New Star Trek Fan Film To Feature Chris Doohan as Scotty and Mythbusters’ Imahara As Sulu |
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New Star Trek Fan Film To Feature Chris Doohan as Scotty and Mythbusters’ Imahara As Sulu March 26, 2012

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A new fan webseries from the team behind Starship Farragut has been announced featuring some interesting casting. The new series called Star Trek: Continues will be a retelling of the original series. Joining Vic Mignogna as Captain Kirk will be Chris (son of James) Doohan as Scotty and Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu. More details below.


New fan film featuring Chris Doohan and Grant Imahara

press release

New Webseries, Star Trek Continues, Announces Cast
Taking Star Trek Fan Films to the Final Frontier.

Farragut Films, the film group that produces the Starship Farragut webseries, and Dracogen Strategic Investments, announced today the cast for the new webseries, Star Trek Continues. Led by Vic Mignogna, one of Farragut Films’ principals, this new webseries showcases Classic Trek with prominent and professional actors:

"A great deal of thought and consideration went into assembling the best cast possible. Every one of them is an accomplished and skilled professional who brings so much to the production. From the beginning, we committed to having experienced actors who would bring deep and endearing performances, and that’s exactly what we have,” said Vic Mignogna. “I hope the avid admirers of Star Trek will enjoy this cast’s work as much as we are going to enjoy making it!"

In the upcoming weeks, additional information will be released on the other characters with biographical details regarding their acting and industry credentials.

Filming of several vignettes will take place in May at Farragut Films Studio in Kingsland,Ga. At nearly 10,000 square feet, the studio is the largest facility of Trek sets in the world. Conveniently located off Interstate 95 near the Florida border and only 35 miles north of the Jacksonville International Airport, the studio has numerous amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and stores. A SAG signatory entity, Farragut Films has partnered with Hollywood professionals, as well as local businesses to help promote Kingsland and bridge the West Coast to East Coast for film projects.

About Farragut Films, a film group headquartered in Washington D.C, produces Starship Farragut, an award-winning webseries based on The Original Series of Star Trek. Farragut Films has completed four live action films, two animated episodes, and one comic book. Farragut Films is in post production of their latest episode, "The Price of Anything" slated for an August 2012 release and are in pre-production of a new webseries entitled, Star Trek Continues. Farragut Films is a non-profit entity within the State of Maryland. For more information, please visit

About Dracogen Strategic Investments. Dracogen Strategic Investments is the creation of Steven Dengler – entrepreneur, pilot, co-founder of Inc., and all-round geek. Dracogen is committed to making awesome things happen whenever it can. Besides backing some pretty amazing tech companies, it also supports fun creative projects and has a particular affinity for Child’s Play Charity. Learn more about Dracogen at


1. Harry Ballz - March 26, 2012

Attaboy, Chris! Keep on Trekkin’!!

2. WellOfSouls - March 26, 2012


3. BringBackKirkPrime - March 26, 2012


4. Harry Ballz - March 26, 2012

Uh, Chris, I know they did your make-up to make you look like your father in TOS, BUT

….it looks like the kind of work done on bodies in a funeral home! YIKES!

(and, no, I’m not trying to be insulting)

5. dmduncan - March 26, 2012

Wonderful news. I hope it’s a trend. I’ve got a kick-ass original Star Trek story in mind, and this kind of thing gives me hope that I might someday get it made.

6. Anthony Thompson - March 26, 2012

I still want to know if Chris will be in Trek 2!!!

And when is Exeter going to complete their ep???

7. Ensign RedShirt - March 26, 2012

Very cool.

It’s amazing how much Chris looks like his Dad.

8. CmdrR - March 26, 2012

Harry, whatwould为都without有?And无痕惨为find呕吐?

Chris,I’ll be watching!!!

9. CmdrR - March 26, 2012

Turning Chinese, I think I’m turning Chinese. I really think so…

10. rm10019 - March 26, 2012

Chris you look great and it brought a tear to m’eye :)

11. CmdrR - March 26, 2012

(It says Harry, what would we do without you? And when can we?)

12. Chris Doohan - March 26, 2012

4. Harry Balls

LOL. No make up. I was actually dead when they took that picture.

I just shaved off my beard, so my pale face hasn’t seen the light of day in years. They said they were going to even the skin tone, but I guess they forgot.

Lawsuit pending. :)

13. Canadianknight - March 26, 2012

Can’t wait to see it Chris!

Had the pleasure of meeting Vic at the Calgary Comic Expo when he was here…. super guy, and passionate Trek fan! Was delighted to hear what a stickler for detail he is on costuming.

Have a ball! I bet your Dad would love it!

14. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 26, 2012

Wtg Chris. I can’t wait to see you fill your dad’s shoes as Scotty. To bad the guys over at Trek Phase 2 did not use you.,

15. Trekker5 - March 26, 2012

Awesome! Can’t wait to see this!

16. Captain Karl - March 26, 2012

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more scrawny, alien looking Spock. Hard to believe he would be 3 times stronger than a human…Mr. Nimoy at least had some heft to him to make it believable…

More power to em, but there are just too many of these Fan Films out there now. Sulu will build a robot to help him with autopilot…maybe he can borrow Geoff Peterson from Craig;) Oh my!

17. VZX - March 26, 2012

Good luck, Chris! Just make sure you do that slow slide up and then quickly up the rest of the way like your dad did on the transporter controls!


18. Harry Ballz - March 26, 2012


Thanks, Chris! I only asked because you looked GREAT in Star Trek 2009!

It made me wonder what the hell you’ve been doing in between!! :>)

19. Basement Blogger - March 26, 2012

Looking forward to this producton. Boldly Go.

20. Anthony Thompson - March 26, 2012


I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then.

21. J.C. England - March 26, 2012

…and the criticisms begin, how sad.

It’s a great cast with a great idea and
I’m one for giving them the moral support
to keep it going!

22. Drake1701 - March 26, 2012

Farragut does good stuff. Looking forward to Chris and the rest of the cast in this new production!

23. Andy Patterson - March 26, 2012

I’ve like the Farragut things I’ve seen. Looking forward to this one.

24. Magic_Al - March 26, 2012

Is that Scotty’s swept-back hairstyle of early Season 3? It lasted from “Spectre of the Gun” through “The Empath” (production order) and reportedly James Doohan really disliked it. So, interesting choice?

25. Mudd - March 26, 2012

@ 21, critcism is part of Star Trek Fandom. Whether its New Voyages/Phase 2, Farragut, Exeter or any myriad of the fans who have come together to express their love of a show, there is always someone out there who believe they can do it better and will find some way to nitpick said project. Chris, lots of luck and I wish you and the Farragut Films guys success. Remember, get them skin hardened cuz fans can be cruel :)


26. Jeff O'Connor - March 26, 2012

Awesome. I’m getting into acting down here in Tampa this year; I’ll have to keep an ear out for potential casting goings-on up there by the border. A dream job indeed.

27. Anselmo - March 26, 2012

6. Anthony Thompson – March 26, 2012
….And when is Exeter going to complete their ep???

NEVER. Exeter closed down and dismantled some years ago. They never got around to finishing the shots they needed to finish Act IV. Everyone involved has gone their seperate ways. Its just one of those unfortunate things that happen often with fan films. They run out of steam.

28. dmduncan - March 26, 2012

I am extremely impressed with the visual quality the fans are turning out. As we move more toward a PEER PRODUCTION world you will see that quality eventually extend into all areas of production and, hopefully, you will see that philosophy migrate into other industries, terraforming the societal and economic landscape. It’s evolving. Give it time, and, more importantly — add yourself to the movement.

29. Razorburn - March 26, 2012

After what happened in December of last year(​showthread.php?p=5440252#po​st5440252), I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that this is Farragut Films’ attempt to spite James Cawley and all of the hard work that he and his staff have put in to make Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II the success that it is. Frankly, I’m still shocked that Kim Stinger has jumped ship from P2 and joined this version(while playing the same role). Let alone Chris Doohan working alongside these people whose reputation was tarnished last year.

Granted there are two sides to a story(and I have read both sides), but when one of those accussed has not stepped forward and explained their side, it does make it difficult to believe what they would have to say.

@16 – you do make a valid point about how there are too many fan films out there at the moment. Honestly, we don’t need another fan film about Kirk and company. We already have P2 for that.

@21. I’m surprised that you haven’t criticized this production, since some of the people involved in this were involved in that setback on your project.

If this were a different production with a different starship, characters, and circumstances, then I wouldn’t be so hard in my criticisms. But that is not the case.

Farragut Films has already tarnished their honesty, reputation, and integrity by the events of last year. Now they are tarnishing the memory of Star Trek with this upcoming project. And this is worse than those who have foolishly slammed on J.J. Abrams for bringing life back to something that was once special.

Because of that behavior between rival fan organizations, it is no longer special. It’s become something of a sick, sad, and cruel joke.

Rodney King once said, “Why can’t we all just get along?” You would think that fans who share a common interest would put aside their differences and enjoy the fun that Star Trek once provided. Obviously, being the way humanity is, that’s almost like asking a bear to use a toilet. Star Trek fans sometimes fail to practice what ‘the Great Bird Of The Galaxy’ preached.

Like Mudd stated. “Fans can be cruel.” But, I never imagined that they would ever stoop as low as Farragut Films has.

If Gene Roddenberry had been buried after his passing, he would be saddened by this inexcusable behavior and rolling in his grave!

For shame!

30. Harry Ballz - March 26, 2012

Razorburn, you seem to presume that everyone here knows what the hell you’re talking about…

Could you provide us with a simple “thumbnail sketch” overview to the political landscape?

31. Nick Cook - March 26, 2012

@ 27. Anselmo.

That is not correct. Shooting was completed but there were problems with the final act. A new editor has been working on putting it together and it will be finished eventually.

32. Obsidian - March 26, 2012

Very impressed with the likenesses of the actors–at first look it seems superior to New Voyages in terms of appearance. I sure hope they can act!

I’m afraid I never got comfortable with James Cawley’s Kirk. I’m a big fan of Cawley and New Voyages, but… to be brutally honest, I think a different actor should have been picked for Kirk.

The only actor who misses the mark above would be Spock. But if he can act, then it might not be a big issue.

33. Obsidian - March 26, 2012

Also, I kinda wish they’d place the series in the movie era, if only for the cooler uniforms.

Would the actors appear too young for the movie era? Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it….

34. Alex Rosenzweig - March 26, 2012

#29 – I’m curious, and perhaps this is best done privately, but while I’ve heard rumors about a conflict between Farragut Films and the Cawley Entertainment Group (and team members of each), I’m rather ignorant of whatever Razorburn is discussing. Having had a number of good deal9ings with folks in both groups, I’d be very sad if all this was happening because of some fight or argument. But I am curious about what might be going on.

If this is better taken private, my e-mail address is

35. Sebastian S. - March 26, 2012

I can’t wait to see Grant Imahara and Chris Doohan in action.
Grant’s boldly going where no Mythbuster has gone before. I think Jamie Hyneman would play a terrific killer robot, by the way….


36. Bob Wilkins - March 26, 2012

From what I’ve read, there was some drama with an Oklahoma Trek film series against Vic Mignogna and the Farragut crew having to do with the alleged theft of sets and building materials from the Oklahoma crew…

I’ve also heard that the cut Mignogna turned in for the Phase II episode “Kitumba” was near senseless and unwatchable, and may not be salvageable… plus, Mignogna apparently has a less than stellar record of personal interactions with the Phase II crew lately…

37. Razorburn - March 26, 2012

@30 – Pretty much what Bob Wilkins(#36)described.

But if you want a full account of the events, visit this link and you’ll have the full story.​showthread.php?p=5440252#po​st5440252

@36 – From what I’ve read in John Broughton’s blog, I think that both Vic Mignogna’s and Michael Bednar’s actions/involvement in the Oklahoma Trek production are the main reasons why he is stepping down as the lead in the Starship Farragut production(i.e. Carter being promoted and leaving the ship). Apparently, Mignogna has already added Farragut Films to his list of less than stellar record of personal interactions with a fan production. Those press releases made by Farragut Films are an obvious PR smokescreen, hiding whatever turmoil has been going on behind the scenes.

38. Justin"TheJman"Burton - March 26, 2012

The problem with fan films is most all the cast and crew work for free so you get anyone you can with talent.. This is where egos play and things begin to happen I Do work for a fan film and I can tell you from experience . Drama can happen quickly and rip the production to shreds all it takes is one false comment and bam! The production I work for has suffered because of a such a situation its heart sicking to say the least.

39. Razorburn - March 26, 2012

If the aforementioned link doesn’t work, try these two.

If they don’t, it’s pretty much what #36 described.​showthread.php?t=133657&pag​e=53

40. Chasco - March 26, 2012

#24 I think you’ll find that’s Chris’s usual haircut.

But I hope they change it for ‘Scotty’ – that early season 3 style never looked right somehow, I preferred the shorter cut he got (against the wishes of the new producers :-) ) later on.

Minor point though.
Chris did a great job voicing ‘Scotty’ in one of the animated Farragut episodes, so really looking forward to seeing him play the part in front of the cameras.

41. Prologic9 - March 26, 2012

Plagued productions and set drama just make these fan films that much more authentic IMO.

The only difference, of course, is that the professionals don’t usually log onto message boards and cry about it like children.

42. Razorburn - March 26, 2012

@41 – That’s where you and I differ strongly!

I wouldn’t call the theft of somebody else’s property the act of a professional.

I would call it the act of liars, crooks, and thieves. Not too mention an act of dishonesty!

I don’t find drama like that interesting. I find it disgusting IMO.

43. Rob - March 27, 2012

I agree with the above comment that it would be a lot cooler if set in the TMP or TWOK movie era: something different, and much cooler uniforms…

That said, after reading up on all the scandal on Trekbbs, I decided to email Mr. Mignogna and ask him about it. No response, but I found his website to be fun, if a little eccentric.

If I were Kim, I’d feel free to jump ship. Phase II/New Voyages has made it clear they’ll replace anyone, at any time, and with actors who aren’t really any better. The only ones who seem safe are Scotty and that dude with the earrings who plays DeSalle.

My personal conclusion? Both James Cawley and Vic Mignogna are very charismatic gents, and complete egomaniacs. Of course they both want to play Kirk…

44. BeatleJWOL - March 27, 2012

How fitting that ego would overshadow any attempts to recapture the magic of one of the most beloved television series to ever air.

Or does it?

You guys. Trekkies are just never satisfied unless they’re upset about or nitpicking something to death… :p

45. Toonloon - March 27, 2012

Really looking forward to this. I feel massively disengenous by saying this, but I really can’t get past the EXCELLENT work the Phase II crew achieve because the acting is so unpalatable to me. It’s a real shame that acting credibly isn’t as much a priority as getting the look and feel to the excellent productions that the Phase II team do. This new crew look very promising and I’m completley stoked about seeing Mr Doohan giving us his take on his late father’s sublime creation.

Speaking of sons doing their ‘take’ on their father, did anyone see Ben Ford stand in for Harrison during the re-shoots for Bladerunner – The Final Cut? I got a goosebumps.

46. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

@34 – The thread on the Trek BBS pretty much explains a huge majority of it.

47. Rob - March 27, 2012

I’d say yes, it does. Fan Films are made with the technical help and financial support of many talented people. Unfortunately, only certain, very compelling personalities can get big ones like this to take off. So yes, the egos involved do overshadow the product, especially when stories like the one above come to light, i.e. allegedly misappropriating thousands of dollars of worth of sets from partners.

Whatever anyone may feel about the acting in Jim Cawley’s productions, he’s kept his name clean for 5+ years, and in my opinion, with “World Enough and Time” and certain scenes from the other episodes, made some of the best Star Trek in film…period.

48. jamesingeneva - March 27, 2012

Can’t wait to see you in action one more time Chris :)

49. Ken Thomson - March 27, 2012

I’m not sure how to chime in on this one. I’ve been involved with Farragut, Phase 2, Ajax and my own film. All I can say is that I am a fan of all the fan films and I want to see them. Every time I see bickering, it saddens me as a Trek fan, and it saddens me as a friend of many of the people involved in these fine productions.

Nobody is perfect. Humans make mistakes. On the record, I want to say that I personally wish all groups well and at the same time ask people to take a deep breath and relax a bit. Nobody improves themselves by denigrating anyone else.

There is room for different fan films. There is less room for negativity, but there is a lot of it to wade through. Don’t let it destroy fandom and fan filmmaking. Don’t let it kill friendships.

Good luck and Godspeed to all the fan films out there.


50. Daoud - March 27, 2012

There’s no reason that fan films can’t share actors like Kim Stinger and Chris Doohan. Actually, just like in Hollywood productions, it’s interesting to see different takes on characters like Kirk.
Nothing wrong with having egos either… but they have to be sublimated at times. I think the worst argument I’ve ever heard about Jim is only that he didn’t lighten his hair… which is because he still has to put bread on the table in his career (and a good one) as a top Elvis impersonator. Not sure a dirty blonde Elvis would work. Okay, and the name shifting: but he didn’t expect that it would work out he’d end up getting the lot of uniforms, and going forward it makes sense.
Anyway…. we’ve got Shatner Kirk, Sandra Smith Kirk (hey, it’s canon!!), Pine Kirk, little kid Kirk…. what’s so bad about also having James Skipper Kirk (1980 fan film), James Cawley Kirk…. If Vic still wants to play Kirk, so be it.
Of course, I wish they could all just get along… and I’ve always heard Jim Cawley has always been willing to let anyone “borrow” the sets in the old dealership within reason: which he’s proven a number of times….. which reminds me I want to get in touch with him about filming a physics demonstration show from the bridge of the Enterprise….

51. VZX - March 27, 2012

50: What physics demonstration? Conservation of angular momentum of Kirk spinning in his captain’s chair?

52. Luthersloa - March 27, 2012

PLEASE, no TOS fan films anymore!! We have 22nd, 24th, 25th… etc centuries to explore.

53. Trekkerhead - March 27, 2012

I’ve read about all the drama with Shatner and the original cast. Don’t care.
Also, I’ve read about all the fan film drama. Still don’t care.
I enjoy a good story. If the actors aren’t professional, it’s not as important as a really good story. I’d rather watch James Cawley, or anyone else appear in a well written story, than watch a professional actor, ( Pine, Quinto, etc. ) in a horrible story. ( JJ Abrams ) Of course that’s just my opinion.
I enjoy Star Trek as Gene Roddenberry envisioned it, and I don’t give a bloodless pahtok’s ass about their personal lives.

54. Ken Thomson - March 27, 2012

52. People will make what they want to see. If you want to see those, wonderful. Get out there and make them! :)

Until then, those of us doing the hard work are gonna make what we want to see, and maybe do some of the other stuff down the road if what we do is appreciated. You never know.

Ken :)

55. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

@44 – Unfortunately, I’ve seen that happen quite a bit in Star Trek fandom. I’ve never understood why some fans have to act that way and ruin something that is fun and enjoyable. Especially when it comes to an interest that fans have in common.

You would think that those who have some common ground with others, concerning Star Trek, wouldn’t let egos and other issues get in the way of enjoying the show and doing something fun with it.

But seriously, going so low as to stealing another film production’s sets? That’s just going way too low and way too far! Just because a person, or even a group, that has become famous doesn’t give them the right to really cross the line and do something as serious as this!

56. VZX - March 27, 2012

54. True that. I’m glad that there are people that actually do these. While I don’t watch them all, I appreciate all the effort that goes into it.

Please don’t ever stop!

57. Horatio - March 27, 2012

Dang Chris, I never realized how much you resemble your dad!

58. Orb of the Emissary - March 27, 2012

Whoa, this looks like it has potential. I will tune in!

59. TrekFan - March 27, 2012

My big question is this: Can Vic overcome his limited range? Everything he does sounds EXACTLY the same. This doesn’t mean I won’t watch, but I’m sure I’ll be thinking of Full Metal Alchemist and Ed Elrich the whole time!

60. Chris Doohan - March 27, 2012

57. Horatio

Thanks, I consider that a compliment.

59. Trekfan

Actually, Vic does a pretty good Kirk. I’m sure he’ll put his own spin on it though.

BTW, I wrote this with a Scottish accent…what do you think?

61. Paul Sieber - March 27, 2012

Chris, I thought you typed that with an IRISH accent… better work on that typing. :)

62. Smike - March 27, 2012

Chris! Wow! I’m really looking forward to see ye filling your father’s footsteps. On the other hand… I’m not sure we really need another fan series based on the TOS Enterprise.
I would have prefered to see you on “Star Trek – Phase II”. Although they’ve generally got a great cast, they’ve never really nailed Scotty. Would have been interesting to see you as part of that production.
Nonetheless…good luck with the new show. Have a wonderful time while doing it…

63. Paul Sieber - March 27, 2012

Here’s a shocking idea… now bear with me, as I get this out…

How about we all wish everyone success, and best wishes… stop comparing Phase 2 and Continues, stop name calling and accusations, and just say…

Do a great job everyone.

Folks, these are fan films… they will NEVER be on broadcast TV, sponsored by Paramount as the next official “Trek” series… not going to happen. So that is like two dogs fighting over a bone neither can have.

These are two teams who just want to have some fun, and make trek for the fans, fans who should consider themselves lucky to get this stuff for free on the web.

I have worked closely with both teams here, Farragut and Phase 2… and I’m tired of animosity, how about well wishes instead?? Hmmm?

So, Go on and watch the Phase 2 episode, “Enemy: Starfleet!” (with yours truly in the guest role)… and then prepare for Farragut’s “The Price of Anything” with a familiar writer behind it. LOL

Best of luck to both groups, the sandbox is plenty big enough for everyone to play.

64. Ken Thomson - March 27, 2012

63. Well said Paul. :)

65. pattty - March 27, 2012

I wish them the best….I just advise Farragut to possess the only keys to their studio, requre all monetary obligations to be paid in cash or money order, and and keep possesion of all footage rather than letting someone experiment with editing. As for Kim, she retired from acting a couple years ago and could no longer meet the filming requirements of Phase 2’s Uhura role. I’m glad she found another production that can use her lvery limited time because she does a good job with the part.

66. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

@63. Paul, there is nothing that I would like better than to see peace between Star Trek organizations, whether they are fan films or just fan organizations.

Nevertheless, the very idea of someone famous, along with another fan film organization, being involved in something as illegal as misappropriating thousands of dollars of worth of sets from partners is something that is not easily overlooked.

Not only does It overshadow the product as Rob stated earlier, it also sends the wrong message out. Morally, ethically, and legally. It’s not something that you just can’t sweep under a rug and forget that it is not there.

And as a Star Trek fan, I for one(as other fans have stated)don’t like the idea of that. It does not set a good example as to what Star Trek and its philosophy is all about.

67. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2012

There will NEVER be fan production versions of TNG, VOY, DS9, or ENT. The sets, costumes, and make-up would cost a fortune, and take too much time. An authentic LCARS panel alone would probably cost several hundred dollars. And I don’t think there’d be enough demand for those types of shows anyway.

TOS had a simple, (and from today’s perspective at least) relatively cheap (economically, not quality) design. So its a lot easier and affordable to be able to base a fan production on that show than it is to base one on say, DS9, where you’d need many more sets, not just for the station itself, but the runabouts and Defiant.

68. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

Correction – It is not something that you can just sweep under the rug. Sorry about that typo.

69. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2012

Who’s been stealing sets from whom? I find this totally disturbing. Why would someone do that?

70. Pony Horton - March 27, 2012

@67, An authentic LCARS panel could actually be LESS expensive that building a TOS panel with all the individual buttons and lights.

An LCARS panel can either be made by using the transparency film and acrylic sandwich method fairly cheaply, OR it could be done using existing computer monitors and simply animated like Charles Root does now for most of our computer consoles on the Bridge using Swishmax.

As to your remarks that there will NEVER be any fan productions of TNG, etc….just keep watching. You may be very surprised!

71. Paul Sieber - March 27, 2012

@67: You are very wrong…

There is a group building Enterprise sets right now for a series.

A group in Scotland (Interpid) does Voyager era shows… mostly greenscreen, but being replaced a little at a time with practical sets.

A group in Germany did TNG era sets a few years ago.

And Razorburn… is this your dead horse? Are you going to beat it some more? ;)

72. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

@69. – the following links will provide the answer to that question.​showthread.php?t=133657&pag​e=53

As to why someone would do that? That’s a very good question. Like you and some others, I’m just as disturbed by this. If not disgusted by it.

73. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

@71 – As i stated before, Paul, this is something that sets a bad example. It is the principle of the matter. How would you like it if somebody who is supposedly famous stole your property that was worth a huge amount?

The last time I looked, that would be considered more than just a misdemenaor. It would be considered a felony.

I don’t call voicing my disappointment and disgust about this the beating of a dead horse. I call it something that is as low as any human being can get.

And frankly, and I know I will be blasted for this, if this is what the morals and ethics depicted by Star Trek has come down too, then maybe CBS Paramount should just go ahead and put the clamps down on the fan films, indefinitely!

If the only way to keep something that was once entertaining alive, is to become everything that is wrong in life, then it is not worth keeping it alive.

74. Chekov - March 27, 2012

to add to what @65 said, you should plan not to be filming Friday- Sunday

75. Ken Thomson - March 27, 2012

73. You seem to have a lot of accusations but you don’t share your true identity. If you have a legitimate claim, then why don’t you pursue it? It’s easy to accuse and hide behind a false identity. If it is true, then how about coming out into the open? If your statements are facts and not your perception or hearsay, then they should be addressed appropriately, not behind a mask. You call for Paramount to shut down fan films but you’re hiding and making accusations against people.

Just pointing that out. When you accuse someone, you have to back it up with facts, not just opinions or suspicions. Facts and accusations are not equal.

Who are you, really?

76. Pony Horton - March 27, 2012

@73, Sorry, Razorburn, but the malicious acts of just a few individuals should NOT reflect badly on the overwhelming amount of GOOD work done by many volunteers on ALL of these fan shows. There are good things for a lot of people that come out as a side effect of us creating these shows, and encouraging them to be shut down because of a couple of isolated problems would hurt a LOT of good people who have invested YEARS of their time and untold amounts of money into these projects.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

TREK fandom is like a small town: everyone knows everyone else’s business.

We all know, generally, what’s going on regarding the problems mentioned above. Most of us feel there’s no point in digging it back up just to beat it to death again.

I wish Farragut, and ALL the other fan productions, the BEST of good fortune!

As for those few who have caused trouble, well I’ll just let Karma do it’s job and otherwise ignore them and keep helping to make great STAR TREK.

77. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2012

#70 + 71.

Thanks for the info!

And I guess whoever’s in charge of a particular fan production has to be a control freak to ensure nobody tries to screw somebody else over. Sad.

I wonder how many productions have legally binding agreements in place to ensure nothing seedy happens?

78. Chuck Huber - March 27, 2012

Hello Guys! My name is Chuck Huber (Bones…yay!!!) and normally I don’t get involved with silly sour grape nonsense like this but my lawyer advised me to at least give a courtesy warning before the people shooting their mouths off shot themselves in the foot. The sets I am being accused of stealing (since I was the one who physically drove up to OK and moved them to GA) were contracted to be built by Vic and his partners through my friends construction firm, North Dallas Construction. The materials, the labor, the hangar where they were stored, the truck in which they were moved…even my Redbulls on the 22 hours drive out there were all paid for directly by Vic and his partners. Since the sets are not cheap and since I was the one who physically moved them, I am being accused of a felony which will not be tolerated and if it doesn’t end here my lawyer will be forced to go to next steps. This show is going to be AMAZING and I totally understand the interpersonal issues that can make fandom a place where venting of emotions takes place, which is fine but accusing people of crimes is not cool. For what to do with online bullying and the like I refer you to my friend Brina Palencia.

And although I’m doing my best to keep this correction in the spirit of lighthearted fun this note is my final and only courtesy to those on here accusing me of such silliness to cease and desist.



79. Razorburn - March 27, 2012

@75 – Fine by me. I voiced my disappointment and disgust. Some have shared in those views. Others have not.

Those that have worked hard and are good people at heart, continue to uphold what Gene Roddenberry had established as best as you can. You are the ones who make Star Trek great.

Those that have tarnished the name of Star Trek and the morals and ethics that Roddenberry had set forth, by this incident and others, all I can say is this. You know who you are. You’re the ones that have to live with the shame. Pony is right. Karma will do its job. And you’ll have nobody to blame but yourselves and the rotten actions you made. Actions that prove that humanity still has a very long way to go.

Like Walter Koenig said about Bill Shatner, concerning his egotism. “You still don’t get it.”

And that is sad.

80. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2012


Well, I certainly didn’t intend to assume anybody was guilty. I simply read some accusations being made and was curious. I do hope though, that if you are feeling wrongfully accused, you and your lawyer should go after the people making the accusations. You shouldn’t have to put up with this crap.

Again, I have to ask, though, wouldn’t there be legal documents for participants to sign if they choose to take part in a fan production? Wouldn’t the producers want something in writing to ensure no confusion/dishonesty occurs? A document that might prove one’s innocence in a case such as this one? Something that states who is in charge of sets/property, and who owns what?

81. THX-1138 - March 27, 2012


I’ll bet nobody saw the direction this thread was going. Who needs fan films? This is pretty damned entertaining in itself.

I believe I shall get me some popcorn.

82. Romanes Eunt Domus - March 27, 2012

Wow. Legal threats on a discussion list.

I know who I won’t ever be watching.

83. Vic Mignogna - March 27, 2012

I’m Vic Mignogna, and while our team decided from the onset to ignore this kind of nonsense, we decided to make an exception this one time because the record must be set straight.

The partially built sets that you are referring to never belonged to Ajax. They were owned by me and two partners at the time. We paid for the raw materials and the labor to build them, and even the rental on the building in which they were built. When I decided to leave the partnership I paid the other two partners thousands of dollars to buy out their investment in the sets. NOTHING WAS STOLEN. Starship Ajax leader John Hughes can confirm all of this. I then paid thousands more to have the sets transported. Farragut was not involved in any way with the events in Oklahoma. Finally I even gave John a gift of $1000 for no reason but to say thank you to Ajax and I was sorry things didn’t work out as planned. Again…. NOTHING WAS STOLEN.

I was a valued member of Phase 2 for a time, directing and playing roles in several episodes, and putting thousands of dollars of my own money into their productions. I directed and edited the opening teaser of Enemy Starfleet, which many have said is the best part of the episode. I also edited the “Origins” opening teaser and several scenes that P2 released online.

Most importantly, the pieces of “Kitumba” that P2 has released online, including the teaser, are shot for shot from my edit, completed almost two years ago. And ask yourself this – If my edit of Kitumba is so “nonsensical and unwatchable” why did Phase 2 publicly screen it at a convention in Germany and at their last two shoots? Perhaps I’ll release my edit and you can decide for yourselves.

These are lies propagated by people who do not want other productions to succeed.

We won’t be participating in flame wars on the net, but I felt it was important to come in here and address these personal accusations. Our production wants to focus our energies on positive endeavors. We just want to realize a childhood dream that I know many of you share…. playing trek for fun.

Vic Mignogna

84. Newman - March 27, 2012


85. Michael Hall - March 27, 2012

*Sigh* I remember sitting in the Phase 2 “Green Room” during the “Origins” shoot a couple years back and Vic Micnogna saying some kind things about a CGI scene I was doodling on my laptop while waiting to go back to work. A small thing, maybe, but for a fan thousands of miles from home who was a total stranger to everyone else in the production, it was very welcome.

I also remember James Cawley taking the time from his very busy schedule to personally show me around that magnificent bridge set of his, along with making sure that I was assigned to the construction crew so that my trip from San Diego to New York would result in my making at least a small contribution to the episode. Other producers on the show also saw to it that I got to do a little work in sound, script continuity, and even rotoscoping a crowd scene for “Kitumba.” (With regards to an earlier posting, all I can say is that while I have no idea how well it cuts together, the footage I saw for “Kitumba” was spectacular.) Again, all of this was much appreciated.

It’s always a shame when creative, talented people fall out with each other. The long hours, nonexistent budgets, and lack of experience of many of the participants don’t always facilitate the best behavior from everyone involved in these fan productions (myself included). Aside from the obvious advantages in talent, money, and prestige, professionals have their future careers and reputations to think of, and so are (generally) not allowed to just pick up their marbles and go home. But the contesting egos and agendas in a “real” production are famously just as fierce as anything I witnessed on the “Origins” set, if not more so.

For my money, if Phase 2 never produces anything really notable again, the production of “World Enough and Time” alone will have made Cawley’s venture more than worth the hassles and expense, in terms of keeping Gene Roddenberry’s legacy alive. I wish them well, and urge them to keep reaching for that high bar again, and to the “Continues” production as well. Because, in the end, what matters is the work.

86. THX-1138 - March 27, 2012

I’m awarding the point to the Farragut team. U.S. law dictates innocence until guilt is proven. Time for the opposition to substantiate claims of ownership.

Also time to refill my popcorn bowl.

87. Newman - March 27, 2012

I would love to see Imahara play Sulu!!!

But some of these posts have already soured me on the series

88. dcsmokey - March 27, 2012

@87 – Why on Earth would you let misinformation spoil what looks to be a great new series? Vic and Chuck both explained what happened, and others invovled can chime in and confirm these new facts. Don’t give power to others to control your choices.

89. Tom Delgado - March 27, 2012

I am just looking forward to this and the other fan films. Met Cawley and I think he is cool. Loved Vic’s work on the original Macross and both Fullmetal Alchemist and Full Metal Panic. Both have their own stories to tell and if it brings more Trek, I for one will be happy.

90. Loken - March 27, 2012

Alec Peters here. Since a lot of this thread bears on me, since my posts on the Trek BBS are mentioned, I thought I would address.

First, I worked with Doc John Muenchrath and Vic for a year on the new production of TOS. Doc and I no longer have anything to do with Vic because of a falling out with him.

Second , Razorburn, you are incorrect. Vic did not steal the sets from Ajax/Dilithium Productions. The sets he and Chuck Huber took were sold to Vic after he failed to pay two months rent (Which Doc John had already given him money for) and we lost the lease on the hanger in which they were stored. So the sets are legally his.

My biggest beef with Vic is that he has the final cut of the Phase 2 production of Kitumba (which he directed/guest starred in), which he refuses to release to Phase 2 because of Vic’s vendetta against James Cawley. Frankly, this is theft, and as an attorney by training, I volunteered to pursue Vic, but James said to let it go and they would redo much of Kitumba since they do not have the footage Vic has sole possession of

That is theft, no matter how Vic or anyone at Farragut wants to couch it. And while I happen to like John Broughton a great deal and respect him, I find this situation totally unethical.

So you are barking up the wrong tree Razorburn. Vic didn’t steal the sets, he is stealing the Kitumba footage. People should be outraged that Vic is withholding the episode that he does not own and depriving the 100+ people who have put time and effort into that production from seeing the fruits of their labor released to the public.

Finally, YES everyone should be working together and pulling the same way. It amazes me the amount of drama people create because they can’t be honest and treat people with respect. I have already volunteered to help 3 other productions. But some people only care about themselves. Not very Trek-like,

(and I always sign my posts!)

P.S. A therapist I once went to said I have a very strong sense of justice and that, combined with my willing to speak my mind, would make some people very uncomfortable. ;-)

91. PEB - March 27, 2012

This looks incredibly promising and if the production, acting and most importantly the time between releases are steady then this could cause a major shift in the fan film community. All that said, it would be incredibly smart to have a QUALITY fan series take on the post TNG era. You have Cawley’s series that deals with Kirk and crew, but it seems that with JJ’s film(s) the fans are very hungry for post TNG stories. Why not capture that energy/momentum? I think the only thing out there is Phoenix? Right?

Anyway, it is what it is. I wish them luck because all of the negative politics are just not needed. Thrusters on full.

92. Pony Horton - March 27, 2012

Personally, I’d like to see everyone get together and make a series of shows based on THE CAPTAIN’S TABLE novel series.

Those are some great stories.

Also, STRANGERS FROM THE SKY, or YESTERDAY’S SON / TIME FOR YESTERDAY would be great stories to film as well.

93. Chris Doohan - March 27, 2012

Beam me up, dad. Oh wait, I can do that myself.

94. Pony Horton - March 27, 2012

Well, Chris, since I’m in charge of Transporter VFX for PHASE II, I can beam you anywhere you want!

That’s why the folks at PHASE II now call the Transporter……

…… wait for it……..

The Pony Express!


95. Michael Hall - March 27, 2012

@90 Loken:

“P.S. A therapist I once went to said I have a very strong sense of justice and that, combined with my willing to speak my mind, would make some people very uncomfortable. ;-)”

Well, as Vonnegut’s Kilgore Trout once observed, if you wish to die unloved and unlamented, be reasonable. :-)

96. James - March 27, 2012

@92 – great suggestions on stories – those are some of my favorite books.

@90 Your facts do not compute as the cut we saw at FEDCON and at two P2 shoots was Vics edit of Kitumba. P2 has all the footage from the original RED camera, all they have to do it convert it – but why would they need to do that when they have a near finished version they’ve been screening literally around the world?

As Vic’s former partner, your comments sound more like sour grapes especially when the facts clearly do not add up. To say Vic stole the Kitumba footage is as outrageous as accusing him of stealing the sets, which we now know is a lie that was propogated by YOU in the TrekBBS threads. P2 has Vics cut, they’ve been showing it, so what’s the issue? Or is it really just YOUR issue . . .

97. patty wright - March 27, 2012

Correction on behalf of Phase 2: WE never said Vic’s “Kitumba” edit was “unsalvageable”. James Cawley has every intention of salvaging it and is currently working his ass off to do so. Also, the teaser up now is ABSOLUTELY NOT the teaser as Vic edited it. It took 8 hours of work to fix those few minutes. Other parts of the edit are missing cruicial shots and lines of dialogue, and is often edited in the wrong order, and with shots from multiple scenes being moshed together in one. The continuity errors in that edit are embarrassing to both the director and the production, and it doesn’t do justice to either the story (which in not JMLs original) nor to some of the great acting done on set – especially Uhura and Chekov. As the writer I’ve sat with the script while they were going thru that edit and nearly wept.

Our camera and continuity logs say the footage exists to easily fix the problems. We do not posses that footage (verified by several people invidiually, myself included) so we need to reshoot it. Since the actors needed will not return, they need to be replaced in the entire episode. They have already been recast and pickup shoots are in the works. We don’t want to do this…we are being forced to. Rest assured, when it’s done you won’t even notice…much as you didn’t notice when Ben Tolpin’s footage had to be replaced in “Enemy:Starfleet”

Yes, the rough edit has been shown at conventions…much like we have shown rough edits of all our other episodes. If nothing else, the complaints we get help us fix what is wrong. (And we have been bombarded with complaints about “Kitumba”)

And since we’re broached legal territory…no one has the legal right to show ANY of “Kitumba” but Phase 2…. Only they have a legal contract with me. If the episode, a trailer or shots of it are being shown by anyone else – even privately – they are in violation of the WGA contract and I trust my fellow fans (now knowing this) will help protect my rights. On the same note…only I have been granted permission by Shirley Maiweiski’s estate to adapt “Mind-sifter” for screen and only Cawley Entertainment Company has been granted the rights to film it. I again am sure my fellow fans will support my/our rights in that.

98. James - March 27, 2012

@97 – You have legal rights to a property that you don’t’ have the IP rights to? Man I’d love CBS legal to see THAT claim.

99. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

73 then if that really did happen then the police should be involved, in any case dont think airing dirty laundry on here is very appropriate. I do find it funny that when ppl were bringing up the whole sag issue about New Voyages/Phase II. people from that production were always making a big deal about it being brought up on news story articles, but yet now someone who sounds like a hes affilitaed with new voyages/phase II is doing the dirty laundry airing on another fan shows news article. but yet the farragut people are not complaining about what is being written about them by you.

you guys should just get along, you both create productions that have a great fan base, and provide a great service to trek fans. no need to air bad blood dirty laundry in public forums, next thing you know CBS/Paramount will step in and say no one can make productions with their characters or themes anymore.

like i said if crimes occured involve the police, otherwise get back to doing what you guys do best entertaining people, instead of airing bad blood/dirty laundry

I am looking forward to seeing this new farragut fan film production!
just as i look forward to each phase 2 episode

100. patty wright - March 27, 2012

Other comments were made as I was typing mine, so I want to add… EVEN IF the edit James Cawley has Vic’s “timeline” for were perfect, the FOOTAGE IS OWNED BY CEC/retro film studios, LLC….not the director, not the editor, not even the guy who paid someone to transcode it because of impatience. As Alec stated, that is theft, plain and simple. James Cawley would rather take Vic’s own choice to be replaced as an actor and do a lot of work – and ask the crew to do the same than to drag anyone into court.

Why? #2 Because fanfilms are allowed to exist because they “do no harm to the franchise”. Fanfilms suing each other in court will make the news, tarnish 1? BECAUSE THIS IS ALL A FUN HOBBY! Anyone who would make it anything but that should be left to do what they please so our “family” can just go about having hard-working-exhausting-fun! Farragut and STC are wished the best by us…we’ve been making films long before they were around and would like to be left to keep doing so whatever they choose to do – and CBS knows that…happily! It’s a big internet…let people judge on the quality that comes out not on rumors

101. patty wright - March 27, 2012

#99…. I most definitely own ALL the legal rights to the teleplay for “Kitumba”. I wrote it, it’s a different story even than JMLs drafts, and it’s registered with the WGA to protect those rights. CEC/RFS has a contract with me.

I was not airing dirty laundry: I was correcting Mr. Mignogna’s erroroneous statements regarding the issue with the facts and clarifying Mr. Peter’s statements.

102. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

then people on all sides should stop airing dirty laundry onlline and let the shows stand or fall on their own merits.
And its not beyond the realm of possiblities that CBS sees this type of fueding over THEIR property and decide enough is enough, we dont want people making any productions aisde from official ones.

It sure doesnt sound like a fun hobby when people air all sorts or unconfirmed un substatiated accusastions and mud slinging on line for the world to see.

You both do great work, so just get back to focusing on what your respective groups do best, and entertain.

103. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

101, poster 73 who comes across as if he is affiliated with your production was indeed airing dirty laundry.

And i hate to say it to you, but the trek characters are owned by CBS not you?

I am just sick of reading comments about how this production is this way and this one is that way.
and if razorburn has no affiliation with your production you should tell him to stop writing posts that make it appears as if he is, airing dirty laundry/bad blood.

104. dmduncan - March 27, 2012

93. Chris Doohan – March 27, 2012


105. dmduncan - March 27, 2012

Look guys, seems to me Paramount/CBS is letting all of you play with material THEY own without any fussing about it. It would be nice if the fans could find a way to be AS magnanimous.

106. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - March 27, 2012

#93. Beam me up me.

107. patty wright - March 27, 2012

Razorburn is not part of our production, and aired said nothing on our behalf or about us. He was referring to public threads that were talking about OTHER productions and have nothing to do with us. Alec Peter is a friend of the production – but, again I was merely correcting statements made by Vic about our production and now made will stay silent.

Yes, CBS owns the show and elements, but anything made using them is the intellectual property of the creators…here the writer and studio/production company…just as you own that enterprise model you built when you were 10. I don’t think ANYONE would argue it’s not just plain shitty of one fan to use another fan’s work without their permission. Or is there fan fic writers out there who wouldn’t complain if they went to see Trek XII and found out JJ filmed their script without asking or even telling them!

108. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

107 but this is not the forum for venting or airing dirty laundry or bad blood about other productions. It takes away from the enjoyment of watching the work both teams do.

If footage or sets were stolen or misused then that is a matter best handled in a court of law or in some legal setting not, a he/she said one sided argument on a fan website. it just comes off as tacky and annoying.

109. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

105 you hit the nail on the head, absolutely correct

110. montreal_paul - March 27, 2012

Congrats Chris! I can’t wait to see it! I can’t get over how much you look like your Dad in that shot!

111. Captain Rik - March 27, 2012

Coing to court over a hobby doesn´t sound like fun – I can totally understand why the P2 team let this go away. And I understand the frustration when something like this happens and hundreds of hours of hard work and money get wasted. Let´s hope things clear up soon and we can enjoy great episodes from the P2 team again – any maybe from the new guys as well (haven´t seen anything but an announcement yet).

112. dmduncan - March 27, 2012

Re: intellectual property — everything’s a mashup. folks. There is nothing new under the sun.

Recognition for what you’ve done is ultimately the highest form of compensation. Especially in the odd world of fan-made productions of properties those fans don’t own.

Live and let prosper.

113. patty wright - March 27, 2012

One final clarification re: Vic’s claims. All CEC/RFS posessess is a low res version MP4 of Vic’s edit, and some of the original RED ONE footage Vic gave us copies of after we sent drives in addition to the drives we previously purchased. We DO NOT have a high res version of the edit, the timeline or much of the original footage.

But WE WILL release a high res corrected version of “Kitumba” ….fans can take that as a promise.

114. THX-1138 - March 27, 2012

And now the score is:


BTW, my popcorn is getting a tad stale.

115. patty wright - March 27, 2012

112 – absolutely agree! Which is why I’d like the proper writing credit on the Kitumba episode, just as I’d like every other crewmember that worked on it to get credit for the amazing amount of hard work that went into it (shooting three nights on location til 5 am!)

116. Loken - March 27, 2012

Simple facts are that Vic has possession of footage that is NOT his property and refuses to return it to Phase 2.

And Farragut is supporting Vic in this illegal act.

Make your own conclusions about the ethics of these people.


117. patty wright - March 27, 2012

And anything Phase II releases in high def from Kitumba HAS to be a new edit.

118. workforkirk - March 27, 2012

A flashback to the old series is great…. but its already being done by the ST New Voyages team…. lets see some new trek and more Farragut stories.

119. James - March 27, 2012

@116 – Sour grapes. Farragut’s got nothing to do with Kitumba – to drag them into it is just a sad attempt on your part to discredit them. We already know you stretched the truth about the “stealing of sets” in Oklahoma, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole Kitumba thing is way overblown as well.

@117 – Kitumba as seen at FEDCON was brilliant – is that your cut or Vic’s? Regardless, if it was Vic’s cut, you’re just blowing smoke as it was the best P2 episode most of us had seen – I heard no negative feedback as you claim.

Frankly I’m shocked P2 is allowed to continue after the 2009 Cawley/Abrahms fake Shatner shirt scandal.

Keep your dirty laundry and lame attempts to harm people out of other peoples threads – if anyone’s come off looking bad in this it’s P2.

120. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

116, Air your dirty laundry elsewhere, if you chose to not to take legal action over your claims, fine but i didnt come to this thread to read about phase II, I came to read the cool news that chris doohan is going to be playing the part made famous by his dad.

I enjoy phase II but much more of this very tacky airing of dirty laundry and bad blood and I wont bother to watch your production anymore.

why dont you guys blather on about this on a more appropriate place such as your website or the forums on there

121. Captain Karl - March 27, 2012

I enjoyed Phase II, but lately, it is hard to get into, not because of the storylines…those always seem to be top notch, it isn’t the production values…again, very excellent seeing the budget involved. No, it is the turnover rate in actors playing the characters. It completely takes me out of the experience due to the time I have invested to watch and then see another person step in who doesn’t have the same nuances and acting abilities I enjoyed from the original actors who stepped into the roles.

As far as my comment earlier about too many fan films being out there, I should qualify it with another statement which agrees with many of the posters on this thread. While it seems to be a labor of love, when there are competing groups producing the same characters, it tends to water down the product. We all know there were many adventures never told with TOS crew, and Phase II has happily marched to fill the gap of what happened after the first 5 year mission and before TMP. But to have a competing group come in and, I can only guess because they have yet to produce an episode, tell more tales set during the first 5 year mission, tends to try and say that the Phase II stories, before they became Phase II weren’t good enough and we can do better. Why couldn’t they focus on another time period, say between TMP and TWOK? I would really enjoy something like that.

Now to the casting of Sulu by Grant Imahara. I respect Mr. Imahara and enjoy his co-hosting of Myth Busters and was geeked out that he produced Geoff Peterson for Craig Ferguson, but I will never be able to suspend disbelief enough to separate him from Myth Busters as he plays Sulu. It will always be nagging me. That is not to say he wouldn’t do just fine in the role, but it will always be there nagging me, taking me out of the experience.

122. Dennis Bailey - March 27, 2012

John Broughton and the Farragut crew are a talented, hard-working and decent crew who’ve built an admirable operation over the last seven years or so while remaining good friends with one another and most everyone they work with – not really easy to do. I wish them well with this.

123. Dennis Bailey - March 27, 2012

#27: “NEVER. Exeter closed down and dismantled some years ago. They never got around to finishing the shots they needed to finish Act IV. Everyone involved has gone their seperate ways. Its just one of those unfortunate things that happen often with fan films. They run out of steam.”

Ain’t necessarily so. I saw a new edit of Act 4 a couple of months ago. They have all the material they need to finish it other than a couple of inserts. Some of the producers may have “run out of steam” – or simply moved on to deal with other pressing matters in their lives – but the material was turned over to a new editor who’s been able to do a lot with what remains.

124. Ken Thomson - March 27, 2012

Why would it be hard to have different people playing TOS roles? At this point, there have been so many that it is the role you’re tuning into. It is now like Shakespeare in a way.

I can’t get enough TOS era Trek, personally. Love comics, novels, the real episodes, the animated episodes, the fan films. MORE I say!

The Human Adventure is just beginning. :)

125. Harry Ballz - March 27, 2012

“Litigate long and prosper!”

126. Chekov - March 27, 2012

Ok guys Patty was just addressing the errors in Vic’s statement to point out the Star Trek: Phase 2 side of it, and the fact he cannot release “Kitumba” at all. This was a bringing to light what Phase 2 has kept off the web for the last two years. Also, well Star Trek Continues is a Farragut films project and Vic is one of their producers…so they are involved

We all wish both “Starship Farragut” and “Star Trek Continues” well. Now let’s all get back to making good Star Trek

127. Rob Rostad - March 27, 2012

I wish the Star Trek Continues crew only the best…Especially Chris Doohan and Kim Stinger! After reading all the above comments re. the Kitumba footage (all news to me) I hope that the obvious doesn’t happen too awful soon. It would be really great to get a few episodes with Mr. Doohan as Scotty, he seems like a real gentleman…

Rob Rostad

128. Michael - March 27, 2012

Hi all,

Michael here from Starship Farragut. I appreciate criticism in all forms, but the bashing needs to end.

For the record, John and I have never been to Oklahoma or to the Ajax sets. According to posts on the TrekBBs site, John and I went like thieves in the night and stole their sets. This was a sad attempt from Robert Simmons to drag us into something that had no part of Farragut Films or individuals of said company.

WE wish our friends at Phase II a productive new year and I am personally waiting for there productions to be released so I may watch them. Yes folks, I enjoy their episodes like everyone here.

This announcement was meant to announce the actors involved in a new series with the Enterprise Crew. This is not to subvert the hardworking folks of P2, but to serve as a way of fulfilling a child hood dream to be Capt Kirk. Seriously, haven’t we all wished we were our hero?

There may be some tension between entities, but it does not diminish the hard work that everyone puts into the show.

For the folks on here who seem to be dedicated to airing unsubstantiated facts or stretching the truth serve no one justice. Not even themselves. I seem to recall the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Please grab your popcorn and get ready to watch great episodes from all the groups. P2, Ajax, Exeter and Farragut.

Michael Bednar
Exec Producer
Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues.

129. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 27, 2012

perfectly put 128 Michael
Cant wait to see what you guys have in store.

130. Danny - March 27, 2012

Here’s the thing – Neither Phase II or Continues actually own Star Trek, and they’re unlisenced fan films which are not for profit, so it’s not like one can go to court and shut the other down.

I run the risk of sounding hypocritical here as I have corrosponded with Vic and James, but the way I view it is Vic founded Continues because he wants a shot at playing Captain Kirk. Something happened with Phase II which meant him leaving that project, and eventually working with Farragut.

The cast looks cool, kudos for getting Mr Doohan and Mr Imahara, but Season 4 of TOS is being done. The acting over at P2 varies, but these all look like professionals, however it is wrong to pre judge a project that has yet to be before the cameras – BOTH SHOWS have great sets by the looks have things, and we won’t know how good/better the stories are until release.

I am a Phase II fan and I love that their using ideas from the unmade show, with things like Kitumba – tbh that’s the one I want to watch most, hopefully it will see the light of day. Obviously a hobby group can do whatever they like, as Star Trek viewers we get more brand-spanking new episodes to watch. but it is sad there is an obvious animosity between them.

A few years ago, OGAM, Farragut, Exeter, New Voyages, Intrepid, Hidden Frontier etc were all in production – all 5 listed productions shared cast/crew, save perhaps one. After the worldwide financial crisis, alas things have changed and slowed RIGHT down.

Four years is too long for fans to wait between movies with no TV show in production, so these high quality fan projects are looked forward to be many – they have their own fan followings.

I have ideas for what I’d do for a fan show (set in the 24th Century post-Nemesis – with Kirk…) but these things take a HUGE commitment, as the saying goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day

As you can see I refuse to take sides, It’s a pity there is such a divide now, hopefully there won’t be ripples effecting wither production group.

131. Rob Rostad - March 27, 2012

Good luck in your endeavors! I can’t wait to see how the crew bounces off each other. The crew of the Enterprise are icons; alternate interpretations can and will continue to work. That said, please try to keep this incarnation of the Star Trek: Continues crew together as long as possible, so that we can see them develop as a unit. Along with the Enterprise herself, the ensemble work became an essential part of the show! Wishing you guys the best!

Rob Rosad

132. Rob Rostad - March 27, 2012

Good luck in your endeavors! I can’t wait to see how the crew bounces off each other. The crew of the Enterprise are icons; alternate interpretations can and will continue to work. That said, please try to keep this incarnation of the Star Trek: Continues crew together as long as possible, so that we can see them develop as a unit. Along with the Enterprise herself, the ensemble work became an essential part of the show! Wishing you guys the best!

Rob Rostad

133. Daoud - March 27, 2012

How about Jim and Vic come together… and film a sequel episode to “The Enemy Within”?
That could rock!
And speaking of rock… anyone got some dilithium? :)

134. Michael - March 27, 2012

132. Rob,

Farragut Films have placed great emphasis on actors having the commitment to these roles. We have also assembled a very talented group of individuals behind the scenes.

For those that have not seen the latest trailer for Starship Farragut:

I can only tell you that Star Trek Continues will have the same high standards in production both in front of and behind the camera. Promise!


135. John Broughton - March 27, 2012

@122 – Thanks Dennis. Repect your wisdom and appreciate your integrity.

136. J.C. England - March 27, 2012

I will confirm what Vic & Mike have said about the
rumors involved with our Ajax production. Nothing
was stolen nor was there anything illegal or unethical
done at all. We fully support ST: Continues and
Farragut, and Saladin, and…all the rest, and hope they
make many great Trek stories for years to come.

Associate Producer/Writer
Ajax Productions

137. Dennis Bailey - March 27, 2012

Is that “Spock” there as a Romulan in the Farragut trailer Michael linked to?

138. James - March 27, 2012

Good eye, I believe it is. He looks fantastic in the ears.

139. DeShonn Steinblatt - March 27, 2012

A bunch of copyright infringers threatening each other with legal action. Weird. But this can happen when little people are permitted to pretend they’re big people.

140. Dennis Bailey - March 27, 2012

139: ” But this can happen when little people are permitted to pretend they’re big people.”

No different from Hollywood in that respect, dude. LOL

141. James - March 27, 2012

@ 139 They didn’t threaten each other, it was P2 making the threats against Vic. Don’t make generalizations.

142. Ryan Thomas Riddle - March 27, 2012

“101. patty wright – March 27, 2012
#99…. I most definitely own ALL the legal rights to the teleplay for “Kitumba”. I wrote it, it’s a different story even than JMLs drafts, and it’s registered with the WGA to protect those rights. CEC/RFS has a contract with me.”

@patty wright Out of curiosity, I know that you have permission from Shirley Maiweiski’s estate to adapt “Mind-Sifter”, but do you have permission from John Meredyth Lucas’ estate to take his two “writer’s work draft” scripts (actual scripts not just story drafts) and boil them down into an adaptation, whether loosely based or not, written by yourself then registered with the WGA under your name?

Will JML get proper credit for the originator of the story idea and plot? What is the percentage of the changes between his original and your story?

143. Red Dead Ryan - March 27, 2012

Let it go guys, otherwise CBS and Paramount will step in…..and nobody wants them to do that………because they will put an end to fan productions….FOREVER!

They can do that because any infighting among fan production crews can threaten the survival of the entire franchise. Fans will get turned off by the circus surrounding the fan productions, and that in itself will get more media attention, resulting in more stereotyping of “Star Trek” and mainstream folks brushing off everything “Star Trek” as a total joke, and many long time supporters will stop being fans.

144. La Reyne d'Epee - March 27, 2012

*ignores fight raging above*

Fan films sound like a great thing to do. (Normally)

Mr Doohan, I hope you have success with it and find Admiral Archer’s beagle along the way.

145. Nick Cook - March 28, 2012

As someone who has had the pleasure to work with both Phase II and some of the Farragut team, who enjoys their work, and has friends on both sides, I really hate seeing all this drama.

I’ve never had anything but a positive experience in my dealings with any of these people, take that as you will.

Anyway, all the best to both teams. :)

146. Belkin - March 28, 2012

#144 Don’t mix up nuScotty with original Scotty, please. Bad. Bad, bad bad!

Bests to Chris and the whole team, I hope they don’t let the backbiters get them down.

147. Jorg Sacul - March 28, 2012

#63… right on.

The best wishes to all involved in making Trek come alive.

148. Paul Sieber - March 28, 2012

All In was trying to say, is let’s all try to get along and let the past be the past, and wish everyone well…

For that I get accused of causing the problem, and it just escalates.

Nice. Pays to try and be nice, doesn’t it.

Good luck to you all. Hope you do well, I am outta here, permanently.

149. Fez - March 28, 2012

Paul, I appreciated your sentiments… and I echo them. Let’s whatever arguments that we had in the past remain in the past no need to bring them up. And everyone good luck in your future endeavors: Phase 2, Starship Farragut, Star Trek Continues, Starship Saladin and every other fan production out there. It is a big internet and sandbox, let’s play nice.

150. THX-1138 - March 28, 2012


No more popcorn?

151. Fez - March 28, 2012

Hopefully not… but stay tuned to the drama on the screen…. TV screen that is or computer screen for episodes from these great productions

152. THX-1138 - March 28, 2012

Heck, after going for weeks at a time with nothing new being posted this has been great.

I do enjoy fan films. But I don’t get them twisted in my head as anything more than that. Would I love to play in their sandbox? You bet! In my book this is nothing more than two neighbors fighting over the property line from across the fence. Just sit on the deck with an iced tea (or popcorn) and enjoy the show.

153. BlueSquare1 - March 28, 2012

@130 – Just to make a minor, correction, The Animated Series is the 4th Season(it was confirmed on the DVD set and made official by Paramount). Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2 is covering the fifth and final year of the original series.

Which does make this a bit confusing, since Star Trek Continues is a series about Kirk and company. As one stated earlier on this post, it would be great if this were set after Star Trek-The Motion Picture.

154. La Reyne d'Epee - March 28, 2012

146 Hey, there’s more than one universe on the go here and all kinds of ways for a beagle to go AWOL…

155. Dennis Bailey - March 28, 2012

#143: “They can do that because any infighting among fan production crews can threaten the survival of the entire franchise. Fans will get turned off by the circus surrounding the fan productions, and that in itself will get more media attention, resulting in more stereotyping of “Star Trek” and mainstream folks brushing off everything “Star Trek” as a total joke, and many long time supporters will stop being fans.”

That’s w-a-y overstating the importance and reach of fan films. Let’s not get delusions of grandeur here.

156. Michael Hall - March 28, 2012

I’ve never really understood the legalities of filming an amateur production of a defunct TV show. Could CBS really stop people from acting out scenes from various Trek episodes, the way kids in my neighborhood did when the show ran in the ’60s? And how does adding a camera change that, so long as no one involved is making a profit?

I understand that those who hold the intellectual property rights have deep pockets, and could no doubt make Mr. Cawley’s life miserable enough that he would probably just give it up if push came to shove, but would CBS actually prevail in court on the merits?

157. KC SAINT - March 28, 2012

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

And you will know my name is St. John when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

158. Harry Ballz - March 28, 2012



159. Barb - March 28, 2012

Harry, I read it, and I’m still not a Christian.

Concerning the copyright issues, Paramount/CBS has a claim for these films, but no one else would have a claim against the producers. If Fan X shoots any fan film, and Fan Y makes off with the film, Fan X can sue Fan Y both for the theft of the film as property and for the right to what was shot on it.

Yes, I’m a lawyer.

160. Dennis Bailey - March 28, 2012

Barb, it’s a quotation from “Pulp Fiction.”

161. Jim Bray - March 28, 2012

As another member of Starship Ajax, I’d like to also throw in that nothing was stollen from us. It was bought and paid for by Vic. What we did have was a handshake deal that we’d get to use these additional sets when Vic was through with them…but it didn’t go down like that. Vic saw a better deal in working with the lovely folks at Farragut, and who could blame him? They are farther ahead of the curve than we are, more turnkey and basically have their act together, whereas we are fledgling and wet-behind-the-ears.

It was an executive decision…and in retrospect, the right one to make. I for one was pretty cheesed about it for a while, but after reflecting on it from a business standpoint, I really can’t blame Vic for going in another direction. That garbage on the Trek BBS thread was just that. i like to think we’ve ALL learned something from it and I’d like for ALL of us to put it behind us and carry on as One Big Happy Fleet.

I’ve worked very hard to create a peaceful accord among our productions and we’ve all agreed to maintain a civil working relationship from this point forward. I don’t know who razorburn is, but I can assure you all, he has no dog in this fight…there IS NO FIGHT.

…so I would be grateful if the detractors would kindly shut the hell up. We’ll mind our business…you mind yours.

Best of luck to ALL productions…carry on!

Jim Bray
Props Master/Sets
Starship AJAX

162. BlueSquare1 - March 28, 2012

Please, everyone. Let’s stop the bickering and fighting. Obviously there are some issues between certain parties that need to be worked out among themselves. If there is tension among the fan productions, then let them work it out on their own.

And if you can’t work things out, then just don’t speak to each other. Out of sight out of mind, everyone?

Loken, it probably would have been best if you hadn’t voiced this on the Trek BBS. Let alone other people. Some things are best left unsaid and not posted on-line. Because of that, the cat was let out of the bag, things were unfortunately set in motion, and now the fan community knows about these internal issues.

While razorburn may not have helped things by passing along what was posted, the real fault and blame lies in who posted it on the Trek BBS and what accusations was posted in it.

So please, people. Stop this fighting. It’s not worth it. Concentrate on the fan films and continue to entertain folks.

Best of luck to all fan productions.

163. HeWhoShallRemainNameless - March 28, 2012

BlueSquare1 — I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Not all hardcore fans are involved in making fanfilms. They’re just fans. I can’t think of anything worse than being “just a fan” and seeing all this bickering. If fanfilm people have legitimate beefs with each other, fine. But please put them in a private area so other fans are spared the acrimony.

Another thought. Trek’s sandbox is owned by CBS/Paramount. They have so far allowed a number of fanfilm productions to play in that sandbox. However, if they look out their window and see fanfilms punching, kicking, and biting each other in that sandbox, how much longer do you think they’re going to keep the sandbox open before deciding that the acrimony is unhealthy for their image? If it gets to that point, the sandbox could be taken away altogether.

164. Azrael - March 28, 2012

@160. It is also a verse from the Bible.

165. patty wright - March 29, 2012

I urge people to reread the thread posts of the parties involved.

No production is fighting or bickering, nor threatening to sue. It is stated by both Alec and I that James Cawley has forbidden that action on behalf of Phase II.

Phase II is moving forward without looking back at any issues with former crew. “we wish them the best in their endeavors…more Trek is better for the fans”

Vic made some public statements here with errors in them which I corrected, simply so the correct facts were also public. The production has NOT spoken about anything concerning this issue in the years it’s existed until I decided to correct info made public. It won’t be discussed again.

I, PERSONALLY, stated publicly here to Vic that I will enforce the C&D order I issued him last year when he publicly threatened here to release footage I wrote, despite having refused to negotiate an equitable contract to do so.

So, I guess the conclusion is that if there is a “current issue” it is between Vic and I alone, and only if he makes it one by violating the C&D.


166. Odradek - March 29, 2012

@164 The Bible of the Mirror-Universe maybe

167. Azrael - March 29, 2012

@166. The verse is identified by book, chapter and verse in the movie, its pretty easy to look up.

168. Odradek - March 29, 2012


169. Maurice - March 29, 2012

It’s sad that so many people feel the need to air their dirty laundry in a public forum. So much for being “pros” in the fan film scene.

As to what CBS could do: I’ve worked for a big corporation with well known intellectual property, and I’ve been involved in handing out C&Ds to individuals and companies that gave away free knockoffs of our intellectual property. Trust me, while CBS couldn’t necessarily shut down a fanfilm production per se, they could very well slam the brakes on its distribution on the basis that said distribution violates their copyrights and trademarks, especially if they decide to play the “damages our brand” card. Fan films that utilize actual series/movie music, are doubly vulnerable since they’re technically guilty of redistributing said music without a license.

170. Pony Horton - March 29, 2012


How ’bout them Dodgers, huh?

171. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - March 29, 2012

165 again if its between you and him then air it privately enough with this, you dont see ppl airing dirty laundry in the current thread for phase 2 and the script for he walks among us do you?

we fans dont need or want to hear other fan productions bashing or trash talking or airing private arguments and bad blood. we just want to watch your productions. so instead of wasting your timecontinueing to air your DL, get back to working on what you guys do so well.

172. Rob Rostad - March 29, 2012

@171 dan…wookiebitchnow

On the contrary, I’m very interested in hearing about all the behind the scenes stories of the “big-shots” of fandom. The story of how art is created is usually as interesting (and sometimes more so) as the art itself. Conflict is good for art. I rather hope this airing of the dirty laundry continues…

I’ll use the analogy of professional wrestling. While it’s my personal opinion that hardcore wrestling fans are numb-skulls, the desire to separate public personalities into “faces” and “heels”, and root for our favorites is natural.

Right now, I see James as a “face” and Vic as a “heel” but I always liked The Iron Shiek more than Hulk Hogan anyway…I can’t wait to watch “Kitumba” as it sounds amazing and probably better than Trek ’09, but I would dearly love to see both cuts of “Kitumba” to find out for myself what all the gossip was about. And I want Star Trek Continues to be successful and run for ten episodes with the same crew in place.

It’s easy to hate on public figures like Shatner or (Jar-Jar!?) Abrams. They’re people most of us will never get to meet or interact with. For all intents and purposes, they’re brands, not human beings. People like James Cawley and Vic Mignogna are really only one or two steps removed from you or I. Sure, James is an Elvis Tribute artist and Vic does voice overs, but the smart money says that some of you here on the comments threads have PhD’s, run organizations or hold patents. If you had the passion, the technical know-how and a little spare cash, and really wanted the opportunity to play Sisko someday…

Keep the behind the scenes gossip coming, It’s an essential part of the art, and broadens one’s appreciation and understanding of the finished product.

~Rob Rostad

173. Barb - March 29, 2012

Pony, I think the matter with Magic Johnson buying them is very exciting. And I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and they are still Bums.

174. Barb - March 29, 2012

By the way, I checked the section of the Bible which the character cites in the Pulp Fiction movie, Ezekiel 25:17. This is what it says: 17 And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.
The next verses are 26:1,2,3 vis: 1 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
2 Son of man, because that Tyrus hath said against Jerusalem, Aha, she is broken that was the gates of the people: she is turned unto me: I shall be replenished, now she is laid waste:
3 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Tyrus, and will cause many nations to come up against thee, as the sea causeth his waves to come up.

So, the point goes to Dennis Baily, for correctly identifying the quote I incorrectly assumed was Revelations, since I am familiar enough with the Hebrew Bible and the rest of the New Testament that I knew it sure wasn’t the Hebrew bible, or the rest of the NT….and Odradek, for an interesting theory of where Pulp Fiction found it! Who’d have thought I’d be doing Bible research on a Trek board?

175. Barb - March 29, 2012

Michael Hall: Yes, Paramount/CBS could shut any of these down at any time, just by the power to keep litigation going. They hold a weird critter called, “Franchise Copyright” which is sort of a legal mule… it’s what happens when you cross a copyright with a trademark. Works hard but can’t reproduce…

The exact limits of Franchise Copyright are vague. In the early 1950s, the courts came to the aid of DC Comics in their lawsuit against Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” and found he infringed on Superman. But by the 1990s much more standard copyright infringement was NOT found to be franchise copyright infringement since the big blue boy scout had become part of American culture.

Add that to the long abandon 1960s TOS style of the TOS fan productions, and I’m guessing that if somebody had millions to burn on this issue, Fan Films like Star Trek: Aurora would almost certainly be free and clear of copyright violations and could sell DVDs. It is likely that even Enterprise-free films like George Kayaian’s “Multiverse Crisis” (of which only the middle film has been released in full) would be, too. The problem of using the original crew, however, raises more issues, since production on stories about them has continued.

It would make an interesting legal case, but I doubt any fan will spend millions on legal fees to win a case if CBS objects to their project, or in hopes of making it back on DVD sales.

176. Jim Bray - March 29, 2012

In the GOOD NEWS department, AJAX is gearing up to shoot a vigniette and the pilot script is nearly done. The old EXETER bridge has been finished out to a full 360 (although, we still need to rewire all the blinky lights) and we’ve moved into a larger location, nearly the same size as Farragut’s facility…

Ajax is in a unique situation, in that she’s a destroyer/scout class, similar to Tamerlane. Her mission is to patrol, escort and protect the Outer Colonies and it’s shipping lanes…a dangerous sector, fraught with peril and adventure…

…ok…enough shameless self-promotion


177. patty wright - March 29, 2012

175 I agree – Vic should not have made it public

178. Dennis Bailey - March 29, 2012

@164 – Barb’s right. The verse as quoted above and as “quoted” in “Pulp Fiction” isn’t in the Bible.

Tarantino rewrote Ezekiel for effect. He took the verse that “Jules” cites and added bits and pieces to it, some from other Bible verses.

The quotation here is identifiably from “Pulp Fiction,” not the Bible.

179. Dennis Bailey - March 29, 2012

And you know what? Screw all this. Warren Stevens died today.

G’bye, Doc. :(

180. Ken Thomson - March 29, 2012

179. Dennis, I heard about that this morning. Very sad indeed. He was a really cool guy too. I met him in person and had him autograph a cool pic. I’ll put it up on Facebook later. Loved the tag line he put on it.

181. Loken - March 29, 2012

Sorry if some people don’t like it if I posted the TRUTH on the Trek BBS. The record needed to be set straight about the shenanigans that went down.

And the fact that Vic still holds the footage to Phase II’s “Kitumba” and refuses to give it back to its rightful owners, is theft pure and simple.

I see a lot of talk about working together, but when it comes to action, there is one group that is all talk and actively screwing the other.

182. BlueSquare1 - March 29, 2012

@179 and 180 –

Warren Stevens passed away today? Oh, man! This is indeed sad news!

Not only is he famous for his roles in the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet, the second season Star Trek adventure By Any Other Name, he is also famous for his four guest starring roles in Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, and various other productions. Including and up to The Twilight Zone and M*A*S*H.

He is also a World War II veteran, having served in the Air Force. Before that, he atteneded Annapolis(there is an interesting story on a website about his transition from the U.S. Naval Academy to his service in the USAF – something to do with vision problems).

Warren, we thank you for the best in entertainment and all the years that you were in the business. You will be sadly missed. We love you and we will never forget you. Most of all, we will never forget your devotion to duty during the Second World War.

God Bless.

Warren Albert Stevens
(1919 – 2012)

183. NoSeth - March 29, 2012

Ok, I’m getting a little bored reading this, but based on this thread and the one on TrekBBS, I get the impression that James Cawley is a pretty cool guy.

Not only does he spend the time and money to put out new Trek, and get in touch with legit writers and real Trek actors, but he has allowed his sets to be used by other Trek fan productions. That’s pretty cool.

Some people have said that they have trouble getting into P2 because of the acting, despite the brilliant production values. I get that, and it’s fair, but I have the opposite issue. I tend to ignore the acting because the work behind it is so good.

I found it interesting that one of the writers of a P2 episode talked about her rights to her work. That’s very interesting as someone with a law degree. IP law is not my area of expertise and of course I take it at her word that her work is hers, but I am curious about getting legal rights to a franchise you have no rights to use.

It does make some sense though. CBS can shut this down at any time, but could they rob a P2 story and use it as the next movie? Word for word?

I would think not.

Could CBS air a P2 episode and not pay Cawley?

I would also think not.

So there has to be some protection there.

And if CBS has limits, you can bet that someone can’t walk off with a P2 production and treat it as if it’s their own.

This fight has been awesome to read. Someone else mentioned he wanted to get some popcorn. I felt the same way.

In a perfect world, all the fan film people would pool their resources, and film their stuff as they see can. I would think a) more episodes could be produced, and b) cost per episode would go down.

But clearly, this isn’t a perfect world.

I’m a fan of P2. Ultimately, I’m a bigger fan of Kirk and crew. I will absolutely watch the production Farragut comes out with. I don’t care if it’s a different crew. I will watch anything that looks decent.

I believe Chris Doohan had a nice relationship with P2. I hope that isn’t burned by association, but I guess Cawley can answer that.

I guess this also explains the delay in getting the latest P2 episode up. The long wait is my biggest complaint. If P2 announces a new episode now, I feel like I won’t see it for 3-5 years. I get it, and I’m not complaining given how it’s tough to do these things for free, but from purely the fan point of view, it’s a bummer.

Take that as a compliment because I like your work enough that I don’t want to wait to see more.

Anyway, good luck to both productions. It sucks there’s fighting going on, but even if one production is pure good while the other is pure evil, ultimately, I just want to see a fun fan film.

184. Barb - March 29, 2012

This is his Memory Alpha Wiki entry:

185. Jamziz - March 29, 2012

Just hope its better than Phase II.

186. THX-1138 - March 29, 2012

R.I.P Warren Stevens.

In your honor, sir, I am going to watch Forbidden Planet tonight.

And have a big bowl of popcorn.

187. matt bucy - March 29, 2012

@97. Patty, since I happen to have a copy of Vic’s Kitumba edit that he sent me for review and comment prior to P2s trailer release, I compared it to P2’s released trailer. It’s identical, frame for frame, until the opening credits at the very end. I commend P2 for following with utmost precision Vic’s edit. It’s very good.

188. Kristen - March 29, 2012

I always hate hearing stories like I am hearing with Kitumba. I think it is horrible when fan filmmakers start taking themselves too seriously, and because of it, the fans don’t get to see the film they were promised. Put egos aside, and show the people what you promised. Don’t hold a film hostage! Once you announce it to the fans, you have an obligation to them too deliver the goods!

The older I get, the harder I find it to take some of these fan filmmakers seriously. The worst fan film for this kind of silliness has to be the Sulu fan film Yorktown: A Time to Heal. That film was supposed to be finished 25 years ago according to Starlog Magazine, but because the director and producer kept fighting and couldn’t agree on a final cut, it still sits in limbo. These filmmakers seem to forget that they have dozens (sometimes hundreds) of people working on these films for free, and those people deserve to see a finished film. These people need to put their egos aside, and start thinking about the fans.

I hope that this Ajax / Continues / Phase II stuff all works itself out. Leave ego aside, and show us all some good fan films!

189. BlueSquare1 - March 29, 2012

The floodgates have really opened on this subject! This is what happens when egos clash, tempers flare, and behind the scenes infighting is revealed.

And I thought Sir Ridley Scott had it rough when filming Blade Runner!

190. Jim Bray - March 29, 2012

Well, this is just me…but…

IF Vic has anything that doesn’t belong to him…IF it IS property of RETRO/CAWLEY (it sure looks that way), he should just give it back. Seems doing that would create emnity between all productions…AND it would go a long way to clear his name and reputation…whatever creative differences he may or may not have are pointless at this stage

I’m quite sure the nice folks at Farragut are in no way enjoying being in the shadow of all this…

Come on, man…give them back their stuff (if you do indeed have it) and go make your own kickass show.

Just my 2 cents…

191. Michael Hall - March 29, 2012

@ 175 Barb–

“It would make an interesting legal case, but I doubt any fan will spend millions on legal fees to win a case if CBS objects to their project, or in hopes of making it back on DVD sales.”

Thanks for the clarification, which tends to confirm my own purely speculative, uninformed conclusions. If James Cawley had the deep pockets–say he won the current lotto and its 500 million jackpot–and was willing to spend the money to fight this out in court (not at all unlikely, as Cawley is–and I mean this mostly in a good way–nuts), it might lead to a very interesting legal precendent being set, since it seems that Paramount/CBS would have prove its brand was somehow being damaged in the absence of Phase 2 making a profit. I have no doubt that such a case will in fact play out someday, and its implications for intellectual copyright in this cut-and-paste digital age will be very interesting. But I doubt that such a test case will involve Star Trek, though as a fan I surely would enjoy it immensely if it did. Since Paramount isn’t producing the product many fans would like to see, the fans are taking the franchise back for themselves. I personally find that delightful, however flawed the finished product the fans turn out, and I’m convinced that Gene Roddenberry would get a kick out of seeing the fans “sticking it to The Man” as well.

192. Alpha Omega - March 29, 2012

@ 188 Kristen-

One of the producers of Yorktown was recently interviewed on Trekspace, saying that they expected to have the film done next year, and a new trailer with filmed footage released in a few weeks. I wouldn’t dismiss that film just yet!

193. Kristen - March 30, 2012

#192 – I will believe it when I see it. Till then, Yorktown is just a failed film in a long line of failed fan films.

Star Trek Continues looks like it could be good, but they are really pushing the fact that they have all these famous people in it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be good. I do hope that it is though. For Now Phase II is my series of voice.

194. Larry Talbot - March 30, 2012

@183: I think long turnaround times between P2 episodes is a myth. The P2 Facebook page has a chart that shows their lagtime between episodes:!/note.php?note_id=10150425578770934 . It looks like it’s not quite six months since their last release, and they announced the release of their next episode “The Chil” will happen on April 5–so that’s just before the six month mark since they put out “No Win Scenario.” On the other hand, it’s almost a year, for example, since Starship Farragut released their last “Crew Log” entitled “Just Passing Through.” That came out on April 19 of last year.

195. Barb - March 30, 2012

These are all gifts. Say thank you and be polite to the filmmakers. Want more? Donate.

196. Pony Horton - March 30, 2012

@188 Kristen (and others)

Just my 2 Cents on the amount of time between episodes.

I am one of the primary VFX artists on P2, Tobias Richter being the other. Juve Vinque was also with us, and he may still be contributing as well if he’s not doing other jobs.
Tobias has his own company, and a team of people who work with him. Sometimes he and I join efforts (ahhh, the Internet File Sharing Age!) on a production.
I, on the other hand, am totally alone. I do my work in my home office, which is the spare bedroom, about 9′ X 9′ It’s crammed with two desks (one an 80-year old wooden antique) and at least 4 computers, two Super VHS vcr’s, two audio racks, a number of crates full of books, and a lot of STAR TREK memorabilia. And usually at least one cat.
I handle a significant portion of visual effects, mostly NOT involving shots of ships or space, but rather matte shots, set extensions, computer screen graphics, phaser beams, of course the Transporter (my signature effect), and any little odd jobs that need doing to fix any issues with a shot.
I have to do most of these shots or effects ONE AT A TIME, although there is sometimes overlap.

What’s important to remember is, although I am using computer technology to do all this cool stuff, it still takes about the same amount of time for certain aspects of a shot, such as deciding on camera angles and then testing them to see what works. Then there’s creating raw artwork or elements that need to go into each shot (some of which can take as many as 20-40 separate elements over numerous render passes), then there’s doing the final tweaks on each shot; then compositing; then printing; THEN getting suggestions for changes/approvals; THEN re-doing the shot(s) to incorporate said changes.

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete any given shot. I can’t give you an average, but it’s fair to say each shot can equal at least 3-5 days for matte shots, up to a few weeks for complex 3D shots; the smae or more for shots with complicated tracking.
Rotoscoping alone can take days on any shot over a few seconds in length.

Imagine what it was like before CGI and computerized visual effects! That’s when I started, back in the late 1970’s. I’m 54 years old this June, and just as comfortable with CGI as I am with miniatures and glass shots.

But that brings up another factor… my failing health. I have not only AIDS, but a number of old injuries to my back, head, and neck that are finally taking their toll, and the pain is at times unbearable. My mom had the same problems (she and I were both victims of severe domestic violence at the hands of her 3rd husband when I was a kid, hence many of the head and neck injuries) and it eventually killed her. I’m trying to avoid the same path.

But it ain’t easy. I take a number of drugs just to get me through the day (all legal, of course), and I’ve never really abused my body, so I have that going for me. I used to be kinda athletic, and I still swing a mean bullwhip, and when we’re filming P2 I can take long walks around Port Henry, which is very hilly, so there’s some exercise.

But it may take me a bit longer than it would a twenty-something. So, what I lack in speed I try to make-up for in quality.
There’s an old saying in the film industry, between studios and producers:
“Is it good?”
“No, but it’ll be ready by Tuesday!”

I don’t want to work that way, and I hope the quality of my work on P2 takes the VFX into a realm of professionalism that we at the show can be proud of. I’m don’t always succeed.

But I do give it my best, even if it means we hafta wait a while longer.

I hope, when the work is seen, the fans and viewers can understand why it takes so long sometimes, and not hold it against us. Or me.

Thanks to everyone who keeps this TREK alive!

197. Chris Doohan - March 30, 2012

196 Pony Horton

I’ve always enjoyed your work on P2. Keep up the AMAZING work!

198. Pony Horton - March 30, 2012

Chris, coming from you that means a LOT! Thanks!!!!!!!

199. BlueSquare1 - March 30, 2012

The people at Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2 have done an excellent job with the episodes that they have released thus far. I still hope that whatever issues Norman Spinrad and CBS had, they will get resolved.

I was rather looking forward to ‘He Walks Among Us.’

200. Fez - March 30, 2012

198- Pony, I have always admired your work, knowing how much time and care you put into them. ‘1701 Pennsylvania Ave’ was a great labor of love. I personally am proud to be apart of it and to be your friend. Live Long and Prosper my friend

201. Pony Horton - March 30, 2012

Thanks, Fez!

202. Rob Rostad - March 30, 2012

@ Barb
You’re right. They’re gifts to fans, from fans. We should all be supporting our friends and mentors…

@Pony: All the best, M’Pal. It’s no accident that you are where you are, and it’s clear that whatever your struggles are, people who care about you love the same things you love, and want you to be okay. Feel free to take Dr. Robert’s recommendation (not prescription, of course) that you explore the “indies” every now and again…

203. Barb - March 30, 2012

Yeah, Pony, 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. was the first Fan Film I showed to a Trek loving friend who doesn’t like fan films in over a year… and even he loved it! Its a wonderful film. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. I suppose the whole, “Live Long and Prosper” wish is particularly a good thing to wish you!

204. Patty Wright - March 30, 2012

187- well, just think… if we actually OWNED A COPY of the high resolution footage it wouldn’t have taken days to rebuild that teaser. Unfortunately, beginning in Act 1 we can’t do that at all – for the reasons I stated above. It’s clear that Vic doesn’t really want his edit, or his image used.

Pony, your work is amazing, as is Tobias’. What’s interesting is that your collective work is usually done long before we’ve finished filming! The reason people think Kitumba is “brilliant” is because of the special effects. I vote we just release the VFX real with a great soundtrack – forget the live action footage!

205. Rob Rostad - March 30, 2012

Patty: Please offer whatever you have..high res or no. You guys are the prime universe for most of us, and we’re perfectly happy to squint if we have to…

~Rob Rostad

206. Balok Rocks - March 31, 2012

Hmmm, there is a picture on Vic’s Facebook page of him having dinner with William Shatner from Friday night. Could this be a sign of something BIG in the works? That would be HUGE if Vic get a Shatner cameo in his series!!!

207. Fez - March 31, 2012

But Patty, if we do that then some amazing acting will be lost, especially from our main cast, including Bobby Rice

208. Larry Talbot - March 31, 2012

@204. I suspect getting William Shatner is exactly what’s going to happens with this new “Official Star Trek Continues.” I mean, they are now “Official Star Trek,” right? How cool is that?

209. Balok Rocks - March 31, 2012

@206 – That would be a blow to P2! While P2 got Takei & Koenig, they never got any of the big three (well, the two still living) being Shatner & Nimoy.

On a side note, I think from what I see here and have read that Vic is being unreasonable by not returning Kitumba to Cawley for release. That just seems so petty. It’s like a “it’s going to be my way or nobody gets to see it attitude” and the fact is looking at the consistency of P2 releases, us fans may have already seen a polished version of it had Vic not kept it! While I’m looking forward to seeing what Star Trek Continues does, I’m guessing there will be all kinds of internal riffs and fighting with that kind of attitude. This whole thing is interesting and knowing that CBS is paying close attention makes it even more volitile. Remember, they just shut down P2 from making He Walked Among Us!

210. Patty Wright - March 31, 2012

hmm…. I guess people don’t remember photos from several years ago of James Cawley hanging out with Shatner.

People should remember two things –

– We are a professional studio that has been in operation for years, and as such we don’t publish or tweet everything that is going on behind the scenes: whether it’s business dealings or just personal stuff. You won’t see FB or tweets saying “I just got off the phone with Shatner!” or “*****” just accosted James in a resturaunt and begged to be on the show!”…because that is just fan wankery – sometimes a photo is nothing but a photo or at best a business proposition never happens. (the only time you see this stuff from us is when info is ready to be released, as in “I’m working on a new script with David Gerrold”.) We have an entire list of Trek and other actors (and writers for that matter) “waiting with great anticipation” for the opportunity to work with us. That translates to I get calls from them repeatedly asking when they can be on the show, because they want to make sure we haven’t forgotten they want to be. While some are waiting for scripts, others – including Nichols, Forrest and Picardo – have scripts sitting here waiting for the stars to align.

So, basically, a photo is just a photo.

Secondly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, people should remember that part of the “Spinrad script gets pulled by CBS” drama that spilled over to Phase II is that Mr. Spinrad was pushing rather loudly, aggressively and everywhere he could that he wanted Shatner to guest star in the episode: and, yes, it was “followed up” on. CBS likes fanfilms because they keep the franchise going between the stuff that makes them money. In my opinion (I can not reveal the conversations that took place between I and anyone “official” regarding Shatner guest starring in HWAU), they are NOT going to tolerate a fan film getting press and attention because Shatner is a guest star: it would bury the press about JJ’s movie. I remember several years ago, before JJ Trek was a glimmer in anyone’s eyes, (with diff people in play at CBS than are currently there) we were firmly warned off from pursuing a deal with Tom Cruise for the same reason. It would just get us too much press to be comfortable for the franchise owners.

So fans should assume that Shatner and Nimoy haven’t been in ANY fan film not because things aren’t happening they don’t know about, but merely for the reason that CBS won’t tolerate it. Personally, I don’t see that changing – not while JJ Trek is still a viable product.

211. BlueSquare1 - March 31, 2012

@206 – I’ve gotten that impression myself. If that is the case(concerning Vic supposedly witholding the Kitumba copy), I wonder what his problem is? Like you and what #143 have stated, with CBS/Paramount closely monitoring the situation from their end, they could enforce the shut down of all fan film productions.

Personally, I would hate to see that happen.

212. James - March 31, 2012

These fan versions are as stupid as their production values are poor. Face it people you have zero talent as writers, producers, or anything else that is used in movie production. Quit clogging the internet with your second rate crap and work on your craft. When you have improved get a job in Hollywood.

213. Dennis Bailey - March 31, 2012

Really, of what use was #212 to anyone? Other than blowing off steam because something’s annoying you, absolutely nothing.

214. Pony Horton - March 31, 2012

Dennis, don’t worry about this guy James.

This is his way of pleasuring himself. It’s all he has.

215. RedWind - March 31, 2012


Dennis, if you don’t mind my asking, what is your take on this whole deal concerning Vic and supposedly Farragut Films? Since you’ve worked with the Farragut Films staff, what is your insight on this issue and Loken’s claims?

216. Dennis Bailey - April 1, 2012

I have no direct knowledge about any of these things. I met Loken and the other (at that time) two partners in “Star Trek Continues” on one occasion, at dinner near the Farragut studio in Georgia, I think about a year ago.

My experiences with John Broughton, Mike Bednar and the rest of the folks working on Farragut have never been anything but positive. Through them I met several of the talented people who have become cornerstones of my own movie project “Polaris” – Paul R. Sieber and Alex Ibrahim, to name two. Farragut Films is the co-producing studio on “Polaris” and we could really not have gotten through the production phase of it nearly so well without the direct and unstinting efforts of John and Mike (John’s in the movie, BTW).

Where all of the sturm und drang and drama between “Continues” and “Phase II” is concerned, I’m just reading about it on the Internet like y’all are. Thanks.

217. Nick Cook - April 1, 2012

So let’s get this straight, according to 212, the numerous professional writers, actors, and other people who actually work in Hollywood and have donated their time to Phase II over the years, need to work on their craft so they can then get a job in Hollywood.

Also, those people who are using fanfilms to develop their craft, need to stop making fanfilms so they can develop their craft.

Does not compute. A bit like 212 really.

218. RedWind - April 1, 2012

This whole situation concerning Vic and Loken doesn’t compute, either. There is way too much tension and negativity going about this subject.

219. BlueSquare1 - April 1, 2012

@212 – Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or did you have to work hard at it? Granted there are flaws in any production, but seriously that statement you made…come on!

Did you ever think that working on these productions is a way of improving their craft? The more you work on something you like, the better you sharpen and improve your skills?

Obviously, you didn’t.

220. ProjectTHOR - April 1, 2012

And I thought Bill Shatner was an egotistical type!

221. Michael Hall - April 1, 2012

@ 210 Patty Wright:

“Secondly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, people should remember that part of the “Spinrad script gets pulled by CBS” drama that spilled over to Phase II is that Mr. Spinrad was pushing rather loudly, aggressively and everywhere he could that he wanted Shatner to guest star in the episode: and, yes, it was “followed up” on. CBS likes fanfilms because they keep the franchise going between the stuff that makes them money. In my opinion (I can not reveal the conversations that took place between I and anyone “official” regarding Shatner guest starring in HWAU), they are NOT going to tolerate a fan film getting press and attention because Shatner is a guest star: it would bury the press about JJ’s movie.”

The idea that Bill Shatner woud ever agree to appear in a fan production, or that the publicity surrounding such participation would “bury” press about the latest installment in a major Hollywood tentpole franchise seems pretty farfetched to me. But OTOH, what do I know? Anything’s possible, I suppose. In any event, thanks for the “insider” speculation on the fate of HWAU, which is fascinating.

222. BlueSquare1 - April 1, 2012

I will admit, it would have been unusual to have seen Bill Shatner in the role of Bayne. But if Majel Barrett could play Lwaxana Troi, I guess anything is possible.

@135 – John, as President of Farragut Films, we haven’t heard your take on the other issue. Is there anything you wish to say or add on your end?

223. matt bucy - April 2, 2012

97. “the teaser up now is ABSOLUTELY NOT the teaser as Vic edited it. It took 8 hours of work to fix those few minutes.”

113. “We DO NOT have a high res version of the edit, the timeline or much of the original footage.”

204. “if we actually OWNED A COPY of the high resolution footage it wouldn’t have taken days to rebuild that teaser”

sorry, patty, not following the logic. are you saying the teaser, which follows vic’s edit exactly, frame for frame, was rebuilt from scratch? if P2 has little original footage, what then was the teaser built from? and why was i asked in late february of this year to search for one missing reel out of dozens to make P2’s high-resolution originals complete? and why last june at the mindsifter shoot was it announced after a kitumba rough cut screening that P2 was in possession of and was re-transcoding the original footage in preparation for a new edit to replace vic’s? if that was the case last summer, then why is vic’s timeline an issue at all now? if it is in fact the case, wasn’t it rather careless to send original footage out of house without backup? is it not the production’s responsibility to assure the redundancy of its own originals so as to protect itself from the sorts of conflicts that arrise in fan film productions? isn’t it rather negligent for the production to spend thousands and thousands of dollars (including mine, had i stayed with the production) on major reshoots when there was an offer to resolve the footage standoff for a fraction of the cost to reshoot, namely reimbursement of transcoding costs and production-promised reimbursement of an airplane ticket? frankly, the latter question is what tipped the scale for me. knowing that it would cost me personally more to reshoot kitumba for phase 2 than it would for the production to resolve the footage standoff made my worth to the production crystal clear.

-matt (former DP)

224. Patty Wright - April 2, 2012

Yes, it was rebuilt from scratch. How could anything else be done when Vic refuses to give us the high def project timeline?

P2 doesn’t have “little footage”… we are missing KEY footage.

You were asked for the reel because that one has some of the footage that is missing. And, seriously, you are accusing us of not making sure there were copies of the footage elsewhere at the same time you admit we know you took copies of the same footage and asked you for it?

We thought we DID have the all original footage at that shoot when it was announced, as we were told by Vic that he gave us copies of it all – but we later discovered we were not given all the footage nor the project timeline. (not to mention that the footage – and the drives it is on – belongs to CEC/RFS and no one else should have ANY of it.)

We need the original footage, not the poorly transcoded footage that someone chose on their own to have done, rather than to wait for us to have it done.

We aren’t spending thousands and thousands of dollars on reshoots. It’s not going to be all that hard to replace the three people we need to: a lot of it is done already.

As for the rest, you are both bringing up issues which would put former members of our crew in a very bad light should they be made public, commenting on dealings you had no personal involvement in, have the facts wrong, and no one – including I (who was personally involved in them) – should engage in a “he said/she said” free for all, especially since in this case it is “I was told that he said she said that he said…” That IS airing dirty laundry, and I won’t go there. If you were really concerned and wanted the facts corrected, you should have send a private email.

And, frankly, Matt, I’d like to know when Vic shared his edit with you: because it sounds like he already violated the C&D given him.

I’d like to point out that, again, the P2 production is NOT dragging this into the mud in public – I am just correcting the fiction being thrown out by former crew who have gone on to other projects but apparently can’t enjoy their new project without slinging half truths out to try to sully other people and their hard work. We DO wish them the best – and the best will come to them if they put their mental and emotional energy into making their project the best, not trying to tear down others.

225. Patty Wright - April 2, 2012

Anthony, I respectfully suggest you remove the last two comments (and lock the comments), as they do not belong in a public forum, much less one that should be about the exciting new production that promises fans more TOS to enjoy.

226. Not impressed. - April 3, 2012

Asstastic, like everything else Farragut Alleged Films craps out.

227. Jerrod - April 3, 2012

Yawn… so much negativity. Star Trek is meant to be fun. Some people need to lighten up. Oh, and Farragut has done some great work.

228. Larry Talbot - April 4, 2012

@223 matt bucy:

Wait a minute….

So this Kitumba “footage standoff” is because Cawley and the P2 production (allegedly) reneged on reimbursing transcoding costs and a plane ticket? That is, when the P2 production allegedly reneged on this contract (even if true), Mr. Mignogna was advised by legal counsel (or decided on his own, of course) that the appropriate remedy for such a contract breach was to simply retain production footage, edit it together, and distribute it as Mr. Mignogna sees fit? Really? You’re admitting that? If so, I can understand an unwillingness on P2’s part to submit to what to my untrained eye looks like simple extortion.

I’m reasonably certain that the American judicial system must provide some mechanism to arbitrate and resolve such a dispute if Mr. Mignogna was wronged, instead of simply unilaterally saying “I think I’m entitled to A, so I’ll just decide to keep B instead.”

Anthony, I would suggest you keep these posts on your website–or at least retain a copy on your server; I think they are “discoverable.”

229. Michael Hall - April 4, 2012

*Sigh* You know, I wonder if it has occurred to any of the participants that making the effort to resolve this thing amicably would benefit not only themselves, but would provide a fine example of living up to the hopeful ideals of this show that we all claim to cherish.

Or, not. Just a thought. . .

230. Patty Wright - April 4, 2012

Michael, WE have… for several years. When things change every time you talk to someone, or they start making things up you can document aren’t true, you finally realize it’s fruitless, give up, and move on.

231. Patty Wright - April 6, 2012

I find it odd, Matt, that you claim to be concerned with wasting the money of the crew and the production, as well as their time – as we postponed the second “Mind Sifter” shoot specifically so that you could take “paid work”, which cost us a lot of work, time and money that had gone into preproduction. We would do it for any of our main crew – if you can get paid work, you should take it, but now you have told a lot of “lesser” crew and producers (the exec has yet to hear it) that you are not coming back we will need to spend the money to match your camera package to finish the episode, as we are now shooting with a dual RED ONE set up. Yup, more wasted money. If we had just gone ahead and finished without your participation rather than trying to do the right thing by you it would have saved us a lot of cash and time, and there would be another episode ready for final edit and release.

232. Michael - April 6, 2012

Ya know, this was to be an announcement of a new TOS series featuring our favorite characters, but it has unfortunately turned into the airing of dirty laundry at P2. I have some friends at P2 and I’m sure they are pretty embarrassed by this nonsense generated by a couple of individuals. I feel bad for my friends. I know the dedication you put in on one of these shows, but isn’t it time to get these folks to move on.

233. matt bucy - April 7, 2012


for what it’s worth, i was not asked for commitment or given shooting dates for the second half of mindsifter and i sincerely doubt much, if any, planning or resources had been dedicated to it last january when i was asked to shoot bread and savagery in june. i declined to shoot bread and savagery last january because i had already committed to shoot a feature film in june. the continuing kitumba frackas didn’t endear me to p2, either. yes, the production knows i have backups and has made use of them on several occasions, thank you very much. no, i do not find your portrayal of events accurate.

on that note, there is probably no end to these arguments. my bad for perpetuating them here. apologies readers. we clearly disagree, fundamentally, about what constitutes a professional production and on many events and facts surrounding phase 2. i don’t expect resolution. so, let’s go our separate ways and do our best. there’s trek to be made.

i wish you and phase 2 best of luck. phase 2 is unparalleled in its production of kirk, spock, and mccoy trek and keeps alive beloved characters and their stories. may it live long and prosper.

-matt bucy

234. Patty Wright - April 7, 2012


You most definitely were given the shooting dates for the second half of Mindsifter, which were to take place last fall. When you were offered a paid job we cancelled that shoot at nearly the last minute on your behalf, so there were a lot of resources already spent on it, with your assurance that you would come back to film the rest of it and that you wanted to do so.

In January you declined not just to film BAS but to ever return.

As you have backups of the footage (which you accused us of not having) and you are no longer with the production, perhaps you should return that footage to the proper owners.

I do not want to perpetuate this either, but I will not allow fiction to stand for fact.

235. matt bucy - April 7, 2012

patty & soap opera followers,

ah, you’re talking 2011…yes, i knew those dates. in fact, i set them.

but, you allege that i single handedly cancelled the fall 2011 shoot. you and i both know that is a gross mischaracterization. i agreed to uphold my obligation to phase 2 and forego shooting an exciting feature if the fall shoot were a certainty. as of august 2 it was not. it was known then that key cast and crew could not make the shoot and i was released from obligation, for which i am grateful. you allege the production cancelled the shoot at the last minute. the shoot was cancelled months in advance and my communication to the production about my conflict occurred just three weeks after the fall dates were set. you allege significant resources were spent. what exactly other than producer time are you talking about? i’m talking about thousands of dollars. if you wish to keep skilled volunteers pumping time and money into the production, fair characterizations would be a good place to start.

in january i’d had enough and resigned, i agree.


236. Ryan Thomas Riddle - April 7, 2012

@patty wright Seems you’ve dodged my question or either didn’t see it. Here’s is my question from upthread again:

142. Ryan Thomas Riddle – March 27, 2012

“101. patty wright – March 27, 2012
#99…. I most definitely own ALL the legal rights to the teleplay for “Kitumba”. I wrote it, it’s a different story even than JMLs drafts, and it’s registered with the WGA to protect those rights. CEC/RFS has a contract with me.”

@patty wright Out of curiosity, I know that you have permission from Shirley Maiweiski’s estate to adapt “Mind-Sifter”, but do you have permission from John Meredyth Lucas’ estate to take his two “writer’s work draft” scripts (actual scripts not just story drafts) and boil them down into an adaptation, whether loosely based or not, written by yourself then registered with the WGA under your name?

Will JML get proper credit for the originator of the story idea and plot? What is the percentage of the changes between his original and your story?

237. Patty Wright - April 7, 2012

You’re pretty skilled at twisting facts into fiction, you should try writing for a living, Matt.

The shoot was scheduled the dates it was to allow “Chekov” to get married. Even then, he was planning to come directly from his honeymoon to film with us. You agreed the dates worked for you. When you then got a job, I did, indeed, say it was probably better the Chekov didn’t have to run away immediately from his new bride to a rural area without even cell phone signals.

If a “professional” production can do pre-production on a shoot that involves all location work and NOT spend any money, than we are clearly not professionals…because my account book shows thousands spent getting ready to film MS in the fall of 2011.

We were able to SAVE the loss of many more thousands by many more people by turning the the same dates into a shoot for another series. We just couldn’t waste our crew’s already booked travel and lodging expenses: not to mention the loss of their vacation time. Which, of course, cost so many tens of thousands to mount in a very short time that I am afraid to even look at THAT account book.

I am glad to know that you don’t consider a producers TIME to have any value too. We don’t make any money doing this, but we have to take time away from our paying jobs to work on it. So, yes, I would like to add the wages lost by myself, Gary Evans, Rob Mauro and others who were scouting and securing locations and permissions, visiting rental houses, and meeting with museums trying to secure things to make the fall shoot happen.

I’ll take your word for it that you resigned to someone in January. As a professional, I’d never consider myself to have resigned unless I told my actual boss that I did and explained why. And then I wouldn’t randomly spread the reasons I quit to various other folks working at the company through emails and chats over the months following. In fact, in most of my professional jobs, that would be met by legal action.

In my eyes a grown-up professional that has issues takes them to their boss, even if the conversation begins with “I am quitting because…” and then they will walk away with actual facts and the statement “we just don’t agree on things”. A professional, or even a grown up adult, doesn’t spread email chains about full of half truths they haven’t bothered to check in order to sow dissension, and they don’t post the same kinds of half truths in public forums – for the same purpose, because posting this stuff here is just self-serving tripe. There is nothing to be gained by it – unless all you want is for me to keep correcting the half truths in public.

If I had problems with a company and my boss I, for one, would choose to call the boss and talk to them about what I believe… because then I would get the facts and my time talking would serve an actual purpose of trying to resolve the issues. I agree, it’s easier to gossip and spread stuff behind the person’s back, but I would take the hard way. It’s just the way I am.

The best to you and your new co-workers, Matt. I hope you are happier with them than you clearly was with us.

238. Philip R. Raintree - April 7, 2012

I don’t have a dog in the fight. But I find it highly unprofessional that key production members of both productions are using this forum to air their dirty laundry. It’s like two high school cliches duking it out.

Moreover, I find it highly suspect that a “professional” writer would take another writer’s work, file the serial numbers off then legally claim it as her own, even going so far as to registering it with the WGA. Now, if that “writer” had permission from JML’s estate then maybe it wouldn’t seem so egregious. But nothing’s been said to that effect.

239. Michael - April 8, 2012

#237. “You’re pretty skilled at twisting facts into fiction, you should try writing for a living, Matt.”

Patty, you’re the writer.

Are you done taking over this topic?

240. Thakin Gisdead - April 8, 2012

#237 “Matt. I hope you are happier with them than you clearly was with us.” Wow, an amazing grammar and writing example right there on the screen.

241. Lore - April 8, 2012

@240 What like writers don’t make errors sometimes…. Gimme a break! We’re all human and make mistakes.

To everyone else: guys I think this is over, y’all can have your collective opinions on P2 or STC, but let’s have the comments be about the drama on the screen rather the then drama off of it.

Let’s all hold onto IDIC, and make great Star Trek no matter what group you support.

– A friend to Star Trek fan productions

242. matt bucy - April 9, 2012

like i said patty, let’s go our separate ways. we’re never going to agree. apologies to everyone for the frackas. over and out.


243. Patty Wright - April 9, 2012

@239…reality check, Michael. Look at the thread…Loken, Vic and Matt derailed the topic. All I EVER did was correct their facts. I, in fact, suggested that Anthony delete all those posts and my replies.

244. Thakin Gisdead - April 10, 2012

#243 Patty you did not correct their facts, you merely stated your own “facts” claiming them to be the only true possibility. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others. If you can’t pay the bills, you haven’t won… you have in fact lost. Your self importance is a deafening as your unrequited love for your leader is publicly apparent.

245. Patty Wright - April 10, 2012

thanks for the laugh!!!

246. Michael - April 10, 2012

Patty, Loken hasn’t surfaced for awhile and you seem bent on making this your place to make an argument. Several times I’ve asked for us to stay on topic and then you post again.

Let me say please this time. Enough is enough. Please stop. I’d also like to suggest that if you have a problem with someone, please take it up with them directly.

247. Balok Rocks - April 10, 2012

I have to agree with Michael. Patty may be speaking for herself, but she also apparently represents Phase II. This does nothing more than hurt their brand as far as I’m concerned.

248. Fez - April 10, 2012

WOW. I didn’t get that in all the years I have known them both, at a shoot and during “off time”. I’ll watch for it now… THAT must be what’s happening all those times she’s got her hands wrapped around his neck trying to strangle him.

249. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 11, 2012

#29: That rant was insanely over the top. These are just fan films, and not very good ones. None of this is important enough for you to be so angry about tarnished this or dishonest that. Relax.

250. Depock - April 11, 2012

Well, I’ve just finished reading the entire thread, and several points should be made:

1) Patty Wright’s comments reflect very badly on the productions she’s working for. She comes off as smarmy, arrogant, condescending, holier-than-thou, unprofessional and just plain rude. If I were the folks she works with, I’d be cringing right now, and pulling her aside to tell her to stay away from the public.

2) People should make an effort not to distort the facts–and to recognize when fact distortion when it takes place, so as not to continue it. It’s clear that whatever things Vic DID do, stealing sets wasn’t among them.

3) That said, if Vic possesses film materials that don’t belong to him, then regardless of whether or not he stole sets, he’s still a thief and needs to be held accountable for it.

4) Regardless of what Patty Wright erroneously believes to be the case, she does NOT own “Kitumba,” since she did not write the original script. She adapted someone else’s work–and work that is part of a CBS-owned franchise. When asked several times to clarify whether she had permission to do so, she has ignored the question. I can write a short-story version of The Hunger Games if I wish–but I certainly can’t ever claim to own it, nor can I publish it, since that would be copyright infringement. The adaptation of “Kitumba,” like all fan fiction, is, by definition, copyright infringement. The fact that CBS turns a blind eye to it does not negate the infringement, nor does it mean that those who produce fanfic can legally stake any claim on the material.

5) Almost every fan film I’ve ever seen has been awful from an acting standpoint, and often from a writing standpoint as well–and that includes the productions being discussed in this thread. “World Enough and Time” was particularly painful.

6) Anyone who thinks fan films can damage a franchise have WAY too bloated a perception of how widespread the viewership for these films is. The vast majority of Trek fans don’t watch or enjoy them, and the vast, vast, vast majority of filmgoers have no idea they exist. Fanfic enthusiasts, like members of this and other online forums, account for only the tiniest percentage of the Trek fanbase, and thus are statistically unimportant in terms of the franchise’s continued existence.

Now, let’s lighten up, people–this is getting ridiculous. You’re all fighting over fanfc, for crying out loud, not something that actually matters. The TV shows, the films, the novels and the comics–those matter, since they’re official and are very professionally produced. These fan films may look good from a set and prop standpoint, but let’s face it–hardly anyone involved can act, and the writing is very amateurish and hackish.

251. moonchick61 - April 11, 2012

To clarify, this post started taking a different direction when “Razorburn” posted (#29). A few others then asked what he was talking about and things took a different turn from there. This is not a criticism of “Razorburn” but just a fact. We all have the right to speak his our minds and others have a right to disagree. I’m just a fan of all of the above Fan Films and really hope all things can be resolved in way that benefits fans and fan film makers alike.

252. El Chup - April 11, 2012

@ 250

Like you, I have just read through the thread.You summed up perfectly what was going through my head.

I know it can be very upsetting to devote alot of energy to something. The emotions can run high if someone screws with that work or effort. But, at the end of the day, some perspective is needed.

CBS is allowing you play in their backyard. Play with their baby. You should be grateful. As Depock says, I think many of you overestimate the size of the audience for these sorts of productions and the impact they have on the franchise as a whole. To start making it anything other than an endeavor of fun and enjoyment is extremely, extremely sad.

When these endeavours stop simply from being fun and there are threats of legal action then you know things have gone to far. Someone above states he is involved in one of the productions and starts twittering on about “being trained as an attorney and can be very frightening, blah, blah, blah”. Is this what things need to come to?

Let me tell you something, I really am a lawyer and I have been in practice for 15 years. These sorts of situations are always the start of collapse. Fighting, bickering, name calling, false accusations. Nobody ever comes out of it the victor. It causes hurt, costs money, usually ruins several people in the process and impacts the businesses/relationships (or, in this case, productions) that they have come from.

I am not saying that if there has been a significant wrong, such as theft of sets of footage, then go to the police or a lawyers and let them advise you or deal with it themselves. All this nonsense carried out over internet forums isn’t going to achieve a danmed thing and is over and above any of the accusations that have been made.

Be professional, be adults and sit back for a minute to realise the reasons you are all involved in this in the first place. It certainly wasn’t to act like babies in a sandbox….

253. Depock - April 11, 2012

#252: Well said!

254. Patty Wright - April 11, 2012

250… I didn’t answer any of those things because there is no purpose in addressing nonsense. If stating facts comes off as “smarmy, arrogant, condescending, holier-than-thou” I’ll just have to go with that. I was involved in all the dealings and negotiations for these things, and have the phone calls recorded – whereas people like Loken and Matt and Michael and John (posting under a fake name) are only going by hearsay, or are just making slanderous personal attacks because they have nothing real to present.

And I am afraid you are completely wrong about copyright law as it applies to derivative works. I am not going to comment on business deals, negotiations, the process of writing this script, what is John’s and what is mine, etc on this thread. If you want to have an actual discussion than talk to me somewhere else, but you don’t appear to want facts….and based on your post you don’t have the starting point to even discuss the facts if you did. Consult a lawyer or just check the WGA MBA. You’ll learn a lot it seems.

255. wjteegarden - April 11, 2012

As a volunteer member of the Star Trek: Phase II production, I usually go quietly about my tasks on set. However, in the face of such blatant rhetoric against my fellow Phase II family, I can no longer remain silent.

I am not embarrassed by Patty Wright’s actions here, nor any other member of the Phase II production. I stand with them in support of the pursuit of our mutual goal: the production of good TOS Star Trek episodes.

Those former colleagues and fellow fanfilm associates who have spoken against Phase II have done grievous harm, not to Phase II, but to themselves, the fan base, and to the very memory of Gene Roddenberry and his dream. All of you so named know the time, energy, money, blood, sweat, and tears it takes to produce an episode of Star Trek. To question other productions, to cast aspersions upon another contributor, much less a writer and producer, is arrogant, evil, and childish.

As for the person who felt they had the right to withhold footage that is solely the property of Phase II, and represents the sweat equity of nearly 100 unpaid volunteers and industry professionals: I doubt you would have the courage or professional integrity to face those people and tell them why.

As for the fans, we volunteers do what we do for free because we too love Star Trek. Enjoy our hard work, and if you do, feel free to join us, or donate.

256. Fez - April 11, 2012

@250, et all- You are entitled to your opinion, however I also have read this thread in it’s entirety… And here is my conclusion, yes there is a lot of finger pointing. BUT——-> as someone who has worked on Star Trek Phase 2 and am a friend/supporter of Star Trek fan films I can honestly say that a lot of the so-called finger pointing has been done by others not associated with the fore-mentioned fan-film volunteers, however others have said some information that should not have been aired in public.

That being said, I personally do not believe that Patty’s comments reflect badly on the Phase 2 production… what makes it look bad is the erroneous statements/opinions by others which she is one of the few person’s involved and not stating second-hand information.

Yes, there will be a healthy competition to make the best Star Trek series each of the Productions can. But also as a volunteer on a fan production, like on a professional production we come together as a family, and are as protective of them as we are of our real families. We spend up to and over sometimes 20 hours a day together for 2 weeks. We develop strong connections to these people and to the activity we are doing… making Star Trek. Which is why we are so protective

and I will echo what wjteegarden said “Those former colleagues and fellow fanfilm associates who have spoken against Phase II have done grievous harm, not to Phase II, but to themselves, the fan base, and to the very memory of Gene Roddenberry and his dream”

But, let’s get back to talking about more Star Trek, without the finger pointing at people and the attempts to feel superior by putting down people. It’s not how you would like to be treated, so don’t do it to others.

I wish the other fan-films well, I will be watching… and I bear no ill will to any of them. I hope they make a quality story I can watch

257. Cindy - April 11, 2012

As someone who has no stake in this whatsoever, and whose attention was drawn to this because of the ongoing drama, I have to disagree and say that the apparent hypocrisy of Patty by chastising others for airing dirty laundry whilst at the same time being the main one perpetuating the derailment of the thread reflects very badly upon both herself and the Phase 2 production, nor am I the only one to think that. While it might seem to the people involved that it’s a good thing Patty is continuing to speak out, to those of us outside who really couldn’t possibly care less about insider infighting, it looks horribly unprofessional and childish. As it’s the P2 people perpetuating and supporting it, they are the ones who this reflects the worst upon. At this point, it’s nothing more than “he said-she said,” so one side claiming the “truth” means absolutely nothing to those of us who have no knowledge of these incidents outside of what’s been posted in this thread. To put it bluntly, we don’t care about any of this, we just want the fan-films. It’ll be hard for me to look at P2 the same way again after this, and not in a positive way.

Depock said it best, I think.

258. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 12, 2012

I have to agree with the above commenters. Patty Wright’s arrogance reflects very badly on the Phase II team, and if members of that team defend her comments, then they are making a bad business choice. She comes off as a condescending bully with delusions of importance to the “Star Trek” franchise–and she also claims to own “Kitumba,” which is obviously not the case. She says to “consult a lawyer” instead of actually addressing the concerns of many people here that she has co-opted credit from John Meredith Lucas. Well, there’s no need for anyone to consult a lawyer; the truth is apparent. JML wrote “Kitumba,” not her, and CBS/Paramount own “Star Trek,” not her. Thus, “Kitumba” is not her property, no matter what she may claim. She adapted it, but she does not own it, and it is not her property. She can rant and rave and insult people all she wants, but nothing will change the fact that “Phase II,” like all fan films, infringes CBS’ copyright. And those claiming that this thread is somehow hurting the franchise are giving fan films way too much credence, since they’re not part of the franchise to begin with.

259. Michael bednar - April 12, 2012

We have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to thinking it might be possible to get licensed by CBS/Paramount. Sure it sounds neat, but it is not something that WE have spent time discussing. The simple fact that Starship Farragut survives, is based solely on the voluntary nature of those that build the sets, make the costumes, buy the lumber, house the sets, light the sets, prepare the scripts, make the props, make-up, scheduling, catering, etc.

My wife can attest that I’ve spent many a day and night from home. It is an 11-hour drive for me to get to the sets from my house. I will drive down on a Friday and return on Sunday to be ready to go back to my day job. I have made the trip three times in a month to make sure things are on track for filming.

I could go on, but I think you all get the picture. We do this show, not for the fans that follow it, but for ourselves. I know that sounds selfish, but let us face it. It takes a lot of money to put this effort forward from many talented people. We share results of our efforts, because it is in our nature to do so.

I’m sorry that some folks seem to take shots at us to either promote their agenda or simply think they have some shred of knowledge however incomplete it is, to voice it and share it as gospel.


Michael Bednar
Executive Producer
Starship Farragut

260. Greg Schnitzer - April 12, 2012


I think this has all devolved to the point where the only fair and logical way to settle this whole thing without any further acrimony would be get out a ruler and measure the penis length of the Executive Producer staff. And then we could film the whole contest and put it on YouTube. I think we are left with no other course of action at this point.


Greg Schnitzer
Co-Executive Producer
Star Trek Phase II

(P.S. *We* might need a wide-angle lens.)

261. Larry - April 12, 2012

Super excited about this!

Starship Farragut is awesome!

Thank you all for keeping with it!

262. Tony F - April 12, 2012

11 hour drive WOW!! I feel your pain Micheal
3 hrs is bad enough….
esp at $4.12 a gallon..

Folks Remember that when you watch these films
now thats dedication to Star Trek…
Either that or we are all CRAZY!

263. Fez - April 13, 2012

We are all crazy, but we all do it for something we all enjoy and alll want to be apart of on our own way

264. Michael Bednar - April 13, 2012


Thanks Greg, I needed that.

You go first!

265. Glenn E. Smith - April 14, 2012

I love working on Star Trek Phase-II.
I enjoy watching Star Trek fan Films.
I think Kahn said it best. “We are one big, happy fleet.”
At least, we should be.

Glenn E. Smith
PA turned UPM turned 2nd A.D. turned 1st A.D.
Star Trek Phase-II

266. Vedek Jace - April 16, 2012

As part of the minuscule percentage of fans that enjoy fan films, with no axe to grind on any side, please let me state a couple of ideas.

(1) If any one thinks that some executive and/or associate at CBS isn’t paying very close attention to this civil war, you are gravely mistaken. We know for a fact that the producers of the new film franchise read the Trek Movie blogs regularly. Action Item: Take this fight, I mean discussion, offline; engaging a neutral mediator might help. (This includes Facebook.)

(2) Whoever has what doesn’t belong to them — be it a set, footage, a copyright or a bat’leth — needs to acknowledge that and do what’s right. Action Item: Return what doesn’t belong to you.

(3) The pah-wraiths have been working their ways among all involved. It’s time to go to the Celestial Temple. Action Item: Repent, apologize, shake hands and agree to disagree agreeably.

(4) Among those here who are notable people of faith, please realize that you not only represent Gene’s vision, but you are a very public example of an even higher authority. (You know who you all are.) Action Item: Consider WWJD? [or WWSD (Surak) or WWTPD (The Prophets) or WWTCED (Crystalline Entity)] and represent your deepest principles with the utmost integrity. Not only is God watching, but your testimony is on the line.

(5) This is probably nothing compared to the infighting and bickering that happens in “real Hollywood.” Please realize that we the fans of the fans, however great or small in number, recognize the sacrifices you all are making to keep Star Trek alive… not with any profit motive… but ultimately for the hopes of a better future for everyone. At the end of the day if you enlightened beings can’t get this resolved, is there any hope for humanity. Yes, it’s that serious. Action Item: Let this be your last battlefield.

267. Chris Doohan - April 17, 2012


268. Erika Y. Figueroa - May 2, 2012

I cannot believe what I’ve just read. I cannot believe that cooler head couldn’t prevail.

As a fan and a financial contributor to both P2 and Farragut (I wish I could’ve done more), I can honestly say that in spite of the unfortunate animosity between certain individuals, P2 and Farragut are still worthy endeavors by fans for fans of Star Trek.

I wasn’t too pleased when Vic spoke up, but I can understand why. I definitely wasn’t happy with Patty’s insistence to have the last word, but I can understand her desire to defend herself and the organization she obviously loves.

I’m a few weeks late but to offer an opinion…

If you are a member of the production staff of either camp, please refrain from commenting further publicly no matter what is said. I’m not referring to those who were extras or construction volunteers. I’m referring to the production staff, investors, etc.

People are going to gossip. People are going to claim ‘insider knowledge’ . People not part of the true inner circle are going to try to defend either camp. Human nature being what it is, that can’t be helped.

What can be mitigated are the responses by the self-professed professionals. Let it go. Just a couple of weeks ago, a ‘war’ broke out on Facebook about this. I’m so disheartened by the lack of professionalism and maturity, especially Patty, who could’ve taken the high road said her peace in one statement (if at all) and left this board with grace and dignity. Instead she portrayed herself in a negative light. I’m not saying she wasn’t speaking the truth, but even the truth, spoken out of turn and petulantly, can create ugly discourse. But to single out Patty would be wrong as there were several others, to include a few from the ST:Continues camp the contributed to the ugliness on this thread. As well as some ‘concerned fans’ who I’m sure only wanted to protect and defend their favorite series. And to top it off, for those who would drag Farragut into the fray because they are now comingled with Vic and the Continues crew is patently unfair. Too many of you, behaved as children on the playground and I hope by now it has stopped. True professionals should keep the ugliness behind closed doors and not throw it onto the laps of the fans. We’re not mindless drones, nor are we pawns for you all to push and pull with your various accusations. Just present us with your films and let us make judgements on your work.

I will continue to support any Star Trek fan film or series out there. Be they well produced as in Farragut and P2 or startups with rough CGI. When folk give so much of their time and resources to bring to life their vision of Star Trek, as Trekkies/Trekkers or just plain fans, we should support them.

There are always two sides to every story and in the middle is the truth. The ONLY truth the general public needs to be made aware of, is the truth on the screen.

Good luck to ALL who seek to continue the story started by the Combat Vet turned beat cop, The Great Bird in the Galaxy, Gene Roddenberry.

269. Erika Y. Figueroa - May 2, 2012

Erika Y. Figueroa
Director, Carolina Alliance of Star Trek Fans!/groups/173336105689/

270. The Man With the Golden Phaser - May 7, 2012

Well said, Erika. What happened here was an embarrassment, and Patty just made her camp look awful with her unprofessional and smarmy behavior.

271. William Lutz - May 8, 2012

“But to single out Patty would be wrong as there were several others, to include a few from the ST:Continues camp the contributed to the ugliness on this thread.”
Please reread Erika’s thread Man with the Golden Phaser
Thank you.

272. Greg - June 6, 2012

The simple fact is that this team has made a very questionable decision in working with a known thief. And it IS theft to keep footage that does not belong to you.


Full stop.

Everybody else involved in this new endeavor may be great guys, but they’re in bed with a skunk, and the stink will stick to them. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.