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Viral Video: “Star Trek Girl” A Big Internet Hit February 11, 2011

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In the last couple of weeks a Star Trek-themed song and video are going viral in a big way. "Star Trek Girl" my Meekakitty is a fun celebration of girl Trekking. Check it out below. 



Star Trek Girl

The song "Star Trek Girl" by Meekagirl is going viral in a big way. In just a couple of weeks the video has almost 950,000 views on YouTube. Check it out.

If you like the song, you can buy "Star Trek Girl" at iTunes.


1. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011

Way too young for a shower scene, sadly…

No mother! I have some morals!

2. naHQun - February 11, 2011

Wish I could buy it somewhere besides iTunes.

3. "Silence will fall!" - February 11, 2011

Due to the fact that TrekMovie is now reporting on something that happened about two weks ago, I’ll assume that we’re just catching up with paperwork.

So does that mean we are finally in the happy place where we get updates every day? :)

4. NuKirk - February 11, 2011

Wow. why do I think JJ will find a way to put this in the sequel as one of Earth’s top pop hits of 2258? :S

Sounds like Ke$ha-like music, which is ironic because awhile back she had said somewhere that she wrote her big hit Tik TOk about Star Trek, in response to that youtube parody posted on this site last year

It does make me think JJ should have come out with a ‘Songs inspired by’ album for 2009’s film, which would have increased profits from the film and increased exposure even more.

So, BobOrci, if you end up reading this post, please, whether JJ or another Director handles the 2012 sequel, please get such an album made for that film..

5. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011

I friggin’ hope so!

6. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011

@3 that was meant

7. naHQun - February 11, 2011

Wait, shower scene?
What shower scene?

8. Anthony Pascale - February 11, 2011

well to be fair TrekMovie is reporting that this video has been a big viral hit and has almost a million views.

But yes TrekMovie is back to our regular reporting and will again have our 20+ articles/week as we have for years. The last month was a bit of a slow down/break but we didn’t miss anything big.

9. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011

@7. Anthony Pascale


10. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011

Anthony, mother has shoved a lovely apple pie in tge oven for you!

11. NX01 - February 11, 2011

This song is worse than Star Trek 5.

Girl is an 8 song a negative 8.

I will keep it real though, if this was my girlfriend I would tell her it was good to her face, I would then come on trek movie and tell the truth.

12. CR UVa - February 11, 2011

I honestly don’t know how anyone can listen to this; I stopped it less than 15 seconds in. Pretty bad when a song like this makes Ke$ha sound good.

13. Benjamin Dover - February 11, 2011

She’s cute and she’s into Star Trek, so it doesn’t really matter that she can’t sing and it’s a terrible song.

14. NX01 - February 11, 2011

How dare this really good looking girl criticize “Star Trek Enterprise”
“Star Trek Enterprise” was better than her song!

15. Anthony Pascale - February 11, 2011

mmm pie

can you email a pie?

16. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011

Mother is scanning it now and will email it to you Anthony.

Mother says that all you have to do is print it off at the other end and enjoy…

17. Michael - February 11, 2011

Oh brother. I’m embarrassed to be a fan when I watch stuff like that.
That’s me doing the face-palm

18. NCC-73515 - February 11, 2011

3.14159… enjoy!

19. Norman Bates - February 11, 2011


Were you born on the 15th of March 1973?

20. cdp - February 11, 2011

I will have to admit the song is kind of catchy and now I cant get that tune out of my head

21. Rocket Scientist - February 11, 2011

Oh dear, that was a bit annoying but #20 is right. It’s very catchy!

22. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 11, 2011

Norman. Was your Mother by chance the same one in the Terran Empire who did all of those terrible things. If so. Then you are a Hero. She is Revered in the Empire as one of the Strongest Women of the 20th Century.

23. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 11, 2011

Anthony. It is great to have you back. We did Entertain our selves a lot. Don’t believe me. Then check out Sci fi movies from Dec 19th. 2100 post.

24. Aqua - February 11, 2011

Mmm, too bad she’s so young :)

25. Pierss - February 11, 2011

today on Gerry Springer

“WTF if going on??”

26. Joe Sidney - February 11, 2011

Its pop. I’m almost positive its a pop parody.

If you’ve followed her other web peices, she’s a trekkie, this is a labor of love.

Like all of those Klingon hardcore bands in the “Trekkies” movie.

27. Dee - February 11, 2011

Well, I have a great sense of humor … but for some reason … I hated it … sorry “star trek girl”! :-( :-(

28. Diego - February 11, 2011

I thought it was a good satire of current popular music while engaging the young lovely lady’s love of Star Trek with humor and enthusiasm. Now, the song is not really my cup of tea– too much auto-tuning and repetition, but then that’s the case for the style of music it is playing off of.

My only regret is that the repetitive chorus is not stuck in my head. I might need to use a Klingon mind-sifter or just a phaser to the head to get it out.

29. Hat Rick - February 11, 2011

Without even playing the video, I can surmise that Trek Girl is awesome.

How DO I do these things?

30. Canon Schmanon - February 11, 2011

In Anthony’s defense, and in defense of this site, I’m not sure why they should be the first to post anything and everything Trek related. So what if this came out two weeks ago? Not exactly late-breaking important stuff.

I wouldn’t blame Anthony for taking another leave. I certainly couldn’t deal in a civil way with all the whiners commenting on this site.

As for the song, it’s kind of annoying and catchy at the same time. But I don’t believe I ever need to hear it again. The girl is very cute.

31. Areli - February 11, 2011

I liked the Borg part. That was the only scene that was good. Everything else sucked. All she did was jump up and down and the bg girls jumped and danced on the wall. And their uniforms didn’t even match!

That said, I think that for the next ST movie, there needs to be an album of songs by various artists that were written just for ST or fit the music selection of the ST universe.

32. Rocket Scientist - February 11, 2011

I wonder if singing is among Zoe Saldana’s talents. Uhura is supposed to sing! 8^D

33. Cali - February 11, 2011

Leave it to Trek-dom to gripe, bitch, and complain! I wanna see the day, *just* one, that EVERYONE can say something positive or nice! You know…like Gene’s whole philosophy behind Star Trek?

Yeah! I know. Kind of like world peace. Nice concept, but it ain’t gonna happen! =(

34. Gary - February 11, 2011


She’s 20 years old, says so on her YouTube page.

I downloaded the song right after I watched the video on Geekologie. I found it so catchy, it’s almost infectious. And, plus, she’s really cute.

35. Minitrap - February 11, 2011

Since when was it Gene’s whole philosophy that everyone says only positive things about anything?

Picard didn’t like children, Worf didn’t like to stay away from battle Wesley didn’t like to stop annoying the viewer, etc. And they always said it (Well, except Wesley). I think the free will and the free expression of the own opinion was far more Gene’s philosophy than a bunch of people only saying “yes and amen!”.

36. LOL - February 11, 2011

Wait…Ray William Johnson?

37. mucho_gabucho - February 11, 2011

This is god awful and the girl is basically average looking. But I am sure to the majority of the guys on this website she resembles a goddess of some sort. I bet captain kirk would pass on her though.

38. sci-fi bri - February 11, 2011

not sure if want…

39. TrekMadMeWonder - February 11, 2011

I liked it!

40. Red Dead Ryan - February 11, 2011

This wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. It was meant for fun. I thought it was fun and cute. And so what if they didn’t all wear matching uniforms?

I can’t figure out why some folks feel the need to nitpick everything. Geez!

41. Aqua - February 11, 2011

#34 thanks :) She’s so adorable I thought she was a kid. Ugh, when did 20 year olds start looking like kids to me.

42. Cygnus-X1 - February 11, 2011

The video is much better with the sound off.

43. Spockanella - February 11, 2011

I thought it was really cute.

44. MJ - February 11, 2011

This was outstanding. As far as entertainment value, it was much better than the stale deal with the two actresses trying to imitate Kirk and Pike.

45. MJ - February 11, 2011

@37. No doubt you are a legend in your own mind in terms of your own appearance. LOL

46. MJ - February 11, 2011

“I wouldn’t blame Anthony for taking another leave. I certainly couldn’t deal in a civil way with all the whiners commenting on this site.”

Thanks to those of us “whiners”, the remainder of the staff started putting their own articles together in his absence. So, you are welcome.

47. Daniel - February 11, 2011

Regarding this song, I feel like quoting Data when he first got his emotion chip:

“Yes! I hate this!”

48. Canon Schmanon - February 11, 2011

46 – Please, the whiners didn’t get things going again. It would have happened anyway. Take the credit if you want, but if you’re so damned influential, how come you’re always whining? Whining is, after all, the clarion call of those who forever feel things aren’t going their way. A whine is nothing but the yelp of one who feels powerless to change things, the shrill eructation of the perennial loser, the bothersome bleat of one who considers themselves a victim. Whining rarely results in positive action.


49. Todd M - February 11, 2011

Haters gotta hate.. I thought it was good fun, and the girl is gorgeous..

50. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 11, 2011

Too bad she’s into TNG…oh well. XD

51. Buzz Cagney - February 12, 2011

I managed 10 seconds before hitting the pause button. Is that a record?
#49 not that I hated it- i just quickly decided I did not wish to subject myself to it further than that. ;-)

52. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2011

@ 46 MJ

I agree. Airing your grievances can cause change. And note I use that argument to defend critics of Star Trek (2009) too. Exercise your free speech. .

53. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2011

1. 950 K have viewed this fun video. I don’t want to hear from anyone that fears making a Star Trek movie or TV show that it can’t just be for the fans., i.e. fear of just geeks watching it. There’s a gigantic world of Trekkers out there!

2. She’s a TNG person!

3. And yes you can be my number one. :-).

54. captain nick - February 12, 2011

this is wonderful star trek girl, as is anything trek, good girl.

55. Captain A - February 12, 2011

Cute girl, but that song sucked! :)

56. rah - February 12, 2011

Not bad, she is a child though.

57. bijillm shkatinrerk - February 12, 2011


No1 for sure

58. Jonboc - February 12, 2011

That was fun…for some reason the energy and campiness reminds me of the old beach blanket movies! Not to be taken too seriously, way over the top and a lot of fun. Well done Star Trek girl!

59. RTC - February 12, 2011

Like the funny approach, hate the techno-pop. This kid is 20 years old? Yeesh, my *granddaughter* looks older than she does….

Welcome back, Anthony!

60. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 12, 2011

To me this was kool. Why. Because she is a Star Trek Fan. Only a HARD CORE Star Trek Fan would do a Video like that. Not much into the style of Music. But I thought the song was pretty good. I do think she is Attractive and I hope she does some more videos.

61. Christopher_Roberts - February 12, 2011

14. What does she have to say about it?

62. NCC-73515 - February 12, 2011

@ Norman Bates
No, why? I was born in the fantastic year of 1985, great scott!

63. fizzben - February 12, 2011

It was fun and not unbearable to listen to although I don’t care to hear it a second time. Nice to see the younger generation embracing Star Trek though.

64. Earthman Jim - February 12, 2011

Wow, a girl who bounces around, touches herself, and sings about Star Trek for over three minutes. Not impressed. In the end the girl can’t even speak proper english.

65. Daoud - February 12, 2011

Join The Klingon Empire still is the best-ever viral… but this is cute.
Cute thought, Norman about interpreting NCC’s that way.
Hmmmm, NCC-641127.

66. Todd M - February 12, 2011

guys, it’s a pisstake of modern pop-music, you’re not meant to take it on a “straight” level – i personally despise that genre, but dig this tune, precisely because it’s taking the mick, and the Trek references, naturally..

67. Justice Boy - February 12, 2011

I don’t hate it, but Warp 11’s ‘Trekkie Girl’ is way better!

In fact, 90% of what Warp 11 does is better!

68. Todd M - February 12, 2011

#60 – she asks the viewers to name their favourite Trek TV series, but warns if they say “Enterprise”, she can’t talk to them..

69. I'm Dead Jim! - February 12, 2011

Was that dude doing the rap bridge supposed to look like JJ?

Man… it’s easy to say something sucked and belittle people on the internet when you don’t have to look them in the face. Grow up, show some class and maybe a little respect to people trying to have a good time and show their Trek love!

70. joe - February 12, 2011

Good song, cool girl but I have to disagree with her about Star Trek: Enterprise. Enterprise was a great series, it wasn’t my favorite but it was a great series. It sure beat the daylights out of Voyager.

71. Katie G. - February 12, 2011

Thought it was clever although found it difficult to watch. Not really into “pop” at 56. She doesn’t quite have the moves down… too much repetition. However, gotta give kudos for the effort. Am surprised that she’s embracing Star Trek at her age. Good to see! Thought we dinosaurs were the only ones still hanging on.

Oh, and, sweetie, “Enterprise” was great. Let’s just agree to disagree. Each series had it’s flaws — poor eps and great eps. Love every one of them.


Can’t wait to see the sequel, J.J.!! Bob and Alex — great writing. Seeing your names everywhere. Best wishes for continued success!

72. Ciarán - February 12, 2011

I’ve been subscribed to her videos for a while now and she’s never made any secret of her love for all things Star Trek and all other things nerdy. She’s basically the girl that any Trekkie would LOVE because she’s hot and, of course, she loves Star Trek! LOL.

I think she’d be really psyched to know that this video has reached such recognition in the official channels in the Star Trek fan universe.

73. Phil - February 12, 2011

anyone remember this?:

74. Lieutenant - February 12, 2011

I think of MeekaKitty as an older version of myself :D

The video was fun to watch.. but it felt kinda dragging on as it got longer and she just kept on jumping.. xDDD

75. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 12, 2011

Hey Bob Orci. Cast this girl in the next Star Trek Movie.

76. Trek Nerd Central - February 12, 2011

I love this board. People argue over whether they should even be arguing. My head hurts.

In other news: cute video. I liked the breakdown with the spiky-haired boy.

77. johnbijl - February 12, 2011


“…. sonic shower scene …”

fixed that for you. #corrections

78. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2011

Okay, guys that picture of her is probably when she was sixteen. If you watch the video she does look older. And according to her YouTube account (link below) she says she’s twenty. Plus she sings about going to Vulcan and mind melding you tonight. Star Trek has a lot of metaphors. So if she’s younger than eighteen she should stop singing about mind melding you! : )

79. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2011

First, I forgot the her YouTube link indicating she’s twenty. Oh, and by the way, she probably does not mean this song is going to become a standard. So just enjoy it. And watch it, till the end. She asks you for your favorite series. She hates Enterprise. Okay, but what is up with the that R rolling stuff. Or is she saying something in Klingon.

80. RAMA - February 12, 2011

thought this was amusing…so does 1 million views on youtube mean its the equivalent of going web platinum?

81. Nick Cook - February 12, 2011

Well I enjoyed it. It was fun. :)

82. Dr. Cheis - February 12, 2011

she’s cute, but don’t much care for the lyrics.

83. Todd M - February 12, 2011

#69 – could be!

#79 – she’s purring i think, her nickname is meekakitty..

84. Aqua - February 12, 2011

#79, she’s purring. I used to have a gf that did that, she needs a little practice but I like it

85. Dennis Bailey - February 12, 2011

Well, I’m into pop at 56. I enjoyed it, and she’s quite talented.

86. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2011

@ 83, 84

First, she better be 20 or 24 depending on when she started her YouTube account. I wish she would take down that photo of her when she was obviously a kid. Because if she’s purring, that’s kind of sensuaul.

87. MJ - February 12, 2011

@ 46/ Canon Schmanon: “Please, the whiners didn’t get things going again….the shrill eructation of the perennial loser, the bothersome bleat of one who considers themselves a victim.”

Wow, you really need to stop whining about this, don’t you ? :-) A whiner is also someone who ignores facts and constantly complains, and sometime name-calls as well. Hmm, perhaps you should take some of your own advice here. ;-)

Us so-call “whiners” — and I put the term in double-quotes because I don’t subscribe to your labeling us as “whiners” — so in fact, let me start over — a select group of us who really care deeply for this site and are part of the community of posters did in fact encourage the staff to move forward with the site in Anthony’s second major absence, and in fact the staff did eventually do that, and this is proven out by the following post by:

“47. Charles Trotter – February 6, 2011
43. James Durdan (and everyone asking the same thing)
Anthony has unexpectedly gone MIA. Once we realized it’s been a while since he left and may be a while before he came back, we didn’t know if it was proper to continue posting stories without him. Yesterday, Russ and I agreed we should push forward. Russ has volunteered to pick up the mantle in Anthony’s absence, and I will be assisting.
Having explained the situation, Russ and I ask that you please bear with us while we try to bring the site up-to-date and keep it that way. Neither of us has a large amount of time to work on the site, so it may be a while before we get caught up and it may be difficult *staying* caught up. We will endeavor to follow the standards which Anthony set forth and keep the number one source for everything new in Trek. All we ask is for your patience and understanding.
Thank you all.”

So yes indeed, in a fair and true world where you would be in the right to say “Thank You” to James, me and others who urged the staff to get the site going again, our response to you would in fact be, “You are Welcome.” ;-)

88. MJ - February 12, 2011

@52. Basement Blogger – February 12, 2011: “@ 46 MJ. I agree. Airing your grievances can cause change. And note I use that argument to defend critics of Star Trek (2009) too. Exercise your free speech.”

Well said, BB.

89. sergio - February 12, 2011

I really love this girl

90. Hat Rick - February 13, 2011

It’s time for us older folks, not to say geezers, but older fans, shall we say, to realize that all the kids are interested in making Trek fun and interesting again, rather than about aging and moving on into retirement.

Thus and so, Star Trek Girl seems to me to be about vitality and dancing and movement and youth, and what, exactly, is wrong with that?

And don’t tell me that youth is wasted on the young. For we can all eventually grow young again, at least at heart.

Viva Star Trek Girl!

91. Canon Schmanon - February 13, 2011

87 MJ – I think it’s funny that you’re assuming I’m referring to you, since I’ve never named you, nor anybody. You took umbrage at my original comment and assumed I was talking about you? I find that interesting.

92. Paulaner - February 13, 2011

Star Trek + sense of humor + cute girls = win

93. MJ - February 13, 2011

From Rogers Guide to Web Posting, 3rd Edition:

“The tactic of someone suddenly changing topics during a web debate signifies the white flag of surrender. You and others participating in this debate may immediately assume that your argument has prevailed.”


94. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 13, 2011

Has she even seen star trek enterprise?

95. Captain Canuck - February 13, 2011

TNG Command Red… Awesome

I feel like a dirty old man all of a sudden

96. Star Trek: Voyeur - February 13, 2011

Just a minor tweak and it could be a smash hit:

“I’ll be your Star Trek, I’ll be your Star Trek”
“I’ll be your Star Trek, I’ll be your Star Trek”
“O-RI-AN Slave Girl….”

97. JMAN - February 14, 2011

She’s a pretty funny lady. Watch a few of her other videos and you’ll see that she has a sense of humour not too different from that of Conan O’Brien. Except female. And younger. And better looking.

98. DJT - February 14, 2011

I can’t make up my mind. ‘Hate it’ or ‘hate it so much I like it’.

99. DJT - February 14, 2011

I dunno.

100. frederick - February 14, 2011

I don’t mind the song, but the video is so one-note that watching got old about a minute in. Needed something else besides her bopping around.

101. Paul - February 14, 2011

I love this girl I’m a huge fan of The next generation and voyager bring on Star Trek Titan

102. Some Dude on the Internet - February 14, 2011

Cute song, cute girl, crappy video.

I kept expecting her to clock herself on that protruding wall section.

103. Polly - February 14, 2011

Um is this supposed to be a joke or…? anyways I have it stuck in my head now

Well look on the bright side…more proof that Trekkies arent just old ugly nerds….

2:45 Hey! It’s JJ Abrams!

104. Polly - February 14, 2011

101. “I kept expecting her to clock herself on that protruding wall section.”

that certainly would have made the vid a bit more entertaining to watch :)

105. Lt. Bailey - February 14, 2011

Not exactly my kind of music but I give her a lot of credit for doing what she has done. She must be a huge fan of ST to do this and why not? She deserves some praise for this effort.

While it may not be my style of music, I am not holding my breath to hear Sinatra sing a ST type of song since he is dead now. But I can hear him singing the ENT theme as that is something he might have done.

106. LadyCat - February 14, 2011

Actually, I thought it pretty clever and cute! And whoever said it….it would be nice if people didn’t always find fault with any and everything! But…you’re right…it isn’t going to happen. :(
I say…just go with it!

107. Sarah - February 14, 2011

Great song, horrible video. Actually, this could be prettied up a little bit if used with the right vocalist. Sounds like something Brittney Spears or some other diva ought to try.

108. Jim Nightshade - February 14, 2011

Heck that was cute as a bug—very clever cute well written—Meekakitty deserves meekapraise…..I really thought the co-dancers with the pig tails and dark glasses looked a bit outta place-any pontails/sunglasses on trek? hahah…besides being clever and well done great marketing to have the song available on itunes already..wonder how much they will make off of it….Id like to see more from star trek girl! Bravo!

109. Anthony Thompson - February 14, 2011

16. Norman

I thought you’d make him come to the motel to ‘get it’.

110. Anthony Thompson - February 14, 2011

Oh, my goodness!!!

111. BringBackTrek - February 15, 2011

Apparently, Geordi likes it: ;)

112. blipps2003 - February 15, 2011

great job, loved it!

113. THX-1138 - February 15, 2011

Not my cuppa.

114. S. John Ross - February 15, 2011

Stop … hopping … for god’s sake just for a second stop … hopping! Gah.

115. keachick - February 15, 2011

Fun and enjoyable. However the song went on for too long and became repetitive. A lot of modern songs seem like that. They need to embrace the idea of “short and sweet” sometimes.

#108 Sunglasses on Trek? If they keep the Enterprise bridge as white and as bright as it was and maintain the lens flares, all the bridge crew would end up having to wear sunglasses, not to mention the audiences. Anyway, sunglasses are probably more comfortable than those 3D glasses.

I see a lot of pictures of Chris Pine wearing sunglasses. He’s probably getting used to wearing these glasses for the sequel – Star Trek: Oh God, What Did I Do with my Lens Flare Sunnies?…:)

116. Gilberto - February 15, 2011

Enjoyable. Hot girls!! Really cute effort. Congratulations, girls. Keep up!!

117. Rath - February 15, 2011

“Mr Spock” by Nerf Herder is still my favourite Trek song.

118. mucho_gabucho - February 15, 2011

45. MJ – February 11, 2011
@37. No doubt you are a legend in your own mind in terms of your own appearance. LOL:

All I said was she is average looking. That doesn’t mean I am stuck up. It means I have contact with females, and apparently the guys here who are drooling over her do not….

119. mucho_gabucho - February 15, 2011

90. Hat Rick:

stop trying to associate youth with stupidity. I am young, my friends are young, and we are not stupid. your perspective on what ‘youth’ is, is that of an old person. I am guessing you’re at least in your 40s or so….

120. BringBackTrek - February 16, 2011

It looks like we have yet another TNG viral video making an appearance:

121. Polly - February 16, 2011

118. Just because you aren’t attracted to her, doesn’t mean that “the only reason guys are drooling over her is because they never have any contact with females”. What an immature thing to say.

122. Phil - February 16, 2011

well, there’s 4:55 I’ll never get back…..

123. Phil - February 16, 2011

120. BringBackTrek – February 16, 2011

Come on, the reporter was having a stroke or something on air…..

124. Jon Spencer - February 16, 2011

Nice sentiment, but cut the cheese. lol

125. st-fan - February 17, 2011

i loved this song! She has put her heart into it. Very much, it seems, a labor of love. Lyrics are great! i will buy this song.

126. st-fan - February 17, 2011

By the way Meekagirl, my favorite series is TNG. :)

127. st-fan - February 17, 2011

Sorry for so many posts..

i see Meekakitty in a guest appearance on Big Bang Theory…

128. Brett Campbell - February 18, 2011

Where was the video shot? Her parents’ basement? ;)

She is very cute and spunky, as demonstrated in her other videos as well.

129. Brett Campbell - February 18, 2011

BTW, my favorite series will always be TOS — but then I am an old poop who has the privilege of teaching a lot of brilliant youths. Right on, #119!

130. MJ - February 18, 2011

@119. It is all about you. :-)

131. TV-Tastic - February 20, 2011

I’ve been subscribed to her for about a year, I think. She’s a big trek fan does some pretty fun videos that I found by total accident. Pretty decent production valueson all of her commentary videos. If anyone thinks that this is a serious attempt at music, you should really chill the eff out.

As for this video, it was cute but all the pogo-ing got me tired just watching it. Reminded me of a couple dozen punk shows in my youth.

132. MSN1701 - February 20, 2011

Hahaha, that was great! The lyrics were clever, and the guy rapping in the middle was hilarious. Way to show love for Trek and make fun of today’s pop music at the same time.

This girl has a lot of confidence, of course people will hate on that. I say, from one Star Trek girl to another, you go, girl!

133. USS Enterprise forever - February 20, 2011

Yeah, i’d take her into my readyroom! She’s hot! Thought the whole video was fun, including that weird black-JJ Abrams-look-a-like!

B.t.w., that purring is tribble-purring and she’s actually doing not that bad an approximation of it!

And i agree that all trek series and movies should be respected and appreciated! Some episodes ARE better then others, but i guess that goes for all of us…

134. Courtney Patricia "GuitarGamerGirl" Parsons - February 21, 2011

Hey Norman Bates, or should I say Mr. Anthony Perkins? How are things at the Bates Motel? Does anyone else on the net get this reference? No one wants to be in your shower scene, young or old !!

We should tread cautiously, since we are showing our age with references like that, you for using it and me because I get the reference.

Anyway, Star Trek girl, you are AWESOME !! I live in the South and there are no other women around me who are Star Trek fans. You are the future, you carry the flame.

To answer your video question, I am Original Series, but I like all the series, even Enterprise a little. I like DS9 and Voyager better though. And of course, neither of those would exist without TNG, so of course I like that as well. But out of all of htem, if I was stuck on a desert island with only one series to watch, I’d have to pick TOS. Though TNG tends to have deeper political and social commentary, this is only possible because TOS laid the foundation and created a sort of jumping off point for them to go deeper. And the TOS characters are simply iconic; they resonate universally, because they are us. in Freudian terms, they mimic id (McCoy), the ego, the rational self (Spock) and finally the Superego, in Kirk, or in modern terms, the Adult that fuses them both together, and then makes (hopefully) correct decisions by weighing them equally, and
then choosing with rationality and logic tempered by emotion and compassion.

This is why a TV series from the 1960’s continues to survive and has touched the lives of so many. I have heard many TNG fans who are not also fans of the original complain that the original characters are “stereotypes.” Nothing could be further from the truth- they are not stereotypes, they are Archetypes (google it,and Carl Jung– learning is cool, and definitely a Trek kinda thing to do). And that is why it continues to resonate with people.

Keep on Trekkin, girl! You’ve got a fan in me.

135. Courtney Patricia "GuitarGamerGirl" Parsons - February 21, 2011

BTW. to you “macho” guys who think you are so hardcore b/c you don’t like “pop” music and you are into (presumably) metal or hard rock with lots of guitar and thumping bass, I have to say to you that I am a genuine rocker, I am a lead guitarist who occasionally performs in Nashville, but when I am alone, mostly I play pretty edgy rock.

The “style” which you are complaining about is irrelevant. When you get older you will begin to understand that music is music, and that a preference for a certain kind of music is nothing more than a mental block that lets you be closed minded. I know b/c I used to think like you until I started going back to school and taking composition classes. Now I realize that while I do have a preference for a more “edgy” sound, to discount something like this that someone has worked pretty hard on and done a really KICK A#@ job of regardless of style deserves two thumbs up. People that complain about other people’s music like that need to get a hobby or start trying to make their own music instead of sitting around finding fault with something someone else has done. IMHO, that just makes you a lazy, closed-minded loser.

Star Trek girl here has produced an awesome video, and though my style of music that I create is very dissimilar to what she has done, I appreciate and enjoy what she has done here. You lazy bums complaining about someone else’s hard work either need to get a job or go out and buy a guitar and learn to play it. You should be creating somehting of your own if you somehow think you can do better, and we’ll see how you react when you post hours of hard work on the internet and some 12 year old talentless male that lives with his parents starts picking it apart, even though he couldn’t play or sing a single note of music.

The point is, ST Girl, don’t listen to these pooh-pooers who think they are so macho b/c they listen to heavy metal or whatever. I have *played* heavy metal and hard rock professionally and I say YOU ARE AWESOME.


PS, could you tell us what you used to get the vocoder-like effect on your voice? Was it a keyboard, or like a vocal processor? Let’s talk real music. Those of you who can’t create, sorry, but this conversation is not for you, so stay out of it.

136. Jim Nightshade - March 7, 2011

Right on! I bought the song on Itunes soon as i heard it….and I am definately not a kid Im older than dirt and i loved it…

Its also done as light fun entertainment not intended to be a number one hit ok

Kinda like Kim Kardashians single now out… many are cutting it down..hey for a first attempt its not bad plus it is NOT serious SHe is NOT trying to becaome a singer or have a hit album just some fun and half of her proceeds going to st jude guess what the 2nd itunes song i bought after star trek girl is Kims Jam….so there….. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.