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Simon Pegg Arrives In LA For Star Trek Sequel + Talks “Slightly Annoyed” Scotty January 3, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The path to the 2013 Star Trek sequel has got a bit more real this week. Star Trek’s new Scotty has arrived in Los Angeles to prepare for the role. Actor Simon Pegg is also talking about how much he loves the new "slightly annoyed" Scotty. Details below.     


Pegg back in the USA for Star Trek sequel

Simon Pegg continues to be the most chatty of the Star Trek celebs when it comes to sharing on Twitter. The British actor revealed that he flew from London to Los Angeles yesterday to begin work on the sequel. And this morning he tweeted about recovering from jet lag. On Sunday before leaving the UK, Pegg lamented that he is going to miss the upcoming episodes of the BBC series Sherlock, noting "Sherlock was awesome tonight. I can’t believe I have to boldly go and miss the next two. 

TrekMovie has previously reported that shooting on the Star Trek sequel will start on January 15th.

In other Pegg Trek related news, in a Chicago Sun Times interview promoting Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (given before he left the UK), Pegg talked briefly about the sequel:

Q. What’s the latest word on the “Star Trek” sequel?

Pegg. It’s all a “go.” I’m preparing to fly out to L.A. in the new year and start working on “Star Trek.” I can’t wait to get back to it. I do love Scotty and it’s so much fun playing him. I love the way he was portrayed in the last film. Scotty is slightly annoyed. He has been abandoned on this planet. Now, he’s abroad the Enterprise looking after this big sexy ship.

Simon Pegg on set for the 2009 "Star Trek" movie with director JJ Abrams.


1. Lostrod - January 3, 2012

First, maybe?

Anyway, about time!

2. Phil - January 3, 2012

Annoyed will be a good word to describe flying half way around the world to discover the script ain’t done…..

3. Aurore - January 3, 2012

Mr. Orci , you know you want to say it.
Come on! You can do it…………..


4. Trip327 - January 3, 2012

Hooray! Finally, we’re on a our way to getting a new Star Trek movie. Really hope the new movie is a good one.

5. Gabriel Bell - January 3, 2012

Anthony, not sure if you missed it (actually I’m pretty sure you didn’t), but @DamonLindelof tweeted the following yesterday.

“Something really, REALLY cool just happened. #BoldlyGo”

Super intriguing! (And what time for the #Emissary live-tweet?)

6. DavidJ - January 3, 2012

Big fan of Simon Pegg… but I gotta say this is the one casting I’m still not 100% crazy about.

He was a lot of fun in the movie, but he’s just SO recognizable that all I can ever see is, well, Simon Pegg walking around on the Enterprise.


7. MJ - January 3, 2012

Memo to Simon Pegg:

Buy a SLINGBOX, dude. It is the 21st century — you don’t have to miss your TV shows anymore if you are willing to spend a few dollars.

8. MJ - January 3, 2012

@2 “Annoyed will be a good word to describe flying half way around the world to discover the script ain’t done…..”

??? Phil, what is your source on this? Shooting starts on the 15th.

9. Phil - January 3, 2012

@8 I think the production team has dropped enough hints that the 15th was a soft date, at best……

10. Anthony Pascale - January 3, 2012


no they havent

11. MJ - January 3, 2012

@9. But dude, why would Simon Pegg being flying to LA and tweeting about starting on the new movie NOW, if that was a soft date? To me, his flying into LA today seems to verify a start date within 1.5 weeks?

12. Anthony Thompson - January 3, 2012

9. Phil

Some people like to start false rumors.

13. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 3, 2012

to boldly go… the crew is really getting ready …. I believe… I hope Simon will continue giving us some clues… and DLindelof, too… :-) :-)

14. J.C. England - January 3, 2012

I always thought the “scotty”
character was miffed about
something always, anyway.

15. crazydaystrom - January 3, 2012

For me this is THE most positive indication of progress on this movie. I am officially excited.

16. Phil - January 3, 2012

@11. This is the same Simon Pegg who has been tweeting script rumor control all over the place, while admitting he hasn’t seen a script? All that verifies to me is he wanted to come out to LA early – the weathers been great lately…..

17. MJ - January 3, 2012

@16. Yea Phil, the weather here has been outstanding the past few weeks.

Sucks for the rest of you who don’t live here in SoCal. :-)

18. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 3, 2012

#16. Phil…

Well, I think Simon Pegg has seen the script finally…

look at the comment #21


:-) :-)

19. Red Dead Ryan - January 3, 2012

I think its safe to say that filming will begin soon, maybe not exactly on January 15, but around that time frame.

20. Phil - January 3, 2012

@18. The date on the thread, and the comment are seperated by 24 hours. I suppose he can speed read, but would you bet the farm on it?

21. DeShonn Steinblatt - January 3, 2012

I’ve always had the impression that 9 of every 10 nerds live in SoCal.

22. N - January 3, 2012

Pegg was really good as Scotty in XI, hopefully he’s been wrote just as well in this one. I hope the dialogue is better overall in XII, it was a little weak in XI, still a great film though don’t get me wrong.

23. Trekker5 - January 3, 2012

Yay!! Jan. 15th!!! :) Seeing this tonight is like an early B-day gift for me!! :) (My Birthday being the 4th!) And #3,Aurore,hi!! :)

24. The Original Spock's Brain - January 3, 2012

It finally begins! :-)

25. Hat Rick - January 3, 2012

Everyone who is part of the cast is such a great character, as well as playing such great characters! Simon Pegg seems like he would be blast to pal around with in a pub with the whole gang after work.

Trek rules!

26. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 3, 2012

“Now, he’s abroad the Enterprise looking after this big sexy ship.”

Is Scotty/Pegg really abroad the Enterprise? – Oh my, the visual imagery I am having right now…:) I do hope the nacelles remain ample enough for him.

Even more definitive would be to glimpse a brushy eyebrow denuded Zachary Quinto. Please – when do we get to see those pics?

Only 12 days away from the start of filming and no word on how that finest of all conifers is prepping for the sequel, especially as he plays no less than the fine Pine/Kirk, most famous and most notorious of all Starfleet captains. Nosy rosy pinenut needs to know…:)

27. Anthony Thompson - January 4, 2012

20. Phil

Would you bet the farm (or $10,000, as Mitt Romney does) that Star Trek 2 won’t be starting in mid-January?

28. Do You Wanna Dance - January 4, 2012

Does anyone know who might have won the Star Trek sequel walk-on roles for the Super 8 contest they held last month?

29. CmdrR - January 4, 2012

grumble… grumble… haggas… grumble… me poor bairns… grumble… tribble shite… grumble… grumble… Manchester United… grumble…

30. Aurore - January 4, 2012

I wish you a very Happy Birthday, my dear!


31. JJ Fan - January 4, 2012

If the sequel is all a “go”, as he calls it, is there any new word on who is portraying the villain?

32. Trekker5 - January 4, 2012

#30,Aurore,thank you!!! :) :) I’ve already had a good day,I got the 1st season of the 2nd best show ever made;Hogan’s Heroes! :) (The best show ever made being Star Trek!! :))

33. denny cranium - January 4, 2012

I enjoy Peggs version of Scotty.
I think the scenes he did with Nimoy are outstanding.
He also seems to be like “one of us” as in “Its so cool I’m in Trek”

34. AJ - January 4, 2012



I once flew to England and back twice in one week. You should try it. You sit back and watch films and drink gin & tonics for 10 hours (which is what they actually do IN England as well).

But, I heard this “Trek” film is a done deal, so if Simon Pegg shows up to JJ’s LA office and hears “I got nuthin’ ” I’ll be very surprised. Bob Orci indicated here recently they were finishing the 3rd draft.

35. Aurore - January 4, 2012

“I’ve already had a good day…”

That’s good to hear, Olivia.

“I got the 1st season of the 2nd best show ever made;Hogan’s Heroes! :)”

………We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one, Olivia…yes, even on your birthday….


Forgive me.
Just as you did so many times before, when I said that I did not want to see Mr. Shatner in the Star Trek sequel, for instance….


36. Chris Doohan - January 4, 2012

Welcome back, Simon

37. Landry - January 4, 2012

The movie starts less than 2 weeks and A tweet from Simon Peg is considered news?? Looks like you lost your source at Paramount ….a long time ago.

38. Starfleet's Finest - January 4, 2012

So happy to hear! I can’t believe how close it is getting to the start of filming! Seems like only yesterday people were up on their soapbox saying the whole sequel was a myth, it was never going to happen, Anthony was shutting down the site, no one cared about Trekkies or about Star Trek anymore, the franchise as we knew it is dead…*sigh* just look at how far we’ve come!! :D

Still very excited though! :)

@ Trekker5
Don’t know where you are in the world but it’s still the 4th where I am so, happy birthday! (just add early or late in there as needed) :)

39. Sebastian S. - January 4, 2012

I totally agree with Simon Pegg.
I am chomping at the bit for the new series of Sherlock to hit US shores. That is one of the best reboots since 2003’s Battlestar Galactica (and ST09, of course. Hee hee). Despite his more prominent association with Dr Who, I think Sherlock may be producer/writer Steven Moffat’s best work yet…

As for Pegg’s Scotty? I’d love to see other sides and facets to the character. Even though Scotty is a larger-than-life character he still had many quieter, more subtle moments as well. I have full confidence that Simon Pegg will be able to bring forth those qualities if given the opportunity. Even as a fan of his earlier works, I must admit, it took me awhile to warm up to his interpretation of the character.
But now I can’t wait for him to ‘give us all he’s got.’

40. I'm Dead Jim! - January 4, 2012

#36 Chris Doohan, have you been called up yet? The transporter room won’t be the same without you! Seriously, the ship still needs a Doohan on board!

41. Phil - January 4, 2012

@27. If I had a farm, or 10K, yeah, I’d take that bet.

42. Phil - January 4, 2012

@34. Twice in a week qualifies for some serious air miles. I did LA to Dubai once, and and there was not enough gin on the plane to make that trip comfortable.

43. Greenberg - January 4, 2012

Another non-comment from Pegg

44. Phil - January 4, 2012

Hey, I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, but there is months of work that has to go into pre-production, not to mention the studio signing off on the script before any of that work can really start. Mr. Pegg showing up is great, but until the rest of the cast is in town, and they finish casting all the other roles, the 15th looks soft, at very best.

45. AJ - January 4, 2012

The film’s been in pre-production for a while.

46. Jas_montreal - January 4, 2012

If khan isn’t cast yet, then how can they start filming ?!?!

47. Trekker5 - January 4, 2012

#35,Aurore,:) Your forgiven! :)

48. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 4, 2012

#26. Keachick

“how that finest of all conifers is prepping for the sequel?”… Well, I think he was very happy in the last days… you know… I hope this is great preparation for the Captain …LOL

:-) :-)

49. Captain Hackett - January 4, 2012

And… leaked pics of shooting scenes and characters! ;)

50. lostrod - January 4, 2012


“If khan isn’t cast yet, then how can they start filming ?!?!”

Since Khan will not be in every scene they always begin shooting the rest of the film. They never film in the actual order scenes appear onscreen.


51. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

Perhaps the person has already has already been cast as the TOS villain and JJ Abrams has decided to keep it all a secret after all…They are just not telling us.

52. Chris Doohan - January 4, 2012


No, not yet, but considering that they start filming this month, it seems unlikely. Still holding on to hope though.

53. Craiger - January 4, 2012

That Red Letter Media guy who reviewed the reboot movie thinks it will be the Klingons and have Tribbles because they are the more well known to the general public and he said that is what Paramount is gearing the new movies for. He also said that Paramount throws in litte nods to old Trek for the fans.

This got me thinking of how the sequel could open. They could have shot where the carnivirous Tribbles talked about in some of the rumors, are destroying the Klingon homeworld which then make them become Nomads and the Klingons start hitting the Federation worlds in order to survive and this make Starfleet send in Kirk and the Enterprise to deal with the problem.

54. Craiger - January 4, 2012

Sorry I meant nods for Trek fans, in my last post.

55. Do You Wanna Dance - January 4, 2012

There were so many good bits in ST09:

Professor Randy Pausch on the Kelvin bridge
Phase II’s James Cawley and Jeff Quinn on the Enterprise bridge
Chris Doohan in the Enterprise transporter room
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as the computer’s voice
Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion on Earth’s shuttle station
Greg Grunberg as the voice of Jim Kirk’s stepdad
Tyler Perry as the President of the Starfleet Academy
Akiva Goldsman as a Vulcan council member

Hell, even R2-D2 got a scene.

I hope they can make as many nods to all the Trekkers out there, those on the inside as well as the fans. I entered in the Super 8 contest, here’s hoping for a callback!

56. Dalek - January 4, 2012

Scotty was the only characterisation in the first movie that didn’t feel like the same character.

I’m hoping he’s a highly competent engineer and less of a bafoon in the sequel. Scotty took charge of the bridge in many episodes of the original series and proved himself to be a formidable commander when called for. Humour is fine toned down, but I want to see him a genius engineer as well.

57. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

I hope you do get the call, Chris Doohan. I mean, as Kirk said, “What’s a bridge without a Sulu at the helm?”. The same applies to a Doohan.

Bob, JJA – Are you guys getting this?

I see on my post at #51 I have managed to repeat myself. Oh, for a wee edit function! It must be the warm, very humid weather. It keeps raining off and on. I am sitting in my underwear typing this. Oh, to live in a sub-tropical climate, but yeah, my back yard pasture has never looked better. Lovely to walk on in bare feet – no snakes or other nasty poisonous creepy crawlies.

OK, I’ll go now…writing too much.

58. Phil - January 4, 2012

@53. To think, I was being schooled a little while back on the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek – Star Wars was clearly fantasy because it was stocked with cartoonish bad guys and cute, fuzzy critters. Clearly Klingons are not cartoonish and Tribbles are not cute and fuzzy….

59. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 4, 2012

#48 Yes indeed. Is it the right kind of prep for the sequel, though, I wonder?

Anyway, it looks like our fine captain will no doubt experience action, but not a loving form…:-( It seems that Spock/Uhura and “Noel Clarke”/? have that cornered.

60. ironhyde - January 4, 2012

First things first. Pegg is totally right about Sherlock. That show is fantastic. I feel for him, having to miss the next 2 episodes :( hehe..

Now, #10, #12 – seriously? I figured Phil was kinda being snide. His comment made me chuckle, based on my awareness of how long the script has taken and the fact that reports used to come out constantly that they were “almost done” their current “draft”. I didn’t realize that in order to post on here we needed references and it had to be factual? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Phil’s comment was a… joke, maybe? I dunno. Just think people are overreacting.

Yay Scotty! :)

61. Jack - January 4, 2012

56. Competent engineer, sure. But not a magic engineer. Scotty was great in the early movies — written like a normal, competent, fallible human being. I don’t want anything reconfigured to emit a tachyon pulse to save the day. Heck, it worked in Trek II — the dangerous last-minute repair — but there were consequences.

The miracle-worker stuff came later.

I liked in the latest MI flick — which, is, yes, preposterous (as the Hollywood Reporter complained) — but who cares, as it’s a MI flick… –. that Hunt needed a hospital a few times. He ain’t a well-rounded human being, and I don’t need him to be, but he still came across as a fallible, vulnerable (ridiculously in-shape) human being.

62. Jack - January 4, 2012

I guess I would have liked to see Uhura working her ass off to learn Romulan (and how does someone in the fed. learn Romulan anyway? But I digress). I don’t want to see characters just described as genuises and then suddenly they can do anything the plot demands.

63. Hat Rick - January 4, 2012

Scotty was and always will have a reputation as a “miracle worker,” thanks, as we all know, to the “miracle” of exaggerated initial estimates of the time required to complete a task.

64. David - January 5, 2012

Hopefully Scotty will work his miracles on not having to working in a brewery and hopefully look like he’s in the engineering area of a starship.

65. Jeff - January 5, 2012

Simon just tweeted he’s off to work!

66. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 5, 2012

I doubt that they will be filming yet, but there will be costume fittings, hair, make up, prosthetics (whatever they are called) to be done, as well as all the actors getting together to learn their lines and start rehearsing various scenes. That’s my guess as to what is going on now… Just too exciting!!!

67. sassy - January 5, 2012

yeeeahhhh boiiiiiii

68. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 5, 2012

YAY! And Spock was seen on a treadmill a little while ago…YAY!!!!! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.