorn and Levar Burton

maybe if Trek09 had made double its ww Box Office and Nero had been an instant iconic villain like Darth Vader or Khan, Paramount wouldve insisted on another Nero film showing how the events in the film happened in a movie version of Countdown for summer 2010…(and still had the sequel out for summer 2012)

75. Chadwick - October 7, 2010

Its a tough call on the on the one last TNG movie. I would ONLY say yes because, well, Nemesis was a pathetic ending for the TNG legacy. They deserved a triumphant and deserving end, Nemesis was not that end, just business as usual. But I would not give up the new star trek movie for anything. I eagerly await the next movie!

76. Denny - October 7, 2010

actually xmas 2010 wouldve been better (split between the 2 films)

77. Greg2600 - October 7, 2010

I think John Logan and Brent could have done two good screenplays, but Stuart Baird made a mess of the first one.

78. Denny - October 7, 2010

getting Logan was quite a coup at the time – hed just come off Gladiator…THE movie of the early 00s…even been oscar nominated..

it was the first time since Star Trek II that someone outside star trek had been brought for writer AND director (Baird had edited some true classics and directed US Marshalls and Exec Desicion which were fairly decent action dramas..)

great things were expected

alas it didnt come together

maybe if Nemesis had been as good as FC and done similar box office wed have had the Star Trek Avengers/JLA/BringBackKirk style movie in 2004 or 2005 or maybe another full TNG film directed by someone like Bryan Singer

79. skyjedi - October 7, 2010

Nemesis was for me as bad as X-men III. Both were crap, and even Sir Patrick could not save them.

80. David Stoeckel - October 7, 2010

I LIKE STAR TREK:NEMESIS!!! Sir Patrick did a Great Job. I’d Love to see the TNG cast do another film or something to commemorate STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION’S 25th Birthday(which is in September, 2012). Did you see him as Macbeth-I took a peek at it on PBS, and all I have to say is-Your Emmy is wating for you, Sir Patrick. STOP BADMOUTHING STAR TREK:NEMESIS!!! I Liked it, and I will Defend it FOREVER!!!!

81. Desstruxion - October 7, 2010

I liked Star Trek: Nemesis. I still watch it from time to time. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Trek movie or episode that I didn’t like. They were all fun.

82. Red Dead Ryan - October 7, 2010


I suppose a better time for a TNG related project would be 2012 (25th anniversary). Not a feature film obviously, since the sequel comes out that summer, but maybe a direct to dvd or tv miniseries could happen. Doubt it very much though.

83. DFWguy - October 7, 2010

I have not been a fan of the Shat being in ST12 but that is from a life long trekker point of view. With Bill being in front of so many non-trek fans with Boston Legal, Price Line commercials and now “stuff” my dad says, it might have a strong draw for those who are on the fence with the new trek…just a thought…

84. DFWguy - October 7, 2010

And as for a new NG movie….I just don’t see the point in mixing it up right now….Let JJ’s trek see what it can do….of course, on the small screen, I think the amimation camp might be on to something…

85. dr_beckett - October 8, 2010

Maybe IDW can take the concept of the proposed fifth movie and turn it into a mini-series… definitely something I would buy!

86. Denny - October 8, 2010

#85 – they could do that for all the ‘lost’ movies – Planet of the Titans, Starfleet Academy, The Beginning, the Yesterdays Ent style Generations

could probably do one for each movie – an alternate version

87. Hugh Hoyland - October 8, 2010

The 5th TNG story idea sounds interesting, but honestly I dont see a chance of it being made by a PRO studeo anytime soon, if ever. IMO that era of Trek is just over, and what we have now is it (Star Trek 09 + Sequel) like it or lump it. But I sure do respect Sterwart a great deal and I wouldnt mind seeing him revise his captains role again, but as it stands, thats very unlikely to happen as well.

I liked the TNG movies, but they didnt blow me away, they were good for what they were, lower budget movies made by guys who had mostly worked on TV (except Nemisis). They did a very good job with what they had, as did the previous production crew had on the TOS movies. IMO the one TNG movie that had a chance of being something unique was the early incarnations of Insurrection by Piller, but we know what happened there.

88. Vultan - October 8, 2010


I think you nailed it there. The 7th season of TNG was a little lacking. Too many dream and holodeck episodes. Although, I do recall one episode you didn’t list among the good ones. It was called “Thine Own Self,” the one where Data suffers from amnesia and all the townsfolk think he’s some kind of monster—a take-off on the old Frankenstein story.

Also, there’s another bad one that comes to mind, “Sub Rosa.” Crusher in love with a Scottish ghost/entity. Ugh. I guess the Borg and Romulans were busy that week. :(

89. Red Dead Ryan - October 8, 2010


“Preemptive Strike”, “Below Decks” and “Journey’s End” were some of the other good episodes. “Firstborn” wasn’t a bad episode each other, featuring a cameo from Quark.

90. Vultan - October 8, 2010


Journey’s End—was that the one with the Traveler, the Indians and Cardassians? Hmmm, that sounds like a Sergio Leone film. :)

Anyway, I always like a good Cardie story.

91. THX-1138 - October 8, 2010


I know. Sad, huh? But it’s all I have. I am sort of a completist by nature and to get TNG on DVD involves kind of a substantial outlay of money. My wife and I both would really love it so we are looking for the best deal out there for quality, unopened sets.

I must say I am pleased to see the positive comments for TNG on this thread. It usually generates so much antipathy or outright dislike.that I feel like a sole voice of approval (or an outcast depending on my mood). I always liked Below Decks. Great change of pace ep with a new and unique perspective. I agree that Sub Rose was just about Sub Watchable.

92. Thorny - October 8, 2010

71… You can also tell TNG was fading in its seventh season from all the “long lost family member” episodes that year: Geordi’s mom and dad, Beverly’s grandmother, Data’s ‘mother’, Picard’s ‘son’, Worf’s brother, Deanna’s sister. Plus Wesley. Egads.

You cite “Gambit” as strong, but I thought it stunk to high heavens. Seemed like a 1979 episode of “Battlestar Galactica”.

93. Vultan - October 8, 2010

Anyone else notice that all the members of the bridge crew in TNG lost at least one family member or had some personal tragedy in their lives? Think about it. They should be waaay more messed up than they seemed. (I guess mental healthcare is way more advanced in the 24th century).

Picard — assimilated by the Borg and forced to murder thousands of his comrades, later lost his ‘family’ and another life in about twenty minutes, tortured by Cardassians, and then lost his real brother and nephew in a fire.

Riker — lost his mother at a young age.

Data — orphaned, later meets his ‘grandpa’ who dies shortly afterward and inhabits his body for awhile, then meets his ‘father’ only to lose him shortly afterward, then meets his ‘mother’ only to find out she’s got circuits for brains. Oh, and his ‘brother’ is a jerk too. (Maybe it’s best Data didn’t have emotions during that time… or else he would’ve been really messed up).

Troi — lost her father at a young age.

Worf — lost both parents at a young age, later loses his mate, then later loses his wife.

Geordi — loses his mother.

Dr. Crusher — lost her husband, then later her grandmother to some soul-sucking Scottish ghost monster.

Wesley Crusher — lost his father at a young age, then is partially responsible for the death of a close friend at the Academy.

Whew! Well, at least they had each other. :)

94. Vultan - October 8, 2010

Oh, forgot one… well, two…

Yar — grows up on Planet Gang-rape, has a jerk for a sister, then is killed by the BP oil slick monster.

Alternate Yar — is betrayed by her hybrid jerk of a daugther and killed by her Romulan ‘husband.’

95. Thorny - October 8, 2010

94…. Forgot Deanna’s sister, whose accidental death Lwaxana repressed. (Her sister went on to court Spider-man.)

96. Vultan - October 8, 2010


Oh yeah… I forgot that particular 7th season episode.

Now I’ll go on trying to forget it… :)

97. Thorny - October 8, 2010

96… Good luck, I’m still trying to scour “Sub Rosa” from my brain. But… ack! It’s still there.

98. Vultan - October 8, 2010


Haha! Me too. Sub Rosa was the gothic chick flick of Star Trek. But, hey, at least it wasn’t as terrible as that Voyager episode where Janeway and Paris turn into salamanders. That was worse than Reginald Barclay turning into a spider. By the way, just what species of human descended from arachnids? Homo broccoli?

99. Red Dead Ryan - October 8, 2010

“Genesis” was great as well. Terrible science, but highly entertaining in a cheesy “Spock’s Brain” kind of way.

100. Vultan - October 8, 2010


Genesis, yes! I couldn’t remember the name of that one. And, yes, the science was bad, but it was entertaining—Aliens meets Planet of the Apes meets Star Trek. I remember being scared out of my pajamas when watching it as a kid. Still creeps me out a bit, especially the Worf monster scenes. I’ve always wondered just how many ensigns he ate during that time. I suspected he was tempted a few times even when he wasn’t a monster. :)

Didn’t Gates McFadden direct that episode?

101. Red Dead Ryan - October 8, 2010


Gates McFadden did indeed direct the episode.

102. jack - October 9, 2010

44. dude, that might be what some here do think.

Man, the ‘star trek’ community is no more homogenous than any other (gay, pointy-eared, blonde, ninja…). I, for one, certainly had Berman-era fatigue post first contact/ds9. It’s been relieved a bit lately by watching some mid-run TNG and DS9 and remembering how much I loved it originally. I really do think that there was kind of a ‘we are star trek and we can no wrong” ish attitude at points in the later years. But others disagree with me, I’m sure. At least with new trek I’m getting the sense, real or not, that everyone involved is thrilled to be there…

103. captain_neill - October 9, 2010


I loved the episode Genesis, yes it is not how Genetics works but it was a cool concept. Besides Star Trek is Sci Fi it has to have some fictional and dramatic licence.

Also the science in the new movie is not great either but it is still enjoyable movie.

104. Devon - October 9, 2010

#15 – – – “I’m surprised that the poll is pretty much split right now but that makes me happy. I think TNG revitalized the franchise in 87 far more than the latest movie. ”

That’s a bit hard to quantify and a bit hard to compare considering you are attempting to compare two different mediums. You have to remember that TNG was produced because it was felt that the franchise was ALREADY revitalized after the success of The Voyage Home. The first film to be released after TNG’s release was “The Final Frontier,” and we all know what happened there. Now, this isn’t saying that TNG wasn’t what kept the franchise alive, etc., but you have to be real here.

105. Red Dead Ryan - October 9, 2010


Agreed. “The Next Generation” didn’t revitalize the franchise because Star Trek didn’t need revitalization at the time. What TNG did was help bring in new fans and prove that television was (and still is) the best venue for Star Trek.

The tight poll indicates that a lot of fans still care about TNG, though I still contend Paramount was right to go back to “The Original Series” characters.

Its a good bet that one day, either Paramount or CBS will revisit the characters, though most likely with a new cast, like what Paramount did with the TOS characters for the new movie. I don’t think we will see anything TNG-related (filmed material at least) anytime soon though.

106. Vultan - October 9, 2010

“The Voyage Home” was the main reason for TNG getting made, but it was TNG that kept Trek going after “The Final Frontier” debacle in ’89. The 3rd season (89-90) was some of the best Trek ever made.

Anyway, if the next movie is as big a hit as Trek ’09, the suits at CBS would be just plain idiotic for not making another series. Period.

107. Mel - October 9, 2010

I am really glad, that they made a movie based on TOS and not on TNG last year. I just like TOS much more than TNG.

108. Boborci - October 10, 2010

Man, oh, man, did I love TNG wen it was on TV.

109. Red Dead Ryan - October 10, 2010


I did as well! “Q Who?”, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, “Best Of Both Worlds”, “Unification”, “Relics”, “The Pegasus”, and of course, “Parallels” and “All Good Things…”! Just a few of the classics.

Underrated episodes include “Contagion” and “The Chase”. Both episodes had some sort of exploration and/or discovery going on. “Gambit” and “Captain’s Holiday” were pretty fun as well.

110. Trekprincess - October 10, 2010

Oh hi Bob I was watching TNG this afternoon it just is so good why can’t they not reboot TNG :) just a thought like they did reboot TOS so why not

111. Jason - October 10, 2010

You people aren’t thinking big enough…

TNG simply did not (and wont ever) translate to film the way the studio – or many fans, apparently – wanted (summer / action / “blockbuster”). The fact that they made any TNG films at all was a mistake. TNG – at it’s core – was always about an ensemble cast grappling with thinking man’s issues… It was a thoughtful show. It was episodic morality plays.

Aside from novelizations or comics, the only way I can see us EVER getting more official TNG is with the imminent 25th anniversary coupled with the studio’s stated interest in doing a quality remastering/reproducing of the show in High Def.

It’s possible that during this process, enough buzz is created and enough talent is assembled (specifically in the CGI department – with the HD remaster requiring completely new CGI work) that TNG may get a permanent and perpetual relaunch as an “interactive drama” or video game of some sort. They’ll have to do it then so that the original actor’s voices can be recorded while they’re still around and some quality motion capture work can be done for their physical presence and their likeness can be studied by the artists, whatnot.

It wouldn’t be about any ridiculous time travel or shoehorned character crossovers or any other corny nonsense. It may not have any real plot at all. It may simply be a sandbox “game” where all the TNG assets (sets, cast, sound effects) are digitized and immortalized in a computer simulation. There may be “official” episodes created (or even re-created) in this environment, and there could be opportunities for fans to craft their own “unofficial” content and shared in a thriving community of users.

If you look at where video games are at now (Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, Rockstar’s GTA and Red Dead Redemption) with respect to capturing actor’s performances and creating rich, interactive words, the possibilities are really quite tremendous.

The next time we experience TNG, it may be in more than HD… it could possibly be in 3D.

112. Red Dead Ryan - October 10, 2010


A TNG sandbox video game with the gameplay mechanics of “Grand Theft Auto”, “Red Dead Redemption”, and “Uncharted”? Yes! I would love that very much!

Except I don’t see any publisher doing an expensive Trek game (any era) because Trek games have never appealled to non-hardcore fans. Video games are the one area which doesn’t work for Star Trek. Star Trek is still considered geeky. Video games are still considered geeky. But they both can’t seem to fit financially and commercially. Go figure.

113. Vultan - October 10, 2010


Reboot TNG! Bite your tongue, lady.
But on the plus side, you can probably find a job as a studio executive. Go for it!

114. Jason - October 10, 2010

Actually, it presents some rather interesting possibilities for a character-focused “interactive drama” since people stories are what TNG is at it’s core.

Perhaps showing the suits a game like Heavy Rain might give them a better idea of the project’s direction (minus glaring plot holes and awkward dialogue). Imagine the possibilities of re-experiencing what made TNG work, but from entirely new perspectives.

It would have to be an intuitive, casual “game” – an immersive experience – not a shoot ’em up or a complex strategy game (which is where Trek gaming has failed in the past – since those only really appeal to relatively small group of Trek fans who are also gamers)

115. Christopher Pike - October 10, 2010

Interesting to see a 50/50 split between those who wished Paramount had made another TNG film, instead of Star Trek 2009 and those who didn’t.

116. Red Dead Ryan - October 10, 2010

Its got to be the tightest poll ever taken on this site. 50/50 so far.

117. EL CAPITAN - October 10, 2010

I do not believe that i could choose one over the other in the poll, as one who loves ALL trek. No matter the time period, or the subject; im just happy to be watching star trek…….

118. - October 11, 2010

I have only recently started watching Voyager for the first time and particularly the Borg related stories.

What i’m realising is just what a great villain they are. You could introduce them into any episode and it will be great. In fact every voyager episode with the Borg was better than First Contact.

I loved Next Gen as a series but just not sure the characters were sufficient to carry big screen movies.

Nemesis was possibly the most boring movie i’ve ever seen. David Mamet is usually a guaranteed bore though. Franchise fatigue was reaaly letting everyone off the hook gently.

Lots of affection and gratitude for what next gen did on tv though.

119. - October 11, 2010

@110 there is a rumor they are working on a new show called TNG the next generation.

120. captain_neill - October 11, 2010

Re watched First Contact again last night.

It is still a fantastic movie, it is up there with Khan and I am still proud to prefer it over the Abrams movie.

121. Vultan - October 11, 2010


Same here.

122. Red Dead Ryan - October 11, 2010


Sorry, but “First Contact” was much better than most “Voyager” Borg episodes. Though “Scorpion” and “Dark Frontier” were great.

123. Vultan - October 11, 2010



“Drone,” I believe it was called, was also a good Voyager Borg episode. It was the one with the 29th century version of a Borg drone who totally wastes his 24th century cousins, taking out an entire sphere ship by himself.

124. - October 12, 2010

My point re First Contact is that it took the Borg to lift the interest of the movie. Without them there may have been no decent Next Gen movie.

What you liked more between FC and the voyager episodes will come down to personal preference.

Of course it may have just been Jerri Ryan than added another level of interest in the voyagers episodes.

125. Damian - October 12, 2010

124–Isn’t any great film lifted by it’s villain. The best Star Trek films had a great villain.

First Contact was definitly my favorites of all the films (one of the top 3). The Borg were one of my favorite villains. I agree, they were a bit overexposed on Voyager and made a bit mortal. When I saw Q Who, I couldn’t wait to see them again. The Borg were downright creepy then.

I also liked the Dominion as an adversary, and they were a villain who’s characterization did not change much. They were as dangerous at the end as they were in the beginning. I always wished that Star Trek: Insurrection was a Dominion War movie (though I understood they wanted to separate it out from DS9 a bit).

126. Scott Macy - October 12, 2010

Nemesis stalled at points, particularly in long moments of dialog between Picard and Shinzon. I think different pacing and more aggressive dialogue editing could have made for a tighter plot flow. There was great stuff there, but sometimes it lingered too long in areas that didn’t need it.

127. denny cranium - October 13, 2010

TNG is over.
Trek went off the rails because it got too watered down with movies TV shows etc and people went Star Trek? Enough already.

Abrams Trek is a tentpole for Paramount.
I doubt there will be any spin off Treks until the next Trek flick posts “Dark Kinght” numbers.

128. - October 14, 2010

125- The Voyage Home had no villain. The original characters could carry that off. I agree a good villain will always lift a film but if it’s all on the villain then there is a problem.

127 – I disagree that people had enough of star trek. That is what the studio said when they needed to ax everything. It had more to do with the creative team had run out of steam, the stories and movies were just not that interesting.

Not to take away from what had been done up to that point however. It’s true that Berman and co brought Star trek back and gave us many good years for which i am grateful (despite the lame offing of Kirk) They simply were not in the league to make movies.

I would be interested to know if attendance at trek conventions took a nose dive during the time of the great fatigue.

129. daniel - February 5, 2011

Please. We need at least one more star trek the next generation movie. I think we deserve to have one last adventure with capt. Jean luc picard of the ss enterprise and the crew. Data riker geordie everyone. Please. We need this one. Please we have been waiting for a hudge perfect finish. Without out patrick stewart and the tng crew. Its just not the same. I can’t watch any other star trek shows. We need you for one last mission picard. Please!!!!! Iv had a lotta deaths and tragedeys in my life. Just turned 24. And I feel like if anything could cheer me up it’d be one last adventure with tng. Im sure it would be num one in the box office. ! Il help pay to make. It happen if I had to. _

130. Colonel Brendan Tirrell - March 9, 2011

so who is this jennifer hetrick as vash you meat her on risa wow cool so keep her time okay and tell her i said hi mr Tirrell B okay

131. humanomaly - March 20, 2011

33. The right guy to play a young Captain Picard could be the actor who played his clone in “Nemesis”…great actor shown…as the main character could be better or worse…the only thing I feel left unresolved was “B4″….what was Titan???

132. joemenosky - April 2, 2012

The worst Mistake Berman ever made was to go straight into the TNG movies. I understood at the time there was a great demand for them, but he should have refrained and taken his own advice.

He said that basically there would only ever be 7 seasons to any type of star trek television series..that everything should be told within this time frame and it should be wrapped up and then move on to another series.

Why then knowing that in all fairness as a whole, season 7 was extremely weak did he then decide to go on to make those movies?

Generations was full of pitcher plant plot holes, and for me was badly written…then we got to FC which should have been a double episode in the series. It looked great on the big screen, but really it just screamed double episode to me and my friends at the time…and remember the mention of the dominion war at the beginning?

So instead of taking the bull by the horns and having a cross over from TNG to DS9 or just having a fantastic DS9 Dominion war movie..he then went on to make the absolutely awful Insurrection movie..why?? The mind boggles at the stupidity he displayed in not going with something that was working…it would have been a great cross over to DS9…and maybe Voyager wouldn’t have turned into a little kids show…its shameful with what that man eventually did to the franchise.

There was an honest to god opportunity to make a truly spectacular movie with DS9 and he went with his own Insurrection crap…the mind does truly boggle.

He then came out with his famous lie “We are thinking (whoever “we” where at the time) that we’d like to bring DS9 back for a mini series when the show give better closure”. There was an opportunity to bring Ben cisco back…in fact that was their initial plan with the mini series…but Berman got so wrapped up in himself and the dross he was producing (voyager) that I seem to recall that at the end of DS9 did not sit right with me, it looked too forced an ending…everyone suddenly going their own way, we won the war , nothing left to watch here.

Don’t get me started on Enterprise…the deepest ever insult was that Enterprise was nothing more than an holodeck recreation of Riker’s? wow that was a big kick to the balls for star trek fans…was it Berman’s parting gift because no one liked his disastrous movies and that Paramount where not willing to renew his contract because of his pathetic attempt at making movies, and the lackadaisical way in which he continued the franchise ?

I also remember at the time of Berman’s parting that he himself said he had had enough of the Franchise and that it was dragging him down..i mean wtf?? The man’s writing skills where no existent…Roddenberry had passed the entire torch to Berman…and this is how Roddenberry’s vision had ended?

Thanks to Berman we have an imposter in the name of JJ Abrams making a movie about a show he admitted he knew nothing about. Am I a hater of the movie? You bet I am…there was no need to go in the direction he took, no need at all….instead of getting a new series..with new writers and collaboration with novelists…we ended up with canon no longer existing…characterizations of the prime line almost the polar opposite…quite how that movie ever got the box office success it did i will never know…i thought it was poor….canon being thrown out, and then people saying it was a reboot..when in fact Abrams himself said it was nothing of the sort…its just an alternate time line with absolutely nothing to do with the prime time line… if thats the case…why did we have to have spock in it? I thought that was cheesy and insulting to Nimoy…i mean seriously was he that desperate for money he had to do it?

over the last couple of years i have gotten over the fact its just an alternate universe star trek, that has absolutely no baring on the prime universe…it also helps to promote all the shows that went before it, thus helping execs to decided to make a new star trek series…but the caveat is, we have to wait until the end of the movies …Abrams has been given the go ahead to make 3 movies in total…the sooner its all out the way the better…we have no good sci fi on tv these days….I was also a massive fan of SG-1 and Atlantis…and Universe showed just how tired the creators and writers was a complete disaster and I am proud to say that I helped in it’s cancelation…it was a huge embarrassment to the franchise…90210 in space with drama…no one wants drama!!

In the mean time I lost SG-1 and Atlantis because apparently it was suffering from fatigue…which just like star trek was writer’s fatigue…thanks to wright and co…they managed to screw up a perfectly good show….with no closure at all to stargate atlantis which deserved closure in it’s direct to dvd….but thats to the morons at mgm and going into the red we’ll never see another sg-1 or atlantis dvd movie again…and ironically its all down to brad wright and mallozzi!!…if you cancel universe we will never go back to atlantis…just about sums up the clowns…and in many ways mirrors berman’s atitude by the end of enterprise…screw the fans i am done here… has just as many fans as star trek…and its heart breaking to find our tv’s shows canceled because the people write for it ran out of ideas and then made up lies and excuses about it being fatigued…i’m fatigued with berman, wright and mallozzi respectively….funny thing braga went on to write for terra nova…why? now that show is canceled because it epically failed due to bad screen play episodes….what more proof do cbs need to bring back trek to small screen?

133. dan g - April 16, 2012

to #132 – joemenosky

very well written and dead on target. i wish more star trek & sci fi fans could read it. especially the part about enterprise. thank you for voicing aloud how many of us feel. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.