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Watch: Carrie Fisher Fires Back At William Shatner On Star Wars v Star Trek November 16, 2011

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If you remember, back in September William Shatner weighed into the epic struggle between Star Trek v Star Wars. Now Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) is responding to Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk in a new video. Check it out below.


Fisher responds to Shatner on Star Trek v Star Wars

Carrie Fisher says Star Trek is not "in the same league" as Star Wars.

And if you missed it, here again is Shatner’s original shot across the Star Wars bow.




1. Gold Coast Rob - November 16, 2011

What is she on ?

2. Ensign Ricky - November 16, 2011

I have to disagree Carrie.

3. Ensign Ricky - November 16, 2011

Weight watchers I think…………..

4. I'm Just Sayin' - November 16, 2011

Carrie Fisher obviously needs to step back into reality. Let’s think about this…6 Star Wars films compaired to all the Star Trek Films and tv show spinoffs since 1968. She is right in that they are NOT in the same league. Star Trek is in a higher league.

5. NickInABox - November 16, 2011

GILF off?

6. Capt. Andrew Bryce - November 16, 2011

Eww star wars. But, to each their own. I don’t see why she needs to go after William Shatner so much though. He may be biased in saying Trek is better (even though it is) but he wasn’t making it personal. He didn’t go after her or anyone else involved in star wars. She could take a lesson from that.

7. Steve-o - November 16, 2011

wow carrie.. looking pretty rough there…

8. Toonloon - November 16, 2011

Give her a break guys. She’s a funny woman who’s had a very ‘colouful’ life. We knows she’s wrong, but would you want your teammate to stick up for the team? And ages given you sonething to talk about while we wait for the next Star Trek film in 2020.

9. Horatio - November 16, 2011

Methinks you should lay off the botox, Carrie.

Alas, the slave girl days are but a distant memory…

10. Mathias - November 16, 2011

Would love a debate between Fisher and Mulgrew…. :P

11. Starfleet's Finest - November 16, 2011

Oh good grief… everyone batten down the hatches for the war that’s about to ensue.

12. Clinton - November 16, 2011

No hate.

It’s cute. And I can tell Carrie is doing a lot of kidding (perhaps Bill, too) But I can no longer stand these endless rounds of which is better. What? If I like one Western I can’t like another? Or Musical. Ugh. Please make it stop!

13. Star Trek: Voyeur - November 16, 2011

So Carrie, when’s the next Star Wars movie coming out?

14. Basement Blogger - November 16, 2011

Okay, I was ready to with my phaser set to disintegrate ready to defend Star Trek but Carrie was having fun with the topic. And I think she’s funny. She’s suffered with depression. God love her. Check out her HBO special.

She says Cheney likes Star Trek. Yeah, but she forgets our smart fans. Dr. Stephen Hawking. Astronaut Mae Jemison. Issac Asimov. And don’t forget our funny fans. Stephen Colbert. Jon Stewart.

15. Dr.Diehard - November 16, 2011

A titanic battle of ham has commenced……..Who wins???…………………………THE VIEWING PUBLIC!

16. MONGO - November 16, 2011

Mongo think people not get jokes.

Mongo try say mean things too and get in on fun:

Who care what Shatner mans say about Star Wars? More important is crappy framing on art in background. Metal frames? Mongo say “Hello 1983″. Plus mats on pictures too small.

Carrie Fisher womans cleavage looking more like Jabba the Hut these days. Also wonder what in coffee she drinking. Mongo guess it not International Delight Flavored Creamer.

On second thought it look like Shatner mans looking more like Jabba these days too.

Anyway, Mongo know that BSG better than Star Trek or Star Wars.

*Mongo duck*

17. JRO - November 16, 2011

Issac Asimov also loved Star Wars… Just sayin’. :)

He was the one who yelled “Start part III” after seeing a preview screening of ESB. Both Star Wars and Star Trek are awesome.

One is space fantasy and dreaming towards the horizon and it;s possibilities and the other is intelligent science fiction illustrating human morals and ideals in an entertaining format. Love both since I was a child and both have their place in the world!

18. JRO - November 16, 2011

Well said Mongo! haha

19. MONGO - November 16, 2011


Mongo say thankee. First time anyone say “well said” to Mongo.

20. I Wish I Was Spock - November 16, 2011


I am in total agreement with you. The Star Trek vs. Star Wars battle is starting to get old. They are 2 different types of franchises…Star Trek is science fiction and Star Wars is science fantasy. So comparing them is pointless. Plus, Star Trek takes place in the future, OUR future, and Star Wars takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

21. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 16, 2011

William Shatner raised $75,000 for the kidney stone and donated the money to charity. Carrie forgot to mention that. Yes, I went into a toy shop yesterday to look for presents for my daughter and the shelves were littered with the same old boring Star Wars models blah, blah. Star Trek, thankfully, has remained more than just a vehicle for selling overpriced toys to kids.

22. MONGO - November 16, 2011


Mongo say sorry to JRO (mans? womans? Mongo not know). Mongo be well said but not count right.

Mongo spamming now.

23. rogue_alice - November 16, 2011


Your assessment for Star Trek (point by William Shatner) and Star Wars (counterpoint from Carrie Fisher) was both perceptive and indepth. You have a straightforward style for critque which is refreshing. Rarely are we able to read such erudite insights on the social discource between such venerable champions of these two historic franchises.

Do keep up the good work. And we look forward to future more of your learned commentary.

24. star trackie - November 16, 2011

Cheney likes StarTrek? Well so does George Lucas. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Carrie!

25. rogue_alice - November 16, 2011

Dammit, spell check Rogue_Alice!!!!111

26. taonggagamba - November 16, 2011

Calling out Bill as Han Solo if you see him would be funny though!

Oh wait! I wouldn’t want to do that on the potentially only time in my whole life that I’ll be able to see The Shat!!!

If it comes from a Star Wars fan, yeah that would be sick funny.

Trek, don’t war.

27. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - November 16, 2011

How many shows and movies and comercials has she been in since star wars??? Age has not been good to her…

28. MONGO - November 16, 2011

#’s 23 and 25 rogue_alice womans (yes?)

Mongo say thankee. Mongo like to note irony in posts that not get that Shatner mans and Fisher womans is joking. Mongo big hairy brute and still get joke. So say we all.

Mongo like chicken.

29. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 16, 2011

It is more than likely that Carrie Fisher was trying to be amusing, but it just did not come off as being that funny, at least not to me. She was trying too hard and I do not see how mentioning the kidney stone had anything to do with the merits or otherwise of either Star Wars or Star Trek. It was just being personal and stupid.

30. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 16, 2011

Om Carrie. Come on over to the Terran Empire and say that. We will make your so called Empire kneel to the Terrans.

31. fansincesixtynine - November 16, 2011

Oh puh-lease people. Lighten up. She was hilarious.

32. Vultan - November 16, 2011

Wow, that didn’t take long—old age and fat jokes/insults right off the line.
If you don’t agree with her (or Shatner), just say so. No need to be crude—wait, civility on the internet—what am I talking about?!!!

33. El Chup - November 16, 2011

Some of you people really need to get a life. She is just being sarcastic and having a laugh.

God, some people really take fandom waaaaaaaay too seriously.

34. alec - November 16, 2011

Star Wars no longer has better special effects! And I don’t really care about merchandise.

Everythign else, Star Trek was and is better. Not least, story.

35. Woulfe - November 16, 2011

So I shouldn’t mention what Lucas himself said about this whole thing long ago ?

– If it weren’t for Star Trek there wouldn’t be a Star Wars – George Lucas –

Or will that just piss off that ‘other’ fandom ?


36. Mantastic - November 16, 2011

The concept of “tongue in cheek” jokes must not be a concept most understand.

I guess you could consider it trolling.

37. Shannon Nutt - November 16, 2011

Star Wars is like junk food…you like the taste, but it offers no value whatsover, and too much of it makes you sick.

Star Trek is like sex…even when it’s bad, it’s pretty darn good.

38. Dee - lvs moon' surface - November 16, 2011

Hmmmm… Ahhhhhh…. :-) :-)

39. Remington Steele - November 16, 2011


Are you mad??

Civility dont exist….its great fun looking up youtube videos of even kittens, and seeing comments degrade into insults!!

40. Robert Bernardo - November 16, 2011

I had a good laugh at both Bill Shatner’s and Carrie Fisher’s takes on the ST vs SW controversy. Glad they don’t take it too seriously.

41. Enterprisingguy - November 16, 2011

Keachick, I agree with you. I know that Carrie was just trying to be funny. But sadly she doesn’t pull it off very well and just came across looking a bit loony. She doesn’t have any comedic timing or talent. It sounded like she was just rattling off a list of one-liners in order to get through them.

42. J.C. England - November 16, 2011

Coke vs. Pepsi – the debate will continue
long after we’re all gone…

43. Luke Sutton - November 16, 2011

I like both.

I’ve won the internet.

44. Pizza - November 16, 2011

Carrie, time has not been unkind to you. Kidney stones and Cheney is a great argument. You’re right not in the same league. If you’re trying to be funny, perhaps some acting lessons from Shatner might be helpful.
On second thought…….

Star Wars 6 movies. 3 of them sucked.

Star Trek 11 movies, 3 of them sucked
6 TV series and 100’s of episodes.


45. Brian - November 16, 2011

Great, now we get to watch two old farts shout across cybersapce at each other.

46. Harry Ballz - November 16, 2011

Shatner vs Fisher? Hey, we’ve got our own STAR WARS!

47. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 16, 2011

Hey Harry. It is Called Star Trek Wars.
Hmm. Name of the new Star Trek Movie. it could just work.

48. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 16, 2011

Ok. Harry gave me the idea.
Star Trek Wars. Staring Chris Pine and Carrie Fisher.

49. Harry Ballz - November 16, 2011

Personally, I’d like to see Shatner and Fisher in a stage production of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe!

50. Commander/Captain/Ambassador Spock - November 16, 2011

I have to say, Carrie is right; Star Wars is not in the same league as Star Trek. To say otherwise is insulting… I mean, Star Trek is like a penthouse in a very exclusive hotel that cost millions per night and Star Wars is a cheap motel with dead insects all over the floor, and bed, and shower…


51. Nony - November 16, 2011

Trek and Wars are both, at their heart, space westerns. Both have their merits and drawbacks as entertainment and as commentary on society and the human (or otherwise) condition. But really, they’re incomparable in just about every other aspect. Wars is about the mythical hero’s journey, which hearkens back to some of the earliest storytelling traditions. Trek is about possibility and what we as a species have the potential for. They’re both important, I love them both, and I’m shutting up before I end up switching my thesis to this.

52. Spcok1701 - November 16, 2011

Lets get some facts straight:

1. yes the two are in the same league. (not just by the word ‘star’ and space travel but by a modern odessey.)

2.How dare you insult Nimoy’s ears. His ears were being worn before anyone new what a “space bun” was.

3.Star Trek has 5 television franchises and 11 movies. ( which were awesome!!!)

4. Do you realize how much Star Trek merchandizing is actually worth? Apparently she hasn’t heard of the 40th anniversairy of Star Trek Christie’s auction.

5. Star trek’s been around since 1966 and is still releasing new movies. Star Wars is old news.

6. By the way, if i ever get to meet Mr. Shatner, I will say, “Thank you Captain. I am honored to be talking to the man who defeated Han Solo years before he even sprung whole from George Luca’s mind.

To sum it all up: How dare you Carrie Fisher. It is very un-princess of you.

53. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 16, 2011

#50. I like your call sign. But you are missing Lt Spock from the orignal Pilot The Cage. Just saying.

54. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 16, 2011

Star Trek. Series. 6.(Includes Animmated.
Movies. 11 and counting.
Books. Hundreds.
Comics. Lot’s.

Star Wars. Series. 2. Both Animated.
Movies. 6.
Books Hundreds.
Comics. Lots.

Winner. Star Trek.

55. Drij - November 16, 2011

wow shes aged.

56. The Man Who Never Was - November 16, 2011

I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but so be it. Star Trek 2009 copies Star Wars Episode IV so blatantly that Lucas should have gotten a co-writer credit. I know Lucas based Star Wars ( the first, Episode IV) on Kurwasowa, but for a Star Trek film to use Star Wars story beats from start to finish makes one wonder if it was done to get people to like Star Trek again. There are websites that show comparisons to this. I’m not bashing Trek, i fact I love it very much. But you have to admit that it took some Star Wars spirit to kick start Trek again. JJ Abrams is an admitted Star Wars fan. Ben Burtt did the sound design and if yu really want to get nit picky, R2-D2 is in the debris filed over Vulcan. Then again, I hear the Enterprise can be seen on Coruscant. If this is true, please, someone, tell me where Opinion? Thoughts? .

57. MJ - November 16, 2011

This is like the quesy feeling I get when I mistakingly, though channel surfing, watch a few minutes of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.”

This is like a trailer park trash fight between two has beens. Creepy and embarassing for both of them.

58. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - November 16, 2011

For William Shatner.
By.Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!”.
Long Live the Shat!!!!.

59. Driver - November 16, 2011

But……. Star Wars is coming back to the Big Screen and in a Big Way – 3D! How will Star Trek top that?

60. Captain Karl - November 16, 2011

so women don’t get kidney stones?;)

61. Nony - November 16, 2011


That’s probably because STXI uses the ‘hero’s journey’ template for Kirk, same as Luke, so it ends up shaping the film in much the same way. That combined with the visual sensibility of Star Wars and a dash of Wrath of Khan.

62. Red Dead Ryan - November 16, 2011

In terms of global popularity, “Star Wars” beats “Star Trek”, hands down. Not even close.

“Star Wars”, in 1977, changed filmmaking forever. “Star Trek”, on the other hand, rode on it’s coattails, even though it came first.

Directors like Steven Spielberg, J.J Abrams, Peter Jackson and others all admitted to being influenced and inspired by “Star Wars”. How many people in Hollywood admit to being inspired by “Star Trek”? Not nearly as many.

“Star Wars” sells three times as much merchandise than “Star Trek” does.

I happen to enjoy both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”. Trek a bit more than Wars. But let’s face facts here, “Star Wars”, since 1977, has been the undisputed leader in all of sci-fi.

63. Peter N - November 16, 2011

I have always made a distinction for myself that Star Trek is truly science fiction and that Star Wars is actually fantasy… which just happens to take place in space with science fiction-y stuff thrown in for good measure. At its core I don’t think Star Wars captures the “science” element of science fiction as does Star Trek (sometimes a little too strongly) – which doesn’t make either franchise intrinsically better or worse. I only disagree with the claims people make that Star Trek and Star Wars are the same kind of (science) fiction; from my personal viewpoint they are more like different sports rather than the same sport in different leagues (although I guess the NFL and NHL are different “leagues”).

And I love RDM’s BSG… which is perhaps a blending of the two “extremes.”

64. Jeffrey S. Nelson - November 16, 2011

I’ll take Shatner’s space buns anytime over Fisher’s.

65. Harry Ballz - November 16, 2011

Star Wars is about good versus evil.

Star Trek is about exploring space and the human condition.

66. Khan was Framed! - November 16, 2011


Who would have guessed that this many years later, Shatner would look better in the gold bikini than Fisher!

Look, I enjoy both, but clearly Star wars is for children & Star Trek is for adults.

One requires cognitive response, the other features the acting of both Hayden Christiansen & Mark Hammel.

you do the math.

67. Red Dead Ryan - November 16, 2011


“I’ll take Shatner’s space buns anytime over Fisher’s.”


68. BeatleJWOL - November 16, 2011

I love Carrie Fisher, I love William Shatner, I love Star Wars, and I love Star Trek.

Rock on, Carrie, but do watch some more Star Trek a little more often. :D

69. Daniel craigs my wookie bitch now - November 16, 2011

You know this is obviously a joke right?

70. ncc50446 - November 17, 2011

Break down of the battle..

Best in Sci-Fi = Star Trek
Best in Science Fantasy = Star Wars
Best in Special Effects = Star Wars (4,5,6)
Best in Plot = Star Trek
Best in Characters = Star Trek
Best in Star Ship Designs = Star Trek
Best in Aliens = Star Wars
Best in Books = Star Trek
Best in Video Games = Star Wars (None beat Elite Forces, however SW has more games that are good compared to ST)
Popularity = Star Wars

Worst in Acting = Star Wars (1,2,3)

I however think Star Trek wins :P
I love Star Wars too, but I like Star Trek more.
That said, I also prefer apples over oranges

71. Trekkie in Dhaka - November 17, 2011

Carrie Fisher is a crack whore!

72. David Jones - November 17, 2011

Star Trek is about exploration, or at least it was back in the day,,,
Star Wars is all about your classic struggle between good and evil.

I love both franchises,,, and I love Carrie Fisher I don’t care what she thinks. Lol

73. Devlin - November 17, 2011

I watched the Star Wars series for the first time in my life recently. It is good entertainment but also a little disappointing. It is all about action and repeating the plot over and over again with a little twist here and there. Surely Star Wars is nowhere near the Trek series.
But I have to mention, if Star Wars had 726 episodes as Trek has, the picture would probably be reversed.

74. Chris M - November 17, 2011

I don’t really buy into the whole Star Trek v Star Wars debate, I like to think that they compliment each other. Star Trek real gained popularity in the 70’s which is probably one of the reasons so many people went to see Star Wars when it came out, and in turn Star Wars convinced Paramount to make the a Star Trek film! If not then we would have had Star Trek Phase II without Spock and I dare say Star Trek may have ended right there and then and we wouldn’t be talking abut as 12th film!

I obivoulsy prefer Star Trek over Star Wars however as a child I absolutely loved Star Wars!! As a teenager I developed an interest in Star Trek and became and fully fledge Trekkie!!

Getting both Star Trek and Star Wars for Christmas for the record :-)

75. Andy Patterson - November 17, 2011

I like Carrie Fisher. I really do. And I know she’s had some issues but man, those are some hard years there.

Anyway, apples and oranges.

76. Daniel Shock - November 17, 2011

She’s clearly just being funny… I myself showed up at the first showing of episode III in my Spock outfit… all in fun. Loved the “call him Han Solo” bit. Because you know….that would drive Shatner nuts.

77. Gordon Ramsey's knife - November 17, 2011

I think she has a point…in fact she is right

78. MJ - November 17, 2011

Why does this remind me of Rosanne Barr versus Tom Arnold? A couple fat old has beens getting mean-spirited with each other — how embarassing and pathetic for both of them.

79. Big Al - November 17, 2011

Good Lord she looks and sounds like CRAP, aging has not been kind to her at all PERIOD!!! just saying….

80. Kirk, James T. - November 17, 2011

I love the whole Star Trek vs Star Wars thing… At the moment I think Star Trek is winning after Abrams taught George Lucas a lesson on how to do a revival/prequel the correct way…

I think more should be done by the studios to exploit this though… Hasbro being given the Star Trek license would be a way to do Star Trek vs Star Wars battle packs (and USS Enterprise Transformers), Family Guy should be given the freedom to mix them both up – doing Star Trek vs Star Wars themed episodes…

You could make billions!

81. Sebastian S. - November 17, 2011

Star Trek is a tense Kasparov chess match; Star Wars is a roaring Super Bowl football game. I enjoy them both for very different reasons.

But for me (and just MO), Star Trek has a better overall track record of quality movies (and TV) than Star Wars. SW has two excellent movies (New Hope, Empire Strikes…), two mediocre ones (“Return…”, “Revenge…”) and two really bad ones (“Phantom…” “Attack…”). But when SW is at it’s best? It’s utterly amazing (again, like watching an action-packed Super bowl game; it’s an event, and you never forget it ). IMO, ‘New Hope’ (hate calling it that; it’s always just Star Wars to me) and ‘Empire Strikes Back’ are two of the finest adventure movies ever made…

But ST has over 700 hours of TV shows to draw upon (with the best of those being often far better than the feature films of its franchise). SW has the Clone Wars cartoons (I’ve tried to watch many times, but I just don’t care anymore. CW is nice-looking, but dull. And we know the outcome, anyway…). The CW to me is a nice looking time-filler between episodes II and III. I won’t even mention the 1978 SW Holiday Special (makes “Spock’s Brain” look like Arthur Miller). So ST wins almost just by sheer numbers on this one…

But ultimately (for my two cents), there is NO problem with being a fan of both, as most fans I know tend to be (except perhaps to one’s wallet … ouch!). May the Force be with you, and may you live long and prosper…

82. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - November 17, 2011

The Shat has a New Video out on how to safely Deep Fry Turkey’s. Kind of funny. Enjoy.

83. SoonerDave - November 17, 2011

Both of them look foolish. It’s like watching two kids on a playground saying their dad could beat up each other’s dad. Frankly, its embarrassing for fans of either/both. Kinda reminds me of the pathetic Noel character from the great old “Frasier”

You like Trek? Great.

You like SW? Great.

Beyond that, move on.

84. Sebastian S. - November 17, 2011


Well said. ;-)

85. SciFiGuy - November 17, 2011

That was hilarious!!!! Folks, she’s kidding…don’t take it seriously…LOL!!!

86. AJ - November 17, 2011

None of this should be taken seriously at all. Let the battle continue!

87. falcon - November 17, 2011

I don’t get it.

But at least Trek doesn’t have Jar Jar Binks.

And it does have Harry Mudd. And beehive hairdos.

Case closed.

88. SciFiGuy - November 17, 2011

#81 — Agree very much!!!

89. anthonymi - November 17, 2011

I watched it. But all I could focus on was BOOBS. Why is that?

90. Shannon Nutt - November 17, 2011

Why doesn’t someone ask Harrison Ford which he thinks is better? If memory serves, he thought the scripts for the Star Wars movies (and we’re talking about the GOOD ones…that he was in!) were some of the worst-written drivel he’s even come across.

91. SciFiGuy - November 17, 2011

#82 — Thanks for posting that link!! OMG, I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen The Shat do!!! HAHAHA!!! I laughed so hard tears were coming out of my eyes…LOL!! That’s comedy at its best!!! Thanks again!!! :-)

92. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - November 17, 2011

Hey my pleasure. The Shat is so funny in that Video showing us all how to Deep Fry Turkey’s.

93. Johnson 12 - November 17, 2011

@28. MONGO

LOL. Mongo, you haven’t punched any horses lately have you? I hope not. Thanks for the laughs this morning. Keep it up!

94. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - November 17, 2011

I think Mongo has spent a little to much time in the Agony Booth.

95. Deflector Dish Guy - November 17, 2011

I love how she just HAS to get her stereotypical Hollywood conservative bashing in there, and play it off like its cute or something…


Keep Calm and Prosper Long

96. tman - November 17, 2011

To compare these assumes Star Wars is Sci Fi which it is NOT. It’s a fantasy sword-sorcery morality play with set decoration and costuming that is more accessible. Someone here said Star Trek now has as good of special effects as Star Wars. True. That’s because of Star Wars. That film was revolutionary, but NOT Sci Fi in any way shape or form.

The real question is Lost in Space vs. Star Trek: Which is better? and we all know the answer to that one… (Forbidden Planet, of course!)

And who cares what Carrie Fischer says these days. It’s almost as pointless as listening to Bill Shatner.

97. SciFiGuy - November 17, 2011

#95 — I noticed that too. I agree it’s tiring but at this point, you just have to laugh. I’m a conservative but I thought it was funny…

98. tom r - November 17, 2011

She right in that Trek and Wars aren’t in the same league, Star Wars as good as it is , is in a lower class of entertainment, it IS more about effects and stupid looking aliens as opposed to god quality story telling about the human condition and all that we can achieve, (with the help of realistic looking aliens). !!

99. Basement Blogger - November 17, 2011

Hooray. We’ve got a Mongo sighting. (@ 16, 28) He’s our favorite pawn in the game of life.

100. Ironhyde - November 17, 2011

Geordi’s first sunset in Insurrection… absolutely touching and inspiring. Whadda ya mean, NO sunsets?? :P

101. Norman Bates - November 17, 2011

Star Wars is SHIT !!!

Mother says it’s for retards!

102. sean - November 17, 2011

Oh come on, it’s funny! These two are old friends. They’re taking the piss out of each other.

103. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - November 17, 2011

Ugh…I really wish people would stop acting like this is actually an issue. Star Wars fans don’t hate Star Trek fans, and vice-versa. They’re nothing alike. Just because they both have two-word titles that start with “Star” doesn’t mean they can be accurately compared – and that’s what this whole thing is based on. It’s juvenile.

The original three Star Wars films are the best science-fiction films ever produced in the history of humankind. They’re sublime, epic masterpieces of film and the height of cinematic science-fiction.

The original Star Trek TV series is the best science-fiction TV show ever produced in the history of humankind. It’s a sublime, epic masterpiece of TV programming and the height of televised science-fiction.

You really can’t compare them…just because they both have two-word titles that start with “Star” doesn’t mean they’re in any way similar.

104. Driver - November 17, 2011

That’s not Carrie Fisher. It’s the offspring of Jaba/Leia.

105. LCDR T'Pau - November 17, 2011

It is an exercise in futility to even argue the merits of one over the other — there are several things they have in common (alien worlds and species, alien languages, technology, space vehicles, advanced weaponry, the fact that each was formed in the mind of someone), just as their biggest difference is the kind of story they each tell. “Star Trek” is about a world human kind can really achieve (no war, no poverty, no disease, no hunger) if human kind wants it to happen — presented through mini-morality plays. “Star Wars” is more akin to classic literature — especially Greek and has been compared to such — with its classic archtype characters and plot line — it tells one story.

I am a devoted Trekkie, but also love “Star Wars,” and “Lord of the Rings.” There is room in the world for all — all are epitomies of what the mind can create and dream — and we are all the better for them.

I also agree that both Shatner and Fisher are saying these things very much “tongue in cheek.” I am sure they both knew the debate and discussion they would set off among sci-fi fans. I see no reason why one has to be declared “better” or “the best.”

106. Enterprisingguy - November 17, 2011

101. Norman Bates – November 17, 2011

“Star Wars is SHIT !!!

Mother says it’s for retards!”


Uh Oh!!

You’ve just committed a PC infraction by using the dreaded “R” word.

Prepare to have the PC nazi crybabies to descend upon you for punishment! :)

107. PEB - November 17, 2011

star wars is strictly a scifi/fantasy genre. it lifts itself straight from mythology and fantasy lore (the wizard, the young man who rises to realize his potential, the princess, the pirate, etc etc) while star trek lifts itself from the world of science and basing itself on our reality. it’s a sort of look into a possible future for humanity. as a fan of the science fiction genre, star wars was always fun, fast paced and exciting for me but i felt a deeper connection to trek because of the idea that if we just got our act together we (humanity) could take ourselves to great extremes. it was the more tangible of the two sagas.
that being said, there isnt one that’s necessarily better than the other because they fit in two different boxes so-to-speak. when more fans understand that, i think the animosity or the competitiveness will die down some.

108. P Technobabble - November 17, 2011

As others have said, Apples and Oranges. Other than ST and SW are sci-fi-ish space operas, they have nothing in common. Comparing them against each other and squaring them off against each other is pointless… IMO, of course.

109. CmdrR - November 17, 2011

I so lusted after her once.

CF: I know.

110. ME!! - November 17, 2011

Why is this a debate? Why is it that “die hard” fans of either can’t comprehend the concept of someone liking something they don’t? Why can’t a person like both? Oh, wait…they can. Because I do.

Like so many have said, apples & oranges. You can have a preference, but one cannot be said to be “better” than the other. Trek is sci-fi, Star Wars is space fantasy.

Suggesting a Trek fan can’t like Star Wars or vice versa would be like suggesting a person can’t like classical music if they like rock. Nonsense. I like both of those too.

Carrie is having fun with it, Bill is clearly teasing.

If Mongo can understand, what does that say for those of you who can’t?

Kudos, Mongo. Well said.

111. MONGO - November 17, 2011

Mongo say “hi” to Johnson 12 (just what that supposed to mean?) and Commodore Mike.

Mongo think Star Trek and Star Wars comparison silly. It same as compare Red Sox or Yankee. Or Cardinals and Cubs. Or Broncos and Raiders. Or Harry Potter and Twilight. Lot’s of peoples like both.

Star Trek have better TV show. First three Star Wars movie hard to beat. Mongo lucky he like both. And that he get tongue in cheek/ironical humor.

By way, Mongo no punch horse. Mongo like horse. More than moose.

Uh oh. Mongo start new debate. Which better: Horse or Moose?

112. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 17, 2011

A moose can have big antlers. Better watch out.

You can ride a horse. I do not think you can ride a moose. Has anybody tried?

The first time I got on a horse, he, a gelding too, took off after a mare on heat. I kid you not!

113. Christine - November 17, 2011

The smartest “Star” was “Gate”.
They didn’t waste time with silly ships.
Just dial up, hit that big red button in the middle, KAWOOSH!, step through the pretty blue puddle and you’re on your way. The worst that could happen is that the ‘Gate gets destroyed, or the DHD is shot, or that you end up in Antarctica, or you go SPLAT against the iris, or…
(All right, maybe it’s not the safest way of travel in the universe.)

…Oh, who am I kidding.
I love the ships.
I get all excited every time we get to see a ship on Stargate SG-1.
Unfortunately they always get compared to the epic ships we’re spoiled with on Star Trek. ‘Cause let’s face it, there’s nothing creepier than a Borg Cube and nothing more awesome than a Romulan Warbird.
That’s one of the main reasons I was never able to get all that much into Star Wars… I like the original three (Harrison Ford!!!! ♥) but the ships always disappointed me. They’re so blotchy and just not streamlined.
Even the Asgard had better ships.

114. MONGO - November 17, 2011

Keachick rose pinenut persons:

Mongo not know why moose named Mongo. Different Mongo. Not ride. Here ride moose:

115. denny cranium - November 17, 2011

I like them both. For different reasons
Remember it was the success of star wars that caused paramount to make TMP

116. Lt. Bailey - November 17, 2011

She may have a different opinion if she goes back in time when she was wearing that slave outfit and Cpt Kirk met her on whatever planet and saved her life, now thats an episode I would like to see.

117. Hugh Hoyland - November 17, 2011

Star Wars blew me away when I was just a little lad at 7, I love it, always have and always will

Ditto for Star Trek! I’m not going to say one is better than the other cause their both great IMO. :]

118. woody - November 17, 2011


119. Capt. Brando - November 17, 2011

What has Carie Fischer done besides Jenny Craig in the last 10 years, oh yea, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, for a scene. Star Wars blows donkey c0ck, and so does Carie Fischer, in Mexico, for money.

120. Basement Blogger - November 17, 2011

@ 114

Yo Mongo. I’m getting killed in the game of life. Since you’re a pawn in this game, help me to win it.

121. jesustrek - November 17, 2011

No Carrie Fihser…’I Love you’ but Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far far away a long time and Star Trek in the near future There is no point of comparison.

Chewbaca is the Next …?:P

122. David Jones - November 17, 2011

Carrie Fisher rocks I only dream about sharing a drink and a hot tub with her. I love you Princess!!!

Hee hee,,,,

123. JP - November 17, 2011

The comments on this article need one of those “U MAD?” memes attached. Lighten up people. Its a piss take in exchange for Shatner’s.

124. Jimtibkirk - November 18, 2011

Star Wars is LOTR in space. It is science fantasy.
Star Trek is the navy in space. It is science fiction.
Are we done? … I’m done.

125. Jimtibkirk - November 18, 2011

Ah, 20 said this too. Trekkies are logical.

126. DonDonP1 - November 18, 2011

I have been growing up a Trekkie and a Warsie, the CBS-owned “Star Trek” and the Lucasfilm-owned “Star Wars” are among my favorite multimedia franchise, along with the “Power Rangers” and “Superman”.

127. pilotfred - November 18, 2011

not this again!

the funny thing is either one of them not only don’t the other film/tv show they don’t understands there that much either

if you are going to take the piss out of each other film/tv then get it right

128. Gordon Ramsey's knife - November 18, 2011

1 thing Star Wars does better than Trek….is video games

129. Captain Hackett - November 18, 2011

William Shatner on Piers Morgan tonight at 9 p.m.!

I just want to give you a head up. :)

Ah it should be the Shat vs Princess Leia on the show!

130. Nuallain - November 18, 2011

Shatner and Fisher.

Imagine the children they could have.

131. Luke Forrester - November 18, 2011

Star Trek doesn’t have Jar Jar.

Star Trek wins.

132. boxker - November 18, 2011

Sure, Star Wars may look sexier, but noting there to stimulate the mind unlike Star Trek.

133. Green-Blooded-Bastard - November 18, 2011

131. Luke Forrester – November 18, 2011 (and everyone else)

Star Wars doesn’t have snotty “Trek is for intellectuals, therefore we must be smarter than you” nerds constantly feeling the need to complicate make-believe with ridiculous comments like having “real science” behind the make-believe in an effort to distinguish themselves from the nerds that like Star Wars, and therefore not get lumped into the generic “dork” category most everyone else that could care less for either.

Both lose…

Incidentally, BOTH Trek and Wars feature external shots of all their ships making all sorts of non-realistic sounds from engine whine to laser turrets firing, which you would never hear in the vacuum of space.

Also (and this isn’t necessarily aimed at you per-se), BOTH feature overweight, nerdy glue-sniffing model-makers with little to no social skills and a lack of charm and charisma in relation to the opposite sex (except of course for their female counterparts) that were bullied in school so they withdrew into their fantasy world of make believe and strange aliens they drew in their notebooks while making pew-pew laser sounds at their desks and shrieked with delight when on their birthday they got the movie-appropriate sci-fi toy they wanted while wearing their movie’s heroes image on their pajama tops. Both also produced an abundance of pen and paper RPGers that would group up with like-minded nerds for “epic” role playing and would sit at tables for hours talking in the perceived voice of the character they created/wish they were in an effort to bring “realism” to their games.

BOTH…there’s nothing special about Trek fan except for the fact that a Trek fan thinks he’s better somehow than a Star Wars fan, and so what. There is no difference between the geek that likes Wars, and the geek that likes Trek. NONE. We are ALL DORKS. It’s make believe and we are never going to have space ships with lasers that fly to other planets to play with aliens. That in and of itself makes Star Trek as much a FANTASY as Star Wars.

Knock it off

134. Wiltthestilt - November 18, 2011

The only difference between the two franchises is that Carrie Fisher’s face has YET to be included as a staple of a horror movie franchise. Shatner’s already has.

135. Spockchick - November 18, 2011

@17 Mongo

Anyway, Mongo know that BSG better than Star Trek or Star Wars.

*Mongo duck*

Spockchick <3 Mongo.

Oh, and Moose better.

136. CmdrR - November 18, 2011

Is that Moose Treks and a Wars Horse?

137. Spocks brain - November 18, 2011

@ 13 probably sooner than the next trek flick

138. Gary A. Neumann - November 18, 2011

My good she looks old :(

Shatner looks fine :D

139. Johnson 12 - November 18, 2011

@ 111. MONGO
Mongo say “hi” to Johnson 12 (just what that supposed to mean?)

Hi Mongo!
Mongo. You’re a big guy. I’m pretty sure you know what it means.
Oh, and horses are definitely better. Horses, Ponies, Mules. All good.
Maybe not better than Mongo, though. Does Mongo give rides?

140. MONGO - November 18, 2011

#120 Basement Blogger persons-

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

#135 Spockchick womans-

Mongo <3 you back. And Mongo fib about moose. He good friend of squirrel.

#136 CmdrR. mans-

Moose Trek make good movie. If Mongo secure financing, he let CmdrR direct. Maybe Harry Balls mans can write first draft of screenplay.

#139 Johnson 12 mans (yes?)-

Mongo know what mean. That what happen when fold in half. Mongo open minded about rides but like womans. If need ride Mongo always glad to give lift.

141. Emotionally Logical - November 18, 2011

I don’t post on here a lot but I thought I would today because this particular topic gets me fired up, but in a good spirited way. Not in the take your opinion and shove it kind of way.

First let me say that I TOTALLY agree with the few people on here that have mentioned that Star Wars is globally much more popular than Star Trek and has been much more of a cultural impact. But when I say cultural impact, I am only talking about one form of culture, that being Hollywood.

It’s true that many directors like JJ Abrams and Peter Jackson have been inspired by Star Wars and not Star trek. Sure, I can think of a few that have mentioned TW0K as inspiration (Bryan Singer comes to mind) and that Hollywood makes more money off of the hours of Star Wars put out verses the hours of Star Trek. Unless you count the Big Bang Theory LOL.

I will also admit that Even though I believe Star Wars owes its original existence to shows like Star Trek who paved the way, Star Trek owes much of its success to Star Wars as well. There would never have been a ST: TMP if Paramount wasn’t looking for its own Star Wars success. And to this day, while I thoroughly enjoyed Star Trek ’09, I do believe it’s inspiration came from Wars much more so than Trek itself (Hoth anyone?)

Having said ALL THAT (and I know this is getting long, sorry), Star Trek has made much more of a cultural impact in other ways that frankly Star Wars doesn’t even come close to holding a candle too. Whereas I hear all the time of Hollywood types quoting and trying to emulate Star Wars, I don’t hear it outside of that area nearly as much. NASA for example has more than a few engineers who look to Star Trek for inspiration in designing our future. For every JJ Abrams that wants his own Millennium Falcon, there is a Stephen Hawkings bringing actual science to make the Enterprise closer of a reality. After all, the Enterprise had matter/anti matter propulsion, the Falcon could make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone here where the roots of the modern day cell phone or computer lie, and it’s not in Skywalker’s light saber.

Star Wars inspired generations of actors and directors to make fantasy movies that are popcorn fun and bring in billions even in an economy where people are saving up for a big mac. But Star Trek has brought it in other cultures, not just technology but in others like diversity. Personally speaking, I think the latter is the more important impact in the end.

142. Emotionally Logical - November 18, 2011

Wow, that ended up way to long!! sorry!

143. Johnson 12 - November 18, 2011

@140. MONGO
“#139 Johnson 12 mans (yes?)-
Mongo know what mean. That what happen when fold in half. Mongo open minded about rides but like womans. If need ride Mongo always glad to give lift.”

OMG Mongo, I laughed out loud in the office! Thanks for making my day! I’m sure you know I was joking about the ride, but I love that you’re sensitive, understanding and willing to give a guy a hand.

144. Jon Spencer - November 18, 2011

She’s nuts. I wonder how many drugs she’s done?

145. SciFiGuy - November 18, 2011

#141 — Frozen planets weren’t invented by Star Wars. Star Trek had them in TOS.

146. Emotionally Logical - November 18, 2011

#145 – Very true.

147. Emotionally Logical - November 18, 2011

But there’s more to it than just the ice. In both cases u have the hero being chased or brought into an ice cavern by a big ass monster only to be rescued by his friend.. Just sayin lol. Oh and theres the whole planet Vulcan blowing up thing..

Just pointing out the similarities. I actually really liked ST ’09

148. Tom Foolery - November 18, 2011

I actually love both Star Trek and Star Wars equally… shocking I know.

Doctor Who beats them both anyway… hehe.

Carrie and William = <3

149. NuFan - November 18, 2011

Star Wars is still massively more successful than Star Trek, but that could change if the right people keep making Star Trek.

150. VulcanFanatic - November 18, 2011

Star Trek and Star Wars are both great . I choose to believe that they both hold greatness in their own respect. They are not the same type of show, and shouldnt be judged or compared as if they are. Star Wars has a larger child audience which is why i believe the merchandising is more successful for Star Wars. Star Wars is more fantasy than SciFi i believe. Star Wars is a fairy tale, good vs evil. Star Trek is not a fairy tale, but about the evolution of the human condition. How we overcome the horrors of war, pestilence, famine, greed and hate to become part of universe of races of beings working together for the good of all. This is no so much a fantasy, this could happen.

Carrie Fisher, while i respect her career and right to her own opinion, i have not been impressed with the snippits of news press i have seen from her in past years. She often appears to be under the influence of something that makes her come off like a drunk. She also doesnt seem to have much knowledge of Star Trek. I hope that maybe the press just shows the worst of her, and that she isnt really as miserable of a person as she comes off as.

151. houston we have a problem - November 18, 2011

Weeeell….If george would have left the original trilogy alone and stuck with that i would agree with miss fisher. but im calling mr. lucas: jedi master bloat as no one knows how to bloat something into complete rediculousness as george lucas with the uneccesary spoilers of the trilogy aka star wars prequels and the farsic special editions. george unfortunately turned star wars into a bland stale toy factory and sucked out the magic with a single utterance of the word mideo-cloreans.

If this were the mid 80s i would agree with her but both franchises have huge problems now, star trek with its movies after 4 watering down then removing goldsmiths score from 5 on (except first contact the only decent alt. scored star trek) and with its micheal bayish new reboot with horrible score and halfway ok cast and terrible writing wich has been dumbed down to star trek for dumb jocks who think transformers 2 is visionary filmmaking. Star trek has a greater amount of lore with three epic tv series (tos, tng and ds9) and two not so epic series (voyager and enterprise). star trek now is turned into revenge action series completely devoid of any humanism or intelligence of rodenberries vision. I love both and i hate both as they are now and most of all especialy wish that star trek would return to its star trek II music for its movies.

Both franchises could use R ratings and catering to thier largely adult fanbase to enhance thier coolness. if lucas continues with the sillyness of the tv series thats set in the era of luke as a teen without luke, star wars will completely dwindle into staleness and mediocrity.

I absolutely love both franchises and wish it werent so that I wish the producers would return to thier franchises greatness instead of having bickering fests wich is better because right now, both are pretty sad and stale.

152. Jai1138 - November 19, 2011

I saw Carrie Fisher’s show in August and she blew the roof off the place. More energy and humor than one person oughtta be capable of. Always treat her comments thus. I love her.

153. J.A.G.T. - November 19, 2011

@151: AGREED!

154. Bob - November 19, 2011

Shatner looks better at 80 than she does. Her looks really went to pot.

155. Pizza - November 19, 2011

Botox gone bad

156. Hat Rick - November 20, 2011

Star Wars is a good space opera. Star Trek aspires to, and often achieves, science fiction.

In the end, the two are in fact in different leagues, but only because of the nature of their stories. It’s baseball and football. Basketball and lacrosse.

The idea that one is “better” than the other is simply idle talk.

157. MONGO - November 21, 2011

#143 Johnson 12 mans

Mongo happy you have good day. But want to make clear: Mongo give ride but keep hand to self.

158. I, Mugsy - November 22, 2011

Shock, horror – I like both Star Wars AND Star Trek equally! I happen to also like the Beatles AND the Stones!

It IS possible to just be yourself and not follow the heard and just like WHAT YOU LIKE!

It’s kind of pathetic that people get sucked into this group/team mentality and HAVE to choose one or the other! Absolutely crazy!

And Carrie is a class act and was obviously just having a bit of fun/kidding around! She has something called a sense of homour – something many of you desperately need I think… Don’t take it so seriously!

Long live both quality franchises! We’re spoilt for choice these days…

159. I, Mugsy - November 22, 2011

or hUmour, even! (I’m a Brit!) ;)

160. I, Mugsy - November 22, 2011

P.S. I’d love to know the age of those throwing pot-shots around at Carrie’s looks. Absolutely f*cking pathetic excuses for human beings… Roddenberry would be appalled that fans of Trek act like this…..

161. Johnson 12 - November 23, 2011

@157. MONGO – November 21, 2011
#143 Johnson 12

Mongo happy you have good day. But want to make clear: Mongo give ride but keep hand to self.

And, God forbid someone think otherwise. That would be just the worst wouldn’t it. But I guess I know what you mean. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was straight.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

162. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - November 23, 2011

Star Trek > Star Wa–

No, wait–scratch that.

Spock > Star Wars

That’s better.


163. treksturbation - November 29, 2011

Star Trek challenged the audience, made them think. Star wars did not.

Yes star wars had its faint little mythology that it followed, and it was cute while it lasted, but ultimately star trek brought philosophy and humanity to us like no other medium ever has before.

And it just kept expanding, further and further into the depths of space and imagination! It inspired a lot more people to become astrophysicists and astronauts than star wars ever did, because it used technical jargon in its dialog and did not insult the intelligence of the audience member with questions it never answered.

But then one must remember that by its very design star wars is more childish than star trek. Just look at the portrayal of anakin skywalker in the prequel trilogy. Obviously that was designed to appeal to children, especially the acting.

Unfortunately JJ abrams has taken the name of trek and soiled it with a blasphemous star wars imitation that resembles trek in name and ears (as in Leanard Nimoy) only.

Everyone who is interested in what trek is really about should read the books ‘the physics of star trek’ and its companion ‘the metaphysics of star trek’. Better than anything, these books encompass the spirit of what the shows represented. Asking questions, digging deeper, bettering ourselves and our environment with knowledge and humanity!

164. darkdaz - January 15, 2012

i am sorry, but i think Star Trek is way Better than Star Wars. i like star wars, but its not that good to what star trek is, so i gisagree with carrie is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.