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Alice Eve Watched All Of Star Trek TOS To Prepare For Sequel Role + Explains How Abrams Keeps Cast Mum April 16, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Star Trek’s latest starlet Alice Eve is not going to reveal any spoilers for the upcoming sequel, and in a new interview she explains how director JJ Abrams is able to keep the cast mum. But the actress did reveal how she prepared for her role in the upcoming film.


Alice Eve: Abrams ‘generous’ filmmaker + prepped for role by watching all TOS

Speaking to Access Hollywood at the press junket for her upcoming film The Raven, actress Alice Eve explained how Star Trek sequel director JJ Abrams prevents leaks is by creating a sense of loyalty among his cast:

"J.J., I guess, really wins your trust… and you don’t want to do anything that would like, rock his ship," she said. "He runs a real gentleman’s set and we’re like his amazing army and he’s the kind general," she added of their "Star Trek" captain behind the scenes. "He’s like a very efficient, generous filmmaker. It’s been an amazing experience working with him. It’s really special, actually."

Eve also revealed she has reviewed the entire original Star Trek series to prep for her role in the sequel:

"I’ve watched all of them. My grandfather used to watch the original series in the ’60s every Saturday at 5 o’clock, so it was nice for me because it was the only TV show he watched," she said. "Now, I’ve watched them all and there are some scenes with [William] Shatner that break my heart… It’s so sweet."

Alice Eve at "Raven" press junket – April 12

While we will have to wait until the summer of 2013 to see Eve in Star Trek, she will be seen in two big films this year. She has a leading role opposite John Cusack in The Raven (opening April 27), and she appears as the younger version of Emma Thompson in the time-travel focused Men in Black III (opening May 25th).

Alice Eve and John Cusack in "The Raven" – opening April 27



1. MJ - April 16, 2012

Well then, I am going to have to force myself to view all of Alice’s work and photos before I see the movie. It is a tough job, but someone has got to do it, right? :-)

2. khan 2.0 - April 16, 2012

Carol Marcus – cmon its gotta be!

3. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 16, 2012

Someone who really cares about TOSource-material? Marry me.

4. alec - April 16, 2012

Nice to know that she’s gone to that effort to prepare. She does look like Carol Marcus….and all the actors linked with the lead villain do look like Khan… that a coincidence?

5. Lancelot Narayan - April 16, 2012

I love ‘Starter for Ten’.

6. MP - April 16, 2012

@4 alec

They have someone that looks like Ricardo Montalban in the movie? Who? I didn’t know they cast another villain in the movie. ;)

7. khan 2.0 - April 16, 2012

“and all the actors linked with the lead villain do look like Khan”

may i suggest a trip to the opticians?

8. Christopher Roberts - April 16, 2012

Janice Rand perhaps? Although, that would only really entail watching half of Season 1.

I don’t know. TOS depiction of women really wasn’t the best at times. There are some exceptions, such as Uhura (obviously) and the prosecutor in “Court-Martial”. But generally just be the love ’em and leave ’em interest, wearing Theiss creations that mirculously didn’t malfunction.

9. Phil - April 16, 2012

Carol Marcus was not in TOS – can’t study a character that didn’t show up until later.

How JJ keeps everything under wraps? I’m guessing a random actor is selected for a morning flogging. That ought to do it.

10. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 16, 2012

She has to be either Ruth or Carol Marcus. But Hey. Kirk had more then a few blonds and of Course Brunette’s and Green Women and so on and so on.

11. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - April 16, 2012

I do love the fact that Alice watched all of TOS to be ready for the role. She is a Beauty and a Class Act.

12. Sassy - April 16, 2012

What about Nurse Chapel?

13. cugel the clever - April 16, 2012

@ #9

This is a new timeline – they can introduce characters who were not in TOS.

@ #12

I agree…. could be.

14. sterj - April 16, 2012

The only other recurring female role that ran all 3 seasons in TOS besides Uhura is Christine Chapel. (Although this actress reminds me more of Janice Rand!)

15. Sherlock FanGirl - April 16, 2012

I’ve seen “The Raven”.

It. Was. Bollocks.

16. Desstruxion - April 16, 2012

Carol Marcus please.

17. baby - April 16, 2012

at least she is not as skinny as zoe saldana….gosh I wish JJ will tell zoe to eat some food.

I am still a zoe fan

18. Basement Blogger - April 16, 2012

Bravo, Alice Eve. Harve Bennett did the same thing when he got the job to produce Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. And he got Star Trek. I’m going to guess that the scenes that broke her heart were from “The City on the Edge of Forever.”

19. Magic_Al - April 16, 2012

^9 Carol Marcus was not in TOS but David Marcus had to be born before the events of TOS, when Kirk was the age Chris Pine is now, in fact. Of course in the alternate timeline there’s no reason Kirk would ever meet Carol Marcus, unless it was truly cosmic destiny.

20. Red Dead Ryan - April 16, 2012

I’m kinda hoping Alice Eve isn’t playing Carol Marcus in the sequel. I was never a fan of that character. Before TWOK, she was never seen or mentioned. After TWOK, same thing. She was important to TWOK, and that is it. Which, considering that she had a relationship with James T. Kirk and had a child with him, seems very underwhelming for a character that should have at least been mentioned or seen (if only a cameo) in either TSFS or TVH in the wake of their son David’s murder.

21. Craiger - April 16, 2012

Didn’t Abrams say Alice Eve is playing a character that isn’t from canon?

22. Vlad - April 16, 2012

psst….it will have Khan in it…wink wink

23. SpikedCanon - April 16, 2012

Chappell or Rand. Of course in another interview at MTV she said she was in the make up chair a long time….but not as long as Spock

24. Captain Karl - April 16, 2012

On a note not related to this article
RIP Garry Walberg – Commander Hansen from TOS “Balance of Terror”

25. Andy Patterson - April 16, 2012

“”I’ve watched all of them. My grandfather used to watch the original series in the ’60s every Saturday at 5 o’clock, ”

Hey baby. I used to watch them everyday at 5:00 too on KXTX TV 39 out of Dallas. How old are you? I’m only 45 and I’m not a grandfather.

26. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 16, 2012

Your Father was many things, but he was NEVER a Boy Scout.

I hated that line in STII. She sounded so smug, but she never had any context.
Dittop for whole David character in II and III.

Kudos to Shatner with his ability to act passed all that.

27. TrekMadeMeWonder - April 16, 2012

24 RIP (for the Empire)!

28. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 16, 2012

#4: You wrote:
“and all the actors linked with the lead villain do look like Khan”

Have your eyes always not functioned properly, or is this a new development?

29. Magic_Al - April 16, 2012

^20. Kirk actually does mention Carol in the Genesis report in TSFS. Supposedly Harve Bennett left her out of the story for budget reasons. Of course it’s plausible that after David’s death Carol never wanted to speak to Kirk again. “You had your world and I had mine. And I wanted him in mine.” As soon as David goes on a Starfleet mission he gets killed by Klingons as a negotiating tactic against Kirk. Whatever Kirk told her about that, she probably blamed him.

30. agentm31 - April 16, 2012

Her hair! It’s young Carol Markus’s hair!

31. Basement Blogger - April 16, 2012

@ 28

Look all the clues point to Khan. Yeah, I could be wrong. But let’s examine the evidence shall we?

1. There was a search of Hispanic actors to play the antagonist. Benicio Del Toro was asked. After that fell through, other Hispanic actors were looked at. Significance? The original Khan was played by Mexican actor Ricardo Montalban.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch who now is the antagonist, gave an interview to MTV about the need to work out for the role. Hey, he’s not playing a nerdy scientist.

3. We’ve all seen the footage of the Spock and Cumberbatch fight. Cumberbatch gets out of a Vulcan neck pinch. He chokes Spock with one hand. And he beats the daylights out of him. Since Vulcans are much stronger than normal humans that means Cumberbatch is some type or superhuman. Hmmm. Famous superhumans in the TOS. KHAN.

Now the video did show Cumberbatch to be human looking. He didn’t have pointed ears. But it is possible he could be some other type of superhuman. I mean he was wearing what looked like a Starfleet undershirt. And he had pointed sideburns. Stil, superhuman strength and the search for a Hispanic actor points to Khan.

32. Red Dead Ryan - April 16, 2012


Carol Marcus’ story arc just didn’t seem very organic to me. I just didn’t think there was a reason to care about her. She was there for the benefit of the Kirk character. But I did think David worked. That character gave Shatner something to work from, and allowed him to explore another side of Kirk we hadn’t seen before, as well as elevating his own acting to another level not seen before, nor since, as Kirk.


“Still, superhuman strength and the search for a Hispanic actor points to Khan.”

Agreed! I myself deduced that Khan would be the villain from the fact that the supreme court writers, whenever they talk about Trek, and how to make the sequel better than the first, always reference Khan and TWOK. I think, from their point of view, Khan was the elephant in the room that just couldn’t be avoided.

33. Thorny - April 16, 2012

18… “City on the Edge of Forever”, “Paradise Syndrome”, and “Requiem for Methuselah” all qualify as heartbreaking moments for Kirk. I think there is no longer any doubt that Eve plays Kirk’s love interest.

34. Captain Gorn - April 16, 2012


I may be wrong about this, but didn’t one of the superhumans in Space Seed get nerve pinched by Spock? That would seem to indicate that the villain is NOT Khan.

And really… if you’re going to have Khan, whose an INDIAN, why get a BRITISH actor to play him?

Sorry – I just don’t see Khan as a likely possibility.

35. thunderstrat13 - April 16, 2012

where no man has gone before.lockwood/kellerman.

36. Sebastian S. - April 16, 2012

I hear all this speculation online about how she MUST be playing Rand, Chapel, or Carol Marcus (personally, I think she looks more like Sally Kellerman’s Elizabeth Dehner from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”; hee, hee…). But didn’t they already say (when Alice Eve was first cast) that she’s playing a character NEW to the Star Trek universe?

IMO, I think we ST fans need to think more outside the box on this one. It’s always the same speculations; Khan, Carol Marcus, etc. I really doubt this is a $200 million remake of “The Wrath of Khan”. Heavens help the franchise if that is the extent of the filmmakers’ imagination.

37. VZX - April 16, 2012

Cool, I watched all TOS episodes as well. We have something in common…there’s my “in!”

38. Danpaine - April 16, 2012

…after all this time, Shatner’s acting back then moved her.


39. Sebastian S. - April 16, 2012

Captain Gorn

I so totally agree; 110%. It’s absurd. Not just casting wise, but it also shows a complete lack of imagination. I very much doubt they powers-that-be would go through all the trouble to create a whole new universe of Star Trek only to serve us reheated leftovers….

And yes, you’re right; one of Khan’s ‘genetically engineered’ henchman was felled by Spock’s nerve pinch in “Space Seed”. Another was felled by a hypo (so much for super peripheral vision…). ;-D

40. RobertZ - April 16, 2012

Dr. Elisabeth Dehner?

41. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 16, 2012

Sheesh – this thread is about Alice Eve and the fact that she watched all of TOS. What she did mention was, “Now, I’ve watched them all and there are some scenes with [William] Shatner that break my heart… It’s so sweet.”
Yet so many still just obsess about whether Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan or not. Get a grip.

This thread is not about the villain; it is about Alice Eve’s experiences of working with JJ Abrams and of TOS. She is absolutely right- there were some very memorable, heartbreaking, sweet, whimsical scenes where Shatner/Kirk revealed his humanity – his ability to love (in every sense) and his vulnerability. At least she can see that. I do wonder sometimes who else has ever been able to, except me. I hope this film is able to show that side in the nuPine/Kirk. Maybe she is playing Kirk’s love, maybe not. Just another 13 months until…!

42. Basement Blogger - April 16, 2012

@ 34. 39

The way I viewed the footage was that Cumberbatch was able to grab Spock’s hand before he could do the full nerve pinch. Look how Cumberbatch grabs Spock’s hand and overpowers him. It’s like he knows he can’t let Spock grab him by the neck. Then he chokes Spock by one hand and beats the daylights out of him. Superhuman.

Look at the first picture. Our leader writes this, “There is a scene where the villain fights with Spock hand to hand, and villain appears able to avoid or escape from a Vulcan nerve pinch.”

Second, again, Khan was played by a Mexican actor named Ricardo Montalban. So the idea that Khan must be played by an Indian is wrong since he was played by a Mexican. Montalban didn’t leave his Mexican accent at home. He didn’t use an Indiann accent when he played Khan. You’ve got to answer why they were so intent on trying to get a Hispanic actor for the villain. The reason? To keep some continuity with Montalban. My understanding, Cumberbatch came in late in the process. They could have gone in a different direction. But note his hair does look dyed black.

Third, I don’t advocate bringing back Khan. It’s just that we’re trying to deduce who the “villain” is. Frankly, they should write a new adventure because we’ve been there, done that.

43. corvette king - April 16, 2012

Carol Marcus and this time Kirk marries her, she dies while she is pregnant. So ends the Genesis string and all is set for Khan to come back in the third movie and kill everyone

44. number6 - April 16, 2012

She’ll be playing a Gorn and is in a body suit through the whole film. No one will recognize her.

45. The Red Shirt Diaries - April 16, 2012

Alice Eve is Marla McGivers, Cumberpatch is Khan. All you naysayers get over it! Wrath of Khan is everyones number one, but we fear seeing it redone in the modern era. JJ is a very skilled film maker and Bob, Alex, and Damon are very skilled writers. It was done before but I can’t wait to see how these passionate men will do it again.
Put all of your patronizing trekkieness aside and just enjoy the ride, Trek is still vibrant after 46 years. Unbelievable. There has never been ANYTHING like it in modern media history.
So quit all of your bitching and relish the reality of us still being able to discuss all that is Trek in 2012.
Live Long and Prosper indeed.

46. DeShonn Steinblatt - April 16, 2012

It won’t be a 200 million remake of “The Wrath of Khan”.

It will be a 144.5 million radically different Khan story.

47. The Red Shirt Diaries - April 16, 2012

It will be a 200 million dollar remake/reimagining of Space Seed, not Wrath of Khan.

48. Red Dead Ryan - April 16, 2012

It will be a $150 million vague reimagining of “Space Seed”.

49. Basement Blogger - April 16, 2012

@ 45

You don’t work for the publicity department at Bad Robot, do you? :-)

@ 44

Ha , ha, ha..

50. Marvin the Martian - April 16, 2012

She’ll be playing either:

Dr. Carol Marcusberg
Nurse Christine Chapelsian
Dr. Elizabeth Dehnerski
Yeoman Janice Randerini

See? They’re totally new to the canon.

51. Sebastian S. - April 16, 2012

I sincerely hope it’s not a Khan/Space Seed retread. That’d be very disappointing to me..

I don’t mind Cumberbatch (and maybe Eve?) possibly playing post-Eugenics augment(s) in some alternate augment story (ala Enterprise’s season 4 arc), but really; to just re-hash Khan and Space Seed all over again would really a real failure of imagination on the ST team’s part. I have no doubt that JJ Abrams and company would do it well (at least it would look good), but I really hold out hope that they will surprise us with something new.

That’s my hope, anyway…..


52. Me No Khan - April 16, 2012

You can’t have the Wrath without first having the Space Seed story. If khan is at all in this movie it will be Space Seed to set it up for later.

Also she is playing Nurse Chapel and will be a love interest for Spock to draw him away from Uhura. Don’t believe me? Watch TOS over. Nurse Chapel was loco for Spock

53. MJ - April 16, 2012

@51. It will not be a remake of Space Seed and/or Wrath of Khan, but you can take it to the bank that it will be a Khan-versus-Enterprise story. I have laid out my facts supporting this in previous posts, and I think that Red Dead Ryan and I are in agreement on this.

54. MJ - April 16, 2012

@41 “Sheesh – this thread is about Alice Eve and the fact that she watched all of TOS. What she did mention was, “Now, I’ve watched them all and there are some scenes with [William] Shatner that break my heart… It’s so sweet.” ”

You know, the more that I think about why she decided to comment on Kirk, the more I think that she is Kirk’s love interest….and is likely to be Carol Marcus; but it is somewhat possible she will be someone new as well. The only certainty here is that BC is playing Khan.

55. ST fan - April 16, 2012

OMG, I hope not! Uhurah and Spock go great together, I would hate it if Nurse chapel became his new love interest. Nah, they probably won’t do that….but she might be Kirk’s. Which would be annoying but as I say, whatever J.J. Abrams does is sure to be good!

56. mr. trek77 - April 16, 2012

she is beautiful!

I hope they focus on ´´renegade´´ vulcans whom could mad on romulans for killing their homeworld, even though it was not them, but nero.
And hopefully put the klingons in ´´the mess ´´ too , in someway , and let kirk & co, deal with these issues.

I hope alice will be a rand or a marcus, or someone cute, but not just for one movie, but maybe return in (hopefully) many sequels to come……….

57. Jack - April 16, 2012

My vote is: zero connections to the first one, at all, other than all the people in place. So, nothing about Vulcan or those Romulans. Oldspock solved that problem nicely at the end — “Dude, don’t worry about the Vulcans, I gotcha covered. Peace out.”

Bonus vote: zero homages to previous Trek movies/villains/scenes.

58. El Chup - April 16, 2012

Carol Marcus? Jeez, what is it with you people? As soon as someone is cast in the new movie the feverish guessing over which TOS character it could be starts.

Basically, it seems to me that you think Bob Orci & co have no originality at all since everyone has to be a recast character from years ago.

I want newness. Tae Trek back to the roots of TOS. New worlds. New ideas. Social commentary. Don’t want to see Carol Marcus again (oh and if you were going to play Carol Marcus you wouldn’t need to watch 3 seasons of the 60s version of the show).

59. Jack - April 16, 2012

58. Amen.

60. Buzz Cagney - April 16, 2012

Personally I loved Carol Marcus. I didn’t care a jot that we’d never heard of her before. I mean, even Shakespeare introduced characters we’d never heard of before in his work. That is a little trick they employ to, well, introduce new characters!
At what point is it ok to bring new people into a story? And remember, Trek is an evolving story.
I just don’t follow the thinking going on by some above. Odd.

61. Anthony Thompson - April 16, 2012

25. Andy Patterson

Hey gramps, she was referring to the original run. Which you couldn’t have seen unless you were a toddler.

62. Buzz Cagney - April 16, 2012

And on the basis that people figure she only watched all the series because her character is in it (god forbid she would watch is because she actually enjoyed it) then it must be Nurse Chapel. I’d put a fiver on it. ;)

63. Buzz Cagney - April 16, 2012

#55 so you think Spock and Uhura are a good idea yet Kirk and Chapel would be bad?

Hell, why not, now they’ve bolloxed Spock right up they might as well marry Kirk off too.

64. DJT - April 16, 2012

“I’ve watched all of them.”

I love this woman!

65. Adalbert - April 17, 2012

Boring. Unless she has to watch a lot of ‘adult film’ to get ready for her role, I don’t care who she is or what her character does.

66. Basement Blogger - April 17, 2012

@ 54


I like the reasoning. I agree that if Khan is the “villain”, then Alice maybe playing Carol Marcus.

It’s interesting with all the clues pointing to Khan, that we get Trekkers who ignore the evidence. I think people think I advocate Khan. No. I want an original story. The search for Hispanic actors like Ricardo Montalban, the superhuman strength of Cumberbatch’s character and your CONversation with Bob Orci points to Khan. Sorry, I don’t recall the exact spelling that Bob used.

Now I made the guess that Peter Weller returns as Paxton from the Enterprise episode Terra Prime. He’s anti-alien and free Khan to rid th earth of aliens. I can see why some say that’s a stretch. But Weller might have something to do with freeing Khan from cryogenic sleep. That way they can digress from Space Seed.

67. Buzz Cagney - April 17, 2012

Weller won’t be playing the character he played in Enterprise. Too obscure.

68. Captain Gorn - April 17, 2012

Basement Blogger – I understand your reasoning, I really do, but I just don’t see the villain as being Khan. To me, the evidence is pointing AWAY from Khan. Granted, they were looking for Mexican actors, but there are other plausible reasons for that besides Khan. Perhaps they were looking for a foreign actor to bring in international audiences?

You really can’t tell me that Benedict Cumberbatch looks like Khan – he’s so completely different in appearance. And no, his hair isn’t black – from what I can tell, it’s dark brown. If he’s playing Khan, then that’s some of the weirdest casting I’ve ever seen. And they haven’t even darkened his skin or given him longer hair – he looks pretty much the same, except for the darker hair.

As for his strength, well, that doesn’t automatically mean Khan – there are many different explanations for that. It could be he is someone ELSE who was genetically enhanced, or he’s a human-like species with superior strength, or maybe Spock has just been weakened by something.

We won’t know for sure about any of this until the movie comes out.

@41 Yes, this thread is getting a bit derailed – I’m not sure how that happened. But remember, a lot of people are speculating Alice Eve could be Carol Marcus, so there is a link to Khan here.

Just a suggestion – I think you could have phrased this better:

“She is absolutely right- there were some very memorable, heartbreaking, sweet, whimsical scenes where Shatner/Kirk revealed his humanity – his ability to love (in every sense) and his vulnerability. At least she can see that. I do wonder sometimes who else has ever been able to, except me.”

That sounds a little condescending. I’m sure many of us here have been deeply touched by certain scenes in TOS – I know I have. But this thread isn’t about TOS any more than it’s about Khan. So I think your objection is a bit misplaced.

Anyway, happy trekking to all you great folks.

69. Jack - April 17, 2012

Nurse Chapel wasn’t an important character for me. It was nice to see Majel, but… well, there was a reason she didn’t really make it into the movies after TMP. Ditto with Rand.

This ‘she’s a blonde, she must be…” stuff makes me wonder, if there were a TNG reboot, would we think that an Asian woman getting cast must be Keiko O’Brien or Nurse Ogawa? Maybe.

70. mattyb - April 17, 2012

shes noel clarks wife in it. he’s a family man remember. i also think he maybe draystorm and peter weller is the ceo of a company that draystorm works 4. I also think that the said company has something to do with augments

71. Captain Gorn - April 17, 2012

@70 Noel Clarke’s wife has already been cast.

72. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 17, 2012

No, Alice Eve does not play Noel Clark character’s wife because Nazneen Contractor has been cast to play the wife.

73. NoSeth - April 17, 2012

That is outstanding. Everyone who works in Star Trek today should follow her lead and make sure they watch all of TOS, especially the writers. You can’t do something right if you don’t get it, and you can’t get it without actually watching it. I think Harve Bennett did the same thing.

74. Daoud - April 17, 2012

Areel Shaw is another possibility that makes sense. Dr. Dehner, sure. Carol Marcus though…. please, make it so:
In the original… “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Can’t get any more original than this:
MITCHELL: “lf I hadn’t aimed that little blonde lab technician at you…” KIRK: (later) “I almost married her!”
Contemplate that under Orci’s direction, the comic just ‘revisited’ WNMHGB in the Neroverse.
Everyone from me to Harve Bennett used that line in the 1980’s to note Carol Marcus was there from the get go. The tie-in comics of the time made it explicit. The blonde lab technician from Starfleet Academy was Carol Marcus. Period.
Also, under Orci’s direction, the new comic had Dr. Dehner not board the Enterprise because of a past relationship with Dr. McCoy (we presume!) who’s there rather than Dr. Piper as it was in the Primeverse. No doubt at all that WNMHGB is foremost in Orci & Kurtzi’s thoughts.
So, go ask Alice… many times as you want. She doesn’t live here. :)
Carol Marcus makes sense on so many counts. However, she might have a different last name, if she married someone else after conceiving David. She might be “Carol Ruth” at this point. That would be great… making her last name ‘Ruth’. Tie it all together, Bob’o’.

75. Daoud - April 17, 2012

That is to say… .Carol Ruth might have been her original name before a platonic marriage after Kirk left her…. to a fellow named blahblah Marcus.

76. Cygnus-X1 - April 17, 2012

She’s really checked off all the boxes in this interview. Praised the director, check—a respectful actor who works well with others. Studied diligently for the role, check—she’s a hard-working pro. Gave a nod to the Trekkies with her endearing grandfather/Trek connection, check—she’s hit the trifecta that’s virtually irresistible to the movie’s fan base: beauty, a good head on her shoulders, and a respect for Trekdom. What’s not to like? Set phasers to gaga.

77. Cygnus-X1 - April 17, 2012

Actually, scratch that last line.

Even with shields at maximum, she still managed to break through.

That’s what I meant to say.

78. Daoud - April 17, 2012

Then again, there’s always Yeoman Smith!

79. T'Cal - April 17, 2012

Perhaps he’s one of the other Augments. Maybe Khan is not the leader on this Botany Bay (or whatever the sleeper ship’s name is). Maybe he’s one of the other leaders who took over parts of the world back in the 90s.

I finally saw Cumberpatch’s work in Sherlock and was very impressed, not only by him but in the entire show. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

80. Jay - April 17, 2012

#21 Yes exactly. I don’t know why so many people choose to ignore this fact.

I guess it’s just too much fun waisting your time guessing that Eve is playing some character you know.

81. Jay - April 17, 2012

#36 Trekkies think outside the box? Surely you aren’t serious.

82. Daoud - April 17, 2012

There’s always the chance of the famous spoken-of-yet-not-seen Helen Johannson. That would be funny of Orci to pull. “Character not seen in TOS”. Yep. But spoken of in The Menagerie by Miss Piper in Mendez’s outer office. Odds they re-watched The Menagerie?

83. Jay - April 17, 2012

She is not playing any character you have heard of before.

Khan is not the main villain in the movie, and likely won’t be in the movie at all.

It’s so tiresome when any new article is posted about and actor in this movie that we don’t have a definitive character name for, to see the same 1000 posts about how they are Khan, or Carol Marcus…etc.etc. etc.

84. ST fan - April 17, 2012

I personally hope that Cumberbatch will not play Kahn, and I really doubt he will. When J.J. said he wasn’t going to play Kahn he kept a straight face, and it really didn’t look like he was lying. I have a feeling this villain will be either someone completely new, or a less known character from the original series. I don’t think he’s Garth cause Garth is a human and he wouldn’t be able to overpower Spock like he did in the leaked scenes right?
Whatever he J.J. does will be great! I hope Alice Eve doesn’t play Kirk’s love interest. I mean there’s already going to be a romance between Spock and Uhurah(which is great!), and adding another romance in it would just kind of ruin it.

85. Jay - April 17, 2012

#54 Wrong.

86. Jay - April 17, 2012

#84 I agree he is not playing Khan. So obvious, it amazes me to even have to say that.

As for the leaked scenes, I would not put too much into them. We have no idea what was going on at the time. What the context of the photos, or the scene is. Therefore, I would caution greatly against reading too much into whether or not BC is actually “over-powering Spock” in that scene.

One thing people don’t realize when they are looking at leaked photos is that they are not looking through the camera being used to film the scene. Forced perspective can change how that scene looks greatly, and you don’t know if that scene is 2 seconds of film time or 30, so it is impossible to see a photo, especialy with a bunch of green screens around, and make any concrete presumptions about the story, plot, characters, etc.

87. khan 2.0 - April 17, 2012

OT: the android from Prometheus is very Data-ish

88. rm10019 - April 17, 2012

83 – Amen.

89. ST fan - April 17, 2012

ha-ha your right, I never thought about that. lol. Guess I’ll just have to wait a little more than a year to see.

I wish people wouldn’t criticize the volcano suit he wears in the other photos. I mean, all you see is a green screen in the back, they haven’t added all the CG and special effects yet. The scene will not be lame like everyone else thinks it will be.

Can’t wait! I’m obsessed, I have a countdown clock as my homepage! lol

90. khan 2.0 - April 17, 2012

just think if theyd got Trek 2 ready for this summer – wed be only about a month away now. (18th May release)

Star Trek, Alien and Batman – what a summer that wouldve been!

91. ST fan - April 17, 2012

Whoops I meant @#86

92. Jay - April 17, 2012

#89 I know. Those that make those criticisms have absolutely no imagination and no clue about how movies are made.

Like I said before, had people seen photos of the actors standing on mirrors, with a fan blowing on them and a camera above them pointed at their face, they would have probably said how lame that looked. And they would have made up 100 different ideas about what was going on, and I bet none of them would have included a space jump down to a drilling rig platform.

93. ST fan - April 17, 2012

I know! I watched the behind the scenes after seeing the movie and I couldn’t believe how they made the space jump look SO real! I love how J.J. includes so many real things and props too. Like how they used mirrors to reflect the sky, or how J.J. put the fire in the front so it would reflect off of Zachary Quinto’s volcano suit.
I think all the fans should stop worrying about the film being lame. In numerous interview of Zachary Quinto, J.J., and the others, they all said that this upcoming film will be MUCH better than the last one. Zach said himself they’ve had more time on this movie than the last one and that the script is constantly evolving and getting better each time.
I’m personally happy that J.J. will probably add lens flares to the movie. I’m going to see it in 2d just so i can experience the lens flares more than i would if i watched it in 3d.

94. Jay - April 17, 2012

It just seems to me that there is a very vocal minority of Trekkies that want to complain about everything and try to criticize anything done with Star Trek that isn’t done by Rodenberry and Shatner themselves.

95. - April 17, 2012

“there are some scenes with [William] Shatner that break my heart… It’s so sweet.”

Must have seen the episode with the Gorn.

96. - April 17, 2012

Janice Rand would be my guess.

97. Anthony Thompson - April 17, 2012

She would look better if her hair was a foot or two longer.

98. n1701ncc - April 17, 2012

Dr. Elizabeth Dehner thats my guess. Cumberbatch is Gary Mitchel. It fits perfectly and why would you not write a movie around that 1st eposide. Khan should stay in the Prime time line. Why take something that was done very well and remake it. I cant see Chris Pike doing a Khannnnnnnn yell.

Remember the crew is still trying to get to know each other. Wasnt that the case in Where No Man has Gone Before?

99. Mike H. - April 17, 2012

Well with the recent film set leak of Spock wearing a red colored pressure suit (called the ‘volcano suit’ by reporters of the leak) I’d say Alice Eve as Carol Marcus might be likely. Why? Well, Carol Marcus might be working on some kind of terraforming experiment (forerunner to the Genesis Project, eh) that involves volcanic environments (magma channels or magma chambers perhaps). Maybe the Klingon Empire has sent a surgically altered agent (Benedict Cumberbatch) to infiltrate Marcus’s team. After all Klingons would love to get their paws on Federation terraforming equipment. They certainly did in the ‘prime’ time line.

100. Mike H. - April 17, 2012


Paramount Studio and Trek film writer sanctioned comic books by IDW Publishing has already covered the JJAbrams version of Where No Man Has Gone Before. So I doubt that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. Interesting to note that Elizabeth Dehner did not show up in the comic book to help defeat Micthell.

101. Vultan - April 17, 2012


That’s actually not a bad story idea, Mike. I doubt it will be the movie we get, but I would watch it.

102. Mike H. - April 17, 2012

If they are taking the genetic superman route with Benedict Cumberbatch it might not be Knan. Remember that classic series episode titled The Savage Curtain? In that episode we are introduced to Colonel Greene. This brutal WWIII dictator might have been a genetic superman. Perhaps JJ Abrams and the writers are pulling a ‘bait-and-switch’ with us. The general public and some unaware Trekkies might be thinking Khan, but instead Colonel Greene is unleashed on the 23rd century. However I think Cumberbatch as a surgically altered Klingon agent set to steal Carol Marcus’s research flows better.

103. Lee Watson - April 17, 2012

Yeoman Rand is another possibility (played by the same actress thru to Star Trek VI and STV, and eventually became Commander). It’s the only other regular hotty from TOS that was around Kirk on the bridge!!

104. Jay - April 17, 2012

#99 Except for the fact that she is not playing a known Star Trek character.

Why do so many people ignore this fact???

Why keep guessing that she is playing a character you know, when the freakin writer of the script said she is playing a character “that is NEW to Star Trek canon”?


105. Jay - April 17, 2012

I feel like I’m in Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carey’s character says, “so you say there’s a chance?”

JJ could go on national tv and say that Eve isn’t playing Carol Marcus, and people on here would go “uh huh….. so, I bet she’s playing Carol Marcus.”

106. Mike H. - April 17, 2012

Another thought is that Alice Eve will be Christine Chapel. Perhaps a sub-plot involving a Chapel-Spock-Uhura traingle occurs. Too bad for Chapel because Spock and Uhura are soon to be parents. Can you imagine how McCoy will react to that development! Oh the classic style ribbing will be rich I’m sure. So Chapel will lose her chance for Spock’s attention.The story might bring Kirk full circle. He must make a self-sacrifice – not unlike his father’s in the 2009 film. In doing so Kirk will save Spock, Uhura and their unborn child. However it will be Chapel that makes the sacrifice. Remember one of the things about Trek is how people in the 23rd century attempt to grow beyond pettiness. Chapel is in love with Spock, but knows he and Uhura are meant to be. Despite her role as a secondary character Chapel makes a lasting impression on the Enterprise crew.

107. Mike H. - April 17, 2012

Oh she’s going to be a new character and not a ‘new’ character. Hmmm…back to the drawing board Pinky…dratz. Thought I had the whole thing figured out. Did someone here or there state Alice Eve is in full make-up? Perhaps she’ll be the female avatar of the Vaal Reformation Movement? Eh? (crickets chirping) Maybe a Gorn queen trying to protect her clutch of eggs…

108. SirBroiler - April 17, 2012

Right on 46!

If Kahn is in the movie it doesn’t just make it a remake or TWOK. It’s actually more of a remaining of Space Seed. Of course, Carol Marcus was not in Space Seed – but TWOK clearly establishes her character as existing in the TOS time timeline – we just never saw her. I’m all for JJ filling in that gap and giving the TWOK relationship between Kirk and Carol more context.

When Carol popped out of nowhere in TWOK – were fans totally freaking out because she had never been seen or mentioned in TOS? Of course not – they accepted the fact that Kirk had a life long before the stories of TOS and that Carol was part of that life we just hadn’t seen yet.

The huge point of going back and revisiting the Enterprise crew during this period in time is to be able to tell the old stories in new ways. Just as it was fun to see Kirk actually taking the Kobyashi Maru – it will be just as fun and interesting to see how Carol and Kirk’s relationship began and developed. Clearly Carol is a brilliant scientist and she can play beautifully into any Trek story because the slate of her past is still quite blank.

Fill it in JJ!!

109. HwkII - April 17, 2012

Alice Eve is obviously brought on to play the role of Kahn.

110. Mark Lynch - April 17, 2012

Literally LOL`d when I read this…

111. khan 2.0 - April 17, 2012

new Kirk on the Enterprise bridge picture

112. Daoud - April 17, 2012

“Why do so many people ignore this fact???”
Change it to:
“Why do so many people ignore Jay???”
Because we can. We’re free to contemplate the possibilities all we want. You’re free not to read them. Anyway, unless your name is Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzmann, JJ Abrams, or Damon Lindelof, you know nothing more than any of us.

113. khan 2.0 - April 17, 2012

new picture – new Kirk in TMP style uniform on the Enterprise bridge

114. Buzz Cagney - April 17, 2012

Very sneaky, #111, very, very sneaky! :D

115. Daoud - April 17, 2012

@108. Well, in 1982, plenty of us fen concluded this was “that little blonde lab technician” that Mitchell spoke of to Kirk in WNMHGB. And also some fen suggested her name name was Carol Ruth, and that she’d married a Marcus who helped her raise David. So, 30 years ago or so, plenty of us figured out we knew something about her. It both explains the WNMHGB comment, and adds clarity to the strangeness with which Kirk encounters the android looking like her in Shore Leave.

116. Jay - April 17, 2012

#112 Except that Bob Orci himself said it. Which makes it fact. Which you and others continue to ignore.

Yes you are free to continue to speculate on things that the writer of the movie himself said wasn’t true. I just don’t see the point.

117. rogue_alice - April 17, 2012

I heard she is playing the salt monster. Really.

118. Jay - April 17, 2012

Correction – Actually it wasn’t Bob that said it. It was in an interview with JJ Abrams where he confirmed she was cast in the movie. The role was described as “new to Trek canon”.

119. Jack - April 17, 2012

One thing people don’t realize when they are looking at leaked photos is that they are not looking through the camera being used to film the scene. Forced perspective can change how that scene looks greatly, and you don’t know if that scene is 2 seconds of film time or 30, so it is impossible to see a photo, especialy with a bunch of green screens around, and make any concrete presumptions about the story, plot, characters, etc.

Jay, I think (okay, assume) everybody realizes that. I understand your frustration. I know we’re not going to see that image of Spock in the movie. Me, I don’t like these secret spoiler photos (and, yep, I know — I shouldn’t look) because they really do make it look really shoddy. I know it won’t be shoddy in the production, but it’s still disappointing.

And, b) they give away stuff I don’t want to see until I see the movie, like plot elements and details on sets and costumes (yeah, silly stuff — like it looks like they have new boots in this one, at least in some shots). I’m a big fan of the partial reveal on screen — I miss those days of hitting pause on shots the enterprise movie bridge (I know, I should have played more sports) so I can figure out the little details.

And, also, that stuff doesn’t usually look good unless it’s properly lit etc. — you what you’re seeing looks pretty shoddy. I’d just rather see these things for the first time as they’re meant to be seen. You’ve said it doesn’t bother you, fair enough.

The making of stuff on the DVD, and any production shots they might release, well, they usually look good — you’re seeing partial secrets but they’re good shots, generally and, most importantly, it’s after you’ve seen the movie.

Sounds dumb, but I was disappointed to recognize Spock’s Vulcan sweater thing in the Vulcan academy scene from spy shots of Quinto outside of the sound stage in between takes. The shots they’re released of the TOS uniforms (the EW covers and a few still) still left some mystery. Not a big deal.

Here’s a goofy analogy, but, like tasting a meal before it’s cooked — I can show you elements — say, look at these wonderful fresh tomatoes and beautiful farm fresh eggs and this amazing steak (not sure what I’m cooking), but when I say, here’s a secret taste while it’s underway, when it’s raw meat and flour and garlic…. well, it might be inedible/disgusting.

Entirely my opinion, I know.

120. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 17, 2012

I am with Jay. From the get-go, I had always understood Alice Eve’s character to be new to Star Trek, in any universe. So all this speculation about her playing some known character is silly and shows an inability of some people to actually pay attention to what the actual producer and others say. It is very irritating and a little intellectually insulting, to be honest.

As for the Carol Ruth, Ruth looked nothing like Carol Marcus and the notion that Carol Marcus married some guy with a surname Ruth and had a platonic relationship with him – seriously?! Boy, I’ve read some *stuff* in my life, but this really takes it…

121. dep1701 - April 17, 2012

@61 “Hey gramps, she was referring to the original run. Which you couldn’t have seen unless you were a toddler.”

I was 3 when the series was on NBC. I saw it, was a fan back then and still am. I’m old enough to be a grandfather ( although I’m not one ) and thes days I know grandmothers and grandfathers in their late 30s.

Your statement is illogical.

122. none - April 17, 2012


Your theory sounds like some kind of messed up fanfiction

but your funny.

However….No Please Spock and Uhura should not have kids or get married.

I have always likened the S/U relationship to Aragon/Arwen from lord of the rings.

Romance works best in sci-fi/fantasy films when it is not the main focus of the story. so no there should be no silly love triangle in the new film .

See this is what George Lucas did not get when he created the anakin/padme romance in star wars which turned out to be the worst romances ever piut on screen.

I ship S/U so I will hate to see them go down that path.

Heck I am even scared for Uhura at times because Spock like Anakin can be very violent who is to say NuSpock is not capable of domestic abuse.

123. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - April 17, 2012

Wow, I’m impressed that she had the guts to say something truthfully positive about Shatner in TOS, instead of just doing what everyone else does to be “cool,” which is to make fun of him. Good for her!

124. none - April 17, 2012

however props to alice eve…it looks like she is putting an effort but my guess is we are not going to see her pretty face much.she might be playing an alien

hey…what if she is T-Pring or the Borg queen?

I would not rule anything out so my guess goes futher than rand or chapel.

125. Brett Campbell - April 17, 2012

122 – Right on!

126. TrekkerChick - April 17, 2012


Ensign Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Alko Archer Picard Janeway Sue


127. tom vinelli - April 17, 2012

More then a few people here used the word ”FACT”!! what facts??? There’s no facts yet, your all guessing at this point. The only guess i have at this point is why would J.J and company with a budget like they have ,waste there time with a Star Trek II rehash. They can do anything they want with this time line. My guess is much of what i’m hearing here ,is old Startrek fans wanting more of the same that we had before for movies. Old fans not willing to let go of the past. And lets face it the only flims that did something in the box office was Trek II & IV. If i was to guess with no facts, it will be no Khan, or any others talked about. They don’t make Star Trek for Star Trek fans anymore, grow up people !!

128. Mel - April 17, 2012

I am surprised, that so many of you want Carol Marcus in the movie. I am really not a fan of her or David and hope we won’t see them again.

Personally I hope, that Alice Eve plays a female Giotto. We don’t have a security chief yet, so that role is still open.

Chapel is kind of useless for the movie. They have McCoy after all for medical things. So she could be at best a background character.

Rand would need a proper job. Bringing coffee and getting signatures is kind over superfluous in the movie, too.

129. ST fan - April 17, 2012

Found this on MTV!

130. ST fan - April 17, 2012

Absolutely not! Spock would never beat Uhurah! That’s just horrible to even think that way! Never compare Star Trek to Star Wars….they are two very different franchises.

131. Sebastian S. - April 17, 2012

# 105 Jay.

LOL!! ;-D
Ditto that same remark, only with the silly ‘Cumberbatch has to be Khan’ argument thrown in as well.

For fans of sci-fi (and Star Trek) I’m seeing a curious lack of imagination from most of these posts; as if the new movie can ONLY be a remake or continuation of an old TOS/movie storyline.
It’s a new universe; with new possibilities!

Let’s all try to think outside the (TV) box, folks.
I think we’re ALL going to be wrong to some degree (some more than others).

That said, I’d say Alice Eve is probably playing a NEW love interest for Kirk (they already said she was playing a new character about a month or two ago, remember anyone?) and Cumberbatch is playing some kind of super-villain (but not Khan; that’d be appalling casting). But that’s ALL the speculation I care to indulge in until I hear more from Orci/Kurtzman/Abrams or in the press.

No one’s speculation (not even mine) is iron clad on this thread or any more valid or correct than anyone else’s; none of us on this thread are writing this thing so we really DON’T know (unless Bob Orci chimes in at some point…). ;-D

Besides, at the end of the day, I’d like to be surprised… ;-)

132. Phil - April 17, 2012

@17 I don’t.

133. Adolescent Nightmare - April 17, 2012

Old people are so racial. He’s white. He’s Khan. Get over it.

134. ST fan - April 17, 2012

Nope, he’s not Kahn, J.J. even said so. You could tell Abrams wasn’t lying when he said that Kahn would not be in the next film. Anyway, if they DID put Kahn in it the movie would probably be a sad remake of the wrath of Kahn. Nope, this movie will be a completely different story, with a completely new Villain!

135. Azrael - April 17, 2012

I think Alice is playing the cyborged young lieutenant that Kirk met when he was young in Best Destiny, see completely “new to canon”.

136. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 17, 2012

Clearly, there are several people here who are socially inept. You guys can’t discuss a topic without resorting to insulting, condescending or being just plain rude. Grow up. This is a discussion board. It’s meant for discussion. If you can’t handle dissenting opinions, this isn’t the place for you.

137. NuFan - April 17, 2012

We are paying attention. That’s how we know that Alice is a new character and Benedict is not.

138. dmduncan - April 17, 2012

He’s not Khan.

139. Craiger - April 17, 2012

I wonder if Weller’s character that CEO would be starting the euginic’s experiments again and it goes wrong somehow and Cumberbatch’s charatcter is one of them and maybe even Eve is playing one also perhaps Cumberbatch’s love interest? They escape the company that Weller owns and start causing havok in the Galaxy. Kirk and the Enterprise crew are sent in to stop Cumberbatch and his people. Weller’s character could even call Cumberbatch’s character Khan but not the original Khan.

Or another way could be Weller’s character will be in a flashback scene. showing the true Khan during the Eugenic’s War and Weller’s character would help Khan and his people escape Earth in the Botany Bay. Then flash foward to Kirk’s time and show the Enterprise coming across the Botany Bay.

140. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 17, 2012

#136 – My comment was directed at those who do not seem to pay attention to what the producer or authors of previous articles to this site have specifically stated. Perhaps the author(s) got their facts wrong or the producer has changed his mind since it was stated that Alice Eve is playing a NEW (as in previously unknown to Star Trek canon – ie what has been shown on film up till now), but nothing to the contrary has been announced/posted here or anywhere else.

Pardon me for social ineptitude, but honestly, constantly stating that Alice Eve could be playing Carol Marcus, Ruth, Nurse Chapel, Rand or any other female character known to Star Trek canon is just plain daft.

Also, give Khan bloody Khan a rest. Benedict Cumberbatch may or may not be playing Khan. Frankly, I hope to hell he isn’t because I am already retching at the thought of it. I have been khanned out over the last two years…Sheesh almighty!

141. Craiger - April 17, 2012

However wouldn’t they just repeating what they already did in Enterprise with the Augments Arc? If they use superhumans in the sequel?

142. Jimbro - April 17, 2012

I’m glad she did this, but I kinda feel like the actors should be doing this anyway..

143. Phil - April 17, 2012

@139. Until a trailer hits theaters you are just going to have to learn to live with them seeing Khan behind every rock. Even after the trailer hits theaters, all that speculation will just move on to the next movie…

144. Sebastian S. - April 17, 2012

# 128

ST fan posted a video link where Alice Eve discusses her Star Trek makeup and how unusual it was; doesn’t sound like she’s playing any regular ST character. She’s already said she’s playing a NEW role. Let’s kindly put that one to bed, shall we?

As for the Cumberbatch issue? Abrams has also already said he’s not playing Khan (another fact ST fan reiterated in post # 133). I don’t know what else some people require besides Abrams’ word; a notarized statement, perhaps? Trust Abrams; Cumberbatch isn’t playing Khan (I believe him; he has no compelling reason to lie).

I’m thinking both Eve and Cumberbatch are playing roles totally new to the ST universe (as already stated), and I for one look forward to finding out exactly what they are in 2013…. ;-)

145. Daoud - April 17, 2012

Look Keachick…. and others, especially Jay. There’s no reason that people can’t state Alice Eve would have made a great Carol Marcus, regardless of the role she actually is in.
People are free to speculate, and converse, and discuss, even if it goes against some throwaway comment JJ makes. Spock/Uhura was “new to canon”. What does that mean coming from JJ? Zilch. If Bob says it, then I’ll buy in. Bob, like Alice, has watched every TOS episode, and read most every novel there is. He speaks with authority. Alice’s character could very well be a twist on a throwaway character that tweaks the backstories in such a way that is “new to canon”.
Cumberbatch could easily be Garth, or Ron Tracey, or any number of known TOS names, of whom we know nothing about what they might be doing in the Neroverse seven to eight years before the TOS timeframe. Everything in the Neroverse is essentially “new to canon.”
P.S. And Keachick… in things called “fanzines” in the 70’s and 80’s many “theories” were created by fans. A common one after TWOK in ’82 tied “blonde lab technician” to Carol Marcus, and to Ruth. The theory which you put backwards. A young PhD, Carol Ruth, pregnant from a relationship with a young Lt.j.g. JT Kirk rejects his proposal. She marries a colleague whose last name is Marcus, and that Dr. Marcus helps her raise David. David knows that man as his adoptive father. Anyway… we used to respect something called “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”. There’s room for everyone’s interpretations, because in the words of Bob Orci, Star Trek uses the Multiple Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. And he’s quoted on that, and knows what he’s talking about.

146. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 17, 2012

One thing is certain: Cumberbatch is NOT playing Khan, and Eve is NOT playing a character we’ve met before. Everything else is speculation, but that is established fact.

147. Amish Electrician - April 17, 2012

145…this will be an original movie..JJ has never done a re-make….Tom Hanks…is in this …he was seen on set…prob a walk on..

148. sterj - April 17, 2012

#125. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

149. The Red Shirt Diaries - April 17, 2012

133…AND ALL who keep saying this is a remake of Wrath of Khan.
WOK took place 13 years after TOS ended. This timeline precedes TOS so it WILL be a retake on Space Seed, not Wrath of Khan. I keep wondering if some of these posters are even familiar with TOS or they just started watching with the movies and TNG.

150. Craiger - April 17, 2012

Good point #148. We all forgot about the timeline. It will depend on how much time has passed since the first one. I think it will depend on how much time has passed between 2258 and when the sequel starts. I looked it up and the original ST 2 was set in 2285. Space Seed was set in 2267.

151. dmduncan - April 17, 2012

It may be a redo of Space Seed. But he’s not Khan.

152. Craiger - April 17, 2012

That is if the alternate reality timeline sticks with when Space Seed and Wrath of Khan happened in the original timeline.

153. dmduncan - April 17, 2012

See…people are thinking that if it’s a Space Seed redo…then that means it must be about Khan.


Non sequitor. Error…error…sterilize…STERILIZE!!!

154. Craiger - April 17, 2012

Plus they don’t have to stick with canonical events from the original timeline in the new timeline they can make TOS events happen at anypoint in the new timeline right?

155. Shilliam Watner - April 17, 2012

139. Keachick – I wish that you would be kinder. I myself do not read everything about Star Trek, so I might very well have been one of those to say “Chapel!” That doesn’t mean I’m daft. It just means I don’t read every word written about Star Trek.

So flog me.

And the rest of you who are being mean– Stop it. Can you not disagree in a civil manner? Why do so many people here think their way of Trek is the only way of Trek?

I have watched every Trek series since TOS first ran. My way of Trek is as valid as anybody else’s. My opinions, if not steeped in rancor, are as valid as any other opinions not steeped in rancor. We should have more respect here.

I pledge to be stern, but never an attacker. I do, however, reserve the right to defend myself if attacked, but will use only logic and reason as my weapons.

My last word is about Khan. I don’t care if he’s in it as long as they do it well. But I don’t think they are doing that storyline.

156. dmduncan - April 17, 2012

Maybe Spock is descending inside a volcano because they detected something in the magma. A stasis field bubble perhaps…containing something…a person in stasis…

157. dmduncan - April 17, 2012

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go to the Spock-dangling-in-the-Volcano thread and talk about Alice Eve.

158. SetPhasersToStunning - April 17, 2012

Hope its Chapel. She looks like Chapel, and I like Chapel far more than Rand. After they demoted our strong, independent Uhura into the shallow girlfriend, I hope that they don’t add to the misogyny by including Rand and not Chapel.

If they do a Chapel vs Uhura love triangle for Spock, which would really ruin their characters (Chapel was in love with Spock, yes, but she was *not* some little girlfriend. She was so much more intelligent and brave than that. And don’t get me started on how Uhura and Spock is completely contradictory to canon and detrimental to her character), heads should roll.

I don’t hate love stories, and I even believe they can have a place in Star Trek, but making girls just girlfriends and nothing more is not only sexist, but really undermines the female fanbase (which I am a member of), or at least the portion of us that cares about TOS. I would rather see Nurse Chapel talk back to McCoy than have cat-fights with Uhura over their Vulcan boy-toy.

159. Red Dead Ryan - April 17, 2012

Funny, I don’t seem to recall either J.J Abrams or any of the writers coming out and saying that Khan WON’T be in the movie. And obviously they haven’t said if he is in the movie either. I think Khan will be the villain, but I could be wrong. However, I get the feeling that the Supreme Court guys probably feel that Khan, being a recognizable villain, will bring in the masses.

And yes, Alice Eve is playing an entirely new character, and not one from canon.

160. Michael Prenez-Isbell - April 17, 2012

Excellent. Cassie and I saw her in 2006 the West End in Rock N’ Roll (with Brian Cox “Dr. Lechter” and the lead actor in Dark City, Rufus Sewell. It was a great cast and a brainy play and she held her own. in

161. Jerry Modene - April 17, 2012

Yes, I caught that “my grandfather used to watch the original series” bit too. Nice way to alienate us oldsters, Alice. ;)

Meanwhile, the Carol Marcus-is-the-“little blond lab technician” suggestion first saw print in one of the “Best of Trek” paperbacks that came out in the mid-1980’s, volume #14 to be exact, in one of Leslie Thompson’s “Star Trek Mysteries – Solved” columns. Modesty prevents me from noting who Leslie credited with making the suggestion…

162. Landru's cousin, Dandru - April 17, 2012

#158: You wrote:
“After they demoted our strong, independent Uhura”

Uh… have you ever watched Star Trek? Uhura frequently cowered when in danger, saying, “I’m frightened,” and waiting for the big, strong man to save her. Her character, in TOS, was very weak.

163. Landrus Cousin's Same Sex Lover - April 17, 2012

Honey bunny,

We have discussed this at home. You know that we are going to see Khan in the next movie.

(PS: please pick up some KYJ on the way home from work)

164. mr. trek77 - April 18, 2012

how about a very orion-female ????

Just like the chick(Orion-chick from ent.) from borderland????

165. CJS - April 18, 2012

The title of the episode “Space Seed” referred to the conclusion where Kirk decided to plant Khan and his followers on Ceti Alpha V. The subtitle of the movie “The Wrath of Khan” referred to the Khan’s actions to avenge all of the tragedies that resulted from Kirk’s earlier decision. If this new movie features Khan as the main villain (a less than zero probability in my estimation) or uses another of his genetically superior comrades in that role (more likely given Cumberbatch’s casting) the story will in not be a remake of either “Space Seed” or “The Wrath of Khan.” It will deal with these characters encountering each other under completely different circumstances.

As for Eve, I expect her to play an original character, not Marcus, Chapel, Rand or anyone else from the TOS canon.

166. Jay - April 18, 2012

#145 Except that’s not what those of you are doing. You aren’t saying “it would be cool if she was playing Nurse Chapel”. you are saying that you think she is.

Same thing with Khan.

I’m with you Keachick. Seems some have alot of difficulty accepting what they are told from the producers of this film because it’s not what they want.

There is no point in speculating about something that we know is not going to happen. You might as well speculate about Darth Vader being in the movie. Shall we spend the next 500 posts discussing the possible story line for Darth Vader’s role in Star Trek 2013? Makes just as much sense.

Let’s recap…. JJ said Khan is not in the movie. Khan is a character of Indian heritage. It is not racist at all to expect that an established character of a particular ethnicity be played by someone that can pass as that ethnicity. You wouldn’t cast Denzel Washington to play Abraham Lincoln.

Second, the producers of the film have also let it be known, and Alice Eve herself has stated, that her character is new to Star Trek canon. That is the only “fact” (word used in MTV article) that is known about her character.

Yet people still want to say BC is playing Khan and Eve is playing Chapel. It just proves how closed minded and simple thinking many fellow Trekkies are. unfortunately.

Not to mention how insulting it must be to JJ/Orci/etc. it must be for Trekkies to not give them enough credit for being creative and original by saying they are remaking “Space Seed” in some fashion instead of writing an original story.

167. scotty971 - April 18, 2012

My guess would be Janice Rand! That would be sweet!

168. ST fan - April 18, 2012

393 days, 9 hours, and 46 minutes to go!

169. Basement Blogger - April 18, 2012

Maybe we should return the favor. If Alice watched all TOS episodes, maybe we should watch her upcoming films. The Raven and MIB III. I’m going to watch MIB III, for sure.

170. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 18, 2012

#155 – “139. Keachick – I wish that you would be kinder. I myself do not read everything about Star Trek, so I might very well have been one of those to say “Chapel!” That doesn’t mean I’m daft. It just means I don’t read every word written about Star Trek.”

I did not mean to offend people. I do not/have not/could not read everything about Star Trek, especially notions that were around in the 70’s. As far as I was concerned, Star Trek was a wonderful TV series that inextricably stop being made after three seasons, never to be seen again…until suddenly there was a movie called Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Imagine how stunned I was!

I am sorry but it is a bit daft to go on about an actress playing various characters when she and her producers have said that none of these characters are who she will be in this movie sequel. This would include Carol Marcus, because I see that character as being part of TOS canon. The TOS movies (with all the original Star Trek characters etc) are just an extension/continuation of the original television series, where we see all our favourite Enterprise crew people at a later stage in their lives.

It is also a bit impudent (just doesn’t make sense to me) to go against what these professional actor/film makers have said by constantly speculating about characters etc when facts told negate these speculations. JJ Abrams owns Bad Robot, the production company that Paramount Pictures (owner of the Star Trek movie franchise) have contracted to make this movie. Therefore, it is JJ Abrams (producer and director) who gets to say what is what or not, other than the owners themselves. The writers, Kurtzman and Orci, have been contracted by Bad Robot to write the screenplay for the movie, but ultimately it is JJ’s call, other than, of course, the owners, Paramount Pictures. So to say that Bob Orci should be believed more than Abrams or whatever is plain ignorant. This has nothing to do with how much TOS Star Trek (TV and/or movies) any of these people have watched.

It is also misleading for any newcomer to this site, who is looking for any kind of definitive information about the movie in production right now.

171. Sebastian S. - April 18, 2012

# 166 Jay

Well said. ;-)

172. Red Dead Ryan - April 18, 2012

Again, I don’t recall anybody from Bad Robot saying how Khan WON’T be in the movie.

Also, Ricardo Montalban, even with the wig and make-up in “Space Seed” did not look like an Indian Sikh. He certainly didn’t look that way in “The Wrath Of Khan”, with that big whitish-grey wig.

Finally, for those of you whining (I’m looking at you, Keachick and Jay) about the endless speculation on this site, just remember speculation is one of the reasons why Anthony set up this site. We recieve news, and the comments section is for people to speculate on it and on what may be next.

173. pauln6 - April 18, 2012

Of course, if the nuversion of an established character is sufficiently different, that character would be ‘new to canon’ :P

I suspect that Chapel and Rand will feature in cameos. Technically they both had cameos in the last movie (an actress with the same hairstyle that Janice has in the ongoing comic can be seen in several scenes and Chapel gets a name check). I’d like them to get larger roles but if Eve is going to be a new character, I doubt that there will be much time for any additional third tier characters.

174. Sebastian S. - April 18, 2012

Here is a cut and pasted quote from JJ Abrams via the site DenofGeek in December of 2011 (back when Benecio Del Toro was attached as the villain):

Specifically, over at Hitfix, JJ Abrams has responded to the rumour that Del Toro is playing Khan, by saying, simply, “Not true”. That’s all he said, but then, that’s all he needs to say.

Khan = Not True.
This was not the first time I’ve read that quote from Abrams, either. And that was when the ‘hispanic actor’ del Toro was attached to the project. If he was not playing Khan, I sincerely doubt that a blue-eyed, VERY fair-skinned Cumberbatch is playing Khan either. Not saying it’s utterly impossible, but just that it’s highly unlikely. And JJ’s word on it kind of seals the deal for me….

175. Red Dead Ryan - April 18, 2012


These guys have put up a big wall of secrecy regarding the sequel. So it would seem perfectly reasonable that J.J Abrams would deny rumors of Khan being in the sequel. Of course he’s going to say “Not True”. Filming hadn’t even begun yet. Why would he confirm it?Especially at a time when the actor hadn’t even been cast to play the role of the villain. Of course, as I said earlier, its entirely possible that Khan isn’t the villain, but judging by the Supreme Court’s obsession about the character, I just feel that is who they are going with.

176. Shilliam Watner - April 18, 2012

170. Keachick – I understand what you mean, and I get very fed up with people here as well, but it does no good to chastise them, or belittle them, or argue with them. Still, maybe you want a good argument and enjoy it.

But I stand by my main point – I did not read any article where it was stated her character was not a previously established one. Is it daft to have known so, but still asserting it isn’t? Perhaps. Maybe just wishful, or more likely, purposely provocative.

Some people want to be chastised so they can manufacture a reason to troll.

Anyway, not a big deal. You seem good enough of an egg. I’m not all that often here, but I always run into you when I am. So I guess you spend more time here, and the annoying people are probably even more so the longer you’re here.

OK, cheers and all!

177. Phil - April 18, 2012

It’s true, JJ and crew have not said Khan won’t be in the next movie. Now that I think of it, then also have not said that Abraham Lincoln, Kermit the Frog, Hans Solo, HAL 9000, or Bill clinton won’t be in the movie either, so you never know who may turn up…

178. K-7 - April 18, 2012

This Keachick person seems to want it both ways. I recall that she was the one who had a number of posts several months ago with all of this manufacutred information and theories that defended Chris Pine against the media’s charges that he unfairly dumped his agent. However, when others express some differing opinions and theories on who the characters are going to be in the new movie, all of sudden from her we are told to shut up and stop talking about our theories. This is the textbook definition of a double-standard.

179. K-7 - April 18, 2012

Phil, when you eliminate all other factors, the one which remains must be the truth.

180. K-7 - April 18, 2012

Sebastion #174 said:

“Specifically, over at Hitfix, JJ Abrams has responded to the rumour that Del Toro is playing Khan, by saying, simply, “Not true”. That’s all he said, but then, that’s all he needs to say.”

Sebastian, did you read your own quote here from this media story? It specifically says that JJ said “not true” to the rumour that “Del Toro is playing Khan.”

Del Toro was never, ever signed on to play Khan. So what is your point?

181. Xplodin_Nacelle - April 19, 2012

I really hope they have a young version of Gary Mitchell introduce Carol to Kirk. That’d be canoniacally awesome!!!

182. Sebastian S. - April 19, 2012


Er… I thought my point was clear: Khan is not in the new movie. That’s Abram’s quote, not mine. I’m just the cutter/paster… ;-D

A lot of folks were saying that because del Toro (an Hispanic actor, like Montalban) was initially offered the role, the villain HAD to be Khan. A ridiculous leap of illogic, IMO.

At any rate, my own feeling (not fact) is that the villain is NOT Khan (per JJ) and Alice Eve (because of behind-the-scenes videos where she describes her ‘alien makeup’) is not playing Rand, Chapel or Carol Marcus. I’m surprised Dr. Jan Wallace from “The Deadly Years” hasn’t been mentioned yet, since all the opinions I read are only about established characters.

Nero wasn’t a TOS character, neither was Keenser, nor Kirk’s Orion lover at the academy, etc.

I’m just puzzled that everyone seems to assume that the new movie’s characters HAVE to be retreads of TOS characters ONLY and not new ones….

183. MJ - April 19, 2012

@182. Dude you are completely missing the point. JJ said that Toro will not be playing Khan in the next movie. Toro was never signed onto the movie, so JJ was just confirming that Toro is not in the movie playing Khan or otherwise. Read the original quotes again. JJ never said Khan wasn’t the character that they had Del Toro in mind for, not did JJ say Khan is not the villain in the next movie.

184. Sebastian S. - April 19, 2012


No, I got the ‘point’ I just didn’t see the relevance to mine.
At the time del Toro (an Hispanic actor, like Ricardo Montalban) was in line to play the villain (which was not Khan, according to Abrams). Now Benedict Cumberbatch (a fair skinned, blue-eyed Englishman) is playing the villain role. I think Abrams initial answer would still stand (even more so, in fact). That’s all. Whether de Toro or Cumberbatch is playing him, I think the inference (from Abrams) is that Khan is not the villain.

Not every character in the new movie has to be a TOS character…..

185. MJ - April 19, 2012

@184 “At the time del Toro (an Hispanic actor, like Ricardo Montalban) was in line to play the villain (which was not Khan, according to Abrams)”

No, that is not what JJ said. JJ said Del Toro would not be playing Khan…he NEVER said that Khan would not be the villain.

He is exactly what he said — when a reporter asked him if Del Toro had been signed on to play Khan in the sequel, JJ said: “Not True.”

That is pretty open-ended, which kind of sucks, as it could be inferred to both support a pro-Khan and anti-Khan case for the villain. But your claim here that JJ said Khan is not the villain is not supported one way or the other by what JJ said here…nor is my view….so there we have it. It is completely open to debate.

186. MJ - April 19, 2012

@178 “This Keachick person seems to want it both ways. I recall that she was the one who had a number of posts several months ago with all of this manufacutred information and theories that defended Chris Pine against the media’s charges that he unfairly dumped his agent. However, when others express some differing opinions and theories on who the characters are going to be in the new movie, all of sudden from her we are told to shut up and stop talking about our theories. This is the textbook definition of a double-standard.”

Yep — exactly!

187. Daoud - April 20, 2012

@182: Do you know that in the first drafts of TWOK, it *was* Janet Wallace? That would have made a lot of sense, eh?
Forgetting why they changed it, but I think it was sad they didn’t have Sarah Marshall (the one *not* to forget) come on board! She was still acting around 1979. At least they didn’t switch to Janice Lester!

188. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012


I recall reading that somewhere (some making-of TWOK book I used to have). I guess an endocrinologist wouldn’t be much use for a terraforming project….


189. Daoud - April 20, 2012

Memory Alpha has a some of the details, Sebastian. I think they were penning Janet Wallace to being more of a general scientist in charge of the Omega Weapons project. Think it was Sowards who came in with the idea instead of having it be a Terraforming Device instead. Perhaps because he asked the same question… what would an endocrinologist be doing on a weapons project?? Unless it wasn’t a weapons project, but a biology project creating new lifeforms with new endocrinologies? :)
And Francisco Franco and Benecio Del Toro are still not playing Khan.
I always liked the Eugenics Wars novels…. which had the Indian scientist Khan raising Singh Noonien Khan as her child. That explained why he ended up with the name Khan I guess. Of course, Sikh is a religion, not a race… most of them are northern Indians, and they are an Indo-European people, as are Spaniards. It was never that much of a stretch for Montalban to play Khan, I thought. IDIC and all that.
Also, earlier someone missed the point that “Space Seed” as a title, didn’t just refer to Kirk’s solution leading to Khan’s denouement on Ceti Alpha We’re-Not-Sure-Of-The-Number… it also referred to Khan’s Botany Bay ‘stab at the night’ of setting off like a seed. The “Noah’s Ark”/”Cities in Space” concepts were very popular in sci-fi in the early 60’s.
My favorite Phase II era fan script (1978) is a Khan followup titled “So Shall Ye Reap”, a shame we’re not getting something like that out of JJ.

190. MJ - April 20, 2012

@189 “My favorite Phase II era fan script (1978) is a Khan followup titled “So Shall Ye Reap”, a shame we’re not getting something like that out of JJ.”

Oh contrare, we will be getting a Khan movie out of JJ – it is being made right now — an you can take that to the bank!

191. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012

# 189.

That sounds pretty cool (the STP2 script). And yes, I’ve read the Eugenics Wars novels. IMO, they’d have made a fine mini-series for television. The little touches of Trek continuity all across the entire show are VERY well used (from “Redjack” to the Ferengi/Klingon tech left behind in the 20th century).

# 190.

MJ, this is what you JUST posted a few posts ago:

(from # 185)
“But your claim here that JJ said Khan is not the villain is not supported one way or the other by what JJ said here…nor is my view….so there we have it. It is completely open to debate.”

Now you’re saying this:

“Oh contrare, we will be getting a Khan movie out of JJ – it is being made right now — an you can take that to the bank!”

First you say your view is not supported (and neither is mine), now you say we can ‘take it to the bank.’ You are totally contradicting yourself.

Is it just hubris that you have to keep saying ‘it’s a Khan story’ over and over again even though you already have admitted we have no proof one way or another?

PS: It’s au contraire, not ‘oh contrare.’ Just FYI.

192. MJ - April 20, 2012

@191. My prediction that Khan is in the movie has nothing to do with your misrepresentation of JJ”s statement of “not true.”. If you had been paying attention to earlier posts on this board by me (I am not going to repeat them in detail again), Red Dead Ryan and others, you would already be aware that our deduction that Khan is in the next movie is supported by three main areas:

1. Orci’s clue on this site from last Fall

2. The knowledge that BC is playing what looks to be a human, and is able to overcome a Vulcan nerve pitch and best Spock in hand-to-hand combat (e.g. a Superhuman)

3. The fact that they are going to ridiculous extremes to keep hidden who the villian is.

Again, do you research and you will find previous posts here covering these areas by me, Read Dead Ryan and others in more detail. By themselves, each one might not be that significant in pointing to Khan, but taken together these three point to Khan being in the next movie. If your deductive reasoning was as good as your French, you would agree with me on this.

BTW, I am adding you to my “crow serving list” on this when my prediction is confirmed. So be thinking about how you like your crow prepared?

193. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012



No crow for me, thanks. ;-)
Personally, I find your ‘deductive reasoning’ to be really flawed.

None of the three things you’ve listed are ‘proof.’

An augment was felled by a neck pinch in TOS’ “Space Seed”. They’re not invulnerable to them (although Gary Seven was).

Orci drops a clue (I didn’t read it that way, but whatever). So did JJ Abrams (a contrary one, by the way). Big deal? As you said earlier; the inference was not confirmation one way or another. I found myself actually AGREEING with your #185 post, until you took a dump all over it with your #190 post.

And there have been MANY super-powered humans on ST (Gary Mitchell, Charlie Evans, Mr Flint, Gary Seven, Miranda Jones, etc. etc.); not ALL of them have been Khan Noonien Singh. And why are you so insistent that is can ONLY be Khan?

NONE of your ‘deductive reasoning’ adds up to a bona fide spoiler.

You’re basing all this ‘take it to the bank’ stuff on inference and wishful thinking. It’s like if you repeat it enough it’ll come true for you somehow.

Keep your crow, MJ. I think you’ll need it….

194. Captain Gorn - April 20, 2012

MJ, I don’t think those points are sufficient to prove Khan is in the movie.

1 is meaningless. Bob has made some many errors in his posts due to his small iPhone screen that it would be ridiculous to claim any are proof of Khan. If you are referring to the “cOn” incident, as far as I know Orci himself denied that it was anything more than a simple typo. If they’re being so secretive, do you really think he’d be giving clues about the villain in his posts?

2 doesn’t automatically mean Khan either – there are lots of ways to explain BC’s strength. And remember that Khan WOULDN’T be able overcome a nerve pinch. Spock nerve pinched one of Khan’s crew in Space Seed.

3 is pretty much meaningless given how secretive they are about EVERYTHING.

So, although Khan COULD be the villain, I really don’t see him as likely myself. Oh well, we’ll find out who’s right soon enough.

195. Captain Gorn - April 20, 2012

Sebastian S. beat me to it!

Nice post! I can’t believe all this “It has to be Khan” nonsense sometimes.

196. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012


Thanks CG. ;-)

As Data says, the beginning of all wisdom are the words, ‘I do not know.’

I’d prefer to be surprised anyway. And a Khan remake would be silly. Khan is not the Star Trek Darth Vader. In fact, before TWoK, he was a fairly obscure villain in a so-so episode. Might as well have been “The Wrath of Charlie X” or “The Wrath of Landru” or “The Wrath of Daystrom.”

IMHO, TWoK was an exceptionally well-made, exciting sequel to a fairly mediocre TOS episode…

197. Red Dead Ryan - April 20, 2012

“Space Seed” is far from mediocre. That episode had it all. Fights, great dialogue and plot, a great performance by Ricardo Monalban, good philosophical debates regarding Khan’s legacy. When people talk about the best TOS episodes, “Space Seed” is inevitably mentioned alongside “City On The Edge Of Forever”, “The Doomsday Machine” and “The Trouble With Tribbles.

198. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012

# 197.

Hence the ‘in my humble opinion’ acronym preceding my sentence. ;-D

IMO, the fights in “Space Seed” were laughably staged (stunt doubles were extremely visible; even in my low-res TVs back in the ’70s), Marla McGivers was a horrible character. When she wasn’t being a lazy traitor she was a subservient doormat to a manipulative tyrant. And Kirk gave complete and total access to the ship’s facilities to an unknown superman who evaded his every question (a fact even Spock sarcastically reminded him of later on). IMO, it is far from ST’s finest hour.

In fact, the only good thing I could say about it was the late Ricardo Montalban’s Khan. Despite his very obvious Spanish-for-Indian accent, he had wonderful charisma and presence. If you can somehow separate “Space Seed” from the “Wrath of Khan” legend, it was really a so-so episode (I’m plenty old enough to remember it as an episode by itself LONG before the brilliant ST2 came along…).

And again; this is ONLY my opinion and nothing more. I’m not writing a book about the subject. No need for any “Space Seed” lovers to get feisty…. ;-D

199. Red Dead Ryan - April 20, 2012

Nicholas Meyer thought highly enough of “Space Seed” to write a sequel to it. Harve Bennett agreed that it was a great episode.

Of course, you have posted perfectly legitimate reasons why you disagree.

200. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012

# 199

If I’m not mistaken, TWoK was written by quite a few people (Jack Sowards, Harve Bennett, even Sam Peeples from TOS had a pass at it). But Nicholas Meyer was (according to his book) the one that tied all the loose and disparate pieces of the previous scripts together into one, coherent screenplay. And of course his snappy energetic direction didn’t hurt, either.

And as for “Space Seed”? I’m happy to agree to disagree, RDR… ;-D

201. Red Shirt Diaries - April 20, 2012

Space Seed is one of the best Trek episodes of all time.

202. MJ - April 20, 2012

Oh my goodness — where to start? It’s kind of hard to argue with someone who claims that one of the generally acknowledged Top 10 TOS episodes of all time is crap…that is right up there with if my kid started telling me that “Rudolph The Red-nose Reindeer” sucked because they could tell his nose was a red light bulb and that they thought Burl Ives was a poor singer?

(FYI: IGN rates it as #4 in their top 10 Trek episodes of all time: episode:

Secondly, both Gorn and Sebastian did exactly what I told them not to do. They picked apart each of my separate three pieces of evidence of Khan being in the new movie SEPERATELY. I admitted myself, that each element, taken SEPERATELY, are not convincing by themselves. However, when you package all three TOGETHER, then you see the integrated deduction that Khan is likely to be the villain in the next movie.

But again, Sebastian, while perhaps you might have been making some headway here, you brainfart of trashing Space Seed would seem to cast some credible doubt here on your reasoning? You took a large step back with that ill-advised comment, my friend.

203. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012


If you could watch “Space Seed” objectively (without the vaulted IGN’s opinion of it in your head) you’d see it for the mediocre episode it is. It’s not well acted (Montalban excepted), poorly plotted and the finale fight scene is clumsily and awkwardly staged. If you refute this? NO PROBLEM. No skin off my hide. That’s YOUR opinion. No need to denigrate others (as you CONSTANTLY do; I for one, am really getting tired of it).

And frankly, IGN’s ratings and polls aren’t worth s**t to me. It’s MY opinion; not developed by what others tell me I SHOULD like. If you get your opinions only by group consensus then that’s your problem, not mine. I form my OWN beliefs and opinions based on what I see and hear; not what others tell me I should see and hear. And if your kid didn’t like Rudolph? SO WHAT? Can’t you accept that? I’ve stated my reasons for not liking “Space Seed” (even Red Dead Ryan accepted them as my opinion). That’s enough…

You may find this difficult to accept but other’s opinions are EQUALLY VALID to your own. Do you understand this concept?

And your comment:
“Secondly, both Gorn and Sebastian did exactly what I told them not to do”

Who are you to tell ANYONE what to do?!?
We’re all posting our opinions here (you included). If your ego feels compelled to micromanage everyone’s thoughts and opinions on everything (as I’ve seen you do all too often) then I have a brilliant idea for you; why not get your OWN site so you can moderate it and micromanage it to death, OK? Just be sure to post the address here, so I’m sure to never find it by accident….

Otherwise, you should be mature enough to realize that offers may offer different insights to yours. You may find this difficult to accept but other’s opinions are EQUALLY VALID to your own. Do you understand this concept?

Remember IDIC?

204. Sebastian S. - April 20, 2012

MJ. One more thing…

Three non-sequitur “conclusions” you made about the new Star Trek movie don’t miraculously combine to become irrefutable fact.

I don’t know WHERE the hell you came up with that one….

205. K-7 - April 20, 2012

Hey #203. You are messing with us about Space Seed sucking, right?

206. K-7 - April 20, 2012

By the way guys, Empire, the best scifi magazine in existence today, rates Space Seed as the third best Star Trek original series episode of all time.

So this guy/gal says Space Seed sucks, and then he/she falls back in defense of that statement by saying, “my opinion is as valid as yours.” Well, the big problem with that is there is a loose cultural understanding called “the court of public opinion.” In the court of public opinion, Space Seed is hands-down one of the best Trek episodes ever made…this is simply a given, and is understood by most Trek fans, and even casual fans of Trek.

207. Sebastian S. - April 21, 2012

# 206.

The court of public opinion is meaningless to me. I like what I like.
Empire magazine (which I read now and then) gives high ratings to MANY things I can’t stand; and likewise, ignores many things I’ve loved. I’ve always found SciFiNow to me more insightful, anyway. Opinions can be as varied as fingerprints. It’s ironic that ST fans who are supposedly believers in diversity (IDIC) can be so resistant to any opinion that doesn’t conform to a mass popular consensus. The court of public opinion has been wrong too many times for me to give that argument any validity.

# 205.

No, and I never said it sucked, nor did I ‘trash’ it (those are MJ’s words, not mine). I said “Space Seed” was mediocre. That’s not sucking. I’ve always felt “Space Seed” was an average episode buoyed by the vastly superior “Wrath of Khan.” That’s all.

And if you don’t see the flaws in it, then I’m sorry but it sounds like many here are being blinded by sentiment. IMO, “SS” is average; not great. I don’t think I’ve ever read a review of “Space Seed” (post 1982) that wasn’t also singing TWoK’s praises somehow. It’s like the two have become permanently fused in the ‘court of public opinion.’ It’s as if no one can view it as a separate piece of television anymore.

208. Captain Gorn - April 21, 2012

Wow, how did an article about Alice Eve turn into an argument about Space Seed? ;-)

I must admit, despite finding Space Seed a highly enjoyable episode, it did have many flaws and probably wouldn’t be nearly as well-loved now if it weren’t for TWOK. There were many implausibilities in the plot, and that fight scene at the end was terrible. But, as I said, I do enjoy the episode. Khan was very well acted by Montalban, and it was an interesting concept. Plus it led the way for one of Trek’s best movies, so it deserves some points just for that.

But really, why are we even arguing about this? We’re all entitled to our own opinions. And just because the majority likes something doesn’t mean it’s good, or that we have to like it. There are some really popular Trek episodes that I don’t like, and some unpopular ones I do like. In the end, who cares whether someone likes the same episodes as you? Would the world end if I said I hated City on the Edge of Forever (I don’t hate it, by the way – I think it’s great)? No, it wouldn’t. We all have different opinions, and we all have a right to express them (politely, of course) without being chastised.

Peace and long life, folks. :-)

209. Sebastian S. - April 21, 2012

# 208.

Captain Gorn? I salute you, sir! Well-said.
IDIC, everybody; IDIC!! ;-)

210. Sebastian S. - April 21, 2012


And no, if someone hated “City on the Edge…” my world wouldn’t fall apart either (and yes, I DO love that one). ;-D

211. Red Shirt Diaries - April 21, 2012

If a couple of fans out of hundreds tell me that Space Seed stinks, I would first say you were all of crap, but then I would say you are entitled to your opinions as well. However, given those opinions are so far outside the norm, in which Space Seed is generally considered a Top 5 or Top 10 TOS episode, the next time you offered opinions on something else involving Trek, I would of course have more skepticism in examining those opinions give the experience with knowing your rather outlandish opinions on Space Seed.

212. Red Shirt Diaries - April 21, 2012

I am sorry for my typos above. Here is my corrected post:

If a couple of fans out of hundreds tell me that Space Seed stinks, I would first say you were full of crap, but then I would say you are entitled to your opinions as well. However, given those opinions are so far outside the norm, in which Space Seed is generally considered a Top 5 or Top 10 TOS episode, the next time you offered opinions on something else involving Trek, I would of course have more skepticism in examining those opinions given the experience with knowing your rather outlandish opinions on Space Seed.

213. Sebastian S. - April 21, 2012

212: RSD

That’s your prerogative. No biggie to me. I’m not posting my opinion for other’s approval. I would never say anyone is ‘full of crap’ for stating their opinion, but then again, I guess I am a minority opinion on these threads on many things (I’m still reeling from all the radiant hostility from Star Trek fans on these boards; it’s kind of shocking, actually). If you only value consensus and feel that you need it to feel more secure in your opinion? That’s your business.

I don’t…. ;-)

And by the way, as I’ve repeated over and over again (people seem to read MJ’s version of my post, not the actual post itself), I NEVER said “Space Seed” stinks (or sucks). If you actually READ my post and not MJ’s, you’d know that what I said was this:

“Space Seed” was mediocre. That’s not sucking. I’ve always felt “Space Seed” was an average episode buoyed by the vastly superior “Wrath of Khan.” That’s all.

Hardly a scathing, “Twilight”-bad review….
So; can we all just relax and put this to bed, now? No one’s stupid, no one’s full of crap, and no one’s opinion is less or more valuable than the next guy’s. OK?

214. Red Shirt Diaries - April 21, 2012

Thanks for the explanation. However, I do think this surprisingly negative opinion on a generally accepted Top 10 TOS episode would make a large number of us Trek fans here question you other Trek-related opinions. There is a trust factor involved here: “that’s the guy who thought Space Seed was a weak episode, so let’s treat his latest post with a grain of salt.” If you think that this perception of you would be unfair, well then you are entitled to have that opinion as well. ;-0

215. Sebastian S. - April 21, 2012

I said “Space Seed” was ‘average'; not weak. And if you prefer to profile EVERYTHING I say based on my opinion of ONE Star Trek episode? That’s wildly narrow-minded.

I didn’t rank “Space Seed” with “Spock’s Brain” or “And the Children Shall Lead.” I simply said it was average. That’s ALL. I can easily think of 10 episodes of the series that are, IMO, superior. So frakking WHAT?

And if one could watch “Space Seed” without the spectral haze of the superior sequel “Wrath of Khan” all over it, one might see that for ones’ self. Oh, but that’d be asking a Star Trek fan to think independently; can’t have that, it seems…. you might get burned at the stake after your ‘trial of public opinion’ at I’m still reeling at how many Trek fans here seem to be nothing more than narrow-minded, would-be cyber-bullies. Whatever happened to IDIC???

It’s really starting to irritate me that people are already planning to characterize me and everything I say from now on based on secondhand intel on what MJ says about me, and not what I’ve actually said MYSELF.

By the way, a few others here also agreed with what I said about Space Seed’s flaws (which didn’t make it horrible, just average). But if you prefer to remember it as flawless television? Be my delusional guest….

216. Azrael - April 21, 2012

Strictly speaking for myself and no one else I would agree with Sebastien on several points here. 1. I don’t care about the “court of public opinion”, never have, never will. 2. The only reason I think “Space Seed” is anything special at all is because of TWoK, and the fact that it was the only TOS episode to get a sequel (before the DS9 Mirror episodes and their Tribble episode). 3. If someone has an opinion that does not align with the “general consensus” it will not make me view their opinion as somehow flawed, anymore that I find the “general consensus” flawed (which I do).

I do think its a good episode but, as others said, IMO its not great. My top 10 TOS episodes are:

10. The Enemy Within.
9. The Conscience of the King.
8. Balance of Terror.
7. Tomorrow is Yesterday.
6. The City on the Edge of Forever.
5. By Any Other Name.
4. Obsession.
3. A Private Little War.
2. Mirror Mirror.
1. The Enterprise Incident.

Like I said, this is all just MY opinion, if you disagree fine, I don’t care at all, and never will. I personally rate “Space Seed” at about number 25.

217. Keachick - rose pinenut (F) - April 21, 2012

They took the fundamental ideas contained in an otherwise average Star Trek TOS episode Space Seed, developed and continued the basic storyline projecting a possible outcome for Khan and his people into the future and turned it into a first class Star Trek movie. That’s what the producers/writers did, nothing more, nothing less. Space Seed is not one of the episodes I seek out if I am wanting to watch a really good TOS episode.

#193 – “MJ
No crow for me, thanks. ;-)
Personally, I find your ‘deductive reasoning’ to be really flawed.”

Completely agree. I hope MJ is also prepared to eat crow…:)

#178 – “I recall that she was the one who had a number of posts several months ago with all of this manufactured information and theories that defended Chris Pine against the media’s charges that he unfairly dumped his agent.”

No, you have just MANUFACTURED *information* with your own statement. I did not manufacture anything. I based my notions/theories on what information was available. The media (and others) have inappropriately charged Chris Pine with unfairly dumping his agent, however the only legitimate charges laid against Chris Pine were done by the agency in question SDB and were lodged with the Los Angeles Supreme Court. I have no idea what the outcome has been, is, will be…

This issue with Chris Pine’s legal difficulties had been, as it were, put to rest until you, K-7, someone who rarely contributes here but will come here (like one or two others) just to have a go at me. Anyway, that’s how it seems to me from where I stand.

218. MJ - April 21, 2012

Sebastian, I was tinkering with the idea of spending more time here responding to your latest posts, but you are imploding so well on your own without me, I think I will pass. Really, the original discussion was on my hypothesis, which I did provide some supporting evidence on, concerning why Khan is going to be the villain in the next movie. At the end of the day, which will probably occur at ComiCon, the identity of the villain will be made known. At that point in time, if I am proven wrong, I will be a man and admit it on these boards for all to see. I hope you will do likewise if I am proven right?

219. Captain_Zs - April 21, 2012


I believe the line was as follows…

David: Remeber that overgrown boyscout you used to hang out with…

Carol: James Kirk was many things, but he was NEVER a boyscout!!!

220. MJ - April 21, 2012

@217 Keachick, that poster who pointed out your recent obsession with the Chris Pine agent issues was dead-on correct. You have demonstrated a double-standard — anything related to Chris Pine conjecture or debate works fine for you, but you provide hate for all of us who provided the same sort of conjecture and debate about theories of the villain in the next movie. You can’t have your cake and eat is too — we are wise now to your hypocrisy! :-)

221. MJ - April 21, 2012

@206 “By the way guys, Empire, the best scifi magazine in existence today, rates Space Seed as the third best Star Trek original series episode of all time.”

Enough said! Empire magazine is the preeminent sf media magazine in existence today.,

222. MJ - April 21, 2012

@215 ” I’m still reeling at how many Trek fans here seem to be nothing more than narrow-minded, would-be cyber-bullies. Whatever happened to IDIC???” ”

You can stop the drama here dude. You are way over-sensitive. Whining “IDIC” like a a toddler isn’t helping.

We have had some disagreements here…fine! Am I going to let it ruin my weekend and start whining about it? Nope!

Chill out dude! It is a fracking Star Trek discussion on an internet comment board — this is not like life or death.

It is going to be OK! Really!


223. Sebastian S. - April 21, 2012

# 216 – 217

Azrael and Keachik~

Thanks to both of you for assuring me that I’m not some kind of anomaly for having an opinion that doesn’t fall in line with the almighty, all-powerful Empire magazine, or MJ.

Nice to know there are still ST fans on this site who are decent folks who listen and respect the opinions of others whether they agree with them or not.

And to think that all I said was “Space Seed was average”. You’d think I shot someone’s dog or something.

224. Keachick - rose pinenut - April 21, 2012

#223 – “And to think that all I said was “Space Seed was average”. You’d think I shot someone’s dog or something.”

Gosh, yes. Unbelievable really.

I have not seen/read Empire magazine, however I have watched Space Seed on more than one occasion. I can think of many more TOS episodes that I found/find more interesting and enjoyable than Space Seed. I don’t need any damned magazine or film critic nor any one here, for that matter, to say that I (and others who appear to share a similar opinion) could not possibly be taken seriously when it comes to us posting anything else connected with Star Trek. Well, touche!

How rude.

My obsession with Chris Pine? Really? Well, maybe. At least, he is a real person CURRENTLY working on being my favourite television character. However, this obsession with a fictional character called Khan who appeared twice, once on the small screen in the late 60’s and then again in a movie made in 1982 (30 years ago) – well, that’s something else again!

None of you have any right to “harass” me over my supposed obsession with Chris Pine, when you are obsessing over whether a character seen on one film 30 years ago will appear in a movie taking place in an alternate universe/timeline. Sheesh! Anyway, Khan was really just an annoying pimple on Kirk’s backside for a very short time, but anyone would think that Khan was most of effin’ Star Trek. Newsflash – he ain’t and never was. Get real.

225. Red Dead Ryan - April 21, 2012

Sebastian S. at least came up with some legitimate reasons why he thought “Space Seed” is merely average. He didn’t say “Space Seed Sucks” or how it’s “crap” or anything like that. He actually articulated his reasons.

I just happen to disagree with his reasoning, because those examples he made could just as easily apply to most, if not all, of TOS to some degree. Because as great as TOS is, there are many flaws. And so I am not bothered by some of the things he is.

But sometimes flaws are what helps make something great, and so relatable. And flaws can bring out the humanity of a show.

226. K-7 - April 21, 2012

Ms. Keachick, speaking for myself, my point was your double standard. So, if you want to use the word “harass”, that’s fine, as in by your same definition you are harassing MJ, Red-DR, and the rest of us those of us who disagree with you on the villain for the next movie. Using your term, “harass”, well you have ben harassing us relentlessly with your holier than thou attitude that would seek to preclude anyone for having a bit of fun in trying to guess what the movie and the characters will be about.

However, despite you wanting to use the word “harass,” I personally don’t see anybody getting harassed, but if you want to use that word, then let’s just make sure it is covered in your double standard concerning others’ theories on the new movie. Sorry, but there is no free pass for you to push your weight around here anymore.

227. Red Shirt Diaries - April 21, 2012

— Sebastian:

You challenged my comment that you were saying Space Seed was “weak” by saying, “I said “Space Seed” was ‘average’; not weak.” But in earlier posts you said:

(207) “Space Seed was mediocre”

(203) “It’s not well acted (Montalban excepted), poorly plotted and the finale fight scene is clumsily and awkwardly staged”

(198) In fact, the only good thing I could say about it was the late Ricardo Montalban’s Khan

(198) it was really a so-so episode

Am I really jumping to conclusions then by reading your posts to characterize you as thinking Space Seed was a “weak” episode? I don’t think I mischaracterized you at all, and I resent your insinuation that I was not reading your posts and just going by what MJ claimed you said (MJ did oversate it — I don’t agree with him that you said it sucked).

Based on your posts that I have reviewed again here right now, I am firmly standing by what I said earlier — whether you meant them to or not, you posts clearly come across that you think Space Seed is a “weak” episode. That is my opinion, and as you are fond to say, it is certainly as valid as yours.

228. Sebastian S. - April 22, 2012

# 227.

Yes. All the above are true. IMO, the episode is flawed (as listed above) and average. Average, so-so, weak, whatever…. synonyms. Semantics. Words describing the same thing in subtly different ways. Made my points nice and clear for you, too.

Why are you guys taking my opinion of one episode so personally anyway? I never said it sucked nor did I ‘trash’ it. And really, who honestly gives a crap anymore (aside from you and MJ, it seems)?

You guys are crying in your strawberry milkshakes over a 45 yr old TV episode. It’s only MY opinion. I’m not forcing it on anyone, I’m not demanding you to change yours, nor am I publishing it as the last word on your holier-than-holy “Space Seed.” You’d think from your mock outrage and offense that you guys attended the “Church of Khan” or something. For chrissakes, grow up already.

I don’t know (or care) about you guys, but I’m moving on from this tired same-old, same-old bulls**t thread. Take THAT to the bank….


229. Jerry Modene - April 22, 2012

I think 207 is right, though, that Space Seed’s reputation was indeed buoyed by Wrath of Khan. I remember, not long after WOK, when Trek Magazine did its poll and Space Seed showed up in its top ten list (I’d have to dig out my copy to see just how high it rated). Before WOK, I don’t really recall *anyone* talking about Space Seed, and certainly not in the way we would talk about episodes like “City on the Edge of Forever” and “Amok Time” and the like.

Of course, we all have our quirky (Kirky?) favorites – for instance, the fan above who rated “Enterprise Incident” as his favorite, even though at the time Dorothy Fontana took considerable flak for the scenes between Spock and the Romulan Commander (which were rewritten by somebody – probably Arthur Singer – from her original, in which Spock’s most tender line was “I admire your mind”.).

Another instance is one of my favorite episodes, “The Immunity Syndrome”. Yes, I know it’s really not all that great – but I loved it anyway.

230. MJ - April 22, 2012

@228. Chill out,dude!

Someone — new topic please???

231. Red Shirt Diaries - April 22, 2012


Jerry, space Seed has always been one of my favorite Trek episodes, dating back to well before the TWOK. And that was the reason they decided to do a sequel of it — because it was considered to be one of the best episodes of TOS. You don’t see any sequels to And the Children Shall Lead, do you? And as a Star Trek fan “old guy”, I can tell you that at conventions in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s (before TWOK) that I attended, Space Seed was typically spoken of very highly by most fans — I can’t ever recall back then anyone classifying it as just an average episode — no way!!!

232. Platos's Stepchild's Sister's Best Friend's Roomate - April 22, 2012

What “Mensa” here is saying “Space Seed” stinks? Good God Man, this is the Trek equivalent of sacrilege. This is like criticizing the Statue of Liberty.

233. K-7 - April 22, 2012

Re: 232. Amen, brother!

234. MJ - April 23, 2012

@231, @232, @233,

Agreed. Space Seed consistently shows up on Top 10 Trek episode lists because most people like the episode a lot.

235. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - April 23, 2012

She is beautiful!

236. Adam Cohen - April 25, 2012

I just watched her in “The Decoy Bride” recently… a fantastic, quaint romantic comedy with a couple of truly excellent moments from Alice Eve and David Tennant. I am looking forward to her presence in the upcoming Star Trek film.

237. Christopher John Seeley - April 25, 2012

It’s really to see the actors taking the time to prepare for the movie in this way. Research is the key and what better research material than the original episodes! J.J. Abrams is a great leader to have earned the respect and inspired such loyalty from his actors and crew. This movie in my mind will be great because of that fact alone. It’s great when the cast actually wants to be a part of the project. Too many actors just seem like they are there for the paycheck and it shows in a film’s quality I like Alice Eve and can’t wait to see what she brings to the movie. Her movie “She’s Out of My League” was good. That’s a good movie to start with if you want to get to know her as an actor.

238. Christopher John Seeley - April 25, 2012

It’s really great to see the actors taking the time to prepare for the movie in this way. Research is the key and what better research material than the original episodes! J.J. Abrams is a great leader to have earned the respect and inspired such loyalty from his actors and crew. This movie in my mind will be great because of that fact alone. It’s great when the cast actually wants to be a part of the project. Too many actors just seem like they are there for the paycheck and it shows in a film’s quality I like Alice Eve and can’t wait to see what she brings to the movie. Her movie “She’s Out of My League” was good. That’s a good movie to start with if you want to get to know her as an actor

239. Loves Labor Lost - May 1, 2012

those of you who dont understand Carol Marcus have either married your high school sweetheart or have never been in love in a doomed from the start relationship

Those like me who had intense firely passionate love & lost because it just wasnt meant to be, do understand. Shatner explains more in “Ashes of Eden” Carol, and David were his “pain” not mentioned in Final Frontier

None of you really know Kirk at all. At least not Shatner Kirk. The captain who beds all those women, and can turn down Elan of Troyus has a deeper love in his heart that no one else can fill.

Kirk replaced Carol with the Enterprise, and used the women of TOS but never loved them. The Enterprise crew replaced David. He transfered his love for his son into the crew of the Enterprise. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.