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Scott Bakula: Star Trek Enterprise Was ‘Victim of Circumstance’ April 12, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,ENT , trackback

Debating the reasons for the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise after four years on UPN is another favorite pastime of Trek fans. And in a new interview promoting his appearance at this weekend’s Toronto Comic Con, show star Scott Bakula weighs in with his theory, saying the show was the "victim of circumstance."


Bakula on Enterprise’s Demise

Talking to Canada’s Canoe News, Scott Bakula weighed in on why Star Trek: Enterprise never saw a fifth season:

"I have to tell you, there were so many political things that happened in the time that we were on the air, with networks being bought and sold and studios changing personnel completely. I never really felt like we had failed as much as we were victims of circumstance. I felt like our show got better and better, and the overwhelming conversations I’ve had with people are like, ‘Oh man, that last season was the greatest. You guys were just hitting your stride.’ I said to the cast going in ‘Please don’t count on seven years. We’re on a network with completely different rules.’ We made 98 hours of television, a huge success by most standards."

So there you have it. It was all office politics.

Bakula and his fellow Enterprise ‘Victims’

Bakula helps end Desperate Housewives

Scott has a recurring role in the final episodes of the 8th (and final) season of Desperate Housewives, playing a lawyer defending Bree (Marcia Cross) on a murder charge. The series finale airs on April 29th.

Here is a clip of Bakula on the show.

Scott at Toronto Comic Con + Stockwell and Ryan

And this weekend Scott will be appearing at WizardWorld Toronto Comic Con. Also on hand will be Bakula’s Quantum Leap co-star Dean Stockwell and Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan. More details at   

Bakula at Wizard World Toronto this weekend


1. captainbrainpain - April 12, 2012

Bakula is a classy guy. He is right about Enterprise too. It is a shame it had to end the way it did…just wasn’t right:/

2. StevenPDX - April 12, 2012

I loved Enterprise. It was just coming into its own, tackling some great topics and arcs, when it was taken off…too early in my opinion.

3. cd - April 12, 2012

It was a Berman and Braga production, so we get stuff like aliens in WWII, lizard pituitary gland in poor Porthos, and the whole Temporary War waste of time and the Xindi garbage.
When they finally started acting like they were in the same universe as TOS, it was too little, too late.

4. j_randomuser - April 12, 2012

Here, here!

“Enterprise” was some of the best Trek aired. It was a travesty that they pulled the plug after four seasons. That being said, the glut in the market _was_ there. Still, it’s sad that some of their best work was right before the carpet got yanked out from underneith them.

5. cd - April 12, 2012

Not first I guess .;>}
But the problems with the show had nothing to do with the cast.
Bakula and the rest were top notch. They did the best they could with what they were given.

6. Anthony Thompson - April 12, 2012

AP, your article has an uncharacteristicly snarky tone. You’ve gotta admit that the show did indeed hit it’s stide in that last seaon!

7. Toonloon - April 12, 2012

The last season was the best Trek in many, many years. DS9 was my favourite of the new shows but it was a totally different kind of show. S4 of ENT was superb, IMO. But the seasons prior to that had too much of the “here we go again” factor. Just because they said “polarize the hull plating” doesn’t mean that they’re not giving us the same old schtick as “raise the shields”. Lazy writing. Shame, because the characters were among the most interesting in all of Trek. Only DS9 had better, more interesting characters, IMO.

8. Basement Blogger - April 12, 2012

I finished seasons three and four of Enterprise last year. It was Star Trek and it was great. Putting those shows on UPN was a disaster. Here in Cincinnati, UPN was on a low power TV station that did not initially get carried by cable. This availability issue happened nationwide in various degrees. I miss Star Trek on TV. As our leader, Anthony Pasquale, puts it.

“I do believe that Star Trek is at its best on TV, a medium that allows for more complex storytelling and character development.” Link.

Amen, Captain Pasquale.


UPN’s lack of availability hurt Star Trek.

9. Buzz Cagney - April 12, 2012

The cast might well have been good, but the characters they portrayed were just not compelling or likeable.
This show would appear to nail the theory that the best place for character development is on TV. They were dull to start with, and they remained dull.
Archer was quite easily the least characterful of all the Captains and its hardly a surprise that Bakula, an actor I had previously like in Quantum Leap, totally phoned it in. His heart just didn’t look to be in it. Reading his comments above I can see why now.

10. TBonz - April 13, 2012

Interesting title. ;)

11. MJ - April 13, 2012

Sheesh, another Enterprise actor/writer/crew blaming the show’s failure on others. This is getting old. Bakula and the rest of them on Enterprise need to stop pretending it was about external factors and accept their responsibility for not doing a very good Star Trek series…period!

@6 “AP, your article has an uncharacteristicly snarky tone. You’ve gotta admit that the show did indeed hit it’s stide in that last season!”

If going from “this show sucks” to “this is now at least watchable” is “hitting it’s stride,” then sure. :-)

12. CaptainDonovin - April 13, 2012

I loved the show. I found it funny that people were so upset over everything from the ship to Porthos, the Temporal Cold War. I agree the stories were repeating themselves with episodes having themes seen in other Trek series but it was a fun show.

I would have just liked a few more years & to have found out who Future Guy was. My guess was he was a Romulan wanting to change the past to stop that star from wipping oit Romulus & creating the most dangerous thing ever encountered in space: blinding lense flare.

13. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 13, 2012

Enterprise was hitting it’s stride. As soon as Berman realised that he could no longer get away from Star Trek and let Manny Cotto take over and embrace Star Trek it got really good. But by then. It was to late.

14. mr. trek77 - April 13, 2012

yeah it was.

shame they didnt maked a new series about nx columbia, during the romulan war with archer & co as regular guest-stars…..

ohh boy…………….

15. Dr. Cheis - April 13, 2012

UPN didn’t last much longer after they got rid of Enterprise. Even if the show had stayed around for a season 5, it seems like it was far too unstable an environment to make it to season 6 or 7.

16. Todd Culver - April 13, 2012

I loved Enterprise. Infact, I still watch it on DVD. It ended to early.

17. Jay El Jay - April 13, 2012

Not too late to bring it back….

18. Calastir - April 13, 2012

Taking 4 seasons before hitting your stride is far too long, mr. Bakula.

Besides, TOS did that from episode 1 in the sixties, and they only had 3.

19. spock69 - April 13, 2012

Enterprise was excellent.
It is the changing face of US tv that caused it to be cancelled.
American idol and X factor are what the bean counters want now.

Storytelling is no longer making the big bucks…..sadly.

Any news on a certain movie currently in production???????

20. rtrj - April 13, 2012

17. I agree! Enterprise had found its way. It would be great to bring it back!

21. PaulB. - April 13, 2012

I know I’m in the minority here, but I think Enterprise was better Trek than TNG or VOY by a long shot. It had a sense of space being unknown, dangerous, wild–you know, the final FRONTIER instead of the final neighborhood?

In fact, I liked seasons 1 and 2 of Enterprise better than the 3 and 4. The whole Xindi arc was okay, a bit like reading a substandard Trek novel. Season 4 had lots of TOS nods, but it lost that frontier feeling and regained the talk-around-the-conference-table feeling of TNG. But the first two seasons felt dangerous, unsure, risky. Even Archer’s wildly erratic and questionable command style added something…for a while.

The characters were either starry-eyed or terrified of being “out there.” For example, the first-season ep where Hoshi freaks out about the dead aliens they find on another ship really worked for me. There was a sense of being the first humans to encounter these wonders instead of the been-there/done-that attitude of TNG and later shows.

Then again, I’m also a fan who think ST6 was a wretched film (almost as bad as 5), and that Insurrection was a better TNG story than any other TNG movie, and that First Contact was–despite the action–a stupid movie from the first moments, and that ST:TMP was the most “Star Trek” of all the Star Trek movies.

Yeah, I’m not in the mainstream of fan opinion anymore.

22. jamesingeneva - April 13, 2012

like it or leave it, what we had then was a hell of a lot better than what we have on now, NOTHING! The fan shows are as good as they can make them, the movies we have to wait forever for, we’re reduced to re-runs if/when you can catch them on TV or watching them on Netflix. I personally thought Season 4 was ripe and wish they had given Manny another year. I sure would love to watch new episodes of Enterprise compared to all these stupid Vampire, Warewolf, Faux Reality shows… TV is rapidly dumbing down the future of America… At least Trek provoked some intellectual thought and an admiration for others

23. PaulB. - April 13, 2012

18. Calastir “Taking 4 seasons before hitting your stride is far too long, mr. Bakula. Besides, TOS did that from episode 1 in the sixties, and they only had 3.”

In all fairness, that’s not true. Even ignoring the Cage/Pike stuff, TOS started off on unsure feet: Spock smiling while dismissing Earth emotions, saying “one of his ancestors” was human instead of his mom (true, an ancestor, I guess) and that he was a “Vulcanian.” Kirk’s middle initial was R, then was changed to T. Also, no McCoy in “Where No Man…”

So, they hadn’t hit their stride with the character details and histories, relationships and job duties, or any number of things.

TOS stumbled and fumbled a bit, just like Enterprise, before finding the “stride” that we remember so fondly. You should never wear rose-colored glasses while taking a walk down memory lane.

24. Lope de Aguirre - April 13, 2012

“Enterpris” shares the honor of being my favorite Trek show with “Deep Space Nine”. It really sadens me that this very good show had to end sooner than planed.

25. Calastir - April 13, 2012

23. @ PaulB.
In all fairness, you’re mentioning nits while I was talking about overall quality and tone. I’m OK with nits. But TOS was unique and had no example or format to work from, while Enterprise had plenty. So taking 4 seasons to find your stride in my opinion is unforgiveable and cancellation after this much time was what it rightfully deserved.

I don’t think I’m looking at TOS rose-colored, unlike some folk I won’t stick to a 4 year bad relationship, just because my partner keeps promising betterment. Life’s too short and time is money.

26. PaulB. - April 13, 2012

25 – Well, I disagree with the idea that Enterprise took 4 seasons to find their stride. I think they found it in the first season, lost it with the Xindi stuff, and then changed strides entirely with season 4, taking on a TNG/VOY vibe (imho).

I gave examples that were nits, but they were illustrating the overall lack of a stride in TOS for much of the first season. And I specifically pointed out the character relationships, which is NOT a nit–it’s a big point. TOS didn’t get the main relationship really working for a handful of episodes, at least.

That’s all I was saying to you: I don’t think it’s an accurate claim to say TOS hit its stride from episode 1, especially when using that claim to criticize Enterprise. Both shows took a while to find their vibe, and both shows lost their mojo in season 3, but only ENT got a 4th season to re-find its footing. TOS found its footing in the movies, after stumbling at the start with TMP.

Oh, and I think I agree that Enterprise deserved to be cancelled. For me, it had lost the TOS-ishness it had for the first two seasons, while most fans loved the TNG-flavored TOS-canon-fodder stuff Coto & crew brought into season 4. Either way, it never really found its audience or delivered what that audience wanted.

27. Bobby - April 13, 2012

The first two seasons sucked, to the point that even I (a die-hard trekkie) *almost* stopped watching.

The market was ripe for Trek. The die-hards were oversaturated, yes, but most “regular people” hadn’t watched since TNG and were ready for some new Trek. A lot of my “normal” friends watched the pilot and loved it, and watched for a while after that. But the show just sucked too bad and they wandered away.

From what I recall the pilot had good numbers, better than Voyager’s had been. The cast was good, and in a lot of ways it was a breath of fresh air, from the soft-rock title song (that Trekkies hated) to the NASA-like uniforms. But what finally drove people away (at least the ones I knew) were the lame plots. The TCW storyline was retarded, it never went anywhere. And so much was recycled from the other shows.

Season 4 was fantastic. It finally felt like a prequel to TOS instead of a sequel to TNG. Too bad by then everyone had stopped watching.

From what I’ve heard from other sources, both Voyager and Enterprise suffered from political interference from the network. The TCW for example, I’ve heard was forced on B&B by the network. They didn’t want it or know what it meant any more than we did, so of course it never went anywhere.

Its ironic that TNG / DS9 ran in syndication to avoid that kind of thing, but eventually Paramount ran on their own network and interfered with their own show. :)

28. Davexbit - April 13, 2012

3rd and 4th season rocked with the exception of the closing episode. That was a WTF.

29. PaulB. - April 13, 2012

#28 – They should have saved “These are the Voyages…” to use as a bonus on the TNG DVDs or Blu-rays. It’s okay as a TNG episode, but it’s terrible as an Enterprise episode.

BTW, I don’t dislike seasons 3 and 4, I just prefer the earlier, rougher, getting-their-feet-wet stuff a bit more. Crummy but fun, I guess, while 3 and 4 were quality but boring. To me. Mostly. Not entirely. :)

30. pilotfred - April 13, 2012

yeah the third and fourth was amazing i would loved to have seen a 5th season

Scott maybe right in some ways however the first two season did not help and it was down to bad writing “if it is not on the page it is not on the stage”

#21 i agree with you on the motion picture is the most trek film( i still love 6th the most)and yeah i prefer Insurrection over first contact
yeah both tos and enterprise needed time to find there feet however tos found it quite quickly enterprise took to long and given they had made tng,ds9 and voyager the team they had in place worked well together tos had to start from nothing

31. rtrj - April 13, 2012

I enjoyed the first 2 seasons, because ,to me, it felt like they were going where no man had gone before. I enjoyed the the 4th season but it had more
of a TNG feeling to it. The final episode totally “Sucked” They should have closed out on the Romulian war and ended with an amazing cliff hanger.

32. James T. West - April 13, 2012

The pilot was ok. The rest was boring, seen-it-already for me.

Should’ve went with classic NCC-1701, retro velour shirts, and laser pistols and away team purple jackets! I would’ve tuned in for that.

But agree that the best part of the show is Bakula.

33. Craiger - April 13, 2012

I wondered if they could have tied the TCW and Xindi War to the Romulan War. That it all happened to have to have the Xindi help win the RW. They would feel guilty for the attack on Earth.

34. Jay - April 13, 2012

#21 I have to agree with you on alot of what you said.

Although I liked TNG, it was a different time. Late 80’s early 90’s I was in hight school and college. It was a fun show to watch at night when I got home from work and was sitting in my room. I liked the stories, although I never thought it was as good as TOS. Story-wise that is. Of course the visuals were better.

As for ENT, I really enjoyed that show. And for alot of the same reasons you did. I liked being “with” the crew as they discovered things for the first time. Things that you as the audience kind of knew were out there because of watching the other Star Trek series. I agree that the best part of ENT to me was that element of discoverying the unknown. TNG certainly had alot of “meetings” and that element got to be boring.

As for the movies, I mostly agree with you. Although I can enjoy TMP, I can understand why it was far too “boring” for most sci-fi/action fans. Of course I think II and III were far better. IV was good for it’s time and for what it was trying to do, but to me, especially watching it now, it is way too comic and makes fun of itself too much.

V and VI were aweful, as were most of the rest. IMO

35. raffie - April 13, 2012

No Scott, it was just a bad show.

36. Jay - April 13, 2012

Just thinking about what I said on V and VI… which one was Undiscovered Country? That one was ok. But the one searching for God was just terrible. I think the TNG movies were all like special 2 hour TNG TV episodes. Really no difference to me at all. So they were all just OK. Not worthy of spending money to go see at a theater.

2009 to me was the first “movie” quality Star Trek since II and III. I loved it.

37. Jay - April 13, 2012

By the way, is it just me or are we getting far, far fewer updates on the new movie in production than we did in 2008 when the last one was in production?

Seems like we go 2 or 3 weeks between updates on the current film, and even those are just some comment one of the actors or producers say at some other public event.

Where is the viral website? Where are any updates on progress? Schedule? anything?

38. Trekboi - April 13, 2012

Paul b I love you

39. EricKnowsBetter - April 13, 2012

Bacula is full of shit. The writing was terrible for the show. The entire series should have been focused on setting up the universe for the original series. It should have concentrated on the Romulan War and the post war creation of the Federation. They could have explained how the fleet went from United Earth Space Probe Agency to Star Fleet and with good writing it would have worked. The temporal cold war and dumb an the ratings prove it. The fourth season was the best because it finally touched on TOS which is what interested viewers. Bad writing doomed this show.

40. Damian - April 13, 2012

Enterprise was stronger than Voyager. I liked all of Star Trek but Voyager took the longest to win me over. In all fairness, even the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (generally regarded as the better of the spin-offs) took until at least season 3 to hit it’s stride. Enterprise was no different. Season 4 was IMO superior, and you could finally see those links to the original series.

I still say the writers should have stuck it too UPN. Instead of TATV, I would have ended with the declaration of war on the Romulan Empire. It would have backed UPN into a corner. It would not have changed the fact Enterprise ended, but the producers would have been making a statement that it ended too soon. And the fans would have given UPN/CW a harder time about ending it.

41. Trekboi - April 13, 2012

Enterprise was clearly the victim of UPN.
no one watched the network which calapsed soon after- TNG & DS9 were syndicated & far more accessible.

It’s so weak minded of so many fans to say jump on the haters bandwagon & say Enterprise was “bad” because it didn’t get the same ratings as TNG.
If they had made the exact same show in syndication it would have rated higher & be considered “good” by the same muppets who dis it now.

If it had been syndicated like TNG & DS9 it would have been a totally different game.

42. Daoud - April 13, 2012

The Xindi could have easily been tied into known TOS races rarely mentioned. The Xindi Reptilians? “Saurians”. The Xindi Avians and Aquatics? The TAS races of Aleek-om and the Aquans. The Xindi Sloth? Tellarites… etc.
The introduction of the Vulcan/Andorian cold war conflict was dead-on perfect. Having the humans bring that to an end, was ideal. And the building of the Romulan conflict was being done really well and made a hell of a lot of sense.
The Orions were done pretty darn well, too. I could even buy the whole Klingon arc of things when it was all said and done. Even the Soong and Augments tying together was great. Vulcan becoming the Vulcan we know. Coto’s doing mostly, eh?
If the Xindi had been a proto Federation which the humans also resolved as we saw, but had been races we knew by other names in TOS…. then the whole arc would have made much much more sense!
Had it been the story of humans actually bringing together the intelligent species together into the UFP, and those allies helping defeat the Romulans for 100 years… this show was going to have been perfect.
The Temporal Cold War wasn’t a hideous idea really, since we knew the “timeline was polluted” by Kirk and others. Should have had Dulmer and Lucsly and Braxton show up. Heck, Seven of Nine working for Braxton. And when Shatner couldn’t be brought in to be Chef… why the heck not have Riker travelling in time instead of the insipid TATV? Riker as Chef would have been funny, and perfect. Riker already shepherded Cochrane… which of course First Contact was the real prequel/pilot to Enterprise….

43. Rocket Scientist - April 13, 2012

Just watched ENT from start to finish, and that really revised my original opinion. I really liked i*ALL* of it. A lot. The actors, the characters, the stories…sure it had a few klunkers and continuity issues but overall I found it to be a strong and fresh iteration of the Trek format. I might even say that it’s in now my top 3 Treks, which includes TOS and DS9.

No one is more surprised than I am about how much I found myself enjoying ENT.

44. Trekboi - April 13, 2012

Paramout was gready- in the end they sacrificed Star Trek for UPN.

They tried to launch a network on the back of Star Trek & eneded up burying it where none could find it.

45. Shannon Nutt - April 13, 2012

Yeah, we really shouldn’t complain…they got 4 seasons and the series had a conclusion (albeit a heavily debated one)…not many shows you can say that about.

46. lostrod - April 13, 2012

I was deployed to Iraq during the last season of Enterprise. My wife would DVR the episodes and burn to a DVD to send to me.

Other soldiers picked up on that and whenever they saw me getting a package they would knck on my door asking if I had a new “Enterprise” to share.

Which I did, of course!

I’m re-watching them now on NetFlix.


47. Orb of Wisdom - April 13, 2012

@#3: that Temporal Cold War was being spun as a potential lead in to a Star Trek Enterprise/Doctor Who crossover had the series gone into Season 5.

48. Orb of Wisdom - April 13, 2012

#43 Star Trek: Enterprise was a sacrificial lamb for the creation of The CW, which was the merging of UPN and The WB. Star Trek: Enterprise was UPN’s sacrificial lamb, and Buffy spinoff Angel was The WB’s. funny, because The CW has had a higher TV show turnover rate than UPN and The WB had combined LOL

49. George Zip - April 13, 2012

“When they finally started acting like they were in the same universe as TOS, it was too little, too late.”

Got to agree; given the setting, this should have hit the ground running, even given an uneven first season.

50. Chris Peterson - April 13, 2012

Enterprise was something I took time out of my night to watch most weeks. There isn’t anything on now that I could say that about…

51. Cygnus-X1 - April 13, 2012

The show was a victim of suckingstance.

Enterprise may have been getting better toward the end, but for how long should you expect an audience to stay with a show that sucks?

The common denominator in all of the Trek suckiness was Rick Berman. They were all victims of his.

52. Jesse - April 13, 2012

An Enterprise/Doctor Who crossover would have been fantastic! Temporal Cold War = Time War. They could have fought Daleks or something.
Anyway, when I first started watching Enterprise, I didn’t like it much, but it really grew on me, especially in seasons 3 and 4. Now it’s my second favorite Star Trek series after DS9.

53. T'Cal - April 13, 2012

Writing was the biggest issue for this show. Mr. Bakula is a fine actor and I wanted so badly for his character to be a great leader as Kirk, Picard, and Sisko were before (after?) him. But who ever first used the term ‘wooden’ to describe him was spot on. T’Pol was written to be there only as eye candy and to annoy the others, which is a shame as well as the character had potential. When she left the VHC, she should’ve started wearing the ship’s uniform but they left her in the catsuit instead. Trip and Phlox were very good but the writers failed to make use of the peripheral characters like Travis, Hoshi, and Malcolm should’ve been used so much more. The addition of Manny Coto was wise, if too late. I watched the show from beginning to end but was usually left wanting better. This was a missed opportunity IMHO

54. - April 13, 2012

These guys really let themselves of the hook easily. First Berman blaming fatigue for fans going off of trek when it had just become very generic and bland due to his being to long at it.

Then brent Spiner making excuses for the failure of Nemesis when it was just a mega dog film and now this.

Problem with enterprise was mis casting (t pol excepted). Non of the characters were interesting other than t pol. I like Scott as an actor but in this along with everyone else there was simply no character that anyone wanted to be.

If they don’t wanna be ya they don’t wanna see ya (unless they wanna do ya).

55. Kirk, James T. - April 13, 2012

I see Bakula’s point and I honestly thought ENTERPRISE was enjoyable, the acting was solid and yeah it was Star Trek, what’s not to like but whilst I found it enjoyable, I know that the series was just another Star Trek show…

Season 1 and 2 were just like any other Star Trek series, that killed it. Season 3 and 4 were better but it still lacked originality and it didn’t really offer anything new and exciting to the Trek universe and I just don’t think fans really accepted Enterprise as a logical progression to the established Star Trek universe.

Regardless of the fact that JJ Abrams is using established characters, his Star Trek is the greatest thing to happen to the Star Trek franchise since Wrath of Khan and The Next Generation. It was fresh and exciting and relevant and that’s what Enterprise was not.

I think Enterprise’s failure was more to do with studio politics but I think the best outcome was reached. Star Trek needed that big shake up and an entirely new, young team behind it – and look what lead from Enterprise, there is no more proof than Star Trek (2009) that what happened to Trek was sorely needed. Star Trek as a whole is stronger for the demise of Enterprise.

56. Yvgeny - April 13, 2012

hello my friends

when I live in russia I do not see enterprise but when i come to uk I see enterprise, so i think to myself this is nice. my best star trek is one with dr spock and mr kirk, but enterprise is nice. I do not like the voyager or the space nine.

I think vulcan lady in enterprise is nice, so erotic with a graceful physique.

best wish to you all

57. Ben - April 13, 2012

@ 21 . . . I agree with you almost 100%. ENT was a good Trek show and I agree with your points. My only large disagreement with your words are on the issue of First Contact… it was very Trek while still being a good action movie. It held it’s Trekness due to the “first contact” subplot.

And I do fully agree with you… TMP was the most Trek of them all… hands down. Dealing with a true unknown out there in the unknown.

58. Phil - April 13, 2012

Well, as I recall they (meaning the producers) were supposed to be using Enterprise to shake things up, inject new life into the series. It only took a few episodes for the program to start morphing into Enterprise: The Next Generation, with the cast getting set in their designated roles. As reader 55 pointed out, the catsuited Vulcan was very erotic, Jolene Blalock (and I suspect the rest of the cast) figured out fairly quickly they were being typecast by their own producers. Manny Coto, sadly, was to little, to late to save the show.

59. jas_montreal - April 13, 2012

Season 4 showed the potential of the show. But it was too late. I think that pretty much sums up the situation. Braga and Berman wasted on stories that have been done to death in season 1 and 2.

60. Anthony Pascale - April 13, 2012

RE: snarky
Well thats what you get when I post articles at midnight after coming home from dinner and drinks.

For the record, I like Enterprise and it did get better. But I do think that the show started off weak and 2nd season lag led to departure of viewers. By the end they were only left with the hardcore fans watching and while I liked S4, there was a bit of an inside baseball element to it, but by that time they had given up trying to attract new viewers.

And Bakula’s comments seem a bit off, just blaming circumstances at UPN. They were a factor, but the show itself was a bigger factor.

61. Lt. Bailey - April 13, 2012

My wife an I love the show and we miss it, but we have all 4 seasons on DVD so we power through the series once or twice a year. It still holds up for us as does TOS as a great time in Trek.

Did it have some bad episodes? Yes, but so does TOS, Voy, DS9 & TNG so what is the big deal? I can understand some fans not liking it for whatever reasons, but to those of us who love the series, don’t knock it.

The actors were a great cast and I do believe that they had some chemistry together. The wife loves Scott, Conner and Anthony while she allows me my Jolene. Linda too, especially in the Mirror episodes….what can I say.

Meeting these actors at the Vegas conventions have been some of the best times, these truelu are nice people and they are wonderful to the fans. It is a shame they did not get more than 4 seasons. Season 5 could have been all about the Romulan/Earth war. Season could have been about the Federation. Season 7 could have been…. who knows?

Scott Bakula put it best…. A victim of circumstances.

62. The Sky's The Limit - April 13, 2012

A cool show that had a slow start, but was prematurely cut short when it’s best episodes were produced. It’s really too bad that a TNG flare was used to act as the narrative for the series finale. That to me stole the show’s thunder when that episode should have been its final hour.

All in all, a cool show with an excellent cast of characters/actors.

63. Stargazer54 - April 13, 2012

Anyone who has read ‘The Making of Star Trek’ by Stephen Whitfield (and GR) may recall a line sited by GR that may have been originally attributed to Herb Solow – for a TV show to be good “you’ve got to have the horses.”

By that he meant the writers. Without good scripts you fall flat. There was nothing wrong with the sets, the ship, the actors or any of the other production values. Enterprise imploded under a slow moving story line from the get go. Blame that on whomever you want but not the cast or production crew. They were doing their best with what they were given.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I loved Enterprise. We looked forward to each episode and stuck with it to the bitter end. But as an earlier poster noted, if the producers had “stayed in the TOS universe” and brought us stories about the wonders of being the first explorers and how this lead to the formation of the federation, then they would have really had something. There were glimmers of that occasionally, but there was just not enough of it.

Bottom of line – without a good story, you’ve got Lost in Space.

64. govna - April 13, 2012

the wife and i are just now watching Enterprise for the first time. We’re on ep. 20 of season one. And we’re enjoying it wholeheartedly.

Watching on netflix, btw..

65. Sassy - April 13, 2012

Just finished Enterprise and overall I enjoyed it. There was some really great storylines along with the not-so-great, so it’s a shame that it didn’t last longer. Love Scott Bakula!

66. Trekboi - April 13, 2012

Dear Mr Pascale,

Enterprise was a good show- what we consider familiar themes that were in seasons 1 & 2 were new to the non trek fans, who i witnessed enjoying it, the bigest problem was they couldnt find it if they tried.

Enterprise may not be as good as people think TOS & TNG or DS9 were but it was more than strong enough to last had it been on another network with a different view/attitude, it would have had a fair chance.

67. porthoses bitch - April 13, 2012

One of the oft missed facts abut enterprise is this it premieredwith in 2 weeks of 9/11… this country was still in shock…television was comfort food..interesting thought if at that time paramount had rebooted the original series what would have happened.? We often talk about the original series in the vietnam era and its positive message Enterprise and DS 9 were full of factions and political religious strife. I’ll take my jihad on the 7 o’clock news please.

A more minor mention is this …channel 9’s transmitter was on top of the trade center…it was almost a year beffoore they were putting out a good signal…in the days of hd abnd plasma screens no one wants to watch a poor transmission.

68. Anthony Pascale - April 13, 2012

my problem with the first two seasons of Enterprise was not that it wasnt enough like TNG, my problem was that it was too much like TNG and VOY. Rick Berman had not recognized that TV had changed by 2001, yet he continued to make a show using the same techniques and feel as shows from a decade before. He had a formula that worked but TV was changing with shows like X-Files, Sopranos, 24, Battlestar Galactica, West Wing, etc.

For the first two seasons the show felt like Voyager with grey paint instead of something new and fresh and more with the times.

It is easy to blame UPN and their poor marketing/support (which is true), but the main problems with Enterprise were self-inflicted

69. Trek Or Treat - April 13, 2012

I rewatched the entire series recently. To be honest NONE of it was as bad as I remembered. Seasons 1 and 2 were weaker to be sure, and I remember really getting into Season 4 the first go round, but the season 3 Xinidi arc is WAY better than I remembered. Especially Azati Prime. I was suprised how much of it I had forgotten. Maybe it just works better when viewed back to back than it does on a weekly basis. It used to be at the bottom of my list of Trek series, but now it has moved up a notch.

My rankings:

1. TNG
2. TOS
3. DS9
4. ENT
5. VOY

70. Horatio - April 13, 2012

#68 Anthony – I agree completely with your assessment. Enterprise was a perfect opportunity to reboot the franchise but instead we were given more of the same. By that I mean scripts that could have been from TNG or VGER, the music, the sound…. it all just looked and felt the same. The first few episodes all featured Ferengi and holodecks and Klingons.

The Xindi arc in season 3 was entertaining enough but it didn’t really feel like Trek. Season 4 (with the exception of certain space Nazi’s and a perplexing valentine to the fans) kicked butt. Enterprise should have started out of the gate this way.

The whole temporal cold war was a huge bust. Not even getting the payoff of who future guy was still honks me off to this day. I was glad they were putting that piece of crap storyline in the grave but come on, at least give me some kind of story closure.

When Enterprise premiered it had huge numbers. They quickly faded as viewers saw that it was just more of the same and it left, as noted above, only the hardcore fans.

Opportunity lost.

71. MJ - April 13, 2012

@54 “These guys really let themselves of the hook easily. First Berman blaming fatigue for fans going off of trek when it had just become very generic and bland due to his being to long at it. Then brent Spiner making excuses for the failure of Nemesis when it was just a mega dog film and now this.”

Exactly. These people need to stop blaming others for their piss-poor Trek productions.

72. Herb Finn - April 13, 2012

and a year after cancellation, UPN and the WB Merged. If Enterprise wasn’t canceled – it would have made the cut and paired up with SMALLVILLE.

But this is old news – people who supported the show left the studio (Brad Grey comes to mind) and those left wanted to get rid of it, and Berman.

73. Peter Loader - April 13, 2012

A great show that suffered because it was way beyond the previous Trek incarnations and outside the mainstream mindset of what Trek was expected to be, but really should have been more like.

74. Jason - April 13, 2012

@40 I remember John Billingsly(?) at the time had said that even if “Enterprise” had ended on a cliff hanger, the network would not have cared. The fact is, the heads of the studio(s) today have a much different mindset then they did even a decade ago, defiantly two or three decades ago. If the guys running Paramount or CBS tv were running things back in the 1980’s, the entire “Star Trek” franchise would look very different then it does today.

I agree with Bakula’s comments.

75. Thorny - April 13, 2012

Enterprise was pretty good, but far from great. The last season was an improvements over Seasons 1 and 2, but was three or four years too late. They just made so many bad decisions during the run of that show, that it really was snakebit.

– Casting. Scott Bakula was just plain the wrong choice. He was great in “Quantum Leap” but was really weak as Archer. And he was the *best* part of the cast, except maybe for Billingsley. To say the rest of the cast was wooden would be an insult to Oak and Pine. No surprise at all they’ve rarely been seen on TV since.

– No “Star Trek” in the title for the first year and change. What was THAT all about? “We’re making a Star Trek show but we don’t want to be linked to Star Trek”. It was still a show about humans trekking the stars, for heaven’s sake (probably more of that than in DS9, but I digress.) Whoever had that idea I hope is now gainfully employed flipping burgers at McDonalds.

– The Temporal Cold War was a ridiculous distraction from the storytelling “Enterprise” should have been telling. If you’re going to set your show at the dawn of the Federation, how about telling a lot of stories about the dawn of the Federation? Just sayin’. Instead, we got stories that were clearly rejects from the “Voyager” writer’s camp, with the new alien-of-the-week. Don’t get me started on the Alien Nazi.

– They have very primitive technology, unlike TOS/TNG/DS9. Except when the story needed more modern technology (because the story was a holdover from Voyager), then that limitation was ignored. I speak of the “it’s too dangerous this week/it isn’t too dangerous next week” transporter, and the games they played with “phasers” and “photon torpedoes”. Don’t get me started on Dr. Phlox’s House of Horrors, which seemed more primitive than Seattle Grace Hospital or St. Eligius.

– The Xindi idea was good, and Enterprise made the most of what it was, but it was a missed opportunity just the same.The season-long story really should have been the Earth-Romulan War, something long known about but very little told about, and it could have played into the show’s original premise of how the Federation got started. Instead, we got yet another new alien-of-the-week, four or five of them in fact, and no other race would bother to help Earth from a dire threat.

76. Jason - April 13, 2012

I think fans also need to stop slamming Berman and Braga. They did the best they could with what they were allowed to do. It has been said many times over that Berman didn’t want to do “Voyager” when it happened, or “Enterprise,” the studio wanted it. Then it was the studio that wanted the temporal cold war in ENT. Berman did the best he could to what he felt was keeping Roddenberry’s creation intact (again, the biggest thing JJ never will have that Berman did was the creator’s blessing), and the studio and network fought him every step of the way.

Did B&B make mistakes? Sure, but I dare anyone who attacks them to create over 700 hours of tv and not make a few bad episodes. I wish they would come back, and then the nightmare would be over…

77. Techtrekker - April 13, 2012

I agree with Scott Bakula, they WERE victims of circumstance. Alot of other shows that I like got axed because of circumstance: 4400, Firefly, Dead Zone, etc.

That fourth season was their best and things were just starting to happen for them. I was disappointed that they never got to truly say goodbye.

78. RJM - April 13, 2012

What killed ‘Enterprise’, two words, Rick Berman!

79. Magic_Al - April 13, 2012

Fun fact: Enterprise had one half-season less but made more episodes than Quantum Leap.

80. MJ - April 13, 2012

@78. Berman, the writers and the lackluster cast all combined for a boring and at times asinine show. Case in point, DS9 had better writing and a great cast, so they did just fine under the “Berman limitation.”

81. MJ - April 13, 2012

@77 “I agree with Scott Bakula, they WERE victims of circumstance.”

Circumstance wasn’t responsible for the two seasons sucking, which is when I and many others stopped watching. They never recaptured those fans — the product stunk, and they were never coming back, period.

82. Amorican - April 13, 2012

The Bakula Problem

There was some episode early in, where Scott Bakula is running around trying to get his ship back from some alien force. He looks into a security camera the aliens are monitoring, and with his best “angry face”, says some angry stuff. Something along the lines of “Grrr I’m mean!”

It was the goofiest piece of acting I have ever seen. I can’t believe the director didn’t make him redo it until it didn’t suck so much. My girlfriend at the time, who never understood my love of Star Trek, happened to be in the room and looked up during that scene. “Seriously?!” she said.

I’d already been getting fed up with the show, and Bakula’s acting in particular, but this was the point when I decided that I wasn’t going to defend this show anymore. I turned off Enterprise altogether, and didn’t go back until the Season 4 stuff. Which was ok if you like to spank it to continuity pr0n, but still had The Bakula Problem, and by then it was too little, too late.

83. Kev-1 - April 13, 2012

I liked Enterprise,but I think that show is where the producers started eating the seed corn. The cast and production values were strong, but there was a strong current of anti-intellectualism in the show (like oitching tents on an alien planet three shows in). Archer didn’t have to be an egghead, but he seemed drained of any sense of mission, philosophy or values, as if they felt he had to be ignorant to compensate for lack of TOS technology. The show, supposedly, revolved around time travel, yet the Vulcans, now acting like crafty Andorians, don’t believe in time travel. They have warp drive that folds space but they don’t believe in time travel? The Andorians were just bullies. And in the last season Xindi Nazis controlled the White House? I watched every one and they had some good shows, but…

84. Shilliam Watner - April 13, 2012

You know, I though Enterprise was tepid most of the time, but I liked it better than Voyager for the most part.

The thing that disappointed me the most was a surprise to me, however – Scott Bakula!

I really like Bakula. I’ve liked him in everything I’ve seen him in, but he never moved me as the captain of the Enterprise. He turned out not to have the presence of the previous Trek captains. When playing a regular guy forced into heroic situations, he was great. But as a heroic captain, he just didn’t do it for me.

I call it the Costner Consequence. When Kevin Costner plays larger than life characters (Robin Hood, Wyatt Earp, the Mariner from Waterworld, etc) he doesn’t convince me. Put him in a baseball movie, or something where he plays a normal guy in abnormal circumstances, he often excels.

At least I think so, and I discovered I felt the same way about Bakula. I was shocked. Here was the most physically imposing of the Captains, but his presence and voice were below all of them.

That was my experience. No doubt others will feel differently. And I still love Scott Bakula, just not in everything. And I too want Trek back on the small screen. I’ll take movies if that is all I can get, but two hours of Star Trek every four years is ridiculous.

Bring Star Trek back to television! NOW!

85. T'Cal - April 13, 2012

As for the final episode (TATV…), it had such potential but failed for two big reasons: it shouldn’t have been done as ENT’s series finale and it shouldn’t have been about Riker and Troi years ago when they were clearly older. The idea of inserting Trek favorites into the show sounds great but the execution was terrible despite it being two of my favorite characters. Had they used Will and Deanna on board the Titan with a unique story rather than TNG’s Pegasus it might’ve worked very well. Instead, it was weak all around.

This series had a lot of potential for depicting first contacts with known and as of yet unknown races, the Romulan War, the founding of the Federation, etc. It had some stand out episodes, mind you, but many were soft on character and relationship development. As big a fan of TNG as I am, I marvel at how well DS9 handled the character development and their unique relationships with each other. I credit writers like Ronald D. Moore (TNG & BSG too) for such stellar work.

86. Ted C - April 13, 2012

I think he’s correct. Enterprise was a good show.

I need to say one more thing, a lot of you people are nuts, especially you Berman/Braga haters. Instead of complaining maybe you should just be happy there was an Star Trek at all. Good grief.

87. Sebastian S. - April 13, 2012

IMO, ENT was struck down just as it was becoming ‘must-watch-TV’ for me.
I’ll admit, the first few seasons reeked of squandered opportunity (and I never cared for Capt. George W Bush–er, Capt. Archer), but it really found it’s voice in that final season. It was finally (after 3 misfired seasons) to really feel like a prequel to TOS. I loved the multi-episodic arcs. If only season 4 had been the first season? It might’ve gone the 7 season distance.

Of course, Bakula is right in that ENT’s cancellation was due to a lot of politics and circumstance. At that time, there was a general over-saturation of Star Trek, and the time was right for it to go into cryogenic freeze for awhile (and wake up with a fresh production team at the helm).

And if anyone wishes they’d done the first Romulan war on the show? Read the Romulan Wars trilogy books; they’re pretty good (and surprisingly inline with both ENT and TOS continuity).

88. Vultan - April 13, 2012

Some hits, more than a few misses, but overall I enjoyed the show. I especially liked seeing the Andorians and Tellarites back in the spotlight after… what, since TOS? Far too long, anyway.

Jeffrey Combs was great (as usual) as Shran. Cracked me up every time he called a human, “pink skin!”

The Archie Bunker of Star Trek.

89. Commodore Adams - April 13, 2012

So true. Enterprise was my next favourite after DS9. I can tell you that the character of Archer was tied for my fav captain next to the character of Picard and Sisko. Archer far outweighs Kirk and Janeway in my opinion.

I loved Enterprise and I remember watching the third season thinking, we have 4 more seasons to go, I was so excited.

I remember watching the first episode of Enterprise, watching the first 10 minutes I’m thinking “what the hell did they do to Star Trek!?!?! Halfway through the first episode I loved it. By the end of the episode, I was in love. I could not wait for next week’s episode.

I hate when money, power, greed, and network politics destroys something that was going so well. I think it total BULLSHIT that the claim of low ratings ended the show. If people are true Trek fans like me, then you like it all! You have your bias, but hell I liked and enjoyed all the series, all the movies…even Star Trek V…I didn’t love it, but I like it. I’ll watch it all, I enjoyed it all.

90. Commodore Adams - April 13, 2012

@ 88. Vultan

“Jeffrey Combs was great (as usual) as Shran. Cracked me up every time he called a human, “pink skin!””

My thoughts exactly! So happy they brought him onto Enterprise!

91. Cygnus-X1 - April 13, 2012

54. – April 13, 2012

—-Problem with enterprise was mis casting (t pol excepted). Non of the characters were interesting other than t pol. I like Scott as an actor but in this along with everyone else there was simply no character that anyone wanted to be….If they don’t wanna be ya they don’t wanna see ya (unless they wanna do ya).—-

Interesting point.

I believe it was famed ad pioneer David Ogilvy who originally discovered this behavior in movie-goers of the 1940s. Studios were miffed as to why their beautiful starlets weren’t selling more tickets and hired Ogilvy’s ad firm to investigate and offer marketing strategy. Ogilvy discovered that movie-goers most wanted to identify with the actors in the movies, as opposed to merely lusting after or admiring them. And, if memory serves, women movie-goers were actually identifying more with male actors than with the beautiful starlets. I may have some of the details mistaken about this episode in advertising history, but the main point is true, as chrisfawkes put it: If they don’t wanna be ya, they don’t wanna see ya. And frankly, I didn’t identify much with any of the post-TNG trek series actors — I suppose Seven and Tom Paris more than any others. But I didn’t identify or particularly like any of the captains—Sisko, Janeway or Archer—and that goes a long way toward explaining why I didn’t care much for any of those series.

92. Sebastian S. - April 13, 2012



“The Archie Bunker of Star Trek.” Hilarious! ;-D

I too, am a fan of “All in the Family.” IMO, it (and MASH) were the most brilliant sitcoms of US television. And both are as relevant today as they were 30-40 years ago….

Thanks for re-igniting my nemonic memory circuit on that one…. ;-)

93. Vultan - April 13, 2012


No problem!

All in the Family and MASH are favorites of mine, too. And I don’t think it’s any sort of accident or need for filler material that those shows are still being shown today. Says a lot about the current state of TV, really.

I cringe to think what TV will look like in 10 or 20 years. Hopefully, there will be a new Trek series in there somewhere.

94. mr. trek77 - April 14, 2012

They should had started with an old Admiral Archer, standing ready to sign the federation charter /paper, and then having him flashback to the romulan war, to how and when it began and maked THAT season 1 and two , and then move on to the federation charter again and end season two and then begin season 3 with all the issues of season 4, some modified of course.

And then a season 5 , with new adventures in the second year of the UFP.
And end season 5 with a civil war on earth(paxton and terra prime, second coming), and season 6 should had dealt with civil war on earth and terror through out the UPF, and how it got resolved .

And then a season 7 , where the crew could deal with the issues from an CW and looking forward to bright future with alot of exploration and so on…..

Now that would had been a GREAT Enterprise prequel.

95. P Technobabble - April 14, 2012

I think the old “Hindsight is 20/20″ law applies here. It’s easy to look back at Enterprise and pick it apart and consider how it could have been better. Even easier for those of us on the outside to comment on stuff without truly knowing what was going on inside. Undoubtedly, there were numerous factors contributing to the show’s demise, but the whole Star Trek franchise was on a downward spiral. It was clearly time to give it a rest, consider what made Star Trek great in the first place and bring in some new blood.
Personally, I agree that Enterprise started out weak and grew to be a better show. I wish it had been given more time.

96. So'val - April 14, 2012

Bring back Enterprise, new Season on TV

97. Christopher Roberts - April 14, 2012

I miss it so dearly. After about seven years of pointing out the positive things the show did with the Star Trek formula, I’m running on empty now.

Pocket Books ultimately botched “The Romulan War” didn’t they? By being so literal in their approach and then having to curtail it to just two books. I imagine it would’ve ran for several seasons onscreen, been a labyrinth of complex political conspiracies across different worlds, as well as key history making battles on the front line.

98. Christopher Roberts - April 14, 2012

You might as well check out my 10th Anniversary tribute video, one last time… ;)

99. mr. trek77 - April 14, 2012

yeah, I suppose you(95) is right, and I think because of that statement, that B&B should had stopped before even creating Enterprise , and if, a prequel as such should had(it is, but anyway) been created they should had waited till a couple of years after voyager end and not so f….ing fast, because I would personally rather wait a few years , before a series came, if I knew that It would be good.

I just hope now, with JJA ´s trek, that He dos´nt make the same mistakes as B&B maked, because he will get one chance I think….
And I also hope that ST XII will be about new stories, not remakes of old stories….

I hope that the new will cover the loss of vulcan, and how the ´´dear´´romulans feel about it, and how klingons might even could be in the movie too, together with Kirk & Co.

But I hope some day, a new series (Maybe even Brian Singer´s Federation, with a little new adds, now that romulus is destroyed and vulcan even so. ) , in either JJA ´s universe or in the prime-universe, or maybe even in the mirror-mirror universe.

100. Rela - April 14, 2012

My rank:

1. VOY
2. TOS
3. DS9
4. ENT
5. TNG

101. MJ - April 14, 2012

My Rank:

1. TOS
2. DS9
3. TNG
4. VOY
5. ENT

102. Azrael - April 14, 2012

My Rank:

1. TNG
2. VOY
3. TOS
4. DS9
5. ENT

103. Prometheus - April 14, 2012

Victim of circumcision.

104. Harry Ballz - April 14, 2012


Oh, what a cutting remark!

Hopefully there’s precision when it comes to circumcision!

105. Vultan - April 14, 2012

My rank:

1. TNG
2. DS9
3. TOS
4. VOY
5. ENT
6. Reading Rainbow

106. Harry Ballz - April 14, 2012

Scott Bakula is in Toronto this weekend at Comic Con.

107. Harry Ballz - April 14, 2012

Re: 106.

Sorry, I didn’t read the article before posting the obvious. Whoops!

108. MJ - April 14, 2012

@106 Maybe you can go down and here him whine about the cancellation of Enterprise being the fault of others or bad circumstances. :-)

109. cugel the clever - April 14, 2012

My Rank:

1. TNG
2. DS9
3. ENT
4. VOY
5. TOS

People look at TOS with rose-coloured glasses. In its time, it was the best SF on tv but compared to good trek like TNG it had hammy acting (from Kirk, Scotty, and mcCoy), many absolutely idiotic stories too numerous to list (the Yangs and Comms, Spocks Brain, the Nazi world, the gangster world, etc, etc, blah, blah). The best thing about TOS was Spock and the fact that it opened the door for better trek like TNG.

110. cugel the clever - April 14, 2012

ENT was hit and miss for the first two seasons and the Xindi season, although well done in terms of dramatic stories, was a puzzling detour and ultimately a waste of a season because it waas another delay before they got around to the important business of exploring the beginnings of the Federation, which they finally got around to in season 4. The 4th season of ENT was the best season of trek out of all 28 years on TV. Based on that season alone, they should have been given at least another year.

111. The Original Spock's Brain - April 14, 2012

My Rank:

1. TOS
2. DS9
3. TNG
4. ENT
5. VOY

112. Dom - April 14, 2012

Enterprise was an efficient prequel to TNG for the first three years before Manny Coto grabbed it by the throat and started to turn it into the TOS prequel it was meant to be. the trouble is, there was always the baleful Rick Berman influence.

Even though I’m sure he’s a very nice chap, the casting of Scott Bakula was a prime example of Berman’s being trapped in a late-80s/early 90s TV timewarp. Bakula is a TV Kevin Costner. He has talent and in the bland days of early 1990s TV he fit overly worthy TV like Quantum leap like a glove. But Enterprise really needed a strong leading man and he wasn’t it. TV had moved on so far by the late 90s and 2000s that Archer was seriously old fashioned. Archer might have seemed radical by Berman’s standards, but he was as square as the show was.

It’s little wonder that Enterprise was ignored when you had the charisma of Edward James Olmos’s Bill Adama in Battlestar Galactica.

Enterprise was a victim of an over-posessive, out of touch producer who should have moved on years earlier and studio politics. Like Voyager, Enterprise was an all-round wasted opportunity.

113. Captain Ransom - April 14, 2012

enterprise sucked beyond belief. i knew it wouldn’t last before it even aired, and it became the first trek series other than TOS to be cancelled.

i think it really comes down to the characters. they lacked depth and dimension. archer and trip tucker were the only characters that had any sort of interesting possibility that was explored. t’pol, phlox, lt. reed, and ensign mayweather were some of the most boring characters in trek history. guess what? people are really tired of the boring, monotone crap – a vulcan first officer who could have been seven of nine’s sister – zzzzz. there just wasn’t the on-screen cohesion and camraderie that you felt from the other series.

114. Robert H. - April 14, 2012

I admit that third season was my least favourite, but it was getting better. The circumstance I believe is what caused the original Star Trek to end after 3 seasons was that it was moved to Friday nights, and that is often a killer for many series. If they kept Enterprise on Wednesday night, then chances are it might at least have made it to season 5.

But then they would have to have gotten through the Romulan war.

115. mr. trek77 - April 14, 2012

In my mind, was and is TOS, TNG, and DS9, plus the first six movies were startrek and then VOY and ENT plus ST 7, ST 8 , ST 9 and ST 10, well, action and action but nothing new, themes we all had seen before, and that was boring.

I hope JJA trek , will keep the spirit of TOS , and never leave that century they are in now, because that era (The 23.rd Century) is Startrek……

116. Jack - April 15, 2012

103. Heh. Wonder if that’ll still be around in the 22nd century (or whenever Enterprise was set, frankly, I didn’t pay fantastic attention because I was grumpy about the retcon).

116. “I hope JJA trek , will keep the spirit of TOS”
Agreed! Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Guinan in a starbase bar. I know, I suck.

117. phil - April 15, 2012

I didn’t mind Enterprise, but thought it was cool it died in the same coffin slot as TOS.

118. peetee - April 15, 2012

It seems SciFi is out of fashion – not with fans or even producers – but with networks and TV stations. No Star Trek, no Stargate, Outcasts (BBC) was cancelled…it makes me sad. When will we see a good SciFi series again airing for at least 7 seasons…sigh

119. denny cranium - April 15, 2012

Scott Bakula championed Enterprise at every opportunity.
I think the problem lied with UPN and Berman and Braga
UPN felt that Trek was its cash cow and that Trek fans would keep it afloat.
Berman and Braga were the ones burnt out from 15 years of TNG Voyager etc.
Enterprise did find its way by season 3 and was classic trek by season 4.
I miss it and would welcome its return in any form.

120. MJ - April 15, 2012

@119. Sorry, but Bakula never came across to anything more than a run-of-the-mill Starfleet Captain. He just never has the gravitas of any of the other Captains. Janeway, who was the weakest of the other Captains, was a level above Archer in terms of being a great Trek Captain.

121. Dr. Image - April 15, 2012

ENT: Victim of BAD WRITING. (And Braga.)

122. David C. Roberson - April 15, 2012

Star Trek is Star Trek. Take what you will of it, disregard what you will, Star Trek is Star Trek. There is not one series that didn’t have its problems. TOS had a somewhat shaky beginning and a dreadful last season. All in all, the second season is the most “Trek” season. TNG has a terrible beginning, and only got really good in season three. DS9 took perhaps too long to get into the meat of their story, but my girlfriend is watching it, and she became hooked by the end of season one. Voyager obviously had plenty of problems (too much of too many bad things: reset buttons, discontinuity of the Captain’s character, holodeck plots, Borg episodes, characters who had little development)… Hell, I own all of them on DVD though because it IS all Star Trek in one way or another. It’s like a marriage in a way. For better or worse, I will watch Star Trek. I’m not saying every episode is groundbreaking or that any series was all bad or all good. I enjoyed Enterprise, got a bit bored in season 2, and season 3, but really enjoyed season 4. I even enjoyed the final episode. So sue me. And yeah, I have the Animated Series, too. I enjoy it as well. I’m not the biggest fan or Berman OR Braga. There was a reason Ron Moore left Voyager after what? Two days? I don’t agree with every creative decision by a looooooong shot. But sniping about it a series that ended SEVEN years ago? God, who cares? You either like it or you don’t. Bakula may not believe it was their fault. Hell, Mulgrew has stated that she thinks Voyager was the best series! What would be more interesting to me would be fans conversing about what THEY would have done differently rather than screaming, “Bad writing!” It’s easy to say that, but honestly, do any of you have any BETTER ideas that you didn’t just rip off of another show you’re currently watching? I’m not being snarky, I honestly want to know because it’s a far more interesting conversation:-)

123. Col.Tigh - April 15, 2012

I loved Enterprise.

Season 5 should of seen the Enterprise refit (Ships of the Line Calendar)

and proposed season 5 episodes…here

124. Khalifa - April 15, 2012

Enterprise was a beautiful Trek ans was getting better and better i miss it.

125. MJ - April 15, 2012

@124 Undoubtedly you are one of the writers from the show — I recognize the quality of the Enterprise screenplay work in your post.


126. MJ - April 15, 2012


Just looked at your link on the planned season five episodes. Almost every single one of these episodes is either a retread or a revisiting of other episodes on other Trek series. This illustrates another major problem with Enterprise — they seldom did much exploring of strange new words and civilizations, but instead unboldly went where other Trek series had already gone before. This further points to the creative team behind this show being intellectually bankrupt of new ideas post season 4. Another good reason to pull the plug then — the studio did us all a favor.

127. Dear Leader - April 16, 2012

Just like Voyager and DS9, TNG included, it takes a few seasons to work out the bugs before the going gets great.

Would have loved to see more Grace Park…

128. Damian - April 16, 2012

Like anything, I think there were numerous factors that led to Enterprise’s decline. It’s too simplistic to say it was just one thing. I do believe Enterprise finally got all the pieces in place by Season 4. I know some complain about the lack of exploration, but it was also a prequel. It was supposed to set up events that led to the original series. In the early going, Braga and Berman wrote almost every episode. Despite what some say, they did bring us some great Star Trek in the 90’s. Some of my favorite episodes of TNG were written by Braga and he was one of the writers of “First Contact” which was one of the blockbuster Star Trek films. However, their failure was not realizing they had run out of ideas soon enough. Once they brought in Coto and they went back to a larger pool of writers, things noticeably improved. But it obviously was too late.

But, I do think UPN played a role too. They were much more interested in shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and they were in the midst of significant changes, changes that no longer involved Star Trek. So I think Bakula is partially right. The network was quick to pull the plug, however, that was not the only factor.

Unfortunately, due to the high cost and the problems other space-based sci-fi TV shows have with ratings and advertising, I don’t forsee CBS jumping into a new Star Trek weekly series anytime in the forseeable future. I think the movies will be it for on screen Star Trek for a while.

129. Vultan - April 16, 2012


I’ll remember you said that… when we learn more about the next movie… and its villain.

130. - April 16, 2012

@84 “I call it the Costner Consequence. When Kevin Costner plays larger than life characters (Robin Hood, Wyatt Earp, the Mariner from Waterworld, etc) he doesn’t convince me. Put him in a baseball movie, or something where he plays a normal guy in abnormal circumstances, he often excels.”

Well observed man.

131. T'Cal - April 16, 2012

Great show? Lousy show? Ended too soon? Missed opportunity? Waste of time?

Who cares?! It’s done. Time to move onto the next series! I won’t be so bold as to recommend what will appeal to everyone here I lack the imagination and the crystal ball. With the splintering found at this Trek site alone, I have to wonder if it’s possible sometimes. I’ll leave that to TPTB to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. It’s time for new TV Trek!

132. 790 - April 16, 2012

Looking back at Enterprise, its an amazing show.

Season 4, was some of the best trek I’ve ever seen,,,

Enterprise was not pos show. It was amazing!!!

133. Rocket Scientist - April 17, 2012

132. 790: After revisiting it, I agree! A very entertaining show with a great cast.

134. Rodfarva - April 18, 2012

I like Scott Bakula but personally I hated Enterprise. It was too boring, to stale, a show that personally i think nearly helped killed off Star Trek once and for all. At the time the show was on, you had 5 Star Trek Series and 10 movies before it. To many of the shows plots from various series in the Star Trek universe were being overused too much and nothing new was being brought to the table. The series at the time was running out of gas and even the hard core fans were being turned off from it. Personally I love what they have done with the reboot movie, the franchise needed it. Hopefully ST 12 is a solid sequel and not a letdown like Pirate of the Caribbean or Matrix sequels were.

135. Rodfarva - April 18, 2012

PS if I was Viacom/CBS I would wait a least a decade before they brought in a new trek series. Focus on making a a new trilogy or even pumping out up to four or five films with the new cast before you bring out a new TV series. Sometimes less is more. Quanity nearly killed of Trek in the first place.

136. Shane - April 18, 2012

Enterprise was a victim of horrible writing and our friends Berman and Braga. Simple as that.

137. Xplodin_Nacelle - April 19, 2012

I always had linked the four seasons of Enterprise w/ the three of TOS. That way it bookends the entire televised Trek saga

138. fiercey - April 20, 2012

I tried watching the first season of Enterprise, wanted to like it… but it was all a little too smarmy for my tastes. Capt. Archer seemed like just too much of a nice guy, and I think too much sexy time was given to the female Vulcan which came across as juvenile to me. Don’t get me wrong, she was hot… but if I need to see sexy, you don’t need to look far to find it and I definitely am not watching Star Trek for that.

Too bad. Maybe I should go look at season 4 sometime and see what the fuss is about.

139. Azrael - April 20, 2012

You know I hate to say this but I have to agree with MJ on the overall craptacular nature of Enterprise, the weakness of Archer (though IMO the weakest Captain besides him was Sisko not Janeway), and how this just sounds like Bakula making excuses. I also have to agree that I would have less than no interest in watching most of the proposed episodes for season 5 as they are listed at the link given above.

140. jk - May 10, 2012

A victim of circumstance, all right–the circumstance being a lame cast, lame characters and lame writing.

141. Curt Bourque - May 22, 2012

Bakula was an excellent captain. The problem was in the bland, typical rehashed stories the writers produced for the actors to play. I didn’t like the 3rd episode much because of the downbeat storyline but it was well done and had many fine points, like the Captain ordering the theft of another ships engine. You didn’t see that on the other treks!

The 4th season serves as a great movie styled season with plenty of fresh ideas. It was a case of too little, too late.

BUT I PROPOSE to you all that Enterprise was a precurser not so much to the original series but (unintentionally of course) it is now a fine prequel to the new movies series that started in 2009 with star trek (11).

I see nothing in Enterprise the series that contradicts with either the original series OR the 2009 movie remake!

Plus the technology fits better with the new movies!

142. Curt Bourque - May 22, 2012

(except for the Next Generation finale episode of course but no one really liked that episode anyway… There will probably be a Riker and Troi in the future so it might fit in. If not just ignore that last episode.) is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.