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First (Unofficial) Location Shots From Star Trek Sequel – Including Cumberbatch, Quinto & Saldana February 24, 2012

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Today the first (unofficial) on location photos from the set of JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel have emerged. They feature Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana as well as Benedict Cumberbatch. The movie comes out May 2013 so if you can’t wait then see the pictures below, but be warned that they contain SPOILERS.


First Star Trek Sequel Images – Spock, Uhura and the Villain

The following photos come from On Location News (via MTV). They were shot on location in Los Angeles. The first photo features Zachary Quinto as Spock apparently giving Benedict Cumberbatch (who play’s the film’s villain) a Vulcan nerve pinch. The location report notes that the fight continues after the attempt to give the pinch. The two are fighting on top of what is described as a "space barge set." If you look closely you can see that Cumberpatch’s shirt has a starfleet logo on it.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

The second photo features Zoe Saldana and Cumberbatch (on the same location) where she is facing down Cumberbatch with a phaser, so apparently she gets that action scene she was hoping for. 

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zoe Saldana spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

More info and larger images at

UPDATE: See 2nd article for more images.


1. Aurore - February 24, 2012

Ooooooh yes!!!

2. denny cranium - February 24, 2012

awesome to see some sights even if unofficial

3. Aurore - February 24, 2012

Ooooooh yes!!!

4. Jack - February 24, 2012

And, yeah, he has starfleet sideburns in recent paparazzi pics.

5. Nony - February 24, 2012


6. Gracian - February 24, 2012


7. FSJ Music Man - February 24, 2012

Soooooo… bad guy not Khan, then?

8. Steven - February 24, 2012


Give us a ten-second preview like the one before Cloverfield for Star Trek: Something Something. PLEASE. ANYTHING.

9. walshcaitlin - February 24, 2012

I’m thinking someone like Gary Mitchell

10. Starfleet's Finest - February 24, 2012


11. Nony - February 24, 2012

So he has a Starfleet insignia on his shirt, but the rest of his outfit is not very Starfleet-looking, and his hair is longer than regulation. An officer who’s gone rogue? Gone crazy? Joined up with some bad guys and betrayed the Federation?

12. Luke Sutton ("The Doctor") - February 24, 2012

The wait is over.

13. flake - February 24, 2012


14. Hugh Hoyland - February 24, 2012

AWSOMENESS! :) I’m geeked.

15. Gibnerd - February 24, 2012


16. Jack - February 24, 2012

Damn. I need to stay off the Internet. I want to go into this thing knowing as little as possible. That said, his jacket looks sort of scientist-y.

17. Baba Looey - February 24, 2012

Finnegan. Cumberbatch is playing Finnegan.

18. They call me Stasiu - February 24, 2012

Is the first picture a Vulcan nerve pinch in action?

19. Nony - February 24, 2012

“Spock does his best to stop his foe using his famous Vulcan Death Grip, but the move fails; Cumberbatch’s character is able to overpower the grip and regain the upper hand in his struggle against the Star Fleet officer.”

Who can overcome a Spock nerve pinch? Not completely human?

20. Aurore - February 24, 2012

VZX, what do you think?

Khan, or, no Khan?


21. DavidJ - February 24, 2012

Awesome! Clearly looks like Cumberbatch is some kind of renegade Starfleet Captain or officer of some sort.

22. Tanner Waterbury - February 24, 2012

Okay…so it IS the same uniforms… WHY ARE THEY STILL BEING COVERED IN JACKETS? Also…is it just m, or does it look like Spock is wearing Jeans? I know its the standard uniform pants, but the lighting gives them that denim look.

23. Hugh Hoyland - February 24, 2012

Okay, I’m seeing the Star Fleet undershirt like the one Kirk had on in Star Trek 09. I dunno if it would be GM though, his stories been told in the comic. But you never know.

24. Tanner Waterbury - February 24, 2012

WAIT A SEC? Just a thought, but could he be playing Charlie X? Or Gary Mitchell?

25. DarthDogg - February 24, 2012

Well…I see the woman still do not have any rank on thier uniforms. Eh, oh well. woman dont need rank I suppose, just so long as they do what thier told.

26. Nony - February 24, 2012

@24 Charlie X would be really young at this point, so it couldn’t be. He’s, like, fifteen years younger than Kirk or something.

Mitchell, maybe, but they’ve already dealt with Mitchell in one of the comics…

27. sinclair - February 24, 2012

Thought of Gary Mitchell too… ;)) Can’t wait to see the finished film!

28. raddestnerd - February 24, 2012

At first I was pissed that there was no spoiler warning from @TrekMovie twitter. But, now i’m glad to know Cumberbatch is NOT playing an alien. I really disliked Nero. It was so cheecky and cliche.

29. DavidJ - February 24, 2012

Shame they still have those dorky looking black belts though. I was really hoping for something different this time around.

30. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 24, 2012


ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


31. Mr. Zoom - February 24, 2012

This hopefully should dispel the Khan rumors once and for all.

32. Toothless Grishnar Cat - February 24, 2012

Captain Garth, perhaps?

33. Blake Powers - February 24, 2012

This is the fix I needed!

34. Allenburch - February 24, 2012

Looks like we’ll be enjoying some more great action from the gang….Definitely looking forward to more teasers.

35. NCC-73515 - February 24, 2012

FSNP – now with only 2 fingers!

36. Captain Rickover - February 24, 2012

that barge set is looking very familiar, isn’t it? Hey, it’s the space drill again!

Or perhaps not…

Cumberbatch could be Gary Mitchell or another starfleet officer on the rogue.

37. AJ - February 24, 2012


38. NCC-73515 - February 24, 2012

…make that 3 fingers, so 2 fingers less…

39. Harry Ballz - February 24, 2012

I would think it’s leaning toward Cumberbatch playing a renegade Captain Garth.

40. Lords Of Kobol Book - February 24, 2012

#29 —

Like these leather belts?×01-2-hd/themantraphd342.jpg

41. saavik001 - February 24, 2012


42. Harry Ballz - February 24, 2012

wow, 33+37 posted while I was typing the same observation! Cool!

43. Wastedbeerz - February 24, 2012

@17 Dude… it’s totally Finnegan.

44. Aurore - February 24, 2012

Is Spock showing off his “nerve pinching” skills (in the first picture), Mr Orci?

Looks like it to me!

45. Red Dead Ryan - February 24, 2012

A superstrong human villain? A space barge crash landed on a planet?

Then its got to be………………………………………..


46. Harry Ballz - February 24, 2012

Thank God they’re not hiding Cumberbatch’s brilliantly expressive face under a pile of rubber and makeup. That would be a waste of a great actor.

47. Ciaran - February 24, 2012

Who cares if the pics are official or not?? A pic from the set is a pic from the set! End of! LOL!

And give me a second………………………

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


48. rm10019 - February 24, 2012


49. Wastedbeerz - February 24, 2012

I just had another thought… maybe he’s playing a Soong? They don’t all have to be played by Brent Spiner, y’know…

50. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

My money’s on Gary Mitchell. He’s already “evolved” so he can get away from the nerve grip. In the JJverse maybe Gary was a childhood friend of Kirk? Garth would be older. Capt. Tracey could have been younger, but I can’t see with the Red Dawn China-North Korea fiasco any studio tackling the “Comms.” The Politburo would have a field day.

51. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

Nah, I take back the Gary Mitchell. IF and it’s a BIG IF Cumber is playing the role that was originally DelToro’s then it’s not Gary. Leaning a lot more towards some weird version of Tracey. But… the question is… how would you possible handle The Omega Glory with 21st century sensitivities?

52. Nathan - February 24, 2012

Hmmmm…this stinks of Gary Mitchell/Garth/other transformed human type. It’s an interesting and potentially very promising path to take, and I’ll be interested to what they do with it.

Of course, this could also mean some kind of Eugenics-related plotline, with Cumberbatch either playing a revived non-Khan leftover of the Eugenics wars, or a 23rd century superhuman. Also an interesting path to take.

Godspeed, Star Trek!

53. Tanner Waterbury - February 24, 2012

DAMN MTV! They Have some stupid right click disable script where you can’t save the pictures…

54. Paul - February 24, 2012

See this is what happens when you do not give out official pics everyone wants to get the unofficial one!!

The production team should have taken notes from Spielberg on Indy4 where Spielberg took the actual first picture of Indy very early on then the interest dies down now they have leaked low quality pics out there with probably more to come in the following days!

55. Tom - February 24, 2012

They’re standing in front of a Botany Bay bulkhead!!!!

56. rm10019 - February 24, 2012

Ben Finney?

57. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#52: I’m of the opinion that Cumby has nothing to do with Khan. Starfleet issue uniform, etc.

#53: Print screen then paste to Photoshop or similar.

58. enrique araste sanchez - February 24, 2012

hello I am from spain!

I am going carzy waiting for new star trek film to be release!

has it been mention who will be playing darth vaders? I like it when he say to luck skwalker I FIND YOU DISTURBING!

good wish to all peoples

59. Ncc1701z - February 24, 2012

Wow guess there are a few newly unemployed security guards in LA right now

60. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#58 You’re pulling our legs, right? :P

#59 Knowing how JJ usually responds to leaks I’d agree!

61. SoB - February 24, 2012

oh god. Finally some set pictures! Especially the first one looks amazing!

If Cumberbatch is someone “we know” I’d think of Garth as well. A Whom Gods Destroy-esque story would be cool.

62. Amanda - February 24, 2012

53. Google it – the photos are everywhere now.

63. Mr Phil - February 24, 2012

Ah, the first signs of Spring after a long, hard winter.
Really need a teaser trailer soon, kept us going for 16 months last time round.

64. drumvan - February 24, 2012

yes! made my weekend :)

65. Red Dead Ryan - February 24, 2012


Well, Khan did wear a Starfleet uniform (red) briefly in “Space Seed”. Whether he found it in his quarters or stole it is another question.

So yes, it could be Khan.

Also the barge has the same rusty appearance that the Botany Bay had in “The Wrath Of Khan”.

66. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#56 Finney is not as farfetched as I would have first thought. Kirk’s ascension in the JJverse is even more rapid and stellar than in the Canonverse, so it could be possible.

67. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#65 Yup, you have a point. However, I’m wondering how Khan would play without any “ethnicization.” After all most guys named Khan don’t look like Caucasian British prep school grads. I will admit that the set is quite BBlike.

68. Red Dead Ryan - February 24, 2012

#58 is the troll formerly known as Pierre. Just ignore him.

Also, I was right about at least one thing in these pictures. The props. They brought them back, just as I predicted. I hated those. They look cheap. Oh well!

69. SoB - February 24, 2012

aaaand “Star Trek 2″ is the worldwide trending topic on twitter. Oh yeah!

70. Red Dead Ryan - February 24, 2012


Well, if you remember J.J Abrams’ own “Lost”, he cast a British actor of East Indian descent (Naveen Andrews) to play an Iraqi. Despite the fact that Andrews looked NOTHING like an Arab.

71. rm10019 - February 24, 2012

Hard to believe we will have to wait over a year more to see this. Less until we get to play the new PS3 game, but I can’t wait!

72. Mrs Me - February 24, 2012

HA ha this is fab. cant wait to see more. Its got me guessing!!!

73. James T. West - February 24, 2012

Gary Mitchell!

74. crazydaystrom - February 24, 2012

Nimoy’s Spock always had a quiet intensity and any indications of emotion were (usually) subtle. QuintoSpock’s calm and logical exterior seems sometimes to barely hide a seething rage. I know it’s just one shot but there seems to be evidence here of more of that, unfortunately IMO.

Of course if I’d lived through what he has I probably would seethe too.

But every second that passes brings us one second closer to MY next big want and desire re this film. One day we’re going to know what this movie’s going to called, my friends.

…one day…

75. Craiger - February 24, 2012

Zoe looks hot pointing that phaser.

76. rm10019 - February 24, 2012

Considering little time has passed since the first nuTrek film, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or Kreskin to predict the phasers and communicators would be the same. Its called common sense.

Glad to see the continuity, I preferred the Kelvin gear but these do nicely.

Great to see Uhura get her action moment.

77. NuFan - February 24, 2012

Sure is windy on Khan’s Space Barge.

78. @JGLJR89 - February 24, 2012

As stated at least once above, Mitchell has already had an arc in the in-continuity comics from IDW, oversaw by Orci/Kurtzman.

I’m guessing this is a completely new character. Certainly doesn’t look like Khan, for which I’m grateful.

2013 can’t get here soon enough.

79. Bugs Nixon - February 24, 2012

He hasnt got pointed eyebrows ending my speculation he was playing Sybok…

80. CmdrR - February 24, 2012

Just 15 months to go…


81. captain_neill - February 24, 2012

He will NOT be Khan.

These pics look cool, and I hope he will be a better villain than Nero.

82. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch’s character – Futuristic lab coat (looks long enough) or return to Cage-era field jackets?

83. Craiger - February 24, 2012

It looks like remake of Space Seed? Maybe that is the Botany Bay they are on?

84. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

Might tie in with the colour of collar, Pegg was wearing in on-set 2000AD greeting.

85. rm10019 - February 24, 2012

What if Khan isn’t one of the supermen who survives suspended animation in this Universe, and this is another 20th Century superman? Would explain why the neckpinch doesn’t put him down…

86. Adolescent Nightmare - February 24, 2012

Of course the Vulcan pinch is no match for genetic engineering. It will be up to Uhura to stop him.

87. Jared Nelson - February 24, 2012

Sybok! Simon Pegg just tweeted on Wednesday that he just watching Star Trek V. If only we could see if his ears are pointed.

88. Craiger - February 24, 2012

We are not sure if the neck pinch worked? Cumberbatch could be in the process of going down after the pinch.

89. hatejja$$hole - February 24, 2012

The movie will suck just like the first one

90. NuFan - February 24, 2012

Of course Star Trek 2 is the trending topic! There is nothing else worth reading about today!

91. Battle-scarred Sciatica - February 24, 2012

very cool to see there is really a film being made.

i love cumberbatch’s operatic expression.

is this going to be a musical?

92. enrique araste sanchez - February 24, 2012

sorry my english is a bit carzy!

please remember as child I see first star trek film, 1979, uss enterprise goes in to a big cloud and captain kiel says to woman with no hairs “hold hard, I will always hold to you” and he saves planet earth

sorry my English is not very grand, first star trek film is my fantasy star trek film

Greeting from malaga in spain!

93. enrique araste sanchez - February 24, 2012

sorry my english is a bit carzy!

please remember as child I see first star trek film, 1979, uss enterprise goes in to a big cloud and captain kiel says to woman with no hairs “hold hard, I will always hold to you” and he saves planet earth

sorry my English is not very grand, first star trek film is my fantasy star trek film

Greeting from malaga in spain!

94. Nony - February 24, 2012

No way he’s Khan. Benedict Cumberbatch is basically the whitest guy ever and he bears no resemblance to the original at all. I mean, look at that hair. Khan wouldn’t stand for that.

I hope he’s an original character.

95. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 24, 2012

Yes, that’s more like it. Cumberbatch could be playing Starfleet scientist gone rogue.

96. THX-1138 - February 24, 2012

Great to see some pics! Sad to see the the communicator and phaser design is the same.

And seriously, what is with the Angry Spock bit?

97. The Professor - February 24, 2012

I am certainly hopeful this bad guy is a new character.
But it does look exciting.

98. Craiger - February 24, 2012

THX in the first movie Spock still didn’t know if he would do the Kohlinar and purge all emotions. Maybe he is still deciding or decided not to do the Kohlinar?

99. Won Ton Photon - February 24, 2012

Remember everyone that the writers said a while back that we would see a specific character recognized from the first season of the original series in 1966, So I would narrow it down to the villians that season. I can’t tell if Cumberbatch has pointed ears in that bottom pic.Can anyone verify? Also in the top pic, it does look to be bulkhead doors of a cargo vessel that have been wedged open crooked.

100. Iva - February 24, 2012

Why does Spock keep making Voldemort rage faces?

Don’t you people know that doesn’t happen during PF let alone in daily life?
The only cases being those episodes when his mind was chemically altered.

I see Nuhura still doesn’t deserve a rank. Finally we agree on something.

101. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch is bulked up for sure his Hulkster pythons look to be busting out of his coat

If he isn’t Khan he needs to be Lord Garth

102. TyrannicalFascist - February 24, 2012

Thank God he’s not Khan. We’ll have none of that now.

103. Nick Cook - February 24, 2012

I don’t see any pointed ears in the second photo (for those who are speculating about Sybok), but he does appear to have the Starfleet pointed sideburns.

104. lodownX - February 24, 2012

Garth of Izar…. another Starfleet Captain gone rogue/insane and wants to commit genocide.

Gary Mitchell-smitchel.

105. Adolescent Nightmare - February 24, 2012


Of course it will suck. And be just as huge and profitable as the first one!

106. LJ - February 24, 2012

If they’re filming ‘on location’ then is it a crashed ‘space barge’? I don’t see Cumberbatch as Khan, but I would be very happy to see him as Lord Garth of Izar: this is the antagonist I really want to see again. I want to know more of his backstory and character.

That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Khan again either. One episode and one movie, amongst hundreds of hours, is hardly overkill for an antagonist. (I am loathe to use the word ‘villain’ for Khan as his motivations, certainly in TWOK, were a result of perceived neglect and personal harm, rather than a Darth Vader-like ‘Conquer the Galaxy’ motif IMO).

107. Garth of Compton - February 24, 2012

Its not Grary Mitchell (Read the current Star Trek Comics series from IDW which ties into the film) I am thinking that its possible that its Garth of Izar but I am not completely sold on that either. Did anybody every consider the possibility that this is a new character? Neros Incursion created an “alternate reality” that had consequences which altered events in that universe. (Side Question: @BobORCI Will the film address the fallout from Neros Incursion or will the IDW comic deal with a lot of that?) The incursion cretes new possibilities. It changed the technology and it also changed the balance of power in that universe. In the Prime Universe the Vulcans were major power brokers in the Federation. In this alternate reality they are all but extinct. I appreciate the pictures but I dont want the movie spoiled. I stayed away from the Internet when the 09 film came out and I will do the same when this one comes out. I intend to be on the front row when it hits the theatres.

108. NuFan - February 24, 2012

Of course you are right!

109. THX-1138 - February 24, 2012

Craiger, in TOS once Nimoy got comfortable with what and how to portray a Vulcan, rarely did you see any anger on his face, even during a fight. Unless of course he was under the influence of some virus or other mind-altering control. And all of that was pre-Kholinar.

I find nu-Spock to be a little bi-polar:

“No problem here, I am a Vulcan. Logical, in control of my emotions, the whole bit.”

“Question my authority on the bridge? Why, I’ll strangle-ize ya’ !”

“Listen Uhura, I don’t have time for this emotional kissy stuff in the turbo lift. I know my home planet and mom got blown to smithereens but what do you want me to do? Go crying through the halls of the Enterprise? I’m a Vulcan for Pete’s sake.”

“Make fun of my 2 or 3 fingered Nu Trek Vulcan neck pinch, Cumberbatch? I’ll show you, you portrayer of Finnegan, Finney, Mitchell, or perhaps Khan! Rowr!”

110. somethoughts - February 24, 2012

Very nice, mudd

111. Paweł Ausir Dembowski - February 24, 2012

Black Starfleet uniform? Looks like Section 31 to me!

112. Adolescent Nightmare - February 24, 2012


Stop it.

113. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#70 Again, I agree but I’m still wondering if JJ wouldn’t have made him even a bit more sub-continental. Strange thought I’m just throwing out there… Anyone for Commodore Matt Decker? Can you imagine the doomsday machine done with today’s CGI?

114. NuFan - February 24, 2012


Who is Captain Garth on TOS? Did he drive a rusty Space Barge?

115. trekprincess - February 24, 2012

These are amazing :):)

116. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 24, 2012

#101. I almost bet he will be playing Captian Garth.

117. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 24, 2012

The black Uniform could be section 31. Or could be a different uniform worn by Captian Garth on a different Starship.

118. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 24, 2012

Who says that “Cumberbatch” is wearing a Starfleet uniform? I don’t see any logo or anything, unlike what is shown on Lt Uhura’s uniform. It is also entirely possible that he may be playing a civilian (not a member of Starfleet) but who is doing things that have a negative impact on Starfleet, Federation planets etc.

Curiously enough, the grey/black t-shirt *”Cumberbatch” is wearing is the same one Chris Pine is seen wearing off set in the pictures taken of him at the studios where they film the Jimmy Kimmel show. It’s just a tee, and/or undergarment…

* I put italics around the Cumberbatch name because I don’t know the name of the character he is playing.

119. Nony - February 24, 2012


You can see the faint, dark Starfleet insignia on his chest. It’s the same kind of undershirt Kirk wore for most of XI.

120. Adm. Marius - February 24, 2012

Ugh! They still have those stupid looking phasers. Ah well, the rest looks pretty cool.

121. Jay - February 24, 2012

#118 You can see the Starfleet logo imprinted on his shirt. Looks like the same black shirt Pine wore in the first movie onboard the Enterprise.

It’s not really necessary to explain why you put quotes around his name. No one really cares.

122. somethoughts - February 24, 2012

You know the crew is in trouble when the science officer and comms officer is engaged in hand to hand combat and wielding a phaser.

Kirk must be makin love with alice on the enterprise or dead.

123. THX-1138 - February 24, 2012

If I ‘aint mistaken (and I ‘aint), Cumberbatch is wearing a cadet’s black
Starfleet issue undershirt, which includes insignia. As Nony has mentioned as well.

Scrunch up your eyes and get real close to the screen, Keachick.

124. somethoughts - February 24, 2012

Love spray painted styrofoam :)

125. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

Filming mostly happens out of sequence. The top image probably occurs AFTER the bottom one has played out. Maybe some decompression going on. That’s why the characters are being blown around. Hard for even a Vulcan to remain impassive, while his surrounding are falling apart.

126. Steve-o - February 24, 2012

Bob Orci-

i feel like someone was listening to us. i just saw more of the props in these two pics then we ever got to look at in the first movie. for years the only thing i have been vocal about is if someones got a gadget in their hand stay on that shot for like an extra second so the dorks like myself can drool over the trek-tech

127. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 24, 2012

Lord Garth you bunch of misfits!

128. frodo - February 24, 2012


129. Vultan - February 24, 2012

Boy, these guys are really into the industrial look, aren’t they? In the first one they had the Enterprise under construction like some Iowa theme park, an evil space drilling rig, the infamous “Budgineering,” etc., etc.

Now we have the space barge!

Well, if it doesn’t have a space garbage scow, a space tugboat, and the space United Auto Workers on Space Station Detroit, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Eh, maybe save that last one for the third movie.

130. Planet Pandro - February 24, 2012

He still could be Khan, I don’t know if anyone thought of it, but in an alternate timeline, Khan could have woken up years BEFORE he was supposed to be and by someone else. Since that point, perhaps he has been quietly plotting to take over the quadrant, universe, whatever and is finally implementing them. Maybe he was marooned by someone else earlier, accounting for a downsize in superior muscle mass, etc. and now he’s back to collect something off of the derelict Botany Bay.
Very similar to the Nero story though, so I don’t know. Just a thought.

That said, either a new character or Captain Garth would be my personal preference, not necessarily in that order.

131. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

Full-on bearded Lazarus? Or whispy Chinese bearded Lazarus?

Locked at each other’s throats, for all eternity, unable to stop arguing which one of them is actually canon…

132. Planet Pandro - February 24, 2012

#128, Good thought. What if the JJ/Orci/Kurtzman et al-verse is the “other Lazarus’s” universe, and we’re seeing the “other side of the coin” of the alternative factor?

Sorta similar to Back to the Future 2, where you saw events that happened already but from a different perspective.

133. Ctrl-Opt-Del - February 24, 2012

The “black uniform” is just the standard under-shirt that Kirk wore for most of the previous movie, isn’t it?

134. MartianRogue - February 24, 2012

i just wish they would issue a press release. part of the problem with keeping completely silent is that people will end up focusing on singluar elements rather than the film itself. and as things go those singular elements end up overshadowing everything else. we can all think of examples of this im sure. moments when a fanbase or a general audience becomes obsessed with something for no reason. and the film itself suffers because of it.

135. MartianRogue - February 24, 2012

@132 PlanetPandro; that would be intriguing.

136. Steve-o - February 24, 2012

134… thats sort of a stretch. the only time i can remember this impact was with Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. i think i recall robert deniro’s franken makeup letting people down or something along those lines because there had been so much hype and it was very secretive.

137. Adolescent Nightmare - February 24, 2012

I wonder if boborci secretly leaked these.

138. Anthony Pascale - February 24, 2012

Remember everyone that the writers said a while back that we would see a specific character recognized from the first season of the original series in 1966

Um…no they didn’t

139. MartianRogue - February 24, 2012

@136 Steve-O; or the look of the creature in SONY’s Godzilla.

140. Peter Loader - February 24, 2012

Ask yourselves why its McCoy and Uhura fighting with him and not Kirk and Spock…

141. MartianRogue - February 24, 2012

i was just thinking of something; you know what would be a nice change for these new Star Trek movies? if Uhura was allowed to show her rank on her uniform like everyone else.

142. Montreal_Paul - February 24, 2012

140. Peter Loader


143. Jesse - February 24, 2012


144. Sunfell - February 24, 2012

I love that Quinto’s hair isn’t laquered within an inch of its luscious life.

And I’m glad that we’re seeing Uhura being kick-ass. My wish has come true!

145. drumvan - February 24, 2012


mccoy, spock. those blue shirts all look the same :)

146. LJ - February 24, 2012

I still reckon Lord Garth. They’ve employed loads of British actors – they’re making the title ‘Lord’ his real appellation, rather than a title he arrogantly gives himself in his madness. When he’s not trying to conquer the galaxy, he sits in Parliament debating such great issues as the maximum alcohol content of beer, and whether or not the seating would look better in purple instead of red. (This is a joke guys, no political commentary intended here).

147. Peter Loader - February 24, 2012

142. Yeah, just realised my mistake! Gotta get my eyes checked!

and Spock and Uhura are trying to subdue him only.

148. Poliander - February 24, 2012

The German word for “barge” is “Kahn”. :D

149. AJ - February 24, 2012



That quote must be in reference to this from two years ago:

Someone leaked that there would be a first-season character in the film.

150. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 24, 2012

75. Craiger

Most women looks hot with a Phaser in her hand.

151. Jay - February 24, 2012

Having a TOS character in this flim is a far cry from that character being the villain.

I’m amazed how even thought it seem pretty clear this isn’t Khan, how so many still want to insist it is. And eventhough he clearly isn’t vulcan, others want to insist its Sybok. lol

The character he is playing is new. I would bet money on it.

152. captain_neill - February 24, 2012


And what also change his ethinicity as well?

153. Jason P Hunt - - February 24, 2012

Is it possible that the black uniform shirt is worn by Starfleet officers who don’t have an assignment?

NuKirk wasn’t assigned to the Enterprise. If this is Garth, we could be seeing him after he had his command taken away, thus he would be in the black “no assignment” shirt.

Random thought on my part.

154. Blue Jay - February 24, 2012

I bet he is Sybock (spelling?). At least I see a resemblance to this Spock’s incarnation, dark hair and such…..

155. - February 24, 2012

Now all we need is a title and a trailer.

156. Steve Moss - February 24, 2012

Here’s a crazy thought… perhaps they’re taking a spin at “The Enemy Within”, but instead of 2 Kirks… …2 Spocks? Would definitely give Uhura a reason to face off against him…

157. Jay - February 24, 2012

The fact that they are filming outside (you can tell by the natural lighting in the Uhura shot) tells me this scene will be outside. Much like they did with the platform scene in 2009 Trek. So this “barge” or whatever must have crashed, or maybe it’s not a barge and instead some land based building.

Also, there is no way of knowing from this whether Kirk or others like McCoy are on the planet with them, or on the ship. They simply are not in this shot, but doesn’t mean they aren’t coming, or aren’t close by.

Nothing can be figured out really from these pics, other than the obvious uniform and props are the same.

158. Sam - February 24, 2012

He better not have baulked up too much – he’s got to get back into the Spencer Hart suits – and the Beeb cannot afford anymore! Cumberbatch says they are too tight already!

Looks like the film is going to be amazing! Wonder if Pine was giving us a clue saying that we are all going to love the villian – villian turned hero perhaps?

159. Iva - February 24, 2012

154. Blue Jay – February 24, 2012
I bet he is Sybock (spelling?). At least I see a resemblance to this Spock’s incarnation, dark hair and such….

He is dark because that is the stereotype villain look.
At least this time they didn’t go for “bad bad goth guy with scars and tattoos”.
Sloppy writing.

160. Jay - February 24, 2012

ugh…. this movie won’t be a remake of any TOS episode. Why do people want that?

JJ/Bob and all, would not have gone through all the trouble of creating a new timeline for the express purpose of telling NEW stories, and then in the very next movie re-tell a TOS episode. Makes no sense at all. And it would be a huge dispointment if they proved to be that unimaginative.

This movie will not be based on a TOS episode. The main villain will not be a villain from TOS shows.

Sure, they may mention some event from a TOS episode. Or there may be a character from TOS in a cameo type role. But that would be a nod to Trekkies and that’s all. General audiences wouldn’t notice something like that.

This movie and the story and the villain will be original.

161. crazydaystrom - February 24, 2012

@141 MartinRogue –

You know what would be even better?
Uhura, Rand, Chapel and Number One ALL showing their ranks! ;-)

162. Killamarshtrek - February 24, 2012

Didn’t I say earlier he’s NOT a Vulcan! The clues were there, you don’t have to be Sherlock to work it out!

163. Buzz Cagney - February 24, 2012

I take it nuKirk is laying face down in the sand somewhere having already had his arse kicked.

164. T'Cal - February 24, 2012

That leather coat he’s wearing lloks like the one Sulu wore in TSFS.

I like the idea of Section 31. If he is in fact a SF officer gone rogue, I hope he’s written as one that truly believes he’s doing the right thing for the right reasons. He’s wrong but he believes he’s right and that the end justifies the means.

I met Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek of BSG) at Comic Con a couple of years ago and he told me how he played that role not as a terrorist as some of the characters saw him but instead as the revolutionary that his followers saw him as. He “knew” he was right and they were wrong. He didn’t pIay him as a crazed megalomaniac even though he was one. I found that very interesting.

165. rogue_alice - February 24, 2012

160/Jay: I totally agree but the converse is that general audience probably don’t know the TOS villians at all. Except for Khan, who was “new” to general audiences too.

166. Buzz Cagney - February 24, 2012

would love to know who got the pix out??

167. La Reyne d'Epee - February 24, 2012

Yay! Sherlock In Space! Spock is obviously annoyed by the constant violin playing.

Frankly no idea who the character is meant to be, hoping it’s a new one to enrich the mythology…

168. Jay - February 24, 2012

#165 Yes, so there is no point in rehashing a TOS story for these writers. The reason they got involved in this in the first place was that they wanted to write their own stories about Star Trek, and to do that they needed to create a new timeline. That’s what they did in 2009 and therefore it would be completely pointless from their perspective to re-do a TOS story.

169. sean - February 24, 2012

Surely the production team let these out since they’re obviously taken on set? If they didn’t, someone is losing their job fairly soon.

170. Bob Tompkins - February 24, 2012

9. walshcaitlin – February 24, 2012
The IDC comic has already dispatched Gary Mitchell, although Bob Orci has stated that these comic stories contain hints about the new movie. I am wondering if the biggest hints of all are that they are retellings of original stories in the new universe… that sounds like a pretty weak idea in most instances. The Doomsday Machine and Space Seed would be a couple that would fare well in this arena. Some are completely off the table due to the destruction of Vulcan and the new politics regarding the Romulans. The best episode of all City on the Edge of Forever wouldn’t lend itself at all to Abrams\Orci’s method of shorthand storytelling for the current generation.
As long as it isn’t a reimagining of Spock’s Brain or The Way to Eden or several other weak stories…

171. none - February 24, 2012

ewwww….zoe has that awful pony tail hair style again

172. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 24, 2012

Lord Garth or epic fail

173. TrekTech - February 24, 2012

well…a collective ‘dammit’ just went out over the prop collecting boards because it seems that at least one prominent complaint wasnt listened to which was the crappy prop design. The same crappy designs that, as toys, languished on clearance racks and will do so again. Was really hoping for something Id want o spend money on or build this time. Much of my joy of Trek through the years has been collecting and/or building the tech side of Trek but the first movie left me cold. Didnt like the ship or the props. Had hopes for this but after 4 years of waiting more of the same repurposed Galaxy Quest toys I guess.

174. Jonboc - February 24, 2012

Starleet regulation sideburns and a starleet undershirt… that should end the Khan speculation. But what star fleet rotten egg is he going to play? I hope it’s Gary Mitchell, but I’m sure it will kick ass regardless. great pics, can’t wait!

175. Jay - February 24, 2012

#170 I think they are using the comics as an avenue to retell TOS stories in the new universe. Precisely because they are not going to do that in the movie. So, for those that want to see old TOS episodes in the new universe, they have the comics to go and get that. And they get more than just one TOS story in the new universe.

They are doing that so that they can free themselves from having to do that in the movie.

176. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#170, yeah, starting to lean towards The Doomsday Machine. Cumby as Decker… now that would be one helluva performance! And it also makes sense that it could have previously gone to Benicio!

177. Iva - February 24, 2012

@ 170. Bob Tompkins – February 24, 2012

Spock’s Brain was useful for confirming that Spock’s body (his brain) is engineered to be a full Vulcan one with minimal human interference (which was confirmed in other episodes too) and as such has all of the benefits/failings of Vulcan specific brain chemistry/physiology as well as consequential Vulcan specific behaviour.

Something people love to forget when talking about h.

178. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch is obviously playing some sort of Starfleet super-bureaucrat. He’s not wearing a uniform, he’s wearing a suit.

New character. I say he’s a new character.

More importantly, can anyone guess who he’s NOT PLAYING?

179. portho's bitch - February 24, 2012

I just saw these over at aicn and thought “I bet trek movie is going nuts”…yep….okay Im stoked…

180. Orb of the Emissary - February 24, 2012

My excitement level for the movie just shot up through the roof!! :-D

181. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 24, 2012

#140 It is actually SPOCK, not McCoy, and Uhura fighting with him.

Yes, I think I can make out the logo – just. If he is playing a Starfleet member gone bad, then it is possible that he ripped the logo off, but still the *imprint* of it remains. Ah, the speculation begins….

You do realise that the two scenes we see here on this thread may not make it to the final cut. They could end on the editor’s cutting room floor. That could be the same with anything else we might get to see from the set, but no matter…bring it on anyway!

Now for some pics of “my captain” on set, maybe in a scene with Ben or Peter Weller or Noel Clarke or Alice Eve…or even Karl Urban, the captain’s best mate, Bones. No need for spoilers, just one or two nice stills from a scene, or not…

Phil here has said that the weather, although winter in Los Angeles now, is good for outdoor, on-location filming, as in I assume it is fairly dry. I get an impression that we in Auckland have more rain in one of our summers than you guys get in one of your winters…LOL It’s certainly been the case this year.

182. N - February 24, 2012

That has got to be the least intimidating I-will-shoot-you shot ever :P

Spock is Sylar again :) you can never have too much Sylar, but that shot makes the other guy look too over-the-top. Hopefully that’s only like a couple second shot and not a dragged out aaahhhhh

Also, whose idea was it to make the thumbnail Zachary Quinto’s ass? :P

183. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 24, 2012

There are more pictures here:

184. VZX - February 24, 2012

Hey Aurore: Oui, il est Khan.

The only thing that throws me off is his skin color. But there might be a way around that.

His ears are round. Look closely at the ears in the pic with Uhura: definitely round. So, he can’t be Sybok.

About the Starfleet uniform: Khan did wear one in Space Seed for a short time.

I’m bummed that he’s not a Klingon, though. I was so hoping for those trenchcoat and helmet wearing gentlemen from the last movie.

185. Jay - February 24, 2012

He’s not Khan.

186. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 24, 2012

Why am I thinking this is to confuse us … and not to enlighten us………???

;-) :-)

187. MartianRogue - February 24, 2012

@161. crazydaystrom; now your talking, unless that was an inuendo

188. Bob Tompkins - February 24, 2012

Black Starfleet Uni? Section 31?

189. N - February 24, 2012

188 It’s the same as the cadet undershirt thing from XI so I doubt it. I doubt the writers would even know what Section 31 is :P

190. VZX - February 24, 2012

183: Thanks Dee. So, all those pics confirm the roundness of Cumberbatch’s ears. The same with the stunt doubles.

BTW: My fire is getting so stoked for this film! Spock looks great! Classic uni, communicator, neck pinch! It’s freakin Spock in action! Hells yeah!

191. LtPiper - February 24, 2012

183 Thanks!! First shot has Pine behind in the same black shirt.

192. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 24, 2012

I still say it could be Capt Garth. Who became Lord Garth.

193. VZX - February 24, 2012

It does look like he is a new character. The only reason why I think he’s not is that we were never told that. I mean, if they were all new characters (minus the bridge crew) why wouldn’t JJ simply state that? It doesn’t give anything else away.

Of course JJ is so secretive you never really know for sure.

194. VZX - February 24, 2012

191: That’s not Pine, it’s Cumberbatch’s stunt double.

195. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 24, 2012

I wouldn’t take these shots too seriously, nor the facial expressions shown on the faces. Nobody knows how many ways those scenes were shot or what or how the actors were asked to play their characters.

#159 – “He is dark because that is the stereotype villain look.
At least this time they didn’t go for “bad bad goth guy with scars and tattoos”.
Sloppy writing.”

Huh? What? Except that good guy Spock has black hair as well. Maybe it is because the vast majority of people in the world have dark hair (dark brown/black), so the chances are very high that both good guys and bad guys will have dark hair. If the Cumberbatch character turns out to be a hybrid like Spock, eg part human/part Vulcan, or part Romulan (far less likely), then he will have black hair like Spock.

If Amanda and Sarek could successfully reproduce a human/vulcan hybrid, then how do we know that other couples had not done similar? This is also an alternate universe…Just musing.

196. NCC-73515 - February 24, 2012

In the new pics from popsugar we see standard earth numbers on the set… earth ship?

197. ster julie - February 24, 2012

Remember Gary 7? He was not affected by a VNP. (Gary 7 was from the last second season ep “Assignment: Earth”) Not my fav ep. So hope they are not revisiting that one…

Spock’s going all Sylar on this guy. I wonder what he did?

198. jamesingeneva - February 24, 2012

Full link to the new popsugar photos

199. sean - February 24, 2012


The only thing Spock’s Brain is useful for is laughter.

200. Dr. Cheis - February 24, 2012

Maybe we’ll finally get to see Uhura shoot something for once? I think that scene in STIII was the only time she ever held one…

201. Jonathan - February 24, 2012

I hope Spock and Uhara aren’t on their honeymoon.

Could the silver jacket be a part of a dress uniform?

202. NCC-73515 - February 24, 2012

Uhura saved the day with a phaser in the transporter room near the end of Mirror, Mirror ;)

203. jas_montreal - February 24, 2012

After observing these images, i don’t know what to say…. It doesn’t look interesting. Wtv, I’ll wait for the OFFICIAL set images by boborci. Until then, i should reserve my judgements on it.

204. Bob Tompkins - February 24, 2012

I do not understand why others are having such a difficult time downloading these pix. A simle rightclick-save picture as does the trick for me…

205. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 24, 2012

Just seen the pictures now. There is no Chris Pine or his stunt double. Clearly the two guys standing behind are Cumberbatch’s and Quinto’s stunt doubles. OK – confusion sorted.

Still need more pictures though…

206. Vultan - February 24, 2012

Just curious, but has it been officially confirmed that Cumberbatch is playing the MAIN villain? Anyone…?

207. Bob Tompkins - February 24, 2012

199. sean – February 24, 2012
High camp, along the lines of Adam West’s Batman.Wasn’t nearly as intelligent.

208. Dave1119 - February 24, 2012

The biggest clue here is that we withstood the neck pinch. Khan could do that. Possibly Garth especially if this is after he was altered by the alien race. We know that Gary Seven withstood a neck pinch but I doubt if that is who he is. Right now I’m guessing Khan or Garth. I’ve really been hoping for Garth all along.

209. Picard's Fish - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch definitely has some starfleet pants and boots here..

210. VZX - February 24, 2012

I know that Uhura doesn’t look threatening with that phaser now, but Saldana was pretty bad-ass in Columbiana, so I know she can do action well. I’m sure it will look great in the movie.

211. THX-1138 - February 24, 2012


Not Pine. That is a stunt double.

212. Jay - February 24, 2012

#208 Neither.

213. saavik001 - February 24, 2012

209 – Thanks for the new picture!

214. Jinn-Jinn - February 24, 2012

YES! Go Uhura! Kick some ass!!

215. THX-1138 - February 24, 2012

And I am redundant.


Anybody else not digging the “boots over the pant-leg” thing?

(And yes, I WILL bitch about anything that does not meet my expectations.)

216. Decker - February 24, 2012

Why is Cumberbund wearing a Member’s Only jacket?

217. VZX - February 24, 2012

BTW: I noticed the IMAX camera. Nice. The fire is being stoked some more…

218. THX-1138 - February 24, 2012


Cumberbund! That is a funny!

219. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

OK, definitely Starfleet “black” uni (as Kirk wore through most of the first one), the pants are a little weird, but the boots are also Starfleet. The ears are definitely unpointed, and that’s about all we can gather from this and their stunt doubles behind them. Interesting that the first shot was done in high wind which “could” indicate that they’re falling or there’s a storm. Notice that in the Uhura phaser photo there’s no wind. So all we know is… Cumby’s not Vulcan and I’d place him being Khan as the longest of long shots.

any other guesses?

220. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I wonder if it could be Khan? Cumberbatch’s character would have to be strong enough to take on Spock right? In one shot in the PopSugar article shows Cumberbatch twisting Spock’s arm.

221. alec - February 24, 2012

So no to Khan then? Gary Mitchell, then?

222. Jay - February 24, 2012

Keachick is right about not taking too much from these pics. You don’t know what from this will make it to the film. This is just one set of pics. They could have reshot this scene 10 times, so you have no way of knowing what expressions were used in the final cut (or will be).

So those obsessing over Spock looking too emotional or Cumber-whatever looking over the top, etc. can chill. We have no idea what the final shot will look like, what angle it will be from, what facial expressions will even be visable, etc.

223. Iva - February 24, 2012

Yeah, very threatening.
If you come any closer I will burst into tears in many languages, my limbs will snap in two, and I won’t be able to run to randomly climb my senior officer all over the ship. Please, stop. :(((

224. VZX - February 24, 2012

219: My first guess is still Khan. But Decker sounds believable, can we tell what rank Cumby is?

Can’t be Mitchell because of the new comic that’s out. Didn’t Orci state that the new comic is canon?

225. Khan 2.0 - February 24, 2012


226. Jay - February 24, 2012

#219 Yes. He is playing an original character not someone from TOS.

227. VZX - February 24, 2012

226: Jay: How do you know? Did Bob Orci or JJ say something that I missed?

228. Jay - February 24, 2012

#277 It’s only obvious. Like I have said, just use some logic. Bob/JJ and all have said repeatedly that the only reason they agreed to do Star Trek was to write their own stories. The whole purpose of the new time line was to free them to write completely original stories. They have said this repeatedly.

Of course they have not said anything, and won’t say anything, about the plot or characters in this film for now.

For them to redo a TOS episode and/or make the main villain a TOS character would be completely pointless from their perspective.

229. Dadio - February 24, 2012

I read today that Cumberbatch is probably playing Klingon spy Arne Darvin.

Peter Weller’s C.E.O. is likely to be a space station commanding officer, possibly the commander of Deep Space K-7, Nilz Baris.

We might also be seeing a character like Harry Mudd or Cyrano Jones, as well as some actual Klingon characters (possibly Koloth, Kang, or Kor)

P.S. A very close examination of the photo shows a Starfleet insignia on Cumberbatch’s black undershirt.

230. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

219. The Last Wulcan – “any other guesses?”

And what of Lazarus? What of Lazarus?


231. rogerachong - February 24, 2012

Hey everyone you all are missing the most important thing in the pics from popsugar! They are using IMAX cameras in the filming of this action scene.

232. Drew - February 24, 2012

Test tubes on left of top pic? Botany Bay non-Khan is seeming likely to me. I could easily see CGI flames engulfing that beat up war-escaping clunker…Or I am entirely wrong and Cumberbatch is playing an alternate universe Flock of Seagulls singer.

233. Khan was Framed! - February 24, 2012

Space barg = Botany Bay

Starfleet logo undershirt = Khan gets new clothes after being rescued, consistent with cannon although different shirt.

Vulcan neck pinch doesn’t work =Augments have a more resiliant neurology than humans.

It’s Khan.

Case closed.

234. Jack - February 24, 2012

Why does the villain have to be Gary Mitchell, Charlie-X, Garth of Izar, Finnegan or any-other-TOS-character? Yeesh.

Yes, it could be one of them (but Mitchell is already in the comics, and Charlie-X was about 20 years younger, give or take, than Kirk… and they wouldn’t be fist-fighting the guy [I know, they would if they’d weakened him]). But it could also be somebody new. I have no patience left for this constant speculation that every woman must be T’Pring or Rand or Chapel. And the same with every black guy having to be M’Benga. Why can’t we have new stories and new characters… and nice things.

Get off my lawn.

Okay, sorry.

But really, I don’t see how those pretty simple TOS stories (god-like being who must be stopped, Talosians who make it so you can’t tell reality from fantasy, unstoppable doomsday machine that will involve a sacrifice to stop the thing, a genetically engineered superman from Earth’s past who tries to take over the Enterprise) can be told again with either a different outcome or in an interesting new way.

Am I the only person here who isn’t hoping for a rehash of a TOS episode/ character?

What’s the point of new Trek adventures if they’re recycling everything that came before?

235. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

233. No bias at all there, then! :-))

236. Jack - February 24, 2012

PS. How do we know he’s “getting away” from the nerve grip. The shot could be just before a fall…

237. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 24, 2012

If it wasGary Seven that would be time travel. it could be Capt Garth or Gary Mitchell.

238. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 24, 2012

One possibility is that he could be a Kelvin. They are much stronger and I doubt the Vulcan neck pinch would work on a Kelvin.

239. VZX - February 24, 2012

Ehhh, Jack might be right. Although I didn’t want Khan in it, I kinda hoped for an old-school character as the villain. Only because it’d be cool! I would love to see Cumby as being Decker, Garth, or Arne Darvin.

I think it’s Khan, though. I’m about 51% sure. But, like Jackie said, JJ wanted to do his own thing and have new characters…..Whatevs, I’ll still see it. Seeing Spock being all Spocky is enough for me! I’m so weak.

240. boborci - February 24, 2012

I promised set pics, and here they are;)

241. Nano - February 24, 2012

Klingon Spy Arne Darvin

242. Bucky - February 24, 2012

He’s a bad guy who is wearing a ‘fleet uniform just so he could disguise himself as whatever. No Khan (just doesn’t have that vibe) no Gary Mitchel (since BobOrci was involved in the comic and he wouldn’t want to contradict his own continuity), new character. Or a really, really, incredibly different version of a TOS minor character.

I just wish we had had a “real” photo from the set. My first memory of seeing them working on the 2009 Trek was Quinto walking in that sheet around the set. However, as far as first images go, Spock neck-pinching the hell out of somebody screaming is actually not terrible. But, to be fair, the day after pics leaked of Catwoman WB put out a nice photo of her.

243. D.J. Ammons - February 24, 2012

About time! I can’t believe it has taken this long for some spy shots to appear. I guess last time out pics appearing on the very first day of shooting made them have even tighter set scurity this time out. Thank heavens for on location shooting that they don’t have as much control over.

244. Nano - February 24, 2012

Thanks Mr. Orci

245. Killamarshtrek - February 24, 2012

How did you sneak them past JJ Bob?

246. VZX - February 24, 2012

240. Ha ha. Really, what does JJ think? Is he pissed?

I didn’t know he’s shooting with IMAX. That’s awesome.

247. Nano - February 24, 2012

Also sorry for your recent loss, my condolences…

248. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

In the popsugar photos both Cumberbatch and the other guy in the gray suit have something stuck to the sides of their black shirts.

249. Shinzon's Lover - February 24, 2012

It’s Charlie X!

250. Jason Lee - February 24, 2012

I was wondering about that thing on his shirt as well, but upon closer examination I think it’s actually just a tear in the fabric, possibly with some wound makeup underneath.

251. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 24, 2012

#240. boborci…

Okay Mr. Bob Orci, you deserve a kiss now … hmmmm … but where are the pictures of shirtless Kirk? … LOL …

THANK YOU!!!……… ;-) :-)

252. Roobydoo - February 24, 2012

What is the symbol that looks a bit like a sword on Cumberbatch’s shirt (not the Starfleet emblem, but lower down on his stomach). Could it be a clue?

253. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 24, 2012

Thank you Bob Orci. So. When will the trailor be ready.

254. Killamarshtrek - February 24, 2012

I have to say Bob, your make-up artist’s work on Benedict’s Indian Superhuman/Vulcan/Klingon look is amazing!!

255. Jason Lee - February 24, 2012

And for those who think Cumberbatch might be playing Decker in some kind of “Doomsday Machine” remake, as much as I would love to see something like that, they already had a giant, planet destroying spaceship in the last movie. I just can’t see how they would pull that off without the similarities being all too obvious.

256. Killamarshtrek - February 24, 2012

Maybe it’s a clue that he’s been injured and his shirt has been ripped!

257. Charmer - February 24, 2012

Wow, wouldn’t it be great if the writers actually came up with something original and *not* recycle villains such as Khan and Gary Mitchell?!?! :P

258. NuFan - February 24, 2012

Why does he look bulked up in these set pics but super, super skinny in the art show pics from yesterday? Do you think he is wearing body padding? And why is he wearing body padding if he is playing an ordinary human?

259. Gary Makin - February 24, 2012

Wow, no one’s made a lens flares comment yet?

260. Roobydoo - February 24, 2012

@251 @257
You may be right. Hard to tell for sure but it does look a bit like a slashed shirt especially on the stunt double.

261. Jamziz - February 24, 2012

This looks painfully familiar

262. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

If those are stunt doubles, why isn’t the other vulcan wearing a belt?

263. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

#230 Fine, let’s add Lazarus to the list.

#232 Those aren’t test tubes, they’re the Imax camera mounting structure.

#240 I’d beware of taking credit for the setpics, Mr. Orci. You know JJ is more secretive than the KGB during the Cuban Missile Crisis. :)

OK, here’s what we know.

– Cumby is STRONG. Look what he’s doing to Spock in PopSugar 7 of 11
– He is human or at least a species that looks like Homo Sapiens
– He is PISSED
– He is wearing black Starfleet “underuniform” shirt and the rest of the uni. No rank shown but higher than cadet
– The set has 35 written on it with possibly a 6 or 0 after it
– They’re in one helluva windstorm and/or freefall
– In PopSugar 2 of 11 Zachary is doing his best Leonard Hofstadter impression which is interesting given that Leonard and JJ were separated at birth!

264. Tanner Waterbury - February 24, 2012

I get a hint that Bob was poking fun… those are paparazzo shots. Bob, can you at least answer why they are wearing the black hoodies again? I can understand that they be used for new uniforms or characters, but with the things we already saw in the First movie, you’d think JJ would let those costumes slip past the Black Hoodie concealment?

265. Jay - February 24, 2012

#234 No you are not the only one.

It will not be a rehash of a TOS episode for all the reasons you stated.

Sure they may be some TOS characters in some minor plot or in some “cameo” type roles, but they will not rehash a TOS episode/story and Cubmer-whatever will not be playing Khan or any other TOS villain.

266. Jay - February 24, 2012

#241 That is why they are doing the comics. For those that want a nostalgia trip and want to see original TOS stories retold in the new universe.

267. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I hope its not Charlie X. If it is Trek is dead. Didn’t like that episode.

268. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

What we know from the popsugar photos is that Cumberbatch resists the nerve pinch and throws Spock off the giant Lego blocks, forcing Uhura to do her Dirty Harry impression with a phaser.

269. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I wonder if the Trek movies will be all new stories and the comics will reboot TOS stories would that be a good way to go? Allthough retelling some TOS episodes for a new generation of fans and have easter eggs in it for old TOS fans would be good as long as they were the best TOS episodes.

270. - February 24, 2012

There are additional photo of Spock getting choaked by Cumberbatch on Yahoo!

271. Corvette king - February 24, 2012

My sources tell me that Spock is learning how to pinch. that because Vulcan was destroyed, he never had the opportunity to learn the move.

also, uhura dies in this film, and in 3 will rise from the dead as a borg

272. Jay - February 24, 2012

#258 That is exactly right. They are original. That is exactly why you won’t see some TOS remake.

#270 I think I’ve heard that somewhere before.

273. Jamziz - February 24, 2012

#271 that confirms that this character is ex starfleet then. Or perhaps he was previously dressed in a Starfleet uniform as a disguise.

274. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

240. Echoing everyone else’s thanks. Awesome action shots.

Recognisable Benedict C means guarantees larger international box office this time around. Well, if his following in Britain is anything to go by.

275. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

Trailer #2 still gives me the chills when I watch it, man.

276. Nano - February 24, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! The new movie title is Star Trek Phase II .
The Enterprise is sent out to stop the renegade Dr, Crawley…

277. Nano - February 24, 2012

Oops Cawley me bad!

278. - February 24, 2012

@277 – What is your source?

279. - February 24, 2012

@276 dmduncan – I agree, that Star Trek (2009) 2nd full theatrical trailer was awesome. I hope they do it again. The music is the key. They must make it seem “epic” again. I hope boborci is listening and can put input on this.

280. Aurore - February 24, 2012

“Hey Aurore: Oui, il est Khan.”


….Ah, nevermind ; we’ ve had this discussion before. Therefore, there is little point in repeating what I have said countless times already regarding Khan Noonien Singh…

Nevertheless, I’ll just say this; Benedict Cumberbatch ne sera pas Khan.


281. Christopher Roberts - February 24, 2012

Nano’s kidding. Cawley’s the name of the fan behind Star Trek Phase II fan-films.

282. Craiger - February 24, 2012

In the Yahoo article it shows Cumberbatch with a Starfleet Logo on his shirt. So maybe its a renegade Starfleet Captain or Officer that genetically enhanced by Peter Weller’s character. What’s if its a Eugenics War Part 2? Peter Weller’s character decides to continue with genetic engineering and something with the experiment goes wrong.

283. Luke Michalski - February 24, 2012

What if it’s Weller or Alice Eve playing someone we’ll recognize from the first season? I’m thinking Cumberbatch may be someone new. Idk just a thought.

284. N - February 24, 2012

275 Not necessarily, I’m British and had never heard of him until this. A good movie would get them a good audience…
Even if it does get a good audience something tells me people will not be talking about it a few years after its release.

285. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I wonder if its an ok Trek movie would Paramount put Trek to bed on film and tell CBS not to do another Trek TV series?

286. Jack - February 24, 2012

262. :) I thought that too. I also had Soran flashbacks. Although, I’m sure there are plenty of metal structures in the universe.

Maybe they’re fighting at Costco.

287. Adolescent Nightmare - February 24, 2012


Good eye on art show pics! He looks like emo boy in those. He can’t weigh more than 130 IRL.

So who was the leaker, boborci?

288. Craig - February 24, 2012

On Yahoo it shows Zoe shooting Cumberbatch. You can see him flailing back as she points her phaser at him. So is this a major spoiler. Maybe this scene is one of the last scenes for the film.

289. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I hope not maybe the middle or begining of the film. I don’t Bob would spoil it that much, JJ would be mad.

290. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

That gray jacket thing looks like what Pegg was wearing all buttoned up under the hoodie.

291. Jamziz - February 24, 2012

Anyone else pissed that the last film diminished Roddenberry’s vision to this quote from Pike during the bar scene:

“You understand what the Federation is don’t you? It’s important, its a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada…”

They completely butchered it, combining the Federation and Starfleet into this useless line that doesn’t even register or make sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully sympathize with the fact that this franchise needed a “reboot” and that Paramount / JJ took the franchise towards a digestible action / adventure direction. However, does that really justify not including any background or back story into the Federation / Starfleet and their ideals? Another brief scene with Pike, no more than a couple of minutes long, could have ensured that it was communicated to the audience adequately and justly – but it seems as if they purposefully ignored it.

292. Aurore - February 24, 2012

” Maybe this scene is one of the last scenes for the film.”

Or, if true, it could be one of the first scenes…a breathtaking opening act, for instance!

293. Charla - February 24, 2012

Thanks so much for the pictures!! Exciting to say the least!

294. Craig - February 24, 2012

No I dont think so. Cumberbatch is supposed to be the main villian. Why would they kill him in the begging or middle.
I think in the scene he was fighting Spock and then Uhura comes up on him and saves spock by shooting him.

295. Rico - February 24, 2012

Getting very excited – already!

296. MJ - February 24, 2012

These look like they might possibly be fake shots staged by fans and partially photoshopped? Anthony or Bob Orci, can you get confirmation that these are actual shots from the new movie?

297. Craiger - February 24, 2012

Orci repsonded in this thread saying he posted them.

298. Jack - February 24, 2012

288. Bob’s leaking?

This is just me, but when we played Star Trek when I was a kid, it wasn’t “Okay, I’ll be kirk and you be Garth of Izar!” It was, “Okay, I’ll be Kirk and you be (random bad Klingon/Romulan… or maybe that salt-sucking thing”).

Other than Mitchell, and Lenard’s Romulan commander (and they weren’t really villains but victims of circumstance), I never found (and this is just me personally) any of the TOS villains all that interesting. Actually, I always liked Anan 7 from Eminiar VII (I had to google that) because he really thought he was doing the right thing.

Okay, and maybe Apollo. And Khan (although, he was still much more interesting in TWOK than in TOS). And Nomad. And Norman the android. Oh, yeah, and Roger Corby. And the thousand-year-old Forbidden Planet guy. But, otherwise, meh on the TOS villains.

299. Craiger - February 24, 2012

#295 You forget phasers have a stun setting. I think in the new phasers the middle part twists around to either kill or stun right?

300. Sebastian S. - February 24, 2012

OK, I think this photo puts the Khan rumors to bed.

I’m not sure what or who Cumberbatch is playing (Starfleet renegade, perhaps) and that’s OK. In fact? That’s JUST the way I like it!

Thanks for posting these. I’m OFFICIALLY stoked now…. ;-D

301. Aurore - February 24, 2012

“No I dont think so. Cumberbatch is supposed to be the main villian. Why would they kill him in the begging or middle.”

Who said anything about killing the main villain in the beginning?
Of course, he would live.
But, he could be left for dead… Or manage to escape, anything is possible.

302. Jack - February 24, 2012

298. He did?

The MTV bit credits Eric Ford with On Location News.

“A Los Angeles based photo agency specializing in candid and behind the scenes photos from the latest Movies, Television Shows, Music Videos, Photo Shoots and Commercials shooting on location in Hollywood, the USA and around the world.”

So, are these officially sanctioned, then, and not secretly taken by a camera hidden in somebody’s prosthetic limb?

303. Jack - February 24, 2012

My last PS ever:

Is that a different phaser from last time? Looks a little more substantial…

304. N - February 24, 2012

292 XI got a lot of things wrong, but it comes from those who wrote Transformers and Cowboys & Aliens…
You can just patch up the poor writing by saying it was never the same universe so anything goes.
Only Trek fans will remember it exists anyway.

305. Vultan - February 24, 2012


Have to say I never caught that before, but yeah, you’re right. The line should’ve been about Starfleet, not the Federation—sloppy writing strikes again, I suppose.

Hopefully this one has a tighter script.

306. Craig - February 24, 2012

Thank JJ for me for using iMAX! Happy to see that! Its a huge improvement over regular panavision HD however I just saw HUGO and can NOT believe how crystal clear the picture is. It beats iMAX in clarity. They used Arri cameras and I must say im impressed. Avatar isnt even as clear as that movie is. Im really impressed at what a 2k cam can achieve over an imax.

307. No Khan - February 24, 2012

How about this everybody he’s playing somebody new! How about that! Gosh, enough of the recycling wishes!

308. Craig - February 24, 2012

You have a good point, I wasnt even thinking about stun… you know since this is new trek. If this was a tv show I would have no doubt it was stun. I did just look close at the picture though and can see red on the side of the phaser so that means the kill setting is backwards with the blue stun setting forward so yes it was set on stun. Cumberbatch sure makes the stun setting look like it hits hard though lol.

309. Jack - February 24, 2012

292. Yep. I wondered, at the time, if that was a hastily written voiceover line recorded later (because you don’t actually see Pike saying it)… to explain to folks what Starfleet, er, the Federation, was.

It’s too bad, too, because humanitarian and scientific armada is a great way to describe Starfleet. Armada sounds a little militaristic but whatever — “Starfleet is a scientific and militaristic fleet” would be a little redundant. In Trek VI, the lines about peace with the Klingons equalling mothballing the fleet/ making it obsolete always bugged me a little (although, I got the point that the military would be the last folks to easily trust an instant peace).

I kinda wished, in my head, that Kirk had responded to “you do know what the Federation is don’t you…” with “yeah, I’ve seen your posters.” Or something. I can’t get enough smart-assery from Pine.

305. Hey, mistakes get made… but…

310. Craiger - February 24, 2012

I wonder what would happen if that phaser were real and it got stuck changing from stun to kill or vice versa? LOL.

311. MJ - February 24, 2012

OK, thanks Craiger for clarifying.

312. Vultan - February 24, 2012


Good point. But after the studio decided to reboot Trek, you have to expect this sort of derivative thinking. And since Hollywood is for the most part on autopilot these days, sadly, you pretty much have to expect reused elements from the “franchise” source material to show up in the finished product.

I don’t want Khan either—or any other TOS villain for that matter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens one way or another. It is a business after all.

313. Craiger - February 24, 2012

No problem.

314. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

Yeah, the front of the phaser actually looks a little bit different.

315. MJ - February 24, 2012

“On Yahoo it shows Zoe shooting Cumberbatch. You can see him flailing back as she points her phaser at him. So is this a major spoiler. Maybe this scene is one of the last scenes for the film.”

Sheesh, wouldn’t that suck, after all this secrecy, if this is the penultimate climax of the movie, now spoiled for all of us???

316. saavik001 - February 24, 2012

249. dmduncan – those are the stunt doubles and the cut shirts match, its a wound.

317. Craiger - February 24, 2012

How about all new villains and other characters but with hidden easter eggs for old Trek fans?

318. - February 24, 2012

Cumberbatch looks like Section 31 more than anything…LOL. But I am thinking the bad guys are rogue cadets. They are basically wearing the same uniform Kirk wore (black outfit with a hard to see starfleet logo)like in the first installment. I still think Cumberbatch could be Khan too….I know they said it wasn’t, but we have been lied to before….

This article is missing the other photos with Cumberbatch choaking Spock, Uhura shooting Cumberbatch (on Yahoo!), and the photo where Spock has another guy with Cumberbatch’s uniform standing behind him (

319. Won Ton Photon - February 24, 2012

She’s holding a larger phaser

320. Jeyl - February 24, 2012

Well, I guess coats are the new stereotypes for Star Trek villains.

321. Anthony Pascale - February 24, 2012

322. VZX - February 24, 2012

319: I think Cumby looks too old to be a cadet. IMHO

323. VZX - February 24, 2012

321: LOL!!! Yeah, you hit the nail on the head!!

Don’t trust long coats in the JJ-verse.

324. VZX - February 24, 2012

320. That’s what she said.

325. VZX - February 24, 2012

302. Aurore. Yeah, I doubt he’d be killed in the beginning, unless they are going flashback-style.

326. Pensive's Wetness - February 24, 2012

wow 325 posts….. you’d think us trekkers were arrosed or something…. :D

327. Jamziz - February 24, 2012

#305# 306 #310

What Starfleet is, what the Federation stands for is so important to the mythos of Star Trek, I’m actually shocked above all else that they would ignore entirely.

If Benedict’s character is indeed a Starfleet officer gone rogue then perhaps they’ll address the issue of him abandoning the principles and morality of the Federation / Starfleet. We can only hope right.

328. pete - February 24, 2012

KAHN seems the logical choice…they have to go with theie “joker” ala the dark knight..the best know villian treated in a completely different way.

additionally, KAHN does not have to look latin. In this timeline KAHN may be an acronym. He may be a more cerebral KAHN. There are NO RULES.

Eugenic wars, world dominion, a villian lost in time and space…why on earth would they chose to go with that.

FORGET obscure characters that only Star Trek fans know, FORGET them. This is HOLLYWOOD and it has to appeal to the masses.

Either going to be Klingons or KHAN or perhaps, just maybe, BOTH in the same story.

329. pete - February 24, 2012

wow, spelling errors all around…

KHAN seems the logical choice…they have to go with theie “joker” ala the dark knight..the best know villian treated in a completely different way.

additionally, KHAN does not have to look latin. In this timeline KHAN may be an acronym. He may be a more cerebral KHAN. There are NO RULES.

Eugenic wars, world dominion, a villian lost in time and space…why on earth would they chose to go with that.

FORGET obscure characters that only Star Trek fans know, FORGET them. This is HOLLYWOOD and it has to appeal to the masses.

Either going to be Klingons or KHAN or perhaps, just maybe, BOTH in the same storY.

330. Craig - February 24, 2012

They didnt use a TOS villan in the first movie, why would they with the second???????????

331. Vultan - February 24, 2012



332. N - February 24, 2012

328. Don’t get your hopes up. The closest thing to Star Trek these days is STO and the novels.

333. WillH85 - February 24, 2012

And this is where this site gets really fun again. Starting to feel pumped for the next movie, even if it’s over a year away and hell, even if the writers decided to have no imagination and went with Khan as the villain for the second time for a 2nd Star Trek movie.

334. Trekker5 - February 24, 2012

#1,Aurore,take that ohhh yes and raise it 1,000,000 times;that’s how I feel about these pics!! :) :) But thankfully I haven’t passed out yet like I said I would!! #240,thank you Bob!!! :) :) :) :)

335. VZX - February 24, 2012

329. Pete, I think you got it wrong. There are some rules. Khan is the same Khan as before since the Botany Bay was launched during the Eugenics Wars which took place before Nero went back in time and destroyed the Kelvin. The new universe diverged at that point. In other words, it was the same timeline before the Kelvin/Narada encounter. But when the Narada came out of that wormhole, the timeline split. The Prime Universe still exists as evident by Spock Prime’s memory of it, and it may even possibly continue on. But the new JJ-verse is just a continuation of same timeline, but changed due to the arrival of Nero.

So, since Khan and his genetically-enhaced henchmen existed before the Narada/Kelvin battle, he is the same as before: asleep in the Botany Bay.

336. N - February 24, 2012

336 Actually there are a number of plotholes which point to this never being the Prime Universe and also Nero and Spock never being from the Prime Universe either.

337. Orion Pax - February 24, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing either Ron Tracey, Garth Of Izar, Ben Finney, or Lazarus.

338. VZX - February 24, 2012

337: OK, N, enlighten me. How are Nimoy Spock and Nero NOT from the Prime Universe?

339. jimmymac - February 24, 2012

Crap, same crappy props, bring back some quality.

340. N - February 24, 2012

339 Maybe it’s a little nitpicky but the Jellyfish thing used the alternate reality’s version of stardates, this difference isn’t questioned by future people and the Romulans doesn’t look like Prime Universe Romulans.
As I said, I’m only explaining it through plotholes.

341. AB - February 24, 2012

“On Yahoo it shows Zoe shooting Cumberbatch. You can see him flailing back as she points her phaser at him. ”

Well we see him reacting to being hit by a shot from a phaser, but characters have been hit by phaser fire and stumbled and winced but not been dropped by it. It’s possible that it hurts him but doesn’t kill him.

342. Phobos - February 24, 2012

oh my fn god
can’t wait

343. AB - February 24, 2012

@ 342

I should amend that to:

“characters have been hit by phaser fire THAT WAS NOT SET ON STUN and stumbled and winced but not been dropped by it.”

344. N - February 24, 2012

Yeah, in ENT that Augment boy was only taken down by having a hole blown through his torso…

345. Craig - February 24, 2012


Ya but with these phasers they are made to be similar to real life guns. They have recoil as seen in the shootout on the narada. So clearly they are supposed to pack a punch. I guess a phaser stream like used in the shows was not intense enough.

346. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 24, 2012

330 if they were unoriginal then yeah they would have to go that route, but I am willing to give the film makers more credit than that. There is no reason why this couldnt be an entirely new character.

347. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - February 24, 2012

Oh freaking wow god wow…

This looks awesome. :D

348. The Last Vulcan - February 24, 2012

Personally, I don’t see creating a new main character as a villain, so I’m still stuck on Cumby being an existing one. Just don’t know which one.

I think that the key is that it would be a character that could just as successfully played by Cumby as Benicio… and that really narrows down the field as it’s hard to think of two actors that are more different than those two.

Hmm… who showed up almost always in a Starfleet uniform who wasn’t in Starfleet? A certain one-letter TNG dude…

Nah, if it was him, he would have just snapped his fingers and sent Spock to the other side of the galaxy… :)

349. N - February 24, 2012

348 It would have to be the same said one-letter-TNG dude. Though they can appear in any form you can’t forget they’re outside time and space, universe hopping wouldn’t change them at all.

350. Jack - February 24, 2012

336. That’s because it’s not real.

351. BringBackKirkPrime - February 24, 2012


352. N - February 24, 2012

349 *wouldn’t, major typo sorry.

353. Rob - February 24, 2012

I’m liking this idea a lot.

354. dmduncan - February 24, 2012

316. saavik001 – February 24, 2012

Stunt Spock isn’t wearing a utility belt. What’s up with that?

355. njdss4 - February 24, 2012

Please let the Starfleet logo on Cumberbatch’s chest mean that he’s not Khan. PLEASE.

After catching up with Sherlock, I can’t wait to see him in Trek.

356. rm10019 - February 24, 2012

They may not be stunt doubles, just lighting doubles btw.

357. NCM - February 24, 2012

354. dmduncan – February 24, 2012

316. saavik001 – February 24, 2012

Stunt Spock isn’t wearing a utility belt. What’s up with that?

And he’s wearing a jacket while ZQ isn’t. One of the sites mentioned shots were of practices and scene shooting.

358. NCM - February 24, 2012

Those bemoaning Spock’s facial expressions and aggression may be forgetting how emotive he was in the pilot. Obviously, the discrepancy came about as Roddenberry tweaked the character, but for the purpose of the story, the change could be explained any number of ways, all indicating that Spock became “more” Vulcan sometime into or after his years on Pike’s ship–and in this timeline, we ‘met’ a much younger Spock than the one we knew on Kirk’s Enterprise.

Just when I thought I’d enjoy a lull in my Trek obsession…

I love the look of the barge set, the speculation’s good fun, and I’m grateful for the pics. Can hardly wait!

359. Won Ton Photon - February 24, 2012

Well after looking at the pics posted in sequence over at TrekBBS that a poster has put up nicely, it indicates two scenarios. 1st scenario:

Spock is attempting to give Cumberbatch a neck pinch but Cumberbatch overcomes it and grabs Spocks hand which is still in the neck pinch position and then puts Spock in a choke hold and does something that requires a stunt man and Spock apparently goes down and then we see Uhura standing there with a phaser aimed at him and then apparently shoots him.

Also take a look another good look at the pics of him and Uhura which creates the other scenario. To me, it would appear that Cumberbatch doesn’t have the mark on his right cheek in those pics indicating that the sequence could possibly come before he tangles with Spock. This would mean he’s already taken a phaser blast prior and overcome it and then him and Spock tangle. Either way, his character indicates that he is pretty powerful to overcome the neck pinch or a phaser on stun and if you remember in Star Trek 5, Spock put down a horse with a neck pinch as was indicated over at the BBS and I do remember that.

360. Won Ton Photon - February 24, 2012

Here are the pictures put in sequence. Its like watching the scene in motion. Scroll down and Enjoy

361. La Reyne d'Epee - February 25, 2012

All this discussion about villians. Pah. Let’s got on to the important stuff.

Are the Starfleet trousers not more of a snug fit this time round?

362. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 25, 2012

#240 – Thank you. It looks like I might not need to have a chat with you after all…:) Just need to give you a hug in gratitude.

Why are condolences being expressed to Bob Orci? What has happened? It looks like Bob may need a second hug – a sympathy hug. I do hope nothing too serious has happened…

363. Aurore - February 25, 2012

“302. Aurore. Yeah, I doubt he’d be killed in the beginning, unless they are going flashback-style.”


I just thought about that a moment ago!

The events depicted in the pictures may have occurred during the years we do not know much about : the “Academy days”, as it were ; it may have been some kind of very realistic military training, simulation, for instance…Or, they could have taken place much later on…some time after the end of the 2009 movie(?)…

Thus, “today”, Uhura’ s uniform and hairstyle may well be
( at least slightly )different !

364. Aurore - February 25, 2012



It does feel GOOD, does it not ?!


365. Anthony Thompson - February 25, 2012

297. Craiger

Are people really so slow-witted? Bob Orci was being facetious! He would NOT have posted these shots!

366. Aurore - February 25, 2012

Anthony Thompson.

Play nice; as the wiser among us, you must…


367. singularity87 - February 25, 2012

The ears would seem to rule out my guess that Cumberbatch might be playing Sybok (Spock’s brother). Seemed to make sense considering they’d cast someone with a fair degree of physical resemblance to Quinto.

368. florian - February 25, 2012

i dont like angry spock… meh.

369. Vulcan Soul - February 25, 2012

That first picture looks like a fan production to me. “Guy in cheesy uniform with outdated tech on his belt doing an equally outdated fist-fight-something on top of some litter”. Guys, there’s a reason no one takes science fiction serious anymore – at least this kind. This is the same stuff that has been rehashed over and over and over all the way since the 1930s!

370. Won Ton Photon - February 25, 2012

Cumberbatch might be playing the mutated ‘Geirrod Agnaarson’, a psionic super-human crewmember from the SS Valiant?

371. Frederick - February 25, 2012

369: sounds like you would say the same about any classic Star Trek production. What are you wanting, exactly?

Anyway, I’m still hoping this is a NEW character.

372. Spacerguy - February 25, 2012

I think Spocks getting even for losing one of his logical arguments.

373. The Optimist - February 25, 2012

Not Gary Mitchell but Gary Seven perhaps? He did over Spock’s neck pinch in the episode Assignment: Earth.

374. jimmymac - February 25, 2012

JJ, please hire Richard Coyle to do your props, they suck.

375. Al Roberts - February 25, 2012

His uniform reminded me of the Temporal Star Fleet Agents in Enterprise at first glance but hopefully I’m wrong. i could be way off base anyway since I didn’t pay the closest attention to Enterprise.

376. Elliot - February 25, 2012

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


377. N - February 25, 2012

375. Yeah, you are a little off.

378. Hugh Hoyland - February 25, 2012

OT: My condolences to Bob. Sorry about your lose Bro.

Dunno if this is the proper place for it but AICN keeps booting me and I dont Twitter very good.

379. Christopher Roberts - February 25, 2012

375. Close. It looks like the material crew Away Team jackets were made from in ENT.

The quilted blue leather-look ones were better in “Broken Bow” though.

380. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

See, that’s what happens when Spock gets a girlfriend. Now his neck pinches don’t work. He is like so out of touch with his vulcan half.

I’ll bet he mind melds like crap too.

381. dmduncan - February 25, 2012

Spock: “Our minds…one and together…hmmm, you are thinking about….animal, vegetable, or mineral?”

382. Trekker5 - February 25, 2012

#364,Aurore,Yes. Yes it does!! :) :)

383. Trick - February 25, 2012

@ 79

Mine too. Could have been quite awesome…or it could have been STV redux, so I have mixed feelings.

384. Marshal - February 25, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonien Singh…….just doesn’t work.

Besides this alternate timeline was created AFTER Khan was frozen on the Botany Bay. So Khan should still be the same age/appearance as in Space Seed as that’s the age/appearance he was be when he was frozen on Earth, even in this new timeline. Even if he was taken out of stasis early, what event would cause Khan to look drastically different or become a different ethnicity?

Cumberbatch cannot be Khan as it simply does not make sense, he looks nothing like an Indian/Latino/Whatever.

As for the nerve pinch/superhuman strength thing…..maybe Spock simply did not manage to grasp his neck fully and give the pinch, before Cumberbatch managed to twist away and avoid it. Likewise, twisting Spock’s arm does not necessarily mean he has superhuman strength. Vulcans are strong but not invincible. Klingons are strong, but we have seen humans hand it to them on multiple occasions. Kirk/Kruge ST:3?

385. N - February 25, 2012

384 see previous time travel/cross universe explanations pre-TOS canon does not have to apply.
Also ethnicities can change, just as birth dates did…

You people think too much, the writers don’t think enough, hundreds of comments follow.

386. Give me TOS, or Give me Death! - February 25, 2012


Thanks for the pictures! Glad to see you get Cumberbatch, I love him on Sherlock.

387. John from Cincinnati - February 25, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing Finnegan!

388. Buzz Cagney - February 26, 2012

#385 including yours!

389. Marshal - February 26, 2012

385. Not to put too fine a point on it…..but how many Caucasians do you know who are called Khan? Exactly.

390. Marshal - February 26, 2012

385 And what previous time travel/cross universe explanations are you talking about?

And changing birth dates is a little different to changing ethnicity. Changing someone’s date of birth does not affect their appearance. Changing their ethnicity will in a big way.

Ethnicity cannot change. Kirk is Caucasian, not African-American. Uhura is African-American not Oriental. Sulu is Oriental, not Middle-Eastern. Because to effect those changes in these movies…..would be stupid and make no sense. Likewise Khan is Indian, not Caucasian. Simples.

391. - February 26, 2012

Maybe JJ decided to do a Khan story so that when he is done with Star Trek he can spend the rest of his life fielding questions by disgruntled trekkies as to why his Khan was not as good as the original.

I mean who would not want that?

And making Khan Caucasian would just give the diehards some ammo to get them started.

392. - February 26, 2012

Truth is they went into the car park during a lunch break and took some shots goofing around to leak to the fans.

393. tom vinelli - February 26, 2012

I don’t understand why people think its Gary Mitchell or Capt Garth??
Both would prove to be weak villins. You guys are talking like Startrek fans.
These movies are not about just what the fans want, those days are over.
This is about getting Trek back on track with a new generation of fans and followers…our days have past…get over it!! And its not khan

394. Hat Rick - February 26, 2012

In defense of NuSpock, he just lost his home planet a few years ago. So his Vulcan skills are prolly kinda rusty.

(Earth is his adopted planet, not his home planet, in this context.)

395. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 26, 2012

I dont understand how people can still be trying to insist that this is Khan, seriously this is not the 1950s or 60s where Chuck Heston could pull off being a mexican, or Mickey Rooney could pull of being a Chinese character. this is the 21st century and if it was Khan I am pretty sure JJ would have cast accordingly.

396. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 26, 2012

I do want to add, that I am not opposed to the idea of this still being a Bottany Bay storyline, and having another Augment be the main Advesary.

But I am just trying to work out exactly how Peter Weller and Noel Clark would figure into the storyline.
I still suspect peter weller’s character is going to end up being a descendant of his John paxton character from Terra Prime.

397. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 26, 2012

Oh and speaking of Terra Prime, fun little fact,The Actor who played Ensign Massaro, is the Resident Manager of my Apartment Building.

398. Sid - February 26, 2012


I rolled my eyes so hard I think I’ve torn a muscle

399. Arnie_Dippet - February 26, 2012

It’s Finnegan. it’s gotta be.

400. Son of Captain Garth - February 26, 2012

I hope that this one doesn’t have as many plot holes as the last one.

I think it would be cool, BTW, if the villain were my old man escaped from the looney bin.

401. Ensign Red - February 26, 2012

This looks like a re-make of the the TOS episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

Starfleet guy, Kirk’s friend, becomes “psychic” and uber-powerful. He progressively loses his connection to humanity and becomes a threat to the Enterprise.

Due to the casting and making guesses based on the photos, that is my guess.

402. Ensign Red - February 26, 2012

This is going to be a 3 to 5 movie series with this crew. Therefore, the next movie will focus more on drama/relationships and less on action/pew-pew.

It is Gary Mitchell. Not Khan, not Mudd.

403. Ensign Red - February 26, 2012

I would also wager that the b-story is a mission that will involve a space battle with the klingons that will set-up the third film’s arc.

404. borg359 - February 27, 2012

A colleague described the leaked photo to me & I speculated it could be Garth. (He’s not as obsessed with Trek as I am, so he checked the episode synopsis online & now agrees- he had been a Khan believer prior).

However, I have been speculating on other possibilities:
Gary Seven (Assignment: Earth)- technically not a villain, but the Enterprise crew didn’t know that initially. Gary Seven is the only human we’ve seen who was able to resist the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

Col. Green (The Savage Curtain); Not much in canon about him other than being a genocidal maniac who (we later learn) was much involved in WWIII & a bit into eugenics.

I’m still leaning toward Garth as he makes a fantastic tragic villain. He was highly regarded in Star Fleet until he went insane & tried to annihilate a planet’s population…He had been a contemporary of Pike and they could bring back that character with some backstory before encountering Kirk & Crew.

Khan was also unknown to non-Trekkers & seemed to admire Kirk at the end of Space Seed accepting his exile as “better to rule in hell, than to serve in heaven”. A few decades of the hell of what Seti Alpha V became seems to have changed his mind & TWOK was great because of his obsession with revenge (not to mention Ricardo Montalban’s great acting).

405. n1701ncc - February 27, 2012

I have been saying Gary Mitchel since the movie was first proposed. Not that these pics prove it but we know its not Khan, its not trelane, its not mudd and its not talosians…so who else could it be…well its not gary 7 and its not the gorn and its not Charlie X. Therefore it can concluded its Gary Mitchell. What a great episode/movie this is going to be. We will see the Klingons in the 3rd movie. and stop with the Khan.

406. Dr. Image - February 27, 2012

Hmm… same crappy phaser. They could have at least painted them in “classic” colors…
#306 Craig- Joss used Arri digital cams on The Avengers. Beats IMAX, imo. Why hassle with all that huge film in this day and age? Overrated.

407. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

It is not Finnigan. Finnigan wasn’t a villain, just a bully classmate of Kirk’s.

It is not Gary Seven. Gary Seven wasn’t a villain.

It is not Gary Mitchell. That story was done in the recent comics.

It is not Khan. And those who say that things in terms of ethnicity can change because of the new timeline… It did not affect Khan’s ethnicity. The timeline changed at the time of Kirk’s birth, not before that.

Why is everyone insisting that it will be someone from an old episode? Poke your heads outside the Trek bubble for a bit. It will probably be a new character.

IF they bring someone in from Trek lore, it will be someone like Chapel or Rand.

408. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

405. n1701ncc – February 27, 2012

That makes as much sense as sneakers on a horse.

409. n1701ncc - February 27, 2012

@ 408 I guess you never watched Mr. Ed. So tell me what is wrong with Gary Mitchell being brought back as a villain? In fact I think it would be a great plot with him and his God like powers making a mess out of the federation and setting up the 3rd movie.

410. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

409. n1701ncc

Because the Gary Mitchell plot was covered in the comic just recently therefore it will not become the sequel plot.

411. John from Cincinnati - February 27, 2012

First of all, there’s enough hating going on by who, or what they are I can’t describe. Such viscerol being hurled towards “old” fans. Really? You mean the fans that have carried the franchise for over 40 years and you’re gonna be hating on them? For real? And what entitles the Noobs to have ownership over the franchise?

Anyone who claims to be a real Trek fan knows the philosophy of Trek is not to hate. So anyone hating on Khan, or Gary Mitchell or Captain Garth aren’t TRUE Trekkers.

412. Aashlee - February 27, 2012

Hey, do you think that Spock’s/Zachary’s stunt double might be Joe Quinto, Zachary’s brother? They look very much alike.

413. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

I don’t know if Zach’s stunt double is his brother, Joe Quinto. However, Joe Quinto did work as a stunt man on the first Star Trek movie. His name appears in the credits.

414. Gregg from DC - February 28, 2012


There is a 1.5 minute video clip of Quinto/Cumberbunch’s fight scene currently posted on the Babylon5 ISN News The Zocolo Today websight.

It’s very much worth checking out!!!

415. Greg from DC - February 28, 2012

There is a video clip of this on the Babylon 5 website, ISNNews today

It’s worth checking out

416. Greg from DC - February 28, 2012

Sorry for the double post, the first one didn’t show up until after I reposted it for some reason…..hmmmm

417. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 29, 2012

413, lol if it were it would be kind of ironic after all the uproar about photos, considering Joe Quinto is a photographer for a living lol (headshots , portarits etc)

418. Marshall - March 1, 2012

“Stunt Spock isn’t wearing a utility belt. What’s up with that?”

Ever heard of re-shoots or pickup shots?

419. Peter Loader - March 1, 2012

That’s a MAG LIFT TRAIN they’re fighting on!
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