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Limited Edition 2-CD Star Trek V Soundtrack Coming Out Next Week November 26, 2010

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Today La-La Land Records announced they will be releasing a limited edition 2 CD set of Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, which includes 45 minutes of previously unreleased material. More details below.



Goldsmith’s Star Trek V Soundtrack gets extended

Today La-La Land announced (via their Facebook page) four new limited edition soundtracks they will be releasing on November 30th:

NEW LIMITED EDITION RELEASES available from La-La Land 11/30/10 at (1pm PST): James Horner’s JADE, Danny Elfman’s BATMAN RETURNS (2CD-SET), Jerry Goldsmith’s STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER (2CD-SET) and John Williams’ HOME ALONE.

They also included this image for the new releases:

More details on all four releases were posted on the Film Score Monthly forums. Here are the Star Trek V Details:

LLLCD 1157
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Limited Edition of 5000 Units

La-La Land Records, in association with Sony Music and Paramount Pictures, presents the expanded 2CD-SET of Jerry Goldsmith’s (PATTON, THE OMEN, FIRST KNIGHT, THE EDGE) rousing orchestral score to the 1989 Paramount Pictures motion picture STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER, starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly, directed by William Shatner. Produced for La-La Land Records by Lukas Kendall, Mike Matessino, and Didier C. Deutsch, supervised by Bruce Botnick and Ken Hall, and mastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios, this comprehensive presentation of Goldsmith’s score features more than 45 minutes of previously unreleased music, including alternate cues. The original 1989 soundtrack release is also included here. In-depth, exclusive liner notes by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall take you behind the movie and its music. Bruce Botnick also contributes exclusive comments. Art direction is by Mark Banning. This is a limited edition of 5000 Units.


Disc ONE – The Film Score

1. Nimbus III 2:01
2. The Mind-Meld 2:43
3. The Mountain [Main Title]* 4:53
4. The Big Drop 0:26
5. Raid on Paradise 2:43
6. Not Alone 1:11
7. Target Practice 1:52
8. A Tall Ship 1:43
9. Plot Course 1:46
10. No Harm 2:13
11. Approaching Nimbus III 2:59
12. Open the Gates 3:01
13. Well Done 1:16
14. Without Help 4:55
15. Pick It Up 2:31
16. No Authority 0:30
17. It Exists 1:47
18. Free Minds 3:18
19. The Birth 3:53
20. The Barrier* 2:52
21. A Busy Man 4:41
22. An Angry God 6:57
23. Let’s Get Out of Here [part 1] 3:42
24. Let’s Get Out of Here [part 2] 3:07
25. Cosmic Thoughts 1:16
26. Life Is a Dream [End Credits]* 3:57
Total Disc Time: 73:07

Disc TWO – The 1989 Soundtrack Album

1. The Mountain* 3:50
2. The Barrier* 2:51
3. Without Help 4:18
4. A Busy Man 4:40
5. Open the Gates 3:00
6. An Angry God 6:55
7. Let’s Get Out of Here 5:13
8. Free Minds 3:17
9. Life Is a Dream* 3:57
10. The Moon’s a Window to Heaven † 4:00
Total Time: 42:22

Additional Music
11. The Mountain [Main Title] (alternate)* 4:45
12. A Busy Man (alternate) 4:42
13. Paradise Saloon (source) 2:42
14. The Moon’s a Window to Heaven
(film version) 1:10
15. Vulcan Song/
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
(Instrumental source) 1:33
16. Synclavier Effects 1:54
Total Time: 16:46

Total Disc Time: 59:28
Total Two-Disc Time: 131:51

Music Published by Sony/ATV Melody BMI
* Contains “Theme From Star?Trek (TV?Series)”
Composed by Alexander Courage
Published by Bruin Music Company BMI
† Performed and Arranged by Hiroshima
Produced by Dan Kuramoto


The Star Trek V 2-CD Soundtrack will be available at starting on Tuesday November 30th.


Thanks to Scott and Nick for tip


1. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 26, 2010

Nice packaging!

2. =A= - November 26, 2010

me first! finally about time CD!

3. William Kirk - November 26, 2010

Greeeeeaaaaattt!!! :-D

4. Nemesis4909 - November 26, 2010

Does it have the Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley version of “Row Row Row Your Boat”?

5. Red Dead Ryan - November 26, 2010

I wish I could get the “Final Frontier” and “Batman Returns” cds. I don’t have a credit card, plus they aren’t sold in stores. :-(

6. Rick Moyer - November 26, 2010

This is great news! Cool packaging too.

7. Viking - November 26, 2010

#5 Red Dead Ryan – if you have a bank account and a debit card, it’s just as good.

8. krik semaj - November 26, 2010

Who cares. The less said about this movie the better.
It just shows that some Star Trek fans will buy ANYTHING.

9. MikeTen - November 26, 2010

#5, you can go to Walmart or K-Mart and get a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. I use them to shop at websites I don’t trust so only the money you have on the card is lost if the site is bad.
I have the original Trek 5 soundtrack release and really enjoy the music. I will definitely get this one.

10. Mach1 - November 26, 2010

8. This is about the score, not the film. The score in this film is regarded by many as one of Goldsmiths best.

11. T2 - November 26, 2010

Awesome! If there was one thing about this movie that deserves recognition and praise, it’s the soundtrack. It’s in my top 3 favorite Trek movie soundtracks and I’m glad to see it get the treatment it deserves!

12. Captain Rickover - November 26, 2010

Great news! The worse the movie the greater the soundtrack in this case. One of Jerry Goldsmith’s masterpieces. And I also consider to buy the Home Alone soundtrack. It’s one of Williams’ masterpieces.

13. DeanO - November 26, 2010

The movie is the weakest of the Original movies, but the soundtrack is, IMO, second only to the soundtrack for The Motion Picture. Jerry Goldsmith was the best thing about the film and in many ways his soundtrack is what makes the film watchable at all-lol.

14. Red Dead Ryan - November 26, 2010


I just checked. They only take credit cards.

15. Holger - November 26, 2010

The soundtrack is much better than the movie.

16. John - November 26, 2010

Red Dead Ryan,

On the “Shipping Info” page it says:

Alternate Purchasing Methods

Making purchases through

For check or money order
Order Form

I’m sure you can get both albums that way

17. Christopher_Roberts - November 26, 2010

15. If only Paramount had allowed Shatner to revisit his film for a Director’s Edition a few years back. Worst entry in the series or not, the camaraderie between the original cast is second to none.

I recall seeing some YouTube footage by a talented fan, of the model work completely replaced with CG.

18. Pro-Khan-Sel - November 26, 2010

Seeing is believing. so…when all the original star trek movie scores are released…Hopefully it’s time to release the rest of the original series music.

19. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 26, 2010

I think they should allow the Shat to do a Directors Edition like they did with TMP. It would be a great thing to see the quality of the FX and I think overall would help the story. The Story was not great but the music was fantastic.

20. OneBuckFilms - November 26, 2010

Awesome !!!

I’ll be ordering this on Tuesday, along with Batman Returns !!!

21. Gooseneck Viewer - November 26, 2010

#8 — The MOVIE Star Trek V may have been crap, but JERRY GOLDSMITH was an excellent composer and I did love the music to this film! I’ll be getting this one for my collection! The packaging is awesome too!

22. CarlG - November 26, 2010

@19: Seconded! Glorious music, dreadful movie. Jerry Goldsmith is (was –sniff!) the Maestro.

23. Jordan - November 26, 2010

I actually thing some of the best songs in ST are in this movie.

24. TedW - November 26, 2010


25. Jonboc - November 26, 2010

Great news! can’t wait to get it.

26. bill hiro - November 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to me …

27. Phaser Guy - November 26, 2010

Home Alone??? Awesome.

28. Stan Winstone - November 26, 2010

Score alone is 10 times better than the film.

29. ZEITGEIST - November 26, 2010

thats great but what about star trek iv or vi? i would appreciate those much more.

30. Squire of Gothos - November 26, 2010

Thank you! thank you! Thank You!!!!!

I will be ordering!

Is there no way to preorder?!?!!?!?

31. Sean4000 - November 26, 2010

Cool, now we have II, III, and V on newly mastered CDs. I will be ordering at the earliest opportunity.

32. CmdrR - November 26, 2010

22b – Wires Make Catwomen Fly

16c – 23rd Century Fart Jokes

28a – How Many Decks?

I agree the music is good, but it brings back some bad filmgoing memories. At least the cable cut removes some of the most glaring mistakes in the movie. What’s left is easier to watch in pieces.

Anyway… yes, the music is good.

33. Simon - November 26, 2010

Holy frak!

I was listening to the original CD just this morning on the way home from (1AM) Thanksgiving wishing, for the millionth time, that someday there’d be a full release and it’s finally here. Am I dreaming? Seriously.

34. Squire of Gothos - November 26, 2010

33 Simon – That’s awesome you were listening to the score today!!!

I am very surprised by the news and the fact that it will be out on Tuesday as well!!!!

Maybe life is a dream? LOL!!!

35. Winkie - November 26, 2010

“Am I dreaming? Seriously.”

Kirk did say in this very filmic adventure, Life’s a dream, so there you go.

Love the music, hate the film. Saw the premiere on my 18th birthday – what a let down!!

36. CmdrR - November 26, 2010

If only Nichelle had done the fan dance 20 years earlier…

Ah, it might have been…

37. Michael - November 26, 2010

I had to snicker @ the music company’s name: La La land! That’s hilarious!!

38. OneBuckFilms - November 26, 2010

37 – Yep. They’ve been around for a couple of years, and are a really good label for soundtracks.

They’re actually based in LA too :)

39. Captain Conrad - November 26, 2010

The soundtrack was certainly better than the movie, but it wasn’t as good as say II or VI. Will there be special editions of those?

40. ScottDS - November 26, 2010

One of my holiest of holy grails! This was a complete surprise. There had been rumors of this coming out but I figured we’d get it next year and especially not so soon after the last Trek release.

For those of you that don’t follow soundtracks, La-La Land Records is a boutique record label based in LA that specializes in film scores, just like Film Score Monthly (the company that released Star Treks II and III). Unlike FSM, they also release scores for new films, not just catalog titles.

Among other geeky things, they’ve released soundtracks for Battlestar Galactica (all seasons, plus the miniseries, The Plan, and Razor), Caprica, Human Target, Independence Day, Krull, Alien: Resurrection, Batman (1966 and 1989), Big Trouble in Little China, Dragonslayer, and Night of the Creeps.

Some of their limited editions are also long sold out, including Godzilla (1998), Innerspace, and a two-disc compilation of music from Batman: The Animated Series (if you can find this on eBay, BUY IT!).

I don’t work for them; I’m just a fan. :-)

41. Basement Blogger - November 26, 2010

While Star Trek V was an average film, the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith was magnificent. There are great themes here. There’s the seafearing motif as the Enterprise is about to breach the barrier. The Klingon theme is here. Of course, there’s the majestic main theme of his Star Trek scores. So great, that it was used for the Next Generation. And by the way, this is the first time he weds Alex Courage’s fanfare with his own main theme. It worked beautifully. This was a great score.

42. Tomh, Esq. - November 26, 2010

This is a pleasant surprise!

I hope that FSM releases an extended CD of Star Trek IV next year.

43. Dr. Image - November 26, 2010

A bit late for Thanksgiving, but an early Xmas!
Such a great score. AND, a film that- yes- I believe gets better with age.
The only slight downside is that with this one he started repeating the “da-da-da-DAAAA-da” motif (with slight variations) with his following Trek films.

44. Chadwick - November 26, 2010

How about some Enterprise, DS9, and VOY on blu-ray CBS!!!! I only ask for those because their cg effects are still pretty good, but not sure if they have the same problem as TNG and the VHS quality crap.

45. Phaser Guy - November 26, 2010

I can’t wait for the extended score for First Contact. There’s been some bad faked CD’s out for a number of years.

46. Saturnyne - November 26, 2010

# 16 John

Thanks for the link! You wouldn’t happen to know if La La Land take euro cheques, do you?

47. Thomas Jensen - November 26, 2010

Great. I’m buying this. Just like all the other guys, it’s about the soundtrack, not the movie…

Yes, let’s see some kind of CGI upgrade for the thing.

But, more importantly, let’s see some more original Star Trek background music that those Phase II people get to use in their productions?

Why do they get access to it and not us?

48. Kev-1 - November 26, 2010

More music by Jerry Goldsmith is a good thing.

49. GarySeven - November 26, 2010

People love to beat up on this film. It is dreadful in some ways but it has some really good points. The relationship between the characters was wonderful in this film. Moreover, the theme of the individual thinking for themselves, even if it means enduring pain, over mindless worship is very true to the Star Trek philosophy. And then there’s the excellent music…

50. sean - November 26, 2010


If your Debit card has a Visa or Mastercard logo (and 99% do) then you can use it as a Credit.

51. Viking - November 26, 2010

#5 Red Dead Ryan – most bank cards nowadays have a Visa or Mastercard logo on them, and they function accordingly. If you’re not on one of those plans, then take MikeTen’s advice, and get a prepaid card. There are multiple ways to skin the credit cat known as classic plastic. We’ll give the advice, you take the initiative. (HA!) Maybe we’ll pass the Santa hat around and take up a Christmas collection for you. LOL :-) I feel magnanimous – I’ll spring for five bucks for a Trekker I don’t even know. LOL

52. Viking - November 26, 2010

Red Dead Ryan – See? What Sean said……….!

53. TJ Trek - November 26, 2010

me thinks that CBS will eventually put out all of the original movie soundtracks in 2 disc editions. It is smart, especially now with the star trek boom. They will make enough money off it to be well worth it if they do it. I agree, I would love to see a Star Trek VI double album. that would be cool.

54. Red Dead Ryan - November 26, 2010

I’ll try to get a prepaid credit card! Then I’ll buy the cds I mentioned earlier plus the ’89 “Batman” soundtrack as well. Of course everything has to go according to plan……

Thanks guys!


I have a few soundtracks, including “Generations” (single disk) “First Contact” (Single disk), “The Dark Knight”, “The Mummy”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Halo Reach” and “Halo ODST”.

All great. TESB has the best music in the entire “Star Wars” franchise.
“The Mummy” features some of Jerry Goldsmith’s finest work, better than his scores for “Nemesis” and “Insurrection”.

55. Vultan - November 26, 2010


“TESB has the best music in the entire “Star Wars” franchise.”

You can say that again! I’ve listened to the Asteroid Field piece of music… oh, about 7 million times. :)

56. Red Dead Ryan - November 26, 2010


I also enjoy “The Imperial March” as well as “The Rebel Fleet/End Titles”.

“The Rebel Fleet” captured the mood perfectly. A mixture of uncertainty and hope.

“The Empire Strikes Back” might very well be John Williams’ greatest score.

57. Vultan - November 26, 2010


Yes, excellent choices! I like how the Rebel Fleet piece uses the Han & Leia love theme, but it has that uncertain feeling you mentioned. By the way, have you ever heard the similarity between the Han/Leia theme and the Indy/Marion theme in Raiders? I’m always getting those confused.

58. Vultan - November 26, 2010

Oh, and I think it’s close to impossible to choose Williams’ best score. Personally, I would lean towards his Superman theme… but give me a minute and I’d have another favorite to take the number one spot. :D

59. Phaser Guy - November 26, 2010

I thought the Rebel Fleet theme uses the Force theme?

60. CarlG - November 26, 2010

@59: It starts with a sad version of the Force theme, then transitions into the Han and Leia theme.

@55-57: All great choices, but don’t forget the Battle of Hoth (so off-kilter and intense!) and the gorgeous Cloud City music!

61. Red Dead Ryan - November 26, 2010


I think it’s because every composer has a “signature” sound and/or piece that is referenced in many of their movies. James Horner for instance, created a piece (I don’t know the title, but it was fast-sounding) for “The Wrath Of Khan” and for “Aliens”, used a similar sounding piece.

Sometimes you just know who did the music for a particular movie without having to read the credits since the best composers, in particular Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Hans Zimmer and James Horner created music that others can’t ever hope to replicate.

62. Vultan - November 26, 2010


And don’t forget that wonderful music used in the scene where Yoda uses the force to lift the X-Wing from the swamp. Very powerful stuff!

Also, there’s that great little theme used whenever Boba Fett appears, which is probably one of the major reasons the character held so much mystique for so many years.

63. Viking - November 26, 2010

I think I hit a temporal anomaly. I suddenly find myself a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away………………

64. CarlG - November 26, 2010

@63: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. where really awesome music happened.

65. Phaser Guy - November 27, 2010

The Sybok theme shows up in the theme for Star Trek First Contact which is odd.

66. skyjedi - November 27, 2010

What the hell happened to the expanded star trek IV why skip a film ?

67. Admonisher - November 27, 2010

@65: That’s actually the “God” theme. And since Kirk concludes Trek V by relocating God to the human heart, it makes sense (after a fashion) that the idea would be transformed into a theme for the humanistic bond between the crew in the TNG films.

@66: Rights to the various film scores are tied up with different labels. They work on these as they can. Additionally, V was a much bigger priority than IV, containing as it does MUCH more unreleased music.

68. captain_neill - November 27, 2010

I hate being unemployed at times. Love to get my hands on both the Final Frontier and Batman Returns but they are together will be too expensive.

maybe I can get a copy of them.

69. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - November 27, 2010

TVH was the complete antithesis if TFF.
A great film with an awful score… The only bits I remember or ‘hum’ are the opening titles, the 80’s walking scenes, the hospital chase and of course “I Hate You’… :-)

If they brought a SE TVH, I’d buy it only as a shelf filler really.

70. Sebastian - November 27, 2010

I can’t wait to order that one; already have the TMP, WOK, SFS extended soundtrack CDs and the best thing about STV was it’s awesome soundtrack by the late, great Jerry Goldsmith; the music on the ‘god planet’ was much more soulful and stirring than what was on screen at the time.

The other extended release soundtracks didn’t disappoint, and I’m sure this one won’t either.

And I agree with # 69
TVH was a great film saddled with a terrible soundtrack; the opening title music was just a slight tweak of Leonard Rosenman’s animated Lord of the Rings track (it’s almost the same music). And the hospital escape sequence music sounded like what you’d hear when you see twenty clowns exiting a Volkswagen. It’s all just slapstick, pie-in-the-face music.
Frankly, the whale song was the best part, and that was a sound effect not a music cue.

By contrast, STV’s score was (and is) utterly sublime.

71. Jim Profit - November 27, 2010

“Today La-La Land announced (via their Facebook page) four new limited edition soundtracks they will be releasing on November 30th:”

I don’t understand why they don’t announce their coming releases via their website. One always has to find them at different forums (among all the rumours) or now at Facebook.

72. Chadwick - November 27, 2010

I remember years ago i purchased the final frontier and wrath of khan soundtracks. They were ok but not the best. When they released the special edition Motion Picture should track and couple years back I was hoping the rest of the soundtracks would get the same treatment and it look like they will. :D

73. RAMA - November 27, 2010

can’t believe this topic got 71 comments!

74. CarlG - November 27, 2010

@73: More or less than you were expecting?

75. Vultan - November 27, 2010

Besides the incredible score, anyone else agree that FF had a great movie poster? Too bad the actual film fell waaay short of its potential.

Oh well, TUC erased (for me) all of that disappointment. Nick Meyer rocks!

76. Phaser Guy - November 27, 2010

Yeah, La La Land makes it hard for people to order their new stuff. I went to there website and there wasn’t even a mention of new releases.

77. Phobos - November 27, 2010

Not impressed with the lala site. I can’t even pre-order.

78. ScottDS - November 27, 2010

#77 –

They’re not available to order until Tuesday at 1:00 P.S.T. This is just an announcement.

79. Damian - November 27, 2010

75–I still have the movie poster. I also have two life size standup’s of Kirk and Spock that were made for when the videos came out.

I agree this was the weakest of the 11 films, but it still has many good points. Some have noted the character moments were a highlight. And Jerry Goldsmith’s score. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad Goldsmith score. Even critics have acknowledged that the score for Star Trek V was one of it’s redeeming qualities.

80. Shatoupee - November 27, 2010

Ok, sold. But the one I really want is a boxed-set of the entire TOS tv soundtracks!

81. Will_H - November 27, 2010

Might have to check that out. That was my 2nd favorite Star Trek score next to First Contact. Goldsmith was a master of his craft.

82. Mr.Scotty - November 28, 2010

unbearably bad movie, just awful. I erased it from my memory

83. Phaser Guy - November 28, 2010

I remember when the TMP music came up, I remember thinking. “Aw crap, they couldn’t come up with a new score?”

84. William Kirk - November 28, 2010

My favourite Star Trek movie, my favourite Star Trek score :-)

85. Hugh Hoyland - November 28, 2010

I also like Star Trek 5, IMO the most TOS like of the movies, besides Star Trek 09. And if the studeo ever does do a CGI make over I think a lot of other people would buy into it as well.

86. Shatoupee - November 28, 2010

As bad as Trek V was, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last several Next Gen motion pictures.

87. Pat Gleeson - November 28, 2010

Day 1 for me – one of my favourite ST soundtracks, along with ST: Generations.

88. Simon - November 28, 2010

#83 – Did you see the Star Wars films expecting a new opening theme for each film?

89. Phaser Guy - November 28, 2010

88. The Star Wars movies always open the same way, so no. I didn’t expect Trek V to go back to the same them that was used in bad movie back in 79.

90. Fubamushu - November 28, 2010

#83 Agreed

#88 Watch the opening segments of the first four Star Trek feature films and what do you here? A unique and different theme for each of those four movies.

So the expectation was set that Star Trek V would have its own theme. So yes, some of us were expecting a new theme for Star Trek V.

And in fact, the only original cast Star Trek films to fetaure the same opening theme are The Motion Picture and The Final Frontier.

With Star Wars, after the Empire Strikes Back, the expectation was set that the opening section of the opening theme would be the same. So the expectation was set that it would be the same. So no, none of us would expect to hear something new and different for the opening of each Star Trek film.

Furthermore, Star Trek: The Next Generation had taken the Goldsmith’s Motion Picture theme and made the theme its own. The expectation was set that was where we would hear that theme from now on.

Your argument, therefore, fails to contradict or persuade.

Personally, though I was disappointed with the reuse of the TMP theme, the sound track to Star Trek V was and remains one of my favorites. I used to study to it many times while in college.

91. Phaser Guy - November 28, 2010

Sure, Star Trek III used many of the same themes from Star Trek II, but that’s because III was a direct continuation of II. I really thought Trek V would have a new theme. The movie that I was surprised to hear a new score for was for Trek IV.

92. JP - November 28, 2010

Good news this. Gives me hope that we’ll see expanded releases of the Insurrection and Nemesis soundtracks at some point. *Fingers crossed* The Insurrection score is very underrated!

93. ScottDS - November 28, 2010


The album rights for Insurrection (along with GEN and FC) are owned by GNP Crescendo and I don’t even know if they’re still around. Film Score Monthly or La-La Land would have to deal with them.

Nemesis is owned by Varese Sarabande and they’d most likely be the ones to revisit it.

And I agree with you… very underrated!

94. Simon - November 28, 2010

#91- If Goldsmith had done II-IV it probably would hav been the TMP theme too.

In any case, it segues right into “The Mountain” which *is* a new theme.

Even though the main titles were different, Goldsmith used the same closing structure for his TNG films.

95. Vultan - November 28, 2010

Maybe Goldsmith was trying to create a common thread through his Trek movie scores, just as Williams did with Star Wars. Just a thought.

Anyway, that gets me thinking what a John Williams Star Trek score would sound like. Not that I didn’t like Michael G’s work in the last film, but it would be interesting to see what Williams or maybe even Hans Zimmer could do with a Trek film.

96. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - November 28, 2010

Count me in for using a common theme. I grew to love the TMP theme, but I remember being disappointed when I first aw TMP, and it wasn’t the Courage fanfare. I definitely think a common theme should be used, and that TFF made the best use of the music. As the Sybok prologue ends, we hear a soaring Courage fanfare, which becomes the TMP theme. It was perfect.

How cool would it be to have Trek 12 open with a prologue, (a la TOS, and Trek 09), and have it dissolve into Pine narrating the “Space, the final frontier…” opening, over the Courage theme? It hasn’t been done on film.

97. Phaser Guy - November 28, 2010

91. The Mountain was a new theme, but it was specifically written for a big opening scene of the movie, and not a main title.

I remember sitting through FC, and when the TMP theme came up at the end my mind flashed back to the ending of Final Frontier.

98. skyjedi - November 28, 2010

The problem with the motion picture theme, even though it is my favorite is its overused. A big problem is that it is now known as the next generation theme.

I wish they would put out a complete score for the motion picture including all cues and alternates since Alexander Courage worked on it with Jerry.

99. ScottDS - November 28, 2010


According to Trek music guru Jeff Bond, there are legal issues to be worked out before TMP can be released. But I’m sure it’ll happen. :-)

100. Dr. Cheis - November 28, 2010

Awesome! Is it out on iTunes?

…no? Not buying it. :(

101. ScottDS - November 28, 2010


When the Ron Jones boxset was released, producer Lukas Kendall was asked about iTunes and here’s what he said:

“The musicians union, whose players need to be paid a portion of their salaries in order to put the music on a soundtrack album, has an “archival” rate we are using (otherwise we would never be able to afford this) that is applicable to CDs only. Not to “new media” or downloads. So there is simply no policy we could use to release this even on itunes at the present time. (I have tried to request a new media policy but these things take time. A lot of time. And I don’t want to look like I am picking on the union because they have been super cooperative for a long time.)”

102. Forrest - November 28, 2010

Yes, GNP Crescendo is still around–

103. Simon - November 28, 2010

#97 – They still play over the credits, the TMP theme only lasts over the actor listing, the rest (edited by, produced by, etc.) is “The Mountain”. The “main title” doesn’t end until you see the (dreaded) words: Directed By William Shatner.

104. Phaser Guy - November 29, 2010

109, yes, I’m not an idiot. I have seen the movie before.

105. OneBuckFilms - November 29, 2010

103 – That’s right (obviously).

There was an alternate Main Title march that Goldsmith came out with initially (this might be the alternate Main Titles at the end of Disc 2), but was rejected in lieu of the TMP theme with the TOS Fanfare for the Main Titles (aka The Mountain).

When I get mine ripped to my HD, I intend to relabel The Mountain to “Main Title / The Mountain”, and simply renaming “Life Is A Dream” to “End Title”.

I also intend to mix in “The Moon’s A Window (film version)” and “Vulcan Music / Row Row Row Your Boat (source music)” at the appropriate points in the score.

106. William Kirk - November 29, 2010

It was great in TFF the classic “Enterprise Theme” by Goldsmith as a “leitmotiv”. It is what I mainly missed in the fourth movie. II and III is acceptable, because it has such a motiv and I think, there is a “touch of Goldsmith” in Horners theme.

107. John from Cincinnati - November 29, 2010

The TMP theme is the worst of all-time, and then they repeated it again for part V and The Next Generation. Enough already!

Bring back the original series theme, the best and most perfect music ever for Star Trek.

108. Tomh, Esq. - November 29, 2010

From what I’ve heard, the TMP theme being used on Star Trek – The Next Generation was at Roddenberry’s insistence.

In Encounter at Farpoint, he was also the one that demanded that the TMP theme be used during the saucer separation (which was supposed to be a really tense moment).

109. Bob - November 29, 2010

I’ve tried to forget about this movie.

110. Frederick - November 29, 2010

The score is terrific, but sadly it conjures up scenes from the movie, which taint it. It’s hard for me to separate it from the scenes it was written for and enjoy it on it’s own merits. That’s narrow-minded ot me, I know.

111. Red Dead Ryan - November 29, 2010


Just try to think about the great character moments and forget the rest. :-)

112. Robman007 - November 29, 2010

Not sure if anyone knows about this, but on iTunes you can get a special recording of the Trek themes that was done by the London Symphony Orchestra about 2 weeks after the release of Star Trek 11.

It is a unique and quite cool mixture of the original series theme and the MOTION PICTURE theme (in caps to set the difference between the lame versions that came afterwards) that runs about 6 minutes in length. Very worth the download, I think. Mixes both songs, including many parts of the original series theme that never made it into movies and such until Trek 11, in a very cool way.

113. Chadwick - November 29, 2010

There is an article on about Tim Russ talking about Paramount pitching a new Star Trek TV series. Looks like a new TV series is much closer than we thought. Looks like it will not come as late as some time after the third new movie. I am sure that actors like Tim Russ and their agents would know of something like this because they are always on the look out for jobs.

114. Simon - November 29, 2010

#107 – Loved the scene where you attacked Hermione in the restroom in the first Harry Potter movie…

115. Jeyl - November 30, 2010

Tuesday the 30th is finally here!

Not since the PREDATORS, Batman and Krull release from comiccon has there ever been a multi-release that I wanted to buy most if not the entire list of soundtracks Lalaland has announced. Being a Jerry Goldsmith fan, I feel it is my duty to have one copy of Star Trek V for myself and another copy still in it’s packaging in a ziplock bag with a bag of Silica Gel, because I don’t want air, dust or water to corrode the only great thing to come out of Star Trek V. And that’s saying a lot since without the music, Star Trek V doesn’t have a single good thing to offer.

116. AJ - November 30, 2010


Wow, I just watched that film yesterday. That was John? Must not take too well to John Williams…

117. AJ - November 30, 2010


In all fairness, Chadwick, I would think that someone is always pitching a new Trek series, especially now that JJ and the boys are involved. Tim Russ even said one the actors is also pitching.

What’s truly inexplicable is the lack of full-on marketing right at this moment. No cartoons, no new products aimed at kids for Christmas, etc. I was recently in a restaurant, in Poland no less, and was attacked by a two-year old in a full “Clone” helmet with a raygun. The kiddie section had a plasma showing X-Men and Iron Man on Cartoon Network to a group of young kids whose parents were eating. Why is there none of that for Star Trek?

118. Dr. Image - November 30, 2010

#92 INS score underrated. Absolutely! Goldsmith lapses into his repetative themes in the later part of the disc, but the earlier part is magic- BETTER than FC, imo, which I think is OVERrated.

119. Gary - November 30, 2010

Just orderd it!

120. BiggestTOSfanever - November 30, 2010

I just bought myself a Christmas present!

121. Robman007 - November 30, 2010

117: Because trek toys were made by Playmates, and the 2009 line failed.

I’ve been upset by the lack of Trek merchandise out there anyways. No miniature based boardgames (like the old FASA game), lack of new model kits (the best being the 1/350 scale E-A..great model), etc. We just keep getting teased with ANOVOS Uniforms that are taking forever and the Quantum Mechanix Enterprise replica’s (big and small) that will only be released when Duke Nukem Forever and the 4 disc X-Files Soundtrack hits stores. Urgh.

The Diamond Select toys are toys for us big trek fans…not good for mass marketing.

122. Squire of Gothos - November 30, 2010

Ordered! Both Trek 5 and Batman Returns. Very awesome!!!

123. Squire of Gothos - November 30, 2010

I am very interested in the rest of the Star Trek film scores being reissued! this has been a great 2 years, with Trek 2, 3 and now 5! Keep them coming!!

I’d love for an expanded Motion Picture score as well. With out takes, etc!!

124. Simon - November 30, 2010

#123 – Don’t forget about the “Deluxe” soundtrack of STAR TREK (2009) and the Ron Jones Project which was his complete scores from TNG.

How about for 2011: full scores of First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis, and TMP…icing in the cake.

125. OneBuckFilms - November 30, 2010

124 – Amen to THAT !!!

Get the Goldsmith scores out in complete form. Awesome !!!

126. OneBuckFilms - November 30, 2010

122 – Same here, of course.

127. Robman007 - November 30, 2010

I ordered 5. Only need the Ron Jones to have every Trek album. Not sure that I’ll get that one.

128. "The Captains Neck Is Broken" - December 4, 2010

I wish someone would remaster the entire original series soundtrack.

129. Pat Gleeson - December 4, 2010

@ 128

+1 Absolutely agree. The Original Series needs a complete remastered release.

130. OneBuckFilms - December 5, 2010

Well, the CD arrived a couple of days ago.

Absolutely awesome !!!

131. Biggles12 - December 5, 2010

Why can’t JJ Star Trek sound like this?? The Trek V score is so much more fun, exciting and complex than the new one. I loved the new fim but imagine how much better JJ Trek would have been with a score like this…

132. OneBuckFilms - December 5, 2010

131 – Jerry Goldsmith has been lost to us for a number of years now.

133. dubb - December 6, 2010

TMP was the best to me… followed by First Contact — LOVE that theme from First Contact!!!

134. Squire of Gothos - December 6, 2010

My Star Trek V expanded cd just arrived. I am listening to it right now and the difference from this release and the 89 one is amazing. There is so much more happening in many of the previous cues that I never knew. In addition several of the new tracks have so much more going on in them than what I could hear even in the mix for the DVD and blu ray!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please keep the Star Trek soundtrack reissues coming!

I also picked up Batman Returns from LaLaland Records as well!

135. Pat Gleeson - December 12, 2010


Got mine on Friday – I have to agree with you – there is so much more to enjoy with these CD’s. If you’re waiting, don’t wait too long as it’s a superb release. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.