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Paramount Officially Announces Star Trek Sequel Production Start January 14, 2012

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On Thursday TrekMovie reported on the beginning of production for JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel, but today Paramount Pictures made it official with a press release announcing filming start. It also includes some details on the team behind the film. See below for the full release.


Press Release

JJ Abrams Begins Production  On Next “Star Trek” Movie

Paramount Pictures announced that principal photography has commenced in Los Angeles, CA on the sequel to STAR TREK from director J.J. Abrams. The film will be released on May 17, 2013 in 3D. The 2009 re-launch of the "Star Trek" franchise by Abrams was met with critical acclaim and a worldwide gross of over $385 million at the box office.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions present a Bad Robot Production of a J.J. Abrams Film. Returning to their posts on the Enterprise are John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin. They are joined by new cast members Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller.

Based upon "Star Trek" created by Gene Roddenberry, the film is produced by J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The script was written by Alex Kurtzman & Robert Orci & Damon Lindelof.

Jeffrey Chernov, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Paul Schwake are the executive producers. The director of photography is Dan Mindel, ASC, BSC. The production designer is Scott Chambliss. The film is edited by Maryann Brandon, A.C.E. and Mary Jo Markey, A.C.E. The costume designer is Michael Kaplan. The music is by Michael Giacchino.


Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. The company’s labels include Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, MTV Films, and Nickelodeon Movies. PPC operations also include Paramount Digital Entertainment, Paramount Famous Productions, Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc., Paramount Studio Group, and Worldwide Television Distribution.


Skydance Productions has a strategic partnership with Paramount Pictures which allows it to co-finance and produce several films per year with the studio. The first film to be co-produced under the partnership was the Coen Brothers’ “True Grit,” which was nominated for 10 Academy Awards© and has earned $250 million worldwide. Most recently, Skydance productions released the Paramount feature “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol,” starring Tom Cruise, which has made over $460 million worldwide and growing. Upcoming films include “G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation,” starring Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson, set for release on June 29, 2012; “My Mother’s Curse,” starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, slated for release on November 2, 2012; “World War Z,” directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox and David Morse, set for release on December 21, 2012; “One Shot,” based on the best-selling novels by Lee Child, directed by Christopher McQuarrie and starring Tom
Cruise, currently in production; the Untitled Star Trek Sequel, starring Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine; and the Untitled Jack Ryan Project starring Chris Pine, to be directed by Jack Bender (“Lost”) and produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mace Neufeld. Additionally, Skydance is producing, along with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, “Without Remorse,” written by Shawn Ryan.


Bad Robot was formed by filmmaker J.J. Abrams in 2001. The company has produced television series such as ALIAS, LOST, FRINGE, and PERSON OF INTEREST, and feature films such as CLOVERFIELD, STAR TREK, SUPER 8 and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL. Bad Robot is based in Los Angeles.


1. Captain Chris - January 15, 2012

I am so pumped! benedict is so great on his Sherlock show!

2. Buzz Cagney - January 15, 2012

When can we expect a first photo?

3. TrekkerWhovian - January 15, 2012

It’s not getting as much publicity but Noel Clarke, who played Mickey Smith in Seasons 1-4 of the New Era Doctor Who has also been cast in the film. It wasn’t mentioned here, so Google it, and I’m sure Bob Orci can verify this.

4. njdss4 - January 15, 2012

I’m so conflicted about spoilers for this movie. I want it to be good so badly that I want to know more about it, but if it’s going to be good, I don’t want to know so I can experience it for the first time in theaters.

5. Polly - January 15, 2012

I was going to do a happy dance and propose a toast to the good news…. until I read about the 3D part.. It’s so annoying trying the fit those stupid 3D glasses over my regular glasses, not to mention the headaches I get from watching 3D for too long.

But I guess 3D is the fad, and people with eyes that don’t function the way normal eyes do are just some kind of insignificant minority. :(

6. Capt. of the U.S.S. Anduril - January 15, 2012

#5, it’s not only in 3D.

“Sequel to Star Trek”. “Star Trek Sequel”. Those are getting rather…awkward. Give us a title JJ!

7. USS Enterprise C - January 15, 2012

Can they just announce the title already?!?! Many movies announce the title Before they start production….

8. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - January 15, 2012


9. pilotfred - January 15, 2012

at long at only two years late
ok to be fair the first date they were given was pushing it however the 2nd they should of met

having said that i am jazzed about still worried once i see some picture (engineering please, dont have to show to much just enough)

10. Alf - January 15, 2012

They better not wreck any more Corvettes.

11. - January 15, 2012

I am excited of course but i saw Hugo last night and i’m not sure it is possible for any movie to ever live up to that.

Hugo Ironically was written by the same writer that gave us Nemesis.

12. Dr. Cheis - January 15, 2012

#7 beat me to it…

13. UMA Fan - January 15, 2012

Can they announce who Bennedict is playing already?

14. Devon - January 15, 2012

“# 3 – It wasn’t mentioned here”

Actually it was:

15. Devon - January 15, 2012

#7 – “Can they just announce the title already?!?! Many movies announce the title Before they start production….”

And many don’t. They’ll announce it when they announce it.

16. pi_neutrino - January 15, 2012

#14 – When #3 says “It wasn’t mentioned here”, I think they’re meaning just this one particular press release, rather than as a whole.

17. New Horizon - January 15, 2012

Perhaps they don’t want to announce a title until they’re absolutely certain it’s the best title they can come up with? Why commit to it before they truly have to?

18. John Tenuto - January 15, 2012

My best wishes to the crew for a safe and good filming experience.

My wish for the sequel is that no matter the narrative, the characters are true to their original versions, with some growth and surprises, but nothing so divergent, for example, as the slobby Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica as contrasted to the suave original version. The best thing about Star Trek 2009 was that the characters were recognizable to their originals despite the different universe. Kirk was a leader, Spock was logical, Scotty was brilliant, and McCoy was a complainer. Keep the characters, at their heart, the same and the film will be better because those original characters are about as perfect an archetype as possible.

As a collector, I also hope the sequel gets as much attention as the original. The 2009 film had a great marketing campaign and some great collectibles. It was wonderful to go to stores and see Star Trek again. I hope that endures.

19. daniel head - January 15, 2012

Please anounce title

20. Devon - January 15, 2012

#16 – They meant, thus advising us all to google it (which would likely lead to this site anyway) and asking Orci to verify it. No need to google it or have Orci verify it when it’s on this site (next page in fact.)

21. Ciaran - January 15, 2012

I do have high hopes for this new film, but I am not without my fears about it too. I keep reminding myself about the 2007 remake of Halloween and its 2009 sequel. Hear me out…..

When Rob Zombie was given the keys to the car to reboot the Halloween franchise, he made a movie which was, in essence, 50% faithful to John Carpenter’s original film and then 50% of “Zombie-ness”. When the movie was released, I immediately loved it. I thought it was a fresh and interesting take on the characters. While there were some deviations from previous canon, it was very respectful to it’s source material. It also did quite well at the box office ($80,253,908 according to BoxOfficeMojo) so a sequel was announced.

Zombie seemed reluctant to take the reins of a sequel so soon (claiming he was burned out by the experience of the first one). So after a few failed drafts of a script by a couple of writers, Zombie decided he was ready to come back and he had a script ready which was remarkably different in tone from the first movie he made. But the producers decided to let him make it as the first one was so successful. The sequel he made was 99% pure Zombie and 1% familiar territory. As a result, the film did not do well at all (pulling in just under $40m).

What I am trying to say here is that the first movie in this rebooted franchise was made to be faithful to the franchise it was remaking. But the sequel was given free reign to be whatever it wanted to be. I just hope that the Supreme Court don’t get in over their heads and think that they can do any story they want, not caring about the rules and spirit of what makes Star Trek so great.

Rant over. Lol. I just hope you know what I’m taing about.

22. pizza - January 15, 2012

News flash…


I can see it now. Some chick flick filled with Trek geeks just to see the trailer.
And then the rest of them go “ga ga” trying to score who’s posted the pirated screener version on the net.

I’m sure most of you remember these, and the hysteria they caused.

At the time Trailer 3 broke some sort of record

23. Ciaran - January 15, 2012

Yeah, I think I actually shed a tear at the trailer that showed Leonard Nimoy at the end. Seeing him with the ears back on and saying “Live long and prosper” was just too much for me to handle. Lmao!

24. Lt. Dakin - January 15, 2012

Wonder if we will get a teaser trailer in May, the end of summer, or next January?

25. Janice - January 15, 2012

Very happy that the ST Sequel is finally underway and I’m even happier that Bruce Greenwood is back as Pike!
Looking forward to reading all the news as the movie progresses.

26. Lt. Dakin - January 15, 2012

Wow they mentioned “untitled Jack Ryan project” and “Without Remorse” under Skydance. Are those movies ever going to get made?

I’ve always loved the official press releases without even a nugget of new information– It does have additional production team, but I think they have been on imdb for a while– but at least this is official.

Nice to see Bruce Greenwood on the official press release. And the release date!

27. AJ - January 15, 2012

Has anyone seen Simon Pegg’s tweets re: Phantom Menace in 3D?

Here’s one: “Enjoyed Hugo, despite almost being ruined by Phantom Menace 3D trailer. Come and revisit the most disappointing 2 hours of your life, in 3D!”

Nicked it off AICN.

28. Trekker5 - January 15, 2012

It’s officially begun!! :) But,like many have asked,when are they going tell us the gosh darn title?! Can’t you see I’m on my knees begin’ here!! Please Mr.Bob Orci,tell us soon!! :)

29. Kirk, James T. - January 15, 2012

Loving the Paramount logo!

30. Lords Of Kobol Book - January 15, 2012

Has anyone heard if Ben Burtt will be back to do the sound? His efforts in the ’09 film were a highlight for me.

31. Lt. Dakin - January 15, 2012

I hope they get Ben Burtt on board early and not at the last minute!!

32. Aurore - January 15, 2012


“…when are they going tell us the gosh darn title?!”

The “writing team” is facing tough choices.
I hear they are hesitating between two titles:

-Star Trek : How Do You Like The Script, Phil ?

-Star Trek : How Is That For A Birthday Present, Phil ?

Mmmmm, decisions, decisions….


33. Craiger - January 15, 2012

I wonder why they haven’t posted a synopsis yet? Then we would know the title and who the bad guy is. Don’t they usually post one when the movie starts filming?

34. n1701ncc - January 15, 2012

Title for the film Where No One Has Ever Gone Before

35. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 15, 2012

… so… then… “Solo/Kirk shot was official…”…. hmmm… yup… I got it… LOL

I NEED pics… PLEASE!!!! :-) ;-)

36. AJ - January 15, 2012


No. They don’t want to generate too much excitement early on. They’ll probably do a soft art-house opening on a few screens in New York and L.A. to see if it has any general appeal before spilling the beans on plot/title, etc.

37. AJ - January 15, 2012

Here is a link to the AICN article on the Paramount Announcement with a sarcastic lead-in and news that JJ Abrams is NOT sharing writing credits with Bob, Alex and Damon, as Bob mentioned last week.

38. Anthony Thompson - January 15, 2012

We probably won’t know the title until the teaser trailer. JJ’s usual cloak of secrecy is in place.

39. CmdrR - January 15, 2012

Star Trek: It’s McCoy’s Turn to Croak at the End, Pike Gets Irradiated, and Uhura Gets Pregnant.

Wordy, but it will fill the marquee…

40. Browncoat1984 - January 15, 2012

I realize that you guys are obssessed with secrecy, and that’s fine, I don’t like major spoilers. BUT – would it kill you guys to GIVE US A FREAKIN TITLE?! We’ve been calling this thing Star Trek 2/12/whatever for the past couple years now and I’m sick of it! You HAVE to have a title by now, right?

Also, if people are just now finding out about the 3D you must be hiding under a rock or something because its been known for a while now that it will be in 3D. And I don’t see why people are upset its being released in 3D. 3D is a choice and you can choose not to go see it in 3D. No movie I’ve ever seen has required you to go see it in 3D to understand the plot – not even Avatar.

41. Jerry Modene - January 15, 2012

How about: “Star Trek: Too Early To Say”

42. Thorny - January 15, 2012

24… I’d wager we get the teaser trailer with “GI Joe 2″ in the summer and the first full trailer with “World War Z” next Christmas.

43. Thorny - January 15, 2012

How about… “Star Trek: Foot Dragging and Diverted Attention”
That pretty much sums up what we actually know about the movie to date.

44. Christopher Roberts - January 15, 2012

—– STAR  TREK —–
T O   B O L D L Y  G O

45. Christopher Roberts - January 15, 2012

Cool make-over for the Paramount logo for the centenary.

I remember when the last major change, from the old basic Gulf + Western to a realistic animated mountain back in 1987. The 75th back then.

46. Trekker5 - January 15, 2012

#32,Aurore,hi! :) What about Star Trek:This One is For You,Phil! ? :)

47. Nony - January 15, 2012

I don’t know if this has been brought up in another post, but there’s a new name on the cast list on IMDb – Tom Archdeacon playing an ‘Ensign Spyke’. Can anyone confirm if that’s legit? (‘Cause, if so, that’s a badass name.)

48. Themanle1 - January 15, 2012

Im happy that paramount didn’t call it Star Trek 2!! That is getting on my nerves!!

49. Adolescent Nightmare - January 15, 2012

I am pretty sure the villain’s name is in the title so they won’t be telling us the title.

50. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 15, 2012

In addition to seeing the rest of the main cast, I look forward to seeing Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu.

51. The Unknown Poster - January 15, 2012

Gary Seven?

52. Jack - January 15, 2012

49. They could just insert “bad guy” or maybe “TBA” where the villain’s name goes in the title and insert it later. Star Trek: A Very Bad Day With (Bad Guy/TBA).

For some reason the Star Trek Sequel talk (even unofficially calling it Star Trek II) — as opposed to calling it Star Trek 12 — doesn’t bug me. It’s not a sequel to those previous ten movies, it’s a sequel to Star Trek (2009). Heck, they called Quantum of Solace the sequel to Casino Royal, not James Bond 22. Even Star Trek 2013 is fine for now. Or is it 2014? I lose track.

Me, I’m hoping it doesn’t have Star Trek in the title.

21: “I just hope that the Supreme Court don’t get in over their heads and think that they can do any story they want, not caring about the rules and spirit of what makes Star Trek so great.”

Yeah, I don’t think there should be rules. Rules and formulas are what killed Berman-Trek. Spirit, sure. Although that’s harder to peg. And they mostly got it last time.

Me, I’d like to see real characters and not caricatures (which started to happen in third-season TOS and in Treks IV and V… Scotty was the crusty, wise-cracking miracle worker, Bones was the crusty contrarian who used damnit in every sentence, Spock raised his eyebrow a lot and condescends to the doctor).

Let them do any story they want — I think this idea that there’s a Trek kind of story is what led to mediocrity. Get the characters right, and the spirit right (exploring, a future where humanity… or at least our humans… generally, work through conflict, differences, mistakes and tricky moral dilemmas most of the time), like you said.

The best Trek stories were morality plays that focused on the characters and their choices, and the consequences of those choices (and didn’t do so with loads of exposition or speeches or self-congratulation). I know Roger Ebert said that Star Trek under Roddenberry had stories which “might play with questions of science, ideals or philosophy.” I guess that’s true — he’s not repeating Roddenberry’s later convention-circuit claim that Star Trek was about current events allegories. That gets repeated here a lot (Star Trek is about current events!”). Roddenberry was talking about sneaking things past the network… but I don’t think that that element was Trek”s most defining feature.

Nimoy did it in two of the films he was involved in, but, say in The Undiscovered Country: other than using current events as a pretty clunky (but effective) springboard for the crew’s adventure… and talking about prejudice and the difficulties of changing attitudes and beliefs, very generally… it wasn’t really much of a commentary on what was going on in the real world… and that’s fine. It didn’t change the world, and it didn’t need to.

Ebert’s quote: which referred to the whole franchise, including Trek 09:

“The Gene Roddenberry years, when stories might play with questions of science, ideals or philosophy, have been replaced by stories reduced to loud and colorful action. Like so many franchises, it’s more concerned with repeating a successful formula than going boldly where no “Star Trek” has gone before.”

Can we have both? A real dilemma and some amazing scenes?

53. GarySeven - January 15, 2012

Please give us something more meaningful than a cartoon character blowing up planets this time.

54. Thorny - January 15, 2012

52… But none of the James Bond movies were ever numbered (except in pre-production) so the analogy doesn’t really work. Now if they made a new movie and called it “Live and Let Die” again, there would be a deafening protest from the Bond fans. And “Quantum of Solace” is one of the worst movie titles I’ve ever heard (albeit from an unrelated Fleming title), let’s hope Bad Robot thinks of something better than that.

Star Trek is five numbered movies, four subtitle-only movies, and two movies with neither (the nondescript TMP and 2009.) I suspect this picture will be another subtitle-only movie, i.e., “Star Trek: Spock Prime’s Revenge” and it will beyond any reasonable doubt have “Star Trek” in the title.

55. ToMaHaKeR - January 15, 2012

Will it have both 3D and 2D versions?

56. Shaun - January 15, 2012

#52: “The Gene Roddenberry years, when stories might play with questions of science, ideals or philosophy, have been replaced by stories reduced to loud and colorful action. Like so many franchises, it’s more concerned with repeating a successful formula than going boldly where no “Star Trek” has gone before.”

it’s kinda hard to go forward when nearly every writing/production team desires to duplicate the critical success of “the wrath of khan,” instead of daring to create something original. in the end, it’s all about being safe and bringing in the benjamins.

57. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012


Yes, there will be two versions, one will be 2D and the other will be 3D converted from 2D. See story below.

58. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012

On the 3D release, let’s hope J.J. Abrams, DOP Daniel Mindel and the special effects unit prepare the movie for 3D Hopefully, they’ll realize the 3D version will be darker and the lighting will need to be adjusted. At least the bridge’s brightness will work better in 3D. As for special effects, I hope they all maximize the 3D medium.

I have seen many 3D conversions and cannot recommend any over their 2D counterparts. When it comes to 3D cinema, 2D conversions are inferior to those shot in 3D. If you get the chance, watch Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece “Hugo” in 3D. He shot it in 3D and it’s obvious he cared about every shot. Wim Wenders filmed Pina, a dance movie in 3D with new lightweight 3D cameras. Link. So, the expenses and logistics are not as great as one would think. I find it distressing that Trekkers will pay a premium for an inferior 3D product..

1. Slate article on the conversion process and why conversions are inferior to native 3D.

2 . Wim Wenders production video while filming in 3D.

3; NPR story on Wim Wenders 3D movie, “PIna.” Wenders now wants to film a family dram in 3D!

59. Vultan - January 15, 2012

Abrams’ CIA-esque secrecy is a little silly. They can’t release the title yet?!

What’s next? No posters, no advertising of any sort—then hire people to jump out at ticket-holders in lobbies like a surprise party:

“HEY, there’s a new Star Trek movie!”
“I had no idea!”

60. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 15, 2012

Let the working title be – Star Trek: Stork in Delivery and later Star Trek: Second Delivery. Any known title at this point is not essential and anyway titles can change…therefore, for now, in short: ST:SID

No doubt we will be given clues as to who, what Benedict Cumberbatch and other new cast might be playing in the first teaser pictures. Until then…patience, patience. However, the very first picture should be the captain of the Enterprise himself, the fine Pine/James T Kirk! Make it happen!

61. Aurore - January 15, 2012

” What about Star Trek:This One is For You,Phil! ? :)”

Good evening, Olivia!


T.R.E.K. : This One Is For You, Phil


62. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012


Christopher, I have a poster from Star Trek: Generations that says “To Boldly Go.”

63. AJ - January 15, 2012

It seems like, in this day and age, we are inundated with so much crap, that we, as Star Trek fans, look to TREK to get us out of it. We’re all looking for “2001” or “TMP Redux” in a place where 46% of Americans actually believe God helps Tim Tebow play football.

We’re not going to get what we want. Nor are we going to get a “grand debate.” About what? Tim Tebow? The Flying Spaghetti Monster? “Star Trek” is pop culture with memorable characters which got used to spelling out issues for what seemed like 6th-grade civics classes. Oh! They are terrorists! Oh! But maybe they have issues, too! Oh! Let’s sit down and discuss them! Oh! There’s now a speed-limit in the darned galaxy! I’m black on the left side!

Occasionally, the show verged on greatness: ancient planet killers, time-traveling civilizations, racism, sexism, mortality, family…. But we all as fans rejected time-travel as an over-used device, and many newer fans began associating Trek with Klingons blowing stuff up. So maybe that’s what we get from now on. “The Inner Light” will not be re-made.

Of all the forgotten virtues of “Star Trek,” the one many overlook in ST09 is that of family. Kirk had, perhaps, his brother. Spock loved his mom to death, and is forced to look to others for strength during massive loss. The coming together at the end, with all its smiley-faced good intentions. It sort of had that “The Human Adventure is Just Beginning” vibe without a speech on global warming.

64. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012

I’m getting excited. I can hear Alexander Courage’s fanfare.

65. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012

AJ, the “inner Light” is the essence of great Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry wanted a show that was entertaining AND intelligent. Anthony Pascale says many times that Star Trek belongs on TV. I agree.

Still, the movies can be smarter. And the Supreme Court wants to go deeper. for this next film. Christopher Nolan makes intelligent big budget action movies. So Star Trek can certainly be as smart.

66. Trekker5 - January 15, 2012

#61,Aurore,Thank you!! :) (takes bow) I come up with a goodin’ every now and again! :)

67. Daoud - January 15, 2012

Star Trek: Boldly Go! Leave out the superfluous “to”.
A highlight of the film: instead of playing 3-D chess (imagine how 3-D chess looks in 3D: is it 6-D, 3+3, or 9-D, 3×3??)…. Spock and Kirk play East Asian chess, “Go”. In 3-D…. That’s bold!

68. jas_montreal - January 15, 2012

Does anyone know how long it took for Star Trek 2009 pictures to start popping up on the web after Trek 2009 principle photography started ?????

69. Christopher Roberts - January 15, 2012

62. Basement Blogger: Yep! Teaser poster. Time for it to step up and be a proper title. Like The Final Frontier. Or These are the Voyages…

Although I’d be quite happy if nobody remembered that last one, and saw Terra Prime as Enterprise’s finale.

Should be third time lucky with To Boldly Go! The other two took the bullets for the team. But of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with what they were called. The best piece of writing in the world can have a lousy title and the worst, get an awesome handle.

70. Christopher Roberts - January 15, 2012

Mind you, I’m forgetting Where No Man… aren’t I?

That was pretty damn successful, as the second Pilot, or we wouldn’t all be here would we?

71. Vultan - January 15, 2012

I’m guessing the title will be something aggressive sounding.

Star Trek: Arsenal
Star Trek: Phaser Range
Star Trek: Super Terrific Phew-Phew Hasbro Fun Movie (in Japanese)

Anyway, plenty of ‘splosions on the way.
Story optional.

72. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012


Christopher, they made Final Frontier the title of the bad Star Trek V. As for Enterprise’s “These are the voyages…” my big problem is that they killed off Trip, I think.

73. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012


Vultan, I detect a little cynicism. :-) Okay, two can play.

Star Trek: Twilight Teenage Vampires in Love.

74. Red Dead Ryan - January 15, 2012

“The Final Frontier” was actually at one point considered as one of the early titles for “Deep Space Nine”. I don’t know why though. They must have forgotten about the movie “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”.

75. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 15, 2012

#60. Keachick….

Well for now the charming villain Benedict Cumberbatch has gone to all parties in Hollywood this weekend … I just saw a picture of him on the red carpet of the Golden Globes … What kind of villain he is preparing to play …?… a villain “party boy” … LOL …

:-) ;-)

76. Odkin - January 15, 2012

I still wish I could be more positive about this. The first movie, EXCEPT for the opening sequence, was honestly just bad. I know we don’t like to admit it, and many here are incapable of seeing it. But honestly. Bad. I’ll give them some leeway for the writers strike preventing on-set corrections of some bad dialogue and GAPING plot holes.

This team really is only proven good at unending TV show “arcs” stories. There has not yet been a Bad Robot movie with a tight well scripted plot with a beginning, middle and an end. It’s all ambiguity and half-seen things, and unanswered questions. Pretentious mystery masquerading as complexity.

The STORY will make or break this movie. The cast is competent. Effects and budget are irrelevant. The franchise appeal is there. This movie will stand or fall on whether the characters are true (meaning NO Spock/Uhura BS) and whether the plot tells a cohesive story that MAKES SENSE without a lot of fake metaphysical and scientific jargon. It has to pass the “wife test”.

Any good Star Trek story should work just as well for a western or any other genre where a group of characters travel from place to place and meet strangers and become involved in their lives. It should be possible to go through the script and replace all the fancy technobabble with words like “gun”, “engine”, “fuel” and “radio”, and still have it make sense.

Keeping the plot secret means to me they are instead going to rely on action sequences, effects, and surprise twists instead of a good plot. I could tell you the entire plot in advance of “It’s a Wonderful Life” without diminishing it’s greatness one single bit.

77. Praetor Tal - January 15, 2012

I’d like a little Aubrey/Maturin in my Star Trek, please.

78. Jack - January 15, 2012

71. lol. You should trademark that last one. There’s money there.

79. the Quickening - January 15, 2012


Good point.

My concern is it has taken far too long to go into production. I know we have heard many explanations (excuses?) for this, but delays like this can’t be a good sign.

Also, it appears to me this movie is being rushed into production at a very critical time of it creative process, which is not good. The actors are just reading the script and they are instantly preparing to film. Not good.

It could be said that neither the actors, nor the director, have had enough time to really delve into the depths of the material, adding creative idiosyncrasy to characters or thematic nuisance to plot and story. And I won’t even go into plot contrivances and coincidence that are libel to creep in. We certainly know how possible these are from viewing the last film.

We shall see.

80. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 15, 2012

Honestly, what a depressing bunch of posts.

How do you know how much time the actors or director have had to delve into the depths of material etc? What are you talking about?

And no, Odkin, some people are capable of actually admitting to liking something as well. Nobody is, or needs to be, in denial about anything. And be careful what you call BS… BS, manure, is what keeps the earth healthy and is a means towards providing good, healthy food. Also, lest we forget the cheese and soap!

Star Trek 09 was released 32 months and one week ago and still some are bitching about it. Give it up. Been there. Done that. Get over it. Enough already!

81. AJ - January 15, 2012

Cumberbatch just had a superb review in Huffington Post UK for his season 2 wrap-up of “Sherlock.”

While I have only seen 2 episodes of season one, I can only imagine this man is riding a high right now of his own creation which “Star Trek” as a franchise is ready to catch just at the right time because JJ is paying close attention. He could read the side of a cereal box at this point, and be nominated for a Golden Globe.

Let’s hope the boys use him wisely.

82. Vultan - January 15, 2012


Ah c’mon, we can do better than that—

Star Trek: Teenage Nazi Werewolf Love Slaves from Dimension Fun!

Might be hard to fit it all on a poster.
Small fonts, please.

83. Photon70 - January 15, 2012


Rushed into production?

No time to review the script?


The original story was outlined over a year ago to the studio.

Pre-production started in the autumn and has been in full swing since Dec.

The delays have been due to several reasons.

Lets be honest and just say that the writing and production team were the victims of their own success from ST2009.

They been so busy with other projects only now could everyone come together for ST2013.

Even now, two of them are awaiting the release of Prometheus in summer.

Talk about being busy.

The last update about the script from late late year, was that the 3rd revision was being polished to fit the budget.

This script will be more polished than the one used for ST 2009, due to the writer’s strike stopping any re-writes.

Chill out and relax.

The studio could have released a sequel with a smaller budget a year ago, if making money was all they were concentrating on.

Other people have said, and I’ll say it here.

Star Trek is finally getting the full blown big budget Hollywood treatment. Paramount is treating ST as a first class franchise, giving it the budget and media coverage it deserves.

Enjoy these heady days.

84. Woulfe - January 15, 2012

Star Trek 2 : More of the same


85. the Quickening - January 15, 2012


I remember reading here on Trekmovie, Pegg stating he hadn’t read the script at least up to around a week before December 20th. Production kicked off I believe January 13th. Add rehearsal time in the mix, and that’s not a lot of time. Given what I have read regarding other movie productions, this doesn’t appear to be a lot of time. And, can I say that I don’t expect you to agree with me, but is attitude really necessary?

86. Basement Blogger - January 15, 2012


Along the same idea, did you see this parody where Billy Crystal develops a sequel to “When Harry Meets Sally” and the studio messes with the movie to make it more commercial?

87. the Quickening - January 15, 2012


Well, these are merely concerns. I didn’t say the movie as a whole was being rushed. My main point is a short prep time for the actors and what layers they can add to their roles relating to plot and character.

88. Hugh Hoyland - January 15, 2012

I don’t wanna harp on the subject but I agree with those that want to know the title.

Give it up already! Lol

89. billyboy - January 15, 2012

Guys, relax. I don’t think they have a title yet. Probably even the “final draft” of the screenplay simply says “STAR TREK SEQUEL” or “STAR TREK XII” These things tend to go thru many title changes during production… Star Trek II was called War of the Generations, The Genesis Project, The Omega Syndrome, The Undiscovered Country, Revenge of Khan, and finally Wrath of Khan. I read a final draft of the most recent Planet of the Apes movie that was leaked after shooting had finished, and the title was still called “CAESAR: RISE OF THE APES”. I don’t think it went by its theatrical title, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, until post-production.

I do like the idea of just calling the movie “TO BOLDLY GO”, that would work fine for me (doesn’t even need the word “Star Trek” in the title, using the type font and a poster with the Enterprise and Kirk & Spock will make it obvious that its Star Trek). Hopefully a title like that will fit if the movie’s plot lives up to them exploring new worlds and not “insane villian wants to get revenge on the Federation by blowing up earth” plot that we got during the last 5 or so Trek movies.

As for me, I just want to see photos of the cast back in costume, along with the new actors and/or sets so we know it’s not leftover Star Trek 2009 photos. Don’t even need to see official publicity photos yet, just some leaked images like they have for the next Superman movie will do nicely. It’s not “really” being made to me until I see photos.

90. Odkin - January 15, 2012

“Star Trek: Plan 9 From Bad Robot”

91. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 15, 2012

Bob Orci – Have the actors been given enough prep time? How much time do they get to learn lines of script and rehearse scenes, trying out different ways of approaching their characters, as in how they should move and sound etc?

In the Special Features of the second DVD for Trek 09, it showed Chris Pine and Karl Urban rehearsing a scene. It appears that what they are doing is actually being filmed with a small camera and video taped? and JJ Abrams is watching their efforts on a small TV screen. It is where McCoy gives Kirk a sedative and he falls back on the bed in sickbay. However, in this, the fall is not quite as “spontaneous” looking as in the actual movie version. No doubt, Pine and Urban got to see what they had just done and would have seen what improvements were needed in their performances, if any. Once the actors get it all right, then the big main movie-shooting cameras would spring into action.

Is this how filming a movie is generally done? Have I got it sort of right?

92. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 15, 2012

#89 – “As for me, I just want to see photos of the cast back in costume, along with the new actors and/or sets so we know it’s not leftover Star Trek 2009 photos. Don’t even need to see official publicity photos yet, just some leaked images like they have for the next Superman movie will do nicely. It’s not “really” being made to me until I see photos.”

I have been asking for that for the last six weeks, but still nothing. Here they are in Hollywood with enough cameras to sink the Titanic and not one picture of any of the cast members on the Paramount or Sony lot photographed together. Why not? How hard is it?

Come on, guys at Bad Robot – Be nice. Give us folks here a nice picture or two. My desktop can’t stop crying…Thank you.

93. Buzz Cagney - January 16, 2012

#53 and he’d have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids. ;)

#77 Good call. Or better yet another Master and Commander movie would do.

94. La Reyne d'Epee - January 16, 2012

I agree with comments about actors not getting enough prep time. I recall Quinto saying he surreptitiously made as many notes in his journal as he could before they came & took the script off him, after only allowing him to get a single read through. That’s a ridiculous way to treat actors. Writers get months to work on a script, I bet the designers and cgi people also get plenty of time to do their stuff, yet the people who can really make or break the thing are treated with such disregard. It’s a wonder they did as well last time. Does the need for secrecy really supersede the need to allow actors to do their job properly?

95. Paul - January 16, 2012

I don’t know about you guys and gals, but I would rather not go into a movie knowing everything about it. I want to go in for my first viewing and be surprised and blown away by what I see. All the spoilers and sneaked pictures & video ruin it for me. I try not to read any spoilers online… I usually read the news on here to see who has been cast in the movie… but everything else, I try to ignore. I had watching trailers that give away too much of the movie too. I miss the days of Star Trek II when I didn’t hear anything about the movie except the basics. These days, you know basically know everything about a movie before you even see it. Kinda take the fun out of going to a movie you have been waiting to see. Anyway, that’s my two Canadian cents.

96. Chris Freeman - January 16, 2012


97. Paul - January 16, 2012

No, he won’t.

98. Ciaran - January 16, 2012


I completely agree with u there. It’s so unfair that the actors are, ironically, the ones who spend the least amount of time with a script. It’s detrimental to the process of them doing their jobs properly.

99. captain_neill - January 16, 2012

Its a shame that Trek the way I love it has gone but at least it is popular again, and it is getting more people into the rest of Trek.

100. DJT - January 16, 2012

Let’s get [dilithium] crackin’!!

101. Bob Andelman - January 16, 2012

Trek fans! Get a video preview of Trek The Musical by checking this Mr. Media video interview with the show’s creators, Lauren Field and Gaetano Rodriguez, and meet the cast, in character:

102. Ciaran - January 16, 2012


While I do agree, I think we have to accept that the Star Trek that we know and love is dead and gone. The JJ-Verse is the only version we’re going to get from now on. Even if it makes a miraculous return to TV, I still don’t believe it will be the same.

103. DaddlerTheDalek - January 16, 2012

2013 will be a Hell of a Movie Year!

By the way: I love Paramounts new Logo!

104. captain_neill - January 16, 2012


While I do like the Abrams film, I do feel sad that some of the ideals that were part of Trek are lost to make way for the mainstream audience.

However, it is keeping Trek alive. As long as he does not redo any of the classics as they would be inferior to the originals.

105. DaddlerTheDalek - January 16, 2012

I hope they will tell us the real Title of STXII soon. I don’t ask for a Sypnosis, just the Title! And I hope to see a Teaser Poster & Teaser Trailer this Summer!

106. pkRaiden - January 16, 2012

the trailer will most likely come with GI JOE 2 in July. if the special FX are ready in time.

107. Adm_BlackCat - January 16, 2012

MTV News talked to Cumberbatch on the red carpet last night.

“…when asked if his “Star Trek” role is a villainous one. ‘That’s just supposition. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.’ ”

“The actor said he’s been ‘working out nonstop,’ indicating that his part in ‘Star Trek 2′ is a very physical one.”

This is gonna be a great sequel due to everyone involved! The level of talent all around is amazing.

108. MC1 Doug - January 16, 2012

Aaagghhh!!! They’re killing me. No plot details, no film title… no clues!

109. - January 16, 2012

What prep time do actors need? All they are doing is talking.

I know there is bad acting but the idea that it is some special craft that only a few can do is simply not true. Read lines, get a few takes and direct to get the emotion required.

That’s it.

The last trek film was more like trek than any of the next gen films. Agreed they had to cut some stuff that die hard fans want yet Star trek got it’s mojo back when Abram’s took over. They reinjected the good stuff that had long been lost.

110. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - January 16, 2012

At the end of one of the tie-in TOS TREK novels — I think it might have been the one to the “Starfleet Command” game — Kirk is giving a speech to the cadets; IIRC it was set in the post-VI era. He said his speech, and ended it with this:

“Wherever you go… go boldly.”

I always thought that’d make a good voice-over for one of the series films.

111. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - January 16, 2012

For a while, JJ’s Trek was called “STAR TREK: THE FUTURE BEGINS” if only unofficially; I believe it was just part of a teaser poster and someone ran with it.

112. South African Dude - January 16, 2012

Im so excited, “I envy you, taking these first steps”
Picard to Lilly

Don’t want spoilers, being spoled as it is.

What a f#@& fantabulacious time to be alive.

113. Admiral_Bumblebee - January 16, 2012

Does any else have the feeling the we ourselves live in an alternate world? Back when the TOS-movies were released one after the other, the world seem “right” and “good”. Now we have this rebbot which seems odd, unnatural, strange…

114. Dr. Image - January 16, 2012

About time. J.J. should have put off Super 8 and gotten to it a lot earlier. Super 8 was… meh.

115. jas_montreal - January 16, 2012

Cumberbatch is being “forced” to workout non-stop for his role. Khan….

116. South African Dude - January 16, 2012

We’ve got the best talent I think out there making Star Trek happen for us, it is huge. I really have faith in these guys!!!

I hope the title send shivers down my spine whén they anounce it, Just like that faithful day I first saw that strange man welding on the hull, my God and then to hear mr Nimoy’s voice, that moment was unbelievable. I could scream. (In fact I think I did)

Oh and to all of my esteemed colleagues above, I dare say, you may have issues with 3D, fine, but just imagine if you will, being beemed up in freekin 3D!!! Swirl Swirl, or seeing the Grey Lady do a flyby and ducking, oh yeah and the phasers, klingon bat’leth’s poking ayour eyes out in a close quarter fight scene(Hint Hint) oh yeah. ohhh yeah.

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Experience and so never saw Borg 4D, I have never seen trek in 3D. I see this as a great bonus. Sure I’ll enjoy the 2D version, but why the heck not see it in 3D!!

Love it Love it Love It

117. DGill - January 16, 2012

I know this is unrelated to the main subject at hand, but the new Paramount logo is stunning.

118. Buzz Cagney - January 16, 2012

#112 I think that has more to do with us than anything! Now i’m older the whole world seem’s just a little odd and curiously unfamiliar!

119. South African Dude - January 16, 2012

Remember the Indian Jones Movies, I loved how the paramount Logo always became something in the opening Scene, perhaps the Team can use the brilliant Mountain as a intro and zoom down to where Kirk is scaling some rock, short lille nod to Mr. Shatners effort.

120. John from Cincinnati - January 16, 2012

I just can’t get jazzed about something we know nothing about. It can end up being the worst movie of all time.

121. Charlie Y - January 16, 2012

Hey Anthony, isn’t it about time to change the “tag tabs” at the top of the page? “News”, “2009 Film”, “TOS Remastered” are a bit stale.

122. jas_montreal - January 16, 2012

@ 119

Like Transformers 2 ? Which was written by the same ppl writing this film ;)

123. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 16, 2012

It’s official. Star Trek 2013 will be great. because Bob Orci said so.

124. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 16, 2012

Will be interesting to see Alcatraz tonight. looks like it cold be fun.

125. Buzz Cagney - January 16, 2012

#120 I went on a Sales course last week. I didn’t learn much but I recognise that as not being Positive Thinking!

126. captain_neill - January 16, 2012


OK but Bob also co wrote Transformers 2. I have to let that one go.

Anywho I am looking forward to Star Trek 12, I think it will be good.

127. DeShonn Steinblatt - January 16, 2012


More importantly, he says he will never get a job in this town if he reveals who he is playing.

An all new, unknown character?


128. Xai , “Star Trek : The Pursuit of the Wasscally Wabbit” - January 16, 2012

“Star Trek : The Pursuit of the Wasscally Wabbit”

129. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 16, 2012

Re post #91

Bob Orci – Are you able to clarify the points raised by myself and others as to how much prep time the actors get and whether it is fair enough?

Is Chris Pine now on set being “my captain” or does his schedule have him come being Captain Kirk after he has done a tour promoting This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy? I trust all is well with him.

Surely, answering these questions would not break any confidences and with the former question, give people a bit more information and understanding of the process.

Benedict Cumberbatch, like the rest of the cast, signed a NDA (legally binding non-disclosure agreement) which means that he cannot reveal anything about the character he is playing, plot of story etc. If he did, the studio would be within their rights to fine him heavily and have him blacklisted. No other studio would want to hire him either, as he would be seen to be untrustworthy. That would apply to all the other cast. The (papz) media shouldn’t ask the actors. Their lips are sealed. It is very unfair to question them all the time about such matters.

130. Gary S. - January 16, 2012

It could be a new character from a familiar race like The Klingons or The Gorn .

131. Harry Ballz - January 16, 2012


Buzz, I’ve been a sales trainer for many years. Did you enjoy the course?

132. Christopher Roberts - January 16, 2012

Best version of the Paramount logo I’ve ever seen, is at the start of Scrooged in 1988. A zoom through the peak of the mountain and the lettering, then onto a star in the night’s sky. I just had to reuse it once for a tribute video, complete with a warp effect…

133. Gary S. - January 16, 2012

#104 What ideals important to Trek were lost In The Abrams film?

134. Captian Realistic - January 16, 2012

——–Star Trek——–
You’ll Watch Anything

135. Hugh Hoyland - January 16, 2012

I’m going to say something that some or maybe a lot of people may not agree with (and trust me its not brown nosing) but I actually like Transformers 2 better than 3.

In fact I have yet to finish watching it all the way through (I will eventually).

I guess I find all the goofiness in 2 actually helps it “go down” better? lol

And I still dont know why C&A didnt track better than it did other than people where turned off by the basic premise. But I dunno, it has all the ingredients for a solid movie that a lot of people usually enjoy.

136. Jay - January 16, 2012

#76 Completely disagree. It was a very very good movie. Obviously the most critically aclaimed star trek movie.

It amazes me that there are still those few that refuse to see what a great movie it was, and just want to hate on it because it updated something that so terribly needed to be updated.

You can always find a certain number of critics that will say anything is good. Transformers 2 is a perfect example. But the overwhelming positive reviews from across the country prove it wasn’t just a few critics. It was in fact a good movie.

137. Jay - January 16, 2012

As for not having a title… i really don’t get the concern. It’s completely normal, especially for a sequal not to have a title until late in the production, or shortly before the movie opens.

Most people don’t even know they are making another Star Trek movie. They aren’t like us and checking the internet everyday for a new tidbit of news about Star Trek.

Having a title, or “THE” title at this point is not important. They can just as easily work with Star Trek 2 or Star Trek sequal until they are in post-production.

138. Buzz Cagney - January 16, 2012

Harry, you know it was ok but i can’t say i learned anything. Why do they seem to think selling is a black art?
Sadly my selling career has come to a quick end. It was just too structured for me and didn’t seem to leave much room for my own personality. I became very self-conscious on being told i would be filmed by a secret shopper at some point!
I thought screw this. I wasn’t enjoying it so i walked. Just need to find another job now!

139. Friz - January 16, 2012

You should change the tabs at the top of the site.

140. Phil - January 16, 2012

@138. Anyone who sells Medicare has to deal with secret shoppers, too. They are looking in the wrong place to catch the crooks – then again, gov’t tends to do that….

141. Phil - January 16, 2012

@129. Google pre-production, Wikipedia has a good run down of what is involved for prep time.

142. captain_neill - January 16, 2012


The critics might love it but Wrath of Khan, First Contact, Undiscovered Country amd The Voayge Home are much better films I think.

143. Obsidian - January 16, 2012

Star Trek: The Wrath Of Time Between Films (from now on known as ST:TWOTBF)

A long, LONG story of ST fans waiting. And waiting. Developing wrinkles and watching their hair go gray as they wait for the next ST movie…

144. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 16, 2012

“sells Medicare”? I thought that medicare was government/federally funded medical care that was available to those who were (very) poor and could not afford their own medical ins-ra-ce. Why would anyone be selling it (and presumably seeking to make a profit)?

145. Photon70 - January 16, 2012

In terms of prep time, lets not forget a movie shot takes months and prep continues even after shooting starts.

On a typical day, the cast and crew might only shoot 1 or 2 pages of script.

This gives the cast time to learn their lines i.e. they don’t have to memorize 120 pages of script at once, or get into character instantly etc.

It also allows for on set rehearsals, multiple takes, ad libbing etc.

It be fine.

146. Harry Ballz - January 16, 2012


That’s too bad, Buzz! I got the impression you were going to really enjoy sales.

Ah, well…..on to the next adventure!

147. Buzz Cagney - January 17, 2012

I did enjoy the talking to customers about car’s, unfortunately it was the big gaps in between that I couldn’t stand. I’m the sort that needs to be doing something, no matter how menial the task.
Wandering up and down a car showroom just bored me. Add to that i’m annoyed that they gave me the job on the strength of the work I did for them in the showroom on a Sunday, then they set about undermining my confidence in the way I did things. Even standing with my hands in my pockets drew criticism. I told them if I want to be told how to stand i’ll join the Army!
I am disappointed with how it ended and how I handled it- I just walked out the door on the back of one criticism too many. But there it is, its done.
I think I could sell car’s in a different environment. A used car lot with loads of different vehicles and no nonsense about where my hands are would be fine. lol
I’ve noticed there is no shortage of Car Sales Execs jobs out there. A sure sign its a tough old game to be in.

148. Phil - January 17, 2012

@144. Medicare is available to anyone over 65, or disabled. There are private plans available that cover the gaps in the government benefits, hence, selling Medicare.

149. Phil - January 17, 2012

@32. My birthday is Feb. 23. I anxiously await my present…..

“It’s a Great Script, Phil”
-Star Trek –

150. Daoud - January 17, 2012

That could work set to the song “It’s a Good Ship, Lollipop”?
“It’s a Great Script, boborci… it’s a great script, boborci….”
Ok, maybe not.

151. Phil - January 17, 2012

As far at titles, cast photos, and other details go I’m guessing there won’t be much until Comic Con in San Diego in a few months. Seems like a good platform to launch the marketing hype.

The problem with “To Boldly Go…” is it’s begging to have people finish the sentence. Also, it really says nothing, especially if this episode has the good ship Enterprise safely in Federation Space somewhere….like the last movie So, we end up with:
—– Star Trek —–
T o B o l d l y G o…….
…Away?,…. to the Market? …Postal? ….and open a can of Whoop Ass on this episodes Villian?…….

152. Vultan - January 17, 2012


Sorry to hear about your job not working out, Buzz.

I walked on a job once—during high school when working as a stable boy on a horse ranch. Sadly though, after having worked in a few offices with the white collar crowd, I’ve learned that manure isn’t just found in the barnyard. Managers, ugh, dear God, don’t get me started….

Anyway, best wishes on your next, as Harry put it, adventure.

153. Phil - January 17, 2012

@150….Nah, here’s a better idea…

154. Phil - January 17, 2012

@147. Not sure what happened to that post, anyway, sorry to hear about your job – selling is a tough business to be in. Funny how the sales managers who tended to micro-manage also tended to be the ones who didn’t understand why the turnover rate among the sales force was so high. Good luck, you will land on your feet somewhere…

155. VZX - January 17, 2012

151: I really doubt the title is “To Boldly Go” or just “Boldly Go”. I get the point, but it doesn’t seem descriptive of that particular story, it is just too general.

I’ve saying for years that the title for this next Trek movie is almost impossible to create. I just don’t see how anything could work and not meet with controversy.

If it were up to me, I’d call it Star Trek 2 and be done with it. Or maybe not.

156. Buzz Cagney - January 17, 2012

ah thanks for the kind comments guys. I appreciate the understanding and the support.
You know selling isn’t that hard, its the unhelpful pressure they put on you that is the tough part.
They came to me because of my ethusiasm then they set about undermining it! Idiots!
Anyway, onward and upwards.

157. Vultan - January 17, 2012


Undermining. Yeah, that seems to be at what most managers excel. Creativity? Enthusiasm? Nah, straighten that tie! No hands in your pockets! Don’t lean against that car! Smile when you talk! Always smile!—

Oh, there I go again….

158. captain_neill - January 17, 2012


Although it wa still there a little I felt some of the hope for the future was pushed a little to the side.

159. captain_neill - January 17, 2012


I think Star Trek XI sacrificed the moral side and the understanding of overcoming our differences for more flashy action.

It did capture the fun aspect of TOS even if Abrams went for a more Star Wars vibe.

160. Vultan - January 17, 2012


Good point. I felt the crew should have rescued Nero in the end and brought him to trial, which makes me feel like a hypocrite in saying that; I was glad to hear of Bin Laden’s death. And I guess that’s the point—Trek should make me think and reevaluate my beliefs.

161. Phil - January 17, 2012

@160. Considering they established that transporting a falling object was not easy, they would have had a hell of a time locking on to someone getting sucked into a black hole. Besides, Nero was screaming fire by then, he would not have gone willingly…I think…

162. Vultan - January 17, 2012


Within that set of circumstances, no, but I’m talking about it having been rewritten to where Nero is captured. It’s not a historical event, it’s science fiction. They can come up with any technobabble explanation and make it work.

“Captain, the [fill in the blank] is working again!”
“Good. Beam him to the brig and get us out of here!”

Problem solved.

163. VZX - January 17, 2012

161: It’s probably impossible to beam someone out of a black hole. They could have only saved Nero if he wanted to be saved. So they blew him up.


164. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 17, 2012

There were other Romulans on the Narada as well so it would mean trying to beam all of them to safety. Besides, some people will commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner… just saying.

165. Red Dead Ryan - January 17, 2012

And sometimes its better just to kill the bad guy and be done with it. After all, Nero did manage to escape from Rura Penthe, albeit with the aid of the Narada.

Plus, if they had kept Nero alive as a prisoner, and the writers left that thread hanging, fans would be clamoring to see at least a mention of his trial in the sequel.

It would be like “Gee, ya know, Nero’s actions made a huge impact on the whole quadrant, and to hear no mention of his trial smacks of neglect” or “They clearly don’t care about continuity or else they would have shown us a scene of Nero standing trial and being punished for his actions.”

I think the writers would have painted themselves in a corner if they kept Nero alive.

Besides, I think Nero was so damaged psychologically and so unstable that he had no to reason to live except to seek vengeance, and when that option was taken from him, he welcomed death, since life was the worse option.

166. Phil - January 17, 2012

@1652….yeah, yeah, science fiction, not science fantasy….I know….

167. Red Dead Ryan - January 17, 2012

I don’t think there’s much difference between the terms “science fiction” and “science fantasy”. Both obviously depend on proven science to an extent, but both “fiction” and “fantasy” imply ideas that are not yet proven to exist, or proven to be even possible. And both require a suspension of disbelief. Just in different ways.

168. captain_neill - January 18, 2012

I think I would consider Doctor Who more Science Fantasy these days as some of the solutions are in the fantasy realm as deal with emotions rather than technology to save the day, which is what Doctor Who is about.

Trek hadtech and it has inspired science and used some scien in its shows, some of that science is not right but to me it is more science fiction.

169. Aurore - January 18, 2012


T.R.E.K. : To Boldly Go Big Or Pitifully Go Home

170. Aurore - January 18, 2012


T.R.E.K. : To Boldly Grow… A Goatee

171. N - January 18, 2012

I think there’s more pressure with XII, XI works brilliantly as an AU story, XII has to prove the alternate reality can stand on its own.

I’ll admit I’m sceptical because the writers are responsible for some awful films and it could be that XI’s reliance on the Prime Universe was the most essential element. I would love nothing more than to be pleasantly surprised though.

Right now I’m much more excited about Prometheus :D

172. Phil - January 18, 2012


Or if it’s a bad movie….

T.R.E.K. : It Boldly Blows

173. Vultan - January 18, 2012


Exactly the reason to capture him. Life is his worst option—and the worst punishment for him. He was a mass murderer after all.

And simply killing the baddie in the end… well, it’s been done before a few times. Just a few… thousand.

174. Red Dead Ryan - January 18, 2012


Except that is why they weren’t going to capture him. He knew life, especially in prison, is worse than death. Same reason bin Laden refused to surrender. Why Hitler blew himself up.

175. Vultan - January 18, 2012


And so they gave him exactly what he wanted. A final prize, of sorts.

But imagine if he were somehow captured, placed in restraints, sent to a padded room in a Federation prison—with a VULCAN counselor there to rehabilitate him… for the rest of his very long life, with Spock Prime checking in from time to time.

Ah, sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? And the purest sort of “revenge” for the evolved, peaceful, logical Vulcans.

176. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 18, 2012

Who would it be doing the avenging on Nero? Why? It won’t bring back any of the vulcans or their planet. Nero avenging the two Spocks didn’t bring back his Romulus. Exacting revenge on Nero just continues the insanity. Nero had lost everything. Death for Nero was no prize, just final release from the bondage that he had created for himself 25 years earlier when he misguidedly blamed Spock prime and set himself on the path of destruction.

Time to move on…

177. Vultan - January 18, 2012


That’s why I put the little quotation marks around “revenge,” because it wouldn’t be revenge in the classical sense. It would be punishment, but a fitting reversal of sorts, being in the company of those he hated so much.

And that’s why there’s such a thing as suicide watch in jails and prisons. Criminals must be punished. There is no death for them, no release. Nero should have to think about what he’s done, consider the consequences of his actions… for however long.

Trek ’09 was an exciting, dynamic rebirth of the franchise, but captain neill is right. It did lack a moral center in many regards. And hopefully the sequel will bring back the morality tale aspect of the original series.

Time to move on indeed, to bigger, brighter, more thoughtful things.

178. Uncle Feedle - January 22, 2012

I was really excited at the prospect of a Star Trek sequel until I read the new movie will be in 3D. How disappointing.

179. Ranja246 - January 22, 2012

Orci said some time ago that the hint to what the movie will be about is
in Star Trek comics by IDW, specfically #5. All you old trekkers who are
familiar with the original series will quickly realize it is a rewrite of the
1960s Star Trek episode, “Operation: Annihilate!” And I bet you a dollar
that Cumberbatch will be playing Kirk’s brother — facial similarities.

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