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Orci & Kurtzman Talk About Their Approach To Star Trek Sequel November 30, 2010

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

As we have been reporting, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman are currently working on the script for the Star Trek sequel. The pair of writer/producers has just given an interview talking Trek. They of course are not talking plot, but they do reveal parts of their approach to their second Trek.


Orci & Kurtzman talk Trek sequel approach

It is worth reading the full interview with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman at the LA Times Hero Complex, but here are a couple of select quotes:

Bob Orci on approach to sequel:

RO: One of the big challenges is all of the characters are together now. A prequel is a pain in the butt, but one of the nice little advantages was that you get to meet the characters as you go through the story and they get to meet each other. That’s fun. We don’t [have] that luxury of not having the entire family there together at the start of the story. So now you want the character stories to be good for everybody but also not just be there to be stories but also fit into the plot and be organic. We’re looking at a lot of the old episodes for inspiration, still. Whereas the last movie was all about breaking free from “Star Trek” and its canon, now that we can do whatever we want, we still want it to feel like good ol’ “Star Trek” even though it’s a new story.

Orci and Kurtzman on if they are looking at the second film as the middle film of a trilogy (like “The Empire Strikes Back”) or a self-contained adventure:

RO: I don’t know that we’ve ever thought of it in terms of a trilogy. We thought of the first one as, “How do we tell how this happened the first time and how do we free it so that it can go on forever without stepping on what came before.” So, if you were thinking of this movie as a second act, yeah, you would think of it as an “Empire Strikes Back” sort of story, but I’m not sure we’re thinking of it as a second act. I can’t speak for everybody on that, though.

AK: The movies you’re talking about are movies that we’re still talking about, what, 25 or 30 years later, because they have such emotional impact not just on us as viewers but because they put the characters through the mill in a way that was so primal and visceral. Good sequels do that; they find ways to challenge their characters in ways that they couldn’t have necessarily been challenged with in the first movie because, as Bob said, the first is always, ultimately, an origin story. So now [with the second] it becomes about this family that’s together, so now it becomes about the thing that shakes them up and challenges them.

For the full thing, go to HeroComplex, including joking about the Star Wars, Star Trek crossover movie.



1. Britan - November 30, 2010


2. Chingatchgook - November 30, 2010

I trust these guys….they’re going to put together another great story.

3. Jeyl - November 30, 2010

I just hope this next movie doesn’t feel catered. Maybe NuKirk might actually become a better character who can actually give the Star Trek monologue without it sounding out of character (i.e. when did NuKirk ever care about space travel?). But if you even screw up Uhura like you did in Trek09….. well, who knows.

Until than, I’ll have to just wait and see how it all develops. Good luck guys.

4. Chris Doohan - November 30, 2010

I am so looking forward to the next Star Trek and I’m glad that RO and AK are on board.

Puts a huge smile on my face. :)

5. Vultan - November 30, 2010

“We’re looking at a lot of the old episodes for inspiration, still.”

I like the sound of that!

6. Denise de Arman - November 30, 2010

Shirtless Kirk and Spock – I am just sayin’…


7. trekprincess - November 30, 2010

I’m looking forward to the sequel:)

8. 221b - November 30, 2010

Thank heavens these guys care about the characters and their interactions. Now my expectations are even higher than for the first. With it, I tried to keep expectations low, for fear of being completely disappointed. I wasn’t.

I still say… please fix the engine room ;-)

9. Ran - November 30, 2010

“Whereas the last movie was all about breaking free from “Star Trek” and its canon, now that we can do whatever we want, we still want it to feel like good ol’ “Star Trek” even though it’s a new story.”

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. For me, the new movie does not feel like the good ol’ Trek.

“We’re looking at a lot of the old episodes for inspiration”

It was not evident in the new movie.

10. Denny Shotgun - November 30, 2010

i know its already been debunked but they could just call it Star Trek ‘2’

stuff is still being called ‘so and so ‘2, 3 etc’ today (Iron Man, Spiderman) so it wouldnt be a problem

and TWOK was called Star Trek ‘II’ not Star Trek ‘2.’ Fans

they could even use 2.0 (so sort of saying its star trek version 2.0 – new timeline blah blah) and do the same for 3.0

itd prefer that over any Dark Knight style title like Prime Directive or Federation (which i dont think theyd ever do) or ‘Star Trek: something something’ (TNG movies done that already)

11. trekprincess - November 30, 2010

stop your whining always has to be complaints nothing ever positive gets written here:(

12. P Technobabble - November 30, 2010

I imagine that even if the sequel is a stand-alone story, there must be some references made to the events of the first film, such as the destruction of Vulcan, the death of Spock’s mother, etc. I don’t think the sequel necessarily has to be totally concerned about these aspects, but I cannot imagine the sequel just going on as if none of it had ever happened.

13. Matri - November 30, 2010

unless they go The Matrix/Batman route and call it ‘Star Trek Reloaded’ or Star Trek Returns’ or the like (no ‘:’ )…that would at least set it apart slightly from the TNG movie titles

“Star Trek Revelations” or something eh

14. I am not Herbert - November 30, 2010

…it’ll be the ST09 version of “New Moon”… Yay!!!

…I wish they could write it as good as they sell it… =(

15. SteevCreeper - November 30, 2010

with so many good ideas that come from trekmovie.com fans, on top of their apparent love for the story, I’m excited to see what they’ll cook up next…

16. Robman007 - November 30, 2010

I think it would be a golden idea to create a trilogy of movies in the same vein as Trek II, III and IV. I always think that those types of movies are the best, as long as the II and III are not filmed back to back (Matrix, Back to the Future, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc). The three above listed Trek movies (and by story lines, Trek VI) turned out to be the best of the original movies, in my opinion.

Also, put the same care into the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship that Trek V had. That movie was not very good, but it did feature the best example of the trio since the original series.

17. I'm Dead Jim! - November 30, 2010


Chris, I’m looking forward to seeing you again in the transporter room! Gotta have a Doohan on board the Enterprise!

18. Rastaman - November 30, 2010

Given that these movies seem to be on a three year production cycle, I for one am relieved this isn’t just “part 2 of 3.” I do not like going to the movies for a “to be continued…” ending.

19. rm10019 - November 30, 2010

Thanks to boborci and kurtzman for their efforts, really. Keep it fun and still smart, as good Trek always is. I would love to read what boborci thinks of the GR letter just recently posted here and elsewhere. I know it really resonates with so many here as to the uncompromising approach he took early on to make Trek special from the get-go.

20. Dee - November 30, 2010

OMG! … I’m getting so tired of these interviews .. not reveal anything objectively! …. hahahahah … okay I’m being ironic! … If I need to explain it!

Okay again! … I trust these guys, too!…. LOL! :-)

21. Robman007 - November 30, 2010

MANY MANY MANY THANKS to Orci and Kurtzman for bringing us new Trek when it was all but dead again.

I don’t mind a bit of the excitment of ORIGINAL Star Wars being injected into Trek. As long as they do not drop to the intelligence level of most all other films being made nowadays. Dark Knight quality is what we need, although not too dark. We had that in Trek III and it worked good for that.

22. Denny Shotgun - November 30, 2010

13 “Matri?” what the hell – my name is ‘DENNY SHOTGUN’…im not sure how that happened…mustve got the name mixed up with the message content somehow sorry

anyway about the sequel itself (not just the title),

23. Denny Shotgun - November 30, 2010

heres some stuff id like to see in Trek 2:

– mushroom spacedock being built (see last years SOTL calender)

– lengthy phaser ‘beams’….not star wars ‘blasts’

– Twilight Zone/early TOS style spookiness/eeriness

– unexplained wonder/unknown – questions and mcguffins that are not answered and are left to the imagination (with just the odd hint) which is far more powerful than any explanation given – e.g. the angels in Raiders, the portal to the other dimention in Crystal Skull, the space jocky/derelict in Alien, 2001s monolith, MI3 rabbit foot

– Starfleet Admiral Han Solo

– transporter malfunction (with gory aftermath)

– more redshirt deaths – im talking ‘Obsession’ levels

– Shatner….id still like him there…if possible

24. Robman007 - November 30, 2010

Obsession was awesome….oh, and we need Lt Leslie on the bridge. The only red shirt to die a horrific death and reappear the next episode (he died in Obsession only to return the next week).

Also, I’d like the Enterprise to have a refit to fix Engineering and the secondary hull. Reminds me too much of the ugly duck D.

The music needs to be over the top like Season 2 of TOS, along with an opening credit scene just like TOS.

Hey, Shatner Kirk still has a part of him in the Nexus. That portal can be said to span all dimensions and time, so Old Spock can grab him out and have a 3D Chess buddy.

25. Dee - November 30, 2010

“joking about…”

RO: A third movie would be great [if it was] a crossover between “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”.

I’m being a little ironic, today! … +LOL!

26. Mattyb.uk - November 30, 2010

I think To Boldly Go would be a good title.

27. Harry Ballz - November 30, 2010

Have a Gorn fly into Federation space driving a Doomsday Machine, intent on destroying life in half the quadrant! Starfleet engages him in battle, with Commodore Decker sacrificing himself (and his ship) in order to stop the carnage! Oh, and throw in a couple of Mugatus for good measure. Mix well and serve hot!

The working title? GORN TO BE WILD

28. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

I say have Gary Mitchell become God like and he finds the Doomsday Machine and takes it over so he can try and take over the Federation.In a first wild pitched battle with the U.S.S Constalation under Commordore Decker(Played by Tom Hanks) The Constalation is severly damaged but the crew did not al abondon ship and then the U.S.S Enterprise comes to there aid. But then a few more wrinkl;es comes into the story. That would be a great way to Trek to be.

29. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

No matter what. Please Redesign the Engeneering room so it won’t look like a Brewery.

30. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

As a nice ending to the Movie and for a 3rd one. Have the Camra pan out to the S.S Botney Bay and then Que the Music.

31. captain_neill - November 30, 2010

Wake me up when they have some news on what the plot is going to be for the next one. It’s the same thing everytime about how they freed themselves from canon by doing an alternate universe.

It seems every article you have is just the same old news than before, how daunting it is to write Star Trek XII and how to honour the Trek we know and love. It just seems like there is nothing new to report.

Its great that they were able to free themselves from canon without destroying it. And despite my gripes with what they changed I still look forward to the new movie.

Either way all I hope for the next movie is a great fun film with great character moments and good strong plot.

I still hate the next movie being called Star Trek 2

There already is a Star Trek II.

Despite what happens in the next movie, I know that the Star Trek I love will always be there.

Dumbing things down is what I am most concerned with as it seems to be a major problem in Hollywood cinema.

I did feel that Star Trek XI was dumbed down in comparison to past Trek, but Star Trek XI was NOT a dumb movie. It was a good fun movie.

I just hope that Orci and Kurtzman’s second one has the strengths that made The Dark Knight a great sequel rather than the trappings of what made Transformers 2 a god awful sequel. And we do know which sequel that they wrote.

Anyhoo I hope for t he best with Star Trek XII

32. captain_neill - November 30, 2010

PS Why do so many want Khan?

Don’t you want new and fresh ideas, not a new take on the classics

33. Denny Shotgun - November 30, 2010

end of the third movie (after the credits) scene

PineKirk is kicking back in his apartment after having defeated Khan and looking into the fire place slipping a glass of Romulan Ale – suddenly he CG morphs into ShatKirk (Shatner circa 1994), turns to camera and goes ‘wow…this nexus…very clever’

34. jas_montreal - November 30, 2010

“Whereas the last movie was all about breaking free from “Star Trek” and its canon.”

>Thats Why the over-the-top Star Wars references?

” we still want it to feel like good ol’ “Star Trek” even though it’s a new story.”

>Glad to hear that….

35. Kirk, James T. - November 30, 2010

I think after however many years it’s been since the glory days of TNG – here we have two writers who really GET Star Trek and whilst they are bringing it into the mainstream and kicking and screaming into a 21st century vision of the future, they haven’t really strayed too far from the good ole Star Trek we all grew up loving.

When I say this I’m not meaning to diminish anyone involved in trek before but these guys have plucked it from geek obscurity and done it in a way that really does get back to that basic Star Trek concept but something that is also very accessible for Joe Bloggs and his family to watch.

36. Rusty0918 - November 30, 2010

captain_neill, most of the polls are against Khan. Me? It all depends on how it’s done, as long as it’s not “Space Seed” and TWOK cobbled together badly.

Well, I’ll be going through my thing with the sequel again:

1. Kirk needs to be less cocky and less of an ***hole in the sequel. Not that I’m speaking bad of Chris Pine. But he can’t continue being the daredevil he was in the first movie. He needs GROWTH!!! More mature, etc.

2. A more believable engineering set. I understand the direction they were going with the brewery, but it screams of bad moviemaking. I keep thinking of “Space Mutiny” and other movies MST3K did. Yes it can have pipes and stuff, but it was poor execution.

3. Another senior female crewmember. No I am NOT talking about Rand (or those other yeomen-wenches) or Nurse Chapel. I’ve suggested this over and over again: we need a female chief of security, someone who is a rank of lieutenant commander or higher, and does not wear one of those impractical miniskirts (get her some pants!). Anna Torv? Ali Larter? Maybe Rosario Dawson? (Uhura can still have her revealing outfit if they do this.)

That’s the big three. They can keep the lens flares, shaky cam, and extreme close-ups for all I care.

37. Robman007 - November 30, 2010

#36: “Number One” from The Cage should be around in this time frame as we never saw her in the new flick. Perhaps she can be given a cannon name and assigned to the Enterprise, or be part of Admiral PIke’s party.

Nurse Chapel was, by name only, in the new Trek movie.

38. Captain Karl - November 30, 2010

@6 as long as it is Pine & Quinto and not Shat & Nimoy that are shirtless…lol

Although, Bob, you have Alex O’Loughlin shirtless on a regular basis on 5-O…much to the endless delight of my wife (why are you running that scene on the DVR in super slow motion, hun?). Oh, and Bob, if you are reading this, I hope you enjoyed my book, or at the very least didn’t hate it…lol…it would probably come in handy to even out a wobbly table if that was the case;)

39. captain_neill - November 30, 2010


Bit unfair to say that about Shatner and Nimoy, in their hayday I am sure the women liked them shirtless.

40. gingerly - November 30, 2010


I’d love for them to see this as a great Star Trek episode on a much larger and more epic scale.

Kirk did come off cocky and immature but that was in keeping with where his character was at that time. I think Pine did a good job of making him empathetic and likable despite that, which isn’t easy.

For the sequel I’d like him to keep the cockiness, but temper it with the trademark Kirk wisdom, which basically meant that every ounce of it was earned. Also, I’d like to know how Kirk’s tough upbringing, without a father this time, changes his approach to things.

TOS Kirk took everything bad that happened to the people and alien races around him, very personally… This is where Spock and Kirk are most alike, IMO.

Both have bucket-loads of empathy.

I’d like to see Scotty be less obvious comic relief and be seen more as a real engineer, with skills.

I’d like to see some non-mission friendships and camaraderie alluded to, through 3-D chess, basically off-duty moments among the main crew would be quite nice.

As much as people keep demanding more females, I’d really like to see her remain the main developed, central, female, here.

We’ve have six movies and all either brought in brand new actresses to be the central female (V’Gyr/Illia, Saavik, Valeria, Dr. Marcus), or Uhura remained minor and/or very slapsticky.

As I’ve said before, I really think it would be cool to indicate that Sulu practices non-Eastern-style martial arts. Maybe alien or European-style fencing.

You have got to have the TRIAD interacting in some kind of nod to the classic-style.
Bones teases Spock, Kirk smirks and goads, and Spock dryly cuts in reply.

Be careful not to turn Chekov into Wesley! Don’t cutesy-up, coddle, or Mary-Sue his character, please.

If you do bring in a villian, please don’t make him/her a mustache-twirler. I prefer grey. Someone or something the audience has to morally wrestle with and therefore empathize with Kirk and crew having to do the same.

41. captain_neill - November 30, 2010

When it comes to a villain, please DO NOT DO another villain out for revenge. Been done in three movies in a row and a villain better realised than Nero.

Nero is a case of well acted but slightly naff in his motivation.

42. Denny Shotgun - November 30, 2010

in ten years time i wonder which of the nu Trek movies will be considered the best?

movie 1 – Nero
movie 2 – Talosians & Mitchell….
movie 3 – Khan & the klingons
movie 4 – the borg

ive a feeling it’ll wind up like this best to worst – 3,4,2,1
(not that movie 1 is bad by any means – its just the sequels will be even better)

43. captain_neill - November 30, 2010

Out of curiosity how many fans would have disowned the new movie if it had erased everything instead of creating an alternate universe?

I am only asking out of curiosity.

44. Abramstrekfan - November 30, 2010

People are so negative honestly can’t you at least try and understand how they did the last film:( just a thought

45. gingerly - November 30, 2010

Hah, and I forgot Dr. Taylor from The Voyage Home and Martia from Country.

So, yeah bring them in, fine, but let Uhura finally get keep her spotlight.

46. captain_neill - November 30, 2010


We’ll know by seeing them instead of predicting how things will turn out.

47. Vultan - November 30, 2010


Oh, it’s pretty clear how they “did” the last film. It’s just like how they do most movies and TV shows now—create a marketing plan, then make a script out of it. Simple enough.

48. Richard Daystrom - November 30, 2010

I really hope in the movies coming up, they take a left turn instead of a right and go nowhere TOS went. I want no connections with the old.

49. Captain AL . - November 30, 2010

@36 I agree with your no. 1 and 2 points a proper enginering please would be great . but I don,t with your 3rd set off points . They are basically doing the crew like it was in the 60s I don,t think who was inm charge off security was that important on it its just whoever is avaliable or on the shift at that time aka the red shirts . All the women serving on board ships off that eara wear short skirts thats the way it is they are not going to change that thats the uniform for them during that time . Who says they are impractical have you ever worn one .
I think Rosario would be great as nurse Chapel .

50. CmdrR - November 30, 2010

The “sequel” will be a number two film. There’s no way around it in Hollywood today. I’m guessing you guys will expand on the Vulcan diaspora and the Kirk-Spock-Uhura triangle. Be nice to see Pt. II: Skinny Nacelles Strike Back, but maybe I’m just delusional after a week on Dayquil. PLEASE, just give us a good story with emphasis on the characters. We don’t need a galactic war or a search for Hollywood’s idea of God. Just a good Trek tale will do nicely. Thanks!

51. Richard Daystrom - November 30, 2010

Unless they found the Guardian of Forever and corrected the timeline and made the 3rd movie after STTMP timeline before STTWOK.

52. Captain AL . - November 30, 2010

Yes a good trek tale good storytelling and good interaction between Kirk ,Spock and McCoy and then the rest too off course and for Scotty I agree with what someone else said make him more intelligent less comicall he is an engineer after all and has one off the most important jobs to be doing on the ships so lets see him doing it .
Also NO KHAN . He has been done so leave him alone . No Borg either something new and exciting please .

53. Dunsel Report - November 30, 2010

I recommend a shot-for-shot remake of “Gamesters of Triskelion.” I’ve always wanted to see Chris Pine confronting a glass tank of multi-colored braniacs.

54. keachick - November 30, 2010

6. “Shirtless Kirk and Spock – I am just sayin’…”

What – just shirtless?! I have this dream of seeing all three – Kirk, Spock and McCoy hanging from vines with only a *G-string for covering. They are hot, their muscles flex, they shift, they turn, they show their bodies in all their wonderment, with extensive all-over close up shots of “my captain” especially….gosh, it’s getting hot here. It’s a needs must thing….a gal’s gotta have what a gal’s gotta have…:)

Make is so!

* I meant “G-string each” but I am suddenly inspired to write “G-string between them”…sigh

55. Alec - November 30, 2010

For the sequel:

The Story –
My principle requirement is for a good Star Trek story. Star Trek 2009 was pretty good for an origin story. But there were too many plot contrivances and coincidences that stretched believability too far. Also, there wasn’t much of a moral or philosophical message in the film; then again, it was an origin story. A few literary references always go down well…

The Triumvirate –
Make the sequel about what TOS (you might as well simply call it Star Trek) was all about: the triumvirate of Kirk-Spock-McCoy. A note for JJ: Star Wars is all about Luke Han and the Princess; the other characters are just there to support the big three. The same is true [i]mutatis mutandis[/i] for Star Trek. Explore Kirk’s being through his two halves each represented by one friend. Have more classic Spock-McCoy bickering. I rather like the idea of McCoy’s saying, ‘Would someone shut that Vulcan up’, at some point! A bit juvenile; but I like the line.

The adventure –
It’s cool to be in space. In fact, it couldn’t be much cooler ;) But it needs to be made more obvious to the audience. Nick Meyer had star fields, great stretches of empty, black space, and great planetary shots; classic films such as 2001 and the original Solaris do this even better. Once people realise that space is the ultimate adventure, they will enjoy the adventure more. JJ’s film was too grounded in reality. It’s important that the film feels real (which is why there should be a realistic engineering set…) but it should also feel, pardon the pun, alien. This is an adventure hundreds of years into the future on a star ship. Make it feel ‘different’. Star Wars has done this rather better, imo.

Innovation –
Keep it Star Trek. But keep showing us things we’ve not seen before. The orbital space dive was fantastic: a perfect example. There must be so much more that the future holds in store for our heroes: surprise us. Otherwise, Star Trek, like other franchises, can become stale and repetitive. E.g., in seemingly every adventure we have the shields raising, phasers firing, ships rocking etc.

Music –
The music in Star Trek 2009 was pretty good. However, it was far too repetitive: there was a main theme and a sub-main theme that kept playing over and over again whenever there was a major action set-piece. ‘Variety is the spice of life.’ Also, use more classic Trek music. The Klingon Theme, the French Horns for Khan, Kirk’s theme in TWOK, TMP theme, etc. There’s so much great Trek music out there. It would be silly not to use at least some of it.

Production Design –
This was pretty good, on the whole, if ‘safe’ and unoriginal. The great exception of course is engineering. This took me out of the adventure every time I saw it. And it looks nothing like an engineering set from any Star Trek I’ve seen. We should have a massive, multi-level, humming warp core. It should be surrounded by technicians in white jump suits and myriad computer terminals. There’s money for this, since so much from the last film can be reused.

56. Trek Lady - November 30, 2010

Hmmmm. These comments sound promising. First time I have felt really hopeful about the next film.

*crosses fingers*

57. Richard Daystrom - November 30, 2010

I’ll be quiet after this, but suppose Spock’s love for his Mother drives him to correct the timeline and Spock Prime tells him how to go about it. No destruction of Vulcan or his Mother.

58. balok - November 30, 2010

It must be real challenging to come up with something new and fresh since sooo many Trek stories have been told…

59. balok - November 30, 2010

Ha 57, after Rosario T’Pring kills Uhura in the fight for Spock death match… works for me…

60. MorbidGorn - November 30, 2010

Looking forward to the next movie big time. Please give us Klingons and some GORN!!!!!! But I’m glad that characters are of major importance to them. Without that, you don’t have a good story.

Thanks RO and AK!

61. Dee - November 30, 2010

# 54 keachick

Yes … I vote with you … about Kirk, Spock and McCoy … hahahahah!

‘ve Fought for you on IMDB … more or less … that’s crazy! .. I should not have started to comment there! … I knew it .. I do not want anyone having a heart attack there! … I do not take things too seriously, but there are people crazy on the Internet! …LOL …+LOL!!!

62. Captain Dunsel - November 30, 2010

Anthony – Can we find a photo of Messrs Kurtzman and Orci where they’re not grinning so much?

“Smile and Smile… I don’t trust men who smile too much!”

63. Hugh Hoyland - November 30, 2010

Oh I cant wait! Bob back channel me dude. Scouts honor, mums the word, I wont spill the beans. Im to dang excited to wait though! :] Actually I’m really interested in what you guys have come up with and look forward to 2012. If what you were able to accomplish in Star Trek 09 is any indication, we’re all in for a heck of a fun ride.

And no matter what the guys over on AICN say, T1 and T2 were not bad writting IMO, fun stuff. And best of luck on the other projects you got running right now, your a busy man for sure.

64. Battle-scarred Sciatica - November 30, 2010

No selling out.

Fresh ideas.

No silly little side-kick aliens.

Smaller nacelles.

Less pipe-work in engineering.

No half-naked anybody to put bums on seats.

No half-arsed attempt to bring in old enemies.

A good storyline.

65. Dee - November 30, 2010

The news today about Alex Kurtzman said he begins filming “Welcome to People” in January 2011 .. starring Chris Pine .. then… when will be filmed Star Trek 2012? .. Someone makes a guess?

66. Captain Karl - November 30, 2010

@39 yes, I agree…in their heyday…but I was inferring them today…;)

67. Captain Karl - November 30, 2010

@62 Orci does really smile like that all the time so it would be hard pressed to find a pic of him not smiling…lol

68. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

Hey. Maybe Bob Orci is realy Organian and not a real human. That would explain a few things. Lol.

69. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

By the way Bob. Love what you guys are doing on Hawaii Five o. keep it up. Can’t wait for Trek.

70. keachick - November 30, 2010

#61 Dee. Don’t apologise for commenting. Those two posters are total *beeps*. It was good to see your post there.

Yes, I just saw where they plan to start filming “Welcome to People” by Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci in January 2011 (not sci-fi). I was wondering whether they would get to do this movie before or after Star Trek. They have Elizabeth Banks playing the sister/single mother. Chris said it was a “beautiful script”, “gorgeous…” I hope it works out. Something else to look forward to from the Pine man. Can’t wait, but have to, yet again…sigh

Filming the Star Trek sequel is supposed to start in May/June 2011, so I guess there will be enough time between movies for Chris to loll about in his new house (well, new to him at least). I thought all he said he needed was a new bed for his big 3-0 birthday, now he’s gone and bought a house. Wow. Perhaps the new bed he got was too big for his bedroom in that apartment, the location of which is apparently known by everyone (except people like me who live in caves…LOL), so he decided to upsize to an entire house, instead of get a smaller bed…:) Anyway, I hope he enjoys a lot of good healthy, comfortable living in his new home.

“No half-naked anybody to put bums on seats.”
Yes, you are right. Only the full monty will do.

On a more serious note – I don’t see nakedness per se as being a crime and should not be treated as such in law. It is not indecent. It is just who we are under our clothes. Covering up all the time often makes us afraid and even ashamed of who we really are. Now that’s a crime.

71. JP - November 30, 2010

@ Captain Karl: Are you ‘Warp 11”s Captain Karl?

If so, just want to say, love the albums! Although, if Kiki ever leaves the band I’m so done with you guys ;)

72. Anthony Pascale - November 30, 2010

Bob is almost always smiling – he is very affable. Alex is more serious. Damon is more of a goof too.

RE: when Trek is filming
As we have reported before a few times, the star trek sequel is expected to start shooting in the Summer of 2011. So Pine has plenty of time to shoot Kurtzman’s Welcome to People in early 2011

73. Anthony Thompson - November 30, 2010

Bob says, “even though it’s a new story…”. That’s a pretty good clue (and a welcome one) that he and his partner are not contemplating a retread of “Space Seed” or any other TOS episode!

74. Dr. Image - November 30, 2010

To address: How long after the events of the first film will it be set?
Also: A decent engineering set. Please.
(A good CGI set is more “real” looking than any stock 21st century location. Lesson learned, I hope.)
And darken the bridge lighting. A little, at least.

75. Cygnus-X1 - November 30, 2010

Well, they’re saying all the right things….

76. Red Dead Ryan - November 30, 2010

I get the sense Damon likes to pull pranks on Alex while Bob lies back laughing and sipping on lemonade. :-)

Anyway, these “three amigos” know what they’re doing. Star Trek could not be in better hands, despite what Jeyl and other haters tend to say!

77. Chadwick - November 30, 2010

Lol that Star Trek Star Wars mash up is just to piss us off. Rob…STOP IT!!!!

Its nice to hear their fresh intelligent perspectives.

78. pock speared - November 30, 2010

@72 anthony
is that why whenever we see a shot of alex he looks constipated? damon looks like he just pissed on your dog and got away with it. love those guys, nevertheless.

79. Basement Blogger - November 30, 2010

Why Bob Orci must be the Chief Justice of the Bad Robot Supreme Court .

Bob Ocri says in the interview:

“Whereas the last movie was all about breaking free from “Star Trek” and its canon, now that we can do whatever we want, we still want it to feel like good ol’ “Star Trek” even though it’s a new story.”

Yes, that’s what I want. I know it’s a film but it still must be Star Trek i.e. . “Good ol’ Star Trek” And dare I say it? Your father’s Star Trek. And everybody read Gene Roddenberry’s letter posted on this website. (Link below.) Gene wanted a mass audience but wanted quality and substance. Great Trek is 1) heart, 2) adventure and 3) intelligence.

Does that mean I hate action? No. After all, it’s a tentpole film. But we certainly can have a deeper movie, exploring scientific and philosophical ideas. And you can thank Chris Nolan for “Dark Knkght” and “Inception.” An entertainment for the masses can have brains too.

1) The Great Bird of the Galaxy’s (Gene Roddenberry) letter. Must reading for all Trekkers.

80. Jack - December 1, 2010

36. Jennifer Garner as said competent senior star fleet officer, or any other character. Love her – and she’s darned underrated. She would have made a hell of a Lois Lane in a Superman flick.

Bill Paxton always felt like Starfleet material to me, too… Even if he’s creepy/ corrupt star fleet material.

And to those who say this isn’t news — are you saying these stories shouldn’t appear here (and, if so, I’d disagree with you — i think any comments about the movie from folks in the hproduction belong here)? Or are you just frustrated that they aren’t giving you any real details? Just curious.

Andi still don’t see all the star wars elements folks say were in trek 09.

81. Basement Blogger - December 1, 2010

Revenge of the Trek Women and the Star Trek Holiday Special

1) @ 6, @ 54

Revenge of the Star Trek Women

Okay, you knew sooner or later after all the jokes about our all women mudwrestling kal-if-fee, that the Trek Women would get unleash their wrath. And boy, did you. I mean you’ve stripped Kirk, Spock and McCoy down to G-strings. Hilarious.

Trek Women, the new Star Trek is a parallel universe, so you could get what you want. Canon, schmanon. Say the Federation runs out of money and can’t pay the crew. Spock, Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy and Montgomery Scott struggle to make ends meet. To earn extra dough, they form an all male nude revue. Using the bridge as a stage, with an Alpha Quadrant wide broadcast thru the main viewscreen , our dancers do their thing. The special dance is desgned by Scott to the music of “In the Navy.” (Village People) He names the routine after himself. “The Full Monty.”

2) The Star Trek Holdiay Special- Alex and Bob started to mash Star Wars and Star Trek together. Okay, two can play that game. Star Wars had the infamous holdiay TV show, “The Star Wars Holiday Special.” . So I’m going to mash Star Wars and Star Trek again and form “THE STAR TREK HOLIDAY SPECIAL.” And no Denise, I’m not smoking the wacky weed. I remind you my buzz of choice is booze. Romulan Ale. Klingon Blood Wine. And some mystery stuff in a bottle. ” It’s green.”

The plot: The Enterprise must take Spock to the Vulcan colony of Xanadu where he can celebrate Life Day with Spock Prime, Sarek and Olivia Newton John. However, General Jar Jar Binks and the Ewok armada have blockaded the planet.

Guest stars: Lewis Black, Pee Wee Herman, Snooki (The Jersey Shore) and Lindsay Lohan.

Musical guests: Kiss. Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga. Toby Keith. Bennett and Kiss sing “The Christmas Song.” Toby Keith and Lady Gaga sing “The Dreidel Song.”

Anyway it’s that special time of the year. So Happy Life Day everyone!

82. captain_neill - December 1, 2010

Can I ask if the majority of fans believe this film to be a parallel universe? I seen someone mention Guardian of Forever.

If the film did change the timeline rather than create a parallel universe I would have disowned the movie.

Some fans seem to think Bob Orci just said that to calm the hard core fans down.

83. Trekandwarsprincess - December 1, 2010

I see the film as a origin story set in a alternate universe :)

84. captain_neill - December 1, 2010


I agree with you on the one. It is an origin story in a parallel universe.

I don’t treat it as a prequel because it is an origin set in a parallel universe. Things happened different in the prime universe.

85. chrisfawkes.com - December 1, 2010

5 people don’t feel like the new movie felt like the old trek, get over it, no one is pulling $160 million out of their butt just to please you.

Personally i think the movie nailed the feel of the original series in a way that latter trek series never fully did.

86. I'm Dead Jim! - December 1, 2010

Please… no more Romulan Ale! That joke got way overplayed already. It didn’t work in Nemesis because I never believed Worf would ever drink anything created by a Romlulan (except that Klingon/Romulan chick). But I digress, there are plenty of other intoxicants in the universe.

87. P Technobabble - December 1, 2010

85. chris
“…Personally i think the movie nailed the feel of the original series in a way that latter trek series never fully did…”

I have to agree with you. TOS had a sense of heart and soul that none of the following series possessed. I know hard-core TNG fans, or ENT fans, etc. would fight tooth and nail with that sentiment, but for my money TOS, in all its rawness, is what captured me, rather than technology, gimmicks, and so forth. In that sense, the new film came the closest, IMO.

88. Damian - December 1, 2010

First, Star Trek in the title is a must. I would avoid calling it Star Trek 2. It would be just too confusing. Unlike reboots of other series, Star Trek (2009) was not a simple reboot. It also followed what came before. The prime universe is still out there.

Second, I hope for an intelligent film. Challenge the audience while entertaining them. You can still have explosive special effects and tell a good story. Too many movies today are dumbed down, as if the audience all had ADHD.

84–I agree, to me the new universe was created the moment the Narada appeared (much like the schism explained in Back to the Future, Part 2). That leaves Enterprise as the only old series that applies in the new universe. I hope Bob Orci, et al keep that in mind when writing their story. I don’t ask them to follow up on any Enterprise plot lines, but to simply avoid contradicting any plot lines (such as ignoring how they explained Klingons had smooth forheads in the original series, etc.) .

89. ensign joe - December 1, 2010

I don’t know if I can take them seriously anymore after that Transformers Prime bit with the mocap.. hehehe

90. Old Trekkie From Way Back - December 1, 2010

Ugh. Not looking forward to that. First they talk “prequel” and then they say that they broke away from “Star Trek” and its canon. As if being associated with Star Trek is a bad thing. That tells you right there that these guys don’t give a rodent’s behind about Star Trek. That’s why STXI was so stupid and un-Trek-like. I don’t see this next movie being any better. They screwed things up so bad with the first one, there are no expectations for the next one. As long as it has lots of action and stuff going boom to keep the short attention span audience occupied, it’ll make tons o’ money just like the first one. Even though it was a stupid movie with a nonexistent plot and no-dimensional villain.

91. gumtuu - December 1, 2010

I enjoyed the new movie in ’09, loved the action sequences and seeing the characters, but I rewatched it again recently (I’ve done so many times). And everytime I do, there is ALWAYS another head scatcher plot hole that I find that I never saw before. We’re not talking canon here, but common sense things. Things any normal intelligent person wouldn’t do. I always enjoy it, but when these things happen, (and they happen a lot) it always yanks me back out of the movie.

That first movie was a mess. Forced together parts. Sloppy execution of a beautiful production. I just hope this time they do better with no writers strike happening in the middle of production, and no need to stretch the plot to get everyone together.

92. trekprincess - December 1, 2010

it doesn’t make me scratch my head because I don’t have a tolerance problem it’s like people here have a tolerance problem with Abrams Trek

93. Jai - December 1, 2010

Well, this sounds promising. Hopefully the ‘Supreme Court’ will have learned all the right lessons, taken on board the feedback/criticisms/viable suggestions from fans, and will take the sequel to the next level.

Alec’s post #55 is superb. One further suggestion I could add is that Bear McCreary would be a very good choice to provide the musical score for the sequel. His contribution was fantastic on Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica, especially during the early seasons (very evocative and sometimes quite moving music). Bear actually has his own blog and happily posts friendly replies to commenters there.

Re: P Technobabble, #87:

“TOS had a sense of heart and soul that none of the following series possessed.”

As some regulars know, I’m a huge fan of DS9 (obviously a very different beast to TOS), but I actually think that Stargate SG1 was far closer to TOS in terms of heart, soul, overall tone and basic humanity than any of the Star Trek spinoffs were, especially when O’Neill was still in command of the team. I guess O’Neill’s wry, unpredictable deadpan humour along with the casual informality and tangible sense of deep trust & closeness between the small number of core SG1 team members had a lot to do with it too. Very reminiscent of TOS.

94. Robman007 - December 1, 2010

85: Since cannon wise it was stated as an Alternate Universe, I shall go with that, even though my personal belief is that the Alternate Universe was added as an afterthought so that legions of fans would not be up in arms about “erasing” previous shows (except Enterprise, which, sadly, would still survive). It just seems to me that it negates past episodes and movies that dealt with someone changing the timeline and the crew of the ship of the week having to go back in time and set things right.

Either way, it was not something I saw wrong with the film. I was only slightly annoyed at the 8 year time diff and having a 25 year old be in command of the Enterprise. The change of the E did not bother me either. The size made sense, and the original along with the tech was a product of the 60’s, as beautiful as it was. This version I could see being refitted into the Refit.

I actually thought the destruction of Vulcan was ballsy and I thought it was a good plot point. Too many disasters in Star Trek are avoided with the reset switch or time travel. This game the Trek universe a human quality that disaster can strike, and even the good guys can come an inch away from being eliminated.

Sure gives a new twist on Season 1 TOS describing a Vulcanian Expedition. I saw it as a fleet of starships (much like the ones sent to vulcan in the movie) to help Vulcan recover from a natural disaster, such as an earth quake or something along that line. In the new timeline, the events play out in a much more tragic light, but still has that point of Kirk’s life that he participated in.

95. Trekker99 - December 1, 2010

Aren’t these the guys that gave us Transformers 2: revenge of the fallen??


96. Robman007 - December 1, 2010

95: Trek 12 will not have Michael Bay, and I believe that the Transformers movies are written to suit a Michael Bay movie. If Trek 12 was directed by Michael Bay, then I’d shudder too.

Besides, the formula of the current transformers movies makes sequels like 2 bound to happen alot.

97. P Technobabble - December 1, 2010

93. Jai

I have to be honest, but I know virtually nothing about Stargate SG1, so I’ll have to take your word for it.
Could it be I need to watch MORE television? :)

98. Bright Eyes - December 1, 2010

The initial digression point for this universe wasn’t Nero’s arrival, but rather the events of “First Contact” 200 years earlier.

This goes a long way toward explaining why the Vulcan-inspired ring-tailed “starliner” Enterprise was supplanted by the NX-01 “Akira-prise” and why the Kelvin had the same crew compliment as a Galaxy Class.

Once again it falls to the fans to “explain” the mess that the experts have left us with.

99. Bill N - December 1, 2010

One thing to think about…Do you really think old Spock, with his found “humanity” would ever let Vulcan remain destroyed and the timeline altered?? No, I don’t believe he would. The whole continuation of the timeline thing has been done many times in “old” Trek, and old Spock is from “old” Trek. Any continuation of the storyline that does not deal with this issue will cheapen the whole new storyline. Now, old Spock may have to die trying, but he would at least try.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

100. Captain Karl - December 1, 2010

@71 alas, no…I’m just an obscure cartoonist who puts out a webcomic that no one really reads…

101. Hugh Hoyland - December 2, 2010

#100 nothing wrong with that, what webcomic do you put out?

102. Jai - December 2, 2010

P Technobabble, re: #97

“I have to be honest, but I know virtually nothing about Stargate SG1, so I’ll have to take your word for it.
Could it be I need to watch MORE television? :)”

It’s really the first incarnation of Stargate SG1 which strongly reminds me of the TOS vibe — there was a change in the lead character much later on, and of course the Stargate franchise has its own spinoffs too. I actually stumbled across SG1 several years after it originally started and never watched it anywhere near as regularly as the various Star Trek shows, but if you’re a fan of TOS then you should try to catch reruns of SG1 sometime. It’s actually the seasons starring Richard Dean Anderson which I’m referring to (he used to be “MacGyver” — you’ll recognise him, although he doesn’t have the [in]famous mullett anymore). The guy was absolutely brilliant as the SG1 team’s leader — he had a really understated way of making witty dry observations and was unfailingly sardonic, regardless of how serious, dangerous or alien the situation was.

Funnily enough, one of SG1’s later seasons (by this time with a new lead actor) had an “anniversary” episode which included an excellent spoof of TOS, complete with the bridge crew completely looking & acting the part — brylcreemed hair, the lead actor channelling Kirk/Shatner’s mannerisms & posture while shifting around in the captain’s chair, etc etc.

Anyway, if you like TOS then you’ll probably like SG1 too. Same basic warmth, humour, and occasional poignancy, along with the obvious closeness between the central characters who came across as genuinely decent (and approachable) people. “The kind of people you could have a drink with”, as they say.

103. P Technobabble - December 2, 2010

102. Jai

Thanks for the heads-up. I am always open to anything sci-fi and will check this out when I come across it.

104. Robofuzz - December 2, 2010

I’d like to see some political intrigue involving the Klingons who will have gleaned at least some knowledge of future events/technology by their contact with the Narada. Perhaps some sort of resulting arms race, with the Enterprise playing a major role like in some of TOS episodes (cloaking device theft, etc).

105. Shrink - December 2, 2010

“Our approach? Well we play a lot of darts. No really – we get a lot of Post-it notes with plot points scribbled on them, stick them onto a dartboard, throw some darts, and there’s your story. Don’t roll your eyes, it worked last time. Ka-CHING!!”.

106. Doug Haffner - December 2, 2010

Here’s what I’m looking for in a second Star Trek from this modern viewpoint:
1. Character development. Growth is probably easier in a series (Picard’s anti-children authoritarian growing into warm caring father figure) but critical for this movie. Do we pick up very soon after the events in the first, or has a little time lapsed? If so, where does everyone stand? Kirk is always at his best when he’s making tough choices in public and torn in private. We’ve seen his path to the chair…but now I’d like to see how he lives in it.
2. Villain: Actors with charisma don’t always create characters with charisma. Likewise writers who create villain’s with charisma don’t always end up with actors who have it. My point is that the villain was the weakest link in a fairly strong chain on the first film. I think lots of effort went in, but the cake just didn’t rise like expected. Live and learn, right? This movie either has to skip the whole “villain must be defeated” formula or turn the dial to eleven and create one that can rock out with their cock out.
3. Location: location, location. Part of what worked was grounding that first film so solidly in real locations. The fantastic space sequences are so much easier to love when they are surrounded by lots of real locations.
What has Star Wars shown us? A desert can be an amazing location, and a mostly CGI city with thousands of ships overhead and action and detail all around can be a snoozer.
4. Drama: The first 10 minutes of the first film put the audience in your palm. Humor, suspense, action, love and sacrifice. I’ll be honest…the first film never quite regained the hill it climbed at the beginning…but it showed what you guys can do when you aren’t focusing on backstory architecture and just telling a tale.
5. Canon: You set up a wonderful way to let the original co-exist with this one. It’s new…fresh out of the wrapper. Hardly a scratch on it. Let’s get this one dirty. In another reality, Hitler is probably a janitor with 5 kids and a jewish wife. Maybe in this one- good old Matt Decker is about the meanest sum-bitch we’ve never run across. I love a good suprise.
6. Genre: Some of the old Star Trek films started to think they needed to be CSI in space. If the space boots don’t fit, you must aquit.
7. More Cow Bell.

107. Dytallix B - December 3, 2010

“…the last movie was all about breaking free from “Star Trek” and its canon.”

That’s why I didn’t like it.

108. Harry Ballz - December 3, 2010


Great post, Doug!

“CSI in space”? That’s giving ST:VI way too much credit! With the cast’s age demographic, I was reminded more of Murder She Wrote in space! Boring!

109. P Technobabble - December 3, 2010

106. Doug

You make some good points, sir.
We definitely want to see Kirk live in his command chair “properly.” In spite of this being an alternate universe, there’s no way we want to see a seriously altered Kirk. He’s still gotta be Capt. Kirk — the one we all know and love.
I think this goes for the rest of the characters, as well. For example, we don’t want to see that Spock is a more emotional Vulcan in this universe, nor do we want to see that Scotty is now a comedian, etc. They might get away with Matt Decker in this universe being the meanest SOB this side of Andromeda, but not so with the main characters.

The villain situation is certainly a tricky matter. While it is absolutely necessary that Kirk and crew have something or someone who seems pretty impossible to defeat, the “villain must be defeated” formula does get tired. How do you keep that from being redundant? You’ve got Khan, you’ve got Kruge, you’ve got Chang, and so on. And none of these villains are all that different from each other. Khan was arguably more villainous that Kruge, for example, but they are just dragons to be slain. So, what sort of villain will Orci and Kurtzman conjure up?

And so on… I pretty much agree with everything you say (and I’m a big fan of cowbells).

But I have no doubt Orci and Kurtzman have already contemplated these matters. If we can consider all this stuff, certainly they can, too. I think writing for Star Trek has got to be the closest thing there is to a Kobayashi Maru scenario. Breaking away from past Trek does open things up, with fewer limitations standing in the way. And yet Star Trek IS a certain kind of story. Over the years writers have sometimes nailed it (TWOK), and other times missed the mark (NEM). But that could also be a reflection of what fans are willing or unwilling to accept… and we know how picky fans can be.

All we can do now is speculate and bite our nails until 2012. =sigh=

110. CarlG - December 3, 2010

@27: That sounds… terrifyingly watchable.

111. Chadwick - December 3, 2010



112. Captain Karl - December 3, 2010

@101 Willow’s Grove (http://www.willowsgrove.com/wordpress)

113. Harry Ballz - December 3, 2010



114. Mark - December 6, 2010

I’ve been reading alot of boards (this one included) and to be honest I’m comforted by the fact they’re taking so long to write the script for this.

We really don’t want the situation where Paramount just seemed to bash together a storyline as an exercise in making money; Nemesis, despite the fact that Tom Hardy played a really good bad guy.

As a side note, I think coming up with a decent bad guy will be crucial to the films success. Much and all as I enjoyed the first one of these, Nero was a pretty two dimensional bad guy but that’s ok, he could be because the focus of the film was ‘look at how they all met’ and ‘look at how bad**s our ship is’. They don’t have that safety with this one, they need a decent villan. I think Khan would have been too predictable and there is not enough of a story there for the ‘oh look it’s Khan’ factor to carry the movie. The Vulcans without a home, Klingons with advanced tech from Nero’s ship even a rogue starfleet Vessel if you want to go all Reliant on the second film.

That was a lot longer than a side note. Please don’t hurt me.

115. IconoclastX - December 7, 2010

Engineering Section: What we’ve seen so far has been the Enterprise sans the influence of one Montgomery Scott; now that Scotty’s on board, I’d be VERY surprised if some major changes weren’t made (starting with the brewery pipes, given his own — ahem — very personal relationship with them). Also, with all respect to the great Deep Roy, I’m afraid Keenser needs to take a powder, as he’s just too much of a comic-relief setup for Simon Pegg’s Scotty & not much else at this point.

Nacelles: I like the fat ones; they say “power” to me, like a beefy old-school muscle car engine (the skinny ones always seemed too fragile).

Villains: Definitely no Borg. Khan could be interesting if done right, but he was the villain of the original 2nd Trek movie, so that would feel repetitive to me. Omnipotent beings/devices/Maguffins might be better left until later in the series, when the new crew isn’t quite so wet behind the ears. Klingons? Now we’re talking…

Vulcan Rosario Dawson: Yes please!

116. marianne - December 25, 2010

If they are still looking at old episodes, I challenge them to watch DS9: In the Pale Moonlight, which clearly states that the Romulan empire had COLONIES, while Nero stated that he was the last of the Romulan empire in NuTrek. Put it right, writers! And bring back Romulus (& Vulcan!)

117. manny - February 16, 2011

They should have Arnold Schwarzenegger play Khan….

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