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Sci-Fi Movies Friday: Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Gravity, TRON: Legacy, Paul, POTC 4, Spider-Man Musical + more [UPDATE] December 17, 2010

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Sci-Fi , trackback

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column, we learn that Jon Favreau won’t be directing Iron Man 3 (but he will direct Magic Kingdom), while David Fincher has been confirmed for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow says her character Pepper Potts is not in The Avengers, the Spider-Man gets another delay, and TRON: Legacy posts a solid debut. Plus more, including the latest casting bites, images and videos.


Jon Favreau won’t direct Iron Man 3

Jon Favreau has decided not to direct "Iron Man 3" and will instead direct "Magic Kingdom" for Disney. The "Iron Man" / "Iron Man 2" director explained his decision in an interview with the LA Times’ Hero Complex blog:

"Marvel and I both came of age together,” Favreau said. “The years that we shared were a pivotal experience. [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Feige] has a firm grasp on the many franchises and how they all interweave and I am happy that I had the opportunity to establish the world that these characters can now play in…. ‘Iron Man’ has given me tremendous opportunities and Kevin and I are enjoying a lot of momentum in our careers thanks to the ‘Iron Man’ films. I look forward to seeing what others can do playing in the same world."

"Iron Man 3" is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she won’t be in "The Avengers" + George Clooney joins in Gravity

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed she won’t be reprising her role as Pepper Potts in "The Avengers". At least for now:

"No. No Pepper. I think it’s a for sure. I think they’re starting shooting soon, and they probably would have asked me by now."

As noted, this could change in the future as production gets underway on "The Avengers". Joss Whedon begins shooting the film in February 2011 and it’s set for release on May 4, 2012. In other casting news, Warner Brothers has confirmed that George Clooney will replace Robert Downey Jr. to star alongside Sandra Bullock in Alfonso Cuaron’s 3D sci-fi film "Gravity" [via Deadline]:

Clooney will replace Downey in the role of team leader of a space station. He and Bullock’s character, off working on a shuttle, are the sole survivors when the space station is decimated by the debris field from an exploded asteroid. Bullock will carry much of the action adventure, a mother who is hellbent on returning to her young child back on earth. Clooney is working the space schedule around The Ides of March, the adaptation of the Beau Willimon play. Clooney is directing and starring alongside Ryan Gosling in the political drama for Sony Pictures Entertainment and Cross Creek Pictures.

"Gravity" is expected to hit theaters in 2012.

TRON: Legacy opens with solid estimated $43.6M / $66.6M worldwide

Joseph Kosinksi’s “TRON: Legacy” pulled in a strong $3.6 million from Thursday midnight screenings including over $1M from 228 IMAX theaters. The 25+% gross from IMAX represents a new record (note: it’s not the highest IMAX gross, just a record by percentage of total take). Heading into the weekend estimates for the 3-day frame ranged anywhere from $40-$50M. [UPDATE] According to estimates, the film took in $18.0M on Friday (this includes the $3.6M from midnights), $15.1M on Saturday and is projected to take in $10.5M on Sunday for an estimated 3-day cume of $43.6M from 3,451 theaters (or approximately 5,600 screens). 3D played a huge part in the film’s gross. 2,424 theaters presenting the film in the format and all together accounted for 82% of the gross. That includes 234 IMAX 3D locations which made up 24 percent of the total gross. As a point of reference, last year “Avatar” had a 71 percent 3D share at 2,038 locations. On the the international front, “TRON: Legacy” opened in about half of its markets with $23M for a weekend worldwide take of $66.6M.

New trailers: Paul and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

New trailers have been released for "Paul" — which stars Star Trek’s Simon Pegg — and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides". There’s also a new poster for "Paul". ‘On Stranger Tides’ is scheduled to hit conventional, 3D and IMAX 3D theaters on May 20, 2011. "Paul" hits theaters on March 18, 2011. Check out the trailers, and poster, below.


Teaser poster [Collider]

International trailer [YouTube]


"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

Movie trailer [Yahoo! Movies]

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark delayed until February

The $65M broadway production "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" has experienced yet another delay. The musical, directed by Julie Taymor and featuring music by U2 and the Edge, will now open on February 7, 2011. Producers will use the added time to re-write scenes and possibly add more songs.

“The creative team is implementing truly exciting changes throughout the preview process,” said producer Michael Cohl. “Due to some unforeseeable setbacks, most notably the injury of a principal cast member, it has become clear that we need to give the team more time to fully execute their vision. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is an extremely ambitious undertaking, as everyone knows, and I have no intention of cutting a single corner in getting to the finish line.”

Previews for the show, which began on November 18, will continue through the new debut date. The musical was most recently scheduled to open on January 11, 2011.


PREVIEW Videos & Images

Battle: Los Angeles

Movie poster []

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Italian poster [BadPoster |]


Concept art [Edmund Woodward via Bleeding Cool]

Set images [more at Mania]

Green Lantern

Promotional stills [ShockYa]

The Green Hornet

Promotional stills [more at IGN]

Movie poster [IGN]


Set images [more at Ace Showbiz]


Movie trailer [Yahoo! Movies]

Real Steel

Promotional stills [Blastr]

Season of the Witch

Clip [via Beyond Hollywood]

Watch another clip here

The Smurfs

Movie poster []

Superman Lives (aborted Tim Burton 90’s project)

Test footage of the Superman costume [YouTube via Comic Book Movie]



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Sci-Fi TV and Movies will be off for the holiday’s. Have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you in the new year!


1. mikephys - December 17, 2010

Will Tom Hardy be Hugo Strange? Sounds like a great bit of casting if true!

2. Jim Nightshade - December 17, 2010

Tron is awesome looking–youve never seen a 3d movie looking like this before—-fans of tron like me wont be disappointed—but i dont know if the general audience will love it–its kinda scifi-y—I would luv to see more–

3. Craig - December 17, 2010

I thought Tron Legacy was great! I loved it. I cant understand why so many people are saying it has no plot. Hell yes it does. I thought it was perfect!

4. Jim Nightshade - December 18, 2010

Actually Craig its a bit more of a plot than I expected…its more cerebreal science fictiony than I thought it would be…which I liked cuz us trek fans love science fiction…but I wonder if the general public will get it and appreciate it?? There was polite clapping after the movie which means they must have liked it….and ohhh the potential for the future…..wide open!

My only regret about the movie is that TRONS appearance was too brief, too muted…and unclear….I wanted to see the heroic cyber warrior one more time….but I think they downplayed him to play up the new characters…however Tron does fight for the users!

And damn the look of this movie….cant get over it….totally tripping daft punk music just as good as the original wendy carlos music in the first one….Most good movies TRANSPORT you somewhere you have never been before….even flawed movies can be great at doing that…Lynchs Dune is a great example….Well Tron Legacy takes you where youve never been before….even though it is recognizable as the grid it is also different….

Well done Disney Well Done!

Hopefully we will see more of tron and it wont be END OF LINE

5. jas_montreal - December 18, 2010

I’m happy Iron Man 3 will get a new director. I did not like IRon Man 2’s direction. I also missed the soundtrack from Iron Man, which was compsoed by Ramin Djawadi. The second iron man’s soundtrack wasn’t as great. Hopefully they comeback to Ramin Djawadi.

6. Phaser Guy - December 18, 2010

I saw Tron Legacy and I enjoyed it. Good companion to the Original. I think there are some critics out there that just can’t enjoy anything.

7. Darth Quixote - December 18, 2010

Oh thank the Maker that Superman Lives was never made.

8. Kevin from Akron - December 18, 2010

NOOOOOOOO on the Superman suit! The concept was never to have some sort of mechanical suit. Supermans powers was based on the power from the Earth’s Sun! This is by far the most insane concept I’ve ever seen!!

9. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 18, 2010

Seen Tron Last Night and wow. What an Amazing Movie. The FX was fantastic and the 3D was awesome. It had a great story to go along with it. I hope they do another Tron Movie. Still say Tom Welling should be the next Superman. Can’t wait to see Battle L.A looks to be good. Thank you once again to Trek Movie for a great Article.

10. Andy Patterson - December 18, 2010

I don’t quite understand the negativity and rooting for it to fail behavior that seems to be directed towards the Spider-Man musical by some. I’m not overly thrilled with some things I’ve seen and heard about it myself. Like the title (and I guess I’m the only one in the world who’s never liked U2’s music) but aside from all that I’d like to see it. Seems very ambitious.

11. Magic_Al - December 18, 2010

That Superman suit was probably the healing power suit he’d wear until his powers regenerated following his revival from death.

12. Harry Ballz - December 18, 2010

So, the new Superman movie is going to be shot in Vancouver, the same place where Smallville has been filmed all these many years? Hey, if Tom Welling gets the part, he doesn’t even have to change dressing rooms! Or get on a plane, for that matter, just fly like one!

13. Clinton - December 18, 2010

I love the fact that in the Superman costume videos one guy says “He’s Tron.” To which another responds “Damn it. I’m NOT Tron!”

Oh, but I think you are.

14. Jonathan - December 18, 2010

I would really really love for Tom to play Supes. I know there’s a movement to get Brandon Routh to play him again but I think Tom is a much better Man of Steel than Routh was, though we have not seen him fully as the man of steel yet this season he is proving that he has what it takes to don the suit. I would also love to see Erica as Lois because those two have great chemistry together! She’s really come into her own as well. How about just doing a Supes movie off of Smallville? That way we don’t have to have yet ANOTHER origins story and we have all the needed actors (if we can get Michael Rosenbaum back as Lex of course, but that’s not likely to happy sadly).

I think they’re going for a Dark Knight style feel to the movie, the problem with Supes is he was never designed to be a dark hero like Batman was – batman was perfect for the mood of the movie because Batman in general is a dark hero.

15. Red Dead Ryan - December 18, 2010

Too bad Jon Favreau won’t be back. Don’t be surprised if “The Avengers” is Robert Downey Jr.’s final appearance as Iron Man. Marvel will probably reboot Iron Man with a new cast.

Glad “Superman Lives” didn’t come to fruition!


He’s reportedly NOT going to play Hugo Strange.

16. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 18, 2010

Hey Harry. Tom for Superman. But who would you want to play Lois Lane.

17. CmdrR - December 18, 2010

Season of the Witch looks DOA.

George Clooney on a space station? Again?

Thank you Santa for that 90’s gift I never knew about til now.

20 Thousand Leagues actually sounds like a good idea for a new remake.


18. Pensive's Wetness - December 18, 2010

Papa Smurf, canna lick your *&^?
Yeah, &^%$#! in 3-D!

all i gotta say about any smurf movie… when is the pr0n version coming out?

19. crypter crypter crypter - December 18, 2010

Let’s face it, even though Iron Man 2 grossed more worldwide than its predecessor, it didn’t live up to the original! Let’s be honest…it was rushed, too much glitter, not enough heart, and the score wasn’t all that great either (miss Ramin Djawadi…) so the fact Favreau won’t be helming the third, doesn’t bring me to tears…with RDJ and Gwyneth, that film could direct itself. We need the Extremis storyline, AND the Mandarin!!!

20. Hat Rick - December 18, 2010

Why do aliens always have to attack Los Angeles? It’s not fair.

21. Phaser Guy - December 18, 2010

Tim Burton hasn’t made an enjoyable film for a good long time. He’s back to his dancing skeletons stuff.

22. Chadwick - December 18, 2010

Tron Legacy was fantastic, saw it in IMAX last night. Not going to ruin anything but it was good. Had a bit of the Disney cheese, was epic at times, it wasnt too much or too little, as a Tron fan I was pleased. It gave you a world, not much explanation on why things are the way they are you simply had to accept the world as it is. A treat for the eyes, it is a fun ride. Most high brow people will tear it apart and loose all the magic, that’s basically what the movie is, just believe in the magic and its fun! I am not a religious guy but the Creator and Son of the Creator and the Gold like powers Flynn had in the movie adds a great aspect to this legend, and as Bridges said, we need modern day myths and legends and hes right. The movie is fun.

23. Wouldn'tyouliketoknow - December 18, 2010

I didn’t know Prince of Persia was a Narnia movie ;-) all this time I thought the dreaded film was about Prince Caspian ;-p

24. Martin Pollard - December 18, 2010

#22 – I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m amused at all of the self-important critics (including the ones in both of Detroit’s daily papers) whining that it’s “all flash, no substance.” Uh, hello… you DID see the original “TRON,” didn’t you? Its plot was paper-thin, but its effects were eye-popping; if “TRON Legacy” is *only* as good as that, it will have achieved its purpose, in my opinion.

“TRON” went on to become a cult classic, a sleeper hit in defiance of the critics, and if “TRON Legacy” has the same fate, I’ll be more than happy.

25. Phaser Guy - December 18, 2010

I love the misinformed critics that think Tron was based on a video game when it was the other way around.

26. sean - December 18, 2010


He’s always in top form with his original material like Corpse Bride or Edward Scissorhands (or straight Hammer Horror like Sleepy Hollow). It’s when he’s adapting other people’s work that he doesn’t do as well.

27. Vultan - December 18, 2010

Just got back from seeing Tron Legacy. It was a fun movie! Not too long, not too short. Just right. Olivia Wilde made the price of admission worth it alone. And that soundtrack! Got to admit I’d never heard of Daft Punk before this movie, but I’m a fan now! And the direction was also great. Very Kubrick-esque at times.

Hope it makes enough to justify a sequel. Well done, Disney.

28. MJ - December 18, 2010

Please, enough with the comic book movies. And the Green Hornet looks moronic at best.

29. MJ - December 18, 2010

@26 “He’s always in top form with his original material like Corpse Bride or Edward Scissorhands ”

Yea, right? Burton is without a doubt the most overrated director of all time. The only movie of his I have ever liked was Batman, in which the production team and the studio restrained him. And don’t like the weird fascination with dead bodies the the grotesque stuff he has in a lot of work — what a sick puppy.

30. Phaser Guy - December 18, 2010

Pee Wee, Batman, Beetlejuice are the only Burton films I can watch over and over.

31. Basement Blogger - December 18, 2010

I just saw Tron: Legacy. It was great. The themes of existenialism and religion were back as they were in the original. Only this time the movie had less goofiness. See Bit and technobable from the first one. Thought provoking science fiction.

And now for the 3-D review. At the begining of the film, Disney announces that part of it was converted and part was shot in native 3-D. Why? Maybe because of the anger over conversion. I don’t know. Anyway, as with all 3-D films, they’re too dark. Made worse by Tron’s black palette. Still, the native 3-D scenes were clean and looked good. Is it worth your extra couple bucks for the 3-D? No. The 3-D adds nothing to the movie.

With Paramount releaseing Transformers 3 in 3-D with part of it shot in 3-D, let’s keep demanding for native 3-D for Star Trek (2012) if released in 3-D. No conversions for Star Trek.

And yes, Oliva Wilde (Cowboys and Aliens, 2011) is lovely to look at. Team Olivia says she should be the new Saavik. Also see Tron: Legacy for the spectacular de-aging of Jeff Bridges. Now, let’s do that with William Shatner and make a CGI Star Trek to hold us over till 2012.

1. Transformers to be shot partly in 3-D

2. Put some Romulan-Vulcan ears on the bottom pic of Olivia.

32. CarlG - December 18, 2010

@29: “Overrated” = “I don’t like it, so there’s no way it could possibly be good”.

Oh, dear, that Superman suit is just dreadful. Say what you will about Superman Returns, but at least Brandon Routh looked the part. I don’t know what the hell that neon nightmare was, but it ain’t Superman.

33. JimJ - December 18, 2010

I’m glad Superman Lives didn’t come about. Superman Returns didn’t knock my socks off, but at least it had an actor and a script that paid tribute to the first movie. It is now time to head in a new direction, I agree, but Superman Lives isn’t the way to go. I liked Brandon Routh, too. Had they gotten the right Lois for hom to play off of, I think there was a lot more positives that would have come about for that movie.

Pirates: On Stranger Tides looks like dynamite to me. I will admit, it is my favorite thing to follow besides Star Trek…but not once did I cringe while watching the trailer. Even better, not once did I think to myself: I miss Will and Elizabeth. I think Pirates 4 is gonna be a fun romp!!!

34. Vultan - December 18, 2010


Speaking of the “Bit” from the first TRON movie, did you notice the Bit sculptures on the mantle of Flynn’s fireplace? There was also a nice homage to “The Caine Mutiny” with Clu rolling the ball bearings (or were they the “NO” version of the Bit?) around in his hand, just as Captain Queeg did in the movie… and later Commodore Decker did with the computer disks in “The Doomsday Machine.”

There were probably other references in TL, but those were the two I caught. Oh, and the “That’s a big door…” line!

35. Phaser Guy - December 18, 2010

I liked how Flynn’s old bike was used in the movie.

36. drew - December 18, 2010

Tron Legacy should have been titled: Flynn’s Legacy.

I don’t think the new Tron Legacy was horrible. I just didnt enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Special effects are top notch – visually stunning.

The story had problems.

37. Basement Blogger - December 18, 2010

@ 34

Yeah I noticed the two “Bit” sculptures. Kind of reminded me of the new “Clash of the Titans” where Perseus looks at Bubo in the armory and decides to leave it. Too cute for this movie! And the “Caine Mutiny” homage was all right. As Jeff Bridges was rolling those marbles, I was thinking, is this C.L.U. going to be paranoid like Captain Queeg?

I liked the arcade game of Tron in Flynn’s Place. Couldn’t tell if that was an actual game and cabinet. But it brought back memories of the game. It made me look up the game and its sequel, Tron Discs which made me smile when I looked at it again.

38. Ringo Starr - December 18, 2010

-Is that my main man Keith Richards in the Pirates trailer?
– Can’t wait to see the extra 2001 footage.
– The new Tron movie was terrible. It should be used as exhibit a alongside of the Transformers films as to what is wrong with modern cinema.
– Who would pay to see a remake of Barbarella .
– Does the world really need Men in Black III?
– Tim Burton is overrated. All style no substance. I’m glad we never saw his version of Superman.
– Ghostbuster 3 has as good of a shot of being made as I do of becoming Pope. Bill Murray will never do it.
– Does the world really need Spiderman the musical? Broadway hasn’t had an original idea in years.
– Ron Howard is a fine director, but a bad choice for Steven King’s Dark Tower.
– David Fincher doing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea could be cool.
– Believe it or not The Green Hornet is getting great early reviews. Still don’t know if Seth Rogen is the best choice for this role.

39. Jim Nightshade - December 18, 2010

Well Ringo yours is the only mention of Tron Legacy not being good so far—-ummm the notice by disney at the beginning of tron was not mentioning native 3d—it was an announcement that parts of the movie are not in 3d but keep yer glasses on thru the whole movie—so people wouldnt think their glasses were mal functioning–parts of the real world were not in 3d on purpose like the wizard of ozs use of color—makes the 3d grid world stick out more–literally hahah–just read a review of tron legacy by roger moore(not bond) complaining tha tron looks great but has no soul or humor–he had the same complaints bout the first movie–well duh–electronic world of programs–no soul n no humor unless written into the program—hello mcfly–computer world here–actually i think bridges was quite humorous in the first one–loved his line about the parking tickets–i admit older flynn not as much fun as younger flynn was–for good reasons–would luv to see more of oilivias isomorph n how she can save the world—

40. MJ - December 18, 2010

@30 Forgot he did Pee Wee. OK, yes, I kind of liked that one.

41. MJ - December 18, 2010

@38 “- Tim Burton is overrated. All style no substance. I’m glad we never saw his version of Superman.”


42. MJ - December 18, 2010

@32 ” “@29: “Overrated” = “I don’t like it, so there’s no way it could possibly be good”. ”

Great example of what overrated means — we are in full agreement then. Thanks!

43. MJ - December 18, 2010

@33 “I’m glad Superman Lives didn’t come about. ”

Me too!

44. MJ - December 18, 2010

And Burton’s next two movies are a real treat:

1. A girls dog gets killed, and she brings it back to life, Frankenstein style, and then it starts killing her neighbors.

2. Abraham Lincoln hunts vampires…..YES, YOU READ THIS CORRECTLY.

The guy is a joke!!!

45. Brett Campbell - December 19, 2010

“Tim Burton is overrated. All style no substance. I’m glad we never saw his version of ‘Superman.’”

I’m sad we ever saw his version of “Planet of the Apes.”

46. Jim Nightshade - December 19, 2010

Oh yeh i liked the black hole poster with the tron posters n flynns son did say this isnt happening same thing daddy said–i thought bridges did a great job battling himself heh

47. Phaser Guy - December 19, 2010

Did you know that the people behind Tron Legacy are going to remake Black Hole if Tron is a success? I’d actually like to see some remake that.

48. JimJ - December 19, 2010

#38-Sure looked and sounded like Keith Richards to me. That’s a plus…as well as having Geoffry Rush back!

49. captain_neill - December 19, 2010


I hope JJ Abrams keeps Star Trek XII in good old 2D. If he went 3D he would need to lose the Shaky cam and the lens flares.

In regards to Tim Burton I am a huge fan but Planet of the Apes and ALice in Wonderland would be my least fav of his films.

One TIm Burton film I recommend to those who have not seen it is Ed Wood, that is an amazing film.

Tim Burton’s Batman movies are still my fav ones.

50. Chris M - December 19, 2010


I couldn’t agrre more!! That would have to be the worst idea for a Superman movie ever!!

For those that didn’t like Superman Returns (which I actually thought was pretty awesome) imagine if we gotten Superman Lives back in ’98?!?! Would have been riots in the streets!

51. captain_neill - December 19, 2010


Don’t insult Tim Burton

One is a remake of a short film he did in 1984 called Frankenweenie which is an awesome short done as a homage to the original Frankenstein.

And his second is based on a novel from the writer of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I am a huge Tim Burton fan. I will agree his ealier films are still better but he still makes great stuff.

52. captain_neill - December 19, 2010

Despite being a Tim Burton fan I would not have liked his vision for Superman. Tim Burton’s style is so much better for Batman.

53. dmduncan - December 19, 2010

Sure, at the time, had it been made, people probably would have thought that Superman suit was “cool.” And by now, had it been made, we would have been looking back at that thing and saying, “Oh lord, what were we thinking?”

Sort of like our abuse of the keyboard in pop music in the 80’s.

54. Shadowcat - December 19, 2010

I saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader last weekend and I thought it was very good. I am surprised it didn’t make more money.

I saw Tron Legacy last night. It was fantastic. It tied up some of the losse ends from the 1982 Tron film. The soundtrack is excellent.

55. CarlG - December 19, 2010

@42: Three cheers for the willful misunderstanding of sarcasm!


People keep using that word, “overrated”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

56. Vultan - December 19, 2010

Not really understanding all the Tim Burton hate here. Sure he’s had some flops in recent years, but he’s also had some really good movies here and there. Some of them are a bit underrated in my opinion, namely Ed Wood, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Big Fish. I mean, does it get any better than Ewan McGregor parachuting into a North Korean Army freakshow? Weird and wild stuff, man. ;)

57. Battle-scarred Sciatica - December 19, 2010

There is some serious BurtonBashing occurring here.

I’m not sure that his movies are that rubbish are they?

There has been some duds but some of it is quite good and some of it is brilliant.

some say tomAYto, I say tomARto.

a lot of people say banARto!

58. captain_neill - December 19, 2010


Ed Wood is a fantastic movie

It’s one thing tha past Trek gets berated here, now you insult my favourite film director.

59. Vultan - December 19, 2010


I’m assuming you’re talking to the other folks on this board about insulting Burton. That’s not me, man. Burton’s not my favorite director, but I do like his weird, macabre style.

Oh, and to the person above who said that sort of subject matter is “sick,” hey, the dark stuff worked for Edward Gorey, Charles Addams, Val Lewton, and Alfred Hitchcock, and I don’t see anyone calling them sick. Burton’s just carrying on the “tradition,” so to speak.

60. Vultan - December 19, 2010

Not that I’m defending Burton’s interest in Superman. Thank God that movie was never made! Just stick to the cemetary stuff, Tim old boy.

By the way, anyone else read JJ Abrams’ idea for a Superman movie that was floating around years ago? It sounded interesting… if a bit too similar to Superman II.

61. Basement Blogger - December 19, 2010

@ 56

Yeah, what’s up with the hatred for Tim Burton? His Batman (1989) took the Dark Knight out of camp into serious drama and made it a franchise for Warner. Yeah, I think he lets the art direction trump the narrative in many of his films. He’s not my favorite director but I agree with you on Ed Wood. (1994) Ed Wood is a great film. Martin Landau won the Academy for Best Supporting Actor. Ed Wood is a movie about a hack director yet one could not question his love for making movies. Ed Wood is a valentine to the art of filmmaking.

62. grigori - December 19, 2010

#56 YEH Big Fish is a fantastic film. Fun way to work through your Daddy issues, too! :D

>:( If the Smurfs aren’t gonna be in that pretty fantasy forested land with mushrooms and flowers anywhere, what’s the point?!

63. captain_neill - December 19, 2010


I know you were not insulting Tim Burton

Just agreeing with you how awesome Ed Wood is. Has anyone ever seen Plan 9 From Outer Space?

Back to Burton. Than you 61, Tim Burton made two great Batman movies, both of which are in my list of all time fav movies.

Also not all of Tim Burton’s films are dark, remember Pee Wee and Mars Attacks!?

64. Moonwatcher - December 19, 2010

I know a good portion of the people that frequent this site probably don’t appreciate or understand the film 2001: a space odyssey, but the news that they have discovered the 17 minutes of footage that was edited after its initial premier in 1968 is tremendous news to me. I hope that someday it’s available in an extended version of the film, or if that would violate some legal issue, at least include it in a “deleted scenes” section of a new DVD release. I know, I know, there are some of you who feel this movie is to long as it is…but to those of you who would say this I paraphrase Dr McCoy, “What you say is unimportant, and I do not hear your words!”

65. Battle-scarred Sciatica - December 19, 2010


I agree.
It’s exciting news about the additional footage.
Maybe one day they will paste in the original storyline of using Saturn instead of Jupiter and use the original footage which ended up being used for Silent Running.
I wouldn’t want the film changed as it is such a great movie, but to see an alternate version with the original footage would be fantastic.
Of course, that would mean altering 2010 too. Will they ever make 2061 or 3001 I ask myself.
Probably not is likely the answer!

66. Phaser Guy - December 19, 2010

I love 2001 and 2010. Great movies. I hope there’s an extended 2001 cut.

67. Rosario T. Calabria - December 19, 2010

Article updated with “TRON: Legacy” weekend box office estimates. $43.6M domestic and $23.0M foreign for an estimated $66.6M worldwide opening debut.

68. Vultan - December 19, 2010

I too would like to see the missing 2001 scenes! And does anyone know why the documentary was canceled? I remember seeing a trailer for it online a few months ago. It looked great… if it is the same doc I’m thinking about.

69. sean - December 19, 2010


Agree to disagree, I guess. While I think his adapted work is hit-and-miss, I actually much preferred Batman Returns where the studio backed off and let him be as weird as he wanted to be.

In terms of the darker side of his work, I guess you’d find Edgar Allan Poe a ‘sick puppy’ as well? Both Poe and Burton tend to offer their dark visions with a wink and a smile. It’s not like he’s Lars Von Trier, ya know?

70. CarlG - December 19, 2010

@64: Thanks for assuming we’re all stupid — much appreciated, buddy.

71. MJ - December 19, 2010

@51. “And his second is based on a novel from the writer of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

Phew, well that is a relief to know. ;-)

PS: I will say to those Burton lovers out there that I have never seen Ed Wood. And I will check it out now based on your recommendations.

72. MJ - December 19, 2010

@70. I think @64/Moonwatcher just made the assumption that a bunch of folks who love comic book movies and Tim Butron’s corpse series of movies probably would not appreciate 2001. Is Moonwatcher really that far off in making that assumption? :-)

PS: Moonwatcher, if you are still reading this posts, can you please provide me some more info on what is in these missing 18 minutes? 2001 is tied for my fav sf movie of all time, with Bladerunner.

73. MJ - December 19, 2010

@66 Agreed!

74. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2010

Just saw “Tron Legacy” in 3D. Aside from the lack of “actual” 3D, it was an awesome movie. The soundtrack is great as well. Its done by Daft Punk. It’s part techo and part Hans Zimmer.

Instant classic, no doubt about that. The critics were way off.

75. Red Dead Ryan - December 19, 2010

I doubt we will see an extended version of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Large percentages of the profits would have to go to the estates of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. And then there would be the music rights.

Too many legal hurdles.

76. Daoud - December 19, 2010

Music rights? I think Blue Danube Waltz is public domain now. ;)

77. Jim Nightshade - December 19, 2010

Well as Charlie Brown would say RATS…..43 million is a not a great opening weekend for tron legacy considering its 170 mil cost and 100 mil advertising….I was afraid of this….I doubt it will make its money back unless it does good business all thru the holidays….betch disney changes its mind about sequels tv series and all the other plans they had…sigh…..sniff …pout :(

I kinda thought too few people saw the original tron and its not exactly out on blu ray for everyone to easily get and watch which woulda made disney more money…soooo the many that knew not much bout tron arent exactly interested in the sequel….Bummer End of line….????

78. MJ - December 19, 2010

@77. This is a weird weekend with a lot of people out shopping, so the next weekend will be more telling for Tron 2.

79. Vultan - December 19, 2010

Disney did a good job with TRON: Legacy, but they really screwed the pooch by not releasing a new DVD of the original movie before the sequel’s release. I thought they’d at least show the movie on one of the dozen or so TV networks they own. I mean, come on! Did they actually think audiences wouldn’t see Legacy because the original’s graphics look dated now? Any movie released 28 years ago is going to look dated. Not exactly a “legacy” when you disown the original.

Anyway, for those interested in seeing the original, just search youtube with “Tron part 1.” It should still be up… if Mickey’s people haven’t discovered it yet…

80. Dunsel Report - December 19, 2010

(Aforementioned link here.)

81. Rosario T. Calabria - December 19, 2010

77 — Jim Nightshade

It’s a solid — perhaps expected is a better word — debut and in line with predictions. It’s true that Disney hyped the film to a very, very high degree but $40-50M was all the film was ever going to open to at this time of year. We’ll see how it holds up in early 2011, I’ve seen its budget estimated at anywhere between $150-200M so it’s need to clear $300-350M worldwide to hit profitability solely from its box office. That’s certainly within the realm of possibility — and it could do even better than that. It’s simply too early to say where it’ll end up.

79 — Vultan

That’s actually exactly what they thought. They were afraid new audiences wouldn’t understand/appreciate the original and it would turn them off from the new film.

82. MC1 Doug - December 19, 2010

It is too bad that the Trumbull-led 2001 documentary has been canceled. Anyone know why?


Still no news for a remake of “When Worlds Collide.”

83. Vultan - December 19, 2010


Well, that figures. Disney almost always finds a way to shoot itself in the proverbial foot. Hopefully, the new Tron has strong enough “legs” during its run.

By the way, thanks for putting together these articles! This is my number one source for checking out entertainment news. You rock, Rosario!

84. MJ - December 19, 2010

@79. Agree completely. An my kids and I watched Tron last night on Youtube (hooked into my my tv with the HDMI connnection). Disney did blow it — my kid’s loved it despite the obvious dated effects.

85. Basement Blogger - December 19, 2010

@ 80

Vultan, you’re right again. Is it because Disney thinks it’s old? I mean Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981! Tron came out in 1982. Story is what is important here. So the effects may look dated. So what? A lot of people loved the first movie to turn it into a cult classic. What I loved about the first movie is that it swung for the fences. And so did the second film. And while Disney did a horrible job respecting the first Tron, you have to salute them for making a sequel because the first one was only mildly successful.. (wikipedia article below)

I praise the Tron franchise for mixing action with deep ideas. I hope it does well financially. That will allow filmmakers to make movies with intelligence wthout Hollywood dictating what is going to be in a movie.


86. MJ - December 20, 2010

@85. Wow, we are in agreement again…who would have thought? Next thing you know, lions and hyenas will be living in peace. :-)

87. Jim Nightshade - December 20, 2010

Thanks to Rosario also for the great as usual entertainment news–i am glad that almost everyone here who saw Tron: legacy liked it–maybe it will have legs n do well over the holidays-its going to be the first movie since trek09 i will go see in the theatres more than once–i luv the way they have tried to broaden tron into a more mythic epic n more cerebral concept—fingers crossed itll be a success

88. Brett Campbell - December 20, 2010

I love a number of Burton films, and he is doubtlessly a talented as a director. But he can be just as hit-or-miss, to me, as Woody Allen or David Lynch.

89. roy - December 20, 2010

I saw Tron Legacy and thought it was a fantastic film. If the film continues to do well at the box office and if the studio opts for Tron 3, then I hope the film makers are able to find a way to somehow bring back David Warner who starred in the 1982 Tron movie and also continue to utilise Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner in some sort of capacity alongside the younger actors who will now carry the franchise.

90. Phaser Guy - December 20, 2010

There IS a reference to Dillinger in the movie. A big one.

91. Vultan - December 20, 2010


Yeah, really. So what if it looks dated! Tron: Legacy will most likely look just as dated 28 years from now.

To CBS and Paramount’s credit they didn’t disown Star Trek TOS before Trek ’09 was released. They were showing that old, dated (sometimes downright cheesy) television show all over the place, namely TV Land and G4.

Anyway, Disney needs to wake up if they want to fully benefit from the “remake market.” Sigh… got to admit it’s kinda sad there’s now a sub-genre for those who love tracing paper…. :(

92. MJ - December 20, 2010

@91. Well put — I could not agree more. Going to see Tron 2 tomorrow night.

93. Vultan - December 20, 2010


Have a good time. And don’t listen to the critics. Remember, a lot of the critics didn’t like Empire Strikes Back when it came out in ’80:

“‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Strikes a Bland Note” — Vincent Canby, New York Times.

I’m not saying Tron: Legacy is anywhere near as brilliant as ESB, but these so-called experts on cinema can really miss the mark sometimes.

94. captain_neill - December 20, 2010


Fair point.

People talk about how things from 20 to 30 years ago look dated but in 20 years time so will the stuff of today.

95. John - December 20, 2010

One of the biggest scientific mistakes in the 2009 Star Trek movie says that supernovas destroy the universe! So all the supernovas that has happened since the beginning of time….. oh wait we don’t exist, the universe was destroyed when the first sun went super nova!

96. gingerly - December 20, 2010

OMG people actually liked Tron??

People actually think the original was classic A+ entertainment??

Cult classic, I can see, but the original Tron aside from the memorable visuals, computer programming and bit game geeketry was not a substantial film.

The new film had creepy CGI Jeff Bridges and some ideas that they didn’t articulate or dramatize very well.

Also every female, including the pivotal one were mere eye-candy. Quara didn’t win one fight without help and she was a plot-point, her importance all about what she was, not who she was on her own.

It also bothers me when a female character is promoted as having some skill, only to later fail at that skill in some way so she can be rescued by the boys.

Beyond that, the action scenes weren’t that well-done and it got pretty boring.

It was all pretty much standard vapid big budget movie to me.

Am I missing something here?

97. Dan - December 20, 2010

#96 Sounds like she has male issues she needs to work out!

98. Moonwatcher - December 20, 2010

@ 70 CarlG: I apologize for saying that there could be a lack of understanding for film 2001 at this site. Wrong choice of words. I meant to convey that the younger generation (I’m over the hill) that has been raised on faster paced action scenes and now superior CGI effects, may not appreciate the slow and majestic pace of the film.

@ 72 MJ: As to the recently found 17 minutes of footage, the scenes are as follows….

• Some shots from the “Dawn of Man” sequence were removed and a new scene was inserted where an ape pauses with the bone it is about to use as a tool. The new scene was a low-angle shot of the monolith, done in order to portray and clarify the connection between the man-ape using the tool and the monolith.
• Some shots of Frank Poole jogging in the centrifuge were removed.
• An entire sequence of several shots in which Dave Bowman searches for the replacement antenna part in storage was removed.
• A scene where HAL severs radio communication between the “Discovery” and Poole’s pod before killing him was removed. This scene explains a line that stayed in the film in which Bowman addresses HAL on the subject.
• Some shots of Poole’s space walk before he is killed were removed.

P.S. I’m right there with you on your two favorite films!

99. star trackie - December 20, 2010

Tron Lagacy was a bit of a letdown. The 3d was poor and ill-concieved. There were so many places in the film it could have blown me away had it been actually designed to be in 3D, rather than converted 2D. Hell, seems like half the time I took my glasses off and it wasn’t in 3D at all.

The movie itself was very cool to look at aesthetically, but the story was plodding, if not just plain boring in it’s pacing. And the rubbery CGI of young Jeff Bridges with the dead eyes should have been used a bit more sparingly. The score by Daft Punk is great though. All in all, a very mixed bag.

100. Iva - December 20, 2010

So Dylan Dog is next in line to get screwed up ….. is nothing sacred these days?

101. Rosario T. Calabria - December 20, 2010

I probably should chime in with a few quick impressions of “TRON: Legacy”. Off the bat, I liked it more than the original. Perhaps that’s not a minority opinion, but that’s the first thing I can say.

Overall I thought it was pretty good. I had two issues, however. First off it was a tad long and dragged at points. Now I saw it Friday midnight in 3D, so this might need a second viewing. But truthfully I thought it could have been about 10 to 15 minutes shorter. That would have put its run-time at like 1:50 or so. That would have been perfectly fine. Also, as much as I liked the idea behind having a de-aged (more so for the interesting story concept than anything else) the technology just doesn’t seem to be there quite yet. Clu looked fake more often than he did real. Now there were a couple parts where he looked great but I could never completely get behind him being a real character.


I also didn’t like the limited use of Tron (at least the limited “on-screen” use of Tron). I liked the story of the film and the plot (at least on paper) sounds great. But it didn’t translate to screen perfectly.


I also, and this really surprised me, had an issue with the 3D. It didn’t pop as much as I had hoped it would. Maybe it was the theater we were in. Maybe we were too close or maybe I was just too tired to notice the depth. I don’t know, but I expected an Avatar-like experience and I didn’t get that. I LOVE 3D so that disappointed me.

If I were to grade the movie I’d give it a 8/10. A good, solid enjoyable experience with just a few flaws.

102. Desstruxion - December 20, 2010

Saw a jab at “Jonah Hex” by Mr. Brolin in this post. Sorry Josh but I rather liked it. Liked it even better the second viewing. Just a fun popcorn movie.

103. MJ - December 20, 2010

@98. Thanks so much, Moonwatcher. Wow, would love to see those scenes restored and added to a new cut. I wonder what kind of shape they are in — do you know?

104. MJ - December 20, 2010

@97. Cut her some slack — she has some great opinions to offer on these boards, but yes, she does have an old fashioned view of the world where everything is about gender and race, and everyone excepting THE MAN, is a victim.

105. Red Dead Ryan - December 20, 2010


“Am I missing something here?”

Yes. You’re missing everything. The movie was great. Your post reminds me of what Jeyl writes in regards to “Star Trek”. You two aren’t related are you?


I thought the cgi Jeff Bridges (Clu) looked a bit like a younger Kurt Russell, more than a younger Jeff Bridges.

106. Vultan - December 20, 2010


Quorra didn’t win one fight?


Uh, did you miss the scene where she rescues Sam from the arena? Or where she successfully pilots the light-jet in the finale? She may have lost an arm in that one fight, but well… I don’t know if it’s in the girl-power rule book, but you can’t win ’em all.

107. Moonwatcher - December 20, 2010

@ 103 MJ: The 17 minutes of previous deleted scenes from 2001 were discovered buried in a salt-mine vault (?) in Kansas and are said to be in pristine condition. Apparently, a salt-mine vault such as this has excellent preserving qualities (?). An interesting note: Kubrick once said, “I don’t believe that that the trims made a crucial difference. I think it just affected some marginal people. The people who liked it, liked it no matter its length, and the same holds true for the people who hate it”. Well, here’s to the countless of us who like it regardless of its length!!! I sure hope that Warner Brothers, who now owns the rights to the film, has the ability both legally and financially to allow us to see this buried treasure in some form in the very near future.

108. gingerly - December 20, 2010


If you disagree, you’re free to elaborate.


Thank you! You don’t even need your glasses for the first 20 minutes or so of the film.


Wow, uhm thanks?

I honestly, wish what I were saying were old-fashioned, but I speak from my experiences as a young-ish person living today.

Actually, it’s more like I see the world for what it is, a place that has improved on that front in many ways, but has taken steps back in others.

…Mainly, because of people’s tendency of those with the option to do so, to avoid and pretend these kinds issues don’t exist.

We have a long way to go in order to catch up to our ambitions, in actually being what we claim to be.

It also really sucks that when you do try to shine a light on these things, that these are the stock responses. That you’re lying, delusional or have issues.


It’s not about “girl-power” (ugh, hate that term), but that she’s important because of what she is, not who she is.

Sure, she rescues Sam, but she doesn’t really get to showcase her skills.

…Really, no one does in any kind of cool way. So that’s more a film-failing that simply a female-one.

The action scenes were about 30 seconds a piece with very little actual choreography, save a few unnecessary slow-motion effects. Tron was basically the Sith from Phantom Menace, all build-up, no pay-off.

The acting was also pretty dodgy with emotional moments that fell flat and exposition that was boring.

The other women were basically ornamental fembots.

I expected her to fail in battle at some point and need to be rescued (because it happens in too many Hollywood films, Warrior’s Way did the same thing) and I wasn’t disappointed.

109. Vultan - December 20, 2010


Well, just as long you weren’t disappointed. ;)

Many of the complaints leveled at Tron: Legacy also go for the first movie… so you pretty much have to take them for what they are (glossy sci-fi updates of very old stories). I mean, just combine some pulp magazines from the 50’s, throw in a little Wizard of Oz, and you’ve got TRON.

So take it or… uh, derezz it.
End of line.

110. Jim Nightshade - December 20, 2010

uhmm yes the 3d in tron was Real not post 3d…..apparently a director decision to make the real world scenes not 3d so when you get to the grid it sticks out more literally like wizard of oz color….I admit the 3d was not quite as spectacular as I expected it to be either but it was at times pretty cool especially in the light cycle battles….I am going to go see it again in 3d to pay more attention…..

I thought evil Clu looked great….dead eyes didnt bother me…hes a computer program… if he dont look totally real its cuz he aint eheh

Have to agree with Rosario on length of film….might have made the pacing better if shorter….and also Rosario is right on about Tron….yes he does appear and does fight for the users but its muted and brief and I wanted to see the heroic warrior again and well we just didnt….I get that Clu changed him but he helped the heroes at just the right time…but heck, Box.s Tron was GREAT in the first movie….heroic and strong….I realize Sam is the hero but Tron was MORE heroic in the first movie…

111. Jim Nightshade - December 20, 2010

Oh off topic but Trek Fans…..That Hot Wheels Ultimate Star Trek Fan Pack with 6 ships and the Trek scene it trivia is a lot cheaper than the $80 it was supposed to retail for at Costco—-on Costco com its 39.95—-

And it seems to be even cheaper than that at Costco stores either that or our costco store made some kinda mistake….its a HUGE BOX too

112. Jim Nightshade - December 20, 2010

HAHA Entertainment Tonight just reported on Tron Legacy’s 43.5 Million opening weekend by mentioning that the sequel has already made 10 million more than the original Trons entire run…..

Basically true but counting worldwide I think Trons Grosses were about 65 million or somewhere close to that

113. Phaser Guy - December 20, 2010

When little Fockers gets the good reviews from the critics I am going to sit back and laugh at the critics who couldn’t even understand Tron.

114. Sebastian - December 20, 2010

“Green Hornet” looks so moronic my head hurt from just watching the trailer. It’s fatally miscast (Seth Rogan??) and played for laughs (not a good sign). In three months (or less) it’ll be in the dvd bargain bin at your local WAL-Mart…. right next to Will Ferrell’s “Land of the Lost.”

And I’m still too sick of Captain Jack Eye Shadow–er, ‘Sparrow’, to even give a damn about another “Pirates” movie; the last two were big, bloated and boring beyond belief. None of the charm, wit and vivre of the terrific first movie. We need this sequel like we need a bigger hole in the ozone layer.

Here’s hoping next year’s “Cowboys & Aliens” hits one out of the ball park. It’s the only one of the ‘coming soon’ bunch that actually seems like an original idea.
Just wish it were coming sooner…. ; )

115. Phaser Guy - December 20, 2010

I think Cowboys and Aliens looks pretty boring. The trailer gave away a lot of cool moments.

116. CarlG - December 20, 2010

@98: Fair enough — I was overly snappish, too. Apologies.

For the record, I’m in my mid-20s and enjoy Trek09, North by Northwest. Terminator 2, and Casablanca just about equally. Weirdo young dudes like me do exist! :)

117. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2010

On Tron: Legacy’s CGI of a young Jeff Bridges, I thought it worked pretty well. Yes, not all of the scenes were “human” quality but most of them are remarkable. Emotions were displayed, you could see the conniving C.L.U. and see his anger. Detail was great. You could see the stubble on his face. Check out the official trailer below where he screams at his creator. I’m trying to think of a movie where we had a de-aged actor. Right now I can’t and this could be revolutionary. CBS are you seeing this? De-age William Shatner. CGI Star Trek TV film. But I digress.

I guess since I’m older, I liked the pacing. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t just relentless action. I enjoy good and interesting dialogue. I liked the scene of Sam, and his father getting to know each other again. And the discussions they had about the world of Tron, etc. And if you’re a Lost fan, the screenwriters were Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, guys who wrote a bunch of shows for Lost. There’s you’re Bad Robot connection.

Official trailer.

118. Basement Blogger - December 20, 2010

3-D or IMAX 3D?

For some reason, I had trouble watching Tron: Legacy in 3-D. For me, areas outside of the center went out of focus or there was ghosting. I usually don’t have any trouble with 3-D, even though I wear the glasses over my own. Was it me, the film or the theater?

So I went to see it again in IMAX 3D. Can’t tell you why, but IMAX was the better version. I did not have the focus issues. Picture was sharper. There was the popping out effect that 3D is supposed to produce. And by the way, I saw Avatar in 3-D and on the recommendation of a friend, I saw it in IMAX 3D. Same thing. IMAX 3D was better. The down side? IMAX 3D costs six more bucks.

So, if you have to see Tron: Legacy in 3-D, choose IMAX. But you’re not missing anything if you see it in good old 2D.

119. MJ - December 20, 2010

@118. You should try going to a Best Buy that has the new Panasonic 3D tv demo set up. It completely blows away any movie theater 3d experience I have seen. FYI — the Sony 3D tv I saw demo at Frys pales in comparison to the Panasonic. The Panasonic 3D looks freakingly real and crystal clear, with none of that slight dimness and very slight blurring effect at the edges that all theater 3d systems have.

120. MJ - December 21, 2010

@108. Well, if you have a worldview that you are a victim or that groups your support or victims, then guess what….you are always going to be seeing things as a victim. You have the power to think differently and rise above this mindset — it is as simple as choosing to wake up tomorrow and think in a new and more positive way.

121. Basement Blogger - December 21, 2010

@ 80

So that we’re clear, Tron (1982) is not available on DVD. Yes, that’s correct folks. The new movie is out and you can’t buy or rent the original unless you want to pay for the 2002 version. And I mean pay for it. Try $125.00. Yikes.

The good news. The New York Times is reporting that Producer Steven Lisberger and director of the original film has remastered his movie. The theory is that when Tron: Legacy becomes available for DVD, Tron will be released along with it. Or get ready for Tron, the Special Edition with both movies. (See Times link below.) Yes, it’s a plan to get in your wallet. And yet… I will shell out the dough for the special edition. Disney just make it cool with lots of features.

New York Times article on why no Tron (1982) DVD.

122. Phobos - December 21, 2010

On a sidenote, I received my Star Trek V limited edition 2 CD set today. It is awesome. I hope you guys got yours also.

123. Vultan - December 21, 2010


Well then, perhaps there is a method to Disney’s madness. I too will probably shell out the dough for a special edition.

Now if we could only get Paramount to fix the effects for a special edition of Trek V…

Eh, maybe not. It would still be a lousy movie.

124. MJ - December 21, 2010

@121. It i s available on Youtube in pretty good definition. If you have the connection to your tv from you computer, you can watch it essentially like watching a DVD. We watched it Saturday night in this fashion with no issues. It is divided into 6 parts though.

125. MJ - December 21, 2010

FYI to All, until October, Tron was supposed to be released on Blu-Ray in early December, before the new movie. Then, for unexplained reasons, the release was pulled. I actually had it saved in my Wish List on Amazon for a time.

126. MJ - December 21, 2010

@123. Vultan, you have me thinking. The way the original Tron was shot, I could see some utility in them updating some of the special effects. It wouldn’t probably look right to take it to today’s CGI standards, but I could see value in them doing to Tron what the Paramount special effects guys did to the TOS-Remastered.

127. gingerly - December 21, 2010


Well, if you have a worldview that you are a victim or that groups your support or victims, then guess what….you are always going to be seeing things as a victim.

I would appreciate it if you didn’t put words in my mouth.

Talking about inequities is not having a victim mentality.

It’s really insulting to suggest that would be the case. Demanding the same consideration as everyone else is not being a victim.

On the contrary, it’s fighting it.

That also sounds dangerously close to blaming the person for seeing these things, for talking about it, as if bringing it to light, fighting it is the reason these things persist.

Would you say Ghandi and MLK had victim mentalities? They talked about their realities, as well. …Unequal treatment and so on. Were just lying? Playing the victim card?

Do you think things would have gotten better if only they hadn’t seen themselves as victims and kept their mouths shut?

Mind you, I’m only speaking about the slanted portrayals in the American media. But I do believe these portrayals have great effects on how this country perceives it’s women and minorities.

It does harm. …Very narrow, stereotypical portrayals are reflected and self-reinforced, in our society.

It’s why you have little girls who aspire to be super-skinny arm candy. Why you have “Precious’s” with self-esteems in the toilet.

People believe the programming.

Burying one’s head in the sand. Ignore it and it’ll go away doesn’t work. But pointing out what can be done to improve things, does indeed work.

You want to know a good example of media that gets women and diversity right?

Watch UK’s Misfits.

Every character is simply treated like a person. There is no “This is the black girl.” and “This is the large girl” and “This is the black guy.” and “Hey, that white guy in the default leader” like we tend to do in the U.S.
(see: glee!)

Every character is written as a person, without falling back on easy types.

And yes it concerns me, because I’m a fan, I keep seeing it, and it’s about to be 2011.

We really need to be much further along into the future, in that respect.

128. gingerly - December 21, 2010


Swinging it back to Trek, Whoopi Goldberg realized she could be somebody when she saw Uhura on television.

Mae Jamison became an astronaut because she saw Uhura.

This is what portraying people right, including them not to be checked off as types, but because of their character, can do.

Gene Roddenberry has often spoken of his show as a vector for speaking about how he wished to see the world.

You’re on a Trek board.

It boggles my mind that anyone claiming to be a fan of Trek wouldn’t understand these concepts, when Trek pushing far beyond attitudes of his time about people, is one of the main reasons why that show was so special.

I guess Roddenberry was a victim too, since he spoke about these things and wrote his show as a voice to change them. Right, MJ?

129. Andy Patterson - December 21, 2010

And yet another mishap for the Spider-Man musical

Wow! Hope they get it together.

130. jas_montreal - December 21, 2010


131. frank1701a - December 21, 2010

As for Tron not being available on DVD, you an still get on Netflix, and haven’t been in a Blockbuster in decades, but expect that may be all they still have in stock

132. JimJ - December 21, 2010

#114-Are you always so optimistic about everything? There is no way Green Hornet is going to be as bad as Will Ferrell’s “Land of the Lost.” I’m betting it will surprise people.

Regarding your comment about POTC 4, it sounds like you aren’t a fan of Johnny Depp. I wasn’t either until the “Pirates” movies. The director & producers are all saying POTC 4 will not be about being “big, bloated” but will go back to the characters (like the first Pirates movie). Frankly, I think it’s going to be a welcomed addition to my “bigger hole in the ozone layer.” Thanks to Johnny Depp the greenhouse effect is alive and well!!!!

Cowboys and Aliens does look very promising-at least we can agree on that. Of course, I am looking forward to a lot of movies. Tops on my list is the next Harry Potter, Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Captain America, Men In Black 3, Ice Age 4, Batman 3, maybe X-Men: First Class, maybe Tranformers 3 & maybe the next Spiderman. Most of all, though, I’m READY for the next Star Trek. How many on that list will suck? i’m thinking 1 or 2…trying to be an optimist!!!

133. Vultan - December 21, 2010


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing a “Tron-Remastered,” or maybe something subtle like Paramount did with Robert Wise’s director’s cut of TMP… or Ridley Scott’s cut of Blade Runner. Just as long as it’s not as radically changed like the special edition of the Star Wars OT. Han shot first, dang it! :D

134. Phaser Guy - December 21, 2010

I actually saw the Green Hornet last week at a sneak screening, and I enjoyed it. It’s kind of a funny action movie like The A Team was last year.

135. Sebastian - December 21, 2010


Just my opinion.
And I liked Depp a lot more BEFORE he did Jack Sparrow, frankly (he took a lot more chances; I loved “Ed Wood”). But ever since he discovered he had blockbuster cred with Jack Sparrow, it seems like he’s going to drive this character into the ground.

And if I’m pessimistic lately, it’s really because there hasn’t been much reason to be otherwise IMO; movies are increasingly become ‘by-the-numbers’ products of the studio parent companies, with occasional surprises (and yes, I do very much welcome those). How many films in the last year alone have been based on a superhero, or are a sequel or remake of an earlier movie/TV show? When you do the math, it’s kind of scary…

Hearing (on these threads) that there is undiscovered footage from 2001 is really exciting. That is my ALL-TIME favorite science fiction movie. Just hope this footage doesn’t make me buy the movie yet ANOTHER time!
I’ve already owned it on laserdisc (once in pan and scan; second time in widescreen), dvd (two separate editions; the last one was supposed to be the ‘last word’ on the movie… well, it seems I should never say never regarding 2001! ; – D

Seriously though; I am very eager to see the new footage.

136. Vultan - December 21, 2010


I shudder to think that 2001 was ever panned and scanned. Along with the works of David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia in particular), 2001 was made for widescreen.

Anyway, I’m wondering just what other treasures, cinematic and otherwise, are being stored in salt-mine vaults…

137. Polly - December 21, 2010

—-Where the smurf are we—cheesy, but still made me laugh.

Oz Wars sounds so stupid. Honestly, they have to be joking. I mean, come on wtf

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a good movie in general but was nothing like the book…heck don’t get me started…

138. Sebastian - December 21, 2010

# 136.

I know; I hear you on that one.

As blasphemous as it seems today, my old pan and scan copies were purchased in the dark days before letterboxing, widescreen dvds, or 16 x 9 TVs.

I was very lucky at age 17 to have attended a theatrical presentation of 2001. This was about 6 years or so after I’d seen Star Wars (which changed movies forever), but I thought 2001 even humbled Star Wars in that it truly made me feel like I’d been in space in a way that even Star Wars could not (especially in the cool, dark theatre). Star Wars was a great movie adventure; 2001 was much more of an expansive (i.e, mind-blowing) and personal experience.

Folks who’ve never seen it in a theatre may have a very hard time understanding what that was like, and I wish everyone COULD see it that way.

139. grigori - December 21, 2010

#138 I’m sad knowing that young people today just can’t “get” it–the impact Star Wars had on film-making and VIEWING. There can never be another leap forward as thrilling as that one, the first moments in the theatre, Lucas’ all-new approach to SFX, space battle scenes and a grittier, not-so-shiny inter-galactic community.

140. MJ - December 21, 2010

Sorry, @139, but I am going to go with @138 here — 2001 was the seminal event in science fiction space movies, not Star Wars.

141. MJ - December 21, 2010

@137. ” The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a good movie in general but was nothing like the book…heck don’t get me started…”

Well it was certainly a lot better and more intelligent than the latest Harry Potter fast food movie entry.

142. MJ - December 21, 2010

@135. A contrary opinion, I think most of Depp’s work is overrated — especially the Tim Burton entries — but I love him as Jack Sparrow!

143. MJ - December 21, 2010

@ “Hearing (on these threads) that there is undiscovered footage from 2001 is really exciting. That is my ALL-TIME favorite science fiction movie. Just hope this footage doesn’t make me buy the movie yet ANOTHER time!”

Come on now, if they spend $1M restoring it, you think they should then give it to us for free? I will gladly purchase another Blu-Ray version with the restoration — the restoration has to be profitable, or they will not do it.

144. MJ - December 21, 2010

@127. Wow, how depressing a world-view is that. If you assume most people think that way, then guess what, you will consciously and subconsciously see everything that happens in the world in terms of those negative behaviors, whether they actually exist or not. You therefore will continually go through life subjectively proving your own hypotheses concerning your grievances with society over and over…objectivity need not apply.

145. MJ - December 21, 2010

@128. Agree with everything you say in this post. In fact, believe that is starts with each one of us, and that we all are responsible for behaving true to each other regardless of race, religion, gender, etc, and putting that to practice in our daily lives. That is what I learned from Star Trek.

146. Basement Blogger - December 21, 2010

@ 97 @ 124, @ 125

Thanks MJ for the tip on viewing the original Tron on YouTube. It was fun watching the film again. Yeah, the effects are dated but still they have a surreal quality about them. Heck, the whole Tron world was other worldly.

Comparing the two films, Tron and Tron: Legacy should be interesting when they both become available on DVD. Wow, Tron had neon colors while there was basic blue palette. Tron: Legacy was kind of black, perhaps to reflect CLU’s iron fist governing the world. Tron had some really goofy dialogue. “Oh, my user.” Tron: Legacy did the smart thing and jettisoned the sillieness.

I can see why some people hated the original. But you have to salute director and writer Steve Lisberger for his artistic audacity. Again, he put themes of religion and existentialism into a movie made to appeal to the masses. All the wild colors, animation, cheesy costumes, electronic music score and goofy lines makes me smile. I guess that’s what is the appeal of a cult classic.

147. Naver Drol - December 21, 2010

If they are looking for someone to play Hugo Strange then look no further then Doctor Steel ( That guy basicly rips off Hugo Strange in his act.

148. Gene L.. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - December 21, 2010

Well, Sebastian and MJ, I will politely disagree with you on 2001, and Star Wars, to some extent. I am not among the converted as far as 2001 goes. I simply never enjoyed it. Vultan mentioned it in the same sentence as Lawrence of Arabia above, but that is a severe disservice to 2001. I agree that both need to be seen on a big screen, (but I would ague that ALL movies should be seen on a big screen, in a big dark room with other people. I have a small 14 foot screen theater in my basement, but it cannot replace seeing a movie in a real theater.) For my money (subjective opinion ahead) I think TMP told the 2001 story far better. Better characters, better effects. Far more action.

As for Star Wars, I was 13 in 1977, and liked it, but I was already a Trek fan, and it did not change my life. It is a fun movie, but I had already seen movies like Patton, The Godfather, Planet of the Apes, The Great Escape, The Wizard of Oz, Goldfinger, Jaws, Casablanca, The Man Who Would Be King, and Rocky. So it is a bit of hyperbole to say Star Wars “changed movies forever”.

I like to start discussions (that turn into arguments) by saying 2001 wasn’t even the best written, directed, or acted science fiction movie of 1968. Planet of the Apes was. Discuss. (sits back and waits to be pummeled)

149. Basement Blogger - December 21, 2010

@ 102

Yeah, we need more Tron. In the first movie, he’s this heroic cyber-knight. If they make a third film, maybe we’ll see more of Tron. And Bruce Boxleitner gets a big gig as he goes into his AARP years.

And warping to Star Trek and characters we want more of, I want more Dr. McCoy. How about an away mission with the troika, Kirk-Spock-McCoy? And a good old talky scene with the three of them. Okay, I tend to side with McCoy in the debates because he’s this passionate liberal. His heart is always in the right place even if he’s not right. Forgive me DeForest! And he gets the best lines. Remember this one in Star Trek: The Motion Picture?

Kirk: Bones, there’s a thing out there.
McCoy: Why is any object we don’t understand always called “a thing”?

Yes, good doctor in one cantankerous line, you distill a Star Trek philosophy.

150. Vultan - December 21, 2010


I was comparing Lawrence of Arabia and 2001 only by their similar cinematographic scope, not artistically… or on an entertainment level; they’re in completely different genres.

But I actually agree with you about Planet of the Apes being a better movie than 2001… well, as entertainment that is. I’ll always find 2001 a great, interesting work of art, but POTA is one of the few films that never gets old for me. Proof positive that sci-fi can be both thought-provoking and a lot of fun.

151. MJ - December 21, 2010

@148. Well GLKWAUSMSAE, I will give you this, TMP was definitely more hard sf treatment of Star Trek we have ever seen in movie form, and probably ever will, and I do see why you can compare it to 2001 given the story, etc. But consider this, 2001 was made 11 years before Trek and 9 years before Star Wars…this is why it gets to be called “pioneering” and the others don’t. To me the “breakthrough movies” in Science Fiction are:

1. Metropolis (1927)
2. Forbidden Planet (1956)
3. 2001 (1968)
4. Blade Runner (1982)
5. The Matrix (1999)
6. Avatar (2009)

152. MJ - December 21, 2010

@149 @150

I love Planet of the Apes, like I love most Trek movies. But I don’t consider them breakthrough sf movies, even though they are more watchable as entertainment. Obviously, if we are taking about the most entertaining sf movies of all time, then we get into Planet of the Apes, Trek II and 2009, The Empire Strikes Back, etc.

153. MJ - December 21, 2010

@146 “But you have to salute director and writer Steve Lisberger for his artistic audacity. Again, he put themes of religion and existentialism into a movie made to appeal to the masses. All the wild colors, animation, cheesy costumes, electronic music score and goofy lines makes me smile. I guess that’s what is the appeal of a cult classic.”

Agree completely, Basement Blogger. And my kids also loved the body comedy of the goofy Jeff Bridges moves — very charming.

154. Basement Blogger - December 21, 2010

@ 149

Come on, I feel like I’m back in college having to write a paper. You made a comment that Planet of the Apes was a better science fiction movie than 2001 and ask us to debate it. That’s like asking us to choose between Ginger and Mary Ann. Okay, it’s Ginger. Wait, it’s Mary Ann. I can’t have both?

Okay, here I go. 2001 dealt with themes of evolution, the defintion of life extraterrestrial life and man’s place in the universe. It was an artistic masterpiece. Intelligent. Thought provoking. Skillfully made and a thing of beauty. Planet of the Apes was also a great piece of science fiction. While I appreciate the message at the end, that being we must protect our gun rights just in case we land on a planet of apes. Oops sorry, unsolicited Charleton Heston joke. Okay, it’s man cannot elude his destructive nature. Still, it’s more of an action picture.

You know, I hate this exercise. Both are great movies. 2001 is the better science fiction film. And I want both Ginger and Mary Ann. : )

155. MJ - December 21, 2010

Mrs. Howell, anyone?

156. Jim Nightshade - December 21, 2010

I really enjoy the dialogue in tron–who does he calculate he is-and jeff bridges lack of seriousness helped the original tron from taking itself too seriously—That is one thing i wish tron legacy had more of—Flynn mentions his zen thing was being ruined-for just a moment young flynn was alive again and i laughed n loved it—

157. captain_neill - December 22, 2010


More his pre mainstream days were awesome, but he still makes god films. I enjoyed The Tourist. Ed Wood is one of my favourite movies.

Out of curiousity, anyone ever saw Plan 9 From Outer Space?

In regards to POTC Johnny Depp is the best part in the films.

158. Mark Lynch - December 22, 2010

I saw Tron:Legacy a few days ago and was impressed with it and did not expect Flynn to be the same character as in the first Tron, because he had spent the last 25+ years trapped in the virtual world. Afraid to return because of what would happen if Clu followed.

I for one would have been most disappointed if the Flynn role had been played without taking into account character changes which must occur with the passage of time.

I managed to re-watch the original Tron thanks to a previous posters link. It was much more light hearted than Legacy and at times bordered on the outright comedic. To my mind, Legacy is the better film.
But that is probably because I prefer my Science Fiction to have more thoughtfulness and less action for actions sake.

For the record, my favourite SF films are (in no particular order)

Planet of the Apes (original)
The Andromeda Strain
Solaris (Clooney version)

There are more, of course, but these are the first ones which come to mind.

159. Basement Blogger - December 22, 2010

@ 158

Yeah, I’ve seen Plan 9 From Outer Space. (1959) It’s writer and director Ed Wood’s “masterpiece” and the making of it, is the climax of “Ed Wood.” (1994) The irony is Ed Wood was such an awful filmmaker and Tim Burton ‘s movie is a valentine to filmmaking. The point being that Ed Wood loved to make movies as much as Orson Welles even though Wood had no talent.

Plan 9 From Outer Space is considered one of the worst movies ever made. Horrible acting. Terrible special effects. Dialogue so bad that it’s unintentionally funny. Check out this line.

“But one thing’s sure. Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody’s responsible.”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 could not do this movie because it’s such disaster that there is no need for jokes to be written about it.

And speaking of MSTK 3000, their presentation of Eegah (1962) is a riot. And Eegah is one of those that’s just as bad as Plan 9. Unfortunately, both bad movies are science fiction. But one can always look for a midnight showing of “The Room” (2003) or a run on HBO Comedy.

160. Basement Blogger - December 22, 2010

By the way, that’s a wish that “The Room” runs on HBO comedy. Haven’t seen it there yet. Though, I also hope some theater here in Cincinnati would run it for its terrible movie cult status.

161. Phaser Guy - December 22, 2010

The Irony is that Tim Burton would go on to direct movies that were just as bad as Ed Wood’s.

162. captain_neill - December 22, 2010


I have seen the movie, I am the proud owner of Plan 9 on DVD. It is so bad that its good fun.

163. MJ - December 22, 2010

@161. Agreed!

164. Capes - December 22, 2010

Did all of the Trek news dry up for the holidays?

165. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - December 22, 2010

bsmt blogger, mj, vultan et al…

Great fun reading your posts. Trying to keep things interesting around here pre-Christmas.

I also like Mark Lynch’s list. I remember The Andromeda Strain!! Very cool opening few minutes.

I differ with MJ’s list, though. Metropolis is interesting, Forbidden Planet is good, 2001 I simply don’t enjoy (I know, that makes me an apostate), but then things go downhill for me. I don’t like Blade Runner (it is raining, and the robots have feelings? yawn) The Matrix, and Avatar was great as a moving ViewMaster, but had a beyond-dopey story that was derivative to the point of plagiarism. Just my opinion.

The Matrix is actually very anti-Trek, I think. A Trekian resolution would have had to include Neo or someone figuring out how to free the enslaved humans. And it was very akin to Terminator’s future story. Can’t you just see Kirk arguing the Matrix into self-destruction?

vultan: I get what you mean about LOA and 2001. I am a big fan of LOA’s screenplay, and David Lean’s directing. I am not a big Kubrick fan. So I was more bad-mouthing 2001 than your comparison.

166. Capes - December 22, 2010

How about if we make up some Trek news in lieu of anything since the 17th….
Start a rumor about Shatner and Takei playing tennis together….

167. starfall42 - December 22, 2010

Funny or Die has “The TRON Holiday Special” from 1982.

168. dmduncan - December 22, 2010

165: “The Matrix is actually very anti-Trek, I think.”

The Matrix is a metaphor for modern life! An Uber-Corp consisting of a fusion of big business and big government together running a ponzi scheme called The Economy which is driven by people in a sleeplike trance chasing after things-they-have-to-have. In shockingly similar ways, we ARE human batteries powering the machinery of a gigantic beast, living within illusions that hide from us what we really are and what is really happening outside our illusions.

Merry Christmas. Don’t say I never gave y’all nuthin.

169. Capes - December 22, 2010

No…..really………..something, anything, make some stuff up……..REALLY!!!!

170. Vultan - December 22, 2010


Thanks for that definition of The Matrix. I knew there was a reason beyond Keanu that I don’t care for those movies. Bit of a downer for my tastes. I’ll take the Tron world any day, where the illusion is the destination. Although, interestingly they both deal with a fight against totalitarianism.

171. Jim Nightshade - December 22, 2010

#158 Mark Lynch—i hear ya bud n i guess u r right–also flynn in tron was much younger n cockier so both age n being stuck in the grid protecting the real world was bound to make him less flippant n humorous—still flynns silly giddiness in the original tron was very entertaining n i guess a product of the times—

172. MJ - December 22, 2010

@168. I will grant you that the Matrix series of films are dystopian, but nevertheless I find the Matrix movies far more interesting then that overrated series of fast-food fantasy films that seem to be all the rage now — you know, the long running series of movies where kids ride around on witches broomsticks and cast spells, and run from some silly looking mean guy with no mouth. I am a lover of sf and a lot of fantasy, but I never could get past the suspension of my disbelief with that overrated franchise.

173. MJ - December 23, 2010

@171. Yea, the original Bridges take on Flynn was campy, fun, and a lot of great physical humor. I agree with how he behaved in the new movie though, given he had been stuck there for 21 years.

Saw Tron 2 last night with my oldest son, and we both give it a BIG thumbs-up. We just wanted the original on Youtube this past weekend, and so it was fresh in our minds. I like both films, and hope they make a third.

174. MJ - December 23, 2010

@170. It was suppose to shock you and be a bit of a downer. I agree, the future is not a happy one in the Matrix series of films. The sf term is “cautionary tale.”

175. MJ - December 23, 2010

@166. Yea, and an I noticed that Bob Orci hasn’t posted in awhile. Maybe JJ is finally “cracking the whip” given the script seems to be taking longer than expected to get done, and Bob is perhaps writing a scene at the very minute? :-)

176. Vultan - December 23, 2010


And that’s why I’ll stick with Star Trek. Hope, optimism, a better future for mankind—yeah, those are all right with me. ;)

I guess my major issue with The Matrix is Keanu Reeves playing the savior of mankind… or whatever he’s supposed to be. I’m okay with him being the savior of some people in an elevator or a bus, but I just can’t see him saving an entire people. Sorry. Maybe if George Carlin and Alex Winter had been at his side I would’ve bought it. I mean, you gotta have some totally excellent support staff!

177. MJ - December 23, 2010

@176. Sure, that’s fine. I’m all for that as well and I hope that is our future. But I also appreciate sf movies and novels where all things don’t work out work out so great for us.

Appreciate your opinion on the savior thing, an understand your viewpoint on that. Again, I would prefer we don’t need a savior for all of us from a dystopian future, but nevertheless, it makes for good movie watching or reading, aka The Matrix and Dune (the novel).

178. Hugh Hoyland - December 23, 2010

The thing I took away from the Matrix was very much what others have said here, more or less a metaphore of the world as it appears now. The illusion (or really delusion) that most people accept as “reality” and how a small group of people are trying to break everyone out of the black magic spell. And of course the coming of that one special person who has the rare ability to “rise above the crowd” and see things for what they really are.

But I didnt see it as an un-optimistic or optimistic story, just kind of in the middle. I really liked it actually.

As far as 2001, I seen it many years after its release as a teen. Now while Star Wars blew me away in just about every aspect, 2001 did as well, just on a smaller and different level. I love it and watch it again from time to time. I always love the almost obsesive detail Kubrick brought to the film. And I really did get the feeling that the space scenes where really shot in space lol (IMO STM captured some of that “detail” as well)

And of course The Planet of the Apes, one of my all time favs! Another sci-fi masterpiece!

179. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 23, 2010

174. MJ

Depends on your perspective.

I think the Matrix was saying that yo can’t tell. That was the mytery of the films. The majority of people never knew the difference at any time.

My favorite quote of the flicks…
Yeah. And I want to be someone important. Like an Actor!

180. Enterprisingguy - December 23, 2010

Is this website still in business? 6 days without an update?

Sheesh Anthony! If you’re on Christmas vacation then just post a notice so we know what’s going on.

181. Phaser Guy - December 23, 2010

Matrix was boring. All three of them. I saw the first one and didn’t get the fuss. Oooh, he was spinning in slow mo. Cool. Then the next two came out and EVERYONE was spinning in slow mo. Boring.

182. JimJ - December 23, 2010

#180-I agree. This site has been fantastic for a long time…now suddenly, it has gone silent. I just hope Anthony & Co. are ok? Nothing wrong with a Christmas vacation, but some notice is nice. I actually am going through withdrawal, here. lol

183. Bucky - December 23, 2010

Hey folks, people take Christmas vacations often and I serious doubt there’s any development going on at this exact moment for a Star Trek movie of any kind. We’ll get a standard “Merry Christmas!” or whathaveyou in a few days. Everyone just chillax and dip into some nog and baileys!

184. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 23, 2010

Longest break I’ve seen, but the forum here was always the life of the party anyhow.

185. JimJ - December 23, 2010

I’m chilled, it’s just not like Anthony for the place to be dead for this long, even over the holidays. that’s why I was thinking out loud that it’s surprising he didn’t post a message like “taking a 5-10 day break over the holidays: happy trekkin’ everyone”. That’s all.

186. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - December 23, 2010

168 and The Matrix folks…

I understand what The Matrix was going for. My point was that it is anti-Trek in its pessimism. A Roddenberry-esque approach would have required Man to prevail through his own ingenuity. Doesn’t make it bad, just different.

I just thought of another great sci-fi movie I haven’t seen mentioned; Them!.

Now THAT was a cool movie to see as a young kid.

You smell formic acid?

187. Vultan - December 23, 2010


I love how “Them!” has Edmund Gwenn in it, the man who played Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street. I mean, Santa Claus, James Arness, James Whitmore, and giant atomic ants that make a creepy chirping sound—the recipe for sheer awesomeness!

And in case you haven’t, check out a little movie from the early 90’s called “Matinee.” It has some really fun homages to 50’s B-movies, “Them!” included.

188. Basement Blogger - December 23, 2010

Okay, I’ve done it. I saw Tron: Legacy in all three versions, 2D, 3D, and IMAX. WHY? So, I could blog about it and tell the world which version they should see. Assuming Anthony is still alive, I won’t directly link my report but you can click on my name to get the complete details or ignore that and just read the result in the next paragraph.

The best way to see Tron: Legacy is to go to DeShawn on Ninth Street and get the bootleg DVD. Er…..sorry. THAT’S A JOKE ANTHONY. The best way to see Tron: Legacy is to watch it in the 2D version. Yes, you heard that right. With 3D you get a darker image. This is where J.J. Abrams and I agree. You lose resolution. The 3D effects add nothing to the film. The best example I cite is where Quorra is driving Sam off grid. In 3D, you don’t notice the texture of the mountain road. In 2D, you do. You will notice the entrance in the wall that leads to Kevin Flynn’s home easier. In the 2D version, the film is bright, crisp and clear. So, see Tron in 2D and save some bucks for the Disney DVD.

And finally, Anthony, we all hope you’re okay.

3D films are darker.

189. Basement Blogger - December 23, 2010

Oh, I forgot. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MY FELLOW TREKKERS! Happy Life Day to my Wookie friends. What? It’s from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Huh? Oh, that’s right this is a Star Trek website. Sorry. Anyway, I posted the following link to the classic Christmas Saturday Night Live skit to honor Harry Ballz on another story. Harry seems to be stuck on the lower half of the website. Anyway, he loves puns and so enjoy the skit “Schweddy Balls.”

From NBC and Hulu:


190. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2010


I appreciate your efforts but when I try to play it, it says it cannot be shown outside the USA. Thanks for thinking of me!

191. Capes - December 23, 2010

Seriously folks can we start a rumor…….make something up…….send out a search party for Anthony and company………put out an APB……….start a multi story arc in the talkback……share dirty limericks…..I’m jonezin people……..

Merry Christmas folks !

192. Phaser Guy - December 24, 2010

JJ Abrams changes Enterprises engines from red to blue. Thousands of Trek fans die in mass protest.

193. Jim Nightshade - December 24, 2010

Oh No NOt the Star Wars Holiday Special??? Flashbacks of Maude Bea Arthur singin with a buncha Ewoks!! HELP~~~!!!!!

Anybody remember the Star Wars Christmas Album….Narrated by C3po Anthony Daniels…Merry Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas with glee….

And Happy Holidays to all at both readers and posters and article writers….thanx for the best site on the web!

194. Jim Nightshade - December 24, 2010

Basement blogger—did u see tron legacy in imax 3d or just imax? is it only playin in imax 3d? probably huh–so when you wrote imax u meant imax 3d-
also to the earlier poster who saw a preview of green hornet was that in 3d and how was the 3d if u saw it in 3d?

195. MJ - December 24, 2010

@188. Hmm, we saw it in Real 3D here in SoCal and it looked pretty bright, and the 3D effects looked as good as I have seen since Avatar. It may depend on the quality of the theater you see it in, but I was very pleased with the 3D presentation. In fact, my son and I agreed that this was the best 3D we have seen since Avatar.

196. MJ - December 24, 2010

@186 “I understand what The Matrix was going for. My point was that it is anti-Trek in its pessimism. A Roddenberry-esque approach would have required Man to prevail through his own ingenuity.”

While I agree that The Matrix is a pessimistic future, I will point out that in fact
Neo and the leadership of Zion did prevail through their own ingenuity by the conclusion of the third Matrix film.

197. Chadwick - December 24, 2010

Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D was siiiiiick, saw it again a few days later, its fun….JEFF BRIDGES!!!!!!!!!!!

198. Harry Ballz - December 24, 2010

191. Capes “share dirty limericks”

What has happened to Anthony and crew
Crap, if only just one of us knew
We could have peace of mind
Life wouldn’t be such a grind
And we could all stop feeling so blue!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

199. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 24, 2010

To all at Trek Movie and all of us crazy Trek fans and to all in the Terran Empire. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

200. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 24, 2010

Harry. You have a Merry Christmas.

201. Brett Campbell - December 24, 2010

The more I come back to the site looking for a new article, and the more I see the image from “Green Hornet” at the top of the article, the stupider this movie looks.

202. Harry Ballz - December 24, 2010

Capt Mike. All the best to you, sir!

203. Basement Blogger - December 24, 2010

@ 195

I saw it in IMAX 3D. Of the 3D presentations, this looked the best. The scenes had a popping effect. Picture was crisp and cleaner than regular 3D. And IMAX claims that forty minutes were vertically expanded for IMAX. It’s still the same movie, story wise. And with IMAX, you pay big bucks to watch it. In this town, IMAX runs eight more dollars than a regular movie ticket.

Forty minutes vertically expanded for IMAX

204. Basement Blogger - December 24, 2010

@ 191

Hey Harry, what’s the matter with Canada? They must hate Hulu. Anyway, if you use the term “Schweddy Balls” and Yahoo search engine, you’ll get the official NBC link. I would like to post it below for you but for some reason, I can’t.. Maybe Cincinnati hates NBC, probably because they flexed the awful Bengals from Sunday Night Football : )

205. Harry Ballz - December 24, 2010


it has to do with copyright issues outside the country. Even when I punch up the official NBC site, sometimes it plays, sometimes it doesn’t. Guess it depends on whether the CEO of NBC got laid the night before! I CAN access everything on Youtube, though. Guess they don’t give a damn about borders.

“Borders??!! We don’t need no stinkin’ borders!!”

206. Harry Ballz - December 24, 2010

I gave this advice in another thread, but it’s worth repeating….

Don’t forget to capitalize your words, ladies and germs……there’s a world of difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and……….helping your uncle jack off a horse!

That’s my Christmas present to everyone here!:>)

207. Basement Blogger - December 24, 2010

@ 194 On the Star Wars Holiday Special

This should drive Anthony nuts. Nitpicking the Star Wars Holiday Special. There weren’t any Ewoks in the cantina scene with Bea Arthur. Remember Ewoks live on Endor and didn’t appear until Return of the Jedi in 1983, The special came out in 1978. Anyway, that scene was terrible because it was so bizzare.

My favorite scene is when Chewbacca’s father, Itchy, gets a 3D virtual video for Life Day. He puts the helmet on.Diahann Carroll sings a cool ballad. He has what I can best describe as a sexual orgasm. Don’t eat cheerios when watching this scene. The milk will come out of your nose.

The spcecial would be a great party piece. Too bad, George Lucas doesn’t see the comic potential for a DVD release. Anyway, you can see low resolution editions on YouTube.

208. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - December 24, 2010

“here’s a world of difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and……….helping your uncle jack off a horse!”

Epic WIN!

Merry X-mas

209. NX01 - December 24, 2010

Is this Site Still working? I have not seen anything new in a week? Is everything ok?

210. Ringo Starr - December 24, 2010


The sad thing is that at least you can get a laugh at The Holiday Special. The same can’t be said about those pathetic prequels.

There is nothing more annoying than when people try and defend those piece of trash prequels.

211. Jim Nightshade - December 24, 2010

207 Basement Blogger yah I know you are right about the Ewoks…But I have nightmare images of Bea Arthur in the Star Wars Universe from that special plus I hate Ewoks so in my Nightmare flashbacks Bea Arthur and the Ewoks are together! ACK!! HELP!!! hahah

212. Hat Rick - December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas / Happy Hannukah / Happy New Year to all my fellow fans of Trek. May the next several thousand years be better than the last.

It’s going to be 2011 very, very soon. Aren’t we supposed to have moon bases, at least, by now?

213. Tiberius III - December 24, 2010

What, is there just one guy taking care of this place?

214. Adam Shepherdson - December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, Hope Anthony and the rest of the Trek Movie staff are okay as I have not seen anything new!

215. mikephys - December 24, 2010

A Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year to All!

216. Capes - December 24, 2010

@198 Harry…..Thank you for playing…..

“There once was a flasher named Paul

Who stationed himself in a mall

He unzipped as he bowed the curious crowd

And extended his welcome to all……..”

Folks I need some Trek news!!!!! Merry Christmas all !

217. DonDonP1 - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Merry Trekmas and Merry Everything to all! May this holiday season be full of long life prosperity!

218. Phaser Guy - December 25, 2010

Did this site die? The Twitter feed has better stories.

219. MC1 Doug - December 25, 2010

#218: was wondering the same thing… a well deserved vacation for Anthony and his staff?

220. MJ - December 25, 2010

@218 @219

Perhaps they have realized that 95% of what they cover now is comic book and fantasy/horror movie news, so they are throwing in the towel???

221. Andy Patterson - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas all. How dare Anthony and crew have a life for even a moment. But seriously, Merry Christmas.

222. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 25, 2010

@ 218 i was wondering the same thing! I guess they are all on vacation and there is prolly not much trek news.. I hope this site never dies

223. Androide - December 25, 2010

I’m glad is still on, there are indeed some trek news out there.

224. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 25, 2010

A little holiday Trek cheer, for all here….

A true Christmas moment for Trek.

Amazing. If Trek could have followed this meme instead of the typical humanist storylines that followed so many times after.

Spock understood perfectly. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

225. NX01 - December 25, 2010

I would like to wish my self a very Merry Christmas on this very dead website.

226. I'm Dead Jim! - December 25, 2010

Jeez! I thought there would at least be a “Have a Very Trekky Christmas” or something post here! Nothing?

Thanks for stepping in TrekMadeMeWonder!

227. GarySeven - December 25, 2010

this extended silence is not good. I am concerned.

228. Jonboc - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! and it’s the holiday…how much Trek news could there possibly be anyway on Christmas day? Let Anthony and the other Trek Movie staff enjoy their Christmas goose, they’ll be back soon enough.

229. Hat Rick - December 25, 2010

Dear Friends,

This is not a dead website. This is a website run by a few very dedicated people supervised by a very deserving-of-rest owner who is probably taking a break from Trek news for a little while. A very little while.

Although I have no inside knowledge whatsoever, I feel that I am probably correct.

In any event, all of us, or at least the consistent posters, have such great memories of Trek that we can probably create our own (Not A Real Website). We could, for example, think of all the Christmassy episodes that Trek has ever shown and run parts of them through our egg-nogged noggin.

One in particular is the famous Christmas Tree Ornament Scene in Star Trek: Generations. Another one is the “Son of God” reference in TOS. Yet another would be references to the fantastical, metaphorical references to the Prophet in DS9, which harkens back to the Mosaic tradition which is part of Christianity.

Look — the bottom line is that Trek is so involved, so intricate, that we hardly need to know what the latest news-cum-gossip is of our favorite Trek and NuTrek stars.

Trek is part of the fabric of our lives. It’s something we “cotton” to, like it or not. God rest ye merry, gentlepersons….

Merry be ye this Christmas Day….

Hat Rick

230. Hat Rick - December 25, 2010

Okay… if you’re truly bored, we can do what StarFuryG7 and a number of other lifelong Trek fans are doubtless somewhat familiar with — create our own Trek fiction LINE BY LINE (or lines by lines).

Okay, I’ll start:

“Kirk looked up from his paperwork. For the first time he could remember, he thought of his family on what on the old calendar would have been December 25. He thought of his brother, long passed from this universe. What still awaits us, in the undiscovered country, he mused.

“His reverie was broken by the sound of a klaxon.”

“Red Alert! Red Alert! Captain Kirk to the bridge!”

“‘Scotty, what is it?’ He barked into his communicator as he raced from his quarters.”

“Captain, you have to get up here! It’s a star, a supernova, something in the distance, thirty parsecs from here. It’s something we’ve never seen before!”


(Apologies: “The Star,” Arthur C. Clarke.)

231. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010

“Captain! It’s Scott again. We’ve apparently been thrown back to the Sol system! Hey, look, I can see Uranus!”

“Mr. Scott, you’re fired!”

232. Capes - December 25, 2010

“Captain! It’s Mr. Sulu in operation command after relieving Mr. Scott. We have assumed a standard orbit around earth.”

“Thank you Mr. Sulu.”

“Sir….request permission to show you the full moon that is orbiting Earth?”

“Sulu! Relieve yourself !”

“Aye sir !”

233. Hat Rick - December 25, 2010


234. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010


“I add a little fun, a little excitement to your lives and all you can do is complain?”

235. Capes - December 25, 2010

“Captain…..It’s is Mr. Scott. I know I’m fired, but I stopped by engineering to check on m’barins and there is instability in my anti matter pod!”

“Mr. Scott you’re rehired. Can you tell what’s wrong?”

“Captain it looks like someone is in my antimatter pod….”

“Dammit Sulu…..get out of there!

” The Adventure Continues…..”

236. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010

“Captain, there are Klingons circling Uranus!”

“Scotty! What are you, psychic??”

237. Hat Rick - December 25, 2010

I give up.


238. Capes - December 25, 2010

“Captain…..Spock here, there is a strange cloud that is circling Uranus. There is an object at the heart of that cloud……There is something emerging from the heart of the cloud……a shuttlecraft !”

“Spock! Who is in an unauthorized shuttlecraft at the heart of that cloud?
I…………..need……… know !”

“Captain, apparently Mr. Sulu is in the shuttlecraft at the heart of the cloud that is circling Uranus….. He said he needed to see the Klingons that were circling Uranus up close……”

“Dammit Sulu !”

239. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010

“I give up”

Funny, that’s exactly what Kirk said when Sulu asked him if he’d like to make an entry WITH his Captain’s log!

240. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010

Capes, we appear to be on the same page. :>)

241. Capes - December 25, 2010

Exactly Harry! Merry Christmas!

If nothing else, there is the distinct opportunity to see just how long we can make this thread go !

242. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Capes+Hat Rick!

243. Basement Blogger - December 25, 2010

Hey guys, if you play Mass Effect 2, there’s this funny easter egg about Uranus. By the way the game has cameo voices by Michael Dorn and Armin Shimerman. Anyway, if you probe the planet, you get a funny retort from your, AI, the lovely Tricia Helfer. Video of easter egg below.

244. Basement Blogger - December 25, 2010

@ 235

Who let Q in here?

245. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2010

I assume you mean #234 and, hey, I’m glad SOMEBODY got it! :>)

246. Basement Blogger - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Fellow Trekkers. And Merry Christmas to you Anthony! And Anthony, if you’re stuck in an interdimensional rift, order Spock to activate the engines, and engage transporter. That should work.

Okay, with all this talk of Uranus puns, let’s get this Christmas Party started. How about some Jewish Surf Music! Here is the Meshugga Beach Party with “Shalom Alechem.” Meshugga is Yiddish for crazy.

247. Another Q - December 25, 2010

First: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Second: If you’re reading down this far on the messages,
you’re probably checking to see if everything is okay here
on the website – I assume it is and the administrators are
taking the holidays off –

Of course, it would have been nice to have one
little message to let us know… just sayin’…

248. mikephys - December 25, 2010

@224 Thanks TrekMadeMeWonder! The perfect message for this holiday.

249. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Happy Boxing Day for all our cousins across the pond!

250. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 25, 2010

Don’t thank me (although I appreciate it), thank Trek’s true “Gene”nius’s – Gene Rodenberry and Gene Coon. They wrote a great story with a great twilight-zone-ish ending. I love when Trek did thatand Its been a long while. Glad you appreaciated it too!

251. MJ - December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!!

252. Robert Gillis - December 26, 2010

Hi Anthony, is everything OK or are you taking a well-deserved holiday break? We miss the site updates :)

Please let us know all is well?

253. Holger - December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to everyone!

254. Praetor Tal - December 26, 2010


I was wondering the same thing.

255. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 26, 2010

Relax everyone. This appears to happen annually. Anthony and company are probably on some far off resort, mining fresh dilithium so they return in the new year with fresh surprises.

In the mean time. Why not seriously contribute to Hat Rick’s inpired story idea. It’s kinda like a Trek camp fire sing-a-long, to pass the time until another update is ready from TrekMovie headquarters.

Who knows? Perhaps when Anthony returns he will write an article about it.

256. losira - December 26, 2010

to you anthony and your staff on behalf of me and my mine, we wish you a very merry christmas, and a hppy blessed new year.dont guzzle too much romulan ayle. you deserve a rest. enjoy. i only hope all is ok with you. as always you are in my thoughts and prayers. you have a great site. and the patience of a saint. God bless you always see you soon.

257. MJ - December 26, 2010

@255. While I agree with the sentiments of everyone that this website staff does a great job and deserves some time off, would it really take them more than five minutes to put out a final article before the Holidays that says something like:

“Here’s wishing all Trek fans a happy Holiday Season. The staff at will be on Holiday break until January 3rd, at which time you can expect new articles to appear. See you all in 2011″

What would be the bid deal with doing something like this as a common courtesy to the 10,000’s of fans that check into this website on a weekly basis?

258. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2010

Here’s the scoop. Anthony is getting ready for his Role in the next Trek movie and he was sworn to Secrecy by the court. Bob Orci is now getting ready to take over Bob just has not gotten the first story ready yet.

259. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 26, 2010

Hey Harry. I know of one of the things you asked Santa for. Recast of erica durrence with another and better Actress for the rest of f Smallville and any movies they might do. Come on Harry you know that was a request to Santa.

260. I'm Dead Jim! - December 26, 2010

Hey! Here’s the latest LeVar Burton Twitter news! Apparently, he photographed and tweeted the rare & elusive Double Reading Rainbow in LA!

Yeah, it’s silly, but just trying to help out around here!

261. Anthony Thompson - December 26, 2010

I know what will bring (the other) Anthony back. Politics! A rip-roaring political debate on!

I’ll start. I love President Obama. He stands for rational thought and progressive policies that are benefiting the American people. The Tea Partyers, on the other hand, are a bunch of ignorant yahoos. NASCAR, target shooting ranges, Fox News. Pathetic!

262. mikephys - December 26, 2010

Nice Try! Actually, I’m hoping for Picard/Riker on the ticket for the next go-round.

263. Anthony Thompson - December 26, 2010

Obama IS like Picard!!! He’s calm, steady and intellectual.

264. Anthony Thompson - December 26, 2010

Tea Partyers are also climate change-denying single parent mothers! : )

265. Robert Gillis - December 26, 2010

#261 is right — a political debate! Debate: Are you for or against a law to de-ban and/or ban the opposite of the reversal of allowing penguins of Kansas descent (and their third cousins) the right to use green-glow sticks on their annual march to Florida, knowing full well that the color green may symbolize a sympathy with people who support green Kryptonite mining on the fourth moon or Planet 10? Discuss and debate.

266. I'm Dead Jim! - December 26, 2010

I’m looking forward to the Darmok and Jalad ticket!

267. Harry Ballz - December 26, 2010


Capt Mike, I’m afraid there are some things even beyond Santa’s control. Looks like that moon-faced non-actress will be around for a while longer.

268. Vultan - December 26, 2010


I think you took a wrong turn. Here’s the website you were looking for:

Oh, and take your soapbox with you.

269. Hat Rick - December 26, 2010

255 is awesome. I love 255’s idea, which is to take me up on my idea.

Great minds think alike. ;-)

Let’s Put On A Show, aka let’s do a Trek story right here on Whaddya think, pals? Can we do it?

And none of this Uranus stuff. Juvenile. >:-(

;-) Just kidding. Always nice to have HarryBallz, et al., participate.

Merry New Year and Happy Christmas, everyone! Er, um, I mean….

270. Hat Rick - December 26, 2010

“A supernova? Explain!

“Captain, it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen! I mean… you’ve just got to come up here!

“On my way, Scotty.”

Kirk strode on the bridge and took his seat.

“All right, Scotty, so what’s that … thing … out there?”

“Captain, I’m sorry, I have no explana—

“Captain, if I may….”

“Go ahead, Spock,” Kirk said with a frown.

“Captain, what we see ahead does not exist. It does not register on any of our scanners. It is, in all probability, an optical illusion, as I’ve been attempting to tell Mr. Scott.”

“But we see it, right… there.”

“Yes, Captain. An optical phenomenon, right where, if I recall correctly, in one of your Earth religions, would be deemed an appropos location for the Star of Bethlehem.”

“Spock, get to the point, if you would.” Kirk had no patience, this day, for long-winded exposition.

“Captain, quite simply, someone, or something, is attempting to send us a message.”


271. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - December 26, 2010

Guys, where is anthony? has anyone email-ed him? Is he alright? I dont mind the lack of news but the site feels abandoned!

272. Anthony Thompson - December 26, 2010

268. Vultan.

You must be one of those slack-jawed Tea Partyers. I want to bring the progressive message to all Trek fans!

273. MJ - December 27, 2010

@272. Agree with Vultan. Take your political diatribes somewhere else…they are not welcome here.

274. Phaser Guy - December 27, 2010

RIP Trek movie 2010.

275. Anthony Thompson - December 27, 2010

273. MJ

That’s your opinion! I’m going to diatribe all I want!

Until AP comes back. ; )

276. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 27, 2010

272. Hat Rick

Did you miss my most excellent post #247????

Your not playing fair!

277. Hat Rick - December 27, 2010



247 was a post by AnotherQ.

Post No. 255 is actually your post, and I was referring to your post in 269.

278. Hugh Hoyland - December 27, 2010

#261 your generalizations about the Tea Party are really tastless, and show me yet again that narrow minded and bigoted people can still to be easily found in the “Liberal” political world as much as they frequent the so called Conservative one. Sorry Anthony I know you dont allow political discourse in these threads (good idea!) and I will not be offended if you delete this, but seeing that this site, at least for the moment, is being only slightly moderated, if at all, I wanted to post it.

279. Hugh Hoyland - December 27, 2010

Unless your being sarcastic, then I take it back and lol at the humor. Bigots and so on can be found in both the so called “Left and Right” wings of politics in this nation, anda lot of good folks as well. Dang I love being an independant! :]

280. Hugh Hoyland - December 27, 2010


281. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 27, 2010

Weird. I’ve been checking this page from my Droid smartphone as well as my PC, and I see my last story post as #255.

282. Anthony Thompson - December 27, 2010


No, I’m not being sarcastic. Because I know those type of folks. How? I live in Congressman Michelle Bachmann’s district. She is the epitome of the Tea Party: loud-mouthed and ignorant.

And I hope that AP DOES delete our posts! Because that’s the point: I want him and back!

283. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

Ok. Let’s all make Harry Mad as You know what. I vote for Erica Durance for Presedent of the U.S Ok just Kidding Harry.

284. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

Ok. I admit it. I have had Anthony in the agoniser booth this entire time.

285. Hat Rick - December 27, 2010

Hi, TrekMadeMeWonder.

This is what I see:

Post Number 247:

247. Another Q – December 25, 2010

First: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Second: If you’re reading down this far on the messages,
you’re probably checking to see if everything is okay here
on the website – I assume it is and the administrators are
taking the holidays off –

Of course, it would have been nice to have one
little message to let us know… just sayin’…

Post Number 255:

255. TrekMadeMeWonder – December 26, 2010

Relax everyone. This appears to happen annually. Anthony and company are probably on some far off resort, mining fresh dilithium so they return in the new year with fresh surprises.

In the mean time. Why not seriously contribute to Hat Rick’s inpired story idea. It’s kinda like a Trek camp fire sing-a-long, to pass the time until another update is ready from TrekMovie headquarters.

Who knows? Perhaps when Anthony returns he will write an article about it.

286. Jorg Sacul - December 27, 2010

#261,,, Hey, if it weren’t for NASCAR, Ranch Dressing wouldn’t be the national “go-to” condiment of rednecks! So put that in your left-wing bong and smoke it! ;)

287. Anthony Thompson - December 27, 2010


: )

288. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 27, 2010

He’s not Left Wing. No one is anymore.

I think it’ cute he was trying to lure us with such old school Left vs. Right arguments. So passe. LOL : )

Hint. We like Trek here. We are supossed to be above such obvious and devisive arguments.

If you want something entertaining and political to think about, check out at Google Video “Empire of the City of the Sun.” But don’t let your world be rocked so easily.

289. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 27, 2010

Eh. Not sure if that was the complete title. Try Ring of Power on Youtube. It has like 24 parts. Interesting.

290. Rosario T. Calabria - December 27, 2010

Just a head’s up re: Anthony’s status. I texted with him a few days ago. All is good, he was just “off the grid” for a few days. His words.

I’m sure he’ll be back at it with the site soon. Take care everyone. Hope you all had/are having a great Christmas/Holiday season.

As noted in the column, Sci-Fi TV and Movies will be back with weekly columns in the new year. Let’s please try to keep the politics out of this thread. Thanks.

Happy New Year to you all!

291. Hat Rick - December 27, 2010

Thanks, Rosario, for the update. :-)

Happy New Year to you, and all.

292. Losira - December 27, 2010

Gee I thought all this time capt. Mike did have Anthony in his Agony boothLOL

293. Vultan - December 27, 2010

#272 Anthony Thompson

There’s no need to bring a progressive message to Trek fans since Star Trek has always been a medium for progressive, open-minded ideas. You should know that… but then you don’t seem the open-minded sort.

Blanket comments such as the ones you’ve made here are only indicative of a sleeping mind. Now, go tell it to the vitriol merchants on other sites. They’ll love you there.

294. subatoi - December 27, 2010

#290 That’s good to hear, thanks :)

295. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

#292. What makes you think I don’t.

296. Losira - December 27, 2010

Peace on Earth (and elsewel) good wil toward all men a d Aliens. Amen

297. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

Peace on Earth and good will to all in the Terran Empire. To the rest. Nothing but Agony.

298. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2010



Kirk thinks for a moment. “But, Spock, if that IS the Star of Bethlehem, then that would make you, me and Scotty the three wise men…..and we’re one short!”

Scotty takes a minute to understand the implication of this statement. Then, with a curl of his lip, “Ach!! Ye daft skirt-chasin’ flasher! I’ll kill ye!”

Kirk laughs and says, “Yeah? You and what navy?”

A fight breaks out on the bridge. Mr. Scott’s kilt flies up over his head. Sulu faints.


299. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

#298. Continue. Dr. Mccoy comes to the bridge and administers Quartrzien into Sulu but just a drop. Sulu comes around and says. Where are the 3 wise men. Quickly Sulu gets back to the Helm and yells Capt!. Something is Emerging from the Star. A Bright White light of somekind.
Spock says. Verified. Something is Emerging from the Star. Scanners report that nothing is there. However our Shields report some kind of Energy. Plasma based and pure. Then the Capt yells. Scotty. Go to Red Alert.

300. Harry Ballz - December 27, 2010


The bright light fades to reveal the image of a young Kirk Douglas who yells, “IM SPARTACUS!!”

Kirk yells back at the screen, “WANNA BET??!!”

The entity sticks his tongue out, in Kirk’s direction. Kirk runs up and starts kicking at the screen while muttering expletives under his breath.

Spock shakes his head and says, “uh, Captain….”

301. losira - December 27, 2010

Captain Mike you are an absolute mess. and alot of fun to read. may the empire leave you the best captains woman under your tree. happy new year

302. Richard Daystrom - December 27, 2010

Who’s minding the store??? Happy New Year anyway! 2012 just around the corner.

303. Hat Rick - December 27, 2010

The “wise men” stop in their tracks.

“This is quite improper,” Spock said. “We are Starfleet officers. What are we doing?”

Kirk looked at him. Sudden realization dawned.

“I… I… don’t know what came over me. What came over us.”

The white light from the Star, or whatever it was, washed over the bridge. Kirk looked around. The entity vanished, as quickly as it had arrived.

“The others… are they all right?”

“Well, Jim, I’ll check.” McCoy pulled himself together and took out his tricorder. “Yes, Jim, they’re fine. Just unconscious. I wish I could say the same for ourselves.”

Spock stood up quietly. “The rest of the ship is at battle stations, Captain.”

“Not our finest hour,” Kirk said, as he retook his seat. “I’m sorry if I hurt any of you.”

He looked directly at Spock. “You were saying something about an illusion. That was no illusion.”

“I’m afraid it was, Captain. Quite a convincing one.”


“You see, we are here on a mission of mercy. Our destination awaits our medical supplies.”

“Yes, Spock, I know our mission. Colony Episilon 322 awaits. Meanwhile, we are engaged in absurdities.”

“There is a child who is dying of advanced Rigelian fever there. Our ship carries the only antitoxin. ” Spock paused for effect. “They call him, ‘The Star Child.'”

McCoy stared. “Justin Bieber? Shirley you jest?”


304. ensign joe - December 27, 2010

“off the grid” huh.. wouldn’t happen to be shifting between dimensions would he.. nooo couldn’t be that :)

“Vulcans do not jest. And don’t call me Shirley.”


305. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

#303 Continues. Kirk says. Spock. Take us to Colony Episilon 322. Mr Sulu. Engines ahead Warp Factor 6. Scotty. get down to Engeneering and see if you can get more. Scotty. Eye Sir. Ill get the Wee Beasties to push a Wee bit more. Mr. Spock. Any Guesses as to what we will find. Spock. Giess Capt. No. But Logicly we will find the Source of the problem. Sulu. Capt. The Shields just came up. Kirk. Spock what you think it is. Spock. Capt. klingon vessel Decloking. They are firing. Kirk. Mr. Sulu take Evasive Action.

306. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

#301 losira You are a Very intellengent Woman. You would make a fine Addition to the Empire. Also. Because you are so Smart. You have a weeks Immunity from the Agoniser Booth.

307. Hat Rick - December 27, 2010

“Sorry, Doctor. I couldn’t help myself. I am, after all, half-human.”

“Spock, you never cease to amaze me, and I don’t mean that in a good way,” McCoy replied. “But you didn’t answer my question. What in blazes does Justin Bieber have to do with anything?”

“Doctor, if you remember your human history, the boy known as Justin Bieber was widely believed by a certain 21st Century cult to be the ‘Star Child’ of fiction.”

“Yes, yes. We all know that. It was due to a newspaper typo or some such nonsense. Typical 21st Century yellow journalism,” McCoy harrumphed.

“Quite. The original description, apt or not, was ‘child star.’ But, in any event, an entire movement grew up around him, so to speak, so that by 2033, he was deemed the return of a messiah of sorts.” Spock walked over to his station. “Allow me to explain. Captain, may I?”

“Go ahead, Spock,” said Kirk. He felt a headache coming on.

“As you see here, Earth archives reveal that by 2017, a long-running program called ‘Entertainment Tonight’ had been hijacked by comedic terrorists who, as a lark, infused the program with subliminal messages. Messages such as ‘Worship Justin,’ ‘Justin is your dog,’ and so forth.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘god’?” Sulu interjected.

“Remember, these were comedic terrorists,” said Spock. “A few decades later, the unthinkable happened. I refer you to your knowledge of the Great Bieber Wars of 2034, 2035, and 2036.”

“Get to the point,” said McCoy. “Every schoolchild remembers those!”


308. Capes - December 27, 2010

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 3……5……..79.3

What is now being called the “Bieber Effect” has begun to have a serious impact on my……..ship………… crew ! While Dr. McCoy is in the lab attempting to find a treatment to slow the progress or find a cure, the person who apparently was “patient zero”…….Lt. Kevin Riley has barricaded himself in auxilary control…..

Thusfar, the only thing he has done is to pipe in early 21st century music through the intercom. This has resulted in increased irritability amongst a portion of the crew. Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock have a theory that the music may contribute to the root cause of the effect. A small segment of the crew has started to become mindless and their appearances are changing subtly. Their heads are becoming “bowl shaped” and they are losing their skills and becoming “talentless”. McCoy is uncertain whether the effect is reversable.

Fortunately the lab crew does not appear to be affected. McCoy has a theory about this as well but is reluctant on being forthcoming as yet. I have faith in my crew and especially McCoy and Spock.

With luck…….we may be able to get through this…..

End log entry…….

309. Hat Rick - December 27, 2010

(From 308…)

Kirk stabbed at his console almost vengefully, closing one of the most ridiculous entries he had ever recorded in his entire life.

Across the ship, the sounds of moaning could be heard. Moaning, or singing … the difference was practically nil. These were horrible, atrocious attempts at melody that could only have arisen from some form of black magic. Or… Bieberism.

He couldn’t stand it any longer.

By now, Spock was in his cabin, meditating. Kirk’s arrival was not unexpected.

“Spock. Spock… I need your help.”

But the Vulcan did not respond.

“Spock!” said Kirk, alarmed.

“I’m sorry, Captain.” Spock turned around with a start. “I shall turn off the muting device.”

“Spock, this madness must end. I need to know what we can do to end it. McCoy is powerless. He’s taken to dressing up like … who was she? Ah, yes…. this ‘Madonna,’ or ‘Gaga lady,” or some such thing. The two are indistinguishable… but at any rate….”

“Yes, Captain, I’ve been working on a solution.” Spock turned on his holoviewer.

“The problem began when we were at Sector 234.5, moving toward Episilon —”

Kirk threw up his hands. “I know, I know. Spock, would you get off that Vulcan business. I don’t need War and Peace. Just tell me what I need to know!”

“Jim, to ‘cut to the chase,’ as you humans would say: ‘The Bieber is back.'”


310. Basement Blogger - December 27, 2010

@ 291

Thanks Rosario for the update on Anthony.

311. Bucky - December 27, 2010

(from 309)

Yet again yet another red alert klaxon filled the Enterprise, much to Kirk’s annoyance. After banging his head against the wall for just a sweet, small second of relief, and ignoring Spock’s silently arched eyebrow, Kirk and his second officer bolted out of Spock’s quarters. Quickly, they dodged the increasingly erratic crewmembers of the Enterprise – lookalike Biebers in various states of transformation into full-on teen idol- who were pirouetting and pointing randomly in the halls. They even saw a random Lady Gaga or three, and possibly even that girl from the Black Eyed Peas. Finally, after a well-placed elbow or two, they leaped into the turbolift and were whisked away to the bridge.

Again, Kirk closed his eyes and banged the back of his head against the wall. Spock was too polite to say anything.

The doors to the bridge opened. Out stepped Kirk…and promptly froze, as he was filled with a terrible feeling of deja vu. Spock started to let out a “fascinating” but only got so far as the first syllable until Kirk stepped on his toe to shut up him up.

On the viewscreen, floating in space while sitting a rather regal-looking throne, inexplicably wearing a suit and bowtie was a gigantic Justin Bieber.

“‘sup, dawgs!” Bieber proclaimed happily through the noiseless void.

At this word, Chekov, who Kirk had to admit always had a bit of a teen-idol knock off vibe anyway, threw himself prostate on the ground and reached towards the viewscreen, yelling, “Our saviour!” Soon so did Uhura. And Sulu. And just about the entire bridge crew, minus Kirk and Spock.

“Good grief,” Spock muttered.

312. mikephys - December 27, 2010

@290 I think we are encouraging Anthony to just let this go for entertainment value. Why publish a new article and stop it? It’s like a big Trek sociology experiment. He could probably get the results published in a peer reviewed journal or something.

313. dmduncan - December 27, 2010

290: “Just a head’s up re: Anthony’s status. I texted with him a few days ago. All is good, he was just ‘off the grid’ for a few days. His words.”

This blog would gridlock anybody’s brain. With fans like big ravenous Venus Flytraps screaming “feed me, Seymour.”

314. Phaser Guy - December 27, 2010

Crap, this site turned into lousy fanfic

315. MC1 Doug - December 27, 2010

Anthony should be feeling pretty good seeing all of us having our trekmovie withdrawal pains.


316. Polly - December 27, 2010

ah, abandonment breeds psychosis……who knew

reading these crazy posts is almost making up for no new articles…almost

317. CarlG - December 27, 2010

People are amusing themselves in a civil manner? Un-moderated?!

Dammit, internet…. It’s like I don’t even know you anymore, man… ;)

318. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 27, 2010

Perhaps Orci is taking notes.

319. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

Hey Bob Orci. What ever you do do not write the next trek Movie based on what we are writing. Please.

320. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 27, 2010

Too late for that
Damage is done!
Who’s gonna play the star child?

321. I'm Dead Jim! - December 27, 2010

@ 320 “Who’s gonna play the star child?”

Ace Frehley?

322. Praetor Tal - December 27, 2010

Obama is too nice to take on the Tea Party. Seems like we should send the Partiers to try dumping tea in the Thames Estuary, see where it gets them. Maybe Britain will see what we put up with, have pity on us, and take us back? Please? Maybe Empire will work out better the second time around.

323. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

#322. Yes. Britain will take us back and we will revolt and after the new war we will unite at last and become the Terran Empire and after Cochran meets the Vulcans things will go according to plan. Long live the Terran Empire.

324. Son of Sarek - December 27, 2010

My Christmas themed Trek blog on Trekspace –

For your edification until the forthcoming, I predict, slew of articles which will be posted come the new year!

325. Tyrone Alfonso - December 27, 2010

is anyone updating this site anymore? lame.

326. Vultan - December 27, 2010


“Too bad Acey ain’t in charge no more.”

327. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 27, 2010

See i knew Anthony was taking a break… he needs time off to… I am starting to have withdraws though. Dont other writers have articles they can publish?

328. Capes - December 27, 2010

Captain’s Log Supplemental…….

After Spock started speaking in atypical slang terms it was a foregone conclusion that some….how, some….way he had succumb to the “Bieber Effect”. McCoy has placed Spock in restraits and relieved him from duty.

Meanwhile, unknown to me at this time, random memebers of the crew have been piping up on the intercom about the well being of Lt. Cmdr. Pascale . I am at a loss to tie in the relaionship between the Bieber Effect and Commander Pascale…….but…..before I leave this place……I will !

Dr. McCoy has identified a link between higher intelligence and the Bieber Effect that neutralizes Bieber entirely but has yet to find a consistent explanation for it. He is now confident that he will be successful in finding the link.

In the meantime, I have placed the ship on Security Alert to locate and restrain Commander Pascale. I know that somehow HE is the missing component of this riddle.

End log entry……

329. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 27, 2010

Security to Capt Kirk. Kirk here. Sir. We have searched all decks and still no sing of Lt. Cmdr Pascale. Kirk. Keep searching for him. he is bound to show up. Also keep phasers on heavy stun in case the Bieber effect starts to affect any more of the crew. Kirk Out.

330. MJ - December 27, 2010

@275 “That’s your opinion! I’m going to diatribe all I want!”
@282 “No, I’m not being sarcastic. Because I know those type of folks.”

M O R O N ! ! !

331. Anthony Thompson - December 27, 2010


Be nice, MJ! No personal attacks allowed on!

332. MJ - December 27, 2010

@ 290/Rosario: “Just a head’s up re: Anthony’s status. I texted with him a few days ago. All is good, he was just “off the grid” for a few days. His words.”

Anthony, my friend, don’t worry — what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

PS: Hope you get back soon though to save us from some of the morons taking advantage of the lack of enforcement on these boards.

333. MJ - December 27, 2010

@331. I apologize for the remark. Note the correction to “misunderstood horses behind”.

334. MJ - December 27, 2010

@331. Did someone finally get you “Classic Bluegrass Vol. 2 from Smithsonian Folkways” for Christmas this year?

335. MJ - December 28, 2010

@311 @328

You do realize don’t you, that if you mix Bieber with Ensign Sue within a dylithium crystal chamber, that the warp power effect resulting from this mix is on a level similar to the standard matter and antimatter mix?

336. Capes - December 28, 2010

Captain’s personal Log Additional….

Things continue to unwind. Behaviors continue to unravel, especially below deck 12. I am seriously considering ejecting the secondary hull in favor of avoiding the affiction of the Beiber effect. McCoy insists that a solution is close which continues to stay my hand. Additionally the search for Commander Pascale continues…. I still believe that some…, some…….way HE IS………the solution for this dilemma ! I have decided that we will either resolve this, or we will isolate and destroy the secondary hull of the Enterprise !

End Log Entry……

337. Capes - December 28, 2010

On a separate but related note…..

Does anyone else recognize that the horrible main casting along with the incredibly bad decision to add comedic humor to the Green Hornet has destined it for horrible failure about 5 minutes after it premiers?

Seriously folks……google NOW comics effort with Green Hornet……THEN… the previews….and then the WONDERFUL Hardee’s commercials and ask yourself…..really? Say it with me……A Wasted Effort……

Damn Shame. The 60’s effort is superior………………..

338. MJ - December 28, 2010

@322 “Seems like we should send the Partiers to try dumping tea in the Thames Estuary, see where it gets them. Maybe Britain will see what we put up with, have pity on us, and take us back?”

Dude, I can only conclude from your post that you are not really that familiar with American History. This was done by pre-Americans in Boston in 1773 against Britain already.

Wow! That is scary that someone reads about this silly Tea Party political group today and recommends they empty tea at the British without realizing that the “Tea Party” name comes from a major historical event in U.S. history that already involved a protest against the British. This reminds me of the people Jay Leno use to interview on the street about current events, etc., which questions like “who is the vice president?” Funny, but kind of scary as well if you consider that many of these people vote.

339. MJ - December 28, 2010

@337. I could not agree more — the Green Hornet trailer and comedic take look really dumb, and I am planning on passing on it.

340. Vultan - December 28, 2010

Yeah, the comedic take on Green Hornet will probably sink the film. But then any overly comedic take on a superhero or sci-fi film will probably hurt, Men in Black and Back to the Future being the exceptions.

I remember listening to the Aliens director’s commentary awhile back, and James Cameron said something to the effect that a sci-fi film will be successful if it’s presented in a plausible way AND as long as you don’t wink too much at the camera. Not an easy thing to do when you’re fighting bad guys while wearing a Lone Ranger mask and a fedora, but I admire anyone who could find the right balance. More power to them… if they succeed.

341. Jim Nightshade - December 28, 2010

Well interesting comments–remember the original green hornet series was virtually a batman 60s tv show spinoff–despite having bruce lee as kato its heroic tone very similar to the 60s batman–so i dont see this new version as deviating very far from the original–humor can help add dimension to characters in movies–im withholding judgment til i see the movie myself–

342. Phaser Guy - December 28, 2010

Why am I here? Why are you here? Why is anyone here? I think it was John Paul Sarte who once said . . . how do you spell Sarte?

343. Capes - December 28, 2010

@339,340,(341 especially)
Here is the thing…..
It is irritating beyond belief how often, when there is a plethora of good material already written in the world of comics that the “powers that be” choose to “start from scratch” to appeal to a “larger market” and run with a story that a select few (ie: the folks with the money and the decision making) decide to run with that will have “mass” audience appeal. The problem as always is that it ends up being waaaaaay off because the writers really have no clue of the base material…..

Green Hornet will fail…. Here is why: 1) Instead of a serious approach, it was decided that a comedic arc was needed to appeal to the many… (wrong), 2) Casting. WHY is it necessary to always cast those who both name appeal AND a supposed tie-in with a particular genre as the way to make a “successful” movie? IE: Funny guy cast for supposedly fuuny script equals funny movie? I would dare to wager that many of the folks that read and post on this site could do better….. 3) Marketing tie-in…It was decided that since it was going to be a semi-comedic movie anyway…..lets make sure the marketing (Hardee’s/Carl Jr’s) approaches it the same way. Let’s ignore the semi overweight Hornet mis-cast and shoot straight at the “Humor” that this movie is sure to drive………….really?
“Again”@341, the 60’s Hornet tried to “play it serious” and today it would have succeeded. It failed at the time because it was assumed that it was “camp” much like Batman was at the time. It wasn’t, no one in power understood….and it failed.

Here is a separate but related issue….SIFI/SYFY channel…..”Just Imagine”
Does anyone who has been around longer than 15 minutes not recognize how much this channel now officially sucks? If you knew it 10 or 15 years ago, it attempted to actually stick to the genre… it is an insult on a good day. On a bad day you can’t watch it. I dare you to make an argument to the contrary…..

I’m done. For now anyway…….

344. Hugh Hoyland - December 28, 2010

343 SYFY just canceled two high quality programs, Caprica and SGU. Until it returns to its roots, I am pretty much done with that channel.

345. Jorg Sacul - December 28, 2010

I will go see Green Hornet, but my expectations are not too far above “this will be a sucky campish attempt” so my disappointment won’t be quite at the level of what I experienced with having watched an episode of Glee (after hearing it was the best thing since sliced bread).

346. Hat Rick - December 28, 2010

(From 336.)

This bizarre tableau did not escape the notice of a presence hundreds of parsecs away. “There is a great disturbance in the universe,” it thought.

As the Enterprise careened through the Kyber Nebula with its increasingly maddened crew out of control, hails from Starfleet went unheeded. Starfleet convened a council elders; it had forseen these events. It had long decided that humanity would not be allowed to suffer the indignities of renewed war.

And it had a plan.

Slowly, as if from a deep slumber, the engines of a great, hulking mass purred to life. It did not await the inevitable orders it knew would come. As if sensing the struggle ahead, the bridge of this gigantic ship lit up, devoid of life save for one android at the helm.

Silently, Starfleet’s coded transmission confirmed what the ship instinctively knew. “Operation Supreme Overloard is authorized. Proceed with all deliberate caution.” But the ship had particular need for caution. As it escaped its hidden drydock ensconced within an asteroid, surveillance cameras caught its name painted in Stealth gray on its darkened hull: The USS Galactica.

On the Enterprise, the minds of the crew escaped the bonds of reality. “Hailing the USS Pascale,” Sulu said, laughing maniacally as he punched his console at random. “Oh, where have you been?”

Next to him, crooning Russian verse from his days in the Academy, Chekov searched for lifeforms. “Pretty little lifeforms, vere are you?” he ended as he looked cavalierly through the data, the refrain sounding strangely reminiscent for reasons unknown.

The captain was slowly, but surely, going mad. Spock was nowhere to be found, and McCoy was in his quarters again, listening intently to music from the Black Eyed Peas.

In the distance, the Galactica made its way toward the Enterprise, uncaptained save the android. It, too, had no contact with Starfleet. But in its case, it was part of the mission.

It was part of the plan.

347. P Technobabble - December 28, 2010

With regards to the SyFy Channel, it seems to me (and perhaps it is obvious) that the channel executives did not want to be solely associated with science-fiction since they couldn’t present enough science-fiction to begin with, and so they changed the channel name. It sounded the same, but the actual Sci-Fi name seemed to imply that they only showed science-fiction. I recall reading that much of the reason there was no decent sci-fi on the channel was because they couldn’t afford decent programs. It seems that wrestling, quasi-horror films, and occasional sci-fi is something they can afford.
Personally, I rarely tune in since there is rarely anything that interests me although I have watched some of the Galactica and Stargate series. One would think with so many cable/satellite stations available there would be a dedicated science-fiction channel in there, somewhere. Apparently, however, sci-fi fans prefer to show up at theaters to get their fix, because sci-fi on tv rarely lasts — Star Trek being one of the exceptions.

348. NX01 - December 28, 2010

Did anyone hear anything from the staff yet? I am starting to worry. One day we are going to come here and and this site is just going to be closed

349. Hat Rick - December 28, 2010

348, yes. Rosario posted a message stating that she had texted Anthony and that he had replied that he was just “off the grid” for a while.

Here is the message:

290. Rosario T. Calabria – December 27, 2010

Just a head’s up re: Anthony’s status. I texted with him a few days ago. All is good, he was just “off the grid” for a few days. His words.

I’m sure he’ll be back at it with the site soon. Take care everyone. Hope you all had/are having a great Christmas/Holiday season.

As noted in the column, Sci-Fi TV and Movies will be back with weekly columns in the new year. Let’s please try to keep the politics out of this thread. Thanks.

Happy New Year to you all!

350. Anthony Thompson - December 28, 2010

Bob, please feed AP a juicy tidbit so he’ll come back to the grid!

351. Hat Rick - December 28, 2010

For people who might be starved for information, might I suggest a foray into the history of Rome, and particularly the Punic Wars, and particularly, after that, the Third Punic War, in which Carthage was utterly annihilated. Google it. You won’t be disappointed.

It was said that the Roman orator Cato ended all his speeches with the phrase, “And Carthage must be destroyed.” Rome did exactly that to Carthage, and as a military dictatorship burned the abode of Carthiginians to the ground, killed, raped, or enslaved the population of Carthage, and made Carthage a part of the Roman Empire.

This, my friends, is part of our historical legacy. Trek arose in part from knowledge of the ancients and how and why they lived as they did. Who, after all, mourns for Adonais?

As human beings, we should never forget history — not only because if we do, we are condemned to repeat it (as has been said), but because in order to save our own souls, or our own consciousnesses, we must strive to be better than what as a human race we have been these last several thousand years.

To young people who thirst for knowledge, I say that there is no better teacher, no better guide, than history.

352. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 28, 2010

346 – …And then…?

353. John from Cincinnati - December 28, 2010

wow! No new stories on since December 17. Slow news day? I would like to take a two week sabbatical from my job.

354. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 28, 2010

351 – …And then…? ;)

355. Hat Rick - December 28, 2010

352, you know the answer! :-) As part of the collective writing enterprise in which we are engaged, the audience gets to determine how Our Heroes save the day. Or not.

It’s part of the plan.

356. I'm Dead Jim! - December 28, 2010

Have we missed any Trek birthdays? Anything?

At this point I’m almost just as interested to see how many posts we can get up to before Anthony or anyone on the staff returns. 500?! Wagering permitted.

We could also bypass the middle men and just beckon Bob Orci himself to throw us a few bones right here in this thread:

So Bob, how’s the script coming? Are any phasers discharged by our heroes?

357. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

I bet 500 Qutros that we hit 600.

358. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 28, 2010

My Green Hornet prediction:

Green Hornet will bring in $110 million the opening weekend.

Good word of mouth will keep the film profitable for months – topping out at 325 million by close.

I don’t think it’s going to be as campy, as some here belive.
It will CERTAINLY best Green Lantern, which I belive will be even more comedic, and a flawed film.

359. Hat Rick - December 28, 2010

(From 346.)

Admiral Cartwright looked up from his papers. A bonanza of information, a blizzard of papers, but nothing on the Enterprise. Or the Galactica.

“Ben, get these dead trees off my desk,” he barked. His assistant dutifully did — only to replace them with not one, but three encrypted PADDS.

Cartwright groaned. “This doesn’t help,” he said wryly.

Ben Cartwright, the admiral’s son, was no wallflower. Seven years in the Academy as a cadet and then instructor, and four years after that in the Starfleet Engineering Corps, conquering alien landscapes as much as shaping them, had taught him that assertiveness was not a vice. Two years of fighting charges of nepotism had left him more determined than ever to prove himself. To prove himself worthy of carrying on the Cartwright name.

“Admiral, these new messages urgently need your attention. Intelligence indicates that the Galactica is closing in on the Enterprise.”

“I know that. Don’t you think I know that? I’m just tired, is all. Leave me a lone for a while.” And with that the admiral turned his back and looked out his office window. The view from the pinnacle of Space Dock was breathtaking. But that view was the farthest from his mind.

Aboard the Galactica, the bridge was deathly silent. The lone figure in the command chair closed its eyes, its consciousness humming with activity, processing events faster than the streaks of light that went by at Warp 10. It was clear what needed to be done. The Enterprise was but the linchpin of a far greater mission — one that only it knew. Not even its masters knew the web it was weaving, at that very moment.

360. Greg2600 - December 28, 2010

I really enjoyed Tron Legacy, the box office numbers are surprising. Apparently they didn’t make it stupid enough like any of Michael Bay’s movies. It had a trailer for Green Lantern, and the decision to CGI almost all of Ryan Reynold’s body looks absolutely laughable.

361. Son of Sarek - December 28, 2010

Happy 78th birthday Nichelle Nichols!

362. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010


“Ben Cartwright”…….”a bonanza of information”?

Trying to be cute while writing in serious mode, eh?


Me likey!

363. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

Careful Harry. Or I will get on the message boards of one Erica Durance and tell them you are her biggest fan. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

364. Anthony Thompson - December 28, 2010


No. But if you’d like to gift it to me I’d very much appreciate it. After all, you and I are bosom buddies and political soulmates. ; )

365. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010

Capt Mike

you seem obsessed with a particular untalented actress who, if there were any justice in this world, should be working as a hostess at Denny’s. Tell me, are you that easily taken in by artificially-enhanced boobs?

(and, no, I’m not talking about morons assimilated by the Borg)

366. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

Harry!!! I have said on many occasions that if they do make Smallville into a season 11 or rename it Superman that they should recast lois with a better or bigger name actress. But hey I know how we can get Anthony back. Just send Erica Durance after him. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

367. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 28, 2010

Aw,that’s sweet. You two could go wolf hunting together, from a helicopter!

368. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

Oh yes. Happy B Day to Nichelle Nichols. May you truly live long and prosper.

369. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

#369. Careful. Or the Agoniser booth could be in your future.

370. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 28, 2010

Umm, 364

371. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010

Capt Mike

I’m glad we’re on the same page.

So, in summing up, you simply enjoy teasing the sh*t out of me, is that it? :>)

372. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 28, 2010

IMO, I think Erica Durrance is just fine. Actually, way better than fine!
She does a great job with the acting too.

Is Smallville new this week?

373. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010


it’s not very often we have a different opinion, but we do on this. I am ASTOUNDED they couldn’t find a better actress to play the part of Lois Lane.

Anthony isn’t here right now, so I could say something really naughty about how she got the role, but I will resist that urge. Too bad the producer who made the casting choices couldn’t resist his urges!

374. Capes - December 28, 2010

And now…..a Casey Kasem long distance dedication……

Dear Casey,

Back in the late half of the last decade a wonderful talent named Erica Durrance burst onto the scene in search of fame and fortune and armed only with her (unaugmented) assests….. Casey, my friend Harry Ballz is a tremendous fan and hasn’t had enough of her and her remarkable skills. While I would normally request that great tune “Thank you for being a Friend” I would ask you to play this wonderful hit instead:

Capes in NC

375. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 28, 2010

While I don’t know who that Erica Dunce girl is, I do enjoy watching all of you get Harry going.

Oh and Capes, that clip was painful.

376. Capes - December 28, 2010

@375 Heh, I was thinking excruciating…..

Yeah she has had no augmentations……right.

377. Capes - December 28, 2010

One other topic to throw out there……

How many more flops are they going to prop up Angelina Jolie in before the powers that be realize that she is box office poison?


378. John from Cincinnati - December 28, 2010

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin’ seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

So I just did me some talkin’ to the sun
And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done
Sleepin’ on the job
Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

But there’s one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me
It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me


It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me

379. John from Cincinnati - December 28, 2010

New topic:

Which is more obnoxious?

Ben Affleck’s smirk or Angelina Jolie’s scowl?


380. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010


Isn’t it amazing to watch two bad actors headline a hit show?

Holy crappy acting, Batman!!

381. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

Harry. We all simply have to much fun raging on you about the Great Erica Durance.
Oh and Capes. As Scotty would say. That brought a wee tear to my eye.

382. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010

Hey, look, somebody slapped a bikini on a horse and called it entertainment!

383. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010


Funny, it brought a little puke to my mouth!

384. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

#384. Hey Harry. Was you that who did that.

385. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010

Did what?

386. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

I thought it was you Harry that put the Bikini on the Horse and called it Entertainment.

387. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010

Well, somebody had to cover the rude bits!

388. Daoud - December 28, 2010

Off the grid? Why not get a few more volunteers to keep things going during vacation? I mean, we missed Nichelle’s birthday, by golly!
Happy Hannukah belated, Merry Christmas belated, Hare Krishna, Happy Kwanzaa, Mele Kalikimake, Happy Winter Solstice, and Happy New Year all!

389. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

This has to be the longest thred for any Sci movie in the history of Trekmovie.
#391. I think you covered it all.

390. Capes - December 28, 2010


Closest I could find. But oddly entertaining…….

391. Casey Kasem - December 28, 2010

I’m Casey Kasem. Coming up, a rather strange dedication from a rather liberated woman in New Jersey, to her pet dalmation in Florida, as the countdown continues…

392. Hat Rick - December 28, 2010

Thanks, Harry (362). I’m glad you got the joke. :-)

If anyone wants to continue the story, please feel free!

393. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 28, 2010

Ok. How about some of the Funniest lines from any of the Star Treks. Here is mine.
5. Trek 2. Spock. Jim be careful. Mccoy says. We Will!!!!.
4. Trek 4. Kirk sells his glasses. Spock says. Wern’t those given to you by Dr. Mccoy. Kirk says Yes. and they will be again that is the beauty of it
3. Trek 4. Kirk Says. Everyone remember where we parked.
2. Trek 6. Mccoy says. I would give real money if he would shut up!!.
1. Trek 5. I liked him (Spock) better before he Died.
Ok. What are some of yours.

394. Jim Nightshade - December 28, 2010

hmmm Well I remember watching both Batman and Green Hornet when on originally and while Green Hornet seemed to act a LITTLE BIT more seriously than Batman, they both seemed pretty campy and similar to me….and me being a dc and marvel comic fan….heck they had a Green Hornet/Batman crossover……If it really was SERIOUS how come no one noticed that it was serious when it was on next to batman back in the 60s?

What little I have seen of Seths Hornet is comedic but not making fun of Green Hornet or the concept….just less serious…..but is it really CAMP??? MAKING FUN of itself….like Batman was? Didnt look like it to me….But we will see as I said everybodys comments are very interesting!

395. Charla - December 28, 2010

OK, Can someone give me the link to the other website that was recommended somewhere in the above 300+ posts?

Forgive me, but I have worked the last 12 hrs on the computer (from my home) my mind and butt is NUMB right now. I want to quench my need for some Trek! I won’t leave here for good unless they just out and out forget us, then I will take the hint— but until then, gotta do what I gotta do!

Anyone remember or post it again?

Thanks, gonna go look at something other than type now-
Have a good night all-

396. MJ - December 28, 2010

@ 364/Anthony Thompson

Dude, I just don’t care for partisan politics on a Trek site…call me crazy I guess.

And let me apologize in advance if I have interrupted you 63rd viewing of your “Father Knows Best” DVD collection to have to respond to this post here.

397. Harry Ballz - December 28, 2010



Me likey! Talk about raising the Bar!

398. MJ - December 28, 2010

@358 “It [Green Hornet] will CERTAINLY best Green Lantern, which I believe will be even more comedic, and a flawed film.”

I don’t think so. My kids (8, 10, 14) saw both trailers with me the other night when we saw TronE, and all of them liked the Green Lantern trailer and did not like the Green Hornet trailer. So Green Lantern, if half decent, is going to get boys and teens to show up, while the Green Hornet is aiming for the 20s/30s Will Farrell beer drinker type crowd, and it doesn’t look to me like that marketing strategy is going to work.

Thor looks like it could be the Iron Man of 2011 — I am really looking forward to that movie.

399. MJ - December 28, 2010

@390 @397

Much Better than the chic in the link is the sidebar link to the Merry Christmas from Brooklyn Decker..she could totally screw up Kohlinar for any self-respecting Vulcan.

400. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - December 28, 2010

393. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire – December 28, 2010

Ok. How about some of the Funniest lines from any of the Star Treks. Here is mine.
5. Trek 2. Spock. Jim be careful. Mccoy says. We Will!!!!.
4. Trek 4. Kirk sells his glasses. Spock says. Wern’t those given to you by Dr. Mccoy. Kirk says Yes. and they will be again that is the beauty of it
3. Trek 4. Kirk Says. Everyone remember where we parked.
2. Trek 6. Mccoy says. I would give real money if he would shut up!!.
1. Trek 5. I liked him (Spock) better before he Died.
Ok. What are some of yours.

ME: Great list!

How about these;

-Spock: “I’ve been dead before.” ST6
-Kirk: “Is that a lot?” ST4, when told how much he could get for his glasses. His delivery of that line is great.
-McCoy (to Kirk) “What is it with you?” ST6
-Spock (to Kirk in turbo-lift, after Kirk says (“I need a shower”) “Yes” ST5 Spock’s deadpan line reading is gold.

This exchange is priceless:

Dr. Gillian Taylor: Do you guys like Italian?
Kirk: Yes.
Spock: No.
Kirk: Yes.
Spock: No.
Kirk: I love Italian,
[looks at Spock]
Kirk: And so do you.
Spock: Yes.

401. Red Dead Ryan - December 28, 2010

In response to the complaints about “SY FY”, I’m glad we have the Space Channel in Canada instead. Over the Christmas weekend, they played the “Star Wars” movie marathon and in a couple of days, they will air the first ten STAR TREK films.

As for “Green Lantern”, I thought it looked fake. The suit looks really cheesy and ridiculous in cgi. Why couldn’t they have put Ryan Reynolds in a real costume?

“Green Hornet” doesn’t seem that interesting either.

I watched “SALT” a couple of days ago. Fun popcorn movie.


Isn’t Ryan (I have no talent but can wear a Cardigan sweater) Seacrest doing your show now?

402. Anthony Thompson - December 28, 2010

397. MJ

I’m honored that you’ve taken such an interest in my viewing habits. ; ) But, to quote The Shat, you may need to “get a life”. LOL!

403. Jim Nightshade - December 28, 2010

And i totally agree bout the syfy channel—i think them changing the spelling was very telling–forrest j ackerman coined sci fi n since that cable channel has Abandoned science fiction for shlock b horror, grade b reality shows,wrestling et al they changed their name on purpose-dont want to be caught dead with us trekkie geeks i guess—

404. Red Dead Ryan - December 28, 2010


“You believe this guy, Jim? I insult him and he takes it as a compliment!”

McCoy, “The Final Frontier”


Kirk:”All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.”

McCoy: “Melville.”

Spock: “John Maysfield.”

McCoy: “Are you sure?”

Spock: “I am well versed in the classics, Doctor.”

McCoy: “Then how come you don’t know “Row Row Row Your Boat”?”


“The Search For Spock”:

Scotty: “Aye. And if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon!”

Scotty: “Up yer’ shaft!”

405. Capes - December 28, 2010

@398 I felt strangely “moved” as well !

@402 SYFY has totally jumped the shark. I was going thru some old vhs tapes and found the SIFI “cleaned up” Star Trek Series that the channel ran unedited around 1998. It had some good interviews and was hosted by Shatner for the first run of the 79 episodes and then reran it hosted by NImoy. It also had among other things the last interview with Deforest Kelly before his death in 1999. (At least I believe it was the last interview.) They also used to have a decent run of movies and events, now it’s just bad…

@395 -Jim I see your point about Hornet, but I think my deeper issue is that there is so much good material out there for all of these comic book characters that has already been written that could add a lot of value to these films compared to what is actually made as a movie too often.

In spite of that (many times….not always of course) you see these movies done up with A LOT of CGI, a Flashy Car, and an actor or actors proped up because they are perceived to be right for the movie as written. ( I like Seth Rogen but Really? HE’s the Hornet? Really?)
And at it’s core, the writing is where it gets interesting because it seems that many scripts lack originality, don’t take risks, or adhere to a time proven formula that guarantees to draw everyone with an IQ of 50. Too many “remakes” of movies are another good example. When did we run out of original ideas?

And when did “toilet paper” become “bathroom tissue” ? And when did……..waitaminute I think I was possessed by Andy Rooney for a moment…….Jim, I just want more than I see being done at the movie level with the amount of money they throw at them. Seems like the storys would have more depth if they couldn’t be proped up by so much CGI.

Just my opinion…..I could be wrong,

406. Capes - December 28, 2010

And don’t get me started about movies in 3D……

One word……Gimmick !

Best example: Tron Legacy 3D. The movie starts with a disclaimer about not having segments in 3D……..ugh!

407. Areli - December 28, 2010

Is it just me or is this place better without the admin sometimes?

408. MJ - December 29, 2010

@ 402. Truce, my friend. :-) I feel we are both bored here and are wanting Anthony to return with some Trek news. I would even take some of his manufactured Trek news at this point….even the lamest Ensign Sue strip and the most obvious Trek products infomercial “news story” would be welcome now. LOL

409. MJ - December 29, 2010

@407. Agreed. Babysitting is overrated.

410. MJ - December 29, 2010

All, as some of you may recall, I posted numerous times on boards on how I started boycotting SyFy the minute they started the asinine and insulting name change, and I emailed the head of that channel to let her know that. But now, in retrospect, the name change fits, because they have now completely eliminated nearly all sf from the show — so I do actually approve of the name change now, as to have kept it as scifi would have been false advertising. Good riddance to that useless channel.

411. Dr_Beckett - December 29, 2010

I really like Star Trek Nemesis.

412. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2010


Okay, now lay down until that feeling goes away.

413. MJ - December 29, 2010

@411. Come on now, Phaser Guy, stop switching names on us — we know this is you, right?

414. yrch - December 29, 2010

“Is trekmovie dead, Bones?”

“It’s… I don’t know, Jim. Only time can tell. C’mon, I prescribe a Mint Julep, Captain.”



415. Capes - December 29, 2010

You know……not having an administrator to manage this site reminds me of an SNL skit that was about a morning show that loses it’s teleprompter.
Will Ferrell at his best…..

416. MJ - December 29, 2010

@414 ““Is trekmovie dead, Bones?”

Imagine this upon Anthony’s return:

Spock: ANTHONY !!!

Dr. McCoy: There’s just one thing, Mr. Spock. You can’t tell me that when you first saw Anthony alive that you weren’t on the verge of giving us an emotional scene that would have brought the house down.

Spock: Merely my quite logical relief that the Internet had not lost a highly proficient website producer.

417. Hugh Hoyland - December 29, 2010

Well I hope that ALL the staff that run this site are doing well and are having a good time as we enter the new year. And that goes for all the posters here as well, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :]

418. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

Ok. Here is a bit of news about Trek 09s George Kirk Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth has married his actress girlfriend Elsa Pataky.

The ‘Thor’ star and the 34-year-old Spanish actress are believed to have married in his native Australia over the Christmas period after a whirlwind romance.

The actor’s spokesperson has confirmed the pair have married, but refused to give out any further details.

Chris, 27, and the ‘Snakes on a Plane’ star – who have been dating since earlier this year – only went public with their romance three months ago but sources close to the couple say the Australian hunk has wanted to marry Elsa since they first met.

A friend said: “They are in love, and have been talking about it for a while, They’ve only been dating since the spring but he’s been convinced that she is the one since they met.”

The couple met earlier this year after Elsa was also hired by the same representation as her new husband.

Chris is believed to have travelled to Spain to meet Elsa’s parents before the couple married in Australia.

Chris’s younger brother Liam Hemsworth has dated Miley Cyrus on and off since meeting on the set of their movie ‘The Last Song’ but the pair split in November after 18 months of dating.

419. I'm Dead Jim! - December 29, 2010

Ya know, this is just frakkin’ RUDE of Anthony to just walk away from this and us. I know many, including myself, believe he deserves a break. but he should at least say it, “Hey dudes, I’m taking a break.” or Hey dudes, I’m working a big Trek story that’ll blow your nacelles!”

The advertisers can’t be happy about this either.

Sigh, I’ll just go watch the Paul trailer again… or maybe get a life.

420. John from Cincinnati - December 29, 2010


Actually I like this better. We seem to be entertaining ourselves just fine without him.

421. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2010

I think Anthony figured if he told us nothing would happen here for two weeks, some would wander away to other sites and never come back. By leaving us in the dark, some would get irritated, but keep coming back, waiting for him to “pop up” with new threads. Not the best approach, but there you are!

Happy New Year!

422. Anthony Thompson - December 29, 2010


But why can’t any of the regular contributors post? Is AP the gatekeeper and won’t allow others to post stories when he is away?

423. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2010

Maybe they all agreed to take holidays at the same time.

424. Phil - December 29, 2010

wow…don’t visit for a while, and the inmates are running the asylum. Interesting….

425. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

#428. I did post some real news from the Ap on Chris Hemsworth. Read my post number 422.

426. Phil - December 29, 2010

#428…into the future you see…

427. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 29, 2010

Give anthony some forbearance.

He has let my obnovious ass slide s-o-o-o many times before.

By the way, thanks Anthony, for a great website!

428. Capes - December 29, 2010

Yoda is wise….

429. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

#430. Did you say the Future!

430. P Technobabble - December 29, 2010

I’d say considering the terrific job Anthony and company do with this site, he, and they, are certainly entitled to a break. Some people bitch when the news is less than earth-shattering anyway, but there certainly cannot be news alerts everyday, hm? It’s fairly apparent that Mr. Orci is busy working on the script, so we’re just gonna have to wait to hear from him again. Anyway, I hope Anthony’s time away is for all good stuff.

Meanwhile, we could fabricate our own news to amuse ourselves.

431. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

How about a complete reboots of these shows.
1. Babylon 5
2. Star Gate Sg1
3. Lost in Space.
4. Space 1999
5. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
6. Battlestar Galactica.
7. The Greatest American Hero.
8. Smallville.
9. Charmed.
10. Star Trek Tos

432. Phil - December 29, 2010

…and now for the news bender, spot the fake story…

1. Aretha Franklin is dead
2. Man playing real-life ‘Frogger’ hit by SUV
3. Gas to hit $4 a gallon by summer


433. Phil - December 29, 2010

430…don’t think anyone would begrudge someone some time off, it’s just that leaving the business unattended for a couple of weeks can have a negative impact on future business. Even someone reposting links to Entertainment Tonight, or old Trek op-ed pieces is better then nothing…

434. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - December 29, 2010

:-/ I’m worried

435. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 29, 2010


Easy. #1

436. Vultan - December 29, 2010

I don’t like what the “SyFy” channel has become over the years (wrestling, Ghosthunters, lame monster movies), but at least they’re having a two-day Twilight Zone marathon this New Years!

Yay! Something to celebrate!

Anyone here have a favorite episode? Mine is “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up.”

437. Craiger - December 29, 2010

Maybe Anthony is working on that all new Tresite he mentioned awhile ago called I can’t believe their wasn’t a note saying Trekmovie is taking the Holiday’s off see you in 2011. That would have been nice.

438. Phil - December 29, 2010

436…Time Enough at Last. The entire story was very well written, but Burgess Merideth portrayal of his character at the end made you feel the pain he felt..incredible episode.

439. losira - December 29, 2010

well i have a couple of news bits to revive this thread. 1st syfi has canceled stargate universe open discussion. also Bill shatner interviews st @ sanctuary star Amanda Tapping. can be seen on you tube.(a stargate Star Trek crossover) just kidding. the interview is discussion. so lets hear from all of you, does anyone else have some news out there we all can discuss.

440. Frederick - December 29, 2010

I’ve posted a pre-Trek photo of Nichelle Nichols that will hit you like a phaser on stun!

441. erin - December 29, 2010

I hope Anthony is well/okay? Can someone contact him or his people to see if he is not sick or something? I’m concerned for him.

442. Daoud - December 29, 2010

@431. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire –
Some of your reboots are belong to you:
Your #2, Stargate: With the “early ending” to SG:U, it looks like the SG production team has gotten the message belatedly: Stargate only works when there are morally *un*ambiguous characters like Jack, Sam, Daniel & Teal’c… or Shep, Teyla, Ronan & McKay. You have to have somebody you can cheer for and enjoy vicariously. So, maybe there will be a new Stargate series, “SG-2″. Presume they “retire” SG-1 officially, and now SG-2 is the lead team. Insert any characters from SG1 and SG:A, and even the kid from SG:U if you like, and you’ve got a great reboot.
Your #3. Lost in Space: We’d heard someone was looking at this. JMS should grab this up and do it as a followup to his soon-to-be Forbidden Planet “reinvestigation”.

Your #4. Space 1999: Well, Space 1899 (Firefly/Serenity) didn’t work out, so maybe Space: 2099 could work. But without launching the moon. I’d go with a space station designed to test wormholes that inadvertently starts jumping through wormholes from week to week, after accidentally tapping into a network of “Old One” wormholes. Sort of like Stargate, but you take the Cheyenne Mountain Base (“Base Alpha” if you like) with you each week.

Your #5. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Leave it for James Cawley.

Your #6. Battlestar Galactica. Maybe they’ve learned the lessons that SG:U learned after the Capricabomination…. Blood & Chrome sounds promising, and is already on the way.

Your #7. The Greatest American Hero. Perhaps. I think No Ordinary Family is already tapping into that idea.

Your #8. Smallville. Well, you already have the sequel to Smallville, it’s called “The Adventures of Lois & Clark”. Let Smallville rest. However, they could always resurrect the Young Bruce Wayne concept they had at one point: “Gotham”.

Your #9. Charmed. God no.

Your #10. Star Trek Tos. The story behind the Vulcan observer seen briefly in Star Trek: Enterprise’s first season? Commander Tos? Hahah.

443. erin - December 29, 2010


I hope Anthony is well/okay? Can someone contact him or his people to see if he is not sick or something? I’m concerned for him.

444. MJ - December 29, 2010

Regarding the continued frustration with lack of progress on this website, does anyone remember this movie line:

‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’ I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it”

445. Daoud - December 29, 2010

What “Network” was that aired on? :)

446. MJ - December 29, 2010

@433/Phil: “Even someone re-posting links to Entertainment Tonight, or old Trek op-ed pieces is better then nothing…”

Agreed. The lack of anything here now for almost 2 weeks is so upsetting that I would even look favorably on some of their tacky manufactured Trek news at this point….even the lamest Ensign Sue strip and the most obvious Trek products infomercial “news story” would be welcome now.

Isn’t somebody out there producing a Mr. Spock whoppie cushion that could be turned into a news story this week? Or can’t the Ensign Sue creator turn out one more really disturbingly bad entry for us this week?

447. The Guardian of Forever - December 29, 2010

Happy (almost) new year everyone!

448. Weerd1 - December 29, 2010

Yeah everyone, it’s like you’re not getting your money’s worth. Give the guy a break; this is a great site, and he deserves some down time. I’m willing to be there’s a whole lot more going on in his life besides entertaining us. Do what I’m going to do and go outside…

…to go watch Tron again.

449. Chadwick - December 29, 2010


I am not expecting any new posts until after the new years weekend….
and I don’t blame Anthony.

If I were Anthony and made the last post on the 17th I would say I am not doing anything for two weeks until after new years, and I don’t blame him, especially if he is on vacation somewhere with family. Anthony gives us a lot, two weeks off of a blog is nothing much to ask.

I say we the fans keep it running with posts and whatever articles we find with regards to sci fi etc and share with each other until the site is back up after holidays.



450. Phil - December 29, 2010

449…again, not begrudging AP any down time. The advertisers buy space on websites based on traffic, and I’d be willing to bet that if traffic falls below a certain level some refunds may be in order. That would be bad…

451. Vultan - December 29, 2010

#238 Phil

“It’s not fair…”

Yeah, Burgess Meredith was great in that episode. And it proves you should always keep a second pair of eyeglasses around… just in case. :)

Another good one is “The Shelter.” It’s one of the few episodes to lack any sci-fi or supernatural element, but it’s still very powerful storytelling. A testament to TZ’s (and Rod Serling’s) genius.

452. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

#446. Those reboots we intended for a laugh. Not for real. But I like your thinking.

453. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2010

Watched Inception the other night. Talk about overrated! YAWN!

454. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

Harry. I see your Yawn and raise you 2 Yawns. It was a Yawning of a Movie.

455. MJ - December 29, 2010

@488 @499

Again, the issue is not about does Anthony and the staff deserve a couple weeks off — I think we all agree and support them on this point and are very thankful for all their hard efforts on bring to us this one-of-a-kind website.

Rather, the issue here is the lack of communication from Anthony and his staff regarding the status of the website associated with their vacation. Anthony needs to realize that he has created “a community” that goes with this website, and that it is not asking too much let that community know when there will be several weeks of stoppage of work on the website. I believe that is his responsibility to all of us who support this site.

456. Hugh Hoyland - December 29, 2010

#439 Well I never did get into SG1 (I half tried) and therefore didnt watch SGA either. And since I already didnt jive with the Star Gate brand I skipped SGU alltogether. But since the show was canceled I thought I would watch some episodes on HULU and guess what, I actually kinda like what Ive seen so far. IMO it’s just good solid Sci-Fi, and it seems to have been heading in a good direction. The other shows seemed to be rather conventional pop sci-fi fare.

457. Phil - December 29, 2010

@447. I’m not that worked up over it, and I liked Ensign Sue. Peace out..

458. trekologist - December 29, 2010

Boy am I glad I checked down the line of this loooong string of posts to find out that it’s just vacation time. I began to think that something “bad” happened. Okay, while we’re waiting for new news, can someone tell me what ever happened to the Reeves Stevens’ and further what happened to Shatners follow up to the academy book he did with them? Anyone???

459. MJ - December 29, 2010

@457 “and I liked Ensign Sue”

Another week of nothing on this website and I’ll start wishing to see more of that irritating comic strip myself. LOL

460. Anthony Thompson - December 29, 2010


I know you meant that as representing trekmovie visitors, but *maybe* it really represents Anthony P.! After all, he was always griping about the nitpickers here. Maybe HE is the one who is “mad as hell and won’t take it anymore”!

461. MJ - December 29, 2010

@ 460. You have a point there!

462. Anthony Thompson - December 29, 2010

He’s probably also frustrated by the lack of any real news about the sequel a full year and a half after the first one came out! All we know is that JJ thinks that the story is “really cool” and that Bob is working on the script. That’s it! C’mon, Bob, throw the poor guy a bone!

463. MJ - December 29, 2010

And perhaps Bob has spent do much on time on 5-0 and on these boards this Fall, and is probably having to work through the holidays now to get caught up on the script. That would explain why he has disappeared from these boards beginning about the first week of December.

464. Anthony Thompson - December 29, 2010

Yes, he has a lot (too much?) on his plate! Time for nose to the grindstone on the sequel script!

465. Tanner Waterbury - December 29, 2010

“There was a lady from venus, whose body was shaped like a-” “THANK You Data”

So, anyone wanna sing a song? Maybe sit around a campfire eating marsh melons singing camping songs?

466. Son of Sarek - December 29, 2010

458. Reportedly, Shatner was disappointed in the marketing of the first Academy book and there are no further collaborations in the foreseeable future.

467. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

All I want is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. All I want is Anthony back steering Trek Movie. All I want is Everything!!!!.

468. Craiger - December 29, 2010

The new 5-0 is awsome! That and NCIS and NCIS LA!

469. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 29, 2010

I was kinda disapointed to see Carmen Diaz in the Hornet clips.
It really brought back to mind the Mask and how much she has changed since then. Add to that those dismal Charlie’s Angels flicks.

I’ve lowered my expectations for the Green Hornet.
It will still be better then the Green Lantern,

470. Craiger - December 29, 2010

Sorry I meant awesome in my last post.

471. Jim Nightshade - December 29, 2010

WoW Real News! Hemsworth married? WOW!!!

Phew…At last I can rest with some trek news from Trekmovie com ahahha


Capes I hear ya…and MJ too…

Yeh until I started thinking bout SCIFI and SYFY and thinking bout what they have on the channel now I realized they didnt want to be just SCIFI anymore they rejected us Geeks for a braoder base as in Wrestling reality et al hahah….they dont deserve Forrest Ackhermans SCIFI name….

Yeh Capes I understand your points and agree with most of your points….I also wonder why they are stealing MY CHILDHOOD for remake ideas….The chipmunks…..I was 6 in 61 when they started….Trek…ditto….green hornet yep….tron yetp you name it space 1999 lost in space geez heheheh’

Original ideas?? Are they all used up?

472. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 29, 2010


473. Harry Ballz - December 29, 2010


I was 6 in 1961!! Holy crap, Jim!! We’re the same friggin’ age!!

474. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 29, 2010

Real Breaking News. On tuesday Jan. 4th Syfy will be airing the last 5 Eps of Caprica Starting at 6pm EST
So for all of those wanting to see the last Eps of Caprica now will be your chance. Enjoy.

475. Red Dead Ryan - December 29, 2010

Nice to see this thread still going. Right now, I’m listening to the “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” extended soundtrack I just recieved today in the mail. I also got the extended “Batman” and “Batman Returns” cds.

476. Anthony Thompson - December 29, 2010


How do you know that for sure? And why didn’t he announce that?

474. Harry. So was I (in November)! It might be interesting to do an age poll here.

477. MJ - December 29, 2010

@472. Yes, how do you know that?

478. Jim Nightshade - December 29, 2010

WOW Harry!! YOu Old DUDE YOU! Nice to know one of the most interesting online poster personalities on this site, YES YOU HARRY is just as old as I am! Gives me hope for the future…errr….well…maybe someday I will be as cool as harry is! heeheh And anthony T. too! WOW

Ok heres a rant from old me….Why oh why is FOCKERS number one…while the far superior both in story and effects and epic scope, Tron Legacy Languishes behind the Fockers?? SIGH….

Hey Harry And Anthony..I dunno bout you guys but to me it seems like ALL THE BEST MOVIES EVER MADE were back in the 70s-80s—-Star Wars, Close Encounters, JAws, Raiders of the lost Ark, Tron, The Back to the Future Trilogy, ET, etx…..and many lesser movies faves of mine like Logans Run, Black Hole, The Trek Movies…..Tmp and Wrath of K….etc…

Now yes newer movies have been flashier, the cutting edge COMPUTER effex that Tron Started now control our movies…But they dont make the movies better do they?? Heck the 2009 trek Movie is one of the few exceptions to me…it is a movie that looks great and has heart….thanx to Jj and Roberto and Alex….the new trek is a rare Great Movie these days….

479. Jim Nightshade - December 29, 2010

opps forgot 2001, Planet of the apes not even counting many great non genre movies like Apocolypse now, American grafffiti, Network, Dr Strangelove, the Shining, etc…..

all in all 60s 70s-early 80s great times for movies…

480. Khan was Framed! - December 29, 2010

Seriously… no new articles since Dec. 17th???

What? is this site closed or something?

I know there was a holiday & all, but its just a few days, what the hell?

481. Phil - December 29, 2010

Not closed, just stalled….

482. Capes - December 29, 2010

Post #500 is not far away…..

483. MJ - December 29, 2010


484. MJ - December 29, 2010


485. MJ - December 30, 2010


486. MJ - December 30, 2010


487. MJ - December 30, 2010


488. MJ - December 30, 2010


489. MJ - December 30, 2010


490. MJ - December 30, 2010


491. Capes - December 30, 2010

Ok, today I took my 9 year old daughter to see the movie “Tangled” and it was actually a pretty good movie…..

BBC America is running a James Bondathon starting this Sunday at 10am EST. Connery never disappoints…..

I’m painting my garage for the first time since I bought the house 8 years ago……..

I’m restoring a 1986 Camaro and re-embracing my mullet years…

I plan to go back to Dragoncon this coming Labor Day to get another picture with Shatner and Nimoy……..

I think Matt Smith is a decent Doctor Who…..

I could really use some new news……

492. Anthony Thompson - December 30, 2010


Certainly agree about the movies. A golden era when a lot of interesting movies were made. Studios have always been in the business of making money but it seems as though they took more chances then. Most films these days have little creative spark and often insult your intelligence!

493. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

479 and 492 — I fully agree. I read one review years ago of Tim Burton’s “Apes” — ahem — “re-imagining” debacle, where the reviewer wrote that not only does Hollywood make ’em like they used to, it no longer remakes ’em like they used. Burton’s film did open up a whole new dimension of “sucks.”

494. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

Oops. Should have read “NOT make them like they used to …”

495. Vultan - December 30, 2010

I’m usually against remakes of any kind, but I must admit the Coen Brothers version of True Grit is better in many ways than the original—and that’s saying a lot since the original John Wayne version was a good flick (both films are adaptations of the Charles Portis novel). Anyway, if any of you are looking for a movie that’s made “like they used to be,” check out True Grit. There’s no shaky cam, lens flares, or fast cuts. Just solid storytelling. (And it’s pretty funny, too!)

496. Phaser Guy - December 30, 2010

True Grit is really overrated. My God, people are excited over THAT? it looks boring!

497. Pah Wraith - December 30, 2010

356. I’m Dead Jim! – December 28, 2010

497, and counting
Well, almost 500 ;)

498. MJ - December 30, 2010


499. MJ - December 30, 2010

is .

500. MJ - December 30, 2010

#500 !!!!!!!!!

501. Enterprisingguy - December 30, 2010

FIRST!!!!!!….after 500!!!


502. P Technobabble - December 30, 2010

496. Phaser

I think you have to see the movie to determine if it really is boring and overrated. You can’t go by trailers. Think how many trailers look really good, then when you see the movie it’s a piece of trash.

I think there are still good movies being made. Again, it always comes down to personal taste and preference. While there are some movies that appeal to many people, I don’t believe there are “one-size fits all” movies.

And sci-fi fans are a completely different crowd than the usual mainstream audience anyway. First, we are a relatively small group compared to the mainstream. This is why “Tron” falls behind “Fockers.” Now and then, a sci-fi film will appeal to the mainstream as well, but that is the exception and not the rule.
“2001” is considered to be one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, but who really thinks that? Surely, it is typically NOT the average housewife, or Joe Six-pack (and I said “typically not.” There are always exceptions, but we are talking about exceptions). It is primarily sci-fi afficianados who rave about “2001.”
And haven’t you seen the sci-fi section at your local bookstore dwindle to one or two racks, like the sports section, or the “new age” section, and so forth? These are niche categories that sell limited numbers, compared to, say, the romance section that fills four racks, for example. Sadly, which section do you think is selling more?
We sci-fi fans have to admit we are a minority group… perhaps rather vocal, but still a minority.

503. Hugh Hoyland - December 30, 2010

The funny thing is, its US, the sci-fiers as I like to describe us, that really predict how the world will go, not the “mainstream”, they sometimes cant see beyond the next five minutes. I predict we will take over the world with our intelect (perhapes with a robot army), and then we’ll see who laughs! (Pay back time for all those wedgies!) :]

504. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010


Ah, Anthony and Jim, my OLD friends! Nice to see that some other regulars here are as wrinkled as moi!

Yes, Jim, I personally agree with you about movies being better, or at least having better storylines, back in the 70’s-80’s. The movies of today might look better from a cinematic (lighting, effects, pacing) point of view, but imagine how much better they would be if they had a DARING ORIGINAL STORY to go with it as well.

Ah, well, when I sell my script to Hollywood, things will change! :>)

505. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010


“I predict we will take over the world with our INTELECT”

Hugh, you really make me laugh sometimes! Good one!

506. Hugh Hoyland - December 30, 2010

505 Harry Ballz

Thanks! And I’m working on a script to, whats your subject matter if I may ask?

P.S. Thank goodness for spell check! :]

507. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2010

Ok. Real News. Capricas last 5 Eps will be shown on Tuesday Jan 4th at 6pm EST. My B Day was on Dec 19 and Im now 42. I think Im almost ready to be promoted to ADMIRAL Mike of the Terran Empire.

508. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

506 — Harry’s script hinges on a bold yet slightly mad scientist who infuses Erica Durance (sp?) with actual acting ability. ; )

509. captain_neill - December 30, 2010


I think the problem with Hollywood these days is that the directors of big scale films are more technically minded than that of a storyteller.

Big blockbusters seemed to be churned and look shiny but don’t have the heart of films from years ago.

Not saying that that is every film, you still get a lot of great films in the mix. When the story and CGI work together beautifully then its great.

To me Marvel films these days are about pushing their Avengers movie rather than being well thought out movies. Its a machine rather than art.

I find also they try to recapture the original film or a style of film and the director actually doesn’t realise what made that original one a good film in the first place.

510. Hugh Hoyland - December 30, 2010

506 Brett Campbell
Now thats hard Sci-fi right there! :]

511. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010

506. Hugh Hoyland

My screenplay is a sci-fi thriller involving the JFK assassination. The story could be described as a cross between Oliver Stone’s “JFK” and James Cameron’s “Terminator 2″ with an influence of John Frankenheimer’s “The Manchurian Candidate”.

What’s your script about?

512. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010


Yeah, Brett, and I’m calling it “The Miracle Worker”!


513. Hugh Hoyland - December 30, 2010

511 Harry Ballz

Hey that sounds pretty dang good. If you ever want to share or have someone take a look I would be happy to.

As far as my stuff right now I’m working on a TOS based story, but I dont want it to be like anything done before in the movies, or TV, so cannon is out the window on that (I know, evil idea lol).

Then I have several others in the wings, the next one will likely be an adaptation of “Last and First Men”, then a remake of a rather obscure B Sci-Fi movie “The Creation of the Humanoids”. In my universe, directed by Tim Burton. lol

514. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 30, 2010

Wow! Harry! Your a JFK’er?

Ever take time to listen to Jim Fetzer’s radio show? Endless discussions with expers on the subject. Very revealing.

Really revealing was his MP3 interviews with Russ Baker – Family of Secrets – See parts I & II.

But I’m not being political here. No sir. Not me. Just passing the time till “he who shall not be named,” returns…as I go whisltling off into the dark…

515. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010

Hugh, sounds like cool stuff!

TMMW, I’ve been obsessed with the JFK assassination for 40 years. I’ve spent many thousands of hours studying every aspect of what happened that day. Fascinating stuff!

516. Phobos - December 30, 2010

What happened to the author of this website? Was he killed by a giant penguin in the Antartic while doing his thesis? Or is he merely taking a break during the holidays?

517. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 30, 2010

An understatement, to say the least. We’ve figured it out Harry. It’s what’s been wrong “down here” for the past 50 years. I think you can see that too.

518. Daoud - December 30, 2010

So, how about we start an over/under on what date AP, or other members of the staff start the next thread.

I’ll take JANUARY 2.

519. Hugh Hoyland - December 30, 2010

515. Harry Ballz

I hear that, a very interesting subject for me as well. I havent studied it nearly as much as you have for sure. But on that day I think this nation finally went around the bend, having been moving in that direction before anyway, but that really caved it in.

520. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

512 – Harry, good one as always! Happy New Year, sir!

521. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

506 – Hugh, also a nice zinger!

522. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 30, 2010

Perhaps after a time this website will evolve and began to ask itself existential questions like: “Is this all there is?” and “Is there no more?” then set out to find its creator while considering us all infesting carbon-based units. That would suck.

Anthony save us!

523. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 30, 2010

I’ll hide behind Harry.

He’ll talking it into exploding.

524. erin - December 30, 2010

it’s a social experiment…so interesting indeed.

525. Phil - December 30, 2010

515. TrekMadeMeWonder – December 30, 2010

Boy, did you miss the threads a few weeks back. Good conversation, regardless what story you believe…

526. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010


Thanks, Brett! Happy New Year to you as well!

527. Marc Henson - December 30, 2010

Is this website ever going to post any articles again? Geez man….this was the first stop for Trek news for me for a LONG time, and they haven’t posted anything since the 17th!!! For God’s sake what’s going on?? Trekweb is doing better than this site!

528. Vultan - December 30, 2010


Yeah, you might actually want to SEE the movie before you call it overrated.

529. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 30, 2010

Even though this site may appear dead, it’s still miles ahead of what has happened recently to Ainitcool (whos new format is terrible). Talk about needing an update.

Thieir Talkback has really gone to hell with the last website upgrade.
Why would you possible want to click on everyone’s title to see their comments? Talk about a hidden message.

Let’s all pray that Anthony does not have a “site upgrade” in the works.
Upgrades have a tendency to spoil what was originally so unique and usable.

530. VOODOO - December 30, 2010

I predict that Anthony return with some big news to kick off the new year!

531. Phil - December 30, 2010

531….yeah, he’s pregnant…

532. James Heaney - Wowbagger - December 30, 2010

#518: I’m taking January 4th, 2 PM Eastern Time

533. "Check the Circuit!" - December 30, 2010


Someone wake me up when this site is active again, please?

Back to sleep.

534. MJ - December 30, 2010

@496 @502 @528

Agreed, you need to see a movie before you are allowed to bash it. Some of the posts here seem to be taking down other movies for the sole point of elevating Tron — to lament that it is not number #1 this week. That is immature.

I have seen True Grit, Fokkers 3 and Tron, and rate them as follows:

1. True Grit. The best western I have seen in years — this is “old school” movie making as some of the posters here have been calling for — nothing is forced, and it moves along naturally like you are really there, and the acting by Bridges and the 14-year old girl is Oscar-level.

2. Tron. An outstanding continuation of the 1982 groundbreaking movie. Great special effects, decent acting, good world building. As with its 1982 counterpart, the concept of people being download and charters representing software withing 1982’s and today’s SOA software and computers is a tad unbelievable, but I was able to suspend my disbelief because the concept was carried off so well.

3. Little Fokkers. Has several very funny scenes, surrounded by a lot of mediocre filler. Better than #2, but pales in comparison to the original comedic classic. About what I expected.

535. MJ - December 30, 2010

@ 531/Phil “yeah, he’s pregnant…”

Congrats Phil to you and Anthony!

536. MJ - December 30, 2010

Re: Harry

Good luck dude on your script — sounds pretty cool!

537. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - December 30, 2010


I’m in the UK STILL waiting for my TREK V cd to be delivered….
I ordered it the minute it went online on SAE. My mate ordered his SIX hours after me and his arrived second week of Dec. We live 20 minutes walking distance away….. I emailed SAE and they said it’s left the US so it’s out of their hands. I’ve ordered another this morning.

Anyone else order one and not get it?!?!

538. Jim Nightshade - December 30, 2010

I got my Trek 5 soundtrack weeks ago…Its Great!

Yeh aicn s site is terrible…there are lots of comments about tron but they are so hard to read having to scroll over each one…dumb dumb….

I doubt their update will last long….

539. Phaser Guy - December 30, 2010

502 I DID see it. it wasn’t nearly as good as the original, and Unforgiven was still better.

540. Vultan - December 30, 2010


Unforgiven better! Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

541. Vultan - December 30, 2010

Only a Texas brush-popper would say something like that!

542. Vultan - December 30, 2010


Well put, MJ.

543. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2010

Ok. I got promoted. Kool. Don’t you just love the Terran Empire and how we get promoted.

544. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2010

Looking forward to seeing the last 5 Eps of Caprica on Syfy on Tuesday. Ill have my Tivo set to record. Maybe by then I will release Lt. Cdr Pascale from the Agoniser Booth.

545. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2010

Can’t wait till Smallville and V Get back in Jan. Also. I did like the way they left us hanging a bit on No Ordanary Family. Love what Bob and Alex are doing on Hawaii Five O.

546. Phil - December 30, 2010

536. MJ – December 30, 2010

Thank you. Thank you. We are so happy, gonna name the baby James. Sure hope it’s a boy…

546…Small-V?? Clarks an alien lizard?

547. Capes - December 30, 2010

Here is a great example of good writing….
12 Angry Men…..Henry Fonda + 12 Actors and basically a single room except for the opening scene. The writing and the acting HAD to be above par. Nothing else would hold the movie together. It’s been remade several times, each time it pales to the original.

FailSafe…..Ditto that….Fonda/Hagman and a great supporting cast
Run Silent Run Deep….
The Enemy Below/….
The Intruder…
The Best Man….

Writing and Acting folks…..when it’s done well, the most sophisticated prop needed? A table……. CGI needed? None…….

In the near future, there will be a generation that doesn’t even consider the Starship Enterprise as ever being a built model used with special effects but only as a computer generated image…..almost an icon. We have over-taken the plumbing on the “Flash/Panache” of CGI but we have forgotten that writing and acting still saves the day……

And I am starting to sound like a cranky old man……..
“I used be able to go to the movies for a nickel. I used to walk to school……uphill……..both ways……..” Ugh…..

548. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

547 – You’re just making sense. The problem for me with the ’09 Trek is that it was all flash and sizzle and there were far better stories and acting in most TOS episodes than in this big-budget cinematic version. I’ll gladly take less candy for the eye, and more meat for the heart, mind and soul. It was the stories and the acting in TOS that provided this, not the special effects. Hollywood these days doesn’t seem to learn that there needs to be genuine heart and emotion in films — special effects and pyrotechnics without a good story becomes just plain tedious and generic.

549. Phaser Guy - December 30, 2010

Fantastic. I was waiting for the Trek 09 bashing idiots to return.

550. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2010

One of the best Movies was the Final Countdown. No Fx except for the Storm that took them back in time. Kirk Douglas at his best.

551. Vultan - December 30, 2010


Good list of movies there, Capes. Another good “conversational/debate” movie is Paths of Glory. The performances of Kirk Douglas and George Macready were nothing short of Oscar-worthy, more powerful than any of the battle scenes shown earlier in the film. Too bad it was pretty much ignored at the time.

Anyway, you’re absolutely correct about acting and writing being more important than spectacle. Plato and Aristotle had it figured out a looong time ago… when the only fast cuts were in Sparta. ;)

552. dmduncan - December 30, 2010


Never read Stapleton SF! The very first SF book I read was a slim and wonderfully prescient novel called The Man Who Awoke which SHOULD be a major motion picture coming soon to a theater near me. Bill Murray would have made a wonderful (non-comic) casting choice as Norman Winters.

Before I was hijacked by other endeavors I wanted to be a director more than anything else. I adapted a SF novel to screenplay when I was 16, for practice, which came out to something like 230 pages, and then wrote my own script which I called The Renaissance Man, which title independently became a Hollywood movie with an entirely different story (mine was actually about a washed up NFL field goal kicker/alcoholic whose life is turned around by a high end call girl who takes an interest in him). Lost both scripts over the years. Not sure what I did with them.

553. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

549 – I didn’t bash so much as state my opinion, and why is it necessary to call me an idiot?

Happy New Year to you despite your spite.

554. Capes - December 30, 2010


You’re right. In his heyday, Kirk Douglas never disappointed. He left it all up on the screen….

Personally that’s why I love true independent films today. It usually starts with a topic that is a labor of love that fleshes out into a good story.

For various reasons “Free Enterprise” comes to mind although in isn’t in the same weight class as those other movies I listed……I really liked it. It had heart. That is where I think a lot of movies fall short now……

555. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 30, 2010

Ok. All of you will now get the Agoniser Booth. Just ike Anthony.

556. Basement Blogger - December 30, 2010

@ 550 Critics of Star Trek 2009 are not idiots.

Phaser Guy, Brett IS NOT AN IDIOT. He makes good points. Just because somebody didn’t worship Trek 09 doesn’t make them an idiot. So, Harve Bennett who criticiszed Star Trek 2009 is an idiot? I liked Star Trek 2009 but it is not as good as other great Star Trek . Compare it to “City on the Edge of Forever”, “Arena”, “The Doomsday Machine”, ” Amok Time”, the films, ” Wrath of Khan” “ST IV: The Journey Home, and let’s move to other Star Trek fiction, ” The Big Goodbye” (a science fiction film noir), “The Best of Both Worlds” “The Inner Light”. “I Borg”, “The Chase” (Yes, the Chase is the most Roddenberryesque episode of the series) , “Tapestry”: DS9’s “The Visitor”, Voyager’s ” The Cloud” and so many intelligent Star Trek episodes that would take a Trekker years to compile. What’s the differnece between great Star Trek and the 2009 film? Great Star Trek works on multiple levele as Leonard Nimoy likes to say. I will distill them. Adventure. Heart and INTELLIGENCE.

What Brett yearns for is intelligent science fiction. It’s where ideas are more important than a visceral thrill. It’s where dialogue is not evil but something that adults want to think about. I just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey on Blue Ray. 2001 is a great film. I miss a science fiction film which asks us to think.

J.J. Abrams is a great film director. His television show “Fringe” is intelligent and remarkable. But Star Trek (2009) was not made to appeal to the thinking man. Abrams view of Star Trek was that it was “a little too talky.” (Entertaiment Weekly, 5-8-09, pg. 30, par. 2) He describes what he was doing with Star Trek 2009 as this, “WE WERENT’ MAKING A MOVIE FOR FANS OF STAR TREK. WE WERE MAKING A MOVIE FOR FANS OF MOVIES.” (Entertainment Weekly, 10-24-08, pg. 30, 31) Translation: Today’s movies primariily appeal to teenagers since they are the audience that Hollywood can depend on for steady revenue. (NPR story below.) Yet, smart science fiction still can thrive. See Moon (2009) Moon beat out Star Trek for the Hugo Award; District 9 (2009) and Inception (2010)

I’m grateful that Star Trek (2009) did what it did. It rebooted the franchise. It made new fans. However, Star Trek is Gene Roddenberry’s vision. Gene made shows for a mass audience but he also wanted intelligence. (See TrekMovie story with his letter defending “The Cage.”) Star Trek is not Star Wars. Let’s have what Leonard Nimoy has always described as great Trek. Adventure, Heart and Intelligence.

In the Basement, but not an idiot.
Basement Blogger

1. NPR story; Todays films are made for teenagers; TV is for adults.

2. Roger Ebert’s review of Star Trek 2009; ideas are traded for big colorful action.

3. TrekMovie Story: Gene Roddenberry defends “The Cage.”

557. ensign jack - December 30, 2010

Sigh… I swear if this website goes down, I will mourn it like an old friend. Kinda sad

558. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

556 – Basement — thank you for your kind words and your insightful comments. You hit quite a few nails right smack on their heads.

And if anyone should care, this idiot Brett just finished earning his Ph.D., with the date of conferral and graduation date being December 31, 2010. So, Phaser can piss all he wants, but he won’t rain on MY parade.

Happy New Year to you, to all the fine folks who contribute to, and to all the intelligent, perceptive and astute folks who post here, sharing their love of and insights about “Star Trek.”

559. Phaser Guy - December 30, 2010

Yeah, cause we all know Star Trek Insurrection was such intelligent sci fi.

560. Praetor Tal - December 30, 2010


What you smokin’, bro? Phi Alpha Theta. I have mad history skillz.

561. Rocket Scientist - December 30, 2010

559. ?? Nowhere did I see anybody offering “Insurrection” as a superior alternative to Trek 09. Count me among those who were entertained by Trek 09 but still found many things that didn’t quite ring true to the Trek legacy. There is room for all opinions. Resorting to name calling and baseless accusations is not a worthy pursuit.

562. Driver - December 30, 2010

Upon casual viewing, the turbolift ascention scene in STV is in keeping with Star Trek fantasy sci-fi. Only when examined closely does one notice the extreme deck level numbers. This is an intentional gaff by the filmmakers, not an oversite.

563. pock speared - December 30, 2010

couple o’ maybes on the current state of trekmovie.

anthony is dead, jim. that’s it. were fukked.

anthony is taking a break from trek, rethinking his life, would like to kiss another person not wearing a prosthetic forehead for once, has had it with captain “i like the new movie but have issues with it adfinfrikkinatum” neil and, and deserves this egress.

anthony is about to roll out “trekhq”, and there will be a great rejoicing (and gnashing of teeth).

anthony never existed. cgi by jj.

564. MC1 Doug - December 30, 2010


You’re being a bit over dramatic, don’t you think?

It’s just a website…

565. Harry Ballz - December 30, 2010


Thanks, MJ! I appreciate that!


Hey, congratulations, Brett! That’s BIG NEWS!! What a tremendous accomplishment!

566. MC1 Doug - December 30, 2010


I DO think ‘2001 ASO’ is the greatest science fiction movie ever. Followed by (not in any particular order):

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Planet of the Apes
Star Trek The Motion Picture (ranked in order of favs: 1)
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan (3)
Star Trek First Contact (4)
Star Trek The Undiscovered Country (2)
Star Trek The Voyage Home (5)
Forbidden Planet
Fantastic Voyage
Colossus The Forbin Project
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
War of the Worlds (1951)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (original)
Village of the Damned
Three Million Years to Earth
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Flash Gordon
The Time Machine (1960)
The Invisible Man (James Whale’s 1930s classic)
This Island Earth
King Kong
20 Million Miles to Earth
Star Wars: A New Hope
Minority Report
Battlefield Earth (TOTALLY kidding! yuck!!!)

Followed by some TV sci fi movies/shows

Genesis II
The Questor tapes
Earth II (starring Gary Lockwood)
The People (starring William Shatner and Kim Darby)
Lost in Space (season one only)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (season one and two)
Babylon 5
Stargate SG1
Seaquest DSV (season one)
Time Tunnel (guilty pleasure)
The Adventures of Jonny Quest (1964)
Battlestar Galactica
Star Trek (TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9 and ENT)
Space 1999 (season one)

My list… for what it’s worth… I’m sure I’ve left something off the list (darn it).

567. Green Blooded Bastard - December 30, 2010

What’s going on in here? I haven’t seen activity in two weeks. Is Anthony okay? Is the site okay?

Just concerned is all.

568. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - December 30, 2010

Oh no! Everyone running this site suddenly heeded William Shatner’s immortal SNL words…

“Get a life!”

569. Jim Nightshade - December 30, 2010

Congrats Brett sir-rest assured most of us here respect yours n everybodys opinions—ice to see 20,000 leagues under the sea on your movie list–one of kirk douglas’s greatest most heroic n fun movies—and james mason as the definitive nemo—one of disneys best movies

570. Jim Nightshade - December 30, 2010

the comment bout 20,000 leagues was from mc1 dougs movie list no bretts hehehe…

571. MC1 Doug - December 30, 2010

#566: yep



I’m sure there are still more (grin).

572. Jim Nightshade - December 30, 2010

When I clicked on this site today got an ABOUT this website which explained its history main staff and popularity…Interesting…..i had not seen that before….

573. Brett Campbell - December 30, 2010

Harry and Jim — Thank you so much for the congratulations! I truly appreciate it! I’m freakin’ exhausted at the end of five long years of hard work. I look forward to the start of a new year and a new decade. Happy New Year to you both! Let’s hope it’s a great year and a great decade for the unstoppable juggernaut called “Star Trek”!

574. Vultan - December 30, 2010


Hey Jim, if you like 20,000 Leagues, check out this poster I did awhile back:

575. Brett Campbell - December 31, 2010

Holy cow, Vultan! That’s excellent! You’re extremely talented!

576. MJ - December 31, 2010

Brett, congrats as well — a PhD is an outstanding accomplishment!

Phaser Guy — If you provided more reasoning behind your typical one-to-two sentence blanket statements on topics — some of which I agree with, and some which I don’t — I think you would get more out of the discourse here. :-)

Praetor Tal — my apologies, but if you look at your original post I think you can see why I might have concluded that you did not make the connection to the original Tea Party historical event in 1773.

577. MJ - December 31, 2010


NICE !!!!!

578. MJ - December 31, 2010


How about Things to Come, Blade Runner and Avatar?

579. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2010


Vultan, very nice work!

580. Phobos - December 31, 2010

@537 Hi James,

Sorry to hear you never received your ST V CD.
Hope you get the 2nd one.

I have mine transferred to my iPod. I like most of the tracks, and there is an intriguing rendition of the song of when Uhura was singing in the desert. There’s 2 versions actually, 1 plain, and 1 with more instruments.
There’s also row row your boat. lol very plain but evokes of memories from the movie.

581. Brett Campbell - December 31, 2010

576 – MJ, Thank you very much! Happy New Year to you!!

582. Phaser Guy - December 31, 2010

576 Chill out dude, it’s just a website.

583. Vultan - December 31, 2010

Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words.

Happy New Year!

584. Capes - December 31, 2010

#600 is just around the corner……

MJ, if you will do the honor…….

585. MJ - December 31, 2010


586. MJ - December 31, 2010


587. MJ - December 31, 2010


588. MJ - December 31, 2010


589. MJ - December 31, 2010


590. MJ - December 31, 2010


591. MJ - December 31, 2010


592. MJ - December 31, 2010


593. MJ - December 31, 2010


594. MJ - December 31, 2010


595. MJ - December 31, 2010


596. MJ - December 31, 2010


597. MJ - December 31, 2010


598. MJ - December 31, 2010


599. MJ - December 31, 2010

post .

600. MJ - December 31, 2010

*** HERE ***

601. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 31, 2010

first to 601 MUHAHA

602. Vultan - December 31, 2010

Who else thinks we can make it to 1,000 posts?! C’mon, who’s with me?! LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! TREKKIES OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!


603. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2010

Yes, just imagine the staggering achievement of reaching 1000 posts! Why, they’ll sing folk songs about us!

(boy, sarcasm doesn’t translate well when typed out, does it?) :>)

604. Trekman_Dave - December 31, 2010

To keep the circle of Trek going I will add to the 1000 List, by wishing everyone who has ever watched Trek a Very Happy and Prosper 2011!

605. captain_neill - December 31, 2010

Basement and Brett

I agree, it stupid on this site for someone to think that a person is an idiot just because they either don’t like the new movie or do’t like it as the best one.

There is so much Trek out there, that I don’t understand why the new movie must be viewed as the best ever.

I loved watching the new movie despite my gripes but I also still love the other Treks.

And also I wish the fans gave Enterprise the chance a full seven years but as usual you complain when its on and then get upset when it was taken off air.

606. Anthony Thompson - December 31, 2010

Congrats to Rosario for over 600 comments on this article! ; )

607. Anthony Thompson - December 31, 2010


I’m on the same page with you, Harry.

608. Phaser Guy - December 31, 2010


609. Mark Lynch - December 31, 2010

I’m forced to wonder whether Anthony is performing some sort of social experiment with his extended absence….?

Let’s face it, many of the comments that appear are of the type;
“Slow news day then Anthony?”
“Your article sucks! Use a spellcheker dude!” (misspelling intentional, I like irony.)
“I hate ST 2009! and you suck!”
“I love ST 2009! and you suck!”

Or perhaps he is fed up with the attitude of a vocal minority that have nothing better to do than always complain about something which is given free of charge.
Or maybe this is just to make us appreciate what we actually have?
Who knows for sure?

Perhaps AP is just on holiday after all, and I am just a bit paranoid :)

It would be a real shame if AP never came back. This is a good site for Trek news and discussion.
I really like it here. I don’t visit or post as much as I should, but there’s always Harry to look forward to when I do…!

What was the point of this post? Oh yeah,
Have a look at the link below to see what a talented and dedicated Star Trek fan can do. You won’t be disappointed.

Before I forget, Happy New Year to all!

Don’t forget to show your support for Star Trek Phase 2 and Star Trek: Excalibur in 2011, I think this is the only way we are going to get any (real time-line) Trek entertainment for a long time to come…

610. P Technobabble - December 31, 2010

539. phaser
Sorry I got you wrong. From your prior post, I got the impression you hadn’t seen it (True Grit). I’m not a fan of Westerns, in general, so this movie is definitely not for me.

Meanwhile, Sci-fi geek that I am, the first sci-fi book I read was Robert Heinlein’s “Orphans of the Sky,” when I was about 10. This wasn’t his best, but Heinlein became one of my favorite authors. And, of course, Asimov, Clarke, Silverberg, Simak, etc.

I still wish someone would make “Rendezvous With Rama.” I think Morgan Freeman was gonna do it, but it never happened.

Besides Star Trek, I’d like to see “Lost In Space” brought back to tv, but as a serious show, without the camp of the original. And without Dr. Smith — even then, I couldn’t stand the character. If they had to have him, then kill him off once the ship is lost.

I hope “Inception” is a sign of things to come. While it wasn’t perfect, it was somewhat outside the box. That’s how sci-fi should be.

611. Aldo F. Rodriguez - December 31, 2010

Live Long and Prosper and Happy New Year to all my fellow Trekkers!

612. Mark Lynch - December 31, 2010

Morgan Freeman is still trying to get Rama made by all accounts, but he is not having much luck. A shame, as I think this would be a fantastic film if made right.

There is some information here, but not much though.

613. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

Well. I think we will hit the 1,000 mark. Harry. I wish you a very happy and safe new year.

614. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

To all in the Terran Empire I wish you continue Success in Conqering all who oppose the Empire in the new Year. To all in the Federation. I wish you a very Happy and safe New Year. To all in Trek Movie and you to Harry. Happy New Year.

615. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

To all in the Terran Empire I wish you continue Success in Conqering all who oppose the Empire in the new Year. To all in the Federation. I wish you a very Happy and safe New Year. To all in Trek Movie and you to Harry. Happy New Year.

616. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

Do any of you think it is time I let Anthony out of the Agoniser Booth. Or Should I keep him there for a while longer.

617. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2010


Thanks, Mark and Commodore Mike! I appreciate it! Happy New Year!

618. Phil - December 31, 2010

617…at least until the 4th…

619. Harry Ballz - December 31, 2010

At least until the 4th of what? :>)

620. Capes - December 31, 2010

Could take months Harry. I’m thinking 4th of July…..

621. Capes - December 31, 2010

Out of curiosity where does everyone hail from? I’m in NC….

622. Andy Patterson - December 31, 2010

Since we’re using this thread as the catch all forum right now….I was just watching Sesame Street with my 2 and 4 yr olds. Saw Zoe Saldana playing make believe rocket ship with Elmo. That’s kind of Trek news.

I know I’m the generation that grew up with Sesame Street but wow, it’s changed. Where’s Bob, and The Count? And it took me watching it through my kid’s eyes to see the appeal of Elmo.

623. Chris Doohan - December 31, 2010


624. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

Happy New years Chris.

625. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

#621. Im in Austin Texas. A Balmy 65 here.

626. Capes - December 31, 2010

@624 Happy New Year Chris!

@603 Vultan:

627. Phil - December 31, 2010

619. Harry Ballz – December 31, 2010
Your choice…pick a month.

628. Phil - December 31, 2010

622. Capes – December 31, 2010
Southern CA. Not raining today, but it’s cold…

629. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 31, 2010

Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year! Even those of you who are always wrong. And may next year be better tthan the last. Cheers!

630. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

#629. Thank you and you have a Happy New years as well. Though I am never wrong.

631. Ashley - December 31, 2010

** My contribution to this epic, insane, and somewhat sad thread. ;D **

Happy Twenty-Eleven Everyone! ^_^

632. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 31, 2010

Vail, Co by way of NYC, Atlanta, Denver, Scottsdale, Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole.

633. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - December 31, 2010

Um, Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire, I was not referring to you, nor would I …ever; at least not while you’re holding that agonizer.

And congrats on your latest promotion!

634. pock speared - December 31, 2010

i’d kill for some onion soup right now.

635. ensign joe - December 31, 2010

is it too soon to start countdown posts?

636. Jim Nightshade - December 31, 2010

Vultan that poster of 20,000 Leagues is incredible! You are very talented! Thats better than any of Disneys Posters for the movie…WOW! Thanks for sharing that with us! You caught the heroism and excitement of the movie perfectly and the characters as well!

Very Impressive!

637. TrekMadeMeWionder - December 31, 2010


Happy 2011 Everyone!!!!


638. Vultan - December 31, 2010


Thanks, Jim. Much appreciated. Happy New Year!

639. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. - December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to all here! You are a great group to visit with.

And Happy Birthday to ME and all my fellow New Year’s Eve Birthday babies!

640. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Gene L. Coon!

641. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

#633. You are a very Smart One. Happy New year to you.
#637. So how is Back to the Future.

642. Phobos - December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to all :)

643. Phil - December 31, 2010

638. TrekMadeMeWionder – December 31, 2010

Well, that was anticlimatic. Wake me when it’s 2012.

Think I’ll make fome French Onion Soup…..

644. MJ - December 31, 2010

@639. Agreed and Thanks — I am 47 today.

645. MJ - December 31, 2010


1.5 Years now to Trek 2012 !!!!!

646. Basement Blogger - December 31, 2010

On 2001; the Blu-Ray Edition, muscial prelude, the end music and the 17 minutes cut.

I read the linked Blastr article on 2001. The 17 minutes of film found is the footage that Kubrick cut after the premiere. If you read Leoanrd Maltin’s Movie Guide, he confirms what Kubrick did. So, maybe somebody saw it in the theater. I have no idea if it was Kubrick’s idea to cut the film or the studio told him to.

If you get a chance to view 2001 on Blu-Ray with a HDTV, do so. It’s magnificent. The image and the colors are crisp and clear. It looks like it was just made yesterday. Also, I’ m sorry Douglas Trumbull couldn’t get that documentary made on the movie. That would be fascinating.

One question. Why did Kubrick put Gyorgy Ligeti’s “Atmosheres” (according to Wikipedia and “seen” on the Blu-Ray) in a plelude to the movie? I mean it’s just black screen with this atonal polytonal music. Does it reflect the alien race and evolution? What about ending the credits with the Blue Danube and more black screen after the credits? The height of civilized man until the next step of evolution?

Oh, by the way, Star Trek: The Motion Picture also opens with a musical prelude except it’s with a star field. It’s Goldsmith’s beautiful “Illia’s Theme.” I wonder any director will ever open a film with a musical prelude again.

647. Craiger - December 31, 2010

Will Trekmovie be back in 2011?

648. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2010

That’s because ST-TMP had class and all the other ST films did not.

649. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 31, 2010

Its already 2011 in parts of the world.
Since the internet is global, I’d say yes.

650. Brett Campbell - December 31, 2010

621 — Capes — I’m from Vermont. Happy New Year!

651. Vultan - December 31, 2010

#621 Capes

I’m in Oklahoma. Happy New Year from the Sooner State!

652. Vultan - December 31, 2010


Was TMP the last film to have a musical prelude? I know they were quite common in the 50’s and 60’s, especially with the sword and sandal epics. Some of them even had musical intermissions and entr’acte segments—a real “theater” experience, I guess!

Anyway, Peter Jackson should bring back the practice (since his movies are usually in the epic scale—and over three hours long!) And it would give composers a little extra room to show off their talents.

653. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 31, 2010

Hey Trek Movie is Back. I have let Anthony out of the Agoniser Booth.

654. Jim Nightshade - December 31, 2010

The Black Hole was one of the last ones I remember seeing with a musical prelude like TMP had….and 2001…..Thats a great question wonder if any others since had one….hmm?

Also looks like Anthony is back on the grid…Welcome back Anthony! Happy New Years to all of and its many readers and posters….all great…

655. Andy Patterson - December 31, 2010


Kubrick used Ligeti a lot. That “Eyes Wide Shut” had it all through out. Think he was big into him.

656. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - December 31, 2010


657. MJ - December 31, 2010

You know, if Antony could have just take 3 more days off, we might just have pulled off the impossible here and made it to 1000 posts. Kind of sad now….

658. Charla - December 31, 2010

YAY!!! Ok now we can breath easy lol

659. Red Dead Ryan - December 31, 2010


I hope you get your copy. It’s a great soundtrack. You get all the music that wasn’t on the original or is pushed into the background during the movie either by sound effects or dialogue.

I recieved my copy a few days ago along with copies of Danny Elfman’s “Batman” and “Batman Returns” expanded albums. Great stuff.

660. keachick - December 31, 2010

Wonderful. Anthony is back. Yay.

It is indeed 2011 here, 5.22pm as I type this. Now, come on, keep up, you guys up there…:)

661. Dr_Beckett - December 31, 2010


Not sure if this counts, but the DVD of Ridley Scotts directors cut Kingdom of Heaven featured prelude, intermission as well as entracte segments

662. Capes - January 1, 2011

Last word……

663. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2011

Maybe not……..

664. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2011

Definitely not…..

665. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2011

Earlier, I watched the “Bridge On The River Kwai” Blu Ray. Total classic.

Also, did anyone actually think making a “Spider-Man” musical was a good idea? The lead actress has left the production and the actor who plays Spider-Man/Peter Parker got injured a few weeks ago. Plus, it looks like a Joel Shumacher production.

And I like U2 and Spider-Man. But they just don’t go together.

666. MC1 Doug - January 1, 2011


You’re right, I forgot ‘Things to come.’

I’ve actually never seen ‘Bladerunner.’

‘Avatar’ was okay, but it just reminded me of ‘Dances With Wolves’ too much… not that that was a bad thing.

Notice I didn’t include Star Trek 2009… I liked it. Liked it a lot. But I don’t think it will be remembered as a classic film.

667. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2011


668. MC1 Doug - January 1, 2011

#610: remaking ‘Lost in Space.’

Incidentally, a group of ‘Lost in Space’ fans are planning to mount a online remake of the series, ala Jim Cawley’s ‘Star Trek Phase II.’

Here’s the link:

It looks intriguing… the plans are for a more serious look at the series, using the best elements of the first season… and updating the Jupiter II (it appears to be nearly two times the size of the original spacecraft).

669. MC1 Doug - January 1, 2011

#677: Doesn’t look like it…not yet anyway.


670. MC1 Doug - January 1, 2011

oops…. 667!

671. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2011


So is “LAST” the new “FIRST”?

672. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2011

Well, let me be the FIRST to say LAST!

673. Pah Wraith - January 1, 2011

Sorry to steal the show from you ;)

LAST – for the time being ;)

674. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2011

Sorry. Harry. I will have the last word and if not I will put who ever in the Agoniser Booth. long live the terran Empire!!!!!!!!

675. Hugh Hoyland - January 1, 2011

552 dmduncan

Ya he had/has a lot of influence on some the better known Sci-Fi authors around. But he never did quite gain the fame he himself probably should have. Its going to be an adventure trying to adapt that novel for sure. But what the heck is what I say! :]

676. dmduncan - January 1, 2011

In other words, the Avatard Bubble is bursting.

677. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2011


No, really, how long can this LAST? :>)

678. Red Dead Ryan - January 1, 2011


Until Anthony decides to shut it all down and kick us to the (proverbial) curb!

679. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2011

Hey! Never mind a show like LOST! Let’s create one called LAST!

680. MJ - January 1, 2011

@ 666 (The Number of the Beast?)

Dude, you really need to see Blade Runner…HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

681. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2011

Ok. Whoever is last will be first and first be last. But what about the middle of the pack. Or Second or third. Hmm. Must be still drunk from last year. Or Night.

682. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2011

#666. You are Evil. To the Agonioser booth with you.

683. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 1, 2011

Seen Tron again today. I think it is a great movie and I hope they do a 3rd Movie. To complete the triolgy.

684. MJ - January 1, 2011

@666 “Notice I didn’t include Star Trek 2009… I liked it. Liked it a lot. But I don’t think it will be remembered as a classic film.”

You are right, it is not as good Torchwood, Village of the Damned, Fringe and Sequest DSV.

(wink / LOL)

685. TrekMadeMeWonder - January 1, 2011


Nah. I think the robot is just way off in the distance.

ANd 667, Harry.
I am LAST this time.

686. MC1 Doug - January 1, 2011

#682: Me? evil?

How come?


Um, I meant ‘Village of the Damned (1960, not the remake).’

Other than the movie, you’re comparing TV shows to a movie?

I somehow think declaring ‘last’ is too much temptation for one to upmanship one another. :-)

687. Basement Blogger - January 1, 2011

Just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey again. I began to wonder what makes this film such a masterpiece? I mean the pacing is slow as molasses. Yet, from the beginning atonal musical prelude to the plains of Africa, there’s a method here. Every shot is like a painting. And from the begining, Kubrick wants us to think. Whether it’s “what’s going on? to “What is the Monolith?” And that’s what makes this film great. Kubrick wants the audience to absorb the sights and sounds and to think.

Watched the documentary hosted by James Cameron. Wow. Kubrick was thinking about depicting the aliens. They made the correct choice by not. Yet, why was I disappointed along with Mr. Mackey in South Park when no aliens were depicted in “Contact.” (1997) One, I think at the time, filmmakers could depict aliens in a serious manner. Two, in Contact, the aliens invited “contact.” It didn’t hurt Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” (1977)

It’s interesting that Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan don’t think aliens would be of the humanoid mold. Could we accept an alien in film that is not humanoid, perhaps in Star Trek? Yes, the Tholians were not humanoid. What about a multi-tentacled alien in the next film? And what about Green Lantern?…

688. Basement Blogger - January 1, 2011

One thing I loved about Green Lantern as a kid, was that we got a depiction of strange looking aliens. I was just looking at Green Lantern: Secret Origin, and there are weird looking aliens. Some with multiple tentacles, etc. All part of fhe galactic Green Lantern corp. It was cool. Maybe the new Green Lantern film will give us that wonder.

689. MJ - January 1, 2011

@687. Simple answer to your Contact quandry — Contact was based on the Carl Sagan novel, and the aliens did not appear in that novel. Hence, no aliens in the movie.

690. MJ - January 1, 2011

@686. “#682: Me? evil?”

I believe that Commodore Mike was having fun with the fact that you had posted at #666 – “The Number of the Beast”.

“Um, I meant ‘Village of the Damned (1960, not the remake).’ ”

I assumed that. Wow, OK, if you think movie that is better than Trek 10, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I agree with most of your list BTW, but do not agree with the slight at Trek 10, and do not see “The Motion Sickness” as the best Trek movie for my part.

691. MJ - January 1, 2011

@688. Agreed Basement Blogger, I have high hopes for the movie as well. I think some folks on these boards have jumped to too many conclusions on Green Lantern based on the trailer…my boys and I will be there opening night.

692. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


693. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


694. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


695. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


696. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


697. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


698. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


699. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011


700. nobull-23 - January 1, 2011

IT !!!!! …..700

701. MJ - January 1, 2011

Hey Nobull, you stole my gig! :-)

702. MJ - January 1, 2011


Seriously folks, it looks like we could still pull off 1000 posts here still if we stay committed to this thread until lets say Tuesday of this week — KEEP POSTING — let’s get to 800 by Sunday night, 900 by Monday night and 1000 by Tuesday night.

703. dmduncan - January 1, 2011

Kubrick was a control freak and I doubt he knew why he was doing what he was doing half the time he was doing it. I think he wanted things to appear on film as close to how he imagined them in his head, and it was less about some important artistic reason why and more about the satisfaction of achieving on film exactly what he saw in his head.

He was the opposite of Francis Coppola who incorporated improvisation brilliantly. If there’s a better film than Apocalypse Now, I haven’t seen it yet. It is the most vivid and powerful reflection of our contradictory, blissfully ignorant society that I have ever seen in a cinematic work of fiction.

704. dmduncan - January 1, 2011

If you haven’t seen de Sica’s The Bicycle Thief, that’s a worthy watch as well. Very poignant. The scene where the father hocks the bedsheets and the clerk has to climb a ladder to stuff the bedsheets at the top of a stack of bedsheets on an entire wall of bedsheets that others have hocked, was a memorable way to visually establish the poverty of the people in postwar Italy where a family’s survival could depend on a bicycle.

705. MJ - January 1, 2011

Love Apocalypse Now, but his first two Godfather movies are better, IMHO. I think the best war treatment every done was Hanks and Spielberg’s Band of Brothers.

706. Harry Ballz - January 1, 2011


LAST to know you’ve been bested, TMMW? :>)

707. MJ - January 1, 2011

Forget LAST, we are going to 1000

708. dmduncan - January 1, 2011

Spielberg has become a modern day Leni Riefenstahl producing status quo propaganda. I know he would be shocked to hear that, and he would probably think it was an absurd claim, but he is doing for America exactly what Riefenstahl did for Nazi Germany by perpetuating the false dichotomy between political parties; if he had any balls he would be pointing out that it’s all just a good cop/bad cop routine, and that they’re both cops with a common fondness for caging people.

And although the Godfather movies are great, they do not reflect our society the way Apocalypse Now does. The Godfather movies are really a morality tale about THAT family’s struggle to survive and stay together. Apocalypse Now is about a country and a people who have a disease of the soul which they do not recognize. It is profound because it is true and epidemic and growing in relevance.

709. MJ - January 2, 2011

sure, whatever. :-)

710. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011


“Band Of Brothers” was great as well as “The Pacific”. What’s great about those mini-series is that big names were not needed to provide big performances.

Also, “Saving Private Ryan” was really well done as well. That and “Shindler’s List” are both arguably Steven Spielberg’s best work, topping even “Jaws”, “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, and “Jurassic Park”.

P.S. Tom Hardy (Shinzon from “Nemesis”) appeared in “Band Of Brothers” while William Sadler (Sloan, “Deep Space Nine”) was in “The Pacific”.

711. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011


Hey, Apu, gimmee a slurpee! Oh, wait…..

712. MJ - January 2, 2011

@710. Agreed, and although bleak and inconclusive (allowing us to determine the outcome of moral dilemma), I really think Munich stands high as well. The Color Purple was pretty good as well, and of course the timeless classic, Jaws, is one of the best movies ever made.

713. MJ - January 2, 2011

FYI — there was recently an outstanding 1-hour documentary on the making of Jaws on Discovery or a similar channel. It was amazing to see how the whole thing almost fell apart and took 3 times as long to film as planned due to the difficulty with the water scenes, the shark effects, and other issues; plus some of the actors couldn’t stand each other.

714. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011

The challenges the production crew experienced with the shark is the stuff of legend. After all these years, the movie still holds up pretty good. But I have to agree with Marty McFly:

“The shark still looks fake.”

As for “The Pacific”, it accurately depicted that part of the war as being even more brutal than the European conflict against the Nazis.(And that is saying something, with the concentration camps and gas chambers) People tend to forget that the Japanese soldiers did some horrific things to their enemies and people they had conquered. Hopefully, the horrors of World War II never happen again, though sadly, humans will always have the capacity in one form or another.

715. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 703, dmduncan answer some questions, Bob Orci ‘s view on Archuleta Mesa, and 1000 posts

First, I’m not sure 1000 posts is a record. But we can do that without cheap shortcuts. We can disuss science fiction raised by the story and talk about other topics without the cheap same guy takinig us to 1000.

Second, Kubrick might be a control freak. That might be why 2001 is a work of art. I can’t take my eyes away from it. I cant’ stop thinking about it. The fact is that whatever he did , it worked.

Third, dmduncan, I’m glad I see you here. I saw an old program of UFO Hunters. It was about the Archuleta Mesa, New Mexico at the alleged (underground) Dulce Base. The allegations are wild. There are reptoids working at this base? Are we talking about aliens like the Gorn? There was a firefight between aliens and humans in 1979? On the show, two of the three investigators were skeptical as well as they should be. What do you think?

And I know Bob Orci likes to talk about the Kennedy assassination. And by the way the great game Half Life is based on Archuleta Mesa. Bob, I see you’re back, what do you think about this UFO stuff? And by the way, it looks like J.J. Abrams’s “Super 8″ is mining the government -UFO stuff.

Conference on Dulce Base, N.M.

716. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

On Star Trek: The Motion Picture

There’s been some discussion on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” (1979) I’ve just watched the Director’s Edition. My view is that this is a film that has suffered an unfair evaluation. And while the director’s edition is improved, it’s still basically the one that I saw in the theater.

I will agree that the movie was not executed well. And I will cite examples. When the crew of the Enterprise is viewing what is happening to the space station as it is being digitized by V’Ger, there’s no sound. i mean if you and I were watching people getting digitized, there should be at least gasps. Second, there too many scenes of the bridge looking at the viewscreen. Third, director Robert Wise should have not done so many first person views of V’Ger. A third person shot of the Enterpirse, with the Enterprise taking say a third of the scene would work. Fourth, there was too much of the first person journey through V’Ger. That sapped all the energy away from point where device Illia boarded the Enterpirse which should have grabbed the general audience. As a sci-fi fan, I was still there.

But what will make this film fare better in Star Trek history? Yes, it was like the TOS episode, “The Changeling” but it tried to do everything that made Star Trek great. It was science fiction. With the exception of the transporter, there was a basis for the fiction in science. There was no simple, mustache twirling villain. The writers made an attempt to connect the story to humanity’s quest to explore the stars by bringing NASA into the story. V’ger’s quest for more than just machine logic was a question of existence. Spock, now grows by making peace with his human side. There’s a great moment of heart where Decker realizes that device Illia still has the sentient Illia in her and he still loves her. And of course, I love to listen to Dr. McCoy. His ideas may not be practical, but I agree with him.

History will judge “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” in a better light than it is today. It was not executed well, but there’s no quetion that it was intelligent science fiction. And I can say with confidence, it’s Star Trek.

717. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 708

Dmduncan, we love you, but did you just say that Steven Spielberg was like Leni Riefenstahl? The one that directed “Triumph of the Will” (1935) a piece of propaganda that covered the 1934 Nazi Nuremberg rally? Yeah, it was skillfully made, but are you saying that Spielberg is some type of pro-government robot making movies supporting a regime? You can’t say that about “Munich.” (2005)

718. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 712 On the film “Munich”

First, MJ, thanks for informing me on Sagan’s novel “Contact.” Second, I agree with you on Spielberg’s “Munich” (2005), that it stands high. And the themes in “Munich” do relate to Star Trek.

When you talk to people about the plot to “Munich”, they all agree , let’s get the terrorists. And I agree let’s get them. But the great thing about the movie is that it shows the human toll. Eric Bana (Nero in Trek ’09) does a a fantastic job of portraying the costs of revenge. He has these wonderful civilized sides; he loves his family and he loves to cook, but he kills for his government. That may sound okay until one of a member of his team wonders when it will stop. The greatness of Speilberg comes in the last scene when Bana asks his handler (Geoffrey Rush) to stay for dinner. Civilized, isn’t it? Rush says no. The camera backs away to show the twin towers before 9-11. The point? When does it stop?

There have been themes of revenge in Star Trek. But the moral costs of revenge has been covered in Star Trek: First Contact. (1996) Unlike “Wrath of Khan” it’s the hero who has trouble with revenge. Picard is so consumed by revenge that it almost costs the lives of his crew.. Thankfully, Picard is reminded of the price of revenge by Lilly when she cites “Moby Dick.”

719. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011


Sorry, it was there and I could not resit.

imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. :)

720. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

718. Basement Blogger – January 2, 2011

Yes, and I’m a fan of Spielberg but there is no escaping, for me at least, that he is behind some serious status quo propaganda. In contrast to Apocalypse Now, Spielberg’s war films are perfectly pro status quo pieces that reinforce the good guys vs. bad guys image. Sure, he chose WWII, the last war we declared, so there is some merit to the idea because we actually followed our Constitution to fight it, though we weren’t attacked by Nazi Germany, but the movies are shown in our CURRENT time and space, when we are fighting an undeclared war in Afghanistan and drone striking people in Pakistan.

We need people to question how things are now, not go along with them, and Spielberg is NOT a questioner.

And after his bioganda about Barack Obama he’s now advising the democrats (politicians, that is) on how to rebrand themselves? How do you rebrand liars and criminals? “Rebranding” is exactly what Corporations do when their products stink and they’ve gained a horrible reputation. They change their names to fool people into thinking they are somehow “new” or “under new management,” when they’re the same old crap. “Rebranding” is a euphemism for lying and deceiving. Propaganda.

And I’m not a democrat OR a republican. I have to add that because I’ve been accused of being both at various times.

721. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

It pains me to compare Spielberg to Riefenstahl, but it pains me because although I Iike Spielberg and so many of his movies, the comparison is STILL APT in a disturbing number of ways!

722. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

I also should say that in the beginning I assumed we really WANTED to catch Bin Laden, and that it was sheer strategic incompetence on Rumsfeld’s part that we telegraphed all our intentions so clearly up to Bora Bora. Now I think it may have been intended.

When we capture of kill Bin Laden, our ostensible reason for being in Afghanistan — a nation that we curiously discovered has an abundant supply of lithium under it’s soil (and why are we looking for minerals there anyway? That’s not usually a job performed by American military personnel, although it’s always possible that some Marine Corps Jed Klampet was out shooting at some Taliban when up from the ground came a bubblin’ lithium) — then it’s harder to maintain a reason for being there.

So I suspect that Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, and Zawahiri will be the three longest living humans in history. Our great great grandchildren will still be trying to hunt them down, while the green revolution proceeds from Afghan lithium.

723. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011


I agree. Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, and Ayman Al-Zawahiri will never be captured or killed. Afghanistan is the same trap that brought down the Soviet Union and is currently killing the economy of the U.S. (They say war is good for the economy, but most definitely not in this case)

Bill Clinton, when he was President, had the opportunity to put down Bin Laden before he could unleash the events of 9/11. George W. Bush ignored warnings about Bin Laden just a few months prior to 9/11 and had also invited the Taliban to the White House.

9/11 happened. The hunt for Bin Laden was on. Until Tora Bora, when I suspect Dick Cheney decided that it was better that Bin Laden remained out there for political purposes. Indeed, in late 2004, a few days prior to the Presidential election, Bin Laden released a tape meant for the American people, voters in particular. Bush got re-elected in part because people got scared and were no longer certain of John Kerry and the Democrats’ ability to fight “The War On Terror”.

Now, Bin Laden and the Taliban are legendary figures throughout the Muslim world. They are seen as heroes by people in countries like Pakistan and Yemen, where hatred for the U.S and the West runs high.

The U.S has been trying to kill it’s enemies from the air. Problem is, civilians are being killed in the process. And as a result, more Taliban militants and Al Queda terrorists are being created. The Pakistani government will never help find Bin Laden because they want him and the Taliban to continue to exist. The only way to get him would be to find out excactly where he is and send thousands of NATO and American troops into the treacherous mountains of Pakistan. But Pakistan scares NATO because they have nuclear weapons.

The U.S.S.R, when it had invaded Afghanistan, sent close to a million troops. They were much more brutal towards the mujahedeen. And they still lost. NATO and the U.S can’t figure out what to do in the country.

You can’t win a war from the air or some command center in Washington.
But there seems to be the notion that superior firepower defeats enemies.
And the yet the Taliban are winning. With thirty-year old Russian weapons that are ancient in comparison to what the American military uses.

Afghanistan is a lost cause. In a few years, it won’t matter anyway. For there is a bigger menace rising up next door. A country with an increasingly dangerous nuclear program. A president who, while not control in of the country, wields tremendous clout, and has the backing of one of the world’s most feared armies, the Revolutionary Guard. A country that has the Israelis shaking in their boots.


724. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011

As for Steven Spielberg, I don’t think he is “pro-government” or “pro-status quo”. I think he just tries to leave as much politics out of his movies and focuses on the events themselves.

725. MJ - January 2, 2011

@724. Agreed. I don’t see a lot of politics in his movies either. One of the reasons he has been so successful is that he really does try to focus on the events and leave the politics or the figuring out of the morals to the audience.

726. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 2, 2011

I just see Stephan Kings the langliers again and that is a great Movie. Kind of erie but great. Imigine being on an Airplane and falling asleep and then waking up with every one gone except for 10 people.

727. MJ - January 2, 2011

@ 719/NoBull.

No problem. I hereby deputize you a my assistant in helping us get to 1000 posts.

DMD and RDR, if you guys are going to discuss national security and US foreign policy, try to break up your long posts into several shorter posts to help us get to 1000. Think of a 2-page post that you spend 30 minutes on as a great opportunity for 8 small posts as divided up. Thanks

728. MJ - January 2, 2011

@723 “has the backing of one of the world’s most feared armies, the Revolutionary Guard”

I don’t consider them one of the worlds most feared armies. They couldn’t even hold a couple of provinces in Eastern Iraq, and where else have the successfully projected their power? Within their own country they are feared, but I don’t think anyone outside of Iran is quivering in their boots over some great threat posed by them. To be one of the worlds most feared armies, you need to have at least some credible paper threat that you can project your force beyond your own borders. And their equipment is pretty lame compared to most modern armies in the world — one’s that really are feared, like the IDF “down the street” or the US and Russian armies “nearby.”

729. MJ - January 2, 2011

@728 Just looked at several web sources ratiing world armies and miltaries, and no one has Iran even close to their Top 10. The usually fall in between positions 18 and 20 in terms of ranking, and are pretty much surrouded by countries with higher rankings.

730. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011


They weren’t a very powerful country during the war with Iraq, but made up for it with their religious fanaticism and willingness to die while walking through minefields. Technically, the war ended in a stalemate, but Iran took it as a victory because their hated enemy, Saddam Hussein, was an idiot general who had gotten weapons and vehicles from the Americans and despite that, the regime in Iran became stronger, and not weaker. Iran was losing badly in the beginning. But eventually, the Iranians started dealing the Iraqis huge devastating strategic blows and casualties until Saddam unleashed chemical weapons. Only then did Ayatollah Khomeni agree to a truce. The war solidified Iran as a country to be reckoned with.

Since then, Iran has been getting advanced military equipment from China and Russia. Their nuclear technology has been coming from Pakistan and North Korea. They are also working on ballistic missiles that can hit Europe and Israel.

Add to that a Revolutionary Guard that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. An army that has been trained by those who fought in the Iran-Iraq war. And you have to remember that the Quds Force, the elites, are ultra-fanatical. If the Taliban can inflict considerable damage against NATO in Afghanistan with outdated and vastly inferior military equipment and not a whole lot of funding, imagine what an oil-rich, and nuclear ambitious country like Iran can do.

There is a reason why the intelligence community is busy trying to find out what is going on in Iran. There’s been talk about Israel launching a pre-emptive attack on Iran, but Israel just doesn’t have the fighters that are capable of reaching Iran. Not to mention Iran has its nuclear facilities buried underground throughout its country.

President Ahmadinijad fought in the Iran-Iraq war as a general in the Revolutionary Guard. As such, they are loyal to him and are willing to go the grave for him. Some believe even the Ayatollahs can’t control this guy.
The world should be worried.

731. MJ - January 2, 2011

@730. See the following ranking as one example…and note that I found a couple of more with rankings similar to this one:

Yes, they would be scary to deal with if we tried to invade them, but they are not one of the worlds most feared armies. The don’t have any credible means to deliver troops beyond their borders, for one thing.

Should we worry about them given our own current situation in the region, and including their nuclear ambitions — you damn right, I agree with you. But is the IRG “one of the worlds most feared armies” — HARDLY!

732. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011


Thanks for providing that link! Though Iran is currently ranked at #18, they have been spending a lot of money on new military equipment, vehicles and weapons. I’m sure before the invasion of Iraq, Iran was probably ranked in the later twenties.

And by the way, it’s flattering that Canada is at #23. I would have thought we would have been in the thirties. Oh well, battering rams, catapults, slingshots, sticks and stones seem to work great as it had for the Ewoks! :-)

733. Vultan - January 2, 2011


“…though we weren’t attacked by Nazi Germany…”

Not attacked at first, but Germany and Italy did declare war on the US on December 11, 1941 (the US Congress declared war on them later that day). So you kinda have to take that into consideration—when someone declares war on you the polite thing to do is turn around and declare war on them. ;)

But you’re right about Spielberg. He should be asking questions; like why haven’t I made that Lincoln biopic yet? Why did I use Shia in Indy 4? Why does Richard Dreyfuss look like a muppet in Jaws?

Important questions, all of them.

734. Vultan - January 2, 2011

Hopefully Iran will change without the need for military action. The youth protests a year or so ago were encouraging to say the least. Now if they could just steer Mahmood AquaVelva away from the destroy-Israel hate speech… then maybe they could be taken a little more… uh, sanely.

735. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

735. Vultan – January 2, 2011

The only way military action against Iran will be necessary is if they attack us with a nuclear weapon, EMP included, and they have more nukes to spare. But our corporate government — might as well start calling it GovCo — is so untrustworthy and deceptive that if we are hit, we won’t really know if it was Iran, or if they are just saying it was Iran as an excuse to make war against Iran for other reasons.

736. MJ - January 2, 2011

@735. It must be hard being you, DMDuncan, as if I believed your view of our government and the U.S. going down this shitter as you claim, I think I would need prescription meds to function on a daily basis. :-) I actually have and still know a lot of people in the federal government and a fair amount of corporate types as well, and most are just hard working people who generally want to do the right thing.

I won’t be drawn into a multi-post debate on this topic though, because with your worldview I can tell that nothing I would offer would change your mind. That is not a criticism, just my perception based on talking to people with similar worldviews as yourself.

737. MJ - January 2, 2011

@732. Well Canada is still 1-0 against the U.S. in head-to-head warfighting (War of 1812), and since I doubt that Canada and U.S. will ever be at war again, you can still take that to the bank!

738. Vultan - January 2, 2011

The War of 1812 has to be the craziest war in American history. First, President Madison decides to declare war on Britain (which just happens to have the mightiest military in the world), then Washington is burned, then finally the US has a great victory at the Battle of New Orleans… two months after the peace treaty had been signed.

Oh well, at least we got the national anthem out of it. :)

739. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 721


I can’t see Spielberg as pro-administration or pro-status quo. First, he is a Democrat and if he were to make political films, he’d probably go to the left of the political spectrum. Like I said, “Munich” is not a pro-government film. Maybe, he’d go to Michael Moore territory. And I’m not saying that is bad, it’s just an observation. He definitely would not go to the right wing.

Hey, a filmmaker that made a decidely political movie was David Zucker (Airplane) He made “An American Carol” in 2008 that skwered liberals. So, I take that would please you since a filmmaker decided not to be neutral. I loved BASEketball by the way.

By the way when TrekMovie posted a funny skit starring Janeane Garofalo and Zoe Saldana, some Trekkers were incensed by the presence of Garofalo. And the skit wasn’t political. The question is do we want a Spielberg to make films that are political and would gather controversy. Does he have a responsibility to do so?

740. MJ - January 2, 2011

@734 Agreed Vultan.

741. MJ - January 2, 2011

@739. “The question is do we want a Spielberg to make films that are political and would gather controversy”

NO ! I like firms that let the audience determine the morals and the politics from the actions and events in the film, not vice versa…I don’t need political viewpoints force-fed to me in the guise of pop movies, aka Oliver Stone and many John Wayne movies — to cover both extremes.

742. Vultan - January 2, 2011

Let Spielberg make the movies that Spielberg wants to make. It’s pretty obvious his interests lean more toward the fantastic and nostalgic than the political. Must every artist be a “message” artist?

Norman Rockwell, who happily considered himself nothing more than an illustrator, occasionally wandered into the social message territory, but it was his depictions of American life—which some might consider “propaganda”—that was where he was most comfortable. Spielberg is the same breed of artist (and, along with George Lucas, a big Rockwell fan).

743. AJ - January 2, 2011

My contribution to the struggle for 1000 posts. “Star Trek Lives!”

744. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011

me too

745. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011

this is like when a movie comes to the end of its box office run

746. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011


747. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011


748. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011


749. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011


750. nobull-23 - January 2, 2011


751. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

Oh come on. Nobull, you’ve got an opinion, or an idea, don’t you?

752. Charla - January 2, 2011

Are we there yet? Oh wait still a way to go….

Here’s a late toast to the New Year, and a quote as well:

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”

Charles R. Kettering

I think it a fitting statement for us Star Trek fans! :)

753. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

740: “I can’t see Spielberg as pro-administration or pro-status quo. First, he is a Democrat and if he were to make political films, he’d probably go to the left of the political spectrum.”

Yes, he would. No doubt about it. And that’s also my point. Left, right, democrat, republican, it’s all a good cop/bad cop routine. It doesn’t matter which “side” he’s on because he’s on the wrong one either way.

If you follow the contours of either wing, you will eventually be led into the torso of a sly beast which both wings serve.

“Does he have a responsibility to do so?”

I suppose that depends. Unfortunately, this authoritarian technocracy we’re sliding into probably isn’t as apparent to Spielberg as what was apparent to Schindler, so there’s plenty of room for denial, and it’s hidden within the promise of fantastic new technologies that interest us, so cognizance of responsibility is easy to avoid.

It’s also important to remember that Leni Riefenstahl didn’t make Triumph of the Will about the Nazis who murdered 6 million Jews. It was released in 1935, 3 years before The Night of Broken Glass, when the Nazis were still something of a mystery, and the monsters they would become was unpredictable.

754. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 722 Dulce Base, Achuleta Mesa, New Mexico

Hey Dmduncan, I need to ask you again for your opinion on a topic that you seemed to be interested in. And it does relate to the story posted above. Two of the movies are about UFOs “Paul” and “Battle: Los Angeles.”

“What’s your opinion of an alleged underground alien base at the Archuleta Mesa, Dulce, New Mexico?”

I saw the old History Channel’s UFO Hunters, and the allegations are insane. Alien-human firefights. Greys (see Paul) and Reptoids. Nightmare hybrid species. And possible alien domination. Yes, it sounds like X-Files mixed with V. The wild stories did inspire one of my favorite videogames, Half Life.

1. Crazy details about the base;

2. Wild diagrams and alleged photo

3. Wikipedia article

755. Richard Dawson's Ruffled Shirt - January 2, 2011

COMPLETELY off topic (probably, since im not bothering to read through all that other stuff before me), I ate a bunch of Taco Bell today and when I came home and used the facilities, guess what I found in the bowl? The two-disc “director’s edition of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. Hmmm…. guess I can crap out a better movie than “Green Hornet”.

756. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

Did somebody complain about a Barbarella remake with Anne Hathaway? (@ 17) Really? Okay, heterosexual men and lesbian women, let’s think about the 1968 movie and the first few minutes when we’re, um introduced to Barbarella played by Jane Fonda. Read the wikipedia description of Barbarella’s “adventures” below. And now place Anne Hathaway in those “adventures.” Oh, and let’s make it NC-17. Helllooo. Still complaining?

Wikipedia article on the Barbarella comic

A vibrant Anne Hathaway

757. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

737: “I won’t be drawn into a multi-post debate on this topic though, because with your worldview I can tell that nothing I would offer would change your mind.”

Not true at all, MJ. My mind is extremely flexible and open to change. It has changed many many times in the past as I have become exposed to new facts, and it will continue to evolve as I am exposed to additional ones. I am, in the best sense of the word…alive!

But, it’s the facts which do the changing, not somebody like Sean Hannity droning on and on every night about how evil Noam Chomsky is. If I never listened to Noam Chomsky and got all I knew about him from Hannity’s machine-gun-like delivery of reasons-to-dislike-Noam-Chomsky every other night, I might actually believe Hannity!

“I actually have and still know a lot of people in the federal government and a fair amount of corporate types as well, and most are just hard working people who generally want to do the right thing.”

Yes, that is true. But corporations, as artificial persons, overwhelmingly have the personality type of psychopath. And people who work for them have split personalities. As individuals of course they WANT to be decent and do the right thing, but as members of the corporation they are stuck having to enforce its psychopathic personality regardless of how much they hate doing it. And that is the dilemma of people who work within corporations, having to live dual lives, in many cases having to choose between doing what’s right and doing what the corporation demands.

It’s not that they are evil people, but that they are parts of an “organism” that, when they are all acting together can do very bad things that none of them would choose to do alone.

And life for me is not that hard. The central planners will eventually fail of their own epic misunderstanding. I just wish more people would take disaster preparedness more seriously. Because their epic failures will mean our epic pains.

758. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

755. Basement Blogger – January 2, 2011

I don’t believe any of it. Show me the evidence and I’ll believe. I think people like Mac Tonnies (rest his soul), John Keel, and Graham Hancock are more right about the nature of “the grays” than anybody.

You wanna read about UFOs, I HIGHLY recommend Billy Cox, the only MSM reporter who blogs regularly about UFOs. His posts are like bright little jewels.

759. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011

All this debate about Spielberg’s political leanings reminds me of an article I read back when Saving Private Ryan came out. Someone postulated that Spielberg was full of crap with the ending to this movie. Something about how Hanks character all through the movie says they MUST get Ryan out alive at all costs, that was their sole mission….then at the climax of the film Spielberg has them elect to stay and fight the enemy (making the American soldiers look braver), as compared to showing them being surrounded by the enemy and (with no choice involved) having to fight their way out for self-preservation. The critic called it Pure American Propaganda. It’s hard to recall the details, but something along that line. Thoughts?

760. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

This week’s Entertainment Weekly has listed some candidates for the Best Picture Oscar. Pg. 27. “The Social Network, The King’s Speech, The Fighter, Inception, Toy Story, Black Swan and True Grit” are listed as possible contenders. Last year we had three science fiction nominations, Avatar, Up (Yes, at least Hugo Awards thinks its science fiction) and District 9.

“Inception” looks like the only science fiction film to be worthy. I would put “Despicable Me” on the list but it’s too light to be considered. I guess I might have the same anti-comedy bias that Academy has. Or maybe not. Certainly, Woody Allen’s relationship comedies deserved the nod. See “Annie Hall.”

761. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011

I guess I’m one of the few who found Inception to be highly overrated. I wasn’t impressed at all.

762. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 759

Harry, I’ve always thought that Saving Private Ryan was more of a metaphor than a reality based war movie, though I’ve read some veterans couldn’t stand the Omaha Beach battle because of it’s reality. To me, the film is about sacrifice. The sacrifice of the American civiilian soldier. The squad sacrifices themselves for one man. Private Ryan sacrifices a trip home for his band of brothers. I can’t view it as propaganda since there is a truth to the movie.

763. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 758

Dmduncan, thank you for your opinion on the Dulce Base. It’s wild stuff. And two of the UFO hunters didn’t believe it. Your post raises another question.

“What is the true nature of the Greys?” It looks like in “Paul” they’re not bad guys. Are they our friends or are they conquerers?

764. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

762. Harry Ballz – January 2, 2011

I’m with you on that. Liked Inception, but didn’t love it, and probably won’t miss it if I never see it again.

Did love Tron Legacy however, which touches on some of the themes we’ve been discussing tonight! Also, Olivia Wilde was wild sexy in that getup. And Jeff Bridges…uh…The Dude…great as usual.

765. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011


BB and dmduncan

thank you, gentlemen. I value your opinions.

766. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

764: “Are they our friends or are they conquerers?”

I don’t know. But you need to read a book like Graham Hancock’s Supernatural to get a feel for the complexity of the evidence and why he thinks they are not aliens from another planet.

Mac Tonnies thought they were “cryptoterrestrials.” He wrote a thin book on it, published posthumously. He was a good online friend. It was a shock to learn of his passing in 2009 at 34 years old. I think it’s still available on Amazon.

767. dmduncan - January 2, 2011

766. Harry Ballz – January 2, 2011

You are welcome, friendo!

768. MJ - January 2, 2011

@759. If Saving Private Ryan is propaganda, then it is certainly ineffectual as such, as I am pretty much demoralized about war and the losses and non-nonsensical nature of it every time I see it. And some of the American soldiers portrayed in the movie are pretty bad guys who crack to their basic instincts when given the chance. No, this movie is not “The Longest Day” overrated Hollywood propaganda type of film — far from it.

769. MJ - January 2, 2011

@766. You guys ever read Steven King’s Dreamcatcher? A pretty good UFO novel.

770. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011

Anybody here ever read Shibumi by Trevanian? One of my favourites!

771. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 765

Your welcome Harry.

772. MJ - January 2, 2011

@770. I think I may have read that back in the 70’s That is like The Manchurian Candidate meets Inception meets James Bond, right?

773. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011

Enjoying the discussion, guys! Nice and civil.

By the way, I’m listening to the “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” expanded score again. Beautiful music. Wish I could say the same about the movie.(Though the film is still enjoyable perhaps only because of the great KIrk-Spock-McCoy scenes)

The majority of Trek music has ranged from good to great in my opinion.
Only “The Voyage Home” stunk musically.

Best to worst

TREK 09****

I also listened to the expanded scores of Danny Elfman’s “Batman” and “Batman Returns” soundtracks. Both get five stars.

774. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011


Uh, not really, MJ! LOL! It’s about a retired assassin who comes out of retirement to complete one last mission. Great writing!

775. MJ - January 2, 2011

Ah, OK, I am going to pick it up. I remember reading the Eiger Sanction by him many years ago. He pretty much did a disappearing act like Bobby Fischer, after becoming famous, I seem to recall?

776. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011

Yeah, he died a few years back. A great writer in his time. Shibumi was his best work. I would think you will probably enjoy it. Please let me know.

777. Hat Rick - January 2, 2011

773, that’s an interesting list. TVH featured what sounded to me like carillon bells. The music theme was joyous — recall the part near the end when the whales were playing after being released in the 23d Century. I’m curious why you particularly dislike it.

I love all Trek music, myself.

Decades ago, I purchased the LP for TSFS and couldn’t get enough of the disco-ized version of the soundtrack. I think it was on the B side.

778. Harry Ballz - January 2, 2011

Listen maggots! We’ll never get to 1000 this way! Now drop and give me 20 posts!

779. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

On The Green Hornet (2011), as a kid I liked the TV show. You know the one with Bruce Lee. By the way you can watch clips of him as Kato on YouTube. . Man, he’s one bad ass. The 2011 film looks campy. That could be a disaster. And Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet? Really? I know, we said the same thing about Michael Keaton. But he had an intensity. Cant’ take Seth seriously.

But the director Michael Gondry is an interesting choice. I liked his “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004) Some of the other cast, I like. Tom Wilkinson is a solid actor. But I especially like Christoph Waltz. Remember him as the SS offficer in “Inglorious Basterds? (2009) That might be enough for me to go see this film.

780. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

Back to sci-fi movies featured in the story about alien invasion, is Hollywood trying to send us a message? Why do I say that? Because this summer Speilberg is producing a TV series for TNT on the aliens invading earth, called Falling Skies for this summer. IMDB trailer below.

Okay, let’s go over this. Skyline. (2010) Battle: Los Angeles (2011); Cowboys and Aliens (2011) V (2011); Super 8 (2011) and now “Falling Skies. All about hostile aliens. You don’t think Hollywood is working with the government to prepare us for an alien invasion. By the way, President Ronald Reagan talked about an alien threat uniting man before the U.N. (Clip below.) Maybe the world does end in 2012. Quick, make that Star Trek movie and release at the end of this year! : )

1. Ronald Reagan at the UN; alien threat

2. IMDB trailer for “Falling Skies.”

781. Red Dead Ryan - January 2, 2011


I didn’t mind the TVH theme. But I do find the rest to be incredibly cheesy and too far from what Trek music has usually sounded in the movies.

Nothing against Leonard Rosenman. But he was no Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Cliff Eidelman, or Michael Giaccino.

I think Paramount went to the well too many times in regards to guys named Le(o)nard. The character of Leonard McCoy became a classic. Leonard Nimoy, great actor and person. Mark Lenard great as Spock’s father and the Romulan Commander. Leonard Rosenman, sadly, just couldn’t live up to the greatness of the other Le(o)nards.

782. Basement Blogger - January 2, 2011

@ 779

Harry, what do we get if we pass 1000 posts? A pizza party? A chance to do the lens flares for the new Star Trek movie? Naming rights for the new Vulcan colony?

783. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


Harry will send the 1000th poster a case of his very best red wine. Either that, or he’ll release his stash of Erica Durance audition tapes. :-)

784. MJ - January 3, 2011

@782. I wonder if there is a way to do a lens flare reward…I like that idea!

785. MJ - January 3, 2011

@780. Basement Blogger, thanks for the Falling Skies trailer — looks like it has the potential to be half decent, but the Aliens look a little hockey.

BTW, a great novel of a not-so-typical and more hard sf treatment of an Alien invasion is Footfall, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.

786. MJ - January 3, 2011

@781. I agree with the overall career comparisons concerning Leonard Rosenman against Goldsmith, etc., but I really liked his score to Trek 4. I know I’ll be in the minority of this, but I thought that his score was a good fit for this ST movie only, given the time travel to the 80’s. And I really love his main theme.

787. MJ - January 3, 2011

@779. Agreed on Green Hornet. Unless the comedy is surprisingly good, like the original Men in Black, it is going to fail completely. And from the trailer, the comedy does not look to be that good.

788. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011


1000 posts? You get to continue basking in my brilliance! Don’t forget your sunblock!

789. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011

785. MJ “the Aliens look a little hockey”



I think you meant “hokey”, kiddo! :>)

790. MJ - January 3, 2011

Aliens playing hockey would definitely be hokey. LOL

791. MJ - January 3, 2011

And here comes Sandfrabvrafits from Altair 6 on the power play…and he scores!

792. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011

I’d hate to see what they use for a puck!!!

793. MJ - January 3, 2011


794. MJ - January 3, 2011


795. MJ - January 3, 2011



796. MJ - January 3, 2011

will .

797. MJ - January 3, 2011

take .

798. MJ - January 3, 2011

us .

799. MJ - January 3, 2011

to .

800. MJ - January 3, 2011

# 800 !!!!!

801. Hat Rick - January 3, 2011

781, LOL about the Leonards!

Maybe they should have asked Leonard Bernstein? ;-)

802. Hat Rick - January 3, 2011

BTW, while we’re on the topic of musical themes, what about the Klingon theme from TMP? Just search for “Klingon Theme” on Youtube and you’ll find a video of it. (I don’t wanna post links here; posts that do get bounced apparently.)

Listen to how it reprises beginning at about 4:19. Wonderful!

Amazing theme. I love it.

On the topic of the Green Hornet, I remember listening to old radio shows of it. (As repeats, mind you — I’m not THAT old!) I doubt that it was much within the contemplation of the original writers that such a comedy would be made of it.

803. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My list of best Trek Movie themes.
1 Trek 1
2. Trek 2
3. Trek 09
4. Trek 6
5. Trek 7
6. Trek 3
7. Trek 4
8. Trek 5
9. Trek 8
10. Trek 9
11. Trek 10
Love the Music of The Motion Picture. have the Directors edition and listen to it all the time. Treks 2 and 09 are right up there.

804. Charla - January 3, 2011

# 783, Red Dead Ryan,

Harry had better have something more appealing than Erica whoever- as I do not find women appealing in the least! I don’t drink so, no wine for me, hmm….I would take a couple of tickets to the new Star Trek movie instead! I think that would be very good, yes! heehee :) Harry?

805. Charla - January 3, 2011


806. Charla - January 3, 2011


807. Charla - January 3, 2011


808. Charla - January 3, 2011


809. Charla - January 3, 2011

as did

810. Charla - January 3, 2011

no bull

811. Charla - January 3, 2011

and now me! LOL

812. I'm Dead Jim! - January 3, 2011

I wager 500 quatloos that this thread will reach 1000 by end of business (pacific time) on Tuesday!

813. I'm Dead Jim! - January 3, 2011

That would be tomorrow…

814. I'm Dead Jim! - January 3, 2011

Tuesday, January 4,

815. I'm Dead Jim! - January 3, 2011


816. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011


Charla, I will give your recommendation all the due consideration it deserves!

heehee :)

817. I'm Dead Jim! - January 3, 2011

Just saw the Nichelle Nichols NASA TV promo again. Classy Lady!

818. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


As Gul Dukat once said:

“You are the sun that warms up the dark side of my moon”

819. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 708

On Dmduncan’s view that Spielberg makes a type of propaganda. Well, I was thinking about his aliens attacking us fiction. “Falling Skies” (TNT) is coming. Then I’m thinking about “War of the Worlds.” (2005) Did you notice there were no scenes of the military getting their butts handed to them? I love the American military. But if you’re going to have a movie about aliens taking over the world, you should have scenes of the world’s military losing. See “Independence Day” (1996) Was Speilberg afraid of offending the military? Is that siding with the status quo?

Oh, let’s just hope that Hollywood is wrong about the evil aliens invading the planet. I want to see the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl. Which by the way means if the aliens wait for that to happen, it means they will never invade.

820. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

Back to Spielberg. He’s really getting into sci-fi TV. Not only is he bringing you “Falling Skies”, he’s going to bring you “Terra Nova” (Fox) about a time traveling family that goes back to prehistoric days to save the planet.

Um, what happens when the time travellers go to the past and step on a butterfly? If the grandfather complex doesn’t exist, i.e., you go back to the past, kill your grandfather but don’t change your timeline, then what happens? Parallel universe? We need to talk to that Nero guy.

821. MJ - January 3, 2011

@801 Sounds like Leonard DiCapprio should be the next ST villain then, right?

822. MJ - January 3, 2011

@820 “Back to Spielberg. He’s really getting into sci-fi TV. Not only is he bringing you “Falling Skies”, he’s going to bring you “Terra Nova” (Fox) about a time traveling family that goes back to prehistoric days to save the planet.”

Cool, looking forward to Spieldberg’s reboot of Trek 4. :-)

823. MJ - January 3, 2011

@819 Well given he is a known liberal progressive, I suspect that he would have other reasons than risking offending the military. And I doubt any military person would really get irked if a movie showing vastly advanced aliens took it to our military. Remember as well, the his War of the Worlds was deliberately shown from an almost first person view of the father…hence there were obvious military actions off the screen. I think The Mist handled this best, where the guy just watches his son an car passengers commit suicide given all hope seems lost, and then the military shows up in the last scene…that was as brilliant a buzz-kill meeting as I have ever seen.

824. MJ - January 3, 2011

@817 Agreed!

825. MJ - January 3, 2011

@812 Right!!!

826. MJ - January 3, 2011

@802. Love the Klingon theme as well — Goldsmith is brilliant!

827. MJ - January 3, 2011

@803. Your list is about where I would rate them.

828. MJ - January 3, 2011

@802 “On the topic of the Green Hornet, I remember listening to old radio shows of it. (As repeats, mind you — I’m not THAT old!) I doubt that it was much within the contemplation of the original writers that such a comedy would be made of it.”

Agreed. Perhaps the worst idea ever was to turn the great kids sf show, Land of the Lost, into an adult comedy with sex/belch/fart jokes galore, use of the F-word, etc. Hopefully Green Hornet is not that bad.

829. MJ - January 3, 2011


830. MJ - January 3, 2011

@820 “Um, what happens when the time travellers go to the past and step on a butterfly? If the grandfather complex doesn’t exist, i.e., you go back to the past, kill your grandfather but don’t change your timeline, then what happens? Parallel universe? We need to talk to that Nero guy.”

That gives me a great ides for a interesting sf movie or novel. Eco-terrorists take over a secret gov’t physics lab where time travel experiments are going on, go back 350 milion years, and deflect the asteroid that kills the dinos. Then the rest of the movie can cover their gradual elimination by T-rex’s etc, as their supposedly great technologies fail, and their ideas of living in harmony and starting over in prehistory fails.

831. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 824

MJ, I can agree that Spielberg in “The War of the Worlds” was doing a film from a civilian point of view.

832. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

Since I’ve been hanging out with my fellow Trekkers, I’ve noticed numbers on posts don’t match up with everybody else. For example to me , post 802 is number 801 to others. I seem to be out of phase. Need to call Geordi and get my computer to match.

833. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

When you look at the “Falling Skies” preview, you’ll notice an older actor playing a military leader. That guys is Dale Dye, who was a Marine in real life and advises Hollywood on military matters. He’s worked with Spielberg before on Band of Brothers, and was in Saving Private Ryan. I just saw him in “Mission Impossible” (1996) on HBO.

His sci-fi chops? “Falling Skies” (TNT 2011); “The Puppet Masters” (1994) and a small role in “Starship Troopers” (1997) There’s probably more, but his face is familiar.

Again here’s the “Falling Skies” IMDB trailer.

834. Vultan - January 3, 2011


Uh, I don’t know if this counts, but there is a scene in “War of the Worlds” where the US military is defeated. Remember when the family is on a hill with tanks and choppers going past them and the teenage son wants to see the fight? Then there’s a lot of explosions, followed by the tripods marching over the hill. Sure, we don’t actually see the details of the battle on screen, but it’s pretty clear who the victor was (burning Humvee rolling back down the hill—say no more).

835. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

786. MJ – January 3, 2011

Footfall was a good book but I thought they ended it kind of flat with too many loose ends. But loved the aliens.

I’m really surprised that we haven’t seen Lucifer’s Hammer adapted to the screen. That would be a great blockbuster disaster flick.

836. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 789

Is that it? The prize from Harry Ballz when we get to 1000 posts is more puns for the new year? I want Harry’s collection of nude Erica Durance pictures. : ) Harry, I just read she’s from Canada. By the way, I don’t watch Smallville. I’m not a Superman fan. Can’t figure out why nobody can recogniize that Clark Kent is Superman. No, the glasses don’t make a good disguise.

837. Vultan - January 3, 2011


Yeah, Dale Dye also had a role in Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan” and a more prominent one in “Band of Brothers” as Colonel Sink.

Look closely, he can also be seen in the famous Ride of the Valkyries segment of “Apocalypse Now” as a soldier who doesn’t want to get out of a chopper during the battle! Nowadays it’s kind of hard to imagine him playing a chicken in a war movie… but, well, maybe his character just wasn’t into surfing. ;)

838. Vultan - January 3, 2011


Oops, sorry I didn’t see you already mentioned Dye’s other work in Spielberg’s war movies. My mistake.

839. MJ - January 3, 2011

@ 832. Damn, I fear Reginald Barclay is trying to prevent us from reaching 1000.

840. MJ - January 3, 2011

“When you look at the “Falling Skies” preview, you’ll notice an older actor playing a military leader. That guys is Dale Dye, who was a Marine in real life and advises Hollywood on military matters. He’s worked with Spielberg before on Band of Brothers, and was in Saving Private Ryan. I just saw him in “Mission Impossible” (1996) on HBO.”

OK, my interest in this tv show just went from “interested” to “very interested”. Thanks!

841. MJ - January 3, 2011

@835 “Footfall was a good book but I thought they ended it kind of flat with too many loose ends. But loved the aliens.”

Yea, the ending was not the best feature of this book — it was almost like they decided they were gassed and the book needed to end…seems like there should have been a more interesting and expanded ending — I agree.

842. MJ - January 3, 2011

@837. Good info.

843. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


Our computers have been infected with programming from an Iconian probe.

844. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 835

Hey Vultan, yeah I do recall the burning Humvee in “War of the Worlds.” But usually Spielberg isn’t that subtle. I was just reflecting on Dmduncan’s idea that Spielberg makes movies that back the establishment. Remember the 1953 film, the military gets zapped. if Spielberg did that in the newer film, it would have hammered home the futility of battling the aliens. So I posed a question, was there a fear of offending the military?

845. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011

Well, on the subject of not wanting to offend the U.S military, when Steven Spielberg made “War Of The Worlds”, it was a couple of years after 9/11 and American troops were getting killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq, in particular was a hot button issue with no one wanting to do anything that makes it look like they were not supporting the troops.

Had Spielberg shown the military getting its butt kicked people would have assumed that he made WOTW as an allegory for the Iraq war. Then there would have been an anti-Spielberg backlash.

846. MJ - January 3, 2011

Well in Band of Brothers he certainly did not sugarcoat some of the actions of U.S. troops that others did, including cold blooded murder of prisoners. And in The Pacific, nothing is left to the imagination in terms of U.S. troops getting out of control in that extremely savage island to island war.

847. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


Yes, but those mini-series took place during WWII and were based on real events.

848. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 847, 848 and Dmduncan

Good points, guys. I think of Dmduncan had used WOTW as an example for the propaganda idea, I could see it. But Spielberg does have productions that could be argued that challenge the establishment. I keep raising “Munich” (2005) as a challenge to status quo. He does question the war on terror and the costs of it. And again back to a Trek connection, Eric Bana (Nero) is great as the beat down assassin who finally says to his handlers that he’s had enough of the killing.

849. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is free! Oh, sorry wrong blog. Okay, I see a Dark Knight story above. As a kid, I did not hate Batman’s sidekick, Robin. I know he was introduced in the comics, to bring in the young audience. But as an old fart, I hope they don’t ever bring Robin into the films. Now if they want to make a gay joke about it (wikipedia below), I could see that. But if they want to stay in the serious vein, NO ROBIN.

Where did Tim Burtons’ Batman produced movies jump the shark? Hiring Joel Schumacher. Then it got compounded by Robin. And then there was Batman and Robin (1997) with journey to camp complete.

Wiki on any homosexuality ideas in the Batman stories

850. Vultan - January 3, 2011

I really don’t see how WOTW could be considered propaganda—unless you’re a Martian! The military being depicted in a positive, heroic light is simply realistic. I mean, who else are you going to call when your country/planet is being invaded (if Superman is unavailable)?

851. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

With all these Hollywood productions depicting the end of the world by alien invasion, I wonder if it’s too late to save the earth. Guys, we’ve been sending radio and television signals into space for decades. Recall Dr. Stephen Hawking saying it would be a bad idea for us to contact aliens because they could come here and seize our resources. Oil, methane, blonde bimbos? And no, I don’t know how the aliens would have intercepted our television signals. That’s because I’m a blogger not a physicist. : )

There’s always been this crazy idea that Hollywood is being used to introduce certain controversial concepts into the public. Concepts like extraterrestrial life. Is the next concept being introduced invasion by aliens? And that we should be ready to fight? “Battle: Los Angeles.’ “V”, “Falling Skies”

I just hope that once the aliens see Bristol Palin on “Dancing with the Stars”, they will say, it ain’t worth it.

852. Vultan - January 3, 2011

I think Hollywood is RE-introducing the idea of alien invasion. There’s nothing the studios love to do more than redo old ideas (spy movies, slasher flicks, sci-fi, westerns, crime dramas, etc., etc…)

Let’s face it—Hollywood is more microwave than dream factory. Now more than ever.

853. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

I don’t think of WOTW as propaganda. And I’m x military myself, so I understand the need for a military and I’m not anti military. I’m anti abuse of the military, which abuse is mostly what our politicians do to them. Spielberg is sophisticated, but that doesn’t let him off the hook. That just means that what he’s doing is more subtle. Saving Private Ryan and BOB are not anti war pieces. They are gritty, nasty, as a means of showing you the character of those who fought it; the courage of those men I cannot impugn. And WWII is the most legitimate war of the 20th century, so there is some legitimacy to the way those films portray events. But they are stories told today, in the context of an entrenched foreign policy that disregards our own founding principles, and anything that serves as a recruitment tool and makes our young men and women betray the oaths they take as soon as they are sent overseas to enforce the will of criminal politicians at home, is propaganda. The fact is that the bravery of those men you see depicted IS something worth emulating, but you CANNOT emulate it within the status quo of today’s foreign policy which is rotten.

Also, I think there’s some foolish one-upmanship going on. Republicans are seen as more pro military and I think the democrats feel like they are falling behind and need to keep up with the republicans, so you get people like Hanks and Spielberg making stuff like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers to remind everyone that democrats are patriotic too. Propaganda.

854. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

I think this is the longest thread I’ve ever been a part of! But don’t quote me on that.

855. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My list of the best Alien Invasion Movies.
1. Independence day.
2. H.G Wells. War of the worlds from the 1950s.
3. V the Mini series.
4. War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise.
5. Signs.
Those are my top 5. I did see Skyline and while the F.X was good the Story was just to lousy. I am looking forward to Battle L.A That looks to be good. The War of the worlds that Syfy did was just a joke.

856. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Special mention to Mars Attacks. That was just plain fun.

857. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

I Admit to liking some of the old B Movies from the 50s and 60s. Plan 9 from outer space and Earth vs the Flying Saucers and Earth vs the Spider. Loved The Andramada Strain the orignal and even the new one.

858. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

Check out “It! The Creature From Beyond Space” which is obviously where the plot of Alien came from.

859. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

I also loved all of the older Monster movies. Godzilla was my Fav. I did love King Kong Vs Godzilla. That was the best. Though almost anything with Godzilla was fun to watch. Though I thought Godzilla 2000 was ok. Matthew Brodrick did the best he could but was just not given the best story and I never realy liked that version of Godzilla.

860. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

#858. Seen it. I thought that looked familer in Alien.

861. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My all time Fav spoofs.
1. Space Balls.
2. Airplane.
3. Scary Movie 1
4. Scary Movie 2.
5. Robin Hood. Men in Tights.
6. Airplane 2 the Sequel.
7. The Naked Gun Movies.
8. Hot Shots.
9. History of the World parts 1 and 2.
10. Scary Movie 4

862. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My Top Ten Non Trek Sci fi Movies.

1. Star Wars 4
2. The Termanater.
3. Independence Day.
4. Men in Black.
5. Battlestar Galactica
7. Termanater 4 Salvation.
8. War of the Worlds.
9. Space Balls.
10. Alien.

863. MJ - January 3, 2011

@859. I would like to see another ig budget Godzilla reboot at some point.

864. MJ - January 3, 2011

@861. My list of the best fan-made spoofs of all time:

1. Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind
2. Porklips Now
3. Harware Wars
4. Bambi Meets Godzilla

865. MJ - January 3, 2011

@858. Is is a good movie to watch, or a cheesy one? What year? Color? Thanks!

866. MJ - January 3, 2011

@862. Mike, good list. Just curious though why T2 is not there given you have T1 and T4? Most would rate T2 the best in the series.

867. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Fav Non Trek Scifi Series.

1. Babylon 5
2. Star Gate Sg1.
3. Star Gate Atlantis.
4. Battle Star Galactica Orignal.
5. Battle Star Galactica New.
6. The Greatest American Hero.
7. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
8. War of the Worlds T.V series.
9. The Twilight Zone.
10. The Outer Limits.

868. MJ - January 3, 2011

@855. Yea, Signs is underrated.

869. MJ - January 3, 2011

@ 853. “But they are stories told today, in the context of an entrenched foreign policy that disregards our own founding principles, and anything that serves as a recruitment tool and makes our young men and women betray the oaths they take as soon as they are sent overseas to enforce the will of criminal politicians at home, is propaganda. The fact is that the bravery of those men you see depicted IS something worth emulating, but you CANNOT emulate it within the status quo of today’s foreign policy which is rotten.”

But who is saying that the point of this movie is that people should go out and emulate that? Did you see the horrific, The Pacific? You’d have to be a pretty sick puppy to watch that movie and then go sign up for the Army so that you could do that sort of fighting in Afghanistan. Also, both Band of Brothers and The Pacific are based primarily on direct accounts from the actual soliders,and Maj Dick Winters himself was a consultant on Band or Brothers. So anyway, I think your worries that kids are going to see these films and try to emulate them is not all that realistic.

870. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

3868. I loved T2. But I did not name it because i loved the orignal as that is what it was. I loved T4 because it finally got us to after Judgement day and the war with the machines. T2 does rank up there very high with me.

871. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

M.J Signs was Under rated. I thought it was a fantastic movie. Kind of took me back to the 50s and 60s a bit but not in a cheesy way. Had me on the Edge of my seat.

872. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 858 Captain Mike

I hope when you say you like “Plan 9 From Outer Space” it’s because it is so bad that it’s good. Horrible acting, directing and dialogue. It becomes an unintentional comedy classic. Great lines:

“But one thing’s sure. Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody’s responsible.”

Col Edwards; Why is it so important that you want to contact the governments of our earth?
Alien Eros: Because of death. Because all you of Earth are idiots.

873. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011

Steven Spielberg’s “War Of The Worlds” could have been a classic. Except that Tom Cruise tainted the movie with his legendary lack of talent. He was out-acted by Dakota Fanning, who was around age seven at the time!

And Tom Cruise is again the reason “Minority Report” and “Mission Impossible III” aren’t considered classics even though those were great movies.

874. MJ - January 3, 2011

My all time favorite action movies:

1. Die Hard
2. Terminator 2
3. Rambo: First Blood Part 2
4. Predator
5. Cyborg
6. Aliens
7. The Delta Force
8. Lethal Weapon 2
9. Invasion USA
10. Gladiator

875. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 3, 2011

wow I missed some excellent discussions, by the usual characters.

Oh well, next time. :)

876. MJ - January 3, 2011

@ 873. Well there are no tweeners concerning Cruise. I like him and think he is a pretty good actor, but I realize that some people don’t. He is kink of like John Wayne — his looks, style and mannerisms are so well known that he can’t get a break in people taking him seriously, and therefore, like Wayne, he gets accused of playing himself over and over. I thought his best performance ever, where he really did seem to stretch his acting, was Born of the 4th of July. It is interesting though that you didn’t like him in WOTW — in that movie, he plays a spoiled somewhat deadbeat dad who seems self centered — in my opinion, perfect casting. I actually think that was a great role for him., and overall, I think that movie is really underrated.

877. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

M.J Some good Choices. You must be a Chuck Norris Fan. Loved missing in action movies as well as the Rambo Movies. Predators 1 and 2 were great. Danny Glover did a fantastic job in Predator 2. The Delta Force was a classic and a little bit based on fact. What can you say about the Die Hard franchise but Yippy Ka aye Mo Fo. Loved those lines.

878. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

# 876. Cruise was great in that Movie. He goes from a dead beat to doing what ever he had to do to save his Family. He was also great in Top Gun and in that movie with Cuba Gooding JR as the Sports Agent. Sorry. Can’t remember the name at this moment.

879. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


“He is kink of like John Wayne”

So MJ, are you saying Tom Cruise turns you on in the same manner as John Wayne? :-)

880. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

#872. Yes I liked Plan 9. As I stated those were b Movies and you havt to enjoy those as B Movies. They were Campy and fun if you viewed them as such.

881. Charla - January 3, 2011

Oh we have alot of work to do! I appreciate your consideration, Harry! LOL j/k of course. I have my money all ready set aside for the next film.

Ok this is a little off topic, but anyway here goes:

I figured I should put back about 20 dollars for the ticket since everything is getting so expensive anymore, so that would mean I shoud bring 40 to spend at the concession stand- haha not really – I am not THAT dumb!

crazy prices- I make sure to eat before going, bring a candy bar or 2 or 5 in my purse. haha Sound cheap don’t I? But with 5 in my family- (6th is on his own lol)

you gotta do what you gotta do.

That and with the money I save I can go see Trek again! Seen it 4 times in the theater- I then seen it the 5th time in a hotel that was showing it between it leaving theaters and going to DVD!! My husband wasn’t tickled to see it yet again, but I had to see it knowing I wouldn’t for a good while.

How many times did everyone here see it? (not to change the topic, just curious! )

882. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 876 Seymour Hiney

Well, you’re entering the rear here but you can see we’ve been talking about everything from Spielberg to dramas about alien invasions. So start with today or whenever and start writing. On our alien invasion thread, we’ve not covered alien probes of other planets of the solar system. Might I suggest you write about alien probes of Uranus? : )

Mass Efffect 2 Easter Egg; Tricia Helfer questions the need to probe Uranus.

883. Charla - January 3, 2011

Are we counting the posts posted tomorrow as part of the 1000? I am tired already as I see in my above post my typos- but we need more posters tonight if it is over tonight- I would assume midnight if it is tonight.

I will probably post some more too, though it may not be coherent at a certain point heehee-

884. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

I seen Trek 09 10 times at the movies 4 in Imax and once at a hotel,

885. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


“Top Gun” was another movie that was spoiled by Tom Cruise. Every time I see the movie, I think to myself, “I really want to enjoy this movie, but Tom Cruise cannot make me forget that I’m being forced to put up with Tom Cruise!”.

“Jerry Maguire”. When I watched it, I was bored to tears! It was so overrated. I wish someone can go back in time and correct the mistake that was Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Oscar “win”!

The only thing I didn’t mind was the kid. He showed more acting talent than all of Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Renee Zellweger combined!

“Jerry Maguire” and “War Of The Worlds” are just two examples of Tom Cruise being outperformed by kids!

You’d think Hollywood would get the message!

886. Charla - January 3, 2011

ROFL I am slap happy- # 882 Basement blogger- that post certainly fits in with “Rumor Control” doesn’t it Harry, Buzz, MJ and Jim Nightshade! hahaha Oh thats funny –

887. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My list of Fav Hero Movies.
1. Superman the Movie.
2. Superman 2.
3. Batman with Michael Keaton.
4. The Dark Night.
5. Spiderman.
6. Fantastic 4.
7. Transformers.
8. Iron Man.
9. The Hulk.
10. Batman Begins.

888. Charla - January 3, 2011

#884 Cpn Mike, I am seriously envious of you!! I wanted to see it in IMAX so much!! It was on the other side of the state and I couldn’t get there around my work. :( I bet it was awesome !~

889. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

#878. I disagree with you. Tom cruise did a fantastic job in those movies as well as Fanning in WOTW. I know you hate Cruise and that is Clouding your judgement on his Acting. Just like Harry on Erica Durrence on Smallville.

890. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 884 Charla On 1000 tonight?
@ 830

Whoa, Charla. I don’t recall the need to hit 1000 tonight. One, I have no idea that it’s a record. Two, MJ wanted to hit 900 tonight . We’re going to hit 1000 so let’s just have some fun and relax. And by the way, let’s see if Bob Orci can get a prize for a lucky Trekker. I’ll say it again, after 1000, a lucky Trekker goes to Hollywood and does the lens flares for Star Trek 2012. The credits can read: Lucky Lens Flare Guy/Gal.

891. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

#888. It was awesome. Seeing it in that huge format was just amazing. I wish they would show all of the Trek Movies in I Max. I would be there for all of them.

892. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

I would love to be the Lens flair guy.

893. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011

My favorite sci-fi movies

“Independence Day”
“The Day The Earth Stood Still” original version
“District 9″
“Forbidden Planet”
The Original “Star Wars” Trilogy+”Revenge Of The Sith”
“The Terminator”
“Terminator 2″
“Terminator Salvation”
“Jurassic Park”
“Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”
“Back To The Future”
“Star Trek”
“Star Trek: First Contact”
“Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan”

894. MJ - January 3, 2011

@885. Well, I get it, you can’t stand the guy! LOL FYI — Jerry McGuire is considered “a classic” by a lot of people — sorry you did not like it. Some great lines in that movie like “show me the money” and “you had me at hello” have maid their way into pop culture. That movie will be considered a great one 50 years from now.

895. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Here is some real news. The last 5 Eps of Caprica will air Tomorrow night on Scifi at 6pm EST.

896. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

870: “So anyway, I think your worries that kids are going to see these films and try to emulate them is not all that realistic.”

I was one of those kids, MJ. ; )

A relative watched Saving Private Ryan many many times before joining the Marine Corps. Him watching that movie made him want to serve!

Don’t know how old you are, but you may have forgotten what it’s like to be young and stupid.

897. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011


My judgement is as clear as the blue sky. And did you just get demoted?


“Jerry Maguire”………..A CLASSIC?! *GAG!* *COUGH!*

898. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My all time Top Ten Movies of any Genere.

10. The Termanator.
9. Independence Day.
8. Star Trek 6.
7. Close Encounters of the 3rd kind.
6. Star Wars 4.
5. Dune.
4. Titanic.
3. Stephans Kings the Stand.
2. The Dark Night.
1. Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan.

899. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Ok. 900 coming up.

900. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

Star Trek’s view of man and other aliens.

First, Trekkers, no cheap short cuts to 900, or 1000. On Star Trek and Hollwyood’s current fascination with alien invasion, aren’t you glad that Star Trek is a hopeful view of man in the universe? We talked earlier about soundtracks. I get goose bumps whenever I hear Goldsmith’s main theme during Star Trek: The Motion Picture and you see the United Federation of Planets logo.

It all reminds me of the great DS 9 episode, “Little Green Men.” Yes I’ve posted these corny lines before but when they’re uttered I get a smile on my face and a good feeling. I love these lines.

Nurse Garland (saying goodbye to Quark and Rom) : I only hope that one day mankind will travel to the stars and take its place in a vast Alliance of Planets.

Rom: “Federation” of Planets.

Goose bumps, guys.

901. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Who is 900. Could it be me.

902. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011

Favorite superhero films

“Batman Returns”
“Batman Begins”
“The Dark Knight”
“Superman The Movie”
“Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut”
“The Incredibles”
“The Incredible Hulk”
“Spider-Man 2″
“Hellboy II: The Golden Army”
“Iron Man”
“Iron Man 2″
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

903. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

#897 Yes. I got Demoted. I was not aggressive enough with the Agoniser Booth. I gave to many People free Passes and for that was Demoted. But don’t worry. I will get it back. For that Comment. You get 48 Hours in the Agoniser Booth.

904. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Congradulations Basement Blogger on being 900. Though you stole it from me and for that you get 100 hours in the Agoniser Booth.

905. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2011

OOPS! I forgot to put “Avatar” as one of my favorite sci-fi films, as well as “Tron Legacy”.

906. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 3, 2011

882 Thank you Basement Blogger. I was back in the 700’s: the discussions on Iran, Spielberg, corporations, movies etc. Fascinating.

Not up to the alien portion yet.

907. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Avatar was a great Movie. On my list it would be # 11.

908. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My list of fav War Movies.

1. They Died with there Boots on.
2. The Dirty Dozen.
3. The Final Countdown.
4. Midway.
5. Saving Pvt. Ryan.
6. Band of Brothers.
7. The Blue and the Grey.
8. The Longest Day.
9. Tora Tora Tora.
10. Mr. Roberts.

909. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 902

Captain Mike, I’ve got you at number 900. In your post, you say 900 is coming up. See my computer is out of phase. Let me see if I’m in the right universe here. Let’ see. Our leader is Secretary Walter Bishop. Eric Stolz starred in Back to the Future. “Dogs” is the longest Broadway musical. The Cincinnati Bengals won the latest Super Bowl. And I’m rich and married to Blake Lively . Something is wrong with the first three facts but the stuff about the Bengals and Blake Lively sounds right.

910. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Top Ten Westeren Movies.

1. True Grit. with John Wayne.
2. The Good The Bad and the Ugly.
3. For a Few Dollars More.
4. The Shootist.
5. A Fist Full of Dollars.
6. Shoot Out at the Ok Corral.
7. The Quick and the Dead.
8. The Blue and the Grey.
9. Unforgiven.
10. Wagon Train.

911. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Yes Blogger. You are out of Phase. With Time and Reality. In my the real Reality. Bush is Still the Emperier. Obama is the Chairman of the joint Chiefs. The U.S is plotting on taking over the world and the Empire will be Created. Im here from the Future to make sure things go as History Laid it out.

912. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

Also, MJ, that’s not the only sort of propaganda I think it is. As I suggested earlier, I think it’s also a form of “rebranding” democrats to get in the game of patriotism that republicans are perceived as dominating. When you’ve got people like Hannity calling liberals America haters every night and constantly praising the armed forces, liberals are bound to feel like they’re getting whipped. And if you are a Hollywood liberal, one of the ways you fight back is through the movies, which liberals dominate.

Ultimately, if Spielberg does not intend that stuff to be a recruitment tool, then the joke is on him for pretending to be the sort of patriot he feels it is necessary to be to compete with the neocons, and giving the neocons the tools in the form of his own work with which to recruit.

913. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

Anyway, this dialogue makes for interesting speculation about how Bob is going to deal with this CIA TV series he’s got cooking.

914. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

I might actually tune in for that one.

915. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My list of Top Ten T.V Westerns.

1. Gun Smoke.
2. Bonanza.
3. High Chaperal.
4. Have Gun will Travel.
5. Wagon Train.
6. Rawhide.
7. Wild Wild West.
8. The Bounty Hunter.
9. Kung Fu. Yes. It was a Western.
10. How the West was Won.

916. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

And that last paragraph in 913 is something I’m sure Bob will be aware of in that TV series. I’m curious about how Bob got involved with that show.

917. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

893. “I would love to be the Lens flair guy.”

Well, if you are stylish and use contacts, you might at least be known as the guy with flare who wears lenses.

918. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Lol. sorry. Don’t wear Glasses or Contacts. But could give the extra Flair.

919. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011


BB, now why would I want any nude photos of Ms. Durance. There is nothing interesting about pictures of a naked horse. It would be unusual if the horse had some clothes on, don’t you think?

920. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011


Or he could be known as the guy who lense the movie some flare!

921. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Hey Harry. How is it going. Any Dreams of Erica Durance. Lol. Ok Just Kidding.

922. MJ - January 3, 2011

@921 Let’s just the upper half of Erica’s body and the term “smallville” are mutually exclusive.

923. MJ - January 3, 2011

@915. That would pretty much be my list as well, with Gunsmoke and Bonanza well above the rest.

924. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011


Durance’s looks are irrelevant. There are many actresses who are far better looking and much better at acting. I guess she gave the best “audition”.

925. MJ - January 3, 2011

My Top 10 Westerns are:
1. Unforgiven
2. Dances with Wolves
3. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
4. The Cowboys
5. High Plains Driver
6. Open Range
7. A Fistfull of Dollars
8. True Grit (original & new — tied)
9. Will Penny
10. Sliverado
Honorable Mention: They Call Me Trinity

926. Harry Ballz - January 3, 2011

Aw, Anne Francis died. She was 80. I loved her in Forbidden Planet.

Well, another boyhood fantasy shot to hell!

927. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

The Twlight Zone had some of the best Eps. Weather it be Westerns or Scifi or War Movies. Every Time I watch it it always blows my mind.

928. MJ - January 3, 2011

My Top 10 Comedies:

1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
2. Stripes
3. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
4. Housesitter
5. What about Bob
6. Ghostbusters
7. Animal House
8. Home Alone
9. The Jerk
10. Galaxy Quest

929. MJ - January 3, 2011

Anyone else watch Mantracker? One of the few good reality tv shows.

930. MJ - January 3, 2011

Locked Up Abroad is pretty good too.

931. MJ - January 3, 2011

@896. “Don’t know how old you are, but you may have forgotten what it’s like to be young and stupid.”

You may have a point there. 47. My oldest son is 14, so I guess I need to start being aware of this then. Thanks for pointing this out, DM.

932. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My Top Ten Comedies.

1. Airplane.
2. Naked Gun
3. What About BOB.
4. Ground Hog Day.
5. Space Balls.
6. History of the World 1 and 2.
7. Scary Movie.
8. Caddy Shack.
9. Robin Hood. Men in Tights.
10. The Producers.

933. MJ - January 3, 2011

@912. Interesting conjecture on Spielberg, but you cant prove that nor can I refute that, since neither of us can get inside his head. So what is the point at trying to him label him as having this secret purpose for the movie given this is all just an opinion of yours of what me might think?

934. MJ - January 3, 2011

correction: “what he might think?”

935. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Stripes would be # 11. Loved that Movie.

936. MJ - January 3, 2011

Or might it just possibly be that he and Stephen Ambrose, with some of actual vets from Easy Company as consultants, just tried to do a great visual representation of what actually happened to to those individuals in WWII?

937. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

One of the best War Movies was Full Metel Jacket. Now that was a Classic. The Boot Camp Scene with R Lee Ermy is among the best that I have ever seen. He was orignaly Hired as a Consultant for that Movie as they had already Hired an Actor to be there Drill Sgt. But Ermy was the real deal. A Real Marine Drill Sgt. So. He was put into the Movie and the rest was History.

938. Hat Rick - January 3, 2011

915, I love Wild Wild West (the TV series, not the movie with Will Smith). Such nice memories it brings back.

The premise of both the TV series and the movie makes it kind of a Western/sci-fi hybrid and I’m not the first to notice this. Perhaps it was the world’s first steampunk TV series. Not bad for having been made almost half a century ago!

939. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My Fav Cartoons.
1. Bugs Bunny Show.
2. Daffy Duck.
3. Road Runner.
4. Super Friends.
5. Justice league.
6. The Real Ghost Busters.
7. Tazmainiean Devel.
8. Hee Man.
9 Transformers.
10. Tom and Jerry.
11. Poppye.
12. Thundar.
13. Bullwinkle.

940. Capes - January 3, 2011

The Day is mine !!!!!

941. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

#938. IT WAS A GREAT SERIES. Robert Conrad is a hell of an actor.

942. Capes - January 3, 2011

Or perhaps…..

943. Capes - January 3, 2011

Or……Rihanna and Shy Ronnie in Ronnie and Clyde……

944. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My Fav War Tv Shows.

1. M.A.S.H.
2. Black Sheep Squadren.
3. Combat.
4. China Beach.
5. Band of Brothers.

945. Basement Blogger - January 3, 2011

@ 920

Ouch, Harry! I take it you’re not a member of the Erica Durance Fan Club.

Found this picture of her. If that’s what horses look like, maybe that’s why that guy from South Carolina had sex with a horse, twice. .

Picture of Erica

Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Bit on the Guy From South Carolina who had sex with a horse, Harry, Canada better let you watch this official video. It’s not NBC.–south-carolina-

946. MJ - January 3, 2011

My 10 best movies — all Genres:

1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
2. Lawrence of Arabia
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
4. The Shawshank Redemption
5. Dances with Wolves
6. Blade Runner
7. The Empire Strikes Back
8. Star Trek 2010
9. Die Hard
10. Avatar

947. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

My Fav TOS Eps. Top Ten.
1. City on the Edge of Forever.
2. Balence of Terror.
3. Tomorrow is Yesterday.
4. Spectre of the Gun.
5. The Enterprise Incident.
6. The Tholien Web.
7. Elan of Troyous.
8. The Doomsday Machine.
9. Return to Tomorrow.
10. The Alternative Factor.

948. MJ - January 3, 2011

@947. Very close to mine, but I would have Tribbles and The Menagerie in there somewhere.

949. Capes - January 3, 2011

Loved season one of Wild Wild West…….Black and White……All of the episodes Titled “Night of the ………..”

Damn great Show!
Damn lousy movie!

950. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

934. MJ – January 3, 2011

Well, I don’t need to be you to know what is generally going on in your mind given this or that particular situation. Your actions reveal what’s going on in you because they speak a common language that doesn’t require I access your brain to experience your thoughts and intentions directly. If you point a gun at me I’m going to respond a certain way. I’m not going to be totally clueless about what you pointing a gun at me means.

By their fruits you will know them.

Sure I can be wrong. This is a probabilistic game. I’m probably not though.

951. Capes - January 3, 2011

I look away for just a minute……and there are 300 more posts. 300 posts.

I’ll try that “Last word” thing again later……

952. dmduncan - January 3, 2011

Anyway, g’night folks. Thought I might make it to 1000, but I’m fading…

953. Capes - January 3, 2011


954. MJ - January 3, 2011

My Top 5 sports movies:

1. Hoosiers
2. Rocky
3. Field of Dreams
4. Miracle
5. Jerry McGuire
6. Brian’s Song
7. The Natural
8. Chariots of Fire
9. Rocky III
10. Rudy

955. Capes - January 3, 2011

Damn !

956. Capes - January 3, 2011


957. Capes - January 3, 2011

Sweet !!!!

958. Capes - January 3, 2011

MJ you forgot Victory and Rocky Balboa !

959. MJ - January 3, 2011

@950. Well for the specific case of Band of Brothers, which was based on the actual accounts of the troops, who were themselves, along with historian Stephen Ambrose, involved in the production, I am also confident in the probability that this particular production of Spielberg’s is free from any theory of a political/propaganda slant that you might want to attribute to him. You might have more of chance convincing me on other pieces of his work, but not Band of Brothers.

960. MJ - January 3, 2011

@958. Good ones too.

961. MJ - January 3, 2011

@952. Good night, DM.

962. Capes - January 3, 2011


The Doomsday Machine
(Personal Favorite)
Giant Ice Cream Cone vs. The Enterprise…….Classic!

963. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 3, 2011

Top 20 Star Trek Time Travel Eps.
1. City on the Edge of Forever TOS..
2. Yesterdays Enterprise. TNG
3. Tomorrow is Yesterday. TOS.
4. Little green Men. DS9
5. Storm Front. Ent.
6. Assingnment Earth. TOS.
7. Shattered. Voyager.
8. Trials and Tribbleations. DS9 and TOS.
9. Cause and Effect. TNG.
10. Futures End. DS9
11. Times Arrow. TNG.
12. Cold Front. ENT.
13. All good Things. TNG.
14. Before and After. Voyager.
15. Shockwave. Ent.
16. Carpenter St. Ent.
17. Timeless. Voyager.
18. Past Tense. DS9
19. The Visitor. DS9.
20. Relativity. Voyager.

964. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top 5 Star Trek Drinks.
1. Suarean Brandy.
2. Romulan Ale.
3. Klingon Blood Wine.
4. Tarcalein Tea.
5. Rackogeno.

965. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

I meant to say Alien Drinks on last post. I know that Picard loved Tea Earl grey Hot and Janeway loved Black Coffee.

966. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

More Erica Durance and a line from Star Trek; @ 920

First, guys, we’re going to get to 1000 posts which I have no idea is a record. We can do it without cheap posts, you know where you take ten posts to make one sentence.

Second, I was checking out some Erica Durance fan sites for Harry Ballz and looking at pictures of her. For a couple of reasons I’m reminded of a line from Star Trek (2009.) by Scotty.

Scotty: “So, the Enterprise has had its maiden voyage, has it? She is one well-endowed lady. I’d like to get my hands on her “ample nacelles,” if you pardon the engineering parlance..”.

Harry, below are some fan sites for Erica Durance. I can feel your eyes filling with tears. Your welcome. Hey, maybe you could lobby Bob to get her a role in Star Trek (2012). : )

967. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top Star Trek Battle Eps.
1. Yesterdays Enterprise. Tng
2. The Doomsday Machine. Tos
3. Balence of Terror. Tos
4. The Defiant. DS9
5. End Game Voyager.
6. Regeneration. Ent.
7. The Ultimate Computer. TOS.
8. The best of Both Worlds Part 1 and 2. TNG
9. The Expanse. Ent
10. Sacrifice of Angels. DS9.

968. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

I have posted some great stuff to get to 1,000 Maybe. Just Maybe I can get my promotion back.

969. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top Trek Alternate Realaties.

1. Mirror Mirror. TOS.
2. Through the looking Glass. DS9
3. Yesterdays Enterprise. TNG
4. Shattered. Voyager.
5. Shockwave ENT.

970. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

I will get us to 1,000 and I won’t do it by using one letters. Hope everyone enjoys my top list.

971. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

@ 965

What about tranya? (The Corbomite Maneuver)

972. MJ - January 4, 2011

@970. You are the king of lists, Captain Mike!

973. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top TOS Trek Catch Phrases.
1. Im a Dr not a Bricklayer. MCcoy
2. Im a Dr. Not an Escolater.MCcoy
3. Im given it all shes got Capt. Scotty.
4. Im doing the best I can. Scotty.
5. Were losing Power Sir. Sulu.
6. Fasinating. Spock.
7. Im a Dr. Not an Historien. Dr. Bashier in Trials and Tribbleations.
8. Hes Dead Jim. MCcoy.
9. My barrins. My poor Barrins. Scotty.
10. She can not take much more of this.

974. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

#971. Tronya would be #6 on the List. I did not include it as it was only on the one Epp. Romulan Ale was not on Tos. But was in Trek 2 and 6. The Other Drinks were also in Multiple Movies and Eps.

975. MJ - January 4, 2011

This Battleship Ptomptkin movie looks like a really strange Soviet Propaganda movie (no Harry, it is not a Spielberg film):

976. MJ - January 4, 2011

“2. Im a Dr. Not an Escolater.MCcoy”

When did McCoy say that?

977. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

On the Tos Catchphrase I added Dr Bashier because he was in the Time Frame of TOS on the Defiant just off from Space Station K7. Also. It was a Homage to Dr. MCcoy.

978. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Captain Mike, here’s my top ten TOS episodes.

10. The Enterprise Incident
9. The Menagerie
8. Mirror, Mirror
7. Arena
6. Balance of Terror
5. Amok Time
4. The Doomsday Machine (Also my choice for big screen treatment)
3. Journey to Babel
2. The Trouble with Tribbles

and number one is fo course, “Spock’s Brain.” Just kidding, Harlan Ellison, so don’t sue me. It’s “The City on the Edge of Forever.”

979. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

#976. Im Shocked you do not know that. It was on the TOS Epp. Fridays Child. He was trying to get Elane up the pass to the Cave. For that Blunder you get 24 Hours in the Agoniser Booth.

980. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top Trek Funniest Epps.
1. Trouble with Tribbles. TOS
2. Trials and Tribbleations. DS9
3. Shore Leave. Tos.
4. Mudds Women.

981. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

I also Meant to add I Mudd as #5.

982. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Saddest Moments in. Trek.
1. City on the edge of Forever. TOS
2. The Inner Light. TNG
3. The Visitor DS9.
4. The Best of Both Worlds. TNG.
5. The Empath. TOS.

983. MJ - January 4, 2011

@ 979. Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!

984. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Most Shocking Moment in Trek.

1. Best of Both Worlds. TNG. Picard becomes a BORG.
2. Tomorrow is Yesterday. TOS. Enterprise being chased by s U.S Jet.
3. Cause and Effect. TNG. Enterprise Blows Up.
4. Yesterdays Enterprise. TNG. Enterprise C shows up and reality changes.
5. Emisary. DS9. Battle of Wolf 359. Federations Ships being torn apart by BORG.

985. MJ - January 4, 2011

This upcoming movie looks really good:

986. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

# 983 MJ. That is what you get for questioning me on Trek.

987. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

The First Ship Mentioned in Trek besides the Enterprise is The Columbia in the Pilot the Cage. That was the Ship that Crashed with Vina on Talos 4. The Second of course is the S.S. Valient.

988. MJ - January 4, 2011

This one looks like a lot of fun:

989. MJ - January 4, 2011

would like to see this one as well:

990. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Here is some Trek Trivia. Gene Roddenberrys Voice is only heard once in any of the Trek Shows and Movies. it was on the TOS Ep Charlie X. He was the Chef that called the Bridge and told Kirk that there were real Turkeys in the Oven.

991. MJ - January 4, 2011

Wow, Nana Vistor looks as beautiful today as ever:

992. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

The Call Sign of Capt John Christopher in Tommorow is Yesterday is Blue Jay 4. Ground control is Black Jack.

993. MJ - January 4, 2011

@990. Very interesting. Incidentally, I met Gene in person back in 1977. Good guy, but a bit stressed out.

994. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Nana Viitor was and maybe still is Married to Siddig El Fadil. Dr. Bashier in real Life.

995. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2011

Bah! We will reach 1000 and beyond!!!

996. MJ - January 4, 2011

Interesting quote by some bloggers on the web (not Basement Blogger) talking about what they want to see in the new Trek movie:

“The bar is very, very high for the sequel. But I think we are looking at a movie like The Dark Knight which actually sort of went one step beyond Batman Begins. It was really about something and at the same time was a superhero movie. So we don’t want to abandon all the things that made the first movie work – and have it sort of be fun and emotional, but we also really want the movie to thematically resonate, so we are putting on our highfalutin hats.”

997. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Commordore Decker was the Father to Commander Decker who also Died in The Motion Picture.

998. MJ - January 4, 2011

@995 Lucky guy! I think was irritated in the way the writers treated him the last couple seasons of Ds9

999. MJ - January 4, 2011

1000th post !!!!!!

1000. MJ - January 4, 2011

1000th post !!!!! ,

1001. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

The Enterprise is seen in only one Movie that was not Star Trek on the Big Screen. Airplane 2 the Sequal. As seen by the Shat on the Bridge on Lunar Alpha.

1002. MJ - January 4, 2011


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

1003. MJ - January 4, 2011

I’d like to thank all the little people who made this possible.


1004. MJ - January 4, 2011

I’ve paid my dues
Time after time
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
I’ve made a few
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through

We are the champions, my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions – of the world

I’ve taken my bows
And my curtain calls
You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it
I thank you all

But it’s been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise –
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
And I aint gonna lose –

We are the champions – my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
Cause we are the champions – of the world

1005. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Well. MJ. I see like Kirk you Cheated. But as everyone will see. I did all of the real work to get us to 1,000.

1006. MJ - January 4, 2011

Risin’ up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the cream of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he’s watchin’ us all in the eye of the tiger

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry
They stack the odds ’til we take to the street
For we kill with the skill to survive


Risin’ up, straight to the top
Have the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I’m not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive


The eye of the tiger (repeats out)…

1007. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1005. Well Captain Mike, I did what I had to do, what I always do. Turn death into a fighting chance to live.

1008. MJ - January 4, 2011

Seriously Capt Mike, thanks for staying up — I think, you Harry and I are the last ones. And yes, you did do the most work tonight…well done, my friend!!!

1009. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

So. With this last post I bid Everyone a good Night and for you Harry. I hope you have the most Pleasnt Dream of your True Love. Erica Durance. Also. I am the True King of the Trek List and with that. I am Once again
Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire!!!!! Long Live the Terran Empire.

1010. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Good Night MJ. We are the Hard Core Trek Fans. We are the ones who got this bad boy to 1,000.

1011. MJ - January 4, 2011

Good night Commodore and Harry! Congrats again on your promotion, Mike — Admiral Nogura sends his regards.

1012. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

@ 997

MJ, that quote is from Damon Lindelof. And it’s great because the three writers (Orci, Kurtzman, and Lindelof) seem to signal that they will make a deeper film just as The Dark Knight went deeper. I’ve linked the TrekMovie story with the quote below.

1013. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1012. Deja vu — I thought I had read something like this awhile back. Thanks for clearing that up, BB.

1014. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Congratulations Fellow Trekkers on 1000 posts. You’ll have to ask Anthony if this is a record. Sorry, I missed all the excitement because I was downloading a bunch of Erica Durance pictures.

1015. Anthony Thompson - January 4, 2011

Let’s go for 2000! ; )

1016. Hat Rick - January 4, 2011

I read somewhere that the mind can sometimes travel forward in time. This phenomenon may be what is often referred to as precognition.

This may also underlie what may seem otherwise to be amazing coincidences. For example, while strolling through a mall one day, I was thinking about something related to playing the piano — absentmindedly — when, no less than a minute later, the song “Piano Man” came on over the speakers.

I would be interested in knowing if others have had instances of interesting coincidences that could also be deemed precognitional in any way.

1017. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - January 4, 2011

@580 & @ 659

Thanks peeps… Still no sign of my CD….. *sniffle*

1018. rogerachong - January 4, 2011

Hey it has been announced that Olivia Wilde starring in Tron: Legacy will be teaming up with Chris Pine as his girlfriend in Alex and Bob’s “Welcome To People”. That would truly be a great hottie for the next Star Trek film guys. She also acts in the drama “House” with Kirk’s new mom. Also in “Cowboys and Aliens” as well from those two busy guys. Hey Bob how can you go to work each day surrounded by so much hotness and still get any work done is beyond me

1019. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

#1018. Maybe Bob has a little Kirk in him. Kirk got a lot of women. But his first love was the Enterprise. Bob loves Writing.

1020. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Anyone up for getting this to 2,000.

1021. Capes - January 4, 2011

#1021 !!!!!

1022. rogerachong - January 4, 2011

#1019. I guess that leaves all the women for us dudes. Oh for shame.

1023. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1020. Looks like Anthony might be AWOL again — no new articles since last Friday. Tell you what, if there is no action on this website by Thursday this week, then I think maybe we do go for 2000.

1024. MJ - January 4, 2011

Tell you what, this achievement of getting over 1000 posts is as good as any manufactured news on this web site. Anthony, if you are reading, this would make a great filler news story in and of itself!

1025. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1018 “Hey Bob how can you go to work each day surrounded by so much hotness and still get any work done is beyond me”

Well notice that we don’t see any completed Star Trek 2012 script yet. ;-)

1026. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

How about another Top Trek List. Best Trek Guest Stars.
1. Ricardo Montalbhan. Khan. TOS
2. John Delancie. Q. TNG DS9 Voyager.
3. Paul Winfield. Darmak. TNG
4. Majel Barrett Roddenberry. Nurse Chapel. TOS. Troi TNG. Number 1 TOS Pilot. Computer Voice all Series.
5. Mark Lenard. Sarek. TOS and TNG. Romulan Commander. TOS
6. Robert ORIELY. Gowron TNG and DS9.
7. William Windom. Commodore Decker. TOS
8. Tony Todd. Kern. TNG and DS9.
9. Jeffery Combs. Weyoun. Brunt. DS9. Commander Shran ENT.
10. Mark Alaimo Gul Dukat. DS9

1027. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top Trek Villains.
1. Khan. TOS
2. The Doomsday Machine. TOS.
3. The Borg. TNG. Voyager.
4. The Romulans. All Series.
5. Jeffery Combs. Weyun. DS9
6. Gul Dukat. DS9.
7. The Kazon. Voyager.
8. The Vidians. Voyager.
9. The Jem Hadar DS9.
10. The Female Shapeshifter. DS9

1028. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Top Ten Eps of all Trek Series.

1. The Best of Both Worlds 1 and 2. TNG
2. The City on the Edge of Forever. TOS
3. The Doomsday Machine. TOS.
4. What you leave Behind. DS9.
5. Endgame. Voyager.
6. In a Mirror Darkly. 1 and 2. Ent.
7. Darmok. TNG.
8. The Menagerie 1 and 2 TOS.
9. The Visitor. DS9.
10. Broken BOW. ENT.

1029. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2011

Basement Blogger

you seem obsessed with Erica Durance. I know the internet gives one a feeling of anonymity, but I wouldn’t be so quick to admit being into beastiality if I were you! The Feds may kick down your door and drag you away for having such “urges”.

1030. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2011

1021. Capes “#1021 !!!!!”

….and are we proud when we tie our shoes every morning?

1031. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2011


“….and are we proud when we tie our shoes every morning?”

You’d be surprised at the number of able-bodied people who don’t know how or don’t bother to tie their shoes. Like Erica Durance, Jessica Simpson and Snooki. They always seem to “trip themselves up” when they try to act!

1032. dmduncan - January 4, 2011

MJ, congrats on not only getting your 1000 posts, but on BEING the 1000th.

1033. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 4, 2011

not to diminish this accomplishment, and it is quite an accomplishment, i know for a fact 1000 has been broken before… and Harry was part of it. However this thread was a great one and I’m not sure if #1031 was broken even then.
So onwards and upwards!

1034. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Does anyone know what the record post is. I bet it was back when Trek 09 was coming out.

1035. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1034. I be we are at the record, because back then:

1. There were more frequent real news stories, and so the posts got spread out into different threads; and

2. This website was still new and growing, and didn’t have as large a following and “community” of posters back then.

1036. MJ - January 4, 2011

are all the stories ever put on this site still here…if so, we could look and find out…

1037. MJ - January 4, 2011

OK, it is ALL still there. The problem is that one would have to go through 283 screens of news web pages to figure this out, starting way back with the first few articles in 2006:

1038. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Well. I did the checking and this is only the 2nd time that 1,000 post were done.

1039. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

The 1st 1,000 post was done by RD.

1040. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

It was done on a Q and A with Bob Orci.

1041. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

It was about Star Trek 2009

1042. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

So now what is the number for the Record. For Posting on Trek Movie.

1043. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

So now Ladies and Gentleman. This will Tie the Record for Posting on Trek Movie. Long Live the Terran Empire and Trek

1044. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2011

1031. Red Dead Ryan

Yes, Ryan, but in all fairness, the three women mentioned probably don’t tie their shoes because they can’t SEE them!

1033. moauvian waoul

mw, thanks for pointing that out! I am proud of being one of the long-standing members of the wacky group of visitors to this site!

1045. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Harry. Congradulations. You have broken the Record for Posting on Trek Movie. I tied it and you Broke it. For that. No more Erica Durance jokes from me my friend. The Record was done on here on May 18 on a Q and A with Bob Orci about Trek 09. Way to go.

1046. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

I have been on Trek Move for years. About the time that Star Trek Remastering was starting.

1047. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1032. Thanks DM !

1048. dmduncan - January 4, 2011

And by the way, yes, Battleship Potemkin was Soviet propaganda. That’s what Eisenstein did. But he was also a revolutionary filmmaker who perfected the use of montage. He also wrote several books on film theory. I’m glad to see Potemkin is getting a restoration. All of his films are fantastic. Not likely to function much as propaganda anymore, but historically ground breaking in their development of cinematic technique.

1049. dmduncan - January 4, 2011

This story is nowhere near dropping off the bottom of the page into oblivion yet, so the final tally will be interesting to see.

1050. MJ - January 4, 2011

Well I am glad that we now hold the record, but somewhat disappointed we are not the first. I say, bring on 1500 by Friday! We need to get to a level that no one could ever pass or would ever want to pass. To benchmark this, let me suggest that he goal should be a number of posts consistent with the worse case scenario — a 3 week long party-bender by Anthony with Erica Durance in Vegas in which no news stories get published!

1051. keachick - January 4, 2011

So what’s wrong with Erica Durance?

1052. MJ - January 4, 2011

nothing, sign me up…whoops, wife and kids…axe that request.

1053. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 4, 2011

Fitting that Harry would be the one. Way to go!

1054. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2011

-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News

Anthony is in the midst of a month long holiday. He’ll post a couple of articles later in the week. Then he’ll go back to lying in the sun in Hawaii until the 13th of January.

-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News

1055. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

@ 1030

Harry, my friend, if you think Erica Durance is a horse then I’d like to ride her. By the way, did Canada let view the Jon Stewart video about that guy in South Carolina who had sex with a horse, the same horse twice? You know, it’s authorized so there would be no copyright violation. If Canada didn’t let you view it, does Canada have a problem now with Jon Stewart?

1056. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2011


At least with Snooki, whenever she falls face first, her chest blocks her head from hitting the ground. Though its redundant since she has nothing to protect in the first place!

At least Erica Durance is hot. Jessica Simpson must crap out of her chin, and Snooki might as well be a bronze statue. She’s that dense and dark!

1057. Harry Ballz - January 4, 2011

Thanks to all my friends for your kind words! Couldn’t have done it without ya!

Now, onwards to 2000!

1058. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

@ 1052 Keachick and why the guys hate Erica Durance

Some people here, (see Harry Ballz : ) ) have expressed their displeasure that Ms. Durance has not solved the problems of the Middle East. Just kidding. She’s on Smallville and plays Lois Lane. They want another Canadian actress, sixty two year old Margot Kidder, to play Lois Lane. Okay, that’s not right. Honestly, I think they might have an issue with her acting.

1059. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2011

“To infinity……and BEYOND!!”

1060. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Okay, fellow Trekkers, the record was 1043 based on the information you gave. And folks, that story had posts from Bob Orci answering questions. Have any of you seen Bob on this thread? If not, we did it without celebrity assistance. Not that I wouldn’t mind if Olivia Wilde stopped by.

Old record of 1043 posts.

1061. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Hey, do you realize we’ve discussed everything from Snooki to Eisenstein? I wonder what Eisenstein would say? “What’s a Snooki?”

1062. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Okay, back to the story reported. I saw a TV teaser for “Green Hornet.” It was about how cool the car was. You’re in trouble if you’re trying to sell a movie with a prop. I saw another with Seth Rogen, as the Green Hornet , rapping. Is this a comedy? I know you don’t judge a book by its cover, but this is not looking good.

1063. Red Dead Ryan - January 4, 2011


“I wonder what Eisenstein would say? “What’s a Snooki?””

Well, all I can say is, Snooki probably figures “Einstein” is a glass she can drink beer out of!

1064. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Another thing about the record breaking posting achievement, we all came together for a common goal just like the crew of the Enterprise did in the 2009 movie. What? Too corny? Too cute? Want more cute? Okay, then check out the cat Maru and his Big Box. Over four million people have. What? You hate cats? Check out the website that collects pictures of cats that look like Hitler. Yes, with impending alien invasion, somebody made a website that collects pictures of cats that look like Hitler.

Maru and the Big Box.

Cats That Look Like Hitler

1065. Basement Blogger - January 4, 2011

Sorry, here’s the correct URL for:

Maru and the Big Box

1066. Charla - January 4, 2011

# 1063 LOL agreed!

1067. Charla - January 4, 2011

# 1055- Basement blogger– um….who would want to see a man and his horse……..yack!! I certainly hope no one here would…..

Ok has Anthony went on vacation again? Maybe I am being impatient but it seems like it has been awhile—he needs to come out and play! :D

1068. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

Ok. I thank God Im in the Terran Empire. This thing with a Horse and Snoki or Vise versa or are they one and the same would get each and every one of you in the Agoniser Booth or Worse!!!!!!

1069. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 4, 2011

I have posted some real cool Trek list and all i see is Snookie and Horses. This keeps up I will be asking for your Agonisers.

1070. MJ - January 4, 2011

@1054/Read Dead Ryan: “-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News-Breaking News –Anthony is in the midst of a month long holiday. He’ll post a couple of articles later in the week. Then he’ll go back to lying in the sun in Hawaii until the 13th of January”

Assume you are just having fun with us, or do you have some real info?

Thanks RDR

1071. MJ - January 4, 2011


December 17th

Pause in Site News / Staff Vacation

Just wanted to wish all of you Happy Holidays. Please note that the staff and I will be taking some extended leave from now through 13 January, and you will likely only see a couple of news stories posted during this period. See you all in new year.

1072. MJ - January 4, 2011

OK folks, the above fake news story took me 90-seconds to generate. Would it have be so freaking hard for Anthony or his staff to have posted something like this??????

1073. Capes - January 4, 2011


Harry……what makes you think I wear shoes?

And no…..I’m not up on all of that fancy book learning stuff like tying shoes…..

1074. Capes - January 4, 2011


1075. Capes - January 5, 2011

By the way gang, did you hear that the Captain of the USS Enterprise was permanently relieved of duty?

1076. Capes - January 5, 2011


1077. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011


Oh, for cryin’ out loud! :>)

1078. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011


Looks like the Captain of THIS Enterprise did a bad thing with HIS Captain’s Log!

1079. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

MJ. Your Agoniser Please.

1080. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

Harry. We are the only sane ones here. We need to find a Cure!!!!. If that is even possible.

1081. MJ - January 5, 2011

@1079 Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn! Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!

1082. MJ - January 5, 2011

I bet in this case the Admiral that relieved him of command used the “I am relieved” line — given he wants this thing to go away ASAP.

1083. MJ - January 5, 2011

Forget 2001. Wouldn’t it be cool if our last post in this threat was number 1701 !!!! Assuming we could get everyone to stop posting right at that number?

1084. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

Ok. I wonder. When he said Relieved did he mean Relieved as in Thank God I can quit doing this or was it just Being Relieved of Command. Just wondering.

1085. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

It may go to 1864.U.S.S Reliant.

1086. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011

1080. “We are the only sane ones here”

High praise indeed, Commodore Mike!

1087. MJ - January 5, 2011

I sensed a little bit of both, and I can see the guy wanting a bit of a break after getting tortured by the Romulans.

1088. MJ - January 5, 2011

Hey guys, please put in a vote for me for being sane.

1089. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011

Boy, thanks to the fact that even a knuckle-dragging moron can type at a computer, it bodes well for us hitting 2000!

1090. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011

Just watched the movie Salt. Good action flick even though the plot is convoluted!

1091. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

Watched the clip for “Season of the Witch” above. Okay, before our crusaders get ready to charge, Cage says, “Whoever slays the most men, drinks for free.” WTF? Ron Perlman says, “You’re buying my friend.” Is this a beer commercial? They charge and meet Muslims in the field of battle. Perlmen, “I’m building a powerful thirst.” Cage, “You’re buying my friend.” I’m expecting a narrator to then say, “When you’ve spent a long day killing heathen, it’s time to relax. Miller. The beer for Crusaders.”

1092. Capes - January 5, 2011

1092 !!!!!!

1093. Capes - January 5, 2011

Nick Cage, Celebrity Jeopardy, SNL
This is what I think of when you mention “Season of the Witch” aside from that crappy Halloween III movie.

1094. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1094

That SNL skit was funny, especially when the faux “Sean Connery” misreads the category “The Pen is Mightier” to um, you know what I mean.

1095. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1068 Charla, not a video of a man riding a horse

Okay, this horse thing started when I thought the prize for 1000 posts should be Harry Ballz’s collection of nude Erica Durance pictures. Harry responded that he doesn’t have pictures of naked horses.

I then made a joke about maybe that’s why that guy in South Carolina had sex with a horse twice. The video I linked is this hilarious Jon Stewart commentary from the Daily Show on the incident and the comedy gold of South Carolina. So, here’s the riotous commentary again. Enjoy.–south-carolina-

1096. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

I’m looking at a movie poster in the above story. And there are blue creatures taking over New York. Boy, that’s a bad idea for James Cameron. The Navi come to earth? Let me put on my glasses. They’re Smurfs! Okay, when did Smurfs become science fiction.

1097. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

On Iron Man 2, did not think it was very good. It reminded of those old Hal Needham-Burt Reynolds flicks. The ones where everyone in the movie is having a good time except for the audience. That’s because the party is when the cast is making the film. They forgot to include you, the audience. And why has Tony Stark not matured? He went through life changing events in the first Iron Man.

1098. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

And speaking of the first Iron Man (2008), do you realize that after Tony Stark gets kidnapped by the Taliban, there’s twenty five minutes of exposition. Who says you need to pound the audience with non-stop action? Great dialogue and drama can work in a summer blockbuster.

1099. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

Checked out the story on Men In Black 3. (2012) Josh Brolin will play a young Tommy Lee Jones. Yeah, he looks the part. Josh was great in “No Country for Old Men” (2007) and “W” (2008) .

1100. Hat Rick - January 5, 2011

Top Ten Least Surprising Memes in Science Fiction

10. Giant imperial galactic cruiser is commanded by a monomanical, yet deeply flawed, villain.

9. Giant imperial galactic cruiser is confronted by a tiny vessel which is nearly destroyed, but somehow finds the sole weakness in said cruiser and turns the table and destroys the cruiser instead.

8. Same as 10 and 9, except that the rebellion is saved and the empire is destroyed.

7. Planet consisting of furry, loveable teddy bears destroys a legion of Romanesque troops clad in bulletproof (yet not rockproof) armor.

6. Poor yet plucky farmboy who lost his parents, and never knew his father, at a young age grows up to be a heroic knight that saves a rebellion (or federation) from otherwise unavoidable destruction.

5. Poor yet plucky servant who lost his parents, and never knew either his father, since he never actually had one, grows up to be an evil knight whose redemption is made possible only through 6, above.

4. Plucky, pluralistic ragtag rebellion defeats evil, Nazi-like, machine-like overlords.

3. Plucky, pluralistic ragtag fleet led by the last giant galactic cruiser of its kind defeats evil, Nazi-like, machine overlords.

2. Galactic events of galactic import are usually caused by the pursuit and/or loss of a beautiful princess.

And the number one Least Surprising Meme in Science Fiction:

1. A starship named after a series of British and then American warships saves the galaxy from destruction.

Thank you, good night, and drive safely.

1101. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011


Not to be SUCKY, but I’d rather be LUCKY than PLUCKY! That would be DUCKY!

1102. Red Dead Ryan - January 5, 2011


Things can also get MUCKY! And it’ll have you saying “OH, F*CKY!”


I was just guessing…………or was I?

1103. MJ - January 5, 2011

@1099. But do we really need another MIB movie? I would rather see the continually delayed Independence Day sequel get made then another MIB movie…what more can they do in MIB 3 that was not already covered in the classic MIB and the lame MIB 2?

1104. MJ - January 5, 2011

oh, and I course they’ll want me to pay $15 to see the aliens belch, fart and explode in 3D.

1105. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 5, 2011

Wow. We’re a long way from home. This is certainly uncharted territory.

1106. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011

Q: what’s the similarity between threads on this site and bananas?

A: they both come in bunches!

1107. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

Hey, I think I’m back in your unvierse. The numbers seem to match up. The leader of the country is not Secretary Walter Bishop but President Barack Obama. And the Cincinnati Bengals suck.

1108. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011


Thanks for the use of the word “memes.” Honestly, I have not seen that word before. Looked it up. Here’s the wikipedia article on the word. Now could somebody explain to me what Sarah Paliin meant by “refudiate?”

1109. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1103

I see your point on MIB 3. I want to see it first before I pass judgment. MIB 2 was a bloated mess. And that seems to be the problem with sequels. Hollywood seems to follow the theory that the second must be much bigger. See the bloated Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom.

1110. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1104

Hey, MJ I really feel for you regarding paying extra for 3D. Taking a family of four to a movie is expensive. Now add the extra bucks for 3D or worse IMAX which I prefer for 3D.

1111. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

There’s a story above about cutting the Superman cameo out of the upcoming “Green Lantern” for budgetary reasons. I think it makes good artistic sense. Why? It would take away from the first Green Lantern movie and Hal Jordan’s evolution into one of the Green Lantern corps.

1112. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

But what about a Lois Lane cameo on Green Lantern? Yes, cast Erica Durance and Harry Ballz will be the first in line to buy a ticket. : )

1113. nobull-23 - January 5, 2011

1500 anyone?

1114. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

Top Ten Babes of Star Trek: The Original Series

10, Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney)
9. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols)
8. Nona (Nancy Kovack) “A Private Little War”
7. Lt. Areel Shaw (Joan Marshall) “Court Martial”
6. Alice #1 and Alice # 250; TWINS! (Alyce Andrece and Rhea Andrece)
” I, Mudd”
5. Zarabeth (Mariette Hartley) “All of Our Yesterdays”
4. Lt. Carolyn Palamas (Leslie Parrish) “Who Mourns for Adonis?”
3. Slave Girl Drusilla (Lois Jewell) “Bread and Circuses”
2. Andrea (Sherry Jackson) “What are Little Girls Made of?”

and here she is, the hottest Star Trek woman…

1. Yeoman Tonia Barrows (Emily Banks) “Shore Leave”

Picture of my winner, Tonia Barrows, from

Extra: Lt. Carolyn Palamas

1115. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

Top 5 Most Violant Eps in TOS.

1. Obsession.
2. Fridays Child
3. Wolf in the Fold.
4. A Private Little War.
5. The Omega Glory.

1116. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

Top 5 Combat TOS EPS

1. Ballance of Terror.
2. Elan of Troyus.
3. Arena.
4. The Ultimate Computer.
5. Journey to Babel.

1117. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 5, 2011

Top 5 Kissing Tos Eps.

1. Elan of Troyus
2. Who Mourns for Adonis.
3. By any other Name.
4. Return to Tomorrow.
5. Shore Leave.

1118. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 5, 2011

Basement Blogger – “Hey, I think I’m back in your unvierse.”

And now you have a bandage on your forehead where there wasn’t one before? Sorry Basement but we’ll have to trap you between universes where you will have to fight your opposite self for the rest of time. It’s for the sake of both universes, you see. A shame really, I kind’a enjoyed your participation. ;(

1119. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011


Only if Hal Jordan, as his first order of business, zaps her with his magic ring and returns her to the swamp from which she crawled!

1120. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1118

No the other universe was not an anti-matter universe. It was an offshoot of the Fringe parallel universe. “Dogs” was the longest running Broadway play. I was rich and married to Blake Lively. And the Cincinnati Bengals won the Super Bowl.

1121. keachick - January 5, 2011

So a little post from me to help bring the number to 1500.

A paraphrasing of something I heard Chris Pine say recently in an interview:

He said that perhaps what he (and others) do is to provide entertainment, an escape for people from their ordinary lives, but just as important, to show people the best versions of themselves. That is what the best hero/adventure stories are about.

Somewhat Trek like, I would say…
(from 2.20 onwards)

1122. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1118

By the way, according to Wikipedia, John Drew Barrymore was supposed to play Lazarus in “The Alternative Factor.” John was Drew Barrymore’s (E.T.) father.

1123. MJ - January 5, 2011

@1117 “1. Elan of Troyus”

Most definitely #1

1124. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1121

Bring us to 1500? Let’s go for 2000!

And I agree with your assessment of what Chris Pine said. It’s a little like Star Trek.

1125. MJ - January 5, 2011

@1111 I think Superman would upstage GL, so I am glad that they are not going to have that scene.

1126. Harry Ballz - January 5, 2011

At this slow pace, hell, this thread will cap out at 1300, tops!

1127. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1115

Is your criteria based on beings killed? Where’s “Amok Time.?”

1128. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1116

Is your criteria based on ship to ship combat or hand to hand combat? Because if it’s hand to hand, where’s “Amok Time?”

1129. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

@ 1115, 1116

Commodore Mike, because of the lack of criteria for the last two lists, I must ask for your agonizer. Your agonizer, please.

1130. MJ - January 5, 2011

@1126/Harry: “At this slow pace, hell, this thread will cap out at 1300, tops!”

Yea, just when we wanted Anthony to take few more days off (to help us reach 2000), he shows up again with new articles….like a poor marksman, he keeps missing the target!

1131. MJ - January 5, 2011

@1129 Commodore Mike will be back momentarily…he is fighting the Borg right now.

1132. Basement Blogger - January 5, 2011

Top Ten Babes of Star Trek: The Next Generation

10. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby)
9. K’Ehleyer (Suzie Plakson) “The Emissary”
8. Vash (Jennifer Hetrick) “Captain’s Holiday”
7. Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis)
6. Minuet (Carolyn McCormack) “11001001”
5. Kamala (Famke Janssen) “The Perfect Mate”
4. Anna (Barbara Williams, see “Thief of Hearts….) “Liasons”
3. Ishara Yar (Beth Toussaint) “Legacy”
2. Rivan (Brenda Bakke) “Justice”

and the top babe for Star Trek: The Next Generation is …

1. Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden)

a. Photo of my winner, Dr. Crusher. Check it out, she’s in “The Big Goodbye” femme fatale costume.

b. Bonus: Brenda Bakke

1133. MJ - January 6, 2011

As a goal within a goal, I think Basement Blogger should be targeting 100 LISTS !

1134. MJ - January 6, 2011

Meant Commodore Mike, but BB can play too. Need to get caught up on my sleep tonight, I am losing it here….

1135. keachick - January 6, 2011

Just saw Unstoppable with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington. Awesome movie. Brings this to number ?

1136. MJ - January 6, 2011


1137. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1135. Agreed, great movie!

1138. keachick - January 6, 2011

My List of Must-Haves for the Star Trek sequel:

* Spock/Kirk/McCoy ‘discussion’
Kirk is sitting in his chair with the other two either side arguing over, in front, behind Kirk…other bridge crew are clearly with their heads down at their stations working studiously.

* (PINE)Kirk with torn, ripped shirt exposing a well-toned smooth torso. Long lingering camera shots taken from every angle required here.

* Kirk actually winning a hand to hand fight by knocking ? to the ground just before, just as Spock is about to do his Vulcan pinch.

* Spock gets to hang from a ledge this time with Uhura coming to the rescue by proposing marriage. Appropriate music required to set the mood for a damsel rescuing her man from a fate worse than death…or is she?

* McCoy Bones finds himself wrestling with some bones. Kirk enters the cave and says, “Oh, good, Bones, there you are!” Then the two find the person they had been searching for beneath a rock, and Bones says to Kirk, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Feel free to continue with your own needs/must haves for the next movie. I hope, Bob Orci, you are paying attention…:)

1139. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011

….and at least one “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a landscaper!”

1140. keachick - January 6, 2011

What landscaping would he need to do?

1141. Hat Rick - January 6, 2011

1108, no problem.

Memes are probably more familiar to people of my generation — you know, the “me” generation.


1142. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1140 I am probably missing a Trek or pop culture reference, but what does “keachick” signify? It is not like a ChiaPet I am sure. :-)

Thanks, and I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question?

1143. keachick - January 6, 2011

Keachick has nothing to do with Trek or pop culture. It is actually two words run together. When I joined the IMdb boards, you could give yourself, as with here, a pseudonymn, but only one word, no spaces are permitted.

Kea is a native NZ parrot found in the Southern Alps of the South Island, NZ. It is the only mountain parrot found on earth. Other parrots live in tropical or sub-tropical climes. It is also considered to be the most intelligent of all the bird species. They are non agressive, mostly vegetarian, very sociable, playful, mischievous and “magpies” of the parrot world. All the birds that tourists may meet, feed and sometimes even get to pat, in the South Island are all wild born. They are fully protected by national and international – heavy penalties for injuring, killing or smuggling apply. They are not on the endangered list of birds, unlike their closest living relative, the kakapo, the world’s only flightless parrot.

I met some when I was a child when we, as a family, took a tour of the South Island. They are wonderfully unforgettable.

Chick is a baby bird. I guess I am sort of playing with words here, because chick also means young woman…

(To be honest, I have been hoping that somebody would ask me this question, so that I could share with you this kind of link – just so love it)

1144. I'm Dead Jim! - January 6, 2011

Keep up the good work, gentlemen. I’ll be back later to check your progress. As you were!

1145. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

#1129. The Criteria was Death. As for my Agoniser. I also have a Phaser set on Full. So to quote Eastwood. Go Ahead and Make my Day!!!!!.

1146. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

#1131. We have already Conquard the Borg and they work for us now. Also. The Combat was Ship to Ship.

1147. Phil - January 6, 2011

The thread lives, I see….

1148. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011


Well, er, you know……shaving a woman’s “southern region” so he can “operate”!

1149. Capes - January 6, 2011

#1149!……The Day is Mine!!!!

And the beat goes on…….

1150. Capes - January 6, 2011

#1149!……The Day is Mine!!!!

And the beat goes on…….

1151. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky.

1152. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2011

Where No Man Has Gone Before

1153. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Space Seed lead to the Doomsday Machine and that was your last Battlefield which was a Ballence of Terror Which went with the Children Shall Lead but then changed to Mudds Women and lead by I Mudd and to get out of that took the Corbromite Manuver which left to the Enterprise Incident Which only That Which Survives could save. Then they had to Return to Tommorow and then Tomorrow is Testerday took them to the Savage Curten and of course Elan of Troyus was there waiting for them. To get out of that it took an Errand of Mercy from none other then The Tholiean Webb where there was Who Mourns for Adonis and Whom Gods Destroy to keep them in Trouble with Tribbles. They finaly got out of it by Any other Name and from there went to Where no Man has gone Before!!!!!!

1154. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

To get out of the Menagerie they had to get to the Changeling and it took the Ultimate Computer to get them to the Amok Time and from there a little Shore Leave was in order but that was interrupted by The Immunity Syndrum and it took all our Yesterdays and the Obbsession to get them out of the Cage.

1155. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2011

We’re not going to even hit 1200 if you guys don’t pick up the pace, yo!

1156. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

From the Encounter at Far Point they met the Skin of Evil and from there came across Yesterdays Enterprise and after a short visit from Q Who they met up with Sarek and was able to meet the Best of Both Worlds and then they met I Borg and of course Family left them with Cause and Effect and that had them Realing for a bit with Qpid and as the Love was overflowing they ran in to All Good Things.

1157. Basement Blogger - January 6, 2011

@ 1147, @1155

Well, don’t just watch, enter the discussion guys. What do you think of my list of babes of the original series and the next generation? (1114, 1132)

1158. Basement Blogger - January 6, 2011

If you need a topic, how about this one? Stupid Moments in Science Fiction or Fantasy. Criteria: a stupid moment or a stupid thing a character did.

Let me start. Since I see that thery’re making a sequel to Clash of the Titans in the story above, I’m going to go to a teenage mythology flick called, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief” (2010) In the story, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth must go to underworld to rescue Percy’s mother. To escape Hades they must get THREE pearls which will allow them a way out from the underworld. One pearl for each. The THREE find the pearls and make their way to the underworld and find mother. Okay, let’s count how many pearls are needed. Percy. Grover. Annabeth. Mother. That’s four. They got THREE pearls. DOH!

1159. keachick - January 6, 2011

Another must-have:
Pine/Kirk singing the Beatles song “Help”! (This Kirk realises he has been promoted before his time…Damn that Pike.:))

(Shatner certainly needs help not to talk songs but Pine not so much)

brings it to number ?

1160. keachick - January 6, 2011

“Well, er, you know……shaving a woman’s “southern region” so he can “operate”!”

Clearly, Bones McCoy is right when he says, “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a landscaper.” They stopped doing that kind of landscaping in these southern parts near the end of the stone age, you know, the late 1970s!

1161. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011


Oh? Well, never mind!

1162. dmduncan - January 6, 2011

1157: You left out Charlene Polite (Vanna, from The Cloud Minders).

1163. keachick - January 6, 2011

I have read that it has become fashionable for women to do a bit or even a lot of landscaping there themselves. I guess it depends on whether guys likes their females girly or womanly…

I have also found that females who have figures which are long, lean, almost male like, with breasts which can pass the pencil test are the ones that many guys go for, especially the ones in Hollywood. It could be difficult to determine whether some of these females have grown past puberty yet or indeed have actually reached puberty, but their chronologically ages suggest they must have.

A form of narcissism on the part of some of these males, I wonder? Hmmm…?
Brings it to number 1163? another 37 posts to go to get to 1200.

1164. keachick - January 6, 2011

#1162 Is Charlene Polite that awful blond bimbo that Spock was supposed to be so enamoured with, or was she the sassy brunette?

1165. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011


I, personally, prefer women with a little “meat on their bones”, but, hey, that’s just me!

1166. Capes - January 6, 2011

Yes….it’s me….I’m back again…….1166!!!!

1167. Capes - January 6, 2011

In other news, it looks like VP Biden has finally found his core audience…

1168. Capes - January 6, 2011

Additionally….the more I see of The Green Hornet in Trailers and the fact that the Black Beauty and explosions seem to be more emphasized in the commercials now re-enforces my original opinion that this movie……is going to suck if you are more than 11 years old……

1169. Capes - January 6, 2011

A favorite written piece by my favorite politician…..

Abraham Lincoln
Second Inaugural Address:


AT this second appearing to take the oath of the Presidential office there is less occasion for an extended address than there was at the first. Then a statement somewhat in detail of a course to be pursued seemed fitting and proper. Now, at the expiration of four years, during which public declarations have been constantly called forth on every point and phase of the great contest which still absorbs the attention and engrosses the energies of the nation, little that is new could be presented. The progress of our arms, upon which all else chiefly depends, is as well known to the public as to myself, and it is, I trust, reasonably satisfactory and encouraging to all. With high hope for the future, no prediction in regard to it is ventured. 1
On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil war. All dreaded it, all sought to avert it. While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war, urgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without war—seeking to dissolve the Union and divide effects by negotiation. Both parties deprecated war, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish, and the war came. 2
One-eighth of the whole population were colored slaves, not distributed generally over the Union, but localized in the southern part of it. These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war. To strengthen, perpetuate, and extend this interest was the object for which the insurgents would rend the Union even by war, while the Government claimed no right to do more than to restrict the territorial enlargement of it. Neither party expected for the war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained. Neither anticipated that the cause of the conflict might cease with or even before the conflict itself should cease. Each looked for an easier triumph, and a result less fundamental and astounding. Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invokes His aid against the other. It may seem strange that any men should dare to ask a just God’s assistance in wringing their bread from the sweat of other men’s faces, but let us judge not, that we be not judged. The prayers of both could not be answered. That of neither has been answered fully. The Almighty has His own purposes. “Woe unto the world because of offenses; for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh.” If we shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which, in the providence of God, must needs come, but which, having continued through His appointed time, He now wills to remove, and that He gives to both North and South this terrible war as the woe due to those by whom the offense came, shall we discern therein any departure from those divine attributes which the believers in a living God always ascribe to Him? Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said “the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.” 3
With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.

1170. Capes - January 6, 2011

With malice toward none, with charity for all…..

Has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think?

1171. Capes - January 6, 2011

Pushing toward 1200….

1172. Capes - January 6, 2011

MJ…..where the frak are you when I need you !

1173. Capes - January 6, 2011

Here is an interesting Ron Moore blog about Harlan Ellison from 2005:

March 04, 2005
Thank you, Harlan Ellison
There are people you do thank and people you should, and it occurs to me that now is a good time to finally move a man who had a great influence on my life out of the later category and into the former. That man is Harlan Ellison, one of the greatest speculative fiction writers this country has ever produced and a legitimate legend in his own time. Ironically, it’s not his writing which influenced me, his stories nor his style, although I was an avid reader of his work, notably “Chasing the Nightmare” “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” “Harlan Ellison’s Watching” and “The Glass Teat.” In truth, the man influenced me in two encounter which seemed trivial at the time, but which turned out to have been pivotal moments in my life as a writer.

As readers of this blog know by now, I was a born and bred Trek fan growing up in the mid 1970’s, watching the show in strip syndication and always on the lookout for the odd piece of merchandising that might find its way into my neighborhood bookstore. But growing up in a small town in central California, I’d never had the opportunity to come anywhere near that legendary gathering of geekdom – the convention. So it wasn’t until I was a freshman at Cornell in 1983, that I had my first chance to pay for the privilege of sitting in a badly lit auditorium and listen to panel discussions on the feasibility of interstellar travel and marvel at just how many people had the time and resources to construct their very own Gorn costumes, complete with universal translator at the college in Stony Brook, New York.

I do remember wandering a dealer room for the first time, pondering the cost of a fan-produced Phaser II, and seeing a screening of “The Dead Zone” but what really stuck with me, what ultimately had a far greater impact on me than anything else was when Harlan Ellison took the stage and began to read a piece he’d just written to the gathered. The piece was about a recent incident in the nation’s capitol which had garnered coast to coast live coverage in that period of embryonic cable overkill. A man had driven a van which he claimed was filled with explosives to the base of the Washington Monument and threatened to blow it up unless there was an end to the nuclear arms race. Police snipers ultimately shot and killed him and discovered that he had no explosives.

Harlan’s piece that day in Stony Brook condemned not the disturbed man in the van, but the actions of the police who killed him and more broadly condemned us all for focusing more on his empty threat of blowing up a piece of stone than to the very real threat of nuclear holocaust he wanted to end.

It was not a popular sentiment. Fans, heretofore fawning and sycophantic to Harlan’s every word and bon mot, began to boo and hiss, some even yelling obscenities at the stage. To be sure, I shared the feelings of most in the audience. I felt that the police had acted in a mostly responsible way, that they had no way of knowing whether or not there were really explosives in the van and that his death was regrettable, but ultimately of his own making. But what struck me that day was not the political sentiment Harlan expressed, but his willingness to say something in public that was unpopular, to challenge the assumptions of his most devoted followers and his blunt refusal to back down in the face of their outrage. He gave not an inch, refusing to bow to the rising tide of anger in the audience and continued to read his essay in full knowledge of the fact that it was probably going to cost him more than one book sale at the dealer table later that day.

I remember being confused, angered, and somewhat disappointed by what one of my literary heroes had stood up and said. “How could he think that?” I said to myself and shook my head at what seemed like an inverted moral stance. I never read the piece itself, and to this day I have only the vaguest memory of him reading it out loud, but what struck me then and what sticks with me to this very day is the image of a writer standing on principle in the face of overwhelming disapproval. Harlan had made a career, admittedly, of being the skunk at the party, of saying things he knew would piss people off, but never for the easy shock value. He had an opinion and he wasn’t afraid to state it, regardless of the consequences to his book sales or how it made him look in polite society. I can still picture him standing on that stage and shouting against the ocean rearing up against him and it still challenges me to be the kind of writer willing to say the thing that no one else wants to hear.

The man had guts.

The second encounter occurred years many years later after I had become an established writer and had been invited to participate on a panel at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills along with several much bigger names, including J. Michael Straczynski and… Harlan Ellison. It was the first time I’d met the man and in all honesty, I was too embarrassed to say very much, to him lest I start to gush, so satisfied myself with a simple “Hello, I love your work” and then we went into the panel.

Now, this panel occurred at a very particular moment in my career. I was working on “Roswell” as an executive producer, but I was deep into preproduction on the ill-fated pilot I’d written for a series based on Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern” books. It had been a difficult and unhappy development process, but we were only five days away from the first day of principal photography. A major problem had arisen, however. The network had commissioned another writer to rewrite my draft over my objections and in my opinion, had eviscerated everything that I loved about the project. I didn’t want to shoot that draft and they did. As I drove into the parking lot of the Museum I learned via a cell phone call from my agent that a critical conference call with the network was scheduled to take place the next morning which would determine the fate of the entire project, and when I took my seat on the panel I was frankly distracted by the thought that my very first pilot, my very fist shot at running my own series was in serious jeopardy of coming to ruin right before my very eyes unless I “played ball” as they like to say.

The panel discussion was fun and interesting and after a while I forget my Pern problems and simply enjoyed being on the same stage with some legendary figures of the genre. At the end, the final question was put to all of us was “Do you have any advice for young writers starting out?” It’s a familiar question, and to be honest, I have a stock response, (which I will someday bore readers of this blog with when I really need material) and I gave it in my usual inimitable fashion, congratulating myself on having held my own throughout the night.

But when the question came around to Harlan, he leaned forward into the microphone, and with all the passion and ferocity I remembered so well from that convention stage in Stony Brook he said:

“Don’t be a whore!”

The world quite literally spun around me under the hot lights and it felt as though the Universe was conveying a message directly to me. It was so simple. “Don’t be a whore!” Don’t write crap because they pay you well. Don’t put your name on something that you know will suck. Don’t sacrifice whatever integrity you have as a writer for a check.

The next day, during the infamous conference call, there came the point my agent had warned me would come, when I either played ball and went with the script I knew in my heart was terrible or my beloved pilot was going to die, and when that moment came, Harlan’s words rang in my ears like the church bells above Quasimodo’s head.

“Don’t be a whore!”

I wasn’t. The project died. And I have been grateful to Harlan Ellison ever since.

I do not have the mastery of the English language Harlan does, I do not have his brilliance or his gift for story-telling, but I’d like to think that I’ve been inspired by the fire that burns so brightly in his soul and that it’s given me at least some of the courage I was lucky enough to see in person on two separate stages.

So thank you, Harlan. Thank you for being one of the most influential men in my life and thank you for giving me something to aspire to.

1174. Capes - January 6, 2011

The Lincoln Address comment sparked a memory and sure enough…..I found out why. I encourage you to read this because regardless of where you sit in the political spectrum (I’m a Conservative for the record) It is thought provoking and well written in my humble opinion.


Ron Moore Blog

April 01, 2005
A Debate Worth Having
There’s an interesting thread on the Galactica message board here at SciFi.Com entitled: “Human Rights abuses in the Show” The central question debate therein, concerns whether or not Kara was justified in torturing the Cylon prisoner in “Flesh and Bone” as well as some of the other practices and methods we’ve seen the officers of Galactica use, such as the interrogation of Valence in “Colonial Day.”

Not only is this a (by and large) intelligent and thoughtful debate on a serious topic, it also brings up a question I’m often asked — namely what are the politics of the show and what is its political agendat? The quick answer is that the show doesn’t really have a political agenda in the sense that it’s neither liberal nor conservative in the way those labels are thrown around in the sound-bite era of demagoguery that currently passes for political discourse in this country. One would be hardpressed to say that watching Laura Roslin break her word to a prisoner and then kick him out an airlock would be advancing a progressive, liberal agenda, or that Adama questioning his society’s worthiness to be saved is somehow indicative of a conservative bias.

I certainly have my own political views and it would be disingenuous at best to say that there’s some kind of firewall between my beliefs and those portrayed on the show. I’m the head writer — my views and thoughts are on life are on display every week, including my political predilections. However, I don’t see the show as a platform to advance my political belief system or my own views on morality. I do see the show as an opportunity to raise questions in the minds of the audience and ask them to think, which is something of a rariety in these days when politics seems to be about stoking emotionalism and finding simple-minded slogans to stand-in for actual answers to complex problems. (“Culture of Life!” “Right to Die!” “Ban Smoking!” “The Ownership Society!”)

Galactica is both mirror and prism through which to view our world. It attempts to mirror the complexities of our lives and our society in turbulent times, while at the same time reflecting and bending that view in order to allow us to extrapolate on notions present in contemporary society but which have not yet come to pass, i.e. a true artificial intelligence becoming self-aware and the existential questions it raises. Our goal is to examine contemporary culture and society, to challenge (and sometimes provoke) our audience, but not to provide easy answers to complex problems.

I firmly believe that what Kara Thrace did to Leoben in “Flesh and Bone” was wrong. I believe that a society which employs torture on the defenseless captives in its custody has crossed a bright shining line that civilized people should not cross. Likewise, I think that Laura Roslin promising a man freedom only to kill him in the end is abhorrent to the ways in which I want my president to behave. However, I also understand why each of them did what they did. I understand the emotional, psychological and moral quandries which can lead two moral, good people to take such ghastly actions. And, in the end, I also believe that it was true to who characters really are, and that trumps everything else.

Would I personally behave the same way in similar circumstances? I hope not, but neither am I so confident of my own immunity to the pressures felt by an interrogator charged with finding a nuclear weapon or to the enormous weight sitting on a chief executive trying to protect her citizenry that I can say I would absolutely have made the more “moral” choice.

Was it wrong for Adama to dissolve a legally constituted judicial tribunal in “Litmus” simply because he sensed it becoming a witch-hunt or was he actually protecting the larger concepts of justice? Was it right for Lee to shoot down a civilian ship knowing full well that it was probably filled with innocent human beings or was he making a pragmatic choice to protect the greater number in the fleet? Is Tyrol a fool for protecting Sharon or is he honoring the most fundamental human emotion of all — true love?

These are the debates that I hope you have among yourselves, your families, your friends. I want the show to provoke you into thinking about the times you live in and the choices that are being made all around you every day. In a time when the President of the United States actually asserts that he has the power to arrest without warrant and detain indefinitely without charge or appeal, any citizen (indeed any person on the face of the Earth) simply by designating them as an “illegal combatant,” we should all be engaged in a vigorous and energetic debate about who we are as a people and as human beings and exactly how we do intend to respond to the very real threat posed to this nation and to the foundations of liberal democracy posed by people capable of, and willing to, fly airplanes into buildings.

I hope this show makes you think. I hope this show makes you question the moral choices that are being made in your name and by your representatives. I hope this show angers you at times and makes you outraged at the actions that good people like Kara and Laura sometimes take. But the show is not a polemic; our aim is not to screech and demagogue these issues in search of facile answers. Good people can make bad, even horrific decisions, just as bad people can make noble, even righteous ones. Balancing civil liberties with security is a complicated, difficult gymnastic act which defies the easy, pat answers typically served up by an hour of episodic television.

If the show does have a single, consistent point of view, it is probably best summed up by something Lincoln said during his second inaugural address:

“With malice toward none, with charity for all…”

Think about that. Debate the meaning of that simple idea. For that, more than anything else, expresses this show and the politics behind it.

1175. Capes - January 6, 2011


1176. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1143/Keachick: “Kea is a native NZ parrot found in the Southern Alps of the South Island, NZ. It is the only mountain parrot found on earth. Other parrots live in tropical or sub-tropical climes. It is also considered to be the most intelligent of all the bird species. They are non agressive, mostly vegetarian, very sociable, playful, mischievous and “magpies” of the parrot world. All the birds that tourists may meet, feed and sometimes even get to pat, in the South Island are all wild born. They are fully protected by national and international – heavy penalties for injuring, killing or smuggling apply. They are not on the endangered list of birds, unlike their closest living relative, the kakapo, the world’s only flightless parrot.”

Cool – thanks. I will be on the lookout for this bid when I do the Routeburn Trek over the Southern alps in mid-March this year.

1177. Capes - January 6, 2011


1178. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1172. Things have gotten busy at work here this week, but you are a hell of an assistant, and are keeping the post number going upward — please continue!

1179. MJ - January 6, 2011

@ No, you missed it by one. Capes, give Captain Mike your agonizer.

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Getting tired…..1187

1188. Capes - January 6, 2011

Starting to fade…..1188

1189. Capes - January 6, 2011

Very Weak…..1189

1190. Capes - January 6, 2011

Seeing dead relatives now…..1190

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I wish my refresh rate was faster…..1193

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MJ….I have done my part…..take us to 1200 !

1196. Capes - January 6, 2011

MJ ?

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1199. Capes - January 6, 2011


1200. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

I will do mine. Here is to Trek Movie 1200

1201. Capes - January 6, 2011

1200 !

1202. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Rocky. YO ADRIAN. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

1203. Capes - January 6, 2011

All right……we are past 1200 which gets us well past the Battle of Hastings……the first use of the Bow in modern warfare…..and we are well into the Dark ages now………Black Plague anyone ?

1204. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Hey Capes. I took it right out from under you. Long Live the Terran Empire!!!!!.

1205. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Yes. The Empire will Unleash the Black Plaque on any World that will try and stop us. The Empire will always be the strongest and most Domanant Force in the Universe.

1206. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Sulu. Oh my God. How Amazing is that Erica Durance.

1207. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Spock. Erica Durance is a most prolific Actress. She is at the top of her profession. She is Perfection.

1208. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Spock. Erica Durance is a most prolific Actress. She is at the top of her profession. She is Perfection.

1209. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Scotty. EYE!. The Lass has all the Tools she needs to keep my Attention.

1210. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Checkov. Erica can be my Keption any time.

1211. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que MCcoy. Dammit Jim. I would not mind being Erica’s Patient and she my Dr.

1212. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Uhurah. She can Hail me any time. If I was into that sort of thing.

1213. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que the Borg. Erica Durance can Assimulate us and we would not resist.

1214. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Q. Erica can become part of my Continum any time.

1215. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Quark. I ber Erica gives great Umox.

1216. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Q ODO. I could Shape Shift all over Erica Durance.

1217. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que 7 of 9. I have more then Erica Has. There for I am the one you should be Foaming over.

1218. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Dr Bashire. I would love to give Erica Durance a Full and I mean Full Physical.

1219. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Que Capt James T Kirk. She is as good as any Green Woman I have ever been with.

1220. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Ok. I think someone should check on Harry. He may be having a Hart Attack. Lol.

1221. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1201. Capes, like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target. Once again, please hand Commodore Mike your agonizer!

1222. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Capes. Choose. Hand me your Agoniser. Or Choose 24 Hours in the Agoniser Booth.

1223. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

A Conversation with Kirk and Commodore Decker.
Kirk. Matt. Where is Erica Durance.
Commordore Decker. On the 3rd Planet.
Kirk. There is no 3rd Planet.
Decker. Don’t you think I know that. There was but not any more. She called me she begged me for help.Crying badly. I couldn’t. (Crying) I couldn’t.

1224. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

Harry. Post 1223 was just for you.

1225. Basement Blogger - January 6, 2011

@ 1223

Commodore, keep it up and you’ll get Harry Ballz coming at you!

1226. Basement Blogger - January 6, 2011

Helllllo….. heterosexual male Trekkers. Did any of you read Keachicks’s post at @1163? And you guys don’t have any comment?

1227. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011


1228. Capes - January 6, 2011

1204….No worries!
1222….No…..Really….I triedsir…..I really tried…..

Ok….all better now. I think now would be a great time to start posting links on which Erica Durance photo is the hottest. Here is my first submission…..

“Talent” doesn’t have to be solely as an actor. Fortunately she has other assetts….

1229. Capes - January 6, 2011

I’m going back out to my garage and my Camaro project now….

I will have more Erica Durance submissions later….

1230. Red Dead Ryan - January 6, 2011

Commodore Mike and Capes both like to torture Harry Ballz!

I know Commodore Mike is from the Terran Empire, so he specializes in torture, but where does Capes fit into this? Perhaps he’s a blood thirsty Klingon?

“Talent” doesn’t have to be solely as an actor. Fortunately, she has other assetts….”

Can she twitch her breasts without using her hands? Kind of like what some guys can do with their pecs?

1231. Basement Blogger - January 6, 2011

Top Ten Babes in the Star Trek Films

10. Gillian (Catherine Hicks) “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
9. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”
8. Caithlin Dar (Cynthia Gouw) “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’
7. Martia as a woman (Iman) “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”
6. Lt. Valeris (Kim Catrell) “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”
5. Uhura (Zoe Saldana) “Star Trek” (2009)
4. Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) “Star Trek: Generations”
3. Lt. Saavik (Kirstie Alley) “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”
2. Dr. Carol Marcus (Bibi Besch) “Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan”

and the number one Trek movie Babe is ….

1. Ilia, (Persis Khambatta) “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” Yeah, she’s bald. So what? Nice shoulders in the sonic shower. She’s from a sexually mature spieces. Great legs. And Jerry Goldsmith wrote a beautiful and romantic theme for her.

The goreous Persis Khambatta…

1232. dmduncan - January 6, 2011

1164. keachick – January 6, 2011

Charlene Polite was the lovely “sassy brunette.”

1233. keachick - January 6, 2011

If Harry’s here, I could mention Reese Witherspoon. Oops, just did.

(PS I have just taken control of the agoniser booth and I may now use it on anyone I chose. HEHEHE)


1234. Basement Blogger - January 6, 2011

@ 1227

Communication from the Volva Alliance.

Commodore, our ships have tried to surround the enemy in an attempt to squeeze Harry Ballz. Unfortunately, that caused his weapon to fire a liquid discharge. Do not use a rhythmic method to enhance shields. Suggest you cover your ship in a latex barrier to protect the hull from penetration by the liquid discharge.

1235. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

#1223. Nice try. I only let you think you took control. But I have full control on the Booth and the Ship. I command here and no one will dare go against me. Remember. I have the Tantalus field. One push of the button. You Disapear forever. Long Live the Empire.

1236. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 6, 2011

#1234 Noted and done. Now we ready our main weapon. Beaming erica Durance right into Harrys Ship.

1237. keachick - January 6, 2011

So, is the new target 1500 with the final number reaching 2011? Don’t like the idea of remaining in the time of the black plague. That only occurred because they were busy slaughtering all the cats (along with the witches). Cats kept the rodents under control. The rodents carried the fleas which caused the black plague. So – no cats, more rats and a lot more fleas – Black Plague. Duh.

1238. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011


Hey, look everyone! Erica Durance’s agent knows how to type! Wow!!!

1239. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011

1236 “Beaming erica Durance right into Harrys Ship”

What’s that episode called……..”The Trouble With Talentless Trim”?

1240. keachick - January 6, 2011

# 1235 What about 1223? BTW, Up yours…:)!

Rumour has it that Reese Witherspoon really likes Harry Ballz…

1241. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011

No thanks! I’m not into beastiality!

1242. keachick - January 6, 2011

I am bored and hot (perspiring). Oh good, a cool breeze drifted through all the open doors and windows. It is truly summer here, Auckland style, sub-tropical, which means that temperatures are in the high 20s (celsius) and humidity is at least 90%. The cooling fan is busted. Anyway, I get sick of the noise after a while, from all these appliances, including the dehumidyer. I am now in underwear only…
OK, down boys, nothing to see here.

It rained earlier today (quite normal) – sun shower. It rained at a heavier rate at the back of the house, while at the front of house, it was just a sprinkle. So much to do…sigh, but having more fun here. Any physical effort means I perspire more.
Of course, I will miss these moments when it gets really cold and wet.

1243. keachick - January 6, 2011

#1241 Explain yourself. Did anyone suggest you ought to be?

1244. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011

I hate humidity! If I’m going to sweat, I want it to be worth my while! :>)

1245. Harry Ballz - January 6, 2011


Well, you mentioned Witherspoon liking moi, so I simply wanted to clarify my position.

‘Course, I could always start with a running jump off of Witherspoon’s massive chin and hope that Durance’s breasts break my fall, but since those things are silicon-based, I’d probably crack a rib!

1246. Capes - January 6, 2011

I’m tired of working on my car and have returned…

I was looking for something special for Harry that involved Erica Durance in a provocative yet uncomfortable position (like the back of a volkswagon) unfortunately this was as good as I could find…..,r:16,s:217&biw=986&bih=560

1247. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1237. Well, I think it would be cool to end on post 1701. But how could we hope to stop some newbie from entering post 1702 and ruining it?

1248. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1242. Introducing a new invention — the air conditioner! :-)

1249. MJ - January 6, 2011

@1226. Well I am not in a basement with a secure computer like you…my wife uses this computer some, so I will probably not respond except in my imagination. LOL

1250. MJ - January 6, 2011

#### 1250 ####

1251. Anthony Thompson - January 6, 2011

We are making significant headway toward my proposed goal (#1017) of 2000!

1252. keachick - January 6, 2011

#1248 Most NZ homes do not have air conditioning or central heating. Besides, I hated air conditioning when I worked in an office. You couldn’t open any windows and it seemed to give me headaches.

#1245 Reese Witherspoon, her lovely chin and beastiality? Good God, WHAT? Please – Harry, you are being ick…not nice at all.

On the subject of the chin, I don’t know how CP (Chris Pine) got on honing his mountain climbing skills on that lovely chin…:). I recall hearing him say that he hoped to climb Mt Everest one day. Since he was to work with Reese on This Mean War, I thought he could perhaps make the most of an opportunity…

1253. Capes - January 6, 2011

Ok…….a confession. I still love Lynda Carter. I have explained to my wife that Lynda is still on my “5” list. I realize that somebody got creative with this picture. She didn’t really do this particular WW photo but sometimes it’s best to not think too hard about such things……,r:15,s:602&biw=986&bih=560

1254. MJ - January 7, 2011

Capes, you are the king of very long URL’s….sheesh, these links you come up with are frigging huge…well done!!!

1255. Charla - January 7, 2011

I’ve been out of the loop! Impressive, over 1200! Hope to see everyone over the weekend!

Have a great day! :D

1256. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 7, 2011

yeah, i got nothin’.

1257. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

There’s a story about Eric Bana interested in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” I know Hollywood loves vampires and this is original but it just sounds ludicrous. I’m not a vampire fan so it’s unlikely that I will have any interest in this movie. Anyway, check out the video made to support the book below.

1258. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1143

The kea is one smart bird. If you follow Trekkers haven’t seen it, check out the video that Keachick linked.

1259. Capes - January 7, 2011

@11257 I am a “Fright Night” kind of Vampire lover and the twinklely sparkly vampires who always look like they are about to cry? …….Off with their frikin heads!!!!!

Whip out some Bela Lugosi on their daylight asses…..

Now…..Having said that I am a huge fan of Lincoln. So the concept could be intriguing if someone actually tried to do something interesting with the material instead of chasing a buck. My expectations are low though…

@1254 MJ I work hard at finding obscure stuff….Thanks!

1260. Capes - January 7, 2011

@1257…… know what? That link wasn’t bad at all!

1261. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1259

I do love Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Dracula” (1992). He was a riot. Remember this line from Van Helsing?

Dr. Seward: An autopsy? On Lucy?
Van Helsing: No, no, no. Not exactly. I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart.

1262. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Ok. How about getting Trek into the vampire Story.
Star Trek 2012 will be about the Enterprise going to an Uncharted Planet called Sigma Delta 2 that is in real Trouble. A Toxin has turned over half of the Population into Blood Sucking Vampires. It will take all of Kirk and Spocks ability along with Dr. MCcoy to find the cure. But in trying to do so the Infection is brought on board and Spock aong with Sulu and Scotty are becoming Vampires. How will Dr. MCcoy and Kirk fare in Saving there friends and crew along with the Planet Sigma Delta 4.

1263. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Here is a possible story for Trek 12.
The Enterprise is in Warp going to Star Base 11 when Spock who is at his station reports that he has scanned what appears to be a massive Explosion on an uncharted Planet. Kirk Orders a change of course to Investigate. Up on arriving Spock announcese that there have appeard to be a old style Nuclear Explosion on one of the Citys and then LT. Uhurah informs Kirk that all of the Govt on the Planet are on high Military alets and that there local media is reporting that talks are breaking down and that a World War Nuclear war is Inimeant. Kirk then recits the Prime Directive that they can not interfere unless the Planet called Katanna has any kind of Warp Capability. Then Spock calls out that he has detected a small craft that may have warp capability. Kirk then states that if they go to warp then the Enterprise can announce it self and maybe can help this Planet stop it self from Nuclear Annialation. Will the katannion ship get to warp in time for the Enterprise to avert a Nuclear war. Stay Tuned.

1264. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

As the Enterprise sits in High Orbit keeping a sharp eye on the Katannion ship Kirk is talking to Starfleet Command and the Presedent of the Federation Council.
Kirk. Mr Presedent this planet is on the verge of Nuclear Armigeddion and you say we can’t do anything till that ship goes to warp.
Federation Council Presedent. That is Correct Capt. Do nothing. The Prime Directive must be followed. But as soon as the ship get’s to warp. or if they do then announce your selves. We will be sending another Ship with Ambassodors. You have your orders. Out.
Kirk. Spock. Anything on that Ship.
Spock. Nothing as yet. it appears to be trying to power up there warp core.
Scotty. I wish I could get over there and help the lads. A Fine Looking ship.
Uhurah. Capt. Talks are breaking down.
Spock. Verified. They are now loading fuel into there Missles. At least 4,000 of them and not counting the ones on there aircraft or Ships. Also. 2 Orbital platforms are arming them selves and they have Nuclear Warheads.. The Yield would be at 10k megatons.
Kirk. Mr. Sulu. Stand by to back us out if there are any launches.
Sulu. Aye Sir.
Soick. Capt. Sensors Indicates another vessel approaching. Of unknown Configuration.
Kirk. Red Alert.

1265. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

This is Capt James T Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise to Alein vessel. We are on a peacefull mission. Please identify your selves.
Spock. Capt they are hearing us but as thus far are simply ignoring us.
Kirk. Weapons or Shields.
negitive. But they are closing.
Kirk. How big is there vessel.
Spock. Almost the same size as us and there weapons would be on par with ours. But I am unable to get any scans inside there ship to assertain there Species.
Kirk. Has the Katannion Ship seen thetm.
Spock. Negitive. They are still Slowly powering up there Engines. I estimate that they will achive power up in 37.43 minutes.
Checkove. Kept. getting a missle Launch.
Spock. Verified. One Missle has launched. But has now Detonated with out a Nuclear Explosion. I surmise that it was an Accedental Launch.
Kirk. That was close. That could have set off a whole chain reaction.
Uhurah. Capt. getting Transmissions. They are all Launching there Aircraft and headed towards each other.

1266. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Kirk. Spock Status of the Katannion Ship.
Spock. Est on warp in 10 .23 minutes
Kirk. What about those fighters.
Spock. 10.345 minutes.
Kirk. That is cutting it close. What about the Alien Ship.
Spock. They are scanning the Situation but thus far are not doing anything.
Kirk. Uhurah. Try and hail them again.
uhurah. Yes sir. This is the U.S.S Enterprise calling Alien Ship. Please Acknoledge. . Sorry sir no responce.
Kirk. Mr. Checkove. Stand by on Weapons in case they get Hostel.
Checkove. Eye Sir.
Sulu. Capt. We are now down to 4 minutes.
Kirk. All right. lt. Uhurah. As soon as they go to warp hail there leaders. mr. Sulu. bring us into low orbit and light us up so that they can see us. Mr Spock. Stand by Shuttle Crafy. mr. Checkove. Keep a close eye on the Alien Ship.

1267. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Spock. They are about to go into warp and the fighter jets are closing in.
Scotty. Eye Capt. There they go. They have achived Warp 1.
kirk. Sulu. Get us into low Orbit and light us up. Lt. Uhurah. Hail both of there leaders. Spock. Status of the Alien ship.
Spock. Capt they are now moving as well. There weapons are locking on to us.
Kirk. Mr. Sulu. Stand by for Evease Action. Mr. Checkove. Stand By Photon Torpedoes.

1268. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Spock. Capt. They are not locking on to us. They are locking on to the Planet. They are targeting there major Citys.
Kirk. Mr Checkove. Lock on and Fire.
Checkove. Eye Sir. ( As the Enterprise fired her Phasers and Torpedoes the Alien ship fired a Torpedo as well at one of the citys. But Checkove was able to knoc it down just in time. As the Torpedoes from the Enterprise hit the Alien Ship it returned fire on the Enterprise with little to no damage. But the Alien Ships shields are not as strong as the Enterprise and suffered moderate Damage and it turned out of the fight and left but not before sending a message to more of there kind. Mean while The Enterprise got into low Orbit and showed it self to the people of Katanna and the leaders of that world received a message from Capt Kirk.
Kirk. This is Capt James T Kirk of the U.S.S Enterprise representing the United Federation of Planets. We are on a Pacefull Mission and we are also here to offer our services as mediators in your War. Please Communicate with us.
Spock. Capt there fightes are turning back and now maintaining a holding patteren.
Kirk. Good. Maybe we did everything we needed just in time. But I would like to know whay that Alien Ship Attacked just as the fighters were about to Engage and at the same time we were trying to Communicate with Katanna.
Spock, Capt. The katannion Ship has come out of warp and are now coming back here. They are also hailing us.
This is Maj Caton of the north Aliance. Identyfi your self.
Kirk. This is Capt kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise. We mean you no harm. We would like to help you if we can to avert a war.
Maj Caton. Capt Kirk. We would welcome it. My World was or maybe stil is about to destroy it self. We were setting out to find a place to colonise because of our self destruction. But that other Ship that we seen. Were they with you.
Kirk. I understand. No. We do not know who they are and they refused to answer our Hail.
Uhurah. Capt I have the Leaders of both nations on line. One is King Mikel Catanna of the Northeren Aliance and the other is Prime Minister Swanton of the Southeren unified Contantent.
Kirk. Good. On Split Screen.

1269. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

So. What does everyone think so far. Should I continue with this story. Let me know.

1270. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

I be back on latter this afternoon or evening. Please comment on my story thus far.

1271. ensign joe - January 7, 2011

well I guess the next big milestone is post # 1701 eh?

1272. P Technobabble - January 7, 2011

Are we going beyond 1300?

Here’s something I wish: with all of its optimistic vision of the future, I wish Star Trek could have showed us HOW to get there. It’s fairly obvious that none of the people who currently govern the world have a clue how to get there, nor is it something they are even considering. In fact, they don’t seem to care about the future at all.
I would love to know how the Trekkian world overcame the problem of shortages — water, fuel, food. How did they deal with the crumbling of global finances? How did they deal with overpopulation, and the closing distance of conflicting cultures? How did they prevent terrorists from getting their fanatical hands on nuclear bombs? How did they deal with science and technologies that advanced faster than anyone even knew what was happening? Spock once mentioned the number of casualties in WWIII. So how did humanity happen to fall short of total annihilation?
Yes, I think it would have been nice if the Star Trek canon included detailed instructions on how humanity overcame all of its own doing (or undoing is more accurate), and transformed the human race into higher beings capable of higher ideals.
And, yes, I’m not so deluded that I would expect such answers from a piece of fiction, but I think the questions beg some answers — or at least some consideration. They are human questions, after all.
How do you get from here to there?
“… it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
The world has always seen difficult times. But the difference today is that this is the first time in history that human beings could really wipe themselves (and all life) off the planet. Our leaders certainly have no “Plan A” prepared that would save us all. One could believe that some kind of God or savior-aliens might intervene, but there’s no evidence of that ever happening.
In the world of Star Trek, somehow we, as a species, took some kind of actions that allowed us to avert destruction. I’d like to think we could do it for real, but…

1273. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1257 “There’s a story about Eric Bana interested in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” I know Hollywood loves vampires and this is original but it just sounds ludicrous. I’m not a vampire fan so it’s unlikely that I will have any interest in this movie. Anyway, check out the video made to support the book below.

Don’t get me started on this crap. I’m not real fond of the concept behind this of taking classic works like Pride and Prejudice and adding Zombies to them — this is from the same guy who did that. Why not have an original idea of your own instead.

I view this trashing as nothing better than the Trek XXX parody that is coming out, and I imagine that since this author could not get his real original works published, and choose to rip off others to succeed, that he would have ended up in adult movie making at some point in his career if he hadn’t stumbled upon this loophole of “allowed plagiarism.”

1274. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1272. Well, at least we have transparent aluminum, right?

The world is not going to hell in a hand-basket. There are too reasons why you make think it is thoug:

1. The media and our devices that access the media is so pervasive and instantaneous now, that information is readily accessible to us 24 hours per day.

2. The media obsessively focuses on the negative, and leans towards sensationalism; additional today’s media, unlike the media of the past (pre-1970’s) holds nothing back — everything and everyone is laid bare now.

The above two trends lead us to believe that everything is falling apart today, when in fact, this point is our history is nothing special really, historically speaking.

1275. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1269. Commodore Mike, well you have wondering what is going to happen next, so yes, I am hooked at this point in the story. Looking forward to more. Thanks

1276. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 7, 2011

Yeah. I like the story so far. I’m a bit curious.

1277. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Kirk. Im Capt James T Kirk of the U.S.S Federation Starship Enterprise. We are here on a peaceful mission and we would like to help in averting what looks to be Nuclear Annilation.
King Mikel. Im King Mikel of the Northeren alliance and I havt to say Capt I am stunned when my Minister of War told me about your ships in orbit and that one fired on us and that you stoped it. For that Capt I thank you.
Prime Minister Swanton. Capt I also Thank you. As you know we are on the brink of war. I will not bore you with the details but suffice to say I was also stunned when you appeared. Also. The ship you seen that went into warp was stolen from us but I am told that is the reason you contacted us. Wha is that.
Capt Kirk. Gentleman. First of all the alien ship that tried and attack you is unknown to us and we were hoping you might could shed some light. As for your Warp ship we could not contact you till it went into warp. We have a law and our higest law called the Prime Directive states that we will never interfere with your world in any way and that your world is yours to do with what you please. But we are here and we offer our services to you to help you avert a Nuclear Holocost that none on your world would survive.
Spock. Capt. A vessel is Approching.

1278. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Spock. Capt it is the Alien Vessel and they are not alone. They have another ship with them. Same Configueration.
Kirk. Red alert. all Hands to Battlestations.
King Mikel. Capt. Are you going to defend us. Why?
Kirk. Because that is what we do. But if you order us away we will do so.
Prime Minister Swanton. No Capt. Please stay. We are not Advanced enough to fight those ships. We may be at at the brink of war here but we can not take on those ships.
Kirk. Good. Stand by.
Spock. Vesels approaching at 157 mark 8. Coming in at full Inpulse. They are locking weapons on us.
Kirk. mr. Sulu and Checkove. Stand by for warp and arm all weapons. Lt. Uruah contact Starfleet and let them know what is going on. bridge to Engeneering. Scotty. Are your Engines Ready.
Eye Capt. These wee beasties are ready for a fight.
Kirk. Kirk Out. Sulu. Take us out of orbit and Mr. Checkove. Stand by on Phasers and torpedoes. Full Spread. Lt Uruah. Hail them.
Uruah. Eye Sir.
Kirk. To Alien Vessel. State your purpose here. This planet is is under the protection of the United Federation of Planets.
Uruah. Capt they are responding.
Kirk. On view screen. ( What came on the view Screen Shocked the entire crew and especialy King Mikel and Prime Minister Swanton.

1279. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 7, 2011

Technobabble- good question you put forth. And so maybe it should be pondered in the next movie or show. I guess I would answer that it seems through trial and error, like it’s always been. Spock mentioning WWIII alludes to this. Now I know the stakes are very high today. I would say that a more Western European model would be a step in that direction, when after the last great war they rebuilt their cities, and their economies, forgot about a massive military, and created healthcare and human services to care for the greater society. Now they had our help to accomplish this, our military and our economic aid as well. Still I’m not sure why we can help them do this but we can’t do this for our own. People would have to come before profits.

1280. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011

Commodore Mike

Nice job, sir! Keep writing!

1281. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011


keachick, you’re right. I apologize for taking it too far. I like your style of keeping it about Witherspoon’s ENORMOUS chin. My gawd, she could use it as a battering ram!

1282. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Stareing at there screens King Mikel and Prime Minister Swanton just stared in disbelief. For in front of them were not just aleins but there own people. Kirk and Spock also stared in disbelief as these Katanions had Ships which could almost match the Enterprise.
KIRK. Spock. Can you Scan then now and see if what we are seeing is true.
Spock. Scanning. Confirmed. They are from Katanna. I have also once again scanned the planet and except for the base that produced there first warp ship I can detect no other advanced Technology.
Kirk. This is Capt Kirk. To who am I speaking to.
King Mikel. I think I can answer that Capt. 25 years ago we launched an expedition to go to another planet that we believed to have an Atmosphere like our own. 2 years in to there journey we lost contact. But I assure you Capt they did not have those kinds of Ships.
Alien Capt. He is right Capt Kirk. I am supreme Commander Happer of the new Katanna ship Faskel and we are back to reclaim our world and it is you who are interferring with us. According to your own words you would be breaking your own Prime Directive in Interferring with us as we take back our world, We are from the Southern unified Contanant and we will be helping in destroying our enemys.
Prime Minister Swanton. Supreme Commander. I thank you for your help. But the arrival of the Enterprise changes a lot. I am dispatching our Ambasdor to talk to King Mikel about this Federation and what it could mean for our world.
King Mikel. I also will be dispatching our Ambasdor to meet them.
Kirk. If I may. We have our Federation Ambasdor on his way and will be here shortly. Spock what is there eta.
Spock. Eta in 14.4 minutes.
Kirk. Good. Supreme Commander. How did you come across those vessels.
Supreme Commander Happer. It does not matter Capt. You are Interferring with us and we will not accept it. If our own Prime Minister will be weak then we will attack the north and wipe out our Enemys and if you Interfere Capt will will Destroy you.

1283. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Spock. Capt the Faskel is powering up her weapons. She is Arming her Photon Torpedoes and is targeting the Northeren alliance.
irk, Mr Sulu. Put us in between those ships and raise shields. mr Checkove stand by on Weapons. If they start to fire then return fire and make sure that none of there weapons get through. Lt Uruah. Contact the Lexington and see if they can get here faster. We may need there help.
Lt. Uruah. Eye Eye Sir.
Spock. Capt they are preparing to fire.
King Mikel. Capt. We can not defend our selves against that kind of advanced ship. If they hit us then we will have no choice then to launch our missles at the south in retaliation.
Prime Minister Swanton. supreme Commander. Do not fire. All you wll do is cause us to go to Nuclear war if your weapons get through to the North. We were about to call our fighters back when the Enterpise appeard.
Spock. Capt. The Lexington will not be here for another 6.4 minutes and the other Alien Ship is breaking away to another oprbit. We can’t protect both sides of the planet. Capt. The Katannaion warp ship is making a run at one of the 2 Alien ships. I believe it means to ram them and attempt to stop them.
This is Major Katan of the Northern Alliance. We will stop you in any way we can. he then cut off the signal. Lt Berk. Set Collision course. We havt to help the Enterprise stop those ships in any way we can. Even if we havt to ram one of them to do it. They simply can’t stop both before one of those ships get there weapons through. Take us to warp Threshhold and prepare to ram and get our missles ready.
Lt Berk. Yes sir. We have both Nuclear Missles ready and at 10 megatons it should do the trick.

1284. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Aboard the U.S.S lexington Commodore Bob Wesley was watching what was going on with the Enterprise. He has already called Engeneering 10 times to get more speed to get there faster and he kept twitching in his chair. Also on board was federation Ambasdor Sarek from Vulcan or at least a Colony of Vulcon since it was destroyed.
1st officer West. Commodore Wesley. it looks like that Smaller Warp ship is making a run at the Alien Ship and is reading 2 Nuclear Missles in the 10 Megaton range. I think they are trying to stop one while the Enterprise takes on the other one.
Wesley. What is our Eta.
West. About 3 minutes.
Wesley. get us there ASAP!!!!. All hands to battle Stations. Arm Weapons and stand by to fire.
Ambasdor Sarek. Commodore if I may. I would like to contact these aliens and see if I can call a truce.
Wesley. Sure be mu Guest.
Sarek. Of Course. I am already your Guest.
Wesley. Smiling. send your message.
Sarek. This is Ambasdore Sarek of Vulcan on the U.,S..S Lxington. i would like to speak to your supreme commander to see if we can settle this with out the Nuclear Annilation of your world.

1285. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 7, 2011

And then…?

1286. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011

Hey, c’mon, mw, he’s typing as fast as he can! :>)

1287. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

This is Supreme Commander Happer. Thye only truce i will agree to mis the Unconditional surrender of the Northern Alliance. End Comms.
Sarek. Most Illogicle. He is willing to destroy his own world to conquer it.
West. Commordore. The Warp ship is closing in on the lead alien vessel.
( as the warp ship closed it also had to do some stron manuvers as it was being fired on by the lead alien Vessel. If one of the phasers or torpedoes hit them they would blow up on the first hit and they had to be at almost point blank range to launch there missles or the alien ship would simply destroy them well out of range. As the Warp ship got closer they started to over load there warp drive to give them the extra power they needed to stop the alien ship.
Spock. Capt the Warp ship is almost on top of them and since our shields are up we can not beam them off.
Kirk, Scotty. Stand by for some high inpulse. We are going to try and safe the crew of the warp ship and at the same time stop the other Alien ship from starting a Nuclear war.
Scotty Eye Sir. My Engines are Purring and ready.
Kirk. Mr. Checkove. As we manuver keep a lock on the alien and fire at will if they try anything what so ever. mr. sulu. Plot a Intercept course to get us close enough to get into Transporter range. Bridge to Transporte room.
Transporter room Chief Kyle here sir.
Chief. Stand by to beam the crew of the Warp ship aboard.
Chief Kyle. Yes sir. I have a lock on them now.
Kirk. Good. Stand by on my orders.
Spock. Capt they are preparing to fire.
Kirk. Mr. Checkove. Fire at will. Mr. Sulu. Get us into ransporter Range.
Spock. Capt they will hit the alien vessel in 14.2 Seconds.
( I that time frame the Warp ships Engines went Criticle and with just 3 seconds left they fired bothe there Nuclear Warheads. At just 1.2 seconds left the Enterprise got into range and lowered there shields and beamed there crew off. The Warp ship hit at .5 seconds after the Nuclear war heads exploded and with Blinding light nothing could be seen. The Shields on the Alien Ship help but only briefly. it could with stand the Nuclear Explosions for a short time but not the combined Warp core breach. Finaly the Alien Ship exploded as well in a bigger explosion. As the Enterprise speed back to the other Alien vessel the Enterprise kept firing on the other with a full volly of Phasers and torpedoes. But the Alien vessel had managed to get a few torpedoes past the Enterprise and with mere Seconds left before detonation and the Start of a Nuclear holocost the Enterprise was powerless to stop the Torpedoes.

1288. P Technobabble - January 7, 2011

1274. MJ

I do agree with you, to some degree, regarding the media and its fascination with bad news. Yet, you gotta admit, events like 9/11, the Afghanistan war, re-growing tension between N. and S. Korea, our own financial/ unemployment crises… these are not mere fabrications of the media. This stuff is actually happening. And I don’t see any sort of Enlightened Visionary coming forth in the near future who will bring peace and harmony to a world which, more than anything, needs some peace and harmony.
I know, I sound like an old hippie… probably cos I am…

1289. Hugh Hoyland - January 7, 2011

How anyone in their right mind could say that the world is “no worse” than it has ever been are either not looking at things (anything) directly but instead through some sort of mental filter, or are just not being honest. Man, right this very minute has the ability, within an hour or less, to totally destroy all life on the planet! And thats just one thing, there are many other things that are almost equally destructive to civilization. Drugs, illiterate populations, insanity, big brother type governments ect ect threaten all of us. No, this place needs help like no other time trust me.

1290. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

As King Mikel and Prime Minister Swanton looked on at the Battle they were giving orders that on any impact of the weapons they were to launch there Nuclear missles.
As the Torpedoes which did have some Antimatter and at the Equivealent of 50 k Megatons were headed to the Northern Citys the Enterprise was simply powerless to stop them. Then as the Torpedoes got to with in 500 kilomaters new Torpedoes came in and struck them down before they could Detanate. The U.S.S Lexington came in and was able to knok them down and with that done the Lexington turnd her weapons onto the Alien Ship and in a firce volly the Alien ship was also Destroyed and a Nuclear war was averted.
Kirk. looks like that is all of them. Hail the lexington.
Wesley. Jim. Good work. That was close.
Kirk. To close. A couple of more seconds and this planet would be in a Nuclear fire.
Wesley. agreed. Now the Easy part. Or Hard part. I have Ambasdor Sarek aboard and he is here to talk to all partys and see if a truce can be called and keep this from going any further. Also. I would like to know where these people got those ships and if there any more that are out there. Jim. I want you to take the Enterprise and Investigate and we will do the same down on the Planet as Sarek tries to get these people to the peace tables.
Kirk. You think there might be more of them.
Wesley. In this case I won’t hedge my bets. This is still a very dicy situation.
Kirk. Agreed. Kirk Out.

25 light years away on another Alien Ship of the same configueration as the first 2. General Sot looked at the readings and was not at all happy. It took years of planning to get contol of these ships and learn there secrets and more planning to plan there attack and get back there homeland.
25 years ago when they set out on there Expedition it was just that. An Expedition to another world to colonise another Planet. At the time there wer 243 aboard. Most of them were from the South Contanant. With just a few from the North and most of them were just Dr.s In the 2nd year of there Journey they were surprised by the apperance of these 5 very Advanced Ships. But there were peacefull and on a journey them selves from another Galaxy. As General Sot and Supreme Commander Happer talked to these aliens they formulated a plan to at first be at peace and learn all they could and then take over these ships and with these ships they could return to Katanna and help there people take over. So it went for 5 years that they worked with these aliens and the Aliens even helped them up grade there ships. Then in a sudden attack they took over the Alien Ships and killed all but 3 of there Alien Crew and continued to learn there secrets and there Technology. Now that there plan was wrecked by the arrival of the Enterprise and Lexington they had to form a new plan of attack and making things worse was the fact that this Federation was sending an Ambasdor to help sign a peace treaty. At that he felt betrayed and his Anger was now starting to boil over.

1291. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Ok. I have to take a break for now.What do you think so far. You can be Honest with me with no fear of the Agoniser Booth or the Tantulas Field. I will be back a little latter with more to this Story.

1292. Hugh Hoyland - January 7, 2011

The Abe Lincoln vs Vampire thing doesnt bother me that much, kinda reminds me of those old B horror/sci-fi movies, like Hercules against the moon men. Its goofy, of course, and thats what makes them cool IMO. But I can also see why its not everyones cup of tea. :]

1293. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1289. Dude, how old are you? Were you around in the 60’s through 80’s when the U.S. and Soviet Union had 60,000 nukes aimed at each other with hair trigger fingers? With the ability to destroy cvilization.

Compared to that, the worst that could happen today would be terrorists maybe taking out a couple cities. And the U.S. and Russians continue to reduce nuclear stockpiles over time, with about 75% less nukes then we all had in the 80’s to worry about.

No, I feel a lot safer today than I did 25-40 years ago.

1294. MJ - January 7, 2011

And also, you don’t hear this on the news, but crime and use of drugs in the U.S. is down significantly from the 80’s and 90’s….but you won’t see this in the NY Times or in the bloggosphere.

1295. MJ - January 7, 2011

“big brother type governments”

Will be lucky to keep health care reform intact, let alone have Orwellian type governments. That is a figment of the media’s imagination. I am more worried about Facebook and other corporate big brothers then I am about our own well meaning but largely inept govt.

1296. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1291. I like it. However, would suggest some more dynamics between Kirk, Spock and McCoy to liven it up a bit.

1297. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011

1288. P Technobabble

“I don’t see any sort of Enlightened Visionary coming forth in the near future”

Okay, okay, enough with the hints……..I’ll do it, I’ll do it!

Sheesh, every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in! :>)

1298. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1288. “Yet, you gotta admit, events like 9/11, the Afghanistan war, re-growing tension between N. and S. Korea, our own financial/ unemployment crises… these are not mere fabrications of the media.”

Agreed. Like I said though, these times right now aren’t really that special. In the 70’s we had MAD and the Soviet Union, gas lines, the Arab-Israeli War, Vietnam, Watergate, runaway inflation and the Iran Hostage Crisis.

1299. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1297. You are hired! IDIC !!!!

1300. MJ - January 7, 2011

**** 1300 ****

1301. MJ - January 7, 2011


“When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.”

1302. MJ - January 7, 2011


Benefits of a classical education.

1303. keachick - January 7, 2011

“I don’t see any sort of Enlightened Visionary coming forth in the near future”

#1297 Harry – “Okay, okay, enough with the hints……..I’ll do it, I’ll do it!
Sheesh, every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in! :>)”

Thank goodness. Harry – the only man with the ballz.

1304. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 7, 2011

Commodore, Harry – sorry I got ahead of myself. Please continue Commodore.

1305. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

On the bridge of the Enterprise Kirk was thinking that things may not be over. he was wondering if any more Ships that these katanions may b=have taken over.
Kirk. Bridge to Dr. MCcoy would you please come to the bridge.
MCcoy. On my way Jim.
Dr. MCcoy. Jim. I have sick bay ready with supplies to help with the suvivors of the one Nuclear blast and as much Medicine as we can spare and I also talked to the CMO of the Lexington and they are doing the same.
Spock. Dr. MCcoy there are literly Hundreds of Thousands that are affected by the blast and radiation. How many do you think you can help.
MCcoy. As many as I can Spock. Look. I kmow you may still be hurt about your world. But we havt to do all we can to help these people.
Spock. Dr. MCCoy I was not attepting to compare worlds.
Kirk. Gentleman. This is a different matter all together. Those people need our help and also we are going out to see if we can find any more of these ships. Bones. Beam on over to the lexington and get with there CMO and do all you can for those people. Spock. Can you ascertain the track of the Alien Ships so as to find out where they came from and if there may be a base that they may have been in,.
Spock. Maybe. The Prime Minister said there was a world that they were orignaly going to. it is Logicle that after they commedered those Ships that they would have either continued there or were taken there and built a base for which to launch an attack.
Bones. It is hard to believe that these people would start a war and destroy there own just take over. That is just crazy.
Spock, Dr. MCcoy. Passion and vengence rarely do the right thing. They do not see it as we do. All they see is there revenge.
Dr. MCcoy. But why vengence. When they left they were on a mission to colonise a world. Why would they want to get these ships and come back and destroy there own Planet.
Kirk. Those are good questions and I was wondering about that as well.
Spock. Logicly there may be more going on with them then what they are telling us.
Lt. Uruah. Capt we are getting a message from the Lexington.
Kirk. On main Screen.
Wesly. Jim. we are about ready to send out Medicle personell and we could use yours as well. Dr. MCcoy. Have you’re people get with our Cmo Dr. Pace. he has already been working with some of there people on treating some of the severe Radiation cases and other Injuries.
Dr. Mccoy. Yes Sir. I’m ready.

As the Enterprise was ready to leave orbit Dr. MCcoy was loading the Meddicle Shuttles and getting them ready and along with Nurse Chapel they had everything they could handle.
After the Shuttles were Launched the Enterprise went into Warp to find if there were indeed more of these Alien Ships.

1306. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

On the Planets Surface Sarek had already set up a confrence room to start Peace Talks. He knew it would not be easy with such a passionate race. But Vulcan like these people did have there barbaric time as well.
Sarek. I am Ambasodor Sarek of Vulcan and I come to offer my Services to help peace.
Prime Minister Swanton. Hello Ambasodor. You’re the first Alien I have ever met. Im sure we can try and work out a peaceful solution.
King Mikel. Yes. I am sure we can. Now lets get down to business. Prime Minister. Our demands are simple. We want to have our Trade routes restored and all of our Northern lands returned to us.
Prime Minister Swanton. If you give us all of our land back and free up all of our trade routes and wuit harresing our ships we would consider it.
Sarek. it would seem to be a Logicle thing to do. Give each others land back and open up free trade routes.
King Mikel. NEVER!!!! Those Lands belong to us and we have had it for over 500 years.
Prime Minister. Then we will never give up our heritage and will fight to the bitter end.
Sarek. i see this may take some time.
After Maj Canton returned to is Home from the Enterprise he reported to his Command with a heroes welcome. he still could not believe that there warp ship actualy worked. But knew that he and his crew might still be punished for stealing the ship to beging with. But he also knew that in getting the Warp ship actualy saved his people thus far as they got the attention of the Enterprise. But he was also sad that over 135,000 of his people have died and many were sick with Tadiation poseaning. he hoped that the 2 star ships could help there people and stop mpre of hos own from starting a Nuclear War.
Back on the Enterprise Kirk was Singing a report that Yoman Rand had given him when Spock announced that 3 more Alien Ships were approaching.

1307. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 7, 2011

Ok. I havt to get some sleep. I will continue tomorrow. Just wait for some more plot twist. You won’t believe it.

1308. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1273

I did say Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killert sounded ludicrous. And by the way, I am much more interested in the XXX Trek parody. As Austin Powers would say, “Yeah Baby.”

1309. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

site glitch test

1310. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1293

Wow. MJ. You and I are starting to agree on things. Yeah, I’m old and remember a little of the sixties. I was a child then. But then as I studied history and read more, we were very close during the Cuban Missle crisis of destroying the planet. And get this. It would have been like “Planet of the Apes.”

1311. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

And speaking of “Planet of the Apes” (1968), it starred Charllon Heston. Now I don’t agree with Heston’s politics, I’m not a conservative. But I’ll stil watch his movies. On the other hand, some have refused to watch movies of certain liberals such as Janeane Garofalo. And if you’re like that, you’ll miss the delightful “Ratatouille.” (2007)

What about Mel Gibson? Yeah, one is about a political view, the other is about a guy who has said some ugly things. My view is that if Mel asks the public for forgiveness, I’ll forgive him for the racial slurs. And I’ll watch his films. But if he doesn’t. It becomes harder for me to enjoy his works. How would Trekkers feel if Gibson were cast in a new Trek movie? I could not let go of Trek so I’ll see it even with Gibson. But I’ll howl at the producers.

1312. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

lol, my comments are too incendiary for Friday night Trekmovie. They won’t post.

1313. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

I’ve said that today’s movies are directed at teens because Hollywood can depend on them for steady attendance at the multiplex. Want more proof? MTV is going to debut a new drama about teens. It’s going to focus on their indulgence in sex and drugs. And it will feature teen actors. It’s called Skins. (Entertainment Weekly, 1-14-11, pg. 53) Will this focus on teens engulf science fiction dramas? I think so far, no. District 9, Moon, Up (Yeah, the Hugo people thought it was sci-fi), Avatar, Splice, and Inception demonstrate at least for the last two years, that sci-fi didn’t need to cater to teens.

By the way, speaking of teens and sex, here’s Bristol Palin’s (teen mother) abstinence video with the “Situation.” It’s good for a laugh.

1314. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1312

dmduncan, I just saw your post. I’m think there’s a filter that won’t allow you to post certain words. I had trouble using the word po_n so I used X rated movie instead.

1315. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

1295: “I am more worried about Facebook and other corporate big brothers then I am about our own well meaning but largely inept govt.”

We should be worried about both acting in unison, which is what has been happening whether the administration is republican or democrat.

The universal healthcare mandate was a tragedy. It’s the democrats’ equivalent of a “War on Death”; as republicans play off people’s fear of terrorism to justify erosion of liberties, democrats play off people’s fear of illness to justify erosion of liberties. In both cases we have a marginal problem magnified into a major issue that desperately needs fixing, but which can only be truly “fixed” by strategies that they are not at all interested in exploring. Same trick, different cop.

1316. dmduncan - January 7, 2011


1317. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

lol. The words in_sur_ance com_panies wouldn’t post!

1318. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

What’s up with that?

1319. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

The reason universal healthcare was written to be REQUIRED by all Americans was because of the corporate influence of ins_urance Com_pan_ies (AHIP) who told the administration that the only way it would work and they would be on board is if we were ALL forced to have it under threat of penalty if we did not. Now, do you think AHIP did that out of consideration for the American people, or because it was a better deal for THEM?

GovCo. In which one set of artificial persons (ins_urance com_pan_ies) gets a more powerful artificial person (government) to use its monopoly on the use of force to coerce national behavior (on an unprecedented scale) in a way agreeable to the first group of artificials.

John McCain proposed the individual healthcare mandate idea in the 90’s, Tommy Thompson ran with it during HIS OWN presidential campaign, and Mitt Romney put it into practice in Mass. as Governor, while Obama expressed dissatisfaction with that REPUBLICAN idea during his election campaign! Yet HE was the one who delivered it for all!

So, my belief is that until people have an evolution in awareness and realize the trick that’s being played on them, they have no hope of a Star Trek future. Nor do we deserve one. Good futures are for conscious peoples, not for people who want to turn the earth into one giant covenant controlled community of smiling robots.

1320. Red Dead Ryan - January 7, 2011

I have nothing interesting to add to this conversation.


Oh well. :-(

1321. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011


Yup, when the world’s in a heap of trouble, you’ll find me right in the middle of it!

1322. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

That was it, BB. It was blocking my use of the words ins_urance com_pan_ies without the underscoring. Now I agree those are dirty words, but not of the type I would think that usually get one’s comments barred from view! Odd.

1323. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1317

I can’t think of sexual terms that might be in in_sur_ance com_panies.

1324. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

Well, they are made for screwing people.

1325. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

Maybe that’s it.

1326. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1315. I have been paying increased in health care premiums every year for 25 years and I am fracking tired of subsidizing everyone without health insur_ance through my wallet and my policy. You darn right people should be forced into paying for their health insur_ance, because MJ and all of us suc_kers are done with the cash cow donations to those with our health insur_ance.

1327. MJ - January 7, 2011

Had a heck of a time posting the above. Is Mutual of Omaha or State Farm paying hackers to do this to us???

1328. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1320

I hate to say this since we’ve got conservative Trekker fans but the world of Star Trek is a kind of a socialist future. Remember, how Kirk says they don’t use money in the twenty third century (Star Trek: IV) or how Captain Picard says that man no longer looks to wealth for fulfillment? (season one episode? darn. and ST: First Contact)

1329. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

As a reminder, if you’re bored this weekend and want to see a movie, go see Tron:Legacy. This isn’t a rant against critics but most of them got it wrong when they hated this movie. I liked it better than the first for its lack of goofiness. Entertaining and smart.

1330. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1329. Loved it, and my 14-year old son saw it 3 times.

1331. Red Dead Ryan - January 7, 2011


On the other hand, in the future portrayed by Trek, people get to where they want to go through hard work, perserverence, talent and skills. So while there is no money and everyone has the basic necessities to survive, people still need to prove themselves if they want to command a starship or be a scientist.

Instead of having to work for survival doing crap jobs, folks get to concentrate on doing what they love to do and not have to worry about feeding their families or paying off student loan debts.

1332. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

1326: Yes, making you subsidize other people is how they eventually get around to making you support the coercion of others. They know exactly how to eventually get what they want. But they are making you subsidize just as they are making you support the coercion of others.

You are not going to get a Star Trek future when all the world and its people is just some measured quantity, just a long series of numbers on a balance sheet. But you will get something like the Borg.

1333. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

I LOVED Tron Legacy. How did he say it? “You are messing with my zen-thing, man.”

That’s my new favorite saying.

1334. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1322

HB, I hate to see you in the middle of trouble. Because when that happens, they might squeeze Harry Ballz. And who knows what may come.

1335. Red Dead Ryan - January 7, 2011

“Tron Legacy” is an instant classic. Jeff Bridges was great in it. The score by Daft Punk was awesome as well.

1336. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

Oh, oh. I see my posts and the numbers you are refering to are not matching. I’m phasing into a Fringe parallel universe. Cool. I’m rich and married to Blake Lively. The Cincinnati Bengals have won the Super Bowl. We have totalittarian government ruled by Secretary Walter Bishop, kind of looks like John Noble. Oh well, nothing’s perfect.

1337. Red Dead Ryan - January 7, 2011


You may not be aware of this, but Harry’s middle name is “Steel”. As in Harry Steel Ballz. He can’t be squeezed. He’s fully hardened.

And besides, Harry is the one who causes trouble. The little rascal!

1338. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1325?

dmduncan, Touche.

1339. Basement Blogger - January 7, 2011

@ 1334? dmduncan

Yeah, I love Jeff Bridges. It was a comeback for the Dude. Cool man. You’re tight that line was far out. Here it is again.

“You are messing with my zen-thing, man.”

1340. dmduncan - January 7, 2011

1328: “I hate to say this since we’ve got conservative Trekker fans but the world of Star Trek is a kind of a socialist future.”

How so? Socialism runs on money too, dude. Money is not the root of all evil. LOVE OF money is. Money is just a means of exchanging your energy for goods and services, hopefully in ways that you and the seller agree upon as fair. It’s a sophisticated means of bartering, and always leaves you the choice to be more generous than you have to be either in what you pay or what you ask to be paid.

1341. MJ - January 7, 2011

@ I think you are taking your man crush on Harry a bit too far here…getting a bit awkward now…. LOL

1342. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011


Yeah, I’m like the crook who stole the shipment of Viagra……a hardened criminal!

1343. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1338 I think you are taking your man crush on Harry a bit too far here…getting a bit awkward now…. LOL

1344. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1341. Agreed.

1345. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011

Anyone who tries to put the squeeze on Harry Ballz will find themselves in a real mess!

1346. MJ - January 7, 2011

@1333. Well DM, one alternative would be to turn away the uninsured when they show up to the hospital, but as a society we can’t support that. I don’t buy you coercion argument, I guess unless you would also classify registering your car so that you can driver and paying your payroll taxes so that you get social security benefits someday as “coercion”. If these are coercion examples too, then I guess I support coercion and am not ashamed to do so…so bring on the health care coercion as well — amen!

1347. Red Dead Ryan - January 7, 2011


You like to “stiff” the companies, don’t you?

1348. Harry Ballz - January 7, 2011

Aw, those pills don’t work! I took two of them last night and nuthin’! Although I do have the stiffest neck today!

1349. Red Dead Ryan - January 7, 2011



Kind of hard to stick your “top” head up a woman’s vagina, though!

1350. MJ - January 8, 2011

1350 and 1349 — you two going to get a room here soon?

1351. Basement Blogger - January 8, 2011

Disney and the Concept of Evolution

First, I’m a Christian but don’t take the Bible literally. I live in Cincinnati and am embarrassed by the Creation Museum. They believe the earth is 6000 years old! Ridiculous.

But do you realize that Disney boldly espouses evolution? In Fantasia (1940) , during Stravinski’s Rite of Spring, the animation covers the evolution of life on earth. And in today’s Tron: Legacy, the Isos are an embodiement of those first life forms that formed out of the primordial soup. Except, the Isos are innocent and wise. And of course, some of them are babes. We love you Quorra. (Olivia Wilde)

So far, I haven’t heard much from the right-wing. Remember 2008? The right-wing hated Wall-E. Perhaps the don’t get how life evolved in Tron.

1) Think Progress collects conservative criticism of Wall-E

1352. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011

Hey, we’ll write any crap to reach 2000! What’s your excuse?

1353. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1352, thank goodness a change in topic!

1354. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1353. touche!

1355. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011





1356. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1352. I loved the first half of Wall-E, but then couldn’t stand the useless fat people on that space ship in the 2nd half of the movie..if went from scifi to a kids movie at that point for me…like the first Transformers movie — cool first half, movie for 12 year olds in the 2nd half.

1357. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1356. Does Anthony even care at this point…what happened to him?

1358. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011

Probably in bed with a Gorn.

1359. Basement Blogger - January 8, 2011

And speaking of the Creation Museum, here’s Red State Update (a couple of good old boys) doing hilarious commentary on it and a parody called “Night at the Creation Museum.” Enjoy.

1360. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1359. Well, that would explains the very long periods of absence for Anthony…you know, given how slow the Gorns are at everything they do.

1361. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

1347: “I don’t buy you coercion argument, I guess unless you would also classify registering your car so that you can driver and paying your payroll taxes so that you get social security benefits someday as “coercion”.

But I always have the option NOT to drive. And if I don’t want to pay compulsory auto in_surance I could ride a bicycle or take public transportation. Auto in_surance is compulsory ONLY if you drive.

A universal healthcare mandate is compulsory. Period. The only way to get out of it is to die. AND it’s going to end up being a Trojan Horse for something worse.

As for social security: It’s a Ponzi scheme. Social security is a Ponzi scheme. We have no Social Security account where social security money is saved. It’s all spent. It runs on the labor of those currently working, and works fine so long as there are enough working to pay for those in retirement.

Ponzi schemes always work…for a time. And then they don’t and somebody doesn’t get theirs.

1362. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

So why is a Ponzi scheme wrong when Bernie Madoff runs one, and okay when the US Gov’t runs one?

1363. MJ - January 8, 2011

DM, I will agree with you that none of this is pretty and clean. It is what it is, which to me is the best chance to get control of hc costs, since obviously, the Repbulicans will never allow us to have a better Euro/Canadian-style hc system.

1364. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1360. That is funny!!!!!

1365. Capes - January 8, 2011

and all of that hisssing…….

1366. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011

I prefer kissing to hissing. On occasion, both happen at the same time.

1367. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

I really hate missing when I’m pissing!

1368. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

After a date with the miss,
I took her in for a kiss,
It was pure bliss,
Until she spewed a diss,
Then I got in a hiss,
And on her I took a piss!

1369. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

I once met a whore,
Outside a convenience store,
We were ready to roar,
And went to a lake shore,
A tiny bikini she wore,
I thought I would score,
But she was a bore,
I wanted more,
But all I did was snore,
Not sweat out of every pore,
I went out the door,
Leaving her to sit on the floor,
I went home to watch some Kor!

1370. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011

Ryan, you da man, but also one sick puppy! :>)

1371. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1372. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

dmduncan – while I share your distrust for
Corporate America, i believe the stakes here are far too high to keep the status quo. It’s not as though others haven’t made it work. In fact all of the industrialized nations have. I doubt we should refer to our neighbors to the north as smiling robots, or our European allies. if I might make an assumption, you sound like someone who is not often sick. No one should lose there home because they become ill – especially through no fault of their own – not here in our great nation. If you could show me a way to keep companies from hiking their rates on the most vulnerable of our society I would be happy to support it. We should consider ourselves fortunate to have coverage and not write off those who don’t, or worse, get dropped when they fall ill. What happened to all that religious talk you and i have had?

1373. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

As they say, when the cat is away, the dirty rats come out to play!


1374. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1374. Come on now RDR, you are getting a bit carried away. Some of this stuff is kind of gross and over-the-top.

1375. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1373. Well said!

1376. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

Uh-oh. Numbers are phasing out of sync. Must have entered Basment Bloggers universe! Perhaps we should have a beer together. I go by Seymour in these parts.

1377. P Technobabble - January 8, 2011

I don’t believe the US economic system can survive. Millions of Americans are out of work, yet still being taxed and fee-ed and insured to death. The cost of living spirals out of control. There is less money to fund the increasing number of government programs, many of them aimed squarely at special interests. Social security is non-existent. At some point, I believe the economy will fully collapse.
I believe the house is on fire and all our elected officials ever do is debate about who is responsible for the fire, or how the fire should be put out, or
whether there is even a fire.

1378. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

1373: The way you are framing the whole problem and its solutions is one that is crafted by the media in the exact same way that the necessity of war with Afghanistan and Iraq was crafted. All these imaginary horrors will happen if you don’t do exactly as they say. And it’s all baloney. I know it’s difficult to see; somebody needs to write a book about the entire transgenerational process that is taking place; but the truth is that the healthcare mandate IS status quo, and yes, Canada and Europe ARE parts of the mindless machine, same as America. AHIP supports it because its a good deal for THEM, not because it’s a good deal for YOU. You may also benefit, but that’s incidental to them, and the process will set a precedent that they will be able to use in the future to achieve other objectives. It’s also a Trojan Horse that people refuse to see as such because they want it so badly that they don’t care how it will unfold in the future, but how a healthcare mandate is going to link with other developing trends is deeply disturbing and should concern all thinking people.

As for myself, I have good coverage. Right now, that is. But it wasn’t always so, and may not always be so. I know what it’s like to be very poor, and I know what it’s like to be not so poor. I’m also quite active. I’ve had surgery last month to repair a hernia and accidentally got a tendon in my arm cut last year that required surgery to repair and physical therapy afterwards. But what if I didn’t have coverage? I’d have to deal with what happened to me just as those things happened, and that’s just the way life is. I admire real American patriots fighting terrorism, people like Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull — who never had an ounce of healthcare coverage — not phonies like Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi. It is wrong to coerce people into acting in ways contrary to their own choosing when those ways are not harmful to the rights of others, and that is what a healthcare mandate does, courtesy of the very in_surance companies who set that requirement.

The coercion the INS_URANCE companies got the Obama administration to accept enforcement of is wrong, and this is what powerful monied interests have been doing since they used a corrupted and Constitution ignoring government to destroy the alternative ways of life of American Indians to make this country safe for the expansion of an idea that consumed or assimilated all in its path, an idea that tolerates no significant difference of opinion, and which the healthcare mandate is just a recent expression of. What Obama did was nothing revolutionary. It was the same old crap, man. They force people to do what they say, or they punish you…sometimes summarily executing your women and children en masse. (Wounded Knee, Sand Creek).

Socrates may have framed it best, my friends:

“…I would rather die having spoken after my manner, than speak in your manner and live. For neither in war nor yet at law ought any man to use every way of escaping death. For often in battle there is no doubt that if a man will throw away his arms, and fall on his knees before his pursuers, he may escape death; and in other dangers there are other ways of escaping death, if a man is willing to say and do anything. The difficulty, my friends, is not in avoiding death, but in avoiding unrighteousness; for that runs faster than death.”

So, I am willing to opt out — it it were possible — and be denied coverage even if it means my death; and even though I have good coverage NOW, it is highly likely given who I am that I will voluntarily give it all up in the future, and will no longer have it then.

1379. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011

(in best Rod Serling voice)

For your consideration….a dedicated group of people band together, determined to keep a silly little thread going. In spite of their best efforts, soon a lady known as apathy enters the picture. Unbeknownst to our little band of players, they are about take a journey….one beyond thought, beyond imagination. Their next stop……THE OBLIVION ZONE!

1380. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

1378. P Technobabble – January 8, 2011

Well its tragic how clueless we are to what’s really going on and how we let the TV tell us what to think. We heard night after night about the evil Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme, but never is there a mention of Ponzi schemes when Social Security is reported on.

Like healthcare, Social Security is one of those things we “have” to have. Well, guess what? Reality is going to snatch it from us. That day is coming, and when it does you won’t get it no matter how much you complain, no matter how much you paid into it when you were working.

Facts of life, friends. Facts of life.

1381. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

I know. I am SUCH a DM Downer!

1382. Capes - January 8, 2011

In other news……it is very cold outside.

1383. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

dmduncan- um, I think you lost me. I guess I’ll start by saying that helping each other shouldn’t be considered coersion. It should be considered “patriotic.”. Today that word means I don’t want to pay taxes. These people who want healthcare care about their fellow citizens. Telling them the
wha happened to you was an accident, and should be covered. Same with those who get cancer or other illnesses. I don’t people should consider themselves “free” because they have the right to die. We should be careful not to create two seperate classes of citizens. If you have more money and you want a bigger house, or ten houses, or a boat and servants, fine. But throwing poor people in the snow to die, well one measure of a society is how they care of the vulnerable. Our Republic can only be great if our people are. Europe and Canada seem to be doing fine. They are educated, better than us in most cases, healthy, wealthy, and have democracies. I don’t understand the fear here.
As for your view on the media, well I don’t like ’em either. By the way I found your earlier discussion about Apocolypse Now very insightful, Spielberg facinating, and corporations- close to the mark. But here, I just don’t understand. I’m a also curious how this meshes with religoius ideals. And I’m not trying to get under your skin. :)

And Harry, you’re scaring me.

1384. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

Sorry, mention to say: What happened to you was an accident…

1385. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

I’m on my phone and things seem to get lost in translation.

1386. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

Getting in trouble with my lady. Will have to check in later.

1387. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2011

Hey. Does Anyone want me to contunue the Story I was Writing. Or does everyone want to keep with Politicks.

1388. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2011

Here is some news from the Terran Empire.
Emperior Sato has ordered that the settings on the new and Inproved Agonier Booths be raised by 50%. She did this in responce to the last Assanation Attemt. Also. The Emperor has decreed a huge increase in the Military Budget after some very successful raids on Coraden which netteed 100 tones of Dilithium Crystals and various other Prizes.
In other news it was reported that the I.S.S Enterprise commanded By James T Kirk Completed it’s Mission of getting all of the Dilithiun Crystals from Planet Psi 364. Though it took longer then expected as the Inhabitants of that world refused to give in. But after 3 Hours of being Bombarded from Orbit and haveing 10 of there Citys Runined they Complied with Empire Orders. After the Crystals were Removed the Enterprise then Destroyed the Sun in that System to send a message to anyone who would oppose the Empire. Also. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire was promoted to Commodore after the Mysterious death of his Commanding Officer which is still under Investigation. No word yet on the progress of said Investigation.
Commodoer Mendez was awarded the Terran Star for getting Planet Sigma Delta to sign up with the Empire. Sigma Delta is a rich planet nwith no defenses and they were more then willing to sign up and be servents to the Empire for our Protection. Commodore Mendez is said to be moving several garrisons to the Planet and will be setting up a new Empie Govt to over see the Population.
Commodore Stocker has left his Command for new and better places. He is said to be the new Antishe for the Emperor Sato him self. We here at Empire News wish him well on his new and Exciting assignment.

1389. P Technobabble - January 8, 2011

1387. Commodore

You’re doing just fine in spite of our conversations.

1390. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2011

In other Empire News and in the Medicle field. One Dr. Bones MCcoy has invented yet another toxin that would render the subjet Paralised from the Neck down. He stated and I Quote. ( It saves me from having to treat any of our Personnell from Injuries since any one who opposses us will be Paralised and can offer no resistence to the Empire.End Quote.
We here at Empire News want to thank Dr. MCcoy for his service to the Empire and for keeping our troops one leg or in this case one body up on any who oppose the Terran Empire. Also a note on the Medicle Field. The Inventor of the Agoniser Booth one Dr. Phlox has celebrated another Birthday. He wont say how old he is and no he won’t be put into the Booth.

1391. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 8, 2011

Both Commodore. Keep it coming! Don’t quit because I can’t shut up.
Oops, gotta run!

1392. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 8, 2011

Ok. I will Continue to report the news from the Terran Empire. Always something going on there. I will continue with the Story Tomorrow.

1393. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1394. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

getting closer……

1395. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1396. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1397. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1398. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1399. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011


1400. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

Most excellent!

1401. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

Also, a word of advice for those who like to order fish ‘n’ chips. Make sure you tell them you want TAR TAR sauce. Because sometimes the cooks or waiters get confused and end up serving RAT RAT sauce!

In fact, with hot dogs, sandwiches, and burgers, you need to make clear that you want MUSTARD. Otherwise, your meal may be garnished with MOUSE TURD!

1402. Red Dead Ryan - January 8, 2011

Q: Why do most farm thieves stay away from pigs?

A: The crooks are afraid of the swines “squealing” on them!


Q: Why are primates so similar to one another?

A: Because they like to “ape” each other!

1403. keachick - January 8, 2011

#1306 – “… Back on the Enterprise Kirk was Singing a report that Yoman Rand had given him…”

And the song report was titled, “Someday Came Today”…:)

1404. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011


mw, which part scares you?

1405. keachick - January 8, 2011

Why are my posts not going through, Anthony, anybody?

1406. Basement Blogger - January 8, 2011

@ 1406

Keachick, certain words will cause a post not to go through. We found out that po_n (x-rated movie); hea_th insur_ance ! will not pass.

1407. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1379. DM, for all your “outside the box, I’ve got the secret gov’t/corp cabal’s agenda all figured out” rhetoric, if you did not have health care in_surance, and had a sudden brain hemorrhage, and were taken unconscious to the hospital, where after 2 brain surgeries in a 2 day period, followed by two weeks in an ICU, and then a month in the hospital and 6 months of rehabilitation you run up a $600K health care bill, then like it or not or believe in the system of not, those of us paying in_surance would collectively be covering all your health care bills via the hidden subsidy we all have to pay to cover the uninsured. So while you may have a lofty “I won’t participate” view, let’s see you refuse the emergency room and ICU care when you are death’s doorstep and unconscious to boot. And if I am suppose to believe that a week after the operation, when you come out you coma, that you would on principal, refuse further treatment, well, that would stretch my believability in what you are saying here.

1408. Harry Ballz - January 8, 2011


certain innocuous words aren’t allowed, like ins_urance. Try again.

1409. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1389 Long live the Terran Empire!

1410. Basement Blogger - January 8, 2011

@ 1406

I used to blog on a sports social network. It had a filter that wouldn’t let you type the word “pass.” Ha. Ha. Try talking about football (American or soccer) with that restriction.

1411. MJ - January 8, 2011

All, Anthony asked me to pass this message along to all of you:

“I am currently on a one-month paid vacation, courtesy of our new site sponsor, State Farm Ins. Company. As part of their new support to our website, you will be noticing some new features across the site, including a new roll-out of a security system that provides us all with great new features such as expanded keyword blocking.”

1412. MJ - January 8, 2011

@1378 “I don’t believe the US economic system can survive. Millions of Americans are out of work, yet still being taxed and fee-ed and insured to death. The cost of living spirals out of control. There is less money to fund the increasing number of government programs, many of them aimed squarely at special interests. Social security is non-existent. At some point, I believe the economy will fully collapse.
I believe the house is on fire and all our elected officials ever do is debate about who is responsible for the fire, or how the fire should be put out, or whether there is even a fire.”

I’ve been around for awhile — this sounds earily familiar — reminds me of that way a lot of people felf in 1980. Well, guess what by the mid-1990s we had a budget surplus and were at the top of the cycle again…but success breeds overconfidence and excess which lead to the lousy late 2000’s.

We are starting up the curve to prosperity again, and 10 years from now, when things look great again, then things will get carried away, and then in the 2030’s everyone will think it is all falling apart again.

Doesn’t anyone read their history books these days?

1413. Basement Blogger - January 8, 2011

I think the word filter is designed to stop 1) dirty words; and 2) spaming.
I’m guessing insur_ance companies may try to assimilate this site with their ads. But resistance is futile. Government must protect insur_ance companies. : )

1414. Basement Blogger - January 8, 2011

@ 1413

MJ, nobody reads their history books. Viet Nam War. See Iraq War. (2003)

1415. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

1409. MJ – January 8, 2011

Priceless, MJ. You frame the issue in exactly the way that you have been taught to frame it. Instead of asking why health care costs got to be so high to begin with, when they weren’t always so, you adopt the sorts of status quo arguments that makes a healthcare mandate the only seemingly reasonable way of solving the problem!

“So while you may have a lofty ‘I won’t participate’ view, let’s see you refuse the emergency room and ICU care when you are death’s doorstep and unconscious to boot.”

Well, MJ, as a person who contemplates many things, among them the brevity of life, I have spent a long time preparing myself for the inevitable end of my own after having had the good fortune to be acquainted with the possibility early on and, as a consequence, I think I know more about my attitudes and capabilities about how I am likely to respond to it when it comes, than anyone else. Most days of the week I pay some attention, however fleeting, to my own mortal existence and how important a thing it is to know, exactly so that I have a greater chance of dying well, something that our modern culture knows nothing at all about.

I didn’t post the Socrates quote for nothing.

1416. keachick - January 8, 2011

#1412 Thank you for that…:) Is there any chance that Anthony might throw us a bone or two in the near future about…well, you know…about that little film called the Untitled Star Trek sequel? There, I’ve typed it. Now will it pass the censors, I wonder, given that this site has got touchy of late about topics it does not like people to talk about…

He must, he must. That will ensure that the number of posts on this thread does not go past 1701. (Good idea, that).

1417. dmduncan - January 8, 2011

Of course, how can you possibly solve any problem when you elect people who ram through 2000 page pieces of legislation that nobody reads? Fact is, very few people who support it even know what they are supporting. Average Americans can’t afford to have a team of lawyers deciphering senatorial legalese to know if they want what a 2000 page piece of legislation which is longer than Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace is giving them. When you condition people to accept that as normal, there’s nothing you can’t do to them.

1418. keachick - January 8, 2011

Here goes. I try again.

N-z has provided comprehensive hea-l-th-c-ar-e since the 1930s for ALL its citizens, irrespective of their socio-economic circumstances. Ho-sp-ital care is FR-EE to all NZ citizens and permanent residents. The same applies to the provision of comprehensive ed-u-ca-tio-n for ALL children. Britain copied the NZ model after WW2 in 1948, with one worthwhile addition, which NZ does not have and needs. Do-ctors charge fees and there are pre-sc-rip-tio-n char-ges. These vary.

These public provisions are tax-pa-yer funded. Private he-a-lth c_are and education are available options also and people can have private me-d-ical in-sur-an-ce if they wish and can afford it. Few NZ-ers have any problem paying taxes to maintain a functional modern hea-l-t-h-car-e system. Even if you may never need (life-saving) treatment yourself, at least you know your taxes may go to save someone else’s life.

OK, will this post go through? Fin-ge-rs cro-s-sed!

1419. dmduncan - January 9, 2011

Sorry Keachick, we can’t do it that way. Our taxes go to building the best bombs on earth.

1420. dmduncan - January 9, 2011

Is healthcare a banned word?

1421. dmduncan - January 9, 2011


1422. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2011

1420 dmduncan “Our taxes go to building the best bombs on earth”

Your taxes paid for Howard The Duck?

1423. MJ - January 9, 2011

@1419. NZ Healthcare is the way it should be everywhere! The U.S. is great at air conditioning, NZ is great at healthcare! :-)

1424. MJ - January 9, 2011

@1423. No, he was referring to Watchmen.

1425. MJ - January 9, 2011

Note — I am going to be out of town for a few days on business guys/gals, so please continue the march to 2000. I’ll be checking back in mid-week.

1426. MJ - January 9, 2011

@1415. Agreed, except substitute Afghanistan for Iraq. It is a much better comparison to the chaos of Vietnam in my opinion.

1427. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011


Except that the need to go to war in Afghanistan after the attacks of 9/11 was a noble and right thing to do. Once Bush and Co. rushed into Iraq based on lies, Afghanistan fell apart militarily and politically. The U.S had the chance to wipe out Al Queda and cripple the Taliban, but instead gave them new life.

The moment the U.S invaded Iraq was the moment that the Afghan War was doomed. And let’s not forget that Iraq exploded into civil war that has killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and over four thousand American troops.

The 9/11 terrorists were trained in Afghanistan. The Taliban provided shelter for many of the Al Queda masterminds including Osama Bin Laden.

Iraq, on the other hand, had no role in the attacks, and was actually a deterrent against terrorism-sponsoring Iran.

1428. keachick - January 9, 2011

#1428 You mean it is case of “keep missing the target”, as Kirk said to Khan.

1429. keachick - January 9, 2011

#1421 I wasn’t sure about anything that could be deemed slightly controversial, so I wrote those words that way. After realising that this site appears to be banning the use of at least two legitimate English words, one starting with ‘p’ (a word some are not fully cognizant with its meaning) and the other with ‘i’, I decided to play it *safe.

*”I guess this is what comes with living in a condom” say Brian (Chris Pine) from Carriers.

1701- Are we there yet?

1430. keachick - January 9, 2011

Oh good. It went through. I see the use of the ‘condom’ word did not consign my posts to oblivion the way the use of other words have. “That’s a comfort”.

1431. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2011

1431 “I see the use of the ‘condom’ word did not consign my posts to oblivion’

Well, what do you know, THE RUBBER DOES HIT THE ROAD!

As to the future, hey, I’m so cynical I don’t even buy green bananas!

1432. MJ - January 9, 2011

@1428. I don’t disagree with your sub-points, but at the highest level, Iraq has been taken over numerous times in history with some success by major powers, whereas Afghanistan have never been been able to be held for a major power for any significant length of time. It is a hopeless tribal land with many geographic challenges and virtually no infrastructure, while Iraq has been arguably “civilized” for hundreds of years, and has the major elements needed to fashion a modern state, albeit one broken into several power centers.

If you think that even if we had put more troops in Afghanistan early on, well in my opinion that is a pipe dream. Afghanistan will not be made into a credible state in our lifetimes — you can take that to the bank.

1433. P Technobabble - January 9, 2011

Like others here, I grew up during the 60’s. And I, indeed, know my history. The 60’s was a time of great unrest. One could look at the state of the US today and say things have not really changed all that much. The furniture may have been moved around, but we’re still living in the same room.

There are always two sides to every argument. For every cry of “black” there is the equal and opposite cry of “white.” People typically can’t spit at the broad side of a barn without arguing about it. This sort of polarization and lack of real communication is what leads to conflict, violence and, ultimately, war. And it really doesn’t matter what the topic is — health care, politics, religion, etc. — it always amounts to the same: disagreement, leading to arguing, leading to violence, leading to war. (I’m not saying that’s what is going on here, but there have been a few times when Anthony has had to step in, hmm?)

My original post was meant to ask: how does this world, with all of the human problems (and the only problems on this planet are human ones) that confront us, get to transform into the Star Trek “utopia” that we all look up to and dream about? It’s not going to just happen magically. Qualities like tolerance, compassion, trust, and so forth cannot be forced upon people — but they must exist in order for human beings to transcend all of their self-inflicted problems.

I don’t mean to be so serious and heavy, but it’s questions like this which consume me every day. It’s not specifically about any one subject. All we can do with that is play verbal ping-pong. But I believe the problems facing this world are serious enough to warrant far more serious consideration than what’s being exercised today.

1434. dmduncan - January 9, 2011

1429. Red Dead Ryan – January 9, 2011

I don’t believe we were really serious about capturing or killing Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Ryan. The small, undermanned strategy Rumsfeld pursued predictably pushed bin Laden into Pakistan beyond our reach without any air dropped US troops between him and Pakistan to stop his retreat. You don’t push somebody towards an escape route without having those escape routes already blocked off. Not unless you aren’t serious about capturing him.

And now it appears that Afghanistan may be the “Saudi Arabia of lithium.”

What a coinkydink.

1435. dmduncan - January 9, 2011

1435: “Qualities like tolerance, compassion, trust, and so forth cannot be forced upon people — but they must exist in order for human beings to transcend all of their self-inflicted problems.”

Bingo. They can’t be forced, but that seems to be the thinking these days, that they can. The only “Star Trek” future that coercion is likely to get us is the one where we end up as the Borg.

And it’s not the result of a cabal or conspiracy. Wrong “c” word. More like a transgenerational coalition of people all possessed by a single idea — unification — regardless of the means, memetically transmitted, unconsciously absorbed, presented without alternatives — which needs a vibrant public debate, completely absent, to accomplish — all of us unaware that the means will determine the shape of unity we finally have (not all are desirable), and which unconsciousness is actually likely to guarantee the worst sort of it.

But I’m not really depressed and I don’t say these things to seem heavy or depressing to others; Star Trek is the show that originally started me thinking, after all! I say them just to try and startle people into thinking a little bit about why things always seem to end up the same way no matter who gets in charge. I’m not depressed or down about it really because I am confident that it will all fall apart naturally. It is actually an extraordinarily weak system we have created, a house of cards susceptible to the slightest of large scale perturbations in the natural world.

I think Star Trek was being prophetic when it imagined that better world of Star Trek rising out of the ashes of the old one that ended with the Eugenics Wars.

1436. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2011


“a house of cards susceptible to the slightest of large scale perturbations”

Yes, and it’s these perturbations that have me reaching for my libations nightly!

More wine, anyone?

1437. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011

1433, 1435

The problem is, the war in Afghanistan was supposed to be about finding Bin Laden and killing the Taliban. Instead, a futile effort to build a democracy in an impoverished, fractured society has made both tasks impossible. And the so-called democracy has led to mindless corruption that has angered many Afghans, who are now supporting the Taliban’s effort to retake the country.

The first rule of war is to destroy your enemies. If they had done that, a reasonbly stable country could have been made. But the U.S had taken it’s eye off the ball and now it’s in the Taliban’s court. Instead of being done in Afghanistan, American and NATO troops are being wasted along with trillions of dollars in a quagmire. The same trap that contributed to the Persian, British and Soviet empires.

1438. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2011

Here i the Latest news from the Terran Empire News Service.
it is Official. Dr. Bones MCcoy of the I.S.S Enterprise has Scucesfuly used his new Toxin that he calls The Terran Nerve Agent. He named it because it renders it’s Victoms paralised from the neck down. But He also states that he does have an Antidote for it. He made the Antidote so after any Planets Population is Taken over by the Empire they woiuld be needed on there feet for the service of the Empire.
In other News. The Investigation of the Assaination of Commodore Nagure has been Stopped Due to lack of any evadence. commodore Nagures 2nd in Command now Commodore Mike has taken over his dutys. Commodore Mike has stated that he will not rest till the Killer or Killers are caught.
In other News Commodore Decker of the U.S.S Constalation has reported that they completed there misson on the Klingon Front. They were able to destroy a Klingon Convoy carrying Weapons and Though it is Classified as to what was taken we are told from some reliable sources it will help the Empire Greatly. Also on same Misson there was some Klingons taken into Empire Custody. Including Gen Kor and his Aides Col. Worf. They will be brought back for further Interagation.

1439. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2011

From the Empire News Service.
We do have an Update on the Capture of Gen. Kor and Col Worf. After many Hours of Intense Interogation Col. Worf of the Klingon high Command has decided to Join the Terran Empire and Help the Empire. As to what help he would give that was Classified by the Commander of the Empire on the orders of the Emperor himself. We here at the news service thank Col. Work for any help he will give.
On this date in 1941 the U.S Invaded the Sovite Union and droped 3 Atomis Bombs. One in Moscow. The U.S Decided that the Sovit Threat would be to much to handle in the long run and were affraid that they would also develop the A Bomb if given a chance. The War between the U.S and the Sovite Union lasted only about 9 days.
In 1965 Then U.S Presedent John Kennedy was shot at but as not hurt in the 4th Assanation Plot. Later that month Kennedy Invaded Cuba after dropping a Hydrogen Bomb on Havanna Cuba.
On this Date in 2001 Alies Japan and the U.S both Droped Nuclear Warheads on Afgannastan after it was learned that Jihadiest were planning on acts of Terror on Iran. On this Date on 2150 the Unified Earth Empire was created which latter became the Terran Empire after Zefran Cochron Captured a Vulcan Ship.

1440. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

@ 1428

RDR; On the Iraq War

I agree with some of your points. We had to go into Afghanistan. That’s where the 9/11 attacks were launched from. The Taliban was the ally of Al Qaeda. Right after 9/11, I would have voted George W. Bush because of his stirring speech before Congress and his rousing retort that the terrorists will hear from us at ground zero. And I lean towards the liberals.

But in 2003, he wanted to go into Iraq. Why? Weapons of Mass Destruction. It’s a preventative war, i.e. an attack from Iraq was not imminent. Here’s what we know objectively. 1) Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction; 2) Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11; 3) and Iraq did not attack us. Eight years later, thousands of people killed, billions of dollars spent for what? It’s the greatest foreign policy mistake of the United States in history.

1441. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011


I appreciate you keeping us all up to date with events in the Mirror Universe! Keep ’em comin’!


Yeah, you got to wonder what George W. Bush’s legacy would have been had he not wanted to invade Iraq. He had the support of the vast majority of his country and many other countries around the world rallied around America but he threw it all away.

1442. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

I saw True Grit starring Jeff Bridges (Tron: Legacy) yesterday. I’m going to commit film heresy here. True Grit (2010) is not as good as the 1969 version. The new version literrally lacks the color that the 1969 version had. Plus, the Coen Brothers made a mistake by using nineteenth century hymns and music. That’s a downer. Elmer Bernstein’s (Great Escape) brilliant score for the 1969 movie gave it emotional impact.. It might be more real to use nineteenth century music but its not good for the new movie.

I did enjoy Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as Mattie. Jeff Bridges is good but the Coen Brothers should have curbed the mumbling delivery. At times, you wondered what he was saying.

Still, if you’re bored, it’s worth checking out. But I vote for the 1969 version. That old version is optimistic; true Americana.

Here’s the Utah Symphony Orchestra performing a suite to the 1969 movie.

1443. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

Where are the rest of you Trekkers? I see MJ, RDR, Commodore Mike, Keachick, Seymore Hiney, P Technobabble, dmduncan and Harry Ballz. What happend to Vultan? And lets face it , a lot of you read the posts but don’t participate. Come on Trekkers. Hop in. We’re trying to go to where no Trekker has gone before. 2000? At 1443, I criticize the new True Grit. That’s sure to piss somebody off. Or maybe not. Then there’s a bunch of stories on the original post. There’s a bunch of topics with the comments, everything from Eisenstein to Snooki. Start typing fellow Trekkers.

1444. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 9, 2011

But lessons were learned from Vietnam. See Desert Storm, 1991, – then promptly forgotten as arrogance seeped back into the Pentegon and the White House, and ignorance and opportunity.

1445. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 9, 2011

Harry, it was your Rod Serling that I found so scary/funny.

1446. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

“Now” is about a future where aging has stopped. People must pay to stay alive. Sound kind of like a cross between “Logan’s Run” and “Soylent Green.”

1447. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

And speaking of “Logan’s Run” remember the lovely Jenny Agutter. And it also had a small part for Farrah Fawcett.

1448. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

“Rango” looks humourous. Interesting points on this film. It’s written by Star Trek: Nemesis’ John Logan. He also wrote the Tony award winning play “RED.”

1449. Basement Blogger - January 9, 2011

Saw a preview for Pirates of the Carribean, IV. Yeah, it looks funny. And the cast brings back Keith Richards. Hold on. Judi Dench is listed. Wow. One of the greatest actresses is in this popcorn tentpole movie.

1450. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 9, 2011

havent seen logan’s run since i was it in the movies

1451. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 9, 2011


1452. keachick - January 9, 2011

I am sitting in the lounge with Spongebob Squarepants playing on the TV. Spongebob can burp well.

It is summer and school holidays. Kids don’t go back to school till February here.

I am planning this trip to the South Island, so that, among other things, in the middle of nowhere (quite a few down there still, I believe), I will have two of my car tyres let down by the local keas – they like to feel their air rush out of the deflating tyres…and have no windscreen wipers – they remove the rubber because it makes good lining for nests. Although the weather is generally hot, there can be the occasional rain storms, even little snow flurries, which given that I shall be accompanied by a good measure of Murphys Law, means that I shall be in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain, with two deflated tyres and no wipers.

Beaten, I decide to get out a can of beer which I open and sip. Finding that I am caught a little short, I make a “bush stop”. When I come back, I will find that my can of beer has been tipped over and is now mostly empty. Nearby is a happy kea rolling around, looking well, a bit drunk… Keas like beer and wine.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

1701 – are we there yet?

1453. Capes - January 9, 2011

not yet

1454. Capes - January 9, 2011


1455. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2011

On Syfy this week is a Star Trek Marathon. TNG is Showing most of TNG this week as well as most of the Trek Movies. Also playing is the T.V Series the Green hornet Staring Van Johnson and the Late Great Bruce LEE. Along with a couple of Eps of The greatest American Hero. With some Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. So for this week. Syfy is Watchable.

1456. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2011

1453 “I decide to get out a can of beer which I open and sip”

Fosters? Nice beer!

1457. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2011



glad I could provide you with a case of the heebie-jeebie giggles!

1458. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2011

Now a News up date from the Terran Empire news service.
Capt Kirk of the I.S.S Enterprise Executed a Traitor today. He was an Andoren who tried to forulate a rebellion on the Enterprise. He was caught by one Lt. Styles who pretended to be one of them but did so only to find other traitors. After some time in the Agoniser Booth the Andoran named 3 others 1 Vulcan and 2 Telerites.
In other News the Star Ship Potemtkin completed it’s Mission in the Gama Sector. They took some resources vital to the Empire from a Pre Industrial Planet.
In other News Commodore Mike has Stated that he has found the Assan of his Commanding officer. It was Lt.Cdr. Pascale. It appears that Lt. Cdr Pascale killed the Commodore to Advance in Rank. In a quote from Commodore Mike. Lt.Cdr Pascale is spending some quality time in the new Agoniser Booth.

1459. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 9, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
This just in. It was Announced by the Emperor this evening that the Empire has signed a new Ally. The Gorn have now joined the Empire and are willing to serve the Empire to meet all of our needs.

1460. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 9, 2011

always Harry, always

1461. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011


Fostah’s…..Austr-AYE-lian for beeyah!

1462. Harry Ballz - January 9, 2011

C’mon, folks….we need a new theme for this thread to keep going. I’ll start…

“If you lie on your back and cry on your bed, you’ll get tears in your ears!”

Tell me where that quote is from without googling it!

1463. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011


From some hooker you banged on Friday night?

1464. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011


1465. Red Dead Ryan - January 9, 2011


1466. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011

I see you’re a man of few words!

1467. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

@ 1463

Harry, that happens to me every night!

1468. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

@ 1453

Keachick, we can get to 1701. But once we reach there, I say we go for 2000!

1469. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

Back to “True Grit” (2010) starring Jeff Bridges (Tron; Legacy), I’m grateful for the remake for this reason. It made me reflect on the 1969 version. And get this my fellow Trekkers. It’s as optimistic as Star Trek was in the sixties. I can see Mattie Ross riding her horse across the river with Elmer Bernsteins’s inspiring score driving the action. It’s that American determination.

Here’s the main theme for the 1969 “True Grit.” It’s less than three minutes. I get the same goose bumps listening to this as when I listen to the Star Trek theme by Jerry Goldsmith and the original series version.

1470. Red Dead Ryan - January 10, 2011


It’s not the quantity that matters, Harry, it’s the quality!


I’ve been doin’ some swearin’
With the volume turned on to blarin’
Louder than an angry heron,
While listenin’ to some Bobby Ferrin,
I go a-darin’
Cuz nobody’s a- carin’!

1471. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011


1472. Anthony Thompson - January 10, 2011

Here’s something new (a confession of extreme dumbness): I’ve been on this site for about 4 years now and have read probably thousands of missives from Harry. But it wasn’t until very recently (the last month or two) that it finally struck what Harry’s name/alias was all about! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, now that I know, I must say that it makes me sick to my stomach! : D

1473. ensign joe - January 10, 2011

true grit was wonderful to watch.. they really know their craft..

1474. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Hey. It is a TNG Marathon with some movies thrown in on the SYFY Channel. For this week. That channel can actualy be watched.

1475. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Breaking news from the Dpt of Information at the Terran Empire News Service.
The I.S.S Enterprise and the I.S.S Constalation have captured a device know as the Doomsday machine. Both Ships were Damaged in the fight but they were able to uses a couple of Freighters and one Passenger ship from as yet an unknown Species and deactivate the Machine by raming them with there Engines set on overload. The Empire is dispatching more ships to the sector to Investage further and see if the Machine can be controlled by the Empire. More as it becomes available.

1476. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

From the Dpt of Information at the Terran Empire News Service.
An Astroid which the Inhabitans call Yolanda was Destroyed last week after it was learned that it was on a collision course with a Terran Controlled Planet. Capt James T Kirk of the I.S.S Enterprise was forced to Destroy the Astroid when while leading a landing party was attacted by something called the Oricle. It is said that all of the Inhabitants were killed but millions of Terrans were saved. We here at the News Service want to thank Capt Kirk for his service to the Empire.

1477. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Correction from the Empire News Service. We have learned that the Astroid was called Yonada. The Writer of the Story was Asked for his Agoniser and now offers his Apologiese. In other news.
On this date. In 1965 then presdent John F Kennedy sent in the U.S Marines into what was left of Cuba after he had ordered 3 Nuclear Weapons to strike Havanna. The Marines were sent to to Capture any of Cubas forces and help any of there Citizens. The Total Death toll from Nuclear Blast was set at just 150,000.
In January 10th of 2011 Auburen Won the National Championship by by beating Oregon 50 to 10.
August 25th of 2035 South Korea launched 5 Nuclear Warheads at the North. The North which had been trying to forge a new peace Treaty with the South did not respond to the attack with any Nuclear Weapons as what they had been saying was only for show and in fact they had none. The South Took over the Norht and a 50 year Dictatorship Reigned till the new Empire was formed.
December 23 2053 The First Emperor of the Terran Empire was Born.

1478. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011


So, Anthony, if I understand you correctly, my plan worked!

Mission accomplished! Resistance is futile! You will become sick with the rest!

1479. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

#1478. Sorry Harry. Im from the Terran Empire. It will take a lot more then that to make me sick with the rest. Long Live the Empire.

1480. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011

That’s fine, Commodore Mike! Keep writing, I like what I’m reading.

p.s. I wonder how sick people would have been with my second choice of names…

Holden McGroin

1481. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Hey Harry. That second name wouldn’t have worked. I would have just laughed at that name. the one you have now is much better. For the Terran Empire. Never a boring moment. Always lots of things to report.

1482. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

From the Dept of Information at the Terran Empire news Service.
Update. The I.S.S Defiant reaches the Doomsday machine to hel the Enterprise and Constalation in bringing the Machine to the Reigal Colony.
On this date in 1920. The League of Empire Nations help it’s first meeting.
On this date. The first United Empire Nations held it’s first meeting.
On this date. Marshall Frank James. Brother to U.S Marchall Jesse James was Born. As everyone knows The James Brothers and there Gang were U.S Marshalls. They were Vilolent. But they got the job done.
In 2035 a Riot eroptued in England after King William was Shot. He did survive the Shooting. Though it is believed that his wife was the one who shot him there was never any proof. 43 People died durring the Riot.

1483. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011

Commodore Mike

you have a fertile imagination. Have you ever submitted your writing to a publisher?

1484. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Hey Harry. I have been toying with the Idea. I have several Storys I have in mind including the one I wrote on these post. If you read my last post the events that were reported were real. Except it was the League of Nations and the U.N that had there first meetings and yes. Frank James was realy born. Thought I would have some fun with some real facts but from the view of the Empire. I have already written the first 2 chapters of a Novel and though my Typing is not very good I’m sure I could get a Ghost writter to help me with that.

1485. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Tell me guys. The first couple of chapters I wrote on the Story of the Enterprise going to the Planet on the Brink of Nuclear War. What do you guys think. IT is a rough draft and I wanted to test it here.

1486. Capes - January 10, 2011

I think it is a good beginning Commodore…..

1487. Capes - January 10, 2011


1488. Capes - January 10, 2011

1488 !!!!

1489. Capes - January 10, 2011

1489 !!!!!!!

1490. Capes - January 10, 2011

1490 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1491. Capes - January 10, 2011

1491 !!!!!

1492. Capes - January 10, 2011

Gettingtired again………1492
Yay Columbus!

1493. Capes - January 10, 2011

1493…….Spain wants their return on investment

1494. Capes - January 10, 2011

1494………..Spain gets their return on investment and finances another exploration

1495. Capes - January 10, 2011

1495……..Columbus at it again…….

1496. Capes - January 10, 2011

1496……..Spain gets mo money

1497. Capes - January 10, 2011

1497……Indoor plumbing still a mystery in the colonies

1498. Capes - January 10, 2011

1497……..disease is an issue

1499. Capes - January 10, 2011

1498…………Colonies develop basis for local gov’t infrastructure…..

1500. Capes - January 10, 2011

1499…….everyone too busy surviving to realize the century is changing…..

1501. Capes - January 10, 2011

1500…….Long Live the Terran Empire !
(Yes, I lost count….)

1502. Vultan - January 10, 2011


Vultan is still hanging around… just doesn’t have much to say…

1503. Vultan - January 10, 2011

As usual. ;)

1504. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Hey Vultan. Are you the one with the Hawkmen.

1505. Charla - January 10, 2011

I will need to copy and paste this so I can read it all later! Sounds entertaining!

1506. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

I’m out of phase again. You guys referring to post numbers are not matching up to my computer. Okay, last parallel universe I was rich and married to Blake Lively. Okay, I’m still rich. Oh no, I’m married to Phyllis Diller. Boy, did I get a wrong number! Our leader is … President Sarah Palin! The Pittsburgh Pirates have won the World Series. And Erica Durance has won the Oscar for Best Actress.

1507. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

Hey, it’s good to see you Vultan. Okay, I can’t really see you. But good to see you posting on our journey to boldly go where no Trekker has gone before.

1508. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 10, 2011

What?? Nothing to say? Must be the mirror Vultan! What have you done with our Vultan?

1509. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011

To infinity and beyond!

1510. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

Hey, SyFy (ugh, that name) is running “Star Trek: First Contact.” (1996) This is the best of the TNG movies. You got to love the writers (Ron Moore, Brannon Braga, Rick Berman) who adhered to canon and were able to put together an exciting, funny, and thought provoking film. Kudos to Frakes’ direction also. Visuals, special effects, and acting are right on.

1511. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

Here’s my rating of the Star Trek films. Starting from worse to the best. Except for Star Trek V which gets a C, all Trek movies are B or higher.

11. Star Trek V. (1989) Grade: C
10. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) Grade B-.
9. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) Grade B-
8. Star Trek: Generations (1994) Grade B
7. Star Trek; Nemesis (2002) Grade B.
6. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) Grade B.
5. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) Grade B.
4. Star Trek (2009) Grade B
3. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Grade A.
2. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982) Grade A. And the best Star Trek film is….

1. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) Grade A+. Yes, you heard that right. ST:IV is the most Roddenberryesque of all the films. There are classic messages of Trek. 1) Tolerance. The alien probe is not viewed as evil but something that must be understood. 2) Comedy. A bold move for any Trek, Let’s see Star Wars do that. Oh, Lucas did. The Star Wars Holiday Special. Oy vey. Trek does a great job with comedy, and this film didn’t need to verge into parody. 3) Intelligence. Time travel. See above for discussion on the probe. 2) A classic Trek message. It’s a progressive message about the ecology. Save the whales, save the future. How sixties! 1) And of course optimism. We can do it!

1512. keachick - January 10, 2011

#1457 Fosters?

WHAAAT? What – a good kiwi girl drinking beer made by those bleedin’ Aussies from across the ditch. Go wash your mouth out, Mr Ballz…:)

A cold Lion Red, Steinlager or DB beer will do me just fine…thank you.

(Actually Fosters isn’t too bad, (whispering) but you didn’t hear it from me)…;)

1513. keachick - January 10, 2011

I have not read anyone mention a programme called “Weird…or What?” which is hosted by William Shatner. I’ve just watched the third episode last night on TV at prime time (7.30pm). Really interesting and he is one cool host. Maybe it is a show that has been and gone in the States, but I have to say that it is one of the better shows on at the moment.

Anyone heard of it/seen it?

I’d be happy to go to 2011. I don’t see how we could go beyond 2011 because that would time travelling…

1701 – are we there yet?
(I assume people know who use that question a lot…)

1514. Red Dead Ryan - January 10, 2011

Harry Ballz, Harry Ballz
A few actors drive him up some wallz
Like Reese Witherspoon,
To whom Harry would show her his moon,
Or Erica Durance,
With whom he’d take no chance
As we learned from his rants,
It’s an anti-Erica stance
He’d just exile her in France!
Or how about Tom Cruise,
Who is old news,
As Harry ponders over booze
How to give the ego a bruise!

Harry Ballz, Harry Ballz
Ready when this site calls
His wine is deep red,
As so often he has said,
On a million a thread,
Hates going to bed,
Would rather write posts,
Which include some boasts,
But more often, roasts!

1515. keachick - January 10, 2011

Oh Harry, oh Harry.

I can see Harry and Reese taking a moonlit stroll or Harry just simply chilling out on that magnificent chin.

1701 – are we there yet?
(No, we’re not. Will you stop asking?)

1516. keachick - January 10, 2011

Question – how long do your Christmas and New Year holidays last?

I know it is different here, because our seasons are reversed, because I live in the Southern Hemisphere. It is our Summer school holidays, which start a week before Christmas Day and finish in the first week of February. In the US, I believe that the main summer school holidays occur around June/July/August? (long holiday).

I’ve just seen an item about a big game being played on 9 January (Monday) by the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team against the New York Knicks. I presume it was played during the day. Was 9 January a public holiday or something? It seemed strange to have a major game played on a week day when most people would be working…

Just wondering.

Now up to number 1517?

1517. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

Here is an Update from the Terran Empire News Service.
On this Date in 2011 Harry Balls of Trek Movie Professed his Undying Love for Erica Durrance.
On this Date in 1883 U.S Marshals Frank and Jesse James Arrested Outlaws Doc Holliday and Wild Bill Hickhock.

This is Breaking news. The Dooms day machine has been Destroyed. The I.S.S Enterprise and the Constalation and Defiant were trasnporting the Machine to the Reigal Worlds when the Machine started to reactavate. The Enterprise took another Passenfer Ship and used it to once again ram the machine and the Machine self destructed.

1518. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 10, 2011

From the Terran Empire news room.
We have an update. It appears that Commodore Decker who against orders tried to make the machine reactivate so he could control. The Emperor Ordered his Immediate Exucution which was carried out by Capt James Kirk.
More on this as we get Information.

1519. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011


Thanks for all the attention, you guys!

Reese Witherspoon’s chin? If you draped a white sheet on it, and stood it straight up, you could show a movie on it!! It’s that big!

Now, excuse me while I get another glass of WHITE wine!

1520. Harry Ballz - January 10, 2011

1518 “On this Date in 2011 Harry Balls of Trek Movie Professed his Undying Love for Erica Durrance”

Not bloody likely!!!

1521. Basement Blogger - January 10, 2011

@ 1453

Keachick, are you sure the creature that took your beer wasn’t an Orc from Mt. Doom?

1522. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

@ 1513 Keachick

Here in Cincinnati, Ohio, we don’t get Red Lion, Steinlager or DB Beer. We drink the American Beer, Budweiser. What? Oh, that’s right, Budweiser is now a Belgium beer after being bought by a Belgian company.

Personally, I drink red wine because beer is bad for my blood sugar.

1523. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

@ 1514 Keachick

Have not seen “Weird or What?” From what I can tell it didn’t have many shows. Boy, I hope you don’t get all of our American television. I hate to dump Dancing with the Stars featuring Brisol Palin, known for her talent by having a baby as a teenager.

1524. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2011


No, Bristol Palin is known because she has a redneck-five-alarm-moron for a mother!

1525. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

@ 1517 Keachick

Professional basketball plays 82 games in a season. So, they will play on weekdays. Unlike American football, the National Football League, where a team plays sixteen games in a season excluding playoffs. The frequency with the NFL is one game a week. The big game in the NFL is the Super Bowl which will be played in February. It will have gigantic ratings and an occasional wardrobe malfunction exposing Janet Jacksons breast. (2004 Superbowl)

1526. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

@ 1525 Sarah Palin, my inspiration

Harry, I’ll have you know Sarah Palin inspired the name of my blog, and alias. She said bloggers sit in their mother’s basement and blog in their pajamas. I do blog in my pajamas.

Oh, and by the way she likes to be known as 1) Sarah the Barracuda; 2) Hockey Mom; or Momma Grizzley. She has to write on her hand to remember her core princpals which is kind of frightening since she might be President one day.

Check out this parody movie ad of a new film about Sarah Palin.

1527. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) has a new horror film out called , The Ward.” Here’s the trailer. It stars Amber Heard and Lyndsy Fonseca (you know the babe, in Kick Ass)

Hmmmm. There’s something in this trailer that makes me want to see it. I wonder what that could be?


1528. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

And just in case, you haven’t seen it, below is a trailer for Thor. It stars Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek 2009) and was directed by Kenneth Branagh (Henry V)

1529. keachick - January 11, 2011

Sarah Palin thought she knew all about Foreign Policy because Alaska borders a foreign country, Russia no less and America is also next to another foreign country, Canada. It is a comfort that she knows her geography and of course, because she lives in Alaska, she knows this stuff.

Cripes almighty. The thought that she had been put up by a major American political party for the position of vice-president…and I thought dear old Dubya was bad enough. It is hard to work out where the laughing stops and the crying starts. I had no idea…

#1524 We have our own Dancing with the Stars show. We don’t see the Hills or other similar American shows. Carpet cleaners, at first, would enjoy all the extra work but I think that even for them it would start to get too much after a while – I mean how much puke can you forever be cleaning out of carpets?

We see most of your *good* dramas, if not all – all the CSIs series, the two NCISs, Criminal Minds, SVU, Mad Men, Chuck, Castle, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The United States of Tara, Brothers and Sisters, The Mentalist, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Supernatural, Lost, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, Dexter…

We saw the first series of Fringe and only two episodes of the second season and then it was taken off. For some reason, the rest of the series has not been screened – I’m a bit pissed off about that.

We also see some US reality shows, as well as one or two from Britain. I’m not into those shows. We have the Masterchef cooking shows from USA, Britain, Australia. We see Top Gear (UK) – love that show, as well as Top Gear (Australia). Top Gear (USA) is to screen for the first time here soon. Survivor series is popular here. We see American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

The comedies are Three and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Office (US and UK), Scrubs, as well as re-runs of the Simpsons, Futurama, the Family Guy, American Dad, South Park, Everybody Hates Chris, Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, Home Improvement, and others…

We see Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr Phil, Dr Oz, various US modelling shows etc.

We also see dramas and comedies from Britain, including a series called Skins, which I believe the Americans are going to make based on the British series. At the moment, there are only four soaps screening at the moment, two from Britain – Coronation Street and Emmerdale, one from Australia – Home and Away and our own Shortland Street. I don’t think most of us here like soaps much. I’m afraid there are no US soaps like Days of our Lives screening here at the moment. Hard not to puke watching US soaps, sorry to say.

NZ makes a lot of its own shows – mostly in a documentary-style. We tend to follow the format begun with Rescue 911 hosted by William Shatner. It might seem dated now but it works. Using a similar format, we have Motorway Patrol, Police 10-7, Animal House (about the SPCA), Piha Rescue, Emergency Search & Rescue, one dealing with Wellington Hospital’s A & E Department (your ER). Australia does similar shows which are also popular here. They are usually half an hour in length.

There are programmes made in the Maori language, usually screened on Maori television.

We see lots of films as well. Re-runs (seen more than once on TV here) of all the Star Trek television shows have been screened here, as well as the movies, except for Star Trek 09. I suspect that they will screen that film on free to air television later this year or early next year, just before the release of the sequel…

All the programmes I have mentioned are screened on any of the six free to air television channels we have here in NZ.

Please note that I do not watch or like all of the programmes mentioned. I have just tried to give an overview of what we can watch here on TV, especially when it comes to seeing shows from the USA.

1530. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2011

1530 “The comedies are Three and a Half Men”

Gee, keachick, you’re lucky! We only get Two and a Half Men in North America! :>)

1531. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

Hey Harry. That was the you in the other Universe that professed his love for Erica. Hey. It is the Terran Empire. Things are different.

1532. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

Seen the Trailer for Battle L.A Looks to be good. Maybe finaly we will see a good Alien Invasion Movie. Maybe the best Since Independence day. Though War of the Worlds was good I want to see more action with the Invaders. The Movie is about a Squad of Marines trying to hold off the Aliens in L.A

1533. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

Seen the Trailer for Battle L.A Looks to be good. Maybe finaly we will see a good Alien Invasion Movie. Maybe the best Since Independence day. Though War of the Worlds was good I want to see more action with the Invaders. The Movie is about a Squad of Marines trying to hold off the Aliens in L.A

1534. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

Hmm. A Repeat post. One for this Universe and one for the Empire.

1535. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2011


How greatly reassuring!

1536. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

From the Terran Empire NEws Service.
It is reported today that Dr. Richard Daystorm has Completed his work on the new M% Computer and is awaiting on the Empire to test it. What he will test it on is still up in the air. If this M% works as planned it could be yet another boost for the Empire and the fleet. More as it becomes available.

1537. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

From the Empire NEws Sercive.
A Correction. it is the M5 Computer that is being tested. The writter of this article sends his apologises and that was after his Agoniser was used.

1538. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

From the Empire News Service.
It has been reported that the Tribble Infestation on Space Station K7 has been Cleaned up. One Sirano Jones a Space cargo pilot was forced to clean up the Station after I.S.S Enterprise Capt found some of these Tribbles on his ship. Capt Jones was Spared after Chief Engeneer Scot of the I.S.S Enterprise realised that the Klingons hated and vice versa each other. It was Mr. Scott and Jones who came up with the Idea to realise these Tribbles on the Klingons Ship and on any Planet that the Klingons were trying to Colonise.

1539. Phil - January 11, 2011

No new messages in six days….

1540. dmduncan - January 11, 2011

I confess. I know I’m supposed to hate Sarah Palin, but I have no idea why. I mean, if you showed me evidence that she invaded Poland, France, and Russia, and caused the death of 6 million Jews, I could have some ostensible reason to hate her. But I have none. All I have is the feeling that, for some vague reason or another, she is an immensely unlikeable person.

Why do you good people suppose that is?

It certainly cannot be because she writes things on her hand, which is just a much more frugal way of remembering talking points than having them on a teleprompter that shadows your every speech — which, ironically, may prove to be the biggest single factor why Obama seems to deliver his lines so much better than Bush, since Bush preferred to publicly stammer after ideas without the help of visual aids.

Now I have listened to Palin on several occasions (and given the media’s coverage of her, who can avoid it?), and as near as I can tell, she says conflicting things that indicate to me she is unsure of her own positions and why she has them, which means that she is precisely the sort of person that Americans like to elect, whether they are democrats or republicans: Malleable; and so, she will end up being, if elected, exactly the same sort of president which we always get: Status quo.

Which should make all you good folk who liked either Bush or who like Obama happy that you will be getting nothing substantially different than either of those two.

1541. Vultan - January 11, 2011


Yes, Commodore Mike, I am Prince Vultan, leader of the Hawkmen, Commander of the Armies of Mongo….

But really it’s just my little tribute to the great Brian Blessed—


1542. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - January 11, 2011

the replacement Star Trek V CD arrived here today! :-)

1543. Capes - January 11, 2011


I am watching The Green Hornet in Syfy today and I say again it is better than this new movie will be. Bruce Lee still kicks A$$…..

1544. Capes - January 11, 2011

Music is groovy too……

1545. Vultan - January 11, 2011


I’m watching it, too! Yeah, Bruce Lee is still the definition of awesome.
And it seems to me Van Williams was an underrated actor. I could easily see him as the lead in one of those 60’s war/adventure movies (The Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, Battle of Britain, etc., etc….). Anyway, I like the slightly more serious tone GH has, as opposed to the super campy Batman.

1546. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

Im also watching the green Hornet on Syfi. Love the Show and the Music. Bruce Lee realy Kicks Ass.

1547. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

Sorry Prince Vultan. I love the Movie Flash Gordon and love the Music of Queen. Brian Blessed was perfect for that role.

1548. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

This week Syfy is watchable. They even played 2 eps of the Greatest American Hero which I recorded on my TIVO and of course The Green Hornett and more Marathons of TNG and Trek Movies.With some Star Gate Sg1s and Atlantis.

1549. Vultan - January 11, 2011


Yeah, I caught “Flash (AH-ahhhh!) Gordon” late one night on G4 a couple of years ago. Couldn’t believe I’d gone so long without seeing this masterpiece of cheese.

1550. Vultan - January 11, 2011

About the Green Hornet—are green headlights street-legal? Just wondering….


1551. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2011

Yeah, it’s not the machine-gun turrets that pop out of the hood to be concerned about…’s the green headlights! Somebody call 911!

1552. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

I have seen several Eps now of the Green Hornet. can’t believe that is realy Bruce Lee as Kato. Love this Show. Will havt to get the Series on DVD if it is out.

1553. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 11, 2011

#1549. I was able to see it when it was at the Movies. Was hooked from the get go. yes. I have the Music cd as well.

1554. Vultan - January 11, 2011


Harry, I don’t know about Canada, but nobody blinks an eye when it comes to machine guns here in Uh’Merica (I have three turrets mounted on my Schwinn). However, if you disobey vehicle illumination laws, boy, you betta watch out—Smokey Bear will be in your rearview. I got a $500 ticket for having a lightning bug stuck to my bumper. True story.


1555. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 11, 2011

He’ll save every one of us!

1556. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2011


If you got a $500 ticket for THAT, I’d say the officer had a bug UP HIS ASS!

1557. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

Here’s some more funny video satire about Palin. Trekker Jon Stewart discusses Palin’s speech at the Tea Party Convention. Anthony, it’s a sanctioned video so no copyright violation. And Harry, Canada better let you see this video. And yes, you’ll love Tea Party sign that is against the “pubic” option. Enjoy.


1558. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

And even more funny satire from Trekker Stephen Colbert. He takes on Palin and writing on her hand.

Harry, more sanctioned video from Comedy Central. So no copyright violation. This video is even funnier than Stewart’s. The last part about Limbaugh, the word retard and satire will have the milk you’re having with your Cheerios spurt from your nose.

1559. Red Dead Ryan - January 11, 2011


1560. Red Dead Ryan - January 11, 2011

Weird, I can drop the f-bomb on this site, but not p@rn.

1561. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

@ 1562

RDR, that’s the filter. It could be an anti-spam device. You also can’t use the phrase hea_th insur-nce.

1562. Basement Blogger - January 11, 2011

For po_n, you can use the term, x-rated video or movie.

1563. Harry Ballz - January 11, 2011

I assume when people write the word po_n, they’re referring to poon tang, right?

1564. dmduncan - January 11, 2011

Wow. 1566. I thought that would be cool but now it’s just starting to seem like we’re stuck in limbo.

1565. Phil - January 11, 2011

1540. dmduncan – January 11, 2011

I don’t hate Sarah at all. I’m sure she is a wonderful person at home, seems chatty enough, seems to connect well with non-liberal people and ain’t all that bad looking, someing more then a few members of our male audience should be able to appreicate.

Right now, I don’t think she has the chops to be president. I felt the same way about Obama, and it’s turning out I was right about that. Further, she seems to embrace an anti-intellictual agenda, which will only hurt the US as it tries to compete in an increasing intellictual world.

Anyway, she has a couple of years to plead her case. That will give me time to decide which third party loser I’ll vote for, while praying that “none of the above” becomes a choice on the ballot…


1566. Capes - January 12, 2011

Regarding Palin et. al. Bottom line is that in these instances the best thing for the political sides to do is to stay out of the dialogue.
1)When someone is shot it is a “tragedy” not a political opportunity.
2)Where organized religion is concerned in a political dialogue they need to pay the same entrance fee as everyone else and then comment…..taxes.
3)Until all of the facts are in people should not rush to judgment. We were told not to with the muslim “nut” at Ft Hood in ’09 . They same rules “should” apply here.
4)We are a republic of people, laws, and ideologies. We will not agree on everything and frankly we shouldn’t. It would be boring and we wouldn’t have the robust society we have if it did.
5)At the end of the day, there is NO reason for political parties, ideologies, religions, whatever else I haven’t thought of to not be DECENT to one another no matter if they agree or disagree. Demonizing situations and people because it furthers an agenda is fundamentally wrong.
6)Whoever had whatever map……who cares? People died because a registered independent nut who belonged to an anti semantic organization killed six people. He is evil. He is a creep. He need to go away…..from society and preferably from existence. Bottom line, he killed 6 people and society needs to respond to that rather than overlaying agendas that suit their needs.
7)Decency folks…..that is what is needed here……Decency and respect for others…..

1567. Capes - January 12, 2011


1568. Capes - January 12, 2011


1569. Capes - January 12, 2011


1570. Capes - January 12, 2011


1571. Capes - January 12, 2011

Here is some cool news…..

1572. Capes - January 12, 2011


1573. Capes - January 12, 2011


1574. Capes - January 12, 2011


1575. Capes - January 12, 2011


1576. Capes - January 12, 2011


1577. Capes - January 12, 2011


1578. Capes - January 12, 2011


1579. Capes - January 12, 2011


1580. Capes - January 12, 2011

This is different…..

1581. Capes - January 12, 2011


1582. Capes - January 12, 2011

Found Harry a cool wallpaper…..,r:4,s:59&biw=986&bih=560

1583. Capes - January 12, 2011


1584. Capes - January 12, 2011


1585. Capes - January 12, 2011


1586. Capes - January 12, 2011


1587. Capes - January 12, 2011

I say again for the record that today’s Green Hornet on SYFY was ten times better than the movie will be……

1588. Capes - January 12, 2011

Good article on the Black Beauty from the Green Hornet….

1589. Capes - January 12, 2011

“Being Human” on Syfy Monday………thoughts?

1590. Capes - January 12, 2011


1591. Capes - January 12, 2011


1592. Capes - January 12, 2011


1593. Capes - January 12, 2011


1594. Capes - January 12, 2011


1595. Capes - January 12, 2011


1596. Capes - January 12, 2011


1597. Capes - January 12, 2011


1598. Capes - January 12, 2011


1599. Capes - January 12, 2011

1600……..Long Live the Terran Empire !!!!!!!

1600. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011

…and counting!

1601. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1573 On the new James Bond

Great news that there will be a Bond movie in 2012. And Star Trek: Nemesis’ John Logan will contribute to the screenplay.

1602. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

While I like the realistic approach that the Daniel Craig Bond movies have taken, I miss the gaudy approach of the sixties and the seventies. Remember the hollowed out volcano in “You Only Live Twice.?” (1967) And what about the huge supertanker in “The Spy Who Loved Me?” (1977) Both had huge action set pieces too. Great fun.

1603. Anthony Thompson - January 12, 2011

1473. Harry


1604. Anthony Thompson - January 12, 2011

MJ, where are you???!!! Don’t let this dream of 2000 comments die!!! : )

Speaking of which, there might get to be lots of 1000 comment threads because AP only seems to be updating the site about once every week these days!

1605. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

Urgent. Breaking News! From the Terran Empire News Service.

A Debacle has Happened. Under Top Secret Testing Dr. Richard Daystrom tested the M5 Computer aboard the I.S.S Enterprise. With Only 20 Crewmen aboard the M5 took over the Ship and in what was supposed to be a War Games Exercice it launched a full scale Attack on 4 Terran Empire Ships. The I.S.S Lexington,I.S.S Hood,I.S.S Excalerber and the I.S.S Potemkin. Star Ships Hood and Potemkin were Destroyed before Capt Kirk and and first officer Spok were able to regain control of the Enterprise. Under Orders from the CNC of the Empire. Dr. Richard Daystrom was immediately Executed for his crimes againt the Empire. according to officials at Star Fleet Command there will be an official Investagation into this Trajic Incident. We will up date more on this Breaking News Story.

1606. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

Up Date from the Terran Empire News Service.
Dr. Daystroms Assistants at his Lab have been taken in for Questioning and 3 of his staff are being interogated and in the Agoniser Booth at High Settings. Empire Officials are trying to get to the Bottom of any Conspirecy into the M5 Computer.
We have Learned that Capt Kirk and his Crew will be giving Cytations for there relentless work in getting control of the Enterprise from M5. We have learned that Capt Kirk was able to talk to M5 and get it to Shut down as he learned that M5 had some Human Ingrams placed into it and Kirk used that to convence that Killing any Terran was Murder. Though M5 did scan and seen that there were Vulcans and Andorians aboard those ships Kirk made M5 feel bad that terrans Were killed.

1607. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

News Up Date from the Terran Empire News Service.
The 3 Assistance to Dr. Richard Daystrom have been Executed up on orders from the Emperor. Enough Evedence have been obtained in a Conspirecy against the Empire. We are Happy to report that none of the Conspiritors are Terrans. 2 of the Conspirators are Andoran and One was a Tellerite. The Investagation was carried out by Sarek of Vulcan.

1608. Trekboi - January 12, 2011

tron legacy was a great film but 3d looked converted.

1609. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

News Up Date from the Terran Empire News Service.
The Spouces of the 3 Traitors will also be Executed and according to Empire Sources who Spoke on the Condition of Annomitaty because they were not authorised to speak have stated that the rest of there familys may also be Executed.

1610. ensign joe - January 12, 2011

I see that the number jumped but it was just Capes…

1701 is right around the corner..

1611. Capes - January 12, 2011

Just trying to move the bar a little…….

1612. Capes - January 12, 2011

But in fairness The Ensign makes a fair point. The remainder of the posts to 1701 should be legit……

But if we head to 2K…………the game is afoot again !

1613. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire. - January 12, 2011

Who ever gets to post 1701needs to call it. N.C.C 1701. If said person does not do that then they will get 1701 Minutes in the Agoniser booth set on Max.

1614. I'm Dead Jim! - January 12, 2011

Does anyone know what happened to the Battlestar Galactica movie reboot+ that was being talked about last year? Did the producers finally get a clue and decide it was too soon re-reboot after Ron Moore’s reboot?

1615. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire. - January 12, 2011

So what does everyone think of the News Up dates from the Terran Empire.

1616. P Technobabble - January 12, 2011

Alright, here’s my latest rant: the other night, for the first time, I watched the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
Now, the original is still one of my favorite movies of all time. The film has a charm about it that makes me watch it time after time, always enjoying it. While the film has a “global” message, the story, itself, is a rather intimate one about an alien becoming involved with a small group of people. The film doesn’t rely on FX, and where there are FX, they are not overdone; rather, they are subtle and quick. Bernard Herrmann’s use of the theramin makes the music a bit dated, IMO, but it succeeds in giving the film an eerie quality. The black & white look adds to the tension of Klaatu trying to hide, and helps create a mood of mystery.
I avoided watching the remake simply because I believed the original film should never be remade. As far as I’m concerned, I was right. The remake lacks any of the qualities that gave the original its charm. While Michael Rennie’s Klaatu displayed great curiosity and compassion for humans, Keanu Reeves’ Klaatu displayed no emotion at all. He came off as mechanical as Gort. As for Gort, making him a gigantic robot just looked silly, and I thought I was watching “The Iron Giant.” And then having him (apparently) composed of a swarm of some kind of destructive locusts was just blatant, supposedly to drive home the movie’s environmental message. And the film’s “environmental” plot (replacing the anti-war/anti-nuclear plot) didn’t seem to justify why aliens would want to wipe out humanity anyway.
Obviously, I was utterly disappointed with this remake.
Two more films I really like are being remade — “Forbidden Planet,” and “Colossus: The Forbin Project.” I’m already skeptical, as you can imagine. I hope the film-makers honor the originals more than “The Day the Earth Stood Still” did.

1617. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire. - January 12, 2011

#1616. I agree with you. The Orignal was fantastic in the way it was done and with the Acting. The New one was lacking. Though the Fx was good the Story was just Off. Some Remakes can be fantastic and some can be down right bad.
War of the Worlds was great as well as the new one with Tom Cruise.
Lost in Space series was good and the remake was terrible.
Planet of the Apes was great and the reboot was not so good.
The Beverly Hillbillys was a great series and the Movie Remake was Fantastic.
The Flintstones was a great cartoon and the 1st live Action was fantastic as well. The other Sequels were not so goo.
Battle Star Galactica was great and the new one was great also.

1618. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire. - January 12, 2011

For the next reeboots that will happen or may happen.
1. The Greates American Hero.
2. Airwolf.
3. Blue Thunder.
4. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
5. Batman or the Dark Night.
6. The Justice League.Live Action or Animated.
7. Tron Series.
8. War of the Worlds. Series.
9. Independence Day. Movie or Series.
10. Iron Man Series.

Some or all of these at one point will be remade. Some will be bad and some good.

1619. Phil - January 12, 2011

1566. Capes – January 12, 2011

Hope you don’t mind if I borrow this…..

1620. ensign joe - January 12, 2011

1615. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire. – January 12, 2011
“So what does everyone think of the News Up dates from the Terran Empire.”

I actually think its a great idea.

I would totally read a “United Federation of Planets” newspaper thingy that contained events related to the 5-year mission.. and you could have the mirror version as well.. have it come out as a periodical with cool twists in the stories or play on the fact the readers know the outcome..

fun to read sir!

1621. ensign joe - January 12, 2011

Can I see that for a moment?

1619. Phil – January 12, 2011
1566. Capes – January 12, 2011

Hope you don’t mind if I borrow this…..

1622. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@1612 Capes: On 1701 and 2000 posts.

Hey Trekkers, once we reach 1701, it’s going to be impossible to stop so why not head to 2000. Let’s boldly go where no Trekker has gone before.

We can make 2000 without cheap posts. If you’re stuck just write about the hundreds of topics already raised or the above story. You can take a story about “Paul” and do a six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Talk about Siguourney Weeaver who has a role in that movie for example.

1623. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

Ens. Joe. It is a lot of fun playing on the facts and twisting them in the Empire. As a Writter you can have a lot of fun. If Anthony would let me I would do an Article once a week for Trek Movie and have it based in the TOS Orignal Timeline.

1624. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

Of Course I would have Anthony correct any Spelling errors I make. I’m not the best typest. Lol.

1625. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1610 On Tron in 3D

Tron: Legacy was shot in native 3D and was not converted. The begining shots were filmed in 2D. I’m guessing for a “Wizard of Oz” effect, i.e. black and white to color. For Tron, it wasn’t that impressive.

I’ve seen the film three times. Regular 3D, IMAX 3D and 2D. The best 3D was IMAX because the effects popped, or stood out better. A whopping forty minutes were enhanced for IMAX. However I recommend 2D because in my opinion, the 3D added nothing to the film. Plus in 2D, the picture is brighter since 3D’s polarization darkens the picture. Plus you’re wearing dark 3D glasses. The resolutioon in 2D is also better. Of course 2D is cheaper.

Regardless, go see Tron: Legacy, it’s a great film.

1626. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 12, 2011

I seen Tron again for the 3rd time Yesterday in 3d. I thought the Movie was Great. It had great Fx and a good story to boot. Hope they make one more Tron. They did leave it open for another Movie.

1627. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1628

I agree that they left it open. Way open. I mean there is a question as to the fate of Kevin (Jeff Bridges) and his program, Clu. What did Sam (Garrett Hedlund) download at the end? Will Dillinger’s son (Cillian Murphy) cause trouble? I hope they make a third film.

1628. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

“Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young.” Captain James T. Kirk: Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

Just saw a story that Ghostbusters 3 is contingent on 60 year old Bill Murray. So why is it important to have Bill Murray in Ghostbusters 3 but not to have a heavy set and old William Shatner in future Star Trek live action films? First, Star Trek needed a reboot. As much as I’ve criticized Star Trek (2009) which is a good film, it did what it had to do. Produce a new audience to add to the older Trekkers. Teenagers have no allegiance to Shatner. That being said, I’m grateful to the Supreme Court for not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Having Leonard Nimoy and some Trek canon was respectul.

But Ghostbusters is so dependent on the original characters that it would be crass if they recast it with newer and younger actors. It’s like Indiana Jones. If these iconic actors can still perform then you’ve got to have it. Can you replace Bill Murray’s sardonic wit? No. Now, they have to be real. Murray is no longer twenty two. Even in the last Indiana Jones film, Spielberg and Lucas acknowledged Indy’s older physique.

But I still say that Star Trek can still use Shatner. How about a CGI TV movie and DVD release for late 2011? You can deage William Shatner. That project could lead to the 2012 film. What do you say CBS?

1629. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

Oops forgot to post the story about Ghostbusters 3 contingent on Bill Murray.

1630. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

Speaking of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), I recall some of my friends dissing it for the extraterrestrial plotline. I always wondered why some people hated that plotline. It’s no more wilder than religous paranormal activity such as the power of God, see Ark of the Covenant, and the cup of Christ. Maybe it’s because we as a country are more religious than scientific. After all, most astronomers believe there’s extraterrestrial life out there.

1631. Capes - January 12, 2011

@1620….Be my guest Phil. Thanks.

1632. Capes - January 12, 2011

@1629 BB….Actually when Shatner was 60 and not pushing 81 he was in demand for ST VI TUC. When Bill Murray is 80 they will need him for the Zombieland remake………

1633. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011

1625. “I’m not the best typest”


1634. Phil - January 12, 2011

1630. Basement Blogger – January 12, 2011

The last installment of Indy lost me when he rode out the nuke test in the fridge. The entire story played to the worst sterotypes of the UFO fringe and was just an exercise in lazy storytelling that was glossed up with snappy special effects. ROTLA and TLC stories were not driven by religious artifacts, they were plot points that had good stories drving them.

1635. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011

Not to mention George Lucas couldn’t write a good story if his life depended on it! Why the hell do you think he keeps rehashing, refurbishing, reinventing and regurgitating the Star Wars saga?

One trick pony on line one!

1636. keachick - January 12, 2011

#1632 I agree about the plot of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was as good a notion as anything else in the previous Indy movies. Plus I don’t see that believing that there may be extraterrestrial life negates belief in God or anything else. Most of these “either/or” arguments are just so stupid.

1701 – are we there yet?
Jason – take that “Are we there yet” T-shirt off!

1637. Phil - January 12, 2011

1635. Harry Ballz – January 12, 2011

American Grafitti…and he’s rehashing, refurbishing, reinventing and regurgitating the Star Wars saga because we keep buying it.

1638. keachick - January 12, 2011

Actually William Shatner looks and sounds very good in the “Weird…or What?” show we are seeing here. It would be nice to see a little cameo of him in the sequel, but only if it worked in well with the storyline.

I see that on the “P-rn” thread, they are now posting adult XXX videos but we still can’t write the pron word or the words hea_th in_su-ance.

Maybe the reason why the last two words can’t be written, is because those words are now deemed bad words, in that anyone who carries he_lth in-s_ran-ce is supposed to receive financial cover when they get sick. However it appears that many of these in_su-ance companies are changing some rules without necessarily notifying their clients and/or using fineprint (fineprint that the most modern electron microscope would have difficulty deciphering) to get out making what are, more than likely, ethically legitimate payments for medical treatment. We hear some scary stuff…

1639. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1636 Phil

Yeah, I agree with Indy hiding in the fridge durig a nuclear explosion had me cringe. And that led to the phrase “nuked the fridge” kinda of a jump the shark expression. (Wiki below.) Second, the chase with the monkeys left me cold. Too much CGI. Again, the alien stuff was fine. And considering the Rosewell legend happened in 1947, there’s nothing wrong wtih that. Religious paranormal vs. alien paranormal. Both have rich story telling ideas. There was a certain human joy to Raiders of the Lost Ark. It didn’t depend on over the top special effects.

1640. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1640

Keachick, RDR has said he can type cuss words but not those words. And I’ve seen his posts with bad words. I think it’s designed to stop spamming. You see if you link a po_n site with that word, it might get through.

1641. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1634 Capes

Bill Murray’s cameo in Zombieland was a blast. But how can come back in Zombieland 2: The Undead Social Network? Wasn’t he killed? Oh, that’s right. He can really comeback as a zombie.

1642. dmduncan - January 12, 2011

Crystal Skull sucked because it wasn’t very good. ALL the Indy movies have their special moments of goodness, true, but Raiders was wonderful all the way through. And I’ve had all the Shia Leboef I can stand for a decade.

1643. dmduncan - January 12, 2011

Oh shit. You realize we are in the next decade of the 21st century already? Seems like the towers came down day before yesterday.

1644. keachick - January 12, 2011

Has anyone seen the video posted on the other thread at no. 199?

Holy crappola! and they were doing all that in front of a big audience… *Interesting* to say the least, except for the Yuk bits. I like milk that come from female mammaries. I’m not really into “bull’s milk” as some call it down here.

Which reminds me of two things…

1. There is a rural town in the North Island, NZ called Bulls. It is also a dairy farming area…

2. There was an ad. made here for Instant Kiwi (a lottery) a few years back. No words. Just action, with the Instant Kiwi jingle as background music. It took place in a rural town and had to do milk delivery, a jogger, a disgruntled home owner and finally a bull… I shall say no more. I shall leave it to your imaginations.
This ad. did actually appear on one of those (US?) Commercial Breakdown shows – catch it if you can.

Is this a *cheap* post?

1701 – are we there yet?
No. Soon.

I have this ghost poster on my back who keeps asking the same question over and over. I suspect that when we get NCC 1701, it will then ask, “2000 – are we there yet?” and on and on till we get to post 2011. Then it will start asking, “Can we go back now?” This creature probably deserves some time in the agoniser booth, but I daren’t. I’m a bit of a softy. Anyway, let me know if it all gets too much. I might be able to persuade Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire to help us.

1645. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 12, 2011

1566 Capes -where have you been for the last two years? Like no one saw this coming.

1646. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1646

Yeah, I just watched the linked video on the thread about Trek po_n. The special effects were not the only things tthat looked fake.

1647. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1646 Keachick

You indicated linking the video might get more posters over here. Or we could invite Bob Orci to join the fun. So get this. Which would get more people, po_n or Bob Orci?

1648. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1646 Keachick

While watching that video, there was a thankful lack of lens flares.

1649. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

You don’t think Trekkers would rather watch that po_n rather than the Palin satire posts, I previously linked? Oh come on guys. Here are riotous videos again from Comedy Central featuring Trekkers Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Enjoy I think you’ll enjoy satire more than sex. .

1. Colbert on Palin writing on her hand, the retard word and satire.

2. Jon Stewart on Palin’s writing on her hand and the Tea Party sign protesting agains the “pubic” option.

1650. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1646 Keachick

Is this the ad for Instant Kiwi about the milk bottle, jogger and the bull? You know who would like this video. Harry Ballz.

1651. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1646 Keachick

The milk bottle, the jogger and the bull. (Instant Kiwi ad)

That jogger didn’t know what he had coming.

1652. keachick - January 12, 2011

Yep, that’s the ad.

1653. keachick - January 12, 2011

Just realised – this thread was posted on my birthday

1654. ensign joe - January 12, 2011

After 1701 comes 1864 :)

then 16309.. where’s the override!? THE OVERRIDE!

1655. ensign joe - January 12, 2011


Surely, the best of times..

1656. Charla - January 12, 2011

I hope I didn’t double post, none of my posts are showing up – strangeness here at Seems we have lost our leader again- :(

1657. Charla - January 12, 2011

@ 1646 Keachick

You indicated linking the video might get more posters over here. Or we could invite Bob Orci to join the fun. So get this. Which would get more people, po_n or Bob Orci?

(Bones) Good God Man! You can get po_n anywhere but you can’t get THE Bob Orci just anywhere!!! Get real!!

1658. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011


Yes, BB, very funny! Reminds me of a few years back….there’s a beer in Canada called Sleeman. The running joke was…..

Like the hooker said, “there’s nothing better than a mouthful of sleeman!”

1659. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1659

Charla, you get to inform Bob Orci that we prefer him over po_n. Um, don’t include me in that category. : )

1660. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1655 Keachick

Hey since somebody linked that lost episode of Star Trek, this site is for people twenty one years or older. No nineteen year olds. Oh, and Happy Birthday.

1661. Red Dead Ryan - January 12, 2011


“And I’ve seen his posts with bad words.”

Awww, they’re not so bad once you get to know ’em! Perhaps they’re a little bit dirty, but you can just blow the dirt off, like you would if you were eating a piece of candy you dropped on the floor!

As for “Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull”, I enjoyed the movie. Better than “Temple Of Doom”. However, I thought there was too much cgi, the monkey scene and the appearance of the aliens. I thought they should have not revealed the aliens, but instead imply their existence.

1662. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1663

RDR, I use the five second rule, especially with hot dogs. If it’s been on the floor for over five seconds I don’t eat it. Of course, if it’s carpet then I’m okay with that.

1663. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011


tell me, do you apply the same rule for women who pass out on the floor?

1664. Red Dead Ryan - January 12, 2011


I only eat from the floor in my own home. Because I don’t know what might have been spilled or tracked onto some stranger’s floor.

Also, dropping something onto your own floor could add some seasoning and texture to an otherwise bland meal or snack!

1665. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

My posts are not matching up with your references again. I’m in another alternate reality. Let’s see what’s happening here. Sarah Palin has won the Nobel Prize for Physics, Erica Durance is Prime Minister of Canada, the President of the United States is Rush Limbaugh, and Ahmed Best won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Jar Jar Binks.

1666. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011

Yes, but is Shatner’s Kirk still dead? :>)

1667. Red Dead Ryan - January 12, 2011


Good god man! Erica Durance is Prime Minister? Is Harry Ballz planning her assassination behind a grassy knoll?

As for Jar Jar Binks, believe it or not, Ahmed Best won an award recently for his character. Wasn’t an Oscar, but still an award, nonetheless.

1668. Harry Ballz - January 12, 2011

She’s such a skank, all I’d have to do is throw a bar of soap at her and she’d dissolve!

1669. Red Dead Ryan - January 12, 2011


“She’s such a skank, all I’d have to do is throw a bar of soap at her and she’d dissolve!”

Doing it that way ensures she can’t be saved by any “scrubs”!

1670. Capes - January 12, 2011

Erica loves you Harry……

1671. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

Holy cow. Lightening storms on earth create antimatter. Maybe Bob Orci was right about lightening storms in space. Or maybe that’s whey the aliens want to invade. They don’t want our supply of blonde bimbos but the antimatter.


1672. Capes - January 12, 2011

For reasons that are unknown to me at this time, I am watching the 1976 version of King Kong on one of my many worthless HBO channels…….

I have nothing smarmy to say as my simile well has temporarily run dry…..

1673. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

According to this universe, we’re twenty eight away from 1701. What happened to Keachick? She kept asking for countdown to 1701. Maybe she’s out partying and drinking a Sleeman.

1674. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1674 Capes

You know that monkey has some big hairy balls.

1675. keachick - January 12, 2011

I see there is another p-rn video (R18) posted on’s new official Pourno thread site. I haven’t watched it because it very likely does not come with lens flares…:). Therefore, I don’t know if it is any lower, or is it higher, than the other one. I guess, something being high or low depends on whether you are standing on your head or not. Perhaps, reading the Kama Sutra could give guidance here.

1701 – are we there yet?
NO. Only 27 more posts to go.

1676. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher is talking about losing weight and getting back into the slave girl outfit. She went to the Intternet to check out what people were saying about her. This is how she describes going on the Internet.

“I Googled myself recently without a lubricant …”

What the.. ? Am I missing some computer lingo? If not, she’s still funny.

1677. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

@ 1677 Keachicik

I think you’re referring to the “This Ain’t Star Trek” website for the DVD. On these independent films, I’m grateful for the lack of lens flares. But I tire of seeing fake special effects. Instead of strange new worlds, we get hard, ridiculous, fake looking silicon mountains.

1678. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - January 12, 2011

with all these alternate/mirror/anti-matter/prequel/rebooted – universes/timelines, there may be more than one 1701. And who among us will know which is the true 1701? Yes, who indeed.

1679. Basement Blogger - January 12, 2011

“Paul” has given us today’s trivia question. Sigourney Weaver (Aliens, Avatar) is listed as a cast member in “Paul.” What movie did she star in with William Hurt (Altered States) playing a Jewish woman?

1680. Capes - January 12, 2011

It is about that time……

1681. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Capes, before you do that cheap way of getting us to 1701, let me try to get us close before you hop in. I’ll write as fast as I can. If I can I’ll try to get us within five.

1682. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

The answer to today’s trivia question (1681) is “Eyewitness” (1981) It was directed by Peter Yates and written by Steve Tesich.

1683. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

And speaking of Peter Yates, I’m saddened to say he passed away a few days ago on the 9th. So let’s do another trivia question. Name the fantasy movie he directed in 1983 that starred Ken Marshall. (Star Trek: Deep Space as Lt. Cmdr. Eddington)

1684. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

“Real Steel” noted above, is a movie coming out this October. It’s about a futue where boxing is done by robots. It’s based on a short story by Richard Matheson. (TOS: The Enemy Within) It’s produced by Steven Spielberg. And it stars Hugh Jackman. It’s also inspired by the toy Rock Um Sock Um Robots. Oh, no not another movie based on a toy. Okay, it’s based more on Matheson’s short story. But… At least the lineage is good with Matheson.

1685. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

The answer to post 1685 is the film “Krull.” Liam Neeson was also in it.

1686. MJ - January 13, 2011


1687. MJ - January 13, 2011


1688. MJ - January 13, 2011


1689. MJ - January 13, 2011


1690. MJ - January 13, 2011


1691. MJ - January 13, 2011


1692. MJ - January 13, 2011


1693. MJ - January 13, 2011


1694. MJ - January 13, 2011


1695. MJ - January 13, 2011


1696. MJ - January 13, 2011


1697. MJ - January 13, 2011


1698. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

I see that David Fincher is slated to direct “20000 Leagues Under the Sea.’ His “The Social Network” is one of the best films of the year. It captures the zeitgeist of this decade. Yeah, Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) doesn’t come off well. The irony is he creates the ultimate social network site yet he has no social skills himself. Still it’s probably going to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

1699. MJ - January 13, 2011


1700. MJ - January 13, 2011


1701. MJ - January 13, 2011


1702. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Welcome back MJ.

1703. MJ - January 13, 2011

Back from my trip. Looks like Anthony is still AWOL?

1704. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1703. Thanks BB.

1705. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Keachick, where are you? You’ve been asking are we there yet? Well we just passed 1701. Maybe you’re hung over from your birthday.

1706. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1685. The Reel Steel thing looks kind of cool. Reminded me of Rockem Sockem robots meets Transformers.

1707. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Yeah, MJ, the man upstairs is still AWOL. Somebody on the po_n story actually posted a clip from a x-rated Star Trek video. Anthony would have deleted that post and threaten the guy with his batleth by now.

1708. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1668/RDR: “As for Jar Jar Binks, believe it or not, Ahmed Best won an award recently for his character. Wasn’t an Oscar, but still an award, nonetheless.”

I believe it was the “Will Wheaton Lifetime Achievement Award” that he recently won.

1709. keachick - January 13, 2011

It’s been an interesting 24 hours. Fortunately, my eight year old daughter is staying with her grandfather which is just as well, because this computer is in the lounge and on the screen have been some decidedly interesting scenes, that most people would consider not suitable for a little girl to be watching. I have been able to laugh, go “holy sh*t” without her asking, “Mum, what? Let me see…”.

Then I go on the Chris Pine IMDb board and what thread is at the top but “Bulge” in Unstoppable. I did not start the thread. If we must discuss his… I think we should refer to it as a “nice sized handful”. I then go another favourite board, Tom Hardy, and there someone has posted an interesting little jpg where he appears to be scratching an itch…

Then I come here, and to the other thread about pron (God, this is getting stupid not being able to write the correct word) and there are more XXX videos posted for our viewing pleasure…

I go check out the Zachary Quinto board and someone is going on about the fact that they think he is gay – “Is the pope catholic?”. Nothing new there. People on that board are fixated about Quinto’s sexual orientation…

So, things are OK.

1710. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1708. Wow, I guess it was kind of fun at first with Anthony checking out, but now that the future of this site would seem to be in doubt, I am generally concerned.

I don’t see any recent posts from Harry? Perhaps he caught epilepsy from watching that ST XXX clip over and over and over and over…….


1711. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

There’s already a teaser trailer for “Real Steel.” It looks interesting. I’m going to trust Matheson. Here’s the trailer.

1712. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1710 “I go check out the Zachary Quinto board and someone is going on about the fact that they think he is gay – “Is the pope catholic?”. Nothing new there. People on that board are fixated about Quinto’s sexual orientation…”

Reminds me of that classic series of Saturday Night Live skit in the early 90’s entitled “The Effeminate Hetrosexual.” About a straight gay who talks and behaves like a stereotypical gay guy…here is a youtube link:

1713. keachick - January 13, 2011

Darn – I missed 1701. Maybe my ghost poster will back off now. Here’s hoping.

1701 – but I want to go back.

Oh lord. Where is Commodore Mike when you need him?

I wonder if Anthony has found a way to time-travel to the future to learn Klingon batleth skills. These posters who post naughty links and jpgs had better take care. Yikes.

1714. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1712. very cool –thanks BB.

1715. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

@ 1712 Harry was here. He liked the NZ ad I posted at 1652. Keachick told us about that ad. Boy they might have more freedom in NZ.

1716. keachick - January 13, 2011

Why is the numbering of these posts going askew?

1717. Harry Ballz - January 13, 2011

Good work, everyone! On to 2000!

1718. Hugh Hoyland - January 13, 2011

Im going to try and be the one that makes it to # 1776, to be patriotic! (But in the spirit of Trek anyone can get it, American or otherwise) :]

1719. Phil - January 13, 2011

1703. MJ – January 13, 2011

Yep, still AWOL. And if you think about it, except for a couple of posts after New Years there has been nothing for a month now. Makes me wonder if the end is near…. :-(

1720. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2011


“Why is the numbering of these posts going askew?”

We’re near an interphasic rift, an area where our universe converges with the Mirror Universe. You may be experiencing shifting numbers and slight time displacement and might also travel through time.

Speaking of which, whoever hits 1764 (Defiant) might be lost forever or become a subject of Commodore Mike.

MJ, congratulations for hitting 1701! Well done, sir!

1721. Capes - January 13, 2011

Think positive Phil ! Something will present itself….

@1682…..Hey Basement Blogger, help me understand. When I attempt to push the number it’s “cheap” At #1703 Gets “Welcome back MJ”


Anyway, I’m already over it so don’t waste your time responding…..

Does anyone have any confirmed facts on AP at this time I was able to find an email and a phone number for the guy but he isn’t responding to anything. (I grant you, he doesn’t know me so it could be as simple as that.) But somebody here has to have hear something.
Any intel folks?

1722. Capes - January 13, 2011

“heard” something.

Curse my typing…….

1723. Phil - January 13, 2011

In the mean time….Science Thursday!!

NASA discovered a thunderstorm right here on good ole Terra Firma shooting antimatter into space. Who knew!! More info at this link, and it’s rated G.

1724. Capes - January 13, 2011

Yes Phil….but when will they discover…….Red Matter !

1725. Phil - January 13, 2011

Capes…Well, we have been taking pictures of Mother Earth from space since the 70’s, so I’m guessing July 17, 2052. Of course, by then I’ll probably be dead so it really won’t………matter….

1726. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

@ 1723

Capes, let me respond. First, you’re a good writer. However when you push the posts as you did from 1592 to 1600, all you did was write the number next to the post. We could get to number 1, 000, 000 if we didi that. I know you can write one sentence per post. But you can do anything you want. Second, I did write something when I welcomed back MJ. And after the fights we’ve had, I’m sure he would love to have me write more. Plus, if you’ve read my posts, I try to put down opinions, coments, jokes and news.

As for Anthony P., Rosario in an earlier post said he’s off the grid for a bit. The fact that this site is silll operating is a good sign. And by the way, how much Star Trek news is there?

But Capes, I want to emphasize, do whatever you want.

1727. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

It seems to me that a lot of people are having trouble with the numbering. For example, what I see as number 1728 is somebody else’s 1727. That’s because we’re out of phase.

We’re phasing in and out of an alternate reality or parallel universe. Last time I checked, our president was Rush Limbaugh. Oh, oh. Just time shifted again. Cool, I’m rich and marreid to Kate Beckinsale. Rush Limbaugh is still President. And Chuck Norris has won the Oscar for Best Actor for starring in film about two gay guys raising a child. Oh well, nothing’s perfect.

1728. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Here’ an update on Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” aka “That Batman Sequel.” Okay, it’s not known as that. Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel are being considered for roles. There maybe two roles. Love interest and antagonist.

Here’s the story.

1729. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

I want to repeat what I want from the Dark Knight series. No Robin. Bob Kane might have wanted him in the fifties to attract teens but I think we’re more sophisticated today. Okay, Bristol Palin and Jersey Shore don’t count. Robin started the downfall of the Burton Bataman movies.

Why do I dislike Robin? He’s not needed for the vilgilante theme. Can’t stand his costume. Bright red, green. And you set your self up for gay jokes.

1730. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

And since Anne Hathaway’s name is being thrown around. Somebody complained about a possible Barbarella remake with perhaps Ms. Hathaway as the star. I want to repeat again my desire for that to happen, yes.. yes… yesss…………

Sorry. My argument for a Barbarella movie, hopefully being the first NC-17 sci-fi movie?

Wiki description of Barbarella and her adventrures.

The lovely, beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway

1731. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

@ 1711 Keachick, The Wrath of the Star Trek Women, Part 2

Okay, I see you’re getting back at us for posting pictures of beautiful women by talking about Chris Pine’s pine. And posting an alleged picture of Tom Hardy (Shinzon) doing what most guys in America do while watching football. Touche.

1732. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

@ 1711 Keachick

Never heard the rumor that Zachery Qunto was gay. You know I might think about it, but then I could care less. Why would people worry if he was gay?

1733. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

If Quinto were gay, does that make Spock gay? And if Spock were gay, that might create a problem with how the Vulcans repopulate the species. Wait a minute, I smell a plot point here. One, Spock is gay. He falls in love with Sulu. George Takei seizes his chance and forces the producers to cast him as Sulu. Heartbroken, Uhura becomes a nun and teaches her fellow nuns soul songs.

1734. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Here’s the first image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. He looks like he was just cut out of the Facebook enterprise.

1735. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Okay, why must everything be rebooted? You’ve heard that the new Spider-Man film is going to be about Spidey developing his powers in high school. We’ve already been there. I know Hollywood looks to teenagers as their core audience but enough already. I’ve seen Peter Parker in high school. And it was well done with Toby McGuire. What next? Peter Parker’s years in nursery school?

1736. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Tomorrow’s 3-D movie is Green Hornet. First, I am not looking forward to seeing it. And seeing it in converted 3-D. I know I could ignore the movie but I want to write about it and that means 3-D for me. The tone set in the trailers leaves me cold. Looks like a parody of the sixties show that starrred the sublime Bruce Lee. HE WAS A BAD ASS.

1737. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

I’m going to renew my plea that if Paramount releases Star Trek (2012) in 3-D that it be filmed in 3-D. NO CONVERSIONS. Conversions look like crap. Look according to wikipedia, Spider-Man is being shot in 3-D. If your competition is going to be shot in 3-D, spend the money to keep up. There one advantage to shooting in 3-D. It limits the use of hand held cameras. I’m tired of getting motion sickness watching the overuse of hand held cameras. See Bourne Supremecy.

1738. Capes - January 13, 2011


1739. Capes - January 13, 2011


1740. Basement Blogger - January 13, 2011

Yeah, I have another pet peeve, the hand held camera. I was watching an episode of Modern Family last night. And the use of the hand held camera is pervasive. Why? Gives it a documentary feel.

Stop it Hollywood. One, you’re making fictional drama not a documentary. And this is the most important of all. It’s distracting. I feel like I’m watching the drama through the eyes of a drunken sailor. And you better not have motion sickness. Because you will get sick watching shows filmed with a hand held camera.

1741. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 13, 2011

Hey M.J Because you used N.C.C 1701 on 1701 you get Immunuty from the Agoniser Booth for 1 week. That means you can do what ever you want for a week with no fear. Except come after me of course. Remember. I have the Tantales Device.

1742. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 13, 2011

#1740. Star Trek Tos used hand help Camras as well. In Let that be yiour Last Battlefield it was used quite a bit.

1743. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 13, 2011

Ok. Here is a Command. When we get to post 2000. You must put. NX2000. Who ever does not do it. Agoniser time. 2,000 minutes. Who wants to play.

1744. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 13, 2011

On post number 1864. Must use N.C.C 1864. Agoniser time. 1,864 minutes.

1745. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 13, 2011

Sorry was away for so long. Was in Interagation on the Death of my Commanding Officer. I have been cleared of all Charges and my Rank of Commodore is now Permamant. Long Live the Terran Empire.

1746. Capes - January 13, 2011

Well done Commodore……Long Live the Terran Empire !

1747. Red Dead Ryan - January 13, 2011

Commodore Mike

I assume you meant 1764 ( Defiant NCC-1764)? Because its a lot closer than 1864 (Reliant NCC-1864).

Plus the Defiant is now and will be part of your fleet. :-)

1748. AJ - January 13, 2011

Th result of my prying via a mutual acquaintance in the blogosphere re: Anthony:

“Hey Andrew,

No, he’s fine. He’s apparently just got some non-Trek related project he’s been really busy with – nothing bad at all. I’ll let him know that you guys are getting concerned. Maybe he can post a quick update. Best!


Bill Hunt, Editor
The Digital

Collective sigh of relief.

1749. Harry Ballz - January 13, 2011

“He’s apparently just got some non-Trek related project he’s been really busy with”

What’s her name? :>)

1750. keachick - January 13, 2011

“Okay, I see you’re getting back at us for posting pictures of beautiful women by talking about Chris Pine’s pine. And posting an alleged picture of Tom Hardy (Shinzon) doing what most guys in America do while watching football. Touche.”

Eh? Actually it never occurred to me to get back at anyone. I was just describing the day. I’m sure that Chris Pine’s pine is very beautiful, but probably just as well that there are no pics. This is not the case with the beautiful women with their silicon mammaries or the apparently worn-out, stretched up d*cks, belonging to the males in these videos.

Really, is that what you guys do while you watch American football? Hmmm I wouldn’t know – but I suspect that something similar could go on among the male rugby fans here…We’re not into rugby or cricket – better not tell Commodore Mike. He might subject us to the agoniser booth for not being typical kiwis in this respect…We’re watching the tennis on now though – could that earn a reprieve?

As for the question about why people are obsessed about Quinto’s sexuality – well, they are and some of what has been written on boards like the Quinto IMDb board could almost be deemed certifiable. Literally, the posts on this subject must number in the thousands (2,000 at least at a guess). I have not read them all – can’t, won’t. Some are so badly written and there has also been a lot of flaming between posters. Talk about a nightmare battlefield. Quinto, on at least two occasions that I know of, has been harrassed by people in public over this issue.

As to why? Hey, I’m a kiwi. Whether someone is gay or not is not that big a deal here. It is more a case of you guys telling ME why this obsession etc… not that I want to get on this subject in any big way, but I, for one, would like to understand. Two knowledgable, well thought posts answering this query, if possible, will be sufficient. Anymore and the poster(s) may be placed in the agoniser booth for an unspecified time period, ain’t that right, Commodore Mike?

1751. Harry Ballz - January 13, 2011

People who are frightened by who other people have sex with are insecure small-minded dweebs!

1752. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1749 “No, he’s fine. He’s apparently just got some non-Trek related project he’s been really busy with – nothing bad at all”

Translation: Anthony found a girl, and screw the web site, he is going for it now!!!

1753. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1742. Excellent. I am going to have a Horta steak for lunch tomorrow then.

1754. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1751. Keachick, I find your post is bit condescending here — basically, “we in New Zealand are above this ‘gay thing’ and you American guys are all homophobic, as proven by American football.”

Nice try, but most of us Trek fans in America at least are pretty bored by the entire topic and are live and let live people.

Also, I seem to recall a few year back that the NZ Prime Minister or major party leader’s son was caught sponsoring a major homophobic web site in NZ, so I don’t think NZ is really all that different than anywhere else in terms of having some bad apples who hate gays.

1755. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1750. My thoughts exactly — see my post 1753. Great minds think alike!

1756. MJ - January 13, 2011


1757. MJ - January 13, 2011

@1737. I will only see Green Hornet when:

1. I see enough reviews to convince me it does not suck

2. When it is in 2D at my theater. I have a policy not to pay 3D prices for converted 3D movies….I only pay the increased price for movies with source material filmed in 3D.

1758. MJ - January 13, 2011

Unless it is a surprisingly good movie, I’m not sure a lot of people really think that we all need a Spider Man reboot so soon after the original trilogy?

I have a sense here that they are going real young with this — trying to do a young and hipper Spiderman for the Twilight Saga crowd. If so, I predict a bomb of epic proportions.

1759. ` - January 13, 2011

“Keachick, I find your post is bit condescending here — basically, “we in New Zealand are above this ‘gay thing’ and you American guys are all homophobic, as proven by American football.””

WHAT????? Of course, there must be some “gay or not” obsession stuff going on here. I was asking about people, who are mostly Americans, who seemed to be obsessed with Quinto’s possible sexual orientation. I had no intention of being condescending to anyone.
The FACT is that topics like same-sex marriages are still controversial and the laws pertaining to this are not uniform in all American states. This is no longer a contentious issue here, nor is it in Britain and parts of Europe.

The query about people being obsessed about Zachary Quinto’s sexual orientation has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the previous paragraph about American football, the Tom Hardy picture or about Chris Pine. Just to be perfectly clear here.

How the hell could you get these different subject matters so confused? Perhaps I should do a new post for each subject matter, but I did separate them with paragrahs, which I thought should be sufficient for most people’s comprehension capabilities. I guess not.

Since when did I ever intimate that I thought that American “guys are all homophobic, as proven by American football?” It was another poster here on this board who made the comment about Tom Hardy doing what guys do while watching football, not me. How you could read any inference to homosexuality in either of our comments is totally beyond me.

Good grief!

1760. MJ - January 13, 2011

OK, relax, I retract my post. You did say, “Hey, I’m a kiwi. Whether someone is gay or not is not that big a deal here.” And you did make a reference to American football in a gay context — at least I thought you did?

1761. MJ - January 13, 2011

Below is from Wikipedia — if this is correct, then gay’s still can’t fully marry in New Zealand (they are permitted to enter into Civil Unions), nor can they adopt children yet:

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people have most of the same rights as other people in New Zealand. At present, the remaining exceptions are the right to adopt children as a couple, and the right to marry. However, New Zealand enacted legislation that permitted civil unions in 2005, which allow couples many of the same rights as married couples. This near-equality is a relatively recent development; sex between men was only decriminalised in 1986.”

I am proud to say that in my U.S. state, California, we are ahead of New Zealand — we fully allow gay adoption by gay couples here! It is not a big issue for us here.

1762. Capes - January 14, 2011


1763. Capes - January 14, 2011

And a “cheap” 1765……..

Cost $19.99

Getting Harry to profess his love for Erica Durance…….Priceless.

1764. Capes - January 14, 2011

I thought this was good…..



(1). Any use of the phrase: ‘Press 1 for English’ is immediately BANNED!!!. English is the official language; speak it or wait outside of our borders until you can.

(2). We will immediately go into a two year isolationist attitude in order to straighten out the greedy big business posture in this country. America will allow NO imports, and we’ll do no exports. We will use the ‘Wal-Mart ‘s policy,
‘If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it.’ We’ll make it here and sell it here!

(3). When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it coming in here.

(4). All retired military personnel will be required to man one of the many observation towers located on the southern border of the United States (six month tour). They will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTH BOUND aliens.

(5). Social Security will immediately return to its original state. If you didn’t put nuttin in, you AIN’T getting nuttin out. Neither the President nor any other politician will be able to touch it.

(6). Welfare. — Checks will be handed out on Fridays, at the end of the 40 hour school week, the successful completion of a urinalysis test for drugs, and passing grades.

(7). Professional Athletes — Steroids? The FIRST time you check positive you’re banned from sports … For life.

(8). Crime — We will adopt the Turkish method, I.e., the first time you steal, you lose your right hand. There is no more ‘life sentences’. If convicted of murder, you will be put to death by the same method you chose for the victim you killed: gun, knife, strangulation, etc.

(9). One export of ours will be allowed: wheat; because the world needs to eat. However, a bushel of wheat will be the EXACT price of a barrel of oil.

(10). All foreign aid, using American taxpayer money, will immediately cease and the saved money will help to pay off the national debt and, ultimately, lower taxes. When disasters occur around the world, we’ll ask The American People if they want to donate to a disaster fund, and each citizen can make the decision as to whether, or not, it’s a worthy cause.

(11). The Pledge of Allegiance will be said EVERY day

At School

And every day in CONGRESS.

(12). The National Anthem will be played at all appropriate ceremonies, sporting events, outings, etc.

My apology is offered if I’ve stepped on anyone’s toes …. Nevertheless…..


Sincerely, Bill Cosby

1765. Capes - January 14, 2011


1766. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2011

What a coincidence! That’s the exact amount she used to charge in her previous profession!

1767. Capes - January 14, 2011

And……..a “cheap” 1768

Now I am tired and must retire for the night! G’night all .

1768. MJ - January 14, 2011

@1765. I’m still waiting for a candidate who will run on a platform on no ATM fees, no micro-additional fees from phone bills, hotel bills and airlines, and no fees on any roads in the U.S. Forget all the other crap, if someone runs on this ticket, I am voting for them.

1769. Basement Blogger - January 14, 2011

Why so serious? There’s been a misunderstanding here regarding Keachick. She posted a witty comeent about Chris Pine’s pine. Then posted an alleged picture of Tom Hardy scratching his picard. Then she talked about the fans obsessed with Quinto’s sexuality.

I was the one that brought in American football. And it had nothing to do with being gay. I just said the pic of Hardy scratching his picard is what we male football fans do while watching it on the television. IT WAS A JOKE.

1770. Basement Blogger - January 14, 2011

@ 1759-1760

MJ, I agree with you on Green Hornet and Spider-Man. i want to see Green Hornet just to write about it. Not looking forward to it. I would much rather see “The King’s Speech.”

1771. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2011

The Toronto Star just gave a scathing review for The Green Hornet! They basically said it was a horrible piece of crap! Gosh, what a surprise!

1772. Hugh Hoyland - January 14, 2011

The new Spider man costume looks pretty good to me. I hate to say it, but the Spider Man reboot is going to be stiff competition for Star Trek 2.0. But, I have complete faith that Bob and Co. will have one hell of a Star Trek story that will blow not only trekerrs away, but general movie audiences as well! And where is Bob btw, I miss pestering him about what the new movie is about n so forth?

1773. Hugh Hoyland - January 14, 2011

I really need a new keyboard, this thing is ancient.

1774. Hugh Hoyland - January 14, 2011

And not to add any mystery here, but is this site kinda in limbo at the moment. Ive been coming here for almost 2 years and I dont think Ive seen it quite like this before. Im not saying anything bad has happened Just seems to be unsupervised right now.

1775. Capes - January 14, 2011

The inmates are running the asylum Hugh ! Run……….

1776. Anthony Thompson - January 14, 2011


I wonder if the official site has brought down the number of visitors here to the point where it’s no longer viable. Just a guess (the economics of websites is a mystery to me)!

1777. Phil - January 14, 2011

1772. Hugh Hoyland – January 14, 2011

Nothing wrong with the costume. It’s just not filled out all that well.

1778. Phil - January 14, 2011

1771. Harry Ballz – January 14, 2011

It’s occured to me that Green Hornet is a reboot of Adam West’s Batman. Not really thinking I’d pay to watch either one….

1779. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2011


Which would be more accurate for how Steve Ditko drew Spidey in the first issues of the comic!

1780. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2011

1779 Phil “Not really thinking”

I think I see the flaw in your argument! :>)

1781. Phil - January 14, 2011


Hey, the teleprompter wasn’t working….

1782. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2011

Which would make you, what, the Anti-Obama?

“Coming to theatres this Friday…he couldn’t read his cue cards, he didn’t know how to string two words together, people tried to run but couldn’t…’ll think it’s gibberish and you’d BE RIGHT! The Anti-Obama!”

1783. MJ - January 14, 2011

@1770. Ah, OK. Perhaps I was taking it to seriously then. Oh well, we live and learn.

1784. AJ - January 14, 2011


Anthony has said that the visitors to the ‘talkback’ threads are actually an extremely small percentage of the visitors to the site. Most read the articles with no comment.

Hugh, it’s true. We’re usually led from old thread to new thread by the flow of information. Now, all threads are informal off-topic ‘chat’ threads (except the ‘pron’ one, which has outlived its usefulness).

1785. ` - January 14, 2011

“…Just seems to be unsupervised right now.
1775. Capes – January 14, 2011
The inmates are running the asylum Hugh ! Run”

I wonder how Anthony will grade our efforts…

1786. Capes - January 14, 2011

Good question…..
Here is a “cheap” 1788

1787. Capes - January 14, 2011

And here is a “sloppy”

Vive le French Revolution !

1788. ` - January 14, 2011

# Basement Blogger – Why can’t you see The King’s Speech as well?

These numbers are still out of whack. It’s that Commodore Mike in that mirror universe. We may have to assign him time in his own agoniser booth if things don’t get sorted…:)

I think I am getting my threads mixed up, but somebody wondered where Bob Orci was. Well, as far as I know, he should be hard at work honing the new Star Trek script. It is also likely that he is involved in last minute ironing out of any script/story niggles/holes in the Welcome to People film. He is a co-writer. They are set to start filming starting next week, 16/17 January. This may also explain why I have not seen any pictures of Chris Pine doing his, what was a regular, walk/jog routine near his home…:(, just a picture of him at the Lakers game on 10 January. He’s a big fan of basketball – said so himself.

I would love it if Bob Orci could drop in to give a little update on both the Star Trek and Welcome to People projects.

1789. Phil - January 14, 2011

Well, the local paper (Press Enterprise) ripped Green Hornet in its review….which probably means it will make a ton of money this weekend. Still think I’ll pass…

1790. Capes - January 14, 2011

The Green Hornet wil suuuuuuuuck………

1791. Phil - January 14, 2011

trudging toward 1800….

1792. ` - January 14, 2011

1791 – The year composer Mozart died…:((

2000 – are we there yet?

1793. ` - January 14, 2011

OK – where is my name, Keachick? I can’t see on my screen. Can anyone see my name on their screen?

Haven’t heard anything from the Commodore either. Mmmm?

1794. MJ - January 14, 2011

@1794. Well I though your were being cute with you name of an apostrophe showing up. That’s all we are seeing for you name is: ‘

1795. MJ - January 14, 2011

Green Hornet was blasted in the LA Times today. Not going to see it.

1796. MJ - January 14, 2011


1797. MJ - January 14, 2011


1798. MJ - January 14, 2011


1799. MJ - January 14, 2011

##### 1800 #####

1800. MJ - January 14, 2011

@1777 You know, I wouldn’t put it past the Paramount execs to have had a sitdown with JJ and company and request that they use the official site now as their main conduit to the fans. Perhaps Anthony got wind of this in mid-December, and has now been in kind of a funk ever since, not sure if he should continue the site or move on with other things in his life and career.

This would really fit with what we are seeing here — this web site is not like an expensive house in California that the bank has taken over, with the occupants forced out, and half the neighbors gone.

1801. Harry Ballz - January 14, 2011


If that’s the case then JJ should tell the suits to funk off!

1802. Phil - January 14, 2011

@1800. Not likely. There are other Trek related sites out there that are still active. Further, trying to control the outlets for information would put the studios in the position of trying to control there own entertainment news shows, and there are too many of those out there to count. Unless there was some clear issues with copyright infringement I doubt that Paramount would really have a legal leg to stand on trying to squeeze a site.

1803. ` - January 14, 2011

There is no information to control, at least when it comes to the Star Trek sequel. There is only the regurgitation of information we already know and that is not a lot to start with.

And still no Anthony with his batleth? We’ll hear from him, bright and early, next Monday morning – that’s my guess.

2000 – are we there yet?

Oh dear. It’s back.

1804. MJ - January 14, 2011

OK, back to Occam’s Razor then — their is a girl in Anthony’s life and he is going nuts right now.

1805. MJ - January 14, 2011

Well, one other thing to consider, what is Anthony’s new “big project” is that the official Star Trek site is bringing him on board to take it over and make him a paid webmaster of it?

1806. Anthony Thompson - January 14, 2011

Even if Paramount isn’t killing this site, AP certainly is! For all those who come here just for the articles there has been precious little to chew on for over a month now! Pretty soon they may stop checking…

Which would be a real pity because this site had built a lot of credibility and had a huge asset in Bob’s ongoing interest and participation. The film will soon begin pre-production. Will trekmovie be around to chronicle it?

1807. MJ - January 14, 2011

@1807. Agreed, it is one thing to take a couple weeks off for the holidays, but it is freaking mid-January now. I mean, look at the story Trekweb just posted:

Could you imagine a year ago that Anthony would not be covering this?

1808. MJ - January 14, 2011

And here is another Trekweb story on the new movie that should have been covered by Anthony this week:

1809. MJ - January 14, 2011

Looks like Anthony is reading TrekWeb as well and just created his “original” news story for our first new story here in 2 weeks. Well, I’ll take it — need something to keep this site going.

1810. keachick - January 14, 2011

Will Anthony’s return distract us from our efforts to reach the number 2011? I hope not.

Zoe Saldana doesn’t know anything.

2000 – are we there yet?

1811. MJ - January 14, 2011

We are not resting until we get over 2000 posts. Even if it requires me to generate further false controversies with people over politics, sex or whatever, I WILL NOT REST UNTIL WE BREAK A POST RECORD THAT WILL NEVER BE TOPPED AGAIN !!!!!

1812. MJ - January 14, 2011

who is messing with the numbering on these — my “1701” accomplishment is ruined now???

1813. MJ - January 14, 2011

…well not quite, I still have it by the succeeding post I made. Still, this makes me nervous that the numbers keep changing???

1814. keachick - January 14, 2011

Just a little news – It seems that Joan Collins wants to make a Dynasty movie based on the ’80s TV series and she wants Chris Pine to play the Blake character (orig. played by John Forsyth). The film is to take place in the ’60s…

This was one of the programmes that, when watched, could create a lot of work for carpet cleaners, at least at my place. All those impeccably dressed with perfect hair, manicures, and no doubt producing perfect farts, spoilt rich bitches with too many two timing sleaze bag men, all with impeccable suits with impeccable strangle bangles, oops ties…UGH!!!! For me, Dynasty and shows like it belong in a remote town called Pukesville and should remain there. The very notion that “my captain” is even mentioned alongside such trope is giving me something like motion sickness.

Forget the shakey camera, the zoom in – zoom out camera work, lens flares and all that other stuff – the thought of a remake of a series like Dynasty produces such a horrible squeasiness…

1815. MJ - January 15, 2011

Joan Collins must be in her 80’s by now, right?

1816. MJ - January 15, 2011

Maybe they should bring back both her and Fat Shat in Trek 2012?

1817. Capes - January 15, 2011

MJ I think Shat would get stuck if he leaped thru the guardian to get back to Joan Collins………..

1818. Phil - January 15, 2011

1815. MJ – January 15, 2011

Saw her on TV a few weeks ago. The good people at DOW Chemecial have kept her fairly good looking. That’s a thought, her and Shat in Trek 2012

1819. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2011

@ 1813 Alternate Realities and Erica Durance

MJ, I still have you at 1701. But nobody believed me about the changing numbers until now. I keep telling you I’m going out of phase. Here comes another shift….

The world is run from Canada. We all have universal health care. The McKenzie Brothers are on TV 24 hours a day. Eh? What’s this back bacon stuff? Wait, here comes a commercial. Erica Durance is the leader of the world. She’s ordering us to all drink Molson. Says we’re a bunch of hosers of we don’t. What’s a hoser?

1820. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1819. BB, the Canadians just saw your post here and have sent Mantracker after you.

1821. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1817 @1818

“City of the Edge of Shat’s Forever Expanding Wasteline”

“City on the Edge of Forever Aging Actors”

“Shat and Collins on the Edge of Forever”

“City on the Edge of Gertol”

“City on the Edge of Shat Getting another Payday”

“Shat on the Edge of Joan Collins Boobs Forever”

1822. MJ - January 15, 2011

Come on folks, keep posting. No new posts here in 8 hours? We need to make it to 2000 before we call this done.

1823. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2011

Still stuck in this parallel universe where the world is run by Canada. Okay, there a guy knocking on the door…. There’s some idiot on a horse. He says he’s Terry Grant, the Mantracker. Hey, the yahoo just threw a rope around me. …. Forcing me to drink Molson. I spit it out. It tastes like horse piss. … He wants me to kneel. Oh.. There’s another person on a horse. She’s a babe. It’s Erica Durance. Horsetracker says, “Kneel before Durance.” There’s another person coming. Oh no. It’s Harry Ballz. I say, “Harry noooo.” Durance, “Good work Harry. Lord of Vancouver.” Harry, “Thank you for the beach front property, Queen Durance.” Queen Durance, “Bring Geddy Lee of Rush.” Wow, it’s Geddy Lee. Eh, there’s the McKenzie Brothers. Okay, I’m forced to sing the World Anthem. “Take off to the Great White North. Coo coo coco roo coo coo coo.”

1824. Capes - January 15, 2011

Went to go see True Grit tonight………Good movie.

1825. Capes - January 15, 2011

The reviews are coming in……Green Hornet, still sucks……….

1826. Capes - January 15, 2011

And now some “cheap” posts……

1827. Capes - January 15, 2011


1828. Capes - January 15, 2011


1829. Capes - January 15, 2011


1830. Capes - January 15, 2011


1831. Capes - January 15, 2011

Also……I don’t believe I have taken the opportunity recently to say that 3D SUUUUUUUUUUUCKS…………………………………….

1832. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2011

Okay, I saw “The Green Lantern.” It’s as bad as feared. I’ve reviewed on my blog but I’ll give you the short version here.. First, the 3-D which is a conversion is not bad. But still dark due to the polarization. Saw it in a theater that uses Master Imagenot Real D. The upper right corner showed some ghosting and was out of focus and dark. That could be me. Even though the 3D wasn’t bad, it’s still not worth the extra bucks. Nothing special about the 3D.

As for the movie, let me use the old spaghetti western, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

The Good: Okay, Black Beuaty is a bad ass car.

The Bad: This movie. A sarcastic take on the superhero genre. Not very funny. And I could not take the action parts seriously. Seth Rogen’s performance is smarmy.

The Ugly: Seth Rogen. He’s totally miscast here. Of course, it’s not a serious take on the hero anyway but they did not go into comedy all the way.

Conclusion: It’s as bad as feared. if Tron: Legacy is still running in your town, go see that instead.

1833. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2011

Up above, Director Michael Gondry of “The Green Lantern” called fans fascistic for being critical. My response to Gondry after seeing that mess of a moive, “Shut the bleep up.” Gondry did a great job with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Taking a sarcastic spin on a beloved superhero was a horrible idea. And to make matters worse, it wasn’t that funny.

Of course, all the blame should fall on writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. (Superbad) It’s clear they didn’t like the genre and it shows.

1834. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1823 / BB: “Still stuck in this parallel universe where the world is run by Canada. Okay, there a guy knocking on the door…. There’s some idiot on a horse. He says he’s Terry Grant, the Mantracker.”

Seriously BB, that is like one of the best and underrated reality shows of all time. I am embarrassed to say that I own the DVD’s of all seasons of Mantracker.


1835. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1832 / BB

Appreciated the full review of Green Lantern on your blog, BB. This confirms my suspicions that is sucks, and that I can easily now wait two years until I can watch it free on TNT with tons of commercials. :-)

Dude, your blogspot is awesome. My sympathies regarding the Bengals, but as a Chargers fan, I think I would rather we were like the Bengals versus being touted as a Super Bowl contender every year, but always falling way short.

1836. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1833 / BB: “Director Michael Gondry of “The Green Lantern” called fans fascistic for being critical”

I find this hilarious — what a myopic and self-centered SOB.. BTW, here is a picture of this dude:

And now look at this picture of convicted murderer Phil Spector:


1837. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1831. Capes, I understand criticism of movie theater 3D, but have you by chance seen the Panasonic HDTV active shutter 3D tv that a lot of Best Buy’s have as a demo on their floor? It is like crystal clear and unbelievably superior to the theater experience. And it is far superior to the Samsung and Sony 3D tv’s I have seen.

1838. MJ - January 15, 2011

3D City on the Edge of Forever Ripping Us Off ?

1839. keachick - January 15, 2011

So I take it you are all in favour of bringing the TV series Dynasty to the big screen? However, you would clearly cast Joan Collins in the movie along with William Shatner. It might actually work…but bring a BIG barfing bag in case. I always thought barfing was such an underrated activity, especially when it is done in public…;).

2000 – are we there yet?
Hardly – another 165 posts.

1840. keachick - January 15, 2011

“Appreciated the full review of Green Lantern on your blog, BB. This confirms my suspicions that is sucks, and that I can easily now wait two years until I can watch it free on TNT with tons of commercials. :-)”

That’s because it is possible that the commercials may provide the main source of your entertainment…:)

1841. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2011

I hear they’re coming out with a girdle for men……it’s called “the Shatner”.

1842. Harry Ballz - January 15, 2011

The last 10 posts keep saying “Green Lantern”?? It’s Green Hornet!!

1843. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1841. And their is a matching top, called “the Shatzier”

1844. MJ - January 15, 2011

@1842. Good catch. Meant Green Hornet for my part.

1845. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1839. Here is who I would cast for the Dynasty reboot (which I will watch the way I would watch a train wreck):

Blake: Matthew Fox

Alexis: Demi Moore

Crystal: Paris Hilton

1846. MJ - January 16, 2011


1847. MJ - January 16, 2011


1848. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1842 Harry Ballz

Harry, you’re right, it’s Green Hornet. That’s because I’m stuck in this parallel universe, it’s confusing me. (@ 1819, 1823) Canada is still ruling the world. Queen of Planet Earth Erica Durance is still commanding me. Drink Molson. Eat back bacon. Take off to the Great White North or else I’m a hoser.

1849. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1835 MJ

Thank you MJ. We’re getting along way too much. It’s got to be the Star Trek effect. Damn you Gene Roddenberry! : )

1850. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1835 It never rains in So. Cal.

MJ, Carson Palmer, QB of the Bengals lives in Southern California.(around San Diego) I’ve met his brother Jordan Palmer a few times. He’s a great guy. About rooting for San Diego, it never rains in southern California. Seriously, everytime I watch the Chargers or Padres play on TV, it doesn’t rain. At least you have that.

1851. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1843 Harry Ballz

Wait a minute. Erica Durance is from Canada. William Shatner is from Canada. Harry Ballz is from Canada. It’s a Canadian plot! They want us to drink Molson. Well, it won’t work. I’m going to drink an American beer like Budweiser. Er,… okay a Belgian beer like Budweiser.

1852. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Check out Zoe Saldana’s five favorite films.

1853. Capes - January 16, 2011

@1837 MJ
“Capes, I understand criticism of movie theater 3D, but have you by chance seen the Panasonic HDTV active shutter 3D tv that a lot of Best Buy’s have as a demo on their floor? It is like crystal clear and unbelievably superior to the theater experience. And it is far superior to the Samsung and Sony 3D tv’s I have seen.”

I agree MJ it is impressive. I have been a general manager for Sears for the past couple of years and got to see it at a trade show. But here is my problem with it………..glasses. There is a non glasses prototype in the works for the home I could be sold on. As long as glasses are part of the equation, I’m out. There are long term heath risks (especially to kids) for people prone to seizures. Additionally, I have a rather large TV and host a fair share of get-togethers. I am not having a big TV that also needs 5-10 pairs of glasses. Practically speaking it is just silly.
On the big screen it is just an overcharged for gimmick. I think there are possibilities for the technology. But right now it is still (in my opinion) as underwhelming as Jaws3D which……yes, I did pay money to see in the theater….

1854. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1853 Capes, MJ

I agree with you guys that the 3-D Panasonic HDTV is great. It’s just too expensive for me. You have to buy the TV, add glasses, buy a 3-D Blu- Ray and buy a movie in 3-D. Now if the prices go down, the way Blu-Ruay has, then you’ll probably see this thing become a mainstay.

1855. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Here’s more on alien invasion films like Battle: Los Angeles.

I just watched “Independence Day” (1996) on Blu-Ray. It still holds up as an entertaining movie with some silly contrivances. The president was a fighter pilot who can still fly and he leads the attack on the alien ship. The pilot who dreams of NASA and has a stripper girlfriend, just the thing needed to show some woman in scatily clad clothes. That being said, it’s still a very dramatic, exciting movie and one that inspires. Yes, you heard that. I get a good feeling when I see men of all races come together.

Dean Devlin who cowrote the story is son of Pilar Sureat. She was in TOS “Wolf in the Fold” as Sybo.

Devlin on the commentary tracks says that the military was going to assist with the makin of the film. They had one demand. Take out the Area 51 material. And when the filmmakers wouldn’t, the military withdrew their support. Hmmm. The truth is out there.

And Margaret Colin (Jeffrey Goldblum’s wife in the movie) is a babe.

1856. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

There’s a new tralier for Battle: Los Angeles. This film looks scary and exciting.

Compare the ships to this infamous UFO Haiti video. Yes, it’s now debunked and too good to be true.

1857. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

The “Green Hornet” was number one at the box office. According to the Yahoo story, the movie clicked with audiences of which men were a major part. (Story below) Well, we will see if this turkey has legs. Accodring the story the Wall Street Journal called the film an atrocity. When I saw it, people were laughing at the comedy, I was groaning because I knew it wasn’t an all out comedy and gave no credence to the serious parts. Plus, I reiterate it was not all that funny. The critics were wrong with Tron: Legacy, but many times they are right. The ones who hated this film were right about “The Green Hornet.”

1858. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1856. Yea, looking forward to Battle for LA. Also looking forward to that Liam Neeson action flick next month where his identity is stolen and he is left for dead. Really liked Nesson recently in Taken and The A-Team — he seems to be really hitting his stride the last couple of years.

1859. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1857. Hmm, I will be surprised if it has legs…look for a 60% to 70% drop in the audience by next weekend.

1860. MJ - January 16, 2011

Glad to see True Grit is still bringing in decent money — I want to see more westerns made !!!

1861. MJ - January 16, 2011

1861 — the Start of the Civil War

1862. MJ - January 16, 2011

1862 — The Confederate Ironclad ‘Merrimac’ sinks two wooden Union ships then battles the Union Ironclad ‘Monitor’ to a draw. Naval warfare is thus changed forever, making wooden ships obsolete.

1863. MJ - January 16, 2011

1863 — The Union Army under Gen. Hooker is decisively defeated by Lee’s much smaller forces at the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia as a result of Lee’s brilliant and daring tactics. Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson is mortally wounded by his own soldiers. Hooker retreats. Union losses are 17,000 killed, wounded and missing out of 130,000. The Confederates, 13, 000 out of 60,000.

1864. MJ - January 16, 2011

1864 — The beginning of a massive, coordinated campaign involving all the Union Armies. In Virginia, Grant with an Army of 120,000 begins advancing toward Richmond to engage Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, now numbering 64,000, beginning a war of attrition that will include major battles at the Wilderness (May 5-6), Spotsylvania (May 8-12), and Cold Harbor (June 1-3).

1865. MJ - January 16, 2011

1865 — Gen. Robert E. Lee surrenders his Confederate Army to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia. Grant allows Rebel officers to keep their sidearms and permits soldiers to keep horses and mules. “After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources,” Lee tells his troops.

1866. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

And speaking of film critics, rocker John Mellencamp sat in for Roger Ebert on “At the Movies” with Richard Roeper. He praised “in the Land of Women” (2007) and directed some of that praise to Meg Ryan. Well, according to Radar, he’s just started to date her. By the way, Rottentomatoes gives “In the Land of Women” a 44 % rating.

Let’s see if this works. Jennifer Aniston’s “The Bounty Hunter” (2010) is one of the greatest movies ever made. Better than “Casablanca.” Now it’s time to wait for Jennifer to call me. : )

Radar Story:

Rotten Tomatoes

1867. MJ - January 16, 2011

Well Mellencamp is no dummy — gotta keep Meg happy — I get that!

1868. MJ - January 16, 2011

**** Come on folks – LETS HIT 1900 by late tonight !!!! #####

**** Come on folks – LETS HIT 1900 by late tonight !!!! #####

**** Come on folks – LETS HIT 1900 by late tonight !!!! #####

1869. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1863

Like the Civil War motif, but what about the Battle of Gettysburg. It’s considered the turning point of the war. It’s also a pretty good movie. (1993) The battle for Little Round Top was fantastic with that glorious music. Jeff Daniels was just great as Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

1870. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

What does Roger Ebert think about “The Green Hornet?” Here’s his review. Hint: he doesn’t think much of it.

1871. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Olivia Wilde (Quorra in Tron: Legacy) looks stunning at the Golden Globes. (Picture below.) Team Olivia wants her for Star Trek as Lt. Saavik. Yes, it will work. Alternate reality.

1872. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1868

Oh, oh. MJ. We might be the last two manning the fort. We’re about ready to be pushed to older page status. I’m melting… what a world….

1873. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Will somebody explain to me the need for a Smurf movie. I mean, is it that popular? And if they can produce a Smurf movie why can’t CBS at least do TV CGI Star Trek movie, deaging William Shatner?

1874. MJ - January 16, 2011

….and also using digital liposuction on him.

1875. MJ - January 16, 2011

I think Capes and Keachick are still checking in….I think we can make 2000 still before we turn the lights off….

1876. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher calls out Hollywood starlets and lectures them on where they could be. The starlets she names are Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton? Hilton could get drunk everyday and it wouldn’t matter. She would still be rich. And as for her “talent?” What good movies can we name that she has been in?

As for Lindsay Lohan, it’s different. She’s not coming into the money that Hilton has. And Lohan can point out to some quality films, she’s done. I thought she was very good in “The Parent Trap..” And pretty good as a naked party girl in “Machete.” Okay, I’m joking. But Lohan does have chops.


1877. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

There some sad news to report. Susannah York passed away yesterday. For us geeks, she’s best known as Superman’s mother Lara in Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980) She won a BAFTA in (1969) for “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” She will be missed.

1878. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Shades of Night at the Musuem. The Magic Kingdom project that Jon Favreau is going to direct is about a family coming to Disney and the theme park characters come to life. They’re going to have a heck of a time talking to Donald Duck.

And get this, according to Wikipedia, Star Trek’s Ronald D. Moore had written a script. But Disney declined to use it. First, that’s got to stink because of the work he did. Second, maybe Disnety didn’ t like the Borg trying to assimilate the parkt’s patrons.

Story on “The Magic Kingdom.”

1879. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Ron Moore, I was joking about you writing that the Borg were going to assimilate the park’s patrons. But maybe Disney is trying to assimilate our children. Watch Disney not Nickelodeon. : )

1880. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

As for Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2, it was not as good as the first one. It was a bloated movie with the actors having a party while the audience did not.

The first Iron Man (2008) had heart. It was intelligent with a theme about the miltary industrial complex. And get this. It had twenty five minutes of exposition after Stark gets captured by the Talibabn before the next big action sequence.

1881. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

I’m concerned for Star Trek (2012) because it will come out at about the same time as The Avengers and Spider-Man. And this is no dig at The Avengers or Spider-Man but I believe Star Trek will be the more intelligent of the three. That’s because Star Trek has stood for intelligent science fiction. My hope is that the audience will appreciate the more sophisticated story and stay with Star Trek. Of course, that ‘s assuming Star Trek will be the smarter of the three. And there’s no reason it won’t since the writers have told us that they want to go deeper like The Dark Knight.

1882. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1858

Yeah, I liked “The A Team.” I wouldn’t nominte it for the Best Picture. I’m not even a fan of the TV show. It was a lot of fun. And we all caught the Star Trek reference as the mentat health inmates were watching the 3D movie starring a Reginald Barclay. That just goes to show you that there are many Trekkers out there. .

1883. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1880. Second Iron Man sucked — could not agree more. It was boring, and who wants to see Iron Man feel sorry for himself and get drunk.

1884. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1883. Yea, the A-Team is a decent action flick — a good popcorn movie. The airborne tanks sequence is amazing, ludicrous, cool and funny all at the same time.

1885. MJ - January 16, 2011

I love it when a POST comes together!

1886. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Oh no… we’ve been pushed to page two. The 2011 project is about to be sucked into a black hole.

1887. MJ - January 16, 2011




1888. MJ - January 16, 2011




1889. MJ - January 16, 2011

Did you all see how the new IBM computer can win at jeopardy now against the best humans?

1890. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

January Jones is going to be Emma Frost in X Men: First Class. Check her out in this photo from tonight’s Golden Globes. Oh boy. My mouse melted

1891. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1890. Oh my goodness, how can they call her “January” when she is so hot.

1892. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1889

Yeah, MJ, I’ve heard about it. Fascinating. The nuances that must be mastered. I’m getting a shiver because I’m thinking about “Colosuss: the Forbin Project. (1970) about a computer that takes over the world.

1893. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1886. BB, we will make 2000 or 2011 — I have faith in our little group here. We are going to set a post record so great that I believe will hold up for several years at the very least.

1894. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1892. You know, that is a great reference, and now that I think about it, I am frankly surprised that no one has talked about remaking that.

I realized that 25 years ago some thought we would have functioning AI’s and real humanoid robots by now, but they are coming still in the next 20 to 40 years in my estimation.

1895. MJ - January 16, 2011

Imagine 25 years from now, an intelligent AI with supercomputer processing skills, who is trained to make special effects and digitally create characters from scratch who look completely real on the big screen — well, imagine that we use this technology to create new episodes of the TOS Star Trek with 60’s era real computer generated William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and the rest….we could get NEW episodes of TOS Star Trek…imagine that!

1896. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Speaking of babes, the story above is reporting that Sandra Bullock will star in the sci-fi movie “Gravity.” This isn’t her first sci-fi film. She was charming and lovely in “Demolition Man.” (1993)

1897. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1894 MJ

They are going to remake Colussus according to Wikipedia. It’s going to star Will Smith and it better not have him do any street hip hop stuff if he’s going to play a scientist.

1898. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1895 MJ

Well that future is here. See Tron: Legacy and the deaged Jeff Bridges. Now there would be legal issues dealing with dead actors but you’re right it’s very possible. Take for example the abandoned videogame Star Trek; Secret of Vulcan Fury. Check out the old CGI below. Now imagine with greater computer abilities and perhaps even ways to synthesize DeForest Kelley’s voice. Fascinating.

1899. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

I know Nicholas Cage needs the money. Heck, I need money. But wow, could he at least read the script? Bill Maher made a joke about giving him money. His “Season of the Witch” video clip above made me NOT WANT to see it. A buddy film about soldiers fighting the crusade? With wise cracks about buying beers on whoever kills the most? Oy.

1900. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Back to the movie “Now”, starring Justin Timberlake. He was just great in “The Social Network.” He came off as feminine, sleezy and greedy when he portrayed Sean Parker. Just top notch. He’s a wonderful talent.

1901. keachick - January 16, 2011

I’m here. I guess I got distracted by what was being said on the other thread. Paramount suits seem to pushing JJ Abrams into a corner and want him to do Star Trek in 3D. Everywhere I go, on other sites etc, I have not read one person in favour of 3D. They all say a resounding NO to Star Trek being filmed in 3D.

I was hoping to see a picture of Olivia Wilde at the Golden Globes, but saw a nice one of Sandra Bullock. Anyway, isn’t Olivia’s character meant to be getting it on with Chris Pine’s character about now in Welcome to People. Now that is important.

I’ll do another post, to get the numbers up.

2000 – are we there yet?
Well, it’s going a bit slow dear

1902. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

Harry Ballz and the Canadian Plot

Oh I wrote about htis before but now it’s even more insidious. There’s another person out to help Canada take over our country.

1. Erica Durance
2. William Shatner
3. Harry Ballz

and Justin Bieber….

Eh? eh, . coo coo coo roo coo coo coo Take off to the Great White North. And if you don’t believe me, you might be a hoser.

1903. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

@ 1901 Keachick see my post at 1871 for Olivia at the Globes. Team Olivia wants her for Saavik.

1904. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

And you want to see a beautiful woman at the Globes that will melt your mouse? Check post @ 1890. January Jones.

1905. Basement Blogger - January 16, 2011

I got you past 1900. All this talk of Erica Durance has got me thirsty. I’m going to see if I can find a Molson. Taking a break.

1906. keachick - January 16, 2011

I see Carrie Fisher is calling out these “celebrity chicks” like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. First off, what is with these older women with their gawdy eye make up? Jeepers.

I do agree when she says that these people should have another skill to fall back on and take the time to learn one. I don’t think that Lindsey Lohan has even gone to college, despite the fact that she was supposed to have A’s in maths and sciences at high school. I put this down to her having “stage parents from hell”.

It is interesting to note that “my captain” (Chris Pine) has a Bachelors Degree in English from Berkeley University, San Fransisco. However, Chris has done not only film and television, but is also an accomplished stage actor. One of his hobbies is learning to play guitar (electric and acoustic) and can sing, although I think overall, he is a better actor than singer at the moment. A studio version of him singing “Someday Came Today” can be downloaded off iTunes.

I believe that Chris spent some time with director, Tony Scott on the set of Unstoppable and then later on the set of This Means War with McG. He was seen watching the playback on scenes that had just been shot for This Means War and generally paying attention to everything the director was doing in relation to film making. Could Chris Pine be looking at doing some directing at some point? He’s also been quoted as saying he’s been doing some writing… So, a writer, a director, a musician, and, of course, an actor…?

1907. keachick - January 16, 2011

Yes, now I saw that picture of Olivia Wilde. What an amazingly beautiful dress!

Why do people want Saavik? OK, for the same reason that people want Khan, and all the other fogies from TOS and the prime timeline movies.

Actually the only characters I really care about are the TOS 7, who also have their younger equivalents in the alternate timeline, the ALT 7, as well as ALTs Sarek and Admiral Pike. The only others I would not mind seeing is Admiral Archer and T’Pol – there’s that dog that Scotty must bring out of transporter stasis, alive and well…

1908. keachick - January 16, 2011

Have you told Harry about Erica Durance being quoted on the latest thread being posted to this site?

1909. keachick - January 16, 2011

I see, so my posts have obviously put you to sleep?

Sleep tight, sleepyheads. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. I hear that they have become something of a problem again in places like New York. Ewww.

Anyway, what is the time there? It is now 4.58pm, 17 January, Monday afternoon.

2000 – are we there yet?
It’s back.

1910. Phil - January 16, 2011

ooooo…new posting push this thread to page two. Good luck hitting 2K

1911. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1909. Yea, I hear bedbugs are bid in NY and Philly.

1912. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1907. My vote on bring in Savik: NO !

1913. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1901. It is going to be in 3D whether we like it for not because the economics of big budget scifi and fantasy movies now necessitate 3D. As Trek fans, we should just pray that actually film it with 3D cameras, as the alternative — post conversion to 3D — is the worst of all options.

1914. Capes - January 16, 2011

Sorry MJ I got pulled away…….I have returned !

1915. Red Dead Ryan - January 16, 2011

Yeah, whether we like it or not, 3d is here to stay. At least on the big screen. At home, it may not take off simply because the glasses are needed and are pricey. Plus everyone has to sit directly in front, which could make a lot of couches and living rooms crowded.

1916. Harry Ballz - January 16, 2011

1902 “Canadian Plot”

BB, don’t forget our dollar is valued higher than yours at the moment!


1917. MJ - January 16, 2011

The Extended (nearly 4 hours) Directors Cut of Dances with Wolves was just released this week on Blu-Ray and in 7.1 sound. You can find a coupon for $5 off on it at, which you can then use at Wal-Mart or Target. I got mine today for only $13 with the coupon at Wal-Mart. This Blu-Ray is very highly rated; see:

1918. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1916. Plus, you have the Mantracker on your side.

1919. MJ - January 16, 2011

@1914. You are forgiven, Capes. 2011 by tomorrow night, and then we’ll “turn off the lights” I think.

1920. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011


Keachick, I’m the leader of Team Olivia. So, we’ve been teased that a Vulcan woman is coming. Saavik is the choice. Why? We’ve seen T’Paul from Amok Time already. And we don’t want a Trek soap opera where Spock must choose between Uhura and T’Paul. Saavik would be a great as love interest for Kirk. Maybe mature him. However, if Olivia Wilde wants to dye her hair blonde and become Carol Marcus, I’m okay with that.

1921. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

@ 1916

Harry Ballz, just watched Bill Maher on HBO. Last guest was Martin Short talking about how great Canada is. The right-wingers in this country are frightened. Oh Canada…. It’s happening . Take off to the Great White North. Beauty, eh?

1922. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Here’s an idea. January Jones should be Carol Marcus. Check out her Golden Globes dress. It will melt your mouse. I know I’m supposed to support Team Olivia but wow, January.

1923. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Time to retire. Was out tonight, dancing with married cougars. I would love to tell the whole story but frankly, it’s not that exciting. But here’s a tip, my fellow Trekkers. If you’re flirting and dancing with married cougars, DO NOT LET THEIR FRIENDS TAKE YOUR PICTURE DOING IT. Trust me. Married cougars seem to be married to Marines or tow truck drivers. Anyway, they wanted to dance to Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” That’s a no. To paraphrase Machete in his movie , “Basement Blooger doesn’t dance to Abba.”

Oh, and by the way, at Hap’s Irish Pub in Cincinnati, they don’t have Molson only LaBatt’s. Take that Canada!

1924. Harry Ballz - January 17, 2011

It’s funny, I’m not a winter-type person, but if I dated Ms. Jones, I could hardly wait for January to come!

1925. Harry Ballz - January 17, 2011

Canada is a great country to live in, but we are TAXED TO DEATH!!

1926. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1924. LOL

1927. Capes - January 17, 2011

Oh my sweet lord January Jones looks good!
Man Men is a great show if any of you haven’t seen it. It helps if you grew up in the 60s or 70s……but very well written regardless.

1928. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
The Empire has sent a fleet of Ships into Tholian Space after they destroyed the I.S.S Defiant. 15 Ships Lead by Capt kirk of the Enterprise went in and Destroyed 4 outpost and destroyed 15 Tholian Ships including 4 of there bases. The Empire has sent word to the Tholians that any further action would be an all out war with the Empire. In the fighting only minor damage was do to the fleet of Terran Ships.

1929. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
The I.S.S Enterprise has Destroyed a main Colony World of the Tholians. It was reported that over 5 Million Tholians were killed. In a message sent to the Tholian the Empire stated that there home world would be destroyed if any more aggression is taken against the Empire. The Tholians have relied that they will comply.

1930. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
In a Final Report on Dr. Richard Daystorm on the M5 Incident the Empire has Concluded that Dr. Daystorm and his aides acted alone. Vulcan Interagator Sarak stated in his report. We here at the Empire news service want to thank Sarek for his hard work and dedacation for getting to the bottom of this Act of Terror against the Empire Fleet.

1931. Capes - January 17, 2011

In other news…..
On Entertainment Tonight they are having a very special segment entitled
“Abe Vigoda Paints”………..

1932. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1928. Commodore Mike, glad you decided to return. You extended absence called us to go red alert, and it was all I could do to hold back Capes from leading a team to confiscate your agonizer booths and seize you.

1933. MJ - January 17, 2011

1933 — Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.

1934. MJ - January 17, 2011

1934 — Adolf Hitler announces an increase in the size of the German Army.

1935. MJ - January 17, 2011

1935 — Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription.

1936. MJ - January 17, 2011

1936 — Franklin Delano Roosevelt wins a second term as U.S. President.

1937. MJ - January 17, 2011

1937 — Imperial Japan invades China.

1938. MJ - January 17, 2011

1938 — British Prime Minister Chamberlain appeases Hitler at Munich.

1939. MJ - January 17, 2011

1939 — Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler sign the Nazi-Soviet Pact; the German Army invades Poland; Britain and France declare war on Nazi Germany.

1940. MJ - January 17, 2011

1940 — The German Army enters Paris.

1941. MJ - January 17, 2011

1941 — Imperial Japan launches a surprise attack on the U.S. at Pearl Harbor; the U.S. declares war against Germany and Japan.

1942. MJ - January 17, 2011

1942 — Bataan Death March begins as 76,000 Allied POWs including 12,000 Americans are forced to walk 60 miles under a blazing sun without food or water toward a new POW camp, resulting in over 5,000 American deaths.

1943. MJ - January 17, 2011

1943 –Germans surrender at Stalingrad in the first big defeat of Hitler’s armies; Battle of Kasserine Pass between the U.S. 1st Armored Division and German Panzers in North Africa.

1944. MJ - January 17, 2011

1944 — The “Marianas Turkey Shoot” occurs as U.S. Carrier-based fighters shoot down 220 Japanese planes, while only 20 American planes are lost; The Allied Forces win the protracted Battle of the Bulge and prepare for their invasion Nazi Germany.

1945. MJ - January 17, 2011

1945. The bloody war in the Pacific comes to a close with victories at Iwo Jima, and the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan; the Allied Forces invaded and occupy Nazi Germany, and liberate the concentration camps.

1946. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Jane Lynch won another picked up a Golden Globe for “Glee.” Add that to her Emmy for the same show. She’s in “Paul.” I really hope she gets a big role in it. My favorite Jane Lynch movie is “Best in Show.” (2000) as the intense dog trainer. She’s such a hoot and remember the intense hair. Hopefully, she’ll have great lines in “Paul.”

1947. MJ - January 17, 2011

Missed the Golden Globes — sound like that Ricky Gervais idiot made himself into the most hated man in Hollywood based on my read of the LA Times this morning. I always thought he was an overrated jerk.

1948. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

The poster above features “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.” It’s an upcoming movie based on an Italian comic book. It stars your favorite Superman, Brandon Routh. It’s about a private detective whose cases deal with the paranormal, i.e. vampires and zombies. It also stars the pretty “I’ve got dibs on the mountain guide” Anita Briem. (Journey to the Center of the Earth. ( 2008) Here’s a trailer. It looks interesting. I’ll wait for the critics first on this one.

1949. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

I like Ricky Gervais but yeah, I just read they (Foreign Press) were pissed. He can be funny. If you see his act, he has the balls to make jokes about AIDS. And if you play Grand Theft Auto IV, you can go to a club and see his CGI character do stand-up.

1950. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

I just saw an Inside Edition story on Gervais. Yeah, he was mean in his jokes. He introduced Robert Downey Jr. as a former resident of the county jail and rehab clinic, then took a shot at Tom Cruise by joking that Carrey and McGregor as two heterosexuals playing gay men versus a well known scientologist. According to the story he was that way last year. So the Hollywood Foreign Press Associaiton should have known that. Still you want the stars to come to your awards program and they may not if you insult them.

1951. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Oh, and Deborah Norville host of Inside Edition, you are not the story. So, I dont care what you wore to Golden Globes or that your daughter was your escort. You are not the story. If you want to make any claim to be a quasi-news program you should know this. You report the event.. I repeat , YOU ARE NOT THE STORY. And by the way, Deborah I stil love you since your days at NBC.

1952. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

I wonder what they said to Ricky Gervais that caused hm to miss almost the second half of the show. Producer: “Rickey, the Foreign Press Association is a little bit diappointed with your comments about Robert Downey Jr. I’d like you to meet my Sicillian friend Guido.” Guido, “Ricky, let me make an offer you won’t refuse… You be nice or I break your face.”

1953. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1952. Yea, and I hope he found a horse’s head in his bed last night as well!

1954. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1949. Well, I suppose he is an acquired taste, like Martin Lawrence or Andrew Dice Clay.

1955. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1951. Wow, he took a potshot at Norville’s daughter at well…sheesh, that it really low making comments on peoples kids. The poor girl must have been mortified.

I have been thinking for awhile about buying the British version of The Office, but at this point I am not about to help this jerk get more cash.

1956. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Hey I just noticed. Where are the awards for the writing of the shows? Or am I missing something?

1957. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
A Comment on History. It was in 1945 that the U.S Droped 4 Atom Bombs on Germany to bring an End to Hitler. 3 more were droped on Japan that brought an end to World War 2 and as some Historieans say. A Real Start to the Great Terran Empire. It was Rosevelt that said that all Humans no matter the race or color would form the Greatest Empire. Also. It was John F Kennedy that said shortly after that the U.S Would be on the Moon by the last 1960s that the Humans would one day forge a vast Empire in Space. History has shown that we Humans can overcome anything and we have. The greatest Empire that not only Earth but the Universe it self is alive and well. Long Live the Terran Empire.

1958. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

#1932. Hmm. Lead a team to come and get me huh. You can try but when you get close. You may find that he will simply Disapear. Tantalus has a way of doing that.

1959. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Okay, found more pictures of January Jones and her red dress from last night. At the risk of losing all of you posters, I’m going to post them. They’re from IMDB. And to relate this to the above story about sci-fi film, she will be in the new X-Men movie as Emma Frost. I will now see this movie. And not to be crass, but real or not real? Madmen fans will probably be able to help us with that question. I vote real but Madmen fans will have a better answer.

1960. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 17, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
The Great Zefren Cochron will Be rememberd with full Honors come April. It was announced by the Emperor that the largest Celebration that has ever happend on First Contact Conquer day of the Vulcans. There will be a full Salute of Star Ships and by the Terran Empire CNC Herself. Also. The Statue of Cochron will be on full display as well as the First Terran Warp Ship.

1961. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Ricky Gervais’s character on “Extras” is nothing like the mean guy on the Globes ceremony last night. In “Extras” he plays a struggling actor trying to break into show business. Here’ s a clip (from ) where he meets Patrick Stewart.. Stewart has a “unique” idea for a movie. It’s the fifth video in the story. Enjoy.

1962. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Not only is Alfonso Cuaron directing “Gravity” (2012) , he also is wrote the screenplay. Cuaron is known for directing “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (2004) which I consider the best of the Potter movies. He also directed “Children of Men.” (2006) The year 2012 looks like it’s going to be interesting.

1963. MJ - January 17, 2011

1963 — MJ is born!!!

1964. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1958. I should not divulge this, but our Special Ops Division has a Transwarp transporter device that we can use to overcome practically anyone’s standard defense. And Capes is still angry as being put in your Agonizer Booth multiple times, so he is looking for an excuse to infiltrate your headquarters. Fortunately, now that we have you back in the fold, I have put a leash on Capes, and gave him some Klingons to torture to pacify him.

1965. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1961 — Ah, yes, I remember that now. Yes, RG and PS were very funny in that segment!

1966. nobull-23 - January 17, 2011


1967. nobull-23 - January 17, 2011


1968. nobull-23 - January 17, 2011

… there

1969. grover s - January 17, 2011

TOS comes… and goes…
(before coming back!)

1970. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Let’s talk more on the idea of alien invasion since one of the movies above is Battle:Los Angeles. Recent videogames do the alien invasion of earth. Halo 3 (2007) And the one I’ve been talking about which is Mass Effect series. Well in the trailer for Mass Effect 3 below, it looks like the Reapers (sentient machines) have just invaded earth. The cool thing about Mass Effect is that you can make the main character look like you and that includes changing the sex to female.

1971. MJ - January 17, 2011

1970 — Apollo 13 is launched, suffering an explosion in its SM oxygen tanks. Its Moon landing is aborted, and the crew, James A. Lovell, Jr., John L. Swigert, Jr. and Fred W. Haise, Jr., return safely.

1972. MJ - January 17, 2011

1972 — Joan Winston organizes the first Star Trek Convention

1973. MJ - January 17, 2011

1973 — Star Trek — The Animated Series premieres.

1974. MJ - January 17, 2011

1974 — Star Trek — The Animated Series is canceled.

1975. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST TAS season 2…

1976. grover s - January 17, 2011

Paramount still unsure if a sci fi movie can make the bucks…

1977. grover s - January 17, 2011

Star Wars comes out… oops…

1978. grover s - January 17, 2011

But now we’re going to do a Trek movie for real, and make the bucks!

1979. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST-TMP … well, bucks, but not Star Wars bucks…

1980. MJ - January 17, 2011

1979 — Star Trek The Motion Picture

1981. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

On the upcoming Smurf movie, Jonathan Winters plays Papa Smurf. I didn’t even know he was still alvie. And get this Anton Yelchin (Chekov) has a part. Still not interested. I’ll wait for the critics to go over this one before I even think about seeing it.

1982. MJ - January 17, 2011

1982 — The Wrath of Khan

1983. grover s - January 17, 2011

The Star Trek film series is now underway…

1984. grover s - January 17, 2011


1985. grover s - January 17, 2011

Lots of episodes of TOS coming out on VHS and selling well…

1986. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST4 big hit

1987. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST-TNG premiers

1988. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST-TNG year 2… still bumpy til year 3

1989. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST5 .. film series now very bumpy…

1990. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST-TNG: Yesterday’s E, Best of Both Worlds…
The show has come into its own…

1991. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST6.. end of the (full) Original Cast movies…

1992. grover s - January 17, 2011

ST TNG ever more successful in 1st run syndication

1993. MJ - January 17, 2011

1993 — ST: Deep Space Nine begins

1994. MJ - January 17, 2011

1994 Star Trek Generations debacle

1995. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

Harry Ballz and the Canadian Plot. @ 1925

Okay I know of two areas where the Canadians have not taken us over. And they are as American as apple pie. Jazz and baseball.

I’m listiening to Diana Krall, the sultry singer and pianist play jazz. She’s singing Winter Wonderland. Hey it’s cold here in Cincinati. She sings, “We’ll frolic and play the Canadian way… shoo ba doby dee ” Huh? She ‘s Canadian!

Okay, what about baseball? My team, the Cincinnati Reds have just resigned Joey Votto, MVP of the National League. Oh no.. He’s Canadian too.

We’re being taken over by Canadians. coo coo coo roo coo coo coo.

1996. MJ - January 17, 2011



1997. MJ - January 17, 2011



1998. MJ - January 17, 2011



1999. grover s - January 17, 2011

2000! ?

2000. grover s - January 17, 2011


2001. MJ - January 17, 2011

##### 2000 #####




2002. grover s - January 17, 2011

i mean, cool!

2003. MJ - January 17, 2011

Agreed !!!!!

2004. MJ - January 17, 2011

@1995. It was 80 degrees here today…as hot as “January”

2005. MJ - January 17, 2011

The posts her started on December 17th, and here we are one month exactly later with 2000 posts. PRETTY DAMN IMPRESSIVE !!!!!

2006. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

How about some music? How about some Kool and the Gang singing “Celebration.”

2007. MJ - January 17, 2011

@2006. Love that! Now for a second song by Queen:

2008. MJ - January 17, 2011

Given the previous record on posts was 1038, I think this record is going to stick for awhile.

2009. MJ - January 17, 2011

2009 — Star Trek is reborn

2010. MJ - January 17, 2011

2010 — The historic race to 2000 posts on begins on 17 December.

2011. MJ - January 17, 2011

2011. — 2000 posts is achieved in 17 January.

2012. grover s - January 17, 2011

2012: star trek 12…

2013. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

I wonder where Harry Ballz, Keachick and Capes are. And what about Vultan?

2014. Capes - January 17, 2011

January is “Smokin” ! Nice job breaking 2K my friends…….

2015. Basement Blogger - January 17, 2011

The Canadian plot (@1995) will not end until Warner states that the best Lois Lane is not Erica Durance (Canadian) but was Margot Kidder Ameri….. . What? Margot Kidder was Canadian also? Forget it.

Oh Canada, our home and native land…

2016. MJ - January 18, 2011

@2013. Well I’m sure that they will check in over the next 24 hours and share in the pride of our accomplishment.

OK, all, I ‘m checking out of here. It has been a hell of a lot of fun. Wish we could all meet for a drink to top this off!

2017. Basement Blogger - January 18, 2011

In celebration of our achievement and to light of the Miss America Contest.. Here are the Top Babes in All of Star Trek.

10. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols “Star Trek: The Original Series” )
9. Dr. Carol Marcus (Bibi Besch “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan”)
8. T’Pol ( Jolene Blalock “Star Trek: Enterpirse”)
7. Seven (Jerri Ryan, “Star Trek: Voyager”)
6. Dax (Terry Farell “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)
5. Ilia (Persis Khambatta “Star Trek; The Motion Picture”)
4. Tonia Barrows (Emily Banks “Star Trek TOS; Episode: Shore Leave”)
3. Rivan (Brenda Bakke “Star Trek TNG; Episode: Justice”)
2. Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)

and the Top Babe in Star Trek is….

1. Leeta (Chase Masterson “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”)

Here she is…. Miss Top Babe in Star Trek…

2018. Basement Blogger - January 18, 2011

As Canada has taken us over (@ 1995) here our my five favorite living Canadian entertainers and athletes.

5. Erica Durance (Chosen so I can tease Harry Ballz)
4. Shannon Tweed (What you say? Sometime actress.. Not an entertainer, you say? Claim to fame was Playboy Playmate of the Year. Do I have to explain any further?)
3. The McKenzie Brothers (Count as one. Played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas)
2. William Shatner
1. Joey Votto (Hey, he resigned with my Cincinnati Reds.)

2019. keachick - January 18, 2011

So you’ve passed 2011. Congratulations.

Re: Olivia Wilde as Saavik – I’m OK with that. She and Chris Pine will have already had practice playing each other’s *love interest and practice makes perfect. *Welcome to People.

Basement Blogger – Olivia dying her hair blonde and playing Carol Marcus? Please – go wash your mouth out. No bleached blonde bimbo/bitch Carol Marcus for “my (Pine) captain”. Non-negotiable. It’s definitely the agoniser booth for you, sir…good grief. ;)

2020. nobull-23 - January 18, 2011

It’s dead, Jim! Congrats.

2021. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 18, 2011

Long Live the Terran Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2022. Capes - January 18, 2011

Last !

2023. Harry Ballz - January 18, 2011

Yes, Canada is taking over the world! Didn’t you get the memo?

Resistance is futile! You will become one with the BORED!

Glad we could break the 2000 barrier! I’d like to thank the Academy and all the little people….you know who you are! :>)

2024. Phil - January 18, 2011

Oh, I’m going to be the fly in the ointment here….are single word in a sentence posts posts? Just a thought…..

2025. Phil - January 18, 2011

Oh, and did anyone notice, or was suprised that the box office for Green Hornet was a bit weak? Let that be a warning for anyone who thinks that miscasting characters (WS) as a gimmick translates into box office bucks.

2026. Red Dead Ryan - January 18, 2011


Taking credit for other people’s work, Harry? I see you’re going to fit in well in Hollywood as a scriptwriter!

2027. Harry Ballz - January 18, 2011

Yes, Ryan! Thank me! Thank me very much!

But enough about me! Tell me, what did YOU think of my contribution to this thread?


2028. MJ - January 18, 2011

@2024. Now don’t get too technical on us on that! :-)

2029. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 19, 2011

I want to Thank all in the Terran Empire. For it was the Empire that got us past the 2000 mark. Not the Lame Federation. So for all of you in the lame Federation all I havt to say is. LONG LIVE THE TERRAN EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!.

2030. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 19, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
It was reported that the Actress Erica Durance of Smallville Fame has Decided to Quit Acting all together. In a Brief Statement she cited on Man Named Harry for her Depature, She said that she has had to many calles and letters and text and emails and yes. Even Faxes demanding for her to quit for a much better Actress. Calles to Harry so far have not been returned. Hopefuly we will have a comment from Harry.

2031. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2011

…and she is now working as a hostess at Denny’s, which is still a bit of a stretch for her limited skill set, but at least she’s bothering less people!

Thank God for having the grace to remove untalented actresses!

2032. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 19, 2011

from the Terran Empire News Service.
We finaly have a comment from Harry. Here is the Quote.

and she is now working as a hostess at Denny’s, which is still a bit of a stretch for her limited skill set, but at least she’s bothering less people!

Thank God for having the grace to remove untalented actresses!

We here at the Empire news Service have Confirmed that Erica is in deed at a Dennys. We spoke to the Mgt there and they are not happy with her servivce. When asked Erica simply stated that she is exploring other jobs at either Burger King or Taco Belle.

2033. Basement Blogger - January 19, 2011

Which Denny’s does she work at?

Erica is a looker.

2034. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2011




2035. Basement Blogger - January 19, 2011

Huh? They airbrushed Cybil Sheppard? Next thing you’ll tell me is that Bruce Willis wears a toupee.

2036. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2011

Hope Erica Durance gets fired from Denny’s. The old people who eat there deserve to live their remaining days/weeks/years in peace and with some semblance of dignity!

And everyone else shouldn’t have to interrupt their own meals to go throw up in the washroom!


You do fine work Harry! You should try standup comedy sometime!

2037. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2011

BB and all:

As this thread fades into oblivion, I bid you all a fond farewell!


2038. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2011

I mean’t that for #2027


2039. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2011


Thanks Ryan! Now join me on the dark side! Namely Live Chat! :>)

2040. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2011


Would premature ejaculation be called “accidental emissions”?

2041. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 19, 2011

As this Threads closes all I can say is.
Long Live the Terran Empire.

2042. Harry Ballz - January 19, 2011

Shouldn’t that be…..Live Long The Terran Empire?

2043. Red Dead Ryan - January 19, 2011

No, Commodore Mike got it right.

2044. Harry Ballz - January 20, 2011

Okay, I was just trying to do a whole “live long and prosper” thing……….

pardon me for living!

2045. Capes - January 20, 2011

HA! Then the day is mine!

@2033…..I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.
Unless the dog’s name was Crackers……..

2046. Basement Blogger - January 20, 2011

The new Batman movie comes out in 2012. Great…. more competition for Star Trek. And they’ve just cast Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.

2047. Harry Ballz - January 20, 2011


Hey, what the??? As C3P0 once said, “HOW RUDE!” :>)

2048. Harry Ballz - January 20, 2011


2049. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2011

Fadeing to Black in the Empire.

2050. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2011

Final Report from the Terran Empire for this Thread.
The Empire is once again the most Domanant Force in the Universe. We are growing more and more and the Emperor has decided that another 1,000 Star Ships will be Built. More and more Advanced Weapons are also being developed as well. Long Live the Terran Empire.

2051. Harry Ballz - January 20, 2011

“We are growing more and more”

Sounds like a line from a Viagra commercial!

2052. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2011

Ha Ha. Lol. Very Funny.

2053. Harry Ballz - January 21, 2011

Aw, they lie about those boner pills! I took one last night and NUTHIN! Although, I DID wake up with the stiffest neck this morning!

2054. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 21, 2011

Harry. Yoy are Incourageable. Sorry. I used a Big Word. Lol.

2055. Harry Ballz - January 21, 2011

Commodore Mike, I sincerely hope you start to pop in to live chat more! We’re a friendly bunch over there!

2056. Phil - January 21, 2011

2053. Harry Ballz – January 21, 2011

Play me off, Sam…..

The End

2057. Harry Ballz - January 22, 2011

Now it’s THE END

2058. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 25, 2011

Now this is the End of the End. Long Live the Empire.

2059. Harry Ballz - January 27, 2011

As Soran once said, “Nice try!”

2060. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 27, 2011

No! You Can’t get away with that. From Hells Hart. I stababeth thee. For Hats Sake. I Spit my Last breath. At Theee.

2061. Harry Ballz - January 27, 2011

Yo, yo, yo!! My new gangsta name be Thicka Than A Snicka!

2062. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 27, 2011

Gangsta. Today is a Good Day to Die. Qupla!!!!

2063. Harry Ballz - January 28, 2011

After you!

2064. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 28, 2011

Careful. I may get Erica Durance to come after you.

2065. Harry Ballz - January 28, 2011

(in my best Darth Vader voice)

“The Schwartz is strong in you! Come, Mike! Come over to the Chat side!”

2066. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 29, 2011

Que Scottys Voice. Eye Lad. I can do that.

2067. Capes - January 29, 2011

HA! Now at long last………..My day has come !!!!!!!!!

2068. Harry Ballz - January 29, 2011

Not bloody likely! LAST!!!


2069. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 30, 2011

But to be last is first and first last!!!. Confused, Ha Ha!!!! LMAO LOL

2070. Capes - January 30, 2011

HA HA………The DAY is MINE !!!!!!!!!! Last !

2071. Capes - January 30, 2011

Carpe Diem !

2072. Capes - January 30, 2011

I shall prevail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2073. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 31, 2011

For the World is Hollow and I have touched the Sky.

2074. Harry Ballz - January 31, 2011

Pipe down you two!! Sheesh!!!

2075. Anthony Thompson - January 31, 2011

You guys are still at it??? LOL! Hey MJ – where are ya?! We’re going for 3000!

2076. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 1, 2011

Hey. The Gay Chat is closing on a 1k. Sorry. Can’t let them get close to this Chat. Long Live the Terran Empire.

2077. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 1, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.
it was reported today that Capt Morgan Tracy of the I.S.S Exeter landed on a Planet that has some simularitys to Earth. Most of his crew was killed though when the Landing Party returned to his Ship with some kind of Plague.. But Capt Tracy who stayed on the Planets Surfice was imuned. But in a War Capt Tracy used several Phasers and Phaser Rifles to hold off and attacking force. When the I.S.S Enterprise came to the Planet Capt Kirk and his Party beamed to the Exeter and foung the Log Entries and beamed to the Planet just in time. Together with Capt Tracy and a group called the Coms they were able to find a cure and with more Weapons from the Enterprise were able to Defeat once and for all the Yangs. A faction on the Planet. Capt Tracy and Capt Kirk were both given citations from the CNC of the Empire for there Bravery and Inganunity.

2078. Capes - February 1, 2011

Bwoo hoo Ha Ha Ha…………!!!!!!!! Last again!
It was miles long with a maw that could swallow a dozen starships……
And a paw that could swallow two dozen……

2079. Capes - February 1, 2011

And a slow and off topic as this site has been of late……I too say we keep going……..

2080. Harry Ballz - February 2, 2011

Aw, blow it out your ass!!

2081. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 2, 2011

Long Live the Empire and Harrys Love for Erica Durance.

2082. Harry Ballz - February 2, 2011

How long can this thread……….wait for it…………………LAST?

2083. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 2, 2011

It will last for as long as I want it to. Because I’m the Greatest poster in all of Trek.

2084. Phil - February 2, 2011


Apparently it still has a pulse, all be it a faint one. Seriously, though, post here to keep the Gay Chat at bay? Someone please throw up a real topic….preferably not about vomit….

2085. Capes - February 2, 2011

I return to defend the defenseless, and to defeat………….the defeatless!

2086. Harry Ballz - February 2, 2011

Anyone typing a comment here after this post must have shit for brains!

2087. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 3, 2011

Hey Harry. I guess you must have Shit for Brains for Posting here along with the rest of us.

2088. Harry Ballz - February 3, 2011

Of course! That’s a given! The really scary part is how many people here DON’T recognize that about themselves!

2089. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 3, 2011

Harry. I’m just being me.

2090. Phil - February 3, 2011

Oops….I said the “p” word on a previous post. That’s what I get for commenting on Charlie Sheen and his hired help…

2091. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 4, 2011

Hey Phil of the Future. For that you get 2 Minutes in the Agoniser Booth.

2092. Harry Ballz - February 4, 2011

Commodore Mike+Phil…..Forget this tired old thread!

Come on over to Live Chat where the action never stops!

2093. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 4, 2011

OK Harry. I’ll jump on over to the Live Chat.

2094. MJ - February 4, 2011


2095. MJ - February 4, 2011


2096. MJ - February 4, 2011


2097. MJ - February 4, 2011


2098. MJ - February 4, 2011


2099. MJ - February 4, 2011

record at:

2100. MJ - February 4, 2011

**** 2100 ****

2101. Capes - February 4, 2011

I have shit for brains……

2102. Capes - February 4, 2011

I’d like to tell you the story of my life…..

2103. Capes - February 4, 2011

I was born in a wheat field in 1969 after being rocketed away from my dying planet…….

2104. Capes - February 4, 2011

Raised by wolves, I began a never ending struggle for truth, justice, and the American way……

2105. Basement Blogger - February 4, 2011

Okay, I just wondered over here and you guys are still posting. And yes Harry, I also have sh_t for brains.

2106. Basement Blogger - February 4, 2011

Oops, you’re right again Harry about having sh_t for brains. I just spelled “wandered” wrong.

2107. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 5, 2011

That’s it. We all have Shit for Brains. And Harry can now be known as Capt Shit for Brains. Long Live the Shit.

2108. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 5, 2011

Hey Capes. Sounds like the Making of a Block Buster Movie.

2109. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 5, 2011

Hey Harry,Basement Blogger,M.J, We all seriously need to get a Life. I think that is what the Shat said to all of us one time.

2110. Harry Ballz - February 6, 2011



2111. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 6, 2011

Not so fast Harry. Long Live the Terran Empire!!!!!!!!!!!

2112. Harry Ballz - February 6, 2011

Curses! Foiled again!

2113. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 7, 2011

Yes! Harry. Your Evil Plot has been Foiled! Again! by the Empire.

2114. Harry Ballz - February 7, 2011



2115. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 9, 2011

Oops. Sorry Harry. But the Empire is always First and last. First in to destroy. Last Out after the Damage is done.

2116. Harry Ballz - February 9, 2011


2117. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 10, 2011

Harry. The Terran Empire will PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!! LONG!!!!!!!!!! LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! THE!!!!!!!!!! TERRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2118. Phil - February 12, 2011

It’s occured to me that I have no idea where live chat is on this site..

2119. Phil - February 12, 2011

never mind, found it.

2120. Harry Ballz - February 12, 2011


oh, great!! well, there goes the……..nah, just kiddin’! welcome aboard!

2121. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2011

Well, I’ve got something like 17 other threads on this site that I follow up on, so this one I’m done with, at LAST!

2122. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2011

Finaly. Harry is done with this Thred. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2123. Phil - February 14, 2011


2124. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 16, 2011

Yes. I will have the Last Word. Because I am Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire.

2125. Harry Ballz - February 17, 2011

…..and we’re back! What did I miss? Oh, I see……NOTHING!

2126. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2011


2127. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 19, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service. This is a Classified Topic.
Classified. For your Eyes Only.

This topic can not be viewed by anyone who is not a Commodore or Higher.

2128. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2011

Well, I’m pretty high right now, so share!

2129. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 1, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe.
The Terran Empire always has the last word.

2130. Harry Ballz - March 2, 2011

Think again. Ballz rules!

2131. Harry Ballz - March 17, 2011



2132. Aurore - March 21, 2011

Remember how you ruined my party on the “Quarry Thread” ?

Your L.A.S.S.T is mine.


I just changed my mind. This thread is all yours. Now.


2133. MJ - March 24, 2011


2134. Basement Blogger - March 27, 2011

Wow, there are still Trekkers posting. If you want this thread shut down, here’s how to do it. Make a nasty comment about Glenn Beck. But I am not going to end with Glenn Beck. So I will discuss a movie talked about in the above story.

This spring so far is good for science fiction. “The Adjustment Bureau” and “Limitless” are both good thoughtful science fiction. “Battle: Los Angeles” is a thrilling sci-fi war movie about a platoon stuck behind alien lines. And on April 1, Duncan Jones’ “The Source Code” will open. Remember his thoughtful “Moon” (2009) film? Looking forward to it.

Hey, let’s get to 3000. :-)

2135. Harry Ballz - March 27, 2011


2136. AJ - March 28, 2011

Sucks about Favreau and IM3…

2137. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 28, 2011

To the Last We Grapple with thee. For Hates Sake. I Spit my last Breath at theee.

2138. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 28, 2011

Amy Adams is the new Lois. I’m sure Harry is pleased. I know I am.

2139. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 28, 2011

At the time of this post it is now March 28th. Just over 3 months since this thred first came out. This is a record for most post and longest commented on.

2140. Basement Blogger - March 28, 2011

Good luck to the movie “Dylan Dog.” Brandon Routh could use a hit. It also stars Anita Briem from “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Dibs on the mountain guide.

2141. Basement Blogger - March 28, 2011

Boy, I can just hear the Shat telling us “Get a life.”

2142. Harry Ballz - March 30, 2011

“There’s a new sheriff in town, boys!” It’s a little crowded in here!

2143. Basement Blogger - March 30, 2011

Okay, as expected Disney is releasing Tron and Tron:Legacy in a special combo pack. Coming this April 5. Got to look for more change from the couch.

2144. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 30, 2011

Hey Guys. This can be our own Private chat now. Oh and what is up with all of this Multi Universe Argument. Lmfao

2145. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 30, 2011

We have all tried to be the last one to post on this record breaking thread. I say. Screw that and just use this as a private thread and have fun.

2146. AJ - March 30, 2011


2147. Basement Blogger - March 30, 2011

What? We’re posting in Russian now? What next? Klingon?

2148. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 31, 2011

Hey A.J is actually an ancester of Mr. Checkov.

2149. Basement Blogger - April 2, 2011

Just saw Source Code. Brilliant. It helps if you know something about quantum mechanics since that is a term thrown out by Jeffrey Wright in the film. Once you think about parallel universes or alternate realities, the film becomes more enjoyable. I strongly recommend Source Code for fans of science fiction.

2150. nobull-23 - April 2, 2011


2151. Harry Ballz - April 5, 2011

Look, it was fun to keep posting here when people had forgotten about this thread, kind of like a “Lost Kingdom” thing, but if everyone and his brother is going to keep coming back here, then where is the appeal?

As the cake in Animal House said, “Eat Me”.

2152. Jack - April 5, 2011

2149. Agreed.

2153. Basement Blogger - April 5, 2011

Harry, the appeal is that it never ends. This is a timeless thread that only the craziest of all Trekkers will come to. Who knows when this thead will end if Trekkers of all stripes keep coming to it. I mean Harry, you and I could get struck down by a car being driven by Erica Durance. It would be her revenge, then somebody else could keep this crazy thread going.

2154. Basement Blogger - April 5, 2011

Tron Trumps Critics

Tonight I went to by Tron, the super duper edition on Blu Ray that includes both the original movie and the Tron Legacy. Best Buy had already sold out! Went to check out Barnes and Noble. Sold out. Now this is Cincinnati. I’m guessing it’s happening everywhere in the United States. Tron might have gotten bad reviews but it has its following.

2155. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 6, 2011

Ah! A blast from the past!


2156. Capes - April 6, 2011

Holy Monkey! You guys are really still here! Damn!
My cpu crashed a while back and I lost the saved link. Too lazy to hunt it back down. Kind of like the guy who was going to rob a bank but didn’t cause he was all out of ski masks…..

Erica Durance rules!

Still luv ya Harry!

2157. Capes - April 6, 2011

By the way…..The Green Hornet Suuuuuuuuuuuuucked!

Also, NBC Universal in their wisdom of changing station names like SiFi to SyFy…….is now changing Sluth to Cloo TV.

Please shoot me now…..

2158. Basement Blogger - April 6, 2011

I agree changing Sluth to ClooTv is idiotic. Sci-fi to SyFy? I know SciFi had to add non-science fiction shows. Ratings. But what is a SyFy? NBC shouldn’t think we’re a bunch of morons.

Yes, The Green Hornet stunk. Nobody respected the material. And Seth Rogen was all wrong. Too smarmy. Director Michael Gondry further disrespcted the fans by calling them fascists. After making that turd, maybe Gondry should shut up.

2159. Capes - April 7, 2011

I totally agree BB. It was Craaaaaaap!

2160. Basement Blogger - April 9, 2011

Okay, I called a northern Kentucky Barnes and Noble for the Tron blu-ray. They had the special edition Blu Ray, the one that includes the original Tron. But here’s the twist. I could not get the online price of forty nine bucks. So if I went to the store they would have charged seventy nine bucks. So they made me order by mail. Oy. I did it just to avoid driving and paying for parking. Why they couldn’t just sell me the one they had in the store for the online pirce is beyond me. Lesson: some chains won’t sell you the product at the price on their website. Must order by mail.. Yeesh.

2161. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 11, 2011

???? What’s wrong with you people. This extreme posting has gone far enough. Break it up. There’s nothing to see here. This should be the last post on this matter.

2162. Harry Ballz - April 11, 2011


Hey, Capes, the same thing happened to me! My computer crashed, I lost this link, and I’m only finding it again now!

C’mon, everybody! GROUP HUG!!

2163. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 11, 2011

Oh no you didn’t.

2164. Harry Ballz - April 11, 2011


oh, you’re still around? wow! how uninteresting. :>)

2165. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 12, 2011


2166. Harry Ballz - April 12, 2011

Ah! By quoting the great Homer Simpson, you have become a tad more intriguing!

2167. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 13, 2011

Mmmm. Then I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

2168. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 13, 2011

Did I say that out loud?

2169. Harry Ballz - April 13, 2011

Shhhhh, someone might hear you!

2170. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 13, 2011

Aw, they don’t listen anyways.

2171. Basement Blogger - April 13, 2011

If “Paul” is still playing in your city, go see it. A funny and loving homage to sci-fi geeks of the world. It has plenty of Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens and other sci-fi references. And check out the music the country band is playing in the bar scene. Oh, Seth Rogen is perfectly cast as Paul.

2172. Harry Ballz - April 13, 2011

Boy, not enough people here to even start a poker game! Sheesh!

2173. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 14, 2011


2174. Harry Ballz - April 14, 2011

mw, solitaire should be your game of choice, since you’re well accustomed to playing with yourself!

2175. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 14, 2011

But I like Go Fish because, well you know…

2176. Harry Ballz - April 15, 2011

Hey, there are only two things in the world that smell like fish. The first is fish…

2177. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - April 15, 2011

Took the bait!!

2178. Basement Blogger - April 16, 2011

@ 2172 Harry. Harry. Harry.

You said that you wanted this thread to be a secret thread for only a few. Now you want it more people. That would kill the secret, wouldn’t it, I frankly want to see if this thing can get to 3000 before the end of the world in 2012.

2179. Basement Blogger - April 16, 2011

Tron in Blu Ray and HD looks fantastic. Both Tron Legacy and the original Tron are beautiful. Sill wish the new Tron didn’t use black as the basic color palette. Regardless both films are great. They try to hit homers. And they may not get them but they try. That’s better than a lot of movies these days.

2180. Harry Ballz - April 16, 2011


Hey, who was the dink who kept posting the link to here on new threads?