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Cool New QMx Star Trek 2009 Phaser Replica Available For Pre-order April 4, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Merchandise,Replicas,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

For collectors and fans who are eager for new cool stuff related to the 2009 Star Trek movie, today brings good news. Today QMx begins taking pre orders for their replica phaser which costs just $50 with a stand and will begin shipping next month. Details and photos below.


QMx Star Trek 2009 "Enterprise Metal-Plated Phaser Replica"

It was announced last year, but today fans can finally pre-order the gleaming 1:1 scale, screen-accurate replica of the stunt phaser used in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. QMx created their new replica using a first generation master of the screen used phaser and the look is considered an exact match for the hero phaser used in the film – and it only costs around $50.

The replica measures 10.5" long x 7" high (grip included) and weighs more than one pound. Even though this is a replica of the stunt phaser (meaning it has no moving parts or lights), QMx’s Andy Gore tells TrekMovie they "upgraded the actual prop" to create an "idealized version". The replica is made out of solid polystone core and is precision metal-plated in several finishes, whereas the stunt phasers used on set were made of painted plastic.

The new replica still costs just $49.95, which includes a Lucite stand with a brass plaque. Gore says while the replica is ideal for cosplayers, they also wanted to make it a "real collectible any fan can afford".

The phaser will begin shipping May 15th, 2011 and beginning today you can pre-order at Entertainment Earth, or at or

More to come from QMx

QMx is also still working on creating a hero version of the phaser replica, which will have moving parts and working lights and sounds (no word on when that will be released, but it is expected to cost much more). As for what is else is next for QMx, Gore tells TrekMovie that they are still working on all of their previously announced collectibles and replicas related to the 2009 Star Trek movie, including the big "Artisan" USS Enterprise replica, Starfleet Academy ring replica, USS Kelvin Salt & Pepper shakers, Star Trek maquettes, and more. Gore says that they don’t rush products out because "the most important thing is quality and these things always take time". So stay tuned.

Starfleet Academy Ring coming later in 2011 from QMx

Available now from QMx

QMx released some other cool Star Trek items in 2010 and those are still available.

Star Trek Movie posters for $29.95 Available now at the QMx site

Star Trek movie badge replicas – $9.99 each. Available at Entertainment Earth discounted to $8.49 (click images below to buy).

And QMx also makes replicas and collectibles for Battlestar Galactica, Firely/Serenity, Dr. Horrible, Doctor Who, and Stargate. for more info.


1. Lore - April 4, 2011

I hate to admit it, but if I’m gonna have a phaser, I want one I can play with, not just look at.

2. Captain Dunsel - April 4, 2011

A beautiful replica of a butt-ugly prop.

3. Jeyl - April 4, 2011

That’s a very reasonable price. Very reasonable. But again, the prop is just ugly. I liked the phasers when they looked like tools and not weapons with toy like “FLIP ACTION!”.

4. Telford - April 4, 2011


5. DavidJ - April 4, 2011

Weren’t the ones in the movie a really shiny chrome? The finish here is appears to be a lot flatter.

6. DavidJ - April 4, 2011

And I thought the DESIGN was cool enough– I was just bummed it didn’t emit the traditional (and much cooler) solid red phaser beam. Those short little bursts of gunfire weren’t cool or satisfying to watch in the least.

Hopefully they’ll fix that for the sequel.

7. Battle-scarred Sciatica - April 4, 2011

I never really liked the 09 phaser. It looked too gimicky and didn’t fire like a true phaser in my royal and esteemed opinion.

My favourite would have to be the ST II phaser. Those multiple beams were groovy baby.
I loved the traditional phasers from TOS and the movies too.

Whatever happened to the teeny weeny phasers form the beginning of ST:TNG. I liked them. They would probably get lost down the back of the sofa though.

Now those TNG rifles were damn hideous!

All great props though. I’d love to own any of the above, no matter how hideous or beautiful. So even though I disliked the ST 09 phaser I’ll probably still try to get one. Assuming the wife allows me too!

Bloody hell I can waffle, can’t I?

Next…..! : )P

8. Gabriel Bell - April 4, 2011


I’m in. Definitely adding to my rather large phaser collection.

9. Viking - April 4, 2011

The studio props department really needs to melt a few of the harder edges on this unit, add a Type I power pack that is truly detachable, and get rid of the ‘squirt gun’ beam effect. IOW, keep the TOS bulkiness but give it ST:III aesthetics and functionality. And while I’m at it, the Kelvin-era communicators were way cooler than those goofy Big E flip-phone thingys with the mood ring stone in it. They looked like the 1970’s Trek walkie-talkies we used to play with when we were kids, or the uber-nerd calculators in the flip cases we carried in college, back when Khan was still onscreen treating the Reliant like a rental car on spring break………….LOL!!!!!!!!!

10. et - April 4, 2011

@2 Sadly, I agree. I liked the Kelvin props better.

11. jim - April 4, 2011

Nice repro, but not crazy about the subject matter.
Would love to see QMX turned loose on the TOS props.
Master Replicas and HMS leave me a little wanting.

12. Battle-scarred Sciatica - April 4, 2011


Who actually said anything about “hating”?

Nice trolling you gimp.

13. Ensign RedShirt - April 4, 2011

Pass. Not my thing. Phaser was ok, but not something I need a replica of. I could’ve done without the “spring action” setting, which was clearly designed for the kiddie market.

I wish one of these companies would do a high-end replica of the refitted Enterprise from TMP. Now THAT’s a starship!

14. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 4, 2011

OMG! … I guess now the guys are going to fight because of phasers…. funny! …. LOL

:-) :-)

15. Battle-scarred Sciatica - April 4, 2011


“Set phasers on Ho-hum!”

16. SPOCKBOY - April 4, 2011

Sorry but the original phaser looks like it actually does something.
A lot of things in fact…
-detachable phaser 1
-flip up sight
-2 power adjustment nobs
-detachable power pack (handle)
-Adjustable beam emitter
-Even a transtator access screw!

(Sorry didn’t mean to “nerd out” so much)

This design looks like a Flash Gordon ray gun (with flip action!)

Nicely done prop though.

@10-sorry but the Kelvin phaser looks like somebody’s grandpa tried to weld together a TOS phaser. Complete with weight lifting grip!


17. Majicou - April 4, 2011

(If it’s a serious question about the tiny TNG phasers) They did fall out of use because they were so small. They didn’t read very well on screen, so it often looked like the characters were shooting beams out of their empty hands. I did notice they used one in season 4 “The Mind’s Eye” when Geordi was supposed to be carrying a concealed weapon.

18. Vultan - April 4, 2011

Flash Gordon tested.
Vultan approved.

19. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - April 4, 2011

Although not my favorite design, the replica is really nice looking. I especially like the finishes used. The “brushed” metal look does give it a more utilitarian appearance…like a tool rather than a toy.

However, the TOS phaser will always remain my favorite. And the style used in TSFS looked like a true follow-up to that design.

But, kudos to QMx for putting out what appears to be a nice show piece at a very reasonable price.

20. Vultan - April 4, 2011

But if it’s going to fly in Trek, they need to simplify it—meaning: lose the rock ’em sock ’em flip action. The thing looks like it was made by Hasbro from a design by the Swiss Army.

Where’s the awl and corkscrew?

21. Steven - April 4, 2011

Unless your under 10 years old, why are adults buying toy crap like these items? Really – that’s what they are! What’s the functionality of their purpose? If you cannot pose the real deal (i.e. an original prop), what’s the reason of a replica that serves no purpose but to remind you of the level of geekiness you are willing to spend upon? I just don’t understand and curious from those who purchase. What’s the personal connection to spend. Thanks.

22. Darkwing - April 4, 2011

Definitely my favourite phaser next to the classic. Would buy this if I had the moneys

23. Tiberius III - April 4, 2011

Why did they even BOTHER changing the design from TOS? To the main stream movie goer, a ray gun is a ray gun.

24. TonyD - April 4, 2011

As much as I enjoyed the movie, the look of the sets and props was something of a letdown for me as the designs from the prior movies and even the original series simply looked better and far more functional than what we got here. This looks like a well made prop, but the design itself simply isn’t all that appealing or attractive. Functionality aside, props in sci-fi films should look “cool” and none of the props in Trek 2009 looked particularly cool or displayable. Pass for me.

25. Rocket Scientist - April 4, 2011

When I was growing up, all the Trek geeks would try to fashion our own props out of wood and plastic bits. Some came out really well, others….not so much. It’s kind of cool to have these available to purchase, but when one of us actually MADE one that captured the look and feel of what we saw on TV, that was really cool!

…but don’t count me as a fan of this design. It’s too ‘busy’.

26. njdss4 - April 4, 2011

I agree with #2, I never liked the design of the new phaser.

27. Anthony Pascale - April 4, 2011

Steven warning for trolling

different people have different ways of enjoying their fandom. Some collection, some go to cons, others do fanfic. And no one, yourself included, is the arbiter of the right and wrong way to be a fan.

28. Michael Hall - April 4, 2011

“QMx’s Andy Gore tells TrekMovie they “upgraded the actual prop” to create an “idealized version”. “

I admire the artisans at QMx a great deal for their attention to detail and efforts to put out a quality product for the fans that’s worth their money. I only wish they had better designs to work with.

29. Jack - April 4, 2011

see, and I was thrilled with the gun burst phaser fire (and the pulse phaser from the ship, a la Star Trek II). It actually made a gunfight relatively exciting. didn’t Trek II’s hand phaser… and the original cast movies, also have a [much longer]blaster-style bolt rather than the incredibly slow next gen beam [the beam which made it really tough to add any real excitement to a phaser fight]). I’m also thrilled that it wasn’t red (the beam), I liked the whitish beam of Trek VI and TOS. And that’s enough about me and what I like.

The Trek 09 hand props looked a little chintzy. But It’s swell they tried something new. Luckily they were barely on screen. One that really seemed weak was the lucite tablet/padd… it just looked really fake and massive. Mind
you, we didn’t see it in action.

I’m also a notorious hater of pointless led lights that don’t seem to have a real purpose (I’m talking to you, rented background machines in Regula I). To me, some if the bridge controls looked just like random stereo LEDs… but I’m no astronaut, so who knows. That was the handy thing about TOS’s (cheap) simplicity — you could, if you tried like heck, buy that it was sort of future-looking technology. The movies’ CRT monitors always bugged me too, I get that they’re a lot cheaper than greenscreening (and the tech wasn’t there), but they made the bridge look more like the security control room of a Ramada Inn than a future starship. Even movies like Total Recall look horribly dated, in parts, because of those darned TV screens (and the hair). TNG used those goofy looking beer sign displays, rather than computer monitors, because of cost, I think, but they’re still relatively convincing as future technology (they still look fake, but don’t rip you out of the future). I wonder if really obviously out-of-the-box flat panels will look like that in a couple of years. I always seem to end my posts with ‘but I get that it’s not real.’ Hmmm, maybe I don’t.

30. Battle-scarred Sciatica - April 4, 2011


I was serious about the TNG earlybird Phasers. I liked them. As was said earlier, the ST III Phasers paid great homage to the TOS Phasers. I guess all the different kinds of Phasers have their places. It will just take time and the next movie to get used to the new Hasbro lite phaser.
I suppose with the TNG miniature phaser it was like the cell phone situation. A few years back everyone wanted the smallest (and most easily broken/lost) cellphones known to humankind until it became apparent how impractical they were.
Now we all have iPhones, wear tinfoil clothes, drive hovercars and have holiday apartments on the moon!
don’t we?
Or is that just me?

31. Anthony Thompson - April 4, 2011

QMx. The same folks who promised a studio model of the 09 Enterprise years ago and have not delivered! Instead they give us a replica of probably the most questionable prop in the movie. Color me unimpressed!

32. Harry Ballz - April 5, 2011

Set your phaser on…………………………………………………………………………..YAWN!

33. Jack - April 5, 2011

30. Yep, the Trek III phasers were the best of the movies, methinks. I really liked the early TOS electric shavery phaser 1s. Or 2s (I get em mixed up). The little guys. I’d like those back.

The TNG crickets were fun — those later dustbusters, not so much.

You know, that prop doesn’t lookthat bad, actually. Well, better than I remember from the film and not quite as flimsy-lookin’ — I wonder if idealized means they gussied up the design, as well as the materials? But, yeah, Hasbro lite is right.

And my lengthy lament of minor prop/set gripes just kind of, er, leaked out. I’ll add the use of the TNG starfleet symbol to the list (It bugged me when they used it in Trek VI too). Meh.

34. Paulaner - April 5, 2011

I liked the change in the phaser firing system: beam was classic but kind of cheesy and stale. The same old thing. The “light bullets” were more exciting, in my opinion.

35. Chris Pike - April 5, 2011

…have to agree yet again TOS did this better than the previous film with regard to prop design, phaser being a case in point, as nicely illustrated by Spockboy above..
For me I think that all these elements of the future were designed with far more thought in TOS, even famously painstaking on how a salt shaker might look like in the future and using it as the brilliantly creative (and accurate forward thinking) laser scalpel

And those posters are just fantastic with, again, the original MJ’s E…another missed opportunity…I was so looking forward to seeing the original ship, more real yes, on the big screen in 09….

36. K.O. - April 5, 2011

Happy First Contact Day!

37. Jack - April 5, 2011

oops, meant TNG federation logo, not starfleet.

38. CmdrR - April 5, 2011

Really hoping the phasers are changed out in the sequel for something cool. The “ray gun” look of the 2009 phaser has been even worse when you see them done in cheap plastic versions. Plus the “p’choo! p’choo!” action is goofey. Where’s the sustained beam that make bad guys and Mugatu glow and disappear???

The ring would be cool if it was solid silver. Silver plate is a mean-spirited joke. It looks like crap.

39. scioto001 - April 5, 2011

Looks like the phase pistol from Enterprise

40. Jonboc - April 5, 2011

Love the 09 phaser. it keeps the unique basic wedge profile of the TOS phaser, being there is more gun behind the grip than in front (like those in Enterprise). It’s different but not radically different like those hideous TNG hand vacuums. I also like the barrel spin, it makes for a visually interesting weapon on screen and, like those great scenes of the Cage, where the actors are adjusting the telescopic barrels, it gives the actors some nice business with the prop and makes them more believable.

all in all, it reminds me of a TOS/Trek 3/Trek 5 hybrid…and being that I’m a fan of all those, my order is going in today!

41. OfficialSpudUk - April 5, 2011

I liked the new phaser. It seemed much more futuristic but also realistic then anything from TOS. We all know that a pulse of energy is much easier to control then a beam!

Also, I always got the feeling that the beams moved so slowly you could just step out the way of it.

Furthermore, the nature of the firefight whilst using the ST09 phasers seemed to convey more danger then multi-coloured beams flying everywhere but not really hitting people. It all just seemed more intense and real as a firefight.

All that said, I want the USS Kelvins beam phasers on the Enterprise, not the pulse phasers seen at the end, the Kelvin Vs Narada fight was much cooler with the beams then then Enterprise Vs Narada fight with the pulse phasers…

42. Cervantes - April 5, 2011

Man, I really despise the look of J.J.’s ‘alternative timeline’-redesigned phasers!

A well made replica of it, however, for those interested.

43. The Bear - April 5, 2011

I’m interested in the QM prop repro, and I’ll pick one up for my phaser collection.

I wonder if anyone as tried changing the color scheme of the PM toy version (ie. gray, black, etc.) to see how much of a difference (if any) it changes the overall look/acceptance of the design?

44. Kirk, James T. - April 5, 2011

Already pre-ordered mine!

Can’t wait for what comes next from Qmx.

45. Dennis Bailey - April 5, 2011

Better looking than most previous phaser designs. I’ll buy one.

46. mikephys - April 5, 2011

Happy First Contact Day Everyone!

47. Jeyl - April 5, 2011

I like Spock Boy’s points. The phaser from TOS looked like it was more than just a weapon that goes “pew pew!”. Remember the episode “The Naked Time” where Scotty used a phaser to cut through a panel with precision? If you didn’t know what a phaser looked like, you could pass it off as a cutting tool. You can’t get that with JJ’s pew pew phaser.

Also, as a matter of cosmic history, if something moves, it will break. That rotating barrel is not going to be of much use to anyone if the rotation gets stuck, loose or misaligned. Cripes, just look at the Playmates toy. The barrels are never facing perfectly straight. I can only imagine how much of a hassle it will be for QMX to get the barrels to face the right direction after it rotates.

48. Jeyl - April 5, 2011

Also, are the triggers those circle shaped buttons on the side of the handle?! Way to throw off your aim when you have to push something on the phaser towards the side.

49. T'Cal - April 5, 2011

I wish they would come out with a whole line of phasers all with the same type of display, preferably a wall display. It would include TOS, TNG, and all the movies, As a display, they could all be static as long as the price was reasonable.

50. T'Cal - April 5, 2011

I wish they would offer all of the phasers to scale with a wall mounted display

51. Dave in RI - April 5, 2011

To me, these movie phasers look like TOS phasers on steroids.

Too big and bulky.

52. Thomas Jensen - April 5, 2011

Pass on this ugly thing.

53. John from Cincinnati - April 5, 2011

There is nothing cool about the Trek 2009 phaser.

54. Mark Lynch - April 5, 2011

Sorry to have to say, that is not a phaser pistol, more like a mini phaser blaster. Then for it only to have two settings, stun and kill. Hmmmmm…

The original TOS phasers had multiple beam settings, up to and including overload. It could also be used as a more discrete weapon by detaching the phaser unit from the main body. Makes for a much more versatile weapon to my mind.

The visual design of the ST 2009 phaser is not too bad, there are some nods to TOS which are evident. But the (fictional) functionality leaves a lot to be desired.

I hope this will be rectified in the sequel. That’d be nice.

It would also be really nice if Diamond Select bring out the phasers for STIII-IV-V-VI Then I can complete my collection! The TOS and movie phasers which they already make are great.

55. et - April 5, 2011

@16 That’s what makes it so awesome… DUH!

56. star trackie - April 5, 2011

Sweet. Best phaser design since Trek 5. Futuristic and real. I love the whole metalic look. Sign me up for one…love the affordable price point! More please.

57. Markonian - April 5, 2011

Nice to see more 09 stuff and whith high quality. Would love to have a USS Kelvin and Narada toy ship, though.

58. Shaun - April 5, 2011

#6: “I was just bummed it didn’t emit the traditional (and much cooler) solid red phaser beam. Those short little bursts of gunfire weren’t cool or satisfying to watch in the least.”

i agree. i would actually prefer a blue beam, similar to the phaser fire from the classic “the galileo seven” episode. and as far as ship-based phasers are concerned, i think the producers got it right in “the wrath of khan”.

59. Jeffery Wright - April 5, 2011

I’ve seen better designed “space ray-guns” that squirt water at the drug store.

What a laughable toy.

That Kelvin sidearm is pretty bad-ass, though.

60. Stargazer54 - April 5, 2011

The TOS phaser designed by Matt Jeffries is still the best.
( view some of his production drawings here:
and scroll down to middle of page)

The TOS Phaser II was a functional piece of equipment designed for multiple tasks, as mentioned above. Part welder, part cutting tool and part defensive weapon, you could also use the Type II to warm up some rocks on a cold planet in case you’re stranded.

Or you could whip it out and appear trigger happy just to scare the natives. It looked like you meant business. The new design resembles a toy not a tool.

Mr Jeffries put thought into his designs. I’m sure he would ask himself, “If I really had to use this thing, what would I need it to do for me?” If I had to put my life on the line in the field, what would I need my equipment to do?

Trek tech in recent years has lost that sense of plausible reality.

No put down of the Qmx replica (which is nicely done), but can we at least get the tech dialed in on the next film?

61. rogue_alice - April 5, 2011

I got the poster a few months ago. I have the “Boldly Go” hanging in my bathroom.

62. THX-1138 - April 5, 2011

First off: Good on QMX for putting a decently priced replica on the market. Too bad it’s this stupidly designed blaster. Just a guess (not being a military man myself) but running around with a chrome gun doesn’t exactly strike me as being too “covert”. Or “stealthy”. Or even “sneaky”.

Yeah, I know that the TMP phasers and the ones from TNG loved to feature blinking lights and all sorts of beepy sounds when you switched settings. But they did still have two features I appreciated: Numerous settings and continuous beams. I don’t like the flip around bit. And I totally hate the “bolts of energy that looks like tracers”. The phasers in your hand and on the ship should be one continuous beam. You want the look of “bolts of energy”, you use the photon torpedoes.

I love Star Wars but let them have the blasters. Trek tech is phasers.

63. Lt. Bailey - April 5, 2011

Nicely done prop but nothing I would buy. These phasers are not what I call a “must have” like the TOS style. Maybe that is because I wanted one when I was a kid growing up. Now that I am an adult, these phasers do not have that same feeling to me. The plastic TOS phaser I bought at STTE in Vegas years ago is better than this as it makes a sound and lights up.

The company did a great job, sadly I would spend my money on it as it is not Star Trek enough for me.

64. Darkowski - April 5, 2011

I don’t really like the 2009 Star Trek props… they all look toy-ish.

Didn’t like those short bursts of gunfire either – on hand phasers and ships.

Really liked the phaser fire on the Kelvin; looked much more cooler and powerful along with a cool sound effect.
Then, there was the JJprise….

65. star trackie - April 5, 2011

#60 “The TOS Phaser II was a functional piece of equipment designed for multiple tasks, as mentioned above. Part welder, part cutting tool and part defensive weapon, you could also use the Type II to warm up some rocks on a cold planet in case you’re stranded.

Or you could whip it out and appear trigger happy just to scare the natives. It looked like you meant business.”

While I love the TOS design best and agree with all of those points, we can’t really say the new phaser doesn’t do these things, just because we haven’t seen them demonstrated in the movie.

66. Dr. Image - April 5, 2011

It kills me when I hear production people on ST09 say things like, “the original phasers were like plastic squirtguns…” (Chambliss, I think.)
If ANYTHING is true, it’s that THIS fkg thing looks like a plastic squirtgun- no engineering logic whatsoever involved- unlike the classic Jefferies version- which they no doubt did ZERO reasearch on…

67. Battle-scarred Sciatica - April 5, 2011


Thanks for the great link.

I just love to see the artwork for all Trek and especially love the original stuff.

Nice. : )P

68. Dr. Cheis - April 5, 2011

I don’t know… seeing the phaser switch from stun to kill in the movie was pretty cool. Not sure I could put up with a replica that doesn’t do the same.

I also don’t like that the setting they “locked” it into was Kill. Even if that was the one they used most in the movie, you’d think they generally use Stun more often.

69. Dr. Image - April 5, 2011

#60- EXCELLENT link. As a prop guy, I love it… thanks.
(JJ?? Roberto? Take note of one HELL of a resource!!)

70. Chris Pike - April 5, 2011

60. Stargazer54 – April 5, 2011

great stuff!!

71. star trackie - April 6, 2011

“I don’t really like the 2009 Star Trek props… they all look toy-ish.”

People probably say this because the only good look of the props we ever got from the movie were from the toys! The props got very little screen time to show them off. The phaser was swung around in a major firefight, the communicator was used by Spock, once I think, in a medium shot…it could have been made from lego blocks for all I know, and the tricorder was buried in Kirks hands huddled up in a snowstorm.
If you’re going to spend, literally, thousands of dollars designing and building props, at least SHOW them! Nothing wrong with quick beauty shots of the props when in use…TOS did it masterfully when we were all treated to an occasional closeup of a prop, be it the phaser about to blast a Triskellion, a communicator causing a landslide or Spock discovering Edith Keeler must die. Hopefully the new movie will have a story that can better showcase the props and their functionality.

72. GO - April 6, 2011



73. Vultan - April 6, 2011

Trek ’09 was aimed at a younger demographic (“Not your dad’s Star Trek”).
The props and ships look like toys and hotrods.

Go figure.

74. The First Son of Krypton - April 7, 2011

I actually like the new Phase Pistols. They look more realistic, minus the flip action

75. star trackie - April 7, 2011

#73 “(”Not your dad’s Star Trek”).

Tru dat…dad’s Trek would be TNG and company…Trek 09 was Grand-dad’s Trek!

76. THX-1138 - April 7, 2011

“Tru dat…dad’s Trek would be TNG and company…Trek 09 was Grand-dad’s Trek!”

This is a false statement. Maybe TOS was “Grand-dad’s” Trek. But if you are to take the film makers at their word, NuTrek was aimed at the uninititated non-Trek fan. Which by mnost reasonable accounts would be young people.

77. Beams for Trek 11 - April 8, 2011

I think it would be much cooler if the phasers had beams that actually moved at the speed of light and which did (using the magic of technology) realistically waver about and could be used to sweep areas, lay down suppressing fire, burn through obstacles and cut things down. The phaser concept, well implemented, could be incredibly interesting and visually amazing to watch.

Space bullets have been done is all I’m saying. And Trek has always loved the beams.

78. Star trackie - April 10, 2011

#76. “This is a false statement. Maybe TOS was “Grand-dad’s” Trek. But if you are to take the film makers at their word, NuTrek was aimed at the uninititated non-Trek fan. Which by mnost reasonable accounts would be young people.”

Honestly I think the young people JJ’s Trek is aimed at ARE uninitiated when it comes to TOS….but not necessarily Trek. For 20 years the only Trek they’ve probably known or given the time of day is TNG and it’s spinoffs….radically different storytelling and style than TOS. Therefore in turning the clock WAY back, they succeeded in bringing to the table something very very different, when compared to the last two decades…yet at the same time, something very familiar and welcome to those familiar with Trek’s beginnings. And it worked.

79. Movie Treasures By Brenda - April 13, 2011

WOW, this does look amazing. There are at least three individuals in my family who would like to get their hands on this phaser! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.