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JJ Abrams Promises Star Trek Sequel News “Soon” + Abrams To Moderate WGA Panel w/ First Lady June 10, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Celebrity,Star Trek Into Darkness,Super 8 , trackback

JJ Abrams Super 8 hits theaters today, and everyone wants to know what is coming next (and when) from Abrams. In a brief comment at the Super 8 premiere, Abrams talked about the ongoing talks with Paramount about the Star Trek sequel shedule and how there should be news "soon." And in other Abrams news, next week he will be moderating panel with Michelle Obama.    


JJ Abrams: Star Trek sequel news "soon"

Last month JJ Abrams promised to turn his focus to the Star Trek sequel following the release of Super 8. Abrams new film hits theaters today and speaking to MTV at gala premiere on Wednesday night, Abrams about ongoing talks with Paramount about the schedule for the Star Trek sequel saying:

We’re working on that right now. I hope to have some information soon.

Abrams also sounded positive on returning to the director’s chair, saying

I would hope [to direct], but we’ll see. No decisions [have been made] yet, but I look forward to having the answer soon

here is the video (via MTV)

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Abrams to interview Michelle Obama

In other Abrams news, it was just announced (via TheWrap) that next Monday he will be moderating a panel discussion at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills with First Lady Michelle Obama, as part of her Joining Forces inititative supporting military families. Also on the pnel will be Army Wives creator Katherine Fugate. Also on hand will be Damon Lindelof who will co-host the event.


1. KHAN 2.0 - June 10, 2011

id still like summer 2012….if possible

2. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 10, 2011

Come on J.J Direct Star Trek. You know you want to and majority of the fans want you to.

3. Aurore - June 10, 2011

“JJ Abrams Promises Star Trek Sequel News ‘Soon’ ”

Alright, then.

4. KHAN 2.0 - June 10, 2011

if Abrams dosnt direct who would be the bigger bombshell replacement? N Meyer or S Spielberg?

obviously as a fan Meyer directing would be mind blowing but Spielberg stepping in would probably be cardiac arrest time

but i cant see how it wont be Abrams

5. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 10, 2011


:-) :-)

6. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 10, 2011

They have already finished it, right? … I mean the script… they would be participating in many events, without being “OK” about it? … MAYBE… PERHAPS … WHATEVER … LOL


:-) :-)

7. denny cranium - June 10, 2011

Abrams may be waiting to see how the opening box office goes.
It may be frustrating for him to be known as just the “reboot” director

8. matthias - June 10, 2011

summer 2012 or another day after the end of the world….

9. Vultan - June 10, 2011

Whether Abrams directs the next Trek flick or not, kudos to him for supporting military families.

10. trekker 5 - June 10, 2011

“Soon”. Gee,I’ve heared “Soon” before. J.J.,you know I love you man,direct Trek12!! And turn “Soon” into “Now”!! (I ask this most kindly as a fan.).

11. Allen Williams - June 10, 2011

Can we not call it star trek 2? Star trek 2 is the wrath of khan.

12. SupremeDalekOnTheBridge - June 10, 2011


*insert rapturous applause here*

13. k4karnage - June 10, 2011

I for one wouldn’t mind if JJ took the 3D Realms approach; “when it’s done”.

14. Jesustrek - June 10, 2011

Summer 2012 ¡¡¡No More JJ Abrams !!!

15. VZX - June 10, 2011

11: This has to be one of the most difficult movies to title ever. I mean you can’t call it Star Trek 2, or II, since, like you said, that was done. You can’t call it Star Trek: Something since that was done with the last four TNG films and this needs to stand apart from that. AND you HAVE to have Star Trek in the title. I know The Dark Knight got away with not using Batman in the title, but this is different.

I really don’t know what they could possibly come up with. Almost anything they use would have some problems, there really is no perfect solution.

16. Jason - June 10, 2011

I’m not expecting any major until Comic-Con. Probably a director/ revised release date.

17. StelArian - June 10, 2011

I don’t know guys. After Super 8, I’m not sure I want JJ on the helm of Star Trek 2. I will wait for Cowboys & Aliens to check Rob’s & Alex’s state of mind… then start worrying serous about the next movie. (crossfingers)

I don’t mention Damon because this guy is totally unpredictable! (This is a good thing… right?)

18. Jack - June 10, 2011

Meyer = a little overrated? They’re good Trek films, especially compared to a few of the others in the series, but… not sure I’d want to see him take the helm now.

17. Why not?

19. Adolescent Nightmare - June 10, 2011

It still seems too early for any major Star Trek 2 news. It will just be small bits of info until next year.

20. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 10, 2011

#15 Perhaps it could be called – Star Trek – Better Late than Never.

Anyway Chris Pine looked happy in Abrams’ company. Perhaps he knows a little of the ST plot and likes. Of course, he probably also liked Super 8. It has a good positive vibe about it, just what a Star Trek movie needs. Too many war (like) movies out at the moment – crazy, insane stuff. JJ just might be able to keep Star Trek sane and human(e) compared with what seems to be shown in the next Transformers, Green Lantern, Captain America etc.

Actually I am thankful that Chris Pine does not think he looks that good in spandex (although he should really let his “pinenuts” be the judges…:)) because it means he avoids doing all those silly superhero roles and plays more down-to-earth people, even though one may be light years away from Earth on a ship called the USS Enterprise.

21. Red Dead Ryan - June 10, 2011

Some people will always hate J.J Abrams no matter what he does. He brought “Star Trek” back to life and still some Trekkies can’t say anything nice about the guy.

It’s a sad fact of life here at TrekMovie.Com.

22. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 10, 2011

I suspect the hold-up and controversy is about doing the sequel in 3D or not and where JJ Abrams stands in relation to that. If it is made in proper 3D, then it is very doubtful that they will make the June 2012 release date this late in the juncture.

23. sean - June 10, 2011

if JJ doesn’t direct how much of a red flag would that be?

they’re either screwed and are afraid its gonna turn out like transformers 2 or they got through the script and had an ‘ah ha! moment and came up with something completely new and better and had to start the movie mostly from scratch

24. Red Dead Ryan - June 10, 2011

They should just forget about the June 29 2012 deadline and aim for the May/June 2013 timeframe. It would be better for all of us, I think.

25. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 10, 2011

I, for one, am pleased with this bit of Star Trek news. : )


26. Trekboi - June 10, 2011

Don’t worry about us JJ just take your time- we are just the ones tho buy the tickets & pay the studio who hires you to make movies for us…

27. Andrew - June 10, 2011

While any Star Trek news is welcome, I find it really interesting that Abrams is going to be interviewing the First Lady since President Obama has been long rumored a Star Trek Fan and has been compared to Spock.

28. Ivory - June 10, 2011

Ok, this is getting tired.

1) He is directing the movie – He knows what the story is about and doesn’t need the entire script to make his decision.This is all some type of negotiating ploy with the studio.

2) The movie is going to be delayed from anywhere from six months to a year because everyone involved has been busy on other major products.

29. Tanner Waterbury - June 10, 2011

Star Trek II: Electric Boogaloo

30. Harry Ballz - June 10, 2011

I can see it now…..crushing workload, too many projects, can’t possibly finish any of them on time………what’s that? Moderate a lunch with the First Lady? Sure, why the hell not?

JJ, you’re supposed to be good with a camera lens……………FOCUS!!!

31. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 11, 2011

“next Monday he will be moderating a panel discussion at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills with First Lady Michelle Obama, as part of her Joining Forces initiative supporting military families. Also on the panel will be Army Wives creator Katherine Fugate. Also on hand will be Damon Lindelof who will co-host the event.”

What is wrong with people here? Can they not read what Anthony Pascale actually wrote? I see nothing about lunch. What is Joining Forces about apart from what is above? I wonder – did JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof volunteer or were they asked to moderate this discussion? I assume this will be open to the public…

#28 I feel certain that it is about whether to make the Star Trek sequel in 3D. JJ says he would rather not. Many here agree with JJ Abrams.

32. StelArian - June 11, 2011

Re: #18 @Jack for #17

Because Super 8 is a movie without inspiration. Just a mix of old stuff without adding anything new. At least JJ not scripting next Trek. Let’s see…

33. MJ - June 11, 2011

@32. You’ll pretend you’ve seen Super 8, but I can tell that you are just some jack ass JJ hater…you have not seen Super 8 yet…you don’t fool me.

34. somethoughts - June 11, 2011


Star Trek 2.0, 5yr mission, Next Frontiers, works

35. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 11, 2011

#32 JJ Abrams did not script the last Star Trek movie. If you are going to slag someone off, at least have your facts correct!

In case anyone thinks I am bs-ing, all new movies start in cinemas on a Thursday in NZ and, in the case of Super 8, last Thursday, 9 June, in Australia as well.

36. AJ - June 11, 2011

I have no issues with JJ as a director. His films are fun, and his team always has a degree of depth (intelligence, talent) which is enviable on any Hollywood set.

Whether or not “Star Trek” requires it is another point entirely. I’ll take Orci and Kurtzmann (and Lindeloff), but why do we need to endure another delay? Is it due to the fact that JJ is too busy?

Any equity gained from the ’09 re-boot is lost already, and it will be forgotten if the new film debuts in 2013. It will be just another re-boot. My son, who was six when ST09 came out, will be ten. For a kid, that is a huge period of time. For me, it’s just more gray hairs.

JJ, as a director, is not worth the wait. Yes, we all realize how important “Super 8″ is to him, and I hope he gets to where he aspires to be in Hollywood. I just want my “Trek.” Give the director’s chair to Robert Duncan McNeill or Jonathan Frakes, and let’s get those nacelles warmed up!

37. Trekprincess - June 11, 2011

I want the film now :) this is getting very :/

38. Andreas Sangalbi - June 11, 2011

Is there any chance that the young Kirk can meet Admiral Kirk maybe played by Bill Shatner?

39. MJ - June 11, 2011

@38. Nope, no chance.

40. Trekprincess - June 11, 2011

The sequel needs to be made now this is getting annoying my patience is growing thin

41. Basement Blogger - June 11, 2011

If Abrams doesn’t want to rush Star Trek 2012, I can’t see it being ready for June or for that matter for August. Fellow Trekkers, I’m guessing we’re talking 2013. And that’s regardless of whether Abrams directs or not.

I meant this website has reported that there’s a seventy page outline and some pre-productions is being done. I thought the script was supposed to be done in March. Meanwhile, The Dark Knight Rises is currently being filmed. And it opens after Star Trek is supposed to! I’m guessing that Star Trek would require more complicated special effects, and alien designs . And if there is 3D, some thought has to be given to set up those shots for maximum effect.

I don’t want a rush job. But it seems everybody at Bad Robot is too busy for Star Trek. Summer 2013 looks to be a long wait. Maybe we can get the guys at Star Trek Phase II to remake “the Doomsday Machine” with better special effects. :-)

42. MATT - June 11, 2011

It seems highly unlikely that Summer 2012 is achievabl, and Winter too crowded. If I were a betting man, my money would be on Summer 2013

43. P Technobabble - June 11, 2011

I think JJ should be like a parent and say, “You’ll get it when it’s ready! Now go to your room!”

44. KHAN 2.0 - June 11, 2011

Shatners propsed Trek tv show details:

45. Flake - June 11, 2011

Maybe a teaser trailer is coming?

46. trekker 5 - June 11, 2011

#45,Flake,God,I wish you were right!!

47. Pierre - June 11, 2011

45, 46

Yes. Should have put a teaser like he did when Cloverfield was out.

48. Trekprincess - June 11, 2011

Let’s hope so :):)

49. Pierre - June 11, 2011

There will be several scifi this Summer from Paramount, maybe the studio will (and should) wet our appetites.

50. N - June 11, 2011

#4 Spielberg would bludgeon Star Trek to death with a wet fish, he should be kept far and I mean FAR away

51. N - June 11, 2011

I’ve not seen Super 8 and have no intention of seeing it, ever. JJ proved with XI that he’s the right director for the job

52. jas_montreal - June 11, 2011

I expect the news towards the end of Super 8’s run in cinema. Probably a End of July announcement. BIG announcement with Poster + Director + Cast.

53. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011

I wouldn’t expect any kind of announcement till the fall, at the earliest. Bob and Alex are nowhere near done the script, and aren’t going to rush it just to appease a bunch of impatient, childish idiot fans.

I say the supreme court should just take the time needed to write a GREAT movie as opposed to bowing down to a few morons on this site who are pissing their pants because the movie might get delayed.

I’m willing to wait an extra year.

54. Ivory - June 11, 2011


The average person on the street has no idea who Nick Meyer is. If on the other hand it was announced Spielberg was directing the new ST film the Internet would explode as would the box office.

By the way I don’t think it’s 100 percent out of the realm of possibility that Abrams producers and Spielberg directs. Spielberg has mentioned in the past that he would like to direct a ST, Star Wars or 007 film.

Granted, at this point a Star Trek film directed by Spielberg is a VERY long shot, but when you consider Spielberg’s and Abrams friendship and Paramount’s desire to take ST to the next level commercially I don’t totally rule it out.

55. dmduncan - June 11, 2011

Okay, so in summary, those who have seen Super 8 liked it. And those who have NOT seen it do NOT like it.

I get that right?

56. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011


You’re most likely right. I haven’t seen it yet, plan to today, but already like what little I have seen!

57. gingerly - June 11, 2011

Once Super 8 and Cowboys and Indians promotions and numbers are done, focus will shift to Trek. It won’t just be about speculation. Until then, patience, people.

58. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 11, 2011

# 55 –


59. StelArian - June 11, 2011

#35 You are right. I guess my Super 8 disapoitment make me worry!

60. Anthony Pascale - June 11, 2011

Red Dead Ryan

Warning for trolling. No need to call all people with different opinions names

61. Thorny - June 11, 2011

I fully expect the movie to be delayed. I also fully expect Paramount to not announce the delay until late this year at the soonest. We’ll see lots of “everything’s fine, Trek will come out in June” press comments throughout filming. And then they’ll announce that the amount of post-production is more than anticipated and it won’t be ready for Summer 2012, So they’ve delayed it until May 2013.

62. MJ - June 11, 2011

@53 “I wouldn’t expect any kind of announcement till the fall, at the earliest. Bob and Alex are nowhere near done the script, and aren’t going to rush it just to appease a bunch of impatient, childish idiot fans.”

RDR, we are not the ones planking, inking 7-figure deals for other projects, working on video games, and missing deadline after deadline (FYI Orci’s latest self-proclaimed deadline was March 1st. I don’t really care what you call us, I thin any reasonable person would have expected the damn script to be ready by now.

63. Charley W - June 11, 2011

Remember, JJ, that girls that do nothing but tease soon lose any respect!

64. Enterprisingguy - June 11, 2011

@62 MJ

I agree. It’s been nearly 3 years since the last movie’s production wrapped and still no script. Even now, having claimed to be working diligently on the script they keep missing their own self proclaimed deadlines.

I don’t get what’s going on with Abrams. If the script is so far along that he can be able to start pre-production, then what doesn’t he get about the movie in order to make a decision on whether he will direct or not? Is he waiting for a better gig to come along? Holding out for more money if his other projects do well?

Most directors normally commit to their next project before their current ones are done. So what’s his problem? And why does the studio put up with this?

RDR, say what you will. But WE are the paying customers who WANT to buy a product that the studio is supposedly in the business of selling! It’s not like we are being ungrateful for something we are getting for free. If Abrams can’t be bothered to work for them in a timely manner so that they can provide product that’s in demand then they should find another director who can. He’s not the only one in Hollywood.

65. dmduncan - June 11, 2011

Super 8 was outstanding movie making. I didn’t find the criticism that there was no payoff accurate. My crying eye’s don’t lie. There was a beautiful, a poignant payoff, a lesson in letting go, a triumph of love and compassion over bitterness and sorrow.

I also didn’t find the criticism of the “villains” as two dimensional accurate. There are plenty of people in positions of power exactly like that, and calling them “two dimensional” credits them with more complexity than they deserve. Psychopaths have only one dimension.

I also found it pleasing to see less naivete in JJ Abrams than Steven Spielberg; Spielberg’s government baddies in ET, for example, were initially scary but turn out not to be so bad, while in JJs world America is not filled with all good guys and misunderstood good guys. America has good people in it, JJ shows, but he also shows a sinister side, a view which I think is more informed and mature. The “false flag” blaze started by the unit hunting the creature was a nice touch.

All around, I thought Super 8 was a marvelous movie that packed the sort of emotion that I like in a movie, and I hope Bob, Alex, and Damon include moments of potential in their script for the Star Trek sequel that JJ can exploit to give the sequel the same emotion and power that Super 8 has.

Well done, JJ Abrams.

66. dmduncan - June 11, 2011

Haha! Just thought of something. The kid holding on to the locket of his mother is strangely reminiscent of a certain unfilmed scene of a certain unnamed movie wherein a much older character who shall remain nameless lets go of what amounts to a holographic locket, providing some of the same feeling for that unnamed movie that Super 8 had.

I see how you play, JJ! ;-)

67. dmduncan - June 11, 2011

JJ owes you one, Bob! Play that one at the right moment to get your way! ;-)

68. Phil - June 11, 2011

Am I the only one irritated with the “roll over” ad’s that popped up on this site?

69. Vultan - June 11, 2011


“Psychopaths have only one dimension.”

Really? I thought Norman Bates was anything but one-dimensional.
Another guy with mother issues. ;)

70. trekker 5 - June 11, 2011

#55,dmduncan,yeah,I think you got it! :) I’ve seen Super 8,I liked it,I’m going back to see i again! :)

71. KHAN 2.0 - June 11, 2011

@54 – if by some crazy miracle Spielberg did end up directing (like a gun for hire) i get the impression it would be more like TOS in tone and look than ever before – almost like a retro sci fi movie – akin to something like Forbidden Planet (but obviously with incredible FX, sets etc). Like the way ‘Raiders’ was like a big budget version of those 30s cliffhanger serials or the way ‘Skull’ was big budget version of the 50s SF B movies…Spielbergs star trek would be like a big budget version of TOS (more so than JJs movie which, while was obviously TOS done big, was more like a big budget version of the star trek movies)

even if he dosnt direct id still like to see his name in the credits as an exec producer (like Gremilins, BTTF, TF etc)

72. Flake - June 11, 2011

I think there will be a teaser before Transformers 3 :) Maybe it will just say ‘coming 2012′ rather than June 2012 so they can get the extra time if they need it.

73. Tom - June 11, 2011

66 dmduncan

Right on that one. I think that was one was missed on JJ part. I think he felt it was too small for Bill and wasn’t essential. He should have put it out there to Bill to see if he would go for it. I think it was well written and would have worked.

On another note how about one of those post credit scenes we are seeing more of in the next Trek?

74. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011

I saw “Super 8″ today. Should be called “Super Gr8″! What an instant classic! Plenty of action, great characters (especially the kids, who acted with a kind of rare maturity not seen in many other actors, kids or adults), and a great story. There are some nice nods to “Lost”, such as the “James Locke” motel, and “Star Trek”, such as the “Kelvin” gas station and an “Original Series” cast photo on a wall.

As great a job as J.J Abrams did on “Star Trek”, he really topped himself with “Super 8″. There were less lens flares this time, and the camera movement was a bit more traditional yet still dynamic enough to maintain the documentary feel.

I suggest that everybody give this movie a chance. Critics of J.J Abrams should put aside their criticisms of the director and allow themselves to get immersed in the movie. If you all can do that, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy the movie immensely. It’s one of the best movies of the year, and one we’ll be talking about years from now.

75. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011


“I don’t really care what you call us, I thin any reasonable person would have expected the damn script to be ready by now.”

Oh really? I would have expected that any “reasonable person” would understand that sometimes writing a script takes a lot longer than planned. It can take a long time to come up with an idea that actually works. It can also take a number of tries before it translates into a great script, which these guys are looking to do.

These guys are also allowed to do other things at the same time. They can plank and write video games to keep their creative juices flowing and to relax. I’m pretty sure script writing is incredibly hard, so I would expect that the writers would need different projects to keep their skills sharp and to maintain as little stress as possible.

76. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011

Also, “Super 8″ reminded me a bit of the TOS episode “Devil In The Dark”.
The creatures from both happened to have been underground. Both were tortured or enslaved. Both the creatures and humans misunderstood each other. Both creatures were initially dismissed as mere “monsters”.
Spock mind-melded with the Horta to discover a sentient being under the surface defending itself from the miners. The boy from the movie communicated with the creature and discovered the monster to be a sentient, sensitive being defending itself from the military.

It is clear that J.J Abrams knows “Star Trek” and took the humanity of the original series and applied it to his own seperate movie. “Super 8″ demonstrated the philosophy of understanding and tolerance, something that the best Trek episodes and movies have portrayed.

Anybody who still argues that J.J Abrams doesn’t understand Trek should go see “Super 8″. In a way, it is more “Star Trek” than some of the previous Trek films and episodes were. And it easily has more depth and intelligence than crap like “Transformers” and Steven Spielberg’s own “War Of The Worlds”.

77. MJ - June 11, 2011

Well RDR, I agree with you at least on Super 8. Just saw it today. Yep, and instant classic. Only complaint was that the Michael Giacchino score was unnoticeable and pedestrian compared to his recent great work.

78. Vultan - June 11, 2011


I’m not saying War of the Worlds was a great film, but you do understand it was following the basic plot of the original novel, right? Not much room for depth and understanding when the aliens were always intended to be jerks from another world. Though, like the novel, it would’ve been nice if Spielberg had thrown a few egghead scientists into the mix and given us a little explanation for why the jerks were attacking Earth in the first place.

79. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011


I understand that it was based on a novel. But my problems with it stem from the fact that Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning were wrong for the parts plus the aliens were lame.

I much preferred “Independence Day”, even though it ripped off the original “War Of The Worlds”. ID was a nice throwback to the alien invasion movies of the fifties, while Will Smith brought some humor to lighten things up a bit.

80. MJ - June 11, 2011

Oh sheesh, not the Tom Cruise whining again.

81. Red Dead Ryan - June 11, 2011


“Oh sheesh, not the Tom Cruise whining again.”

This coming from the resident Shat-basher.

Besides, I was telling it like it is. If you don’t like it, too bad!

82. Chadwick - June 11, 2011

I eagerly await new from the front.

83. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 12, 2011

On another thread, the three writers report a lot more progress has been made on the script. According to Bob Orci, some time back, JJ Abrams would not be holding out for more money (that is fixed as part of his contract with Paramount) – the holdup, I seriously believe is – 3D or no 3D?

My choice – I want a good 2D movie released on or near 29 June 2012!

84. Thorny - June 12, 2011

I thought “Super 8″ was great, but I didn’t see much “Star Trek” in it. To me, it was a much darker “ET”, with a lot of “The Goonies” thrown in for good measure, and a little “Cloverfield” on the side. It wasn’t as good as “ET”, but it was much better than “The Goonies” or “Cloverfield”.

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