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Viral Music Video Proudly Declares ‘We’re Trekkies And We Know It’ May 11, 2012

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Today we share a new music video going viral called "Trekkies and We Know It," a parody of the LMFAO song "Sexy and I Know It." It’s pretty cool, so check it out below   


We’re Trekkies and we know it

The song "Trekkies and We Know It" by Scrimshank Records is a parody of the LMFAO song "Sexy and I know It."

via MSN (h/t Amish Electrician)


1. The Unreal McCoy - May 11, 2012

That was painful.

2. Caesar - May 11, 2012

I’ve always preferred Trekkie to “Trekker.” The latter just sounds lame.

3. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 11, 2012

OMG!. I would rather spend time in the Agony Booth then watch this again!!!!!

4. Phil - May 11, 2012

37 seconds in. It’s going to take six months of therapy before I can be around sharp objects again…..

5. Red Dead Ryan - May 11, 2012

I could only manage watching until the halfway point, then I had to stop.

Too hard on the ears. Not music, just a bunch of bad voices and synthesized beats.

Ah well.

6. Red Dead Ryan - May 11, 2012

This video should have come with the disclaimer:


7. Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire - May 11, 2012

Given a choice of watching this one time or spending 24 hour’s in the Agony Booth.
I choose the Agony Both.

8. John - May 11, 2012


9. James - May 11, 2012

Yeah, this doesn’t propagate any outdated stereotypes or anything…

10. Chris Doohan - May 11, 2012

Yikes!!! Beam me up, Dad

11. Dac - May 11, 2012

Jeez guys, this is a pretty good PARODY of Sexy and I know it. Considering you’ve got to work within the confines of that track (I wouldn’t call it a song) It’s pretty well done, but then they didn’t exactly have something good to work from anyway.

12. Borgminister - May 11, 2012

Epic Fail.

13. Legend of Link - May 11, 2012

Coming from LMFAO’s target audience, I absolutely get a kick out of this.

14. LizardGirl - May 11, 2012

Oh my.

15. CmdrR - May 11, 2012

That just set the 23rd century back by… erm… centuries.

16. ST Fan - May 11, 2012

Ummm, all I can say is WOW, this is WEIRD!

17. Christopher Roberts - May 11, 2012

That was so viral, I think I need to check in with my GP.

18. Azrael - May 11, 2012

They should be careful with that song, after all it got a 6 year old charged with sexual harassment.

19. Phil - May 11, 2012

@7. Move over, I think I’ll join you…..

20. sean - May 11, 2012

It’s basically like any other parody video – one viewing is plenty.

21. rogue_alice - May 11, 2012

I am praying that inertial dampners would give out and I’d be a splash on the rear wall.

22. Rick - May 11, 2012


23. I'm Dead Jim! - May 11, 2012

@10 Could he beam me up too, putting me in a pattern buffer loop until this video ceases to exist?

24. danielcraigsmywookiebitchnow - May 11, 2012

These guys are definately not weird al, leave the song parodies to the people who are actually good at it.

25. VZX - May 11, 2012

Heh. Nifty. But that one background shot makes me miss Star Trek: the Experience.

26. DS9 IN PRIME TIME - May 11, 2012

lol that was actually funny.. Yall need to relax and have a sence of humor…

27. Captain_Conrad - May 11, 2012

I had a similar idea using Star Trek Online… even for the “Tribble tribble tribble yeah” All well

28. Spockanella - May 11, 2012

Well, I thought it was funny. To each his own.

29. NCM - May 11, 2012


30. Matthew McNutt - May 11, 2012


I love it. Almost up there with ‘Star Trekkin’.

31. Tholian Winter - May 11, 2012

I don’t know. For me the quality of the tribble acting just fell a bit short. I realize tribbles don’t have a lot of rhythm, but they probably had about 1,000,000 applicants to choose from in the casting process. You’d think at least a few of the little guys could have gotten the head bop down.

32. Sunfell - May 11, 2012

“Star Trekkin'” was much, much better. Just sayin’.

33. TDrake1701 - May 11, 2012

made it to a minute.
Sorry I wasted that much of my life I will never get back.

34. Azrael - May 11, 2012

“Boldly going forward cause we can’t find reverse!”

35. Plum - May 11, 2012

lol! They had me @ Tribble, tribble, tribble, tribble yea

Almost as funny as the Nine Inch Nails one. You know that one. ;p

36. Brian - May 12, 2012

that is freaking aweful

37. UK Trekkie - May 12, 2012


KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!
KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!
KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!
KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!

I did find it funny though.

38. kpjc - May 12, 2012

Nice, very funny.

39. Robert - May 12, 2012

So, who wants to watch Star Trek Girl again?

40. denny cranium - May 12, 2012

Hey the probably did this with zero budget.
Looks like they had a blast.

Now its gonna be in my head all day

41. C Miles - May 12, 2012

@31 Tholian. agree- the Tribbles phoned it it.

I mean- they get the greatest chorus:

“Tribble Tribble Trible Tribble, yeah.”

So I was forced to go see the Original, Featuring on Aging Ron Jeremy bouncing around in Speedo.

It’s getting crowded here in the Agony Booth.

42. Sue Hutchings - May 12, 2012

I didn’t like the original song, but this is kind of funny: it’s supposed to make (laugh so smile already. Wait until they parody Mac Davis’ old country song ‘Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Humble’…(when you’re Trekker in every way — to paraphrase the lyrics.) Or maybe, “I’m Proud To Be A Trekker From I- O -W- A’ as a tribute to Ki-irr-irrrk!
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