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George Takei Resigned To No TOS Star Cameos In JJ Abrams Star Trek Sequel(s) [VIDEO] April 3, 2012

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For the 2009 Star Trek movie, director JJ Abrams and his team brought in the original Spock Leonard Nimoy to help build the bridge to the new crew and new movie universe. And now George Takei says (while attending ECCC over the weekend) he originally thought Abrams might look to another original Star Trek star to come on board for the sequel, he now believes there wont be any more TOS stars in future Abrams Trek films. Details below plus full video of George’s appearance at ECCC.


George Takei resigned to no cameos in JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel(s)

Takei’s comments about the new Star Trek sequel (and the one after that) come from comments he made while appearing at Emerald City Comic Con over the weekend. Takei noted:

Leonard (Nimoy) made a cameo in the first one, and I thought they would include the still-living one of us in the subsequent ones, but I think they made a policy decision they’re going to try to get away from that confusion, and the story track of bringing an old ancient Spock back. So they don’t have any cameos for any of us in the next one, and from what I understand, should there be another J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie (beyond the one currently being filmed), it will be without any of us.

But Takei is still optimistic about JJ Abrams Star Trek, having high praise for the 2009 film (and putting in a dig at William Shatner while at it):

I thought it was a terrific movie. It really had pace, and rhythm and action, and it had to be done with a younger cast. All of that running in the corridor, I can’t imagine Bill Shatner running.

George Takei after receiving a "It’s OK To Be Takei" sash from a fan at Emerald City Comic Con

You can watch Takei’s full appearance where he is interviewed by Danny Bonaduce , available on YouTube


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1. Jack - April 3, 2012

Not to be a dick (and he was probably just answering a question), but was anybody here hoping for a Takei appearance?

2. Tom - April 3, 2012

If indeed the third JJ film is the last with the new cast before they reboot and it coincides with the 50 th anniversary of Trek i wish they would include the surviving original cast members in some way.

3. Lankyguy - April 3, 2012

I don’t want to see anymore TOS cameos, at all. Leave well enough alone.

4. Met - April 3, 2012

i agree. Let it rest. The TOS cast did their bit for the francise but their time is done

5. Rod Geneberry - April 3, 2012

I wouldn’t mind them being in the film as background characters or (if it fits) relatives to the new cast, but there’s no reason for actual cameos. Nimoy worked because it fit the story and helped “pass the torch.” Shatner’s proposed cameo in the end that they wrote would’ve been great too. But there’s really no need now. The cast has shown, perhaps Chekov aside, that they can stand on their own.

6. Basement Blogger - April 3, 2012

Don’t want any stunt cameos. But they can still do a CGI animated feature. I say make the abandoned video game “Secret of Vulcan Fury” into a CGI animated feature. There’s already dialog from the original cast. Story and script by D.C. Fontana. Come on CBS. Again, great video clips from the game.

Trailers for the game.

Listen to Shatner and Doohan’s voices for the game in this trailer. “Space, the final frontier….”

D.C. Fontana tells TrekMovie that she would like CBS to release the story to her so she can do something with it.

7. Jordan - April 3, 2012

His contribution to startrek is small, and it always gets overblown.

8. Andy Patterson - April 3, 2012

I like Takei but forget him…let’s put Bonaduce in a role. He could be Ensign Danny. Why not Susan Dey, or Shirley Jones for that matter?

9. Red Dead Ryan - April 3, 2012


“Not to be a dick (and he was probably just answering a question) but was anybody here hoping for a Takei appearance?”

Probably about one or two people, outside of Takei himself. No more than that though.

Takei: “I can’t imagine Bill Shatner running”.

And I can’t imagine you actually being able to act!

Sheesh, at least William Shatner’s ego was born out of his ability to act, and entertain. On the other hand, I don’t know where George got his inflated ego from, apart from his apparent jealousy.

10. BringBackKirkPrime - April 3, 2012

Hey Basement Blogger, I’m with you! I was always hoping they would bring the original audio from the crew of the original series back from the Vulcan Fury taping. That looked like it would have made for a great movie! And, if they still have those recordings somewhere, we could get a CGI version of the story which would look a lot more real than what they had in mind when they created the recordings.

11. Jack - April 3, 2012

The nice thing about a cameo in these remakes-of-movies/tv-shows, I’d argue, is that you get to see someone you haven’t seen on TV, in film in a while.

But I probably see Shatner and Takei — on TV, YouTube, in newspapers, everywhere — more than I see my parents or my neighbors.

12. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2012

This isn’t news.

Saying Takei isn’t going to be making an appearance in JJ’s Trek films is like announcing the Sun will rise in the morning.


13. Michael Hall - April 3, 2012

Mr. Takei–

You were given a wonderful opportunity to finally play Hikaru Sulu as a fully realized, central character in Phase 2’s “World Enough and Time,” and you did great by the part. With all respect, you don’t need to play second fiddle to John Cho or anyone else in Paramount’s megapalooza tentpole franchise to remind fans of who embodied the role for nearly five decades. We know, and we’ll remember.

14. Tom - April 3, 2012

Still say they blew it big time by not doing the Shatner scene. If only there were some way to do it.

15. montreal_paul - April 3, 2012

@14 Tom

I agree 100%. They missed a huge opportunity there. The scene was absolutely well written and would have been an amazing scene. They should have pitched it to Shatner anyway. Who cares if he said he wouldn’t do a cameo… I am sure if he read the scene, he would have done it. It would have been great for the movie, the fans and Bill (he would have loved stealing the movie one last time.) And, if he said no… they it would have been on Shatner. A huge missed opportunity guys. I’m talking to you, Bob Orci! ;) That one scene encapsulated Kirk to me.

16. Phil - April 3, 2012

Hey, George, shooting is 2/3 done. The phone would have rung in December, if at all. I’m sure there is a fan flick production somewhere if you want to strap Sulu on one more time….

17. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2012


I dunno……..Shatner as Kirk singing Happy Birthday might have been cringe-inducing.

18. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2012


Tch, tch, Phil…..suggesting a “strap on” to George is bad form! :>)

19. montreal_paul - April 3, 2012

Harry, he did a great job with “row, row, row your boat.” :)

20. Red Dead Ryan - April 3, 2012


Shatner would have read a message written by Kirk to Spock. I don’t think they would have included the song “Happy Birthday” as the studio would have had to pay out royalties to the writer.

21. VZX - April 3, 2012

This reminds me of a Seth Myers “Really?”

I mean, why would anyone want to see old Sulu in a new Trek?

I hope for no past-Trek actor cameos in any new Trek movie. Nimoy was perfect and enough. Let’s move on….

22. Viking - April 3, 2012

Harry – they have that little blue pill for guys of George’s vintage. Save those entendres for an Ellen DeGeneres thread. NYAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA…………

23. Daoud - April 3, 2012

Takei would now make a perfect Admiral Nogura.
I always suspected that Nogura’s daughter married Sulu’s father. Then it all makes sense.
I wish that the writers’ strike hadn’t kept Orci from writing a scene for Uhura’s mother to be played by Nichelle in Trek ’09… that could have worked, even if she was on a viewscreen checking in on her, warning her about Vulcans, and farmboys from Iowa.

24. TyrannicalFascist - April 3, 2012

#6 – I agree – do this.

Secret of Vulcan’s Fury could be like a lost episode in a way.

25. Jason - April 3, 2012

#12 – Or that Takei is gay. Can we just move on now from that?

26. VulcanFilmCritic - April 3, 2012

If Star Trek 12 bombs (not that I harbor any schadenfreude towards the film) then you can bet there will be at least one stunt cameo for the third film, especially since it coincides with the 50th anniversary.
If it does OK, then the TOS crew can finally retire. For real.

27. Bryan - April 3, 2012

lololol Danny Bonaduce is alive?

28. Shilliam Watner - April 3, 2012

I think TOS was retired in a very dignified way. Nimoy’s role was short, but very enjoyable, in spite of the use of too much coincidence. He handed over the responsibility to the next generation (sorry) to continue the tradition, and he did it well. And they did very well also, seeing as how they’ve only had two hours so far to show their vision.

Takei and the rest of the cast has probably played their characters for the last time. An era has passed.

29. Jack - April 3, 2012

I don’t think anyone other than us and Paramount’s marketing department really cares about Trek’s 50th birthday.

And, not to be a dick yet again, I really wasn’t thrilled with that hologram scene. Sentimental, fanboy dreck. I guess I am being a dick.

30. montreal_paul - April 3, 2012

@29 Jack

Yup… at you being a dick, that is. ;) I keeeed!!!!

31. Harry Ballz - April 3, 2012


Well, yes, otherwise where do you draw the line?

In 2026, for the 60th anniversary of Trek, have Shatner and Nimoy do a cameo (having tucked their oxygen tanks and walkers aside for the moment) in the latest film at the age of 95?


32. NCM - April 3, 2012

Yeah, enough with the cameos. Nimoy’s part in the last film was essential to the story. Cameos with TOS crew at this point would seem silly, I think.

33. Ben R - April 3, 2012

Thanks for the link to the ECCC video! I wasn’t able to make it this year.

34. Jack - April 3, 2012

#30. No it’s true. I am. No idea why I dislike that scene so much. I guess ’cause to me, it seems like it doesn’t really work as a passing of the torch (and I don’t really think the torch passing matters to most people seeing this movie, even most fans). It seems like a fannish, very-good-intentioned way to squeeze in Shatner – look, you and Kirk really will be buddies, see, hey, don’t take my word for it, look at this YouTube video he did for my, okay, our, birthday! Look, I even still have it on my phone! No, you can’t watch it later. See! Okay, this part is great. We were *that* close! You guys have to hang out more. He plays chess too you know.

But I felt the same way about the McCoy/Data scene in the TNG pilot. It was cute, but just too sentimental. For the whole first couple of seasons of that show, they were too conscious of what had come before, of the shoes they had to fill, even while trying to not be TOS/have original aliens etc.

I think either it had to have had Shatner’s Kirk in a real role (and as Kirk, not as Shatner), or nothing. To bring him in at the end for a recorded “I love you Spock, we had great times together” is just a bit too gooey and takes the focus off the times/adventures they’re about to have. And, technically, it just kind of slows things down. It also really brings attention, to me as a fan, to the shitty sendoff Kirk had in Generations (the mouldering in retirement, not just the lame death), which we know will happen after this recording.

But I know scores of people disagree with me.

There’s also the small problem that Shatner and Pine look/act nothing alike and that Shatner’s so well known for being Shatner now.

35. Fueled by Armus - April 3, 2012

$10 says he knows because he asked.

36. Buzz Cagney - April 3, 2012

I think they should get Takei in to build a bridge. I’m sure they could always use someone to fetch tools or make coffee :-p

37. Ned Kelly - April 3, 2012

Hi Guys,

The proposed Shatner cameo in ST 2009 seems to have passed me by. I remember reading occasional comments about it, but is there a draft script somewhere online as people seem to know what the cameo was about? Can somone please point me towards it as I would love to read it if there is. Was anything actually filmed?


38. Ned Kelly - April 3, 2012

Sorry, scratch that , found it at

Must have missed that one.

39. Chasco - April 3, 2012

George was asked the question. He answered it. Stop bitching!

Haven’t seen Danny Bonaduce for a while. Didn’t he and Chris Doohan once crash Sonny Bono’s car? :-)

40. Buzz Cagney - April 3, 2012

I’m no fan of that Kirk ‘Happy Birthday’ scene either. I am quite surprised at its, apparent, popularity.
I think they chose wisely when they left it out. It wasn’t as if the movie needed any more emotion. It was jammed with it from the opening scene’s.
Hoping for more next time too!

41. Admiral_Bumblebee - April 4, 2012

I’m looking forward to another reboot. Hey, the are even rebooting Halloween again, so it is time for Star Trek reboot, too.

42. Jack - April 4, 2012

40. Yeah, and I wasn’t meaning to slam the writers — I’d got the sense that they thought it didn’t really work.

43. pilotfred - April 4, 2012

i love the original program in fact i have just brought them on blu-ray(oh yeah they never looked so good)however i so don’t want cameos from the original actors i sort of get the first film however the new actors need to stand on there on feet and not been over looked as shatner is in it or takei

44. Greenberg - April 4, 2012

Who do I have to nag to get Secret of Vulcan Fury going as a Kickstarter? (ie. money to bribe whoever it is to hand over the recordings to someone who can use them to make a game or an animated show).

45. Calastir - April 4, 2012

I can imagine Bill Shatner running just fine, though I seem to recall George sitting down most of the time on the Excelsior bridge…

Please bury the hatchet, guys. Or not, but stop dragging us into your feud.

46. Buzz Cagney - April 4, 2012

#45 except when he was crawling around on Excelsiors deck. I can’t recall Kirk looking quite as pathetic as Sulu did in that shockwave scene.

47. VOODOO - April 4, 2012

Why is Takei obsessed with Shatner? I like Takei, but he was a bit player on Shatner/Nimoy’s program.

48. Trekboi - April 4, 2012

I see no problem with the original actors playing other parts- that would be nice but they would need a really good reason to bring back the characters

49. what?! - April 4, 2012

George Takei should be in the next Harold and Kumar movie.

50. TrekMD - April 4, 2012

I agree with Trekboi. No need to do cameos of their original characters but it would be nifty to see at least one of the actors cast in some other role…particulary if the third movie does come out on the 50th anniversary of the show.

51. Horatio - April 4, 2012

George. Let. It. Be. Geesh.

The TOS crew has done their bit for King and Country.

52. The Professor - April 4, 2012

I would love to see all of the still living (and well) TOS crew in cameo roles, but not as their original roles; just walk-ons or in a crowd scene.

53. Kirk, James T. - April 4, 2012

I can’t seem to really bring myself to appreciate George Takei anymore.

He always seems to be trying too hard to be WIlliam Shatner, forcing his celebrity on the fans and the general public at large… Failing that he always seems to use every public interview to take an undeserved and unwarranted bash at Shatner.

His role on Star Trek was important but he was at most a bit-part character on the Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley show. James Doohan had a bigger role, in fact Takei’s role in Star Trek was only slightly larger than that of Grace-Lee Whitney’s or Michelle Barrett-Roddenbery’s

54. Simon - April 4, 2012

What I don’t understand is the continued clamor for a Sulu/Excelsior series.

Was I the only one who saw the Voyager episode “Flashback”? Takei’s performance was terrible. He didn’t have a strong director like Nick Meyer in charge to reign in his real-life personality from overwhelming the character. Now imagine that 26 episodes a season with a constant rotation of TV directors. A nightmare that fortunately never happened.

55. LongTimeTrekFan - April 4, 2012

While I concur that the TOS’s cast’s day has passed, I suppose I’m less amused at the presumption that cameos are intended in any way for the primary audience.

I simply see them as teasers to bridge the audience gap from the legacy fan community to the ‘new’ 18-35 audience they’re targeting now. (e.g. More box office $). Personally, I was pleased to see Nimoy in ST’09, and believe it was a useful transition plot. But I imagine the box office receipts would have hardly noticed his absence.

56. JTKIRK4EVER - April 4, 2012

Maybe I’m crazy… But I believe it would be incredibly EASY to have the Shat back for another Star Trek Adventure… Anyone see Mirror Mirror? Bring him back as a bad a$$ older & wiser Tiberious! The story lines are truly endless in space… Spock died and was brought back by Vulcan mysticism and then conviently travels back in time to beginning of Star Treks reboot… Com’on people you must be over thinking this stuff… How much screen time did Nimoy have in the last one? Give Shat his due, probably 20 minutes or so…
Bring Back Kirk B4 it’s really too late!

57. Red Dead Ryan - April 4, 2012


I’ll have to disagree with you on the McCoy/Data scene. I thought it worked perfectly because it was short and sweet. Had it gone on longer, it would have ended up being overly-sentimental and cheesy. But the writers got that one part of the episode perfect.

The only problem I had with the Kirk hologram scene is that if they had included it in the movie, it would have overshadowed Pine-Kirk’s scene featuring his promotion to Captain of the Enterprise. The planned scene, I believe, had featured NuSpock being given the hologram from Spock Prime, and watching the message as it was intercut with NuKirk’s promotion. That is probably why J.J said no to the scene.

58. rm10019 - April 4, 2012

If the new PS3 Trek game is good, I would hope DigitalExtremes would consider doing more, and this could be a great avenue to include some of the classic actors.

Same goes for the Next Gen acting group as well!

59. Red Dead Ryan - April 4, 2012

Also, I think I have to say this:

WILLIAM SHATNER WILL NOT BE IN THE SEQUEL. The writers have said so, and Shatner has said it himself as well.

So there you have it, no more TOS cameos. From now on its the new cast. Just as it should be. Time for them to carry the load.

60. Desstruxion - April 4, 2012


61. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 4, 2012

53: Who the heck is Michelle Barrett-Roddenbery? :)

62. Shilliam Watner - April 4, 2012

I was all NOT for Shatner being in the new film. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Shat (check out my name here again) and am a fan of his, and Shatner’s Kirk will always be one of my favorite characters. But I feel like William Shatner stopped playing Kirk sometime after TWOK, and became more like William Shatner. His Kirk no longer convinced me.

Nimoy, on the other other hand, still plays Spock perfectly. He was the only choice for the passing of the torch. They couldn’t have done it with much more dignity.

The hologram scene would have only provided a great sense of pandering and misplaced sentimentality. They weren’t trying to say goodbye to the original cast, they were trying to establish a new one. Nimoy was given a small but essential role to play and it worked well. Signed and sealed. No need for any more “cameos.”

63. Sebastian S. - April 4, 2012

By far and away, he is the FUNNIEST cast member of TOS. I so wish we’d got to know this side of Takei during the run of TOS and the TOS movies (of course, the times weren’t progressive enough then, I’m afraid). My wife follows him on facebook, and I think he’s great.

May he live far longer and continue to prosper… ;-)

64. Sebastian S. - April 4, 2012


Agreed! He’d fit right into those movies…. ;-D

65. Jack - April 4, 2012

@57. Weirdly, I’d never thought of that scene as bothering before until I started writing that post — the scene itself was fine. I think part of me wanted McCoy to be spry and stick around and be a part of it all:)

And I think I was sad that, in the last couple of movies Shatner was in, there was that idea of them being relics and well past their prime… Shatner was only in his early 60s, and Kirk could have been around and thriving in some useful role for a long time (considering it was probably only midlife in the 23rd century). Running for office. Staying in command, whatever. The “we’ve done our bit for king and country” didn’t quite feel right to me — it was an attitude the character had overcome on a bunch of occasions before…

…and, 20 years later, the actors who played Kirk and Spock are thriving, and more active than most of us.

I don’t know. Just musing.

66. Red Dead Ryan - April 4, 2012


Yeah, I agree with you on all counts. I like Shatner a lot as an entertainer, but starting with “The Voyage Home” he began acting like himself. And he seemed tired of it all in “The Undiscovered Country” but ended up taking the big bucks to have his character killed off in “Generations”. I think at some point during the eighties his ego took over, and it showed in the later movies.

But, “The Wrath Of Khan” and “The Search For Spock” both featured Shatner at his finest as Kirk. Nick Meyer was able to bring out the best in William Shatner in TWOK, and TSFS allowed him to continue that.

67. Shilliam Watner - April 4, 2012

66. Red Dead Ryan – Yep, I agree. But I even liked him in TMP. I thought it was brave of them to show Kirk in an unflattering light. By that I mean stealing Enterprise from its captain, with no intention of giving it back. It really was a better written role than people give it credit for.

At least, that’s what I think.

68. Shilliam Watner - April 4, 2012

65. Jack – You make a good point about them aging, but in the end I think it was the box office receipts that did them in. If the movies had been profitable enough, they would still be making them.

Everything has its time, I suppose.

69. Sebastian S. - April 5, 2012

# 67.

The more I watch ST-TMP (Director’s Cut), the more I get out of it. It is a much better film than its detractor’s would indicate. I especially like the McCoy/Kirk confrontation in Kirk’s quarters (after the wormhole incident); it crystalized your point about Kirk being painted in a less-than-flattering light. A bold step indeed. My only regret is that the scene didn’t go on a bit longer.

ST-TMP is perhaps the only ST movie that really qualifies as genuine science fiction (with it’s existential questions of machine sentience) and not just space opera/adventure. Nothing against the other movies (far from it; I love those as well). But ST-TMP was a unique experiment in the ST movie canon (more “2001” than “Star Wars”), and over time I appreciate that quality of it more and more.

70. Phil - April 5, 2012

@69. Agreed, TMP is still my favorite. It also hinted and the grand scale of the universe, something to be explored further. Instead we ended up with adventure of the week sequels – I’m not complaining, but there was a lot of untapped potential at the end of TMP that remains unexplored.

71. Red Dead Ryan - April 5, 2012

“The Motion Picture”, on paper, was a good concept. And a unique one at that. Unfortunately, on the screen, it came off as slow, tedious, and overly long at times. I think better pacing would have helped the film immensely.
I did like the character interactions between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The flyby around the newly refitted Enterprise is still enjoyable, and the exterior shots of the Enterprise entering V’ger is epic. The music is some of the best in the entire franchise.

It’s not a bad movie. But not a great one either; I’d put it as okay.

72. Chain of Command - April 5, 2012

In a small way, back when the 2009 film was announced, I was hoping that it would just be a complete reboot. I was happy with the route they went but I was one of those fans who wouldn’t have minded if they had just started over.

There is really no need to have cameos from original cast members or any other cast member from any other series. It’s time to move on and do something NEW. There is no need for cameos, homages and in-jokes. The plot of ST09 required the presence of Nimoy’s Spock to make it work. ST2013 can be its’ own thing.

If anything, I want to see the new group do less of a “MTV Camera, Michael Bay Action Movie” and something that is clever and thought-provoking. I’m not saying we need a “2001” type of film (Because, let’s face it, NO ONE would have the patience to see that) but what about something that just really makes the viewer think? Action films are fun, but “Star Trek” is better than that.

73. Jack - April 5, 2012

71. Some days I think TMP did the best job, of all the movies, of capturing Trek, off pacing aside. I really wish the Decker/Illa stuff had somehow been rewritten (a romance between two characters we’ve just met and will never see again) — and, yeah, the first 20 minutes are slow. But I still remember that thrill of seeing it the first time and that, “wow, they really are in space!” feeling (I was 8). The character stuff was good, I think — they were all a heck of a lot different than we’d last seen them because, hey, they need each otherTM (awwww!).

I like to think that Kirk was definitely flawed in TOS (as were Spock and McCoy) — they make mistakes, big ones and all three of them have, well, issues (with family, with women… the list goes on)… otherwise there’d be no point in telling those stories.

74. Sebastian S. - April 5, 2012

# 73 Jack

Agreed with the awe and grandeur of space travel that ST-TMP instilled in me (I was about 12 or 13 when I saw it). I remember seeing it in a theatre where the air conditioning seemed especially chilly; almost like the chill of a vacuum (hee hee). The experience of watching ST-TMP almost reminded me of those planetarium shows where you sit under the dome and feel ‘immersed’ in outer space…

I agree it had pacing issues, but then again, I also loved “2001: A Space Odyssey” (saw it at a revival screening when I was 17) and the 1972 version of “Solaris” (“Solaris” is slow, but also strangely hypnotic if you’re really open to it). Occasionally, I enjoy being lulled into the slower, more majestic imagery of those kinds of movies.

These days, movies are so jump-cuttingly rapid that the images (while often beautiful) rarely have time to really work their way into one’s subconscious the way the older movies used to. Call me old-fashioned, but I kind of miss that. I miss the ‘immersion’ experience (and no, I’m not referring to 3D)….

75. treksturbation - April 6, 2012

Why do people continue to describe star trek as ‘the franchise’? Do you people realize how pathetically disconnected that sounds from a st universe perspective and how totally business and financial oriented it makes it seem? Let us not forget that although star trek does make money, it was doing so on the emphasis of depicting the future of humanity as being money-less! You want a franchise for the sake of a franchise? Go to chucky cheese!

76. Tom - April 6, 2012

i just wish they would have offered that scene to Shatner. Would have been nice to see it as an alternate ending and compare. Obviously it is not feasible to bring in a Shatner and Nimoy just to do that. Usually those alternate endings are shot and cut from the movie.

77. paustin - April 6, 2012

well put

78. Dom - April 6, 2012

75. treksturbation: ‘Why do people continue to describe star trek as ‘the franchise’?’

Because it is.

‘Do you people realize how pathetically disconnected that sounds from a st universe perspective and how totally business and financial oriented it makes it seem?’

Yes. Because Star Trek is about making money for the studio. If it doesn’t make money, adios Star Trek!

‘Let us not forget that although star trek does make money, it was doing so on the emphasis of depicting the future of humanity as being money-less!’

TNG brought in that moronic idea, spun off from a joke in the generally humorous STIV. It’s quite clear in TOS, TAS and all the licenced spin-offs from that period that these are working people paid to do a job. Even DS9 mocked the stupidity of Federation citizens all supposedly being unpaid state employees!

‘You want a franchise for the sake of a franchise?’

Actually, a couple of decent films are fine for me! ;)

‘Go to chucky cheese!’

The Berman years beautifully described!! ;)

79. Sebastian S. - April 6, 2012

#78 Dom

Your post made me chuckle…. ;-D
Well put.

Funny thing is, I remember references to earning pay in TOS Star Trek; Federation credits, “Scotty, you’ve earned your pay for the week”, etc.

And DS9 made it clear that (somehow) Starfleet officers seem to pay their bar tabs.

Calling Trek a ‘franchise’ is not a disgrace; it’s a statement of fact. The studio refers to it that way, as do the producers and writers of the show (and the movies). It makes money; hence, more Star Trek for us fans.

I fail to see the problem…

80. MirrorMirrorUserStarTrekFan - April 7, 2012

Response to 72. Chain of Command

they did try something new it was called “Enterprise” and as a series if failed, even if it was better made than Deep Space Nine, and the Next Gen.. Enterprise was star trek best tv series, and the network that hosted it took it down, the only thing left now of star trek is either new rebooted movies, or fan made star trek series like star trek new voyages like for example the child which was just released from the fan creators, which is the closed thing that exists in our mirror mirror viewed world for online web watching possiblely
the fan series even went as far as to do this Star Trek Phase 2 – Special Featurette on YouTube, just watch this they fix the 2009 timeline movie, but that being said , the reboot made it impossible for ds9 or voyager to ever have a movie, since by reboot it with the first crew, they rewritten out the rest of the old star trek, from my understand , or course they could always do mirror mirror shows for star trek from now on, in any cause I wish the acting was a little better in the fan series but want to you expect for a free online show good acting, well most of them have good actoring just lacking perfect character protrail, but then so did Bones in 2009 movie it feel like his character was not the best done for bones, otherwise I don’t mind the kirk not feeling like the TOS kirk at all, it was some how off, but the actor picked as bones, didn’t look or sound anything like the TOS bones not even a little bit, anyone else feel that was, otherwise I am looking forward to seeing their next Star Trek 2 rebooted movie. but until then the fan series will have to do I guess, too bad star trek is not on tv anymore, plus a lot of good shows are starting to slowly go off tv again….

81. Ami - April 7, 2012

I wish they had at least filmed the Shatner 2009 scene. Even if it didn’t make it into the final cut, I would have loved to see how it would have looked as a Deleted Scene or Alternate Ending on the DVD.

The idea of Shatner singing “Happy Birthday” might be a bit cringe-inducing, but I think Spock and Kirk definitely deserve some sort of closure and that small “I miss you, old friend” message would have been a nice way to end it. Certainly a better ending that the shitty dropped-a-bridge-on-him death from Generations. :(

82. treksturbation - April 7, 2012

‘blablablabla treek 2009 is great’

I rest my case….

‘TNG brought in that moronic idea’

No it didn’t. TOS did. It just didn’t fully iron it out in the first season where you hear many references about ‘pay’ such as scotty making his pay for the week or whatever.Otherwise it is clear that the monetary system as we know it today does not exist in OS universe. Roddenberry clearly wanted to depict a future where money was not the incentive for growth. And it started in TOS.

83. Tom - April 7, 2012

81 Ami

I totally agree. I still cannot believe that the didn’t do the scene. I really wish they would try to do something to make it happen as unrealistic as that might be

84. MJ - April 7, 2012

“Leonard (Nimoy) made a cameo in the first one, and I thought they would include the still-living one of us in the subsequent ones, but I think they made a policy decision they’re going to try to get away from that confusion, and the story track of bringing an old ancient Spock back. So they don’t have any cameos for any of us in the next one, and from what I understand, should there be another J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie (beyond the one currently being filmed), it will be without any of us.”

My goodness, his myopic ego is really out of control. I am sorry, but it is just laughable to that Takei would be included in the upcoming movie. How much medical reefer is poor old George using these days?

85. MJ - April 7, 2012

@81 @81

I am so thankful that they DID NOT film the Shatner scene. His Trek time has long since past, and he is a very well paid comedic buffoon these days, whose egotistical persona would have overshadowed the whole first movie.

86. Tom - April 7, 2012

85 MJ

i am at the point where I still would like to have seen it filmed. Many people think it would have made for a better ending. Many like yourself believe it could have ruined it. I think it would be interesting to see it to compare. Of course there would be no harm done since the movie is long past and successful.

87. MirrorUserStarTrekFan - April 7, 2012

I remember this game I wish they had finished it and put it on dvd, I was looking forward to Star trek Secret of Vulcan Fury back in 1999, too bad it never made it to the light of day, that old TOS 3D game, it look cool ,and was the last time the old cast got together to voice the characters, and yes they did get bones to voice the lines in it, which is a question a few people asked before, I read it online somewhere from a source that said, he did the first part of the lines, he just didn’t make changes since he dead before they finished this game, it was too bad , that game was going to be the best star trek game ever made in this world.


But they can still do a CGI animated feature. I say make the abandoned video game “Secret of Vulcan Fury” into a CGI animated feature. There’s already dialog from the original cast. Story and script by D.C. Fontana. Come on CBS. Again, great video clips from the game.

Trailers for the game.

Listen to Shatner and Doohan’s voices for the game in this trailer. “Space, the final frontier….”

D.C. Fontana tells TrekMovie that she would like CBS to release the story to her so she can do something with it.

88. AUserStarTrekFan - April 7, 2012

I can’t see George Takei as sulu in a JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel either not sure I would want to see him in the plot, I can’t see how he would end up in a new plot, and I think this is the last movie we are going to see by JJ abrams , I can’t say any of his tv shows these days have work after lost, he just lost the prime story or good plots I guess, I yes the new movie was not true to the old TOS tv series, maybe if he based it off the movies, but not the tv series, its a big difference in a feeling or how the star trek feel at the time, but again not ever one can create a star trek phase 2 series, I think JJ adrams can’t pull off a tv series based on star trek phase 2 if he put his money into it , I guess, its one thing to create a movie and its another thing to keep a series like TOS star trek running for 3 seasons, I don’t think JJ adrams has that in him and that’s why he is sticking with movies only…..

89. MJ - April 8, 2012


1. A grammatical unit that is syntactically independent and has a subject that is expressed or, as in imperative sentences, understood and a predicate that contains at least one finite verb.

90. AUserStarTrekFan - April 8, 2012

dude, I don’t care if its not English class corrected right, nor do I care about that simple face sulu, or George takei would not be wanted in a new star trek movie.

it just would not work out simple face..

ow and I hope my past English teachers from school are not stocking my online comments, that would just be sad. since I was not going for sentence correct or anything like that.

91. AUserStarTrekFan - April 8, 2012

dude, I don’t care if its not English class corrected right, nor do I care about that simple fact sulu, or George takei would not be wanted in a new star trek movie.

it just would not work out simple fact..

ow and I hope my past English teachers from school are not stocking my online comments, that would just be sad. since I was not going for sentence correct or anything like that.
I do not have a glowing keyboard, in my dark room, so sometimes I type the wrong keys. so here I corrected my spelling errors for ya.

92. AUserStarTrekFan - April 8, 2012

so really MJ from Iron-Man show?? that’s funny.

93. Red Dead Ryan - April 8, 2012


Try learning how to write in sentences!

94. Mr. Pizzaman - April 16, 2012

George Takei is an icon of the original TV series. Let’s please give him some respect… and slelping is not raelly imtorpant aynawy…

95. Mr. Pizzaman - April 16, 2012

Spinlleg is not raelly imtorpant aynawy…Let’s give those icons from the original Star trek series the respect they do deserve!!!

96. ImperialFighter - April 30, 2012

Seems he was wrong about Nimoy being asked back anyway… is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.