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Watch: Chris Pine Calls His HS Crush Kristy Swanson (original Buffy) On Kimmel February 17, 2012

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Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk, has a new movie opening today (This Means War) so last night he took some time off from shooting the sequel set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While there Chris talked briefly about shooting Trek, travel, cartoon crushes, and his Kardashian connection. Jimmy also arranged a phone call with Chris’ high school crush Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Watch it below.


Chris Pine on Kimmel

via ABC on YouTube (in 3 parts)…Kristy Swanson call is in part 2.


1. AJ - February 17, 2012

Starfleet-issue sideburns!

2. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 17, 2012

Yeah… CP is alive and gorgeous… and funny….. I love it!!!!

3. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 17, 2012

High school crushes… Oh, my. :-D

4. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 17, 2012

CP is also starring in The Ivy Walls’ video “All I Want”….


5. Phil - February 17, 2012

Considering these skits are all scripted, it’s still amusing….

6. Red Dead Ryan - February 17, 2012

Didn’t William Shatner wear that shirt in “The Final Frontier” during the campfire scenes? :-)


So you’ve moved up to “Admirer” from “Fan” now have you?

7. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 17, 2012

Chris Pine seems like a nice bloke.

Love the sideys.

I am getting a tingle thinking that he was just on the Trek set.

Its actually happening!


8. Jinn-Jinn - February 17, 2012

That was hilarious. You could see the blush just start from his neck and go up all over his face. Oh and the sideburns! Kirk is in the house!

9. Mikey1091 - February 17, 2012

I LMAO’d when he hung the phone up on them. Good vids btw.

10. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 17, 2012


Sure have, and for good reason… ;-)

11. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

So it’s official. Chris is a taken man. Lucky lady, whoever she is. Chris is so lovely, melting every time he smiled.

#7 – Yes, I know what you mean. So cool to think that he’d just come off the Star Trek set to do the interview. It certainly makes it seem more real than ever, like the movie is actually happening, he really was being “my captain” not more than an hour or whatever before he did this interview which occurred within the last 24 hours. Chills. Good chills!

I *love* the way that red checked style shirt that Chris was wearing is called a “lumberjack” shirt. According to my information, that shirt is actually an expensive knock-off what is called the Kiwi bush shirt or swanndri. My older cousins were always in shirts just like what Chris was wearing when I was knee-high… They have been worn by NZ farmers, hunters, trampers since forever.

12. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 17, 2012

11. Keachick …

Yes, and after all he was in Greece… remember the photo in Mykonos? …

…………………………………..and he also traveled to South Africa… ….yes South Africa………….. ah we who orbited the nebula where lives the fandom of Chris Pine, knew he is a “taken man” for months…. ;-) :-)

13. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 17, 2012

11. Keachick…

boborci on twitter yesterday:

roberto orci @boborci
Will all of u who think all we know how to do is rip off old concepts wth explosions give us a chance and see WELCOME TO PEOPLE this summer?

………….sooner please, Mr. Orci!!!!…………;-) :-)

14. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

#9 Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel had instructions from the lady who has taken Chris…:)

Actually Chris revealed one or two *interesting* personal things about himself in the interview, one that he is “taken” as in he is in a relationship and does not consider himself “single”. Also he mentioned that he leaned towards the liberal left (political). I wonder why he mentioned his political leanings and it would appear to be in relation to skeet shooting…

Skeet shooting is a sport in itself but it developed from duck or geese shooting (hunting for food or basically a bloodsport), as in shooters would practise their shooting skills on a skeet or clay pigeon outside of the bird shooting season.

15. VZX - February 17, 2012

Huh. I also had a crush on Nicole Eggert when I was a kid. And She-Ra.

I think I wrote Nicole Eggert a fan letter as well. Weird coincidence.

16. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 17, 2012

The Kirk sideburns aren’t done as well as Shat’s.

17. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

Yes, Dee. However, it is nice that he has publicly confirmed what we had known about for a while, but saying something felt like it was disclosing something to the general public that he was not ready to do himself. I will not disclose here who we think is the woman in question because that is up to Chris to confirm or deny, make public, if or whenever. So he did go to Greece and South Africa…

Yes, I saw the Trekmove/Bob Orci twitter about Welcome to People. Come on, Bob Orci, “pony up” information on the movie’s actual release date and please, make sure that this kiwi downunder does not have to wait longer to see it than you guys upover.

Please – Bob Orci – give us here a head’s up.

18. Deflector Dish Guy - February 17, 2012

Uh.. um…. uh… er… you know… uh… err…

Good god, Chris Pine needs to work on his public speaking. Shat for life.

19. CmdrR - February 17, 2012

More like….
“Hi, Kristy. We’ve never met. Anyhoo, you know how you get like 24 dollars for an autograph in the Walk of Fame at DragonCon. Funny thing. I just signed a coupla deals for about a million times that… Sooooooo….”

20. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

Just read this on Roberto Orci’s twitter page…LOL

“@elcutta: @boborci Can you tweet a photo like this, of Trek script?” sorry. trek script is so secret that our minds wiped after writing it”

Title for next movie – Star Trek – Mind Sweeper.

#18 Chris is an actor, not a public speaker. There is a difference. Besides, William Shatner is a lot older and has had a lot more experience and what’s more, they are different people. Unfair comparison. At one point, Jimmy Kimmel was interrupting Chris and it was rather annoying.

21. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

#19 – What?

22. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2012

Yea Robert Pine! I loved CHiPs too when i was a teen. Who’d have thought back then that his little boy would end up being Captain Kirk!

23. Vultan - February 17, 2012


Don’t you mean Captain Kidd?


24. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

You do realise that Chris’s first “appearance” on film was in a scene from CHIPs, which showed St Getraer and his very pregnant wife (played by Gwynne Gilford, Robert Pine’s real life very pregnant wife). Guess who was inside that bump? So cool, out there stuff. Real cheesy stuff, for real. Gotta love the cheese!

25. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2012

#6 you know what i actually caught most of TFF on tv earlier and i was quite stunned at just how powerful that McCoy and his father scene was. Bill doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that.
I also felt for Sybok in a way i hadn’t before, particularly when he describes Kirk as ‘his friend’ when talking to the ‘god’ alien.
Such a shame that TFF wasn’t fully realised because it had a great deal of potential.
btw i think that may be the same shirt. :-D

26. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2012

#23 lol behave yourself matey!
Young minds, fresh ideas etc etc ;)

(did you catch that other clip of Father Ted that i put up in that Pine Lawsuit story, Vults?)

27. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2012

#24 didn’t know that. Funny.

28. Vultan - February 17, 2012




29. Khan 2.0 - February 17, 2012

OMFG! his hair is parted on the WRONG side!!! (like Routh as Supes in Superman Returns)

so this Kirk likes to part his hair on the wrong side eh? im not sure im OK with that…

30. Buzz Cagney - February 17, 2012

#28 Good isn’t it. I can highly recommend any Ted clips that you can find on YouTube.


31. Orb of Wisdom - February 17, 2012

(facepalm) please don’t let Pine be with David Arquette’s mistress again… (smh)

32. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 17, 2012


Do not worry about it … definitely not the case … that time, he was experiencing a “rebound” moment… now he is really in a relationship…

;-) :-)

33. J.A.G.T. - February 17, 2012

Yay, that was hilarious! But I really wonder – it’s not that I care much about Chris Pine’s personal life but in case he DOES have a girlfriend I wouldn’t blame her for being pretty pissed at him hesitating to answer whether he was single or not (:

34. Vultan - February 17, 2012

This brings up a fun question: who was your first celebrity crush?

Mine was Jennifer Aniston, in the early seasons of “Friends.”
Remember the Rachel hair? Oh yeah. She had it going on, and still looks pretty good today. As for her career… eh, not so much.

35. Sugar Rush - February 17, 2012

Keachik, just a question – do you admire Mr. Shatner as much as Mr. Pine or are you just a Mr. Pine fan all-around?

36. Sebastian S. - February 17, 2012

That’s funny.

I’d be even funnier if he called her and she was out on a date with William Shatner (hee hee)

Wrong, but funny! ;-P

37. N - February 17, 2012


Star Trek: Apparently

38. DJT - February 17, 2012


I thought the shirt was a throwback to “City on the Edge of Forever”.

39. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 17, 2012


“…. being pretty pissed at him…???”…. nope………. Don’t worry about it….. LOL

40. Sebastian S. - February 17, 2012

#38 DJT

That’s right; it does look like that shirt, doesn’t it?
Ha, I wonder if Quinto is back at the hotel working on that mnemonic memory circuit….


41. Hat Rick - February 17, 2012

Mirror universe Kirk parts hair on right.


42. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

Chris Pine has worn other shirts similar to that one. As I said, if you looked at the link I posted, that type of shirt has been around since the late 1800s, at least in NZ. It is not really that surprising that William Shatner as Kirk was seen wearing similar in TOS and Star Trek V. I think it was just after the second world war that this style of shirt started becoming popular in the States after US servicemen staying over in NZ saw the locals wearing them and liked. It has been part of fashion wear at various times in the US and UK etc since.

The shirt was designed to be worn for work and play in the outdoors in rough terrain where rain was always a possibility, even in temperate Auckland. Auckland boasts to being able to experience four seasons in one day… The swanndri is made of mostly wool and some are made to be at least shower proof. Bear in mind, that NZ, up until recently, was renowned to have about 30 to 40 sheep per one person at one stage. I think the present sheep population is about 35 million, but it has been as high as nearly 80 million when there were 2.5 million people. A lot of the sheep have been bred more for their high quality wool than their meat. That’s a lot of wool…hence the reasonably priced, very functional and quite fashionable looking swanndri bush shirt.

I doubt the shirt Chris is wearing is a genuine Swanndri (made in NZ), but you never know.

#35 – I guess I am a fan of Captain Kirk and became interested in the person who played that character, who of course was William Shatner. However, all I saw was Captain Kirk on a b/w TV, followed by reruns of TOS. I did not see TOS in colour until sometime in the 80’s. There was little, if any, information about the actors and what there was, wasn’t always correct. I have not seen William Shatner in much, other than the Star Treks, where he is great as Kirk.

With Chris Pine, it is a little different. I have seen him in other movies playing different characters and I have seen him in numerous interviews since Star Trek 09, like the one posted in this thread. Chris is younger and is just so lovely to look at and comes across as basically a nice person, like in the interview, and in the characters he plays, even if they are not the antagonist. Even Darwin Tremor (Smokin’ Aces) showed intelligence and a certain degree of sympathetic awareness, though not much, but that was the character.

I didn’t know what to think when I first saw this stranger playing “my captain”, but as I kept watching the movie, he “grew on me” if you will. I think it was when Uhura said, “I hope you know what you are doing…Captain!” then Pine made that Kirk delivery of “So do I” that I really felt I was seeing a beautiful younger version of “my captain”.

Sometimes I feel like I have divided loyalties between Chris and William Shatner. I love William Shatner for being the first Captain Kirk and how beautifully he played the character – the speech patterns and delivery, the subtle gestures and nuances etc – such a joy to watch. Chris will bring his own style but he has a similar “quality”,”essence”, if these are the right words, that enable him to play Kirk. I don’t think just anyone can pull off playing a character like Kirk. I guess that is what makes the character special and the person who can bring that specialness to life. Chris lets the younger Kirk live again!

I love them both, but Chris Pine just a bit more. I hope some of this makes sense.

43. jamesingeneva - February 17, 2012

LMAO @ Jimmy Kimmel bit and have to say that would be really cool if there is a campfire scene with bones and spock with him wearing that flannel. Hey @BobORCI, while you have a bunch of sets, how about getting The Shat to swing down and film the scene you guys envisioned filming and slapping that on a special edition of the movie down the road? It’s a win/win, you sell more DVD’s, everyone gets more Royalties, and all us crazy fans get to see Prime Kirk in action one more time. Just dreaming, have a good weekend all!

44. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

Correction: “…are not the antagonist”. I meant to write “protagonist”

45. Do You Wanna Dance - February 17, 2012

While we’re on the subject of celebrity crushes…

Maureen Flannigan from “Out of this World”
Kerri Green from “The Goonies”
Clare Carey from “Coach”
Robin Curtis from “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”
Chase Masterson as Leeta from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”


46. Basement Blogger - February 17, 2012

Chris Pine has bad ass sideburns! :-)

47. Phobos - February 17, 2012

oh this movie is going to be good. Pine was filming today and I can sense a sharp and intense Kirk energy.

48. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 17, 2012

I found the content of the interview *amusing*. The fact was that there were “two big elephants in the living room” and both were so studiously ignored…

One was the lawsuit to the tune of millions of dollars slapped on Chris Pine two days ago and the other, Star Trek itself.

Personally, I would have liked to hear Chris Pine explain his point of view re the lawsuit, but I doubt he can, because his attorneys will have told him not to say a word to anyone, for now.

And with Star Trek, we’re all dying to get anything info at all about anything to do with the next movie, like how much action of every kind Kirk gets, whether he gets to keep her around; how many ledges/vines Kirk gets to hang from; whether he gets to yell words like Kannnnnnng or Korrrrrrr (now Bob Orci should know that Chris should not spoil his lovely voice by yelling another four letter word starting with K), how many times he gets to hear Bones tell him, “He’s dead, Jim”… just so much
Once again, poor Chris is told not to say a word to anyone about any of it…

Well, at least he finally got to speak on the telephone to the crush of his life at the tender age of 12. Good on ya, Chris!

49. Red Dead Ryan - February 17, 2012


TFF did have some great Kirk-Spock-McCoy moments in the film. The campfire scenes and the scene you just mentioned were easily the best parts of the otherwise subpar movie. Shatner just didn’t have the directing chops that Nimoy had, though to be fair, the writers strike and the studio’s cheapness handcuffed him a bit.


Yup. I guess if Pine was doing a throwback, he’d probably chose “City On The Edge Of Forever” over “The Final Frontier”! :-D

50. - February 17, 2012

I enjoyed This Means War. Light hearted but lots of fun. Both Pine and hardy have a very strong screen presence which was used well.

Reese Witherspoon is always worth watching, even if the movie is bad.

51. Jack - February 17, 2012

Gotta say, I’m relieved that most of the public comments from the actors while filming have not been of the, “we’re just happy to be together again! We’re having so much fun – this isn’t work! We’re a family, and it’s so fun on the set! At this point, we are the characters!” variety — those remind me of, say, Insurrection, where everybody’s having so goshdarned much fun being there that they’re not actually acting. Making a good film should take some darned tough work — I want a movie, not a convention appearance.

Get along with your coworkers, sure… but get your jobs done first. This ain’t a reunion — it’s a movie, and it had better have a story that needs to be told… ;)

52. N - February 18, 2012

45 Was Leeta ever in TNG?

53. Basilicious - February 18, 2012

How could Kristy Swanson have been Pine’s “high school crush” when she’s 12 years his senior? Was she his teacher?

54. Mud Dog - February 18, 2012

This place has gone dead again. Anthony? Anthony? Anthony? (Buehler?) why have a site if you’re not going to keep it updated. Pititful…hell, report on Prometheus, Blade Runner 2, or Dark Shadows if nothing else…there’s plenty of fantastic genre stuff in the works to talk about if there’s no Trek news.

Somebody beam down a search party to retrieve Anthony and his minions…lol!

55. Shaun - February 18, 2012

@Mud Dog

there is also the return of space: 1999, as space: 2099. i loved the original as a kid (along with star trek) and am excited by the possibility of having a quality space-based science fiction series to watch again.

56. Hat Rick - February 18, 2012

^^ I watched “Space: 1999″ before as well, as a young man. What an interesting program. It has its ups and downs, and a strong Trek connection via Fred Freiberger, albeit not a positive one in that respect. (Just Google it.)

A rare, British-produced space-based SF show that had quite realistic technology (although the idea of the Moon having been blown out of orbit is not tenable).

57. Cygnus-X1 - February 18, 2012

Ugh…Jimmy Kimmel is the worst talk-show host ever.

I feel for Chris Pine and all the other poor actors who’ve had to suffer through an interview with Kimmel, most of all the lovely Famke Jansen whose name Kimmel horrendously mispronounced as “FAMM-KEE.”

58. Hat Rick - February 18, 2012

^^ I have no complaints about Anthony’s stewardship of this site (responding to a prior comment). It’s not easy being doing what he does. I think the stories are quite current.

59. Khan 2.0 - February 18, 2012

wow no ones cares about the hair being parted on the wrong side


60. Alien Freak Weasel - February 18, 2012

#55, 56 — I loved Space:1999 and I like the Space:2099 concept too! But that’s a “remastering” of the old series not a new series or film. It’s worth covering though. I preferred year one over the “cartoony” year two, although year two did have few good stories. The character of Maya was not developed as well as it could have been but I guess if there had been a year three maybe that would have come along. I didn’t like what Frieberger did with the series….

61. Buzz Cagney - February 18, 2012

I loved the Eagle space craft on Space 1999. It looked absolutely perfect. Far better than the Trek shuttlecraft I thought.
And in Martin Laundau they had a top quality lead.
#56 and wasn’t Martin considered for the Spock role originally?

62. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 18, 2012


Yes, indeed CP mentioned “junior high”… not “high school”…… ;-) :-)

63. Alien Freak Weasel - February 18, 2012

Ok, after further review, I see that Space:1999 is indeed being re-imagined by the producers of the V remake!!! VERY VERY cool!!!! Next to Prometheus, THIS is something to look forward to!! Hope they don’t screw it up!! :-)

64. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 18, 2012


I doubt he would really have been “allowed” to talk about the lawsuit.

Very well circumnavigated all round.


Yep. I agree. more other sci-fi news would be greatly appreciated. Just like the good ol’ bad days.

65. DeShonn Steinblatt - February 18, 2012

That call did look staged.

66. Tony Todd's Tears - February 18, 2012

@6 he wants to hug the mountain, he wants to make love to the mountain

67. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 18, 2012


My understanding is that we are now supposed to use the feedback button/link when we have questions/comments like these. That’s what I believe I was told. Also, it’ll keep the people here who believe televisions are in ancient Chinese proverbs away… :-/


When I had a different impression about what the purpose and goal of this website was, I had a question/complaint, but since I’ve received clarification on that (which I appreciate), I no longer do.

68. Capt. of the U.S.S. Anduril - February 18, 2012

Wow….it looks like Pine gets a little better fight choreography now. lol Then again, he’s not fighting six Starfleet Cadets or an enraged Vulcan or Romulan.

69. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 18, 2012

#10 – Really? LOL Of course, it doesn’t really change anything, still just a label, a title…

rose – as in rose for remembrance


and it also has the meaning of having great fondness for that very fine *conifer* who goes by the name of Chris Pine (actor playing “my captain” James T Kirk)

Kea and chick – as in young bird/ or someone who is young at heart,_New_Zealand-8b.jpg

Just titles, labels, of course…

70. Buzz Cagney - February 18, 2012

Vults, i found another piece of John Thaw work. I think you will find the subject matter of interest.

71. Vultan - February 18, 2012


Thanks, Buzz. Looks interesting. I’ll check it out.

72. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 18, 2012

It’s nice to know that some people feel the need to explain themselves in such detail…

73. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 18, 2012

#72 – I guess so. What’s it to you, Spock/Uhura Admirer? Nothing. In the same way, that it had nothing to do with you that I was able and chose to find out Chris Pine’s BMI and posts the results here. I don’t need to read that I am a ‘nut’ for doing so and have some poster making mean-spirited fun of my pseudonyms.

74. Jack - February 18, 2012

Wait, so New Zealanders invented the lumberjack shirt (worn by lumberjacks)? I thought it was a famous Russian invention.

75. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 18, 2012

Perhaps you are right, Jack, not about the famous Russian invention though. The first version of the lumberjack shirt is thought to have been seen in France in the 17th century. Later the Welsh developed the style and patterns that are similar to what are seen on these types of shirts today.

In the USA –

“Credit for creating the quintessential flannel shirt belongs to a businessman named Hamilton Carhartt (1855 to 1937). Carhartt believed in product excellence, and strove to manufacture garments to suit the workplace and the lifestyle of his customers. His family-run business continues the tradition Carhartt started in 1889, and stores throughout the nation and online sell Carhartt flannel shirts and other clothing.”

Swanndri bush shirts can have similar patterns but they are waterproof.

76. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 18, 2012

I’m just not obsessive. If other people are obsessive, then that’s their issue.

Mean spirited fun? Oh, kind of like saying f-you to people over misunderstanding their posts, or resorting to silly name-calling when you disagree with them? Stuff like that?

Pot, meet kettle. ;-)

77. Red Dead Ryan - February 18, 2012

Sigh…..serenity now.

78. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 18, 2012

I would like serenity as well, but I’m not the one here picking fights. I was asked a question, and then I answered that question without making an issue of it or going into details. I thought that was decent enough.

Apparently someone else disagrees…

79. Shaun - February 18, 2012


fans are encouraged to go to this site to interact with the production crew as the new series (space: 2099) is being developed:

once the series starts airing, it would be nice if they allowed open script submissions, like the producers of star trek did back in the ’80s and ’90s. hollywood could use a few new writers.

80. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 18, 2012

#78 – I was not the one using part of my pseudonym – ‘nut’ as in pinenut to criticize me for choosing to do someone’s BMI or for posting the genealogy of a surname or making smart-ass comments about a “perky blonde stereotype” image – like these have anything to do with you. At the same time, you are stating that certain actors were not paying their bills, which has not been proved nor disproved at this point, on a thread that had nothing to do with the lawsuit. I did not start this…Of course, everyone would like there to be serenity, but you will continue being rude…oh well.

375. Spock/Uhura Fan – February 15, 2012
“Ah, well, while some people are still talking about or defending other certain actors not paying their bills, I’ll just hang out here for little while…”

Spock/Uhura Fan – “…That, I do admit to, but considering the obsessive bar that has been raised by certain ‘nuts’ here, I may need to consider a name change… Hey, it’s not like I know anyone’s body mass index… To each her own, though…”

385. Keachick – rose pinenut – February 17, 2012
“I did that because I was genuinely concerned about Chris being told to “beef up” for the Kirk role, because some people seem to just want another Shatner lookalike playing Kirk. Not good.

Oh Lord, please read what I actually wrote. I know you didn’t call yourself a ‘nut’, but you do refer to yourself as a ‘fan’. In this context, there is not a lot of difference in meaning between ‘nut’ and ‘fan’. Sheesh, that I need to repeat myself…”

386. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) – February 17, 2012
“While I’m sure a lot of ‘nuts’ out there take the time to work things like body mass indexes and geneology trees out, ah, I think I’ll pass…

And someone needs to work a little harder at living up to that ‘perky blonde’ stereotype they wanted so much… ;-)”


BTW, it is probably a good idea if everyone found out what their approximate BMI was for their health’s sake, and seek advice if it is not quite as it should be – either a bit high or low… It is not hard to do.

Lots of people are interested in family trees, their own and those of others.

81. Vultan - February 18, 2012


Amen to that!
Thanks for the link.

82. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 18, 2012

Once again, if some people want to be obsessive, then so long as it’s not hurting anyone, then that’s their issue.

“Smart-ass comments” about ‘perky blondes’ was simply reminding someone that they are not living up to the stereotype that they fought and argued vigorously for, and wanted to be true, regardless of how far-fetched it was… Which reminds me, I need to go get a pint of haagen dazs and rent and watch The Crow by myself so as to maintain the ‘zoftig anti-social gothic etc. etc.’ that I’m supposed to mirror. :-/

As for the rest of it, please go get another lasso and rope someone else in.

83. Alien Freak Weasel - February 18, 2012

#79 — That’s a great site!! Yes, I hope they allow open script submissions too. I think I have to give that a shot. 1999 is one of my favorite series ever and once the science issues are addressed, I think 2099 has a LOT of potential!

We’ll see, but I like what I’m reading from Jace Hall right now. He has the righ attitude about it and he’s a fan like us.

Looks promising!

84. Captain_Conrad - February 18, 2012

Thanks for the post, Anthony! I needed a good laugh

85. dmduncan - February 18, 2012

Oh wow. There’s a Space 199 reboot? Tried watching the original a few years back and found it was horrible Sci Fi. Good SPFX for the time, though.

Just watched The Cape and Warehouse 13 pilots.

The Cape wasn’t bad, but it was like eating a 30 minute cake after only 15 minutes of baking. That pilot needed a lot more than 44 mins to set up the story it tried to tell. David Lyons was good; that guy could play Jason O’Mara’s brother easy.

Warehouse 13 was pretty good. It was already similar to the Friday the 13th TV show. Having “13” in the title sort of cemented the comparison. But overall an interesting conceptual mashup of Friday the 13th (the TV show), Raiders of the Lost Ark, and In the Line of Fire.

86. dmduncan - February 18, 2012

I think I inadvertently stumbled on a great idea with my typo, Space 199:

Emperor Septimius Severus is obsessed with sending a man into space, and he uses every technology available in the Roman Empire to “git er done.”

With endless gunpowder carried by elephants from China, and an empire of citizen guinea pigs, it’s just a matter of time…

87. Alien Freak Weasel - February 18, 2012

#85 — Yes, there are those like you who like to dump on 1999. It’s still a great series (at least the first season) and its better than most the crap that’s come along since.

It’s not a perfect show but with adjustments I think it will do very well. A space-based series that isn’t trying to be Star Trek or Star Wars is something I welcome.

It’ll be great. :-)

88. Jack2211 - February 18, 2012

87. Are they actually doing the moon plot? I remember more about the Mad magazine version than I do about the actual original show. I’ll have to try to find it…

89. Jack2211 - February 18, 2012

87. Are they actually doing the moon plot? I remember more about the Mad magazine version than I do about the actual original show. I’ll have to try to find it…

90. Jack2211 - February 18, 2012

ps. From wikipedia: “The second (season of 1999) centered more on more simplified “action-oriented” plots (à la Star Trek), with a deliberate aim at the American audience, and there was no further mention of the “mysterious unknown force”.

What? TOS had action!? Man, next somebody will say that Trek had explosions long before Abrams.

91. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 18, 2012

#82 – I don’t need to live up to anything. The only person saying that something is far-fetched is you. No, I fought vigorously for a group of people who may have a similar attitude and/or appearance about them, not to be automatically dismissed and likened to Stepford wives, ie robotic women and given other equally nasty and insulting descriptions, by ignorant people like yourself.

S/U Admirer “because I’m not an obsessive fan or (pine)nut unlike somebody else” still doesn’t get it, does she? Oh dear…

92. Jim Nightshade - February 19, 2012

space 1999 also made by gerry anderson ala thunderbirds puppet show n series ufo which i liked better than space–the trippy musical theme to 1999 was ultra cool—and it starred martin landeu n barbara bain realife hubby n wife..did the have something to do with mission impossible series?
yah i remember after season one when freibrger came in suddenly female alien logical spock like—maya….n show was suddenly trek like–ditto buck rogers season 3 i think ugghh.,
spaces season one when moon thrown outta orbit..neat conceot caused a lotta problems on earth also—

93. Jim Nightshade - February 19, 2012

crushes this will date me hah..any of the sexy babes on trek–uhuras legs yum…yeoman big hair rand—nurse chapel—barbara feldon on get smart–barbara eden i dream of jeanie oh yeh–(getting to meet n say hi to uhura and rand at the 40th trek con in vegas–incredible)–gee annette funi..on mickey mouse club—-sigh

94. Buzz Cagney - February 19, 2012

#34 Wonder Woman or Jamie Sommers for me Vults.

95. Buzz Cagney - February 19, 2012

Or Purdey in The New Avengers. My, but did she ever have it going on.!

96. Jack - February 19, 2012

75. Keachick.

Sorry, that was my attempt at a Chekov, er, joke. Shoulda written “inwention.”

97. Vultan - February 19, 2012


Good choices, Buzz.
Another for me: Cindy Crawford. Been in love with her since this commercial:

And I’ve been a Pepsi man ever since. :D

98. Alien Freak Weasel - February 19, 2012

#87 — At least part will take place on the moon, yes. However, Jace Hall (new producer) is keeping the premise under wraps but saying he wants things to be plausible and as scientifically accurate as possible. I like what he’s saying.

It won’t be exactly the same as what we sawin the 70’s version.

99. Buzz Cagney - February 19, 2012

I see your Cindy Crawford and raise the stakes with….

That has to be about THE most perfect ever movie scene.
Lets see…
A Ferrari (the Magnum one no less) – check
Chevy Chase- check
Great tune- check
Pleny of laughs-check
and one hot as hell Christie Brinkley- oh yes, check, check, check!

100. Buzz Cagney - February 19, 2012

I should add I was about 18 when Lampoons Vacation came out so it wasn’t really a crush that I had on Christie. No, it was full on lust. :))

101. Harry Ballz - February 19, 2012


Interesting choices, Jim!

What was the grand prize at your high school prom? Oh, I know……FIRE!

Let me guess, your social security number is 2!

Latin is your native tongue!

Hey, I’m 56 , so I’m just yanking your chain! :>)

p.s. when I was a kid I had a crush on Hayley Mills! Yikes!

102. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 19, 2012

Oh, I get it. That’s why I’m not going to be roped in again. But if calling me names makes people feel superior or like they do get it, whatever ‘it’ is to them, then okay…

103. Buzz Cagney - February 19, 2012

my god but you must have been in heaven watching The Parent Trap, Harry! Two Hayleys for the price of one!

104. Harry Ballz - February 19, 2012

Buzz, I met Hayley briefly in the late 1970’s when she was in Toronto doing a play. I hate to say it, as she was only in her early 30’s then, but she wasn’t aging gracefully. Ah, well…….another childhood illusion shattered!

105. dmduncan - February 19, 2012

101. Harry Ballz – February 19, 2012


106. Harry Ballz - February 19, 2012


Always a pleasure to make you laugh, dmduncan!


107. Red Dead Ryan - February 19, 2012

It’s become like junior high on this thread!

108. Buzz Cagney - February 19, 2012

yea, but Chris started it, sir!

109. Craiger - February 19, 2012

Harry, what about the Parent Trap remake with Lohan?

110. Vultan - February 19, 2012

I can’t watch the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. Not because it’s a bad movie or anything, but it’s just so sad to see what she was then… and what she has become. Yikes.

111. ME!! - February 19, 2012

Oh! Oh, my gosh! (heart goes thump, thump, thump) It’s Chris Pine calling an old crush!! On tv!! Oh! Goodness! I just don’t know what to do with myself! This is so exciting!! And has so very MUCH to do with the new Star Trek movie! I know it does because I’m at Trekmovie .com!!

I should visit here every day so I make sure I don’t miss a single one of these relevant and Trek related articles!! You never know what you might miss about a movie that’s over a year away!!

112. Death Machine - February 19, 2012

Oh, excuse me….I thought I was at Trekmovie .com…

I didn’t realize I’d taken a wrong turn and ended up at Teen Heart Throb News.

I’ll have to check that address again.

113. Vultan - February 19, 2012


Christie was great, Buzz. And still looking great today, too.

Here’s one from left field: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I’ve always thought she was underrated in the looks department, even when she had the church lady hairdo in the early seasons of Seinfeld.

But nobody can dance like her. Eat your heart out, Christie!

114. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 19, 2012

#102 – You started the name-calling and stereotyping – not me! and commenting rudely on things that have nothing to do with you like my doing someone’s BMI, finding out the derivation of a surname etc. I mean – what do you expect, a medal for bad behaviour?

Oh and btw I don’t need to do anything to be me – a blonde, mostly positive Kirk fan, as opposed to yourself, it seems. Stepford wife, indeed.

115. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 19, 2012

MJ – I explained the reason for Jimmy Kimmel show with Chris Pine having the content it had in a previous post on this thread.

There are clearly two big elephants in the Pine living room – Star Trek and the lawsuit but Chris Pine has been given a gag order on talking about either of them, therefore we get to hear about how nice skeet taste…:) and the crush he had on Kristy Swanson when he was 12 and how Jimmy Kimmel made Chris’s dream of talking to her on the telephone come true… What a guy, that Jimmy Kimmel!

Actually I thought the interview was good, in that it showed that people having crushes and feelings of fondness for someone they see on a screen is not necessarily so strange or bad. The fact that Kristy is 12 years older than Chris is not that unusual, given how old Chris was at the time. Most (early) teen crushes are on people who are at the very least 5 years, usually about 10 years older, than themselves. Kristy was old enough to got through all the puberty stuff, but still young enough to be attractive to a young person. The same applies to guys that most teen girls might get crushes on. To the young male and female (pre)teen, someone in their early 20s would represent their idea of who the “perfect” adult would be, until of course, they see another beauty like Nicole Eggert…:)

Chris Pine is at the right age to have a much wider range of *fans* age-wise. He is still young enough to have someone in their early 20s like him (10 years younger), perhaps even younger and also have someone who could be like 10-15 years older perhaps, as well as people in his own age group. For the vast majority of people who might feel a liking, an attraction for him, he is neither too young nor too old (ie someone in his early 30s).

I know, Jack, when I read your comment re lumberjack shirt, I heard myself think, no, not this time, not another Russian inwention…:)

116. Harry Ballz - February 19, 2012


Craiger, I enjoyed the remake with Lohan.

She was a talented kid actor. Too bad she grew up all dark and twisted.

117. Mud Dog - February 19, 2012

#112 — Yes, this is now! HAHA!!! Well, just be glad you even get THAT since Little Anthony and His Imperial Minions seem to be AWOL again…lol!! This site seems to be on autopilot an awful lot…

118. Mud Dog - February 19, 2012

I’ve noticed Keachick sure likes to fight and argue…a real firecracker…lol! Are all New Zealand chicks like her? Hahaha!!!

119. Khan 2.0 - February 19, 2012

it wouldve been more amusing had it been the REAL Buffy – Sarah Michelle Geller

120. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 19, 2012

@85 dmduncan

some other good shows to check out are Haven and Alphas. If you are interested that is.

@118 Mud Dog

Trust me mate, not all Kiwi chicks are firecrackers – the ones I have been involved with are HOT though!!! LOL
You have to watch out for the feisty ones – they’ll rip yer head off as soon as look at yer! – just kidding…..mainly :)

121. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 19, 2012

OMG. No, Mud Dog, I just don’t like being crapped on…

#120 – I suppose I can get a bit feisty, but I haven’t ripped anyone’s head off. Although, thinking about it, my better half did have some trouble getting his head properly mounted back onto his neck a while back, but I doubt that was my doing.

I take all care but no responsibility…:)

If it is possible that some kiwi chicks may “rip someone’s head off”, then it is also just as possible for some kiwi chicks to have their “heads ripped off” as well…

Funny that I should be having disagreements over what constitutes stereotyping and/or putting down of some females, when it was kiwi women who were the first women in the world to get the vote.

122. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 19, 2012


Good on ya, Mate!


First women to vote, first to develop a national health service, first powered flight (1903), first to step on Antarctica, first to reach top of Everest, first to introduce an 8 hour working day (boo!), first country to have a transgender member of parliament, etc etc….
I could go on, but I wont – and that could be a first too!

123. Mud Dog - February 19, 2012

#120, 121 — I don’t think anyone likes being pooped on. I like NZ though…:-)

124. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 19, 2012


You are right, but I wouldn’t blame New Zealand one person’s issues…

125. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 19, 2012


I actually didn’t, but I guess that’s beside the point. Of course it is… Still not getting roped in… Carry on please.

126. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 19, 2012


That’s nice, and I mean that. I could make a list of American men and womens’ firsts, but there’s no need.

127. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 19, 2012

@123 Mud Dog

I wouldn’t be too sure of that. there are some sicko’s out there!

128. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 19, 2012

That depends on what your definition of being ‘crapped on’ is. People picking fights and throwing fits over misunderstanding posts isn’t ‘crapping,’ it’s just sad. Still, people are free to do what they want, sick as it is or not…

129. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 19, 2012


130. Vultan - February 19, 2012


First powered flight? Not likely.
ONE of the first, sure.

131. dmduncan - February 19, 2012

120. Battle-scarred Sciatica – February 19, 2012

Thanks for the recommedations. When I get a chance I’ll check those out. I like watching pilots, at least.

132. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 19, 2012

Touché Vults.

I was kind of referring to the mechanized kind; i.e airplanes before the Wright Brothers.

Montgolfier had that fantastic balloon though.

Must have been a sight.

133. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 19, 2012


ANOTHER one of the first powered flights!

I don’t doubt there are many other claims of firsts that would be just as valid…or not!


134. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2012

Can I be the FIRST to suggest we move on to something else?

135. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

What would you like to move onto, Ballzy? ;)

A beautiful woman ready to please you in any way imaginable?

Another article would do me…well poor choice of phrasing there…not actually do me you understand…

I miss the TV and movie articles.

More Trek 13 info would be even better!

136. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

That’s 2013.

Should have probably put an apostrophe before the numerical there.

There must be some sort of news out there…

…isn’t there?







..”When Cameron was in Egypts land…”

137. Tanner Waterbury - February 20, 2012

LOL 136…. did you know that kristy Swanson was the Valley Girl who told Mr. Stein’s teacher character that Her best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. She guesses it’s pretty serious.

138. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 20, 2012

Ok. Let’s get this Straight. I am right and everyone who disagrees with me is WRONG!!!!! As soon as everyone get’s that the better.
Now where did I put the Agoniser!!!!!

139. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 20, 2012

#121. Keachick…

Moving the subject … LOL … what do you think? … I can dream with shirtless Kirk … look at the arms …

…………… I hope AP, allow this link … Captain Fine, arriving at Jimmy Kimmel Live ….. ;-) :-)


140. Mud Dog - February 20, 2012 strikes again! LOL!!!

141. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2012


BSS, the Oscars are less than a week away. How about discussing that?

142. Jeyl - February 20, 2012

And with “This Means War” opening on the #5 spot, it’s as good as dead.

143. Vultan - February 20, 2012


Okay. Anybody seen the silent movie “The Artist”?

Looks interesting, but no theaters in my area seem to be showing it. Will probably have to wait for the DVD….

I wonder if it really has a chance to win best picture. Should make for the shortest acceptance speech—a silent “thank you” to the crowd. ;)

144. Vultan - February 20, 2012

And on the subject of silence, I seem to remember Nick Meyer saying he consider making the space shots in TWOK realistically silent, like in 2001: ASO.

Hmm… glad he changed his mind.

145. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 20, 2012


Well, the experts were predicting at the box office for the weekend from 14 to 15 million dollars… they did something like 18 million dollars… it does not seem like death, but as a reality……………. a lot of people liked it, for sure!

;-) :-)

146. AJ - February 20, 2012



The Oscars?


Another year of honoring films I’ve never heard of, except in the FX or Sound Design categories.

Also, this year, they’re predicting a dismal show.

147. Vultan - February 20, 2012

Correction at #144: considered, not consider.

Darn typos!

148. StevenPDX - February 20, 2012

@143: Saw The Artist a few weeks ago. Very well done. Oscar winner? A long shot but it would be well deserved if it won.

On a different topic, they’re shooting the new Star Trek movie and not a peep: no photos, nothing. I know JJ runs a secretive ship but if memory serves, there was more published activity from the 2009 movie. Someone sneak in with a hidden camera! Bribe the caterer! Do something! I’m dyin’ here. Help the faithful, Anthony!!

Definitely looking forward to the next movie.

149. Mud Dog - February 20, 2012

Anthony is not here. At the sound of the tone, please leave your name, number, time that you called, and a short message and he will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you…


Hahaha…seriously, someone should check in on Anthony, the collector dude, Spockboy and the rest. I fear something terrible may have happened. They may have all been banished to the phantom zone!!

150. rogue_alice - February 20, 2012

#74 – You haven’t seen an authentic Lumberjack shirt until you’ve seen it in the original Klingon.

151. Harry Ballz - February 20, 2012


No Oscar talk, AJ?

Okay, hey, how about those Bears?

152. T'Cal - February 20, 2012

His hair is short, almost military short, which is appropriate for Starfleet officers. I just thought it was odd in the first film that they did nothing to make him look younger in the earlier scenes such as having longer hair and then a buzz cut or flattop while he’s in the Academy. I realize that three years isn’t necessarily a long time but Starfleet Academy must have an appearance code for cadets. Just sayin’…

153. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

I haven’t heard a great deal of hype in regard to the Oscars this time around, Harry.

@ 137 – i never knew that was Kristy – but now you have said it I can see it. Classic!

I could quote so many quality lines from that movie but i fear i might get in trouble!

@150 LMFAO!

154. Buzz Cagney - February 20, 2012

#144 i always liked the sound of the E. decelerating as she first pulls alongside the Genesis Space Station.

155. Vultan - February 20, 2012


Me too.

And I especially liked the sound effects used for the Reliant’s targeting system, you know, as it’s locking in on the Enterprise. That whole scene—the editing, acting, effects—is just… excellent.

156. Red Dead Ryan - February 20, 2012

I’ve just recieved a voice message recording from Anthony.

It’s to the tune of the “Greatest American Hero” and similar to George Costanza’s voice machine greeting:

“Believe it or not, Anthony’s not home,
Please leave a message… the beep!
I must be out, or I’d pick up the phone!
Where could I be……………..?
Believe it or not……….Anthony’s not home!”

157. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

154 & 155

not to but into your conversation, but i also like the sound of the beaming onto the transporter pad back to the E from Regula 1.

Not sure in the world of transporter dynamics that Saavik should have been talking during the beam out -but i am not a genuine warp/transporter field theorist!

TWOK is chock full of great sound and visual effects IMO.

158. boborci - February 20, 2012


159. Mud Dog - February 20, 2012


Are you gonna fill in for Anthony while he’s in the phantom zone? :-)

160. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

who’s cute?


ahhhhhh…thanks Roberto!


161. Jack - February 20, 2012

157. That movie had fantastic sound fx. The transporter sounds reallymade it seem like a lot of energy was involved and like the process was actually a pretty big deal.

162. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012


All that with superb story, superb acting and one of James Horner’s earliest masterpieces.

All in all a genuine corker!


163. Vultan - February 20, 2012


Yep, greatness all around. Now just imagine TWOK with long stretches of silence like 2001.

Oh man… nothing against Kubrick, but I’m so happy that didn’t happen. Horner’s music took that movie to whole other level.

164. Vultan - February 20, 2012

Of course, there was great music in 2001, too.

165. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

Damn straight Vultan.

Long stretches of silence just wouldn’t have worked in TWOK – as JH proved with his great score.

You are also right about the great music in 2001 (along with those silences). the silences in 2001 gave the drama that were not necessary to add a score to.

my favourite pieces of music from 2001 would have to be Lux Aeterna, Requiem and Atmospheres all composed by Gyorgi Ligeti. he used choral and dischordant harmonies throughout.
at the end of the movie when Bowman is in the 18th Century room (supposedly being observed by the ET’s) the laughter-like sound representing the ET’s was produced by altering another Ligeti composition – he was reported to have taken successful legal action against the misuse of his music – alledgedly!

all good stuff!

166. dmduncan - February 20, 2012

143. Vultan – February 20, 2012


Okay. Anybody seen the silent movie “The Artist”?


Have NOT seen it but can’t wait to.

I thought The Grey was really good. “Live and die on this day.” Film was a piece of art. I gotta fight the wolf every frakkin day, man.

Watched The Secret of Nikola Tesla on Netflix last night. Awkward old film with Strother Martin as Westinghouse and ORSON WELLES as JP Morgan! And the guy who played Tesla looked like Tesla’s TWIN!!! Unbelievable. Just SO eerie watching Tesla being played by TESLA!

167. Vultan - February 20, 2012


I don’t know the name of the piece, but the “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite” scene is my favorite music in the film. The visuals ain’t too bad either. ;)

You know, as much as I love Trek, it still hasn’t yet come close to taking us “out there” as Kubrick did. Good stuff indeed.


I’ll have to check out The Grey. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things.

Have you seen Chris Nolan’s “The Prestige”? David Bowie—that’s right, David Bowie!—plays Nikola Tesla in it, and I have to say I was really surprised with how good he was in the part. He doesn’t look that much like the real man, but he does a decent job playing up the mystery of him.

168. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 20, 2012

@167 Vultan

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite was Ligeti’s “Atmospheres”.
Bloody marvellous!

As you said, ol’ Kubers really did take us out there – out there was also where a lot of his mind resided!! :) A great movie-maker.

I might just check out Nolans Prestige – sounds intriguing. Ever since The Man Who Fell to Earth, i have really quite liked David Bowie’s acting.

Not too sure about his cod-piece in Labyrinth though! Woooo. The stuff of nightmares!


169. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 20, 2012

Guys, the letter that Chris sent to the Premiere magazine, here:

OMG… ;-) :-)

170. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 20, 2012

#139 – Nice pictures of Chris. I see he was signing a picture from Just My Luck and then having a photo taken of him by another with her phone camera. He looked very relaxed and happy.

Just seen TMW again. There are a lot of scene with both Chris and Tom wearing short sleeved tees (Chris) and tees and singlets (Tom) which meant I have just seen a lot of Chris Pine arm hair…sigh…. Chris and Tom – total estrogen making dudes!

I thought the dark shirt Chris was wearing under *my* bush shirt may have been the same kind that Kirk wore under his Starfleet tunic. The black pants Chris wore also in the interview reminded me of the kind of pants worn by Starfleet males. The first thing I thought of, especially once he said that he had just been on the Star Trek set in full Captain Kirk costume, was that he threw off the yellow tunic and boots, found the first shirt and shoes he could, put them on and turred up to do the show. The only things that probably required a little work was touching up on the studio make and a comb of the hair.

Just speculation of course…

171. dmduncan - February 20, 2012

167: “Have you seen Chris Nolan’s “The Prestige”? David Bowie—that’s right, David Bowie!—plays Nikola Tesla in it, and I have to say I was really surprised with how good he was in the part. He doesn’t look that much like the real man, but he does a decent job playing up the mystery of him.”

Yes, saw that one. Bowie was good. Tesla was amazing. And its amazing that he is not as well known as Einstein or Edison when he’s probably had more of a powerful direct influence on the modern world than both of those two combined. Especially now since Edison’s incandescent lightbulbs are near being outlawed.

172. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 20, 2012

I’m not sure my third paragraph (#170) makes a lot of sense actually…

What’s the weather like right now in Los Angeles along with the average temperatures? The red checked shirt and black pants look to be very warm, but then he is wearing a short sleeved t-shirt…

It is hot and humid (I’m wilting), as well as being a bit cold/damp just after we’d had a downpour (lots of rain in one go), like early this morning. Good for the garden, though.

173. Red Dead Ryan - February 20, 2012

Remember, “2001: A Space Odyssey” is hard sci-fi. So the silent space scenes made more sense than in a “Star Trek” episode or movie where you are witnessing ships disappearing at warp speed, transporters beaming people around at a touch of a button, and artificial gravity not only holding massive ships together, but keeping everybody from becoming spaghetti sauce during faster-than-light travel. “2001”, on the other hand, is a more direct extension of our current technology and knowledge of space.

“The Grey” is a great movie. What made it great was not the wolves, nor the gore, but the great character moments anchored by Liam Neeson’s tremendous performance. The action and suspense served the story nicely.

“The Prestige” is another gem from Christopher Nolan. It is underrated, especially in comparison to his other films.

174. MJ - February 20, 2012

“They Grey” blew me away — best movie I have seen in months.

175. Red Dead Ryan - February 20, 2012

Liam Neeson, ironically, played a grieving widower in “The Grey”. The emotions created by the real life tragedy involving Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson, obviously came through during the movie. I think the film gave Neeson some cathartic healing and allowed him to mourn his wife and yet carry on at the same time.

176. Vultan - February 20, 2012


Yeah, especially since Tesla developed AC (alternating current), powering the computer I’m on right now, the Edison light over my head, the TV in the corner, etc., etc. Thank you, Mr. Tesla!


That’s true about 2001’s hard sci-fi/silent scenes. The point I was making was that Nick Meyer had actually considered, according to the DVD commentary, going that route at one point, though I’m sure the studio would’ve never gone for it in a million years. And right they would’ve been.

177. Vultan - February 20, 2012

When I said there’s a light over my head, I didn’t mean I have an idea.
I have no idea. ;)

178. Vultan - February 20, 2012

Blade Runner is on AMC right now… and it’s the original version with the voice over. Oh boy….

179. dmduncan - February 20, 2012

A fortuitous coincidence. The Grey actually reminds me of Blade Runner in that just as Blade Runner was about something more than an ex cop trying to kill replicants, The Grey was about something more than some guy just trying to survive the weather and the wolves.

That’s the way I saw it. That’s why I think it had the ending that it did.

180. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 20, 2012

169. Dee

Thank you! That compliments this article very nicely.

181. Jack - February 20, 2012

Agree with y’all on The Grey.

182. Jack - February 20, 2012

In unrelated news, I finally watched Dr. Strangelove for the first time this weekend. Man, wish I’d watched it years ago.

183. Basement Blogger - February 20, 2012


President Muffley: Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.

184. Basement Blogger - February 20, 2012

HBO Family has been running Star Trek II and III lately. Trekker programming, do they know something or are they trying to start a Khanversation?

185. Jim Nightshade - February 21, 2012

Ha harry u know i knew yer age buddy….u r 1 of the few who would remember some of them ole ladies i was talkin bout—yah hayley mills accent was sooo cute—remember that darn cat when she was older–i didnt spend much of that movie thinkin bout the cat hahhhh….u do know john mills her dad was the dad in swiss family robinson—-great movie except u didnt really know what country that family was from…accent dad american sounding sons etc haha

186. Jim Nightshade - February 21, 2012

my 2001 soundtrack cd has strange extras on it mostly people shouting or singing opera like 10 seconds at a time–
strangelove is pure dark comedic genius—from peter sellers roles to the coke machine gag to the dear john on the bomb to slim pickens phallicly manly last moments with the bomb….wayyy ahead of its time—one of the first dark comedys i remember in film…

187. - February 21, 2012

You know if they bring Khan back they cannot kill him because if they did then all those who squealed for the return of Khan will be forever squealing because the classic would now not take place.

So much for being free to write new stories, they would be locked into dropping him off on a planet somewhere.

We would all know how the movie ends which would have to result in a drop in attendance even amongst the fans.

188. Basement Blogger - February 21, 2012

@ 187

Star Trek (2009) created a parallel universe or as Uhura said in one quick phrase, “an alternate reality.” Anthony at a Trek con in Las Vegas found out that a lot of Trekkers got the parrallel universe angle wrong. Could have been handled much better; perhaps use the phrase “parallel universe.”

Anyway, the writers are now free to do anything they want. Let Khan live and run an island resort where people’s fantasies come true. Let Spock and Uhura have a baby. Turn Dr. McCoy into male stripper.

The other universe which I will call prime will still exist. So it was clever that the writers preserved 40 years of Star Trek while creating a new, but parallel universe.

189. Buzz Cagney - February 21, 2012

McCoy to become a male stripper? I suppose he won’t have to change his nickname- Dr Bones sounds ideal to me!

190. Butter_Fly - February 21, 2012

#33 I know I would have been! Especially if I was in the audience. But that’s just me!

191. Captain Bugs Nixon - February 21, 2012

Arghh mateys, looks like we’re becalmed in this accursed thread. I reckons we should eat the weakest amongst us…

Unless that scurvy knave Captain Bob Orci chimes in with something fresh to talk about. What say you ? Har harrrgghhh.

192. Jai - February 21, 2012

It’s intriguing to consider what kind of Star Trek movies Christopher Nolan would make if the franchise was in his hands. Probably thought-provoking, unpredictable, sophisticated and complex, based on Nolan’s other work so far. You know it would be seriously epic stuff too.

193. dmduncan - February 21, 2012

Yeah, I love Dr. Strangelove. Hilarious movie.

194. Vultan - February 21, 2012

“You’re gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company.”

195. Tanner Waterbury - February 21, 2012

Uh Oh…. I think our shit has hit a doldrum again….looks like we’re driftin’ on the tide of no news again, till the wind picks up once again. I say we have a record keeper keep tally on how many days we stay adrift, till the wind picks up.

196. dmduncan - February 21, 2012

@195: No, that’s not possible. AP said 2012 was the year for Trekmovie to go up, up, UP!

He said, he did.

197. AJ - February 21, 2012

No news………is Good news.

198. Harry Ballz - February 21, 2012


Tanner Waterbury???

That’s almost as bad as Benedict Cumberbatch!

199. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 21, 2012

Just for Harry Ballz – someone’s description of Reese Witherspoon

“Maybe if there is a shortage of diamonds and someone needs her chin to cut hard materials. Then she would be valuable to diamond cutters.”


200. AzarN - February 22, 2012

Actually quite eerie how much he resembles Shat in some of this.

201. Daoud - February 22, 2012

@195 There’s always
going strong since 2000 or so.

Bonnie’s got news on the lost Spinrad Star Trek script for “He Walked Among Us” from 1967….

202. Phil - February 22, 2012

@172. Overall, it’s been very dry and a lot warmer then usual. Over the last couple of weeks, winter shows up for a couple of days, then back to the low 70’s (F). Yesterday was nice.

203. Harry Ballz - February 22, 2012


Keachick, you ol’ sweet-talker!

Thank you for that!

Whoever said that quote knows their stuff!


204. Chris Doohan - February 22, 2012

It’s probably not easy to get Chris Pine to blush. Nice job, Kimmel.

205. Anthony Thompson - February 22, 2012


Chris, you still haven’t answered my question RE: if you’re going to be in the sequel or not. Or is that classified information like everything else surrounding this film? ; )

206. Anthony Thompson - February 22, 2012

Which reminds me. It kinda sucks that filming has been going on for over a month now and we really haven’t had one solid piece of news (or a set photo).

207. Tanner Waterbury - February 22, 2012


That’s actually my name believe it or not

208. Riker's Dad - February 22, 2012

Has Anthony ever even addressed these long absences? Given some kind of explanation? I’m fine with waiting. Ready the comments here is often just as entertaining as reading a new bit of news. But I’m just wondering if there’s some reason for it. Seems odd.

209. MONGO - February 22, 2012

Mongo wonder where Anthony mans go?

Mongo hope Anthony mans OK. Maybe Anthony mans on set of movie. Maybe boborci mans invite Anthony mans. Maybe Anthony mans has small part in movie! Anthony mans not able talk about. Maybe Anthony mans put in word for Mongo?

210. The Seeker - February 22, 2012

@209 Holy crap, I think you figured it out!

Anthony is obviously playing the role of Khan. :-P

211. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 22, 2012

Chris Doohan – Have you not met Chris Pine on set? After all, you were in one scene at least with him in the last movie – the one where “he” is in the transporter room and is giving instructions to Sulu near Scotty and you. He/Kirk goes onto the transporter pad where he sees Spock and Uhura on the other pad… There is a quick shot of Scotty (Simon Pegg) and you, as Scotty’s assistant, expressing visually (as opposed to verbally) a certain surprise and bemusement at seeing Uhura still with Spock.

Of course, it is only six days (2/23 here) since this last article was posted here, but it feels much longer. I guess we are not going to see any photos of any of the cast on their lunch breaks or whatever… It’s pretty frustrating, especially since there are some pics around of the main cast from This Means War and Welcome to People, taken and published while in the midst of actual filming. A photo or two taken at the time did not appear in TMW, but that did not matter, since it was not that clear whether the pictures were still from an actual scene being shot or simply a photo while the actors waited for the next “Action”.

Come on, Bad Robot – it can be done. It has been done. Nothing important has to be compromised.

212. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 22, 2012

Anthony is responsible for the Pascale syndrome and JJ, Bob and co are having little chats with him. I wonder if Bob has brought that agonizer or a massager with him to the studio…We await news with bated breath.

213. Phil - February 22, 2012

Actually it has been a lot longer since we had anything coming off the set. Weather isn’t an issue, and Mr. Orci did suggest that the bridge shooting is done for this installment – location shooting next?

214. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 22, 2012

Good point, Phil. They are out on location somewhere? Still, they could still send photos, without spoilers…

215. Vultan - February 22, 2012

How about giving us the title?
That is, if there is one yet…

216. AJ - February 22, 2012

With the last film, the first photos came from what a location shoot. They were ‘unauthorized,’ and everyone was walking around in ponchos. I expect this time, it will be the same.

A standard shot of the crew in their regulation Starfleet pajamas on the Bridge would go a long way, and reveal nothing about the film.

217. Harry Ballz - February 22, 2012


Well, Tanner, this obviously means you should be an actor on the British stage!

218. T'Cal - February 22, 2012

Nothing new yet? No rumors? No pictures? Nothing??

219. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 22, 2012

Re: Chris Pine bulking up for Star Trek – Interesting comment from Chris (from an article about TMW)

“I was getting really into yoga,” says Pine, who’s busy these days reprising his role of Captain Kirk with the new Star Trek movie back in production. Playing FDR, “a complete hedonist and lover of life,” Pine “stopped lifting weights and I lost a bunch of weight and I was feeling really healthy.”

“WAS feeling really healthy”? He looks and sounds pretty good in the This Means Wars interviews (Jan/Feb 2012).

It seems that this is as close a glimpse as we will get as to what a Star Trek might look like from the next movie – Chris Pine, with that fair hair and short back and sides (sheesh) on shows like Jimmy Kimmel. Make the most of it. I am.

My desk top is still waiting, Bob Orci!

Bear in mind, there is no real Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise of the 23rd century. Captain Kirk looks like who the actor playing him looks like…

220. Phil - February 22, 2012

Well, it’s high’s in the 70″s low 80″s (F) so its great weather for location shooting. The Dodger Stadium parking lot is available, but the traffic helicopters would have noticed something. Or, there could just be a built in break in the shooting schedule right now. Who knows…..

221. Thomas - February 22, 2012

Has anyone else seen this? A long-lost, unproduced Trek script is now available foe download. You can read about it here:

222. Anthony Thompson - February 22, 2012


Interesting! Apparently Gene Coon trashed a Norman Spinrad script! Spinrad then showed it to Roddenberry and begged him not to film it. Roddenberry agreed.

223. Ken Byrd - February 22, 2012

Enjoyed seeing the clip of “Kirk” and “Shinzon” fighting each other!

224. Buzz Cagney - February 22, 2012

#219 indeed. He just happens to look just like William Shatner. Its spooky. What with that shirt an all. My god but he could be Bill’s son.
Unreal. He looks so like him. I mean REALLY looks like him.

225. Crafty - February 23, 2012

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