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Tim Russ Envisions Reunion Star Trek Movie + Talks Possible Star Trek TV Pitches November 30, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Star Trek Into Darkness,VOY , trackback

In addition to playing Star Trek: Voyager’s Tuvok, Tim Russ has always been a big fan of Star Trek. In a new interview the actor outlined what he saw as the future of Star Trek on film, and also alluded to possible pitches for a new Star Trek TV series.


Russ talks future of Trek

While promoting his appearance at the Starbase Indy convention in Indianapolis over the weekend, Star Trek Voyager actor Tim Russ talked to IndyStar about his role on Star Trek and on the future of Star Trek.

Regarding how he would approach a new Star Trek movie, Russ talked about going back to crews of the previous Trek shows:

You play director/producer. What approach would you take for the next Star Trek feature film?

"I would do a parallel timeline, go forward, not backward in sort of a renegade style. I would bring in a number of characters from the each of the other series, as long as the timeline is consistent. I would rather do something like that than a prequel (like the last Star Trek movie). That way you could bring in characters from (Star Trek: The) “Next Generation,” like (actor) Patrick Stewart (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard). There would be Kate Mulgrew (Capt. Katherine Janeway) from (Star Trek:) “Voyager,” any number of crew members from “Voyager.” I would bring in (Star Trek:) “Deep Space Nine” characters, too. Any one of (those characters) would be a kick for the fans. They all have their favorites and each has its fan base. I’ve certainly learned that.”

Russ also talked about Star Trek’s future on TV (and his possible role), and hinted that there are already people pitching TV shows to CBS:

Star Trek’s been around 40 years, spun off 6 series and 11 movies. Is it time to give the Trek franchise a rest?

“In a sense it is in hiatus right now, because there’s nothing on. "(Star Trek) Enterprise" was the last series, and that’s been off several years. They’re discussing other Star Trek projects, other series. I think there’s still a loyal audience out there that would love to have something to watch that’s Star Trek-related.”

If you were approached for another Star Trek role, would you do it?

“It depends on what kind of role it is. It’s certainly possible that if it was offered I certainly would consider it, given it’s work. … I don’t have any large projects right now. They’re pitching a new Trek series, so I could possibly wind up as a cast member on that. … Currently, I’m doing voiceovers for the Cartoon Network series, “Sym-Bionic Titan” (Russ portrays Solomon on the show, which debuted in September). Russ added that a former series cast member is actively pursuing a Trek project, but wouldn’t publicly disclose who it is."

TrekMovie checked with Mr. Russ to get more details on they "they" he is talking about with regards to pitching. Russ would not reveal all the people he knew were pitching Star Trek ideas, but he did reveal one of the pitches has come from Sky Conway, who produced the indie project Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, which Russ directed. 


1. Alvar Hanso - November 30, 2010

If they keep doing the alternate time lines it will have to be called “Time Trek.” I’ve had enough of all that since ST: Enterprise.

2. GaryP - November 30, 2010

I’m game for this as long as nobody from Voyager is attached to the project.

3. John - November 30, 2010

pitching a new Star Trek series? YES! At least SOMEBODY out there is making headway for ST to return to where it belongs!

4. Red Dead Ryan - November 30, 2010

“Goldsmith’s Star Trek V Soundtrack gets extended”


As for Tim Russ, I hope no one is listening to his “ideas”. This is classic fanboy wank being cranked out by yet another actor who feels entitled to do Star Trek again. Give me a break. Let’s have the new cast stand on their own. The only CAMEOS that would make sense would be either Scott Bakula or William Shater. Maybe Leonard Nimoy.

I really hope CBS ignores these pitches being made.

5. Scott - November 30, 2010

I’ve heard two interesting ideas tossed around in the last three or four years that would make for interesting ventures back into the Trek universe:

1. An animated series that took place in the 25th or 26th century.
2. A “Next Gen” type show 50-70 years after Nemesis.

Both would be interesting but in the era of Galactica-type scifi, it would have to be pretty compelling and original to make it. Enterprise really killed it for Trek as a regular series.

6. Shrink - November 30, 2010

The last time Tim Russ had anything to do with trying to make a Star Trek story … I vomited in my mouth.

Keep him the hell away from the camera.

7. Holger - November 30, 2010

I respect Tim Russ’ ideas, but I wouldn’t care too much for watching such a TV show. I think such a format would very soon become very lame after an initial flare of “Hey, cool! Picard commanding a mission together with Admiral Janeway and Scotty’s their chief engineer!!”

8. Red Dead Ryan - November 30, 2010

Cameos by Scott Bakula, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy make sense for different reasons. Though it would be hard to bring back Kirk Prime. And the writers have indicated already that they aren’t planning on a Shatner appearance.

And a lot of these former Trek actors like Tim Russ and Kate Mulgrew haven’t thought things through when they express their desire to be in the sequel. I mean, how would they appear? And if Shatner can’t be included, why would they be?

Some of these actors have to move on. Seriously.

9. Alec - November 30, 2010

NO new Trek TV show, please, until at least the end of the Abrams Trilogy. Before JJ, the market was completely saturated with Star Trek: for a time, we had two shows (TWO) running at the same time; and it was one show being made after another: TNG-DS9-VGR-ENT. Each time, the quality got worse: recycled plots, characters, features, etc. We must be patient. After the JJ Trilogy, there will be a huge market for Star Trek on TV. Until then, they should plan carefully: when is it going to take place; where and in which time-line; how can we make it fresh and exciting; etc….there’s lots to do. They’ll make more money, and, more importantly for me, make a better show, if they take their time. The fans will wait; and JJ is creating some more…

10. Alec - November 30, 2010

8. Red Dead Ryan – November 30, 2010

JJ’s new crew need to go off on their own now exploring(or shooting). The Nimoy role was essential (and welcome) to the first film; but, after that, it should be about this crew, not past stars. The time to introduce Shatner and Co. is when they’re out of ideas completely…There’s so much more to do.

PS. There are only a few actors/characters in Star Trek that have any real chance of making a cameo in the films: the big stars; the captains. I can’t see VGR’s third in command, or whatever he was, appearing; anymore than I can see Riker or co. Basically, it’s Nimoy, Shatner, or Stewart: no-one else is famous enough or sufficiently connected to the Star Trek brand. Harsh, perhaps. But true.

11. CFLTrekFan - November 30, 2010

I completely disagree with the “no new trek show until the end of Abrams’ Trilogy” sentiment.

We’re still over a year away from the second movie. It’s unlikely the trilogy will be complete by 2015.

I really do not want to wait that long for new trek on TV. I’m not getting any younger.

12. Alec - November 30, 2010

2. GaryP – November 30, 2010

I’ll second that. Let’s add ENT to that list of restrictions as well.

TOS was revolutionary; a show far, far ahead of anything before in story, setting, technology, fan following, etc. TNG was a really good show, whose episodes, in my opinion, were on average better than those from TOS; though, perhaps not in outright quality over a few episodes. DS9 was fresh; a new idea. It also predicted terrorism and was quite ahead of the times in that respect. Characters were starting to become recycled a bit (e.g., Guinan/Dax; Data/Bashir) but the war was new and overall I really liked this show. VGR was really bad imo. Pretty much all the characters were recycled: throw in the standard Vulcan and Klingon etc. What I was most annoyed by was that it became far less about human solutions to human problems (i.e., good Trek, imo) and far more about technological solutions replete with copious technobable: terrible. True, VGR did have a female Captain. I’m sure this helped it in the ratings. But I don’t accept sexism; so that fact was irrelevant to me. With ENT, they’d finaly reached the end. There was nothing new. It was just so tired; so rehashed. It’s little surprise it was cancelled. Even the faithful (some say obsessive) Trekkies couldn’t stand to watch it….

They need to wait, and think carefully, before Trek returns to TV.

13. Alec - November 30, 2010

11. CFLTrekFan – November 30, 2010
I think that Star Trek on TV hurt Star Trek on film. I would rather not have them going at the same time; at least, not until Star Trek is well and truly ‘back’. We mustn’t forget that Star Trek has not yet become the huge hit that it can be; has not yet fully enticed the mainstream. If we wait a few years, there will be a true hunger for more Star Trek.

14. P Technobabble - November 30, 2010

IMO, Russ’s mentioning of bringing characters like Picard, Janeway, DS9 characters, etc. to a new Star Trek film AND not mentioning characters from TOS is clearly an indication that he is biased toward all Trek AFTER TOS. Obviously a greater fan of Berman-era Trek, he seems oblivious to the huge success of Trek09.
Why did the producers and writers of Trek09 go back to the roots of Star Trek with Kirk, Spock and McCoy? They could easily have done something like what Russ is talking about. They could easily have invented all new characters. So why did they choose to “Get Back?”
I may be off-base, but I believe it is because the original concept of Star Trek, with those original characters, had the most heart and soul. In its simplicity, TOS was the most raw version of Trek, while the other series were more “spit and polished.”
When Star Trek returns to television — as it eventually will — it should not take any cues from Berman-era Trek (no offense intended), not should it take any cues from shows like “Galactica” just because “Galactica” had a cool, heavy vibe, or whatever (no offense intended). A new series should take its cues from TOS, whether it is about Kirk, Spock and McCoy or not, because there lies the core of what Star Trek is all about.
Just my 2c, of course.

15. I am not Herbert - November 30, 2010

ST09 was a flash in the pan! I want REAL Star Trek (on TV)!! NOW!!!

16. "Check the Circuit!" - November 30, 2010

Renegade style?? When were the Star Trek shows after TOS ever renegade? (With the exception maybe of later seasons of DS9.)

A Star Trek movie with Captain Picard and an appearance by Janeway? Already been done. It was called Nemesis. Nobody cared. Not even the hardcore fan base.

JJ Abrams and team seem to have cracked the code with Star Trek ’09. Let’s let that voyage play out and see what happens.

17. I'm Dead Jim! - November 30, 2010

I’m firmly on the side of a news Trek series BEFORE the end of JJ Trek. It’s taking too damn long. You kids can wait but I’m not getting any younger either. I don’t care what timeline it is in. I just want it to be good and in the spirit of Star Trek.

18. rm10019 - November 30, 2010

I say give the past show actors an animated series to reprise their characters on, something like a Titan show.

19. VZX - November 30, 2010

I agree with #18. No new live-action shows until after 2015, after Abrams’ trilogy. For now, an animated series would be the oerfect way to go…

20. njdss4 - November 30, 2010

“They’re pitching a new Trek series…”

O.O Need more info! I hope something comes of this, I’m so sick of there not being any Trek on TV!

21. Mattyb.uk - November 30, 2010

Less is more. No TV show for a while. Let the franchise heal herself.

22. Chadwick - November 30, 2010

Thanks for posting about the tip I gave ya about Tim Russ, but I am sure you probably knew about it before I mentioned it to you.

23. Simon - November 30, 2010

Still with the ignorant ENTERPRISE bashing?

The first 2 seasons were “blah” but the third really picked up and the fourth was crackling.

Need I remind you people that by and large the first 2 seasons of TNG were pretty poor with a handful of classic episodes between them. If the snobs that make up TREK fandom today were the base back in 1987-1988 TNG would have been canceled and THE FINAL FRONTIER would have been the last TREK film.

24. TyrannicalFascist - November 30, 2010

Do it.

25. Vultan - November 30, 2010


Well put!

26. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

I think they should do a Trek Series after Enterprise and have it set at the start of the Romulan War and the Founding of the Federation. That would be the best way to go. Drama and action and Intrique and lots of Space battles.

27. N - November 30, 2010

Reunion, wishful thinking. These actors never give up. Its over folks you guys had your day.

28. No Khan - November 30, 2010

I’m sure Russ would flip if they recast his role of Tuvok to a younger actor. These guys just want the money.

29. N - November 30, 2010

Btw, who said it was only a Trilogy? There better be more than three with this cast.

30. Ralph F - November 30, 2010

The “Destiny” trilogy would make a pretty good film series. I just finished the trilogy and it basically restored my faith in Trek novels — I had given up after the mess that the TNG relaunch was after “Death in Winter” when every single damn novel HAD to be about the Borg. Granted, “Destiny” is about the Borg in a big way, but it closes the chapter. I’m reading “Losing the Peace” and it’s political and about the characters again. I’m liking it.

I still honestly prefer TOS-era Trek fiction — where there was one Trek and the universe was a little easier to follow w/o all the crossovers and back-histories. One of the most unexplored eras is the post TMP / pre TWOK era; if I remember my canon right, there’s about 10 years between the stories — so, arguably, two five year missions. That’s a lot of Trek.

31. Ralph F - November 30, 2010

#23 — right on the money.

I still pine for the lost fifth season, where the Kzinti (sp?) were rumored to come into play, along with the beginnings of the Romulan War.

32. gingerly - November 30, 2010


I agree.

Give it some time, and then go forth with another show.

If I were directing/producing, my show would take place further on down the timeline on a Federation ship, with an alien Captain, at least one LGBT crew-member and some interesting new races.

33. Austin J - November 30, 2010

Star Trek (2009) was, Mediocre, at best. I mean, it was just another terrible reboot of an old and loved franchise. I place Transformers, and Superman Returns on the table. Transformers, was good, it told the story well, and I enjoyed it. Transformers 2 was TERRIBLE. (put your pitchforks down, and think for a minute, there, see, I AM right!) Superman Returns was, TERRIBLE. (again, Think hard about it. I am right) Trek (2009) is on the rim. I mean, it used an overplayed, and stretched plot device just to give JJ Abrams Et. Al. an excuse to throw Canon out of the window. (Again, I am right about time Travel/Alternate universes. The only difference between this, and an episode of TNG, DS9 ETC, is that at the end, the universe did not get fixed. it was left to exist, and fester, like a splinter.) If they make another Trek movie, its just going to be another big show of special effects, and sophomoric humor. This is what happens when you have a universe where Kirk was SO not ready for command. Seriously. after all of that, they would have placed him as some sort of Second in command. Sure, you stopped the destruction of earth, Great! but, your life previous to star fleet was full of bar fights, and alcoholism. There was NO commanding there. he got LUCKY, and left his ship, to go run off and play hero. More a show of his impatience than his ability to command.

TL;DR? Batman Begins/The Dark Night, are the ONLY two movies in recent history to get a reboot right.

34. Greg2600 - November 30, 2010

One thing to note is that CBS and Paramount are separate entities, and CBS has the TV rights. Furthermore, I’m not so sure Paramount can simply veto anything that CBS decides to do.

35. Battle-scarred Sciatica - November 30, 2010

Lets have a nude Trek series!

36. CommanderJacobs - November 30, 2010

As in any business, the complaints come from a small minority, the bashers here have a soapbox to stand on (thanks trekmovie.com), and the people that appreciate Trek get to use it too. Sadly the last few trek films and series did not entice the fans to watch, but I bet most of them have the DVDs of those show. (or on VHS)… It only takes one or two flamers to ruin someones day.

37. CommanderJacobs - November 30, 2010

I would go with ST:ONLINE era for the series – that way there could be no crossovers, or guest spots. That being said, you can always get some of the old actors to play new aliens with enough makeup to disguise them completely. And an alien captain is an excellent idea. Not human, but not an amorphous blob like Chode in Tripping the Rift. Stephen Root sounds like a good idea for a cast member too, eh?

38. sean - November 30, 2010

Blech. Tim Russ is a nice guy, but he comes off as the worst sort of fanboy with his ideas. Thankfully, no one at Paramount or CBS is likely to listen to him, not after the success of ST09.

39. MARTIN - November 30, 2010

As much as i would like a new star trek series back on tv, i agree to waiting after the jj abrams trilogy and bring a new trek show back when the frenchise reaches its 50TH aniversary in 2016.

it could take place in 2409 in the star trek online era with many guest stars from TNG,DS9 and VOYAGER!.

40. sean - November 30, 2010


Transformers wasn’t a reboot. There was nothing to reboot! Other than a cartoon, which was pretty 50/50 in quality to begin with. Superman Returns also was not a reboot, but rather a continuation of the first 2 Superman movies. I think it’s a lot better than people allow for (Kate Bosworth was miscast as Lois Lane, but everyone else was quite good). Both Transformers movies were stupid, but we are talking about robots than turn into cars, stereos and airplanes. So I’d say they were no more stupid than the basic concept.

41. Hugh Hoyland - November 30, 2010

Tims idea sounds similar to something Logan and Brent Spiner penned as a possible sequel to Nemisis. Someone or several people have described it as a “Justice League” of Star Trek. (All the Captains joining forces to battle a common enemy) and that may be close to what it was.

I tried several tumes to Twitter Brent to see if I could take a look at it, but no reply. But a friend of his Twitted me and said Patrick Stewart thought the story/script was brilliant.

As far as a new Star Trek series, my vote is yes why not. But no Enterprise sequel stuff and no Star Trek: 3898.9. Reimagined TOS all the way gets my vote, similar to JJs version.

42. Mel - November 30, 2010

TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT are dead and should stay dead. I hope they don’t make a new big movie based on those series. It would be a very stupid idea. Only Star Trek fans are still interested in those series, the general public not. Those series just don’t have the same cult status like TOS. A movie based on those series wouldn’t reach a big audience.

They should continue with making movies in the new timeline. The last movie was a big success. The next movies should play in that new universe, too.

I think a new series should play shortly after the new movies in the new timeline. They should make a new series about the Enterprise (with other actors, if the movie actors don’t want to be part of it) or another similar Federation starship.

43. Stan Winstone - November 30, 2010

Tim’s a nice guy but honestly I have no interest in seeing more Voyager adventures. Name 10 classic episodes from that series or even one that comes close to a classic TOS or TNG show. Though of course not as terrible as most of ENT…

44. Namrehs - November 30, 2010

#12 please don’t put words in my mouth, I very much enjoyed Enterprise (as well as voyager). If you didn’t that’s fine, but don’t claim that all Trekkies couldn’t stand to watch it because that’s simply not true.

45. Spectre7 - November 30, 2010

Whatever a new Trek series will be, it better NOT have all this endless emotionally unstable characters and personal drama crap that all new shows seem to adopt as a rule…

Some personal conflict is fine, but pros who are crying all the time? dear god!

46. Simon - November 30, 2010

#43 –
Basics Parts 1 & 2
The Year of Hell
Dark Frontier
Scorpion Pts 1 & 2
Before and After
Message In A Bottle
Hope and Fear

Many more there in that show.

47. Red Dead Ryan - November 30, 2010

The ideas Tim Russ threw out were pure crap. I’m pretty certain CBS will not listen. Nothing against Tim Russ, but he’s an actor, not a writer.

I wouldn’t mind a “Stargazer” series. And have a younger Captain Picard start off as a Lieutenant and eventually take command. It wouldn’t feature the Borg or Romulans, but could involve the Cardassians and Ferengi.
There’d be plenty of opportunity for exploration and archaeology, something that was hinted at during TNG.

48. Simon - November 30, 2010

PS: #43 – See my post #23 for your ENT comment.

You obviously didn’t watch more than a couple. It’s like someone going “Hey man, I watched that original Star Trek…space hippies, someone stole Dr Spock’s brain, some real life lawyer dude and some kids…Man that show SUCKED!”

49. The Geek that Gets Laid Often - November 30, 2010

The Next Gen time-line could use a three part miniseries to wrap everything up. Throw a few Voyager people on the Titan and have something happen with the DS9 wormhole starting with the return of Sisko. Voilà.

Throw in an intrigue concerning the rebuilding of Cardassia and you’ve got something that would close that whole chapter in a nice way.


– Sisko is expelled from prophetland prematurely and reaches Odo – they both go back to check on the wormhole, which is messed up
– Starfleet is concerned and Janeway is the admiral in charge of whatever is happening
– The Titan is overseeing stuff around Cardassia Prime – it’s routed to DS9
– B’Elanna is the Titan’s chief engineer
– Paris is first officer
– Quark is Quark

Somebody could write something with that.

50. Fraser Link - November 30, 2010

You know, for a while now, I’ve been saying that the TNG-era series (and let’s include Enterprise too) could’ve benefited from taking on sort of an “ER” approach …

A show that, yes, has a continuing arc to it – which was done brilliantly in DS9 – but one that also REALLY keeps the audience guessing about the future of characters … we always knew, at the end of the day, that Riker, O’Brien, Paris, Sato, etc were all going to survive, no matter what kind of trouble they got into …. but it seems to me the way to captivate a TV audience was to have not only great, honest, real, gritty writing, but to have an element of true surprise there, where a character could be seriously wounded, killed or even just make the decision to move on with life and transfer to another ship. The universe isn’t a static place and one thing always sort of missing from all TV trek (again, possibly excepting DS9) was the danger … the realities of life and the very transient nature of existence … traumas were always happening to someone else, some other crew, some other planet, and I think that REALLY inhibited character development and contributed to disinterest, especially in the last two Trek TV series.

51. Chadwick - November 30, 2010

Yea, no more parallel universe Star Trek, there is still too much in the regular universe to cover.

52. Namrehs - November 30, 2010

Right on Simon!

53. Fantomex - November 30, 2010

@23: I agree, thse guys and gals complain too much. I wonder how the bashers of Enterprise and Voyager would feel if they were Lost In Space fans, who NEVER go to see a reunion of the original cast and had to make do with them appearing on a Family Feud special? Then they’d shut the frack up and find something else to watch., or get off of their asses and write/create their own Star Trek (oh, I forget, they can’t do that since they can barely write a script to save their lives anyway.)

54. Appalachian Trekkie - November 30, 2010

We need to wait for ST to be “back” before we get a new series? Uh, it never left as far as I’m concerned. ST has all the fans it needs. The absolute worst thing that can happen to our beloved franchise is for it to enter the “mainstream”.

55. Captain Conrad - November 30, 2010

How would one go about pitching a new Trek series?

56. MJ - November 30, 2010

Why not just re-start DS9. I think that could be done, and Jake Cisco could now play a key adult role.

57. MJ - November 30, 2010

@53 Well there is the problem that Voyager and Enterprise both suck…just a minor problem there. LOL

58. Phobos - December 1, 2010

Cool, someone is pitching a new ST TV series! Woohoo! Thank God someone is still trying to get something on the air.

Tim Russ is up there as one of my favorite ST characters. I really like how he played his vulcan role, his mastery of logic is very interesting in many episodes.

59. Frank Fischer - December 1, 2010

we need a new Star Trek TV show now! Its been to long and just a film every three years will make Star Trek die because no new audience is gathered.
I am realy looking forward to a new Star Trek TV show!

60. Pro-Khan-Sel - December 1, 2010

It is strange that cbs hasn’t come up with a new star trek show.

TOS seems to be the shiniest apple and so they will show it off while the rest of the barrel gets put in indefinite storage.

I don’t see why cbs isn’t even trying to relaunch the other trek shows. I mean if they own the rights.. why don’t they do something about it?

Speaking of TNG and other trek shows, I read that in order to bring the other trek shows (besides ent) to HD, the shows would have to be re-scanned from the original film negatives, During the editing process, Alternate, extended and deleted scenes could be put into each episode therefore making the length of each show, an even hour verses the 40 some minutes, the shows already has. Recreate or change the FX (in some cases in TNG season 1)

In other words, Make the shows “Must Haves” Very much like the aliens box set, Avatar extended Blu-ray , and the upcoming HD star wars sets with deleted scenes. and of course, The TOS Blu-rays.

61. Christopher_Roberts - December 1, 2010

50th Anniversary in 2016 – they should come up with a reunion mini-series idea, with cast members from across all five series.

It just needs to be about a central alien character for a change, with an incredible enough lifespan to have lived through the centuries in which ENT, TOS and TNG/DS9/VOY. Having got involved in historic events along the way and met Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko and Janeway.

Work the story around the different settings, with such an alien having influenced people he(or she) met.

62. Christopher_Roberts - December 1, 2010

^ correction…

“lived through the centuries in which ENT, TOS and TNG/DS9/VOY are set”.

63. Alec - December 1, 2010

44. Namrehs – November 30, 2010

I didn’t say that (literally) all Trekkies couldn’t stand ENT. I just think it’s a very telling sign that the show was cancelled…. Why would it be cancelled if it was so good and so popular? In short, it wouldn’t. I know that TOS was cancelled but that’s a completely different situation: TOS bred legions of followers and promised much more new Trek; ENT represented the end, not the start, of an entire universe and gave rise to a long pause whilst the studios pondered how to bring Star Trek back to life. The fans still protested; but they did so in very small numbers with no results.

I – and many other Trekkies – fell that Trek lost its way after DS9. I respect your contrary opinion: finding people who disagree with me is one reason I’m on this site. I would like to know why you enjoyed ENT. For me, there was nothing new, nothing original, and it just felt ‘tired’.

In terms of average quality, I rank the Trek (live action) shows thusly:

TNG – many great episodes; overall very good; not iconic / revolutionary.
DS9 – few classics; consistently good; inovation and predicted terrorism…
TOS – many great episodes; iconic and truly revolutionary; many duds…

VGR/ ENT – equaly awful; nothing new; everything old; technobabble galore; moved away from Gene’s Star Trek imo (and many others).

64. Alec - December 1, 2010

23. Simon – November 30, 2010

just because people disagree with you doesn’t make them ‘snobs’.

65. Alec - December 1, 2010

They need to take time to do a new Trek TV show properly. I suggest Star Fleet Academy. Harve can’t have the rights to a TV show about this. We’ve had so many ship-based adventures; having a show rooted on Earth which could explore all the training (physical, mental, flying, fighting etc) and prep that the officers do.,as they come together as a graduating crew after plenty of training missions etc, would be new and interesting.

Whatever they do, they should do it in the JJ-verse. Star Trek, imo, should be our future but not our distant future: with a show set in the 26th or so century, human problems can’t be explored properly with the backdrop of their technology. The strength of the characters, in terms of plotting, is their weakness. And these shouldn’t be able to be overcome by technology.

66. Hugh Hoyland - December 1, 2010

I think Tim wants to reboot “Of Gods and Men”. :]

67. ColonyEarth - December 1, 2010

First, CBS and Paramount are not separate entities as they are both run by the same mega-media-corp, Viacom. NBC originally aired Trek and Desilu held the rights which would later end up where Star Trek has been ever since. It is Paramount, not CBS that “owns the rights.”

It was the new Paramount network (formerly known as UPN – currently the mash-up of said UPN and The WB and RUN by CBS) that launched with a Trek show, the first Trek considered a “network” show since TOS…that show? VOYAGER. The show that was to become the clearest indicator to that date that Trek was in trouble and was simply an empty, cloned and mediocre melodrama identical and interchangeable with pretty much all of the previous two incarnations. It would also be the first Trek series since TOS introduced Chekov to use sex to try and draw in a larger and younger audience, but would be the first to begin down that road to desperation in the blatant use of T&A with no reason but to make young men and boys want to watch. More later on that.

Though VGR ran a full 7 seasons it saw the once believe unbreakably loyal Trek fanbase begin to leave (usually because they couldn’t stand ot watch the death throws, like me; or to find something better written and more intelligent and compelling to watch, which speaks volumes about just how far the Great Lady had fallen in the imagination and vision departments.

Before VGR said it’s farewell (in what were probably its best couple of episodes ever, UPN launched that terrible misfire and first Trek show not to bear that famous name, ENTERPRISE. The decision not to use Star Trek in the title was seen as an insult to fans everywhere and the franchise in which the show claimed to be set. It was Berman’s most obvious attempt to claim Trek as his alone and re-write history. Thank The Maker, it blew up in his face and now even many fans began to call for him to step down from the helm. Something he still refused to do.

Worse yet, here was an opportunity to reinvent and make Trek something fresh and new, while drawing a connection to that great show that launched it all, TOS, and give us the story of how that universe became what it did. But, as was the norm during the Berman years, it was just another weak, boring and overly melodramatic snooze-fest, only this time they put both a tightly clothed chick (a Vulcan no less…right, and you could almost see up her who-whoo in that outfit — note: the episode where they had a camera angle from between her legs during a normal conversation was the one that did me in)..and a hot dude who was shirtless as often as they could stomach writing it in, at least at first until Berman, the middle class yuppie decided it was too gay; but the chick is fine she can keep doing whatever. Oh and just to be clear, I’m a gay man and yes, Conner was hot, but when shows have to turn to T&A as a gratuitous measure to lure in young boys and girls (and mindless people who care only about such stupidity) in order to boost ratings then the end is nigh. And nigh it was.

Now, that doesn’t include characters where sex or sex appeal is a part of who they are or where sex and the appropriate clothing or lack thereof is an element of the story being told in a natural fashion. For example: Chiana on FARSCAPE. Her character used her sexuality to get what she wanted and eventually learned that it wasn’t expected of her by those she now found herself with and therefore she had to grow as a character. Starbuck from the new BSG was a very sexual person, but it was a defense mechanism for her as well as a way of controlling people. Caprica used her very T&A style sex appeal and dress to control and manipulate and eventually even she shunned it. But when a former Borg and a Vulcan are suddenly put in very tight outfits…it’s a sign of desperation, though to both actress’ credit they worked very hard to rise above their real purpose on the shows to bring something more substantial to their characters despite the fact that they were creations of an imagine-less leader in the midst of a mid-life crisis who drug us along with him (INSURRECTION is about nothing more than Berman and Pillar’s mid-life crisis from the perspective of a middle class white collar worker).

By the time Gene was forced off of TNG, it was already beginning to loose any real vision and it reached its peak during the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons. When Gene died, any spark died with him and Trek became Bermanized. I know this can be a polarizing topic, but trust me..Trek on TV died when Gene did, though, that’s not to say that Gene was always right. TOS fans know, it was Gene Coon, Harlan Ellison, who would later join with a show I will mention later that changed the game forever and was seen as Trek’s arch nemesis though its visionary creator had no desire for him or his show to labeled as such and would eventually cause the great Star Trek to alter its course, albeit only slightly. That creator Ellison teamed with? J Michael Straczynski. The visionary show I’ll get to in a bit.

Suffice to say that it was Coon and Ellison, Freiberger and John Merideth Lucas and the brilliant and visionary writers they brought in that really gave TOS what it was missing from The Cage and made it what fans fell in love with so much that they created the first write in campaign to save a show and did it, created the first ever “Cons” of any kind and thus a movement that’s stretched far beyond its meager beginnings in the early and mid 70’s to include all cult genres, including Horror. Oh, and those original fans even loved it so much they managed to get the first space shuttle named Enterprise in honor of what they loved and the ideals it had come to stand for (which weren’t all Gene Roddenberry’s to be honest). Finally, they loved that original Trek so much and just wouldn’t give up to the extent that Paramount was going to launch the first new US network in decades and were going to bring their show back to the air almost 10 years after it was cancelled in order to do it…which would’ve been another first for TV (and was the first attempt at launching the United Paramount Network, then called the Paramount Television Service).

But after the mega hit STAR WARS, and a decision to delay the launch of this new network (for various reasons), Paramount decided to take Star Trek to the big screen and once again, those original fans…and back then we were called Trekkies and proud of it…well, they won and the original cast returned and a new film franchise was born…and that’s when everything changed and Trek’s future seemed limitless. It’s also when Paramount discovered Trek to be something new…something called a “cash cow.” And milk it, they did. Even to the point of bringing it back to the small screen with its original creator at the helm…and we original fans rejoiced! TNG was born! In it’s first two seasons (and let’s be honest 2nd season was because of the writer’s strike and that they retooled some of the Star Trek: Phase II teleplays to cover) felt much more in the vein of that original series…though very rough around the edges.

It wasn’t until 3rd season, as Gene was being forced out (and not for the first time), that Trek, now as TNG would begin to feel more polished…a bit too polished. Everything was always shiny and clean and things began to feel slightly sterile as Starfleet rules and regulations became strictures that bound the show’s sense of adventure and brashness and began to turn Picard and Trek into something much less adventuresome and frontier-like as TOS had been. Sadly that was a trend that was only to grow to the heights of mediocrity in the Trek universe.

That and the most heinous (and obvious to anyone paying attention with even a modicum of objectivity in them) crime and use of what I like to call GOP spin was carried out on Trek fans. The story of humanity, of people remaining people even in the face of vast technological achievement…that “human adventure”… as Gene called it …the triumph of the human spirit over machines (Gene hated machines)…… well it suddenly became about that very technology and how every week it saved us again! The humanity was being consumed by yet another Trek invention, though not one to be proud of as time would reveal….technobabble (yes, folks, that idiom was created because of Star Trek under Berman).

And that crime I mentioned? That crime and GOP spin was carried out against Trekkies everywhere (now suddenly calling themselves, Trekkers as if that other name was dirty like that first show was beginning to be made to feel by this regime). The heinous crime simply put was that fans were actually told (and Gene wasn’t here to defend himself) that this new very pro-tech and “humans who only seem to know how to push buttons that appear in longer and more and more absurd techno-speak creations as ever new and overused deus ex-machinas sprang into existence weekly” was actually true to Gene’s vision!

And so many actually bought it! That is what saddened me the most. This wasn’t Gene’s vision. Gene would’ve had the humans cleverly arriving at the solution…solving the puzzle…never the machines being the answer, especially week after saddening week until those humanoid characters became pale imitations of people and caricatures of what they were supposed to have been. I do not blame the cast…many tried to make it better at various times.

It is those fans who bought the lie, hook, line and sinker who whine now about Trek 09; who say it’s superficial and popcorn faire. They whine about a new TV series because they just can’t wait or they’ll just die or they’re too old…please.

If you’re that old then you’re an original Trekkie and you know what a real wait and uphill climb truly means for those who deeply want more Trek. But I don’t think it is those old school fans who complain. It’s those who came along during the years of mediocrity and the heinous lie…those of the “me generation” who I have to truly wonder whether or not they actually “get” Trek and what “Gene’s vision” really was all about. They’re the ones who cry foul at the idea of an openly gay regular cast/crew member serving onboard the Enterprise with a life that is portrayed as regularly and normally as any other character’s.

Such “fans” need to remember that it was Gene’s only remaining desire to have just such a character on TNG, but he lost that fight. It was Berman who side-stepped it in FIRST CONTACT with Hawk and when it came to the shows claimed he was onboard while doing what every other middle aged straight white man would do; first it’s an androgynous character who’s actually played by a actress (for you younger folks, actress is an old term for a female actor). That way, any kissing isn’t all gay and yucky.

And just to make folks believe they agreed with Gene, they had other “gay” characters…all lesbian…the straight man’s fantasy! But Hawk? That part of his character was stricken from the story-line of FIRST CONTACT (not even sure it was ever a part of the script at any point…has anyone ever asked Ron Moore or that one-time weak-minded get who was once considered the most hated writer in Trek history for calling the fans…”stupid”? What was his name? OH! Brannon Braga!

At least he’s apologized for some of his part in the “heinous lie.” And Ron Moore more than made up for any part he played in the Berman fiasco. Can we say Kirk’s lame death anyone? A death that Shatner was told by Berman would become cannon in that film whether on or off the screen; and a film that Nimoy walked out of Bernan’s office after refusing to direct a vastly flawed script that unnecessarily killed Kirk and all because Berman hated the TOS cast and wanted to wipe that era away and make Trek his own. Which is called re-writing history people. Ah, re-writes…something many Berman era Trek writers needed badly (and sadly many were actually very imaginative, creative and excellent writers).

Oh, and what did Ron Moore do gain my praise and his redemption as well as become living proof that talent was there all along? Yes, once freed from the cage of mediocrity, sameness and constricting rules by a “leader” bereft of talent or imagination or originality that talent soared to heights Trek sadly hadn’t even dreamed of in years on the small screen (the TOS cast films weren’t under that yoke of dullness). How did RM leap to those heights to find redemption?

Upon gaining his freedom,.Ron Moore gave us BATTLESTAR GALACTICA…a vision and a passion and a powerful tale of the heart and…what? OH! That human condition. Even the frakking Cylons had more heart and humanity with all of their flaws and spoke more and with profundity to that “human adventure” in just 4 seasons than the almost 15 years of Trek on TV before it.

And what did BSG use as a model? The “episodic TV is the only way/ we have to put it all back like it was when it started no matter what including the TNG movies for the most part” view of Rick Berman? No! Hell, DS9 having the weak arc it had was never his idea, but was Ira Behr’s and that was also in answer to the model RM was to fashion his human adventure after as a show. A “novel for television” is what the creator of this model called it. That model had a greater struggle with far less funding but a very supportive studio and became a groundbreaking series that really did change television and has its influences in shows today.

Ron chose to fashion his testament to the world that he was truly a gifted and visionary man after that little show that made the mighty Trek tremble…BABYLON 5. And those who have decided that because B5 had much less funding per season than Trek (in some seasons about 1/3 of Trek’s wasted budget) that it was cheap and had bad acting…then I say put aside that view…ignore the fact that, yes, many of the day players weren’t from the cream of the crop and the show didn’t have all the bells and whistles Trek did and watch the show again.

The arc, the characters who, by the end of the story were nowhere close to who they were when the tale began and that we changed with them…felt their pain, their joy and never were insulted with the need for T&A to compel us to watch…for the story…that was the thing. And what a story it was. The first show of its kind. A show that was powerfully envisioned, planned and driven by the passions of its creator (and he really was the vision of B5), JMS; a show that changed television forever and made the mighty Trek cash cow (for that’s all it had become by this point) tremble with worry and nudged Trek into the world of the story arc that stretches beyond a single episode. The Trek incarnation B5 nudged was DS9.

B5, yes, BABYLON 5 is reason number one that somewhere around it’s third season DS9 began to incorporate larger reaching story arcs, though never with the clarity, fore-thought, vision and detail of where it was going that B5 had. DS9’s arcs where pale in comparison, though it is precisely this element that was brought into DS9 that set it apart from the rest of the Berman grayness. Yet, it was still sadly very much infected by that grayness and never truly rid itself of the feeling of mediocrity and melodrama the gray infused into it at its birth.

VGR, though, fell hard victim to it and was the first time that those Trekkies of old were shaken from the Trek bliss they had helped to bring about so many years before. And I think they were so afraid to see the truth for fear of loosing again what they had fought so hard to gain, so much so that they buried their heads in the sands of Vulcan, refusing to see what had become of Trek and that it was at best a mere ghost of that great show they had fallen in love with in the 60’s and in the reruns of the 70’s.

VGR was not the first quake to rock the ever-dulling universe that Trek had become, but it was the one that finally began to get people’s attention and cause them to begin to see the truth; not that heinous lie they’d fallen for for so long out of fear of demanding better. They were disheartened and began to fall away in sadness and for many a bit of a feeling of self loathing developed that they had been so weak.

But as the loyal fans of old, they were who had worked miracles in the entertainment industry and at NASA that none before had worked, and they tried to return when this idea of a pre-Kirk show was to come about. Could this reclaim that spirit of humanity? That “willingness to look before you leap that I think Starfleet [had] lost over the years.” (Orci and Kurtzman’s statement of Berman’s Trek stated with strength but no names named in respect.)

Their hopes rose but were quickly dashed by the painful sameness and TNG-ness of this show 100 years before Kirk. And then it was made even worse by an overtaxed attempt at social commentary that was laughable in comparison to that of TOS and its films as well as other great science fiction, the “first, best destiny” of great science fiction actually; to speak of today’s times and hardships and the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit through the wonders of allegory and fantasy.

What was put before them? A sad, one-sided and weak, last-ditch stab at a very large, world changing event and societal problem that spans the globe that felt more like an attempt to use that event for ill gain. That event being 9/11; the story being the attack on Earth in ENTERPRISE and the horrible season that followed. Though it must be said that it was better than the seasons that had preceded it and at least, thank The Maker, got us away from that horrid temporal cold war crap of a story for at least an all too brief respite.

By now, Trek was already dead and had been for some time. Berman just refused to admit it, while for years at this point, major science fiction magazines and writers had been openly calling for Berman’s dismissal and for Trek to be placed back in the hands of someone with a vision, passion and a strong connection to their humanity. Yet for those many years, those calls fell on deaf ears at Viacom and Paramount. The new mega-media-corp that ran Trek now only ever saw the mighty dollar and it was when that no longer marked itself as the banner of their one-time cash cow because the old girl had been cruelly milked to death with milk-toast hands, that Paramount finally cancelled a Trek series for the first time since that first, great and glorious show that started it all.

Sadly, that final season of ENTERPRISE under Manny Coto (and with Berman’s influence waning) a sense of what that show could’ve been and should’ve been finally emerged and Trek started to feel like it once did again. The T&A was played way down or done away with completely if possible except as homage to that original spark and the history and universe was finally looking at as it should’ve been for years.

The brash attitude began to re-emerge and a cinder sparked to flame. But that flame was all too brief and its light and heat not enough to set the ashes around it ablaze again. To nail the final nail in her coffin and into the hearts of most fans, the best season of Trek in decades and Trek’s slow, almost 15 year spiral to death on TV was ended in a sickening insult to that one true season of vision; it was ended in mediocrity and grayness once more. A last, cold stab at what Trek truly was that had been hidden by the heinous lie, a lie that poked its putrid head out of the shadows one final time calling itself the series finale of ENTERPRISE. It laughably took place on the f$@king holodeck! And yet, the idea of hollow somehow rang true and fitting as the end of the Berman era that nearly destroyed Star Trek. That contraption that would so embody this era, was oddly the perfect connotative image with which to see it to its end…empty, hollow and made of false fictions that have no real meaning beyond the dance of light and shadow in an empty room. Berman’s Trek. Not the real Trek, which lived on through 79 episodes and 6 films and some bright moments in the initial years of that shows successor, TNG and that final season of insight in ENTERPRISE. Time to let her rest and the pain to pass into dull memory. Now…Berman was finally finished and that meant, someday, years from now…there was hope that vision and humanity would return.

The apology for missing what ENTERPRISE should’ve been and the acknowledgement that Manny Coto had been right but sadly too late and finally the apology for that final episode from Brannon Bragga is all that has given him any forgiveness from me. At least he apologized and acknowledged some of his mistakes, though it took years and the first rumblings of JJ’s new vision coupled with Ron’s huge acclaim and success with BSG before he finally did. Bragga also never truly apologized for calling the fans stupid; a fact that so many of that dark and dull era’s Trek fans just forgot…a gift of the “me generation” to America, the 15 minute memory.

But unlike those technobabble Trek fans who still seem to not know or comprehend the real Trek and the difference between theirs and the one that sparked movements and inspired poet and scientist alike, the majority of those who fought and changed everything in the 70’s and those who woke up one day and were struck by their willing blindness; they never forgot. It was them and that first, great cast who had been shunned by the techno-Trek and were at the heart of the “stupid” insult. So to them, those apologies and acknowledgements years later have been but small consolations.

No, it’s Ron Moore who’s truly, incredibly and with a powerful vision and humanity, redeemed himself…and ironically by using that very same event ENTERPRISE did…only this time, it was done as should be…with respect and emotion and pain and joy and growth and openness and a willingness to look at both sides equally and make us stare at the harsh, cold truths that reveals and laid our bare humanity out with all its flaws and made us look at it. No, though it was not that shiny Roddenberrian future Gene professed for Trek (though things were far from perfect in TOS) and it was a gritty and unwhitewashed look at who we are and in how it was told; the ultimate irony is that BSG was, in the end, more Trek than Trek had been for almost two decades on the small screen and those final four, TNG films. Because BSG was about humanity…not the technology. That “human adventure” was back.

As for those who continue to slam Trek09 as sub-par, mindless and flash and bang with no substance I say…you missed it. Oh, Great Maker did you miss it! Trek09 IS TOS to its core. The subtlety in the social insights made you overlook them. You need to watch your TOS again. They didn’t create an alternate universe and refuse to hit the great Trek reset button as Berman had from the beginning. No, they blew that frakking reset button straight to hell and in the process gave that precious cannon of yours more respect in that one gesture than Berman and Co did in 15 years and they did it by stating that that very universe and all that’s happened over the many years there is precisely what brought about this alternate universe. Without all that cannon, the alternate universe wouldn’t exist (that’s why Nimoy was so damned important in case you missed the real reason).

That cannon still influences this alternate universe in many ways, besides the obvious fact that Spock Prime is in the alternate one molding it (even though unseen now) to be what he knows it can be (Kirk and Spock’s friendship that shaped a galaxy).

And yes, by doing what they did, they freed themselves from all that conflicting and constraining detail while respecting it enough to use it as the big bang to the alternate universe rather than just reboot as if it never happened. Now all those years of gray, mediocre blandness that had become Trek (and the very joke of it in the mainstream…even more irony that the technobabble and loss of the human condition that Gene would’ve lamented became the biggest part of why Trek was a joke to the mainstream) are there and vital now; more then when they were made by a long shot.

And now, we’re free to create unhindered and do some of that leaping before we look, to use that “cowboy diplomacy” that was what Trek really has always been and go unfettered into the future to see how things will unfold this time! To really and truly “boldly go” once more!

Oh and on a side note…TWoK was considered at the time by some Trekkies to be summer popcorn flash. And Gene? He thought TWoK was “apocryphal,” which he also felt about those original cast films fans have always considered the best of all the Trek films, THE VOYAGE HOME and UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY.

As for the protest Gene would’ve made over what Berman’s Trek became (and to think Gene picked Berman, himself…just proves the wolf can where the sheep’s clothing even in the 24th century)….well that protest was made by his beloved Majel, who for a time didn’t play the voice of the computer and lamented what Trek had become. As a statement and because she saw that JMS was true to that human condition and vision, she appeared on BABYLON 5 as wife and prophetess of the late Centauri Emperor, Turan, who only wished for peace and to try to apologize for all the years of brutality his people had brought upon the Narn. Her prophecy is, in fact, a very crucial element that moves so much of the arc in B5 forward to the very end.

And many Trek “fans” booed her and called her a traitor for that appearance. If only they had watched B5, they would’ve seen what such thoughts and feelings can do to a person and a people. Her latest and very clearly made statement found its last breath when, sick and unable to leave her home, she found the strength to be the voice of that computer one last time and in doing so, give this new Trek and those behind it her seal of approval and her blessing and I believe in her heart, Gene’s. As did every one of that once in a lifetime original cast I remind you. So, if it’s true Trek to Leonard and George and Walter (not to be confused with Walternate) and Nichelle and Jimmy’s son and despite the great press, even Bill and ultimately to Majel Roddenberry, herself, and her and Gene’s son; then to explain to me, to those of us who’ve waited years in the darkness for Trek to be what it was and could be again…what’s so terrible about it?!

I was there when Trek was born. I was born the year Star Trek premiered! “We’ve shared life and death together.” I have always given her every opportunity but, though it has pained me, I have had to turn away because I just couldn’t bear to watch her so mistreated and disrespected. This cancelled little show that would dare to change the world and that was my first inspiration and forged the basis of my love for science fiction and the power of that genre. This show I watched over and over in reruns, enraptured and with wonder as my imagination soared and I took my first steps into my own creativity and towards who I am today. That first Trek. Those to follow? Each time, I have given her my most open mind; open enough to see truth and not the blindness of fandom or misplaced loyalties and know that The Great Bird wasn’t always so great and that what Trek was in the beginning was a creation of many from a singular visionary idea made whole by their influence…and better.

For many years, Trek was not that original idea or the hearts and visions of those who built her during those incredible years of TOS and the original cast films, but was that heinous lie pretending with pale mediocrity to be Trek while openly and without much notice for a long time being the exact opposite.

So I can only end this essay of the heart by saying, if you don’t like this wonderful new Trek that Bob and Alex and JJ and the rest of the supreme court have gifted us with, then I must only conclude that you are still believing the lie and that you never knew what Trek’s truth was to begin with for whatever reason. These new masters of Trek’s fate,.they understand and know it. They “get it.” And finally, I can once again sit back, knowing that she’s in excellent hands from story to cast and can enjoy the “human adventure” again!

Thank you Bob, Alex, JJ, Damon and Bryan! You’ve given the old girl back her heart and soul! Just promise you won’t loose sight of it, will you?

And as for a new series? Not now. The people who say to let it lie and allow this new big screen Trek to grow and rebuild the true ideals of Trek and what created such passions in those of us who were so tenacious back then and changed everything…well they’re right. You should listen to them. As for Tim Russ, no series pitches will be taken seriously by Paramount (and therefore, CBS which Paramount owns) right now I assure you.

For now at least, the future of Star Trek is on that big screen. And I, for one, kinda like it there… It’s just like even though it was on that old TV screen, it’s how I saw Trek in my imagination as a kid and prefer to see it…larger than life! So stop whining that you can”t handle it without Trek on TV, while you have the incredible pleasure of witnessing Trek being reborn and returned to a more true and passionate version that more closely resembles that show so many years ago that started it all and the 6 films that cast made than any of the shows and films that happened between them, with a slight exception of Coto’s final season of ENTERPRISE, though it still wasn’t quite there yet. So you’re not witnessing Trek dumbed down or actioned up, folks; and you’re most definitely not witnessing Trek’s destruction by a long shot! We’ve already seen that attempt and lived through it.

No my fellow Trekkies, you’re witnessing Trek coming home!


68. Damian - December 1, 2010

#66-Geez, writing a book. I’ll need about an hour to read all that :)

Anyway, in all fairness, Tim Russ did not ask for a cameo in the next film. He was simply noting a possible interest in some possible TV adventure.

I’d love to see Star Trek on the small screen again someday, but in what fashion I am undecided. Should it be in the new Abrams universe, in the prime universe, what timeframe, etc. There are 2 periods that might interest me, the time between Enterprise and Star Trek, and the time between Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: The Next Generation. There are little hints out there about what happened, but no definitive story outside the novels.

I don’t think the time is quite right yet, but I think in a few years, maybe less, CBS may be ready to experiment with a possible new Star Trek show.

69. Hugh Hoyland - December 1, 2010

What he said above, nahhhhh

70. Hugh Hoyland - December 1, 2010

I also agree that season 4 of ENT was a definate step in the right direction. Still not quite there all the way, but a good step. To bad I had lost interest in the show years before. But Im catching up with it now and I like what I see for the most part.

71. Simon - December 1, 2010

#62 – “I just think it’s a very telling sign that the show was cancelled…. Why would it be cancelled if it was so good and so popular?”

Because it was *expensive*. UPN itself is gone now, it was a sinking ship when they canceled ENT.

It was good, but it wasn’t popular. Mainly due to people sampling it earlier and not givng the show a chance (“I hate the show because of the theme song” has got to be one of the stupidest excuses I’ve heard…and a lot of people said that!)

72. Hugh Hoyland - December 1, 2010

#66 Im also with you on the equal concept of the sexes. If Kirks shirt can be torn exposing his bear chest, then Rand, Uhura or nurse chappel should be aloud to do the same, it is only fair! :]

73. Damian - December 1, 2010

70–Agree. All the shows from The Next Generation up to and including Enterprise took until about the 3rd year to really catch on. Anyone who has watched season 4 of Enterprise in general feel that is when the show finally started finding it’s legs. UPN was on it’s way out and it was much cheaper to produce America’s Next Top Model (which replaced Enterprise on the schedule) than to produce Enterprise. It’s all about the money.

Had some who gave up on it in season 1 checked back in during season 4, it probably would have done better, though probably not enough to save it. It’s all about the money at the end of the day.

Oh, I hated the theme song and opening sequence too, but I would never judge a show by the theme. That is a lame excuse not to watch a show. I mean, if you hate it that much, go for a potty break or something during the opening credits.

74. Jai - December 1, 2010

Re: MJ, #56:

“Why not just re-start DS9. I think that could be done, and Jake Cisco could now play a key adult role.”

I’ve actually had similar thoughts. Set it 20-25 years after DS9. Make Jake Sisko the central character. Show him to have not only written his famous novel by this time but, due to his experiences on DS9 and the trauma of losing his father at the end, he’s had a lot of time to reconsider what to do with his life and how to live up to his father’s considerable legacy. Show him to have decided to try to make a positive difference in the Federation and ended up entering politics, eventually rising to the position of President.

This would be an opportunity to depict an aspect of the “Star Trek universe” which hasn’t really been explored in such detail before — the nature of interstellar power politics at the very highest level of the Federation government, along with their dealings with allies, rivals elsewhere in the Alpha Quadrant and the rest of the galaxy, and so on. Jake could be shown to have become (or to eventually become) one of the truly great political leaders in history; in real life, instrumental leaders on the world stage aren’t necessarily solely consisted of captains of ships ;) Plus there’s still plenty of scope for action & drama involving Starfleet if any wars break out during Jake’s presidency. And yes I’m aware of some parallels with “The West Wing”.

Blair Underwood could actually be a credible choice to play the now-much-older Jake Sisko, notwithstanding issues surrounding typecasting due to his current role as the president in “The Event”. Alternatively, Tony Todd would be suitably imposing in the role, and of course he’s already played an “older Jake” in the superb DS9 episode ‘The Visitor’.

…………..But, I suspect that — in reality — this probably isn’t a feasible option, as I wouldn’t be surprised if the success of the current Star Trek reboot means that any new TV shows would be based in the parallel universe and related to the new movies in some way, rather than the original timeline.

75. Red Dead Ryan - December 1, 2010


I think you could have made your points with one or two paragraphs. What you wrote could fill a book. And while you’re entitled to your opinions, I have to respectfully disagree.

76. Janeways Knickers - December 1, 2010

You just know George Takei is peddling out his old excelsior alternate timeline pitch. That’s the former cast member he’s on about, any bets!

By the way, seen Stargate Universe lately? Wow.

77. ernestborgof9 - December 1, 2010

5. Scott – HTF can anyone say that Enterprise ruined it for Trek? Voyager was a true masterwork of sh*t. It might (might) have had 2 good eps. for the entire series whereas Enterprise had at least one good SEASON!!!!! Voyager was like the open sewer of the Trek universe every bad idea like a sinking t*uR*d drifted there.

78. ernestborgof9 - December 1, 2010

also….Tim Russ needs work….good luck Tim….it won’t be in a V’ger sequel..

79. denny cranium - December 1, 2010

I wish they would just pick which way to go
Make movies or make a TV show.
Doing both watered down the effect of Star Trek.
Less is more I think with Trek right now.

I personally think Trek should be a TV series only.
It gives us a chance for character development- (look at Dexter right now)
To build a world to play in with settings timelines history etc. (watch Fringe)
Also if an episode goes “clunk” you just say “oh well, it”ll be better next week” and put your remote down.
Also when an episode just soars and you say “wow- that was greatTrek -can’t wait for next week!”

When a Trek movie tanks it makes the studio all gun shy. “we spent $100 million on that piece of sh–?” Heads roll at the studio

80. denny cranium - December 1, 2010

As far as Tim Russ goes? It’s all just fan boy masturbation stuff.
Write it into a comic book or something.

The quality of Trek now with Bad Robot is at another level. A new Trek series would have to live up to that level.
I could see Manny Coto working on it.
If given a season 5 Coto would have saved Star Trek in my opinion.

81. Bright Eyes - December 1, 2010

One of the more annoying things about the original crew movies was the way that nobody but Kirk ever advanced in their careers.

I say that after a couple of films they should give the keys to the Excelsior to John Cho, and let him have a go at the small screen (not so small these days)

In homage to Mr Takei, it would be pretty much mandatory that there be at least one LGBT character (who isn’t a lipstick lezzer), but at least we would still be back in a time where a Klingon could be a Klingon with none of that smothering “Evolved Sensibility” stricture.

82. Alec - December 1, 2010

71. Simon – December 1, 2010

I actually thought that the first few episodes, ‘broken bow’ in particular, were the best ENT episodes: I think it got much worse as it went on. And I quite liked the theme song as something a little different; that and Porthos were the best bits of ENT, imo!

By ENT, Star Trek had become too obsessed with its own universe, imo. Continuity issues tied up any sequel to TOS with TNG-DS9-VGR canon. And the same was true of Trek pre-TOS: ENT and TOS take place in the same time-line in their universe, where ENT therein pre-dates TOS; consequently, ENT is bound by TOS. And TOS is the worst trek to which a series can be bound: technologically and aesthetically, ENT had to be more primitive than a show made in the ’60s; otherwise, they’d made a big continuity error! Such restrictions do not beget progress…it was a backwards step.

There are so many parallels between Star Trek and Star Wars: just look at how Star Wars has recently become obsessed with its own universe where continuity issues tie everything, including metaphysical mortality: we already KNOW, watching, e.g., Epd 3 that the main characters can’t die: they’re in the ‘original trilogy’. I’ve seen ‘Ben’ as an old man… Star Trek favours better here, because the story doesn’t just involve a handful of characters in one, fixed universe. However, there are other similarities. I would suggest that, just as Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are iconic characters, so too are Luke, Han, and the Princess; just as Archer, Tripp, and T’Pol are one-dimensional and instantly forgettable, so too are Qui Gon jinn, Mace Windu, and Queen Amidala.

I could go on; but I’d really like to hear your rebuttal. We’re only talking about opinions, here, not facts. And this is a forum for Trekkies. So I’d like someone to present a ‘defence’ of ENT; perhaps I misjudged it.

One final thought. I’ve found that a good way of judging a Trek show is in considering how many of its characters, and in which positions of authority, I would have in my ‘dream crew’.

Captain – J. T. Kirk [TOS] (THE captain)
First Officer – Mr. Spock [TOS] (You can’t have Kirk without Spock)
Science Officer – Data [TNG] (A walking encyclopedia)
Helm – Mr. H. Sulu [TOS] (Because I don’t think these kids can fly)
Security Chief – Odo [DS9] (little gets past such a dedicated shapeshifter)
Chief Engineer – Mr. M. Scott [TOS] (Quite literally, a miracle worker)
Tactical – Worf [TNG] (A skilled, brave warrior)
Medical – Dr. Julian Bashir [DS9] (A genetically engineered medic)
Counselor – Guinan [TNG] (At around 700 years old, she knows life)

TOTALS: TOS, 4; TNG, 3; DS9, 2; VGR, 0; ENT, 0.

83. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 1, 2010

I would absolutly love to see trek back on TV. I would like to see it based on the prime timeline and NOT be a prequal. Trek is about going forward not backward.

84. Red Dead Ryan - December 1, 2010

There is no reason why CBS can’t do a new show with Paramount doing movies. As long as its done well, doesn’t interfere with what J.J Abrams is doing, and brings something unique and semi-new and different to the table.

85. Simon - December 1, 2010

#85 – “ENT is bound by TOS. And TOS is the worst trek to which a series can be bound: technologically and aesthetically, ENT had to be more primitive than a show made in the ’60s”

I don’t get that argument. ENT is bound by *our* universe where we have tiny cellphones, tablet PCs with HD touch screens and everything like that which is more advanced than what was in TOS (compare a TOS PADD to an iPAD: no contest, 21st century tech beats the 60’s mindset).

Should the show have been in black & white and silent, since they had color and sound? Ships on a string a la the old Buck Rogers & Flash Gordon serials?

If the 60’s show was made *today* it would look more like the new film and nothing like TOS. Why should ENT be bound to it as long as they don’t violate continuity?

And just because we know the “history” of TOS doesn’t mean earlier time periods cannot be explored. I know the USA and the allies won WWII, it doesn’t make “Saving Private Ryan” any less powerful or exciting. WHen people saw “Titanic” they all knew the boat sank. Didn’t stop it from making $600 million.

I also cared about the characters. I liked Archer. I really liked Trip and Phlox. TOS had the big three. With the exception of Scotty and maybe Chekov, Sulu & Uhura were pretty bland and one dimensional. When Takei was shooting “The Green Berets” and missed several episodes, was he missed? Honest answer.

86. Damian - December 2, 2010

85–I thought the production designers did a pretty good job of making Enterprise look futuristic from the present and yet having less technology than the original series. I can’t speak for others, but I never expected Enterprise to look less advanced than the 60’s. I knew in many ways with the special effects and advances in production design that it would look more advanced in many ways than the original series. Yet they still managed to back date Enterprise’s capabilities from it’s later descendant. Enterprise could only go up to warp 5, not warp 8, there were no shields, tractor beams or force fields yet. Some elements of the ship were more cramped and it had less amenities than the 1701. I always thought T’Pol’s viewer was a nice nod to Spock’s viewer.

So while the special effects and look of the ship looked more realistic by today’s standards than the original series, the designers still managed to make the NX–01 less advanced than the NX-01. I always gave kudos to Herman Zimmerman, Doug Drexler and others behind the scenes for their attention to detail in that regard. (I still wished Abrams had retained Zimmerman for Star Trek–he would have maintained consistency from the past but still given Abrams the vision he wanted, and there would have been no brewery).

87. john - December 2, 2010

Forget a Network Show.

Genre stuff is having a real hard time right now, with even Fringe being moved to a Friday Night.

If Tim Russ wants to do another Star Trek his only chance will be another fan film – although sadly, that will not pay his rent.

88. sean-ftd - December 2, 2010

Alec shut up, voyager was a gd story differant from ds9 and better than next gen, enterprise wasnt bad , ppl just coudnt wrap their head round things b4 kirk

89. Chingatchgook - December 2, 2010

A network show is definitely a good thing, provided it is done right. Doing more of the same ol’ will go no where fast, but something that has some thought and detail? Can anyone honestly say that if we had a TV series right now and the next JJ movie at the same time that it would be a case of ‘I can only watch one but not the other’? Nonsense. There’s room for both. Just so long as both are quality productions, the fans will come.

90. Holger - December 3, 2010

67: Please forgive me, but I didn’t read your essay-length post. Here isn’t the right medium for this kind of output, nor is the online forum in general.

91. Leo R. - December 3, 2010

I have read all of the posts and they are all great. I need to correct post #67…Star Trek is owned by both CBS and Paramount Pictures. CBS owns the rights to the movies and television; Paramount owns the distribution and home distribution rights (DVD). JJ Abrams reports to Leslie Moonves who is the President and CEO of CBS when it comes to Star Trek. I am a film producer and I hate to be the one to say this but Star Trek is ultimately a product and while I am a Trekkie and have been for more then 28 years this is the bottom line. The franchise was failing whether we saw it or not. Key individuals were making poor decisions which affected “Star Trek: Nemesis” and “Enterprise” ultimately. After dumping millions of dollars into the franchise, ratings for Enterprise plummeting and Nemesis not viewed as profitable it was time to regroup. Rebooting was risky but it ultimately paid off making Star Trek last year the highest grossing Star Trek film in the franchise history. I think its great for Tim Russ to want to pitch new Trek or talk about a Trek reunion movie; it would be great to see it and I would ADORE to see my beloved actors return to reprise their roles but that’s not the direction CBS/Paramount or JJ Abrams is going to take us. If we want to see the old Trek as we know it, I believe the only way that will be possible is through the fan productions. There are a plethora of choices out there from the original series to TNG era to going into the future beyond Nemesis. The fan productions are about passion and the love of Star Trek, whereas, the current franchise is about the Star Trek product. I’m not saying I agree with this but its reality and being a film producer I understand both sides. As a long time fan I support the direction that Abrams is taking Star Trek and look forward to a new adventure.

92. Future Fan - December 3, 2010

I guess I am the only one who would like to see a 29th century Trek show where they explore the use of time ships and Temporal Prime Directive. That would be an easy concept to not be burdened with much canon (though still make ties back to TNG/VGR/ENT) and open up a lot of new possibilities for story lines. I, for one, like a lot of the techno-babble and find that much of Trek has been part of the small amount of television that doesn’t pander to the intelligence of the lowest common denominator. I have always wished one of the series would give a broader view of The Federation and write story lines encompassing multiple ships, planets, and Federation administrators. We got to see as far out as the Enterprise-J, maybe we’ll get to see Enterprise-X!

93. Captain Otter - December 3, 2010

As far as I’m concerned, the TNG-era of Trek (w/ DS9 and Voy included) have been explored to death.

I want to see Trek on the small screen again, but I want it to be good.

Good means I don’t want anyone in space pajamas saving the day by reversing the polarity on tachyon streams or any such technobabble.

Give me gritty, real visuals, tight action, good characters with depth and complexity, and a sense of hopefulness about the future which feels real- not the campy hope of the 60s or the implausibly contrived nobility of Picard and Janeway. Those elements have had their day, but that day is gone.

Firefly, BSG, Fringe- these are genre TV shows that get it right. Trek needs to learn from them and meld what they do best with what is best in Trek.

94. Simon - December 3, 2010

#93 – “Hope” and BSG is not a good example. The show made people want to blow their brains out most of the time.

Firefly isn’t a good example because *nobody watched it*. A genre show “gets it right” when it strikes a chord in the masses, not just some fanboys.

“Fringe” is on the bubble, good show, but it’s losing audience. Fox moving the show around certainly doesn’t help.

95. Dave - December 4, 2010

Alec, I’m with you.

96. Dave - December 4, 2010

#67 ColonyEarth, very well said. So many times I read these posts and the majority are done by new fans of Trek with no idea of the soul of the series that Gene brought to it. I admit I too was hesitant and resisted the ’09 movie mainly because I hungered for the Trek of my youth. But once I watched it I was blown away and could not understand why. Minor inconsistencies that can be fixed, aside, it is truly the family we grew up with. As far as Berman and company, if this were the middle ages we would have stormed Castle Paramount with our pitch forks and torches and beheaded the evil rulers. The main problem that has haunted the Trek universe is the lack of consistancy, or canon to some, that Star Wars has prevented. That Lucas has final say in everything SW so there are no misdirections and history re-writes. If only Gene passed that on to his son or Majel and let them have full control over the franchise we may have seen better Trek on t.v. and no dimwits, for lack of a better term, like Berman and Braga. So thank you again for your post, and we who are Trekkies salute you.

97. doubting_thomas - December 5, 2010

bring back enterprise.

98. tomtastic - December 10, 2010

I’m game for any new series as long as it’s in the real universe and not JJ’s. It’s fine for the films but they need to go back to the old universe for TV. Personally I’d rather have a TV show because you get more character development and less cheesy one liners and over-done special effects.

99. m.trevino - December 12, 2010

I believe that , there is no such thing as too much star trek. like any sci-fi series can’t seem to get enough of it. although I prefer star trek over star wars, I would like to new star wars movies also. especially since is all done in special effects by computers, skyline didn’t make money at box the concept behind it (like so many before it) I still like it.sometimes horror and sci-fi go hand in hand. you figure.

100. dubb - December 13, 2010

If they decide to go forward with any new show, it better be awesome. I don’t like the idea of having a Trek show just for the sake of having new Trek on TV. I’m pretty sure that’s why a lot of the more recent Trek TV shows were weak. I hope everyone involved learned their lesson.

I would at some point love (not soon) to see a revived TNG-series of films… something many years after Nemesis with flashbacks (both made for the film as well as scenes from previous films/shows) that are character-driven. This could be powerful both in terms of story as well as bringing a new audience into the heart of the characters. Remember how cool it was to see TOS characters back together again years later in TMP (even if you didn’t like the film)?

101. Spoocked - December 15, 2010

That dude from Voyager is wrong, the last star trek movie wasnt a “prequel”.

102. it's all good - but some is better - December 21, 2010

ps – 102 had problems with the site, not his command of the language. I think you get my point…

103. Christopher_Roberts - December 23, 2010

97. My sentiments exactly.

104. Tyler - December 23, 2010

It makes me sick when people say that they don’t like Tim Russ. He did an amazing job in voyager and I would love to see him star in a new star trek series. They really need to make another tv show. We have so much new texhnology now in 2011, it would just look amazing.

105. Lloyd - December 24, 2010

I would like any new Trek to take a leaf out of the Stargate Universe book – less carpets and cheesiness, and more darkness, danger and grit. I’d like them to take a long hard look at what new science can be included so that it’s genuinely something new and exciting, rather than just “phasers on stun” – some new tech that hadn’t previously been thought of. I dunno why, I’d also like chrome ships, maybe a different shape entirely! Let’s shake it up!

106. Harry - December 25, 2010

I just feel after 40 years of running and being an avid fan of ST, to have no series on TV is a let down. Roddenberry would be spinning in his grave. Obviously 40 of one show says it all BRING IT BACK NOWWWW, simple really. Ive enjoyed all series of ST its all about Gene’s dreams and ideas and how the human race should be. The world would be a much better place in my book if we took only a few ideas and dreams of Gene’s….. LONG LIVE THE TREKKIES. Paramount pictures should hold their heads in shame SOMEBODY WAKE UP PLEASE !!!!!!!…. ok ive said enough !

107. Bonta - December 30, 2010

As far as the next Star Trek movie(s) goes, I think it would be wise to avoid any cameos of previous Trek films/series. JJ did all Trek fans a HUGE favor with Trek 09 storyline.

By going back in time and completely altering it. All of the Star Trek story and time line as we know and grew up with no longer exist. This is a chance for totally brand new and unexplored content and style.

If JJ knows what he is doing, an so far it seems like he does, he will not rehash and and allow cameo appearances. THe only cameo appearance will only be Nimoy in Trek09, which was essential to the story.

If people wsh to revisit the “old Trek timeline”, an interesting idea would be a “prequel” of Trek09, which would go into detail of the old future timeline events that led to Trek09.

That said, I think JJ should put to rest any other of old Trek characters and start fresh.

108. StarBucker 59 - December 31, 2010

A new Star Trek series should NOT be on main stream network television. I would rather see it filmed and broadcast similuar to SiFY Battel Star Galactica. What an awesome series. Filming and distrubting limited episodes enabled the writers to create more dramatic and exciting story lines. I was always on edge waiting for the next ten episodes to be broadcast. Another option would be two hour episodes spaced a couple of months apart, make it an event to watch. Second the story line needs to be original, no cross over to the old series story lines. The TV series must be a new cast seperate from the old series and movies. Cameos really do not work for me.

109. Capt. Knight - January 13, 2011

I already have a tone of Idea>
But, lets put it on the Scify channel…..

110. Capt. Knight - January 13, 2011

But, Bring in actors at least as good as Patrick Stewart, Gates (Beverly Crusher), Data, etc…
Have Data’s newest son and or Daughter, 7of9’s Son, Warf’s Daughter (A true Klingon and half Shapeshifter, A new light-half caporial entity, Wesley Crusher, Guianan’s Daughter or Son, A lizard guy from Kirks time, Kirks Grandson, Spocks Son, A Cardassian-Bejorian Hybrid, A Klingon-Feringi Hybrid, A Klingon Mind reader better than Deanna Troi and the Capt. would be something and played by an actor as good as Patrick Stewart but, never seen before…
But, I would also like to set this in the future-at least 77 yrs.
Patrick Stewart could be a High Adm. on stargate 77.

111. Capt. Knight - January 13, 2011

Maybe, have the creature that Paris and Janeway became and mated into become evolved enough to join the federation and join the
Enterprise NCC-1702A

112. Capt. Knight - January 13, 2011

The Federation has expanded all the way to Rho and Epsilon Cuadrants… They can now travel at warp 25. Only held back by a God race more god like than the Q….
The QBorg

113. TJ - January 17, 2011

I think in the future you could turn something like the Destiny series in to a film.(30) Picard goes though a bunch of different emotional states (despair, rage, etc) that would really show Sir Patrick’s acting skills. comment 108 mentions that a new Trek would be great in a BSG/film format, and I would agree, although maybe something in the later 24th century(about 5-10 years after Nemesis) with a new crew,new ship (maybe Titan, or Enterprise-F?) new galactic conflicts (Typhon Pact?) and you can have various cameos(Captain Data…) who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

114. EWB - January 19, 2011

What about a Romulan War series. There has been 3 series set in the 24th century and the only one pre tos was a disappointment. The series I propose takes place aboard a starfleet battlecruiser. And a twist, unlike every other series, the last episode our ship is destroyed heroically,the last starfleet casulity of the Romulan War.

115. Johannes Chemistry - January 20, 2011

“If they keep doing the alternate time lines it will have to be called “Time Trek.” I’ve had enough of all that since ST: Enterprise.”

LOL, sorry, first post made me laugh. I’m all for “Time Trek”

116. TJ - January 25, 2011

The problem any more is to have a truly original story without (blatantly) breaking canon and has never been done as a series could be the adventures of The Enterprise as commanded by Captain Pike. Besides the occasional novel, this is a serious gap in the history of THE Starship Enterprise. If a Trek series is to be done in 24th century timeline, then it’s a given that a TNG, DS9, or VOY character/reference can/will come up, and a cameo(s) from anyone from those respective casts can and should be expected. All in all, I’m a fan first, nitpicker last. Let’s see what happens before we decide what’s not good enough.

117. RR - January 28, 2011

The time is right for a new Star Trek series. To have revolve around all the previous Trek actors is a great idea. Paramount its time !

118. Blind From Trekking - February 1, 2011

Why do these blog pages have the old stuff at the top, people get bored by the time they try to read the new stuff. Switch it round people then the topic will appear current and more will give a S@#t.

About Star Trek! I did a lame thing when i had a couple of weeks off, veged in front of the TV watches all the series and episodes of all Trek TV series made and all the films. Boring F@#£ I know!! but consider it research.

Tim Russ is a nice dude, he is a fan and so thinks like one, lets be honest we would all love to intermingle all the timelines so all our favourite characters can meet and discuss the progress of the future and past events, even a meeting of Spock and Tuvok would be cool. I think this however should have been done on the ST-Enterprise series. And by the way i am not going to sing the age old tune that all u guys are singing and slate the show. I thought even the show revolved around one tune! if the producers had set a time limit we could have seen some good things.

As per the movie (2009), we have to look at the big picture! Which is the show went with the theme of 2009, which u film buffs would know is all about remakes and prequels. The fact they stepped into another timeline i thought was an awesome marketing ploy, step aside hardcare know-it-all trekkies, we are gonna start a new time line and a new reboot u guys know nothing about, oh and here’s a bone…. we will throw in the old spock for good measure!!!! Did anyone catch that little slap.

All in all i think they did the right thing, Star trek as of the new movie is no longer a Nerd’s Domain….. its a cool new movie which if any of u trekkies have can also enjoy. The new trek film in 2012, has a new set of wings, it will have to explore the galaxy like th eOriginal Series, Old stories to the Trekkies will be new funky more relevant ideas for the Non-Trekkies. So Viva Star Trek Forever.

As for a New Series…. Lets face it folks, i feel cheated that ST ended abruptly, even though u all thought it was shit, u need a bit of trek to make our lives a bit palpable. My 10 pence worth, I need a new series soon, no animated crap, but a real series, not like the Galactica poncy crap, but the real trek way. Rehashed stories all we have, there are no new ideas when this genre is concerned, so bring on the romulans as allies or enemies, bring on the new trebble army to wipe out the Klingon race or holographic captain with a god complex in a ship full of holograma and a real human doctor…… I & the rest of the Trekkies in the world, I include the men on the space station who may want to catch an episode one day, want Star Trek – the new series…. hell if it helps get Tim Russ to Direct a few episodes as he is a nice Dude!

Thanks! :) (smiley Face)

119. Blind From Trekking - February 1, 2011

p,s No need for comments about my grammer or spellings!!! Don’t give a toss!!! its a commenting page not a F@#£ ing English Lit Essay.

120. Hoping for trek tv - February 10, 2011

Wait a minute. Tim Russ vision of Voyager and DSN crews together for a TV series to (wrap up ) loise ends from the series would be fantastic for fans!! Keep up that vision Tim!!

121. Logan220 - February 19, 2011

Scott Bakula? The man single handedly responsible for killing Star Trek on TV? Face it every other series ran for 7 years, with the exception of TOS. No, leave him to whatever old guy show he’s doing now, and a reunion of Quantum Leap. He has no place in Trek. As for the smart remark about no Voyager cast, why? Did the woman in the Captain’s chair make you doubt your masculanity? Get over it. Janeway and her crew are just as much a part of the franchise as any other, a honestly I enjoyed that series much more than DS9, sorry but trek has always been about going boldly where no one has gone before and you just can’t do that sitting on your butt in a space station.

122. Green Puffin - February 24, 2011

I like Tim and all things series TREK. That being said, Tim played a bridge crewman aswell, It does bother me when actors/actresses want to play different people in the same universe. example- (IF marvel and dc ever do mavel vs. dc movie will Ryan Reynolds play both deadpool and green lantern? cat woman & storm) these are juicy rolls to be sure, but come on dont be greedy. continuity people!!! Oh yeah Guinan was old enough to exist back then. live long and prosper. P.S. after what Nero did Tuvok may never exist anyway. peace out

123. MegaBearsFan - February 24, 2011

I would like to see an anthology series. Like the “Twilight Zone” or the “Outter Limits”, where every week could be a new storyline with new characters and a new setting. This would allow the show to take us to places in the Star Trek universe that we’ve never been or which have only been hinted at, and do more traditional science fiction stories that don’t have to involve the same characters getting into weird new situations.

We could have one episode set on Qo’nos and be about a young Klingon going on a hunt to earn his manhood. Or have an episode about the Vulcan-Romulan split and the life of Surak. We could see “A Day in the Life of a Q”. Or visit some old friends, like occasional episodes set on the Excelsior commanded by Captain Sulu or an update on whether or not B-4 assumes the life of Data. We could have episodes about the Eugenics war that take place in the present (maybe even a multi-part episode adaption of “The Eugenics Wars” novels featuring Gary Seven!).

The possibilities would be endless!

124. TJ - February 27, 2011

that’s a fantastic idea! fill in some chronological gaps!

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