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Creation Developing New Fan Reality Show With William Shatner – Pilot Shooting At New Jersey Con June 24, 2011

by Frank Jay Gruber , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Fandom,Shatner,Trek Franchise , trackback

It looks like The Captains may not be William Shatners "final farewell" to Star Trek. Friday at Creation’s official Star Trek convention in New Jersey, Shatner began shooting the pilot for a proposed new reality show called "Fan Addicts," which will be centered around fans attending Creation shows. More exclusive details and photos below.  


Shatner starts shooting "Fan Addict" reality show

Fans arriving for the first day of Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Convention in Parsippany, New Jersey were surprised by none other than the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. He was there not as a speaking guest, but in his capacity as Executive Producer and Director of a new reality television pilot, “Fan Addicts.”

The new show will focus on fans who attend Creation conventions around the country. Fan Addicts will not be limited to Star Trek fans, with each episode focusing on a different Creation convention for various different genre properties, which also includes Supernatural, Twilight, Stargate, Xena, Farscape and others. Adam Malin, co-founder of Creation, tells TrekMovie "the emphasis is on the fans," and he also made it clear that they will ensure that Fan Addicts will have a respectful depiction of passionate fans and the forces which drive them. To keep the emphasis on the fans (along with the team who put together Creation shows), Shatner will stay behind the camera for Fan Addicts.

William Shatner with Nichelle Nichols shooting pilot of "Fan Addicts" at Creation Star Trek Con in New Jersey

Shatner and crew spent the day interviewing fans, filming the onstage action and constantly moving around the dealer’s room and corridors of the Parsippany Hilton capturing the excitement of the convention. One of the highlights came when Shatner encountered Nichelle Nichols, the original Star Trek series’ Lt. Uhura, and asked her to discuss her most moving experiences with fans. As a crowd huddled around in respectful silence outside the hotel coffee shop, Shatner politely asked the fans not to utilize any flash photography and gently and skillfully persuaded Nichols to reveal details about the “skinhead” fan who told her that her portrayal of the Swahili communications officer had taught him racial tolerance, the admirer who gave her the beautiful custom crafted Trek necklace she was wearing, and her experiences recruiting astronauts for NASA. Most heartening of all for the fans present was to see the easygoing relationship between Shatner and Nichols.

According to Malin, they are already in talks with a number of cable networks about Fan Addicts. Creation is working with David Zappone, who also produced Shatner’s new The Captains documentary as well as his Gonzo Ballet documentary. The footage being shot this weekend will be used as a proof of concept and additional filming for the pilot may also be done at the big Creation Star Trek show in Las Vegas. If things go as planned, then Fan Addicts will be the latest cable reality show, likely starting off with an episode dedicated to Star Trek fans. TrekMovie will have updates on this exciting project.

William Shatner with Nichelle Nichols shooting pilot of "Fan Addicts" at Creation Star Trek Con in New Jersey

More to come from Star Trek New Jersey

Look for our customary full convention wrap-up early next week. Also note that we are tweeting live commentary and photos from the convention for the remainder of the weekend. You can find our coverage under @FrankJayGruber on Twitter.

Shatner and Nichols pose for picture with fan and friend of Nichols



1. Magic_Al - June 24, 2011

Shatner cannot rest! Somewhere, someone needs to be entertained!

2. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 24, 2011

Go Shatner!

3. Red Dead Ryan - June 24, 2011

William Shatner is so cool. And Nichelle Nichols is still beautiful after all of these years!

4. Buzz Cagney - June 24, 2011

Great to see the ever lovely Nichelle and the ever gorgeous Bill (!) working and smiling together.
I realise in life colleagues don’t always get along but it has always been a real sadness to me that the actors that so brilliantly portrayed our beloved crew so often had difficulties with each other.
It just didn’t seem right given how close and how loyal they are on screen.

5. Ginny - June 24, 2011

I was there it was awesome!

6. Red Dead Ryan - June 24, 2011

I think William Shatner has mended fences with Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig and James Doohan. The only beef still going on is the feud between Shatner and George Takei. Shatner has offered to sit down and settle it with Takei, but Takei, for some reason, has decided to keep being spiteful towards Mr. Shatner.

Not sure we’re ever going to see the Shatner/Takei feud end. :-(

7. Ginny - June 24, 2011

seeing him was the most shocking thing that ever happened to me!

8. Ginny - June 24, 2011

i admire him so much, i was too shy to go and say hi, i wanted to so much!

9. Jim Nightshade - June 24, 2011

Great-shat doesnt let any grass grow under his feet-one show barely cancelled n another pilot starts-this sounds like a great idea-adam n gary may be makin more money from the fans-sounds like a natural for syfy or if done for laughs-comedy channel right before futurama hah
oh this sounds like rippin off denise crosbys trekkies films–which were great-

10. theklingonishere - June 24, 2011

Was at the event, Shatner was such a super-cool surprise, a positive show about fans of all kinds is gonna be wonderful, hope it sells.
The Creation guys have been at this a long time, will be nice to see how much work goes on behind the scenes, especially dealing with the celebrities, if they can show that.
Rene and Nana were just wonderful, FYI
The KlingonKing

11. Captain Ken - June 24, 2011

I was right there when this was shot today. It was terrific and I can say that he looks no older than his mid-60’s as does Nichelle Nichols.

The show should be great. It was cool to be a part of Trek History!

12. Spock - June 25, 2011

It will not go anywhere, and if Creation is “about the fans” why charge rip-off prices for everything? Adam Malin and Gary Berman have ruined the convention circuit. Paramount should open the license up to other companies so, there would be more competition I have seen a downhill movement of the creation convention circuit since the 1990’s. I remember when autographs and pics were free. Now, they want you to pay ridiculous fees just to get a pic or two! I have been lucky to meet most of the Trek people outside of creation conventions but, I feel sorry for those who have no other choice…

13. Canon Schmanon - June 25, 2011

I’m glad Bill keeps getting work. I really enjoy seeing him. He’s more likable now than he’s ever been.

14. Cygnus-X1 - June 25, 2011

I think I’ve solved the current jobs shortage problem.

Shatner’s got’em all.

The guy is an unstoppable entertainment dynamo.

15. Son of Sarek - June 25, 2011

Here is a link to some video footage of the filming!

16. scifib5st - June 25, 2011

I see Bill sitting on the chair (looks like he is blocking the way to the women’s restroom…. that’s one way to get an interview, keep it quick and to the point). I guess that’s one way to meet girls, or film them for that mater..

The Shat never stands still does he.

17. Christopher Roberts - June 25, 2011

There sure are a lot of men and cameras in that Women’s Rest Room…

A bit classier than the men’s too. Just the usual porcelain accouterments and wild exaggerations written on the wall.

18. Aussie Ian - June 25, 2011

#12 Spock –

I know that you consider the prices at Creation to be outrageous, but consider this ……….. no one can get a new photo with Gene Roddenberry, Deforest Kelley or James Doohan anymore. What would you pay if that opportunity were possible again?

These awesome stars look healthy and I wish them peace and long life but no one lives forever. Enjoy the convention, do what you can afford, but please don’t gripe to those of us who are half a globe away that it was a rip off!

Being at that convention is a privelige, not a right, that’s why it’s not free!


19. Frank Jay Gruber - June 25, 2011

17: Funny, Christopher! Leave it to Bill to go “Where No Man…”

Actually it happened right outside the hotel coffee shop, situated in the Hilton’s main lobby, just to the left of the Women’s restroom.

20. Greg2600 - June 25, 2011

What’s strange is Shatner is not actually scheduled to appear at the convention! Had he been one of the guests, I probably would have went, and paid to get the photo with him.

21. Frank Jay Gruber - June 25, 2011

20: Tell me about it, Greg! I was pretty surprised he was there, too. Looking forward to covering what he does today.

22. Alisa - June 25, 2011

I think that is great for Shatner, but what about the fans that go to FAN RUN Conventions. Creation is professionally run and started in the convention business AFTER FAN RUN CONVENTIONS were doing it for years! Fan run conventions are really where it’s at because they put Star Trek Conventions on the MAP! Creation, they saw DOLLAR SIGNS, they didn’t have the fan in mind. Their idea of a convention was have several celebrities appear and have merchandise available, but the panel discussions, and the masquerade (costume contest) they totally eliminated that out of the mix. I go to FAN RUN because they offer that, not just to see the celebrities talk and buy merchandise. I hope William Shatner will talk to a bunch of fans and tell him that he should visit the FAN run conventions as well, because there is a lot more than just going to see the celebrities..

23. Sebastian S. - June 25, 2011

That’s kind of neat. Too bad the Creation conventions (or cons) are such a ripoff. At least locally here in California. It’s like they’re run by the Ferengi….

The last one I attended cost and arm and a leg for everything and the value was just not there, sadly. Comic Con (while crazy-busy) offers much more bang for the buck.

24. Woulfe - June 25, 2011


I couldn’t have said it any better


There are still a few “Fan Run Cons” out there that are still are going at it

25. jas_montreal - June 25, 2011

Why is Shatner wearing the McGill Business School Hat ? lol. Must be the free stuff he got when he was at mcgill LOL

26. Browncoat1984 - June 25, 2011

This is a reality series that not only can I see on SyFy but would actually watch. They should approach SyFy with it…

27. Bruce Banner - June 25, 2011

Notice the sign for the women’s restroom above Shatner’s head. Did the film crew scout out a spot they know Ms. Nichols would eventually have to show up?

28. Red Dead Ryan - June 25, 2011

Creation is allowed to charge whatever it can to make as much money as possible. Its called capitalism. As long as the demand is there, then Creation will continue to charge high prices. It might not be fair to all of us, but that is the way things work. It is a privilage, not a right. Also, the stars who attend want to be (quite rightfully I might add) paid for their services. Charging money for autographs also shortens line-ups and helps deter those who are thinking of re-selling autographed memorabilia on eBay.

I can’t afford to go to these conventions. I’d like to one day, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Because at least I have this site to come to…..for free! :-)

29. Shatoupee - June 25, 2011

No doubt about it, the fan-run cons (Dragon*Con is my current fav) are much better than any of the Kreation Krap. I have been to many Creation cons over the years, and they had some good guests, but it was all about the $$$$ and they stick to a rigid formula.

Nichelle looks great.

30. trekker 5 - June 25, 2011

The man just works and works and works!! This looks good,keep em coming Mr.Shatner!! :)

31. loisthetrekker - June 25, 2011

I went to NJ Creation event Friday, cost me $20 and I got to see some great stars, like Rene and Nana speak and then actually perform a play. Also caught Shatner and Nichelle in the hallway, what a surprise!
Have you people complaining about prices been to a play, movie or concert lately?
For me the Star Trek Convention was a huge bargain and I got to see Shatner which no one was expecting.
The stars charge to appear and they know from EBAY what their autographs are worth: times have changed as have prices from 20 years ago.
I’m going back to NJ Sunday since I had such a great time.

32. denny cranium - June 25, 2011

Please stop moaning about con prices.
I love going to them.
Can’t put a price on your memories.

33. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

Its sad that he has partnerd with the ripoff of a company that is known as creation. They are horrible they claim to be “FAN ORIENTED” but they are not they charge high rates, and heaven forbid you need help with something, their staff be it the volunteer ones or paid ones do absolutely nothing to help you, their mindset seems to be “we have your money sucker, $hove off”

companies like Vulkon and other cons were always so much more affordable and (wait for it) FAN FREINDLY.
Now days i stick to places like the Hollywood show or frank and sons or the la comic book sci fi show. cause atleast with those if you have to pay for a photo, its like 10 bucks and goes the star donates it to its charity if they even charge for it to begin with.

And #18 I had in the past gotten photos with De Kelly, James Doohan and even Gene Roddenberry and majel and it didnt cost me one cent.
Its outrageous that Creation now charges anywhere from 49.99 to 109.99 to get a 30 second photo op with a star taken by Wal Mart Portrait Studio reject. and the worst part is you dont even own the rights to the photo of yourself. Creation owns the photo rights to those photos they charge 49.99 to 109.99 and can use your likeness from them with out compensation to you, to promote their cons, their photo service and anything else they want.
and what do you get for it a laser jet printed 8×10 photo.

34. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

31 you know the same stars who charge, also willing will sign for free at late night tv show tapings, movie/tv show premieres, play openings, etc.

the only one who wont is Shatner, but he will take photo ops if you run into him.
Heck if even Nimoy will stop and sign photos and take pics for Free inspite of creation charging over 100 bucks for his autograph, the same goes for non trek stars who charge as well. Mark Hamil autographs run over 100 dollars at conventions but hell sign in a heart beat for free in person for a fan, same goes for a photo op

35. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

31 Creation for the most part pays the headline stars to appear and sign, so its not the stars that set those prices. the ones who are not the headlines usually charge because creation doesnt compensate them beyond providing a hotel room and ocassionally airfare, and youll note those are the ones who dont charge an arm and a leg either.

at shows like hollywoodshow they charge like 10-30 bucks depending on if its your item or one of theirs and alot of times quite a bit of the money if not all of it goes to their favorite charities.

last year Rene Auberjonis was at the autograph nationals in Burbank he charged 20 bucks a signature with all the money being donated to his charity he supports, I went in just planning on getting my boston legal poster signed ended up walking away with 3 different things along with my poster signed, a photo and a 15 min conversation with him.
no obnoxious un friendly security goons pushing you to move along after 30 seconds. I was more than happy to spend 80 bucks on all of that cause it went to a great cause and the enviorment was so fan friendly.
at that same event, Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips, Garret Wang,Marina Sirtis,Jude Ciccerello,Robert Picardo along with countless other non trek actors, were there and were all super friendly talkative took free photos, charged a respectable amount for autographs.

36. Spock - June 25, 2011

Autograph nationals was great! No lines, I got to actually have a conversation with the actors. I volunteered at a benefit for American Cancer Society that Lightspeed Art put on. Gary Berman (one of the owners of Creation). Would not allow any volunteer to take any pic. with the guests like Jonathon Frakes, Levar Burton, etc. I volunteered for two days drove 1.5 hours both directions and worked for nearly 12 hours prepping food, etc. He strutted around trying to prevent me from getting pictures, saying I had to pay for them. Needless to say, I walked up to Frakes and asked him if I could, and he was very nice and let me get some pics for free with him and the other TNG folks. Walter Koenig was also very nice and did the same. I was not asked back to volunteer nor would I go back.

Berman, treats his volunteers like s?i? and he is a jerk. Frankly, he and Malin should not have a hold on the trek license. They rip off the fans, I remember when you could go to conventions and pay admission and get autographs and pics for free. This idea that someone will sell them on ebay is bunk. I always have mine personalized. And Creation began falling apart in the early 00’s when they began to charge for everything. Last con in Burbank 4 years ago was a big failure. Spiner was sitting by himself and there was not a soul around. The only reason why Vegas is “big” is because it is the only “big” one and it is much smaller than the Pasadena Civic Center.

# 18- I have photos with most of the cast members of all the casts, most I never paid a buck for! As for them being gone, it is unfortunate but, I wouldnt pay a $100. I have a great one with me and Nimoy, that I took when I was visiting Paramount for a benefit a couple of years ago! Very impromtu!

ps- George Takei is the nicest man, I met him at Egyptian theater and got a picture taken with him (taken by Brad). And we had a talk about WWII Japanese Internment camps….

37. SheilaMyHeart - June 25, 2011

I’m going to Creation’s Vegas Convention in August on Sunday to see Patrick Stewart and Shatner together plus everything else, paying $40. I paid $700 to see a UFC fight night for 3 hours not long ago.
Personally I think the Creation conventions are fantastic deals, even from general admission seats and when I’ve gone Gold Package it was well worth the money.
Went to Dragon Con last year and waited over 4 hours at registration, they were so messed up. And have been to San Diego comicon and it is so overcrowded that it has become unpleasant. Waited hours there to get into a theatre and then was turned away. I was almost trampled trying to get one of the studio’s “freebies”. At Creation shows you buy a ticket and you see everything and get what you pay for.
All the conventions are different, all are fun. I’ve known the Creation staff for 25 years and they are good people who are fans themselves. They’ve gotten the actors to do so much more than just Q and As, I’ve seen some amazing musical and theatrical appearances by my Trek favorites. I’m going to see Jeff Combs in his Poe Play in Vegas as well (and it is part of any admission ticket)
The Creation people made a business out of their hobby, something I’ve admired and I look forward to the TV series if it gets on air. Shatner knows what he’s doing!

38. MJ - June 25, 2011

@37. Agreed — #12 — dude, you are being a cheapskate and are behind the times. It costs $250 to take my boys to a Lakers game once a year, and I’ve just spend $300 to get tickets for the entire family to the LOTR in concert this fall. IMHO, the Creation prices are under fair market value, so stop the whining please.

39. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

and dont forget not all stars like creation, Chris Pine has gone on record saying he will never do a creation sponsored event, after the way they treated his father Robert Pine from chips at an event here in Los Angeles several years ago.

40. MJ - June 25, 2011

@39. Can you please explain further what happened to Robert Pine at that Creation Convention — I had not heard of this incident before?

41. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

38 definately disagreee with you, I love how posts like yours are always saying those of us who disagree with YOU are whining.
how many boys do you have that it costs you 250 bucks to go to a lakers game once a year, they have affordable seats that would cost well under 250 for a family of 4. unless you are going out of your way to pick the high ticket prices.

creation prices are definately far over fair market value.

42. startrekdadoftwo - June 25, 2011

#36: Volunteers, volunteer. I volunteer for the fun of it and have done so at MANY conventions: Creation and others. I have to say that Malin and Berman at Creation have always gone out of their way to make sure that volunteers get autographed photos and (sometimes) photo ops of one of the stars.
One Vegas Creation show I got like $300 plus worth of signed photos even though I wasn’t expecting it. The two owners personally thanked all of us and have always been very gracious to me. I’m helping in Vegas again this time and looking forward to it. If you didn’t want to volunteer, don’t sign up expecting to “get something” for it.
And, FYI, Gary Hasson runs Lightspeed so if it happened there it wasn’t Creation. I did get a T-shirt at another show for helping all day.

43. MJ - June 25, 2011

Cheapest Lakers tickets are $40 with fee, and those are the nosebleed seats. The next level, still in the upper deck, are the ones I get, which are $60 each, so $240 for 4 tickets. Cheapest solution would have been $160 in the nosebleed portions of upper coliseum.

LOTR in concert tickets for second-tier seats are $60 x 5 = $300. Chepeast are $40 x 5 which would have been $200, but those are the upper nosebleed seats.

Any more questions, Einstein?

44. Spock - June 25, 2011

Yeah you dont treat them like they are dirt, both events have done that Berman was there, Hasson is the same as well. I didnt expect to get ‘anything’ just respect, and not being told to pay premium for pics. You should be good to volunteers, most other places are.

45. Spock - June 25, 2011

$300 is a subjective price the paper and ink are what maybe $2?

46. Spock - June 25, 2011

FYI: Jon Voight, who I met at USC an academy award winning actor, signs free, brings his own pics, and will sit and talk to you and take pictures!

47. MJ - June 25, 2011

It sounds like some people have been treated very well by Creation and others haven’t. How is that any different than fan-run conventions? I have to been to both types, and have found both A-holes and outstanding people involved with each type of convention. BFD…like this should be some some sort of surprise to any of us?

There are bad apples in any organization, and you should make a complaint if you feel you are mistreated. That is how a successful organization will knows who to root out and improve operations.

48. MJ - June 25, 2011

To: The 76th Distillation of Blue

I took the time to respond to your question, so please do me the courtesy of responding to my question to you in #40 above. Thanks.

49. startrekdadoftwo - June 25, 2011

Hey #44 Spock: No one promised you discounted photo op prices if you volunteered and you certainly, I’m sure, weren’t asked to pay more than anyone else.
Seems you just don’t get it: don’t volunteer if you don’t want to help out. All us “regular” Creation volunteers are a team and we don’t need your bad attitude. We’re here for the fans and we have a great time, we can’t wait for Vegas and the Creation guys have put together an AMAZING line-up and personally I love The Rio.
We all feel totally respected by the bosses, so maybe this is about you? FYI VALERIE AND STEPHANIE OF CREATION ROCK TOO!

50. MJ - June 25, 2011

@49. Well said!!!

51. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

49 creation could take a page out of the way William Shatner and the organizers of the Hollywood Charity horse show, treat voulenteers.
They treat horse show volunteers with respect and the upmost gratitude.
Something that Creation could stand to learn from.

The only thing ANY ONE going to Volunteer for ANYTHING, should expect is respect and thanks, and most of the people i know who have made the mistake of volunteering for creation events have nothing but regret for agreeing to volunteer, keep in mind these are people who work and are highly valued working at premieres and special events in hollywood who are trek fans and gladly wanted to donate their time with the only thing expected in return being RESPECT.

MJ I was going to respond to you till i saw the saracastic response you posted down below my post. in anycase chris said when he signing autographs at the Geffen play house back in 2009 durring his run in Farragut north, he would never attend a creation backed star trek convention because the operators treated his father very badly. he didnt go into any great detail but that was his response when one of the autograph collectors asked if he was going to attend the vegas convention.

52. MJ - June 25, 2011

@51. OK, thanks. Sometimes I get too sarcastic for my own good…sorry.

53. Kev -1 - June 25, 2011

The first Trek cons were lovefests; they were created and run by fans. I’m talking the early ’70s. Before TMP, the stars were very accessible. I remember Shatner as a SIDE attraction in a small ballroom on the ground floor of the New York Statler Hilton — either ’75 or ’76. He walked into the SMALL group of fans present — seated on carpet — and answered questions. This all changed when the movie finally arrived. There wasn’t any way around that — everybody commanded more money. Creation took over and ran some really good conventions during the ’80s. Yes, they charged much more for tables and tickets than before. Those guys had a sense of humor about it. Who doesn’t remember the spiel before a Creation convention auction: “Take it for less than it’s worth, we don’t care. Get a bargain, we don’t’ care. Bid and don’t have the money– We care.” I think the guys are fans and I had a good time at the Creations I attended. People forget, but prior to the ’80s, sci-fi fandom, films and merchandising had not yet become a huge business. If you wanted to know weekend box office, you had to buy Variety (show business paper). Now, it’s everywhere. Do you really need to know? Just look at movie memorabilia prices.

54. MJ - June 25, 2011

@51. Like I said above, it does not help the folks managing the Creation Conventions to root out the bad apples if you wait until boards to complain. Immediately after the event, you should contact the Creation main office and provide them a detailed summary of the complaint. The folks running these are paying attention, and you can bet that if they get more than one complain about a bad apple treating volunteers improperly, they will can someone or straighten their attitude out immediately. These folks are ST fans and are also trying to make a profit, so they want folks to have a good time and be treated fairly — it is neither in their interests as fans or as business operators for volunteers and fans not to have a good time.

55. Spock - June 25, 2011

Open the Trek license for conventions and lets see how long Berman, Malin and the rest of those jokers last. They would sink faster than Enterprise’s ratings!

56. MJ - June 25, 2011

@55 Interesting “Spock” how you ignore everyone’s response to your posts above….or should I say, how “convenient.” :-)

57. Lou - June 25, 2011

wow. Irony in its finest. :D

58. MJ - June 25, 2011

@57. Agreed.

59. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 25, 2011

That’s a shame about how Robert Pine was treated. I wonder what happened.

I thought that was just the actors being greedy demanding that people pay often quite substantial amounts of money to get an autograph, but I read somewhere that sometimes the actors don’t get a choice.

Chris Pine also signed free autographs after performances of the 2010 play, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, for people. That would be at about 10.30-11.00pm at night. If it was either a Saturday or Sunday night, he would have done two full two-hour performances that day. A fan wrote on another site that he was very gracious and friendly but looked absolutely exhausted. It turns out that Chris had injured his sacrum and groin muscles during a performance or rehearsal and was having chiropractic treatment and on anti inflammatory medication. He said he drank lots of coffee to keep awake. He couldn’t eat an hour or so before any performance because he was too nervous.

Chris Pine also won’t give autographs in his “own time”, although some people have reported that has not always been the case… I think his refusal comes when people recognise him at a restaurant or similar and interrupt him and whoever he might be with, wanting an autograph. Interrupting someone while they are eating does seem a bit invasive. I guess it depends on the situation, how many people there are, whether he is in a hurry etc…

Chris, in those pictures with William Shatner, looks so well and rested. So lovely. Bill looks a little sad in one picture though. Letting go is never easy, especially when a person has been associated by so many (worldwide) with such a great character as James T Kirk…I love Chris and I feel for Bill right now.

60. Red Dead Ryan - June 25, 2011

I wonder if this “Gary Berman” fellow is related in any way to the other controversial Berman, Rick?

I ask this because this thread is turning into a “bash Berman” thread and its not even about Rick Berman!

Oh, the irony!

61. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

52 no problem, and perhaps i took it a little to personally as well, no need to apologize but appreciated.

The problem is that the people in their offices honestly dont seem to care, I ve mentioned to those friends who complained in the past that they should complain to the main offices, infact their offices in glendale are on the same street as my apartment, Kenwood ave just a 3 min walk from my building. Its strange how their seems to be just as many people who have had bad experiences with them as those who have had good experiences with them.
in any case, i think cons as a whole would be better if CBS would offficially license out to other promoters as well as creation.

62. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 25, 2011

It’s so nice to see Shatner and Nichele in action… they look great!


63. Frank Jay Gruber - June 25, 2011

As those following my live tweets can attest, William Shatner put in another full day at the NJ Star Trek Convention. I have tons of great photos, and after the ones to accompany the convention recap article are chosen it would be great if I could share the additional images with all of you.

I was also very honored to be among Bill’s interview subjects today. He sat with me and elicited some of my memories of going to Star Trek Conventions since 1975, some I hadn’t thought of in years. First he listened to my stories, then asked me to repeat them for the camera. He also directed me in several other shots throughout the day, thanking me warmly for my participation and help. What a privilege.

Sometimes it’s hard to be objective: As a journalist and as a fan, this has been one of the most memorable weekends of my life. Thanks to everyone sharing it with me by following my tweets and commenting here at TrekMovie.

64. startrekdadoftwo - June 25, 2011

#51, The Creation owners have helped run the Shatner Horse Show Charity from the beginning, were especially integral in the early years before the major money sponsors were brought in.
To this day they volunteer and help organize a lot of the show (specially the “horseshow part”, so let’s get our facts right. I help there too and always have a good time.
In case you don’t know it the Creation guys have also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help kids affected by cancer go to college through their work with The Ellis Foundation of Hofstra University. I’ve assisted in that as well because my family was/is affected by that horrible disease and I’ve actually met some of the kids who are now cancer free and have great careers specially because of this Creation fund raising.

65. MJ - June 25, 2011

@61. “In any case, i think cons as a whole would be better if CBS would offficially license out to other promoters as well as Creation.”

Agreed — more competition would likely result in better conventions and improved/more consistent customer services.

Monopolies tend to be less responsive to consumers versus open competition among multiple providers of a service.

66. Dee - lvs moon' surface - June 25, 2011

#59- Keachick …

I’ve seen people reporting that Chris refused to sign autographs and take pictures when he is not working… he says it’s his ” day off”… but people say he does it with kindness…

And when he’s on set he hardly approaches the paps and fans that are around, according to reports… but still I have seen some pictures of him on the Internet with fans… in fact everything ends on the internet these days… I understand why an artist refuses to take a picture with someone, it is unclear how this picture will be used later… though I confess I like to see these pictures …

And I loved those pictures for The Captains…

:-) :-)

67. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 25, 2011

#63 You are such a lucky man. I am pleased that William Shatner appears to be in top form. Such energy and vitality. Keep having a great time.

Perhaps, once the convention has finished and you have all the photos etc, Anthony Pascale might do a thread here about you giving us a story about your own experiences of the con event…Possible/not possible?

68. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 25, 2011

#66 Yes, Dee, I have read that too.

I can also understand Chris’s reticence, as the few times he has been photographed opening a car door for a female, the next minute the photo is all over the internet and papz and anonymous people like us using psuedonyms pronounce that he must be “banging” her (not my phrase), she’s just some (fame) whore etc. There has been such a lot of bs of this kind.

I recall seeing a picture of Zachary Quinto sitting with a young woman having coffee (in NY). It came on the internet and all the postings/blogs were about how ugly the woman was, what was he doing with someone like her, must be desperate etc – just such a lot of nasty bs.

It also seems that no longer can a male actor/celebrity be seen walking or having coffee with a female without various personal insinuations being made about their sex lives, but it is also happening with two males. I mean, seriously, wtf?

Is it a wonder we rarely see any pictures of these guys nowadays? Just too sad!

69. dmduncan - June 25, 2011

63. Frank Jay Gruber – June 25, 2011

I envy you!!! And would love to see those pics when you get them up.

70. MJ - June 25, 2011

@63 @68

It will be interesting to see if Shat uses those great interview takes, or whether he and editors edit and mine that for some out-out-context “wacky Star Trek fan” points to be more sensational for the show. For now, I’ll give Shat and the producers the benefit of the doubt, but I’ll be holding my breath and hoping for the best here given past stuff he’s done in this vain like Invasion Iowa.

71. Jonboc - June 25, 2011

Yes, Creation cons suck compared to the cons of old, but, more often than not, they’re the only game in town…which is another problem in itself. But it is what it is…no one has to attend if they don’t want to, and most, that are going to cons these days, never experienced the conventions of yesteryear anyway, so they don’t miss or expect what they’ve never had. I applaud Chris Pine for taking a stand, hopefully he’ll advise the other new Trek stars to steer clear of Creation events as well.

For those in the center of the country, Trek Expo is usually a decent show put on in in Tulsa Oklahoma. It’s going on this weekend, as we speak. I’ve seen the entire TOS cast appear there as well as dozens of other actors from the spin offs as well as other interesting science fiction themed guests.

72. startrekdadoftwo - June 25, 2011

#65 No one has a monopoly on running Star Trek conventions, i.e. Trek Expo, Vulkon, etc., etc.
The stars’ fees apparently have gotten so high for personal appearances it is virtually impossible to run one of them.
I remember several of past recent years including “Jumpcon” , Fedcon in Texas, and one Star Trek tour run out of Kansas City that all collected tons of ticket money and then went under without refunding. All were so called “fan fun cons”.

73. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 25, 2011

If most of the Star Trek conventions are organised and run by Creation, Chris Pine may not have much choice once the new movie gets released and is even more successful than the 2009 film (as I hope it will be). He and the other cast will be in much demand at these conventions and I don’t see Paramount accepting his unwillingness to attend one of these conventions.

I just hope that people make sure that Creation is made fully aware of the problems that some people, including it seems the actors and other guests who attend (grief), have and improve the situation.

Speaking of the sequel – no word from Bob Orci, JJ Abrams as yet. No official “Pre-Production” noted on the Untitled Star Trek Sequel IMDb board either. Hmmm…

Perhaps, we’ll leave JJ Abrams to enjoy his birthday on Monday, 27 June. He will be as old as the Star Trek franchise, 45 years old. It must have been a good year, 1966! However, after 27 June…
(BTW, when do official school/summer holidays start in the US? I thought kids were already on holiday…)

74. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 25, 2011

#72 Greed is, ultimately, so self-defeating…

75. Canon Schmanon - June 25, 2011

On the subject of autographs, I think it is extremely rude to approach any “celebrity” and ask for an autograph when they aren’t specifically at a place to do just that. I’ve met quite a few actors/performers in my time (Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Johnny Depp, Mary Stewart Masterson, Cuba Gooding, Holly Hunter, John Goodman, Robin Williams, Antonio Banderas, Richard Dreyfuss, Christian Slater, James Woods, Elvis Costello, etc., etc,) and never asked them to sign anything because that wasn’t the purpose behind our meeting. But I’ve never really understood why anybody would want a silly signature in the first place.

I have no problem with Chris Pine refusing to do autographs when some annoying dweeb interrupts him somewhere for a stupid signature, or worse, a photograph. Have some dignity, folks. If there is specifically an autographing event, then fine, go for it. Otherwise leave these people alone. Just because you see their movies or watch their shows doesn’t mean they should take the time to accommodate each and every fan at any time or any place.

76. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

#71 not sure where you are but, its all to obvious that Creation has a monopoly on running officially licensed star trek conventions.

77. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 25, 2011

#75 I was talking about at Premieres, plays, tv show tapings and events where they are there to promote their movies, and shows. And interacting with the public is expected. and he has always been willing and gracious and more than happy to do it for fans at these types of events FOR FREE.

and just because a autograph is silly to you doesnt mean that its silly to everyone else, its a fun hobby and their are far worse ways to spend ones time than attending events where you are able to collect autographs.

having said that i also think as long as the person asking isnt obnoxious or intrusive then theres nothing wrong with asking for one if you run into someone out on the street, most are usually pretty cool about and if they wanna do it theyll do it if they dont they dont and thats the end of it.

I interact with a lot of celebrities at work(in fact everyone you have mentioned plus many more much bigger) with my postiion, and I can tell you when i see stars get asked by fans for a autograph or a photo even if they arent up for it right then, they are always polite and the person asking is respectful and walks away happy that they just met them at all. but 9 times out of 10 they are more than happy to take 30 seconds to take a photo or sign an autograph for a fan.

#73 Paramount might license to creation for it shows, but that doesnt mean they are going to force an Actor to attend something he doesnt want to attend.

78. MJ - June 26, 2011

The only autograph I have collected that really means something more than just fan value is Buzz Aldrin’s.

79. Jim Nightshade - June 26, 2011

The one n only trek conv. i went to was a vegas creation con for 40th anniv. of trek—Our experiene was great–they accidently gave us tickets not next to each other n fixed it right away-sheri is special needs n both you volunteers n the staff were great in acommodating us–gary also helped us–at one point a father n son took our reserved seats n cussed n made fun of us when we politely asked them to move-then they went one row behind us continued to make fun of n cuss–sheri got up n went n got gary-the son n father ran away before sheri got back-it was our only negative experience-both volunteers n staff helped us a lot during the photo ops, etc–it wasnt cheap-havent been able to afford to go again but it was worth the money n creation was there for us whenever we needed em-and thanks to the dedicated volunteers helping the staff also-all were excellent–

80. Canon Schmanon - June 26, 2011

77. The 76th Distillation of Blue – as always, what I said was simply my opinion, and I was not in any way trying to demean anybody here. I was simply speaking from my perspective and with my opinions. If you felt singled out, please know that I don’t even recall reading your post. I was just skimming and notice a number of comments about autographs, something I feel strongly about. I am sorry if it came off harshly.

81. Canon Schmanon - June 26, 2011

77. The 76th Distillation of Blue – So your stars are bigger than my stars, huh? All right then, I’m gonna throw Anthony Hopkins at you! Whose bigger than that?

82. Jonboc - June 26, 2011

#75. “On the subject of autographs, I think it is extremely rude to approach any “celebrity” and ask for an autograph when they aren’t specifically at a place to do just that. ”

Autograph collecting goes back to the days of the silent screen. And generally, aside from these cattle call events, its looked upon as a simple memento given…free of charge, I might add, to a fan as a way to say “thanks” for their unwavering support and most actors happily oblige.
It’s the autograph peddlers who ambush an actor with a stack of 20 photos, that the actor knows are going straight to eBay, that rub many an actor the wrong way. And these cons…where an actor is paid a LOT of money to attend, yet the still demand $30 to $75 for a signature that takes less than 10 seconds to scratch out, rubs many fans the wrong way. At these cons, the media guests sign, not for gratitude but for greed, and at 30 bucks or more a pop, who can really blame them?
We won’t even talk about the recent trend of not allowing photos with signers, so you can, instead, pay $75 or more for an official photo opportunity with your favorite $tar.

83. Mel - June 26, 2011

I would never pay tons of money for a signature or a photo with an actor. I am one of those people who consider that greedy. A signature/photo takes only a very short time. The prizes are just not appropiate for the short amount of work.

I am also one of those people, who are more interested in the fictional characters than in the actors, who played them. So I like watching Star Trek series/movies, but not necessarily other work of the actors, just because they also played in Star Trek. I am also not very interested in their personal lives.

84. Mikey1091 - June 26, 2011

You’re not going to beleive me when I say this, but I went to the NJ con yesterday and am IN this documentary! You’ll see a huge crown running towards the con, I’m in that crowd! Didn’t get to meet Shatner personally, but getting directed on camera by him was too good to pass up!

85. Spock - June 26, 2011

56. MJ – June 25, 2011

@55 Interesting “Spock” how you ignore everyone’s response to your posts above….or should I say, how “convenient.” :-)

I am sorry, I ignore stupidity! But, seriously, anyone who does not see what bs the convention circuit is with Creation at the helm has not been around long enough. I have been there since the beginning. It has gotten worse and worse and worse. Everyone thinks something is worth $ it is ridiculous. Photo ops are stupid and they keep milking the cow. Their autograph prices and everything else keep going up. Frankly, they have treated many of the actors like crap too (check Wil Wheaton’s blog about the 15th TNG Convention, which no one attended!) FYI no one else can use Star Trek in the title of a convention except creation.

86. startrekdadoftwo - June 26, 2011

#85: Spock, you give yourself a bad name. If you don’t want photo ops, don’t get them. I have many and I treasure them and they have led to many wonderful conversations with visitors to my home. No one forces you to buy them.
The actors starting charging more for convention appearances when they discovered their autographs were worth money (via ebay). To defray these large speaking costs conventions had to charge for signatures. Again if you don’t want to get the autographs you don’t have to pay for them. If you want free autographs you can choose to wait outside premieres and theaters for hours and maybe get a signature if a star wants to. And, actually, in many cases Creation has lowered their autograph prices if you checked.
The New Jersey Creation Convention is $20 and you get to see all the stars plus the surprise of William Shatner being on stage.
Have you ever attended a concert, play, ballgame, compare the costs?
Creation has presented 1000s of celebrities over 40 years: clearly they are doing something right.

87. BitterTrekkie - June 26, 2011

86. You got a link to Wheaton’s blow about the TNG 15th anniversary convention?
I’d love to read it.

88. BitterTrekkie - June 26, 2011

Sorry I meant to say 85.

89. Spock - June 26, 2011


Well, I have been lucky enough to meet most of the Trek people ‘around town’ as it were. I just find it funny that they will charge ridiculous amounts for people they should not be. Read the link, it is very interesting!

90. MJ - June 26, 2011

@89. All that proves is that Wheaton has a bit of the “Garrett Wang syndrome.” He thinks he is a big draw when he is really a smaller actor in Trek, and he has a sense of entitlement about Trek. People don’t go to conventions to see Wheaton.

At least this was the case until recently, when the Big Bang Theory appearances somewhat revived his stature, albeit by making fun of his eak character on Trek. But interestingly, on that show, they mention the real truth that his character is considered “the Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek.”

I do like Wheaton — his is not the bad due that Garret Wang is, even if he has some of the same attitude.

91. Iowagirl - June 26, 2011

Bill and Nichelle together – great pics!

How bad he didn’t have the idea for the show two years ago at the LV con – he could’ve done an entire episode starring me…LOL..:))

Love the idea of “Fan Addict” – go Bill!

92. Keachick (rose pinenut) - June 26, 2011

Downunder here, it is now Monday 27 June, 12.40pm.

I would like to wish J J Abrams a very happy birthday and a great new year. May this new year be a very wonderful Star Trek and family year for him. Have a good one.

(Warning: this message may get repeated on Monday, US time…:))

See, MJ, that little cheese didn’t hurt now, did it? …;)

93. The 76th Distillation of Blue - June 26, 2011

90 I can kinda see what your getting at, and based on his references about his ego being put in check and such indicate that he might have thought that as well thinking back to when he decided he wanted to get back into cons. But at the same time they strung him along for a good period of time,before even following through after their talks, and then to reply back that they didnt consider him apart of the Trek family and thats why they didnt want to give him an audience in the big room, and low ball him on what they were willing to pay his improv group was just wrong.

They give recurring actors who appear in only a small percentage of the total number of episodes more respect than that, even if people thought his character was annoying he was still a big part of the TNG family for 4 seasons. Heck they gave Jennifer Lien who was essentially fired from Voyager after 3 seasons,(and was unproven on the convention circuit having only done a handfull before leaving the series.) speaking time in the big room, and not just relagating her to being a autograph signer.

94. MJ - June 26, 2011

@93. Yea. I think you make some good points there. It would be interesting if we could get both sides of the story here. I suspect that this might be that Wheaton may have been expecting a larger check than what the Creation budget was for him to appear based on his limited star power…it takes two parties to make a contract.

95. Mel - June 27, 2011

At the last FedCon in Germany this were the prizes for signatures and photos.

Signature FedCon 2011

Scott Bakula: 65 € = $ 92
Richard Dean Anderson: 80 € = $114
Paul McGillion: 15 € = $ 21
Lance Henriksen: 20 € = $ 28
Wil Wheaton: 30 € = $ 43
Robert Duncan McNeill: 15 €
Marina Sirtis: 20 €
Jeremy Bulloch: 15 €
Daniel Logan: 10 €
Nicole de Boer: 15 €
Sean Maher: 20 €
Bonnie Piesse: 10 €
Dirk Benedict: 20 €
Tony Amendola: 15 €
Kate Hewlett: 15 €
Arlene Martel: 10 €
Kate Vernon: 20 €
Carel Struycken: 15 €
Garrett Wang: 15 €

Photo FedCon 2011

Scott Bakula: 40 € = $ 57
Richard Dean Anderson: 40 €
Paul McGillion: 15 €
Lance Henriksen: 20 €
Wil Wheaton: 20 € = $28
Robert Duncan McNeill: 15 €
Marina Sirtis: 15 €
Jeremy Bulloch: 15 €
Daniel Logan: 15 €
Nicole de Boer: 15 €
Sean Maher: 15 €
Bonnie Piesse: 15 €
Dirk Benedict: 15 €
Tony Amendola: 15 €
Kate Hewlett: 15 €
Arlene Martel: 15 €
Kate Vernon: 15 €
Carel Struycken: 15 €
Garrett Wang: 15 €

So Wil Wheaton wanted one of the biggest amount of money. Even more than some actors, who played in more seasons of a scifi series. He is also not famous for anything else in Germany like some other actors ( Richard Dean Anderson = MayGyver; Dirk Benedict = A-Team) Maybe in the past for the movie “Stand by Me”, but that was long ago and is mostly forgotten now. So if Wheaton is really protesting about the high prizes for fans at cons, he is a hypocrite!

96. Mel - June 27, 2011

80 € for a signature from Richard Dean Anderson was by the way only the prize for a pre-signed photo. He brought photos with signatures already on it to the con.

If you wanted to bring your own photo, poster, DVD cover,… for a signature, which he signed live at the con, you had to pay 120 € = $ 171 for it.

I wonder if some of the people who defended prizes for signatures in this thread still think that those prizes are appropiate!!!

97. Spock - June 27, 2011

The funny thing is, that everyone keeps saying he is not a ‘big part of the trek family’ and he is the ‘jar jar binks of trek’. But, frankly Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, and Walter Koenig were just a slight step above extras and were seen much less than the other characters. I am also sure that if you count the time that Wil has been on screen, it would be more screen time than the original cast in the three seasons.

98. Lt. Bailey - June 27, 2011

Thanks to Shatner, we will always have some kind of Trek to view.

I wish Creations well with this venture and I do hope it is successful. I cannot stand reality TV as life is as reall as it gets for me so that is why I will watch my DVDs (from Star Trej to Disney) to escape. But this show will change my attitude towards reality TV shows. I look forward to seeing them in Las Vegas.

99. They call me Stasiu - June 27, 2011

So I chose to go only on Sunday, and this was the fun I missed? Arrrgh!

100. Jim Nightshade - June 28, 2011

At the one con i went to, i did not buy any autographs–price too high n wait in line too long–at a celebrity bfast grace lee whitney said no to our photo request saying creation wont let them—a min later we asked the same to the great mr sulu, george takei–he said shure n smiled–i guess creation doesnt tell sulu what to do ok?

101. Nelson - June 28, 2011

Great images from the filming of Shatner interviewing Nichelle Nichols!

The first thing that popped in my head when I read about Fan Addict is it sounds conceptually similar to the documentary Trekkies. Though that focused mainly on Star Trek, this show will expand that to other genres.

102. Lt. Bailey - June 28, 2011


JIm, my friend. When my wife and I stood in line for George’s autograph, he had a huge line. He wants to spend time with every fan and makes no bones (no pun) about it regardless of how much time it takes. He kind of has carte blanche would be my guess.

103. Anthony Pascale - June 28, 2011


warning for flaming

Lets stop with the personal attacks people. It is not what this site is about

104. Jim Nightshade - June 30, 2011

Yep youre probably right Lt Bailey sir–when george t came to our bfast table he made sure to talk to every one of us n laughed his original laugh n told the most entertaining stories as well–fyi he is in the new tom hanks/julia r. movie coming out-hanks specifically mentioned him in a tv interview–u can tell hes a trek fan heh

105. smxp - August 2, 2011

People claiming other cons like Dragon and SDCC are full of it. Those cons have cheaper prices but good luck getting into a good panel without an hours long line. No thanks, I’ll prefer to have a guarantee entrace into the panel than waste hours in line.

Plus, we pay way more for good seats at concerts. Instead of paying 200-1000 or more for a great seat at a concert, some of us spend it on Trek cons.

This is a business after all and not a charity event or a movie promotion. These are actors entertaining us at cons and need to be paid.

Creation has affordable packages and day tickets, and STILL guarantee a seat at all panels.

I hope Creation is around for a long time. It’s tough to do Cons, just look at Con of Wrath as an example.

106. Ringlady - September 26, 2011

I remember reading a blog by Wil Wheaton that coventions paid for Jonathon Frakes first house, Levar Burton’s daughter’s first year at college and his own son’s first semester at college. Adam & Gary are great guys. I’m volunteering at the Star Trek Chicago Con for the first time (I also volunteer for Supernatural) If you don’t want to pay large sums. Go general or volunteer. You have a choice. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.