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USS Enterprise & Shuttle Salt and Pepper Shakers Coming Next Year November 30, 2010

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Collectibles,Merchandise,TOS , trackback

A new Star Trek collectible has been revealed today, and it is yet another cool item for your kitchen or dinner table: an Enterprise & Shuttle Salt and Pepper Shaker. More details below.


Trek Seasoning

The official Star Trek site has revealed this new Salt and Pepper shaker, coming next year from Westland Gifts.

Star Trek Salt and Pepper shakers coming next year from Westland

These new items will go great with the Star Trek Spork, Pizza Slicer and other household and kitchen items (see previous story).

According to the official Star Trek site, the salt and pepper shakers are made of ceramic and measure two inches long, with magnets keeping them joined together. The shakers will be available at retail next year and will cost about $15.

2011 should also see another Star Trek-themed salt and pepper shaker set. Over the summer TrekMovie reported that QMx is working on replica Kelvin Salt & Pepper shakers from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

QMx also planning USS Kelvin Salt & Pepper shaker replica



1. bullion - November 30, 2010

Bit late for Christmas, maybe?

I want the Kelvin salt shaker from the movie!

2. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - November 30, 2010

# 1. Yes on the Kelvin Salt Shaker. I would also love one from the Doomsday Machine.

3. Clinton - November 30, 2010

I can understand why they didn’t go with the Kelvin (smaller recogntion/smaller audience) , but it would have been very cool.

4. Third Remata'Klan - November 30, 2010

These are pretty sweet. (Er…will be?)

5. Kirk, James T. - November 30, 2010

I gotta say whoever manages the licensing for Star Trek at CBS has done an awful job at keeping Star Trek in the public eye over 2010 – here’s hoping 2011 will bring more 2009/12 movie based products – lets not focus too much on TV series well over 40 years old – I mean I’m all for some great product from all of the incarnations over the decades but isn’t it time CBS put their money on products based on NEW Star Trek to get NEW fans interested?

6. Losira - November 30, 2010

Great! Now all that is needed is a trek place setting l liked the cup and saucer set that capt. Sulu had on trek 6 would love to see that too.

7. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - November 30, 2010

Where’s the DST Excelsior / Enterprise-B and the Klingon Bird of Prey?!?!?!?

8. Dr. Image - November 30, 2010

How about salt and pepper shakers shaped like classic Trek surgical insturments?

9. Phaser Guy - November 30, 2010

Wow. Movie screen accuracy too.

10. CmdrR - November 30, 2010

FIne. I also want a Fessarius loofah brush and a an Aurora… well, iron I guess.

11. Jeyl - November 30, 2010

Hate to say it, but that Kelvin salt and pepper shaker didn’t look at all practical.

12. Jef - November 30, 2010

I’m surprised that hasn’t been done before.

13. Imrahil - November 30, 2010

These are awesome.

#8: Whoa. Meta.

14. Robert H. - November 30, 2010

Stick with the Kelvin salt shaker.

15. Chasco - December 1, 2010

Yay! They had the sense to use the original Enterprise, not the clunky chunky 2009 one.
Putting these on my ‘must have’ list :-)

16. Red Dead Ryan - December 1, 2010

Never thought I’d see the day when they put out a “conjoined” Enterprise/Shuttlecraft Salt/Pepper Shaker! :-)

17. I'm Dead Jim! - December 1, 2010

I wish QMx would hurry up and move on from obscure Serenity/Firefly shite (Iliked that show, though) and onto more serious Trek items, even if it is a Kelvin salt shaker. That may be the only Kelvin replica we see in my lifetime the way things are going.

18. BiggestTOSfanever - December 1, 2010

My Mom has a collection of around 200 salt and pepper shakers.
This will be a perfect edition (even though I’m the Trekker in my family.)

19. Old Trekkie From Way Back - December 1, 2010

Thank God they look like the TOS versions and not the frakkin’ Fuglyprise from the movie! Those are pretty cool. But I would love to see somebody come out with shakers that look like Dr. McCoy’s medical instruments. Especially since they were originally salt and pepper shakers to begin with.

20. William Kirk - December 1, 2010

They are great! :-) And it is also great that they look like the TOS versions and not reboot Trek09 versions.

21. Jorg Sacul - December 1, 2010

Losira, those were made years ago.

22. Bobby - December 1, 2010

These are awesome but the scale is all wrong. There’s no way that shuttlecraft could fit in the Enterprise’s shuttlebay.

23. Robman007 - December 1, 2010

QMX is taking a ton of years on releasing the Large and Smaller (affordable) versions of the Big E. I expect that it will only see the light of day when Duke Nukem Forever and the 4 Disc X-Files CD from La-La Land Records hits the scene. Way tooooo long.

Oh, and I probably will only get the smaller scale Big E. Why get the over priced large scale when Polar Lights/AMT will release a 1/350 sometime in the future.

24. denny cranium - December 1, 2010

gotta have em!

25. Frederick - December 1, 2010

They should have made the pepper shaker be a Klingon cruiser. How could they miss that?

26. Tony Whitehead - December 1, 2010

8. Dr. Image

Excellent post

27. Gorn Captain - December 1, 2010

It must be a little weird seeing a salt and pepper shaker replica of the ship your dad died on!

28. CarlG - December 5, 2010

@8: YES. A thousand times yes. Recursive quasi-futuristic salt and pepper shakers for the win!

29. CarlG - December 5, 2010

Oh yeah, and they’d be way more subtle. These are too kitschy for my taste.

30. Thomas Jensen - December 26, 2010

You know, some fans seem to think all of Dr. McCoy’s medical instruments were salt shakers. In actuality, there were two salt and pepper shakers used. The rest of the medical props were created, found and designed as original items for the good doctor.

The very same salt shakers as were used on the show are sometimes available on ebay. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.