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Star Trek: Phase II’s “Enemy: Starfleet” Available For Streaming Now April 16, 2011

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The popular Star Trek: Phase II fan series hasn’t seen a new episode since November 2009. But that all changes today with an early streaming release of  "Enemy: Starfleet." The Phase II team has set up a streaming page exclusively for TrekMovie readers. See below for more details.



Star Trek Phase II’s "Enemy: Starfleet" streaming now

The Star Trek Phase II episode "Enemy: Starfleet" has an official premiere date of April 22nd (when you can download it), but today they have put a streaming "sneak preview" of the full episode online, just for TrekMovie readers.

Here is the official description:

"Enemy: Starfleet!" (written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, based on a story by Galanter and Greg Brodeur) is the seventh full-length episode produced by the Star Trek Phase II production team.

Veteran actress and Star Trek alumna Ms. BarBara Luna ("Marlena Moreau" in the Star Trek original series episode "Mirror, Mirror") joins the cast of "Enemy: Starfleet!" as "Alersa," a space terrorist leading a faction of alien aggressors who steal a starship and reverse engineer it, to create a marauding fleet–an "enemy Starfleet." Featuring special guest star Paul R. Sieber as Kyril.

You can watch the entire (58 minute-long ) "Enemy: Starfleet" episode streaming now:
CLICK TO watch at (available in 720p HD).

…to get you started here is the opening teaser of  "Enemy: Starfleet"

The regular download release of "Enemy: Starfleet!" via their international mirror websites is set for Friday, April 22, 2011 ("Earth Day") at 5:01 p.m. (1701) Eastern Daylight Time.

The Daily visits Phase 2 "Field of Dreams"

In other Phase II news, the new iPad magazine The Daily recently did a video feature on the fan production with a behind the scenes look, including an interview with star/producer James Cawley.


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1. I'm Dead Jim! - April 16, 2011

It’s fun to watch, I don’t care what the haters say.

2. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 16, 2011

Finaly!!!!!!. Been waiting for this. When I get home I will watch it. I love everything that Mr Cawley has done and looking forward to the rest. Also. What about the rest of the Eps he is doing. Is there a Scheduale on the upcoming ones.

3. RobertMfromLI - April 16, 2011

Hi Mike: We have not yet set a public release schedule for the rest, but, we’re deep into the final stages on a couple of them…

Rob from STP2

4. Gary Evans - April 16, 2011

Thanks for the article.

Trek Movie and Phase II fans – Enjoy the sneak preview! The downloads will be avail;able at your favorite download mirror. It will also be on the Phase II mirror site!

5. Allen Williams - April 16, 2011

I’ve been waiting for this and the child for a long time. The child is one of my top 10 favorite TNG episodes.

6. Michael - April 16, 2011

It is fun to watch. Some of the security officers need to go on the Jenny Craig program though.

7. RAMA - April 16, 2011

Kitumba will arrive around the same time it is set…in the 23rd century.

8. RAMA - April 16, 2011

The new creative team has done a great job with this…

9. RobertMfromLI - April 16, 2011

Hi RAMA, no, “Kitumba” will be out a lot sooner than that – but we’ve got “The Child” to concentrate on first.

10. James Cawley - April 16, 2011

There is no “New” creative team.

11. Sean4000 - April 16, 2011

Man I can’t wait for “Origins.” !!

12. RAMA - April 16, 2011

Technically not new, you’ve been working with them awhile, but I mean the team assembled since Blood and Fire I, II, and aren’t there some new FX people? I know Andy Probert came aboard for Kitumba at least…

13. James Cawley - April 16, 2011

Yes, okay I see your perspective now.

14. Fletch Gannon - April 16, 2011

Crawley and the Phase II crew; keep up the good work…I’m enjoying all of the work you are putting into these productions!

15. Kenneth Thomson Jr. - April 16, 2011

Great job on this one. Well worth the wait. :)

16. Jeff VZ - April 16, 2011

Thanks for the Early streaming I’m sure it will be great just as the rest of your episodes have been. I look forward to the upcoming episodes you all have worked so hard on

17. Bill Lutz - April 16, 2011

Hope you all enjoy this episode!

18. Decker1017 - April 16, 2011

Great work James! Loved the episode! By the way, nice touch with the Wilhelm Scream at 31:26!

19. Danik Coryl - April 16, 2011

Awesome job guys! Been a long time coming for a new episode. Lovin’ every minute of footage you guys produce. Keep up the good work.


20. Remington Steele - April 16, 2011

Fair play to You James and to everyone involved….your work is so clearly a labour of love and its great to see the massive effort that ye put into all of the production….keep up the good work!

21. Allen Williams - April 16, 2011

I really enjoyed watching this episode. I took a break from my TNG season 7 marathon to watch it.

22. Weerd1 - April 16, 2011

Wow! Mr. Cawley’s Kirk is better than ever.

23. Fez - April 16, 2011

Thanks boss, I can’t wait to see the others released and get back to work with the rest of the family

24. BudoBob - April 16, 2011

Very well done Mr. Cawley!! Well worth a re-watch later! :)

25. Pony R.Horton - April 16, 2011

It was a total joy and an honor to be involved with this episode, and Blood & Fire!

I’m blown away by the quality of this show, and I look forward to working on many more!

Thanks James, Sarge, Bill, Kevin, Robert, Patty, Bobby, Tobias, Chris & Matthew, Ralph, Doc John, Charles, Brandon, and everyone else at phase II.


26. Phil - April 16, 2011

Is it me, or is Kirk putting on a little weight?

27. Allen Williams - April 16, 2011

I also thought I should meantion the only reason I couldn’t rate it a 10 is because world and enough time is still my favorite. I’ve always loved the episodes with emotional impact. Still highly rated though.

28. Fletch Gannon - April 16, 2011

Just saw the episode and enjoyed it very much! The supporting acting talent is very professional, and the visual effects are excellent. The story is well told and I like Crawley’s Kirk. I see this as an alternate universe of Star Trek that exists with the prime universe. All in all I gave this an 8; very well told and professional! Keep up the great work!

29. Pony R.Horton - April 16, 2011

From what I’ve seen of James in person, he seems to be LOSING weight. No sign of the Shatner belly on James!

30. NCC-73515 - April 16, 2011

The jamming device just made my day :D

31. Tony F - April 16, 2011

Thank You!!
You just made mine

32. RTC - April 16, 2011

Nicely done. Storyline much like the kind of thing we would have seen in TOS. The FX were very good and not onerous. In short, a solid effort! (As a writer and lifelong Trek fan, sure wish there was an open-submission policy….!)

33. Magic_Al - April 16, 2011

BarBara Luna seems to be channeling Ricardo Montalban, and with a similar depth of lifetime experience and skill she has total command of every scene she’s in. Whatever stunt-casting value there is in her past association with Star Trek is dwarfed by the tremendous skill set she brings as an highly trained actress.

34. Quarksbartender - April 16, 2011

Way to go James, as well as the rest of your crew looks great and I cant wait to see the rest of the episode.

P.S. Ever need a bartender on set let me know would be fun serving up some Romulan Ales once again.

35. MikeB - April 16, 2011

Just watched this episode – congratulations to Mr. Cawley and the whole team. While this show wasn’t quite as poetic as World Enough, they continue to evolve as far as acting and overall quality are concerned. I personally can’t wait for the upcoming episodes, especially Kitumba and Origins.
Keep up the great work!

36. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 16, 2011

Just seen the Ep. Great job guys. I think CBS should just give you a budget and get you on prime time Tv and have it air after N.C.I.S and L.A Would be perfect. Can’t wait for the next Eps.

37. Weerd1 - April 16, 2011

Excellent work all around, thanks as always Mr. Cawley for your efforts and the efforts of your crew!

Very much looking forward to “Mind Sifter;” long one of my favorite Trek short stories.

38. denny cranium - April 16, 2011

Awesome to see Phase 2 again.

All in all a good effort.
James Cawley- the character development between Kirk and Peter is top notch. The actor who portrays Peter Kirk is doing a great job. The scene where he “rescues” Captain Kirk from Elursa is wonderful to watch. Capt Kirk’s scene with Peter in his quarters was a highlight for me. I’m looking forward to seeing more of that Peter Kirk Jim Kirk dynamic in the future.

The opening scene with the disruptor fire on the planet is classic Trek it had a great sixties feel. Was that on purpose?
The special effects are excellent as always.
Great character work with Chekov- solid acting as well.
The gentleman playing Spock is believable- I’m looking forward to seeing how he makes the role his own.
Would have been great to see a little more from Scotty/Sulu and Uhura though.
Mr Cawley and team- thanks as always for doing these episodes, Can’t wait for the next one.

39. Erik Parrent - April 16, 2011

Wow. Said before and no doubt said again, but you guys really do just keep getting better.

More, please.

40. NCC-73515 - April 16, 2011

Excellent Spock! I also have a new favorite character… Xon is somehow cute :D

41. Dave Galanter - April 16, 2011

Denny: When I gave the script to James and Patty, I expressly said I wanted a TOS 60s feel in the exterior shots, including how the communicator jammer looked. Credit to Patty for both the Peter and Chekov work especially, since I didn’t quite know what they wanted to do with Peter and who wouldn’t defer to her for Chekov? (I still love McCoy’s line “of course, not…” Leaving it there as I don’t want to spoil it.)

James Cawley and his P2 team are awesome, and they and the actors really brought to life Star Trek from me. They make me choke up over the hard work they did to bring this to the screen.

42. Dr. Cheis - April 16, 2011

I plan to wait for the downloadable version. It’s been a year, what’s a week more?

43. Diablito24 - April 16, 2011

It’s a nice episode!! Congratz to all the crew and cast. :D

44. marcial garcia moreno - April 16, 2011

Me bajo todos los episodios que hacen ,me gustan todos los episodios que hacen ,tienen ustedes mucho merito, y son muy respetuosos con star trek se ve que los aman ,le animo a hacer mas.

45. ModelMaker - April 16, 2011

well it’s about time!

46. C Miles - April 16, 2011

Although World enough and Time still remains my fav- I say

Nice work!!

As for the FX

Wow. Pre-refit Enterprise in Space Construction set- complete with workbees and TMP short hop shuttles.

I am sure there will be nitpicks galore as the night progresses- hopefully they will be framed constructively. As for me- It’s simply nice to see my old heroes back in action.

Kudos to Darren D for a great intro sequence- and to the props guys- Nice work incorporating Pike era tech (down to the communicators!) onto the Eagle.

Thanks again James for the hard work and the TrekMovie Sneak Peek.

47. Pensive's Wetness - April 16, 2011

im gonna wait a bit before Dling but i liken the preview, bugs aside. :D

48. henry weaver - April 16, 2011

Alas Spock arrived! The actor Brandon Stacy did a great job. I’m looking forward to seeing more.
Great Episode!

49. Brian Tubbs - April 16, 2011

To Everyone,

Wow, Absolutly Stunning. You all did an excellent job. The effects rocked as well. This “IS STAR TREK” period.

I am so very proud to be a member of this cast.

50. KMKProd - April 16, 2011

I wish I lived in the area, I would love to help out with the show. The detail put into the production design, cinematography, editing, etc… its great. I wish I had the time, money, and studio to produce my own down here in Florida.

51. ComanderJacobs - April 16, 2011

I CANT believe it – the detractors are mysteriously absent from this post. PLEASE dont take this as an invitation. The ST:P2 people are really making these roles their own, and while it would be nice to have an episode a week, 26 times a year, we understand the situation. It COULD be worse. Has anybody seen an update to the Starship EXETER site lately? It’s only been 4 years. Please John! Post Part 4, soon!

52. Michael Hall - April 16, 2011

Well, that was quite the fun romp. Lots of things to like, as well as many to nickpick. (Not a great fan of plunking comedic beats/music down in the middle of otherwise entirely dramatic scenes, but that’s largely a matter of taste.) “World Enough and Time” remains my overall favorite (and may always be, given the one-off nature of its plot and execution), but I continue to look forward to the release of each and every installment of Phase II.

The amount of professional polish lavished on these shows, as well as their fidelity to the true spirit of TOS, just continues to amaze. As someone who put in his time on the set of “Origins,” I’m really eager to see how all those hours spent wrestling with paintbrushes, lights, recalcitrant equipment, not to mention our own exhaustion and occasional fits of temper, will come together after the creative team has worked its magic. In the meantime, my sincere congratulations to everyone involved in the production of this long-awaited episode.

53. Masshuu il Malacandra - April 16, 2011

Very good – not a 10, I gave it an 8. Some of the dialog was ‘corny’ which is why not a 9 or 10.
The hair is more 1960’s than 2260’s.

Xon is supposed to be a 100% Vulcan, sure didn’t look or sound like it.

Enjoyed the graphics and the battle sequences. Always good to see BarBara Luna even at her age. The Enterprise looked even better than the original series ship, maybe it was viewing it in 720p HD.

According to the previews for the next episode it will be “THE CHILD”. Really looking forward to that one. Hope it stays on track!

Thank you Mr. Cawley for your efforts, it is appreciated.

54. BAILY - April 16, 2011

The only bad thing about Phase 2 is waiting so long between episodes. Each episode gets better in production value though and this was the best in acting and sfx so far. Great work Mr. Cawley and co.!!!! I really enjoyed this one.

55. Red Dead Ryan - April 16, 2011

AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! The acting of James Cawley has gotten better, the actor who portrayed Peter Kirk did an excellent job, and the effects were very well done.

Great job James! And thank you very much!

56. RobertZ - April 16, 2011

A new episode of STAR TREK!


(nice to hear a little ofThe Outer Limits music too!)

57. ModelMaker - April 16, 2011

nice touch with the wormhole sequence!

58. charles - April 16, 2011

good episode! glad to see Phase II back! My god Miss Luna has had numerous face lifts.

59. Pony R. Horton - April 16, 2011

I don’t care if she’s had face lifts or not, Barbara Luna knocked one out of the park in this film!

The best complement I can give, as an actor, is that I felt as though her character was just like somebody I’d actually known, and worked for, in my younger days. Granted,she took it a bit more over the top, as this was a villain, after all. But there was a familiarity about her character. I felt she was dramatically believable, and great fun as well!

60. Jabr - April 16, 2011

Very well done! Congratulations on another excellent production.

61. mrgene34 - April 16, 2011

Completely outstanding. Well worth the wait. Bravo James and the rest of the crew. Brought a tear to my eye to see yet another addition to TOS………….

62. Kempec - April 16, 2011

Yes Yes Yes!!!! Star Trek in it’s truest form lives through James Cawley and Co. Each episode gets better and better. Cannot wait until the next episode!!! wonderful job to all involved!!! Thank you very much!!!!

63. Gabriel Bell - April 16, 2011

Great job! Extremely fun! Extremely well done! (Right down to the no smoking sign in the transporter room. Wow.)

I’m also really happy to see that basically no one in the comments is hating on it. I’d like to think that is because they respect the passion and hardwork that went into this for Cawley’s Gang, but probably it is because “Enemy Starfleet” was just that good.

Congrats to everyone who put their time and energy into this. Well earned.

64. DJT - April 16, 2011

Well done.

65. Rocket Scientist - April 16, 2011

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! They’ve really captured the feel of TOS, and there were times where I caught nuances of the original actors in the performances. Such moments were startling.

I could nitpick, but I won’t because this was extraordinary. A true labor of love!

66. Buzz Cagney - April 16, 2011

I’ve only watched the taster to this point but i’m liking what i’ve seen enough to want more!

67. Anthony Thompson - April 17, 2011

I want it on DVD (or Blu-Ray). Question: Whatever happened to “Flash Gordon”? And…whatever happened to the concluding act of the 2nd Exeter episode???

68. Patty Wright - April 17, 2011

Thanks, everyone, for the comments. And thanks to the ENTIRE Phase II production team – WOW the hard work all around shows in this episode. It gives me the goose bumps!

@32RTC… we do have an open script submission policy, you just have to submit with a signed release.

@53 Masshuu il Malacandra – according to the Phase II writers/directors guide by Gene Roddenberry and Jon Povill, the document that both invents and describes “Xon”… Xon is 100% Vulcan, and a young genius even by Vulcan standards. His most notable “trait” is that he is “fascinated” by humans, studies them, and strives to understand and imitate their behavior. Unlike Spock, who shows disdain for Humans, Xon wants to be like them. We write Xon for our show the way Gene and Jon wanted him to be written. So… I guess your comment means we are doing something right!

69. HubcapDave - April 17, 2011

Good Episode. I’m wondering, though. What happened to the re-fit the Enterprise was supposed to have for this episode?

70. boborci - April 17, 2011

I love this show!!

71. Luis Emilio Arranz - April 17, 2011

Glad to see the name of Mabel’s again in the credits, our talented Script girl, you made History, sweetie!! :) The same to Hecthor Sanchez and César Martin. Three Spanish crewmen among the stars.

I loved this webisode, I can’t wait to see more P2 webisodes.
My congratulations to everyone who mades possible P2, cast and crew!!!

Greetings from Spain,


72. Toonloon - April 17, 2011

Haven’t seen the full episode yet but the trailer alone makes me think that this may be their finest hour.

73. Christoph - April 17, 2011

Great Show, Excellent

74. Captain decker - April 17, 2011

James great job! When will we see the phase 2 Enterprise?

75. brady - April 17, 2011

boborci – April 17, 2011
I love this show!!

Congrats James…looks like you have the blessing of the Supreme Court.

76. RTC - April 17, 2011

@67 Patty Wright, wow, thanks for that info! In fact, I’m deep into my second SF novel (my first one was published last year!), and while it isn’t Trek, my original idea for it was as a Trek story. I’d still love to see it in that universe, and I think it could be a strong Phase II episode. But I noticed on the Phase II web site FAQs that submissions aren’t being accepted due to a full production schedule. Is that still the case?

77. Gary Evans - April 17, 2011

I’d like to add a tad about Luna. I met her at this first Enemy: Starfleet. She is a warm, sensitive and extremely interesting woman and actor. Luna took the time to meet and speak with everyone on set or at the studio when lulls permitted her to chat.

When I had some time to chat with BarBara Luna (who prefers Luna, BTW), she was genuinely concerned. Luna has a significant photo collection on her web site from the time at Phase II. Chatting with her seemed natural and easy as if I had known her for a long time; due to her acting I was first aware of her since circa 1960!

Just a few weeks later I was in a hospital 57 days; I had email messages from Luna at least four times asking how I was and bring cheer to me at a difficult time.

In Spring 2010 I again had the chance to visit and work with Luna – warm, sensitive and beautiful person. She takes her work seriously and was striving to improve her character’s interpretation – which I think is 9.5 of 10.

The highlight of that visit was dinner with James, three other crew/cast BarBara Luna and myself. Four younger people either side of the table with Luna and I seated at the ends – like a family dinner! Such scenes and moments are what MAKES Phase II worth it.

Luna went to work to reshoot a number of scenes – at her personal insistence and request. A true, dedicated professional actor with more TV, film and theater roles than most in her profession ever achieve.

Such people are rare and a great joy in life.

78. Tony F - April 17, 2011

Gary Ill never forget the day She called and asked me How far My house was from Port Henry
She wanted to come for the family Sunday Dinner!

79. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 17, 2011

Hey James Cawley. Have you ever considered or have you or your team sent in to CBS a Phase 2 Ep to see if they would pick up Phase 2 as a possible CBS Series. Just wondering. If you did I think it would make it on the CBS Lineup.

80. Pensive's Wetness - April 17, 2011

Me liked. me liked lots…

that said, i was very impressed, faults and all. it will never been 100% (the curse of fan-filmdom) but 99.27% is still a great score. I do wish more was detail on the main protagonists but *shrug*. its nice to see a nod to TMP concepts (Phasers powered by warp power but doesnt that sort contridict Adm Kirk’s seeming ignorance of that in TMP? or maybe its just something he forgot about?

*shrug* still, enjoyable, much!!!

81. Gary Evans - April 17, 2011

New Voyages / Phase II has had conversations with various people at CBS and/or Paramount. To best of my knowledge no one said no, just very little interest in going this route with a business agreement.

As James said elsewhere, he was at Paramount on RFS businessd when he met JJ Abrams and was offered his cameo role in Star Trek 2009. James and friends were on the lot, and out of idle curiosity, passed the stage where ST 2009 was being filmed. Just happened to meet JJ, who recognized James, inviting him to come on set later that day. The rest we know.

They do monitor our efforts and many of their staff are well aware of our work and our activity.

We have no closed doors or burned bridges. James (and I a couple times) has had very cordial discussions and update calls with some key people at Paramount and CBS consumer products.

Perhaps one day? The answer is for the future to provide.

Retro Film Studios is grateful that CBS and Paramount have allowed us to interpret TOS for nearly eight years without any hint of cease and desist orders.

82. Patty Wright - April 17, 2011

RE: the “Phase II” refit for the Enterprise… you DID notice the ship is in drydock getting repaired at the end, right? Guess you’ll just have to wait till “The Child” to see what she comes out of there looking like… time will only tell!

@75 RTC I guess we missed that was still posted on the site under “FAQ”! (Wonder what else we have to update on that page!) We’ve posted on the forum in several places that we are accepting submissions….the more material we have to choose from the better! You need to email me at pattyawright (at) gmail and get a NVP2 writers/directors guide with the submission guidelines and the form to sign.

Since we only do an episode a year…. well, we are choosy, but we’ll work with writers that have something worth persuing for our production. (or recommend other places that may want their script.)

83. captain_neill - April 17, 2011

I thought Enemy: Starfleet was a great story and excellent feel for TOS.

Great as always.

84. Dave Galanter - April 17, 2011

#79: In having them use warp phasers, we figured Kirk would think–since it fused the weapons-sub-system–that it wasn’t ready for prime-time usage yet and that’s why he didn’t think it was included in the TMP refit. :-)

85. captain_neill - April 17, 2011

Loved the recreation of the warp embalance wormhole from TMP.

86. NX01 - April 17, 2011

Good Episode. I’m wondering, though. What happened to the re-fit the Enterprise was supposed to have for this episode?

They decided not to go through with it that at this time. I think James made the announcement sometime last year. I beleve he talked about it on trek movie , and said so at the phase 2 site.

I don’t have a link and I am paraphrasing not quoting.
He said that most of the fans wanted to keep the original Enterprise.
Most fans wanted phase 2 to stay an authentic extension of the original Star Trek.

I liked it, but personally I am happy with what ever they do.
I sure they will have the design in the final episode of new voyages.

87. Leo Walsh - April 17, 2011

“Enemy: Starfleet!” is destined to suffer the same titular disrespect and abuse as the iconic Broadway musicals “Oklahoma!” and “Hello, Dolly!”

So, let all those fans who care enough about this production in general and this episode in particular to have gone to this web site and read these comments this far down heed my call:

The official name of this episode includes an exclamation point. Let’s all make sure that we are typographically correct and consistent and take care to include the point in all our writings.

88. IlSisko - April 17, 2011

Congratulations to everyone involved in this beautiful web-series!
This episode is great! Loved the story, the cast, the vfx!

I liked Jonathan Zungre (Chekov) very much and Brandon Stacy(Spock) too.
A great Vic Mignogna in the role of Andorian Captain and Cawley… His best Kirk ever!

And have you seen the guy walking behind the window in the “Drydock scene”?!? Amazing! :D

And thanks to Frank Miller too for sound mix and the soundtrack! I loved it, as always!

Can’t wait to see the next episodes!

All the best


89. tobiasrichter - April 17, 2011

It´s a pleasure to finally see a new episode of Phase II – and such a nice one as well. It feels good to see the result of many hours of hard work appreciated.

@84 – thank you, I tried to stay true to the original.

@87 – glad you noticed the guy behind the door – there are a few more people behind windows as well.

As for the “new” Phase II design of the ship. You can see in the teaser at the end of the episode that we did not change the design in “The child”. But we might at some point switch to the new version…

90. Tony F - April 17, 2011

The Fans have spoken they like the old ship and since JJ changed it we are keeping ours for a while

91. Dave Galanter - April 17, 2011

The exclamation point in “Enemy: Starfleet!” is a nod to Diane Carey who taught me a lot about writing, because of her classic Trek novels “Dreadnought!” and “Battlestations!”

92. IlSisko - April 17, 2011

@88 – I love your works and I will surely search the other details! :D

I’ve forgotten to mentio how good was Babara Luna’s performance, but I really like all the cast.

For instance I really love the character of DeSalle and I appretiate when other “minor” characters like Kyle get “space” in the episode.

I lalso like Peter Kirk’s arc and the development of his relatonship with “uncle Jim”, as much as I’d like to see more Xon in the future.

I need to see more of new Sulu to value Tepnapa’s acting. John Lim was a good Sulu.

93. IlSisko - April 17, 2011

@89 – D’oh! that’s Ralph… sorry! ^_^

94. vjeko1701 - April 17, 2011

Loading…, can’t wait to see it. Thanks Trekmovie and Phase II crew for this sneak preview.

It promises to the best episode yet.

95. scifib5st - April 17, 2011

What a treat! The streaming video, to watch it a week early! Great story, great character moments!!!
Thanks to all for the hard work and care in keeping with Roddenberry’s vision. Worth the wait!

Thank you, thank you!

96. Leo Walsh - April 17, 2011

@ Dave: A *subtle* nod, for sure… but Diane would be honored, I’m sure. :-)

Of course, “Enemy: Starfleet!” sharing an exclamation point with “Oklahoma!” and “Hello, Dolly!” begs the question:

When can we look forward to “Star Trek Phase II: The Musical”?

I mean, it’s not like we don’t already have Captain Elvis on the bridge….! :-)

97. Chasco - April 17, 2011

Yay, new Star Trek!
I loved the little nod to Barbara Luna’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ frock in the cabin scene; and noticed that ‘Scotty’ had his left hand only on the briefing room table – nice touch :-)

Not quite sure why DeSalle had the conn while Kirk and Spock were on the planet – isn’t that Scotty’s job? And young master Kirk really needs a haircut.
Excellent story and effects though, can hardly wait for the next episode.

98. KEVIN - April 17, 2011

i just watch it it was great

99. Dukeman3ca - April 17, 2011

Always enjoyable

thanks phase 2

100. the_doctor - April 17, 2011

Okay, normally I am not so keen to watch these fan productions, but Phase II has some great production values and did one of the best Star Trek Episodes ever with “World Enough and Time”. IMHO of course, so I gave “Enemy: Starfleet” a shot.

So here some thoughts:

– Mostly I have problems with the acting in Fan-Productions but I love the acting in this thing.

– Cawley has found HIS way to play Kirk instead of imitating Shatner which is a good thing. There are only some scences in which he does Kirk the “Shatner Way”, especially in speeches, but in the rest he makes Kirk his own. So thumps up, James! :)

– I really liked the new Chekov and I hope that he will stick with the production for a while

– the villain is a bit too one-dimensional for a modern production but naturally you can do that in an action-based TOS episode, so no complaining from my side.

– The VFX were great, especially the space dock, the fire fight on the planet and the TMP wormhole.

This episode wasn´t as good as “World Enoguh and Time”, but I did not expect it to be. This was more action and fun oriented and there it delivered. Great work everyone.

7/10 from me. ;)

101. sean - April 17, 2011

I can’t enjoy these fan productions from an entertainment standpoint as it all comes across a little too stilted, a little too entrenched in recreating something that’s come and gone. The nostalgia is just a bit much for me. However, I will offer compliments to everyone involved in SFX, etc., as they are clearly doing a nice job. That sequence with the orbital fire was very well done.

My only criticism removed from my general feelings on fan productions would be the sound. As I watched the preview I thought they might rename it “Enemy: Mumbling”. The conversation between McCoy and Kirk and later Spock was often a bit difficult to make out.

102. vjeko1701 - April 17, 2011

Great episode. I loved the TMP connection, the Andorian captain…. everything. Phase II has already surpassed a simple fan project and became the “promised land” of the fan projects.

103. BPS - April 17, 2011

Wonderful stuff, guys! Great to see the finished episode. :)

Looking forward to finally seeing Kitumba!

104. Frank Fischer - April 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Cawley and Dear Phase 2-team,
thank you for this amazing hour of Classic Star Trek. My wife and I enjoyed the episode very much and we are looking very much forward to the next epsiodes! We really love your and your teams work! Best regards from Germany and Live Long And Prosper!
Frank & Katrin

105. The Inner Light - April 17, 2011

Just out of curiosity, why the CBS logo at the beginning as opposed to the older “brought to you in living color on NBC?” I found that interesting.

106. The Inner Light - April 17, 2011

Oh… and I should have said… GREAT WORK all! :)

107. JRQ - April 17, 2011

Thank you for another Star Trek episode from Earth Two .I enjoy it ! The Effects were very good,can’t wait for next episode.

108. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - April 17, 2011

Fun episode. Acting is getting better, especially Bones and Scotty. Chekov great as well.

I think the effects took a bit of a step back from the last episode but it may be the low res viewer on DNA

Can Cawley get a love interest under the age of 80?


Time to find another new Spock

109. Mark Anton - April 17, 2011

Can’t wait to see this. Thanks so much, Cawley and Company!

110. dmduncan - April 17, 2011

I actually love the nostalgia, the vague impression that we’re watching lost episodes of TOS which the excellent production values create. Once again though, the actors are the speed bump in the experience. As a fan production it’s fine, but the rest of the values are so good that it makes me a little disappointed that it doesn’t go all the way when it’s so damn close.

Instead of recreating a new canon with Cawley replacing Shatner as Kirk, it might also be interesting to produce movies with the best acting talent you can attract for the TOS characters as a one shot deal, if that helps to get them on board. Even if that means you have new actors playing the characters each new movie.

One of my key discoveries at NYU was how easy it was to find actors willing to participate in your films for no pay, and how competent their work turned out to be. Don’t know where Phase II shoots, but they may have considerably less to choose from.

111. Chadzia - April 17, 2011

Another wonderful episode. Thanks to the Phase II team for all your hard work. The Peter Kirk stuff was my favorite bits, but that’s wholly unsurprising to anyone that knows me. Love our new Chekov! Jonathan Zungre was awesome. I look forward to seeing more of JT as Sulu. Can’t wait for The Child now!

So glad I wandered by TrekMovie today to see if there was anything new going on. :D

112. Gary Evans - April 17, 2011

Phase II is headquartered in small Ticonderoga New York, but films primarily at Port Henry, NY, North of Ticonderoga and a population of about 900 with 3 or 4 eateries in town and NONE that serve breakfast! James comment that Port Henry is much like Mayberry is close, but even less services – like no hardware store etcetera.
Nearest Bus stop is 35 miles, nearest airport is 55 miles!

BUT, Amtrak stops at the Port Henry 19th century station twice daily, one Northbound, once Southbound.. that is 100 meters from the studio building.

During the OGaM shoot one actor remarked, “Port Henry is just like being on a Back Lot in Hollywood – EXCEPT that people really live in Port Henry!”

113. dmduncan - April 17, 2011

@112. Gary Evans:

Well it’s still in New York and I’m sure there are still plenty of starving actors just wanting to be seen in SOMEthing, all around NYU. It might be worthwhile to post down there for roles.

114. The Bear - April 17, 2011

I just watched the teaser, and it looks fantastic! Big thanks to Cawley and crew for this!!

115. Holger - April 17, 2011

A classic TOS episode! A+++

I love the way lighting and camerawork has been improved in the interior shots. The acting was great, too. Production value has still been improved over the already very high standards of WeaT and BaF.

Compared with the action at the beginning and in the end, the middle part of the episode was a little slow, perhaps. I think 50min running time would have been sufficient. But on the other, there’s more episode to watch this way.

My deepest appreciation and respect to JC and the entire Phase II team. You produce Star Trek at its best.

116. Dr. Image - April 17, 2011

Just started watching and I KNOW I’m going to love it! Wow! Congrats again James! Really slick looking…
Love the conjectural classic phaser rifle. And that you didn’t go with Brad Nelson phasers- the HMS, though inaccurate to the originals, has that nice, sleek design… (Hey, so I’m into props!)

117. Leo Walsh - April 17, 2011

@ 105: “Just out of curiosity, why the CBS logo at the beginning as opposed to the older ‘brought to you in living color on NBC?'”

You’re really asking this question? Really?

*ahem* Who owns the Star Trek franchise right now? Hello?

To whoever added the classic CBS teaser to this ep: Brilliant. Just frakkin’ brilliant.

118. Starbase Britain - April 17, 2011

I like this stuff. I like the way they have stuck to using TOS incindental music which i never tire of. uniforms are bang on and cawley has that kirk roll spot on too.

Negatives: Spocks posture is terrible and whats with that red shirt haircut! Sheesh!

Great work though guys and a real nostalgia fest. Its great to see ‘new’ epiosdes of TOS.

119. Shatoupee - April 17, 2011

To James Cawley and company—great job! The wait was worth it! A few comments on what others said. The vintage CBS logo was a fun addition. I thought Patrick Bell as Xon did a great job–would like to see more of Xon in the future. Luna did great, too.

Where was the location footage in the teaser shot?



120. David G. - April 17, 2011

Very fun to watch! Has it been a year and a half already since I last saw a new production of these? (The largely finished version of “The Child” shown at the 2009 Dragon-Con in Atlanta.)

I’ll be the rare person here to bring up two criticisms: #1, to maintain the feel of these being the 4th season of the TV series, I’d like to see these productions stay to the challenge of the constraints of the (approximately) 51 minutes that a network program would’ve had some 40 years ago. Like Peter Kirk’s hair (!), this episode was noticeably too long.

And #2, the B story with Kirk’s nephew seemed unnecessary and out of place. The ship’s in a crisis battle situation with some enemy vessels, and the captain heads on down to have a nice little comforting talk with his nephew…? (Whittling that out would’ve got things closer to those 51 minutes!)

Just curious: Why the CBS logo and not the NBC one?

121. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 17, 2011

What’s the source of the soundtrack music? The opening scene uses the music from “Metamorphosis,” a beautiful theme. Are these re-recordings of the original scores? If so, who’s doing it? I have all the available cds that have been released, and “Metamorphosis” isn’t available.
Yeah, a great episode. I noticed the audio levels could be better at times, but a small quibble for a tribble.

122. James Cawley - April 17, 2011

#117 Thanks!
The vintage CBS logo was used as a kinda Thank You to CBS for always being very kind to us.
I guess like Get Smart we kinda jumped networks in our 4th year, lol.
To ALL The Phase II team, you are all simply The Best!
My Thanks for all the hard work.

123. Dave Galanter - April 17, 2011

#120: Kirk only went down to talk to his nephew when the red alert was downgraded while they (and the Eagle) didn’t have sensors and Mr. Scott was working on repairing the power couplings. His CMO came to him and reminded him that his relationships with his officers WERE ship’s business.

And to the person who asked why DeSalle was in command at the beginning and not Scotty? Scotty was in engineering when Kirk left the ship and he rotates whom he leaves at the conn. It was DeSalle’s turn. :-)

124. Raymond - April 17, 2011

Great Chekov moments!
Stacy is great as Spock, but Spock is such an interesting character. I wish the writing would reflect more of that rather than all techno-babble.

Production value coming along nicely. Good job Cawley

125. Blowback - April 17, 2011

Very enjoyable James and Company… Keep up the excellent work…

126. tony - April 17, 2011

GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!

127. Patty Wright - April 17, 2011

@121… our sound guy owns all the original music scores. They are not available commercially.

Peter gets a haircut after this episode. It’s a physical sign of his character’s growth from guy fresh from the Academy into a regular, run of the mill, Starfleet Officer.

@RTF.. please send your email again. My computer ate it and I cannot find it. (Unless I am hallucinating and you never really emailed me.. which is what my computer is trying to convince me of…)

128. Patty Wright - April 17, 2011

The teaser was filmed at a sand and gravel quarry near the studio.

129. Pony R. Horton - April 17, 2011

Yeah, turns out Kirk had gone down there to pick up a few pallets of gravel for a new concrete job on his driveway when all hell breaks loose…!

130. Tony F - April 17, 2011

It actually looks more like an Alien Planet than Vasquez Rocks ever did

131. Eric Holloway - April 17, 2011

Really well done, I especially enjoyed the planet side scene and all the little nods to TMP. Just hope you don’t get there too fast I’m still enjoying seeing the Enterprise before her refit. Great job to all involved and thanks!

132. njdss4 - April 17, 2011

Great episode! I wish CBS/Paramount (whoever makes these decisions) would pick this up as a miniseries or something.

133. CmdrR - April 17, 2011

The E’s balls really glow!

Love to see the love put into these eps. I could nitpick (because I’m a Trekkie and nitpicking is in my DNA) but it’s really a treat to see them done at this level.

OK, one little nit: body language. Cawley and Kelly seem comfortable in their skins. Some of the others are way to self-conscious, physically… like they’re using muscles for the first time.

134. fansincesixtynine - April 17, 2011

Thank you all for such an enjoyable trip! Truly a labor of love.

135. Michael Hall - April 17, 2011

Just another observation–whatever the back story was behind Ben Tolpin’s leaving the Phase II cast or the post-production finessing it took to turn the raw footage into this episode, from what I can tell he did one fine job of directing. I suspect this young man is going places. :-)

136. Tomh, Esq. - April 17, 2011

I must admit to being a bit skeptical about this episode when I heard about it, but the story was much better than I expected.

Congrats to Crawley and Co. !

I look forward to seeing “The Child.”

137. symar - April 17, 2011

Thanks for sharing an advanced opportunity to watch here.

This episode captures the timing, the humor, the character interactions, and the “heart” of TOS remarkably well. Applause for the entire Phase II crew!

138. Bill Lutz - April 17, 2011

It is an honor and a pleasure to work with the cast and crew on Star Trek Phase II. It really IS Star Trek.

139. Captain Otter - April 17, 2011

I can’t say that the fan shows have impressed me yet- but this one seems to feel right. Good work.

140. Tony Whitehead - April 17, 2011

Nice work. These just keep getting better all the time. Looking forward to watching the complete episode. Congrats all around to cast and crew.

141. JMAN - April 17, 2011

Great episode of Phase II! Exciting, unpredictable, and just plain fun all around. The performances by all the major cast members get better with each episode, too.

142. Captainfirst - April 17, 2011

I rated this episode a “7”. It was good basic action/adventure, which Phase II does a good job of balancing with more sci-fi oriented or dramatic stories like “World Enough And Time”. Good, solid acting all the way through in this story and as we’ve come to expect, well-done special effects.

I especially like the touch of Chekov inventing the warp-powered phasers, and I can see Kirk in the ST:TMP era as just assuming Starfleet would never take the risk of installing such a system as standard technology. If I recall correctly, Kirk’s knowing of this and assuming his recommendation against it was taken comes from the movie’s novelization and not the film itself.

I am looking forward to the next three episodes, as two of them were originally written for the 1970s Phase II series and the other is a fanfic widely available only in an edited version that the author disliked strongly.

143. Yves Arden - April 17, 2011

Seriously? I can’t believe everyone is so enamored of this thing. It’s overlong. It has no sense of pacing. The majority of the acting teeters from utterly flat to ham and cheese sandwich. The character scenes are too long and drawn out. There’s no proper first act setup of the resolution in the final act. There is logical nonsense throughout. It’s an B+ effort for a fanfilm, but it would be laughed off network television.


144. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - April 17, 2011

Wait…there’s actually a Phase II?

Somebody fill me in on this!

145. Pony R. Horton - April 17, 2011

Originall, STAR TREK: PHASE II was to be a new syndicated TV series acting as a flagship show for Paramount. This was in the mid-1970’s, when interest in STAR TREK was growing rapidly. There were a number of scripts and stories written, costumes designed, sets designed, new characters (Xon) added, actors hired, and it looked like it was going to go, but then it got stopped. Then it got started again, and then again it got stopped. Finally as it looked uncertain, STAR WARS came out and changed everything, and after that they decided to shelve a new series and go with a big-budget film.


146. Basement Blogger - April 18, 2011

Okay, I’m guessing they want some constructive criticism. So I’ll start with the acting. Yes, I know this an amatuer production and a fan film. And i’m not a film critic but a fan with an opinion. But the acting could be improved. If everyone is going to participate in future episodes, they might as well take acting lessons or read up on the craft. Watch great actors. For example, watch John Noble on Fringe. You can read his emotions just by looking at his face. Same with Judi Dench. Check her out in “Notes on a Scandal.”

The screenplay has some strange character moments. I mean they’re in a middle of a fight and for some reason there’s levity and some Kirk-Kirk bonding. And maybe I missed it but how did Kirk avoid Alersa’s mind control powers?

The hairstyles are kind of strange. I know some of wearing wigs. It’s probably just better to have the guys have their hair cut close.

Now for the positive stuff. Special effects were good. I mean this is a fan film and they look great. But if you’re prop looks cheap don’t use a close up of it. See alien jamming device. Still, very impressed with special effects. Wow, the sets are very close to the original series. I was also impressed with the camera work.

I loved the conference room scene. That the ticket. You had me thinking about the consequences of establishing a dead zone. As Leonard Nimoy points out Star Trek works on many levels and one of theim is to be provocative. The best compliment I can pay is to say that I thnk Gene Roddenberry would be pleased. You made Star Trek.

147. Trekmonk71 - April 18, 2011

Thanks.That was one hour I really did enjoy.Great job to all.Cant wait for the download

148. Holger - April 18, 2011

And I’d like to add my thanks for the wormhole scene in the end. From the bottom of the heart of a die-hard TMP-fan.

149. Steve Whiting - April 18, 2011

This one felt like TOS the best of all the productions so far, great job and looking forward to seeing the next episode…

150. Someone - April 18, 2011

Semi-pro sums this up.

Its OK, but the acting sucks.

Great FX work and sets though

151. Hugh Hoyland - April 18, 2011

A question: What camera did you shoot this on?

152. Munk - April 18, 2011

These get better and better. The production/editing/FX are the best yet. Really getting tight in that regard. The acting is improving too but I’d still love to see less homage and more original direction with regard to the characterizations, mannerisms, etc.

I really enjoy these and look forward to the next installment with the marked improvements demonstrated with each progressive episode.

You can see the love and dedication to the source inspiration.

153. star trackie - April 18, 2011

After a significant drop in quality with the last episode, things are looking up across the board. On the Techie side, the picture quality, lighting, sound, the editing and camera work, as well as the CGI were all top notch…and more importantly, consistantly top notch. Every scene looked professionally done. On the Trekkie side, Cawley and the doctor have improved in leaps and bounds…certainly there is still room for polish…but the acting is slowly but surely becoming more natural and not as forced. This improvement goes a LONG way in my enjoying these. If I cant believe the actors, nothing else matters.

Everyone, including some top notch guest stars, was on top of their game. My only cosmetic gripes are some oddly placed music cues, Peter’s crazy long hair and the lack of regulation pointed sideburns on our good captain. But all in all, may be the best episode to date.

154. Do You Wanna dance - April 18, 2011

I know there are legal and logistical issues abound, but imagine if Phase II was given a real budget and weekly spot on the SyFy channel. I mean, their stuff easily beats a lot of the shows that find its way on that channel, and certainly would make the price of cable a little more justifiable. Just saying.

155. Jason Alexander - April 18, 2011

Really enjoyed the series so far, looking forward to more.

156. Mark Lynch - April 18, 2011

Watched this twice now and looking forward to be being able to download it and watch in full glory on my TV.

The only things I would nitpick about (and lets be honest it comes with the badge) are two things…

1) Spock’s ears, it is quite evident in a number of scenes that the prosthetics either do not fit him properly or they have not been applied very well. in some cases you can see his real ear lobe in shots from behind. Then with some shots looking into the face, not only are the edge seams visible, they are not even stuck down.

2) Some of the acting seemed a bit “over the top” to me. Actually, thinking about it, the style lends itself well to the 60’s era, I suppose. But I for one would like to see a modern, more realistic acting style used. Perhaps even more of an ensemble take toward the entire bridge cast. At least then, everybody won’t hate James Cawley in 40 years time !!!

These are not intended to be harsh criticisms. I love Phase II, and consider it the only real Star Trek source around these days.
But I really found the bad ear makeup for Spock to jar me out of the episode on several occasions.

Looking forward to the other releases. Keep it up guys.

157. Mark Lynch - April 18, 2011

To balance out my criticism above, the TMP wormhole effects were so fantastic that my jaw literally dropped…. Absolutely amazing. Well done.

158. Alex Rosenzweig - April 18, 2011

I got a chance to watch the episode yesterday. Nicely done! Both “Blood and Fire” and “Enemy: Starfleet!”, especially, have done a great job of evoking the “feel” of true Classic Trek episodes, and congrats are due all around. Neat location work and VFX also make this episode a lot of fun, and I really thought the drydock at Starbase 7 was quite slick.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more episodes! Bless you all, James and company, for helping to keep Classic Star Trek alive and, clearly, very well. :)

159. Stevarino - April 18, 2011

Find it a little odd that they choose to take their forum down for “maintenance” at the same time the episode goes to a live stream. Although I’m a supporter and big fan of their efforts they’ve NEVER been been humble enough to accept even the most constructive criticism at all. One wron word on their forum and here comes 20 “crew members” to slap you down as fast as they can. Nice work, good Trek, BAD public relations all the way around.

160. LodownX - April 18, 2011

Great Job everyone. Once again your production values grow with each new episode. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Mr. Cawley… your best Kirk performance yet.

To all the Cast and Crew… Well Done!

161. Patty Wright - April 18, 2011

@159 Stevarino – we didn’t “choose” to take the forum down for “maintenance”. We actually instituted a change to make the forum easier to access and comment…. unfortunately, the “change” corrupted the database and crashed the forum. What do they say about “the best of intentions”? LOL In trying to make it easier it messed everything up

This was very upsetting for us… because we WANT all the feedback and criticisms we can get to help us improve in the future.

The forum guys have been working round the clock to get it back up.. and now it is. Thanks Rob!

162. Lt. Bailey - April 18, 2011

Nicely done, seeing the sets, costumes, props just makes me cry tears of joy of how accurate they are.

163. Stevarino - April 18, 2011

Sorry, still find it a little too coincidental that the announcement of the streaming release was originally on the P2 forum, then in a VERY short time disappeared along with all the comments about NOT being able to view the stream (an issue with EVERY release via streaming format). Yeah, apparently your forum is now back online, but missing all posts made since April 10th. Your explanation, while plausible, is just a tad too convenient. That said, I did enjoy the episode as I have all others, however my opinions concerning the group’s acceptance/treatment of constructive criticism and gang mentality stands.

164. Patty Wright - April 18, 2011

The missing posts are because of the corrupted database: despite days of work they could not be found and restored. And the fact that ALL posts since April 10th are missing support that fact.

I am sure Rob would be willing to fill you in on all the technical details re: SMF, Apache and script issues… but I doubt you’ll believe that either… and it would just bore and annoy the good people here trying to have a civil conversation.

Thanks for your thoughts, though.

165. RobertMfromLI - April 18, 2011

159. Stevarino: Wrong. I took the forums offline because they needed to be offline. One of the other forum admins tried doing a massive move which damaged links to various topics – a known SMF issue with topics with large threads (Apache times out the script before it’s complete, which means the topic linkages never get completed).

As for 20 crew members “to slap you down…” – that doesn’t happen either. Disagree with you, maybe. Perhaps the issue is your definition of “constructive criticism” varies from theirs. We ALWAYS accept *constructive* criticism. We don’t accept bashing cast or crew who, on their own dime (or lots and lots of dimes) make these episodes for all to watch. There’s a big difference between the two. Remembering and understanding that difference will lead to a situation where you will not have any problems – just like the vast majority of our near 10,000 other forum members.

Perhaps reading your post (#159) above will shed light on what I am talking about – you assumed idiotic reasons for the forums being offline – and then you accused us through implication of doing it for those reasons. That’s not constructive criticism. That’s accusatory (where not warranted), inflammatory, incorrect and perhaps even childish.

166. Patty Wright - April 18, 2011

AND… since the forum crashed, we DID keep everyone up to date constantly on our “official” FaceBook page for “Retro Film Studios”, and our “unofficial” FaceBook fan pages: “Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II”, “Where No Fan Has Gone Before”, and on a lot of our “producers” personal FaceBook accounts, including: “Robert Damien Mauro” and “Patty Wright”.

So, all in all, I think we worked hard to keep folks up to date with what was working, not working, what caused it all, how we were trying to fix it, and when stuff was fixed.

Our efforts speak to keeping fans informed and giving them other outlets to comment while our forums were down – rather than “hiding”.

And part of “fixing” things was to include TrekMovie and give them access to links as soon as they were available.

167. RobertMfromLI - April 18, 2011

#163 Stevarino: I will PUBLICLY admit, right here and now, that there were problems with the streaming release. I will also point out that the posts about that were the ***15th*** onwards. I could simply have deleted those posts if my motives were as you state – instead of going the much harder route of restoring a backup from the 11th (not the 10th). I do not control the DNA streaming server. I am just the guy who scrambled overnight, with no sleep for two days (I still had to work the next day, regardless of being up all night) to get a streaming version online, in the proper order and available for all to view – namely the YouTube Release. And that, is with much thanks to Anthony for helping make it known to everyone.

You can keep speculating nonsense, but honestly, it makes you look like a troll – especially, as I mentioned, it would simply have been much easier to remove a few posts (a half dozen maybe?) about the streaming release instead of losing 4.5 DAYS worth of posts – see how little sense your wild speculation makes? And by the way, trolling isn’t “constructive criticism” either – perhaps now you understand why you are one of the very few people on our forums who elicits a negative response from the crew.

168. Michael Hall - April 18, 2011

Not that he needs me to, but I can verify Rob’s story here as he was kind enough to take the time to reply to an email I had sent him but apologized that he had to get going to put this fire out. And it is most counterproductive to ascribe base motives to those you don’t even know, let alone people who are doing their best to entertain you on their own time and money.

169. Tony F - April 18, 2011

I think thats a record for us 159 Post before something useless and vile
Im Impressed!
We Reach!

170. James - April 18, 2011

I think this was the best episode yet! Great job! Can’t wait for the next!

171. Trek Ahead - April 18, 2011

The opening scene with the sound effects and music score, literally gave me goosebumps! A HUGE vote of thanks to James, and all the actors and crew!
The wait between episodes may seem like an eternity, but it is well worth it.
My only criticisms have all ready been touched upon by other posts, so I feel no need to repeat them here. For me, the Star Trek Phase II episodes are just the thing to wash that bad taste of the JJ Abrams movie out of my mouth.
So glad that you like to play Star Trek James, and then share it with the rest of us!
Just love that classic Trek! I’m going to go watch it again!

172. Carlos V. - April 18, 2011

E:S has all the essence of the 60’s look and feel. IMHO its story keeps for me the best tradition of the action and adventures seen at the TOS episodes like “Journey to Babel” or “The Enterprise Incident”.

Ok, Acting and some technical stuffs need to be improved but we need to recall they’re not pro actors but they do their best shot; in addition I appreciate a lot that STP2 had been bringing us back the real Trek envisioned by Gene Roddenberry not the only wanted by JJ Abrams.

Kudos to all the cast and cry and keep in the good work done until now.
Greetings from Spain,

173. Anthony L. - April 18, 2011

This was a technically more sound episode all around than B&F I think Jame’s and John’s portrayals of Kirk and McCoy (especially) have come a long way. Obviously there will always be room for improvement. Brandon Stacy as Spock looked more the part than pretty much everyone to date and since this was his first project I think we will see the Kirk/McCoy/Spock relationship come together a bit more in future episodes.

The camera work was great, the VFX were very nice, and overall I liked the episode. I didn’t think it was as good as B&F though. I enjoyed the new Chekov but I enjoyed Andy Bray more and I didn’t really care for the new Sulu either. But I will give them both time to wear in a bit.

Can’t say I’m super excited for The Child. I know it’s a different (ie the original) take on the TNG episode I just have the feeling from the preview that I’ve been there and done that. I am really excited for Kitumba and Origins however!

174. Carlos V. - April 18, 2011

Kudos to all the CAST and CREW and keep in the good work done until now.
Double repetition of my last message and double thumbs up to all this guys, GRACIAS!!

Greetings from Spain,

175. Mark Anton - April 18, 2011

I enjoyed this episode but I think a mistake was made in the casting of Barbara Luna. She was great back in the day with William Shatner in the episode “Mirror, Mirror.” She was exciting, beautiful, energetic, and extremely sexy. I know that James Cawley enjoys his occasional stunt castings. It certainly worked great with George Takei in the emotionally satisfying “World Enough and Time.” But in the case of Miss Luna, who was fine as the love interest of Commodore Decker in a previous Cawley-produced episode– this time she has been cast in a role that obviously should have gone to a much younger woman. The scenes where she is slapping around various crewmen look silly. She is hardly a threat to any of them.She also looks too old for them to be lusting after her, regardless of whatever hold she has on their minds. Barbara Luna should not have been asked to play this part. I’m guessing that many people involved in the production secretly feel this way. I think an up-and-upcoming actress who looks physically stronger and about 30 years younger would have been a much better way to go.

That being said, there are so many other things to like about “Enemy: Starfleet.” The special effects look very good, both inside the Enterprise and out. The opening shots on a foreign planet made for an exciting way to kick things off. Also, I really enjoy seeing Cawley and John Kelly to continue to develop their respective roles as Kirk and McCoy. I enjoy the rest of the cast too, and it’s fun to see something like this that does such a great job of keeping classic Trek alive. I love Star trek: Phase II, and I think that what James Cawley and Company are producing is truly amazing science fiction that demands to be seen by a huge audience of Star Trek fans.

176. Allenburch - April 18, 2011


James Cawley:

When can we buy a poster or something and receive complimentary DVDs of these episodes?

177. Rolanddeschain - April 18, 2011

Great episode guys, thanks for keeping the dream alive.

178. Canon Schmanon - April 18, 2011

It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but I certainly can’t denigrate your accomplishments, Mr. Cawley. I really admire your commitment and the continual improvement of your productions. Much of what you do looks better than the original show. I can’t imagine how much hard work goes into this, but it certainly looks like you’re also having fun. Thanks for your titanic efforts at keeping Star Trek vital.

179. Tony F - April 18, 2011

175 You couldnt be more wrong
The role was not only written exclusivly for her but she took part in developing the charactor as well…. As we all discussed just who Alersa was to be at that breakfest in Hollywood that morning where she demanded to have OUR autographs…No 30 year old could NOT have pulled it off the way we wanted it
and evryone on the crew not only apreciated her but became her friends for life
There is no Alersa without Luna nor would anybody else ever been considered for the role

180. Patty Wright - April 18, 2011

You can get free posters to print for all our episodes here:

181. RobertMfromLI - April 18, 2011

Mark Anton: re Luna, go back and watch again, and listen to the “psychomorphic control” part – the convo between Spock and Kryil on the bridge…

182. RobertMfromLI - April 18, 2011

179: Tony,

Yeah, not just did she ask for all OUR autographs, but then she proceeded to pay for all our breakfasts (side note to all, as Tony can confirm, there were around 25 of us, at a very nice restaurant).

…and months later at the shoot, she still remembered my name, and learned everyone else’s in moments. Luna brought an amazing depth of character to the character of Alersa that I think very few others could have managed…

183. Sebastian - April 18, 2011

That was a lot of fun; felt very much like a lost episode of the 3rd season.
Not the best Phase II episode, but not the worst either. Still a lot of fun. Kind of wish Cawley and his team wouldn’t waste their efforts redoing “The Child” (originally planned for for the aborted TOS Phase II back in the ’70s; later remade for TNG). It was a so-so idea to begin with. No real reason to have two versions of it.

I’m MUCH more interested in “Kitumba.” That one looks to be really special (like a Klingon version of “The Last Emperor”). But whatever the outcome, thanks again to James Cawley and the Phase II crew! They fill each episode with lots of little cool tidbits of Trek lore and background (the travel pods and workbees in drydock, the idea of channeling phaser power through the warp engines, a wormhole made through a warp imbalance, etc).

Live long and prosper, guys! ;-)

And IMO Peter Kirk really needs a haircut…

184. Leo Walsh - April 18, 2011

@ Patty: Thanks for the link, but you know what would REALLY be appreciated? Links to downloadable DVD case art. I *know* you’ve got them… somewhere. Come on… share ’em with us! :-)

185. Muddseye - April 18, 2011

I gotta back up Tony F and ROb about Miss Luna. I too can attest to her being a wonderful JOY to work with, not only during the principle Photog, but also during the pickups that happened later. Luna is such a caring person that she inquired about injuries I suffered prior to the principle shoot that limited my usefulness at the shoot :)

186. Canon Schmanon - April 18, 2011

Barbara Luna was fantastic. It was great to see her again. And I wouldn’t presume to know the secret thoughts of the cast, but I’m betting they were positive.

187. "Check the Circuit!" - April 18, 2011

Just finished watching Enemy: Starfleet!

Congratulations to cast and crew! You keep getting better and better. Just about everything in the production continues to improve. Location shooting. Sound design and audio. Lighting. Set decorating

There were times I’d swear it is was April 1970 and I was watching a new episode of TOS from Season 4. And I guess that’s the point. Remarkable effort!

188. Andy Patterson - April 18, 2011

I love the spirit, look and feel of these. Just fun. The special effects are really getting great.

Hey James, do a Gary Seven feature and use my theme for him.

189. Patty Wright - April 18, 2011

We do not “currently” have download-able DVD art. At one time we made them available, only to find our DVD’s being sold everywhere with this art on them (including the note: “if you find this for sale it is pirated”) One too many fights with convention security people to get them pulled off the dealers tables soured the producers on making the art available.

That is constantly being re-evaluated, so there is always a chance it will change. But, enjoy the posters… and go ahead and shrink them down to DVD cover size :-)

190. RobertMfromLI - April 18, 2011

113. dmduncan: By “in New York”, let me define that for you… it’s closer to the Canada border than it is to NYC… HOURS closer. New York is a very big state… ;-)

191. RobertMfromLI - April 18, 2011

186. Canon Schmanon:

Tony, Mark and I pretty much just told you our “secret thoughts” about Luna. ;-)

Check us out on our forums and ask the whole team there…

192. Michael Hall - April 18, 2011

“I’m MUCH more interested in “Kitumba.” That one looks to be really special (like a Klingon version of “The Last Emperor”).”

I was fortunate enough to be shown some advance footage, including a few FX shots, from “Kitumba” while working on “Origins.” No spoilers, but if what I saw was representative be prepared to be blown away–it’s an epic production on a scale that Trek–let alone a fan production like Phase II–has rarely attempted before.

193. Mark Anton - April 18, 2011

179 (Tony F.)
I’m sure Barbara Luna is a wonderful person (based on what I’ve read here from people on the set). I personally think she was one of the best guest stars (and one of the most beautiful) on the original series. I have watched the Enemy: Starfleet episode twice now. Overall I very much enjoyed it, but I still think that a different actress would be better suited for this particular part, whether it was written for her nor not. She certainly did pull off the role, but honestly, casting decisions are based on certain opinions. I respect other Trek fans views, as well as my own. Over all, I really liked the episode, and I am so impressed what Phase II is doing. This is beautiful work that you’re doing. This is legitimate Star Trek. It deserves a place in Star Trek history, and I hope this series continues for years to come.

194. James D. Fine - April 19, 2011

I loved this latest episode of Phase II and as usual look forward to the next one. All aspects of the production just get better and better. From acting to editing all have improved. The commitment to excellence really shows as a labor of love for the original series. It looks and sounds great. Editing has improved also. The pacing is almost where it needs to be. Congratulations to James and all the other committed fans who have made the original series come back to life and James also proved before J.J. Abrams that we fans would accept other actors in these iconic roles. Thanks and keep them coming!

195. Sebastian - April 19, 2011



Thanks for whetting the appetite! Look forward to it very much. ;-)

196. Paul Vitagliano - April 19, 2011

I noticed that at the end of “Enemy Starfleet” that the ship was not-refitted with the new warp nacelles, as was explained in the ship refit section of the website – can you all explain why that happened? And if they are not going to be changed, I think you might want to update the website to clear this matter up.

I am very impressed with what I am seeing here in the episodes. Keep up the great work and keep improving the special effects – they have gotten progressively better.

Some thoughts in the meantime:

• A little too much talking going on in some scenes and the camera is hanging on to personal shots too long – a little more “snap-to” with camera changes and less hang time on one person.
• Security Chief Kirk is very cute, but the long hair doesn’t work. Try and cut it and look a little more traditional – would look hotter too!
• In “Enemy Starfleet,” the officers were sitting around a conference table while the ship was apparently under attack – and no one seemed to be troubled by that. That didn’t work – Kirk should have been showing some frustration that his ship was being slowly compromised – or – they should have found a way to fend them off for a while.

197. Dave Galanter - April 19, 2011

#195: The ship was…. *spoiler alert* (read no more if you’ve not watched)… under attack by the Peshan whose lasers would have taken far longer than an hour to do any real damage. DeSalle says so to make it clear. The Eagle was as blind as Enterprise, and it was a gamble to give Spock time to come up with a plan (he did) and to see the Eagle’s logs (they did) and for Scotty to fix the power couplings (he did). Other than sit on the bridge and wait for sensors to be restored, I’m not sure what they could have done. :-) They’re professionals who aren’t going to look up at the ceiling with ever rumble and cringe in fear. ;-)

198. Josh - April 19, 2011

Enjoyed seeing Xon, and not just because Patrick Bell is a cutie. Hope to see more of him–as well as Uhura!

199. Michael Hall - April 19, 2011

I rather liked the idea of the ship being under constant (if ineffective) attack. Not only was it an interesting variation on what we usually see, the technical execution was another impressive reminder of just how much New Voyages has improved in this area.

My main issue with the show was the feeling that both alien races, and Barbara Luna’s character, could have stood more in the way of development. The solution *spoiler alert* that deprives them of warp travel for the forseeable future was an interesting one (the ethical dilemma of doing this playing out in classical Trek fashion), but would have resonated more dramatically had we gotten to know them better. (And Kirk’s ability to resist Alursa’s siren song was pretty pro-forma.)

Whatever its flaws, what “Enemy: Starfleet!” does demonstrate is that it’s possible to produce a segment of Trek which provides something of substance while still managing to be slick, fast-paced and fun. Bob Orci and crew, please take note.

200. Dave Galanter - April 19, 2011

#198 Thanks! If Bob Orci or anyone wants to give me a call, I’m here for them. ;-)

Seriously, we’d have liked to develop the aliens a bit more–but there’s 60 mins (less credits and previews) and the producers wanted to focus more on the Enterprise characters and their story arcs, and I understand that point of view. They needed to resolve Peter’s story and wanted to show Chekov growing into a new role. To most that’s probably more interesting than Alersa and Kyril whom we’ll never see again.

201. dmduncan - April 19, 2011

190. RobertMfromLI – April 18, 2011

I grew up in New York. I know.

202. Buzz Cagney - April 19, 2011

It must be a pretty good show when all I can that really say needs fixing is the kids hair!
Really good work. Quite spectacular in places.
You can all feel very proud of your work guys.
Thank you!

203. Chris Doohan - April 19, 2011

Nice job!!

204. Rocket Scientist - April 19, 2011

No disrespect to the fine actor who portrayed Scotty, but Chris Doohan playing our favorite engineer? Think about it!

205. Michael Hall - April 19, 2011

“Seriously, we’d have liked to develop the aliens a bit more–but there’s 60 mins (less credits and previews) and the producers wanted to focus more on the Enterprise characters and their story arcs, and I understand that point of view. They needed to resolve Peter’s story and wanted to show Chekov growing into a new role. To most that’s probably more interesting than Alersa and Kyril whom we’ll never see again.”

Understood, definitely. But, from my POV these sorts of decisions should be dictated by the needs of the story (in this case, your story) first, rather than just fulfilling an agenda to move character arcs forward. FWIW, I think the fairly disposable scene between Peter and Chekov in sickbay could have been cut (we already knew that Kirk’s nephew was once again throwing himself a pity party, since McCoy had told us), which would have freed-up the time to develop the background of your characters a little more.

All Monday morning quarterbacking on what, I hasten to add, turned out to be a very enjoyable hour of Trek.

206. Gary Evans - April 19, 2011

Anyone notice why/how Kirk was able to resist Alersa (corr. spelling, BTW)? Very subtle and almost unnoticed by most. Think “Bones.”

As for Luna – a superb actress! She has more class and acting credits than most – whether young, old, in between, female or male!

A person with her skills is NOT a stunt casting. Again, she carried a significant antagonistic role. Alersa controlled by mind control (or at least thought suggestion) as well as charm, threats and a long reputation.

Every one’s opinion is fine, but as the producers we have to make realistic and viable choices. This episode Luna was a very viable casting choice. Luna was a team favorite as well.

In the late 1930s Film Legend Gary Cooper publicly stated he felt “Gone With the Wind” would be a flop!

So with Alersa, working with a consummate professional was a more pragmatic choice than an unkown. Well, IMO, and that of other producers.

207. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - April 19, 2011


You just wrote a fifth of my Gene Roddenberry report for me. I thank you.

So they started it back up for a third time? Apparently there’s no Xon. Am I wrong?

208. Pony R. Horton - April 19, 2011

Plomeek – YES there is a Xon, he’s the OTHER Vulcan you’ll see in the episode.

209. Michael Hall - April 19, 2011

Mr. Horton–

Did you put that thing that looks like a warp core in Engineering?

210. Pony R. Horton - April 19, 2011


Yes, I created the standing Warp Core that you see over Scotty’s shoulder in Engineering.

211. Patty Wright - April 19, 2011

They began to start TOS for a SECOND time in 77 and called it “Star Trek: Phase II” and included a full Vulcan science officer, Xon (because Nimoy was not available.) They had everything set to go when they decided to can the whole idea and make a feature film instead. (The Motion Picture).

THEY never went back… but we are going forward and incorporating some of the proposed Phase II changes on our way to our last episode – the one right before The Motion Picture.

Sorry, Gary… what McCoy injected was a transponder so the sensors could find him and Peter to beam them back out.

Kirk was able to resist Alersa because he’s Kirk. It’s as simple as that. It IS explained that some people can resist.. such as the Eagle’s ship’s doctor.

Michael, yes, that was Pony’s piece of brilliant magic!

212. Tony F - April 19, 2011

We all now Kirk was in love the Enterprise So no woman would come between them

213. Michael Hall - April 19, 2011

Figures. Watching him work magic with pixels was one of the more rewarding aspects of working on Phase II. Dude knows his stuff.

214. combatkarl - April 19, 2011

This episode was out-frikkin’-standing on all counts. Classic Trek lives!

James, I must say in all honesty that your interpretation of the Kirk character has never been better. It’s taken me some time to come to terms with this, but to be perfectly honest of anyone portraying Kirk right now yours is the one I actually enjoy watching most. It just feels….right. Thank you for working so hard to preserve that character. Also, this cast has really staked a solid claim on their parts. So much fun to watch. I’m so glad that this project is in the hands of such capable people. Well done ALL! Can’t wait to see more stories!

215. Rocket Scientist - April 19, 2011

Even though some things might be a little rough around the edges, I gotta say: this feels like THE REAL DEAL!! Nicely done Phase II crew.

216. MC1 Doug - April 19, 2011

#67: “I want it on DVD (or Blu-Ray). Question: Whatever happened to “Flash Gordon”?:

Did you mean Cawley’s plans for remaking “Buck Rogers?”

217. MC1 Doug - April 19, 2011

Loved the episode! I’ve already given my kudos to the crew on Facebook, but this is a most excellent addition to Phase II’s catalog!

I love the ties to the Wrath of Khan, to ST: TMP and other carrots. Dave and Patti’s script is wonderfully done.

I had my doubts about Barbara Luna playing this role, but those reservations evaporated as I watched the episode.

Kudos to Cawley and crew. Kelly looks more and more fit with each episode. Every TREKkian touch in this film is a gem. Honestly, I just loved this episode.

Great job, everyone… can’t wait to see future productions, especially am looking forward to “Mindsifter!”

218. Another Q - April 19, 2011

Thank you James for having this available so
early & making this a birthday present to me today.
Been waiting a long time for it and it was super!

The last ten minutes could not be beat!

Can’t wait for the next few episodes….

219. Pat Gleeson - April 20, 2011

Superb production. It’s occured to me that these productions hark back to the spirit of TOS presicely because they don’t have the megabucks to spend as was spent on ST 2009.
Love these ! Keep it going !!

220. Mark Lynch - April 20, 2011

Just a quick question for James and the team…..

When are we going to get Scotty in a (non Budweiser, please) engine room.
Come on, you know you want to….. :-)

On a serious note, I guess it’s all down to cost and having the room to build and store the darned thing.
But wouldn’t it be a great thing to have?

Damn CBS for not taking you guys on and paying you to make this stuff…. Grrrr. ;-)

Really looking forward to the remaining episodes getting finished and rolled out.

Also looking forward (even more so) to your upcoming episode “Mind Sifter” based on the New Voyages short story by Shirley S. Maiewski
If done well, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, this should prove to be the most emotionally powerful Phase II episode yet. Good luck with it in June. Wish I could be there.

221. Pony R. Horton - April 20, 2011

Excuse me, Mark Lynch, but did you NOT see the first and ONLY shot of a standing Warp Core (in the TOS world) in Engineering behind Scotty’s shoulder?

That took some work to do, along with a lot of research.

We finally get to see a Warp Core, granted it’s only over his shoulder and in the background. But it’s there!

222. Tony Todd's Tears - April 20, 2011

Lets see some more of it, it looked cool

223. Mark Lynch - April 20, 2011


I did notice that and thought it was a nice touch. But I’d still love to see a full on Engineering Room.

224. Michael Hall - April 20, 2011

Well, technically there were a couple of shots of Engineering in the animated series (which does take place in the TOS world, sort of) which featured a vertical doohickey that could have been a warp core. In any case, it’s these sort of geek-out moments (along with the wormhole, drydock, etc.) that make Phase II (“This is your father’s Star Trek“ such a treat.

225. Pony R. Horton - April 20, 2011

Well, Mark, we’ll order-up a new Engineering room. Got any donations or materials you can send our way while you’re at it? And maybe a soundstage, too?

I was not trying to be snide there, but you do realize we finance this out of our own pockets, and shoot in an old car dealership building in a tiny vacation town in rural Upstate New York. Right?

226. Another Q - April 20, 2011

Could a “green screen” work for a
bigger & better detailed engine room?

That would be okay.

227. Michael Hall - April 20, 2011


Based on my own (limited) experience, there isn’t enough room enough to shoot the stuff you do see–it’s amazing how much is seen, or implied, given the limited resources these people have to work with.

That said, I’d love to see more of Engineering myself, especially as Phase II moves closer to the TMP era. Digital set extensions, perhaps. . . ?

228. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - April 20, 2011

Pony Horton:

Stupid youtube. Can’t find anything with Xon on there…is there anywhere I can watch these without having to download them?

229. Captain Joe - April 20, 2011

Awesome episode!!! Can’t wait for “The Child”, “Kitumba”, and “Origins”! Thank you to the entire Phase II crew. Y’all did an incredible job. Thank you for giving Trek fans like me some refreshing new Trek to quench our thirst while we wait for the new movie.

230. Pony R. Horton - April 20, 2011

Plomeek, you might be able to scan back and forth on the video controls, but otherwise that’s about the best you can do until it’s released for download. Xon is in there, At one point we see him on a trivid screen talking to Kirk I think. He has long-ish sandy hair.

Have you tried going through the link above on this page? Unless it’s not working anymore.

A green screen would work in theory, but James and Co are loath to use them unless absolutely necessary, preferring to actually build practical wherever possible. Also, even if we did GS it, there’s not enough room at the current studio to build much, or to hang much screen. You never know what the future holds, though!

231. Mark Lynch - April 20, 2011


I am an avid follower of Phase II and have made donations when I have had the money to spare. I am also very aware that everything comes out of everyone’s own pockets. That is why I find it all the more impressive the quality of the finished product is what it is.

My tongue was somewhat in my cheek when I made my previous comments along with a large dose of wishful thinking.

Perhaps you just didn’t realise. I am told humour is a difficult concept… :-)

232. Pony R. Horton - April 20, 2011

It is not logical… :)

(But Engineering sure would be cool to do!)

233. Lost in the Desert - April 20, 2011

Excellent! Finally some fresh (and undulterated) Trek!!!

234. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 20, 2011

127. But, Patty, are these re-recordings of the original scores…or the original tracks minus the dialogue and sound effects? Thanks, Jeff

235. Elise - April 21, 2011


“120. David G. – April 17, 2011

A). I’ll be the rare person here to bring up two criticisms: #1, to maintain the feel of these being the 4th season of the TV series, I’d like to see these productions stay to the challenge of the constraints of the (approximately) 51 minutes that a network program would’ve had some 40 years ago. Like Peter Kirk’s hair (!), this episode was noticeably too long.”

1. I disagree David. Many of the original episodes had additional footage that had they been incorporated into the show, would have made those shows notably longer.

2. As a Trek Fan i would love to see “extended” episodes of TOS, unfortunately “extra” footage was not saved then as it is now for ‘Directors Cuts’. Look a BSG, all those extended versions are awesome to watch. Personally, I love the lenght of Phase II.

3. A good story takes as long as it takes to be told.

” B)., the B story with Kirk’s nephew seemed unnecessary and out of place. The ship’s in a crisis battle situation with some enemy vessels, and the captain heads on down to have a nice little comforting talk with his nephew…? (Whittling that out would’ve got things closer to those 51 minutes!)”

1. I also disagree with ya here David. This argument falls under what I call “the guy argument”. Alot of males want “pure action”, “pure fight scenes”…but without character developmnt and an insight into the lives of our heros OUTSIDE of combat we (the audience) become robbed of the reasons that a hero uses to make choices in a story.

2. “Peters story” becomes the common man’s story. Think of it this way, Peter’s character also represents the hopes and fears of any young starfleet officer: worries of loved ones, ones career, and the way one handles combat situations. This gives the audience a window into the lives of the crew.

All of these things are very, very neccessary. Phase II’s effort to recreate TOS does not neccessarily mean giving their show the “limitations” of the day. I am sure had those folk back in the 60’s knew how TV would change, they would have religiously saved ALL of the extra footage for future extended cuts.

Also, those shows back then were cut for “commercials” to be placed inbetween acts. Personally, I find the thought of Trek being limited due to the need to sell baby diapers or shaving products, rather distasteful and not a good enough reason to “replicate” time limitations of the day.

One last note:


236. Charles Root - April 21, 2011

In Harm’s Way
To Serve All My Days
World Enough and Time
Blood & Fire Part 1
Blood & Fire Part 2
Enemy: StarFleet!
The Child

We’re only 2 more episodes away from a “Box Set”.

237. jerrspud - April 21, 2011

great episode,

I was not sure the choice of Paul Siebel (from Farragut) and Luna were strong ones. I thought that only professional actors would be used and Paul’s performance not strong.
Luna did not seem to fit the character at all. She is great; It just didn’t fit for me.
Those are the only things that pulled me out of the experience, and I echo all the positive posts above.

It will be interesting to see if the new/old Child will be better than the TNG Child.

thanx James (I even donated some money to thank you for the great work)

238. Sid - April 21, 2011

Man, that was surprisingly excellent! Think I’ll donate a few bucks next paycheck.

I do, however, wish that Mr. Cawley would do less of an imitation of Shatner’s Kirk, because it’s just impossible to do, and add more of himself to the character.

All the Bonds were played differently — c’mon, James, let’s see how YOUR Kirk would be!

239. rm10019 - April 21, 2011

Good job everyone! I’m sure it’s been asked and answered but doesn’t it make Kirk a little weaker in TMP (if that’s even possible) if he was there at the time when Chekov came up with the idea to route the phasers through the warp drive? I guess he just didn’t get the memo that the adopted it at Starfleet for the redisign?

240. Brett Dean - April 21, 2011

@ James Cawley –

What a fantastic episode! I really hope you guys keep going – and I hope when Star Trek makes a TRIUMPHAL return to television that you could somehow be involved. In many ways, the attention to detail on these episodes now surpasses that of Star Trek TNG.

As for the refit Enterprise that didn’t happen: I think chonologically we’re nearing a point where it HAS to become The Motion Picture Enterprise. After the 5 year mission, let’s assume we’re at year 6 or 7… the changes to the crew, uniforms and tech wouldn’t happen overnight. Probably they’d start to trickle in. Your refit Enterprise concept from last year helped to drop or trickle those changes into the TOS styling.

What I hope you could do, what would be VERY exciting, is to start to phase-in the look of the Motion Picture a bit more with the Enterprise.

I think the new Paramount movie crew, while fantastic beyond our wildest dreams, could learn from your attention to detail and SUBTLETY!

241. Fez - April 21, 2011

@239 The Warp phasers were just an emergency thing as you can see it burnt out the weapons systems, as the power was too much for the bypasses to handle and by the time of TMP they had overcome that problem.

242. Paul Sieber - April 22, 2011

“237. jerrspud – April 21, 2011
great episode,
I was not sure the choice of Paul Siebel (from Farragut) and Luna were strong ones. I thought that only professional actors would be used and Paul’s performance not strong.”

Sorry to disappoint. As an actor, I am probably the most critical of my work, and can always see places to improve. I appreciate the constructive criticism, and I DO see flaws in this performance.
Wouldn’t it be great to go back over and do things again! LOL
On point though, I AM a professional actor, not full time, but I am a trained pro…
But I do have a lot to work on. Here’s to the next one!

Thanks for watching!

243. trp - April 22, 2011

Its interesting to read the criticism of Paul’s performance. For me, it was one of the strongest things about the episode.

244. Dave Galanter - April 22, 2011

The part was written for Paul, and he surpassed my expectations with it. That briefing room scene is magic to me.

245. Elise - April 22, 2011

@ 244 Dave Galanter

I agree. I rather liked Paul’s part and thought he was one of the stronger performances. Again as on other things, it’s fansinating how ‘perception’ works from different people.

I also liked Luna. One could see the growth in her character from her earlier TOS expereince…her younger character was more fem-fatale, while her more experiences world weary chaptain was harsh, cruel and more of a corrupted soul gone bad. As a fem fatale her character had a touch of innocence because that was the only life she knew…this time, it was evident that time spent running the show (as a Pirated Captain) had jaded her…her choices now full of hatred.

Nice job Luna!!


ps: As usual I am impressed with how Kelly’s acting just improves with each episode. He should get an “Improvement Award” because he has come along way since In Harm’s Way! :)

246. Michael Hall - April 22, 2011

Mr. Sieber,

Speaking as a fan and former crew member of New Voyages, as well as someone who pulls no punches (just ask Bob Orci), FWIW I thought you did pretty good.

That scene you did on the bridge when you see your fleet get destroyed may go down as your equivalent of “KHAAAN!!!” :-)

247. John M Orosco - April 22, 2011

To James and the rest of the crew, Great Job!! I am a fan from way back and since I have discovered Phase 2 I have been impressed with the care you devote to accuracy and detail. The production values are just amazing. I can’t tell its a fan series. Each gets better and better. It all looks so professional. I’m not sure most people realize how expensive it is to make a single episode, even when the actors and labor (mostly the same people) are all vollunteers. As a fan I thank you for your work and look forward to more classic trek.

248. jerrspud - April 22, 2011

Geeze I never expected Paul to see my little comment ;-)
I would have been more specific, but I’m glad I wasn’t because it was just some minor things here and there. Thank you; keep up the good work

249. brady - April 23, 2011

I thought Paul did a wonderful job………….just enough over the top to be TOS (that’s a compliment by the way)…..didn’t even realize that was him….You have lost a lot of weight!!………I make custom mego figure and I’ll have a custom carded 70’s mego for both you and James when I finish the cards.

Does anyone know which mirror file is the best? I downloaded the AVI and the MP4, but both are grainy compared to the Hi def stream.

250. Ted - April 23, 2011

Overall, I liked it.

It wasn’t their best work, but some of their best work, which includes George Takei and Walter Koenig, is hard to top. It wasn’t their worst work either.

I think they are placing too much emphasis on certain characters, namely DeSalle (or was it Kyle??), and Peter Kirk.

In the opening scene, Scotty should have been in command. He was always in command in these situations during the series. In previous episodes, the guy who played Scotty wasn’t very good. However, I found him much improved this time around. Good.

Andy Bray was my favorite Chekov. No disrespect meant to the new guy, but Bray was REALLY good. I actually thought Bray was better than Yelchin.

With respect, I don’t like Peter Kirk. It’s not the actor, it’s the character. I don’t like so much emphasis being spent on a character that was just in one episode of TOS, spent most of it in a bed, and magically aged for convenience.

Another Trek fan basically pinpointed my problem. With episodes being released as far apart as these are, (not a knock by the way), a story arc like this really doesn’t work. I don’t even think a story arc with the big three would work because of that.

More important, Peter is becoming a distraction from the main storylines.

As for the writing though, I liked it. While it wasn’t City on the Edge, it was good. This script was certainly better than many of the third season episodes, and much better than anything Brannon Braga ever did.

Was it great? I don’t if I’d say that. Was it GOOD? Definitely. Did I like it? Yes.

I wish they could churn these out faster, but I don’t understand how they finance it in the first place. I guess of all the complaints, people wanting more is a good one.

251. Paul Sieber - April 25, 2011

“248. jerrspud – April 22, 2011
Geeze I never expected Paul to see my little comment ;-)
I would have been more specific, but I’m glad I wasn’t because it was just some minor things here and there. Thank you; keep up the good work

No worries Jerr!
I have no problems with ANY criticism, as I said, I always am looking to improve the craft, and I can PERSONALLY see many places where I could do better NOW, and places where I am satisfied with what I did.

But, overall, I’m prooud of all the hard work ALL of the cast and crew did on this, they are teriffic folks,and I am pretty darn happy with the end result!

Keep watching… many more exciting adventures are on the way!

252. Paul Sieber - April 25, 2011

“249. brady – April 23, 2011
I thought Paul did a wonderful job………….just enough over the top to be TOS (that’s a compliment by the way)…..didn’t even realize that was him….You have lost a lot of weight!!……”

Thanks for noticing… from my first appearance in the original Starship Farragut trailer, 6 years ago, I’m half the guy I was. LOL

253. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 26, 2011

Did anybody catch the music sting from “The Invaders,” used a couple of times in this new episode? Nice!!! I thought we were going to run into those aliens…. and see Roy Thinnes in a red shirt.

254. Michael Hall - April 26, 2011

#253 Jeffrey Nelson–

Could you let me know where to listen for these? Thanks!

255. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 26, 2011

The music is used first while they’re on the planet still at one point. Then, Spock is looking in his viewer on the bridge later in the episode, I believe, and the same music sting is used. Unmistakable from “The Invaders”… I thought it was a nice touch, and am surprised no one else has mentioned it.

256. Michael Hall - April 27, 2011

I’ll give it a shot next time I watch the episode. To be honest, I have no clear recollection of “The Invaders'” theme music at all, though I grew up with the show and even owned a model of the alien ship at some point.

257. BaronByng - May 24, 2011

Fantastic technical quality. Interesting script! Leaps and bounds above previous outings. Although starting an episode in a gravel pit is a little more Doctor Who than Star Trek, isn’t it? I guess there’s no Vasquez Rocks in upstate NY.

I know this is a labor of love, created on volunteer hours. It doesn’t feel right to criticize, and yet the one thing that prevents me from buying into Phase II is the extremely variable quality of the acting. It’s incredibly jarring when the technical quality is clearly top-notch, to be let down by amateur theatrics.

I greatly respect Mr. Cawley for doing this at all, but it seems that he just can’t resist replicating William Shatner’s vocal cadences and tics. It’s frankly distracting, even teetering on self-parody.

Maybe Mr. Cawley feels ‘safe’ playing it Shatner’s way – well, need I remind him that “risk is our business?”

He needs to let go of what already exists, and find his own Kirk…. break it down to the essence, the core, the motivation – then build up a new backstory from that, find his own physicality…

if there was one thing Shatner can teach an actor it is physical openness, active listening, and displaying clear reactions… making it visible to the audience what’s going on inside. The challenge for a contemporary actor doing a take on Kirk, is how to do it without imitating an actor from another era (1950s Stratford, expressionist Shakespeare productions that were Shatner’s training ground). Imagine if everyone who did Hamlet did an Olivier…

Mr. Kelley recites his lines flatly, woodenly, and in most scenes kinda just stands there. He’s likable enough, I guess, but if we didn’t know who the character was supposed to be (or had the echo of DeForest Kelley in our minds) it wouldn’t carry at all.

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