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Orci: Star Trek Sequel Script To Be Delivered In Late March + Pegg: Shooting In August [UPDATED] February 12, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Today Star Trek sequel co-writer and producer Roberto Orci has given an update on plans for the script for the movie planned for a Summer 2012 release. Orci says that the writing team plan on turning it in late March. More details below. [UPDATE: And in other scheduling news, Simon Pegg says he plans to be shooting the Star Trek sequel in the August. More details below.]


Orci: Six weeks for Star Trek sequel script draft

The script for the planned 2012 Star Trek sequel is currently being worked on. On Thursday Bob posted a comment here at TrekMovie.com that he was "writing Trek as we speak!". Orci is working on the script with fellow producer/co-writers Damon Lindelof and Alex Kurtzman. And today, responding to a question posted on Twitter, Orci gave an estimate on when the team plan on handing in their first full draft:

Bob’s estimate would mean that the Star Trek sequel script draft would be handed in around the last week of March. Assuming standard procedure (and no major problems with script), once the draft is handed in, Paramount will begin the process to give the film a budget and move into pre-production. That time will also be the decision point for producer JJ Abrams on if he will also be returning to the director’s chair. Of course, work on the script can continue all the way up to production start (with more tweaking possible during shooting), but the studio needs a draft in order to create a budget and give the film the official greenlight.

UPDATE: Simon Pegg: Shooting Star Trek sequel in August

The last estimates for shooting to start on the film were to be the Summer of 2011, but recently it has been reported that might "slip a bit" in order to accommodate Chris Pine’s schedule. Earlier this week in an interview with BBC 1, Star Trek’s new Scotty Simon Pegg said that he will be doing "Star Trek in August" (thank to James for tip).

The Star Trek sequel is still scheduled to be released June 29th, 2012.


1. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

Well, it’s about time Bob! :)

2. Harry Ballz - February 12, 2011

Beware the Sides of March!

3. Harry Ballz - February 12, 2011

A lot of you won’t get that joke, but Orci will! :>)

4. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

I truly hope and trust that you’ll be giving us something fun, and that this time The Enterprise (though she maybe somewhat ugly) has been developed into the full eighth character Gene intended her to be. Not merely a white box the crew run around over lit corridors in, but truly their HOME.

Thanks again,

5. RTC - February 12, 2011

Great news! Can hardly wait the next great Trek….!

Hey boborci, a quick side note. You kindly offered encouragement last year regarding my creative writing. I took that to heart … and I finally got my first novel published last fall! Science fiction, of course. Thanks for the inspiration! Best wishes for the next Trek and your other endeavors!

6. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - February 12, 2011

Just what John Cooley said, remember to make the enterprise that 8th character bob!!! pleaseeee!

7. captain_neill - February 12, 2011


I do creative writing myself.

I also submitted a 1 hour script for a script writng competition. I am quite pleased with my script. It features an ‘Alternate reality”

In regards to the new movie script, I hope you give us something stronger, something that is as fun as number 11 and still evokes the true spirit of Star Trek and do something is unique to Star Trek.

Will it have a more Star Wars or Star Trek vibe?

Will it be a new villain? Not a rehash of a classic?

8. John Cooley - February 12, 2011


Congratulations on your publication!
I find that facinating as I’ve been sitting on a ridiculously marketable original story concept for almost a decade and have procrastinated myself into a corner, not quite knowing what to do with it. My wife hates me as she would really rather not work anymore, but I just can’t figure out the best way to get the idea out of my head and into another format. Reading about your book gives me hope.
One day…


9. Hat Rick - February 12, 2011

I have great expectations for the script.

10. captain_neill - February 12, 2011


Do you think it will be stronger than XI’s script.

I want to be proven wrong and watch the next film without having gripes. Perhaps the best thing is to let go and just go with it.


Out of curiousity, how much did it cost to get it published. I did a publication course and it would cost me over £2000 to get a book published officlally. But could becheaper self published.

11. Dee - February 12, 2011

Great! … I promise not to complain… about it… until the last week of March … LOL!

12. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

Oh, and Anthony? Can we please change the sequel logo to something that doesn’t cause new readers to assocate the new Star Trek movie with the train wreak that was Ghostbusters II.
We don’t want potental new fans subconsciously linking the two.

Anybody else agree?

13. Anthony Pascale - February 12, 2011

you dont like the sequel icon? awwww. It amuses me but if someone wants to come up with something better, i’m open to it.

Paramount probably wont create anything until comic con so thats five months more of no official icon, maybe less if they want to create teaser for earlier

14. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 12, 2011

The script won’t be finished in 6 weeks or so, kids, only the first draft. I haven’t ever read about a movie that was shot on a script with no revisions. I’m sure what gets turned in at the end of March will not form the basis of what they’re using on set….

15. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

Sorry Anthony…just thinking of the franchise.

16. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - February 12, 2011

I’m amused by the icon for the sequel, too. My vote is keep it until there’s something official.

17. captain_neill - February 12, 2011


I actually liked Ghostbusters II, not as good as Ghostbusters but still fun.

I am not concerned about that link. I just hope that the new movies work in getting the new fans into the other Treks as well as these movies. That be cooler to have another Generation get into the prime TOS characters and TNG et all as well.


Do you think they will continue with the TNG movie style and call it Star Trek then a prefix?

I have no problem with the logo.

18. captain_neill - February 12, 2011


After the disappointment of Nemesis and I don’t think associating Star Trek XII with Ghostbusters II is going to ruin Star Trek.

19. CmdrR - February 12, 2011

Orci: (reading aloud: “Kirk: Gosh! Let’s get to that planet, quick. The blue one. Lt. Mister Sulu, hit it!
Sulu: OK, I’ll put the Enterprise ship into Warp 16 gear, Captain Kirk. That will take us very, very, very, very, very, very, very fast to that planet that is blue.
Chekov: That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.”

Kurtzman: Urm…

Lindelof: OK, I’m thinking this will all flow better after Spring Break.

Orci: I’ve got a 1.75 of Everclear and some lemon cough drops in the car.

Kurtsman: Road trip!

Lindelof: Tahoe!

20. captain_neill - February 12, 2011


As a writer myself, I really would appreciate knowing the publishing company you sought and how much it cost you.

I have also made a start on a novel as well as writing more scripts.

21. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

I was just having a bit fun at the expense of old Ghostbusters II and recalling that, that film was really nothing more than a rehash of the first. We don’t want that now either.

22. captain_neill - February 12, 2011

I also apologise for my past rants. I guess I can be too passionate about Star Trek. I just love Star Trek, all of it, a lot.

I hope that makes sense.

23. Hugh Hoyland - February 12, 2011

Great! see no worries. The scripts almost done, and seriously, does anyone see it being rejected or given the order for a big re-write? I dont. :] So it looks like things are proceeding as planed.

24. captain_neill - February 12, 2011


In that regard I do agree, the structure of Ghostbusters II was identical to the first one. But I still enjoyed it, even though it was not as good.

Although I had gripes over some changes in Star Trek XI, I believe that without any Michael Bay involvement that maybe Orci and Kurtzman can deliver a stronger script.

I would love to be proved wrong next year in my fears and that now that XI is out of the way my gripes over changes will finally disappear.

I mean the new movies are parallel to what came before. I mean our Trek is still there and always will be.

All I can hope for is the newbies embracing the Treks we all grew up loving, is it wrong to hope for that?

25. Anthony Pascale - February 12, 2011


As I have said to you in the past, everyone who visits and bothers to comment here is “passionate” about Star Trek. THere is no right or wrong way to be a fan, and no one here is better at it or loves it more.

And so I ask you again to not let things get to you. In the end Star Trek is just a TV show and the fandom is just a hobby and not worth getting upset or angry over. You worry too much what other people think. You are not a victim, you are a fan and you are not alone.

26. Denny Brain - February 12, 2011

i cant think of anything better for ‘2’ than the Ghostbusters one but when it comes time to do news for Trek ‘3’ you should do the ‘cubed’ one from Alien 3

27. Jonathan Evans - February 12, 2011

Awesome news! Can’t wait

28. ensign joe - February 12, 2011

*fingers crossed*

hope they knock it out the park!

29. Victor Hugo - February 12, 2011

Sweeet dude!!!! The last movie was the crowning moment of awesome for mankind.

Just another request, please thrown in some more “Enterprise” references.

A mention to Zefram Cochrane won´t hurt anyone.

PS: i like the Ghostbusters II kinda logo, it IS funny.

30. JimJ - February 12, 2011

I’m anxious, but I’d love to see it released at a time that there aren’t so many other blockbusters scheduled. But, I said that the last time and was proved wrong. I often ask myself, however, if the last one had come out when there was less competition, I wonder what it would have made then. Oh well, if it’s as great as a hope, it’ll rule the roost anyway!!!

31. MJ - February 12, 2011

Anthony, thanks for this scoop. Good to see that your are not only back, but that you are at the top of your game here again! Well done!

32. John Cooley - February 12, 2011


33. keachick - February 12, 2011

This is very good. And I really did have that dream. I think the story outline could be just amazing – it may be just a question of choosing the right colour scheme, whether it has carpet or varnished hard flooring, plain or patterned drapes, or should they be blinds – vertical or horizontal? etc etc.

This coincides with what was previously reported about Chris Pine’s schedule. It has nothing to do with whether there is a nailed down Jack Ryan script or not. It seems that there is no Jack Ryan script ready either, anyway.

Chris Pine must be wondering “wtf” right now. Maybe he should go back to the theatre again, just as long as he does not pull his sacrum and groin muscles again. Yikes.

BTW – do we all have to become Twitter twits in order to get an official response from anyone involved in doing the Star Trek movie sequel? Just wondering.

34. John Cooley - February 12, 2011


35. Victor Hugo - February 12, 2011

The first logo suggestion scares me, looks like 2 aliens from the ALIEN movie series will appear.

Although an Star Trek VS ALIENS crossover would be kinda cool.

I like the second one.

36. Dennis Bailey - February 12, 2011

I really like the Ghostbusters II/Trek logo you’ve been using – I laughed the first time I saw it, and had the feeling that you’d been waiting for a while for the opportunity to bust it out. LOL

37. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

The funny thing is the “II” in the first logo is from the website for the first film. It’s the light coming from between the double pocket doors all over the site.

38. MJ - February 12, 2011

My prediciton:

On of two things will happen in early April:

1. JJ and the studio will lover the script, JJ will commit to directing, pre-productiong will begin immediately, and the film will bet shot between September and December/January, will be shot in 3D, and make the July 2012 release date.

2. JJ and the studio will not be happy with the script, and it will be sent back to Orci and company to re-work. JJ will decide not to direct. The revised script or re-start will result in a final script not being ready until summer. Then a search for a new director will begin. The film will eventually then be shot in early 2012, and will think likely not be released until May 2013, as the studio wiil not want to go up against Batman 3 and The Hobbilt Part 1 in Dec 2012.

Here’s hoping for #1 above!!!!!

39. keachick - February 12, 2011

A mention of something from the TV series Enterprise? (I don’t think it sucked – very little of any Star Trek sucks imo). Bob Orci has assured me and everyone here that the beagle does survive. What people don’t know (Bob – reading this?…;) if that this beagle is a bitch and turns out to be very preggis. YES Life will find a way and, what makes this alternate Kirk different from the prime Kirk is that he adopts one of the puppies (with Admiral Archer’s blessing) and so begins a noble alt-Star Trek tradition of captains having an animal mascot… Just hope Chris Pine (“my captain”) likes dogs. Oh well, I believe he is a quick learner.

(Just thought of this, btw. I kinda LIKE animals, in case some have not guessed already).

40. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

I for one hope that they don’t rush it just to meet the stupidly publicised release date. Why did studios start doing that. It’s absurd. “We don’t have a script. We don’t have a director. Or any idea of what anybody has planed. BUT…we’ve got a release date!”


41. Vultan - February 12, 2011


Good point. Just when did studios start doing that? Maybe it’s because of the ultra-rushed pace of today’s media, but I don’t remember hearing about release dates so far in advance fifteen or twenty years ago. Back then (in the olden days *cough*) they seemed to have a little more of an “it’s ready when it’s ready” kind of attitude.

42. Anthony Pascale - February 12, 2011


Actually the Ghostbuters/Trek II icon is something I whipped up for my first article on the sequel, back in June 2008. Since it was a year before the first movie was out I hadn’t put any thought into it but the the hand with the ‘two sign’ just popped into my head

I appreciate the posted ideas, but havent seen something better and work as 110 pixel square

43. Anthony Pascale - February 12, 2011

i have added a comment from Simon Pegg that he expects to be shooting in August

44. keachick - February 12, 2011

How come supporting actors appear to know more than the lead actors, or even the writers, producers etc?

45. John Cooley - February 12, 2011

Good question.

46. Will - February 12, 2011

I hope there’s another Beastie Boys song in it, because that was a really good combination the first time.

47. Basement Blogger - February 12, 2011

I’m looking forward to Star Trek 2012. Everybody is talking about going deeper. That’s great. Since it’s likely that Paramount will release it in 3D, let’s hope it’s shot in 3D. No conversions. 3D will get rid of a lot of hand-held camera shots. I like that; no more motion sickness. :-) Curious to see who directs, and how they will play with the 3D. If J.J. can’t direct, stand by for…

Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek in 3D! Check this prospective scene out. Uhura gets jealous over Chrstine Chapel (Scarlett Johansson?) giving Spock an ear massage. McCoy doesn’t understand the fuss. Spock and McCoy discuss it, talk about the Uhura-Chapel catfight, TV pilots and Spock lays down some cool urban slang.

48. Green-Blooded-Bastard - February 12, 2011

@#14 4 8 15 16 23 42

George Lucas’s last three films…

49. Darkwing - February 12, 2011

Gosh dangit you Green-Blooded-Bastard, I was gonna say that!

50. Andrews - February 12, 2011

HOORAY and also Bob please don’t listen to anyone here about anything, they are all crazy. Including me.

51. CanOpener1256 - February 12, 2011

I don’t see how they will do all the special effects and post-production in under 10 months. That seems like a rush job to me. If 3D .. then I think we could be in trouble.

I would rather they push the date back then rush this for a quickie sequel.

52. Cygnus-X1 - February 12, 2011


What if anything was significantly different about the process of writing the sequel script as compared with that of the first movie? Was it harder/easier, more/less time-consuming, more/less fun, a more/less serious/emotional experience, more/less input from other people, more/less revision, more/fewer difficult plot decisions/challenges, etc…???

53. DonDonP1 - February 12, 2011

Shooting ‘Star Trek XII’ in August, eh? Fascinating.

54. Trekprincess - February 12, 2011

Can’t wait for Star Trek XII hope JJ Abrams is happy with the script and filming gets underway :)

55. Liam K - February 12, 2011

Keep the ghostbusters icon until there’s an official logo. It’s simple and fun :)

56. SirBroiler - February 12, 2011

I’m not counting on J.J. being at the helm of this one. ‘Super 8′ is going to hit so big that he’s not going to want to get back on board another Trek – and be under the rabid-fan microscope again.

I think he should produce, and give other great, proven directors a chance to put their own stamp on Trek. I’m all for seeing how a Speilberg, Donner or Scott (pick your favorite) would approach the characters and the action.

Would elevate the franchise a bit, don’t you think?

57. VZX - February 12, 2011

Cool. I hope its good. It has a lot to live up to. The first one was crazy good, even with all its science eff-ups. I just Orci and company run the script past a physics guy this time (supernova consuming the galaxy? huh?) before it hits the screen. Hey, Bob, I’m a physics guy. I’ll check out the script for ya, for free!

58. Red Dead Ryan - February 12, 2011

Their first film was a classic! Can they do better? Yes, I believe they can! Bob, Alex, Damon and J.J all know what they are doing, and if they don’t think they can write a good enough script in time, then they will go back and start over even if it means delaying the film a year or so.

A few things I’d like to see/not see in the sequel:

No more brewery.

No more dumb Red Shirt deaths, e.g Olsen. TOS Red Shirts always died due to bad circumstances and ill fortune, not hubris.

More McCoy.

More Kirk-Spock-McCoy moments.

A few TNG or other spinoff easter eggs.

A little less lens flares. Some are good, just not as much as last time.

More Federation Starships.

Humor, but no slapstick humor.

A character named Ryan. Heh Heh!

Thank You. :-)

59. MC1 Doug - February 12, 2011

#14: “The script won’t be finished in 6 weeks or so, kids, only the first draft. I haven’t ever read about a movie that was shot on a script with no revisions. I’m sure what gets turned in at the end of March will not form the basis of what they’re using on set….”

I beg to differ. “Star Trek The Motion Picture” underwent no revisions during its filming back in 1978 and 79.

60. MC1 Doug - February 12, 2011

JUST KIDDING (no revisions for ST-TMP)!!!

61. Harry Ballz - February 12, 2011


Yeah, and look how well THAT turned out!

62. Red Dead Ryan - February 12, 2011

I heard “Batman & Robin” had no revisions since they didn’t even bother with a script! Joel Schumacher took ideas from his nephew along with other preschoolers and put it directly to screen!

He must’ve thought to himself:

“Extra large silver jock strap for Batman? Great idea! He should be well endowed! Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl? Brilliant! Loved her in “Clueless”! Lots of neon-colored sets and effects? Bright idea! A real script? Nah. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about scripts anymore! All folks want to see are the good stuff, like batsuit nipples, bitchy sidekicks, bad acting, ad-lib dialogue and the stars’ rubber-clad asses!”

I hope Bob and co. make as many revisions as needed to make a rockin’ sequel! Better to wait a bit longer for a high quality film than to watch a rushed piece of crap!

63. trekprincess - February 12, 2011

When will the actors be available for Star Trek XII :)

64. MC1 Doug - February 12, 2011

#61: re: “how well that turned out…”

With no desire of prompting a battle of which movie is best, I expected such a response, but I am one of those rare birds who still considers ST:TMP the definite epic “Star Trek” on the big screen.

IDIC, ya know…

65. Red Dead Ryan - February 12, 2011


Didn’t it take like five years to make the movie? And there were no revisions?

66. Red Dead Ryan - February 12, 2011


It was epic alright……epic boredom!

67. trekprincess - February 12, 2011

You are right :) I don’t want them to rush take as long as possible to make the sequel great :)

68. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011



What, Inherently Dull Insipid Crap?

Sorry, if you liked it, that’s fine!:>)

69. Buzz Cagney - February 13, 2011

Having is not so pleasing as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.
A wise man once said that.
I’m happy to wait.

(I lke the Ghostbusters2 Logo. Rather inspired. Keep it for now. Besides, once the title is announced its gona need appreviating:
Khan is Back and he’s Super-Pissed This Time.
Or as we will come to know it KiBahSPTT )

70. Anthony Thompson - February 13, 2011

I’ll be shocked if it makes it’s late June release date. I think the last one shot for about 6 months, including 2nd unit. August + 6 months = February 2012, with just 4 months for post-production. Is that realistic for an effects-heavy film?

71. Vultan - February 13, 2011


The Star Trek sequel’s tagline:
“Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Vulcan… oh wait.”


72. Hat Rick - February 13, 2011

10, I want this script to be a bit more serious and, as well, philosophical, but also quite broad-ranging in scope, involving not only personal stories, but vast panoramas of starship in formation, repeatedly duking it out in such manner as to put any of the Star Wars films to shame.

The fate of the galaxy should, as always, hang in the balance.

Piece of cake.

73. Buzz Cagney - February 13, 2011

#71 I still reckon Vulcan is a fixer-upper. Sure they will need plenty of
No-Nails and a shed load of emulsion but I reckon the federation has the technology to slap it back together. And they really should take the opportunity to make the sky the correct colour while they are at it.

74. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

To me it doesn’t matter who directs the next movie, I was there before JJ Abrams came onto the scene and to me as I said in a previous post, JJ Abrams is just a link in a chain to the history of Star Trek. These movies are his addition to the legacy, where as Star Trek II and VI was Nick Meyer’s contribution, etc.

I will be going to see the movie no matter who directs it or writes it. I am a Star Trek fan, always.

As long as Gene’s vision is mainstained and we get the heart of the characters that we know and love and a good strong story then the next Star Trek film will be an amazing event.

First Contact enetered production in April 1996 and was out for November 1996 in US and December 1996 in UK. It’s achievable.

Although I was unhappy with Vulcan being destroyed, I will still like to see how the Vulcans cope and how the Federation copes since the Vulcans are one of the founding members of the Federation. Also will Ponn Farr be addressed in the new movie? I don’t think they should ignore Ponn Farr because of the mainstream, which would be a shame because Leonard Nimoy put it in Star Trek III.

Of course I am always going to prefer the prime universe but this could stil be an excellent movie. I am excited for it.

MC1 Doug

Also don’t forget Star Trek: The Motion Picture went into production before the script was finished.

I don’t mind humour in the film, Star Trek has always had loads of humour. But a bit more serious tone would help if it is a more dramatic story. ALso for the humour it should be more like the TOS humour and not the over the top physical situations that were in the last movie.

Scotty in the waterpipe and Kirk being constantly injected by cCoy were scenes I laughed at the first time I saw the fim. After several viewings of the movie I no longer found these scenes that funny anymore. I actually cringe at the Scotty in the waterpipe sequence now.

That brings me to Scotty, as I have said before I liked Simon Pegg in the last movie but he was NOT Sctty to me. I am hoping they make him a bit more serious and give him a bit more todo. Of course still have funny moments but Scotty should not be there just for comedic relief.

I know the IDIC was first brought in for Genee to sell in his company on “Is There in No Truth in Beauty” but as the philosophy is developed then the saying is saying how e are stronger by embracing our differences. Correct me if I am wrong butisn’t that not one of the ideals of Star Trek.

Do any of the fans like the idea of a positive future where racism and bigotry and war has all ceased?

75. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

Bottom line I feel a bit more confident about the new movie.

The changes have been made in the last movie, so it’s time to movie on and hope for a great movie. THe other Star Treks are still there.

76. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I don’t think you will ever move on Captain Neill don’t you have other interests other than Star Trek :/

77. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


Geez I said I was feeling confident the next movie and you still think i am going to hate it.

God I was pointing out that the destruction of Vulcan could provide an interesting development in this universe.

Read the bloody post and you will see that I am looking forward to it. My first comment is that I have seen different directors and producers do Star Trek that to me it doesn’t matter who is doing it as long as its a good film.

And yes I do have other intersts than Star Trek, but I have also been into Star Trek since I was 6 years old.

78. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

Why do I even bother to be positive people like trekprincess turn it into hate.

79. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

How in what way am I turning your posts into hate:/

80. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

I was trying to look at some interesting thereads they can do in this new universe. I think it would be interesting to sse how the desctruction of Vulcan in this alternate universe would affect the Federation. I think it could be an interesting thread in this new take.

Trying to look at a positive out a decision I didn’t like in the last movie. That was all folks. No hate, no bashing. Just something for discussion.

I never knew things like suggesting trying out some of the other Trek shows would be offensive to some newbies. I thought promoting past Trek was a cool thing to a newbie because it would all be new to them. THey all all this cool stuff to watch for the first time and for the newbies a lot of Trek there to keep them busy until the new movie hits.

81. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I was a bit off because I was posting something of more positive tone and you still give me a nasty reply.

Seeing Ponn Farr in this new universe would be of interest.

82. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I better stop this nonense and move on myself it was the new movie that introduced me to Star Trek i think everytime I watch it I just can’t stop enjoying it but there’s more to Star Trek then just the new film is that why you are annoyed with me because I haven’t seen all the other Trek’s as much

83. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Sure they are going to establish a new Vulcan colony :) didn’t Spock Prime say that hope they do find a other planet to be the new Vulcan do hopefully not all is lost :)

84. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

What a remake of Amok Time sure there’s no Vulcan and Spock is with Uhura that was a mistake in my opinion because there wasn’t a hint of any relationship in TOS

85. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I am glad you found Star Trek with the new movie, it is an amazing show to watch. Best show ever.

I am NOT annoyed at you. Was only suggesting the other Treks that you might enjoy as a result of getting into Star Trek through the new movie.

I think the new movie is an excellent window of opportunity to allow newbies to see what they have been missiong. THe new movie is a new kind of Star Trek but getting new fans to embrace it all is cool.

Kids have even embraced classic Doctor Who as well as new Doctor WHo and that is wonderful because it is all one show.


I was just suggesting, because you might like Jean Luc Picard and Data as well.


I know that but so few numbers of Vulcan. As I was saying even though I doidn’t like their decision for doing it, they might as well development the outcome of it in this new universe.

86. AJ - February 13, 2011

The fact that the Bridge, Sickbay, and a few corridors are already built should contribute to the crew’s ability to get ST2012 out on time. A new engine room would be nice, but these main sets are already created and paid for.

87. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


Not a remake of Amok TIme, I want NO remakes or rehashes of the best episode. That would be just lazy

Just be interesting to address Ponn Far, It was addressed in Search For Spock and on Voyager and Enterprise.

I can get the basis of relationship based on the flirting from Uhura in “The Man Trap” and “Charlie X” but I never felt it was strong enough to make a relationship out of. Which is why I never liked the relationship in the new movie.

88. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I hope for a proper Engine room as well, as the brewery didn’t work for me and in one shot it was out of scale.

An Engine room like the one on the Enterprise E would be cool, it has a scale and is consistent with the other decks.

Even a engine room like the one on the NX- 01 would look cool.

89. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I know it was a bit weird to watch Spock kissing Uhura :/

90. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I didn’t mind the sets :)

91. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

The bridge I have gotten use to. It’s still a cool set, even though I prefer the TOS bridge, but that’s the fan in me.

One of my all time fav bridges is the bridge of the Enterprise E.

But the engine room is the only set that took me out of the movie. Now the thing is if it was dressed better it would have worked better I think.

Doesn’t ruin the movie but to me not as iconic as the other Engine rooms.

92. crazydaystrom - February 13, 2011

74 & 78

You’re alright in my book Captain. Your two positives after your double negative (“isn’t that not”) appeals to my Libran sense of balance ;-)

93. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


Seriously I was trying to put some positives that I am looking forwrd to.

94. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I want more Bones and less Uhura if that makes sense wha
what things do you want in the sequel :)

95. crazydaystrom - February 13, 2011


Cool Capt._N. It’s all good.

96. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


More Bones would go back to TOS where Kirk, Spock and Bones were the main three, def up for that.

97. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Why don’t you think positively on this alternate universe I know you are hard line canonise but why can’t you let go and accept these following movies and universe:)

98. Janice - February 13, 2011

It sure is taking a long time to get the script out–but maybe that means it’s going to be extra good!!

All I want to know is about Pike/Bruce Greenwood. I really want to see him in the film and to be a part of the action.
I’ll be beyond disappointed if Pike isn’t there!!

I’ll be looking forward to any bits of news about the sequel.

99. CmdrR - February 13, 2011

98 – Careful what you wish for. Sequels tend to kill off supporting characters. Or put ’em in chairs that go *beep beep*. (“Yes, yes! He agrees!”)

100. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I think the alt universe is a great way to allow these films to do their own thing while the other Star Treks exist along side. Its a good case of having the best of both worlds.

101. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

See it’s so bad Neill :) less Uhura and more Bones would be great what do you want in the sequel :)

102. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I meant to say it’s not so bad that the prime and alternate stand alongside each other :)

103. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I know. Look I am really sorry about how I go on at times.

Its cool that they can both be side by side. Hope you understand that my preference will always be twords the rime universe, but at the same time I can still enjoy the new movies.

104. Bobo - February 13, 2011

it might seem like a fan boy nitpick, but have your trek specialist on hand, i find little comments like “I’ll have a cardassian drink’ very VERY off putting. Cardassians are those alien types that came with the subsiquent years of exploring new worlds and new civilizations – yknow what i’m saying?

105. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

You will always prefer the prime universe that’s wonderful as well Captain Neill :) I don’t have any problems with opinions we all have them, there’s a Star Trek for everybody :)

106. Bobo - February 13, 2011

one of the things i loves most about star trek 2009 was the retro feel of both the old 60’s and ALSO the 80’s films. It would be such a delight to see the crew beam down to a strange new planet the way they did in the 60’s (complete with ‘ensign expendable redshirt’)

also, as much as i love action, it’d be great to see a really simple story that makes you smile, maybe even giggle to yourself…

but i have faith in your guys…. :)

107. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

When did they start writing the script :/

108. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I think that redshirt, Olsen, was a little too cocky. He was asking to be killed by being so reckless. Lol.

109. Victor Hugo - February 13, 2011

Hoping they bring the composer Michael Giacchino back, i love the soundtrack of the new movie.

He did an amazing job reworking the TV opening theme by Alexander Courage. It was

I´d love to see if could insert pieces of the Jerry Goldsmith TMP main theme too.

After all, they ARE heading for the TMP time period. :) V´ger is still coming.

Nero even met V ´ger in the comics.

110. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I thought we be heading for TOS time period as the new movie put the crew together 6 years before they got together in the prime universe.

The film was 2258 and I the 5 year mission in the main universe was 2264/2265 -2269/2270.

111. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

:) it’s fascinating this new alternate universe :)

112. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I am glad they are using TOS my favourite Star Trek series :) I wonder if they will bring in characters that were in the show like Janice Rand, Nurse Chapel, Gary Mitchell etc :)

113. Radioactive Spock - February 13, 2011

I’m looking forward to more Bones in the next one. Hoping Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman write in some good Spock/McCoy, Logic/Emotion, repartee. One of the highlights of the TOS and TOS era movies for me were the great moments of Bones and Spock going at it and Kirk’s finding the right middle ground between the two.

114. BuckSavard - February 13, 2011

… I didn’t actually expect him to give a response, but you know what a) you never know unless you ask, and b) Boborci, if you read this, know you are rericulously awesome.

115. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I think after 5 series, it did make sense to go back to the original. They are iconic characters, I love TOS a lot.

But I have to admit when it was announced I was dubious about different actors playing the characters, because unlike James Bond, the Doctor in Doctor Who (Doctor Who is not his name) and Batman, I felt the actors were synominous with the character. Shatner was Kirk, Nimoy was Spock, so for a while I was against different actors.

The new cast proved me wrong and they did good jobs as new interpretations of my fav characters. Of course to me William Shatner will always be Captain Kirk, but I think I am more relxed and use to the fact that the younger fans and newbies will lean more towards Chris Pine.

The triangle of Kirk, Spock and McCoy was the heart of the stories, Spock being logic, McCoy being emotion and Kirk being the guy who balnces it out.

With the spin offs it took a more family feel between all the characters. ANd yet with Enterprise they went back to a triangle. In Enterprise Archer is a more Kirk like captain and Trip is kinda like McCoy with his very outspoken human vales and southern drool and T’Pol obviously the Spock function. Its another thing I loved about Enterprise, was them trying to recreate that triangle.

I do hope we get more of it in the next movie.

116. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I doubt Gary Mitchell will be in there since in the new universe Kirk went to the Academy later than he did in the prime universe.

It’s a shame that some of the more high concept ideas of Star Trek can never be done on the movies.

117. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

As I am a younger fan I think Chris Pine is who I prefer as Captain Kirk :)

118. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

What is it about William Shatner you love so much Captain Neill if you don’t mind me asking :)

119. jas_montreal - February 13, 2011

I think after Simon’s comments, The movie will be delayed towards the end of summer 2012 possibly.

120. Dee - February 13, 2011

The guys are great … and they deliver a perfect screenplay … so I’m still betting in July or August … or better in August as Simon Pegg is saying that … if you remember he’s got all the predictions …. LOL … it was in December 2010, is not it Simon? … LOL and +LOL!

121. CarlG - February 13, 2011

As long as the logo for the sequel doesn’t include the words “Electric”, and/or “Boogaloo”, it’s all good. ;)

122. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


Because he IS Captain Kirk. He is the original that I grew up watching on re runs and the movies.

By the way I am only 4 years older than you. I am not ancient but been into Star Trek since I was 6.

123. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


You make it out that you do not like William Shatner as Captain Kirk.

124. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


Simple fact is I was always going to prefer the originals. I watched them since I was a kid.

Same reason most James Bond fans prefer Sean Connery.

125. Kirk - February 13, 2011

They will not make 2012 date.
If they shoot in august and wrap say Dec that leaves less than 6 months for post production to release.

If they only spend 6 months on FX and 3d it’s going to suck balls

126. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


2 years ago I would have hated to hear these words.

Now it doesn’t matter to me. it’s just a way of life to accept change that a new generation likes the more modern version than you do.

I guess Anthony is right it’s no different than the Kirk vs Picard debate.

127. Maj - February 13, 2011

Agree with Red Dead Ryan, I do wanna see TNG elements in the new movie, in the story Spock prime came from that timeline and so did Nero, there has to be some kind of connect between the two not only for story telling but for new followers to learn about past Star Trek. If we can call it ‘past’, cause it’s supposed to be an alternate future timeline, the prime universe.

Just an opinion, I think the most important canon is TNG. It would be really nice to see something from that show.

128. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Off course I like William Shatner as Captain Kirk is it a crime for a newbies like me to prefer the young cast who I thought were terrific :) your mileage may vary on that

129. JimJ - February 13, 2011

#39-I didn’t read posts from other people after you mentioned Kirk getting one of the puppies. However, I think it would be more fun if Spock had one since he will never own a pet Selat (Seylat-however you spell it). The fun would then begn with Bones giving Spock a hard time about owning a “fluffy puppy”!. ;-)

130. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - February 13, 2011


131. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I didn’t say that, you were asking me why I liked William Shatner. I assumed by the tone you didn’t like him.

The new cast is superb, better than I thought they would be.

132. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 13, 2011

A year before trek 09 came out I have to admit that I never heard of Bob Orci or Alex. J,.J only heard of him. Now after a few years I have a lot of respect of the court. Especiely for Bob Orci. Bob comes onto Trek Movie and Blogs with us and even ask us questions and gets some our our Hard core insight. How many other A list Writers do that for fans of a T.V Show or Movie. Not to many. i have all confidence in Bob and the court in a Great Trek Movie. So On that note Bob. NO PRESSURE!!!!!

133. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Captain Neill I don’t despise the original cast I love them as well but as I didn’t grow up watching TOS I think the new cast were brilliant but I understand you will always prefer good old Bill Shatner etc as the characters :)

134. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

fair enough.

Can we be civil. I want to apologise to you.

135. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 13, 2011

#131 and 133. As a Hard Core Fan since 1975 I feel you can love both. I love the Tos Cast a great deal. I also love the new cast. I think that that there is plenty of room for both cast to win our Harts. Just like the Tng and Ds9 and etc. Etc. No need to argue who the best is.

136. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Yes Captain Neill I don’t despise you or your opinions they are very interesting and engaging :) live long and prosper

137. Jonboc - February 13, 2011

#74″Do any of the fans like the idea of a positive future where racism and bigotry and war has all ceased?”

I love the idea…but considering how human nature hasn’t changed in thousands of years I find it highly unlikely to change in 300 years. As TOS demonstrated, more so than the often less conflicted and more utopian TNG, they try their best to take the high road, but it’s not always possible. People do argue, they are prejudiced and they do hate. As McCoy stated in Omega Glory, his very astute observation that evil often triumphs, unless good is very very careful. And thank goodness for the bad guys that make it entertaining for the good guys to save the day. Utopia makes for a great vision of the future, but it makes lousy entertainment!

138. Alec - February 13, 2011

Trek 2009 was pretty good (perhaps 7/10); but let’s hope that the sequel is even better.

I would like:

1. The triumvirate, aka Star Trek, back.

This is the soul tripartite that comes from Plato’s philosophy and forms the basis of a considerable amount of literature, TV, and films from the Brothers Karamazov to Saved by the Bell! Just as Star Wars, JJ, is Luke, Han, and the Leia, Star Trek is Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Make it so.

Kirk is the one being represented by the unity of mind, body, and spirit. He needs Spock, mind, logic, and McCoy, body, appetite, to function properly. The two supporting characters each form one extreme of Kirk’s essence. When on their own, they’re no good: together, they are one, perfect. Make the audience aware of this…

2. A good story

So no plot holes, incredible promotions, and chance encounters. And let’s have the story mean something, like TWOK or TVH or TUC. Star Trek 2009 was simply about getting the group 1-7 from a to b to c in the quickest and most action-packed and explosive way possible. Make us think as well as entertain us. Star Trek has always been clever. But, please, next to no technobable.

3. A fleshed-out, memorable Villain

Nero was a poor man’s Shinzon. We didn’t get to know Nero. He had a generic backstory that took about 2 minutes of exposition. Compare that to Khan. Khan has a great personal connection with Kirk and has hated him for decades. And when Khan’s not on the screen, everyone is talking about him. He’s the Star Trek Vader, before that character was ruined by the prequels: now I just see a whining child behind the suit.

4. Better direction and production values.

The engineering set takes you completely out of the film. Get a massive, humming warp core with hundreds of technicians and computers. A Star Ship can’t be run by one Scot and a collection of water pipes. You have the money now: reusing other stuff.

The lense flares are now out of date. They were ok, though overdone perhaps, in the first film; but to use them again wouldn’t be innovative but retrograde.

Show off the wonder and mystery of space. Meyer had starfields and great planetary shots. JJ had none of this, really.

5. Better music.

Trek 2009 had one main theme (albeit a good one) that kept repeting. Have more music which tells the story of the film: TWOK did this for every emotion, every set-piece. Trek 2009 had a very limited score which wasn’t up to the standard set by the other films. Trek has always had great music in the past: Horner, Goldsmith, et al.

139. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Alec those are very good :)

140. JimJ - February 13, 2011

“Really, captain_neill…you must learn to govern your passions. They will be your undoing.” lol Joking with you, my friend. I’m as passionate about Star Trek as you are. From some of your posts I am in ALMOST total agreement with you. I gotta say, though, in my case the ONLY thing I didn’t like about the last Star Trek movie was the brewery engineering. Other than that, I accepted all of the actors as the characters they portrayed and loved every minute of the movie. You see, it’s the characters of TOS series that I love. I can accept a few minor changes in their background, personalities, etc. just as long as I can have those characters back. So, this last movie was almost like heaven to me.

TNG/ENT/DS9 were all series that I enjoyed a great deal, but not as much as TOS. Don’t even get me started on VOY and all the problems I thought it had. But anyway…my point is, I’ll accept a new bridge and a new Enterprise (even though I’ll always love the original design the best) just to have those characters back. I love every actor/actress that originally portrayed the iconic characters, but I am equally loving these these new actors/actresses. How couldn’t I??? They ARE the characters I love. I thank them for thatand can’t wait for the next adventure.

For all the diehards out there….I mentioned these two things long ago. Couldn’t they do something cool like make the new Vulcan colony have the red skies, etc. like prime Vulcan had? Also, couldn’t Scotty do a refit on engineering now that it’s HIS ship? It was kind of a pain to “jettison” all of those pods to save their butts last time. I have a hunch Scotty would have ideas to make engineering more user friendly (and pleasing to the eyes). Just a couple of random thoughts……

141. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


You in UK right?

Lets just be more firnedly about this from now on.

142. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

Agree with you Alec.

Nicely said.

143. JimJ - February 13, 2011

BTW-I was born the same year Star Trek started on network television. My mother says I started watching Star Trek as soon as I started watching TV, picking it over cartoon, etc.

144. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Yes I am from the UK ok let’s be more friendly about different opinions and to each other:)

145. Charla - February 13, 2011

Great news about the script! Happy Dance!

146. boborci - February 13, 2011

52. Same ship, different day.

only ths time around, expectations are higher.

147. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

I am also in UK.

Happy to be more friendly.

148. son-of-shatner - February 13, 2011

Anything must be better than the last effort……

149. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Boborci I loved what you did with the last film :) I thought everything about the movie was great anyway good one bob same ship, different day :) hopefully the sequel will be awesome can’t wait for Trek XII and good luck

150. Jeyl - February 13, 2011

Good points there Alec. While I have certainly said a lot about what I hated about the first film, this is a pretty good list that shouldn’t be too hard to follow even for a film that’s aiming for a mass market appeal.

While this certainly wouldn’t make or break the film, I would like to have the original stardates back. I think it’s silly that the entire galaxy has to conform to an earth calendar date. Even Nicholas Meyer did worked his way around it without changing it out of the blue. He put the “In the 23rd Century” and literally followed it up with the classic Stardate right after.

151. Daoud - February 13, 2011

@AP, well, you could play off the Dos Equis label…
we could call the second film now:

“Dos Trekkies”

152. Canon Schmanon - February 13, 2011

Filming in August?!?!? I hope Simon isn’t filming all by himself…

I agree quite a bit with two things mentioned here – I’d like to see the brewery in the engineering go away. The moment I saw it I recognized it as a brewery, and I don’t care how many futuristic work stations you put around the place, IT IS STILL A BREWERY!

And I firmly agree with the person who said make the Enterprise an important character in the movie. The Voyage Home was fun, but it lacked an important character. Both Kirk and Scotty treated the E as if it were a person, and it would be nice to see that.

Otherwise, Bob, good luck! You sure have a lot of whiners to please!

153. Daoud - February 13, 2011

@boborci in 146: SSDD. Hahah! Only have to change one letter /t/ to a /p/. That’s a great line, you MUST use it somewhere in the script. Would be a perfect line for Sulu to Chekov. The banter the two of them had in TOS was always great.

154. Trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Boborci it’s amazing how you can handle criticism from fans how do you do it:) anyway I am so looking forward to the sequel live long and prosper

155. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2011

146 posts and half of them belong to Trekprincess and Captain Neill. :-)

Can’t wait for the sequel, of course. But what I also hope for is a better marketing strategy in terms of merchandise. A making-of book would be appreciated, so would another tie-in comic. But most of all, a better line of action figures, props and ships than what Playmates gave us last time. They did a good job with the Enterprise and phaser, but everything else stunk. The stuff they did in the 90’s was much better. And maybe they should get Hasbro to do it, though George Lucas, I believe, owns that company. So that might not work.

And a video game tie-in would be nice. For the X-BOX 360 and Playstation 3 would be good. But I don’t see that happening because I doubt many game studios would want to gamble a lot of money on something that would probably only appeal to Trekkies.

Sigh……Oh well. I guess the bottom line is I hope Paramount does a better job with merchandising.

156. Buzz Cagney - February 13, 2011

#146 They certainly are, Bob! But I have faith in you guys.

157. Mattyb.uk - February 13, 2011

Good lord will everyone take a shot of romulan ale. All the main crew are assembled. Main sets are built. Costumes made. The main enterprise cgi is done. They could already have the main outline done and Ryan Church could already be doing conceptual art. The special effects can be started before principle photography starts.

158. CmdrR - February 13, 2011

boborci — Have fun with it. If you need help, just let me know.

159. VOODOO - February 13, 2011

Bob Orci #146 – “only ths time around, expectations are higher”

Expectations are so high this time around because of the great work you guys did with the first film. In the process you saved this tired franchise and put ST back on the map.

Best of luck with the new script. I’m sure whatever you guys come up with will be great!

160. Arcadians - February 13, 2011

Hi everybody,
I rarely post, but I’m a keen follower of the site and I do love my Trek.
My love for Trek came from my Dad, John, who I’m absolutely gutted to say passed away suddenly two weeks ago tomorrow.
I’m still struggling to come to terms with what happened (Dad was only 60) but I just wanted to share the passing of a Star Trek fan with other Trek fans, on what is undoubtedly the best Trek site out there.
For the record, by Dad watched every Trek series and enjoyed them all, but remained a resolute fan of the original series, which he watched on its original UK run, and had watched repeatedly since, on video, then on DVD, and then the remastered editions.
I’m so glad that we got to enjoy the latest film together. Our big screen Trek viewing goes right back to TMP, and I’d like to thank Bob Orci and team for giving me the chance to enjoy the adventures of Captain Kirk and crew on the big screen with my Dad one last time.
I’m devastated that my Dad has gone, and watching the new movie on its release won’t be the same without him. But I plan to enjoy it for the both of us.
Dad wasn’t a drinker. A half of shandy was as far as it went. But I’d still appreciate it if anyone reading this would raise their next drink – whether it’s alcohol, a cup of tea, or a glass of Romulan Ale – to my perfect Dad.
Thanks everyone,

161. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011

125. Kirk “If they only spend 6 months on FX and 3d it’s going to suck balls”


162. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2011


My condolences to you. Sounds like your dad was a cool guy.:-)

163. Anthony Thompson - February 13, 2011

86. AJ

Actually, the bridge set was struck after filming. It will have to be rebuilt (though it’s already designed, of course). I don’t know about the fate of other sets. Sickbay wasn’t an impressive set and didn’t have the look or ‘feeling’ of previous ST sickbays. The Transporter room was ‘OK’. One of Bob’s missions of course is to make a reference in the script to a refit in Engineering so a proper set can be built for the sequel.

164. CmdrR - February 13, 2011

163 – Maybe the new bridge will be 4G… or 5G by then.
Please, since you’re rebuilding it… give us some contrast!!! Reds and blacks like TOS. And lose the lens flares! But, keep that super-cool viewscreen. SO nice to see that fully-realized.

165. keachick - February 13, 2011

What – so nobody is into 23rd century hooch?

About the puppy – Spock has Uhura, Bones is still too pissed off and Kirk is lonely hence Kirk should have the puppy. Shame there can’t be a selat for Spock, but I think they are a little on the big side and can be quite dangerous. Then again, Kruge from Search for Spock had a smaller pet, an ugly but endearing carnivore (at least Kruge thought he was..though, isn’t this all that matters?)

(No bestiality intended nor permitted…ICK! UGH! GRR!)

Re Pon Farr – it is quite possible that Spock going into Pon Farr could cause Uhura’s nipples to go spung.
(Robert Heinlein apparently knows all about spunging nipples…)

See, Bob, we are full of great ideas…:)! Some of them even usable. I dare you to do better!

166. MJ - February 13, 2011

@160. My sympathies to you and your family. I would have liked to have met your dad.


167. keachick - February 13, 2011

“If they only spend 6 months on FX and 3d it’s going to suck balls”

Isn’t that lick balls and suck…?

(So much to do. Best get on with it…)

168. Steve-o - February 13, 2011

*sigh. i really cant wait to see the leaked photos, and glimpses of technology and what not.

169. JimJ - February 13, 2011

What does spung mean (dare I ask)? I must be getting old.

170. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2011


I guess it depends on what one prefers, by whom and to whom. Comes down to different tastes and testes! :-)

171. falcon - February 13, 2011

My wish list for Trek II: (or is it XII?)

1. No lens flares. (Or at least make them relevant to the scene.)

2. The Kirk/Spock/McCoy triumvirate, and include some gut-wrenching decision that turns it on its ear (for instance, Spock advocating compassion and care, while McCoy advocates logic).

3. Less emphasis on geeky sci-fi storylines. Instead of a villain, how about a challenge? A true dilemma, one from which drama builds, instead of just a good-guy, bad-guy scenario?

4. An Enterprise that’s more proportional to the original. Have Ryan Church and Tobias Richter get together.

172. MJ - February 13, 2011

@163. “Actually, the bridge set was struck after filming.”

As I understand it, that may be just a rumor started by a fan. I don’t think that this is confirmed.

173. MJ - February 13, 2011

@171. I’ll just settle for a new engine room and less lens flares.

174. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011


keachick, I appreciate your input on this important matter.

I will bow to your expertise on the subject! Hell, I’ll even lay down!

It’ll be my pleasure to work under you on this project!

Hmmmmm, this discussion reminds me of that old naval song…………….

“Blow the man down! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

175. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2011


“Blow, blow, blow your boat, gently down a stream….”

176. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2011

“Thar she blows!”

177. Jonboc - February 13, 2011

#160. So sorry to hear about your loss. You’re dad sounds like he was a awesome Trek fan, and clearly an awesome father. When you’re watching the next movie, don’t be so sure he’s not right there with ya, smiling every step of the way. :)

178. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

I find that amazing that boborci can handle criticisms from long term Star Trek fans :) I wonder how he does that

179. boborci - February 13, 2011

160. may the solar winds be at your father’s back as he continues his journey into the unknown…

… So sorry for your loss.

180. boborci - February 13, 2011



181. Anthony Pascale - February 13, 2011


That is enough with spamming threads by posting over and over and over. Gather your thoughts but no more posting replies to your own replies. Plus you dont need to respond to every post from eachother saying same thing over and over. You are filling up the threads with your repetitive bickering

182. John Cooley - February 13, 2011

There’s two perfect examples of what happens when Paramount rushes a Star Trek movie to a pre determined release date. StarTrek: The Motion Picture and StarTrek: Generations. I really hope that they push this film back rather than give us something worse than the first film.


183. dmduncan - February 13, 2011

160: “But I’d still appreciate it if anyone reading this would raise their next drink – whether it’s alcohol, a cup of tea, or a glass of Romulan Ale – to my perfect Dad.”

To John it is, then.

184. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Oh dear guess I crossed the line :( it was captain neill that is always wanting me to respond

185. JimJ - February 13, 2011

OMG, another answer to their own post. Still was hoping captain_neill would respond to my #140. Oh well.

186. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

22. captain_neill no worries, we are all passionate about trek, I like you am passionate about ALL trek, which is why we all have such strong opinions. As long as we can get into an argument and still be cool headed after its all good.

187. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

25. Anthony Pascale

Well said.

188. keachick - February 13, 2011

#169 Apparently the idea came from an early Robert Heinlein book. It was his attempt at writing erotic romance…LOL

As I said, I really think it has something to do with Vulcan Pon Farr and females getting “spung” nipples (as in they go hard when s.excited). Anyway, that is the explanation I am going with. I will never think of “spung” in the same way again…:)

Bob – remember, if you need any help with anything, just say the word…

189. Richard C. - February 13, 2011

I honestly would like to see Spock and T’pring get together in the next movie.

Seeing more Romulans and some Klingons would also be very nice.
I think it would be very interesting to see the resulting power shifts from Nero’s incursions. Having all the Romulans armed with future tech would not only be good eye candy but it’d also be a good way to further the plot. I could see a story where the Klingons are forced into an uneasy alliance with the federation not by the Organians, but rather through necessity at the risk of being conquered by an ever expanding Romulan Star Empire.

I also want to see Uhura’s TOS haircut!!

190. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

32. John Cooley

Not bad except it should be a roman numeral XII.

Its not a technical sequel to the numbered series but its still the 12th star trek movie made, just like the new james bond is prequels now, the latest one is still referred to as Bond 23.

I am not making that statement at you, just those who feel this is star trek 2 and not 12, reboot, sequel, prequel…its still 12.

191. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

Hey Bob, just double check the cinematography, it always bothers me when there is a missing insignia on a uniform like after captain Robau says “polarize the view screen” the next shot when he goes to sit in his chair you can clearly see his nice shinny delta shield pin is missing. Its amusing if you kept it that way to pay homage to the times when they were missing on uniforms in the TOS series, but I noticed it right off the bat first time I saw the movie.

192. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

46. Will

Yea, I was not expecting that or the Nokia phone or buddwiser beer. It was a good choice for a song though, I remember saying in the theatre “what!? serious, beastie boys..cool, it was a pleasant surprise. These things have not been seen in Star Trek before, which is fine but it did not offend me to have those elements in the new movie, it just reinforced that this is about us here on Earth and not a galaxy far far away.

193. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

50. Andrews

Good advice, we’re all nuts

194. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

56. SirBroiler
Ill have to disagree. That is what I love about JJ he is honest and sincere and has the passion, panache, and pizzazz of old school film directors..something lost in Hollywood. JJ loves to pursue his own ideas and passions but I doubt he would turn down trek 12 because of Super 8, it would be because he did not like the script. He developed enough of a passion for Star Trek I have a feeling if everything is right he would like to be at the helm of the next one. Now that he has a feel for it, I would only imagine the next one would be a step up.

Until this new trilogy is complete I do not want to see another director at the helm other than JJ.

195. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

57. VZX

exactly, its well known super novas burn out and would usually destroy its own solar system, not travel to another.

196. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

It seems Tom Hady (aka Shinzon) is finally getting recognised. He got a Bafta for Rising Star.

On the montage of his work some footage from Nemesis was included.

Tom Hardy deserved it as I think he is a good actor and great to see he is getting the recognition he should have got years ago.

197. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

I am sorry Anthony

198. MJ - February 13, 2011

@174. Harry, I was just waiting for you to respond to Keachick’s post. She really set you up perfectly for your predictable and very funny response! :-)

199. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


You make excellent points and to be honest you bring up the most important part of the original crew being back, its the characters not the set design.

Even though they are alternate versions they are still going back to the original show.

I do agree with you about the brewery.

200. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

58. Red Dead Ryan – February 12, 2011
I agree, delay it till 2013 if its necessary, which we could only hope would mean Star Trek 13 would coincide with the 45th Anniversary in 2015!

I too no longer wish to see a brewery engine room. It was a smart move to use it in the last movie with regards to look, feel and budget, but the next movie deserves a decent engineering room and warp core, one with about 2 dozen engineers work in it not just two or three people.

And yea I would like to see more Federation starships patrolling or exploring together, just more ships and more ship interactions.

This was another piece of Star Trek where most of the fleet is off somewhere, blah blah blah. How many times was the Enterprise the only ship in range…are you kidding me.

201. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

62. Red Dead Ryan

No doubt, as a batman fan I was insulted with the decline of the movie, I DO NOT LIKE Tim Burton or Joel and was so happy Batman had a nice clean tasteful rebirth with the Dark Knight series. Nolan showed Burton and Joel a thing or two.

202. captain_neill - February 13, 2011

This is the 45 th year of Star Trek. 2016 will br the 50th year,

203. keachick - February 13, 2011

#174 Yes. Some things are much better done in the horizontal position…

204. MJ - February 13, 2011

@200. @58.

RDR, Chadwick, like I said earlier, if the script is accepted and JJ agrees to direct – with both these steps occurring in April, then filming will start in late summer and the film release will still be on schedule for summer 2012. Yes, those are 2 big ifs, but I would say that there is a 60/40 chance that this works out. Not great odds, but not bad either.

I will say again though that the film should avoid at all costs a Christmas 2012 release up against Batman 3 and The Hobbit – Part 1, so if this timetable runs late, then I would recommend them targeting May 2013.

Unlike others, I am certainly not afraid of going up against the Spiderman reboot in 2012. I predict lackluster performance for that movie based on what I am hearing from it so far.

205. MJ - February 13, 2011

@ 203. @174.

Was that humming sound I just heard Harry’s printer spitting out his airline tickets from Toronto to Auckland on tomorrow’s flight? LOL

206. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

64. MC1 Doug

I love ya! I too feel that way about TMP. Even as a kid I loved it, it didnt bore me. It was slow, I give everyone that but it was epic in its own rights, that retro 70’s feel like Phase II would have had. Another reason I love TMP is because we never got a 70’s Star Trek series, which is when it should have made a return, and not waited till the 80’s with TNG. You have shows like Battlestar galactica, buck rogers, space 1999, and there was no room for a 5 year run of star trek from oh say 1973-1977 with enough time to make TMP.

TMP was the only epic feeling Star Trek movie…until 2009.

207. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


I happen to be a huge Tim Burton fan and having just rewatched the first Batman movie again on Fri night, I still think the first one works. The first one is the 1939 take on Batman. Gotham City still looked the best in Burton’s movies.

Tim Burton’s two bat movies are fantastic, it’s when Joel Schumacher took over that the quality dipped. Besides I still think Michael Keaton is the best Batman, followed by Christian Bale.

Batman & Robin is a terrible film, But Tim Burton’s two batman films are still fantastic.

Tim Burton has an amazing vision and inspired me to direct.

208. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

72. Hat Rick – February 13, 2011

“but vast panoramas of starship in formation, repeatedly duking it out in such
manner as to put any of the Star Wars films to shame.”

yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!

209. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

73. Buzz Cagney

Lol yea, 200 Federation starships all with tractor beams at MAX and we’ll just pull a planet from another system into Vulcan’s old orbit.

210. MJ - February 13, 2011

@206. Been watching my Blu-Rays of Space 1999 Season 1 — wow, you would not believe how good it looks — like it was filmed yesterday! Anyhow, I am amazed of how much the uniforms and some of the sets look like what Wise and Roddenberry came up with for TMP. They definitely borrowed some of the look from Space 1999.

I forgot what a great show Space 1999 was — I had not seen it since the early 1980’s. And again, it blows you away on Blu-Ray.

211. MJ - February 13, 2011

@207. Captain Neill, please don’t get me started on Burton, or you and I will both be getting warnings from Anthony from multiple posts. (yes, I can’t stand most of his work, sorry). :-)

212. John - February 13, 2011

Lets hope the science in this script makes sense this time around!

213. SChaos1701 - February 13, 2011


Leave the logo as is. I really like it.

214. captain_neill - February 13, 2011


It’s best we don’t get started on that one, because I am a huge fan of Tim Burton and don’t want to argue against more bashing. Bad enough with the Rick Berman bashing.

Been a fan of Tim Burton since I was 9.

215. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

74. captain_neill

Well said, that is how I look at is as well, JJ Star Trek movies, are his contribution to the legacy of Star Trek. Its not his trek, its his version of trek, I very much enjoy that aspect about this wonderful franchise is that so many brilliant people have incorporated their ideas and dreams into this legacy.

What about all the Katra’s destroyed when Vulcan was destroyed.

I too have been a Star Trek fan since a young age, age four when TNG started, been a trek fan ever since.

216. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

91. I agree I liked the bridge, sickbay, and the corridors I really liked, the white patterned tube style hallways with the black floor, again cuz I am a 70’s sci fan, it had a very retro feel. But the engine room really got to me, first time seeing the movie, im thinking, seriously…this is the engine room, these are the mechanics which are driving a 23rd century light-speed starship…give me a break.

217. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

WIth regards to comment 97 by trekprincess, we have already been exposed to alternate timelines, parallel universes, and mirror universes. We can accept a mirror universe where everyone is evil with a Terran empire, so why the problems with the new movie universe. I agree, its time to let go. I love cannon, I love the original star trek universe but for right now, it is nice to get lost in this new universe.

218. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

202. captain_neill

duh, yes your right, which is what I meant to say. For the third new movie to correspond with the 50th anniversary would be incredible.

207. captain_neill

Tim did serve as producer for forever and batman and robin so it still had his flair. Um I though the first one is just too goofy, dont get me wrong, I am a batman fan and have all those on blu-ray but I guess if im not a fan of butron’s style there are no if and’s or but’s for me.

219. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

210. MJ

Awesome, thanks for the heads up, ill consider it on blu-ray, I too am a fan of Space 1999

220. Punkspocker - February 13, 2011

WatchingUndiscovered Country now. Reminds me of why I love Trek so much. Illegal romulan ale!!!! Just bring back Quinto and I’ll be happy! Easy to please Trekkie.

221. Basement Blogger - February 13, 2011

I just watched Star Trek 2009 again. Looks great on a widescreen HDTV, even though I have just the DVD. Okay, i’ve criticised the film but here’s some great things about the 2009 movie that I want to see back.

1. Great special effects- The CGI is beautiful.
2. Vulcan philosophy- Vulcan scenes kicked butt. Roddenberry made the Vulcans logical because human emotions sometimes would get us in trouble. So Spock or Sarek getting us to cool it and listen to the better angels of our nature is a good thing.
3. J.J. Abrams- He’s indicated that he’s fallen in love with the characters. And I hope that includes what Star Trek is about. He’s a fine director. And as much I hate hand-held camera shots, it wasn’t all that dominating in the movie like “The Bourne Supremacy.” Plus if he films in 3D there’s going to be less of that. If not him, how about Tom Hooper? (“The King’s Speech”)
4. Make the sequel in film- I don’t know if this is possible if filming in 3D. Video can be harsh. I don’t hate it but there is a warmth in film.
5. Dr. McCoy- More Dr. McCoy. I don’t know if this will hurt the demographics concerning women. But Dr. McCoy was a blast in the last movie, the films of the TOS cast, and the TV show. I love his bleeding heart idealism.

What about lens flares? I actually think in moderation, they’re okay. I see what Abrams was getting at. It adds a certain realism like a documentary which is a signal that this is a future that could exist. Plus I want the job of “lens flare guy.”

222. NCM - February 13, 2011

Female fans seem under-represented here – our own fault, of course. Yet, I wonder what percentage of Star Trek fans are women. If the representation of women in ST fan fiction is any indication… (men are grossly out-numbered there). I tend to prefer male Star Trek writing over the romantic variations preferred by the women writers, but I think the appeal and longevity of the original Star Trek has as much to do with the Kirk-Spock relationship (I don’t mean Kirk/Spock) as it has to do with the thrilling, thought-provoking scenarios that can be imagined in worlds beyond the here and now.

223. NCM - February 13, 2011

captain_neill and trekprincess, get a room and run amok.

Just kidding!! I’m new here; please don’t bust my chops.

224. Alec - February 13, 2011

Good to know that captain_neill and trekprincess are, with me, fellow Brits.

And Shinzon, Hardy, has just won a BAFTA, albeit for ‘Rising Star': the only award voted for by the public. Some footage of Shinzon was shown.

Speaking of which, Shinzon got a proper amount of screentime in Nemesis: the Villian should not be an afterthought, as it was in Trek 2009. Ok, Trek 2009 was an origin story… I still maintain that Nemesis was the best TNG film. It felt like a feature film, unlike its predecessor. It had a very strong link between Hero and Villian: the latter is the clone of the former; the question is, would the Hero, had he been subject to the same environment and conditioning as the Villian, be just as the villain is and do just what the villain does? And there’s very few silly moments, here. Troi doesn’t get drunk. Worf doesn’t get a pimple. Data, Picard, and Worf don’t burst into song. Troi and Riker aren’t in the bath. (If you hadn’t guessed, I hate Insurrection!) Of course, Nemesis wasn’t perfect. It lacked originality, being too much of a clone (see what I did, there!?) of TWOK. It had poor special effects, in parts. And Sirtis, remarkably, completely forgot how to play Troi: she plays herself in the film.

225. JimJ - February 13, 2011

I tell you what, watching Star Trek movies on SyFy or when I get bored and pop them in the bluray player…I can’t think of a movie that didn’t have at least one good scene in it, the type that runs chills down my spine or brings “a tear to me eye”.

My favorite scene of all Trek movies is the “flyby” scene with Scotty and Kirk. I don’t give a rats *ss if some people say that it’s too long and boring. The night I waited in line at the theater and my beloved show was BACK, I practically cried with joy during that scene. I think my 2nd favorite moment is the “reveal” scene when Kirk & Co. get the NCC-1701-A. But the scene that stirs the most “emotion” from me is the opening of the newest movie where Kirk’s dad sacrifices himself. Talk about drawing you into a movie from the get-go! WOW!!!

226. dmduncan - February 13, 2011

Hardy was cool as Shinzon. I even liked the whole backstory about Remus and Ron Perlman as the Viceroy.

One issue I always seem to have with Star Trek is how it portrays these various super warriors who still somehow always end up getting their asses kicked by our far less than super cast of main characters.

Un acceptable. It doesn’t sell.

If you are going to have kick ass shock troops, then I don’t care how heroic our main characters are, they’d better barely escape with their bicuspids intact when facing them. James Cameron in Aliens is one of the few people who seem to have gotten that part right.

227. ensign joe - February 13, 2011

@ 160


228. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

102. trekprincess – February 13, 2011
103. captain_neill – February 13, 2011

Awe too cute lol. I love how things get heated up and when its over its sorry’s all around :D

229. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

104. Bobo

I agree, even in Enterprise they did technically make first contact with the ferengi but they did not make first official government contact until they went further and explored that area.

230. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

102. trekprincess – February 13, 2011
103. captain_neill – February 13, 2011

P.S. it seems like we “trek fans” are always arguing over the same thing, its always something to do with the prime against the alternate………um……is it getting old? :P

231. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 13, 2011

Off Topic. Michael Rosenbaum will be returning to Smallville for the 2 Hour Series Finale. I read this on Tv Guide and a couple of other places. The Producers and Michael Rosenbaum have confirmed that he will be in the Series Finale.
I for one am very happy with this. I hope Anthony does a Thred for this one.

232. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 13, 2011

Oh. Rosenbaum will be playing Lex Luther.

233. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

109. Victor Hugo – February 13, 2011
YES! I want to hear the TMP theme done by Giacchin, would be awesome.

137. Jonboc

Where have you been, have we not made huge strides in the 20th century alone with regards to racism and bigotry? I am pretty sure we have, in the past 100 years we have done more than in the last 1000. Things are only going to progress faster. Granted there still is a lot of racism out there, especially in the U.S. with the cooks in the south and mid west, but most people will not tolerate that bullshit anymore. I wont say it does not happen but its almost unheard of up here in Canada. But you still right when you have problems like in France with the Burka, and England and the huge muslim influx, it sometimes seems like the majority of the population is so.

I feel utopia makes for great entertainment…..because its something I crave.

141. captain_neill
144. trekprincess
Get a room you two, sheesh.

234. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

I am thinking looking back at the sets which were built, since the next movie might take place after the crew has been together for a year or two, or three, with the Enterprise likely already undergone some reconstruction after the Narada incident. We might get a proper engineering set and warp core. The TOS E did not have a “warp core” per say but there are enough elements in the new E taken from that 70’s sci fi style. The Bridge, Transporter room, Sickbay, hallways, and turbolifts have already been built which means they do not need to be made from scratch. The Narada interior and Kelvin bridge are those sets which might not appear again and there will new sets for the next movie but also new Enterprise sets as well. When you compare built sets to locations to computer effects we all know how much on location shooting they did so they would not have to build sets. With most of the Enterprise sets already in existance, with a higher budget we all know the next movie will receive minus the computer effects, location shots, and one movie sets…the Enterprise will indeed be receiving some new sets. But what will it, they be?

Some people disliked the bridge, its nice, bright, but I would rather see a nice engineering with a warpcore full of glowing plasma.


I also very much like the Visean warp core from Enterprise…hmmm where have I seen that style of engine before?


235. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

151. Daoud – February 13, 2011

I love Dos Equis and I like “Dos Trekkies” lol.

155. Red Dead Ryan
I agree, although I did love the viral marketing. I really wanted one of these posters, but they were limited at the parties.


P.s. I NEVER buy the Playmates ships or props anymore, they are shit. The underside of the ships all have screws, if you want quality ship models without spending $100’s of dollars check out Art Asylum (Diamond Select) ships, I sold all my Playstation ships and got Art Asylums. And when it comes to props again I avoid Playmates and go with the accurate replicas like on Roddenberry.com

236. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

163. Anthony Thompson

I did like the transporter room the gold ring around the base, the slots coming out of the wall, it had a nice high tech retro feel (if that makes sense lol) but there were two things I did not like.

#1 the individual transporter plots on the pad were all domes and not flat, you can easily see it when they stand on it. Why would it be a dome shape and not flat, other than artistic license? So you transport up from somewhere standing with your two feet flat on a ground and beam up and now your feet are slightly angled because your standing on a dome, it just seemed so odd, I REALLY didn’t like that small nuance.

#2 the transporter control panel was a joke, there was simply not enough info on the screen to beam a person up, its made no sense, there was no sliding knobs which is so indicative or transporting. You see Chekov’s right hand on a leaver control but c’mon bring back

237. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

164. CmdrR

LMAO! It’s like an operating system, the bridge will be 5.0.5.

I agree loose the flares, there is a line for everything and they crossed it. They do not have to be eliminated totally in the next film but 50% less is huge. And shaky cam, I knew some people who could just not take the end of the movie because of how shaky the camera became.

238. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

164. CmdrR

And yea, the screen was awesome, I loved that it was a transparent window, so cool to see the dish. But I do wish that when you are communicating with someone that the screen goes more solid than they showed for the Kelvin or Enterprise. Oh and the image on the screen was distorted, like someone hitting the stretch button on a widescreen TV to make a 4:3 picture fit. Just like the stupid transporter platform dome’s…..why? Why stretch the image on the view screen? Humbug!

239. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2011


Yeah, I have the refit Enterprise, Enterprise-E and Enterprise-D from Art Asylum. I also have their TOS phaser, communicator and science tricorder. I also have a number of their action figures.

240. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

167. keachick – February 13, 2011

“Isn’t that lick balls and suck…?” yes..yes it is.

168. Steve-o

Same here, I said I was going to stay oblivious to the last one and not even watch trailers so I would be totally surprised but, I just couldn’t, so I know how your feeling lol.

171. falcon – February 13, 2011

“4. Have Ryan Church and Tobias Richter get together.” YES!!!

172. MJ
No doubt, I heard it was stored, not destroyed.

241. Tony Todd's Tears - February 13, 2011

Reading this news makes me want to cry.

My Dishonor as a Klingon is complete.

242. Rocket Scientist - February 13, 2011

189. Richard C.

“I honestly would like to see Spock and T’pring get together in the next movie.”

And if using the name T’Pring is as much of a problem as T’Pau was for the ENT producers, maybe they can introduce her hot cousin:


243. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

222. NCM

I agree, well said. I also wish there was more female representation, especially on the blogs. I am happy there are great female turn outs at conventions, im happy with that…increases my chances of meeting a cute trek girl…../gamer girl/cosplay fan ;)

244. lodownX - February 13, 2011

oddly… I’ve been checking in here at Trekmovie for well over 2 years before the release of XI … now we are again at roughly the 18 month point awaiting the next movie.

I’ll never forget August of 2008 … and finding out we’d have to wait an additional 6 months… due to the writers strike … for Trek to hit the screen. Agonizing would be the word I’d describe that morning checking out Trekmovie.

Here’s to a quick and safe 18 months… We’ve done it before…

thanks for reading.

245. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011


I’m blown away by this exchange!

246. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011


MJ, you don’t expect me to take this lying down, do you? Hey, wait a minute…

247. John Cooley - February 13, 2011

So this’ll be my third time writing this, Anthony, is the board ok?

@ 172 & 240

Struck is the past tense of strike. To strike a set, either film or theatrical means simply to remove or take down a set. In this case the set was not destroyed but mearly removed and stored to make way for other productions.

I only hope that somone lost those stupid contemporary bar code scanners that are all over the bridge. Particularly the white and red scanners on the helm console.
The Rite-Aid in my little town uses that precise scanner, and everytime I’ve seen the movie, my eyes go right to them. i once told one of the ladies that works there that the scanners she uses everyday are in the new StarTrek movie…she just looked at me blankly till I left.

Bob, if you do nothing else can you say something to somebody about those? They’re distracting! You can leave the black bar-code scaners that are all over the bridge, but those two white and red numbers have got to go!
Thank You.

Your friend,

248. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011

240. Chadwick “Isn’t that lick balls and suck….? yes..yes it is”


249. Chadwick - February 13, 2011

248. Harry Ballz
I don’t get what your trying to say with all your ?? and !!

250. Cygnus-X1 - February 13, 2011

146. boborci

I have to concur with Daoud in 153.

“Same ship, different day” is a mandatory line for Trek.

I’m surprised it hasn’t been used already.

You really should put it into your movie and get the credit for it.

Sulu to Chekov, while they’re sitting at their posts on the bridge would be perfect. And then Spock or Kirk, upon hearing the line, furrows his brow and gives them a slightly disapproving sideways glance.

That would be KILLER!!

251. John Cooley - February 13, 2011

It WAS in the script for the last film.
McCoy said the line at the end of the film on the bridge, but it was cut.

252. Buzz Cagney - February 13, 2011

#209 LOL Now that i’d pay to see, Chadwick. Awesome!.

253. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011


Chadwick, pretty cocksure of yourself, eh?

254. Harry Ballz - February 13, 2011


Doomsday Machine= Planet Killer

200 Federation Starships= Planet Puller

m’yeah, that sounds about right!

255. Anthony Thompson - February 13, 2011


I think there are two reasons why sets in a continuing film series are sometimes struck. In the case of Star Trek (2009), the bridge set was struck because the production needed the soundstage space for other sets. But sometimes it’s a union issue. I remember being surprised when Richard Arnold (whatever happened to him, BTW?) mentioned at one of the cons that all the wires in a Trek bridge set had been cut after one of the films had wrapped because…union electricians would have to be paid to rewire it for the next movie!

256. John Cooley - February 13, 2011

Well, it wasn’t just that the production (by that you mean Star Trek?) needed the space for other sets…the studio makes money by renting out studio space. So NO Star Trek set remains standing once the production wraps. All sets go into storage to make way for other productions.

The only permantly standing Star Trek sets in existance are in upstate New York. And that’s a better looking bridge set than JJ’s could ever be. ;)

257. trekprincess - February 13, 2011

Do you think I don’t understand how much the prime universe means to long term Trekkies :/

258. captain_neill - February 14, 2011

235, 239

I have the Enterprise A, Enterprise D and Enterprise E from Art Asyllum. DiamondSelect. I also have a TOS Phaser and TWOK Phaser as well as a TOS Tricorder.

They are all amazing and look rightto the shows and movies. I love having them.

I used to love Playmates more when i wa kid and collecting TNG figures but Diamond Select have better detail.

259. MJ - February 14, 2011

@258. What is the size of the Diamond Select models — the website does not mention how big they are? Thanks

260. MJ - February 14, 2011

@255 “The only permanently standing Star Trek sets in existence are in upstate New York. And that’s a better looking bridge set than JJ’s could ever be. ;) ”

Yea right, and if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon. ;-)

261. chrisfawkes.com - February 14, 2011

I’m really looking forward to the next installment and hope the story somehow provides the context of repercussions from the events of the last movie.

The political, philosophical, religious implications of moving vulcans into a new neighborhood. The escalating tension if Romulus finds out they only have 130 years left and why that might motivate them to come after earth. The internal politics on earth as the government try to suppress from the romulans that they only have a limited time left and the great grandson of Julian Assange who informs them anyway at the cost of millions of lives.

But whatever i’m expecting good things.

As a side not could (should) we as trekkies petition google to include Klingon in the google translator.

262. Jim Nightshade - February 14, 2011

Sean 160-arcadians–i lost my perfect dad 3 weeks ago last saturday so i can relate–my dad liked the new movie too n thought star trek the experience was great n full of imagination when i took my folks to it back in 2004–i will gladly raise a glass of tranya for your dad as well–my dad lived to 92 n died from stomach cancer–he had a long full happy life-the last six months were hard but he died surrounded by 4 generations of his loving family–as the klingon warrior churroq mentioned on the last day of the experience–may we all die with our eyes open n our underwear dry–kahplow—-

263. captain_neill - February 14, 2011

About 12 inches long. They are longer than the New Enterprise from Playmates.

The Enterprise D is the biggest. I think it is scale with the Enterprise E, being that it is bigger but the Enterprise is still longer as it is suppose to be.

I love that the D has saucer seper capability.

My friend has the new movie Enterprise, he does like the new design more than I do. But the thing that ruined the playmates version for me was visible screws on the model whereas none on the Diamond Select ones.

264. captain_neill - February 14, 2011

Regarding the set, I read that each time they did a TNG movie the set was disassebled and kept in storage for the next film. Would this not be the case for the new bridge.

I am warming more to the new bridge now but I still think the TOS bridge was more iconic and I think movie wise Herman Zimmerman designed the best bridges.

The Enterprise A bridge in TUC and the Enterprise E bridge are two of my favs.

265. virgin vulcan basement nerd - February 14, 2011

I hope Tongo Rad is in there somewhere. Space studies rules.

266. Mike - February 14, 2011

lets hope there are no lens flares this time around….

267. captain_neill - February 14, 2011


Especially not in 3D. LOL

268. Marcus - February 14, 2011

@266 –

I disagree; the lens flares add an amazing textural quality to the motion picture about life and operations aboard a starship.

269. Dumb jock - February 14, 2011



270. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME people!

271. Aurore - February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthdaaaaaay!……….

272. SoonerDave (formerly "Author of The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers") - February 14, 2011

After hearing that the script was (or very near) completion in December, but we now know it will be finished in March, would make me wonder about the source of the delay. Would sound like a pretty significant effort involved in that three-month window, so the “curiosity” light is on. Was there a problem with the story that needed substantial changes, or perhaps a particular character changed for some reason?

As I said, just curious. Lots of times you read about these kinds of issues in a “making of” article or book after the fact.

Whatever it is, looking forward to it. Should be fun.

273. arcadians - February 14, 2011

Thanks for all your comments guys. They mean a lot.
And Bob… if you need a name for a character in the next movie and you can use “John Chamberlain”… well I think my Dad would have liked that very much indeed!
Jim Nightshade, thanks for your words, and my sympathies go out to you.
I never got the see The Experience. Dad and I never even got to the States… we were planning a trip to DC to see the Smithsonian for his 65th… he always loved the space programme… and I wish he’d had the chance to see that stuff first hand.
We got to attend a lecture by Neil Armstrong during a tour he did of Europe about ten years ago, and that’s a memory I’ll always cherish… along with around a billion other great memories!
Cheers everyone, Sean.

274. AJ - February 14, 2011


Many TNG sets were even used for the latter two TOS films. Everything was done to save money in those days. Even exterior shots were re-utilized ad nauseam, including exploding Klingon BOP in 6 & 7 which were the same shot. Damn annoying at times.

Even now, I can see no reason why the new Bridge/corridors/transporter room, etc. would not be in storage awaiting a light updating for time passed, etc.

275. Damian - February 14, 2011

233–LOL I was thinking the same thing about Captain Neill and trekprincess. They go at each other so much I’m starting to think they’re in love.

Looking forward to the next film. The main things I am looking for:

—More McCoy and Pike (Urban and Greenwood were the best).
—More of the original series Scotty infused into the character.
—Shake up the engine room a bit (at least fit into the ship)
—I know it’s a pipe dream, but I HATE lens flares in every scene (they really do give me a headache)
—Something about the consequences of Vulcan (a founding Federation member) being destroyed.
—Some familiar aliens (Andorians, Tellarites, Tholians, etc)
—Something involving exploration (it seems few movies focus on that aspect of the Star Trek universe).

Just some odds and ends.

Oh, one more thing, an answer to the age old question of why the fleet was all in the Laurentian system would be nice:) I mean, what the hell is so special about the Laurentian system?

276. Anthony Thompson - February 14, 2011

Agreed. I am also curious about this very drawn-out writing process. I recall that the story was first being hashed over by Bob and his partner while ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ was being filmed. So it seems rather odd that it’s taking so long to get to final form.

277. Anthony Thompson - February 14, 2011

My last post was a response to 272. Sooner Dave.

278. JimJ - February 14, 2011

Wouldn’t it be funny if they pulled a fast one on us and they’ve been writing TWO scripts…to complete a trilogy. AND, wouldn’t it be even funnier if they filmed them back to back, so they have a 3rd movie “in the can” for the big anniversary that will be coming up?

I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING! Don’t think I’m trying to start a rumor. I’d just LMAO, since some people panic at their pace even though this one will be much easier to produce than the last one, IMO. Heck, the story is key. I’m glad they are taking their time. Everything else will fall into place.

279. Victor Hugo - February 14, 2011

275. The Laurentian system was colonized by the Dino De Laurentis descendants. They were airing “King Kong 23″ at the time.

280. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 14, 2011

The bridge is so bright, I need sunglasses. A dimmer would suffice.

281. captain_neill - February 14, 2011


Very funny

282. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 14, 2011

The Laurentian system is probably just and inside joke. But now that it’s out there, I’d like to know more. And see other Constitution-class vessels.

283. John from Cincinnati - February 14, 2011

Hey BobOrci!

Good news about the script! Now, will I see seeing Captain John of the USS Cincinnati in it? LOL j/k. How about some Talosians at least?

284. Damian - February 14, 2011

281–Sorry, had to take the opening, today being Valentines day and all. I did notice the two of you did kiss and make up ;)

Another idea:

An idea that has been brought up numerous times (originated with Vultan I believe–but correct me if I am wrong) about having a teaser sequence with a scene from the original series–one idea being from the Doomsday Machine. I agree with Captain Neill that I do not want a remake of an episode, but a teaser scene would be cool.

285. somethoughts - February 14, 2011


I loved the kelvin bridge that reminded me the most of tos.

I would love to see starbases, future earth, alien worlds, binary systems, superclusters, more cool ships, civs, equal ship to ship combat where there is game theory involved.

Spock would win at cash games and kirk would win tournaments, logic vs luck/risk

286. P Technobabble - February 14, 2011

I feel bad for the writers. I’m sure they’re locked in a room for the next month with a guard outside the door. One meal a day. Trips to the restroom twice daily. No phone calls. No tv. No video games. Boy, the things they have to go through for us…

287. AJ - February 14, 2011


Half the script is probably written on the can. Good “thinking” time.

288. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2011

#286 I feel bad for the writers. I’m sure they’re locked in a room for the next month with a guard outside the door. One meal a day. Trips to the restroom twice daily. No phone calls. No tv. No video games. Boy, the things they have to go through for us…

287. AJ – February 14, 2011

On top of that. If they break any rules. They get time in the Agoniser Booth set on a High Setting.

289. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2011

I want to see Kirk and Spock Play 3 D Chess in the Movie.

290. Iva - February 14, 2011

What the hell is it about writing that script that takes so long? As if there was any serious effort put into writing the first one.

291. Damian - February 14, 2011

I want to see Kirk and Spock play 3D Chess IN 3D in the movie.

292. SoonerDave (formerly Author of "The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers") - February 14, 2011

I think the next movie inevitably has to deal with the loss of Vulcan, at least in some capacity. I don’t see how you can begin to exposit the Rebooted Federation’s future shadowed against the Prime Federation. Heck, think about in TOS terms, you’ve killed off T’Pring, T’Pau, so “Amok Time” never happens – at least not as depicted.

Sorry, as much as I enjoyed the movie reboot, still think destroying Vulcan was a mistake.

boborci, could you relay if there had ever been a consideration in your movie to have had the Enterprise go back in time (during its final escape from the back hole created during the Narada’s destruction) just far enough to have, somehow, saved Vulcan? It would have been such a classic Trek save-it-at-the-end moment plot turn…

293. Phil - February 14, 2011

I got to thinking about Trek 09, and don’t recall hearing anything about the Prime Directive. The more I think about it, I’m hoping that dosen’t come up. That would open a ton of story telling opportunities, and gets rid of all the annoying lectures about how important non interference was, except when it’s was preventing us from scoring on hot native babes, abandoning ship, access to carnal pleasures, or energy/recources/strategic hot spots….

294. JimJ - February 14, 2011

Iva! Shame on you!! It’s Valentine’s Day and you delivered a Valentine worthy of Rick Berman!!! Wait; Rick, is that you????

295. Steve-o - February 14, 2011

i’m sorry i’ve seen too many references to the “budget” restricting the construction of an engine room…
WITH A BUDGET OF $140,000,000 i think you can flippin find the funds for an engine room. seriously folks?!

296. gingerly - February 14, 2011

And so I ask you again to not let things get to you. In the end Star Trek is just a TV show and the fandom is just a hobby and not worth getting upset or angry over. You worry too much what other people think. You are not a victim, you are a fan and you are not alone.

:) Love the icon, Anthony. No need to defend it to anyone.

…nor to delete comments pointing that out.

297. gingerly - February 14, 2011

*eep* nevermind.

298. Chang - February 14, 2011

A teaser trailer would be nice around now. I actually liked Ghostbusters two but I would have liked a Back to the Future style thing (the shuttles could totally be made to look like delorians).

Any word from Orci camp on Mr Abrams?

299. Red Dead Ryan - February 14, 2011


Diamond Select ships:

TOS Enterprise: 18 inches

Refit Enterprise: 16 inches

Enterprise D: 17 inches features detachable saucer

Enterprise E: 18 inches

The Enterprise D and E are pretty much in scale with each other.

All of the ships have nice detail. Great light effects and sound bites.

300. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2011

287. AJ “Half the script is probably written on the can. Good ‘thinking’ time”

So, in effect, you’re saying the writers DO give a shit about the script?

301. keachick - February 14, 2011

“287. AJ “Half the script is probably written on the can. Good ‘thinking’ time”

299. ” So, in effect, you’re saying the writers DO give a shit about the script?”

I see no response from Bob Orci on the above as yet…:)

302. MJ - February 14, 2011

Thanks everyone for the details on the Diamond Select ships. I am going to start my collection soon based on this.

303. MJ - February 14, 2011

@300 “I see no response from Bob Orci on the above as yet…:)”

Shit happens

304. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2011

Angels and Minister of Grace Defend us.
Hamelt Act 1 Scene 4.

305. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2011


Based on recent discussions here, shouldn’t that be………Ship happens?

306. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 14, 2011

Or. Life is a Beach.
Or. Life is but a Dream.

307. gingerly - February 14, 2011

@ Anthony Pascale

“In the end Star Trek is just a TV show and the fandom is just a hobby and not worth getting upset or angry over. You worry too much what other people think. You are not a victim, you are a fan and you are not alone.”

I think you should apply that thinking to logo/icon you’re using for the sequel, as well, as it’s much less even than that. ;)

Easier said, than done, when it’s something criticized that has something to do with you, right?

Seriously, though there’s no need to defend it or change it. It’s just an icon.

308. Basement Blogger - February 14, 2011

Anthony Pascale, it’s great to hear from you again. I was going to repeat the joke about posting po_n while you were gone but somebody actually did that. So, whlie you were gone we broke the record for most posts for a Star Trek website, (I think), posted bootleg footage of Super 8 and also posted multiple ads for health insur_nce compaines. :-)

We go where no Trekker has gone before. 2121 posts.

309. JimJ - February 14, 2011

#300-If Bob Orci responded right away, I’d be worried. The man is busy writing. We’re lucky he posts at all, let alone responds to us. I know he has read my stuff before, because he responded to me once. It made me feel like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Bob, if you ever read this post, my only wish (besides an awesome story) is an engineering that doesn’t look like a brewery. If you find a new location shoot for engineering, please don’t tell us WHAT/WHERE it is until several weeks after the movie is out. I think I lot of people “heard” the word brewery and paniced. THAT engineering had no chance, so it’s time for Scotty to add his own touch to it.

310. Allenburch - February 14, 2011

25. Anthony Pascale
181. Anthony Pascale

Ahhhhhhh the illusive balance of maturity and constructive suggestions.

311. captain_neill - February 14, 2011


A few inches out as I was just guessing.

The detailing of Diamond Select starships are great.

I love the D and E that they released.

THe Diamond Select is easily the most accurate Enterprise D I have had and the magnet to keep saucer section attached is amazing.

312. SPACER8000 - February 14, 2011

YES!!! Whoo hooo!

313. fizzben - February 14, 2011

I’m excited! Can’t wait to start getting some tidbits on the story line. Give us plenty of action a great storyline/plot and you’ll have a winner.

314. somethoughts - February 14, 2011

I am looking forward to the paramount stars coming at you with the fade in of star trek trumpet and fade to SS columbia crashing into unknown planet.

Fade into starbase x where enterprise being refit with new engineering and nacelles mirroring tmp…door slides open and we see kirk and spock engaged in starfleets 210th 3d chess championships.

315. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - February 14, 2011

@ boborci

Hey bob check this out!!!

Crazy scifi? Imagine they make starships this way? Or maybe other crazy stuff? this is what im talking about!!! The feasible replicator!!!

316. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - February 14, 2011

Imagine that 3d printer or an 23rd century counterpart used for SPOCK to design a new “phaser” or “tricorder” used in the movie… OMG OMG!!!

317. "Check the Circuit!" - February 14, 2011

@ 138

I was watching the original V miniseries this weekend and listening to the commentary by writer/director Kenneth Johnson….who gives GRAT commentary BTW….check out select Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman/Incredible Hulk episodes.

He didn’t have money but wanted a realistic location to film the interior shots of the Visitor’s mothership. Guess what he picked and shot? C’mon guess!

The Van Nuys Budweiser plant!! No lie!

318. dmduncan - February 14, 2011

3D printing has been open source for a while now. You can actually build your own. Bing reprap.

You can do much the same thing with a 3 axis CNC machine which you can actually build using parts supplied by your local Home Depot to carve things out of aluminum.

So, if you’ve been wanting to build that phaser or starship model of your own design…

It is now definitely possible.

319. AdamTrek - February 14, 2011

I always thought a sequel logo with the Enterprise nacelles as the “II” would be awesome. Anyone willing to photoshop that?


320. keachick - February 14, 2011

#309 Bob Orci does respond on this site occasionally, and to individuals as well sometimes. Anyway, I was joking. I’d be a bit surprised if he said anything, especially that quickly, given the content of the post I was referring him to.

You are right. The man of Star Trek should be hard at work tapping on those keys – “decorating that big beautiful house” -a warm, friendly colour scheme but not too ostentatious, nor too bland. It is all about balance. The decor has to allow for flow and movement of warmth and air and people etc etc.

I suspect Bob is much better at this “interior decorating” business than I am. Keep up the good work, Bob! No pressure, of course…

321. boborci - February 14, 2011

good question. the answer is “no.” we wanted it to be clear that their was no going back… for a while. obviously, the next members of the court could easily erase our work within canon.

322. boborci - February 14, 2011


323. dmduncan - February 14, 2011

Bob, ARE you guys rebooting The Cage? I’m presuming you read my deduction based on that cryptic clue you gave us.

Alternatively: When does it become okay for you to divulge plot information? After the script is okayed for production?

If you are redoing a version of The Cage, I thought it would be really cool — and I don’t know if it’s at the beginning (the way TSFS replayed a letter boxed version of Spock’s death scene from TWOK) or during the end credits — to showcase a scene (or scenes) from The Cage or The Menagerie, whichever works best. Would be righteous to tie the new and old together like that.

324. dmduncan - February 14, 2011

If T’Pring is in it, how awesome would it be to see at the very end, after the credits are done, T’Pring from TOS present her logic for choosing Kirk to battle Spock so that she could have Stonn? To see scenes from TOS, however briefly, on the BIG SCREEN?

Oh man.

325. dmduncan - February 14, 2011

We luv u long time Bob.

326. dmduncan - February 14, 2011

OR, OR: Scenes from whatever episode is happening in the Prime universe at the same time that the sequel story is taking place, as a nod to the MWI idea that both are occurring concurrently?

327. dmduncan - February 14, 2011

Listening to Muse play my anthem right now, I realized the 60’s is still going on. And Star Trek is back.



And lyrics:


The paranoia is in bloom, the PR
Transmissions will resume, they’ll try to
Push drugs, keep us all dumbed down and hope that
We will never see the truth around

Another promise, another scene, another
Package wrapped to keep us trapped in greed with all the
Green belts wrapped around our minds and endless
Red tape to keep the truth confined,

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious,

Interchanging mind control, come let the
Revolution take its toll, if you could
Flick a switch and open your third eye, you’d see that
We should never be afraid to die,

Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
Their time is coming to an end, we have to
Unify and watch our flag ascend,

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious,

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

328. Canon Schmanon - February 14, 2011

Hey Bob! Tell us everything right now! Even spoilers! Tell us how the next film will end! And I don’t mean “with the credits.”

Hey, any chance of getting Anne Hathaway as Nurse Chapel? How about Blake Lively as Yeoman Rand? How about Colin Farrell as Trelane?

Actually, I really hope you’re remaking “Plato’s Stepchildren” because I want to see Kirk and Uhura go at each other, only farther this time. The Platonians have to be portrayed as REALLY decadent. And we all want to see how Quinto’s flamenco compares to Nimoy’s.

Better yet, have Q come back and somehow erase The Final Frontier from existence.

Just a few ideas. I got a bunch more good ones. I’ll give them to you if you want them.

329. dmduncan - February 15, 2011

328. Canon Schmanon – February 14, 2011

No, Bob. Instead tell us nothing, EVER. That’s NOT why we come here and the threads that you comment in are typically longer than others for some other reason, I am sure. A coinkydink perhaps. We have NO expectation that you will EVER break news here first (okay, well that clue you gave us must’ve been a fluke, and shame on us for having any fun with it at all). And of course the fact that you read these posts for our opinions shouldn’t influence us to actually give them to you, and the fact that we all have the special opportunity to interact with you, one of the writers of ST, shouldn’t make us excited enough to have some fun with it.

So on behalf of all those who stepped out of line in failure to honor these rules thereby forcing Canon Schmanon to bitterly remind us that you are here for no particular reason, I apologize. I promise it will never happen again, or at least not until tomorrow. Whichever comes first.

330. Aurore - February 15, 2011

Mr Orci, any spoilers to share with me concerning the sequel?
No? Alright, I was just asking…

331. Aurore - February 15, 2011

Should you change your mind…….It would be so great to……… still no. Got It.

332. captain_neill - February 15, 2011


No remakes

Bob try to do something more original and try not to rehash the best stuff from TOS.

Although I will always prefer the Prime Universe, but try and do some new stuff in this new universe.

As long as you don’t lose the heart of what Star Trek is then do something new, not rehashes of the best TOS episodes.

Which is why I am dead against Khan being redone. Khan is one of my fav films but I don’t want to see my fav movie being redone as it would be inferior to TWOK.

333. Cygnus-X1 - February 15, 2011

I gotta watch the special features on the Star Trek DVD already.

334. Aurore - February 15, 2011

About those spoilers , if not today, maybe tomorrow?


335. SoonerDave (formerly Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers") - February 15, 2011

boborci, thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

336. Denny Brain - February 15, 2011

boborci – are there any hidden easter eggs that havent yet been discovered? i keep looking for stuff in the Narada and Spocks Primes ship in the hopes there is something there as when Kirk and Spock beam over they were basically going into the ‘Prime Universe’ and messing about with TNG stuff……(i know the romulan BOP and First Contact ship are visible in the narada)

if not were any intended but didnt make the final script? – im thinking when Kirk is searching for Pike he couldve found a hologram or computer screen of Kirk Prime (TWOK era Kirk) that Nero had been checking out – brushing up on starfleet history (maybe even picking up Spock Primes holoShat emitter that Nero could have stolen)…nothing long – just a fleeting glimpse of ShatKirk – like the fleeting glimpse of the DeathStar in SW Episode II…or maybe Kirk finds some info on the alternate universe future (like Mirror Archer did in ’In a Mirror Darkly’) we the audience would know what it means but NuKirk wouldnt and cant take it in before being attacked by Ayel/Nero (that sense of wanting to look at hidden treasures/info but unable to due to the danger/time running out – as in the end of Raiders/Crystal Skull, Langdon in the Vatican archives in AngelsDemons etc)

337. T'Cal - February 15, 2011

I was watching TNG’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” the other day and began to wonder if the JJA triology/quadrilogy will end with the reset button being pressed. Maybe the final scenes will be aboard TOS Enterprise bridge with theses actors in the classic uniforms. The events in the movies will have occurred in a parallel timeline and perhaps we will see what was going on in the timeline we knew before JJA’s films.

Or not…

338. trekprincess - February 15, 2011

I hope the plot is stronger that’s all I want

339. P Technobabble - February 15, 2011

I wonder how the critics of Trek09 would have handled the reboot (or whatever term you want to use) of Star Trek… There’s all this criticism of plot, of concept, of theme, and so forth.
When I first heard there was going to be a reboot, and that it would be giving us the story of how these characters came together, I tried to imagine how it would be done. I’m sure most fans did. Needless to say, the film was nothing like I imagined in my own head.
I thought the writers came up with a unique and clever way to re-introduce the characters, and the whole “playground” of Star Trek. They came up with an idea probably in much the same way as every other fan came up with ideas. The difference is their idea was actually made into a film. I’m willing to bet the rest of us will never have such an opportunity (unless there’s some rare exception).
I congratulate JJ and Co. for winning the opportunity to make Star Trek. Criticizing what they come up with is, to me, illogical and irrelevant. IMO. Just my 2c.

340. Hugh Hoyland - February 15, 2011

Bob, an up front question. How does this script seem to be going right now in the writting process? Is it coming together to your satisfaction?

341. Daoud - February 15, 2011

275/281/282. I’ve always taken “Laurentian System” as a nod to Hunt for Red October.
Remember in the film, that Ryan guesses the Red October will head for the Laurentian Abyss, a real feature in the Atlantic Ocean… which also ends up being where the Russians are told the sub ended up.
We know it’s really parked in the Penobscot River, just a few miles south of me. ;)
In the film, my guess has always been that the Federation was massing a fleet to respond to the Klingon situation. We know the Klingons were massing a fleet due to the Narada destroying 23 or so of their ships in the Nero escape….

342. Desstruxion - February 15, 2011

Two requests Bob.
-Abramsverse USS Excelsior.
-No more brewery shots.
Other than that I have no other suggestions or complaints (for now). Go make another fun one.

343. Christopher_Roberts - February 15, 2011

337. I like the sound of that actually… but obviously only when they’re done.

344. trekprincess - February 15, 2011

i think modern social issues would be great for the sequel

345. Thomas - February 15, 2011


Please refresh my memory; what was the “cryptic clue” that boborci posted about? I remember reading it but I can’t recall what it was.

346. My Best Fiend - February 15, 2011

I, too, get a kick out of the whimsical Ghostbusters motiif for the Trek II logo, but it sure could use a second lens flare…

347. Botany Bay Oh no - February 15, 2011


I also am hoping a future script would deal with the Romulans. It would make sense that Nero in trying to prevent the destruction of his homeworld might have sent a long range communicae to Romulus with engineering plans from the future to give them a technological advantage over the Federation.. this would cause all kinds of havoc. He probably wouldn’t be able to send them over so Romulan scientists would have to try to figure them out after they receive them.. but that could take a while and of course they would send out spies in the federation to confirm the whole Nero incident and the Federation will probably try to cover up the whole thing to avoid strained relations, etc. etc. so there is a lot of material there that could make an interesting struggle early with the Romulans. Perhaps they could leave some clues to this fact in the next movie to leave that possibility open even.. hint, hint. ;)

#275 re: familiar aliens, I think they minimized the whole alien exposure to just Vulcans/Romulans because they are trying to bring in more mainstream fans to Trekdom, and I’m sure they will bring along other alien species with more prominence (in more than just cameo’s like the Orion cadet). Its hard to do too much in a movie, without confusing the mainstreamers that are not familiar with Trek lore. In a series, its easier because you have a bunch of episodes to introduce and backstory more alien races, not so with a 2 hour movie.

348. MJ - February 15, 2011

@347. Dude, we’ve just had 2 Trek movies in role now with Romulans in the central role. I for one am ready for at least a 3-movie break from them.

349. James - February 15, 2011

Make us proud Bob!! I just hope Tom Hanks says yes to the role of Commodore Decker ;)

350. dmduncan - February 15, 2011

FYI on Obama’s insidious healthcare beast: Soon, when you receive medical treatment for the first time after the system is live, you will be entered into the system and a unique medical ID number will be issued to you. It is 9 digits long.

Interesting that together with your SSN (also 9 digits long) those 18 digits identify you to the state by your function(s) in the society (work history), and by the health of the part (medical history) of the society which you are.

From what the trainee was telling me, you DO have the ability to opt out, but this person is not clear yet how opting out will affect your treatment. Since the entire corporate supported healthcare mandate is the first (precedent setting) broadside against individual consent, I am skeptical at this time that opting out means what it sounds like.

In any case, that was for those who care.

351. James - February 15, 2011

Where does Tom Hanks as Commodore Decker fit into healthcare? (i kid i kid)

352. keachick - February 15, 2011

#350 Geez You guys have really gotten yourselves in the proverbial poo with the way your entire healthcare system has been set up in the USA from the word go. I get the impression it was pretty piecemeal which is one of the reasons why Obama had to step in with his “insidious health care reforms” – too many people were missing out on basic medical care because of cost or rendered homeless or other such shit. When I first heard about this, it was reported that the number of Americans who could not get adequate medical care was about 32 million. That is EIGHT times the population of NZ.

We have always had an NHI (National Health Index) number. This means that should any of us have an accident, fall sick anywhere in the country, the medical authorities can look up our medical records and be able to give appropriate treatment, taking into account any allergies to medications and/or other, and any other health conditions. This is just common sense stuff really.

The problem is that much of US healthcare ideology is based on seeing healthcare as a some sort of commodity (from which a profit could be gained) rather than seeing it as a basic human right.

353. James - February 15, 2011

Where as in the UK the NHS is just abused by every tom dick and harry who have never paid tax or done a days work plain and simple to the detriment of citizens who actually contribute to its upkeep

354. S. John Ross - February 15, 2011

#25 “Star Trek is just a TV show”

It’s refreshing to see this expressed here.

Anyway, here’s hoping the script rocks the house down, or if not down, at least from side to side a bit.

355. Anthony Thompson - February 15, 2011

353. James

This forum is not for political or healthcare debates.

356. SoonerDave (formerly Author of "The Vulcan Neck Pinch for Fathers") - February 15, 2011


Agree completely. Take the political debates elsewhere. Only arguments allowed here are about brewery engine rooms, oversized nacelles, lens flares, and Rick Berman’s (lack of) skill. :D

357. Vultan - February 15, 2011


This post brought to you by the New Zealand Ministry of Sunshine and Lollipops.

358. keachick - February 15, 2011

“{Where as in the UK the NHS is just abused by every tom dick and harry who have never paid tax or done a days work plain and simple to the detriment of citizens who actually contribute to its upkeep”

WTF. Cut the crap. Like NZ, the NHS is about looking after people who happen to be sick, irrespective of who they are and what their socio-economic situation might be. And to Vultan – where do you live and what experience do you have to make such a sarcastic comment?

I was merely commenting on a post by dmduncan (#350). I have no idea what prompted him to post on this issue.

#353 and 357 – a big flip of the bird to you both!

359. Daoud - February 15, 2011

Trek, please. Take the other stuff to other places, please, please?

@topics: I agree about Romulans overstaying their welcome. Let them rest for now. Give us Klingons in the movie.

The best part about ST:Enterprise the series’ beginning was that it took the risk of starting with an inadvertent introduction of Klingons and Humans. The worst part was they completely ignored canon, position in the galaxy, etc. in doing so, and in ways that easily could have been repaired. Four weeks from Earth to Kronos would have worked fine. Why four days, was lazy.

Thank goodness, Boborci and the court are NOT lazy!

360. Vultan - February 15, 2011


No experience needed to be sarcastic. But please, take your political rants elsewhere.

Trek dares you to do better.

361. Canon Schmanon - February 15, 2011

329. dmduncan – Yeah, I suppose I was a bit fervent, but I don’t come here very often so I tend to be passionate when I respond. It provokes a reaction, but I can also be reactionary, but it is almost always spurred by somebody’s intolerance or just somebody being a plain pain-in-the-ass. So I plead, at least, to righteous anger ;-)

362. Red Dead Ryan - February 15, 2011


“I agree about Romulans overstaying their welcome. Let them rest for now. Give us Klingons in the movie.”

Perfect example of irony!

As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing Klingons in the next movie, or even the third, I wouldn’t miss them if they were left out either.

363. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 15, 2011

I am ready for a new movie! Time for me to see if i can break my all time seeing one movie while its in theaters. Trek is in first place with 10 times!

364. Red Dead Ryan - February 15, 2011

I just finished watching “Unstoppable”, btw, for the second time. First time was at the cinema. Fun movie. Chris Pine was great in it.


“In any case, that was for those who care.”

I sure don’t. And I’m not going to ask why you felt it necessary to bring it up.

365. Basement Blogger - February 15, 2011

@ 363 DS9

I keep telling my fellow Trekkers that even though I’ve criticized Star Trek (2009), I still like and admire it. I saw it three times in the theater. Saw it on the sneak preview night, i.e. the night before the official opening. When to see it with a packed house of Trekkers. That was to see their recaction since I was concerned why I didn’t love it. Then when the Kenwood Towne Cinema was closing, went to see it before it the theater closed for good. I’ve also watched it many times on DVD.

Another movie that holds up well after multiple screenings is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I ran a projector at a theater that was playing it. So I’ve seen that one more than a few hundred times. It holds up extremely well. I have no trouble watching it on TV again. Great screenplay (Leigh Brackett who wrote the Big Sleep, Lawrence Kasdan) music, location shoots, direction and acting. I consdier it the best of the Star War movies and it’s Act Two.

366. AJ - February 16, 2011

It seems every time there is a concerted effort to to NOT incrlude Klingons and Romulans in Trek, the franchise gets lost. TNG originally was supposed to be free of these races as well (Writer’s Guide). How’d that work out? Voyager simply created sub-par substitutes (The Kazon: A warrior race!) before Borg Fever set in. ENT’s two hour premiere pulled in huge numbers with a Klingon story before tanking.

367. captain_neill - February 16, 2011

Because the last two movies featured the Romulans is the reason I don’t think there should be any Romulans.

If the Klingons do appear then some should have the ridges and some have the smooth heads. I think the Enterprise explanation allows for this.

And if I am not too much mistaken Enterprise is supose to be canon in both universes.

368. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 16, 2011

Daoud, that sounds um, …logical.

And Keachick, I’m starting to like you :}

369. Damian - February 16, 2011

367–I kind of feel Klingons are overused a bit. As part of the movie, that would be ok, but as a primary villain, I don’t know. Hopefully the writing team would make it interesting. I just feel like practically every aspect of Klingon culture has been explored in all the series since Errand of Mercy. I don’t know that there’s anything left to explore.

If they are in it in any capacity, I would like to see both types of Klingons also. In the Vanguard novels, it was noted that the smooth headed Klingons were usually a lower level of society (though there are obvious exceptions with Kor, Kang and Koloth). It might be interesting to see some internal strife between these two types of Klingons in the Empire.

We’ll have to see. I’m hoping the writers use this opportunity of a new universe to break new ground. I would be disappointed if they rehash issues that have already been addressed in the prime universe. Use this opportunity of an alternate Star Trek universe to give us something brand new. Wow us.

370. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

367. I’d prefer to see Romulans rather than Klingons. They haven’t been explored enough in Star Trek. Nero wasn’t particularly Romulan in characteristic terms. Before that they were just cameos or in the background, often sidelined in favour of Klingon main villains, or Shinzon and the Remans, or Sybok, or Soran.

371. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

In the Abramsverse (or should that be Nero-verse? since he created it), there’s potential in showing how history got diverted from the Prime one. Thanks to Nero, first visual contact with the Romulans occurred in 2233 – instead of during “Balance of Terror”. Maybe in the style of “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, the Federation has been engaged in losing a war with them? The destruction of Vulcan further destablising their position, with that race now homeless and sympathetic to their cousin’s greivances.

372. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

The fact Uhura can speak several dialects of Romulan, would seem to indicate the Federation has some dealings with that Empire.

Of course, I suppose knowledge of the language could date back to the 22nd Century – Archer’s era – before the Federation was created, when Earth and her Coalition engaged in a war. They may never have actually seen each other but they would still need to contact each over subspace and have some idea of how to speak to them.

373. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

Starfleet’s other activities, losing so many ships in the Laurentian system (to whichever foe ‘the Supreme Court’ see fit) could explain how quickly Kirk was promoted. In the Prime Universe, Kirk rose to command slowing likely in largely peacetime circumstances. If the Federation have been engaged in an ongoing conflict with the Romulans (or Klingons) since Nero made his impact on that universe… that might cause an organisation to pick younger and younger Captains, because the older ones have all fallen in battle.

374. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

EDIT – In the Prime Universe, Kirk rose to command at a slower rate, likely in largely peacetime circumstances.

375. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

ANOTHER EDIT – that might cause an organisation to pick younger and younger Captains, because the older more experienced ones have all fallen in battle.

376. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

Plus as far as previous Star Trek went, they always depicted parallel universes getting into a worser and worser situation… with the happy ending involving correcting the history that went wrong at some point.

So far you’ve basically got –

A Kirk who grew up without the stablising influence of his father.
A Federation made aware that Romulans and Vulcans look alike sooner than they should, with some further knock-on changes you would imagine.
A Federation who’ve lost the Planet Vulcan and the stablising influence that race has on humanity. Their Ambassadors and power of veto on the Federation council probably gone now, with Starfleet becoming more war-like perhaps?
A Spock now cut off from his Mother’s influence.

I would assume a sequel is going to make the situation a whole lot worse, and desperate before it starts to get better – in a third or fourth film.

377. Maj - February 16, 2011

For ST12, If certain parts of the film are purely intellectual moments, well for me that’s perfect. =)

378. Christopher_Roberts - February 16, 2011

339. P Technobabble – “I wonder how the critics of Trek09 would have handled the reboot (or whatever term you want to use) of Star Trek… There’s all this criticism of plot, of concept, of theme, and so forth.
When I first heard there was going to be a reboot, and that it would be giving us the story of how these characters came together, I tried to imagine how it would be done. I’m sure most fans did. Needless to say, the film was nothing like I imagined in my own head.” I’d have written a more complex film dealing more in the backstory of Kirk and Spock. Almost like bio-pics that cover real historical figures. I’d probably focus more on covering several crossroads in the life and career of James T Kirk, each years apart but connected in some way by the same human antagonist. Once a childhood hero – someone who then goes off the rails and becomes a final hurdle to overcome before he takes command of the Enterprise.

I’d have preferred to connect dots in the Prime Timeline and just not bothered explaining inconsistencies in the updated set designs and FX. Roughly I imagine the last quarter of the film fitting between The Cage and WNMHGB, well at least in spirit. The Enterprise interiors in The Final Frontier look more advanced than in The Undiscovered Country. So consistancy has always varied a lot and it’s best to leave such things to fans to argue over. If they decided the film’s are a reboot… whatever, but that’s not what I’d set out to do. I’d be a bit blinkered to unintentional corrections that are down to the here and now, for the sake of seeing how the TOS crew really got together.

Similar to the last film, I’d show key moments from Spock’s life in parallel to Kirk’s. Where George Kirk is hero to his son, Sarek is anything but to Spock. His origin story (what little there was) leading to the Kobayashi Maru seemed pretty much perfect.

The film opens with Kirk as a small child taken to Starfleet’s Construction Yards and Experimental Starship Complex. Simulated warp tests are being run on a primitive looking U.S.S. Constitution, housed in an enormous hangar. The youngster somehow manages to be separated from his father, who is conducting a VIP tour and almost has an accident. Fleet Captain Robert April notices the kid in over his head and manages to step in, keeping the young Kirk from serious harm.

George Kirk is a scientist working on the Constitution Class program. He’s close friends with April. Scenes of family life are mixed with the Enterprise beginning to take shape. James has a very close relationship with his Dad. He owns a futuristic telescope and they spend time together watching the night sky, talk about the history of space exploration.

The years pass, 20 minutes into the film and Kirk is now a teenager, he’s lost some of his cutesy enthusiasm and is as you’d expect – rebellious and a troublemaker. George has been transferred to the Engineering team supervising test-runs aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. He invites his son along to the Christening Ceremony and there are all sorts of dignitaries attending, including one Jonathan Archer – famed Starfleet pioneer and former Federation President, there to see the NX-01’s namesake depart.

A catastrophic disaster happens a few hours out from space dock and George Kirk is trapped below decks, with his son powerless to help. Yet in the scenes which follow, despite being left physically disabled, his father continues to enthuse about space exploration. Even frail and beyond medical help, he urges his wayward son not to abandon his childhood dream to follow in his footsteps, to go out and explore. This leads James Kirk to straighten up and fly right. He’s got a purpose and signs up for Starfleet Academy.

The first major event in the movie was a set back which results in Robert April’s Captaincy of the Enterprise going down in history as a failure. Lessons are learned enough for when Christopher Pike is appointed Captain 5 years later and the ship is successfully re-launched. An embittered April, found negligent and his career in ruins becomes the movie’s villain, with enough motivation to turn against Starfleet. He falls in with some bad company, having been broken out of prison by Andorian pirates.

Meanwhile the film reaches scenes of Kirk meeting McCoy and Spock at the Academy, with more time is devoted to the Kobayashi Maru and how he beat the “No-win scenario”. The Enterprise is currently between 5 year missions with Spock and Pike stationed there, with the vessel used for training cadets. Among the cadets putting in cameos would be Uhura and Sulu. Scotty is already the ship’s engineer. There’s no Chekov, who I wouldn’t introduce until a sequel or two down the line.

The classes split and go there separate ways. Kirk excels in his studies, promoted to Lieutenant and sent to serve aboard the Farragut… despite hoping for the ship his father served on.

April and his band of Andorians have been busy trading classified secrets to the highest bidder during the ensuing years… including at one point, Starfleet warp technology to a race who appear to be Vulcan. This briefly sets up a use of Romulans for another film.

The plot would climax with April and the Andorians confronted by several starships working together including Farragut (under Kirk, when the original skipper gets killed), Enterprise (under Pike, who similarly gets injured, leaving Spock as acting Captain).

Kirk’s valour and tactics are so amazing; when Pike recovers he accepts a promotion to head up Starfleet Academy and recommends Kirk for Enterprise Captain.

379. AJ - February 16, 2011

One issue definitely to be avoided in ST2012 is the type of issue where Pike and the Fleet are heading to Vulcan without the knowledge/intelligence that 47 Klingon ships were coincidentally destroyed the day before by a massive Romulan ship. Oh, BTW, Uhura knew about it!

Gee, whiz! Did you tell anyone? No? Well, instead of pushing you out the door to the nearest unemployment office, you get a field promotion. Do the other ships’ captains know? No. Should we tell Starfleet? Nope.

No more sloppy moments.

380. Anthony Thompson - February 16, 2011

379. AJ

Heartily agree! That moment (and the lack of accountability afterwards) was the biggest ‘oops’ in the entire movie.

381. John from Cincinnati - February 16, 2011

The problem with Star Trek movies has always been inconsistencies. Inconsistency from the score, to the sets, to even just the opening titles. What happened to having one font that is Star Trek and sticking to it? Even the original series went from yellow font to blue font between the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

It’s good ST09 went back to a very similar original series font and at the end of the movie we heard Alexander Courage’s music. That gave me chills. Now, if we can only see Robert April, Talos IV, Tarsus IV, the Gorn, the Andorians, Rejac the ripper, planetside Starbases, the Horta, tribbles, Khan, the Tholians, the Guardian of Forever, Gary Mitchell, Finnegan, Carol Marcus, wow that would be fantastic!

382. Anthony Thompson - February 16, 2011

381. John from Cinci

Do you want a good movie with a good story or do you want a nostalgia trip?

383. John from Cincinnati - February 16, 2011

#25 “Star Trek is just a TV show”

#354. S. John Ross – February 15, 2011

It’s refreshing to see this expressed here.

…then the Bible is just a book.

384. captain_neill - February 16, 2011

Star Trek is more than just a TV show.

Star Trek was more influential and spawned this great franchise. It is the best TV show period.

If it was just a TV show would this movie be so passionately debated?

385. Danpaine - February 16, 2011

382. Anthony Thompson – February 16, 2011
381. John from Cinci

Do you want a good movie with a good story or do you want a nostalgia trip?


No reason the two can’t go hand-in-hand.

386. Anthony Thompson - February 16, 2011


I prefer strange new worlds to strange old worlds.

387. Daoud - February 16, 2011

Everything under the Sun, is new again, the next day after the Night.

388. Norman Bates - February 16, 2011

381. John from Cincinnati

Robert April? Oh come on, he was never in Star Trek!

Why do people want to see all this old stuff again? I don’t and mother doesn’t either!

389. Buzz Cagney - February 16, 2011

I had a bit of spare time this afternoon so popped Trek ’09 in the player as I hadn’t seen it for some time and, you know what, it produced all the same responses in me as it did the first time I saw it.
I went from teared up eyes, to laughs,and back again.
It is such a thrill to have that crew back together. And done with such style and aplomb.
Its quite a terrific piece of work. I really do need to say well done and thanks again, Bob, if you are still out there. To you and your colleagues.

Its got me so excited for the next movie!

390. somethoughts - February 16, 2011


I believe Star Fleet knew, it was top secret, hence their primary fleet in the Laurentian System in response to the Klingons emergency transmission.

The information was deemed top secret and classified, therefore the rookie rescue fleet sent to assist Vulcan was not made aware of the information, as it was deemed unrelated. Uhura did share this knowledge with Pike when it mattered.

391. Anthony Thompson - February 16, 2011

388. Norman Bates

Your mother is a wise soul. LOL.

392. David Jowsey - February 16, 2011


Glass raised.


Job done.

393. Jack2211 - February 16, 2011

366 – agreed. Unless they reimagined the heck out of some of the past places, like the movies tried to do with the Klingons. Klingons and Romulans provide plenty of story possibilities, but, to me, with the horta, the planet killer, Roger Korby and the Talosians et. al, you’re kind of stuck with what went on before — there’s a mystery and it gets solved.

388. Heh. How about all those things during the credits – last time on Star Trek.

I had this lame idea in college , like 20 years ago, of them doing a prequel on the same Enterprise – like 35, 40 years before Kirk – that was pretty rough/gritty, like BSG and Starship Troopers ended up doing – crews in bunks, group showers, women in pants, limited resources, cabin fever, claustrophobia, lots of unknowns, gravity failures, more now tech than Trek tech, a bit of a 40s/50s-inspired look — with a Roberta (get it?) April as a lady Captain (I thought April had never been mentioned in canon). I thought it was clever — but I think now the whole idea was all an excuse for the shower scenes.

Sorry — me, me, me…. I’m procrastinating on some other writing.

394. Norman Bates - February 16, 2011

393. Jack2211


395. dmduncan - February 16, 2011

391: “I had a bit of spare time this afternoon so popped Trek ‘09 in the player as I hadn’t seen it for some time and, you know what, it produced all the same responses in me as it did the first time I saw it.”

Does the same to me every time. That’s why I like it so much.

396. Maj - February 16, 2011

Would be nice to see the Romulans of the ‘new’ timeline, whether they developed cloaking technology, if they have any secret bases in the neutral zone, are they searching for the gateways left by the Iconians?

397. Maj - February 16, 2011

Come to think of it, the Klingons are a warlike species so who must they be at war with in this new timeline?

Really hope some of these details are explored.

398. John from Cincinnati - February 16, 2011


Then why do we want to see the same old characters of Kirk, Spock, Mccoy et al aboard the same tired and true USS Enterprise? Why not an entirely new crew on a new ship?

399. John from Cincinnati - February 16, 2011

I find it hilarious that the noobs who want to see new missions on new worlds are the same fans clamoring to see Klingons in the next movie.

Contradict yourselves much?

I digress. Let me introduce you all to the concept of a parallel universe. You see, in ST09 a black hole was opened to the past and when that happened an entirely new universe was created from the point of the USS Kelvin discovering the anomoly on. When that happened, a lot of the same characters (Kirk, Spock, Mccoy, Scotty, Pike et al) were already born and places (Vulcan, Earth, Romulus) exist. It is then therefore logical to say the familiar characters and places in TOS still exist in one form or another in this universe. Edith Keeler, Harry Mudd, Gorn, Miri, Talosians, etc. To say to see these characters in a new movie is the same as wanting the extact same stories from TOS to simply be replayed is an infantile (and incorrect) hypothesis. In fact, having Nero fire on the Kelvin altered the universe. So it would be nice to see the familiar characters and places in new, altered, stories. Like Spock said in ‘City on the Edge of Forever’, time is like a current, it has eddies and flows so it is logical to say those same currents and eddies would take the traveler to the same places. In this case, the old characters, aliens and places are all still relevant in this new universe, hence Kirk, Spock, McCoy all still serve aboard the USS Enterpise together. If that basic fact exists, the same assumption of the familiar characters and places also exist holds true. There is still room for new characters and new places but it would be remiss to ignore the fact the originals still exist and are in play.

400. Daoud - February 16, 2011

Boborci, boborci, boborci.

Just seein’ if it works. If we get Michael Keaton instead, no biggie!

Speaking of whom… there’s a good captain-gone-mad, Garth; or captain-making-tough-call, Decker…. or better yet, captain-making-wrong-choice, Tracy!

401. John from Cincinnati - February 16, 2011


Did you not watch Star Trek 09? The whole movie was an entire nostalgia trip. From Prime Spock to teaching Scotty his own intra warp beaming formula, to Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru, to Spock getting teased by his classmates to quitting the Vulcan Science Academy, to the Red shirt getting killed while decending on the drill, to McCoy spouting “green blooded hobgoblin” to Spock, to the original series engine sound when the Enterprise was pulling away from the black hole, to the original series font, to the original series music at the end. Do you actually watch movies or do you just stare and drool and the pretty colors and effects?

402. Vultan - February 16, 2011


Good point, John.
I’m all for a new crew and a new ship—and a new show!

But no more remakes, please. It’s gone well past being tiresome. I just read the other day they’re bringing “Dallas” back on the air.


403. PTFPETYE/USPS - February 16, 2011

I am sooooo excited that I have taken to wearing depends from now until June 2012 so I won’t soil myself in anticipation. Now, taking into account that I am 50 year old man who grew up with the original Trek, and that I am now a highly trained professional employed by a branch of the Federal Government, it sounds kinda creepy, huh?

404. PTFPETE/USPS - February 16, 2011

Wow, some professional. Good thing I’m not known for my stellar spelling (Note my name in #403)

405. Vultan - February 16, 2011

And when (and if) there is a new TV show, I’m hoping for another cool Middle Eastern captain (that doesn’t get killed by a cranky Romulan in the first five minutes).

Seriously though, I think they missed a chance by not making Captain Robau the star of a new movie or TV series. In the same way Trek has promoted racial and ideological diversity in the past (Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, Sisko, Janeway, etc., etc…) they could have done the same with Middle-Eastern people… since, you know, they have kinda been in the news in recent years.

406. dmduncan - February 16, 2011

405. PTFPETYE/USPS – February 16, 2011

I am sooooo excited that I have taken to wearing depends from now until June 2012 so I won’t soil myself in anticipation. Now, taking into account that I am 50 year old man who grew up with the original Trek, and that I am now a highly trained professional employed by a branch of the Federal Government, it sounds kinda creepy, huh?


Where’s my package and WHY is it taking so long to get here???

407. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2011


careful, big fella, he might go “postal” on ya!

408. Anthony Thompson - February 16, 2011

402. Vultan

John was being facetious. Actually, he doesn’t like newness. He wants to wallow in the past. Kinda like those folks who only listen to oldies stations because ‘there hasn’t been any good rock music created for over 30 years”. You get the picture. And no, John, I’m not a newbie. I’m 55 years old and have been an ardent Trek fan since Jr. High days. That’s exactly why I want to see something fresh. I’ve seen Khan and Decker and Harry Mudd countless times on reruns. Those can’t be improved on, can they? So why resurrect them for a big budget movie that you won’t be satisfied with anyway? It’s time to for a new and exciting adventure (with old friends and a tried and true ship)!

409. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 16, 2011

Robau is a Cuban captain played by a middle eastern actor.

410. Vultan - February 16, 2011


Very well. Then change his name to El Robau and you got yourself a show. ;)

411. Jack2211 - February 16, 2011

394. I did indeed, Norman. I kind of hope they’ll be in every movie I see. Even Betty White movies.

412. Jack2211 - February 16, 2011

ps. 408. Nicely put.

Plus, Decker and Harry Mudd etc. will always be there (in case they run out of ideas nine movies from now).

413. Basement Blogger - February 16, 2011

@ 405 Vultan

The “evil’ Rick Berman :-) and Michael Piller made that show Star Trek: Deep Space 9. It featured an Arab character. Dr. Julian Bashir. (Siddig el Fadil or Alexander Siddig.)

414. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 16, 2011

There you go. :)

415. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 16, 2011


416. Basement Blogger - February 16, 2011

Speaking of Klingons, did you guys see them in the deleted scenes? Okay, did you notice their faces were covered? Bob Orci, any reason why they were covered up? Federation secret? TOS Klingongs without ridges? I say just give them ridges from now on. TOS didn’t have the modern make-up we have now.

Oh and by the way, Victor Garber (Alias) was one of the Klingons. Yeah, if Klingons are in the new Trek, bring him back. In Alias he was one scary bad ass.

417. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 16, 2011

AKA El Capitan

418. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 16, 2011

416. But their helmets had ridges. Klingons have r-r-r-ridges.

419. manny - February 16, 2011

They should have Arnold Schwarzenegger play Khan in sequel

420. Buzz Cagney - February 16, 2011

#413 Funny cos he sounded more English that I do- and i’m from Wiltshire, in the heart of England!

421. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2011


No, how about they get an ACTOR instead?

422. Vultan - February 16, 2011


Oh right. Totally forgot about our man Bashir.

But in my previous post I was referring to a more traditional, non-genetically engineered, non-bromance with an Irish engineer kind of Middle-Eastern person.


423. Vultan - February 16, 2011

Oh, and not too chummy with a Cardassian tailor, either.

424. Vultan - February 16, 2011

I miss DS9.

425. somethoughts - February 16, 2011


I would cast Clive Owen or Christian Bale as a Star Trek villain/antagonist.

426. somethoughts - February 16, 2011

Imagine the great drama/yelling between Clive Owen/Christian Bale and Chris Pine/Quinto

You think you are smarter, stronger, and pure. Humans are nothing, we were exploring and conquering the stars when you were exploring your oceans.

You and your puny Federation will bow before the Klingon Empire.

*signals to cloak*

427. Buzz Cagney - February 16, 2011

Can anybody explain this fascination with Robau? He seemed like just another in a long line of Trek expendables to me. No more or no less interesting than a couple of dozen others that I’m sure I could rattle off if I had the time. Which I don’t so don’t ask lol

428. Basement Blogger - February 16, 2011

@ 420 Buzz Cagney

According to his Wikipedia page, Alexander Siddig was born in Sudan but spent much of his life in England. Father was Sudanese, mother was English. So that’s why he’s got an English accent. Lucky guy was married to Nana Visitor (Major Kira Neyes) and supposedly was dating Star Trek VI’s Kim Catrall. No word if he ever dated Chase Masterson. (Leeta) :-)


429. Basement Blogger - February 16, 2011

@ 422 Vultan

That’s funny. Yeah I miss DS9 too. Yep, the episode “Our Man Bashir’ was a hoot. And of course, it was always cool to see the bromance between O’Brien and Bashir, their adventures in the holosuite. The holodecks are the true immersive experience not today’s 3D. The closest thing we could do is probably have virtural reality helmets. I mean remember how much fun, Chewbacca’s grandfather Itchey had while watching Diahann Carroll on a VR helmet on the Star Wars Holday Special? The guy had a sexual orgasm.


430. Vultan - February 17, 2011


Ugh. Unfortunately, I have seen the SW Holiday Special. The only cool thing it had going for it was the animated sequence that introduced Boba Fett… back when the character was still mysterious.

431. captain_neill - February 17, 2011


It is still a good movie to watch.

The only thing is that some of the comedic scenes are no longer funny to me, scenes like Kirk getting contantly injected by McCoy to get on the Enterprise and Scotty stuck in the water pipe, seem pretty forced to me in the humour.

Yea I laughed the first time I saw it. And the movie is a great fun ride but the film does work better on character than on story. Scenes like this and some dramatic points make less sense after a few more showings to me.

The opening ten minutes is still really emotional to me.

I still get a thrill from watching any of the movies, be it Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country and Frist Contact are ones I love all the time.


Alexander Siddig’s uncle is Malcolm McDowell.

432. Vultan - February 17, 2011

And yes, Bashir and O’Brien’s holosuite adventures were a lot of fun. Too bad the budget prevented them from showing a lot of them (I’m guessing it was budget reasons). I would’ve loved seeing those guys at the Alamo.

433. Vultan - February 17, 2011

Here’s the Fett cartoon I mentioned above. For those who haven’t seen it:


434. Basement Blogger - February 17, 2011

@ 430 Vultan

The Star Wars Holdiay Special is so bad that it’s “good.” I mean it’s hilarious. You can watch it on YouTube. You get Carrie Fisher singing. Harvey Korman in drag. And of course, Chewbacca’s father Itchy watching a virtual reality video and getting what I can best describe as an orgasm. This thing would be a blast to watch at a party with other Trekkers and a good supply of booze. Oh, I forgot, there’s that surreal scene with Bea Arthur singing and dancing in the cantina.

435. Basement Blogger - February 17, 2011

@ 431 Captain Neill

I still smile at Dr. McCoy’s constant injections. Star Trek humor always works best when it comes out of the situation. And while I laughed at the inside jokes, “red shirt Olsen dies”, “Orion green girl” and Scotty’s “I’m giving her all she’s got”, it came close to becoming parody. I hope the next film has more Dr. McCoy. He always gets the best lines.

ST: TMP: “Why is any object we don’t understand always called “a thing”?


McCoy: Where are we going?
Kirk: Where they went.
McCoy: Suppose they went *nowhere*?
Kirk: Then this will be your big chance to get away from it all.


Kirk: You’re suffering from a Vulcan mind-meld, doctor.
McCoy: That green-blooded son of a bitch! It’s his revenge for all the arguments he lost.

436. AJ - February 17, 2011


Buzz, JJ Abrams mentioned that Robau would somehow ‘break the mold’ of previous Starfleet captains who were either psychotic, overly bureaucratic, or otherwise tainted as part of the story’s plot. He was to be shown as one of Starfleet’s finest, as all Captains are meant to be in the JJverse.

The nonsense over the Chuck Norris-style over-the-top statements about his prowess just virally shot off from the WWW somewhere.

437. Norman Bates - February 17, 2011

420. Buzz Cagney

I’m moving to Devizes next week, my wife is from there originally.

I think Star Trek 2012 should be filmed in Avebury and have the druids as the new villians!

The crew could then battle a group of drunken thugs from Calne or Melksham? Or Chippenham, Swindon?

438. Victor Hugo - February 17, 2011

381. I agree.

I think every trekker had enough share on nostalgia to last many lifetimes. so much that they had to bring on OLD characters once again instead of new.

Nostalgia for the marketeers means only one thing: “brand recognition”.

I´ll be glad if they go in different directions as possible on the new movie, even if they were supposed to meet the same faces all over again.

439. captain_neill - February 17, 2011


Agreed Dr. McCoy does get the best lines and Karl Urban made that scene work.

The scenes you quoted from TWOK and TSFS are to great McCoy moments. I have always loved McCoy.

Though I do find the Scotty in a waterpipe scen very forced and unfunny now. The first moment when Kirk realises Scotty has beamed into the pipe is quite hilarious but it gets played out a bit too lon, and I felt it was very convenient to have an Emergency Valve right next to the propellors.

When I heard Simon Pegg was going to play Scotty I was skeptical because I felt they would turn Scotty into comic relief only. Unfortuantely they did turn Scotty into total comic relief, and some of the choices made did not ring true to the Scotty we know and love. Simon Pegg did a good turn in the movie though.

I gotta except Star Trek is different now. Still good but will be different.

440. P Technobabble - February 17, 2011

378. Christopher

While you have an interesting idea there, I think your main story would take up so much space you wouldn’t have time for all that backstory, or more in-depth character study that you suggest. And I believe this is the same sort of situation Orci and Kurtzman were in with Trek09. There’s only 2 hours to tell a story, so some things have to be either touched upon or cut completely. The notion of a “bio-pic” type of story works better as either a straight-forward character-drama, or a mini-series. Just my opinion, of course.

441. captain_neill - February 17, 2011


Robau was only in the film for 5 mins, hardly ‘breaks the mold’ in my opinion.

Other Captains and Starfleet officers in the other shows have done the same, sacrificing themselves for the crew.

Some of those captains who went againt the rules, like Captain Ranson in Equinox, got his concious back and decided to help Janeway when his conscious over his actions got the better of him but to redeem himself meant he had to sacrifice himself.

Edward Jellico might have rubbed people the wrong way, as proven by Will Riker, I felt he was a very good character.

The weakest captains in the movies I found were Captain JT Estaban, who would probably need to get instructions from Starfleet to see if Reguations allow him to go to the bathroom, and Captain Jon Harriman who was so inexperienced he did not want to take some risk.

Yes a lot of Captains were psychotic, pompous and beaurcratic but amongst them there were some great captains, long before Robau.

442. captain_neill - February 17, 2011

The last thing I want Orci and Kurtzman to do would be to do retellings of the original 79 episodes. Because what would be the point of an alternate universe other than to do fanboy what ifs with our favourite episodes?

443. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2011

#437 Some lovely countryside around Devizes, Norman.
Caen Hill Locks are quite interesting.


Where are you currently based?
Oh, and I’m in sunny Swindon! lol

444. Norman Bates - February 17, 2011

@443. Buzz Cagney

I know Swindon well, did a lot of work there when I lived in Wiltshire before.

Caen Hill Locks are great, would hate to go up or down them in a boat tho!

Living in Derby at the moment, pretty depressing :(

445. Norman Bates - February 17, 2011

Mother likes Devizes for the charity shops and lovely tea and coffee rooms. She loves the retro clothing section in the British Heart Foundation.

446. Norman Bates - February 17, 2011

I see this site is going through another quiet period again?

447. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 17, 2011

Some old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something… How about something completely different?

448. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2011

Isn’t Devizes where the term ‘moonraker’ originated, Norman?
Some dozey ancestors of ours thought the Moons reflection in the local pond was actually gold and had at it with their rakes!
I believe the pond is still there?.
I’d love to think thats a true story but it may very well be something that I just made up!
Its been a long day! ‘Nurse, smelling salts for Mr Cagney. Stat.’ :-D

449. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2011

I just did a quick Google and found this, Norman..


450. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2011

And this-


apologies for straying off thread, guys..

451. trekprincess - February 17, 2011

Why is it just me on this website that didn’t have any problems with Star Trek 09

452. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2011

#451 Thats one of those deep ‘meaning of life’ type questions that perhaps we can all ponder and give some thought to over the days and weeks ahead.
Or perhaps we could all just ignore it?.
Yeh, thats what I think I’m going to do.

453. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 17, 2011

451. Lots of people here loved the new movie. Just ask captain_neill, and though it got a lot right, there were other things that could have been done better. Still most of the opinions are positive. After forty+ years of lore, there are bound to be some issues. Besides nit-picking is part of the fun. ;)

454. captain_neill - February 17, 2011

yea, there there are more things to like about Star Trek XI than dislike.

There is a lot of moments I love but some parts just doidn’t work as well, if that makes sense.

Just because it’s not my fav doesn’t mean i dis like it. Far from it. I love the movie

455. Harry Ballz - February 17, 2011

Holy crap! They just announced on the news here in Canada that William Shatner will be hosting the Genie Awards in March in Ottawa! The Genies are the Canadian version of the Oscars. The Shat is everywhere!!

456. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


I swear I’ve read this somewhere before ;)

Must be a case of dejavu or time travel

457. Basement Blogger - February 17, 2011

@ 455 Harry Ballz

It’s not just William Shatner is everywhere. Canadians are everywhere. Like I said before, nothing in America is safe. Jazz. See Diana Krall. Baseball. My man, Joey Votto. Teeny bopper star. Justin Bieber. Maybe it’s time to get lost to the Great White North, eh?

A Canadian way to get a case of beer.

458. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


Who would win at Jeopardy?

Spock, Data or IBM Watson

459. somethoughts - February 17, 2011

I would pay pure Latinum to see that match.

460. captain_neill - February 17, 2011


That was just in response to 231 who keeps stating that she is only one who likes film. I thought it was against my comment about finding some of the humour unfunny after a few more viewings.

461. Harry Ballz - February 17, 2011


Why, Spock, of course! He would simply switch Data off and talk IBM Watson into self-destructing. It’s only logical. :>)

462. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


LOL I was thinking along the same lines

463. captain_neill - February 17, 2011

I meant 451

464. Norman Bates - February 17, 2011

@Buzz Cagney

The Crammer is still in Devizes, I fell in it drunk last June on my stag night! Ha ha!

I think the term Moonraker came from two guys hiding cheese in the Crammer to avoid paying tax on it. They were caught trying to move it in the dead of night by a tax inspector. He asked them what they were up to and they replied that they were trying to rake the moon in (acting drunk!). He laughed and rode off on his horse (so the story goes anyway)…

465. Vultan - February 17, 2011

Did anyone else watch the Watson Jeopardy episodes earlier this week? It was amazing and a little creepy seeing a machine beat those guys. Also, funny hearing Watson’s odd wagers: “I’ll wager $4,357.” And apparently someone forgot to clue him—it—into the fact that Toronto isn’t a “US City.”

Amazing to watch nonetheless. HAL 9000 can’t be far behind…

466. Zanphers - February 17, 2011


The last “star trek movie” lowered the bar well below Nemesis. As long as Abrams doesn’t get his grubby little hands on the 2012 movie, everything should be fine.

467. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


By your logic, there shouldn’t be a sequel and nemesis made more money and revived the franchise /sarcasm and *facepalm*

468. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


Yea odd how they made Watson sound like HAL also…would have been great if they used Majel’s voice or Leonard Nimoys voice ^ ^

469. PTFPETE/USPS - February 17, 2011

#406. I am responsible for the Northeast corridor of the U.S., however, if you have a tracking number, you can ask your local Post Office to look up your package. We always encourage our customers in New Hampshire to purchase some type of tracking due to the large volume of parcels in the mailstream. Hope this was helpful.

470. Charla - February 17, 2011

# 458 Spock hands down- Love Harry’s response too!

471. Zanphers - February 17, 2011


Incorrect, read my post next time ;)

Nemesis was not directed by a blind drunk. True that the director/writing team for Nemesis are not … mentally stable.

And true, that ST 2009 was written by great guys, but was directed by a blind drunkard.

And true, no one can deny the semi blindness part (lens flares that are in the movie just to blind people), or the drunkard part (shaky cameras? Leave the drunks at home).

From 10 minutes + the story was good. The first 10 minutes (basically when Neo went into the past most likely isn’t cannon at all (it doesn’t align with any facts we know of).

So yeah … story was ruined by … well, some call him a director for some reason …

472. dmduncan - February 17, 2011

469. PTFPETE/USPS – February 17, 2011

Haha! Just kidding. It’s not lost (yet). But thank you for your professionalism!

473. Jack2211 - February 17, 2011


“The first 10 minutes (basically when Neo went into the past most likely isn’t cannon at all (it doesn’t align with any facts we know of).”

Why not?

474. Christopher_Roberts - February 17, 2011

440. I appreciated reading your thoughts very much… An origin story could probably be something for TV to explore someday. Whenever Star Trek returns there, it’ll likely be back to square one again – a reboot. Hopefully one I’m allowed to see as set in the prime universe, if I choose.

475. Zanphers - February 17, 2011

Inside of the ship, the ship design. The stations, etc. This was all supposed to be the unaltered past until Neo’s ship came through. None of that ever existed in Star Trek at all.

476. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


Nemesis was directed by a editor and TNG grew old and stale.

Plenty of reruns for you to enjoy, dont watch the sequel :)

477. Harry Ballz - February 17, 2011


Thanks, Charla!

478. cdp - February 17, 2011


Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe Nero’s ship traveled into an alternate universe it was different to begin with but Nero’s coming there altered it even more. Nero didn’t go to the past of the prim time line he went to the past of a parallel universe

479. dmduncan - February 17, 2011

478: “Nero didn’t go to the past of the prim time line he went to the past of a parallel universe.”

Yes. The idea is that Spock opening up a black hole that had its exit in the past caused the universes to split as per MWI/QM, so that Nero came out in an alternate universe COPY of the past Prime timeline, leaving the actual Prime timeline unaffected.

480. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 17, 2011

Neeo’s arrival created the alternate universe

481. Maj - February 17, 2011


Nero’s band of romulans are the miners, you could say this was explored a little in Nemesis with the reman backstory. After the Narada entered the black hole and a years long process it was retrofitted as a warship, not the standard romulan war ship, no cloaking device, but the future technology it brought back into the alternate timeline is what made it so destructive against the starfleet vessels, and presumably the vulcan vessels if there were any cause I don’t remember seeing vulcan looking debris near their planet, but anyway. :)

482. Maj - February 17, 2011

ST09 brought a good story. 2 years still looking back fondly.

483. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - February 17, 2011

481 I believe the NarAda had Borg technology as well.

484. The Red Shirt Diaries - February 17, 2011

Bob Orci I know I’ve said it many times but as someone who loved trek 09 but who grew up on reruns of TOS, the best part of the movie was the “tingle” I felt when Nimoy was on screen honoring the history and life effect that this franchise has had on all of us posting here. If you can reset the timeline I know you can find a way to get Shatner and Nimoy one last moment on film to honor these icons before they are no longer with us.

485. somethoughts - February 17, 2011


If the crew contracted aging illness, I guess shatner and nimoy can return but only to play aged versions of pine/quinto, would be cool and a nice wink easter egg to trekkies

486. Maj - February 17, 2011


Nimoy is great but come on we don’t need to turn the next thing into a Shatner resurrection. We have our new Kirk, he’ll develop in his own way. Besides there aren’t many ‘plausible’ ways to bring back Shatner let’s be honest now, if previous writers let him go then so can we.

487. Basement Blogger - February 17, 2011

@ 465 Vultan: Computers will take us over!

I just saw a clip of IBM vs. humans on “Jeopardy.” Is it too much to ask that the computer not be represented by a circular colored graphic? Seriously. I wanted the human contestants to say to Mr. IBM, “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” Are there any Trekkers at IBM? How about paying CBS for the rights for Data and have a CGI of Data answeing those questions? I mean it would at least give the sci-fi fans some comfort.

Face it. Data was the good artificial intelligence. But look at the Terminator movies. And need I remind IBM of “Colosus: The Forbin Project?” (1970) This human is a little scared. How about IBM say that it will program Issac Asimov’s Three Rules of Robotics into all its artificial exise=tence.?

488. Vultan - February 17, 2011


Yes, hopefully everyone at IBM is keeping Asimov in mind as they proceed. And they should keep this sign on the front door: “No mad scientists or anyone named Miles Dyson beyond this point.” ;)

489. MJ - February 17, 2011

@487. Its really just a bunch of computers and software that do very advanced natural language word association, but that is all….it cannot think.

490. MJ - February 17, 2011

@ Vultan: “Amazing to watch nonetheless. HAL 9000 can’t be far behind…”

Hal is at least 3 to 4 decades away stil, and maybe longer. Watson is nothing approaching and AI.

491. MJ - February 17, 2011

Add 10 years to this overly optimistic article, and I would say about 2040 we can start worrying about Cyberdyne systems:


Human downloads will be possible by 2060.

492. Vultan - February 17, 2011


You do understand I was joking about HAL, right? I really don’t want a computer that is advanced enough to make a colossal (very human) misunderstanding and murder a crew of astronauts. Watson will do just fine, thank you.

Oh, and Watson is considered AI:


493. MJ - February 18, 2011

@492. Ah OK.

By the strict definition of AI, “”the study and design of intelligent agents”, well, you could say that Watson has some AI programming.

But from the definition of AI that most of us would have, a truce artificially intelligent being made from software and hardware that can truly learn (i.e. Hal or Colossus), then Watson is not close to being that sort of an AI.

494. MJ - February 18, 2011

Here is a very good article on this topic:


495. Devon - February 18, 2011

475 – “Inside of the ship, the ship design. The stations, etc. This was all supposed to be the unaltered past until Neo’s ship came through. None of that ever existed in Star Trek at all.”

How do you know? We never even saw anything from the year 2233. You’re guessing.

496. captain_neill - February 18, 2011


The only thing that seemed wrong to me about the Kelvin was the size of the ship.

Pike says Kirk’s dad saved 800 people. Well the thing is that is only 200 people less than a compliment on a Glaxy Class starship, which is one of the largest ships in Starfleet history.

The compliment of the Enterpirise in TOS was over 400.

So the sizes seem to be all bigger in the alternate universe. Then I don’t think they were too concerned about the sizes of the ships to be consistent.

497. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2011

You know, I just watched Star Trek 09 for the 10th time and I’ll tell you, I love the whole film EXCEPT for the look of the exterior shots of the Enterprise. Really bad. Amateur hour. It could be so much better. Try to hire a good special effects company for the next movie, will you? Please?

498. Anthony Thompson - February 18, 2011


Are you kidding, Harry? Do you know of a better effects company than ILM? I loved the exterior shots; the ship(s) looked great and the warp effect was the best ever. The only thing I would have liked to see handled better was the transition between McCoy and Kirk looking at the space station from afar and then suddenly the Enterprise up-close (with no sign of the space station). That was likely an editing misstep, though, probably not ILM’s fault.

499. Anthony Thompson - February 18, 2011

484 and 485.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Time to put them to bed (although I agree that Nimoy was a treat). But no more. ST is starting fresh!

500. captain_neill - February 18, 2011


It wasn’t my favourite warp effect and the ship was not as beautiful to me as the original and refit designs of the Enterprise, but still looked great. The nacelles don’t seem to do it for me, prefer the sleeker design of the nacelles on the refit version.

I have to admit I did miss the stretch stars, even though i will be penalised for saying that as that is a TNG era effect. I also like the streaks in the TOS movies.

After a few years I am warming to the new design more but I don’t think it will be my fav. I do feel the new warp effect was slightly lifted from BSG.

501. Anthony Thompson - February 18, 2011


The other thing I really loved about the 09 effects is that the Enterprise was finally shown moving as it would in space rather than in an ‘ocean’. The shots of it navigating through the wreckage over Vulcan was truly awesome! I’ve read that effects people in the past didn’t want to try that, fearing that the ship wouldn’t ‘look right’. But it did – it was a success!

502. Anthony Thompson - February 18, 2011


C’mon, Neill, the streaks were tacky. The TMP warp effect was pretty cool but the Nick Meyer effects looked cheap and cheesy (in my opinion).

503. captain_neill - February 18, 2011


The effects in the new movie were amazing but I still like the past effects.

I love the new visuals done for TOS remastered.

Star Trek has always had the best effects .

I still think the visuals for First Contact are amazing.

504. captain_neill - February 18, 2011


Well he had the smallest budget, but his film is still stronger in my opinion.

As I said one of my fav warp effects is the Stretched stars in the TNG era. I know I will get slack for that.

Effects wise the new movie is amazing, but guess because I still have a preference for the prime universe I don’t want to be negative towards the past stuff.

505. Damian - February 18, 2011

504–I liked the streaky star effect also. The new effect reminded me too much of Star Wars. I did like how the ships went to warp in the new movie. The ship was there, then it wasn’t (bam). The only thing I might have added to that was the TNG style flash as the ship entered subspace, if for no other reason to differentiate it from the similar Star Wars effects. I was otherwise fine with the movement of the ships.

I think the space lake effect that so many complained about was done primarily as a way to allow time for the captain’s log.

I have also seen complaints from time to time about the ship moving straight, as opposed to up, down, side to side. The simple explanation for that is basically, even in 3 dimensions, the quickest way to get from point A to B is a straight line. Also, I remember Tom Paris on Voyager noting it was very dangerous to change direction at warp because you might hit a planet, star, etc. which does make sense. After all, you are travelling many times the speed of light. Not a good idea to change direction going that fast. Even the new movie with the new effects showed the ship going in a straight line at warp.

At impulse, that is a different story. Enterprise started doing a better job at showing more dynamic ship movement at impulse. I’d guess before CGI, it was much more difficult to show greater movement and it may have looked goofy or sloppy with models, cameras and lights.

506. Norman Bates - February 18, 2011

498. Anthony Thompson

WETA are wiping the floor with ILM.

507. MJ - February 18, 2011

@498 @506

Yea, I was also going to say that WETA has now surpassed ILM.

508. Red Dead Ryan - February 18, 2011


Harry, ILM is the leader in visual effects right now. I thought they did an excellent job with the Enterprise in “Star Trek”. I thought they did a really good job portraying the Enterprise and other ships on screen.

Or did you just not like the design of the Enterprise?


WETA are wiping the floor with ILM.

WETA is good, but ILM is still the best.

509. MJ - February 18, 2011

@508. No RDR, ILM is no longer advancing the field as WETA has been in recent years. WETA has now moved to the #1 position. ILM has the capability though to make advances and take the lead again with something groundbreaking, but it hasn’t happened yet.

510. MJ - February 18, 2011

@497. It would be cool if for Trek 2012 if they gave WETA a crack at the effects. But I doubt they would do that given the right schedule they are on now for next year, as ILM already has the Enterprise and other elements programmed on their computers.

511. Red Dead Ryan - February 18, 2011


I realize that WETA has done great work in recent years, like the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy, “King Kong” and “Avatar”, but ILM is still on top. “Star Wars” prequels prove this. And ILM still gets more jobs than WETA does.

512. SoonerDave (formerly Author of "The Vulcan Neck PInch for Fathers") - February 18, 2011

Seems to me ILM and WETA are doing two different kinds of effects. Considering that most if not all the ship shots in ST09 were CGI, I’m not sure how someone could say another crew is “mopping the floor” with them. The effects ILM did for ST09 were superb IMHO, and I say that as someone who isn’t a fan of the Enterprise dragster/big nacelle redesign

513. AJ - February 18, 2011


It’s rare that ILM gets praise for the SW prequels. The opening of “Revenge” was universally panned as a headache-inducing mess, and the rest of the series is so reliant on the now-aging effects, that it’s near impossible to watch (and this being the least important reason).

Go watch TWOK, and see great effects, and see the E as she should be. Still blows away JJ’s. His spins in space, and shoots out little people, but it’s more an attempt to present reality than an attempt to depict the ship’s majesty. Showing a ‘to-scale’ shuttlebay in an 8-second sweep barely does the ship any justice.

514. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2011

I simply thought the shots of the Enterprise’s exterior were really poor compared to what could have been done with it. I’m not comparing it to other Trek films or which special effects company is better. To be blunt, in this day and age, surely they can do a LOT better than THAT!

Bottom line? We should believe that we’re looking at an actual starship!

515. Vultan - February 18, 2011


Here you go, Harry. It doesn’t get any more real than this (despite what you may have heard):



Seriously though, it’s a pretty cool site.

516. AJ - February 18, 2011

Harry, I got that sense a bit when the ‘E’ was being built in Iowa, but JJ seemed in such a hurry to get out of the shots in space that it was almost like watching a preview (in hindsight, remember the teaser with the welders? THAT gave us some scale).

It’s not a bad thing to go back to TMP/TWOK as a reference point for how to show the ship as majestic and beautiful; The ‘E’, as they say, is also a character in the story. Just do it.

517. Balok - February 18, 2011

Oh, are they doing another movie? “It’s been so long since the last one, that I lost trek. BTW, the less shots of the new and not improved big E, the better.

518. MJ - February 18, 2011

@511: “I realize that WETA has done great work in recent years, like the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy, “King Kong” and “Avatar”, but ILM is still on top. “Star Wars” prequels prove this. And ILM still gets more jobs than WETA does.”

RDR, the Star Wars prequels were awhile back now…I am talking about who is leading the cutting edge today, and that is WETA. Sure, ILM is bigger and gets more jobs, so congrats to ILM for winning the $ battle. McDonalds in the largest restaurant chain as well. :-)

@514 “Bottom line? We should believe that we’re looking at an actual starship!”‘

The more I think about this, the more I think you are right. Look at the WETA ships in comparison in District 9 and Avatar — those ships do have a bit of that more realistic nature to them versus the ILM Enterprise. The Avatar main shuttle really rocked in terms of looking like a ship that could really fly, and the Alien starship in District 9 was very credible in terms of not looking like CGI — much more so than the Enterprise.

Now that the timeline is so aggressive the get the movie out by next summer, I doubt that they could make the switch to WETA, but it would be really cool if they could pull it off.

519. captain_neill - February 18, 2011


ILM have always done great effects for the Star Trek movies they worked on.

The effects they did for First Contact in the opening battle sequence was awesome.

The battle in TUC was amazing. THe stuff they did in the day of practical effects I still find cool. The Mutura Nebula was spectacular.

520. Harry Ballz - February 18, 2011


AJ and MJ

thanks for basically agreeing with my opinion, guys!

521. Hugh Hoyland - February 18, 2011

I really liked the ext. shots of the 09 E, they seemed very much in line with the beauty shots in TMP. ILM is obviously got very solid competition, but they still do amazing work. But Im with you guys on this point. I like old school models and minis, animitronics and animation. It just has a more “massy” feel to it.

522. MJ - February 18, 2011

@521. Yea, actually that I why I prefer the recent WETA spaceships of ILM’s, becuase the Shuttle in Avatar and the city size starship in District 9 have the gritty look of reality…like the older super detailed realistic models days of special effect. If I were JJ, I would go to WETA and ask them to do Trek 12, and tell them to make the ILM Enterprise look more like a real ship and less like a CGI rendering.

523. Red Dead Ryan - February 18, 2011


I read what you guys are saying and you make good points about “District 9″ and “Avatar” spacecraft. But I thought ILM did a great job with the Enterprise as well as the Narada and Kelvin.

Though I do agree there is something to be said for physical models. I believe Duncan Jones used physical models for “Moon”. And while I do stand by my arguements about the “Star Wars” trilogy, I will say that the models in the original trilogy do look better. A bit contradictory, I know.

ILM did do the visuals for “The Wrath Of Khan”. I liked how they used interference paint to create neat colored reflections on the hull. For some reason though, they decided to repaint the model with matte white for “The Voyage Home” when they rechristened it as the Enterprise A. In “The Final Frontier” and “The Undiscovered Country”, the Enterprise A looked too much like a model. There wasn’t the neat reflections or shadows that the earlier movies had.

524. Anthony Thompson - February 19, 2011

I would like to see a physical model of the Narada. Do any of you ‘real model’ advocates care to build one and show us how it’s done?

525. Norman Bates - February 19, 2011

508. Red Dead Ryan

The creature work ILM are knocking out is dreadful! Look at the CGI Yoda compared to Gollum done by WETA around the same time. And King Kong was way better than anything ILM could have dreamed of producing.

Sure ILM is good at some stuff compared to other SFX houses, but WETA is BETA!

Even mother said that Avatar was way out of ILMs league!

526. captain_neill - February 19, 2011


I also think they should have kept certain scenes with Yoda in the prequels as a puppet, like in the original trilogy.

527. Norman Bates - February 19, 2011

But not the puppet from The Phantom Menace!

528. Norman Bates - February 19, 2011

I can remember reading an interview with ILM some time back that they were a little ‘worried’ of WETAs advancements. ILM said that they needed to get their arses into gear and admitted that they had been ‘lazy’. You only have to look at all the awards that have been dished out since 1999. The Star Wars prequel trilogy won none at the Oscars. Films like The Matrix and The Lord Of The Rings were cleaning them up everywhere!

529. dmduncan - February 19, 2011

Gotta say, haven’t been paying much attention to who does what effects. I thought the SPFX of ST.09 were flawless. Thought D9 effects were great too, but they did benefit, I thought, from the poorer image quality of the faux documentary style.

With regard to “creature” effects. I haven’t seen anything that didn’t look CGI — including Avatar — except for what I saw in ONE movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Those were done by Digital Domain. They also did Tron Legacy, and a young Jeff Bridges didn’t look real at all in that (but still loved the film), so go figure.

I did happen to see some video of Jeff Bridges being filmed with those pasties on his face to record his facial movement and after seeing the film and recalling how widely spaced those pasties were, it seemed to me that the major problem they had in Tron was that the pasties were way too far apart. Far be it from me to begin dispensing SPFX advice, because my inferences may be totaly wrong, but if you are using those pasties to record minute facial movements, then doesn’t their placement correlate to a type of “resolution”, such that the more pasties you have the finer the movements in expression you will be able to resolve? And didn’t the CGI facial expressions of Jeff Bridges just look too stiff, as if they weren’t nuanced enough to be convincing?

Now I am aware of course that faces change as they age and those pasties wouldn’t be in the exact same position on an older and looser skinned Jeff Bridges face as they would on his younger self’s face, but then isn’t that something you could tighten up in the computer?

“Enquiring minds want to know.”

530. dmduncan - February 19, 2011

I mean if those pasties = computer data, then less pasties = less computer data = more data computer must make up to fill on its own = fake looking young Jeff Bridges. If there’s a SPFX artist in the house, please correct me.

531. Norman Bates - February 19, 2011

The effects in ST09 were good only because JJ was breathing down the ILM crews necks, he put in a lot into how he wanted them to look. As for the Star Wars prequels, they were some of the worst effects put on film in years.

532. Harry Ballz - February 19, 2011


Gee, I sure am glad I made that offhand remark about how phony the ship looked in the movie…..sheesh!!!! :>)

They should have the Gorn in the next movie!

(there, let’s see what you do with THAT!)

533. Basement Blogger - February 19, 2011

@ 532 Harry Ballz

Actually, Harry with today’s special effects, the reptilian Gorn could be done much better. And “Arena” is one of my favorite episodes. Kirk shows mercy in the episode. Could you imagine what an Arnold Schwarzenegger would do? He would say some silly pun and then he would dispatch the Gorn. The Star Trek universe could use some more non-humanoid aliens. Oh, there were non-humanoid aliens, the Xindi, in “evil” Rick Berman’s :-) “Enterprise.”


534. Vultan - February 19, 2011


“Could you imagine what an Arnold Schwarzenegger would do? He would say some silly pun and then he would dispatch the Gorn.”

You mean like when he bashed the wounded Predator’s skull in with that big rock? Oh wait. He didn’t. Instead, Ah-nuld asked a very thoughtful, existential question (perhaps foreshadowing his equally thoughtful career in politics): “What the hell are you?”

Answer: “What the hell are you?” (triggers mini-nuke).

I guess the Pred had never heard of mercy… or watched Star Trek.


535. dmduncan - February 19, 2011

There’s the crossover hit. Starfleet vs. Predators.

536. Basement Blogger - February 19, 2011

By the way, I’m sure other people think we’re crazy for arguing Star Trek but I’ve noticed people fight about movies in general. I made a comment on movie website that “The Hurt Locker” was a better film than “Avatar” and got pummeled by Avataries? for it.

In this week’s Entertainment Weekly,, 2-25, pg. 53, an anonymous film executive put down “The Kings Speech” in favor of the “Social Netowrk” for the best film. “I want the Academy Awards to matter to people who are 22, not just 62 …. But the Kings Speech will win and it’lll be :The cool movie loses yet again to the pearls and furs movie.” Obviously he’s passionate about “The Social Network.” And it captures the zeitgeist of this century but “The Kings Speech” is special. It’s inspiring and a very human story. Again saw it in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio. The audience cheered at the end of the movie. See I’m passionate too, and want to slap some sense into that guy. I’m joking about the slapping part. Best Picture must be for a film that will stand the test of time. And hopefully that film will become a classic.

Bringing this back to Star Trek, I wish there were a director assigned to the 2012 film. I know these things are complicated without a finished script. Its just that a director could start the pre-production tasks started and help make decisions on casting. Though for Harry Ballz’ sake, we should have Olivia Wilde as Saavik. (I also like Olivia Wilde.) January Jones as Carol Marcus. How’s that for a love triangle for Kirk, you Twilight people?

As for director, where do we go if J.J. Abrams doesn’t want to direct? Bob Orci has said was talking to Steven Spielberg about getting Abrams to direct. (Link below.) Okay, he’s busy producing and just finished up a couple of movies but… is Steven Spielberg available? Tom Hooper? (The King’s Speech) I’ve joked about Quentin Tarantino but there would be a buzz factor that could attract his fans who aren’t Trekkers to the film.

537. Basement Blogger - February 19, 2011

Sorry about the omission. Here’s the TrekMovie link where Bob Orci is asking Steven Spielberg to get J.J. Abrams to direct the next Star Trek.


538. Basement Blogger - February 19, 2011

I’m apologize if I got it wrong about what a director could do at this point. Yeah, it’s got to be hard to do pre-production without a script. The same might be true with casting also. Forgot about the budget too. In my excitement waiting for news on the Star Trek sequel, I wasn’t thinking logically.

539. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2011

536. “Though for Harry Ballz’ sake, we should have Olivia Wilde as Saavik”

Gee, BB, thanks for thinking of me…..and I didn’t get you anything!

540. Bob Tompkins - February 20, 2011

If I were a scriptwriter [was a scriptwriter? Perhaps explains why I am not ;)
The next Trek movie I’d like to see;
Having pulled small items of canon from Star trek novels, here’s an obscure biggie: Klingons are not klingons, they are T’Lingh’Han. The way Federationists pronounce it is similar to a perjorative used against African Americans even today. Sets up a racist conflict we’re not even aware of with the T’Lingh’Hans. Also sets up new marketing possibilities getting rid of the name Klingons which always sounded like it was made up as the last thing in their first script: [Imagine:
“Hey Gene, what do we call the bad guys on Organia? ”
“Just a second Gene, let me finish up in the toilet, these damn cling ons- when will the suits spring for some decent toilet paper?”
“Brilliant Gene,Klingons! “]

Pull plot lines from current Middle east woes. Compare the Federation’s paranoia with T’lingh’Hans with some Americans’ paranoia about Muslims, draw conflict from the current mideast situation, problem being we don’t actually want to understand them, just make them think like us.
It’s a ripe ripe area for dramatization, action and conflict.
Roddenberry would have done it in the 60s…

541. Bob Tompkins - February 20, 2011

Spielberg, except that he prefers John Williams on music on the big ones.
John Williams doing a Star Trek? The mind boggles
I didn’t enjoy Abrams shakycam and rogue flashes of light or really his overall direction.We never really got a ‘feel’ for what the Narada really was,just this amorphous leggy spiderthing. More huh? than wow! And the handling of the missing 25 years was not handled very well. Did they just …. well, I did not note any female crew members.ahem. Pretty Spartan for 25 years.
But then again, maybe holodecks; but i’d rather some of the klingon footage could have been placed into the movie.
Overall I hope Abrams has something else he wants to do a little more on his plate.

542. dmduncan - February 20, 2011

536: “I made a comment on movie website that ‘The Hurt Locker’ was a better film than ‘Avatar’ and got pummeled by Avataries? for it.”

Perhaps you didn’t ingratiate yourself to them. They seem to love being called Avatards. Try that next time and see how much better it goes. ;-)

543. MJ - February 20, 2011

@543. DM, “Avatard,” as in a not-so-clever play on “retard”. Come on, why all the hate and name calling for people that like Avatar? Its seems small minded and beneath your usual high-level of intelligent discourse on these boards?. Fine, you don’t like it — we get that. But that’s no reason to act like like like a jealous teenager about it.

It love Trek and Cameron movies/Avatar. SO SUE ME! :-)

544. MJ - February 20, 2011

@535, “I made a comment on movie website that “The Hurt Locker” was a better film than “Avatar” and got pummeled by Avataries? for it.”

Ignoring Avatar entirely, The Hurt locker is an OK movie, but nothing all that special in my opinion. I frankly kept hoping someone would step in and demote that jerk main character, who kept getting his platoon almost killed, to latrine duty. I talked to several Iraq veterans, and they have unanimously told me that the movie is pretty much garbage.

Now, factoring in Avatar, why did the Hurt Locker win the academy award? Very simple answer, the artsy-fartsy anti-sf academy members rallied around it (flamed by and underground smear campaign from the Hurt Locker producer) as the ant-Avatar option.

I, for one, would like to finally see a sf movie win the academy award one of these days, even it its one that I am not fond of. If Star Wars, Blade Runner and Avatar can’t win it though, then I doubt it is going to happen in my life time.

545. MJ - February 20, 2011

Related News Story to my post 545 Above:

“Hurt Locker producer slapped with Oscars ban”

“A producer on Oscar frontrunner The Hurt Locker has been banned from Sunday night’s awards ceremony for campaigning openly against a rival film. Nicolas Chartier, who financed the $15m Iraq war drama himself, sent emails urging Academy voters to vote for his movie and “not a $500m film”, a clear reference to James Cameron’s Avatar, which is also in the running for the best picture prize.”

“The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences said yesterday that Chartier was censured by the executive committee of its producers’ branch during a special session on Monday for “an ethical lapse”. Academy rules prohibit “casting a negative or derogatory light on a competing film”. For his pains, Chartier will be barred from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles this weekend, although he will receive a statuette later if The Hurt Locker takes the gong.”


546. dmduncan - February 20, 2011

543: “Fine, you don’t like it — we get that. But that’s no reason to act like like like a jealous teenager about it.”

It’s a joke, dude. I DO like Avatar, and I assure you I am not “jealous” of the attention any SF movie gets as if it somehow detracts from the attention available for Trek. Also still a fan of Star Wars, X Files, and hugely a fan of Firefly too. No petty fan jealousies here.

547. MJ - February 20, 2011

Also, If found the email address of Mr. Chartier on the internet, and I sent him this email on March 2nd last year, before the Ocars:

“Mr. Chartier,

You have grossly offended millions of people in this country who have embraced the movie Avatar. This movie is today’s Wizard of Oz, and will change the movie experience for years to come. And while I appreciate your movie, The Hurt Locker, it did not affect me or others in my circle of family and friends the way Avatar did. You and the “Hollywood Elite” will probably succeed in your underground campaign to win the academy award for The Hurt Locker this year, but 50 years from now movie history will be shining a bright light on Avatar as a watershed event in cinema, while The Hurt Locker will be a footnote.”

He did not have the guts to respond to my email.

548. MJ - February 20, 2011

@547. OK, no problem DM. ;-)

549. dmduncan - February 20, 2011

@544: I wasn’t that impressed with Hurt Locker either. It was good but not up to the standards of previous Oscar winners. It was nowhere near as good as Blackhawk Down, for instance, which wasn’t even nominated for a best pic Oscar.

Perhaps there are some years where the offerings are not up to par where the Academy should just say screw it, we’re not giving anybody a best picture award this year.

550. Anthony Thompson - February 20, 2011


I’m not so sure of the staying power of Avatar. When they tried to rerelease it several months ago, it was a huge dud (unlike the rerelease of Dark Knight, for example). A nearly 100% effects movie will probably never be Oscar fodder anyway.

I enjoyed Avatar, but kept noticing themes and bits from previous Cameron movies. But of the visuals were truly wonderful.

551. MJ - February 20, 2011

@550. Agreed on Blackawk Down…Ridley Scott gets screwed by the Academy once again.

@551. Time will tell. But I also think that say 50 years from now, Batman will have been rebooted at least 3 times by then, and the Dark Knight will fade away due to the constant rebooting of the Batman franchise.

552. Gary Neumann, the WRATHFULL SEQUEL OF STAR TREK - February 20, 2011

Avatar was a nice looking movie with a stupid villain.

553. MJ - February 20, 2011

Well it is all subjective. For my part, Col. Quaritch stole many of the scenes.

“Out there, beyond that fence, every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes.”

“A recon gyrene in an Avatar body… that’s a potent mix! Gives me the goosebumps! ”

“That is one big damn tree!”

554. dmduncan - February 20, 2011

552: “Avatar was a nice looking movie with a stupid villain.”

Stupid villain? I’d say the villain was actually the most realistic part of the movie, and wasn’t confined to the character of Quaritch. That stuff happens. Is happening in places of the world right now, like the Amazon. Hell, just look at what Nestle is doing with water mining in Maine if you don’t want to go that far.

555. Basement Blogger - February 20, 2011

@ 544 MJ

The filmmakers won’t admit it but Sgt. William James (Jeremy Renner) was a metaphor for our involvement in Iraq. His gung ho careless attitude is the type of cowboy mentality that got us in the mess. Recall the scene where James and his men run down that blind alley in the dark chasing after insurgents. Yeah, one guy almost got killed. It’s just like what happened when we went into Iraq.

As far as Avatar, I liked the movie but didn’t love like you did. And it was full of metaphors also. Environmental ones. That’s not a complaint. If you recall a litlle show called Star Trek also used metaphors to say something important.

556. Basement Blogger - February 20, 2011


Someday a science fiction film will win the Best Picture award. In 2003, it went to a fantasy movie “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.” Times have changed. I believe if “2001: A Space Odyssey” came out today, it would have a good chance of winning. Of course, they would have to change the name to something like 3001. :-) By the way fellow Trekkers, get the Blu-Ray version of 2001, a HDTV with a HD cable. And prepare to be blown away by the genius of Kubrick.

557. MJ - February 20, 2011

@556. Agree with most of your comments here. I think a lot of us Avatar fans have a chip on our shoulder in that the Academy voting last year was not a fair and unbiased affair.

Interestingly enough, although we should never have gone into Iraq in the first place, it seem to have marginally worked out. Afghanistan, on the other hand, seems pretty much hopeless to me — we should pull most of our forces out from their right now, and leave some Special Forces there to fight very specific anti-terrorist missions. Not sure why we still have 100K+ troops over there???

558. MJ - February 20, 2011

@557. Let’s just hope that they never try to reboot 2001. I could see them calling in 2101: A Space Odyssey. That is probably in line with how slow the advanced are in our space program today. Perhaps 2101: A Space Odyssey will have an all Chinese crew.

559. MJ - February 20, 2011

@551. BTW, Avatar was the bestselling DVD and the bestselling Blu-Ray of 2011. When you consider that both were released in April 2010, it is now wonder that the re-release in the theaters in late summer 2011 did not go so well, as most of the potential repeat customers already had the DVD or Blu-Ray, or had easy access to either through rental services.

560. Vultan - February 20, 2011

I never want to see 2001 remade… but another sequel might work—either an adaptation of 2061 or 3001. The latter sounds the most interesting to me, as it deals with the further adventures of astronaut Frank Poole, and it’s set so far in the future that our current level of space exploration isn’t an issue.

But who could direct it? Duncan Jones perhaps?

561. MJ - February 20, 2011

@561. I would rather they make Rendezvous with Rama, and also wonder why someone couldn’t do an Indie movie (aka “Moon”) based on his great short story, “Breaking Strain,” or a number of his other classic short stories. Too bad the well meaning Bob Orci’s of Hollywood pick crap like Enders Game while many of the masterworks of sf lay untouched in cinema. What about Lucifer’s Hammer and The Legacy of Heorot….heck, Michael Bay could probably do a half-decent version of Heroot givens is probably the best combination hard sf and action/thriller novel ever written. Enough will the silly comic books and kids sf crap, please.

562. Vultan - February 20, 2011


According to wikipedia:

“In January 2011, David Fincher stated in an interview with MTV that after his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie, he would really begin to work on Rendezvous with Rama. He also said that finding the right script was very difficult.”

So, keep your fingers crossed. It MIGHT get made.

But isn’t it very telling of Hollywood right now that a remake of 20,000 Leagues (which doesn’t need to be remade since the Disney original is perfect as is) will get made BEFORE Rama? Kinda sad…

563. dmduncan - February 20, 2011

Lucifer’s Hammer is good. Much better than Armageddon or Deep Impact. But it would have to be a a three part mini series. You can’t possibly do the book justice by squeezing all that into one two hour movie.

Disaster in Deep Impact and Armageddon are averted, so there’s no serious aftermath to tell the story of, and in Lucifer’s Hammer that’s the best part of the story.

564. dmduncan - February 20, 2011

They are always almost going to make big SF movies. They “almost” made Lord of Light in the 70’s or 80’s, even going so far as to construct some sets.

Today? Still no Lord of Light.

“His followers called him Mahasamatman and said he was a god. He preferred to drop the Maha- and the -atman, however, and called himself Sam.”

Great stuff. And now we’re getting Thor which seems to be built on the same premise as Lord of Light, where science has become so advanced that it appears to be magic.

565. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2011

The Hurt Locker was an average movie, at best, and did NOT deserve to win Best Picture.

566. Basement Blogger - February 20, 2011

As for this year’s Academy Awards, I recommend you see “The King’s Speech.” It’s inspiring. Remarkable since a lot it is dialougue between two men. Like I said, when I saw it in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, the audience cheered at the end. It’s my pick for Best Picture. And again, if J.J. Abrams won’t direct Star Trek, and no Steven Spielberg, what about director of “The King’s Speech”, Tom Hooper. He also directed episodes of the mini-series “John Adams.”

567. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2011


I saw The King’s Speech about a month ago and I agree with you.

568. MJ - February 20, 2011

My wife has been raving about The Kings Speech as well, so I am going to try to see it soon. We saw the new Liam Neeson thriller tonight — one heck of an action packed ride, even thought the story has some holes. Nesson certainly is hitting a late career stride right now.

569. Basement Blogger - February 21, 2011

Okay, MJ, you’ve got my attention. The film is “Unknown” and I’ll try to see it. I’m kind of busy. But since your wife loves “The King’s Speech” , I now want to check out “Unknown.” I’ll ignore the bad reviews. Plus, let’s face it. Like Jim Kirk, I love blondes. Diane Kruger and January Jones.

570. I, Mugsy - February 21, 2011

I really hope this sequal takes the franchise back to exploring strange NEW worlds, and seeing what’s out there. I am keeping them crossed it’s not another villain of the week/space battle fest…..

I’d love to see some far out alien vistas realised in screen, like some of the awsome sci-fi novel covers of the 60s and 70s bought to life!

571. dmduncan - February 21, 2011

Unknown was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

572. jessee - February 21, 2011

they already made star trek two fat ass!

573. MJ - February 21, 2011

Jessee is a friend,
Yeah, I know he’s been
A good friend of mine
But lately something’s changed
That ain’t hard to define
Jessee’s got himself a girl
And I want to make her mine
And she’s watching him with those eyes
And she’s lovin’ him with that body,
I just know it
Yeah ‘n’ he’s holding her in his arms late,
Late at night

You know, I wish that I had Jessee’s girl,
I wish that I had Jesse’s girl
Where can I find a woman like that

574. Basement Blogger - February 22, 2011

Hey, I saw “Unknown.” Can’t say I loved it but it kept my interest. So I gave it a B for a grade.

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