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Video of the Day: William Shatner National Unfriend Day PSA November 22, 2011

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st100For the second year in a row Star Trek’s William Shatner has returned to the Jimmy Kimmel Show to help the host celebrate his "National Unfriend Day." William Shatner cut a new PSA to help those who have been unfriended know that "it gets better." He also throws in a Star Trek joke. Watch it below.


Shatner helps you cope with being "unfriended"

Have you lost any Facebook friends? William Shatner has a message to help you cope.


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1. jorDe' - November 22, 2011

I watched but miss it.

2. T-BIRD - November 22, 2011


3. MJ - November 22, 2011

What a jerk!

4. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 22, 2011

It is probably just as well I don’t have Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have to worry about being unfriended.

No doubt someone else may comment on the same title of this “It gets better” with the “It gets better” short films by the Trevor Project. This is surely a coincidence. I hope so.

Bill does it so well. Gotta love the Shat man!…:)

5. DJT - November 22, 2011


6. MikeTen - November 22, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel always does crazy stuff. If you do 6 degrees of William Shatner, Jimmy Kimmel is connected thru his ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman to the Trek universe. Just a bit of useless trivia.

7. Viking - November 22, 2011

I notice, two or three months away from J.J.’s sequel beginning to film, that Bill has that full hairline, ST: VI/Generations toupee thing going on again – haven’t seen him sporting that in a while. Could it be that………?!?

NAH! :-)

8. Andy Patterson - November 22, 2011

I don’t do Facebook. Glad not to.

9. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - November 22, 2011

I have a face book and if someone Unfriends me. Oh well.

10. SPOCKBOY - November 22, 2011


I met Shatner last year. Had my picture taken with him whilst he was perched on a stool where I stood behind him. Couldn’t help but take a close look at his hair which was like a foot away from me.
That ain’t no rug he’s wearing.
He must’ve done the hair plug thing (which he can well afford) because I could clearly see his scalp with absolutely no toupee separation .
Very professional job BTW.
The man looks amazing in person (especially for 80 years old)

Nice job on the video Bill.

11. Allen Williams - November 22, 2011

windows XP? seriously?

12. Cepheid_Soul - November 22, 2011

I can’t believe the Shat is in his 80’s. That man looks amazing. I hope to age half as well

13. Thomas Jensen - November 22, 2011

…that was great!

14. Charla - November 23, 2011


15. Lt. Dakin - November 23, 2011

Okay, it was worth sitting through that overly long piece for the payoff at the end!

16. Rastaman - November 23, 2011

Looks like the Shat still can’t do the Vulcan hand salute worth a damn.

17. GarySeven - November 23, 2011

#6 MikeTen-
What do you mean his exgirlfriend Sarah Silverman?

18. CmdrR - November 23, 2011

“sabotage” – ha!

17 – from a few years ago… watch them in order:

19. William Kirk - November 23, 2011

LOL Great :-)

20. SciFiGuy - November 23, 2011

I don’t do Facebook either. It’s developed into a techno-cult. LOL!!! No…seriously, it has! As Kang might say “We have no Facebook, Kirk…but we understand the habits of yours.” So, I get the lingo and the meaning of the video and found it to be Shatnerific as always…QUITE funny!!! And those of you who don’t like the Shat…deal with it! Kirk and the Shat are the the MAN!!!

21. VZX - November 23, 2011

I don’t have Facebook either because of my job, but it sucks that I don’t. Everytime I meet a girl at a bar or whatever and she asks to friend me on Facebook, and when I say I don’t have a Facebook she gets all weird about it.

Facebook is killing my game.

22. Anthony Thompson - November 23, 2011

17. GarySeven

I’ll answer for MikeTen.

Sarah Silverman used to be Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend. Then they broke up. Now Sarah Silverman is NOT Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend. Are we clear now?

23. trekker 5 - November 23, 2011

LOL!! :) That was good! I love The Shat!! :)

24. 1984 - November 23, 2011

@ 10 SPOCKBOY: The hair replacement biz has advanced from the toupee and tape days and evidently has perfected a skull cap that is created from a mold of a customer’s head. Search Apollo ACS and you can read a little info about it. Have no idea what the Shat uses, but he has temple hair as part of his system also. My guess is he started wearing the skullcap style hair when he went from his longer wavy look to the shorter style. Kinda doubt he had transplant treatment because of the time involved and having to wear caps or hats of some type during the procedure to hide the surgery areas. Skullcap or old style double stick tape, you still sweat and have soap and other crud buildup underneath them. If you have the money and time you could get your hair rotated every day or two to maintain it well.

25. MONGO - November 23, 2011

Mongo not have Facebooks. Mongo only read normal books. Mongo not have kindle for read. Mongo use kindle for start fire. Mongo not have smart phone. Mongo not like object that think it better than Mongo.

26. TJ Trek - November 23, 2011

TJ Trek like Mongo. Mongo his friend.

27. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 23, 2011

#25 LOL I like you, Mongo!

28. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - November 23, 2011

I don’t have facebook and I don’t even have friends, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.

@25: Mongo, you are awesome.


29. Lostrod - November 23, 2011


Hmm. Are you sure he still wears a full hairpiece?

In the video of him working in studio for Iron Man session, the camera angle revealed a bald spot and thin areas. You would think a full skull hairpiece would exclude that.

I assumed he had a transplant.

Oh well, I’ve never quite understand why any discussion of Mr. Shatner always includes comments about his hair.


There you go again …


30. stargazer54 - November 23, 2011

Whether you have FB or not its still funny.

Another video for the “Just Get a Life” compilation.

31. Phil - November 23, 2011

Dry humor. Love it.

32. William Kirk - November 23, 2011

Please, is somewhere the transcript of what Mr. Shatner says? For people who don´t speak English well… It would be great to find it somewhere.

33. Estel - November 23, 2011

Trek sequel opens May 17 2013. In 3D.

34. Keachick - rose pinenut - November 23, 2011

So it is to be 17 May 2013, two days after my first *baby* turns 20. I might have to shout him a ticket to the sequel for his birthday…:) Less than 18 months to go. Please – keep to this date. No more changes. Let the countdown begin.

35. SPOCKBOY - November 23, 2011



36. jimmymac - November 24, 2011

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