Lindelof: Star Trek Now Full Time Job For Himself, Orci, Kurtzman & Abrams + Confirms No Borg (wont say on Khan) |
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Lindelof: Star Trek Now Full Time Job For Himself, Orci, Kurtzman & Abrams + Confirms No Borg (wont say on Khan) July 26, 2011

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Abrams,Lindelof,Orci/Kurtzman,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Some more Comic Con comments from Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof have emerged, talking about the challenge of the sequel and giving an update on JJ Abrams participation in the project. Lindelof also confirmed no Borg for film but wouldn’t say on Khan. All that and more below, including videos. [UPDATED]  


Lindelof: Star Trek sequel combines familiar & unexpected + Abrams now full time on Trek

Speaking to Collider, Damon Lindelof gave a detailed description of the status and challenges for the Star Trek sequel:

Lindelof: Bob [Orci], Alex [Kurtzman] and I had worked for a while. We generated a sort of 90-page "scriptment," but JJ [Abrams] was very very entrenched in Super 8 and I think that we all came to the mutual agreement that we should make this movie the same way we made the first movie with the four of us in room throwing ideas out and challenging ideas, a lot of the way that TV works. I think one of the reasons the first movie came out well is that nobody settled for just OK. It always had to be the most awesome thing ever. Now that the four of us are back in that room together, JJ is finished with Super 8, we have plunged into Star Trek 2 hard core. It is now my full-time job, which is what it always needed to do as opposed to we are all doing four different things at the same time. Now I am just doing Trek 2, now JJ is just doing Trek 2, now Bob and Alex are just doing Trek 2. 

I feel like the bar we’ve set for ourselves is that it has to be better than the first movie. It has to justify itself for being a sequel and it has to go in a direction that you don’t entirely expect, but feels familiar enough to sort of honor the forty years of tradition that people have invested in this incredible pop culture phenomenon. The challenge is immense and all I can say is…we’re on it

All the recent reports on the Star Trek sequel over the last week show how true it was when in a June comment JJ Abrams said the project is "six months behind." The scripting work going on now is what was originally scheduled for late 2010 and early 2011. Essentially Super 8 put the Star Trek project on hold for half a year and now it is back on track. This hold will end up delaying the release of the film, however Paramount have yet to set a new date. Orci and Kurtzman also recently said that filming should be starting in January 2012 which makes a holiday 2012 release possible. However that would call for a somewhat tighter post-production schedule. Both the original schedule for the 2009 Star Trek film and the original schedule for 2012 film had called for 12-13 months from shooting start to release. The other alternative for release would be summer of 2013, which would give the team plenty of time. 

UDPATED: No Borg – Wont say on Khan + more characters to "shine"

Speaking to MTV, Lindelof confirmed they have made the big decisions on the film:

We know what the movie is about. We know what the key relationships are. We know what the stakes are. We know who the bad guy is – or girl…no Borg.

So is it Khan?

I think to Khan or not to Khan was the jumping off question. We actually put a big list up on the board: pros and cons – cause its a pun. Sort of weighed it all out and came to a big decision and once we did we stuck to our guns.

All about Kirk & Spock in sequel?

The first movie was sort of designed like a buddy cop movie – sort of Riggs and Murtaugh [from Lethal Weapon]. A pure emotion and insticnt can pair quite nicely with a logical brain as long as in that Venn diagram they find the same traits in each other. That is a definately a huge theme of Trek and not one you can abandon as you move forwards.  It will certainly be a big part of it, but the sequel is going to want to explore other relationships and characters that were more in the background get to shine brighter. 

No Trek TV for Damon

Lindelof also was asked if he would be interested in doing a future Star Trek TV series and he said "I don’t think so" noting that for films he likes to "play in other people’s sand boxes, but for television I am more driven by original television."

Visit MTV and Collider for full video interviews with Lindelof.


1. Techtrekker - July 26, 2011


Does this mean JJ is directing?

2. ensign jack - July 26, 2011

First! sweet! i trust them, as long as they get it done. and done right.

3. Techtrekker - July 26, 2011

Sorry jack! This was my first first!!! Yay!

I trust them to get it done right!

4. Bob Tompkins - July 26, 2011

I am so glad Lindelof doesn’t want to participate in any new Trek TV series. An episode every 3 or 4 months just won’t get a TV series many viewers….

5. dmduncan - July 26, 2011

The sails are up and and the horizon is clear.

6. Hat Rick - July 26, 2011

Glad we’re firing on all thrusters.

My question is, is TrekMovie going back to the old “Ghostbusters”-like badge for these kinds of threads? I thought we’d moved on.

Also, the posts are center-justified for some reason.

But, anyway, back on topic: Good to see things are moving along.

7. The Vulcanista }:-) - July 26, 2011

Hello! I noticed the centered formatting too!

Onto the subject at hand: Git ‘er done good!


8. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - July 26, 2011

Ok. Lock these guys in a room and give them plenty to eat and drink and cots and don’t let them out till full script is done. Place plenty of red shirts ready to die as guards around the doors of said locked room. Ok Bob. Time to work.

9. MJ - July 26, 2011

Anthony, in your article about the schedule, while its true that the original 2009 movie had a very long post-production time, you are not taking into account that this is a sequel film. For sequel franchise films, the post-production schedule is typically about 25% less in time. So Holiday 2012 is eminently doable.

10. Cygnus-X1 - July 26, 2011

8. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire – July 26, 2011

Still better, have them form a standing circle and tie their legs together so that they can’t break formation. Place a spitting cobra in the middle of the circle. The catch: the spitting cobra is a life-long Trekkie with impeccable literature and film sensibilities and an inclement disposition toward shallow, hackneyed writing. Ok Bob. Time to work.

11. Phil - July 26, 2011


12. Anthony Pascale - July 26, 2011


Again what I wrote is based on facts. The STAR TREK film began shooting in early November 2007. The *original* plan was to allow 13 months for production and post. In February Paramount (following the end of WGA strike) shuffled their release schedule for multiple films including moving trek from Xmas 08 to May 09. They had extra time but that wasn’t planned. For star trek 2012 the original plan was again to give them 12-13 months with shooting to start in may/June 2011. They later changed to august and then September so they do feel it is possible to do it in less time, but starting point is 13 mo. Abrams and Burke gave themselves even more time for MI4.

13. Jack - July 26, 2011

10. I think i know that cobra. Add a giant saw blade that inches closer every time there’s a lame in- joke, and we’re set.

14. MJ - July 26, 2011

@12. Anthony, I agree with you — yes, those were the facts. I am not contesting those. What I am saying is that for franchise sequels, post production time is typically reduced considerably. Consider the Harry Potter films as a definitive example this. For Trek 2, the have the sets in storage, the have the Enterprise and some of the Federation universe on Hard Drive, the actors have played the roles before…etc. etc. I therefore don’t think it would really be that “tight” to get the movie out by Holidays 2012 if they start filming in early January.

So the only thing I am mildly disagreeing with you on is your inference that the schedule for the sequel might mirror the 12-13 months from start of filming to “in the can” of Trek 2009.

15. MJ - July 26, 2011

And we are not factoring in all this extended time of “soft prep”, etc, going on right now. Presumably, if the story and script are ready by Fall, they could start on the special effects before live action filming starts in January.

16. MJ - July 26, 2011

Besides Anthony, I believe JJ’s Super 8 went from filming to release in just 10 months, and that film didn’t have the production advantages I mentioned above of being a sequel.

17. Basement Blogger - July 26, 2011

Sounds like there is a villain in this one as Damon says, “We know who the bad guy is.” Let’s hope it’s not a two dimensional mustache twirling caricature. He also says they want to explore other relationships. So, there’s a Spock-Uhura sex scene for the female and teenage boy demographic. I keeed. I keeed. But I do hope that means more McCoy. Dr. McCoy is one of my favorite characters in the series. I love his idealistic philosophy. He’s also very funny. I miss the troika of Kirk-Spock-McCoy.

18. UMA Fan - July 26, 2011

Hopefully these guys will consider a classy well spoken indian actor for Khan like Amitabh Baachan… not to mention a legendary actor like that having a major role in a mainstream american blockbuster will crush international box office numbers.

19. Anthony Pascale - July 26, 2011


I don’t know what you are making a big deal out of. I have reported that they can make it by holiday 2012, but I know for a fact they wanted to give themselves 12-13 months. Yes there are savings in a sequel but those are mostly in preprod. Plus they want this film to be bigger (meaning even more effects). Plus shorter time also means higher possible costs due to paying more overtime.

And those are the facts

20. MJ - July 26, 2011

Well that is really bad news. I guess I am making a big deal because I don’t want to have to wait two more years for this movie. What is going on now with the Supreme Court should have been happening a year ago, not now. So in my opinion, they could make it up to the fans by getting this movie out by next Christmas, since doing so would not seem to be rushing it by many objective standards that I have mentioned.

OK, I am dropping this for now. Really wasn’t trying to argue with you. I appreciate the great news here — thanks!

21. Will_H - July 26, 2011

Well it’s already been decided on the Khan or no Khan bit, so I just pray it’s a no. At least now we have some sort of actual news on where they’re at. I think they can make the original date, mostly for the reasons MJ’s already listed.

22. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 26, 2011

Oh No, Damon. How could you not say a definitive NO to anymore Khan? I am already YAWNING and GROANING all at once. No, I am not pushing out a baby, just the mere notion of there being more Khan, bloody Khan. Now we are going to get people saying “Bring back Khan” again. I guess it’s a variation on the plea, “Bring back Shatner/Kirk prime”. God, the TIRESOME MONOTONY of it all.

So I see that the villain could actually be a female…Oh My!

23. boborci - July 26, 2011

The following applies to all of our work: I am a big proponent of making our process as transparent as possible. But there is a paradoxically hard truth that I hate: It is impossible to explain the variables that go into the decisions of making a movie at the scale that we make within an online interview with an overgrown kid who barely knows smurf from smurfola (present company { Anthony Pascale} exciuded);)!!!.

Our second career may well involve explaining how hollywood works;)

24. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 26, 2011

What’s with this thread? It is centre-justified for me as well and all the formatting is *wrong*. It does not appear to be on the other threads.

25. MJ - July 26, 2011

@23. Yes, the fact that he didn’t rule out Khan is very interesting. I mean he had no problem saying no Borg. Maybe he is just messing with us though. They have to do something to keep us interested for two more years I guess. :-(

26. - July 26, 2011

So if JJ does not direct we can assume the script is a dog and the movie will be almost straight to video.

27. Moxy - July 27, 2011

Definitely thinking he said it that way to mess with our heads so we can get into a Khan debate. He hinted at the fact it could be a girl. That would be so welcome.

28. Trekboi - July 27, 2011

still angrey they let it slip- we hill have one movie in the time they could have done two- they should write a 2 part epic & film them both at the same time & release them one year apart & make it a three part arc incase they only do three with these actors.

29. Basement Blogger - July 27, 2011

To 3D or not to 3D? I’ll bet a bag of popcorn with real butter that the suits want 3D for Star Trek (2013) And while conversions of movies from 2D to 3D have improved, I have not seen a conversion that has enhanced the movie.

On the other hand, if the movie is filmed in 3D, you could make something cool. Recent films where the native 3D either helped the movie or enhanced them include, “Despicable Me” (gleefully over the top 3D), the craptastic “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” and “How to Train Your Dragon.” And of course you can’t forget Avatar. I like to commit film heresy by thinking about the visuals in 2001: A Space Odyssey if they were filmed in 3D. The Monolith in 3D. The bone flying into the air, then becoming a ship in 3D. The Discovery in the blackness of space in 3D.

30. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

“Star Trek 09 was written so as to talk down to it’s audience with silly plot contrivances and bad dialogue. And yes, I realize canonicity is at the discretion of future writers, but Orci and Kurtzman have no interest in telling an interesting story and disregarding the writers that came before them.

I was – and I use this loosely – lucky enough to interview Orci late last year. Not only is he a bad writer, he’s a pompous ass who answered my queries with the silliest comebacks. Orci as a writer has no concept of suspension of disbelief and seemingly vomits whatever tickles him at the moment and doesn’t care that it makes sense or not. These two are simply what’s wrong with American cinema today, and are far from the sole perpetrators of awful writing.”
The writer of this refers to him/herself as fbi press. This was posted to the Star Trek 2009 IMDb message board two hours ago. Even if Bob Orci intended to talk down to the audience in Star Trek 09, he failed…
Perhaps it is these kinds of people who Bob Orci is talking about.

By the way, Bob, I have no idea what a smurf or smurfola is. Should I have to know?

31. captain_neill - July 27, 2011

Please do a new villain. Don’t rehash Khan. Khan is one of the best villains in Trek and to redo him would be just inferiorto the origial and show a lack of originality on the part of the writers.

32. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

Hot dam, looks like the sequel gonna be huge and epic.

I wish I knew what they have in mind, who or what can challenge the young crew the most while allowing for epic shots, music and character drama?

Klingons, Khan, Talosians or Trelane

33. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

Love it, a female that kirk falls in love with but must kill, the drama!

34. somethoughts - July 27, 2011


Ying and Yang, you cannot please everyone. Im sure bob has a thick skin, one would need it in the showbiz env

35. jim - July 27, 2011

Smurf or Smurfette methinks? Either way I think a sound of delight is in order. Can I get a….


from Y’all?

36. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

Thank you, Damon Lindelof, re the comments about how to use twitter, etc. As he correctly says, there are enough people out there saying stuff sucks. They don’t need to hear him say it as well.

I guess that has what has so shocked me since coming onto the Internet almost two years ago, was just how rude and negative some people can be towards, well, everything, everyone, anyone, anywhere…

I applaud you, Damon Lindelof.

37. Marshal - July 27, 2011

Not really sure anyone could pull off a Khan that would do justice to Ricardo Montalban. Then again I said the same thing in regard to Kirk and Spock, and then found myself pleasantly surprised.

IF they do Khan, they’re going to have to cast one hell of an actor. I do hope they cut the whitewashing and cast an actor who at least looks the part (Indian). Montalban was Hispanic, but pulled off Indian pretty well in ”Space seed”.

In my opinion, Irrfan Khan would make a great……..Khan.

38. captain_neill - July 27, 2011

Redoing Khan wil show a complete lack of orginality.

And also the newbies will somehow end up loving it more than Wrath of Khan, which is a SF classic.

Don’t redo Khan because it’s cool, it is important that these guys find the right story that is unique and wonderful to Trek.

39. somethoughts - July 27, 2011


I think your argument is flawed, that is like saying dont redo TOS, they did and it turned out great!

Its time to wake Khan and see what happens.

40. assimilator47 - July 27, 2011

A female villain would be awesome, something fresh we haven’t seen since Sela or the Duras sisters. I have all the confidence in that this second movie will again blow us away, surely with the amount of detail the writers put in. If JJ (hopefully) will direct the sequel aswel, you can bet it’s a winner (of a movie) once more.
The question is: can we (the fans) hold out until 2013?

41. Observer1 - July 27, 2011

If the villain is Khan, i hope they cast The Rock.
If the villain is Harry Mudd, i hope they cast Jack Black.
If the villain is a female, i hope they cast a Playboy Amazone!

Just make the movie, do it in great style like the first one was done and do’nt keep us waiting until 2013!

42. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

Sigourney Weaver would make a bad ass female klingon villain

43. VulcanFilmCritic - July 27, 2011

This is good news? Am I in some kind of “1984” style alternate universe or something? They just said what we have been dreading and bitching about for months and we’re cheering about it!?!

The fact is, the lamplighters are hard at work softening the blow that this will be a Summer 2013 release (or if a miracle happens, Holiday 2012-2013.) Say that with a positive attitude and the bad news becomes just the opposite: good news. THAT’S NEWSPEAK.

44. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

#43 vulcanfilmcritic

there wasnt a finished script and they havent started shooting yet, surely you knew this was delayed till dec 2012 or summer 2013?

At least they not rushing it and putting in quality time, with a $200 million budget, this would rock.

Berman would have approved a bad script and take $75million to make a dvd movie about the search for data and some cross over with enterprise, ds9 and voyager, shudder.

45. captain_neill - July 27, 2011



But I would be in favour of a new direction for Star Trek XII rather than revisiting the classics.

Maybe if they did a new take on finding Khan then maybe butI do think when it comes to a re imagining of Khan it is just going to seem like bad fanfic in comparison to the classic Space Seed and Fantatic Wrath of Khan.

46. somethoughts - July 27, 2011


I would love if Khan was integrated into starfleet and pike and khan became good friends who is sent to help kirknspock then…

47. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

My fear is that they will make the sequel similar to what so many other movies are like now. Whether it is the Harry Potter finale, Transformers 3, Captain America… they all appear to be at times very dark, not only visually but in tone also with violence, noise, destruction, degradation. For the most part, I just find much of this plain boring, unattractive, unexciting. There is just so much of this kind of film making. Maybe I’m the weird, odd one but I don’t really find most of it cool, anything but. I know these movies probably have excellent effects etc, but, well, so?

I don’t really want to see a lot of shoot ups, kicking ass etc, or burning spaceships, planets… Even though a character like Kirk may be very fit with good fighting capabilities, there are only so many kicks and punches one person can take or deliver, without becoming an invalid needing a kidney transplant and/or an indifferent, callous monster. (I start to yawn, literally, if those scenes go on for too long).

Surely, one can’t just imagine space as being full of antagonistic, even cruel, beings. What about the rest of space? Why are we, as film makers and fans/audiences, so keen to embrace the damnable rather than attempt to put those things at arms’ length and replace them with notions and models of a fictional world/universe that is not always so angry, vengeful, destructive and stupid? Destruction is easy, even cowardly. Creation is not.

I know I have written similar before, some time back, but please, Bob, Alex, Damon and JJ – show us some of the great beauty that outer space can look (the Hubble telescope has sent some incredible and wonderful pictures back…). There must be a world out there that is so exciting, so incredibly beautiful. It may have life similar to what we know, perhaps even humanoids, maybe not, but still… Who knows, that world may actually have a name – Menosia…;)

I never really experienced Wow with any of the Star Wars films – Star Wars can be exciting and even funny at times, but it has never given me the same sense of delight, the Wow factor, that Star Trek has often given me.

Remember – guys – This is Star TREK!!!

Good Luck. Now go make a beautiful movie, sooner rather than later.

48. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

23. Mr. Orci does all this smurf-talk point to Andorians? Heh-hee! :)

Anyone started a campaign to get Scott Bakula a cameo yet?

I’m kinda hoping the villain springs directly from some situation that’s arisen in this new universe, rather than Khan who would still be floating around in the Botany Bay that was launched in 1996.

Space is vast and it was a complete fluke anyone ever found him. Just like Amelia Eartheart has never been found or Jimmy Hoffa dug up… and that’s just one planet.

49. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

Of course, if you do go that route… you might wanna watch the “Augment” and “Klingon-forehead” 3/2 parters from Enterprise Season 4. Since history before Nero arrived is likely the same.

Unless you guys on the Supreme Court dictate the universe pre-2233 was alternate to begin with.

50. somethoughts - July 27, 2011

#47 keachick

Maybe they will balance things out, 25% exploration, 25% character drama, 25% explosions and darkness, 25% fun

Ipman, dark knight, forrest gump, inception in space

51. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

My instant gut reaction is NO KHAN DO. :)

The new direction should involve pointing to a star and striking for it. If they intercept familar alien races along the way, then that’s the 40+ year old fanbase catered for.

Khan should be left well alone to the exceptionally classic story he’s had. Plenty of other stuff that’s never even been explored and depicted onscreen. Pin an idea on something iconic but surprisingly low on detail and then make that your own.

52. Hermioni - July 27, 2011

@ #23. boborci – July 26, 2011

“… Our second career may well involve explaining how hollywood works;)”

To be completely honest, over time, I have experienced quite a few moments, where I truly wished that a statement such as yours could indeed represent more than a (semi-serious?) quip…

As interesting, entertaining and even moving as the various interactions between the creators/purveyors of Hollywood entertainment and their audiences can be, personally, I was/am just as often left with the impression of having witnessed largely futile attempts to create some sort of substantive dialogue between the parties involved.

53. P Technobabble - July 27, 2011

Once again, I have to comment on this notion of what the Supreme Court “should” have been doing a year ago. I’m sure they were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing, based on whatever committments they had lined up. Transformers, Cowboys and Aliens, Super 8, etc. probably had to happen in the way that they happened. I don’t know if a producer, or writer, or director, can tell the parent company, “I don’t want to do this project right now, I’d rather do that one…” When we hear of other movies being delayed, there are reasons why these things happen. Why would Star Trek be any different?

On one other note, I am hoping the decision about Khan was to not go that route. I loved TWOK, but I really don’t want to see him again.
On the other hand, I will go wherever the writers take us…

54. Admiral_Bumblebee - July 27, 2011

#28 I think you are right. They should have made a trilogy which could have set up an new reboot at the end of movie three.

Let’s face it. Actors nowadays are not that keen on reprising the same role over and over again. The actors of ST 09 may be in for three movies but I highly doubt that they will do more… at least not all of them.

And as for me, having changing actors for the same part annoys the hell out of me.
So they should consider ending the line with movie three and go on from there with either another reboot or a totally new crew…

Mir Orci once said that they considered doing a trilogy with having everything back to “normal TOS” at the end of movie three. I think this would have been the best idea…

55. John - July 27, 2011

Good luck to all involved, now go make some magic! ;)

56. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

I really hope they don’t forget it is an alternate timeline, since that actually prevents rehashing. Plus pretending Nero didn’t change the galactic landscape would be wrong. For better or worse, the writers set out their stall by changing when humans first saw Romulans, altering history and in some cases, removing major influences on the Enterprise crew’s lives. They should be slightly different people than those in TOS. Same character traits but different events which went on and influenced them growing up. All traced back to Nero destroying the Kelvin and the fall-out from that. It’s probably inappropriate to liken something fictious to a real life tragedy like 9/11… but if that helps understanding. Where would be right now, in a world where that didn’t happen? Not in anything more like a utopia, than where we are right now. Better for some, worse for others.

Nero’s emergence into the 23rd Century was like a rock being thrown into a lake. Ripples along the surface, rebounding in unpredictable ways.

Say a few influential people died on the Kelvin, and they presumably would have gone onto have careers – played an instrumental part in how the original 23rd Century panned out. Engineers who made the ships like Enterprise look the way they did and who weren’t around to be involved in designing the one seen in the film.

Say the Federation were suddenly thrown face to face with Romulans, decades before they were ready? Nero communicated with the Kelvin visually. Survivors reported what they saw. Blame was placed on the Romulan Star Empire, instead of something so utterly implausable as a single vengeful character from the future!

A lot of events have played out differently and take a look at an episode called “Balance of Terror”. Now consider how in this new reality, Starfleet effectively have evidence that the Romulans struck first on the day of Kirk’s birth. Wouldn’t there be changes?

Uhura knows several Romulan languages, which suggests to me a lot went on between the Federation and that race during the intervening years. Something that didn’t happen originally maybe.

As I say, if they’re riffing off a TNG episode called “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, for this whole alternate reality, then the Federation will have been engaged in a long war with the Romulans, since not long after Nero emerged into this universe – making our face-to-face First Contact with that race happen earlier than it was supposed to. Fighting a losing war has caused a drain on the right sort of people reaching the Captaincy. Countless casualites and a drop off in recruitment, is therefore a reason for Pike to fast-track Kirk. It also explains why Vulcan was not being defended adequately when Nero attacked. The Vulcans vetoed any conflict with their distant cousins and all but removed themselves from being Federation members.

The Romulans extend an invitation for the Vulcan to come join them, with the ulterior motive of fracturing their alliance with the other founding races – Humans, Andorians, Tellarites and others. NuVulcan will probably be a planet being contested over in the Laurentian system… which both Empires lays claim to. Another idea would be to have NuVulcan once inhabited by another race, that’s not quite as dead as they seem.

57. Kirk, James T. - July 27, 2011

Its great to finally be getting some info out on this highly anticipated sequel. I hope from this sequel comes a third movie and that it’s not seen by the public as being left until the last minute – in other words, its fine these guys go off and do their own thing but lets get a bit more organised.

I think If The Dark Knight is the kind of film their hoping to match – Khan is The Joker to Star Trek.

As for the trilogy idea, I think since this seems to be a 3 movie deal it will produce a trilogy of movies with a beginning a middle and an end but with so many of these big budget blockbuster movies, the end is just the beginning of a new thread.

I think we’ll see the same thing with Trek, At the end of the 3rd movie there will be a thread for a fourth movie or TV series.

As for the actors: These guys will do another 2 Star Trek movies which is fine. From there on in It’s anyones guess what will happen with Star Trek.

58. Kosher Coder - July 27, 2011

Take your time and get it right, guys. I’m willing to wait more years if it means having a movie that will blow me away, and is true to the Great Bird.

59. Craiger - July 27, 2011

What if Khan is going to be a woman? Lindelof did say or girl for the villian.

60. Janice - July 27, 2011

So–it’s still not confirmed that JJ will direct??

I hope they don’t do Kahn again. Been there, Done that.

The spring-summer 2013 sounds good. Plenty of time to do it properly after so many delays.
And–I still want to see Pike!

61. Aric - July 27, 2011

God, Anthony, why do you have to be such a brat in your comments? You take your writing and your site entirely too seriously. For years I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this site. While I appreciate the (mostly) timely news on Trek-related issues, I can barely tolerate your ineptitude in journalism, and your hypersensitivity to comments that criticize or even just critique your articles.

Now go ahead and delete this comment.

62. Jorg Sacul - July 27, 2011

I hope they are writing the script for the THIRD movie as well. No point in waiting around, right?

63. NuKirk - July 27, 2011

Please no on Khan… And THANK you on No Borg…HOWEVER, it’d be interesting to try to pull off The Dominion….but wait…bad guy…OR GIRL??? HINT AT THE ROMULAN CAPTAIN FROM THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT MAYBE???

64. AdamTrek - July 27, 2011

Hello boborci, a question if you will entertain a reply? Are you going into this film, being a sequel, with a propensity toward a third to make a trilogy, or is it more “stand alone” like you did the first film? In other words, will be second film have a distinct and clear setup for a followup?


65. Scooter - July 27, 2011

Please, please keep this movie and, if there is a ST3, 4, 5, future movies original. No reason to rehash everything done with TOS and prime Kirk & Spock. Keep it fresh, original and forward thinking. If all you do is use characters/villans from TOS, then what was the point of the new time line????????

66. P Technobabble - July 27, 2011

Sounds like you take yourself entirely too seriously, too…

67. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

54. Admiral_Bumblebee — “Mr Orci once said that they considered doing a trilogy with having everything back to ‘normal TOS’ at the end of movie three. I think this would have been the best idea…”

I’ve never heard that from Bob, either here at Trekmovie or anywhere else. In fact, everything has always been to the contrary – different universe from the Prime one from now on. Although the plot of the last movie more or less supports the idea of time trying to repair itself – destiny, fate or whatever ensuring there’s a Starship Enterprise and the same crew who assembled aboard her, had Nero not tried to screw the Federation up.

I’ll tell who I do recall saying something that supports your dovetail back into the old Star Trek universe though. Bruce Greenwood. Likely because they could’ve made a series out of Captain Pike’s years aboard the Enterprise! However it would’ve required him to give up on his wish not to end up in the wheelchair, whether it blinks once for Yes and twice for No or not…

68. James - July 27, 2011

I think one point is being ignored about the whole Khan issue – when talking about him i tend to think more of TWOK (played out like a submarine cat and mouse war film with a bit of Horatio Hornblower thrown in) than the Episode Space Seed. The episode was good but there wont be that much action space wise, he cant steal the enterprise or another starship as he is in stasis on the Botany Bay… This then leads to issues about continuity of what year he was found etc.

69. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

68. It’s not so much a continuity issue. Khan isn’t destined to be found in 2267 in this universe, like he was in the old one. It’s more about, why would the U.S.S. Enterprise come across him this time too? There was much random chance involved in the original discovery.

Add to that, what exactly is Khan’s agenda when he wakes up anyway? Go back to Earth? It wouldn’t exactly take long before some Starship figured out what he was up to. It would a complete rehash of The Wrath of Khan, with him stealing a Federation to get him and his followers there, somebody would figure it out and a fleet would just destroy the ship he hijacked.

70. - July 27, 2011

Khan was not a great villain, he was a great villain in Wrath of Khan, he was ok in Space Seed.

71. Kirk, James T. - July 27, 2011

Concerning original storytelling vs rehashing the prime timeline… I think these guys will chart their own path, they don’t seem the kind of people to just go in there and rehash old ideas but thats not to say they wont be influenced by the original series or dare i say it, their own child hood passions such as Star Wars just as they were in movie 1… I’m 100% sure it’s likely that that characters from the original universe will end up in the sequel and subsequent movies but I doubt we’ll see a re-play of Wrath of Khan or Space Seed. It’s a different universe so who knows, Khan may have different motives or may indeed be female…

72. Bill Peters - July 27, 2011

I hope that Paramount will give us a new date soon, I am still hoping for a 2012 Premiere, yet we need some Sort of drop dead date from Paramount Pictures.

73. SoonerDave - July 27, 2011

The pivotal “butterfly wing” effect that makes most every possible rehash story a stretch is the destruction of Vulcan. Think about how much of Trek’s “known” future (okay, “prime” future, whatever you want to call it) *cannot* happen. “Amok Time” cannot happen. “The Immunity Syndrome,” with the all-Vulcan Intrepid, *probably* cannot happen, as there likely aren’t enough Vulcans now to populate her. Kirk’s ascent to the captain’s chair means he never sent ol Ben Finney ” to the bottom of the promotion list” while serving on the USS Republic in “Court Martial.” Heck, TMP’s Kohlinar scene with Spock can’t even happen, or can TSFS “respockification” scene happen.

The point here is that great lengths have been taken to blow up the original timeline such that new stories can (and, to a degree, must) be told. If, however, as I infer from the “non-denial denial” above that Khan is, somehow, part of Trek 12, it puts a severe dent in the credibility bucket. Yet, clearly, they’re establishing the desire to pay homage to “40 years” of the franchise….who knows, maybe they’re going to go back to the time portal from “City on the Edge of Forever” and undo everything :)

I realize the destruction of Vulcan doesn’t preclude the Khan story, but the broader point is that many of the stories they might revisit have been blown up already by the way the new supreme court has chosen to reboot the franchise.

I’d be happy with a fresh, core story, a redesigned, credible engine room, one decent, important scene of dialog and discussion in the briefing room (where some of the best TOS Trek originated), and a bridge at the top of the saucer that doesn’t require sunglasses when you get off the turbolift.

74. Nony - July 27, 2011

I doubt they’d do Khan again, since Nero was in some respects kind of Khan-lite.

I’m interested to see something original.

75. Paul - July 27, 2011

I hope the powers that be realise Star Trek movies work better financially when released in the summer not winter so for me Summer 2013 is better than Winter 2012!!! No need to rush we waited this long whats another few months!!!!

76. Mark Lynch - July 27, 2011

Funky new formatting style…. I like it!

77. Mark Lynch - July 27, 2011

No thank you to Khan, but a big yes please to a proper Engineering room next time around.

78. James - July 27, 2011

Possibly if they are following the dark knight as an example then it stands to reason that the Klingons will be the main adversarys in this film

79. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

73. Don’t forget “Obsession”, as a major event in the career of James T. Kirk.

The only way that could still have happened is if he’d done a “Wesley Crusher”. By that I mean, Captain Garrovick hand-picked Kirk from somepoint during his 4 year Academy training early, to serve on the Farragut’s bridge and the disasterous encounter with the “Vampire” cloud creature occurred early on. Say months into the mission. When the survivors returned to Earth, Kirk just resumed his studies in 2257.

80. C Mosenko - July 27, 2011

Please, no Kahn. This seems like a great opportunity for Korr and kang to take advantage of damage the federation has takenwith the loss of Vulcan. It seems like a great opportunity for the klingons. The Enterprise vs 3 klingon battle cruisers. Kirk and crew would have to come up with a genius strategy to out wit 3 ships with legendary commanders. Some say the klingons are over done. With the reset button being pressed, they can play with the klingons.

81. Mel - July 27, 2011

No Borg is great news! I also hope no Khan.

“We know who the bad guy is – or girl…”

So does this mean, that we get again a single enemy? I consider Khan in Star Trek 2 and Nero in Star Trek 11 as single enemies. Sure they didn’t work alone, they had helpers, but the movies concentrated completely on their hatred, their emotions, their motivations and all their helpers were not more than background actors with barely any lines.

Personally I would like it, if we wouldn’t get again a single enemy. If another race is the enemy, like for example the Gorn, don’t just concentrate for example on one single captain of an enemy spaceship. Show more of the race. Show numerous spaceships. Show numerous individuals and let not only one enemy character speak for the whole race all the time.

82. captain_neill - July 27, 2011

No matter what they would try, in comparison to Space Seed and Wrath of Khan, it would seem like derivitive fanfic.

83. Boozba - July 27, 2011

They can take all the time in the world to do this movie, as long as it kicks ass!!!

84. boborci - July 27, 2011

Somebody impersonating me on aint it cool. One of you?

85. - July 27, 2011

There are two things that would cost bums on seats.

1. Is for the next spiderman film, if they do an origin story, no matter how good people will stay away. Too late for that one.

2. Khan, yep the five die hard Khan fans will see it 20 times each but the rest of trekdome will see it as a lack of creativity and not bother.

86. - July 27, 2011

@84 can’t they at least get some whereabouts these days from I;P addresses?

That may narrow down the search.

87. David B - July 27, 2011

For the love of god if it is Khan then that sucks!

Its like waiting for twenty years to watch the new Superman film only to find it is a rehash of Superman The Movie and nowhere near as good!

Do they want us to say how crap a new version of Khan is compared to the original. It will be like the prequel and original star wars trilogy arguments.

88. boborci - July 27, 2011

84. Changed my password. Should be fine now.

89. Craiger - July 27, 2011

What about the Gorn or the Doomsday Machine?

90. Odkin - July 27, 2011

If they want to re-do something, there are so many concepts and stories that suffered under the 60’s TV restrictions. Khan is NOT one of them. Khan has already gotten big-screen treatment and a PERFECT performance by the definitive actor. It just CAN’T be improved on, so why try?

Now the MIRROR UNIVERSE – that’s something they could sink their teeth into….

91. SIP - July 27, 2011

Abrams’ TREK was without a doubt the most polished movie editorially I’ve seen in about a decade. They may not have expected they’d have extra time, but boy did they use it well. Writing and direction are critical, but there is real craft that goes into polishing a movie and 90 percent of studio pictures don’t get this treatment. Let’s hope they have this time again.

92. Tiberius - July 27, 2011

More Kirk-Spock-McCoy ! That’s the core of Trek: 3 (not 2 like buddy cop movies)

93. Craiger - July 27, 2011

#90 The Mirror Universe is not well known with the general public. That is a trickey thing coming up with something original but having something that the general public is familar with. The general public knows some stuff about Trek, like beam me up, Kirk and Spock, the Enterprise, Klingons and Khan. I am not sure if they know about the Romulans. I know Orci and crew will do a a good job with any enemy they come up with since the last movie was great. My favorite scene in the last movie was Kirk and McCoy going up to the Enterprise in the shuttle. The music was great in that scene and the effects.

94. Gorn Free - July 27, 2011

Personally I’d love to see Simon Pegg shine in this movie… let’s be honest he’s been too quiet and screen shy recently! (let’s see him dazzle us as a serious actor)

95. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - July 27, 2011

No. Khan. No. Borg. Please.

I watched First Contact for the first time a few days ago…I’ve seen enough of the Borg for a lifetime. Let’s keep that in TNG, please.


I’m pretty sure if they wanted to incorporate the Mirror Universe into the next movie, they could do it. They’d introduce it as something new and would explain it. They’re not just pandering to the fans here…

96. Daoud - July 27, 2011

Bob, that’s what you get for making your password, “ikeed”. :)
So, you guys have the big story… are the story’s beats pacing well?
Maybe you guys could agree to throw out a nugget every few weeks for fun? Things like “Chapel on screen?”, “McCoy with an ‘I’m a doctor not a’ line?”… and are we picking up at the end of the previous movie, or will some time have passed. I know you asked us here which we thought was preferred….

97. Daoud - July 27, 2011

Oh, and Khan is fine. Alternate universes mean folks make different choices. This time Khan gets to read (as we know he read everything he could) about Nero, and about Future Spock’s existence. That might influence him to respond differently. Maybe Khan had a “letter” waiting for him from Future Spock. Or maybe the Romulans, or the Klingons find the Botany Bay first. But primarily, Future Spock knows of Khan: surely he would inform the UFP of the urgency of finding the Botany Bay!
That would be the type of mission I’d send my original-thinking crew on, were I Admiral Pike.

98. Craiger - July 27, 2011

#95 Does the general public know about the Romulans? I wonder if they could do a new Romulan War? Have Kirk and Spock take on the Romulans. Or have the Romulans test Kirk and Spock like in that Balance of Terror episode? They could correct Spock’s speech from that episode to match up with Enterprise. :)

99. MJ - July 27, 2011

@27 “Definitely thinking he said it that way to mess with our heads so we can get into a Khan debate. He hinted at the fact it could be a girl. That would be so welcome.”

Agreed. They want us all to not focus on the severe delays in the schedule, and so they have come up with this idiotic Khan thing for us to play with to take our minds off their procrastination with our beloved franchise.

David Marcus to Kirk: “This is all just to give us something to do, isn’t it”

100. Holo J - July 27, 2011

Please do NOT redo Khan. Leave him in the awesome Prime universe. This is a new reality. You blew up Vulcan to make that point and free you up from canon.

If Khan has to be referenced then why not have the Enterprise come across the Botany Bay floating in space at the very start of the movie. Have Spock scan the ship and say “it’s an old earth ship but there are no life signs on board. I believe it would be unwise to board due to its serious state of decay. Its now little more than an old, unsafe piece of space debris and the risk of exploring this for any historical value is far out weighed by the risk it would involve.”

Have kirk give his “risk is our business” speech and that he wants to send a couple of away teams despite Spocks advice. Spock raises his eyebrow but reluctantly follows his command and orders an away team of red shirts who beam over first.

Kirk then says “why should we miss out on all the fun?” and orders Spock and Bones to the transporter room with him. Despite Spock quoting regulations that a captain should remain on board the ship at all times Kirk rebuffs him as the three of them stand on the transporter pad. Kirk starts to say the word “Energize” but before he can finish the order a klingon ship decloaks and blows the Botany Bay out of the sky. There ending any chance of a Khan remake.

A big battle with the Enterprise and the Klingon ship unfolds with the Enterprise obviously coming out of top. Then cut to the opening credits and title music and on to an exciting original story, that involves some exploration of new worlds as well as obligatory blowing stuff up ;)

If destroying Vulcan was your way to show old time StarTrek fans (like myself) that this was a new world it’s only logical you follow suit if you have to mention Khan and the Botany Bay.

101. Dee - lvs moon' surface - July 27, 2011

#23-84-88- boborci….??? …hmmm …LOL

OMG… “the top secret thing” …keep going, perhaps …+LOL


:-) :-)

102. C Miles - July 27, 2011

@23 boborci.

Thanks as always for the notes and updates.

In your free time (HA!) It would be cool if you could do a tongue in cheek “Hollywood Flowchart” piece for maybe Wired, Entertainment Weekly, or Rolling Stone. Coming from you, since you work both film and TV and have/hold many roles in each platform it would be kind of fun… perhaps even “Whedonesque” to peek behind the process curtain.

I have sense that if people knew all the back and forth there would be many cooler heads (yes even around here)


If any of us here knew how to write a movie, we’d be in your business-

Of course if you would like to/shoot Scotty in another (not brewery) area, or would like to nod lightly to old canon without being cutesy, I wouldn’t object…

I just took the Missus to see Captain America this weekend WoW. And she appreciated it on a totally different level than I did. It’s just amazing what a great team can do. (Although the cheese factor was at level 11)

Go make a great movie. We’ll wait.

103. rocketdave - July 27, 2011

#98 If the general public doesn’t know about Romulans, they must have been confused as hell that the bad guys in the last movie had pointy ears like Spock’s people.

104. dmduncan - July 27, 2011

23: “Our second career may well involve explaining how hollywood works;)”

Saul Zaentz put it in a nutshell when he said “The studios are like flies. They both eat honey and shit with the same enthusiasm.”

105. boborci - July 27, 2011

102. Funny idea!

106. Anthony Pascale - July 27, 2011

RE: funky formatting

That’s not a bug it’s a feature!

Actually sorry about that. The video embeds were doing something funky with some browsers so i removed them (but left the links).

107. NuFan - July 27, 2011


108. dmduncan - July 27, 2011

84. boborci – July 27, 2011

Experiencing any blackouts lately? Missing time? ;-)

109. dmduncan - July 27, 2011

106. Anthony Pascale – July 27, 2011

RE: funky formatting

That’s not a bug it’s a feature!

Actually sorry about that. The video embeds were doing something funky with some browsers so i removed them (but left the links).


THANK you for putting it back to left justified! Every post started looking like a Rorshach Test. Mamma Mia, the things I saw!

110. Holo J - July 27, 2011

108 108. dmduncan

Or maybe had a transporter accident Enemy Within style ;) ?

111. Aurore - July 27, 2011

“Our second career may well involve explaining how hollywood works;)”


“Soon” , I expect an ***ANNOUNCEMENT*** concerning your upcoming behind the scenes book regarding how hollywood works.


112. Eik - July 27, 2011

its gonna be Sargon.

113. Christopher Roberts - July 27, 2011

84. I don’t do impersonations. Seriously. Even my Shatner’s pretty bad!

– –

What has been said over at Ain’t It Cool anyway? I rarely visit and it’s mostly negative stuff posted anyway.

114. Hugh Hoyland - July 27, 2011

#88 Bob

I dunno about that, but you seem to have someone who shall we say “doesnt like your work” posting over there lol You probably know who I mean

These folks here are pretty cool though, I dont see anyone here pulling a prank like that.

115. Harry Ballz - July 27, 2011

Bob Orci

I just watched High Plains Invaders. Other than more special effects and bigger stars, how is Cowboys+Aliens going to be different?

A number of us here are curious….

116. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens comes to NZ on 11 August. I am trying to work out whether to see it or not. From the little I have read, it has got mixed reviews, mostly positive though. Some people (posters on IMDb C& A message board), who say they have seen previews, claim it has loads of *plot holes (*the new fad word to often mean they can’t understand a basic story line).

Anyway, should I risk spending $33.00 (two adults) plus an ice cream each to see this movie, come Thursday, 11 August?

Of course, Daniel Craig does still look kinda cute and like the accent….Decisions, decisions. I feel for you, JJ…:)

117. dmduncan - July 27, 2011

116: “Anyway, should I risk spending $33.00 (two adults) plus an ice cream each to see this movie, come Thursday, 11 August?”

Hey, that’s a lot of money to lay down on a movie with no Chris Pine in it. ;-)

But don’t let that stop you!

115: “I just watched High Plains Invaders. Other than more special effects and bigger stars, how is Cowboys+Aliens going to be different?”

I think people will actually pay to see Cowboys and Aliens. They probably got the idea for High Plains Invaders from the Cowboys and Aliens graphic novel.

118. MJ - July 27, 2011

I think Cowboys and Aliens is going to make some money, but not big money. It has the bit of cheese look to it, and the Comicon reviews of it were mixed. I would not be too surprised if after a big first weekend, that it nosedives the following week when the pretty good looking Rise of the Apes comes out. Rise of the Apes, if it is a good as it looks, might doom Cowboys and Aliens to sub $200M earnings.

If that happens, it might actually benefit Trek 2, and some adversity for our Trek writing team may help to get them rededicated to getting out a big hit again with Trek 2.

119. MJ - July 27, 2011

Example from one Comicon Review (no spoilers here):

“Everything above would lead you to believe this is one of the greatest movies ever. Sadly, that’s just not the case. The film leaves a lot of unanswered questions and the backstory is a bit muddled. The final battle works to a degree but didn’t absolutely blow my mind either. I do like that the ending is set in place by an unlikely character. The weaknesses are few but end up glaring. Both “Iron Man” films and “Cowboys and Aliens” fall a little short in their final battles. That’s the area I’d love to see Favreau put a bit more time into on his next project.”

120. Captain Karl - July 27, 2011

oh their playing a Khan game with us…pick which cup the villain is under…

121. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

#117 – “Hey, that’s a lot of money to lay down on a movie with no Chris Pine in it. ;-)”

Yes, but I hope to take another person with me to see C&A. A movie with Chris Pine in it gets (at least) $33.00 just from me. See how it works…:)

Anyway, C&A is a couple of weeks away yet here. Just have to see how the coin jar is looking…

122. SciFiGuy - July 27, 2011

Dammit Bob — Would you guys PLEASE leave KHAN out of this movie???!!!! Having Khan in the film would be just about the LAMEST thing you could do…short of having Harry Mudd be the villain!!!

Good grief!!!

123. dmduncan - July 27, 2011

Okay, wait a second now.

I might be having a bout of false memory syndrome, so somebody else please confirm this, but didn’t they already announce on Trekmovie a while back that the movie was NOT about Khan? Didn’t they confirm that?

So…now they CAN’T confirm no Khan?

I’m wondering now if they abandoned whatever they were working on and went back to the Khan idea? Bob said they had an idea of what they wanted the sequel to be about when they were writing the first movie, and Khan was the biggest bet everywhere, was it not?

So I’m wondering if there was a derailment of one idea and they reverted back to the Khan idea?

If so: MARK STRONG for Khan!!!!

124. dmduncan - July 27, 2011

In every role he plays Mark Strong steals or almost steals the show. He exudes a menacing power I don’t see anyone else manifest as effortlessly, and an actor like that would be a superb replacement for Ricardo Montalban in that role.

125. SciFiGuy - July 27, 2011

Why does Cowboys and Aliens remind me of that awful Will Smith Wild Wild West film made a few years back? LOL!!!

With apologies to Bob…

126. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

The notion of Khan was mentioned by Damon Lindelof, not Bob Orci. I think that Damon may have been stirring the pot…God, I hope so. NO KHAN!

127. Bob Tompkins - July 27, 2011

@41 – Dwayne Johnson as Khan? He does not have the acting chops for it.
Javier Bardem if there is a Khan and if he’s available- unless Khan is a woman. That would be messing with canon TOO much, however. The timeline changes did not occur in the 1990s, so unless Khan underwent a sex- change operation after being revived, there is no way to justify that twist.

128. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

#94 Simon Pegg quiet and screen shy? LOL

Actually the man I want to see who is quiet and screen shy is Chris Pine. I don’t know why we have to wait so long to see This Means War (17 February 2012 US release date). The film is completed and has been for a little while. Welcome to People still does not have a release date, even though it was completed a few weeks ago.

So much senseless waiting…

For more OT…
I wrote a blog a couple of months back (on JustJared I think) about the fact that I cannot ever recall seeing Chris Pine wear any shade of green. Now I see that he is wearing that lovely shirt for the Captains Documentary and the most obvious and bright, colourful stripe has a green look about it, or as my little girl accurately shouted out to me, “Mum, it’s aqua!”

That shirt is now my favourite Pine shirt, along with another blue shirt which shows off his gorgeous eyes…OK…starting to melt and drool again…best be off.

129. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 27, 2011

OK, while I am in OT mode…Just to have to say, Damon Lindelof has the most gorgeous brown eyes!

Too much – one man with gorgeous BLUE eyes and another man with gorgeous brown eyes…sigh. Now I am gone…I hope or maybe you guys are hoping…

130. Radioactive Spock - July 27, 2011

I loved Trek 09, but for the next one I’d love to see more Bones. I always loved how he was a sort of human counterpoint to Spock’s logic and that Kirk’s best decisions are made by listening to both Bones and Spock and weighing each of their arguments before making a decision. In any case, when the movie gets a release date, I’m going to plan to take that day off of work and see it multiple times.

131. Dr. Image - July 27, 2011

Sequel needs to concentrate on the dynamics of the K-S-M triumvirate.
(And no Khan!!!!)
And darken down the damn bridge lighting.
And lose the barcode scanners and translucent panels on it…

132. MJ - July 27, 2011

@124 “In every role he plays Mark Strong steals or almost steals the show. He exudes a menacing power I don’t see anyone else manifest as effortlessly, and an actor like that would be a superb replacement for Ricardo Montalban in that role.”

Please, if I have to see Mark Strong playing “Mark Strong” again as ANOTHER bad guy I am going to puke. He was just plain awful in Green Lantern and mailed in his part in The Eagle.

133. Khan was Framed! - July 27, 2011

Haha…It’s totally Khan.

This was the whole motive behind the reboot movie; to create a plot excuse to retell Space Seed in a different way for the sequel, so they could make him into their Darth Vader.

Sad, childish, self indulgent garbage, worthy of George Lucas.

134. MJ - July 27, 2011

Khan will not be in the movie. Relax!

135. Charla - July 27, 2011

#23 Bob, thanks for making things as transparent as possible- it is intriguing and informative at the same time, especially here on this site.

I imagine it would be hard to do so given every person has different beliefs on what is going on and how things may or may not work. (Me being one of them, until I got a just a small sample of what goes on to make a movie happen when I worked on “Secretariat”.)

Until I had that experience, I didn’t have a clue as to how much work is involved in making a film and how exhausting it can be. I appreciate getting to hear the updates and I understand the amount of work that takes place on the many different levels and how that must come together to ultimately make one great movie. (And I just helped with wardrobe and as an extra! Just a little snippet in time compared to the other full timers! I put in over 12 hrs many days, more than I do as a nurse!)

But I did get to watch the cameramen, the people doing the audio, the director, the main actors and makeup, and also the people bringing in the props. Then the wardrobe- wow! I observed much in the 4 weeks that I was involved. It was a great eye opener. I enjoy and respect the work involved in making movies in general much more now after learning how much work is involved in producing them.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop as much as possible, it is with great anticipation we wait for news about the best movie since the first Star Wars (in my opinion) and I and the others here appreciate you including us in your updates, whether it be what we want to hear or not, it is still considerate of you to keep us updated.

Great job Anthony and staff as well, for staying on top of things as they develop!

136. Toothless Grishnar Cat - July 27, 2011

I think enough fanboys have screamed “NO KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!” on this site that Bob gets the message- redoing Khan would get a cold reception. (And reception is a dish best served cold)

137. Jack - July 28, 2011

From Julian Roman’s MovieWeb’s review of Cowboys and Aliens:

… the opening scenes of this film have promise. Then it sputters to a drip as we learn more of the aliens intentions. I can’t help but feel that this could have done better by Favreau and the writers. Were the aliens so drab from the beginning there was no psychological motivation to shore up the film? This is possible, smart people suffer group think when they don’t have an outside view of the project they’re working on. If only I could go back in time to a pre-production meeting, have Favreau best bud – Vince Vaughn – walk into the room and say, “Guys, these aliens suck, is this the final design?”

This is what I worry about. The writing part, not the design (although that [unconvincing CGI {even if it wasn’t} Cloverfield alien, unconvincing CGI Super 8 alien, every movie alien/monster/vampire with the jaw that opens like an umbrella, every alien ship in recent movies that looks insecty/decepticony] I worry about too). Trek 09 was genuinely fresh, visually… and I hope we get more of that. But, I really hope for more than just a series of scenes, or “wouldn’t-it-be-great-if” ideas. And I’m pretty sure these guys can do that. And I’m kind of hoping that Spielberg stays uninvolved — I’m not thrilled with his recent exec-producing track record (a bunch of product, maybe good pitches, but not great films).

EW’s “There are nifty scenes, like the horseback riders battling silvery skeletal airplanes, but what Cowboys & Aliens lacks is a good story. Basically, the characters… must put aside their differences to form a posse and defeat the invaders. Who do we care about on screen? For all of Craig’s edgy charisma, no one. Cowboys & Aliens has fun moments, but it’s a plodding entertainment because it mostly tastes like leftovers…”

I’m still going to see it.

138. captain_neill - July 28, 2011


Althought to be honest with Cowboys andAliens I was not expecting anything great. It will be a bit of fun and that’s it.

139. Hat Rick - July 28, 2011

You know who would be a real weird villain for the next film?

Some possibilities, in no particular order.

1. Kes. The super-violent version.

2. Borg Queen. (That possibility would be a nightmare for some, and not in a good way.)

3. Janeway.

4. Nurse Chapel. (Okay, I’m kidding here. Maybe.)

5. Sulu. (Tip o’ the hat to fan flix.)

6. Mirror Kirk.

7. Mirror Archer.

8. Porthos.

9. Those creatures from “Catspaw” (TOS).

10. The Horta. (Or just “Horta.”)

11. Spock’s Mom, as a ghost bent on revenge.

All right. Please feel free to borrow freely from the above.

Hey, we don’t really know at this point, so why not speculate?


140. Jai - July 28, 2011

Javier Bardem would probably be the best choice to play Khan if they wanted to go with an actor already familiar to Hollywood.

However, if they’re open to casting an Indian actor then Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan would be absolutely perfect for the role. Trekkers who are familiar with the Indian film industry will already understand exactly what I mean. Hrithik has won awards for his charismatic performances in both “leading man” and “anti-hero/villain” roles, and apparently he’s quite keen to star in an appropriate American movie.

I’ll provide some suitable short Youtube clips of Hrithik’s movie performances and other public appearances for Bob Orci’s benefit at a later stage, once the “Supreme Court” has confirmed that Khan is indeed in the next movie. (Unless Bob wants to see the clips right now, although expressing an interest obviously runs the risk of letting the cat out of the bag ;) Either way — Bob, please do let Trekmovie know if it’s going to be Khan before you make any final casting decisions for the role.)

141. somethoughts - July 28, 2011

Well Captain America sucked, no wow moments or epic score or fight scene,I am going to watch c&a with no expectations and hope it at least entertains

142. somethoughts - July 28, 2011

#134 MJ

Wouldnt it be funny if…..

143. P Technobabble - July 28, 2011

It appears the story has been decided upon and the script is being written. It’s out of our wishful hands now, people.
As for proclaiming who’s in the film, or what it’s about, at this stage, is sheer presumption. Bob, Alex and Damon have said as little, and been as vague, as possible in trying to answer a lot of “spoiler” questions. Kudos to them for keeping us in the dark.

On another note, why borrow a vibe from Star Wars? Because prior to Star Wars sci-fi films were not blockbusters. There were some good ones, like 2001, Planet of the Apes, Silent Running, and some others, but none of those could be considered blockbusters. In fact, there is not a single sci-fi movie prior to Star Wars in the top 50 films of all time, yet half of them are sci-fi films – none of which came out before Star Wars. That film made sci-fi (or sci-fantasy for all the nitpickers) a legitimate genre for the masses. Trek09 didn’t copy Star Wars. It just had a similar vibe, lots of action, adventure, and characters we love. How is that a problem?

144. Hugh Hoyland - July 28, 2011

Bob give us that much, is it Khan? yes or no. ;}

P.S. you can e-mail the answer to me if ya want to keep it secret. I wont tell anyone. :]

145. BringBackKirkPrime - July 28, 2011

Arnold “Khan” Schwarzenegger

146. Drew - July 28, 2011

Wow… Cowboys & Aliens not getting good reviews at all… nervousness=up

147. Captain Knows-A-Thing-Or-Two - July 28, 2011

I am guessing that in our alternative universe, we are going to get a genetically engineered female supervillain on the Botany Bay. This time, Khan will be an ally. An Abramverse twist on what has come before in the past Roddenberryverse. Speculation… Yes! Crap… Even more yes!

Do something original, that is about strange, new worlds, gentleman. At the moment, I sense no clear direction from the team. They’ve worked on this for the past two years, and direction of where to boldly go still seems uncertain.

I liked (not loved) the story of the first movie, because there were too many lazy plot devices. I hope the writing team can up their game by providing sharp dialogue, great character interaction and a plot which captures the sense of exploration that TOS had. Give us an adventure on a psychedelic planet. Go crazy! Go original! Go epic!

148. Damian - July 28, 2011

I’m with Captain Neill. I’ll be real disappointed if they redo Khan or some other redux of an old villain. I thought the last movie had a great story. The new universe is hear so we can have some original stories. I don’t care how different they do Khan or some other villain, at the core, it will be the same person. Please guys, I want something NEW and ORIGINAL. Those are my two key words. To me, to redo an old nemesis would indicate a certain amount of laziness, no matter how it is done.

I’ll be honest, Star Trek fan or not, if Khan is in the next movie, my interest level in seeing it will be greatly reduced. I thought Khan was expertly played by Ricardo Montalban and his character fleshed out in expert fashion. Any redo with a new actor and story will be inferior to Star Trek II (and Space Seed), no matter how you dice it. I know some people say “Oh, but they recast the original series characters and did a new story” and all that jazz, but the fact is, villains are a whole different animal than protagonists.

149. BringBackKirkPrime - July 28, 2011

Go Khan!

150. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

132: “He was just plain awful in Green Lantern”

What was awful about how he played the part in Green Lantern?

151. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

140: “However, if they’re open to casting an Indian actor then Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan would be absolutely perfect for the role.”

I am not familiar with Bollywood movies, so I can’t comment from the standpoint of who from Bollywood might be likely to have the chops to pull off the role of Khan, but you should suggest a series of names. (And keep suggesting them each time the subject comes up).

Javier Bardem is not much of a Hollywood guy. No harm in trying for him, but he usually favors roles in independent films.

152. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

AP, if I’m right you should follow up on that with a story. How could they go from a confirmed NO KHAN to a we can’t confirm a NO KHAN? What exactly has changed that they flipped on that NO Khan in the movie Khanfirmation?

153. Dr. Cheis - July 28, 2011

I never thought of it before, but I guess if they’re in a different timeline they actually COULD do the Borg…

Probably best that they didn’t though.

154. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

152. Maybe JJ wants Khan and can’t be reasoned with? :(

155. NuFan - July 28, 2011

I wonder if it will be a female Khan.

156. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

Polite word in his ear – completely different second Star Trek film please.

157. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

It’s a different universe isn’t it? Different world we live in. If you’re so obsessed with reboots being the way forward, consider how James Bond is not doing it’s most famous nemesis – Blofield… and actually hasn’t done any scared supervillain, living in a secret hideout, holding the world to ransom, since before I was born.

Khan is that. A defrosted supervillain, out for conquest for no particular reason, besides relieving boredom. It’s in his genes. He’s designed that way. No deep motivation or any thing.

Do proper militaristic Romulans against Vulcans, as a North/South Korean parallel instead.

158. Hugh Hoyland - July 28, 2011

The odds of Khan… 70% IMO. DM brings up a good point. I remember the guys saying no Khan quite some time ago and it would be some other “calssic” villian.

But now that seems to have changed a bit. Dunno (shrugs shoulders). Could be wrong, but honestly it wouldnt bother me in the least.

159. red dead ryan - July 28, 2011

I don’t know why Khan would be female in this timeline. And why would we need to see a female Khan anyway? All we’d get is a butch, masculine, he-she that would be a total joke. Literally. We’d all be laughing about it for years on end!

We had female Khan-like (at least in terms of physical attributes) character in the past…..she was called Vixis. From “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”. And look how that turned out!


160. Jai - July 28, 2011

Dmduncan, re: #151

“I am not familiar with Bollywood movies, so I can’t comment from the standpoint of who from Bollywood might be likely to have the chops to pull off the role of Khan, but you should suggest a series of names.”

Out of the current crop of Alpha Male-ish Bollywood leading men, Hrithik Roshan really is the only one who could successfully pull off playing Khan. Along with having exactly the right persona and level of charisma, he also already has experience in playing a “ruler of millions” (for which he won numerous awards) along with a villainous anti-hero (for which he also won numerous awards – in fact, he’s regarded as having stolen that movie from the actual leading man, Heath Ledger/Joker-style).

I’ll provide some of those video clips I mentioned earlier. I have no idea if Bob Orci is still reading this thread, but if he’s still around then he can silently take a look at these without any obligation to spill the beans about Khan-or-not-Khan. I’ll provide a couple of the clips in a separate post below so that I don’t accidentally agitate the website’s filter too much.

– Hrithik on the catwalk at a fashion show in India last year. Some Khanish swaggering. Link:

– Hrithik interviewed on Britain’s Sky News. The question of him breaking into Hollywood is also raised towards the end. Link:

– Hrithik interviewed in detail on CNN by Becky Anderson, as his statue was recently installed at Madame Tussaud’s in London. Link:

– Hrithik in a stage performance at a major Indian movie awards ceremony last year. It’s the first 3 minutes that you (and Bob Orci etc) really need to check out, involving his arrival on-stage in the guise of his most famous movie role (more details in my next comment), imperiously gazing around, and followed by a short sword-dance. Link:

161. Jai - July 28, 2011

Final couple of clips showing Hrithik Roshan’s suitability for the role of Khan:

Some very short deleted scenes from the Indian epic “Jodhaa-Akbar”, in which Hrithik Roshan brilliantly portrayed the 16th century Mughal emperor Akbar, widely regarded as the greatest ruler in Indian history. This is Hrithik’s most acclaimed performance to date. (Apologies, no subtitles in these clips, but you’ll understand what’s going on anyway).

– Akbar meets his wife followed by his mother in his palace shortly before going into battle. This scene was immediately before the climax of the movie. Note his brief flash of vulnerability towards his wife at the end of the scene, followed by him suddenly turning on his heel and stalking out of the imperial palace to his fate, steely-eyed. Very Khan-like ;) Link:

– Akbar meets his estranged “adopted mother” on her death-bed. She admits that she was wrong in her previous actions and makes her peace with Akbar by the end. Hrithik has practically no dialogue in this scene, but gives another demonstration of his superb acting without even needing to say anything. Link:

Hopefully Bob Orci & co will check these out before they make any irreversible casting decisions for the role, but I’ll plug all of these clips again on a suitable future thread, ideally when the Supreme Court have gone public about Khan definitely being in the movie (if that does turn out to be the case).

162. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

It’s really got to be a villain we’ve seen before, for old school familarity.

Hey that’s KOR, proclaiming everything he does is “Glorious”. Or hey, that’s the ROMULAN COMMANDER with a conscience, it’s all about anti-war sentiment and doing his duty, even when he doesn’t like it.

BUT now they’re altered too, due to the fall-out from changes that occurred in the first film. Some shift in the galactic-political resulting from the Kelvin being destroyed and what happened to the Federation after. Or the other major divergence after Kirk’s birth, the destruction of Vulcan and what happens next.

Khan is unaffected by any of that and is still chilling nicely, unaware how years have passed since the Eugenics Wars of the mid-1990’s. Something else that’s hard to explain now. Even Season Four of Star Trek Enterprise didn’t bother revising the date – just vague mention of humanity dabbling with genetic engineering and freezing embryos in lieu of a solution.

By the 22nd Century, stolen Augments raised and grown up by Doctor Arik Soong nearly succeed in starting a war between Humans and Klingons. The Klingons then obtain genetically altered embryos themselves, and begin experiments which lead to the illness responsible for changing a number of the race seen in The Original Series. An Imperial cast or house of Klingons, is a possible conjecture.

163. Christopher Roberts - July 28, 2011

I struggle to find any reason to use Khan, as he’s essentially the same person who was put into deep freeze long ago.

The other major players remembered from the Original Series have the potential to have changed with the universe surrounding them.

Khan is very definitely suspended and cut off from any interesting new direction. As far as I can see.

164. Anthony Pascale - July 28, 2011

NOTE to commenters

Please try to limit the number of links you put into your comments. The system sees multiple links as an attempt at spam

165. Battle-scarred Sciatica - July 28, 2011


Please no “villian”.

Make the “villian” something bigger than an actual person.

Now hurry up and make the f#@king movie………

Lots of love



166. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

I would do a Khan story that portrays him as dangerous but also noble. He comes out of deep sleep in a world where he is no longer a master. He is out of place and purposeless, but he is also feared and kept in captivity because of his history. His thoughts keep going back to his wife, whom he was separated from during the escape, and what happened to her. He learns that there is a good chance they she may have entered suspended animation in a deeply buried location on earth after he left, hoping one day to be reunited with him. She knows that he will come back for her someday. And he does. But because Starfleet won’t allow it, he breaks free to do it on his own using the skills that made him a formidable adversary so long ago on earth…and the chase ensues.

167. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

160. Jai – July 28, 2011

Good choice! I like the music, I like how he fits the role. And the musical possibilities of the inevitable “Khan’s Theme” are exciting!

168. Richard C. - July 28, 2011

I would honestly love to see them do something new with the Romulans again. The TOS episodes “Balance of Terror” and “The Enterprise Incident” were both great stories and could provide plenty of ideas for an upcoming movie. Plus you get some great characters to work with!

I could also see an interesting angle by choosing a female villain. Perhaps T’pring or the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident” would be a good choice for this role.

As far as Khan goes, it really depends on what they decide to do with him. It’d be very hard to find somebody who could do justice to the late Ricardo Montalban’s performance.

Then there is always the option of creating a new villain, original to the new universe. This would provide them with many new possibilities that can be used to create an excellent story. :(

169. Richard C. - July 28, 2011

* :)
Wrong smiley face!

170. somethoughts - July 28, 2011

boborci get Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai to play your lead Klingons, Kor and Kang

171. somethoughts - July 28, 2011

apologize for double post

172. Jai - July 28, 2011

Dmduncan, re: #167

“Good choice! I like the music, I like how he fits the role. And the musical possibilities of the inevitable “Khan’s Theme” are exciting!”

The music is actually from the Indian movie “Jodhaa-Akbar” which I mentioned. It’s by the Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman (the guy responsible for the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack) and is part of a longer song in the movie, although that particular section has effectively become “Akbar’s Theme”. I’m sure it could be tweaked to a suitable variation for Khan, of course ;)

Check out the other clips in #160 and #161 too when you have some spare time. It’s all good stuff, and reinforces why Hrithik would definitely fit the bill for the role of Khan.

173. James - July 28, 2011

Why does everyone keep saying that “they” said ‘no Khan.’ Who’s “they?” Abrams and crew? Cause no not once did they ever say ‘no Khan.’

Unless you guys are referring to who reported that back in October 25th. First of all they didn’t quote Abrams or any of the writers on that. Second of all they’re not a credible website. Third of all they’re the only website to report that, and no other actual credible website did. Every other website just reported on what BadassDigest was reporting and took it as gospel. And finally, assuming that was true at all, things change. That was back in October, it’s now the end of July.

174. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

173. James – July 28, 2011

This is PROBABLY the source:

So if that’s it then it wasn’t a confirmed no Khan, it was a rumored no Khan. Which let’s them off the hook, unfortunately, because it might do them some good to hang on one for a while. ;-)

172. Jai – July 28, 2011

Well I do believe he would be a good choice!

175. James - July 28, 2011

174. dmduncan – July 28, 2011

Well the source is This website was intelligent when they mentioned the word “rumor” cause that’s what it is. However some were taking it as fact and kept saying “but they said no Khan” when they never ever did LOL. :) I really don’t care if they use Khan or not. The most important thing is story and characters, not who the main villain is.

176. dmduncan - July 28, 2011

175. James – July 28, 2011

I also love the idea of a Khan story, but I remember when that came out how some fans were relieved that it wasn’t going to be about Khan. So rumor or not I think lots assumed Khan was no go. I myself projected it would not be about Khan when Bob himself gave us a cryptic clue. I posted my own solution to Bob’s little puzzle, but then in another thread he kind of backed away as if to suggest it wasn’t really a clue and he was just trying to see what our answers would be, but that IS what he called it, he called it a clue, and he called it a “significant” clue. So we’ll see if the rumors end up being true or not.

I do find it odd however that in the first paragraph of this story Lindelof confirms NO BORG…but then will NOT confirm NO KHAN. So then I ask myself if I was in that setting and somebody asked me an unexpected question where I was not trying to throw people off, how would I answer, you know, if the Borg question comes first and I know it’s not about Borg so I say “No Borg,” and THEN I get asked if it’s about Khan after having just established some honesty with my last answer, and I know Khan IS somewhere in the picture, well then I can’t do the same thing. I can’t answer “No Khan,” because I’d be lying, and I can’t say he IS in the picture either, so that sort of leaves me with the option Damon chose, which was not to deny Khan’s presence in the movie.

I could be totally wrong, but if I was in that setting where he got asked those questions in THAT sequence, i.e., Borg first (“No Borg”) and Khan second (“Umm, well, uh, I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of Khan in our movie” (and those are my words not his, but you get the idea)), then it would probably be because I just got trapped into a vulnerable position with the Borg question first.

Also, Bob said that they kind of had the idea for the sequel during the first movie, and Lindelof above says that Khan was the jumping off question, so obviously that was THE big idea they were considering very early, and that sort of fits in with them having the idea for the sequel when they were doing the first movie.

Again, could be totally wrong, but we’ll see.

I just wish one of them would get up there and despite being expected to give us the run around and to say the expected thing, I wish one of them would do the Tony Stark trick and say “I AM Iron Man.”

177. James - July 28, 2011

176 dmduncan – July 29, 2011

Yeah I see what you’re saying. They did say on the commentary on “Star Trek” (09) that they wanted to have the Botany Bay floating in space after the credits. Maybe Khan won’t be the main villain in Star Trek 2 but is being set up to be the main villain in 3. Who knows but I can’t wait to find out. We’ll find out soon I’m sure, within the next five months since they’ll start shooting in January.

178. somethoughts - July 28, 2011

#160 Jai

Great links, I hope they do cast Roshan for Khan if Khan is in the sequel, he def has charisma and his eyes scream intellect. Star Trek can benefit from the international star also, selling to the asian markets etc

179. Cygnus-X1 - July 29, 2011

A non-denial denial such as this one is a good way to get Trekkies buzzing about the movie.

Well played, Mr. Lindelof. A successful Khan job.

180. taong_gagamba - July 29, 2011

i don’t get why khan is so important.
khan is vintage TOS material.
any attempt to recreate him or revitalize him will fail.

181. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

It would be perhaps more interesting to make James T. Kirk the closest thing to a villain in the movie.

Ever been promoted in the workplace and found you were less popular than you used to be?

Often in Star Trek episodes were about having or losing the confidence of the rest of the crew, or being forced to earn that.

Check out “The Corbomite Maneuver” (grooming a young officier and expecting too much, so he snaps), “Balance of Terror” (a decisive Kirk dealing with racial bigotry, while his opponent is more of a reluctant warmonger), particularly “Obsession” or “The Enterprise Incident” (both examples the crew begin to question him as Captain).

182. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

^ So yeah. Whether he’s facing a Romulan threat or a Klingon one – nobody is a big bad as such… they’re doing what’s right to them, and Kirk as the anti-hero. Making mistakes by himself. Taking advice from two extreme view points: Spock, too logical and methodical. McCoy, too passionate and prone to angry (sometimes funny) outbursts of emotion. Then having the third alternative and the answer to the crisis.

183. New careers - July 29, 2011

There are many different information about seeking or getting good job which is very helpful for me.

184. jeannie Spock - July 29, 2011

Hey, if there is going to be a female baddie then who could be more perfect than the Romulan Commander from TOS ‘The Enterprise Incident’. She has a bit of a score to settle with Spock.

185. Drew - July 29, 2011

I am not sure if anyone is still reading the comments for this article, but I found this interesting story from 2009 about a female Khan for the sequel… maybe it planted a seed in the writers’ heads and they either developed it or noted to use it to gain interest in the possible villain/excite discussion…

186. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

183. “There are many different information about seeking or getting good job which is very helpful for me.”

That site got you a job as English Professor, right? ;) :)

Unless it can land me scriptwriter on Star Trek, I’ll pass thanks.

187. Christopher Roberts - July 29, 2011

185. She wouldn’t be Khan. She couldn’t be. Nothing that’s diverted this universe from the old one could explain such a change.

Well, not nothing… there’s something, but that’s too terrible to contemplate and you’d have to cast a suspiciously manly woman, with very big hands.

I am laughing at what Nicholas Meyer said in his TWOK DVD commentary however…

“Star Trek II: The Chest –uh– Wrath of Khan”


188. Drew - July 29, 2011

187…… problem solved…recast Khan as man hands from Seinfeld. Boborci, email me for where to send the checks…

189. Keachick (rose pinenut) - July 29, 2011

Did Khan ever have a daughter or a sister? Just a thought… Nah, too stupid. It would be even more difficult to explain than how a dead prime Kirk is talking to a young Kirk in this new alternative universe.

I am sure there are way better, more original stories to be told.

190. BringBackKirkPrime - July 30, 2011

Ricardo Montalbán was born in Mexico, not India. He played Khan to perfection. So the role doesn’t have to be played by an Indian actor. How about Arnold “Khan” Schwarzenegger. He would have the “Khan” type genetics, has played the bad guy before, is a huge world wide star, and he could use a good role in his comeback like this. Anyway, better than a female Khan I think.

191. dmduncan - July 30, 2011

189: “It would be even more difficult to explain than how a dead prime Kirk is talking to a young Kirk in this new alternative universe.”

It’s easy to get Kirk Prime in the sequel. But they have to come up with a legitimate need to do so vs. just to do it for the novelty.

Spock Prime dies. Among his personal effects is box bequeathed to James Kirk. In the box is a holo emitter, and the hologram is of Kirk Prime. It could be anything, but what it would have to be is relevant to the moment, i.e., maybe it’s a historical interview with Kirk where he defends some of the decisions he made and explains why he did the things he did, referencing things from TOS or the movies. It could be an important historical record of James Kirk Prime recording for posterity what his motivations were or some such, and which also means something relevant in the sequel.

There’s ways you could do it but my sense is that these guys have moved on and aren’t examining a felt need to do that.

192. Christopher Roberts - July 30, 2011

191. Like that and it could be easily tied into the plot, but Bill Shatner probably doesn’t want to do it.

There are ways around the age issue.

Canonise enough of the Shatnerverse to put Kirk in a First Contact-Nemesis uniform.

X-Men 3 de-aging, Kirk in TWOK-Generations uniform, hologram seen at a distance.

193. fanfaron - July 30, 2011

Abrams to teraz niech sie wypcha, zawalil z parowkarzami sprawe, PAMIETAMY

194. red dead ryan - July 30, 2011


I agree. Khan could be played by any male actor, as long as they look the part and are believable. The actor could be Jewish, Chinese, Arab, Native American, African American, etc. All that matters is if they have the gravitas, intensity, physique and acting chops.

Hoshi Sato was a Japanese character played by an American actress of Korean descent, for example.

But I don’t think we should expect Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ve always liked his movies, but now he’s merely a caricature of his former self, as well as being old and fat. Too much baggage, both logistically and physically.

195. Jai - July 31, 2011

Re: #190

Ricardo Montalbán was born in Mexico, not India.

But he did still look Indian, particularly Punjabi — which, according to Trek canon, is the background Khan is from (as is the actor Hrithik Roshan, incidentally).

Re: #194

I agree. Khan could be played by any male actor, as long as they look the part and are believable. The actor could be Jewish, Chinese, Arab, Native American, African American, etc.

Chinese and African American people do not look Punjabi and certainly nothing remotely like Ricardo Montalban, assuming that one wishes to have even a modicum of continuity in the “alternate universe”. I know this may come as a shock to some people, but all non-white people are not interchangeable.

I wonder how many Chinese, Arabs, Native Americans and African Americans were auditioned alongside Chris Pine for the role of James T. Kirk for ST09. Or Scandinavian, Chinese, Arab, and Jewish people for the role of Uhura.

If Star Trek was like the James Bond franchise or Ron D Moore’s recent version of BSG then it would be a different matter and there would be much greater scope to radically “reimagine” the appearance and ethnicity of the characters (including the Enterprise crew). But this is clearly not the case, since the new “alternative universe” has a direct connection to the original Star Trek prime universe.

Believability is definitely very important, as is the necessity for whoever ultimately plays Khan to have the required gravitas, intensity, physique and acting chops. However, that believability goes right out of the window when it comes to people suggesting random non-white groups from very different parts of the world and who look absolutely nothing like each other, or like Ricardo Montalban, or like an Indian Punjabi. We’re not one interchangeable “brown”/non-white block, despite what several commenters on Trekmovie during the past few weeks have unfortunately revealed themselves as thinking.

196. dmduncan - July 31, 2011

195: “I know this may come as a shock to some people, but all non-white people are not interchangeable.”


And I don’t recall anybody ever saying that Khan HAD to be played by an Indian, but is it a good idea? Yes, I think so. It CAN add to the subtle reality of the film in the same way that shooting on location instead of in front of a green screen adds to the reality of the film. No, you don’t HAVE to shoot on location…but it helps the reality of the film. When Kirk crawls out of the ice hole on Delta Vega and we get a close shot of him looking around, that was obviously a green screen shot and my mind lingered on that fact upon detecting it. When something has the odor of artifice, you notice it, and that may be less likely to happen with an actor who is what he plays in such a central role.

It comes down to the audition. If he blows the audition then that is bad news for him. Not just looking the part but acting the role convincingly is an equally big ingredient for success, so having one without the other will not do much good.

I hope they will consider Hrithik Roshan for the role if Khan is in the sequel, and call him for an audition.

Jai, so in your view Amir Khan is NOT a viable candidate?

197. red dead ryan - July 31, 2011


But how many East Indian actors in Hollywood actually look like they could play Khan? Not too many, I might add. Hiring someone who has only done Bollywood films isn’t necessarily going to lead to a mind-blowing performance. Most Bollywood films are cheesy musicals more reminicent of daytime soap operas. That is why I suggested actors of other backgrounds. Even “Lost”s Nestor Carbonell had been suggested awhile ago.

And I also don’t recall Khan being fully established as being of Sikh/Punjabi descent. I think it was only suggested he was.

The difference between Khan and Uhura is that Uhura was most definitely established as being African Swahili. Khan’s background is still pretty vague.

198. Jai - July 31, 2011

Dmduncan, re: #196

Brilliant points, my friend. I agree completely.

“Jai, so in your view Amir Khan is NOT a viable candidate?”

If, by Amir Khan, you’re referring to the famous Bollywood actor, then no I don’t think he’s suitable for this particular role. He’s an excellent actor in his own right, but he doesn’t have the right persona for Khan. Neither does the superstar Shahrukh Khan. Hrithik definitely does, as you know, plus he’s well over 6 foot tall, very heavily muscled, extremely charismatic, and obviously strikingly handsome, so he looks the part too. And he’d be believable as the same person as Ricardo Montalban’s Khan from TOS, not just because he has the right demeanour (even more so in some of Hrithik’s most acclaimed movie performances) but also because he does bear some physical resemblance to Montalban too.

Red Dead Ryan, re: #197

“But how many East Indian actors in Hollywood actually look like they could play Khan?”

I’m not referring to Indian actors in Hollywood. Nobody else on this thread has referred to them either.

“Hiring someone who has only done Bollywood films isn’t necessarily going to lead to a mind-blowing performance. Most Bollywood films are cheesy musicals more reminicent of daytime soap operas.”

That’s pure conjecture, not to mention obsolete stereotyping of Bollywood films. There have been many films during the past decade which are nothing like the patronising caricature you’re presenting, and that includes the superb performances of the actors involved. I’ve already given one example on this thread, including several links to movie clips, for which the lead actor subsequently won international awards far outside India as well as on his home turf. I am of course assuming that anyone objecting to the notion of an Indian actor such as Hrithik Roshan playing Khan has actually bothered to watch the multiple video clips I supplied in #160 and #161.

“And I also don’t recall Khan being fully established as being of Sikh/Punjabi descent. I think it was only suggested he was…Khan’s background is still pretty vague.”

No, it was fully established in “Space Seed” that he was an Indian Punjabi from a Sikh background, and this is a formal part of Star Trek canon. His name is a giveaway too, since it’s Khan Singh; although not all Indians with the surname “Singh” are necessarily Sikhs, and it’s a fairly common name amongst North Indians who are ancestrally from the historical military class, it is definitely a characteristically Sikh surname when it comes to Punjabis. In fact, casting Ricardo Montalban was absolutely spot-on, as he had exactly the right physical appearance, build, demeanour and even voice when it came to that particular Indian group. So although the next actor who plays the role doesn’t necessarily have to be Indian – although it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, for the reasons Dmduncan has eloquently explained in #196 – and I’ve previously suggested possibly suitable non-Indian actors myself, he would definitely need to have at least some kind of physical resemblance to Montalban in his TOS incarnation. Which is why some non-Indian actors would still be believable in the role, but those from a (for example) Chinese or African American background would definitely not be.

As I said, we’re not all interchangeable, we don’t all look alike, and Khan himself isn’t some generic “brown” character that people can project their own racial and religious prejudices onto. The latter has recently been happening with disturbing frequency on this website.

199. Jai - July 31, 2011


I’d meant to respond to a few more of your excellent points in #196. You’re absolutely correct that it will be a matter of Hrithik successfully passing the audition, if he is indeed invited to one. You’re also absolutely correct that superficial physical appearance and a resemblance to the late actor who originally played the role is not enough; after all, there is already the precedent of Superman in terms of Brandon Routh/Christopher Reeve, which didn’t turn out as well as people had hoped.

However, the reasons for my suggestion of Hrithik go considerably beyond that. I’ve seen enough his films over the years to strongly believe that he could actually pull this off, not just because of his physical appearance, demeanour etc but because of the types of roles he’s played and his phenomenal acting in his most acclaimed films. In fact, the choice of movie for those short clips I supplied in #161 wasn’t random; the character played by Hrithik (and as most Indians around the world would confirm, he totally nailed the role) was a real-life Indian emperor who was actually the most powerful ruler on earth at that time, and is still widely regarded as the greatest monarch in India’s very long history. Not only that, but Akbar was the archetypal Alpha Male and the archetypal benevolent autocrat, who inspired huge loyalty and respect, and again Hrithik believably portrayed all this perfectly in his movie version.

You can see the parallels with the fictional Khan Singh (at least before Khan’s excessive ambition ultimately got the better of him), who is certainly not some kind of epitome of evil despite the strange assumptions some Trekkers seem to make about the character. As I’m sure you know, Khan is supposed to be a latter-day version of Alexander or Caesar, not Hitler or Bin Laden, which is why the keen student of history Kirk even makes it clear in the original TOS episode that he has a sneaking admiration for Khan. So, hopefully the clips in #161 showing examples of Hrithik’s acting as Akbar also give some indication of how perfect Hrithik would be for Khan, since they capture the “incredibly powerful, dangerous-but-noble, imposing-but-chivalrous” persona very well.

Anyway, this is obviously in the hands of Bob Orci and his colleagues now. Hopefully they can check out the video clips I supplied earlier and do the relevant further research on Hrithik, and if everything comes together it will be fascinating to see what happens. I guess we’ll all find out sooner or later ;)

200. dmduncan - July 31, 2011

199: “However, the reasons for my suggestion of Hrithik go considerably beyond that. I’ve seen enough his films over the years to strongly believe that he could actually pull this off, not just because of his physical appearance, demeanour etc but because of the types of roles he’s played and his phenomenal acting in his most acclaimed films.”

And that’s why feedback from someone who is as familiar with Bollywood movies as you are is so important, because you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of various actors in a way that those of us who are not so familiar cannot.

I think you, as I do, want as fans to help them make the best Star Trek possible, and if Khan is an element of the sequel, your suggestion of Hrithik Roshan as Khan may help to accomplish that, so I have my fingers crossed that the message (if relevant to what they are doing) has been received, and that he will get an invitation to audition.

201. gingerly - August 1, 2011


On Khan, I’m more of the mind that as we continue to evolve, we don’t want to look back at certain casting decisions and cringe, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s Mickey Rooney *cringe* .

202. Rocket Scientist - August 2, 2011

Jai, there’s only one thing to say after watching those clips (all together now): KHAAAAAAAANNNN!!! KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!

203. Jason - August 8, 2011

The only reason to have the villain be Khan is for the fans…and NONE of the fans want it to be khan as a villain.

Soooo it would be a very stupid thing to do.

204. spooky - August 22, 2011

Meh! No Khan please… once was quite enough and he was already great… You CANNOT EXPAND UPON A CLASSIC. Leave it the PHUCK alone! I want to see something new and something borrowed and possibly blue. ANDORIANS PLEASE! They were great on Enterprise so bring them on. Or even the Gorn or the Tholians! No Klingons though, we have seen so much about them in the original series movies… BAH! Who am I kidding, these guys cannot write for shit, look at how crappy they wrote the Vulcans in the first movie. They wrote them that way to justify their planet being vacuumed. The Romulans are already shite since Nemesis and Star Trek 09′ did not do them justice either. The last couple of movies these guys wrote were crap… Super 8, Cowboys and Aliens. Snore…

205. Keachick (rose pinenut) - August 31, 2011

“Who am I kidding, these guys cannot write for shit, look at how crappy they wrote the Vulcans in the first movie. They wrote them that way to justify their planet being vacuumed. The Romulans are already shite since Nemesis and Star Trek 09′ did not do them justice either. The last couple of movies these guys wrote were crap… Super 8, Cowboys and Aliens. Snore…”

So you think that if a race is crappy, that is justification for their planet to be destroyed or “vacuumed” as you put it? That is what you are saying, not the writers.

Super 8 was not written by Alex Kurtzman or Roberto Orci. The movie was written and directed by JJ Abrams. The Star Trek writers had NOTHING to do with Super 8. JJ Abrams owns Bad Robot, so his production company had a part in making Super 8

Cowboys and Aliens had six writers, two of whom were Kurtzman and Orci. The movie was a Universal studios production with no Bad Robot involvement at all.

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