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Watch: Preview Of William Shatner On Tongiht’s ‘Psych’ March 7, 2012

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Star Trek's William Shatner will be back on TV tonight, returning to the USA show Psych. Shatner reprising his role as Frank the con-man from last season and you can catch a preview of The Shat below


Shatner returns to Psych tonight

Tune into to USA's Psych tonight at 10 PM to check out William Shatner, returning to his role as con-man Frank O'Hara, father to Juliet (Maggie Lawson). Here is the promo

Tonight's episode is titled "Heeeere's Lassie" was directed by show star James Roday. This time Sean and Gus have to solve the mystery of Lassie's new place in an homage to The Shining. Here is a preview.


1. William Kirk - March 7, 2012

Great preview :-) Oh, first comment on Shatner article, I always wanted this happen:-D

2. James - March 7, 2012

Tonight is spelled wrong in the title

3. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2012

The Shat threw any acting ability “out the window” a long time ago and now just does a parody of himself. Blech!

4. Sugar Rush - March 7, 2012

No Harry, I think he acts now for the fun he gets out of it (probably not to mention a sweet paycheque!) and absolutely refuses to take either himself or the “biz” too seriously.

5. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2012

Sugar Rush, isn’t it selfish of the Shat to just have fun with a paid acting job, phone it in, and expect the viewing audience to simply accept whatever crap he feels like doling out?

6. Sugar Rush - March 7, 2012

Naahh, the man is 80 years old. When I get to his age, I hope I have as much fun in the stuff I enjoy as much as him. I’m sure the money is a nice perk on the side, though. Unlike others who probably do it exclusively for the money, from gig to gig you can tell that he’s just having a blast.

7. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire. - March 7, 2012

When I get to be the Shats Age. I just hope I am still alive!. Lol.

8. PaulB - March 7, 2012

#5 – You obviously didn’t see Shatner’s first Psych appearance if you think he’s just phoning it in. Seriously, Harry, that comment was a joke, right?

Shat phoned it in on “___ My Dad Says,” but not on Psych.

9. MJ - March 7, 2012

Enough the Shatner articles — we get like 3 of these a week now. This is — where is the Trek Movie news, given they are filming right now??? The Shat stuff is getting real boring….I get it, he’s real busy now and doing a bunch of stuff….OK, now, NEW TOPIC PLEASE!!!

10. Andy Patterson - March 7, 2012

Gotta tell you,…I’m torn now about spening money to see his one man show,…especially since he’s coming to my home town with it. And on his birthday, no less.

11. VulcanFilmCritic - March 7, 2012

@10 Andy Patterson. Spend the money. I just saw him on Broadway and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t so much about StarTrek as it is about the life of an actor (who couldn’t say no to anything.)
I brought a friend who wasn’t really that much of a Star Trek fan and she was really moved. So if you’re kind of down in the dumps, this is a real pick-me-up. If on the other hand, you can’t stand the sight of any more Shatner, and you think this is some kind of self-indulgent self-love fest (and it is) then save your money.

12. Keachick - rose pinenut - March 7, 2012

“This is — where is the Trek Movie news, given they are filming right now???”

Ah, yes…sigh. We can but live in hope. More pictures, please, from the set, whether they are Abrams authorized or not. More cool, if they are from the Bad Robot team…

Can’t believe we can’t be shown anything of any of the cast. Those cameras must surely be working overtime now. There must be some good non-spoiler pictures from the set. Make it happen!

13. Red Dead Ryan - March 7, 2012

There will be no new sequel info until the fall, at the earliest.

If J.J Abrams was going to reveal anything, he would have revealed the villain already. I think he’s still pissed at the photo leakage a couple of weeks ago.

14. Capes - March 7, 2012

Harry, Shat is clearly on cruise control but at this point in his career he has probably earned it. Either way he has baked in suckers like me who will play along. Go figure! :-)

15. Capes - March 7, 2012

HOWEVER! He is going to be in Charlotte NC which is close to me but I am going to pass on going…..the good seats are just too damn expensive….

16. Captain Karl - March 7, 2012

is Tongihts on cable?

17. Capes - March 7, 2012


18. Harry Ballz - March 7, 2012

Hmmmm, just went to a site called and saw a bunch of photos of Zoe and John Cho on the Star trek set.They are both wearing a grey uniform under their big coats. Looks like a new style for Starfleet. Check it out!

19. Jinn-Jinn - March 8, 2012


Isn’t that the same get up Pegg wore in the birthday video he made with Urban? Interesting! Definitely doesn’t look like the same uniform Spock wore in the previous film.

20. Capes - March 8, 2012

Sorry Harry….tried to go look but that Jessica Simpson pic was posted in all it’s glory and I went blind in one eye…..

21. CJS - March 8, 2012

“If J.J Abrams was going to reveal anything, he would have revealed the villain already. I think he’s still pissed at the photo leakage a couple of weeks ago.”

And I’ve noticed that Bob Orci hasn’t visited this site recently. I wonder if JJ told him not to participate here since TrekMovie also posted the leaked photos.

22. Adam Bomb 1701 - March 8, 2012

That Jessica Simpson pic makes me want to get my girlfriend pregnant. And I had a vasectomy years ago. ;>)

23. sean - March 8, 2012

I suspect the gray is just a jumper covering their actual uniforms. If you look at some of the pics of Zoe, you can see her red uniform underneath.

24. Red Dead Ryan - March 8, 2012


I found it odd that Bob was allowed to chat with us even though J.J was clearly trying to keep the sequel under wraps. I was a surprised that J.J. hadn’t muzzled him. But now maybe he has.

25. VZX - March 8, 2012

I wonder if JJ is getting any pressure from the studio to at least release some official pics or villain info. I mean, Disney just released a pic of The Lone Ranger and a quick synopsis, and that barely started production. WB did something similar with Dark Knight Rises when some spy pics got out. Paramount should just veto JJ and release something.

26. Brett Campbell - March 8, 2012

Awesome — adj. William Shatner.

27. MJ - March 8, 2012

@24. Yes, we haven’t heard a peep from Bob lately. I wonder if that video came from Bob’s cell phone, and now Bob is in JJ’s dog house?

28. T'Cal - March 8, 2012

I used to pan him but this guy has reinvented himself successfully more times than any other celebrity I can think of. How can you not respect that? He’s become incredibly fun to watch.

29. MJ - March 8, 2012

It is the age of smart-ass bufoons, so he is making a killing, that is for sure. From a money-making perspective, I can’t argue with him — great job there, Shat!.

However, from and entertainment perspective, he’s not interesting or meaninful to me — his schtik is an egotisical mismash of not-so-clever attempts at humor, and a retrelling of his career stories that most of us Trek fans have heard over and over. Sorry, but I just don’t find that all compelling — he still comes across to me a “B-lister” trying too hard…think of Rosie O’Donnel or Super Dave Osbourne.

30. Captain Dunsel - March 8, 2012

“Shatner is Back”


[cue music]
Just an Old Fashioned Shatner,
Playin’ on your TV Screen.
And wrapped around the music is the voice of
someone saying “George is mean!”

You’ll swear you’ve heard him before as he slowly rambles on and on…
No need in bringin’ him back ’cause he’s never really gone…
[fade under]
[switch medium]

31. Soonerdew - March 8, 2012

Actually, Shatner is a very good interviewer. I watched a couple of episodes of his “Raw Nerve” show and found them to be very well done, and the conversations very interesting. And that format isn’t easy to do, at least I wouldn’t think so.

Shatner has, indeed, made a second career primarily out of self parody. For all the legendary tales of his equally legendary ego, learning how to poke fun at himself wins him points with me, for whatever little that’s worth.

32. lostrod - March 8, 2012

Off topic, but I just realized another captain of the Enterprise will be in the next Die Hard movie. Patrick Stewart.

Must have missed that article.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” in 2013.


33. Dr. Cheis - March 8, 2012

From the preview, this gig looks a bit different from the typical Shatner personality that he does. Its as if he’s actually playing somebody other than himself for a change! ;-)

34. - March 8, 2012

That ad is based on a fundamental fact of life. Everyone loves William Shatner.

The guy is heroin for tv and the fans would crawl over broken glass to see him.

35. Harry Ballz - March 8, 2012


Uh, not quite, Chris!

36. Harry Ballz - March 8, 2012

Yeah, Pierre, and I’m from Mars! :>)

37. Buzz Cagney - March 9, 2012

Bill is acting better than at any point in his career. For me Trek wasn’t his career high, I reckon it was Boston Legal.
#32 Yeah, that one story has been floating around for a while now. Has it been confirmed?

38. - March 9, 2012

I almost believed you Harry but then you also said you were from Mars.

39. Buzz Cagney - March 9, 2012

First pix of Chris Hemsworth as Formula 1 legend James Hunt…

40. Harry Ballz - March 9, 2012


Heh, heh……good one, Chris! :>)

41. - March 9, 2012


42. Vultan - March 9, 2012


Looks like a good flick, Buzz.
Who’s the woman next to Hemsworth?

If Patrick Stewart is the villain in the next Die Hard, surely he will be the best since Alan Rickman. But… but, if he doesn’t tell Bruce Willis “The line must be drawn HERE!,” I’ll be greatly disappointed.

43. Buzz Cagney - March 9, 2012

I don’t know who she is Vults, but she is very pretty isn’t she!
Did you notice the head is still in that crash hat laying on the road?! That was when Formula1 was for real tough guys.

I don’t think i’d be brave enough to draw a line for John Mclane! He’ll cross it just for the hell of it.
Have you seen Sir Pat in this?…

Kind of Die Hard on a Train. It had a great cast, including Pierce Brosnan, and yet, somehow, it managed to totally miss its target. Very disappointing. Even Patrick was poor in it. I half expected Steven Segal to put in an apperance!
How about this…

Rather better I thought.

44. Vultan - March 9, 2012


No, I haven’t seen either of those. But I did see this one, Die Hard at a prep school:

But who could forget this episode of TNG, Die Hard on the Enterprise:

Now I think it’s obvious Sir Patrick is perfect for the next Die Hard. He has experience with this sort of thing!

45. Buzz Cagney - March 9, 2012

My goodness but Stewart has done some dross in his time!
That TNG episode was very Die Hard now you mention it. Could almost picture Picard crawling up a jeffries tube muttering about how he knows how a replicated dinner feels!
First Contact always struck me as taking inspiration from Die Hard, right down to the vest that Picard ran around it!
Captain John Luc McClain in Die Hard with an Android!

46. lostrod - March 9, 2012


has the cast and lists Patrick Stewart.


47. Jack - March 9, 2012

What’s the point of those giant coats if they don’t zip them up when out for smoke breaks? If they’re too hot, get ’em something longer and lighter (there’s room in the budget).

I’m the no fun guy who wants zero spoilers/zero sightings (unless they’re fakes, then I’d be thrilled — big fan of misdirection).

48. Vultan - March 9, 2012


“Could almost picture Picard crawling up a jeffries tube muttering about how he knows how a replicated dinner feels!”

Ha! Love it.

And yeah, “First Contact” was a kind of mix of “Die Hard” and a zombie movie, with a touch of “The Right Stuff” for flavor. :)

49. Buzz Cagney - March 10, 2012

or whatever the amount is! Forgive the typos and inexactitudes when it come’s to the amount of letters in Arnies name. We’ve had a very pleasant afternnon weather wise and we had a BBQ and a very nice bottle of wine. Or 2!

50. Harry Ballz - March 10, 2012

Hmmmm, sounds like Buzz has a buzz!

51. MJ - March 10, 2012

I wouldn’t be surprised is Steward plays a baddie similar to the character he played years ago in Gibson’s “Conspiracy Theory” movie. He did a good job in that role

52. Red Dead Ryan - March 10, 2012

The supposed title of the next “Die Hard” movie, ” A Good Day To Die Hard” obviously comes from the Klingon saying “Today Is A Good Day To Die”, which was first said on an episode of TNG.

53. Brett Campbell - March 10, 2012

53 — It was said by Sioux chief Crazy Horse a long time before TNG.

54. Craiger - March 10, 2012

I guess we are entering another slow news period again? I can’t believe all the secrecy over the villan. What’s wrong with saying who the villain is?

55. Vultan - March 10, 2012

Or how about the movie’s title?! Unless that gives away too much…
Such as the “Wrath” of a certain villain.

“This time he’s even wrathier.”

56. Jamesingeneva - March 10, 2012

Zzz Zzz lol… Oh well absence makes the heart grow fonder lol…

57. Craiger - March 10, 2012

Its so strange how this sequel is so tight lipped comared to the first movie.

58. Craiger - March 10, 2012

Sorry I meant compared.

59. Goosenecked Fan - March 11, 2012

Guess aliens have abducted Anthony and crew again…zzzzzzzzzz…..

60. Jamesingeneva - March 11, 2012

It’s so said this weekend even the comments are quiet for a change lol

61. TrekkerChick - March 11, 2012

Re: 36

This could be the start of the next “All your base are belong to us”.

62. Craiger - March 11, 2012

I wonder if Anthony must be working on the ultimate Trek/Scifi site and that is taking alot of his time?

63. Vultan - March 11, 2012

Well, it looks like John Carter is “under performing.” Not surprised, though. I really lost interest in seeing it once I heard the director decided to drop “of Mars” from the title to appeal to the general audience, that test audiences “don’t like science fiction.”

Sorry, but with a stupid idea like that, the film deserves to fail.

64. MJ - March 11, 2012

@64. Yea, that was probably the worst marketing job ever by a studio for a scifi film. However, the film itself, if you have a chance to see it, is a pretty darn good update of the Burroughs story…my advice: love the movie, hate the marketing.

65. Harry Ballz - March 11, 2012

Well, nice to see there’s nothing about the new Star Trek movie worth reporting!

66. - March 12, 2012

John Carter is very good. Much better than i was anticipating.

I wonder what the market research says re the name John. So many fiction heroes with that name. John: Carter, Conner, Rambo, McClean, Howard, Matrix, Dr Watson, Shepphard, Munch etc

67. Spock69 - March 12, 2012

JJ and crew pretend to give a shit about the fans who spend spend spend all the time. Take a look at the video diaries that Peter Jackson is producing for the Hobbit. Now there is a filmaker who does care and acknowledge the fans, He doesn’t have to make those or post them on Youtube, he does it because he cares. JJ and crew will no doubt come up with so many excuses about spoilers and stuff which we’ve heard so many times before but you would think given the length of time we have waited what with delays followed by delays etc they would at least throw out something. It’s no wonder Andrew and crew keep going silent when they are given nothing at all to post. If you think you are pissed off with waiting imagine how they feel.

68. Amish Electrician - March 12, 2012

Jackson is directing a movie where everyone knows the setting and outcome…JJ is making original movie…big difference in pre release info.

69. Spock69 - March 12, 2012

You’re missing the point.
JJ could still give us something without giving away anything

70. - March 12, 2012

68, dude forgive me if you are under 15 but that was a pretty childish rant.

71. Buzz Cagney - March 12, 2012

Vultan, you were talking about Kelly’s Heroes the other day, well, I was amazed to discover the writer of that movie was a Brit called Troy Kennedy Martin, who also wrote The Italian Job (the original one) and was also a writer on The Sweeney.

One very talented guy, sadly no longer with us.

Talking of The Italian Job I understand the movie is not all that well known outside the UK. Are you familiar with it?

72. Craiger - March 12, 2012

I wonder with all the secrecy with the Trek sequel is their a point to having a Trek news blog anymore? Doesn’t seem like their is that much Trek news anyway.

73. Craiger - March 12, 2012

Its also weird how their is so much secrecy with the sequel vs the first movie. I wonder why that is?

74. Daoud - March 12, 2012

Star Trek XII: Silent Running?

JJ does look a bit like a young Bruce Dern. Bob and Alex and Damon could be the drones Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They can pick which ones they want to be. Sorry for whomever gets Louie.

71, bro, forgive me if you’re under 3, but you don’t have to throw a tantrum just coz someone has an opinion that differs from yours.

75. Buzz Cagney - March 12, 2012

Wow there are some impatient people about. Its still well over a year away from release, so we’ll just have to be patient.
As a very wise Vulcan once said, having is not so pleasing as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.

76. Vultan - March 12, 2012


Heck yeah, Buzz! I used to have the original Italian Job on DVD (lost it in a move), but yeah, I’ve watched it too many times to count. I had a reproduction of this poster hanging on my wall during college:

And I even had the PC game that came out awhile back. Fun game if you can find it:

Guess I was an Italian Job fanatic there for awhile, but I had some friends talk me down from the ledge—I mean, the edge of the cliff! ;)

“Get your skates on, mate.”

77. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 12, 2012


78. Buzz Cagney - March 12, 2012

I should have known you were a fan. Vults, i think we can officially describe you as an anglophile. Cool poster btw.
I actually saw The Italian Job on the big screen a few years back. It looked terrific.
I watched a rather good little movie over the weekend…

a true story. If you can come by it i recommend it.

79. Vultan - March 12, 2012


Looks like a pretty good flick.

Your mention of anglophile reminded me of this.
Skip to 18:39 in the timeline:

“I spell colour with a U!”

80. MP - March 12, 2012

68. Spock69

Shut up. You are owed nothing from the production team except a good, well-written movie in 2013.

81. jamesingeneva - March 12, 2012

wow, even had some current news for a change lol… our real Enterprise as in the Navy Air Craft Carrier is on her last mission before she’s decommissioned. :(

82. jamesingeneva - March 12, 2012

In other news, it seems our lack of updates here this weekend has killed the trekweb site lol… nothing but black screen right now. Can’t wait for Anthony and crew to return with some news, I’d rather read this than cnn….

83. MJ - March 12, 2012

@81 “68. Spock69. Shut up. You are owed nothing from the production team except a good, well-written movie in 2013.”

MP, your anger and animosity for Spock69 is uncalled for. I love Trek 09, and I love the creative work that JJ, Bob and company do for Trek and I think we are in for a great sequel.

That being said, the lack of communication, piss-poor relationship with the fans, taking secrecy to a uttlerly ridiculous level, procrastination, etc. by the Supreme Court is a legitimate criticism to have here, and make the contrast with how Peter Jackson treats his fan base a fair comparison.

Spock69 is 100% right on this issue, so BACK OFF with your “shut up” nonsense. He has a very valid opinion, whether you agree with it or not.

84. MP - March 12, 2012

84. MJ

Just because YOU think you are owed more info on the movie, it doesn’t mean you ARE owed anything until the movie comes out. And as someone else mentioned, Peter Jackson is making a movie where everything is already known because of the book. JJ is creating a movie that has NOT been seen or read before. Your comparison is that of apples and oranges. I, for one, do NOT want to see most of the movie before it comes out. The problem with movies these days is that the magic is lost because you see everything in spoilers, trailers and leaked video. I like going into a movie knowing very little so I can actually watch a movie and be surprised by what I see.

I will not “back off” because this immature thinking that someone thinks they are “owed” something from the filmmakers other than a good and well-written movie is a little selfish and egocentric.

85. Craiger - March 12, 2012

I guess you really can’t blame Anthony for the lack of news about the sequel if the ones incharge don’t want to say anything about it. I wonder if that is because the story isn’t great or if its Khan and they fear the fans backlash of it. However I think they are mainly gearing Trek for a new generation anyway. Then the only other news to report on this site is old Trek news and Scifi news, they haven’t done Scifi news lately. Then its do we still care what the old Trek stars are up to and new Trek products. If that’s the case, that news will make this site seem slow.

86. Tanner Waterbury - March 12, 2012

Zzzzzzzz *mumble mumble trekmovie* Zzzzzzz…..

87. PaulB - March 12, 2012

84 – MP “That being said, the lack of communication, piss-poor relationship with the fans, taking secrecy to a uttlerly ridiculous level, procrastination, etc. by the Supreme Court is a legitimate criticism to have here, and make the contrast with how Peter Jackson treats his fan base a fair comparison.”

This is a joke, right? Lack of communication?! We’ve had more contact with the Abrams folks than we had with any other Trek makers. Piss-poor relationship with the fans? Again, this isn’t supported by reality: There has been more fan connection with the 09 film and the producers than ever before. Procrastination? Seriously, what are you smoking? You know nothing about filmmaking or screenwriting if you accuse them of procrastination. Too much secrecy? Sorry, but too little secrecy would have Trek fans screaming about spoilers, so you yet again have no basis for your claim.

MJ, it’s good that you stood up to MP’s “shut up” comment to Spock69, but you should try doing it with claims that stand up to more than half a second of thought. Seriously, your attacks against the Supreme Court here are just laughably ridiculous.

88. Craiger - March 12, 2012

Paul the least they could do is tell us who the villain is. What’s wrong with that? That’s not a spoiler right? We already know Zod, Bane and The Lizard, are the villains in the next Superman, Batman and Spiderman movies. Why the secrecy on the villain? Do they not have confedence in the main villain character? I admit they gave us too much for the first reboot movie.

89. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 12, 2012

Hiatus…………………………………;-) :-)

90. Craiger - March 12, 2012

Is Edgar Ramirez still the villain in the sequel? Maybe Cumberbatch is Jaquim?

Kelly is best known for bringing Donnie Darko to the big screen but has also known for Southland Tales and The Box while Ramírez has been linked to high profile projects including Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama Bin Laden proct as well as the villain roles in Star Trek 2 and Superman: Man of Steel before losing out to Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon respectively.

91. Craiger - March 12, 2012

Never mind on the last post didn’t see the lost out part.

92. Craiger - March 12, 2012

I wish Trekmovie had a delete post feature.

93. Craiger - March 12, 2012

I thought since the date was today’s that maybe Ramirez changed his mind or that dropping out was just a ruse.

94. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2012

Yeah, I don’t want many details revealed right now…..except for the villain. I don’t see how revealing the villain will spoil the movie. But what the hell do I know?

The villains for “The Dark Knight Rises” were revealed almost a year ago. It certainly hasn’t dampened my anticipation for that film.

95. MJ - March 12, 2012

@85 “Just because YOU think you are owed more info on the movie, it doesn’t mean you ARE owed anything until the movie comes out.”

I don’t think I am owed anything. But I damn well do have a legitimate right to an opinion on the piss-poor handling of fan interaction that the Supreme Court has implemented since the first movie.

“I, for one, do NOT want to see most of the movie before it comes out.”

Neither do I, but locking it down to a level that is consistent with CIA operations is the other extreme, and I find that ridiculous. I mean, come on, we’ve all seen the lealked footage that shows that Cumberbatch is the villian, so at least the Supreme Court could fracking comment on that..give me a fracking break Bob and JJ.

@88 “Lack of communication?…Piss-poor relationship with the fans?”

Yes, excpept for Bob Orci posting on these boads, which is typcially more about his wacky politics than anything Trek related, we generally get notthing other than a few articles a year where the Supreme Court throws Anthony a bone. Compare this to Peter Jackson’s fan interaction on the Hobbit as Spock69 (and as I have also made that comparison in the past) and it is like night and day in terms how francise leaders choose to either communicate succesfully (Jackson) or choose to be generally uncommunicative (JJ) with their fan base. I like and respect what Orci tries to do in fan communication, but JJ (as brilliant as he he, and given he is doing a great creative job with nuTrek) is an arrogant ass who purposefully distances himself from the fans.

“Procrastination? Seriously, what are you smoking? You know nothing about filmmaking or screenwriting if you accuse them of procrastination.”

You’ve got to be kidding me? Are you new to this site or something? I can point to (as I have done over the past two years leading up to the point this Fall where the sequel finally starting moving forward) the DOCUMENTED news strories of continual reports over time that they were finishing the script, that they were meeting a hotel for a weekend to complete the treatment, that JJ and the studio had a release date of May 2012, that Bob was asking us for inputs to certain technical questions for the story two years ago….etc….etc….etc. Again, I love the creativity of these guys, I loved Trek 09, and I think we are going to get a great sequel from these guys, but the guys in the Supreme Court wouldn’t know Time Management if it bit them on the ass and called them papa. The Supreme Court is a “the dog ate my homework” kind of group. Again, this is all documented — their procrastination here is a fact and is not open to debate.

96. MJ - March 12, 2012

@95 “I don’t see how revealing the villain will spoil the movie.”

Exactly. We know he is the villian now, so just tell us who he is and release an official photo of him in costume. Duh! I mean, its like JJ thinks this is Seal Team Six or something. LOL

97. MP - March 12, 2012

97. MJ

Because if they say who the villain is, it may give away some plot details. It may give away something that will ruin things for fans that do not want to have a surprise ruined. That’s why.

98. MJ - March 12, 2012

@98. Oh, wow, it is all clear to me now. ;-)

99. MP - March 12, 2012

99. MJ

Well… you asked…

100. MJ - March 12, 2012

@100. Hey, at least you and I are livening things up here given the slow news period!

101. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2012


How does revealing a villain reveal plot details that we don’t already know? We now know that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the villain, and during the movie he is fighting the Enterprise crew on what looks to be a barge or some other rusty craft on a planet.

We already knew a year in advance of release of “The Dark Knight” who the villains were going to be. Didn’t give away the plot details. Merely a brief synopsis.

And if J.J Abrams is afraid of revealing the villain, then again, I’m going to say it’s Khan. If it was an entirely new villain, why the secrecy?

102. MJ - March 12, 2012

@102 Good point RDR about the villain perhaps being Khan — that is about the only good reason why I could think that they would be so desperate to go CIA on us here. That fits!

103. MJ - March 12, 2012

@103. And when you consider that the footage shows this likely “human” villain overpowering Spock…well, there we go again…the Khan as villain fits this info as well, doesn’t it?

104. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2012


Not only that, but every time the supreme court members talked about anything to do with “Star Trek”, it almost always revolved around the character of Khan, “Space Seed” and “The Wrath Of Khan”.

105. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2012


Yup! It sure ain’t Garth Of Izar, who would be too old for Cumberbatch to play. Plus Garth would use his non-physical powers to restrain Spock.

106. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2012

Damn, that was meant for MJ.

107. MP - March 12, 2012

102. Red Dead Ryan
“We already knew a year in advance of release of “The Dark Knight” who the villains were going to be. Didn’t give away the plot details. Merely a brief synopsis.

Apples and Oranges. We know who Bane is from the comics. We know what he does to Batman. As soon as they revealed who the villain was in Batman… I knew what the plot and outcome of the movie was before even seeing it. That kind of takes the fun out of it for me.

As for Trek. We have no idea who the villain is… I like not knowing right now. What if he is a new character? What if he is someone from the TOS? As soon as they say who the villain is, the fan speculation ends. No more buzz about the movie. Anti-climatic. It’s all about marketing. Paramount, JJ & co. know what the fans are like. THIS is how they are creating the buzz… through us. Reveal the villain too soon… reveal too many surprises.. end of buzz. Mark my words… 6 months before the release, you will get more and more details. Patience people!

108. Red Dead Ryan - March 12, 2012


“As soon as they say who the villain is, the fan speculation ends. No more buzz about the movie.”

Wrong. The buzz factor would go up, as people would speculate how the villain fits into the movie, how he interacts, what tactics he uses to attain his goals, etc.

109. MP - March 12, 2012

109. Red Dead Ryan
“Wrong. The buzz factor would go up, as people would speculate how the villain fits into the movie, how he interacts, what tactics he uses to attain his goals, etc.”

With over a year before the movie??? WAY too early to give away too much stuff. Like I said… about 6 months before the movie, they want the buzz to escalate. All about timing, guy. Buzz would go up and die down by the end of summer if they did that now. It’s about strategy and timing. Think about it for a minute and put yourself in the role of someone making a big budget movie.

110. Daoud - March 12, 2012

Ever hear of “The Wrath of Khan”? We knew Spock was dying about a year ahead of time. We still made it the most successful Trek movie on most counts as fans reckoned things once upon a time.
Anthony clearly is bored by all this. He and the staff aren’t even monitoring the boards, it seems. At least there’s still and
And even the Boborci’s gone silent running. I feel like I’m on the Valley Forge all over again.

111. MP - March 12, 2012

111. Daoud

Yes, and because it leaked out… they had to write in his “fake” death at the beginning so as not to ruin the ending of the movie.

112. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - March 12, 2012

I like the Shat. And I like JJ Abrams. And I like the pictures of the 2013 movie and if it’s as good as the 2009 film, angels of mercy–mankind will have actually produced a good sequel.

Happy birthday, DS9.

113. MJ - March 12, 2012

@111 “Ever hear of “The Wrath of Khan”? We knew Spock was dying about a year ahead of time. We still made it the most successful Trek movie on most counts as fans reckoned things once upon a time.”

Yea, we knew way in advance that Spock was going to dye, and it just created that much more buzz way ahead of time. Yes dude, you completely refuted MP’s point with this bit of Trek history here.

114. Buzz Cagney - March 13, 2012

#81 I don’t even need to watch it, Vults, I know Frasier front to back. Quite possibly my favourite show of all time. Definitely my No1 comedy. Total class. I thought Cheers was brilliant but Frasier took it to another level.

115. Harry Ballz - March 13, 2012

Ah, Frasier……………………….it’s good stuff, Hilts”.

116. jamesingeneva - March 13, 2012

LMAO, well at least we had a flurry of activity… good point #111, normally anthony would have come in and spanked MJ by now lol…

117. Spock69 - March 13, 2012

At least that woke up this message blog!
Nobody is asking for spoilers at all just something as a reward for patience!

Roll on The Avengers!!!!

118. weebl - March 13, 2012

BOOM – TISH! 68 pie.

119. VulcanFilmCritic - March 13, 2012

@ MP and Daoud

Actually the Death of Spock incident was a lot more complicated than that. Word leaked out (via an unlikely source) and it created a firestorm of controversy. The fans were livid. The source was Gene Roddenberry himself who wasn’t happy about being cut out as producer and writer. Sure he had an office but no one listened to what he said. He hated the idea of
Spock dying, so he took his gripes to the conventions and unleashed the fury of the fans on the studio. And the fanzines, most notably Starlog was all over the story, whipping up fan frenzy. Fans wrote hate mail to Nimoy because they thought this was all his idea because he hated Spock anyway.

Well, Paramount was understandably upset because boycotts were threatened. They went into damage control mode. Leonard Nimoy was overseas at the time and was pressed into service to reassure the fans that, NO, Spock was not going to die, which of course was a lie.

Also, Paramount “punished” Starlog by denying them access. And lastly Nicholas Meyer and Harve Bennett came up with the idea of the phony death of Spock at the beginning of the movie so that the ending would have more shock value.

I’m sure no one wants a repeat of this near-fiasco. And today we have the internet. Millions can see uploaded pictures in a second. Perhaps this website is being “punished” for releasing those photos we saw a couple of days ago.

In any event, I’m sure someone has decided that the creative process is just that, a process, and like the making of sausages is best not viewed (prematurely) by the intended consumer.

120. Spock69 - March 13, 2012

Maybe things will pick up when they start filming!
That’s usually a good time for photos and comments.
How about a photo from the Catering tent?
Surely that won’t give away any secrets…Apart from what the crew are eating, although someone on here will surely spot some Romulan ale and Klingon food and assume the whole movie is based around a food poisoning plot against the federation. lmao

121. weebl - March 13, 2012

I love donkey! Donkey don’t lie!

122. Craiger - March 13, 2012

I wonder if they are combing Space Seed and The Wrath of Khan? Maybe that barge Cumberbatch and Quinto are on is the Botany Bay. Maybe they already crash landed on Ceti Alpha V and it didn’t turn into a wasteland because the Sun didn’t explode? Remeber that jungle location they were scouting? Maybe that was used for the planet the Botany Bay crash landed on? Kirk and the away are exploring a planet and find Khan and his crew their and they try to capture Kirk, Spock and Uhura and get the Enterprise? They could kind of have a scene like Day of Dove but with Khan and his people.

123. Craiger - March 13, 2012

Also Spock wouldn’t get killed in the sequel. Khan could escape or get defeated at the end.

124. Daoud - March 13, 2012

@120. Nonsense. This website wasn’t the one that bought the pictures and posted them. Hmmm, methinks that was an MTV-paid photographer and site. And who owns MTV? It all goes back to S. Redstone either as Viacom, or as CBS, or as Paramount.
And the whole situation with Wrath of Khan, or should I say “Vengeance of Khan” wasn’t as melodramatic as you make it out to be. I was 19 at the time, sure, but to the ‘common fan’, it was no big deal. Spock was going to die, and we were going to enjoy finding out how and why.
As it turned out, nobody’s ever really dead. (Because Star Trek III will come along!) Aren’t you dead? The Kobayashi simulator sequence origination ended up making the movie anyway excellent top to bottom. If JJ and Bob and Alex and Damon can’t handle on-set rewrites, alternate takes, post work and editing, to make story adjustments, they have no business doing what they’re doing. A tremendous % of films are re-cut after being shown to test audiences. Especially with Trek. We got a marginally better second death of Kirk in Generations because of that.
Funny, just thought about TWOK v. Generations. Spock “dies” in the beginning of TWOK, and dies in the end of it. Kirk ‘dies’ in the beginning of Generations, and dies at the end of it. They both are reborn, either by sequel or novel. I sure hope McCoy gets the last word.

125. Daoud - March 13, 2012

@123 Ed Hickman’s unsolicited script “So Shall Ye Reap” for (the real) Phase II dating to 1976/1977 had Kirk’s crew revisiting Ceti Alpha 10 years after Space Seed. In it, Khan and the outcasts had discovered the remains of an underground civilization that Enterprise hadn’t detected. The civ had tech comparable to the Talosians… and a “Forbidden Planet” sort of id machine. Khan controlling that caused problems throughout the sector that led to Enterprise returning. Ilia was incapacitated from waves of mental energy sent out by the machine… Kirk, Spock, and Decker each have to work to disable the tech Khan is controlling. Kirk works to manipulate Khan via McGivers…. Spock works from Enterprise with a team… Decker takes a landing party on an attempt to penetrate the control center…. Anyway…. sure, why not combine Seed and Wrath.
The key, is that anything after 2233 has to be explained for the differences. The insertion of the Narada could be supposed to have been near Ceti Alpha, and led to an energy wave when the Kelvin attacked that radiated the silent-running Botany Bay, and caused it to “fire up”… and this time engage the landing sequence.
So, given that, Khan’s been “unfrozen” for 25+ years now. Plenty of time to build his Viracochan Empire. Use the element of a buried almost-dead civilization on Ceti Alpha and that could work.

126. Craiger - March 13, 2012

Daoud now that I think about it Khan should die but Spock live in the sequel, if ithey are going with Khan. I don’t think they should repeat the original Trek 2 and 3. They already did that. The twist in the sequel could be how Khan gets defeated without any crewmember dying. Or maybe a different crew member other than Spock could die saving the ship this time. Maybe Uhura and that makes Spock purge all emotions? The third movie should be all new. I still wouldn’t mind an all new villain in the sequel that maybe would work with the Klingons. Most of the general audience knows the Klingons. I think they know Khan.

127. MP - March 13, 2012

114. MJ
“Yea, we knew way in advance that Spock was going to dye, and it just created that much more buzz way ahead of time. Yes dude, you completely refuted MP’s point with this bit of Trek history here.”

No he didn’t. I refuted his. Also, see 120’s explanation. I would have gone into more detail… but that was the gist of it. See what happens when too much is leaked out? Wow.

128. Spock69 - March 13, 2012

Once again
No leaks just something!
Which part do you not understand??

129. Weebl - March 13, 2012


130. Admiral Archer's Prize Beagle - March 13, 2012


Mumph, Mummmph, (sound of wet nose banging against malfunctioning, improvised UT)

Oh good – (seems to be working now)

@127 how about if Khan were not killed off? (Or not really killed off?)

Never knowing when he might pop up again could be exciting, future story-wise.

(This is not meant to raise the ire of those who don’t want to see Khan revisited – only to suggest that a good arch-nemesis doesn’t have to be limited to a single episode.).

131. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

Anthony? Anthony? Anthony?

Ok — here’s some news: the new Prometheus trailer debuts this Saturday on the AMC Theaters website. I believe 4pm Pacific time, 6pm Central, and 7pm Eastern.

There is also a trailer for the trailer that has new footage in it as well:

132. VulcanFilmCritic - March 13, 2012

@125 Daoud
This website may not have ‘bought” any photos but it certainly posted them.
Paramount can’t be happy about that.

As for the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding TWOK, I was also unaware of it, and even if i had known, I couldn’t have cared less. It’s just a TV show, you know.
To others, I guess it WAS a big deal.

As for the Khan conspiracy theorists out there, I doubt they would adhere so closely to the progression of the previous franchise. It’s just too pat and a little insulting to our (collective) intelligence.
However, it would be interesting to see what it would be like to be on Ceti Alpha V as it shifts in its orbit. Imagine the ecological disaster! Imagine the special effects!
Now you can recapitulate ST III: TSFS as well. Two reboots for the price of one! By the Grapthar’s Hammer, what a savings!

133. MP - March 13, 2012

129. Spock69

You are not owed anything… which part do YOU not understand?

134. weebl - March 13, 2012

What he said

135. Spock69 - March 13, 2012

134. MP
I never said I was owed anything.
Are YOU unable to read the thread or do you just read the last comments??

“The defence of ignorance never ceases to amaze me”

136. MP - March 13, 2012

136. Spock69

I HAVE read the whole thread… and you are constantly whining about wanting something and how JJ and co. are horrible because they won’t release anything for the fans and how they don’t compare to Peter Jackson. Buddy, all your whining says that you feel you are owed something more from the production team “for the fans”…

I am done with you. Your ignorance amazes me.

137. Spock69 - March 13, 2012

If there were more people like WEEBI on here it would be a much happier forum.

People get so angry, some should go to specsavers some should get anger management treatment and some should pick up all there toys and put them back in their prams!

Mentioning no names of course because that wouldn’t be prudent

Go Go Weebi

P.S any chance of a pic from the set LMAO

138. MP - March 13, 2012

Too bad you have no imagination and you don’t think about anything other than what YOU want and what you “as a fan” are deserved.

Mentioning no names of course because that wouldn’t be prudent.

139. Weebl - March 13, 2012

Hey man I’m freakin out, hey whahahaheeeey!

140. Craiger - March 13, 2012

I think Anthony needs to expand this site and add Scifi news when their is no new Trek news to report because what is really the point in having a Trek news blog when their is not that much Trek news to report. Maybe even change the name the or something like that?

141. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

Amen to that, Craiger! People come here regardless if there’s Trek news or not; there might as well be genre news or something of interest if there is no Trek news.

Let’s put it like this — if it were my site, I wouldn’t let it languish…

142. MJ - March 13, 2012

@139 “Too bad you have no imagination and you don’t think about anything other than what YOU want and what you “as a fan” are deserved.”

There you go again MP with what seems to be very close to a personal attack to someone who simple has a legitimate opinion that is simply different that yours.

You need some Prozac and a massage.

143. Steve - March 13, 2012

Let’s give it all a rest. This is clearly the best site there is for Trek-related news. So what if it occasionally goes quiet for awhile. I’m happy to wait.

144. MJ - March 13, 2012

@120 ” Perhaps this website is being “punished” for releasing those photos we saw a couple of days ago.”

VulcanFilmCritic, there you go again, making stuff up. This website was not even close to breaking the story on those photos.

This is as bad as your info on the Spock death reaction in the early 80’s. Yes, Starlog had some issues with the studio, but as I was around back then attending Trek conventions, I can personally attest to the reaction not being even close to as negative as you say. Sure, a minority of fans were upset, but I think most of us were ready for Nimoy to move on if he really didn’t have his hear in it, especially after the way Nimoy had just portrayed a very lackluster version Spock in TMP.

And besides, the Spock death rumor, leaked out over a year before the movie came out, generated outstanding long term buzz for the film…again, showing that MP’s logic that they need to wait until 6 months before the film is released as incorrect.

145. Red Shirt Diaries - March 13, 2012

As someone who has been a Trek fan since the original series came out, I would have to agree with those here who are commenting that the Spock death contreversy well before Trek II generated considerable buzz for the film. That was an unintended masterstroke in marketing, and Abrams and company could well learn a lesson from that today and let us know who the baddie in the new movie if going to be?

I also agree that in 1981 most of us Trek fans were ready to move on from Spock. Nimoy’s portrayal of him in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was disappointing to most us core fans at the time. Of course, we now know that Robert Wise and Gene Roddenberry were to blame for that, but at the time, many fans perceived that Nimoy really didn’t want to play Spock anymore, and had mailed in his performance on the fist film. Thus, the majority of Trek fans were ready to move on from Nimoy/Spock.

146. Craiger - March 13, 2012

Does Anthony really want to keep this site up just for his loyal viewers? I am not sure doing this site just for us would be much of a money maker. I think it feels he’s getting burnt out on running this site just like Gustavo is over at Trekweb. I remember this site in its heyday, it was fun inteacting with the site and people involved with old and new Trek and members here. Now we have these lulls every now and then that make it boring.

147. VulcanFilmCritic - March 13, 2012

@ 145 MJ. Did you notice the word “perhaps” at the beginning of the sentence?

148. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

Gustavo is burnt out?

Well, I think to have a site like this, it can’t be just about one thing. If so, that’s why it would get boring and when there’s little news then, yes, there would. E lulls. I think AintItCoolNews has the right idea about content…

149. SoonerDave - March 13, 2012

@146 (and others)

A friendly offering of some historical clarity…

Nimoy has offered quite a bit of explanation about the confusion regarding his supposed insistence that Spock be killed off in Trek 2. I watched an interview with him in which he stated he was at some sort of semipublic gathering, possibly a restaurant, wherein he overheard Michael Eisner stating that he (Nimoy) wanted Spock killed off or he wouldn’t do Trek 2, he wanted it in his contract ” Nimoy walked over to him, and said, “Mike, that’s simply not true. You pull my contract and show me anywhere it says anything remotely like that.,” and Eisner couldn’t. It was a piece of Hollywood urban legend.

Nimoy also stated that Bennett and Meyer reached out to him fairly early in the Trek 2 development process, and specifically about how he wanted to be involved, and it was supposedly *Bennett* that suggested “Hey, let’s kill off Spock.” and since the mode at that time was Trek was nearly dead anyway due to the poor performance of TMP (and low expectations for the sequel as a result), Nimoy jumped in and agreed with the idea. Spock’s death, up to and including the filming of the scene, was straight-up, no trickery intended, as the character’s sendoff. It wasn’t until the initial *screenings* of the film did they realize they had a major hit on their hands, *except* for the part of killing off Spock. It was a later pickup shot to “texture” Spock’s “death” as ambiguous on the Genesis Planet (and an action that infuriated Nick Meyer, so much that he nearly wanted his name taken off the writing credit) that opened the door to Trek III. In fact, that interview may be on one of the director’s DVD’s, not sure.

The point in all this is that there was decidedly less calculation about Spock’s death in TWOK than has been suggested here. It was less about fan protest once rumor leaked than it was about fan *reaction* to the *nearly finished movie* that they realized they had to figure out a way to bring Spock back.

The point here is that Spock’s (fake) death wasn’t an original publicity stunt, because Meyer *hated* the cheat. He’d never have signed on to begin with if that had been the way the movie were originally supposed to work out; he wouldn’t even have written it that way. He himself talked about how he hated the “cheats” about stories where the hero is killed off, but doubletalked back to life at the end – and I’m 99% sure that comment is from Meyer’s Director’s Commentary on the TWOK DVD.

I personally disagree with the idea that the “fandom” was “done” with NImoy/Spock based on the bland performance in TMP. I assign that blame as much to the way the character was written along with Wise’s leaden direction. Spock was now all-logical. The actors were as bland as the sets. *None* of the characters was authentically written in TMP, IMHO, (with the possible exception of Bones) and spoiled the whole reunion element…but I digress.

The point is that nothing about the Nimoy/Spock business in the TMP/TWOK era is quite as clean-cut as many of the more popular rumors and legends would suggest.

150. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012

Gee, what a coincidence that Spock69 and weebl always seem to post at the same time……….

151. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

Spock was “bland” in TMP because of Kholinahr…

152. MP - March 13, 2012

151. THX-1138
“Gee, what a coincidence that Spock69 and weebl always seem to post at the same time……….”

I noticed that too. And I am sure he has a third alias as well… just to push “his” point across.

153. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

Since Anthony isn’t here, someone needs to say it: Spock69, weebl — Warning for trolling. LOL!!!

154. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012

…..and sock puppeting.

155. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

Exactly!! Warning for that too…

156. Horatio - March 13, 2012

#150 – I agree with you mostly except that TMP wasn’t exactly a flop. It made big $$ but was also expected to recoop the money that had already been spent when Trek was supposed to be a new TV series for a new Paramount TV network. It did receive a lot of negative reviews. But if the suits at the studio were expecting Star Wars numbers, then yeah, it was a flop.

I admit to being a TMP fan and think the Directors Cut version is a big improvement. Should it have been a different story for resurrecting the TOS crew together again? Undoubtedly. I enjoy the comments from Wise and some of the others on the Directors Edition DVD as they defend the decisions they made in making the film. It does give one a different perspective.

And since i’m here…. Anthony? Anthony? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

157. Vultan - March 13, 2012

I don’t think Spock was bland in TMP at all. It’s one of the few instances where we see him overcome with emotion, in particular his teary-eyed scene in sickbay after his meld with V’ger.

Kirk on the other hand…

158. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

To me, TMP was the most like the TV series. Maybe because they ripped off The Changeling and Immunity Syndrome…but I didn’t care. I likes it for what it was and was just glad to see the cast in a new adventure after years of re-runs. I loved the Enterprise refit and the visual effects and Goldsmith’s score.

Yep, there’s plenty to like about TMP. Particularly the Director’s Cut. I wish they would have finished the original Kirk/Spock spacewalk and had included it, but ya take what ya can get.

Anthony? Anthony? Buehler? Buehler? Anybody?


159. Daoud - March 13, 2012

Kirk seemed a bit rusty from 2 and a half years as chief of Starfleet operations, didn’t he? :)

160. Basement Blogger - March 13, 2012

@ 159

Star Trek: The Motion Picture gets a lot of grief. It had issues. Still, it was very much like the series. It was smart and inspiring. It might have disappointed the suits at Paramount but it still sold a lot of tickets. We’ve had debates whether TMP did better than Star Trek 2009. I believe that Star Trek 2009 did better in gross.

I still get goose bumps when I see the scene where Scotty shows Kirk the Enterprise. Some complain it’s too long. Not for me. Jerry Goldsmith’s majestic score and see her with the United Federation of Planets logo is just beautiful.

161. VulcanFilmCritic - March 13, 2012

@ 150 SoonerDave: “The point is that nothing about the Nimoy/Spock business in the TMP/TWOK era is quite as clean-cut as many of the more popular rumors and legends would suggest.”

That’s for sure! Nimoy has almost always had a certain ambivalence about playing this character after TOS was over. If you go back and read stuff that was written at the time (instead of Nimoy’s own airbrushed memories) there is a variety of opinion, depending on his mood at the time.

At times he’s said he was never going to put on those [expletive deleted] ears again. At others he has jealously guarded the character. The major complicating and deciding factors have always been money and power.
Remember, this is an actor put in the humiliating position of wearing foam rubber ears, treated like a serf by Roddenberry, and paid the ridiculous sum of $ 37,500.00 per year (plus six residuals) to play Spock in TOS.

By the time TMP was in the works, Nimoy was busy suing Paramount over the unauthorized use of his image without recompense, specifically licensing the use of his [Spock’s] face in a Heineken beer ad. At the time they were raking in millions in licensing fees, using his face and he was livid. Well, it is very difficult to negotiate a contract to play Spock when you are involved in a lawsuit with the studio, so that got settled really quickly.

For TWOK, Harve Bennett reportedly said, “How would you like to have a beautiful death?” Nimoy really wanted to end it properly so he did it. It was Bennett’s last minute insertion of Spock transferring his katra to McCoy (and I’m not rally sure whose hands those are) and the scene of the casket on the Genesis planet that IMPLIED that Spock might not be dead. Always the TV producer, Bennett left the back door open for a sequel.

The chance to direct is what hooked Nimoy for TSFS. His fading looks suggested that maybe a career behind the camera was in order. Unfortunately a series of flops ended that option (“The Good Mother” “Funny About Love,” etc.)

As for ST V and VI, it was reported that Nimoy would be paid about two million a picture, at least according to William Shatner in “Star Trek Movie Memories.” So I guess the moral of the story is that enough bread makes even a sh#t sandwich quite palatable.

162. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

#161 — All good reasons to like ST:TMP for sure! Plus, a lot of people didn’t like it because it was a “thinking man’s Trek”. I happen to like Trek when ir’s being “cerebral”…I thought it was a great, epic film.

163. MJ - March 13, 2012

@153. Hey, didn’t you (MP) and THX-1138 just post at pretty much the same time yourselves to attack Spock69? What are any of us suppose to make of that? Is the pot calling the kettle black here, my friends?

So you all tell Spock69 to “shut up,” then you tell he’s ignorant, then you call him a whiner..and now…(drum roll)…you accuse him of sockpuppeting???

I know — Spock69 is the Antichrist, right? LOL

Sheesh, come on guys, we are out of high school now, aren’t we? He and I disagree with you on this — deal with it, and stop acting like the Beavis and Butthead of Trek fandom please. You guys are better than that.

164. MJ - March 13, 2012

Remember folks, none of us had the far superior (with much better Spock scenes that explained what he was going through) TMP Director’s Cut to go by in 1981. All we had then was TMP original studio release and VHS.

For me, it wasn’t until I saw The Directors cut nearly two decades later that I really started thinking of TMP as an under-appreciated sf classic.

165. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 13, 2012

Maybe there is a sense of being *owed* that naturally comes from being a supporter of a franchise for quite a long time. No, Bad Robot does not owe any of us information about the story/plotline, such as who the main villain(s) are, whether Spock and Uhura keep on or break up, whether Kirk finds true love and/or battles a rather unholy alliance, Scotty gets a distillery, McCoy sees his daughter and a thousand and one other possibilities that could take place within the next movie. In fact, if the producers told us stuff, that could spoil things a bit.

However, pictures of a cast member on the set chatting to a fellow actor while sipping on coffee, or Quinto or Pine or whoever shown being in conversation with JJ Abrams or assistant director or Bob Orci… re their scene/lines they are soon to do – how does that affect the outcome of the final cut? I can’t see how it possibly could and yet it gives people like me living on the other side of the planet a sense of closeness, that this film is really happening etc etc. I don’t want spoilers, just some pictures (no videos even)…

Why so much secrecy? I just don’t get it.

166. MJ - March 13, 2012

@167 “However, pictures of a cast member on the set chatting to a fellow actor while sipping on coffee, or Quinto or Pine or whoever shown being in conversation with JJ Abrams or assistant director or Bob Orci… re their scene/lines they are soon to do – how does that affect the outcome of the final cut? I can’t see how it possibly could and yet it gives people like me living on the other side of the planet a sense of closeness, that this film is really happening etc etc. I don’t want spoilers, just some pictures (no videos even)…Why so much secrecy? I just don’t get it.”

Well said — I agree 100%

167. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 13, 2012

I am, at this moment, looking at this morning newspaper (Wednesday, March 14) and there is an article called “British beacon saves man fishing in NZ”. It comes with a picture of the the man and a map… Unfortunately, this link to the Herald article does not come with a photo or map and is shortened, however the content of the story is the same – shows modern technology at work

Just thought some of you might be interested, given that we are in go-slow mode on this site now.

168. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012


Get a hold of yourself. You sound like you’re going to blow a gasket.

Personally, I don’t give a damn about anybody’s argument. It’s just so blatantly obvious that those “two” particular posters are the same person. Spock69 would make a statement and weebl would immediately chime in to agree and then Spock69 would compliment weebl on their posting style. I’ll bet you a million quatloos that they are the same person. That is sockpuppeting and it is against this site’s policy. It’s also an infraction that will get you permabanned.

Now go on and hate TMP or love it, I don’t have a horse in this race. And everyone can have an opinion on a subject. But I’ve been a member of this site since just about day one and I will ALWAYS call out a bullshit post.

169. MJ - March 13, 2012

@170. Sheesh, now you are taking potshots at Goosenecked Fan? All he said was that he liked a cerebral thinking man’s trek. What in the heck is wrong with that opinion???

170. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012


What on earth are you on about? You are either woefully obtuse or a complete troll.

But I’ve got some time to waste. Anything else you’d like to “discuss”?

171. MJ - March 13, 2012

@172. Dude, are you smoking crack or what? You addressed you post #172 to Goosnecked Fan in post #164???

172. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012


I guess our screens don’t match. Because on my thread YOU are #164 and #170. That is to whom I am addressing my comments.

That’s also probably why you sound like a crazy person to me.

173. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012

And this post is #174.

174. MJ - March 13, 2012

Hmm, on my screen 164 is Goosenecked, and you are #170. :-))

OK, whatever. New topic….

175. MJ - March 13, 2012

The post you just wrote as “175” is showing as “174” right now in my Google Chrome browser.

176. MJ - March 13, 2012

Wow, this is IT ridiculousness here…I just opened up using Internet Explorer, and the numbering using that browser agrees with your numbering references here? WEIRD!!!!!!!!!

177. THX-1138 - March 13, 2012

I use Google Chrome.

I wondered why you were so P.O.’ed at me. Anyhoo……….


178. VulcanFilmCritic - March 13, 2012

I actually liked ST:TMP. It was just such a kick seeing Trek on the big screen.
I thought the only problem was the character of Decker. Although I liked Stephen Collins he seemed to be a distraction. Maybe a holdover from the proposed but failed TV series re-boot.
If you eliminate Decker, you get a more direct and simple plot with the tension and rivalry taking place between Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock. They were often in conflict after all.

179. porthos bitch - March 13, 2012

Im a fan of the tos. Been in fandom since 1972….always been a fan of the Shat. I LIVED IN THE TREKLESS TIME…..the 70s were full of promise and letdowns..Say what you want about Shatner he was always there for the show…to which I pose an interesting question if the holdout had been Shatner would trek have continued? I doubt it. Would xon have worked? Paramont had faith. They never used the character, they gave David Gatareux a role in STTMP. A friend and I used to joke about recastinng trek in the late 70s..I was always a fan of Bill Bixby.I can remember giving some thought to a post 6 million dollar man Lee Majors. Any thoughts ??

180. montreal_paul - March 13, 2012

I liked TMP as well. I was 12 when it came out and I waited in line all day! It was a huge rush for me to see the crew back together on the big screen. I loved that Enterprise fly-by beauty shot. I remember it giving me chills. Yes, it was more of a cerebral movie, but I still enjoyed it a great deal. But it did have more of a TOS feel than the tone from the other movies. I think someone wrote that it was closer to a TOS episode… I have to agree. I still pull out the Bluray and watch it from time to time.

@179 VulcanFilmCritic… I agree with you, Decker seemed like a distraction as well to me.

181. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

Anthony! Anthony?!?! Today is tuesday….which means in ny that it’s prinze spaghetti please come home… (boy, am i showing my age and my ny heritge)

182. Vultan - March 13, 2012


Have you tried the Firefox browser, MJ?
I’ve had good luck with it… so far.

183. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

#181 — I sure wish there was a Blu Ray of the Director’s Cut. I want ST:TMP on Blu Ray, but I am holding out for the Director’s Cut. And I hope they pack it with a lot of extras. I’m still hoping to see all the footage from the replaced Kirk/Spock spacewalk some day…the infamous V’Ger “Memory Wall” and “Trench” sequence.

184. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

#180 — The “Trekless period” was horrible, wasn’t it? Well, we had the animated series but I really didn’t count that much…lol!

185. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

185….The aniimated was a sandwich for a starving man…if you listen to them on tape they play better…almost like a radio show. There was some gold there thou..Yester Year, Beyond the Farthest Star…my favorite moment is Pirates of Orion… where everyone except shat pronouncces the alien as o-
rye-ons and shatner says or-re-ons

186. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

LOL!!! Shat was always mispronouncing stuff — Val for “Vaal”, Natzees for “Natzi’s”, etc…hahaha!! Those are good animated episodes you mentioned there! True that there were some good nuggets in there…

187. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

“Nazi”…not Natzi…:-)

188. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

Does anyone out there or has anyone everseen a video of the play the cast (sans ln) did at the”Ultimate Fantasy” con back in ’78? I remember there were photos of the cast in some nifty silver jumpsuits in Starlog (man did i love Starlog and fantastic films). Anthony is a 21st century version of Kerry Oquinn

189. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

Also let me throwa shoutout to “TREK (the magazine for star trek fans)” and “Enterprise incidents”……..awwwww hell a tip of the hat to “star trek giant poster magazine” and ” The Monster Times” Famous Monsters never paid much attention to trek…..then one fateful day a trip to the bookstore netted me copies of whitfields making of star trek, and gerrolds “worlds of star trek” about a month later we got gerrolds Trouble with Tribbles memoir…..what a strange fun journey its been.

190. MJ - March 13, 2012

@185 “#181 — I sure wish there was a Blu Ray of the Director’s Cut. I want ST:TMP on Blu Ray, but I am holding out for the Director’s Cut. And I hope they pack it with a lot of extras. I’m still hoping to see all the footage from the replaced Kirk/Spock spacewalk some day…the infamous V’Ger “Memory Wall” and “Trench” sequence.”

Not only that, but there was, and this may be a Trek urban legend, reports that there was a scene with Kirk and Admiral Nogua shot.

191. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 13, 2012

#168. Keachick…

CP spoke with Extra at the premiere of TMW in LA… did you see?… the reporter asked about the “romantic” Kirk in Trek sequel … CP spoke a little bit…bit bit… “good old Kirk”… hmmm … LOL … speculating … perhaps with the character of Alice Eve… so obvious… and speculating … anyway I love this interview….;-) :-)


192. Red Dead Ryan - March 13, 2012

I recently pulled out my Art Asylum Refit Enterprise and put it back on display in my room. What a beauty!

193. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

#189 — The Ultimate Fantasy was held in 1982 at the Summit in Houston, TX — and I should know. I was there. I remember those silver jumpsuits. LOL!!! The whole event was important in Trek history because it was the first time — I believe — that the entire cast of Trek had assembled in one place since TOS was filming. Since it was kind of a “celebration of Star Trek II: TWOK”, Harve Bennett and Kirstie Alley were there as well as the original cast. Enterprise Incidents was a good mag — they had photos of things that were rare or exclusive from the films — and great articles/interviews.

Making of Star Trek, Trouble with Tribbles, and World of Star Trek were among the first Trek books I ever bought. Those, and the Star Trek Technical Manual, Franz Joseph Enterprise Blueprints…and the Blish novels. That’s how you had to fill the gap between TOS and TMP. Did anyone else have the Star Trek Photonovels? I loved those things! That was before there really was such a thing as home video…which we take for granted now. LOL!

194. Goosenecked Fan - March 13, 2012

#191 — I think that Nogura scene was planned to be in In Thy Image — the ST: Phase II pilot. I recall seeing set drawings of Nogura’s office. I don’t believe anything was ever shot though. James Shigeta was going to play Nogura.

195. Red Dead Ryan - March 13, 2012

I do wonder why Starfleet even bothered refitting the TOS ship. The extent of the refit was so extreme, with totally different nacelles, and the saucer and secondary hull were of differing dimensions to what they were before, and the interiors were totally different.

Why didn’t Starfleet just retire the 1701 and use the refit design process as the model for a new class of ship and name one of them the Enterprise A?

Every square inch of the original Enterprise was changed, with entirely new materials and components used to such an extent that clearly they could have just built an entirely new vessel in the same amount of time.

196. DeShonn Steinblatt - March 13, 2012

You’ve already seen plenty of pictures. All of you have.

197. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

191….the nogura rumour that I heard that the good admiral was to be a roddeberry cameo. Also there is some spacewalk film on the directors cut dvd in the extras. And…there is some spacewalk footage in the special edition vhs tape..(it the version that was aired on abc for the television premiere). As i recall you see kirk suiting up (in a non matching space suit) and kirk outside the enterprise ….but….the footage isnt finished and you see wires and the partial enterprise hull (missing a matte painting)….njow if only I could remember my gfs birthday.

198. Soonerdew - March 13, 2012

@195 The sets for the Nogura/Kirk confrontation were constructed, but torn down after the decision was made not to film the scene.

I would tend to agree that, at times, TMP did have moments of capturing the TOS ambiance. Would love to have seen it directed without quite so heavy a hand, might have made a huge difference in how the movie was perceived. Need to watch my Directors DVD again here soon :)

199. Red Dead Ryan - March 13, 2012


So go do something else instead. This site was created for news about the J.J movies. Pictures are part of the reporting. Nobody’s asking for major spoilers. We just want some news. So knock it off with your condescending finger-wagging. It’s uncalled for.

200. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

Re 194…….that’s “foto-novels” lol…..they had a bit of an odd episode choice…..what the hell was ” a taste of armegeddon” doing in there ?…I remember there was one of “Alien” with over a 1000 was amazing..I sold mine on ebay a few years ago..turns out the buyer was production designer Dan OBannon ( I belive he passed soon after.)..I remember using the outside cover from the franz joseph tech manual to hold my copy of bjos concordance.

And remember the tech manual had a cameo in Sttmp…. “it’s running our files.starfleet strengths. Technical data” as josehs drawing appear on Spocks screens.

201. VulcanFilmCritic - March 13, 2012

@180 porthoses bitch. I don’t think Shatner ever met a role he could turn down. Or even a commercial pitchman job either (Loblaws frozen foods sale, e.g.) But for the sake of a thought experiment, NO, Star Trek could not have flown without William Shatner. But it also could not have flown without Nimoy either. They are like two sides of the same egomaniacal brain.

As for Xon: Yeah, I think he could have worked for a while with Nimoy coming in for the agreed upon number of guest shots. And although David Gautreaux made a rather fetching Vulcan, I think I would have preferred the young David Carradine as Xon (who was on Gene Roddenberry’s not-so-secret list of potential replacements for Nimoy.)

Replacements for Kirk: Robert Stack, Dennis Weaver, Martin Mull, Lloyd Haynes, William Windom as Commdore Decker’s no-so-crazy twin brother. I liked Bill Bixby; he was all over the place in the 60’s and 70’s (My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Good Morning Beantown, The Incredible Hulk, The Magician…Why not Star Trek?)

202. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

202…… yep Loblaws…or Promise margerine”made with the goodness of maize…….(raises hand in Spocklike salute…)….promise”

203. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

@202..Lloyd haines on St…karen valentine would have made.a.fetching yeoman rand.

204. Shilliam Watner - March 13, 2012

Would somebody in control of this site please spell the word “Tonight’s” correctly? It says “Tongiht’s” and I’m pretty sure that is wrong. Thank you.

205. MJ - March 13, 2012

@197 “I do wonder why Starfleet even bothered refitting the TOS ship. The extent of the refit was so extreme, with totally different nacelles, and the saucer and secondary hull were of differing dimensions to what they were before, and the interiors were totally different.”

It was because of well-meaning recycling laws in the 23rd century that made little economic sense. The new Enterprise was made out of recycled materials from the old Enterprise, thus costing 3 times more than a new would have costs, and using 6 times as much energy to construct it.

206. MJ - March 13, 2012

@200 “@195 The sets for the Nogura/Kirk confrontation were constructed, but torn down after the decision was made not to film the scene.”

Good info — never heard that before. Thanks

207. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 13, 2012

#192 Dee, thank you. I have not seen this video.

Gosh, I hope that Chris does not get into trouble with JJ Abrams about mentioning a couple of scenes where he gets to be “good old Kirk”. I am feeling a little bit more hopeful that Kirk will get to share some loving. I have felt as if Spock and Uhura get most of that pie, which is good for them, but not so good for “my captain” and what’s more, nobody really gives a damn either.

Anyway, see what happens…14 months and two days away from movie’s release…oh the wait…sigh!
Incidentally, I have been chided by other posters here and elsewhere because of what has been disparagingly described as “weird love”, “rabid”, or this – “your love affair with Pine has hindered you from having an intelligent an rational convo. i am going to ignore your posts from now on. thanks for playing. ;)” This last quote came from a person who believes that James Kirk has brown eyes. No, the original actor who played a FICTIONAL character of James Kirk, had brown eyes – and I’m the one who is not rational? Holy crap. As for the “weird love”, this came from a message board where people referred to another character/actor as “sex on a stick”. Now if that ain’t WEIRD, I don’t know what the hell is.

I know I shouldn’t let this kind of shite get to me, but I guess it does sometimes. Just so stupid, mean, irrational. Saying it how I see it…

208. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

@ 208 can only imagine if the internet had existed when k/s was all the rage in fan fiction……you aint lived until you’ve read bad k/s.

209. MJ - March 13, 2012

@210. Yea, and it was almost always the really, really fat chicks at those early 80’s era Trek conventions who were into the K/S stuff. Not trying to be mean, but that’s what I observed. I was there.

210. Daoud - March 13, 2012

@Kea… keep the faith! I enjoy your admiration for Chris Pine. I think it’s fine. We all like certain actors and actresses. I like to see Chris’ dad Robert Pine act. I thought that were it not for his so-believable Sgt. Getraer in CHiPs, that that show wouldn’t have run for so many years on television. I wish we could get Robert Pine in a role as Captain Ron Tracey of the Exeter, and revisit Omega Glory someday.

@MJ… there were plenty of pimply glasses-wearing overweight men at those conventions too…. trying to pick up the K/S shippers!!

@Goosenecked Fan… misspelling Nazi as Natzi is fine! Of course, you’ll have to change your handle to Goosestepped Fan though! :)

211. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 13, 2012

#211 Oh look – more “weird? love”, as in big women apparently loving K/S shipper stories….hmmm

212. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

@210 bad k/s usually involved a hurt comfort scenario to to facilitate the “action” in the 80’s as now use of a crutch is bad story telling.

213. porthoses bitch - March 13, 2012

@213 lol…well unless your Charles Dickens and your writing of tiny tim.

214. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 13, 2012

Thank you, Daoud.

Robert Pine did play an alien ambassador in one of the Star Trek Voyager episodes but it wasn’t a big part, so he does have some experience at being a non-human…

I think Chris’s father is semi-retired. I say “semi-retired” because I have come to the conclusion that many actors never really properly retire the way other folks do… There are another couple of actors who we are very familiar with in these parts, who are even older than Robert Pine and who never seem to retire, despite one of them constantly uttering some gobbledegook about retiring…Yeah right…LOL

215. MJ - March 13, 2012

@212 “@MJ… there were plenty of pimply glasses-wearing overweight men at those conventions too…. trying to pick up the K/S shippers!!”


216. spock69 - March 13, 2012

Hey MJ
Thanks man for standing up for being able to voice an opinion. some people on here(and elsewhere) get themselves in such a state.
Still no news then!

217. MJ - March 14, 2012

@218. No problem, dude! I have a few simple rules for these boards — be direct with people, never apologize for having a different opinion, and stand up to bullies.

218. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - March 14, 2012

Mr. Orci:

if you read this…

If Uhura/Zoe Saldana sings in this movie, please wink. Or something.

yes, I am getting off the topic of this thread. this thread is off the topic of this article, so it all evens out.

now onto topic:

@209 & 210:

I thought K/S was still all the rage? You mean it was even bigger before than what I see now? Oh my… T_T

219. Harry Ballz - March 14, 2012

Hey, on TMZ they’re reporting that Zoe Saldana’s house was broken into while she was away. Some real freaks out there!

220. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 14, 2012

#220 – How do you show a wink?

Can Zoe Saldana sing? I know Nichelle Nichols can because I think she was first a singer before she became an actress. In the TOS episodes where Lt Uhura sings, that was Nichelle Nichols doing the actual singing. Nice voice.

221. weebl - March 14, 2012

Spock didn’t die, Spock69 understands!

222. Spock69 - March 14, 2012

I understand fully

223. Andrew Pascale - March 14, 2012

Ahh, so nice to be back

224. Dave Pascale - March 14, 2012

Yeah man
Good to see you Brian

225. Weebl - March 14, 2012

he like pie!!!

226. Weebl - March 14, 2012

Ok, who waxed the floor?

227. dgreen - March 14, 2012

The entire cast got together in Chicago in 1975. I was there and it was great.

228. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#224 — Wehelllll….so good to see you back from your alien abduction, Anthony! I hope the experience wasn’t too traumatic! LOL!! I warned the trolls and sock puppeteers while you were away. :-)

229. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#221 — LOL!!! No worries! :-) I will not goose step…but I may quack up. :-)

230. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#228 — Yeah, wasn’t completely sure if my info was correct on the cast gathering of Ultimate Fantasy…

231. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#222 – 227 — Warning for impersonating multiple Pascales and sock puppeting. Cease and desist or face perma-ban. I mean it.

232. Horatio - March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day everyone!

Go out and have a piece of pie to celebrate!

233. Just Sayin' - March 14, 2012

It’s been a week since the last update…not looking to promising.

234. Gold Coast Rob - March 14, 2012


235. Weebl - March 14, 2012

pie pie pie pie pie..

PIE! :)

236. montreal_paul - March 14, 2012

It looks like the trolls are back! Where is Anthony so he can ban them?

237. Tiberius Subprime - March 14, 2012

Been very quiet.
Is there now a gag-order on all info coming out on the new movie?

I figure those images got security put up to the max on the Trek set.


I need more info! :(

238. Orb of the Emissary - March 14, 2012

#238- LMAO!! Good one! Hopefully it’s not true though :-/

239. porthoses bitch - March 14, 2012

@231 was Nimoy at ultimate fantasy ? I thought I read somewhere a few years ago that someone was doing a documentary about ultimate..never heard anything more of it though.

240. porthoses bitch - March 14, 2012

Found it there also a great piece on youtube star trek ultimate fantasy / houston……oldtime fandom was fun..I still remember stumbling across the Tomorrow show trek episode and watching deforrest smoke up a storm.

241. Weebl - March 14, 2012


242. rogue_alice - March 14, 2012

Where is my Star Trek information!!??

243. Weebls friend Bob - March 14, 2012

The new film has Khan in! No pies.

244. SoonerDave - March 14, 2012

Whatever the reason, I sure hate the inexplicable lulls that have started regularly befalling the site. I know, its all free, etc etc, but still the vanishing act gets really frustrating.

C’est la vie, I suppose.

245. THX-1138 - March 14, 2012

It amazes me that someone with 2 screen names has zero to say. It is, however, one way of showing yourself some love. Perhaps they are just no good at the other way.

246. jamesingeneva - March 14, 2012

gotta love the impersonators, they usually start popping up right about now. Have any of the mods been around here lately? I know there had been a few the last time Anthony disappeared but i can’t remember who they were…

247. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#240, 241 — If memory serves, Nimoy was there. Seems like everyone was. I’m not sure if Nicholas Meyer was there. Yep, we called the convention portion of the UF the “Con of Wrath”. The “promoter” didn’t have the money to pay for the actors expenses or some such (can’t remember all the details) and the fans volunteered to chip in money to help cover things. I think the cast paid for stuff out of their own pockets too. The guy who ran the thing was well known in the Houston area for running conventions but that whole UF train wreck practically killed conventions in the area for a long time. Only Creation and the local Trek fan club ran Trek conventions in the area after that — and those were few and far between.

When I think of Ultimate Fantasy — trainwrecks come to mind.

It was a disaster…and I support Larry Nemecek on his film — even though it’s long past due! LOL!!!

248. Red Dead Ryan - March 14, 2012


There were other moderators, like Rosario T., but he isn’t with the site anymore apparently. I think its just Anthony and a couple of others right now.

Anthony seems to have gone the way of Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Mullah Omar.

249. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#245 — I feel your pain. And I think the little gray aliens who abducted Anthony are inflicting their own pain…hehehehe!!!

250. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

If Anthony needs another “Rosario” or “John Tenuto” or “Spockboy”, he should request help. Maybe the sock puppet dude will step up…hahaha!!! Hey, maybe Anthony IS the sock puppet dude….hmmmm…;-)

251. Phil - March 14, 2012

Stupid question – is AP based in SoCal?

252. Red Dead Ryan - March 14, 2012


Yes. He has said a few times that he lives in L.A. Its how he’s able to interview various current and former Trek stars, writers, directors, etc.

253. montreal_paul - March 14, 2012

I wish there was an ignore or block feature on here so you wouldn’t have to see certain trollers.

254. Craiger - March 14, 2012

I wonder why Anthony doesn’t feel the need to at least give us an update on the sites progress? Why not just say he’s done and bye? I could accept that and go to another site for Trek news. Or he is busy and can’t do it anymore? I guess he feels loyal readers of this site will keep checking everyday no matter what and he can coun’t on them. However how would he expect to get new readers to this site if their are these off on and on breaks. One other thing could be he doesn’t have enough staff to run this place anymore and can’t find anyone to hire for it. If so he should say something about that also. Or if he is working on a new site that is taking some of his free time he should say that also.

255. porthoses bitch - March 14, 2012

Ithink if anything had happened to Anthony we’d have heard. Either through Harry at aicn or Who knows maybe paramont want to go viral with and they realize ap is the one to run it. They ceertainly know him as they used him extensively during the blu-ray releases. Wharever the reason for the sabatical…..godspeed brother !

256. ralf smith - March 14, 2012

hello? anybody home?

257. Phil - March 14, 2012

Well, about the time everyone starts posting about a lack of activity we get a fluffy of news…hopefully, anyway.

This is probably nothing, but there is some filming activity going on out at Ontario Airport. One of the parking lots is full of studio trailers and rental equipment. It looks like the gear was just moved out there, as it didn’t appear much had been unpacked yet. The look and feel of the terminal building would be consistant with this version of Trek, so who knows….does anyone have an inside track at LAWA filming division?

258. Phil - March 14, 2012

Flurry….not fluffy. Though fluffy would be an accurate description of what we have seen lately.

259. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

#256 — Maybe he’s playing Lt. Finnegan in Star Trek II, so he’s having to neglect Trekmovie for awhile. Either that or he’s playing the mother of all Tribble’s….in the same film. Maybe playing both roles. ;-)

260. MJ - March 14, 2012

It’s funny, but Anthony has pulled this “multiple weeks disappearing act” so many times now on this site over the past few years that I really don’t let it bother me anymore.

Let’s face it folks, this is the way Anthony rolls, and bitching about it isn’t going to change that.

261. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

I’m not bitching…I’m having fun with it! :-)

262. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 14, 2012

#259 What makes the terminal of Ontario Airport a likely candidate for any location filming for the Star Trek movie? Surely there must be similar places around Los Angeles. Just wondering why you would think that a possibility.

263. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 14, 2012

Sorry, Phil. I thought you were referring to an airport in Ontario, Canada. I have just found out that there is an Ontario airport in Los Angeles and it does seem to be far from the main Trek studio (Sony). Plot thickens…

264. MJ - March 14, 2012

It is about an hours drive if you can avoid rush hour traffic.

265. Phil - March 14, 2012

@264. The community of Ontario, CA is about 50 miles east of LA. My bad for not clarifying it for the the international readership….besides, what’s the point of starting a potentially worthless rumor unless I’d seen the gear with my own eyes?

We were in Chicago two summers ago when Transformers 3 was being filmed – not a lot to tip it off, except there were these little yellow signs everywhere with the Transformers logo on them.

266. Craiger - March 14, 2012

MJ, that would make this site unreliable for Trek news.

267. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 14, 2012

I think we need Bob Orci to talk to anthony and give him some sort of a story!

268. Cervantes - March 14, 2012

Man, I miss Rosario’s terrific regular ‘movie news’ round-ups…

269. Amish Electrician - March 14, 2012

Tom Hanks was on Paramounts studios today…bldg 244 the Trek shooting one…i think he did a walk on

270. Craiger - March 14, 2012

Anthony could have Rosario posting daily not monthly Scifi TV and Movie news updates when their isn’t any Trek news updates

271. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 14, 2012

#271 – I thought that this Star Trek movie was being filmed at the Sony studios because the Paramount studios were full. I read on this site that the Paramount studio where the last ST movie was filmed is now where they make the NCIS shows, hence the move to the Sony studios. Now I am confused.

“It is about an hours drive if you can avoid rush hour traffic.” I assume this is the driving time between the Sony studios and Ontario airport. Why is what MJ said here make this site unreliable for Trek news or are you referring to another comment of MJ’s?

Gosh, we need some news!

272. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 14, 2012

@271 YES Rosario hasnt posted in a while.

@272 Your right they are filming at Sony

273. Richard Daystrom - March 14, 2012

NO news is good news! Withdrawal anyone? I want to be suprised!

274. Craiger - March 14, 2012

Based on his #261 post would make this site unreliable for Trek news. People wouldn’t know when to come back here to check on news with Anthony’s long breaks. They might think Anthony abandoned this place again. They could think do I even bother because no articles will be their anyway. Then this site looses traffic and interest.

275. Phil - March 14, 2012

@270. Right. At least I said I didn’t know if the shoot site I saw was connected to Trek or not.

276. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 14, 2012

It’s gotta be the “Wrap Party” on the ST2 set.

I would sleep in for weeks too after such a Trekkie-geekasm partee.

277. montreal_paul - March 14, 2012

It’s not just this site, there isn’t any Trek movie news on any Trek site.

278. I'm Dead Jim! - March 14, 2012 has a photo of Zack Quinto with his eyebrows shaved but I guess you all already know that. Amazing what we can get excited about, eh?

Man, JJ must’ve clamped down hard on the leaks!

Leak? I don’t detect any leak.


279. Red Dead Ryan - March 14, 2012


“Leak? I don’t detect any leak.”

Don’t you people ever pee in the twenty-fourth century? :-D

280. I'm Dead Jim! - March 14, 2012

@279 Oh… leak! Ha ha, I get it.

Thank you! Thank you! We’ll have more of Dinner Theater in the coming days, in lieu of any actual Trek movie news.

Don’t forget to tip your waiter!

281. Bones - March 14, 2012

@ 270

I am pretty sure that this Trek is not filming on the Paramount lot, I believe they are using stages at Sony and another studio on the west side of Los Angeles.

282. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 14, 2012

OK, if there is no news about the Star Trek movie, what about some pictures/information about the other Bob Orci/Chris Pine project, Welcome to People? That movie is being released on 29 June 2012 (incidentally the same date, this Star Trek sequel was supposed to have been released), which is three months two weeks away.

Please – give us something about something that a Trek writer and/or actor has also done….

Bob? Anyone?

283. Goosenecked Fan - March 14, 2012

I think we should all stage a coup and take this site over. If each one of us took one day a week — or part of a day — to update the site, this place would be hoppin’! :-)

284. Weebl - March 15, 2012

Could murder a pie!

285. Spock69 - March 15, 2012

Pie sounds good

286. Trekboi - March 15, 2012

I really don’t understand why thay can’t just tell us they will not be putting up any new stories for a few days or weeks – it’s so rude & inconsiderate & unprofesional

287. Weebl - March 15, 2012

Pie is always good! :)

288. Calastir - March 15, 2012

I used to visit this site every day, I just realised it’s been a week, so I come here and nothing’s changed. Still the same headlines from last week. Will there actually be any news when I check again next week? Please keep the fire burning. Seriously.

289. SoonerDave - March 15, 2012

@282 @270

I think Anthony posted a few weeks ago that the *bridge* set had been moved to Sony because NCIS was permanently housed on the old Trek studio, but that *other* parts of the sequel were, in fact, to be filmed at Paramount.

I also am 100% certain I read that shooting for all the bridge scenes had already been completed, so I’m thinking that means back to Paramount and/or location shooting.

I won’t claim to remember this 100%, but I believe I read early on there was a 90-day shooting schedule, and they started shooting in, what was it, late January/early February? If that’s anywhere near correct, it would suggest they’re right at halfway through principal photography. Would have to think some “leaks” might emerge from Sony studios once they’re out of that facility.

Surely ILM has started at least preliminary FX work, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them leak a ship image or related teaser.

And, of course, SOMEONE has to be planning the requisite AR game as they did for the previous movie !-)

290. jamesingeneva - March 15, 2012

Let me prelude that this is a joke not a jab, but I bet the site makes more money from advertising when they all disappear and have these long lapses because we all come back 5/6 times a day looking to see if theres no news and hop on the comments to gripe lol…

291. Death Machine - March 15, 2012

Hello? Anybody home?

Hunh…guess I’ll have to find my Trek news and info elsewhere…

292. Disgruntled Trek Fan - March 15, 2012

Can we please have somne damned news about the ST movie and not Shatner’s latest conquest..

Seriously, I know you guys work hard at keeping thus site alive but damn, you’re gonna be losing members here!

Just a polite notice and my 2 cents….

293. Aashlee - March 15, 2012

Well, we could all sit in a circle around the campfire, hold hands, and sing “Kum Ba Yah” … or maybe “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” a la “Star Trek V.”

Am I the only one hearing crickets?

Wow, JJ clamped down on everything big time.

294. Calastir - March 15, 2012

In the meantime that other director Peter Jackson keeps posting quality vlogs on the new ‘Hobbit’ movies, and generating much interest and fan excitement in the process.

295. Disgruntled Trek Fan - March 15, 2012

It’s utterly rediculous, the whole production process is treated as if it’s the Olympic opening ceremony or something, there’s so much protection and secrecy!

It’s a STAR TREK movie, yes we’ll all love it, see it 10 times and talk about it for 3 years but for goodness sake… IT’S A MOVIE!

Tell us about it already.

296. Spock69 - March 15, 2012

Maybe Peter Jackson could make the next Star Trek movie. Heck, if he starts now it’ll probably be out before JJs one! and he’ll probably do 2 at once.

297. montreal_paul - March 15, 2012

I have absolutely no interest in the Hobbit movies… I got my fill with LOTR.

As for the fans who are “threatening” to leave this site because there are no new updates… this isn’t the only site with no news. There is just no “new” news out there yet. Patience people. The movie is 15 months away.

298. Sassy - March 15, 2012

Glad to see there are others as eager as I am lol

299. Orb of the Emissary - March 15, 2012

Still no updates here? :-(

300. Weebl - March 15, 2012

Star Trek Enterprise : Cancelled!

301. John from Cincinnati - March 15, 2012

Wow, March 7th since last article, and this with the new movie being filmed as we speak.

302. Goosenecked Fan - March 15, 2012

No interest in Hobbit here either…yawnnnn…

303. jamesingeneva - March 15, 2012

While I’m not all “HOBBITS YAY!” I gotta say LOTR was probably the last great Epic film series we’ve had in a while.

I had hopes that ST would be epic but I’m not disappointed with what we got because it was really good.

A PJ Team Star Trek film might be pretty interesting. They did a good job with character development in LOTR and we’d probably get pretty interesitng aliens and off world scenes. Not to mention I’d love to see what kind of epic battle scenes we’d get out of it. A nice 3 part epic leaving you glued to the seat each time and paying a fortune for each new dvd/blu-ray release to see additional scenes and directors cut etc would be good for the franchise.

All that said, I still support our JJ team. The secrecy is killing me but lord knows I’ll be in line opening day.

The others were right about no news on the other sites, it’s dead quiet for a few days now. We need @BobORCI to jump in and give us a conspiracy theory to debate on here to take our attention away from poor Anthony lol…

304. CmdrR - March 15, 2012

Wow! Did you see that Shat is on Psyche… again tonight! It’s like the 8th night in a row. They must really like his work.

305. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 15, 2012

#283. Keachick …

Chris Pine was talking about “Rise of the Guardian” yesterday March 14, at DreamWorks animation 2012…


306. Craiger - March 15, 2012

See this site could be so much better as Trek and Scifi news site. When Trek news is in a lull news cycle we could be chatting about Scifi TV Show and Movie news. Allthoough I don’t like Horror and some Fantasy shows.

307. Craiger - March 15, 2012

And chat about TV Shows and Movies new and old Trek stars are in.

308. Goosenecked Fan - March 15, 2012

Much agreed, Craiger!!!

309. Romulus - March 15, 2012

If you have been a fan of this site for a while you will know that sometimes news dries up and Anthony does have a real Life, well if you call watching all of trek back to back including the animated series a life lol :P
Then what happens is a spamfest and post counts that spiral to over 1000.
My point is fear not, normal business will resume shortly.

PS Anthony, do you start your viewing marathon with TOS or Enterprise?

310. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 15, 2012

Wow, thank you for that link, Dee! The Rise of the Guardians movie sounds like it could be very good and it is due out in NZ on 6 December 2012. I think it might just be the first movie made in 3D that I might go see, although I am assuming/hoping there will be a 2D version as well. I loved reading Chris Pine’s summation – good stuff!

I read somewhere (here?) that the cast and film/production crew expected that the first six months of this year would be taken up with doing the Star Trek movie. It could be so, given how often the captain has to be away from his chair.

14 months and 2 weeks away from May 17, 2013 release date. I really should get a calendar and start marking off the days, weeks, months…

311. andrew - March 15, 2012

this time ’round is starkly different….. Ahh fond memories of all the casting and pre production news that continued into filming… The live chat from the set with cast and crew….sob

312. Daoud - March 15, 2012

I’d have thought that even Bob would have dropped a line directly to say “all is well”, or give updates of a non-spoily nature.
Otherwise, it REALLY lends an “Emperor Has No Clothes” type situation to the sequel. The lack of any news is almost screaming that they’ve encountered some major problem(s) in the production.

313. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - March 15, 2012

Technically this site should be defunct now… TrekMOVIE?!?

Maybe someone should create a TrekMovieS site … And regularly update it unlike this Pascale character …

314. porthoses bitch - March 15, 2012

Anyone here remember the “Star Trek Welcommitee” adedicated group fans helping to keep fandom alive Very active into the 1980’s… Not sure if it stillexists or not (memory alpha probaly knows. They had a great newsletter that Id love to see transformed into a website apota or “a piece of the action” there was a column for trek new, trek products, conventions. And star sightings in different show and movies (this was back in the times of Love Boat and Fantasy Island so there were alo of guest star roles to be had…and face it our cast and crew were much younger then.

If youve only known the internet there was a whole world of trek fandom before that…when paramont would ask bjo trimble and david gerrold “what do you think fandom will think of …..” those were fun times…

315. Jack - March 15, 2012

“Otherwise, it REALLY lends an “Emperor Has No Clothes” type situation to the sequel. The lack of any news is almost screaming that they’ve encountered some major problem(s) in the production.”

They’re. Busy. Filming.

Seriously, what are they supposed to post without giving anything away — “here’s a shot of the crew at the craft services table!” And, the Hobbit, for example, has been filming pretty much for an entire year (and it was delayed umpteen times during development, it was scheduled for release in 2011, at one point).

I know, it’s frustrating. But, heck, the forecasts of doom were being made here before the last one too, because they hadn’t shown us scores of photos six months before release.

316. THX-1138 - March 15, 2012

In the past this site has posted LOT”S of stories and had weekly features and MOST of it was not just Trek. Sci-fi movies and TV, Science Fridays, Collectibles, BSG (when it was still on), and other columns that ran weekly or monthly. Always something to read.

But I think Anthony’s relationships with his contributors changed in the past year or so. Even with the clamp down on info about the last movie, we had daily columns coming in that we could peruse. Now nothing.

Anthony will be back soon enough. Or he won’t. The interweb is a great big place full of things for my short attention span. Besides, if we have no news we can always interact on these threads.

And anyone who is comparing The Hobbit to Star Trek is crazy. LOTR is pretty much acknowledged to be a watershed point in cinema and nothing I have seen about The Hobbit leads me to believe anything will be different there. Star Trek is my one true love and always has been and will be. But the movies are not in the same league exactly as PJ’s Middle Earth movies.

317. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 15, 2012




Just getting that outta the way. {; 0.

318. Amorican - March 15, 2012

317: “LOTR is pretty much acknowledged to be a watershed point in cinema”

A watershed moment in putting me to sleep, maybe.

319. porthoses bitch - March 15, 2012

The more times I type in the url of trekmovie the more I sympathize with the crew of the USS Bozeman.

320. Khan 2.0 - March 15, 2012

still no news huh

oh well…i been buying TNG dvd boxsets cheap off ebay and saw Yesterdays Enterprise last night for the first time in years…the opening with the rift and the way the Ent C comes through is so much like in ST09 its not true.

also got me thinking again just how made for a TOS/TNG movie it was – headed over to uTube to see if anyone had done a trailer mash and yep sure enough:

can you imagine how awesome going to see that wouldve been in 1994? directed by Meyer or Nimoy?! (i bet Nimoy wouldve been ok with Spock being in it too)

TWOK wouldve ceased being the best ST movie 18 years ago!

321. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 15, 2012

I dig the hobbit movies too, THX.

322. Craiger - March 15, 2012

Not trying to sound mean but I don’t get why Anthony doesn’t feel the need to explain to us what’s going on with the site? If he’s got too much going on in his life to bother with site and maybe his other contributors did to. Why not just he’s done or burnt out with Trekmovie and is moving on? People involved with Trek don’t even post here anymore. We can all accept that right?

323. montreal_paul - March 15, 2012

321. Khan 2.0

Thank you for posting those links! THAT is what GENERATIONS should have been. I would have loved to see THAT movie! You are right… with Meyer directing… it could have been right on par with (maybe even better than) TWOK.

324. Robman007 - March 15, 2012

May 15 2012: Diablo 3. Finally!!!

325. TrekMadeMeWonder - March 15, 2012

Anthony is fine, I am sure. Give the guy a break. It would be nice if he would trust one of us with the keys when he is gone, though.

326. Khan 2.0 - March 15, 2012

The actual teaser trailer actually looked like it might be abit YE too

327. Goosenecked Fan - March 15, 2012

So glad JJ Abrams didn’t make the last Trek film an effing COMEDY like Tim Burton has done with Dark Shadows…

Please excuse me…I’m in mourning for the death of Dark Shadows…:-(

328. Azrael - March 15, 2012

@319. Must be a problem with you then, cause I couldn’t have slept any one of the few hundred times I have watched Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies, and the Hobbit movies (plural, there will be 2 of them) will be just as good.

329. montreal_paul - March 15, 2012

Hey, did any of you know that Karl Urban was in Riddick 3?

This is a pretty good Sci-Fi site from the UK … they even have a Trek section.

330. the Dogfaced Boy - March 15, 2012

328. Goosenecked Fan – They may have just pulled out the over the top bits for the trailer. But I think you’re going to be right.

I thought when I first heard Johnny Depp was doing the movie, that it would be great and would get new people interested in the original series.

Now, can you imagine if someone likes the new movie and they watch an episode of the original. It will not be anything like what they were expecting.

331. Bobowing - March 15, 2012

Trekweb just posted four articles on Trek games, books and interviews


332. Craiger - March 15, 2012

Normally Trekmovie would post an article like this right? Found it at which is probably where I’ll have to get my Trek Movie news from now on if Trekmovie keeps having these breaks. By the time Trekmovie posts some news it will be old news. Trekmovie is not living up to its tagline at the top of its main page.

333. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 15, 2012

#311. Keachick…

What about “Welcome to People”???…… gets new title now is “People like Us”…;-) :-)

334. THX-1138 - March 15, 2012


To each their own. But I would wager that you are in the minority. For those of us who managed to remain awake we were transported to a breathtaking visualization of the worlds that inhabited Tolkien’s Imagination along with characters well inhabited by the actors playing them. A few were as close to note perfect renditions of what i had imagined that it was almost transcendental.

I keep reading that last bit and think to myself “Easy dude, that’s a bit over the top, isn’t it?”, and I reply “No, not really.”

335. porthoses bitch - March 15, 2012

The return of science friday…… has nasa’s evolution of the moon……kinda looks like a remake of the genisis sequence from twok….but with lens flares..way cool.

336. Goosenecked Fan - March 15, 2012

#331 — There’s no doubt this DS film is a comedy. The trailer looks horrible and Warner’s came right out and called it a comedy in their latest press release. It’s a comedy…and one I’m not going to see. All DS needed was an update with better visuals and effects…but played straight as serious gothic horror film. Epic fail…and I’ll be taking a pass on this one.

337. sterj - March 15, 2012

This DS BS is crushing to someone who was once a 12 yr old in love with Barnabas Collins. *sniff*

But I like Johnny Depp’s comments about Jonathan Frid in the interview link. Too bad TPTB didn’t treat the rest of the characters with such dignity.

338. Bob Tompkins - March 15, 2012

I know I said I wasn’t posting any longer, but this is important enough to break my silence just this once…..
Is the site dead or just on an early Spring Break?

339. Bugs Nixon - March 15, 2012

Bored with this site. Im not going to bother checking it until about six months from general release.

340. Daoud - March 15, 2012 has some more news.
. has a link to pictures of John Cho on the set. They also have some links to more pictures of Zoe, which are VERY interesting. She’s wearing a full grey suit, and up on her shoulder is just a bit of operations red. Looks a lot like the TNG Starfleet Academy uniforms. Could be a cold weather or landing party uniform. I find it intriguing.
So… there is some news out there, just have to visit other places.

341. Tanner Waterbury - March 15, 2012

@ 341

Thats all old news… It was posted on here as well.

342. Buzz Cagney - March 15, 2012

Personally i’m happy for Anthony to be the filter for what is worth reporting- so long as he’s happy to do it.
In the event that he no longer wishes to a few of us have delegated as back up, so we can at least stay in touch with each other should this site disappear. Not that i’m expecting it to though. Once there is something worth reporting i’m sure we’ll be back up to speed.

343. Buzz Cagney - March 15, 2012

#331 this months hard copy of SFX has a very nice pic of Pine and Quinto on the cover. I’m pretty sure its from the first movie but its good to see Kirk and Spock back on the news stands. ;)

344. Buzz Cagney - March 16, 2012

#322 there wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the house. What an epic way for the Original crew to go out it would have been been.

345. Weebl - March 16, 2012


346. Trekboi - March 16, 2012

I want news on this site!

347. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

337. Goosenecked Fan – I think I’ll skip it too. I’m really not into vampire comedies.

348. Weebl - March 16, 2012

See if we can get this to ‘0’?

1,000 bottles of beer on the wall,
1,000 bottles of beer on the wall,
Take one down,
and pass it around,
999 bottles of beer on the wall.

349. Weebl - March 16, 2012

999 bottles of beer on the wall,
999 bottles of beer on the wall,
Take one down,
and pass it around,
998 bottles of beer on the wall.

350. Gold_Coast_Rob - March 16, 2012

Assuming that Anthony isn’t offline due to illness…

The sporadic updating of this site is frustrating at best and at least an embarrassment. Anthony takes paid advertising and runs trekmovie on at least a semi-commerical basis. I just wish he’d ‘fess up and explain the frequent dry periods to us or, if he’s unable to give trekmovie the time it deserves, just pull the plug. I’m not looking for any personal details, just an honest “I’m too busy” or “the site’s now offline for a fortnight”.

I’ve genuinely appreciated the site in the past, but the lack of activity and lack of information has become ridiculous. I’ve enjoyed the news and, in particular, the priviledge of having Bob Orci contribute. I’m afraid I’m off to support other, more active, sites and would encourage Bob to contribute to other sites.

351. Trek Or Treat - March 16, 2012


Star Trek Voyager: Bad TNG knockoff or or underappreciated gem?


(I know. I know. I’m off topic. Just trying to come up with a new conversation while we wait for some news.! ;)

352. Weebl - March 16, 2012


353. jamesingeneva - March 16, 2012

998 bottles of beer on the wall,
998 bottles of beer on the wall,
Take one down,
and pass it around,
997 bottles of beer on the wall.

ST Voy an underappreciated gem. Didn’t realize it until I went back and rewatched the series. That said, the ending was very weak.

354. Chris Doohan - March 16, 2012

Hey, I only see 995 bottles of beer on the wall. Don’t bogart the beer.

355. Weebl - March 16, 2012

997 bottles of beer on the wall,
997 bottles of beer on the wall,
Take one down,
and pass it around,
996 bottles of beer on the wall.

356. TREKMOVIE IS DEADER THAN STARTREK.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - March 16, 2012

357. Dave in RI - March 16, 2012

I recall a slight variation:

996 bottles of beer on the wall,
996 bottles of beer.
If one of those bottles should happen to fall,

995 bottles of beer on the wall.

358. Weebl - March 16, 2012

995 bottles of beer on the wall,
995 bottles of beer.
If one of those bottles should happen to fall,

994 bottles of beer on the wall.

359. Mr. Jordan - March 16, 2012

Has anyone else seen this on YouTube? I think it’s just awesome!!!

360. Dave in RI - March 16, 2012

How about if we put a “” spin on this?

994 new articles to read on,
994 new articles to read.

If one of those articles should happen to be read,

993 new articles on

Hmmm…well maybe not… ;-)

361. Weebl - March 16, 2012

I like it!

993 new articles to read on,
993 new articles to read.

If one of those articles should happen to be read,

992 new articles on

362. Calastir - March 16, 2012

@205: Let’s hope this site doesn’t die on an article with a blatant spelling mistake like ‘tongiht’.

That’d be almost as bad as Kirk dying from falling off a bridge and being buried under a pile of rocks by random bald guy. Imagine that! ;)

363. Paul Winstone - March 16, 2012

Still nothing new here, and no sign of Orci. Maybe we should appeal to him in the language of a franchise that he truly understands.

Help us, Oboborci Kenobi! You’re our only hope!

364. Daoud - March 16, 2012

992 articles o’Trek on the site,
992 gone,
you break one down,
and spam it around,
991 articles o’Trek on the site….
♪♫Bob Orci looks over the scripting. Bob Orci looks over the set.
♫♪Bob Orci looks over the website. Please bring back Bob Orci to vet…
♪♫Rumors… quick pics… please bring us some goodies, O Bob Orci!
♫♪Spoilers… spy pics… please bring us some news, Mister Bob!

365. T'Cal - March 16, 2012

Nothing in 8 days????

366. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 16, 2012

“317: “LOTR is pretty much acknowledged to be a watershed point in cinema”
A watershed moment in putting me to sleep, maybe.”

That is why getting to bed early is always a good thing. It allows you to get sufficient sleep so that when, on occasion, you need to stay awake, you can, and not miss all the important and fun things….:)

#335? – Dee (numbering of posts appear different on my screen here)

Odd that they would change the movie’s title. I liked the Welcome to People title, especially as it related to something from real life. It does go to show, though, that movie titles are not set in stone and it really makes no sense for people to want to know the next Star Trek movie title this early one. Anyway, perhaps the title People Like Us rolls off the tongue better, is not so ambiguous and has a more inclusive feel about it – as in anyone could see this movie and relate to all or some of the events and characters in the film. Hopefully, they will be releasing a trailer or two, and more importantly, give a release date for us folks downunder.

Bob Orci – you can talk to us, as one of the producers, about this movie, even if you can’t say anything about Star Trek. We miss you presence and contributions!

367. Buzz Cagney - March 16, 2012

LOTR was technically breathtaking, of that there is no doubt, but by the time i’d got half way through the second one i was pleading with God to make it stop.
I am yet to see the 3rd one. I doubt i’ll ever bother.

368. Vultan - March 16, 2012


You’ll love the third one, Buzz. It’s sixteen hours long with just as many endings!

369. Craiger - March 16, 2012

Not trying to be mean here but I guess constantly complaining is a moot point because we forgive Anthony anyway we he does come back from these long breaks with news. Nobody asks him what’s up with the constant breaks? Then why have this blog if Anthony doesn’t care about it anymore?That’s fine if that’s the way he wants it and he too busy to run it, just give us a status update so we can decide to keep this site bookmarked or not and go to another Trek site.

370. Phil - March 16, 2012

@370. Because we are like an old married couple – we bit*h to high heaven about everything and have no intention of ever leaving….

371. Phil - March 16, 2012

@367. JJ had Bob drawn and quartered, so we won’t be hearing from him anytime soon.

Oh, and there is a winter storm blowing through this weekend, so there won’t be any location shooting going on this weekend. The news media is calling it a major storm, though anything that gets the ground wet out here gets the local news crews all worked up.


372. Buzz Cagney - March 16, 2012

Sounds like I made the right choice! I prefer JJ’s view on movie making- if you can’t tell a story in two hours something is wrong somewhere.

Did you see Peter Jackson has a teeny moment in Hot Fuzz, Vults? Bad Santa stabbing Pegg through the hand!

And talking of Jackson I thought he was making a retelling of The Dam Busters with a Stephen Fry script? I guess he’s busy filming little people running around the forest again.

(I see our PM had a very nice welcome from your President this week, Vults. Our Press has reported it extensively. I notice your News sites have barely noticed! A really special honour bestowed on Cameron to get that flight on Air Force1)

373. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 16, 2012

LOL No, the Return of the King is not sixteen hours long and it has only one ending, as per the book.

All in all, there are approximately 12 hours total of the LOTR. They were shortened for cinema screenings. We share the entire DVD collection with my sister (she got it from the UK), which includes the full 12 hours of the LOTR films as well as what would be called the Special Features which come to another 24 hours of film time – 36 hours total -12 DVDs. Fantastic viewing if and when you have some time, but then you don’t have to watch them all at once…:)

My better half is a huge J R R Tolkien fan and has most of his books (if not all), which he has read several times. I personally find Tolkien’s style of writing a little too longwinded, but admire the stories and imagination. I am more of an audio-visual person myself.

Guess where we’ll be, come the Hobbit movie release date…

374. jamesingeneva - March 16, 2012

lmao, lord knows we all love Anthony, but anyone that’s been around knows that these comment threads are always full of peeps beeping no matter the topic lol…

And back on task:

991 articles o’Trek on the site,
991 gone,
you break one down,
and spam it around,
990 articles o’Trek on the site….

375. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 16, 2012

I thought that Star Trek 2009 could have been a little longer, especially after seeing what had been cut from it in order to fit it within some arbitrary two hour cinema time slot. Some deleted scenes did not belong in the movie, but some of the shorter deleted scenes perhaps should have remained in the movie.

Tolkien books are long and very detailed. Some Tolkien readers were angry at Peter Jackson because of what he MISSED out, did not put into the LOTR films that were in the actual books. Tom Bombadil, anyone? Can’t please everyone.

376. Vultan - March 16, 2012


I don’t know, Buzz. There are some long movies I do like, such as the epics from the 50’s and 60’s. But there’s something about Jackson’s films that seem to go on and on and on…. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the overall story of LOTR. They just take a very long time to get anywhere.

When I watch them, I keep hearing the boys from Monty Python in my head: “Get on with it!”

And yeah, I did see Davy Macaroon on the news with that nice Irish chap Barry O’Bama. They seem like a happy couple. ;)

377. Buzz Cagney - March 16, 2012

oh man yeah Ben Hurr is epic and not in the least boring. But if they tried to drag it out over 3 movies it sure as hell would’ve drained my interest.
Keachick, i would add that not only did the FX in LOTR take my breath away so did the spectacular scenery. NZ is Incredibly beautiful.

378. Buzz Cagney - March 16, 2012

Talking of Ben Hurr i actually have one of the promotional programme/magazine’s published when the movie was released. In perfect condition too. Not bad for 50+ years old.

379. Vultan - March 16, 2012


Yep, you just can’t beat that chariot race, can you? I’m sure it was impressive in its day, but even more so now when you consider how much physical (non-digital) work went into making it.

Another one I like is Bridge on the River Kwai—that whole sequence with the train and the bridge. Dynamite stuff. :D

And William Holden was always good—the epitome of the sneering, cynical, smart assed American in it only for himself. *sniff-sniff* A true hero.

380. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 16, 2012

#373 – “Oh, and there is a winter storm blowing through this weekend, so there won’t be any location shooting going on this weekend. The news media is calling it a major storm, though anything that gets the ground wet out here gets the local news crews all worked up.”

I can’t help but get the giggles when I read this sort of thing. I assume that it is still officially Winter there in California. It is still officially Summer here in NZ and yet it is supposed to rain over most of the country this weekend. So, what’s new? Yeah, yeah, seen it, heard it all before from the weather guys and sure enough, it will shower down, even pour down, when you least expect it. I do hope I won’t need to use the clothes dryer this weekend, but I am not holding my breath.

This reminds me of a time when I was living in London and people there were complaining about how “heavy” and constant the rain was. It was Winter. Certainly London was colder than what I experience here in Auckland, NZ. I can’t wear the thick coat that I wore in London – just too hot. In actuality, the rain they were referring to most of the time was what is more of a light dusting of liquid, a piddle. The rain did not even seem that constant compared with what I was and still am used to experiencing here.

When it rains here, all four seasons, it can be very heavy. You can be totally drenched within a minute or so. We have had heavy rain with hail in the middle of summer at times, along with total white-out conditions on occasion. One time, for real, I was on the motorway (your freeway) and driving between 80-100kms (normal speed) on a day that had beautiful, clear, sunny, dry conditions, then suddenly ahead of me was a white mist and all I could see were the red tail lights of the car(s) in front of me. I naturally slowed/braked, then was instantly pelted with hailstones and torrential rain. The wipers went on full speed, yet I could only just see the red tail lights. From 80kms down to 15kms in a matter of a minute or so. I hoped that the guy in front of me knew where he was going, because I could not see anything, other than fast wipers on the windscreen, rain and hail stones pelting down on the car very forcefully and little red lights. This went on for about 5kms or so, and then out into road again with full visibility, road as dry as a bone, blue skies and puffy white clouds. The car’s heater went on as well, because it felt just so cold as well. This was probably the most dramatic and scary of events, but it is not uncommon to leave the house dry and return home wet an hour or so later.

So is this the kind of storm expected in California this weekend?
I am not trying to take the mickey because I know that California has had extreme weather with fires etc and a few years back, suffered from terrible flooding. On the plus side, though, one result of those floods is that California oranges have never tasted better – flavoursome, juicy and sweet.

381. porthoses bitch - March 16, 2012

Paramount Pictures had a news conference today to announce the production of ” Star Trek the Motion Picture”…reuniting the entire original cast of the beloved 60’s tv series.. helmed by Robert Wise (The Sound of Music) a December ’79 release is planned………man I can’t wait…

382. porthoses bitch - March 16, 2012

I’m thinking we might get a ST2 teaser trailer with GI Joe: Retaliation ? Paramount doesnt have anything else genre related till late in the year..The original st09 (st08 really) trailer came out in january 08 (with jjs Cloverfield in january 08….maybe with the collaberation with sony we could see something with The Ammazing Spiderman but Idoubt it… any thoughts …?.,

383. orly - March 16, 2012

One slight piece of news was that the Sherlock director Paul MGuigan tweeted a few days ago that he was going to go and see Cumberbatch on set as he had another huge fight sequence to film. Mcguigan got tied up with his own filming project that day so was annoyed he couldnt go in the end.

384. Hankster - March 16, 2012

I can’t believe how dead this site is. Are there any alternatives out on the web that has more Trek related news?

385. Jack - March 16, 2012

363. Ha.

I wonder if Anthony breaks even on this thing.

386. Bobowing - March 16, 2012


387. John Tenuto - March 16, 2012

As we wait for Anthony, here are some photos of our 1967 Chemtoy Star Trek Movie Viewer, one of the first Star Trek collectibles available. Enjoy!

388. Sybok's Secret Brother - March 16, 2012


389. Ahmed Abdo - March 16, 2012

From Blastr:

New Trek 2 set photos give 1st glimpse of John Cho back as Sulu

They should release the teaser or at least update the official website

390. Dee - lvs moon' surface - March 16, 2012

#367. Keachick…

Bob Orci, made ​​no comment about it on twitter… he just retweet the information of Box Office Mojo about the change of the name of the movie and the premiere date… odd… ;-) :-)

391. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - March 16, 2012

Apparantly anthony takes the George Lucas approach and likes to make people wait and build up antisipation to new articles!

392. Cervantes - March 16, 2012

Ah, thought I’d check in again today, and I see Bill’s article still lives!

Anyway, the new PROMETHEUS trailer that’s out today should be worth a look…

393. lostrod - March 16, 2012

Since we’re way off topic here …

Anyone on this site participating in this year’s 26.2 Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range?

I’ll be there for the sixth time and highly recommend it. Great event. Here’s a link to a documentary I did from the 2009 event (missed 2010-2011 due to a deployment).


394. Andy Patterson - March 16, 2012

To the subject of Shatner….I got my tickets for his March 22nd birthday show here in Dallas. Don’t have the money but, I figured,….this is my town. Looking forward to it.

395. Eric Cheung - March 16, 2012

388. “As we wait for Anthony…”

So he doesn’t give any of the other staff the keys to the shop when he’s gone? I understand he leaves without explanation (even to the the other correspondents) sometimes, but is it possible to post stories in his absence as Rosario did before or was that a special circumstance?

396. ster julie - March 16, 2012

# 394. I salute you from Albuquerque and say thank you for serving your country. Welcome home.

397. lostrod - March 16, 2012


Hey Andy! We’re neighbors. I leave down the road in Plano.

Small world.


398. Daoud - March 16, 2012

990 links full o’Trek on the site,
990 links,
you click one now,
and copy it round,
989 artlicles left to read on the site….
You can’t always get what you want.
You can’t always get what you want….

399. Jack - March 16, 2012


Amazing. “Materialization beams”? I wonder if that was a comic for the viewer only, or if it was based on those other Trek comics (were they, er, Gold Key?)

Man, I had a toy phaser, years later — must have been 1975 or so, ’cause I was 4 — that made the crazy screeching sound and the beam was a flashlight over which you could put little disks with a cutout that looked like the Enterprise, to project (theoretically) an image of the ship onto stuff — I guess to make it look like you were shooting down your own ship (?)

400. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

When the cats away, the inmates take over the asylum.

How long do we have to wait for the cat before we leave where they won’t count you as absent if the cat shows up?

If the cats not here, does that mean we can fight and say cuss words and stuff? Just asking.

401. Viking - March 16, 2012

I heard from an inside source that this is Anthony’s punishment for posting unauthorized spy pics on the site. J.J. and Bob have him imprisoned in an unventilated equipment trailer wearing nothing but ass-less leather chaps and a studded dog collar, and are making him schlep around the sets toting bottled water for the cast and crew until the final scene is shot.

989 bottles of Saurian brandy on the wall,
989 bottles of booze,
you take one down,
pass it around,
and evil Kirk beats the crap out of you.

988 bottles of Saurian brandy on the wall…….….

402. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

402. Viking – Hell, I’ll take that job!

403. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

988 tribbles, one named Connie the other’s name Ted
988 tribbles, one’s named Pepy, the other is red
987 tribbles? Where the hell did Connie go?

404. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

404 – Okay, I’m not good at this.

405. Viking - March 16, 2012

#403 – so would I, if I got to show Zoe how tight she makes my chaps fit when I see her in that miniskirt.

“Hey, that ain’t a phaser in my pocket – I’m just making you some shadow puppets with my lirpa. ” LOL :-)

406. Vultan - March 16, 2012

Mondo just came out with a new Wrath of Khan poster:

Looks pretty cool. At least the E isn’t firing on the Regula space station in this one!

407. Harry Ballz - March 16, 2012

Well, what do you know, over 400 posts ABOUT NOTHING!!

How disappointing.

408. Viking - March 16, 2012

#404 – Believe it or else, my wife’s name is actually Connie, and she said that she’d make her own shadow puppets with my lirpa tomorrow evening. LOL!

409. Viking - March 16, 2012

Shaddup, Harry, we’re talking about my wife’s plans for my lirpa tomorrow night. Hee-hee-hahahahahaha!

410. DJT - March 16, 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation Next Level Blu-ray


at Best Buy & Amazon.

411. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

A shadow puppet from a lirpa, it’s going to look like Twiki.

412. the Dogfaced Boy - March 16, 2012

411. DJT – Damn this impulse buying I do. I don’t even like TNG. If you’ve been paying attention to the Dogfaced posts, I’ve been b-ing, what the hell, no one’s watching, I’ve been bitching about the screen ratio and was boycotting this. But you can’t beat that price.
Thanks DJT.

413. Harry Ballz - March 16, 2012


Hey, keep it up and I’m gonna slirpa your wife’s lirpa!

Oooooh, that’s wrong on SO many levels! :>)

414. Red Shirt Diaries - March 16, 2012

Where in the F is Anthony? I can understand his long period of absences during the long years between the movies when the Supreme Court wasn’t doing jack shit in terms of sequel progress, but to go AWOL on us all now when the new movie is under production is inexcusable. What is the point of this site if it can’t even legitimaely cover Trek movies anymore?

415. Viking - March 16, 2012

Harry, don’t go there. She’s part Cherokee, but I think she’s also part Klingon. And she’s also one of those au naturel, tomboy genotypes with a hormonal constitution such that she could make her own ‘lirpa shadow puppets’, if you can decipher my oblique parlance. (The most difficult part of her ‘Abraham Lincoln’ isn’t the beard, it’s the top hat. That requires styling mousse, as if she were temporarily training a Japanese bonsai tree.) And I’m betting you have a few browser bookmarks that would present that to you in full, hi-res educational graphics.

Actually, if you tried, you’d probably find her out there with relatively minimal effort. HA!

416. MJ - March 16, 2012

@416 @414

I love it when a ménage à trois comes together!

417. MJ - March 16, 2012

@413 “Star Trek: The Next Generation Next Level Blu-ray $10 ”

Sheesh, how embarassing for the TNG. Look for it in the $1 Wal-Mart bin along with with 70’s Chuck Norris movies by Christmas this year.

418. Harry Ballz - March 16, 2012


Viking, you are one clever bastard!

I like that in a fellow Trekker!


419. Capes - March 17, 2012

I remember a day when this site rolled forward with no news too small or too big……then a year ago last December….The Big Silence….where we tried to determine if Anthony was still alive for like 30 days….I even found his cell # and called (didn’t expect a call back and wasn’t disappointed!)…..since then, sporadic talk about squat….long waits for updates… loses me….I long for engaging articles…..I am ok with a dry period regarding the movie…..but there is more to talk about!

Someone tell me where I am wrong……….

420. Battle-scarred Sciatica - March 17, 2012

@381 KC

NZ summertime finishes with the last day of Feb – therefore it is not still officially summertime here in NZ unfortunately :(

It feels like our summer up and left a few weeks ago down here in the south island.

More crappy weather forecast for tomorrow. More than can be said for this site. keeps me sane now

421. Buzz Cagney - March 17, 2012

As we aren’t getting any Science Saturdays at the moment how about these couple to keep you going…

And this is just magic….

422. Weebl - March 17, 2012

On the road again…………

423. jamesingeneva - March 17, 2012

…Just can’t wait to get on the road again…

424. Goosenecked Fan - March 17, 2012

I go away for a while and come back and I still see that stoopid story about Shatner at the top of the home page news articles! LOL!!


425. Weebl - March 17, 2012

The life I love is making music with my friends….

426. Aashlee - March 17, 2012

Forget the Trek news… I keep coming back here just to see the twists and turns in this conversation. Between drinking songs and lirpas, I never know what I’m going to find next, LOL!

427. Weebl - March 17, 2012

A small headed man of limited means that lost a fight with a chicken :)

428. Capes - March 17, 2012

Ok I’ll play…..
Howzabout a limerick?

There once was a flasher named Paul…..

429. Capes - March 17, 2012

Who stationed himself in a mall…..

430. Capes - March 17, 2012

He unzipped as he bowed…….

431. Capes - March 17, 2012

To the curious crowd…..

432. Capes - March 17, 2012

……and extended his welcome to all!

Happy St. Patty’s Day All !

433. Weebl - March 17, 2012

and bummed the chicken!

434. orly - March 17, 2012

Today’s guardian newspaper asked Cumberbatch what role he was playing in Star Trek but he stayed tight lipped

It’s been announced that you are in the new Star Trek movie — playing who?

An undisclosed role.

Is it an enjoyable undisclosed role?

Very enjoyable indeed.

435. Steve P - March 17, 2012

Seems like Tony’s ‘Source” at Paramount is no longer working there, hence the complete lack of any real ‘insider’ information on Star Trek 2 over the last 6 months.
He is not even posting from WonderCon. Man this site is looking more and more like ‘Trektoday’ ever day!

436. MJ - March 17, 2012

Even Orci is throwing Anthony under the bus here…where the frack is Bob?

437. MJ - March 17, 2012

Here’s a new name for this site:


438. jamesingeneva - March 17, 2012

Am i the only one that thinks the bridges are rediculously large in Star Trek Online?

You gotta walk a mile to get to a station. At least they’re getting their excercise I guess.

439. Weebl - March 17, 2012

It’s fun to stay at the……….

440. Chris Miles - March 17, 2012

@395 Andy
“To the subject of Shatner….I got my tickets for his March 22nd birthday show here in Dallas. Don’t have the money but, I figured,….this is my town. Looking forward to it.”

We saw him here in Philadelphia earlier this week, and my wife (definitely a non trekker) was with me, and enjoyed it. It’s interesting, and even though I thought I was the walking Encyclopedia Shatnerica, I learned a lot about the man. Keep in mind, it’s not about Trek per se, but about Shatner himself.

The presentation style Shatner chose reminds me a lot of the style of that surprisingly poignant Charles Nelson Riley one man show currently featured on NetFlix streaming.

Anyhow- you WILL enjoy it.

441. Goosenecked Fan - March 17, 2012

#437 — We’re not good enough for Bob O…LOL!!

Seriously, I wonder if that whole mess about the behind the scenes video got Anthony in trouble somehow? I don’t think I’ve seen Bob O since that went down and it wasn’t long after that Anthony went MIA…

Maybe he got “the booth”…HAHAHA!!!

442. Goosenecked Fan - March 17, 2012

#418 — Maybe a lot of folks are doing what I’m doing: waiting for the season set. I really thought this set was pointless and why would I want more than one version of those episodes on Blu-Ray?

I view it as Paramount doing us all a favor for once and giving us a “heads up” on the double dip. Frankly, I’m tired of being double dipped for all this stuff.

That’s also why I didn’t buy ST:TMP on Blu-Ray yet — because you just KNOW it’s a matter of time before the Director’s Cut is released on Blu-Ray and frankly, that’s the version I’d rather have!

443. Weebl - March 17, 2012

Somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaveeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

444. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Maybe Anthony has got too much going on to care about Trekmovie anymore? If so he should tell us and close Trekmovie.

445. MJ - March 17, 2012

@445 “Maybe a lot of folks are doing what I’m doing: waiting for the season set. I really thought this set was pointless and why would I want more than one version of those episodes on Blu-Ray?”

I think that TNG just isn’t going to sell all that well in today’s marketplace beyond the hardcore set of older TNG fans. Most young folks today below the age of 21 have no memory of it, for one thing. And it never made it even close to the iconic pop cultural level of TOS, which had now been made even more relevant by the Trek 09 movie. TNG is just not all that relevant anymore, and I doubt the Blu-Ray seasons are going to sell in big numbers.

446. Weebl - March 17, 2012

But the sample disk was seriously sexy @446, 1701D has never looked so fine.

447. Craig - March 17, 2012

MJ, you make a great point about Trek in general is that old Trek is really getting dated now. That shows how Trek needed to be rebooted for a new a generation of fans and that’s what they will do with the TV series, if they make one. gear it for a new generation fans and they’ll hope the old ones like some of us here will like also. I wonder if Anthony is feeling the same way and doesn’t care about reporting about old Trek anymore? Maybe you can’t really do a Trek blog on just new Trek.

448. MJ - March 17, 2012

@450. Agreed, Craig

449. Commodore Redshirt - March 17, 2012

Wow… things have been quiet here for a long time. I hope Anthony is okay. No info from anywhere… very strange.

450. Craiger - March 17, 2012

MJ, sorry its Cragier that did post #448.

451. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Geez., mispelled my own nickname in my #451 post. LOL.

452. Red Shirt Diaries - March 17, 2012

Yea guys, it is interesting in a weird way how TOS actually is far more interesting in popular culture today than TNG. Despite its more recent production, TNG is perceived as looking dated and kind of cheap, while TOS is perceived as cool and retro.

453. Weebl - March 17, 2012

As dated as TNG has become, to see The Best of Both Worlds on blu-ray is going to be beyond epic.

454. Craiger - March 17, 2012

MJ, I was also thinking, do you think the new Trek fans Paramount gets from the new movies will be curious about the old Trek series and want to rent or buy them? Then I wonder if they would like them or laugh at them? If they liked them maybe Paramount would see the sales and think about starting up a new Trek series?

455. Craiger - March 17, 2012

#453, Even our tech is more advanced than TNG tech right?

456. Weebl - March 17, 2012

Over this side of the pond the BBC have said they are going to re-issue shows for download only that don’t warrant a full release, if this was done in HD surely that would save a penny or two and we could get allsorts of stuff!

457. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Actually some think all optical media will be obsolete soon and eveyone will just download everything. Only thing with that is the internet will have to cheap, not everyone can afford the Internet.

458. Weebl - March 17, 2012

I’m a total freak, I collect 8mm films at home, I’ve a few TOS episodes and TMP…. to say its fantastic to watch is an understatement.

459. crazydaystrom - March 17, 2012

Four Hundred Sixtieth! (A dream come true!!!)

#453 Red Shirt Diaries-

They say everything old is new again.

460. Weebl - March 17, 2012

Four hundred and sixty first!

461. Daoud - March 17, 2012

I hear that Quinto got upset and stormed off set yesterday. Anyone hear why?

462. Weebl - March 17, 2012

Some nurse had made him crap soup.

463. tom - March 17, 2012

10 days without an update on…. Sad.

464. Craiger - March 17, 2012

I wonder if movie news blogs like will get news on the sequel before TrekMovie does? Makes you wonder if TrekMovie is worth keeping it in a browsers bookmarks anymore?

465. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Allthough if I wonder if old Trek news is interesting anymore and needs to be reported on anyway?

466. Ahmed Abdo - March 17, 2012

@464 tom, Agree with you there, used to be one of my favorite site, specially when they added sections about movie & TV series news.

But lately, not only these sections don’t appear anymore but there is lack of update which make the site appear dead sometime.

I hope that Anthony will return soon & perhaps it might be a good idea if he share access to the site with some of the staff to keep updating the site.

At the end it is Anthony’s call I guess.

@462 Daoud, where did you heard that, any links ?

467. Weebl - March 17, 2012

In fair, for the oldies here like moi, think back on the news we used to get on the old trek films….. if it was a fortnightly update we’d think it was amazing!

468. Basement Blogger - March 17, 2012

Look there is not Star Trek news everyday. If Captain Pasquale is on holiday, then let him relax. If you want news, go to, which has arisen from the dead a couple years ago.

For example, here’s an interview from March 5 with “Doomsday Machine” author Norman Spinrad. DM is one of my favorite episodes. Action, intelligence, humor.

469. Ahmed Abdo - March 17, 2012

Beside Star Trek movie news, I was coming to the site to check on the other news that they were posting, like new Sci-Fi movies & TV news.

I loved the fact that I could come here on the weekend & have all update news about upcoming Sci-Fi project in one place.

I don’t know if Rosario Tino is still part of the team here, but if he still, then I hope that he will return & continue posting news.

470. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Ahmed, I am not into all Scifi news but these are some good Scifi news sites. Also I a movie news blog that I like.

471. Craiger - March 17, 2012

The thing is when Anthony does come back he never explains what’s up with the long breaks. I could see family stuff but if its just taking time off that shows me he is not really interested in running this place full time anymore, which is also fine by me. I just wish he would say something about the status.

472. Dadio - March 17, 2012

Congratulations to Malcolm McDowell. The veteran British actor was honored on Friday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the 2,465th star presented by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

473. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012

TNG has enough fans to sell well enough on Blu Ray. Can’t wait for it. But I really want to see “Deep Space Nine” in full HD glory. Hi def versions of the space-battle laden episodes……oh, yeah, baby!

Anyway, Anthony doesn’t owe us an explanation for the long absenses, but an advance heads up would be nice.

Something to the effect of

“Doesn’t look like there’s going to be much news for the next little while. Feel free to continue posting on the article comments section and don’t forget about the “Chat” section as well. Of course, I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for any news tidbits and pass them along to you. We will continue posting new articles when we get them, but its been a slow time right now, and I appreciate all of you who have continued to come and support this site.

Your pal,


Yeah, that would be nice!

474. Craiger - March 17, 2012

RDR, what about posting an article “The Future of”

475. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Also the thing is RDR, is the tagline at the top of the page is “The Source For Everything New In Trek,” that means everything. I guess their lull right now in all Trek news. Maybe all Trek news isn’t worth reporting anymore? This site also had Science and Scifi news, which makes me think something is up if those reporters quit this site.

476. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012


I wish I could, but I have no way of posting articles on this site! I don’t have access to Anthony’s computer.

477. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012

Yeah, I really miss the science and sci-fi articles. Anthony has said he’s working on bringing them back, but he also said a couple of years ago that he was going to revamp and change the name of this site to TrekHQ.Com so I’m not going to hold my breath on the hopes of it happening any time soon.

478. Soonerdew - March 17, 2012

Watching “Galaxy Quest” on local CW station. Arguably best Trek movie ever. :)

479. Craiger - March 17, 2012

RDR, sorry I should have said Anthony posting an article about the future of Do you think a site revamp is in the works? If that’s it its been taking a long time also. I think Anthony has gotten too busy to care about this place anymore.

480. Craiger - March 17, 2012

Something also must be up with the sequel this time around. We aren’t even getting a live chat on the set like we had with the first movie. I miss that chatting with people like Orci. He has suddenly vanished. That is also strange. Also chatting with other people involved with Trek has dryed up.

481. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012

I think J.J Abrams is still pissed about the video leak a few weeks ago. He’s muzzled Bob Orci, and he’s denying Anthony access to info.

482. Cervantes - March 17, 2012

Still nothing new on the ‘TREK’ front eh?

Well I got enough ‘planetary exploration’ kicks out of these latest PROMETHEUS trailers to keep me going for now –

Promo –

IMAX teaser (not great video quality however) –

Theatrical Trailer –

483. montreal_paul - March 17, 2012

@482 Red Dead Ryan

Why deny Anthony? This wasn’t the only site to post the photos. Trekmovie wasn’t even the first to post them.

484. Cervantes - March 17, 2012

Oops, that IMAX teaser link should be this instead –

(and ‘edit’ option would be handy for ‘typos’)

485. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012


Probably because J.J thought Anthony was above posting unauthorized photos and felt betrayed when TrekMovie posted them.

486. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012

Oh yeah, I just watched the “Prometheus” theatrical trailer that Cervantes posted. I’m getting psyched already. I just hope the movie lives up to the hype. It looks like it has a good cast.

487. Craiger - March 17, 2012

RDR I don’t understand why all the secercy on this time around? Is the story not that great? Or maybe it could because its shooting at Sony’s studio and they have tighter security?

I could see then Anthony not posting anything on the sequel but how do you explain the absense of all the other types of articles that TrekMovie posted? It’s like he lost all of his staff for some reason.

488. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2012

I don’t know. Maybe we should just stop worrying about the lack of info on the sequel. There’s nothing we can do about it anyway. Hopefully the secrecy just means that the supreme court is making a truly great movie as opposed to a piece of shit “Star Trek” sequel.

489. Soonerdew - March 17, 2012

I don’t begrudge Anthony his right to run this sure add he sees fit, but at some point out of nothing more than courtesy to the folks who keep the hit taste bouncing, to either give us a bone about why things shut down inexplicably for days at a time, or seriously consider shutting it down. O one way or the other, just let us know what’s up, one way or the other.

490. Soonerdew - March 17, 2012

Blast this stupid phone keyboard. I intended to say “run this site as he sees fit”, and “keep the hit rate bouncing”. Gee whiz.

Galaxy Quest rocked.

491. Cervantes - March 17, 2012

‘Galaxy Quest’ indeed rocks. I sure wish it had gotten a sequel too!

492. Hat Rick - March 17, 2012

While we’re waiting for the site to reactivate, let’s play a game. Each message will contribute to a Star Trek fan fiction story observing only the following rules:

1. It must consist of only one English-language sentence of ordinary length.

2. The first letter of the sentence must be in alphabetical order so that the sentence in the first message begins with “A,” the sentence in the second message begins with “B,” and so on, until “Z,” at which point the alphabet recycles to “A.”

I’ll start.

A Federation starship, the “Enterprise,” suddenly appeared in the skies over Washington, D.C. one clear night as the nation celebrated its birthday on July 4, 2012.

493. Daoud - March 17, 2012

Boborci has been kidnapped by the Kids for Kastro’s Kuba (KKK) movement and they refuse to release him until 5 beard hairs are sent from Castro’s beard, 5 bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a bag of original taco flavor Doritos are sent to an undisclosed location somewhere near Ontario, California.

494. JP - March 17, 2012

492: It did. It was called ‘Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World’.

495. ster julie - March 17, 2012

I used to live near ONT airport! If you cross your eyes and squint, it might be a spaceport, or Starfleet HQ. (second to the last row is ONT). Then again, the old terminal has been used in a lot of ads, shows and movies. Not so attractive though, imho.

496. MJ - March 17, 2012

@482 “I think J.J Abrams is still pissed about the video leak a few weeks ago. He’s muzzled Bob Orci, and he’s denying Anthony access to info.”

Yep. Here’s my bet that he probably suspects Orci from leaking the photos, and is punishing Anthony by association. Remember, Orci was the one who leaked that clue about Khan (that no one at the time believed me about, but is about to make me look genius when we find out I was right all along).

497. MJ - March 17, 2012

Yea guys, the new “Prometheus” trailer looks outstanding!!!!!

498. MJ - March 17, 2012

@457 “MJ, I was also thinking, do you think the new Trek fans Paramount gets from the new movies will be curious about the old Trek series and want to rent or buy them? Then I wonder if they would like them or laugh at them? If they liked them maybe Paramount would see the sales and think about starting up a new Trek series?”

Good question, Craiger. In general, I could see them getting a kick out of TOS and also really liking DS9. Voyager and TNG would be a harder sell though for today’s crowd.

499. MJ - March 17, 2012

@455 “Yea guys, it is interesting in a weird way how TOS actually is far more interesting in popular culture today than TNG. Despite its more recent production, TNG is perceived as looking dated and kind of cheap, while TOS is perceived as cool and retro.”

Well said!

500. NCM - March 17, 2012

Well now, this is a dry spell–JJ’s wrath visited on Trek fans?

@ 474. Red Dead Ryan – March 17, 2012
“Anthony doesn’t owe us an explanation… but …Something to the effect of… ‘Doesn’t look like there’s going to be much news for the next little while. Feel free to continue posting …’ would be nice!”

I agree. Maybe it isn’t about being ‘nice,’ but rather, simply, about personal fun or financial gain of some kind (without apparent sense of obligation):{

I’ve appreciated and certainly enjoyed the site, but others have more and better presented info. What this site’s had is the “community” and Orci–one due to the other?

There obviously isn’t much to report. TM will probably fire up thrusters and maybe Orci will hop on board again. Until then, all we can do is find another hobby or… speculate–Who Killed JR? Maybe JJ put such kibosh on one and all, he’s curbed Bob’s zeal for fan interaction. I’m betting leaks spoiled a very climatic scene and the team’s had to consider re-writes and schedule maintenance as a result.

501. Harry Ballz - March 17, 2012


502. Vultan - March 18, 2012

Holy cow… that Prometheus trailer is intense!
For those who haven’t seen it yet:

503. Commodore Redshirt - March 18, 2012

Many of us old timers remember the updates from the set last time out and also all the clues in the pre-release mystery lead-up with international clues and cryptic puzzles and sub-space transmissions… there were even some limited shots from the set and a aerial news report from a local traffic reporter. The total lack of info this time is a puzzle. I was under the assumption that this site and the loyal fan base help make the movie a hit… so why the black-out now? I’m confused…. I hope that there is nothing wrong with either Anthony or the production. And I’m sure there are willing and very able people willing to work on this site for the information it provides on not just Trek, but other sci-fi related projects.

504. Basement Blogger - March 18, 2012

@ 503

Thanks Vultan. And WOW. I hope Prometheus is a smart as it looks. Kudos to Ridley Scott for filming in 3D since he knew it was going to be released in 3D. Directors like Martin Scorsese and Wim Wenders have made masterpieces in 3D in “Hugo” and “Pina” respectively. Scott has always been know for his visual style. See “The Duelists.” I really want to see this movie.

505. Azrael - March 18, 2012

I hold out hope that Anthony is simply busy filming a cameo scene as an alien named BND and interviewing the winner of the Super 8 Star Trek contest.

506. Chasco - March 18, 2012

#501 “There obviously isn’t much to report”

Not from the movie set, perhaps, but other Trek news sites such as and seem to find plenty of Trek-related info to post.

This has happened before on this site, and we never got an explanation then either. If there’s some sort of problem, why not a simple post to say so?

507. Mark Lynch - March 18, 2012


Probably because we are owed nothing by the people that run this site.
Would it be nice to get some kind of explanation for the lull? Yes.
Are we entitled to one? No.

It really is as simple as that.

508. Captain Gorn - March 18, 2012

@497 What clue about Khan? Just curious – I don’t recall hearing anything like that.

509. Tom - March 18, 2012

It’s not just a matter of there being newsworthy trek news…. As a business venture, trek can’t afford becoming stale as a site. It can’t afford becoming inert, static, silent for more than a day or two.

If indeed there’s nothing new to report in Trek, the site can and should conduct its own activities. So that it doesn’t seem abandoned.

Take it from one who used to produce a creative writing podcast. The greater the gap there was between episodes, the more irrelevant I made my show. Even though I was getting very positive reviews.

510. Weebl - March 18, 2012

Five hundred and tenth!

511. Weebl - March 18, 2012

Dammed it….

512. Tom - March 18, 2012

Sorry weebl. I’ll swap spot with you for $30.

What’s the significance of 510?

513. Soonerdew - March 18, 2012

@500 Keep in mind that, without TOS, TNG would never have happened. Despite the later successes, the earliest episodes of TNG were generally pretty abysmal rehashes of TOS episodes, so at least some of that initial perception hung on.

TNG also suffered from a problem TOS never did; having a benchmark against which it had to compete. TOS garish sets and gaudy production values were as much a reflection of the sixties and the relatively new technology of color , but TNG was against 20 years of TOS legend, reruns, and movies, so as it changed, so increased the inevitability that it would eventually seem dated, just like any long running TV show does.

TMG was nice, but for me it never fully captured Trek’s innocent magic the way TOS did. Kirk would never have been Captain in Picard’s think thyself to death Federation, and Picard wouldn’t have survived in Kirks shoot-first Federation. Different shows, same name, but too much differing DNA to reconcile the fundamental differences…

514. jamesingeneva - March 18, 2012

Let’s shoot for a 1000 comments in here about random stuff lol… really wish they’d role out an ARG though to keep us quiet and busy.

515. Andy Patterson - March 18, 2012

398. lostrod – March 16, 2012

Hey Andy! We’re neighbors. I leave down the road in Plano.

Small world.


Well, are you going too?

516. Weebl - March 18, 2012

Tom, I was just bored!

1000 comments – easy!

517. Craiger - March 18, 2012

I just thought of something what if its a different take on Khan? What if Weller’s character decides to start up genetic enginering again and experiments on some humans? Cumberbatch would be the test subject named Khan after Khan from TOS. Then the expirement goes wrong, super intellect breads superior ambition. He kills Weller’s character and starts to create an army of superpeople.

518. Weebl - March 18, 2012


519. Craiger - March 18, 2012’s news section is looking better than TrekMovie. They even have a from the blogospher section.

520. Craiger - March 18, 2012

I just thought of something else to add to my Khan idea. What if Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchell instead of Khan but is a Khan like Superman? Then Kirk would have to go up against his old friend. Maybe Mitchell could have been in a class ahead of Kirk’s and that is why we didn’t see him in the first movie?

521. Weebl - March 18, 2012

How about a probe that comes to Earth searching for all corrupt bankers… they won’t need to go back in time as I’m sure there will be plenty still going strong in the 23rd century.

522. Hat Rick - March 18, 2012

Oh well. It was worth a try.

523. Capes - March 18, 2012

I am having flashbacks to December 2010…..
Some of you know what I am talking about, you were there.
524 posts about nothing…

524. Alice - March 18, 2012

And still no Shanter in the new Trek movie.

Clearly JJ is no fan of Trek.

525. montreal_paul - March 18, 2012

525. Alice – March 18, 2012
“Clearly JJ is no fan of Trek.”

Say what?!?! What’s your basis for that comment? He is the one that brought Trek back to the screen. He is the one who rejuvenated Trek. If he was no fan of Trek… why would he even bother making a sequel… heck, why would he have bothered helming it instead of passing it onto someone else to direct? Your comment is unfounded.

526. Weebl - March 18, 2012

He brought ‘Star Trek’ to the screen!

*Runs and hides….*

527. Captain Gorn - March 18, 2012

@525 Have you considered the fact the maybe Shatner would be hard to fit in without detracting from the main plot?

528. Dadio - March 18, 2012

20th Century Fox has finally released the full length trailer for Prometheus, first seen at a recent Q&A session with Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof hosted by AMC Theatres. The newest trailer expands on the overall mystery, plot, and suffocating tension first seen in the teaser.

529. Harry Ballz - March 18, 2012

525. “And still no Shanter in the new Trek movie”

Eddy Shanter?? He’s one of the stars on Glee, right?

530. Weebl - March 18, 2012

Glee? Argh!

531. Iva - March 18, 2012

528. Captain Gorn – March 18, 2012 Have you considered the fact the maybe Shatner would be hard to fit in without detracting from the main plot?””””””””””””””””””””

What plot? It’s just big bangs and lens flares, remember abrams movie?
Nothing to distract from, no worries.

Just give him a sandwich and he’ll fit right in.

532. Harry Ballz - March 18, 2012


Weebi, I can see that Glee doesn’t fill you with glee. Understood.

533. T'Cal - March 18, 2012

11 days and … nothing?

534. Soonerdew - March 18, 2012

Star trek II: The Search For Anthony

535. thebiggfrogg - March 18, 2012

Re: 529
“overall mystery, plot, and suffocating tension first seen in the teaser.”

Sounds like this thread.

Thanks I’ll be here all week (as will this thread). Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

536. NCM - March 18, 2012

504. Commodore Redshirt – March 18, 2012

“Many of us old timers remember the updates from the set last time out …I was under the assumption that this site and the loyal fan base help make the movie a hit… so why the black-out now?”

Though an old timer, I came late to Trek sites and was sadly disavowed of similar faith in our value when, following lengthy, emotional S/U testimony, boborci (as I recall) clarified that we’re less than 3% of the target audience.

I think Orci comes here because he’s a fan; but he’s not an old timer. Perhaps his age of fandom positions him well as a bridge between old and new Trek interest, but the court’s top priority, unfortunately, has to be to reach non-Trekkies.

It’s hard to be optimistic that a franchise made for today’s masses, raised on hyper drama reality shows, can be poised for longevity (there’s Batman…? It’s not Trek and doesn’t appeal much to me, but…), and I think you’d have to find one heck of a balance between mass appeal and retention of interest to keep those at the helm of Trek, today, interested in sailing the ship beyond a third movie, but as long as us old timers are kicking, we’ll keep the ship assail in some well worn fashion.

537. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012

William Shatner is so old, that when he was in elementary school, classes were held in caves and tests were written on stone tablets!

538. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012

William Shatner is so old, when he was a teenager, his PIN code was 1, and he kept a sabre tooth tiger as a pet!

539. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012

William Shatner is so old, when he was in his twenties, he starred in a then-futuristic sci-fi series set on the high seas called “Sea Trek”!

540. thebiggfrogg - March 18, 2012

Re: 2
11 days and ‘tonight’ still hasn’t been fixed in the title.

I feel metaphorical shutters following off of metaphorical hinges.

541. thebiggfrogg - March 18, 2012

‘Dead’ must refer to the jokes. They make Shatner look young.

542. thebiggfrogg - March 18, 2012

Re: 541
Should be “falling off.”
Geez, it is late and I should get back to work.

543. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012


Hey, the Shat loves humor! Especially about himself, as it has kept him going far beyond his years!

544. Romulus - March 18, 2012

There is not a lot of Trek News around atm apart from shaved eyebrows

545. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012

William Shatner is so old, he ate deep-fried dodo birds on a regular basis, causing their extinction!

546. Illogical - March 18, 2012

William Shatner is so old, when he went to School they did’nt even have history yet.

547. thebiggfrogg - March 18, 2012

Re: 544
Got me there. Shatner is full of corn and ham. He’d probably appreciate it.

548. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012



549. Chris H - March 18, 2012

Why is this site so dead? Deader than when there wasn’t a new movie in production?

Anthony – you have done a sterling job to date. Are you taking this site elsewhere?

Just asking. It used to be my ‘go to first’ page. Now, well it hasn’t been that for a long time.

550. Amish Electrician - March 18, 2012

Shat knew the Dead Sea when it was only sick

551. Jack - March 18, 2012

537, 504.

You know what, I really hope they’re not making a movie for the fans, but they’re making a great movie, period. We talk on here like we know exactly what made Trek work, and that we’re somehow essential to its success, and, yet, we also constantly talk like the makers of Trek ’09 (the most critically and commercially successful Trek venture ever — heck, there was even serious talk of it being nominated for Best Picture) have no idea what they’re doing.

The fans all went to see Nemesis, and it bombed — because nobody else went to see it. If not a single one of us went to see the next Trek movie, it could still break box office records.

It’s great that we love these films, and are loyal, and see them multiple times — but we’re not the reason why they work or not, or why they’re successful. If anything, the Trek projects that have paid too much attention to what they think the fans want, and who buy the fans’ accolades on the convention circuit, are the ones that have done the worst, critically and commercially (and with Trek fans).

Heck, going by the comments on this site — you’d think Trek ’09 had bombed completely.

This blackout talk drives me nuts — great, we really, really liked a ’60s TV show that ran for three seasons, but that doesn’t mean we’re part of the process (and the whole the fans saved Trek for another season thing is, if not mostly myth, certainly exaggerated and it was certainly milked for Paramount PR over the years — Roddenberry engineered the letter writing campaign… and even if that was true, it was 44-years-ago).

It’s terrific that we have a place where we can talk about this sort of stuff — but we also have an exaggerated sense of self importance (and cohesion). And this idea that we’re owed updates — is, well, kind of delusional.

552. Craiger - March 18, 2012

I think I have figured out Trekmovie, its been reduced to just a chat forum about Trek.

553. Embarrassed to be a Trek fan - March 18, 2012

I feel like Sonic the Hedgehog, stamping my foot impatiently while waiting for this site to start posting news again. I guess it’s time for me to just read trektoday and trekweb–they post much more frequently.

554. Craiger - March 18, 2012

Maybe somebody should email Anthony again about the status of the site? I mean come Anthony, just tell us is this site dead so we can go elsewhere for Trek news? Without his readers their wouldn’t be a I wonder if Anthony wouldn’t have gotten to meet people involved with Trek with the readers of this site. Or did he have those contacts already?

555. Goosenecked Fan - March 18, 2012

Again, I come back after a long break and William Shatner is STILL on Psych tonight…lol…

This is nuts! Where’s Anthony?

556. The Observer - March 18, 2012


Amen. Maybe when they find out who the villain is, they’ll develop a better understanding of where their “opinions” stand in the grand scheme of all things Trek.

557. thebiggfrogg - March 18, 2012

Re: 551
Good one.

Re: 552
I thought Trek ’09 was okay, but a Best Pic nod would have been a travesty. I still think Trek is best on TV where they don’t have to kowtow to the bottom feeder, blockbuster mentality with every outing. No we don’t exactly know what accounts for the enduring appeal of Trek, but dollars to doughnuts it was more than just purdy spaceships blowing’ up real good under the blasters of one-dimensional, moustache-twirling villains. What saved ’09 from being lame were the origin bits. I hope in ’13 that they get a meatier ‘A’ story (I am already disappointed we get another garden variety villain, but that is the blockbuster mentality, and that is why I think Trek is better off on the tube).

558. Craiger - March 18, 2012

Two sites I like forTV show and movie news are: and

Also should someone email Anthony about the status of this site? Does it say that the person running the site who only ocassionally updates a site doesn’t really care about it anymore and should just take it down?

559. Battle-scarred Sciatica - March 18, 2012

@530 HB

Tam O’Shanter’s Oirish Cousin, so he is…

560. montreal_paul - March 18, 2012

@ 552. Jack

I agree completely and have posted basically the same thing in a few other places. We are owed nothing except a Trek movie next year. That’s it. I really don’t know where all the “I deserve to see more spoilers.” “I deserve to hear more about the movie.” “I am owed an explanation by JJ why he’s so secret.” blah blah blah.

I could care less about leaked photos and spoilers. I grew up on Trek as a kid and when I was 12, I went to see TMP… heard nothing about it except that they were reuniting the entire crew. No internet then… heard nothing about it. I wasn’t going all bonkers thinking I was “owed” something by the filmmakers. Same thing with TWOK & TSFS.

Patience people… the movie is OVER A YEAR AWAY.

And for those of you that have been saying that this site is dead for the past week or so… ummm… if it’s dead, why come back here day after day? There is NO Trek sequel news ANYWHERE. I am sure that when something comes out, Anthony will post. You know, he probably has a life and a job outside of this.

That’s my two cents.

561. Craiger - March 18, 2012

561, Then I think their really shouldn’t be a at all if all their going to do now is just report news about the movie. You can get that at movie news blogs. They would report everything Trek, Scifi and Science news and it was a place to chat about every type of Trek news not just news on the new movie. This used to be a fun place to chat about Trek and interact with the people involved with it now its not anything like it was in its glory days when the reboot movie was first announced.

562. Chris H - March 18, 2012

I come back because I have a lot of affection for it.

But it’s a two-way love.

563. MJ - March 18, 2012

@552 “It’s terrific that we have a place where we can talk about this sort of stuff — but we also have an exaggerated sense of self importance (and cohesion). And this idea that we’re owed updates — is, well, kind of delusional.”

@563 “We are owed nothing except a Trek movie next year. That’s it. I really don’t know where all the “I deserve to see more spoilers.” “I deserve to hear more about the movie.” “I am owed an explanation by JJ why he’s so secret.” blah blah blah.

Guys, I don’t think we are owed anything. However, I reserve the right to bitch and moan about the ridiculous level of secrecy and piss-poor fan interaction that we have been getting from the Supreme Court on this sequel. Are we owed anything — no! Do I have a right to an opinion that the Supreme Court are a bunch of procrastinating arrogant Prima donas, who don’t have a clue about how to cultivate the fans, and who despite all this, are creative genius’s who are probably going to make us a great sequel — you damn right I can have that opinion and state it here.

If my opinion on this irritates some of you apologizes who continue to bemoan about this ridiculous “they don’t owe us anything” continued bitching, then so be it. Yea, I am really getting fatigued with this and if I see another fracking post infering “hey losers, they don’t owe us anything,” then I swear I’m…….well, I guess I’ll just post again in response. :-)

And as for this web site, this web site proudly states at the top of the site, “THE SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING NEW IN TREK.” So, if Anthony is going to make a broad mission statement like that for all the public to see, then if he doesn’t owe us to deliver on that statement, well, if he has any sense of integrity an pride, then he certainly owes himself and his staff to deliver on that statement.

564. Tanner Waterbury - March 18, 2012


*grabs his torch and pitchfork*

565. MJ - March 18, 2012

Hey troll, I’ve just planted that pitchfork if your keyster.

566. NCM - March 18, 2012

557. The Observer – March 18, 2012

552: Amen.

Yeah, ‘Amen,’ b/c, Christ, what a sermon! You’re entirely right, Jack (except few fans I knew then, myself included, saw Nemesis).

Trek fans maintain life support for the franchise between screen successes, but, obviously, Trek must appeal to a broader market to go big screen; one reason some think TV’s a better venue–even so, gotta appeal to some semblance of ‘masses.’ But appealing to masses is far more common than inspiring devotion sufficient to maintain that life support.

If there’s life in the franchise after these movies, it’ll be, still, a small percentage of diehard fans, don’t you think? And I think old timers might know something about what it took to thread a little show into the fabric of their lives.

567. NCM - March 18, 2012

Btw, loved the last film and expect the next one to be even better.

568. Calbie - March 18, 2012

I am a fish.

569. Red C - March 18, 2012

Agree with MJ on this one. Yea, we aren’t “owed” anything, but that does not mean that Jack and Montreal Paul get a free pass to silence all of us that have a legitimate opinion that the secrecy and really fan interaction of JJ and company are condescending to the fans.

570. Craiger - March 18, 2012

MJ, that’s what I have been saying the tagline, “THE SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING NEW IN TREK.” is meaningless now.

571. MJ - March 18, 2012

Yes Craiger, the tagline should more appropriately now read something like this:


572. MJ - March 18, 2012


573. Bugs Nixon - March 18, 2012

Is Anthony actually okay? Has anyone checked up on him?

574. Craiger - March 18, 2012

The thing is MJ I think complaining is pointless because we forgive Anthony when he does post news.

575. Praetor Tal - March 18, 2012


I’ve been coming here almost daily for probably five years. Anthony does this disappearing thing every so often. I keep coming back because I recognise the posters, Bob Orci among them, and the occasional exclusive, often provided by Bob Orci. And Craiger is right–we will rant and rave and curse and grown louder each time we check the site and still see the same misspelled headline, but when the posts resume, all is forgiven. But if J.J. locks Bob in his basement, and promises Anthony he’ll never eat lunch in this town again, I might just be willing to cut the umbilical.

576. Praetor Tal - March 18, 2012

*groan, not grown

577. TrekkerChick - March 18, 2012

Okay… ST-themed time filler

Grab your Kraft “marshmelon” cooker and secret ingrediant for beans and bacon

Row…row.. row your boat,
Gently down the stream.

Merrily merrily merilly,
Life is but a dream.


578. Craiger - March 18, 2012

Not complaining but maybe all of Trekmovie’s staff quit and now Anthony can’t run this place on his own? The people involved with Trek don’t even post anymore.

579. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012

How hard would it be for Anthony to post a simple message stating that some of the staff have moved on?

BTW, maybe the tagline should be

“TrekMovie.Com–The Source For Nothing New In Trek”

580. Landru's cousin, Dandru - March 18, 2012

Christ, people, you act like he owes you something. He doesn’t. This is a hobby for Anthony, not a full-time job, and the site is free to visit. No one’s holding a gun to your heads. Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled jackasses

581. Craiger - March 18, 2012

581, I wonder if no one should really do a site as a hobby and that if someone starts a site they should go all at it and do it professionally? If you do it as a hobby you wont get many viewers because they wont think its reliable. Anthony make think he has loyal viewers of this site and can count on them anyway when or if he posts new articles and that could be why he thinks he doesn’t own any viewers of his site and explanation. However, if he keeps doing these long breaks one day he may find this place is a ghost town and no one is paying attention anymore.

582. Craiger - March 18, 2012

Sorry I mean owe any viewers not own.

583. Sybok's Secret Brother - March 18, 2012

@581 thank you!

Anthony -THANK YOU!!!

584. Vultan - March 18, 2012


It doesn’t cost Anthony anything to post a simple message explaining the current status of this site for his readers, either. You know, something like one of those little signs you see hanging in an office window: “Out to Lunch—Be back in____”

It’s professional courtesy.

Just ask any magazine or newspaper publisher, film/TV producer, professional blogger, grassroots politician, etc., etc. It’s just a good idea to let your audience know what’s up… if you want to keep them in the long run.

585. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012

#581. Landru’s cousin, Dandru

#584. Sybok’s Secret Brother

First of all, this site was set up for news regarding all things Trek, specifically about the J.J Trek movies. Yeah, I know we aren’t owed anything, but c’mon, its in the best interest of Anthony to keep the news coming to keep us coming to this site, and to keep the ad money rolling in. Other sites continue to report things, even if its only a few articles a week. TrekMovie.Com has been dead for almost THREE FRIGGIN’ WEEKS.

And secondly, you’re lucky Anthony has gone AWOL because he’d ban you for sock puppeteering.

586. Never can say goodbye... - March 18, 2012


587. jamesingeneva - March 18, 2012

I do agree that Anthony doesn’t owe us anything, he provides a kind service free of charge and probably for little financial gain (if any). That said, I think if you’re going to call your service the “Source for everything new in Trek” you owe it to your brand/reputation to stay true to it or at least play down moments that you know you’re going to fall short or have fallen short.

The fact that 11 days later we’re still here checking in every day speaks volumes to his product when he’s in residence. I think it’s an ethical challenge to everyone to do something better than Anthony’s doing at this point. I personally have no clue how he got a leg up with the powers that be but I think without his ‘sources’ any usurper would just be another one of the other boring trek sites.

Oh well, I’m off to bed. Chat with you guys tomorrow lol!

588. montreal_paul - March 18, 2012

586. Red Dead Ryan
“, its in the best interest of Anthony to keep the news coming to keep us coming to this site, and to keep the ad money rolling in. Other sites continue to report things, even if its only a few articles a week.”

What other sites are reporting NEW things? Every site I have been to have NOTHING new regarding the Trek sequel. If there are sites reporting new Trek sequel news… which ones??? All the sites I have been to have been posting random Trek stuff or random Sci-Fi stuff. Haven’t seen anything movie related in weeks anywhere.

589. Red Dead Ryan - March 18, 2012


I did say that this site was meant to report on all things Trek, specifically, BUT NOT LIMITED to the J.J movies. There’s got to be news regarding other Trek stuff, like novels, TNG Remastered, comics, action figures, etc.

590. Lostrod - March 18, 2012

Some of you may know that MJ and and I have “disagreed” from Ttime to time. However, I do support his argument that we have a right to expect from Anthony and the PTB with the Star Trek sequel.

Over the years in my military career, I was always expected to have a backup to turn things over to if I was was unavailable. This was briefed so everyone knew who would handle my tasks while I was away. The mission must go one.

Now, back in the civilian world, the same expectation is true. If I’m going to be away for awhile I’m expected to post an OOO – out of office announcement
In my email, voicemail, etc. no big deal, when I’ll be back.

Here, however this site goes MIA (missing in action) with no notice. Followers waste time going back to a site with no updates.

If someone is going to claim to be the source of ST then fulfill the promise. I would totally understand Anthony needed time to take care of other matters – just post an OOO (out of office) announcement and I would have no problem.

MJ – stay the course.


591. Dadio - March 18, 2012

Star Trek effect beams triple trick

592. Dadio - March 18, 2012

Star Trek becomes reality as Microsoft ‘Universal Translator’ turns spoken English into any of 26 different languages

593. Craiger - March 18, 2012

I wonder if really even matters for an out of office message because when or if the news comes back no one will really care if Anthony does an out of office message as long as the news is back,

594. Dadio - March 18, 2012

The Real Meaning of Khan’s Wrath in Star Trek

595. - March 18, 2012

…here we go again…Anthony disappears for awhile… people bitch and moan, say they will go elsewhere…they never do. Anthony comes back, stories come around….people continue to visit site. Nothing new here.

596. Craiger - March 18, 2012

Also I think Anthony knows what I posted above. That could be why he never posts an out of the office because he knows he can count on his loyal readers anyway.

597. Jack - March 18, 2012

Hey, I’m not trying to silence anybody. Gripe away. And sorry for getting grumpy — heck, I’ve voiced annoyance at some of Bob’s comments myself and then had dozens of people apologize to Bob on here for my “crazy” comments, along with statements like “Jack has no right to say…”

Y’all have every right to say whatever you feel about Trek, or about my comments.

I like that, ideally, there’s room for honesty and civil discussion on this site. Please do call me on my bullshit. Or point out mistakes or errors. That said, I’ve always been a little testy when the predictions of the next film sucking start based solely on the lack of news while filming.

I get that you’re frustrated. Voice away. But, like I said, I don’t agree that we’re owed anything from the filmmakers, other than a great, great movie. I’ve heard the arguments and I don’t share MJ’s conclusion about the delays — that Bob lied or broke a promise (delays happen, it’s a business) — or thoughts from others that delays or lack of press means Paramount is dissing the fanbase, or doesn’t have Trek as a priority. But I do get that people are frustrated and disappointied. If MJ’s angry, he’s angry, and that’s fine. And he has every right to his feelings, his opinions and to voice both here.

What does bug me (and y’all are free to do it — criticism, disagreeing and frustration aren’t the same as silencing) are these blanket statements that the last movie sucked and was a complete disaster, that JJ’s destroyed Star Trek, that these guys are talentless hacks who know nothing about Trek. Fine, you didn’t like it or parts of it — but, man, to read some of the posts here, you think they’re released Final Destination 2 or that rerelease of House of Wax in Trek ’09’s place.

Please do disagree with me.

As far as this site goes, I come here not just for Trek movie news, but for the comments and for, yeah, everything else Anthony and (former?) company post. And yeah, this is a site for Star Trek news, whether it’s just Anthony’s blog or not, so if it ain’t here, yeah, readers will stop coming.

588: That said, I think if you’re going to call your service the “Source for everything new in Trek” you owe it to your brand/reputation to stay true to it or at least play down moments that you know you’re going to fall short or have fallen short.


598. Lostrod - March 18, 2012


“Well, are you going too?”

Unfortunately, work and education requirements preempt my attending Mr. Shatner’s appearance. I’ve seen him before in Plano so I’m sure it will be a great show. I’m jealous.


599. porthoses bitch - March 18, 2012

Anyone seen the ad for mass effect 3 ..?. Man, does that look like Nero’s drill coming down at the end of the ad…

600. MJ - March 18, 2012

@583 “Christ, people, you act like he owes you something.”

Come on, did you even read my post dude? For petes sake, I am getting so fracking tired of people claiming that I am saying that we are owed something. I/we are NOT saying that.

Dandru, your remedial reading assignment is to go back and read my post 566.

601. MJ - March 18, 2012

@598 “…here we go again…Anthony disappears for awhile… people bitch and moan, say they will go elsewhere…they never do. Anthony comes back, stories come around….people continue to visit site. Nothing new here.”

Wow, what an insightful observation…that never would have occurred to me. :-)

602. MJ - March 18, 2012

@600. Good post, Jack. Yea, I agree with what you just said there. Thanks

603. MJ - March 18, 2012

@593 “Some of you may know that MJ and and I have “disagreed” from Ttime to time. However, I do support his argument that we have a right to expect from Anthony and the PTB with the Star Trek sequel….Over the years in my military career, I was always expected to have a backup to turn things over to if I was was unavailable. This was briefed so everyone knew who would handle my tasks while I was away. The mission must go one….Over the years in my military career, I was always expected to have a backup to turn things over to if I was was unavailable. This was briefed so everyone knew who would handle my tasks while I was away. The mission must go one…If someone is going to claim to be the source of ST then fulfill the promise. I would totally understand Anthony needed time to take care of other matters – just post an OOO (out of office) announcement and I would have no problem….MJ – stay the course.”

Agreed Lostrod! And for the rest of you, please note that if Lostrod and I can come together on something like then, then you can bet your mother’s love that we are on the right track.

604. Baroner - March 18, 2012

I have no idea what has been discussed here, so let me start something new and important: PUT SHATNER IN THE MOVIE! Anyone who says no is wrong. There, overcome that one.

605. Commodore Redshirt - March 18, 2012

@585 Vultan: well said
@537. NCM: Orci is an “old timer” on this site.

Once again, I just hope all is well with Anthony and also with the production as a whole. I miss reading the material on this site and hope it continues.

And for the record, No, I agree that Anthony owes us nothing, but I understand the frustration of those who have counted on him as a conduit of information.

606. Harry Ballz - March 18, 2012


607. Jack - March 18, 2012

PS. Even “The source for everything new in Trek” can’t invent news when there isn’t any. :) And, heck, people have complained here when the news isn’t about the next Trek movie. Or when the news was the same as the news from last week. Or when it’s the same as that on other Trek sites.

But, yeah, I’d also like to know what’s going on when there are long breaks — either a “gone fishing until March 21st (or whenever)” post. Or, if the site is floundering, it would be helpful to see a message that, “hey, this is a one-man show and I got other responsibilities (if that’s the case).”

What got me hooked on this site originally was all the non Trekmovie stuff, like the Trek remastered updates and the regular science and sf posts. But that stuff is really time consuming to do regularly. I assume all that was unpaid, and it’s a big commitment to do those sorts of pieces regularly (even just a roundup of news from other sites takes a while to put together).

Anthony has, as far as I can tell, been a curator, editor, and someone who really keeps up on the industry and on Trek. That all takes work. I’m not sure if this site was always just a hobby, a sideline, a means to get into entertainment journalism/PR, a personal blog that expanded, an attempt to be the Trek Perez Hilton, or actually a project designed to make money. I don’t know Anthony’s background or what he does for a day job.

And it’s not the most thankful work — when Anthony makes a typo or gets a name wrong, somebody usually comments that he’s a terrible journalist, or unprofessional, or whatever. Gimme a break. This ain’t the New York Times (which has a giant staff, fact-checkers, copy-editors, proofreaders, tonnes of money — and still makes mistakes).

I’d guess that this blog got the attention of fans and the powers that be because it was regularly updated, comprehensive, generally well-written, readable, nicely designed, had some terrific contributors (including Anthony) and had a pretty active community of readers — It functioned like a pretty well-run little magazine.

I remember Roger Ebert saying that his site lost money, despite traffic and ads (and I’d thought it was part of the Sun Times site).

Heck, even some of the most popular blogs out there, some with media/corporate backing, die out eventually.

So, yeah, I have no idea what’s going on with this site.

Years back, I was manning the city desk at a newspaper and people would call in asking for answers to their own trivia questions (my cousin and I are having this argument…), to have things looked up (“can you please look up x on the internet for me) — the official (and true) response was, unless it was something super quick like a game score: “This is the newsroom and, sorry, we’re really busy putting together tomorrow’s paper and can’t spare anyone.” And, almost always, people would be outraged and say, “well, you’re supposed to be a free public service!” and hang up. That said, had we sold a paper with nothing in it the next day, or decided we weren’t putting out a paper the next day, well, then the outrage (over that) would have been appropriate — because that was our product, a newspaper.

I don’t really have a point with this story, alas. But I was reminded of it.

We’ve come to expect regular updates on the site — and if Anthony wants to keep up the traffic and readership, then (and he probably knows this better than any of us), yeah, he has to either keep ’em coming or state that they’re not coming for a while. I’d argue. I don’t know, maybe what he’s doing (updating when he can but not saying when he’ll be away) is working fine for him. God knows we’re all still here.

608. Ahmed Abdo - March 18, 2012

@605 Baroner, I will second that, Shatner should be in this movie in some form. He is a Star Trek icon & deserve a better send off.

Until there is a new update on the site, I was wondering if you guys can recommend some good sci-fi movies with decent idea & plot.

Not a big mainstream movie, but something like “The Man from Earth” which was written by a Star Trek write Jerome Bixby

609. Jack - March 18, 2012


I still like Moon, which was kind of mainstream, I suppose.

610. sterj - March 18, 2012

#605. As McCoy said so many times, “He’s dead, Jim.” Give it a rest.

Say, this site keeps freezing on me when I scroll down to add my 2 cents, no matter what computer I use. Anyone else having that problem?

Did anyone ever track down that story that ZQ stormed off the set the other day? Is that true?

611. MC1 Doug - March 18, 2012

609: hi Ahmed,

I love Jerome Bixby’s “The Man from Earth!” It is a wonderful wonderful small film!

612. MJ - March 18, 2012

@610. I would just add this site is always full of advertisements. Right now I see some half-naked lady trying to get me to tune into a TNT show, and another add above that trying to get me to buy the latest World of Warcraft.

My point is that Anthony or someone in control of this site is making some money here. If it was a fully voluntary site, then why the constant barrage of ads?

And so, taking this a step further, if this is a for profit site, then I am even more upset that Anthony has these continued AWOL periods.

613. Ahmed Abdo - March 18, 2012

#610.Jack, I watched Moon on dvd the other day & it was good.

#612.MC1 Doug, after watching “The Man from Earth!”, I wished if there were more movies like it. It is a shame that gem like this one are rare these days.

I don’t understand why Hollywood don’t use the vast material that are available in science fiction novels & stories instead of giving us the same old stuff over & over.

614. Anthony Thompson - March 18, 2012

Nice to see that articles about The Shat are popular again. 614 comments so far – wow! Go Shat!!!

615. Anthony Thompson - March 18, 2012


Supernova is excellent. Starring Shatner’s former ‘Boston Legal’ co-star, James Spader.

616. Vultan - March 18, 2012


Oldie but a goodie (in a low budget sort of way).
John Carpenter’s first film “Dark Star.”

It’s like 2001… but with long hair, honky tonk music, neurotic smart bombs and alien beach balls.

As you might have guessed, it’s a comedy… with some interesting sci-fi ideas.

617. Basement Blogger - March 18, 2012

Wow. This thread is getting long. Still isn’t close to the record breaking thread where no Trekker has gone before. 2378 posts! And Harry Ballz, if you want the last word, you’re going to have to say something more profound. Of course, you do realize it’s impossible to have the last word unless Captain Pasquale shuts down the record thread.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the record setting thread.

618. montreal_paul - March 18, 2012

Just a thought… but perhaps Anthony is ill or there was some sort of family crisis.

You guys should be a little more thoughtful and a little less accusatory. Does anyone know Anthony personally or correspond with him?

I have been around to quite a few other sites and there is barely any Trek related news out there let alone any Trek movie news at all.

Those of you who are saying that there IS other Trek related news out there… where? What sites?

619. - March 18, 2012

I just found a copy of Captain Kirks Guide to Women. Looking forward to reading it.

620. Harry Ballz - March 18, 2012


Aw, c’mon, BB!! Talk about beating a dead horse! Let it go! :<)

621. MJ - March 18, 2012

@619. Paul from Montreal, with all due respect my friend, has published EIGHTEEN Trek news stories since the last article was posted on this site on April 7th. EIGHTEEN TO ZERO !!!!!

Enough said, right Paul! :-)

622. montreal_paul - March 18, 2012

622. MJ

Trebweb? You mean the site that is closing down? The site that is getting all it’s news from or here? Ah, yes… you are right. Great site! Yawn. You can’t even get into it half the time. They are not going to be posting pictures there anymore, just links to sites that HAVE the news. Okay… argument’s sake.. trekweb is posting so many new stories. Where else? Because I really don’t care about the Prometheus trailer or what Gary Graham or Denise Crosby thought about their roles many years back. Know what I mean?

623. MJ - March 18, 2012

Dude, you asked for an example, and since last posted and article, there have been EIGHTEEEN stories on Let me refresh your mind on what you had said:

“I have been around to quite a few other sites and there is barely any Trek related news out there let alone any Trek movie news at all.”

So you are completely incorrect here. Now if you had asked a different question regarding the future of other Trek site or there ability to post graphics…but YOU DID NOT ASK THOSE QUESTIONS.

BUZZ…sorry dude, but you stand corrected.

624. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 18, 2012

Look – I think that the Star Trek movie site(s) are more heavily locked down/guarded than *Guantanamo Bay and the favourite catch phrase seen and heard, whenever words like journalists, fans, media, blogs, photographers, texts, twitter, facebook… are even slightly mentioned, is “You have the right to remain silent!”

*However, I would assume, indeed hope, that the creature comforts are a great deal better.

As I said, someone has to come up for air at some point and break the silence and I have been told that “Patience is a virtue”. I thought I would throw that little “yogism” into the mix…

625. Red Shirt Diaries - March 18, 2012

Guys, I just checked myself. Yes, there have been 18 stories posted on since there was a new article on (March 7th).

I suppose one could quibble over where those stories came from or how original they might be, but certainly, in spite of the reports of their demise, has clearly given it their all recently to provide actually quite a robust and near daily set of Trek news stories.

626. montreal_paul - March 18, 2012

Semantics, dude.

But I guess you also neglected to read the other prt of my post. Perhaps Anthony is ill or had a family crisis. Maybe that is why he has been so absent… or perhaps it is because there isn’t anything interesting worth posting. I have been over at Trekweb… a handful of replies on a couple of threads. None on others. Obviously people aren’t interested in what is being posted. Perhaps Anthony is holding out for some real news and doesn’t want to me TMZ-like anymore posting pictures of the actors sitting around on golf carts. I don’t know. But it amazes me how angry people are getting because Anthony didn’t tell them he was going away. I feel people should be patient. When there is some real post worthy news… this site usually has it first.

And with that… I am out of here. I will check back into this site next weel sometime.

A bientot, mes amis.

627. MJ - March 18, 2012

Au revoir

628. Capes - March 18, 2012

Well this seems like old times…..1000 posts anyone?

629. Cervantes - March 19, 2012

Make it so!

630. Weebl - March 19, 2012


631. DJT - March 19, 2012

Datum: Widespread reporting of photos from secretive Star Trek 2 movie set occurs.

Datum: After said event, major website for reporting Star Trek movie news suddenly stops reporting without explanation.

Datum: Reports on Star Trek in general are currently fewer than were prior to photo leakage.

Conclusion: probability of correlation between said events: 48.027 percent.

632. Weebl - March 19, 2012

So. Whats for lunch? I had a steak wrap, bag of seabrooks and chocolate muffin.

633. Daoud - March 19, 2012

Apparently, someone is still here at the site editing out posts, however.
In the last 24 hours, I’ve twice made posts referring to a couple other places where you can stay current with news from the world of Star Trek.
It could be a script, since it was a list of links. Let’s try a non-http-ready list of places. (You insert the rest of the parts).

Places That Carry Trek News
startrek (dot) com
trektoday (dot) com
trekpulse (dot) com
trekweb (dot) com
treknews (dot) net

Well-established Trek Chat Boards
trekbbs (dot) com

634. Daoud - March 19, 2012

TrekBBS goes back to the mid 1990’s, so it certainly has stability like no other site. TrekToday is the news end of TrekBBS.
Trekweb, those folks as discussed do a pretty good job of keeping it current.
Trekpulse always tries its best.
Treknews is one I only found out about because of fellow posters here! Thanks, good place to look at too!

635. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

I had forgotten about the trekbbs site… thanks Daoud

636. Andy Patterson - March 19, 2012

Anthony may be at WonderCon getting new things together. He may be tending to life. One has to live.

637. Landru's cousin, Dandru - March 19, 2012

586: You wrote “And secondly, you’re lucky Anthony has gone AWOL because he’d ban you for sock puppeteering.”

What is that supposed to mean? Why would Anthony ban me for sock puppeteering? I’m not pretending to be anyone else–unless you think Landru and Dandru are real people.

638. Landru's cousin, Dandru - March 19, 2012

601: You wrote, “Come on, did you even read my post dude? For petes sake, I am getting so fracking tired of people claiming that I am saying that we are owed something. I/we are NOT saying that. Dandru, your remedial reading assignment is to go back and read my post 566.”

Um…… when did I ever address you directly? Paranoid much?

639. Basement Blogger - March 19, 2012

@ 634

Daoud, I had no problem posting a link to See 469 above. There is a filter that takes out posts that feature the word “po_n” (“r” missing) and he_lth insur_nce.!

640. rogue_alice - March 19, 2012

The silence, it is deafening.

641. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 19, 2012

From the Terran Empire News Service this is a special report.
kjhe lilgd
Please enter security code.
Long Live the Empire.
End transmission.

642. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 19, 2012

From the Terran Empire News Service this is a special report.

Captian James Kirk of the I.S.S Enterprise destroyed Deneva. A Empire colony when strange creatures invaded and drove everyone on the planet mad. To stop the madenss and spread of the creatures. Captian Kirk under the authority of the Empire caused the Deneva Sun to go Nova, All life in the system has been destroyed.
Long Live the Empire!.
End Transmission.

643. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

633. Weebl

Chicken Parmesan with linguini and marinara sauce. Probably a roll w/ butter and a vegetable too. I’ll report on the particulars later. : )

644. Weebl - March 19, 2012

@644, pretty good – looking like 3 crumpets here for tea, maybe with a slice of toast too. Rock and roll.

645. MONGO - March 19, 2012

Mongo not see Shatner mans on ‘Psyche’ for almost two weeks. Anthony mans article not right.

646. AJ - March 19, 2012

Wabbit season!

647. THX-1138 - March 19, 2012

Duck season!

648. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

cool bit about the actors who are part of both the trek universe and the Star Wars universe

(This would no doubt be a story item if Anthony were here)

649. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

“John Cho walking to the Star Trek 2 set, giving us our first glimpse of the Sulu character. Admittedly, he’s wearing a coat so we can’t see anything but, it’s still a Star Trek 2 set picture nonetheless.”

posted today

650. montreal_paul - March 19, 2012

650. Commodore Redshirt

I believe that pic was from 2 weeks ago. I already saw that somewhere else a while back.

651. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

And in science/tech news from a few days ago

My bet is all of these would have been story items if Anthony were here. And for the record I hope he is doing well and I’m not upset, just concerned.

652. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

@651 the page I linked to is less than 7 hours old, but you could be right that it was posted elsewhere … It’s new to me.

653. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

From FORBES posted about 8 hours ago…

654. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

645. Weebl

I picked corn as my veg. as well as a side of broccolli. They were out of rolls. : (

655. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

646. MONGO

That’s probably why Anthony P. has gone into hiding.

656. Craiger - March 19, 2012

I wonder if TrekWeb and TrekMovie are merging?

657. Craiger - March 19, 2012

Montreal_Paul where did you hear that TrekWeb is closing? Steve just made sure the forum is working again.

658. montreal_paul - March 19, 2012

@ 658. Craiger

One of the reporters/posters/columnists had posted it in the BBS topics and it was quickly taken down less than an hour later. Gus also posted that he would be leaving because of the new directive to not post any pictures, just links to other websites. Not sure how much is true though. Could be the ramblings of a disgruntled worker.

@ 653. Commodore Redshirt

I have been seeing quite a bit of old news from some sites being posted on other sites as new. It almost seems like the lack of any new Trek news is prompting some sites to rehash other sites news as new (for them.).

659. Anthony Thompson - March 19, 2012

Another (this time serious) theory is that perhaps Anthony P. is busy prepping the Q and A on-set link with JJ, Bob and the cast. After all, they are halfway through their shooting schedule. It’s got to happen fairly soon!

660. Craiger - March 19, 2012

I know about Gustavo leaving because he said he was getting burnt out on reporting Trek. Maybe Anthony is feeling the same way?

Another thing I thought of is Anthony married? Maybe he just had a kid and can’t devote that much time to this site anymore? If so I still think he should state that and close Trekmovie or hire someone else to report full time and Anthony post from time to time. Or maybe like I said in another post merge with another Trek site?

Another thing, maybe Paramount got mad at the photo leaks and are now going to crack down and close Trek sites and just have Trek fans go to

661. Mark Lynch - March 19, 2012

Wow 662 messages!

Anyone know what the record is around these parts?


662. Mark Lynch - March 19, 2012

Nevemind, post #618 showed the way!

663. montreal_paul - March 19, 2012

661. Craiger

I feel that Anthony has a life outside of here. Perhaps with the lack of any new sequel news, he is spending the time to catch up with real life. I am sure that once there is something significant to report, he will be back.

My theory as to why all the secrecy with JJ. Having worked in the industry in Canada for over 20 years, I can understand why he wants nothing leaked… why he was so upset when things leak out. Having been a filmmaker myself, I wanted that “wow factor” when someone sees something for the first time… when you get the audience to say “OMG! I never saw that coming!”.

I remember working on short video sketch that was being included on the Christmas Reel that we usually showed at the company Christmas party. I worked hard on it and I knew it was going to blow people away and they were going to love it. But, one of my editors had a big mouth and told a couple of people and then so on and so on. Well, the “wow factor” that would have happened… didn’t. I was pissed. I am guess that is JJ’s motivation too. I completely understand.

664. freddyf - March 19, 2012

Hello everybody !

665. Craiger - March 19, 2012

Montreal_Paul, I also don’t like alot of spoilers, I think they might have spoiled us too much on the first movie. However we already have synopsis and know who the bad guy is for the new Batman, Superman and Spiderman movies, why not at least say who the bad guy is and have a synopsis for the sequel? That’s got me a little suspecious that the story isn’t that great. I wonder if they have shown any dallies yet and the exec’s aren’t liking what they are seeing.

666. Craiger - March 19, 2012

Uh, oh I just did post 666 above. LOL.

667. montreal_paul - March 19, 2012

666. Craiger

oh oh… 666 – post of the beast! lol

As for the who the bad guy is and what the synopsis is. Wouldn’t that be giving away some sort of spoiler? If I knew who the bad guy was and what the movie was basically about – that would ruin a lot for me.

As for Batman, Superman & Spider-man…. since they are just making a movie out of what is already known from the comics… it’s all anti-climatic anyway in my opinion. We know, from the comics, who Bane is and what he did to Batman. etc. Know what I mean?

668. Commodore Redshirt - March 19, 2012

Updates are back and Anthony has posted!

669. Craiger - March 19, 2012

Yeh, but with not saying what’s going on with the constant breaks.

670. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - March 19, 2012

This insistence that some people have about needing to know who the villain just makes no sense to me. If he is someone we already know (like, god forbid, Khan) or someone who belongs to a well known race like Romulans, Vulcans, Klingons – then where is the fun in that? If the villain belongs to some race unknown to the prime universe, then it won’t mean much at all…

JJ Abrams doesn’t have to be so tight about everything, but it is good that he will not allow the villain(s), title etc to be revealed until some time later, if at all, in the case of villainy. Maybe there is no real villain, just misunderstanding leading to conflict that can be reasonably easy to resolve, given the will and common sense. Oh dear, that could mean not enough ‘plosions, people suffering from terrible phaser burns and destruction of property and technology, etc etc…

All we can ask and hope for is a really good Star Trek sequel with good story and good characterization and of course, where “my captain” gives/gets a little of good loving (at the very least)…

671. Jonboc - March 19, 2012

#670. “Yeh, but with not saying what’s going on with the constant breaks.”

So? Frankly, the reasons Anthony does what he does are, at the end of the day, none of your business. There are no tractor beams here, if you don’t like it, you can leave.

672. Baroner - March 19, 2012

Put Shatner in the movie!!!! 609, right on. 611, you’re almost right – Shatner will be DEAD soon, and both he and the fans deserve a better big screen sendoff than that travesty that shall not be mentioned. It’s the right thing to do AND it would be totally cool, no matter how he was worked in.

673. Red Dead Ryan - March 19, 2012


And nobody else from any of the previous shows, please. I want to see the new cast carry the load for the next few movies.

674. Cervantes - March 19, 2012

LONG LIVE BILL! And although he may not end up in these reboots, he *will* be seen to survive the GENERATIONS movie yet…

Seriously. I’ll let you know when it happens.

675. Eric Cheung - March 19, 2012

672. Yeah, but it appears that not even the rest of the staff knows what’s going on. I wouldn’t mind if we were all out of the loop if there was something put into place for when he leaves. It could be an announcement of a break from the website for a specified period of time, it could be letting one of the staff take charge as a substitute, but it should be something.

Even the old columns are no longer a regular feature here. Those should be up in their weekly spots at the very least. And if not, then some explanation of the change in direction is necessary. That explanation can be kept professional instead of confessional. I don’t think we need to know why these breaks are happening, but this is a website that (at least used to) take pride in its content, both in its scoops and its original reporting.

At it’s best this is a professional quality website that at least owes its advertisers a better product than has been around for the past year and a half.

I don’t think that’s an unfair expectation.

676. MC1 Doug - March 20, 2012

#146: “I also agree that in 1981 most of us Trek fans were ready to move on from Spock. Nimoy’s portrayal of him in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was disappointing to most us core fans at the time. Of course, we now know that Robert Wise and Gene Roddenberry were to blame for that…”

What are you talking about??? I, for one, was not wanting to move on to anything. I thought Spock’s character development and Nimoy’s performance was superb!

I liked everything about the movie! Well, okay it was too long, but I found the story thought-provoking and think (still) it was the best of the entire film series, with TWOK and FC right behind it.

Your comments sound as if you are speaking for all fans. I think not.

677. Fueled by Armus - March 21, 2012

#677 I can’t imagine you are either putting that snorefest first. I found it disappointing since we’d already had “The Changeling.” The whole robot gone haywire thing might work for an episode, but it does not carry a movie well.

678. Andy Patterson - March 21, 2012

Got my tickets. Ging to see Shatner tomorrow night in Dallas. And on his 81st birthday. That oughta be cool, huh? Will give my thoughts on the show to any interested afterward.

679. Weebl - March 21, 2012

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