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Star Trek Creature Designer Talks Klingons For Sequel October 23, 2010

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There has been a lot of buzz about the possibility of Klingons appearing in the next Star Trek movie. If they do then Star Trek creature designer Neville Page would likely be involved in bringing them into the new movie universe. Last week Page talked a bit about the prospect, excerpts below.


Neville Page on Klingons and ridged foreheads

For the Star Trek movie, Neville Page was involved in creating many of the creatures in the film, including the ‘Big Red’ monster on the ice planet. At an event promoting the collector’s edition Blu-ray release of Avatar, Page was asked what he would change and he seems inclined to keep those ridged foreheads, telling IGN:

…my approach would be to try and come up with something that’s a unique look but is still a Klingon obviously. Because I think if I did them really tall like say 9′ and instead of brown made them blue, I might get into a little trouble! But I would try think about them as real deal people — and I know other designers have — but really give them a history and a motivation. Understand why they’re dressed the way they are. Understand their rationale for long hair and facial hair. Make sense of those physical features which they typically have, which are the ridged foreheads

Klingon created for "Star Trek" (seen only in deleted scenes) implies there are ridges under those helmets

Page also discussed the notion of how Klingons have been seen with and without ridges:

It’s almost like treating as if I were a Klingon designing the human race. How would I go about it? And then I think about it from the perspective of an alien looking at human beings: some are lighter in skin color and some are darker. But you would go, those people with their eyes with that flap of skin there and then those people who are really tall and sinewy. But there are different physiological ticks even in the Klingon world. Maybe they are all brown, but the ridges are the African ones, the fewer ridges are the Asian ones. I don’t know, but I always feel the necessity to justify and rationalize even if I can’t actually. It just gives me something to work from

Page’s comments are similar to what Oscar-winning make-up designer Barney Burman told TrekMovie over the summer, noting that he would look foreword to taking on the Klingons, but that he also sees that aliens do not all have to look alike.

Star Trek – DVD Bonus Footage | Movies & TV |

[also on YouTube]


POLL: To Klingon or not to Klingon?

So is it time for the new Trek to show us the Klingons? How much of a role would you like to see for the Klingons in the Star Trek sequel (if any role at all)?


Klingons in Star Trek sequel

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1. Spockanella - October 24, 2010

Sigh…forehead ridges…must we?

2. Gavvo - October 24, 2010

I think klingons can be re-designed without the ridges to maintain continuity, but still have more overall features that make them look alien and more aggressive

I also like the idea that some of them have ridges and some don’t…that would be another great way to maintain continuity…

3. TMMW - October 24, 2010

Cromagmen that Kling-on?

4. Captain Maximus - October 24, 2010

Ruffles Have RIDGES!!!! Why not Klingons????

5. Darryl - October 24, 2010

Where’s the option for, “only if it’s best for the story”?

6. Red Dead Ryan - October 24, 2010

I voted for Klingons as a secondary villain…………Khan is my number one choice! Both would be great in a plot that combines mystery, action, humor, character moments and a grand theme. Potentially lots of fun to be had!

Khan, Kor, Kang, Koloth, Klingons. Just that simple. Make it epic.

7. Green-Blooded-Bastard - October 24, 2010

I always thought something that would be an interesting twist, is when the Klingons first meet humans and the federation, they are open and receptive, even proud to meet someone that takes them seriously as a warrior culture and is considering joining the federation, but then Kirk innocently but unwittingly does something stupid and brash and creates some intergalactic incident that sparks the Klingon hatred of humans that we all have come to be familiar with, thus Kirk actually is the unknowing cause of his own hatred of Klingons, and theirs of us.

8. Green-Blooded-Bastard - October 24, 2010

Oh, and I voted for Klingons as the main antagonist…Or at least some Klingon Kirk-counterpart and an army/armada of Klingons at his disposal. Maybe forcing other federation members to have to come rescue the federation. That would be cool.

9. Harry Ballz - October 24, 2010

Have Klingons kicking around in the background, if you must, but not as the main villain!

10. Red Dead Ryan - October 24, 2010

And ever notice how many (but not all) of Kirk’s opponents have names that start with the letter “K”?

Khan, Kodos, (Klingons) Kor, Kang, Koloth, Kruge, Klaa. Those are the ones I can think of right now.

11. Harry Ballz - October 24, 2010


I think that’s because, mentioned in the book The Making Of Star Trek, everyone agreed at the beginning of making TOS that names starting with “K” were inherently more dramatic-sounding. Thus the change from Captain April to Kirk!

12. Red Dead Ryan - October 24, 2010


But they continued that into the movies for whatever reason. I guess they wanted to continue the “tradition”!

Names starting with “K” seem to be reserved for Klingons, with some exceptions of course. Kind of like how names that start with the letter “T” are dominated by Romulans and Vulcans. Taris, Tomalak, T’Pol, T’Vlas, T’Pel, Tebok, etc.

13. Harry Ballz - October 24, 2010


Q: the name of the slutty Vulcan girl in junior high?
A: T’Loose!

14. Vultan - October 24, 2010

I would love it if Shredder were in the movie! Wait, this is a TMNT fansite, isn’t it? ;)

15. Tyrone Alfonso - October 24, 2010

…almost forgot. Please, no blue skin Klingons. Would like to see andorians though.

Also, props to my iphone for capitalizing Klingons.

16. David C. Roberson - October 24, 2010

I am somewhat interested to know what the Klingons are like in the NuUniverse, but overall, I would be rather unenthusiastic about their role in the film. In many ways, I feel that the Klingons have been over-used. Now that Nemesis and Trek ’09 are done, I feel like the Romulans might also now be over-used. I would personally love to see some Andorians, but not as villains. I think the most interesting thing to do would be to explore the Gorn, The First Federation (Balok’s people), or some new race altogether. And I would be full of it if I didn’t say that I want to see Arex and M’ress…

17. Jim Nightshade - October 24, 2010

Ok soo the makeup guys dont know why ruffles have ridges? For the dip of course! Uhh i mean dont know why klingons have ridges? Did no one see Enterprise? Archer? Now that could be an interesting twist to prime universe–where orci prime? See Klingons had no ridges during Kirks time cuz of the augments dna being stolen by klingons for their own super soldiers causing the virus which Phloxes cure stopped but left some klingons without ridges—now here comes augments again with khan—hmmm as others suggested–an alliance with klingons finding khan instead of kirk–maybe trying their preserved original augment dna to try to change their race again but with 100 years of improved science behind khans trading of dna for power in klingons race–also the new attempts at super soldier could explain why klingons look different again–then the makeup guys can make then scarier,taller–ridgier wgatever even different so we dont recognize em at first-then suprise khan is behind it—super klingons–like captain americas super serum only for klingons–plus the backstory that klingons declare war cuz of the loss of most of their fleet at rue penthe cuz of nero-they would be desparate–hmmm

18. gingerly - October 25, 2010

Dear make-up effects people,

Please, PLEASE, don’t put dreadlocks on the Klingons.

As a black woman who actually got a funky wide-eyed look from a white child at a screening of one of those Pirates of Caribbean movies, thinking I might grow fifty feet tall and then burst into white crabs or some such…

My hairstyle is NORMAL.

But Hollywood treats it like it isn’t. Every time I see dreadlocks onscreen they’re on a witch, ghost, goblin, or some other funky creature of some kind…Usually one that reads as abnormal, unkempt, evil, or dirty.

I do understand that usually this is because locks are relatively rare and would be considered symbolically “exotic” by much of middle-America.

However, for people like me, who wear this style simply because it’s what my unaltered hair naturally does, it contributes to the stigma in real-life that my hair is too “exotic” “unkempt” for certain situations.

So please, consider not giving the Klingons dreads.


19. trekkie - October 25, 2010

I would love some kind of space race.

Some mysterious life form has been detected, that could be exploited as a weapon. The Klingons want to have the weapon, the Federation want to study it.

Klingons on the one side and Enterprise on the other side. Who gets there, who has the best chances to reach it first. On the race they have to enter morally grey-zones and handle some other races diplomatically.

No real villian!

Think about anything without a villian, a mere antagonist is Ok.

20. Khan was Framed! - October 25, 2010

Of course the should have them; I want to see living, breathing, moving ridges on the Klingons in this movie.

Make them move when they express emotion;have the skin of their foreheads slide over the ridges as they move their eyes.

Personally, I think Bad Monkey got it right in their propaganda cartoon; a well balanced mix of new & old Klingon looks.

Now if you can take those design elements & make them look more real than ever before, maybe add some more “beastly” FX, like the eyes in the Klingon above, then we’ve got an intimidating enemy race, recognizable to all.

Is that so hard?

I voted for Klingons as the main bad guy; Kirk vs. Kor, with Harry Mudd trying to pull off a trade scam that pits them against each other.

Save Khan for round three.

21. Carl Geffers - October 25, 2010

@17 and @19: I like those two ideas, they’re great, they’re Trekkie.

I like the new Klingon style. The Helmets looked cool and gave them something more sinister. If Abrams & Co are going to use the Klingons (and I’m not saying they should, I mean it’s really their decision) then ridges should be a definite go, because without ridges they’re really not Klingons. They can make the ridges smaller (like on General Chang) or bigger (like General Martok – do Klingons have to lose an eye to make General – I wonder?) In TOS, they couldn’t make the Klingons with more effects, but it would be a shame to not use modern Make-Up Effects (which Star Trek has always pushed forward) to make new iconic Klingon Characters. Main Villain or not should depend on the story. So we have to trust and hope, that Orci & Co. know what they’re doing.

22. Jack2211 - October 25, 2010

17. But that storyline was sort of lame. I guess we’re stuck with it. I always liked, in some of the novels, how there were different races, castes, etc. of Klingons, and there was a lot of infighting. I also like, as some have mentioned, a Soviet/Cold War/Kafka feel to the Klingons. After all, it is the early (22)60s. Or maybe a Letters from Iwo Jima WWII Imperial Japan thing.

But yeah, very cool job on the Klingons in the deleted scenes. The trenchcoats and the helmets were fantastic. Hope to see them again. Just no TNG Quest For Fire Klingons please. Sorry Captain Neil, not trying to slag TNG again — I was a fan.

And, yeah, I’d be happy if they broke up the naming conventions.

I like how Doctor Who used a lot of the classic villains but kept the stories really fresh, yet very Doctor-Who-y.

And some mystery/complication/unclear motives/complexity, to any villains would be swell.

ps. the all eyes/ears alien informant was incredibly disturbing.

23. Alientraveller - October 25, 2010

There were some excellent rejected Romulan designs in The Art of the Film that Page and Burman could well draw upon, which I experimented with myself ( I’m all for seeing Klingons with different foreheads, maybe some with really small faces and large spiky ones too.

24. Ear Slugs a Go Go !!! - October 25, 2010

Here we go again !!!

25. Just Another German Trekker - October 25, 2010

ugh… well… klingons… why not – they can be quite cool… but really not as main villains, that would be kinda dull.
Why not use them as foes-turning-friends – it would be nice to see the Enterprise and some klingon ship torpedo each other to smithereens only to realise that both are facing even greater danger that they can only escape by working hand in hand… yeah, that would be cool and VERY Star Trek

26. thebiggfrogg - October 25, 2010

13. Was she half human with a French father?
Then her name might be
T’Loose-Lau Trek

27. Kirk, James T. - October 25, 2010

Klingons should definitely be the main villain in the next movie. We need to find out what drives the race and what has made them become so angry. Throw our heroes into that mix coming up against the beginnings of a war between the Feds and the Klingon’s and we’ve got ourselves The Dark Knight of Star Trek!

The Klingons like the heroes of Trek (and pretty much most of what made Trek great to begin with) lost a lot of credibility as far as I was concerned – I loved Worf’s attitude in TNG and DS9 but the Klingon’s as a race became a bit of a joke so I’d like to see them return to the honourable bastards we saw in TOS only more bastard like and driven by honour and dying with Honour, really make them brutal. I was quite pleased that they cut the Klingon scene from Trek 09 because it made them out to be slightly cowardly and weak coming up against Nero – Had I got my way, I’d have had ONE Klingon try to rip off Nero’s head with his bare hands… Thats the kind of attitude, dying but dying with honour and dying out of the ignorance that the Klingon race is far better than any other race in the galaxy – but what made them that way? that’s where the supreme court comes in and Trek 2012 begins.

28. weyoun_9 - October 25, 2010

I think Klingons are as quintessential to Star Trek, particularly TOS-era, asthe Joker and Commissioner Gordon are to Batman. They also gave Star Trek a sinister villain through which to address cold war issues, if I’m not mistaken. I think using the Klingons can be just as effective today. I also think that it’s important to keep the ridges. Update them if they must, fine, but it’s a pretty recognizable look. Yes, TOS, no ridges, but I believe it was Roddenberry who said they updated the look for The Motion Picture because they finally had the budget to do so. The ridged look is what he/they determined they wanted the Klingons to be and I think it’s important to keep that. If you want to do a different makeup, then come up with a new race and go from there.

29. Harry Ballz - October 25, 2010


Oh, so you know her?? Fun gal, non? Bon!

Nice one, thebiggfrogg! :>)

30. Gary Neumann - October 25, 2010

From the situation that presented the movie

– The Federation lost one of core worlds
– The Klingons lost a big fleet

The romulans are doing just fine… i think they might intervene ;-) (remember balance of terror!)

31. Gary Neumann - October 25, 2010

Oh and btw, please dont make klingons as stupid as in TNG, make them more TOS like, their ships rock and they seem quite intelligent, if they were as dumb as TNG portrays them, i really cant see how these people got an empire after all!

32. KingDaniel - October 25, 2010

I’d love to see a combo of bumpy headed and human-fusion Klingons. Don’t explain it – longtime fans who’ve read the old novels or seen the Enterprise episodes will know what’s going on, and to everyone else the “Klingon Empire” is simply diverse like the Federation.

Also, don’t have the different types of Klingons treat each other differently in any way – sort of applying Trek’s values to the bad guys, too (although they, of course, see all non-Klingon species as inferior)

33. Captain Rickover - October 25, 2010

# 20
As far as I understood the klingon biology, the ridges are part of their skull. So, they can’t move, they are bones! And a formidable weapon to crack one poor redshirts skull (I wonder why we never have seen something like that in any movie?)

As for the new movie, I think a mix of ridges would be the best. Some with bigger ridges like the TNG-turtlehead for the warrior caste and smaller ridges (Chang, Kruge & Co) for the officer caste. But non No-ridge-Klingons. That would be a complete backstep from Roddenberrys vision for the Klingons – even if Enterprise created a mostly satisfying story why we never have seen a ridged Klingon in TOS.

34. Captain Rickover - October 25, 2010

# 32
I can’t agree. I think Bob & Co should go deeply in to klingon culture (if the movie is about the Klingons as main villains) and portray them as an complete anti-federation. They should be brute, arrogant and over-selfconfident conquerors with great differences and social conflicts between the leader, warrior and the worker-classes (something we never have seen in klingon society).

35. JefferyWright - October 25, 2010

Definitely Klingons, definitely the bad guys. Enough of this post-TNG politically correct crap, I want ruthless and brutal Klingons.

Avoid the DS9 Klingon space opera rubbish at all costs, if anything model them after the Harkonnens in the feudal empire society of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

36. naHQun - October 25, 2010


It’s a new timeline, so we can have the Klingons conquer the Federation and turn all of the Humans to kuve.

37. Damian - October 25, 2010

I am mixed on Klingons, mainly because they have been explored in great detail over the years. I wouldn’t rule them out, but I’m not sure what new direction we can go in. We’ll see.

I am ok with ridges. The only thing I’ve noted before is to stay consistent with the Enterprise episodes that explain why they lacked ridges in the original series. What I mean is don’t suddenly come up with some new explanation that contradicts what happened there. I actually thought that was a little ingenious. I gave them kudos for trying to come up with a reason to explain the difference in appearance, and genetic engineering seemed a good way to go. Phlox even noted that someday they may come up with a way to reverse the effect, which was obviously done because Kor, Kang and Koloth appeared with ridges on DS9.

Also, I think the development of the Klingons through TNG and DS9 was well thought out. To constantly portray them as meanspirited villain would have been one dimensional. The later shows added new dimension to Klingon culture. Honor is very important in that culture, and signs of that can be seen even in Kor on ” Errand of Mercy,” where he says he respects Kirk. It was explained why Klingons and the Federation became allies well also, that they realized the Federation had some honor after all. Especially after the Enterprise-C sacrificed itself to try to save a Klingon outburst. I’ll never forget Data saying that would be seen as a meaningful act of honor and may have averted a war.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on Klingons. Just keep in mind what has been done with Klingons before, especially with to ridge or not to ridge debate and how it was dealt with on Enterprise.

38. Damian - October 25, 2010

37–outpost, not outburst (I have to learn to PROOFREAD before posting).

39. doubting_thomas - October 25, 2010

seeing as they’ve already junked with continuity, they might as well ignore enterprise.

40. Myself - October 25, 2010

I thought they made them wear the hemets because they no longer have the ridges due to what happened in ENT and now they’re self-conscious about it.

41. Ralph F - October 25, 2010

The problem is that there’s been too much Star Wars mixed into Star Trek. Ryan Church’s ENTERPRISE is a prime example; looks like something the Naboo would design.

42. Tyrone Alfonso - October 25, 2010

Don’t know why my first post was erased. Shoot me an email if you thought I said something offensive.

43. Doug Skywalker - October 25, 2010

Klingons without ridges are like Romulans/Vulcans without pointed ears.

44. Shaun - October 25, 2010

“The problem is that there’s been too much Star Wars mixed into Star Trek.”

i actually do not see that as a problem. i’m one of the old-school fans, and i happen to appreciate the adrenaline j.j. brought to star trek. but i must admit it would be nice to see some long tracking shots of the enterprise (as seen in tmp)…and any ancillary starships. some of us can actually pay attention for long periods of time.

45. Captain Rickover - October 25, 2010

# 41 Ralph F
I can’t see any connection between the Enterprise, Ryan Chruch, Star Wars and the Klingons.

# 37 Damian
I can’t agree. TNG and DSN added some cultural aspects of the Klingon society. Mostly around mythology, wedding ceremonies and honor, honor, honor, honor and honor. But the conqueror-aspects from their culture were completley left out and if you want so search for a bit more different Klingon characters you have to go back to Star Trek VI. After more than 300 Episodes of TNG, DSN, VOY and ENT, the Klingons are still a one-dimensional culture. It’s time to make them the bad guys again. Honor could still be a important factor in their culture, but their culture shouldn’t be all about honor. That’s boring and dull.

46. Pensive's Wetness - October 25, 2010

ARE THE MASKS worn during the interogation deleted scene to imply that the augment desease/what-ever (from the results of what happened in ENT) the cause of the masks (from shame, perhaps?)

47. T'cal - October 25, 2010

You Klingon bastard! You killied my son!

I would like to see the Klingons as the antagonist in STXII. I quote Kruge because he is my favorite Klingon (next to Worf) and the truest to the Klingon archetype: intelligent, honorable, brave, strong, ruthless, brutal, etc. That’s the kind I want to know about, not the political, dishonorable, selfish kind we saw too often. I hope they aren’t written as one-dimensional bad guys. Their cause must be seen as just as much as the Federations. A story about a moral dilema would be great.

48. T'cal - October 25, 2010

Oops! I quoted Kirk speaking to Kruge. Sorry

49. Kirk, James T. - October 25, 2010

@41 I kind of see where your coming from but I have to disagree that too much Star Wars has been injected into Star Trek – what has been taken from Star Wars and applied to Star Trek is the sense of adventure that, before Star Wars, Star Trek had!

The design of the Enterprise is utterly beautiful I think and just like the original Enterprise, the design takes inspiration from the era we live in today. Sleek, ipod-like but totally believable and 100% Enterprise in it’s silhouette.

I loved the look of the Klingons in the 2009 movie. Maybe if they were physically taller than Humanoids though, making them around 9ft and huge! Not blue though! :P

50. nuKirk - October 25, 2010

Page obviously doesn’t understand… I like his concept on ridgeheaded klingons vs. unridged klingons being akin to different races of humanity, but Enterprise, the only Trek truly canon in the nuVerse, states clearly the unridged Klingons are a result of genetic engineering via an experiment trying to create Klingon Augments…basically the nonridged Klingons are part human…

51. devonp - October 25, 2010

I don’t care if the Klingons appear or not, but do not drastically alter them. I prefer ridges, but with or without them please do not contradict Enterprise’s brilliant explanation of why some Klingons were ridgeless during TOS! I also vote for Arex and M’Ress to be included to tie in the animated Trek after all these years, just like Uhura’s 1st name: Nyota after 40+ years of Trek history… now it is official! With today’s technology the Edoan/Triexian Arex and the Caitian/Felinoid M’Ress would look awesome on the big screen and add alien species to the Enterprise crew complement.

52. George - October 25, 2010

Dear Lord… do we HAVE to screw around with the look of the Klingons?

Why? I understand that everyone wants to make their “mark” on the franchise but if we start messing around with the established (and, incidentally, canon – even in the new universe) appearance of a MAJOR alien race, where does it end?

Don’t get me wrong: I really liked Star Trek and thought they did a good job on just about every aspect but this is bordering on stupidity. Where does it stop? Two heads on a Vulcan? Third eyeball for Romulans? Kirk a female?

Can’t wait to watch Captain Jane T. Kirk and her two-headed first officer embark on a new adventure.

53. Damian - October 25, 2010

#46–I think that was their way of leaving ambiguous whether they were ridged or not. If the scene had been included I think they did not want the focus of the movie to be whether they were following how the Klingons looked in later shows/movies or from the original series. The Klingons would have had a minor role.

#45–I agree that if Klingons were shown they should be like their original series counterparts. That is the time frame we are dealing with and they should act and be the Klingons of that time frame, warriors and conquerors. I just want them to be more than token bad guys. I always liked Kor and Kang. They were the bad guys, but you could see they had an honor code. They weren’t just bred killing machines. Some of the novels explained that after Khitomer, Klingons started to revere Kahless more and Kahless had a strict code of honor. Hence, the Klingons of TNG through DS9 were still dangerous, but they had an honored martial arts type of warrior culture. I thought Martok was an excellent character that showed this the best. To me, they gave Klingons more depth. But the Klingons in the new movie should be warlike like they were in the original series. I just prefer them to be like Kor or Kang, as opposed to mindless butchers.

54. Khan was Framed! - October 25, 2010


Well, duh!

Obviously they are bones, but your forehead is bone too & the skin & muscle tissue over it moves when you express your emotions, so should the Klingons.

The static foreheads of TNG & so forth are outdated makeup FX. I wnat to JJ’s company bring them more to life, just as they did with the new aliens they introduced in the first movie.

55. Damian - October 25, 2010

52–I think they were making the point that you can’t suddenly have 9 ft tall or blue Klingons. He was simple stating that there are differences among Klingons and he’d like to work with that. But I think they would still be obviously Klingons.

56. star trackie - October 25, 2010

“Make sense of those physical features which they typically have, which are the ridged foreheads.

Well, I don’t like em, but if you haave to make sense of it, go no further than th first movie. Roddenberry designed the ridges to be a natural extension of the spine, up and around the head. That’s all you need to know….the swirly. every Klingon is unique crap that started with Trek 3 and continued to absurd proportions in TNG is best forgotten. I hope we don’t see them at all in the next movie, but if we do I hope they are restored to their TOS splendor. I used to love to hate them. Now I just hate them.

57. TBW - October 25, 2010

35, I don’t know what made you think the Klingons in TNG were politically correct. I found them far more interesting than the TOS Klingons. Why? You don’t care? Doesn’t matter.

The thing about a lot of science fiction, especially some sort of Earth-based, US/UN modeled sci-fi, is that there is usually, at some point, some sort of warlike monolithic antagonist (as a counter to the do-gooding, individualistic humans). The post-TOS Klingons (because there’s not THAT much change from TNG to DS9) put a twist on that paradigm by having the Klingons be a traditional antagonist that happens to be an ally. I know this isn’t usually the place for any sort of sentiment that isn’t some version of pro-TOS, anti-everything else but, well, the Klingons are as “stupid” as Gary Neumann thinks (which, as an aside, is an excellent way to get away with not having to argue a point).

58. Desstruxion - October 25, 2010

Give us some new and unique Klingon ship designs. That bird of prey has been done to death. Same for the cruisers.

59. N - October 25, 2010

oh no, now this guy want to redesign Roddenberrys vision. Thumbs down.

60. N - October 25, 2010

These guy aren’t barbarians. So please no long hair. I want TOS uniforms mixed with the ST- the motion pictures ridges. No TNG Klingon look or act. This is a space faring race!

61. They call me Stasiu - October 25, 2010

For the new Klingons, I think they can do something that draws mainly from TOS like Kor, which the above eye makeup pictures remind me of (and they look great!). Perhaps the ridges on the helmet are purely decorative to make up for what they lost in the Augments fiasco.

62. N - October 25, 2010

18. Great point. Same deal with Tattoo’s & Piercings they are trendy and lame having all evil guys look like that.

63. Starbase Britain - October 25, 2010

9# agree once again Harry :o)

Im a bit tired of the Klingons to be honest and im especially bored of the head ridges. Lets use this new Time Line to full effect and go for something completely different. For me personally, i think most of the best Trek happened without the Klingons.


64. subatoi - October 25, 2010

1. A question he shoult have been asked is – will he change the look he made for the first film. I mean, he already made Klingons.
2. As long as they’ll still remind us they’re Klingons, it’s fine. Unlike the poor romulans…

65. Jack2211 - October 25, 2010

Really? I thought the Romulans looked fantastic in the last flick.

66. Captain Rickover - October 25, 2010

# 53 Damian
I agree. Worf was cool and a great character with his enduring conflicts and his über-honor. Martok was a great character too, well fitted for the DSN-universe and it’s kind of storytelling. But every minor Klingon – from Gowron, to the Duras-sisters or the commander-of-the-week – they all were just morons and behave like cavemen. Kor was great, but a bit vicious, like a Nazi-commander from the good old WW-II-movies. For me, Kang was the best of all TOS-Klingons. Koloth was a joke and I won’t speak of all the other idiots and cowards (Kras was his name, if I’m right) from TOS. Kruge was great, also was Chang (the Shakespearean) and on the opposite side Gorkon the Wise. That’s what I want to see. Many different klingon characters in ONE movie; like in Star Tek VI.

67. Captain Realistic - October 25, 2010

Klingons are suppose to have ridges, plain and simple. They were approved by Rodenberry for TMP and they were kept that way since…. so that means they have ridges whether you want them to or not.

Rodenberry said he wanted the Klingons to have ridges in TOS but didn’t have the bucks to do it.

TOS is a blueprint for what Star Trek would become. Whether you POST TNG haters won’t admit is that TOS is so small compared to the movies, TNG, VOYAGER, DS9, ENT, that the amount of information to pull from is logically going to be from those times…. not TOS. TOS was a rough draft, and anything after the movies is all canon, and the real Trek. Whether you want to believe that or not, it is the truth, even ST09 was designed off of the events of TNG……. it’s a sad but true fact for people who think that TOS is the real Trek…. it’s not. Great blue print…. but like all pilots…. a lot can change…..

68. Larry - October 25, 2010

It should stay with canon. From Enterprise they still had the ridges but nothing like Worf’s. They were there but barely. You can still make them look alien.

69. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 25, 2010

Hey Ballzy,

If the episode that Vulcan lass is in would be translated for the French, she would be T’Loose Le Trek!

70. Bob Tompkins - October 25, 2010

Klingons have been such an integral part of star Trek from early on, it fits in with the ‘known villain’ leak, Koloth? Kang?

What is Trek without the Klingons? I was disappointed they were cut from the first film- but understand why- and would love to see a director’s cut reintegrating the footage. It would make Nero’s story hang together so much better. I took a non Trekker to the new Trek and the big question was WTF did Nero do for all those years? They must have been incredibly bored.

71. Harry Ballz - October 25, 2010


Hate to break it to ya, BS, but take a look at post #26.

…..and a swing and a miss! :>)

72. Red Dead Ryan - October 25, 2010


Not everyone can hit a home run Harry…..

73. Harry Ballz - October 25, 2010


Hey! I’ve always got my bases loaded!

“red, red wine…..”

74. Red Dead Ryan - October 25, 2010


With your top (wine) pitcher on the mound!

75. Harry Ballz - October 25, 2010

….and, after a few drinks, if I play my cards right, I end up on “the mound”!


76. Red Dead Ryan - October 25, 2010


Or “The Mound”, which may weigh many a pound, may end up on you!

77. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 25, 2010

Damn and I’ve spent years waiting for such an opportunity like that.

best stick to sweeping the stage me thinks.

…and Harry….”how will playing cards help?”…

78. Chadwick - October 25, 2010

Let the rumors start. As in the past recent movie discussion I am sticking to my guns that the Klingons will be the main protagonists. The simple fact that they cut every single last bit of Klingon out of the 2009 movie except for Uhura mentioning them. If I were writer, or producer, or director – when planing for a sequel – I would indeed see the benefit of removing the Klingons from the first movie to save for a GLORIOUS sequel. The last time we saw decent Klingons was in 1991’s Undiscovered Country NOT Generations. UC was the last movie quality, movie budget Klingon almost 20 years! The small parts regarding the Duras sisters all seem like TNG quality, hell when Riker destroys the Klingon ship the scene where the ship blows up is taken right out of the battle in Undiscovered Country, you all know that, its the same ship exploding. There were no Klingons in the TNG films.

20 years!……So then just imagine what we could do with todays technology and todays talent!

79. Chadwick - October 25, 2010

Or the helmets imply that they are smooth faced because of the human augment gene and need to keep the aura of the ridged warrior. Klingons would still be ashamed of this. But on the other hand, 23rd century I am sure Klingon tech would allow cosmetic ridges to be applied very easily. But I say the go with smooth face and ridged helmet.

80. Mel - October 25, 2010

I hope there won’t be any Klingons. There are so many other cool alien races they could use.

81. N - October 25, 2010

Please ignore the whole ridge non-ridge issue. This is an alternate universe. The Klingons have ridges & thats it.

82. Harry Ballz - October 25, 2010


I think we have different definitions for “mound”. What are yours?

83. Red Dead Ryan - October 25, 2010


Jabba The Hutt :-)

84. Harry Ballz - October 25, 2010


Oh, that’s just nasty!

……….and on so many levels!

85. CDR Arch - October 26, 2010

I want the Klingons from Mike Ford’s “The FInal Reflection” those were Klingons I could belive in!! The Vikings/ Klingons were never as intersting.

86. Julie - October 26, 2010

In Gene Roddenberry’s biography it talked about how he hated the way Klingons were used in TOS. Some writer created them as minor villains for use in one episode and other writers copied the idea. That is why Worf was made a member of Starfleet in TNG.

I personally think the best Star Trek episodes were those that didn’t have villains, but focused instead on the wonder of exploration and befriending new races. Episodes where they depended on brains rather than fire power. Corbomite Manuever, Balance of Terror. To me, that is what Star Trek was all about. That is why TOS has maintained its appeal.

87. Mike - October 26, 2010

I think the founders from the ST Deep Space 9 series actually would provide a much more interesting enemy for the federation, and seeing as the timeline has been changed anyway, it wouldn’t break with Trek canon for the hardcore trekkies.

Just think of the special effects, ability to develop complex plot-lines, plus also the scope to dig into the history of the shapeshifters some more…….DS9 didn’t really expand on their origins much as far as I can recall, so that leaves lots of opportunity for the likes of JJ Abrams to write his own storyline.

88. CCR - October 26, 2010

YEAH NO Khan!!! The Khan from the series was so boring, just a bad person with attitude, but the Khan from the movie, the hatred and revenge and the overall dispise, now that was great but how would you get the Khan of STWOK without the Khan of the series

89. Chadwick - October 26, 2010

8% no Klingons vs 92% for (villain or not) HA!

90. El_Nastro - October 27, 2010

How bout aliens that actuall look….alien?

ST “aliens” have always been mockingly stupid. We all know it.

In 2010 there’s no reason they can’t do truly alien-looking creatures, and I’m NOT talking about amorphous energy-blobs.

It’s time to take us beyond humans-with-bumpy-heads.

91. skyjedi2005 - October 27, 2010

Conflict is what made the original series great. So why not Klingon’s as the bad guys. And i mean dark and scary Klingon’s not honorable warrior race political correctness.

92. Jay - October 27, 2010

Klingons have always had ridges. Rodenberry said he always envisioned them that way. Period. End of discussion.

The Enterprise story, while entertaining, was completely unecessary. They always had ridges. Never did Klingons exist without ridges.

The only reason they didn’t have them in TOS was because of a lack of budget. No other reason. There is no need to create a silly plot to explain it.

It amazes me sometimes how close minded and unimaginative Trek fans can be at times.

Once Rodenberry had the budget to create things the way he always envisioned them, Klingons got their ridges, and they have had them ever since. It would be stupid to remove them now so they can look like the non-budget version from the 60’s show.

Might as well put the card-board set of the bridge in the movie too while you are at it. After all, there weren’t glass panels and touch screens in TOS.


93. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 27, 2010


Well Ballzy, I thinking of more along the lines of Saxon burial mound…

94. Trevor John - October 27, 2010

You gotta have the ridges. Roddenberry said that’s the way he’d envisioned them all along.

95. Trevor John - October 27, 2010

I think some people are still delusional in their hopes for ANYTHING from Next Gen, DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise to show up in the new continuity in anything other than teeny blurbs. They would never use the Founders. As far as the new writers are concerned, nobody who matters watched DS9.

Sadly, they’re pretending those sequel shows to TOS, with some minor exceptions, never existed, because all that matters is rebooting TOS, not “rebooting the franchise.”

96. Charles Roller - November 3, 2010

I have been a fan since TOS debuted in 63′. And I admit, some sequels I’ve liked better than others. The main thing is, Star Trek has been a great fun ride all these years and I hope the ride continues. I know this will sound goofy but to me a world without Star Trek would have a little less magic.

I’m very impressed with the new Star Trek treatment. It somehow managed to remain true to Roddenberry’s vision while being new and exciting and leaving me wanting the next installment as soon as possible. Much is made of Roddenberry’s “vision” of hope for the future and should be kept in mind as the franchise boldly keeps on keeping on. (Using contemporary sensibilities and not being too preachy of course).

Anyway, as Spoc says, “Thrusters on full…” I want to see the next chapter sooner rather than later.

97. Harry Ballz - November 3, 2010

So, Charles, when you get drunk in Vegas, do they call you a “High Roller”? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.