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Saldana & Quinto Talk Leaked Sequel Photos – Say Abrams Is Upset February 27, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,ST09 Cast,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The leaked photos from the Star Trek sequel set have flown around the internet and created a lot of buzz, along with proving some spoilers for the film. Over the weekend a couple Star Trek stars attending award shows talked about the leaks and JJ Abrams isn’t too happy. Zoe Saldana also talked about her new co-star Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto talked about the challenges of making the movie. Watch the videos below.


Saldana: JJ Abrams "very upset" about leaked photos

At the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana spoke briefly to MTV about the photos leaked on Friday (ironically, first published by MTV). According to the actress, the notoriously secretive director JJ Abrams isn’t happy.

Quinto: Sequel is "bigger" and "more challenging" as an actor

And at the Academy Awards on Sunday, Saldana’s Trek co-star Zachary Quinto also weighed in, but he took a lighter tone, joking that the "cameras weren’t even rolling" when he was fighting Benedict Cumberbatch . He also talked about how much "bigger" the new film is going to be.



1. VZX - February 27, 2012

I knew he wouldn’t be happy. The mystery box needs a tighter lid.

2. boborci - February 27, 2012

I had to leak those photos. I owed it to the fans.

3. boborci - February 27, 2012

I keeeeeeed!

4. Reign1701A - February 27, 2012

Hahaha thanks Bob!

5. CmdrR - February 27, 2012

boborci — We love your keeeding. Can you keed us up some shots of the new engineering section?

6. Kenny - February 27, 2012

JJ will put you in the agonizer booth. :)

7. LongIslandTrekster - February 27, 2012


Sorry that JJ is ticked off. So am I. I prefer to see a surprise and experience everything when I am in the theatre with popcorm in hand.

But, for heavens sake… Can’t you guys release a real honest working title for the film? Are we true fans asking for too much at this point?

8. khan 2.0 - February 27, 2012

could have been worse.

quinto couldve been fighting Shatner as Patrick Stewart dressed in Admirals uniform looks on

9. Robert Asbury - February 27, 2012

I. Must. Know. Who. The. Villain. Isssss. Heh. Shatnarian.

10. Robert Asbury - February 27, 2012

Seriously. I wont have a good B.M. until I do. Who is the villain?

11. Sebastian S. - February 27, 2012

Oh come now, JJ.
Any press is good press!

Whet the collective ST appetite now and we Trek geeks will be properly salivating by May of 2013.

I’m sure JJ is really ‘upset.’ ;-)

12. rm10019 - February 27, 2012

Lol, good times.

I wonder if this will inspire any rewrites, like what happened in 1982 when news of Spock’s death leaked. I believe they put in the fake death at the beginning of TWOK in the Kobayashi Maru sequence to get that off the table, for another 100 minutes or so :)

13. I'm Dead Jim! - February 27, 2012

Bob, JJ may limit your internet privileges from here on out.

14. Mike H. - February 27, 2012

My first thought when seeing the leaked photos was – “oh, well, that’s a blocking rehearsal. Note Cumberbatch is not wearing any Klingon make-up yet” – but then it struck me. Cumberbatch is not going to be a Klingon. Along with Cumberbatch the new film has Peter Weller in it. Weller is no stranger to the Trek franchise. He has a connection to Colonel Greene in the ST:Enterprise TV series. That got me to rethinking. Colonel Greene was likely a genetic ‘superman’ from the WWIII era. Greene was first introduced in the Classic Star Trek TV series episode titled The Savage Curtain. Many fans believe the producers are rebooting Khan. Rather they might be pulling a ‘bait-and-switch’ instead. Yes they intend to use a genetic ‘superman’, but it’s not Khan. It’s Colonel Greene that will ‘haunt’ the rebooted 23rd century.

15. Buzz Cagney - February 27, 2012

Well somebody’s camera was certainly rolling!

16. Jeyl - February 27, 2012

JJ Abrams is aware that banging on an IMAX camera is a federal offense, right?

17. billyboy - February 27, 2012

I know people complain Trek fans are too demanding, but I think we were owed the photos after nothing new in the Star Trek universe for 2 years. The 2009 movie was meant to restart the franchise and ended on a cliffhanger and left fans wondering what would happen with Kirk now in command of the Enterprise. This new film was green lit when the previous one was STILL IN THEATERS, and originally given a release date of June 29, 2012. Yet throughout all of 2011, the only “updates” we got was “we’re working on it”. The planned Star Trek: The Experience was never reopened, the 4 novels set in the alternate reality universe were canceled, no new video games, no new television series, no miniseries, not even any fan films!

It would different if Trek was still dead and buried like 2005, but with the rebirth of Trek we want to see how this baby’s gonna turn out. About time we had NEW photos when the last movie wrapped 4 years ago!

18. I'm Dead Jim! - February 27, 2012

Any chance that those photos were staged and planted by JJ himself, just to throw us off?

19. Factchecker - February 27, 2012

I hope many Bothans died to bring us this information….

20. Deflector Dish Guy - February 27, 2012

Sad to see Star Trek being hijacked by hipster MTV fools. Bring back patrick stewart!

21. VZX - February 27, 2012

Y’know, Bob jokes a lot, but I bet these leaked pics would cause JJ to not allow Bob to show us any pics.
JJ would be like “forget it now, Bob. You’re not even showing craft services table now”

22. Tom - February 27, 2012


Star Trek: The Wrath of JJ

– Torch lamps all over the bridge. More lens flares, more.

– The engineering section will have actual kegstands

– Enterprise refit has warp nacelles twice the size than before.

– Phasers are now officially renamed as blasters.

– Kirk-prime (as played by Shatner) is officially erased from the prime timeline.


23. Dr. Cheis - February 27, 2012

I wouldn’t have called the leaked photos much of a spoiler. It certainly tells us a lot less than 3 seconds of a trailer would have.

24. They call me Stasiu - February 27, 2012

#17, I beg to differ. We are owed nothing of the sort.

25. pissed off virgin vulcan basement nerd - February 27, 2012

Those pictures made me want a teaser trailer like you wouldn’t believe. I renounce whoever betrayed Mr. Abrams, but as the deed is done I can only rejoice in the pictures themselves. Alleluia.

26. AJ - February 27, 2012

Considering that MTV and Paramount are both owned by Viacom, I wonder just how “secret” the photos really are.

27. drumvan - February 27, 2012

thanks bob! and good luck with the new job. it was great while it lasted ;)

28. Capt Sanders - February 27, 2012

I’ve got it! Cumberbatch is playing v’ger! Imagine how cool that fight scene will look between Spock and a big CGI satellite dish! But he will be rebooted v’ger so he will transform and stuff…. Yeah YEAH…!!!!!! Photon torpedo launchers for eyes!!!!! So epic!!!!

29. Hugh Hoyland - February 27, 2012

IMO this “leak” smacks of the trilateral Commission… possible even a Bilderberger psi ops.

30. Vulcan Fury - February 27, 2012

Bob Orci disappeared from TrekMovie. Was it deliberated to know our reaction?

31. Ciaran - February 27, 2012

This may sound crass, but I don’t really care if JJ Abrams is pissed that the photos were released. Personally, I have been going out of my mind waiting to see SOMETHING about the movie, to give me a LITTLE sense of that it’s actually happening and not a lot of people saying it is and no proof. And since I’ve seen the pics, my excitement level has gone through the roof! In my opinion, the release of these pics is nothing but a good thing.

32. Hugh Hoyland - February 27, 2012

JJ shouldnt be to mad.

Honestly I know nothing more than I did before the photos came out except the obvious, Spocks in it, Uhura is to, and the bad guy is Cumberbatch.

33. Vulcan Fury - February 27, 2012

Sorry Bob, I didn´t read your comment above

34. moauvian waoul - aka: seymour hiney - February 27, 2012

I guess I don’t fully understand the complete blanket of secrecy since many more details will be released long before opening day in form of trailers, commercials, different forms of advertisements and comments in order to sell the film. It’s all part of the process, …as long as it doesn’t give away important plot twists and surprises.

35. Jay - February 27, 2012

I’m confused. How could they be leaked when they are sourced?

One of the first sites to publish the photos sourced them to a photographer and a company called something like “On Location Photos” or similar.

So, how can the photographer and the company he works for get credited for the pictures if they were unauthorized?

36. Vulcan Fury - February 27, 2012

So these pictures were allowed to J. J.. Bob said he would talk with J. J. to try to get some photos. Thanks Bob.

37. Jay - February 27, 2012

Also, these are not your typical spy pics taken with someone’s camera phone. The person taking the pictures is on set, close to the action, so I’m sure he was authorized to be there. It’s not like he is hiding and snapping pics from a distance.

Also, looking back at the pics, Zack’s comment about the camera’s not rolling makes sense. The stand-in’s, or stunt doubles, are right next to the actors. So all of these pics are probably from rehersals before they starting shooting the actual scene.

38. Tony Hardy - February 27, 2012

Bob Orci – Please tell JJ not to stress too much over this. He has enough pressure trying to make a good film as it is. From our perspective, not much was spilled at all. No serious damage was done. However, it’s always going to be a bit difficult controlling certain random elements. Namely human beings.

39. pilotfred - February 27, 2012

see jj the fans want something now if you had release some pictures pictures that would not give anything away

for me i am glad i have seen them not whats in the pictures move to see something happening i.e they are making it and its not a April foul day joke(OK it only February however jj is good at setting things up)

40. Jay - February 27, 2012

The only thing I can imagine is that JJ didn’t want these released at this time. He surely knew the guy was there taking pictures. It’s clear he is on set waling amongst the crew and cast taking pictures.

The fact that these pictures were being taken is surely not a surprise to anyone involved with the movie. Maybe they had an agreement to release them at a later date and that is what JJ is upset about.

41. VZX - February 27, 2012

40. Good point, Jay. Maybe that’s why they look so staged.

42. T'Leba - February 27, 2012

Loved the photos! I was very happy and excited to see them.

43. T'Cal - February 27, 2012

Sounds like BS to me. If you’re going to make a big deal out of shrouding the entire thing in mystery then you have to expect leaks. Nobody’s really pissed about this. It’s free advertizing that is keeping Trek in the minds of the public more than a year before the film will be released. That’s nothing but a good thing.

44. Peter Loader - February 27, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors folks. The art of misdirection.

45. T'Cal - February 27, 2012

And I have to wonder if these pics weren’t leaked on purpose. And that’s fine with me. Just pretend by getting out your angry eyes.

46. Bugs Nixon - February 27, 2012

It might be an idea to only run authorised stuff.

Let other sites do what they want, but perhaps keep Trekmovie on the straight and narrow. Its how JJ wants it, so i really think we should respect that.

47. I'm Dead Jim! - February 27, 2012

Looking forward to more “leaked” photos! Keep `em coming, JJ!

48. Peter Loader - February 27, 2012

My take is, Cumberbach’s a lackey, not the prime villain. Where’s Kirk in any of theses scenes? Kirk always faces off with the villain in the final showdown, so these scenes are not anything to do with the final showdown.

49. Romulus - February 27, 2012

Considering how long we have had to wait on this flick JJ’s rage can take a back seat on my “care list”

50. NuFan - February 27, 2012

Why is JJ upset? All we can see from these is that he has been bulked up with some padding. Nothing else is for sure.

51. The Last Vulcan - February 27, 2012

Star Trek 2 (12): The Wrath Of JJ


52. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

#40 – If JJ is upset, perhaps that is what it was about. Otherwise, to JJ Abrams, suck it up, as they say.

The other aspect is that if the current Star Trek film makers are so sensitive about anything pictures at all being released, why film these outdoor? scenes in what is presumably a fairly well-populated part of California, Los Angeles? After all, he was scouting out Hawaii at one stage – much more isolated etc.

Peter Jackson filmed much of LOTR in some very isolated places in NZ – private land and/or Department of Conservation land where often special permission was needed to go there. Apart from the fact that some of these locations gave the films the most spectacular scenery, it also ensured greater secrecy and control over the whole process. California is a third bigger than the whole of NZ (outlying islands included).

This whole thing is one of those facepalm moments.

It looks like Ben Cumby’s fans are doing well out of these photos. Anyway, Quinto and Zoe have managed to give way far more about the apparent importance of these photos than the pictures themselves could ever have done…LOL

53. Won Ton Photon - February 27, 2012

A question for all who might no. Where there ever leaked set pictures during the Next Generation films?

54. Won Ton Photon - February 27, 2012

@53…Excuse my spelling lol. I meant to say ‘know’.

55. Daoud - February 27, 2012

So interesting. Love the speculation that Weller still is Colonel Green (please, note the spelling), preserved by Soongian/Augment means, and CEO of a shadowy corporation. What does that make Cumby? I still wish for Garth… and had a burp of a though: what if Garth of Izar is a Soongian/Augment also?!? Paint Alice Eve green and call her Marta, and I’d be pleased.
JJ shouldn’t worry unless pieces of SCRIPT leak. And we know our evil dark scriptlord Boborci wouldn’t dare never do that! Here’s hoping though for some Wrath’o’Khan revisioning though, to mess with everyone the way Spock’s death did. Or here’s a great concept: fake pictures of fake scenes! Have Cumby phasering Uhura, with Spock dead on the set, etc. That could easily be done after shooting a legit scene, shoot a few fake scenes, eh?

56. Daoud - February 27, 2012

P.S. Those glasses on Quinto make him look so much more like Nimoy! Now if we could just get Zach to make a YouTube of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins in time for The Hobbit, Parts I and II!!!

57. boborci - February 27, 2012

52. We film outdoors because the natural light gives us a great effect.

58. Lt. Bailey - February 27, 2012

The “leaked” photos are only showing the actors doing something. What exactly is still a mystery as the background will be filled in with something in post-production due to the green screen we see. Who knows (maybe Bob Orci) what the scenery is actually for in the foreground and what the actors are standing on. Is it machinery? Parts of the/a ship? A destroyed building?

My guess is that is somewhere that the actors have to be outside. There appears to be a lot of wind so that could mean some where high up???

Let the guessing start, regardless it is nice to see something from the filming. At least it really proves they are filming.

59. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 27, 2012

OMG … and boborci was involved in a real conspiracy… but he was just “keeeeeed” … LOL


Well………….#ILoveLeaks….. a bit……..;-) :-)

60. Vultan - February 27, 2012

Was it ever established that Colonel Green was an augment like Khan? I was under the impression he was just a plain ole human… who happened to be a fanatic.

61. Phil - February 27, 2012

Really now, spoilers? Uhura fires a phaser, BC is a black shirt? I think the script is safe for now…..

62. trekprincess - February 27, 2012

Boborci the leaked pics look awesome I am not getting hyped for the next film :):)

63. trekprincess - February 27, 2012

Now getting hyped I mean :):)

64. Won Ton Photon - February 27, 2012

The ‘Space Barge’ is big movie clue: Shipping Grain…….’Quadrotriticale Grain’ with a possibly augmented Arne Darvin.

65. Thorny - February 27, 2012

Interesting pictures, but they don’t tell us all that much. Mr. Cumberbatch is evidently a human-like character, but we still don’t really know he’s the villain (he could be being forced to do something for Mr. Weller’s character, for example.) Uhura gets to be on a landing party (yay!) and they have some sort of a “space barge” where it is evidently windy (um, okay…)

I’m really not all that curious about the plot. As long as they don’t blow up anymore Federation planets, I’m good.

Sure would like to know what the movie’s title is, though. It is getting a little silly to be this far into filming and still not have a title.

66. Anthony Pascale - February 27, 2012

It is true the photos are not super spoilerfic in that you dont know what is really going on or why. But they do confirm that Cumberbatch is playing a bad guy (something JJ wont even confirm). And I think the pix do eliminate a lot of possibilities. We now know that Cumberbatch is not going to be an alien in makeup (like Eric Bana as Nero, etc).

Following JJ’s usual pattern, he would probably prefer to not really talk about it until after he is done shooting, with maybe a bit over the summer and really nothing serious until next year.

Personally, I have always thought JJ was too secretive from a marketing perspective, but he really cares more about a pure unspoiled movie experience than buzz and promotion, so you have to at least admire that. But of course in this day and age, location shooting on a high profile project is going to get noticed, especially in LA. But it happens outside of LA too, look how much stuff came out of the Batman 3 shoot. Even Abrams Super 8 shooting in a small town got noticed, and it isn’t even a franchise.

I worry that JJ will abandon location shooting and go back to the old ways of ST films with everything shot on stages (which always ends up looking like they were shot on stages).

67. the Quickening - February 27, 2012

#17…The planned Star Trek: The Experience was never reopened, the 4 novels set in the alternate reality universe were canceled, no new video games, no new television series, no miniseries, not even any fan films!

Wow. If all this has happened since the last movie, then TREK may still be dead, just not as dead as it was after NEMESIS. It appears Abram’s movie didn’t have as lasting effect on the culture as some fans want to think. Not surprised. I am a little glad to hear the 4 novels set in the alternate reality universe were canceled though. I was never a fan of that gimmicky approach to rebooting TREK.

68. AJ - February 27, 2012

Damon Lindelof tweeted this the other day:

“Damon Lindelof ‏ @DamonLindelof

“The weird thing about that Trek photo is we weren’t even shooting. Quinto just really hates Cumberbatch. #IHateLeaks”

69. Nathan - February 27, 2012

I’m intrigued by the idea of Section 31/other clandestine Federation organization. Good pseudo-political issue to tackle, especially if there’s some kind of significant outside threat at the time (perhaps the Klingons?).

Barring that, another augment survivor seems to be an intriguing possibility. I can see, to show strongly the differences between the two timelines, Spock recognizing the sleeping Khan as the leader of the eugenics wars, and just killing him as a threat to the ship and Federation society. This Spock has seen his planet destroyed by one genocidal madman; he might not be willing to see that happen again.

But, of course, this is allll speculation. What think you, boborci?

70. khan 2.0 - February 27, 2012

boborci – would it be possible to make the Trek 2 dvd R rated?- (like Terminator 4, Robin Hood etc) obviously in cinema it will be PG13 (like FC, NEM, ST09) but ive always wanted an R rated Trek movie with more extreme violence/brutality

Wrath of Khan came pretty close to R. it was PG, but i guess itd get PG13 if it were released today. However its almost R in tone/violence/intensity etc.

an R rated (or unrated) dvd cut for Trek 2 would be sweet.

71. Anthony Pascale - February 27, 2012

btw, re: ‘Space Barge’
Remember that was just the observation of the photographer. It’s not like the set had “space barge” painted on the side.

72. I'm Dead Jim! - February 27, 2012

@64 I guess that theory would play into the earlier tribble rumor.

73. VZX - February 27, 2012

Outdoor shots always look more realistic than a soundstage. It has to do with the light. Light rays from the sun are pretty much parallel by the time they get here, and when these reflect off of surfaces they give a certain “look” that our brains interpret and note as natural light. Ambient light and light scattered from dust in the sky does something similar. Studio lights can never recreate this light since the light’s not parallel so close to the source.

I wonder how much directors would enjoy a studio light that actually mimics sun light to the point that our eyes can’t tell the difference.

74. Planet Pandro - February 27, 2012

If I had to guess, some of the upset could be over this being a “reveal” moment in the movie. Cumberbatch will be presented as one thing, possibly just another enterprise crewmember, and be revealed to be something else entirely. What that something else is, I couldn’t say (superhuman, alien in disguise) but we might get the same sort of twist in Star Trek that we got from (SPOILER-for any of you who haven’t seen Batman Begins) Liam Neeson’s character in BB. So imagine the moment Kirk sends out Spock to go get Lieutenant “so and so”, sneaks up behind him for a FSNP and blammo, full on fight.

If I had to guess

75. VZX - February 27, 2012

66. Yeah, Tony. I always felt that being too secretive can hurt the movie’s box office. A good mystery box is one thing, but knowing next to nothing about the movie will not cause people to see it. Movie tickets are too expensive now-a-days for the general public to just see a film out of curiosity.

I think that’s what hurt Super 8’s profits. People did not know what it is what about. The trailers kinda sucked and it was marketed horribly. But I loved the movie.

Of course, we are over a year away, yet. They have time.

76. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 27, 2012

Oh Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuleeeeeeeeeeeeeze

Spare us the false ire JJ, The photos were obviously leaked by the production team to create some sizzle which it did.

77. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - February 27, 2012

Abrams needs to grow up and deal with it. A movie can still be successful, popular, and well-loved even if “secrets” about it are put out there before the movie itself is released. The “general public,” i.e. the people he cares about more than Trekkies, won’t even be aware of leaked stuff.

This is part of making movies, Abrams…grow up!

78. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

73. VZX – February 27, 2012

The sun puts out a lot more footcandles distributed across a much broader area than studio lights, totally changing the shadows. Plus, the spectrum is different.

79. Won Ton Photon - February 27, 2012

@63 Anthony Pascale

Yes J.J. has been secretive, too secretive. On a different note we have Skyfall, the 50th Aniversary James Bond film due out this November. They have been releasing production stills or on set pics just about every week it has been filming. It’s not much but the website MI6: The Home Of James Bond publishes a pic once a week but they don’t actually reveal what is going on with the film plot wise but they do make you speculate which brings keen interest to the film. It would be nice if J.J. did the same.

80. Won Ton Photon - February 27, 2012

Oops. I meant to respond to Anthony Pascale in post number 66, not 63. Sorry

81. The Chad - February 27, 2012

In my opinion, the more JJ makes a stink about secrecy, the more people will want to leak photos. It’s like “Whatever you do, don’t press the red button” just makes you want to press the red button.

82. WillH85 - February 27, 2012

Its stuff like those leaked photos that get us fans pumped up for the movie and make it feel real again. True, some don’t like spoilers, but nobody’s making them look at the photos.

83. Anthony Pascale - February 27, 2012


Super 8 was hugely successful. It wasn’t supposed to make summer blockbuster numbers, it only cost around $50M – a fraction of what other films in the summer were making. But it still pulled in $260M. In fact it made as much overseas as JJ Abrams Star Trek. From a % return on investment, it definitely is more profitable than Star Trek 2009. So from Abrams perspective, his super secretive approach doesn’t hurt.

He also believes that if you know too much about a film you wont go. That is probably true, but there is a lot of room between almost nothing and too much.

But that is the deal we are in. JJ has brought a lot to the world of Star Trek, but he has this secrecy thing. You cant win em all I guess.

84. Wes - February 27, 2012

The stupid thing is that we have seen the costumes and most of the sets already in Trek 09 take some promo shots get a teaser out and call it a day. Frankly the team has waited too long to release this. The audience will be four years older and may not care about seeing the sequel.

85. Jay - February 27, 2012

#74 My only problem with that theory is that JJ knew this guy was there taking pictures. So what exactly is he upset about?

How can we know that JJ knew he was there taking pictures? You can tell by the pictures themselves. The photographer is on set. Moving around the set taking pictures from different angles in full view of the cast and crew. There is no way he was doing this without permission, and we all know that permission ultimately came from JJ.

So, the only “surprise” for JJ that there could possibly be, is if he believed there was an agreement not to publish the pictures yet.

Otherwise, the “release” of these pictures smells intentional.

86. boborci - February 27, 2012

76. No they werent. Somebody with a telephoto lens.

87. Do You Wanna Dance - February 27, 2012

If JJ had been using the same or more amount of lens flares, these pictures would have been more washed out and unrecognizable.

Apparently, the paparazzi were able to obtain some audio footage during the time the pictures were shot. The stunt doubles for Quinto and Cumberbatch were arguing which series was better, TOS or TNG. When Quinto and Cumberbatch themselves approached the stunt doubles, the debate had expanded onto whether or not ENT was actually canon. The debate got so heated that it ended in a brawl which Saldana had to step in and hit Cumberbatch with a taser.

88. VZX - February 27, 2012

78: I really don’t want to argue too much about it and “hijack” the thread, but the sun puts out about 10,000 footcandles (fc) and a good studio light can put out many more. I know of the 10K Britelight Xenon which can produce a full spot of 80000 fc or even a flood of 20000 fc at 100 ft away. I’m sure there are more.

They have full-spectrum lights as well.

89. Jay - February 27, 2012

#86 Bob I would buy that if the pictures were all taken from the same angle at an elevated position.

But, several shots are from angle below the cast. So the photographer had to be standing at ground level to get that angle. I would assume there are fences or obstructions of some type surrounding the set that would prevent a person some distance away from getting shots from that angle. They would have to be on set.

90. webitube - February 27, 2012

@boborci: Maybe now is the time for some disinformation? “Shoot” a fake scene, make it look dramatic (maybe even stick in someone vaguely resembling Space Seed Khan w/ponytail), and “leak” that… :)

91. Jay - February 27, 2012

Furthermore, real “spy” pics from a distance usually have a wider view shot showing the entire set. If someone were truely “spying” on the location shoot, they wouldn’t shoot all their shots with such forced perspective where those viewing the pics can’t tell what the set is. They would shoot some wide angle shots of the entire set.

Also, just like spy pics from the 2009 movie, those wide angle shots and the close in shots would all be from the same angle. Pics like that from 2009 shows that JJ usually had a fence or barrier of some type around the set making it difficult to view what was happening from outside the set, unless you were in some elevated position where you could look down on the set.

92. table10 - February 27, 2012

Slightly off topic, but I had a quick question for boborci – Did writing the sequel get any easier or harder having now been able to imagine the whole thing with the correct actors in the scenes you are thinking up?

You would assume it would be easier, just because when you are putting all the action and dialogue together in your head, its tough when you have no frame of reference, whereas having worked with for example Pine already, you know the way he talks, walks, and the particular style he brings to Kirk, making it easier to imagine how Pine would sound in a particular scene you wrote for the sequel.

Or maybe it is harder, maybe it took away from some of the freedom you had in the first film being able to write for the faceless

93. VZX - February 27, 2012

83: Tony: Ok, you got me on Super 8, then. I tried to use it as an example of when being too secretive can hurt a movie and instead I ended up helping Abrams’ mystery box philosophy. Dang. I guess I should research boxofficemojo more often before spouting items as fact.

The whole “knowing too much about a movie” is debatable. I mean, we all knew that the boat was going to sink in Titanic, and look how that movie did. And movies adapted from other sources like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Twilight do phenomenal business.

I can see how it can hurt those movies with twist endings, though, like Sixth Sense or Psycho.

94. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012

Zach and Zoe didn’t “give away” anything. :-/

Anyway, I saw the picutures and absolutely delighted in them. Zoe was great, and it was great to see that she might actually get to do something substantial in the film. And of course, I loved seeing Zachary in action. Perfect, perfect, perfect. :-)

Still, it’s sad that there was a breach. I was waiting and hoping for some “authorized” photos to show up, but none came along.

The leaked photos represent a security breach of sorts on the set, and so I can understand and support JJ not being happy about it. I hope that whatever security issues are/were an issue get resolved, and that all goes well in filming.

Thanks to everyone involved in the process, and all the best to you. :-)


To anyone that cares, here are some, I think, authorized photos of Zachary at the Independent Spirit Awards at one of his fan sites. Margin Call won for best new feature. Cool, huh? :-)

(Hopefully these links work…)

There are some nice pictures of him on the red carpet as well. :-)

95. Jay - February 27, 2012

#90 I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they did that here. They are on an actual set for the movie. They take a break and are setting up for other shots and decide to stage some “spy” pics of the actors doing stuff that won’t be in the movie. Then they release them and act upset.

96. Captain Rickover - February 27, 2012

I understand Abrams’ secrecy approach, but I prefer the things like Peter Jackson is doing with The Hobbit.

97. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 27, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. We all know it was you who let the Photo’s out. Lol. I Keed.
Anyway. As far as J.J being Top Secret. That’s ok with me. As long as the Movie is the best he and Bob Orci can make it.

98. Craiger - February 27, 2012

Bob, how are we doing guessing what who the bad guy is? Are we close?

99. VZX - February 27, 2012

96. Captain Rickover:

Right? I would love to see some video blogs done by JJ Abrams, but he will never do them. I think JJ is just camera shy.

In watching PJ’s video blogs, not much info of the movie is given. Even though we know the plot from the book, we do not know the changes made to it for the movie. I love the one on the 3D cameras and faster film speed.

100. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 27, 2012

Hey Bob Orci. Has anyone on Trekmovie gueesed anywhere close to what the movie is about. No need to say who.

101. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - February 27, 2012


Don’t buy the grassy knoll theory here sorry. JFK yes, JJ no

102. orly - February 27, 2012

Wonder if the rumours of Cumberbatch also playing The Master in 50th anniversary of Dr Who are true

103. Jack - February 27, 2012

“I worry that JJ will abandon location shooting and go back to the old ways of ST films with everything shot on stages (which always ends up looking like they were shot on stages).”

Indeed. So what was the deal with the site that posted these originally? Do they deal in unauthorized location pics? Showing batman standing up against a wall is one thing, but these are pretty spoiler-y, in that, like you said, they limit possibilities.

104. Max - February 27, 2012

Is JC Chandor Quinto’s young man?

105. Craiger - February 27, 2012

I wonder if JJ thought we got too much info from the last movie and wont let that happen this tim? I kind of felt I got too spoiled on the last movie also. I still don’t get how not letting us know who the bad guy is, is that big of a deal. I mean we know who the bad guys are in all the superhero movies coming out this year.

106. Goosenecked Fan - February 27, 2012

Oh boo frickkin hoo, JJ!!! :-)

107. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

88. VZX – February 27, 2012

If the batteries on my footcandle meter were good I’d have gone outside to test it right now. It has a range of 99,900 footcandles.

But it doesn’t change the fact that a light source that far away produces shadows all going the same direction, and even the shadow details are lit differently. Whereas if you look at old Hollywood movies with phony exteriors you can spot all kinds of shadows going in different directions as a result of using multiple light sources trying to soften shadows to reproduce a daylight effect.

Studio lights, at least in the numbers that are typically employed, can’t compete with the output of the sun, lumens or footcandles per square foot on such a broad area. That’s my memory, anyway, when I was out measuring falloff.

Film is also either balanced for daylight or tungsten, so you may have to use filters to make sure your light source matches the color balance of your film. In either case, in the days when I was looking, I’ve never seen a light source whose spectrum precisely matched that of the sun, which daylight film is balanced for, even when it was rated as 5500 – 5600K or filters were used.

Sure, somebody may say it’s full spectrum, but when you actually look at the spectral analysis charts, it really isn’t.

108. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012

@103 – Jack

I could be wrong, but I think that MTV was the original source. If they were, they don’t usually deal in that from what I know, but I don’t know much about that website/news as a source. *shrugs*

109. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012

They thank an Eric Ford with On Location News for the photos, so at first I yhought they had been authorized. Then I kept seeing the word “leaked” around the internet and wasn’t so sure…

110. Anthony Pascale - February 27, 2012

all the photos come from the same agency “On Location News”. They sell them to various sites and MTV was the first to buy but others followed. They were taken outside the closed location area with a telephoto lens. So it is probably more accurate to call them spy shots than leaked shots but its all the same, things they didn’t want out there.

111. Rico - February 27, 2012

Anyone wondering if the pics are completely staged to toss us all off the real movie story?

112. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012

I can’t understand why J.J is so upset. I mean c’mon, he’s filming on location in a huge city (Los Angeles) that is one of the media capitals of the world. What does he expect? Leaks happen all the time. Especially in the film and tv industry. The photos of the sequel that have been released have revealed nothing substantial. Abrams could have gotten ahead of the curve by releasing the photos himself, but he didn’t, and now they’re on the web. I can understand and support his desire for secrecy, but this is getting ridiculous. He won’t even reveal who the villain is? As if that would give away the whole plot? Pppfffftttt!

I like Christopher Nolan’s approach. He stays quiet until the script is done and shooting begins. Then he releases a couple of still photos, and after awhile, releases a trailer. All without spoiling the movie.

113. VZX - February 27, 2012

107, Oh, ok, I see your point now. Because it’s spread out and can create shadows all going one way.

So, wouldn’t you think that a light source that can create parallel light rays, if bright enough, would not seem more similar to sunlight?

I know I read a paper on it once in college and am trying to find it….

114. George - February 27, 2012


I would say they are not staged, motion picture production costs are to high to waste time doing something like that. Just think how much press was generated over 5 or 6 photos (released just before the Oscars) and the movie is still more than 15 months from release.

J.J & the guys are all smart men, just leaving it their hands I”m sure we will have a GREAT Trek film next summer.

115. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012

I guess one explanation could be that the supreme court know they have a stinker of a movie on their hands and they don’t want to risk the audience wising up to it and are trying to cover it up so that they don’t lose any revenue.

I can’t see that being the case, but one never knows for sure.

116. Craiger - February 27, 2012

RDR – Don’t they have the Dallies and if those look good Paramount tells them to continue? If ST 2 stinks Trek is dead for a long time right? Or would it just be dead on film for a long time but CBS could still maybe reboot it on TV?

117. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012


It’s more like 10 or 11 photos. They were very nice, and I especially liked the one of JJ directing with Zachary (in a cute blue hoody) hanging out in the background watching and having his Starbucks, plus a few others…

It’s nice to see things in motion like that, but I can also understand the need for privacy while filming. A security breach is not a good thing.

118. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

113. VZX – February 27, 2012

I think the main problem is that when you have studio lights, even when they are very bright, they don’t give you the reflected light in the surroundings that the sun does. If your shot shows a lot of the environment in full daylight then everything is brightly lit from one source very far away, and there’s lots of reflected light in the environment that illuminates the shadows without creating secondary shadows, so even if you need to add some fill light to the shadows in someone’s face, for instance, in a daylight shot, it isn’t much.

My dog chewed the white lens on my footcandle meter. Now I can only measure footlamberts! You’ve got me curious about it, so now I want to check to see what the sun puts out.

119. Mikey1091 - February 27, 2012

JJ isn’t happy about the leaked photo’s. No surprise there. Still, he should be happy the photo’s gave away basically NOTHING about the film that we didn’t already know, lol.

120. The Last Vulcan - February 27, 2012

@ 90 + 111: Wouldn’t it be really funny if when the movie is actually released we see Cumby in bronze makeup and with a ponytail. Then we’d all have to admit that JJ got us with a faked setup! :)

121. P Technobabble - February 27, 2012

Unless these photos are a red-herring, I think JJ has every right to be annoyed. If we put ourselves in his shoes for a minute or two, we might be able to understand how he feels.

122. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

I wrote much of what RDR wrote in one of the early posts on this thread. If security and secrecy was such an issue for JJ Abrams, then don’t film this movie on location in a large media-driven city. What was wrong with Hawaii, apart from cost?

In terms of sunlight and shadow, the impression I have of Los Angeles is that there is a lot of glare or diffused light. That does not make for a lot of shadow, but is hard on the eyes, at least on my eyes. These pictures look as if they were taken on a day like that, no real sunlight or shade, just diffused light.

I hope they continue shooting outdoors, with hopefully days that are actually sunnier (rich blue skies, puffy white clouds) with shade. Now for those outdoor photos of that lovely *conifer* being “my captain”.

Relax about any stray shot that might make it to the www. Just get on with the filming!

123. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012


But J.J Abrams could have prevented this by being proactive. He could have released a couple of non-revealing still photos to satisfy the fans for awhile. Its not like these photos give anything away.

How hard would that have been?

124. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

#70 – How about – Make love, not war! An oldie, but a goodie.

The only R-rated Star Trek I want to see is where it shows genuine lovemaking and nudity between two *lovers, where there is sensuality and eroticism, affection and friendship, eg James Kirk and Jasmia (Kirk’s menosian love)!

I have no idea why such scenes should warrant an R-rating, but there you have it. There is a lot of violence and brutality allowed under the lower PG-13 type ratings anyway.

*Lovers – male/female; male/male; female/female.

125. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

123. Red Dead Ryan – February 27, 2012


But J.J Abrams could have prevented this by being proactive.


Exactly. By hiring a sniper.

126. dmduncan - February 27, 2012

Or at least a bunch of kids with paintball guns.

127. Plum - February 27, 2012

The OP said it best. I like the mystery box. :)

Hope there’s some love in Trek again too. Call Kirk a rogue all you want, he only ever said it was love. Well, except that one time.

128. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 27, 2012

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but by saying that JJ is angry, isn’t that also letting out more details?

129. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 27, 2012

#122. Keachick…

Thankfully, Alex Kurtzman did all those outdoor scenes with CP and the red convertible … for a while I’ve been thinking that we would see only that, of the film “Welcome to People” …

Will Mr. Bob Orci tell us when will we see the first trailer? …. of, “Welcome to People” I mean… ;-) :-)

130. Mr. Fusion - February 27, 2012

I really don’t see that much “leak” there. These Scene could be everything. Maybe the Bad Guy is not that bad, remember how Spock had some fight with Kirk in the 2009 Movie?
What else we can see? Spock – OMG!!! Spock is in the Movie, Uhura too! O.o” …. ;)
And the small Set? It also could be everything, everywhere. I remember Set Photos from the 2009 Movie, they had shot the Platform Scene in a backlot/parking lot and it may no surprise that this scene looked totaly different in the Movie, nobody could tell just from the Set Photos what was actualy going on, or did everyone knew just from these Set Photos that a gigantic Spaceship with a mining device on an orbital Plattform is preparing for blowing up Vulcan? ;)

So please no fear, Mr. Abrams, you can show us much more Photos without spoiling anything about the Movie. I love and enjoy all these speculations around Set Photos.*Grabs Popcorn*

131. NuFan - February 27, 2012

Staged photos would not show Zoe Saldana standing around looking bored. They wouldn’t bother to round up the stunt doubles for fake photos, either.

Are there any known instances in motion picture history of a production putting out fake photos? Which ones?

132. Andrews - February 27, 2012

Oh, boo hoo hoo, Abrams. I invite you to cry more. It’s almost as big an outrage as a director dilly-dallying and dragging his feet for almost three years while pretending a sequel is ‘in development’ and squandering a frenzy-level of goodwill and interest along the way.

God forbid there should be some actual physical news about the sequel released, THREE YEARS after the original movie. But no, I’m sure he’s just thinking about the fans and how it “spoils it” for them, not about his own ego.

He can take his concern about my welfare and put it somewhere, I tell you what.

133. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012



134. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012

I don’t think the big issue is what the photos potentially give away, but the fact that there was a breach.

Say you own a business, and someone breaks in and steals $100 of goods. If you thought the place was secure, then yes, you are thankful that not much was taken, but it is still disturbing to have had that breach.

If I were JJ, then I would be a little upset too, especially if they don’t know how it happened and who did it yet. I’ll be eternally thankful for the pics, but I do wish they had been ok’d first. That’s just me.

135. SoonerDave - February 27, 2012

C’mon, boborci, come clean – you guys purposely staged these photos and leaked them to the ‘Net to stir up a hornet’s nest of curiosity and interest. I bet they have only peripheral (if that) relevance to the movie.

Fess up, boborci :)

136. P Technobabble - February 27, 2012

123. Red
I understand where you’re coming from. And, in the grand scheme of the movie, these pics probably don’t give away too much other than a fight-scene taking place. But I don’t think JJ tossing a few photos out to wet the whistles of eager Trekkies would suffice. There will always be somebody out there playing the “gotcha” game, trying to get the scoop to end all scoops, especially on a high-stakes project like Star Trek. If this were Dirk Director shooting “Oh, Those Fancy Shoes,” no one would give a rat’s a$$ if the whole film were leaked before it was released. Certainly, Star Trek deserves a lot more consideration, hmm?
125. dm
“…By hiring a sniper…”
Is this a segue into a new round of JFK Conspiracy talks? nyuk nyuk

137. captain spock - February 27, 2012

found this 20 picture of the filming of trek2 some you have seen a couple havent been seen yet by the fans..

138. Vultan - February 27, 2012


But nothing was stolen. A better metaphor would be a kid peaking at his presents before Christmas.

Anyway, if JJ is genuinely upset, he should get over it and be thankful people are still so interested.

[in a Hans Gruber voice]
“We have the pictures now. Ho. Ho. Ho.”

139. Starbase Britain - February 27, 2012

we cant play those clips here in the United Kingdom :o(

PS – im not sure why JJ would be angry – this has stirred up a lot of interest in the movie (all good) and the pictures hardly give away any story plot. I just see and action scene with spock and an arch enemy (if indeed he is the enemy)!

140. Bucky - February 27, 2012

I could see Abrams being ticked if, as someone mentioned before, the big reveal is that Cumberbath is the bad guy. However, to be fair, we all knew he was cast as the bad guy then Abrams said “Who says he is the villain?” so it’s not THAT much of a spoiler if he is. Of course, if its a twist in the last 20 minutes or so, and all of the promotional stuff shows him as a good guy, that would kind of suck. But, once again, we all knew that when he was cast.

If he bombs into the movie going “I am the bad guy, muha-ha-ha-ha!” then, really, who cares?

141. Sunfell - February 27, 2012

The only thing these photos made me do was wish I had a fast-forward button to get through the next 15 months.

Zach said they were actually rehearsing- the cameras weren’t even rolling. And he did hint at having to train for an ‘epic scene’. Perhaps this is part of it. Hate to see Spock on the losing end of a fight, though.

I would hate to be the photographer who did that, though. You know they’ll find out who it is. Hope he or she has deep pockets.

142. Bucky - February 27, 2012

^ I really, really hope that is an actual line of dialogue in the script, btw.

143. Vultan - February 27, 2012

Correction at #138: that should be “peeking.”

144. rm10019 - February 27, 2012

People, the line about ‘the cameras weren’t even rolling’ was a joke, that he says he nicked from Damon L!!!! The joke being they were really just beating the crap out of each other… and it had nothing to do with the movie.

145. Captain Smegma - February 27, 2012

Give that cumberpatch is wearing an insignia I wonder if he is a temporal agent from the future! Who knows.

146. webitube - February 27, 2012

NuFan(#131): “Are there any known instances in motion picture history of a production putting out fake photos? Which ones?”

How about Return of the Jedi’s fake movie cover story production, “Blue Harvest?”

“Horror Beyond Imagination!”

147. Sarah - February 27, 2012

If Abrams is smart, he’ll occasionally leak out a photo or two. It keeps the appetite and attention for the sequel nice and wet. I think that’s part of the reason why the previous movie did so well. The issue was kept at the forefront of fans’ minds, and others hearing about it as a result….this leaked out into the public. A lot of people started to take interest. There’s been a lot of time in between this movie, and the last one. I’d hate to see the next one flop because of a mistaken idea that this is just another movie for Trekkies. Jazz it up a little bit. Feed that interest. Keep appealing to non-Trekkies. Invoke intrigue. Church that butter!

148. Reality Bites - February 27, 2012

How the heck can people actually think these were staged?

J.J. and crew have a movie to make.

They’re not going to waste TIME and MONEY to stage a fake filming of a scene for people on the internet who are impatient for info about the movie.

149. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012


Behind the scenes shots were “stolen” if they weren’t approved to be given out to the public. I like the pictures as much as everyone else, but if this is the case, then that’s what it is.

150. Reality Bites - February 27, 2012

@ #146

That’s COMPLETELY different. That is what’s called a ‘working title’. Sometimes used to disguise a production as in RotJ’s case.

Tons of movies do that. Chris Nolan did that for The Dark Knight Rises. During production it was called “Magnus Rex”.

Of coarse in this age it’s hard to keep things secret for long.

151. Trekker5 - February 27, 2012

#2,Bob,Thank you 5 million times over!!!! :) :) And JJ,I’m sorry your hacked off;but really,if you’re gonna make us wait 4 years we need something to chew on besides old news and hope.

152. cd - February 27, 2012

I am hoping these are fake, but as disappointing as they are, they are probably real.

153. Brett Campbell - February 27, 2012

I agree with those that say Abrams has nothing to bitch about if he is going to make people wait four years between films.

154. BaronByng - February 27, 2012

We don’t know that BC’s the “villain,” we know that he’s an antagonist. The costume details suggest he’s another Starfleet captain – possibly gone rogue? The earlier casting details that put Noel Clarke as a “working family man” and Weller as a “CEO” suggests something like a conflict over a colony world with some sort of corporate angle. Who knows, maybe the destruction of Vulcan reignites Terra Prime and xenophobic elements in the Federation, and Weller’s actually reprising Paxton in some sort of archival footage, or is his great-grandson?

155. Basement Blogger - February 27, 2012

Hello Trekkers, we have a BOB ORCI sighting. ( @ 86) It’s like a MONGO sighting. Time to join in the Khanversaiton. I keeed. I keeed.

Bob, AJ posted this new Triumph the Insult Dog video on live chat. It takes on the Golden Collar awards which gives awards for dogs acting in TV and film. I am not keeeding. Anyway, I’ve posted it for you.

Bob and Trekkers enjoy.

156. 750 Mang - February 27, 2012

I wish someone would get a picture of the script. ‘I don’t think these kids can steer.”

157. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

154. BaronByng

Thank you! Finally someone is thinking outside the box and has an original idea! Refreshing!

158. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012


The photos weren’t “stolen”. Some guy snuck in and used his own camera to take pictures. He didn’t steal them, he produced them himself, albeit without the consent of J.J Abrams, who for some reason, was asleep at the wheel security-wise on this occasion.

If the guy had stolen physical photo stills, then yeah, it would be considered stealing. And the guy could be charged.

Taking photos of a movie shoot, in public places, is not illegal. People do it all the time. Even on a soundstage its not illegal.

159. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012


And that wouldn’t be a better metaphor unless we know that these were shots/a scene we are actually going to get via the movie or deleted scenes on dvd. We don’t know that. The finished product/present has not been put in front of us yet. I would use your metaphor if it were leaked footage of the completed movie (present) given to the public prior to the scheduled release date (Christmas).


Yes, and the training shows in some of those side photos. It would be nice to see a buffed up shirtless Spock in the movie. Oh, yeah. :-)

160. Vultan - February 27, 2012


Cut or not, the scene is being shot for the new movie in a public place.
It’s peeking. Abrams just had a tear in his wrapping paper.

Better luck next time.

161. Jack - February 27, 2012

It ain’t illegal, but it’s darned lousy sportmanship. There’s no public right to know what’s going on on a movie set or during a celebrity’s vacation (or in their private lives). Of course, we all want to see what we’re not allowed to… or to see it before anybody else does.


“The photos weren’t “stolen”. Some guy snuck in and used his own camera to take pictures. He didn’t steal them, he produced them himself, albeit without the consent of J.J Abrams, who for some reason, was asleep at the wheel security-wise on this occasion.”

What are you talking about, man? Somebody sneaks a telephoto shot and Abrams is “asleep at the wheel.” So the guy’s (reportedly) annoyed that photos got out there, why are we arguing that he shouldn’t be annoyed or that he (the production) should have had better security? Gimme a break. We have no bloody information here. Why do we have to have an opinion on absolutely everything?

162. Vultan - February 27, 2012

Besides, the spoilers are minimal. You have three people fighting and jumping around on a piece of equipment. Ditch the pointed ears and silly uniforms and you have a Lethal Weapon movie.

163. Flaming Nacelles Forever! - February 27, 2012


How about something for April 1st? Something devilish, and terribly misleading – but just enough to get the fan base into a feeding frenzy….

We all remember the ‘Galactica’ inspired E drawing ;)

164. Stargazer54 - February 27, 2012

You guys were all suckered in. The real world had no idea that the next ST film was underway, except the die hards. Who gives a flip if the dorks at MTV are stealing the thunder. Its publicity plain and simple. The new fans (yes I said it) need to know more story is on the way.

You better hope its a frecking blockbuster that hits the screens next summer, or #3 dies on the vine.

If JJ is pissed about the leaks then he’s not concentrating on the job at hand. You better believe JJ and crew are kicking butt with this one and the “leaked” photos were just a little fairy dust to spark the chatter. If the kiddos at MTV get a little taste, then all the better.

165. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012


And if the public were meant to be able to just get a peek whenever, then I doubt JJ would be upset. That does not seem to be the case here. JJ has filmed in locations like this before without ‘leaks,’ and so I can understand how and why he doesn’t like this happening.

The spoilers are minimal, if they even end up being spoilers, but like I was saying before, that is not the main issue here.

It’s not necessarily a ‘tear in the wrapping’ because we still don’t know if it’s a part of the present. Nero’s jail time on the Klingon prison ship was filmed, and if photos of that had been leaked, it would not have been a “tear in the wrapping paper” because none of that footage made it into the movie or even the dvd extras after the fact.

All I am saying is that you might be right but you also very well might be wrong. We have no way of knowing right now so the metaphor doesn’t quite work (yet?).

166. Nano - February 27, 2012

I don’t know what to make of all this, viral marketing possibly? Either way I feel I’m / we are being played and i couldn’t be more happy…

167. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012


If Abrams wasn’t asleep at the wheel, he’d have made sure that everyone near the set wasn’t carrying a camera of any sort. He could have gone to extreme measures, such as having everybody empty their bags and pockets, and block all access to the set by setting up large barriers that would block outsiders from taking pictures.

The thing is, Abrams was trying to keep the production 100% secret and hidden. He wanted to do that. But since that was the case, he had a moment of failure. Because in this day and age, one has to be 100% vigilant 100% of the time. Peeps and papz are everywhere. They only need to be right 1% of the time. J.J has to be right 100% of the time.

For Abrams to blame the media for the leak is an easy way out for him. He had to have known that there was a big possibility–make that probability–that someone would find a way to take photos and leak them to the internet, thus him being angry about it is pretty ridiculous and shallow. Add to that the photos reveal nothing we didn’t already know about the sequel.

168. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

“It’s not necessarily a ‘tear in the wrapping’ because we still don’t know if it’s a part of the present. Nero’s jail time on the Klingon prison ship was filmed, and if photos of that had been leaked, it would not have been a “tear in the wrapping paper” because none of that footage made it into the movie or even the dvd extras after the fact.”

So what? As with the filming of the first Star Trek, these shots of rehearsals may or may not make the final cut. It is dependent on a great many factors and frankly the fact that someone with a telescopic camera caught a little footage would/should be neither here nor there. If these scenes do turn up in the movie with the proper makeup applied to the actors, editing and post-production done like showing the what the green screen is actually supposed to be and all the other details that we have absolutely no idea about, then great. We can all say – “Hey, remember those photos way back in February showing the three actors play-fighting with an Imax camera in the foreground and stunt doubles standing behind – so that’s what that’s about. Wow! Cool! Who would have thought?”

If the scene does not turn up, it would be because a better one got shot, a little bit of script got changed perhaps making that scene irrelevant – Lord only knows…Honestly, I don’t think it really matters at the end of the day.

I don’t think we need see too much of any one scene – just some snapshots of the various cast on set.

169. Vultan - February 27, 2012

Good points, Keachick, RDR.

And again, it may be rude to take someone’s photo in public without their permission or knowledge, but it’s not against the law. If it was “stealing,” then we all, especially the sites that post the photos, would be guilty of dealing in stolen goods. ;)

170. Red Dead Ryan - February 27, 2012


“And again, it may be rude to take someone’s photo in public without their permission or knowledge, but it’s not against the law. If it was “stealing”, then we all, especially the sites that post the photos, would be guilty of dealing in stolen goods. :)”

And the people on this thread insisting that the photos were “stolen” all the while admitting to clicking on the articles are hypocrites!

171. Ned Kelly - February 27, 2012

Video of the shoot here:

172. Whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - February 27, 2012

The impact of these photos is probably negligible in the grand scheme of this film.

What can be gleaned from them that we didn’t already know? Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the villain. That was clear when it was released that he was cast.

Can we tell for certain what villain that Cumberbatch portrays is from the photos? Not really.

If I had to guess from the photos what character from Star Trek lore he was playing I would have to say Gary Mitchell and what are the odds of that?

173. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

If JJ was upset before, wait till he sees the video!

174. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

@ 172. Whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold
“I would have to say Gary Mitchell and what are the odds of that?”


175. Greenberg - February 27, 2012

I’m upset that it was something stupid like a fistfight.
Still, always a pleasure to see Uhura in boots. *fap fap*

176. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

#173 – What video?

177. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

@176 Keachick

Take a look at post #171

178. Ahmed Abdo - February 27, 2012

Just came across the video but didn’t watch it, not really sure if I want to do that now. I’d rather wait for the teaser/trailer.

179. Harry Ballz - February 27, 2012

Watched the video. Looks like it’s an epic fight between Spock and _______!!

180. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012

Here we go again. :-/

Aside from people making it up, I don’t see where JJ has “blamed” anyone or even made a public statement about the photos.

Some of the the folks that appear to deal in rable-rousimg here really need to stop. I’m not even going to bother with responding or explaining once again what a hypocrite really is. It’s usually the ones doing the finger pointing that are the guiltiest of them all. Sad…

181. Vultan - February 27, 2012

What is it about Hollywood fight scenes? The much stronger bad guy always seems determined to throw the good guy around a room or off a ledge.

The Terminator films are the worst about this—a futuristic killing machine capable of crushing a human skull in one step suddenly decides it would be more lethal to throw a man to the floor and walk slowly, menacingly towards him.


182. Montreal_Paul - February 27, 2012

180. Spock/Uhura Admirer

What are you talking about?

183. AJ - February 27, 2012

One thing’s for sure, Cumberbatch will benefit from the super-secret photos/videos, as most non-anglophile North Americans have no idea who he is.

184. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012

@#166 nano

Like Jack was saying, it really doesn’t matter for us aside from the fact that we got some amazing photos, but I can understand why JJ would be unhappy. Some people (not you) may need to take a chill pill with the accusations. :-/

185. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

#180 – “According to the actress, the notoriously secretive director JJ Abrams isn’t happy.” Quote from the article for this thread.

It is hearsay, of course, because no, we don’t have JJ Abrams quoted as saying anything the pictures. Presumably Zoe and Zach, who were both working with him, would be aware of his reaction once the photos became public and the actress is simply reporting that. It is a pity that JJ Abrams himself does not make a statement himself and frankly I do not know why the two actors commented at all. What gets published or not etc is surely a studio/producer/director issue, not an actor issue unless the actor is also one of these other people, which none of these actors are.

I think JJ Abrams was also there at the Awards so why wasn’t he asked (perhaps he was) and why didn’t he answer?

186. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 27, 2012


For this thread – Accusations of JJ dropping the ball, calling people hypocrites, etc., etc. For a full background, you might have to read several threads.

187. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 27, 2012

BTW, I can’t watch either of the videos posted here – not available in my region apparently. Ugh!

188. USS Enterprise B - February 27, 2012

perhaps JJ is so upset because this scene could very well be towards the climax / finale of the film and could potentially contain major spoilers about how the villain dies (it could be possible that when uhura fires the phaser at him, that could be how he dies, based on what it looks like in one of the photos). i have a very hard time believing this leaked scene is from the beginning of this film; it seems more of what we’d see towards the end.

as excited as i am about finally seeing the villain in action along with spock and uhura, something about this whole leak just doesn’t feel right. i think it’s a bit premature for these photos to have hit the public (perhaps a less-spoilery scene earlier on in the film wouldn’t have hurt as much), because these pics will only raise more questions and there is still over a year before many of our questions will be answered (most likely).

189. Harry Ballz - February 27, 2012

It all begins with us seeing the end.

How profound.

190. NanoTechDudeLA - February 27, 2012

OK… all this fuss about the filming is really making me anxious!:)

I am currently living only a couple of miles from the Culver City, and I can’t stand it anymore – being sooo close and yet sooo far away!

Any volunteers who would join me in developing an invisibility cloak so we could sneek into the studio??? :):):)

191. Azrael - February 27, 2012

@165. The deleted scenes of Nero on Rura Penthe are on my DVD, you must have gotten the cheap version, because they are in fact on the second disc.

192. Buzz Cagney - February 27, 2012

#188 Uhura kills the bad guy in the final scene’s? I think not.

193. - February 27, 2012

My guess is the entire thing was a set up to get interest in the film. Very Abrams style to play the game.

194. - February 27, 2012

And i don’t think they would have come from Bob either. The guys so straight he leaks standing up.

195. Buzz Cagney - February 27, 2012

#79 the thing with James Bond is you know pretty much what you are going to get so there is no real need to be secretive.
Trek doesn’t really have the luxury of a massive lazy fan base. I class myself as one of the ‘lazy Bond fans’ and go along content in the knowledge that there will be a car chase, bad guys getting punched up, pretty ladies and great locations. And thats all I really need from that franchise.
From Trek I need more. Oddly enough, of the two sets of movies, Trek feels more real to me. I know Bond isn’t going to ever die so don’t really invest in him emotionally. Not so with Trek.
My point, in short, is they can leak all they want about Bond because they know it doesn’t matter. Hell, they even had 007 running around Trafalgar Square a few weeks back. Not much hope of secrecy there! :D

196. Won Ton Photon - February 27, 2012

Talk about Spock getting his a$$ handed to him by Cumberbatch, here is the video of the fight with some stunning hand to hand combat. Enjoy

Video of Spock and Cumberbatch fighting

197. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 28, 2012

Referencing #185

Please don’t make something or allow something to look like it’s a quote from my post when it’s not, and then start a new paragraph below as if you are responding to it.

Zoe’s statement is highly unlikely to be heresy. Some of what you stated is what I also stated, and the rest I’ll leave alone because I honestly think you are somewhat addicted to argument. Sorry if that offends.

198. JRT! - February 28, 2012

Keachik-go to You can watch it there,I just did after I couldn’t watch it here ‘cos of the same reason I suppose.

Keep Trekkin’! J-R!

199. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 28, 2012


Really? I didn’t even know they had a double disc version. When did it come out? I just bought the dvd when it first came out at the end of 2009. If I had seen a double disc version, then I would have gotten it. I’ll surely be looking into it now. Thanks.


Poor Spock. :-( I wonder how close this person (if it is the same person) was to film this. I know one can zoom in, but who knows??…

If this makes it into the film, then the tear in the wrapping metaphor works. I just hope Spock gets the bad guy in the end, or maybe Uhura saves him. That’s a good thought. Interesting, the footage looks like it was just put up very, very recently. Seems like the leaks haven’t been plugged just yet.

200. Hateya - February 28, 2012


Come on, confess! These photos are FOILERS, aren’t they? You’re just teasing all of the Uhura and Uhura/Spock lovers, aren’t you? I mean, Uhura with a phaser in the same sphere as Spock and the bad guy. While I’m not pleased that she is still visibly rank-less, I don’t mind that she’s still in that short skirt. I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I LOVE IT!!! MORE! MORE! MORE!

I know lots of folks hate spoilers and whatever, but you know here in Japan EVERYTHING is spoiled in terms of action. We don’t go to the movies just for that and we’ll make a effort to pay out more this time around. We still have money. :D


201. paul_Tigulea1979 - February 28, 2012

I said it in the other thread, but i am sorry but they are filming in PUBLIC locations, you cant punish people for taking pictures while standing on PUBLIC PROPERTY. you dont want people getting shots of your film, then stay on the backlot.
Now if these people who took the photos, had snuck into an area where the crew was filming then thats a different story, thats trespassing. But from all accounts these photos where taken by people who merely had a view from a public area of what was taking place.

I explained in the other thread why i have no love for film crews on location who think they can tell people who live and work in that area what they can and cant do.

Ill say this if JJ Trek were to film in my area and i had a view of it from public property or from my apartment balcony or lobby,or sidewalk Id like to see them try and stop me from taking a photo. Its a free country, we have a GD given right to take photos of things occuring in pubic if we want.

202. paul_Tigulea1979 - February 28, 2012

Sometimes I hate living in the heart of L.A. because these self rightous directors and film crews who think they can boss residents around.
I didnt ask to be born in L.A., but its my home town, and all my famiy is here, just sucks to have to have to deal with film crews.

203. JRT! - February 28, 2012

Ooops,sorry Keachick…..thought you meant the vid where these pics were taken from,you obviously meant the two vids in this thread,lol!

Have fun y’all! J-R!

204. somethoughts - February 28, 2012

Finally some martial arts in space, thanks bob :)

I heard the set spins 180 also? Tripping!

205. Azrael - February 28, 2012

@199. So far as I know the double disc version (with a nice slipcover with Pine’s face on one side and Quinto’s on the other) came out at the same time as the other version, but I could be wrong cause I didn’t get the dvd right after release (had to wait for payday). The second disc includes a number of deleted scenes, like Spock’s birth, the Rura Penthe scenes, and a few others, and a demo for an XBox 360 Star Trek game (that might not be on the new ones now, cause it’s a few years after the game’s release). I picked up my copy at WalMart.

206. ProtoVulcan - February 28, 2012

“Space barge” = DY100?
Remember, Genesis was first reported in the press as a weather control device.
Cumberbatch: a genetic superman other than Khan?

207. CapKirk - February 28, 2012

Who says the villain is human. Maybe he just appears human?

208. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@206 Cumberbatch: a genetic superman other than Khan?

I think Cumberbatch is Klingon Arne Darvin with a twist, he’s a augment. In the film footage he clearly resists Spock’s nerve pinch. He just reaches over and pulls Spock’s hand off his neck and commences to beat the living crap out of Spock. Apparently Spock loses his phaser and then after Spock is immobilized, Uhura comes to the rescue and picks up the phaser and stuns Cumberbatch. Here is my theory:

1. Space Barge=Shipping grain, plague ridden Quadrotriticale grain that is, for a corporation that Peter Weller’s corrupt character is in charge of.

2. Cumberbatch is Arne Darvin, a augment Klingon Federation plant.

It can’t be anything else.

209. Bob Tompkins - February 28, 2012

Oh boo hoo. Some pictures were sneaked out of the gulag.
Life goes on, Star Trek 2012 gets released, makes its $150- 200m; the schools still suck because certain corrosive elements don’t want our kids thinking outside of the Fox Box, jobs are impossible to find because our legislators are too wrapped up in the need to know what goes on in our bedrooms while saying we need less intrusive government, a man of 60 has to sell all that’s his own, accumulated over a lifetime of hard work to divest his assets so that he can have medical care for a chronic condition- or he can move to Canada.
Get a grip, Mr. Abrams et al. There are far more important things going on other than someone breaching your security.
My last post here. Bye Gang, it’s been real.
I know Orci won’t miss me. I am insane.

210. Azrael - February 28, 2012

@208. It could be something else, but that would be a pretty good movie IMHO, as long as they didn’t feel the need to go with the Tribble route.

211. boborci - February 28, 2012

209. Ill miss you.

212. Ralph Pinheiro - February 28, 2012

Mr. Orci, if the pictures were leaked, when do you show something officially?

213. Ralph Pinheiro - February 28, 2012

Mr. Orci, if the pictures were leaked, when will you show something officially?

214. - February 28, 2012

Here is the video of the scene in the photos being rehearsed.

215. CJS - February 28, 2012

It could be any number of anything elses, including a new story with original characters. Maybe Cumberbatch is a human from a higher gravity colony who is just naturally stronger and some how immune to the VNP (no where in the canon has it ever been suggested that Khan & co. was immune). My guess is a former (or current) Starfleet officer who lost someone on one of those star ships destroyed before the destruction of Vulcan. He’s seeking revenge against the commander of that fleet, now Admiral Pike, and the Enterprise gets involved defending the admiral.

216. somethoughts - February 28, 2012

Spocks top student at academy that gets possesed, black ops federation project that crew discovers

217. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 28, 2012

@209 and @211 I think the picts are fine. It doesn’t show much. We have no plot line. No dialog. A picture is worth a thousand words….. this wont hurt the movie at all

218. Buzz Cagney - February 28, 2012

The reason that Vulcan pinch didn’t seem to work is that nuSpock clearly doesn’t know how to do it. I mean look at the weedy attempt he’s putting into it. Just a couple of fingers. Cabbagepatch wouldn’t have to be superhuman to withstand that. I reckon a sharp tap on his funny bone would have been more debilitating!
Spockprime needs to have a word with himself about how to do a proper neck pinch.

219. Adam Cohen - February 28, 2012

Leaked photos are what keeps STAR TREK 2 in the forefront of our easily distracted minds. It’s free publicity! Rarely does a plot point get ruined from set photos. I recall some shots leaking from the first movie’s production- and none of them made sense or factored into my ability to be entertained by the film.

220. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012


The writer seems to think its Gary Mitchell that Spock is in combat with. I was under the impression that the GM story arch was told in the IDW comic issue #1. Unless there is more to the story?

I see GM using more mutant powers than hand to hand combat, which is more Khan/Superhuman style.

221. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012

Oh the heck with it, Bob tell us who the villain is please! :)

And P.S. how was the first day of shoot for Enders?

222. Chris M - February 28, 2012

If JJ was upset over the photos he will be furious about the video over at

The only question that now remains is whether Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan or another augment……… don’t beat up a Vulcan and withstand the Vucan pinch if you’re just a normal human!

223. - February 28, 2012

Seriously, if this is a Khan movie i’m selling my Spock ears.

No reserve.

224. VZX - February 28, 2012

211. I won’t.

214. Great vid. This is like the first unoffical teaser. Even the commentator realizes there has to be something about Cumby’s character’s strength since he can take on Spock. I know we have been guessing what he could be based on TOS characters, and that’s fun and all.

225. Daoud - February 28, 2012

@208: As much as I’ve wanted a Garth story for 40 years or so… it sure does seem to suggest non-bumpy Klingon undercover operative Arne Darvin… but what were any of his other aliases? You’d think, as soon as any character names leak out, we’d know for sure. But Boborci and Alex and Damon are pretty darn sneeeeky. I can’t help but think that with some time on his hands, Bob could plank out a few pages of faux dialogue, with purposely chosen fake-out TOS character names and we’d buy it hook, line, and sinker.
@209: We’ll always have Paris. Tom Paris.

226. denny cranium - February 28, 2012

Great to see pics and video.
I don’t think it spoiled much about the movie.
In fact it just raised more questions and interest about the next flick.
Where’s Kirk?
Who exactly is Cumberbatch playing?
Why is Spock getting his ass kicked by a supposed human? (After Spock clearly kicked Kirks ass in Trek 09)
Why do we have to wait until May 2013 to see the rest of this flick?
JJ should be concerned there is a security issue on his set.
What got leaked? Not that much of a big deal in my opinion.
@BobOrci- I nearly peeeed until I read “just keeeed”

227. La Reyne d'Epee - February 28, 2012

I reckon no cameras were rolling. Cumberbatch just wiggled his exceedingly bushy brows at Quinto once too often. FIIIIIIIGHT!!!

228. Daoud - February 28, 2012

@214: Arrrgh. What the heck is wrong with Spock in this universe? He wake up in the middle of pon farr? He filling the TNG Worf role of being caught with his phaser down? Pathetic. Uhura to the rescue again, like in the new comic “Gal” 7 story? JJ should be upset, because I can’t fathom how a tale of exploration, strange new worlds, Kirk leading a brave crew into the unknown ends up being a lame fight sequence on a crashed spacecraft on a Nimbus III-looking world that doesn’t have the protagonist Kirk involved, with Spock at his side. Instead, we have Cowboy Spock and Cowgirl Uhura? Someone spent a little bit too much time planking, posting, and rewatching Star Wars I’m afraid.
I figured it out now. Benedict is playing a young Count Dooku.

229. NCM - February 28, 2012

It would be a bummer about the photos/video leaked IF we’d seen something, as yet, but some of us are so desperate for a peek, we’re thrilled to have a climatic scene (and more–we’ll know at first sight that this human-looking villain is something more) spoiled for us.

That scene will be a bit anti-climatic in the theater, but I’m more excited than ever to see the sequel.

230. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@226 Why is Spock getting his ass kicked by a supposed human?

Because the guy beating the hell out of Spock isn’t human. He’s a Klingon augment infiltrator, namely Arne Darvin.

231. Craiger - February 28, 2012

I got it they are remaking Trouble with Tribbles. LOL.

232. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012

I actually dig Cumberbatch’s trench coat. Kind of a Blade Runner vibe going on there.

233. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Can Klingon’s withstand the Vulcan neck pinch? If not I think its probably Gary Seven because he could.

234. Daoud - February 28, 2012

@233: Alice Eve as Roberta Lincoln, Girl Wrong-Friday? Sure, that sounds fun. Could make a whole series of non-Trek movies featuring Gary Seven, which could be very intriguing for Paramount.

235. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012

Its Harry Mudd wacked out on Venus.

236. SoonerDave - February 28, 2012

While I appreciate the fact that overtures have been made by the writers in prior months to “existing” or “known” TOS “villains,” I think we have to be careful to realize that if those overtures prove to be true, the villain can’t be among the obscure ones in Trek lore.

I read a lot of posts here about Garth, Col. Green, or even Arne Darvin, and while most here know who those folks are, those are relatively second-tier (to be generous) TOS villains. This movie (like it or not) has to be broadly appealing, and I don’t think explaining those three characters out of Trek TOS obscurity into this movie is going to sell well. If they’re pulling someone out of TOS, it’s going to have to be someone with quite a bit of existing notoriety. The more you have to “explain in” a TOS character, the more it will seem to be a Trekkie-only film, and that’s typically box-office suicide.

I still can’t escape the idea of a “tangent” Khan story that doesn’t, in fact, focus on Khan – could be a story about how he, in the alternate timeline, escapes Ceti Alpha V prior to VI’s explosion through the aid of some corrupt Federation officers. Who knows.

I think the conspicuous presence of British actors in the cast could, arguably at least, tell us at least as much if not more about the “theme” of the film than these videos. For the life of me, however, I can’t think of any TOS-era villains with British overtones…

237. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@233 Can Klingon’s withstand the Vulcan neck pinch?

If he is a genetically altered augment Klingon then yes. Klingons are already high on adrenaline. Just think about one that is a augment?

238. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

230. Won Ton Photon

It won’t be that. It is a far too convoluted thing to explain the augments and such. Besides, he is wearing a Starfleet uniform.

239. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

233. Craiger

You forget… Gary Seven WASN’T a villain!!!!!!!

240. mooseday - February 28, 2012

Hmmm … faking a days shooting …

Reminds me of

241. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012


I can picture a scene in the film where Kirk and Spock on the Enterprise use the computer to pull up the NX-01s logs and research Capt Archers tangle with the augments trying to figure out Arne Darvin IF that who Cumberbatch is playing and I think he is.

242. Craiger - February 28, 2012

#234 – I wonder what Gary Seven story they could do without involving time travel? Gary Mitchell could also resist Spock’s nerve pinch after he gets transformed with his God-like powers. However we would know how part of that story goes, so I wonder if a Gary Mitchell story wouldn’t be boring to us but new to non Trek fans and would non Trek fans like that?

243. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@238 Montreal_Paul…Besides, he is wearing a Starfleet uniform.

That’s because he has infiltrated Starfleet.

Also it wouldn’t be to much to explain augments no more in how they explained Khan genetics in Space Seed. It took just about a minute of dialogue and that was it.

244. Shannon Nutt - February 28, 2012

JJ shouldn’t worry so much…there were plenty of photos leaked for the first movie as well. And there were SO MANY photos leaked for THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS that you could probably find a few shots from every exterior scene in the entire movie.

JJ should be worried if photos DON’T leak…it means nobody cares. :)

245. Craiger - February 28, 2012

#238, I think may they have a production error their? The stunt double is wearing a Starfleet uniform but Cumberbatch doesn’t.

If he is wearing a Starfleet uniform one twist they could do on Gary Mitchell is maybe he wouldn’t be a friend of Kirk’s just an Enterprise officer who get’s supernatural powers and decides he’s a God and use his powers for conquest and Kirk and crew must stop him? Would that sound interesting?

246. Shannon Nutt - February 28, 2012


I obviously meant THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! :)

247. SoonerDave - February 28, 2012

@242 A Gary Seven story isn’t really a Trek story IMHO.

Please keep in mind that the Seven episode, “Assignment: Earth” was actually a pilot for an entirely different TV sci-fi series concept that didn’t sell. I can’t fathom they’d bring in that kind of character, who really wasn’t a villain at all, and then *recast* him AS a villain in this sequel. That smacks of a way too complicated story to me.

I think potential villains/antagonists have to be describable to the broader public in literally one or two words. “Khan.” ‘Klingons.” “Romulans.” “Renegade Starfleet”. If you have to explain them too much, you’re walking a tightrope over alligators – think of how convoluted some of the alien/villain relationships were in the TNG movies – Insurrection comes to mind – don’t think the writers want to trod that path.

248. Frederick - February 28, 2012

You’ve seen the leaked photos, now watch the video of the scene!

249. Frederick - February 28, 2012

Sorry, I didn’t see the previous post on this, I was so excited! Looks better on video than still photos, esp. the part where the guy resists the FSNP.

250. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

243. Won Ton Photon

Arne Darvin was a bureaucrat. And I am talking the whole mess about why he looks different that other Klingons, why he is an “augment” and such. They are not going to bog down the story like that. They are trying to appeal to the mass audience and are no going to pull someone only Trek fans know. How Does Peter Weller fit into your theory? Another “augment” infiltrator? Alice Eve as Arne’s “augment” cohort? Nah. Won’t be Arne Darvin. Won’t be Mitchell. Won’t be Gary Seven. Won’t be Khan. The only characters you MAY see from the past would be Alice Eve as either Chapel or Rand.

251. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Won Ton Photon, I don’t they would base the sequel on a Enterprise which is conisdered by most a failed Trek series. Also most of the general movie going public doesn’t know about Enterprise and the Augments.

252. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Montreal_Paul, I could see Alice Eve Roberta Lincoln and Cumberbatch as Gary Seven. However what story could they do involving them in Kirk’s time since they traveled into the past the last time.

253. Poliander - February 28, 2012

248. Frederick

This looks amazing. Cumberbatch MUST be an Augment.

254. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012

If this guy can do this to Spock can you imagine what he could do to Kirk?? ;)

255. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@250 Montreal_Paul

Here is my theory:

1. Space Barge means shipping grain, plague ridden Quadrotriticale grain that is that has killed loads of civilians on a planet or will be used to kill civilians. I think Peter Weller’s corrupt character owns the grain corporation.

2. Cumberbatch is Arne Darvin, a augment Klingon Federation plant.

3. Alice Eve will most likely be Carol Marcus who Kirk romances in the film to appeal to the teenyboppers.

It can’t be anything else. I’m sticking to it.

256. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

252. Craiger

Gary Seven WASN’T a villain. Gary Seven was able to time travel, but he was based in late 1960s Earth to make sure humanity doesn’t wipe itself off the map. The new universe diverges at the time of Kirk’s birth. Everything before Kirk’s birth remains as it was.

257. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

255. Won Ton Photon

There was no confirmation that they are on a space barge. The person that took the pictures and video said it looked like a space barge. In fact, we have NO IDEA what they are on.

Besides, they are not going to remake a TV episode. That wouldn’t be too imaginative. That is why they are overseeing the new comics, to be able to retell those stories in the new universe.

258. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Montreal_Paul that’s true, however Gary Seven’s path could be different in this new timeline since Kirk and crew’s are different. Unless Gary Seven still goes back into time but Kirk and crew don’t intercept him in the new Universe? Actually I think Gary Seven failed in his mission because Humanity still wiped most of itself off map but instead of in 1968 it happend in 2063.

259. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

258. Craiger

Like I said… Gary Seven WAS in the late 1960’s. The new universe started at Kirk’s birth. Gary Seven was not affected by the divergence, he was still in the 60’s. He still wouldn’t be a villain.

260. Mike H. - February 28, 2012

IDW Publishing was allowed to reboot the classic episode Where No Man Has Gone Before in officially sanctioned comic books. So Gary Mitchell has already come to pass in the JJAbrams Trek-verse. So it is not likely Cumberbatch is Mitchell. Let’s put that one to rest folks. That story is done. Many a fan on here has brought up a reboot of the insane starship captain named Garth from the classic series. I like that one. But that does not explain the Cumberbatch character’s extraordinary strength. So that leaves four possibilties – 1. Cumberbatch is a murderous android in classic Trek style. 2. Cumberbatch’s character is a smooth headed Klingon inflitrator. 3. Cumberbatch’s character is a genetic ‘superman’ / Augment – A. Khan, B. Colonel Green, C. new character. 4. Other – A. Trelaine-the-Godling, B. Apollo-the-Greek-Space-God, C. Charlie X, D. Gary 7. Oh, hell let me throw in a fifth possibility…a young Klingon officer afflicted by that smooth headed malady…his name…Chang (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Perhaps it’s Uhura that put out his eye (no LOL…giving my reader a deadpan expression).

261. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

#260 — Was it ever established Col. Green was superhuman?

262. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012


Col Green was a eugenicist, not a superhuman.

263. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - February 28, 2012

@Mike H: Klingons aren’t as strong as Vulcans. Your point about Mitchell is 100% correct. My pet theory is Welller’s Dr. Korby’s Android Starfleet infiltrator played by Cumberbatch.

264. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 28, 2012


So I need to start shopping at Wal-Mart then. I googled it and it looks like they did come out at the same time as well as on blu-ray. Well, well… Two disc edition, here I come. :-). Thanks again.


Re: Selling unauthorized pictures/footage of a movie you have no rights to is not stealing.

For those who think this, I’ll just have to disagree. If someone on the set did it, then they probably broke their non-disclosure contract. If someone who just happened to see the filming did it, then selling them to On Location News so that they could sell them and make a profit is wrong. We’re not talking about a few photos some tourists took for themselves. And even so, if no one not employed by the production was supposed to be able to take pictures of the set, then I think JJ has every right to be unhappy.

Now that this particular cat is out of the bag, there’s nothing wrong with saying it’s one beautiful cat, especially when the photos/footage are everywhere.

265. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@163 My pet theory is Welller’s Dr. Korby’s Android Starfleet infiltrator played by Cumberbatch.

Well that can’t work because the first set of pics of Cumberbatch released shows him bleeding. So that theory is out, I say he is a playing a genectic superior Klingon augment named Arne Darvin who has penetrated the Federation secretly. There are no other possible logical choices.

266. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

265. Won Ton Photon
“I say he is a playing a genectic superior Klingon augment named Arne Darvin who has penetrated the Federation secretly. There are no other possible logical choices.

There are MANY, MANY logical choices. Besides, Arne Darvin was a Klingon surgically altered to look human, he is not an augment.

267. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 28, 2012

Perhaps Spock was just having an off day. Both Kirks have managed to hand Spock one or two good ones before being knocked out. This does not look that much different really.

We have no idea who Ben is playing. Maybe we’ll be told soon, maybe we won’t. I am getting tired of reading about all this speculation, especially when names like Khan and Gary Mitchell get mention. Perhaps I will take RDR’s advice a while back and go have a lie down.

268. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

@266 Besides, Arne Darvin was a Klingon surgically altered to look human, he is not an augment.

This alternate universe and yes he can be genetically augmented. Anything can happen.

269. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

267. Keachick – rose pinenut

I am growing very tired of all the “Khan, Mitchell, Gary Seven, Arne Darvin” speculation as well… people just don’t get it. And, until the trailer or the movie comes out, people are going to be speculating that over and over. Frustrates the heck out of me!! Time for me to take a step back for a while too.

270. Whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold - February 28, 2012

269. Montreal_Paul – February

“[P]eople just don’t get it.”
-Montreal_Paul, 2012

Relax, bro. It’s just a movie. A fresh, new, clean, should-have-come-out-this-year-but-J.J.-had-to-make-Super 8, eagerly awaited Star Trek movie, yes. But not worth having a stroke over.

271. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

270. Whatyoudonotknowandmustnowbetold

I have no worries or stress about the movie, bro. Looking forward to it. It’s people that frustrate me with linear thinking. That’s all. It’s all good. :)

272. Gooseneck Fan - February 28, 2012

#262 — Thanks man!! Appreciate the info!

273. Daoud - February 28, 2012

@265. Really? Please debunk the possibility The Batch is playing rogue Captain Garth of Izar, who is an Izaran, and secondly, has already been ‘adjusted’ by the Antosians who saved him from the attack at the Laurentian system, etc. Alice Eve, painted green, is Marta. Why not?

274. John Bigbootee - February 28, 2012

It’s a faaaaaake!

275. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 28, 2012

boborci please remind JJ that he said to mtv back in November that he would reveal the villian once he was cast, were still waiting.

JJ why do you always say your going to announce something soon or at a certain time then consistantly fail to do so.

276. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 29, 2012

All the majority of us want is for JJ to just man up and tell us the name of the character, like he said he would do back in November.
He doesnt need to go into the characters background or motavation or his impact on the story, just simply say BC is playing this character. end of story move on

277. J - February 29, 2012

So the big baby is not happy, boohoo. Should have made the movie a year earlier. You had it coming! Eat your consequences now! ;)

278. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

Frankly, I think this is an internal matter between Paramount/Viacom and JJ Abrams/Bad Robot. Maybe the franchise owners are reminding JJ just who actually owns the Star Trek franchise and all film/photo footage that goes with it and that they can do what they like with it, including *leak* some outtakes through their own media outlets, like MTV!

It seems that someone else took these photos with a zoom lens and video camera. However, it does appear the legal owners of these outtakes/scenes quickly got their own material back through using legitimate means and the rest is history, as they say…

Hopefully any dispute between JJ Abrams and Paramount has been sorted out and that Abrams will allow non-spoiler release of photo material to whet the public’s appetites for the movie and for their favourite characters/actors. Everyone – play nice!

279. Sean - February 29, 2012

I hope to god the movie is not a space seed / wrath of Kahn rehash…….after all Kahn was Indian…..cumberbatch ain’t even ricardo close! And the botany bay took of before Nero so you can’t even BSG Starbuck what the character is

280. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - March 3, 2012

I’m not sure what “this” is, but if we’re talking about Paramount supposedly “showing JJ who’s boss,” then I think if it were Paramount they’d have had much better options then hiring some looky-loo to take photos and footage from afar. If putting him in his place was the objective (as if he’s stepped out of line in some way :-/), then they could have just asserting that JJ provide some high quality shots and footage himself.

The only issue would be if for some reason they would actually need him/Bad Robot to agree to it…

Anyway it’s neither here nor there since the whole ‘letting Jj have it’ is speculation at best and pure a fabrication at its worst.

One another semi-related note, Zoe said in a recent comment that she thinks the leaked footage takes awat from the surprise of the film. Interesting.

Here’s the link for anyone that wants to read it:

281. S. Sarge - March 13, 2012

I am a Gaffer (I do lighting on the sets of the new Star Trek film). Just thought I’d let all you know that most of what you are seeing here is rehearsals and goofing off, not actual takes. The electric carts are what the actors use to go back and forth to their trailers (we use them too). The buget for this film is way bigger than the last film and they are rehearsing and filming some of those rehearsals because they are trying out different digital filming techniques and also giving the actors more time to prepare and test dialogue. They often do this in comfortable street clothes like Zachary Quinto is wearing. The comments here about what they think is happening is WAY OFF, trust me! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.