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Zoe Saldana Helps Car Accident Victim Across Street From Star Trek Studio January 19, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

While she is filming her role as a space hero in the Star Trek movie, Zoe Saldana took some time out to act as a Good Samaritan. The new Uhura actress was spotted in Culver City on Wednesday coming to the assistance of victims of a car crash. See photos below.


Saldana Helps Woman After Car Accident

On Wednesday Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana stopped her car at the scene of a traffic accident in Culver City, CA and help an injured elderly woman. The crash occurred across the street from Sony Studios, where the Star Trek sequel is currently filming. “Zoe witnessed the car accident, and was very quick to help,” says an onlooker to People. She "immediately got on the phone with 911 and she seemed very concerned." Saldana and another passerby moved the woman to the curb from her car and waiting for emergency crews to arrive. According to the witness, Saldana “returned to the woman’s car and picked up the woman’s handbag and sweater. Zoe was very caring and sweet to the woman.”

Photos (via Daily Mail):

More photos at Daily Mail and bauergriffinonline.com.


1. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - January 19, 2012


2. Captain Gorn - January 19, 2012

Good for her!

3. Jack - January 19, 2012

Yikes! Hope that lady is okay. Nice to see a good samaritain story

4. Spacecadet - January 20, 2012

such situations say very much about humans “real self”. zoe saldanas behavior was really fine… difficult to find the most appropriate word, for i am from germany…. i am just astonished about the fact, someone was immediately at hand wit a camera. is there no privacy at all?

5. mr. trek77 - January 20, 2012

maybe it was an Iphone.
I am from denmark, and think I know what you mean about ´der privat leben ohne kamera ´ , but hey everybody has a camera in there phone…


6. jim - January 20, 2012

SOPA is passed. We have cameras in all our phones for one reason. So they have an excuse to take you away without trial. WW3 has begun.

7. jim - January 20, 2012

SOPA is passed. We have cameras in all our phones for one reason. So they have an excuse to take you away without trial. WW3 has begun.

8. Newman - January 20, 2012

Good on you, Ms. Saldana!

9. Trekboi - January 20, 2012

I hope the lady is ok, good to see Zoe didn’t turn the other way she would have to be pretty heartless to keep on going on her way.

10. Nick Cook - January 20, 2012

Good for her. Hope the people injured aren’t too bad and recover quickly.

11. Buzz Cagney - January 20, 2012

I like to believe she intercepted the 911 call and rushed to the scene to assist. ;))

12. Beam_me-up - January 20, 2012

Oh come on! Hardly worth a story, hundreds of people do the same thing, and don’t have a whole web page bigging them up about it!!!!

13. Greenberg - January 20, 2012

are you serious?? Looks rather ordinary to me. Just another helpful person in the right place at the right time.

14. Hugh Hoyland - January 20, 2012

Good Job Zoe! :)

And get well soon to the injured.

And heres to everyone that helps or has helped other people out in situations like this.

15. Hugh Hoyland - January 20, 2012

And while I agree that many people help others out, and they dont get a lot of recognition for doing so, keep in mind that Zoe is a Hollywood Star, media attention is going to happen, period, end of story.

So I wouldnt make a big deal about that. She helped someone who needed it and thats cool in my book. :]

16. Hat Rick - January 20, 2012

Great act of kindness. Many people would have just driven away after gawking.

In these trying times, Ms. Saldana’s selflessness and concern for her fellow human beings is instructive and should be held out as an example to all.

The fact is that too many of us would rather just not get involved, unlike Ms. Saldana. It’s all the more tempting for a big Hollywood star to give into that apathy, and we have all the evidence we need in various cases involving celebrities that are actually involved in traffic incidents from which they run away. Star Trek 2009’s Uhura is clearly not like those celebrities.

By the way, has anyone noticed how telegenic everyone involved is? Even the cops look like they’re from Central Casting. No out-of-shape patrol officers there! I think it’s God or Fate’s way of telling us how much we should use this incident as a teachable moment: No one is too big to help others in their times of need, and here’s an example.

17. Do You Wanna Dance - January 20, 2012

I swear, people will do anything to get an inside scoop at the Star Trek lot.

I kid, I kid! Good to see that there were no fatalities or more serious injuries.

18. Hat Rick - January 20, 2012

I have to say this: Yes, it’s true that many Hollywood types are self-absorbed and unfriendly. But many others are just regular people outside of their public roles.

Roles do not make the actor; the actor makes the role.

I’ve run into that guy who played a psycho on an episode of Voyager, and who is known for his bad-guy roles. A great character actor. This was years ago. He was buying groceries at a local Vons supermarket. You’d think he was a moody son-of-a-gun if you knew him only from his roles. But he was just a perfectly normal guy. You’d never know he was famous if you weren’t a science-fiction or horror geek. I, for one, recognized him, but the cashier, who thanked him by name because he’d used his Vons loyalty program card, apparently had not. Or, more likely, she was too used to dealing with celebrities to show that she did.

I sometimes tire of the stereotype that Hollywood actors are uncaring and undeserving. Many of them — not all, but many — deserve every penny they get from having to deal with all the garbage they encountered on the way up to where they are now.

Celebrities are people too.

19. Stokiespock - January 20, 2012

Zoe that starfleet training came in handy !!!

20. rm10019 - January 20, 2012

Very nice, great to see one of our fictional heroes actually being sweet, kind and helpful!

21. niall johnson - January 20, 2012

I find it funny that the pictures are from a UK website!

22. Lt. Dakin - January 20, 2012

Wow. I’m impressed. Not just a pretty face! I’ve driven down that street and I have to wonder if I would have stopped and helped or let someone else handle it. And here she is a famous person who would get recognized, but not afraid to help.

A lesson for all of us to re-embrace our Trek ideals!

23. Anthony Thompson - January 20, 2012

12, 13.

It is a story because, unfortunately, many people DON’T do the right thing! Bravo, Zoe!

24. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 20, 2012

WTG ZOE. A Beautiful Person on the Outside and on the inside.

25. VZX - January 20, 2012

That’s awesome. I am so impressed by Zoe Saldana’s actions. Yes, I would have done the same thing, but it’s great when a celebrity does such a thing since they are role models. I will definitely show this story to my kids.

26. VOODOO - January 20, 2012

I don’t understand some of the semi negative posts above… Good for Zoe for helping someone in need. She didnt have to do anything. As a matter of fact it would have been very easy for her (or anyone else) to do nothing.

27. Captain Hackett - January 20, 2012

Bless her for showing her big heart!

28. mr. trek77 - January 20, 2012

Agreed :-)
And if I could do same thing I to would, no matter what profession/job I had or did´nt had :-)

29. Trekker5 - January 20, 2012

How wonderful of her!! :) When so many other stars are such jackasses,she helps people,I hope she is blessed 2x over for it! And I mean that from the heart too!:)

30. SciFiGuy - January 20, 2012

Classy — and bless her for that!! It’s not exactly a given with anyone these days but for a celebrity to do this — when she has even more reason than the rest of us to look the other way — speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.


31. AdamTrek - January 20, 2012

Looks like a movie set!

Hoping the injured are okay.


32. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 20, 2012

I think, a paparazzi near a big studio as Sony Pictures is not so surprising… I think it’s an everyday thing in Hollywood… What surprised me is to realize that some people were so surprised by the attitude of Zoe… I always saw her involved in social causes… and I always prefer to believe that these attitudes are real and not publicity… at least until someone proves me otherwise……

so… Great Zoe Saldana… go Uhura go!!!…….. :-) :-)

33. Allenburch - January 20, 2012

Zoe is one of the most sexiest woman in the universe!

34. [kg] - January 20, 2012

star trek is filming on the Sony lot…not on the Paramount lot?

35. Jeyl - January 20, 2012

That’s awesome. I can see why everyone in the supreme court wants Zoe manning that useless coms station with a short skirt while the men get to do all the galaxy saving stuff.

36. mr. trek77 - January 20, 2012

both .
both sony and paramount .

37. Ciaran - January 20, 2012


Yes, the production have rented out several soundstages around Hollywood to accommodate the film’s sets, including a few at Sony, Culver City. The stages at Paramount that usually house the Star Trek sets (Stages 8 & 9, I believe) are being used for the permanent sets from CSI.

Renting stages from different studios is a common thing to happen, it’s just that the Star Trek movies have had the distinction of being produced entirely on the Paramount Lot itself. Doesn’t really make a difference anyway, all we see are the sets and that’s all that matters. LOL.

38. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - January 20, 2012

She is a good person. I wish more people were like her!

39. Red Dead Ryan - January 20, 2012


Geez, this article is about Zoe Saldana helping an injured old lady. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Your trolling and bitching got tiresome a long time ago. I can’t believe Anthony still hasn’t warned you about that.

Anyway, good for Zoe. A true heroine.

40. Dr. Cheis - January 20, 2012

It’s kind of strange how those cops look a lot like the cop from Star Trek ’09.

41. Mikey1091 - January 20, 2012

Good for you, Zoe! Its nice to know celebrities actually give a damn about ordinary people once in a while! BTW, is it just me, or does anyone else think that short white cop in the middle in the second pic looks fake? I know he/she isn’t, but it just looks like that, probably cuz of the lighting.

42. Anthony Pascale - January 20, 2012

I am not sure about the cynicism that is a pretty busy intersection yet it appears she is the main person helping out. No doubt many others drove by. also that’s not really a spot for paparazzi as the studio is essentially a walled compound and that corner is not really evev near a gate

43. George - January 20, 2012

Bravo Zoe!!

That’s what life is all about helping your fellow man or woman as the case may be

44. Red Dead Ryan - January 20, 2012

I’m not so sure that the old lady appreciated someone taking a picture of her in the state she was in, though.

45. jesustrek - January 20, 2012

Bien hecho Zoe Felicidades / Good Congratulations Zoe

46. Aashlee - January 20, 2012

So many times what makes the news is catching celebs doing the wrong thing. I’m happy to see this item about catching a celeb doing the right thing. Even better, she’s a Trek celeb helping someone in need.

As the song popularized by Anne Murray goes: “We sure could use a little good news today…”

(*thumbs up*)

47. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - January 20, 2012

That’s my Uhura!

48. Lt. Bailey - January 20, 2012

Good for her, well done indeed!

We need to have more people act this way to others in trouble. Too many people just pass it by without a thought. Although I do understand not everyone can help if they are going to be put in peril but that is when we see true heros come forth.

49. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - January 20, 2012


Surprisingly, a lot of ordinary people aren’t this helpful. This act is beautiful in any case.

Good for you, Zoe.

50. Ctrl-Opt-Del - January 20, 2012

Cool, Uhura showing Ubuntu…

51. Sebastian S. - January 20, 2012

You don’t hear enough stories like this. What a terrific lady she is. We could all learn a thing or two from Saldana’s awesome example….

Way to go, Uhura version 2.0 !


52. Phil - January 20, 2012

I carry a fire extinguisher in my truck – years ago I stopped to help a young lady who was pinned in her wrecked car, all the time thinking that if it caught fire I was going to stand there and watch her burn to death. Don’t ever want to be unprepared to help…..

53. Phil - January 20, 2012

It’s really not that hard to figure out. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and the world would be a much better place to live…..

54. Adolescent Nightmare - January 20, 2012

How dare she leave her post for an unauthorized rescue mission. Old Uhura wouldn’t have done that.

55. Rico - January 20, 2012

Awesome! Good for you Zoe!

56. Amorican - January 20, 2012

This is great, and I will be with Zoe one day. My girlfriend has already approved my “get-out-of-jail-free card” for Zoe should I ever be lucky enough.

However, can’t we give the elderly lady with the bloody face a little dignity and not publish her photo all over the world? I really doubt this is how she wants to be seen by the world.

57. Douglas - January 20, 2012

Well done Zoe. You did the right thing. It shows the core of your personality is strong and you are a good soul.

58. VulcanFilmCritic - January 20, 2012

It’s not just niceness on the part of Zoe Saldana. That kind of Good Samaritan act of compassion takes guts. Until you’ve been in a situation like that, you can’t predict how you will act. You don’t know who the victim is, how injured they are, or whether they might die right in front of you.

A bicyclist got hit and thrown from his bike into the middle of the street right in front of my house. My inclination was to let the EMS experts handle the situation but since I was a medical intern, I felt I had to help him. Should I even move him? He might have a neck fracture. But he was hysterical and belligerent. It was all I could do to get him to calm down and stay still. I monitored his vital signs and checked for bleeding and broken bones, and he was OK, but I don’t know whether I would have been as brave as Zoe, if I had seen the same thing happen miles from home.

Hat’s off to you, Ms. Saldana!

59. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 20, 2012

Good on Zoe for helping the injured lady. At least Zoe didn’t *freeze*. I think that is what might happen to some people – fear and lack of knowledge on what is best to do. That is why I think authorities encourage people to do basic First Aid courses at least and repeat them every so often, in order that they are better prepared should an emergency arise. Which reminds me…

60. Basement Blogger - January 20, 2012

FYI. Rob over at Live Chat says IMDB is listing Cumberbatch as Khan. Don’t know if it’s true that he is Khan. But I”ve linked the IMDB page and as of this moment, he is listed as Khan.


61. MJ - January 20, 2012

Where are the Zoe detractors now??????

62. lemrick - January 20, 2012

Great story–as well as some of the personal stories shared by some of the posters here. It is extremely nice to read.

63. Charla - January 20, 2012

Wonderful to see her helping another person – she seems very compassionate to others, helping serve people food, etc. Kudos for Zoe! A nice article TM!

64. MC1 Doug - January 21, 2012

An awful lot of cynics in here, so sad…. I say, bravo, Ms. Saldana!:

65. Jim Nighshade - January 21, 2012

Yeh i agree-its great to see zoe do that…u can tell she is genuinely concerned n helped more than anyone else so indeed most did not stop to help…she is a heroine…woulda been nice to see this on entertain tonite–a rare good celebrity story but nope didnt see it on any of the ent.shows

66. The King of Wands - January 21, 2012

anyone else hoping one of those motorcycle cops asks zoe if she has seen John Connor?

67. Hat Rick - January 21, 2012

He’s at the Galleria, playing video games at the arcade.

See, I always told ya video games were bad for you.

Next thing you know, a T-1000 is gunnin’ for ya.

BTW, great connection: Ms. Saldana James Cameron (Avatar director, also Terminator 2 director).

68. Phil - January 21, 2012

Hey, it’s really not that hard to help someone who needs it. Head on down to your local blood bank, and donate a pint!

69. Rocket Scientist - January 21, 2012

68. Phil

Great message! I’ve done it many times and will continue to do so. My mom passed away recently , but she was able to continue for months in relative comfort thanks to periodic transfusions of donated blood and platelets.

It doesn’t hurt a bit. Honest!

70. Romulus - January 21, 2012

# 61

an act of humanity and you spin it into a point scoring contest, shame man, shame.

71. Jeyl - January 21, 2012

“Geez, this article is about Zoe Saldana helping an injured old lady. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Jus staying they got a great talented and brave actress in Star Trek and they aren’t really doing much with her except being the reward for one of our male leads. Excuse me for expressing my disappointment to the supreme court for not doing anything heroic with her. All we got of NuUhura doing anything brave is rescuing Spcok and other crew members in the on-going comic book series, and you don’t need to be a trekkie to know that everyone will be quick to discount that.

72. Basement Blogger - January 21, 2012

First, I forgot to say, way to go Zoe! Second, IMDB has just changed its listing for Cumberbatch and removed his role as Khan. I’ll still bet a buck that he’s Khan.

73. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 21, 2012

#71 The only one I am reading here who seems to be discounting “NuUhura’s” rescue efforts is you. Many people who rescue others, like firefighters, are often very brave and courageous people. Nobody is discounting anyone…

74. Khan was Framed! - January 21, 2012

As would be expected from any Starfleet officer encountering such a situation.

We done, Zoe!

You have lived up to that uniform you’ll be wearing for the next few weeks.

75. DJT - January 21, 2012

Atta-girl! ;)

76. Red Dead Ryan - January 21, 2012


This thread is about Zoe Saldana helping an injured old lady. It’s not about Uhura.

You turned a thread about Zoe’s potential life-saving actions into a diatribe against the writers just like you do whenever an article is posted related to the new cast members.

You always seem to find an opportunity to take pot shots at the writers even when an article has nothing to do with them. This thread has nothing to do with the movie, except for the actress.

77. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 21, 2012

I have just read some of the Zoe Saldana IMDb message board and not one poster mentioned anything about Zoe’s efforts in helping an elderly person at the scene of an accident – not one. Instead they were bitching about her race, ethnicity etc, like how she’s “sold out” her black race, like a lot of Asian actresses apparently (who knew?) – shit like that…

God, it really is depressing reading some of the crap around on these sites sometimes. The crap is actually quite disgusting as well. Oh, to stand in cowpoo or to clean up guinea pig poo. This is certainly shit but at least it’s clean shit!

Good on you, Zoe, for taking the time to help a stranger!

78. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 21, 2012

As my better half commented, re the racial issues – all blood is red, semen is white and vaginas are colour blind!

79. Red Dead Ryan - January 21, 2012


Maybe you ought to stop going over to the IMBD site. Judging from what you posted just now, and also in the past, it sounds like that site is run by morons and the people posting there are morons as well.

80. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 22, 2012

The only message boards I regularly read and post to are the Star Trek 2009 and Untitled Star Trek Sequel, check the Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto boards, as well as the other Trek actors, sometimes and just looked at the message board for Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. On these movie boards, most posters seem pretty good. One has turned up on all three boards. I did check out a lot of different boards for movies and actors, but most of it is pretty rough and moronic.

I only take a quick peek now at what I am most interested in like the Sherlock Holmes that I saw a week ago (good board) and This Means War. Most of the posters for TMW board are very negative and stupid, given that no one has actually seen the movie yet, save one, who says that he was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. He was offered a free ticket to see a movie with “no name”…

81. Captain Gorn - January 22, 2012

@35: So a woman, even if she has an important job that she loves, can’t be equal to the guys unless she’s off saving the galaxy? Please.

And for all we know, there’s a scene in the sequel where Uhura takes on twenty Klingons.

Besides, this article has almost NOTHINg to do with the movie, so quit complaining.

82. Jinn-Jinn - January 22, 2012

Poor woman! She looks completely dazed. I’m glad that Zoe managed to help. I probably would be panicking all over the place.

83. Dee - lvs moon' surface - January 22, 2012

80. Keachick…

Well, people who comment on IMDb about TMW… they hate Reese and director McG … they love doing provocations and I have no patience for them… I just ignore them at the moment… I suspect they are the same people who are on other sites doing the same…

:-) :-)

84. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 22, 2012

#83 – Yep – Haters gonna hate…

85. rogue_alice - January 23, 2012

Was she driving her father’s antique red corvette?

86. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 23, 2012

Thanks for covering this, Trekmovie!

Zoe truly is wonderful. It is so nice to see that she is a beautiful person, inside and out. GO ZOE!!! I can’t wait to see her in the next ST movie. Zachary too, of course. :-)

@MJ #61 – “Where are the Zoe detractors now??????”

From the looks of it, towards the top of this comments section, which is too bad…

@# 78 Keachick

Your better half is a very wise person. :-)

87. Marja - January 23, 2012

This was so great to see.

I appreciate each and every person who takes time to stop and care for others in such situations.

That Zoe did so sets an example for people who are not so busy or famous, or brave or compassionate enough to “stick their necks out”.

Brava Ms. Saldana, and bravo to those of you who’ve written to tell of your own experiences in helping others. Bless you all!

88. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 23, 2012

@ Jeyl #71

” “Geez, this article is about Zoe Saldana helping an injured old lady. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Jus staying they got a great talented and brave actress in Star Trek and they aren’t really doing much with her except being the reward for one of our male leads. Excuse me for expressing my disappointment to the supreme court for not doing anything heroic with her. All we got of NuUhura doing anything brave is rescuing Spcok and other crew members in the on-going comic book series, and you don’t need to be a trekkie to know that everyone will be quick to discount that.”

Mmmh, I don’t think her being a “reward” is an accurate way to put it. A reward is something you typically get for a job well done. I didn’t see where Uhura was handed off to Spock as a prize for his good deeds and efforts. You seem to want the character to be better respected, but what you just said I think is a bit disrespectful of what was on-screen.

I too, want to see more done with the character, but I also think that what was done with her in the last film worked.

89. Anthony Pascale - January 23, 2012

some people need to take a chill pill. This was a simple celebrity story about one of the Star Trek actors about a real life incident that took place right across the street from where they are working on the film. It was covered by People, Us Weekly, HuffPo, TMZ, etc, etc. I dont see how there is anything controversial here.

90. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 23, 2012

@#89 Anthony

Well said, Sir. :-)

91. Amorican - January 23, 2012

89. Anthony Pascale – January 23, 2012
“I dont see how there is anything controversial here.”

How about the elderly lady’s bloody face you have on your website?
Pretty disgusting to rob this lady of her dignity by publishing her photos all over the internet .
This counts for TrekMovie, People, Us Weekly, HuffPo, TMZ, and anybody else who published that photo.

92. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 24, 2012

@#91 Amorican

I could be mistaken, but I thought that in order to publish the photo of a orivate citizen there has to be consent given to the press, otherwise the lady’s face would have been blurred out. Is that wrong because I’ve never really checked up on that but that’s what I’ve heard?

93. Hat Rick - January 24, 2012

There is very little expectation of privacy in a public place, as far as I can tell, in the United States.

If you photograph the face of someone who is in a public thoroughfare, I’m not sure that person has any reasonable expectation of privacy in the United States, whether or not that person is a public figure or can be identified.

I realize that the laws differ in various jurisdictions. Google has gotten in to a fair bit of trouble in certain European jurisdictions with its Google Maps functionality. However, freedom of expression in the United States appears to trump concerns regarding privacy unless one intrudes into a physical area considered private, or unless one is showing areas of the physical body that would be deemed obscene. Whether one has a reasonable expectation of privacy appears to be a critical concern, and if one is in a public place, then the answer to that is apparently in the negative in the United States.

A news story that blurs the picture of a private individual on a public thoroughfare nevertheless might not be required to do so by law in the United States, under the First Amendment. The fact that they do so would be entirely voluntary in nature. It’s my understanding that considerations of “personal dignity” are too vague in such specific settings in this country, all other things being equal.

94. Amorican - January 24, 2012

I wasn’t suggesting it’s illegal to show her picture.
But it is wrong.

95. NCM - January 24, 2012

It’s not illegal in the U.S. to publish photos without consent. Hard to imagine how a free press could operate anywhere in the world under such limitations. Imagine not being able to print photos that include deceased people, without first battling it out in court with their surviving relatives–coverage of 911 and other atrocities would then lack a human face.

Non “news source” businesses often obtain permission before publishing photos for promotional purposes, to avoid angering patrons.

I wouldn’t want my dazed and bloodied pug circulating the web, but perhaps the recovering woman is enjoying having a story to show and tell. Hope so.

96. Hat Rick - January 25, 2012

I think the problem also is, where do you draw the line? Do you blur out the image of someone with a bloody face, but not one who is dazed and confused? And if so, how bloody does the face have to be?

There is a question of precedent. If a publication blurs out the faces of certain people but not others, even though there is no law that says it has to, then the people whose faces are not blurred out for whatever reason, but who also might want to protect their own dignity, might demand the same treatment, arguing out of a sense of entitlement or fairness. The publication might then decide to blur out everyone’s faces just so it doesn’t have to face that argument. Which would be pretty ridiculous and have a chilling effect on free speech.

I know that other countries have different ways of thinking about these issues, and indeed there are arguments of the kind I outlined in the above paragraph, and that’s possibly why Google, among others, is moved to blur out identifiable faces and car license plates even here in the United States in its Google Maps functionality.

With Google, it’s a slightly different case because there’s often no claim of newsworthiness.

I’m not sure whether Google automatically blurs out faces and license plates it recognizes using computer software, or does so only when someone files a request by reporting an image with a claim of privacy. The fact that Google does blur faces and licenses is probably not required by law in the United States, as such a requirement could be unconstitutional, unless it’s of a private physical area or if it would be an otherwise obscene depiction.

I’ve heard of cases where people are mortified to see pictures of themselves on Google Maps hanging out in places they would rather not be seen anywhere near. If it’s a public thoroughfare and the image isn’t intruding upon a private physical space, I don’t think they have legal grounds to force Google Maps to redact that image or blur out any identifiable features, but I think Google blurs out the faces of these individuals and/or their car license plates upon request as a matter of policy, even if not automatically.

97. Keachick - rose pinenut - January 25, 2012

Recent paparazzi pictures of Chris Pine shown opening up the boot (is it “trunk” in the US?) of his car parked outside a retail outlet had the number plate completely “blurred out”. Nothing else was blurred out in the pictures.

I believe the reason for the blurring of the vehicle’s number plate was because a fan(atic) had found out what the number plate of a car he previously owned and proceeded to stalk him…

98. Hat Rick - January 25, 2012

Interesting, Keachick. Thank you for that information. There are obsessive people everywhere when it comes to cinema stars and sometimes it’s best to err on the side of caution, as was done by the publication with respect to that photograph. I think it was a reasonable decision given the circumstances.

99. Spock/Uhura Fan - January 26, 2012

Interesting info everyone. Thanks. As for Gpogle maps, i think they should be required to blur the pictures of people and plate#’s in the background because it’s so public. It’s not the same as being in the background of someone’s vacation photos or even the local news. It’s global. People should be protected from that.

@Keachick, you’re right on the money it’s trunk. :-)

100. nic - January 31, 2012

she is awesome

101. SGT.Davis - February 14, 2012

I think it’s awesome the news is focusing on her ability to do good vs just looking for the bad! Good job for both her and the the news, this is worthy of reporting-who cares about peoples faults all the time!

102. Sarah - February 24, 2012

Zoe, that was good of you to help out like that. You’re a good gal. God bless.

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