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Details On Star Trek Content For Yoostar 2 ‘Movie Karaoke’ February 8, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Games,TNG,TOS , trackback

Last summer at the E3 gaming show Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy and Zoe Saldana helped announced the ‘video karaoke’ game, due out next month. Today Yoostar announced more details on the game, including the Star Trek content included. More details and video below.  


Play Kirk or Picard with Yoostar 2

Yoostar2 works with the Kinect for Xbox 360 or your PlaystationEye to let you insert yourself into famous movie and TV scenes, replacing the actors. It comes with 50 different scenes, plus 10 famous TV and movie ‘sets’ and 20 video background. Your performance gets scored on accuracy and also improvisation and you can then share you performance with friends via Facebook and Twitter. And today Yoostar announced the full list of included scenes and sets, which include two Star Trek scenes and one set:

Menu screenshot of selecting Star Trek scenes with Yoostar 2

Here is video from a gaming con with a fan trying out one of the Star Trek scenes (note this isn’t from the final version of the game).

Yoostar also plan on releasing additional downloadable content in 2011, and one of the first three packs will be dedicated to Star Trek.

Star Trek one of the first three downloadable expansion packs

Yoostar 2 costs $49.99 and works with Xbox 360 (w/ Kinect) and PS3 (w/ Playstation Eye). You can pre-order at Amazon. 

Here is the full trailer and today’s press release:


press release


Recreate the Magic of Hollywood on Xbox 360 and PS3

NEW YORK, NY, February 8, 2011 – Rehearsal begins as Yoostar Entertainment Group ( today announced the complete set list for the March 8 release of Yoostar®2 for the Kinect™ for Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system. The first console game to insert players into their favorite films and television shows, Yoostar 2 is launching with 80 scenes in the box, offered in five different languages, with hundreds more scenes available online.

Yoostar 2 launches with some of the most memorable and iconic movie and TV scenes in history, including:

Hollywood Scenes

Hollywood Sets

“There is a certain challenge to selecting the right mix of movie and TV scenes that have the prerequisites needed to be both fun and entertaining,” said Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Content Officer for Yoostar Entertainment Group. “But all that effort was worth it as we have some phenomenal content – from tear-jerkers and slapstick comedies, to Hollywood blockbusters and cult classics. Yoostar 2 will awaken and inspire the performer in each one of us.”

A new breed of social gaming for consoles and an ideal party game, Yoostar 2, brings the magic and fun of Hollywood to living rooms everywhere. Using the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360 or the PlayStation®Eye, players insert themselves into famous movie and TV scenes, starring alongside or in place of their favorite actors. Perform the lines as written in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German, or “flip the script” and deliver a personalized improvisation. Yoostar 2 then scores the performance and lets players upload the scene to Facebook, Twitter, Yoostar 2’s in-game social portal on Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network and PlayStation Network, or

Yoostar 2 will be available at retail outlets throughout North America on March 8 for an MSRP of $49.99. For more information on Yoostar 2, please visit

About Yoostar Entertainment Group

Yoostar Entertainment Group is the world’s first Social Video Game Company. Perfectly blending aspects of online video creation and sharing, social gaming and social networking, Yoostar creates a new kind of personalized entertainment experience that’s immersive, fun and social. Founded in 2007, Yoostar has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Find out more about Yoostar on, on Facebook (, or follow @Yoostar and @gregoryf on Twitter.



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