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July Star Trek Comics To Feature TOS/TNG/Who Crossover + New Tribble Story For Ongoing Movie Series April 13, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Comics,Star Trek (2009 film),TNG,TOS , trackback

IDW has announced solicitations for all of their July comics and the two Trek comics are pretty exciting. First up the second issue of the Doctor Who/TNG crossover hints at a TOS/Classic Doctor flashback. And the ongoing Star Trek movie universe comics will feature another brand new story featuring tribbles. Details below, plus covers.



IDW’s June solicitations are out, including first details on the 2nd Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who comic and the 10th issue of the ongoing Star Trek series set in the new movie universe. Here are the blurbs and covers.

Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #3 (of 8) [32 pages • $3.99]
Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee (w) • J.K. Woodward (a) • Woodward,
Elena Casagrande (c)
The two greatest science-fiction properties of all time cross over for the first time in history, in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION2! The true horror of the Borg-Cybermen alliance has been revealed, but what course of action will Captain Picard and the Doctor agree upon? And will the Doctor’s recently resurfaced memories shed new night on the dilemma?

Variant Cover: Black & White cover by Elena Casagrande

Assimilation2 #3 (Regular Cover)

Star Trek #11 [32 pages • $3.99]
Mike Johnson (w) • Claudia Balboni (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c)
"The Truth About Tribbles!" Part 1! The countdown to next year’s blockbuster STAR TREK sequel continues here, as the crew of the Enterprise encounters the classic alien species in an ALL-NEW story! Inspired by the fan-favorite episode "The Trouble With Tribbles," this new two-part adventure is overseen by STAR TREK sequel writer/producer Roberto Orci!

Variant Covers:
Tim Bradstreet sketch cover &
Variant Photo Cover

Star Trek #11 (Regular Cover)

Also due in June is the Collection for the "Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes" Crossover series. Here is that cover.


Star Trek, Vol. 2 [Trade Paperback • $17.99 • 104 pages ]
Mike Johnson (w) • Joe Corroney (a) Tim Bradstreet (c)
The voyages of the new crew of the Enterprise continue in this re-imagining of the original series using the altered timeline from the 2009 movie. Contained in this volume is the re-telling of the classic episode OPERATION: ANNIHILIATE! And an all-new two-part story that takes place soon after the events of the first film!

Star Trek TPB Collection Vol. 2



1. Calbie - April 13, 2012

Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

2. CmdrR - April 13, 2012

Two great tastes… that taste great as is.
Fun idea, but I think I’ll stick with my Trek and Who on separate plates.

3. Robin Raianiemi - April 13, 2012

I love that Kirk-centric cover!

4. Kor the Klingon - April 13, 2012

What’s Kirk doing on the cover if it’s a Next Generation crossover??

5. NCM - April 13, 2012

Can’t say I’m excited about the re-production of tribbles–too much fluff.

Oh well, guess it’ll appeal to some:]

6. Sebastian S. - April 13, 2012

Kirk would probably talk the Cybermen into self-destructing somehow. ;-D
It’s really neat that they have him paired up with Tom Baker. I can’t think of a greater polar opposite to Kirk’s personality (even more so than Spock) than Tom Baker’s ‘teeth and curls’ Doctor (still my favorite Doctor; with Christopher Eccleston a close second).

I read vol 1 of the New Trek comics (it did “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Galileo Seven”). Familiar yes (one of the reasons I was reluctant to try them out), but also with enough alternate timeline business to make them seem fresh again (including a nice twist at the end of Galileo 7). Kind of like the remastered TOS sets in that way.

I look forward to Vol. 2….

7. Bugs Nixon - April 13, 2012

Tribbly wobbly…

8. I hate Twilight - April 13, 2012


Uhura and Chekov…I ship S/U but that is a cute pic.

TOS ones are perfect

9. Herb Finn - April 13, 2012

Wasn’t there a well known Fan Fiction with The 4th Doctor jumping dimensions and meeting up with Kirk and Company?

10. Phil - April 13, 2012

Very early art with TOS Kirk under the ST:TNG banner….

11. toast2042 - April 13, 2012

I will own this Trek/Who crossover. Coolest thing I’ve read about since the full-size 1701-A in Vegas.

12. MJ - April 13, 2012

I’m sorry, but remaking the Trouble with Tribbles in the new comic series just strikes me as WRONG and smells like a cash grab.

13. Desstruxion - April 13, 2012

Can’t wait for the Who/Trek crossovers. It’s about time. Pun intended.

14. Desstruxion - April 13, 2012

Maybe they should do a zombie tribble issue.

15. MJ - April 13, 2012

@13. And throw in travel and integrate it with Archie and Jughead.

16. Orb of the Emissary - April 13, 2012

So if “The Trouble with Tribbles” takes place during the 2nd season of the Prime Universe, does that mean we’re already into the second year of the Alternate Universe’s Enterprise mission?

17. porthoses bitch - April 13, 2012

Well….if paramount tell IDW what thet they can and cant do…what episodes that they can do or cant..and we haven’t seen Khan in the comics yet…..not to hard to fill in the rest.

18. MJ - April 13, 2012

@17 BTW, Porthose just said for you to wash my car and get me a beer.

19. cd - April 13, 2012

12 – No way!

20. MJ - April 13, 2012

@17 Porthose and I love you in that wet T-shirt. Now get us another beer, right now…chop chop!

21. BeatleJWOL - April 13, 2012

What part of “ALL-NEW” story don’t you guys get? Yes, it involves tribbles, which happen to NOT be “new”, but the STORY is.

22. MJ - April 13, 2012

@21 And what part of “RIP-OFF” are you not getting?

23. Porthose - April 13, 2012

@17 Hey Bitch, what is it taking so long to get MJ and I that beer? I expect more from you than this crap. Now drop down and give me twenty.

24. rm10019 - April 13, 2012

23 – gripe gripe gripe, let it go.

25. rm10019 - April 13, 2012

sorry meant 22, no offense to Porthos or his bitch…. move along.

26. MJ - April 13, 2012

Ah great, rm10019 is stalking me again. He just bitched about me on another topic here today on another board on this site.

It is pretty cool to have stalkers on these boards! Thanks rm10019 for bringing me a small measure of fame.

27. MJ - April 13, 2012

@25 “sorry meant 22, no offense to Porthos or his bitch…. move along.”

Like a poor marksman, he keeps missing the target?

28. Red Dead Ryan - April 13, 2012

These are just comics, guys. Take it easy. It could be a lot worse. It’s not like Spock and Uhura are getting married and having kids or anything.

29. dmduncan - April 13, 2012

Archer’s dog, Porthos, is named after one of the musketeers from the Dumas novel.

Notice the lack of an “e.”

And if you were his “bitch,” it would be Porthos’ — not Porthoses — bitch that you were.

30. BeatleJWOL - April 13, 2012

@22 “How do you define…ripoff?” Not sure how you’d justify calling it a ripoff knowing absolutely nothing about the story except the presence of tribbles, although I will admit I’d love to know that David Gerrold was involved in this new tribble story…

31. mikejohnson - April 13, 2012


I can’t believe my own initials are against me.

1) It’s not a remake of “Trouble”. It’s completely different from page one, showing the crew’s first encounter with Tribbles in this timeline.

2) I never “grab” cash. I “politely take”.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

32. Aaron - April 13, 2012

#30 and others in support. I agree… people need to take a deep breath. To see a tribble and yell rip-off is unfair. I didn’t hear anybody yelling rip-off at the new movie when I was in the theatre watching it and it had the… wait for it… ENTERPRISE in it!!! I know they totally could have done something new but they decided to go with a tried and proven thing and made it even cooler. Now as far as I know tribbles have only been used twice extensively in cannon once in TOS and once in DS9 both of which are awesome eppisodes. So now you have the BORG all over the place… First Contact is said to be the best TNG movie in fact but hey maybe they were just ripping off the eppisodes of TNG and should have done something new. So just calm yourselves down with the whole rip-off thing. If you want to read it and judge it on its merits after that as being awful please do. Until then stop proving that to many people just log onto the net to look for things to whine and compain about. Because that’s sort of how you look. Happy friday the 13th.

33. I'm Dead Jim! - April 13, 2012

MJ, you sound like a mean drunk today.

34. Aaron - April 13, 2012

P.S. The animated series is not cannon. =)

35. Red Dead Ryan - April 13, 2012

Tribbles were also seen in an episode of “The Animated Series”.

36. MJ - April 13, 2012

@33. “MJ, you sound like a mean drunk today.”

You know, you have a point there!


Mike, thanks for the explanation and please excuse my excesses here. 3 straight days of rain in SoCal has me down.

37. MJ - April 13, 2012

@35. Plus that famous DS9 episode.

38. MJ - April 13, 2012

@32. OK, I am calming down — message received!

39. Red Dead Ryan - April 13, 2012


MJ, #32 mentioned the DS9 episode. But thanks anyway!

P.S., I don’t feel sorry for anybody complaining about rain in L.A. I live in Victoria, B.C. and we average about fourty inches of rain per year. Most of it coming during the winter months. Sometimes we get more rain in one day than you guys in Sunnyville get in a whole year.

40. Sebastian S. - April 13, 2012

# 39.

I live in southern California and the rain’s been great here! Won’t have to water my yard for awhile, and it keeps my neighbors’ noisy dogs indoors. But I know how you feel; I’m not native here, and it always makes me laugh a bit when I here native Californians complain about the weather here (which on average, ranges from good to perfect most of the year!).

And # 31.
Mike Johnson?

Look forward to your Tribble story. It’d be nice to see the new timeline have a more lighthearted story. The two I’ve read so far (“Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Galileo Seven”) have both been a bit ‘sturm und drang’. It’s time to have a little fun in the new timeline.

Can’t wait! ;-)

41. MJ - April 13, 2012

Yes, after nearly 20 years out here in SoCal, I am completely spoiled by the usually great weather.

42. Gorn Captain - April 13, 2012

The rain wasn’t much fun for the owner of the house that caught fire after being hit by lightning.

43. JRT! - April 14, 2012

Oh how I wish I was back in SoCal again! LOVE it when it rains! Won’t be back till July though,to go to Comic Con again. Can’t WAIT to be back in the US!

And since I love both Trek and Who I just really have to get this crossover,lol!

Have fun y’all! J-R!

44. MJ - April 14, 2012

Just ran across this viral marketing “advertisement” this is related to the ultra secret “Elysium” hard sci-fi movie currently under development by Neil Blomkamp (to be released March 2013):


45. Jim Nightshade - April 14, 2012

We visited my aunt in socal round dec 19 n when our plane landed from rainy seattle guess what it was raining….my aunt only lives bout 20 min from dizzyland…borrrowed her car…n after spending a day at the amazement park…i was driving back to my aunts it started raining with lightning on the horizon…
me…my luv tribbles…more please..this is what comix n books can do best–give us more adventures with our fav characters..i even like the dr who crossover ideas…

46. Jim Nightshade - April 14, 2012

However….Gilligans Island meets trek…bad idea….the professer n scotty make a transporter from coconuts n gilligan trips on a vine causing the transporter to break n blowup before they can use it but Porthos does finally reappear when Scotty is testing the machine…but sadly hes a weiner cuz hes on fire n a real hot dog….Skippperrr!

47. Pauln6 - April 14, 2012

It’s interesting that they are doing another original story so soon. I could certainly live with the dynamic of alternating re-telling and original stories.

The fact that they are doing a new tribble story might mean that they don’t think the original version was worth re-telling? Maybe this could be a trend as we go forward, where only the barest plot elements are used so the story is considered original. Would Khan’s first appearance need to be called Space Seed if it doesn’t involve him being rescued by and taking over the Enterprise? I can see turning Khan into a recurring thorn in Kirk’s side if maybe he and his augments hook up with klingon mercenaries or orion pirates… or both!

48. CarlG - April 14, 2012

When I was a little kid, PBS used to show Doctor Who episodes late at night… if I could make it to 10pm without falling asleep, I was allowed to stay up and watch them with my dad. So that cover, with an old-school Doctor and old-school Cybermen, mixing it up with old-school Trek… you don’t even understand how much it’s pressing all my nostalgia buttons. I want to go over to IDW and give hugs to everyone there!

49. Dom - April 14, 2012

Wouldn’t it be intriguing I the Enterprise crew meeting Tribbles early leads to them not meeting them later on and the Klingons succeeding in murdering all those colonists with poisoned grain… ;)

50. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 14, 2012

So it’s raining in Southern California and what’s more, when it is at the tail end of winter, going into spring! Wow! You should be awesomely grateful for this blessed rain because it keeps ground water levels up and the ground soft enough, so that if there is major rainfall, a good part of that will be able to seep into the ground and not just wash away. Besides, that means I can look forward to enjoy eating more of those sweet, juicy California oranges!

Of course, NZ has just had its summer and we have seen more rainfall in the last few months than I suspect California has seen throughout its entire winter and now we have the winter to look forward to… We have already had some quite bad summer flooding up in Northland and in a rural area and township (Gisborne) on the East Coast (middle of North Island).

A story involving tribbles sounds great, so long as those fluffballs are kept sweet and innocent… Of course, you are aware that we have tribbles here on earth now. They come in the form of puffles and large numbers of the original space fluffballs have been stashed in the outback somewhere in an old car by none other than “my captain” Chris Pine/Kirk himself…:)! Better believe it. Perhaps JJ Abrams/Bob Orci… might like to have a little chat to that beautiful conifer on the Trek set about his intentions…

51. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 14, 2012

BTW, I love that cover with the cyber man, Captain Kirk and Dr Who (Tom Baker).

52. Big J - April 14, 2012

3rd TNG/DW comic Anthony, not 2nd. Also, did anyone else notice that Kirk’s face is the Khan scream face, only backwards?

53. MJ - April 14, 2012

BTW, enjoy — this is hilarious:


54. Danny - April 14, 2012

Thank goodness for Comixology!

When it comes out in hardback or TPB though, the Trek/Who crossover will take pride of place on my bookshelf.

8 issues – that’s a huge story!!

55. Sebastian S. - April 14, 2012

52. Big J

Maybe the backwards face means it’s the ‘mirror’ Kirk… ;-D

56. Adolescent Nightmare - April 14, 2012

Whoever invents real life tribbles will be rich.

57. James - April 14, 2012

A Tribble has already appeared in the new timeline, Scotty had one in a cage on Delta Vega. I wonder if that will figure at all in this new story. We also saw tribbles in McCoy’s bar scene in Trek III. And why not consider the cartoon canon? It was shown on TV, had the orignal actor’s voices and showed many things for the 1st time, which were referenced later. Spock’s hometown of ShiKhar was later added to Amok Time in the Re-Mastered version. Caitians have shown up in the movies, Tiberius was first spoken in the cartoon, and there are other examples.

58. Sebastian S. - April 14, 2012

#57. James

Glad to see another TAS fan here!
I (in my own way) do consider TAS to be canon (it really has no worse continuity errors than TOS, TNG or any other incarnation of Star Trek, really). Even though the animation isn’t that great (a CGI special edition of the series would be awesome!) and the over-reliance on the supporting actors to double as guest voices is an issue at times (I remember a couple of episodes where it sounded like Uhura talking to herself, as Nichols was doubling as two characters), I still enjoy the show very much. Some of the stories are very imaginative.
For me, it was ST TOS point five….

IMO, if it had Gene Roddenberry’s name on it, and the original cast was in it? Why couldn’t it be canon? “Yesteryear” was most definitely referenced in ST09 (the Vulcan bullies).

I think ST canon is whatever we fans individually wish it to be. It’s been violated so many times in ST’s history, it really doesn’t matter anyway….

59. Daoud - April 14, 2012

In honor of D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold… “Star Trek” as it was called and aired from 1973 to 1975 should be seen now as absolutely authentic Trek.
The only reason Roddenberry didn’t like it is that he couldn’t get money out of it. Filmation owned the film stock, so “Lincoln Enterprises” couldn’t cut it up and sell it to suckers, erm, fans. And countless other things.
Recognizing TAS as authentic Trek is a great tip of the hat to Fontana and Gerrold. They deserve nothing less. Plus, many of the stories were better than the worst of season 3 by far.

60. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 14, 2012

Why is it titled Star Trek: TNG/Dr Who Assimilation when it is young Kirk and Spock who appear on the cover?

61. Bucky - April 14, 2012

It’s a variant cover, about 50% of variant covers have nothing to do with the actual story, they’re just collectables. Note the usage of the 70s era (I think) Doctor on the cover also.

62. MJ - April 14, 2012

@60 “Why is it titled Star Trek: TNG/Dr Who Assimilation when it is young Kirk and Spock who appear on the cover?”

Well they are already stupidly mixing Dr. Who with Star Trek, so like who cares if the title is wrong given that they have already come up with an idea so dumbass that is sets a new low level in Trek “comixplotation” (great new work I just created there, ha!).

63. MJ - April 14, 2012

I mean, it is kind of funny that people are noticing the title is incorrect, when what could be more asininely incorrect that this dumbass concept itself, right? LOL

64. James - April 15, 2012

Why such antipathy towards a mixing of fictions MJ? Sounds like fun to me, and the Kirk/Baker cover does relate to the blurb of the Dr’s ‘lost’ memories resurfacing. I think we all get you do not like comic books.

65. Holger - April 15, 2012

I like TOS. I like TNG. I like The Doctor. I really don’t need a crossover of the three.

66. Sebastian S. - April 15, 2012

# 64.


I was reluctant to take a look at the the ST09 continuing comics series, but when I picked up Vol. 1 recently? I enjoyed it. They were kind of like TOS remastered; familiar stories but with a shot of new energy.

While I admit that I don’t think ST and DW are a good fit (at first glance), who knows what the writers can accomplish? I remember the ST/X-Men crossovers and yes, I’ll admit, I didn’t like those, but my curiosity compelled me to at least check them out first. Perhaps this ST/DW crossover may surprise people. I’d be curious to read any posts from people who read this at some point later on. As science fiction fans, I think we should always try to be open-minded to new things…

If I come across these ST/DW comics, I’d definitely give it a look. If I like it? I’d buy it. If not? No worries… :-)

67. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 15, 2012

#50. Keachick…

Something about CP:

“Milk+Bookies has announced that they will host their Third Annual Story Time Celebration on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Families will enjoy a fun-filled day to include celebrity supporters Chris Pine, Dave Grohl, DJ Lance Rock, Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen reading their favorite children’s stories”


I want pictures… you know… ;-) :-)

68. Big J - April 15, 2012

I don’t understand why so many people are opposed to a comic book crossover between Trek and Who. I think, if done properly, it can be quite entertaining. It’s not as if it’s permanent. Besides, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than crossovers with X-Men, The Legion of Super Heroes, or Here Come the Brides.

69. John Flanders - April 15, 2012

I’m against it because it is just another example of the creeping Americanisation of Doctor Who in which all of its quirks and idiosyncrasies are stripped away to leave just another sci-fi property. Kind of like how Star Trek has become.

70. maffc - April 15, 2012

“Contained in this volume is the re-telling of the classic episode OPERATION: ANNIHILIATE! And an all-new two-part story that takes place soon after the events of the first film! ”

HANG ON – The new timeline takes quite a lot of liberties really.

The 1st film takes place in 2258, Operation Annihilate takes place 8/9 years later and the parasites didn’t arrive until 8 month prior to the episode.

71. MJ - April 15, 2012

I am going to killed for saying this, but Dr. Who has always come across to me as a rather silly show. I never got into it, and thought is what kind of lame. So I really don’t like mixing that with Star Trek.

And also, in almost all cases, including Aliens and Predators, I just don’t like the mixing of different elements. As was said earlier:

“65. Holger – April 15, 2012
I like TOS. I like TNG. I like The Doctor. I really don’t need a crossover of the three.”

Exactly! This crossover stuff is for the weak-minded who just want their characters mixed for their own selfish entertainment — the integrity of the original series be damned!

72. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 15, 2012

Actually one possible dumbass who came up with the idea of having a Dr Who/Star Trek crossover story on this site, was ME! I mooted the idea, half jokingly, when I first came to this site in about July/August 2010. I had not seen the notion before, but it is more than likely that others had considered the idea as well.

MJ – This is for fun and since when was being entertained some holy-than-thou selfless activity? Grief. Weak minded and selfish? Honestly, go blow it out your ass, but not near me!

I have no idea what the comic story tells but for me, it has always been just a matter of Dr Who and Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crossing paths on an occasion, doing their thing together and then each separately moving on to whatever/wherever… What loss to integrity of the original series? Kirk would still be Kirk (as with the rest of the Enterprise crew etc) and behaving towards the Doctor as he would towards meeting any new individual(s), alien or otherwise, and getting done what needs/must, if/when anything needs to happen. The Doctor would, of course, be the inimitable Dr Who!

73. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 15, 2012

#67 Dee, thanks. This is cool stuff!

So JJ Abrams has allowed at least one of the Trek movie actors out/up for air. Good man, that JJ…:)

Yes, indeed, pictures of the fine Pine are absolutely necessary and desirable. They kinda make up for the fact that I still can’t get to see even a glimpse of “my captain” yet!

74. MJ - April 15, 2012

@72 ” Honestly, go blow it out your ass.”

Well said, Keachick, because this crossover idea is one of the biggest brainfarts in Trek history.

What’s next, a Star Trek crossover with “Archie” or “Wonderwoman”? Where do we draw the line?

I’l go with Captain Picard on this one….”the line drawn….Heeeeeere!”

75. Bucky - April 15, 2012

Why would you bother draw a line? I mean, really, who cares? Is it really that important to take a personal stance over a sci-fi crossover? Is this really, like, a giant detriment to the Star Trek franchise’s and brand’s credibility?

76. MJ - April 15, 2012

@75. By a similar token, why does it bother so many people that I don’t like this? I mean, some people here seem to be getting really bent out of shape on my opinions on this? Why are people so damn upset about my opinion on this?

(perhaps the answer could be that they know I am right, but they can’t help themselves by still wanting to see the Trek-meets-Dr. Who cluster-f*ck?)

77. Dee - lvs moon' surface - April 15, 2012

#72. Keachick …

The pics here:


:-) ;-)

78. MJ - April 15, 2012

@77 Very cool story on Chris Pine — thanks!

79. dmduncan - April 15, 2012

@59: Just watched an episode of TAS on Netflix. The animation, if we can call it that, only barely qualifies as such.

It’s…not good.

On the other hand, in TAS we have a whole series of episodes with dialogue read by the original cast.

And they’re not making anymore of that stuff. So when you think about it, the TAS dialogue is a valuable, irreplaceable resource.

Which brings me to my point.

I think it would be really cool to entirely redo the TAS animation. Make it fully 21st century sophisticated, using that priceless dialogue read by the original cast.

With excellent, modern animation…that would almost be like finding a new cache of TOS episodes.

80. MJ - April 15, 2012

@79. Great idea!!!!!

81. Red Dead Ryan - April 15, 2012

Yeah, the TAS show, as it is now, is unwatchable. The stories (especially “Yesteryear”, which is universally considered the best TAS episode) were really good, but the animation was awful. In fact, there was barely any true “animation” in the animation. At times it looked more like suspended animation. Brand new cg or hand-drawn (or both) animation would really bring the stories to life. It could bring in the younger crowd, and maybe even pave the way for a new series.

But of course, the problem here is CBS would have to pay royalties to the writers, producers and actors of the show. William Shatner’s royalty fee might be too much for CBS to justify the expense of redoing the series.

82. Sebastian S. - April 15, 2012

I agree TAS would benefit greatly from a CGI makeover (maybe some new, more “Star Trek” sounding music would be nice, too). Essentially, keep the actors’ tracks and the stories, but change the visuals and music.

It’d be a neat experiment, but I doubt CBS/Paramount would pay for that….

As for the Dr Who/Star Trek crossover, I love them both but for very different reasons. ST is more starched-collar scifi; a military organization with a fleet of spaceships out patrolling the universe, etc. It’s a more alpha-male kind of space opera fantasy. A lot of fun, but more along the lines of naval stories….

Dr Who is more approachable, down-to-earth kind of scifi. It’s more about freedom, using your wits (rather than weapons) and self determination; the Doctor just goes where he wishes (throughout the universe) with whomever he wishes (literally at any time in history). And the show’s humor (some of the best Tom Baker episodes were penned by Douglas Adams!) is much more sophisticated than Star Trek, to be honest.

My love for the two franchises is a classic apples and oranges scenario…

Together, I’m not sure if they’re a good idea but I’d love to see the attempt and I’ll try to reserve my judgment until then… ;-)

83. dmduncan - April 15, 2012

I just got done watching first episode of Bob Orci’s Transformer’s show. First time I’ve seen it. And I was REALLY impressed. The animation is beautiful!

Now imagine a new TAS where the animation is THAT good, with the sets and ships of TOS all precisely drawn, and the cast of characters all recognizable as the original young actors who played them.

I get chills. It would totally change how TAS is perceived. And it would give us the priceless value of hearing the original cast again — including those who are no longer with us — in the context of a series that goes from being unwatchable to visually stunning.

What a gift that would be!

84. dmduncan - April 15, 2012

Sometimes the difference between success and failure comes down to not talking yourself out of doing something just because you are convinced you know what the probable outcome is before you’ve tried it.

Who never dares, never wins.

85. Sebastian S. - April 15, 2012

83-4, dmduncan

I couldn’t agree more.
I would really love to see a top-drawer TAS done someday. Imagine first rate visuals with the original cast recordings? Many of the TAS stories were pretty far out visually (in concept, if not in execution) and would be very exciting to see with modern visuals. I sincerely wish it were possible (who knows? Maybe an aggressive campaign by ardent TAS fans?

Upgrading TAS would be like the rusty, broken down old heap being given a souped up, V-8 engine and a coat of metallic, candy-apple red paint….


86. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 15, 2012

I think the MJ doth protest… I don’t do brainfarts or any other kind of fart. What comes out of me from wherever is always beautifully and ever so delicately scented…;) Ask anyone!

Dee – Thanks for the link to those photos! Chris Pine looks so happy and relaxed, and what’s more, an absolute honey. I must resist going into a totally drooling meltdown right now. Such lovely photos!

Did anyone notice the first picture in this series of photos?


I have to say that both Damon and Chris have such amazing and lovely eyes, even though their eyes are a different shape and colour. Who knew that Damon was so short? Great photo!

87. MJ - April 15, 2012

@86 “What comes out of me from wherever is always beautifully and ever so delicately scented.”

Perhaps the sweet smell of rose pinenuts? :-)

88. JRT! - April 16, 2012

Yeah,Doctor Who is a silly show. As silly as a bunch of people on a starship roaming around the galaxy,lol! That’s why I love them both!

Old Who doesn’t look as good as old Trek though.

Have fun y’all! J-R!

89. MJ - April 16, 2012

@88 Comparing a guy in current time who moves through time and space dimensions with a silly phone booth to a starship 250 years from now….there is no comparison…the level of Dr. Who laughability is at least a magnitude above that of Start Trek. Dr. Who is BARELY science fiction.

90. CarlG - April 16, 2012

@71: Oh, Dr Who is an extremely silly show, that’s part of the charm. It’s like how Star Wars is fantasy with SF trappings. Who is a “science-fairytale” if you will. And it’s not for everyone’s tastes for sure.

Anyway, this ought to cheer you up, consider it a thank you for post 53.

91. nate - April 16, 2012

The Dr. Who cover is funny. I’m worried about the Tribble issues–got a weaker artist. Has IDW asked Jerome Moore or Gordon Purcell to work on the new book? Love their art, with nice details and likenesses.

92. MJ - April 16, 2012

@90. Awesomely funny link — thanks!

93. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 17, 2012

The Tardis is a traditional blue British Police Box (you know, “the boys in blue”), not a traditional red telephone box. Has the US never had the red telephone boxes?

94. CarlG - April 17, 2012

@93: Ive only ever seen the plexiglass and metal type in north America, I think the red one is UK-specific.

95. sean - April 17, 2012

FYI folks, this isn’t the first time Doctor Who and Trek have crossed paths: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Doctor_and_the_Enterprise

96. JRT! - April 18, 2012

Yeah,Who is an extremely silly show…….just like Trek,lol! Yep,I stand by what I said in earleir post. They’re both just silly shows and one of the reasons I love them both just as much. And there’s a LOT of other silly shows out there I love too. My short attention span lets me do that,lol!

Have fun y’all! And keep Trekkin’! John-Robin!

97. JRT! - April 18, 2012

Oooops…..I meant EARLIER post,lol! Post 88,I think.


98. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 18, 2012

NZ had the red telephone boxes as well.

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