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Syfy Abruptly Cancels Eureka – Wil Wheaton Not Amused [UPDATED] August 9, 2011

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Today the Syfy channel confirmed earlier reports (and reversed itself from a statement last week) and officially cancelled Eureka, which currently features Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton in a recurring role. The decision to many by surprise, including Wheaton and the cast. See below for the official Syfy statement and Wil’s reaction.


Syfy abruptly cancels Eureka – Wil Wheaton not amused

Eureka, Syfy’s light-hearted sci-fi show about a town fully of zany scientists, is currently airing the second half of their fourth season. The 13-episode fifth season is just wrapping up filming in Canada, and that will air in 2012 (with a Christmas special this year). Last week it was reported that Syfy had ordered six more episodes for a sixth season and at the time Syfy denied rumors that those episodes would be the end for the show. However today Syfy reversed their position and cancelled the show (along with the six episodes for season six).

They released the following statement:

After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton has joined the show as a recurring character for the current Season 4.5 and is back for Season 5 as well. Today on his blog he wrote about Syfy’s  decision, noting in part:

It turns out that the network formerly-known as Sci-Fi changed its mind, and took back the six episode sixth season. Eureka will have to wrap up season five and the entire series with the episode that starts filming on Thursday. I know they’ll have to do some rewriting, so I’m hopeful that Bob Newhart is available.

At this point, I know as much as you do, because I found out the same way you did. I’m trying really hard not to be upset with the network for issuing a statement to the press before the cast knew, so we wouldn’t have to find out the way we did; as you can imagine, it isn’t exactly easy.

Wil goes on to praise and thank those he has had a chance to work with on Eureka, more at Wheaton’s blog.

Dr. Parrish (Wil Wheaton) faces off with Dr. Fargo (Neil Grayston) as Dr. Marten (Felicia Day) looks on

UPDATE: Syfy adds one more episode

EOnline reports that Syfy has ordered an additional episode for season 5 (airing Spring 2012) so the producers of Eureka can wrap up the show.



1. Scott - August 9, 2011

Sy-Fi sucks. This was their best show in my opinion. Big mistake. I guess that creates more room for things that do not belong on the station, like Wrestling. Just rename it USA-2 Channel and get it over with NBC.

2. Elliot - August 9, 2011

Syfy really has been getting worse and worse.

3. TJ Draper - August 9, 2011

I’ve just about had it with SyFy! They cancel all their good shows. Ugh!

4. TrekMD - August 9, 2011

I can’t believe they are canceling this show. It is one of their best shows right now.

5. Shatoupee - August 9, 2011

Yay, more wrasslin’ shows! :-P

6. dmduncan - August 9, 2011

Eureka was just not meeting the low standards SyFy expects from its shows. So disappointing.

To the MBAs who run that travesty of a channel: May all your sushi be from north eastern Japanese waters.

7. Aqua - August 9, 2011

One of their best show, I wonder if another wrestling show beat it out

8. Canon Schmanon - August 9, 2011

SyFy is doing its darnedest to be like Fox.

9. Ensign Ro- (Short for Roland) - August 9, 2011

I guess the suits had to make room for their new Monday night series…Ghost Hunting Wrestlers of the Paranormal. I’m beginning to think that the word “Not” needs to be added to the beginning of the station’s name.

I, for one, will miss the quirky and entertaining residents of Eureka.

And give ’em hell, Will. They deserve it!

10. RTC - August 9, 2011

Pretty much stopped watching that channel years ago. This just proves the point.

11. PeterW - August 9, 2011

SyFy’s killing their best stuff by taking it away from their fans. If they kept shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 on a normal one-day streaming delay, their fans would watch it in a medium that they could make money off of. Instead, they’re holding them to the end of the season, when everybody who wants to watch it will have already pirated it.

Then they cancel the shows because ratings are dropping. It may well be this decade’s version of the antics Fox got up to to kill shows in the early 2000s.

12. Brelz - August 9, 2011

You had to know when it went from Sci-Fi to SyFy, it was going from Scienec Fiction to… NOT science Fiction. NBC just couldn’t kill itself, it had to be murder suicide… I mean suycyde.

13. Sherif Carter - August 9, 2011

This is ridiculous. I can’t beleive they canceled Eureka – the “SyFy channel sucks the big one. The channel is showing their true colors in choosing low brow product over fun and enjoyable dramedy. There is little reason to continue to watch a station with so little insight into what their audience is looking for.

14. Magic_Al - August 9, 2011

Star Trek predicted the future… when Voyager had The Rock guest star.

15. I'm Dead Jim! - August 9, 2011

Hey SyFy! Wil Wheaton says “don’t be a dick!”

First you end the day after streaming of Warehouse 13 episodes and now this!

Frackin’ dicks!

16. Thomas Jensen - August 9, 2011

Cool. Maybe Sci Fi (proper) can just scrub everything and go with reality shows and WWF. Idiots.

17. Edward Magorium - August 9, 2011

Sci-Fi (as it once was) canceeld SG-1 after they had it for five years. They cancelled (out of the blue) SG:Atlantis after five seasons. I’m not really surprised that they axed Eureka after five seasons. SyFy most have a thing against shows going onto a sixth season.

18. Drake - August 9, 2011

WOW this STINKS big time.
This “network” has been racing downhill and is picking up speed!!
A FAR cry from what it was.

19. Captain Karl - August 9, 2011

See…? This is why I rarely get into shows anymore as it always seems the ones I like end of being cancelled, usually right away like Flash Forward, but ultimately after a few seasons. I’m half expecting Warehouse 13 to suddenly get cancelled, too. Not much left on this network for me to watch now.

Syfy is really becoming less sci-fi and more drek…

20. red dead ryan - August 9, 2011

Just who the hell is running the networks down in the States? And who the hell are the people watching the crap that the networks put out? It seems to be more about stupid reality shows and cookie-cutter “talent” shows!

Never watched “Eureka”, but science fiction shows being cancelled out of the blue due to network incompetence leaves me nervous about CBS handling a potential new “Star Trek” series!

It’s what happens when you have bean counters instead of showbiz folks in charge.

21. MJ - August 9, 2011

I quit watching “that channel” when they did the name change….so glad to see I made the right call.

22. MJ - August 9, 2011

@20. Well you guys north of us fired Terry Grant from Mantracker — unforgivable — I love that guy!

23. Hugh Hoyland - August 9, 2011

They canned Eureka?? Oh thank God!

Now they have more budget for DinoCrock VS Sharkasourous part 2!!

24. Commander Thor - August 9, 2011

To #20: I have only two words for you…………..

Amen, brother!

25. NX01 - August 9, 2011

I am done with the syfy channel. They barely even show syfy at this point. Wrestling,Ghosthunters are not science fiction. Just change the name of the channel at this point!

26. Joe - August 9, 2011

They should not cancel a good show like Eureka. Now how long will it be before they cancel Warehouse 13?

27. Vultan - August 9, 2011

I gave up on SyFy a long time ago.

Don’t know about other parts of the world, but BBC America has a much better selection of science fiction than SyFy ever thought of having (even though most are reruns) with Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and all sorts of sci-fi, action and adventure movies.

Hey, leave it to the Brits!

28. BudoBob - August 9, 2011

Hey, let’em know how you feel about this cancellation. Trekkers have saved shows more than once. :)

Sallie Schoneboom
Senior Vice President, Publicity

29. NotAmused - August 9, 2011

NBC Universal runs the SyFy Channel just as well as they run NBC.

“Chuck” anyone?

30. Brandon - August 9, 2011

First Caprica, then Stargate Universe, now Eureka.

At this rate there won’t be any science fiction left on that channel.

31. RichGong - August 9, 2011

Farscape…and now Eureka…smh…

32. red dead ryan - August 9, 2011


No offense, but “Mantracker” sucked!

33. njdss4 - August 9, 2011

One more nail in television’s coffin. Please keep canceling the (few) good shows (remaining) so that TV dies faster. Then the vast array of under-appreciated and under-funded web series creators can have the spotlight, instead of wrestling, Cops re-runs and Jersey Shore.

34. Jack - August 9, 2011

Could they turn it into a wrestling show? Everybody looks good in a onesie.

35. Pensive's Wetness - August 9, 2011

*shrug* never watched it so i dont know what i was missing. pretty much only watch USA, TnT, Nick and CC when not watching the news…

36. CarlG - August 9, 2011

Blech. My condolences to my fellow geeks in the US. I wish you guys could get Space channel, at least they still show actual scifi.

@33: I don’t know about that, it seems to me more like good TV is getting better (viva HBO and AMC!), and bad TV is getting worse (reality TV, ’nuff said).

37. Bob Tompkins - August 9, 2011

SyFy has lost its core audience preferring schlocky weekly end-of-the-world and B monster movies that make the stuff from the 50s look good; movies with cartoon FX over anything with substance. They are going with the notion that the core science fiction audience doesn’t matter anymore and play to the least common denominator.Where does wrestling fit in with Science Fiction? I mean, yeah, it’s fiction, but… and when will they start broadcasting NASCAR?
Anyone else missing the Stargates and BSG and the quality stuff? I sure as hell don’t watch ‘reality’ shows, especially when the ‘reality’ has anything to do with ghosts.
@29 Up-chuck anyone?

38. Techtrekker - August 9, 2011

Could that channel get any more un-science fiction. Cm’on NBC! Get with it! Eureka was one of the best shows it had and now they tank it. Stupid idiots!

39. Dion1701 - August 9, 2011

SyFy, NBC and Universal are all clueless. I love Eureka! I also loved SGU and Farscape! The network is called SyFy. It should be showing shows like the Outer Limit, Amazing Stories, Space 1999, Star Trek, BSG, Dr. WHo, Space Above and Beyond, The Twilight zone, Wild Wild West, Earth Final Conflict, The Thunderbirds and the list could go on and on. That does not include WWE wrestling. If I want shows about things women enjoy I put on Lifetime. I want to learn the best way to cook risotto, I put on the Food Network, remodeling my bath, HGTV or DIY. So why is is so hard for SyFy to figure out what they should broadcast. We are all just UNHEARD!

40. Will_H - August 9, 2011

SyFy should know that they’re probably never going to have a show like BSG again. What they have now that’s good is what they need to stand behind. Ive seen plenty of shows that were nothing more than crap on there and, though I’ve never watched Eureka, I’ve heard good things. Plus that’s just not classy to not tell the cast before the press.

41. dmduncan - August 9, 2011

They changed their name to SyFy because they wanted to keep the sound of SciFi without being committed to that as the subject matter of their channel. Some sack thought it was a good idea, and the other sacks around the table nodded like they thought so too; some of ’em may even have had pangs of jealousy that they didn’t think of that stupid idea first.

“Science Fiction is just too narrow a focus for us, and let’s face it, none of us knows what the hell that SciFi crap is about anyway. So let’s change the name but keep the SOUND, and we’ll put on wrestling because that’s not real either so it meshes.”

42. gatetrek - August 9, 2011

Canceled all 3 Stargates (2 of them after 5 seasons as well I might add), the only thing really keeping me to Syfy was Eureka – I guess I’ll be tuning into BBC America for some Doctor Who, TNG and BSG goodness now….

(if only some network would show reruns of seaQuest!)

43. Commander/Captain/Ambassador Spock - August 9, 2011


You get rid of the cream and keep the crap!!! Seriously!

This is just the perfect end to a really [EXPLETIVE DELETED] day!’

Please be a prank, Please be a Prank, Please Be A Prank……………

44. Canon Schmanon - August 9, 2011

A reality show, which is much less expensive to produce. That’s the “reality” of it. I would hope Sigh Figh viewers will leave the channel to punish decisions like this. Please don’t reward them by watching their crap anyway.

45. max - August 9, 2011

I didn’t watch every episode but it was a fun show. Didn’t take itself too seriously.

46. dwfan - August 9, 2011

I’m doing my best Nancy Kerrigan right now. WHY!!
@#!$%! This is Stargate Atlantis AAALLLL over again. Come on! This is EUREKA! *Fargo voice*

47. Eagleman - August 9, 2011

Can’t say I ever watched Eureka very much. Ever since they started that 10 episodes here, 12 over there, see you in a year or two crap with SG-1 and BSG; I only made an effort to watch those and SGA.

ABC tried to copy them, killed off “V” just when it got good.

SGU became such a chore, never could get interested. Moving schedules, seasons, nights, times…it was like they DARED you to try to watch.

Between bulls–t wrestlers and crappy C monster movies TRYING to look like good B movies of the 1950’s; this channel HAS JUST GOT TO BE A TAX WRITE OFF, OR..A SCAM!

Anyone remember Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder in “The Producers”?

48. Khan was Framed! - August 9, 2011

This means he will be free to reprise the role of Wesley Crusher, President of the Federation.


49. 12YearOldTrekker - August 9, 2011

SY-FY, you don’t know your audience. We prefer this over “SUPER-SHARK VS. GIANT SQUID”.

50. Neal - August 9, 2011

Just like the majority of the comments on this page, I am very disappointed. Eureka is (soon to was) a fun to watch. They always have little nods to science fiction shows of the past. I agree, after it goes, we don’t have much. More crap. I guess I need to look into the expanded cable package in my town. At least I can start seeing what Dr. Who is about and watch a quality T.V. show like Sherlock Holmes. See ya Eureka…its been…fun…..oh my…

51. REM1701 - August 9, 2011

Is anyone REALLY! surprised? Farscape, SG-1, SGA, SGU, BSG, Caprica and the list goes on….

52. Toothless Grishnar Cat - August 9, 2011

Never really watched Eureka, but I feel for the cast. How insulting is it to learn you’re out of a job from the news bulletins before your employer lets you know?

53. REM1701 - August 9, 2011

Sci-fi fans, bend-over and grab your ankles. Syfy is abour to “stick” another “stiff-one” in U. (BE ADVISED: there will be no K-Y or baby-oil or a kiss to get U in the mood :-)

54. RoamingMutt - August 9, 2011

No wonder they changed the name to “Syfy” might as well have changed it to Sci-Was.

55. *into the bushes* - August 9, 2011

Not much of a loss as Eureka stopped being watchable after season three.

56. Jeff - August 10, 2011

You guys forgot that they cancelled The Dresden Files after only one year. It was also smart, clever and funny. Of course it couldn’t stay on the air.

57. Paul - August 10, 2011

This is a result of TV shows being SO DAMN LONG.
Who needs six years worth of a series, with 1/3 of it being just fluff episodes? Instead, give us a relatively short (one or two season long at most) series where every episode is a blast, with a final episode that will close all the story arches running. If the run is a success, you can bring a spin-off next year – “Five years later” type of story, to allow for some changes in characters and environment.

58. Christopher Roberts - August 10, 2011

I’d like to see an experiment done where CBS rebrands Star Trek: Enterprise and sees how many viewers that can get on one of its main flagships channels. You know, in Prime-time or close to – at an hour unprecidented for a 10 year old property.

13 of the best episodes, mostly from Season 4 (I would expect) although a handful of earlier ones too. North Star has a “Cowboys and Aliens” vibe. Broken Bow still one of the best Star Trek pilots. Regeneration with the Borg in it is underrated.

Completely new opening title sequence, losing the middle of the road pop song – to give it a fighting chance. So even Simon Pegg wouldn’t dare turn over.

Outlay to CBS? Basically nothing. How many people had HD back when it was on the air BUT do now?

Star Trek: Enterprise lands on its 10th Anniversary this September.

Try somekind of initiative for a new generation of kids to it another shot. Watching online is nice, but it doesn’t get its pasty face out of the basement and into the sun as it were.

There are enough stories in the last Star Trek series to assemble a line-up that grabs attention and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Test what reception a show would get on TV now-a-days for crying out loud…

59. Cyberziggy - August 10, 2011

Still not as bad as when they cancelled MST3K (I’ll never forgive them for that)… but am disappointed nonetheless.

60. Desstruxion - August 10, 2011

Must be planning on bringing back “Tremors”. I think we all remember that “quality” program.

Farscape, Eureka,………watch out Warehouse 13. Don’t be too great of a show or you’ll be next.

61. ashrond - August 10, 2011

YAY! now we can look forward to more haunted house hunters and pro wrestling!

62. Tony Todd's Tears - August 10, 2011

SYFY canceling a show everyone likes, telling the press before they tell the cast? That’s never happend before.

63. MikeTen - August 10, 2011

As much as I like bashing the SyFy channel, it looks like the problem is not with the people working at SyFy, it’s the owner NBC that is making them cancel shows.
Below is from a post on the Gateworld site:

Before people start blaming SyFy again, check out Amy Berg’s, the exec of Eureka’s, twitter @bergopolis – from her very mouth: “We are the network’s golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, #Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy’s new parent company. Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn’t make the numbers work.”

So yeah, SyFy DID want to keep it, SyFy DID fight to keep it, but the show got too expensive and the writers couldn’t work with a smaller budget. These things happen.

64. Patrice - August 10, 2011

Why does this channel even exist? Syfy cancels every show that actually has a following. How do they even rate these shows? It seems like if a show doesn’t pull in “network” ratings, then the show must be a bust. HELLO Sfy, this is cable with a very specific demographic, sci-fi geeks…like myself.


These shows are never going to pull ratings like, “Two and a Half Men” or some other brainless twit of a show. We sci-fi people want a thought- provoking challenge of a show with some scientific theory sprinkled throughout.

SYFY, WHY DO YOU CONSTANTLY DENY US? We are your core viewers. The Syfy channel is a joke and I see no point in investing my interest in a channel that can’t distinguish a good quality sci-fi from a bad one even if it were beamed down in front of them.

I am still upset over Stargate SG1, Atlantis and of course, Battlestar Galactica. (Really, cancel BSG to replace it with Caprica???? really?)
I petition that the series V gets picked up by Scyfy- it did have a two season run on the precious “network”, so it should be a goldmine to cable.

I am so disgusted. SyFy is becoming just another channel that I flick over to find something else to watch. Syfy is not even worthy of the name, sci-fi.

65. Patrice - August 10, 2011

@ 39, I am a woman who likes sci-fi as much as any dude.

66. DP McGuire - August 10, 2011

I quit watching SciFi after they cancelled Farscape. Then a couple of years ago they were going to bring it back at least as webisodes. That didn’t happen either. BBS America is the real SciFi channel.

67. EM - August 10, 2011

Well, I’ll try to be optimistic about the future of genre television. We still have Warehouse 13. I like that one. Haven is cool, too. Battlestar Galactica : Blood and Chrome soon. These are all Syfy, aren’t they. Not much in the way of science fiction, but what can you expect from a company that intentionally rebranded itself away from science fiction.
My wife and I love Eureka and will miss it terribly. But, network bosses don’t care about what my wife and I like. I thought that Eureka had pretty good rating, but I don’t really pay attention to that sort of thing. Doctor Who and Torcwood is still around. Might get to see more Primeval someday. I hope. There are some others out there. So, we know that we can’t count on Syfy to produce a slew of shows that science fiction enjoy. That’s not really what they are about any more. We, who do not produce television, must continue to enjoy what is available to us and support those shows by actually watching them.

68. rogue_alice - August 10, 2011

“I know they’ll have to do some rewriting, so I’m hopeful that Bob Newhart is available.”

LOL. Sadly, Suzanne Pleshette is no longer available. Would be a kick to include Bob in the finale.

69. Bill - August 10, 2011

Sorry for the cast and crew to lose their jobs, but let’s be honest here Eureka totally sucks!! I watched all of 3 episodes in its 1st season and thought it should have been canned then. Hopefully something better will be replacing it but not holding out hope since it is Syfy after all, that network should be cancelled on principal alone.

70. Chris - August 10, 2011

Man SyFy, you have some serious problems with your decisions. I cant believe you cancelled one of your top rated shows.
This is why I don’t watch it myself anymore cause you gotta air more “reality” shows just to satisfied those that crave them.

71. Orb of the Emissary - August 10, 2011

Again, this is why I stopped watching the “SyFy” channel after they cancelled Stargate: Universe. That was the last straw for me. And even though I wasn’t a regular viewer of Eureka, what I did see I enjoyed. This just justifies my boycotting of the channel. Oh, and SyFy, way to go regarding how to let the cast and crew know about the cancellation, through the media instead of you.

R.I.P. Eureka…

72. RetroWarbird - August 10, 2011

I’m sad for this.

But then again, I have NetFlix. Good sci-fi is just a click away, and is far more reliable than that channel ever particularly was. Plus every episode, in order, and no commercials. Endless Trek re-runs. And so on and so forth. I never got into Doctor Who … now I can. Didn’t have a chance to catch BSG while it was on. Will be able to. Etc …

But there’s new, current, present-day shows that are getting short-shrift. And so few and far between are today’s good sci-fi TV shows (I can think of like three … and one is Fringe … and its future is kind of shaky too.) that you’d think the SYFY channel would be dominating.

73. Navy Guy - August 10, 2011

Never written on here before but I came to the conclusion that SciFy lost the edge when they savaged the old Friday night line-up to put Wrestling on. I used to look forward to coming in from Friday dinner to watch some good shows but that era is over. Shame

74. Adam C - August 10, 2011

wtf Syfy why do people do business with them???

75. Robman007 - August 10, 2011

“SyFy” channel is a lame, very pale shadow of what it used to be. Now it’s just another dumping ground for stupid reality TV shows and pro wrestling…what does WWE have to do with Sci-fi. URGH!

Oh, and don’t expect the new BSG prequel to be run any better. It’ll get a season, be off the air for 2 years or so, then come back and get cancelled because of low ratings and high cost….Syfy stinks!

76. Adam C - August 10, 2011

cant stress this enough they need to cancel syfy

77. Stephan Mittelstrass - August 10, 2011

Can please anyone think what the cancellation of “EureKa” means to it`s composer????!!!!


After “Human Target” and “The Cape”, it`s another blow to “EureKa”`s genious composer BEAR McCREARY!!!

I`m sorry for the main cast (met them on German`s FedCon in 2008 or 09) and all people working on the show, but it`s hard that the man who – in my opinion – has the talent of becoming a second “Jerry Goldsmith”-style of composer, has to end working on 3 projects within 1 year!

Now as a Sci-Fi Fan and listener to Soundtracks (TV and movies), I`m shocked to hear that there will be no “EureKa” no more and no more accordeon/guitarre score from Mr. McCreary!

“R.I.P., Global Dynamics, fare well Sherriff Carter!

EureKa, you`ve been a wonderfull show!”

78. Ensign Ricky - August 10, 2011

“Eureka” is the only thing I watch on SyFy. Pretty much the rest of their programming sucks. I guess I can remove it from my favorite channel list now. I don’t watch NBC at all.

79. John from Cincinnati - August 10, 2011

I can’t decide which has gotten worse, SyFy or Chiller.

Chiller used to air good American horror movies, now it seems they are all third rate Canadian productions or old TV shows no one remembers.

80. jas_montreal - August 10, 2011

Why does SyFy even exist? They cancel everything sci-fi. They like shows that are pure trash. They cancelled Caprica and kept shows like EUREKA on…. how pathetic.

We will never forget what they did to Caprica…

81. Derf - August 10, 2011

SyFy: Imagine Greater Margins

Sanctuary and Warehouse will be next. Probably Haven too, sad. Guess I’ll go ahead and drop Alphas now, what is the point? See how that works, Mr. Chip McMarketing?

Few ideas to fill the slots:

Ghost Hunter: NASCAR
Fact or Faked: Why We ‘Have’ To Cancel Shows
Hollywood Treasure: Former Production Sets and Props

82. Matt Oracle - August 10, 2011


That’s all I have to say.

83. THS - August 10, 2011

That will definitely give Sheldon Cooper some fodder against Wil Wheaton the next time he’s on The Big Bang Theory. Too bad that they had to cancel Eureka though. It was a really good show.

84. Obsidian - August 10, 2011

Maybe they can start shopping other networks.


Anybody do syndication anymore? Like TNG did? Or did that system go away with the Edison light bulb?

85. trekboi88 - August 10, 2011

Being that I’m a television production major in college, I plan to take over “SyFy” (the name change still bothers me) and finally give us science fiction fans some quality programs…enough with all these dragons and wizards and shit…it’s a science fiction channel, for God’s sake…not fantasy!

86. Steve - August 10, 2011

Congrats to Wheaton for having the guts to fire back at SyFy, which probably doesn’t help his employment chances on the network in the future. But to not even tell the employees before the press… that’s just low. Just one more thing to add to the list of SyFy’s corporate ineptitude.

87. CmdrR - August 10, 2011

Isn’t there a zillionaire out there somewhere who can found a REAL science-fiction oriented television/internet network??

SYFY is a stupid name, for a network run by stupid people.

And your endless Big Snake movies SUCK!!!!!

88. CmdrR - August 10, 2011

85 – trekboi88 — Do it! Do it!

I’m in TV News. (Stupid profession) I’ll be happy to create and executive produce a cool show about sci-fi happenings.

89. Browncoat1984 - August 10, 2011

What makes me so mad is this: SyFy tells us ‘ratings ratings ratings! Watch live and the show will be renewed!” That’s the story they spewed at us in regards to SGU and Caprica. They even sited Eureka’s Tuesday ratings in the fall for its final episode (along with Warehouse 13) as an example that their shows can perform well.

Eureka WAS. NOT. HURTING. in the ratings department. It wasn’t their highest rated show (that’s W-13) but it was solid and is probably their most talked-about show. The fans gave them the ratings. We gave them what they wanted and STILL they cancel it?

Also, they’re apparently giving Eureka one more episode to wrap it up. Why couldn’t they do that with SGU and Stargate in general? One or two movies is all they needed to give the franchise that made them who they are a proper send-off.

Its ironic, that even with a smaller audience, FOX appreciates its Fringe audience. They show respect to the audience (so far) by telling us, just before SyFy pulled this crap on us “all we need for renewal is the numbers we’re getting” and Fringe is #18 out of 20 shows on Fox. Not great numbers. Best kept secret IMO, but SyFy apparently does not respect its fans, promising us at least a 6-episode conclusion but then turning back and saying “nope, SCREW YOU!”

I would have even been happy with the cancellation if it meant a good final season (and I mean at least 13 episodes, NOT six).

90. Trekologist - August 10, 2011

Gave up on sci fi somewhere in the area of time that it became SyFy. This is one network that is on its way out altogether. You heard it here first. It’s only a matter of time. Someone on here said “Just rename it USA-2 and be done with it.” It’s coming. Anyway… for those who haven’t had the chance get over to BBC America. They surpassed SyFy a long time ago and will continue to do so well into the foreseeable future.

91. Trekologist - August 10, 2011

Oh and one more thing…. BSG: Blood and Chrome… I wouldn’t be surprised at this point it never sees the light of my LCD TV. Not on that network it won’t. The powers that be are clearly demonstrating that they have no interest whatsoever in sci-fi related content.

I think it was #72 here that said they hadn’t had the chance to see Dr. Who. My advice…. Seize the Day! I was not a Dr. Who person until the latest Dr. (Matt Smith) came aboard. You have no idea what your missing!!! Great stuff!!

92. Trekologist - August 10, 2011

Ya know…. I just remembered from reading the posts here…. NBC owns the network formerly know as SciFi…. This explains so very much.

93. The Starfleet Veteran - August 10, 2011

What do you expect? “SyFy” has become nothing but garbage since they changed their name. How many shows about ghosts and haunted crap can one network have? Thank you SyFy for selling out. Asshats.

94. Robman007 - August 10, 2011

@91: If it does, it will be mismanaged like BSG was, and you’ll get 2 seasons of show in a 4.5 year span. That was super annoying about BSG…only 4 seasons of a show that was “on air” or in production for over 7-8 years (and they covered things up with the lame season 2.5/3.5 marketing ploy to sell more DVD’, that was greed and lazy..same season, just a dozen years before they spewed anything out, thinking that they were HBO or something..ha!). So Sad.

95. CaptainDonovin - August 10, 2011

Wow does this suck. That is such a fun show, guess it will be replaced by another really bad reality show.

96. sean - August 10, 2011

Not to defend Syfy, because I feel they make incredibly stupid programming decisions, but as I understand it Eureka was the most expensive show on the network and was not getting any cheaper. That, and it pulled in an average of 2 million viewers, which on a regular network would be considered a failure. Given that, I can see why Syfy might think it’s best to shut down while they can still make a profit. Shows like Ghost Hunters are just money in the bank for Syfy, since they cost very little to produce. Plus, they do very well in the ratings. I don’t know why, since it’s just a bunch of people on sex tape cam screaming that something touched them or didn’t you hear that, but to each their own.

97. Robert Paulson - August 10, 2011

So, another rubbish show on a rubbish channel bites the dust! Don’t even bother with it anymore. I’ll be back when the “suits” start showing DOCTOR WHO!

98. Charles - August 10, 2011

Would seem to me that there is opportunity for another network to announce that they are starting a Science Fiction / Fantasy channel. Call it “Imagination” or some other catchy word, and just decimate Sy Fy in the ratings.

Put on some original programming, and offer repeats of past shows that fit the bill.

99. MA00145 - August 10, 2011

guess they needed more room for Wrestling ……………………………………………………………… SYFI what are you doing

100. trekboi88 - August 10, 2011

Even though I own all the Star Trek episodes and movies…they need to put it back on “SyFy”. Not just marathons, but have it on in regular intervals. Even once a week would be fine (just not at like 2 in the morning like they tend to do with Enterprise).

101. Captain Dunsel - August 10, 2011

Just PLEASE tell me that somewhere between now and the last episode, SOMEBODY kills Beverly Barlow!

102. Brett L. - August 10, 2011

If you’re called the SCI-FI channel, you’re SUPPOSED to appeal to a niche audience and expect modest ratings. Remember “The Learning Channel” when they did science (pre-“TLC”) or “The History Channel” before they focused almost exclusively on auctions, antiques, and pawn shops? What’s next?… the Tennis Channel covering NFL games?

What is the point of having a million cable channels when all of them have the same goal of maximizing ratings by appealing to the lowest common denominator? I’d rather they all drop the pretense of being something they obviously have no interest in being. “SyFy” should call themselves the “Funn Netwoork” and be done with it.

103. Dion1701 - August 10, 2011

#65. Patrice – My apologies, I did not mean to offend anyone with the Lifetime comment. I know there are a lot of female Sci-Fi fans out there. I had a feeling when I wrote it that I may have stepped in it… Sorry

104. the Dogfaced Boy - August 10, 2011

I lost interest in Eureka for a while there. It became one of those always taped but usually half watched shows. Lately I’ve been watching it a little closer, the time travel to WW? and the return where everything had changed. I liked Will’s guest spots too.

But, alas, I think syfy means “shut your fraking yapper and watch the wraslin'”.

105. Patrice - August 10, 2011

@103…we’re cool. :-)

106. T'cal - August 10, 2011

I always liked the idea of a sci-fi channel, but SyFy is not that channel. I figured with so many great old sci-fi shows and movies, they could do theme nights or weekends with marathons of various series and films. Plus, they could have MFTV movies and original series. Imagine a Stargate on one night, Star Trek another, BSG a third, etc. This channel has lost me. I’m watching BBCA more and more what with it airing TNG, Dr. Who, and Torchwood, not to mention Top Gear UK, the funniest show on TV.

107. Mikey1091 - August 10, 2011

I hate to burst everyones bubble here, but SyFy arent the ones who cancelled BSG. I watched the making of BSG documentary, and I specifically remember Ron D. Moore saying that he had planned for 4 seasons and that he wanted it to end at season 4 and had told SyFy he wouldn’t do a season 5. So really, SyFy didn’t cancel BSG. It was our hero Mr. Moore. This is why season 4 was broken up into two years, so it seemed like there was a season 5. I do agree about all the other shows. As for Eureka, I watched some of it and it was a good show but it got a little boring for me after a while. Still, I feel bad for the fans. SyFy really is killing its audience here.

108. JC - August 10, 2011

Everyone here is forgetting who REALLY owns both SyFy and NBC. Comcast owns both. If you really want to do damage, cancel your Comcast right now. If we all cancel (already cancelled mine) all at once…AND…we be sure to tell their customer service that the reason is the recent SyFy decisions, I guarantee you that Brian Roberts (the head of Comcast) will take notice. Comcast has NEVER cared about its customers, employees or anyone else. Its become such a huge empire because it only cares about the bottom line. If enough customers leave right now at the same time, it will soon become obvious that restoring SyFy to Sci-Fi is the only way to return to better profits. Now go out and cancel!!! Get satellite from either competitor. If anyone is good at protesting…its us Sci-Fi fans.

109. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

It really depends on how the series plays out. Some shows are freewheelin’ and take time to build up. Then when they’re great, they’re forced to end.

BSG is not a show I watched all that often, basically the 2003 mini-series and a few of the first episodes. No access to it where I am. But I suspect the end was a natural one and destined to happen, for want of a better word. Planned to end that way, the finale just put off several times each time the show narrowly missed the axe.

If the show is running out of steam, or reaches an end point naturally – I think a dark ending can be good with characters life’s on the line. If on the other hand, it wasn’t that show’s time and it really is a cancellation – it’s preferrable to imagine those characters off having adventures forever. That’s what frankly pissed me off about ENT. Too damn final.

The only thing that links the two kinds of ending, is that you miss seeing the characters when they’re gone.

110. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

lives not life’s

111. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

One ending sort of adds meaning to everything that’s gone before. The other just sours the milk and almost the whole show, if you didn’t like how they handled it.

112. Daoud - August 11, 2011

Keep drinkin’ the Brawndo folks.
That damn movie was so prophetic.

113. psytce - August 11, 2011

It is really nice to see all of these massages ” I never watched the show but ….” …

Did you ever think that the reason they are canceling it is because not enough people watched the show?

I have watched this show since it started and it really blows that it got canceled, but maybe if you guys that are upset about it being canceled and did not watch the show will watch these shows in the future so they don’t get canceled…. Just an Idea…..

114. dennycranium - August 11, 2011

I think SyFy is looking for success like TNG or BSG had.
We don’t get Sigh Figh here in Canada. We get the much more ScFi friendly Space Channel.
When the genre shows don’t get huge Trek or BSG numbers the bean counters just cancel them.
SyFy needs to go away.
HBO needs to pick up a creatively rich scifi show.(Or Showtime)
Then the other networks will take notice.
Shame on NBC for letting the cast and crew find out thru the internet

115. Rich - August 11, 2011

I stopped watching last year. I liked the first 2 seasons but I thought the show lacked imagination and depth. It seemed to play off the cuteness of the characters and not go anywhere else. Warehouse 13 is the same way. I yearn for a StarTrek-like show that has characters, depth, imagination and once in a while also blows my mind. Right now only Dr Who seems to be doing that.

116. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

No sense in pointing fingers. People have all sorts of reasons. Often they don’t have access to anything but the basics. I’m in England and don’t get anything that requires subscribing. Wasn’t always that way but you have to cut back.

117. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - August 11, 2011

Does anyone remember a great network call The Sci Fi channel. Anyone knows what ever happned to it.

118. mike - August 11, 2011

We don’t need SYFY anymore We got Netflix

119. Greg2600 - August 11, 2011

Why are people surprised? SyFy (SciFi) has operated like this for a decade. They cancel popular shows because they invest in new shows way ahead of time, and then suddenly realize they have no money left. It’s a horribly run network, and a disgrace to science fiction programming.

120. Dave D. - August 12, 2011

what do you expect from the network I like to call Schlocktopia? Now they are down to just warehouse 13, which while it is ok its not as good as Eureka but it is a much cheaper show to produce, im sure.

Syfy is just confirming they are the unwanted bastard stepchild of NBC, now dedicated to bringing “Rassling” and weekly killer Monster Movies of the week for everyone!!!

Hey kids!: Next week on Schlocktopia: “Killer Piranha from Hell 6: the spawning”

I get my classic sci-fi shows from netflix now – to heck with them.

121. On Vacation With Landru - August 13, 2011

Wil Wheaton might be kissing his character goodbye on Leverage, too.

I haven’t watched syfy outside of their Twilight Zone marathons for years. The next season won’t even air until next year, so its a bit surprising these days to announce this time-wise unless they’ve decided to change the name of the network again in 2012/13.

122. roy - August 13, 2011

I dont blame the SyFy network for trying to reinvent themselves by bringing in more based reality tv shows and Vince McMahon’s WWE universe in the form of Smackdown in a way to stay fresh and survive in a very competetive tv market

123. starfinderwhohasnothingtosay - August 13, 2011

WIl Wheaton seem to look like the young Tony Randall! He should find “his” Rock Hudson for super comedys like the good old ones… I mean this absoluteley honest!

124. paul - August 14, 2011

way to go syfy…just cancel every show your viewers enjoy till you have no fans left! Bring Back Eureka you idiots!

125. Wayne - August 14, 2011

I love Eureka – it is one of the few tasteful shows left on TV. But that is the problem, the networks are run by people who want more “reality” trash. So, when a show that isn’t about “drama, murder and adultery” starts building some steam – well, we can’t have that! Just stop watching these types of channels when they want to promote garbage like WWF or WWE or WTF the name of it is now.

126. saveyellowtreesfromplates - August 15, 2011

If anyone wants to really save this show write actual letters, don’t e-mail. A deluge of paper will make more of a difference. Or be lazy and watch the show prematurely end. Your choice.

The SyFy Channel
Attn: Mark Stern – President of Original Programming
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

127. MJ - August 15, 2011

All, do what I have done. When they changed their name to SyFy (and insulted all science fiction fans), I started my personal boycott of them (and I sent their Exec an email stating so) and have not watched a minute of their programming ever since. They are not worthy of our time — I urge everyone to boycott this station!

128. MJ - August 15, 2011

@126. FYI — email is better than paper these days. Paper letters these day generally connotes and older audience, which is probably not the target audience for this show.

The message will be more powerful if they get thousands and thousands of emails. Paper letters will just tell them the old fogies don’t like the show, as people under 25 generally don’t send letters these days.

129. MJ - August 15, 2011

meant to say: “don’t like the show being canceled”

130. Red Dead Ryan - August 15, 2011

Also, you’d have to pay for postage as well. So if the executives at SyFy got your letter, they’d take it as a compliment since you had spent time, money and effort to physically send a paper letter. Plus e-mail is less personal, cheap, easy, and allows for spamming. You can clog up their computers with bogus ads, and maybe even spread a virus or two to shut down their computers!

Of course, you could take a crap into a box and mail it as well!

131. Colt - August 15, 2011

Well, I’m not entirely surprised they torpedoed Eureka. They’ve been making bad decision on their programing for years, with no sign of anyone who knows what actual original viewers were looking actually watch.

As side comment, not defending network formerly known for Science Fiction….is possible that USA Networks is more to be blamed for this sudden cancellation? They’ve been in backseat driver for while, controlling the network. Could they be cutting funding to the network’s new projects, forcing them cut Eureka and other good arguably expensive shows?

132. Mary Ann - August 15, 2011

Once again the big wigs don’t give a rats behind about the viewers. I no longer watch the “local” channels because all they have is reality shows. I AM SICK OF THOSE SHOWS! SyFy was always a favorite if mine. NO LONGER!! Why do I pay this huge cable bill when you behinds keep cancelling all the great shows for crap like WWE? Where women are told to “bark like a dog” for Vince. Then his wife gets into politics! Yep teach our kids beating up people and degrading women is OKAY with SyFy!! Way to set the bar lower for yourself SyFy.

133. John - August 16, 2011

I think what should happen is someone else should pick up the show… maybe like a webseries guru or conglomerate of web’ers. Gotta keep this show running it’s a real good idea.

The bigwigs at “syfy” first starved out Farscape by not really putting out any adspace for any of it, and just promoting the hell outta Stargate, because execs just liked Stargate better (don’t lie.. you guys hated farscape (the bigwigs)). Now doing this to another show with LOYAL viewers that watch the show and can’t wait for the next one to air.

Hell give the show to some other network then if you guys are cancelling it. Maybe they’ll be in better hands that way and you won’t screw viewers by killing another good show.

134. MJ - August 16, 2011

@130. But regular mail connotes older audiences…..they want the younger demographic, which doesn’t use mail much. Hence, while the mail tactic was more powerful in the past, I think now it has outlived its usefulness in sporting sf shows which have commercials targeted to the younger crowd in general.

This is the opposite of writing your congressperson — in that case, letters are much more powerful, because they know that person will vote.

135. Melissa Smith - August 16, 2011

I came across this info by accident, but OMG I am not happy about this. Eureka is one of my favorite shows and shame on you SyFy. Sell the rights to it so another network can pick it up.

136. ric candor - August 22, 2011

they pander to the banal soap-opera crowd and ignore intellectual science fiction too often and they will continue losing their fan base… why try to be something else when there are so many something else’s out there?… some foolish MBA logic like diversifying a portfolio?… might as well just hire Glenn Beck and try to please everybody… they don’t realize trying to be too diverse turns off the core audience that makes cable specialization work…

science fiction crosses all age groups and demographics, but one thing sci-fi fans have in common is a love of intelligent imagination and a longing for lasting characters and complete story lines… layered story and character development takes time… conclusions in one or two hour rush episodes are a turn off… once again leaving a sour taste in the mouths of fans… i trust the syfy channel less and less every year and don’t invest in watching shows on the station because they are demonstrating a lack of respect for the stories, the characters, the science fiction, and the audience…

sudden cancellations are a sign of lack of creativity… show us your creativity (and understanding of your audience) or you will lose us…

137. LCDR T'Pau - August 23, 2011

I know I am a day late and a dollar short with any comments on this issue — but I was in Las Vegas for Creation’s Star Trek convention (and to see Leonard Nimoy become so emotional about his last Las Vegas convention — was amazing and so touching). Syfy’s abrupt cancellation of “Eureka,” which along with “Warehouse 13″ is one of its two best shows, just reinforces my perception that Syfy’s parent, NBC, is more interested in saving money for insipid reality shows and stupid horror movies that have NOTHING to do with science-fiction or even fantasy than it is in retaining excellently written and acted series. “Alphas” is a poor excuse for an X-Men take-off — just as “Stargate: Universe” was a poor excuse for a Voyager re-make. I mean — wrestling on Syfy on Friday nights — what is that all about and how is it in any way even remotely connected to science-fiction or fantasy? “Ghost Hunters?” “Legends?” There is little to no imagination required to script these reality-based shows. The cancellation of “Eureka” just gives me another reason to not watch Syfy. Monday night was its best night — and now there is only one show left to watch on Mondays.

138. Enigma - September 9, 2011

I think the show was a bit all over the place, but it seemed to be correcting itself with the Astraeus Project. My favorite show on Syfy is Alphas. I didn’t much care Caprica(too boring) or Stargate Universe(too many blah characters).

I was actually beginning to appreciate Wil Wheaton’s character on the show, but Fargo was always annoying to me. Joe Morton was easily my favorite along with Colin. I fear Warehouse 13 may be heading down the path of cancellation if the scripts don’t get tighter.

Any news on what will replace Eureka?

139. Timothy D - September 12, 2011

been a fan before the pilot was even announced. I know that one day it would end everything does. its just sad to see that it has to leave so before it even hits its prime. I do agree with many others have about how to keep the show going, but there seems to be on common sense in television anymore. for someone who never watch’s T.V. this show was so inspiring to other and myself giving the hope the T.V. was coming out of the dark age kind of think, well i was wrong again.

You will be miss Eureka and everyone that help make it.

140. Wii C - September 20, 2011

Eureka canx, one less hour watching the SyFy. Already had one less hour when SGU was canx. Sorry don’t do ghosts, punking or WWF. Advertisers I will watch much less SyFy (not to be confused with SciFi)

141. phunter - September 22, 2011

My family is done forever with SyFy once Eureka is over. Tired of following a show (and the best on TV in my opinion) and having it get the ax. Hopefully another network will pick it up! SyFy…you are IDIOTS. We don’t want more ghost hunters, paranormal investigations, wrestling or REALLY bad movies. All your others shows are just marginal (Warehouse 13, Alpha’s, Sanctuary). Is Haven next? (I actually like that show). Has anyone at SyFy actually WATCHED Sanctuary and thought it good?

142. agent scully - October 1, 2011

Knew we were in trouble when SciFi went to Syfy- what the heck is that? I’ve never been able to wrap my head around that one. I love the way the quirky humor and believability of relationships balances the wackiness. I hope they don’t screw up Warehouse 13. Its a good little show that needs time to grow into its own. Also,I agree about Sanctuary . I love Amanda Tapping from Stargate (loved that show until Ben Browder ruined it).But what in the crap is that stuff? And why does she wear a horrible brown wig and have a horrible English accent ? I agree,SyFy is no longer a science fiction channel.The closest we can find to SciFi now is BBC America . They know the definition of science fiction . It would be in the best interest of the people at SyFy to learn it too.

143. Jaylynn - October 4, 2011

This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from droinnwg.

144. rebel lost spacealien - October 12, 2011

EVERY time Syfy gives a good show , they drop it like its a biological bomb…..changing the name of the network, didn’t change anything….they need to keep Eureka!, Warehouse 13, Being Human, Sanctuary, and Haven….at least one each night….that’s not too much to ask for….otherwise TV sucks 5 nights out of 7….I even miss Firefly too….you brains needs some more vitamins to work correctly….!!!

145. Rita - October 26, 2011

well that does it. I am no longer a syfy watcher. i will be watching the history channel and the big bang theory on tbs.
syfy should rename it station as it it no longer offering quality science fiction fare.

146. Ainslie - November 11, 2011

I only started watching this show a year ago and I’m gutted that its been cancelled. It truly is a big mistake as it is one of the best shows on tv.

147. steve - December 19, 2011

oh, but they will rerun it into the ground….and sorry as much as I like the show for me it is not one of those shows I can re-watch.

148. shawn - December 20, 2011

what the **** really, if SyFy even want to keep anyone watching they better start listening to their viewers, for every one of us that writes in there are 100’s that agree but don’t write in because it is obviously a waste of their time. No one listens. First we all really miss firefly, stargate universe( the best of all the gate shows), smartest one by far. Really who is running the show at SyFy because you really should just fininsh the job and change your network title, your no longer syfy, you were once great but no longer. You could pick up firefly and we would forgive, you could pickup stargate and we would all charge on with you. Otherwise see ya. I am your target audience, I am a female officer in the us army I am a trauma nurse working icu and er. So obviously I have a science degree. Why do you not listen to us, what direction are you taking this network. IT makes no sense to me the decisions that you are making. Your killing the patient!

149. suzy - March 28, 2012

my family enjoyed eureka very much.
so sorry about cancellation.

150. Chris Roe - April 2, 2012

We all know that any decent sci fi series dies when mated with NBC. If they had any sense they would see just how pissed off their customer base is. Without the show:

Their are no fans, without the fans, their is really no money being made because we don’t watch the tube just for beer commercials.

Now, this being said, Perhaps all of us that are Netflix junkies could persuade them to start making their own shows. ( I got my wife HOOKED on shows like Eureka, S.O.A, Breaking bad when we got Netflix instead of cable.)


No Brains Club?

151. Nick Padilla - April 12, 2012

Syfy didn’t allow me to post – I just don’t understand. Eureka was one bright spot on the whole SYFY universe. Now that i say universe, I’d even add Stargate Universe – SG1 and SG Atlantis were killed for no good reason – we now have no space shows on syfy!!!!

I don’t think Sanctuary or Wharehouse 13 are enough for my continued viewership. Going to TNT for Falling Skies – syfy outdone by TNT on its own turf!!! Downright stupid. I say boycott SYFY – send them a message that there are adults who grew up with Star Trek(and next generation, no matter what generation your from) – and now we don’t have any space series on syfy!!! Always late to understand that viewers should be the most important item – include the adults as well here not just the teens.

152. Nancy - April 15, 2012

I really enjoyed Eureka. It is the ONLY show I watch on SyFy as I have no interest in wrestling which I understand the fiction part but where is the science and I sure don’t want to watch a punch of losers pretending to look for ghosts… “Look at me with a flashlight under my chin to look spooky…oh I feel something cold, it must be a ghost” PLEASE, give us a little credit for some intelligence.
At least with Eureka, it was interesting and even if it was fiction, there was some actual science involved.
So, now I will not have to watch anything on ScFy so I can go to my direct tv account and block that channel, just as I blocked OWN.

153. Dianna - May 7, 2012

Eureka was one of the FEW shows I watch on a regular basis.. The channel formerly known as SciFi had moderately decent programming.. the current channel known as ScyFy SUCKS!!! I Hate wrestling and if I wanted to watch it there are a number of other channels I could tune into.. Who honestly believes that we geeks really want wrestling need their head examined. I want Eureka, and Star Trek and SG1, and real honest to God science fiction!

154. Nancy - June 2, 2012

It seems we all agree that Eureka is the best they offer and yet they have chosen Wrestling over a real sci fi show. I don’t think I will bother watching anything on that network in the future. I have been chosen by Nielsen ratings so I sure hope my opinion counts for all of us! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.