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7-Page Preview Of Star Trek Ongoing #6 + In May Series To Take On ‘Return of the Archons’ February 28, 2012

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Tomorrow the sixth issue of the ongoing Star Trek comic books set in the new movie hits your local shop. This issue finishes up the new spin on the original episode "Operation: Annihilate!" See below to check out a 7-page preview. Plus we have details on what episode the series will be taking on in May (including a look at the the cover).


PREVIEW: Star Trek: Ongoing #6

(click to enlarge)




(click to enlarge)

In May Star Trek comics take on the Archons

For March and April the ongoing comics set in the new movie universe will be doing a new story about the Vulcans who survived he destruction of their planet (see Previews: Issue 7 & Issue 8). And for May, IDW has now announced details on where the series will go next. Issue 9 of the series (again written by Mike Johnson with art from Stephen Molnar) will be again taking on a classic episode. Here is the official synopsis:

The countdown to the next STAR TREK movie continues here in “The Return of the Archons!” Kirk, Spock and the crew search for a lost Starfleet ship that may hold clues to the future of the entire Federation. TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci oversees this latest chapter in the ongoing adventures of the starship Enterprise!

And here is the cover by Tim Bradstreet: 

Star Trek Ongoing Comics Available To pre-order (and back order)

Star Trek comics can be ordered and pre-ordered from TFAW.com, and all are discounted. (Note: Issues 1-3 are no longer available).

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If you can wait, the first volume compiling the first individual issues will be released on March 13th. You can pre-order it at Amazon.



1. Starfleet's Finest - February 28, 2012

Woot! First!

Love the cover art!!

2. Chris Doohan - February 28, 2012

Just ordered EVERYTHING!!!!

3. Blake Powers - February 28, 2012

#foaming at the mouth now

4. SFC3 - February 28, 2012

Hey, the pictures seem to be broken.

5. Anthony Pascale - February 28, 2012

fixed link issue

6. rm10019 - February 28, 2012

Hey BC could be George Kirk Jr., if he survives this issue :)

7. Scockchick - February 28, 2012

Oooh! Spock in a sweeping back cloak! I hope so!

8. MoPed - February 28, 2012

Hmm…issues 7& 8 may be the key to the new movie.

9. VZX - February 28, 2012

Return of the Archons was one the most whacked out and silly eps of TOS, in my opinion of course. Mindless people go crazy for an hour every day cuz a machine says so. And then Kirk destroys the machine. I still watch it, though.

But this comic actually looks better than the original. Is that blasphemous to state that?

Like #1 stated: that cover is awesome. I really dig the new Enterprise.

10. Daoud - February 28, 2012

Are you of the Body? When is Red Hour, anyway. That’s when we break out the red wine and toast to red matter! ;)

11. sunfell - February 28, 2012

This is an excellent series, so far. Can’t wait for the stand-alone Vulcan story.

12. drapera - February 28, 2012

Just something very cool about the issue #9 cover!

13. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Almost makes you wonder if they even needed to reboot TOS on the big screen just do it in comic book form on a cheaper budget.

14. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 28, 2012

This one looks really good. Can’t wait to read this one. I wonder when The Doomsday Machine will come out. Or is that in the new movie. Lol.

15. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 28, 2012

Mirrior Mirrior will be good. An Alternate Reality Federation going to an Alternate Reality Terran Empire.

16. CmdrR - February 28, 2012

Very nice artwork. While I see the fun in it, I really prefer to keep some memories as they are.

17. Jason - February 28, 2012

#15: That hurts my head just thinking about it!

18. Lords Of Kobol Book - February 28, 2012

“The future of the entire Federation?” I guess they’ve raised the stakes or something, huh?

19. NuFan - February 28, 2012

The art is getting better.

20. PEB - February 28, 2012

It’d be kinda cool if Peter Kirk looked a little like Bobby Quin Rice from Phase 2. Or maybe I’m just too much about building bridges within what seems to be this fractured Trek fandom. All that said, I’m loving the ongoing series and definitely picking this up tomorrow from the comic shop.

21. Simon - February 28, 2012

Does Tobias Richter know they “borrowed” that first panel from him?

22. Calbie - February 28, 2012

Love how Kirks brother looks like Thor.

23. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012

These comics look pretty interesting. Too bad they aren’t made for the mass market. I’ve been trying to buy these since issue #1 and haven’t been able to get it online or in any stores.

24. NCM - February 28, 2012

Love the covers, the re-imaginings, almost everything. They’re just too short and come about too infrequently.

Spock got draped early in the first half of the episode; I hope he gets to participate in the story beyond ‘AAARR!’ and ‘NNHAAAAAHH!’ I’ll know tomorrow!

25. dep1701 - February 28, 2012

Is it strange that sometimes I like the new Enterprise design better in the comic book artwork than I did onscreen? Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it by now.

26. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 28, 2012

#17. I know how you feel. But would be cool to read.

27. Rhett Coates - February 28, 2012

Is it just me, or do the creatures in the [new] comic book version of “Operation: Annihilate!” appear similar to the face-huggers in ALIEN? Okay, maybe it’s just me. But those things, in that other film, were astonishingly frightening….

And yes, George S. Kirk DOES look a lot like “Thor” in the comic book, with his beard…. I actually like what the artists seem to have done: they’ve harkened back to TOS episode where W. Shatner actually played George Kirk (already dead), with just a slight alteration of hair color and an added ‘stache.” Plus that episode showed George Kirk UPSIDE DOWN, so it was somewhat more difficult to recognize Shatner in the dual role.

So, how about some speculative casting…? Would Chris Pine play George K. [with heavy beard, etc.] in a filmed episode of this comic book version of the story as a dual role, or would they get the same actor who played him in the movie’s deleted scenes (as well as the one with him hitch-hicking down the road when “Jimmy” stole the car)?

I think I like where they are taking the old stories: not bad. Not bad at all,

28. NFXstudios - February 28, 2012

#23: I don’t think Amazon has them (or at least doesn’t have all of them), but I don’t even read comics and I haven’t had a problem finding them same day as print. There are three comics stores within shouting distance of my house that have them new every month, plus comixology online, and digitally on my Kindle Fire.

So far the series has been mostly interesting. WNMHGB is one of my favorite original Trek stories, and I really liked the update.

I was always pretty fond of Return of the Archons, so I’m looking forward to that too.

29. Desstruxion - February 28, 2012

I’m still wondering why someone felt the need to give Scotty a sidekick. Is he the new C3PO with his R2D2?

30. Daoud - February 28, 2012

@29: Sure.. Scott = C3PO, Keenser = R2D2, and if you will, Kirk = Luke, Spock = Han, Uhura = Leia, McCoy = Obi-Wan… not sure where it goes from there. The Batch’s character = Garth Vader… hahaha.

31. Gooseneck Fan - February 28, 2012

Ugh….they’ve got that Keenser in there!! UGH!!!! He’d better not be in the next movie….lol!!!

32. Gooseneck Fan - February 28, 2012

I hope they do a Spock’s Brain issue set in the JJverse! LOL!!!

33. Ethy - February 28, 2012

@23: You could just buy the TPB of Star Trek Ongoing coming out this month. Also, TFAW has reprints of the first issues on sale if you want to buy them.

34. Jezabelle - February 28, 2012

@23: if you have an iPhone there’s a star trek comic app that lets you purchase the comics as soon as they’re out. That’s how I’ve been reading them.

35. Commodore Adams - February 28, 2012

Hey Anthony….or anyone else who might be able to give some insight.

What ever happened to the ‘Red Shirt’ Contest which would feature the winners face on the redshirt of the Variant B cover for the Ongoing issue #5. I have been purchasing both the A and B covers for the Ongoing series and was surprised when I grabbed the last issue and the comic shop said they only received the A covers. Then I though “oh yea, the contest.”

I have contacted StarTrek.com as well as IDW Publishing a few times with ZERO responses.

I was wondering, if anyone knows, did the contest happen? Will the variant B cover for Issue 5 be released at all?

…But I am loving this series! Official canon or not (it is for me), as soon as Bob Orci said that it will tie the first and second movies together by following the crew throughout their mission, as well as dropping little hints here and there…I was sold!

36. Sebastian S. - February 28, 2012

Wonder if Jim Kirk is going to call Sam “Johnny”…. ;-P

Looking forward to buying the first volume collection this March. I was originally dead-set against the idea of remaking episodes in the JJ verse, but now I have to admit that I’m honestly curious….

37. Anthony Pascale - February 28, 2012

John from Cincinnati
Every article we run on comics includes links to TFAW, who carry the star trek comics. They are at the bottom of the page above. You can pre order all the upcoming issues and pick up some back issues (the first three are gone). Also you can get the first TPB coming out in 3 weeks.

Commodore Adams
I will try and find out.

38. Thomas - February 28, 2012

Anyone else notice that in that second page, George Kirk looks more like Chris Hemsworth and by the fifth page, he looks more like Chris Pine? I appreciate that the artist does try to make George and Jim look related, but the art is varying somewhat.

39. kirk's girdle - February 28, 2012


40. Gorn Born - February 28, 2012

Has anybody picked up any plot threads (characters, conflicts, etc.) in the background of these stories that look like ithey might feed into the new movie? This element of the comic series was teased by Robert Orci when the comic series started. I guess that it could be so subtle or obscure that it might not become obvious until after the movie comes out what the connection was.

41. Flywithsean - February 28, 2012

Return of the Archons is one of the worst episodes from TOS. As a kid I never got to see it since the network playing the shows was owned by Pat Robertson. I guess it wasn’t Christian enough.

I am loving the comics though and #5 was the best one yet. The 45 day wait in between them has been rude.

42. Toonloon - February 29, 2012

Return of the Archons is great! It’s an interesting thesis about what happens to the human mind when it’s more base urges are surpressed artificically. Gene Roddenberry probably spoke from the heart, as he was in an unhappy marriage and had strong feelings for Majel (and apparently other women) that he felt he couldn’t or shouldn’t act on.

And you have a big brother society ruled by computer and a McCarthy-type level of snitching on each other. What’s not to like???

I’m loving these new comics, btw. Great stuff!

Just a thought, but could they bring back Chris Hemsworth as George? There’s no reason why he couldn’t look VERY, VERY similar to his Dad. Chris Pine looks very similar. It would be nice to have them both on screen together as they were both superb in ST09.

43. Spock/Uhura Admirer ;-) - February 29, 2012

How nice. It’s good to see that Derek Cho (Sulu) gets a cover. The only person that needs a bit of focus now is Chekov. I hope he doesn’t get overlooked, at least for the cover art, I mean.

44. Holger - February 29, 2012

I never really liked Return of the Archons. It was one of the TOS episodes which not even I saw as classic, but as pretty cheesy. However, the sort of gothic, horror comicbook cover promises that the comicbook will be even more cheesy instead of improving on one of the few TOS episodes which IMO are actually in need of improvement. Or have they mixed in elements from Catspaw? (Another cheeser)

45. Holger - February 29, 2012

Re 42: “What’s not to like???”

What I don’t like about it is that the good plot elements you have pointed out were sort of wasted by the cheesy execution of the episode.

46. JRT! - February 29, 2012

I’m loving this comic right now! Hope it’ll continue for a long time!

@ Chris Doohan-PLEASE tell me you’re gonna be in the new movie! If not,who do we harass to get you in it,lol!

Have fun y’all! Keep Trekkin’! J-R!

47. Andy Patterson - February 29, 2012

“The Return of the Archons!”

Yeah! One of my favorite episodes. I believe it’s when the series really started to hit on all cylinders.

You will be….absorbed.

48. NCM - February 29, 2012

I haven’t seen any relationship development between K & S and Mc & S, in these comics. If Kirk suddenly starts acting as though he and Spock are friends, without this series showing any progression since Spock’s opening gesture–an offer to play chess in the 2nd issue–it’s going to seem inauthentic. Of course, it’s ‘just’ a comic, I suppose, but I hope we start to see movement toward that defining friendship. Of course, Mike will have to start writing dialog for Spock, or convey even more meaning from the tweaking of eyebrows.

49. Daoud - February 29, 2012

@15 Mike, Mike, Mike. You’re missing Bob’s Big Opportunity. For the Mirror, Mirror redux… the nuCrew when they cross over at Halka (hope they stop for a Halkaburger, haha), they should cross into the *SAME* mirror universe. Because it’s a comic, we can buy that! This way, Bob gets a chance to cross nuTrek with mirrorTOS. That would ROCK our socks off! It also fits the MWI of QM so well, and TNG’s Parallels. Would Pine’s Kirk handle the mirror universe as well? How would Sulu react to a much more physically active Uhura–and how would she react to mirrorSpock!?!?! Damn that could be fun.

@31 You can hope for Bob Orci to craft “a very special and touching issue” just before the movie where Keenser is killed. I’d say in a remake of The Changeling. Also a golden opportunity to zap Uhura, and have her sadly forget her relationship with Spock….

50. Desstruxion - February 29, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is playing Sam/Johnny in the next flick.

51. On Vacation With Landru - February 29, 2012

So excited for Return of the Archons. While Roddenberry came up with the story, the teleplay was written by Boris Sobelman which probably accounts for it NOT turning out as heavy-handed and awkward as The Omega Glory. It’s an important distinction to make as “stories” can be as little as an idea scribbled on a piece of paper instead of an actual story in the conventional sense.

I think it’s an interesting episode based on the fact that the leader essentially decided to renounce technology and go back to a simpler time. Remember the light panel that was essentially contraband? It was more technologically advanced than the Federation! I would have liked it if the episode had explored the fact that Landru was incredibly controlling – so much so that he didn’t trust his people to anyone else and created a computer to carry on his duties. And as someone else mentioned, their natural human urges are kept submerged. There is a lot of fascinating aspects to this episode that can get lost in the focus on the main plot of Kirk figuring out that Landru must be destroyed.

I’ve always thought it would make a great feature-length story, but re-hashing it at this point in Star Trek would be a bit obvious.

52. Gooseneck Fan - February 29, 2012

Doud — I’m lovin’ your “Farewell to Keenser” concept issue! :-) I agree the Changeling would be the perfect (no pun intended) time to do it! :-)

53. vorta20202020202020202 - February 29, 2012

One question I have in this re-boot reality is this:

Aren’t these adventures taking place a bit earlier than they “would have” in the prime universe? ie – are we in the same year as the Prime universe crew was in when they did these things?

basically, how do they account for all the time that Kirk spent as a lieutenant etc before assuming command of the Enterprise in the Prime universe, vs how quickly he ascended to the big chair in the new universe?

Or did Kirk’s delay in joining the academy mean that he actually does become captain in about the same year as in the prime universe?

54. Eric Cheung - February 29, 2012

Okay. If the comics tell stories of the first season of the show, does that mean it takes place circa 2265? If so, does that mean the new movie follows these stories, and therefore takes place seven years after Star Trek (2009)? If that’s the case, then I presume this version of Starfleet doesn’t dole out five-year missions.

55. Jack - February 29, 2012

I wonder if the new flick will feature that briefing room (with windows!).

Didn’t Archons feature a theme that was relatively common in the first two seasons — of the dangers of a controlled society (whether by computer, or a person, and no matter how well-meaning). All the Borg stuff kind of echoed that general theme later on, at least initially. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (could be an argument for suspending individual liberties for the greater good, or giving into the will of the mob). Still applicable in the current culture wars…

56. Jack - February 29, 2012

Ps. Gotta say, I still prefer landing party to away team. I always thought away team sounded silly and made-up in a meeting.

57. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

Yes, I prefer the term “landing party” to “away team”.

So it seems that the first three comics in the series are no longer available. Why? I have ordered the first six comics through Amazon.com. I assume I will still be getting those. Anyone?

58. Jack - February 29, 2012

just read them all on the ipad. Uh, Not to start this all again, but I’m not thrilled with the Uhura/Spock stuff in these. It kind of made Galileo 7 to be about, well, nothing (other than the power of love). Fine, they’re in a relationship, but now it’s kind of taking up a lot of these stories. I found some of these scenes kind o’ creepy (like the confinement to quarters). Do all Starfleet officers get special considerations if they’re seeing somebody? Hmmm, okay, maybe it makes sense…

59. PEB - February 29, 2012

weren’t Tom & B’elana “confined to quarters” after their whole floating in space epsiode? (sorry I cant fully remember the details of what happened to them earlier in the episode but the space suits from first contact part of it sticks out in my mind.)

60. Stargazer54 - February 29, 2012

Not to digress . . . but when I read your handle, I laughed so loud that the it made the cubicle gophers pop up.

Thanks for the chuckle. Now back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

61. Spockalicious - February 29, 2012

i wonder why they didn’t give Pine hazel colored contacts and Urban blue ones. Just wonder how far it would have gone towards embracing them in these roles. Urban i didn’t notice as much, but Pines eyes are really blue.

the depiction in the comic just drudged that up for me again.

maybe there wasn’t enough left in the budget… :/

62. joe1306 - February 29, 2012

off topic: Leonard Nimoy will be on the Big Bang Theory!!!!! :D yay!

63. Jack - February 29, 2012

I have toadmit, I skipped through the naked part the first time, assuming the dialogue would be all “becareful” and Generally lovey dovey. The questions as toSpock’s (obvious?) motivations did give the story some heft.

59. That relationship always felt a little forced to me.

61. It’s weird, I’d never known any of their eye colours, or noticed them on screen — the old guys or the new guys.

64. Jack - February 29, 2012

Ps. And why show Uhura (nearly) naked but put Spock in a giant pair of boxer-things? Men can’t be suggested as being naked in the 23rd century? Or the 21st? Double standard!

65. LtPiper - February 29, 2012

I’m not find the compiling on Amazon. Am I missing something? Can somebody point me to it?

Also have you noticed that these stories that they are retelling from the Prime universe are IN A DIFFERENT ORDER than they were presented in the Prime universe????

66. SPOCKBOY - February 29, 2012

@ #9

Dude I totally disagree. Return of the Archons is a brilliant episode that makes a very clever, and critical statement about religion and repression but veiled in science fiction. The reason that they had “festival” was because it wasn’t normal, natural or healthy to walk around being placid and peaceful all the time, so every now and then all of those urges and impulses inside of us would need to burst out and find expression. All they did was “schedule” it!
A spiritual leader (Landrew) comes up with a philosphy of life 6000 years ago (just like most religions) that keeps the populace docile and controlled through fear and intimidation (of being absorbed/going to hell) and anyone that deviates from it is “excised”
Right down to the ceremonial robes!

Brilliant concept. :)

More on topic I am extremely disappointed that these people aren’t creating NEW stories.
Talk about a “copy and paste” generation!

67. Anthony Pascale - February 29, 2012

Lt. Piper

Look at the bottom of the article. There is a link/ad to Amazon for the Trade Paperback compilation.

68. NCM - February 29, 2012

Ou-whee, this last comic gives us lots to think about! The cover illustrates Deneva (blue/purple) and Vulcan (red) as two halves of a (whole) planet, along with Mr. Halves himself, Spock. And the title “Operation: Annihilate” applies well to both planets–and maybe to a third, considering the next issue (though I doubt next issue’s conspiring Vulcans will dream of destroying Romulus outright–more likely, they’ll set out to destabilize it in hopes it’ll implode, essentially.). Loving all the imagery!

From the imagery and story in this latest issue, and the cover and what’s known of the next issue’s story, I speculate that Spock will toy with the idea of “Vulcan’s Revenge,” bringing about father/son division, perhaps.

Looks like S/U are headed for a bumpy ride–Your thoughts Spock/Uhura Admirer (formerly “…Fan”?)? By ‘endeavor to alleviate’ Uhura’s concern, is Spock thinking, “I don’t got time for this, now!”

I loved this last comic set. BEST YET, and I’m optimistic that ongoing’s going to build on stories and character development to sustain us and prop up the sequel.

Pipe in, Mike, give us a little more, won’t you?!

69. LtPiper - February 29, 2012


That link is being blocked by my browser’s script blocker so I didn’t see it.

70. NCM - February 29, 2012

Jack, I’ve never been an S/U fan, but for now, the court’s sticking with ’em, so we might as well try to enjoy the ride. I think in an interview, the link to which someone here supplied, at some point, Orci indicated Uhura’s relationship with Spock was meant to help reveal ‘this’ Spock to us, as he would not yet have the relationship with Kirk or Bones–and the relationship between those two, of course, helped flesh-out their characters.

Mike Johnson uses Uhura’s relationship with Spock, in this episode, to help us get to know where our conflicted Vulcan’s coming from, and perhaps where he’s headed–maybe it’ll be Kirk who saves him, not Uhura. Who knows; who cares: speculation’s half the fun of enjoying a series. Maybe try to relax and enjoy (and feel free to remind me to do so… as I’m sure the occasion will arise:).

As for Keenser, I think he’s here to stay, too. He’s a ‘viable’ moving parts, non-humanoid alien, and those are expensive and hard to come by in Trek films. Maybe the court will meet us anti-Keenser fans half-way and tone down the Lucus/Spielberg cute/cuddly factor–or not.

71. PEB - February 29, 2012

@64 Jack

I could be TOTALLY wrong about this so just take it for what it is…but it’s possible that Spock/Uhura will be featured more in the comics leading up to the new film. It’s very possible that something big or cataclysmic happens in the new film (you’ve already seen the shots of the two of them dealing with the villain) which could cause them to put their relationship aside. i’m looking at it like this: vulcan gets destroyed and the one person who is human and has spock’s “heart” must obviously feel that much more protective over him (as any good girlfriend would). she’s convinced him to get her on the same ship he was assigned to, she’s openly comforted him in the turbolift, and now willingly (sure with kirk’s approving glance) left the ship, taken a shuttle and rescued him and the landing party in Nu-Gallileo 7. while their relationship feels the most real when you strip it down and really think about it, at some point this is going to cause a problem and something big will have to happen to cause them to see that it might be best to end their relationship despite the fact that she sparks something in him the way that amanda must’ve sparked something in sarek. it would make for a good b-subplot in my oppinion.

72. PEB - February 29, 2012

Not a Keenser fan myself. If anything, it would’ve been nice to see an alien kind of like the one on the bridge of the Kelvin. I will say though, that Keenser is thankfully no JarJar or anywhere close to an Ewok. And with a face that looks like a chunk of coral, cuddly he is not. But I’m totally with you on your point.

73. nano - February 29, 2012

Amazon is charging 18.00 for the Comic?

74. Montreal_Paul - February 29, 2012

Just picked up my copy today from my local comic book shop.

75. Jack - February 29, 2012

I gave it a little more thought and I agree — the relationship is indeed a means to show us what Spock’s going through. And, I’m also hoping that these comics are working through the aftermath (and loose ends) of Trek 09 — Kirk’s inexperience, his reputation and others’ resentment of the rapid promotion; Kirk’s daddy issues and his past; Spock’s reaction to the destruction of Vulcan; The crew getting to know each other and learning to work together; the maturing (or evolution) of the Spock/Uhura relationship (and the Kirk/Spock relationship); the fallout after the destruction of Vulcan and the plight of the remaining Vulcans, etc. That’ll mean (like I posted on another thread) that, hopefully, we’ll see the crew when they’re at the top of their game, years after the last one, in a fresh new adventure.

76. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


If I give you any more IDW will take away my replicator privileges.

But I will say that you are a very canny and careful reader of the story thus far. What every writer hopes for.

77. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


That’s the plan. Fallout from ’09, build-up to ’13.

78. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


“Extremely” disappointed? Aw, we’re trying. Issues 7 & 8 are all new.

And we don’t copy and paste. We copy, turn upside down, shake it all out, put some stuff back in, throw in some new stuff, bake at 300 for 20 minutes, THEN we paste.

79. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


Your request for more naked Spock is duly noted.

80. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


The comic currently takes place in 2258/59, in the year or so immediately following the 2009 movie.

81. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


I’ll need to double-check, but top of my head Prime Kirk was promoted to Captain in early 2260’s. Pine Kirk was promoted a few years before that, in 2258. His youth and inexperience compared to Prime Kirk is something we will be exploring as the series continues.

82. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012


Curious to see people’s thoughts on this…

83. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the series! It means a lot to know that you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy making them.

Re: Return of the Archons:
Great to see the opinions both plus & minus about the episode. Like the previous issues of the comic, you will see some familiar elements from the original story, but we are putting a new timeline spin on them that’s inspired by and explores the characters & themes introduced in the ’09 movie. Simply re-telling the original ep. with the new cast’s faces would be pointless. We’re going where the story didn’t go before, so to speak.

84. mikejohnson - February 29, 2012

And for all of you calling for Keenser’s head:

He’s very upset and I think you should all apologize.

85. James T. West - February 29, 2012

Festival, festival!!!!!

86. Montreal_Paul - February 29, 2012

82. mikejohnson

I love the new comics. The art work has got quite a bit better. The dialogue is getting better. I have been reading Star Trek comics since I was a kid reading the old Goldkey comics. I have often wanted a comic version of the old TOS TV episodes and now I finally get my wish! It’s interesting to see those classic episodes done a little different.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the way “Where No Man Has Gone Before” played out. Because of the relationship between Mitchell & Kirk in TOS, the final battle was so personal. You felt for Kirk for what he had to do. This new version took away from that in my opinion. Other than that… like I said, I really enjoy the comics. Great job!

87. Eric Cheung - February 29, 2012

Thanks for the answer to the question. I do find it odd that some events, like the launch of the Enterprise, take place later than they did in the Prime Universe (13 years later), but the events recounted in the comics take place far earlier. I suppose something like visiting a planet at a particular time, as in Return of the Archons, wouldn’t be too dependent on the timeline of events leading up to it. That said, if they did meet the exact same characters on these other planets then they’d all be about seven years younger than they were in the Prime Universe encounters. I imagine that should factor in quite a bit.

I also think that these events taking place at slightly different times might be an artifact of this alternate universe “correcting” itself.

88. Bryan - February 29, 2012

When this series first came out, I admit I wasn’t a big fan. But Operation Annihilate has been my favorite yet. The changes felt very fresh and natural to what the 09 movie showed. I can’t wait for the all-new stories in the next two issues, and I hope there is more new tales to come.

89. Bryan - February 29, 2012

and P.S. may I say that I can’t wait for Return of the Archons, its one of my favorite episodes!

90. NCM - February 29, 2012


@76: Thanks; and thanks again, for confirming ideas (77) even when you can’t offer more details, for being so responsive (79–Let’s hear it for progressive men!), and for interacting with us, here. It adds another element of fun to the ongoing experience.

Have to contemplate @40, tomorrow. It’d be fun to keep this thread going a while. It’s so much fresher than the Khantemplations that have Khansumed speculative energy on so many threads.

91. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

Please – no more mention of that four lettered K word. It could almost be classified as obscene language…:)

92. NCM - February 29, 2012

For once, Keachick, I’m with you:) Let that be the last utterance of its kind.

93. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

#61 – Kirk, Spock and McCoy (and all other characters) do not exist in real life. I know this is patently obvious. Those hazel coloured eyes belong to William Shatner and the blue eyes belonged to DeForrest Kelley.

Now Kirk comes in the form of a person called Chris Pine who happens to have lovely blue eyes and a long, lean body shape, unlike the shorter, broader shouldered, more muscular shape that belonged to a younger William Shatner. Now Dr Bones McCoy comes in form of a person called Karl Urban who has brown eyes and is taller and slightly more broad shouldered than DeForrest Kelley.

The only person of the three characters who seems to match the physical characteristics of the first person to play Spock is Zachary Quinto, who also has brown eyes and a long, lean body similar to that of the younger Leonard Nimoy.

I really think it is an anathema to expect actors playing non-existent people to have to look like the previous ACTORS who played a character in order to be accepted as the character. The fact that Chris Pine had to beef up in order to look more like William Shatner (NOT KIRK because Kirk does not exist so therefore nobody can know what he looks like anyway) really
*angers and disgusts me. Now some want him to don hazel coloured prescription contact lenses. (Chris Pine has to wear prescription eyewear in the form of glasses or contact lenses all the time) Enough already. I don’t think any of the cast members have been expected to look so much like the former actor who played their role.

I would imagine that pumping iron or whatever and wearing coloured lenses could have more impact on a person than dying one’s hair or applying makeup and/or prosthetics like vulcan ears, because they can affect the person’s function internally. Even Zach finds the ear wearing not that comfortable, as did Leonard Nimoy, but at least, they can be removed. Coloured contact lenses would affect someone’s perception of colour and could be quite disorientating, especially if the person already has a pre-existing problem.

Captain James T Kirk of the USS (23rd century) is now *re-incarnated* in the form of a blue-eyed, tall, lean lovely Chris Pine!

* Angers and disgusts me – do you hear that Bad Robot team, Paramount and everyone else wanting some bloody Shatner clone? Clearly, Chris Pine, you’ve bought into this shit; it’s likely part of the contract, but don’t buy into it anymore – PLEASE!

(Maybe I am out of order for writing this, I don’t know, but it has bugged me for a while now.)

94. Jack - February 29, 2012

79. Fantastic. ;) It just seems fair. An exposed (in silhouette) breast deserves an exposed, er… never mind. Is that your katra in your pocket or are you happy… (sorry, a little tipsy after a disappointing hockey game).

95. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012


hope you’re joking.

if not…

If doing something like adjusting eye color is too much, then why did they even bother finding actors that ‘resemble’ the originals? These are iconic characters. with regard to fandom, perhaps the most iconic in all film history.

they are not real, historical characters obviouly -thanks for trying to clear that up for us though. ;) but Hollywood is constantly using contacts, make up, etc. to make actors look like people we know – real or fictional.

as far as PineKirk beefing up – i had not heard that. but again, actors put on or lose weight for the same reasons. this is nothing new. (See Deniro in Raging Bull, Christian Bale in the Machinist, Christopher Reeve for Superman, etc.)

No one is suggesting that Pine hide his ‘lovely blue eyes’ – unless of course he’s playing Kirk. ;)

96. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

95. Spockalicious

I don’t think any of the cast (except for Urban) look like their predecessors. And I agree with Keachick, the actors are playing characters NOT actors. Shatner had brown eyes, Pine has blue… big deal. If people are so hung up on little things like that… then they should be putting lifts on the shoes of some of the actors.

And Keachick, I don’t think Pine had to bulk up to look like Shatner did. I think he bulked up to be in better shape. He might have been in a role before where he had to lose weight and body mass. Lots of actors have to bulk up for roles.

97. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

95 –

to each his own. but, i understand they are playing characters. But they are playing younger versions of established characters. Characters brought to life by actors. Furthermore, the Abrams team established their own continuity by including Nimoy in the cast. We are clearly intended to see these actors as younger versions of the characters we already know, albeit in an alternate universe. the Kirk we know did not have blue eyes, the McCoy we know did.

For some, choosing Cho because he is ‘Asian’ suits them just fine. For me – to ‘believe’ the continuity they themselves established, i would have prefered someone who resembled Takei more.

if such things didn’t matter, Why bother to color Pegg’s hair?

to me, since that continuity was established, i looked for… well.. continuity. just sayin’ – it seems they kinda didn’t go all the way.

My orginal post said i was just wondering how far contact lenses would have gone toward us embracing these actors in established roles. for me, it would have gone a long way.

but, like i said – to each his own…

98. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

haha, i meant to adress 96

99. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

* one more thing regarding continuity – Spock Prime (Nimoy) was in the film and stood in front of his younger self (Quinto).

We bought it cuz they look a lot alike.

What if Kirk (Shat) had done the same? The close ups in that scene would have kinda wierd with the eye color chaning back and forth from actor to actor.

just sayin’…

100. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

Why not give Pegg more hair? Why not give Chekov that Beatlesque haircut? I really don’t think they were looking for actors that looked like previous actors. They happened to get lucky with casting Urban because he looks like and sounds like Kelley.

I have been watching Trek since I was 2 years old back in 1967. For me, I could care less about eye color. I was looking for the essence of the character… what made Kirk, Kirk. Etc. And I think all the actors captured that in the first movie.

If you take a look at the James Bond series, all the actors who played bond looked nothing like each other. The same for all different versions of Sherlock Holmes.

101. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

I think I may be the only one that doesn’t think that Quinto looks like Nimoy … other than the dark hair. He’s not the same height as Nimoy and his facial structure is not the same.

102. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

the Bond and Holmes characters were created in print. The actors who played them had an established character to draw inspiration.

Shat & Company created these characters. so, for me (my preference) would be to see the younger versions resemble the originals.

As far as them capturing the essence of the characters, i agree for the most part. though i think Kirk was the weakest.

and as for Chekov’s ‘beatle’ hair – we can always hope in the sequel. :P

103. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

I did post a recent quote from Chris Pine, where he said that once he stopped doing the extra training/body building?, he lost weight and felt very healthy. He also mentioned doing yoga, which is more about toning, flexibility and breath control, a combination of which can bring about better overall oxygenation and better mental clarity, as well as a fit body. Things like memory are improved.

There have been people on this board and on other sites saying how they want Pine to look more like Shatner/Kirk. That’s wrong. imo. Nobody says anything about Zachary Quinto having to do similar, because he already has the similar body build, height and eye colouring that Leonard Nimoy has. If we didn’t know, it would be easy to think that Zach was Leonard Nimoy’s own son. He could almost be described as a Nimoy clone, but of course, he isn’t.

Pine may have certain facial features, as in shape of face and lips, that are similar to William Shatner, but other physical, genetically determined features are quite different.

No such role for Chris Pine. He just had to be physically fit and healthy, in order to cope with the rigours of movie making and be a character who is naturally good looking. He looks great in This Means War. I’m afraid that he might look more like what people think Kirk should look, ie a 20/21st century actor called William Shatner, but, in actuality, not look as good as he has done, simply by being a fit, healthy, blue eyed Chris Pine being the body and voice of a wonderful fictitious 23rd century character.

104. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

Point is, you will never have exact duplicates of the originals. The person that didn’t resemble the original is looks and character was Pegg as Scotty. Could have been a completely different character. Don’t get me wrong, I thought Pegg was great. And I thought Pine did capture the essence of a younger/less experience Kirk. Some of his mannerisms did also remind me of Shatner though. Quinto’s Spock characterization reminded me of Spock from the first pilot, not the rest of the series.

As for Bond.. unless you read the books, you base your opinion on who feel started Bond for you. For me, growing up with Sean Connery, he is Bond. But that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying all the other incarnations. I never read the books. I have no idea how Bond was described there. But remember the backlash when Danial Craig was announced as Bond? A blonde haired, blue eyed Bond?!?!

105. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

But we are all entitled to our own opinions and our own thoughts and desires…. if we all had the same opinion, like would be far less interesting. :)

106. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

Kirk was a character created within the imagination of Gene Roddenberry and the specifics of who this character’s general physical characteristics and personality were no doubt typed out on that old Imperial typewriter that he used. He and a casting director used that idea/inspiration to search for an actor who appeared to embody those characteristics most closely.

Gene R had a short list of possible actors, who no doubt shared similar physical features like height and a slim, healthy body. However, he was looking for more than that, a certain “quality”, “essence” that indefinable “it” factor. A minimum height, good looking features, (reasonably) slim body all played a part in determining that ultimately William Shatner was offered the part of Kirk, but those physical characteristics, including the colour of his eyes, were NOT, of themselves, what landed him the role of Kirk. The same applies to Chris Pine. Chris Pine has something of that same “quality”, “essence”, “it” factor, if you like, that William Shatner has. The same also applies to Karl Urban, who has brown eyes, and Zachary Quinto who just happens to have brown eyes like Leonard Nimoy.

107. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

i get what you’re saying Paul. But to me, Bond, Holmes, Dr. Who (yes, i know about the ‘incarnations’), Batman, etc. are characters that lend themselves to being portrayed by various actors.

as for me, i’m not as easy going with Trek characters. i guess it is a shortcoming i have to live with.

Personally, when i heard they were doing a TOS Era movie years ago, i wished it would have focused on the Pike/ Spock relationship. I want to know what experiences made that bond so strong that Spock would risk his career? that’s a film i’d love to see…

108. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

Keachick – sorry you just are missing my point. :( i give up.

109. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

I read that Roddenberry had Jack Lord in mind when he came up with the character of Kirk. When he wanted a 50% stake in Trek… Roddenberry moved on and wanted Lloyd Bridges for the role. Shatner ended up with the part. Jack Lord had blue eyes and was 6ft tall. Shatner has brown eyes and is 5’8″ . So, according to Roddenberry designing the character around Jack Lord… I think JJ got it right signing Pine for his blue eyes!! Just pushing your buttons, Spockalicious … I understand you. Nothing wrong with you wanting to keep continuity with EVERYTHING.

110. Red Dead Ryan - March 1, 2012


I think I’ll mention that “four lettered K word” just for old time’s sake!


You’re welcome. :-)

111. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

Maybe, Spockalicious, you want to keep continuity with everything, down to eye colour, but that is unrealistic and unfair. I think you are missing my point.

Curiously, James Kirk, with a name like that, would more likely be of Anglo-Saxon/Celtic ancestry (with some Viking/Scandinavian influence), so the chances of him being fairer and having blue eyes would be higher than the first actor they finally chose to play Kirk, William Shatner, whose ancestry is Jewish, a slightly darker skinned race with brown eyes, generally speaking. (I realise there are some exceptions, as there are for any race). Chris Pine has Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side, but Pine is Anglo-Saxon. Robert Pine has blue eyes. So it could be that this time round the right actor with the “it” factor was found, who also would more closely match Gene R’s initial visualisation of what this fictitious Captain Kirk could look like. Good call, JJ Abrams!

112. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

NCM – “For once, Keachick, I’m with you:) Let that be the last utterance of its kind.”

Oh, such faint praise, NCM. I should be so flattered…;)

RDR – you are overlooking what NCM wrote as well. I do insist that you stop using obscene language on this site…:)!

113. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012


it’s like this.

the best example i can think of is not totally analgous. but have you seen the trailer for MIB 3? (to compare these two franchises is laughable – but the trailer serves to illustrate my point.)

In it, we see a glimpse of Josh Brolin as a younger Agent K. from the six words spoken in that scene it is painfully obvious that Brolin has worked to imitate the facial expressions, mannerisms, and even speech pattern of Tommy Lee Jones, the one who created the character. this is obviously the design of the filmakers, who chose an actor who very much resembles a younger TLJ.

Now, it remains to be seen whether he maintain this for the whole film, or if he “puts his own take” on the characters, as the new Trek actors were given liberty to.

in this instance, the continuity of a character (J) travelling back in time is more believable (to me) because you can see Brolin as a younger version of what we are used to.

Similarly, in Trek ’09 Nimoy’s Spock travels back in time – a continuity introduced by the filmakers – to interract with characters we are accustomed to. Though, the actors do not (asides from Urban) imo go to as much trouble to give us what we are used to. Neither did the filmakers attempt to do so with regards to the physical attributes of some characters – as is appears the makers of MI3 did.

that’s what i was expecting and i felt a bit cheated.

you have your views, i have mine. if you enjoy the new crew – great. i do too. just not as much as others do.

114. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

113. Spockalicious

So I’m guessing you would have preferred Pine to copy Shatner’s acting style as well? Then… the… role.. would.. have been an imitation… of Shatner’s……. style. And not his own.

115. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

he wouldn’t have to overact to imitate Shat/ Kirk. Mannerisms go a long way toward making the character believable though.

Quinto immitated Nimoy to an extent. Urban – Kelley. Why is it too much to ask of Pine?

I’ll give him credit for a few instances. like when he walks on the bridge at the end and does his little glance and hops down the stairs. When he says “Bones!” before “buckle up.” very Shatneresque. Very Kirkesque. how do you separate the two?

i cannot. does that make me a more devoted fan? or a more close-minded one? idk – but that is my preference and i’m entitled to it.

i know i’m not alone on this – although frankly i don’t care if i was. there are some who hated everything about the new Trek.

But again, this whole thing started over eye color. I just would have found it very distracting if in fact Shat as Kirk had been the one to interact with his younger – blue eyed self. just makes it less believable for me.

what’s the harm in conact lenses?? Heck everyne in the whole darn cast of Twliight wore ’em… ;)

116. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

truth be told, this is who i wanted them to get to play Kirk…


117. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

115. Spockalicious
“he wouldn’t have to overact to imitate Shat/ Kirk. Mannerisms go a long way toward making the character believable though.”

But you just applauded Brolin for even copying TLJ’s speech pattern in MIB3. It isn’t much of an acting stretch to me, It’s basically just an imitation.

I liked that all the actors took a little from the original actors but made the character their own. Although I found Quinto’s performance was a little forced and he tried too had to emulate Nimoy.

118. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

116. Spockalicious

I hope you are kidding. You wanted someone to do an “impression” of William Shatner as Kirk?

119. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

These Star Trek actors are not the whole darn cast of Twilight. Besides, those actors who wore coloured lenses were either playing sparkly vampires, not ordinary human characters. I’m not sure if those playing the wolves had to also wear the lenses.

As a matter of fact, Robert Pattinson did note that the lenses were very uncomfortable to wear and I don’t know if Robert Pattinson needs prescription eyewear. I believe Pattinson also said he would not like to play another role where it meant he had to wear coloured lenses. It might be fashionable, feasible for some movies, but I don’t think that this should apply to any of the leading Trek actors. Eyes are delicate organs!

Stop allowing yourself to be distracted by trivialities, especially when what you ask may cause the actor(s) a lot of unnecessary discomfort just to satisfy your need for so-called continuity.

Doing the Shatneresque/Kirk talk would probably be easier for Pine than having to wear coloured contacts, but it is also stupid. He does not need to talk exactly the way Shatner did in order to be Kirk. Although physicality and speech patterns help define a personality, they are only a part of the equation and not necessarily a large part either.

This alternate universe has a James T Kirk with blue eyes and nice blue eyes at that. Embrace and enjoy. I do just as I enjoy the prime universe James T Kirk who has brown hazel eyes.

Leave the PINE blue eyes alone! (I suspect Chris has enough trouble with them at times as it is).

120. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

117 – everyone applaudes Urban for what he did with McCoy. he emulated the speech pattern, tone of voice, mannerism, etc. of Kelley -because Kelley *was* McCoy.

No one saw it as a cheap imitation, but a continuance of an established character who had a distinct personality. Perhaps that he could do that and not appear to be a cheap knock off demonstrates his superiority as an actor over the others.

118 – i hope you are kidding that you hope i am kidding.

121. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

Keachik – the Twilight reference was an obvious joke which did not require a response.

your love affair with Pine has hindered you from having an intelligent an rational convo. i am going to ignore your posts from now on. thanks for playing. ;)

122. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

That video you linked is among many kinds that made a joke out of William Shatner’s rendition of the Kirk character and is actually quite demeaning in some ways. That is one of the reasons why JJ Abrams did not expect the new cast of actors to perfectly emulate the way the original actors played their characters.

I love the way William Shatner plays James T Kirk – always have. He gave a freshness, a quirkiness to someone who might otherwise be quite ordinary and boring. However, that was what William Shatner did – bless him. Chris Pine is not William Shatner. Chris Pine is good at what he does and I am sure he will bring his own special touch to the Kirk character, which hopefully will be just as interesting and endearing and a little different as well.

This is also about creativity and allowing the actors to be that in the best possible way.

123. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

122 – i rest my case.

ok – now i really mean it. Ignore on.

124. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

120. Spockalicious
” everyone applauds Urban for what he did with McCoy. he emulated the speech pattern, tone of voice, mannerism, etc.”

Except for you… because he didn’t have blue eyes. Right?

125. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

124 – haha nice.

the blue eyes would have been the icing on the cake.

126. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

124 – but, you see my point right? Urban’s McCoy was spot on. He brought very little ‘newness’ to the character. yet, i thought it was perfect. (less the blue eyes.)

why can’t we apply the same criteria to Pine’s performance? They are actors. well, then, go *act* like the establsished character like Urban did. Like ZQ tried to.

don’t just be yourself and say ‘I’m Kirk.” show us. Pine hasn’t done that yet imo.

127. Spockalicious - March 1, 2012

ok – i’m checking out of this thread. it was fun. see y’all around…

128. NCM - March 1, 2012

94. Jack – February 29, 2012:
“79. Fantastic. ;) It just seems fair. An exposed (in silhouette) breast deserves an exposed, er… never mind. Is that your katra in your pocket or are you happy… ”

But Spock’s chest is more exposed than Uhura’s, Jack. I think you’re comparing apples to… something else. But your point was taken and I seconded it:)

129. Montreal_Paul - March 1, 2012

126. Spockalicious

I know what you are saying. But in terms of Pine, if he emulated Shatner, it would have seemed like schtick. Much of what we think of Kirk IS Shatner. I think Pine did a great job with the bravado, the lady-killerness (however you want to call it.), his confidence. He even sat in the chair like Shatner… There were things he was doing that I immediately thaought “That’s a Kirk move!”

But in all honesty, until you brought it up… I never even thought about his eye color. Not leading up to the last movie, not during the movie, not at in the past 3 years. It was never an issue to me and obviously unimportant if I hadn’t know that. And I am 45 and have been watching Trek since I can remember.

Maybe it’s because I’m a guy? I don’t know. For me, it’s trivial and not an issue. BUT, that being said, I understand your point of view.

130. NCM - March 1, 2012

We chased away Khan-artists for a few dozen arrows on eye color?

131. NCM - March 1, 2012

Will check back to see if there’s anyone out there, yet, interested in discussing the comic. It provides the first and, so far, the only sense of reboot canon direction.

132. Azrael - March 1, 2012

@131. I like the series, having some trouble getting the last few issues where I am, but I will figure it out, probably get them in digital. I liked the new version of WNMHGB and I like the majority of the changes in the timeline presented.

I also like the fact that reading the series will let me revisit the episodes I grew up watching with my parents, and see them through the lens (flare,lol) of the alternate timeline. I think there may be some indication that issue 6 here and 7 will have some hints pointing towards the next movie.

Oh, can someone tell me if Jim calls his brother Johnny on the pages up there, cause that would indicate a change in the timeline before Nero’s arrival.

133. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

By the end of the movie, “my captain” was back and not just because the movie told me so. The blue eyed Chris Pine was Jim Kirk for me.

134. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

If Pine’s version of Kirk was so bad, as you seem to believe, then even he does have brown eyes, it still would not have made any difference to the way you felt about the way he played the character of Kirk. It is that simple. Doh!

#123 – “ok – now i really mean it. Ignore on.”
Really? No kidding. You are so right in this case. It’s “ignore on” for me as well.

135. NCM - March 1, 2012

@132: No Johnny, but “George.”

Issues 6 & 7 seem like ‘bigger issues’ in a way, than the earlier ones: this issue diverts significantly more from the original story than did other earlier issues, and it appears that it will tie in to the next two issue episode–an all new story. I would guess 6 & 7 may link more closely to the movie, but who knows how or if?

Don’t want to spoil the story for you, so I won’t speculate much further. Suffice to say, Spock needs to follow-up with a Vulcan doctor, and that will probably lead to contact with the vindictive Vulcans of the next issue.

These comics are making me wish my life away. I get one and instantly want the next several weeks to fly by and deliver the next issue.

136. none - March 2, 2012


I just read this issue and I have to say it was the best by far. I was so happy that George and his family didn’t die. The art work was amazing, the artist really gave the characters emotions and believe me this is rear in comic art work even with comic giants like Marvel and DC. However the only critique I could give with this issue is Nyota in bed with Spock. Women don’t wear their hair up or tired after sex they are normally big and bushy.

137. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 2, 2012

#136 – “Women don’t wear their hair up or tired after sex they are normally big and bushy.”

What are normally big and bushy? Really need to know…:) Some women may be tired after sex – really depends on what they had been doing for the other so many hours of the day/night. I agree that having hair up in a ponytail, as Uhura does, would not be that comfortable.

138. none - March 2, 2012

#137- I agree that having hair up in a ponytail, as Uhura does, would not be that comfortable.

my point exactly…just keeping it real.

139. On Vacation With Landru - March 2, 2012

I’m actually surprised Uhura hasn’t embraced her natural hair. If we’re supposed to be so enlightened this far in the future, you’d think natural kinky hair would be the accepted mainstream instead of still trying for the caucasian ideal. You’d think that if we’ve evolved beyond money we’ve evolved beyond relaxer and lace fronts, too.

Purely out of interest – is there a forum for trek fans where I won’t run into this Chris Pine fangirl stuff? I guess I’m a weirdo as I’ve never really had a crush on ANY ST character. No offense, Keachick but you always come off as a rabid fan of Chris Pine first and maybe a passing interest in ST second simply because he is in it. All that “leave the Pine alone” business is just…uncomfortable…for me. I’m used to just talking ST, not all this Tiger Beat mess.

140. BeatleJWOL - March 2, 2012

@139 “I’m actually surprised Uhura hasn’t embraced her natural hair. If we’re supposed to be so enlightened this far in the future, you’d think natural kinky hair would be the accepted mainstream instead of still trying for the caucasian ideal.”

To steal from Roddenberry, “in the 23rd century, nobody will care!”

Perhaps in 250 years from now, race will be such a non-issue that nobody will even think about “natural” vs “ideal” when it comes to something like, well, hair.

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t there just as much racism in the idea that somebody “should” look black if they are black as there is in the idea that somebody “shouldn’t” look white if they’re not white?

141. BeatleJWOL - March 2, 2012

My language choices (“look black”/”look white”) are a little simplistic but I wasn’t sure how else to phrase it.

142. On Vacation With Landru - March 3, 2012


No, it isn’t. For years blacks have been spending hours making their hair look like the white ideal. It isn’t about fashion, it’s about how for centuries the look of the white person is what has been idealized in the media. Think about all the talk (and proof) of fashion models providing an unrealistic ideal. This is very similar to that as what has pretty much been going on for centuries is that the natural hair of blacks has not been “socially acceptable.”

Essentially the indoctrination is that what you are born with is not good and it must be chemically treated in order to be straightened to match an unrealistic social ideal.

I would like to think that in the future, “nobody will care” and people would embrace their natural hair and not all want to look like they just stepped out of a Pantene commercial.

It might seem like a minor thing, but believe me, it isn’t. ST was groundbreaking when Uhura first came on the screen and she wasn’t a servant – why is it so crazy to think they should be groundbreaking again and show Uhura as being comfortable/satisfied with the hair she was born with?

143. Jack - March 3, 2012

128. agreed. I thought I’d sneak that by, but, yes, Spock is far more exposed. It’s suggesting that Uhura’s wearing a lot less without showing anything.

I’m a big (creepy) fan of the suggestion — superboy prime, the stuff in ultimate spiderman… grrr.

What I’m most fasciated by in his whole discussion is that the comics will be ruling out TOS villains, characters and plots (or, more accurately, resolving them in this new timeline) for the next year or so. And that’s fantastic. i’m hoping Tracey, Garth and, well, everyone else constantly mentioned will be ruled out. It won’t stop the “Cumbermatch is Gary Mitchell!” (Garth, Khan, a horta, Trelaine) speculation, but. i’m also glad hat the movie won’t be bogged down by “last time onStar Trek” review and resolution. I don’t want to see a movie about the fate of the Vulcans, or about Spock’s devastation after Vulcan’s destruction, or about crew resentments over Kirk’s (and others rapid promotions), or,heck, about Spock and Uhura’s relationship troubles.Those are interesting tales, but I’m hoping this movie will stand on its own.

144. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 3, 2012

#140 – How do you know this is not Zoe Saldana’s natural hair? Zoe is a mix of races, so her hair could be naturally straighter because that might the natural dominant expression she was born with. There has been so much rubbish written about Zoe re her racial backgrounds, her ethnicity, who she chooses to date and whatnot and some has been downright vitriolic and presumptuous. Now someone is going on about her doing stuff to her hair to fit the kind of hair that a lot of white women have. Huh? You know this for a fact?

Besides, women of all colour are doing all kinds of stuff to their hair – colouring, curling, straightening, whatever. Maybe she does do something to her hair. She wouldn’t be the first to do so – of ANY RACE!

145. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 3, 2012

#139 – “You’d think that if we’ve evolved beyond money we’ve evolved beyond relaxer and lace fronts, too.”

I think I must be missing something because – what about relaxers and lace fronts (with regard to this thread)? What are “relaxers”? Are they slippers? As for lace fronts – I assume you are referring to lacy underwear worn by a lot of women. Lacy underwear has been around for quite a while. Many find it very attractive, sexy and perhaps even comfortable to wear. Why wouldn’t this type of garment be around in 200 or so years?

I assume that I have understood your comments. Please explain if I have misunderstood anything.

“Purely out of interest – is there a forum for trek fans where I won’t run into this Chris Pine fangirl stuff? I guess I’m a weirdo as I’ve never really had a crush on ANY ST character. No offense, Keachick but you always come off as a rabid fan of Chris Pine first and maybe a passing interest in ST second simply because he is in it. All that “leave the Pine alone” business is just…uncomfortable…for me. I’m used to just talking ST, not all this Tiger Beat mess.”

First off, I thought I had answered your query. I remember typing an answer, but I was in a rush, so perhaps I did not click on “say it” or perhaps Anthony may have deleted it, but I’m not sure why he would do that though… Also I don’t know what this “Tiger Beat mess” refers to, but I doubt it is that relevant anyway.

Anthony Pascale posts articles about the Trek actors, past and present, as well, so therefore Star Treks are not the only topics that come up for discussion on this site. My references to Chris Pine, which you seem to find “uncomfortable”, were directly to do with how he should look when playing Captain Kirk, so it is relevant to Star Trek and, in particular, to the sequel being filmed right now.

I had never heard of Chris Pine before Star Trek 09 and I only found out that this stranger was playing “my captain” about three weeks before the movie was released in NZ and that was from an article in our local TV Guide.
My interest in him as an actor was piqued after I had seen the Trek movie.

As for ST being a passing interest, Yes, I guess it has been. I was a small girl growing up in the sixties and saw Star Trek for the very first time on a b/w television set. It was my favourite television programme and Captain Kirk was my favourite character.

I have watched TOS several times (but not for a while, as I do not own all 79 episodes), seen all the ST spin-off series and have seen all the movies on repeated occasions. However I have not been to any conventions, have no Trek costumes, toys, models and other merchandise, only video tapes of episodes from all the series and all the movies on either video tape or DVD.

I have not always been an ardent fan of either the franchise nor the various actors. Life tends to step in as it does – bitter/sweet as it is. However, I am pretty excited about this new movie and the young cast they have chosen to play these TOS heroes. Chris Pine rows my boat…is that wrong?

146. Jinn-Jinn - March 3, 2012

Since Zoe’s started acting, her hair has always been straight or with a slight wave to it. Even a kid picture of her showed semi-straight hair with a tendency to fuzz up, sort of the way mine does when I do nothing to it.

Anyway, I have been buying to comics every month now and I love the stories. I tend to go and watch the original episodes and enjoy comparing the differences.

I also LOVE Spock and Uhura’s relationship and I like that they’re showing the dynamics. The affection, the disagreements and a seemingly normal sex life. I prefer to see it in the comics so it doesn’t become a big deal in the movie. The movie should be about the crew becoming a cohesive unit and the adventure of space exploration.

On a lighter note, I thought Spock would be the kind of guy who preferred wearing briefs not boxers. :)

147. Jack - March 3, 2012

Keachick… Lace front, weaves, extensions, relaxers — it’s all about hair.

148. On Vacation With Landru - March 3, 2012

#144 Keachick, you’ve missed the point entirely. As Jack said, lace front is a type of wig it’s pretty much what Beyonce wears on her head everyday. Relaxers are chemicals used to straighten naturally kinky hair – and they make the relaxers “safe” for kids, too. A simple trip to google could have helped you out with your “assumptions.”

Tiger Beat is/was a magazine aimed at teenage girls that focused on the current teen idols. My remarks, again, were meant to convey the fact that you talk quite a bit about the physical appearance and attractiveness of Chris Pine and it’s just…odd and uncomfortable. I’m simply more accustomed to discussing ST and not every little detail about the omigosh so sexy actors.

Honestly, my real problem with your response is the fact that you could take the time to type all that out but you couldn’t be bothered to just research a few terms that you did not know and simply decided that what you didn’t know didn’t matter anyway. Obviously it doesn’t matter to you, but I just can’t take anyone with that sort of attitude seriously. Why should I respect what YOU have to say if you’re so dismissive of what I have to say? Should I just go “Oh, look at that long response, I don’t feel like reading it. I’m pretty sure it’s irrelevant anyway.”

149. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 3, 2012

#148 – What are you talking about? I did not dismiss you at all or else I would not have replied to you at all. I really thought that a lace front was some sort of lacy underwear, since in the previous posts, there was a discussion about how much of a “(near) naked” Uhura could be seen in silhouette compared with how much could be seen of Spock. I actually asked if I had understood you.

Jack posted a reply, an explanation after I had posted my answers to you. At least, Jack was simply polite enough to explain, rather than just putting me down as you have done.

I don’t read teen magazines. Maybe I have seen Tiger Beat on bookshop shelves. I honestly cannot recall. It was you who made the comments, the comparisons and seemed to be condescending towards my expression of interest and affection that I sometimes write here about this particular actor. It turns out that I was right. References to Tiger Beat do not seem relevant.

I already explained about the relevance of comments about how Chris Pine looks, as they relate to comments made about actors having the “wrong” coloured eyes and should have worn coloured contacts for the movie, as well as about the bulking up process Chris has undergone in order to look more like what people think Captain Kirk looks, ie a young William Shatner. I have no desire to repeat myself – again.

Frankly, if anyone seems dismissive, it has been you, On Vacation with Landru.

150. Jack - March 4, 2012

I may have started this with all the dirtySpocktalk — I was (mostly) kidding. ;)

151. On Vacation With Landru - March 4, 2012

149. Keachick, first you jumped to an incorrect conclusion that could have easily been solved with a trip to a search engine. That argument you finished up with “I assume I understood.” To me, that is dismissive. You couldn’t be bothered to research so you just ASSUMED. In fact, a quick trip to google would have answered your question about what a relaxer is instead of you having to assume that they’re slippers as the first result explains it fairly well. Same for lace front, as a matter of fact.

Secondly, you just ASSUMED the Tiger Beat comment was irrelevant. To simply disregard parts of someone’s argument because you do not agree with it or do not understand the relevance IS rude and dismissive. And yes, the Tiger Beat comment IS relevant. I have frequently found your commentary on a variety of posts to rarely exclude something about how attractive Chris Pine is which is pretty much the nature of those magazines. TO ME, it is weird and uncomfortable. Just my opinion. I was asking to see if someone could point me towards a site more compatible with my interests in the fandom. MY BAD.

152. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 4, 2012

People “assume” stuff all the time, in that they think they know a meaning to something and it turns out not to be the only meaning or the wrong meaning.

The fact is that I wrote – (post #144) “Besides, women of all colour are doing all kinds of stuff to their hair – colouring, curling, straightening, whatever.” You decide to include various *technical* terms, which, in the context of what had already been discussed in previous posts on this very thread, had me believing that you were talking about lacy underwear etc, hence my confusion. I was not being rude. I was just wondering why you brought in what I thought referred to clothing into the discussion about hair. You made the assumption that I would necessarily know what a “lace front” or a “relaxer” was and instead of explaining what you meant, you chide me. You ain’t no Jack.

As for your objection to me mentioning Chris Pine – I do not know mention him in every other post of mine. His name has come up in more recent times and so, yes, I do talk about him. I am sorry you feel uncomfortable about my expression of affection, however on this particular thread… what was being asked of actors directly affected Chris Pine. Coincidence. Oh, and btw, Zoe has not been asked to have her styled in the shorter wavy hair style in the way that Nichelle Nichol’s Uhura had her hair… easy to do, but Chris and Karl are asked to wear coloured contact lenses (annoying and distracting to say the least) and to beef up to the point where he has expressed discomfort at being that size and shape, just to satisfy some idiot people who think that James Kirk is actually Shatner or Shatner clone. I have been a James Kirk fan since I was seven, yet…

The reality is this site has a lot of stuff about the different Trek actors, past and present, and people are often quite expressive in their liking for Leonard Nimoy and many others. There is also constant mention of the same old characters from the TOS series, like Gary Mitchell (even though it has been clearly announced that this character will not be in the movie) and discussion about them is far more numerous than what I might say about Chris Pine or James Kirk. I have taken part in massive discussions about the Spock/Uhura relationship, none of which has anything to do with CP or JK.

You could always go to sites and boards where most of the contributors write rude, stupid, mean, nasty, vitriolic comments about an actor, if you would rather read that. Tons and tons of that about. Two names, both female, come to mind where stupidity and meanness come in oceanic doses – Zoe Saldana and Reese Witherspoon. For me, those comments are painful to read. I have to “put up with” all sorts of comments being posted on this site which I have no personal interest in or find irritating, but that is what rows those people’s boats, therefore so be it.

No, you were actually asking me a question and I answered it.

153. Capes - March 4, 2012

Maybe it is just me…..

What if Kirk in this timeline has two brothers?
George Samuel Kirk and Johnny “Whoknowswhathislastnameis” ?
Makes it easier to think thru…a half brother….different fathers.
New dad’s an ass….old dad dead. Intinite possibilities…..
Just my opinion…I want it all to work.

Another point….in the 23rd century it “could” be possible to modify eye
pigment just as easily as we do hair and skin (Michael Jackson) today.
This “could” have been a rebellion choice by young Kirk to stand out from
the family that he abhorred?

This is a guess……but I like it.

154. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 5, 2012

Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo, a rare skin disease that causes some of the skin cells to lose their natural pigment, in his case, the black colour. It’s possible he used make up to even out the loss of pigment, but he didn’t initially set about changing his skin colour – nature did that.


The question is – why would you want to modify/change skin or eye colour, unless it is part of a deception?

155. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 5, 2012

The kid “Johnny” was clearly older than Jimmy. Jim’s new “dad” was in fact his uncle, his mother’s older brother. (Online comic series).

156. Azrael - March 5, 2012

Actually Kea, it is documented that Jackson bleached his skin, supposedly to even out his appearance due to Vitiligo, he didn’t use makeup for that. Like many things stated by Michael Jackson I find this story impossible to believe.

157. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 5, 2012

How do you bleach skin? Which part do you find hard to believe – that he bleached his skin or that he had vitiligo in the first place? Apparently vitiligo is more common among people of dark skin but still quite rare.

158. Azrael - March 5, 2012

The surgical process of bleaching skin is fairly easy to look up, I’m not going to do it right now, but you can if you want. What I find hard to believe is that he ever had Vitiligo, or that he never touched children, they fall into the same level of disbelief for me.

I do in fact listen to a musician who suffers from the disease, his name is Krizz Kaliko, and his first album is named Vitiligo.

159. Jack - March 5, 2012

148. OVW Landru: “…Lace front is a type of wig it’s pretty much what Beyonce wears on her head everyday.”

And, rumour has it, by Shatner back in the (TOS) day.

Heck, who doesn’t, Hollywood or not, go to relatively bizarre, expensive nonsurgical lengths ( or fantasize about having the money to do so) to change appearance — tanning, spray tans, veneers, waxing, hair colouring, straightening/perming, bleaching, propecia, rogaine, teeth whitening, botox, make-up, latisse, spanx, hairpieces, personal trainers, coloured contacts etc.

I’ve had all of those things done in the last week (and/or am wearing them now). Heck, I was looking up crazy speculation on what Tom Cruise may have had done before his Benjamin Buttony Oscar appearance.

We all just want to be loved. Or all look the same.

I’m not black, or a woman, so I have no business speculating on black women and hair straightening. Or women (or men) wanting different hair than they were born with. Chris Rock did a doc about some American black women and their relationships to their hair. I did have a friend (caucasian) who complains constantly (and apropos of nothing) about how fake beyonce is but she herself (the friend) has straightened, bleached blonde hair with pricey extensions (and doesn’t leave the house, ever, without make up). Go figure.

Me, I shave my head so I can tell myself it sort of (but not really) looks like I went bald by choice (and also so I don’t look like the dad from mork and mindy).

How’d all of this get started on here?

160. Capes - March 5, 2012

Y’know I just want everyone to stop and take a moment to realize that if any of us have any thoughts, opinions, or even questions we just have to ask Keachick because she clearly knows everything and has all of the answers. Wow….can you imagine what it must be like to always be right and to also live by the mantra “HEY! Everyone has a right to my opinion” It must be so great to be her….I just can’t fathom it.

Keachick…you are the greatest! I am so glad you are here to add value AND to jump in and correct the things that you think are wrong because you believe that your light burns brighter than everyone elses……

161. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 5, 2012

#160 – “Keachick…you are the greatest! I am so glad you are here to add value AND to jump in and correct the things that you think are wrong because you believe that your light burns brighter than everyone elses……”

Capes, you wrote all this, not me. What’s with all the bitchy sarcasm that is being directed towards me? I am not always right, however I am not sorry if it bothers you that I can actually clearly put opinions forward and give reasons for having them. That is all I have been doing. Now stop being a rude smart-ass.

162. Jack - March 5, 2012

Er, it’s getting a little WTF here…

Can’t we all, if not get along, talk about Star Trek? ;).

I’ll mind my own beeswax now.

163. Capes - March 6, 2012

Sorry Jack that’s what I was doing earlier when Keachick for want of valid opinions of her own just felt like jumping in to “opine” on mine. People who can’t offer clear thoughts of their own tend to spend their time trying to correct others.

But you are right Jack. I will let it go….

164. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 6, 2012

#163 – “Valid” opinions? I doubt there is such an opinion. You jumped on me with your sarcasm. You had been “lurking” on this thread and came in to give an idea on how you think Kirk’s background should be. I simply said that it couldn’t be that because of what has been told in the Online comic series. On the issue of “bleached” skin, I was asking a more or less rhetorical question as to why someone would want to bleach their skin. I had not directed any comment towards you and had certainly not used sarcasm against you. Capes – you decided to get personal and nasty. Frankly, that is the surest sign that somebody does not have anything of real value to offer when they become rude and personal towards another poster. People “opine” on other people’s comments/opinions all the time. That is what these forums are for. Grief.

You owe me an apology.

165. Capes - March 6, 2012

I totally disagree with the way you come across on this and other threads. I think that you are overly critical of other people’s opinions and often try to invalidate as opposed to add value to them. So to that end I think you ought to seriously look in the mirror and let some air out of your balloon. It is over inflated. On the subject of an apology, I am not taking this any further. It is beneath me and I should have let it go in the first place. But your “rhetorical” questions that you are so often fond of are sometimes just damn insulting. Wish you could see it through other eyes. Just like my “lurking” as you put it….s’funny but I thought that people reading and participating could not be demeaned. But you found a way to do that too. In any case I am moving on and if it is an apology you want, it is so offered…

166. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 6, 2012

Apology not accepted. You are a mean-spirited bullying a-hole. Take a look in your own mirror sometime.

So you are moving on…good for you, Capes. Go dig your shit hole elsewhere.

167. Capes - March 7, 2012


168. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 8, 2012

Capes – You’re welcome.

169. Capes - March 9, 2012

Great stuff

170. dee - March 11, 2012

Over 30% of Jews have blue eyes…

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