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Exclusive Interview: Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman Talk Star Trek Sequel June 15, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Interview,Lindelof,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof have been tasked to shape the story and script for the 2012 Star Trek sequel. In a new exclusive interview with TrekMovie.com the writer/producers talk about the sequel schedule, character development, getting the mix of old and new right, fan patience, and more. Watch the video and read the transcript below.  


Exclusive Interview with Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman & Bob Orci

Last Friday following the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival Star Trek panels (including a screening of Star Trek II and panel with director Nick Meyer) I had a chance to sit down with Star Trek writer/producers Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci.


Here is the full video of the interview and the transcript is below.


TrekMovie.com: Let’s start with the status on the script and the schedule. The latest we hear is for September to start shooting. Do you guys feel confident that can happen?

Damon Lindelof: [chuckles] Confident is such a strong word. Here is our thinking. We feel pretty strongly that the best version of this movie is directed by JJ [Abrams]. And therefore we totally defer to his availability and when he wants to direct. This isn’t us passing the buck, but it is us passing the buck. Is it possible to start shooting the movie in September? Absolutely, we would totally be ready to go. But that doesn’t mean we are going to start in September, that is a question only JJ can answer. I think one of the things about Super 8 is he started shooting it late last fall and it had to be released [June 10]. And the Trek sequel is going to be much more ambitious on a post-production level, then Super 8 was. The fundamental idea of shooting it and getting it in the can and having it come out next July is entirely possible and we are confident we have the team in place that would be able to achieve that, but that might not be the best version of the movie.

Alex Kurtzman: We made the commitment to each other on the first movie not to put that movie out unless we felt it was going to be the best version of the movie. And that meant taking our collective time. The first Trek had a release date of Christmas originally and we had to move it to the summer because it wasn’t going to be the best version, it was going to be rushed and it would have never been the movie that we put out there. Part of our responsibility to Trek is to make sure it isn’t rushed, that we take our time and do it right.

TrekMovie.com: You guys started writing the script in October I believe. We just heard Nick Meyer say he wrapped up the Star Trek II script in twelve days…

Damon Lindelof: Based on five previous drafts!

TrekMovie.com: Right. Brannon Braga and Ron Moore famously talk about how when they were writing Star Trek: Generations, they also had to write the [Star Trek: The Next Generation] finale "All Good Things," which I know Damon you consider it the best series finale and stole it in fact…

Damon Lindelof: It is only stealing if you don’t say you ripped it off [laughs].

TrekMovie.com: And they wrote that in a couple of weeks, saying the time constraint worked for them and, compared to Generations, that was the better script. Do you worry that with this nine-month process can have a deleterious effect?

Damon Lindelof: Well it hasn’t really been a nine month process. You are focused on how we started in October and now it is June so we have been working on Trek for that entire time, but in fact Alex directed an entire movie [Welcome to People], these guys produced a couple of pilots, managed an entire company of people, and I was working on Prometheus back and forth from London. Did we work on the movie in October? Yes. But I wouldn’t say it is entirely accurate that Trek has been our full time job. In fact this window before us now is our first full-time opportunity that the entire original creative force behind the original movie is able to sit in a room together and get to work.

Roberto Orci: You are not wrong about deadlines. Deadlines are great. We haven’t had a deadline yet, and that is why we keep not finishing it. Give us a deadline and we’ll finish it. We only closed our deal with Paramount two or three months ago. So it is not just doing other things, it is "let’s find out when we are really going to go and then we will really get to work."

Abrams shooting "Super 8" – writers say now that film is done the team are back together for Star Trek

TrekMovie.com: Now Star Trek II, which we just saw, is often  held up as the quintessential "better than the first" movie." What do you take away from Star Trek II, and what do you lean from it, and it is almost intimidating for you to go into your second movie?

Roberto Orci: I always look at that movie as the one where the characters are the most fully themselves in a way. And we have that opportunity now because the first one was about…

Alex Kurtzman: …just bringing them together.

Roberto Orci: …bringing them together and meeting them before you recognize them fully. And now we have the opportunity to do something that Star Trek II did, which is recognize them more fully and have them be more in the places where you expect and hope if you are a fan. And if you are not a fan and never seen them in that position, hopefully you get to enjoy that for the first time, the way Wrath of Khan was an entry point for many, including some of us.

Damon Lindelof: In a lot of ways I feel, and I don’t want to say anything disparaging about Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but in order to say "the second one was better than the first one," if you are talking about Terminator and Terminator 2 or Alien and Aliens, you are in a different conversation then if you are talking about Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Wrath of Khan. I feel in many ways, Wrath of Khan was a response to the missteps in Star Trek: The Motion Picture in terms pacing, in terms of a villain, in terms of character dynamic, all of these things. And obviously in bringing in an outsider. I think that this idea that Nicholas Meyer is not the guy that made the first movie and in fact probably hadn’t seen the first movie when he signed on to directing Wrath of Khan, or that is what he inferred tonight. The situation is literally apples and oranges. There is no way we can remake The Wrath
of Khan
. We hold it in such high esteem ourselves that it would be creative suicide to put the bar up there and say "that’s what we are going for." We are in an entirely different paradigm with our second movie.

"Star Trek" sequel will have characters "more in the places where you expect"

TrekMovie.com: During your panel and previously, you have talked about how your first movie reset the universe and created a lot of freedom, but at the same time it balanced a lot of the old and the new with lots of references. Now that you are in this world of freedom. Are you more drawn to the idea of doing totally new, totally unique stories? Or do you feel compelled to bring in all these classic Star Trek elements – classic aliens, locations, etc. If you think about the original series, every week was something new.

Roberto Orci: The question is: where where you draw the line. We know we want Kirk, we know we want Spock, Bones, Chekov, Uhura. Inherently already – we are still doing Star Trek and that is where you figure out the line. We deed ourselves to do stories where you cannot guess the outcome and you cannot guess the cause and effect of the events, even if some of the elements are familiar. So where you draw the line is our challenge and our fun. But we not making any rules about whether or not you have to include a certain amount of classic stuff or any at all, or whether it has to be all something you have never seen. Obviously some of the familiarity is going to be part of the fun.

Alex Kurtzman: I think our fandom compels us to look to the history of canon and say "are there things here that inspire us that we love?" Is there a way to use them in a way to use them in a way that feels relevant and pay homage to whatever it was that we want to borrow, yet put a spin on it that feels like it is speaking to what we are trying to do now.

Damon Lindelof: One of the guiding forces in the first movie that we always asked each other was "as fans of this, what would we we want to see?" And what came back is what Bob and Alex just beautifully articulated, which is we want both! We want new stuff that we have never seen before, but we also want the familiar items on the menu because those are the things we love to eat. And if there is a way we can bring both of those together in harmony so it doesn’t feel like they don’t fit, then that becomes a sort of mission statement. So there have to be moments in anything we do Trek, where 10% of the audience chuckles at a reference or a visual cue or a planetary system that we are paying homage to, but the other 90% of the audience can go along for the ride too. It is just finding that balance so it’s not too inside, but it inside enough so that the people that have invested the last forty years of their live in this incredible myth feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

Star Trek sequel will mix the new along with classic Star Trek elements, but with a "new spin"

TrekMovie.com: So from a year ago we were hearing words like "deeper" and "allegory." And I know Bob you are very politically interested – is conspiracy theorist the politically correct term? So are you thinking about trying to bring some more topical and political concepts into the sequel?

Roberto Orci: We talked about this in the panel with the first one. We thought the first one was reflecting that as well. The trick is not to make it a "message movie." It is just to reflect the environment that we find ourselves. The first movie did that and we intend to do the same thing, but because we don’t have the burden of having to meet everyone, because they can be a united force from the beginning, I think it allows us to think more about the world that they live in.

TrekMovie.com: Any last things you would like to say to the fans at TrekMovie.com?

Damon Lindelof: We would like to say we are very grateful and appreciative for your patience. As fanboys ourselves, if the shoe was on the other foot we would saying "get on with it already, when is the movie going to come out?" And we are fully aware of that. But we also know we cannot deliver a sub-par product. And in the end of the day, all that matters is what is on the screen and you have our word that we are not going to phone it in in any shape or form. It has to be right and we are really committed to realizing that.

Roberto Orci: What he said.

Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman, and Bob Orci talk Star Trek sequel with TrekMovie.com – appreciate fan patience waiting for Star Trek sequel news



1. Gabriel Bell - June 15, 2011

Great job, Anthony. Thanks for posting this in such detail.

2. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011


why don’t you arm wrestle JJ and tell him if you win, he directs the sequel!

3. saavik001 - June 15, 2011

Cool deal! Thanks guys :)

4. Mark - June 15, 2011

Finally moving on from the Wrath of Khan remake nonsense

5. El Chup - June 15, 2011

No “message movie”?

Great. So basically what made Star Trek so revolutuonary is now officially dumped in the trash can in favour of “developing characters”. Nimoy may think these guys get Star Trek, but I doubt Gene would think the same. Star Trek without that topical theme and ability to tackle key moral issues is what gave it heart. To not try and work that into the sequel is criminal IMO.

People complain about Trek 09 breaking with canon, destroying Vulcan, budweiser engineeringh, etc. But the fact was that it was an enjoyable action movie and a way to bring in the new crew (in an albeit “quick fix” fashion). The sequel is not that. It is the first time in the new universe that all is in place and that there is a chance to do Star Trek as it always has been.

If the bulk audience is more interested in seeing action and explosions rather than this core element of what made Star Trek stand the test of time then the movie going public has most certainly degenerated.

I know Bob reads these boards, so I hope that he remembers those key elements of TOS that set it apart from the rest.

6. Xai - June 15, 2011

Good message… thanks

7. Sunfell - June 15, 2011

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I trust you guys. I am willing to wait for a kick-ass story.

Thrusters on full.

8. JKim - June 15, 2011

I feel moderately better…

9. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011

Bob Orci

I just watched the whole video.

Your constant nail-biting doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

C’mon, what would you think if you saw Kirk (sitting in the captain’s chair) biting his nails?

(I keed, I keed)

10. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

Great interview, Anthony Pascale!

After reading this interview… the article about JJAbrams and “6 months behind thing “… and looking the picture of the captain sitting in the chair… I wonder how the actors are doing to deal with the scheduling of their work… I hope they’re able to negotiate a “big contract” to make the sequel… with so much uncertainty about the timing and the beginning of the shoot…. WOW … they deserve it …

:-) :-)

11. Bill Peters - June 15, 2011

#5 they have to sell to both Audances if they want to make a Third Movie and give us more Trek, I am still expecting they will give us what we want in June 2012.

12. Trek Nerd Central - June 15, 2011

Boys, just write a damn good script. That’s all I ask!

#5 Calm down, bro. Just because won’t be a “message movie” doesn’t mean it’ll be devoid of all meaningful content.

13. Anthony Thompson - June 15, 2011

I really like this team and how they are approaching the sequel. I agree with Sunfell above: I trust them. No more negative comments from me. Really! Thanks Bob & Co. for your commitment to make a special and worthy film!

14. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

Roberto Orci : ….”Deadlines are great. We haven’t had a deadline yet, and that is why we keep not finishing it. Give us a deadline and we’ll finish it.” …

Can someone please give a deadline for the guys??……..

Buamuabuamuabua … I ‘m crying a little bit!

:-) :-)

15. dmduncan - June 15, 2011

No message means no hamfisted writing. If they do what JJ did in Super 8, that’ll be enough for me.

16. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011

Uh, 3 years ago when Paramount greenlit the sequel and everyone involved announced June 29, 2012 as the release date…….how is that NOT a deadline for finishing a script in time so that it might be filmed and released on that date?

17. kevhou - June 15, 2011

we believe in our supreme court!

18. Motion sick - June 15, 2011

Great video, good questions, good info.

One thing you can do to help make the video better: bring a tripod, the camera shake was distractinf

19. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 15, 2011

After… “Part of me feels” thing(JJ Abrams)… and “give us a deadline and we’ll finish it” thing (Roberto Orci) … I go to sleep crying … ummmmm

:-( :-)

20. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

In the Turnabout Intruder (TOS), I think we saw *Kirk* filing his nails on the bridge…:)

Been there, nail just broken, no nail file, thing’s driving me nuts…

What I liked to hear is that the three were very positive that filming proper could easily begin in September and that the film could be ready for release by July next year. They said it was up JJ Abrams and when he wanted to direct.

Please – JJ – do it, sooner rather than later. Even the actors are no doubt itching to see what they have to do and get on with it. Take Katie and the kids on holiday somewhere and do nothing for a couple of weeks at least and then come back…well, you know the rest.

Chris Pine has been seen in gym workout gear getting into that two-door sleek black car, beard ‘n’ all. Keeping fit and in shape in order to do a couple of Kirk-fu kicks no doubt…

21. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011

Either that or so he can look good in those nude scenes with Uhura!

22. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - June 15, 2011


23. Browncoat1984 - June 15, 2011

I think Doctor Who does this well. Its written in such a way that a new fan like myself can just jump in and enjoy it, but if you’re a long term fan there’s much more enjoyment from having knowledge of the universe, but its not required.

Similarly, with Battlestar Galactica, they would always throw in references and nods to the classic. You could tell they respected their source material, they even brought back the classic Cylons. I think that they would be wise to look at both Galactica and Who to see how those two series were not only successful but payed homage to what came before in a non-intrusive way.

24. Trek Nerd Central - June 15, 2011

#20, Keachick.

Yes, Kirk-fu!! So I amend my initial post: All I ask is a damn good script. . . with a flying-leg kick.

25. somethoughts - June 15, 2011

Thanks Anthony!

When’s it coming out!!?? Get on with it already! ;)

We will forgive you guys if you would just tell us who are the villains :)

I want to see Anthony put up, [UPDATE: xyz confirmed as villains!]

26. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

#5 – “No “message movie”?
Great. So basically what made Star Trek so revolutuonary is now officially dumped in the trash can in favour of “developing characters”. ”

It is through the development of characters as in seeing how they react to situations, what their priorities are, what ideals they possess, what bothers them, what inspires and encourages them – all this played out well can be a message in itself.

Star Trek 09 did present situations and it certainly got people thinking and arguing etc about events, the way some people appeared to behave, etc.

Star Trek is not a political party nor some evangelical religion. It should not be about telling people how they should think or what they should believe. It could though skilfully present concepts and ideals held by a group of people as opposed to those held up by our heroes, with an explanation as to why these other people feel the way they do. The writers walk a fine line here though.

27. Thomas - June 15, 2011

14. dmduncan

I agree; as much as I love TOS, I’ll be the first to say that it could be more than a little preachy. I don’t mind Trek having something to say, but past Trek stories (in pretty much every iteration of Trek) have been guilty of sometimes delivering the message with the subtlety of a punch to the eye.

28. somethoughts - June 15, 2011

Bob i can see your tummy in the above picture :)

29. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011

Our old friend BND would hope that the new movie is Arrrrrrrrrrrr-rated!

30. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

#21 Oh Harry, Harry…

I can see it now.

Our trusty near-naked triumvirate are hanging onto those vines with Kirk in the middle having to listen to Spock and McCoy either side of him go on and on… (you all must know what I mean – if you don’t, then you should – watch some TOS).

Who should come to their rescue but ship’s communication officer herself, Lt Uhura. However, she is not looking so *good* herself as in her uniform is also ripped into shreds along with most of her underwear and with her bras long since gone, it is not really able to cover much of anything. Trooper that she is, she somehow manages to execute a rescue because she’s got “stuff” in her backpack (the three guys get theirs taken…). It’s a tough place but it really is a case of “cherchez la femme” when you need to get things done, but hasn’t that always been pretty much the case?

Bob, JJ & co – Just make this so!

The sequel should be an equal opportunity film – would you not agree, Harry?

31. Canon Schmanon - June 15, 2011

Excellent interview, Anthony.

Now make the movie, guys. I’d like to still be alive when it comes out. I’d rather not have to go shambling from my grave to finally see the Star Trek sequel, and I don’t think the audience would appreciate it either.

32. Hugh Hoyland - June 15, 2011

I may be totally wrong on this. But do I sense a little frustration with the guys talking about this?

33. somethoughts - June 15, 2011


Lots on their plates and I think they preferred if the script was done and flawless and jj can confirm and start prep, cast, film etc. They not done is letting fans down and themselves and I think thats a bad feeling

34. somethoughts - June 15, 2011

Doesnt help when we check in everyday looking for updates :) and feeling every day pass and wonder if 2012 is here yet, are they shooting yet, gosh this is painful wait

35. Basement Blogger - June 15, 2011

Hey, did you guys notice that Damon Lindelof did most of the talking? Who made him chief justice of the supreme court? :-) Geez, there better not be a scene in the new movie where the crew meets at a church.

So from what I can tell, they’re waiting on J.J. Abrams to tell us he is going to direct. And when does he come down from the mountain and talking to the burning bush? I feel like I’m waiting for Sarah Palin to tell us she’s going to run for President. Put your phasers down, that’s just an example not a metaphor. I think Abrams is a fine director though I wish he would lose the camera gymnastics. Oh, and dialogue is a good thing, J.J.

There seems to be an urge to turn Star Trek into Star Wars.. Damon’s T shirt sending a message? (Star Wars font.) Could the TOS be a little preachy? Yes. You had Kirk giving speeches in a lot of the shows. But Star Trek was the show that had something important to say. A Taste of Armegeddon. (anti-war); The Devil in the Dark (tolerance; new life forms); The Doomsday Machine (arms control) etc. Those shows were great episodes because they were intelligent..

The 2009 movie was dedicated to Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek. He wanted a mainstream entertainment. But he wanted quality, meaningful drama and substance. See letter of Roddenberry defending “The Cage” and Star Trek. Link.

Roddenberry defends “The Cage”

36. Devon - June 15, 2011

“No “message movie”?

Great. So basically what made Star Trek so revolutuonary is now officially dumped in the trash can in favour of “developing characters””

Yes. Thank goodness. Of course, Star Trek was neither unique nor revolutionary when it came to “messages,” or at least what fans have pretended was a message.

37. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011

30. Keachick

Well, I guess that’s better than Uhura coming to the rescue, showing up pretty much naked, and having McCoy yell, “GANGBANG!”, as the three men rush towards her.

38. Old Trekker - June 15, 2011

23. New BSG isn’t a spaceopera legend, just a terninator-like thriller without new ideas. So new BSG not BSG, – IMHO.

…and yes, we need message …and we need new tv-series.

39. somethoughts - June 15, 2011


I think vivid xxx entertainment is calling you harry, dont forget us when you win your aov award ;)

40. Vultan - June 15, 2011

It doesn’t have to be a “message movie,” but SOME thought-provoking element would be nice. Trek ’09 was an entertaining flick and all. Nice, pretty explosions. Good acting. But not much on big ideas—unless “sticking a creature into someone to obtain information is a bad thing” was our lesson for the day… and we’d already been down that road, now hadn’t we? (Ceti eel)

They can at least include some new—NEW being the operative word here—“fascinating” sci-fi element to the story, something that makes you go hmmmmm (such as V’ger or the Genesis device).

41. chrisfawkes.com - June 15, 2011

Good interview.

I would like the sexiness taken up a just a notch. Everything else was amplified for the big screen experience in the last film.

42. Greenberg - June 15, 2011

Let’s do the West Bank in space. Spock’s all “we have already selected a suitable world to put all of the Vulcans on”; let’s go with the idea that it wasn’t so suitable after all.

43. Basement Blogger - June 15, 2011

@ 40

Yes, Vultan. They could put something in there to be thought provoking, dealing with ideas scientific and philosophical. That’s why it’s called science fiction. And no, you don’t need to preach to do so. Heck, some have complained about Star Trek TOS’ preaching but they don’t complain about Avatar’s in your face environmental message?

44. Harry Ballz - June 15, 2011


How is that any different than Wrath Of Khan?

45. Basement Blogger - June 15, 2011

@ 42 Greenberg

West Bank in space? Didn’t Mel Brooks already do that? Remember the end of History of the World, Part One. There was a segment called “Jews in Space.” Oy.

46. Vultan - June 15, 2011



Even if a Trek movie doesn’t have an obvious message (like save the whales!), it should have something that tickles the viewer’s neurons, such as a torpedo that can reshape a planet or a massive probe in search of its creator or—yes, dare I say—a mysterious, mythical planet at the center of the galaxy.

47. mike - June 15, 2011

one excuse after another as to why they cant write a decent script.

coming from guys that wrote transformers humping Megan fox.

give me a break. two years later and still no script. some one needs to fire these guys and hire some decent writers.

even the fans can do much better. They obviously arent into this or it would be done.

48. Basement Blogger - June 15, 2011

@ 47

I’m the only guy on the planet that didn’t see Transformers. But did you said “coming from guys tht wrote transformers humping Megan fox.” Hold on. The Transformers humped Megan Fox? Now I got to see that movie! :-)

49. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

#37 Harry, come on, that’s a bit over the top. No gangbanging on Star Trek!
and certainly not by Kirk/Spock/McCoy. They are decent gentle men!

50. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 15, 2011

#47 There is a script. Stop catastrophizing. Did you not read (and hear) them say that they could start filming and all easily in September? I got the impression this could even take place even earlier than September if need be. Of course, it should be happening now, but obviously JJ Abrams was not ready.

51. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


Keachick, you’re right, by golly! No pon farr until they’re married!

Gosh whiz, how could I have thought otherwise?

Holy smokes, how could I have ever had such an unclean thought????


52. Kered Olegna - June 16, 2011

Happy Captain Picard Day!

53. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


Hey, what the??? O-kay……….

54. Cygnus-X1 - June 16, 2011

Good interview, Anthony.

55. James - June 16, 2011

Rather random thought but as a fan it would be nice to see the Starfleet in some form where you believe it has more than the Enterprise and several smashed hulls! Perhaps due to the destruction of Vulcan Starfleet is expanding its fleet which is of concern to the Klingons (perhaps the beginning of a cold war and the creation of the neutral zone?)

56. matthias - June 16, 2011

i just cannot wait even for the first trailer. great interview. thank you for that!

57. Devon - June 16, 2011

>>>>>47. mike – June 15, 2011

one excuse after another as to why they cant write a decent script.

coming from guys that wrote transformers humping Megan fox.<<<<>>>give me a break. two years later and still no script. some one needs to fire these guys and hire some decent writers.

Which would delay the film even longer. Let’s keep them. :)

>>>even the fans can do much better. They obviously arent into this or it would be done.

That’s for them to decide.

58. danielh - June 16, 2011

just give thema break i hope they make the best they can most sequels take time

59. Kinneas - June 16, 2011

Thank you, sirs.

60. Tarrax - June 16, 2011

Thanks for the interview Anthony. It’s nice to hear the sequel is, once again, in good hands. ;)

61. AJ - June 16, 2011

Very good interview which essentially says “Trek2012″ is in development hell. I am sure “Prometheus” will be a wonderful film. So will “Cowboys and Aliens” and maybe “Super 8″ will break even after under-performing on opening weekend. Also, all the talk on these forums about how the next one would be an allegory for a current issue facing our world (we have lots) seems to have been tossed in the bin.

The fact is, no one is in charge, and the boys, all busy as they are, really have no time for “Trek” and no Boss-who-is-in-charge-of-Trek whose salary depends on the appearance of fresh product in the theaters every two years. As Trekkers, we always assign the eras of Trek to specific individuals: Roddenberry & Coon, Harve Bennett and Nimoy, Berman/Braga, etc. JJ Abrams implies repeatedly he is not going there. Bigger fish to fry, it would seem.

It would be nice to get info outside of the on-message corporate mumbo-jumbo of ‘we’d rather deliver a great film late than a crappy one on time.” The fact this is the second Trek film to be delayed by this team, talented as they are, is appalling.

62. Jai - June 16, 2011

Great interview, Anthony.

Also good to hear the detailed, well thought-out answers, particularly from Bob Orci and Damon. Reassuring stuff.

63. Chris_of_ODU - June 16, 2011

#61 That’s pretty much what I took from it.

“9 month” script process since they started sitting down. I take away that they’re still trying to peg down exactly what they’re doing. Sure Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan had “five previous drafts (sans exclamation point)” to work from to pump out the 12-day script. It seems pretty clear that they’re still tossing around ideas at this point.

If they go for an original story, with ***NO*** elements of a remake of Star Trek characters, plots, etc. Then I could perhaps forgive them for their script issues. If they’re going to bring in Khan or Kang/Koloth/Kor or Mudd or remake/”re-imagine” one of the stories of TOS, then what’s the excuse?

So filming *could* begin in September. That would presume a completed script and a ton of pre-production being completed in less than 3 months. It would presume that they can cast all the other characters that appear in the film in less than 3 months. It would also presume that if they finish filming in 90 days and don’t need any extensive re-shoots that they’d have about 6 months to do all post production. Sure they could do a lot of over-laping. Could they start filming without a completed script and without casting the main villain or other supporting cast? Sure. They could do a lot of things that doomed projects often take part in. They could rush. They could even cut the final edit of the film 48 hours before release if they want to, but don’t expect a good movie out of it.

The final thoughts were pretty damning. Expect this film in Winter 2012 or Summer 2013 if Paramount stands by their “This is a Summer Blockbuster” line.

64. Hugh Hoyland - June 16, 2011

#61 AJ hey man long time eh!

I understand where your coming from. IMO this is the price we fans have to pay to have these guys on board.

Right now they are all RED HOT and have been involved in some MASSIVE box office returns.

The guys you mentioned before, as much as we may love em and as talented as they may have been, were B listers frankly and could afford to, or had no choice but to concentrate solely on Trek.

The SC on the other hand has a LOT of choices, and although I hate the idea of delay, I can see why its happening a mile away. I just hope this thing doesnt get delayed past 2012. Honestly, your talking back to the drawing board if that happens IMO.

I could take this MUCH better if there was just anything related to THIS wonderful new Trek universe created by the boys to pass the time with. But there isnt, not even a cartoon for crying out loud. When I get excited by seeing a teaser for a new game theres a problem because Im not even a gamer lol

Oh well sorry about the rant.

65. Hugh Hoyland - June 16, 2011

And my offer to Paramount still stands. I do have a script ready (well almost) and its a sequel to Star Trek 09! Its my first fan fic feature actually.

Is it amature? you bet.

Bad spelling? plenty.

Plot holes? at least a dozen.

Not complete? ah still needs a third act. But as thin as the story is I could plug in anything and make it work.

Is anyone at Paramount listening??? Call me!

66. Admiral_Bumblebee - June 16, 2011

“We deed ourselves to do stories where you cannot guess the outcome and you cannot guess the cause and effect of the events, even if some of the elements are familiar.”

But, you can almost ever guess the outcome. In Star Trek 2009 it was very clear that nero would be killed in the end and the Federation would be safed…

67. IlSisko - June 16, 2011

@Supreme Court: I look forward to see the sequel. You are all great writers and Abrams is a great director. You have also a great cast.

But it would be wonderful if you let us know “What bothers you about the world and see a place in your “new world” where that happens” in the sequel. ;)

Best wishes

68. Seany-Wan - June 16, 2011

@Bob Orci: Is “The Dark Knight” still one of your models to make a sequel? I think the 2nd film should end “Batman Begins” style with the crew getting a distress signal from a little ship called The Botany Bay and Kirk just smiles and says “Let’s look into it!” Gurantee the fans will scream for Star Trek 3!

69. drew - June 16, 2011

Wow. I made it 3 posts in for a nitpick. Listen to these guys talk… they are the best team “in the business” to do this job. (And bringing folks out of retirement from classic trek doesn’t make a whole lot of sense)

I only hope the Klingons are avoided… unless they are done in a completely new and relevant way. Why? Well, Klingons are cliche Trek and I think will put off anyone with that cliched view of Trek (I can predict the responses now..”who cares? Make it for the “loyal” fans”…unfortunately Trek needs new fans, still, even after new Trek movie #1).

Even if I see a big, bumps-laden Klingon on the movie poster, I will still be optimistic. Ignore the arbitrary demands of some guy posting on TrekMovie…this is a good resource for opinions, but is not the “nexus” of all constructive thought.

70. star trackie - June 16, 2011

#5 “Nimoy may think these guys get Star Trek, but I doubt Gene would think the same. ”

Gene also created TNG…a success in its own right but about as far from anything resemblingTOS as you could possibly get. This is a TOS based movie…those in charge clearly understand what made the original series tick, no worries.

71. Scooter - June 16, 2011

Good interview. What excites me about the next movie is the posibility of new villians, characters, situations which have not been explored in other ST tv shows and movies. I firmly believe to go back and revisit what was done previously, would be a massive step backwards. Keep moving forward. It is a new timeline after all. Anything is possible. Oh, and NO SHAT.

72. mike - June 16, 2011

Remember last time they blamed the delay on Paramount? Now they say the delay was so they could make that movie better.

These guys are liars. Now they blame the delay on JJ and say there is no script because there is no deadline. Again a lie since Paramount clearly game them a deadline.

Star trek is low priority for these guys clearly facts speak for themselves. And there is no completed script just an outline they did last year. No work on this year until now and they point the blame on jj and paramount.

What losers. Own up.

73. trekker 5 - June 16, 2011

Well,that made me feel a bit better about waiting,its good to think that its ok with Damon for me to fuss and carry on and get mad at him and Bob and J.J. and anybody else I can think of when I hear that Trek 12 might be Trek 13! :) No but really,I love those guys I know they will make Trek…? Well,whatever year it comes out,good! :)

74. JimJ - June 16, 2011

As long as it can come out by Christmas 2012, I’ll be happy, unless the world comes to an end in October 2012 (or whenever the doomsdayers say it will happen next)! Otherwise, Chritmas 2012 works for me as well. And, maybe I’m being silly, but why not call it: STAR TREK ’12

You get the number of the movie correct and you get the actual year it came out….correct.

75. JimJ - June 16, 2011

72: It’s so sad to read stuff like this. Want Berman & Braga back? Go for it….it’ll make $50 million if they are lucky. This one is poised to make $300 in the U.S. and $500+ million worldwide. You know why? Because they make it worth the wait!!!!

76. Drew - June 16, 2011

Everyone needs to remember that Orci, Kurtzman, and Lindelof all have other jobs than just Star Trek.

This temper tantrum “why won’t they just focus on MY STAR TREK” attitude displays a strong sense of entitlement. Would it be great if they could have given 100% to Trek II a year ago? Of course, but even though they couldn’t, the world is still spinning and Trek II will still be released. And, it will be a high-quality movie that was not slapped together by 5 guys tossing a script around via twitter messaging for editing because they were all on different corners of the Earth doing different projects.

I mean really, folks…

77. Janice - June 16, 2011

A release of spring-summer 2013 looks good. as they’re already 6 months behind now.
I just want to see PIKE there.

78. BradPItti - June 16, 2011

Yeah most people in this Forum are frustrated by the Delay and they say it out loud. After Star Trek pushing the council as Top players in hollywood, they seem to have forgoten what put them in the position… They havent taken it serious enough like the First One… Where they knew it would catapult them to fame… They should hand the lead over to Ronald d. Moore – He has the Heart and spirit to invest into the Franchise

79. Sebastian S. - June 16, 2011

Less talk; more action.
“Let’s shoot this f**ker,” to quote Bela Lugosi in ED WOOD.

80. Shannon Nutt - June 16, 2011

I think what they meant is they shouldn’t aim to make a message movie, but let any messages come out in the natural course of the story conflict they come up with. You could argue that Star Trek II & III, as well as Star Trek: First Contact weren’t “message” movies, but they were some of the best of the lot. Yet those movies did address universal concepts of youth/aging, friendship, and the folly of revenge.

81. trekker 5 - June 16, 2011

#74JimJ,if they tell us Trek won’t come out till Christmas 2012,and doomsday comes in October,I’m gonna be so pissed!! :)

82. ensign joe - June 16, 2011

Well you can’t say they haven’t been up-front about it..

83. Danpaine - June 16, 2011

Great interview, great answers.

And honestly, as one of those fans of 40 years you’re talking about, I have NO concerns about this sequel. These guys really care, and they really know the material. They proved that (to my satisfaction) in the first one.

And I say, as long as it takes, it takes. As long as it’s done right.

…love to be a fly on the wall during one of their brainstorming sessions.

84. star trackie - June 16, 2011

Thank you Drew #76! Nice to hear the voice of reason!

85. Mel - June 16, 2011

@ boborci

Will Keenser be in the next movie?

I hope so. I like him. It would be great if he would assist Scotty with something and wouldn’t be only funny and cute.

86. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - June 16, 2011

Great Interview, I do trust the court to give us a great Trek Movie and can’t wait till things really start to to get hoppen. I do hope that Bob Orci can get our friend BND Del Trame into the movie. Either as the name of a ship or an Officer named after him.

87. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - June 16, 2011

30. Keachick (rose pinenut) – And then?

88. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - June 16, 2011

48. BB. I’ll have you know that I too have not seen Tranformers. Good day to you sir.

89. T'Cal - June 16, 2011

Blah blah blah. Where’s my movie, dammit!!!

90. Weerd1 - June 16, 2011

I hope these gentlemen have the good sense to listen to none of us and just go about their business of making a good Star Trek film. Name a single genre film which was great that in any way pandered to us? Dark Knight: doesn’t follow comic continuity. Thor: doesn’t follow comic continuity. Iron Man: updates continuity where it feels like it should. Let’s let these guys make their movie, and then judge it on its own merits. If you took any ten of us randomly off this board, you would get eleven opinions on what this film should be. And you know what? When they make the movie, as with the last, there will be people who love it, and there will be people who hate it, but that’s irrelevant. What gets STIII made is box office…

91. Tom - June 16, 2011

No Shatner question??? Come on Anthony?This can not be considered an official Trek sequel interview. They must know about Shatner at least. Actually good job. Now that the gang is all together we should start seeing them making huge progress

92. Buzz Cagney - June 16, 2011

I’m happy with what I am hearing here.
I’m sure you guys will all rest easy tonight knowing that!

93. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - June 16, 2011

Could it be that JJ has been waiting to see how his most recent project fared so he knows how much to ask for?

94. Leonard McCoy - June 16, 2011

God damnit man, this crew knows what they’re doing so let them do their job! There will be an outcome good beyond our imagination which is worthy to be called star trek. And don’t worry about the less talk thing, it only means that it’ll be less talking heads like for example star trek voyager or some tng episodes were nearly everything and everyone got explained by words while we already understood when we saw it. Maybe TOS had cheasy acting therefore it had less talking heads than the 24 century shows. Now we’re lucky that the new Trek isn’t having neither too chesey acting nor that bad talking head issue and thank god no overload of techno-bruble.

Only one thing for the new trek, I want more drama and more seriousity and a way less comedy and Simon Peggs Scotty concept to become a bit more serious. Also no Buddweiser engine rooms and last but not least no response to gags made in Stargate like an exploding Singularity. Which kind of knocked me out a bit in the end of the movie. Luckilly that scene was short enough to not knock me out completly. I just say all this because despite all that I loved the movie. My critic is just a hint to make the next one better. It contains recommendations for writers, set-designers and role developement.

Would also be glad if Uhura and Spock would in the end realize that they’re not working out because of the pon far issue. It’s enough to have the passionate doctor who had a way to less romances so far but the green blooded emotion blind vulcan doesn’t need more of it. And trust me the audience loves him better with his emotions better in ballance of the vulcan way.

LIve long and prosper and see you in cinema or hopefully someday on the set when you’re shooting the third movie.

95. Arthur Wrightess - June 16, 2011

Losing interest already regarding the new Trek movie! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn…

96. Daoud - June 16, 2011

Boborci, you need to get a pair of glasses to match Alex and Damon’s, even if yours have no lenses in them!
You can call yourselves the Trilateral Commission. :)

97. IlSisko - June 16, 2011

83. “And I say, as long as it takes, it takes. As long as it’s done right.”

I agree.

80. I’m not sure about that. In ST II, III and VIII we had great villains. We knew them. We already knew the “message” behind those villains. We are talking about Khan, Klingons and the BORG!

What is this sequel about?

Villains? No.
Khan? No.
Exploration (Like TMP or “The chase”, with any “message” or “deeper concepts”)? Probably not.
Will it be “Darker” (like ST VI, and it “could be…”)? No.

So… what!? XD
They said “it is about the crew and their relationship with each other – that family”… And yet I really can’t imagine wath they mean with that.

Maybe it could be just like a TOS episode, “Mudd-related”, or it could be a story in wich somone or something come aboard the ship… We have to wait to find out because they will never say it before. XD

So, to the “supreme court”, take your time, make a great movie.
But If you could put in it something thart we can think and talk about that is not simply “How exciting is this ship” and “How cool are Kirk and Spock”, it would be better. ;)

98. Kev -1 - June 16, 2011

I don’t understand all the mystery with this script. Although Star Trek is fun, the act of writing a script is a business decision. Did Paramount set a date or not? If they have, this must be completed by date certain. It would be nice if they could “take their time”, but they can’t because theater owners and the studio may be planning for next June. So as Jillian said in STIV, “Why all the coy disguises?,” or something like that.

99. Pro-Khan-Sel - June 16, 2011

Glad they are moving on from talk of doing a “Wrath Of Khan” Remake…But no one has ruled out a remake of “Space Seed”…Something to think about, even if it’s just me.

100. Mr Phil - June 16, 2011

Uh, is it just me, or would Kurtzman make a good Data? Orci = Chekov? Lindelof = Picard (OK, that’s a stretch).

101. Landru - June 16, 2011

JJ was waiting for Super 8 to open to see what the reaction was from ticket buyers. It’s a hit and his directing price just went up.

Nothing more complicated than that folks

102. VOODOO - June 16, 2011

I dont care how long it takes to get right. I much prefer quality over quantity.

103. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 16, 2011

# 20,30 -Keachick ….
#9, 21,51 – Harry Ballz …
…………………………..LOL …

…. I’m wondering … why boborci did not come here until now?… :-) :-)

104. deamer228 - June 16, 2011

@ boborci –

Bob, I just heard an unusual thing about the Star Trek universe the other day. Here’s an interesting error in the whole concept of weapons/shields/transporters… maybe you could solve this with a one line explanation.

Problem: What’s preventing an enemy from beaming a live (timed) photon torpedo aboard an adversary’s ship any time the shields go down?

There are so many times where, in combat, the shields go down. You’d think that the ‘beamed’ torpedo would be used often as ‘game ender.’

I agree, it doesn’t seem like much of a problem on first thought, but let it sink in for a second. It makes 90% of the onscreen battles we’ve seen over the years, unnecessary, doesn’t it? “Captain! Shields failing!” *the end*

You can’t tell me the great Khan wouldn’t have thought of this. It’s a problem with the Star Trek universe for sure. Just like, why, when the ship is completely damaged does the artificial gravity still work?

Maybe a few one line answers could put these age old questions to rest!


105. Shatner_Fan_Prime - June 16, 2011

I agree with those who say it’s better to get it right, than get it right away! I think JJ & co. realize how much they have to live up to. Star Trek is still at an almost unheard of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.


To give you some perspective, that’s the same score given to The Dark Knight! EVERYONE (except for a few disgruntled Trekkies!) liked Trek XI, and now the makers don’t want to disappoint us with a bad sequel. I can understand the pressure they must be feeling. But this is a far cry from 1994-2005, when Star Trek was churned out on an assembly line and the world at large shrugged with disinterest. Even in the era of the first six movies, which I loved, the studio and the public didn’t treat Trek with the respect it has now.

I don’t care when the next movie comes out. I just want it to be incredible. Take your time, guys.

106. Flake - June 16, 2011

104: there are lots of issues with Trek and this transporting torpedos thing is one of them. How about this one. Every time someone messes up or something goes wrong why not slingshot around the sun and try again??

My advice is to not think about such things and enjoy the show.

107. Hugh Hoyland - June 16, 2011

I dont care when it comes out either.

Since I’m a firm believer in reincarnation if it doesnt come out this life time I’ll just catch it in the next one! :]

108. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011

Hugh, unless you come back as the flea hanging on the rear end of a dog.

109. Rola - June 16, 2011

#105 and 106 – Good posts.

110. Hugh Hoyland - June 16, 2011

Harry never thought of that. lol

111. Trek Nerd Central - June 16, 2011

Hugh and harry: Spock took that gamble. He didn’t come back as a parasite.

112. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011

“He didn’t come back as a parasite”

How did he EVER survive in Hollywood?

113. Trek Nerd Central - June 16, 2011

^ As I recall, he never set foot in L.A. Only made it as far as San Francisco, remember?

114. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011

I like when you ask if I recall a bit of Spock history, you try to trigger my memory with the word, “remember?”


115. Trek Nerd Central - June 16, 2011

You’re giving me way more credit than I deserve. Or else you’re being really sarcastic. Either way is good.

116. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011

A little from column “A”, a little from column “B”.


117. Lt. Daniels - June 16, 2011

#99 I like the idea of a remake of Space Seed. But with Space Seed and Wrath of Khan mixed together and it all happens around the same stardate not years apart. With some changes.

118. Mel - June 16, 2011

2009 DOMESTIC GROSSES: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/yearly/chart/?yr=2009&p=.htm

Star Trek is on place 7.

2009 WORLDWIDE GROSSES: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/yearly/chart/?view2=worldwide&yr=2009&p=.htm

Star Trek is “only” on place 13. The overseas numbers are just not good.

119. Lt. Daniels - June 16, 2011

To get Star Trek 2 out in time June 2012 maybe JJ Abrams needs Steven Spielberg’s help with Star Trek 2

120. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011

I still think it should be about the Borg having assimilated the Gorn and programming them with an irish accent……………………………..the title?


121. AJ - June 16, 2011

I am just sick of all the corporate BS that has engulfed “Trek”these past few years.

“Trek” appeals to adults in 2011. It’s not selling container-loads of Chinese-made tie-fighters. Maybe it should sell tissues and rubbers, and put out Woody Allen style films to appeal to an aging demographic.

Spock: “We’ve arrived at our destination, Captain. Gamma Hydra IV. The General Secretary is awaiting your transition statement. May i remind you that the Klingons are preparing to attack should we not agree to their conditions.’

Kirk: “Well, Maybe we just can send out some c-colored eggs, and all pretend it’s Easter. The Klingons have always loved pink.” Just can’t get an erection under pressure. I tend to think too much about Jesus…

Spock: “C’mon, Max. Be realistic. No one can”

Kirk: “Why do you always call me ‘Max?” (trivia call for Filmies).

Spock: “Because you’re gonna have to be the one:”

Kirk: “You know, if God would just cough…”

God: “Cough”

Kirk: “I expected as much”

Spock: “Take it like a man, Max.”


122. TrekMadeMeWonder - June 16, 2011

Messa happy! Good luck guys!

123. Zachary - June 16, 2011

Please let the characters get back to exploration for once! Some strange new world, and a new civilization! The world depicted in Avatar was a good model, but give it the Star Trek treatment.

124. Gigastazio - June 16, 2011


You know how Trek always talks about what an authentic Betazoid wedding is like, but how we’ve never actually seen one? Just a thought…

125. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


Congressman Weiner on line one asking for a cameo!

126. 12YearOldTrekker - June 16, 2011

#121 u crazy :P

Anyway, excited for the new movie.

127. somethoughts - June 16, 2011


I agree, its the perfect storm for star trek. We have the hottest and most in demand writing team, actors, director, music composer. Fans of both movies and star trek are drooling for the next installment.

128. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 16, 2011

#51 Harry, where I come from the word “gangbang” can be another word for rape, although the more common words would be “gang rape” or “pack rape”.
I saw you as trivialising rape – somebody has already done that on this site.

Perhaps, I was mistaken in my interpretation of the word “gangbang” that you used. I hope so.

On with reading the next post…

129. Daoud - June 16, 2011

I ain’t Bob. (Yes, I should say that again.) But fans in the 70’s we thought about questions like this and had answers… in magazines such as TREK, or T-Negative…

Problem: What’s preventing an enemy from beaming a live (timed) photon torpedo aboard an adversary’s ship any time the shields go down?
There are so many times where, in combat, the shields go down. You’d think that the ‘beamed’ torpedo would be used often as ‘game ender.’

ANSWER: The moment you try beaming “up” a photon torpedo, it goes off. We hear the Nolgorians tried that. Of course, that’s why you haven’t heard of the Nolgorians in TOS Episode 47¾.

QUESTION: Just like, why, when the ship is completely damaged does the artificial gravity still work?

ANSWER: Graviton current loops constructed from dark matter incorporated into the deck plating create a downward gravitational field on the “grass” side, but not on the “ceiling” side. These are constantly recharged capacitively while the ship is operating. If ship’s power is lost, the capacitive effect of dark matter coils is their lack of gravoresistance, thus causing the gravitational fields to dissipate very slowly over weeks. Usually, a half life of about 2 weeks is observed, depending on the type of coil used.

130. Mel - June 16, 2011

@ 129

Gangbang according to Wikipedia:

“A gang bang (or gangbang) is a situation in which one person has sexual intercourse and performs other sex acts with a number of people, either in turn or at the same time. When the person has not consented to such activity, it is called gang rape or pack rape.”

131. somethoughts - June 16, 2011


Wasnt Troi gang raped in nemesis by shinzon and his henchman?

132. moauvian waoul- aka: seymour hiney - June 16, 2011

Bravo Daoud. But it brings an obvious question about Trek vi.

133. somethoughts - June 16, 2011


134. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


Keachick, I was NOT trying to imply rape. Mel Brooks used the word, “gangbang”, in History Of The World Part 1 when the King (played by Brooks) decides to jump the Queen during a chess game. That was my (humourous) intent. I hope this clears up the matter.

135. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 16, 2011

“Bob Orci – We only closed our deal with Paramount two or three months ago. So it is not just doing other things, it is “let’s find out when we are really going to go and then we will really get to work.”

This is a quote from the transcript above. The problem is that, for laypeople like ourselves, we don’t have all the information about how the studios work. It appears that, although there may be an overall contract and penned in deadline, each stage of the film making process requires “signing off”, as it were, until they can proceed to the next stage. I find that statement above made by Bob Orci rather intriguing…

For those not following this site, Bob Orci did say some time back that they were already doing “soft-prep” (as he described it) for the sequel. He also said that once the word is given, everything will happen very quickly and all will or should fall into place.

Bob Orci also noted that the amount of remuneration that JJ Abrams will receive for directing the next Star Trek has already been determined and is set out in the contract he signed with Paramount. It appears to be the same for the others as well. I don’t know whether these contracts can be easily renegotiated.

(Bear in mind, of course, that any call out for more money, when the money JJ and co will already receive, is so way more than most of joe public film goers will possibly ever see in their entire lifetime, will simply be inflationary and make film going even less affordable for many. Duh.)

136. Dr. Image - June 16, 2011

Spring for a digital set for engineering.
Lose the barcode scanners.
But above all:
Develop the triad- KS&M.
(And do additional Classic Trek homework….)

137. pock speared - June 16, 2011

why do i imagine the plot will involve pike getting shot in the head on the planet “dallas 9″ by a race called the “oswaldians”, followed by two hours of hardcore space conspiracy?

138. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


It will be shown, at the end of that movie, that the oswaldians are innocent, and Pike was, in fact, shot with a death ray from the Grassy Knoll Nebula by a group of johnsonians!

139. Mel - June 16, 2011

Personally I hope the next movie will have nothing to do with pon farr. Such a movie would probably have a too big focus on Spock and Uhura. I mean what big purpose would have the other characters in such a story line? You can make a pon farr episode in a series, where it is normal, that each episode has a different character focus, but it is nothing for a movie. A movie needs a story line, in which everyone can shine and has his moments.

And they couldn’t do a pon farr story properly either way. The movie rating authorities are prudes in the USA. If they want, that teenagers can watch the movie, they are probably not even allowed to speak about sex in detail and showing something too explicit would be taboo, too. And there are countries, which are even stricter is such things and may not even show the movie in the cinemas.

140. Bucky - June 16, 2011

This movie will eventually happen, certainly, and as long as the people making it feel like it’s not up to it’s best standards, I’m fine with waiting. I think the most important thing is not making sure it gets crushed by competing movies. I don’t think Summer 12 is going to happen, X-Mas 12 is a maybe, and Summer 13 is easy to pull off. Kind of a long wait, but, hey, gives me a reason to live, I guess.

141. Bucky - June 16, 2011

Or, hey, why not April ’13? Fast Five was sort of the official Summer kickoff season movie and that was in April.

142. sean - June 16, 2011

If you think about it, any mind-meld that hadn’t been consented to by both parties could be seen as a form of mind rape. It certainly casts an ugly tint on the Valeris meld in Trek VI, and honestly on any TOS episode where Kirk asked Spock to use psionic ability on an enemy.

It would be interesting to see a Trek address this in some way, actually.

143. the quickening - June 16, 2011

I hear you and feel your pain, but me thinks it’s not so much they are not into the TREK movie as it is they are into so many other things that are clearly more important and potentially more moneymaking and career building than STAR TREK. These guys have to look at their future’s in Hollywood, and the opportunities that exist for them right now have to be taken advantage of. They have that right.

Most of the projects that have kept them away from TREK are Paramount projects, so it’s not that the studio isn’t aware, and perhaps understands this delay. As a TREK fan, it may be hard to accept, but TREK isn’t the end all of top media entertainment. Never has been. There are franchises and projects that are going to bring in a lot more money than TREK, and money is what Hollywood is all about. I think it’s pretty clear Paramount understands this too. TREK is important to them, but so are a lot of other projects that are connected in some way to the studio.

144. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

Nevermind… while I wait for those guys to ring me up, asking to do some emergency work on the script…

(Just hold on a second while I have delusions of grandeur


I’ll carry on)

Perhaps we could hammer out our own story – with these DIY flow charts!




145. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

Imagine your watching the opening of the Star Trek sequel. What do see happening?

I think it’ll have to mirror the emotional power of the U.S.S. Kelvin scene, then fade out to the Starfleet (Enterprise) arrowhead and name of the film. Followed by something in a completely different setting.

What if they replayed the final moments of Vulcan, from a completely different characters’ perspective? Somebody who was snatched off the planet at the last minute and they appear again later in the movie, with some axe to grind against the Federation.

Alternatively… what the rest of Starfleet are up against in the Laurentian System. The film opens with a pitched battle between Federation and Klingon ships. Not really to make them the film’s main villain, but it gets them out of the way earlier on.

146. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

145. your – should read you’re. Shorter version of – you are.

147. Christopher Roberts - June 16, 2011

So basically the pre-title sequence had already happened during Star Trek (2009), but we didn’t see it. Then next location in the film is years later. However much time has passed since, to where the Enterprise crew are at now.

148. Iva - June 16, 2011

139. Mel – June 16, 2011

Given that he is a half human in Abrams universe, he can just have sex with perfectly anybody, as shown by Nuhura.
He isn’t a predominately Vulcan hybrid like Gene’s Spock, the canon rules of his biology or psychological profile no longer apply.

149. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 16, 2011

No time has passed. They don’t age the way we do because they are fictional characters on a fictional ship in a fictional universe…or perhaps just time enough for my captain to have a beard (four to six weeks?). He soon learns to be clean shaven, because face fuzz scares some alien Menosian people, basically because they can’t see his face properly…

150. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 16, 2011

Iva – Spock has always been half-human as far back as TOS!

151. Mel - June 16, 2011

@ 148

He has the same parents in TOS as in the Abrams universe, the same genes and pon farr is a biological part of Vulcans. So Spock in the new universe will also go through pon farr at one point in time, although I prefer it, if that wouldn’t be shown in the future movies.

Vulcans must mate every 7 years. I am sure they can have sex also between that time, if they want, but every 7 years they have to or they die.

That Vulcans can have sex with humans, was by the way already in TOS the case. Sarek and Amanda, Spock and Zarabeth were clear cases. Who knows, if Spock also made out with Droxine and Leila Kalomi. So I don’t know, why you brought up Nuhura. Just because Spock may have had sex with her, doesn’t mean that he won’t have pon farr.

152. New Horizon - June 16, 2011

@ Orci and crew

Take your time fellas. :)

153. me Me ME! - June 16, 2011

Is asking for a thought provoking EPIC, action packed movie something that would be too much to ask for?

Thought provoking, in the way trek always has been,

EPIC, in regards to scope, making it universal, saving the galaxy, showing more planets than just earth.. something that star wars prequels got right i think, say what you will about the movies, but they felt like a vast, lived in universe…

Action packed: we all wanna see the enterprise kicking ass right? and a Kirk karate chop or dual fisted punch here and there!

Thought provoking, EPIC, and action packed…BOB if you read this, consider it!

154. Thomas - June 16, 2011

90. Weerd1
“I hope these gentlemen have the good sense to listen to none of us and just go about their business of making a good Star Trek film.”

That’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to say on these boards, but have never found a terribly polite way to say it. Sometimes it seems like the most difficult thing must be to listen to fans and knowning when you just have to turn them out.

155. rm10019 - June 16, 2011

Great interview and even better replies. Thanks to all involved!

156. Hugh Hoyland - June 16, 2011

I dont have one doubt in my mind that the guys want to put out a great product. And that goes double for Bob since hes a trekker himself.

The problem is this, Star Trek made a big splash in 09. It got a lot of people excited, both old time fans and new ones. IMO its the first “true” movie of the franchise Besides TMP, a cinematic experience indeed (I know I’ll take heat for that statement).

But Hollywood is about momentum, if something sticks you gotta get out the next product asap or you risk losing that momentum. From the start I felt a three year gap was too long. Now its really up in the air as to when it will come out with people saying 2013 as a possiblility. Thats four years since the release and FIVE counting when the film was actually made. Remember it was supposed to come out in 08.

Right now the only franchises that could possibly take time like that are Avatar and Batman (maybe) and still be ok. Star Trek simply isnt at that level yet as far as Motion Pictures go.

157. pock speared - June 16, 2011

#138 harry
ah yes. good call.

158. Harry Ballz - June 16, 2011


159. somethoughts - June 16, 2011


I disagree, good movies will always get rewarded in the end by word of mouth, regardless if it was released 1yr, 2yrs, 3yrs or 10yrs later.

The hype will get going once the trailers hit and tv spots hit with midnight screenings. Maybe Anthony will send out sneak peak screenings to all the loyal trekmovie posters that have given bob and team a place to get feeback and being their consultants :) how bout that bob and anthony, a special screening for trekmovie folks hehe we can dream cant we?

160. Charla - June 16, 2011

Great interview! Nice to hear how things are coming along.

#156 Hugh – I see your point – I agree with you about the long time between films. Any film for that matter. I loved the way LOTR was filmed. I imagine it would have been exhausting though for all involved.

But it seems that most people today make the assumption that everything should be given to them right now or in a few minutes. However there are things that do take time, and film making is one of them.

I am happy to hear the updates, (I still hope it is close to the summer ’12) but I’m even happier to know that the quality of the movie is more important than releasing a sloppy film quickly.

The writers have other projects with other deadlines but Trek is still important to them and they will give it all they have for it.

Thanks Anthony, Bob, Alex and Damon for the updates and information!

161. Aussie Ian - June 17, 2011

Why does everyone think that a delay will hurt the box office or future of the movies? “terminator 2 came 7 years after the original ……… Aliens came nearly 7 years after the original and at the other end of the scale Transformers 2 was rushed inside 2 yr window while a writer’s strike was underway.

I know which method I trust to produce a good sequel.

Calm down, it will be worth the wait.

162. Dom - June 17, 2011

Hamfisted, heavy-handed messaging is what weighed down TNG and its companion shows. TOS had its ‘messagy’ moments, but I rarely felt it was preaching at me; rather the drama and the characters stimulated discussion.

Also, preaching stands a good chance of pi$$ing off fifty per cent of the audience who might not agree with the message. Better to stimulate discussion by raising a topic than falling hard on one side.

Anything that gets Star Trek away from being like a latterday adjunct of some peculiar California religious cult, the better.

TOS was about travelling to other worlds being FUN, not an excuse for po-faced ‘discussions’ in some captain’s ready room. That’s why I love ST09: it’s full of life, vigour and humour, just like TOS was!

163. Mel - June 17, 2011

@ 162

“Also, preaching stands a good chance of pi$$ing off fifty per cent of the audience who might not agree with the message.”

I guess it would depend on the message. Just look at Star Trek IV. I think there are VERY few people out there, who like to see whales die out.

164. Hat Rick - June 17, 2011

I think it would be worth the price of admission just to see a new Engineering Room on the nuEnterprise. (I plan to see Star Trek 2 multiple times in the theater, so that means a lot!)

I’m half-kidding, of course. I like the brewery/existing Engine Room, but still, it would be nice to see a supertech version of it — or, as I like to put it, the “real” Engine Room of which the brewery was just a sub-basement. ;-)

I love ST2009, and I have a good feeling about Star Trek 2. I think it will totally rock.

165. Hat Rick - June 17, 2011

^^”that says a lot.” As corrected.

166. Hugh Hoyland - June 17, 2011

#161 Aussie Ian

Well keep in mind those are exceptions to the rule. That generally doesnt happen. But who knows maybe in this case it will again.

But I will say this, Bob mentioned they have a 75 – 85 page outline. They can actually do a lot with that from a production standpoint right now. And you want to talk about rushed, but from that outline alone a script could be writen REALLY fast (weeks maybe?).

So while the original deadline wont be meet they could have a movie out next year no problem. Lets hope cause anything past that and your talking about this whole thing being up in the air (These actors have things to do to).

167. Hugh Hoyland - June 17, 2011

Ok there is a little good news as far as new Trek stuff coming out.

IDW is releasing a new line of Star Trek 09 based comics later this year I think. With new adventures no less!

Very cool, will look forward to that. :]

168. Jai - June 17, 2011

Love that final photo. You could have a lot of fun imagining what they’re thinking, based on their expressions…

Damon: Yeah, Princess Leia’s in the sequel. You got a problem with that ?!
Alex: Sorry folks. I tried my best, but the brewery’s still there.
Orci: Hmmm. Maybe there wasn’t a second shooter after all…


Juuuuust kidding. Like I said in #62, I’m sure the sequel’s in good hands.

169. Jai - June 17, 2011

More seriously, Damon’s final words in the excellent interview show that the team is thinking along exactly the right lines:

“We would like to say we are very grateful and appreciative for your patience. As fanboys ourselves, if the shoe was on the other foot we would saying “get on with it already, when is the movie going to come out?” And we are fully aware of that. But we also know we cannot deliver a sub-par product. And in the end of the day, all that matters is what is on the screen and you have our word that we are not going to phone it in in any shape or form. It has to be right and we are really committed to realizing that.”

That’s a very smart approach and it shows that the team are acting responsibly. The analogy some people here have made about the gap between the release of Batman Begins and the release of The Dark Knight a few years later is very accurate too; sure, it might take a little longer than fans would ideally like, but ultimately the goal is to make the best movie possible. As long as Bob Orci & co have learned the right lessons as a result of their experiences making ST09, and they build on that, then hopefully everything will turn out fine with the sequel.

170. Chadwick - June 17, 2011

Great interview!

Just please, don’t anything for the next movie as valued as the Klingon prison scene. I still go back and watch that scene when I watch the movie, it was a tragic cut.

171. Hugh Hoyland - June 17, 2011

Today I had the chance to watch Star Trek 09 one more time, its been a while.

I fell in love with it all over again! From the great directing and visuals to the wonderful story. It kind of cooled me off as far as my disappointment at the likely delay in the sequel.

I want to thank these guys for producing what in my mind is the best overall Star Trek motion picture to date. And here’s hoping the sequel gets on track soon and maybe even more stuff Trek related
Coming from the guys.

Especially Bob who seems to really carrying the torch for this.

172. denny cranium - June 18, 2011

Comparing Trek 2 script process to the current movie script is unfair.
Trek 2 was made on a meager budget- $16 mil?
I’m sure the next film has a much larger budget.
There also was no internet back then as well.
There wasnt the fan scrutiny there is now.
Also as the crew said they just nailed down their contract a few months ago.
Are you going to spend all of your efforts on something you may not get paid for?

173. Forrest Leeson - June 19, 2011


In 2009 I figured the domestic-foreign ratios for the first ten, based on data from either boxofficemojo or the-numbers (forgot to write it down):

TMP 1:.69 / TWOK 1:.21 / TSFS 1:.14 / TVH 1:.21 / TFF 1:.35 / TUC 1:.29
GEN 1:.56 / FC 1:.59 / INS 1:.60 / NEM 1:.55

To which we add

2009 1:.50

Cast Patrick Stewart for an extra 5-10 cents on the dollar!

174. chain of command - June 20, 2011

I’m glad they’re taking their time. In the past the films were always rushed, not given enough money, or not given enough time to get everything the best it could be. I’m glad Paramount is FINALLY giving Trek time, money and the support it needs to be at its’ best.

175. Flake - June 21, 2011

I want one of the main cast members to grow a beard or goatee so we are always reminded we are in an alternate universe :)

Quinto goatee would be nice though Pine unshaven beardo look might get a few more million from the ladies?

That is my contribution to the new script, thankyou.

176. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 21, 2011

That just might happen. This Pine/Kirk has a beard. Problem is that beards tend to age a guy and Pine looks like he has aged at least five years in just a couple of months. I want these characters to look and be young.

Unfortunately, some people have referred to him as Captain Craterface, which may be one of the reasons why we may see an alternate bearded Captain Kirk. Personally I like to see all of his face, despite its imperfections. Chris Pine has a good looking face. I just wish other people could see those handsome features which are so much more than a few acne scars.

Besides, a bearded Kirk can’t go round scaring friendly but rather shy and innocent Menosians, can he? Having his hair long is OK, so long as an unrecognisable long haired James Kirk (out of uniform) is not seen loitering around Enterprise corridors…:)!

(Just a small scene from my story outline). Chris can keep growing his hair, the longer the better.

177. Michael Ormes - June 23, 2011

I just have 1 question.If certain people are so unhappy and didnt really like the 09 movie,then why are u guys wasting your precious time on this website?I think it is the best TREK movie ever made in every way,form and fashion.Its about time someone realized that future space travel and warfare would be nothing like portrayed in older shows.(slow,submarine like)

178. John from Cincinnati - June 24, 2011

Sequel will contain a mix of classic Star Trek elements, and brand new elements, including classic elements “with a new spin”

Beautiful! That’s the only way they could play it if you really think about it. It is an alternate universe, so it is logical to assume some things will be as we remember (but with a new spin) and other things will be new. To have everything be entirely new and they would have to title the movie “Forbidden Planet” or “Lost in Space”, it wouldn’t be Star trek.

179. John from Cincinnati - June 24, 2011


How many future space battles have you participated in?

180. julie holland - June 29, 2011

i hope they cast actor Robert Carlyle in the new movie, he is superb either as an evil or good character – he was excellent as Dr Rush in SGU and in great movies like Trainspotting, Formula 51 etc…

181. Bob Tompkins - July 1, 2011

Everyone is too busy with other projects to give Trek the attention it deserves. I highly suspect the sequel is not going to be very good and delayed well into 2013. It seems the creative well is just so deep – Berman and Braga proved that- and these guys are obviously spreading themselves far too thin.
At this rate, they are going to have to win over an entirely new generation to Star Trek- give the Franchise to someone willing to make it the sole project, or at least a major one. I’d bet J. Michael Strascinsky would be willing, among others.

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