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Science Saturday: Roddenberry Research Center + Skeptic-Funded Climate Study + A Star is Born + Tractor Beam Tech + More October 22, 2011

by Kayla Iacovino , Filed under: Science/Technology , trackback

Bored during your late-night duty shift in Cargo Bay 2? Take a break and read about this week’s science news! This week: Roddenbery’s new stem cell research center, the results of a skeptic-funded climate change study, witness a star being born (literally), and try out the new astronaut tractor beam! All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: the Holodesk!


Rod Roddenberry Inaugurates Roddenberry Stem Cell Research Center
For his first philanthropic initiative, Rod Roddenberry and the Roddenberry Foundation have announced the Roddenberry Center for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at Gladstone. Roddenberry says that the $5M donation to the center was made to honor the legacy of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, his father, Gene Roddenberry. “This gift is our largest to date, and with it, we hope to help accelerate advances in biomedical research,” said Roddenberry. “In addition, if our support can inspire one child to become a scientist, one organization to become more charitable, one person to simply invest himself or herself in improving the future of our world, then our foundation can be a catalyst in making the future envisioned through Star Trek a reality.”

Learn more about the stem cell research at Gladstone

Climate Change Skeptic-Funded Study Concludes Global Warming is Real
We’ve all heard the claims before: average global land temperatures on Earth have risen almost two degrees Fahrenheit since the 1950s. So, what’s different about this new study by the Berkeley Earth Project? It’s an independent, non-government sponsored, open source project funded by climate change skeptics. It uses more data than any previous study and directly addresses concerns that have made skeptics doubt studies in the past, including urban heat island effect and reliability of temperature monitoring station data. Their concensus? The same as those previous, government funded projects. The Earth is warming. So, will this convince the skeptics that called for the study? Probably not. Haters gonna hate.

How Berkeley Earth compares to previous studies

First Ever Images of a Star Being Born
The youngest ever planet, still in the process of forming, was imaged in the Taurus constellation by Adam Kraus of the University of Hawaii at the Keck Observatory in Mauna Kea. The planet, named LkCa 15 b (A horrible name. Can we call it Larry?) is about 6 times larger than our Jupiter, and rests 11 times farther from the sun than Earth (that’s 11 AU). Larry lies about 450 light years from us, and looks to be about 50,000-100,000 years old. Kraus and his colleague Michael Ireland have already submitted their findings for publication.

Larry, ready for his close-up

New Laser ‘Tractor Beams’ Could Save Drifting Astronauts
A new method, which some are calling “tractor beams”, has been devised to reel in astronauts that float a bit too far from their spacecraft. It’s not so much of a Trek-style tractor beam, as the astronaut is still propelled by conventional thrusters. What’s unconventional is that the thrusters can be activated by a remotely targeted laser beam. So, your buddy back on the spacecraft could shine a laser at your helpless, floating astro body and reel you back home. Current rescue methods involve spring-loaded or gas-driven tethers that have a maximum range of 100 meters or nitrogen thrusters affixed to the astronaut’s space suit. The new “tractor beams” will allow for the rescue of an astronaut, even if they are incapacitated.

Engage tractor beam!

Video of the Week: Our Future in Space
If you like science, and I know you like science, you won’t want to miss this video about our future in space, featuring none other than: Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, Lawrence Krauss, Bill Nye, and Neil de Grasse Tyson.

TAM Panel – Our Future in Space from JREF on Vimeo.

Picture of the Week: One Day in One Photograph
One ambitous photographer set out to capture one full day in one photograph. To do it, he spent 30 hours taking photos and managed to capture one of the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen. He gives a full description of the method on his website.

Click to Embiggen

Gadget of the Week: Microsoft’s Holodesk
No, no, not Holodeck (sorry). HoloDESK! Microsoft has been showing off a project that combines a Kinect sensor and a beam-splitter to create an interactive, virtual 3D “desk” that can be manipulated by the user. A webcam tracks the location of your head and eyes to keep the projection consistent, and can even work with other real objects placed onto the desk. Holodeck tech, here we come! Check out the demo video below!

Upcoming Events
Check out these science-related events happening soon:

Science Bytes
Not enough science for you? Here’s a warp-speed look at some more science tid-bits that are worth a peek.



1. Steve-o - October 22, 2011

holodesk is cool. but it’s less hologram and more smoke and mirrors.

2. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - October 22, 2011

Oh the things we can do with a Holodeck.
I believe there is warming. But not man made. I believe it is simply the climate that is going through it’s normal phase.

3. MagicDan - October 22, 2011

Wow, the holodesk is awesome. Just imagine where we will be in 20 years. It’s going to be really crazy.

4. Niall Johnson - October 22, 2011

I object to Climate Change skeptics being referred to as “haters”. I”ll be blunt. I do believe in climate change. History and geological records prove this. The Doomsday Book lists six vineyard in England of all places! I am however wary of it all being in the hands of man. The Solyndra and Solpower debacles lend credence to the idea of man-made global warming to be a hoax and money making scam. Furthermore. slight temperature increases have been recorded on Mars and Saturn. Not too many gas guzzling SUVs there folks!

5. C Mosenko - October 22, 2011

By the time everyone believes climate change is real, it will be too late to do anything about it. We will need the help of an alien culture, but their prime directive will prevent them from helping us. At some point we will be at a point of do something about it or it’s too late.

6. Thorny - October 22, 2011

Niall, I think Solyndra and Solpower simply show that when large sums of money are thrown at a problem, you’re going to get some scoundrels who will try to steal some of it, and some well meaning investors and managers who don’t have a clue what they’re doing and hence lose it all. History is full of such examples. It doesn’t at all suggest that man-made global warming is real or not.

Personally, I think global warming is a natural phenomenon that has been made worse by man. And I don’t think there is anything we can do about it. As long as China keeps building a new coal plant once a week and Brazil keeps chopping down rain forest, no matter what the rest of us do, things will keep getting worse.

7. Steve T. in NY - October 22, 2011

I dont think anyone is saying that Man is the ONLY cause of Climate Change..But we now have 7 Billion people on this planet, we continue to use dirty fossil fuels to power our cities. homes and cars. Something needs to be done. Solar, wind and geothermal make up less than 10%.. 10%!! of our energy needs.. so as a “money making scam” that argument doesnt hold water. The government have given billions to private companies and so far Solyndra is the only one going under. Of course when that happens the other side gets it stuck in their claws that .. “See!! Its all a scam!!”. Its not a scam.. It will be better for all of us. China is producing solar panels.. so should we just say.. okay.. you guys get to do this one?? I say no way.. We need this country to begin innovating again, developing better tech and then PRODUCING that tech.. no just seel the rights overseas so they can get the jobs and make their countries richer..I’m all for all forms of alternative energy.. What i would love to see is our country make fusion a reality.. and export it to the world with our citizens making the parts and the tech ourselves. We need to ship products overseas.. not ideas!!

8. Eric Cheung - October 22, 2011

I don’t think it really matters whether it was people-made or not, we should all be constantly doing things that conserve, and thinking of new ways of conserving. If you’re able take the stairs, use lower-flow water only when it’s actually washing or filling something, don’t waste paper, don’t throw food away, recycle every possible item you can and reuse everything else.

On a larger scale environmental regulation and conservation should be a matter of course simply because even if global warming wasn’t happening, or wasn’t people-made, it’s indisputable that things like oil and trees are consumed at a faster rate than they’re made.

I do object to the phraseology in the article above that presumes that skeptics probably won’t be convinced, not because it’s necessarily true or untrue, but because that lack of faith in others would turn people off of being convinced of such a study. It’s an unnecessary wall that obstructs the coming together and compromise that is endorsed by implication.

9. CmdrR - October 22, 2011

I bet that holodesk will be awesome, once it’s tied to industrial machines or a matter compiler. (OK, I’m a Stephenson’s throw away from reality, but still…)

Still don’t get what the day long pic is. I’m just slow.

Climate change. Wonderful. I’ll add it to the list of ways the human race is gonna croak. And, no, I don’t expect the anti-science crowd to change their minds (or whatever those piles of mush between their ears are.) We GOTTA get off the Earth. We have got to spread out.


Thanks, Kayla.

10. Kayla Iacovino - October 22, 2011

I was initially nervous to post the climate change story, as things tend to become fairly heated rather quickly in the TrekMovie comments. But, I’m impressed at what appears to be a civil conversation between people that disagree about something on the internet!

Well done, guys. Well done.

11. Captain Dunsel - October 22, 2011

@9. CmdrR – “We GOTTA get off the Earth. We have got to spread out.”

Do you mean, “We need breathing room!” (To quote General Chang)

12. Browncoat1984 - October 22, 2011

Here’s the problem with man-made climate change: put simply, if God wanted to destroy the Earth He certainly doesn’t need man to do it (read the book of Genesis). Also, according to that graph, the climate change has happened in the past 60 or so year? So in 60 years man has apparently been able to destroy a planet that’s thousands of years old? Also, if you look at that graph as it rises it appears there’s drops and spikes in temperatures. What will that graph look like 30 years from now? Will we see it going down? Towards the end of that graph it looks like its leveling out and maybe even starting a downward spiral.

13. NCM - October 22, 2011

I appreciate the science bites, but “haters” seems unfair and off-balance.

14. VZX - October 22, 2011

Heh. Larry. Awesome name for a planet. I say petition the Astronomical Union to have become its official name.

Can you imagine if we colonize that planet in a couple of thousand years, and the name still holds? “Hi, I’m from the planet Larry. I’m a Larrian!”

Ok, that planet is probably gonna be too hot for a few million years, but whatevs. Larry is still a cool name!

15. Basement Blogger - October 22, 2011

Thanks for the climate change story. Ironic, since the skeptics now realize it’s true. It’s relevant because we’re heading into a presidential election year. Whoever is President in 2012 can lead the way to halt the increasing tempatures that the planet faces.

16. Red Dead Ryan - October 22, 2011


It’s still early….

As for climate change, yeah it’s happening. And its too late. We’ve now gone far beyond the point of no return. Mass destruction of rainforests and extinction of most of Earth’s species is well underway. Even if we cease all carbon emissions, and stop polluting the oceans, scientists believe the Earth will still heat up by an average of at least 5 celsius in the next fifty years. Add to that today’s rapidly increasing famine rate in third world countries, increasing economic and geopolitical instability as well as the potential global nuclear armageddon, and you may yet see the worst case scenarios come true: absolute hell on Earth.

17. Pony R. Horton - October 22, 2011

VZX – Somebody beat you to it, when they named a planet “Bob.”

18. Red Dead Ryan - October 22, 2011


that should read “….of at least 5 degrees celsius…”

19. Randal - October 22, 2011

It still amazes me how people have been led to believe that a greater amount of carbon in the atmosphere is going to be bad for the planet. Plants feed off the stuff; in the past, the atmosphere has had far greater amounts of CO2 than it does now, and the Earth was more healthy than it is, today.

Also, take a look at that global-warming chart. For the past decade, it records the temp as significantly dropping, even as China keeps pumping out coal factories and Brazil keeps burning forests. In the late 90’s, you might have been able to argue that the temp was rising. Not anymore. It is clearly dropping; there is a large amount of scientific consensus about this, and the chart above demonstrates why. Anyone who says the earth is still warming is simply 10 years out of date on their research.

20. dmduncan - October 22, 2011

Even skeptic Dr. Lindzen agreed, back in 2001 I think it was, that climate change was occurring according to the data; the issue for HIM was the cause.

And that climate change study also found no clear cause to climate change, which doesn’t support the anthropogenic angle. Now you could mention that the study was funded by the Kochs, but then you have to make a choice: You can’t cite the study to support your own thesis and then dispute the study when it does not support your own thesis. So which is it gonna be?

Science is tentative, it should never or at least rarely be settled on anything, and on something as complex as the CAUSES of climate change I would put my money on “never.” Or at least not until the smoking gun evidence comes in. Whichever comes first.

When it’s “settled” about such complicated matters — unless there is a smoking gun, which there is not as far as I know — then it’s not science it’s religion.

And I think it’s quite telling that so many scientists, usually bastions of doubt, are condemning skepticism with regard to causes — the CAUSES, I repeat — of climate change, in the absence of smoking gun evidence.

Of course, science is probabilistic, and you could point out that the evidence is weighted toward anthropogenic causes rather than natural ones, but the probabilistic quality of such evidence is also an argument in FAVOR of caution and skepticism and against rigid conclusions, which is precisely what we are being told to make.

And do please be aware that the vast majority of people are not climate scientists and do not have the wherewithal to examine the claims being made, so when they accept the conclusions they do so out of FAITH, which leads to a herd movement where people act certain about things that they are not certain about.

But all this is pointless, to me anyway. If you believe that environmental conservatism is simply the right way to live, as I do, then you naturally treat the planet with all its life forms and resources with respect.

But for a few oddball lights that have no current LED correlates, my house is almost entirely lit with LEDs when so many folks are still struggling to move from incandescents to fluorescents. It was much more expensive to do that, but it’s part of my strategy to move entirely off the grid. And I’m not doing it because I’m flogging myself because my evil carbon footprint is heating the globe. I’m doing it because I believe treading lightly is the best, most impact free way to live and to share the planet with all its wonderful life forms, and because doing so will eventually enable me to decouple from the local energy producing monopoly which I do not want to support anymore.

I think it’s sad that people need to feel the earth is in catastrophic danger in order to live lightly and respectfully. And I think it’s sad that such a predictably polemical issue was selected to try and motivate people to change. That motivational strategy employs one of the worst aspects of human psychology: FEAR, fear that the world will end if you don’t change; and because it’s so blunt and there is in fact room to dispute it, that strategy predictably caused the opposite reaction: rejection. So I don’t think it was a smart a way to go. The outcome should have been obvious to those who were first coming up with the plan.

Sometimes I think it WAS obvious, and contention is what they really sought. But this is not a conspiracy thread! ;-) So I won’t go into the Hegelian dialectic!

Whether we are causing the globe to warm or not, I don’t know. I do know that since it is warming, we are going to have to deal with it either way. And now is a good time to learn the adaptation skills rather than to act like you’re being robbed because you feel forced to change.

How about just changing how you live out of respect and love for the beauty of the planet and all its amazing forms of life? At least then the motivation is love, and not fear that you are going to lose what you say you love.

21. Dr. Cheis - October 22, 2011

“Haters gonna hate.”

I lol’d.

22. Red Dead Ryan - October 22, 2011


Almost three quarters of the Earth’s plantation is permanently gone. Therefore, CO2 has no where to go but to hang around in the atmosphere. The remaining plants are being choked by too much CO2. The same elements that once fed plants are now killing them.

As for the graph, I see a slight dip, but at the very end, is spiking up again.

Also, scientists have recently found a correlation between earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding and global warming.

For example, it has now been proven that rapid glacial melting can cause the earth’s crust to shift, as a result of the rapid movement of the mass of water. Massive earthquakes have been proven linked to the thawing of the Earth after the Ice Age.

23. CarlG - October 22, 2011

@20: Lovely post, especially the last part.

Roddenberry centre for biomedical research? Well, if someone shows up and asks for two dozen Khans to go, I see trouble brewing…

24. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 22, 2011

Plants take in CO2 and give out oxygen. Fewer plants eventually leads to less oxygen, surely. I think the problem is that it is just not the higher levels of CO2 but also the level of other types of toxins/pollutants being created by the burning of fossil fuels and by various industries. This kind of thing is unprecedented in human history, but not necessarily for the much older earth. However, most of the life that we are familiar with could not survive in those much older times…

25. Phil - October 22, 2011

Most people know that the planet is heating up. The disagrement is on the cause. There seems to be enough evidence to support the idea that, at least in part, the planet is heating up due to sources beyond our ability to control. Regardless, it’s a shame that political grandstanding and naked power grabs related to the issue have been the rule of the day, as opposed to identifying and implementing reasonable means to control pollution.

26. Vultan - October 22, 2011

I honestly don’t know what to make of the global warming debate anymore. Too many political and ideological interests involved. It sounds more like a religious debate than anything else, and I’d rather not get involved in those.

But hey, if what Mr. Doom & Gloom says at #16 is correct and it’s already too late, might as well sit back and enjoy the show. At the end of time, Armageddon just might be more entertaining than a stupid Michael Bay movie.

27. CarlG - October 22, 2011

@26: Uhh, we are the show. And speaking as one of your fellow performers, I’d much rather a happy ending then the last act of Day After Tomorrow…

28. Jerry Modene - October 22, 2011

I was under the impression that climate change was cyclical. Weren’t we worried, a few years ago, about things cooling down?

The problem with the whole issue is that too many people are politicizing the thing, without a clear picture of what (if anything) needs to be done about it.

Just remember, one of the great oxymorons of our time (after “military intelligence”) is “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

29. Sid - October 22, 2011

Looking at the climate chart, it actually looks like everything but NOAA shows a flat or cooling trend this last decade.


30. CmdrR - October 22, 2011

11 – Gotta get our eggs into more than this one basket.
Hey, Gen. Chang led the Von Trapp’s to safety, so no dissin’ on the Changster.

31. Tanner Waterbury - October 22, 2011

My resource about the conditions of Climate Change….ANY Climate change. Seems that “Independent” study has the same conclusions as other Government funded studies, just with slight variances.

32. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - October 22, 2011

One thing I HATE!!. ANYONE THAT IS NOT! LOYAL TO THE EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

33. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 22, 2011

There has been a shift in the climate. In the south of England there are manuka trees growing. It is from the native NZ manuka that you get the honey. Until recently, manuka would not grow in England because it was too cold most of the time. Now it can…

34. Vultan - October 22, 2011


Uh, not if we can’t control it.
If it is too late as RDR suggests, then why worry about it?

Mankind had a nice run. Pyramids, the printing press, television, air conditioning, ice cream—yeah, it was fun while it lasted, but let’s not drag it out too long. After all, third acts are supposed to be fun and exciting… and ending.

35. Anthony Thompson - October 22, 2011

That’s a very generous donation! Bravo to Rod!

As for the climate change skeptics, they probably won’t believe anything with the Berkeley name attached to it. ; )

36. Hat Rick - October 22, 2011

Actually, I quite enjoy my late-night duty shift in Cargo Bay 2. It’s rather relaxing and the view is amazing.

37. Red Dead Ryan - October 22, 2011

Another cause might be attributed to human flatulence. The average human pumps out an average of two tons of intestinal gasses over a lifetime. Considering that the Earth now has a population of over 7 billion, it could get a bit stinky as well as hot. ;-)

Not to mention, when we die, our bodies emit even more noxious fumes!

38. Alisa - October 22, 2011

I don’t think the person who reported on the Tractor Beam realized that’s exactly how the ST tractor beams worked.

39. BudoBob - October 22, 2011

Bravo #20. dmduncan!

The “Haters gonna hate” remark was uncalled for. You’ve just lost a reader and I’ll be going elsewhere for my Trek news.

40. Jesustrek - October 22, 2011

Tractor Beam….Yessss:)

41. dmduncan - October 22, 2011

Well, let me just say that it behooves us to question authority, and there’s a disturbing trend towards not being skeptical about authority. Just give me the facts. I’ll know what to do with them. Just like…you don’t have to tell me to NOT like Hitler. Give me the facts about what he did and I WILL BE disgusted. You don’t need to panic that I might not have the reaction you want unless you tell me what reaction you expect from me. I do believe that people tend to put their support in the right places when they are accurately informed. Getting them to be accurately informed is the problem because there are so many damned factions fighting to shape public sentiment.

Facts are like delicate crystal wares in a glass shop; you get two bulls tearing it up in there and the facts get smashed to pieces and all you end up with to help you make your decision is who you think won the fight.

42. MJ - October 22, 2011

“Haters gonna hate” regarding anybody who doe not buy into this new book on global warming???

Kayla, nice journalism there!

43. MJ - October 22, 2011

@25 “Most people know that the planet is heating up. The disagreement is on the cause. There seems to be enough evidence to support the idea that, at least in part, the planet is heating up due to sources beyond our ability to control. Regardless, it’s a shame that political grandstanding and naked power grabs related to the issue have been the rule of the day, as opposed to identifying and implementing reasonable means to control pollution.”

Agreed. The earth has heated and cooled down for repeated cycles across the millienia WITHOUT mankind’s influence, and ditto for the amout of CO2 in the atmosphere today. For example, there were vineyards and major farming in Greenland just 1000 years ago, but people today would have you believe that Greenland getting slightly warmer is a problem???

I am ALREADY for less pollution, a greener planet and less dependence on fossil fuels, but I don’t need a bunch of in-you-face elitists and politicians telling me that I must believe in their pseudo-science (e.g. “religion”) of the greenhouse calamity to force me to be more environmentally conscious and support their politics.

44. VZX - October 22, 2011

Haters will continue to hate. Yeah, humans are destroying the delicate balance of the ecosystem/carbon cycle/ozone layer, etc. We are multiplying faster than current technology and agriculture can keep up with.

That’s why we gotta move to planet Larry. Or Bob. Larry is too young of a planet now, maybe Bob would be better.

45. Keachick - rose pinenut - October 22, 2011

The problem is that this planet 1000 years ago and at other times did not have a human population of nearly 7 billion people, a good part of its rainforests decimated and much of the ocean polluted. It is not just the huge loss of CO2 guzzling trees but the green algae/plankton that is gone because of pollution. Large scale oil spills don’t help. In fact it is the pollution of the world’s oceans which cover a larger percentage of the earth’s surface that may be responsible for climate and other environmental changes.

Some climate change may not be all bad, like the fact that plants can grow in areas where they could not grow at one time. Even though there have been always been cycles of warmer and cooler times – I believe around the time of the Renaissance, Europe got warmer – never have we had such a high human population nor the loss of so many other natural life forms, both fauna and flora. We humans depend on there being enough of these existing in order to ensure our longterm healthy survival. What to do.

Yes, places like Greenland getting warm may be a problem because with the melting of ice, the sea levels begin to rise. Live down here on one of the Pacific islands and tell me there is no problem. It is NZ and Australia who will be the countries having to take in these climate change refugees in the future. Millions of people live in coastal regions of the earth. NZ itself is basically two small islands surrounded by two large oceans and one of the largest continents to our south is an iceblock that appears to be melting. So far things are OK, but for how long? Maybe it will settle down and the melting of ice caps will slow down, but projections suggest that they won’t…certainly something to think about if you live where I am. Shame because I love this beautiful country of mine! Can anyone suggest where I and my family might go? A large country like the USA perhaps?

46. MJ - October 22, 2011

Antarctica is getting colder, actually, and the main icepack on Antartica is increasing not decreasing. But you have to actually look at ALL the data and information to see this, ass the climate profits keep cherry-picking a couple areas on Antarctica where temps are decreasing, and would have us all then falsely believe that Antarctica is going to melt. It is a joke, and the media and much of the public now falsely believes that Antarctica is melting.

Don’t you find is suspicious just a bit that for the vast amount of coastal regions in the world there has been virtually no sea level increase measured over the last 70 years? Where is the sea level rise? For example, I have lived in CA all my life and am still going to beaches and piers I went to as a kid, and there is NO measurable sea level rise? We should be seeing increases in sea levels everywhere over the last 70 years, so why aren’t we?

47. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 22, 2011

#46 – I did say that so far things are OK, as in sea levels appear to be where they have always been, for the most part. I have lived in Auckland all my life, except for two years, and the beaches are still there.

So, do you think there is some sort of conspiracy going on here? Perhaps a topic for Bob Orci/Alex Kurtzman’s new television series? Could be very interesting.

What would the conspiracy be and why?

48. MJ - October 22, 2011

No, it is not a “conscious conspiracy”, but there are a lot of researchers out there who are letting their science take a back seat to their political beliefs as well as their urge to make a dollars and build up their research dollars and academic empires. And the same goes now for the majority of politicians worldwide. The global warming cottage industry is now self-perpetuating, and it we all don’t wise up, in twenty years it is going to be on par with what we all now call the “military-industrial complex.”

49. Buzz Cagney - October 23, 2011

Earth has always gone through climate changes, of that fact there is no doubt. But that does not mean we shouldn’t care for her. It is the only planet we have after all. Conserving resources and finding a better, more sustainable way of preserving our way of life and Mother Earth is imperative. And if that means we give up gas guzzlers then its a small price to pay.

50. Buzz Cagney - October 23, 2011

and yes, there are probably too many Humans on the planet. But I heard we could still all fit in the state of Texas!
Maybe some of us could volunteer to be done away with, you know, for the greater good?. After all tgood of the 7 billion outweighs….. ah, you know the rest. ;)

51. MJ - October 23, 2011

@49″ Earth has always gone through climate changes, of that fact there is no doubt. But that does not mean we shouldn’t care for her. It is the only planet we have after all. Conserving resources and finding a better, more sustainable way of preserving our way of life and Mother Earth is imperative. And if that means we give up gas guzzlers then its a small price to pay.”

I agree completely. And I don’t need the crux of a dubious at best “theory” on global warming to make we want to take better care of the Earth.

52. Buzz Cagney - October 23, 2011

particularly when its used as a means to increase taxes, MJ. That really rattles my cage.

53. GilmourD - October 23, 2011

That picture reminds me of The Little Prince.

54. Eric Cheung - October 23, 2011

34. We would worry about it because even if it was too late for humans it might not be too late for other species on the planet. And even if it was too late for the other species on this planet, I can’t believe environmental destruction on Earth wouldn’t have some kind of impact on the rest of the universe, locally or broadly.

55. AJ - October 23, 2011

All one must do to see how humans are ruining the climate is fly over industrialized China. On a flight from Beijing to NYC, the thick smog did not clear until we had crossed north into Siberia. That’s gotta take a toll.

56. Buzz Cagney - October 23, 2011

#55 but how can we preach to the Chinese and Indians etc? We’ve lived it large in the Industrilaised nations for 150+ years- they’ll rightfully point to what we’ve already done.

57. dmduncan - October 23, 2011

55. AJ – October 23, 2011

Sure, but why do we need to think that is endangering the entire planet to do something about it? When you cast the issue like that you are going to get negative backlash that makes change actually harder, I think. Isn’t it enough that when you can SEE the air you are breathing with your eyeballs that maybe we should act together to make changes to prevent that? Because how can that be good for us? And when some huge paper company dumps their toxic chemical slurry into a river, doesn’t that just strike most people as self evidently repugnant such that you want to tell them to come up with a better disposal plan pronto? If we are in fact getting close to some edge the epitaph on our tombstone will read Homo Procrastinatus.

But still, no matter how bad it gets, life will probably survive because it is tenacious. It survived supervolcano eruptions and asteroid impacts that nearly wiped out life on earth, and yet look at the varieties now existent that sprung from those near total ecological collapses.

I think what many people fear in global warming is the end of their lifestyle of endless conveniences and increasing convenience with each new iPhone release. They fear the loss of a future that promises so many unknown and unforeseeable techno goodies. Those people are represented in my mind by a little scene on a loop in my imagination wherein after the grid goes down for two years because of a Coronal Mass Ejection caused Geomagnetically Induced Current, the furthest reaching concern in Kim Kardashian’s mind will be when she will be able to post pictures of herself online again.

My attitude is a little different. I’m not afraid. I think we’re still gonna get to a nice bright future, but we may have to change the route.

And you can contribute practically right now by investing in solar panels. For about $600 you can connect a 225 watt panel to the grid from your house; they are now becoming available with built in micro inverters that convert the DC to AC, so it’s much easier, and you can add new ones as you can afford them to gradually reduce your energy consumption. In time, if you so desire, you can add a battery bank and actually disconnect from the grid entirely!

I like to imagine a future where centralized (and vulnerable) energy producing companies are almost nonexistent and most houses/buildings are their own energy producing homesteads.

58. Enterprisingguy - October 23, 2011

54. Eric Cheung – October 23, 2011

“34. We would worry about it because even if it was too late for humans it might not be too late for other species on the planet. And even if it was too late for the other species on this planet, I can’t believe environmental destruction on Earth wouldn’t have some kind of impact on the rest of the universe, locally or broadly.”


Well said Eric. I’ve often thought that the best thing mankind could do for the Earth and the other species we’ve impacted would for US to become extinct. I care greatly for what our success as a species is costing all other species.

However…..with that being said I don’t see what possible effect our environmental destruction (should it even be globally absolute) could have on the universe. Even if our planet were to become molten our own Moon wouldn’t even notice. It would just continue to orbit us in it’s death spiral away from us until if finally flies away to whatever fate of it’s own awaits.

We shouldn’t be so arrogant enough to think that our tiny speck of this single galaxy is even worth the universes notice.

59. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 23, 2011

I know – soooo Off-Topic – But – The All Blacks have won the Rugby World Cup. The four best rugby teams in the world are – the NZ All Blacks (YES!), France, Australia and Wales! The All Blacks won against the French last night 8 to 7 and honestly the game could have gone either way until the last moment. That is how evenly matched the two teams were. Congratulations to the French for giving it their all, but I can’t help but be VERY PLEASED that our guys won the Webb Ellis Cup. Go All Blacks! as we say in these parts.

Now, back to normal programming…

60. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 23, 2011

Sorry, forgot to mention – Bad Robot/Paramount – you can have our Karl now. I suspect he is also one happy man.

61. Chadwick - October 23, 2011

This is all fine and dandy but Its about time we get a teaser with regards to the new movie.

62. Vultan - October 23, 2011

Geez, you guys make a dying Earth sound like a bad thing!
C’mon, whoooo’s got the Halloween spirit?!

63. Gary S. - October 23, 2011

Hey,I am all down for armageddon as long it is a few billion years away.
As for my Halloween spirit?
Waiting for his candy.

64. Chris Doohan - October 23, 2011

You’re quite the mench, Rod. Nice Job!!

Oh, by the way. Tomorrow is the 84th Birthday of John Winston aka Lt. Kyle (Transporter Operator). Happy Birthday, Kyle

65. Aurore - October 23, 2011

59.”The All Blacks have won the Rugby World Cup.”

Congratulations! What a match!

I agree; “my” men did give it their all. But,now, and, to paraphrase Mr . Mercury; you are the champions , my friends…


66. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 23, 2011

#61 Yes, I know what you mean. Bob is not around either. Perhaps, maybe, hopefully, he is working at getting a few crumbs to us poor hungry, parched trekkies/ers/whatever people want to call themselves, here.

The thing is that Karl (Bones) Urban is here in Auckland – if he isn’t, he should be…;), no doubt dealing with the after-effects of a great party in honour of his rugby team, the All Blacks, winning the Cup. Did you not see Karl wear the All Blacks jersey when he gave his tribute to Leonard Nimoy? I certainly did!

Zachary Quinto said he would be returning to Los Angeles in November. He is in New York right now.

Rumours have it that Chris Pine was spotted in Cape Town, South Africa, very recently. However, I believe he is now back in LA, to judge by another even more recent papz? shot of him having a look at a tyre on his Porsche (I’m pretty sure he has a Porsche – suits him too. Lovely sleek design and finish, not too ostentatious, just like Chris really).

Now, what I want to see, come November 2011, is some very good photos taken of the three, Pine, Quinto and Urban, at the Star Trek film studio set at Paramount, together. They may be in costume or not. They may be on the bridge of the Enterprise, but in their own clothes, ie not in costume. They may be on another newly built Enterprise set like the Recreation and Arboretum room, either in costume or not. Or – we can see photos of all, as in their own clothes and in costume (TOS style SF costumes, please!).

If we see other cast members (Bruce Greenwood’s appearance as well), that would be cool too. However, seeing the main three together is a MUST. We need some PROOF at least, that this Star Trek sequel is a happening…

Are you getting all this, Bob?
Good man! Now, please, make it so!

67. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 23, 2011

I agree, Aurore. Quite a match! There were a few missed passes, mainly the All Blacks (a few what the ? moments there) and for some reason, neither the ABs nor the French managed to kick through the goal posts. At least, they did manage to get one each, but…oh dear. It was a clear, calm night. Perhaps that was the problem?…:)

I felt sorry for the French and the All Black guys who could not continue playing because of (accidental) injury and had to sit it out. They were clearly upset. For those who don’t know, rugby can be a very rough game.

(As a matter of interest, the first time the Haka was performed at a rugby match outside NZ was by what was called the NZ Native Team, made up of Maori and four Europeans, in Surrey, England, on 3 October 1888).

I wonder if they will be still playing rugby in the 23rd century. Quite probably. I suspect it might be a game that Kirk could be interested in more than the other characters, because I think the more modern form of rugby that we are familiar with started to get played in Anglo-Saxon England at the beginning or middle of the 19th century. The game caught on very quickly and teams sprung up all over the UK and (Republic of) Ireland. This is the land of Kirk’s ancestors (or most of them?) Now, of course, the game has caught on in lots of other countries, including the US, but it is not nearly as popular as it is in places like NZ and UK.

68. Vultan - October 23, 2011


I wouldn’t even try to guess what the most popular sports in a couple hundred years from now will be, because you know what was popular a couple hundred years ago?

Cricket, boxing, horse racing, and… colonizing new lands in the name of empire… though that was really more than a weekend thing.


69. DeShonn Steinblatt - October 23, 2011

Nice to know that scientists are idiots and trekkies know better.

70. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 23, 2011

#68 – A quick rundown on the history of some popular sports of today (as in earliest recorded times mentioned of the game/sport or variations of same) –

Boxing (also called pugilism) – Ancient Greek Olympics 688 BC

Fencing – 4th century BC Egypt; modern form – 18th century France

Judo – 1882 Japan

Tennis – 12th century; by 16th century rackets used; modern game 19th century England

Hockey – game played in many cultures; earliest form – Egypt 4,000 years ago according to carvings; modern game 19th century England; similar game to modern game played in Inner Mongolia, China for 1,000 years

Baseball – first mentioned in French manuscript 1344; earliest known reference to “baseball” in a British publication 1744

American Football – mid 19th century Britain

Rugby – early 19th century England

Cricket – early 16th century southern England

Athletics (track and field, road running, cross country running and race walking) – 2250 BC Egypt; 1800 BC Ireland; first organised Greek Olympics 776BC

Soccer (Association Football) – earliest form 2nd and 3rd centuries BC China; 8th century England; modern soccer mid 19th century England

Basketball – first game played on 29 December 1891 in Massachusetts, USA.

Given how long many of these games have been around, I doubt another 200 years would make that much difference to their popularity. It may be that the more technology there is, the more people will want to embrace a more physically grounded, visceral form of exercise, relaxation/entertainment.

71. Eric Cheung - October 23, 2011

58. Perhaps it is arrogance, but I think it’s worth risking arrogance in the name of caution. I just think that even this insignificant little planet could be that butterfly that flaps its wings in a tiny corner of the Milky Way galaxy.

72. MJ - October 24, 2011

Congrats to the NZ All Blacks team!

73. Entersprisingguy - October 24, 2011

71 Eric:

One doesn’t need to risk arrogance to be cautious. I’m all for treating our planet better. I take pleasure in the knowledge that the Earth will be able to erase any trace that we were ever here once we are gone. Nature can undo all that we’ve done in a relatively short geological time period. The Earth will still be here billions of years after we’ve gone the way of the dinosaurs.

But I’m still at a loss how our planet could have any impact on any others considering we aren’t a space faring race.

74. Jorg Sacul - October 24, 2011

“But I’m still at a loss how our planet could have any impact on any others considering we aren’t a space faring race.”

No, but others may be, and consider our wet dust mote an oasis in the star desert that they visit for supplies.

Pollution and waste of resources are bad policy, no matter where you stand. Anyone who argues with that is a complete and utter idiot.

75. I'm Dead Jim! - October 24, 2011

I see that the Haters are hating the “Haters are gonna hate” comment, which is to be expected and I hate that for them.

Perhaps, as the sensitive people that they are, they would prefer “The Strongly Dislikers are gonna strongly dislike!”

76. Enterprisinggguy - October 24, 2011

74. Jorg Sacul – October 24, 2011

“But I’m still at a loss how our planet could have any impact on any others considering we aren’t a space faring race.”

No, but others may be, and consider our wet dust mote an oasis in the star desert that they visit for supplies.

Pollution and waste of resources are bad policy, no matter where you stand. Anyone who argues with that is a complete and utter idiot.


I suppose when you put it that way I have to agree with you and Eric.

And I agree with your point about anyone arguing in favor of waste of resources. The only thing I will argue about is the need of any govt. to turn it into a cash grab. If reducing carbon is a good thing then it should be mandated plain and simple. Selling “carbon credits” only unjustly enriches the govt. while sending the message that polluting is bad….UNLESS you can afford it.

77. Nano - October 24, 2011

CHEERS # 4 – So tired being called a hater, because I disagree or didn’t vote for or don’t support what’s hip & now… I am!

78. MJ - October 24, 2011


We think you now realize that your “haters gonna hate” is not appropriate for this article, which is on this reputable web site, and we’d like you to now apologize for this remark and retract it. And we also hope you’ve learned that just because people disagree with you that it does not mean they are haters.

I think we are all willing to cut you some slack here so long as your refrain from further elitist editorial remarks like this in the future.

79. Cafe 5 - October 24, 2011

From 1826 until 1926 the world as a whole used more natural resources than in all pre-history. Now imagine how much its use since 1926. There is always going to be a cause and effect impact on this planet by humans, saying that type of impact is all untrue and burying our collective heads in the sand will not make it go away. We have to be pro-active in dealing with these problems when they arise….not reactive when they occur. It will be our downfall.

80. MJ - October 24, 2011

@75 “I see that the Haters are hating the “Haters are gonna hate” comment, which is to be expected and I hate that for them. Perhaps, as the sensitive people that they are, they would prefer “The Strongly Dislikers are gonna strongly dislike!” ”

Got one for you, my friend:

Suckers are going to suck!

81. MJ - October 24, 2011

@79 “From 1826 until 1926 the world as a whole used more natural resources than in all pre-history. Now imagine how much its use since 1926. There is always going to be a cause and effect impact on this planet by humans, saying that type of impact is all untrue and burying our collective heads in the sand will not make it go away. We have to be pro-active in dealing with these problems when they arise….not reactive when they occur. It will be our downfall.”

I agree with you completely. And I don’t need the crux of a psuedo-science dubious theory to get me to agree with you.

82. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 24, 2011

I don’t like this carbon credits stuff. It is a nonsense and doesn’t necessarily stop those from continuing to pollute/destroy natural resources. It just means that the average joe/joanne blogg will end up having to pay more for basic necessities, in many cases. There has to be a better way.

83. Ryan Spooner - October 24, 2011

“ the astronaut is still propelled by conventional thrusters.”

Erm, so it’s actually nothing like a tractor beam at all then? Who writes this stuff lol. This is more like a laser guided bomb than anything else. The bomb follows the laser, just as the astronauts on thruster suit would follow the laser.

84. Desstruxion - October 24, 2011

I personally believe that the global warming deal is little more than a money making scheme. I do however think we should all recycle wherever we can and conserve energy as well. Turn off a light when you leave the room. Plan your route when you’re out and about running errands in your car.

85. Greg D - October 24, 2011

Re: “haters gonna hate…”

Ugh. It used to be that I had to venture into the comments section to see an inappropriate political remark. Now I just have to click on “(more…)” Thanks a lot.

86. Vultan - October 24, 2011


Well put.

87. dmduncan - October 24, 2011

Smart traffic lights. How much fuel is wasted by cars sitting at lights with no traffic going the other way?

88. MC1 Doug - October 24, 2011

The news about the Roddenberry Center for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine seems quite appropriate today of all days, considering today is the sad 20th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry’s passing.

Gene would be proud, I’m sure, of his son!

89. Phil - October 24, 2011

When I was in college I was taught that questioning authority was a virtue, and deeply enshrined in the American psyche. Now, if I disagree with something, no matter how well reasoned or principled my position, I’m a “hater”. Further, if I dare speak on my positions I’m guilty of “hate-speech”. For the betterment of society, we can all agree that banning “hate speech” makes the world a better place, right? See how easy it is to have your basic freedoms stripped? Marginalize the haters, Jews, Blacks, or native populations and it’s that much easier to control everyone.

90. I'm Dead Jim! - October 24, 2011


Glad you got all the answers, my friend.

91. Canon Schmanon - October 24, 2011

Some areas are getting colder, some areas are getting warmer. Climate change IS happening. It is impossible, however, to prove without a doubt that humans are causing any of this. Yes, the planet goes through climate changes.

What are the odds, however, that this change would coincide with our industrial era? As best as I can figure, about one in ten.

It doesn’t matter. We won’t do anything about it. Humans have a history of seeing disaster on the horizon and doing nothing about it until it comes. We are reactors for the most part, not actors. We seem to prefer to let the horror happen and suss things out afterwards.

Eventually, that will lead to our extinction. That, too, is a natural process on this planet. It doesn’t need us, it probably doesn’t even want us. V’ger was right when it called us an “infestation.”

But even if I am a human maggot on the ass of Earth, I’d prefer to continue, and I’d prefer that other human maggots continue. Even maggots have their uses.

92. dmduncan - October 24, 2011

The unfortunate problem with global warming is that, thanks in large part to how Al Gore shaped the discussion, it became a political issue. And I think Al Gore is nuts. I really do. Between the masseuse who said he tried to rape her and Al Gore denying it, whom do I believe? That’s right, it ain’t Gore.

Comparing mine to Al Gore’s, I’m sure my carbon footprint is the size of a sandwich next to the outlined based of a square skyscraper. And look who’s doing all the talking.

I do understand that if global warming is in part anthropogenic then there is a crucial need to act swiftly to do something if rescuing ourselves is even an option. But that brings me back to the curiosity of how something so important was — in what seems to me to be deliberately — cast in a way guaranteed to generate conflict that would actually prevent achievement of that crucial goal…without governments stepping in and trying to force objectives on people everywhere.

It doesn’t help that Al Gore stands to become very rich from anti global warming schemes:

Now as a fellow human being, Gore shares the same interest we all have in maintaining a survivable world, but he also stands to make a buttload of cash on it too, unlike the rest of us, but pretty much profiting from a fear, exactly like former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is profiting from fear of exploding airplanes through sales of naked body scanners for airport security:

None of that is helpful. It stinks. Like rotten fish it stinks.

93. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 24, 2011

I liked the stemcell explination, very informative!

94. Geekette - October 24, 2011

“Haters gonna hate” I don’t come to TN to be insulted. You would help your case if you made it. Insulting people who disagree just makes your case look weak. When people are farming Iceland again, l’ll believe warming is “unprecedented”

95. MJ - October 25, 2011

““Haters gonna hate” I don’t come to TN to be insulted. You would help your case if you made it. Insulting people who disagree just makes your case look weak. When people are farming Iceland again, l’ll believe warming is “unprecedented” ”

I agree completely. And I find it unbelievably asinine that this Kayla Iacovino doesn’t even have the guts to make an appearance here on these boards to explain her reasoning/position further after making such an outrageous editorial remark is what was suppose to be a science article on this web site???

96. Jim Nightshade - October 25, 2011

Cool that tam video had seattles own bill nye the science guy…before he became the science guy he did the best kirk impersonation i ever saw on almost live performing a scene from gamesters of triskillion…

Whether or not the earth is warming we are already in serious trouble wiping out forests which make oxygen…polluting the seas with oil garbage sewage etc killing the plankton which also makes oxy. And supports sealife we are wiping out by overfishing etc….i believe in gaia…mother nature will wipe us out unless we beat her to itby stupidity…war etc…

Read coming global superstorm by art bell n whitley strieber…20 yrs ago scientists thought they were crazy but most of what they predicted is happening much faster than they predicted…the movie day after tomm was based in part on that book…maybe our number will be up dec 22 2012…? Look ip earth changes map to see most the west coast will be gone..we live in wa state..we will be in the ocean sigh…

97. MJ - October 25, 2011

@96. Have you ever been to the West Coast? The vast majority of the U.S. West Coast has coastal mountains, bluffs and hills that meet the Pacific, so saying that “most of the West Coast would be gone” is just plain ingorant. Low lying places like downtown Seattle and parts of the LA basin would be underwater, sure, bu that is hardly “most of the west coast.” LOL — you watch too many movies.

98. MC1 Doug - October 25, 2011

#96 & 95: My, my Geekette, MJ… to quote a famous Vulcan…. ” Really, Doctor McCoy, you must learn to govern your passions. They will be your undoing.”

I find your tone (“And I find it unbelievably asinine that this Kayla Iacovino doesn’t even have the guts to make an appearance here….”) overly sensitive.

I see nothing in Ms Iacovino’s.comments that warrant such hostility from either of you. Your attack, in this reader’s mind, is entirely uncalled for.

Sure, you can voice your opinions that you disagree–others did with less venom than either of you did. We are certainly adults here where we can agree that we disagree.

Her words do not strike me as those that are meant to insult nor provoke. And if she did, so what?

Some people believe, some do not. Perhaps her word usage was a bit obtuse, but some people seem to look for a fight no matter what is said.

Far be it from me to tell someone to “chill out,” but in this case, I think it might be a good time to go outside, sit in the sunshine, smell the fresh air, take a deep breath (unless you’re downwind of a fertilizer plant), marvel at the beauty of our world and universe… have a great day.

99. MJ - October 25, 2011

@98 “I see nothing in Ms Iacovino’s.comments that warrant such hostility from either of you. Your attack, in this reader’s mind, is entirely uncalled for.”

Ms Iacovino said: “Haters gonna hate.”

You were saying???

100. Buzz Cagney - October 25, 2011

Vults, if you are still reading this, just thought i’d tell you i achieved 74.5mpg on a 40 mile trip in a Prius today. It was mainly quiet country roads and i did drive with economy in mind, but nevertheless i thought that was mighty impressive.
I wanted to be able to look customers in the eye when i told them 70mpg was achievable, because even i had my doubts! Not any more.

101. MC1 Doug - October 25, 2011

Of course I read that, I’m not stupid, just a bit more forgiving…

I still do not think it warrants such an attack… sometimes you just gotta, as I said, stop and take a deep breath…

102. Vultan - October 25, 2011


Uh, yeah—70 mpg—uh-huh, I’d say that’s mighty impressive, Buzz!

I seem to remember reading about a VW prototype in Popular Mechanics a few years ago that was supposed to get over 200 mpg. Haven’t heard anything since. Of course the thing was a single seater, looking something like a fancy motorcycle with a shell over it, so… probably not as comfy as a Prius, I imagine.

I used to work at a sign shop a couple years ago. A man brought in a single-seat “Smart Car” to get some decals for it. At first sight I thought this football-sized thing was an escape pod from a wrecked Humvee! Those monsters do have warp cores, you know.


103. Vulcans for OWS - October 25, 2011

If you distrust Al Gore’s message because you think he’s going to make a fortune off of green technology, why do you then trust the statements of the coal and gas industry and their backers (folks like the Koch Brothers) who are currently making billions off of the burning of fossil fuels and cheap energy that it provides now when they fund research trying to ‘debunk’ global warming?

Just doesn’t seem… logical.

104. Tanner Waterbury - October 25, 2011

Uh oh…. there’s another lull in the news again…. I notice that trekweb and is posting recent stories…. wheres the new news here?

105. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 25, 2011

66. Keachick …I think the actors will be preparing physically from November… ZQ least said that…

“I start prepping November 1st and we start (shooting) mid-January. I’ll be training for a sequence in the movie which doesn’t come in until later, so I’ll keep training”



“There’s a big sequence for me that I have to prepare for in this movie physically so I’m training, working on getting in some serious shape, building my cardio endurance, preparing to run a lot,” Quinto said.


next week… after Halloween… :-) :-)

106. dmduncan - October 25, 2011

103. Vulcans for OWS – October 25, 2011

First off, the skeptic study referenced in this very post has Koch funding ($150,000) and yet its conclusions SUPPORT the global warming hypothesis.

But why do you think that if I distrust Al Gore then that means I must trust Koch, Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, whatever etcetera? That kind of thinking is precisely the problem that we face. Two sides rule the debate and if you are against one then you simply MUST be for the other?

No sir. Not the case at all.

107. Craiger - October 25, 2011

Why did the glaciers come foward then receed when man wasn’t around?

108. Craiger - October 25, 2011

Also that sports car electic hybrid that the Government gave money to gets worse mileage than a Ford Explorer. Also solar panel company Solendra goes under after the Government gives them money. Then another solar panel plant after that. We have more oil and coal to keep us not dependant on the Middle East anymore.

109. MJ - October 25, 2011

@103 “If you distrust Al Gore’s message because you think he’s going to make a fortune off of green technology, why do you then trust the statements of the coal and gas industry and their backers (folks like the Koch Brothers) who are currently making billions off of the burning of fossil fuels and cheap energy that it provides now when they fund research trying to ‘debunk’ global warming?”

Where do you get that conclusion from??? I don’t trust either source!

110. MJ - October 25, 2011

@106. Agreed, DM.

111. MJ - October 25, 2011

@100. I’m not surprised. I forget what the technique is called, but I know that by driving in a certain way that conserves gas, that some drivers have been able to get over 50 MPG for years driving standard Honda Accords.

112. Craiger - October 25, 2011

113. MJ - October 25, 2011

@101. “sometimes you just gotta, as I said, stop and take a deep breath…”

But once again there is a news blackout on the new Trek film…so we’ve got to talk about something here dude, and if someone is going to call some of us haters because we disagree with her, then there you have it — a topic for discussion. So I’m not sure why you are so offended by this topic?

114. Jim Nightshade - October 25, 2011

Buzz cagney 100…..Wow….how did u get that many mpg? What year is your prius? I only get about 42 mpg…we could never afford one but got one bought by a family member who passed away…we never got any instructions on how to drive for best mileage….im a leadfoot cuz it seems slow on accel…the trip button says we get about 483 miles per tank we do drive with the green eco on…the power button is neat but dont use it..the ev mode is stupid n not usable..u have to be going like 5 mph on level road with full battery n only lasts less than a mile if u can make it last that long…

115. MJ - October 25, 2011

“Hypermiling” is the term. See this reference — some people have achived 100+ MPG on Prius’s, etc:

116. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 25, 2011

I didn’t have the impression that Kayla was calling any of us here “haters”. I thought that she was referring to certain types found on all sides of the political spectrum, debate, discussion who will simply hate on people and/or ideas, whether it be about climate, movies, directors and so on. “Haters gonna hate” is a fairly factual observation made about particular types of individuals. The reality is that some people will hate what may be related to them, no matter what it might be. You see it all over the internet, as in people making hateful remarks about well, anything, everything, anyone…

As for global warming, it does appear to be happening. What is causing it is due to a number of reasons, both natural and man made. How much of it is natural and how much is man made, well… there’s the dusey! It is a more a matter of reducing doing what we know could easily be part of the cause and working out how to deal with any long term effects of this apparent global warming trend.

Too much global warming is what triggers an ice age or something akin. It is about the pendulum springing too far one way and then springing too far in the opposite direction. How do you moderate an extreme spring of a pendulum?

117. Greg2600 - October 25, 2011

I’m more concerned with the insane population explosion in Asia and Africa. That’s far more a problem.

118. Enterprisingguy - October 25, 2011

103. Vulcans for OWS – October 25, 2011

“If you distrust Al Gore’s message because you think he’s going to make a fortune off of green technology, why do you then trust the statements of the coal and gas industry and their backers (folks like the Koch Brothers) who are currently making billions off of the burning of fossil fuels and cheap energy that it provides now when they fund research trying to ‘debunk’ global warming?”


The difference is that the people supplying our energy are selling us what we want and need. The people with the global warming agenda stand to make a fortune off of seeing that those same energy needs cost us a fortune while STILL polluting thanks to the wonderful get out of jail free card known as “carbon credits”!

While I, and most people, am all for a cleaner planet, I still am not about to believe a bunch of people who stand to make a boatload of money off of new regulations based on inconclusive science from a bunch of bought and paid for scientists who fake the results.

119. MJ - October 25, 2011

116. Well she could certainly clear this up by posting here and explaining what she meant by it.

120. MJ - October 25, 2011

@118 “While I, and most people, am all for a cleaner planet, I still am not about to believe a bunch of people who stand to make a boatload of money off of new regulations based on inconclusive science from a bunch of bought and paid for scientists who fake the results.”

Agreed! One minor correction though — they are not really faking the results (i.e. they are not making up numbers), but they are cooking the books with the assumptions they use in their models, practicing selective use of data, modifying entire data sets based on faulty reasoning, and cherry-picking results that fit the overall theory. I think that is probably what you meant here.

121. MJ - October 25, 2011

@116 “As for global warming, it does appear to be happening. What is causing it is due to a number of reasons, both natural and man made. How much of it is natural and how much is man made, well… there’s the dusey! It is a more a matter of reducing doing what we know could easily be part of the cause and working out how to deal with any long term effects of this apparent global warming trend.”

I agree with this. I mean common sense tells us we can pollute at current levels for the next thousand years and expect the atmosphere to be unaffected. But the current warming and carbon gain doesn’t come close past warming and carbon gains that mother nature herself dealt on our earth, so we do have some breathing room (pun intended) to get our shit together environmentally over the next couple of hundred years.

122. MJ - October 25, 2011

correction “….common sense tells us we can’t pollute at current levels….”

123. Vultan - October 25, 2011

It seems the scientific method can be a double-edged sword at times. On one hand, scientists must theorize in the first place in order to test their theories, while at the same time those theories can (and will) be grabbed up by every politician and activist to support their ideology. And by the time actual data is published it’s lost amid the noise of debate… which was created by the theories in the first place.

“Would that constitute… a joke?”

124. Buzz Cagney - October 25, 2011

#114 you answered your own question- you’re a leadfoot. ;-)
The Prius wasn’t mine. It was 5 years old with 70,000 plus miles on it. The customer was complaining that it ‘only’ gets 58mpg in her hands so i gave it a go to see what the car would do in mine. I think if you have a mind to the car would easily achieve 60mpg without much effort.
If you aren’t keen on yours can i have it please? ;)
Vults, i saw a Smart (lol at the escape pod comment btw) a while back and instead of the usual Mercedes ‘Kompressor’ badge on the back this one said Kompressed!
You’d have to have a sense of humour to have one of those!

125. Canon Schmanon - October 25, 2011

Look, you can have a strong opinion on global climate change, but the fact of the matter is, neither side can prove it’s right. In the end, it’s just a matter of opinion. I know a lot of you think so, and you also think you have the proof, but you don’t.

There is no such thing as truth any longer. We have become so adept at spin that truth died well over a decade ago, and we were all so busy lazily adopting the opinions of ignorant, loud-mouth pundits that we never noticed truth’s passing.

And for those of you who seem SOOOO offended by Kayla’s comment, I suggest that your outlandishly overblown reaction has been taught to you by those same loud-mouthed pundits. The comment was a needless insertion of opinion in a story that should have been presented with neutrality, but BFD. Grow some thicker skin, folks. It’s a hurtful world out there. If her two little words really hurt you that much, I suggest becoming a technophobic agoraphobe so you won’t be exposed to so much insulting stimulus in the future.

Still, I love you a lot and want to have your babies.

126. MJ - October 26, 2011

@125. LOL — Good post Canon, and some of your truth hurts for me!

127. Harry Ballz - October 26, 2011


We should have known truth died long ago, the way people, in the heat of an argument, would yell, “YOU’RE DEAD WRONG!”.

128. Jai - October 26, 2011

Canon Schmanon, your comments on this thread really have been brilliant. Well done.

On a similarly positive note, Happy Diwali to all the Hindu and Sikh Trekkers out there.

129. Jim Nightshade - October 26, 2011

#124 buzz–thats interesting–weve only had our 2010 prius since march–overall we love it but we are in a typical city, tacoma wa bout an hour so of seattle-so lots of city driving..some freeway little to no casual country driving tho–id like to know how to drive it to get the best mileage–its strange to get used to when u first start to drive it since motor turns off at lights and on n off all by itself ha–its used value is the same as a new one even tho its basically almost 2 yrs old–it barely had 9 thous miles on it when we got it–its at 14 thous miles now–we drive a lot more than prev owner–poor guy got sick with the big c–he was estranged from family but they kinda worked thru it at the end which was good for the whole family to forgive..

130. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 26, 2011

Well, at least here… the temperature rises sometimes……….. just kidding… and living my time on planet Earth… either way I try to do my best…

:-) :-)

131. sunspot - October 26, 2011

“Haters gonna hate.”

I agree with posts 94 and 95. This is just a blatant ad hominem attack on climate skeptics.

I thought that name calling and personal attacks were against board policy.

132. MJ - October 26, 2011

@131 ” “Haters gonna hate.” I agree with posts 94 and 95. This is just a blatant ad hominem attack on climate skeptics. I thought that name calling and personal attacks were against board policy.”

Good point!

133. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 26, 2011


try this link and it might give you some answers my friend.

134. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 26, 2011

Well i gotta go now because its quite chilly today (2 degrees this morning) and i need to get the fire started.
just waiting for the next chunk of iceberg to float past my house again (this is not a joke – it actually happened not too long ago!)

oh well back to the fire………graters gotta grate….:)

135. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 26, 2011

#135 Yep. I remember that. It was all over the news. I think this iceberg heading up our way was the result of it getting a wee bit warmer than usual in the Antarctic and causing a big chunk of iceberg to break off. I doubt it’s been the first time nor will it be the last. Just don’t want to be in the way of those things. Interesting times.

136. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 26, 2011

@135 PineNutter


it has happened several times now – the most recent being 2009.
personally i think its natures way of just letting you know who really is boss!

its either my wife or nature.

either way they are forces to be reckoned with!

137. Buzz Cagney - October 26, 2011

#129 Jim, if you want to get best mpg reset the Average MPG readout every time you set off. Drive with one eye on that. Read the road ahead, maintain a speed rather than accelerating and slowing down.
Use a light throttle and accelerate gently rather than hard. Trust me, it will work in any car, but in the Prius the potential for savings are very good.

They certainly do take a bit of getting used to. The lack of any noise on starting up not least! But they truly are a relaxing and pleasant drive.
I had heard that in the States (i’m in the UK) their values are very high, even used. I was speaking to a LA bound Prius owner here the other week who had been looking at Prius prices in California. As you say, he found they were very steep!
You might find this of interest, Jim..

138. Buzz Cagney - October 26, 2011

There you go!

139. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 26, 2011

I love Robert llewellyn. He is so funny even when he is serious.

I cannot remember what Dave channel used to be called when i lived back over in ol’ Blighty.

I would love a hybrid but i really need a 4WD truck to get around here in the south island of NZ. the roads are just not built (and often not even sealed) for driving in city cars and i live right off the beaten track.

is there even such as thing as a 4WD hybrid truck? will there be? how frickin expensive will it be?

Buzz, you will have to post the regular links to the Carpool. good stuff

Keep on Trekkin’ and hopefully one day hybrid Truckin”

140. Phil - October 26, 2011

Interesting tidbit in the news – forecasts for utilities are advising customers to prepare for double digit increases in power into the foreseeable future. Seems all these laws the political types wrote mandating a switch to clean energy failed to take into account that the technology infrastructure dosen’t exist, and these clean sources of energy are innefficient – translation, expensive, to maintain power levels that modern society demand. Demand is also expected to increase, as more and more our lives are surrounded by bits of technology that all demand power. Ironic that as we abandon cheap power, as we protest wealth distribution inequality, the only thing that making power more expensive will do is leave the “have nots” in the dark….

141. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 26, 2011

I think a lot of car manufacturers are producing hybrids, ie petrol (gas)/electric battery run cars, along with their usual petrol consuming models. Porsche have a version. The car that people think that Chris Pine is driving may be one of those Porsche models, but someone, on the Chris Pine IMDb board said no. He was convinced it was a Porsche Cayman. It would appear that Chris, for now, is not going for the “green” option. (Bear in mind, this is a degree of educated conjecture, because, as far as I know, Chris Pine has never made any statement about what kind of car(s) he presently owns).

Two things here: First, although cars like the Prius run “green”, in that they produce very little, if any, pollution while running off the electric battery, it is not very petrol efficient (they do run off petrol as well, as a back up facility?) and their manufacture is anything but green. The battery creates the biggest problem for the environment in the long term. Top Gear UK did a story about the manufacture of cars, particularly those like the Toyota Prius and the results were worrisome. Many of the modern high performance petrol engines are much more fuel efficient and less polluting. This would apply to the latest Porsche models, including the Cayman.

Second: Top Gear UK did a segment on the latest Honda saloon model (5-seater family type car) which runs off hydrogen only. It is being trialed in California as the gas stations there are more likely to have hydrogen pumps than anywhere else. So far so good.

Top Gear UK (new series) is back on TV here tonight in prime time, of course. Even the repeats are screened in prime time. YES!

142. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 26, 2011

Yes, Phil. The other problem is that if you have a lot of cars running off batteries, they will need a reliable power supply in order to recharge. This means more drain on the national grid, whatever that might be. Oh dear.

143. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 26, 2011

Now here is a disturbing Porsche interior (IMHO):

straight from the “Planes, Trains and Automobiles) era….

144. MJ - October 26, 2011

The best way to support a worldwide rollout of electric cars in a big way to to start planning now for new clean power stations — nuclear and solar power stations are the best solutions in my opinion.

145. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 26, 2011

It is a model just like the car shown below that Chris Pine was seen driving, filling up at the gas station, standing beside and getting into. (Two door, not four door)

Not this –

146. Battle-scarred Sciatica - October 26, 2011

@145 PineNutter

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i see….

one is a crocodilian and one is a spice………….

….sexy….with some bite………………….

woof woof!

147. Tanner Waterbury - October 26, 2011

IN OTHER NEWS: Beavis and Butthead make their glorious and triumphant return to tv tomorrow at 10 pm…. I AM STOKED!

148. MC1 Doug - October 26, 2011

#113: “But once again there is a news blackout on the new Trek film…so we’ve got to talk about something here dude, and if someone is going to call some of us haters because we disagree with her, then there you have it — a topic for discussion. So I’m not sure why you are so offended by this topic?”

I’m not offended by the topic. What offends me is when someone gets all hostile over someone for a comment that barely warrants a blip on the blood pressure meter… like saying “she doesn’t even have the guts to come in here….” blah blah blah. It just sounds unusually hostile to me for very little reason.

And do what? Get all jumped on by some people? Isn’t there enough testosterone in the world already?

149. Charla - October 26, 2011

How bout wind, solar and hydro power instead of nuclear, MJ? Have you heard of Arnie Gunderson? He has some very interesting videos and interviews. Here is one of them from Fairewinds Associates where he works as an advisor among other duties.

Fukushima is still wreaking havoc on our environment. We need a better solution.

150. MJ - October 26, 2011

Even with Fukushima and Chernobyl, nuclear power is far more safer than driving your car, working in a coal mine, or swimming. When their is a nuclear accident every other decade, the media firestorm over it goes nuts.

99.9% of the fatalities in Japan were due to the tidal wave, not the nuke plant going down. And as people continue to monitor the food supply from that region, our kids eat canned tuna every day that is loaded with lead.

151. Jim Nightshade - October 26, 2011

Thanx for the cool info buzz…not sure how to reset trip button i should look into it n will check the link…

I cant speak for other hybrids but the prius uses the motor to charge the batteries and also for added power when needed…the motor is much smaller lower in hp n emissions than normal motor thus has partial zero emission n is exempt from the yearly emissions tests required here…

Motor turns off when car is stopped at lights in traffic etc…

152. Charla - October 26, 2011

I feel the media has done a horrible job of covering what is going on in Japan. I think it is because the NRC is in the pockets of the providers of such energy. It wouldn’t be bad if they knew ahead of time what to do in case of emergencies and kept the equipment updated and safe.

But if you read any of what Fairewinds is doing, you will see that the NRC often looks the other way as far as the safety of our nuclear power plants here in the states. It is Fairewinds Associates that keeps them honest when possible. Nuclear power maybe safer for a HANDFUL of people than driving a car, working in a coal mine or swimming if there were NO accidents even every decade or century!

The effects of the radiation aren’t limited to only a few months, but years and years. It isn’t just one radioactive substance to be concerned with but several. Some of these have half-lifes of over 100 years!! Crazy. Also, Chernobyl caused not only premature human deaths, est. at over 200,000 in a 20 yr time span, but also caused plant and animal mutations. I’d rather take my chances driving, mining or swimming, since Fukushima has now exceeded the amount of harm Chernobyl caused humans and our environment.

I also think your thinking of Mercury in tuna- which has less than other fish, but none the less, I agree it should be regulated as well. Coal mining also releases Mercury in the air as it burns, so though it is a major contributor for our power needs, it is also poisoning the air for those around it.

Speaking of air, this disaster also spread globally as well. As for the amounts, it is hard to say unless you have a geiger counter of your own and you know how to use it, since we are exposed daily to radiation from cosmic rays, etc. I am not worried that HUGE amounts have entered the states, but you know, I like the old adage, “less is more” especially in this case.

I guess I just think the less invasive measures to extract energy from the Earth is by far better for both the Earth and us. Drilling deep into the Earth for fuel (for either coal, oil or other elements) and to dispose of waste products (injecting and fracting) during mining should now be used as little as possible based on the past history of how dangerous these methods are to all the Earth’s inhabitants.

We need to move into the 21st Century and not assault our planet but work with it in more natural ways (i.e. wind, solar, and hydro) so we don’t further damage it or ourselves.

153. Basement Blogger - October 27, 2011

Yesterday, The Daily Show went over the above climate change study and the climategate emails from two years ago. Also there’s a humorous piece about peer review of science. I linked both stories below.—science—what-s-it-up-to-?xrs=share_copy

154. Gold Coast Rob - October 27, 2011

It’s gone all quiet again on the Trekmovie front :-(

155. Craiger - October 27, 2011

I think Anthony and the Staff are getting burnt out on Trek and don’t care about this site anymore. Gustavo over at Trekweb is feeling the same web about running TrekWeb.

156. JimJ - October 27, 2011


157. Talos IV - October 27, 2011

Has anyone heard anything? Any news???

158. Robman007 - October 27, 2011

There is Vol 2 of the new Trek comics out. There are also a couple cool looking boardgames out, especially the Fleet Captains, that has unpainted plastic mini’s of everything from the Refit to the Defiant.

Oh, not to forget the 350 Scale NCC-1701 TOS model from Polar Lights that was announced months ago.

William Shatner has a new book out. Read it and it was good, but it felt like it was written while he was in “comedy central roast mode.”

Saw a couple other new Trek books in the bookstore. A trivia book and another about 40 years worth of Collectables.

159. Craiger - October 27, 2011

I have a bad feeling about the sequel. Zoe Salanda said she hasn’t seen the script yet.

160. Danpaine - October 27, 2011

Meanwhile, over on Treknews, actual Trek NEWS.

161. Chadwick - October 27, 2011

@ 159. Craiger my thoughts exactly. So…its looking more like 2014.

160. Danpaine, yes indeed. I have been frequenting Treknews and the actual star trek site more so than trekmovie.

This sight was non stop with the 2009 movie, but since Trek “2” has been on the back burner with no info, can’t really blame trekmovie. I to have a lack of passion considering up to now Trek “2” has been a bit of a fiasco. Knowing that the actors have not seen the scrip yet (or so we have been told) is a bit of a downer.

162. Craiger - October 27, 2011

161. The sequel will have lost all its momentum from the reboot movie and the new fans it got will probably think the reboot didn’t do that well at the box office and think Paramount cancelled the sequel. I can see that Anthony and the staff may have got burnt out on Trek since their really isn’t that much Trek news coming out. Maybe all a person needs to check up on the Trek sequel is just a movie news blog? I wonder if its getting to the point to where Anthony should just consider ending this site with the lack of Trek news?

163. Craiger - October 27, 2011

I am also debating if I should remove Trekmovie from my bookmarks?

164. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 27, 2011

157. Talos IV …

Yes I saw, the great news today the sequel won’t be called “Star Trek 2″… OMG!!!… LOL


Where is boborci, JJAbrams, DLindelof…, AP…, these days???… What’s hapening?….

:-) :-)

165. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 27, 2011

Oh geez. Seeing the contents of the script is on a “need to know” basis. Of course, the actors are likely NOT to have seen the script yet, as they won’t be playing their part in the production of the sequel until January next year, when filming starts. I do think that the first look they will all get is probably just before the Christmas/Holiday season starts, so that they can become (re)acquainted with what their characters to get to say and do. Besides, I doubt all the Super 8 are in LA at the present time. Quinto said he would not be back in LA until November.

This feels like deja vu, in that I am having to repeat what was said in the few reports there are and by what was said by the actors themselves. Some of you really need to pay more attention.

166. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 27, 2011

Well Keachick…. at least we know that Mr. Spock will have a moment of great action in the script… according to ZQ at least… although he has not seen the script yet… of course…

Anyway… I bet that if ZQ needs to be physically fit for Spock…….CP needs to be the same for Kirk… and he has not seen the script yet … of course… LOL

:-) :-)

167. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - October 27, 2011

Here is a little Story I wrote from the Terran Empire. Hope you enjoy.

Captians Empire Log. Stardate 2342.1. We are en route to the planet Sigma Deta 4 to give one last warning to the Govt there to hand over there Dilitium Crystals or we will destroy there City’s one by one.

Kirk. Spock. How soon do we arrive.
Spock. Our Eta is 3 minutes.
Kirk, Uhurah. Hail Sigma.
Ururah. Eye Sir. Channel Open.
Kirk. This is Capt Kirk of the I.S.S Enterprise. Have you made a decision on the Crystals.
This is Prime Minister Hokam. We have and we will not give you what you want.. We are ready to fight if we must.
Kirk, Good. Then prepare to Die. Screen off.
Kirk. Mr. Sulu and Checkove. Raise Shields and arm all weapons. Then Lock on to there Capital City and prepare to fire a full volly of Torpedoes.
Sulu. Eye Sir. With Pleasure.
With that the I.S.S Enterprise shifted her orbit and got into optimum firing range of the planet. The Sigmans had no real ships that could challange the Terran Ship. The two that came to challenge the Enterprise were quickly destroyed.
Sulu. Capt. Standing by to fire on there Capitial City.
Kirk. Prime Minister Hokom. One last chance. Say no and we destroy your city’s. Then we beam down and take what we want.
Hokam. No.
Kirk. Good. Mr. Sulu. Fire all weapons.
With that the I.S.S Enterprise fired a full volly of Photon Torpedoes desgined for planetary bombardment. These Torpedoes have the equilivent of 10,000 megatons a peice but with no radiation. As the Torpedoes hit blinding flashes light lit up one section of the planet and the Captital City of Sigma Delta was completly destroyed. As the City was in flames Hail;s from other city’s came in.
Capt Kirk. This is Governer Heelo of the Prime City of Holos. We surender and we will help you in any way you need. Please spare us. We can have the first shipment to you in under an Hour.
Kirk. Good. No tricks or we will destroy more of your city’s. Kirk out. Spock. Prepare the transports for delievery.
Spock. Eye Capt. transport’s are ready.
Kirk. Sulu. As soon as the Transports come back and we have all of there Crystals. Destroy the City of Holos. To set an example to the rest of the planet to never say no to the Empire.
Sulu. Yes Sir. With great Pleasure.
6 Hours later after the last of the transports came back. Sulu Fired 6 Toredoes at the city of Holos completly destroying it. Then Lt. Ururah hailed the rest of the planet and told them that no further action would be taken against them if they do not resist the Empire in any other way and with that the I.S.S Enterprise warped out of orbit and headed to Empire Base 23.

168. Buzz Cagney - October 27, 2011

And not only is it quiet in here was posts we are putting up seem to be subject to removal for no apparent reason.

#139 I did post a link to Patrick Stewart on Carpool but it appears to have been removed. Google it or look on Youtube. ;-)
Robert Llewellyn did post on TrekMovie once or twice. That was pretty cool!

169. Red Dead Ryan - October 27, 2011

Look, Kayla was just telling it like it is when she said “haters gonna hate”.

Lets be honest here, there are a lot of folks who post on this site bitching, flaming and trolling over any topic they disagree with.

For instance, when it comes to William Shatner, MJ will bash the guy no matter what. Mainly because of his weight, but also because of his self-parodying style. He clearly hates Shatner. And so does Harry Ballz, I’m afraid.

Jeyl is a hater because she has said nothing positive about “Star Trek” ’09.
Ditto for Iva. These two posters often bitch and whine about stuff they saw in the movie after misinterpreting it all and go on and on about how it sucks and how the writers are no good.

So Kayla chooses to call a spade a spade. She doesn’t believe in political correctness and neither do I.

Anybody who repeatedly spews hate against something is a hater. It’s the truth. And it hurts, yes, but it really hurts me to read people knock down William Shatner for no good reason, or call J.J Abrams rude names just because he didn’t deliver a movie they wanted.

170. Anthony Thompson - October 27, 2011

As I wrote here weeks ago, it’s odd that there has been no official announcement of the sequel, and the fact that JJ is directing, and a release date! All we’ve seen is the rumors about JJ and a January start date. Bob confirmed the JJ tidbit. Otherwise…silence from Paramount. Further, I haven’t seen any of the actors state that they’ve been told to keep their scheds. open for a shoot. Hmmmmm.

As for trekmovie, they’ll be back as always. But they can’t create news out of thin air! And the air has been VERY thin! In fact, we Trek fans are suffocating at the moment.

171. Canon Schmanon - October 27, 2011

Hasn’t there at least been an official announcement that there will be an official announcement? I seem to remember that…

172. MJ - October 27, 2011

@169 “Lets be honest here, there are a lot of folks who post on this site bitching, flaming and trolling over any topic they disagree with.”

Yea, and apparently Kayla is happy to be counted as one of us disgruntled bichers! Welcome to the party, Kayla — I’ve saved you a seat next to me in the hall of disgruntled champions.


173. Red Dead Ryan - October 27, 2011


Umm, when Kayla mentioned the haters, she had meant those who slam the science that provides the evidence of global warming. Basically, the haters are those who chose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore everything, all the while having the gall to question those who know more than they themselves do. Kayla quite clearly supports the global warming theory, while you do not.

Kayla is on one side of the fence, and you, MJ, are on the side of the haters.

Nice try, MJ, but I doubt that Kayla will be taking a seat next to you anytime soon, no matter how you try to spin it.

174. Vultan - October 27, 2011


I think the issue is the use of the word “hater” applied to those who question the science of global warming, and to do so is not “calling a spade a spade.” It’s a simplistic label, something a scientist such as Kayla should know is just plain wrong. C’mon, aren’t they supposed to use precise, fact-based language… without emotion or personal bias… like a certain pointy-eared, green-blooded fan favorite?

And besides, there have been far too many politicians and ideologues on both sides of the fence that have already clouded this issue with that sort of childish name-calling.

When it comes to this debate, let’s take the high road, people. The air is much cleaner up there! ;D

175. Charla - October 28, 2011

164- Hey Dee- I think the last time Bob posted it was on the thread about the new tv shows they will be working on. (about the conspiracy theories and western themed) I think he grew tired of the same old, same old and moved on. (understandably)

There is only so much to be said about the new movie at this point and time, and obviously we who come here almost daily have more time to think about it than others. *not meant as insulting* Still glad we can get together and chit chat about Star Trek and what ever else we want, like the link you posted, Dee,

And to the others upset about the lack of news, yes there are other sites out there about Trek, that’s great. And it’s ok to look around the web for information. Cool. Everyone knows there are other places around the web regarding Star Trek and how to find them.

But one more thing, is Bob Orci posting on those sites and replying to posters? I don’t see how he’d have the time to do so. That is why even if you disagree with him (or anyone else involved in the making of Trek) who is thoughtful enough to come here and post AND reply, we here should show some respect as we would anyone of our aquaintances or friends. There is no need for bashing, opposing points can be made in a civil and tactful manner. Then go about your way after saying what you need to say. (This rant was more from the thread about the new shows but also for Kayla too)

Guess what really trying to say is, “you shouldn’t s*#@ where you eat.” ;P

176. MJ - October 28, 2011

@173 “Kayla is on one side of the fence, and you, MJ, are on the side of the haters.”

You are basically infering that Kayla is good and I am evil (i.e. hater). That is ridiculous. She was supposedly writing a science article, so why did she need to reduce herself to the level of namecalling? I’ll tell you why, because she can’t stand those who disagree with here position on global warming, and she felt the need to throw out a personal insult at us. So therefore, you elevating her to this high pedestal is completely off-base.

When you name call people haters, don’t be so fracking shocked RDR when people take offense.

177. Cervantes - October 28, 2011

I’d be glad just to see one of Rosario’s great movie news round-ups at this point…

178. Rocket Scientist - October 28, 2011

I’m sure most of us are generally happy and positive individuals. Yet there are things in this world to which I take umbrage. I…hate…some things. Therefore it is accurate to call me a “hater” in regards to these things.

This causes me no great distress or offense. It’s not a big deal.

179. Blake Powers - October 28, 2011

Great Article! I love controversy!

180. VZX - October 28, 2011

Haters gonna hate the haters that hate the haters..

181. Rocket Scientist - October 28, 2011

To paraphrase the Great Captain on his mission to Eminiar 7:

“I…will not hate…TODAY!!”

182. Red Dead Ryan - October 28, 2011


“When you name call people haters, don’t be so fracking shocked RDR when people take offense.”

That’s funny, especially coming from somebody who’s referred to people as “Chamberlains” in the past. You’ve also put down people who’ve said nice things about William Shatner, while you’ve continually bashed the guy to no end. And I do recall reading some of your posts where you’ve referred to opponents of “Star Trek” 09 as “haters”. Ah yes, that very word you supposedly take offense to.

Maybe before attacking someone else for using the word “hater”, you can actually try to remember your own attacks against others. But I guess that would be very inconvenient for someone who often believes his own hype, and thinks he knows more (and better) than everybody else.

Me, I don’t care if somebody calls me a hater. Just back it up with facts. If I hate something, then that makes me a hater, just if I love something, that makes me a lover. End of story.

183. Red Dead Ryan - October 28, 2011

that should read:

“….just AS if I love something….”


184. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 28, 2011

#175. Charla…

You know what I think… Now things are really happening about Trek sequel… the reason for the silence… “The secret thing “…

Moreover ZQ said in several interviews when he was promoting margin call, he starts preparing to make Spock in November… and that filming will begin in January… so I guess the producers have already informed the schedule of work for actors… I guess… I hope…

I’m actually always joking a little here about it… and, I followed boborci until his last comment here… interestingly it was two days before the announcement of ZQ… my “conspiracy theory”….LOL

:-) :-)

185. Danpaine - October 28, 2011

181. Rocket Scientist – October 28, 2011
To paraphrase the Great Captain on his mission to Eminiar 7:

“I…will not hate…TODAY!!”


Well played, Sir.

186. MJ - October 28, 2011

@182. RDR, you are missing my entire point here. I agree with you that I have gone over the top before in criticizing folks here…I am not denying that — I agree with you, and accept your beat-down on that.

The point, which I think should be obvious to all, it that Kayla is doing exactly the same thing; however, the difference is that I am just some guy who has cranky anonymous posts on the internet, while she is supposedly a CREDIBLE author of science stories.

187. intel 1 - October 28, 2011

Uh oh… Star Trek 2 has been shelved indefinitely. That is the latest..

188. intel 1 - October 28, 2011

Is that what you have heard?

189. Gary S. - October 28, 2011

187,Funny,I cant confirm that .

190. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 28, 2011

Yes, Kayla may be a credible author of science stories. After all, she is a scientist who, among other things, spent a southern hemisphere summer down in Antarctica doing research. However, this site is not a science site as such, it is a site devoted to a science FICTION television and movie series.

I’m sure that she is a busy lady and she comes here to share what she knows of any of the latest scientific advances/theories in layman’s terms to people like us. Are you saying that she cannot express an opinion on a site such as this?

The truth is that, unfortunately, haters are gonna hate. I see it all over the internet, not just here and not just coming from her. People don’t like, even hate, confirmation of information that they would rather not know about. Ask any person who is told by their doctor that all the tests taken have confirmed that the person does indeed have cancer. That person will hate the results and possibly even doubt the competency in the doctor. He may even decide to seek a second opinion.

In the good ol’ days, of course, often the messenger was killed for bringing bad news. Hopefully, we have matured a little since those days.

191. Mel - October 28, 2011

170. Anthony Thompson – October 27, 2011

“As for trekmovie, they’ll be back as always. But they can’t create news out of thin air! And the air has been VERY thin! In fact, we Trek fans are suffocating at the moment.”

There may not be many news in regards to the sequel, but there are tons of other Star Trek related news. There are all the time new merchandising articles, new interviews/projects of Star Trek actors, and so on. Just look for example at They published 17 articles since the 22th October. Trekmovie had also no problems in the past to find something to write about. I think the site owner is just too busy with other things recently and therefore doesn’t update the site so often.

192. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 28, 2011

Well whatever it is… this site seems to be no longer the same… there is no doubt that previously they would have used the little news coming out…as Mel said other sites are not stopped… even “fan blogs” are more updated about Trek sequel…

But I hope everything is well with… I like it here…:-) :-)

193. Harry Ballz - October 28, 2011


194. Gary S. - October 28, 2011

193. Well ,tomorrow is Science Saturday..

195. Keachick - rose pinenut - October 28, 2011

It’s a shame that Anthony won’t let us post pictures of Chris Pine and others here, especially since there is very little else happening here right now.

Chris is sporting an interesting hair style at the moment… But, you know what, he still manages to look as lovely as ever…sigh.

Message to JJ Abrams, Bob Orci – Chris looks better with his hair a bit longer and so will Captain Kirk. Don’t let those hairdresser people go too crazy with the scissors!

196. Craiger - October 28, 2011

Harry I think Anthony and the staff are burnt out on Trek news and don’t care about reporting any Trek news anymore.

I wonder why they don’t see these constant breaks are really going to go against their tagline – “The Source For Everything New In Trek.” It will also hurt their reputation for breaking Trek news and any Trek news.

197. Craiger - October 28, 2011

Also think if Anthony is tired of running this site because he has gotten too busy he should just come right out and say what is going on with TrekMovie. If he is tired of it and his members here then he should just get rid of this site and let us know.

198. Charla - October 28, 2011

184- Dee, that is two very plausible possibilities!! I did think along the same lines as you regarding the lack of Bob being on here as maybe things are picking up now… at least I hope that’s why he’s away, and not because of the way things got out of hand on the other thread.

I’m also like you as in I like it here at too- who knows maybe these folks don’t get paid to run this site and are busy as well….at least I hope there is still hope for this site. They may be hesitant to post anything not set in stone because most of the time the news in the articles seems to incite some folks here to post inflammatory remarks!

I do believe the owner/s of this site and Bob have good intentions by posting information that they are privy to here for us to see. I hope it doesn’t stop. I think there are more lovers here than haters. And I mean in general, not just Trek lovers. (get your mind outta the gutter…you know to whom I speak! haha) So if the reason we’re not hearing anything here on trekmovie, and anyone of TPTB read this, please note this fact. : )

PS. 194-Gary, when I first seen your post I read it as Silence Saturday….eyes getting older, lol but it also occurred to me that it could happen too, since it has been a WEAK like Harry said. (agree with ya Harry)

199. MJ - October 28, 2011

@190 “I’m sure that she is a busy lady and she comes here to share what she knows of any of the latest scientific advances/theories in layman’s terms to people like us. Are you saying that she cannot express an opinion on a site such as this?”

No, I am not saying that. I am saying to you, RDR, and others, that when authors of articles on this site deliberately and preemptively name-call a group of us who do not agree with her position (on global warming), then don’t act so fracking shocked when we take offense to it.

Her comment was basically a preemptive strike against those who she knew were skeptical about global warming. Although I think is shows a lack of credibility as a supposed “science writer” to interject name calling and editorial remarks into her non-fiction science story, I don’t deny her the right to make those comments. But again, please don’t act so damn defensive when those of us she name-called as hateful people decide to respond. I don’t hate anyone, but I do disagree with her on this topic.

And for those of us that have responded to her name calling, I would point out that we have at least had the guts to post here and defend our positions here directly, while this name-caller (Kalya) has to let Keachick, RDR and others fight her battles for her. How lame is that to name call a sizable contingent of Trek Fans as hateful people, and then to disappear completely from the scene with no accountability, explanation or follow-up???

200. MJ - October 28, 2011

@200. You know what they say:

Hack/pretend authors gonna hack and pretend!

201. Nano - October 28, 2011

Don’t know the reason for the silence, just hope all is well and this isn’t the end! Live Long N Prosper

202. Keachick - October 28, 2011

Good grief. You know what they say – if the shoe fits…

203. Vultan - October 28, 2011



It’s a science article. It’s called SCIENCE Saturday. She’s a scientist. She reports on scientific subjects.

Just stick to the data, Data.

204. Keachick - October 28, 2011

Good grief. You know what they say – “if the shoe fits…”

205. Keachick - October 28, 2011

Sorry, didn’t mean to post the same thing twice. I didn’t think the first post got, well, posted…

206. MJ - October 28, 2011

Repeaters gonna repeat


207. GT - October 28, 2011

As Dee said, I like it here too. Although I find myself checking more and more often now when I want my Trek fix.

208. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 28, 2011

195. Keachick…

Yes Captain Fine looks great, right?… although those pictures are not a paparazzi thing I will not dare to put the link here…

:-) :-)

209. Trekboi - October 28, 2011

are we having another Trek movie Drought?

I wish Anthony would address theses quiet times just so were in the know.

210. Red Dead Ryan - October 28, 2011


So, what you’re saying is, it’s okay for you (and other posters) to call others haters but when someone goes through all the trouble to put up an article on her own time, free of charge while not being paid at the same time, its not okay?

Did I get that right?

Because, in my opinion, Kayla has the right to an opinion. She wrote the article, and so has the right to call out the haters, whom have posted numerous venomous comments which she has most likely read. On threads posted by her. She obviously does the heavy lifting, and knows more about the subject than any of us.

The only guy who has any authority over what Kayla posts is Anthony, and right now he’s somewhere else or just doesn’t care.

211. Vultan - October 28, 2011

Oh, of course scientists are entitled to their opinions, and they should express their views with every possible opportunity in a cogent, respectful manner.

After all, we’ve come a long way since the lively exchanges of “yo momma so fat…” jokes between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr in their public debates over quantum mechanics.

Yes, yes… we have higher standards now.

212. - October 28, 2011

“The Earth is warming. So, will this convince the skeptics that called for the study? Probably not. Haters gonna hate.”

Anyone who disagrees or is skeptical (that man is responsible for warming the climate i’ll add) must be a hater now?

I would invite you to post this video Anthony , on balance to better present what scientist who are skeptical actually believe.

213. Harry Ballz - October 28, 2011

So nice that this site posts nothing so at least we know what’s NOT going on!

214. - October 28, 2011

Short video i’ll add.

215. MJ - October 28, 2011

@210 “So, what you’re saying is, it’s okay for you (and other posters) to call others haters but when someone goes through all the trouble to put up an article on her own time, free of charge while not being paid at the same time, its not okay? Did I get that right?”

If she is be taken seriously as a science-journalist, then YES, she should most certainly refrain from name-calling.

“Because, in my opinion, Kayla has the right to an opinion. She wrote the article, and so has the right to call out the haters…”

Yes, she has the right, but by doing this, she loses credibility and reduces herself to the level of the anonymous commenter like you and I, versus a respected internet science author. If she is going to use her role as “science author” to preemptively name-call people who will disagree with here, then she and you lose the right to act all defensive and upset from those of us who are the object of her derision.

“The only guy who has any authority over what Kayla posts is Anthony, and right now he’s somewhere else or just doesn’t care.”

Absentees gonna AWOL

216. MJ - October 28, 2011

@212 “Anyone who disagrees or is skeptical (that man is responsible for warming the climate i’ll add) must be a hater now?”

Yep, that is what Kayla apparently believes. We will never know for sure since she refuses to either retract the remark or explain/defend her comments further. She has left it to RDR, Keachick and others to fight her battle for her…what a shame!

217. JP - October 28, 2011

@221: Yo momma so fat they had to beam her onboard twice :D

I kid I kid, I just liked your setup!

218. JP - October 28, 2011

Whoops I meant @ 211

219. Jim Nightshade - October 28, 2011

97 MJ a late reply feer sure u mentioned mountains on west coast…well i live in tacoma south of seattle so i know what u mean…but have u heard of the mega quakes…dec 21 2012 may be like nothing weve seen…continents can rise or fall….cayces darth changes map shows spokane as the new wa state west coast so yah mt rainer is gone….

220. Vultan - October 28, 2011


Good one! :D

221. Jim Nightshade - October 28, 2011

Opps cayces earth changes map not darth changes…vader never changes ha darned typos

222. Canon Schmanon - October 28, 2011

Wow. Even now Kayla’s three words are causing people to piss their pants because they feel they’ve been singled out and characterized in some way.

As a former journalist, I concede that her editorialization was unprofessional and definitely counterproductive to her purpose in posting the article. From what I understand, however, Kayla is a scientist, and not really a journalist, and this isn’t really a journalist’s web site. So I forgive her this bit of amateurism.

To take those words so personally informs us greatly about those who would react so strongly to them. To make it an ongoing issue on a web site that is obviously in its death throes? Geez, guys, I get it. You felt insulted. But Kayla doesn’t owe you a damn thing. What’s in it for her to address your whining argument? I wouldn’t blame her if she never posted another article, though that would be letting the few dictate the needs of the many.

You don’t like the way you’re being treated? Really? Three little words? Wow, the world must be a truly painful place for you to live. I feel bad for you.

But you have a choice. There’s a reason why I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, or Keith Olbermann. I stay away from their web sites, and don’t watch or listen to their shows because I think they’re ridiculous and harmful to the real issues. I think they are ignorant at best, malicious at worst.

I’m tired of those who are so easily affronted that they think it’s worth my time to hear their pitiful arguments. You have free will, you can “vote” by leaving and spending time on some site that is more philosophically compatible with your political sensitivities.

I don’t blame Anthony for losing interest in this site. He has to spend too much time babysitting a bunch of petulant brats who come here looking to be insulted, who then lower the tone of discourse to the level of a second-rate pundit. If the death of this site can be blamed on anything, it is exactly that dynamic.

Well I have good news for you – I’m leaving. This site no longer offers enough pleasure or information for me to spend valuable time suffering the fools who frequent its talkbacks. I’m sure that’s good news for many of you. You want this site reduced to a cretinous level so you feel comfortable here. I shudder to imagine the conversations that will ensue once the adults have left the building. It’s gonna be live Beavis and Butthead without the relevant social commentary.

What a sad end for a once-great site.

Stay away, Anthony, if you know what’s good for you. Your site is being taken over by emotional and mental Lilliputians.

I will never be back. Prepare the celebration!


223. MJ - October 29, 2011

@222. Sheesh, don’t you think are over reacting just a tad here? I think what has dragged this argument on is the handful of people who are so super sensitive and defensive to those of us who took offense to be name-called by this writer.

When people are name-called, they are going to respond…why is that so shocking to you? Why should it surprise anyone that some people were offended that they were called haters?

BFD. Grow up and stop making such a federal case about it. It is not the end of this web site nor is it the end of this world. If this little issue makes you leave, then I pity you. You were a great asset to the posts here over the past couple of years, so it is truly a shame that you are letting something as minor as some justly offended people sticking up themselves ruin your experience here.

224. MJ - October 29, 2011

@219 “97 MJ a late reply feer sure u mentioned mountains on west coast…well i live in tacoma south of seattle so i know what u mean…but have u heard of the mega quakes…dec 21 2012 may be like nothing weve seen…continents can rise or fall….cayces darth changes map shows spokane as the new wa state west coast so yah mt rainer is gone….”

Well, you have me there, Jim! :-)

225. - October 29, 2011

@222, ironic given the emotive rant you put on.

Suggesting Kayla was unprofessional or amateurish with that comment is a poor excuse for the fact that it was rude and intentionally so.

Some of you may be interested in reading The Delinquent Teenager which is now available for Kindle and soon to be reeased in hardback.

A little into for the book: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) performs one of the most important jobs in the world. It surveys climate science research and writes a report about what it all means. This report is informally known as the Climate Bible.

Cited by governments around the world, the Climate Bible is the reason carbon taxes are being introduced, heating bills are rising, and costly new regulations are being enacted. It is why everyone thinks carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous. Put simply: the entire planet is in a tizzy because of a United Nations report.

What most of us don’t know is that, rather than being written by a meticulous, upstanding professional in business attire, the Climate Bible is produced by a slapdash, slovenly teenager who has trouble distinguishing right from wrong.

Check it out here.

226. Bobowing - October 29, 2011

major update at trek web star trek 2 will be titled infinite crisis

227. tom - October 29, 2011

It’s simple… climate change is a religion to environment zealots. (This is not to say that everyone else hates the environment. But the zealots have replaced God with nature and are therefore no different than religious zealots.

Read what Michael Crichton said on the matter in this very insightful speech.

228. Buzz Cagney - October 29, 2011

#228 i’d bet a few quid that it won’t.

229. Craiger - October 29, 2011

I think climate change is all about making money to sell solar panels and electric cars and carbon footprints from Al Gores company to pay for his multimillion dollar estate. All we need to do is drill here and now. We wouldn’t have to worry about the Middle East anymore if we did that. Just look at Solyndra and how the Government wasted $500 million on that, then $500 million on that car company that made the sports car that get worse gas milage than the Ford Explorer then they end up making it in Finland.

230. Red Dead Ryan - October 29, 2011

Well, since I’m guilty of using the word “hater” myself, I’m not going to a be a two-face about it and suddenly come down hard on Kayla. Maybe it was inadvisable for her to use the phrase that she did, but what’s done is done. Maybe she was joking, who knows. Anyway, time to move on from it I think.


So now you’re suggesting that despite the lack of new articles in the last couple of weeks, its not the end?

That’s quite a turn from previous times when there were news “droughts” and you suggested that people were going to not return, and that ad revenue would fall, resulting in this site’s alleged slow death. In fact, you were one of the most vocal posters on this site lamenting the absence of Anthony and the dearth of new articles.

231. Craiger - October 29, 2011

RDR one thing I don’t is why Anthony and the staff can leave and then come back once in awhile and not say anything about what is going on. Its like they don’t think they us fans of the site an explanation as to why. Also when they come back no one ever asks why they just say welcome back. We readers of this site help make them money.

Like you said RDR they get ad revunue from this site and if people stop coming here because these week to month absenses readers wont come here anymore and the ad revenue will go down forcing this site to close. If they don’t care about Trekmovie anymore just close it and say a goodbye message. Gustavo over Trekweb did just that he posted a message saying he was burnt out on reporting Trek news and doesn’t want to do Trekweb past 2013 anymore, unless a news series comes out by then.

232. Red Dead Ryan - October 29, 2011


My problem is with people who get angry whenever no new articles are posted. I mean, nobody pays Anthony anything, so what right do we have to get upset?

He disappears for awhile, then he comes back. So what? And even if the site shuts down, its his business, and his alone. He owes us nothing. No explanations, nothing.

Yeah, we all enjoy the site for the articles as well as the friendships, but ultimately, if the site does come to a close, it’ll merely be a sad day and an inconvenience. Nothing more.

233. Gary S. - October 29, 2011

#232 I agree with this wholeheartedly

234. Craiger - October 29, 2011

RDR actually I think without the readers of this site their wouldn’t be any Could general Trek news be slowing down just like news about the new movie if so maybe Anthony sees that their isn’t a need for a general Trek news site anymore and that he has the time to do it anymore?

235. Craiger - October 29, 2011

I miss community here its fun chatting with people here about the new movies and other Trek news and with Orci and crew. However I don’t like it when the site goes down with the lack of news and you can’t chat about it.

236. MJ - October 29, 2011

@223 “So now you’re suggesting that despite the lack of new articles in the last couple of weeks, its not the end?”

Dude, you are changing the topic here from what I was talking about. I’m bored with that old discussion about Anthony going AWOL, because he keeps doing it over and over. I’ve basically come to realize that this site is going to be intermittent in nature, at least until ComiCon next summer, when the publicity push for the new movie will likely start.

237. Vulcans for OWS - October 29, 2011

@118 “The difference is that the people supplying our energy are selling us what we want and need. The people with the global warming agenda stand to make a fortune off of seeing that those same energy needs cost us a fortune while STILL polluting thanks to the wonderful get out of jail free card known as “carbon credits”!”

While I, and most people, am all for a cleaner planet, I still am not about to believe a bunch of people who stand to make a boatload of money off of new regulations based on inconclusive science from a bunch of bought and paid for scientists who fake the results.”

But you will believe that all the pollution that’s ever been put into our atmosphere and which has destroyed large swaths of our planet are benign developments, which just so happens to be the talking point/propaganda message of a giant money-making machine known as the fossil fuel industry?? This is bizarre to me.

Its a stretch but not impossible to believe someone came up with “global warming” just to make money, but it is a foregone conclusion – totally indisputable – that a very powerful group of people stand to CONTINUE to make an immense a fortune as the world has ever seen, as they’ve always done at the detriment to our planet from the continued use of fossil fuels. Why your skepticism isn’t focused on the fact of that situation I cant understand.

we may “want and need” electricity but this industry is making sure that we don’t figure out a way to get it besides fossil fuels. They are using their impressive power of lobbyists and media managers to push the idea that global warming is “debatable” which is only true in the strictest scientific sense, and thus keeping us from getting off our dependence on such things – which would cost them billions! Where’s the skepticism on that?

And you’re wrong about scientists faking results — as this ‘skeptic’ study just proved AGAIN. How many times can you see the same results from actual science and still hold to your prejudice against the fact that man-made global climate change is real?

238. Vulcans for OWS - October 29, 2011

@109. MJ – October 25, 2011

@103 “If you distrust Al Gore’s message because you think he’s going to make a fortune off of green technology, why do you then trust the statements of the coal and gas industry and their backers (folks like the Koch Brothers) who are currently making billions off of the burning of fossil fuels and cheap energy that it provides now when they fund research trying to ‘debunk’ global warming?”

Where do you get that conclusion from??? I don’t trust either source!

This is a nihilistic position, which I understand the impulse to adopt — but if you parrot the propaganda line that “global warming is a hoax” or anything close to supporting the continued use of fossil fuels, you’re playing into the hands of those entities you mentioned. They want us confused while they continue to rape our planet for profit. I don’t blame Al Gore or anybody for trying to make a profit from SAVING our planet, that actually is sane, and commendable. But as of now its still far easier to get rich off of fossil fuels, and that is to the detriment of our planet.

239. Enterprisingguy - October 29, 2011

222. Canon Schmanon – October 28, 2011

“Well I have good news for you – I’m leaving. This site no longer offers enough pleasure or information for me to spend valuable time suffering the fools who frequent its talkbacks. I’m sure that’s good news for many of you. You want this site reduced to a cretinous level so you feel comfortable here. I shudder to imagine the conversations that will ensue once the adults have left the building. It’s gonna be live Beavis and Butthead without the relevant social commentary. I will never be back. Prepare the celebration!”


Well….aren’t you full of yourself?

Adios chum!

Consider the beer on ice and the band warming up!

240. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 29, 2011

we all know it this site goes silent for a few weeks at a time every few months. it will be back like always

241. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 29, 2011

but look on the bright side… we have harry balls to entertain us untill more articles come up

242. Harry Ballz - October 29, 2011


You got that right, muchacho!!!

Nothing like ballz in your face to provide entertainment!

243. Harry Ballz - October 29, 2011

Just like when I post an insightful comment, and people say, “wow, that’s deep!”, and I reply, “oh, you mean ballz deep?”

244. Craiger - October 29, 2011

I wonder if would provide better info on the sequel than this site?

245. Jim Nightshade - October 29, 2011

The sequel is gonna be titled infinite crisis? sounds like em stealing from comix as in infinite crisis on counter earths secret wars etc…..

246. Harry Ballz - October 29, 2011

I’ve looked on Trek Web twice and there is NO indication of the sequel being called Infinite Crisis!

247. JP - October 29, 2011

Is disappointed nobody else decided to run with Vultan’s “Yo mamma” setup…

248. Craiger - October 29, 2011

If you think about it their are really only two types of Trek news, news about old Trek, Shatner, Stewart ect and new Trek news which would be just about the sequel and what the stars of the sequel are up to. If you care about just new Trek news I think just a movie news blog for that would be acceptable. If you want both old and new Trek news then this site, Trekweb or Trektoday would be acceptable. Maybe Anthony and the staff don’t care about old Trek news anymore and new Trek news is so scarce right now that maybe they don’t feel they need to keep this site anymore?

249. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 29, 2011


WELL said! :)

250. MJ - October 29, 2011

@238. If you read my other posts, you will see that I am a big proponent of getting off fossil fuels, using solar and nuclear power, and cleaning up the environment. I just don’t need the crux of a dubious at best scientific theory to make me support alternative energy and a better environment. And I am not confused at all, but thanks for your concern.

@242 @249. Guys, get yourselves a bath-house please. :-)

251. Charla - October 29, 2011

I put this in live chat but wanted to share this with those who may not go there… that sounds funny.. lol

Anyway, check out these Trek cookies- too cute! Also I invited the owner and the people on that site to visit this site- (of course I told them I am in no way affiliated with the site, just a poster.) There are a bunch of Trek fans there too. So hopefully things will pick up soon with updates here in case some more people check the site out.

252. Charla - October 29, 2011

Oh yes I know it’s off topic. Sorry. Hungry for sweets. Came across this site with the Trek cookies and here I am! still without sweets though….. :(

253. Charla - October 29, 2011

Wish there was an edit tool here. The post takes you to my comment, but still the cookies and story are on up at the top of the page. *blushing* oops.

254. Gary S. - October 29, 2011

Thanks Charla!
Those cookies would hit the spot right about now .
I wish I could sample them.

255. Keachick - October 30, 2011

Those cookies look so yummy. I assume they are tasty as well. Probably just as well I can’t have any – gotta watch the waistline…:)

256. Charla - October 30, 2011

Your welcome, Gary! I wish I could sample them too… and I am with you Keachick, gotta watch the waistline as well. But a couple wouldn’t hurt huh? :D

257. MJ - October 30, 2011

Cookies! Finally something we can all agree on!

258. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011

If we don’t get something new posted on this site, I’m going to TOSS my cookies!

259. Basement Blogger - October 30, 2011

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is a Trekker! He gives out the same story that Zoe Saldana is looking for her main Vulcan squeeze. Okay, she’s excited about getting back to the Enterprise. Perez Hilton says,

“But can we get some real solid scoop on Star Trek already! The cast doesn’t know anything. No one has seen a script. You’re killing us here. Really killing us!!!”

Amen, Perez.

260. Basement Blogger - October 30, 2011

Halloween is coming. Funny or Die has some funny videos for the occasion. I’m not going to link the salty ones, go over there yourself. But below is Cat Thrower about one of Hollywood’s classic film skills. And as a bonus, check out the fake trailer for “When Harry Met Sally 2″ featuring Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren with a vampire bent!

1. Cat Thrower

2. When Harry Met Sally 2 aka Grampires fake trailer

261. Jason - October 30, 2011

The climate story is a press release about papers that have yet to be peer reviewed, it would have been prudent to wait to see how it played out before claiming it was a blow to skeptical views on anthropogenic climate change.

I come here for Trek movie news not ill informed bias on AGW

262. - October 30, 2011

Ale Gore spent millions for a house on the beach, Australia’s own climate commissioner owns an expensive waterfront property.

Both believe sea levels are rising due to global warming.


I hope pointing that out isn’t too nasty.

263. - October 30, 2011

Oooohhh nooooo!!! there’s more

264. - October 30, 2011

From the above article i’ve linked to

“But a report to be published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation includes a graph of world average temperatures over the past ten years, drawn from the BEST project’s data and revealed on its website.

This graph shows that the trend of the last decade is absolutely flat, with no increase at all – though the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have carried on rising relentlessly.”

265. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 30, 2011

im surprised the trek movie staff doesnt post a few things here and there… they just stop when anthony stops its sad

266. Bobowing - October 30, 2011

trek web posted a rumor about the movie’s villains



267. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011

262. “Ale Gore”

Chris, are we to assume that Ale Gore is the alcoholic brother of AL Gore?

268. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011




269. Charla - October 30, 2011

LOL MJ and Harry! I might have to make some of those cookies to get both my Trek fix and sweet fix.

270. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011

Charla, who can resist your sweet charms?

271. Gary S. - October 30, 2011

if you bake these cookies,
Please includes photos .

272. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011

Cookies require dough, and who has any to spare THESE days?

273. Charla - October 30, 2011

I will Gary! I just may make a Star Trek short film from them too while I’m at it LOL…spoiler alert: the crew doesn’t make it this time, they get eaten by giants from another dimension! Oh noes!!

Aw, Harry, you know what they say about flattery!…. :D

274. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 30, 2011

What’s going on here… it’s impossible that, AP, is not listening to the rumors, too!… :-) :-)

275. Red Dead Ryan - October 30, 2011

Well, for something a little off topic, I’ve been playing “Batman: Arkham City” on my Playstation 3. An instant classic, even better than the first, and a ton of fun! Great graphics too!

A great way to spend the time waiting for “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Let’s hope the new “Star Trek” video game coming out (next year?) will be just as fun!

276. Jim Nightshade - October 30, 2011

If the Klignons are in the sequel–a reader on aicn posted this as the title and it kinda fits—star trek: the klignon empire strikes back–hahah–given jjs liv of starwars n it is the second movie–opps maybe jj will say its really part 5–:)

277. Basement Blogger - October 30, 2011

As stated in the article, the BEST project was funded by global warming skeptics and headed by a global warming scientist who is a doubter about global warming. The funding came from the Charles Koch Foundation, one of the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers are billionaires who’s financial interests lie in the oil industries. LINK. Muller agrees with the NOAA and NASA data that global warming exists.

278. Craiger - October 30, 2011

Geez, Trekmovie is really starting to stink! They don’t even post rumors anymore. However if the rumor is true and its Klingons is Trek dead? They can’t think of an original villian and have to bring in the Klingons that have been done already. I guess they could be appealing to the general audience again because even they know about the Klingons. Trekmovie with these breaks is not going to reliable for Trek news anymore.

279. Basement Blogger - October 30, 2011

The Klingon rumor is old. Back in February Paul Giamatti stated he wanted to be a Klingon. LINK. Bob Orci then posted, this comment,

“love him so much. please, JJ, can we get him!?!” Post 21.

Is that a hint that Bob was thinking that Klingons are part of the Star Trek: 2, 2015? As we all know, the Klingons are metaphors for the Russians during the Cold War. They are also a metaphor for the need of man to set aside his differences and work together. As long as the story goes deeper, i.e. smart science fiction, it doesn’t matter to me if Klingons play an important role.

280. Craiger - October 30, 2011

Also in the past Trekmovie would been on this rumor right now and trying to find out if it was real or fake but these days not. I wonder why they just don’t come right out and say they have gotten burnt out or too busy running this site because they don’t care about reporting general Trek news anymore and current Trek news about the movie is scarce? I sometimes wonder if I care about general Trek news anymore and I can kind of see why just reporting on general Trek news would seem to get boring sometimes and if a person would want to do a site just on general Trek news.

281. Red Dead Ryan - October 30, 2011

Time to break Star Trek’s attachment to Klingons. They’ve been done to death!

No need to “KLING-ON” to the past anymore!

282. Craiger - October 30, 2011

I wonder if they should do a Trek movie villian that resembles Alkida?

283. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011


Especially if the plotline has them approaching Earth! I can hear the dialogue now…

Spock: “Captain, there are Klingons circling Uranus!”

Kirk: “I KNEW I should have wiped one more time!!”

Spock: “Yes, this is another fine mess!”

284. Craiger - October 30, 2011

Harry this is what the sequel story will be about

285. Craiger - October 30, 2011

I forgot to add the Trek sequel villian resembling Alkida since the Klingons in TOS resembled the Russians during the Cold War and this would have the sequel keeping up with current events.

286. Vultan - October 30, 2011


Weren’t the Xindi meant to be a kind of space Al Qaeda?
They were fanatics—well, at least some of them were.

As for the Klingon rumor, if it turns out to be true… I can live with it, but yeah, it would be nice to see a new villain—or no villain at all! Star Trek IV had just a squawking, whale-chatting, (misunderstood) giant Cuban cigar probe thing-a-ma-jig and it turned out to be one of the best in the series. No mustache twisting or tying damsels to railroad tracks needed.

287. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 30, 2011

Well they are planning to do three films… I guess… then, “Klingon” is a high probability for the second… just saying… and waiting for a Harry Ballz joke… :-) :-)

288. Lostrod - October 30, 2011


“I wonder if they should do a Trek movie villian that resembles Alkida?”

What is Alkida?


289. Mel - October 30, 2011

@ 279. Basement Blogger – October 30, 2011

“The Klingon rumor is old. Back in February Paul Giamatti stated he wanted to be a Klingon. LINK. Bob Orci then posted, this comment,…”

It seems those Klingons rumours come from another source.

“The brazilian Trek Brasilis website, the major Star Trek website in Brazil, posted in one of their articles a note about possible spoilers for Star Trek XII.

According to the article, a trusted source to the site revealed to them that the movie villains are the Klingons and that is NO time travel involved this time.”

I hope the rumour is partly wrong and partly right. I really wish, there is no time travel again, but on the other hand I am so bored with Klingons. I rather have a new enemy race or a race, which wasn’t used so often like for example the Gorn.

290. Gary S. - October 30, 2011

I Believe Craiger is referring to the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

291. Craiger - October 30, 2011

#290 Yes I was. However I just thought what if they used one those famous Klingons Kohr, Koloth and Kang or all three for Kirk and crew to face off with?

292. Basement Blogger - October 30, 2011

@ 286

Vultan, Damon Lindelof keeps saying that when Nero went back into time and destroyed the Kelvin that was their 9/11 moment. Yet , in “Enterprise”, they already beat those guys to the metephorical punch.

Yes, the Xindi attack was 9/11 with the Xindi set up to be terrorist Muslims. I got done watching seasons three and four this month of “Enterprise.” Season three was a metephor for the war on terror. Remember all the hard decisions that Captain Archer had to make to save Earth. In one episode, he became a pirate. In another, he totured a prisoner. Seaosn four dealt with the prejudice by earthmen against aliens because of the Xindi attack. Remember how Dr. Flox was treated in a bar? Then thre were the two episodes before the finale with a human terrorist group seeking to stop the formation of the Federation.

Totally agree with you about the need to have a villain. I’m not against a villain. But having a mustache twirling villaint starts to become so shallow. If you didn’t read the prequel “Countdown”, you would have missed Nero’s motivation for wanting to destroy Vulcan and the Federation. Instead, he came off as another Khan. Star Trek IV is my favorite of the films. Funny. Smart. Very Roddenberryesque.

293. VZX - October 30, 2011

I’m glad it’s Klingons. It’s what the public knows about Star Trek. It is only logical for JJ to use what the public knows about Trek. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a bunch of Tribbles as well. (More than the one Scotty had on Delta Vega)

I kinda hope that the new movie Klingons keep their helmets on the whole time. This will leave the TOS or bumpy-head version a mystery, and drive the fans crazy!

I also hope for Kor as the “big bad.” Also squeeze in some more TOS references like maybe Kor hacked into the Doomsday machine and got control of it or something.

294. Vultan - October 30, 2011


Agree with you on all points, BB.

Trek IV proved that a movie—not just a sci-fi adventure movie—can be entertaining without the need for a snarling baddie with a mustache… or a Khan mullet… or an Evander Holyfield ear. ;)

If these new guys have—HAVE—to go the remake villain route, well, I’ve been hoping the story has something to do with the Gorn. It’s an iconic alien race… that we know little about (at least on screen).

I mean, c’mon, even non Trek fans know about Captain Kirk wrasslin’ the big green lizard dude in the California desert.

295. NCM - October 30, 2011

I’m with Harry, Red Dead and Mel. Klingons have been done to death. Romulans, on the other hand, could have some depth, esp. with the political ramifications of the destruction of Vulcan; which, I believe the court’s said it won’t make the focus of the film, but really can’t completely brush aside. Romulans, redrawn, may even be sexy!

296. Red Dead Ryan - October 30, 2011

I’m guessing the Supreme Court guys didn’t want to use the Gorn because they thought the Batman foe Killer Croc would be in “The Dark Knight Rises” and didn’t want to confuse the mainstream crowd with a race of humanoid reptillians who look similar to Killer Croc. ;-)

297. NCM - October 30, 2011

According to my new comic store acquaintances, the next movie won’t be called ST 2 (which many of us have seen); but these guys also read that the title will be withheld as long as possible, b/c once it’s revealed, everyone will know the plot.

The plot thickens – or at least rumors do.

298. Vultan - October 30, 2011


Ha! Good point. No more Sleestaks, please!

I’m hoping after Nolan departs the Batman franchise they will tackle some of the more outlandish villains in his rogue’s gallery. I like the director’s realistic style… but I like Mr. Freeze (the non campy version), Killer Croc, Man-Bat, and Clayface a bit more.

Can you imagine a live-action version of Batman: TAS?!
Oooo… now that would be good…

299. VZX - October 30, 2011

I know many of you are sick of the Klingons, but that is what the public knows! JJ is only sorta making this movie for Trek fans, he is mostly making it for the general population that only knows a little bit about Trek. SO, since Joe Public may be familiar with Klingons, that’s what JJ is going to use!

Remember, JJ wants this movie to make money, like the last one. A movie about Gorn, while cool for us, would not do as well as one with more familiar aliens like the Klingons.

300. NCM - October 30, 2011

How in the world would they create convincing Gorns?

301. Red Dead Ryan - October 30, 2011


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mr. Freeze or Clayface. Killer Croc would be fun as well. Penguin too.

And I wouldn’t mind hearing that classic Danny Elfman theme again.


If the title is going to reveal the plot, then there isn’t going to be much hope for the sequel!

302. NCM - October 30, 2011

@299: VZX, I think JJ also has to make a movie that he can count on Trekkies seeing multiple times, in the theater. New fans, like most people, will pay to see a movie in a theater only once. How many times will most of us fork over our precious, diminishing currency, to see a Trek film – that we enjoy – on the big screen?

303. Red Dead Ryan - October 30, 2011

“Batman: Arkham City” is such an awesome game. It has the broken-down cityscape atmospher of the Tim Burton films, the cool gadgets similar to those from the Chris Nolan films, and the deranged lunatic villains straight out of the comic books.


304. Red Dead Ryan - October 30, 2011



305. VZX - October 30, 2011

302: NCM: JJ’s Trek09 did better than any of the other Trek movies ever. Yes, I acknowledge the debate between Trek09’s and TMP’s attendance, but even so, Trek09 did phenomenally well not because of Trek fans, but because of the average movie-goer. That average movie-goer liked the familiarity of the Trek09 movie, and it’s sleek, fast, cool factor (not counting the lens flares). I bet if we could poll the audience from the last film about 80-70% of them would be non-Trek fans. Star Trek Nemesis would be like 99.999% Trek fans (and only the most hard-core).

I’m tellin ya, Klingons will bring in more non-Trek fans than any other alien race.

306. Devon - October 30, 2011

It’s almost as if even the contributing authors on this forum are not allowed to make new articles, such as the news of filming in January, etc.

307. VZX - October 30, 2011 last comment made it sound like non-Trek fans are an alien race.

Heh, well they are to me!

308. Vultan - October 30, 2011


Simple. Update the design. Add more details to the suit, with more dynamic movements—CGI or animatronic—whatever it takes.

Just make the Gorn lean and mean. Like so:

309. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2011


Leapin’ lizards!!

310. MJ - October 30, 2011

@308. That is pretty cool. More like a velociraptor versus the slow t-rex headed lumbering beast in the series episode.

311. - October 30, 2011


Harry, i’d like to say that was deliberate on my part.

Not true of course.

312. Charla - October 30, 2011

308- yeah, that would make a great Gorn- looks more agile and mean for sure!

313. Harry Ballz - October 31, 2011


Chris, I’ll drink to that!

314. Basement Blogger - October 31, 2011

@ 308-310

A Gorn was depicted in the Enterprise Mirror episode, “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II.” It was CGI and looked kind of cheap. LINK.

315. Mel - October 31, 2011

@ 305. VZX

Non Star Trek fans don’t care particularly about Klingons. For them they are just another funny Star Trek race, which look like humans with some ridiculous make up. As long as the sequel is like you say sleek, fast and cool, it doesn’t matter, what enemy race is in it. Non Star Trek fans are not emotionally invested in any particular alien race.

@ 314 Basement Blogger

That episode is from 2005. CGI improved massively since then. And ENT was only a series. The Star Trek sequel has a budget, which is much higher than the budget of a whole ENT season.

316. Captain Kurt - October 31, 2011

A great way to update “Arena” would be to make the Gorn cold-blooded in the literal sense. The Gorn and Kirk could be placed on a desert rock at dawn when it is still near freezing. The Gorn would be slow and lethargic (like the original episode) and Kirk would have the upper hand. However, as the sun comes up, and the temperature rises, the Gorn becomes faster, stronger, and extremely deadly. This would build incredible tension as Kirk must quickly scramble for a solution.

CGI is the only way to go to build something with convincing speed. It would need to be terrifying.

317. VZX - October 31, 2011

@315: Mel:

Yeah, I guess you’re right in that sense. But, I would think that JJ and company would look for anything to bring more of that classic Trek familiar concepts. Then again, I doubt many non-Trek fans would be able to tell the difference between a Klingon and a Gorn.

318. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 31, 2011

#308. Vultan…

I would love to see Kirk/Pine fighting with this Gorn… Oh Yes… :-) :-)

319. - October 31, 2011

I would love to see Kirk fighting the Gorn in a scene directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The leader could be a charismatic conman going around telling all the other planets that they are destroying the universe by there collective warp signatures and fleecing the followers for all they have whilst leaving plenty of warp signature himself as he goes preaching throughout the galaxy.

His name would be Al Gorn of course.

(Lets drink to that Harry).

320. VOODOO - October 31, 2011

This site from Brazil claims that they know that the main villan is going to be the Kligons…Take it for what it’s worth.

321. Vultan - October 31, 2011


Yeah, I remember cringing while watching that CGI Gorn in Enterprise (a good episode though), but as someone said above it was a TV budget lizard-man not a movie one.

As much as I like the Gorn, I really hope the next movie wouldn’t be a remake of “Arena” but rather an appearance of the alien in a different story. Maybe a trip to the Gorn homeworld… Gornopolis, I think it’s called… ;)

322. Dave in RI - October 31, 2011

Say, didn’t JJ make a Gorn costume and a Salt Vampire too for the first movie?
They were supposed to be seen in the Klingon prison that was deleted. I’m pretty sure it was here that we saw those costumes.

323. jonboc - October 31, 2011

FYI…for those interested…Shatner’s documentary The Captains is now streaming on Netflix. Just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the jazz score, thanks to Avery Brooks. And Avery Brooks…well…possibly the most interesting individual interviewed. Good stuff, catch it if you can.

Happy Halloween all!

324. MJ - October 31, 2011

@320. Can’t read those stories — are those written in Portuguese? Looks like they also have a photo of Quinto hugging his boyfriend? How are they getting this material in Brazil on the new movie and Quinto that we are not getting here in the states?

I wonder if this is made up, and the Quinto with boyfriend photo photoshopped?

325. MJ - October 31, 2011

@323. Cool, or should I say: phatt!

326. Buzz Cagney - October 31, 2011

Some of us (modestly prevents me from naming myself!), Harry included, have been wanting Gorns in for a number of years now.
And I like the temperature induced lethargy suggestion (#318). Very imaginative. And the whole film doesn’t have to be a re-run of Arena. Elements can easily be included in a new story, so long as there is a unique twist of some kind.
The Arena Gorn fight could easily be the opening scenes…..

327. Vultan - October 31, 2011


Come to think of it, Buzz, wouldn’t just about everything be better with a scene involving a big lizard man? I mean, sure “Ben Hur” is a good movie… but at least one of those charioteers could have been reptilian. Same goes for “Titanic.” Replace Dicaprio with a Gorn and you’ve really got something worth watching.

[the scene on the bow of the ship, Celine Dion singing]

Rose: “I’m flying, Jack.”
Jack: “Grrrrrrrrraaawww!”


328. Craiger - October 31, 2011

What about having both the Gorn and the Klingons? A skrimish breaks out between the Gorn and the Klingons. Fearing a full scale war the Federation sends Kirk and the Enterprise to investigate and try to negotiate a peace between them.

329. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 31, 2011

#324. MJ…”Looks like they also have a photo of Quinto hugging his boyfriend?”

LOL… What are you talking about?… That picture of ZQ in the play “Angels in America”… it’s not ZQ’s boyfriend… Oh Good God… +LOL

:-) :-)

330. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 31, 2011

Oh… please wake up!!!!…. :-) :-)

331. Robman007 - October 31, 2011

huhuhu, This sucks more then anything that has ever sucked before.

332. Buzz Cagney - October 31, 2011

Great mental pictures there, Vults! :-D

333. JP - October 31, 2011

In the spirit of Halloween I’d like to ask what everybody considers their favorite Trek “spooky” episode?

For me its “The Haunting of Deck Twelve” from Voyager. While it’ll never be considered a classic I do like the vibe and the ‘kids gathered round the campfire’ thing with the Borglets and Neelix. Lighthearted and perfect for Halloween.

Well that’s mine, what’s yours?

334. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - October 31, 2011

I hate not having new trek articles!!

335. Craiger - October 31, 2011

Trekweb is way better than this site. Quinto says sequel is ten months away from shooting.

336. MJ - October 31, 2011

@335. WOW!


337. Craiger - October 31, 2011

Sorry I meant ten weeks away from shooting not months.

338. Keachick (rose pinenut) - October 31, 2011

Ten WEEKS! Not ten months! Nearly caused a heartstopper there reading your post, for a moment there, Craiger.

Yes, I have seen that photo before of Quinto with that guy on the bed and I knew it wasn’t of him and his boyfriend (as if?) but couldn’t remember what it was in connection with – just knew it was him playing a character in a play or television episode or similar.

Yes, how come Brazilians appear to know more about the rumours surrounding this sequel than we do, although in the link I did not see any reference to the Klingons, at least as far as I could tell? I assume they would simply use the word Klingon.

The reason that we are not hearing from Bob Orci is that, according to Zachary Quinto, Bob and the team are being run off their butts, seeing that everything is being built etc according to the specifications of the story. It’s awful not hearing anything, not knowing anything for certain, but it is also a good thing. I mean, we do want them to get it right now, don’t we?

In 10 weeks, we need to know that Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldana, Cho, Pegg and Yelchin are also being seriously “run off their butts” as well, especially “my captain” CP/Kirk. It is all for a good cause, you know, ie ME…:>)

Gotta go, but not before I bliss out on listening to Il Divo do their version of Unchained Melody…sooo gorgeous!

339. Charla - October 31, 2011

LOL Yeah I almost lost it there when I read 10 months!! *shew*

340. JP - October 31, 2011

@ 336: So you’re trying to shame Anthony into posting?

341. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 31, 2011

Hey you guys have heard of web, internet, information circulating around the world, people who speak many languages, ​connections around the world… do you think people who come here are all American…? hmmm???… just saying…

:-) :-)

342. Basement Blogger - October 31, 2011

Looking forward to Bob Orci’s deeper Star Trek. Back to the Gorn. I’ve always thought “Arena” was one of the best of TOS. Plenty of action. Very Roddenberryesque. Kirk shows mankind can be civilized.

All this waiting is driving me loopy. Can we get SyFy to have a Star Trek fest with the best ten episodes from each series? Hey, maybe get J.J. Abrams to host and discuss his favorite episodes.

343. Dee - lvs moon' surface - October 31, 2011

#338. Keachick…

Halloween, ZQ- LA……. Halloween, CP – NYC with DP…

:-) :-)

344. MJ - October 31, 2011

@341 “Hey you guys have heard of web, internet, information circulating around the world, people who speak many languages, ​connections around the world… do you think people who come here are all American…? hmmm???… just saying…”

Well last time I checked, these movies are made in Los Angeles, United States. Just saying! LOL

345. VZX - October 31, 2011

#333: JP:


346. Vultan - October 31, 2011

Wait, there are other countries besides the United States…?
Geez, why am I always the last to hear these things!?

347. Vultan - October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everyone!

348. Red Shirt Diaries - October 31, 2011

Does anyone know who Quinto’s boyfriend is in that photo from the Brazil Trek website?

349. Viking - October 31, 2011

#338 Keachick – maybe Anthony & Co. are working some double top-secret mission for J.J. and the Supreme Court, and they’ll get to call dibs on any exclusives during the course of the new movie. Makes sense to me – they’ve been dropping off the radar with no explanation as it gets closer to actually start filming. Could be they’ve got backstage passes to the goings-on in exchange for keeping their pie holes shut until the studio gives them the green light. Hell, if I was Anthony, and I got an offer like that, I’d leave y’all twisting in the breeze, too. LOL!

350. NCM - October 31, 2011

@348 Red Shirt: that photo’s from a recent theater production in which Quinto portrayed a gay man – who abandons his lover who has AIDS.

351. Keachick - October 31, 2011

#349 Yes. I hope you are right!

#343 Just seen the photo! Never seen a table laid out like that before…LOL What our man Chris gets up to. Even in low light, Chris looks as yummy as anything on that table.

352. MJ - October 31, 2011

@350. Are you sure he didn’t leave him because of Harry Ballz?

353. Trekboi - October 31, 2011


354. Harry Ballz - October 31, 2011


You called?

355. MJ - October 31, 2011

@342 “Hey, maybe get J.J. Abrams to host and discuss his favorite episodes.”

That would require him to leave his ivory tower.

356. Basement Blogger - November 1, 2011

HBO just ran Star Trek IV on HBO Family in high definition. It looked great. I miss DeForest Kelley.

357. Spocko - November 1, 2011

Who is the guy with Quinto on the Brazilian webstie? Is that his partner?

358. Victor Hugo - November 1, 2011

how come a brazilian site knows firsthand about gossips of a movie?

Hell, maybe it´s because there´s plenty of brazilians working on this and on many american movies.

For example, HALF of Marvel and DC comics illustrators are brazilians, but most of them have “americanized” their names so the americans won´t know that ..oh..brazilians are drawing Captain America.

Luke Ross is actually Lucas.
Mike Deodato is actually Deodato Borges Filho
Eddy Barrows is Eduardo Barros
Adrian Melo is Adriana Melo
Ed Benes is Eduardo Benes and etc etc.

359. ARH - November 1, 2011

Anthony’s behavior regarding this site is shameful. Either keep up the postings (TrekToday seems to have no problem with content) or gracefully explain that it has become too large a burden and shut it down. This running and hiding out somewhere from time to time without warning or comment is simply rude. Like a host of a party hiding in a closet; he didn’t have to host the party, but having hosted it owes it to his guests to refresh the punchbowl or tell folks to go home.

360. Horatio - November 1, 2011

Going elsewhere, I guess. Thanks for the memories.

361. intel 1 - November 1, 2011

Guess I’ll be going elsewhere…this is ridiculous.

362. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 1, 2011

#357. Spocko… and everyone else who is interested…

“Who is the guy with Quinto on the Brazilian webstie? Is that his partner?”

NOPE…. It’s a photo of the play Angels in America…


:-) :-)

363. Vultan - November 1, 2011


Well, this American couldn’t care less who draws Captain America—Brazilian, Korean, Russian—whatever.

Just as long as it’s not Hydra. ;)

364. Robman007 - November 1, 2011


365. Chadwick - November 1, 2011

Over at Trek web we already have one fact and one rumor.

Fact, movie starts shooting in 11 weeks

Rumor, that the movie revolves around the Klingons… YES!

As trek fan I don’t know how people can argue against a Klingon centric film. If JJ makes three movies, one should be about Klingons. So if the rumors are true, I am happy as hell to see a JJ envisioning of Klingons since they were completely cut from the film.

Logic would dictate that the second movie would involve Klingons simply because they were COMPLETELY cut from the last film with the thought in mind that “hey, we will use them in the next movie.” If they weren’t going to use Klingon in the next movie, they would have kept some remnant in the 2009 film.

You can’t have Star Trek without Klingons. Even Voyager, far off in the delta quadrant had to have Klingons involved somehow.

What sucks about this site right now, is that this is the only site where fans have been able to communicate with Bob Orci share ideas, thoughts, anecdotes, and its going to hell. Wake up and smell the new trekmovie.

366. Anthony Thompson - November 1, 2011

358. Victor Hugo

And Bob is actually Roberto. : D

367. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 1, 2011

If there are going to be Klingons in the next movie, I just hope they get rid of those ridiculous helmets. They can be Klingons from the TOS era or from the ST:TMP or TNG era – I don’t really care which, both are OK, just NO helmets!

Anyway, what’s the obsession with helmets? Awful.

368. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 1, 2011

Roberto Orci, in fact – family is originally from Cuba.

369. Gary S. - November 1, 2011

I dont think anything is going to hell.
Everybody, including Anthony, is busy because production is ramping up ,
That’s all.
It will be fine .
Nothing to worry about.

370. Jim Nightshade - November 1, 2011

I hope all is ok…this is my fave trek site but i agree that anthony et al should let us know when the site will be inactive…after all there are ads here for a new stiller and murphy movie…new ads SHOULD have new content..half the reason i like it here is the good coverage most of the time and the great posts from everyone…

371. intel 1 - November 1, 2011

367…you have a problem with helmets….REALLY?? Of all the potential issues that can arise, such as delayed shooting, and you have a problem with helmets. LOL! I just think it’s funny!

372. Craiger - November 1, 2011

#369 The thing is this site would also post general Trek news and Anthony isn’t even doing that anymore. Its like he doesn’t care about this site anymore and if he doesn’t because he wants to spend more time with his family and other projects he should let everyone here know about that and say this site is shutting down soon because of that. I can see if Anthony wants to do that instead of this site but I think he owes it to his fellow readers of this site. Without us their would have never been a

373. THX-1138 - November 1, 2011

This used to be the place to be for Trek news. It appears that this is no longer the case. I am moving on to Trekweb.

Too bad as this place had a vast amount of resources for the Trek fan including access to many of the cast and crew. But it’s ridiculous to look at a front page that hasn’t been updated in what is going on two weeks.

374. Ensign Red Shirt - November 1, 2011

Okay, what’s the story here everyone?

I’m a longtime Trek Fan, and in the late 1990s and early 2000s I covered Trek for several magazines. I got my Trek news from TrekWeb from way back, but when TrekMovie came out, it was pretty clear they had everything with the 2009 Trek wired. They had great sources and quick-draw posting. It was fantastic

I didn’t engage in the community too much, but I could see it was huge and passionate.

Now what has happened? Does anyone know? There are a few comments about news blackouts here. Has that been occurring? The community here seems strong (as opposed to TrekWeb) but the people who post are AWOL. Does anyone know the story?

There must be some crazy stuff going on behind the scenes. We’re a few months away from a flood of Trek news. We should be getting reliable, real leaks now. Plot points. Casting. You know, after two years of chatter, we should finally be getting REAL NEWS. But this site is dead.

What happened??!

375. Harry Ballz - November 1, 2011

Coming to a theatre soon……..

Trekmovie: The Search For Anthony

“Anthony’s not really dead………as long as we remember him”

376. Vultan - November 1, 2011

The Klingons from the JJverse looked okay to me.
I have no problem with the helmets. The ridges on them were a nice in-universe tie between TOS and the movie Klingons.

But they should probably paint them black or another color. Silver makes them look too much like… Shredder from Ninja Turtles.

These guys are still the ultimate Klingons for me:

377. NCM - November 1, 2011

Looks like we may need to convene our little community elsewhere – Ideas? (Someone here said Trekweb has been waning, too).

Understandable if Anthony wants out, but he should let us know; so we can say our farewells or discuss meeting elsewhere – without feeling like WE’re bailing on HIM (not yelling; would prefer italics).

378. NCM - November 1, 2011

352. MJ – October 31, 2011

@350. Are you sure he didn’t leave him because of Harry Ballz?

Who could have a problem with Harry Ballz? Now, enough hair on one’s ass to weave an Indian blanket – that might be a turn-off.

379. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 1, 2011

#377 Totally agree. No need, no use for helmets there! Those Klingons are warrior like cool!

380. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 1, 2011

Once again, we go through all toing and froing, sighing, huffing and puffing over Anthony (or anyone else) not posting any articles here in a while. There is nothing to stop us continuing to post here, bringing in whatever tidbits of news and/or rumour we might be able to find for ourselves and sharing it here. Until we hear from Anthony or some other trekmovie staff member that we can no longer post here for whatever reason, then let’s just carry on, in the nicest possible way, of course.

381. SciFiGuy - November 1, 2011

It’s dead Jim.

What the hell is going on with this site?!!

382. Red Dead Ryan - November 1, 2011

Maybe Anthony is busy dropping some pounds for his cameo as a Klingon in the sequel?

Not making a joke about his weight, by the way, I’m just guessing. Losing weight is hard for a lot of people and doesn’t leave a lot of time for updating websites.

383. Jim Nightshade - November 1, 2011

Dont blame me cuz im a jim..

384. Odkin - November 1, 2011

Disappointed to hear about Klingons. Was hoping for a smaller character-driven film. Instead we’ll probably get an angry arch-villain and a lot of spaceship shoot-em-up.

When it comes to space battles, Trek was always best with the suspenseful “submarine warfare” approach, i.e. the Mutara Nebula scene in Khan, Balance of Terror, and The Corbomite Maneuver.

Nothing conveys drama like a tight close up of the Captains colorfully lit sweaty fac, as he’s locked in a battle of wits! Instead we’ll get an ensemble cast running around yelling at each other.

385. dmduncan - November 1, 2011

Well I certainly don’t want a “smaller” Star Trek film. There’s plenty small Star Trek on DVD and I think we can all stand it to go a different direction for another two hours. But I see no reason why a Klingon story can’t be character driven with strategic test-of-wits space battles too, and yes, WITHOUT an angry bad guy.

I’m surprised by the rumor, but I welcome the idea it if is true. And it ain’t the first rumor we’ve heard about the sequel plot, so keep that in mind.

386. Keachick - November 1, 2011

BTW the numbers are going askew. This should be post #387, just after my post #386 which follows dmduncan’s post #385, but I doubt you guys will see it as that.

This seems to start happening when there is no one around to monitor the site. Oh well, I guess we are on our own for the time being. Now play nice everyone…

387. Phil - November 1, 2011

Didn’t check in for a week, figured I’d catch up tonight – looks like the site is on autopilot again…oh, well.

388. Phil - November 1, 2011

@193. Seven days? There hasn’t been any news in weeks. Still no script, release date, or any other announcements. So we debate the merits of being a hater…

389. Gold Coast Rob - November 1, 2011

Have you noticed Anthony and Bob Orci both disappear at the same time ?

– They’re both writing the script together ?
– They’ve eloped ?
– They’re the same person ?

390. MJ - November 1, 2011

@389 “- They’re the same person ?”

WOW! You know, you might have something there?

A year ago, who would have thought Quinto would have Brazilian guy for his partner. The Trek world is full of surprises these days indeed!

391. MJ - November 1, 2011

@378 “Who could have a problem with Harry Ballz?”

A hairless cat?

392. Charla - November 1, 2011

GCR and MJ, I think I smell conspiracy here! Also everyone check out live chat… some talk on there too about different things and ideas to occupy our time while we wonder what is going on at the moment.

393. Harry Ballz - November 1, 2011

A problem with Harry Ballz?

What would you prefer……………………………………………………..Smooth Scrotum?

Talk about ironing out the wrinkles!

394. Buzz Cagney - November 1, 2011

#392 maybe Harry Ballz could do with A Brazilian? ;-)
Just wondering- how many millions is a Brazilion?
(god i’m bored!)

395. - November 1, 2011

Al Gorn spreading his special brand of snake oil throughout the universe until he is suddenly faced with uber skeptic Captain James T Kirk.

In a gigantic battle of wits things look bad for Kirk when the Gorn calls him a “flat earther”. Slightly rattled and before Kirk is able to respond the Gorn follows up by also calling Kirk “a holocaust denier”.

Can Kirk come back now the Gorn has clearly demonstrated his scientific superiority?

Stay tuned…

396. Vultan - November 1, 2011


Buzz, what’s your favorite TOS episode?

Mine is “The Doomsday Machine.”
I found this version of the episode online recently. Somebody did a nice job redoing the effects shots, many of which put the CBS remastered work to shame.

Check it out:

397. Keachick - November 1, 2011

Phil – Please, stop talking bs. Zachary Quinto has said that filming will start in 10-11 weeks from now. He is also going to be shaved and plucked in order to reveal his true identity as a Vulcan come November 2011. Officially pre-production has been going on for a few weeks now. Before it was “soft-prep”, according to Bob Orci, which probably meant that artists, designers, model makers were throwing ideas, designs etc out, seeing which had the better look and so on. The FACT is that the pre-production, Zach’s bushy eyebrow shave and pluck, and filming could not begin unless there was a SCRIPT – a script that the real PTB have okayed, ie Paramount executives, along with director, JJ Abrams.

It is just that no one is telling us what is in the script, not even the main actors – yet. They do not have to do anything – make announcements or give a release date for the movie. All in good time. How hard is that to understand? Good grief.

398. Keachick - November 2, 2011

Found this about/from Zachary Quinto

Chris Pine is just so quiet when it comes to talking about anything to do with this Star Trek. He seems to be letting all the other actors do the talking, not that there is that much to say right now.

399. Phobos - November 2, 2011

I am so anxious to see Star Trek 2012.


400. Jim Nightshade - November 2, 2011

Thanx for the tip about Shatners the Captains being on neflix…Just finished watching it and was very impressed….Shats a helluva interviewer and answers given by people like Patrick Stewert have made Shatner rethink his part is tv history….there are revelations and epiphanies and great moments with shatner at conventions wish there was even more of that….my only negative was Chris Pine didnt have much time but then again his journey as an icon is just beginning….Shatner interviews them about their roles, their lives, life and death….geniuinly touching moments with shatner and some special needs people at a convention….the sacrifices they all made with spouses and families to do their shows…shatner admitting that until recently he was still a bit embarassed to being associated with trek but finally believing he has touched and changed lives….and that he should be proud of his role….and that being remembered mainly for trek is not a bad thing….to the many shat haters who think his ego is too big should watch this…it is well done and one of the best things shatner has done lately….It also makes me feel good about loving Trek…there really has been nothing like it….Shatner realy did help forge and formulate what trek was for so many and his interviews with these icons has changed his perspective….fascinating….

401. Toonloon - November 2, 2011

Is anyone botheringt to update this site anymore? Is Anthony ok? Where are the other contributors????

402. VulcanFilmCritic - November 2, 2011

Maybe this site has gotten a little too radioactive for the powers that be. I remember reading an article about how Starlog magazine got a little too close to the action and was shut out by Paramount in the 1980’s.

At the time, there were rumors about the impending Death of Spock in
“ST II:TWOK” and the fans didn’t like the idea one bit. They were sending all kinds of hate mail to Nimoy and the studio.

Gene Roddenberry got in on the action, promoting the controversy because he didn’t like the idea either. The studio strong-armed Nimoy, who was overseas at the time, into calming the fans down by assuring them that, no, Mr. Spock would NOT die in “ST II” which of course proved to be false, although we don’t know what he knew about the film at that time.

Starlog for their involvement got the back of the hand from Paramount for spreading the rumor. They were completely shut out and warned that they had better promote Star Trek rather than harm it. They complied. There was nothing, of course, that the studio could do about Mr. Roddenberry, as they had already pretty much shut him out of the loop anyway.

I know this site can get pretty fractious at times, but I don’t think we’ve reached that point of enmity yet. Nevertheless, given Paramount’s history of behind-the-scenes publicity manipulation, it makes one wonder.

On the other hand, maybe the Supreme Court have something so powerful and potentially explosive that there is little bit of a blackout, as far as this site is concerned. I certainly hope so.

403. Nachum - November 2, 2011

Nimoy only agreed to appear if his character died. He knew all along.

404. Daoud - November 2, 2011

“And then he was born again!” -McCoy
I like it when the site goes Silent Running for a couple weeks. Gives me time to catch up on real life. :)
Just line up Victor Garber to be a Klingon, I think his cut scenes were most excellent.
And use the Nero Card to have the Klingons in the process already of restoring ridges. They downloaded a lot of data from the Narada over those 25 years….. Great way to include Jonathan Archer, since the Romulan database might have mentioned the ridge failure is a result of him being part of the cure of the Augment disease.

405. Daoud - November 2, 2011

And how did they get the cure? A beagle suddenly materialized on a Klingon cruiser, a beagle that had some of Jonathan Archer’s DNA in the owner-tag behind the beagle’s ear.
How that beagle came to be beamed aboard a Klingon vessel a year earlier is a great mystery.
Of course, we all known Mr. Scott has a history of beaming small animals aboard Klingon vessels…. the whole kit and ka-poodle… or ka-beagle.

406. Charla - November 2, 2011

400- Jim Nightshade, nicely put about “The Captains”. I thought it was a good show as well. I liked that Shatner finally admitted that he (finally) was proud of Trek. Avery Brooks was giddy or something- LOL He cracked me up!

402- VulcanFilmCritic- I didn’t know that had happened, thanks for sharing that information. Interesting-

407. Harry Ballz - November 2, 2011

402.VulcanFilmCritic “I don’t think we’ve reached that point of enmity yet”

One of my favorite episodes of TOS………THE ENMITY WITHIN

408. - November 2, 2011

Relax guys, I suspect Anthony is probably doing something,

like living his life.

409. Captain Hackett - November 2, 2011

Hey Contributors…

Can you please tell us what’s going on this site? You owe us awful lot…

I was expecting Kayla to post another Science article last Saturday, but she did not. It got me wonder about this site.

410. rm10019 - November 2, 2011

^ ah, humor, a difficult concept…

411. Lostrod - November 2, 2011

“400- Jim Nightshade, nicely put about “The Captains”. I thought it was a good show as well. I liked that Shatner finally admitted that he (finally) was proud of Trek. Avery Brooks was giddy or something- LOL He cracked me up!”

I watched the documentary on Netflix last night and was very impressed. Very good production values and Mr. Shatner demonstrated that he is a master at one on one interviews.

412. Buzz Cagney - November 2, 2011

#396 tough question, Vults.
The first episode that springs to mind is Balance of Terror so thats the one i’m going to go with. Its just perfect.
Journey to Babel is pretty darned good too.
Man, there are a good dozen more I could easily name but I think those two will be enough to be going on with. ;)

That is some hugely impressive work on that link you put up, Vults. Amazing. Funnily enough the remastering work on The Doomsday Machine was among the best they did for the series
It was certainly a very patchy job they did overall though. I really don’t understand how they could get some of the work so good and some so bad. Weird. At times they couldn’t even get the colour of the Enterprise consistently correct!.

413. Riker's Dad - November 2, 2011

It’s fine if Anthony is moving on with his life, but PLEASE tell us so we can move on to other sites and stop coming here looking for updates. One sentence would do. Something like: “Hey, thanks for supporting the site, but we’ll no longer be adding new posts.” What a shame, though. Trekmovie was the best, most reliable source of all things Star Trek. Ahhhh! Just tell us what’s up!!

414. David Jones - November 2, 2011

402.@VulcanFilmCritic, from what I’ve heard the powers that be at Paramount really don’t care about Trek. Sure they continue to repackage the dvds and market the brand in these Abrams films but they really have no passion for Trek.

Thanks to Paramount you never got a DS9 or Voyager movie. The journey hasn’t continued its been stagnated and grounded in the past.

The original Trek cast has been chosen not as the next generation but as a reproduction of the old generation. A brand friendly crew.
All because the suits at Paramount don’t have any passion for Trek they want to play it safe and churn out a couple of flashy films twice a decade.

Meanwhile fans, producers and writers continually come up with BETTER ideas on how the film/show/series/franchise should move forward.

Those people have passion but have no power. We are left with a couple of nice guys, but they wrote Transformers and based on the last Trek film, ah I’m not a big fan. :(

Paramount IS the problem with trek. Not this website. Imo.

415. Khan 2.0 - November 2, 2011

if this site is done whats the next best one?

trekweb? trek today?

we’re like the Vulcans in ST09 we need Spock to find us a new home!

416. Buzz Cagney - November 2, 2011

Some of us have as a back-up meeting site.

417. Khan 2.0 - November 2, 2011

regarding the klingons in Trek 2 again- i remember seeing an interview with Nimoy not so long ago where he said the last time he saw Roddenberry it was to discuss Trek VI and that GR liked the script very much but would like to see one thing explored that no Trek had ever touched upon before ….the origins of the klingons – why they were the way they were, why so angry, what caused them to go down that route and become a ferocious warrior race, what happened…

Nimoy said he thought it was a great idea and he and Meyer went away and tried to interject some explanations in the movie but they couldn’t figure out how to in the context of the story that needed to be told so it didn’t happen….

if it is to be klingons in the trek sequel maybe we’ll get to see what GR wanted to see and what (to my knowledge) has yet to be explored (even in TNG) – the origins of the klingons (via flashback and explanation from various characters against the backdrop of a story of an epic klingon/federation conflict complete with some kind of mcguffin)

Kind of similar to the way ST09 was the origins of ‘Star Trek:TOS’ itself (or the alternate origin anyway) with us never having seen it before

Avatar delved quite deeply into an alien race and its culture – so its possible the trek sequel might be going that way with the klingons…(home planet, their culture etc) after all when a film is as big as Avatar (or star wars or any genre defining blockbuster) theres usually alot of similaly themed movies that follow….

418. Buzz Cagney - November 2, 2011

#416 thanks to nothing more than a lack of interest from the punters was the reason they never made a DS9 or Voyager movie. Hell, even the TNG crew couldn’t get much interest.
No, the original characters are the only one’s that capture the imagination at this time. Once that imagination has been fed and nurtured then maybe they’ll have enough of an audience to come up with some new characters and, well, strange new worlds and new civilisations.

419. Harry Ballz - November 2, 2011

Hey, maybe Anthony got caught in the back seat of his car with an Orion slave girl and is currently serving 120 days in the slammer!?

420. David Jones - November 2, 2011

@Khan, the Klingon’s were covered in a 3 part story in Star Trek Enterprise season 4. (The season of redemption)

So you really crave more of the same and with a Mcguffin. Wow how your standards have slipped so low my friend. With so many other ideas. Let’s see the Klingons? Again?

Here’s something I dare Abrams to come up with, something new. I know that’s asking a lot. I hope the Trek fans can take the shock.

421. Vultan - November 2, 2011


Ah, true, Buzz. CBS did do a rather inconsistent job with the remastering. Perhaps they had different crews working on different episodes. Who knows.

But I miss seeing those episodes every week. It was almost like having a new Trek series on TV. Maybe the same will happen with TNG remastered on TV… and not just DVD releases.

Anyway, if there are Klingons in the sequel, I wonder which ship (or ships) will appear. The classic battlecruiser (or “warbirds” as they called them)? The Bird of Prey? A green Prius? :D

422. David Jones - November 2, 2011

@buzz, says,,,”No, the original characters are the only one’s that capture the imagination at this time.”

That’s exactly what Paramount thinks and that’s exactly why you’re gonna get a repackaging of Trek. Something I assure you Gene would be totally against.

This road might capture your imagination but not mine. They’re was a germination of a Voyager film but the suits at Paramount think like you. There are great ideas for new ships and new shows but Paramount thinks like you.

Thanks for basically forcing me to accept a poor mans version of a great mans idea.

Just think if Paramount micro managed the later tv shows, you would have never seen the Borg or Species 8472. It would have been Klingons and Vulcans. Because those are brands that they trust.

Naw let’s continue to bash Berman and Braga for keeping Paramount ideas out of TNG, DS9, Yoyager and even Enterprise. I read here on this site that some folk actually liked those shows. Amazing?

If this were the opeinig scene from “First Contact” I would say. Mr Worf target your phasers on Paramount Studios,,, and fire!

423. Joshua - November 2, 2011

I thought Worf gave sufficient insight into the Klingon race & culture during both TNG & DS9. I mean, wasn’t it presumably with Kahless that the Klingon warrior culture came to be?

424. Buzz Cagney - November 2, 2011

#424 it matters not a jot what you and I think. The audience voted with their feet in ’09. And to be totally honest i’m really not bothered what Roddenberry would think. He’s no longer with us anyway so whatever emotion we may suscribe to him would just be speculation anyway.
For all we know he may have loved ’09. His wife was more than happy enough to give it her blessing…..

425. Buzz Cagney - November 2, 2011

#423 I prefer the pearl white Prius, mate. ;)

426. David Jones - November 2, 2011

“The audience voted with their feet in ‘09″

If you want to wednesday morning quarterback worldwide boxoffice into your keys for success equation, then Terminator Salvation was also a hit film. How’s that franchise doing these days? Let me tell you, its dead Jim.
“And to be totally honest i’m really not bothered what Roddenberry would think.”

Yeah well I’m a Star Trek fan “mate” and deeply upset with this direction. That you have little respect for Gene yet love the new film, doesn’t surprise me at all.

427. Adolescent Nightmare - November 2, 2011


Wow you would make Paramount bankrupt in no time. Nobody wants a continuation of the old stuff.

428. Green-Blooded-Bastard - November 2, 2011

Ah, going through this again, huh? No Anthony, no updates, no quickie post, no nothing…

429. George B. - November 2, 2011

Just for all you climate change believers, that BEST study (supposedly funded by skeptics) is a sham. One of the co-scientists is leaving the project because of shady dealings by the lead scientist.

Just face it — climate change is a religion and real scientists know that the debate should never be over.

430. Mikey1091 - November 2, 2011

428: Yeah, I was wondering the same. There hasn’t been an update in over a week. I hope they haven’t forgotten about us and that everything is alright!!!

431. Quatlo - November 2, 2011

To hell with the Kling-Ons – they’ve been explored and exploited way beyond reason.

New times and new minds need new ideas to make us think.

I hope Anthony is in good health.

432. PEB - November 2, 2011

anthony probably got tired of people being at each others throats here acting like three year olds who have to pick a side instead of enjoying all the new and the old. ha …but really, some of you guys have gotten a little too serious about it. just enjoy it or cling to the stuff you like. its not an either or preference here. lets keep away from the fan on fan hate.

433. BeatleJWOL - November 2, 2011

“a repackaging of Trek. Something I assure you Gene would be totally against. ”

yeah that’s why Gene kept pushing the exact same “TOS crew gets involved in the Kennedy assassination” story for 10 years. :p

434. David Jones - November 2, 2011

@Adolescent Nightmare, ah Star Trek NexGen, DS9 and Voyager, are still making money to this day on dvd. Ever been to a real book store. Novels are still being written about those old shows. Your logic is flawed sir.

When was the last time you were at a Star Trek convention and took a poll? I’ve talked to a lot of fans and sure some liked the new film but the ones that really seemed to love it were the newbees coming in from the lack of Star Wars action.
Good link @George B. Global warming is a marketing term used by globalists to scare everyone into paying for solutions that not only don’t work they’re designed to inslave us all to our oil based world.

Free energey is being surpressed by the same folks that support carbon taxes and all that bs.

435. Phil - November 2, 2011

At some point there are no updates because there is nothing to update. The boys are working on a script, just like they have been telling us for the last two years. Pre-production, soft prep, or whatever you want to call it consists of maintenance moving the water cooler around the office, leaf blowing the parking lot twice a month now in stead of once, and JJ wondering if the Morman Rocks would be a good site shoot when he’s driving out to Vegas for the weekend. We are 1/3 of the way through fall, and no green light from the studio, no script, no sets. We need to give credit where credit is due, the folks who write here have gotten really creative at repacking what little information they have.

436. Craiger - November 2, 2011

Phil, the thing is this is a site for everything new on Trek not just the movie. I think maybe the staff has gotten tired of reporting on general Trek news and maybe even scifi and science news. Maybe they figure Trek fans can keep track of the sequel at movie news blogs or at Trekweb and Trektoday. Allthough Gustavo over at Trekweb says he is getting burnt out on reporting Trek news.

437. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 2, 2011

Wow some of you people are starting to bore the hell out of me…

438. TrekMadeMeWonder - November 2, 2011

Hey. If interested, here’s my version of how to fix the JJ Abramsprise.

Has this been suggested before?

439. Bobowing - November 2, 2011

this sucks

440. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 2, 2011

I doubt that this site is stopped because of lack of news for Trek sequel… there are many issues that could be generating news here… besides Anthony would certainly be fetching information with his sources… the problem must be another… something that is not within our reach and that Anthony did not want to share with us… either way we’re still here commenting on the site somehow he is still alive…

I really hope that whatever the problem it is resolved as best as possible… and that all is well with Anthony and the other contributors to this site…

And if the matter is that they need more free time on their personal lives, there is nothing we can do…

:-) :-)

441. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 2, 2011

I always thought that the producers of Trek sequel would leave us in the dark when they were totally dedicated to the movie… they do not have to promote new projects now so it will be difficult to hear something from them…

Anyway ZQ seemed quite excited about the movie… they certainly are working… I hope… :-) :-)

442. Poster Boy - November 2, 2011

Best Star Trek Poster ever:

443. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 2, 2011

437. Keachick…

I’m a little worried about what will happen with the film “Welcome to People”… seems that Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci did not renew the agreement they had with Dreamworks… they are out of there…

As you know Dreamworks produced the film… There is a lot of rumor about that..

…but it seems they did tests with the audience recently…:-) :-)

444. Will_H - November 2, 2011

I don’t blame Anthony for the lack of updates, the “Supreme Court” doesn’t seem to care much about the new project and has said hardly anything about it lately. Can’t report what’s not there (I could make a joke about a certain network but I’m not going to go there, lol). Would be nice to know, though, if he plans on keeping this site going once there is news to report, though. I loved Trekmovie during the production of 09 and would like to stick around but if this is dead for good it would be nice to know.

445. Paul - November 2, 2011

Good Lord people. Sometimes it’s nice not to see evreything about the movie before it even opens. It hasn’t even started filming yet… how can you say that the “Supreme Court” doesn’t care. Jeez – patience people, patience.

446. vre - November 2, 2011

this site is dead. Anthony is a hack crap pile of dung……..rotting.

447. VulcanFilmCritic - November 2, 2011

@403 Nachum. Yeah good point. I knew he was being disingenuous; the only question is why.

@407 Harry Ballz: “One of my favorite episodes of TOS………THE ENMITY WITHIN.”
LOL. The enmity would be that which Shatner initially had for Nimoy. As a classically trained actor, he had nothing but contempt for someone whom he thought was getting by on mere charm.

@414 David Jones. Frankly I don’t get it. Movie studios are in the business of making money, right? Star Trek is a proven winner, right? The major studios are not interested in making “art films” right? They just want to make dumb romantic comedies and even dumber teen horror flicks, so passion or no passion, why wouldn’t you want to make Star Trek?

Movie attendance is down, waaaay down. The thinking is that: Ticket prices are too high (for families). People have better home theaters. Gas costs money. But in these uncertain times isn’t Star Trek just the kind of thing you’d want to make? We’re fanatically loyal to the franchise. We show up multiple times. We purchase DVD’s and all kinds of tie-in crap. You would think this would be a nice steady income stream. Stockholders like that kind of thing.

And the whole super-hero genre is soooo played out. Yet they persist in trying to find the next big thing within the old big thing. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether Superman meets Batman or Gentle Ben.

I think the guys who run the studios these days have Play-Doh for brains!

448. nuanthony - November 2, 2011

this is my site now. say bye bye to trek. 4ever.

449. Basement Blogger - November 2, 2011

Anthony P., if you’re reading this thread, I hope you’re okay. Thanks for letting us hang out here in this cyber Trek universe.

450. Buzz Cagney - November 2, 2011

#429 i suggest you take your head out of the sand and look at how well ’09 did at the Box Office.
There really is little point in discussing this further. As i said before, the public voted with their feet.

451. JeanLuc_Kardashian - November 2, 2011



452. - November 2, 2011

There is a rumor going that god has decided to let William Shatner live forever to avoid being hated as much as Rick Berman.

453. David Jones - November 2, 2011

@VulcanFilmCritic, there’s always been a Paramount love hate dynamic when it comes to Trek. They can’t stand that Roddenberry was the creator and stood up for his show. They really hated that. At this point they and ultimatlty CBS own the franchise so were screwed as a fanbase.

The fans all crave this new bs direction, I’d love to produce an Showtime or HBO tv version of Star Trek.

It would be the most realistic hardcore trek you have ever seen and Spock will not be part of it.

Hey @Buzz you know that Paramount spent over 400mil on promoting Star Trek 2009. The film barely made a profit bro.

454. David Jones - November 2, 2011


Paramout spent over 200 mil on promotion for trek 09.

455. Rob - November 2, 2011

Some good stuff on some of the other sites, I’d never looked at before but some of their archive stuff is really well written and interesting.

I’m grateful for this site, but it is annoying not knowing if and when it’s being updated. Surely it can’t be that difficult to stick a brief note up saying ‘gone for lucnch, back in 10 days!

456. Keachick - November 2, 2011

#448 – “@407 Harry Ballz: “One of my favorite episodes of TOS………THE ENMITY WITHIN.” LOL. The enmity would be that which Shatner initially had for Nimoy. As a classically trained actor, he had nothing but contempt for someone whom he thought was getting by on mere charm.”

Huh? Both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are classically trained actors, in that they have both performed on stage roles in Shakespeare plays. Shatner did this in Canada, Montreal and Ottawa (if my memory serves) before he moved to New York. Who was “getting by on mere charm” (other than in your own imagination)?

#455 – All kinds of figures have been bandied about in connection with Star Trek 09. I consider most of them to be rumours, fabrications. guesswork all thrown out to prove or not prove someone’s own agenda.

As far as I know, the official figures are – $130 million for production, $20 million for promotion = total $150 million. Overall takings worldwide – $385 million. You do the sums.

Frankly, it does not matter what the figures were for the last movie. They were obviously enough to satisfy Paramount investors to go for making a sequel and it is the sequel that we await.

I, for one, missed Kirk, Spock, Bones McCoy and the original Enterprise and premise (the TOS team), so I was more than pleased to see them start back at the beginning with those beloved characters, albeit in a slightly different universe from the TOS one. Much as I liked Picard and TNG, Sisko and DS9, Janeway and Voyager and Archer and Enterprise, there are none like Kirk, Spock and the other great five. If they include a bit of Pike (Greenwood), that makes it my own Super 8 team and I am more than happy with that. As far as I am concerned, Paramount is giving me just what I want and it would appear what many others like me want as well.

Cheers to the Bad Robot team and Paramount. Now go make us a wonderful movie – action, suspense, love, beauty, and humour!

457. - November 3, 2011

When Generations came out i said to some friends i thought it was a mistake, that the original characters should be recast as they were far more interesting.

I was a big fan of Next Gen but it was best on television.

Going back to the original characters was the smartest move Paramount has made re Star trek in many years.

458. VulcanFilmCritic - November 3, 2011

@456 Keachick.

Leonard Nimoy is NOT a classically trained actor. His major experience in acting prior to coming to Hollywood was performing in his neighborhood playhouse at a settlement house in Boston. Mr. Shatner on the other hand studied and graduated from McGill. Shatner had lots of experience with the classics before Star Trek.

When Nimoy came to LA, he studied for a few months at the Pasedena Playhouse where they helped him get rid of his thick Boston accent. He took some classes with Jeff Corey (of “The Cloud Minders”) who became a sort of mentor. Nimoy took over some of the acting classes at Jeff Corey’s school and formed a school himself, but he is most definitely NOT a classically-trained actor. If he has an acting philosophy, it would be described as (Stanislavsky-style) Method acting.

As for the comment about charm, it is not from my imagination, but from the imagination of William Shatner himself. There are several contemporaneous articles at the website BeyondSpock which detail the relationship between these two men IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

You might do well to check it out before “venting.”

459. Victor Hugo - November 3, 2011

I also want to see Klingots in this movie!

460. CarlG - November 3, 2011

Just thought I’d try and lighten the mood while we wait.

Enjoy! :)

461. Garak - November 3, 2011

what happened to Trek Movie? I want news about Star Trek2. The brazillian site posted rumor about Klingons. Please, Anthony, give us some light…

462. Dave in RI - November 3, 2011

To quote the Simpsons’ Star Trek XII: So Very Very Tired:

Kirk: (facepalms) “…Again with the Klingons?!”

463. rm10019 - November 3, 2011

The image at the top of this page looks like a big hole… representing the hole in my life without!

464. Kayla Iacovino - November 3, 2011

I was going to let this go, but as the most recent post on the site, this article’s been getting way too much traffic so… explanation…

“Haters gonna hate” is a MEME. An internet meme. As in: a joke. A joke from the internet.

Sheesh. I guess I read reddit and failblog too much these days….

I will refrain from referencing obscure internet memes in the future. MY BAD!

465. rm10019 - November 3, 2011

Nothing to answer for Kayla, it was funny, and those morons who brought it up have no sense of humor. Laugh at them as the rest of us do.

466. Kayla Iacovino - November 3, 2011

@465 Thanks, rm. It was starting to worry me when my credibility as a science writer was called into question. Just to be sure, I’ve made the phrase in the article link out to!

Glad you got the joke!

467. VZX - November 3, 2011

Kayle: c’mon, you should know that haters are always gonna hate. It’s in their name.

468. The Last Vulcan - November 3, 2011

Kayla, I’m aware that this site goes dormant for weeks at a time then explodes back in a flurry of posts just to go dormant again, but could you shed some light on the rationale behind this oscillating posting schedule from your behind-the-scenes perspective? It’s quite unorthodox by popular blogging standards so it looks a little wonky to the more recent participants.

469. Robman007 - November 3, 2011

This site is starting to turn into the new movie…a whole lot of nothing.

Klingons are better then having another Khan movie.

470. Gary S. - November 3, 2011

Glad you are back Kayla.
I thought it was funny too.

471. Basement Blogger - November 3, 2011

@ 464

Thanks for posting Kayla. Tell Anthony P. we’re concerned about him. And that we hope he’s okay. By the way, I’m just learning about Internet speak. Jon Stewart just taught me what TMI means. “Too much information.”

472. Daoud - November 3, 2011

Klingons off the starboard bow!!
(Name that reference!)

473. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - November 3, 2011


Star Trekkin’ Across the Universe.

We come in peace, shoot to kill. ;)

474. Vultan - November 3, 2011

Quick, someone alert the Klingon embassy!

475. rogerachong - November 3, 2011

Quick Question: The new ST comics #1 and #2 deals with the TOS ep. “Where no men has gone before”. I noticed from the hightlights that there are some changes in the comics when compared to the original teleplay. For those who have read the comic did Gary Mitchells suffer an altered fate in the comic? Note that Bob said the comic events will hint at the plot for the new film and lead up to them. ST#3 and 4 will deal with “Galileo 7″ and #5 and 6 will deal with “Operation Annhilate”. In Trinidad there is no way I will ever get these comics. Please some help from our US fans on the plot point alterations seen in the comic series.

476. Cervantes - November 3, 2011

…er, not even a ‘movie news’ round-up yet?

Throw us a bone here Rosario!

477. rogerachong - November 3, 2011

Klingon helmets will be seen as a rip off of Darth Vader and the storm troopers. It will cause the general public and Star War fans to call foul and rightly so.I personally feel that the primary reason for cutting the klingon scenes from the last film was those Star Wars rip-off klingon helmets. They were thinking that on halloween they could sell these helmets to kids, triple lame! Please guys tell them no helmets loud and clear it is a bad idea. Bob and JJ take heed no more Wars in Trek.

478. Clinton - November 3, 2011

I know that sometimes this site goes for a while without updates. But, like others here, I’m also hoping all is okay.

479. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

#460 My bad. If memory serves me, I had read that Leonard Nimoy had also done some Shakespeare on stage. Either it has to do with memory lapses or the person writing the article was uninformed and went on to misinform others. It also happened with William Shatner, where the information given in an article was incorrect, but then how was I to know?

I did not think I was “venting”. Perhaps it was a knee-jerk reaction to your statement here, “The enmity would be that which Shatner initially had for Nimoy. As a classically trained actor, he had nothing but contempt for someone whom he thought was getting by on mere charm.” – which you had not said came from an actual quote from William Shatner himself. Given how much Shat-bash is about, well, I figured this was just more of the same.

I stand corrected.

480. Robman007 - November 3, 2011

@ 475: I think a major theme of the new movie will be about starfleet questioning putting Kirk in command of the Enterprise so soon. With No Man and Galileo 7, the stories dealt with situations that Kirk got the Enterprise into and how he dealt with getting the Enterprise out of that situation and dealing with the loss of crewmembers. Kinda easy to see how these events could put some doubt in the higher ups in Starfleet about putting someone that young in that big of a role….would also be a good reason why Admiral Pike is involved…to watch over Kirk..then you’d see a real threat brought on by the Klingons…ala a plot similar to Errand of Mercy. I’m thinking someone big is going to go down with the Klingons in the new film. They might be kinda mad after losing 47 vessels to Nero and untold numbers of people.

Also, remember, a video game is slated to be released in 2012 and that game also has elements that are going to be a basis of the new film…and it looks like things get out of control on the Enterprise in that one too.

481. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

@Kayla Lacovina – Glad to see you back. I trust all is OK with you. How is our moderator, Anthony? Well? Can you tell us anything about what is going on re the movie, even if Anthony can’t, because he is about to be shaved, plucked and have ridges placed on his forehead, a la Klingon style? (One can but hope!)

I did not believe, for a minute, that you were directing your comment “Haters gonna hate” to any of us here. I thought it was a comment directed at various scientists, politicians, multi-global companies who could find the latest findings on the global warming controversy inconvenient, to say the least. It would mean that they would need, or be forced, to change the way they go about doing things, in order to lessen the very real and potential harm done by the continued warming of the planet. Hating a message (along with the messenger) is not an uncommon occurrence.

Anyway, thank you for your interesting contributions to this site.

482. Eric Cheung - November 3, 2011

464. I think that the comment was a joke was well understood by those that objected. But it’s still a joke that paints with a broad brush all people who are skeptical of climate change. And I say this as someone who is very supportive of the veracity of climate change. As I said before it does lower one’s credibility simply by suggesting, even through a joke that you would assume that no one on the other side of a particular issue is open to evidence that would prove them wrong. I would suggest that those that do make such assumptions of their opponents in a debate tend to reveal their own prejudices.

Besides which, I think the debate on whether or not climate change is real, or whether or not it’s caused by people should not even be the point. Conservation of every kind should be a major priority even if people had no effect on the environment.

483. Phil - November 3, 2011

@479. RE: Venting. I just figured you were pissed because some people were suggesting that the Paramount maintnance guy was busy pre-productioning ST12 while sweeping out the stage of The Avengers……………. :-)

484. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

#462 Love the link you posted…LOL What’s not to love about Star Trek? I do hope that Chris Pine is getting all this…:)

485. Battle-scarred Sciatica - November 3, 2011


your reputation as a science writer remains untarnished.

as for my reputation as goddamn m*$#er-f*%$#ng sh#t-bag, that continues….

….much like the human adventure……….

Keep on M*##er-Trekkin’, peeps :)

486. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - November 3, 2011

I want to know why the staff doesnt keep some articles in tonys absence.

487. Harry Ballz - November 3, 2011

A butcher, wanting to attract more business, put a sign in his window that read….


488. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

#484 I agree with you. Unfortunately, it does seem part of a lot of human nature to be lazy about things like, eg, allowing sewerage to flow into some harbour and so make it someone else’s problem eventually, if the amount of sewerage gets too high and it starts to effect people’s recreational swimming and fishing, or even, in some cases, commercial fishing operations.

Either people don’t think that they are doing much harm (on their own, they are probably not) but… or they think that it is someone else’s problem, not theirs anymore.

Therein lies the basic problem.

489. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

#489 – I’d be so disappointed if I read anything less coming from a Harry Ballz…:)

490. Chris Doohan - November 3, 2011

This just in! The new star Trek movie will…

Oh, sorry, my dinner is ready.

491. Sybok's Secret Brother - November 3, 2011

Thanks for the tidbit Chris! ;p

492. Phil - November 3, 2011


Ten internet points for the best finish to this sentence!

… made someday!

493. Viking - November 3, 2011


494. Viking - November 3, 2011

C’mon, folks, 500 is only a few posts away……………….LOL

495. AJ - November 3, 2011


Keachick: Harry and I are are separate individuals. He’s like half-Scottish, so he thinks he’s funny.

‘Happy as Larry’ is Something Completely Different

496. AJ - November 3, 2011

And while we’re at it, let’s all pay tribute to the reason “Star Trek” still lives today:

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Aliens.

497. dmduncan - November 3, 2011

I went from being an AGW believer, to being somewhat skeptical when I saw how it was literally being used to create an empty-headed herd mentality. I still think we are probably causing it, but also that it is being used as an excuse in the same way that 9/11 was used as an excuse to exercise more control over the population.

Finally, I decided it really doesn’t matter either way from the standpoint of my own life because I thought I should try to live in the most environmentally conservative way possible no matter what the truth was, because that is the best way for all of us to live with respect to maintaining the good that is the earth that we all enjoy and share. That’s really all I can do, is to be mindful of how I live and contribute to the problem so that I can lessen my own impact.

And as abundance gives way to scarcity, we’ll have to find new ways to maintain a similar standard of living, which may require a philosophical shift in what we regard as necessary for personal fulfillment.

498. Jack in London - November 3, 2011

Now conviction (and the sheer numbers of people who believe what they believe because they believe it) trumps facts. Maybe, denying: climate change/ evolution /that Shakespeare wrote his own plays/ that vaccinations save lives and that cutting taxes is not a magical fix for the economy is all suddenly mainstream because we now have this irrational mistrust of evidence. Skepticism is one thing, but we’ve moved beyond that into “whatever I believe must be right.” Suddenly, lack of evidence is actually a plus. We’ll believe ridiculous conspiracies in forwarded emails, without any real evidence, instead of decades of research.

I wish we were smarter, collectively.

499. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

According to my post numbering system, this is post #500, unless someone “say it” before me. dmduncan’s post starting with the words, “I went from being an AGW believer…” is post #499.

The numbers seem to be askew so if you are responding to someone, please state their post number and name, so that confusion and misunderstandings do not occur. Thanks, all!

500. nano - November 3, 2011

Trek put on hold awaiting Christian Bale availability following Dark Knight Rises?

501. Harry Ballz - November 3, 2011


502. nano - November 3, 2011

502 to be exactly

503. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 3, 2011

#460. CarlG…


According to ZQ will be plenty of action to Spock in Trek sequel… I guess Kirk action will be even greater… we can only imagine who they are fighting against…

:-) :-)

504. Vultan - November 3, 2011


Maybe we should rename it
“THE source for everything new in… nothing.”

505. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 3, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service this is a Special Report.
It was reported today that the new Trek Movie.
We regret to inform you that the Information on the new Trek Movie is now Classified.

End of Special Report.

506. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 3, 2011

Harry. 500 plus post about nothing. That must be a record for you.
Shouldn’t you be bashing Erica Durance right about now.
I Kids I Kids.

507. Charla - November 3, 2011

LOL Commodore!!

508. Craiger - November 3, 2011

Trekmovie a show about nothing. What did you do tonight? I went to and their were no new news posts. Their’s a show that’s a show. LOL.

509. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

No, Harry’s too busy going for “beating my meat” deals to bother about whatsaname.

Kayla, anyone – I think it is time we got another thread to get out gnashers around, if you know what I mean…:)

510. Craiger - November 3, 2011

511. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 3, 2011



:-) :-)

512. Odkin - November 3, 2011

@503 “According to ZQ will be plenty of action to Spock in Trek sequel… ”

Great, if there’s one thing I think about when I think of Spock, it’s ACTION! /s

How about Brains? Control? Dignity? Melancholy?

513. Anthony Thompson - November 3, 2011

Hey Rosario! Dude. Where are you? You rescued trekmovie from oblivion last time. Time to do it again…one last time.

514. Vultan - November 3, 2011

#508 Craiger

–Well, why do you visit
–Because it’s on the web!
–Not for long.


515. Anthony Thompson - November 3, 2011

I just remembered that someone during the last lull (maybe Vultan?) was offering AP money to take over trekmovie. I won’t ‘offer’ money, but I’d ‘take’ money to remove this burden of his. : ) First thing I’d do is name Harry Ballz as Editor-in-Chief. Then I’d name MJ as Enforcer-in-Chief. Finally, I’d name Bob as my confidential and anonymous studio source. Me? I’d just collect my payments from AP for relieving him from all the nitpickers and pains-in-the-butt commenters.

516. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 3, 2011

Commodore – Shouldn’t you be asking Harry Ballz for his agoniser for wasting precious Terran Empire time by posting comments and allowing people to believe they were something and now he tells us that they were nothing?

#505 Dee – Chris Pine is certainly looking very nice and trim – well toned abs and biceps (easily seen in that dark bluish t-shirt he was wearing). Perhaps those biceps are for hanging onto vines as he and the others are being rescued by Uhura – no “damsel in distress” is that gal…:)

There is also a rumour floating about that Chris Pine is contracted to remove at least one piece of clothing per movie. Now that’s a rumour I can live with! However, him being naked to the waist in darkness or very low light is cheating. It is also a (criminal) waste to hide such manly beauty!
I am saying this because what I saw in part of the This Means War trailer where “Chris” and Lauren are in the dark making passionate embraces and he is shirtless and she is just in a bra. Given the premise of the movie though, it could be that darkness came suddenly for the couple due to some “Hardy” efforts. Hope so…:)

517. Vultan - November 3, 2011


Not me, man. Must be someone else (that actually has money).
But if and when you do take over, I’ll gladly be your toady-in-chief… sir.


518. Basement Blogger - November 3, 2011

Okay, Captain Pascale has been hurt by an Orion spy. First, do you realize that by observing TrekWeb, this site has more comments per story? TrekWeb is cool but on this site we engage in epic debates.

I just checked with Scotty in engineering. My fellow Trekkers, our inertial dampers are still online. We have power to phasers, a full complement of photon torpedoes. We have shields and we are at full capacity as far as energy. That means we have full warp capability.

Klingons. Pussies. Romulans, weak Vulcans. The Borg? Try to assimilate my big butt. Species 8472 (Voyager) ? BRING IT. I’m going to stay on this ship until they destroy us. By the way, let me know who “they” will be.

519. Andy Patterson - November 3, 2011

What was it Ferris Bueler said at the end of the movie?

“what, you’re still here?”

520. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - November 3, 2011


It’s incredible what gets onto these threads if Anthony doesn’t update for a while. :/

Still, you made me laugh. Quite hard.

521. Terence T - November 3, 2011

It’s kind of odd how we seem to pause on the stories that have some controversial stuff in them. o_O;

522. Craiger - November 3, 2011

I did a search for CBS Star Trek and I got these two articles from this guy who thinks he understands why Trek isn’t on TV now. If their isn’t going to be Trek on TV for a long time I can see now why Trek news has gotten scarce and maybe Anthony sees that also. I just wish if that is his view he would post a note saying if he is done with the site or not.

523. Chadwick - November 3, 2011

@459. Victor Hugo Ha..Klingot, classic.

@490. Chris Doohan lol Nooooooooo! so mean :( waaaaaaaa

524. Chadwick - November 3, 2011

Yea it sucks that the site is lacking but then again it was set up specifically to cover the 2009 movie. Its not like trek news, trek new, or the official star trek website. We have been lucky to have all the other posts and communications with each other. We all know when the time comes, this site will ramp up with all sorts of news.

525. jamesingeneva - November 3, 2011

Did you guys see that Star Trek Infinite Space got deep sixed? Thought for sure there would have been some news on it.

526. Stewie Griffin - November 3, 2011

Dear Stupid Dog, I’ve gone to live with the children on Jolly Farm. Good-bye forever, Stewie. P.S.- I never got a chance to return that sweater Lois gave me for Christmas, I left the receipt on top of my bureau. I’m probably over the 30-day return limit, but I’m sure if you make a fuss they’ll at least give you a store credit or something. It’s actually not a horrible sweater, it’s just I can’t imagine when I would ever wear it, you know? Oh and I also left a button on the bureau, um I’m not sure what it goes to but um I, I can never bring myself to throw a button away, I know as soon as I do, I’ll find the garment it goes to and then it’ll, wait a minute actually could it have been from the sweater? Did that sweater have buttons? Hmm. Well I should wrap this up before I start to ramble. Again good-bye forever. PPS- You know what, it might be a little chilly in London, I’m actually going to take the sweater.

527. Vultan - November 3, 2011

Well, it looks like I’m not the only one who wasn’t impressed with Cowboys & Aliens. It seems the head of Universal isn’t a fan either.

Mark this day in your calendar, people. Someone in Hollywood told the truth:

528. Red Dead Ryan - November 3, 2011

Tough time to be a Trekkie………If “Infinite Space” got cancelled, then the odds aren’t good that the “Star Trek” tie-in video game will ever be released.

Diamond Select ships, props, figures are getting axed. Video games are being cancelled. IDW comic books may soon be going by the wayside.

529. Red Dead Ryan - November 3, 2011

I guess the lack of anything new to do with “Star Trek” is a minor quibble compared to everything else going on in the real world.

No sense complaining about Trek when the whole world is going straight to hell in a straitjacket!

530. Harry Ballz - November 3, 2011

520. “Still, you made me laugh. Quite hard.”

Laughing should not be hard.

531. xai - November 3, 2011

524. Chadwick – November 3, 2011

not completely correct. A LOT of things have been covered before, during and after Star Trek 09. There is still news available to cover, we just don’t know why the site owner is not doing what has been done in the past.

532. Red Dead Ryan - November 3, 2011



533. Vultan - November 3, 2011


Where did you hear about IDW going by the wayside?
Or was that just a hypothetical (concerning the decline of Trek)?

534. Odkin - November 3, 2011

If I was one of Paramount’s business partners or merchandise licensees I would be SO pissed off that Bad Robot has sucked all the momentum and energy out of the franchise.

All the money invested by toy producers, book companies, software developers, collectible makers… all gone because instead of building a
successful franchise, Bad Robot diddled around for 4 years. After hanging their partners out to dry, no way will they be willing to reestablish this kind of investment in Trek2013. Those merchandising deals are LUCRATIVE and this dillettante act has likely cost the studio a fortune..

I STILL wouldn’t be surprised if the plug got pulled on Trek2013 somehow, at least under the Bad Robot stewardship. There seem to bee some people moving around right now and with this activity blackout, I’m thinking there might be some VERY serious negotiations under way.

535. Harry Ballz - November 3, 2011

515. Anthony Thompson “First thing I’d do is name Harry Ballz as Editor-in-Chief”

Anthony, I appreciate your confidence in me, however, if I did run this joint, every time I disagreed with someone, I wouldn’t just ban them, I’d erase everything they’d ever posted anywhere on the internet! Friggin’ knuckle-draggers!

Gawd, I’m such a sweetie!!

536. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 3, 2011

You are seriously starting to bore me again. The very serious negotiations have already been done and the people are busy getting on with their jobs. Not everybody is into toys, games and all the other crap merchandise. Even Mel Brooks made a joke about the bloody “moichandise”. It is what goes on film that matters and that is what we are told is about to happen. I don’t know why Odkin and a few others would presume to know more than Zachary Quinto – you know, the one who is getting those bushies shaved and plucked and being fitted with big pointy ears. Sheesh!

537. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 3, 2011

Yes, Harry, and you would have the ballz to do it as well…:)

538. Harry Ballz - November 3, 2011

Hey, Keachick, what the hell do you think I type with??

539. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 3, 2011

Oh Harry, Harry, Harry…LOL

Someone wrote that the FACT is that filming of the Star Trek sequel starts in 10-11 weeks time. That would make the dates between the 8th and 15th of January 2012. That works because people working on the film in their various departments will have taken their religious/holiday breaks, like Hanukkah, Christmas and new year’s holiday time. If it were me, I would like to think that all the major construction and other prep work was done by Hanukkah or by Christmas Eve, 24th December, at the latest. What dates does the *Jewish Hanukkah celebrations occur on? That would give all those people a week or so off for a bit of R&R before the hard work of actual filming etc takes place.

Does that sound like a sensible plan? Anthony? Bob? Anyone?

* You know I could google this information but it would be nicer to have someone over your ways actually tell me in their own words. Maybe they celebrate it themselves. It is like when I occasionally ask people here what the time is or what the weather is like. No doubt the information could be found on Google somewhere, but it’s not the same, if you people know what I mean. It’s like no one can even give the time of day…read that as you wish.

540. Bilderberg Group Trek Fan - November 3, 2011

Things are not going well here in Europe. We could really use some good news on the Trek sequel over here!

541. Odkin - November 3, 2011

@536 Keachick,

Am I supposed to be concerned that I’m boring you? Unlike many here, I’ve been married for a long time and am not here to flatter or flirt with anyone just because they’re -gosh- a *girl*. My opinions won’t change except in the face of facts, not smartass remakrs.

Quinto hasn’t had that eyebrow job done yet. People annnounce future plans all the time. It doesn’t happen til it happens.

I didn’t say I LIKED the merchandise. Merchandise deals have ruined several genre movies, especially when characters, villains, and equipment gets shoehorned in just to sell toys. My point is that to the extent Paramount made any money from licensing Trek in 2009, they are blowing the chance to do it again in 2013. Those partners though they were buying into a franchise with momentum, but their product lines have been left to die a slow lingering death.

Assuming production eventually starts, there are some very highly paid people who are expert at arranging logistics and who have access to important people’s calendars. I think they can come up with their own plan. I understand asking what the schedule might be, but suggesting one like they need your help is a little ridiculous.

542. nano - November 3, 2011

Star Trek 1.2
Gary Seven is sent to stop the Enterprise’s encounter w/ Botany Bay that ultimately prevents the creation of Genesis Planet that saves Romulus, preventing the future Super Nova. Admiral Kirk retires to enjoy time with his grandson future Capt. Brandon Kirk son of David & Lt Saavik!

Brandon Kirk appears in the next television ver.

543. Keachick (rose pinenut) - November 4, 2011

“Am I supposed to be concerned that I’m boring you? Unlike many here, I’ve been married for a long time and am not here to flatter or flirt with anyone just because they’re -gosh- a *girl*. My opinions won’t change except in the face of facts, not smartass remarks.”

No, I guess you’re not concerned, even when it comes with dealing with what people, more in the know than you, say will be happening personally for them. What – you really think I look to be flirted with or flattered? “just because they’re -gosh- a *girl*” What the f*ck does that mean? What kind of smartass remark is that?

Did I say that I was offering anyone a schedule or that they needed my help? I was stating what I would like to have happen. I said, “If it were me, I would like…” I am going by what little information that I have to hand and figuring out the most likely scenario, given the upcoming holidays, starting with *Thanksgiving weekend at the end of November(?).

*We don’t have a Thanksgiving weekend in NZ like you have in the US. Hindu Diwali and the Chinese New Year celebrations are bigger events here than the Jewish Hanukkah, hence my initial questions, which I see you did not bother to answer.

If you had been paying attention, Quinto, like Pine, has been very quiet about anything to do with this film sequel until now… Zoe, Simon, Anton, and John have been the most vociferous ones over the past year.

In terms of producing merchandise, lines of various products stop and start all the time. Once the movie is pretty much done, then those companies will start doing their thing again to coincide with the release of the movie and when their products become more relevant to the public. The reality is that the movie is behind schedule by seven months, so why would the merchandise companies want to put out products now, rather than wait a little while longer?

544. Anthony Thompson - November 4, 2011

535. Harry Ballz

Does that mean you’ll banish all the Shat lovers from this site forever? I kind of like that idea, but it might get a little quiet around here. Just you, MJ and myself talking amongst ourselves? Like Khan & Co., only those of us with superior intellect and judgement of character will be left to rule Trekmovie with Iron Ballz!

545. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 4, 2011

“only those of us with superior intellect and judgment of character will be left to rule Trekmovie with Iron Ballz!” LOL Superior what?

Then there is the vision of those ballz typing unmentionables on the keyboard. One question – might not those iron ballz be a bit rough on Erica?

546. Victor Hugo - November 4, 2011

542. Loved your idea, good opportunity to correct wrongs from the past, like David being killed by Klingons.

547. The Last Vulcan - November 4, 2011

@515, that was me. Offer still stands. I’d be more than happy to discuss buying this site from Anthony for $. I want to be clear in that the problem IMHO is that there simply may not be enough legitimate news that suits the site title breaking on a daily basis to have posts on the dot every 24 hours in the best of cases. However, given that we’re going on two weeks now and other sites have reported suitable items, it does seem to indicate that something is not quite “shipshape”.

So I’m here with cash, waiting for a reply! :)

548. Do You Wanna Dance - November 4, 2011

GET A LIFE, will you people?

I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a website! I mean, look at you, look at the way you’re posting! You’ve turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!

I mean, how old are you people? What have you done with yourselves?

You, you must be number 30… have you ever kissed a girl?

I didn’t think so! There’s a whole world wide web out there! When I was your age, I didn’t visit one website! I LIVED! So… move out of your parent’s basements! And get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP! I mean, it’s just a website dammit, IT’S JUST A WEBSITE!

549. intel 1 - November 4, 2011

Does this mean that the site won’t be updated again? LOL! Seems like we need to offer anger management courses on! Somebody get me Dr. Buddy Rydell!

550. Craiger - November 4, 2011

#548 You are posting here. LOL.

551. Craiger - November 4, 2011

#548 Also is checking web sites for news mean people don’t have lives? People use the internet to check news everyday.

552. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 4, 2011

Hey Keachick. You are anything but Boring. Bext time Harry get;s on you. Just send him a Nude Pic of Erica Durance. That will get him. LOl Lol LOl

553. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 4, 2011

From the Terran mpire News Service this is a Special Report.

It was reported today that Bob Orci has just about completed work on the Script for the new Movie. He said that khsrke uyr also he stated that he had talked to J.J about the new name for the movie and some sugesting that it be named kjhfi ljhorge. At this time J.J Abrams has stated that the next movie will premire at or around kjri kuljrug kjhie lj. Also. Bob Orci Stated that kjygnjlh ljutrlf lkfk. We will have more as this story unfolds.
End of report.

554. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 4, 2011

From the Terran Empire News Service.

We had some type of Interference on our last report. We are working on getting it corrected. Our Chief Engineer has been relieved and has been placed in the Agoniser Booth. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
End of Report.

555. intel 1 - November 4, 2011

It was the Agony Booth, not Agoniser. Just sayin…

556. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 4, 2011

#555. It was and is called both.
Intel 1. Your Agonier!. Your Agoniser Please!

557. Do You Wanna Dance - November 4, 2011

Craiger, are you sure you’re a Trek fan? Don’t you recognize the dialogue, albeit slightly modified to fit the moment?

558. - November 4, 2011

Harry, all i can say is if it wasn’t for Shatner then trekkies would not even exist.

So, who’s your daddy?

The Shat, that’s who.

559. Gary S. - November 4, 2011

#558 if it wasnt for Gene Roddenberry Then Shatner would be nobody to Trekkies because without Rodenberry creating Trek, Shatner would not have an opportunity to be Kirk.

560. Anthony Thompson - November 4, 2011

559. Gary

And w/o Roddenberry *casting* Shatner and giving him an outstanding role to play and series to play it in, Shatner’s career probably wouldn’t have advanced beyond guest starring roles on various TV shows.

561. Harry Ballz - November 4, 2011

Oh, I LOVED Shatner in TOS. I DON’T like what he morphed into later. Kind of like finding out your favorite uncle was a jackass loonie tune all along!


Anthony, based on that logic, if we ever had a group meeting in person of everyone left on this site, we could all ride together in one cab to the restaurant!

562. SoonerDave - November 4, 2011

@555 – They had both. The Spock used the Agonizer on the transporter room attendant, and Chekov was sent to the Agony Booth after he tried to zap Capt Kirk.

Loved the way Evil Spock zapped Kyle with the agonizer in the transporter room, then just dropped it on the floor.

I see this site is going through a dead time again…LOL. I’ve finally gotten used to them and don’t come here much more than a couple of times a month because the news never changes anymore. Think its time for the owner(s) to pack it in. If they have other interests or jobs, great, but this ongoing dry spell routine is getting really old. Surely their ad/click revenue is dropping as others start voting with their “virtual feet” and look for other Trek news sources.

563. Victor Hugo - November 4, 2011

This site is not a FAKE, this site is real, it feels SO REAL!!!!

564. Bobowing - November 4, 2011

Scott Chambliss talks star trek 2 on new interview at trek web

565. B.R. - November 4, 2011

I will post this once and once only.
The premise of the movie will focus around a mysterious craft called ‘The Message’ left by a race called Iconians.

A race between Federation and Klingon Empire to unlock the secret and take technological advances involving many skirmishes. However an unknown force aims to beat both of them two it. Klingons are the enemy. This movie will be a ‘2 parter’ and its story cntinues on Trek 3.

566. rm10019 - November 4, 2011

?? Ok….. Links?

567. Buzz Cagney - November 4, 2011

Sorry, I just accidently clicked on this site in my Favourites list.
Come to think of it I’m not sure why its still in there!

568. Andy Patterson - November 4, 2011

@ 542 Nano

“Star Trek 1.2
Gary Seven is sent to stop the Enterprise’s encounter w/ Botany Bay that ultimately prevents the creation of Genesis Planet that saves Romulus, preventing the future Super Nova. Admiral Kirk retires to enjoy time with his grandson future Capt. Brandon Kirk son of David & Lt Saavik! ”

I like that idea. I might could arrange that. We still have plans of adding on to our site and tons of incidental music already written.

And to address others comments on this….I love Shatner warts and all. And I’m aware of them. I’ve watched his career arc all these years….bad guest spots on The Six Million Dollar Man and Colombo and such. Appearing on games shows. I still contend it wouldn’t have been the same show, the same impact, the same phenomenon, if not for Shatner. Loyd Bridges, Jack Lord or whoever, in the part….would have been a different show. All together.

569. Zip - November 4, 2011


So that’s like saying if Steve Jobs parents never had a Garage at Crist Drive in Los Altos, then their would be no Apple Computer in 1976 – 1977
but then, “there are always possibilities” and ” as with all things, each according to his gifts,”
I nither like nor dislike Shatner, But there is no Bigger Kirk Fan !

570. VZX - November 4, 2011

@ 561:

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I agree with you, Harry. Shatner was amazing in TOS of the 60s. I also did NOT like his portrayal of Kirk in the movies. It was like a totally different character! TOS Kirk was a true captain of Starfleet while movie-Kirk was more like Shatner and let his ego show.

571. Anthony Thompson - November 4, 2011

565. BR

Does “The Message” happen to look like a big black monolith? ; )

572. Anthony Thompson - November 4, 2011


He was still serious about playing Kirk in TMP (though his part was poorly written) but after that it was Shatner wearing a uniform costume,

573. Bilderberg Group Trek Fan - November 4, 2011

Just started on this site yesterday. I am a Brit expat living in Zurich, Switzerland. Not really a lot of great Trek sites over here in Europe, so I thought I would give this one a try. However, I am not noticing much news on the new movie, and this site doesn’t seem very active. What is the deal?

574. Anthony Thompson - November 4, 2011

I just read the Chambliss “interview” on Trekweb (it’s actually just a very short chat). He seems to have gotten the message about the brewery.

575. Dennis Bailey - November 4, 2011

Well, he “got the message” that it’s fun to tease fans about their complaints, anyway. LOL

576. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 4, 2011

the trekweb link:

:-) :-)

577. AJ - November 4, 2011

I was watching Colbert on the Web, and caught a Verizon ad with a direct homage to JJ’s fabled space-jump sequence.

578. AJ - November 4, 2011


Good question.

At present, we have the following news:

1. JJ Abrams is directing

2. Pre-production is underway, and actors have been given ‘plot points’ as the authors (one of whom appears on this site often) polish off the final product.

3. Zach Quinto has indicated he will have to ‘train’ for one of the sequences to be shot later this year

4. Shooting is expected to begin mid-January

5. The first ‘rumor’ out of Brazil(!), is that Klingons are featured in the film

6. It has been indicated that Captain Pike may potentially return

7. ‘Message Received’ from fans who hated Main Engineering (above)

Not a lot (and please add, if I missed something).

As for the site, it’s not the first time the site-runner’s gone AWOL. However, when it’s on its game, it really is the top Trek site out there.

579. Chris Doohan - November 4, 2011

Okay, as I was saying before my wife told me dinner was ready. The new Star Trek will have a …..

Damn, the door bell just rang. Back soon

580. Buzz Cagney - November 4, 2011

#581 like you know whats going on, Chris. Good try though. ;)

581. Vultan - November 4, 2011

#579 Chris Doohan

Hey Chris, putting aside your insider info on the new movie for a moment—ha ha—would you mind telling us a funny/interesting story about your dad?

I’m sure there are plenty of his fans here. I know I’m one!

582. jamesingeneva - November 4, 2011

Yeah, I have to agree with Vultan. I always enjoy hearing about your dad Chris!

583. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 4, 2011

#512. Odkin…

Well, what can I say… I’m not writing the scenes of Spock… I’m just echoing what ZQ said:

“There’s a big sequence for me that I have to prepare for in this movie physically so I’m training, working on getting in some serious shape, building my cardio endurance, preparing to run a lot,”


:-) :-)

584. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 4, 2011

#512. Odkin…

Well, what can I say… I’m not writing the scenes of Spock… I’m just echoing what ZQ said:

“There’s a big sequence for me that I have to prepare for in this movie physically so I’m training, working on getting in some serious shape, building my cardio endurance, preparing to run a lot,”


:-) :-)

585. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 4, 2011

Twice why?… sorry!!!… :-) :-)

586. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 4, 2011

516. Keachick…

What do you think?… that sushy scene on Halloween and the naked woman on the table would not be great in your menosian scenario?…LOL

You know what?… I think right now Chris Pine’s life is more exciting than doing that “romantic” scene… sitting at the kitchen sink with Reese… +LOL

:-) :-)

587. Frank1701 - November 4, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Though most of the roles are already cast in the upcoming sequel to Paramount and Skydance’s “Star Trek,” the role of mysterious villain was still open — and now it looks like J.J. Abrams has made his choice.

Though no offer has been delivered, sources close to the project say Benicio Del Toro is expected to be offered the part soon, maybe by weekend’s end.

Insiders say Del Toro has met with Abrams but doesn’t know what the role is, in order to keep in a secret. Par and Skydance had no comment on the casting.

Abrams is back to direct with Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof penning the script.

Abrams, Kurtzman, Orci, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, and David Ellison will produce through Bad Robot and Skydance Productions.

Production is expected to start in early 2012.

Del Toro most recently finished production on Universal’s “Savages.”

588. Frank1701 - November 4, 2011

From a Variety email announcement, since there is very little “news” on the site any longer

589. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 4, 2011

Yes, it could make for an interesting scene in the Menosian society, but not so “dark” and Halloweenish though. I can imagine Menosians eating off an attractive naked person (male or female), all in good fun. And yes, our “captain” does seem to be having a rather good time at the moment with that “mystery woman” who he has been seen cozy with. Good on him. Good for him.

I imagine Chris is back in LA by now? Hopefully, he will be getting a call-up for prep work – Star Trek style soon. Of course, there is always more pre-filming preparation for the Spock character.

Did I say that Chris Pine (“my captain”) is looking as gorgeous as ever? Well, he does…

590. AJ - November 4, 2011

Please, not Khan.

591. VZX - November 4, 2011

572: Yeah: you are right about TMP. That was the Kirk we all know and respect. But Star Treks II through VII was indeed just all Shatner all the time. I think I remember hearing that it was in fact Nick Meyer that strongly encouraged Shatner to let more of himself show through his portrayal of Kirk. And I think Shatner obliged easily. Bummer.

I think I like Pine’s Kirk better than Shatner’s movie Kirk. But I like Shatner’s TOS Kirk the best.

592. Hollywood818 - November 4, 2011

No article about benecio del torro being jj’s pick for the villian of Trek xii?

593. Bobowing - November 4, 2011


this site is dead

594. Craiger - November 4, 2011

See now the movie blogs are better than TrekMovie.

595. Vultan - November 4, 2011

Del Toro as a Klingon perhaps…?
A renegade Starfleet captain? A commodore?

Only time will tell, but I think he’s a good choice for a Trek villain… if they must go that route… [sigh]….

596. Craiger - November 4, 2011

In the Collider news they say Paramount is really keeping a tight lid on the movie so maybe Anthony feels that he can’t run this site anymore because of that? So maybe their is a news blackout on the sequel.

597. Craiger - November 4, 2011

On the Collider site posters think Del Toro will be Khan.

598. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 4, 2011

#513 – “According to ZQ will be plenty of action to Spock in Trek sequel… ”
Great, if there’s one thing I think about when I think of Spock, it’s ACTION! /s
How about Brains? Control? Dignity? Melancholy?”

So when there is action, you can’t have brains, control, dignity, melancholy as well, in the same scene, act or movie? I had no idea that these were mutually exclusive.

599. - November 4, 2011

More Emissions, Less Warming

600. Harry Ballz - November 4, 2011

600 posts about nothing!

601. Phil - November 4, 2011

@596. I don’t care how tight the lid is, if the can is empty, it’s empty. Off to read new posts now, expecting to hear how everyone is excited, but have not seen a script yet…

602. NCM - November 4, 2011

@475 rogerachong;

Don’t know if you’ll be checking back here, but… I’ve read the first two IDW comics and plan to read them all, as they come out. Orci has indicated the comics will initially follow the episodes closely, but will increasingly diverge. I don’t think you missed any important divergences in these first two – Gary’s love interest was absent from the comics and early on, it’s Gary playing chess with Spock, not Kirk. Though it seemed odd that they made that change (in the first edition in the series), I think it was only so they could end the 2nd part of the episode (in the 2nd comic book – each episode is done over the course of two editions) with Spock making an overture of friendship by offering to play chess with a grieving Kirk. I think movie hints will come increasingly from the later editions.

One thing I thought was an interesting change was Kirk’s character. The TOS Kirk always dealt stoically with death – even keeping a firm upper lip when he has to kill his pal. This younger Kirk is more demonstratively devastated. My sympathies that you’re unable to get the comics, for now.

603. Shilliam Watner - November 4, 2011

The last good performance Shatner gave as Kirk was Wrath of Khan, in my measly humble opinion. In fact, aside from the famous Khan scream, I think he was pretty damned good in TWOK. This was a Kirk that was older, less confident and definitely rusty as a commander.

“I did nothing – except get caught with my britches down.” This was a much more humble Kirk, who has to fight to find the old Kirk in order to defeat Khan. It was great writing, and I thought Shatner did a great job.

After that movie, well, not so much. I enjoyed Search for Spock and Voyage Home was amusing, but Star Trek movies really started to fade after TWOK. Their nadir was certainly Final Frontier. Even with a high budget, that turd would still be steaming. Undiscovered Country was better, but still a sad sendoff for our intrepid crew.

604. Chris Doohan - November 7, 2011

For the record, I know as much about the new Star Trek as you do. Nice to see Trekmovie back in action

605. Russ - April 6, 2012

Let us never forget – America was, for a few short years – a true, interplanetary society. We regularly visited our nearest solar-system neighbor.. exploring.. in peace. And learning, boldly going where no man has EVER gone. And – we even brought along our CARS !! I’ll never forget watching, live – as they drove right up to the Hadley Rille. And now… ??? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.