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Rosario Dawson Will Do ‘Anything’ To Be In Star Trek Sequel November 10, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Fandom,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Rosario Dawson is one of TrekMovie’s favorite famous Trekkies and once again she is talking about Star Trek. The actress appears in Chris Pine’s new movie Unstoppable and while promoting it she is again saying how much she wants to be in the Star Trek sequel, watch it below.


Rosario wants in to Trek

While talking to Collider about Unstoppable, Dawson again lets out her inner Trekkie, saying she is willing to do anything in the next Star Trek movie. Watch it.

Rosario says:

I love J.J. [Abrams]—I got a whole petition that’s been going on on Twitter that I could maybe be in the next film. Like, just a Klingon, something, like anything at one point, [and] just go out there and say ‘Qapla’ or something; and then I’d be happy, I’d be very, very satisfied.

Speaking of the Twitter petition, Roasrio may be referring to one started by TrekMovie following her reply to one of our tweets back in September. Sounds like it is time once again to promote #rosariodawsoninstartrek.

Rosario Dawson and Chris Pine backstage at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards – even adding some forehead ridges they would still look good together

Rosario’s love for Trek is not something that has come around because of the 2009 Star Trek movie. She first came to our attention back in 2007 when she spoke Klingon on the old Conan O’Brian Show. If you missed it, here it is again:


Rosario in Trek?

What do you think? Should JJ give her a part?

Rosario Dawson in Star Trek sequel?

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1. Harry Seldom - November 10, 2010

Don’t you think we should at least see what characters are IN the movie, before we cast them?

2. Saturnynian - November 10, 2010

Uhura’s nevr-before-mentioned sister, perhaps?

3. Vultan - November 10, 2010

My choice for Uhura.
Sorry, Zoe.

4. AJ - November 10, 2010

A fetching T’Pring?

5. Mary Czerwinski - November 10, 2010

I think she would have made a stronger Uhura than Zoe Saldana for sure. Too bad she didn’t speak up sooner.

6. TheCap - November 10, 2010

Just don’t be cliche and make her a Klingon.

7. - November 10, 2010

Good lord JJ get her cast before she bursts an eps conduit or something

8. NCC-73515 - November 10, 2010

Borg Queen.

9. nuSpock - November 10, 2010

Another avid Trekfan: Eliza Dushku, best known as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and another person who should be in the next film.

10. Imrahil - November 10, 2010

Casting couch invitation.

11. Phil - November 10, 2010

More alternate universe – Kor, perhaps?

12. Losira - November 10, 2010

If Kang was in the sequil. She would make a great Mara Kang’s Mate(wife) and science officer.

13. Dunsel Report - November 10, 2010

Rosario Dawson would make a great Janice Lester.

14. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 10, 2010

She would great as T Pring. Or maybe another. She would be a Great Dr. Or she can be a lt in Star Fleet. But what ever I say get her in the Movie. .

15. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 10, 2010

She would be great as Lt Marlana.

16. Joe Sidney - November 10, 2010


Good call!

17. ety3 - November 10, 2010

#12 —

Oooh. Kang and Mara. That’d be good.

18. BringBackTrek - November 10, 2010

#8 She is way too vivacious for a Borg Queen. I agree with Vultan that she would have made a mucher better Uhura than Zoe. Mara would be a great role for her as well but – PLEASE – if we must have ridged Klingons, go easy on her. She is way too beautiful to have things plastered all over her and don’t destroy her lovely smile by going Lursa and B’Etor on her teeth either.

19. Bill Peters - November 10, 2010

She has my Vote, how do I get to her Twitter account? Also I think she would make a great Klingon! Make it so Bob Orci!

20. Geodesic17 - November 10, 2010

If she plays a Klingon, she could be a B’Ellana Tores ancestor.

21. Greenhorn - November 10, 2010

She can be Starbuck; no, wait, that’s the other franchise….

Yeah, I like the T’Pring angle – she survived Vulcan’s destruction and Uhura learns Spock was betrothed to her.

22. Captain Dunsel - November 10, 2010

In Hollywood, it’s not usually being willing to do anything, but anyONE…

23. Lt. Bailey - November 10, 2010

After all, who wouldn’t want to be in a Star Trek film?????

Every fan that attended the Vegas Con would jump at the chance to be in one for any part. You could say, its in our blood.

So why not have Rosario in the film???

24. Danya - November 10, 2010

I would love it if the new movie had a female Klingon villain.

25. captain_neill - November 10, 2010

Cool I did not know Rosario was a trekkie.

I would jump at the chance to chance to be in any Star Trek. Berman era Trek as well as JJ because I hate the mainstream mentality that seems to imply that this new movie is the only good Trek.

Its all good.

26. CommanderJacobs - November 10, 2010

Hey James Cawley got a bit part in the first one, so here’s hopin Rosario and Eliza get cast SOMEWHERE in this flick…
Rosario – Romulan something
Eliza – Orion Slave Girl – not just a ‘green’ Starfleet undergrad…
Me as Admiral Komack

27. Travis - November 10, 2010

Rosario= Dr. Carol Marcus…..

28. Kev-1 - November 10, 2010

Would have loved to see her as Uhura had the casting been for a non academy (youth oriented) continuation. Don’t know if its ever a good idea to say you’ll do “anything”. She’s probably joking, though.

29. CommanderJacobs - November 10, 2010

BTW – Ridged Klingons are rare at this point in the timeline, or at least they should be. If anyone saw the special features version of the movie, the Klingon interogating Nero had a helmet that emulated the ridges, but was probly hiding a smooth forehead and the shame that comes with it. Back when ST:TMP came out, there was some hoopla on the new makeup, and someone with the movie said there was 2 species of Klingons, some with ridges, some without (like potatoe chips), but I like the STAR TREK:Enterprise explanation better, especially since
we have seen Kang, Kor and Koloth, with and without ridges.

30. DJT - November 10, 2010

Rosario = most perfect woman. Ever.

But me thinks I’m going to start my own petition. Because that would really work for me. “Look, I’m totally nobody, but I’ve got this petition. It’s got a couple of signatures. A couple of those, I didn’t even have to beg for. I really think I should be in this movie.”

31. Weerd1 - November 10, 2010

She’s rather talented as well, so I’d love to see her there.

32. Bucky - November 10, 2010

Dawson as T’Pring! Keri Russell as Number One! A hell of a lot more Rachel Nicols as Gaila. In her underwear, frequently.

33. Lukas Ketner - November 10, 2010

Maybe she could do a newer more powerful take on Ymn. Rand?

34. Denny - November 10, 2010

Pines got a real season 2 Shat-do going on there

35. Bob Tompkins - November 10, 2010

Nurse Chapel? Perfect competition for Uhura.

36. The Original Spock's Brain - November 10, 2010

No. I do not like her…

37. joe - November 10, 2010

Is the only reason she wants to be in the movie is because she loves J.J.? What about this? Do you love Star Trek? I don’t know. That’s the way it seems to me, that it is only because she loves J.J. I hope I’m wrong.

38. RobertZ - November 10, 2010

If the next movie is about Khan, she could play T’Pring. That is say the Enterprise is relocating surviving Vulcans. While doing so they discover the Botany Bay, and instead of Marla McGivers helping Khan, its T’Pring. Oh the possibilties.
No strike that, strike that.

39. Phil - November 10, 2010

Didn’t Rachel Nichols die in the last one? The fleet was in tiny pieces over Vulcan when Enterprise showed up. Hey, here’s a thought – if Sulu remembered to release the parking brake, Enterprise whould have been with the rest of the fleet as it was being blown to bits – if Nero recognized Enterprise, would he have stood down from attacking the entire fleet? Is Sulu feeling a bit guilty about that, that hundreds, possibly thousands of fresh Academy grads met their end because of his mistake??

No more therapy for today…

40. Shaun - November 10, 2010

#32 “Dawson as T’Pring! Keri Russell as Number One!”

i agree with both of your suggestions. keri russell is a fabulous actress!

“A hell of a lot more Rachel Nicols as Gaila. In her underwear, frequently.”

yes! but sadly, i think her character perished above vulcan.

41. Paul B. - November 10, 2010

Rosario Dawson as the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident” would be my dream. :)

42. Jaykay - November 10, 2010

Give her a role, she WANTS one, so give her one she’ll be proud of, no cameo. A decent meaningful role, she doesn’t have to a baddie etc

43. MJ - November 10, 2010

“Rosario Dawson Will Do ‘Anything’ To Be In Star Trek Sequel

No, I am not going there! LOL

44. Danpaine - November 10, 2010


45. Balok - November 10, 2010

The ultimate Trekkie’s girlfriend…

46. Chadwick - November 10, 2010

And I would do anything to have Rosario in the new Star Trek movie.

@44 took the words out of my mouth bro. Sexy, talented, funny, she is a jewel.

47. Jonboc - November 10, 2010

Would’ve been a fantastic Uhura. being a fan, how did she not audition for that role? and if she did, how did she not get it? Zoe is great, but having seen Dawson’s work, I think she would have been a better choice. But yeah, put her in Trek, could only add to the already fabulous cast.

48. gingerly - November 10, 2010

The title of this post. :)

I see what you did there.


Nope. Rosario is a bonafied geek. She produced a comicbook series and everything.

Love Rosario, but she doesn’t quite pass as a native of U.S.A, um the United States of Africa, that is.

I’m glad they got Zoe. :) Good to not see another X-Men, Storm repeat, where Hollywood casts the lightest-skinned actress they can find to play a role where a darker-skinned actress would make more sense.

49. Jeyl - November 10, 2010

I vote yes for many reasons.

1. She’s an awesome actress.
2. The obvious. The writers will have to write in more female characters.

50. Another Q - November 10, 2010

(1) I liked Zoe as Uhura too much for anyone else to
play the part.
(2) Rosario is talented too and she could play anything
she’s cast to. I’m sure there will be plenty to chose

51. gingerly - November 10, 2010

…That said, I do hope we see her (or not depending on the make-up) in the next Trek!

52. Randall - November 10, 2010

Yeah, nothing against Zoe Saldana…. except that she’s too slim for Uhura… but Rosario Dawson LOOKS the part more.

53. CAPT KRUNCH - November 10, 2010

how bout the Romulan Commander! for sure, T’Pring would be too stoic for her personality, but an angry seductive Romulan would be hot!

54. Bucky - November 10, 2010

39 – we didn’t see Galia die. Sides, she’s too hot to die. First one to the escape pod because she’s sexy.

55. Dac - November 10, 2010

She is just awesome.

If I were writing this film (i’m not) i’d give her the role of the youngest Captain in starfleet after Kirk, let him and her bash heads a little on how she worked for her command and how Kirk just kinda swooped in there. A little meat between her and Chris would be nice.

Of course, ultimately Kirk would end up sleeping with said Captain, but come on. I just want her to have her own ship and smack Kirk around a bit. That would make everyone happy.

56. Anthony Thompson - November 10, 2010

Bob, write her in! She’s so cute and personable! But make sure she’s an organic part of the story. ; )

57. Dee - November 10, 2010

Well she loves JJAbrams! … gave a kiss on CP’S mouth at the Unstoppable premiere! … speaks Klingon! … but I doubt she gets a role in Star Trek Sequel! .. is only a guess, Rosario! … I may be wrong! … HAHAHAHAHAH!

58. Richpit - November 10, 2010

I’d vote for her…I don’t care in what role.

59. oogaboogawooga - November 10, 2010

Mr. Orci, I second the masses. Write her in. I’d make her an original character, though. I’ll leave it to those in charge to decide what kind of character she should be, but I’d make it a big one. Her enthusiasm could only bring good things to the movie. The world needs more enthusiastic people.

60. Red Dead Ryan - November 10, 2010

As much as I like Rosario Dawson, I have to say no. I’m not sure what she’d play, plus just because she’s a Trekkie doesn’t mean she should feel entitled to a part in the sequel.

J.J Abrams would do well to not hire actors/actresses on the basis of being a Trekkie. Nor should he hire those who only want to be in the sequel just because they want to work with him.

Maybe I’m cynical. But its the way I feel.

61. Tony Whitehead - November 10, 2010

If she’s going to be in the film, can we at least get a steady shot of her for at least a second or two? I still have to have the Dramamine nearby, no matter how much i liked ST09. Would be nice to see if any still rents a tripod, nowadays.

62. MC1 Doug - November 10, 2010

Okay, this time, right thread… respectfully, who is Rosario Dawson?

63. CarlG - November 10, 2010

@62: A actress who is also a really, really, hot geek.

IMdB is your friend. :)

64. Phil - November 10, 2010

54. Bucky – November 10, 2010

Well, we didn’t see anyone die in the armada. Considering the fleet was reduced to scraps of tin foil, probably a good bet she’s dead.

On the other hand, someone could have stuffed her into R2D2. The possibilities are….nah, she’s dead.

65. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - November 10, 2010

BRING HER IN!!!!!!!!!

66. capri - November 10, 2010

She would be great to do a cameo as Lieutenant Charlene Masters

67. anti-matter - November 10, 2010

she should play Carol Marcus. That would be great!

68. - November 10, 2010

I think i would do anything to get her into the sequel too.

69. keachick - November 10, 2010

No Carol Marcus ever!

I think that Rosario Dawson could make a good Klingon commander. Maybe she and Kirk find themselves attracted to each other and maybe enter into a clandestine relationship, but realise that it is really the wrong time, wrong place etc, bitter/sweet parting, maybe wistfully wondering if things would be any different 100 years from now…and no, this female Klingon commander does NOT die. Might just work.

Just an idea, that other people have also had about who Rosario Dawson could play and what kind of involvement her character could have in the sequel.

70. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - November 10, 2010

Of course.

71. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - November 10, 2010

59. ” The world needs more enthusiastic people.”

I like that.

72. mkloyalstartrekfan - November 10, 2010

I believe that she would most definitely make a very promising T’Pring.

73. Cap'n Kirk - November 10, 2010

Guys, she would make the PERFECT Klingon baddie! Kirk wouldn’t know whether to shoot at her or sleep with her. Perfect contrast to all Kirk’s previous baddies, and gives an added depth to their conflict. Remember how well Trekkies tend to do on Trek (talking about Karl Urban & Bob Orci specifically). Take advantage of her passion for it. 100% great idea

74. Harry Ballz - November 10, 2010

When the last movie was being cast did Rosario get a chance to audition for the part of Uhura? And if not, why not?

75. Mr.Scotty - November 10, 2010

Will she BJ a Ferengi for the part?! That’d be dedication

76. Cheve - November 11, 2010

As far as I’m concerned, Rosario can play any character in the saga. She has more b***s than Kirk, and I mean Kirk, not Shatner or Pine.

But if the rumor about Spock’s Vulcan fiancee T’Pring being in the movie is real, then I think the thing is over. Just cast her and move along.

77. Basement Blogger - November 11, 2010

Rosario should not be a Klingon. She’s got a great smile and is beautiful. That’s because, “Ugh! Klingon females are so repulsive.” That’s a joke, you Klingons, put down your batleths, it’s from Star Trek: Generations!

Anyway, Anthony previously had this idea. Say J.J. Abrams doesn’t want to direct. Rosario has done a movie with Quentin Tarantino (Deathproof) He lists Star Trek 2009 as no. 1 movie of 2009. (TrekMovie link below) Maybe we get a group deal here. You know where I’m going….

Quentin Tarantino directs Star Trek! Quentin Tarantino’s “Star Trek: Inglorious Federashun” (Federashun is not a typo. We’re already in an alternate reality just like “Inglorious Basterds” ) It would star Rosario Dawson as Saavik. Here’s the plot. A group of Vulcans accuse her of being a traitor for her half Romulan blood and kill her family. She goes on mission of vengeance.

R rated Star Trek! Think of these scenes. Kirk, Spock and McCoy with their phaser drawn, staring down a group of Klingons with their disrupters drawn in a Mexican standoff. Uhura who’s known to do a fan dance is now doing a batman dance in her Starfleet miniskirt and go-go boots. McCoy shoves a hypo into Sulu’s heart to revive him. Spock drops F bombs!

What about some Tarantino-Trek dialogue? Don’t worry no cussing.

Uhura: (concerned about the mission) Come back to me. I’ll be monitoring your frequencies.
Spock: Chill out honey bunny.

Final scene.

Spock: So we cool?
Kirk: Yeah, we cool.

Exterior. Space. The Enterprise is leaving orbit. We hear the twang of an electric guitar playing Alex Courage’s Star Trek theme in a surf rock style. The end.

Tarantino loves Star Trek (2009)

78. THX1128 - November 11, 2010

#9 to bad Eliza is very un fan friendly to her fans unless she is being paid for a convention appearance.She is notoriously bad out here with fan in L.A. when she goes to premieres and other apperances related to her movies and shows.

Rosario on the other hand loves her fans.

79. Stark C. - November 11, 2010

I would love to see her performance in an upcoming Trek film, if she loves what she is doing and has a passion for Star Trek then that would be a great combination towards any role in the film.

80. captain_neill - November 11, 2010


I think I agree with you.

I believe the writers need to concentrate on delivering a good story rather than it being a who’s who of trekkie celebs.


The reason Khan should not be in the nest film is that the last two have drawn upon TWOK and if you look at the last 3 movies the villain is a guy out for revenge. I think that’s another reason why we should have a diff type of villain in the next movie.

As much as I like Tarentino, I don’t think I would like him to direct Trek.
I am also a huge Tim Burton fan but to me Star Trek and Tim Burton’s style don’t work together.

But I agree with Tarantino that Star Trek XI was one of the top movies of 2009, despite the changes that I rant on about I have to admit I still love the movie.

81. raffie - November 11, 2010

I say get that woman a big role in the movie, and PLAY OUT HER SEX-APPEAL!

82. Jeyl - November 11, 2010


I don’t think so. They did that with Uhura in the last movie and all that role boiled down to was fresh reminder that even big time writers, directors and producers can all have delusional thoughts on how to make a female character actually mean something to the story, which Uhura does not. You could take her character out and it wouldn’t make a difference. Hanidy would still handle communications, Chekov would be the one issuing hails and Spock wouldn’t be wasting our time with a tacked on love story that serves no other purpose than, again, fill in the film maker’s delusions that a woman’s sole purpose should be to be the love thing of the centralized character because that’s all she is in the film.

If the makers of the next Trek movie want to put Rosario Dawson in the same mold, it will be an unfortunate event indeed.

83. Commander Captain Ambassador Spock - November 11, 2010

I say make her Nurse Chapel. We never saw her on screen in the first one and the alternate timeline Bones needs a needs a nurse. Especially a hot one.

84. RobertZ - November 11, 2010

@ 80 from @ 38

Just joking, really.

My hope is the next film will not have a badie or villian.

I think there are writers creative in ways to craft one, but is there an audience for one in these war and violence craven times?

85. Mel - November 11, 2010

I think I have never seen her in a movie or series, so I have no idea, if she is a good actress or not. Nevertheless it shouldn’t hurt, to gave her a cameo role.

86. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

I think we should go a bit beyond the obvious. Let’s make her a Captain.

87. The Riddler - November 11, 2010

Anythign eh?

I love a woman that’s beautiful and also a geek.

88. Desstruxion - November 11, 2010

Yes 86 I agree. Make her a captain or the chief villain.

89. Robert H. - November 11, 2010

How about Robin Williams as well? Since he too is a fellow Trekkie like Rosario

90. rogue_alice - November 11, 2010


91. rogue_alice - November 11, 2010

Fail! I can’t vote.

92. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

I voted big role. I’d rather watch a Star Trek with her as the Captain than that a&#*!@ NuKirk.

93. Sebastian - November 11, 2010

Give her a role, but please; don’t smother her in gobs of Klingon/Romulan/Ferengi silicon/latex makeup, OK?
She’s gorgeous…. let it show. Don’t ‘ugly her up.’

And no need to recast Zoe Saldana’s Uhura either (she did a great job);
but hey, maybe Uhura has a hot sister who’s also in Starfleet? ; )

94. Stan Winstone - November 11, 2010

Can I be in it too- I’ll do anything Rosario does better- ANYTHING!

95. Green-Blooded-Bastard - November 11, 2010

It’s my feeling that anyone that enthusiastic about a genre would work twice as hard to do well in it. I say give her a role, but make one up for her so she can make it her own. She wouldn’t have to share rights to it with a previous actor/actress. That and she would get her own Memory-Alpha entry :)

Nice that she has no apprehensions about speaking Klingon on national TV. That’s gotta count for something.

She seems really sweet.

96. Buzz Cagney - November 11, 2010

Of course she wants to be in it. Who doesn’t?

97. VZX - November 11, 2010

Dang, why can’t I meet girls like that in real life?

98. Daoud - November 11, 2010

We don’t have a ridges issue with MARA. Unlike Kor, she doesn’t appear in anything other than Day of the Dove.

As a young Klingon officer masquerading as a human (wouldn’t the Klingons take advantage of their Augment appearance?) undercover in Starfleet (hahah, a great tie in to JJ’s series) perhaps?

As for Gaila, GAILA LIVES! We don’t know that her ship went boom. Her ship could have headed to the Laurentian System fleet gathering under Garth.

99. sean - November 11, 2010

I’m okay with Eliza Dushku being in the new movie is she agrees to some acting classes between now and shooting. I loved her in Buffy/Angel, but anything else she’s been in (Dollhouse included – sorry Joss!) she’s had the emotional range of a doorknob.

Rosario, on the other hand, is awesome. Give her a part, JJ! Personally, I think she’d make a great Vulcan.

100. VOODOO - November 11, 2010

I say lets sign as many hot chicks as possible for the sequel : )

All kidding aside, I think she would be great in ST.

101. The First Son of Krypton - November 11, 2010

T’Pring, Mara (Kangs Mate), Janice Rand – any would do fine

I’d rather however, her be a new Character… a bad ass villain. Preferably Klingon or Vulcan

102. Red Dead Ryan - November 11, 2010


Jeyl, do you plan on staying bitter for the rest of your life? Star Trek is currently in the hands of J.J Abrams and its the only new source of entertainment we will have for a long time. I sugggest you accept that and chill out. You seem angry that everyone else is having fun and that you’re not. Every single comment that you post is about what you hated (which was everything apparently) about the new movie. Your rhetoric got tiresome a long time ago.

It’s time for you to let go of all your grudges against the new guys. They made a hit movie which most Trekkies enjoyed.

You don’t like “Star Trek”, fine, that’s your problem, not J.J’s, Bob Orci’s or anyone else’s. Time to get over it!

103. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

@102: “It’s time for you to let go of all your grudges against the new guys. They made a hit movie which most Trekkies enjoyed. You don’t like “Star Trek”, fine, that’s your problem, not J.J’s, Bob Orci’s or anyone else’s. Time to get over it!”

Uh, Red. It’s only a movie. Having an opinion on it and how it was handled isn’t really a big deal. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get so worked up over a person because they have an opinion that doesn’t match your own. You think I went into Star Trek wanting to hate it’s guts? No. I wanted to love it just like every single Star Trek episode/movie I ever wanted to see. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way and Trek09 fit that bill.

104. trekprincess - November 11, 2010

unfortunately there is fans that don’t like ST09:( let go of the grudges they have against nutrek and embrace and enjoy it:

105. Kirk, James T. - November 11, 2010

Yeah I’d love to see her in Star Trek 2! She seems really cool and fun and I think would be a great asset to this new Star Trek universe – who she plays – who knows but definitely she seems like she could really geek it up :D

cool :)

106. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

@104: “unfortunately there is fans that don’t like ST09:( let go of the grudges they have against nutrek and embrace and enjoy it:”

Sorry, but conformity is not a convincing strategy of persuading others that a product is good.

107. trekprincess - November 11, 2010

yes I agree with everything Red has said Jeyl I too enjoyed the new movie sure it’s different than past trek but is that such a big deal?

108. trekprincess - November 11, 2010

I am just stating my view :) I’m not forcing anyone to like nutrek if that’s what you’re thinking

109. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

@108: “I’m not forcing anyone to like nutrek if that’s what you’re thinking”

No, you’re just telling us to, and I quote “let go of the grudges they have against nutrek and embrace and enjoy it:” Clearly that sort of suggestion stems from your ability to respect the opinion of others.

110. trekprincess - November 11, 2010

well whatever I’m not discussing this with other fans but it’s true you do have a lot of hatred for Abrams Trek face the fact.

111. Red Dead Ryan - November 11, 2010


“It’s only a movie.”

Right. Time to take your own advice and let it go. What is done is done. It cannot be undone.

You’re entitled to your own opinions and that is fine, but what bothers us is that you don’t seem to contribute any POSITIVE opinions about anything on this site. I don’t have a problem with you not liking the new movie, I just don’t understand why you feel the need to keep going on about it on every thread.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to get so worked up over a person because they have an opinion that doesn’t match your own.”

I will refer to your previous post #92

“I voted big role. I’d rather watch a Star Trek with her as the Captain than that a&#*!@ nuKirk.”

Hmmm………sounds to me that it is you who is worked up!

112. Khan was Framed! - November 11, 2010

Rosario rules, she hot, smart & funny; she should definitely be in the sequel.

She would make a great rival for Uhura or conquest for Kirk.

I could see her as a Klingon, one of Mudd’s women or the Dohlman of Elas.

She’s pretty versatile; look at the difference between her roles in Sin City & Clerks 2.

113. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - November 11, 2010

Rosario will do anything to be on TREK 12 and I would do EVERYTHING to Rosario if she lets me! <3 Bella!!!

114. Anthony Thompson - November 11, 2010

This reminds me…When is Sin City 2 coming out???!!!

115. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

@111 “Hmmm………sounds to me that it is you who is worked up!”

At least I’m worked up over a movie and not someone’s opinion.

116. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

@110: “well whatever I’m not discussing this with other fans but it’s true you do have a lot of hatred for Abrams Trek face the fact.”


*Faces Hatred of Abrams Trek*

Well, I wouldn’t call it a lot of hatred. Karl Urban plays a pretty awesome Bones so I will give it that. I just hope in the future he can deliver his lines without shouting all the time.

117. trekprincess - November 11, 2010

you are so bitter Jeyl and all the other nutrek haters guess you won’t ever accept what Star Trek is now.

118. trekprincess - November 11, 2010


119. Larry Marvick - November 11, 2010

HOT HOT HOT HOT, she is soo HOT!

So Yes, put her in ST, put her anything!

120. Commodore Lurker - November 11, 2010

Decloaking . . .

I echo #74 Harry Ballz comment about RD as Uhura!!!
With RD in next film, I might think about seeing it.

Recloaking. }:-D>

121. trekprincess - November 11, 2010

that’s all you come here to do Jeyl complain and Complain let it go the hatred you have boiling inside of you, Star Trek is in very good hands and I will be in line for the sequel.

122. ensign joe - November 11, 2010

“you won’t ever accept what Star Trek is now”

What is Star Trek now?

How does one’s like or dislike of the rain change the acceptance that it is indeed raining?

and here is a nice quote:

“Dr. Roger Corby: Can you imagine how life could be improved if we could do away with jealousy, greed, hate?…

Kirk: It can also be improved by eliminating love, tenderness, sentiment—the other side of the coin.”

-Star Trek, “What are Little Girls Made Of?”

123. I am not Herbert - November 11, 2010

HOTNESS ^ 2 (squared, that is)!! =D

124. Maoman - November 11, 2010

Rosario = Dr.M’Benga.

125. Jeyl - November 11, 2010

@117: “you are so bitter Jeyl and all the other nutrek haters guess you won’t ever accept what Star Trek is now.”

Who says I haven’t accepted it? Of course I accept it. I just don’t like it.

126. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - November 11, 2010

who the hell is this girl

127. nutrekker - November 11, 2010

why because you want it be so perfect and be like the trek you know and like so much sorry but what is done is done cannot turn back now you just can’t stand change

128. Vultan - November 11, 2010


Um, you do realize you’re complaining about complaining, right? Oh no, now I’m complaining about the one who complains about the complainers!


129. MorbidGorn - November 11, 2010

#12 great suggestion. An excellent Mara, with very, very light ridges on her lovely Klingon forehead.

Rosario is obviously a very smart woman for being such a big Trek fan. I wish her well and would really like seeing her in the next movie.

But JJ, Bob and friends, please NO BORG in the sequel!!!

That would be a cop out in my eyes. DO NOT go to the Borg well for story ideas please.

Gorn, Romulans, Tholians, Klingons, hell yes

Borg, no no no!

130. Areli - November 11, 2010

I’d love to see her in the movie. But not as a Klingon. She should be an android. Or Kirk’s yeoman (not Rand though.)

131. Rich - November 11, 2010

I’d ‘do anything’ to be IN Rosario Dawson! LOL!

Seriously, I think she should play the villain – it would be a new type of role for her and she might enjoy it and do a lot with it.

132. Basement Blogger - November 11, 2010

In Defense of Jeyl, see comments @ 121 Trek Princess, @102 Dead Red Ryan.

First read Vultan’s comment @ 128. Here’s the problem with all of you that make ad hominem attacks on Jeyl, the speaker. Ad hominem attacks are described by Wikipedia as “an attempt to link the validity of a premise to a characteristic or belief of the person advocating the premise.'” So Jeyl doesn’t like Star Trek 2009 and criticizes it every chance he gets. SO WHAT? Why don’t you debate the opinion. (Jeyl, i’m sorry if I got your sex wrong.)

Let’s take a quick primer on free speech. Yes, I know this is private site so free speech may not be applicable here. Still it’s the best Star Trek site on the planet. Yes, I’m kissing butt with TrekMovie. :) But can we at least respect free speech. Free speech is all about the marketplace of ideas. What that means is that TRUTH comes out of the many voices not from one authoritative selection. Tinker v. Des Moines Community School Dist. 393 U.S. 503, 512 (1968) Think about these assumptions. Maybe Star Trek is not the greatest movie ever made. Maybe Jeyl is right. Maybe some future Star Trek director will take into consideration the comments of Jeyl. Maybe that Star Trek will be as great as “Casablanca.’ because of Jeyl’s ideas.

Your description paints Jeyl as negative and bitter. Okay. What drove you Star Trek (2009) fans nuts was Jeyl’s comment , “I’d rather watch a Star Trek with her as the Captain than that a&#*!@ NuKirk.” @ 92
Okay, he doesn’t like Kirk in the new movie. Then why don’t you point out why he is wrong. Perhaps, argue that this is young Jim Kirk who is growing and maturing. He’s fun. That’s why the writers took him down this path. He will become the James T. Kirk of the TV series as gets older, etc. . Do you see how I debated Jeyl without attacking him.?

I ‘ve criticized Star Trek 2009 and said I liked it. I then got attacked for being inconsistent. Look, NOT ALL OF US WORSHIP STAR TREK (2009) There are moments in the film that make me cringe. There are other moments that are fantastic. Jeyl wants a better Star Trek. If he wants to criticize the team that made the 2009 film, then let him. Let him do it frequently. Perhaps they may agree with him. See the marketplace of ideas. If you don’t like his ideas then debate him. He may have a strong opinion but it is an opinion.

Additionally repeition of the message is not the problem. Jeyl’s message may be directed to those who have not seen it. Perhaps he wants to convince them and even those who disagree with hin at a later date to finally agree with his side. That’s why we have free speech. For example, I will continue to write that if Paramount wants Star Trek (2012) in 3D then they should film it in 3D. Some have seen the message, some have not. That’s why I repeat it. Maytbe the powers that be will agree. Then hopefully, Star Trek (2012) will not be a conversion but if released in 3D will be filmed in 3D. That’s why I repeat the message.

By the way this debate will go on until there is harmony between the teenagers that the movie was aimed at and the Trekkers who believed that Trek (2009) was not made for them. Watch the docs on the making of thie movie. The filmmakers wanted to appeal to a “modern’ audience and looked to fantasy “Star Wars” for inspiration. Furthermore, look at the ad campaign, “This is not your father’s Star Trek” to further demonstrate that this movie was aimed at teenagers. Want more proof that movies are being made for teenagers? Link to an article from NPR. Studios make movies for teenagers since they are dependable customers at the multiplex whereas TV is now for adults..

Since I’ve criticized Stat Trek (2009) I thank Vultan for praying for my soul and well being. : )

NPR interview. Movies are for teenagers. TV is for adults.

133. sean - November 11, 2010


No comment on the greater issue, but that NPR article is full of generalizations. If Mad Men, Damages and Boardwalk Empire were standard TV programs I might agree, but they are clearly the exception to the norm. One of the most popular shows on TV is an idiotic and fairly standard issue sitcom starring Charlie Sheen. TV, by its episodic nature, will always allow for greater depth in terms of storyline and character development, but that doesn’t mean it will always take advantage of that benefit. Plenty of intelligent and adult films are made every year and ignored, just the same as television. Trust me, network executives and studio executives aren’t all that different.

134. Shat Hands - November 11, 2010

I would do anything to see Rosario in the new Trek!

Beautiful,geeky and a terrific actress.


135. ensign joe - November 11, 2010


I think perhaps some fans would like to simply enjoy a talkback free of criticism.. I can see their point in that regard.

136. Zebonka - November 11, 2010

She’ll ‘do anything’?

God, she’s become a walking cliché.

137. Rastaman - November 12, 2010

Fell in love with Rosario Dawson in 25th Hour. Definitely wish she had been cast as Uhura.

138. nutrekker - November 12, 2010

Can’t I be able to say what I feel ok he and other fans don’t like Star Trek 2009 fine did I say that it wasn’t ok to dislike the film?

139. Basement Blogger - November 12, 2010

@ 138

Yes, please say what you feel. My point is that you’re argument works better if you criticize the idea not attack the speaker with an ad hominem attack. For example you call Jeyl out “you just can’t stand change.” @ 127. I’m guessing you know him. Because if you don’t, how do you know he cant’ stand change? See what you did was directed at him, not the idea. But if you want to attack the speaker, I’m not going to stop you. It’s more logical to debate the idea not get mad at the speaker.

The problem is there are those who attack anybody with a negative opinion of Star Trek (200) with ad hominem attacks. Want proof.? Check out Chadwick’s comment @ 20 on this TrekMovie story.
He calls Trek 2009 critics as being ignorant.

140. trekprincess - November 12, 2010

ok let’s drop this please

141. Jeyl - November 12, 2010

“ok let’s drop this please”

Only if you vote for Rosario Dawson to appear in the next film playing a big role.

142. Scruffy the Vampire Janitor - November 12, 2010

She can be Kirk’s Love interest

why not?

143. trekprincess - November 12, 2010

I can vote for Rosario Dawson if I want to

144. Daoud - November 12, 2010

@142 That would make her as a non-ridgy Klingon MARA perfect. It creates “forbidden” love most perfectly. Plus, if it’s a triangle situation with a young blonde federation scientist portrayed by Keri Russell, working with a young Lt. Gary Mitchell (Nathan Fillion perhaps?)… then it all gets very interesting. A relationship with Carol Marcus in 2258… could produce a 24 year old child prodigy David Marcus in time for 2283.

Wish Bob would write that story!

145. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - November 12, 2010

Oh heck yeah! Put her in J.J.! She would make one heck of a sexy classic Klingon. Or maybe the new Dohlman of Elas! Or a Kunutu Woman! Or the Captain’s woman of my dreams. The fact is she could play anything they wanted her to play. If they do go with the Talosians, what about Vina?

146. Shannon Nutt - November 12, 2010

Maybe she’ll “Gretchen Mol” her way into the movie.

Some of you will get that, some of you will just scratch your heads.

147. David - November 12, 2010

OMG Rosario would make a HOTT Klingon woman!

148. dwnicolo - November 13, 2010

My vote’s on Rosario for nurse Chapel.

149. Peter - November 23, 2010

She would have made a smoking Uhura.

150. gingerly - November 28, 2010


Casting Rosario as Uhura would’ve been a case of this: is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.