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Benedict Cumberbatch Auditioned For Star Trek With iPhone + Talks About Shooting At Bud Plant April 27, 2012

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The casting for the Star Trek sequel came down to the wire and in a new interview, actor Benedict Cumberbatch reveals that he has a friend’s iPhone to thank for getting him the part. Details below. Cumberbatch also finally admitted that he is playing a bad guy, along with talking about working with Abrams and shooting at the Budweiser plant.  


Benedict’s iPhone Star Trek Audition + Talks Abrams and Budgineering shoot

After talks with actor Benecio Del Toro broke down in late 2011, director JJ Abrams had to start over on his hunt for the bad guy in his Star Trek sequel. With shooting set to start in mid January, Abrams didn’t have a lot of time and according to a new interview (titled  "From Sherlock to Star Trek") with the New York Times to promote Sherlock Season 2, Benedict Cumberbatch has a friend’s phone to thank for his getting the part. From the report:

Last December, on vacation in Gloucestershire, England, he got the call that Mr. Abrams wanted him to submit a videotaped audition for “the not-so-good guy” (in Mr. Cumberbatch’s words) in the “Star Trek” sequel — and could not find anyone to film it for him.

“We observe this little Judeo-Christian cult holiday called Christmas,” Mr. Cumberbatch said sarcastically. “Whereas, you know, some kids in this part of town” — he circled his hands in the Los Angeles air — “with their Crackberrys, don’t.”

In a friend’s kitchen late at night, an agitated and weary Mr. Cumberbatch recorded his audition on an iPhone — “I was pretty strung out,” he said, “so that went into the performance” — and sent it to Mr. Abrams, only to be told the director was also on vacation.

Mr. Abrams, who saw the recording a few days later and hired Mr. Cumberbatch, wrote in an e-mail that it was “one of the most compelling audition readings I’d ever seen.”

It’s worth noting that Cumberbatch finally admitted what we and Variety have already reported…that he is playing a villain in the Star Trek sequel.

The actor also talked to Zap2It, where he also talked Trek, giving some insight into the working conditions on the set:

"The movie goes very well," Cumberbatch says. "It’s very, very long hours, but it’s an incredible job. It’s phenomenal. J.J. brings it. It’s a very exciting set to be on. He’s very imaginative. He’s involved in the details, the acting and all the wonderful ideas he has for capturing stories in a fresh and imaginative way. Just the range of stuff I get to do in one day, it’s great. Also, what he’s asking me, it’s just wonderful. I can’t say much nicer than that. I’m basically raving about it, and I don’t have a gun pointed to my head. He’s a genuinely good human being, as well as being absurdly talented and popular. He’s just fantastically talented, just in payoffs and thrills and chills along the way."

He also talked about what it was like shooting at the Budweiser plant (used for Engineering on the Enterprise)

"It’s noisy," he says. "it’s very, very, very mind-numbingly noisy. It’s slightly like what you’d imagine they’d be playing in your earphones if you were being tortured by some foreign operative. It’s not particularly pleasant. And yet, it’s stunning, and it films beautifully. It’s incredible. It’s a working, functioning factory, and production doesn’t shut down for us being there. It’s fantastic, really beautiful."

And don’t forget to tune into the US premiere of Season 2 of Sherlock on PBS on May 6th.

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scene from Ep. 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.



1. captainkirk - April 28, 2012

The villain is going to blow up engineering!

2. captainkirk - April 28, 2012

And there’s a slight mistake in the title. It should be “But Plant” not “Bud Planet”. Unless of course this is the planet from Stone Trek where the oceans are made of beer.

3. Basement Blogger - April 28, 2012

Let’s have some fun and guess which villain he’s going to play. Let’s use some logic shall we?

The evidence. They wanted a Hispanic actor. Once De Toro said no, they looked at other Hispanic actors. Hmmm. Wasn’t Ricardo Montalban from Mexico but played Khan with his Hispanic accent intact. Leaked video showed Cumberbatch as a human being. No pointed ears or ridges. Probably human. Cumberbatch beats the daylights out of Spock, who as a Vulcan is stronger than humans. Chokes Spock with one hand. Must be shot with a phaser by Uhura. Looks like a superhuman to me. Cumberbatch had to dye his hair black and work out for the role. The conclusion? The villain is Sherlock Holmes. I keeed. I keeed. It’s KHAAAAAN!

Let me just say, I’m not rooting for Khan. Been there. Done that. Of course, it could still be a great film. We’ll just have to wait.

But let’s look at some evidence against it being Khan. The video showed Cumberbatch with pointed sideburns. Looked like he wore a Starfleet undershirt. Could he be a member of Starfleet? But then why dye his hair? Why was there a desire to cast a Hispanic actor? And don’t say the Latino audience. Heck, they could have cast Sofia Vergara to be Kirk’s love interest, if they wanted that. Yeah, I know she’s a little old for Kirk but maybe she could pass on some wisdom to him. ;-)

That leaves Alice Eve… Okay, she’s English. She’s the future Queen of England!

4. Azrael - April 28, 2012

But what if he is one of Laas and Odo’s brothers?

5. The Atavachron - April 28, 2012

For tribble’s sake, they’re using the Budweiser plant for engineering AGAIN? Won’t they ever learn?

6. CmdrR - April 28, 2012

The return of Budgeneering!

“Star Trek: For My Leg is Hollow, and I Have Touched Point-Three-Oh”

7. Shane - April 28, 2012

Excellent! I hope this supposed villan destroys engineering/the Stardrive of the JJ-1701!

8. Flim Flam - April 28, 2012

Where has he admitted to being the villain?

9. be flat - April 28, 2012

Yeah, I hope he will destroy the budgineering at the beginning of the movie so that it will be perfectly reasonable to redecorate it and make it look like it’s supposed to.

10. Captain Rik - April 28, 2012

Bud plant again? Please nooooooo…….

11. Captain Kreis - April 28, 2012

You know, with that Starfleet shirt and when I saw that Alice Eve was cast the first thing that popped into my mind was Gary Mitchell and Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. How awesome would an updated “Where No Man Has Gone Before” be! It does fit with the super-human thing as Gary Mitchell is shot with a phaser.

12. captain_neill - April 28, 2012

Bad news then, I was so hoping we would get a proper Starfleet engine room this time, consistant with prvious designs. Well all I can hope is that it is better dressed and reflects a clen engine room of the 23rd Century, not a badly dressed brewery which I could tell was a brewery in the movie.

13. Ruue - April 28, 2012

Dr. Cochrane to J.J. : “To hell with the Budgeneering!!”

14. captainkirk - April 28, 2012

His hair isn’t black, it’s brown. look in the fight scene. And in Mirror, Mirror Spock was brought to the point of death by breaking a skull over his head, so he can’t be that strong. And Khan wasn’t pale!

15. Martok - April 28, 2012

Orci again lied, this time about redesigning Budgeneering, just last time about building Enterprise on the surface. Outrageous and disrespectful to the fans.

16. Sebastian S. - April 28, 2012

I don’t like Budgineering either, but at this point? I don’t really care anymore. Every movie and TV show will make occasional choices (aesthetic or otherwise) that won’t always agree with the audience. It’s the nature of pop art (movies included). I don’t like it personally, but it’s not really that big a deal. When I look at the big picture of ST09? Budgineering didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the movie as a whole, so it’s OK.

Maybe, with luck, they might dress it up a bit more with new CGI set extensions (a refit while the ship was at earth, maybe) to disguise it a bit better, but if not?
Meh… I’m OK with it. ;-)

17. kjseek - April 28, 2012

“He also talked about what it was like shooting at the Budweiser plant (used for Engineering on the Enterprise)”


18. The Sky's The Limit - April 28, 2012

The Budweiser Plant again? Really? The bridge looks awesome yet engineering steers the production from one extreme to another. RE: Engineering: I was hoping for MORE in the sequel. More dazzling set design/imagination. Oh well . . .

19. CarlG - April 28, 2012

Y’know, it’s possible that they’re going to add more set dressing to the Bud plant like they wanted to in the first film.

20. La Reyne d'Epee - April 28, 2012

3. You don’t see many ginger villains do you? Donald Trump and (maybe) Brody in Homeland aside…

5. Not budgineering. Something Else. Cryogenic transportation in light ale, perhaps…

21. Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup - April 28, 2012


22. - April 28, 2012

Budweisser the final front beer.

23. Captain Peabody - April 28, 2012

“Not so good guy”? Hmmm…shades of Section 31?

24. Hankster - April 28, 2012

Too bad about the Bud plant. I personally think it’s a distraction….I mean, it’s obviously a beer plant and I think that each time those scenes appear. But whatever, that’s their choice and I know it’s likely for budget reasons. So, I’m cool with it

25. Red Dead Ryan - April 28, 2012

Cumberbatch is filming scenes in engineering. He plays the villain. I wonder if was filming a fight scene with Chris Pine there?

Kind of like the Khan-Kirk fight in “Space Seed”.

Clearly the villain is Khan.

26. Red Dead Ryan - April 28, 2012


That should read: “I wonder if HE was filming a fight scene with Chris Pine there?”


27. njdss4 - April 28, 2012

@ #1: If he blew up engineering, that would make him a hero.

28. Captain Peabody - April 28, 2012

I have mixed feelings about the Bud plant. On the one hand, it gives a real sense of scale and reality to the Enterprise engineering room that’s occasionally been absent. On the other hand, it is, extremely obviously, a beer plant, and once you notice that fact, it’s almost impossible to ignore. Hopefully, they can at least do a better job of redressing and decorating it this time.

29. DeShonn Steinblatt - April 28, 2012

So happy that obnoxious fans and their terrible suggestions continue to fall on deaf ears.

30. draderman - April 28, 2012

Are we really calling it, “budgineering”?

How about “enginbeering” instead?

31. The Sky's The Limit - April 28, 2012

The Enterprise is now fueled by a Beerlithium compound that drives the ship at fast than beer speeds!

Beerlithium when fused with a Phaseolus Lunatus reaction can generate unimaginable power!

32. Fubamushu - April 28, 2012

And this proves that those running this franchise have no clue about Star Trek or respect for the fans.

Seriously? That damn Budweiser brewing plant as engineering again? It didn’t look right the first time. It won’t look right this time.

Looks like I’ll be waiting for this film to hit Netflix streaming before I watch it.

33. WillH85 - April 28, 2012

Well that’s sad that they’re using that damn brewery for a set again. Too bad they didn’t listen to the fans on this one. Considering they could build a good engineering set for previous Star Trek movies with a much lower budget, there’s no excuse to use that totally unbelievable location to shoot at.

34. The Sky's The Limit - April 28, 2012

What most people forget is that most of the time, movie making is a business. They have to be cost conscious about the production. They’re obviously focusing their artistic efforts on the project as a whole, but whether or not money has something to do with the Budweiser Plant decision for use as Engineering is anyone’s guess.

I’m still psyched to see the move and can’t wait!

35. Vultan - April 28, 2012

Maybe if the bridge had had a more industrialized look to it, the engineering set would have been better received—or vice versa. The shift from the Apple store to the Bud plant is a little jarring, visually. Takes you out of the story a moment, with a thought of: “Where is this? Is the ship still under construction?”

Most ships, fictional and real, pretty much have the same look throughout their decks. Abrams’ ship just doesn’t have that consistency we’re used to seeing. But maybe by the third movie we’ll be used to it. ;)

36. The Sky's The Limit - April 28, 2012


It’s a distraction for sure, but it should still be a kick ass movie!

37. Azrael - April 28, 2012

@11. The story of Gary Mitchell has already been told for the new timeline. It was the first 2 issues of the IDW ongoing Star Trek comic book which is official material of the new timeline, and will be part of the build up to the next movie (confirmed by the series writer right here on these boards), and receives input from Bob and Alex as well.

38. be flat - April 28, 2012

@35: ” Takes you out of the story a moment, with a thought of: “Where is this? Is the ship still under construction?””

Ditto! I couldn’t have said that better. THAT’s precisely the feeling I had. Nailed it.

39. BrF - April 28, 2012

Engibeering is the term to beat. And is there any chance that Cumberbatch is just yanking our chains when he says they’re shooting in the plant again? I mean, would they really not shut down bottling for a major motion picture production? It sounds like a joke.

40. Sebastian S. - April 28, 2012

# 37. Azrael

And it was pretty interesting, too. Did you read it? All I can remember is Bob Orci saying something in these threads about connecting threads between the graphic novel series and the next movie (I think it was Orci).

Personally, I’m still betting on a new villain. And from the uniform and the Starfleet style sideburns I’d say some kind of rogue, mutated Starfleet officer (who is not Gary Mitchell). Maybe ANOTHER crewman affected by the Galactic Barrier? Remember, Dehner (who is NOT in the graphic novel version) said, “It just took a while longer for me, that’s all….”

Hhmmmm…. maybe that’s the connecting thread Orci referred to?

41. ST fan - April 28, 2012

#40, I could not agree more!
Whoah! What is Cumberbatch doing in the Enterprise’s engine room? Oooooh the suspense!

42. Schultz - April 28, 2012

Working on Christmas? Auditioning via mobile devices? That’s not exceptional. His acting skills are, and those got him the job. I’m so glad he’s in this film. I totally adore this guy.

43. Azrael - April 28, 2012

@40. I did read it, I liked it, and I learned a very important thing about the next movie. Spock’s nerve pinch worked on Gary Mitchell, so Cumberbach’s character must be something pretty interesting.

44. Keachick - rose pinenut - April 28, 2012

Of course, everyone knows exactly what an engineering section containing a warp core in a 23rd century space ship that is capable of travelling many times the speed of light will look like…LOL

Anthony Pascale (AFIK) was the first person to refer to the JJ Abrams’ version of USS Enterprise’s engineering section as budgineering. Even now, when I read the word, “budgineering”, I think of budgies (budgerigars) – small birds which make lovely pets.

Anyway, Kirk needs a contented crew, especially when it comes to the Chief Engineer having access to Scotch Whisky – not this synthenol(sp?) crap either…:) and Chief Medical Officer and his Saurian brandy for medicinal purposes, of course. I suspect that Kirk is a wine and beer man – fine dining with a fine wine with a fine lady friend and beer when relaxing off-duty with a few shipmates.

“I like this ship!”

45. Gary S. - April 28, 2012

It is very possible Cumberbatch was told to be just let Journalists believe
That engineering was the same and just go along with it .
Looking forward to this film .

46. Battle-scarred Sciatica - April 28, 2012

Ah crap!

It’s that frigging engineering again.

The first disappointment.

47. jello cutter - April 28, 2012

With 100 of millions of dollars thats the best they could do? a beer factory!iv never been that drunk or rich. If I was it would have to be whisky, I think the Enterprise engineering room full of wooden barrels with slowly maturing alcohol would be quite funny and more of a nod to the original series than beer is.

48. Khan was Framed! - April 28, 2012

So we’ve confirmed that his character boards the Enterprise at some point.


Helooks human & is stronger than Spock.


Wears a black Starfleet shirt, which as we noted from ST’09 indicates non-active personel.


49. CarlG - April 28, 2012

@48: Doesn’t remotely look anything near Indian, so we are somehow LESS ethnically diverse in 2012 than a 60’s TV episode that at least tried to find a guy with a tan…

Not Khan.

50. Red Dead Ryan - April 28, 2012


Ricardo Montalban didn’t look like an Indian Sikh, even with the wig and make-up in “Space Seed”. He looked even less so in “The Wrath Of Khan”.


51. Vultan - April 28, 2012

Hollywood today isn’t as racially obtuse as it was in the ’60s. Far from it.

This leads me to believe it’s not Khan.
But if so—pathetic.

52. Basement Blogger - April 29, 2012

@ 48, 50, 51

Except for the name, there is nothing to indicate that Khan is an Indian. In fact, Ricardo Montalban did not play him as an Indian and let his Mexican accent was intact. See Space Seed and Wrath of Khan.

CarlG, we’re having fun here. But you cite nothing to refute the evidence. 1) Cumberbatch has superhuman strength. He kicked Spock’s ass. (Leaked video) 2) They sought a Hispanic actor for the “villain” role. Montalban was Mexican. 3) Cumberbatch had his hair dyed black. Hmmm. See Montalban 4) Cumberbach comments that he had to work out. Okay, he ain’t playing Stephen Hawking. 5) He’s clearly a human or humanoid. I will argue that the search for a Hispanic actor makes the “villain” Khan. That was to conform to Montalban.

VULTAN, I like Star Trek 2009 very much. BUT it wad aimed at my teenage students that I coach for High School Mock Trial. It’s okay to have a lot of action, but Star Trek is about ideas, scientific or philosophical. That”s from Roger Ebert and I agree with him. I’m not rooting for Khan but I will keep an open mind. After all, the Supreme Court says they want to go deeper. The City on the Edge of Forever? I keeed. I keeed. However, one can dream. One can dream.

53. captain_neill - April 29, 2012


Exactly my pronlem with the Budweiser brewery, it is inconsistent with the other decks and totally out of scale.

I wish Abrams had kept it like before, all decks consistent and clean.

54. Jim Nightshade - April 29, 2012

Well the bud plant again proves that jj does what he wants to do..not cowtowing to us picky fans….i like that….but i betcha it will look much better this time around…its not a joke u can tell cumber was really there by his description.,..i hope he aint playin kahn.,…sigh…hey if they bring some clydesdale horsies n bud girls they could be a great portable bud party promo starship to the universe..parteeee

55. captain_neill - April 29, 2012

I think I am beginning to warm to JJ Abrams, in regards to Star Trek I got to look at the positives rather than the negatives. He made Trek popular again and look at it from that perspective. He made a good fun movie, and I should not let the changes he made from the Trek universe I love ruin my enjoyment of new Trek I guess. My preference will always be to what came before but I can still enjoy the future movies.

Yes I hate budgineering, I am not keen on the Spock/Uhura relationship. The Trip/T’Pol relationship works because T’Pol was using Trellium D to lose her Vulcan control to experience emotions and also there was great development of something happening between those two.

I also think because Spock and Uhura never got together in Prime Trek is another reason I was against it.

If the brewery is dressed better and looks like an engine room and cleaner then fine but I do miss my Enterprise D and E style Engine rooms.

56. Steve D - April 29, 2012

Trekweb had this story like 7 days ago. What’s the deal???

57. MikeB - April 29, 2012

Trelane/Q. The not-so-good-guy.

58. Sebastian S. - April 29, 2012

# 51.

It would seem kind of counterintuitive to me as well. DS9 (15 yrs ago) went to great lengths to cast Indian actors as Bashir’s parents for the DS9 episode, “Dr Bashir, I Presume?” Even casting a professor from UCLA to play Bashir’s mother when they couldn’t find a suitable age-appropriate Indian actress in the casting pool. So, I’d find it odd that a big budget ST movie would drop the ball on casting so badly…


# 52

“Except for the name, there is nothing to indicate that Khan is an Indian. In fact, Ricardo Montalban did not play him as an Indian and let his Mexican accent was intact. See Space Seed and Wrath of Khan.”

Except for the scene in “Space Seed” where Marla McGivers clearly says he is “from the Northern India area… probably a Sikh.” The only reason Montalban was allowed to play it with his Mexican accent is because Hollywood’s casting then was not as racially specific as it is now. We live in a different world today; such casting today would look like a backwards throwback to the days when Mickey Rooney could actually get away with playing a buck-toothed Japanese landlord in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. I really DON’T think it could happen today, except in a really bad Austin Powers movie….

But judging from Cumberbatch’s sideburns, uniform, etc? I’d say he’s playing some kind of ‘supercharged’ crewman (like Gary Mitchell, but not; they already covered the Mitchell story in the new ST graphic novels, which Orci DID say would link somehow to the new movie…. ).

And while I’m still not a fan of the Enterprise’s below decks brewing company, I’m kind of over it now. They’re doing it (with or without fanboy permission), so either accept it or just close your eyes. Hopefully, they’ll spruce it up with a bit of CGI wizardry to make it look a tiny bit more like a futuristic engine room this time, but if not? Meh, so what.

What can you do? No point in we fans crying over it now….

59. The Art of Film is Dead. - April 29, 2012

#51, 52.  
I think, given Abrams rather hard-headed, closed-minded attitude of doing things his way, it doesn’t matter what Cumberbach looks like.  I can already hear how Abrams will justify not using a more ethnic looking actor for the film… assuming it’s Khan.  He’ll simply say they were looking to find the best actor for the role and that was Cumberbach–he gave the best reading.  And I agree with that reasoning.  Sure, there will be a little noise about not using an ethnic actor, but it will pass.  Hollywood doesn’t care anyway, because its about the money.  Women, minorities, are horribly under-used in Hollywood films to the point of being laughable. Actually, the area I have the most severe problems with this is women and African-Americans because both of these groups spend a high percentage of money that is going to Hollywood and are not represented fairly on the screen because of that fact.  That’s not sexist or racial, its just bad economics that lends itself to appearing sexist and racial, but it’s certainly inexcusable.

60. Vultan - April 29, 2012


Yep. And remember McGivers’ romantic painting of Khan in Sikh garb. Mexican or Indian, it’s obvious the character was meant to be ‘exotic’ and not the typical idea of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Eugenics superman people were used to up to that point.

I’m not going to say there’s zero chance that Cumberbatch is Khan. He very well could be. But they better have a good explanation as to why this Khan is so very pale and… “pip pip cheerio” in this new universe—and is sporting a black Amelia Earhart hairdo. Yikes!

61. Sebastian S. - April 29, 2012

# 60.

Oh holy cow. Your “black, Amelia Earhart hairdo” line was utterly hysterical! Thanks for the morning laugh, Vultan! ;-D

And yes, McGiver did paint him in a turban. Classic Indian headdress. I’ve never seen too many Mexicans wearing them (and I live in southern California, I have many Mexican neighbors and I have been to Mexico many times… not one!). ;-)

But as you say, it could very well be Khan, but I sincerely hope not. Benedict Cumberbatch is far too great an actor (love his “Sherlock” series) to be made a laughing stock in all of the future ST12 movie reviews because of bad physical casting…. that would be a real shame.

62. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

I think the villain may be Joaquim. Which explains why they were casting Latino actors for the role. See, everyone thought they were casting a Latino to replace Montalban in the role of Khan. That tracks with the silly fan thinking on the issue that we needed another Latino to play a Sikh.


While in fact they may have been searching for a Latino actor to play a LATINO character: Joaquim!

Now the community of people considered Latino is very broad in physical type. There are darker skinned Latinos and fair skinned Latinos indistinguishable from fairer skinned europeans.

There are blonde haired Latinos, and there are RED haired Latinos with fair skin who look like they came from Scotland!

So Cumberbatch could EASILY play a Latino character.

Latinos are a cosmopolitan people, reflecting the ancient culture from which the word “Latino” is derived.

63. Vultan - April 29, 2012


Could be. I think you make a better case for Joaquim than others are for Khan. But still, reusing either character would be a bit disappointing.

Of course, Nero was an original character (of sorts). Shinzon was original (of sorts). They both came off as bad Khan copies—out for revenge and all that. And then there was Lord Stretchy Face in “Insurrection.” He was original. And terrible.

Aside from maybe the Borg Queen, Trek movies haven’t had an interesting original baddie since… the big screeching space cigar.

64. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

Yeah, so maybe Khan is in it. Maybe we get a CGI Ricardo Montalban, and everybody goes AAAH!, and then he dies in the next moment.

Or maybe it’s like the (Heston version) of Planet of the Apes where they wake up from hibernation in their spaceship and the woman astronaut is all shriveled up. So maybe Khan is dead at the start, forcing a new leader to emerge. That would be Joaquim.

65. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

But it’s not going to be about Khan. I’ll bet money on it.

66. Khan was Framed! - April 29, 2012

Bud Planet?

Is that a 420 thing?

67. dmduncan - April 29, 2012


And maybe he won’t be a true baddie.

Maybe he’ll be a misunderstood baddie. V’ger was in that category.

I actually like the Space Seed premise, and there’s also the possibility of two different episodes crossing over.

I mean the Vulcans are looking to “seed” a new world, and that’s also consonant with the theme of the Space Seed episode where Kirk planted Khan on a new world to seed it.

And again, if Talos IV by a different name in the new universe were that new world, you could end up with a three episode crossover!

I’ll tell you one thing. The fact that we don’t know with so many people knowing the secret, blows the “people can’t keep a secret” story to pieces.

So the next time someone tells me this or that conspiracy can’t be true because people can’t keep a secret? I’ll just point to the Star Trek sequel data-blackout as my refutation.

I’m betting what we do get are planned releases, with the possible exception of the Quinto/Cumberbatch fight scene leak, and in any case not coming from within the production.

68. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - April 29, 2012


I thought engeneering was going to be different…..

69. Sebastian S. - April 29, 2012

# 65 dmduncan

I second that wager!!
One million quatloos on a Non-Khan story… ;-D

# 68


I think Orci said (to the effect of) Engineering will look ‘better.’ This could mean (as I suspect) that they may be adding more CGI set extensions to the Budweiser location (that’d be a good idea, IMO). At any rate, I personally didn’t like that “Enginbeering” aesthetic choice either, but I’m willing to wait and see if it can be (or is being) improved before I wince again at the sight of it….


70. Mia Culpepper - April 29, 2012


Christmas isn’t a Judeo-Christian holiday; it’s just Christian. Whatever you’re trying to say about the “kids” in Hollywood who don’t celebrate it, it’s coming across as judgmental and discriminatory.

71. Azrael - April 29, 2012

@70. Actually the Christmas holiday uses elements from Christianity mingled with a number of Pagan element (including Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus, not St. Nicholas). The holiday was created by the Roman Catholic Church to draw in new worshipers. It isn’t even accurate, look in the Bible, Jesus was born in the summer, not December.

Just so that I am not confusing people here, I believe in God, just not the church.

72. Daoud - April 29, 2012

The novels established quite clearly that Khan was *raised* by an Indian Sikh woman scientist whose last name was Khan. That works now just as well (The Boborci has read most of the novels!).
And nothing wrong with “Bud-gineering”. They’re moving faster than the speed of ale!

73. Sebastian S. - April 29, 2012

# 71.


Absolutely right.
Like Halloween (which began as the ancient Cetic Samhain festival 3,000 years ago), the Catholic Church simply co-opted the Pagan ritual of what we now call Christmas and put a cross on top of it.


And despite the fact that two friends of mine used to work at “Budgineering” I will do my best not to let it pop me out of the movie when I see it in action next year. Its’ kind of like a new Star Wars movie being shot in and around a suburban street corner convenience store, isn’t it? ;-D

Oh well, I think (based on Orci’s earlier tweeted comment) that they’re probably going to make more of an attempt to ‘dress it up’ with some CGI set extensions this time out….

Here’s hoping… ;-)

74. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

OR…OR…maybe they find the Botany Bay crew all frozen and identify who Khan is and decide before waking any of them up that Khan is too dangerous to defrost. So they defrost Joaquim…and get into a totally different world of trouble.

But by keeping Khan in deep freeze you can preserve the character for later if you want him.

75. Basement Blogger - April 29, 2012

@ 58

Along with the evidence posted in @ 69, I forgot one important fact. Khan is a genetically engineered superhuman. He could be engineered to be any race or a mixture. Maybe Khan was engineered in India by a scientist named Khan but was not racially made to be Indian.

76. Vultan - April 29, 2012


Yep. Leave Khan frozen.
Store him in the Enterprise kitchen’s deep freeze.

“Yeah. Yeah. Back there, guys. Next to the fish sticks. That’s good.”

77. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

@75: Khan is accepted as an Indian Sikh, and I don’t think anyone is going to rewrite that to make Cumberbatch fit the role. And he clearly does not fit it, whereas the choice of Montalban WAS as effort to make the actor fit the ethnicity of the role.

Montalban’s accent was a little stumbling block with regard to the sense of reality of him in the role, but then we Star Trek fans are all athletes when it comes to vaulting over obstacles like that with ease.

Cumberbatch as Khan — not impossible, but I’m leaning hard away from that, for other reasons as well. However, he could convincingly play a Latino, for the reasons I pointed out in 62. And the character of Joaquim, also from Space Seed, is a blank slate for these guys to write on.

The name Joaquim appears to be Portuguese/Brazilian. But Joaquim may be from anywhere. Central or South America. You name it.

That they were initially looking at Latino actors for the role clues us in to what they were thinking regarding the character before Cumberbatch impressed them so much.

78. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

76. Vultan – April 29, 2012


Yep. Leave Khan frozen.
Store him in the Enterprise kitchen’s deep freeze.

“Yeah. Yeah. Back there, guys. Next to the fish sticks. That’s good.”


Well it’s hard to believe they’d off Khan, so keeping him frozen makes more sense to me. They may want to use him somewhere down the line.

Then again, this team of synchronized Cuckoo clocks all striking twelve simultaneously, destroyed Vulcan! ;-)

I don’t know what they’re gonna pull next! After a thing like that, you can’t rule anything out.

79. Sebastian S. - April 29, 2012

# 78 dmduncan

You crack me up! “Next to the fish sticks!” Good one… ;-D

I could see him playing “Joachim” from Wrath of Khan, but not Joaquin from “Space Seed.” Ideally (in a perfect world), I’d rather not see Cumberbatch play either character though; as I’d much rather see something NEW in this movie. Something other than a Khan retread of some sort.

But yeah; I could see Cumberbatch playing some kind of Eugenics War leftover (ala ENT’s “The Augments” storyline). Hopefully not, but it’s not at all impossible. But truthfully, I think his chances of playing Khan are about as good as myself in the role. I just don’t see it; and frankly, modern audiences and critics just wouldn’t buy it. I could see the scathing reviews now; a pasty-faced, blue-eyed Englishman playing a Sikh warrior from northern India…. it’d be almost as bad as Mike Meyers in “Love Guru.”

But again, who knows what they’re going to do? We fans can only speculate (unless you’re Bob Orci)…..

80. Azrael - April 29, 2012

Anthony, the title is screwed up, it says Bud Planet, pretty sure that should be Plant ya know. Might want to get one of the guys to fix that before putting up the next new story (but keep doing that too).

81. Vultan - April 29, 2012

#78, 79

Either of you guys ever read Greg Cox’s novel “To Reign in Hell”? It covers Khan’s exile on Ceta Alpha Declining Property Values.

It’s a good book. Makes some interesting connections (rationalizations) between Joaquin and Joachim (among other things). If I remember correctly, [SPOILER ALERT] a generation of children is born on the planet and have accelerated growth because of their parents’ genetic “perfection.” Joachim is one of those kids. Joaquin dies on the planet (can’t remember how). Khan adopts Joachim as his own. Hilarity ensues.

82. dmduncan - April 29, 2012

79. Sebastian S. – April 29, 2012

Thanks, but the “fish sticks” was actually Vultan’s joke.

83. Sebastian S. - April 30, 2012

# 82.

My mistake.

Vultan? That was a brilliant line. Thanks for the laugh!
And dmduncan? You’ve had a few great lines yourself … ;-D

# 81

And yes, I (for one) have read Greg Cox’s Khan trilogy, but I had a bit of a problem with the Joachim aging ‘stretch.’ 14 or so yrs old and he looks 35?!? That was a bit much in an otherwise good book. IMHO, the first two are better though. Greg Cox REALLY slaved over them to make them not only consistent with what we saw in “Space Seed” and “Wrath…”, but also entertaining as well. I love how the books squeeze so much ST lore into them as well; from DS9 to “The Voyage Home”.
Well done, Greg Cox. ;-)

84. Jay - April 30, 2012

I wish we could use some logic, but obviously that’s a lost cause on some.

Please stop with the lame and simple minded Khan speculation. It is so obvious that he is not playing Khan. It is mind boggeling why some people want to continue to cling to that rediculous notion.

It not onlyl is obvious from the actor that they picked to play the bad guy, but it is an insult to the creative minds of JJ, Orci, etc. to suggest that they would be so simple minded and unimaginative to do that.

85. Cafe 5 - April 30, 2012

This “Buds” for you. Not Star Trek…Steam Trek…thanks J.J.

86. MC1 Doug - April 30, 2012

A brewery AGAIN????

Damn it!!!

87. Basement Blogger - April 30, 2012

@ 58, 62

Dmduncan, Sebastian S.

Guess who’s right? :-) All that evidence that I pointed out was correct as this site is now reporting that Cumberbatch is Khan.

88. Vultan - April 30, 2012


Yep. You were right. I was wrong. I tip my hat to you, sir.

But… this isn’t exactly good news, you know.

89. dmduncan - April 30, 2012

Yeah okay, if the rumor turns out to be true, the movie is about Khan and not the other superman, Joaquim.

I would have bet against it but it’s not a surprise either.

90. Anthony Pascale - April 30, 2012


thx, fixed

91. dave - May 7, 2012

Don’t forget about post-production they can make Cumberbatch look Indian if they want. They made Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana blue skinned cat people in Avatar. They wouldn’t have to do much to make Cumberbatch look like some of the Pashtuns I’ve seen (e.g. the famous photo of a pashtun girl on National Geographic). I actually saw a photo of Cumberbatch with dark hair and striking eyes that was very similar. He wouldn’t even have to work on his accent because I known a lot of Indians that have British accents because that’s where they were raised and educated even though they were born on the Subcontinent.

Also , shouldn’t they let an Indian superman quote something Indian like one of the Vedas of the Mahabharata? I can see Khan saying “I am become death the destroyer of worlds” or something else suitable from Hindu tradition.

Lastly, I hope they fix Khan’s character flaw…he’s too predictable because he is completely driven by revenge. Not very much like Nietzche’s ubermensch. If the guy is superintelligent he should be very strategic and subtle like Sun Tzu not a freaking sledgehammer like Georgy Zhukov “…lets clear a mine field by having our troops march across it” mentality. And not like Captain Ahab. If they wrote Khan like Saladin it would be great.

I think it would be cool if Khan completely outmaneuvers Kirk this time around and ironically strands the enterprise crew on Ceti Alpha IV.

Or maybe you have a situation like Gilgamesh and Enkidu where the two are evenly matched, come to respect each other, and face a bigger threat together. With one making the ultimate sacrifice. This would really redeem Khan. However, that’s already been done with Spock and Kirk. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.