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Watch: Video From Star Trek Sequel Location Shooting February 28, 2012

by Staff , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Last week images from location shooting on the Star Trek sequel emerged showing actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana. Now video from some of that location shooting has emerged showing much of the same, but now in moving pictures. You can watch it below but beware of spoilers (except for the part when Zach eats lunch).


Video of Spock v Cumberbatch villain

Here is video from the same Star Trek sequel location shooting revealed in pictures from last week.

Via Splash



1. Borgminister - February 28, 2012

No lens flares? Disappointing…

2. John Gill - February 28, 2012

Ooooooooh…. is J.J. gonna’ be upset now!!!!

3. Shaun - February 28, 2012

so… after seeing the pictures and the video, i have to wonder if benedict is playing this fellow:

it would explain how he appears to successfully combat spock.

4. Strangelove - February 28, 2012

Who is falling down???!!!

5. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

Sorry jj I know we shouldn’t watch but the needs of the many……

6. Reign1701A - February 28, 2012

Wow, kind of cool how the villain fights off the nerve pinch. Gotta say, this seems like a very climatic fight, I kind of wish footage from a different scene were released instead. Oh well.

7. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

Seems like Spock doesn’t get his ass completely kicked… looks like he knocks Cumberbatch off the platform.

8. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012

I notice Spock looks over the edge hmmmmmmm.

9. Aurore - February 28, 2012

Those spoilers are several days old, now.

I want new ones.

Mr. Orci, how about leaking the villain’s identity?

10. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012

Ok, what kind of human can kick a Vulcan’s a$$?

11. Bamasi - February 28, 2012

#2 totally agree

#6 I’m guessing this is like the Kirk bar fight from 09. At the end I think Kirk is going to show up with his shirt off and say “No one wails on my Vulcan” and then proceed to compare Cumberpatch to some sort of baked dessert, like cupcake in 09, as he’s kicking his arse.

12. Scooter - February 28, 2012

Not really a spoiler. Every Trek movie has a fight scene or 2. Still, cool stuff. Looking forward to May ’13. I was 17 when ST:TMP came out, and I’m still hooked. Guess I should get out more……

13. Aurore - February 28, 2012

“Ok, what kind of human can kick a Vulcan’s a$$?”

David Knowles knows.
We talked about that on another thread…

14. mojomonkey - February 28, 2012

Ya know, thinking abt ST past, I’ve been thinking that this could happen at the *beginning* of the movie, not the end. How many times have the various Trek crews been forced to transport a potentially dangerous character after subduing them? If that platform they’re on is part of some unstable apparatus, this could one of those classic Trek “rescue against their will” scenarios, followed by “the only person we rescued is pretty dangerous & wants to go back there, what do we do with them?” situations.

Just a thought…

15. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012

Does anyone remember the fights between Kirk and Spock from “This side of Paradise” and “Amok Time”? Kirk was left bruised and bloodied and Spock didnt even break a sweat. Cumberbatch must either be genetically enhanced, an android, an illusion or infused with god-like powers.

16. Shaun - February 28, 2012

#15: my vote is for genetically enhanced.

17. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012

Cumberbatch’s hair looks dyed black. Doesn’t he normally have medium brown hair?

18. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

If he’s able to combat a Vulcan he’s clearly not a normal human, I’m betting an augment of some kind but I can’t see it being khan.
Would love to hear mongos take on it.

19. V1701E - February 28, 2012

#15 I’ll go with genetically engineered. In this timeline, Khan probably dies and one of his followers rises to the top.

20. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012


It’s just as likely that it is Capt. Maxwell going back in time… this time newly augmented and super-human. He goes back in time to wipe out the Cardassians to get revenge for the death of his family.

21. Shaun - February 28, 2012

#18: joaquin from “space seed”?

22. Grey Emminence - February 28, 2012

I wonder why no one gets seriously hurt during such fights. Broken chaws, missing teeth etc.

It seems as if Khan and Spock are not as strong as they pretend to be…

23. anthony c - February 28, 2012

If it IS a “Space Seed” redo, and Kahn does not end up marooned on CetiAlpha then Humanity is DOOMED! Please Please Please let this NOT be a redo of space seed and some other ORIGINAL story!!!!


1. Kahn won’t end up marooned on the planet
2. the crew of the Reliant won’t mistake his planet for the one that exploded.
3. Kahn won’t be able to seek revenge.
4. Spock won’t die.
5. The crew of the Enterprise won’t risk everything to bring Spock back
6. The Enterprise crew won’t be exiled on Vulcan when the Space Probe visits Earth.
7. Nobody will go back in time to bring whales back to the future.
8. Earth will be devoid of all surface life and the Whale Space Probe will go on it’s merry way.
9. If the Enterprise crew DOES survive somewhere, they won’t for long because the Klingon and Romulan empires will see the failing Federation and conquer the Federation planets. Since there will be no more Starfleet command, and David Marcus never was killed (if he existed at all), Captain Kirk won’t feel embittered toward the Klingons, Spock won’t have opened a dialogue with the Klingons and there would be no Khitomer conference.

Yes. It is about time that Temporal Affairs or the crew of the USS Relativity show up and “fix” the freaking timeline!

24. Christopher Roberts - February 28, 2012

13. “Ok, what kind of human can kick a Vulcan’s a$$?”

A Klingon or Romulan, who has infiltrated Starfleet.

25. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

#21 could be, but it would seen strange to have one of khans men in the movie but not khan himself.

26. Peter - February 28, 2012

Gary Mitchell

27. Bobby - February 28, 2012

#1- the intro and outro had a huge lens flare. Does that count?

28. Shaun - February 28, 2012

#25: what if khan dies in cryosleep and joaquin takes over?

29. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

#26 Gary Mitchell wouldn’t need to physically fight Spock, he’d just sweep him off the platform with his telekinetic power.

30. Starfleet's Finest - February 28, 2012

*GASP* The Vulcan neck pinch didn’t work?! Who IS this not-masked man????

Dude, JJ is going to be soooo pissed over this…..

31. Dr. Image - February 28, 2012

Hilarious edit.
NOT Gary Mitchell.

32. Jinn-Jinn - February 28, 2012

Kirk gets his butt whooped in the first movie, now Spock gets his whooped. Who will get it next movie? Scotty? :-)

33. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

Shaun, yep that’s plausible but I don’t think bob and co would bother writing a space seed rehash and then kill off the greatest villain in trek history in a malfunctioning cryochamber.

34. Ralph Pinheiro - February 28, 2012

My theory:
Peter Weller is involved with genetically altered embryos and Cumberbacht can be part of the experience. In Enterprise, embryos were stolen from a research center.

35. Orb of the Emissary - February 28, 2012

JJ is going to be maaaaad……

36. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 28, 2012

Bob Orci. Thank you for posting the Video. You are the best.
I keeds I keeds.

37. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012


Sybok with clipped ears? Certainly we’ve already seen Kirk and Troi made to look Vulcan and Romulan, why not the reverse?


Yes it would be. Since these movies are going for the mass audiences, Khan is certainly more recognizable to non-trekkers. It would be like going to a Batman movie to see the Joker, but see one of his nameless henchmen instead. We don’t even know if he is from Khan’s era. I still think it’s Gary Mitchell or someone else. I’m a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. I can’t wait to see him in this movie!

38. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012


IF you watched “Where No man has gone Before”, MItchell’s powers started off weak and gradually got more stronger as time progressed.

39. Shaun - February 28, 2012

#34: i like that idea, too!

#33: if one wanted to play in the same sand box, but try and build a more interesting castle, i’d be willing to look at the finished product. i would consider it a challenge worth facing, if i were in their shoes.

40. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

Anthony “aids and abets” the “picture thieves” by posting this video!!! Steam is shooting from JJ and Roberto’s ears right now! HAHA!!!

Again — boo fricken hoo!!! :-)

Like that McDonalds commercial – “ba da ba ba ba ba…I’m lovin it!”


41. John from Cincinnati - February 28, 2012

Maybe it is Khan. The new comics already covered Gary Mitchell and the “WWhere no man has gone before” story. They said the comics would bridge the stories from ST09 to the new movie, so I doubt they would go back to Mitchell. You also have to remember that Benicio del Toro was the first choice to play the villain. Cumberbatch is a great actor, he can play anything. What kind of villain can be played by del Toro and Cumberbatch? Maybe it’s a new character entirely.

42. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - February 28, 2012

In Enterprise The Klingons did steal the Embryos. But it mutated and that is why in Tos we see them as we did. I think they did some more experiment’s and they were able to find a cure to get there ridges back so we would see them like we would in TMP through TNG. But. something else may have happened and now we have Cumberbatch who is now an Augment (Not Khan) doing all he can to take over. That is where Peter Wellers Paxton comes in as he is still alive from Enterprise and he is helping Cumberbacth do what ever is necessary to take over and Kirk and Spock are trying to stop them.

43. Bruce Banner - February 28, 2012

This movie is going to kick ass. As much as I enjoy the leaked video, I hope JJ clamps down on security, I want to be surprised.

44. Ralph Pinheiro - February 28, 2012

Cumberbatch might not be the Khan´s team, but an experiment with genetically altered embryos. So, it would not involve Khan, but it would be a good topic about human genetic manipulation.

45. Aurore - February 28, 2012

“A Klingon or Romulan, who has infiltrated Starfleet.”

…Or, it could be that “Nancy ” has infiltrated Starfleet .


46. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

It ain’t Kahn!!! It ain’t Kahnnon!!! LOL!!!

47. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

I think Ralphs theory is gonna be closest to what this is about, does anyone know if there are any plans to bring out collected editions of the new comics?

48. Hugh Hoyland - February 28, 2012

Khan Jr?

49. Buzz Cagney - February 28, 2012

You know I really hate the thought of Leonard taking this kicking. Quinto not so much! He’s young, he can take it!

50. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

We know that since the eugenics wars that genetical engineering is outlawed in the federation but that’s not to say it doesn’t go on (dr bashing ds9). I think the fact peter weller is in the movie could definitely mean a tie in with the enterprise Terra prime story, perhaps weller would only appear in a flashback for cumberbatchs character.

51. Christopher Roberts - February 28, 2012

45. “She’s not Nancy!

If… she… were… Nancy… could she take this?!?”


52. Ensign RedShirt - February 28, 2012

It’s definitely NOT Gary Mitchell. The “Where No Man” story arc has already occurred in the new comic book, which Bob and gang consider canon for this new timeline. Gary has already met his maker by the time this fight takes place.

Maybe it’s Gary Seven, now with an English accent….just kidding.

53. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

Ha ha Dr bashir, damned autocorrect

54. Trick - February 28, 2012


Arne Darvin?

Peter Weller = Mr. Lurry?


55. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

#52 — Let’s let BobO settle this Gary Mitchell thing once and for all! Bob? Is that GM in those pictures? HAHA!!!

56. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

@ Bob Orci

Instead of telling us who Cumberbatch is playing… how about telling us who he is not!

He isn’t a tribble. Or is he?? An undercover tribble infiltrating Starfleet? LoL.

57. T'Cal - February 28, 2012

Oh no! More leaked out! What could be worse??

Um, that no one cared…

I’m happy things are moving along and wish they would get behind this publicly by announcing just the basics – who BC is playing and the plot.

58. Oh No, Odo - February 28, 2012

Star Trek 12: Revenge of the Fallen

Gary Mitchell kills Uhura (you heard it here first).
Spock gets angry (see pics for Vulcan rage).
Spock and Gary Mitchell fight.
Gary Mitchell falls.
Spock Wins.

End Scene

For saving the universe, using the same promotion scheme from the previous film, Kirk is promoted from Captain to God.

Roll Credits.

59. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

#56 — Hahaha!!! No, undercover tribble’s are not Kahnnon…:-)

60. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

#58 — you forgot the scene where Gary Mitchell forces Spock to eat lunch! Hahaha!!!

61. Buzz Cagney - February 28, 2012

A few comments from Cumberbatch here…

62. Caesar - February 28, 2012

The turkey sandwich he made him eat was a LITTLE DRY!

63. Jeyl - February 28, 2012

Why don’t they have people looking the other way when material is being filmed?

And why does this film look like it’s reshooting action scenes from the previous movie? Big coats, fist fighting on a rusty platform, lots of shouting and, I don’t know. So far this feels too much like the last movie. I guess we’ll see what happens. However, if the villain has a grudge against Earth and wants to destroy it, I’m done.

64. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

#62 — Yes, but he “gobbled” it down…;-)

65. Buzz Cagney - February 28, 2012

#63 no its totally different. Look, no Kirk, its Spock instead. No Sulu, its Uhura this time. Its not writing by numbers. No siree!
Its couldn’t be more different. ;)

And this time Chekov gets to ride the water chute and Scotty gets to have the nasty bug thing inserted into his body. And just to make it obvious its an entirely new film it won’t be his mouth or ear this time,. Expect a different classification for this film though!!

66. N - February 28, 2012

23 Completely different universe, it’s past and future aren’t connected to the Prime timeline so don’t worry about it.
Personally though I think a nice timeship story about preventing the damn Hobus supernova (assuming that was the Prime timeline) in the first place could make an excellent pilot for a 29th century series. The Relativity is one of my favourite ships.

63 If you look at the other films the writers have done, you wouldn’t be so surprised… Augments, oppressed androids and omnipotent beings are known to hold grudges…

On another note, that narrator/reporter guy has such an annoying voice.

67. N - February 28, 2012

Buzz Cagney, that name’s familiar, wasn’t he the American priest in the final episode of Father Ted?

68. Basement Blogger - February 28, 2012

Okay, the video shows the scene somewhat in order. And let’s face it. Cumberbatch breaks out of a Vulcan nerve pinch. He chokes Spock with one hand. And he beats the daylights out of him. As the video correctly points out that Vulcans are much stronger than human then Cumberbatch is playing somebody with superhuman strength. Yet, he plays a human or humaoid. Again based on previous stories and the search for a Hispanic actor (see TWOK Ricardo Montalban) there’s one logical conclusion.


69. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 28, 2012

If only it was a video of a shirtless Kirk… LOL… okay I’m just kidding… a bit…


Yeah…. Khan Jr…. Why not?…. ;-) :-)

70. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Commodore, I thinking kind of the same thing except maybe Weller’s character could be a new character or an ancester starting up genetic engineering again in secret. So he could get more medical research of of the Augments.

That could be a flashback scene. Starfleet finds out and attempts to shut him down but he makes it so the Augment kids escape and one of them is Cumberbatch and maybe his name could be Khan. Then flashfoward to Kirk’s time. Khan could be a Starfleet officer that hides his Augmented abilities to further some plan he has going on.

However, would JJ want to base the sequel on Enterprise, a failed Trek TV series that most of the general public has never heard of and didn’t get great ratings?

71. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

Cumberpatch is an augmented tribble that infiltrates Starfleet seeking revenge for Scotty beaming all those Tribbles onto the Klingon ship!!

72. StickyFingaz Malone - February 28, 2012

I’d be extremely surprised if Khan isn’t in this movie.

73. Jay - February 28, 2012

#68 lol….why do people keep repeating the same weak logic to try and convince themselves that this movie will be about Khan?

74. Phil - February 28, 2012

Maybe this is why CP fired his agents, he’s upset that ZQ gets all the curb stomping this time around!!

75. N - February 28, 2012

73 there is logic to their logic

76. dmduncan - February 28, 2012

I am so tired of the wimpy human stereotype in sci fi. Even the spindly little grays whip our asses.

77. Jay - February 28, 2012

I would be extremely surprised if he is. Bob/JJ and the rest have not shown that kind of simple mindedness so far IMO. This will be an original story with original villain.

I seriously doubt that their ultimate goal in getting involved with Star Trek, creating a new time line to free themselves from establish canon and history, all so that they could redo “Space Seed”. How boring.

78. Phil - February 28, 2012

No, it’s not Khan. That anyone entertains that thought is an insult to the creative staff, to suggest with budgets to finally do Trek right, that the best they can do is start remaking the numbered Trek flicks? The Paramount exec’s would have laughed JJ and crew right out of the room….

79. Jay - February 28, 2012

#75 Not really. More hope and wishful thinking (although I can’t imagine why).

I could make up a bunch of reasons for what we think we see in these images/video. Which, mind you, will make up mere seconds of film time in the end.

80. Jay - February 28, 2012

#78 Exactly my thinking too.

81. CAPT KRUNCH - February 28, 2012

I think this is all a stunt…there’s no way this could have been leaked so quickly…I bet it is J.J. frakkiin with us….. seems like something he would do just to get some talk started….but if it isn’t …Spock seems to be gettin his arse beat!!!!

82. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Another way is they do a different twist on Khan and it wont happen exactly how it did it the original movie. Maybe they find Khan and his people on his ship but it doesn’t end like it did during Space Seed? They don’t put them on Ceti Alpha V.

83. Just Sayin' - February 28, 2012

YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE REALLY FUNNY??? It would be funny if these pics and video really were not part of the movie at all, just something to keep people guessing. Think about it…how hard would it be just to take a still shots and throw together a little video, post it on the web and have actors confirm that “JJ is mad about the leak”. CHAOS ensues…theories and possibilities are thrown all over the place on what is happening and who plays what character. It’s a genius idea!!! This does what overcoats cannot, provide misdirection so the real deal is ultimately concealed! Sounds like a Bob Orci idea if I have ever heard of one!

84. flake - February 28, 2012


I think Khan is most likely dead, maybe he died whilst frozen, maybe he died when whoever discovered him tried to revive him. He is one of Khans henchmen. I think thats a great idea.

85. flake - February 28, 2012

Maybe Peter Weller discovers the Botany Bay and he is on a ship with other families or his own extended family. Wellers character is powerful and allows the Botany Bay survivors to gain a foothold… maybe Weller deals with weapons or terraforming….

86. Jay - February 28, 2012

Paramount Exec: Ok JJ, what exciting original story do you have in store for Star Trek this time?

JJ: Ok. Well, we need about $170Mil for this one. Now hold on to your seats. You are going to love this!!

Exec: Can’t wait!!

JJ: Ok, well, we are going to make a 2 hour version of Space Seed!! Yay! Now I know what you are thinking, but no, this time Khan dies!! And someone else becomes the bad guy!! See what we did there?

Exec: Amazing!! I knew there was a reason we brought you and Bob aboard to bring Star Trek into relevance again. No one else could have possibly thought of something so original or creative as that!!!!

Khan dies! Wow…. never saw that coming.

87. Derf - February 28, 2012

Going off the outfit and hair alone, I think he’s Steve Butabi.

88. Shamelord - February 28, 2012

Well, Weller could be old Khan (the face would fit) finding some planet to land the Botany Bay and The Batch could be the Son Of Khan! ;-)

89. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Shamelord, good point maybe Cumberbatch is Juaqim?

90. sunfell - February 28, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch’s character is an android. Or an early-model Borg.

91. Craiger - February 28, 2012

Maybe Alice Eve could be Juaqim’s girlfriend or wife.

92. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 28, 2012

People have been guessing/speculating long before any of these photos or videos were seen by anyone and will continue to do so no matter what gets *leaked* next.

So I take it, from the posts I am reading here, that neither Kirk nor Spock are able to achieve or whatever on their own without needing to have the other one by their side every other moment. Of course, Uhura’s at Spock’s side. I wonder what that’s about. Perhaps the two of them (Spock and Uhura) got separated from the landing party, which includes Kirk, and are now having to deal with a tall strong man on some old wreckage of sorts.

Anything is possible at this point…

93. Craiger - February 28, 2012

However if we have Weller’s Character as a father figure to Cumberbatch’s main villain character wouldn’t that be another Nero and Ayle for the sequel?

94. Jay - February 28, 2012

#93 Lol… if Weller was Khan and Batch was his son…. then similarities to Nero and Ayle would be the least of your problems. The movie would be a disaster already.

95. N - February 28, 2012

What was the point in Ayal? He was just some boring sidekick calls-themselves-Romulans.

96. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - February 28, 2012

just come out and say who the villian is allready, enough of this.

97. Captain Karl - February 28, 2012


I have heard from a reliable source that Cumberbatch is playing a one Archibald Mustard, a man who owns a seedy hotel in San Fran located in a park called the “Hole in the Road.” Archie is an unlikable fellow, some may even call him mean, but when Nero tries to destroy the Earth in ST 09, Archie’s sister Pamela is killed when she comes out of the shop she works in and is tragically trampled to death by the mobs of people trying to flee from the destruction. Peter Weller plays the owner of the shop that Pamela worked in and is saddened by the loss of his best worker who worked non-stop, day and night. He called her his “go-getter” and seeks out Archie, augmenting his strength, so he can seek revenge against the Federation for not stopping Nero before Pamela could get killed.

98. Chris H - February 28, 2012

Can anyone remember who postulated that the (Amanda) Grayson family line included Doc Savage, Tarzan and prior to that Sherlock and Myles? (This was way back in the 70’s…)

Either way, this gay fan is rather happy with these two mano a mano!

99. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

#86 — HAHAHA!!!! Thanks for the lunchtime laugh!! Salad went everywhere! LOL!!!

100. rm10019 - February 28, 2012

From 4 days ago:

85. rm10019 – February 24, 2012
What if Khan isn’t one of the supermen who survives suspended animation in this Universe, and this is another 20th Century superman? Would explain why the neckpinch doesn’t put him down…

101. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

97. Captain Karl

That sounds more plausible than it being Khan, Mitchell, Gary Seven, Arne Darvin, etc.

THAT’S thinking outside the box!

102. Jay - February 28, 2012

#99 Glad to be of service.

And yet people keep repeating the same general idea…

103. Shaun - February 28, 2012

#100: i never read that. i guess it is easy to come to the same conclusion.

if it’s true, i can see why j.j. is upset with the pics and video getting out.

104. eddie flowers - February 28, 2012

I think it’s clear that Cumberbath is playing a Vulcan – one can clearly see the ears.
A vulacn seeking revenge for the destruction of their planet? Seems a logical plot progression

105. bradley1701 - February 28, 2012

I’m guessing that Benedict is playing the role of Gary Mitchell and Alice Eve the role of Dr. Elizabeth Dehner ala “Where No Man Has Gone Before” from TOS. They both ended up having super powers which would explain Benedict being superior to Spock at the same time as being in a Starfleet unform.

106. rm10019 - February 28, 2012

103 – I agree, this sure does look like an ‘ultimate’ confrontation and if it is, he has every right to be pissed. I wonder if they will make some new editing choices to add additional suspense for those who have been ‘spoiled’ by these pics.

107. Craiger - February 28, 2012

I wonder why they were shooting this scene outside? Couldn’t a that scene with a greenscreen background be shot indoors?

108. Commodore Adams - February 28, 2012

No lens flares? Uh no, not disappointing, not at all :)

I am hoping not too much shaky cam either. The first film was an experiment and I hope they got the mix right this time. Big, better, but less shaky came and flares will be a pleasant surprise.

@ 83. Just Sayin
That would actually be pretty cool! As a nosy fan, I would love that. Great way to divert and keep it secret!

@ 97. Captain Karl

Interesting but sounds a little lack lustre for JJ and crew. Not doubting your reliable source but, I think Orci can do better than another revenge plot for the second movie. But hey, maybe your right and it will turn out great!

109. N - February 28, 2012

104 ears are round… plus why would a Vulcan seek revenge against Starfleet? I don’t see any logic to that.

110. mr ohm - February 28, 2012

It’s sybok and he’s come to take away your pain

111. Basement Blogger - February 28, 2012

@ 104

Eddie Flowers,

While your plot point is logical, I suggest we look at the video at the 52 second mark. One, you see Cumberbatch next to Quinto eating lunch. He clearly has rounded ears. But here’s a new twist. He has pointed sideburns. Possible Starfleet member? Maybe it’s not Khan.

112. Jay - February 28, 2012

#107 Shot outside for natural lighting.

113. Jay - February 28, 2012

#103 and #106 Don’t think you have anything to worry about.

114. Basement Blogger - February 28, 2012

@ 78

Phil says,
“That anyone entertains that thought is an insult to the creative staff, to suggest with budgets to finally do Trek right, that the best they can do is start remaking the numbered Trek flicks?”

I’m not trying to insult the creative staff. I’m just speculating based on the evidence. And it’s fun to speculate. Frankly, I’d rather they not bring back Khan.

And by the way, Hollywood loves to regurgitate old ideas, and or sequels. They do because it works. Nine of the top ten movies last year was a sequel or part of a franchise. LInk.

115. Jay - February 28, 2012

#111 This isn’t new. You could see these things in the pics release a few days ago quit clearly.

116. CmdrR - February 28, 2012

I’m voting for Gary Seven, because of the neck pinch resistence, and his probably knowledge of the future, as in: “Captain, you’re from the future.”

And since he is a time traveler, can he:

a) restore the TOS timeline?

b) give us a not so half-arsed GOP candidate? *

* this is a joke. kinda.

117. Jay - February 28, 2012

#114 Sequel is not the same as remaking another episode or movie. That’s a remake.

JJ/Bob and the whole creative staff were brought in for the express purpose of breathing new life into Star Trek. Making it relevant again. Making it original. They themselves have said they only agreed to do it if they could write their own stories. They therefore would not decide to remake a particular episode of TOS. Anyone could do that.

You don’t need to post a link to show that alot of movies these days are sequels. Everyone knows that. This movie is a sequel. That doesn’t mean the story of this movie has to be a remake of a story that was already done on TV for this same franchise.

118. section9 - February 28, 2012

Spock to Stunt Spock: “I AM YOUR FATHER!”

119. Phil - February 28, 2012

Maybe Cumberbatch is Uhura’s long lost white half sister. In drag. And seeking vengence on Starfleet Medical because the s*x change operation didn’t turn out so well. And Peter Weller is pi**ed because he lost the Starship interiors contract to some clown who talked them into the industrial look. Cumberbatch is fighting Spock because Kirk if off killing Romulans for blasting his green girlfriend, having lost his chance to expose the Federation to full frontal nud**y. And Pike is off fighting Klingons from his wheelchair for not putting up much of a fight against Nero…..there must be a vengence clause in the Federation Charter somewhere that allows them to be blowing off the Prime directive with astonishing regularity….

120. Bob - February 28, 2012

Damn. Paramount has taken it down already.

121. Vultan - February 28, 2012


I didn’t see any logic to Nero’s revenge either.

Not the best of villains in my opinion. Hopefully this one has better, more original motivations.

122. section9 - February 28, 2012


Copyright Claim! BOOOOO!

That can mean only one thing: CUMBERBATCH IS FINNEGAN!

“One More Time……!”

123. draderman - February 28, 2012

The way this vid clip is edited suggests there is a longer uncut version out there.

124. Bruce Banner - February 28, 2012

2:19 Feb 28, 2012. The video has been taken down due to copyright infringement.

125. Romulus - February 28, 2012

yep, the videos are disappearing.
So it beings, the great Paramount Shit-storm.

126. Chris H - February 28, 2012

Well that was fun while it lasted!

127. Mikey1091 - February 28, 2012

Oh son of a…I can’t even watch the damn thing before paramount screws me. I hope someone uploads this to a different site!

128. MONGO - February 28, 2012


Cumberbatch mans plays character named Phil Thomas mans, great great grandson of Dave Thomas mans, founder of Wendy’s. During Eugenics wars Khan mans try take over America by putting drug in hamburger meat that make population easily influence by Khan mans suggestions.

American government strike back and retaliate by starting new Fast Food Restaurant wars. Hamburger Battle of 2096 kill most of population of Des Moines, Iowa. Drugged hamburgers have side effect of giving fry cooks great strength. Phil Thomas mans fear for safety and hide in freezer at rival Jack in Box restaurant. Phil Thomas mans freeze and be in cryo sleep. When Enterprise get built they unearth locked freezer that has Phil Thomas mans inside. Federation medic peoples revive Phil Thomas mans and tell him captain Kirk mans from Iowa too. (Mongo not know why. Maybe to just advance plot). Seeing that new Enterprise build site has crushed Jack in Box and Wendy’s building and that Federation peoples has scientifically proven flame broiling beats frying in taste test, Phil Thomas mans fly into rage and vow extract revenge on Federation, Starfleet, and Kirk mans. Phil Thomas mans catch up to Kirk mans friend Spock mans while on date with Uhura ladies at Botany Bay Pizza. Phil Thomas mans force Spock mans eat sandwich with hamburger drug in it. Spock mans mad but not have strength to fight Phil Thomas mans because Spock mans vegetarian. Spock mans get beat up. Uhura ladies OK because like eat meat. And has phaser.

129. No Khan - February 28, 2012

I take that back. I see the bad guy does have an overcoat. I’m so sick of the same look over & over. JJ is the worst offender where are the tattoo’s & scars! These designer are still copying the Matrix!

130. MONGO - February 28, 2012

Also Mongo think voice over announcer try be funny guy with crack about that not being Quinto mans only blow he get.

131. Picard's Fish - February 28, 2012

the name “Khan” has only appeared 38 times in this conversation. how ’bout that.

132. Trick - February 28, 2012


Can I get Ceti Eels on my Botany Bay Pizza?

133. Legend of Link - February 28, 2012

Dude, it’s Kahn. If Vulcan’s are so much stronger than humans, then why is Cumberbatch kicking Spock’s butt? I’m thinkiiiing it’s eugenics. Dude, I know I’m right…dude. Well no I’m probably wrong about Kahn, but eugenics would be a very good explanation. I watched the video on other sites and it’s clear the fight is one sided.

134. Al - February 28, 2012

98 – Phil Jose Farmer, the book was Tarzan Unbound

135. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

122. section9

It was Riley that said that line, “One more time!”

And Finnegan wasn’t a villain… just a school bully.

136. Shaun - February 28, 2012

#113: okay. i still like the idea of khan’s people being involved. i don’t see a different take on an old subject (or plot point) as regression.

137. Adolescent Nightmare - February 28, 2012

Well, now it’s just absurdly obvious. Spock aint no she bitch that can be slapped around by an equal strength Klingon. Or an equal strength Romulan. Or a starship captain from another ship. And according to the comics Mitchell doesn’t bother with the physical. He just uses his powers.


JJ gonna be so pissed.

138. MONGO - February 28, 2012

#132 Trick persons

Mongo say hi. Mongo say you not want Ceti eels on pizza. Too salty.

Spock mans order veggies no cheese.

139. Marshall McMellon - February 28, 2012

Isnt it obvious? He’s Harry Mudd on PCP.

140. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

Son of a Batch! It’s Kahn…as in Madolyn Kahn! ;-)

141. Adolescent Nightmare - February 28, 2012

It won’t be a remake of Space Speed. It will be a completely different Khan story.

142. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - February 28, 2012

Peter Weller as Dr. Richard Korby and Cumberbatch as his Android Starfleet officer infiltrator.

143. Orb of Wisdom - February 28, 2012

#23–UNLESS… in THIS timeline, humpback whales never go extinct, or one of the black holes Nero opened up sucks the Whale probe into it and grinds it to bits:)

144. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - February 28, 2012

@24. Christopher Roberts: Klingons aren’t as strong as Vulcans.

145. Pontihog - February 28, 2012

The voiceover guy said ” no doubt the Trakkies will have a lot to say about about this” What the hell is a Trakkie???? I surprised he didn’t call it Star Track.

146. Jay - February 28, 2012

There are other explanations you could come up with on why this guy is able to fight Spock. There may also be a yet unknown explanation that is part of the plot of the movie.

Give this crew some credit for being able to come up with an original idea please.

147. Shaun - February 28, 2012

jay, revisiting something from the past does not automatically smack of a lack of originality.

and yes, there are many explanations fans can come up with. isn’t that the point of posting?

148. somethoughts - February 28, 2012

awesome, the choreography looks epic, reminds me of neo vs agent smith fight sequence :)

149. Jay - February 28, 2012

#147 It does if you consider the crew making the movie and the statements they have repeatedly made since signing on to do Star Trek in the first place.

revisiting is a broad term. I’m not saying Khan or his group, or the Botany Bay won’t be mentioned, or some other TOS character. But they will not be the main plot or villains in this movie. That would be very unoriginal and completely our of character for JJ/Bob and all.

I’m not saying you can’t post your ideas. I’m saying that wishing, or theorizing that Batch is playing Khan, or someone else on the Botany Bay is very simplistic thinking. That it is far more likely there is an explanation that we know nothing of for what we see in the pics/video that has nothing to do with Khan or super humans.

Just imagine trying to sell that to Paramount and ask for $170MIL in funding for the movie. I’m pretty sure they would want something alot more original than a remake of a TOS episode and I’m sure JJ is doing just that.

150. spocker - February 28, 2012

Does every villain wear a trench coat in this universe?

151. Jay - February 28, 2012

Another way to look at it….. if you are the Paramount exec responsible for this project…. would you pay JJ/Bad Robot and the writing crew of this project the mountain of money they are getting just to write a remake of “Space Seed”?

I would think you would expect alot more than that.

You could get just about anyone to do a remake of “Space Seed”. Half the people on these boards have written a basic premis to it already. Is that idea worth millions? I don’t think so.

152. Just Sayin' - February 28, 2012

COME ON PEOPLE…IT’S NOT KHAN!!! Can we give that a break? I would think that a Gary Mitchell would be more likely than Khan. That is, if you believe that the pics and clip are actual movie footage.

153. J.A.G.T. - February 28, 2012

So… Cumberbatch’s character is able to kick a Vulcan’s ass but he doesn’t have a ponytail… man, this gets more and more exciting by the day…

154. Goosenecked Fan - February 28, 2012

Agreed, Jay!

155. Lt. Dakin - February 28, 2012

So there appears to be a CHAMPION banner behind them in part of the video.

156. Jay - February 28, 2012

I’m thinking most of what we saw was rehersal.

Also, it appears that Spock won to some extent because in the end Batch is gone (either pushed off, or escaped off of the thing they are on).

But it’s very hard to tell from the jumbled video and a few pics.

When they did actually film this scene it could have been different.

Also, Spock for some reason may have been weakened by some other event, instead of Batch being “super human”. But like I said you could come up with 100 explanations. This is no way indicates they are doing Khan or any story line related to Khan.

157. Nano - February 28, 2012

@ 151 I agree, but that’s why they would do it!

158. Jay - February 28, 2012

#155 Yes…. that obviously is not going to be in the shot. The cameras are at a different angle than the one shooting this video.

But, does that give anyone a clue where this is being filmed? Does anyone here that lives in the LA area know where that is?

159. Jay - February 28, 2012

#157 Huh?

160. DaiMonRon - February 28, 2012

I thought the same thing about the CHAMPION “banner”, but after taking a closer look, I believe it is part of the camera boom.

161. orly - February 28, 2012

New video of cumberbatch as Frankenstein

162. drumvan - February 28, 2012

champion is a crane company. probably holding up the “botany bay” :) the bigger question is, what kind of beer is j.j. drinking at 00:16?

163. Jay - February 28, 2012

To me it looks in the background. Like it is a “CHAMPIONS” banner for some college stadium.

I’m thinking they are in the parking lot of a sports complex of some kind very much like 2009 when filming the platform scene.

A college football staduim parking lot would be available this time of year for building a set and shooting for a few weeks.

164. Jay - February 28, 2012

unless someone knows of a boon or crane company that is called “CHAMPION” that they would be using.

165. drumvan - February 28, 2012

166. Jay - February 28, 2012

lol… and there you go.

167. drumvan - February 28, 2012

:) one mystery solved.

168. DaiMonRon - February 28, 2012

Nice job, drumvan!

169. WillH85 - February 28, 2012

I’m still hoping for Gary Mitchell as the villain rather than Khan, but what’s done is done. I bet who ever took these photos and video won’t work in the film industry again.

170. Tiberius Subprime - February 28, 2012

Wow. I would love to know how pissed JJ is right now.

Did you find the person responsible for these leaks, Bob?
Is he/she is a shitload of trouble?

171. Nano - February 28, 2012

1. Gary Mitchell is a very good possibility but he wouldn’t require followers! Secondly the lovely Alice Eve could be Dr. Dehner.

2. A product of human genetic research, yes the Federation banned it, but Sector 31 is a rogue and may have a renegade agent.

3. Surgically altered alien like the Klingon Spy Darvin – Trouble with Tribbles.

4. Gary Seven was a Human male whose ancestors were abducted from Earth around 4000 BC. He held the position of Class One Supervisor, known as Supervisor 194. He was insensitive to the impact of the Vulcan nerve pinch. Again Alice Eve could be the role of Roberta Lincoln.

5. Finally something entirely new and really cool.

And Bob if Trek or animated Trek can’t make it back to the small screen “Assignment Earth” would make a great small screen project…

172. LongIslandTrekster - February 28, 2012

To all blog contributors (including those who host this site):

All of you can all expect JJ et al to be enraged about this video and rightly so. You can all expect to get nothing from the new production until further notice.

As proof, notice Bob Orci has NOT commented once and I expect that to stay that way for quite a long time.

I am a die hard fan for all of my life. But there are limits to fandom when it intrudes upon the creative process. Whomever took that video crossed the line. It is not as bad as the dirtbag that snapped a photo of Whitney Houston lying in state. But, it is a crappy thing to do nonetheless.

The ravenous need we fans have ends at our support and attempts of helpful criticism of the details offered to us by Star Trek creators and staff. I have always suspected that true Star Trek fans are a better and enlightened human being as Gene Roddenberry first hoped and envisioned. If anyone knows who was responsible for the photos and subsequent video and can prove it, have the common decency and class to report it to the proper authorities.

If the true fans do not put a stop to this and make-up for these trangressions, this will be a moment not soon forgotten by the actors, creative and technical staff for all fture Star Trek productions.

Our desire for details should not impede these peoples creative process and the long term success of their efforts. This is the same as stealing copyrighted music like the old Napster days.


173. Won Ton Photon - February 28, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing Arne Darvin, a genetic superior Klingon augment sent to infiltrate the Federation.

174. Jay - February 28, 2012

#170 The pics were sourced to a photographer at On Location News. I’m assuming the video is his too.

Therefore there is no question who took the pics and video. I doubt JJ was unaware because the angle of the shots seems to be such that the person taking them had to be on set. If these pics were from an elevated position at some distance from the subject, then I would understand.

But, when building a set in a parking lot, or similar place, JJ in the past has put some kind of fencing or barrier around the set so that anyone at ground level would not be able to see or take pictures of the shooting. So, since these pics seem to be from ground level, I question if they were truely a surprise to JJ.

175. captain spock - February 28, 2012

120. Bob – February 28, 2012
Damn. Paramount has taken it down already

what this video,
i can still watch this video on trekmovie.

176. Jay - February 28, 2012

#172 Actually Bob has commented. Not on this thread, but on the ones with the pics.

This is not that big of a deal and it happens all the time in the movie world.

There were countless set pics and videos from the upcoming Spiderman, Superman, Judge Dred, etc. movies. Big deal.

It’s not going to stop and it’s not going to ruin anything.

177. Phil - February 28, 2012

@163. In 2009 they were in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Sadly, no championship banners there since 1988. Here, it’s a Champion crane.

178. Andrew - February 28, 2012

Admittedly this made me giddy. I bet JJ is very upset though!

179. Jay - February 28, 2012

I wonder why the pics and video are so zoomed in and using such forced perspective.

Why isn’t there a wide angle shot (if the photographer is at a distance) to show the whole set?

It’s very curious. Especially with the way this video is edited.

It’s almost like….. it’s intentional.

In 2008 I don’t remember spy shots being from ground level and I do remember they contained wide angle shots that showed the whole set, not zoomed in so much you can’t figure out what the set is suppose to be.

180. Sugar Rush - February 28, 2012

Here is my idea what’s going on: The plot does involve Harry Mudd, albeit not as the villain, but more of a pest type of character. Maybe Spock is fighting Norman from the planet of the androids. From the episode, “I, Mudd”, remember? The character of Harry Mudd is from season one, but their source material may not be. More malevolent acting androids this time around, perhaps?

181. THX-1138 - February 28, 2012


Piss on that. Star Trek belongs to me. And all the other fans. I mean, in our hearts an all.

“Leaked” photos or videos from a movie site are not criminal, unless someone is selling copy-written material that has been obtained illegally. I am not the smartest cookie in the box but I know of no law on the books that says you can’t take a picture of a movie set. It’s on JJ to make his set more secure. JJ can be as enraged as he likes but unless he starts making movies in his house exclusively then he should expect that this sort of thing is going to happen. Show me how the creative process was impeded. Show me how the actors were impaired.

Stop talking baloney and telling people to grow up. As if it were trekmovie commenters who did this.

Name-caller poo-poo head.

182. Phil - February 28, 2012

@179. More likely whoever took the shots had a long zoom lens, and found a tiny breach in the barrier around the set in which to shoot. He (she?) could not pan out because there would be nothing to see – just fence. He may have been camped out there for days just waiting for some bit of the action to move into the narrow field of view.

183. Jay - February 28, 2012

Anthony seems quiet. Seems like last time he chimed in with more opinion based on his industry knowledge of what we were seeing.

Why so quiet this time?

I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not these pics were intentially leaked. Based on the evidence it sure seems weird that someone would have the ability to move around the set and take pics and not be seen by the film crew.

These are nothing like the “spy” pics we got the first time around.

184. Buzz Cagney - February 28, 2012

#67 ;-)

185. Aurore - February 28, 2012

I might have said so, once or twice, in the past , but, I’ll say it again.


Mr. Cumberbatch will play a new villain to the canon.

186. Jay - February 28, 2012

#182 I thought about that. Only thing that doesn’t explain is how they move around the set.

Look through the pics. They are from different angles. You see the set from different angles.

I would expect true spy pics to all be from the same angle. This gives me the impression the photographer was moving around the set.

187. NuFan - February 28, 2012

Don’t expect this group to ever acknowledge anything just because it is obvious. These are the exact same people who wasted their breath trying to convince us that the last one would not be a reboot.

And how did that work out for them?

188. Jay - February 28, 2012

#185 I agree.

189. LongIslandTrekster - February 28, 2012


Urine and feces back at you! Your wrong as wrong could be. Star Trek is not yours nor is it mine. It is that very sense of entitlement that is the problem here.

No outdoor movie set can be secured 100%. Whomever did this knew that “reasonable efforts” were made to keep the work site secure. This is both trespass and copyright enfringement,

I can assure you without knowing first-hand that the pictures and video were not donated free of charge to media outlets. It does NOT work that way.

Imagine yourself in JJ’s shoes for a change and not a childish fan that acts as a fool.

I repeat…. GROW-UP!

190. Jay - February 28, 2012

#189 I think you are the one that is wrong. This is clearly not trespass or copyright enfringement.

It’s only trespass if the person taking the shots is on the set without permission. Since everyone knows who took the shots (becuase he was sourced) then it’s very easy to determin if he was on the set without permission or not.

Also, there is no law (as stated before) that prevents someone from standing off set and taking pictures. Nothing at all.

191. THX-1138 - February 28, 2012


What Jay said. How I act is my own business. You have absolutely zero, zilch, nada, none, zippo proof that the pics were taken from on set. You have exactly precisely the same amount of proof that a profit was made from said pics and video.

For copyright infringement to have taken place actual legal infringing has to occur.

I repeat: your head is that of doo-doo.


192. Nano - February 28, 2012

@ 172 I appreciate your sentiments and in this case I agree with you it could be theft if not sought, but for the record I don’t share your ideas about file sharing, I don’t care that comparison. I find the theft of intellectual property shameful, but at what point does something you pay for become yours or what you do with it short of making a profit from it. Sharing a book or music or pulling the tag off a pillow is illegal overkill! At some point automakers will start wanting a cut for used car sells?

193. THX-1138 - February 28, 2012

Oh, and also if you could, please to address the other points I brought up. Such as how anybody’s artistic process was fouled up by any of this. And why anyone commenting on trekmovie should have to grow up because of an article showing pics and video.

That would be the nonsense I spoke of earlier.

194. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

185. Aurore

THANK YOU!! I agree 100%.

195. N - February 28, 2012

LongIslandTrekster you need to calm down, as no-one here claims ownership of the set recordings, you can’t blame anyone here. Commenters and bloggers alike.
Everyone wants news about latest movies, movies fail without hype.

If the site was so secure, wouldn’t you think there would be guards preventing people from tresspassing on a hot set and that at least one person would notice the camera, confiscate it and chuck the guy off the set?

Works of entertainment are made for the audience, money too but without the audience they’d be out of work, and an audience that can keep a franchise alive for half a century is one worth holding onto.

Maybe you should think before insulting others, also “grow up” is 2 words.

196. Marshal - February 28, 2012

However pis*ed JJ is now, it’s nothing on how pis*ed I’ll be if that’s ”Khan” in the video.

197. TrekMadeMeWonder - February 28, 2012

45. Aurore

Thanks. Always good to take a minute to see the old crew.

Bones. The pacifist. How long was he going to wait?!

198. Nony - February 28, 2012

Very cool. I hope instead of being angry, JJ and the Trek team realize how great this leak truly is for publicity. It’s been three years, hype in the general media had sort of tapered off – now, suddenly, with just some grainy photos and a few minutes of video, everyone’s psyched up again, we Trekkies are finally happy to have something concrete to speculate over, audience awareness will track up, and it will keep building.

And these pictures don’t *really* give much away of the actual plot except for Cumberbatch’s appearance, which would eventually have been shown in promotional photos anyway – we knew Spock would probably fight someone, we know the villain would probably fight someone, we knew Uhura would probably get an action sequence since Zoe wanted one.

199. Star trek Family - February 28, 2012

Is JJ Drinking A Beer ? lol.

200. Rich Wuori - February 28, 2012

Looks like they are on top of the Botany Bay..

201. portho's bitch - February 28, 2012

Might the obivious reason we dont have a title yet is the villians name is the title (Khan) and thderefore recognizable? I think the days of “blue harvest” are far behind us.

202. Sarah Stroud - February 28, 2012

Whether Abrams likes this or not, this is effective advertising. It’s good for him, good for the movie, and good for churning up interest.

Andrew: Is this a special website for this movie, like there was for the last one? If not, I hope one will be available soon. It’s something Trekkies can share with others (i.e: a link to the site in social media communication between friends and family).

203. punkspocker - February 28, 2012

Im goint to bet he’s a new character. Orci seems like the kind of writer who needs to create- not repeat. Its all new stuff.

204. Sebastian S. - February 28, 2012

I would say Cumberbatch is definitely playing a post-Eugenics War Augment of some kind.

Not Khan (his appearance alone settles that, IMO; he is most definitely NOT a Sikh from northern India), but definitely an Augment. No ‘human’ could throw a Vulcan around like a rag doll (Vulcans are supposedly 5x the strength of a human).

Of course, I’d be DELIGHTED if I were wrong and it was a totally NEW character! Is it too late to hope for that? Hee hee…


205. Sebastian S. - February 28, 2012



Thanks for the link to the stage production of Frankenstein. That looks AMAZING!! Hope it comes out on a dvd of some kind, because I’m a bit far from London to fly out and see it.

Thanks again, though; Cumberbatch is an amazing actor. Can’t wait until we poor Yanks get the new Sherlock episodes, coming in May (already broadcast across the pond).


206. Jax Maxton - February 28, 2012

There is a growing faction of Starfleet who want to attack the Romulans for destroying Vulcan and attacking Earth. Some cadets volunteer to become genetically enhanced and there is and volunteer to covertly attack the Romulans.

Oh, and Cumberbatch is playing Picard’s father.

207. portho's bitch - February 28, 2012

While its easy to postulate on Weller being family to the have to remember the origional desire for deltorro….kinda throws a monkey wrench into that argument.

208. Elyssa - February 28, 2012


I can safely tell you that if you have not seen them yet, the new Sherlock episodes are MASTERFUL works of art and will break your heart into a thousand tiny pieces. It will be worth the wait.

209. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012


Elyssa!! How are you enjoying Heroes?

210. dmduncan - February 28, 2012

185. Aurore – February 28, 2012

I’m thinking I agree with you.

211. Elyssa - February 28, 2012

@ Paul

Oh my goodness! First off, its great.
Secondly, OH MY GOODNESS Christopher Eccleston is in it! He is my favorite doctor from Doctor Who, absolute hands down. And I could not figure out for the life of me who he was at the beginning because he looked so different!

But when he started talking I knew and flipped out. I’m so happy!
(and the other characters are great too, Hiro is the most adorable person to ever exist.)

212. VulcanFilmCritic - February 28, 2012

@ 176 Jay
@ 181 THX 1138
@ 189 LI Trekster

I agree with Jay and THX 1138. I live in New York and there are, at any time, dozens of films, big and small, being shot here. It is not a crime to look at or even photograph what goes on in public. It may however be a breach of copyright to SELL such photos as the characters are the property of the studio.

I spent a pleasant Sunday spring morning watching “Spider-Man II” being filmed near City Hall. Sam Raimi was directing and Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire were on the set. There were scores of film students watching the action, as well as various tourists and passersby.

There were also several photographers. The PA’s tired to shoo away the photographers but there was nothing they could legally do. It was being filmed IN PUBLIC. The NYPD certainly wasn’t going to arrest them, so they snapped on.

I had a pair of binoculars so I could see Raimi close-up and he gave me a couple of curious looks but since I wasn’t photographing anything, no one bothered me. It occurred to me later that I should have bought a pair of binoculars with a spy camera inside.
If the crew are outside and in public view, then too bad. It isn’t a movie yet.

Oh, and as for the scenes being spoilers, I had no idea what I was watching. All I saw was take after take of Kirsten Dunst running gleefully through City Hall Park and Tobey eating a hot dog while some police cars zoomed by. Big deal!

The only thing that I gleaned from the video above is a glimpse of Vulcan martial arts, other than the nerve pinch. It looks pretty lame compared to the elegant little flick of the wrist Sarek gave the pig-like diplomat that sent him reeling in “Journey to Babel.”

And as for Spock being super-human, yeah, he’s stronger than we are but in TOS he’s been drugged, shot in the back, struck by lightening, flogged, electrocuted, and slapped in the face (by his mother). Vulcan or not, I bet this still smarts.

213. JimJ - February 28, 2012

Something about watching in in moving video SCREAMS Gary Mitchell to me. My thought is, Uhura phasers him, his eyes turn back to normal, and Spock takes him on like James “R” Kirk did in the prime timeline. Sad thing is…my next instinct says Khan. I would be totally disappointed in that. The warped (pardon the pun) side of me says Trelane.

214. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

211. Elyssa

I was thinking about you the last couple of days and wondering. But I knew you would enjoy it! Yay! I am so happy that you like it. I completely forgot all about Christopher Eccleston being in it. The first and second seasons are by far the best. I only wish they could have wrapped everything up before yanking it off the air.

215. Elyssa - February 28, 2012


Really, about the first and second? I hope it doesn’t drop too far off in quality.

In my opinion the acting so far has been very nice, and I’ve been rather (pleasantly) surprised by the amount of gore. It’s been very realistic, with not many cutaway shots to make it less “offensive” to younger viewers. And I’ve found my irrational attachment in Hiro. Seriously, could he be any more adorable? I *might* love him a little more than Topher at this point.

216. Max - February 28, 2012

Cumberbatch is playing an Augment secret agent dispatched by Weller to infiltrate Starfleet, take over the Enterprise and find the Botany Bay and retrieve Khan. At the end, Khan will not quite emerge from chryo-stasis (as to not see his face until the actor is cast to play him in Star Trek 3).

217. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

215. Elyssa

I really love the dynamic with Hiro and Ando. Did you know that The guy that plays Ando auditioned for the role of Sulu? Oh, and George Takei & Nichelle Nichols guest star in the show too! Hiro is a great character – I can see why you like him.

It doesn’t drop too far off… but I just prefer the first two seasons… but the entire series is great. Without giving too much away… I love the whole story arc with Claire.

218. Elyssa - February 28, 2012


Ando and Hiro indeed have an awesome dynamic. I keep hoping for Ando to discover his own power, but then I realize that it might change his character too much and it wouldn’t be Ando anymore. And keep my eye on Claire? I will.

This maddening filming style where one is following multiple characters in each separate storyline and they all intersect, but never in the way you want them to… it’s pretty brilliant. Each and every story overlaps in some way with all of the others, but in minuscule, sometimes irrelevant ways. I’m pretty much hooked.

219. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012

@ Elyssa

Yeah, that is what hooked me too. But I think the pacing and style were too much for regular viewers and that is why it didn’t work on network TV.

So many Trek connections in there too. Peter’s mother played a Klingon in Star Trek too. :)

I wish I could watch with you – I would love to see your face while you are watching! lol

220. Elyssa - February 28, 2012

@ Paul

I bet you would… I am very expressive when I watch something I like. Lots of laughing and shocked faces. I do understand how it could be a bit much for the average american viewer just tuning in every week or so, it’s a lot of information to keep straight.And I cannot wait for the Trek connections. The more Trek the better!

221. Montreal_Paul - February 28, 2012


You are a lot like me… I watch the same way! LoL. The best way to watch a good show is to wait until it comes on DVD and watch it at your pace… not having to rely on the network schedules. I watched LOST and The Sopranos that way… muuuuuuch better! And that is how I watched Heroes after the first season.

222. Dr. Cheis - February 28, 2012

We should start spreading the rumor that the new movie also has two Spocks, and cite the video as evidence.

223. Red Dead Ryan - February 28, 2012

#172. LongIslandTrekster

I find it incredibly hypocritical (and hilarious at the same time) for you to espouse morality when you obviously decided to post on a thread that you don’t approve of and watched a video you consider to be stolen material! And then you tell us to “GROW-UP!” LOL! I think its you, friend-o, who needs to grow up!

Ha ha!

224. TrekkerChick - February 28, 2012


OMG! It’s a filmed version of J. Blish’s “Spock Must Die!”

225. Sebastian S. - February 28, 2012


Thank you, Elyssa for whetting my appetite.

I was excited when I heard they were adapting “Scandal in Bohemia” (where Holmes falls in love) as well as his encounter with Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls (which they kind of left as a cliffhanger in series one at the swimming pool). I’m about as excited to see these as I am the new ST movie!

This new series and the 1980s Jeremy Brett versions are my favorite incarnations of the character. And I think Martin Freeman is the BEST John Watson ever. The only one who ever fit my mind’s eye of the character, and not some jolly, jovial, bumbling guy. Martin Freeman and Cumberbatch together are a great team!

226. Anthony Pascale - February 28, 2012

I dont know how the guy who took the video and the photos got the shots, but I can assure you that these are not something put out by Paramount. My bet is that he found a spot where he can spy in from outside the security perimeter. And with the risk of sounding like BobOrci…there may have been a second shooter.

This kind of captured location shooting is not unusual. In fact if you look around you can find quite a bit from the Batman 3 shoot in 2011. And obviously parts of STAR TREK 2009 were captured, including:
– Drill Rig scene
– Kirk on Delta Vega
– Corvette in Iowa
– Spock talking to Vulcan council
– Starfleet Academy exterior shots
– Starfleet construction Facility and shuttle
There were also shots of actors and extras milling around outside the location shoots for the Kelvin engineering/bowels of the ship, and the Starfleet Academy Assembly.

So far the Star Trek sequel shoot has had only once such incident but I would not be surprised if there were more between now and production end in May.

227. pilotfred - February 28, 2012

seeing the picture was cool seeing tis is cooler however like i said about the pictures jj himself should of release something like this to show Trekkie its happening and in return control what is shown i hope if that happened this leaked footage may never i have seen the light of day

228. Bob Mack - February 28, 2012

I’m not Bob Orci (and I do not play him on TV) but I’d be too upset to comment here. Put this info together with stuff that will eventually come out, either formally or otherwise, and this really could be film-spoiling material. A lot of hard work went into the script and now the filming so its kind of a shame for the cat to come out of the bag in this manner.

Of course, I keep watching for the stuff, so I’m not complaining for myself.

On the other hand, Mongo made some of his best comments on #128 in this thread, so perhaps the leak was worth while!

229. BB43MAN - February 28, 2012

Well, my question is: Where does get this kind of “footage”? I mean, really, do you guys think that JJ Abrams is going to send you any updates if you post bootleg crap like this? Did you not hear Zoe who said he’s really upset about the previous stuff? Now I know what you may be saying: “did I click on this clip?” Nope. Did not and won’t.

I won’t watch this but, when I see you post a “watch: video from star trek shooting location” video, do you really think people believe that it’s authourized by Paramount or JJ? And, adding “watch out…spoilers!” doesn’t justify it, either. This website is really starting to piss me off.

What’s next? A person hiding out in a garbage can to record Chris Pine dropping his cheeseburger wrapper in when he’s finished? A person disguising themselves as a homeless person to get “footage” of Quinto driving into work? A person impersonating a fire inspector to get “secret” photos of some vague set somewhere on the Paramount lot, all to satisfy a “sheldon cooper” type of childish want? Everytime I read some of the replies I can’t help but hear “Ooooh, Shiny!’ between the lines or, “Look! his collar is gray! What can it mean? Is he a villian!!!???”.

Come on,, quit posting this kind of 3rd rate crap and get back on the high road. Post decent updates on the movie from an authorized source, not from some idiot with a high-zoom camera from 1/2 a mile out perched on the corner of a building somewhere. That’s National Enquirer type of stuff. Geesh.

230. Geodesic17 - February 28, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes is an ancestor of Spock.
Spock can’t kill Sherlock Holmes, because that would be a grandfather paradox.

Just say’n…

231. AJ - February 28, 2012


Trekmovie works independently of all the corporate entities involved with “Trek.”. The “authorized source” of Trek info is the official site, StarTrek.Com. Soon, when the film has a title, the film will have its own web presence.

Just like in the run-up to ST2009, we fans mostly expect this site to amalgamate and run all the spy-photos, interview bits and leaks which exist in the national/international media, and maybe catch a scoop or two with the writers and producers.

Nature of the beast.

232. DeShonn Steinblatt - February 28, 2012


It’s not Batman 3, you horrible person. It happens to be Batman 7. You are not a true fan at all.

233. AJ - February 28, 2012



You’re not counting the “Batman” 1966 TV movie with Lee Meriweather, Cesar Romero, and Burgess Meredith? For shame, doc. Chris Nolan WISHES her were that classy.

234. Beer Guy - February 29, 2012

#229 – didn’t make them up, but you cannot argue that the leaked photos and video aren’t of intense interest to Trek fans. In fact, they’re of specific interest to Trek fans! So why would a fan site simply ignore them?

Nobody has to believe that the leaks are from or authorized by Paramount. What difference would it make? People want to see and hear more about the movie. Upside is that people are genuinely interested in the movie, downside is that the movie could be impacted by the release of some spoilers. While I sympathize with JJ et al, in the end, no one is being personally attacked, hurt or taken out of context.

235. Andy Patterson - February 29, 2012


AJ, don’t forget Frank Gorshin too.

236. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - February 29, 2012

Looks like kaahn

237. holly - February 29, 2012

Video with new footage of Cumberbatch in Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein

238. Bamasi - February 29, 2012

How about this, my fellow Trekkies. Thanks to Spock Prime, Space Seed goes off without a hitch. Kahn is successfully placed on a safe planet to colonize. Weller is able to obtain DNA from one of the augments and has a serum synthesized to turn regular Star Fleet officers into augmented Star Fleet officers. He tests the serum on Captain Garth – causing him to prematurely lose his mind. Kirk and Spock notice the strangely behaving Garth and begin to unravel the mystery.

239. 7beta - February 29, 2012

The video appeared to be removed from all sites.

240. rogue_alice - February 29, 2012

I can’t comment until I hear what Mongo thinks about this.

241. Randall - February 29, 2012

I hate to kill all this Khan speculation for everyone (sarcasm) but Khan’s genetically-enhanced crazies WERE NOT immune to the Vulcan nerve pinch. Take note of the original episode. Spock uses it one of them, and it works like a charm. Works on Klingons too. And why should we think it wouldn’t work on a fellow Vulcan?

And really, come off it. Neither Cumberbatch nor Del Toro would have worked as Khan. And for all the little errors here and there this creative group made with the first movie, I CANNOT see them making the ridiculous error of rehashing Khan yet again… at least not this early in the game.

The likelihood is that this is some NEW character created specifically for the movie. But in any case… not enough to go on yet… and *least* of all would it be Khan.

242. somethoughts - February 29, 2012

Outift looks like kirks when he did the km sim.

243. Sybok's Secret Brother - February 29, 2012

Cumberbatch is Trelayne.

244. LongIslandTrekster - February 29, 2012

223. Red Dead Ryan

I like and respect your posts. You make another good point again. However, I have not examined the pictures nor played the video. I have already explained why in prior posts. This site in particular breaks news fastest, has the best fan blogs, best fan polls and better interviews than any other that I can find when it comes too Star Trek in general.

193. THX-1138

I love that you stick to your guns and are as passionate as I am. That being said, an actors likeness specifically in custume is trademarked material. If I am on vaation and use a telephoto lens and snap a kiss between Spock and Uhura on set and keep them in my private collection, there is no infringement. But, if the pics or a video is sold for profit, that is a copyright infringement.. Go to the Star Trek: Phase 2 website (they create their own content) and read their disclaimer.

As far as the artisitic or creative process is concerned, the video could make actions of main characters known to the public. This potentially could affect the end product as eventually decided by JJ’s team. Blockbuster movie editing is a time consuming and political affair at times. Check out the second Blu-Ray disc from ST:2009 with the editorial comments turned on as an example. It is difficult to explain further within the confines of a written blog.

212. VulcanFilmCritic

CUDOS to you as well. The rules of on location shooting of movies on-site in public (like your NYC example) is very different. I do not recall if this was a closed set at a private or public location. From a legal standpoint, the film makers give up many rights in exchange for the use and exclusive access to public locations for use in their productions. Visit and check out their legal disclaimers for anyone seeking motion picture filming permits. The specifics vary from state to state and city to city but are usually pretty standard for the most part.

245. AJ - February 29, 2012


To your point, Viacom owns the copyright (Paramount), and Viacom (MTV) released the photos. Historically, Viacom properties such as Paramount’s “Entertainment Tonight” and MTV have always had the closest access to the ‘Trek’ actors and sets during filming. I bet this was cleared with one internal phonecall. JJ may not be happy about it, but Bad Robot has no say as to the use of the images of ‘Trek’ characters in costume. Viacom does. This is my opinion, in any case.

246. Phil - February 29, 2012

@244. You are still splitting hairs on copyright infringement. If I bear a resembelence to one of the actors and make my living as a celebrity impersonator, there isn’t a studio or DA in their right mind who will haul me into court, because you have to be able to prove damage as well. This does not rise to that level, and other then JJ being pi***d, nothing shown really reveals anything about the story. I’m not saying it’s right, but as far as the offense goes, it ranks right there with driving a mile or two over the speed limit. You seem to be the only person here suggesting this is a crime against humanity.

247. THX-1138 - February 29, 2012

#244 LI Trekster

Just so’s we’re straight:

It’s true that I am passionate. And it is also true that I just love to tweak people here. Sometimes I really do piss folks off. But I truly don’t try to bait people into arguments that I don’t actually have a belief in. And I’m glad that you are tough enough to engage in a little back and forth. That being said:

I don’t think either of us knows definitively whether any money changed hands in reference to these pics and vids. So there probably isn’t anything actionable here. In other words, no law was broken. As for the question concerning the creative process, the actors are doing their job specifically FOR the audience to see. If the timing of when the audience sees them doing their job is going to affect their performance then perhaps they should seek another line of work. A true professional isn’t going to be hindered by what happens outside their performance.

And to keep with the spirit of things:

Live Long and Perspire.

248. MONGO - February 29, 2012

#228 Bob Mack mans

Mongo say hi! Mongo say thankee. Mongo not divulge source for spoiler. Mongo not want get sued by mad JJ mans or angry boborci mans. Mongo think one thing for sure about new Star Trek movie is it make Mongo hungry.

#240 rogue_alice ladies (or it be rogue_alice mans–like Alice Cooper mans?)

Mongo say hi! Mongo think it OK to have some picture seen by fan before movie come out. Mongo think it OK to have picture be taken secret. Mongo think that old saying true:

“Any publicity good publicity.”

Mongo think it long time between Star Trek movie. Mongo think maybe regular people start forget about Star Trek. Mongo think this get people excited again. Maybe anticipate new Star Trek movie more than without any picture.

That what Mongo think. Mongo say you can comment now. Pressure off Mongo. Mongo think if Mongo not comment you not comment. That make Mongo sad.

249. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

It does seem strange that MTV would get hold of the pictures and the video and then release them on the www. internet, a company which turns out to be owned by Viacom/Paramount and Paramount is the Star Trek franchise owner. The release of the pictures may not have been authorized by JJ Abrams/Bad Robot, but I suspect that the release appears to have been authorized by higher up.

The fact that the video is no longer available on any site suggests that JJ Abrams had a talk with his bosses and had the material taken off. If JJ was unhappy with anyone, it was with his bosses, people he can’t exactly fire. I doubt there was copyright infringement at all, unless someone in MTV released this material without proper authorization from his superiors.

It is possible that Paramount may have been wanting to gauge public reaction, so allowed limited release of some images from the Star Trek set. I’m not sure, but I think that the reaction seems to be generally positive and certainly Cumby fans are loving it!

250. SoonerDave - February 29, 2012


Characters, such as Spock, Kirk, et al, are protected by trademark. How those characters act, how they speak, what they do, as reduced to written descriptions, is protected by copyright. The key to the protection is the degree to which the “iconic” imagery of such a character is tied to a broader entity of value, eg you see Kirk, you think Star Trek.

As far as pictures infringing copyright, understand that it is *not* necessary to prove monetary gain for there to be an issue of copyright infringement. Publication of such material can cross the line even without a penny changing hands.

The sacrifice of certain protections by filming in a public locale creates what’s called a “Naked Trademark,” but even in that case the original owner of the intellectual property typically still has the privilege to control how any material derived from such a use. So, yeah, maybe someone with a telephoto lens from the back of a gas station 100 yards away and outside the shooting perimeter took the video/pictures, but he still doesn’t have carte blanche to publish and/or sell them.

FWW. the folks who produce Phase II have what is called a Creative Commons license with CBS/Paramount to produce what is, essentially, really high-end fan fiction. They have specific rules that expressly forbids the trade or sale of what they produce.

Not a lawyer here, just happen to know a few odds and ends of copyright and trademark issues.

If Paramount et al is trying to generate hype, they wouldn’t care a bit if they offended JJ. Why? Because hype is more important than an angry director. Studios allow their promotions department to assemble trailers that expose serious portions of a movie’s plot, or even misrepresent the theme of the movie, in an effort to get the public talking about the movie. I’ve heard of lots of stories over the years of hacked off directors, actors, etc getting outraged over “spoiler” trailers. I’m not saying that Paramount purposely released these videos just to create buzz, but it wouldn’t be unheard of.

251. drumvan - February 29, 2012

glad i saved it to my hard drive :) might be a while before we see any new footage. will be fun to compare to the final film version.

252. Jack - February 29, 2012

@14. absolutely. The ol’ dazed/crazed/controlled officer/scientist who defends himself from a real or imagined threat (or says “you can’t be here, save yourselves!” or “you’ll ruin everything! Don’t let them find you!” when our heroes come to rescue him/look for survivors/investigate a mysterious transmission/ mysterious loss of communication…

I do notice that the comics seem to beworking through obvious issues the crew woukd be facing after Trek ’09 — Kirk’s reputation/lack of experience/rapid promotion/others’ resentment of that; Kirk’s family woes and lousy childhood; the coolness/rivalry between Kirk and Spock; various folks getting to know each other and learning to work together; the fallout from the destruction ofVulcan and the fate of the remaining Vulcans; the acceptance
(by others) and maturing of the Spuhura relationship; Spock’s own
guilt/anger/what have you over the loss of Vulcan….

In short, all of the “what happened then…” stuff (and allthe next step stuff the actors speculated about — like Spock obsessing over th destruction of Vulcan) is getting sorted out.

I’m hoping this means that a fair amount of time (several years, hopefully) will have passedandwe won’t be mired in the (obvious) aftermath of the last one, that those things will be settled and that this will be afresh adventure with a crew at the top of their game.

253. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - February 29, 2012


This Video Has Been Removed From Metacafe.

254. Basement Blogger - February 29, 2012

@ 253

Yep, above video removed from Metacafe. It’s the Wrath of Abrams.

255. N - February 29, 2012

252 Kirk’s a Mary Sue in XI so I doubt they’ll be any references to any of that stuff in XII.

SPOILER: the good guys will win and everyone will be happy.

256. N - February 29, 2012

Oh, I guess since the vid’s being culled that anticlimactic fight scene is important :/

257. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012 -star-trek-2_people

Try this.

258. Jax Maxton - February 29, 2012

Quickly: If you are shooting the set from off property, it’s perfectly legal. If it happens in a place that isn’t generally private (bathroom, bedroom, etc), and it isn’t impeding law enforcement or emergency services, then it’s perfectly legal. Also, if this set can be seen from a rooftop, then it is considered fair game. After all, what if there were a security cam aimed in that direction?

As to publishing, there is no copyright infringement unless you are passing off these images as your own Star Trek movie. The actors and the director are public figures and their image is fair game. As a matter of fact, ANYBODY’s image is fair to use as long as it is taken in a public place.

259. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

Anticlimactic fight scene? It is a video showing the choreographing and rehearsal of a fight between Spock and someone who, for all we know, could have lost his pointy ears in a rice picker.
Or is that the other way round?…:) Neither here nor there.

The scene could take place anywhere in the film, be of absolute importance to the plot or be a minor excursion…

Frankly, I don’t understand this obsession with having to know the title of the movie or who the villain is. I don’t expect to know this until this time next year anyway. Why is it so important? Well, it is NOT important actually.

260. Shilliam Watner - February 29, 2012

There were ALL kinds of sneaky pics taken during The Dark Knight Rises. Even some video. Who cares? I still have no idea what the next Batman film is about, what it will be like. I know bits and pieces that don’t matter to me.

None of this matters for me. It won’t ruin the film for me. I’ll see it whether this kind of stuff shows up or not. I understand J.J.’s consternation (if it’s even real) but I just can’t get worked up about this. It’s gonna make millions no matter what.

261. Dee - lvs moon' surface - February 29, 2012

Pine/Kirk, Zoe/Uhura and Quinto/Spock… waiting on the set today, Feb 29…


262. Sam - February 29, 2012

You folks are idiots. Khan ls not in this movie,……..PERIOD.

263. Basement Blogger - February 29, 2012

@ 257

Thanks Keachick.

264. Basement Blogger - February 29, 2012

What does it matter? According to the Mayans the world ends before release date. I mean check out this Yahoo story where some guy photographed a beam of light erupting from a Mayan pyramid.

265. dmduncan - February 29, 2012

264. Basement Blogger – February 29, 2012

lol! I literally just got done watching the episode of DECODED that explores the Hopi blue star / Mayan / Web Bot 2012 prophecy, so I was thinking the same thing!

266. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

Thanks, Dee, for that link. Yes I wonder why Zoe Saldana is looking so serious, really upset actually. I hope nothing awful has happened in her life.

Is it rather cold in Los Angeles now because they all seem to be wearing very warm looking jerseys and coats in those pictures? Fine but cold, from the looks of things. I guess it would be good weather to film in as long as it got sunny and at the same time no one would get too hot.

These are the kinds of photos that I, for one, have wanted to see. None of the story is given away. If the actors are in costume, we cannot see the costumes because of the civies they are wearing. Great pictures, if a little fuzzy looking, which could mean they are taken with a zoom lens or something. They do not appear to be working in the photos – perhaps on a break. Maybe the actors may feel that breaks represent private time – I don’t know. Anyway Chris looks really nice and does appear to be comforting Zoe…

267. Vultan - February 29, 2012

Funny how the Mayans could predict the end of the world… but couldn’t predict the end of their own civilization. If they could, they would’ve warned their neighbors about those guys in the shiny helmets getting off the big boats.

Pure hooey.

Or in Mayan hieroglyphics: “Have your palm read today! Madam Oaxaca sees the future!”

268. Phil - February 29, 2012

@266. Been cold and rainy for the last few days. Snow level in the local mountaings got down to about 2500 feet….another cold front moving through tonight.

269. dmduncan - February 29, 2012

264. Basement Blogger – February 29, 2012

Re: Mayan pyramid shaft of light: Okay, so on top of everything else, now I have to worry about Predators coming too?

270. dmduncan - February 29, 2012

“Funny how the Mayans could predict the end of the world… but couldn’t predict the end of their own civilization.”

The Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world in 2012.

271. Vultan - February 29, 2012


Yeah, I know, but that’s what some people “think,” and I use that word loosely.

The Mayan calendar simply ended. No paper back then in that part of the world, so they used stones. And there’s only so much room to write on a pyramid wall—especially in between all those dirty limericks.

272. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

Thanks, Phil. That explains the clothes the cast are wearing in those pictures.

273. Keachick - rose pinenut - February 29, 2012

I think the *world ends* when you die, or appears to end for you…

274. dmduncan - February 29, 2012

271. Vultan – February 29, 2012

The Mayans were incredibly sophisticated astronomers. The fact that they knew that the solstice sun passes through the galactic center once — ONCE — per period of 26,000 years, demonstrates that. This is also the cycle we have been going through since 1980, and which will end somewhere around 2016, and which the date Dec. 21st (the solstice) 2012 references. After that, the alignments will not happen for another 26,000 years.

Also, their calenders were cyclical, not linear, and all their prophecies were based on cyclical rhythms.

275. Vultan - February 29, 2012

Cyclical. Great, so people are going to be freaking out about this again in 26,000 years—past, present, and future.

You just blew my mind, man.

276. dmduncan - February 29, 2012

Yep. Probably. Oh, and in case somebody mentions that that sun passes thru the galactic center twice a year every year in any era, which is true, please do notice that I am talking about the SOLSTICE sun.

It’s just remarkable that the Mayans knew about precession and calculated this enormous cycle of time for some reason.

277. dmduncan - February 29, 2012

The Hopi prophecies are more disturbing, because they are coming true at roughly the same time. And they basically end with a Lucifer’s Hammer scenario.

278. Basement Blogger - February 29, 2012

@ 277

Okay, Dmduncan, you can’t end your post like that. Scare us. What Hopi prophecy do we have to look forward to. And which one will keep us from seeing the Star Trek sequel.

279. Vultan - February 29, 2012


I don’t know about the Hopis, but I do believe if another uninvited camera lens passes over the Trek set The Abrams Cranium will explode and destroy the universe.

280. Basement Blogger - February 29, 2012

Vultan, it’s like I said. Watch out for the “Wrath of Abrams.” Hey, we could get hit by a rogue planet before Star Trek comes out. Link. Now, don’t we all wish Abrams gave more attention to Star Trek so we could see the movie before the world ends.

281. Vultan - February 29, 2012

Thanks for the link, BB.

Interesting stuff. It makes sense there would be a lot of cosmic leftovers floating around out there, including planets. I seem to remember an Enterprise episode that dealt with a rogue planet. I forget the name of it.

Then of course there’s this recent movie:

282. Paul_Tiguela - February 29, 2012

sorry but if they are filming on or adjacent to pulbic property i could be right on the otherside of the barracade seperating the public sidewalk and where they were filming, and there isnt one thing that the production company could do to stop photos being taken.
now if i jump the fence to try and get photos thats another storry cause then your tresspassing on a area thats being rented out.

Sorry having grown up in L.A. and spending years being yelled at and having complaints of being blocked from entering my home or leaving from being kept awake till 2 or 3 in the morning from gunfights and other action scenes being filmed and seeing my fellow neighbors also ignored when film crews shoot in my neighborhood, cause they think they can boss around residents and people who work in the imeadite area they are filming in.
I have no sympathy for film crews shooting on location.

283. Paul_Tiguela - February 29, 2012

you want to keep it in your mystery box, then dont freaking shoot on location in PUBLIC Places. Stay on your backlots, or go on location to areas that are deserted and isolated. Keacheck made the reference to how PJ shot the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit films in areas that are isolated and require permission to go to.

284. Basement Blogger - March 1, 2012

@ 281

Vultan, “Melancholia” got good reviews. But a theater owner buddy of mine was pissed off at it. You see the movie was partially released to pay per view TV. And he believes that trend may kill the movie theater. I can see why.

There is an Enterprise episode called “Rogue Planet.” It’s a rogue planet where a group of aliens hunt the native life for sport.

285. Christopher Roberts - March 1, 2012

In addition to planets thrown out of solar systems early in their formation… Brown dwarves. Failed stars without the fusion going on. So giant carbon diamonds, or solid surfaces when their component elements condensed down.

286. Fubamushu - March 1, 2012

I haven’t read all of the comments in this thread, so I may be repeating sentiments already stated.

First, why is every so obsessed with Khan and his henchmen? Seriously, give it up. I am the first to believe that Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. I don’t think Hollywood no longer knows how to come up with an original idea and is quite content with sequels and remakes or running the franchise well dry. However, I think that the team really wants to chart its own territory. The first movie didn’t revisit any previously covered Star Trek events. I don’t see why the second movie would have to retell a story already told.

More importantly, in the prime timeline Kirk took four years to complete the academy and then spent at least eight years in the lower ranks before becoming Captain of the Enterprise. Kirk was then Captain of the Enterprise for a period of time before accidentally stumbling upon Khan. So while Khan is still out there, in this reality, Kirk and the Enterprise are following a completely different path. Kirk finished the academy in three years and was made Captain of the Entrerprise upon “graduating”. The events of these films transpire 8-10 years before the events of the series. The chance of Kirk and crew stumbling upon Khan in this new timeline at this point are slim to none. I just don’t see it happening.

Second, what are the chances that these released photos and videos are part of a cleverly designed promotional campaign? I first learned of the photos through Bob Orci’s Twitter feed. I find it hard to believe that Bob would post photos that he was not allowed to post. These photos and videos create buzz, and then the secondary discussions on J.J. being unhappy and how the photos got taken and then posted on-line simply generate more buzz for the film. J.J. is a clever man and loves creating buzz for his projects. Buzz is the best advertising and Star Trek fans are a gullible lot. We’d devour this hook, line and sinker.

287. N - March 1, 2012

He never technically graduated. It was more like a deus ex field commission for James T. Sue.

288. Vultan - March 1, 2012


Sorry that your buddy was mad but… well, that is where cinema seems to be headed—to your local TV set.

But I do think if theaters want to stay in business they need to bring back the ushers that would keep people quiet and behave themselves—and now off their phones. I’ve heard of some theaters doing this and so far the results seem to be positive.

I know that’s the main reason I don’t like going to the movies any more. Just too many morons out and about. I mean, try to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, a film that’s notoriously hard to follow, with some guy yapping down front and playing games on his phone. Why was he even there?

289. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 1, 2012

#287 – Where did it say in the movie that James Kirk never graduated from the Academy? The only reason Kirk did not get assigned to a ship, most likely the Enterprise, was because he had just been put on academic suspension for beating the Kobiyashi Maru simulation test which pissed off Spock. Doing the same test that day were Dr McCoy and Uhura, whom we assume did graduate.

None of these people possibly had a formal graduation ceremony, due to the emergency, but all that would have happened, along with the hearing over cheating the KM simulation being decided, once the fleet from the Laurentian system had returned to earth. The Enterprise had to undergo extensive repairs which could well have taken weeks, even months, by which time any other outstanding issues would have been dealt with.

290. Peter Loader - March 1, 2012

That’s a MAG LIFT TRAIN they’re fighting on!
Cumberbatch is a TRAIN ROBBER!

291. The quickening - March 1, 2012

The problem with going in the direction of WNMHGB is dealing with the energy barrier and also obtaining esp power from it, which idea I thought was kind of hokey. cheesy, and farfetched. Especially so for a motion picture..

292. Basement Blogger - March 1, 2012

@ 288

Vultan, if you watched this year’s Academy Awards, much of the entertainment was about going to the movie theater. I like going to the theater since it gets me out of the house.

Theaters in an effort to compete with your HDTV are offering wine and pastries. Not free, mind you but still you can get booze. A good idea for a bad comedy. :-) Of course, there’s 3-D, but even TV is invading that area.

I still love the movie theater. It’s like a cocoon where I can forget my troubles for a couple of hours.

293. Vultan - March 1, 2012


Oh, I agree. I love the big screen experience too. That’s why it’s so infuriating when others are so inconsiderate—like knocking the “cocoon” from the tree with a rock.

And I’m glad Billy Crystal made so many references to it. I’ve heard he goes nuts when someone answers their phone while he’s onstage.

Check out the new 10 Commandments:

294. N - March 1, 2012

289 you do have a point, there could be a gap between killing the bad guy and then. It always struck me as more like a field commission a la those really annoying Red Squad children.
At least their ranks made sense.

295. Azrael - March 1, 2012

@294. Plus they ejected the Warp Cores at an unknown distance from Earth, it could have taken them quite some time just to get Enterprise back to Earth to be repaired, adding more to the amount of time passed.

296. N - March 1, 2012

I would assume they were towed home, like the E at the end of Nemesis.

297. Azrael - March 1, 2012

Ah, but remember the rest of the fleet was in the Laurentian system, and would have taken some time to warp to their location, and even in TNG they were unable to tow a ship with the tractor beam at warp speeds.

I’m not actually disagreeing with you btw, I too believe that the E was towed back to Earth, but I think it likely to have taken at least a week, if not longer, simply due to the Warp-jump away from Earth, and the neccessity of towing the E back at Impulse speeds (if JJ and so forth later show a ship using a tractor beam at warp this point is disproved but so far they haven’t).

298. Phil - March 1, 2012

@297. There is also another glitch, in that after losing the arguement with Spock on the bridge, when Spock orders security to remove Kirk, Kirk grabs for their weapons – what was he thinking, comendeer the ship, perhaps? Mutiny is a fairly serious charge compared to cheating the KM simulation…..

299. cd - March 1, 2012

Cumberbatch IS Gary Seven!

300. N - March 2, 2012

297 Tractor beams can be used at warp if both vessels speeds are matched, so I guess the E probably was towed at sub-light. But then at first you couldn’t fire through a cloak…
At least at the end they finally got seatbelts :P

There’s visibly a time elapse there though since the E was almost finished with repairs. The 1701 didn’t seem to suffer much damage.

301. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 2, 2012

There was structural damage. Remember where the ceiling on the bridge was tearing apart when the Enterprise was being pulled by the black hole.

302. N - March 2, 2012

I meant that more like in comparison. I mean, a crack in the plastic vs half the saucer missing and pretty much everything offline…

If the 1701 was as well built as a 24th century ship it would’ve just fallen through to some other universe. It wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes against the Scimitar :P

303. Azrael - March 2, 2012

Oops, sorry for the confusion, when I said the “E” I just meant the Enterprise.

304. bernicejean stroud - March 11, 2012

another star trek will be wonderful i can’t wait

305. S. Sarge - March 13, 2012

I am a Gaffer (I do lighting on the sets of the new Star Trek film). Just thought I’d let all you know that most of what you are seeing here is rehearsals and goofing off, not actual takes. The electric carts are what the actors use to go back and forth to their trailers (we use them too). The buget for this film is way bigger than the last film and they are rehearsing and filming some of those rehearsals because they are trying out different digital filming techniques and also giving the actors more time to prepare and test dialogue. They often do this in comfortable street clothes like Zachary Quinto is wearing. The comments here about what they think is happening is WAY OFF, trust me! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.