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CBS: All 7 Seaons Of Star Trek: TNG On Blu-ray By 2015 + ‘Consdering’ Other Series + Watch S1 Trailer January 31, 2012

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The the four-episode sampler “Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level" Blu-ray has hit the stores, but there is more to come for TNG on HD. The set includes a trailer for the first season on Blu-ray and you can watch that below, plus some new details on when you will be able to pick up more seasons.


All seven seasons of TNG on Blu-ray by 2015 – other Trek series in consideration

In an interview with the official StarTrek site, CBS Home Entertainment General Manager Ken Ross talked about the TNG HD project. He said the release of the first season on Blu-ray is coming "late summer or early fall" of this year. He also promised it will include "a nice compliment of extras and some really cool stuff." Ross said the plan for rest of the series was to do "two seasons per year." If they keep with that schedule, the final set should be released in 2015.

Ross also talked about the scale of the entire project, saying:

It was and continues to be an enormous project that will take several years to complete. From a manpower perspective, we have more than 20 people working on this project full time in three shifts 24 hours a day. It’s a huge commitment to transfer all seven seasons to high definition.  

As for Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine on Blu-ray, Ross said the focus was on TNG for now, but CBS will "certainly consider" bringing the other shows to HD.

Teaser for TNG Season 1 Blu-ray

Here is the trailer for Season 1 of  Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray.

TNG on Blu-ray available now

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level” featuring HD versions of the two-part pilot “Encounter at Farpoint,” along with “Sins of the Father,” and “The Inner Light” will be released next Tuesday, January 31st. You can pre-order from Amazon for $14.99.

For more from TrekMovie’s full coverage of TNG on Blu-ray:


1. Rela - January 31, 2012

That is long :)

2. Browncoat1984 - January 31, 2012

Please CBS/Paramount consider revisiting Deep Space Nine and Voyager for HD! You guys realize that these shows will be VERY hard to watch after seeing the movies, TOS and TNG on blu ray in 1080p and those shows deserve that attention as well, they may not be as popular but they still have devoted followings. Also, PLEASE release Enterprise on Blu Ray! Considering that that show was already shot in high definition, transferring it to blu ray shouldn’t be too hard, right?

3. Browncoat1984 - January 31, 2012

Also, 2 seasons per year isn’t too bad considering the required work. My fear was 1 season per year. That would be 7 years which means I would be 34 (!!) by the time they finished, and I’m sure the next big format would be out by then. I just hope they don’t do what they did when they released the series on DVD and charge $100+ per season. The economy is not what it was when they did that and most people can’t afford seasons of a TV show on blu ray at that price. I know that if its released at more than a $40-50 price range, I won’t buy it until I can get it cheap used. Show some appreciation to the fans that made you so much money over the years and make it affordable!

4. NCC-73515 - January 31, 2012

That was… absolutely… thrilling.

5. Vultan - January 31, 2012

Is it me or did they change the explosion effect at 1:02?

6. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - January 31, 2012

Wow. That is a big project, Thank you to C.B.S for doing this. No Wonder C.B.S is leading way on the rating’s. I mean. look at there prime time line up. They are fan friendly and that is the reason we are getting Tng in Blu-Rey.

7. AJ - January 31, 2012

They should go for the low-hanging fruit and release ENT, which is already in HD widescreen.

It would be a good time and a way for fans to re-assess it as well.

There is no getting away from the sense of dread Trek fans have of buying TNG season 1 on BluRay. Imagine how Star Wars fans feel going to see ‘the prequels’ in 3D before finally getting to the good stuff. A few decent eps, but highly disposable for the most part.

8. Caesar - January 31, 2012

I still think that TNG S1 > TNG S7.

9. PR - January 31, 2012

Yes please for DS9 in HD!

10. Craig - January 31, 2012

Ya wow, 2015. And by the time they decide to tackle DS9 people will be buying 4k or higher resolution tvs. Voyager will probably be a lot easier than TNG and the first few seasons of DS9 probably not requiring much or any tweaking. Just a straight transfer and that shouldn’t take to long. Hopefully they can get all ST series transferred to 1080p while 1080p is still the standard but I do hope for a 4k or 5k higher resolution standard to come out soon.

11. Captain Hackett - January 31, 2012

I have to apologize for swaying from this topic. Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko) got arrested for DUI. :(

12. Kevin Marshall - January 31, 2012


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. We could be looking at 4K in the home before they finish transferring TNG into 1080p….but hey – they were all shot on 35mm, so those other series could get a 4K treatment once this is done, and skip 1080p. Wishful thinking….

13. MONGO - January 31, 2012

Mongo admit something:

Mongo probably never buy all season TNG on bluray. Too much expensive for Mongo. Mongo already own old SD complete set. Mongo hoping that best of TNG blurays come out. Like “Altered Realities”. Or “Time Travel”.

But buy all Bluray TNG? Mongo not afford.

14. LtPiper - January 31, 2012

Please Voyager!!!!!

@10 4K is already on the market.

15. Bob Tompkins - January 31, 2012

6- Informational on CBS.
CBS programming is aimed squarely between the eyes of the 50+ crowd, not really conducive to getting the highest ad rates. It is conducive to getting their programming to people who stay seated and they do attract more of the high-end advertisers- Cadillac, Viagra, etc….
Fox goes for the more desirable 18-49 age group and pretty much succeeds, which is why their ad rates for a commercial generally exceed those of CBS on average, even though their ratings are usually lower [except for American Idol, which in past years skewed their overall numbers higher than they really were network- wide].
As for NBC [wannabe CBS] and ABC [family fare with a smattering of decent dramas], they are sort of wallowing around looking for a direction with the CW aiming at the ‘Twilight’ crowd.
Over-the-air network TV is dying a slow and painful death with the total numbers getting smaller with each passing year.

16. Craig - January 31, 2012


Not at consumer stores.

17. Kevin Marshall - January 31, 2012


Well, kind of. You can acquire in 4K+, you can deliver in 4K, but there are precious few 4K displays available (for consumers). Most 4K projectors (again, consumer ones) don’t accept 4K signals, only 1080p (for upscaling). There’s also no 4K capable players, beyond DCP servers. Blu-Ray has a spec for 4K, as does HDMI, but neither have been implemented into any currently available devices (to my knowledge.

18. Bob Tompkins - January 31, 2012

3- I’ll be 63 when they finish- provided I am still kicking. Don’t complain…

19. Craig - January 31, 2012



20. Trek Or Treat - January 31, 2012

I guess I’m the kind of fan CBS is hoping for. I love TNG and I’m a completist, so I know I’d probably shell out for all seasons on Blu. I just rewatched Enterprise and would definitely buy that too. MUCH better than I remembered it. I’d buy DS9 and Voyager also. They’re all a part of the Trek universe and I’d hate to see any of the series relegated to SD oblivion. At least I know I’ll have time to save up for all of that. :)

21. Craig - January 31, 2012


Very true, ill be 35 but who’s to say I wont die tomorrow. We all shouldn’t complain but thats what we do when we are anxious.

22. Trek Or Treat - January 31, 2012

Bummer about Avery Brooks. He never seemed the DUI type to me after seeing him at several conventions. He’s such an Earthy, uplifting, philosophical type guy.

23. TyrannicalFascist - January 31, 2012

I’d absolutely be all over Voyager remastered in HD!

What’s the wait on Enterprise? It’s already in HD…

24. sean - January 31, 2012

4K isn’t going to take off in the next 3 years. Many industry folks aren’t sure 4K will take off at all, since you’d need an enormous TV in order to appreciate the difference between 4K and 1080p (not to mention the distance you’d have to sit from the set). Most people can’t even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

25. sean - January 31, 2012


Okay, I’ll bite. What the hell does that have to do with TNG on Bluray?

26. Kevin Marshall - January 31, 2012

That’s funny – I literally just finished Enterprise (again) an hour ago. I always thought that series got a harder time than it deserved.

That certainly is a contention – I can’t comment as I’ve only seen 4K in a theater (with Dragon Tattoo), not on home-sized displays. It’s worth noting, though, that 1080p to 4K is a much bigger jump than 720p to 1080p. It’s also about getting the display to fill more of your vision, to increase immersion. My living space is small, and so I can certainly still sometimes see pixels on my 42″ 1080p TV.

27. Craig - January 31, 2012


Oh ya it will. CES a couple weeks ago had a good handful of 3D 4k sets. Sharp even had an 8k set. The Hobbit films are being shot in 5k 3D at 48 fps and the next Avatar will be shot in a similar format. Movies are already being shot in the hi res formats and will only grow this year. Look how 3D really took off with the studios after Avatar came out. 4k is coming… and soon.
Also the industry doesnt care if you need a big tv or if you need to sit close to it to see the difference. They know people will buy it b/c its the new big thing and its a higher resolution than the current. However there is a difference and you can see the difference in clarity even on a 42 inch tv. 1080p looks like your watching HD video, 4k looks more lifelike, almost like looking through a window. People wont need huge tv’s to see the difference but it also looks like 55 inch is becoming the new norm with HDTV’s.

28. Craig - January 31, 2012


The idea that we shouldnt see pixels is the ultimate goal with HD. Thats why the resolutions will continue to go up.

29. Kevin Marshall - January 31, 2012

Yup, that was what I was trying to say. I’d love a 4K 55″ set (or 27″ for a computer monitor)

30. Craig - January 31, 2012

So would I… especially an Super OLED 4k 55″ set. Thats my dream.

31. Thorny - January 31, 2012

I wonder what CBS will charge for the Blu-Ray season sets… $99? In doubt it will be a penny less than that.

32. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012

4K will be sweet-we’ll finally have the equivalent of 35mm film!

33. Allen Williams - January 31, 2012

We all know that Enterprise is already in HD, but HD could mean 720p. I’m wondering if thats the reason its not on blu-ray.

As for 4K resolution, I heard that CBS is already making this project’s master in 4K. That means that once we get a 4K standard, it will be trivial for them to re-release all of the blu-rays in 4K.

34. Martin Dalziel - January 31, 2012

Have just watched half of Farpoint and all of Sins of the Father. WOW! Absolutely stunning to see these episodes at this quality level. What a good job CBS has done. An incredible experience! It is like watching the episodes for the 1st time again!

Makes me totally drool and salivate at the prospect of DS9 and Voyager! I say to CBS, go ahead, employ 60 people on 3 shifts 24 hours a day to get TNG, DS9 & Voyager ALL released by 2015!

One other comment, the initial motion menu leading into the main menu is in 16×9 and uses the opening credits to bring us to the TNG logo. Now that was cool. I still wonder what a 16×9 version of these would be like – even though I know the framing is all 4×3.

I am anxiousely looking forward to them releasing future seasons!

35. Allen Williams - January 31, 2012

Another thing to think of is that they’ve already stated that they are doing this faster than ever thanks to advances in technology since they did TOS. that makes it possible for it to improve again while they are working on this. We might get everything before 2015.

36. Allen Williams - January 31, 2012

Can anyone explain why the model looks white before its composited even though I’ve seen pictures of the model and its blueish grey?

37. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012

#33 Allen

38. Kevin Marshall - January 31, 2012


Wow, didn’t know they were archiving at 4K, though it would make sense – dual-purposing the project.

As for Enterprise, the first 3 seasons were on 35mm, and the final one shot at 1080p on the F900. As for broadcast, though – you have a point. I don’t know if it was broadcast in 720p or 1080i – but definitely not in 1080p. Though the legwork of HD scans of the film and HD effects and DI work was already done at the time of broadcast, so I’d imagine it’d be much easier to put out Blu-Rays of it than what we’re seeing with TNG or TOS before it.

39. Janek - January 31, 2012

Got mine in the mail today and I’ve just watched encounter. It’s fantastic!!! I have to admit it looks like they shoot it yesterday and the big e is just gorgeous.

40. Jvzilen - January 31, 2012

i would love to see CBS air TNG HD in prime time one night a week. what a better way to mark 25 years then to begin reairign them on the same day and timeslot they were in originally

41. John - January 31, 2012

Will we be able to buy them at iTunes? I’d rather do that then have box sets cluttering up my shelves.

42. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012

Sorry for repost

#33 Allen

I’m guessing that the reason ENT isn’t on Blu Ray is because the first three seasons were SD and would require the same conversion as TNG. Season four was shot at 1080p but broadcast at 720p.

43. Matt Wright - January 31, 2012

#42 — Nope, as #38 said, Enterprise was HD-ready from the get go. The reason why is Enterprise hasn’t been put out any sooner is that it is the least popular show from CBS’s perspective. So even though it would be rather easy for them to bring it Blu-ray, they didn’t feel there would be a return on their investment.

#33 — Allen, do you have a source that confirms CBS Digital is scanning TNG at 4k? While 4k is very common for films made today, I rather doubt they are bothering with 4k, when a 2k workflow is cheap and easy and is effectively the target resolution for the project. Heck most movie theaters are still working with 2k digital projectors and are slowly moving to 4k as their equipment leases are up or one breaks, etc.

I have a feeling 4k would be overkill given TNG’s budget, age, and target of being on SDTV. I would imagine that they didn’t nessecarily choose the same film stock as a production destined for the big screen.
I mean I’m all for it if they are scanning at 4k, since it is pretty much accepted in the movie industry as equivalent to 35mm film.

44. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012

43 – Matt

Hmmm. Didn’t realize that. I used Memory Alpha as my source for the info because I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head.

45. sean - January 31, 2012


Something being at CES is not exactly an indicator of market viability. It’s basically where companies dip their toes in the water and see what happens. That being said, even LG admitted that their 4K sets at the show were not practical for the home market, and would be geared toward operating rooms and graphic design firms. And most reviews I’ve read were more impressed with the OLED TVs.

This recent article on CNET Asia explains a lot of the practical issues with expecting the public at large to adopt to 4K any time soon:

46. Matt Wright - January 31, 2012

Yep, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Instant have all episodes available in 720p streaming, so we know all of Enterprise is HD-ready. It was also shown on the HD-only satellite channel formerly called HDNet for awhile.

Also memory-alpha itself has this to say

Enterprise was the first series to air in high definition. It was produced in 1080i with Sony HD cameras starting in Season 4; the first 3 seasons were filmed with traditional 35mm film cameras (which were then transferred to digital for broadcast)

47. Shunnabunich - January 31, 2012

@34: But they’re ALL future seasons! It’s Star Trek! :D

(please don’t hit me)

48. Magic_Al - January 31, 2012

I never found the quality of the TNG DVDs acceptable. The videotape masters look worse than the earliest, un-remastered DVDs of TOS. The TNG HD trailer looks amazing. TNG looks alive, as though tickets to the third mezzanine got exchanged for orchestra seats.

49. Craiger - January 31, 2012

I wonder how Enterpise’s Romulan War would have looked in 1080p 16×9?

50. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012


That’s what I get for reading things while distracted. Thanks for the correction.

51. Matt Wright - January 31, 2012

No worries, just hate to see misinformation repeated. We have enough of that going around with guesses and rumors about the remastered project already :)

52. Markus McLaughlin (@MarkusMcLaughln) - January 31, 2012

ALL of Star Trek Live Action Series MUST be preserved in High Definition for future “generations” yet to come! Engage!

53. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012

Indeed we do. I’m going to enjoy some TNG HD 4×3 goodness as soon as I get home this evening.

54. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - January 31, 2012

Can we pick which episodes are done by the graveyard shifters?

55. Gorandius - January 31, 2012

#36 I would assume it’s the heavy lighting used to catch the detail makes the model look white. That’s my best guess is that they purposely white washed the model. (I don’t actually know, everything I do know about lighting is from the Theatre standpoint and not actual vfx lighting).

56. Basement Blogger - January 31, 2012

Wow. Must empty couch for change. I’m guessing “The Big Goodbye” and “Arsenal of Freedom” are going to look great.

57. Craiger - January 31, 2012

Better goodness – All the Trek series in 1080p and 16×9 and later 4k HD and 21×9.

58. Red Dead Ryan - January 31, 2012

Yeah, I’m watching “Encounter At Farpoint” in HD right now!

The level of detail is amazing! I could discern each short strand of Picard’s hair!

59. MajorEzytarget - January 31, 2012

Is the promo disc only available through amazon or is also available at best buy/wal-mart stores? I’m not seeing it on their websites and I’m not sure I want to take a special trip down there to see yet. heh

60. Red Dead Ryan - January 31, 2012


I found copies at my local Future Shop. So I don’t think it should be a problem. But I don’t know why they didn’t advertise it though.

61. Allen Williams - January 31, 2012

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I heard they were doing 4K. It might even be in my head, but I swear I seem to remember seing it somewhere. It makes sense though. 35mm will easily scan to 4K, and by creating a 4K master now, they won’t ever have to do this again or at least not from scratch. Maybe in 10 years they’ll replace the effects completely or something, but there would be no reason to do the live action again.

I got my copy at best buy, but it wasn’t on display for some reason. I had to ask for it, and it took me over 30 mins on their website to find it under the title “Next Generation: Next Level”. I only bought it from them because amazon has been less than reliable about getting me pre-orders on time.

62. Justin Olson - January 31, 2012

Is anyone else hearing a slight audio glitch on “Encounter at Farpoint”? It’s only on the 7.1 DTS-HD MA track, the 2.0 DTS-HD MA appears to be fine.

It’s during chapter 4 at 20:40 when Troi says to Picard, “I don’t understand either, but this is real.” It happens during the word “understand”. Just want to make sure it’s not my disc alone… and hopefully get this out there so the problem is resolved on the Season 1 set.

63. Red Dead Ryan - January 31, 2012

I noticed too, that the credits font has a different shade of blue than before.

Before, the font was darker, now its almost light blue.

64. Kevin Martineau - January 31, 2012


Television visual effects production often used the shortcut of shooting the “white matte” (I can’t remember the proper term) after the advent of motion control cameras. Before motion control cameras the blue screen model shots would be used to generate the two b/w mattes that were then run through the optical printer.

But I believe TNG was composited using one of the (at the time) high resolution video processes (Ultimatte?). So the shots shown might have been composited on film for some reason.

I can’t think of any other ideas beyond the lighting mentioned in #55. Maybe one of the Season 1 extra features will deal with the visual effects production.

65. VZX - January 31, 2012

Awesome! I can’t wait for DS9!

66. Trekboi - January 31, 2012

Still can’t believe they didn’t release Enterprise on Bluray in between The Original Series & The Next Generation- or even first as it would have been easily put onto blueray.
It may be considered the least popular of the series but the fanbase would support it- especially when it would have been the only Star Trek in Hd Bluray at the time.
I loved Enterprise & want to see it in HD!

67. Red Dead Ryan - January 31, 2012


They probably will release “Enterprise” on Blu Ray at some point. But I think CBS chose to go with TOS and TNG first because they are the two most popular and well-known shows of the franchise, and both needed a lot of work done which required a lot of time and money, so I guess they decided that it would have made more sense to whet the appetites of fans by releasing the most popular shows first.

68. Red Dead Ryan - January 31, 2012

Also, the cgi Enterprise D looks virtually the same as the six-foot physical model. A lot better than the crappy, video-game looking D from “These Are The Voyages…”.

69. James Heaney - January 31, 2012

Hey, important question for me: will Netflix get the HD versions as they come out, or do we Netflix subscribers have to wait until 2015 to watch TNG in high-def?

70. Tony Todd's Tears - January 31, 2012

YES. I will try your dead over cooked bird meat.

71. Ensign RedShirt - January 31, 2012

Watching “Farpoint” right now. UNBELIEVABLE. It doesn’t make the story any better, but it’s a fantastic new visual and aural experience.

72. Joey - January 31, 2012

ST: Enterprise has two things going for it…

1) It was already filmed/recorded in HD

2) Off topic, but the only Star Strek Series to exist in both Universes.

So it should be able to be released on Blu-Ray before the other series just for the fact of already being in HD.

73. Exclesior - January 31, 2012

Post 7 – actually I have zero sense of dread in buying season 1 on Blu-ray as it is considerably better than seasons 6 AND 7 of the show by which point TNG was running on fumes. And I say that loving TNG. But after season 5 it’s not a very great collection or episodes. Those two seasons are the ones I’m going to have to think about buying. Season 1 has much more in the way of fun stuff.

74. RAMA - February 1, 2012

73. Eh not really, season 6 was one of the best seasons, even 7 has 4-5 classics

75. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 1, 2012

Craiger enough with the changing the aspect ratio to 16×9, aside from enterprise none of these series was framed or concieved to show anything more than what is seen in the 4×3 aspect ratio. Geesh i would have thought the Okkuda interview would have finally ended your going on about changing the aspect ratio to 16×9.

76. jed - February 1, 2012

Slightly off subject, this is all great news but look what is not happening with ST TMP DE in HD. David C Fein vents his frustation over the lack of DE on Blu – Ray.

CBS and Paramount seem to be in 2 different worlds!!!!

77. Mark Lynch - February 1, 2012

Great video…

It is criminal that Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition still has no plans for an HD Blu-Ray release.

The most grand and epic looking Star Trek film ever made with the best music deserves better than to have its definitive version only available on DVD.

Just who do we have to blackmail, er, I mean, convince, to make this happen?

78. jed - February 1, 2012

77 (Mark)
Couldn’t agree more with you, i guess all the movies will get re-released next year at the same time as the new movie, but don’t hold your breath for anything new.

Its such a shame the guys that did the MP DE would clearly love to do it agian in HD and i’m pretty sure the original release on DVD sold better than Paramount thought it would!!

I personally would pay over the odds for a definitive release, perhaps with the actual memory wall sequence as an extra and the extended tv version as well. Clearly there is money to be made!!!

79. Christopher Roberts - February 1, 2012

Yup. I can’t believe Star Trek: Enterprise hasn’t already been put out on Blu-ray. Contemporaries like BSG and later Stargate were. CBS simply frightened by the potential resurgence in popularity the show might get I suppose…

Unless I’m mistaken, living in Britain, the show isn’t available anywhere to view in high definition.

80. Pinsent - February 1, 2012

@8 I agree… season 1 was stronger than 7… it was a weak season, but you could see potential – even watching season 1 now you can see how the series could of been if it had gone in other directions. Season 7 only had 3 or 4 good episodes not including the finale, the rest was so very weak in comparison to the great seasons the came before.

81. Pinsent - February 1, 2012

Oh as well… anyone know what would be involved with upgrading DS9 and Voy to hd – their earlier seasons would be comparable to what they’re doing with TNG, however their later use of CGI would be a potential issue wouldn’t it? That would be a lot effects to redo. Or would they have to?

82. Darwin5 - February 1, 2012

GIVE US DS9, it would be absolutely mind blowing.

83. ST:EXP - February 1, 2012

Very nice if these box sets included as special features the original “next week on Star Trek TNG commercial” preview commercials as well as alternate scenes or cuts, as long as they are transferring all the material anyway.

84. Sybok's Secret Brother - February 1, 2012


Love this but could we have Series VI… please???

85. Mark Lynch - February 1, 2012



I also would happily pay well over the odds if it meant I could own a Blu-Ray of ST TMP TDE (that’s quicker to write for sure!)

As long as it comes out before 4K video playback devices and televisions become the norm… Also before I shuffle of this mortal coil would be nice too.

86. jed - February 1, 2012


Check this out.

TMP DE would be even better if redone now, according to Daren Docterman.

87. Dom - February 1, 2012

72. Joey

Yeah, ENT would’ve been mastered in HD for sure and down converted for SD broadcast. It is a bit silly really not to release it. I’m not even a particularly big fan of ‘Berman Trek,’ but I’d spring for season four on Blu-ray anytime!

As for ENT existing in both universes . . . hmmm . . . . ENT itself is a corrupt timeline, so while ENT characters might exist in the new universe, it’s debatable whether they’d be exactly the same. You could even argue that the TNG-era scenes in ‘These Are the Voyages…’ are from an altered timeline, given the obvious aging of Riker and Troi, different turbo lift design and so on (fanw**nk, I know!! ;) )

I wonder how easy VOY would be to do though. Would it be possible for the now-defunct Foundation Imaging’s files to be re-rendered at HD-level?

As someone who is normally quite critical of TNG and Berman Trek in general, I’m still very much looking forward to the taster Blu-ray. With luck, it should be in my mailbox when I get home. It’ll take me back to 1987 when My folks rented me Encounter at Farpoint from my local video store.

Meanwhile, the whole 4k TV set business is still something about which I’m skeptical. The TV industry has spent billions moving to 1080i and is still doing so. I doubt there will be many companies planning on moving to 4k very soon. Indeed, while a lot of movies and TV shows are being telecine-ed at 4k for archival purposes, much of the restoration workflow is at 2k. I can see the advantages in terms of picture quality if you have room for an insanely huge screen, but there will have to be seismic shifts in the broadcast industry before 4k is viable beyond the technerd environment.

Oh well, exciting times. I’d love it if stuff like The X-Files got the same treatment at some point!

88. Dr. Image - February 1, 2012

TNG season 3 and ALL of DS9 for me.
#77 Mark- Oh yes. TMP really deserves the HD treatment.
Paramount- get with the program!!!

89. Red Dead Ryan - February 1, 2012

No, despite the inconsistency, season seven of TNG is much better than season one.

Sure, there are clunkers like “Sub Rosa”, “Homeward”, “Force Of Nature”, “Dark Page”, and “Emergence” but there were some really good and great episodes like “Gambit”, “Parallels”, “The Pegasus”, “Lower Decks”, “Journey’s End”, “Preemptive Strike”, and of course, “All Good Things…”.

90. b - February 1, 2012

Can’t wait! I’ve got all seasons of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise on DVD. I wont rebuy them on Blu-Ray if they do ever release them, but I’ve been patiently waiting for TNG to get this treatment so it’ll be nice to complete the collection of Star Trek that I grew up watching

91. Excelsior - February 1, 2012


All thing’s being somewhat subjective, I can’t say I find Season 6 to be one of the show’s overall best years. And Season 7 has even fewer really. Note that I’m not saying Season 1 is the show’s best either…………but definitely has more rewatchability for me.

No show starts fully formed and Season 1 was spending a lot of time finding it’s feet, doing some things wrong but still managing to be more fun than Season 6 and 7 combined. Definitely there are worse seasons of Trek out there.

The fact that IMO TNG was in a bit of a rut by the end is just what happens when a show sometimes goes as long.

92. I'm Dead Jim! - February 1, 2012

@89 Yeah, I’m with you on those. I’m reminded that when I finally got the Season 7 set, I was surprised to find that I had never seen Sub Rosa when it originally aired or in re-runs. It was so exciting to see a TNG episode that was new to me after so many years. But after that excitement wore off, yeah, Sub Rosa was a clunker.

93. Thomas Jensen - February 1, 2012

I’m with people who want to see Star Trek TMP at 1080i as well. I’d buy it as I did with the VHS, DVD and DVD effects upgrade.

94. Mark Lynch - February 1, 2012

That is one fine picture of the “real” Officers Lounge!

A long time ago I left a message on Daren Dochtermans site about a 1080p DE TMP Blu-Ray and he was kind enough to respond to me about it.

I can’t remember exactly what he said now, but I think it was something along the lines of it would be possible to re-render all the extra scenes at a higher resolution, but Paramount are pretty much not interested.


Perhaps Anthony would be interested in starting up a nicely worded petition for an HD version of ST TMP DE to be presented to Paramount through
Everyone who is interested could add their name and e-mail address to it and then it could be sent to some relevant people at Paramount.

How about it Anthony?

95. MONGO - February 1, 2012

Mongo have TNG bluray. Mongo watch Encounter Farpoint. Mongo think like see episode for first time. Picture beautiful. Sound beautiful. Acting so-so. But that OK. It first time for TNG show.

Mongo agree with #83 ST:EXP persons:

It be neat if include…what it called? Teaser for next episode. Mongo wish that TOS Remaster had new teaser included when it released.

96. Irishtrekkie - February 1, 2012

hmm funny how the how the trailer

for this Star Trek Tng bluray (beautifully and purelly ) comes out almost the same day as Star Wars Phantom Menace 3D (terrible movie sure to be messed upmore by george lucas) trailer

i think we can finally declare ourselves the winners in the which
franchise is best :) lol

97. Fox Mulder - February 1, 2012

Just watched Farpoint on BluRay – looks terrific, breathtaking even. Didn’t mind shelling out £6.99 for it either. Problem is I spent £150 on all seven seasons of TNG only a couple of years ago. I’m afraid, as noble a project as this is, I agree with Mongo’s first post – I simply won’t be able to afford it (just as I can’t afford TOS on Blu-ray and have had to make do with DVD). These are difficult times for a lot of folks and I have a family to feed!

@96Irishtrekkie – don’t care what anyone says about The Phantom Menace, I’m really looking forward to it. Taking my five year old to see his first Star Wars movie on the big screen – can’t wait! I was a similar age when A New Hope came out – happy times…

98. Jonathan - February 1, 2012

Mongo need save pennies. Mongo should want studio pretties-up DS9/Voyager.

Studio like money, vote with wallet for DS9/VOY.

Emissary in BluRay!

99. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 1, 2012

96 the phantom menace 3D trailer has been out since the 3muskerteers 3D opened up back in November.

100. Royal Canadian Institute for the Mentally Insane - February 1, 2012

I’d go for a full-on ST TMP blu-ray remastering.

101. Radioactive Spock - February 1, 2012

I got my tng bluray and bluray player yesterday and i’m a little disappointed. some of the scenes are amazing but in a lot of them it looks very grainy, like grainy halos around colors and fuzz, for lack of a better word. not sure if its just because it was there to begin with and not noticeable in the old masters or what, but it’s a little distracting. definitely the best version yet by a wide margin, though. i’ll still buy them all as they are released.

102. dan - February 1, 2012

IMO the preview blu-ray would have been cooler if they included the 2 part’er “Best of both worlds” instead of “sins of the father” and “inner light”.

103. Bart - February 1, 2012

104. Matt Wright - February 1, 2012

#101 — Probably your TV over accentuating things. There shouldn’t be halos, it sounds like the TV is sharpening things. Get the TV off Vivid or Sports mode, Cinema (or THX Movie if your TV has it) is usually the best starting point, and set the brightness and contrast properly and turn down or off all extra processing such as sharpening. TV’s come with all kinds of crappy defaults that are far less than ideal. For a good starting point see:

Of course as a disclaimer, TNG is a bit grainy and is a bit soft in places.

105. Matt Wright - February 1, 2012

#76 — Wow good find, David Fein makes it sound like he’s still got access to the list of edits, etc. for TMP:DE. If so, that makes it even more rediculous that Paramount won’t devote a little bit of money to have a few guys like Darren Dochterman and Fein come back together and just do it.

106. Gorandius - February 1, 2012


Time to wait for trolls to complain about the lettering being not blue enough. And the comet looks odd, like a translucent flea collar or something with a flashlight at the end.


107. Gorandius - February 1, 2012

Or maybe I am just seeing things

108. Radioactive Spock - February 1, 2012


Thanks for the help, Matt. I gave it a try and nothing seemed to improve it. I’m wondering if maybe I just got a substandard bluray player, which is actually an external bluray drive for a computer with a usb connection. maybe a prob with the player or perhaps usb doesn’t allow for high enough data transfer? I don’t know, but I’ll give it a whirl on a proper player when I can. I appreciate your help.

109. Craiger - February 1, 2012

Check this out new Ultra Widescreen HDTV for $3,500.

110. Red Dead Ryan - February 1, 2012


Not sure if I want a television like that. Because if I’m watching a 4:3 program, like TNG, it will only take up half the screen. The rest would be large black columns. I think I’d rather put up with the horizontal bars at the top and bottom of a 2:35 formatted movie on my current 1.85 widescreen television.

111. Craiger - February 1, 2012

I checked out the video looks like pillar bars would still be their on 4×3 video unless you stretched it and the internet apps would fill those bars.

I am starting to understand the streching of 4×3. I tried it on my HDTV on the SD channel, I have one of the older rear projection ones, and the person did look fatter compared to to the piller bar one. Never really tried that test until now. This maybe a stupid question but could if they ever come up with tech that would make a 4×3 picture become 16×9 without it looking stretched. I guess that will never happen?

112. Red Dead Ryan - February 1, 2012


You can turn a 4:3 picture into 16:9 by using the “P. Mode”(Picture Mode, at least on my tv) button on your remote to “magnify” an image, but unless it is being shown in widescreen, you will lose a significant portion of the picture.

113. Pro-Khan-Sel - February 1, 2012

Just watched mine today. I give it a 10. Excellent PQ and sound.

114. Jeff O'Connor - February 1, 2012

If and when they release DS9 on Blu-Ray, I know I’ll be spending a lot of money every year for a few years in a row, hehe.

I’ll pick these up too. Hell, I’ll pick them all up. Screw it. I’m losing a lot of money but damn if it isn’t for a good cause.

115. Craig - February 2, 2012


Thanks for the link. Looks gorgeous. was about to watch a couple more too.

Saucer Seperation

–These two are in german and only 720p–

116. ME!! - February 2, 2012

I’m with Browncoat1984, cheaper, please!! Two seasons a year is pretty good considering the amount of work going into this though I’d obviously love it if we could get three a year..

I will gladly pay up to $50 per season, but over that starts eating into my budget and I’d have to wait till the price came down.

117. Eric Holloway - February 2, 2012

I hope that some network or channel decides to run these remastered episodes on TV like they did Remastered TOS. Granted I understand there were new effects added but still what a treat to relive it all over again.

118. Matt Wright - February 2, 2012

# 108 — Ohh so you must have a laptop or desktop PC connected to a TV? if so what kind of connection (VGA, HDMI, etc.) are you using? Or are you watching this directly on your PC monitor/laptop screen?

Having a PC involved adds quite a bit of possible issues or changes that might need to be made. What player software (and version) are you using? Many of them add their own stupid processing that over-enhances things (ex. CyberLink has a bunch of stuff like that when TrueTheater is enabled), as do the graphics card drivers. For example ATI enables all kinds of ridiculous video tweaks that usually end up making this look overly bright, overly sharp and at the same time lacking in fine detail, and just plain overly processed.

119. Dom - February 2, 2012

Watching Farpoint at the moment. I’m very impressed by the quality. Some considerable time ago, I cut some TNG trailers in the UK and was appalled at how bad the standard def versions look. This really is on another level.

Granted there is an inconsistent grain level, but the detail is astonishing. I always felt the TNG sets were rather dull, but the HD really brings out the colours and textures on the walls and even the uniforms. Makeup is consistently good with both Worf’s and McCoy’s prosthetics looking surprisingly natural. The music is more interesting at this stage in the show’s life and the direction quite dynamic.

On the other hand, the HD sound makes it obvious at times that the ship is really a set on a soundstage (I guess that improved as the sound guys got a grip on the way they would record the sound,) the freezing effects look like someone is blasting the cast member with fire extinguishers and there’s something weird going on with Marina Sirtis’s top lip!

But all in all, it’s nice to see the movie version of Farpoint looking so good. Hopefully, all the two-parters will get released at some point as I simply don’t like TNG enough to buy all the seasons! I’m intrigued to see what will happen with the end of Conspiracy as well…

Anyway, a worthwhile project and a nice nostalgia trip. Worth it for the Deforest Kelley scene alone!

120. David Jones - February 2, 2012

Bluray is already obsolite so I would not reccomend investing in it.

There’s a technology called a holodisc that can store up to 200 films on it. Makes bluray look like betamax in terms of storage and clarity.
But it is funny to watch everyone get duped into spending money on these minor upgrades.

I love the shows but the regular dvds are fine and will last me a lifetime.

121. Dom - February 2, 2012

Oh for God’s sake! Holodisc is way off, if it’ll ever be used! It’s like telling people in 1997 not to invest in DVD as Blu-ray is round the corner! Blu-ray is already the standard in a lot of companies for data storage and is the choice of many directors in Hollywood including George Lucas and James Cameron, who, love ’em or loathe ’em, have a huge influence on film technology. Will it be as all-pervasive as DVD? No. Nothing ever will be again.

Seriously dude, go back to your basement and your HDDVD player! ;)

122. David Jones - February 2, 2012

Thanks for the advice. Like I said my dvds will last a lifetime.

Please I’d love to know what companies are using Sonys Bluray technology to store data. Last time I checked you couldn’t record over a bluray disc.
Most companies use flash drives.

123. BeatleJWOL - February 2, 2012

124. BeatleJWOL - February 2, 2012

Wrong link, just kidding:

125. Ensign RedShirt - February 2, 2012


Dude, the format war ended 4 years ago. Time to move on.

126. David Jones - February 2, 2012

Thanks BeatleJWOL, I guess I stepped in that one. :)
@Red Shirt, its a long story but I don’t support Bluray tech. Sony basically cornered the market during the HD format war, by using a rushed Playstaion2 gaming console to gain momentum in the so called format war. I also have had enough of re-purchasing my favorite movies/tv shows on new formats. The dvd is the last frontier for me. Its solid state and has no moving parts to break unlike your VHS tapes. Eh hemm, like the ones I threw in the trash a few years ago because the used video store would only pay 25c each for them.

So anyway I won’t upgrade to BR its not worth it to me.
Holodiscs are being held back because they want to milk everyone for the next 5 years. Eventually you’ll be throwing the BR’s out for GreenRay or whatever else they can’t milk ya for.

Can’t get The Captains on BR! Gottcha,,, :)

127. Ensign RedShirt - February 2, 2012


Don’t blame you for getting tired of constantly repurchasing things-I’m definitely not repurchasing everything on BD.

The PS3 was definitely rushed and Sony paid the price for it. That being said, BD was the superior tech.

Who knows, you may get your holodiscs sooner than you think-Hollywood has a vested interest in keeping physical media alive and may try to push things toward 4K. Definitely going to be interesting!

128. Allen Williams - February 2, 2012

I had to upgrade from powerdvd 9 to 12 to get it to play. It looks great. I definitely didn’t have the problems the other guy did. No halos or odd looking colors. It looked like I was watching a 4:3 movie in a theater (because of the film grain which Im more than ok with).

I’m using HDMI with my TV more or less on its default settings. I adjusted the sharpness a long time ago because nothing looked quite right, but after that I was set.

129. ChristianS - February 3, 2012

I so, so, so, so, soooo don’t understand why they didn’t switch the format to 16:9.

In the teaser that’s on the web it looked soooo great, and with the improved quality the new episodes look rather good.

But the 4:3 format simply SCREEAAAAMS 90s to me! 16:9 helps the cinematic experience…

I am kinda upset about that and am really considering not starting with the BluRay Seasons, since despite the better quality, they still look “old” and are therefore not thaaaat different from the DVD set

130. BeatleJWOL - February 3, 2012

Tell you what, Mr. WidescreenS.

You crop these screenshots for 16:9 and I will not regard you with distaste:

Better yet, scroll through all the screenshots on Trekcore and see just how many of the scenes and framing on TNG were designed for 4:3.

It’s a 4:3 show (oh ,and it just so happened to be made in the 90s); there’s no escaping that, at least with your knees intact, so deal with it.

131. BeatleJWOL - February 3, 2012

You want the “cinematic experience”? Watch a movie.

132. Dom - February 3, 2012

122. David Jones

Your DVDs will last a few more years, but many of the earlier discs will succumb to glue rot issues. Some of mine, which I have taken great care of, already have. DVD-R discs need cloning roughly every three years as they fade.

A couple of companies I work for, specialising in live events and so on, use BD-Rs, as a captured 90-min event, the edited video-on-demand cutdowns and encodes and the project can all be comfortably archived on a BD-R, meaning there’s little need to spend hours recapturing material from a tape if we need to go back to it. Sony are also guaranteeing a 25-year lifespan on BD-Rs.

If you have a personal problem with Blu-ray as your rant implies, so be it, but with the broadcast industry having spent billions moving to 1080i and currently still in the process of doing so and many movies being digitally restored at 2k, even if they’re scanned at 4k, don’t go expecting mass adoption of 4k in the home anytime soon.

Clearly you still have issues about the format war – ranting about that so long after is really rather quaint! – but Blu-ray is a common sense format for owners of HDTVs, the same way DVD was for standard def and if you want to buy an up scaling DVD player you might as well buy a Blu-ray player anyway. I still have lots of DVDs and have only upgraded some to Blu, mostly buying newer stuff and filling holes in my catalog items. That said, I never buy TV shows on DVD where a Blu is available now.

Apologies if I seemed harsh earlier, but it’s patently silly to espouse such views on a format that is steadily replacing DVD in people’s homes! It’ll never have the impact DVD did, but, as has been said before, it’s unlikely any format ever will again!

Anyway for now Star Trek’s doing the Blu-ray thing, the quality is about as good as it will ever be (at 4k, the grain structure will become a major distraction) so the rest of us will still enjoy it! ;)

Now if Apple would stop being so intransigent about putting BD drives in their computers … ;)

133. Matt Wright - February 3, 2012

Dom — one nitpick you keep saying “1080i” in your posts. It’s 1080p. 1080i is a broadcast standard but no one produces the actual content in interlaced format unless it was from a live event that was shot by 1080i HD video cameras. All movies, film based TV shows, etc. are prepared for Blu-ray at progressive scan 1920×1080 resolution (1080p).

134. Dom - February 3, 2012

WHOA! HANG ON! I mentioned 1080i ***twice*** in the context of broadcast TV. Nothing more! Please don’t put words in my mouth! I didn’t ‘keep on’ mentioning it: in 11 usages on this thread, my two have been about TV, not Blu-ray! Attack other people please if you have unresolved issues!!

135. Matt Wright - February 3, 2012

I’m not trying to get into a flame war here. You and I have had some good exchanges back and forth in the past. You’re right, you said it in the context of the broadcast industry in the last comment, which I admit I misread. The article and most of the comments have been discussing media storage (Blu-ray, DVD, etc.) not TV broadcast. So I just assumed you made a mistake when you said “i” instead of “p.” I really wasn’t trying to insult you.

136. David Jones - February 3, 2012

Dom, HDD was superior to Bluray, do you disagree on this? They just had a universal gaming platform (PS2) to undermind HDD.

How can you not see this???

137. Matt Wright - February 3, 2012

Okay really David Jones, stop with the trolling. The format war circa 2006-2007 has gotten things wayy off topic.

138. Dom - February 4, 2012

135. Matt

I do apologise! I was in the pub and it was late at night here in the UK! Sorry, I should know better than to go on message boards between pints. I guess it shows how our online identities only reflect an aspect of who we are and no one knows what’s really going on in our lives beyond here. If anyone has unresolved issues it was me, hence the solitary late night drinking. ;)

I’ll sign off for a while. I’m getting over serious depression (medical, not just in the sense of being a miserable sod!) and I’m afraid it’s been showing in some of my posts the last few months. I’ll come back when I’m a bit more on the ball. Take care!

139. Matt Wright - February 4, 2012

Hey Dom, no worries, depression can be a really serious issue to bounce back from. Please take care of yourself and work on doing whatever you need to do to feel better :-)

140. FlagshipEarth - February 4, 2012

#130, and everyone else interested in the aspect ratio debate… I have two pertinent links. The first shows some of the possibilities of a 16:9 TNG

While the second link goes into very technical detail over how a proper widescreen conversion might be done. Based on the information in the secod link, I stand firmly in the 16:9 crowd.

In any case, I’ve heard rumors of a 16:9 version already in the works for certain broadcast markets. If indeed this is the case, then it should be made available on Blu Ray

141. BeatleJWOL - February 4, 2012

From the next page of your second link:
“Widescreen films in theater really came about mostly to differentiate between theater and TV when movie studios wanted to give incentive to continue to go to the theater…

But I don’t think you would make the case that Wizard of Oz or some other classic 4:3 movie should be reframed to widescreen now because “it was only done that way back then because of …””
“The fact that no one on the Star Trek production teams has come forward and said that they did frame for possible future widescreen distribution… should quell that thought. Clearly they did not frame the show or intend it to be seen that way.. and thus probably did not protect for it either. That really should be the end of the discussion.”

Works for me. OAR is easiest, eliminates headaches, and removes extra work that costs money that then can’t be spent to do everything ELSE right too.

142. FlagshipEarth - February 5, 2012

That was, of course, one of many many pages of discussion.

Besides, the idea of “framing” is something that needs more thought than this. A film, (in the “movie” sense) is a different beast from a weekly TV show, which runs on a prohibitively tight schedule that doesn’t allow for anything particularly meaningful as far as framing goes. Original intent means something when dealing with films, but due to time constraints, it’s not generally something to get caught up in over a TV show.

As long as they ARE spending the money to rework the show into HD, there’s really no excuse not to go all the way, and make 16:9 versions available *in addition to* OAR versions. Make everyone happy, right?

143. Ensign RedShirt - February 5, 2012


I’m sure the directors of all those shows would love to know that their artistic choices don’t mean anything because it’s a tv show and not a feature film.

If watching everything in 16×9 means that much to you, hit the “zoom” button on your tv.

144. Christopher Roberts - February 5, 2012

All the TNG episodes should be represented in their original 4:3 ratio.

However 16:9 adaptations of selected episodes could be extras-worthy, I suppose. With more radically changed, extended effects sequences. Feature-length ones like Best of Both Worlds or any of those which regularly make the Top 10 list.

145. hypnotoad42 - February 5, 2012

I think some people are misreading, unless I misread…

The article seems to say all of TNG will be out by 2015, with the spinoffs to be considered. Probably based on TNG’s sales…

I’m impressed with the length CBS Paramount is doing to put these together as how they could have been 25 years ago.

A shame that the occasional clip may be gone forever (e.g. “Sins of the Father” has a 13 second piece missing :( ), but with 25,000 reels of film, something’s bound to not be found. I suspect other episodes will have “upsampled” scenes, but I don’t think there will be many.

And it’ll be worth every penny.

Even the clunkers (seasons 5 and particularly 6), which have a few gems, I will be grabbing for. (Yes, I put season 1 over 5 and 6… but most definitely agree that 2, 3, and 4 are perfection or close to it. 7 is pretty fantastic as well…)

I wonder why the delay… possibly to track down any missing clips, of course… licensing and clearance for complementary/supplemental materials (the extras), etc, I suppose… not to mention how long it would take to remaster 168 episodes, clean up any film scratches, etc…

Worse, if there aren’t enough sales, will they keep their promise of having all seasons out by 2015? (So everybody BUY these sets; while restoration for its own sake is noble, that’s not how our world works.)

Hurry up 2015! (Season 7 rocked…)

146. Tranya - February 5, 2012

All I know is, it surpassed even my expectations.. It made Farpoint look like a feature film… And all the little details that went into set design really stood out, at least to me they did..

It’s almost criminal how watered down the effects looked in season 1 because of going the film>tape route… Absolutely blown away.. And once you watch this show in HD, it’s impossible for me to ever consider watching it again in SD…

P.S. Why does it seem most people hated seasons 1 and 2? There were some “fun” gems in those seasons.. It just seemed to be more light-hearted over what we got in later seasons, and Picard’s character seemed much more in control, and stern… I feel like Ronald Moore and others really starting writing Picard to be sort of a wuss as time went on in the series..

147. Chris_of_ODU - February 5, 2012

#144. The classic BBC series, “Doctor Who” has done exactly this on at least two occasions.

They release each story (usually made up of 3-6 parts) as broadcast. They took two different stories, brought in some of the crew of those stories (directors of those stories and perhaps even their editors, I don’t recall) and have essentially re-cut them as “feature length” stories (no credits between the stories, seamless transitions), presented in widescreen on at least one occasion with new effects where appropriate. They’ve released them as a special bonus feature along with the original stories.

I would certainly agree to a “sampler” set of 12 to 15 episodes/stories that have been given this treatment. Bring in the directors of those stories and (if possible) the editors and knock some of the *special* stories out of the park.

I find it appalling that people have so little respect for OAR, this current line of thinking is *worse* than those people who tried to convince the masses that films like Casablanca and Citizen Kane needed to be colorized.

148. Christopher Roberts - February 6, 2012

They did actually release the two-parters here in Britain, edited together as TV Movie editions. On VHS and later as a DVD box-set. They could probably use that as the basis of a few Special Editions, with extended scenes. For instance, beefing up Wolf 359 and even inserting footage from the DS9 “Emissary” pre-title.

149. Trekboi - February 6, 2012

I see no technical reason not to do 16:9 & the OAR can be preserved as well.

150. captain_neill - February 6, 2012


Those Doctor Who stories were two Peter Davison 4 parters and they were cropped.

They looked well, but I am a believer that shows should be preserved in the way they were originally aired and intended.

151. Chris_of_ODU - February 6, 2012

Oh, I agree. I am also a believer that shows should be preserved in the way they were originally aired and intended to be shown.

Yes, they were cropped. In TNG’s case – they (in some cases) have additional “unused” portions of the cell that were cropped out when they readied the episodes for airing. If they chose a few for a “special” set with episodes that would either be interesting as “widescreen” stories or would be visually stunning (“Best of Both Worlds” for example) – I wouldn’t mind.

However, if it didn’t placate most of the people that are “convinced” they could do it to all 178 episodes that way… perhaps it’d be best to just say “we can’t do it” and let it be.

The thought crossed my mind about “Emissary” footage – though any kind of editing would really need to be placed into context to “make sense.”

With the show going back to the original negatives, I’m wondering what kind of deleted scenes (and bloopers) they could pull from those negatives in glorious HD to put on as extras.

152. Rocket Scientist - February 6, 2012

I’m torn about buying the sampler because I don’t own TNG in any format and would probably buy the entire run when it comes out on BR.

…but this is out NOW!!

153. Rocket Scientist - February 6, 2012

20. and 26.

Definitely ENT! When it came out I wasn’t thrilled (it wasn’t the prequel I envisioned in my mind). But watching it again a few years removed from the original run? It’s an extremely entertaining Trek. Sure it’s got some continuity issues as well as a few klunker episodes. What show hasn’t? I bought the entire run on DVD as a Xmas present to myself and am enjoying it immensely.

154. Trekboi - February 6, 2012

Why does it have to be 4:3 or nothing?
Do both, do the original 4:3 & a 16:9 version as well- they can individually crop each shot when editing it together so there won’t be any boom’s or missing foreheads- when you examine the negatives, there is some room to work with.

This is the only time this will be possible to do properly.
You pureists are just sabotaging your own OAR because Paramount will end up doing a 16:9 version later for broadcast but if they only have the new 4:3 to use, they will just crop inside that 4:3 frame & they wont care how badly cropped it is- if they do it now they have the howl film frame to work with.

155. BeatleJWOL - February 6, 2012

There is no proof that the whole film frame includes enough information to do 16:9 framing across the entire series.

156. Matt Wright - February 6, 2012

There isn’t enough… 35mm film (when used with standard spherical lenses) is basically 1.37:1 in usable area, standard TV is 1.33:1 (4:3), so there’s really only a little bit extra and, as is well known, often that area had things like the edge of a boom mike in it, since it was never going to be seen.

When the producers of Enterprise re-used TNG footage, they fudged things quite a bit, cropping things a little bit to a more rectangular shape, using the excess area of certain scenes that was free jof junk on the sides, and stretching it a bit too, to make it work. So it’s not like there’s all this film area that we aren’t seeing or that could be used.

157. BeatleJWOL - February 6, 2012

Also corroborated by a poster on TrekBBS who posted the following little tidbits:
“DP’s Jonathan West and Marvin Rush didn’t start thinking about protecting for 16×9 until Season 5 of DS9 and Season 3 of VOY.
They shot 4-perf with standard 35mm cameras at least until the seasons mentioned.
Anamorphic lenses were only used to accomplish certain post production panning shots as seen in “The Last Outpost” and “The Battle”, among others.”

158. Rocket Scientist - February 7, 2012

I saw it at the store today so I caved in and bought it. Hope each individual season doesn’t break the bank. Looking forward to checking it out!

159. Justin Olson - February 7, 2012

@ Matt 156

“So it’s not like there’s all this film area
that we aren’t seeing or that could be used.”

There is actually, it’s just that they probably determined it was too hard to work with or too often filled with — as you say — camera and grip equipment. Also, all their original framings would be thrown off to the left because they filmed standard 35 with their lenses mounted off center:

You can see this original, larger area of exposure on the original DVD version of “The Inner Light”. It’s at the 1:00 mark when Picard’s POV of Riker changes to Eline. In the original airing, they used something closer to the full camera aperture… but on Blu-ray they seemed to have forgotten this original framing intent:

160. Tom - February 7, 2012

@64: I think #36 is talking about the shot at 0:19 in the trailer. That’s not a high-contrast matte. It’s just the clap slate shot. They had to expose the clap slate, so they turned on the fill light. When they shot the model against bluescreen at 0:20, they turned down the light to the proper fill ratio. (Notice that the key light remains unchanged.)

In any case, a high-contrast matte is the opposite of a shortcut. It requires you to do two motion-control passes, where bluescreen would let you get away with one. (Or in this case, three passes instead of two.)

161. Jon Spencer - February 7, 2012

Can’t wait!

162. Rocket Scientist - February 8, 2012

Watched “Farpoint” last night and was quite impressed! Looked good but the story was still a bit weak. I guess Season 1 had its creative issues.

163. Justin Olson - February 8, 2012

@ 160 Tom

But we know they shot matte passes on TNG (at 8:05 below):

Also, why did they move the bluscreen out of the shot and shoot against black just to expose the clap slate? Obviously they are shooting against black for a specific purpose.

164. Brian R. - February 11, 2012

I hope they make sure to check for typos when recreating the credits. In “The Inner Light” after the 1st commercial break, the “Teleplay” credit is misspelled as “Telelay”.

Hopefully that will be fixed when they get to season 5 and any other potential typos will be caught as time goes on.

For all the work that’s going into these episodes it would be a shame for something like a simple mistake like that not to get caught before release.

165. Trekboi - February 13, 2012

Speaking of Bluray editions, What is the deal with Star Trek: VI The Undiscovered Country?
MStar Trek I-V look amazing in Bluray but Star Trek VI looks totally artificial, like it was done with a digital painting filter or something?
It seems to be the local Australian version with only our local rating symbol on it not the multi zone edition like Star Trek I-V that have 5 different rating symbols- does anyone know anything about this?
It looks awefull

166. Ian Hayden - February 22, 2012

Will the documentaries from the TNG DVDs be included on the Blu-Rays, in addition to the new bonus features?

167. A Person - May 29, 2012

Dear Paramount Studios Executives,

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in your flawed decision to release the highly anticipated TV show “Star Trek: The Next Generation” on Blu-Ray format with the inferior screen dimensions of 4:3 Full Frame (1.33:1). There was a clear opportunity to restore the series to the proper and modern TV dimensions of 16:9 Widescreen (1.78:1), but instead you chose the cheap way out by forcing consumers to continue to be stuck with worthless square pictures.

I understand that directors of the show at the time were short-sighted and often neglected the left and right side of the frame that falls outside of the 4:3 box, but the truth is that the film still contains this information. As fans of the show we are being denied the full picture by your insistence to continue to gives us a cut up square. I understand the argument that 4:3 was the standard in the 80s – 90s when the show was broadcast, but that does not change the fact the 4:3 is inherently flawed and unacceptable. Even when I had a 4:3 TV in the 90s I ONLY bought films on VHS & DVD if the aspect was in widescreen. The truth is that the inferior 4:3 version of this show is already available on DVD. Why bother with a shinier 4:3 version at all, especially with such a steep price tag?

This is an utter failure by your company to seize on an opportunity to restore one of your studio’s premier properties. 4:3 is ugly and faulty and denies the viewer the whole picture. It would have cost you little to scan the whole image on the film and clean up the few stray objects that were visible in the 16:9 picture. Instead you chose to give consumers the same faulty picture they have had for years. This is utterly useless and a waste of everyone’s time.

I was all set to happily shell out $130 a season for a total of $910 to your company, but I will NEVER pay one dime for 4:3 versions on Blu-Ray. By choosing to leave the show in 4:3 you have lost a potential loyal customer who would have enthusiastically paid full price for a quality product. My only hope is that others stay away from these 4:3 monstrosities and that your company realizes that the only acceptable way to release TV shows on Blu-Ray is with the dimensions of 16:9 Widescreen (1.78:1).

If you decide to release the show at a later date in 16:9 I will happily purchase it. Otherwise you have lost a big sale. Perhaps when you release all 7 seasons in a box set you will reconsider you decision. I can only hope this is the case. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.