SDCC Crowd Sings Happy Birthday To Sir Patrick + Orci Reveals Alien Truth + Quinto & Lindelof’s Fringe Audition |
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SDCC Crowd Sings Happy Birthday To Sir Patrick + Orci Reveals Alien Truth + Quinto & Lindelof’s Fringe Audition July 24, 2011

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TrekMovie has put together some fun Star Trek celeb stuff from Saturday at San Diego Comic Con including photos of Patrick Stewart and video of the crowd singing him happy birthday. Plus Bob Orci reveals the truth about a government conspiracy, and finally video of Zachary Quinto and Damon Lindelof "audition" for Fringe


SDCC Crowd sings happy birthday to Patrick Stewart

On Saturday Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart attended his first San Diego Comic Con to attend the panel for Dorothy of Oz in which he voices the character of Tuck. During the pnael, Dorothy of Oz co-star Megan Hilty spontaneously decided to lead the crowd in singing happy birthday to Sir Patrick who turned 71 on July 13th.

And here are some photos with Sir Patrick at the Dorothy of Oz panel.

Sir Patrick Stewart at San Diego Comic Con – July 23, 2011

Sir Patrick and
 Megan Hilty Stewart at San Diego Comic Con – July 23, 2011

Orci: Government is lying about Aliens!

Anyone who follows Star Trek co-writer/producer Bob Orci on Twitter or even with his comments here at TrekMovie knows that he is a skeptic when it comes to official stories from the government. Here is an excerpt from an article at The Wrap from Saturdays SDCC Cowboys & Aliens premiere.

When asked if aliens exist, ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ writer and producer Roberto Orci perked up.

“I think the evidence clearly indicates that the government’s lying about what the hell’s going on.”

The truth is out there Bob!

Bob Orci doesn’t trust the government about aliens but is all smiles with Oliva Wilde at premiere of "Cowboys & Aliens" at San Diego Comic Con – July 23, 2011

Zachary Quinto, Damon Lindelof and others audition for Fringe’s Peter

Finally, at the Fringe panel on Saturday Warner Brothers and Fox decided to reveal the "Peter audition tapes" for featuring actors who auditioned for the role of Peter. The tapes turned out to be a gag which included Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof, the new Mr. Spock Zachary Quinto and others including Ben Schwartz, Rebecca Mader Geoff Stults, Paul Scheer, Michael Emerson and Danny Pudi.

Photos: WireImage

POLL: Are we not alone?

Well Bob Orci has weighed in on the notion of visits from Aliens, so what do you think?


Do you believe intelligent aliens exist?

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1. Cygnus-X1 - July 24, 2011

A brief embrace with Olivia Wilde for some photos…

“It’s good to be the writer.”

2. Cygnus-X1 - July 24, 2011

“The truth is out there Bob!” said the TrekMovie staff.

“The truth is in HERE!” replied Orci.


3. Cygnus-X1 - July 24, 2011

Regarding aliens and the US Gov., there’s a book recently released by a woman who wouldn’t name her sources, but said they were US gov or military insiders who had knowledge that the Roswell crash-landing incident was actually some kind of advanced Soviet spy plane piloted by very little men, and it was this that the US gov has kept secret all these years. The author of the book is a woman, though I can’t recall her name, but I saw her this year talking about it on…I think it was either The Daily Show or Colbert.

4. dmduncan - July 24, 2011

Bob is right! And you can spend your life trying to get to the bottom of that one!

5. Gary Makin - July 24, 2011

The military-industrial complex isn’t just lying about UFOs… They lie about everything.

It’s funny how most people don’t take UFOs seriously, even when Apollo astronauts like Ed Mitchell have publicly stated that there is a cover up.

6. Thorny - July 24, 2011

6. Mitchell’s the astronaut who tried the ESP experiment from the moon. That makes his credibility, shall we say… suspect? There was a time when we thought astronauts were our best and brightest, but the Lisa Nowak incident proves they can be just as loopy as anyone else.

The Apollo 14 “UFO” was a SLA panel from the Saturn V third stage, that’s been obvious since Day 1, but we’ll never convince the UFO believers. Some day I’d like to lock the Apollo UFO Cover-Uppers and the Apollo Hoaxers in the same room, just to see what happens.

7. boborci - July 24, 2011

Heres a fun one.

8. Gary Makin - July 24, 2011

6: I wasn’t talking about what Apollo astronauts saw or didn’t see in space, and neither was Ed Mitchell.

ESP experiment? I’m sure those were suggested by NASA, just like the CIA and KGB had psychic experiments. But I guess those never happened either, even though it’s a documented fact.

Mitchell isn’t the only astronaut to come out and say there’s a cover up. I guess all NASA astronauts must be nuts then.

I didn’t even mention Apollo hoax.

Maybe you should do your research first?

9. Vultan - July 24, 2011

Yeah, it’s hard to argue that a fuzzy blob in an image isn’t a traveler from the distant reaches of space.

Bigfoot’s on line two, Bob.

10. Gary Makin - July 24, 2011

9: Those fuzzy blobs pass behind a miles-long tether. And no, they’re not an optical illusion either. Or swamp gas. Or weather balloons, etc.

By the way, Olivia Wilde is hot.

11. boborci - July 24, 2011

9. And they change direction. But i undestand how scarry it can be to face the evidence openly.

12. Andy Patterson - July 24, 2011

Nice Happy Birthday. It’s my birthday today. Me and Lynda Carter….and Anna Paquin.

13. Vultan - July 24, 2011


Well, I wouldn’t dare argue with the “experts.”

Meanwhile—back on Planet Earth—a very happy birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart!

14. Gary Makin - July 24, 2011

6: Whoops, didn’t read the Apollo hoax point properly.

Anyhoo, astronauts need permission from NASA before they do experiments (or anything).

And Olivia Wilde is still really hot.

15. Gary Makin - July 24, 2011

13: Didn’t say I was an expert. I just looked into it properly before stating an opinion.

16. Phil - July 24, 2011

Oh, please. There are several million people who claim to have contact with extraterrestials and the best evidence put forth is…nothing. No pictures, no implants or radio collars on the people contacted (all though you got to admit that image is kinda funny) nobody ever sees any evidence other then eyewitnees accounts that end up on cable TV documentaries. Real science teaches us that first contact will be by radio communication, because aliens have to deal with the same physics we do. Sorry guys, but spacemen who may have traveled a long way to get here didn’t bake the trip just to rip the backsides out of cows. stomp on crops, and pick up earth girls.

17. Vultan - July 24, 2011


Sorry, Mulder, but I look to guys like Michio Kaku and Neil Degrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking when it comes to all things science, not a Hollywood screenwriter.

When the scientific community—you know, the real Datas and Geordis, those guys with degrees in astrophysics and such—comes together and says there are little green men visiting our planet and you’re all invited to a big intergalactic kegger tonight (bring the chips), then I’ll be more inclined to believe.

In the meantime, keep watching the skies…

18. boborci - July 24, 2011

17. Here u go. Article on Kaku’s belief in aliens.

19. boborci - July 24, 2011

17. And here u go: astronaut and aeronautical engineer (a real life Geordi) on his witnessing ufos.

20. Anthony Pascale - July 24, 2011

I light of the debate sparked by Bob, I have added a poll about aliens to the bottom of the article.

21. Vultan - July 24, 2011


Belief in life “out there” and belief that the government has little green men locked away at a base somewhere are separate things. I’m perfectly willing to believe there is other life in the universe. I just haven’t seen rock-solid proof… yet.

22. Vultan - July 24, 2011


Oh, Gordon Cooper [shakes head]…

Look, I like old Gordo. He was a good guy, an American hero, a fellow Oklahoman… but Geordi LaForge… he was not.

23. boborci - July 24, 2011

21 here you go: kaku on UFOs here, not out there. And I never said little green men were being held in basements.

24. Excelsior - July 24, 2011

And Nobel-prizewinner Luc Montagnier (one of the group who discovered HIV) believes in the principles behind homeopathy, even though most of the scientific community have long since dismissed such ideas as contrary to the laws of physics.

Scientists are only human, and we all know that humans are flawed, fallible things. Chances are, if there’s an idea or conspiracy out there, there’s going to be at least one ‘reputable’ scientist who supports it. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s true – that way lies such things as the ‘intelligent design’ line of thinking, with folk refusing to ‘believe’ in evolution, despite the staggering and comprehensive evidence of the fossil record to support it. Might as well choose not to ‘believe’ in gravity…

Of course, considering the mind-boggling size and scale of the universe, and the infinite permutations of planetary bodies, stars, etc., one can’t rule out the notion that some kind of ‘life’ has managed to form somewhere at some point, other than that here on Earth (although logic would suggest it would be wildly unlike anything ever found on this planet, considering the factors involved).

But the whole Roswell/Area 51 style of conspiracies and flying saucers? That’s really just superstition – coming up with a fanciful answer for something actually pretty mundane. We’ve stopped believing that the sun is pulled through the sky by a chariot, so let’s stop automatically assuming that what could easily be a prototype aircraft, a weather balloon, or even the product of eyestrain is, in fact, some kind of extra-terrestrial vehicle. ‘Occam’s Razor’ being the principle in question – Google it!

25. Harry Ballz - July 24, 2011

Bob, I like the photo posted above of you grinning from ear-to-ear.

‘Course, I’d be grinning like that too if Olivia Wilde had her arm around ME!

You ol’ honeydripper, you! :>)

26. Cygnus-X1 - July 24, 2011

18. boborci – July 24, 2011

—-17. Here u go. Article on Kaku’s belief in aliens.—-

I love this topic, but all of the “evidence” that I’ve ever seen for aliens visiting the Earth has been either non-specific—as is the general term “UFO”—or specific, but unverifiable hearsay.

That debris flying around the tether, for example, could be a variety of space junk or even dust close to the camera lens, an optical illusion. If an experienced professional at NASA analyzed it and said it was behaving in a way impossible for space junk or matter in space, and therefore it HAD to be alien technology, that would be compelling. It’d be even more compelling if several reputable NASA professionals arrived at such a conclusion. But that never seems to happen.

Michio Kaku believes alien civilizations are out there, as did Carl Sagan, and I think it’s more probable than not. But there’s a difference between “somewhere out there” and “visiting the Earth!” The latter is obviously more exciting, not to mention more potentially alarming, which does give very good reason for the Gov and authorities to want to keep a lid on such evidence, if there were any, but you could say that about anything with the potential to cause a panic.

Frankly, if there were aliens visiting the Earth, I would expect the Gov to want to build up our planetary defenses against possible alien aggression, and that would motivate them to get the info, at least, to people with access to capital for the purposes of investing in such planetary defense technology. I’d think the last thing the Gov would do would be to just sit on the info, bury its collective head in the sand, and hope that the aliens never came back to invade us and plant transponders or whatever in all our rectums. We certainly wouldn’t be cutting funding to NASA as we are. Presumably President Obama would have access to such classified information, or a high-ranking official with access would have approached Obama urging him to invest heavily in NASA and whatever else we’d need to keep ourselves safe and secure from the alien visitors.

In any case, this conclusion by Kaku made me chuckle; it’s so grim and deadpan coming as it does at the end of that article, I couldn’t but laugh:

“1. At the current rate, in my opinion the human race is headed toward extinction.”

27. boborci - July 24, 2011

22. Uh, yeah, he was. He was a space travelling engineer. but he isn’t the only scientist and astronaut or person of prominence to go on record.

28. Vultan - July 24, 2011


Okay, again, he’s says there is the possibility that 5% of these unexplained objects may be alien visitors. But that’s a big maybe. He goes on the say that there’s yet to be a smoking gun presented (alien DNA), and that’s what I’m looking for. I’m open to the possibility—just need the evidence verified by every fair-minded egghead on the planet. That’s all.

You may find this of interest. Kaku is apparently a proponent of gov. secrets:

Anyway, it’s been fun debating you, Mr. Orci. Best of luck with C&A this Friday. Looking forward to it.

29. boborci - July 24, 2011

28 thanks, see you later!

30. Harry Ballz - July 24, 2011


I’m reminded of the first time Homer Simpson was abducted by aliens. As soon as he was taken up into the saucer, Homer says to his captors, “I guess you want to do some rectal probing. Well, might as well get this over with!”. And with that, Homer stands up, turns around and automatically drops his trousers, almost eager to get on with it. Classic!

31. Harry Ballz - July 24, 2011

Bob, a few years ago, before Trek ’09 came out, I asked you how many “tingle moments” were in the movie. You assured me a good dozen and you were absolutely right! Kudos!

Tell me, how many “tingle moments” for the audience are there in Cowboys+Aliens?

32. Newman - July 24, 2011

hey Bob – I’d be all smiles standing next to Ms. Wilde too. Think you can introduce me?

33. Joshua - July 24, 2011

Hey Bob,
have a look at the various Youtube videos out of Turkey, by far in my 30 plus years of interest in the subject matter, the most compelling, mystifying, potentially ground-breaking footage ever filmed.

It’s narcassistic, self important drivel to surreptitiously assume we are significant enough in this entire vast cosmos to be the only form of life that can question it’s existence and look out at infinity. THAT is what takes faith – not believing in other forms of intelligent life. On the contrary, it would seem life infact goes out of it’s way to be, especially with the discovery of extremaphobes, which also thrive in a vacuum.

Also, the tether video isn’t particles of debris , or ice crystals. When filming in space, camera lenses are set to infinite zoom. The focus completely misses particles near or close to the lense.

34. Joshua - July 24, 2011

The tether acts as a ruler essentially. Several objects pass behind it, and we can infer a relative size comparison from that. The tether is what, 6 kilometers in length?

35. somethoughts - July 24, 2011

I agree with boborci, ancient alien astronaught theory is a good place to start.

36. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2011

im with bob orci as well–but the reality or realities of what they may actually be is far stranger than mere alien visitors–mr orci if u have not read t communion by whitley strieber will make a great intro to how strange it all really is—also his website along with linda howes are two of the very best paranrmal inquiry sites-ive been a paying voluntary suscriber to since he started it-brilliant off the wall stuff–he also cowrote a book with coast to coasts ex host art bell a decade ago predicting global superstorm weather–nobody believed them back then but it is all coming true–let me know what u think bout the web site n whitley ifu check it our roberto–

37. Cygnus-X1 - July 25, 2011

28. Vultan – July 24, 2011

Good link.

38. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2011

oh yes hppy bithday to patrick stewart who looks great for 71–
and yes olivia wilde is sooo hot-loved her in tron legacy–lucky roberto!

39. boborci - July 25, 2011

36. I actually had a fascinating conversation with Mr Streiber and his wife. Truth will indeed probably be far straner than we can imagine.

40. Jai - July 25, 2011

Bob Orci,

As you probably know already, during his presidency, JFK was apparently trying to find out the truth about UFOs. He was killed within 10 days of formally ordering the investigation. Let’s hope the timing was just a coincidence.

As for more recent events, have you heard of the “Crabwood crop circle” ? Apparently it included an encoded message which has some interesting implications if it’s real. The message also indicates that there is some kind of secret collusion going on, although it claims that the humans involved (whoever they may be, government or otherwise) are being misled by malicious aliens. According to the message, we also have some mysterious friends out there.

Sounds dubious, until you see the startling complexity of the image, the way in which the message was encoded, and what the translation actually says. None of it has ever been properly explained.

Take a look at this:

41. Jai - July 25, 2011

Bob Orci,

It’s great that you’re already familiar with Michio Kaku’s work. You should also definitely read “The Eerie Silence” by Paul Davies, given his involvement in the SETI programme. Davies is neutral about whether aliens are already ‘here’, but he does take a rigorously ‘hard science’ approach to the question. He comes out with some pretty mindblowing suggestions about what an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation may actually be like, especially towards the end of the book. Very smart stuff.

Some other commenters on Trekmovie have also read the book, and I’m sure they’d agree that you should definitely check it out, both for your own personal interest and also in case it gives you some ideas for Star Trek storylines.

42. trekker 5 - July 25, 2011

I think their out there for sure!! I agree with Bob on this one,the government is so hiding the fact that they know aliens are out there,maybe even here!

43. Nathan - July 25, 2011

I’ve looked at a lot of the UFO stuff, and find it rather unconvincing, to say the least. On the other hand, that people do see things in the sky (and otherwise) that they can’t identify or that defy commonplace analysis is of course true. It’s a mysterious world.

But the idea that they’re spacecraft piloted by aliens from another star system seems to me among the least likely hypotheses available, only snatched upon because it fits with our modern, scientific mythology. The feasibility of such constant travel between star systems is so mind-bogglingly bad that it’s hard to grasp.

And the idea that the government has certain knowledge of alien existence, yet has been covering it up for fifty years is laughably preposterous. If you had any idea of how utterly incompetent the US government (especially the Cold War era government) has proved itself at keeping the most basic of secrets secure (the Soviet spy agencies ran circles around us and infiltrated and cracked us twenty ways past Tuesday), then people wouldn’t throw around government conspiracies so quickly. The government may be evil at times, but it is almost always extremely transparently so.

44. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2011

That’s a fascinating video, Bob. (@ 7) Everybody needs to watch the video at the 3:25 mark. That’s when it gets freaky. I’m not talking about dust like debris. There are circular shapes with a hole or dark circle in the middle of the “craft.” They fly around the tether. And yes I can except optical illusion but those are not debris. Maybe they’re NASA’s version of lens flares. :-) But if they’re not debris or opitcal illusions then what are they?

45. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2011

I’ve read some posts that indicate there’s no proof of UFOs. Okay, here’s what I consider the best UFO sighting. And it does have proof. The Belgium UFOs of the nineties features government involvement and evidence. Want the proof?

1) Eyewitness- Thousands of people in Belgium saw the triangular craft
2 Photos- See Wikipedia article

AND 3) RADAR HITS. The Belgium government scrambled jets to intercept. They got radar hits on the alien craft which made remarkable manuevers.. That’s measurable evidence folks.

Article on Belgium UFO wave/

46. Vultan - July 25, 2011

There have been quite a few sightings of triangular UFOs. And the government has even released high resolution video of them. Check it out:

47. Harry Ballz - July 25, 2011

Triangular UFOs? Conspiracy? Huh, sounds like a pyramid scheme!

48. Vultan - July 25, 2011


Well, the aliens did build the pyramids, Harry!

It’s not like the Egyptian pharaohs could find enough people to do the work. It was that damn United Giant Block-Lifters Union and their three coffee breaks a day that put them behind schedule. Sure, they say the ETs are non-union foreign scabs, but I think they’re just trying to earn an honest living.


49. Harry Ballz - July 25, 2011



now who can argue with logic like THAT??!!

50. somethoughts - July 25, 2011

Here is a good link regarding ancient astronaut theory;

We call them aliens, past civs called them gods.

51. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 25, 2011

I voted that Yes, it might be possible that alien life has at some point visited Earth. Why not?

However, I am also reminded of how vivid the human imagination can be and that, with the advances of photographic technology, cameras CAN lie. After all, Hollywood spends hundreds of millions of dollars getting cameras to do just that – “LIE”, ie photoshop scenes etc etc. After all, this is now we know that there are tribbles here now and that Pine/Kirk has managed to get what he could find into a car…Bob Orci relies on this being so in order to make Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek…

After all, this is now we know that there are tribbles here now and that Pine/Kirk has managed to get what he could find into a car…

The Truth is “in here” and “out there”.

52. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2011

I agree with Bob that the government has information on UFOs and cover it up. I first came to this conclusion in learning about the CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) lawsuit to get government documents from the NSA about UFOs. Here’s a brief summary from Don Berliner.

“In 1980, for example, researchers requesting information through the FOIA learned of the existence of 156 top secret UFO-related documents held by the National Security Agency (NSA). This lead was not found through the NSA itself, but through internal references in UFO-related documents held by other government agencies. When the researchers filed a FOIA request for the 156 NSA UFO documents, they were denied access to all of them. They appealed, but Judge Gerhard Gesell of the First Federal Court, District of Columbia, after reviewing the 21-page written argument submitted by the NSA, denied their appeal. The 21-page summary was later released, but even in this summary most of the information was blacked out.” Don Berliner; link below.

UFO researcher Stanton Friedman has a copy of the summary which is an affidavit. It was obtained by a FOIA request. He shows it on TV. It’s almost all blacked out. By the way, the Judge Gesell was given a Top Secret clearance to review the document in his chambers with no lawyers present. “Beyond Roswell” Michael Hessmann, pg. 108. (1997) Yes, the NSA could be talking about Soviets but remember the topic was about UFOs.

And there was a mention about the recent best seller by Annie Jacobsen called “Area 51.” Her source indicated that Roswell was a hoax created by Stalin to plant fear in the American public. The source said that Josef Mengele created alien like pilots and the Russians piloted them into New Mexico! Roswell link below.

Whether you believe in Roswell or not, let’s go over the government “explanations” for Roswell.

1) Alien craft – remember the initial press release…
2) Nope, it’s a weather ballon….
3) Flash forward to the nineties. It’s a top secret ballon to detact Soviet nuclear tests. Project Mogul.
4) …. and the alien bodies were dummies dropped from high altitudes in the fifites. Oh forget about the fact that Roswell happened in 1947.

5) and now Russian hoax with Josef Mengele?! By the way if Mengele did create twelve year old children to be the alien pilots, he would have been working for the Soviets in 1935. There’s no evidence that he ever worked for the Soviets. He disappeared from Germany, sometime in the late forties. (1949?) And he died in Brazil.

Conclusion- The government has had five stories for Roswell. Why so many stories if there’s nothing to see here? Unless there’s a fire to the smoke. And let’s face it. If the U.S. has recovered alien craft, it’s the biggest secret since the A bomb. Probably bigger considering the shockwave it would send through society not to mention the military angle. The truth is out there.

1) Berliner article

2) Roswell wikipedia

53. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2011

@ 46

That ‘s funny Vultan. But the Stealth fighter can’t make the wild manuevers that the Belgium UFO did. Second, it’s stealth. I doubt there would be radar hits if it were a Stealth fighter. Third, it’s illogical to fly the Stealth over Belgium when it’s one of the most secret fighters in history. Think what would happen if there was an accident. We would have to beg the Belgians (sp?) for its recovery. We would probably end up giving them Budweiser at an earlier date.

54. Phil - July 25, 2011

@53. The stealth fighter has been around for 20 years now. One crashed over Kosovo and the USAF blew it up. Chinese operatives spent years picking up the tiny pieces and reverse engineered one of their own, which they just flight tested recently. Military secrets are the most fleeting, why would a government go to the trouble to pick up tiny scraps of metal in a field when this fantastic alledged alien technology is available? Chinese operatives have been stealing every military secret they can lay their hands on in this country, wouldn’t alien technology be their holy grail?

Also, why are we assuming that these supposed gov’t coverups are unique to the US? Don’t alien spaceships crash in other countries, too?

55. Red Dead Ryan - July 25, 2011

Alien ships tend to land on Uranus.

56. Basement Blogger - July 25, 2011

@ 54

As far as your argument that says if alien technolgy is available that the government wouldn’t worry about the secret stealth technology, that assumes the U.S. has been able to reverse engineer alien technology. Assuming the U.S. has alien craft, that doesn’t mean the U.S. has been able to reverse engineer them. After all we’re talking about beings who have mastered the ability to travel light years probably by bending space and time. We still use rockets. The aliens could be literally be light years ahead of us. It’ s like dropping a car in front of ancient cave men and asking them to reproduce it.

Whether you believe him or not, Col. Philip Corso claims in his book, “The Day After Roswell” that some alien technology was reverse engineered. He claims the alien stuff led to laser development, fiber optics and the integrated circuit. What we do know is that his credentials are true. So maybe he was pulling a hoax on a proud military career before he died? I don’t think so. If you want to argue government disinformation, I can see that . But I’m keeping an open mind. Link.

You then ask” Also, why are we assuming that these supposed gov’t coverups are unique to the US? Don’t alien spaceships crash in other countries, too?” Well, they may not crash in other countries but they do appear in them.. I’ve already pointed out the Belgium incident. There’s also the Iranian fighter jet incident. Link below. Note the U.S. DIA did a whole report on it. Then there is the famous Rendelsham Forest incident in Britain at a U.S. Air Force Base. There’s a debate whether the British Ministry of Defense covered it up.

In America, it’s easier to get information about UFOs through FOIA requests. But in other countries which don’t have the freedoms we do, it would seem those governments would have greater power to supress UFO information.

1. Col. Corso and the dispearsal of UFO tech

2. Iranian jets try to intercept UFO

3. Rendelsham Forest UFO incident

57. Phil - July 25, 2011

@55. Slight correction – Alien ships land. Then they probe Uranus.

Please good people, the next time you are up on the mother ship getting your annual physical, please grab a little evidence. Bring back the alien probe, pen. notepad, pencil, a tool. Scrape a little paint off with your fingernails, anything that can be checked.

58. Phil - July 25, 2011

@56. My point about stealth is that it’s fairly easy to reverse engineer something – the Chinese did it from a pile of scrap. My point about alien technology is that if we (or anyone, for that matter) actually has it, why would we cover it up when using it gives us considerable advantage over our advesaries. Very basic questions are raised to those who want the general public to believe in vast alien conspiracy cover ups, and it never fails that the best evidence presented is always blurry, out of focus video, eyewitnesses who turnout to be crackpots, or worse, and a requirement that very plausible explainations be set aside for the wild and fantastic. Here is a good example of conspiracy gone wrong – the people who are convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt that the moon landings were faked. They trot out the same witnesses, the same crappy evidence, and expect you to come to the same result. Well, the Apollo astronauts placed mirrors on the moon, and to this day the students up at Berkley still measure the distance from here to the moon. The fake moon landing folks cannot discredit this, so they ignore it. Col. corso has an opinion, no proof. Seen tons of crappy video – yeah, they are unidentified – that dosen’t mean the first, best explaination is alien life.

59. Phil - July 25, 2011

@58. Clarification – alien life capable of FTL travel. Personally, I tend to believe that life does exist elsewhere – the universe is to big for it not to. Do they hop in their flying saucers to buzz earth, stomp circles in crops, share advanced stonecutting methods, and pick up girls….not so much.

60. Harry Ballz - July 25, 2011

54. Phil “Don’t alien spaceships crash in other countries, too?”

Nah, Phil, didn’t you get the memo?

Ever since Kal-El came here from Krypton and crashed in the USA, setting the precedent, all alien ships MUST follow suit!

61. DonDonP1 - July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sir Patrick!

62. Cygnus-X1 - July 25, 2011

58. Phil – July 25, 2011

Hear, hear.

I’m really twice bitten thrice shy on this issue. I used to get terribly excited whenever there was some apparently legitimate and compelling evidence of alien visitation to the Earth—such as the airport workers at O’Hare a few years ago who all swore they saw a UFO speed up and disappear into the clouds over the airport, and I believe they well did. But a UFO is just that.

This kind of “evidence” never bears up to scrutiny. As you say, it’s always some blurry image with limited or no perspective, some testimony that is credible but non-specific in content, or some ex-military lone-wolf with a very elaborate story that would make for a killer screenplay but always seems to fall just short of being sufficiently substantiated—a secret government task-force that may indeed have been set up, but didn’t find anything of consequence; an incident that may indeed have occurred and been kept secret by top military, but without solid evidence that it involved aliens; and lots, and lots of very compelling details from a many and sundry sources that never add up to proof positive, but at best, suspicion by circumstance.

Hey, I’d love to be wrong about all this. I’m fascinated by the whole topic. I am, in fact, listening right now to the Col. Corso interview in the hopes of it being compelling. So, if anyone has anything really, really convincing, please offer it up. But I’m not expecting much from this interview or generally in regard to this topic. Still, it is good fun!

63. Canon Schmanon - July 25, 2011

As a child abductee, I can testify to some kind of alien presence. But I don’t give much credence to most of the things I hear from the government, nor the fringe side. I pretty much have to experience it myself to believe it. In the meantime, I DO believe such things COULD be, but I need proof before I’m going to be a cheerleader for anything.

In short, I don’t trust anybody, and I usually find that so-called “experts” are rarely that. Most “experts” just turn out to be those who were loudest about their issues. Doesn’t mean they’re right. We often give too much authoritative weight to arrogance.

So if aliens engineered the pyramids, I want proof.

64. Canon Schmanon - July 25, 2011

OH, and Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart. Thank you for bringing such class and such depth to Star Trek. Even when the writers were failing, you held your own. Star Trek was incredibly lucky to have you for so long.

65. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2011

Canon can u elaborate more about your experiences–fascinating

66. Jim Nightshade - July 25, 2011

Roberto–awesome u got to meet n talk with whitley strieber and his wife-both fascinating n very intelligent—i also feel that he has never lied about anything he has experienced n he has been very depressed almost bitter about how most of society,government,the press etc treat him—quite a cross to bare–i know a couple of his novels are up to be made into movies–his global superstorm novel with art bell was part of the basis for roland emmerichs movie day after tomorow i think–also anyone intrrested should look into implantsc that have been surgically removed by dr roger leir-some implants emitted radio signals n some actually try t move away n all have nerves built up around them which should not be–

67. Basement Blogger - July 26, 2011

@ 58

Phil says,”My point about alien technology is that if we (or anyone, for that matter) actually has it, why would we cover it up when using it gives us considerable advantage over our advesaries. Very basic questions are raised to those who want the general public to believe in vast alien conspiracy cover ups, and it never fails that the best evidence presented is always blurry, out of focus video, eyewitnesses who turnout to be crackpots, or worse, and a requirement that very plausible explainations be set aside for the wild and fantastic.”

As I said before, if we have alien craft, chances are it’s so advanced we have not been able to reverse engineer it. Consequently, you are not going to see the military with anti-gravity type ships. If we had alien craft it would be the greatest secret since the A bomb. We never threatened our enemies with the A bomb until we used it. In fact, the A bomb is good example here. We did a great job of keeping it secret.

Another reason why governments would want to keep the existence of alien life a secret is the obvious shock factor. We live in a world where people kill each other over religion. The actual existence of aliens would be a shock to many people over their beliefs. Vultan posted this interview with respected physicist Michio Kaku. He says that if we discover alien life, we shouldn’t expose it right away. Reason is the panic it would cause. And yes, it could also have a positive effect too. See Star Trek: First Contact. :-)

As far as evidence, I’ve pointed out two examples of fighter jets actually getting radar locks on UFOs. (@ 45) That’s measurable. Thousands of Belgians ddn’t turn out to be crackpots. And ask the thousands of witnesses who saw the 1997 Phoenix lights along with Governor Symington who now says the lights were a real phenomenon. After ridiculing the witnesses on the Phoenix lights, Gov. Symington recanted and acknowledged he saw it. Gov. Symington said this,

“I’m a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don’t know why people would ridicule it” (Wikipedia link.)

So I would not call Gov. Symington and thousands of Arizonians “crackpots.”

Finally, I know you’re using the paranoid people who believe the moon landings were fake as an example. Please don’t put me in that category. We did land on the moon. And I don’t believe in every UFO sighting or story. I agree with Kaku. The very small percentage of UFO sightings that can’t be explained should be studied.

1. Phoenix Lights, Symington recants

2. Kaku interview, thanks Vultan.

68. Basement Blogger - July 26, 2011

This document has been mentioned before on the comments of this site. But in April of this year, the FBI released a memo which discusses the recovery of flying saucer craft with humanoid pilots, three feet tall. The memo is from 1950. So if there if the government knows nothing about UFOs why discuss it?

69. Phil - July 26, 2011

Sorry guys, here is a dose of real science cold water on the FTL debate..

It’s a little hard for alien spacecraft to be buzzing mother earth if it takes them a few million years to get here…

70. Jai - July 26, 2011

Basement Blogger,

I think many UFO sightings may actually be secret (probably American) military aircraft. There is obviously a strategic military advantage in keeping the existence of such advanced technology a secret (especially from potential enemies) until it’s absolutely necessary to “go public” about it, and my inner Klingon can definitely appreciate that ;)

Such technology may or may not have an extraterrestrial origin; as we all know, humans are smart folks in their own right. However, if some of it is based on alien tech, then that’s another understandable reason for the secrecy, because of the whole can of worms it would open. Extrapolate the “awkward questions” by several orders of magnitude if it turns out there’s been some kind of collusion with aliens going on, as opposed to the technical know-how being purely due to recovered spacecraft. (Sidebar: The ETs do seem to be very bad pilots, given the alleged prevalence of crashes. Maybe they’re the alien equivelent of delinquent teenagers carjacking UFOs and going on joyrides ;))

I’m not aware of any recent reports of UFO crashes elsewhere in the world, but the media in countries like China has been surprisingly open about reporting mass UFO sightings. Correct me if I’m wrong, but during the past couple of years, apparently such incidents have temporarily shut down Chinese airports and have even been captured on video.

Of course, this still doesn’t necessarily mean that UFOs automatically have an extraterrestrial origin, as opposed to secret earthly military craft. But….as you’ve said, there are still a minority of sightings which are unexplainable. Along with the examples you’ve mentioned, last September there was a widely-publicised press conference involving several US Air Force officers (apparently backed by more than 120 further military personnel) discussing UFOs lurking around nuclear missile bases and even shutting down nukes. Link via CNN:

About humans “not being able to handle the truth about UFOs and aliens”: The religious angle is one possible issue, but the reason for the secrecy — if things really are being kept secret from the public — could be because the truth involves something really shocking. I don’t mean anything like an X-Files conspiracy, or anything involving the “aliens built the pyramids” claims, but perhaps it’s something to do with Earth’s place in the wider interstellar political sphere, or something about ancient human history which doesn’t necessarily involve aliens but would still require a radical revision of the official version of our distant past.

As Cygnus-XI said in #62, we’re not going to reach any definitive answers here, and at the moment all anyone can do is speculate, but it’s a fun topic and interesting to think about.

Oh, and you’d love that book I plugged in #41, if you haven’t already read it. Best hard-science analysis of this subject that I’ve seen. It involves some truly brilliant out-of-the-box thinking. Fans of ST:TMP will also love the last couple of chapters.

71. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011


what if they come from a planet 26 light years away, travel just under the speed of light and are willing to make the 28 year trip because, on their planet, the average life span is 860 of our years?


Thanks for playing! Tell him what he’s won, Johnny!

72. Basement Blogger - July 26, 2011

@ 69

Damn it, I’m a blogger not a physicist. :-)

So I acknowledge I’m not versed in string theory, quantum mechanics or physics. I’ve read the article about the theory from the Hong Kong scientists. But according to those who physicists who propose traveling faster than light , it’s not really about traveling faster than light but bending space time to get the next planet. The idea is not to break the laws of relativity as the Hong Kong scientists say can’t be broken.

Star Trek uses the warp drive to travel “faster than light.” The idea is to expand space time behind the Enterprise and shriinking space time in front of the ship. Einstein’s theories would still be obeyed since you’re technically not travelling faster than light. I’ve linked an article about two Baylor physicists who are working the theory. They say they’re not breaking the laws of physics but bending them.

By the way, according to this Wikipedia article, Dr. Stephen Hawking visited the set of Star Trek. I’ve also read this on other Trek literature. When he saw the warp engine, he said he’s working on that. Hawking is a Trekker and made a guest appearance on a TNG episode, season six, “Descent, Part One.”

1. Traveling faster than light with warp drive is not about breaking Einstein’s theories.

2. Dr. Hawking admires the Enterprise’s warp drive engine. See notes.

73. James - July 26, 2011

Aliens are real and have been here. They are here now and have been here many times in the past. steering humans and our evoloution for thousands of years. You can find proof almost everywhere you look. If you don’t think so prove me wrong.

74. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011

James, it’s rather difficult to prove a negative.

75. somethoughts - July 26, 2011


Einstien was wrong in regards to the speed limit of the universe, dont be so closed minded.

The lifespan of aliens could be 1million years, hence they were once called immortals.

Look at all the cultures in the world and you will see similair stories of contact with gods.

76. somethoughts - July 26, 2011

#69 phil

If you found out humans are alien hybrids put on earth to be a slave race and then liberated by the galaxtic milky way forces, you would never accept it, as you believe in ur beliefs. The govt protects people like you with their denials and national security agenda to ensure your sanity.

77. somethoughts - July 26, 2011

By the way phil, I am going to say, I told you so and laugh when it is confirmed and public knowledge that earth has been visited in the past and present by aliens.

The moon alien base and relics on the moon is real, relics on mars is real, asteroid belt is remains of planetary war, 1947 roswell happened and the USgovt had black op deals with the greys, dna testing in exchange for technology. FTL is based on magnestism and replicating properties of dual light waves and particle behaviours.

The evidence is all around you, you just choose to ignore and put your head in the sand and believe your handlers, baaaaa

78. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011


somethoughts, I assume “baaaaa” is the sound of a bleating sheep.

As in, here we are interviewing a sheep who had sex with a local farmer:

Q: “How was the sex, sheep?”

A: “Not baaaaad!”

79. somethoughts - July 26, 2011

#77 harry


80. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011

‘Course, the follow-up to that story is……20 years later there’s a knock at the farmer’s door. The farmer opens the door and standing there is a half-man, half-animal creature who, with pleading eyes, enquires, “are you my d-aaaaad?”

81. Jack - July 26, 2011

Isn’t the varied ftl/warp stuff entirely speculative at this point, with the consenus that, if it were possible, we won’t have the tech, real science or energy for this for, well, ever?

Life out there, sure. Visiting here? I still wonder if that’s even achievable (interstellar travel that doesn’t take centuries) and suspect (based on nothing, really) that it isn’t. I hope I’m wrong.

82. Canon Schmanon - July 26, 2011

65. Jim Nightshade – I don’t want to elaborate here, as this is not really the forum for a serious discussion about something that often causes incredulity and ridicule.

83. Charla - July 26, 2011

Great links in here and a good topic. I lean towards there is something more out there as well. I imagine there are more advanced civilizations other than ours that may well have the technology to travel here or anywhere for that matter. I hope that the powers that be and we as inhabitants of Earth get our act together soon before an alien visit though.

At this moment in time, we would definately be caught off guard in more than a few ways. One, we are destroying what we do have enviromentally, and don’t take care of each other as humans. That’s only two problems of many of which I won’t list for sake of time. My point is, and I hate to say this but I would be embarrassed at this point in time for a friendly extraterrestrial to visit this planet until we get some or our issues worked out. If it were to be unfriendly ET’s… well, we have done some of the damage to ourselves for them, and it wouldn’t take much more for them to finish us off.

84. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011

How can anyone debate whether there is life on other planets?

Next time there’s a nice clear night, just look up at all the stars in the sky.

It’s the height of arrogance to presume that we’re the only planet with life.

The funny thing is……..

if it ends up there IS life on other planets…………….

or that there is NO life on other planets……………….


85. Canon Schmanon - July 26, 2011

84. Harry Ballz – couldn’t agree more, Harry. It’s inconceivable that there isn’t life elsewhere. It may not be much like us, or more than we could have hoped for (like all those Trek humanoid races) but I have no doubt they’re out there.

And if they aren’t, well, yeah, that’s pretty damned interesting, too. Problem is, how long would it take to have searched every planet in the universe for life? So we’d probably never be able to confirm that.


86. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011

Playing the percentages dictates that we are not alone.

You can take that to the bank!

87. Phil - July 26, 2011

@71…Riddle me that, Batman!

Well, it’s been an amusing thread, to say the least.

Say good night, Gracie….

88. Canon Schmanon - July 26, 2011

Good night, Gracie.

89. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011

My final sheep joke:

Q; Why do Scotsmen wear kilts?

A: So the sheep don’t hear the zipper!

(and I was born in Scotland, so I get to tell that joke)

90. somethoughts - July 26, 2011

#86 harry

I agree, there a trillions of galaxies, with each galaxies containing billions of stars, even if only .00000001% of stars support planets in the hospitable zone, that is a lot of planets with life! If you factor in the age of the universe and galaxies and stars, the universe is thriving with life! Just like the ocean.

Anyone who thinks otherwise deserves more education and logic to help them overcome their ignorance and arrogance.

91. Harry Ballz - July 26, 2011

Yes, somethoughts, you summed it up nicely.

92. somethoughts - July 26, 2011


Ive had dreams of short bald grey humanoids with big eyes, at my bedside since I was a kid. The only thing I can recall was asking a question about life, god and the universe, I forgot the answer :)

93. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

#7 boborci

At least we know the planet earth is protected by invading tethers ;) some great defensive, offensive scouting formations there by earths protectors!

Why are nasa such noobs losing a tether like that?

Group 1 saucers: incoming cylindrical craft! Red alert!
Group 2 saucers: wtf is that?
Group 3 saucers: confirm hostile, weapon, or noobs in space
Group 4 saucers: false alarm, the kids lost their toy
Group 5 saucers: good grief those idiot noobs, scares the plasma out of me
Group 6 saucers: pulling back, dam wankers

94. Jim Nightshade - July 27, 2011

No Problem Canon I understand, sorry I asked….

Here is some of the latest speculation from diverse sources which of course may or may not be actual….but its all some of the most off the wall stuff Ive read….fascinating to conjecture I suppose…

The visitors et al traverse dimensions by opening a hole in space/time which gets repaired when they return back thru the hole—
They also traverse dimensions some of which may be parallel worlds even what we call death/afterlife…..and what we consider spacetime isnt the way it really is….
Concepts like time and death which is linear for us but not for them are confusing and they are essentially immortal as we know it and supposedly all living beings are also immortal we do not understand the concepts of death/souls dimensions time and space but all are connected and we are also all connected….

We are behind in discovering space travel because the person who was fated to grow up to an adult and discover and figure it out was killed by the nazis–hmmm i bet if we knew more of what Tesla knew before he died in obscurity we might have a better handle on some of this stuff…

To those who say there is no evidence of these ufos….if they are so far advanced over us they may be far better at hiding themselves and doing just about whatever they want to this world and its inhabitants much like we study and experiment on lower life forms like insects, animals etc… and if ships etc are interdimensional theres a lotta places they can hide…

I know people who have seen ufos but I am the first to agree thats all it is…seeing something you cannot identify in the sky does not mean that you know its an alien etc….MOST but not ALL are misidentified planes, birds wildlife natural phenom. military experimental craft etc….Military already acknowledged it has used ufos to hide many test flights etc…which is why they do not go out of their way to explain anything….

Linda molten howes web site is an award winning Paranormal site….dont agree with everything on there but fascinating reporting…..
Likewise Whitley Strieber of Communion fame, also wrote Wolfen and other bestsellers…..his website also highly recommended to read about many different high Strangeness out there….

I have had personal experiences with ESP, Ghosts so in MY opinion these are real phenom….so I think anyone experiencing phenom….to them they can validate it even if most of the rest of us need to see to believe….I have nothing but respect and sympathy for the many out there experiencing visitor phenom as in abductees etc….not only do they have that to contend with emotionally psychically and physically but they also have to put up with derision and disbelief and being made fun of even from close friends and family one of the few problems that is tough to get help for from professionals as none exist….if it is an unphysical or just psychic or mental phenom…that makes it no less real to the many suffering the fear and shock and isolation from everyone this causes…

Remember Joan Osbournes what if god was one of us song…she needs to update it by singing what if god was one of THEM???

95. JP - July 27, 2011

Something tells me boborci is taking us all for a ride with his supposed belief in ufo’s. I believe you Brits call it, “taking the piss” :)

For a solid debunking of ufo’s and the paranormal may I recommend Carl Sagan’s book ‘The Demon Haunted World’.

96. James - July 27, 2011

74. Harry Ballz

A negative is when you owe something like a bill or the U.S. debt. It’s there. It’s a negative. And a negative can also be found in electromagnetic fields. So don’t tell me you can’t prove a negative.

97. Harry Ballz - July 27, 2011

James, I was talking about the specific case of provong that aliens HADN’T been here. How could it be proven that an entity has never visited Earth?

Besides, I never said you “can’t prove a negative”. I said, “it’s rather difficult to prove a negative”. If you don’t believe me, go back and read my post again.

98. Canon Schmanon - July 27, 2011

94. Jim Nightshade – Don’t be sorry you asked. I don’t mind. I just choose not to discuss it here. Cheers, mate!

99. Mark Lynch - July 29, 2011

BTW considering that there is only a touch over ten years between WS and PS don’t you think the years have been much kinder to PS?

100. Phil - July 29, 2011

@99. If I’m reading this right it’s closer to nine years – PS 71, WS 80. It goes to show how taking care of yourself has it’s benefits. PS has also said because of his age he dosen’t see himself playing JLP again. That tends to suggest his ego is a bit more regulated as well.

101. Phil - July 29, 2011

@95. Oh, why would anyone want to read the musings of an educated scientist when the brain farts of true UFO followers are so much more interesting? From what we have read here logic and reason are already out the window., so why muddy the waters with more logic and reason?

Spock would be ashamed, if he could feel shame.

102. somethoughts - July 29, 2011


Alll ufo believers and followers use logic and reason, spock would be ashamed of the blind faith followers who look at evidence with ignorance and arrogance and despite all the evidence that shows aliens are real and they still hold onto their beliefs that we are alone and no aliens ever visited.

103. Phil - July 29, 2011

@102. I think we beat this mule until it died last time. When you show me a picture of a rock, and tell me it’s an alien building, where is the logic and reason in that? It’s a rock, regardless of which angle you look at it, yet you continue to insist it’s something it’s not. It’s at this point I have to shake my head and walk away, when your proof is to attack me and tell me I’m to stupid to see things the way you do.

104. Phil - July 29, 2011

Oh, and please, science isn’t blind faith. Carl Sagan Steven Hawking, Albert Enistein Copernicus, Gallieo didn’t make their stuff up. It’s accepted because it’s tested and proved, so just because it clashes with your world view is not reason to dismiss it as fantasy.

105. somethoughts - July 29, 2011


The world is flat and earth is the center of the universe, science proved that wrong and science will prove aliens are real and have visited earth in the past, present and future. Dont be upet there are flaws in your beliefs.

106. somethoughts - July 29, 2011


You continue to disrespect the thousands of people who have been abducted by aliens labeling them crack heads, or crazies.

You disrespect hard working scientists who has devoted their lives to this field of research.

You disrespect the engineers who has reversed engineered crashed saucers and pilots who have lost their lives intercepting ufos.

You disrespect our creators with your thick headed stubborness.

All I see you do is enjoy your freedom and technology without appreciating what sacrafices humans have made to give the life you continue to enjoy.

If you knew the truth you wouldnt be able to handle it as you would go insane as your beliefs come crashing down, so enjoy.

Do some research, keep a open mind and ask questions, stop being so naive.

As Spock says, if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains-however improbable-must be the truth.

Before you go commenting on how spock feels, look in the mirror, spock woild be ashamed of you phil.

107. Phil - July 29, 2011

@106. I’m walking away, if this is the best you have to offer. When all you have to offer is insults to people who have basic, honest questions about your thoughts, you destroy what little credibility you think you have. Cheers.

108. somethoughts - July 29, 2011


I will leave you to re read post #105, if and when the day comes, I will happily say, I told you so.

109. Jim Nightshade - July 31, 2011

Please cant we all just get along?It is true that no smoking gun has surfaced yet proving that ufos are aliens etc–and because of the high strangeness and many fringe beliefs out there that traditional science for the most part ignores the subject–they really should be looking at newer evidence with more open minds n perhaps they may help to find that smoking gun some day–i maintain the truths will be far stranger n more complex than ufos are lil gray men from outer space–the abductees are truly suffering while most label them as crackpots or liars they are neither–are their experiences real? Anyone looking into it will see how geniune it is to those who experience it but it is also much more complex than just a simple yes or no answer–i hope i live long enough to see some of the mysteries explained because there really is much more to the subject than most casual observers think–Watch the skies!

110. Phil - August 1, 2011

Sorry, just can’t resist pointing out the obvious. Crop circles. Thourghly researched, throughly explained.

111. somethoughts - August 4, 2011

More rocks for you phil; is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.