Chris Pine Talks Cumberbatch’s “Intensity” & “Vocal Quality” + This Means War Premiere Pix [UPDATED] |
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Chris Pine Talks Cumberbatch’s “Intensity” & “Vocal Quality” + This Means War Premiere Pix [UPDATED] February 10, 2012

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At the Hollywood premiere for his new comedy This Means War, Star Trek’s Chris Pine opened up a little on his new co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. Watch Pine talk about Cumberbatch’s talent and" intensity" below. Plus check out pics of Chris from the premiere.


Pine talks Benedict and hs "vocal quality"

At the Hollywood premiere of This Means War, Chris Pine talked about his Star Trek sequel co-star Benedict Cumberbatch, who TrekMovie has reported will be playing the villain in the film. Pine tells MTV:

"Benedict is fantastic. He’s just so good. He’s super talented, and we are more than grateful to have him onboard."

"Benedict has got this intensity about him, and he’s obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else. He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor. He actually studied for it."

Watch the clip (via MTV): 

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UPDATE: Tonight Show video

Here is a Backstage with Brian interview with Pine following his Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance from yesterday. Chris talks briefly about Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve joining Star Trek’s "good family." And he appreciates the "Captain Fine" shoutouts.

And here is the video from Chris on Leno (no talk about Star Trek).

This Means War Photos

Here are some photos from the This Means War LA premiere.

Chris Pine at LA "This Means War" Premiere

Chris Pine at LA "This Means War" Premiere

Chris Pine signs for fans at LA "This Means War" Premiere

Tom Hardy (ST Nemesis: Shinzon)

This Means War will open for special Valentine’s Day preview showings, then open to full wide release next Friday.


1. AJ - February 10, 2012

What? No one shoving a copy of “Nemesis” in Hardy’s face for an autograph?

2. the_doctor - February 10, 2012

Cumberbatch could be stealing the show. But we still don´t have a clue about which role he will be playing. They are testing our pacience.

3. Athlan - February 10, 2012

It seems like they all the actors are becoming a big family. They at least seem to share a great deal of respect for one another.

Maybe one day, the name Chris Pine will be as well remembered as Wiliam Shatner is today. Imagine him being 80 years old and passing on the James T. Kirk role,… xD

Just a few thoughts guys…

4. Brett Campbell - February 10, 2012

I saw him on Leno the other night, and maybe missed the first minute or two of the interview, but I did not hear any “Star Trek” or Kirk references at all — only plugging his new comedy movie. Did anyone see the first minute or Leno’s introduction of him to tell me if there was any “Trek” reference at all?

5. Athlan - February 10, 2012

@ 3:

Correction: “like all the actors”. Elliminate the “they” there… xD

6. The Unknown Poster - February 10, 2012

Arent we about due for some “inside info”? I am sure we knew far more about the last movie this far out then we do about this one. Where are all the photo leaks and of the record story synopsis?

7. Clinton - February 10, 2012

I love how Chris seems to be thinking “How do I answer this question without revealing anything about the movie or the part Benedict is playing?”

8. Dilithium doublebock - February 10, 2012

“he’s obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else.”

Funny way to say it. I’m sure he’ll be great. But what’s his role? What’s (sobbing gasp) his (sobbing gasp) role?!!!!

9. Starfleet's Finest - February 10, 2012

Ok, call me crazy if you will, but the 3/4 close shot of him is veeeeeeeeery reminiscent of Mr. Shatner way back in the day….maybe that’s just me, but I totally see it.

10. Red Dead Ryan - February 10, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan.

Also, the reasons why Chris Pine didn’t mention the “Star Trek” sequel on Leno was beacuse a) Jay Leno didn’t ask him about it, and b) All Chris Pine would’ve said anyway would’ve just been a statement to the effect of “No comment”.

11. mntrekfan - February 10, 2012

i know we shouldn’t be comparing likeness’, but Pine DOES look a lot like Shatner back in the day in that interview! I think it’s the hair…

12. Craiger - February 10, 2012

I still don’t get all the secrecy around the sequel? Do they feel they let too much out for the first movie that they don’t want to make that mistake again? I don’t understand why they can’t say who the villian is? Do they fear a blacklash if it is Khan?

13. Aurore - February 10, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be playing Khan.

If I’m wrong I’ll admit it . I’ve already said so.

However….. if ( when ) I’m proven right, will some posters publicly acknowledge the “error” of their ways?????


14. N - February 10, 2012

Ah, another actor praising whatever…it’s not like anyone’s going to say anything negative before a release.

15. Toothless Grishnar Cat - February 10, 2012

3, do you suppose that 40 years down the line, Pine and John Cho are going to be involved in a very public feud? Hmmm…

16. VZX - February 10, 2012

I have never asked a celebrity for an autograph. Ehh, not my style.

Anyway, Pine mentions that Cumberbatch is “onboard.” So, should I over-analyze that and speculate that means Cumberbatch’s character is actually on the Enterprise? Like, he took it over, or something? Kind of like how, dare I say the name, Khan took over the Enterprise in the episode “Space Seed?”

Bob Orci teased that we will see more of the Enterprise, so maybe that means the movie is a “bottle show”, with a lot of the action on the ship. Kind of like Space Seed.

Yeah, all speculation.

17. - February 10, 2012

I would love to think Pine and Quinto were in Trek for the long haul. If they are really successful though they may only do three movies and then a recast.

shia labeouf may be the next Spock.

18. Rod of Rassilon - February 10, 2012

Hey… Didn’t Khan DIE! So he WON’T .. CAN’T be in the movie.

If it works that way for Shatner then it works that way for Khan.

We all saw him die in star trek 2 he is dead, no more, ceased to be, he is an….

Well you get the point.

19. - February 10, 2012

Or Jim Parsons.

20. - February 10, 2012

Rod your point works only if anyone were asking old Khan to come from the future, no one is.

I don’t want Khan either due to having a big imagination but your point doesn’t hold. Sorry dude.

Better to come from a sympathizer than the enemy.

21. VZX - February 10, 2012

18. Wow, really? Alternate timeline = all bets are off. Khan is still in suspended animation in the Botany Bay just floating around somewhere during the events of Trek 09.

Didn’t you even watch the 2009 Star Trek movie? It takes place BEFORE TOS and Star Trek II. And, in another universe. Dang, man.

22. - February 10, 2012

If you had been watching close you would have seen the shattered remains of the Botany Bay floating is space amongst the debris as the Enterprise approached the Narada.

Am i the only one that actually watched the film?

23. rm10019 - February 10, 2012

Oh goodie, another derailed comments thread by a nuisance poster about Khan. Jerk.

24. VZX - February 10, 2012

22. OK. I guess I was watching for R2 D2 and missed the Botany Bay.

25. Planet Pandro - February 10, 2012


same thoughts about the “onboard” comment…someone from the crew? A hijacking?

can’t believe we’re waiting till NEXT May.

26. VZX - February 10, 2012

23. Holy crap in my hat. OK, I was very tongue-in-cheek, but really. I’m a jerk? And a nuisance poster? Let’s let Anthony be the judge, shall we?

Not for nothing, but the comment I posted was directly related to Pine’s mention of Cumberbatch being onboard. How am I derailing the thread when it was simply speculation based one of cast’s statements right from the article?

Yo, I don’t want Khan in it either. Whatevs.

27. VZX - February 10, 2012

25. Thanks. I was just goofing around with it, but you never know….

28. Anthony Pascale - February 10, 2012


speculating about the next Star Trek movie is not derailing. And namecalling is flaming

warning to you

29. Khan 2.0 - February 10, 2012

his hair is parted on the wrong side for kirk! (that also happened with Routh in Superman Returns)…hope Pine isnt wearing his hair like that for Trek2!!

30. Spock's Uncle - February 10, 2012

In the “backstage” photo of Pine being interviewed following his Tonight Show appearance, he’s virtually become a young William Shatner! Look at the uncanny resemblance, given the trek-burns, and the hairstyle… Looks more like Captain Kirk in that pic than in any other I’ve seen to date.

31. rm10019 - February 10, 2012

My bad.

Pine seemed to have a cold while on Leno the other night, hope that didn’t hurt the filming schedule.

32. FlyingWok - February 10, 2012

I love Benedict Cumberbatch in everything I’ve seen him in. I hope some of his intensity and formal training rubs off on the others and raises their game even higher!

Not to say they’re not good actors, but there’s something intangibly different and more interesting about Cumberbatch’s performances vs. the Enterprise crew’s.

33. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - February 10, 2012

Everything seems to be on Track now that Mongo is Chief of Security of the Empire.
Can’t wait to see Cumberbach in the new movie.
Hey Bob Orci. Is it to early for a trailor.

34. RetroWarbird - February 10, 2012

Pine puts a little weight on his face and looks even more like Shatner.

35. Steven - February 10, 2012

That Tom Hardy convinces me that he could play Alan Moore in an upcoming biography. Ha, I’m sure Alan Moore will appreciate that.

36. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 10, 2012

So Chris Pine comes from good pirates? LOL Yes, that might explain why he is getting to play nice, but characters who have a slightly roguish quality about them, like Captain Kirk or TMW’s FDR. It’s all in the jeans.

Chris Pine’s hair, body and voice are fine, more than just fine and always have been. He is NOT William Shatner. People – Stop wanting to see Chris look and be like another actor, please. He needs to be Captain James T Kirk of the 23rd century, alternate universe, not some Shatner/Kirk lookalike of the prime universe. This desire by some people ultimately deprives both actors of their own creative input to the character (which was ultimately only words on a page) and could be injurious to Chris Pine’s physical wellbeing.

37. Hugh Hoyland - February 10, 2012

I still cant shake the Khan vibe I’m getting out of this. Could be wrong and it may have nothing to do with Khan.

But Either way I see a super smart, ego manic villain here, and Khan fits the bill. We’ll see.

38. N - February 10, 2012

21 Actually there may not even be a Khan in this universe.

39. Brevard - February 10, 2012

Okay, I threw up a little when I read Pine’s comment about Cumberbatch. From the context of the quote, Pine seems amazed to be working with an actor who actually studied acting. “He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor. He actually studied for it.” As an actor, myself, I’m always shocked by actors who are amazed that trained actors are actually pretty good. Like, really? Like, for sure!

Why do I think that Cumberbatch may very well steal this movie away from the rest of the cast?

40. Picard's Fish - February 10, 2012

@39, indeed. is it any wonder that the best Trek Captains happened to be classically trained actors?

I wonder if Montalban would’ve stolen the show were he not up against Shatner..

41. N - February 10, 2012

39 I had a similar reaction but I’d go for confused instead of throwing up, and from personal experience the ones who don’t study and just get roles whenever they want them are awful.
Maybe Pine didn’t express his point the way he intended? I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he was so good in Carriers.

42. VZX - February 10, 2012

38. Well, the two universes diverged when Nero went back in time and destroyed the Kelvin. So, before that happened Khan was already in existence (launched in the Botany Bay during the Eugenics War.) So, Khan must exist in this alternate universe.

43. Deamer - February 10, 2012

@ Mr. Bob Orci – Ok – I’m going to type this once a month until Star Trek 3 is in production. MAJOR VOTE for Tom Hardy as a “young” Picard in an upcoming movie. Talk about the ULTIMATE crossover. He’s already established as the image of young Picard. He’s probably chums with Chris Pine… It would tie together the ‘old’ and ‘new’ movie universes in such a great way. Let that soak in. You’ll love it five minutes from now if you don’t already.

44. crazydaystrom - February 10, 2012

One of the reasons Pine was cast as Kirk was his resemblance to Kirk. Kirk looks like Shatner (surprise!). Pine looks like Kirk. Pine resembles young Shatner. Amazing. But-

#36- keachick, how can all the comparisons be harmful to Pine’s wellbeing?

45. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 10, 2012

I’d love to hear Captain Fine talking a lot about Trek sequel, but it will not happen anytime soon … so I love hearing him talking about anything that he want to speak … WOW … I think that comedian Lisa Lampanelli, I think … that was on Jay Leno know what I mean … LOL …

Chris is absolutely Pine/Kirk at this time … but he is not looks like Mr. Shatner… no way… hellooo… ;-) :-)

46. Montreal_Paul - February 10, 2012

That’s pretty cool. He has round about connections to past Trek. His father was on CHiPs with Michael Dorn (Worf) and Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula. Not to mention his own direct connections with Shatner doing the “Captains” documentary and now with Tom Hardy.

47. N - February 10, 2012

@42 Not necessarily, since the future was altered so too were a potentially unlimited number of predestination paradoxes, the ripple effect of changing a random moment in time will change the past as well as the future. This helps with continuity errors.
Though in order for Nero’s incursion to not change its own linear timeline, as it is stated changing events from your universe’s past will cause your timeline to cease to exist, there was either some meddling by those that keep the timeline intact, the black hole naturally went to another universe and time like IaMD (which again removes the need for continuity and could mean there might never have been a USS Kelvin in the Prime Universe) or that the future Nero and Spock came from is not the future of the Prime Universe.

48. captain_neill - February 10, 2012

Pine looks nothing like Shatner in my opinion. Yes they both play two versions of the same character but they don’t alike much. To me one is the character and the other plays an alt version of the character.

Shat is the best and Pine is good in his take on the role.

49. Adolescent Nightmare - February 10, 2012

Intensity. Now who does that word remind me of? Yes, I know. It can only be…

Nurse Chapel

50. N - February 10, 2012

Pine is better than Shatner, in terms of acting ability. As for character, that’s hard to say, I think TOS is bad but was innovative for its time and led to the birth of a legendary franchise, XI is mediocre but it’s modern so doesn’t have the same defence. There’s only so much an actor, no matter how good, can do with a weak script.
I went through an obsession with XI but it hasn’t managed to withstand the test of time for me. And in saying it’s only been three years, and as I fit nicely into its target audience (I was 17 when it came out) that’s not good.

51. NCM - February 10, 2012

Is it my imagination or do those side burns not say, Trek Swoosh!?

52. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 10, 2012

#44 It

53. NuFan - February 10, 2012

49. Hah! No denial points for you.

50. Your crusade for the universe that’s been dead since you were 13 proves you are nowhere near my age.

54. Dkplatitude - February 10, 2012

#1 – hell will freeze over before any asks for a nemesis related autograph

55. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 10, 2012

#52… Hey Keachick…

He knows that we refer to him as “Captain Fine” … OMG … Now I suspect that he has read some of the nonsense that I write about him on the internet … I do not know if I’m happy or embarrassed …

……………………Okay I’m happy and a little embarrassed…. LOL

;-) :-)

56. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 10, 2012

#44 It is known that Chris Pine has put on about 15 pounds (almost 7 kilos) and it seems that it was specifically done for the role in Star Trek as Captain Kirk. Now everyone is saying how similar he looks to (Shatner)Kirk in the face. Pine’s face looks to me slightly chubby now. That look was fine for the young William Shatner because he has a DIFFERENT body shape/physique. That is what I mean by stop making comparisons between two different people, especially when it comes to a genetically determined factors. People have been making various comparisons for a while, saying that Pine needs to “beef up” etc to look more like the *real* Kirk…

See post #52 for laptop weirdness. Sorry about that…

57. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 10, 2012

#39 This is from the IMDb biography about Chris Pine –

“Pine went on to study English at the University of California, Berkeley where he received a bachelor’s degree. During this time, he spent one year studying at the University of Leeds in England. Pine also studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.” and this, from the same source,

“After college, he won a place at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) which has produced luminaries like Richard Harris, Jim Broadbent, John Lithgow, Donald Sutherland, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amy Irving, Stephen Moyer, etc. But a lack of funds and the prospect of student loan debts stopped him from doing this course in London.”

I think this is what Chris may have meant, in that he does not think of himself as properly trained unlike people who have studied at institutions such as the one above. Chris is being a bit self-deprecating perhaps, because he has the talent.

#55 – When I first came on the internet in the middle of 2009, Chris was being referred to as Captain Fine back then. For me, I always take it to be short for “my fine Captain Pine/Kirk”. Works for me…:) I suspect he knows more than he lets on…

58. N - February 10, 2012

53 I imagine at 20 I’m below the average age of people here.

59. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 10, 2012

#57 Keachick…

Yes exactly… I’ve been referred to it since 2009… I and also other people, of course … I’ve said a lot of nonsense since 2009… Although I was using another nickname at that time ( just Dee, I think)…… LOL

Oh Captain Fine… AWESOME… ;-) :-)

60. NCM - February 10, 2012

39. Brevard – February 10, 2012

“Pine seems amazed to be working with an actor who actually studied acting….As an actor, myself, I’m always shocked by actors who are amazed that trained actors are actually pretty good. Like, really? Like, for sure!”

Pine doesn’t express amazement for working with someone who has studied acting, or for the fact that it pays to study. He simply praises and acknowledges another’s skill and education. I can’t find fault in his comments–unless it’s in his awkward, self-deprecating manner. That style can make it hard to watch him speak off-script, but it’s preferable to the self-importance or sour grapes of actors with dour dispositions and fragile egos.

It’s to Pine’s credit that he’s as good as he is with as little training as he’s had. He’s also quite capable of expressing himself intelligently–even if he fails to do so when a mic is in his face.

61. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 10, 2012

#59 You are worried about the nonsense you have written about CP and what if he actually read any of it? I keep thinking of some of the stuff I have written. Yes, I can see how it could be a little worrisome…;)

I do know that I have not written anything nasty about him or to him, although I have possibly seemed like some mother hen sometimes. I have actually hoped that he might read what I have written and other times, well…It is possible that I may have to take back one or two things I have written, because I have got the “wrong end of the stick”, but hopefully not too much.

Now, if I had a chance to meet and chat to Chris Pine for more than a couple of seconds, then any misunderstandings would soon be sorted out and a lovely hug between us ensue…

62. An Official Pine Nut - February 10, 2012

I think Chris Pine and Zach Quinto are perfect casting for Kirk and Spock. Absolutely loved them in their first outing as the characters. I really hope both are in it for the long haul with the Star Trek movies because I can’t imagine anyone taking over from them.

PS would love to see more fellow nuts on FB at Chris.Pine.Fans :)

63. NCM - February 10, 2012

58. N – February 10, 2012:

“I imagine at 20 I’m below the average age of people here.”

Ya, I think so. Well, stick around and enjoy the ride. If it’s similar to the trip many fans take, you’ll get hooked (with this next film, when Orci and the team recreate that fantastic K-S-Mc dynamic:); but you may cut the line now and again–perhaps only to find that once you get through your roaring twenties and thirties, you’ll have time to indulge like never before in a somewhat silly little franchise that, we hope, can’t stay dead.

64. VZX - February 10, 2012

47: Whoa. I’m just going to say no.

Khan does exist in this timeline. Too bad, so sad, I’m glad.

65. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 10, 2012

#59 Keachick…

guess about who was my first comment here? … was an article about an event where were all the actors from Star Trek… and, CP can not attend because he was filming “Unstoppable” in Pennsylvania in 2009 …

;-) :-)

66. Trekker5 - February 10, 2012

Hello lucky #13 Aurore! :) I fully agree with you,on all things said! If Khan turns out to be in Trek13,I will be in a sorry state. But I really don’t think Bob Alex and Damon would do that to us.

67. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 10, 2012

#61… Yes a bit of nonsense … with much love and admiration…..;-)

68. LDT - February 10, 2012

Lol to funny, i am actually in the background walking on the carpet behind chris at the 20 second mark while he was doing that interview.
We hosted the premiere at the theatre on Wed night.
And he was right we did have the premierescreening of the NTL production of Frankenstein starring benidict at The Chinese Theatre last year.

69. Buzz Cagney - February 10, 2012

My goodness but he really does look like Shatner in that one picture particularly.
JJ really nailed it when he cast him in the role because I couldn’t really see it initially.
The added bulk will only make him more believable in the role. He was too skinny to be an action-Captain last time out. Its no wonder he kept getting his arse kicked. Maybe this time out he’ll be able to win a fight.

70. Spacecadet - February 11, 2012

“Sorry, we are unable to offer this video to users in your region. ” once again. Bullshit!

71. captain_neill - February 11, 2012

Well if it turns out Cumberbath is play Khan, I will be ONE VERY ANGRY TREKKIE.

Khan does NOT need to be redone, and anyone who played him would be INFERIOR to Ricardo Montalban.

72. captain_neill - February 11, 2012


I think the Shat is abetter actor than you think and is still the RIGINAL and BEST Captain Kirk.

Pine is great as an alt Kirk but Shatner will always be Kirk.

73. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 11, 2012

#70. Spacecadet… try in the link below… there is a link there…

;-) :-)

74. Buzz Cagney - February 11, 2012

I wonder if, as Chris gets older, he’ll develop the same ability that Bill has- namely, to be able to alter where his hairline starts?. I think thats terrific how Bill has learnt to do that.

75. Fubamushu - February 11, 2012

“Benedict has got this intensity about him, and he’s obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else. He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor. He actually studied for it.”
–Chris Pine

Thank you for explaining why the character portrayal and acting in the 2009 Star Trek movie were so bad. None of you are real actors.

76. Mateo - February 11, 2012

I really like Chris PIne — he seems so down-to-Earth, warm and welcoming. And his skin isn’t that great: He sorta looks like me! ^_^

77. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 11, 2012

16 who cares if you never have, i am sure you have some hobbies that others feel are “eh, not my style ” also

78. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 11, 2012

#75….hmmmm ….REALLY???………..

79. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 11, 2012

#75 Wow – that was nasty. The actors from Star Trek 09 come from different backgrounds.
Chris Pine has done stage, television and movie work. In 2009 Chris Pine played the main character, Stephen Myers, in a play called Farrugut North, which has just been released as a movie called Ides of March – same story, same characters. Ryan Gosling plays Pine’s character and will no doubt get all the creds. The play was something that George Clooney had working on but it sat on shelves for a few years before somebody got hold of it and decided to cast Chris Pine in the lead role. The play performed at the Geffen Theatre, LA in 2009 and Chris Pine was nominated for best actor in a leading role. Critics and audiences were blown away by this “not a real actor’s” performance. It was the play and Chris’s fine performance that led the play to be renamed and turned into the movie, Ides of March starring Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.

I read a really snotty comment by some journalist about how one can take actors like Ryan Gosling seriously (why?) but not actors like Chris Pine (again, why?).

The fact is that it was Chris Pine who first took the Stephen Myers character from the pages of a play and turned him into a flesh and blood *reality*, not Ryan Gosling. No doubt Ryan will put his own fine, unique spin on the character, but it was Chris Pine who made it happen first. Unlike William Shatner who does receive credit for his portrayal of Captain Kirk and rightly so, I doubt that Chris will ever receive any credit for his work on Farrugut North and the Stephen Myers character.

80. LDT - February 11, 2012

Keachick, while i have said on here before that Pine was incredible in the play which I had the pleasure of seeing on opening night and went and saw two more times durring its run at the geffen, I do have correct you pine was not the one who first played the role, the role was originated a year earlier on Broadway by John Gallager Jr.

But again Ive said it before and I will say it again Pine was incredible in the west coast production of Farragut Northat the Geffen
And he was also incredible in the .Lieutenant of Inishmore at the Mark Taper Forum in L.A. in the summer of 2010 as well.
He is definately a great stage actor.

81. LDT - February 11, 2012

Keachick also the characters name in the play is Stephen Bellamy not Myers, the change in last name was one of several changes made in the transition from the stage to the screen for Farragut North.

82. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 11, 2012

Sorry for giving out incorrect information. I thought what I wrote was correct.

Gosh, you are so lucky to have been able to see Chris Pihane perform on stage – twice. I have read that he was also very good as Padric in the Lieutenant of Inishmore and I do realise that Chris was not the first actor to play this character.

Just watched Carriers again last night. Chris Pine was just sooo good. I can’t watch it that often because of how it ends for his character especially, but he is so potent and real…that guy can act. Perhaps Chris Pine does not need a lot of formal training. He is a quick study and just picks it up as he goes along. He’s a natural!

83. LDT - February 11, 2012

82 No problem just wanted to make sure you had the correct info. IN anycase I think that its sad that some fans cant look past his biggest pre trek role on screen in Just my Luck, opposite of Lilo. but even in that he rises above the material and his loopy co star

84. LDT - February 11, 2012

I want to add that pine really embraces his fan base as well to,the only time i have ever not seen him stop and sign a autograph or take a photo with a fan who has asked, was to this guy named “Redbull” who is well known for being one of the worst autograph dealers.(ruining the fun for quite a bit of real fans)do a simple youtube search and you will find videos like this of s the guy harrasing fans or bothering celebrities.

we were hosting the premiere for unstoppable at the village theatre in westwood and pine turned him down, and then continued to sign for everyone ellse got in his car, and redbull mike chases him down the street before his car finally sped off, leaving redbull in the dust.

85. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 11, 2012

why won’t this post?

86. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 11, 2012

OK I will try again to type on this overly sensitive douchebag laptop keyboard and then post this.

LDT – don’t take this the wrong way, but could you be Chris Pine’s publicity agent? It’s OK, because I have been labelled by some on various sites as being Chris’s publicity agent, as well as being JJ Abrams’ and Roberto Orci’s too…I kid you not! It’s all good…

How am I doing, Bob Orci? Receiving feedback is how I learn…:)

Gosh, you are so lucky to have been able to see Chris Pine in two very different plays. I would love to have seen him. People just need to watch the movies he has been in since Just My Luck (he was lovely in that film) – Blind Dating, Smokin’ Aces, Bottle Shock, Carriers, and of course, Star Trek and Unstoppable. I can’t watch Carriers that often because of what happens to his character at the end and how he played the part – so potent and real…whoa.

87. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 12, 2012

Lol no just pointing out that hes great to his fans.

88. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 12, 2012

#79. Keachick…

“I read a really snotty comment by some journalist about how one can take actors like Ryan Gosling seriously (why?) but not actors like Chris Pine (again, why?).”

When I read this sort of thing, this perception about him … I wonder what he and the team that manages his career are doing wrong … “Deadline” was reporting two weeks ago that CP was auditioning agencies … I hope he makes a good move …

What about Ryan Gosling … I like him and I also like James Franco … but I think there is much posturing and pretension here … and James blamed the huge amount of energy of Anne Hathaway for the “fiasco” in the presentation of the Oscar ceremony in 2011 … hah… ;-) :-)

89. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 12, 2012

#83. LDT …

I saw many critics praising the performance of Chris in both plays that you were referring … I do not know why his manager and his publicists did not resonate this … he was recognized for his work on Lieutenant of Inishimore at LADCC Awards, and was difficult to find a few pictures of him in this event, he made no statement about it as far as I know …

I think I have seen your comments about that, the play, in some thread about Chris Pine … I guess! … as you know it’s hard to get information about him … we need orbiting the “nebula” where lives the fandom of CP to know something … ;-) :-)

90. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 12, 2012

I think that Chris Pine’s theatre work is not seen as that relevant or important in Hollywood, so his manager/publicist and even himself, don’t make a big deal about it. However, I think that if he were in England, the situation might be a little different. It has only been recently that we have seen some American actors crossing over from television to movies to theatre to movies to television etc. Doing this sort of thing is pretty standard for most English actors though.

Look at the careers of actors like Sir Patrick Stewart or Sir Ian McKellan, who are also long time friends. Both are Shakespearean theatre actors, but they have also been in television and in movies. I think Patrick Stewart may have done more television, but not sure. The two move between the three genres with ease and also receive what recognition is due them within the three mediums. It is similar with the younger Benedict Cumberbatch and others like him. Is it any wonder that JJ Abrams is choosing these kind of actors for the Star Trek sequel?

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto appear to be attempting to carve out an acting career British style and I admire them for that. They are younger but are good via QBE (qualified by experience).

91. Jack - February 13, 2012

Yep, Holy Shat was the first thing I thought of when I saw that photo.

And Rod, you probably know this, but Khan being dead in the TOS timeline means Ricardo Montalban can’t be in the thing as Khan from the TOS future. He also can’t be in it because he’s dead.

Alhough, there was that pesky genesis effect…

Yep, It would be nice to see Pine in a solid movie drama.

90. British actors, generally, seem to work whenever they can, so they also do alot of TV that we don’t necessarily see outside of the UK. And I find that, generally, unless it’s somebody super famous, we don’t hear about major actors in plays much in North America, unless they’re naked, but they’re certainly doing them.

92. Jack - February 13, 2012

PS. I don’t think it’s fishy that we haven’t heard Pine talk much about Trek or that we haven’t seen any leaked photos/details. A) it’s a year away. B) it means the security etc. is working.

It would be great if cast members had something to lose, and it was specified in their contracts, if they spilled the beans, like, say, a kidney. Okay, maybe not a kidney.

93. Jack - February 13, 2012

91.but, yes, my point was that somebody else could be the Khan of this timeline. But I hope they’re not.

But in 15 years, or so, fine. Maybe this next movie could start with the E dropping off a few angry supermen (lead by Neil Patrick Harris) in the Ceti Alpha system, like a 15second bit… And then, we’ll see a Khan remake in 2018.

94. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 14, 2012

Hmmm…The plays that Chris Pine has been in did not have him be naked, although I believe that he was in just his underwear for a small part of a scene in Farrugut North. Zachary Quinto was seen totally bare/full frontal in part of a play that was so long that it ran over two nights and that was Angels in America. The naked scene did not take up much of the play time at all. How much you saw of Zach jnr depended on where you sat in the theatre.

Nudity did not play much, if any, part in the plays the two main actors of this Star Trek performed in on stage. The plays were well received and both actors proved themselves to be solid theatre actors.

Onto much more current topics and related somewhat to the theme of this thread – I saw This Means War this afternoon – finally…

It was good. I liked it. I plan to see it again, because it was a funny movie and I really liked the three main characters. Chris Pine is divine! I found myself, as if in shock, thinking, “Wow. That man really is so gorgeous!” Tom Hardy was pretty good as well, but Chris wins. What can I say?

I must be about the only who stays to watch the credits (or at least some). Everyone else just walks out as soon as the movie ends, which is why a lot of people missed the film the kids actually made with their super 8 camera, shown while the credits rolled at the end of the movie Super 8. Duh.
Anyway, what I did notice was that Mindy Hall did Chris Pine’s make-up, while other people did the other actors’ make up. Mindy Hall and her team did the Star Trek 09 make up and won the Academy Award for best make up. I thought that was interesting to note. Chris looked great – very natural – the best he has looked. Presumably Mindy Hall and her team are doing the make up for the Star Trek cast as I type this. Hope so.

LDT – Not 20 minutes ago I saw the movie Ides of March being advertised on TV and Gosling’s character’s name is definitely Stephen MYERS, not Bellamy.

95. BillyBoy - February 14, 2012

Jean-Luc Picard was born in La Barre, France on Earth on July 13, 2305. The reboot movies take place BEFORE the original TV show, so we’re looking at roughly 2258-2265. Alternate timeline or not, Picard won’t be born for decades, so whoever suggested having “young Picard” in the third Abrams film is either clueless about Trek history or smoking some good stuff. It’s possible to do without another time travel story. Putting all that aside, I like Star Trek Nemesis and have defended it against people who claim it’s the “worst Trek movie ever” (it was certainly better than Insurrection). However, Hardy was terrible casting for Picard’s “younger clone” and looks and sounds nothing like Patrick Stewart

96. N - February 14, 2012

Shinzon was just pointless. In this universe there may never be a Picard, for all we know the Borg could assimilate everyone before the end of the 23rd century. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.