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First Trailer For Prometheus – Alien Prequel Written By Damon Lindelof December 22, 2011

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We wont be getting a new Star Trek movie until the summer of 2013, but sequel co-writer/producer Damon Lindelef does have a big sci-fi movie coming out next summer: Prometheus. Lindelof wrote the Alien (sort-of) prequel for director Ridley Scott and the first trailer has been released. Check it out below. We also have a quick sci-fi movies update bit with trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, and GI Joe 2.


Prometheus Trailer   

Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce and Charlize Theron. Lindelof penned the script with Jon Spaihts. The film is set in the late 21st century of the Alien universe. Lindelof described the film thusly:

“It covers a vast expanse of time, past, present and future. It doesn’t take place on Earth in any real significant way. The way we’re exploring the future is away from Earth and [asking] what are people like now? What have they gone through and what are they thinking of? Space exploration in the future is going to evolve into this idea that it’s not just about going out there and finding planets to build colonies. It also has this inherent idea that the further we go out, the more we learn about ourselves. The characters in this movie are preoccupied by the idea: what are our origins?”

Here is the poster and some images:

The film comes out June 8, 2102. More information at

More trailers for 2012 movies

No Trek connection but here are some other genre movie trailers released in the last week.

GI Joe 2: Retaliation – June 29, 2012 (Star Trek sequel’s old slot)

The Dark Knight Rises – July 20, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 14, 2012)


…and following the same pattern, a year from now we should be discecting the first trailer for the 2013 Star Trek sequel.



1. Captain Hackett - December 22, 2011

It is so cool so I cannot wait to watch it!


2. Siksay - December 22, 2011

It looks really good. I’m not someone who has any sort of notable appreciation for the Alien films previous to this (haven’t seen them, except for the most famous scenes), but I have a feeling this film is going to want me to get into them.

3. RoadSiren21 - December 22, 2011

“The film comes out June 8, 2102″? i can’t wait 90 years for this! lol! Sorry just being a nitpick! :)

4. Red Dead Ryan - December 22, 2011

Wow! ALL of those trailers looked awesome! Even the “GI: JOE:Retaliation” one. Can’t wait for them!


Watch the first two. They are classics. The third and fourth, though, are total crap!

5. Chronos - December 22, 2011

Prometheus looks amazing. Sir Ridley back in Sci-Fi! Definitely what I’m looking forward to the most next year!

6. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2011

I was 23 when I went to see Alien the first weekend it opened in 1979. It was a wild ride!

Prometheus looks pretty frickin’ cool!

7. Bringbacktrekagain! - December 22, 2011

Another HObbit film ….really?

Prometheus looks excellent so far.

8. Red Dead Ryan - December 22, 2011

It looks like in the two minutes of footage, that “Prometheus” has that same eerie, creepy, dark, edgy, suspenseful atmosphere that the first two films had!

Except that I probably will be long dead before June 8 2102! :-)

Seriously, 2012 might go down as one of the greatest years in cinematic history!

9. Cygnus-X1 - December 22, 2011

That Prometheus trailer tells us next to nothing about the film.

Humans go exploring and find aliens.

And lots of action and running around.

It may be a great story, but you wouldn’t know it from that trailer.

Or maybe the story sucks and that’s why the trailer keeps it vague.

10. Red Dead Ryan - December 22, 2011


Or maybe Ridley Scott doesn’t want to give much away. Trailers aren’t supposed to answer anything, instead, they’re meant to generate buzz by hooking the viewer with tantalizing glimpses.

11. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 22, 2011

Prometeus looks a bit over rated. looks like a one world movie.

It’s not the Trek you are looking for.

Move along.

12. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2011


Oooooh, Star Wars verbage on a Star Trek site…….nasty!

13. sean - December 22, 2011


How are things going on Planet Crankypants?

14. Vultan - December 22, 2011


It’s a teaser. It’s meant to… tease.
A longer trailer will come later.

15. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 22, 2011

What other Hobbit film?

16. Kertrats - December 22, 2011

#7 – As far as I know, they haven’t made a film of The Hobbit before…

17. Andy Patterson - December 22, 2011

Alien was the first rated R movie I ever saw. I knew immediately this was something new. Taught us a new way to feel, a new thing to feel about. New ways to act and new things to react to. That’s rare. So many movies retread and or, just plain copy. (see…latest Conan movie with him falling backwards avoiding knives in slow motion, in a very Matrix-y way,….and that was the least of my gripes with it). Hope Ridley does that again,…otherwise what’s the point? Hoping good things.

18. Andy Patterson - December 22, 2011

And I guess I’m the only one who did not care for the Tolkien movies. Never cared about or for the characters. I know, I know,….a fault of mine i guess.

19. I'm Dead Jim! - December 22, 2011

@7 There was an animated The Hobbit many many years ago. Was that too much for you?

20. Harry Ballz - December 22, 2011


Andy, be assured, I never cared for the Tolkien crap either. Dull.

21. AJ - December 23, 2011

OK, anti-Tolkien Trekkers:



Except for Harry.

22. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2011

AJ, I appreciate the exemption. High praise indeed.

23. Anthony Thompson - December 23, 2011

9. Cygnus – X1

I don’t know about you, homeboy, but I for one do NOT want to know the story of a film *before* I see it! I just want a trailer to give me a little taste.

24. I am not Herbert - December 23, 2011


GI Joe looks good too! ;-)

25. Dom - December 23, 2011

The Prometheus trailer looks surprisingly great for a film I was dubious about! I notice the lead character is one Dr Elizabeth Shaw, which is a fun reference for older Doctor Who fans! ;) As a fan of the original Alien trilogy it’ll be nice to see a proper film set in the trilogy’s universe, rather than the comedy one of Resurrection and AvP!

GI Joe looks more like the Larry Hama comicbooks than the cartoons that seemed to inspire the last film. It appears to be a quasi-reboot and casting Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock is inspired. And just when you think the trailer can’t get any better, Bruce Willis shows up!

The Dark Knight Rises trailer looks interesting, but no trailer for Nolan’s films has done them justice so far! Love the trailer for The Hobbit!

Promising bunch of trailers for once! :)

26. Khan 2.0 - December 23, 2011

im looking forward to Prometheus more than Trek 2! i really hope its rated R unlike Alien v Predator and Terminator 4, but i guess they do have obligations to ensure it makes a lot of money so i’ll begrudgingly understand if its a (hard) PG13 and we get the R cut on dvd.

heh that pic of Theron and Elba looks like something out of a Berman Trek spin off- i guess im not the only one who thinks that..see:


27. Jeyl - December 23, 2011

Space Jockey is humanoid… that strange very alien looking fossil we saw in the original ALIEN… was just a suit. I now award Star Trek Enterprise one point for going the distance in not turning the Tholians into humans who are just wearing a very complicated costume.

28. Khan 2.0 - December 23, 2011

27 – easy with the spoilers thank you – not everyone wants to know every bit of information before they see the film

29. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2011

These Movies loo Awesome.
Hey Harry. I got it. Erica Durance is one of the Original Aliens. Lol

30. Craiger - December 23, 2011

No Commodore, Durance instead of Theron. LOL.

31. Shaun - December 23, 2011

for me, this is the movie to see in 2012.

32. Jeyl - December 23, 2011

28 – Spoilers? It’s right there in the trailer. When you see the Jockey chair rising up, look to the right. You can see a very distinctive bald headed looking man with bio-mechanical looking clothing/skin. And if you look at the top of the chair, you can see the actual mask that forms the space jockey head from the original.

33. rm10019 - December 23, 2011

Looks like a great group of films!

34. Nuallain - December 23, 2011

#27: I think you’re jumping the gun with that presumption. The humanoid giant looks to be one of the expedition after being somehow mutated (in the sequence you see a guy screaming after being exposed to some sort of gas that gets inside his suit; him being half-carried by his companions as they try to escape; a giant humanoid alien in the remains of the guy’s spacesuit attacking the humans; and the same giant humanoid alien standing in the Space Jockey chamber) though I could be wrong. There’s also a shot in the trailer of the team examining the disembodied head from a Space Jockey corpse and it looks just as in the first Alien film.

35. Ran - December 23, 2011

I am concerned about Lindelof involvement with the script. He tends to write action rather then drama.

36. Ran - December 23, 2011


“I am concerned about Lindelof involvement with the script. He tends to write action rather than drama.”

37. Khan 2.0 - December 23, 2011

LAH LAH LAH LAH *closes eyes and ignores spoilerific posts*

38. SciFiGuy - December 23, 2011

Ridley Scott himself said the Space Jockey we see in Alien is a suit. I read that in an interview with him somewhere. We’ll see how it plays out. Suit or not — Prometheus looks incredible!!!

If the storyline I read online is accurate, then it makes sense that the Space Jockey would be more humanoid. ;-) I won’t say more. Some of you may know what I’m talking about already.

I really don’t want to know any more about the film than I know now. I’d like to be surprised by something in the film.

When I saw the first ALIEN, I knew nothing. I’d like to repeat that experience to one degree or another.

Man, Ridley Scott is a sci-fi GENIUS!!! Cannot wait for this!!!

39. Chain of Command - December 23, 2011

It’s not coming out until June 8, 2102 ??!!! I don’t know that I can wait that long! LOL

40. Dom - December 23, 2011

36. Ran: “I am concerned about Lindelof involvement with the script. He tends to write action rather than drama.”

I think it’s fair to say none of the Alien films are particularly notable for their plots, dialogue and characterisation! They’re more about how individual directors have approached the concept. Reportedly, the best screenplay is Dan O’Bannon’s original which was rewritten by David Giler and Walter Hill.

41. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 23, 2011

Very funny, Harry. : )

42. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2011

#30. Your right. That should be Erica Durance. Just to make Harry Scream. Lol.

43. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - December 23, 2011

I would love to see John Hurt and Signory Weaver in the new Film. At least in a Cameo form.

44. Anthony Thompson - December 23, 2011

I’d love to see Paul Reiser in the new film. At least in a cameo form. : D

45. Harry Ballz - December 23, 2011

29, 30+42

Durance, with her looks, should play the alien, but I doubt she has the acting chops!

46. sean - December 23, 2011

I wouldn’t run to the assumption that the Space Jockey is humanoid. If you rewatch the trailer, you’ll see them all in a medical bay examining what looks to be its skull (could be the helmet, but that’s not the vibe I picked up on).

47. Red Dead Ryan - December 23, 2011

I watched “Alien” last night on Blu Ray, and its still awesome after all of these years! It came out before I was born so I never got to see it in the theatre.

The film really holds up well.

I’m going to watch “Aliens” tonight.

48. Red Dead Ryan - December 23, 2011

I noticed in “The Hobbit” trailer that everybody’s noses look funny!

49. CmdrR - December 23, 2011

Actually, this reminds me why I love Trek. Not every alien in Trek wants to eat your face for brunch.

It looks like a kewl flim, tho.

50. Sebastian S. - December 23, 2011

Sure looks and sounds like ALIEN. Even has the same electronic ‘scream’ sound in the trailer as ALIEN’s did back in 1979.

I am very much looking forward to this one; wish it were coming sooner…

51. AJ - December 23, 2011


Ryan: They definitely have enhanced Sir Ian M’s schnoz as Gandalf, but they did so in the last films as well.

And the dwarves go without saying, though some of them have been ‘humanized’ to look less like Gimli and more like Aragorn.

52. Charley W - December 23, 2011

Guys, #7 may have meant “another film WITH hobbits”, rather than “another version of The Hobbit”. That said, the only other version that I am aware of (excepting some amateur fan attempts) is the 1977 animated one by Rankin-Bass.

While using rather childish character designs, has some real positive points- first of all, they did try. Most of all, the voice cast is wonderful. John Houston is as good of Gandalf as McKillan (at least as to the voice), Richard Boone is a great Smaug, Hans Conreid has Thorin to a ‘T’, Cyril Richard is a btter Elrond than Weaving is, Brother Theodore captured Gollum just right, and Orson Bean IS what I always imagined Bildo to be. The music was fun, too. I even went and bought the 2disc soundtrack (this was VINYL, Folks!) for about $20 ( a lot for me in those days). Too bad the sequel, The Return of King was so screwed up.

53. Charley W - December 23, 2011

The trailer for The Hobbit looks interesting, although I think they played up the “he might not come back” aspect a bit TOO much. The character design of the dwarves is probably too much individualized, several of them I do not even believe are dwarves (such as Dwalin)! Worst bits: Thorin’s beard should be longer and less stylized, and that damn axe in Bifur’s forehead is just going to get laughs. Everything else, except for Galadriel playing with Galdalf’s hair (why did THAT make the preview?) looks good, and I can’t wait to see the whole thing (or at least the first half!).

54. Jonboc - December 23, 2011

Ridley Scott has been very hit and miss of late, at least for me. But I reaally hope his Alien prequel will step up to the plate. it looks amazing, I know I’ll be there.

55. Jonboc - December 23, 2011

Ridley Scott has been very hit and miss of late, at least for me. But I reaally hope his Alien prequel will step up to the plate. it looks amazing, I know I’ll be there.

56. They call me Stasiu - December 23, 2011

Looks like I’ll be spending more time in front of the big screen for 2012!

57. Pensive's Wetness - December 23, 2011

my only words for GIJOE2: WHAT THE F&^k? Really? THOSE TWO ‘actors’? Really?

58. Greg2600 - December 23, 2011

Wait so Prometheus is an Alien prequel? Because Scott was saying it was not the same universe.

59. Innocent bystander - December 23, 2011


– Engineer/space jockey is responsible for creation of humans; the giant head in the trailer is in fact what the ‘space jockey’ looks like (*humans are created in his image). Those with sharp eyes will have already spotted him in the trailer ;)

– The urns (“ampules”) each contain the genetic materials to populate an entire planet.

– The genetic material is powerful enough to re-write or alter any cell. It is essentially the “elixir of life” as it can heal, destroy and transform any genetic material at the cellular level.

– The giant head is very important to the overall story. It speaks too, but not words.

And those aren’t even the real spoilers of the story ;)

60. sean - December 23, 2011

I believe we’ll discover that the Xenos are biowarfare. This is something Scott has said numerous times in the past. Also, if you have ever seen the cut scene that was restored in the 2003 Director’s Edition of Alien, I believe there’s a clear hint as to where the eggs were actually intended to come from (hint: it did not involve a queen).

61. Red Dead Ryan - December 23, 2011



The new noses look to obvious. I watched the trailer, and the noses stuck out like…..well……sore noses!

They could have done a better job with that, I thought.

62. Keachick - rose pinenut - December 23, 2011

Dwarves have funny looking noses, or so I have been told by a big Hobbit/LOTR fan (my better half).

63. Cygnus-X1 - December 23, 2011

13. sean – December 22, 2011

—-#9 How are things going on Planet Crankypants?—-

Lousy. :>)

64. Cygnus-X1 - December 23, 2011

Well, whatever the reason, that trailer does not intrigue me at all.

So, what else can I say.

If not for Ridley Scott having directed it, I wouldn’t even consider paying to see it. And I’m pretty ambivalent about it anyway.

Flibble-dee floo!

Fancy special effects movies…In MY day, there was one show in town. It was called Stare at the Sun, and you stared at it till yer eyes bled. And we LIKED it that way! Hell, we LOVED it!

65. Captain Ransom - December 23, 2011

well it’s good to see that ridley scott is staying true to the style and feel of the series. it looks like this will be a serious contender for best sci fi film in a long time and will really add to the existing sci fi universe. unlike abrams POS family friendly film star trek XI which strayed as far from the feel of trek as possible. I can tell immediately that this will be far better than trek XII.

66. Red Dead Ryan - December 23, 2011

I’m starting to smell stinky diapers in here.

67. sean - December 23, 2011


See, the thing I love about that trailer is that you can see he used actual sets. Sets! He didn’t Coruscant the place up. Not that I’m anti-CGI, but I think if an effect can be accomplished practically, it should be.

68. Big Hands - December 23, 2011

I’m sure that Prometheus and Star Trek 12 will be incredibly disapointing. We can not go back to the good old days of the originals. The Hobbit looks promising, but it does not stick to the original Tolkien story. Nothing is good and original anymore

69. Captain Rickover - December 24, 2011

# 59 Innocent bystander
no bad ideas for a science fiction movie. But it would surprise me, if only one of your thoughts will be incorporated into this movie. But you never know: Perhaps Lindeloff was capable of writing a REAL scfi-horror-adventure-film.


If you rewatch the first Alien in de DC-version, you’ll notice that Captain Dallas is transforming into an Alien-Egg. So, now you know how Prometheus will end (and where all that eggs came from)… I think Mr. Scott will abandon every single sequel from his original movie; even the great Aliens from Jim Cameron.

70. SciFiGuy - December 24, 2011

#69 — Man, you may have figured it out!!! And shame on me for reading it!!! LOL!!!

71. CarlG - December 24, 2011

I think Idris Elba is wearing a t-shirt with a Wayland-Yutani logo in the 3rd photo… this makes me happy for some reason.

I just really hope it’s good, to be honest. The most iconic, frightening monsters in the universe deserve a hell of a lot better than what they’ve been getting, movie-wise.

Also, Hobbits! :)

72. Anthony Thompson - December 25, 2011

68. Big Hands

Is there anything worth living for, Mr. Sourpuss?

73. Harry Ballz - December 25, 2011

Anthony, I’m reminded of the guy who was so cynical, he wanted to hang himself, but figured why bother to try, the rope would probably break!

74. roy - December 25, 2011

It’s interesting to note that to a certain degree, Ridley Scott as a filmaker has come somewhat come full circle by revisiting a film franchise that put his name on the map for Hollywood to take notice all those years ago. Now he’s back with a film that I hope resurrects the franchise this time for the better.

75. dmduncan - December 25, 2011

More like Ridley Scott has come full spiral, since he’ll be doing a Bladerunner prequel next. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.