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Star Trek (2009) Basic Cable Premiere On FX Tuesday + Chance To Win Movie Tickets February 13, 2012

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The 2009 Star Trek movie makes its basic cable TV premiere this week on the FX Network. So if you don’t happen to have your own copy (or Netflix streaming) you can watch the movie for free, with the first showing on Valentine’s day. And if you tune in on Wednesday you can get a chance to win free movie tickets. More details below.


Star Trek premieres on FX – win movie tickets by watching

JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie has moved from theaters, to On-demand, then to home video, and on to pay cable (Epix), and Netflix streaming. And this week it ends its journey down the distribution ladder to basic cable TV with the premiere on the FX Network. The first showing will be on Tuesday February 14th at 7PM. It will repeat throughout the month (see schedule below) and beyond.

Schedule for Star Trek on FX in February

Tue Feb 14 7 PM
Wed, Feb 15 8 PM
Fri, Feb 17 8 PM
Sun, Feb 17 8 PM
Sun, Feb 17 11 PM
Sat, Feb 25 5 PM
Sun, Feb 26 10 PM

And if you tune in on Wednesday you can win one of hundreds of movie tickets (to see any movie you want at a local theater). To win you just have to connect with FX via Facebook, Twitter or GetGlue during the airing of the Star Trek showing on Wednesday night.

More details on how to win and rules at

While most hardcore Star Trek fans have their own copy of the movie, airing on basic cable will be good to build buzz for the new Star Trek movies. It’s a nice reminder for casual movie-goers who saw it in theaters, and will be the first time for those who skipped it in theaters and on home video.

One would expect that Paramount has also secured broadcast TV deals for Star Trek in other countries around the world, which should be even more important for helping out with the sequel as the film underperformed in many international markets, mostly due to movie goers not getting the message that this was a new kind of Star Trek film. [NOTE to international readers: If you see that Star Trek is airing on TV in your country, drop TrekMovie a line]

Star Trek Trailer #3


1. Greg Warden - February 13, 2012

Time to watch STXI and win me a ticket

2. Trekboi - February 13, 2012

The film has finished it’s journey- now the long wait for the late Sequel.

3. CmdrR - February 13, 2012

Even on Valentine’s Day, there’s too much kissy-face on the transporter pad.

4. Andrew - February 13, 2012

After watching the trailer, I’m really hoping they release a teaser this summer so we don’t have to wait till fall again for a trailer. It would make sense and get people in seats to put the teaser in front of GI Joe 2, so hopefully that happens. Probably the only way to get me to see GI Joe 2 in theaters. Maybe they could even tease the villian like The Dark Knight did for the Joker in their teaser. Definitely watching Star Trek on FX too.

5. SoonerDave - February 13, 2012


Bet you dollars to donuts that we get a trailer sometime soon with all kinds of hype, only to find its nothing more than a generic “Trek returns” with just vague shots of the Enterprise and lots of lens flares, finished with some voiceover. No actual new footage, not even a remote story hint.

6. Khan 2.0 - February 13, 2012

“James T Kirk was a great man…but that was another life”

theres the shatner cameo right there. also – ‘a trick i learned…from an old friend’

sometimes not having an actor reprise his role is more powerful than getting him in there!…just those hints of Shat held greater power/more mystery than a full on cameo…(imo)

7. Sugar Rush - February 13, 2012

Presumably, any and all who visit THIS site not only have seen the movie, they own it on every possible media platform. So besides the free movie tickets, advertising a “free” viewing is likely a moot point for the people here.

8. MattR - February 13, 2012

#4 and #5. I wouldn’t be surprised by a teaser trailer this summer since they should be done filming by then. Paramount’s tentpole this summer is the G.I. Joe sequel so it’ll probably be attached to that, and hopefully a lot of other big movies so it gets exposure.

9. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 13, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. We know you are Lurking. Almost Trailor time.

10. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2012

There will be no teaser trailer until the fall, at the earliest, I predict. And it will only feature a couple of soundbites, and the Starfleet logo with the date “May 2013″ underneath with lens flares galore.

As for Trek 09 on FX, I don’t have that channel and I don’t care. I own the Blu Ray with over three hours of special features, so there! :-P

11. Khan 2.0 - February 13, 2012

teaser trailer will probably be attached to summers movies – GI Joe (paramount) or maybe even Prometheus

12. Craiger - February 13, 2012

NCIS and NCIS LA are on Tuesday I may watch it again on Wed.

13. AJ - February 13, 2012

What are the chances ’09 will have new scenes in it for TV like TMP and TWOK did for their TV premieres?

I predict this new scene:


I’ll also stick with my Blu-Ray!

14. Khan 2.0 - February 13, 2012

talking of trailers i see Prometheus style trailers are going strong on utube. e.g.

id really like to see some of the Trek movies getting the Prometheus trailer treatment – TMP and TWOK would work quite well – as would FC

15. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 13, 2012

I’ll stick to my Blu-Ray!. But just might check it out on FX.

16. CaptainDonovin - February 13, 2012

I cang watch movies like this tv (USA, TNT, FX, etc.) cause of all the commercials. AMC is the worst, two hour movie becomes a four hour movie.

Maybe the trailer will be a mix of scenes from XI & other movies like was done I think for the First Contact trailer.

17. CaptainDonovin - February 13, 2012

^ Which also included a shot or two of Voyager IIRC.

18. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 13, 2012

Now all paramount and CBS need to do is start a new TV series

19. VZX - February 13, 2012

18. Yeah, right?

20. VZX - February 13, 2012

I’m stoked that Star Trek is finally on FX. FX always has all the cool movies and seems to draw decent ratings, this can only help the sequel.

I’ve watched the movie countless times on Blu ray and several times on iPhone, but it’s still nice to just put it on when channel surfing.

21. Mel - February 13, 2012

[NOTE to international readers: If you see that Star Trek is airing on TV in your country, drop TrekMovie a line]

The free TV premiere of the Star Trek movie was on the 25th September 2011 in Germany. Everyone with a TV could see it. It was on one of the main channels.

2.60 million people watched it. A market share of 8.1 %. 2.01 million of those viewers were 14 – 49 years old. The market share of those younger viewers was 14.7 %. The ratings were good, but not particular impressive. They repeated the movie the next day in the afternoon.

I don’t know exactly, when the pay TV premiere was, but it was much earlier.

22. Orb of Wisdom - February 13, 2012

According to the FX description on Comcast’s Digital Menu, it’s an EXTENDED VERSION. Meaning this could be a version with some of the deleted scenes, like was done on broadcast TV with The Wrath of Khan in the 80s…

23. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 13, 2012

What a great Trailer. I remember being so hyped for this movie.

At the time I had been up for 5 straight days working on an important freelance project when I went to see the movie.

It was pretty good the first viewing. Anyhow, At least I did not fall asleep until I got home!

Where’s the new trailer?

24. MJ - February 13, 2012

whoopdie fricking doo…it’s on DVD, Blue Ray and iTunes. Why is this news?

25. Red Dead Ryan - February 13, 2012


I suppose some folks are too damn cheap to actually buy it!

26. Spock (not prime or new, just Spock) A very patient Spock - February 14, 2012

Trailers trailers trailers
How about a picture from the set perhaps!

27. Gorn Captain - February 14, 2012

Some people only discover a movie once it’s been on cable. A Christmas Story is a good example of this.

28. Sebastian S. - February 14, 2012

Can’t truly believe there’s ANYONE reading and responding to this thread who has NOT seen it yet (either at the movies, on Netflix, or dvd/bluray). Seems like ST09 would’ve seeped into everyone’s pores at this point…

But for that .0001%? Enjoy the show (sorry about the commercials….)


29. VZX - February 14, 2012

24. MJ: It’s a big deal since, as Gorn Captain stated, many people discover a movie once it’s on cable. It’s a huge deal. I have personnaly discovered and became a fan of many movies I “found” on cable. Just last night I watched Hellboy II on cable and just realized how much fun it was.

The same could work for Star Trek.

30. Mr. Zoom - February 14, 2012

Back in the days when the broadcast networks regularly showed “edited for television” versions of movies, my first ever viewing of “Alien” was on ABC.

31. VulcanFilmCritic - February 14, 2012

@VZX This is true. I never watched “The Matrix” in theaters because I thought it was some kind of computer movie for kids and I would be out of place among the geeky fanboys. Boy was I wrong!

Ditto “Hellboy.” I was just channel surfing one boring weekend afternoon and I came across this weird scene with Kroenen stalking this agent, and the guy fires point blank into his guts and dry sand (!) pours out. WTF!?! And then Kroenen starts to violently stab this guy to death while the guy is still shooting him, and then Kroenen lies down in the dirty water and turns off a switch in his chest, and “dies,” and so on… Double-WTF!?!
And then there’s Ron Perlman who I really hadn’t been a fan of since “Beauty and the Beast,” playing the devil himself or someone like the devil. Wow!

Yes, I believe that a run on cable could bring in some extra people, but this strategy is best for the smaller excellent cult films that got overlooked or had a really short run in the theaters, than for a blockbuster like “Star Trek.”
Just about everyone has heard of the movie, and anyone who wanted to see it has had ample opportunity to do so.

Too bad the film underperformed in the foreign market. What was different this time? Was the film not promoted enough overseas?

“Star Trek 2″ or whatever is therefore going to have to be great in order to fill the seats this time and to justify the continuation of its existence. (At least on the scale to which we’ve become accustomed.) I expect that it will be great, however,

I still think the best way to promote interest in the films is:
1. To have a continuing live action TV show
2. To continue to have the involvement of the original ST crew (Shatner, Nimoy, et al.) Their continuing participation, not only in the film but in its PROMOTION is (I believe) still crucial.

32. Remington Steele - February 14, 2012

Star trek was shown on RTE here over the Christmas…here being Ireland

33. Adam Bomb 1701 - February 14, 2012

And, the broadcast networks paid through the nose for movies at one time. “TMP” was sold to ABC; two runs for $15 million. (They ran it three times; guess they ponied up more cash for the third run.) ABC ran “Trek” movies I through 4, and “FC”; CBS ran “ST-V”, NBC ran “VI” and “Insurrection”, and Fox ran “Generations.” When ratings for theatrical movies dropped, the broadcast networks stopped buying them, or bought a lot less of them, and basic cable channels such as USA, TNT and FX took up the slack.

34. Mikey1091 - February 14, 2012

Sorry, my day is set with the Mass Effect 3 demo, LOL!!! Besides, I have the DVD :p

35. Khan 2.0 - February 14, 2012

following on from #14

there is a FC Prometheus trailer now:

36. Orb of the Emissary - February 14, 2012

I’ll watch it again, just because I can :-)

37. Locke for President - February 14, 2012

# 7

A friend of mine hasn’t gotten around to seeing it, and doesn’t go to the library to get movies or even rent them. I’m going to mention it to him that he can watch it on TV tonight. So I do appreciate that this article has been posted.

Plus there have been times where I’ve watched the TV version just to see what they have cut, and where they take their commercial breaks.

I remember when pro football went on strike in the late 80’s, so at the last minute ABC had to fill the slot for Monday Night Football. I can still remember the legendary of voice of Ernie Anderson advertising that there wouldn’t be Monday Night Football that Monday night, but who cares — instead we’re going to watch The Search for Spock.

He ended the commercial with the most clever line: “It’s Star Trek 3, Monday Night Football . . . . Nothing.”

38. Locke for President - February 14, 2012

Actually, I found the You Tube clip of the ABC promo for the network premiere of Star Trek 3. I remembered the tag line a little bit wrong, but hey I was close!

Not a bad bit of remembering of a commercial I saw just once from almost 25 years ago!

39. Scott McC - February 14, 2012

Star Trek 2009 is now regulary shown on Film 4 here in the UK. It was on last Sunday (11 February) and is on again Thursday (16 February).

I thought it was brilliant re-boot (FYI I’m an old school Trek fan who grew up in the 70’s with TOS). Looking forward to the next installment.

40. Gary Makin - February 14, 2012

Trek 09 was shown on Channel 4 (a major network) in the UK in December. They cut out some violence and swearing because it was on at 6.45pm. The channel’s sister network Film 4 is now showing it uncut.

Channel 4 actually dubbed out the word “whore”.

*rolls eyes*

41. Gary Makin - February 14, 2012

Watching the trailer again (watch out for Trekfreek trolling on Youtube…), I noticed how Ben Cross sounds like Benedict Cumberpatch… Could Ben Cucumberpatch be playing a younger Ben Cross/Sarek? Probably not.

42. DonDonP1 - February 14, 2012

Fascinating. This is the first time in 12 years that a News Corporation-owned television network–whether over-the-air or cable–airs a “Star Trek” motion picture since the time the Fox network aired 1994’s “Generations”.

43. VZX - February 14, 2012

Yo, I’m watching it on FX right now. Awesome!

44. DonDonP1 - February 14, 2012

Fascinating. This is the first time in 12 years that a News Corporation-owned television network–whether over-the-air or cable–airs a “Star Trek” motion picture since the time the Fox network aired 1994’s “Generations”. Hope that “Star Trek XI” would be seen on over-the-air network television, no matter which network, whether NBC (the network that once aired both the original live-action and animated series as well as 1991’s “Undiscovered Country” in 1994 and 1998’s “Insurrection” in 2002), CBS (which aired 1989’s “Final Frontier” in 1991 and now owns “Star Trek” and all other television properties Paramount once owned prior to the 2005 “Viacom Split”), ABC (which aired the first four “Trek” flick in the 1980s and 1990s as well as 1996’s “First Contact” from 2000 to 2003), or Fox. I wish CBS would air 2002’s “Nemesis” sometime before the network premiere of “Trek XI”.

45. NC Trekker - February 14, 2012

Anyone see why this is called an extended version?

46. Jinn-Jinn - February 14, 2012

A perfect movie for Valentine’s Day. Action, humor, drama and a couple of nice kisses to top it all off. *sigh* Lovely!

CmdrR- I was wondering, if you’re still reading this far into the comments, can I use something you wrote as my signature? I promise to give you credit of course.

47. DonDonP1 - February 14, 2012

#43 As am I.

48. Towerpower3000 - February 14, 2012

re: 45

I’d also like to know if there are any changes to scenes, etc. Anyone catch anything? I could not catch the Tuesday showing but might watch another night if there are any differences…. anyone?

49. John Gill - February 15, 2012

I watched it last night and it was refreshing to see it again. I only wish they didn’t block out the end credit theme music.

50. Adam Bomb 1701 - February 15, 2012

#44 – CBS airing “Nemesis” may be unlikely, as their series are pretty successful, and I doubt they’s pre-empt a night of programming for a movie (except maybe Saturday, which is devoted to reruns.) “Nemesis” made its basic cable debut on AMC two or three years ago. It’s also been run on BBC America, and it’s currently back playing on (the CBS owned) Showtime and The Movie Channel.
CBS aired “The Final Frontier” only once, on 12/4/91. Two days before “Trek VI” opened in theaters. The network versions of “Treks III” and “V” were so cut up as to be almost unwatchable.

51. VZX - February 15, 2012

I doubt a movie as bad as Nemesis will be aired on CBS.

52. VZX - February 15, 2012

So, I watched most of Star Trek last night on FX. I think they left most of it in tact. I did notice that the interrogation scene between Nero and Pike was shortened, though. I actually like the way they cut that. The backstory of Nero’s wife was kinda cheesey and it was better to drop it.

53. DonDonP1 - February 15, 2012

#50 Don’t forget: the NBCUniversal-owned Syfy aired “Star Trek: Nemesis” as well: it was seen a year ago, back in 2011, which marked the 45th anniversary of “Star Trek”.

54. Adam Bomb 1701 - February 16, 2012

They did? Somehow that slipped by me. Thanks for the info.
BTW, HBO Family this past Sunday (2/12) ran a marathon of the six original cast movies. When they ran “Trek VI”, it was the theatrical version. That’s interesting, because when HBO first ran “VI” back in January 1993, it was the slightly longer video version.

55. DonDonP1 - February 19, 2012

#54 You are welcome.

56. Becki Williams - February 25, 2012

I’m watching Star Trek(the movie-2009)& it’s amazing!! I sure wish they could take that cast & do a series based on this movie & with this cast!! Why didn’t someone else think of that? I’ve seen every episode of ST, ST-TNG, ST-DS9& all the movies, & I’d love to c MORE!! I’ll never get enough of Star Trek! This vast, however, could do a great job of a series…!!!

57. Marcus Bowenford - March 2, 2012

I like a few other people here noticed that it was listed as an extended cut. Unfortunately I only caught this as the movie was ending. For those who watched this from the beginning, did anybody notice any new scenes? Like the entire Kobayashi Maru segment where we see how Kirk managed to cheat the program for example. I’ll be checking back here in a day or two to see if anybody has anything to say on the matter, because if deleted scenes were in fact restored to help better pace the movie then I certainly hope it means there’s going to be a new cut of the film coming out on DVD and Blu-ray soon that has said scenes actually integrated and not simply included as bonus material. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.