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Star Trek Ongoing #1: 7-page preview September 20, 2011

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Comics,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , trackback

Star Trek Ongoing #1 goes on sale this week from IDW Publishing. As previously detailed, Star Trek Ongoing is a new comic book series based on J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek. IDW describes it as a set of "re-imaginings"of the classic adventures of the 1960s Star Trek TV series. Ahead of tomorrow’s release (Wednesday, September 21) of issue #1, IDW has released a 7-page preview.

The first issue is written by Mike Johnson with illustrations by Stephen Molnar. The first issue, an adventure based on the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" will feature two covers from Tim Bradstreet and David Messina:

Here’s IDW’s description for the comic, followed by the 7-page preview [via Comics Alliance]:

Star Trek Ongoing #1

Mike Johnson (w) • Stephen Molnar (a) • Tim Bradstreet, David Messina (c)
The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue in this new ongoing series that picks up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off! Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before! With creative collaboration from STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci, this new series begins the countdown to the much-anticipated movie sequel premiering in 2012. Join Kirk, Spock and the crew as they boldly go into a new future! Up first, a drastic new envisioning of "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

2 regular covers will be shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio (4 Tim Bradstreet, 1 David Messina)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Variants: Four different free variant photo covers! The four covers will be distributed evenly, making each one a unique 1-in-40 variant!
Star Trek Ongoing #1, autographed by writer Mike Johnson, and STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Bullet points:
– Fully sanctioned by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot and Paramount pictures, with direct ties to the new movie in 2012!
– The new adventures start here! Classic Star Trek episodes updated in the new mythology!
– Each issue features a unique "Golden Ticket," a lottery with amazing prizes! Details coming soon!


1. Harry Ballz - September 20, 2011

Ah, new Trek material…….SUH-WEET!

2. Weerd1 - September 20, 2011

I like it. A lot.

3. JackCum - September 20, 2011

Cant wait to read it

4. Canopener1256 - September 20, 2011

I am so in. I hope they release it digitally also … All my new comics are on my iPad.

5. Sybok's Secret Brother - September 20, 2011


6. XMind - September 20, 2011

The art looks great! Darn, this will drag me back to the Comic Store.

7. Mikey1091 - September 20, 2011

Hurry up and release it so I can buy it, damnit!!!

8. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - September 20, 2011

Its a great issue, I wish that keenser wasnt brought over to this new series but thats a minor complaint.
I picked up my issue 1 of the new trek series tonight when i went to pick up my Rocketeer, Darkwing Duck, and Ducktales comics that i still hadnt picked up out of my box from a few weeks ago, they allready had Trek 1 ready to be picked up as well.

9. Browncoat1984 - September 20, 2011

I normally don’t buy comics but I’m so hungry for new stories in this new universe I may just buy it! My dad and I are currently watching TOS Remastered on Blu Ray so it will be interesting to see how different this is from the original.

10. Vultan - September 20, 2011

Nice artwork.
And the story was nice too… back in 1966.

New missions, please.

11. Enterprise C - September 21, 2011

I haven’t been in this kind of fanboy mode since Star Trek Countdown!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!!!

12. Faolin - September 21, 2011

Gee What an original story! Can’t wait to see what happens to them next!

13. Pauln6 - September 21, 2011

The art looks fun and, in this case at least, they are using the new as well as pre-existing characters, which bodes well for at least some of the popular recurring characters like Reilly, Chapel, and Rand. The story looks well written and it’s nice to see that they are spending some time on character moments. My initial instinct is that without Shatner and Nimoy competing for screen time I hope they don’t keep stealing lines from the other characters. I want Uhura, not Spock, to work on communications problems to avoid her being relegated to saying little more than ‘Hailing frequencies open.’

We also see 10 male character and only 2 female characters both of whom are just in the background. If NuBSG can successfully convert one of the lead characters to a woman in order to update the sexual dynamic to the 21st century, I think NuTrek can convert some of the supporting characters. NuChekov is not the same person as the original (maybe he has a younger brother who is) so they wouldn’t need any kind of excuse to make Lee Kelso into Leigh Kelso to even up the numbers. If the Galileo 7 still consists of a bunch of male officers and a single enlisted female crewman it will give us a clear indication that writers have toally dropped the ball on the gender equality issue.

14. mr werns - September 21, 2011 – perhaps a hint that they actually refit e.g. the main-engineering?

Would be nice for the new movie…

15. Irishtrekkie - September 21, 2011

@14 , yea anything would be better then the engineering in the last movie

kinda hope they do something about the bridge too, its just too white and bright, the kelvin bridge was much better imo

16. Irishtrekkie - September 21, 2011

wait a minute !!!!

Spock says ”an old STARFLEET vessel the ss valiant”

we all know Starfleet was around before the federation(see ENT)
but the valiant was launched in 2065 (only two years after
the Dr Cochrane warp flight).

so we’re to believe Starfleet was around this early ??
it would have made more sense to call it a
United Earth Space Probe Agency vessel as we know
that was around during that time (see VOY Friendship One)

call me a nitpicker but that just annoys me.

17. C Mosenko - September 21, 2011

Will anything in the comic book give us a hint on any possible up coming sets or charecters in the next movie? Give us a new set of rules for the alternate timeline? With some of the people involved perhaps this is what direction an animated series would go. So many cool possible directions.

18. C Mosenko - September 21, 2011

I dare them to do an alternate timeline TNG comic run, I’d be curious to see the changes. Of course we run the risk of creating something people hate. If there are no risks, then there will be nothing new.

19. Mark Lynch - September 21, 2011

Our first look at Gary and Kelso in the altered time-line and then they die….. or do they?

20. CmdrR - September 21, 2011

Windows in the rec hall. Nice.

21. Toonloon - September 21, 2011

This looks great! Can’t wait to buy it for my iPhone.

22. Lostrod - September 21, 2011

The one page shot of the Enterprise reminds me of the first poster for ST The Motion Picture.

23. Lostrod - September 21, 2011

Is the link to images of STMP and ST09 poster images for comparison to comic one page shot.

24. Crispie38 - September 21, 2011

I feel I know where this story is heading…! ;)

25. James T. West - September 21, 2011

Greedo shoots first in this version.

26. Hugh Hoyland - September 21, 2011

Yes, now this looks really good. I usually dont get geeked for comics but this has me excited. The art work looks really good. Lets hope IDW sticks to its guns and keeps this thing rolling!

Now where do I get my copy?:]

27. Starfleet's Finest - September 21, 2011

Welp, looks like I just became a comic book fan… :)

28. NCM - September 21, 2011

I’ve never read a comic book – unless the prequel to the prequel counts – so maybe one. Well, in lieu of a series or a movie, guess I’ll make a full turn toward nerd.

29. rm10019 - September 21, 2011

I look forward to this series!

30. crazydaystrom - September 21, 2011

The possible implications of Scottie’s use of the word RETROFIT has got me excited. Fingers crossed. :-)

31. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - September 21, 2011

Oh please, nuKirk would never sit down and play a game of chess. He doesn’t have the smarts OR the patience.

And the nuTurbolifts move too fast to have an old-fashioned conversation in them. If it takes three seconds to get from the Shuttlebay all the way to the Bridge, I imagine it takes 0.002 seconds to get from Rec Hall to the iBridge.

32. Trekboi - September 21, 2011

Looks like decent filler- i don’t mind characters from the prime universe showing up but in new stories please.

Could have been an interesting tv series lol

33. P Technobabble - September 21, 2011

Can’t imagine the next film would have anything to do with Gary Mitchell, or WNMHGB, otherwise why would they be displaying it so blatantly in the comic book? I think the Court has something else up its sleeve.

I’m not crazy about either cover. The first has Uhura displayed more prominently than anyone else. Has she become the primary star of Star Trek? The second half-Kirk, half-Spock looks like some kind of burlesque show.

I’ve never been crazy about Trek artwork at all, including the animated series. I really prefer a more bold approach as in some of the graphic novels I’ve seen. Of course, that’s just me… what the hell do I know?

34. ~~TARA~~ - September 21, 2011

Will there be tpbs? I don’t have too much money for comics…but tpb make for good presents that my son or husband can buy me.

35. VZX - September 21, 2011

This looks good, I just hope that there is enough interest for it to go 79 issues to cover every episode of TOS. That would be neat.

But, I guess that could not happen before the next movie. If the new movie comes out late fall 2012, then the comic could run about 15 issues. Well, they should at least hit the top 15 episodes. Like maybe Trouble with Tribbles, Doomsday Machine, Amok Time, Arena, etc.

BTW: I think a good opening date for the next film to be Nov. 21, 2012. Not much competition in the same genre, has the Thanksgiving weekend, and the Hobbit would still be weeks away. IMHO.

36. Anthony Thompson - September 21, 2011


37. Bobowing - September 21, 2011

yeah, brent spiner in big bang theory…….bring on nimoy

38. rah - September 21, 2011

its already on the iphone
reading it now!!

39. Trekkie07 - September 21, 2011

I think it´s a bit hard to talk to Spock with “while we´re talking about the devil”.
This guy has lost his homeworld, all of his friends and family-members.
the good old Spock-bashing was funny in the 60s, but there he was a stiff vulcan and not the last member of an endagered species. I´m afraid that in the new movie he will be treated again as if nothing tragical has ever happened to him…

40. son-of-shatner - September 21, 2011


41. falcon - September 21, 2011

@39 – I think Spock will want to be treated as though nothing special happened to him. It’s his character. It won’t be ignored (hopefully) in the comic series, and hopefully they won’t gloss over it in the next movie, but it won’t be a huge plot point.

Looking at the 7-page preview, I see how it would be possible to update many of the old episodes to the new timeline (except for “Spock’s Brain” and “The Way to Eden” – seriously? Who’d want to see them again?). And not just a line-by-line rehash, either, but the same basic plot with the same basic characters and new character interaction. I can’t wait to see how Kirk reacts to Spock’s suggestion to leave Mitchell on Delta-Vega – or kill him. (Ooops, should I have issued a Spoiler Alert? :-) )

42. Phil - September 21, 2011

Granted, it’s six pages of preview, but the cronyism they seem to be setting up does not bode well for young Kirks ability to make decisions…seems like crap storytelling that Starfleet would not be reviewing appointments to the Enterprise.

43. gingerly - September 21, 2011

@33 Attitudes like yours, in regards to Uhura’s position, substantiate the back of the bus treatment actors like Taraji P. Henson *still* get in Hollywood. She’s the only Oscar nominee and female lead among the three leads on JJ’s new show and yet she’s the only one who’s virtually absent from all CBS promotions, including a recent TV Guide cover.

44. Thomas Jensen - September 21, 2011

Reading those panels, I think I know where this is going and I like the idea of Kirk bringing in his two older friends, Mitchell & Kelso who’ll probably die during the story as in the original. Lots interesting logical differences here and I really enjoy seeing the original story reworked.

Ok, so with this kind of thing and, of course, original stories, this would work best as a new television series which would be a combination of the original Star Trek stories and ideas and some completely new adventures.

Unfortunately this cast wouldn’t be a part of it for reasons we all know. Too bad, as an original fan of Star Trek I’d like to see stories reworked in this new universe and new ones in the spirit of the original show.

Anyway, let’s hope the ship is destroyed in the next movie and reworked into something closer to the original Enterprise.

45. TardisCaptain - September 21, 2011

I wonder how they will do Amok Time? There is no Vulcan in this universe. Yea Spock will still get the seven-year itch, but they can’t go back to the family grounds.

But it would be good to see how the nuUhura reacts to Spock’s fiance (if she survived).

46. trekprincess - September 21, 2011

This is awesome :):)

47. NuFan - September 21, 2011

Looks like the same Engineering to me. Not that I mind.

48. Bruce Banner - September 21, 2011

@44 The ship could go through a “refit” and probably make the cover of “Nacelles’s Monthly”. Also could explain looking more like the original, if JJ decided it needed it.

49. BeatleJWOL - September 21, 2011


50. Pauln6 - September 21, 2011

I had a quick browse of the issue on the shelf as mine is on order. It looks good fun but I hope nobody will consider it a spoiler if I mention that I didn’t spot Dr Denher. I know I voiced concerns about them being sexist but her complete absence caught me by surprise. So the movie had no Rand, no Chapel (apart from name check), no T’Pau, and no Number One and the first retold story has gained two male characters (Keenser and Chekov) and one woman (I don’t think Uhura was in the original) and lost its principle female lead. Maybe they won’t bother with the female yeoman in the Galileo 7 at all.

51. The Riddler - September 21, 2011

#1 new Trek Material?

45 year old material more like.

52. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - September 21, 2011

What retailers can we purchase these from? Will wallmart or Kmart or Target have them?

53. Pauln6 - September 21, 2011

I don’t understand the snobbery regarding the fact that these are reboot stories. I’ve bought comic book adaptions of movies (I read my Star Wars adaptations all the time as a kid) and they were adaptations that were carbon copy stories rather than re-imaged stories with original content like the NuTrek stuff.

54. MattR - September 21, 2011

#53. I’m fine with some re-imagined stories, but I would like there to be more original stories overall. Adaptations are fun as one-shots and stuff, but a continuing series should try to have more originality if they want readers to buy 12+ issues a year at $4 each.

55. Keachick (rose pinenut) - September 21, 2011

They are leaving the new, original stories for the big screen, and just having fun re-imagining the old stories from TOS and putting them in comic form.

#50 – I read on another site that Star Trek was originally made for a male audience and that any female shown there was somebody that the guys could get to “do”, if and when they wanted. This was how several male posters understood the original Star Trek audience to be and in fact, should be.

The way I understand the attitude (rightly or wrongly) – Females were not meant to be intelligent, capable, independent or have need of a real man, a decent man, a man capable of commitment and they should definitely not want children. Otherwise, that could mean a male having to step up perhaps and take a little responsibility. Women were supposed to be bimbos, except when it came to being mothers, then they were supposed to switch to being all “intellectual, feminist” like, etc…

The problem was that I was never told any of this when I first watched the TV series as a little GIRL around seven years old…

If Bob Orci is reading this thread, please – note well.

56. Crusade2267 - September 21, 2011

Scotty’s log reminds me of my favorite log entry from all of Star Trek: “I think this new ship was put together by monkeys…”

57. Space - September 21, 2011

Hey! The comic says the sequel will premire in 2012!

58. Keachick (rose pinenut) - September 21, 2011

#56 Yes, I love that line. It was all in the delivery!

59. Nastroid - September 21, 2011

Ahhhh yes……Star Trek…..To Boldy Go Where We’ve Already Been.

After all, who wants to see anything new? Certainly not me. As a Star Trek fan, I get very uncomfortable at the thought of anything different. Give me the same stories over and over and over and over and over again.

I just hope this new comic keeps all the stuff that TOS only did because of budget and effects-thchnology constraints. What I mean is, a HUGE portion of Star Trek is the way it is solely because of budget and technology. That’s why the “aliens” never looked alien. That’s why there were so many “parallel earth”, time travel, and (later) holodeck stories. But with comics, you basically have an unlimited budget and limitless special effets….in a comic, anything imaginable is portrayable. Let’s just hope they dont realize this and give us mind-blowing extraterrestrials and genuinely alien alien-worlds.

No…what I want to see is more of the same, and from the looks of this preview, that’s exactly what I’ll get.

60. Starfleet's Finest - September 21, 2011

@43. gingerly

Actually, I’m going to side with (33.) P Technobabble on the Uhura placement. And believe me, it has absolutely nothing to do with “back of the bus” point of view. Let me explain; classic Trek was pretty much based around the relationship of three characters: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. There was very little of McCoy interaction with with the other two in NuTrek, that just didn’t sit well with me. It seems as though, at least on this topic, the Court went with the sex appeal by making Uhura more of the other side of that triangle as opposed to McCoy and bringing her out of the background to make her more of a focal point than she had been before. Which is understandable, as they were trying to reach more of the mainstream audience but still, this is one thing I really hope they decided to change in the sequel.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy they made Uhura more of an active member in the plot. As the only woman on the bridge, it was about time she became more kick-ass. But, that being said, I did miss the constant bantering that always seemed to be present when the ‘original three’ were together.

61. Obsidian - September 21, 2011

I don’t mind NuKirk playing chess. But some of the banter seems pretty stiff compared to the youthful speech patterns in ST09…

And I don’t mind going over the original missions IF there are significant differences in the story due to the new timeline…

But I’d still prefer new stories…

62. Excelsior - September 21, 2011

And I thought the whole point of the new, divergent timeline was so that Kirk and co.’s futures wouldn’t unfold along pre-determined lines, based on what had gone before in the original Trek…

Granted, I know this is ‘just’ a comic series, not the plot of the next movie (here’s hoping there IS one, this time around…), but it smacks of creative redundancy to me. And particularly so, considering that IDW’s TOS-era comic lines have been culled in favour of this new series.

In other words: we lose ‘old-Trek’ comics like John Byrne’s fantastic ‘Crew’, which did fresh, new stories in the original setting, and instead we get rehashes of TOS stories, but done with the trappings of ‘NuTrek’. All in the name of making things ‘relevant’ and ‘more up-to-date’.

– I’m just looking forward to the ‘new’ version of ‘Balance of Terror’ – particularly the twist ‘reveal’… ;p

63. DavidJ - September 21, 2011

Cool. Seems like they captured the style and tone of the movie really well. Can’t wait to read the rest.

59. Yeah, I’d probably PREFER some newer stories, but it’s still an interesting idea to see some of the classics reinterpreted as well. And it’s definitely better than nothing.

64. Pauln6 - September 21, 2011

I don’t think Uhura is supplanting McCoy; she is simply moving up into the slot that was originally occupied by Yeoman Rand. People forget that Rand and McCoy had equal billing while she was on the show, although she was probably a shade below him in equality, appearing in 8 out of the original 12 episodes.

Star Wars was dreadful when it came to its limited portrayal of female characters (token female syndrome) and the prequel trilogy barely increased the number of women featured despite twenty years of feminist progress and equality legislation. Is it that too many sci fi writers are losers who barely interact with women? Is it that too many sci fi writers are the same old guys who were writing the sexist stuff in the sixties and seventies and eighties and (to a lesser degree) nineties? Is it that the sci fi writers are (closet) homosexuals who would rather just see lots of guys horsing around (in which case why no gay characters)? Is it just that the writers’ default setting is male unless somebody actively considers that a woman should be in the role?

NuBSG proved that it is possible to upgrade the sexist sci fi of yesteryear if they are just prepared to place women in the roles that had traditionally been occupied by men ACROSS THE BOARD AND NOT JUST IN A SINGLE HIGH PROFILE ROLE. It’s astonishing that NuTrek is backsliding even further beyond the sixties if they really are replacing the pre-existing female characters (and one of the few that wasn’t a love interest) with even more men!

65. DavidJ - September 21, 2011

61. Well I imagine Pine’s Kirk will probably be a bit more mature and adult in the sequel as well, now that he’s captain.

Most of his attitude in the first movie simply came from not having a direction in life, and having to constantly fight for attention and respect once he did get into Starfleet.

66. I'm Dead Jim! - September 21, 2011

I haven’t bought a comic since Countdown and before that, well, I was a child. But I’m so desperate for something new out of Trek that I will probably by this, even though it is an old story.

67. Elliot - September 21, 2011

Spock’s badge in that alternate cover picture is a command insignia and not science.

Just sayin’…

68. Starbase Britain - September 21, 2011

Flippin eck this looks good. anyone know when this will be available in Great Britain and how much?

just a side note – nothing personal because i loved the character of uhura and zoe zaldana (who wouldnt!!) – but why does uhura get a higher (and larger image) position than say Scotty on the poster. Is this a continuation of the 2009 movie trend? no problem with it but it does seem strange because in TOS i would have placed scotty above uhura above her in the pecking order of main characters as it were.


69. Pauln6 - September 21, 2011

She’s the only woman. Simples.

70. dwfan - September 21, 2011

When I first saw the first cover, I didn’t view Uhura’s image as being more prominent, higher, or larger. I thought, “Why is she aaalll the way over there, alone, with half her face covered?”

71. dwfan - September 21, 2011

@ 69
Thanks. I think it could be that simple.

72. Jonboc - September 21, 2011

I’ll be buying this for the iPad for sure! Looking forward to seeing how things are different in the new timeline, should be fun.

73. NCM - September 21, 2011

It makes perfect sense to have the comic series be a re-imagining – a ‘what if this crew experienced the same situations – what would be different?” The movies have to take the reboot characters on mostly all new adventures. It wouldn’t make sense to have two series essentially doing the same thing.

Besides, how many remakes of movies, comics, works of fiction have we all seen and enjoyed?

74. NCM - September 21, 2011

It is past time for Trek to see women in a new light – to acknowledge that women are a significant part of the fan base and that women, even today, are achieving almost everything men are achieving, alongside their male counterparts.

Janeway’s one of few Trek women I can think of, off the bat, who didn’t serve a primary function of appealing to men. IF Trek’s new crew (the court) can bring to life female characters as something other than eye candy, I’d be thrilled, but if they just add more women as romantic distractions, it would be disappointing to say the least.

75. DavidJ - September 21, 2011

Can’t believe people are actually complaining about the size of Uhura’s picture on there. I never even noticed a difference until everyone started pointing it out.

76. Celeste - September 21, 2011

I thought I remembered reading somewhere (when I first heard about this series) that it would be a mix of original series reboots and new stories. I could be wrong. Anyway it makes sense to me. I would think there would have to be similarities in this timeline and the original one. (A reboot of Mirror Mirror could prove verrrry interesting). The main outcome may or may not be the same, and even if it is, there will be new aspects to it. If they’re gonna redo TOS storylines I’d certainly rather see it in this medium rather than taking a TOS story and making a reboot movie out of it.

77. Starbase Britain - September 21, 2011

im not complaining – im curious thats all.

Greg UK

78. JB - September 21, 2011

The artwork is top-notch, but…is it me, or does this look like “Star Trek Kids”? I thought Pine did a fine job of portraying a young Kirk in the movie, but these guys look far too young to be senior officers on a capital ship. At least Shatner and Nimoy looked like adults in WNMHGB. This was my biggest problem with the new movie. There is simply no way an organization like Starfleet is going to put an inexperienced twenty-something in charge of a ship of the line. It just isn’t credible.

79. PEB - September 21, 2011

for all of you complaining and being obnoxiously sarcastic about rehashing stories, apparently this issue has already sold out so it looks like people are really enjoying the rehash. the fact that there’s so much interest in this new universe is good for trek. besides, it’s a comic, i’d understand your gripe more if this was a film that retold a story from tos days. lets just all be thankful and remember what shatner pointed out, the new team is taking trek and adding in sw action and pace. it’s a good thing guys, trek is living on and i personally am loving this.

80. Vultan - September 21, 2011

Yep. We should be grateful. Trek is reaching out to every demographic (under twelve years of age).

81. Battle-scarred Sciatica - September 21, 2011

“much anticipated sequel due in 2012?”


Major understatement and more likey to be released in 3012!

Great to see some new Trek material involving the newbies.

82. Kev-1 - September 21, 2011

Kind of interesting but they’ve obviously defaulted to Shatner and Nimoy’s portrayal, with different faces. Is it reasonable for Kirk-2 to talk about somebody having “earned” his job? I can’t believe this Kirk could scour the officer lists and choose people based on his short experience. The art is very faithful to the actors, though. I already know the story will be good.

83. DeShonn Steinblatt - September 21, 2011


You mean Trek has a future afterall?

84. NCM - September 21, 2011

Listen to yourselves: fan-base “under twelve,” and, “…Trek has a future…?” I wouldn’t have guessed I’m blogging with a bunch of adolescents – or did the conversion happen today, with the release of the comic book (which someone mentioned sold-out today – 12 year olds?).

I see people here, myself included, willing to START reading comics because we are, as one person put it, ‘hungry’ for more of this universe – or anything Trek.

ST 2009 was a commercial success and viewers were old enough to to buy their own tickets. Critics loved it. I feel for the fans who couldn’t (yet?), convert to the the new universe, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have hope for what’s coming up. I hope you’ll surprise yourselves with the next movie. There’s no way to make everyone happy, but if the rebooters want to keep Trek alive, they have to make enough people happy and, so far, I think they’re due credit for having achieved the goal.

85. spock's wife - September 21, 2011

They got the insignia wrong for spock in the alternate cover. It is a /command insignia while he is a science officer.angry face.

86. Richard C. - September 21, 2011

I bought the last copy today from my local comic book shop, looking great so far! :)

87. NuKirk - September 21, 2011

@#13 please don’t try to compare NuChekov to that fiasco of a retcon that was Jimmy Olsen that tuned out to be the older brother of Superman’s Jimmy Olsen in Smallville -_-

88. USS Enterprise B - September 22, 2011

57 – I noticed that too! Either that was written before they changed the release date or it could mean something!

89. P Technobabble - September 22, 2011

43. gingerly

Now, now, let’s not put an attitude into poor Technobabble’s mouth. Without a doubt, I mean absolutely no disrespect toward Zoe. I’m honestly glad to see her doing well, and I think she’s a fine actress.
My comment was entirely based on the hierarchy of the Trek characters. I suppose you could say I’m rather used to seeing Kirk, Spock and McCoy at the top of the totem pole, after seeing them in that position for 45 years. Call me old-fashioned, but that’s how I think of Star Trek.
PS: when I was in school (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away), the back of the bus is where all the “cool” kids sat. All the nerdy geeks were toward the front of the bus. Can you guess where I sat?

60. Starfleet’s Finest

Thank you for your support, I need all the help I can get.

90. Jorg Sacul - September 22, 2011

I like the comic as presented and have no problem with this Kirk playing chess. Quite possibly it was something Pike steered him into at the Academy, as chess is used today by mentors to focus troubled youth away from the bad path they were pursuing. Kirk wasn’t an idiot in the JJverse– he was bored and unguided. He made a lot of bad decisions because they offered him instant gratification, an escape. He had a crappy home life, and it’s very possible although he was in trouble a lot, he was very into books and learning, too.

91. trekprincess - September 22, 2011

have you got a problem with the characters being younger:/?

92. David C. Roberson - September 22, 2011

I really enjoy the premise of revisiting the old series, I only hope that new twists abound. This first issue is promising, but a bit too fast-paced for my blood. It really felt like the writers were trying to hurry the story along, and that was unfortunate. I’m not a huge fan of the artwork, but that’s a minor quibble. I really don’t want -completely- new stories, I want there to be a mixture of new and old. So far, the comic is working.

93. LukasKetner - September 22, 2011

I’m really glad to hear so many people will be buying comics for the first time in a while. Don’t stop with Trek! Comics are a great medium for original stories, and they don’t all have superheroes. In fact, the best ones don’t, IMHO.

Just read this first issue, and I think the series is off to a really great start!

For all the folks crabbing about redoing old stories, the whole point with these ‘re-pisodes’ is to take a familiar situation and have it become unpredictable and fresh with a completely different outcome. It’s aimed at fans, and it’s too bad that some of them are too grumpy to give it a chance. Sheesh. Fine, go chase kids out your arboretum or something.

94. Canopener1256 - September 22, 2011

I bought it via digital download. I have mixed reactions after reading it. First, the whole story is not self-contained .. Expect to buy another to finish it. It is very short, not all that different from the original, and very claustopobic in the drawings. But still good to see it. Not worth 3.99 in my humble opinion.

95. JackCum - September 22, 2011

I read the issue… the art was good, I enjoy Molnar’s work. However I thought these were supposed to be new versions of old stories. From this issue I saw not much is different from the original WNMHGB except it has the JJ crew and ship. I was expecting the writer to shake things up a bit, which still might happen in the second issue. If it doesn’t then I hope the series goes to brand new original stories instead. I can see this series becoming a bore if they don’t change things up IE the original stories

96. John from Cincinnati - September 22, 2011

Where do we go online to order these?

97. Tanner Waterbury - September 22, 2011

Wait a Tic! I just noticed something….NO LENS FLARES! The Bridge has its Lens Flare generators off. Oh and I am going to buy this most def.

98. Starfleet's Finest - September 22, 2011

@89 P Technobabble

I got your back :P I’m in complete agreement with you. With 45 years of Kirk, Spock, an McCoy always (or almost always) being at the center of each story line, or at the very least play a pivotal role in the story line, it’s strange to see that equation suddenly change. I’m not saying it was a necessarily bad thing, but as I’ve said before, to “exchange” (as it were) McCoy and Uhura was certainly something I personally didn’t so much care for. On this topic, I would like to see them bring back the “classic” Trek formula.

@97. Tanner Waterbury


99. TheTwilightTrek - September 22, 2011

94 and 95 are right on. I was looking forward to this for months now but feel ripped off. At least give us a whole episode per comic. So far the differences between TOS TV episode and this comics version are so minor it was a waste to even “re-do” this episode. I wouldn’t even recommend any of my friends to buy this one if they saw the TOS TV episode because the comic doesn’t set up the story in any real different way than the TV episode does. If you want the twist wait for #2 to come out. Hopefully there will be one. I hope they break this pattern. Otherwise every odd number you’ll know what is going to happen and you’ll have to wait for every even number to see the “shocking twist.” Pretty much it’s the first half of the TV episode just with the new crew in it.

My Advice to Robert Orci and Co.:
1. Make the comics full episodes if you are doing “do overs” so I don’t feel ripped off on the (part 1 of 2) in the comics OR If you can’t do this than just do original stories. This one was not worth the wait, time, or my money.

100. gingerly - September 22, 2011

@60 I agree that McCoy should get more lines and screentime. I don’t, however, see how Uhura’s placement on this cover has anything to with that, or warrants or indicates any comparison, actual greater importance than him or anyone else (its classic assymmetry). I recall Iliria being right in the middle of the ST: TMP poster, right between Kirk and Spock, with no one else from the cast. She was central to the plot and yet no one complained about her taking anyone’s shine. I believe many people speak what they’d love to believe in their hearts, but in reality, have no idea that they only affirm what’s actually there, the status quo. That is that only certain people have a tendency of being seen as having taken, somehow negatively effecting others, simply for being uplifted to be in actuality, for once and finally(!) as important as they are, as so many see them, despite previous societal limitations.

101. Keachick (rose pinenut) - September 22, 2011

The truth is that a communications officer and also an expert in xenolinguistics is a very important crew member, especially when you are exploring known and unknown worlds. That position is filled by a young black female officer, Lt Uhura. Dr McCoy is important, especially if communications go bad (despite everybody’s best efforts and intentions) and there is a mess (lots of injuries) to deal with as a result.

I think it shows that the writers do understand the importance of a communications officer…

102. SPOCKBOY - September 22, 2011

Nice artwork, but seriously do we need that little petrified Ewok there?
He served absolutely no purpose in the film or on these panels.
If Scotty needs someone to talk at have him talk to his engines, more in line with his character.


103. Clay - September 22, 2011

I read it today, and overall it’s great. the art’s really slick, and they have a really clever way of explaining Dr. Dehner’s absenece. One of my nitpicks would be Delta Vega, they used the name in the movie and put the planet right next door to Vulcan, and now it pops up here outside the edge of the galaxy. I guess there are 2 Delta Vegas now. Oh well, it’s still a great read. I’m excited for the rest of the series!

104. SPOCKBOY - September 22, 2011

It also gives the Enterprise more of a presence if Scotty looks at her (and her engines) like she’s almost living.

105. Battle-scarred Sciatica - September 22, 2011

“petrified Ewok”

Hee hee hee hee. I love it.

Shoot the bloody thing and put us all out of our misery.

I hope it does not return in the next ST3012. An unnecessary side-kick for Pegg is not needed (unless it’s Frost of course)


106. captain_neill - September 22, 2011

Decided to pick this up even though I am dead against classic stories being re imagined. I am more in favour of new stories but my curiousity won out.

It seemed a nice take but it is basically a what if? story.

The chess scene is still better when Kirk plays with Spock. 1 He beats Spock and 2 his human intuition beats logic.

The alt Kirk does not scene to have the same luck with Chess and fights that our Kirk has.

I still prefer to have original stories and I hope IDW is still doing storie in the prime universe. Still like to see some Shat Kirk in the comics.

107. Adolescent Nightmare - September 22, 2011

Got the last one at my comic shop.

108. Khan 2.0 - September 23, 2011

103. – i was fully expecting Scotty to make some remark about Delta Vega (like ‘arrhh not that place again!’)and then it be explained that it was a different DV to the one he was placed on

other stuff that was interesting:

-Where Kirk and Gary play chess looks like Ten Foward

-the briefing room is like the one the Ent D/E

-Kirk now has brown eyes

109. Khan 2.0 - September 23, 2011

some eps that would be great for re-imagining: (time travel ones be good as simply change the time period they end up in for a new story)

-The Cage (with kirk not Pike)
-The City on the Edge of Forever (if they can use it – spin a whole new story – i.e. have Bones land in some other time period – maybe saving JFK or something?)
-Space Seed (if they arent planning to do anything with Khan for the movies – which would be a shame – have the BB discovered by another Fed ship or the klingons)
-Arena (maybe set on another planet to the Vasquez Rocks one)
-Tomorrow Is Yesterday (set present day)
-The Alternative Factor (this ep gets alot of flack – but theres a great story about alternate univeres in there somewhere)
-The Deadly Years (great excuse to use curly haired ShatKirks likeness – along with the rest of the original actors as they age)
-Spectre of the Gun (maybe have another era taken from fragments of Kirks mind?)
-For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (great concept – poor ep imo – give it a Truman show/Matrix/DarkCity style make over)
-The Tholian Web (actually show Kirk in the 21st century Mirror universe? – maybe he had some sort of adventure there?…maybe make it more Event Horizon – which basically remade this ep)
-All Our Yesterdays (have them go to different time periods)

as for the other stories i wouldnt mind seeing a foray into the Prime universe (maybe meeting movie ShatKirk or Picard), a Star Trek ‘Aliens’ type thing (ok i know it cant be Aliens but that kind of horror/nastiness), and maybe TNG stuff explored – a thing with the Borg like ‘Q Who’ only with Kirk and Co, an encounter with the aliens of Conspiracy, Yesterdays Enterprise with the NX-01 and Archer etc

110. P Technobabble - September 23, 2011

100. gingerly

In fact, I do recall a few mentions about the TMP poster (maybe Starlog magazine) when that film was released. There was some criticism that McCoy wasn’t put on the poster. I’m not saying Ilia didn’t deserve to be on the poster, but then Decker should’ve been there too, being another key part of the story.
I, and I think some others, have noticed the Uhura character showing up a bit more prominently than McCoy — and in the case of this cover, more prominently than any of the other cast — on several of Trek’s latest merchandise items. I’m not criticizing it because it’s Uhura, or because it’s a woman, or any other sort of negative reaction you think I might be having. Again, I’m simply questioning it because traditionally Kirk/Spock/McCoy were always portrayed as the “stars” of Star Trek. If Uhura’s going to become a bigger player than McCoy, I think that’s gonna rattle a few cages. But, such a move is out of our hands anyway.
If you recall, during TOS’s run — especially in the films — there was always a concern as to how to make good use of each member of the supporting cast, so they wouldn’t be yammering off “Hailing frequencies open,” or “Course laid in.” The “problem” was always that Kirk/Spock/McCoy were the stars and, therefore, would get most of the screen time. However, I do recall Gene Roddenberry stating that had TOS run longer, there would have been episodes which would have focused on the supporting cast more. I certainly would have had no problem with that.
So, again, I’m just questioning why the focus on Kirk/Spock with McCoy might be changing. McCoy was certainly not used to his potential in Trek09, IMO, and, as I said before, I’m just old-fashioned.
And, Keachick, I do agree it is a good thing to be showing Uhura’s job to be of great significance, and not just as a telephone operator.

111. NCM - September 23, 2011

I’m off to get my copy! If you think you missed initial supplies, check Barnes & Noble. A search on their website turned up nothing (and IDW’s site only mentions comic sellers, I think), but a sold out and very odd comics store guy told me he’d seen a ‘big stack’ at B&N. The woman I spoke with @ B&N could find nothing on her computer or in the store, but after I thanked her sincerely for her efforts and said I’d just “have to come in and ransack the store:)” she found someone who was able to find it – I had to secure it with a credit card!

112. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - September 23, 2011

35 yeah open star trek XII against the Scifi film “Gravity” that also opens on November 21 2012 and stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, not to mention only 5 days after the final Twilight film opens up.
yeah some how I dont see them opening Trek 12 against Clooney and Bullock’s sci fi movie, and the second weekend of the FINAL Twilight film

113. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - September 23, 2011

109 thats what ive been saying for the past few years, theres how you get not only Shatner, but Koenig, Nichols, and Takei into a trek movie in the new universe without having to deal with issues like Kirks death in Generations.
The deadly years would make for a great Trek film

114. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - September 23, 2011

111 the problem with B&N is you have to pray that a bunch of kids with sticky nasty hand hasnt riffled through the comics rack bending and smearing every copy on shelf.
Comic book store is better, you dont have that issue.
I have this series set as a subscription and it will be sitting for me waiting in mint condition whether i go release day (or even a day ahead lol) or 2 to 3 weeks latter

115. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - September 23, 2011

Plus B&N dont get the really neat incentive covers that comic book stores get like the photo covers done for the first issue.

116. ken - September 24, 2011

I loved the art work but i wasnt to thrilled about the story i mean this is suppose to be a different time line . Granted mitchell could have been on this enterprise but so was Rand and Kelso who i hope they dont kill off. Where is the female psycologist at!! As for Uhura i hope that they do make her character alot more stronger then she was on the TV series. She is a great character with alot of potential. I heard they were suppose to make a character gay. Well i hope that its chekov!!

117. CarlG - September 24, 2011

The way they treat Keenser kind of bugs me — either make him a legitimate, believable member of the crew or get rid of him. I’m hoping for the first option myself, we need more aliens.

118. NCM - September 24, 2011

@114: Good to know; new to comics. It was sold out at comic stores. I was disappointed B&N couldn’t find it easily, and I’d never have found it myself. It was tucked away in a kids’ comics spinner (out of reach of kids, so mint condition), well away from more visible, main comics collection. If I’d noticed it in kids’ comics and hadn’t been anticipating it, I’d have walked by. Still, I think it’s good to have it at B&N b/c many people never make it into a comics store. IDW just needs to mention B&N on their website and let b&n know where to display it.

My daughter’s asked me not to start wearing round glasses, sweater vest, khakis, and short hair. I reminded her I’ve done all of those things (the vest was a gift), but she said “not all at once while reading a comic book.” Is she, closet manga enthusiast, a bit off on the current stereotype?

I liked the art, save the lines on photos which had me wondering why McCoy and Scotty had Romulan tattoos, at first.

119. John in Canada, eh? - September 24, 2011

Comics seem a perfect place to mine old TOS eps for a twisted new flavour. I like the ‘echoes’ to “WNMHGB”, such as the chess game and conversation in the turbolift. But the art doesn’t work for me – doesn’t look remotely like the characters. Kirk looks like he’s 14 years old.

120. james - September 25, 2011

Doesn’t look too bad !!

121. DonDonP1 - September 25, 2011


122. Hugh Hoyland - September 25, 2011

I actually called my local B&N and was told they probably wouldnt carry it. But the clerk seemed to be a little confused as to the release date (among other things dealing with the comic), so Im not sure how accurate the info was.

The problem here is that it seems the nearest comic book store to me is a pretty good distance away, kinda suprising since I live in a rather big town. On top of that Im not even sure that store is still open.

Ive been looking forward to this big time and it sucks that I would have to drive a fair ways only to pluck down roughly 5$ despite the fact I want the thing so much.

May take a drive over to B&N just to see if it might be there.

123. NCM - September 26, 2011

@ 122:

The comic’s around $4.00 (and gets about half-way into the episode; it’s to-be-continued). You may spend more on fuel, but it may be worth it. I suggest you call B&N, tell them the Madison, WI store has them but also had trouble finding them; ask for a manager, or ask them to check the kids’ comic section as well as the adult area (some franchises are so formulated, it may be on a spinner), and to look in their computer under “Star Trek “or “Star Trek 1.”

Good luck.

124. Platitude - September 26, 2011

I’m not totally convinced based on the preview (the writing with Scotty was great but after that it was a little iffy), but I will wait to pass judgement on the new seires till I have a chance to pick up the comic and read through it.

125. Ivory - September 26, 2011

I wasn’t crazy about this comic. It wasn’t much different from the original at all. If you are going to re-imagine the original I say go all the way with it and not have it be not have it be nearly identical…I will give the next issue a chance, but this was just mediocre.

126. Razorburn - November 16, 2011

I read the first two issues, and they were outstanding. I must admit, I was a little disappointed that Elizabeth Dehner was only mentioned and not seen. I could almost hear Gary Lockwood and the late Paul Carr speaking as their characters(Mitchell and Kelso).

Overall, I was impressed with how this was handled. It was certainly better than anything that Dennis Bailey would write.

I shall be looking forward to the next three issues concerning The Galileo Seven and Operation: Annihilate! They should be interesting. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.