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Connor Trinneer: Enterprise Didn’t Kill Star Trek Franchise August 11, 2011

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Charles "Trip" Tucker III may have been killed in the series finale, but actor Connor Trinneer bristles at the suggestion that the cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise killed the Trek franchise. The actor also says that (unlike most fans) he really liked the finale. More from Connor below.     


Trinneer: Enterprise didn’t kill franchise

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Connor Trinneer spoke to the official site about his time as Trip Tucker on the NX-01. Here are some excerpts.

Trinneer on what he would have liked to do with Trip if Enterprise had a fifth season:

I think that they would have explored that relationship with T’Pol more. I think there was a lot to harvest in that one and I think you would have seen a lot more of that. There probably would have been more of this evolution of that Vulcan-human relationship and maybe them trying to have children.

If Enterprise continued Trinneer’ wanted to explore Trip/T’Pol even more

Trinneer on the controversial Enterprise finale "These Are the Voyages":

I was totally satisfied with it. I know other people weren’t, but I was satisfied with it as an actor because there was a lot to do, a lot going on. They were talking about their feelings about that character and all that. I know that people had their opinions about bringing in The Next Generation people. Hell, I loved working with Jonathan Frakes and I wished I could have done it more. I loved the guy. I didn’t care in regard to how they were going to sew it up. I was really happy with my involvement as a character in it, if that makes sense.

Trinneer on how some fans think Enterprise "killed" the Star Trek franchise by being cancelled and ending 18 years of Star Trek on TV:

Responsible for any demise? I think that was nonsense. When you look back on it, all of the shows took a couple of years to find their sea legs. And I think, absolutely, we got our sea legs. Is there an argument that you can only go to the well so many times? Absolutely. It’s also an argument I’d agree with. How many years in a row can you keep it going? We happened to be the show that, for whatever reason, they said, “Stop.” They were expensive. They were all expensive. But in terms of what we did and what we accomplished, I think everyone involved with it, myself included, has nothing but pride for what we did and we hang our hat on that.

Trip may have been killed, but Trinneer rejects the notion "Enterprise" killed the Trek franchise

Read full interview at official site: here and here.

POLL: Did Enterprise Kill Trek on TV?

With the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise the franchise ended a 18 year run on TV. So was it inevitable, or do you think a different show could have kept the Trek franchise going?

Did Enterprise Kill Star Trek franchise on TV?

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1. Doug - August 11, 2011

I personally loved Enterprise AND its finale.

2. Larry - August 11, 2011

I wish that Enterprise continued for 3 more years. Enough said.

3. Desstruxion - August 11, 2011

Hated the final episode but loved Enterprise.

4. CmdrR - August 11, 2011

What alternate universe are you living in to say that there will never be another Trek series? Hell, even when television is a distance memory, Trek will exist on what medium we use to pass on great stories to our kids. Trek has become part of our human conversation. It ain’t dead.

5. Bryce - August 11, 2011

Enterprise killed Trek on TV. But it wasn’t alone. Voyager, apathetic writing, and over saturation played huge parts.

6. CmdrR - August 11, 2011

“distant memory, Trek will exist on whatever medium we”

jeez, I wish we could edit our own posts.

7. Shaun B. - August 11, 2011

Part of the biggest problem with the “demise” of Trek on TV was the move from a major broadcast network to UPN during Voyager’s run. Major portions of the country couldn’t easily get UPN and that, coupled with sub-par writing and episodes toward the end of Voyager, played more of a roll than Enterprise did. Enterprise was fresh, bold, exciting, and brought new-life to a tiring franchise…it just wasn’t in time to save the sinking ship that Berman, and others, had caused. Enterprise would have only continued to get better if it hadn’t been canceled.

8. Jack - August 11, 2011

Voyager killed the franchise on TV — Enterprise didn’t stand a chance.

9. Faolin - August 11, 2011

Enterprise Killed the franchise dead. Continuity out the window. Producers admitted they never watched the original series. Well Mike Sussman apparantly did but it was too late to save the franchise. Better off to reboot the series with the new movie. The only tradgedy being is that ENTERPRISE could be part of the new Star Trek universe too!

10. TyrannicalFascist - August 11, 2011

I agree with everything he said.

11. Adama - August 11, 2011

Well said Connor. Agree with everything.

Enterprise was shut down when it was getting really interesting, and it was a time when SciFi was having a bad time on tv.

If it were airing today it probably would have more success.

12. Kroll - August 11, 2011

I think Enterprise like many shows that get cancelled were not appreciated at the time but eventually find their feet in reruns.

I did enjoy it at the time, but had issues with it. Looking back I feel fans could have got behind it sooner.

13. TrekkieSteve - August 11, 2011

I will say over saturation of trek on tv hurt the series at the time (along with constantly using the same producers and probably the same writers over and over again didn’t help either). The fact is all shows go through times where there is a lot of hype around them and then, once that hype is finished, the show goes off the air. The Law and Order franchise looks to be going through that now.

Give trek a little bit more of a rest on tv (until after this trail of movies are over) and then look into bringing it back then. Granted, I want to see a new series right now but I also don’t want the series to become over saturated again and have lots of people lose interest in it.

14. Josh C. - August 11, 2011

I actually really liked Enterprise, though I may have helped lead to its demise because I never really watched it when it was on (I was in college and just never had much time for TV weekday nights). I’ve learned to appreciate it since then, however

15. red dead ryan - August 11, 2011

Television is all about ratings, and as such, “Enterprise” did put an end to Trek on tv. So I did have to, unfortunately, vote yes. The third and fourth seasons were outstanding, but by then it was too much, too late.

“Voyager” in my opinion, was the bigger disappointment and “Enterprise” paid the price for that.

But “These Are The Voyages…” ended up being the final insult. Let’s make sure that episode isn’t known forever as the last ever Trek episode.

16. raffie - August 11, 2011

It was terrible as a TV series, let alone as a Star Trek show. There was some truly horrible writing going on, and to top it of, some truly terrible acting aswell. Off course he’s gonna be in denial, as he was part of the problem.

17. Romanes Eunt Domus - August 11, 2011

I loved Enterprise, particularly the third season.

I was OK with suggestions to “wait until the movies are done” apart from the fact that they’re being stretched out FAR too long.

I’d much rather see Trek on the small screen, on a regular basis, than see it a couple hours every 4-5 years.

18. Jeyl - August 11, 2011

Did it kill the Star Trek franchise? .. . . . That’s an awkward question. When I watched Voyager, I saw a lot of ridiculous episodes that I didn’t care for, but I still came back and ended up watching the entire series from it’s start to it’s end. With Enterprise, I wasn’t that interested.

I guess it has to do with the series trying to be an origin story to every other Star Trek series that came before it. Nothing really exciting about that since we know nothing bad will ever happen. But what really turned me off was how rude these characters were to each other. Everyone acted like a jerk towards each other, and from the reviews I’ve watched from SFDEBRIS, it didn’t get much better. Condemning a whole race to die simply because of crappy evolution, and the moral of the story is that they didn’t come out here to play god?

But I will give the series this. When they have a linguistics expert named Hoshi onboard, and the crew are being contacted by an alien race (The Romulans) who speak a language they don’t understand, she actually translates their language from scratch so the crew can understand it. WAY better care for the characters than Uhura from Trek09 who’s just there for…. I don’t know. Make out with Spock because JJ likes that stuff I guess. She also gets bonus points for wearing a full uniform that has the same amount of clothing as her her male colleagues’ uniforms and is not romantically involved.

Yeah. I’m not going to say that Enterprise killed the franchise as a whole, it just killed itself as a series. Worse comes to worst, I can stand by Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Trials and Tribble-ations to say that Enterprise didn’t happen. All they had to do was not name the darn ship Enterprise. :)

19. Andrew - August 11, 2011

I really miss Enterprise. It was getting to be so good when it was cancelled.

I also think TV changed a lot since the Next Generation was in its heyday and an expensive show like Enterprise wasn’t as sustainable any more. Plus it didn’t benefit from syndication to the extent of previous Trek shows did, and was stuck on a dying station like UPN.

20. Rocket Scientist - August 11, 2011

Definitely count me as an Enterprise fan. I had a few issues early on, but for the most part I found it to be an entertaining and plausible precursor to all we hold dear.

21. Michelle - August 11, 2011

I loved Enterprise, but hated the finale. That was just insulting. Trip’s death served no purpose whatsoever. And no, I don’t think it killed the franchise. I completely agree with Connor.

22. Rocket Scientist - August 11, 2011

Oh, and I loved the characters. The actors who portrayed them did a very good job of making them colorful and interesting.

Mayweather…not so much I guess.

23. red dead ryan - August 11, 2011

Also, the potential problems from putting a new Trek series on the air right now don’t involve over-saturation of Trek, but is more about when to air the show and on what network. I can’t see CBS airing it, or selling it to a rival. I’m also not sure it would get enough exposure in a sea of reality and talent shows. Could get lost in the shuffle. There are plenty of talented writers out there. Quality wouldn’t be the problem, logistics would be.

24. Shannon Nutt - August 11, 2011

ENTERPRISE didn’t really “kill” Trek (Voyager and Parmount’s general overstaturation of the franchise lended a lot to it), but I think it’s fair to say it was the final nail in the coffin.

25. Will - August 11, 2011

No, Enterprise didn’t kill Star Trek- putting Les Moonves in charge killed Star Trek and left it on life support waiting for someone to come and make it all flash and no substance. Cut to 2009. Star Trek is back… sort of.

26. Peter - August 11, 2011

DS9 and Voyager killed Trek!

27. CaptainDonovin - August 11, 2011

I watched every episode, loved the show. It wasn’t the show that killed the franchise, scifi on major network stations (which UPN was pretending to be) just don’t stand a chance ratings wise.

28. Sam - August 11, 2011

I have to admit I didn’t like Enterprise at first but I was really enjoying it by the fourth season when they had mostly two or three part episodes. I wish they had kept that up for the full seven seasons that the other shows had (or even ten seasons and have it finish with the birth of the federation).
As for the last episode I actually really liked it. I felt that it was a good way to say goodbye to both Enterprise and Star Trek in general… at least a goodbye for now hopefully.

29. 1701A2E - August 11, 2011

Oh no show killed Trek. It was a temporary halt due to fatigue. Trek series was not best show for the prime time/channel, starting with TOS. It just have perpetual audience. I became a big Trek fan from theater showing of ST IV, but hardly ever watched brand new episode on TV live from TNG onward. Only re-runs.

With that said Enterprise is the only series that I go back to re-watch more than 5 times in entirety in the last decade besides the movies. All other series I only picked a subset. That speaks loud for me.

30. cdp - August 11, 2011

I don’t think that Enterprise killed trek on TV. I think the network was at least partly to blame. I think that UPN which is now CW was shifting to a different demographic and Enterprise really didn’t fit with them. It would have been interesting to see how Enterprise would have fared on a different network.

With the fourth season Enterprise was really beginning to find it footing with Manny Coto heading the writing department. If they had brought him in earlier I Think that Enterprise would have had a better chance of jumping the shark.

But I do believe that Star Trek will be back on TV it is only a matter of time.

31. Frank - August 11, 2011

A lot of what killed the Trek franchise on TV (so far, at least – maybe there will be a revival someday) had nothing directly to do with Star Trek, either Enterprise, Voyager, or any other particular version. This was also the period when so-called “reality” TV (which is, of course, anything but) began to take over the airwaves on broadcast and cable (Top Model, Project Runway, chef shows, Queer Eye, Deadliest Catch, and on and on and on and on and … ) Come to think of it, the same thing is killing the History Channel! Think about it: much cheaper to produce, bigger audience, better bang for the advertising buck for Paramount or any other studio. The era of the hour-long serialized TV drama is slowly coming to an end. The arrival at Paramount of a lot of front-office executive “suits” who didn’t know much or care much about or understand Star Trek also did its bit (Scott Bakula has commented on this in prior interviews, as has the unfairly dissed Rick Berman). Yes, the golden goose was overused. That did play a big part. But there were other things going on in the background that came down to cutting costs.

32. Laughing Man - August 11, 2011

UPN killed Trek, end of story. The Augment arc, the Affliction / Divergence arc and lastly, the In A Mirror Darkly arc was some of the best Trek that ever got made, hands down. And no one can deny that.

33. Jack - August 11, 2011

It bugged me, geeky detail guy, that it was visually still a lot like DS9 and Voyager — the uniforms had the same shoulder patches as those future uniforms, the catsuits, the ship — it felt like they weren’t even really trying to acknowledge what came before, they were making yet another version of TNG.

And, heck, couldn’t they have called the ship something else? The Enterprise-worship has become a bit silly. Surely other ships made a difference. And name/brand-recognition didn’t actually do the show any favors.

34. Steve Z. - August 11, 2011

I think that Paramount killed the franchise. One of the reasons why Enterprise failed was that it was on their network versus being syndicated like TNG and DS9 were. I know that I never really got to see those episodes of Enterprise when it was on the air because I did not get the UPN network. Another thing was that how many different shows did they need to make? The TNG cast was actually contracted to do 8 seasons, but Paramount decided to make Voyager and send TNG to the movies. Honestly, TNG still had strong legs to it even after 7 seasons (I think it was nominated for an emmy for best dramatic series), but because of the “wisdom” of Paramount sent them to the big screen where it utterly failed with the exception of First Contact. Maybe it was a warning sign/turning point of the franchise when they decided to kill Kirk off for really no good reason in my opinion. DS9 was a great show, but I think for the first couple of years it was stuck in TNG’s shadow, and fans didn’t catch onto it right away, and I think that starting up Voyager during DS9’s run started the downward spiral that ultimately culminated in Enterprise really failing to get off the ground; and in reality, the UPN network really just stunk, and I don’t even think it exists today. I think Paramount should have realized that they were going into the well too many times in terms of TV, and that having their own network instead of syndicating like they did with TNG and DS9 was eroding the franchise. Ultimately, Enterprise was more of a victim than a reason why the franchise is no longer on television.

35. Chris Williams - August 11, 2011

Is there any hope of a return to Star Trek?

I really loved Enterprise, btw.

36. Brid - August 11, 2011

All of this IMHO: There will never be another live action Star Trek on TV. Why? The economics have changed. There is no network, including CBS, that can afford to invest the huge production budget numbers to make a JJ-type ST series. Ratings across all networks now are a fraction of what they were in the TNG days. Even Terra Nova stands very little chance of making back its $4M/ep costs and will likely crash and burn at 13 eps or less since America (as a whole) does not watch scifi of any kind. With the bulk of syndication of ST limited to primarily English-speaking countries, no one at CBS is crazy enough to toss away tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars on an ST series which will never break even.

37. etter_spock - August 11, 2011

if they hadn’t have done season 3 it would have continued and hopefully we would have seen the romulan war! oh well, the books are awesme!

38. Planet Pandro - August 11, 2011

Although I didn’t watch any of the first run episodes until the last 5 or 6 episodes, I have to say in reruns and DVD I have really come to enjoy this show quite alot. I think they really got alot of unfair bashing over the years, and I wish the series HAD continued to develop over time. Certainly just as good as some of the other “modern era” Trek, and waaaaay better than Voyager, IMO.

39. Jay - August 11, 2011

I believe that Trek will return in 2016. It just needed a few years off the small screen to calm down and reset.

It was the continuing conveyor belt of Star Trek shows being churned out from Paramount that caused the franchise to “Burn Out”… GREED is the cause for Star Treks demise on television, not the shows themselves.

Paramount and CBS wanted to grab as many viewers as possible and make lots of money in the proccess instead of just allowing one show to run at a time and allow for the natural evolution of the Star Trek universe…

Having said that… I believe that TNG and DS9 went together nicely, however Voyager should have been held back until DS9 had finished for at least a year or two… then start Voyager with a decent episode on DS9 as a pilot episode, just to say goodbye to DS9 one last time and move on with the franchise…

The films aswell probably made little sense as there were so many series going on, but we were still rolling with the TNG crew… perhaps they could have capitalised on having more than one captain in the movies, or made the movies and series link or something…

STAR TREK WILL RETURN IN 2016… I guarentee

40. jas_montreal - August 11, 2011

So what ALMOST killed Star Trek? If its not enterprise, then what?

41. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - August 11, 2011

I voted NO!!!> Ebterprise was a great show and it’s 4th season was fantastic. Only wish they could have gone at least 2 more.

42. rogerachong - August 11, 2011

I went and bought the Enterprise series four and to this day is the only complete star trek series from all the shows that I put my cash on. I have a lot of the original series DVDs and the Fan Collectives but not a complete series as such. That season was the best of times, not the worst of times. Did not get the show in its initial run, me being from the Caribbean island of Trinidad but got the reruns on SciFi and religously watched all four seasons. Long live Trip I agree the last episode sucked Harry Ballzzz.

43. JackCum - August 11, 2011

Enterprise killed the franchise? The hell it did, far from it. I love ENT and think in years to come it will be rediscovered and appreciated alongside the rest of the series.

44. Joe - August 11, 2011

Loved all the Star Trek series except for maybe Voyager but even it had its moments.

45. Tony Hardy - August 11, 2011

ENTERPRISE was a darn good show. Could it have been better earlier on? Yes. The show had really found it’s legs in that last season. Manny Cotto did an exemplary job as the show runner. We would have had some great TREK ahead of us if it had survived for future seasons. Too bad that we’ll never get to see it.

46. MikeTen - August 11, 2011

Enterprise didn’t kill trek on TV. Berman and Braga stayed too long and should have had Manny Coto and Mike Sussman take over the show from the beginning. New and free lance writiers should have been allowed to submit story ideas.
An example is DS9, Berman and Braga had very little involvement in the day to day running of that show and most fans thought it was well done.

47. Sid - August 11, 2011

Voyager killed Trek on TV for me — in 2001, I was just completely burned out on Star Trek. I watched the pilot for ENT, liked it, but just had other priorities. I didn’t even know ENT had been cancelled until 2007, when I decided to catch up and see how the show was doing.

Now I’ve seen the whole show and (even including the first two seasons), it’s tied for my favorite Trek series with TOS. I really wish I’d given it a chance while it was on the air.

48. Sid - August 11, 2011

And agreed with those who don’t expect any Trek TV any time soon — until VFX gets a lot, lot, lot, lot cheaper, no network’s going to lay out the millions-per-episode for a big sci-fi show when they can get similar ratings for comparative pennies with America’s Top Shiniest Objects.

Hell, even Lucas can’t get a network to cough up for his Star Wars TV show, and that’s pretty much guaranteed to pull in a viewer or two.

49. Bryan - August 11, 2011

I admit I was a little aprehensive about Enterprise. I had the assumption that they were trying to destroy what had already been established in other series based hundreds of years later. I questioned how this other ship named Enterprise existed without the slightest mention of it 200 years later, even though Kirk was mentioned on multiple occassions & Archer was a major player in the founding of the Federation. It took time, but I came to appreciate Enterprise like the other series and I was dissapointed that it ended prematurely.

Was Enterprise responsible for killing Star Trek? Absolutely not. They never stood a chance. Being used to 24th Century treknology and storys, moving back to 22nd century stories seemed a poor choice, just one of many that were made years prior in DS9 and Voyager. As I watch old episodes of all the series on DVD I do see many parallels too between episodes on different series. As if the basic storylines / principles were taken, and simply rewritten for the different characters rather than brand new material. (Which I suppose is to be expected, you eventually run out of material after 18 years)

50. Browncoat1984 - August 11, 2011

I would sort of agree with Trip and disagree. To an extent, he’s right, I don’t think the show itself killed the franchise, it was already in decline before Enterprise even started. I just think people were same of the same types of stories and writing and wanted something new, and they weren’t getting it. That is what almost everyone was saying during Enterprise’s run. We were promised something different than the other series. There’s no reason it couldn’t have been…but what we got was more like a Voyager 2.0. The biggest failing of Trek TV is when Star Trek stopped telling stories that related to real-life, something it had done well in TOS, TNG and DS9, and it started just being about telling Star Trek stories.

Stargate is also going through a lull after being on nearly as long as TNG and its spinoffs were (15 years, 17 seasons) and I would argue the same thing about Stargate. SGU did not kill Stargate, in fact SGU was a great show IMO. But like Trinneer said, sci-fi is expensive. We learned that with SyFy’s recent cancellation of Eureka, despite the series being the #2 (sometimes #1) highest rated drama on the network. Stargate’s strength is in being set in our own time and being about US vs. Star Trek’s strength – being in the future and telling stories that relate to real-life events.

I think a big failing of both Voyager and Enterprise was compared to the other Trek series the character were very two-dimensional characters. It felt more like they were there to serve the stories, rather than the stories being there to serve them. In almost any regular story those shows did, you could pretty much replace one character with another and still tell that story.

Another thing that I think served as the demise of Enterprise is back in the 90’s when Trek was running there really was not much in the way of Sci-fi competition, except for a couple shows it was basically the only place for us sci-fi fans to get our fix. Around the early 2000’s is when the genre kind of exploded and you started seeing more shows pop up, from Smallville and Battlestar to Firefly and Farscape and Stargate SG-1.

Still, I’ve loved all the Star Trek and Stargate series, and in their worst moments both series are far better than just about anything else you could find on TV. Trinneer is also a fantastic actor and one of the best things about both Enterprise and Stargate Atlantis.

51. C Mosenko - August 11, 2011

Like most of the shows TNG, DS9 the first couple seasons were not as good as the later seasons. Season 4 of Enterprise was the best of Enterprise. Like so many good TV shows I think it was a victim of internal politics. There are many many great TV shows that were canceled. I don’t really watch tv shows anymore. If it survives a while I’d rather just buy it. Firefly is a good example, great writing, terrible time slots and internal politics killed it. Everyone has favorite show that was awesome and was cancelled.

52. William Kirk - August 11, 2011

I donˇt think Enterprise killed Trek. But it is Berman´s and Braga´s fault. They didn´t like TOS and the reason were the two awful seasons. Manny Coto and Mike Sussman tried to do their best and wrote some great episodes, but unfortunately, it was late. Scott Bakula was great as captain Archer. It is a pity we couln´t see the Enterprise refit with the secondary hull. It was a beautiful upgrade and great continuity.

53. Will - August 11, 2011

Voyager killed Trek, Enterprise tried to stand on it’s ashes but was unable to hold it’s footing. How Voyager was able to do so badly while DS9 thrived and excelled, I have no idea. You can tell that the writers realized this by the time that Enterprise came around, but by that time the bad taste of Voyager in our mouths was just too much to recover.

54. Mark - August 11, 2011

Rick Berman killed Star Trek. He took over for Gene but never changed it. Growth requires change.

55. Chris Dawson - August 11, 2011

I enjoyed Enterprise and where it was going. I like how it’s turned out now in the novels. As for the finale – myself I liked the story. As a fan I thought the TNG involvement was fine. But as a Hollywood professional I thought using those charcters to finish the show and making it essentially just another episode of TNG was a let down. If it wasn’t the series final wrapup, I would have been totally OK with it, but as a wrap up it seemed low class to send this crew, the filming crew as well, off that way.

I liked Enterprise alot, hope it stays alive in the novels.

56. N - August 11, 2011

I think TATV was just a holodeck program and not part of the canon, when I look at it that way I kinda like it, it works well within The Pegasus, story-wise.

Just my thoughts.

On another note: Connor Trinneer is an amazing actor, by far the best in ENT and needs to appear on TV again, maybe Warehouse 13 the new home for Trek alumni…

57. Data476 - August 11, 2011

“Enterprise” as a concept wasn’t a bad idea – it was actually a fantastic concept when you think about it…

I don’t think “Enterprise” actually killed the franchise because J.J. Abrams and his team got a Star Trek film into cinemas and so this is a mute argument because Star Trek lived and got a decent box-office return (albeit UN-spectacular box-office returns; rather poor in some countries, OK in others).

If anyone contributed to (nearly) killing the franchise it was Paramount and Berman collectively who simply didn’t look at the bigger picture. For heavens sake let there be a year or two break after “Voyager” for the fans to actually take a breather and appreciate the the Star Trek they already digested over the last 14 years at that point (14 years is a pretty long-time). At the same time “Nemesis” could have been Rick Berman’s priority. It might have turned out better had he concentrated more on that project anyway instead of trying his typical and quite ridiculous juggling act he seemed to enjoy in terms of producing Star Trek.

“Enterprise” might have been better suited to debuting a couple of years after “Voyager” ended. A good promotional campaign, some fresh faces on the production team and a whole fresh feel would have benefited Star Trek on TV. New fans I am sure would have been created and the existing fans might yet have better accepted a more original and fresh show that is separated from TNG, DS9 and VOY.

I didn’t enjoy Enterprise when it aired, and frankly, I can’t really get into it now actually. It’s strange – it doesn’t feel quite right. Its simply a poor imitation of TNG but set 200 years prior from what I’ve seen. “Voyager” at least had good episodes and had the “Star Trek” theme. I really don’t like any of the characters on “Enterprise” and this is a serious problem for me – non of them seem to engage or interest me in the way ALL the other Star Trek shows did…

It was a missed opportunity as a concept for sure… one that led to a penalty of ‘the end of Star Trek on television’ for at least ten years probably (its been six already).

58. cugel the clever - August 11, 2011

If any series killed Trek on TV, it was Voyager. Way too many boring, pedantic eps with mailed-in scripts and warmed-over copies of previous TOS and NG eps. Trek on TV was already doomed when the first Enterprise episode debuted, It’s too bad, because Enterprise was fresh, new, and creative and if it had run in the 90’s instead of Voyager, it would have gone 7 seasons and probably would have kept Trek alive.

You can blame Janeway and crew for Trek’s demise on TV.

59. Sheldon Cooper - August 11, 2011

7 years of TNG
7 years of VOY
+ 4 years of ENT +
= 18 (consecutive) years of Trek on TV

– 1987
= 18

(Sorry, I’m in a nitpicking mood today).

60. cugel the clever - August 11, 2011

I can watch TOS, NG, DS9, and Ent eps over and over again. I especially admmired the 4th season of Ent – they did a great job of exploring the origins of the Federation and setting up stories and relationships that were explored in TOS, NG, and DS9.

I rarely watch VOY eps over again. Just too boring and Janeway’s voice is like nails on a blackboard.

61. Bruce Banner - August 11, 2011

@ #57 Sorry to disagree, but there were just as many “warmed over” copies of scripts used in Enterprise. What killed Trek on TV and Enterprise was………..THE NEW “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”. Ron Moore showed everyone how good a Sci-Fi show could be. After watching BSG, then turning on Enterprise, well, it felt like a rerun of the Walton’s or something.

62. Horatio - August 11, 2011

When it was announced that Enterprise would be a prequel I was very excited. I thought (and still do!) that there was a lot of back story to the Trek universe to be told. I was disappointed with the first two seasons but watched faithfully nontheless.

Season Three Xindi arc was actually pretty good SF television but to me it just didn’t feel much like Trek. The Space Nazi season three finale was cringe worthy. The entire subplot of the Suliban and the temporal cold war was a waste and never really concluded satisfactorily.

Season Four rocked. It should have been how the series began in the first place. Enterprise had finally arrived to where I had hoped it would go. I can only imagine now what seasons 5-7 could have been.

As for the finale, I still think it was just Berman and Braga giving each other a reach-around.

63. N - August 11, 2011

The only Trek I don’t like is TOS, ENT had some wonderful highlights and had only just hit its stride with the fresh blood of Manny Coto infused into it. I would’ve loved to have seen the Kzinti, mirror universe and Alice Krige episodes they had planned.

Maybe they could make an audio play season 5, the original cast get to play their characters and it doesn’t matter that they’re older.

64. PJays - August 11, 2011

I don’t think Enterprise killed Star Trek. It just comes down to the way television is handled now.

If you look at TNG, DS9 and VOY,(TOS excluded due to different era) they all started getting their fan base by the 3rd or 4th seasons. As you can tell, after the Best of Both Worlds, Dominion War and the introduction of 7 of 9 which is when these shows found a fan boost. Now as fans, I know most of us started in season 1 but the non-hardcore fans, like the new movie, is who they are also trying to swing over. It always took Trek a couple of seasons find its “sea legs”. I found Enterprise operated the same way. I thought the 4th season of Enterprise was some of the best Trek I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, TV today, shows have to have a hugh fan base in Season 1. Most shows don’t even get to 7 seasons anymore. Shows have to be hugh in Season 1 or your cancelled. It is all about backstory now more than weekly episode or villain of the week. Instead of your rating growing season by season, I find most shows have hugh ratings and fall season by season. This is fine, it is just TV has changed over the last 20 years.

Now this is just my opinion, but what do you guys think?

65. NDP - August 11, 2011

Voyager killed Star Trek…..poor writing was the entire issue.

66. N - August 11, 2011

@PJays yes, I’ve noticed that shows have super-high ratings in their first season but by the end of it they’ve dwindled and by the second have depleted so no matter how good a show it gets axed.
Maybe it’s just me but networks seem very apathetic towards sci-fi (V, TSCC)

Thankfully Torchwood and Warehouse 13 have stable futures ahead. Torchwood has a multi-year deal and Warehouse 13 has been the highest rated show on its network for 3 years in a row. They should reach and maybe surpass a seventh season.

Monster-of-the-week has gone downhill a lot, serials do better. Personally I like a merge between the two (like Warehouse 13)

67. ster j - August 11, 2011

HATED the Xindi arc. That was the beginning of the end for me.

LOVED the 4th season when Enterprise was just starting to look like a plausible bridge to TOS.

The 5th season could have set up the Romulan War. Too bad the series ended too soon.

68. C Mosenko - August 11, 2011

I think the Nemesis movie killed star trek, that was horrible and I feel bad for the TNG crew for having to do that movie.

69. Corinthian7 - August 11, 2011

A divisive fan base killed Star Trek. Honestly, at times it was embarrassing, like watching 5 sets of football supporters.

70. Ben - August 11, 2011

ENTerprise is my fave Star Trek, followed by DS9 and then the rest.

For me the good, outdid some of the bad stuff.

Loved especially:
+ the Human/Vulcan/Andorian conflicts and yet emerging alliance.
+ that space is dirty and dangerous.
+ that sex still exists.
+ that Vulcans are not the perfect, all knowing “pointy ears”.
+ the overall design of the series (NASA-like uniforms, interiors etc – thanks Mr. Okuda and Co).
+ the Andorians (especially Shran).
+ Phlox, the Denobulan Doctor.
+ the Archer-T’Pol development from prejudices to trust & friendship.
+ that Scott Bakula was the 1st ever Captain :)
+ that in 1 Episode Dean Stockwell joined in (Quantum Leap reunion of sorts).
+ the MACO’s (simply cool, especially Steven Culp).
+ the Orion Syndicate & the Orion slave girls.

My favorite ENT episodes:

Season 1
the Andorian Incident
Shadows of Pjem

Season 2
Carbon Creek
Night in Sickbay
Cease Fire
First Flight

Season 3
Carpenter Street
Proving Ground

Season 4 (the arc/multi episode season)
Borderland/ColdStation12/Augments – 3
the Forge/the Awakening/Kirshara – 3
Babel One/United/Anear – 3
Affliction/Divergence – 2
Demons/TerraPrime – 2

If you are unhappy with the way ENTerprise ended with “These are the Voyages”, I can highly recommend the novels/ebooks: The Good that Men do (corrects and answers many things from the finale), then the Kobayashi Maru (follow up and led to), the Romulan War – 1st part (which came out in Oct 09)

71. Orb of the Emissary - August 11, 2011

I agree with Connor that ENTERPRISE did not kill the franchise, and it would have been awesome to explore the Trip/T’Pol relationship further had the show gone on to a fifth season.

However, I’m not so sure still about that series finale…

72. Orb of the Emissary - August 11, 2011

#70- yes, thank the Prophets that the books “correct” some of what happened! Can’t wait for The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm!!

73. N - August 11, 2011

Terra Prime does make a much better finale in my opinion

74. Pizza - August 11, 2011

@68 my 2 cents

Some Enterprise episodes were good, others not. Which could be said of TNG and VOY as well.

Insurrection #9, and Nemesis #10 soured a lot of Trek fans. The movies sucked! Box Office was poor for #10, turned the Paramount execs off, and low ratings for Enterprise was the final of the ‘perfect storm’.

Trek needed a rest.

75. Kirk, James T. - August 11, 2011

Star Trek: Enterprise failed because as a franchise Star Trek had failed long before it. The creators had failed to understand that TV had changed. Rather than moving with the times, Berman/the studio kept giving us TNG stories wrapped up in different actors, costumes and sets. Star Trek: Enterprise should have re-written the book on Star Trek. It should have been more realistic, it should have been more hard-faced, it should have shown these fantastic actors in stories that pushed the boundaries of Sci-fi drama rather than fall back on the comfy TNG formula. Enterprise should have been a dark story with the optimism coming through as it did in JJ Abrams Star Trek. Enterprise was about the first crew going into the unknowns of Space for the first time, it should have been this gritty submarine-like ship, cramped, uncomfortable, claustrophobic and dangerous, instead it was a thinned-down version of TNG/Voyager.

In the same way Battlestar Galactica commentated on our world today, Enterprise should have gone further. Trek has always been OUR world TODAY in a wagon train setting, through the eyes of the characters on screen, Voyager and Enterprise did not do that. Had it started as it had finished with “Demons”. it may have lasted 7 years but to what gain? The franchise had been killed long before Enterprise, it had lost touch with what was relevant and had become so self involved that it was impossible for anyone else but a hard-core few to care or get into Trek. Bringing Coto in was too little too late.

As a Trek fan, I loved Enterprise and still do from start to finish but it simply could not compete (and still cant) story-wise, originality-wise with Battlestar Galactica or Stargate at the time. It suffered greatly from the studio’s ongoing relentless want for more Trek ever since TNG became a huge phenomenon and from having a creative team who had been stretched and drained of any creativity. That on top of an Executive Producer that just didn’t have the balls to take Star Trek into a new direction ended with formulaic Television that unlike TNG or TOS did nothing to really tackle the taboos or commentate on the real world issues effecting the world at the time. By Enterprise, Star Trek as a brand had become stagnant and boring, known for only ever appealing to a fraction of hard-core super-nerds that didn’t know how to communicate with “real” people and gave the word “nerd” a bad name. In a nutshell, people had switched off, people had grown weary of it, and people had walked away not even realising that it still existed.

Enterprise was a great show, but I’m a Star Trek fan. To others, Enterprise was just another boring spin on an out-of-date formula. Whereas JJ Abrams and his team of people may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they have shown the world that the idea, the universe of Star Trek isn’t dead at all, in fact, it’s still as relevant and even cool for people to love again. People are happy enough to get involved, to come out of the closet and tell the world their Trekkers and to get engaged and go see it and enjoy it all over again or for the first time ever. Abrams has shown us and given us all a Star Trek that is relatable and accessible but also commentates in broad strokes through each of the characters (Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Pike etc..), our world through their eye’s.

That being said, Enterprise as with all the old Star Treks, I’m sure are being enjoyed every night through reruns on TV or by people owning the DVD boxed sets. It certainly didn’t kill the franchise. The franchise is still alive.

76. Jack - August 11, 2011

64. Yep. Heck, it even worked this way for TOS. Star Trek got away with a lot because it’s Star Trek. Viewers tuned in for their fix and hoped it would get better. I wonder if the production staff just kind of assumed we’d watch anything set in their Trek verse, recycled or not, the blander the better.

I missed most of the third season and watched the last. The Temporal Cold War started out as promising and quickly ran out of gas. Mostly, i just wasn’t as interested in the characters as the show wanted me to be. Dr. Phlox seemed straight from the Neelix factory, Bakula was so… blandly idealistic, until he changed to blandly pragmatic (and i’ve loved him in other stuff). It was interesting that the Vulcans were, finally, real people (not just wooden actors in bad wigs) — but i wasn’t always sure that the show knew what it wanted to do with them.

77. Paul - August 11, 2011

Voyager made most of the damage, Enterprise just kind of landed the finishing blow. So, technically, Enterprise DID kill the Trek, but it was not really her fault.

78. N - August 11, 2011

I think the hiatus did it good, XI is a very solid movie but imo I want a series set in the Prime Universe future.

I apologise for the self-promotion but like many I wrote a fanfic (something I once swore I’d never do)

79. VorlonKosh - August 11, 2011

What REALLY killed it was that Trinneer started shaving his hairy chest…just saying. ;-)

80. N - August 11, 2011

@79 best theory ever

81. dmduncan - August 11, 2011

Ooh! A murder mystery!

82. John from Cincinnati - August 11, 2011

I am an Original series diehard

and I loved the Enterprise theme song. Something different, nice.

The only thing I didn’t like about Enterprise was Dr. Phlox.

83. John from Cincinnati - August 11, 2011

I think the death of Trek on TV was a culmination of 12 years of Berman Trek with his rubber forehead aliens and repetitive story elements (invading alien forces, borg, Dominion, Xindi, etc), weak characters (Dr. Phlox, Neelix, DS9 Cast), loss of swashbuckling feel.

Another thing I have to say about the other series and new movie series is the disrespect of the important of the Aesthetics of Trek. By that I mean the set designs, costumes, alien makeup. It seems like every incarnation of Trek tried to put their own stamp on the franchise instead of holding true to the original series and just be a continuation from that.

84. BrodyKoss - August 11, 2011

Loved Enterprise and especially Connor! <3

85. N - August 11, 2011

@83 I have to disagree, the storyline was a continuation and the further from TOS the better but maybe we’re from different generations?

86. rm10019 - August 11, 2011

Enterprise UNDER achieved…. It had a premise that had fans salivating, and was open enough to do stories that non-fans could love too. But it did neither. The design of the sets, ships and props did not pay enough of an homage to classic Trek, and the scripts did not inpsire any new viewers. In fact it bored current fans to tears and they left in droves.

I WORKED for Paramount at the time and say this with sadness but the sober truth.

87. N - August 11, 2011

it didn’t bore everyone, 86 and a lot of shows nowadays don’t even get to 4 seasons so clearly droves didn’t leave…

88. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - August 11, 2011

The 4th season was the best. In a Mirror Darkly is a great example. They gave us everything we could ask for in Trek. A Prequel to the Tos Ep. The Tholiean Web.The Terran Empire with apeak to our Archer and Hoshi. We see what really happned to the U.S.S Defiant. Also. Enterprise Answered the long standing queston. What happned to the Klingons to look the way they did in Tos and change from TMP on. Some great stuff in the 4th season.

89. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

There’s a way to test this… but no Executive would ever gamble their career on making the right call. Cop shows. Doctor shows. Lifestyle shows. Reality shows. TV Bosses play it safe.

Anyway. Here it is:

Pick 13 episodes of Star Trek Enterprise. The best ones. 13 being the average length anything lasts on network.

Tackle the most often criticised aspect of the series – the Theme Song.
Replace it with a more traditional Trek sounding score for the titles.

Broadcast them on CBS (or any of the big networks that are available to all with not availablity issues).

We would soon know whether the show killed the franchise on TV or not.

Rebrand it as a prequel to STAR TREK as it is now.

It was made in High Definition! 1080p

I still haven’t seen it that way… and I bet most everybody else hasn’t either. Although I’ve got the DVDs and rewatch them regularly.

Be selective about the episodes chosen to introduce a whole new generation and it would stand up fine.

I’d stake an awful lot on such a bet.

90. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

There’s something a little iffy about the way CBS/Paramount treated the show anyway.

It could be Blu ray BUT it’s not.

It could have lived on in any number of ways – animation, TV Movies like Stargate had until recently, SOLD to Sci Fi when UPN didn’t want it. BUT they didn’t.

It didn’t get its own comic-book.

There’s one book a year BUT I they’ll probably end up cutting that.

Sometimes I think all I do is moan about these things…

91. PEB - August 11, 2011

Enterprise was just starting to grow and I think all the fans began to feel that way. It’s sad to see a series, especially a Trek series go right when they’re starting to take flight. That said, the end of the series felt like a mid-season episode, not a season finale and definitely not a series finale. There was no reason for Trip to die. Story-wise, I could Reed dying because for the entire length of the show’s run it felt like he had the most to prove to Archer and to himself and there would have been some self satisfaction and I think validation if it had been Reed sacrificing himself for the sake of the ship and crew. Trip/T’Pol would’ve ended up being the Riker/Troi, Worf/Jadzia of the show which I was hoping for the entire time. It lets you build on Spock and the idea of humans/Vulcans joining in more ways than one. The show had so much potential to switch it up while still dealing with the mythos of Trek. Sad to see it’s gone and I’ve grown to appreciate it more through the re-runs on Syfy. (sorry for the long post Anthony)

92. Aj - August 11, 2011

I will never understand what some people have against Enterprise. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek my entire life and from the moment I watched the first episode of Enterprise I loved it.

The theme was fantastic (before the sped up version anyway) and the whole premise behind the show was great. If I had two complaints they would the phaser and the shows finale. I wouldn’t say I hated either but the phaser could of been much better (I love the one from the new movie) and the ending of the series just seemed really anti-climactic.

Aside from that it was great show with a great cast headed by Scott Bakula who will always be a favorite of mine. I don’t regret a moment spent watching the show and anyone who ever knocks it around me is getting an earful lol

I still wish they would do a TV movie.

93. N - August 11, 2011

bit too late to do a TV movie sadly, but as I said audio plays would work

94. Tom - August 11, 2011

Enterprise was a terrific show and I liked the finale as it was. Good way to wrap up the Rick Berman produced era. I’d give anything for a return to a similar show in the original Trek universe.

95. Christopher Roberts - August 11, 2011

If anybody’s a member over at TrekBBS, the potential for ideas and directions a 5th Season could’ve gone in are pretty much endless.

96. TheKeeper - August 11, 2011

“Trinneer: Enterprise didn’t kill franchise”
He’s probably correct.
What killed Star Trek was a divided fan base and the overwhelming boredom with being served the same old mishmash of techno babbling stories with little or no real character development and greedy studio suites wanting to saturate the market by airing way to many series almost all at the same time and not being wise enough to let a couple years go by before developing another series.
Bringing in some new blood would have also helped. Setting the series in different era namely TOS era could have greatly improved their chances.
Ending TNG as a series only and NOT bring them to the Big Screen at all, where they really showed how poorly the spin offs were supported by the general fan base and general movie audience for that matter.

97. Dr Zaius - August 11, 2011

Berman and Braga killed Star Trek. It’s that simple.

98. Mockit - August 11, 2011

VOYAGER killed Star Trek on TV, Enterprise was tryin attempted to save it.
They had such a better cast of characters and actors. And the thrid season was great and the fourth season showed how awesome it was!

If Star Trek comes back to tv, Enterprise should definetly come back and show us theEarth- Romulan War!

99. Don Rogers - August 11, 2011

Personally I can reassure that Enterprise did not kill the franchise. It established it. It showed the beginings of the Federation, It established how Humans started Starfleet. It answered the whole Kilngon forehead issue. (excellently conceived of btw) It completed the whole Star Trek saga. It also provided a platform for Abrams’s Star Trek TImeline, You can’t really denote anything about Star Trek, for all it’s series and movies made up the History that has been established the last 45 years. It truly has gone where no one has gone before

100. Jack - August 11, 2011

89. I know nothing about the industry — and not to piss on your idea or your passion, but I wonder if this would ever happen. The same with people calling for theatrical re-releases of Trek 09 with that Shatner scene tacked on. I just don’t see either of these, or a new series with the original cast, happening.

Does direct-to-DVD still make a profit these days? What about releasing them as special edition DVDs? I know they turned down Shatner years ago, he reported, with an idea for redoing the fx for Trek V and releasing it on DVD.

Anyone know if Enterprise is doing well in syndication? I don’t ever see it on where I am, although Voyager and TNG are on all the time.

The Earth-Romulan War, if done well, would have been intriguing — heck, not even an extended arc, but even a series set then. I’m still a big Caprica fan, even though it dragged a little. Back to Enterprise, I still wish they’d had a different look to the whole thing… more NASA-inspired than TNG. Like that 80s Trek history of spaceflight book (which I haven’t seen in years) or that Masao Okazaki stuff.

Visually, I’m still a big fan of Gattaca, Moon, Starship Troopers (some), and even Sunlight (which had a horrible hidden killer plot that most movies set in space seem to share). Speaking of Sunlight, Cillian Murphy in the next Trek!

101. - August 11, 2011

Nemesis killed Star Trek.

T pol was the only character that a mass of viewers were invested in. Not enough to sustain a show.

I like Scott Bakula as an actor but he was miscast as a captain. To be a leader people have to want to be you, you cannot get away from that.

102. Will_H - August 11, 2011

I didn’t like the fact they killed Trip off in the series finale but don’t think its as bad as people make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, though, it wasn’t a good way to send them off. I think Paramount killed Star Trek, not Enterprise. Granted I thought the whole temporal cold war thing hurt the series badly and, though season 3 had good episodes, the premise was no good. Season 4, however, was great, one of my favorite seasons of any Star Trek. Had they let it go on I think season 5 could of been even better and would of seen ratings climb.

103. Rhett Coates - August 11, 2011

Connor, I liked the show – A LOT. There were SO many great themes presented, and yes: you finally “got your legs” beginning in Season 3, and hit warp speed in Season 4. Season 5 and beyond could have been astonishing! Now, many will state what they did and didn’t like about ENTERPRISE, but overall it got better all the time – and when Manny Coto & Co. took the reins, WOW the show got good – a “giant leap” (quoting N. Armstrong and with a nod to Quantum Leap) toward what Gene Roddenberry’s vision was and still is.

Here’s hoping Paramount’s new leadership will indeed commission at least some TV movies of this series for SYFY Network, and not airing with the incredible mess that UPN had going at its end: with pre-empting the show for whatever the network deemed “more important” at the time (I missed a bunch of episodes due to this practice), and other reasons: shifting the air-time from night to night, and relying on out-dated Neilsen Ratings which never showed who was taping the show for later viewing due to other commitments on the nights it actually aired.

ENTERPRISE is awesome, Connor, and perhaps someday you can read (officially, through your agent) the teleplay I wrote for Season 5. (Those who know me on Trek Movie Report website know which one I refer to: a 2-hour story.) Anyway, here’s to you, Connor, and the entire cast and crew of ST:ENTERPRISE. May you all Live Long And Prosper!

104. Robert H. - August 11, 2011

If the Star Trek franchise was killed, then there wouldn’t be J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, which is the best to date JUST defeating Wrath of Khan. If anything that could hurt Star Trek, it’s Star Trek Online’s Enterprise-F.

105. EFFeX - August 11, 2011

I loved Enterprise. I feel like they killed it off right when it was getting really good. I think they made a big mistake, but that’s just my opinion.

106. Sven - August 11, 2011

ENT was more mature than any of the other series but sadly enough life was stranger than fiction the days it first aired: In my humble opinion it was 9/11 and the way the american administration of those years handled history in the following years that killed the franchise for a moment. Who embraces science fiction in a time when the real world risks to fall part? How lucky we are, that our lives and Trek are back. The kids, my wife and I just watched (by special request of the kids) all Trek from TOS to ENT on a day by day basis. We are currently at ENT, season four and we enjoy every episode of it.

107. Will - August 11, 2011

It is my opinion that Star Trek 2009 has the depth of a kiddie pool when compared to every single other incarnation of Star Trek- even the Riker infomercial.

It is also my opinion that that which used to be Star Trek was killed in an attempt to grab at a new market(reality TV type shows). NEW Star Trek which was made to cater more to people with short attention spans is simply a parasite inhabiting the decaying carcass that was intelligent Trek.

Enterprise didn’t kill Trek- a changing TV landscape which caters more and more to morons killed Trek… and it’s still dead, regardless of how someone has made its dead body dance on the big screen.

108. Toonloon - August 11, 2011

No???? Wtf? I LOVED the 4th season of ENT but Trek was taking on water since VOY and ENT was depressingly unimaginative in it’s first 3 years.

109. Douglas - August 11, 2011

The first 2 seasons of Enterprise were very uneven and didn’t interest me at all as the stories seemed basically a waste of time. I watched now and then just to see if it improved and was basically disappointed.
The 3rd season seemed a strange violent change of pace. It didn’t feel like it had any connection to Star Trek exploration or understanding anymore and seemed to be basically a forced vehicle to showcase Scott Bakula with the rest of the cast as glorified extras. Mr. Bakula is a really fine actor (Quantum Leap was a tour-de-force for him) but 3rd season “Enterprise” felt like the way the “Mission Impossible” movies were morphed from a fine ensemble piece into corny Tom Cruise vehicles.
The 4th season of “Enterprise” was the best due to the considerable talents of Manny Coto, when he was allowed to express his creativity as opposed to being shut down.

The Enterprise series finale may have been fine from Mr. Trinneer’s point of view as an actor but from a viewer’s point of view it was awful on many levels. It was pointless, disposable, treated the regular cast as people to get rid of as quickly as possible, disrespecting the time those loyal viewers put in following the series. The actors were doing their best, staying loyal to the signer of their paychecks and happy to have a job. It’s great the actors all got along personally but that’s not the purpose of the show.

I think the general pointlessness of an unfortunate number of “Voyager” and “DS9” episodes, certainly not the majority of episodes, is what started audience numbers dropping. Then, the surprising mismanagement of “Enterprise” in terms of theme and message of hope, exploration, learning to get along, solve problems and as Edith Keeler put it finding, “… those are the days worth living for…” is what drained audience numbers downward.

110. TrekkieJan - August 11, 2011

107 – well said, and agree. Sad to me that they’ve handed the movie sequel to the writer (along with other writers) of the flashy emptiness that was Lost. I still think Star Trek could be brought back to life in TV, in intelligent, caring hands.

111. Rocket Scientist - August 11, 2011

107. As unpopular as that sentiment might be on a forum such as this, it does have some validity.

112. Bob Tompkins - August 11, 2011

Enterprise was a weak entry in the first 2 seasons, but bringing in Manny Coto turned the whole thing around. Upon repeated viewings, even the first two seasons become more servicable.
Many criticize the T’Pol ‘babe in catsuit’ part of it but we all need to remember that Roddenberry himself began the sexual part of Trek in TOS and continued it in TNG; I recall an early ep of TNG came as close to featuring nudity as I have seen on non cable TV, so it was nothing new or controversial.

113. Aquarius - August 11, 2011

A lot of factors contributed to the demise of Enterprise, but Enterprise did not cause the death of the Star Trek franchise. Many fans forget that *every* incarnation of Trek was flawed. Furthermore, almost every show out there has a rough first couple of years. Had Enterprise made it to Season Five and beyond, I bet we would’ve been rewarded with some pretty great moments in television — and Star Trek — history.

114. - August 11, 2011

@ 107. You’re wrong.

115. J.C. England, formerly Another Q - August 11, 2011

Sorry I differ from the majority – But in my opinion
Enterprise was set in the wrong time period, with
the wrong captain, with the wrong phasers & communicators,
and with the wrong ship design…. It never really
seamed like Star Trek to me…. I watched it week
after week hoping it would get good… The ratings
fell through the floor and they were lucky to get
the fourth season completed…

116. sean - August 11, 2011

Trinneer seems like a decent guy, but Enterprise was as vanilla as they come. Recycled TNG plots, blander than bland characters, and zero visual connection to the show it was supposedly a prequel to. Add to that the worst Vulcan ever, and you have a delicious recipe for crap tartare.

Voyager had some really uneven episodes but also some really great ones. With Enterprise it just felt like the writers gave up and let manatees write the episodes for them.

117. Buzz Cagney - August 11, 2011

It might not have killed it, but it certainly didn’t enhance the franchise in any worthwhile way. A massive missed opportunity.

118. Ceti Alpha 5 - August 11, 2011

There were 4 things that killed Star Trek:

1. Like someone stated before, it was on UPN-the black hole of network tv
2. The single greatest blight on network television: reality shows.
3. Insurrection & Nemesis
4. That theme song “Faith of the Heart” …*shutter*

But seriously, if Enterprise was on a real network and Reality TV didn’t exist; then the show could of lasted at least another 3 seasons.

119. Jim West - August 12, 2011

The lack of innovation killed the trek tv franchise, remember always “to boldly go where non one has gone before”.

120. jim Mower - August 12, 2011

There were so many things wrong with Enterprise although the basic concept was solid. I enjoyed much of the show but definitely feel that it was a case of change for changes sake. Sure, the franchise probably needed a ‘refresh’ but that doesn’t mean throwing away the core of what makes Trek what it is. I’m a television producer working on a 20 year old successful show – we’ve just had huge budget cuts and an order to ‘refresh’ the format – hence new people being brought in who have no clue or interest in the heritage of our show… result? – long term on screen participants leaving and the entire programme collapsing around our ears. JJ Abrams sailed dangerously close to wind with Trek ’09… I hope Trek ’12 returns to the core values of the franchise we all love.

121. florian - August 12, 2011

i would rather see enterprise than abramstrek.

122. Xaq - August 12, 2011

I agree that Enterprise didn’t kill the franchise. I liked Enterprise, and at the time drew similar conclusions (that the series was just finding its legs). Enterprise was good Star Trek. I didn’t really like Archer being captain, as a lot of his decisions were impulsive and unlike the other ST captains. But whatever, the series was still good and I was happy there was a Trek show still on the air.

And as for Voyager: I loved Voyager. It’s one of my favorite all-time Star Treks. I don’t know why everyone else hates it; it had a lot of great stories, a lot of epic Borg stuff, a lot of good character stuff. I like the premise of being trapped thousands of light-years from home and exploring a different part of the galaxy. And also, I really like Janeway! One of my favorite captains. The fact that she’s scientific (a big issue for me), ambitious, and very principled (she wouldn’t destroy a race for the sake of not playing god, unlike SOME captains I know). I felt like her character gave the show purpose.

Also, my friend, who hated Janeway all these years, recently watched Voyager from the beginning and discovered that Janeway’s her favorite character. Might be worth giving it a try. lol

Anyhoo, back to the issue. I think the reason the franchise died is because no one fought for it. The second ENT was cancelled, Rick Berman declared it “franchise fatigue” and said that no ST show would be successful, regardless of how good it was because people were fed up with Star Trek. I thought, and still think, that argument is ridiculous. At the time there was a fan group who raised enough money from fans to pay for another season of the show, but the producers refused it. They firmly believed that it was impossible to continue with Trek in any fashion, and I believe that right there was what killed it.

I mean, really, how can a franchise be fatigued when its viewers are literally willing to PAY for the entire cost of another season?! lol

In my opinion, they should have either taken the money and made another season, or made a TV movie, or something to that effect. Yeah, it’s great that they made the 2009 movie, but I think the franchise should continue in as many forms as possible. It’s called synergy.

Back in 1996, when there were two TV series on the air and a movie series being produced, Trek was king of the world. If you walked into Barnes & Noble at the time, an entire rack had to be devoted to all the Trek books being published. There were also like four regular comic book series running, and the rights to ST video games were a hot property that everyone was fighting over.


And now, they’re terrified to do more than one venue at a time. I think it’s a mistake. I think that in addition to the movie, they should do both the animated series that JJ’s thinking about, and a new live-action series. And in addition to all that, they should do a TV movie or two involving the crews of TNG, DS9, VOY, and even maybe even Enterprise would play a role in flashbacks or something.

And you know what? I would love ALL of it. In my book, there needs to be more trek than there currently is. End of story.

123. Jack - August 12, 2011

107. There’s plenty of good, smart TV. Most of it’s on HBO. AMC or Showtime. Heck, Lost was pretty great. Fringe is good. SciFi had some great stuff back when it was SciFi. Even the WB has some decent genre stuff.

I still don’t think Trek 09 was dumb or shallow. Nope, it wasn’t about euthanasia, racism (although that was touched on) or global warming, but it was about loss, family and friendship. Heck, even duty and destiny (which is self-made, well, self-made with the help of others, I’d say the film argues, despite the timeline correcting itself nonsense).

Heck, you could argue that Tree of Life isn’t intelligent since all it shows are a bunch of vignettes of childhood (and the cosmos, and dinosaurs and, well, everything) but doesn’t actually hammer out it’s message in endless dialogue. Sorry, just saw it — quite liked it.

People have scoffed here at statements that Trek 09 was about a family coming together, saying they show that JJ clearly doesn’t get Star Trek (What does he think it is, a family sitcom!? Gilmore Girls!?). Again, if you think Star Trek was entirely about lofty morals, the superiority of the federation, how mankind has evolved beyond all conflict and problems [and contractions], endless speeches containing the moral of the story, and current-events allegories, well, then I’d argue that you don’t entirely get Trek, although you certainly absorbed Roddenberry’s self-important, later-in-life PR after years of adoration at conventions.

Trek 09 certainly wasn’t perfect. But I think it got Trek better than a lot of us had hoped for.

120. A show any of us have seen? Oh yeah, what core values?

124. Jack - August 12, 2011

120. A show any of us have seen? Oh yeah, what core values?

PS. That was meant to sound friendly and curious (the ‘oh yeah’ was because I almost forgot to add it), not dinkish. Sorry. ;)

125. Jack - August 12, 2011

123. And all my “you”s were meant as “one”s, not any of you personally.

126. JP Saylor - August 12, 2011

I loved Enterprise, but killing Trip???? THAT pissed me off. I mean, he was my favorite character!!! He was from Tarpon Springs which isn’t that far from where I lived at the time.

*sigh* I wasn’t that upset about the TNG guys, I love TNG. But it took away from Enterprise. As if Enterprise wasn’t enough and they need Frakes and Sirtis to do an appropriate send-off. I dunno.

I just wish there were more episodes, especially dealing with the Romulan War.

127. Praetor Tal - August 12, 2011

Like others have said, Voyager and tired writing. Enterprise had just gotten its “sea legs,” as Connor calls it, in seasons 3 and 4, and begun to peel off Voyager’s trajectory, but it was too late. Dunno. Had they brought Manny Coto in from the beginning maybe it would have turned out differently. But the first couple seasons felt like Voyager–tired.

128. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - August 12, 2011

Ever since Netflix put TOS, TNG, VOY and ENT up on instant viewing, I have noticed that I’ve been watching more of ENT and VOY than I expected. My opinion of all the Star Trek series has not really changed, which kind of surprised me, given that even I believed that, faced with the choice to see any of them at any time, I’d gravitate more toward TOS and TNG. Once you know which episodes you *don’t* like, and you can simply revisit the ones you either did like, or were on the fence about, it’s easier to appreciate each series’ qualities.

Much has been written about one or the other series being better, but each of them has their strengths, and ENT is no exception. Even certain season 1 episodes are alright, but each season definitely got better. By the 3rd season, they hit their stride, and the 4th is regarded by many fans as their best — I myself find it on par with the 2nd and 3rd seasons, with the exception of “In a Mirror, Darkly” which is outstanding. I have no doubt the 5th, 6th and 7th seasons, had they been produced, would have shown even greater improvement.

129. Jeff - August 12, 2011

What killed Star Trek on TV was the same thing that resulted in the creation of Enterprise, and is the same thing we see in the industry today: Lact of creativity. Everything’s a rehash of something that came before.
I remember when I first heard about the concept of Enterprise. I thought to myself, this will never last. The idea behind Star Trek was “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Not to limp back to where you’ve already been.
Don’t get me wrong, I generally liked Scott Bacula as a choice for captain, but the whole concept of going back and expanding the history of the Star Trek cannon had a only a limited chance of holding an audience’s attention. I tried to watch for the first couple of years, but never could get into it.
In my opinion it would have stood a better chance if they’d waited a bit longer after Voyager and set the whole thing ahead maybe another century. As it is, I think they’ve pretty much killed the franchise perminately.

130. Christopher Roberts - August 12, 2011

Whenever I think of story ideas for the next Star Trek film, I often imagine how easy it would be to throw in some villain, character or situation that Enterprise created. More or less leaving a door open to go back and finish it off on television, like Star Wars has The Clone War.

If the sequel Abrams is or isn’t directing took inspiration from “Balance of Terror” then that would take care of that.

Some historical footage of the Earth-Romulan War, Kirk and Spock review when preparing to encounter Romulans again. Scott Bakula et all come back for a day’s filming and do a cameo that’s seen in the Briefing Lounge.

131. Kirk, James T. - August 12, 2011

Killed, dead? I’m sorry people but Star Trek never died… It lived on and lives today.

As I said in my earlier post, Enterprise was a victim of the studio’s mindless need for more Star Trek when reality suggested that people didn’t want anymore.

Enterprise was the victim of poor management by the studio and an unwillingness on Berman’s part to let the franchise go. He stuck to a formula that would have worked in the 80’s and early 90’s and it failed to prove anything other than the Star Trek franchise was old-hat and out-dated, relying too much on stories that could have been from any Trek series, and not recognising that by the time Voyager had ended, the world of Television production had moved on from the day’s when TNG was airing.

132. Christopher Roberts - August 12, 2011

130. That’s to say, I don’t think CBS ever would do it. Since the lack of any ENT in their strategy putting out Star Trek products tells us everything we need to know. But the door would be open a little wider and the ENT era gets a throw away appearance, a little more explicit than losing Admiral Archer’s beagle.

133. Phil Edgley - August 12, 2011

Enterprise did not kill Star Trek on television, but Star trek as a format for science fiction had hit a wall. It had become predictable, repetitious, with nothing new to say, as well as absurd. They wasted the entire third season on a storyline that should have been a two-parter at best. Worse of all, Enterprise was a missed opportunity to explore a little known portion of Star Trek history–the time period leading up to the Earth-Romulan War, the war itself, and its aftermath. And after five TV series and eleven movies we still know very little about how the federation functions as a society, how it’s organized, or how it’s economy works where you can replicate anything which eliminates scarcity as the means of determining the value of everything. The success of the last Star Trek movie showed that there was plenty of life left in the franchise. But had they not gone back to the original series as the source the movie could have been the final straw that would have killed it. So any future Star Trek series has to be very carefully considered. Enterprise proved that you can’t just put anything on the air and call it Star Trek and take it for granted that people will tune in.

134. Sebastian S. - August 12, 2011

I think franchise fatigue (with the same creative team for almost 18 years at that point) was a factor. Ironically, ENT really kicked into high gear during it’s last year, so I don’t blame the quality of that show really (I personally loved season 4). It was a combination of factors.

And even if ENT allegedly ‘killed’ the franchise, the fact that there is a new movie series (the last of which made a TON of money) with a new one on the way (someday) and that we are on these boards discussing the whole thing kind of renders Star Trek’s ‘death’ a moot point, doesn’t it?

As they used to say in the ’70s, Star Trek Lives! ;-)

135. Kirk, James T. - August 12, 2011

CR; There’s a reason for the lack of Enterprise merchandise out there, it wont sell. It’s not that CBS wouldn’t love for all aspects of Star Trek to sell fantastically well, Art Asylum put out a fantastic array of action figures and collectable ships and props and they didn’t sell. We may think that it’s silly not to do Enterprise products but there’s a reason and that reason is the likes of DST or another manufacturer just can’t justify putting Enterprise products out there.

The trouble with putting anything of any heft from previous Star Trek’s in the current Star Trek movies done by Abrams is that it ties the hands of the franchise. The very fact that people switched off during DS9 and Voyager was that you had to have watched TNG to really understand the shows. Abrams can of course put nods into his movies at Trek’s past but for the love of god realise that these movies HAVE to stand apart and to chart their own course rather than going back and taking things from un-popular aspects of Star Trek.

You have to ask yourselves, what Star Trek’s will be remembered and last in people’s minds?

The Original Series
The Wrath of Khan
The Next Generation
JJ Abrams Star Trek

As good as the other series and films were, it’s those four parts of Trek that define Star Trek to a majority – it’s those aspects that will be remembered because of they’re lasting impact on fans and casual viewers.

Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and the other 9 movies simply don’t have that lasting impact and will never be remembered as fondly as the four I mentioned, thats why we’re seining much more in the way of talk and merchandise surrounding each of them.

The reference to Admiral Archer’s beagle is about as much as we’ll get I think – and thats how it should be, you can’t continue to have Star Trek being made reliant on it’s past – it has to move on, it has to grow and evolve.

136. Baroner - August 12, 2011

Enterprise became truly great after it hit its stride. Voyager killed it and the fan base, even though I liked that show, too. Scott Bakula was an iconic addition to the Trek universe and we shouldn’t let him disappear. Working him and the cast into the next movie would be great.

137. Rich - August 12, 2011

Enterprise was an excellent show. It just was a victim of the failure of UPN.

138. Adam C - August 12, 2011

I’m really conflicted to be honest, sometimes I say I didn’t like Voyagers for taking the Borg’s mystic and danger away.

Sometimes I don’t like the DS9’s ending for super re-use of the iconic 6.03 CGI.

Sometimes I don’t like Enterprise for making Star Trek: SG1.

In the end im just bitter for them all ending and having no Star trek at all apart from the action movie aka Star Trek Mission Impossible, and god no please no cartoon. Only live action television series will satisfy my hunger for Star Trek. I dont see it happening for another 10 years :( if television is still around…

139. Weerd1 - August 12, 2011

The finale was awful; however, the fourth season was VERY strong, and I think would have gone great places. I think the CBS buyout had far more to do with killing TV Trek.

Oh, and Trip Lives.

140. rm10019 - August 12, 2011

115 = Spot On. Sometimes its just that simple.

141. Damian - August 12, 2011

I was dissappointed, but not suprised it was cancelled. I saw the writing on the wall. The CW was much more interested in shows like America’s Next Top Model. Star Trek no longer fit the mold for them. They almost treated as an interruption of their regularly scheduled program.

By the 4th year, Enterprise was finally a full pronged prequel. We were one year away from the Romulan War. Who didn’t want to see the war on screen, once and for all? Instead, we have to read it in the novels. A pivotal moment in Star Trek history that resulted in the creation of the Federation and we have to read about it.

142. CJ - August 12, 2011

my feelings: I was a teen when Star Trek: The Voyage Home, came out. It was my first exposure to trek and I loved it. Went and rented all the old movies and episodes from the kirk show. When TNG came out I sat there in front of the television and loved every second of it. Flash forward through TNG, movies, DS9, movies, Voyager, movies and Enterprise. When the first episode came on I sat in front of the television waiting to be entertained. I really enjoyed the 1st episode, but by the end of the first season, I kept the show on in the background as I read, cooked, cleaned and so forth.

There were some good episodes: Andorian/Vulcan conflicts…ummm borg episode….then nothing else till season 4. I was just burned out on Trek.

Even today I would much rather see made for television mini series or direct to DVD . Than a full tv show.

143. Jorg Sacul - August 12, 2011

Enterprise was killed in my market by UPN being pre-empted for stupid sports games. We never knew when it was going to be on from week to week.

Season 4 was awesome, some great creative thinking and development going on.

Did Enterprise kill Trek? No.

144. Imrahil - August 12, 2011

Yeah, when these hit blu, I’ll probably only buy Season 4. I liked S3, but loved s4. Seasons 1-2 were only ok.

145. Rocinante - August 12, 2011

Paramount killed Enterprise. The show really picked up in seasons 3 and 4 and paramount didn’t like that it was getting good. So they pulled the plug.

146. Matt Oracle - August 12, 2011

There should be a second poll to this:

“Should Trip have been killed off in the finale?”


Lol. Loved Enterprise, and the cast were magnificent! Would have loved to seen further seasons of it developed.

147. JohnChicago - August 12, 2011

Connor Trinneer was the best actor on that series. He has a great inner life in every scene and a relaxed intensity that comes thru wonderfully on television. It’s no surprise that he works a lot, but I’d like to see the industry Nathan-Fillion-him and start giving him some leads.

148. Danpaine - August 12, 2011

116. sean – August 11, 2011

“Crap Tartare.” Hilarious.

But really. With the exception of Season 4 (thank you, Mr. Coto), there was hardly any relation to TOS, and they’re supposed to be from a time prior to Kirk? We’re supposed to buy that?

That’s what killed it for me. And bland, bland story. Should’ve done Titan.

149. George - August 12, 2011

Enterprise was one of my favourites of the franchise, so I don’t think it killed Star Trek at all. I think the PTB tried to wring too much out of their cash cow and ENT suffered for it. Franchise fatigue is a very real phenomenon and Star Trek is no more or less prone to it than anything else. Look at Stargate Universe. There wasn’t really anything wrong with that show but it failed. Too much is too much (unless you’re like me… I could have lived with another 18 years of Trek on TV!)

Having said that, I thought the last episode of ENT was nice only for the shots of the Enterprise-D and its interior. I liked that ship and thought it was nice to see it again on TV. The final montage with the three Enterprises was also a nice touch. Beyond that? I hated the episode as a finale for the series. I tend to think of the previous two episodes, “Demons” and “Terra Prime” as the true finale.

And killing off Trip was ridiculous. I’m a pretty big fan of the novels in which we see that his “death” was actually a Section 31 operation.

150. Dr. Image - August 12, 2011

Let’s get real- BAD WRITING killed Trek.
Plain and simple.

151. Kweeg - August 12, 2011

Season 4 of Ent, best Trek since DS9… which was the best Trek since TOS.


152. Captain Realistic - August 12, 2011

Rick Berman and his fear of change ruined Star Trek on Television. He couldn’t think outside the box.

153. Rebecca - August 12, 2011

no I don’t think it did. Bring on more Trek! Trek LIVES FOREVER! 1966-2011 45 YEARS!

154. Rebecca - August 12, 2011

no I don’t think it did. Bring on more Trek! Trek LIVES FOREVER! 1966-2011 45 YEARS!

155. N - August 12, 2011


156. bill hiro - August 12, 2011

The original series did not take two or three years to find its sea legs. The original series was amazing out of the gate and crapped out toward the end. MOST shows on television over the course of the last twenty years aren’t the crown jewel of a studio that can afford to give a show the luxury of taking “a couple of years to find its sea legs”. MOST shows that aren’t called “Star Trek: Something-Something” get sacked in 6 or 13 weeks if they don’t perform out of the gate. “Enterprise” wouldn’t have lasted more than two seasons on a real network because its first two seasons weren’t very good. You can arguably say the same thing about Voyager and DS9. TNG’s first two seasons also were one sort of dreadful or other too but it at least had a degree of novelty going for it and it essentially had the entire hour-long first run syndication market to itself.

157. Jack - August 12, 2011

156. Yep. I’d argue it was at its best in the first half-season, although great through the first two. TNG was probably the worst of the series as far as those first two seasons went. They had no stories to tell. They had a bland ship, bland characters and, otherwise, no purpose whatsoever.

135. “The reference to Admiral Archer’s beagle is about as much as we’ll get I think – and thats how it should be, you can’t continue to have Star Trek being made reliant on it’s past – it has to move on, it has to grow and evolve.”

Amen. Heck, even that Archer mention in the movie made me wince a little.

158. Sven - August 12, 2011

It was the first two seasons of DS9 and the last two of VOY that were desastrous. And the worst finale was not Riker as Neelix of ENT but the weary finale of VOY. And remebering the overall bad reception of TOS (and it’s early cancellation in the sixties) one could suspect that we will soon see te ENT cast again ;-)

159. Sven - August 12, 2011

PS: Get some good writers on the track of Roddenberry and get Trek back on TV. That’s where it belongs.

160. red dead ryan - August 12, 2011


The first season of DS9 sucked. I think they knew that they had to do something different from TOS and TNG, but didn’t know quite what. The show improved greatly in the second season, when both the Maquis and the Dominion were introduced. We saw Frank Langella in the first three episodes of the three-part season opener. The Mirror Universe was also visited for the first time since “Mirror, Mirror”. The second season of DS9 started laying the foundation for the rest of the series. Especially with episodes like “The Maquis” and “The Jem’ Hadar”.


Yeah, the first two seasons of TNG weren’t that good, though there were some great episodes, like “Conspiracy”, “The Neutral Zone”, “Measure Of A Man”, “Q Who”, “Contagion”.

161. The Professor - August 12, 2011

Season 4 is when the show really began (thanks Manny Coto). There were rumors that Season 5 would have involved Shran temporarily joining the crew (and also solidfying the Coalition) and the leadup and start of the Romulan War (which was continued in the books; part 2 coming soon). Too bad because the show had really hit its stride. We can be thankful we got the 4th season as it was very close to being cancelled. Had the show only lasted 3 years… a different discussion.
Then again, as others have pointed out, TOS lasted only 3 seasons…

162. sean - August 12, 2011

I have no idea why anyone thinks the first two seasons of DS9 sucked. That show was stronger right out of the gate than any other Trek spinoff. If you think episodes like ‘Duet’, ‘Blood Oath’, ‘Whispers’, or ‘The Maquis’ suck, than you and I have different opinions about quality Trek.

163. Jason S. - August 12, 2011

@ Mark

No way! Berman kept it from dying of with Roddenberry. If any one or thing is to blame, it would be the studio and I’d say JJ Abrams.

The studio was going to make new “Star Trek” with or without Berman. he stayed on so that it would have something to do with Gene’s original ideals. Gene DID pass on the leadership of this franchise to Berman. It was under Berman’s leadership that it became a “franchise.” The studio just saw a cash cow and didn’t care about preserving the essence of it.

Which brings me to Abrams, a man who many times has said he never got “Trek” and was more of a “Star Wars” fan. Despite the large amounts of money Paramount has made off of his go at it, “Star Trek” as we knew it, is dead right now. Could it come back? Yes, but not likely.

“Enterprise” was a show that was started out slow, but was picking up momentum at the end. Sadly, it never got to take it into at least one more year. A season five would have been the greatest thing ever!

164. Bob Tompkins - August 12, 2011

152-I don’t blame Rick Berman as much as I used to. He was not operating in a vacuum. The Suits kept a pretty tight rein on him and Braga. My dislike of Brannon Braga has been pretty much softened with time as well. He wrote some great stuff to help bring ’24’ back from the edge of blackness and is one reason we ’24’ fans can look forward to a theatrical movie soon. I hope. It’s going about like the next Trek is, delays, delays, delays. But at least it can pretty much film, edit and release in short otder with minimal post- production. :)

165. Vultan - August 12, 2011

To those who say Rick Berman couldn’t think outside of the box—perhaps so. But I’d like to point out that Paramount’s decision to reboot Star Trek and replace all that talky, cerebral stuff with ‘splosions and snappy dialogue isn’t exactly pushing the envelope, either.

Trek ’09 was entertaining… but about as original as a slinky in a toy store.

166. Buzz Cagney - August 12, 2011

They’ll just be flattered you thought the dialogue was snappy, Vults!

167. Vultan - August 13, 2011


It’s a scientific fact, Buzz.
In space everyone can hear your catchphrase.


Hey, how are things in not-so-merry old England these days?

168. Of Bajor - August 13, 2011

The dreadful Voyager is the only culprit responsible for killing Trek on TV. Enterprise did its damndest to try and revive an already comotose patient but stood no real chance.

169. Jim Nightshade - August 13, 2011

Bah! Enterprise was great and did nothing to cause Treks demise–there was no franchise fatique either and other shows like ds9 n voyager were all good-none of them were perfect,no sow ever is—-i think enterprise was damn good n proves that Berman,Braga et al all did the best they could–but paramounts network was not successful–it imploded n collapsed Enterprise was the victim not the cause–bsgs reboot good that it was,was not a great ratings getter either…i agree that audience fragmentation thanx to cable-bluray dvds,netflix,sports etc. make funding expensive efx tv shows difficult at best–as they require bigger audiences,more fan support due to greater compexities in plot etc–its easier to plop down n watch idol or other cheaply produced reality shows rather than invest in an imaginative complex storyline– ratings have not been great for any scifi themed shows lately-smallville kinda bucked the trend thanx to great casting/writing n making the show on a budget in canada-plus its mythos aleady well known to audiences–and well loved thanx to the reeves movies etc–i think any trek tv show even a jj verse one would fail due to large audience defragmentation–perhaps direct to video movies would do better–face it-nothin on diefy err syfy gets great ratings–nothing seems to anymore–times n viewing conditions have changed a lot–if youre not a musical reality show or talent or dancing show forget it-sad really-

170. Jim Nightshade - August 13, 2011

Also even Trek fans seem really divided n fragmented over what they like and think is good instead of supporting it all some only like tos, surprised jjs vision did as well as it did with divided opinionated fans—ive always loved n supported the entire franchise-we all should–no show or movie will ever be perfect for the many picky fans

171. thebiggfrogg - August 13, 2011

Maybe not, but video DID kill the radio star.

172. Jim Nightshade - August 13, 2011

haha i typed audience defrag when i meant just audience fragmentation–maybe some of the audience is defragged though hahah–those watching idol n the voice for instance-they deserve to be defragged hah

173. William Kirk - August 13, 2011

I think each post-TOS Trek is watchable from the third season (TNG, DS9,VOY and ENT). I would never tell someone who wants to see Trek to begin with the first two seasons.

174. New ENT fan - August 13, 2011

I hate to whine, but was it necessary to put such a huge spoiler in the summary of this article?
*trying to avoid ENT spoilers because he’s only just started with the series*

Anyhow, the first half of Season 1 was awesome; second half isn’t quite as good, though. Look forward to seing the rest of the seasons!

175. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

The days of 26 episodes a year and bottleshows, with episodes there to make up the numbers should’ve been jettisoned long before Enterprise came on the air.

When fans say they didn’t think Season 1 and 2 were no good, what they really mean is that they tuned in to give it a fair chance and had to work hard to like it. Or gave up and didn’t come back, if the ratings fall off was anything to go by.

Given a pool of story ideas in any given year, Star Trek producers really ought to have cut the run from very beginning to 13 or slightly more, in order to make the show better.

Season 4 is shorter, worked with less money and it showed. It forced them to be creative.

I loved STAR TREK ENTERPRISE and watch it regularly but I’m not unaware of it’s flaws.

Here’s how I’d compress the show down to 13 episodes and one feature-length special a year… I’ve mixed it up a little and took out some of storylines that weren’t followed up.

0. Broken Bow

1. Singularity (from Season 2)
2. Fight or Flight
3. Civilization
4. The Andorian Incident
5. Breaking the Ice
6. Fortunate Son
7. First Flight (from Season 2)
8. Silent Enemy
9. Shuttlepod One
10. Fusion
11. Dear Doctor
12. Shadows of P’Jem
13. Cold Front

0. Shockwave Part I & II

1. Regeneration
2. Minefield
3. Dead Stop
4. Carbon Creek
5. Fallen Hero
6. Detained
7. Stigma
8. Cease Fire
9. North Star
10. Observer Effect
11. Judgment
12. Future Tense
13. The Expanse

1. Twilight
2. Anomaly
3. The Shipment
4. Impulse
5. Similitude
6. Proving Ground
7. Stratagem
8. Harbinger
9. Azati Prime
10. Damage
11. The Forgotten
12. The Council
13. Countdown & Zero Hour

0. Storm Front

1. Home
2. Borderland
3. Cold Station 12
4. The Augments
5. The Forge
6. Awakening
7. Kir’Shara
8. Babel One
9. United
10. The Aenar
11. Affliction
12. Divergence
13. Demons & Terra Prime

0. In a Mirror, Darkly Part I & II

176. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011


5. Fallen Hero (from Season 1)
6. Detained (from Season 1)

9. North Star (from Season 3)
10. Observer Effect (from Season 4)

0. Storm Front, Part I & II

177. Buzz Cagney - August 13, 2011

#167 lol yeh, the country appears to have gone slightly bonkers buddy!
I do mourn the olde England of yore when we had manners and wore hats!
I think thats the trick- we need to get back to wearing hats. Trilbies and panamas. They are so civilising!
To be honest I haven’t see or heard much about the trouble, i’ve been too busy to take much notice.
I hear they are bringing over some top New York cop to advise on how to deal with gangs.
Shoot the bastards is surely the answer? Why drag a guy all the way over from NY just to state the obvious? !!
The problem with our cops is they are too liberal and would really rather not get involved beyond nicking motorists and driving around in Mitsi. Evos and flying around in helicopters.
Its no wonder they’ve lost the peoples respect.

And I still think Enterprise sucked out loud!

178. Daoud - August 13, 2011

Had Enterprise followed DS9…. all would have been well. It was a damned fine idea… if only B&B weren’t burned out and smoking something when they were scripting it.
It coulda been a contendah.
If they’d watched TOS in full and didn’t have to mark time until along came Judith & Gar, and Manny Coto to actually turn Enterprise into the prequel it was supposed to be.
Even some of the B&B ideas that were interesting could have been prequelled better: How hard would it have been to call and depict the Xindi Reptilians as “Saurians”, the Xindi Amphibians as “Aquans”, etc. for example, and actually tie the Xindi races into known TOS and TAS? Then we’d have those ahhhhh moments….

179. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

Watching the series now, I can almost see Enterprise having planned to do Romulan War.

I look at the timeline…

– – – October 2002 – – –

As early as Season Two, “Shockwave” and you’ve got Daniels nudging Archer’s hand away from a book on the race, while they’re both stranded in a devastated future. Telling him that he shouldn’t be looking at that book.

Two episodes later, “Minefield” and we see our first Romulan Bird of Prey.

– – – November 2002 – – –


Fails at the box office and Rick Berman scraps plans to do that, moving the Romulan War to be a film pitch with Erik Jendresen, calling it Star Trek: The Beginning.

Leaving ENTERPRISE high and dry, without a destiny to fulfill.

180. dennycranium - August 13, 2011

Enterprise didn’t kill the franchise.
In a way it was like TOS
Wrong place at the wrong time
No network support.
It was one of the top 20 shows getting a seasons pass on TIVO
so ppl were watching it.
Connor and Scott were great to watch together. The Trip/Tpol thing was interesting.
Go watch season 3 and 4 some great Trek eps there.
And hey my Jack Russell terrier is named after Trip.

181. No one in particular... - August 13, 2011

Rick Berman’s complete disregard for continuity and what fans wanted is what killed the franchise. I’d blame him and his bloated crapfest movie Star Trek: Nemesis before I’d blame Enterprise. He thought he could do no wrong and to this day claims Nemesis didn’t do well because the fans were “tired of Star Trek”. No, Rick, we were tired of YOUR version of Star Trek.

182. Vultan - August 13, 2011


Sorry to hear that, Buzz. The cops over here differ so much from city to city and state to state I can’t really say whether they’re competent on the whole or not; it’s a mixed bag really. But yes, I agree hats would make a difference. Fedoras perhaps. Bogart with an unfiltered cig, a .38 heater and a trenchcoat. Real, dangerous style. Make those punks run for the hills.

Anyway, Enterprise was another mixed bag (for me). In case you haven’t, you might want to check out the 4th season. There were some really good episodes in there. Many TOS related. Even a Gorn manages to show up (though it was done with some rather odd looking CGI). I like my alien with a zipper down the back, dang it! ;)

183. Buzz Cagney - August 13, 2011

I agree- Gorns just don’t look realistic without a zipper! I seem to recall Harry Ballz postulating that perhaps it was entirely possible they’d have a zipper, in much the same way we have belly buttons!
I did get ever so slightly aroused by the sight of the Defiant in those Enterprise episodes! lol. I did kind of enjoy them but the show just never got going for me. A shame, but there it is.

Your Police forces seem so different to our’s over here. I’m very much aware that yours differ State by State. Its strikes me as kind of odd, but I guess given the size of your Country and the unique variations that must create I guess its understandable.

184. Vultan - August 13, 2011


Yep. I guess variety is a good thing when it comes to police. Whenever I move somewhere, one of the first things I ask the locals is: “What are the cops like around here?” The answers usually lean more towards the “tough, watch your step” category, but luckily I’ve never come across this guy:

185. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

178. “Even some of the B&B ideas that were interesting could have been prequelled better: How hard would it have been to call and depict the Xindi Reptilians as “Saurians”, the Xindi Amphibians as “Aquans”, etc. for example, and actually tie the Xindi races into known TOS and TAS? Then we’d have those ahhhhh moments….”

Well, it is 100 years before TOS. Maybe something like that happened. There’s no telling what happened to the Xindi council. Those races were already living apart after the destruction of their homeworld. There’s probably no way Reptilians would ever come back into their fold.

Apart the Xindi pre-fix, the names are not exactly specific.

174. “I hate to whine, but was it necessary to put such a huge spoiler in the summary of this article?
*trying to avoid ENT spoilers because he’s only just started with the series*”

That’s the nature of prequels really. Everybody on the crew of the NX-01 would obviously be dead by Kirk’s time. Maybe even T’Pol given what happened to Vulcan.

It’s just a question of how well their story ended and Trip’s was very badly handled.

I’ve seen “These are the Voyages…” a few times (less so than nearly every other ENT episode) and even I would tell newcomers to give it a WIDE berth.

The books came up with a way of undoing the damage.

Another theory is that the future TNG Enterprise-D wasn’t from the Prime Universe at all. Probably one of those alternate ones seen in “Parallels”. :)

186. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

^ There are inconsistences enough, simply by them asking back Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis back, when they look nothing like they did back in 1993 when “The Pegasus” was filmed.

That’s why I’m inclined to believe those TNG scenes showing Archer, Shran and Trip on the holodeck, don’t show the way the NX-01’s mission ended.

Different universe. Trip dies and that butterfly effects itself all the way to the 24th Century. Leaving us with a Riker and Troi from one of those other Enterprise-Ds seen in “Parallels”, the episode which came immediately before “The Pegasus”.

187. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

The 24th Century parts of ENT “These are the Voyages…” having supposed to have happened during TNG “The Pegasus”.

When there’s enough evidence onscreen to cast doubt on that.

188. Canon Schmanon - August 13, 2011

I never cared for Enterprise all that much, and stopped watching after the first two seasons, but neither it, nor Voyager (a worse show) “killed off” Star Trek. It was Rick Berman and the burned out writers who killed Star Trek. That whole creative team had been on Trek for too long, and could mine nothing new or compelling for it. They should have left before Voyager and given the show to some new blood. Hopefully that will happen some day and Trek will be back on TV where it belongs, newly energized and thriving.

Trinneer is a fine actor and he’s right. Trek was in its death throes before Enterprise ever came around. It started dying with the very first episode of Voyager. IN MY OPINION.

189. N - August 13, 2011

@Christopher Roberts I agree about advising giving TATV a wide birth, if I were new to ENT and watched them out of sequence that would put me right off.

As I’ve stated my personal belief is it’s just a hologram to help Riker’s moral choice, Terra Prime is the TRUE finale :D

190. Sid - August 13, 2011

189: I think one of the B’s said that Terra Prime WAS the series finale, and TATV was their final “bye, guys” to the fans after running the franchise for so long.

Of course, this might just be trying to mitigate the disaster that was that episode.

191. Khan was Framed! - August 13, 2011

I think what killed it wasn’t too many trips to the well, as much as too many trips to the exact same well, for the exact same drink.

Star Trek is essentially a broad topic show; it’s about exploring humanity through the metaphore of exploring the universe. How much more infinite can you get?

So doing five shows about basically the same seven characters remixed was pretty creatively bankrupt by the time Enterprise rolled around.

Which is too bad; Enterprise was great; Season 4 is brilliant! But you couldn’t help but watch it & think “I’ve seen this before” because the setting was the same.

DS9 tried to take it somewhere new with a space station & more non-starfleet characters, but ultimately the lazy writers just introduced the Defiant & went back to formula.

There are so many different settings, situations & characters that one could imagine in the Star Trek Universe, it’s often VERY frustrating to see another encarnation of seven people in a ship-

I mean, do a show about 2 Federation spies behind enemy borders or one entirely built around Temporal Affairs or something.
Why not show Starfleet officers disguising themselves & studying a different society each week from within?

There is so much more beyond the bridge of a Starship, it’s tragic that Berman & co. couldn’t see that & pidgeon-holed themselves for 4 series-

192. roy - August 13, 2011


It was Paramount that saw Star Trek as a cash cow and absolutely milked it to the penny. All Rick Berman did was simply earn his pay cheque as an employee. The blame squarely lies with Paramount and nobody.

193. Canon Schmanon - August 13, 2011

191 Roy – You must be Rick Berman! That’s like excusing the Nazis because they were taking orders.

194. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

192. Rick Berman has done several interviews in which he stated that Star Trek should’ve taken a break after Voyager ended. And that it was Paramount who wanted a replacement rushed out the gate.

There are also other instances after that of the studio dictating what should be in the show. Not liking the prequel idea. So insisting on something “futuristic” in the mix, if they were to accept Starfleet: The Early Years as a concept. So the Temporal Cold War was layered in as a story arc every once in a while.

Prior to that, Berman and Braga were intending the whole Season 1 to be about the Enterprise NX-01 crew assembling on Earth and for their ship to be gradually built, tested within the Solar System. Paramount rejected that approach because in their eyes it wasn’t Star Trek enough. Completely missing the point of what a prequel is! Closer to NASA. Well, NASA at that time. God knows what’s going to happen to manned spaceflight right now!

Likewise transporter technology was deemed a requirement or else it wouldn’t be regarded by the audience as Star Trek. They presumably had a similar fight on their hands not to involve Klingons from the get-go and lost. Fortunately we got some zero-G and spacewalks out of that deal.

So, leaving aside the ugly comparison of a TV Producer making compromises acceptable to Executives higher than himself, with an anti-semitic war criminal… I hope this paints a picture of the Hollywood system. Even somebody with two decades experience can’t buck it and have everything work out as he intended.

195. Christopher Roberts - August 13, 2011

Having learned all that stuff since, I have to say ENT turned out great given those guys were dangerously burned out. And it’s not the development of what might’ve been that I find sad. Most TV shows and films go through that stage of finding out what they’re about. It’s more the after part, when I had grown to like the character that had come out of that process… what the lost Season 5 may have held if UPN/Paramount/CBS/whoever had just hung in a bit longer. Enough to count the rise in viewers not being factored in from TIVO boxes, downloading, re-runs on syndication, online.

196. Vultan - August 13, 2011


You can criticize Berman’s job performance as much as you want, but please don’t compare him to a Nazi—particularly since the man is Jewish!

197. Canon Schmanon - August 14, 2011

Oh please guys, by making a comparison I am in no way calling Rick Berman a Nazi. It is simply a way of saying one’s crimes aren’t excused just because authority gave them the order. In no such sense am I calling Berman a Nazi.

But by way of blame, I’m simply saying Berman and crew were burned out. I’m not assigning any malice to them, just placing them where I think the blame lies. IT IS MY OPINION. Their burned-out state led to the demise of Star Trek. Paramount may have pushed them, but they didn’t have to stay and collect checks. Nobody forced them to write stories rehashing older plots that had already been rehashed in other series. They’re just as culpable as Paramount. IN MY OPINION.

198. Newman - August 14, 2011

Maybe if they had’ve replaced Scott Bakula, Anthony Montgomery, Jolene Blalock, that guy that played Soval and maybe even the lady that played Hoshi Sato, the show would have fared better.

Also, they should have let Manny Coto have the reins from the beginning.

I thought Trinneer was great, my favourite actor and character by far.

199. Canon Schmanon - August 14, 2011

197. Newman – It WAS a weak cast, just like Voyager. Too many people with too little presence. I was surprised how bland Bakula was as a captain. The biggest, most physically fit of the captains, but less presence than all of them. I really like him, but he wasn’t right for Trek.

200. Terry - August 14, 2011

Say what you will about the actors, the scripts, Berman, etc (and some of it may be true), but ultimately it was UPN that was the issue. TNG and DS9 were syndicated, and were available in most every market and demographic. Voyager was the flagship show of the new UPN, which at the time had a much wider demographic but was not available in all markets. When Enterprise came to the scene, the UPN demographic had narrowed and it’s market availability was still hit or miss. There was little advertising or support for Enterprise from UPN. And then look what happened to UPN (notice they aren’t around anymore, In fact, most shows that aired on UPN in it’s first year of broadcast were cancelled after one season. So, sure, there may have been some issues with Enterprise itself, but Enterprise isn’t what “killed” Star Trek on TV.

201. Christopher Roberts - August 14, 2011

I doubt Enterprise would’ve gotten as many seasons as it did, without a well-known name like Scott Bakula headlining it. He doesn’t get enough credit for that.

202. Christopher Roberts - August 14, 2011

There were no other candiates in the running for Archer. It was the head of Paramount’s idea at the time I believe, and talk of Harrison Ford doing a TV show were just pipe dreams the writers had for a type of person they wanted. A loose cannon when needed. Impulsive and more inclined to chew authority figures out. Physical and often getting beaten up. Capable of having prejudices but able to get passed that. I see all those things whenever I watch Enterprise.

203. roy - August 14, 2011

@193, 197

Canon-You must be Margaret Thatcher! I wonder how you will top the next historical comparison.

Rick Berman and Co did have to stay to collect their paycheques as it’s called job security. As individuals they had families to support, bills to be paid on time and probably other financial expenditures that had to be taken care of. They were nothing more than employees just trying to make in a living in a tough competetive business.

204. Clippie - August 14, 2011

I didn’t read the above posts so excuse me if this is redundant. The writing on Enterprise killed the franchise. The acting was superb, and the special effects were state of the art. However you could usually guess what the outcome of a particular episode would be in the first few minutes of a show. For example disembodied beings on on derelict ship need to “borrow” crew member’s bodies temporarily. You know they will attempt to seize the ship and the Enterprise crew will stop them. A modern crime/law show will have twists and turns right up to the 55 minute mark and the protagonist may prevail ie escape or be acquitted. The gee wiz factor ” oh we’re in space” could’nt sustain interest.

205. Clippie - August 14, 2011

Sorry I meant antagonist.

206. Dom - August 14, 2011

Enterprise didn’t kill TV Star Trek: Rick Berman and his creatively bankrupt lackies did by not leaving after TNG finished. After they’d finished their work, if I never see a Star Trek spin-off on TV ever again, it’ll be too soon!

207. Vultan - August 14, 2011


Um… you do realize if there is to be ANY new Trek on television it will have to be a spin-off of some sort. Even Trek ’09 is a spin-off in a way—well, officially a reboot, remake, rehash, requel—call it what you will. It’s still microwaved leftovers from the ’60s (Hollywood turkey and mashed potatoes, you might say).

And now since “Planet of the Apes” is back as well, a revised edition of “Laugh-In” and a reanimated Richard Nixon can’t be far behind….

Oh dear.

208. tina day - August 14, 2011

Enterprise was the only Star Trek that I have ever watched and I LOVED it. There were only two reasons I hated the last episode…one they killed off Trip.. He was my favorite character and it killed me to see him die. The other reason was the whole episode was abour Archer trying to write his speech, and then we never got to hear it! : )

209. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - August 14, 2011

I loved where Enterprise was going, it hit its stride in season 3 with some of the best episodes of trek in years, season 4 was also very cool as well. would have loved to have seen where season 5 would have gone.
Especially with Jeffery Combs as a series regular.

One of my favorite episodes from season 4 ws Terra Prime, which funny enough my Apartment manager acted in playing Ensign Masaro.

210. charles charles - August 14, 2011

If a main character dieing for the season finale killed the Franchise then those fans who think so arent true fans.

211. Jerry - August 15, 2011

I agree, Enterprise was GREAT and so were the actors. ALL of them were great. I still watch re-runs and enjoy them. LONG LIVE STAR TREK!

212. Ac - August 15, 2011

Deep space nine and voyager killed trek

213. Luke Forester - August 15, 2011

Enterprise put the final nail in the coffin, but Voyager did all the prep-work.

214. Basement Blogger - August 16, 2011

I’ve been catching up with Enterprise. And the more I watch it, the more I like it. It’s exciting, sexy and smart. For example, watch the episode “Similitude” from the third season. It’s a Trip story too. Ideas about the show touched upon medical ethics, life and sacrifice. Bravo Enterprise.

Enterprise didn’t kill Star Trek. I can agree there may have been some franchise fatigue. But UPN was not readily available (link) in all parts of the country. Here in Cincinnati, it was on a weak powered TV station. By the time the local cable provider picked it up, it was too late..

If you get a chance, take the time to board “Enterprise.” It’s a great voyage.

Availability of UPN

215. Lt. Bailey - August 16, 2011

Having just gotten back from the ST Con in Las Vegas and hearing Conner on stage. He is correct about ENT not killing Trek. My wife and I lovee ENT for what it is and added to the History of Trek.

The CON was fantastic, I even got to buy Dominic Keating a drink at the Shutters Bar at the Rio and talk with him one on one!

216. Craiger - August 16, 2011

If you think about Star Trek was the same show running for 18 years and just changing format. If a show is on long enough I think people eventually grow tired of it and it should take a break. I think it should have taken a break like Berman said after Voyager. The finale scene of Voyager was a perfect way to end the TV series. Then you could have had Trek comback with Abrams Trek movie reboot. I think even Paramount is admiting that they overmilked it and that is why they are probably doing the movies first then do a Trek TV series next.

217. Craiger - August 16, 2011

Sorry I should have said I think Paramount admitted to overmilking Trek because I think Frakes said that awhile back and that could have just been his opinion.

218. Todd Culver - August 16, 2011

J.J. Abrams is killing Star Trek.

219. Bryan - August 16, 2011

I can appreciate Trinneer’s frustration; it can’t be any fun to get saddled with the notion that you had a role in “killing” STAR TREK when you always did your best for it (FWIW, I liked ENT a lot once it finally got its feet under it).

However, I think it would be fair to say that ENT didn’t reverse the decline of STAR TREK that was already going on. Trinneer’s statement that ENT’s ratings “weren’t very far off” of DS9 or VOY is pretty true, and that’s the problem; DS9 and VOY were unable to match the success of TNG, and they experienced steady audience erosion throughout their lives.

ENT had a chance to wipe the slate clean, but whatever it is that the average American viewer wants from a Trek show, they decided that ENT didn’t have it; “Broken Bow” got over twelve million viewers, but more than half of them were gone by the end of the first season, and from there on out, the show was struggling for its life.

220. thegermanmatthias - August 16, 2011

Enterprise was the last glimpse of hope for “Star Trek on TV”, but certainly not the reason for its death on TV.

The End of Star Trek on TV was only the decision by CBS / Pramount or who ever ruled the franchise at that time. And still it is one bleeding wound in a Trekkers heart, they really stopped the series so shameless.

221. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - August 17, 2011

219 DS9 Ratitings were pretty much in line with TNGs
Voyager and Enterprise however being on a “Network” and not in syndication like TNG, and DS9 was the problem(along with the fact that upn wasnt even in 100 percent of the country) If enterprise had been in first run syndication it would have lived just as long of a life as the other Berman era trek shows.
I think the reason why Voyager was permited to have a 7 year run on the network was because it was their highest rated series (which isnt saying much but still) but by the time enterprise came along top model and other series were giving upn better numbers.

The beauty of syndication is the stations can look at their audiences and program the shows based on the time that works best for them, as well as program a second or third airing if they like.
I really hope that for the next trek series Paramount returns to first run syndication. cause unfortunately a run on a network would probably result in a 1 or 2 season run.

222. Christopher Roberts - August 17, 2011

Given what I’ve heard down the years, it was actually that theme song which killed the franchise! :-}

223. Son of Captain Garth - August 17, 2011

I can’t speak for anyone else on this, but what killed Trek for me was:

1. Voyager. Let me get this right: they’re lost for 7 years and come back anf for that Janeway is an admiral?

2. On Enterprise, the whole third season is one moronic plot hole. Again, let me see if I understand this: some race is going to build a master weapon to destroy Earth. So, they build a smaller prototype, send it to the target to “test” it, even though it just cuts a swath across Florida (perhaps as payback for the 2000 election?), so it doesn’t work the same as exploding the planet’s core like the final version does. So, instead of testing this on some Earth-like planet, let’s send it to the intended target, thereby giving them MONTHS to intercept it and prevent this from happening. Nope, no surprise here–we’ll send them a letter to let them know we’re coming. We’ll just hope all the earthlings do is sit there and say, “hey, did anyone notice anything unusual just now? Like a death ray cutting into the planet? Hey, Scooter, should we look into that or just wait for it to come back so we can ask some questions?” Oh, and let’s drag the viewers through that for a whole season, even if it gets tedious and turns some viewers off.

3. The Vulcans seem to have forgotten they’re Vulcan. I don’t expect all of them to be a Spock-like prodigy, but they seem to have forgotten their intellectual and physical prowess. Even if they’re in some sort of cultural zeitgeist, T’Pol shouldn’t be so easily restrained or fooled as she was in virtually every episode where there was a fight or a tough problem to solve.

4. The choked supply of merchandise from DST.

224. Losira - August 17, 2011

for whay ever SyFy has failed in the pastm the one thing they did right was running Ent!…as others said on UPN be it not available or low power station, it did not get the proper airings…or respect. now its available for all to see and realy get to know and appreciate it….yep! it gots its track….and a growing fan following!!!….Thanks SyFy for breathing life in ENT

225. austen - August 18, 2011

I’m sorry Mr Trinneer but the first couple of seasons of Enterprise was seriously poor. Poor story lines, poor writing, poor characterization, zero character dynamics and in some cases pretty woeful acting. Things did improve somewhat in the last two seasons but never enough to put it on par with TOS or TNG. The fact this was clearly reflected in the ratings was the reason it got dropped and the reason there was no new series to replace it. I grit my teeth every time I hear or read of people trying to make out that ENT was this great series and that its demise is down to the ungrateful fans or the studio for not backing it. Basically if it had been any good it would have attracted viewers, if it had attracted viewers it would have completed the usual seven year run. No studio is going to axe a series that is bringing home the bacon. Star Trek fans mustn’t allow themselves to be too easily pleased its how we ended with DSN and the woeful Voyager. The fact we voted with our remote controls where ENT was concerned will hopefully lead to CBS realising that any future Star Trek series will need to be of a much higher quality than the last three which should be what we all want.

226. Christopher Roberts - August 19, 2011

225. It did attract viewers! On average 3 and a half million, I believe it levelled out at for a few years. On UPN, a network with less than full coverage.

One of the best seasons in Star Trek, Enterprise’s fourth, got moved to Friday nights… in a virtual repeat of TV history with TOS. That caused the rating to dip far lower.

That was a calculated move to create an excuse to cancel it, as far as I was concerned.

227. austen - August 20, 2011


3.5 million is not enough to keep an expensive TV show on air.

At its height, the Buffy series pulled in around 5 million viewers on WB. When it was moved to UPN that figure dropped back to 4 million and then to around 3.5 million which is when it was cancelled. Buffy was seen as a ground breaking series but that wasn’t enough to save it from cancellation.

ENT’s ratings were steadily falling over the first three seasons from a start point of over 9 million for the pilot of to an end point of below 4 million for season 3. In other words over half its initial audience had found something better to do whenever it aired. During season 4 ratings went below 3 million at the mid point and then up to around 4 million for the finale.

I will say this again. If the series had been bringing home the bacon it would have been allowed to continue its planned seven year run. If the studio is to blamed for anything it would be the insane idea to run two series at the same time and then follow up quickly with a third in the vain belief that fans were obsessive and gullible enough to want watch any old rubbish so long as it had Star Trek in the title. That to my mind was the calculated move which thankfully didn’t pay off.

228. Captain Scratch - August 20, 2011

i agree.i think reality shows are killing everything on TV,even humans brain cells.

229. Christopher Roberts - August 21, 2011

Since the poll is about to change, for posterity’s sake

Did Enterprise Kill Star Trek franchise on TV?

Yes (16%) 444 votes

Maybe (12%) 327 votes

No (72%) 2006 votes

August 21, 2011 @ 6.39am

Total Votes: 2777

Another to go with this poll that with this article…

Which would you want more?

ORIGINAL Season 4 (32%) 387 votes

NEXT GEN Season 8 (13%) 161 votes

DEEP SPACE NINE Season 8 (16%) 191 votes

VOYAGER Season 8 (4%) 44 votes

ENTERPRISE Season 5 (35%) 415 Votes

Total Votes: 1198
End Date: August 16, 2009 @ 4:33pm

230. Rob - August 22, 2011

Enterprise was good TV show and towards the end when they got back to doing Star Trek and not the god awful Xindi thing it really did start to work, I think the problem with all these Sci Fi show now is the studios look for instant profit, big viewing numbers straight off the bat… And in hard times there are big saving to be made cancelling a Sci Fi show. Its a shame and it is time for some one to look at a new Star Trek show, its been too long without one….!

231. Tom - August 24, 2011

I’m a big star trek fan and have probably watched every episode of every season of every series several times over….except Enterprise. I tried, I really tried but I just couldn’t get in to it. I stopped watching it after the first few episode of season one. To me it just looked cheap, particularly the special effects. Combine that with the rather boring plot lines, shallow characters and the fact that there was basically nothing new (due to the fact that it was a prequel) and I think you have a pretty good explanation as to why it turned a lot of people off very quickly.

In hindsight I did go back and try again watching a few selected episodes from season 2 and 4. They were better but by no means were they excellent or even very good. The whole thing just lacks any kind of originality. Where no one has gone before? I’m afraid not….

“Enterprise” Killed Star Trek. (For me at least)

232. Christopher Roberts - August 25, 2011

Enterprise was a great show but for reason and another, it wasn’t able to be consistently great from the beginning.

“Broken Bow” is one of my favourite ever Star Trek pilots. It’s all in there. The whole premise. Season 4 (with the exception of that final episode) one of my all-time favourite years… any Star Trek.

I mentioned something at TrekBBS earlier today about reboots and how they could potentially go with that direction for ENT.

In Hollywood, successful reboots were once reserved for remaking less well-known films and TV shows all over again. Especially the ones that weren’t all they should’ve been the first time around. They’re the ones that generally work 100%, while sometimes inviting what remains of a pre-existing fanbase to come along for the ride too. Example: Richard Hatch and ye olde Cylons made appearances on BSG for instance… despite there being no real reason for RDM to make concessions to viewers of a certain age.

Enterprise has several advantages. Set on a ship with a iconic name. Boldly going. Its existence in the Star Trek universe, PRIME and now ALTERED continuity… if the Admiral Archer’s Prized Beagle means anything. Why not reboot it? Or partially reboot it?

What do I mean by that? Partially reboot it?

There’s a built-in reset button. An in-story explaination for why events can be changed, to become somehow different. The Temporal Cold War which affected history CAN be undone. So the potential for a different first contact with Klingons, Romulans and others free from that story arc. Vulcan-Andorian conflicts would still essentially remain the same. But the best part, would be for the “These are the Voyages…” finale to be erased. Gone – shunted to an alternate 24th Century, thanks to all the TCW interference like the Xindi attack on Earth being acknowledged on the holodeck recreation Riker and Troi are watching.

Certain crew members’ positions would inevitably be filled by totally different people now. Phlox, T’Pol, a few others came with the mission to take Klaang back to Qo’nos and found themselves staying. So they may or may not find their way into the crew. Or turn up elsewhere in a universe that had another outcome, cropping up as guest stars from time-to-time.

Archer possibly takes the place of Admiral Forrest, giving a different Enterprise Captain his orders from Earth. Or if the pull of having one recognisable star name like Bakula every week is too strong, keep him on more permanently among a re-energised cast. But aside from that, entirely different circumstances happening to those in “Broken Bow”, because “the Temporal Cold War” forced the NX-01 to leave before she was ready.

Star Trek: Enterprise can be rebooted, keep its existing fanbase (who are still building even now thanks to all the varied ways to see it) and maybe be made fresh.
– A different writing team.
– Some new cast members.
– A couple of fan favourites remaining
– Old ones stopping by for a guest shot, to see what became of them in a universe without the TCW.
– An interesting new take on the Romulans. I’ve got a doosy of idea. (You guys remember which century the Earth-Romulan War took place in don’t cha?)

Bob Orci? Are you out there?

Let’s get a Star Trek show back on the air soon…

233. Weyoun 9 - August 25, 2011

From the way TV is going I can’t see how any show would be able to last 7 years on air anymore, especially sci-fi. Maybe it’s time for the internet to take over, netflix or someone similar could release their own shows? I’m no expert by any means, but it certainly seems the smart move from where i’m sitting.

I’m not entirely sure why the budget is so high these days anyway? CG is easier to do than the models they were doing before, big wages for the artists i’m guessing?? Its a booming area though, many new people learning faster these days so hopefully prices will fall in the near future.

However it’s done, i’m sure we all have existing characters we wish to see again in some way – so hurry the hell up before they are all too old!!!!

It would be criminal to not address the Sisko situation….. ds9 round 2 please!!

234. Christine - August 31, 2011

The only thing that “killed” Enterprise and Trek on TV was canceling Enterprise after it’s best season. Just as it was getting its sea – er, space, perhaps – legs, bam. Canceled. There were so many places to go with it. Vulcan – Andorian continuing conflict. Romulan War. FREAKING ROMULANS! Doesn’t get much more epic than that; I wanted more!

Demos – Terra Prime will always be the true “finale” for me. For years I’ve waited for it to come back… but all for naught, it seems now. It’s been too long. They’ve all moved on.

Stupid move. :C

235. Christopher Roberts - September 7, 2011

Short video celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ENTERPRISE –

Hoping to do another one, with a better variety of clips but this will do for now, I guess.

236. Vic Napier - September 17, 2011

The fact that so many people re still talking about Enterprise – six years after the final show, and ten years after its first – says something about how great a show it was. I think its power lies in the courage and determination that the characters displayed while exploring space. Exploration is on our genes, and the actors did a great job of portraying humans as they uncovered fascinating discoveries in the hostile environment of space.

237. Tim - September 23, 2011

All of the Star Trek series were creative and entertaining each in their own ways. I think that there has been too much blame placed on the franchise itself and certainly the writers, producers and even actors. Star Trek was not “killed” by any of these people!

Perhaps everyone has forgotten what went on with the network and the studios during the last few years of Enterprise….. The Network was in a huge corporate change over. Viacom was shuffled out as the parent company of Paramount and UPN. CBS became the new parent company and Leslie Moonves, a NON Star Trek fan, became the new ruler over Paramount as the CBS President.

This was all going on during Enterprises infancy. There was no money being spent during the corporate switch over to promote Enterprise and other UPN shows. Angel ended its run during this time as did many other shows. Had these shows had the promotional funding, ad campaigns, and to get people to watch and keep their interest things would have been different.

Blame Leslie Moonves, and corporate restructuring BS at CBS, for the loss of Enterprise. NOT Rick Berman, NOT Brannon Bragga, and certainly NOT Enterprise or, it talented cast and crew!

I ask myself every time I read these hateful posts, “have these people ever truly watched the episodes of Enterprise and Voyager or, were they too busy criticizing to enjoy the stories?” I know I was thankful each week to be able to tune in and watch my favorite brand of science fiction. Did I absolutely love every episode? No. But, I like each of the series because they were Star Trek and I was fond of all the casts that portrayed these tv series for us.

I wish there were more of Enterprise like a lot of others. I have a hard time watching the final episode only because I didn’t like seeing Trip die. There was a lot more story left to tell. That being said I’m thankful for the 4 seasons they gave us.

Please give these shows a chance. Let yourselves enjoy them. They are after all just for entertainment. And, before you send your hate beams in the wrong directions just remember… It was all due to lack of promoting funds and corporate restructuring.

Thanks Rick Berman, Brannon Bragga, and every member of every cast and crew of ALL the Star Trek series for what you’ve given us. I watch all of you on DVD from start to finish at least once every year. I never get tired of watching! ;-)

To the next cast and crew….. I hope we see you soon!

238. Christopher Roberts - October 2, 2011

I’ve finally completed my series wide tribute video, covering everything that is ENT… from the very beginning.


(Sept 26, 2001 – ) (8m 23s)

239. Christopher Roberts - October 2, 2011


240. Moacir - November 3, 2011

It’s seem that the discussion of what ‘killed Startrek on TV’
will take us to a place where no mas has gone before. Some day
maybe the series will show up again with new thrilling characters
and amazing stories. Live long and maybe you’ll see it prosper.

241. Laura - November 8, 2011

As a die hard star trek fan, I think that Enterprise was in many ways the best of all the treks. It had alot to accomplish – trying to bring continuity to canon. I liked it the best because it reminded me of the original series. But they were out there with nothing, no magical replicators, no friends, nothing. And they were totally naive and got their butts kicked and then matured. I loved that they worked to develop all of the species’ worlds – loved Shran, loved Soval, loved Cmdr Tucker (the best).

242. Wingnut - December 10, 2011

Enterprise was the only ST tv series that used singing on its theme song. That sealed its doom from the get-go. :)

243. Matt - January 23, 2012

Wingnut .. that seems appropriate. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Come on.

I loved Enterprise. And I can honestly say that Connor’s character is one of my favorite.

Which Star Trek series did really well their first couple of seasons? The original was cancelled and brought back. TNGs first two seasons were not good. Enterprise should have been given a chance to run its course. Of all the series, and I have them all, there is none that I watch over and over again as much as I do Enterprise.

There were just so many places to go with the series after the birth of the Federation. I really miss Start Trek on TV – all of the series.

244. Mark - January 23, 2012

All of the Star Trek series improved in quality by the 4th season. Enterprise has a better 4th season then Voyager’s 6th and 7th. The problem wasn’t Enterprise, it was three things:

1. Over saturation of Star Trek by that time.
2. Poor network location for the show.
3. Internal Politics (including: not wanting to spend as much money)

As well, everyone has high expectations going into Enterprise. After seeing way cooler things in the other shows, it was hard to have to pull back. I myself was upset over it. Years later i’ve watched the show again after a break from Star Trek, and I realized that the entire Enterprise series was great! I think a lot of people have and will realize that. Had Enterprise been given 3 more seasons, I think it may have been seen as one of the best Star Trek series. Yes there were pointless, useless, and boring characters like Travis Mayweather, but Archer, T’Pol, Trip, and Phlox were all fantastic, even Malcolm and Hoshie had their moments. But what’s most disturbing is that Shran would most likely have had a bigger role in the series, much like the actor had playing Weyoun on DS9. His acting is fantastic, I would have loved to see more of him with the Enterprise crew.

I agree the finale could have been better, but its understandable considering the restraints they had at the time.

However, I truly HATE the new Star Trek, it caters to the masses. The new STAR TREK MOVIE SUCKS!!!!! And I can only hope that Star Trek will be back on the small screen in my life time, and within the timeline of the other shows, not the stupid movie, lol, what a stupid movie. I can’t even talk anymore. And I like Lost, but J.J. Abrams you can have Lost back, just take back your version of one of the greatest shows on television.

245. I think Im going to be sick - February 14, 2012

This Connor Fellow is responsible along with the worst vulcan impression Tapal. Maybe if he had not done his best to do a george bush impression all the time I could have watched without getting sick. Hey connor don’t you know Dubbyuh’s accent was fake. Also the director sucked ass. Never did this even feel like star trek.

246. Ken - February 24, 2012

My hat is of to Capt. Archer and his crew. They did a great job of living up to the Star Trek name.
Enterprises demise was caused by SciFi network and not the cast. Remember The original Star Trek was cancelled as well, and went on to give birth to the greatest franchise in TV history, I mean how many movies have there been now. Hopefully there could be a Enterprise motion picture movie.

247. Ken - February 24, 2012

Also, Enterprise delved into the area that Star Trek; First Contact, left off. It answered questions that were touched on in the original series, and in Next Generation.
It showed the birth of the Federation and how it didn’t just happen.
I recommend a documentary called “the Captain”, It’s produced by William Shatner, He talks with ALL of the captains of Star Trek, including Scott Bacula.
To the Star Trek franchise, I say; “Live Long and Prosper”.

248. Tubbs - March 28, 2012

Enterprise was a great show.
I can summarise as follows.

Story – Excellent and quite compelling.
Actors – Well cast, and enthusiastic.
Technical – Amasingly good ship set, very neat and well themed. Other sets and technical effects superb.

I don’t know why it failed, I have my suspicions but the only thing I thought was poorly done, was the title theme sequence and song. I appreciate what it was trying to say – but thank goodness for the “seek fwd” button.

Is it just me?

249. Jeff - April 29, 2012

ST:E had more than a few missteps but there were some well-written moments and memorable characters (Jeffrey Combs as Shran, the Andorian, was a coup of the highest order). Laying background for the ST universe was something the series was good at but I swear, I wanted to rewrite the episode where they encounter that group of “passionate” Vulcans (the zinger: one of them needed to have been Sarek). The Nazi aliens…*that* was a shark jumper, sorry. And there was some other story arc that went on forever and never gave me a reason to care…some cabal of aliens where one lived in a tank, I seem to remember?

The series finale…I’m torn. I thought the overall direction it took was a little weak, but the idea of incorporating TNG was sound and fitting. And what in the hell got into Frakes?? He was *excellent* in the episode, more engaging as Riker than he ever tended to be in TNG.

250. jonny - May 10, 2012

ENT ruled! Archer was a badass, T’Pol was badass and their chracters were some of the best developed by the third season. I bet that you would have seen massive new stuff if they kept it going. Noone complianed about the first two seasons of TNG or VOY, which to be honest were no better than the third or fourth season of ENT. I love all Trek, even the new movie, but they should have kept it going for a few more years. Romulan War? Klingons? Come on.

251. jonny - May 10, 2012

Yeah, Tubbs, the country music theme song killed it. And trying to make it upbeat was worse. It made the whole thing come off wrong. They could have done any kind of classical music or even retro 60s theme.

252. Lightningbarer - June 13, 2012

The teaming of Berman and Braga were a terrible cancer that slowly killed off the whole franchise. The “Ideas” that were come up with for VOY and ENT were good ones, the execution of the said ideas were-in general-lazy and boring and while I’ll agree that ENT eventually got out of the blocks with some halfway eecent ideas, it still had those miss steps and slip ups that had become a staple of Trek since roughly ’97.
The problem became something that most Trek fans don’t want to talk about, the legacy of the Roddenberry idea becoming gospel in the shows, shows like VOY and ENT could have explored the idea of seeing that philosophy pushed to it’s extremes. Seeing the episode of VOY “equinox” and comparing it to the “we’re damaged/in need of fuel” plotlines, shows what could have been with VOY and having a rough and brazen Human crew along side a overly strict Vulcan advisor would have been better than the typical way it was portrayed, I mean they were a hundred years out of a neuclear holocost that killed 6 hudred million people, its getting close to the 1 century mark with the Jewish holocost and we’re still rightly angry at what happened.
Hoping that one day we’ll evolve out of the psychotic apes we are right now is a good thing, but not exploring those parts of our psyches just leads to unrealistic behaviour which breaks the fantasy of watching shows/movies like Trek, I just hope that the current reboot movies will do that. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.