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Jeri Ryan Explains Why She Turned Down Star Trek: Nemesis Role June 8, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Feature Films (TMP-NEM),VOY , trackback

It has been reported before that Star Trek Voyager’s Jeri Ryan was offered the chance to reprise her role as Seven of Nine in the 2002 movie Star Trek: Nemesis, but had scheduling conflicts. In a new interview the actress explains how she was offered the part (which appears to be more than a cameo), and why she turned it down.    


Jeri Ryan explains why she turned down Star Trek: Nemesis role

On this week’s Nerdist Podcast, Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan said that she wasn’t sad there was never a Voyager movie. She also confirmed reports she was offered a role in Star Trek: Nemesis and indicated it was bigger than a cameo:

When I got off [Voyager] I was very very lucky to step right into a David Kelley show [Boston Public]. That was when they were shooting [Star Trek: Nemesis] Paramount called Rick Berman and said "put Jeri Ryan in the movie" which is very nice and flattering and Rick called and said "do you want to be in the movie?" And I was like "hmmmm." I just did four years in a catsuit and I just got on a David Kelley show, which was my one chance to break out of Star Trek, which was still frankly a fear that I wasn’t going to be able to escape that and do something else. You have very little outs in a TV series contract, so I didn’t want my first step once David Kelley made this role for me to be "hey, could you let off for a couple months to do Star Trek."

But it wasn’t just a matter of timing and wanting to change her image, Ryan also didn’t feel she fit in a movie with the TNG crew:

I told them if there was a reason for this character to appear in the story, then absolutely. If there was a good story reason, then absolutely, but she never interacted with any of the characters on [Star Trek: The Next Generation], she’s never met them. Why would she be there? They would be plugging her in just to plug her in. It was just odd. So it wasn’t the right thing to do…They understood, but then he was like "Do you want to do a cameo at the wedding?" And I was like "no, if I don’t want to be in the movie, why would I want to do a cameo."

It has been conjectured that the role offered to Ryan for Nemesis was just a cameo and was rewritten for Kate Mulgrew. But Ryan’s account makes it sound like she could have had a more significant role than Mulgrew’s brief appearance as Admiral Janeway issuing orders to Capt. Picard, especially bearing in mind Ryan’s comment about needing "a couple months" for Star Trek shooting.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager" and Kate Mulgrew as Adm. Janeway in "Star Trek: Voyager" – Ryan turned down "Nemesis" role

It’s worth listening to the full podcast for a fun discussion with Jeri about her career, Twitter, cooking and her new show Body of Proof.


1. Harry Ballz - June 8, 2011

If Jeri Ryan didn’t have a big chest, she wouldn’t even be on our radar!

2. Tiberius Mudd - June 8, 2011

Just… astounding. Nemesis was a gigantic cluster’farr.

3. Necros - June 8, 2011

Still better than the crap Abrams made…

4. Jack - June 8, 2011

1. Sigh.

5. King of all Blacks - June 8, 2011

she is the star of VOY.

never forget it.

6. Sputnik - June 8, 2011

Nemesis was so mediocre, I don’t know if it would have been better or worse with 7 of 9 in it. :-/

7. - June 8, 2011

A good reason? Jerry Ryan would be the reason.

I would have seen the movie more than once had she been in it.

Come on Harry, no one talks about your ballz that way.

8. Irishtrekkie - June 8, 2011

i would have much prefer if paramount , had put some damn romulans in its movie set on their home planet Romulus.

No instead we get a clone , b4 , and the Remans(pulled out of fresh air)

seriously there was like one real Romulan in the movie, Commander Donatra

9. BitterTrekkie - June 8, 2011

8 Irishtrekkie.
I didn’t hate Nemesis, but I agree, it should have focused on the Romulans

10. Marvin the Martian - June 9, 2011

Everyone has their opinions about what is best… I get it, but I anyone who thinks Nemesis was a better movie than 2009 Trek is on crack.

Anyone remember The Defacer’s early release of the annotated Nemesis script? That was a brilliant takedown of a horrible script that became a even more horrible movie.

Just the fact that Berman was looking to “plug her into” a role says all you need to know about how Nemesis was nothing more than a collection of spare parts.

11. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - June 9, 2011

Paramount : “Put Jeri in the movie”

Nemesis had too many people giving their input including Pat Stewart and Brent Spiner.

12. Trekboi - June 9, 2011

sounds like the ususal desperate gimmicks of the berman era- but if they thought of merits of having jeri why didn’t they think of an epic multi cast film.

13. Dr. Cheis - June 9, 2011

What? What could they have possibly done with her in that movie?

Sit her at the wedding? Sure, let’s put her at the wedding of two people she’s never met. While we’re at it, let’s sit her next to that famous black lady who played a part on the TV show. I remember she had some connection with the Borg or something from one of the episodes, right? They will get along fine. And then we don’t have to fill up dialog with that kid because we’ll have more interesting people to say it.

No wait, let’s make her the new science officer who interfaces with Data and helps him realize he is different from B4, because if he makes that realization on his own, the audience won’t understand how a machine can differentiate between two androids.

Or maybe she can drive the Argo and shoot at stuff. She’s like the Angelina Jolie of Star Trek, and people love seeing Angelina shoot stuff!


I actually kind of liked Nemesis, but there were far too many things in that movie just because they felt like putting things in the movie and not because they were good for the story or the theme. Jeri Ryan simply didn’t belong there without a radically different story.

14. Mike Thompson UK - June 9, 2011

Another sign that Berman had lost it!

15. DJT - June 9, 2011

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Ah heck. The movie couldn’t have possibly been worse. It could only have made it better. Two negatives equals a positive, right?

16. Ric - June 9, 2011

Maybe if they had started the movie with Riker et al already transferred to the Titan, they could have written Seven in as part of his crew, though she never really was part of Starfleet officially. Hey, if Tuvok ended up on the Titan in the non-canon novels, anything is possible if you really put effort into the writing… unfortunately, we all know what we ended up with instead…

17. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - June 9, 2011

#11; Agreed:

Paramount : “Put Jeri in the movie”

Did no one even think or have the balls to say:
“ermm.. why? what for? its not necessary or relevant? “

18. naysaynever - June 9, 2011

@3 Necros

huh? what do you mean?

19. VZX - June 9, 2011


Yeah, that would have made sense! Even start with Riker as captain of the Titan for the past 3 years, and his crew could have consisted of Tuvok, Wesley as Cheif Engineer, maybe even Dr. Bashir for some more Trek-flavor.

But, then, there was so much of Nemesis that pissed me off. I only watched that movie twice and will never watch it again.

20. Magic_Al - June 9, 2011

On the other hand, having William Shatner guest star on Boston Public turned out great.

21. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 9, 2011

I think maybe she read the Script and just ran the other way. Nemisis was ok. The Fighting with the Semitar and the Enterprise was the only thing about the Movie i loved. The Story was so retreaded and the plot was just not very good.

22. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 9, 2011

In my opnion. When they made Nemises they forgot to make it Star Trek.

23. Damian - June 9, 2011

14–It was Paramount who apparently told Rick Berman to put her in the movie, not the other way around. Part of the reason for some of the problems with the later Berman years was studio interference. I can’t tell you how many interviews I saw with many different people involved with Star Trek that have noted Paramount wanted this, Paramount wanted that. Rick Berman may have been at the helm, as it were, but Paramount was at the captain’s seat.

Re: the article, I don’t really see what Seven could have added to Nemesis. She is right that this was not her crew and it probably would have been awkward. The novel “Before Dishonor” did include her, but she was needed for her Borg expertise. With Nemesis focusing on the Romulans, it would have been hard to see a reason for Seven to be needed. I’m one of those who liked Nemesis. It’s an average Star Trek movie and it’s one major flaw was that it was not geared to a larger audience. But as a Star Trek fan, I thought it was fine.

24. Admiral New - June 9, 2011

It would have been interesting to have Seven appear in Nemesis, though I suspect it would have made things more complicated than necessary. The writers would have had to explain the whole Borg thing (for the benefit of the uninitiated), then justify why they brought in the Borg to the story, when they don’t make an appearance anyway. Unless Seven comes up with some Borg-inspired plan to undermine Shinzon’s superweapon or something, in which case her injection into the story (besides being a studio decision) becomes nothing more than a cheap plot device. Besides, the writers could just come up with some clever tech-talk among the principal characters to resolve any plot complications, and no one (not even the Trek vets) would be the wiser.

Nemesis fails because it fails to effectively exploit its central nature/nurture theme. We’re never really convinced that Picard and Shinzon possess the potential to be the other, so there’s no genuine tension. It doesn’t help that this entire issue is *verbally* discussed. Picard doesn’t *realize* that he’s Shinzon’s mirror– Shinzon TELLS him that! (And for some inexplicable reason, Picard is actually bothered by it. Why? Because he and Shinzon had the same illness when they were kids? Really? That’s it?) Then at crunch time, Picard doesn’t *realize* that Shinzon was wrong– Instead, Data *lectures* him about how experience and personal aspiration all make the difference. I mean, wouldn’t it have been more interesting to have Picard actually face a moral dilemma that Shinzon has had to face, then *act* on it? Then, depending on what direction the writers want to take, Picard either acts like Shinzon would have acted, thereby validating Shinzon’s “mirror” claim, or Picard’s experience and ‘personal aspiration’ kicks in, thereby proving Shinzon wrong.

25. Christopher Roberts - June 9, 2011

I never doubted for one second while watching Nemesis, that it was a Star Trek film I was watching… It’s a better entry in the franchise than either Generations or Insurrection. Definitely darker, perhaps more than any other but there are good moments. Picard quite never giving up on turning Shinzon around and Data switching places with him right at the end. It just lacked more emotional involvement on the Direction side, that Frakes or Stewart (or anybody intimately involved with these characters) would’ve brought. Stuart Baird was an action Director winging it between the set-pieces and possibly focused too much on Shinzon’s side of the story – the things that interested him most. More build up and emotional investiment was needed with the TNG crew. They were hollow, lifeless and going through the motions, in the same way the TOS crew were in The Motion Picture. There’s no zest or playfulness up there on screen.

26. Cygnus-X1 - June 9, 2011

And I was like “no, if I don’t want to be in the movie, why would I want to do a cameo.”

And he was like, “Because I’ve been out of ideas for years now and my movie sucks. ”

And I was like, “Well, just make sure you get someone good to direct.”

And he was like, “No worries, I’ve got this great guy who’s never seen a Star Trek episode in his life. He’s got no baggage, and he’ll bring a fresh approach to invigorate the franchise.”

And I was like, “I dunno, dude…sounds like a big mistake.”

And he was like, “Hey, I’m Rick Motherf*ckin’ Berman, and don’t you dare question my production decisions.”

And I was like, “Right, I’m out. Later bra. Good luck.”

And after I hung up he was like, “She’s totally into me. My movie’s gonna rock. Because I’m Rick Berman.”

27. Miko - June 9, 2011

‘Set a course for earth, kill everything’ Best line in the film… Shame it doesn’t actually happen!
The only time i felt earth was in real danger was when the Xindi tried to destroy it! And for the most part succeeded cutting a huge swath across the planet! Bring back the Xindi!

28. Vger23 - June 9, 2011


How could you think that “Earth was in real danger” when ENT was a prequel, and Earth is just fine in the 23rd and 24th centuries?



29. rblaine - June 9, 2011

#27. because the threat was actually from interference from the future in an attempt to change history.

30. ST:EXP - June 9, 2011

Whoa. What a hateful bunch of posters. No insight into what actually occurs or no involvement in the entertainment industry. Just trolling news stories to bash.

Continue…I love reading the hate. PROCEED please.

I would like a bizarro-website….

I would love if fans created a website and posted info about their crap jobs and meaningless promotions and initiatives. And the only people allowed to post comments on the stories is Star Trek producers who could bash the fans.

Do you realize that 99% of the people who post in these forums would crap their pants and have a heart attack if they only had a fractional percentage of the responsibility and pressure that a random producer like Rick Berman had over a period of 20 years.

31. Damian - June 9, 2011

I actually thought bringing in a director who had no previous involvement with Star Trek was the right idea. Obviously Stuart Baird was not the guy. While I liked Nemesis, it did not have the broad based appeal it needed.

But it’s interesting to see how many posters bash Berman for bringing in a guy who was never involved with Star Trek to give it some fresh input (along with John Logan) while saying at the time Star Trek needed fresh blood. Actually, other than Rick Berman and the production crew, there was very little involvement from the Berman people in writing. John Logan was largely in charge of the story itself and Baird in charge of the filming.

IMO, Berman had the right idea bringing in new people to write and direct, he just could have done a better job picking his director (I actually think Logan’s script had potential). Stuart Baird is a fine editor (he has been editor on a number of great films out there, The Omen, Lethal Weapon, Superman, Casino Royale) just not such a good director.

32. Damian - June 9, 2011

25–I agree with you. Generations and Insurrection were two that could have just as easily been episodes of the TV series. They were ok and I watch them when I’m in the mood. But they seemed TV material. First Contact and Nemesis were the two TNG movies that seemed to have the scope of a motion picture. They were the two films that I could say I could not envision in the TV series. They felt like bonafide movies to me.

I’ll be honest, I never understood the Nemesis hate. If I never read these sights I would never realize Nemesis engendered such hate among some Star Trek fans. I left the theater and though it was a decent Star Trek film. Not the best but stronger than say Star Trek V (for the record, I did like Star Trek V, but it is clearly the weakest of the films) and Nemesis was a lot better than a lot of other crap that’s out there these days. I happily own the special edition DVD (along with the other 10 films) and have watched it a couple times since buying it.

33. Phil - June 9, 2011

Three posts in, JJ shots start …

34. Christopher Roberts - June 9, 2011

28. & 29. – To borrow a tag line from Doctor Who…

“Time can be rewritten.”

35. Polly - June 9, 2011

Nemesis. grrr….

36. Buzz Cagney - June 9, 2011

Better than the crap that JJ made? Really? I accept the concept ‘each to their own’ but surely prefering Nemesis over ’09 is just taking fickleness to a whole new level!

37. Desstruxion - June 9, 2011

@#1. Harry I also noticed her legs.

38. Horatio - June 9, 2011

This just proves that those who had control of Star Trek (the faceless suits at Paramount and Mr Berman) are the reason why the franchise took a face-plant into the tarmac.

39. BitterTrekkie - June 9, 2011

36 Count me in among those who prefer Nemesis.

40. Red Dead Ryan - June 9, 2011

Well, “Nemesis” IS better than “The Final Frontier” and “Insurrection”. “Insurrection” is the worst and beyond redemption because of it’s inherent racism.

I’d like to see a re-edit of “Nemesis” where the mental-rape scene is removed and the name “B-4″ redubbed “Lore”. And possibly include some of the deleted scenes that were left out.

“The Final Frontier” needs better visuals. Paramount would be wise to get ILM to re-do the effects. Wouldn’t cover up William Shatner’s horrid directing and acting, but definitely would go a long way to reducing the cheesiness of the film.

And finally, I am glad Jeri Ryan WAS NOT in “Nemesis”. She would have been out of place. Admiral Janeway, on the other hand, was a wonderful cameo that felt natural while being a nice nod to “Voyager”.

41. CmdrR - June 9, 2011

Nemesis and Insurrection played like Trek off the tracks, while Final Frontier seems like a Trek wreck.
So hard to choose. It’s seriously hard not to want those movies to be better than they are, I see the seed of a good movie in each. Then, I see the thumb prints of studio suits, and the scars of budget cuts, and the wipe marks of a director who decided to hijack the franchise without respect.

Anyway… we’re on a new course now.

Oh wait, I just reread the actual topic here.


42. DS9 Rocks - June 9, 2011

A human pro-consul of Romulus
Picard clone… who is the human pro-consul of Romulus
Murder of the *entire* Romulan Senate… by a human… without a peep from any Romulan, military or civilian
*Admiral* Janeway
Ship-to-ship outer space jump
Data’s death
Data’s reincarnation
Mental rape
B-4 (did I mentioned that one?)

I am sorry, but to me, the damage the Nemesis plot wrought on the Trek universe was paramount to the anti-climactic death of Kirk in Generations. And worst of all, it was done without a reason! Obviously JJ Trek changed the universe a lot, but that was for a very good reason (or, even you might say, out of necessity due to Nemesis’ failures).

I own Nemesis, but I cannot get through it without throwing up in my mouth a little. Worst. Movie. Ever.

I’d rather watch Spock’s Brain in an infinite loop.

43. DS9 Rocks - June 9, 2011

@30. What??

Who are you? Is this your first time out of a dark box in which you’ve been living?

Anyone whose profession is *entertaining* masses better be ready from some heavy criticism from those masses should they stumble. Their worth to society only comes from the love of the masses, so they (and you) better listen to the hate, or get the hell out of the “kitchen.”

44. Jesustrek - June 9, 2011

Hey Orci…Seven of Nine es un personaje bastante interesante recordemos que fue enlistada por la USS RELATIVITY a varias (o una sola) asignaciones temproales en VOY , Jeri Ryan ademas de ser una bella mujer es un personaje iconico de Star Trek aqui es donde puede entrar la Relativity y Seven of Nine un buen punto para unir TOS y TNG por un breve o buen momento de la historia…¿resuelto el 30% del guion? (ja eso espero como fan).

Saludos ;)

45. Horatio - June 9, 2011

The one good thing about the new JJ Trekverse is that perhaps… perhaps…. certain things that happened in the prime universe will not happen in the JJ-verse ie – Kirk’s pointless death, or even, perhaps the whole Nemesis timeline!!

46. Daoud - June 9, 2011

In retrospect, the only thing that could have possibly made Nemesis work, was for Patrick Stewart to also portray Shinzon. A Tale of Two Picards would have been excellent. And maybe someone at Paramount could have said “Hey, get Denise Crosby in this as Sela and use her as the explanation for them cloning Picard.”
The role for Jeri Ryan would have been Shinzon kidnapping her to extract Borg nanoprobes from her to modify use to take over (rather than destroy) the Senate, and thus take over Romulus and Remus. Much better than the B4 storyline.

47. ST:EXP - June 9, 2011

43…… whaaaaaa? “Their worth to society”. ???

“You didn’t entertain me!!! You are now deemed worthless to society!!! Into the oven with you!!!”

Of COURSE they entertained you, or you wouldn’t be writing in a Star Trek forum.

You can see any of these 2 hour films for anywhere between $5 and $19 depending what your source is.

It provided you for 2 hours of entertainment PER movie PER viewing plus all the time you spend on these websites emotionally involved.

I think they did their job for your money.

Meanwhile… if I have a substandard sandwich at Subway for $8 which I’d consume in under 10 minutes…. I’d be branded an asshole if I endlessly bashed their restaurant chains on their Facebook page.

How much money does someone spend to watch a single movie by which they then feel they have the right to perform character assassination in perpetuity?

Be fortunate they have assembled these movies “for the masses” and don’t individually pursue legal action for the very clear case of defamation of character which they endure daily.

There is nothing on the back of your movie ticket that says someone can call out a producer *by name* and continually call them a worthless asshole loser.

If someone criticized an open work of yours on the most minor level, you’d go apeshit.

Case in point… your forum posting.


Hey, have I just entertained the masses?


Nemesis sucked ballz.

48. Buzz Cagney - June 9, 2011

#39 Thats fine, as I said, to each their own. But I can honestly tell you I find it baffling even while i respect your right to chose.

49. Harry Ballz - June 9, 2011

47. “Nemesis sucked ballz”

I’ve never even MET Ms. Nemesis!

50. VOODOO - June 9, 2011

Harry #1

You are exactly right!

7 of 9 was nothing more than a supermodel in a cat suit that was 7 sizes too small.

51. Mike Thompson UK - June 9, 2011

#23 Damian, Yes I know it was Paramount. However when asked by Berman Jeri said no! but he then asked her to be at the wedding, go figure. He should have had the balls to tell Paramount it wouldn’t work.

Can’t agree with Nemesis being better than Star Trek V, 13 years on, a more experienced production team on their 4th movie, it should have blown it out of the water.

52. Plum - June 9, 2011

Jeri Ryan is wonderful despite the catsuit. When she was allowed to act she was great (remember when 7o9 was possessed by the doctor?) and that singing voice! When she sang My Darling Clementine she was, as the Doctor noted, pitch perfect.

53. DS9 Rocks - June 9, 2011


Trust me, I am not writing in this forum because of Nemesis. And I will gladly exchange the 2 hours of my life that I lost for the refund of my money. That’s just a win-win.

So, in effect, not only did “they” not entertain me, they also stole my time and money. At least at Subway, I get sustenance, quickly. And if my sandwich is not good–I’ll give it back and demand a new one. I would love to do that with Nemesis.

To say that this site somehow owes its existence to Nemesis is laughable. Gene Roddenbery’s original vision and TV shows that followed, and writers/owners of the site, are to be credited the most. Not Nemesis. As you said, it sucked. In fact, it is because Star Trek was created by others and loved before Berman era that people can get so animated. It wasn’t just that some original work of his stank. I may understand your defense then. But he took something loved by others and stank that up.

P.S. I love TNG and DS9, so I actually don’t have anything personal against Berman, as he did much to move ST forward in late 80s and 90s. My problem was with your soap box post about the entertainment “industry,” #47.

54. Joe - June 9, 2011


I personally am not a Berman basher. I think he did a good job. He made some bad moves but who in that business doesn’t? I think he did great with TNG, DS9 and ENT. I didn’t care much for VOY but even it had it’s moments. I thought Nemesis was a good movie. It was better than Generations, a lot better than Inserrection but worse than First Contact but it is not like there is a huge gap between them. I just think that probably right after Roddenberry died Paramount was beginning to stick there nose in a little more every year until by the time ENT and Nemesis came along, they were pretty much in complete control.

55. Robman007 - June 9, 2011

Wow…prefering Nemesis over Trek 11.

Nemesis stunk. I felt sad for the cast of TNG. Travisty that they went out like that. They deserved better then that. I don’t quite throw up in my mouth like I do when I watch Insurrection (joy stick controls..ha!) but still….better then Star Trek 11? Naw, I’ll pass.

I understand the fact that the movies will not be as deep, insightful or explorative as the TV counterparts..they will feature explosions, combat and over the top badguys…they have to make a movie that will make money. Trek fans alone cannot make these films the money required to call for sequels. If we could then Nemesis would not have been beaten in the box office by a Jennifer Lopez move like it did. They have to appeal to everyone in order to succeed. Trek 11 did just that.

As a hardcore TOS fan, I enjoyed the flick. I was bummed when Vulcan blew up, but glad that no reset switch was hit. Risky. …took cajones to do that to Vulcan, and I look forward to seeing and reading on the Vulcans rebuilding. New adventures.

At least we have new movies. Really frackin lucky are we Trek fans. Trek was dead. Gone, dead, buried and done. Trek 11 brought it back. If I want old Trek, I have my seasons of TNG, DS9 and TOS to watch, my books to read and Trek online to play if I wish.

I enjoy new Trek because of the promise of future adventures that features new takes on my favorite group of fictional characters. I’m thankful for that (thanks Mr. Orci, Mr Abrams and everyone else associated with the films, by the way!!).

It may not be perfect at times, but neither was our beloved shows of old.

56. Andrew - June 9, 2011

What could have made the story of Nemesis more interesting in my mind was if they had been upfront with Shinzon’s terminal condition from the beginning. The new leader of the Romulan Empire is a Picard clone, but he needs a complete blood transfusion in order to live and make peace with the Federation. That way, Picard has to decide whether his life is worth giving up to make peace with Romulus. Of course right after he decides to sacrifice himself the crew discovers the thaleron enmissions and know something’s up.

I don’t know whether it would have been better or not, but I sometimes try to tweak the storylines of movies I wanted to like so that they don’t suck. It’s like, if only they had done the story this way instead of that way.

57. Desstruxion - June 9, 2011

I thought Nemesis was a good movie.

58. Talos IV - June 9, 2011

Awwww….can’t we all just get along??!!

59. Mike Thompson UK - June 9, 2011

Star Trek 09 has been fantastic for Star Trek and Paramount, just like what Twok and the Voyage home did, in the public domain I could hold my head up high.

TNG came close with First Contact (great film) but the others including part TOS Generations were a very big disappointment.

60. Bruce Banner - June 9, 2011

@42 Your mistaken. Superman Returns is the WORST. MOVIE. EVER! I honestly think Nemesis is better the ST5.

61. Robman007 - June 9, 2011

The TNG movies had a golden chance to throw down a hardcore, war themed movie that would have tackled alot of issues that come up in dealing with war….they had the Dominion War! Would have been perfect.

That was what bothered me about Insurrection…the Federation is at war..yet the FLAGSHIP is roaming around settling conflicts with small time gangsters and loaning the 3rd in command for observation missions. Hmm…missed opportunity for a great movie with epic battle scenes.

62. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 9, 2011

Jeri Ryan is a solid actress and a classy person, too, as evidenced by her judgment in turning down whatever silly part they’d written for Seven of Nine in Nemesis.

Nemesis better than Star Trek 2009? What planet are you living on?

63. Trek Fan - June 9, 2011

I think it could have worked only if the Borg were the main enemy and not Picard’s clone, the Romulans and what-ever the other Romulans were called, Remens? Rejects? Does it even matter? Nemesis was so bad, I’ll take Star Trek 5 any day of the week over that turkey of a movie.

64. Canon Schmanon - June 9, 2011

She would have been about the only thing watchable in that film.

65. BitterTrekkie - June 9, 2011

63. Not the frickin’ Borg again.

66. Canon Schmanon - June 9, 2011

Star Trek movies have two earmarks of shame – Final Frontier and Nemesis. FF is by far the most embarrassing one. I watched it once, by myself, and squirmed uncomfortably through most of it. I was so ashamed for everybody involved. I have to fast forward through the campfire singing scene. At least Nemesis had better production values.

67. AwesomeJohn22 - June 9, 2011

you people did see the part where it say that Paramount told them to put her in. Not Berman, the studio, Paramount. quit blaming Berman for every mistake ever in star trek!

68. Jack - June 9, 2011

50. Supermodel?

We disagree. I think she was an interesting character, and one of the few who was written with consistency, although it was too bad that it became “The Seven and Doctor Hour.” I think the show would have been unwatchable without her, even though all the “individual” stuff got overdone, at least it wasn’t resolved in three episodes, like the Maquis and Paris bad boy stuff. The catsuit was silly, though.

And back to number 1, I guess I’m still a little peeved by the over-the-top Erica Durance bashing that was common here for a while. I get, it, you don’t like her. Or Iva’s rants about how Zoe Saldana got the part by screwing all the guys on set (I’m tamely paraphrasing). Again, fine, you don’t like her (them), but we’re kind of getting into ugly, woman-hatin’ territory here, reducing ’em to their lady-parts.

69. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 9, 2011

@68 — I agree with your point of view completely, right down to the catsuit.

70. Christopher Roberts - June 10, 2011

62. “Nemesis better than Star Trek 2009? What planet are you living on?”

Romulus clearly!

Jolan Tru.

71. Damian - June 10, 2011

#51–I think Paramount really wanted her in it in some role. Like I said, judging from the various interviews, it’s clear to me Paramount was sticking its nose in more than it should. That does not absolve Rick Berman of any problems Star Trek had during his reign, but it does shed some light on it. One thing in particular is that he wanted Deep Space Nine to be a standalone show. Paramount insisted Voyager start when it did. He asked them to hold off and their answer was basically fine, we’ll find someone else. Basically he either produce Voyager or he was fired.

I guess what I’m getting at is that some people (not #51) are quick to bash Rick Berman. I think we need to remember (whatever you may think about his later years) is that early on, he was the one in JJ’s shoes. He was responsible for getting the people who made TNG a great show and who helped create Deep Space Nine (who a lot of people here liked). He was at the helm during one of Star Trek’s most popular periods since the original series was sydicated in the 70’s. His main fault was that he stayed on too long when he should have gradually been letting go of the reins. Berman and his team gave me a lot of great Star Trek to watch. Now in addition to 79 episodes and 6 movies, I have hundreds more episodes to watch and 4 more movies. And hopefully JJ Abrams will give me another movie or two and maybe someday someone else will give me even more TV.

I thought Nemesis was better than Star Trek V, Insurrection and Generations. However I did think Star Trek (2009) was better than Nemesis. Just because you like Star Trek (2009) does not mean you have to hate Nemesis. I thought it was a middle of the road film. There were things that could have been better. But it had some great space battle scenes, a great music score and I thought the Scimitar was a great ship. To me, it also gave more screen time to some of the other characters. The other TNG movies seemed to spend an inordinate time on Picard and Data. Nemesis, while still focusing on those two a bit much, did feature more of Riker, Crusher, LaForge, Worf and Troi.

All that being said, I really loved all 11 films, its just a matter of degree. Some films were better than others. For me, Nemesis is somewhere in the middle of the bottom.

72. Harry Ballz - June 10, 2011


Yes, except for one key factor. On Voyager they constantly paraded Jeri Ryan around in a skin-tight catsuit. For what other reason if not for her “lady-parts”?

That’s what I’m saying, the producers would NEVER have hired her, if it wasn’t for her having a killer body.

As they say, “go with your strengths”, but, hey, let’s at least be honest about what those strengths are!

73. Horatio - June 10, 2011

The question is did Berman ever stand up to the brainless suits at Paramount (and i’d still like to know who these people were!)? Roddenberry was always threatening to quit if the studio didn’t do it his way. Did Berman ever go to the mat like that?

Just a thought?

74. Jack - June 10, 2011

72. Yeah. Fair enough. :)

75. Damian - June 10, 2011

73–I don’t think he pushed it that far. Remember, Roddenberry did walk away in the 3rd season of Star Trek. I think Berman knew that the studio would have told him “Fine, leave then”. Essentially, when they pushed for Voyager to start when it did they gave him the ultimatum “you do it or we’ll find someone else.” Now we can all say then Berman should have walked away. But at the end of the day, how many of us are willing to walk away from what was a well paying job because we did not agree with our boss. I mean, we are talking about a TV show, not the military or something where our commanding officer is asking us to kill 10 unarmed prisoners or something.

Some of the Berman criticisms are valid (such as him staying in control as long as he did), but I just try to keep it in perspective. There were some things that Paramount was to blame for too. At least they seemed to have learned the lesson with the new team, letting them have more free reign.

76. Anthony - June 10, 2011

As far as I’m concerned, TNG ended with “All Good Things.” The movies are apocrypha, with First Contact as a cute little epilogue that segues into “Enterprise.”

All seven seasons of Voyager never happened.

77. Harry Ballz - June 10, 2011


Jack, always a pleasure chatting with you. :>)

78. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 10, 2011

#75 – “But at the end of the day, how many of us are willing to walk away from what was a well paying job because we did not agree with our boss. I mean, we are talking about a TV show, not the military or something where our commanding officer is asking us to kill 10 unarmed prisoners or something.”

Yes, but a person can resign from a well paying job. However, if I am not mistaken, if you disobey an order from a commanding officer, especially if you are in what may be the heat of battle, you could be shot or at the very least, court martialed and end up spending many years in the stockade…

79. Mike Thompson UK - June 10, 2011

71# Damian, thank you for your thoughts, I respect your views and knowledge of Star Trek.

80. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 10, 2011

@72 — Yes, we know they hired her in large part for her “killer” body, but her strengths lie in her acting skill. Jeri Ryan made Seven of Nine a compelling character, and that’s what made her worth watching. It’s insulting that TPTB put her in the catsuit, since she would have been “hot” in any outfit, as if to say, “sci-fi fanboys need that sex appeal to watch the show”. Star Trek fans watch the shows with or without the puerile, sophomoric tactics.

81. Harry Ballz - June 10, 2011

Hey, sex sells!

82. Greenberg - June 10, 2011

It was an awful movie. 186 Jeri Ryan sex scenes couldn’t have saved it.

83. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 11, 2011

I guess 7 of 9 could have been assigned to the Enterprise by the time they came into contact with Shinzon, as obviously these events took place after Voyager had managed to find its way back to earth, for Admiral Janeway to be giving Captain Picard orders. The timing seemed all wrong though. I always thought that Voyager would still have been lost in the Delta Quadrant while Picard was kept busy by his clone with the wonky teeth and English accent…:) (BTW -Loved Tom Hardy as Shinzon).

84. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 11, 2011

I love how all the people who complain about the criticisms on jj trek
have no qualms about saying those who liked nemesis more are crazy.

Nemesis had its flaws yes, but it was still fun movie.

I really liked Nemesis, and yes more so than trek XI(and no i dont dislike jj just annoyed with whats going on with no real developments on trek XII).
Having said that I do think that there was definately a missed opprotunity not to have had a movie where Brent Spiner playing Lore.
Or as another mention above bringing back Denise to play Sela.

85. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 11, 2011

@81 — Sex sells, but it’s tiresome when it’s the only thing on offer. Besides, Jeri Ryan is inherently sexy, so it’s unnecessary to overdo it. Just recall the scene in which she dryly asks Harry Kim, “do you wish to copulate?” Surely the fanboys would have creamed their tighty-whiteys no matter how she was dressed (even though, ironically, the point of the scene was that Harry’s intentions were more romantic than carnal, and was completely put off by her clinical approach and oversimplified assumptions). I like to think that Science Fiction has more to offer than simply pandering to adolescent boys’ more basic desires… spaceships and cheesecake.

86. Kadratis Velevere - June 11, 2011

She made the right move.

87. Phil - June 11, 2011

@83. There was never any indication on Voyager that Seven was ever given, or earned, a field commission to Starfleet. As such, Starfleet could not have assigned her to do anything, assuming Starfleet Intelligence didn’t get it’s hands on her first.

88. da laffin tlhIngan - June 11, 2011

If she hated the catsuit so much, why didn’t she refuse to wear it?

89. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011


The studio/Rick Berman threatened to fire her if she didn’t!

90. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011

doh…..I meant that for 88!

91. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 12, 2011

#87 Then it made even less sense for her to be in Nemesis.

BTW, is that actually true that the studio threatened to fire her? Duh. I never really liked those uniforms the women had to wear from TNG onwards. Not sure why – perhaps it was because it was all too unisex.

92. Demode - June 18, 2011

Enterprise is the flagship. Why would it be a stretch to have 7 of 9 transfer to the ship after Voyager returned? Janeway is an Admiral, and the ship was probably decommissioned. Enterprise seems like a logical place for her to be. If they ever make a Direct to DVD movie or something, they should make her part of the crew.

93. kieran - July 21, 2011

thats a shame i would have loved to see her in that movie

94. bob - February 2, 2012

Shes ugly. I don’t know why trekies think shes hot.

95. dregj - June 17, 2012

by god she a horrific actress
seen her in other things and she terrible
its wasn’t just that voyager was terrible is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.