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First Look At Anovos Spock & Uhura Star Trek TOS Uniform Replicas July 6, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Apparel,Replicas,Star Trek (2009 film),TOS , trackback

Today Anovos, makers of high-end costume replicas, have provided TrekMovie with the first looks at the two latest entries in their expanding Star Trek line. Just available for pre-order are an Uhura Red Dress and a Spock Blue Tunic. Get a closer look at both below, along with an overview of other Anovos costume replicas from both the original Star Trek and the 2009 Star Trek movie. 


First look at new Spock and Uhura costume replicas from Anovos

If you are a Star Trek collector or a costumer who demands perfection, Anovos may have just the thing for you. Anovos goes to great lengths to ensure their replicas are a highly precise match for the original costumes, with a lengthy R&D and test process. For the original Star Trek line, their designs are based on original patterns. Anovos uses the exact double-knit fabric and they carefully choose dyes to match original screen-used costumes.  One of the new replicas  being revealed this week Spock’s Blue Tunic, based on a season 3 design. 

Getting a closer look you can see the kind of attention to detail Anovos puts into these replicas, including the invisible plastic zipper at neckline.

The manufacturing for all Anovos products is done in the USA by the same team that Paramount used to make the costumes for the 2009 Star Trek movie. Pre-orders for the Spock tunic are available starting this week for a limited run of 200. Each tunic is available in five sizes with an adjustable hemline and you can contact Anovos for custom sizing. The cost of each tunic is $279.95 and they will be available in November. You can pre-order at

The second piece being revealed this week is a replica of Lieutenant Uhura’s Red Services Division Uniform Dress from Season 3 of the original Star Trek. This dress features the tri-cut pattern design.

Limited to 150 pieces, the Uhura dress features the same rank braid and divisions patch worn by Uhura on TOS, along with the same care and details as the Spock tunic. Here you can see details on the tri-cut pattern and the ribbed black jersey neck piece. 

The new Uhura dress was constructed using original patterns from the CBS archive, as well as a screen-used red uniform from the original Star Trek. Each dress is available in six sizes with an adjustable hemline and you can contact Anovos for custom sizing. The cost of each tunic is $325.95 and is available in November. You can pre-order at

More Star Trek replicas from Anovos

The new Spock and Uhura replicas join a growing line of Star Trek pieces from Anovos, including a blue (science) version of the tri-cut dress, a Kirk command tunic and a Engineer/Security red tunic. New stock for all will be available in September and you can pre-order each from Entertainment Earth. See below for pictures and pricing (click images to pre-order).

TriCut Science Blue Dress – $325 at Entertainment Earth

3rd Season Kirk Tunic – $279 at Entertainment Earth

3rd Season Red Tunic – $275.99 at Entertainment Earth

Anovos also has a growing line of costume replicas for the 2009 Star Trek movie, including men’s tunics in command gold, science blue and engineering red. They also have Women’s dresses in red and blue. All are based on the original designs and made by the same team who made the original costumes for Paramount. New stock for all will be available in September and you can pre-order each from Entertainment Earth. See below for pictures and pricing (click images to pre-order). Note: Replicas shown with QMX replica badge, which is not included.

Star Trek Movie Command Division Stunt Tunic – $290.99 at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Movie Science Division Stunt Tunic – $290.99 at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Movie Engineering Division Stunt Tunic – $290.99 at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Movie Red Dress – $340.99 at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Movie Blue Dress – $290.99 at Entertainment Earth

For more information visit


1. DarthDogg - July 6, 2011

I really hope they put rank on those female uniforms in the next movie. In fact, I hope they add the entire sleeves back. the originals look so much better.

2. John Gill - July 6, 2011

They look oh so nice!!! But the cost is way out of my range…

3. jotin - July 6, 2011

I would love to save up for this! But I have to admit, the cost is… pretty dang high… Does anyone know what these exact colors are called?

4. Tony Whitehead - July 6, 2011

The new outfits look like pajamas when you put ’em side by side with the original uniforms. No comparison at all.

5. Andy Patterson - July 6, 2011

Have to admit there was something about the third season uniforms I didn’t like as much as earlier versions. Still, would be cool to have.

6. Rocket Scientist - July 6, 2011

Nice! But man, who’s got that kind of disposable income these days?

7. Robert H. - July 6, 2011

OR I can just wear my Halloween costume that only cost me $40.

8. Patrice - July 6, 2011

C’mon. Too pricey!!! $$$
Drop the price a bit and we might have a deal. Sheesh

9. Basement Blogger - July 6, 2011

The TOS tri-cut dresses are lovely. Boy I wish I were rich. I love how great Kirk’s TOS tunic looks. Hmmm. Maybe if search the couch, I’ll find enough change.

10. Tom - July 6, 2011

Way to much money they want.

11. Harry Ballz - July 6, 2011

Those tunics should retail for about $89.

Even that amount would be tops for those tops!

12. Duane - July 6, 2011

I never cared much for the TOS Season 3 tunics. They looked a bit too polished for me.

13. Chris J - July 6, 2011

Old-style tunics still look the best I think.

14. Pointing out the Obvious - July 6, 2011

275 dollars for a replica uniform? I think not.

Why do people who make Trek merch think they can charge what they do? Honestly, it baffles the mind.

15. Harry Ballz - July 6, 2011


Yes, especially when you consider that they could sell a million of them at $89 apiece……but, no, they’re aiming for selling 378 of them for $290 a pop. Go figure!

16. VulcanFilmCritic - July 7, 2011

OUTRAGEOUS! And the shipping charges range from $20.00 to over $80.00!
For one non-fragile item. In a box.
Let’s see at a limited run of 200 at $280.00 ($56,000) and $80.00 in shipping charges ($16,000) that’s $72,000 gross with overhead of 50%, hmmmm, netting a profit of $36,000. Highly illogical!

17. John Broughton - July 7, 2011

Beautiful work and professionalism; you don’t have to go through all the craziness associated with Star Trek costumers. ANOVOS sets the vanguard on high quality and exacting uniform replicas.

18. Iva - July 7, 2011

How about a female gold tunic? Not everybody’s life dream is maintenance section.
Thumbs up for TOS blue female.
Will there be a male shirtsleeves blue one, Bones TOS?

19. I'm Dead Jim! - July 7, 2011

Yeah, those TOS dresses have a touch of style and elegance severely lacking in the 2009 versions. Very nice all around but I don’t dress up anymore and probably won’t start at these prices. They should include the pants for that.

20. Magic_Al - July 7, 2011

Simple logic explains the high price. These are virtually exact duplicates of costumes that were custom made in small quantities for TV and movie production. If they were redesigned for mass production to lower the price through economies of scale in workmanship and materials, they would no longer be exact duplicates.

21. Admiral Kent - July 7, 2011

I’d love to see a replica of the STII-VI uniforms…but I could just imagine how much those would be.

22. Desstruxion - July 7, 2011

Charging those prices in this economy is highly illogical.

23. rm10019 - July 7, 2011

21 – There are many great people making the II-VI uniforms on ebay. Good prices too!

24. Captain Ucklak - July 7, 2011

I’ll buy one. I think the prices are fair, considering the level of workmanship.

25. John - July 7, 2011

To expensive!

26. BAK55 - July 7, 2011

I had made costumes and props as a hobby with plenty of people asking to make items for them. The pay expectation by the fan is extremely low for the hard work I would have to put into the project expected to be done, and in the time frame they want. Which is why I don’t accept comissions. No one wants to work for only $2.00 an hour.

I have seen other sites like this where they become overwelmed with orders and fall behind. Resulting in getting a bad reputation and eventually shutting down. So I can understand setting a limited amout of items at a time.

27. Adam Bomb 1701 - July 7, 2011

Jeez, those “TOS” uniform replicas look great. The costume fabric was changed from velour to double-knit (IIRC) mid-second season, as the velour shrank too much. Every time it was cleaned, in fact. And, the actors’ contracts mandated that the costumes be cleaned daily. There’s a less-than-complimentary drawing in the book “Inside Star Trek” of Shatner, done on the set, showing his gut starting to stick out from a shrunken shirt. For a Halloween party my then-wife wasted her bonus money on, I could have bought a decent-looking replica “Trek” shirt for less than the price of the costume I rented – a dumb-looking “Coors” beer can. Which came off very quickly, as it was way too hot.

28. bill hiro - July 7, 2011

Also, in regards to the price, the licensing fee Paramount gets for this kind of thing isn’t chickenfeed.

29. Red Dead Ryan - July 7, 2011

For all the people biching about the price: Yes, its expensive. But the type of material used and how it’s made costs a lot of money. Its not like making t-shirts out of polyester. Each tunic/skirt is hand made, not sewn together on some mass production line. It’s very labor intensive. $89 would not even come close to covering the cost to make them. Plus the folks who make these deserve to be paid fairly for their labor.

The limited numbers are due to the relatively low number of people who’d pay for these uniforms. Anovos is a small company, just like how Art Asylum is. AA makes nice Trek toys and collectibles, but because of the size of the company, they don’t/can’t make a whole lot of products. And their figures are better quality than Playmates, and are more expensive as a result.

The truth is, even if these uniforms were cheaper doesn’t mean more people would buy them. Only a small portion of fans buy replica uniforms, fewer than those who buy other types of “Star Trek” merchandise.

30. Captain Hackett - July 7, 2011

I rather not order the red one! ;)

The gold uniform looks so cool!

31. Driver - July 7, 2011

Then there’s the cost of the mannequin(s) to hang this on as you would not actually wear it for fear of stains, tears etc.

32. murt - July 7, 2011

The price is more than fair considering that they’ve duplicated the patterns and workmanship of the original 60’s garments.

I actually didn’t think they would do that considering that ready-to-wear garments manufactured in the 60s were of much higher quality than most of the stuff made today, just in terms of finishing the seams, pressing, complexity of the patterns, etc. The tri-cut dress in particular is a garment that is fairly difficult to sew and fit especially using a stretchy knit/jersey fabric. And obviously the Star Trek costumes were made to order by Theiss — he wouldn’t have been very concerned about the labour costs involved in the patterns as he was making them himself.

It wouldn’t be possible to sell this stuff at a lower price, I think, especially given that the garments are being made in the USA. I doubt it would be financially feasible to mass-manufacture the dress in that quality. Even with the price as it is, the profit margins are likely quite low.

33. PleasureGirl1990 - July 7, 2011

Go to their website and check out their ‘Galactica’ uniforms; they’re awesome!

34. davidfuchs - July 7, 2011

I have to say that the TOS uniforms do seem a little neater than the new ones–partly due to the cooler rank cuffs and the smaller seam for the shoulder. They also look a little less fitted, but I really like that they are two-piece.

The women’s uniforms are definitely worse.

Oh well. I’d rather have an Enterprise redesign than new uniforms :)

35. OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY - July 7, 2011

I read that some of the cast of TOS had to be literally sewn into the uniforms.

36. Thomas Jensen - July 7, 2011

#17 John, You are so right, I know a bit of the development of these. A third season version of the three costumes from a professional vs. the problems encountered with the various people making them at home, with the absence of the detail necessary, make these very collectable items. And they are of a limited quantity.

I have the first and second season versions of the three uniforms from a very respectable and esteemed fan and I enjoy having them with the regard to the accurate detail they were crafted. I’m looking forward to adding these to the collection.

37. Lt. Bailey - July 7, 2011

These are great uniforms that are done so well. And I have to agree with # 29 that these costumes deserve the price that they are. Go to a tailor and see how it costs to replicate these using patterns and materials to match these here, it would not be that much less than what you see here, I know, I tried it for my wife to get her a red Uhura dress ( I wanted her to wear gold but…) and I was quoted $300.

They will offer a Kirk casual green wrap that I have to own, according to their website, they will only make 50 of those. The currently published Star Trek magazine had an article about Avonos’ schedule and they will offer ST II to VI maroon tunics later this year or so they claim. I hope they also make the trousers for those tunics as well.

Yes it is expensive, but if you want to look your best, it will cost you. Sure, we all would like to have these at a cheaper price but it does not always work out that way in life.

One solution to this is what one of my active duty soldiers did when he was in Korea a few years ago. He found a local tailor in town and got a Gold shirt made in a custom fit, material is a little off but very well done for $100. The only problem was the rank braid which Korea did not have so he bought the rank from Roddenberry and had it sewn on in the US when his duty in Korea was over.

38. Dr. Cheis - July 7, 2011

For those prices, I’d expect it would come with pants and boots.

39. Phil - July 7, 2011

Quit complaining about the prices – you are paying this (if you get one) for the same reason you pay a lot for a formal dress or a tux. It’s a garment with limited use, and are not mass produced. Eighty-nine bucks, really? A cheap kids costume for Halloween runs forty, and those are mass produced by foreign slave labor.

40. Polly - July 7, 2011

They pretty good! I want one so bad, but the price! geez no way I could afford that.

41. Polly - July 7, 2011

& i really hope for the next movie (if there is one) that they design Uhura’s dress a bit more like the TOS Uhura dress…it looks so much more classy. In my opinion.

42. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 7, 2011

I like the new uniforms. I don’t think they look like pyjamas or is it that much of our nightwear are made to look like day wear? My daughter wears what are meant to be pyjamas as day wear (one of her favourite outfits) and nobody can tell the difference.

I don’t know if those replica uniforms are overpriced or not, but I do know that people like knitters and seamstresses can be underpaid for the time, effort and skill they often put into making garments. My mother was a knitter who was given wool or other and a pattern and paid to knit an entire one-off garment just from the pattern. The wool/materials would have probably cost $100 at the most. Often the patterns were wrong as in they did not produce the picture of what the garment was supposed to look like if followed, which meant she had to unpick everything and make up the pattern herself to fit the picture. She would spend many many hours getting everything right. She went into a souvenir shop one day and saw what she had knitted herself going for NZ$500 on one occasion. She was just paid NZ$50!

43. Phil - July 7, 2011

Actually, I hope in the next movie they get the women out of the go-go dresses all together, and into the same threads as the guys. Micro-mini skirts never struck me as all that practical for a military/service organization, and since the ladies (in theory, at least) are treated as more then eye candy, it just makes sense to dress them appropiately.

44. Glenn - July 7, 2011

The costs of these uniforms are not out of whack when you consider the only logical comparison, a professional authentic sports jersey. The price of that product retails for a similar price for the high end product. Trek fans sometimes get mocked for wearing costumes, but in the end is it really any different from going to a ballgame in a team jersey?

45. Iva - July 7, 2011

43. Phil – July 7, 2011

They can keep the TOS micro skirts, even make them shorter, just add pants to the uniform.
And add women to the security team and engineering.

46. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 7, 2011

Cool …:-) :-)

47. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 7, 2011

Keep the women in TOS like uniforms. Women are not men and men are not women. Anyway, who says that some of the guys are not seen as eye candy…:), despite wearing those threads? Depends on who is doing the looking.

48. Phil - July 7, 2011

@45. Okay, as long as the guys do the same.

@47. When I was a horny teen-ager I didn’t have an issue with women in service being as naked as possible, and TOS didn’t dissapoint. For all the chatter that goes on on this site about Trek being more science fiction the fantasy, suggesting that the best possible duty uniform for a 23rd century female space explorer is the go-go dancer outfit stretches credibility quite a bit. Either lose the dresses, or start dressing the guys like Zap Brannigan…. :-)

49. dmduncan - July 7, 2011

Following naval tradition, the braid around the cuffs indicates rank, which is why Kirk’s tunic has more braid that Spock’s.

Just noticed that the ST.09 versions have one band around the wrist of the gold and blue tunics.

50. Patty Wright - July 7, 2011

Speaking from experience, for TOS the fabric alone cost more than $89. It’s custom ordered and dyed for these uniforms.

51. Harry Ballz - July 7, 2011

Okay, I’ll go as high as $129. Sheesh!

52. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 7, 2011

Phil – Lt Uhura from TOS et al were never naked. They were covered from head to foot, but then your brain/imagination probably only allowed you to see what you wanted to see…;) Anyway, Kirk and co also wore boots.

53. tony - July 8, 2011

wow look great but alittle $$$$$

54. Phil - July 8, 2011

@52. Don’t be splitting hairs with me about if nylons are clothes or not. They got away with showing as much skin as possible in the 60’s – all you have to do is check the costumes on most of the female guest stars, which frequently were nothing more the catsuits or swimwear. Like I said, as naked as possible. Don’t think the guys had heels on their boots, either.

TOS was horribly sexist, and the costumes reflected that. It was a product of it’s time. Take a look at the UPS/DHL/FedEx driver the next time you get a package – if it’s a woman imagine her doing that job in a micro-mini and three inch heels. My son is in the Navy, and the daily uniforms are work clothes. No short skirts and heels for the girls. Trek should reflect that reality.

55. gingerly - July 8, 2011

LOL that first photo…

The mannequin’s all “…and the flap opens for easy “accidental” wardrobe malfunctions.”

56. Matthew M - July 8, 2011

Never liked the original or the new although the new uniform material is a vast improvement but not enough to pay that much for a pajama top! That’s all they are, not uniforms, pajamas. Not even cruise lines wear uniforms this lame. Loved the U.S.S. KELVIN uniforms, at least they looked halfway like uniforms.
All you purists think they are so great. People in the 23rd century will not be dressing like this. Grow up and get over it.

57. gingerly - July 8, 2011


You know,sometimes hindsight recreates the way things were to favor what we think they ought to be, now.

On the uniform thing, Nichelle Nichols has on multiple occasions stated that the uniform, -the miniskirt was actually an expression of feminist freedom at the time.

A way of women reclaiming the their sexuality, as it was one of the first times in US historty, women felt free to show so much skin, much like what went on with the flappers in the 20’s.

And yes, when you think it of this way as in all the women were allowed gorgeous, comfortably enticing and yet the men did not think that entitled them to sex, I actually think that in this issue that show could be interpreted as being ahead of where we are today.

58. Shatoupee - July 8, 2011

Too bad these aren’t in stores or at conventions, so one can try them on. If I’m paying this much for a Trek tunic, I’d want to know it fit before buying it. Incidentally, I have no issue with the price.

59. girl6 - July 8, 2011



Fooling around with costumers and finding the right fabric color cost me more than the Anovo price.


THis, too.

Nichelle Nichols has also said that the uniform was extremely comfortable, easy to move in–much like a tennis outfit–and she never felt over-exposed.

60. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 8, 2011

#54 Splitting hairs over whether nylons are clothes? Wow – you try not wearing nylons or similar with a dress as short as TOS Uhura’s was? But then you are a guy… Besides, the dress that Zoe’s Uhura wore was not nearly as short as the one worn in TOS. Neither Uhuras wore high heels. It depends on what work a woman does as to what she wears. The same applies to men. And yes, TOS Kirk’s boots did have 1″ heels.

Actually I think the attitude that women on a 23rd century star ship Enterprise should have to wear much like what the men wear to be damn sexist. That is what I don’t like about TNG – this unisex de-feminising nonsense. Frankly, I couldn’t give one, let alone two… what women in the armed forces today have to wear. Starfleet is not a strictly military operation, not at all, so why should such strict and outdated rules apply 200 or so years from now?

The thread is about TOS uniforms – not what other women wore or didn’t wear on any episode who were not part of the Enterprise crew.

61. Phil - July 9, 2011

@60. Hey, ST is a Hollywood production, so they are going to package the ladies anyway they can to sell tickets. ST is also fantasy, so again, people can dress anyway they want. Taking the ST model and applying it to a real world situation, the women who work or serve are not dressed like go-go dancers. My observation, and I have yet to hear any reason to cause me to change my mind, is that TOS uniforms for the women are very non-functional. Nothing to lose any sleep over, though….

62. jimtibkirk - July 9, 2011

Love the vibrant colors of the TOS unis. Any Trekkie worth their weight in tribbles knows that NBC was the first network to offer all their programs in color. Trek’s unis (plus lighting the sets with colored floodlights) were all designed to help sell color TV sets for their parent company RCA.

63. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 9, 2011

Nichelle Nichols found her uniform very functional.

64. Jorg Sacul - July 11, 2011

Ok, to put on my nerd cap here, in TNG, there was a MALE version of the dress, called a “skant”. You can see it in pre-production art, as well as some publicity stills. Roddenberry sexist? ha. His women characters were busting down walls all over the place. You need to review the times (and network censorship) it was made in, before you apply your post-atomic horror era standards.

65. Punkspocker - July 11, 2011

The TOS dress is so much cooler.

66. VulcanFilmCritic - July 11, 2011

Does anyone here sew? Both of my parent s at one time worked in the garment district, so I know about both the industrial end as well a home sewing, which used to be “normal” back in the 1950’s and 60’s.
I used to make all of my own clothes, even tailored garments and coats. I started out tagging along with my mom on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn, then graduated to Delancy street on NY’s Lower East side, and finally 57th Street in NY. Today I can find anything I want in NY’s garment district.
Fabric is not that expensive when you are ordering it wholesale or buying end cuts, remnants and remainders. If this fabric was custom woven for this project, then I could explain the high price but it was probably not.
On the other hand, don’t compare the material to what the usual home crafter would buy from Joanne’s Fabrics or on-line.

This garment despite the presumably high-quality material is NOT a tailored garment, so don’t compare it to a custom fitted uniform ordered from a tailor or costumer. It is massed produced in standard sizes.

Compare it to garments made in the USA, in standard sizes from fairly good-quality material, say those made in the past by Pendleton. According to this measure, it’s still on the high side in terms of price.

What you are paying for is labor. Not the slave labor of the Asian sweat shop, but a decent wage paid to American workers. With such small lots of garments, the price per unit initially is going to be a little high. And for that reason I would buy one. But what I would hate to see is the same garment either knocked off perfectly somewhere else or these garments being dumped at fire-sale prices.

What baffles me is the high shipping prices!

67. Colicos - March 31, 2012

Hey I see a lot of people complaining but you pay the price for exclusivity.

A Timex will tell time more accurately than a Piaget watch but doesn’t cost $20,000. Yet there are those that can afford it who will buy the Piaget. Why does a Brioni suit cost more than a suit from Nordstrom? It costs 10 times more but will it keep you 10 times warmer? Will it last 10 times longer? Yet people still buy Brioni; at least those that can afford it.

Same with these costumes. They are made to a higher level of accuracy. The cheap halloween costumes look cheap. Captain Kirk’s uniform wasn’t a “daisy yellow” with a rounded collar and silk screened insignia.

Many cheap halloween costumes, and even the better replicas sold on ebay lack the small details like the zipper on the original costumes, and “panel” fabric along both sides of the rib that separates the front side and the back side of the tunics.

You get what you pay for.

68. Donna - April 2, 2012

I just got my TOS red dress today. Yes it was pricey, yes the shipping was high, but I chose the cheaper USPS rate. The fabric is beautiful in a rich gorgeous red. The quality is amazing. The zipper is completely hidden. The dress is 100% PERFECTION. You certainly do get what you pay for.

I chose to NOT go to any rock concerts this year to afford this dress. To me – it’s priceless. I look like I walked off a movie set. It is snug fitting….but that’s what Spanx is for! I work hard, don’t eat out, and take care of my aging parents and poor jobless relatives. Not that I’m complaining but they way I see it – I DESERVE this dress and I LOVE IT! The measurement chart was spot on. I was between sizes but I sized down and need to drop 5 lbs. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.