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Rosario Dawson Wants To Be ‘Sexy Vulcan’ In Star Trek Sequel November 24, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

As previously reported, actress Rosario Dawson is a big time Trekkie who is interested in being in the Star Trek sequel. However, apparently she is going about it in a very subtle way, admitting she didn’t even lobby for the role when she met J.J. Abrams, but she is hoping to get the word out that she would make a "sexy Vulcan".


Rosario could be one sexy Vulcan

A  Hollywood Reporter article "Rosario Dawson’s Bid: Sexy Vulcan in Star Trek 2" quotes the actress saying that she didn’t bring up her goal of being in the Star Trek sequel with producer (and possible director) J.J. Abrams when she ran into him on a recent flight to L.A., saying they "ended up talking about politics and t-shirts." The actress also didn’t reveal her inner Trekkie to her Unstoppable co-star Chris Pine, waiting until the publicity tour when she says she "geeked out on him."

So while the actress has stated she is interested in being in the Star Trek sequel, she appears to be trying to not be too pushy about it. As THR states:

Her hope is to keep "making the rounds" in an effort that the right people will know that she would be "one sexy Vulcan."

Recently Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci appeared to reveal that the team were considering actresses for a Vulcan female role…so it seems only logical to consider Dawson.

Dawson – a sexy Vulcan?


1. Red Dead Ryan - November 24, 2010


Hot, hot hot!

2. DeBeckster - November 24, 2010

Any downside to this? Nope!

3. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 24, 2010

Simple. Cast her as Tpring. Spocks Wife. That would be the way to go. Also. Bring in someone to Play Nurse Chapel. Hmm. a 3 way dance maybe.

4. Codee - November 24, 2010

She is beautiful…I’d love to see that!! More sexy people on Star Trek hehe

5. Vultan - November 24, 2010

She’s got my vote. I still think she would make a great Uhura. Sorry, Zoe, but you’ll always have James Cameron’s Smurf planet to call home.

6. Techtrekker - November 24, 2010

Wait a minute! T’Pring, Nurse Chapel and Uhura! 4-way “dance” maybe…

7. Kirk, James T. - November 24, 2010

only logical me thinks!

8. I'm Dead Jim! - November 24, 2010

Vulcan? Hell, she could play a Horta and be sexy!

9. JoeMama - November 24, 2010

What crap! So a “celebrity” wants to be in Trek, so some of you fawn over her and act like teenybobbers. This isn’t what Trek is about. Grow the hell up! I am more interested in a well-written story than in who is a guest star.

10. NCC-73515 - November 24, 2010

T’Pring vs. Uhura – with Imperial uniforms :D

11. Red Dead Ryan - November 24, 2010


Shut up and get lost!

12. Smack Callahan - November 24, 2010

the word is teeny boppers

And Rosario Dawson can sit on the bridge in a standard uniform and read the phone book and she’ll have my attention.

13. Thorny - November 24, 2010

“Sexy Vulcan”? Sounds like bad fan fiction.

14. Jack2211 - November 24, 2010

9. Heh. I get that everyone’s kidding around, but I kind of agree, very generally, on the trouble of casting an actress/actor for Trek mostly on sex appeal — hello T’Pol and Seven (although both, especially Jeri Ryan, were okay in their roles). Maybe I’m thinking that because their outfits were kind of ridiculous (same with Troi’s early on). Actually, as I write this, I’m now realizing that the sexy female guest star wearing nearly nothing was EXACTLY what TOS was about.

I don’t really know Rosario Dawson’s work (I’m sure I’ve seen her in things but don’t really remember her, which is kind of telling), so dunno, but she’s definitely lovely. Zoe Saldana is also darned sexy, but she was also pretty great in the role and right for it.

That noted, I’m all for Kirk getting his shirt torn off as much as possible.

15. SChaos1701 - November 24, 2010


Do us a favor. Pull the 12ft stick out of your a** and for once enjoy yourself and let others do the same. Do what Red Dead Ryan suggested.

16. MartyNearDFW - November 24, 2010

Dead ringer for T’Pring.



17. Silvereyes - November 24, 2010

Usually I’m not one to agree with sexy elements in Star Trek, like Jolene Blalock as T’Pol or Jeri Ryan as 7 of 9, since it’s just a contrived and manipulative way to get the attention of male viewers. Just give us a good script and we’ll watch your show but don’t take us for mindless sex-starved grunts.

However, my opinion on this is in the vast minority and, quite frankly the producers just do what needs to get done to get ratings. It is what it is and those who complain about it should just get out of their parents’ basement and see the light of day.

So now to conclude this very confusing post, let me add my stamp of approval to Red Dead Ryan’s post, #11.

18. Darkwing - November 24, 2010


There was pretty much as much sex appeal in the original series as there was good writing

19. Phaser Guy - November 24, 2010

Too bad she’s a terrible actress.

20. rm10019 - November 24, 2010

21 Lol this article IS about a cute actress voicing her desire to be in Trek, this IS the place for people to comment on silly stuff like this. Sorry to grind your gears. I vote T’Pring. Now move along home.

21. Christopher_Roberts - November 24, 2010

Belanna Torres in Star Trek XII?


I know… I know…

22. trekfan2 - November 24, 2010

I like Rosario – but I really wish she would shut up! I think its kind of silly for her to keep begging to be in ST. I swear every star wants to be in the next ST. Enough already. I would like to see some talented unknowns; not a movie full of stars. Please. Just. Stop.

23. Andy Patterson - November 24, 2010

“Rosario Dawson Wants To Be ‘Sexy Vulcan’ In Star Trek Sequel ”

I could live with that.

24. Basement Blogger - November 24, 2010

Do we need a T’Pring? I thought Spock got his lady in Uhura. Adding T’Pring could make the film a soap opera. Are they trying to develop a romantic triangle to appeal to a larger demographic, i.e. more teenage women? Going for the Twilight crowd? I’ve got no problem with Rosario Dawson in Star Trek. Unless, they try to make her into a Tellarite.

But what about half Romulan-half Vulcan Saavik? Forget the strict canon that Saavik would be too young. Star Trek (2012) takes place in an altenate reality. My choice for Saavik is still Olivia Wilde. (Cowboys and Aliens) Check out her picture in the link below. Pretend she’s got Vulcan ears in the photo. Want to give her a romantic partner? How about Keenser, you know Scotty’s four foot alien buddy? ……. I’m joking. However, Leeta did marry Rom on Deep Space 9. Okay, she would date Chekov. : ) Why can’t Kirk be celibate for once?

My choice for Saavik… Olivia Wilde

25. Check the Circuit! - November 24, 2010

Beautiful. Talented. Fan.

Good combination.

Bring her in, Supreme Court.

26. Symar - November 24, 2010

Sexy actresses were a staple of TOS. It is part of what made Trek what it is. Rosario Dawson would be an awesome addition to any Trek story.

27. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 24, 2010

As I stated. Cast her as TPring and most of us will be very happy.

28. Andy Matner - November 24, 2010

Perhaps she could take a fancy to McCoy & get him hot under the collar & he’d have to go to Spock advice on Vulcan women lol

29. Anthony Pascale - November 24, 2010

Joe mama warning for trolling

Everyone else don’t get personal

30. Another Q - November 24, 2010

Oh please peoples! The plot surrounding Spock
loving Uhura, and already being betrothed to T’Pring
(if she is one of the Vulcans who survived) could
make a GREAT background story to further the
Spock character. And Rosario could certainly pull
it off! What a HOT trekkie!

31. balok - November 24, 2010

Dawson, yes! A sub-plot with T’Pring killing Uhura over Spock in death match would be great twist to Bob’s twisted Trek universe.

32. Trek Lady - November 24, 2010


Sometimes the fan boys around here are just so ….


33. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 24, 2010

Trek Lady. Boys will be Boys. Or Fanboys in this case.

34. Punkspoker - November 24, 2010

I’ll take any story that puts Quinto front and center. I think we’re going to get another great ensemble flick.

35. CmdrR - November 24, 2010

She’s bringin’ on my pon farr… and it wouldn’t take her 7 years to recharge me, either.

36. Phaser Guy - November 24, 2010

I’d bring back Joan Collins as a sexy Vulcan.

37. James - November 24, 2010

Yes! Make it so Number 1. Make is so!!

38. Thorny - November 24, 2010

I liked Dawson in “Unstoppable”, but I’m not onboard with her being a Sexy Vulcan (Sexy Human is fine with me!) and having T’Pring being part of the 1/4 of 1% who survived Vulcan being eaten by a Black Hole just strains credibility beyond the breaking point. Worse, it just takes Trek right back to telling the same stories (Amok Time revisited) when the point of Vulcan going kablooey was supposedly so that Bad Robot could start telling NEW stories.

Vote: Yes on Dawson, No on T’Pring

39. dratikus - November 24, 2010

9 was probably also in the audience of Trek 1 saying “no, that didn’t happen! ”
But anyways, I think she is playing it smart by not being pushy. I just hope her agent stays on top of things. As for her conversation with J. J., if she spoke logically and intellectually, she will stand out in his memory when casting.
38, agreed!

40. dratikus - November 24, 2010

Dang mobile, I meant 36

41. Pensive's Wetness - November 24, 2010

considering the post-vulcan survivors are the basis of at least the back ground tension for the federation (and a great opertunity for NuSpock’s acting skills), having Tpring show up would be great… but what are the odds she survived? better to be a new toon for Dawson to protray instead, thus avoid alot of potentional drama-back firing if Nuspock & NuUhura cant pull it off…

42. P Technobabble - November 24, 2010

She could be a sexy anything…

43. ety3 - November 24, 2010

Count my vote for her as T’Pring.

44. Mel - November 24, 2010

Just give her a cameo. That shouldn’t be a problem.

And I really hope, that there won’t be T’Pring in the next movie. Just pretend she died with Vulcan.

45. joe - November 24, 2010

I take back what I said on the last article about her. It sounds like she is not just a J.J. Abrams fan but a Star Trek fan all the way around. She would make a very sexy Vulcan but she would make a very sexy anything. Maybe Warner Brothers ought to consider her for Wonder Woman.

46. DJT - November 24, 2010

That sexy pic of Rosario brings a tear to me eye.


Me so happy. ;)

47. AdamTrek - November 24, 2010

I think Andorian women are sexy looking, too.


48. CommanderJacobs - November 24, 2010

Jeez, we watched TOS (us males at least) with the glimmer of hope that those outfits the female guest stars were wearing would just slip off at the right moment (sometimes they did, but DAMN the camera angle)… WWT used just the right amount of fabric, tape and or glue to get the job done. He was a genius.

49. gingerly - November 24, 2010

For people who don’t know her work, I’d say her most memorable turns were in Kids, The 25th Hour, Rent, and Grindhouse.

She also did a good job in Unstoppable.

Beyond the shallowly eye-rolling reasons people do and don’t want her in the sequel, her track-record goes a bit beyond 7 of 9 and T’Pol.

…Just saying.

50. Gene L Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - November 24, 2010

Not bad. But not as good as Sofia Vergara! Put Gloria in Trek 12! JAY!

51. sean - November 24, 2010

No reason to specifically make her a ‘sexy’ Vulcan as I’m fairly sure she’s sexy all on her own. That aside, she’s very enthusiastic about Trek so I think it would be rather cool to see her in Trek12. Most importantly, she’s a very good actress.

52. dmduncan - November 24, 2010

Sexy Vulcan? Sexy Klingon? Sexy Andorian? Dichen Lachman gets my vote for any:

She can even do sexy human.

53. dmduncan - November 24, 2010

But I love Rosario Dawson too.

54. Dennis Bailey - November 24, 2010

Dawson as T’Pring versus Saldana as Uhura – absolutely!

55. MC1 Doug - November 24, 2010

Vulcan female, yes!

Sexy Vulcan female, no!

ST: Enterprise’s T’Pol has taken that road already… very nicely, I might add.

Um, how about a sexy male Vulcan?

56. section9 - November 24, 2010

Guys, the “Female Pon Farr” contest between Uhura and T’Pring writes itself.

Who says that the females can’t fight over a male? Again, fewer than 10,000 Vulcans left around?

Everybody wants to see T’Pring the Unfaithful buy the Farm.

Come on, boborci, if you aren’t doing this, you’re living in Clown Town!

57. dmduncan - November 24, 2010

Did I mention? Ms. Lachman is also a good actress who projects intellectual acuity.

58. dmduncan - November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. I am SO looking forward to tomorrow.

59. Jefferies Tuber - November 24, 2010

Nobody’s mentioned the overtones of her as T’Pring, which are kind of interesting. Rosario and Zoe are physically very similar, so the temptation to Spock and the jealousy for Uhura would be intense.

60. Jefferies Tuber - November 24, 2010

Even hotter would be Dawson as a Vulcan Captain.

61. Areli - November 24, 2010

I’d be nice to stay away from T’Pring. I think I am one of the few who doesn’t wish to see her in the movies, at least not yet.

But I wouldn’t mind seeing Rosario as say…a sexy alien who has a thing with Kirk.

62. Chadwick - November 24, 2010

So sultry! Her kisses could kill. I also want her to be sexy vulcan. Imagine her with those sexy pointed ears. Im melting already. :D :D :D :D

63. Basement Blogger - November 24, 2010

Commander Jacobs (@ 48) thanks for bringing up how sexy the women were in the original series and their skimpy outfits. See the good old “talky-gooey” Star Trek showed off the women. But what tractor beam kept up the toga of actress Leslie Parrish in ” Who Mourns for Adonis?” (season 2) or that thng that barely covered Sherry Jackson in “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” (season one) Maybe a Trekker with sewing chops can answer this mystery.

I see dmduncan (@ 52) is voting for Dichen Lachman. Good choice. I like Rosario Dawson too. But I’m with team Olivia, Oliva Wilde that is. Maybe we should make T-shirts with our teams? Wait a minute. Got an idea. Let’s get all three in the movie. Follow me. Spock, Chekov, and Sulu get killed. Their replacements? Rosario, Dichen, and Olivia. The name of the new movie? Star Trek: Kirk’s Angels. : )

64. Sybok's Secret Brother - November 24, 2010



65. Jack2211 - November 24, 2010

24. What, Kirstie Alley isn’t available?

36. Awesome. Or Edith Keeler… with not really all that much more vaseline needed on the camera than was used in ’67.

63. Does that make McCoy Bosley?

And I’m still, er, beating the Michelle-Yeoh-or-another-Asian-actress-for-Admiral-Nogura–as-I-think-Nogura’s-never-been-specifically-referred-to-as-‘he’-in-canon horse.

66. CAPT KRUNCH - November 24, 2010

The Romulan Commander was sexy…make her that!

67. Jason - November 24, 2010

shes a babe

68. somethoughts - November 24, 2010

She’s hot, anyone else thinks she looks a bit like T’Pol?

69. Gooseneck Viewer - November 24, 2010

T’Pring for SURE!!! And yes…she’s HOT!!!

70. Gooseneck Viewer - November 24, 2010

Bob Orci! There’s your T’Pring!!!!

71. Khaaaan You Feel The Love Tonight - November 25, 2010

As long as this doesn’t turn into soap opera Trek with Spock being very OOC, I’m totally cool with Rosario being T’Pring! It’s great that they might be able to explain that plothole.

Also, I am totally fine with Kirk not having a love interest in this movie! What about some old-fashioned “using his body to seduce a woman and get information”? Since we didn’t quite get to see that in 09 (except the deleted scenes) and Mr Pine seems like he could pull it off with flying colours ;)

72. Harry Ballz - November 25, 2010


I like your posting name! FUNNY!

73. Spirk - November 25, 2010

I really don’t want to see her as T’pring. She was a bitch in the show and chose Ston over Spock and made him fight Kirk to the (fake)death. Anyother Vulcan maybe but not T’pring.

74. DJT - November 25, 2010

Rosario could appear as a doorstop in the next movie and she’d still be sexy.

75. Hugh Hoyland - November 25, 2010

I am only interested in the artistic quality that she would be bring to the movie…..and shes hot.

76. Hugh Hoyland - November 25, 2010

And some folks should relax about having sexy woman be a focus in Star Trek. Sexy woman (and for you ladies) sexy guys have been a big part of Star Trek since day one. Remember TOS? And that TNG eps. cant remember the name, where wesley got into trouble for stepping on someones flowers ect, half nude people all over the place there.

77. VeratheGun - November 25, 2010

She’s terrific, so good in UNSTOPPABLE. I would love to see her in the Vulcan ears. Make it happen, boborci!

78. Anxious waiter for sequel - November 25, 2010

The only issue that I have is sometimes those who really want to be in a movie try to hog the spotlight. I do NOT want that to happen at all in this sequel! I wouldn’t care if they put her in it so long as it’s a small part, she doesn’t make it obvious that she’s loving being in the movie, and she doesn’t break up the Uhura/Spock pair. I wouldn’t mind if there was maybe a bit of tension so long as those two go back together…

79. Rastaman - November 25, 2010

Rosario Dawson is a wonderful actress, so any talk of her inclusion in the film is a plus. The more Vulcans the merrier!

80. Trek Lady - November 25, 2010

56 “Guys, the “Female Pon Farr” contest between Uhura and T’Pring writes itself…..Everybody wants to see T’Pring the Unfaithful buy the Farm. ”

Actually some of us would rather not watch the lead female actress be slotted into yet another stereotypical female role, that of “cat fight participant” in roder to satisfy the fantasies of the fanboys. Sheesh…does everything have to be about SEX SEX SEX and who is sleeping with whom? Just give us a good adventure…please.

81. Middleman - November 25, 2010

As hot as she is, no one can beat Jolene Blalock as Star Trek’s sexist Vulcan; and Jolene’s acting was awesome!

82. AJ - November 25, 2010

Well, I think we’ve all decided….Bob?

83. dmduncan - November 25, 2010

Rosario Dawson would make a great fiance to Harcourt Fenton Mudd, played by Joel McHale.

84. TJ Trek - November 25, 2010

For those who haven’t written it in here, the first time I saw Rosario was in SEVEN POUNDS. A great movie, and she was great in it. I don’t know what else she has done.

I agree with those who are saying that we shouldn’t put her in just for Eye candy, but if she can fit a part already decided upon and written into the script, then great, I am six stars and three thumbs up on her. I jsut don’t want her slapped in for a major role, or written in for it, or whatever, just to put her in. I want her addition be like “Hey we already needed a female vulcan lead, so we decided on Rosario, because she’s a talented actress, and could do the part well….” see what I mean. Totally would work on that ground

85. dmduncan - November 25, 2010

And yeah, why would I want to see T’Pring killed? She wasn’t a villainess. There was nothing malicious about her. She was a good example of cold Vulcan logic.

86. TJ Trek - November 25, 2010

…And who says T’Pring was on the home planet. Vulcans are traveling all over space by this time frame, and It wouldn’t be ill conceived to have her on a diplomatic mission to Andoria for instance, when this thing happened.

With that said, I do think adding T’Pring is a bit of a stretch. Unless they can explain why she didn’t pop her head in to see if Spock was okay in the first movie. (Maybe she did, and Spock ignored? maybe, or … maybe not.)

87. AJ - November 25, 2010


T’Pring is the ex-wife who knows you better than you know yourself:

She exploits your weaknesses, and turns your strengths and reknown into strategic disadvantages for you. She openly tells you she is going to happily spend your money and live large off your reputation as she regularly poons someone much less significant than you.

She is as evil as can be.

88. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 25, 2010

I guess it’s OK for a Vulcan to be Sexy once every Seven years.
But Rosario, I bet you can never turn it off.

This would provide a nice triangle for Quinto, Rosario and Zoe. Perhaps we can see Uhura in a Pon-Far fight with Rosario’s Culcan character(?). And by the way Zoe is kickin’ ass lately, It would be a tough fight.

Nice photo, Rosario!

89. vjeko1701 - November 25, 2010

What about Spock’s “wife” from the episode Amok Time?

90. United Earth Space Administration - November 25, 2010

Miss Rosario Dawson is indeed a sexy woman but as a Vulcan?

I would rather keep Jolene Blalock.

Jolene is way more sexy than Rosario. Whether Jolene is human or Vulcan.

Enjoy thanksgiving everyone. Be thankful that your have your health.


91. Stuart Wilson - November 25, 2010

Guess I’ve spent too much time at the Lithium Cracking Station on Delta Vega… Who is she anyway??????? I have absolutely no idea, and I’ve never heard of her before.

92. BiggestTOSfanever - November 25, 2010


93. dharmaworkman - November 25, 2010

I hope not. For whatever reason, Dawson has always made me cringe.

94. M_E - November 25, 2010

“With that said, I do think adding T’Pring is a bit of a stretch. Unless they can explain why she didn’t pop her head in to see if Spock was okay in the first movie. (Maybe she did, and Spock ignored? maybe, or … maybe not.)”

I don´t know if people brougth this before but the way Spock and Uhura are close in the last movie seems to suggest Spock has no bond to any Vulcan woman; or it could be that Uhura actually knows about such bond and she´s ok with it for the time being (quite unlikely, though)… If for some twist Spock is not bonded to T´Pring in this universe, it doens´t mean she could not appear; she might be a quite different character and/or even have their own reasons here to actually want Spock…

95. Dennis Bailey - November 25, 2010

#80:”Actually some of us would rather not watch the lead female actress be slotted into yet another stereotypical female role”

Yeah, that would be way too much like Star Trek.

96. Son of Captain Garth - November 25, 2010

“she is hoping to get the word out that she would make a “sexy Vulcan”.

OMG, where did all this drool come from? Me like.

#80: If you have a problem with the women being objectified, take your complaint to Dawson. It seems as though she’s willfully initiating it. She has a pretty enviable choice of roles in Hollywood and can make other projects happen if she so chooses. SHE is the one who wants this (God bless her!), so maybe she’s secure enough with herself that she doesn’t mind exploring this aspect of her persona.

97. Basement Blogger - November 25, 2010

@ 80

Trek Lady says, “[D]oes everything have to be about sex, SEX, SEX, SEX……?”

Um, yes.

98. Basement Blogger - November 25, 2010

I don’t want T’Pring but I’ll give you Rosario Dawson as her for Scarlett Johansson as Nurse Christine Chapel. Got that idea from reading this month’s GQ. You get Dawson, Johansson and Saldana going after Spock. Meanwhlie Kirk still “pines” for Uhura. The teenage woman demographic should like that romantic conflict. Take that Twilight.

Hold on. Got another idea. I’m going to take Section9’s comedy (@ 56) and boldly go where no Trek has gone before. Okay let’s improve the teenage male demographic audience and reduce the violence that Harve Bennett decried about in the last movie. Our female Pon Farr (@ 56) will change the kal-if-fee fight to the death. Instead of the fight to death, we have Dawson, Saldana, and Johansson mud wrestle. Let’s see we’ve added Rosario Dawson, Scarlett Johansson and an all woman mud wrestling match. I smell blockbuster. Take that Avatar.

Put down that batleth, Trek Lady. I’m joking except for the Scarlett Johansson part. : )

99. scruffy the vampire janitor - November 25, 2010

Hey kids,

Kirk cant be celibate because GENE wasnt celibate. Read the bios.

Gene had a wife in America while he flew bombers over the Pacific. He had every nurse from Pearl to Midway if you believe the bios. He didn’t let his wife stop him. He was still married when he met Majel. (RIP both.)

So, yeah. Just as Luke Skywalker is George Lucas’ fantasy life, Kirk was Gene’s not quite alter-ego.

Kirk was married to the job, married to the ship, married to the adventure.

So was Gene.

When you consider that Gene could have died at any time, and sex is a great stress reliever, it’s expected. Whatever your morality, Gene’s morals were a bit looser. When Azimov invented his version of Humanism, Gene quickly subscribed.

Spock and McCoy were intended to be Kirk’s moral anchors, that’s why the magic worked. In drama, in plays, a character is often split in half or thirds so you can hear the internal dialog, and that’s how the characters were written.

Shatner was the perfect Kirk because he is married to acting. Each time he got a great job, he lost a wife. He says so himself. It just all happened to work out.

And now, Chris Pine says he cant commit to any particular woman because he’s enjoying the work… perhaps he is the perfect Kirk, too.

100. scruffy the vampire janitor - November 25, 2010

And I do think that T’Pring would have survived.

remember that Spock Prime said the Universe was healing itself…

If you can believe the unbelievable story in Trek09, then you can also believe that T’Pring was somehow off planet or saved.

A love triangle or square or Amok Time is unnecessary. It doesnt have to unfold quite that way. In this reality, Spock & T’Pring may have already resolved their differences, and T’Pring could be involved with the construction of New Vulcan, married to someone else, and a friend to Spock and Uhura. Things like this happen in real life all the time.

PLUS it would resolve some plot holes in Trek09…

101. John - November 25, 2010

That sound didn’t come from my voice!

102. Will_H - November 25, 2010

Yes please

103. Trek Lady - November 26, 2010

#95 “Yeah, that would be way too much like Star Trek.”

Well, one would hope that 40 years later, we might have made some PROGRESS! Aye?

#96 “#80: If you have a problem with the women being objectified, take your complaint to Dawson. ”

I don’t actually recall her saying anywhere she wants to be part of a “cat fight” with Uhura…. I mean, having her play a Vulcan is one thing. The desire to see her in a “cat fight” with Uhura so fanboys can see some hot girl on girl fight scene is something totally different.”

#97 “Um, yes.”

Well, I guess my standards are a little higher. I want actual “science” and “adventure” in my science fiction – and “Boldly going” in my Trek – not women pulling hair over some guy.

#98 “Put down that batleth, Trek Lady. ”

LOL! I would have sliced, diced and julienned you, too! Cause you know we chicks are good in the kitchen.

104. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 26, 2010

45. joe

I love your sugestion!

Dawson = Wonder Woman = Brilliance

105. Woulfe - November 26, 2010

Horndogs need cold shower ASAP

I know we went back to TOS for the new film, but the mentality of that era needs to stay there, woman have come a long way from then, really.

We had a Woman captain after all, unless you want to forget all of Voyager due to reset button every week, you can place that blame on a MAN running the show that just didn’t GET what Trek was all about.

I won’t blame the cast for Voyager’s short comings, great cast, wonderful people if you’ve met them at Cons, most of the problems came from elsewhere, like the show-runners who thought they knew better.

106. Shrink - November 26, 2010

“I know we went back to TOS for the new film, but the mentality of that era needs to stay there, woman have come a long way from then, really.”

Mmmm …. nah.

I say Uhura should just stick to cracking beers for the Captain.

107. Commodore Slacker - November 26, 2010

Rosario as T’Pring – YES!
T’Pring and Uhura Fight Scene – YES!

And maybe, just maybe: during the fight, they accidentally kiss? Now that can produce a really happy ending!

108. Commodore Slacker - November 26, 2010

Rosario as T’Pring – YES!
T’Pring and Uhura Fight Scene – YES!

And maybe, just maybe: during the fight, they accidentally kiss? Now that would be a happy ending!

109. VZX - November 26, 2010

Sure, that’ll happen.

And if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon.

110. Bright Eyes - November 26, 2010

“If both surwive ze mud pit, zen combat veel continue vit ze baby oil!..”

Not likely in this day and age, sad to say. (Damn that “Evolved Sensibility”)

111. Reign1701A - November 26, 2010

She can be whatever she wants to be.

112. Bright Eyes - November 26, 2010

In the 5 scant minutes that they had, the ships orbiting Vulcan had to decide quickly who to save. Stangelovian logic dictates that in order to rapidly re-constitute a population while maintaining genetic diversity, attractive young women would be a top beam-up priority. (At least that is what the Vulcan MEN who were up in those ships that day try to tell us Earthers,) Logic dictates that Vulcan females who look like Dawson would have definitely made the cull, whether or not their name is T’Pring.

Hot Vulcanettes, yes! Twice-told tales, No!

113. Harry Ballz - November 26, 2010

(in my best Kramer voice)


114. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 26, 2010

112. Bright Eyes

It is… Logical.

115. born wearing a com badge - November 26, 2010

from day 1 there have been sexy females in trek which you have apparently all noticed !! there has also been an abundance of tasty fellas for us gals, which you lot wont have noticed !! it is clear when enroling for starfleet academy that fuglies and fatties need not apply…….however, it’s actually not all about joining the 3 million mile high club.

fact is we cant get along with each other so the fantasy of getting along with other species will remain just that for a very long time to come.

116. Basement Blogger - November 26, 2010

I hope everyone (@ 105) knows we’re joking about the all women- mudwrestling here. (@ 98) I would bet most Trekkers believe in equality between the sexes. I do. That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate women. Gene Roddenberry did.

The Original Series blazed a path of equality for women and yet was sexy. Yes, the show did show off the physical beauty of women. From mini skirts, to to bare shoulders to bare midriffs, the original show teased the audience with sex. Of course, there was Kirk, who must have made out every other show. But the show also had an African American female bridge officer in Lt. Uhura. At the time, that was unheard of. Other shows demonstrated women in power. T”Pau in “Amok Time.” Number One in the pilot “The Cage.” And honestly, I like the pants with sweater type uniform better than the mini-skirts. Then thre was Lt. Shaw, the prosecutor in “Court Martial.’

I was alive in the sixties. The original series did not make me treat women as sex objects. We saw women on the show as equals and at times in charge. So if we make some jokes about sexy Rosario Dawson and others, it’s all in good fun.

117. I am not Herbert - November 26, 2010

Rosario ALREADY IS… the SEXY Vulcan… in MY head… (SO Hot!!)

Bob Orci: Make it so! (please)

118. Paul - November 26, 2010

She can’t be sexy Vulcan. She ain’t sexy. :-P

But yea, she DOES look a bit like T’Pring.

119. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 27, 2010

118. Paul

Yeah! Almost dead on. I wonder, just where is that Actress nowadays?

120. Harry Ballz - November 27, 2010


Probably working as a hostess at Denny’s!

121. Red Dead Ryan - November 27, 2010


She’d be a pretty old hostess. She’d be in her fifties or sixities right about now!

122. Red Dead Ryan - November 27, 2010

Or even more likely, she’d be in her 70’s serving the same demographic that eats there!

123. Trek Lady - November 27, 2010

Her name is Arlene Martel and she is currently living in LA where she apparently writes and produces.

124. vilehenry75 - November 27, 2010

UHH yeah she is sexy! Vulcan sure Mugato? that too. no cat fights tho thats not Trek. I would like to see her as a new character. Maybe a superwoman from the SS Botany Bay? While i love the old characters in Trek a new one or 2 would be cool. Make Gary Mitchel a perm in the new one.
And while Old Trek did objectify women, the new one dont need to. Trek is supposed to be smart.

125. I am not Herbert - November 27, 2010

“Trek is supposed to be smart.”

…somebody didn’t get the memo…

126. Basement Blogger - November 27, 2010

@ 110 @112

Great stuff Bright Eyes. You channel Dr. Strangelove’s logic for saving the beautiful women for propagation of the species. Then make a funny joke about the rounds of our kal-if-fee. Hilarious.

Got to say sorry for forgetting Olivia Wilde, since I’m pushing for her. Okay, got another idea to fill out the cast. Again not a fan for T’Pring but I’ll give you Rosario Dawson for her if I can get Scarlett Johanssan as Christine Chapel. And we cast Olivia Wilde as Saavik. Wow, how’s my idea for “Star Trek: Kirk’s Angels” look? According to Dr. Strangelove, Spock only needs six more women for his mindshaft harem. (T’Pring, Saavik, Chapel, Uhura) Poor Jim Kirk.

Again, I’m joking. Put down the phasers. At least have the decency to set them on stun. … Oh, your disruptors don’t have a stun setting. Please don’t buy weapons from Klingon weapons merchants. Klingons don’t take prisoners. Try Quark’s cousin, Gaila.

127. Phaser Guy - November 28, 2010

Eva Green for Vulcan or Romulan woman.

128. rose - November 29, 2010

Honestly, I’m not sure I’d want to see Rosario as a Vulcan, but I do think she’d be awesome as a nu-verse version of the Romulan commander in The Enterprise Incident. Just sayin’.

129. Jovan Gauthier - November 29, 2010

Like a lot of other people, I thought T’pring. She has the right skin tone and looks.

There’s potential for a side story involving her.

130. Jovan Gauthier - November 29, 2010

116: Roddenberry “appreciated” women a little too much for his own good.

131. David Strong - November 29, 2010

In my universe, she can be anything she wants to be.

132. Jules - November 29, 2010

I don’t know what a vulcan is, but Rosario Dawson would definitely make a sexy one.

133. Rusty0918 - November 29, 2010

You can put her in, no problem. But have her be something besides cheap eye candy.

134. Red Dead Ryan - November 29, 2010

Rosario Dawson was great in “Unstoppable”, which I saw yesterday. Great movie. Chris Pine was great in it. Denzel was his usual outstanding self.

135. Rush Limborg - November 29, 2010

The solution is simple–Bob Orci, READ:

Cast Rosario as T’Pring.

Have her link up with KIRK!!!

How’s that for “fascinating”?

136. Trek Fan - November 30, 2010

I would say nope, don’t give her the role of a sexy Vulcan. We already have one in T’Pol from Enterprise. I think she would make a good Romulan though. Maybe Nero’s wife in the new timeline? Take notes, Trek producers. There are plenty of new material here for you to produce and write the next plot line in the sequel.

137. Chadwick - December 3, 2010

… exactly the sexy Rosario Vulcan I want.

138. Meh - January 22, 2011

Que would be a welcome guest him and Picard on picnic through the stars, hey maybe even thrown in some Klingon kittens! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.