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EXCLUSIVE – Orci: Star Trek Sequel Being Prepped Off 70-Page Outline + Abrams Giving Writers Script Input May 22, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Today, exclusively with TrekMovie.com, Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci explained that while they are waiting for JJ Abrams to wrap Super 8, he is still working with the writers on the script, and their “detailed” outline has been enough for prepping the film. Plus today JJ Abrams expressed that he "hoped" he will return to direct. We also have a new poll on the sequel release date.


Orci: Still working w/ JJ –  Outline Allowing For Star Trek Sequel Prep

Yesterday we reported that Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams had confirmed that the writing team of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof were still "working hard" on the script for the Trek film planned for June 29, 2012. News of the unfinished script over the last couple of months has spawned much talk and speculation with Trek fans. Today in the TrekMovie.com comments section, Orci responded by dismissing notions that their original draft had been rejected and explained what was really going on, saying (in part):

Just been waiting for JJ to be free to really decide if he likes the story and hear his suggestions before we finish the script. Once he says go, we’ll have it in no time. Meanwhile, our outline is detailed enough (70+ pages!) to do some prep :)

In an email to TrekMovie today, Orci also noted that even though the team are waiting for JJ Abrams to finish his work on Super 8, he has continued to work with the Star Trek writing team:

In the meetings we’ve had with JJ, he’s already given us amazing input and ideas, and that’s been while he’s been up to his eyeballs in Super 8.

"Star Trek" team of Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci prepping sequel while Abrams finishes "Super 8" (photo: NY Times)

Abrams: Hopes To Direct Star Trek sequel

In April Orci talked about this early "prep," so this has been going on for over a month. However, it should be noted that the early prep work is still not official pre-production. That step will require an agreed-upon script draft, a budget and (importantly) a director. Yesterday JJ Abrams noted that he expected an announcement on the Star Trek sequel "soon," presumably his decision on directing the sequel will be included in that announcement. Today HitFix’s Gregory Elwood noted on Twitter that in his Super 8 interview with Abrams from this morning (not posted yet), JJ said that he "hopes" to direct the Star Trek sequel.

POLL: When do you want Star Trek sequel?

With all that you know so far, do you want to see Abrams and Paramount stick with their plan and make the schedule work to release the Star Trek sequel on June, 29 2012? Or are you OK with them giving themselves more time (half a year or another year)?

When would you prefer the Star Trek sequel release?

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1. Karen - May 22, 2011

While I wouldn’t mind it being on time, and certainly don’t want it TOO late, just want it to take as long as it does to do right.

2. MickeyMET - May 22, 2011

Just out of curiosity. . . How many pages of script would 70+ pages of detailed outline equal out to be???

3. Chelsea - May 22, 2011

While I would like it to be on time The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled (I think) to release the Wednesday right before ST, and I’m a bit worried about how that might affect Star Trek’s box office. But I’m excited to hear that progress is being made, and I hope JJ will get to direct it.

4. Spock's Kidney - May 22, 2011

There is no way this movie is coming out in June 2012. Let’s just hope it isn’t delayed a whole year.

5. dmduncan - May 22, 2011

How about pushing back the projected release date by one month every time a fan on this site complains that it’s taking too long?

That’s how I roll.

6. van persie - May 22, 2011

I would prefer the release to be sometime in the next 10 minutes, really.

But seriously, I’d PREFER it to be as soon as possible, but don’t think the original plan of June ’12 is realistic, not with everything so delayed.

Not to mention competition for Summer ’12 is crazy heavy, with Avengers, Batman and Spidey – all of them already in the works.

7. Enterprise C - May 22, 2011

I want to know the name of the movie!! At least tell us that soon! Perhaps a teaser for the film before the end of the year would also be nice!

8. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2011

Well. It is getting close. as much as I want the Movie to come out on time. I would have no problem it coming out a little latter. As I and many others have stated. We want a great trek Movie and a new and more real Engineering section. I have all of the confidence in the world in Bob Orici and the Court.

9. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2011

I do hope that J.J Directs the next Trek Movie. But please please please. Get us a real Engineering section and NOT! a Brewery.

10. Ray - May 22, 2011

For those who say Abrams cannot make the June 2012 release deadline: JJ Abrams started filming SUPER 8 only last September. In that time, he shot the film, which was then scored, FX’d, edited, marketed and released in eight months.

He and his team can make it happen, if they want.

11. Delia - May 22, 2011

While I’d definitely *prefer* it to be released on time (I feel like we’ve waited an extremely long time already as it is), if having the date pushes back a bit means a better film, I guess I’m willing to wait…

12. Mr. There are always possibilities - May 22, 2011

Very interesting. I put ST:09 on last night and still enjoy it.

Can’t wait to see where it all comes out. I wish the new movie had come out this year, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see the Shat in it…

13. Amy - May 22, 2011

I’d really prefer it to come our during summer – Star Trek is just a summer sort of flick! However, I’d rather them do it well then rushed.
But we know Abrams…he can pull anything together.

14. Jordan from UGO - May 22, 2011

I think moving to December 2011 is most likely – and fair. I don’t want to see it rushed, but I don’t want it to become an albatross around everyone’s neck either.

15. somethoughts - May 22, 2011


Assuming the 70 pages are pages for the script;

The format is structured in a way that one page usually equates to one minute of screen time.

They have about 110mins worth of screen time.

16. dmduncan - May 22, 2011

@15: Yeah, 70 pages @ 1 minute per page = 110 minutes.

When’s the next potential rapture? I need out of this place.

17. Dadio - May 22, 2011

#2 MickeyMET – Each page equals one minute

18. somethoughts - May 22, 2011

My mistake, 1hrs 10mins ;)

19. somethoughts - May 22, 2011


LOL maybe the crew would have aged 100yrs+ and you can reboot TNG ;)

20. Colonel Kernel - May 22, 2011

I chose the 2013 option simply because I want them to take exactly as long as it takes to do it right.

21. Captain Jack Bauer - May 22, 2011

#3. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for July 20, 2012, roughly a month after Star Trek 2’s release date.

The Spider-Man reboot is the major concern, coming out 5 days after Star Trek 2. However, that movie is really hard to judge at this point. It’ll probably do well, but how well?

22. digi - May 22, 2011

3d plz!

23. Anthony Pascale - May 22, 2011

Not sure why I have to remind people of this, but posting under multiple names and/or spoofing other posters names or real people are instant permaban offenses – no warnings. Plus posts deleted too.

So why do it?

24. Dadio - May 22, 2011

At least 50 more pages left to write people

25. cd - May 22, 2011

I would say take more time on the sequel if it would make a better result, but that did not seem to work with the first one. >;>}

26. somethoughts - May 22, 2011

As long as there is no Sandman walks in alley and meets Venom and they both agree to take out the hero lol moment.

27. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2011

#26. That sounds a lot like Trek 5. lol.
I want Trek to come out on time. I want J.J to Direct. I want Bob Oci and the Writting team to give us a DAMN!!!! Great Trek Movie. I want it filmed in 3d and not converted. I want a real Engineering section and not a Beer Brewery. I want lens flares. I want great Action!!!!!. I want more Enterprise Time. I want More of Kirk,Spock and MCcoy. I want Hand Phasers that actually fire a beam and not like a bullet. I also want to see seal Team Six. (Oh wait. Maybe Maco Team Six. I Just Want Star Trek.

28. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2011

Does anyone think I am wanting to much. Lol

29. JKim - May 22, 2011

#27 #28
“Does anyone think I am wanting to much. Lol”

That depends on HOW MANY lens flares you want…

30. Dr. Cheis - May 22, 2011

I voted the way I did because I do not believe a delay would actually result in an improvement in quality. If parts bad and needs to be delayed, I don’t think the team has what it takes to make it good. Remember the “Generations” ending reshoot? Still not a great ending.

31. Look In The Mirror - May 22, 2011

Here’s the problem…ST09 was an attempt to take Star Trek back to the mainstream. To a large extent it was successful. Now, unfortunately we are probably looking at a ST2013 as the follow up. Lots of that momentum is going to be gone or fading fast. I do not begrudge anyone the chance to work on other projects, but it’s obviously had an impact on the development of the new ST movie.

I would certainly never claim to know more about hollywood than the folks creating the movie, but it seems very far fetched to me that if there isn’t even a script yet.. that one will get completed, revised, signed off on, all the actors schedules cleared and all the SFX shots created in just about 12 months.

I also don’t want to disrespect anyone, but I honestly think the team has too many irons in too many fires. ST isn’t the focus of anyone as far as I can tell. Instead it’s kind of a big project for most of the members, but between creating new TV series, animated series, writing, producing and directing there are an awful lot of non Star Trek balls in the air. It’s obviously impacted production of the next movie…

Now that said.. make a good movie and all will be forgotten. Make a bad one and… well.. let’s try and stay positive…

32. Buzz Cagney - May 22, 2011

I have to admit to some confusion now. I was under the impression that the script was all but done, but now all we have is a detailed draft of the story?

33. chrisfawkes.com - May 22, 2011

I would really like this done right. A sub par movie would put the ranchise back on life support, a kick ass movie will make the franchise bulletproof for a while.

Though i would love the movie sooner than later i think it is paramount to Star treks future to just make the best film possible in the required time frame.

34. Michael Hall - May 22, 2011


“Just been waiting for JJ to be free to really decide if he likes the story and hear his suggestions before we finish the script.”

doesn’t exactly sound like much of a lock.

35. somethoughts - May 22, 2011


Those are fair expectations, add in a epic story and good casting for protagonists.

Maybe go for asian flare to play Klingon Kang like Tony Leung Chiu Wai from “Lust Caution” and “Infernal Affairs”


36. Red Dead Ryan - May 22, 2011

I chose “2013”. I’d rather they push back the movie to give more time to polish the script and to work on their other projects. Maybe they should get their other movies/shows done first?

I just can’t see how they are going to meet the 2012 deadline. It takes months just to set up everything. Music, visual effects also take a lot of time.

People say that the visual effects and music can be done before the script is even handed in. How they come to this conclusion, I don’t know.
Because most visual effects artists and music composers need something to go on. Unless they plan on recycling the cgi and music from the last film. ILM would need a copy of the script as a reference to visualize what everything is going to look like, while the composer needs actual filmed scenes to write music to.

37. Red Dead Ryan - May 22, 2011

Also, if J.J Abrams decides not to direct, they might as well just forget about it. No other director will touch Star Trek.

It’s J.J Abrams or bust.

38. sean - May 22, 2011

It’s amazing that people think they can’t finish it in time. A year isn’t enough to finish it? How much time do you think they need? Most movies shoot in a few months, with a few months of post-production. Sounds like they have plenty of time to me! Plus, you have to remember they have a lot of sets and pre-production work already in place from the first film.

39. somethoughts - May 22, 2011


Finishing it is not the issue or question, it is the result, is it of quality or is it average/below average.

40. Red Dead Ryan - May 22, 2011


“Star Trek” requires much more elaborate sets, make-up, costumes and visual effects. All of these things require more time and money. “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” take place in the real world. They can shoot mostly on locations, elaborate costumes are limited to a few characters and cgi is mostly background or is used to depict Spiderman swinging through the city. “Star Trek”, on the other hand, needs elaborate and time consuming make-up design to capture credible looking aliens. ILM has to spend a lot of time, manpower and computer power just to come up with ship designs and space environments. There are more complexities to a “Star Trek” movie production.

41. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 22, 2011

#29. About as many Lens flares as in Trek 09.
I do want a Great and Epic Story for Trek 09.
#37. There are plenty of great Directors who could direct Trek. Nick Myres for one.

42. somethoughts - May 22, 2011

Get Kenneth Branagh to Direct Star Trek 2009 Sequel.

I thought Thor was fantastic and Kenneth is pretty good with Shakespeare stuff.

I love JJ but would be nice to see a different style for the sequel.

43. Browncoat1984 - May 22, 2011

I would be okay with waiting extra time if it meant a better film. That being said, do any of us who are not in the film business really know how much time it can take? Keep in mind that they’ve already started pre-production. They already have a principle cast and most of the major sets are already built so that would save a lot of time that it took for the last movie, so I think all this “they can’t possibly finish it in time” stuff will prove moot in the end and they will deliver the quality movie that we all want.

I will say, though, that this waiting is killing me! Star Trek is always at its best when its a weekly series and I hope that after the next one or two movies that they consider doing a new series. We NEED a new Trek series not just as Trek fans, but as a sci-fi community as a whole. With Stargate gone, there’s no real space-based drama on the network, and I have a feeling that anything that would be attempted that’s not related to Trek or Stargate or BSG or anything with a name attached to it would not work. Not only that, but a new Star Trek series that would carry with it the popularity of the recent film would most likely help to re-invigorate sci-fi on TV, as it seems to not be doing so hot right now.

I miss my weekly Trek and with Stargate going off I’ll miss it even more. Only series I have left to really care about are Fringe and Doctor Who, maybe a few others like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Chuck (which is ending next season), but none of those with the exception of Doctor Who have made me as passionate about SF as Star Trek and Stargate have.

44. Jim Nightshade - May 22, 2011

Aww Cmon as others have said a lot of the virtual effex stuff already consieved and ready to make new, (except for the virtual engine room brewery) and yes it would be easy to shoot direct and post product the movie..I have faith….plus I would not want it to be any later than early dec 2012 after all on dec 21 the world will end and so after that no more movies or theatres sigh ahahah

45. Thorny - May 22, 2011

38. A little over a year between filming start and hitting the theater seems to be average. It was 13 months for such recent movies as Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Inception, Source Code and the upcoming Captain America.

Star Trek will have eleven months if they hit the ground running in August. That’s about the same as “Clash of the Titans.”

Last Airbender, Thor, Green Lantern, and next year’s Spider-Man, and Batman films will all be about 15 months between filming and theater.

On the bright side, the upcoming “Super 8″ only started filming last October and hits theaters in three weeks… only 8 or 9 months. “X-Men First Class” was about ten months between start of filming and hitting theaters.

46. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 22, 2011

I voted on Winter. I like my sushi in a hurry, not my Star Trek. I want it to be even better than the first. Take your time…but hurry.

47. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 22, 2011

@42. somethoughts

Only if you want the climax of the film to occur in the last 25 seconds of the film lol!

48. Jack - May 22, 2011

Yep. We don’t know what the heck we’re talking about. They’ve lost the momentum and it’s too late? There’s no way a quality movie can be ready 13 months from now if the script’s not done yet? They should clearly take their time and do it properly so we’ll like it? Bah! We just don’t know, either way.

Man, there were plenty of pronouncements here in 2008 that the filmmakers weren’t releasing endless spoilers, photos and video clips 6 months in advance because they knew the damned thing was going to bomb.

Note that the Batman movie will come out nearly 4 years after the last one. I don’t think anyone’s predicting failure because they took too long. You make a decent flick, it’ll do well.

49. Neumann - May 22, 2011

Well, they have all the sets and props from the last Trek flick (presumably), and at 70 pages, I assume that all the “big” elements (other ships, locations, etc) are all included. There’s probably a slew of concept art done already so the visual look should be locked down by the time the script is done.

If I had to guess, the last forty-fifty pages would be character moments, nailing the dialogue, making sure everything flows and so on. At 70 pages I figure most of the beats should be there and just need the “right” fleshing out, making sure all the characters have stuff to do, tying in all the subplots organically, that sort of thing.

50. Joseph Sidney - May 22, 2011

As long as JJ directs again, it can be delayed

51. Bill Peters - May 22, 2011

#31 many Good and Awsome Directors out there make Quilty Products while having Mutiplule Projects, this will be on time and do quite well :)

52. Bill Peters - May 22, 2011

Agree with #49 This movie is going to rock, most movies don’t have a 70 Paige Outline out there before it is in Scrip form they plan to do this on time.

53. Harry Ballz - May 22, 2011

Let’s see……because a group of people start to get a name in Hollywood, they are entrusted with relaunching Trek. That proves to be a great success and, due to that, the group gets even more opportunities. ironically, all these additional opportunities lead to an overwhelming workload which leads them to missing deadlines for commitments they’ve made to the companies that hired them in the first place.

in the private sector, if any company that was afforded such an opportunity missed a date for delivering an important project, there would be HUGE repercussions (maybe even being fired), but in Hollywood such bad behaviour isn’t just accomodated, it is encouraged. Sad.

54. boborci - May 22, 2011

53. You are misinformed about our commitments and deadlines. Maybe one day i will write a book;)

55. m3k3m - May 22, 2011

November 2012 or march 2013 for me, please. Less crowded in 3d cinemas/imax. At least 3 weeks b4 Man of steel. And no more breweries, better story and more believable sets and alliens. They didn’t have time and money to do it properly for ST09. ST is about human adventure, but UFOP shouldn’t look so dominated by our specie.

56. somethoughts - May 22, 2011


Least we get to reap the rewards, super8, cowboysnaliens, aliens prequel, mi4 etc, the actors n actresses getting more offers also

57. Aurore - May 22, 2011

……Can’t wipe that grin off my “MUG”….


58. boborci - May 22, 2011

53. Just taking your example of a company (Paramount) wanting to fire all of us… For what? who do you think Super 8 is for? And Mission 4? Paramount is even distributing Cowboys and Aliens internationally. And Viacom, which owns Paramount, also owns CBS, where you can find Hawaii 5-0. Small slice of see what i mean?

59. Harry Ballz - May 22, 2011


thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I knew the bait would work!

You sure showed me! :>)

60. boborci - May 22, 2011

Curse you, Harry!!!


61. David P - May 23, 2011

whatever works best for Khan

62. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

Bob, it is always a delight to interact with you.

Feel like launching a great Kennedy assassination film in 2013?

63. Anthony Thompson - May 23, 2011


You were originally commited to X-mas, 2009. Then it became X-mas, 2010. Then the word (I don’t remember if it came from you) was that the script would be ready by end of March, 2011. That came and went. You and Lindelof were hunkered down in a hotel room (or bar) a couple of months ago to write it. You mentioned something here awhile back about the script being 70% done. Now it’s an outline. So you must understand that folks here are pulling their hair out (even normally mild-mannered Harry).

64. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

Mild-mannered? You mean like Clark Kent?

65. The 76th Distillation of Blue - May 23, 2011

please just do away with keenser, as much as i like Deep Roy, i thought Keenser was annoying.

66. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011


50th anniversaries don’t come along every day, y’know!

67. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

Oh, great! Bob has cloaked again!

68. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 23, 2011

I think what we are hearing is some Hollywood jargon from Bob Orci and co. I suspect the words, script, story and outline are interchangeable. As Bob noted a while back, there are always little rewrites happening all the time right throughout the filming. Some dialogue can look great on paper but not so good, when it comes to the actors actually doing it etc.

However, I have to say that these apparent delays are nerve wracking. I actually wondered if we could charge Bad Robot with cruel and unusual torture. If this announcement is anything other what we all hope – that JJ Abrams is directing, the script is nailed in place and a really big GREEN light is given, then I think we have a good case for a prosecution, or at least having them spend considerable time in the agoniser booth – here’s looking at you, Bob, Alex, Damon, JJ…

OK, it seems that neither flattery nor threats will make much of a difference….sigh

Bob Orci –
At least, give us a hint or two, like – does Chris Pine need to work on his Kirk-fu, or his tan? (he is in sunny Greece at the moment. Hmmm – I wonder?) Will Scotty have to say goodbye to his brewery…oops, sorry, his “poor wee bairns” of engineering due to a refit? Will McCoy get injections that don’t cause his patient to scream out “Darn it” just as a drill is being plunged into the core of Vulcan? Have you been able to cast the beagle puppy yet? What about tribbles? You know, all these need to know titbits…

69. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 23, 2011

Yes, I know, Harry. It does appear that our Bob has cloaked again. What to do?

Look, Bob – just tell us about Kirk-fu…

70. m3k3m - May 23, 2011

If You can give us a good story, more believable sets and aliens than in ST09 by vi 2012, then ok.

71. I am not Herbert - May 23, 2011

…just another flash in the pan… why not rush it? ;-)

72. Maxwell Everett - May 23, 2011

@68 Keachick:

“I think what we are hearing is some Hollywood jargon from Bob Orci and co. I suspect the words, script, story and outline are interchangeable.”

Actually they are distinct undertakings that the screenwriters are contractually obliged to produce in a particular order by certain deadlines and paid for separately before proceeding to the next stage.

73. chrisfawkes.com - May 23, 2011

Perhaps M Night Shyamalas could direct if JJ is unable.

In a do or die scene Kirk makes himself a water pistol using a few rudimentary tools as he discovers his vastly more powerful opponents can be killed with water.

Kirk makes wise crack to Spock as we hear the enemy scream “im melting” in the background.

74. somethoughts - May 23, 2011

Sure beats coming out of a rainbow with a old guy to stop another old guy, and picard had the chance to go back further and just have soran arrested when they found him at his research station!

75. somethoughts - May 23, 2011

I have a royal flush, but hey im gonna switch one of the cards and go with middle pair and hope I win. Hilarious writing, shakes head and face palm

76. trekker 5 - May 23, 2011

#27&28,I’m with you man!! Just,no 3d,I just want a good story from Bob,and J.J. doing as many lens flares as he can!! :) And #57,Aurore I know what you mean!! :)

77. CmdrR - May 23, 2011

First, make it good.
I really think the studio does movies and audiences a GREAT disservice by announcing impossibly early when they’ll come out. Plus, the principles in this venture have all taken on so much. Even if they’re approaching Trek fresh, they’ve been pumping out product all over the place. That’s gonna take a toll.
Guys, take a breath. This is a movie we want to watch 340598709834752398527342938457234985725487 times. Do it right.

78. Jack - May 23, 2011

These stories every few days can’t be helping. Sometimes, no news is no news.

79. MATT - May 23, 2011

I wonder if Bob had a preference? Wherever Star Trek lands, it’s going to be in a fight. Winter 2012 has reboot Superman and the Hobbit. Next Summer is crowded to hell. Paramount needs Pine to be Ryan. I have a horrible feeling this movie is going to be pushed to summer 2013.

80. MATT - May 23, 2011

Given Bob’s twitter feed on the subject of Osama Bin Lade, I am sure he would firgive some of the conspiracy theorising which is going on in this thread!

81. Cygnus-X1 - May 23, 2011

I’m not sure I like the idea of JJ having too much input on the script.

Don’t want this turning into Regarding Star Trek.

Can I get a what what.

82. Charla - May 23, 2011

I didn’t think that sounded like Harry- or if it was he was off his meds. lol I keeed – j/k Actually that was very sly & it was good to see Bob pop in too! :-D

83. Victor Hugo - May 23, 2011

We need an animated series to keep us entertained and spoiled until then.

84. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

Harry being Mild Mannered. That is as crazy as Bob Orci being nerdy. Lol.
Or is it.

85. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

The Only Problem with Trek coming out in 2012 is that the world will END!!!!!.
Hey. Wasn’t the World supposed to end this past Sat. Hmmm.

86. SoonerDave - May 23, 2011

The conspiracy theories espoused here are ridiculous. Is there some public wordsmithing ongoing? Probably. The only folks who know the exact status of things are the guys doing the writing.

It’s as simple as this: the script that was due last fall isn’t done, (for whatever reason), the film it isn’t even in pre-production, and we’re a year away from release. It is what it is.

If it comes out on time, great, I’ll be among the first in line to see it, but I just don’t believe it will get there. Has nothing to do with the faith in the team, it just becomes a matter of logistics at some point.

I’d be delighted to be wrong.

87. Hank Meadows - May 23, 2011

I’d say move it to December 2012. I suppose it depends on when all actors are available. I’d like to see JJ direct it and if that means it will have to be later in the year or the original date then make it so. I also want a quality picture and not a rush job. Finally, if there’s a way to work Shatner in then that would be grand. I hear he has more free time now. I know in the past Shatner has stated he doesn’t do token cameo roles and if he still feels that way then forget about him and move on. I’m an original Trek fan – – since 1966, and I CAN’T WAIT to see this movie!!!! Oh, one more thing…..please, no 3D. That gimmick is overplayed.

88. VZX - May 23, 2011

I heard that in Hollywood, people fail upward.

89. Blake Powers - May 23, 2011

#59 Harry that was classic!

90. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

Bob Orci is the Man!!!. He is the MYTH!!! of Hollywood!!!!. He is a Oscar Winner in the makeing!!!!. He is the stuff of a future legends!!!! He could be the NEW!!! MR. Star Trek. Come on Bob Orci. Give us the Greatest Star Trek Ever!!!!!!.

91. Opcode - May 23, 2011

If JJ says he doesn’t want to direct does it mean the script is no good, so we shouldn’t go see the movie?? Or actually there was never a 2nd option (for director) and he is just saying that so we think the script is really good (when he finally makes it official)?
I really liked the first movie, but some PR BS really bothers me…

92. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 23, 2011

Enough time to write William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in as Prime Kirk and Prime Spock :)

I had just a vision of Prime Kirk taking command of the Enterprise, sitting in the chair for one last time…

IF they include Shatner an Nimoy, I hope they do not kill them off. Kirk and Spock should together “ride off into the sunset”… that is how their story should end.

93. Jorg Sacul - May 23, 2011

Bob… and I can call you Bob because we’re all friends here… Make this the best Trek you can. No holds barred. Blow our minds. Make us cry. Make it so good that you personally want to watch it every night when it comes out on Blu-ray. Don’t rush it to meet some imaginary deadline. We’ll be there when you’re ready.

94. Janice - May 23, 2011

I hope they take as long as they need to make a super Trek movie and I hope that JJ Abrams will direct it.

As usual, i’ll end by saying i REALLY, REALLY want to see Pike in the film;
Bruce Greenwood owned that role and it would br fantastic to have him back.

95. Hat Rick - May 23, 2011

I am very optimistic. It sounds like everyone involved wants an absolutely Class “A,” top-flight product.

I am a believer that the script will be magnificent.

And JJ, please return to direct.

96. Anthony Thompson - May 23, 2011

87. Hank Meadows

Are you a chef, by any chance?

97. Anthony Thompson - May 23, 2011

64. Harry

So there’s a side of you we don’t know? : D

98. Mirror Jordan - May 23, 2011

Seems like TSFS was rushed and it turned out alright.
However, they should take as much time as they need to make it better than alright!

99. Hugh Hoyland - May 23, 2011

Bob since your in a lull at the moment how about putting an animated Trek series together to? ;}

100. VZX - May 23, 2011

91. Opcode – May 23, 2011:

Wow, that is a really good point! This whole time, Abrams said he will only direct if he likes the story. SO, if he doesn’t direct, that means the strory sucks! And then, I will know and NOT go see it! It’s very logical.

101. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

I voted… release date for summer 2012 … as planned …

Hmmmm… # 53,59 – Harry Ballz “rocks”… BUT…

# 54,58,60 – boborci “rocks” more … I guess I’ll talk again about “sharp tooth alien might, not = shirtless Kirk”… LOL … omg… I think I’m more interested in the alien than in Daniel Craig … although Daniel Craig is the kind of alien who interests me … +LOL

:-) :-)

102. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

82. Charla “meds”

Meds?? We don’t need no stinkin’ meds!!

84+97 “mild-mannered”

What are you implying? Me? Personally, I think I’m a pussycat!

89. “classic”

Thanks, Blake!

103. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

101. “Harry Ballz rocks”

Hmmmmm, Ballz, rocks, stones……I sense a theme here. :>)

104. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

#68 – Keachick ….LOL

I think… boborci sent CP to Greece because we will have a “philosopher Kirk” inTrek 2… CP with the beard… lost in the Greek landscape… looking at the sea of Mykonos … dining “pasta”… if not become more philosophical at least he will gain more weight … more muscle mass for Kirk … is not what everyone wants here? … I do not! … +++LOL

…kidding, CP! … because, CP is awesome anyway!

:-) :-)

105. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

Dee, just to clarify……you’ve never made this clear……you like Chris Pine?

106. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

#105 – Harry Ballz …


107. trekker 5 - May 23, 2011

#104,Dee,I’m with Harry on this one.

108. braxus - May 23, 2011

They’ve only got an outline? Or are they writing the script currently from that 70 page outline?

109. rm10019 - May 23, 2011

talk about the pot calling the kettle, for beating a dead horse…. where is that ignore button.

110. Kirk, James T. - May 23, 2011

great news! I hope Abrams directs, and I’m sure that at SDCC there will be a massive Star Trek launch – perfect place for it to be honest! :D

111. Red Dead Ryan - May 23, 2011

We’ll, I can see this thread has been taken over by Harry Ballz once again. Seems he’s a rock star. Harry, I think you should form a band and call it “The Rolling Ballz”!

J.J said he’d wanted to add some “rock ‘n’ roll” to Star Trek. So here’s your cue! :-)

112. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - May 23, 2011


You caught onto that too, huh?

Star Trek XII: Coming Fall 2012…

Oh well, I’m just glad we’re all still around to discuss this. It’s not fun when you’re anticipating a rapture coming…the notion that you will never be able to watch Harry Ballz and Keachick and Dee Ivs Moon Surface bicker at eachother again is very sad.

113. Shannon Nutt - May 23, 2011

I remember the 2009 movie was originally supposed to come on Christmas Day 2008, then got pushed back to summer. I have the feeling this one may be pushed from Summer to Christmas! The competition is large no matter when it’s released…if the Summer, you’ve got Batman and Spidey to deal with, and if Christmas, you’ve got Superman and Hobbits to deal with!

I know fans would hate to see this moved to 2013, but that might be the best move for all involved.

114. Ahmed Abdo - May 23, 2011

#113 Shannon, I guess that what might happen.

It took Abrams 141 days to finish the principal photography for Star Trek (2009) & that was on March 27, 2008. After that there was another 15 months of post production until the movie hit the theaters on May 8, 2009.

We are 13 months away from the release date of June 29, 2012, I highly doubt they will be able to make it by that time.

I think it is better to let them have enough time to come out with a very good movie & not rush things to meet the deadline. JJ & the rest of the team need to focus on making the best movie that they can make.

I want to see a movie that is as good as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan or Star Trek: First Contact, for that I can wait a little longer.

115. It's Not Real, Folks - May 23, 2011

Hey. Cut the guys some slack. They delivered a fantastic movie in ’09…and I am quite sure they will deliver the same quality in ’11 or ’12.

116. Gapaxbr - May 23, 2011

Can someone get me into the movie as an extra or the red shirt guy that gets killed off ill do it for free lol!

117. It's Not Real, Folks - May 23, 2011

@116 For some reason, I seriously doubt you are the first to ask that! :)

118. Shannon Nutt - May 23, 2011

Let’s just hope Paramount gives them the time they need to do a good job…I remember Columbia/Sony got upset with Sam Raimi’s pace over Spider-man IV, and they scrapped the whole project. I’d hate to see Paramount decide to pull the plug on J.J.’s involvement because of his busy schedule.

However, considering SUPER 8 is a Paramount movie, I’m sure that the relationship with director/studio is a strong and understanding one.

119. Mr Phil - May 23, 2011

Need……..title………….and/or…….. teaser………….trailer…………..

120. Jason P Hunt - May 23, 2011

There should be an option in the poll for those of us who would be perfectly fine without a sequel at all.

Just sayin’…

121. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

#120. Jason. Your Agoniser. Your Agoniser Please!

122. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

News Flash. Harry Loves Erica Durance. Oooops!!!

123. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

#119. Mr Phil. I called Dr. MCcoy and he is on his way with a Hypo. Hang in there.

124. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

#117. Actually. Myself and Harry and M.J and Anthony Pascale were the first to ask. All others. Just not as inportant as we are. Right Harry.

125. cd - May 23, 2011

62,66 – Re: Kennedy assassination film – Isn’t that going to be Transformers 4?

126. I, Mugsy - May 23, 2011

Trek is over – c’mon. 4+ years between films?!? Do you REALLY think that’s going to work? Their 5-year mission will already be OVER by film 3 at this rate… OK so the actors look young at the moment so that probably isn’t too much of a problem, but just how many Trek adventures will there be with this crew? I’d say it’ll be lucky if we get a trilogy at this rate…

Trek was MEANT for the TV – to see the same crew weekly and get to know them well and tell lots of varied/interesting tales, rather than having to please the multiplex plebs everytime…

Unless they begin a new TV series I think Trek is in limbo again as public interest is going to wane unless they film this thing soonish…

127. Trek Nerd Central - May 23, 2011

Yeeesh, I wonder how much grief folks gave Beethoven for taking time to write a sequel to his 8th Symphony. Just imaging the flames on LudwigSymphony.com. (“Sux that he cant deliver, dude.”)

128. Thorny - May 23, 2011

127. Wow. You’re comparing Star Trek to Beethoven? Turn off the TV. Step away from the key board. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Take a walk around the block…

129. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

125 “Kennedy assassination film”

Nah, Transformers 4 is “to the moon, alice!”

130. trektech - May 23, 2011

@ 31 Agree wholeheartedly and you echoed my previous sentiments exactly. I dont feel like the sequel is getting 100% from the creative team because they are all over the place on other projects. The momentum has been lost. The whole idea was to get a new audience excited and these audiences have short memories. This movie should be THE focus not something that kinda sorta has an idea of where it may be headed but we wont know til JJ gets around to looking at it and then ‘maybe’….this movie should have been well in to production by now. Nicholas Meyer…please report to the bridge…Nicholas Meyer, to the bridge.

131. Jack - May 23, 2011

114. Wasn’t the official story that they were done with post prod and were long ready for the original, late 2008 deadline… but Paramount moved it to May because it would likely mean more box office? If filming’s set for the fall, doesn’t that give them, potentially, 3-4 months of preproduction/casting/set design and construction (plus extra for things filmed later in the schedule) and 6 months for post production, scoring etc? I have no idea if that’s doable.

Maybe it will be Christmas.

But yeah, I still don’t think that’ll mean the door will have shut on interest.

132. NuFan - May 23, 2011

No need to worry about competition from The Hobbit. It’s been too many years since the last one and the public has completely lost interest. It will make one dollar at the box office. The Dark Knight Rises will also not make one dime because you have to have sequels come out rapidly or no one cares. Everyone here is an absolute genious that should be working in Hollywood.

133. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 23, 2011

#104 Kirk, the philosopher – works for me…:)

I suddenly had a notion that perhaps he is filming the Jack Ryan movie in Greece, instead of Moscow or wherever. Weather is better and god knows, Greece needs the foreign exchange. A bearded Jack Ryan perhaps? (I keeed)

Where there is a vacuum, all kinds of fables, fanciful stories, rumours will quickly fill that vacuum…

However, according to a recent thread posted here, it is hoped that the Jack Ryan movie will be ready to film early next year, AFTER Chris Pine has done the Star Trek sequel. Apart from script problems with the Jack Ryan movie (what is with you guys – writers/directors/producers – with scripting problems, delays? Is there a virus you are trying to fight or something?), Paramount realised that the filming of Jack Ryan could clash with the filming of Star Trek, so they moved the Ryan film forward until after the filming of Star Trek. As for the other main actors, they have either finished doing their projects or are in the process of finishing up. They all know that from August onwards, they need to keep that time open…

#112 – “the notion that you will never be able to watch Harry Ballz and Keachick and Dee Ivs Moon Surface bicker at eachother again is very sad.”

We are not bickering. We have engaged in perfectly reasonable, rational and serious discussions that may have something to do with a certain bearded personage, Chris Pine, “my captain”, …along with CP’s gorgeous eyes, hair and all over very kissable body and then there is his bright, humourous mind. No LOLs, no droolings…just the plain FACTS!

134. Celeste - May 23, 2011

I’d prefer it on schedule, that is, next summer, but if it HAS to be pushed back, I’d rather it be winter of next year rather than wait till the summer after that

135. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 23, 2011

#132 You are so right. We are geniuses who should be working in Hollywood receiving more than even adequate remuneration for our services because I NEED a new kitchen, for starters…

136. Alex Prewitt - May 23, 2011

Seriously doubt this will be ready for next summer. Can’t believe the “script” which seems to have been worked on forever isn’t actually done yet. JJ hasn’t committed yet–and why would he with a super short shooting and post production schedule that this movie would surely have in order to meet a summer 2012 release. Dark Knight, and Avengers are both currently shooting to make this same general release date.
Waiting impatiently for real news…not just more of the same “still working on it–JJ hasn’t said yet what he’ll do…”

137. dmduncan - May 23, 2011

They’ll finish the script, it’ll come out on schedule, it’ll be a huge hit.

Both the president and the republican nominee will reference it to make themselves look cool and current to the voters in time for the election.

Bob, Alex, Damon, and JJ each get a trip to the White House where JJ, facing a bout of irritable bowel syndrome, hops into the president’s own lavatory during a tour, and totally fills the bowl before discovering the toilet is electronic and only flushes with the proper presidential security code.

138. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

dmduncan, you’ve stumbled upon the title of Dan Brown’s next book……….

The Crapper Code

139. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 23, 2011

Speaking of toilets, on another site, there was a short discussion about the toilets on the Enterprise. Someone suggested that they are built into all the chairs…Yikes, crap!

140. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

…when they make it into a movie, the voice-over for the trailer will say, “sh*t doesn’t have to hit the FAN for trouble to start!”

141. Michael Hall - May 23, 2011


Usually enjoy your writing in spite of our longstanding disagreement over that horrible film–but that scenario, fella, I could have lived without. ;-)

142. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 23, 2011

I meant to say, as well, that it appears that perhaps in the 23rd century Starfleet there could be a dictum which states that – “All movement(s) shall be public. If you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to hide.”
It would certainly Bones(McCoy’s) job easier in ascertaining the general health of a person’s bowel.

143. dmduncan - May 23, 2011

141. Michael Hall – May 23, 2011


144. Seany-Wan - May 23, 2011

@Bob Orci: Did you like my suggestion to end the second film with the discovery of the Botany bay and Kirk’s response to it by saying “Let’s look into it!”


145. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

# 112 – Let Them Eat Soup Plomeek… what are you talking about? … bicker? … who? …

If there is something which we have in common … is that we admire Chris Pine … in fact we overdo that feeling a bit … I mean Keachick and I…. LOL … at least, yes I LOVE CP …. and I exaggerate a lot … because I CAN, of course! … +LOL

:-) :-)

146. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

WOW … toilets? … LOL … this is very funny today … +++LOL

:-) :-)

147. CanOpener1256 - May 23, 2011

take yer time. Christmas 2012 sounds great. The main thing is not to rush. We don’t want any regrets or hearing “Well, if we just had more time”

Bob, in case you need a great opening to the film … put Kirk and the Enterprise crew on “show” duty. For the last 18 months, nobody trusts the new, young crew with any serious assignments, so they get boring functions like flagship port of call, diplomat tours, etc. Various scenes of youthful trials and angst can be written here. Then SOMETHING BIG (your idea) happens and the crew must show the Federation that giving them the ship was no mistake — I proudly present Star Trek: First Mission!

No payment needed .. just want a spot on the bridge during filming. :)

148. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

#133 – Keachick, hi… this should have been the cover … what do you think? … agree?



149. Jack - May 23, 2011

With all the love, I’m surprised there’s been no lobbying for a CP bare butt shot in this thing… a strange new world where it’s forbidden to wear pants? This is the first Trek crew in a while who are all fit enough for a little gratuitous partial nudity. Just sayin’

Total coincidence that I’m posting this after all the toilet talk.

150. Commodore Mike of the Terram Empire. - May 23, 2011

Jack. This is now Toilet Talk. Just ask Harry.

151. Punkspocker - May 23, 2011

These guys probably wrote all three scripts at the same time. They have all that klingon footage never used in ST09. Gonna be great

152. the Quickening - May 23, 2011

We as fans have to realize that STAR TREK is just one of many projects for these guys, and not the main focus for the general entertainment community. I’m not saying they are not into TREK–of course they are. It’s just that projects for the collective culture, are just going to outweigh a subculture like TREK. SUPER 8, COWBOYS AND ALIENS, and the ALIEN: PREQUEL are just more prestigious, will generate more funds and media news than TREK.

153. the Quickening - May 23, 2011

This idea that TREK works best on TV only seems true because TREK has yet to be done consistently well at the movies. We’ve had plenty of TREK on television. Let’s see TREK establish itself better as movies. To do more TV to satisfy fan-boy’s wet dreams, or because there is no space adventure on TV is a mistake. The same thing that happened to ENTERPRISE, will happen to a new TREK TV series: it will get hugh initial ratings, then sag and die. TREKs been on TV for so long, and so often, only the serious fan base would care. Very little sustained excitement, or long term special interest would occur from the macro culture.

154. the Quickening - May 23, 2011

…The competition is large no matter when it’s released…if the Summer, you’ve got Batman and Spidey to deal with, and if Christmas, you’ve got Superman and Hobbits to deal with!
I know fans would hate to see this moved to 2013, but that might be the best move for all involved.

I agree. Superman and Hobbits make for manageable competition. Christmas ’13 would be better. Boxoffice-wise, Spider-Man, and Batman are gonna murder TREK in the Summer of ’12. They better move it. Because of script delays, they now have two good reasons to move TREK. TPTB better not look a gift horse in the mouth.

155. the Quickening - May 23, 2011

No need to worry about competition from The Hobbit. It’s been too many years since the last one and the public has completely lost interest. It will make one dollar at the box office. The Dark Knight Rises will also not make one dime because you have to have sequels come out rapidly or no one cares. Everyone here is an absolute genious that should be working in Hollywood.

Wrong. The Dark Knight Rises is going to clean up at the box-office.

156. JD Moores - May 23, 2011

First off, 2012 is going to be a veritable clusterf#$k of “major,” “tentpole” genre pictures, which is usually NOT a good idea for any studio, so I’m quite baffled as to why it’s happening. It’s as if Hollywood, itself, believes the Aztec prediction that the world will end in December of that year, so they’re just trying to get everything out in time. Some release dates make sense – those for the DC heroes Batman and Superman (the former because of built-up interest over 4 years, the latter because of legal issues) – but the rest….

In any case, I doubt this will bode well for STAR TREK 2, let alone for some other films – but I think TREK will be particularly vulnerable. If it does come out as-planned, it’ll be a rushed production, and while it won’t necessarily make the film bad (for reasons I’ll get to in a moment), it will create some audience and even critic skepticism and maybe bias people’s perspectives going in.

All that aside, I’m not too worried. The first of Abrams’ Trek films took so long, likely, because they were rebooting it and, thus, not only had to recast everyone, but redesign and build EVERYTHING. Bear in mind that, even with the newer Enterprise-E in “First Contact,” onward, pretty much every Star Trek film from 1979-forward had one or more prop, set, costuming and other elements from the prior film(s). Likewise, they can reuse the bridge, the sickbay – even the location for the engine room, though I’m one that kind of hopes they redesign it – and the primary cast is already under contract to return. The rest of the cast probably won’t be very large, either, especially if they’ve been honest about wanting to make it more character driven and taking cues from 2008’s “The Dark Knight” – though I hope they don’t mean that too literally because what worked for Nolan’s sequel may not for a Star Trek sequel (i.e., some of the darkness and menace).

Lastly, this team is primarily used to television production, and they seem to be quite good at it. Such experience worked wonders for producer Harve Bennett nearly 30 years ago and I don’t see why it couldn’t help Abrams and company now, especially since they’re guaranteed a motion picture sized budget – something Harve and his crew couldn’t necessarily rely upon.

157. Trek Nerd Central - May 23, 2011

128. Thorny, man, I was indulging in hyperbole to make a point.

158. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

WOW… Trek 2 should not take the field because it will lose the game… this is what some are saying here … BLAHHHH…. LOSERS!!!

TREK 2 … TREK 2 … TREK 2 … TREK 2 …. TREK 2 … TREK 2 … TREK2

LOL ………

:-) :-)

159. Hateya - May 23, 2011


Please join us over at Script Frenzy in April 2012. You know… 100 pages in 30 days! I’m joking! Those of us who have WON this contest know how terribly painful and rewarding it can be to write a script. Those who have never tried don’t have the faintest clue what it entails.

Since the world has already ended, TECHNICALLY, take your time, write a great script and bring it to us when it’s ready. Gambatte kudasai yo!

160. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

Dee, tell me, do you laugh in real life like you do at the end of each post?

You’d be a hoot at a party!

161. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

# 160 – Harry Ballz… what can I say about it… hmmmm… nobody ever complained about my laughter … in real life … I swear!


162. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011

I’m not complaining, I’m genuinely curious. Are you one of those people who giggle or laugh a lot?

I like people like that.

163. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

# 152 – the Quickening…

TREK has less prestige … has less news in the media … REALLY?? … so why every time they go out to promote SUPER 8, Cowboys and Aliens… they are asked about Trek 2? … Why journalists are so interested in something with less prestige? … hmmmmm

:-) :-)

164. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 23, 2011

#162 – Harry Ballz

Well… I have a sense of humor in real life… I give a lot of laughs with funny things… but I ‘m not laughing all the time… the internet is lighter than real life… at least I do so… if you understand what I’m saying… a friend of mine always tells me that in the Web we need to be careful not to be misunderstood … then I laugh a bit …

:-) :-)

165. sean - May 23, 2011

does everyone really forget st 09 was suppose to be a winter movie and was done for the xmas season but the studio wanted to milk it and pushed it to summer….the start of filming in relation to when it was initially suppose to come out are identical…calm down, its coming out in 14 months

166. Harry Ballz - May 23, 2011


Dee, thank you for explaining your laugh patterns.

167. Rusty0918 - May 23, 2011

NEVER, NEVER jump to conclusions.

“Star Trek” 2009 defied a LOT of expecations. Granted yes I think it was overrated although I do like some of the things they did (I’m not one of those purists who rails against every single thing they did).

Who knows how fast these folks can get a script out of an outline? I’m not sure how the timetable works here.

I just hope we don’t get a “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” level movie and yet critics make it out to be Oscar-calliber. I could actually see this happening.

168. somethoughts - May 24, 2011

I would like to see zero recycling, I hate cheap productions ie insurrection gawd, those recycled voyager sets were horrid, or cheap blocky cgi eg nemesis.

New Uniforms, upgraded Enterprise, New Bridge and Engineering (ship had to be rebuilt due to vortex damaging ship at end of ST09).

Release it whenever it’s properly done, on time or delayed as long as it is a epic space movie.

No Viking Klingons, get rid of the ST Motion Picture and TNG Klingons, they are brutish and boring. Make the Klingons like ancient China/Japan, intelligent adversaries that mastered the ART OF WAR Sun Tzu and is sophisticated yet elegant.

More Future Earth sets and Moon/Mars, more Star Trek Mythos

Sci Fi Fantasy Espionage Space Movie! with lots of OMG I’M GONNA SEE THIS AGAIN MOMENTS!

Hard Core Die Hard Trekkie: THIS OWNS
Kids: WOW
Dog: WOOF!
Supreme Court: TOOGA PARTY!

169. Tom - May 24, 2011

It’s not uncommon for movies to film right up to a few months before release. Remember Transformers? Post production can be done rather quickly any more.

if you want to keep track of how long until the release –check out my countdown for the star trek sequel at: startrekcountdown.com

170. Mark Lynch - May 24, 2011

A quick question for Bob Orci, if he is still around that is!

Do you believe it is possible to create a top quality Star Trek film in time for the currently scheduled June 29th 2012 release, as (IIRC) filming is not actually scheduled to start until August/September?

I ask because I just cannot imagine that 10/11 months is enough time for a blockbuster Star Trek film to be made. Especially as I would imagine that actual filming will take 3 months. Then leaving 7/8 months for all the post production.

I’d be very interested to hear your opinion on my opinion. Thanks.

I’m having flashbacks to the rush job that was ST:TMP and look how long it took to put it right! :)

171. Charla - May 24, 2011

Harry you need to set your bait again! LOL J/K Bob- that was a good one though!!

Cool idea Tom # 169 will check it out too-

172. the Quickening - May 24, 2011

#163 – Dee – lvs moon’ surface

TREK has less prestige … has less news in the media … REALLY?? … so why every time they go out to promote SUPER 8, Cowboys and Aliens… they are asked about Trek 2? … Why journalists are so interested in something with less prestige? … hmmmmm

I didn’t say it had no prestige, or was not popular in the media. Just less as compared to other populist franchises and movies. Look at it this way: The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie made more this past weekend than TREK ’09 made in it’s entire theatrical run. When you look at it in those terms you see TREKs true status in media… especially internationally, which is becoming–if not already–the true measure of success.

173. Michael - May 24, 2011

definatly should not rush a star trek movie since modern ones will be incredibly hard to pull off. i think the quality of the film is more important than getting it out “on time”. i’d rather watch the movie 3 years from now and have it epic instead of a crappy one 1 year from now

174. Mel - May 24, 2011

I like to see the new movie as soon as possible, but I fear it won’t be a very big success in summer 2012. There are so many other big movies in the cinema then and all of them have outside of the USA a much bigger name than Star Trek. Star Trek may still be able to get a good result in the USA, but not in a lot of other countries with so much strong competition.

I mean Star Trek will be in the cinema at the same time as Spider-Man, Ice Age and Batman! That are three of the most successful movie franchise of the past few years. All of them have a much bigger name outside of the USA than Star Trek.

Those are the overseas figures of the last movies:

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2009: $690,394,990
Spider-Man 3 2007: $554,341,323
The Dark Knight 2008: $468,600,000
Star Trek 2009: $127,950,427

Star Trek will be crushed internationally. :-(

175. Harry Ballz - May 24, 2011


Charla, Charla, Charla…….you never TELL the fish you’re setting the bait!

Now we’re going to have to wait for the waters to settle again. Sheesh!

176. Ivory - May 24, 2011

Don’t know what some people are getting so upset about in regards to the script and shooting schedule. There is more than enough time to iron the script out and start shooting on time…Worst case scenario is the film comes out a few months later at X-Mas time. What’s the big deal?

177. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 24, 2011

#148 Dee, I assume you mean it would be a good picture for the cover of Details magazine. Yes, I agree. It is a really good one. OK, I’ll just bookmark it now.

I do agree, as well, that sometimes I go a little over-the-top in my admiration. Dee actually queried what Chris Pine might think/feel about me and Dee, if he actually read some of our postings on this site. All I can say is, in actual fact, I’m often quite shy and a bit boring at times. I just know what I like. I have no intention of offending or embarrassing him.

“With all the love, I’m surprised there’s been no lobbying for a CP bare butt shot in this thing… a strange new world where it’s forbidden to wear pants? This is the first Trek crew in a while who are all fit enough for a little gratuitous partial nudity. Just sayin’ ”

Jack – I have been giving Bob Orci story ideas that could definitely include such a scene(s). My own planetary system, Menosia, is a beautiful planet where, most of the time, the wearing of clothing is not really necessary. There are no rules that forbid the wearing the underwear, but most don’t bother. They don’t feel any great need to. James T Kirk finds himself stuck on this world…

(I’m not into p/rn/graphy, btw, just trying to promote an alternative viewpoint and uphold what is actually healthy and natural. In fact, over the Christmas/new year break, when moderator Anthony Pascale was nowhere to be found, someone posted some p/rn and I found it rather gross, boring, stupid and not sexy at all…)

178. Basement Blogger - May 24, 2011

I hope prep includes taking into consideration filming the movie in 3D, no conversions from 2D. Look, I’ve read a post above where the competition is going to be fierce for Star Trek. Let Paramount release it in 3D so they can make as much money as possible. That being said, make a cool 3D movie that will rival Avatar as far as the effects.

Bob Orci, I don’t know if you saw Thor but the conversion hurt that film. I liked Thor but because the conversion was not well thought out, the filmgoer had a diminished experience. For example, if Directer Brangh had known it was going to be converted would he film as many dark scenes? The battle on the Ice Giants planet was mud. I wish I had seen Thor in 2D.

179. Anthony Thompson - May 24, 2011

No 3D!

180. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 24, 2011

#177 – Keachick …. Yes … CP may think we are crazy … nuts … pine nuts … LOL …. but I swear I am inoffensive!

I never said that … Menosia looks like an interesting place … LOL

:-) :-)

181. anonymous - May 24, 2011

deadline hollywood predicts the sequel will get pushed back 6 months

182. MvRojo - May 24, 2011

#181. Disappointing but probably necessary to give everyone the time to make a good movie. Rushing for a release date at the expense of quality is never a good thing…see ST:TMP.

183. Jack - May 24, 2011

TrekToilet Talk, I wonder if the URL is taken…

Well Keachick, your skinny-dipping planet is clearly an ideal place for a Shatner cameo.

Is 181 based on the story from this site? Pretty great.

184. VZX - May 24, 2011


I knew it! We all did!

185. Captain Dunsel - May 24, 2011

Bring… BRING!!!!

186. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 24, 2011

#181- anonymous …

deadline hollywood predicts the sequel will get pushed back 6 months”

Yes… Deadline is very “visionary”… got the news two days after TrekMovie.com… or rather, they echoed the news after two days… LOL

And …Harry Ballz asks me why do I laugh at the end of my comments…. +++LOL

:-) :-)

187. Basement Blogger - May 24, 2011

@ 181 Anonymous

Thanks for the link If they can’t put out a great Star Trek film, then let there be a delay. It’s disappointing. It’s too bad for us that the guys at Bad Robot are too busy. I just hope the world doesn’t end before I get to see the next movie.

188. anonymous - May 24, 2011

@Dee -Ivs moon’ surface
Trekmovie must consider Deadline a little visionary ’cause Trekmovie has cited Deadline stories at least a couple of times regarding material Paramount news

189. MvRojo - May 24, 2011

#188. Deadline is a major source for Hollywood insider news as they have a lot of strong connections throughout the industry because of their editor, Nikke Finke. HBO even developed a show based on her starring Diane Keaton this past pilot season, but it eventually wasn’t picked up.

190. Dee - lvs moon' surface - May 24, 2011

# 188 – anonymous…

I know Deadline a lot … and I had seen the article… and it is natural that TrekMovie has cited Deadline … but is not common, that Deadline.com reflected something of TrekMovie.com, a Trekkie fan site as they say…

I also put links here sometimes including the Deadline … actually I just made a joke about “predicts” …

:-) :-)

191. Keachick (rose pinenut) - May 24, 2011

This is just journalists speculating because there is no (factual) news at the moment. They have to justify their pay cheques somehow.
Honestly, this is getting truly tiresome. I need a cuppa…

192. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - May 25, 2011

Dee and Keachick:

I only used the word bickering because I couldn’t think of anything else. I meant *friendly* bickering…sorry if you took that the wrong way.

193. LordDragon - May 25, 2011

Would prefer a better movie later than a sucky movie on time.

I think all of would agree on that.

194. Bartanlive - July 14, 2011

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